Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1849 Page 1
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T II NO. 6550. THE STATE OF EUROl'E. THE GREAT HUNGARIAN STRUGGLE. IHtniRIIlI) ITKIll. The Details of the News Received by the Hibernia. The mails by the Hibernia arrived in thin city yesterday afternoon. Our advicea from London are of the 4th, Liverpooljof the 4ih, uad Paris of the 3d int>t. ? The details of the news are of striking interest. Annexed tire the quotations for Amertoau State 8to<ka. LirilT london rRlUKf London. August 3, 1849 United States St* per rent* 18ft3. VI 3 Do six per orotN. lb 18 lti8>i 0. Mew York flae per ceuts, li&5. Hi 0. L'o. do. 1868, 15 8. Fenn>>ylvania five per cent*. 81 %. Ohio tlx per scnts. If&o U9 100. do do. I860. lul 2 Vast-adiutetts ti?f per cent* Ster. Bonds. 1808, 104t{ ft. 8. Carolina live per uts. (Bariug & Co..) 90 02. nominal Do do. (l uiintr & Co ) 80 00, nominal Mar} land Cth per cents, 8ie? Bund*, H'J}i 00. M!sris-ippi t-ix per cents 63 buyers Do tlve per ceuts Sitr. Bonds, 20 sailers. .AlkUtu a Ave per oent*. HO Do. Sterling D<nd? (JS. Virginia five per cent*. K) l>o tlx per cent*. 08. asked. Kentucky six per cents. ti8 V, nominal. Florida fix per cents. 27 Do. Sterling Bond" 2T New York City Ave per cents. 94. Oar Irish Correspondence. Dublin, July 27, 1849. Her Majetly't Vitit? Tkt Nation? Mare Jlrreeti. fe. Kxeitrmt nt consequent upon her Majesty's visit ta her Irish tuhjrcts, increases dtily; nothing is thought Of but addresses from all parts of the island; whilst In Dublin, Cork and Belfant, preparations up ?n a grand eale are being made, so as to injure to tha Queen the mo A enthusiastic and joyful reception. Much discussion has arisen as to the propriety of having illuminations?some parties contending that, owing to tha impoverished state of the country it would be better for (he eiliaens to distribute the amount of the oost (about ?10:000) to their fellow-countrymen, who are In suoh deep distress; but loyalty has got the better of huma* nity, Illuminations being decided on. Several arches re being constructed along the line of road by whioh tha Queen will paas to the l ark. At Mr. Turner's factory. Jail's Bridge, an immense arch Is ereoting, and , another in Baggot street; and at Merrion square, end of Nassau street, there U beiug erected another arch. The Jlotuado is being eleansed, and an immense platform Is being erected; every thing, in fact, will be so managed inai ner Majesty snail not nave cause to complain 01 ?he loyally of the aecoud city of her kingdom. Op Monday the 6 th of Aufiut, the Queen will make her public entice; ttb, the will recelva addrssie*; 7th, grand review In the Phornls Park, on which ocoation \ jh?re will be prcicnt six regiment* of cavalry, eleven Of Infantry, betide* a large constabulary toroe and arJ tillery. In Cork a great pavilion, capable of holding .1,100 perions, to be act apart exclusively for ladle*, 1* being pat up] in Penrose lluay, opposite to which, on the deck of the Fairy, her Majesty will receive the addreaae*. On Monday last the corporation held a meetiai. ut no btuiner* of Importance wan done; some discussion of a deiultory nature aa to the propoted illumination having only transpired The Limerick corporation bad a meeting on the name day The W>F" ? ? wCdves* proposed to be pre*ented to tbe <4neeii containing the wariuret expresaion* of loyalty, And a full (tatement cf the sufferings endured during tbe past four years. and concluding by the following: ? " '1 bat we oanuot conclude thl* addre** te your Majesty on your llret vUit to Ireland, without humbly fraying your Majesty'* meroifui consideration, and *oIlcitm* our