Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1849 Page 3
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11m Tcaa, G roccrlca, A? ?J. O. Fowler, Mliliat (iitawich ilmt, and 76 Vkmj, and turner of at?nd Clinton atrtaet, bu ii dun a larne itoak uf loan, pociriu, to., ahicli he ii tCaring at aauanal low pricat, for wak Sac U? Card of the Philadelphia Carpet all?J. Sidaty Jonrt? A* rtgarda Carpeting!, Matting*, aad OU Clothi, in IliU ?1U eittnaive House, LM anil JU Nortli fttuoad Ittwt, tut door below Cbriat Church, bltwtau Maikat aad Arth. It ha? Mat claim tonoiioe. Brady'a National Collection of Oaguerreotj|wi, Not. 8U6 aad JftT Broadway, eoruer of Fulton atreet.? Stranrort and ettiirns art Invited to call und axamine Ikt atMtipicua, eoatiatiug in part of Praaident Taylor and b>a Cakiaat, the late President Polk and Cabinet, ko. k?. mater Clothing aold at Coat.-^IO CaahMtrttle Coata will be aolil at (7 .V); Alpaca I'anufor $2 i'>, aomr $1 7ft; black aninmer Cloth Vexta and Uaraeillea ditto, from tl to ?1 ?0. unuul nnee Si 50: tine blue and black clitUi Sa?k**Ld Frocks. fr?iu 47 to SO i.saiJ price $11. 0. 11. CLAKKE, No 116 Wi'liam strtet. Doctor KUIoft, Oculist, 535 Broadwif, Informs hit friends and patients that, during the month of August, hi* otlice hour* Kill be Irom 1U to 2'j o'clock, *0 Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tito Richelieu Diamond Pointed Ciold Fast, mail* and rold by J. Y. 8.\ V At; E, D2 Fulton street, ara the moat durable feu* in the world. J. Y. 3. hus a large I atcck of line (Jold and Silver Watches, of all the uioat celebrated makers, guaranteed to keep aceurate time, which he ill sell veij low. The Plumb* National Dn^iierreaii Ual1 ry. on Mm upper corner of Rroailway uad Murray a'ree*, ouiaina the laraiat collection of I'ortraitaof disliuituisheu individuals in the 1'nitod States. No < lie ihould omit Waiting thi( i t leliratcd Gallery, uu.l er j pj ing the rich treat, which \ery i/Le cf taate can a| |<r?ciate. Tile Ore at Topic of the Day.?Soy what yon wlli al.out events abioad, tie subjects which come tome to a man'* purse and persi-ial ebrnt rt take precedence of all others, and thi* ia tl.e reason why the unparalleled cheapness ol Jones's toot*, shoes, and gaiters, at It Ana street, ii in every one's mouth. CQXflERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOIfBV KABEKT. Fildny, Aug. 10?0 P. M. The stock n.arket continue; about the tam? as repotted for several days past. There are but few willing to operate iu any way; but the bears appear to have an abiding faith In Ubo permanency of the depression, and govern themselves accordingly. It Is dilfioult, however, to And purchasers, and without them it is imposaibie to give activity to the market. Prices for stocks ef all kinds are sustained at the high points ruling, entirely by the cheapness and abundance of money, and the ease with which loans are made upon anything considered any kind of security. The daily transactions amount to hardly sufficient to give employment to one active house in the street, and the brokers genetally are apparently indifferent to any change. The imprestlon is gaining ground in the street, that the government will soon be in want of funds The deficiency in the revenue last quarter was about four aillions of dollars; and 11 there is not some change in the prospect relative to our public finance*, there must be another loan mgotiated, or another issue f Treafury notes. The only source of revenue now, is customs. The land warrant system has reduced the receipts from the sales of public lands to a mere bagatelle, aud we have nothing to look to bat the duties on imports. The government deposits have been reduced to three Rnd a half millions of dollars, and the various loans have been nearly all Issued. It Is estimated that there will be a deficiency, on the 1st ef July, 1850, of at least $12 000 000. Should such a remit be realized, there will be no alternative but another loan. This will be a peor beginning for the new administration, and give the opposition in Congress the approaching testlon, capital to work on. At the iirst beard, to-day, I nited States O's, 1807, fell off per cent; Treasury Notes, Farmers' Loan, 1; Canton Company. \'t\ Harlem, Long lilani, )?; Ktadiiig Itailroad ; New Haven, The reported receipts of thi New York and New Haven liailroad ( ompany, from January 1st to August 1st, amounted to *147.'208 60 ; the reported expenses for the fame period. $61) 152 46?net earnings, $73.066 11. We have no leport of the cost of thi* rood, but 1U tapita I rtrck is raid to be two and a half millions. The annexed statement exhibits the value of msr ehandise imported into and exporUd from this port, for the first seven mouths in each of the past three years:? CeaiMi.ii x or the ToaT o? New Yoita Uiroaia isu I. XI OR 11. I*47. I"48. 1*4*. Jsa. 1 to Aug. 1, Imports . ?V..'S7\:na M,iW,H."i7 M,2?T,>71 Exports... 32,.*87,571 .*4. 21,tWJ,8CJ Kite** of Imports over Exports J 24,410,7*7 ?S790.003 :i2,t!M,01l 1 n?r? appears 10 uktk wen aooui me same increase ill the exCHri in e;ich of the pa-t t*o jmr?. Thii irtp* ha*t b< eu (iuh J mom by the falling o.T la export* than iu the increaae of inport*. Compared with 1847. thcru ha* been an iner>a-? in the balance a;ai? t w>. on the foreign trade of thix p >rt alone, of $7,763.;!ll. j The Kuropean newt lis* liad no effect upon the market* The financial and commercial adviooa do not vary materially from thoaa received by the previout tteamer. American Mcuritte* were firm at former quotation* but the dnnand i< repreaented a* hat ia^ bwo limited There bad beeu no actual decline in quotation* for cotton, but the market *a< weak. BreadatuSi vert deprened. and the prospect* relative tJ the barTNt were no favorable that there wa< very littlw probability of any immediate improvement The reported earning* of the Krie Railroad Co.npany for the month of July, in each of the pa<t two year*, ware a? annexed Nik V'>?i ann Cm Kmi.noii). July. lmS. IMf.icr. 1S<9. eeeiptalrttin frei<tit. SK.i^o M 31 tU,VU HI Bt?ei|>U from itotrngau and nulla, M.ISS 17 JH,>? Si' 1/1,414 U Total 1/7,172 70 57|ft4'l 01 3# 471 23 Tbe reported earning of thin eompiuy, in each of the pant eev? n month*, in each of the pa-t tire ycuri, were aa annexed: ? Naw Vnii a j* ? Emr Riailln. |h?,s, IH4*>, |s47 1*4*. 1149. Jan nary Ill <? $1 n.m $Xt.*M IP.W February IIJ"< 17.9il ;N,7<i.l M,Mi Mui.h 11.110 12 Ml# |i,llN fl".<r7.? aim il 13,103 lfl,47? I'MM ?,7* t>2 14.1 Mar IU 41*6 U K'S IP.MMH 2VIHI June 13 SM 1A.MJ V, 2V?14 ?> ?? July 14.771 Iti.fctO a'.7?J 37.172 Total il9.f'0 $U7.?W ?I?'.S?4 *.t7!?,<r73 1 ha arern.T receipt perinenth thl* year up to the ftr<l 9t August amounted to *41 li3.1nit>ud i.f $IM0#9 par M <nth, aa eatimated fhowtng a falling off of ab mt IM,**) fr month The aggregate increaae ia Int i:n? < for Ih Brat (even month* of ll4?, compared with Is H, | 4M?nti to 20V,779. being equal to about 125 per cent It tat, bow. rcr. be borne In mind that there ha* b en 1 Ba Iditlon to the length of r.?d. ainsa the flrat of Angoat. 1148. equal to 100 p.>r cent The grna* earning! | far Bile, tbia year, amount to 51 fi70. a^ain-t !a?t year, rhowiag a dtrreaae equal to thirty- | tkrra 33 per cent. In Raking thl* calculation, wa bar* given the average lr?an th- whole receipt, f the company fr< tn the road. and from it* ?t?amb >*t kt'lir" 1 he running e*pni?-a f.f the company, and apnditure* f. r re| alr? on the r?ad and *tetmb>at?, will ?' up nearly the whole of the groa? income, leaving th# company aitaii'lt* other expenditures, amomt>a? annually In the chape of interest, to about nina hundred tliouaand dollar*. The return* of each month tend to cop firm all ?"ir calculation a relatire to the total ttvrtur for the year, and our e-<imata of aix hundred . Mionaand dollara. groan will not He much exceeded The taming* of thi*. a* well aa mo?t other railroad j rnw^Dim, in ium prru n m iuv ri'uniry. ijhtb un4?uht?<ily b??n affrrtrd by thr rii?trne" of th# ?hol?ri tnt to BoOilne M*re thr r*t?nt many woald maka th* pat.lir b llrir*. The receipt* of railroad* at tha EAoi and Ihrnufrh thr Itlwlor of t hi? Sta'a. aV>w an tarraa*- thi? year. ami undo tho*a lmra?Jlataly r-in?fW with thin rllyi but h<f?u< tha IvrHM hm ?iot barn. In one or two inxtanca*. larsrranoujh ti meet tfa* riaw* of fp^ruiat'r#. the cholera I* brought forward an thr <.:* cuter of the deficiency , wban. in fa-t, Um rldlenlou* and citraTacaiit rutimatea maoatln* ftoai tlx* dim torn' room t o| thr?r fnmp?nl? pa'* I'd ? *; la the *ea?r>n fnr the pnrp?e of aiding b'lll ?parnlat'xv. at* th" M??? of thr dlrapp >intm*nt atparianred Tlx" fact I*. tho?c Interested In railrr>ad? ara too *angainc In their Idea* r*latire to ramlng*, and tklii hi* kon produced by thr effort* male br th **e rnax cted with the nian?