Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1849 Page 1
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TII NO. 5547. AFFAIRS 0\ THE PACIFIC OCEA\. ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE kxcervKO BT THI STEAMSHIPS EMPIRE CITY AND FALCON. AdTires from Oregon, California, Sandwich Islands, Chili, and Bolivia, Ae.t <*? .. AC* Our agents on the Pacific forwarded to us, by the Falc?n und Kmpire City, files of the Polyne tan, of Honolulu, S I., to the 2'ith of May; the i Neighbor, and El Ctmmercio, of Valparaiso, to the 2J)th of June; the Aha California to the 2d ult., and the Placer Timet to the 2d of June These papers contain some very interesting intelligence Irom Chili, Bolivia, Sandwich Islauds, Oregon, California, fee. According to ihf Alia California, there has been an election in Oregon, which resulted in the cholca I of the Hon. S. it. Tnurston as a delegate to th* 1 next Congress. Newi from Oregon. THK ET-ECTrON OK A DKI.KG ATE TO CONOnKSi. Intelligence up to the 15th of June w;ii reoelrcJ from Oregon. I>y the I; S propeller Masiaohusettfl, Commander Wood, which arrived at San Kraucisco on the 90th. An election of delegate to Congress had been held, and the Hon M K. 'Ihurston choeen, by a majority of 70 votes abovu all other candidates. Mr. Thurston | migrated to Oregon from the State of Maine Upvernor Lane h*? divided the territory into judicial dihtrictH. and as: i^u< d Ihu judge* their respective circuits. District No. 1. eart of the Wilhauiette aud south of the Columbia to Jinfge Bryant; I>ixtriot No. 2, *e*t Of tha Wilbaoieite and south of thnColumbia. to Judge . Tratt; District No. o, lying north of the Columbia -no j judge appointed. The courts in Judge Cryant's district commence la I August, aud those in Judgo Pratt's district in Sept ember. An election for members to a Territorial Legislative Council had taken place, but no time of meetiug > named. Allaire In California. The details of the news from California were so full in yesterday's Herald, that it is hardly neccs. ary to give anything additional, unless it be the following MARRIED, On the 23d of June, In Sau Francisco, by the Rev. T. DwIfeLt Hunt. Mr. Isaac TiivMrsoN to Miss Fnaonu, all of this place. 1med, On Sunday, the 29th of April, J?mm Harp** JaNtca, rcJ about ? years, formerly from Kentucky. and for the pa t five j turn a resident of (his territory. On Tuesday. 2d of 1\ ?y. Isaac Lvk.>s, aged about 56 yeara. recently a cltiien of Oregon territory. At biit rancho. on Kuto Creek. Sacramento valley. of icilntniuation of the bowels. on Saturday, May IV 1SW John 8. Wu.Lioia. an-d _'.i years; leaving a wifij and oiilid, and numerons frionda. to regret hi>< death. < apt. Crowningshieid. I S. A . died of apoplexy on board the Oregon, un her l&at trip from Sau t ranclaco. [I roni the t'iacer Time*, May 0.] A man named Doyle ? a murdered near tho Columa mine* a few w eek* aince and nothing has been revealed M to tbe circumstance* under nhlca. or by whom the dead was coninnttt d His body pan tound secreted by the wayside. shockingly disfigured bl* heart taken out, and akull fractured In seveial p'.ace*. The prevailing lmpreaiion among the miner* of Columa appeared to be, that thia murder had beta committed by white men. and every Item of evidence swemed to justify thia ooncluaon. l>o)le had with him, when la.'t seen. About f.UOO, of ?hio.i his pen-on ?a< tound plundered; and it Is auj-poned the uianuer of death and groaa mutilation of the remains had been resorted to to eonvey the impression th?t Indians had committed the d-ed. 3 he black-hearted tleuda. who. from beneath a white akin, boast a Blitil i o p< rlorlty, ami claiot the apltere Of our race t*T their dally walk HK2I1 SALARIED. Kxtrart of a letter from a paiteuger of the b irk Mara which tailed ft tut New Vork en tlie oUth of Jauuary teat:? P.m Fka!>< laco. June 10, 1840. I arrived lately here, and have been fortunate enough to obtain a sltuaiiou. with tlve hundred dollars per month and hoard I thall hold the aituatlon fur a month, aod thin leave t >r the digging*. at It is yet high water there There la n > mistake but what a person can make a fortune here In a ?ery short unm. by working hard, dtbw lu S*u i raaolaea or at tli? d;ggioga; and I assure you I go In for the arrangem- ut. should I be fortunate enough to obtain the amount I hue fixed oil. I will IMBI tw New \ oris next Jtnuitry; if not, 1 will remain auoiher ataaou. Voura truly, a. r. In addition to the above, we"find the following j California news in the New Orleans Puayttnc of the 4th in?t :? TUK PROSrEC rs IN ( AI.IFoRM*. AVe yesterdr.v had tho piea'ure ol a long convwrsatlen with .Vr ll -niy I' Ci?ke, :t gi ntl ! ihu fr in San ) raticlreo the 2d July, wh* ramt hither on the Kalnnu. lie corroboia'ea the u.foiiuattou we formerly published from Mr < bristopber i'ajlor. of Ohio, aa to the genial nature of the rnu.ate and the abundant reseurcea nl' the country, which are as yet but very little developed Mr i ocku is a native of i'Uiladeiphia. and li.vl i for the la it three years l> en trading on the cn.??t of California. his prlnripnl cmira-rolai rulatlon* haring bun with Valpaialro, oonaei|U*i>tly his experience extendi! over the ?li"le time that lota elap.i d since our occupation. Aocui.llny to hi - testimony, the eliual* iu the interior la delightful, although on the o>a<t atruoapheric changes. a Is natural to all spot* in the temperate xotie ai d vicinity of the sea. are occasionally tuddeu mid extreme I be great ralley* lying het? ' ii the .*? i':i to nto and :ia;i >o.o|illu :i f" tile as virarin lenn- nin-t al?a\s be and "tier the tlueai prospeets tor airrie^i ural lab >r. from the few w*' ef C< ?ul.'t the liandtfart will be re>)uirej for ]>urpo.-ea of Inflation Much of the dark coloring wh'ch the picture* "t CaMtornia a* dtawu by tl.?- .irjlrao- bore Is at'ributalile to the Kei.erai iliaap. oiu> m>'i.t i f ? |M,ra,"rs a*, the lurtes which < cci>tr-a at H,. lime Mr Juan Keddlng wrote, and which w,?s oi . a-i ineU by Ute rainy seaso t and tna eonseijii) nv Iti'M itsi?<.|is. that p.ftantad the digX"r' frim ei ullnu't ;r on the |>tao>-ii<^except at the loss of I ? tli and vi n in.> .ijuaie retuius I r their toll '1 he wnter" mi i Mnn ' ? hi,.' had rae immn "ei|. with the tatie abundant jew.rd n tt'l Mr i ooke repre?ent? the coubtiy a ofti liin; ll " ir. at -1 laditci tnent* iccu>Ichii1 I* gnai tidily ?tertlua?young nun of t?tidrr natir.g alili lutle natural i-uergt?bar* tried 11 * dipgir-g. lid Ihwiwi di?gu 'id with it. turning tbi Ir mrkiii't in oth?r channel ?findu?i.ry? littice therein at fan i raoelaeo at ?h* pr*#entraonu-nt, a grratnMrber if Ln~ui ployed rlerlt*. lor aUom i.itu*tion*raanot b* r?-adily ub ainul. in eon*ei|ii"no? of the clupaiatite pa?nli> il ?torr? and coaming hou e< tbite. 'I I * J bate lii.weter, a 01 err tailing r*? urc? in ? manual labor, which in ii tranrdioarlly rumun-rved ? "3 kiwi wbr ara in employ atv i n Id at tiie ra> of tlOAor $160 a i.M hi h Uimx - hi ),. r? ha?a ?roationally from 91 MO to *?.W0 a j"?r ll*ndl-rrart*nian r*,p?,ut?r?1 M*on*. f c , rtcrita >>15 a day, wa?hing ha I fallen from S>8 to JG a d< /en; in tab r, from $MiO tilt liKW f#-t two inontha pti?ii mly. mm- tailing at t&>0; brick brought Irrtn Jlo to ^llm ?mt Imhi. eirrordtng to the niatity. tl'i rhap* not an itae>.ij?iderabto >|uautity of g'id baa urn thu* irrkid up in b, ink fureerr ] We li >rii ir hi mir cutrMiw informant that tha quantity nf gold in tit" hand* of inltrlduaU -?h digKvm principally?In t ihtornia. in Imrai'nw It In b-> lteted that within ibf la t three or f or monthi, nay, port ape for a ?ilil loi yert ma the upini"ii ha? b??n exUMmiy entei tamed tiy (Ik digg-rn and other* know, log llllli- alMint ihf t>|.i. anou~ of momyexchange that their gold ii ?i rtn : I * a ? murr I nd"rthi i nj'f'i 'ion tbi'y only p.ut with t.-iely lurtii-i- n' to (jurclia** m-fli*f.hiiti tin- re?t thi-y Inord lor a better tlma coining, n I ich tlu \ aotlrii ai c it in eatiipated t?iBt only on?iliitd ollhr Ki'ld collected I* actuaiy eiported lh" rt>main log t?u-tl.iid- l>i l? g retained a- a ra<t No w.mder thai ptii'i'i of |<t ail* * o hah -Ini-f gold i? alwat* at hard to evct.ange tb? n f'>r Air ? nuke gl?e? u? tlia following Mate ui. hi ol tin- amoKut* of goul dit?t *hlpt>?d within Ihe 0*? we*k? |n?aediiig the 1st of July: ? t On the < if g- J4*0 000 Critl?h filiate inuoiiataut. MVIIM'O 1,8 ?lo?