Vajnty's pardon to tbe atate nriaoner*; an act which we feel assured will be received by ynor Majesty"* Irish subjects a< another proof of your Majesty s clemency and wisdom and which, we verily believe. will give satisfaction to all classes of your Majesty's iutO<ct*, and eontirnf the iove * > immeasurably felt for your Majesty's porsou and family.'1 A meeting was In Id In Kilmainbam Coart Mouse. On?ty Dublin. to adopt an address to the Queen; the I Ugh Sheriff. Mr. John t.nuis. in the chair AU tbe principal nobility and gentry of tbe county were pre rat, and agreed to an address to be prepared A similar meeting for the same purpuse wa* held in tbe county of Down, Mr Daffy and Mr Carlisl* have been making a tour of the province*. Tbe latter gentleman baa been engaged to All tbe place at Mr Mctiee. who is at pmsent in New York. A large stall principally composed of the former contributor* to the ha* also been engaged. Tbe government at first refused to sanation the publication of the new series of the Nation, and declined to register aud to issue "lampj, but after due deliberation, the prohibition ha* been withdrawn Mr. Duffy, it i* stated, doe* nut intend to change his style or principles in the Waal and feel* aatisfled that no Dublin juryman will convict for feloniou* publication* a* tbe law now stand-, unless a provisional government I* actually by that mean* proclaimed. The first number Of the new cartes will appear on the IMtt) of August. tin Tueiday evening a party of police entered the i rertd' Loe of Mr Joseph llrennag editor of tha Irithnrtn, forth* purpose of making a search for Which purp xa they eililbf'.ed a search warrant Tbe search then commenced, hi* desk wa*opened, hi* letter* were read, and all hi* paper* were ei nveyed away (o the i a*tla. , Mr Brennau enquired if they had a warrant for hi* ar- . rest, and was antweied In tbe negative but at the same time they declined to permit him to leave the house r it ia generally *upp<?ed that the (Joverument contemplate iroeeedlng a.ainst Mr l*r< man for hi* publlcatioas In the Tri\hi n Mr O (Itady. sho wi? a meaof tbe Irish confederation wae arrested on the aa>na day. in ( srrick n Suir ai d committed to prison Mr. O'Utady waa lor sit month-* couaio-d In i'lonmel. under the habeas corpus suspension act A young man, of the sine of Hall was arrested la i oppinger'* lane -Cork, on Kriday last on suspicion of bwiag connected with a secret society, which ia bei laved by some to exut tn that city. Several pap<-r*. It I* thought of a doubtful character, were ts> n away at tbe same time by the police. Government have lastiueted bill* to b* scat up against the *cvente*n p? rsons wtio were made prisoners at Dolly sbra< . and It i* slated that they arc <1 < termini d to proceed against all Orangemen who can be racognlaed as being at the scene of the conflict The weather has been very sb iwrery fer tbe last week and on yesterday accompanied with thunder aad lightning 1 have aotbiag to add to my report of last we*k. with the i veeptlon of a few report* having been spread of a blight. Oar Pat la C'?rrra|?ond*ne*? , Paaia, AuguitS, 1MB !Tt? r.?. / tl.r l',ft, l-ii In Ok/rn Tit H " l it i" cp a/ <A* (iorrrnmtnl Mnc?ml / lit Print* uf 0?' mmt M Utttttl ? I'tnf ^ I-tut I'hiltypt fe #Vancc? Thf (ftnj Oftrrm Thr fiw .Int. 4< Th* m>? general itagaatloa which I reported Id my |Mt letter fliliMH an J I hate nothing of th? alightwt lnter> ?t of dom??ti? new* to mention thin week Th* Praaldent of lb* RepuMIe 1* making vi?lt? to the province*- according to hi* friendt, for the purpoe* of itabltefeng legitimate popularity. and . n<"- >rdlng to hi* opponent* ft* th* parpt** of laying th* f >undatloa of