*?metit to put up price* far the ?t?rk and to create a ifMllitlfn mnrrm*nt in the Market. The remit of ?nch a coarac Ik dirappoiatmaat and Iom. Aii regard* the eatlmata* and calculation* relative ta lb# co#t aud carni.iK* of thr K.ria Railroad < oatpany, they har* bwu far ont of thr way, Thr rf penditure* bar* exceeded thi Mtlm ttn four or (Ire bun dnd p?r eent Thf > artiin** li*?? fali"n *hort of the m timaw* at Ira<4 tfry per cent and between tlir.r e* ftreaiea, tt?e coaoera I* |ik> ly to b nwamprd Theonnpaay la nw of thr Moat corrupt and mttrn in thr chut try, a?.d the reekl?*? d ?peraf? andaitrara^snt manner la aliieh the a*p*ndk-?ire? a;-e mn li', I* mifllelcnt to d?a* troy thr credit of any ovrporatlon anil fink the rapital of rtcckholderi. Time work* wonder*; an I ra far a* tbr fl'i of ?ao?t of onr railr >ad companie* arc 4?aerned. a few month* w*t. bring ?b >ot a c >llaji<e 1>?e< that nrrrr bar* mad.- dfri lend*. and I ? all p-ohaXIMy nrtrr *111 may f t al^aj and ma tt thrir ?yfadltiri for opera'ing ?*d for repair*; b>it '.hiv? that 0rt p?) .d$ if wi'.li out taninf thru {a i l not nJy add th? dividend i to the capital, but borrow th* I money at h?ti; discount*, cannot go on much longer I at that rat*. The mean* mast ultimately ran abort, ' and the moment that time arrlrea, there must be a col- 1 lap**. No company can long itand when ita aipondlturex annually *zce?d ita income nearly a million of dollar*, particularly when there la no way of paying that deficiency but by a corresponding increase of capital. Money la not plenty enough In thia country yet. for such a useless and rapid increase of cost, and the business of our railroad* Is too limited to justify ucb enormous capitals and Items of expenditure. There Is a system of railroad management going on in this country little understood by stockholder*, and the apparent apathy of those interested in probing the aflalrs of these corporations is unacoountable. The press of Ureat Britain have, for a long time, predicted the ruin that would follow the extravagant expenditures that wer? going on in these works, and for a Ion/ time, apparently, without awakening the public mind to a prepe* sense of the danger thrtatened. The result, however, show* that their effort* hare not been in Tain and we hare no doubt ther? will be such a revolution in railroad management, throughout <>r?at Britain, as will nind up many companies, and bring them all down to their proper level. Hereafter, we shall "be able to tell semething near what the real value of a rnilrcad share is, and holders will be able to forin ft ne idea of the value of their investment*. When we shall rtaiise such a reformation in our system, is a matter of much doubt. In all railroad) there are twe classes of shareholders those who invest permunmtly, and thoie who merely specu- { late in shares. The former desire fair, fall, and correct accounts ; while the latter And it for their interest to have falsified and doctored reports. *3 ' as to raise the Talue of shares, or otherwise. It la necessary to protect the permanent investor and the public against all classes of speculators. We have repeatedly uttered a warning voice to the public in connexion with railroad affairs. Hundreds and thousands of families have been involved is ruin by the mania of railroad speculations, and the disastrous effect of the movement has by no means passed away. There are thousands yet so deep in these speculations, that they find it is impossible to extrirate themselves, and before they are through with them, will be reduced frain affluence to comparative poverty. After all the warn iug. after sounding the alarm so loudly and b<> long all the consolation we cau afford is poor indeed. The sutlerers must bear the burden of their own folly, and for the future fake the advice of those who are continually on the wateh-tswer. for the protection of the public from the organized bands of swindlers. Stock Exelungc, $4060 U S 6 s, '56 107 75 shs Canton Co .VV UN 0 <lo 107'a 1"" do slO 3rt-? J20C0 do '07 m 217 Erie Rtt 60 NHI do 114'; 475 Harlem RR U\ 50(0 do '68 11') 40 do b30 .VI 1.-4H0 doeoupon 115W 100 do tW K-? SOW Trcas Notts 114', SO Iionjr Island RR Hi'.. 100(H) fenn'a 6's, WO ."7 50 d" bGO l:*'? 11H.HI Kcud Mortg bndu (i'< 50 do III'. 50 fh? M?rris Canal 8;S? 50 do ?10 Iff3, 50 Manhat'au Co 10'', Sin) Reading RR S.V4 60 do 102',, 10O do b!iO .14 10 Bank Stats of NY 100 do s30 S?\ 200 N Ainer Trust 7'? 50 do Ji*) St1,. 20 llowory llauk !7 1'*' do alio .1)', i 100 Farmer*' Trust *3 Xs UK) do ;W, 150 do s.t 3KJ,' 2"o M'ihu? k RR b*) *1 50 do b<*> 38V .V? do V.H *4 2-M> do bl2in 40 71 N Y k N Uttvtn RR R8 100 do slO ?'?' 10 dv t?', 200 do 38 SECOND n0.4RD. $?000 Tre&s Notes. K's, 114,? 100 sbs Canton Co .V j 2000 Ohio C's, 1S60, lflWJ* 75 do SM'I 1600 NiwYork It's, 'GO, 110 .7) do b'SO S8V 500 slis 1'aim's Trust si 3N 00 Harlem RR bi'O 52 ? ADVERTISKMEiNTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. REWARDS1 i I v r nm r piuiun rn;r * sptti'd nn/' X with brown heart, body ipctted white and brown, and very buahy white tail?anawern to the name of Carlo. The above reward will be paid by applying at .lii Now itreet. L(1ST (iR STOLEN, AT A1.I1A NY? A HI SSET THI NK, marked U. L. on the end. The bnUir will be riwarded by leafing it at the Aetur lluuie. POL.I riCAL. II Til ASSEMBLY DISTRICT.?PURSUANT TO TBE 1 recommendation of the Ward Committee, the Democratic Republican Elector* of the Thirteenth Ward, aaacmbled at Baektnan'a, IIAPGrand ' r< t, Gilbert C. I>?au wAM ehcien chairman, and Hugh I tarry R eretary. The rail of the meeting having been read, M motion, namca ware put in nomination, nud the me< tiug proceeded to ballot f,r a delegate to repr<r< nt thin aaaembly dfatriot in the State Convention. |o be held at Home, A ugoet Ittli: W here up >n Gilbert C. Uoan w a* UHlaNlIf !?? < d the deloga'e On inati.n, J.In McC onnell w an ?pp<>iut<-d a aubatitute. On motion, the proreeJinga to be puhUahed in the Herald and Globe. On motion, adjourned. GI LBERT C. DEAN, Chairiiim. t U< t:ii lunv, S?-re>?ry. ! THE DEMOCRATIC RE IM BLICAN ELF.CTORSOP TUE Tenth Aanembly District are rniuented to meet at Linton'*, Yorkville, on Monday, 13th in*t, nt hell-past 12o'clock, to choore a delegate to ti e Democratic Itepukliean Convention*, to be rerpectively hel I at Koine en the 15th inat., and nt Sj rm nae on tl e 6th #1 September next. IIy order of tho M aid Committee. THOS. 81*01 FORD, Chairman. I' Boict, f g W. 1*. t'liirr, > Bl reiariea. IPKCIAL NOTIC KB. EMPIRE LODGE NO. Ill, I. o. or O. F.?THE MEMben ol I'uipiiT l odge are respectfully reuu*>t?.d t" be in att< admire at the l odge Room, Odd Fellow*' llall, on Saturday m ining, at half-pa't M a'elock, to pay the laet tr outeof reipect to our late worthy Brother. Jatr.-e ll?rton. By order of J W. THOMPSON, N. 0. llmti Di n r. Secretary. At a meeting or the smith's beneficial so- 1 elety. held ob Itirtday eieaing. Auru-t 7th, the following were the oftcor* elected for the enaumg year:?Benjamin T Rhode*. l*re*ident; Steven S. Waterman, Vtee-preaident; I'eter V. Garrett. Secretary; John Hewitt, A*-"*t*nt Secretary: Jamea Wallace, Tuaturcr, and Roger Uogan, Aaistant Timiiw. j Nih.t hie n\Enti sekmon nr the i;i;v. l.niua>, deceaeed, will be | n jeh.d in the M. F? ( hurcdi. Willi t ?tr**t, >n Sunday, August 12th, at half p*tl tin, A. M., by I ho Kir. Mr. Smith. American irism societt.-all coodmembers oi tb<K Society will plea*" meet nt their rooma, lit Grand ttreet, at .1 o elo, k on Sunday. M. WALdll. Morris canal and banking compart.?wotire la giren. jlhat Bouka ef Sail* ription for three thouaand akarue of preferred e'sek ef aaid C mgany, of on* hundred dollar* eaeh, with dividend* of ten per rent.. rijaide artni annually, authorised by the *uppl?ni< nt to the harlrr of tbe Compeer, paaaed VtU rebraary. 1MH. will be opened at the < ?(fioe of the aaid Company in Ji r*-y City, ok Mondav. the 1.1th Angnat inatant. at twelve e'elorg, n ,n. The Stockholder* of the aaid Con pany, whose name* ?hall be Handing on the Mo< k bookaof tfce Cempauy on th< Hth Angtiat in'tan*, (when the atock book* of the Otnpnny will be elaeed.lwill have the eacluelee ri/ht ef aukeurtting to aaid trek i' r the tint thr?*e date from the opening of (M I bouk*. By irder ef the Bo.ird of Hirer tor*. R. Ma HSU. I'reaidrnt Morria CaanI and Ce. N. McViowan. Ca*Hier, pm. tem. Bated Jersey City, let Auguat, i-df. T'ri EGRAPHd IN ME KM O. A N EXCLUSIVE RIGHT having keen granted by the MeiUaa Government to o natruet Telegrat h* in ti e R pobllo, the naderiigard ia empowered to treat f t tl e dltp"*al of ? >id right, and w ill reoeive pT^po-ala f?r a lina bet ve?n Vera Crui and the city of Mexico. WM. ORO. STEWART, Meiiean Viee Cewanl. 74 Broadway. to raitroad comiuactors.?orricB la raau Cwpnf. N?