|> It. Alary * 2JA.000 Tola! I.OHM'iO Till price of gold at San I rnnoi on it f>14 AO to $ I# the MM i W e It at n from bin. a1?o. that inn?t of thalarge earn- ' pinto* that mi nt out liom tin- State* hroka tip on tbrir arilval in ' ailforiiia, f?nm a ?ery natural paiisn it vu ifirr for ri ?ri tog-i nlong ai>iu? or a fen bamlod to- ! Stth?r. Il-an in kilty pattie? All the new itiat^biuery, | laigeaiid *tnntl. thai ha 1 b-en taken out by adren- | x tiier*. bad Iwi ii *kandoni d and th? n-w dipi(?ra re >, nti-i a Inai i r !'. to thi' old m<hn>n tlia cradle, pick and jack kiiilr which w?iu the mml r(Ti<o- { tin. i (M'n<"r?l ^mlth'ii fMllfltU ordrr Interdicting for?|gn'r* ! fr<m working at tli>- i?mali,? a d"a<l letter an i It l? n?t lie ni-il pr> l>*hl?t tt at It wlllttri b" r*rir>-<| I i?hlle i aiifittiiit irmitii.e * urtltiry Knrlgnar* ar? Duly lh' * wh'i ht i M> |<i|liittd ?Uh our Un I nytleh Ill-h ai l Jtoirk wbo? veriiMcaUr i* in* | Mil* IK DM l??D. Iilifn III** right* lit ADi?rlf an rlt|j?n? titiheetta'inplj ennr did to tftrm But It appear* that the lliHtkn* at.1 i?ii?i:ih<. who ar? th?Te In th? girate-t mrnb. r?. ! ?>? ??l.-|>t? d a plan by fthkli th-jr a?< ni I. I,e fi lfrnil fn>M jxalooa tMMtlon >>n til* part (if tlx- g.rtrnm- <i* Vany of l.h> tu tap >rt?<l ! boi ri*-ji .,????bu ri ik for them ?t ibr p Hnd In < ! der t<> gi?e an a|<p> arati?f of oni<-tMi K tdlHTtl In tlielt f|i?i|irtrp thry M an Ani-rlniu oiti>, a at liaudx tLr af|.i iutinrut*. a- H(-proi?i< of on r<rer. Tbii E NE' I lote-b the concern with a quaii national chiraoUr, i iid ail nre (atUttod; ibe overseer represents It to tha authorities If General Smith -) order in spoken of, aud in consideration pocket*a portion of the dust tha peona ant continually excavating and washing. A? to tha collision which it wm said *?< hourly expected betwteu Americans aud foreigner*, we hear that the report i? a very broad exaggeration if not positively an invention Among the poor aud need/ of the two rauej a certain jealousy existed, but it was uotageuerul Immense ruins, Mr. Cook* inf?ruin us. have been i ir.ade in buying and telling town loia at San Kranclseo. | l)r. I'owell.\j S. N , is one among many txamples In 184" during a period of inipuiruil health be ol>t?lned i leave 11 abeenee, and took up his residence for a time at that port Whilst there,be practiasd. aud laid our a few 1 bundled dollars in the purchase ot laud within the i town Ha died prematurely on bin war back to the S'afHA, but bin real estate at San Krancl oo has been lately sold. and an account of pale* Kent to his widow, ] exhibiting a sum of not leas than $40,000 In bin favor. 'I lade is also a means ny which very larre sump have i bwlMde laiakoit time A guutlemau who came I hither on the falcon. started at San Francisco in Juno, 1H4R. on a small capital of $211. Mr (.'o*k? sold him his I'm! venture of goods. That p.'rsen is now in pes- , femlon of from $17 000 to$l?000, the return* ot his ' #" 1 DomiHic servants at hotels, stores. &c , earn ' in San h ranei-co fiom $100 to $1&0 per month; stewards get $20001 jtir. J Uen Riley exercise* the functlona of civil OoTcrnor, , by virtue <>i bis office as commending military officer J ol the department, and has summoned a general conV. ntio'i to mert at .Voutvrey ou the 1st September, for j ti.e purpose of forming a State constitution, or a plau for a i? rrit >rial government It will convict of thirty- ( seven d l> gates, who were to be elected from the se?e- , ral districts on tho 1st of August On the latter day, , were to l>? elected persons to till the dlllw< of judges of the Superior < onrt. prelects, and sub-prefects aud all ; vacancies in the illieog of alcaide (or judge of first Instance.) alcaides justice! of the peate, aud town councils (icu lillcy observe hereon- ?''The judges cf the Su- I perior Court, and district prefects are bylaw, execu- ] live eppoiutmeiits; but being de-irous ihit the wishes ; 1 of the people should )>e fully consulted, the Governor I ' \ttii appoiLt such ^ei<<ous as may receive the plurality I 1 of vote>iu their reactive districts, provided they are 1 competent and eligble to the ofHce " | ] 1 he Judge* of the Superior ( ourt will receive $1,000, 1 the prefects $- oOO, and tho judges uf the Kir?t Instance { I $1,510 a year. The Raiidwlch IiUbiIii. Our files of the Po'i/netian are t.) the 2t?ih of j ' Kay, incluKiye. It contains a great number of ad- , vcithements of California nvrchuntf, See. ' The l'ulj,*' liun of the 'itiili contains ihe follow- ( iog information ot the English burveyi in the Pa- I Oltic :? } SI'IIVET OK THE WKSTCT1* COAfT OF AMERIPAi I I SEAI CII I OR h!K JOHN, ETC. H B. Sa'? S. Herald, ( apt Kellelt. C. B., which h?U- I ed hence on the lbtb inst . 1> It Khgland ou the 2titb of , Juiin. 1845. VmmM ?t Itio Janiero. the l-alklanl ' < Ii-lauds. < onception, \ alparaiso anil I ailao Thence to ? New Cirauala where sue commenced her special object t of surveying, in the Bay of choco Surveyed River , iiuenaviLitura a* high up a? the town "f the -ante , name. J his U the brut liarb.r on the we?t coa; t; but t tbi?. c vtn. has but 12 to 18 feet <>f water After o(na- | f j'le'inn the surrey ol this lay. proceeded to Panama. j t thence to the Struts rf Juan de Fuca, iu lat afeju" 48* i N. Hi mained In the8tmlt* thri e months. and survey 1 t i d the " ui h part of V aucouvtr'i Maud, ai. l the north , j an. < ' Ore?on Territory in ttie Straits c ) lr in ibejStrait* of Juan de Fucathe II* raid returned Miu h in ?:i Fraucisco iti California surveying some islands on ibe c< act. and reached vazatlan. in Muxko, f In Not 1846 1 lience down the viexiea* coa t to t 1 ai.mra, where she arrived in the middle ot Ian 1847. c Spent three months in surveying the Pearl Island* in | Itiuania Bay. whence she procei dod to Callao to pro- ( vision and refit, and arrived in June. f After rt fitting she proceeded to tiiiaj aijuil. and stir- ^ Mjtd fi m Santa Iara l>land up to the city of liuayu- t qui I a distance of about lorty miles From tbi* point t she completed the survey of the S American eoait a.? hipb up a- I'anama Bay, by Keb. 1H48. j Hi re the Herald received "rders from F.ngland to pro- , ceidto Knmsohatka, to seek cut a ) r> per position for, v ai d to establish and provision II B. M.'s ship Hover, , ti<wt she iiii^ht be in readiness to communicate with, ,, and relieve the wantu of Sir John franklin, in case he f h"Uld i-urceed In finding his way through from the ? fci Af er a veiy rough and tedious pa- iff-, during ? which she was towed fonie 000 miles by II kt >1 's steam frigate Kumion, she arrived in It) days at I'etropaulorskoi In Asiatic llussla After recruiting. and rocenl.ig ewr< ible eivili.y and sttent i"n lr?.'D t In' l? ii siana, : I1 be cr< sse-l tl e -ea ofnam chatka to Norton'* Souud. in " lius-lun America to procure Interpreters, and hailnm, t ltl<tit seal-skin boats ) the latter of nhinh she failed to | procure. This employed her till August, 1S4M. c i rem Norton's Sound the M. proceeded northward. c ami in Sej ti ml* r anchored olt the inland ?f I ham m, in kot/.ebue's bound, in abeut Ci'deg N lat lli-reshe ri malm da month, cruising about and exploring tie ba\ : tut failed to hear any tlrng of Sir I franklin and his eipedition, or of the I lover, with whom she expecti d to fall in. and to eniabUsh whom iu w>nterquai ters. she was despatched. J [The Dover lift tin fe I-lands It will be recollected, on the 'Jth of August last,?too late iu the season. ;r I blily, to resch her retidexvous b lunt the Herald left. She Laa cot sinoe been h.ard fr ru at these Uisbdr ) I ioiii liotxebue's Sound the Herald returned to Peto,aul v ki te, and after a hurt nay, left a, ?'n.-on the 2 .il I'ctolwr. all er havinK again Zl>"rii ii0ed the hoi- j, pifality an,I kind xttenti u- of this !!u.-tl*u ulSocn and I oth* ri ol that | a-e I ro .. the North, at the approach of winter, the H?raio acaiii iuio?l her prow ton^rd* the Snth and af t ter snrve)Idk the Island of (tuadainpe which i- about | UU ruli * H> the noith of Mazatlan. arrived a!, the lat- t. ter place on the ?lit Novi uibet Kroui Miitlan she r e' i - tinned down the C"a?t. touctirc af San bias aid H : rrivi-d at I an.ima Iu January. 