aahitlow* i*d autl republic** deelgna Kor th* latter I confee* I tee nogood ground* of charge actmM hla* III* conduct, on tha whnla. nine* hi* alaetloa. * bw barn unaiceptlonable Tha impolicy of tha Roman eipedltlon which la gran'ed on *'l hand* I* aot ahanreaM. to him tt w*? at l???t a* much th* work af hi* mlnlitera, and It I* not to ha forgotten that ?he* oeneral Ciftirnw wa* la power an eipedltlon to Hon* had Ween prepared by hla order* at Vlar**lllaa, a ad mi o? tha polat of tailing whan It wa* *aip*nd*4 partly by the flight of the Top* from Hoai and non i perbape by tha reeult of tha Fraatdentlal election*, which hacaaa* known at that aiom*nt Tha*. It trill fe* *een. that rrlna l.nul* and hi* minlftar* har*, la j | hft only carried out that polity. which It wa* evident that Oeaeral < avalgna* would bare adopted had h* re Malaed la power Th* little *yBipathy manifeaUd la thl* eountry for tha caoaa of thoee who proclaimed tha Republic at a*. I* apparent from th* fact that the rrlna* af Caalao tha es.Praeldeat of th* Roman Coaetltaeat Aaecmbly. aad tha Bret *oo?in of tha Occident of tha Fren. h licpablic. travelled through Franc* from Var eetllee to Havre promt**<ling tha moat populone town* through which he paaaed wlthnat netting tha alightoai ebullition of nobllc eathu>la?m Me n< trta't-i <-irll|y ad reepectfully by the populate wherever ha went, bwt without tha Itaet manifestation of feeling. one way or tha other t on will taw ha ha* Juat arrlrei in f.Mlaad hating embarked at Havra. w i ... A . |n ihe Val it* Blefcvr baring ludrd ?* H?*r? M<i tnvallMt through Nnrm?mly Ra >u ror#l??(i without monh Uoa of filing, iltbn idfrm or oth?r?l?? Hto p*rttMiii la toai" coUnU4 ui utureJ f?ror?W? E N E axclamationa and rpeachea, while hi* opponent* ?xpreaaed the contrary aeutimenta, but neither with any great mcku. Thar* ia a talk of a riiit of tha ax-King Loula Philippe to hla family burial place at Ureas, for the purpoM of gratifying bia maurnful reeolleo* tlana of hiH eon and hla ulster, whoa* remain* are depoeited there. It doea not appear, ho*er*r, likely that tb* authorltiea will grant permission for this proceeding. You are aware ibat the immena* property of the Orleana family, Including that of Louis t'hilippe himmlf, haa not been Interfered with by tha itate, lurlher than tbe adoption of meaaurea for tha security ui meir creuuors woo ir? immense, DotA In number and amount; and it will take a large annual (Inking found to liquidate thoir claim*. However a in1 liberal portion of tbese Taut revenue* la remitted to the members ot the ex-rojal family A friend ot mine lately pawed some time with them at St Leonard'*, near iia?tingr and deforibee then generally to thow mnch cheerfulness. and to be in good kealth The Duchess of Orleans and her ohlldrea were there, aod all the members of the family, including the king, were *een daily on the publin promenade. The Count de 1'aris aud the Duchess of Orleans usually aocompanitd tbe king The difficulties arising from the exceptional measure of oloeing tbe giand opera, and throwing out of emplojuient the artistes eugagt d at it. has been avoided by the expedient of sending the principal member* of the company to give performance* in the principal provincial towns Tbe carvt de ballet and inferior performers continue to rrctlve their salaries, and are ornployed in rehearsals of a new ballet and a new opera by the couipoi-er of tbe - i'ostillon de Locjumeau " ? But for this the gentlemen of the long robe would bar* made a profitable affair of the differences between the artist' s aud the directors. rails is deserted as hitherto, er, rather I shauld i?y, more than ever Tbe boulevards and the promenadea