* Tntk< Atpni, l In rtdrr tu i?M> nlti |mm4, Id tiilt I It* I >11111111 r of P !**?*. ? jr th* F.o.| r? Ci'y, which loai aa oa th* lfltli Imtt.. t? tim f< r rwtlnni p pnwtto tot tk? i Mfnctjon "f th? railr>a<l will ha ?n*a<l I ta th* hr?>, day of Of til rr A I mp t*?t par* n will t* wnt out 1 y t >a C'npaBy, to print out th* IIb? "t tha road. I ?r particular*, #** Mv< rti.?uif?l ( 15th Jul? laat. MtTH'K lO KMl.R'l til <<>S rR4CT<?H. OtHr* raaaiu* Railroad1 inpany, 7* llr? a<l way, N<-w Verb. Jely tTith, 1*4!'.--On tha l"<th day of Aa(it?t ?*?t, thaiaapa, | !* . pr^filta Anil (r<t1i>*tioim ml that portion of th* r?n?n>a Railroad which tt I* ptufojrf to pl?c* umlM ?'Btrttct, VUl h* taadjr fot aahlhiiioa ?t th* oflfaa. | . il^rnM-il to FRANCIS fPIFS, StrrtUrf 4 IhiI'mnrMf. and *n<lor**vl "Prot"??l? to . nttrnrt I immi Itailr aft, fi r that put ?f th* work h*?wc n tha Chatro* fltrr ?ni ii* P*< if* o??-*n. Im inc ahcnt iwnty niilM, (canforuaahla ? tha |Um, tnt' il.i atloa* Ac , which rn .y b* athikitad,) will b? racciri it hy th* I asipary at th?ir otfioa. wntll 12 o'cloak. M , th* I.Vh day of ftopi*mt>?r wit, Tha CoinpaBy f* *?* th* r.|ht ( icn it rfitrtlaii tir of *11 Iho jw ijiKili Dili n<*i ha ?Am. -I 1IIOMAS ?. l.lltl-'Hf, IVwaidvnt, Fb abm* !?rir? Swr?t?fy. N H ? In tl ? nx'antiaia. any (*a*r?J iafortna'ita in tha po?rta?1oB of tha C?iu|'Uj Bay ! ? had oa application At ttia affc*. NOTICB.-TRI CO rtRTNIKSBir H?Rr.T')K??H? ?*'?tin* nnd*f tha fum of Ct<rk Hocrri, w*? dt*a*lr*d an It* V th of Anpuat. IMP l>y Biat'ial con *at. Th* t ii?la?ii af ?aid trm will be aattltd tt Charica I < lark. fll mi.M F.. CI.VRK. flF.'iHOt ROOKR* TI.* V<i*iA**? of tko ahot* m?ntioB><l lirm will <ill fcr ?o?ttr.'nd Charl** R. < lark, ad lho?* haiin^ flalmi a(*ia<t ?attf Kibi will pica** t*a4 in thair btllw for t?'?!?m*i!t. ( ll.t RLRS K. t.iilRK. r: 1 ' ???r - i ' - - i.". 11 I NPOHTHM. j (i *t*T BnWt.lNfl MATCH. AT TOE IIOH ?KRN COT- i I t*j(a.?A Grid tt'af^h, worth |V), will he Aw i>r<l*<l to any ?<Bll?tnaa (*x<"?pi Mr. ClaAt'.Ainl, who ktivoatwo priaoa,) will i*t *1" pla> ia a ?'riti* *u rw* all?y?, a <: IJ Onaia, worth ft-, lo R?t XA a U?M rr?*it. worth 111, to ?*t MU; and a Oold I'rnail, worth for IA*i ptn?. rho pri>.'.? arc (Trrad aatJI th*y ar* won. I ria* o! atrin*. 12>< r*n'i caoh i.*f*on that ?Bt*t? for thrpri?**i 9 t#a M for tli-r* wl. ! i nat ,at*r. C. C. I'KR R V. IAURI BY AUCTION J'TJwTnT MCRriir, AIM?TI'>VCKR.- Br JOIRTM Mniphy-^t- r* If -nrnc* fport Mort. H#bl ')n Honday, Auutl I.I, at I0>, o'eloalr at fh? Aa^tlon ^tffjw. I'> Jrr.iea trw*t, tha *ntlr* Bar Ruotn Fuiaitnr* ot th* S*iond W^rd Hottl.r. B?i*tln| ia part ?f rich Oil Talat ni'* and F.ntrarta it, Mirrrr*. Arm t hatr? with <n?h|. n*, a lai? <i<ian<ii> of ant I Via" l?*cantcra, W in**, T?mM*i? Oil Cloth Bijtbla top al.l?a, Kr?a Strw*t l.amp. Cln*?>*. Mnhoaany Chair?. tofaa, Br'airad*. ??. Al?o, a fia* liar? and la<ty> (l?ld VI atch. ioARniivo, <vr, MAMIMIN KOI *1!, KKTroRT, N. J,-?ll itliP.f| . Mnrph*. pn piiMor a( thf M ia* *n How?w. K*yp<rt, H, J., r?*p*< Moltj mtotnt* tha pnkllc, that hi* honj* m cj?a fof j th* r*c?ptlnn of vlalfra. aa<l tt at thrr* i? frr ;* few wore faialH** who wl*h to tnjuy th* *ri?n iM t a'h.of an I iltlahrlaB* air aad r*Ur*mrBt, for wltl'h K*j por? I* ?a vlohratrd. A) a *ot,v?nl?i.t r-*ort for f*w>t|l?* la th* wwrwi muon. Kf|-P"'t t* wi'l.imt an *q:ial, k*twir within two he ir? **'l ol N*w York Th* Ja'.n Hart l#*?oa tk? fowt of t'hamhcni ?tT**t, daily. At < P M for Kay port. A '/II'TM': I,r A( r nv mi n \ t f i> with Pt.r.i J\ . nt ro? ir.?, whfh lia?* hra.-M* untip 'cdly toa?i?, <a a In n** Vidl't'wly ait Baud on th> II ad*->n Ki*?r, a* ant two hi trt' ?'i! fr?m tl.? *ltf. foai* a Airaimt For fnrlh*r p^r' ttim ?p?') ta JJto. C. T. s|lM, 18 fulit. ^-l-.-l-.wu AMHMK1H ICirtH w Broadway theatrk-mk. k. a. Marshall., sulk i mm*.?Mr. Marshall moat reapectfully announaw the rn??il bj him of Uie lenee of the Mutr.ip'litaa theatre, whieh will b? opened afttr t\* regular oliM of weral weeks, wiib an intermediate M*?on, ?u Hon J if E teniae, Augmt 13th, with a continuation of popular talent and attraction never before |.rc?eiit<d to the American puhtie, realiiinx. it la ff'.nfiJinily aweried in a grand and hitherto unat tempted enterprm, the anticipation* uf year* of th* wuli?? of the patron* of art and rettued atnnieiatui*. and offered for the gratification of all. without ticlmiv* ot iweutiar prieilegca. Grand Italian Opera aud UranJ Trench B..1I. t en the Mint niellU. Urelmratnrv t.i [!... r,mmif,,,-mo..,it 'if tl.<i regular drtuialic nuud, which will b? duly announced, and I on th? same scale of liberality and superiority. The letteu has pleasure in making known the re-euzt^eiaeut ct the etAiient manatrer and popular comeoian Mr. W. K Makes tUu. Sunnriut FortuuataTcuesco, Mdui. Bud 11.m Monplaltir, Sig. Vita Caranti, Signer Corelli, Signer Arnoldi, Signer Vita, Signer Ho*flU, Siguora Avcgadro, Signer Piemontoti, Siguor Biondi, Mob. Cornet, Mou. Corby, Hon, Grotai, iidlle. Auna bulan, Mis*** St. Clair, Bloudcau, K. Bearing and other;*. I.euder ard conductor of the orchestra, Signer Barili. Monday Evening, August 13, will he represented the grand opera, b^r Verdi, calleif E r.N AM?Elvira, Signorina F. Tadason; Ernuni, Sig. Corelli; Don Carlo*. Sig. Vita; Don Kuy Gomes, Sig. Novell!. Beta een the 2d and ?il net* of the opera, will be performed the grand ballet, in two arte, of L'ALMEK, or an Oriental Bream?Nndhir, Mon. Montpluieir; Haidee. Mdm. , A. Monplaiair. Price* of adtnis?iou during the ballet and opera?Drcat Circle and harqnatta. (I; Family and Third Circle, 6Ue. Door* open at 7, to begin at 7'i o'clock. BrRTON'BTUEATRE, CUAM8KKS STREET.?WM. e. BurtoB. Proprietor.?The Nipper * Benefit.?Saturday timing. Augu*t 11, will b? tu rf rined liroughaiu't version of DOMBEV AND 8<>N?Mr. Dombi'y, Mr. Lynue; Mr. t'arkcr, Mr. C. W.Clarke; Major Joe Hagstook. Mr. Brougham; Mr. Toot*, Mi** Mary Taylor; Captain Cuttle, Mr. Burton; Edith, Mini Fanny Wallack; Moroncc, Mist Bill; Susan Nipper, Mr?. Brougl KUI loconclude with the new farce of H.EKPI NO '111E LIVE?Mr. Ptnuipother. Mr. Br lughatn; Mr* l'cnnipother, Mm M. Taylor; Jane Bright*. Mr*. Itroui'bam. Door* open at 7>?. <0 commence at a to S o'olock. Boxct, Drtts Circle, and i'arqnct'e, VI cents; Kainily Circle, 36 cants. BUTTON'S THEATRE.?STAND BV!?BENEFIT OF Mr*. Brougham, Saturday, Aug. II, Last Night of "DOMBEY." lor the present, at all event*?with a new Farce, in which Mis? Mary Taylor, Mr. Brougham, and Mr*. Brougham, will appear. N.n.?Those who have any curiosity to view the interior of the Box Otfus, will be waited upon cheerfully by the obliging Treasurer. CMSTl.E GARDEN.?N1NT1I WtKK OF'THETKIJ umphantly successful Summer Ful?*'?First Porlortnances of the Celebrated Minatrel Band, kuown and aduiirtil a* the SABLE BROTHERS, Who will, ou each evening ot thii week, perform a rich * lection of Onrtiircs, Choru*ea, Songs, Solos, Parodies, Duets and Dauoe*, in trie ; oharactcr and costume* of the Northern Dandy Darkies and ! Southern Plantation Negroe*. The SUMMER BALLS, which havo become *u fashionable aud popular, will ' te oofitiijucd, a capital Band beiug engaged expressly for them. 100 C'osmoramio Vitws, brilllautly illuminated. Door* open at6. Ticket* 26 cent* each. I N'OTICI. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN DE3IR- ' ou* of joining a dramatic association, no? forininv, will | lease addrct* a line (post-paid) to A. 1... 1(M UreeLt street. All application* will be punctually attenled to. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A KKSPECTAliLE yourg woman, at Children's Nur*e, aud can do plain a* wing; ha* .to objection to go a short distance lu tha couu- ; try. I'll ase call at l;*i Mercer direct. WANTED.? INFORMATION OF TIIK RELATIVES of Georgo Bui kc, a native of New York city, who emigrated to New Orlfim. and there died, tomeyears a?o. Should thid meet with uuy relative of the above deceased, tl.ey may hear doincilnne ta their ad<auta<e, by aiidr?-sing I ti e unoer^ignd, at this place. ED. Bl. RMS. I Cincinnati, Ohio. July 21. 1S49. I Drug ci.fric wanted, to go to Montgomery, 1 Ala.?A young man who la thoroughly acquainted with hit 1 it mi est, of active, liabiia. Apply to O. Hull, | 14ft Maiden lane. WANTED-A GOOH FEMALE SERVANT, GERMAN preferred, who understands g. m i il nouscw ork, itnd oan produce the bott testimonials (none other need apply), in a iiivale lamily. Apply at No. t> Tompkins Place, South Brooklyn. WANTED?BV A YOl NO MAN OF . TEADY HABITS, a situation as I eachmsa iu a private lamily. Cauoouie veil rucont Blended, both by city aud country, lias no objection to go to the country; and ti.lary not so much an obje itai iniplovment. Can be seen at 41 C'ctit m street fir two Jay a IV'ANTID-AN ACTIVE MAX TO DEM VCR GOODS, ?? wberclhe otd.irs arc already taken. None ueod apply, but who aro fully rctponrible lor good* entrusted to tlicir tfcic, i.nd can rtait at one days' notice. Salary gOwli. Ap.'iy to Piatt Ik Co., 161 William ttract. Vf,'ANTEr-A YOl NO MAN TO ATT F.N' D BAR IN A M kefet or>; i ntwho it ac tr.aint d with tlio h ninos?, M.d rtn produce good reference* as to koncsty, tobriety, fee., can aUdrtti A." at thi* office. 