1S4H l.ontluued the ti si.i vej o1 the . ovrt fn ,n I -ml Mali the n'rJiern point *' ot tat an a ksy to Nlat Barlea, the southern point of ! J L on.i lucn. in lit h iieg norlli I, 1 his completes the survey of the entire west coast of ti Rmiih A inetii n l>y the Britl h goveriiuient; and in I ?ct, 11 ti e wboO Hmith Atnerlcnn continent ha.' iihw been 1 lunrjro iij ir.e nun n ai.? linen n? tni utior mi tin < . I, c?.11 -1 e- lur aoutU nit til* river Plate, niltj by ; , the lor lie' from the I'lato round to 8 J.ijrjuii nurtli in the I'm< Itifi i' I nn K'tt Mien llin Hmlil e:i>ne direct to the e arrived lier? od the Kl.h vi?y Allera ,j Ihort firy litrt. the miled "train on tin- IMIi f >r IYt ro- (> p?u!i \fk. 1<* 1o carry out thi- attempt 1f the fiit year, a, abirb ?he did n?t then aucreed in d< ing A It wai nwf i? Utile gr?tlf?in.T to h? ur It viartrj by f, the cfltpiT of lh? iliip. ?bo very obligingly couimuui- t? rated I ln> ihiri lur imatlon, thai it nil the pUe. I lom hi il at on tbe cruiae I bey ha I {mind none that fi|imll? a Honolulu as n pieaaant noil a^r?enlil? place. |i r ita in elligi nt i-ociety. and fur the penc fu1 and *' idfilj chi.raiier oi tbe town. May iuoh ci.uiuirnlatiriia net be merited *1 V* have no n.eaoa ef knowing evnctly. but hare ' * Ml ln.ateU Ibe (li-lM.e* railed lij lb* Herald aliireleav. |* lift Krftlall. tt MJlM tA <0.000 mile*. And now, Inead t f tni niiitf her conr-e hnw??irH after n cruiae of r< iivrl) loai ywp. ibt airaln lauunben out among th? J1 10 berga of the Arctic Ma, in puramt of an object ihat I' h' nor to humanity. and reflect* grraf credit on I" Ibe that renda ber forth We hope that *' lut tea* may attend her. and tbat abe muv m.ioy the c< mirtaciinn i f affording relief to an expeilUlou that *' a< awakeaed ?h<-moat llvily interact avd atmpalhy I'1 it the whole rivllUed world ? ' biri eying voyagra. like the one In which lhe Herald ba been i n|rt|Ifd are not usually attended by thoae ' t>rtll'?tit Incident* that attraet the notlc* of the world; *' in ililr Until a' d benefita are cblely rediMed to " p actira value in tbc form |i<t map* and charm; and mule ithoriou* ard irlld-njlng to the oflim ri and n* n enm . il In them, are equally eri JraMe to thoee aatli n? that mm tain them for the benefit of all cm- ' netcial couutile* * Itelandora which baa bees connected with til* *' Herald in ber ?urv*ylng cmlae. la now bcre, and will P1 ail in a dny ?r two f< r I ngiand U c b><vc rei n it Intimated In *ome of th* American I f>i 11*, that tmoer ti c cover of purveying ?b? liad, in n-t K-v, , ruaged in Fmunglinc U*? have (rood anLhovltj I >r coi.tradicting thia aaaertlon. and for e?. ' p t m i c ur di belief of It A a national veaetl. ahe >n. ui di r i hii*att n to render a ax'ance to Brl*i-h ' meicbar.U ai il doubtleaa durlnit the tr'-nhle* that ti?.. ... i iiit. d upon ilia wrat c> n t duiluf lb-pa?t few 11 |i ii r, I'm mar bn?e thu? been io J M itJ that ' a . rnlib giM-rtlrient reanel la juatly rhnrgealii" wilb " the gvIdvc ot fmtirsllnq. we li.ive no id.-n whn'ever. }' kDK'HBd hne t<>o nun b trouble in previ ntinK the vi'ila- ' ' t . ii ' f ber own rscire lawa nit to refrain trom allow- ' Irg ?n h l breach by one if ber ccmmUpiooed vea>ela, it the law* if aneibir kingdom Melf.intcre?t. and i. If ieiprt lad ibi no higher mi'llve, wonM prevent " 11 cb an thfiingeiiii nt of the tight* of otiiera Her a rl; h?a, England I.a* no rccnalo* to walvt, or aecure b/ '' vaaion. rontT xrws. The Klnggnrean audience jeitcrday. to If B M "a | f'1 ' rnanl (Jeneral to pr?aeiit I apt. Kil?n of II U M '? 1 >lip ?ni|hltrite atid t ommindvr W<mxI. of II. i. M 'a ; iirve)ltig brigtntine I'at.dora. wlib tbeir aeveral ! tl II i r- | i.i 'I be 1'ieniler. the Kin*'* mlnlrt'ra. the High rbl?f?. ? ti emb<r? t|tb? Klrg'a I rivy ouiicll Alcvnnder Libo II I iho bi? I *ei llency ?hn Actl- g <.nvernoc of (innn. the ej l?DVimi r < f Kauai, ?'-d ."lir. bacretary llopklna. wire 1 m ( riMDt. <i 'I be party arrived at 12 noon, and wire receive.1 by ti ilie >,iblater i>l ! melgn Ki iatiuua. and th? I hiefPakl. b< i 1 ai .In lltil lo (be klLg n I onanl dereral \1U>r preren'ed tbo following ofTl- hI r.r-oflt B M.'? rblp ASipMlrite:? Ii I hoi?ax Hodnej l.den t.pq ,( a. tain; Lieutenant* (?. di Wa ker. J. II. } u:neam Walter Strickland. Mr VVilllatn I ctiey Bnrgm n W U r ami vie r I'aymaa'.er nnd I'uueii CI W Sutber. I.leutenant lloval Marin -a; Mark II 1' \t il 11. .1.1. II II. nrv In .1 ... . i.Wl.t.,. i.. ti \V .1 Vtrtnir' i |7-rK, J. i/ I uddtcomV, D M. * At<J?f>c.n N?t?l i nltl.< Tfm I hi nil ( mm! th?n nt' <| ( o-nmi.lnrp W r? ! r>? ii B V > wrTi tloii tin* I ?n ior? huJ >. ii> rdt n I *q miirh n if thnt Ttr r onml (.n-rni *l?? Mr. KU?j?. ?n ? K g th j.i i ?I ?i *11 < n iil? i t u?i. *odi? <d ?li* Kln? to ?h? foltowlnf ** r.ri ' Ailv 1r?l HnrnV'T T. , rnnnnttidor In pM*f of h?r '1 il'? -u the i acitir, ha* d?udr?.l imp to pro- | u W YO HORNING EDITION?TUE lent his respects to your Majesty, regretting that other duties prevoDt his paying them in person, furthermore. he has denired me to give hie thank* for the reception whieh ail eur ships uiet with in your M^jeety'* dominions." 'i he King was pleased to reply a* follows : "< imm KlitJl : ?You aild vnnr ?SL..? to my kit)>rtl< in "it in the second time that I have received akindaud 1 courteou* message Irrn the British Admiral l'he Ur?t i was by t aptaiu i uurit iia; of the t onstanee. who. Id tliu name of the Admiral, showed me. my t^uet-n and inv suite of chief* aud officer*. while conveying u* , to Kauai, attentions which I shall ever gratefully re- ] member. " \ ou are to write to the ltritlah Admiral that I shall be >ery happy to see him and hi* family at my Inland*, j and lot aptain Cuurtenay that we hare not lorgetteu hi* kindness arid courtesy when here. "It will jiltase me to know that you and your offloers i [jafs your time pleasantly during your May here.'1 The Mini tor of KorclgnUelaiioi:* afterward*! ntro. lured the officer* to the hi;?h Chief* aud other funo- ; tionaiie* iu the Council Chamber. FROM THE VOLCANO. Our correspondent from Hilu. under date of May j 21st pays:?'"On the uight of the l&tb iust., wliil? 1 crossing the channel from MhmI to Hawaii, we descried % new volcanic eruption upon the summit of Mauna L? a A bright pillar .-hot up several buudied feet heavenward all flowing with light from the tire* beneath, i I need not My that we ga;-."d upon It with intcuxo in- ! lereet and admiration We learn that this new volcano has been seen from iltlo and Kan for about two week*. Old Kilauea is also in vehement action IU rapid and terrific explosions have been Heard at the tliMai.ce ot 10 or 16 mile* 'I'he inhabitants ut Olaa bare been I artUd by thvue fearful detonations So , |rou s?o old mother I'ele only slumbered for a few months, to renew her strength. aud to breathe out wore horrid blasts from her tiery nostrils." NATIVE PRODUCE. %Ve havo often wondered why foreigner*, who have and in the vicinity of Honolulu suitable for the purlieu*. do n<>t enrage in the business of cultivating such vegetable* as ate in demand in the Honolulu market. 1 be price* (if all such thing* are high here aud ofteu poor a..d scarce VVe desire to see the markets belter j tilled with better production*, aud at a morn mode,ate price. 1 h?re i* also much complaint of the quality of Liie beet lurnirbed of late; and on this subject we can ipeak from experience. It n poor, and no mistake.'' ! BISINKSS. Ir. Honolulu the complaint i* beginning tobefreiuent .bat butane** is dull. There i* a considerable stock of jiost staple good* in the market and purchase* are mall 'J'iiis summer will doubtless be a dull one for ill business uien; but we ho]* the ensuiug autumn will iif ni'.ie activity in trade here (Tild i* *o ea ily pro;imd la California. that the ordinary souroes of c nuleletice.l y per-evering industry.scum to he unpopular with many (ireat pay aud litMo work seems to bo the atchword in the I'acitic Slow aud **re i*. however, , .he most likely to succevd. ALE SEMINARY AT WAIU'KU. Till* Institution, which ha* for so mauy year* been lu. tained by the American Mission tor the wiiucation if Hawaiian females, has rocently beeu Sj far remodeled, a* to admit of h anting aud day teholar*. to be au^ht in the Krgli h language This will afTord a line )ppi rt unity for the large number of chitdreu of foreign | '^traction on the island < f Muui to acquire an educaicn and we are hspoy to b urn that the importance of duration Is impre-sing more and more the mind* of I hose foreign**!s who have children growing up around In bi ulcI that many of ihtin aru willing nay anxloil* 0 n cure the ml vniiti>which tin* school at Waikuiu, 1 now organised. will atlotd tbe.u, at a uioduratu Oit. SANDWICH ISI.ANP* MISSION. 