prisent to the eye of those accustomed to their former appearance, a most wonderful a>-pect. The national exhibition of the products of French Industry continue* open, but the erowd* which flocked there at tbe heirtnninir have much thinned nil The latioual auuual exposition of painting and sculpture l? ai-o open. and tills the suite of aprtiutnts which occupy the first quarter of the northern wing of the Tulleries Thin collection contain* nothing worthy of mention It ban, as usual, an enormous pre portion of bad paiktlng. mingled here and time with some work* of excellence, among which U a portrait of (Jen. C'avaignae, by Heraoo V ernet. Paris, Aug 2, 184*. Th* Bovrte and Monty Market. My late reports on the Bourse will quite have prepared you for another report of little fluctuation and less business. There is literally nothing doing. Money Is abundant, and ite holders are waiting any chance of funds falling below 87 to invest. their plan of operations appearing to be to buy at anything below 67, and sell bo soon aa funds touch 60, ao that those two amount* may be taken as the extremes to wliioh fluctuations are at all likely to extend at present. So trifling have been the changes during the week past that I do not think it worth while to send you the week's prices. There has been a trivial rise siuce th* settlement at the end of the month, occasioned partly by that event, and partly by a rumor that appears to bate some consistency, that a treaty has been uiadu by the Minister for some extensive financial operation in connection with the railways, or some of theos-?those from Lyons to Avignon and Lyons to Paris?are more particularly mentioned, by which a sum of two bundrtd millions will find it* way into the treasury, and rave the nece>slty of a l->an The on dit I*, that the treaty is actually signed, and want* only th* ratification of the Arcembly. It is stated b> some parties with confidence that the ' exercise " of 1860 is provided for without the necessity of a loan, and this statement, in connection with th* rumor above alluded to. has induced many person* to give crtdecce to that rumor. Tit* Hungarian War. T1IK SUCCESS ur THE HUMOARIANS OVER THK EUSMANS AND A18TEJANS?MOVEMENTS Of THK HOSTILE AKMTES. Our previous advice* brought the history of the great Hungarian struggle dowa to the defeat or the A us troll uskian foices at Waitzea and the marching of Uorgey to the north : also, cf the defeat of the Ban Jellachich, M4 the relief of I'eterwardien, in the louth. Mock tken. several battle* andsklrmiahes hare taken place. They have resulted favorably to the brave Hungailan*. We give all the details in a? connected a narrative form as clreumstauoes will permit 1 1.. .. a ik. oq<l i..i..i M f ?T?i um papri p bum I'Hioin vi lur mu luninuv tvutain further corroboration* of the defeat of the Ban Jellacblch, vltbont, however. giving any particular* of the ImtlW, or UlUtl, by which thai rwuU baa benm brought about The Vienna papers are filled with violent reerl n.lnatlon* against tba War Office, for they protest it was evident that anleaa noma diversion waa made la tbe Ban'* favor In tba south. he must be complex ly crushed by the llungarlsn armie? Many ara of opinion tbat in thin rtmlrsnese of tba Austrian cabinet tbere U lev* neglect tban purpoee. and thia ritw of tbe care in further confirmed by tba notorious ambition of Ban Jellachich, and the longing* for independence ot tba Croat* and Farvlar*. which make It daaitabla that they ahould not be ?t**fara4 ta strike a decisive blow In tba war against Ilun-ary. Now tbattha Ban'* troops bare been routed- a?j ha* himself drlren Into Ryrmla, Ueneral Hayna'? ha* marched to bis rescue by way of < tegled sd<J KrfwM'llt Our correspondent, however, la of opinloi? .Sat the Ban's only eLanea of escape Is In aaotb?