1I1K(RL1,A>KI)1 S. VT O T I CE TO F.PICIK E S?A N ENGLISH 1IARE, 1^1 h eighingSI lbs., v. Ill be served up this l?ay,to^'.her wit 1 In l.-li Mutton tnd spletiflii Turbot, in the most ri-iited and elegant dining rot oi in tie city, at the Saravn s lie,-:. U Dey meet, by K. W. AI.I.EV YI1XOW riKB VLOOWNO, A?Loa r \ vi iv 1 mi It eargo of dteutM-rawed Psu.aeola, per the Jane Kli<abetli, just arrived, and lor tale. Apply to the Captai.i, en board, ofl the Baiterv. or t? CAMERON It BRAND. I; Pint ttw k R (UK) TO LOAN. A i SIX PER CENT IN.eredt, on bond au 1 mortgage, on produotlv? rial uttie in iliit city. In one or niretuoia. Apply in the Hank Not* Exihanae Olfki-v. to joun r. cow ret. Wo. ro Wail atreek. | s I AM) w All II ANT I. I ' \' 111" AND t.i \C if U each, fi r nil, by JACOU LITIM .K k Co.. 41 Wall ?t. ynR SAI I OS I iol K1 II OK A HUKl OK TON'3 r tuitl.i u. lying in the fort uf New \ < rk. and loaded with t goed freight for Valparateo "t a Market, mil n >?f im'jr fur Hi. Tm |nRkinf uir rommail .> .-n tout. For further (articular*. in j'nre at No. U'i iVit?iiiu< ? HlWt. PHILADELPHIA CAMPIf MALI, VLOOUBBC9 IN I kin < ?t unrivalled npren acy, *e le/arda It* eatunilva development, judlcionily lelocted fro? (!? be*t factor!"* of Europe, A> a, and tlia rniteil State*. i I in .iy uf wmeh tM underlined it aulc agent in 11 in eity.uf *tylu. variety, qnaatiljr ami dr?i?,p, in A iniii.rter. \ 'Int. Turkey, Kin I rmm t?r, Tepeitry, Bru*eel<. Inrr.tlBi, Vinrtlu, Damatk and K:ig Car I'd". Matiinga, Mat*. K?|?. ?., *< . Floor Furniture an J W ag n Oil Cloth*. Wiud?tr Shade* and Rlmde, kc., kr., ara no* being di*po? i r>f by the bale, pie>o or out, to the merchant inuhniteaerpcr, either f r d meatic uee or eiportatlon, at remarkably low price* f> r e??S or city accept an". a, villi Intercut added The admirer* of the beautiful and novel ia want of the above, di?p.> d to view t ha *aat iroprovelaen.a in U.t field uf art and dee'gn the I ?*t live vear*. in Wie Ja< -juard and I'ower; of *trong chemical eolntioa ia rub coloring aud (hading. will f.nd a tr it In* the immeape ware r?onv< of Carpet llall, In an I ? North Seenai F'riet, #r?td < r b law Chr..<* chur< h, ueceeefaUjeitabliahad fur more than a quarter of a ceutury. by J MDNEY JON?8. N'EW <AS FI XI I RK.-. ? HE HAVE TIIK I'LEASORI 1 im our ou-t nier* and the pu' iic that we ha<? bow on hand cf the mnnnfacture of ?or friend* *"ir? f'?rnrUaaia t"??., the oi"tt**teanve a?*?rtine it that an be f . ml i n'? patttia* aad aiylea nf Ua* Chandelier*, Maniel l..jht<, Rraekct*, Itndxat*. fee., ?f , lulled for pmate houee , e'iur< haa, hotetaittor a. and other place*. and the charge* f r theae article* a'* the mine at ourestablishment In New York, n at the manufacture la Philadelphia, and no more; and all ga? tat in it I.ought at our eatahlinlimrni, fir cither New York or Brooklyn, ara put up hf the Ieet workmen, free if charie, and kept in | nfttl order for 12 monthti and <noda bought f r other eltie* are put tip f*ee of eharge, except fur ooO* of fate 1 tn and from the plane. From perennal vliiW t ? Europe, we I dn a?*nn: uur imt mere mi ( the I ahlli:, tlmt there ie no In uao.eltbar In America or Enri'po. that ean i iu at- I traetlee an aan'rtn rnt of pruodf in tt < line, a u v th re are no articlea tnanufai'tored f rut of E?r .pe ur Aine- . rira that can cun nre fav r* i, th -a of M> r-ra. Cornelina ft Co. Onr u manufaotnrera are tuck, that we e? r the .t aatialeetory inJn era nU. aad we reeneetf. -it an m.pectiua of i'nr afe.rwst. W o|;a M a 11AI (jil Wot f, Ml a?'l Wj Rrna-I i*t, aMoaite Niblo'i lltritra | S'.jld l"K,i M AN l> l-ROII fAIH.F. Ill SIM r"'" J "i a- i .t . ip -rial unl I o- ! p> r?rht if o^e of tb< heat knoka eeer publiehad : an J, In eelliait which, I he oea'l haa ((Inale-t.anded.) en an aeetkie. earned 1 *7Hf er?eo%. It haa neeer beeea la tne eterea, aad ill health l? the only i anie fur <ellin( cut. Eeery Information w II be | given un a| plication, aad ia reply la all p >at-paid letteri, ci.litem1or reel nat.e aa 1 addrefr, addrexed t i M. C W UITNET, V "ISooth -ee ud at.. I'hiUdelphla. Pa. ( CALIFORNIA ?THE WONtfH Of THE AliE IS TO J l.e n en at th- CaliG ruia lit t it. II I'ark K . Nee V.tI . In Flili'i Fataa) Itrrt. f?( taktag (eld froa tha bottom < f ti a < tlil'ial* rntti. It if l.tfiit, eompirt, and alnitil"; prii? only til aKVOT.B Btl ILK. C* LIIOHTON FIRST PREMIUM M'lHTKMKR, /? *hcl?Ml? ?a ntiil, N*. 10 I'ark Pltw, N?* Y?rk, ?b4 No. It Royal ttrtat, Vt? Orlrar*. V. B. -Shirt* ?tandin,; ai.4 Vkuktrtwlrr*. an I collar orarata ?a4? Ml woaanra. Shirts in thrfe dayss or. ir nrosssary, in tnalrr h< ur* n.nd- to ardar aa4 ?arriT*t tnhi. by m l. |it M AN, at l*r Shirt St or* ai.J >* ' Fitai^inr l'?tolli'l Hfiit No I A'i<w Hot**. Shirt M*no(?*i*ry ta b??kiran. I.aaadry la at r -? t. NAILS, TWINE. SHOE THREAD. feo.~a,?n CASK* Cut ?a>< Wria(ht Nail*. Urad* aad Bpik**; Sain*. Call, llillif Gllflct, and M?nnfa?ttir*r * Twia* of ??(r; 4?nfflpt ' a : Shn* Thr*ad In * rjr ?an?ty ; Ottoa. Soinr, Sail, and ( > rp'i Talaaa; II anil la *ad II mp CaNa n 2 aa J 3 cora la4ia To ma for tuhinr, k' ka. f r nli b> f'EBM A k Ct III NO. 1? Paarl *tra*t. IHIPPHH, UNITED tTATF.S MAIL RTEtM All! I* COMPANY.? For ? aliforaia. rid < barraa.?lh* naw aa4 apt i<<aa ataaai "Lip <klllo, irtll ho 4iap*un?4 aa M< adar. tha 17ih af at I a'olock, from tha pint, fn >? ol llnrnn ttrwl, Narth Rlvar, a?4?r tha nnniit4 'f Ll**t*aar>t J ?. Sell 'aik, L. S Narj. "lia d'.l l? tha r?i af tn* rarolar nail a'oam*r* hatwroa Naw Ynf? an4 Chart**: *h<- will *ia**r tha fOTirnunt mail# ml ptu?*nx*ra for tha I'aritia itrta*r? tut mac from 1'aonin* to Caltforn a Th? ?rrat ?,??, atraBjIU. and |?.w.r of tha Ohio, an far t*y..nd th?*a af any Aimrioaa ? ? i?>imtr afloat. hamf :l,inl toa* , bnrthra. altJi anponar 4 nhla ra?i><** of l.laai bona pon*r*a*h. l'at**o*?r' h? thla *hip liar# IV a*anran*? af aaf*ty and *fa*4, M M M Ml in Mf ? MjMMVWk in~l* *i.?in* Tha arraaram'it* for th? o' ^fort and *oa??nl?n'? af tlia fr *nr?r* ara oa tha ainat literal; la I. or f ar r|M<MI ral""B> a ad a?ll ?mNI?M aasir" *nd aialr raonia, ar* ao*nl>iba4 all tha a?>ar*ai?n**a of a ?? -< katal. Pta'a aft?r ?aia"K* ... |IJ4 *a*k. I'. i tr? "f .1 aaaapytax aa* Stat* K**m ta 4inlaoalaona tin '* jtfata R>">?n, Iurw*r4 aaliooa ... fill " S*'o?i Cabin.. %m * h*rth. foand a iik Mt, au4 an?M at at tint tat la ......... '"aill*. harra?? alloard ac*k a??**iijr*r. r.i?aa?# to lla?ana. %7^, d". i" Naw Orlaan*. iraiaht to i'ha?r?a, T% a?at* p?r I>r.t>l* foot; 4->. ta N*? Orltaa*. **>ita p -t aakia font. All M*k*t* f*r pa**?(r* iniiaf I* prnn?r*4 at Ik* aAna af tho anmpaar. M O. ROBERTS, Ilk W?at atvoat * L^OR CALIFORNIA, VIA CIIAHRta AND NEW OR. " l**n*.?1 ha U. S. Nml ttaamahlp F ALCON, I4aut Hartatria, I . S. N.. aommandlnf. w II a? <lr<pat?t*d with tha mail* en Mvndrajr, An<u?t /Tt'i, ar I a'?l?ak, I . M? r"?a tha pi*r at th* foot of Warr?a *tr?at. N R. I'aaaa** tu < ha?ra??Stata room. aft. IIM 4n., fnraar I, lawar a?I in 11?>: *t**i*(r asd fn'iBd. k^l. Pi'Mr* t? Naw tkrlaana; |7"i llaiara, $,(). An *aporianord SnritonB i* attaehmi i* tho I'aleon. fraight ta Clia?r?a,7ifc>. p*r ouhia foot; dn Now liiliaia. Jf-o. >>hippor* f> N*ar Orloat * ahnald focur* th?ir fratrhv a* aaly a limttail ai'antlt* ran h? t?k-a. For frataht ar paaaar*. applr ta . O ROBI.RTS, II* H"a?t airart. New tore, it it k, ia^_To wH'm it mat con. a*ra ???li**r IV Br wn. Ita?tar?f th* >M| tl l.awr*ara, aatad ' ; kMtrl H inland * A *pib?iH, nf tl. * r, ***lr* that th* in*ar*ra of ahifa *ad c>? l* tn*f rand tholr au*n*a or port-war4i-*a Mlaimlir *tW -Mp, ?a t? h*r a?^n4 i*K aad rat* a* a fir*t rat* *iiip. Sh? ho* h??a *<Tr"?4 In J.i?arf?ol, and all tha r?f?aira d?n* w> ttaa* *hip hat?* hova i.?--fnr?Ml at l4**?p< ol. W |>?s doatrod, ?li* will In pnt nn I l"jd'a Rook*, a* a f r*t alt *. *rd Will intiar* a* rhMp aa bt ?Vp rf a tlr?t ?la>? Sfca jKv?a*a*?a *?T*n f*> t donhlinfa on hor fipand ktiam i ?l*r? aad h*r I, or i>w?t.i-. < ar* la Iprkaata diaaaatar. r>* baa *nht to ai^ht tana and * half of a- w?r l-olta in b*r bnttoir, and aj< U?r ?o?*., atr?i pad wtib *l tr> a atiap* or kno*? ftana th* tn?in da a ? < th - k ard hat prtvtd tn If. |o |? rinr * ' ua ;?< II In ah* ?tt knrt*. V'l>kRr BRUIT.4, ?NMt. laid Kiftril*! I ? Ljg! -^^VXWViVVVVVXX \ \ WN. VVWVWWW^AWV^ \i?w? GARDEN.?UK. CUIPI'ICN DALE, ACTINI ^ ' llMHtr; Mr. John Seftoa, Sua Hu>|ir, Mr. I .a Mi! ?? Mo*icel Director.?Saturday Evening, Auguet 11.?Tfc< ti tMtihimruti to oorameuvtf with a gruttu UvvrtuN. Aftei which, the hurletta of JENNY 1.1N I)-Jenny Laud, Mr* Howard; Baron Beery. Mr. Burke; Mr. L,awrenc< Leather Lungs, Mr. A. Aidrewt; Mr. Uranty Can. Mr. Seftoa,