1 bi.? body ba?]) been axM'tubled at Honolulu, orihe transaction of businem. It had been accuaCDied of late year* to mict biennially; hut do acsuunt I itapcithnt nij!|i*-rtI<'1ih rtreived tioni tin* Secretaries, Bo.-ton a rpecial meeting wn? convened to cuntdder ' hen Its dt-llbi rationr have been continued thr nigh ivc and its linal adjournment took place on lordey, tlx- 7th iuatunt. It *tand? adjourned?ualeaa pccial I Helm r* hhull render an earlier meeting ucueaary?to tbe 2d Wednesday of May. 1851 '1 hi? position of th? Hawaiian nation. a* viewed Irom lie I nitcd State*. ha* *iigg>.sted tbu idea that the line had arrived wlun tbu American Board could rltbdraw with safety, and leave the cau?e to be auaaiDi d h< re by the energies and effort! of these cliurcha and the preaent generation of misslonarta*. wltUout urtber reinforcement. Such suggestion* have been , lade by the Secretaries af tbo Board, and this waa the .am bu-iuosa of Ibe mission, at ita late niee'.iug. NOTICE TO MARINKHS. < We have been politely lurninhed with the following iiloi mati> u which w? are happy to publish for the beefit c 1 thoee engaged in tbe navigation of that p;irt of he Tariflc Bearing of a rock off Panta Maria Island. Araneo Bay, oast of I. hile, aud transmitted froui the bydrugrapblal office to H. ll. M. S Herald. Palis of Bio Bio. V K. '4 K. ?0 miles. IH\k c.Q t'esca I oint I N fi, .. . Santa Maria island. $ '* 8. '/'argent same Island. S. 78 K 11 '. do. 4 ape Uuincna 8 31 K 14*, do (in ibis rock the ahlp "John Keenwick" waa loat, ulrv 'J4. 1 ms N01*?The bearing* are magnetic. InlciMtlng New* from Chile. We have the !\'tighb<>r, pttbli lied at Valparaiso, j 0 llie 25'th of June, ll is filled with article* relnive to ihe United Slate* and the California gold line*. We nuke the following extracts:? MOOTUTIOXJ WITH THK I SITKU STATU*. H')i< Pn?k em of 1 inie. in his late nieaaage to Coan 11 enpiessea Minn It to the subjoined etleet:? Tti ilitciiNli'i tMt cltine peading ietwen this govern- | i?at ai it tlat ef the b'r.ited Mailt, waa, at th? luteal n- . i i) a a[|r< ail.iLp a Cllijiti\a ciLituaiia. tint it cauaea ' ie it wiet to |i turn y n. ll at between tt-e Mmiitry of t'err^n , < lam na and tl? A merlraa l-erai.* a. th?re l ea aot ral>te4 lie liatmns) wuteh ear to te iltril>l, and w' l< h It baa keen he r? ef tlna s 'iiuciui to ncdutaia. The x-ivernmeat ai tiie e?in let inn tf iia<it| tune at far aa tho huaar "f the atien. ml Itaewn crodlt, |<einutttdit tugo. Niitwithntaad>a. the Amrlrat ti.iej askril bit raaapurta, in view uf ear* till ?i r|'?**il rrlivaarej. whl?li he f.aa laid tu tlia i liar .-a uf I'tntiuiaiX of Clille, and of tl.a vary Hetarend Ar tilaln p i'f !<tini ie*". in >atiuinl 11 riirteaci nunnroKil wlili hia arilaiiu with a i liil>nri lady. 'I hu Ministry uf feruli n Re- I itb m ? 111 Linkt yuu a detailed eapi aiiiua vf the ratta la the ' hern ritnarka aee deairvlDg nf aerli ua attention. 1 iiey exhibit the difficult poallli n lo which the gov- | ri 11 i nt waa piacril in tb? occurrence refurrl d to We ( o not think tbe fault lay with the executive or with leral itiet T he Crimie in en ab'c and large minded rtiele 1 the -ame anhject thlrHe the Vety Iteverend tchblsbop nf Santlngo ahi tiM aUu be exonerated in our nilld ren un-in the uattur. Ibis, however, much doubtful. M.WI.A TO Noni ll AMFtltCA. Till* ! ore of tbe uio.t BiarVed liereaaltlea Of thll nat. A has been e-iabllalied irim the I'nlted atra to I alien a anil a v. ry alinoiearrany meat I Joid ei|iial facilitira lor Lima and Valparaiso As it a eontmnal irregularity prevaili. bettera aent hi- ' ii r I taring tbe I nited biutes mail stamp uf paid, and tvitig tbe portage price uiarktd upon them have Bre flie montl 1 after the date of t he jo-tm irk and at by way <f tbe latbmaa. Bat what la atill woraw, tteia | oat mark ci| In tbe fame miuoer and postage repaid to I n.ama in towue of the I 111ted Mlatea hava 'rived here in sa<llii? vee.t la and ateamera. that have t n.aa nriiliiul !? < a I a r.m <> W1 'Ibia la * /> -J - _r Olll'"- - " I tuM lu? un.-ai ii-ta 'lory. to th(?? wno h*ff sent *nd n t'Mitl the letiet- it Is otjust, aad to tb? po?t of!l<*t ki iiIom at, It li di>rr*tl table Now, when thr amount of commerce h?tfwn the bited Mateeaad IVtu. that also MvnD the State* tid bile, end the *h?lln( interest oonnerlei with in S'ltilii Atueriean Pacific ports *r?' all eon ddered, iere aiil he f?un<l to exl*.t no nils lit r?a*oti for alTord>g tneii communication It would nuke commercial loveniiat* hither more ixpedlilug), ?i ?nl more ire And therefor* the *i:npie <jue?tlon in ran such coaitiuiili alios be effected' I* ihe thii.jr feasible. > | revive a lit of reudinii end receiving Utter* and I * r? to nri'l firm the 1 nited fltat'?' The plan, th< ii. which ?e have to propose I* a ?lmle one, Rt<d I'jr no tn<ari? dili.i-iilt A* a mill it n*dy e>teHi*Bed froui America to I'atninia. thert iii l> tit' U.fl mil) lii 'U'tln^ the l< tter< to thar piece, it then *11 tpnt of the I nlted Stair* government p'aod there, or if one be tin>?(l; there, let hiin l>a<)ed to riaelre and forward l? let? and paper* Wlii-rd to p.irt* on Ibid co*?t I tic pn-i?/? Ir-ia ti unia to tl it |">rt, In the 1'iwitlr f?fe?-u Navigation ib pati) > n.atl li two r'al? teinty-itro cent* Hh?o, ten Hire, the po-tajre t<i Panama ia prepaid in tha [if t ( ft i * <1 the I'blted Mutes let tlii* additional "Uin p lifiiuil or ???ti more, tf mere be ti?ce*?ary Then ic I ?it* -i Main A.ail department ran guarantee that II r? and paper*, *o at. ?b?ll be lorsard-d from ii ktna burb en arranj<eni> nt weuld fan r tbia secoti 11 ihe world gristly; and. at r aid rau*e ?ery little utra trouble for any i ne ere |.lured In the mail tf the Paetfle steamer*, they III c? tae forward immediately attention i? re?pe<*th') ti-Wd l<> thue *ti;;g> htton* en the part ef the Ua> ii itrn at at Washington. *< liMOia or TMR *T*T*. la cnntierfloti with " mo ritratkii, made ab^re, on irililiji ctrl p? pillar education. It Is giatlfjitg to Utter. 11 t among the eai lie't ?uhje.-ts brought h lore i.t gre-- wa? tl ? proposition p art*' la?t year by Senor arria Reje* for the better organisation nnd aid ir Itensloti of tl '- primery *chou| ?) xt-eiti The ante <Ml< roan ca)l< t! ii Uf> aaaiti, ani urg'd that action >md i ' 11 e taki a too tin Mofb in Its nataie nor with 0 Biarh alacrity. Ha plead* that there should not d? !a) In rrrtir to establish the syst' in of c i.itnon hool* la Ihe best nanner eoMaWahla but ia theb"*t 1 I resent po.-vlbla 'i tii.e I* the trueiurlli d J'Uen t ia |ioiiii'i t.ts be ititroducid a* they ebail appear reliable and f?a*lble. OP A NAVAL POK( K II THK STRAIT* Or MACiKI.UA*. Thi late rrrnrrmen in tbe Ml rails ihnold rail np to it re be UMiei a* - ire from this port. and. Indeed < rn tins mtlre m i(tbb< rbo d of any ?e?se| ot the lilted State* Navy .Not a frigate not a *l<Kip not a ?n"r if Matt* Bed hire. I?c< * ionally a el lie* eie l r a lew days perl.ap* f< t a fottuigbi, to reilt after pt> pare lur a tape |iora pa'tage Hut m>anehlle. I jib" , niii'ht bapp. n to ^iiips In tbe merebint . ?t i ut )h> j. <"f ?? ! < ? ?? u?.i ? fii*i M<tb? fori-Iftit Who ibn Hil?? ( 111.. Ill It i? <r . IK" ?ith hi r uoi 'ii Umwii 'III wm n u?. j i in|.' h l i,*wi of < apt S?lndi?. j RK E ??nA V ATTnTTQ^r 14 to An X I ilVUVUl It, lOlw ot the French brig Genie. for an anchor; ?n<l to-day, rbouid the moat dlt^trou* intelligence come from the Strait* ot Magellan. there la no public va**el that could go to render an; aaalatance The fear of Northern may be thought nalutary but it in very ill adviaed. No doubt either the Freach or Kngilah ?hipa. noma of both which are UKiiaily here tbe year rouud. would render aid iu caaa of need, but when yow have a navy of your own. why depend on other* to do that nary'a work '