* of those inexplicable reuses en the part of his foes, %blch, whether arising from indecision or bad tactics, hare already once before proved Injurious to tb<B The Oiiltrrnckittkt correspond) nt. give* a few scanty end unaulbentkated details of the Uan's defeat. The same paper a^eerts tbat the Ban of Croatia learned on the 10th ult., that vast bodies of troops bad been forced down u| oa hiaa. He determined to retreat to tbe table land of THtel, and to act simply on tba defensive. '1 bis inleution was kept so secret, tbat tbe Ban's troopa had not the slightest idea of what was to take place. At 0 o'clock In the evening of the lMh they began thilr march, but two of the eaemv'a oOoera, who were captured on the 14th coaftrsed that the Ban's Intention was already known In the Hungerlan camp Ob reaching Hig)e*. where the Ban ci pec ted to meet hi* enemies all wa? found to be quiet and it waa *uppo?e4 tbe Hungarians had fled, when on a suddiin aorae signal rickets were observed to a>cond 'I'he very neat moment. the Dan's front and flunk were assailed by a tremendous discharge of grape and ran ulster, from tbe hidden batteries of tbe Hungarians A charge was attempted. but all wax In vaiu. and tbe Ban'* army was co*.pelled to retreat to Verbash. and tb< nee to KlrhKer. Here tbe eibausted troop*, believing that the pursuit would not be continued, attempted to obtain food and real, but the llungai Ian force* appeared again, and drove them across the Roman entrenchments to Katsh where the Ban's rearguard arrived at 10 o'clock, A M . havlbg been thirty-one hours on their legs, ten of which had been passed In bard fighting Accrual* from Vienna state that, the Hnnrarlan ci maunder who deflated tbe Baa if < rvatia * troops I* not tieneral hemes has beensuppoxd bat (leneral Ouyon. an Irish < flirer In tbe Hungarian army Orn-ral B-m It i> stated ha* taken up a strong position between Bistrir and Klaneenberg According to the lateat adtleee from the theatre of war In Ibe outh all are flying to K.saeg or Into ilervfa. All the male population frin slitero to slity. have risen In aims in favor of tbe Magyar* All sort* of arms are reeort< 4 to, rven srythee and plni<zb*hares, and carrlsge* horse*, and corn and other proelaions, are taken into the fortrrs* of I'eternardain by their owners The V agyar* are maeter* of the whole of tba lai.nat > Hung ??? km ?n 01 me iai* 01 i rmtivw ine* th* Pth On thw ink alt th* Hungarian arnica hfld the following piieitlOB-<i?Bcml Aulich with li IM O regular* Bad M ho * II dl-clplinni leai**. ?a? at lb* 1'ialtea Lake 14 'Ml regular* and iMtitiialu r of Ittln wars ob th* hank* nt Ik* V a*g. UtOUU man w?n In aad arouml < *ni<rn lit n.Mm kl fore*, of 40.000 troop* and H00*0 le?|e*, a? dittdid Into two eorp*. on* at whirh th?> foot of th* ( arpathiaa* while th? other WB* nnlbtf with Worgey'* corp* near 1 polyr*(b Thet* la a fort e r.| UU0 ti |Ulari anil t lirjgr hi dy of lute* unili r Item Bud ferctel oa tba bank* of the Tbei?* ami I'tm has left a large n.rpt for thed-fri.c* of Tran*yltanla 1 be *t>liiu-la>m of th* Magyar* iacrea*** daily. The *cc|e*ia*tle* eauM to be earned bt fi re tbim a iv>lo?aaI red *wnrd and cro*?. and a large flag with thla to vcriptton loath to tba Hu**iana and Auatrian* en It la black laltera The** proc*>*inn* gnarly elait* the people 1 be aeat of tba Vatjar government las' Dniiiatdatid faja la a ?teaahi*t wbithanrwdi or deorend* the rtaer aa rtrenniatanrea may require, and wbleb la provided with cat dob fur It* drtrne* Kc**uih baa raid that on hi* jite day ha will di*?