1 utn uiittiou tor Rd'mliiueul*. To o.iulurte with the new lieco ci.Med SLfARATE MAINTENaM E-Mr. I'enmpotiser. Mr. Burke; Mrs. i*ciiui|>?>ther, Uri. C. Howard, Jam Hri(ig?, Mr*. Watt*. Doors open at 7. to outumonceat 8 pretzel*. Adluirtlnu S"cts. A l'A K H. ? NI Bl.<>'?. ?Til 1". I'KOl'KIKTuR OF THIS splendid new cMablishaent ha* groat pleasure io annonB' ii'n Monday next, Augu*t 13, 1S49, the production (tlrst tune ia this.ity) of a gorgeous GRAND BALLET 1*ANTOM I>1E, with new dtnery, dresses. decorations, transformations. magic effect*, pro|>ert'e*.&o., ke., called Uttl. KI.I t, Olt I.E DIABI.K AMOLKKAl.X, got u|i fur the ex pros purpose i f introducing to the New York public M'll< J'Seuiint Uertiu aud Modh. I'uul ltrilliant, pnu.ipal dancer* from Prat re aid Spain. The caat of thW uiagnlticcul piece will include the great talent <if the ? hole Ravel Family, and ii produced under the immediate direction of Mona. ltrilliant. Lillet nmator to the Havel Family. Tickets .V) cents, to all part* of the establishment. CHANFRAU'S NATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM ST. ? Saturday ereulrig, Augii.t llth, to commence with tlx farce of I'llK lKUII DRAGOON- lfa Idy Murnhy O Br*l ichan, Mr. Kedaoad Kyan; kit! Mutilda. Minn Loekyer; Mrs. Blooiuly.MU* Sinclair. To be lollowtd by WHITE'S SEKEN Al)k.KS. After which, the fare* of SI IDDEN TtlOl'Ull r?Jack Cabbage, Mr T. B. Johnaton; Snpl ia Mis* Sinclair. After which the fecund part of WHITE'S SERENaDBRS, To conclude with the IRISH I.ION?Tim Moore. Mr. Redmond Kyan; Captain Dixon, Mr. l>awcs; Mrs. Jltlglg, Mrs MrLtan. Door* open at 7'?. to commence at 7\. Box**2S et*.; Fit, 1^,. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?Splendid performance* in the afternoon At S>?, and eveaiu< at el o'clock, A mammoth Crocodile, juat arrived, from the River Nile, and ten feet in length, uiuy be aecn at all hours; alao, th< Large Lump ot California Gold, weighing over (even pound* Newt lauHahle Farce* will beenacted at eaoh entertainment. Alio engaged, Mr. LukeWoat, the popular deliueater of EthioElan Character; M>. Jerry UerryneM, Mis* Barton, Mia* Stanop*, the Albin* Lady, Living Orang Outanc, Living Anaeonda, euormou* Rattleanak*. Wax Scriptur* Statuary. Admission to the whole, ?> cent*. Children under ton year* ll'. centa. (CONCERTS EVERY EVEN INQ AT THE CUNCER'I J Ilall, No. 237 Bowery, between Stuutou and Rivingtoa etrtets. Admiteion free. J. LYNCH, Proprietor. rpilE BARS AND SALOONS OF THE ARCH STMISEI JL Theatre, Philadelphia, to rent, on good terms, to a rerpectable tetiaat. Hie houie opens next week, for the Fal and Winter Seasons. Apply at the Box Office of Burton' Thtalre, Chambers atrect, New York, between ten and threi o'eleck. W ATSON'S HALL,CLEVELAND, OHIO.?THE A BOV I Hull i* the moat commodious, airy and comfortable u Olno, and ia capable of seating I.UMi p< r^otis. It to n< w t rent for conceits, exhibitions, operas, ite. For terms appl' to J. W. WATSON, Cleveland, Ohio.' KXCUKSIONK. EXCURSIONS TO TI1E flSUINO BANKS, AND $ paid, on Tuesday, Thursday, aud Friday, to the persoi who catena* the largest lea baas, black Mali, or paiigie. Th teauier Buflal), every day in the wcuk, except Saturday will leavr loot of Robinson street, at H o'clock; 13lli ureet at ?'4; Canal street, at ?> ; Catharine street, at Oraai street, at V; I'icr No 3, North River, at D>?. A. M. i'are cent* each way. TV) N EWBURGII AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS llie atenuier JOSEI'U BKI.KNA f leaves tlia pier fo. ot Chambers atrect to-morrow morula*, at 7o'clock,touching at Bi.mmond street, each way. This boat l.vud* at You kera, darlings, Dobba' Ferry, Tarry town. Sing Sing, Ro?l< land Lake, llaveistraw, \ eipUnk'a, Caldwell's, 1 uekakill Cct/.evi', We*t Point. Cold fprtug, aud Cornwall, laic fo the excursion to Nex burgh, (I TO IIK LET, OT I'FICE TO LET.?A LARGE FRONT OFFICE, OI the 3d Iti...r < f house M Street, oppoli e H i t I 1 o* nseiid'* otl)< e. Alio, itnall rooms, well liihted, suitabl for light meohanlcal bu.iue**, or bed-rooui-'. K utlow. U Unite on the 41 h story. 'O.JJtT?4 rVIMUBBD FRONT BOOM, ON TH first A< i r, to a gentleman or lady, with or without boan I Ap| ly at No. Hubert street. OPICAU IYON'8 MAGNETIC POWDERS, FOR THE DK3TRCC J iiott < ! Bf4b?gS. CMkfMellHi ftuJ all tl?er iueoK 1 1^)11* fi?r the destruction i?f Ruts au4 Alice, without j at 42" Broadway. Reference*?D. D. Howard. Emi , Irvin R. Jouae; L. liouDit, ??*{., Supvrlntcnaoat ol tbe Ntw Yor Ho?|>i#al. N'gW YORK, AUGUST 4i ai. 1M?? -UEJ SRs. H ELL? llilUr V TriiVoPt?I'letne Nnd uu boar*4 steiiui*; ! Kit Nuu H iukl?* lniu:?Ml?a'??ly. w of > ur Coapom twiMl >f lUnukt? rr.v. lull MNIti ftttaek kr Dilffbdi j ati ob? the | and liandw, 1 Lave been able by it* n> | to relic?? iium at <>b#o, and thiuk it an indiapsnnabla articl I to h*>? on board at tke prvtcnt (i. W. FEYiTiOWZ, Steward. I federal of the workmen emT?l'?ved in ?ho Journal of iVin i n.trre offue havtt made une of M'elln, Miller t'rovoet's Uaui ? > ii'i f * racl of ttlaekberrj to a?nf?t Dlirfhaift.nd hiv Total it eslin ly raoooflefnl. Other remedies hare beeo tried i bu* the above is linnnimomily prr?n*>un< <?d the beat. HV ?n?n I ti< n the fact t< r the Nen'-ut of ott?ra who may be aimilarlj | allKted.-lD.or J. ur C. The abore Medicine n?ay be had at 132 Chatham: 77 Ea? Broad*ay; corner of Avenue Ii and lHth atreet; 117 and (I* Itrofliin iv; IX' Chainlvra it.; I vi II aduxi et., and 217 Itluscki' ntrtet. In ilrooklyn. at !' I aud .*I'll FuUon at ; Mjrtle Av#-I nne. corner of tVufhiu^rtou and corner uf Iludaon; aav at Srranton k Co.'f, iltlantu* Pt. In Wllliauiaburfth, n HI Fiarlith. Seventh, and 170 Grand atrt?-te. Warehou??, 21; I r- ri? itVMt HE BOW F.I S AND THE CHOLERA.?DR. 8. P -1 H?u N? |,M?'S Saraa{>vnlla tren^OiotiM an<l regulate t) o 1 - V la 111< a eh arm If bow el , in a relaxed atat?, and it f<|uallT ao to be i "ittve. It ia iu 1 jariam to aNpillo orphyii ut thta t bo This pre parallel t IhiSarsa^arllli doeeoet art ae a catharatle, but after i ! 1* w Jioura the bowela are relieved of irritation uud ever di*a?rceable feeling 00 prevftl* nt at the prvicnt tine. Th a and ajreteM ar< 1 n - ei I It mo* *> the towtU otc? in 'li hour*, which ia aullicieut for heflttijr ata'c of the aval* ua. H e do nt-t rei^mmeiid thi medicine U r the cholera. It any aio taken with th hurrhi'?, it it> U -i to rail ?jc<' ><t pliyaioian at once Hut aaa |<rr\ nti<r I <r tin- tr aay other aiNi-e. t rue ho no t'|Ual?tt penally In tha |<r< viitloii of fever* an' 1 tl.c rtiuuitr tuinplainU m . UiMreu, H * liata manufacture* .i,nro,<??> iiotti.e^ within the la-1 five )iar>. and have never kaon n a eaae wliei : it,I a? nut betn of iidvuntaeo. It haa curtd thousand* an' . t*n tboiaaixta ?f < ?te? ?f Jlarair, The tuoet .leiieate femaW j and infanta take it * ith Kftat heaaeflt; all eliould uae it at tin i i e to K'Baril imimi the < holera HTCll MilaWM immii i tlii* uaxi n uf th?>< ar. If la the cliva)> --1 and moat pleaiaa ' timed) ever diaeox-red. Children lata it dearly fur mmuae i ct tntilaiuta, and fur * eakly infauU it la invaluable. i MII;K.INTS AND/uaciaNr.kt. nttndrrda uf Irithiui a and litrmab*, and other* are dyin of Tbltra at this t Una* aad ea peel ally of a dieaaae t hat n feoihlra the ?h'p f en r and I hol?ra cumbintl. that won|. lite it a little <-?re waaeivreleed n thtir diet and mi diriie. A prtat mm! tr lava bean debilitated t.jr tea tuy.iat Or \ y tie ei.-taahe heat of the a and over aa.-rtion | that art earned oH by tha pr> tailing epdemie. If all dcbili tattd aiid woak permm* would ha earcfnl in their diet aa | l?r. I' Townatnd'a SarraparilU, whtch atrengtheui th eyatim, ktepa the bowt li in a In althy aiate. aa- iata dueati.i I ? and preventi tha cholera. dirtate and death?hundrtda I am thi'tiaanda af iklnablt iiae. would be eate<l. Sickly BBi ? valtly ft nial. a and ef lldran alioulil tekn if hy all mean*. I I.M HIIIV AMli'llNHI MPTIO.f. Tl(.?>?ndauf the in "at itjironle aaiaaof dletine* hnv? beet eurtd I y I ho utt of I <r H. I*. Towneend'a Xartm -irllla liiioohi t m, July I", l"UI. El. 8. P. Tewxatsn: liter Sir?I lata the rreaf plcaiure t< inform ytati of tlx tety (it'll blearta.^ I hate rereited from ii?in? yair Haraepirille I bate U? for a Ion* time tick with tha fleuriey mil I uiitiiirpfion, and a bad couili. Two physician* at cudi"i mi ardreve rr? up aa itieuiaile. I then thmifht I wonldtrt yt i t Biedirint. at I I ad heard to nitieh of it. I dona an. an'l (I real I r f" my ' r| ri?a I a aa r> lie v. it hy tha flrjt bot'la I Mti r.i a a>ia? trittn tha aaeui.d, and feel aliuoaf wall. Mj t ain hj? l?ft II I', aa hta lujr < a.