T1IK ( Af.U OltNlA MOVEMENT. The movement thither cannot be raid to abtte In one day. pa**port* for a hundred persona have been a Ki d Per.-on* from the interior ar? noutliiuit'ly coming to take pa*tago Kvery veaeel that touchc* hero IVom America ban crowding application*. Ships are frarce fo' the demand F.eight* have risen to $10 and even to $46 a ton. from thi* t? San Franniaeo It i* (calculated that about o 500 liave railed from this port alone and betwa?n ont> and two thousand mote bare got e trim Talcabu&uo Mechaniua are iu demand and good counting hoiiaa ai*i jtuiiti would not find it difficult to procure rituatlnna. THE CHILEAN CAJUNET. At the clone of U?t month Seaor Vial realgned and \ coon after Senor San Fin-til i* did the *am**. Home day* rlafwd ere tlie porta voth tilled At length certain pernor* prominent iu the opposition w?;e called to the i hide of tbe 1'reMdent. The cabinet Is now composed of S? nor* P"u Joae Joaquiu Perez of tbe Interior and Foreign Affairs; D?'n Autonio (iareie. lleyi*. of the Tre:? aury: Lion Manuel A. Tocornal. of luntiuction. Justice, and Worhhiji; and Don I'edro N. Vidal. of War and the Navy. THE CHILEAN CONGRESS. The leading project* before this body arc for the inert a?e ?.f institution* of charity; the more extan*tfe orjianiraMori of primary nrhool*; and the abrogation of tbe law < 1 the pre**, pa-H.'d in IMtt. ThUlatter i* wise enough, but g u k not far enough, hince it would rentore the law of 18-48. \ law relunlnlled and more liberal i* needed The rallrrad tjuetiou ha* been referred to, but tin re are not many who appreciate the advantages it would confer on tbe couutry For educatiou. building < t bridges and public (tore* conatructi n of pier*, and improvt ment ot road*, it ha* beau proposed that 4 ocO Oi.O rhould lie raiai d by a loan. MISSION TO CALIFORNIA. The Hot. Dr Ver Mt hr an kpiaoopal clergyman, baa arrived fbua far ou hi* way to lalifornia i'hl* genflt-man 1* rent out by the ?)ome*lic Hoard of Miattiona topi'tacbthe goept 1 at San Frannlaco. lie bail made application for the appoiqtineut thren m ntih before the prcft nt movement of emigratiou thither, eveu before ita cause wan known in America. Tbe ?i*it of l>r. Mi br fan* been peculiarly plca'ant, and tbu un^reasion produced durirg hi* brief aofourn in tbla port ha* bean Ligbly favorable, ill* humhh* demeanor has b*en *uch U lien t?n. ^..-.,.1 >...1 .i.?k o- I.-- ?? ___ _ p.*- I . MV n II lino mr II' '" Morale ertet in of tbnse here resident He sails again on the 30th. in the American bark H>-b? May the milk- and care of Him. who came down as Heaven'* Missh nary to our world, attvud him to his pout, and id him when tkcn. CJnl.I) rl.llltl.KS KK">\r CALIFORNIA, AID SlTCTK. W ( liiifd 1h ?n ?bu*u u gold chain of California ma nulai turn. It Is eonino-ed of the pebhleM of native g< Id. i ach weighing about a quarter of an ounce. a< they Vave linn taken from the aoil. Tin-He are entirely unwrought except u> itivy are linku,| together. The apncnrance < 1 Ihe chain Is quite unique One pieeii, quite like a real in ith shape, is selected for that purpose; and tliu side of it what may pass fur a Itej. The win In weighs about three ounces The l'e?u. * apt Hind, arrived at Valparaiso on (he 24th bringing ?U? passt ngers and $280000 fromt'opiapo I h-< alifortiia and Oregon had arrived at Panama from Suu KrancUco. Si me of the gold brought by them wan remitted to tbo ports oq the coast by the Pern. The New Oranaria urrlvcd from Callao on thn Will, with $104,000 Id specie THE l.AIXST MARKET REPORT. V*i PAR Alio, .June 28. ? The principal movement aroong't the shipping lu this bty ln?n a^ain been in direction to Upper i alifornla in which destination ab< ut ti 3C0 register tons have departed under the follnwipg flag* : U S. 3 3<>0 tons, mostly in ti?n-ic frmn Nottb America; Chilean 2 200 do chiefly wiih Umber hi,.I < tiler piodiico. (Jontiuenlal. 1100 d . which will ba followed by about 800 tons more arrived in transit from Kvrope and Kio lanelro; Kngli*h. 21ti tons, taken up her, . rtmain leading about 3 000 register tons of dlfT-tri i,t flegs The total of tonnage in round numbers, arrlvt d Rluce la^-t report. asr> nds to about IT.O'.M) register ti tiv, namely : 6.000 British; .*> 4*h? American; 4 O'JO < tiile,iu 2 0*'0< onllneiital,00 Spanish an 1300 French. 1 here have gone to loading port* of the former fla t. 8,600 tons, civil laden the greater part; homeward. 1 (00; and to 1'anitina and .Mexico 800 too*; and aboat ?,W>0 t' ns are in bay. loading partly for charter Of l Inleans. ?b<>ut 1 800 went awsy on coa>tiNjc voyages. In freights, little has been done as yet, except at former rates; which, however, will not be ace utvd generally now, the cargo! a ready t >r shipment are few and Vri-sels of middling iliies preferred ?which would obtain prt.liably an advance of 21 t'd per ton over la t quitatinne The transactions in produce are on a more l'i:ilt< I scale 1?m olli owing perhap*. in a measure, to the present high freight rm ol :;> dollars to 40 dollars per ton to i aliforni l. 4 (est fa<*h? nf Hour hate be? n sold at 0 2-9 do Isrs per sack of i 0 lbs ; th- re Is a large quantity ol hat ley stored for i.hlpinent to 8 i4i Francisco but otherwise the stock thereof Is small of wh<at at ISau \otonij ?a4 Conception. destined to t'aliao. hate not net as jet with t! vir nqvlit'd conveyance Copper in htrs I* held at (13 4 rs quintal, snd f 13 2 re I* o(Te lug Nothing seen * to Lave been done in saltpeter. < hTlean gu iuo ha- been m Id at f. 15 quintal, put on b'>ard. Of Hra'ilw< <d the dock Is small nor has there been any de. mend for it until ju?t now. when it ua< been W eight up ?t 16 rs. per quintal, on speculation Timber and c nU Mill l< ten high prices - I hill Ia siadiially but stonlily progressisg in prosperity, and become- eierjr day mora fit to nislrtaln Its upertorHy in the I'*, ifln both wver io ighb< i lii.g republics slid the < ailtornlaa eonstiieiu.g at leart its political, social, an l c'-iunierclal situation whll-t the ;ec *ntly made di-ooeeries of new gt,ld and silver mtnm of great productlvenese. would iocd bring it iutu romp titiou with the 1.1 Dorado," if it wife fatOMd bv an equal iu'Jux of population Ki< MAKcta.?(>n L' ndon. 10. 44',; lari?, 4f. t't'j; liamhorgo. nominal hard dollars, Sl, V pc , bar ailMff >10 4 V liitrrritln); fioitt Ifcllvln The news troin Hclivia l? still of tftrtraotloa A genI'enan wriilig Uieiice. oil the 1 wtli of J n tlx. says ''On lleluth 11 II e oe, rrri d a' ? obija .hit ike- Hutu* rail a n-action; end an the iltli (ieneral tiulllarte, II. bcfi tm r. ?> barbarously uninlere l In his own ( tiioi The ?o|,i)ers tb. '-alei.od t.i sack tue town, slm h placeij the m*i< liants In grt 'it |>erll and nian/ ii 11 ni i f:U TO It-Til *? I li.'lr lj.. . rujtf r? anl p*r vui i ritliM tuurf forth* rhaneti "t b*M-?<r *< < uri' y." 1 Tl * mo?i int lit of Oi"ll?rtft In ' i liija In < ppo?|- I Ii d t?Kr!>u, ? ii the (wc**lon of ar???r? which he I ad ?u- bIuiU in tin* o*cup?lion <>t Poto.i, by th? M- < i.nim pa-.y Against thi mii?*m*nt bitterer. th* olilltr* r*ii*ll*d attacked the hour*of tin Prefect. ?ml tot Mm then It Ip >? ! d Iwbi n 0*n*ral P?li!u ?nt.-r*?l nu* of ] trt ?tin la?*l), ?d ll at dl?t ?rl?d coui. try, In m ??rl "f tiin| Ii. tho pi ( tilae* turn-d out la Urge imnwri tu ?i Icon:* Mm. Ihet ifo proceed I ci far to uV? nit np anil carry him hoilily upon thi-lr -h ul l. r?, in ota'ic dillpht ami a. Di .< ia:lc Ion* liut warn at l|i* roneli'fti n i f tl.I? p< ifnrmauc*. lie *a? p!a<-> J on lie (fn urj again, lie tl tltiii Mr "ilrar ;.?(./?" k*4 iltha hii t/nm t Inuiitinri: riM Dritiim Ot uit.?W? hare ra !?l?*<l a CI* i'f tbc Colmiil pulli.h<d at tJ*org*to,rn, IfBiiran. to the Ctb nil , Itrlnrn* [Krom Th* Cutoal't, .Inly 4 J Th* err.Ww iry of American lnd*p*ud??M tMCflirat* 4 in ? ur b*rhor. to-day with all due b<0"r? In ddltlon to th* fcatlolial Hag. whirh *tr*am?d proudly t< ni the >'? tit* atima aid *tb*r* ?** *l* now in >?rt. th* tl uii'l> iIhk o! cannon k*pt up for ?*r*ral nut*. not i nlj ^ratiricil th? patriotic fueling* of our ! siithiin brethren. but tw*k*u*d In th* tniwd? of the i . Ill >> pri giant With I if* and lulrifpt J 111* Inhabitant* of th* Atnulran Stat** w*r* on** Irttl'h uhj?nta~rn m* iri *r; thry w*r* opp*****4 ' iy an ifT.c'al **eMon at bom* ao low are w*. th*y ra- . M*d. th*y p?r**?