-mh*rk il tkla boat at I'ntk Ha formerly made aneh a protil'?, atid I e k< 11 hi* word 1 be report* of the H"*?tan General I.uder*. which bate be a published at Uar-aw rlatm ad rentage* In tnlo?' art inn* wbloh oeearred In lb* ftteklerlaml aatl betaeeo t rr-n*tadt and M*imano?tadt. hetwi-en th* td and Mb of July On th* iattorday tba Magyar* ara alleged tu baa* lo*t Wo killed, ft ur gun* and two eolar*. a bile from the 3d to tbe 6th the Kuxlan loaa la aid D?-t to bate exceeded fl*e killed and forty wound*d Uentral < lam'a Auatrian aorpa arrived in t rmetadt from U allachta on th* 1.1th. and (?*Berai l.udira then eaund hla ran guard, un der Otlrtal I ngelbard. to ade*n*? In th* difiction of H'rmatiartadt Oentral Krgelhard ob arriving m ar the tillage of Vegara* found the plae* ccmpltd by an Inconaidt rable oodjr of Magyar*, attaekt d it In front and rear, carrli d It ami captured 4i 0 pit.oner* and four gun* while the Hungarian* ar* *ald 10 ban Iwt Ki' kilnd While tin ee are th* Ra**taa account* of what U> b*m |a*?irg anui d ( ron*tadt. 11 appear* <hai deapateb** fn ai Otnerai Oroti-nhielrn, Cated on the IRth at Biatrltl *neak of an aetinn apparently if llttia iiaportane*. in which ha ciain* to La** obtatBi d ad?ai.t*g*? the Vienna date* to th* '^Alh ultimo, 'tat* (hat th* Fngll*h [ai'iri with th* llurgarian debar* had ar rlaed and the > lenna public Wert- occupied eitenairely ln*t*dyltg th* tiaailatiun* whleh apt-eared on th* abt a* d?h?t* of Laid I alni*r?toB * *peech I hla It I* aald. ba* Iteri a *tap of thunder to the mlniatera Th* Bew* if (lorgay'a hating beaten th* Mile-l*n* at Ja*to, entered kairhau and ertie*ed th* I heia* caiB>- at th* aame time and already there were rumor* of inteutitia* to negotiate fir pear*. It ai peat* that Ot-rfey ent*r*d Kaeehan ob th* 2td. and the paper* aupply *nn* Important detail* ctmc*tb Ing hi* march frewt Hal'ten, which hae* been hitherto buried in niy?t*ry, After giving I a*k*wltch th* Mif w ro MORNING EDITION?FRII on the night of th? 18th, Oorgey marched, by tba Neograd road, northward of the latra mountain*. Reaching at Balaaea Ujarmatb, the valley of th? I poly, he continued his march by th? broad, ea?y road whlah j run* along thin river to Loaonet. and from thenoe talned Rima Szombath. Tha abxenoe of all raalitanea y the corp? of Ueneral tirabbe upon a road which ad- j niittt d 10 ca?lly of b*lng barricaded and affectually vivvmu. iruuTin <1. (fiunuif bust. IU? Kfavrii UB'J Blready left Altn.Ll hlJ Mw| further down the(Iran. | liorgey having battled Rudiget'a pursuit, proceeded from Klma 8z?ml>ath to Rosenau. He first met tba Russian c utp?.?t of the nerth at Juio. and, In this : neighborhood, he gained a complete victory over ft 1 trong ctrps The Russian garrison at Kaschau wa? struck with consternation at the sudden appearanoa of an Hungaiian army. The garrison dropped all thoughts ol delence. and the Magyars entered without : oppoeilion. in a strategic point of view, is ! a bi^bly important place On this acoount it was for- I titled by I'a- kewitch. ai. J made the head depot of the 1 c< mmUsariat i-upplies from I'oland aud Callicia. Krom !, Uorgey marched towards the Tbeisa, whioh j he Has to crors at Tokay and Tar/.al. The Russian 1 detuebments left on the ether bank are irretrievably | lost. The Thuiss la, as in the past winter, tha Una , *f operations The rtad to Oalllcia lies open on ona j side, aud communicatlom are established on the other i with l><mbini-kl. In the meantime the third Austrian army corps U ' advancing by forced marches to the help of the Uao, j while Gtueral liaynau, with two other corps, is employed in preventing Dembincki'a pacing the Danube, which latter commander is operating, with 