-rh, aad my appotita la root and I | well?before. I had afeat diatrt t? aad aoafli, aa< ivwld iiul iltep. Vnt>, with fteat ret pert. Ei.i/ i?mi.v, >." Jaui' * atro> f, litnklya. Pr. S. P. T' wnaend'a oflita I aa Batn reaaova I lt<.i? i/n rul I > meet to !8 Nai'au atieat, a law 4<> ra until al th* Sal cBvtv Xrrrrirt sam:m \ri> aoaimit qi;*c?k?t.Th* Travtllar'a M?dleal fiui la, l*y K iilotar, M. I' , enn tatn? a draerptioa of all diaea-ea>ir the (;?nito-l-rintr?air fUtf, their avnrt' nia. b?>t uiode of cure, fee., twetl" r wit t? 'f lor r a ki ? t ;<e tan. ri (r t ? na > ad in tbei tritneiii. With the a?att t ?ace i f n i * work everyone eti h.tuxlf. Pi ice $1. Sold and a. at by mail (hit ?f (net ara). by tha aatbor, No. 2 (n?m .afo. 12) Abb atiaet, aa hera b il e naolud Or all dirtaiea thera referred to. AH VtDICIM cbfst IN A II ?l.? lilV K VI Al. -DK hvafa r'a kid ifrop earra all Prira'a IM-eaaot withon any r> a rielii.n ia the patient a hal ite ia fr^m .Ito ? <laya II a llnateriaa lli>|irniary, .1 Hiii>i?ai' i? ti e only pie* it can I e had. > I a.ul . A lae^li al b?<A f'f ao'hii.-. (J KKMAM FBTMCIAN I>R lltIM "< 21 DIANI I atraea. mntiitaea to le ouniial I>a all prx'rartad u< liar^iina eaaet of Syphilid, Merearial and Hed.fuloaa alet ti .n, nlea/a < the eitrfaitli*. a >> . 11 i Be Ala Sty.etarea. and all othtr afaeti 'ua. whit h are ;ta e?|iy *aaa fraett d by iniprodtnre. I a r. II ia a mem hot "f II e M.di a ftaifletjr and at entee Itia en i re Btleltiea to ufAee praa litt |*r johnshn. 16 !>! A - K f i k f.r.t. so will twovi m^ iDimiritimriioi atiii in oihh' i.?ir' r cwtir?. pu??tio? for skill in t:i< ?? half mr?d tu*i that kavatxU'?4 i. t y art ia pr?-?riitn?*t. Comlitutloa-I ? ?aknaat, krauckt An l-j a ifftui hikit. ffaatnally earad Raaant >uu iinjli fuur day*. \to CVU No PAT.?ML roRniTT, l? DltfR ST. 1 ' ? l>a anarnlttd oa tha lr??t?in( < t \U d:a?^aaa. A prartloa of a'ltaan yaara derated to tha tr*atV'K of diaaaaaa mahlo* Dr. |o rar? tlx worm It mi ?>? thfa diaaaaa. K*c?at eaaea turad t? Uiraa dayt. N< mrewry ? * . NOCl nr. KO CDARni.-DR. *0RPDT,Or <3001,1 atraat. is aaalldrr an all form of prlaaM di?< i???. W???nt < ! af a<*n"rrhian ha aaraa ia iw> to f?nr d-Mt. CrnrUlnUofcal dakility aad imr-'U'aajr HMHrfklt] kraal?d b* Hf. M N" tncrenry aaad In ?nr <"*?* ?r hiolr*?M troa kn.i^na. Otyrt fnm 1 a m ta P m Aim' * 1 \ . 1 1 UKH1LRMBN OR A .r.vnm\N rtd la< r fan If with lull linarl. ! Htaaklaat a> <i Taa only, a' IIK l.aoanrd atrait. fw roomi ?ra l?fc?, airy, and Landar maly f?rn<ai>a'i, with a hall, ro'im a<ta<ti*d in privata faiviH. <ah?ra tha aotnCur if h?ai? an h* had r W. ftatw ??n ftrradway and f.lw ttrwl. DR. lAl.rtl, All !l)>K OF TH?. "PRACTICAL PU. aava Traaliaa. '?1.. *< <;>- tnwirfc I'ri'h. ora. I U It A. M? f to 9 P. U. ( *>ndara wha ?pf't ia tha rttl; ata?aa *11 ka anririwl at th? rapidity and llttla iaoonvarnaaca atUtidmt thair anra. It ia ahi?fl?, V- w. *?*r, tl?a??ho ha?a anffrrad (tan nam ?la*a al paopta. Who aaa proparly at ipraaaala kia a?rT.<*a. la atrtittra, from Ita llrat, ar larfpiant, la Ha a>ar* adranaad and di?tra*ain| ta?aa, (fr"ta nirmmna adraiitaa< a and a rary ?w?.?ir? r'tiaa,) 1 aaa afford a r?c<'. ?a?y ??< r?<l',al aara. vhinh, ha* Krauada for ataMnc. aan k? oktai??d (raaa <Uhn a"ara? in A laariaa Til HARRII* HIIIIMI rniVAra MKUI< d.iv?. panlna, b* Dr. A. M. Manri?i*aa, IVf?? rc( Diaaaacaol W??an. Sltth fditi.a. lSmo., pp It*). Prica tl Mfix aold in ina mnntha. 1 ?ara of anff?rlny. of phytWI and moalal an^nlah to mrna an affi' iioua'" wll*. and prci.niarr UnkwliH m ?ht hara b?*n aparad ; thonaaana ?ia poor wnnld hara it* Injud ' mpataa^: thanaanda ni>w hmk?a ia health wtaM M? anjorad It; haadrada aow in thair craraa k?am atill ativa. ky atlmaly p. aaawinn ?f thia work. It la Intmdad aapaata'.ly fir th? marriad, ar thaaa aantaniplatin* marrlafa, aa it. '4?ai-i >aaa Inpoiunt -- r?ta. wklak ah<nld ka known ta lham pr>rtiaal?rlj To ?h??a wkota haal' h 4 ~t not parmlt af aa in?rraM af f? ailT, It ia of apaolal importation. Mara. nlao. rarr famaia?th? wif?. tha mothar, *Na aaa althrr kaddina Inta w. manhood, < r ti f ana in tl>a Jaa|ina af ???r?. In who* ratnra tqatamffatM ? fh'Xt**??* #l??nTff ?!|? <la*?r? ? r.iptoma, and ?lir ?! '?? r?madia*, ard m?H 'rrla>? 'mod* nfrara, la arery f-?i| iiaiat ta whirh >.?t im <?nnl?i*et. for Ml* at m Frond , at, and at ?.h? PaklUMv* Off[<.?l |JJ Idbfrty a?r?rt, ft. V ; Utt> h O. AHan); Mf. H Bi??na; r. n PHwi la. f< atrvat, Philadr lr? flu WilUai Taylor k To., Mainmort. J. B. Rona-ani, N,? (>rl??n?; J.B. Cut>?d*a, *av*nmh. Oath* ror^ipt of fl, a oo?y ?tll ha tr?B?n>ittad t>r mail Var ?f (Mir'xra U aar far* of Kaltad Sta-ra. AtiU-f-ora pinftlif a?di*?*d, |*>ft paid. io Pr. A. *. Mtariacaa. Be f UJiNra Inl ally. CSaa IBhkfftf ito'fl - I INTELLIGENCE BT THE MAILS. I Our Washington Correspondence. ^ ' Washington, August 10, 1^49. t ; Ilit Kanovalt and AjfHjxntmtnt*? Uovcrnorthip J of Oregon?Proscription, tfc , fyc. v The administration has already been i>l?*nl?fully J 1 abused by its opponents, for what is term- a ed its " prescriptive" spirit. General Taylor is ' 1 accuted of falsifying his pledges, and his cabinet \ are individually abused for their " rapacious" ? views. We regret to see that even some papers, n disposed to act justly tow rds the administration, " i have followed in the track, aud are almost as vo. H i ciferoua in their denunciations of the alleged "pro- J scription." Still, an honest and manful expression y of opinion iB expected from the independent presses in question, and if they believe the administration . ^ [ is falsifying General TayUr's oft repeated pledges, *i they are right to express their disapprobation. J,* We believe, as strongly as any person, that the ' prescriptive policy pursued by former adininistrations has been productive of incalculable evil, m We have seen a party triumphant, and every ofiice * of honor or emolument filled by the fiiends of tha h party, to the almost utter exclusion of ull others ; and we hailed with satisfaction the declaration of ti i General Taylor, that, if elected, he would put a B ; stop to that odious system, and permit no party to tl be proscribed. Hut when that declaration was * | made, we never for an instant imagined that, by t, ] \ any species of sophistry, it could mean that Gene- J ! ral Taylor would continue the same unfair distri- ? | ' bution of affices which, for twenty years, had cx- d j ieted. lie must put a stop to it; and as 44 tew die * [. j and none resign," the only way by which the whig ai - ; party can obtain a share of the offices, is by removl ing the must obnoxious, incapable, or dishonest, 1 I of that party which had filled up all the offices of c' : the country. We believe that even the Union ^ I confesses that an equal distribution of the ollices j , ?now that its party is out?is nothing but fair ; b j but it asterts that there are already as many whigti f i in office as democrats. That this is untrue, can be d ! proved, in a variety of wavs. I nder the piebald '< j adminiatration ol John Tyler, whigs did not * - stand so very high us to have obtained all the J J offices; and yet we find that Mr. Polk's cabinet ? 1 removed no less than one hundred and fifteen s * whigs from the Treasury Department in Wash- ! j, J ington alone. If this is doubted, we have the ! i \ names and can furnish them. One hundred J and fifteen removals from one department, and * that, too, not at tli" close of a whig administration, ^ but after John Tyler had previously been at work ' for four years purifying" it, furnishes in itself strong evidence that few, very few, whigs must have been left when General Taylor became Pre- u< j sident. At the present time, in one of the Treasu- h ry bureaus, the rsixth Auditor's, there art* of whigs, ti including doubtful, nineteen, and of democrats 11 fifty-one. In the Land Office, now not under the " ^ Treasury Department, there were a few weeks *' r since about eleven whigs out of seventy-three t< io i cleiks. So it is with regtrd to other bureaus. The - t Post Office Department contained some two or b - ; three whigs. In all the departments, when Gen. R j Taylor was elected, there were but ninety-two " ' | whigs out of nearly 7()0 offices. Let the Union b | deny this, and w? will furnish the proof. Now, is * I it fair or just that such a distribution of the offices v - J should continue 1 We are opposed to proscription; - j we believe it is an unwise, unjust, aud degrading h ? policy; and it is for these v?