*r?d and ara now a great and p iwnt- . ol p< ' pi* \v a liara r*?li>t*d-uli ill w* ?nbn?l'. and ha ratnpn d upon or shall wa p*r*nr*r* and !> fr** maw- ' M t? of the H'?*t md wnrld-?pr*?d Hrlti-h family' fKrotn The t 'ol'inUt Jail 6 ] Tli* weather hu t.. <n d*plor*bly fnjnrlon* to the , i|art*r>.and to a c*rtalnty n * Hi cr<>p o( thU y*?r | Ml h* -rrli ip ly I*f iixl ( iillnu-ii tuary . h.w.-r? i?tr alti g*thrr prenni*d r:tlmlln? but ?n N irnlnr i ght la?t. thi ra ?a? a il*iu>.* of rain a < iiipani <! Iiy i_littitng rind tbrndtrof an awful character (in th* Ml tiait. th* Mi rm * ? ?*ry **t*r* th* tain falling pf l*i In' iid r half fcinw mmiilttly Tkt tillage f I. uxton at d tb* neighboring *?ta **. w*ra for anald?rahl* tim* tind't wall r; itrrril bnu'*n wara wa>h*d i??>. and a larg* new Ingia < I In \nnandala, ?a- htoari 'lown by one of tin* gii'l* of wind (iur 'f.rt rrturo* w|>| ibuwi|r*at Kilm/nft in tbli h?lf ar'ncrip: th* t' lal iMtnd tor the jut la not *? i#ct? d to *xc< *d 21 IKiO hog-In all^. (Jroar rrn**, DcMritR* >U*?rr Jnly 5. 1M9-*>|ja??no Inipri icn.i nt to notl** In hnHu??* ?lnca ir lat If.* malher haa bean ixcodlngly w*t, whmh > taid- al' o|>*rati' tia In rginirt*. and niat>'ri?lly alf. *t* Mil l,i lmi.1 tla ( Inr I. 1. I I *. K.iawllw anni. U.I Milk > n ?rifhii p n?i'Inm. with tb" exr. pll .n f r m nual, ' I * hich lie re It n<>t a lni(?r upply b?t the detniod Ift in >t 'I Ihiri' li?? Ih en a Huh! d? alii r iu tioili an I inurar tirn? In that. M well ? niiwl oher artlole* of ii ( -rt are cotififu d to retail *?le? Th( fto?k i<( amiIfw ha> been miirh rrdiired; aratgo or two might hs l?pw>d of in l< t>> at nnr quntftlton* _ A Ur|o ear?rn of kdra- tier baa bi m In ported during the |.*at ?. >rt ilfl>t a *n all |>< rt|? n i.f which h?* b n fold at $3\ ii r bag. the l>alau?a I* bHng rtorcil Kftpurt* e nIijuc ?rtj feme tioui th? pa?t-e a!i>?e atated and I'll) will be little di i.i ntbiT in >al>? or i-hipm-ola Ltil Augutl n* it t'rtlglit* 1* 3d to 2a 0d. Atmxi. Kim nir ?<i i l.nt \ rompany oon?l?tig i f twrtitvthrre nirn. arrirrd in Una place on tha '.d if IMil; lltr nny froui tha Mormon a?ttlai * lit oft l he I. i?ai Sail I.all* Thay report I hair pwopla ifi-p?r'i)? aid *rll eon ten ted g?ni-rallj wi* h Mirti heme. | he |>a>t winter ba? bnea aavtrw on* a that r?iti?'n; mh> tell lo a d?ptb of thre.. f-mt on ft It?l (tier I 4<*i hoiium bar* I. en arreted farm* Iftift lit and <*rt pa plaaUil Ml ejient of r nntry o?er (.hlyiiiliK In Ui.gth bad b-en ftltled. by ah mt tea II n-ami )m i |lr whotep tibial health wa* good \boat netity wap ii* are lij thin tint' m r n<l> for < alifornia ile b> et of no gild dUcumlei baling bifu mad* ? 'Kin Jtmti. [ERA I ? Interesting Fashionable Intelligence FROM SARATOGA SPRINGS. rullisLed iu the New York Herald, on Moihlay, Aii?U*t 11) IS 18. TEE GRAND FANCY DRESS BALL. The Descriptions of the Affair. Ac. <bc. Ac. ForcrTernl weeki pa?t the fashionable world at tho North lies hem Industriously employed in preparation fur i t.i! tir.-t gland affair of the neaaon, the Kaaoy Dr?M l'all. which ??? uDi>i>uu"cii to come ?oiuu oil at Saratoga on tliu lltli inttaut. Kor a long time previous to that daiv. all ihi' apartments in Hut principal hotel* m u eiigagt d and huudred* of applicant* wt re tumble tn procure roouix at any urloe. but were obliged to put lip with a m?i at table aud to deep in the cottage*? touie of I lit-in Inr di*luul from tht> hotel*. No loin than nlue l.undrt d person* dim d at the I nited Hlnte* for geYtral da?*pr?vlouii; and < cugres* I tail, an well a* nilmenu* oilier public hones, wan tilled to overflowing; aud xs the croads of vintcr* jo.ukd bj each other, their pacing remarks were devoted t? the all-absorbing topic of the approaching tiMivitic* Thou* who hail bt.t o at tbi-SpilugR for nome time, were impatient for the arrival of the cnctuuit m aud loijf'rurt, who at length ki rived, i.nd announced tile tun Ives iu readme** to receive oi del ft. J. (i. Taylor, of I'riuce ttreel. aud J. Liejocfe. tbe costumers, opi ned tlnir rooms aud dinplaycd iheir good*,while Me?*r?. liarker, Uibhlee, aad I'aul, i of Broadway, announced thi>ni*el?e* iu readme** to curl powder, uud arrange ladn V hi add to the iiallitfaction oi their fair customer*. .And dow the work of preparation commenced in carinst. Sirvan'* were debpalched from all ((iiartiirs aud Insisted upou their iul?treorder* being attended to immediately. The ftore* of Mr l filbert, and Vadaln t I'ajot, dealer* In embroidtrie* and nn.l r.t m. l'?. ? .1 ,.W. . ..... .. V. iv.??v*?ia*v rniciu, ?? ID lUIOUj^Ml wltli purchasers i f fineries and nic-micHi in their lino ot titUu At the roems of .Mr Taylor. the usual ?rri>en wereenucted no means the least inturentiug Lkrt ot there fancy bull* 1m that which is to bo seen in the cost time rooms. Imagine a suit "f aparlmeutH, in which tre displayed, upon shelves and in trunks, tiie mi aiii'i : apparel of the people of all nations, troui the KrijUimaUX to the I'lila^onian. and front the Itussian to thx Hottentot With all this display presented to tba eye ut once, it is most dilllcult for ttie uuitiated to pleare tin u hi Ives, while the old stagers, grown ta.1tldlous by long t xpeili ure. are as dilticult ti suit m the novices, so that chaos is exeuiplitled duriug tU.? hours of selecting altlre The following may answer us a fp< cin i n o! life in the fitiicy dress wardrobe In ore corner is a easterner msi culoitr, in preparation to try on a pair of tights, at Ids elbow is another put- ' ting < n a hump fur Klchurd III . while a cowled inouk. And a hull drci-cd olon u. tre docu* tug the merits of their refpi ctive dirgniscj. In the ventre of the room is a < blneie mandarin backed by a j okey aud a civalier , a brigand uud a quale r are passing jokes in another conn r and Riiylock and Saoi Slick are baiiterii'f each other at a counter near by; llomeo and Neptune ate puttii g on their clothes hetore the glass, while sailors slid gyp.^:i s, (necks and grandees ure prome. nadlrg the apartments in half dress. Meantime the coner utu ti is us confivd us the costumes are lieten |tD(OUs, 'I he feverish incitement of the diif.-rcut chaiactei.s Is in pcifvot contrast to the en n temper of the man of dresses, v.ho thnads his way among hi* patrons with as much unconcern ss a grocer in the city makes his way among his stock of sugar barrels : and tia chc.-ts. Al hu early hour on Thursday. Mr. Marvin commerced the work ('f decorating the grounds aud hail Bi at the 1'idled States llotel: and his uiou were actltely imaged until a late hour ou Kriday, when their handiwork attested the skill with which it had been performed Thousands of lamps of Ml color* wire su.peiidcd from the trees In the enclo- [ run ", and preeenied an appearancu of enchantment i n n in th' lay time. In addition to the lamp- there wen to he tn n pendant froui the trees and pinxxas, hiau'ifol little tlsgs hiiUdroTie<y devised and cut out ol colored tissue paper. '1 he large dining hall was converted into a ball room for the occasion and, rntiM intently, the tea tables were laid in the open air. utider the shsde of the trees within the en- , eh Mire of the i slabilr-hliicnt 1 he bail room Was j handsotni ly ornamenlt i with evsrgreen-i and derl -os of various kinds calculated t:> reader It a Ot theatre t r the leslivitli* of the occasion Hundreds of lamps { si it suspend, d from the side,, of tile room and froui tbe celling above, and rmui'il to change nt^lit Into biillisnt day At one end of the room was built an ciithtslra. occupied bv Schneider's band, who performed their part ably, lu the evening, previous to tlift rotemenoi ment of the dancing, a pyrotechnic illsplsy ti ok pliice in the rear of tbe ball ro in. and lent b a ity to the m i-ne alts d bi au'ttul 1 he rules aid i leu ?. htch wire intends 1 to I govern the participant, at the hall were prnoiulnt'cd mine Usyp before it came off, by the follow In;; l.iauapt?:? tlevefnav Tenag New Y' rk, Can. Ctiper, Albany, < Olil i! Ferklis. Ilmtu, J i: M ? rti*1, Mrylaal. I.iii V m > Va., Janus w nrrall, I'lnladi'lphla, ! < ol.Jsr. lV'iiro?,Nra lurk, <?