50,000 men, between ( M fcled and Siolnok. his right wing extended to Jastbcrini It is required to drive him back to tha lelt bank of the Theirs In the position be now holds, hetbriatens at one and the Fame time, the Austrian a> urn m In the south, and the Russian arms in the north. it in ]>r< Dhtiiy in tlic neighborhood of Peterwardein that the < au | aigu will close, for it 1* near this fortress, In the ltaaska nod Tsehaiklst territory, that the insurgents are cocci titrating thi Ir strength, *o an to make hiad against ti e .Nustiiana that are now marching forcedly to the Bun's succor. The Hiener Zirtumg give* the following aa the latest new* fri'U biaduuarter*:? According to ottiiial it lormatinn, tbs Prlnoe ef Waruw'i ; head-i|uartera, with the second cerps, wers moved on the ?.'4 fr"D Asrod to flatvsa. A |>art of the insurgents f?il lack to Nsgy Kan. The third corps, which pursued the ti.raiy aa far as Hslussa Uyarmath, ia iu Uyounion slueo the Vid. LieuUaant-Uenerai baa* underleok the further pursuit t ? ui . Minolta. The Austrian reserve corpi and I'anlntln'i) Russian division atrived in Pesth on the i!lst, and General llaynau In mid to have alterwarda moved hi* troop* on I xeglud atid Keerkcmet W hile Marshal Paskowitoh'a bead quarter* were at Aiod. an action took plaoe between the liuntian and Magyar cat Airy, supported by fouie liitantry. at or near Tol Am. The Ku.iclans claim the advantage. and sajr that they took a gun and many prisoners. it is also stated that tieneral Sacken'a j Hussian cot pa. which had been cantoned about Stry, > iu Oallicia. had marchtd in two column* for Hungary, : would reach Dukia on the 21st. and cro** the border* ' on the Sod. tieneral liaynau hun issued a proclama- 1 tion. thieatening with inataut death any inhabitant of lirth who thail bitray attachment to the Magyar ; cause, and )ihm also imposed a heavy contribution of j army clothing, valued at 2,000,000 florin*, on the Jewa ! of Oath and (Ten. in coumcjuence of the z?al which I they bad shown lnasaisticg Kossuth's government It i* now known at a fact that the Northern llui, flan am y ha* been completely outwitted by (ieueral (iorgey Our correspondent assure* us, on the be*t authority, that Pltaca I'a-kiewllch himself i* totally ! ignorant of the whereabout* ot Gorgiy and the 4 l.oOO | men whom Prince Pasklewitcb wa* led to believe he cngagi d at Waitzt n. '1 be Vltnna paper* publish the proclamation which the Austrian < t nin under ln-< hief. General liaynau, has address) d to the It:habitant* of Pesth, on the occasion of his leaving them t* hasten to the re*cue of the Ban et ( Matia:? to imk isHiitTisri or at'na a*n rtaTM. After several victories, which the Imperial artna have oktaintd over those of ths traitors, *e are axeln among yoa. We have stum planted the i? penal standard en y?ur eteeples. But our feelinga are far different from what they were when w * left yi a a short time *u? Itooned lo ilnath is every persoii?no maiterof what rank or aea?doomed te instant death, on lb*spot of the crime, isevery ose who dares to assist the cause of tns rebels, ty words, or by deeds, or by revolutionsry dress; doomed to instant death ia every one w bo dares to iasul i aay ot my soldiers, or of those of our allies, doomed to instant death lattery oae who eater* lato traitoroua runuiuaicatioa with the eeeiuiea of the cruva, or who maliciously presumes by rumors to assist the rsbeUiea, or to conceal wesf ar." The Ministerial Orittriichiichr CmT'tpondtnl of today, etntain* a leading article which ia remarkable, .u.ruj... u m- Ik I. uucocwfiumiviuiiuiuiriinirrBtiticn* of the I'marian pri>M in rcapeet to tba linn- | gariau and Sardinian uucxtiotin, and a defcnca of Auitila'a iidi- of conduct In botb ra.