-ry considerations we n 2' are in favor of a system of equalization. ti | Hut in this equalization it is not necessary to . | remove uny without other cause than the mere ne- ? i. J cesnty of bringing about equality. The letters of ' ' many of those dismissed prove conclusively that u * j they deserved removal; and that marked want of ? ? respect which characterizes these letters, is not i, * : inertly confined to the writers. There are dozens of cleiks employed at the present tune, who spe,ik ; l> - ' in the most disrespectful, blackguard manner of 1! ~ i the President and his Cabinet. Ought such men J' * , to be retuined 1 I (? the people ol the country de- *" - lire that General Taylor's sell-respect should be so j(1 i . grossly outraged t ' t | _ A word or two more. The Secretary of the n i ; Treasury gives a practical proof that the Cabinet is p, ' not inc lined to proscription, lie retains about hiin > j | as confidential clerks both democrats and whi'js; t and so long us tlicy do their duly, they will no " 1 doubt remain. The Secretary of State acts in a * similar way. With one or t'/o exceptions, all the * ' meisengers in the departnu-nt are democrats. His ? " door-keeper, (.i highly position) is a democrat, and fully two-thirds of his cleiks are t n democrats. * * The truih is, all the members of the Cabinet are b ' high-minded, honorable men, who, whilst tliey are * y firmly determined to .set their faces against pro- 1 * (cnptioo, are as linn in their deti rutin ittoii to ad- ^ J minister the government with purity, and t<> turn j out all officials wfio are either incompetent, or are : amenable to some other equally important charge. r< j Ity pursuing this course, they will, so far as the If | offices are concerned, purity them, and bring about that wholesome stale of efficiency so desirable and 1 J | necestary to the publie service. ? | Colon* 1 Lane was removed to-day from the g >- | ' vrriithip ol ('r>con, hixI J. 11 Marshall, l> j , ol J 1i.di.oiu, h** bet ii ap|M>inled. Colonel L ine, u wi'l h r !>? remembered, is the |?T?on who was so lavish ?>t al.use t< wards General Taylor, and was appointed m ^ Governor of Oregon towards tiie clo<f 4)f tV l i.?t " i diiiiuistmlioo, an ri'Wurd, it w.-s generally be- J lit\ed, lor hi* violent oppuaittoo to General Taylor, j \Va.*!IINOTO!?, Aujpi-t 9, 1SI<). rijutlHJt ( flht Prttu/tnl?Mr. M< rttilth ami tht ' { (>Jlit-3rtkti$? Kiftmlizaliott?Mr. A.mug?Pit' ; f i IrxniiHf?The Nati onal Intrl/igrvrer, 4*'". The Prrsidfnt of lln* United Slates left the city 1 ,n tin afternoon's train, for Haiti more. Colonel JJliss accompanied him to the depot, and there left 11 > him. A car was especially provided for hiin, but l he prefrrred tikinc a seat with the sovereigns, in | the ladie*' car. Col. 1 Iu<|h Mercer, son of General s, | M?rcer, of revolutionary memory, sat next to him. K f Colonel Staton, the Mayor of the city, merely [ lo< ked in at the window, to soe that all was right; and General It it hard Wullach, the l'nited States M> r?hal, accompanc-d his hxcellency as far as 1 fell;nior?', as a guard of liouor ? Mr M> irdith has given much ofT nee to the | oil cr wkerr, who complain loudly of hi* tardiness in m iking removals. Kunc of the patriots have i lieen waiting here for live months, and are no h farther from receiving situations ?h in wu<?n they r first hended in their petitions. They have a a- ; " drr*?ed him littl** importuning notes, thus annoyi ing him. I^stelv, he lias kept tin visiters in tiie ante-rc> m until the hour for dinner, and then caused his door to be opened wide for every IhhIv , t to enter at once, when there is no chance lor a p i> vate conversation, Yesterday, a do/en of the oilier- ; aeekers formed s meeting a>:d pa?*?*d r?-sol-itir>:i<? r? H?-ctii>g irp??n the Secretary. The r? al "?b;ect is J to (lit 11 a change in the cabinet, and to luve a substitute who w ill decapitate without m-roy, as ? though on?- of the chief features of government is J to proscribe men for a difference in political < I r">i"B. Two nf the Secretaries have avowed their intrn; tion to equalize, as far a* po ?ible, the clerkships I bc'wcen the two j rt ins, and with reference to in<* I i tipulation of the s? vera! States. The Went has ' heretofore been neglected, Mr. l.wing says, and . herce he has commenced to do justice to her. Hut i < >hio, it is ohjeritd. is mmm the lion'* ?iure. I | I or instance - from that .^tate have been appointed I tiie Set rt tary of the Interior hiinnelf, h <1 iry ' | Mr. Goddnro. the principal eierk <>t the depart* i ment, ?2,000: Mr. Coffin, head of the ap,>ointintr > bureau, t.r |l.4"0; Tom I'.wing. Ir . son ot the Secretary, signer of land patents, f. I,.'V??; Mr. p Howard, clerk in the Pension tMliee, gl.iinO ; Mr. i Tipton, cl> rk in the I. md <'llice. f I, Ml; Mr.t'olI lier, Collector at San Franc.sco (salary not recolf ' lected): and last, though not least, Klisha Whittler s?y, Hrst Comptroller of the Treasury, $.'1,500. | This will do lor ? commencement: besides, there i is a Hu.trt spiiokling of clerks. Poor Indiana has not fared to well. Caleb H. Smithy one of the commissioner!" lor me settlement ?>i timns under ( i thr treaty with Mexico, nnd two or three minor A> cl? rkshipe, make tip tb<* ?um total of natronnjjr to of thr w hi^, thus far. Thr democrata, however, are well represented in the I loonier State, fix: Kdward J!' Ifaunesan, Minister to Berlin; John W. I>?via, } "' On mtssioner to CbiM; Mr. Kllswonh, Chirije I f, d'Alfumto^wrdri; mdUrtrral Kane. (ionrnor | t<f Orruon. These are big offices and will not ?; lone c ontinue in thr possession of tne Philistines. * < The National falrUigtmrrr establishment in toler- ' 1 ably well represented. vix The eon of Colonel ,,r Beaton is secretary of legation somewhere ; the , ' ' son-in 11* 11 ilit < 'olonH U a clerk in one of the departments; the book ctitic of that paper is the i | Secretary to the board of commissioner* for the ! settlement of Mexican rlni'i'*, and n verr al?|r one he is?a aeholar and ? gentlrmnn : one of the com- | pot-i tor a ha* been appointed 11 mail agent, and an- J other, eleik to the board of in*|>eet<>r? of the penitential?. Ar.d the well known, hard work n/, and j talented A. .1 Sfan*lniry, the veteran reporter, hi* | "i?t been ar^cned a ] i?<T in the I.mid t'fficr The librarian of the War Iiepaitment was an nttnrhi of "" that establishment. We do not know that the patr< nage bus yet terminated. All of these appoint- ? mente, save that r>f Mr. Seaton'a sonin law, have " made since the commencement of the pre- Jj'j' s? ?l administration. W?-do not complain ; every a i n ttn nnjrht to tiike care of his friends ; and the j * 1 r[p? inteea are abhr qualified for the diseh.uirr of J.;,1 | then respective duties. O. | t CITY THADI REPORT. New Yoke, Au( 10?2 P.M. .AaMM?Ther* la bat little d >l?i( io either kind; w? I note pot at f> 87 ' ? a *ft l?4. and pearl at %d dnton? I ha market is rather heavy, with a downward endency. BmALuTtrre-There la a fair bu*in?iia ;oing forward in flour, at an adrauco of 0\Ae on the utilium and low gradea. while inferior brands. ?neh aa Ine and unimpeded, are aoinewbat na<ier Che d?uaad Ik for the I vt The *al?? art* 4 ?00 bbia.. at $4 $4 2ft for four, and H fl a $4 31 fur flu* and uninpealad; (5 fi'< a $6 12\ for common State and miled V en tern; (6 lbj, a fcft 2b fcr ntniglit State and good liohlgHn; and *f> 2ft a >31^ for pure Oeaeaee. > >> > iu k? ? ui-uinna, at ateauy 'ice*. It jo lleur and coru-mrul ere without change to otlee t.HAiN - There In a good enquiry tor wheat, fbr killiiiK- but lalea art- limited. at steady prion. Hye la riner, acd (julct at a .V.'o. Oats are in fair dentin) mr 4-1 a 44c. < orn In sternly md to good demand <r the Kastern f rad.? ; sales of 20 (MM) bufhela at 41M a 2c for mixed Western. and 63', aOlo for Western ellow ; round y< How la nominal at 03 a 64c. Paofiuku ?The market f?r pork and bwl lii dull, and we ave no tales to notico?pricea remain unchanged. ard in heavy at flj, a To for good to prima Batter ad cheeae are steady Wiiiaat r.?The supply on hand moderate ; the market la quiet, but fl.-m. at i<4o. for risoii and Ohio. Fa way. August 10? fl P. M. The wrather. for part of the (lay. waa wet and unfaDrable to out door bnainesa. and 't hangn wm but oderately attended. The (l air mirkot *ai better. 