**a O'Ui.nee I Hallimora, lirer) A.(in, du. II m. Wat. ?. MiUer, N ?w Vurk, 1 aviu Grut.aui. du. I spt, 11 It'diu*. I . H. .Vtvy, I rsi i i. 1.. V sri'le'l. il'>. ft- r _ * 1', I'hllaiilpUia, II el*. I . '.wilt r Starr, ci. J.C flriwn Rh-olt. I.Un I, I'r. hact itil, do. Os ifi* K. Mhler, N'a V >rk, J.u. {trucks, ds, Man*n>I Ment Ateany, Jon pb kiidrl ? >, d?. I?r. Clandiseii. New i sm, j ? t.elisa ti. illiains, do. J. K. tl srd, !*a?ai*a*li, L k Msiti.iiil Mi..n i: 11. i:. CmlaiM, fri'idsaea, J i p1 .M 'I I . S. i f I.. II N lull .I.?". V . I "'I Item) lv I om n.bijs nlppl, ll<?e 0 I. Mviagatun N.Vsifc, l H. Vsailall. I'i.ila.: I'liU, I.stuIm ri I'Ktioy . Italri >o rs, t.i n? I.e.ii, Map^aclttiscia, J.'Iin V%*. I^wls, i b irK-tioa, llkiry MiLall jr., I'lolsd. J. M. Hkfh, U&ll aurs, I I 11 1 |.n u, > >. . t rk, J It riioBsaa, New Jim/, I l)r h>. kmio'i pi, II n. lie>>It ) J. u, >. Vnik, h. M. Iij'is, du. Hi >il.ra W itVri, il >. 1 he following-genllviren were apptdnted to have exeli lve rhatge of the ball, acting as director.', and to w i ar srnrli t badges : ? J. 11 h Ah ion, >i t sr lina, Rben Detn, Masisi hnsitti, j II?11> V I all. I'lt I nli 11'.nit, li '.i > A. ' "it, ."< * >, Ik i t.ih.i.', r . ? v .ii., (i ? Sniilst, ten. <t'| r Ail si y. I loltf M -irr, do. 1'itVlil fifslinm. Ksa Vurk, Jsniss llrw?k', do. 1 This ri wpil'ti i f I'll viiii al-o 11- i he 1 with powr to I'll tai aneie.. or to add tn tli"i: ncu. er. an ) also t t iske nil neci -sary regulations. The following role- lor the govertiun nt ot tbu tiall, were the* adoptrd lit Tickets ef ?*lir''M: iii a with 'tT wllkfit lad es tlvi >li<llers, to It* prcmrsd upi.a scpli'-ation to -as uf t il lii.ts a ..i ,N. | f n si nil aiimitti ii wiikunt rastame, sxf?i ? I t ?4s el i.nolis. (iittriug v itk their elnlJrsa ur w^iiis ta i . u ii r, i r | . i.iitnicn i,| ii t .? 1 ajni> at m i< u a- Jai*. {it. J?.?b? it < r?r) Uttailplli n ?<cluj.1. I till ltd!'* n il * nt kit n >111 ptrtitalarljr r?jii?<tad to | i kii a tl i ir i u?iiiB.i tv tin din Dior Iran wli'itn Ihojr nl.tala , II < r t <-k'l*. 1 f t >. 1li< muif n ?ltl iintl?4 If ?I Inr l>t<l?. I'll l i.lrt* -i.'. dmi' i In i im n i.' t at 'J <> i .!?? k. Sup f?r M IJ ft I H?l*dl<-* #r? Tr raatfnllr r? ]ii**tH *o la t!.? din* lii* fn n *1 > Si ' i l'T>, ir?-l?ly. I J 1 h* flror rotuniittaa wrra IItgrril rno|.. r. Dr. Bad [ id llarty Yet all anil IIm rga V Millar. I All lliliiv 1 k*ir-1( twin Anally ariat'ir 'I the diir? r ?nd (f?ti? un m-. I (no pran>l*a? w.-ra rl '? I at an rlj I h? nr and *?rlct ordrr (Ittll to tk? f*atlm>li tnil li^rlui |<mMo ailniit no p*r*on* to tha hmi?n or ground* t ui f roviiifit uith a tlrkttof admi-i-l n At nma ; i-'flirk tba hour annonm-rd fur the nihrr, tha band n itmrk up a uiarrh and the * ?t tha company who Uil ? -r mpldad ibrlr t"llat ant - d tha room and I- .ran tha ? BI?| al Ir I il.lnt i r tba m tjlnj; At tan OdOrk n?ar> ? > all tba fnitmrtlhrt mad* thi Ir apy>aranec, and from Un iftiit midnight tha im r ofipltvdor and gay?ty a km-fin Ii a? |ia? bun rat fly If *?ar, r |iiallad in thia < I'Ultfy Kliftant plniaa* noddnd. brilliant gann I parkb d and pay colored dra?*a? and hahita irara aaaa t. . ttlik al>i til In a pertiet rr??lrj of b autj Knot* of t 'it. j * era flMt dmp hrra and thara. diaeuaalng tha lailua ?d thrlr ri -1 acllta latorlta* to tha tltla iA I.til* a ?f tl ? rorm 1|io i|iii- t|iia *a< In no ln?tan??< datarTilmd; ar,d cr>n*ai|iiantly thara wafa noma ?c,ira? of ?*ll?? ptrhap* after all. tha t?vt arrange- i? nant. a* tli*r? wa< no ro in fir Jaalon-la* and li<*arU tl Ruining* 'I ha *rdar of tha r?antng wa? a* Mlow* : ? n I VMiailrllla. a. quadrille. II. Utadrilla. Il 1. <> ml rill*. 7. l)??drill?. 12. I'-lk? i 3. I Ik* *. Pallia. 11 Oiiadrill*. , 4 Uu*.trill*. P. ?J'i?drill*. II. wait*. ana. ? Iwa v I'tirlrg th" dam-In* tba M>? and upper and of tha " Mil m n vrti <?npl*tl b; ?inni<r*at in-rtator*. who r njr ji il ih?-ni>al?.? and a 'drd to tha Ufa and joy n*- " ia?? of tba oMaaton by iplrltad c infaraaUoa. .N'.tiling '' ? ro?r?d to mar tlia lianni ny of th i n ninu and nut ? ai- <ti?iati*fad gnaht ?a? obnarrad \ll ga?<* tham !* a up to (,|i a-ura ai d tha pnt?rtalnmi iit of "arh * lh?r I ba follow lug ?ara aaiong tha c>*tiiiii?* In tha II ( <m Wl alra tbr naina* In alphali^tlral > rdar. ao an <i o 11ati nt tba Idi a of fan rbalag ?liown to thoaw arhoaa ri tauiaa appaar flr*t mi tha Hit* | l> I.AMM I* ?T> >IK Mr* Dr. Rrdfurd wur* ?pl? ndid Mil* dr*?? ?n l a i.It rrnII*. ,Vm l.tirjnyn* formerly Vl?? B?rr!?y of \#w Vork. t| llir clt?m> l?f of I.una. IV ntlrrM n( h*r M lr?m ** ? rlrb ulltwr l?ni". ()T*r th* ?*trt of Inn. ? worn kirt ' ( . ) h i- mnl -hi ii i?ra w?r* J, ri*???J wltb bin* p?u?* H?r b??d w?* lawfully | lr>M?d oiid >? h?r fri*hi?d **? plm-^d % <ll*aviiid ? ihi * tii (th<* ortlod In hi>r band ? wand. which ?liw )>{ a??d with nircniofr* IMtrw fl? rwrll. n# h*ritnrky. w?? attlr*4 *< a Brld* |f| Ii r (In- ? Wfc" wad* f rrh point lac* hi autlfully nil - ; }', i i i I I: r liii 'nl* rla in-d fur Ii -r ttar title of lit lir i f th* I.nMH." 8b* ??? h-nuliful hlM tiirrninh of Naw V"rk. wa* al?o dr*<?*d a? a '.riilr mid bcr co*tum*. though ?*ry plwin. wa* munb idnitr?*d. % If* H?dlrtr. of N*w Yor*. ?<? Brig mi'* Brid*. pr*- J' ? r*ry lo?*ly app*aiin** IMIH KrMiril bI?t? of l>r |t?-ilf??r?l. of Now York. ?m J,' In m i| in rlrb whit* m-tmn" H?*'l dr**t*d with a M i i ? whit* voU, In h?r hand ?li* rarri*J two b %utif il n .1 ^IKlt \ i?? t h*)fion. of I oi?l?tana, ?pp?ar*|1|n a rt?h irt?h nm mf v bleb *h*tt*d mi!*l\ admlra'liii h,im < ?g?wHI of ,\*w Krunaitak. wa? attir*d t< a .. IrrTKBt ?*irl nhi" tMl'fdiiT ariaiigod <liv.n *?< n< M <?t a? accural*. Sbe aurtam*d hot 'barauii* wjnal My. * LD. TWO CENTS. MU? l'(ilJ?rhtr?nJ, of New Orltiu, appeared la tlx Oi>ntuiu?of a (?irl of Allien* It wns tery nlttgaot. Mm <ien < ooper, of Aitmiiy wore a full ilr.-ag of th? pr?*M'nt tiny, e"nipn?rd <>f th? rloliwtt uiatt-Thklfi M in t nil of New York, wa? hidduu bennath a Uh d' n.ino. MIm Clifford p>THon*ted Morning. Her 4ra?? ?u ?MtK lllllt, Studllili wllh ar.\Ai.n ?'? ' Ali;s M. Duneau, ,#f Mississippi, performed tlio nkartc'tu ot ( atiirioa, from llio opera of Le* UiaiuauMda la f 'ouiouiio." A i.-s Pttvin. of Mississippi, wore a rich oourt dr*M uiai.'e nl hrocai t Miss Kver.-toii. of New York, appeared la th*Spaal*li costume of a Manilla Mr* Kia^? r. of ami her young si ,ter, dre**cd In P?ilK? I'naluuin were lunch admired. Miss Keeling of I'niversity place. New Vork. a very pretty little girl, appealed as Awina, from " La Somliambula " Mlrt Auiy Kearlug of the same family, wad dre.sed aa a I't H.-ai't < .ill Mi?* (Sryaies, of N'?w Vork. sister to Mr* S Ward, wore tlie cottuine ?f a ( ontadina di Cap" di Moat* (UhIv): liur dr??x ?ai composed of a red shirt. with a Mi<ali apron, and hi-r corsage adorned with ribbwML Tl'.e costume wu very becoming. Airs. (llbb*. an a powdered Marchioness. Allss 1,. Oibbs. ol New \ nrk. personated a lady'* n aid ('f the time of Louis XV. It wax admired aa new idea most ingeniously carried out la boddice. she wore a.mirrer encircled in a wreath of ro??a, on bi.tb rides of which her Tell teemed to ban^ like tw* pan/* cmteins A chatelaine, huug with tiny bru>h?a, diminutive comb*, bottle* ot scent to match. small plaousblons. microscopical ba*fiets. Mowers, fee , completed Ibis truly original costume. which was worn with all the grace and coquetry It required Alls* Crriffln ?ii dressed iu a I'er.