1th a good demand for the Kaatward There ware fait iceiptc. and the export den.and for inferior grades aving fallen oil. they were dull Southern flour wa< rm, with a good demand, but supplies were limited. he market ? a? bare of rye fljur. and prices were bet r. There wan no meal of any consequence on the larket, and price* were firm. Wheat waa in fair deiaud for milling, but there waa very little offering and lie stock ou hand wa* light. Corn waa at?ady. with D actire demand lor Kaatero. There waa no change l quotations, but prices were well sustained. The -antactlona were chielty confined to flat and mixed allow. Hound win Inactive, and quotations were oiuioal. The market waa bare of rye. aud there waa one offering. Oats were steady, with a fair bu'inesa # nlng Pork waa very dull and without transaction* orlli reporting, lieef was quiet. but steady, at prelous quotations. I.ard was in fair demand, but h?l<t aove the view* of buyera. Cut meata continued dull, ud prices inclined to droop, while aales ware light. here was no marked change In cheosc or butter, Oro rlea wf re firm, with more doing, while a better fueling revailed. (Tdton was steady, with a lair amount of ties for export. Amirs?The market waa firm, with salea of 150 bbl? , nth aorta, at $5 H7 }, a $6 04 for pots, and $6 for pearls. Bbkadstviis.?Flour?The aggregate aaloa of the ay amounted to about 8.Q00 bbla., iu varioua aeparate >t.?. including aour at $4 lb, line and uninspected at 4 a $4 u7>?, common State anil mixed Weatern at 6 0<iVa a $6 ll>s, straight State and good Western 6 12', a $5 26, good Ohio and favorite Western at 5 26 a f.r> 37 >, pure Genesee $5 31 a 45 44, faney late and Ohio at (5 44 a $5 <18, extra < >hlo at $6 7i a 3 1*4, extra Genesee (old) at $ ! a $6 50. new do at 0 76 a *7. Of Southern brands w? heard of aaloa of JO bbla Baltimore at *5 26, Georgetown, in lota, at 5 31 a >6 Hyt flour waa some better, and waa arce, with talc* of 200 bbla. at >3 12', a $3 10A?. 'orn mrrl waa scarce and wanted at >3 IS for Jersey ad f3 26 a f3 31 for wine Whmt -Sales wera ade to a moderate extent, including *00 a 900 hashel* >od new North < arolina at (1 25 and 1,000 bushel* 9. superior, at $1 03. Kyr waa not plenty, and waa eld higher; but no sales were reported, while quotaous were ni uilually the sam*. Cora?The sales for ire day rt ached about 47 000 bushels, at 68c. for heati, til}, a t>3c. for Western mixed. 031, a rtlo. for handime tlat Yellow, and 03 a lor round yellow, losing nominal at the latter (igure. Oats wera held by be cargo at 43 a 44c. t or ion.?The market la ateady, aad aaloa of 4 003 ales have been ellectrd, the majority being tor export Km km. ist*.? We notice engagements of 3 000 barrels our to Liverpool, at Is , and of cotton at Kd. ; 125 arrcla tluur and 100 tons heavy g rods, for Glasgow, 'ere taken on private terms, and 200 bales of cotton. r Hamburg, at >,c. ; 100 barrels aaliea were taken for lotterdam, at 20a. Hides.?There have been pome sales from ai'ond and, and 8.000 Oriuoaoa were reported to havo bee:? old at Do . 6 montha ; other lota of the tint desaripion are held at an advance. I sow .?The market waa fluu for Scotch ylj, with sales f 100 tons of <<aitsliire at $21 75, 0 inuutha. from ard, aud 150 tons anthracite Penn.?ylvauiu, at (20 50. na! time Lus.-Thi market wa? aom* eakier, with sale* of 600 piga. part at fl 6t)}| nod the residua on private Sims. LrATiim ?We quote light and middling weight* emlock sole, at 16}, a 18'to ; li -avy wi.'iglrta at 14}? a i},e ; good damaged at 14 a 14)<e.. aud poor <lo at 1 a lie.; oak tan at 21 a 23c. for li<(bt weight* ; 18 a !c for middle and hear y. Mot Assr? ?We note a rals of 2t0 barrel* New Or? arts at 26c. Naval. Srobis.? Sales of 1 600 barrel* of eoinmea oitb county rosin were made at previous ratM, aup seil to b* at K0 a 82c; ?00 or 400 do white at fa 50 a 4 t u ; 3 000 do. oru lo turpentine at <12cash. On*.?There was a fair busiucK* going firward in neeed at rather better prlrts. I he salea of the day le 6 000 gallons at 63 a <<6o. for Kngtisli aud American, bo latti r price for barrels ; some hoi l?r< howi v?r ar>? king i it. for American in cask*. Of otive, the Mlve rere 260 basket* at *2 76 I' *a* nothing d lug In pork, anl he ma. ki t for nr> -s ta< very heavy, at sit) 7 > and inctlve for prime at $8 b4 a $0 lieef was only selling a an.all lots at flS M) a $14 for mass; prime wse anted at (.12; prime ni'ss wa? dull at 510; rnt meats ontliiued dull Swlo* of 40 lusriel* gmd haens ami bull.d> rs ?ere ra > l> at 7e a .ie. ri |? ctively. Butrr was inactive at 7n a lla for Ohio aud at 10?. a if for W eet"rn i hee?? was scarce at 2o a 7?. ; rimeeaa in demuud for eiport I.ard was only In (tall demand, at C},: a 7c Hold ri were firiu tor >ta i t ptiroe quality Si.ak- 'i lie market continued firm, and there was >n<lneiable doing We notlotd sa'es of Imi hhda of lu>' (>va?)u at 4'a s'.c ; 2 o do Port ) Kim for ex> >>it at 4'?c , iboit |>riv?, aud lot) b.'Xr* browu Havana . U mi vsr was stea Iv. with sal > of 2<>? barrels Ohia id | iie< n rt 24r.. cn-t. tti?n ?Ti e n arket ronMon-d qhlet. Tuo only 1< a we lave to notice aro 40 quarter caeka port at 7.^* Mi c. and .'/0 uo ?sn t V blaaa at 37 ' ' i 'I lie r*' 11 I- tli'' -.eel* ha e I. . n lir^e | en ai d ?' aetlve, with tal.a ot 'JU000 at a 31c. r mi) ed \\ rati rn Krr-if-C ( I'l Jurt ) ?r U o/i.ri R eer b'n-t, T-is Ittir lota. T751 I.ard bMa. |J orn lutiula 3 UIO sksbe* " 40t VI eat " V.i J-a Will:key IK it' * 30<'0 (LieN bit 1,478 red...... " 140C0 Wool bales. ISk Marries!. On W?di e?d.iy, A u ust 8, by the " ev \ n?el I,ai Mr. i "Mils li? I si. i l.i VH** Msai daughter of 1 main I Vrlltniaa all of this city. St. l.ouis papers please copy. On 'f biir?day evening, Aiiijust 9. at the Dutch Pe. nmed < hureb. In 2l?t street by the Iter Ahr K. Va-s rat. Mr I sac U Vabiak to .Miss Msav Luiasii* ass. all of this city. Uleil, Onf rlday. August 10, of cr>nvnlai<.ns Kaftan t;.. itant aon of Nelson Mhook. M. I).. ag,>d one yaar and even months. The fileiid* of the family are resp^ntfally Invit-d to tteiid the funeral this atteraoon at tlve o el oW. It bout further invitation, fr'.m the residence of his randtather Stephen Keelcr. No ?^ Warren street Fuddenlv. on Krlday. Adgoat 10 In tha 08th year af er pge, fcirs MaBi I.i ??, relict of the la'.e Mattblea .1.11 The friends of the family, alao of her brothers, tames r>d Hit bard Jarora. and her sons In-law. Ileurv f.rtMn n<) the Ut* l"hn 4i.d>'r?on. ara InTi'- l t aUtnd bar it aral. thi? (Saturday) afn-rnnnn. ai fi*r o'clock, from ar lata i? iJt oo>- No. S3 Bowary On Krlday. Aupu*t 10. of tha prevailing apid*ima, if ( Htm ?? B*>m. i|?d 87 year* 1IU frl. nd*. an,I (I,.... ,.f ht? family In general, ?' Fej>. rtfully rm'!. ?!?.i to attend lit* fiinarnl. thl* day, t l?H o cket from hi* lata n*ldaa'-?, TSH Norfolk iraat <?n Thnr?day AugmtO of tha prevailing epldamia. I???, wlla of Andraw 1 hompaon j In tha tith ya?r of rr ?K* Har remain* wera Intarrad In ilrrenwo?4 r*tnat?ry On Krlday afternoon Augmt 10. A< **ar Lawat, lain! ron of Pelrre i d Maria Jana Jarrl*. aged on* yaar, x month*, and *a?an data. The rrlktlfM and rrli-nd* of tha family ara Invited ta Hard tha funeral. on Stind*y aftarn'xm at 5 o"al'?ak, i m the rmtdena* of bl* father No 81 Anna *traat Ithaut fnrthar notlra On Friday. Augu.?t 10 Mr Jon* Hruidmnnii red 3f? yarn. Ihf ralat I ra? and frlendu of tha family. and a I an tha 'mtn r* of tho (>*rman Brotbarly Boalaty, ara ra?pastil J Invited to attand hla fun- ral. thl* l?aturdat) tarnoan. at two oVlnak. froa> No HI Brldga atraat itbotat othar Invitation 111* remain* will b* taken Ur<-an*oo4t ?metery for lntarm?nt At Brooklyn, on Krlday, Anguat 10. of drjpty on tha a hiain At LMt Otltlt'Pl, daughter of M'arran and ikamC. Hainan, (gad 19 month* and 10 day* 1 b* fri>n<l* and r>latlva* of tha tamlly ara ra*paatilly InvINd to attand har funeral.<thi* (Saturday) t?ro<?n at fltj o'alork. from their ra*ldanea. No. 364 Irk* ?treat between I'nlon an<l N*okett *traata On Wrdra#day. Augu*t *, at Durham, Wreane aoonty, r Jok? Butt i?. of tha city of Naw York, aged .11 ara At I; mi?tead L. I . on Thnr*day. August 0, Jt?tt* darghterrf Nsthanlel B and' Avallnu* Abbott New 1 ork. a**d 1 yaar two Month* and 14 day* In \Va?liolB?ter \ t. Aognxt 6. Sum A**oi.d, a*"d 1 yearr^lO month* and 3 daja, rar InUonary panMiar Int Itirlnnatl. August , ofrh-Mrrw, \??. wlfa of W? < m-hlta In New l.ondon. t otin., Jniy 7. of cholera Infantum, rta< t II *< n of H. II. and M A 1'eriae. aged alavaa alh* and two day*. I ?r i? Ai ' i? n*tar of tha l*te Tomm^d >ra MaP"nrh. dlad on tha 31*t ultimo, of cholera, at tha unty Aim* Hon** near Wilmington. Dal . whara ? h?d k??-n ronDnad for twanty year* or mora, a* a natir I irutanant-f olanal Kaawiaa of tha lr<tl*h amy. rd of ah< Itra at kint*'"n (t *u?.t* ) cn tha Ith ta?t MAKITIHH MTRLLIUIIOIi r?Tl mf New l'ork, Aa?< >0? IM*? ? ana* 7 | ? ? ........ ,?H VI > m? r Hmmvitn I D riurffli r? ft.U* (Pnt?h), P(?k?r. r.% *rl?. W W?im*r toi.fhtrr (piti, lluT*/. I-"?'!'n, J n It*') Mirt l.iffrpwl, K R rm t Ann, Amh<??. Tf?, W Wlittlx'k: W sbMli, IUth??tt, N?w ul.*n?, Frwt linl, ?iki?Kill*. T?rrM**a, H D Rrniil m ?n; 0*tM. )(? . *.w (Him**. K*?|.- ft<l, A II llill. Ca?*n>. t Trill. V*, K filvh. r%?--trrtrf ! ?> BtU. '** % Btftky k Uv!i??toi

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