-ian attire, vary b*coming to her delicate llgure. AlUs Oriswold, of Syracuse, In ber costume of a Spanish lady. ' a bride of yesterday," compxed of a rod velvet budy. and a lit raw satin skirt, was much adDiired. ller charming countenance, and amiable look*, attracted ninny beaux around ber. She waa decidedly one of the belles of tlie room Mrs Pavid (traham wore the simple dross of ft French peasant woman, blue and crimson. Alius Julia Hubbard, a very pretty young lady, though a little xuintlo. was dressed to great advantage. SI e personated. as she did lit the btll at the 1st if I'lace Opera House, last winter. one ot the fairlc*; audi, if not the Queen, the was one of them Mlrs Josephine Hubbard her sister, the prettiest of the family, uiaile a great impression among many adniireis; her expressive dark eyes were iju.te becoming to the costume of a ~ Bayadere;" H wai composed of a piiik skirt and a black velvet t pencer MIss llaight, of Waverley Mace, V V., represented Morning Iter dress of white tulle studded with goldi n stars wns very pretty, hho wore a gold cresceut ? hi r lor> in ad. Mies Hamilton, ot New Yfcrk was dressed In a whit* robe. trimmed with pink gauie Miss laudon, of N Y..was prettily covered with a cl arming rose domino trimmed with embroiderM*. I bis cost time was made by M ine I'ayot, and throws great credit upon the maker .Viss 1\ (' Junes, of Washington I'lace. N. Y . a lordly joung child, five years old, was ilrested as a ' flowar girl." The costume was as pretty and fresh a* It* wtarer. The Alissis Johnson, ef Thlla., were present at th* bull, in a fancy dress of the pre-ent time. Mis* Jackson wore a very becoming Oteek costume, blue and gold. very rich. Allss Kernoeban appeared a> a Quakeress, and tbougH the brothers and sister* are not in favor <>f dancing, mjh piiionuea ner ttepa in ? very tiny Htyle Mm. Le Vart. of Mobil*, a Tory /lijinulr lady, who*# wit and tine conversation were g?jHri?lly appreciated at the Spriiigs, a.-.-iiiiied the cbtiacttr of Itnydee of tbe ballet I/Alui<-?" dancd by th* MonplaMr trim/*. Ilrr dre?e ??< itride of Mlver lacipai. n?ii<lly embroidered worn over whito sntin: th? c>rsax? <? viTt d with anr?|uinit? embroidery of *ilv?r ro*e-bu?l?; Mut* *carf encircling the waist. el isp* 1 witli j-w-U; Kbitn and ?-ilT?-r hulwuchiB b nutifut silver unoklHls; A riip of idlver net on ona eld' of the bead, on the other, a roM> and a bud: rich jewel* and armlets; diam >nda oil the bot om it nd mi? d"lleat? rose; in i/nllc-nt h?ui|Uttnid?tlHiikl Ian. 1'bb ilt?M whleh *?< made la New Yirk by the cuiduuer uf tbo Monplitislr*, wai <mil< td very rich. Mill I.yon of Alabama Swim I'enstnt ??irl; skirt of red and blue f-atm corsage of black, with white ohuluimtln; c?tl?n? liHf Ma* l.amb, a very mild and pretty lady, of Alblna flace N. I , adopted tbe co'tuuie of a tlreek dlavfr, k *ery bri'" mil?K Urem for her lo?ely figure The two MIrM'i Leary. of Hammond street, Pf. Y.? rate r< mucked ah vrry charming young la lien Their until,I dr ).*l Were vrry bee mlug aud t?-iefully ruada. .Vish ellan, ol N S . perrouaA-d Aurora Mlm Marphy. of Brooklyn. appealed lu tbe outturn of l oo'a ot lionir.ettl ? ccleliratud opera of ' fti? Bride of l.ammennoor." Mi** Maxfun worn a purple velvet apencrr, witb ( ilil ornament- aud blu ra in skirt M>* Moon of I'biliifMphiit. though ?lie did on* dance, wais pr?M nt ride d in angelic wbit?nes* Her Iliad wai adorned with plaid irarf, wbicb WM i|Uit? b>ceuili.g to lo r noble appearance %. r* Morgan, formerly tils'* Solden. assisted to tba ball, dri i?i d rn loiltilr iio a druea of b uulsome |>IDk rllk A.In Alt'* lelland of New Bruns-slek, N J., appeared ii it iniog i ?A? rf? A?' of our epoch. Miss Marvin. the pietty daugtb.-rof the worthy landlord of the I mtcd hi ate* Hotel wu dre**ed a< a Kiiwe* III It wa a very Hue personation Mis* Mallarv, ol I'roy. appeared a* Flora ll?r drni, Ike tboee "I tbe preeu.tday. wa* adoroud aith tinware, ibd very nrh >.ir? t)?born ?o*? tbe restuin* of.K anny f'.l*?|er, la l'.v ikeovieDtiv"?* rcdj?c*-t wmte pkirt and rmt I'x.t* v.lbrpura. 'i be c<j luute was us brilliant a? bar u. e pi# tty. Mi?a Mathilda Tllf rd a? ?h< Siinrim) lUumln d many l? iiud eacited li .n h adlulratlon MIm Ptct.of Albion f lare, a* tha Klow?r <iirl Her uliite dre-e ?n- triiuiiod with 11 >?r r? and >li? carli d in ler band* I tie dkwi lra^raut ?ift? ol hi >ra Ailoa Kate Itaudolpb a yooxic .? ! tea yeare old. at I very a^ f.gure, wore a waite dr< Irtiumil ?i:h ribboca "1 lie thr< \)l?i>e? l:icliard? were present -one i f the-w i? a Kc?teh la- ie another n< a oot.allut of H"iaa, i?.d the third dremed In a white robe, nf a tanny nlyle. tInie 11rl i li lad.e* w. ? (he lli>l t innter t'l* mil trom. and did i>?t ien?.i tlmlr wulrlluf an>U>n I ill I ir?r III" whole iiiv. h t iVm ftbett wore a white coitutne, very b^couiing to ler u at area. >.l^e Net je?iai(rr. of New Vork. atrompanl?d by her : tlii-r. pti n <'iiad> d wiili a ifrcat >A<ial of i(iaoe aad iu i til',), m d inrob<'d In a white munliu driiei, v?ry ba> in!i t to ber lair i ompletiua. Vlee t Kallua,ol Wavarlay i lace. New York, wora tba dam bill Ki*<??tut die-? of a Nvvirtlf Ht Duiuiiii |iie onviiit lt< I ?hil?' lob'' her lnojt rtli veil ta-'?ii ?Uty aia <?d upi n lit-r stlkj brown hair. Ktve^r'at altraa>i? n to tb? li'iih lent ute- of tbt* aintable 1 i?s. Mlsa Lnura Srriuiiiit. woo-e fatbe Is Coaaal of Praa!a ?as ilrsMril. also, a- a Nuu. ao?l her Iwe uniun e<wu utne rsinarked u well u by It* Mmpllclty. as by 1 e g a nr. id It* w? ar.r .n !? mi lib. of fourth tract. New I orb. app< ared aa i Pnoth la Me \.t? Kcbaler. M a S'ldti 1 P. nora MIsaTevh it New lark app.aradln Ibe rait h*< n ifjt Aiablan c*tua? ot lt?l< ua la th* Krenwh peia I "JerusaU m,'' by Yardi (a tran-latioa of" I oiiil.aidl ") 'l b n Iuine, forme I of lar<a *lrip>? of mux u ealin upi'B whita mound, wai truly i ji?r*aile >ilm Tevlt wore It. witb raueti d>(ulty. 1 i?s A'lce Npiacin-, ol New t or* luadi bar entry la he l?.l rum, wrallaf the t* uii ut of tba lirida nt 'b.di* ? pn.k >? ut with a l> ao? velvet sp-neec irtmi. ,I with if it ai. I I I . . ... I'h. ./-.i riifk**a Inbda of ?lim ' ID'i gold la?? Mi-* 8 , ' huw ilk/ hnlr and u?. k rjtt caugbt ujaay benrta. > a- mueli admired Mlw Itur. tomhltt of I.?anl?r Sinrr, ?? drn?a*4 ajnung I athoilu I mI) riluriiiug Ir m Iter p rm>ttm MUKkiiiMt j h. r )?nl f?r.r W *1 adimraM) ri ti '? nt" a liilr ??ll, tier biaii mirtn luatni ?itb a ? ?? fablt* !<> ? , ?>J li?t tharajiiij fia. urn iar b-1 In no*; iium MIm Ur>m<> Starr, her IMrr, handioaii'l? drra??4 ? tii IIMUniirglrl. >il?? Suitlh wore a rrry becoming Or??k dr? a. Mr? I koMMl. vf rrliictM. N*V Jer-47, onn of tin io?t li?i ly ladir* "I tin- (mil room. an well ? on? nf bi ll mltlidto tha i|Uali<lc*tl >n of * bfii?." taili-a triumphant 1 htry In i? tmllt Hr 4an\ . mivrj > lU martial >n<l bio tiulng >-<>(tuuia of f.i H k|IMU," which character ?)> Humaln< d during tl?? tol* l. ?ht ?lth griat arilniH'lou an I lr?lklttlMM. Imiiuii' t di-Mrtb* (h? i'll kiin*n no*inun <?f v!aii". Ill lily dlit ih*t Mr* Tkninwa ? m ?i? lit In li?r dance- that Iter fklrj fv?t nnml wlik nch ll|ililin m oTtr tb" boor?that -he ? - ?urTt?J nde4 > niin; auMlrtn. wbo era ina-n-antly b'igtng tba i?i i I In r < nipaajf for a | ia>lrllin. or '.a >r ??(?. A l.? \ audi n llcittnl, of >? I nrk, r.-nn t?-?l ilM 'lit. tin* n charfctei of Tax"00' ' ' V^1'' " i#t dr??? itin|afvd o{ tfervr tunic* of lao*. ** b-*?fill, her h'-aii mirmminted with ?iMib of *hiM fOO ainl bar nuot) ?bnuid"r? adorned lib ilia nulla. fn*alii? wing* Aim glided n??r tha floor Ilka a butrrt) pawing from l|n?er to 9o??r. |m \ loot nt. or rhiladel|.lita. a plain but t ait" fully rrai god Wen J* Iml. Mlea kaie H ard. flatar ! Mr* Thiwon of rrlm?< ?t hi?? dfllmlf rotn|di'?i"n and tng''n'i?u>ne*i ??r? lrniaikabi* a- the Aaiuietat ot tier married id?t-r. nt ri-M titt >1 Mtitat to perfection, but a lo?Wj nulil, b?* B'*n ?a? r?pn*-. ni.d bj h?r ?*a?t ufd r?w. aviiit nr raullil** iwo bright dark <-y?, tn# ilr? ?f hirh ?a? r??llj burning Hit roha, n( >a< k > *?. i-pangliU aitb *ilv<T)r ntAra. wan m?1? bf ?ki ful drw* ra??f|, and her wilio* Ilka h I'U) entered with a long ?? ?! itmtlar t? III* rt?*t of ir ri -tuuie Niira VV. wan much euurtad b? uitnr t'.laoU Hr? i tra* a rhiM like young laJy, allow ne figure had no mju*! in th? ball rc>.u wm JmmiI i the f nulne Htiirn if a \:arolii?n?n iif the tm? <4 out* lk? HHetiilh I hi* oo'lumo ?a* perfcot in ??rj i? ml lirr haivl *a? p<wder>d and ilrwt-4 to >k? ?l *?} l?* i ( tl'it rprf-h 1 ha material of u?r ?'?< bd , * riah hn?ofr?. Mirkul u,i?n the t* > ?id?a itli Ih.*? <.f ilbb' an and bouquet* of 0?*?rf. ?ad la c?o?<l?i,re aitb lb* cn??iinie, lli* b'Mt'nn of Ik) >llf? ? extended alth a fcoop ?i?d her miiail fwl tin a luvt Ij pair of high heeled auk*. V r* f \S artlell, of ,\nt t <?r*. represented a holla nf fill Her ?lr**a. wa ? of a splendid *>ae?i />. <*?? me it I* mid in the powfion of bar r.Uiirm living t that rp'ih Stim W anil, of riulatklphla. >n? of th? prettieat

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