-e? Th<r? are noma I n'ragra which ?rc to perfectly trua and no nmch to tb? pur pnar that I cannot rafraln from giving a brinf i gutrirary of tha whole A net rig, ahicii iu reality i* engaged In two war* of *?lf- ! pre*t raatitn, ii, according to the party Journal* of tha day, ' guilty of tl.e ini nncotieeicntigu* conduct, kotta toward* ; Sardinia and Ui unary. It i* dated that tlia liard terai* pr?i pond to it* fciiaar arc tba troa raaaia that tk* peac* ia aot | . coaclndtd, ahlle, In reality, thera la no *>ai?ple in Malory of { a con.ji.ertd people Ulan treated with a greater laalty bv tha , victur than ara lb* Bardiatar* by tla Auatrtau*. The voluntary evaiuati. n of Aleaeandria ia a freeh example of a de.ire I to aettla matltra, which haa I era carried aiuioat to ncvaa. , i lha I'n raun pater* declar* that It ia Auttrla'* fault that a ' ?a: ol dcapair" >a Dow b?ia| waged ia liuagar/.aa attempt Laving I tan made is deprive tie llnaiarian* of tliair inda- j ptndeal cantllution Tha rtpruach of ita being a "war of I despair" coald be exactly aa Jtietly applied to I'ruarin and Had?a a* to Auitria and Hungary. After giving iaatarce* of tha it currert rtatencata, a* well "I ih* I ruU hr tUftrm aa of , tha kointt '/.tUuKr, tha niiaiatartal orgaa glveaaanort aBeial. (f aLat baa really taken plate. Tba holitr />ila?? call* tba Unrgariaa rtUIli.n the work ol "aainall tat herie peojlo allheal meana." Hungary ia a ceaatry cob tali, tag about ft.lM aijuaia ( Engliehl miire. Inhabited by It.OUO.UUO aoala. I.yiaa r. prcaentatioa* haie inuaced acarly tba ahola of tha n ale (ipulatun ta take ap arum, fur tha |ta*anlry, alnual 1 flllan tx<apU4 11, Mill Muafl that tlMy are ||kthi fnr Fer- , d i.anl I , aga.aat bia aephaw, who baa uanrpad tUe throne. Tba Bungaiiaa fortrcaeea ware perfectly farniated by the Aturun govern*, at. and ccatalaed all tba raaerve artillery aad solitary atoree of tba wbala army. Ilia (denoeralic) : nn iairy of I lleradorf gave ov*r IkM. u wall aa all the Bulgarian troop*, among which wen Ift.uu) huaaar*. to tba Hoapanaa Viniattr of >? ar, wbiia tba A ustriane were (gluing ia Italy la the proportion of on* agaiuat Van. All tla tieature ia Hungary. tke property of the naltad erpira, waa alao felted by tba leadera tf the rtkaUlca. Let u* bow ace how Hnagary baa behaved u ward a Auatria. Kvrryj Ibiag havltg bee a rraated to bar which *he had darnel..lad, ati.eag ahi.h ? ? nuch tliat mw ahoiild have bi cb cmccd?d, It waa li?|ed that *ha would prn<? a to Ik* cBipira ia the daager* tu which It waa eirend Il*rdly, however, had prerogative* been aci-oHed, j aliicli IJuti|!a>ry had sever before po*e?Mrd," when the aepaI rati, n nf Irom Auatria. which bad loag been deternuren by KcMwrb. liatbyani, ?o., actuallv began; the ?oa| eaafioaa which bad Jaet ka?r> made, aad the deaperata oondi| tioa the in>|>lre w*? la, faailitating md gieiag a f*a*ikla aap?*r*n'? to if plan. The pajuimt of the ju?t aLare of the rational deblwa* refawd with *c< ra; the recruit* for tha ' Italian army were not only refated.bat tlia faithful ragi* which were thara re. ailed It waa than laaltlrd on | that the independeal kiagdeaa of IroBUB ar d Aalaeoaia 1 , aboald take tke *aia* atcp*; but aa tba demand wa* Bat atI t< . r I atlit. e ? rr tah> a t " -ntcrea obedleace Many I charge* of the aawie kind, which are true to lb* latter, 1 are made agaiae! the liuatartBBi. bat Hill tha Kiaprrnf I I erdlaard i. atiaaed l<> atteapl to eflccl aceaipvemiw. uatil ! tie n < t .. r f CaaBI L*Bkir| I ia< lu.led the poxil.iilt ? af a teccBciliatloB. llevbolect laat a ittar wa* apeat la II ub' (,*ry in orgaaidng lie preparation* for nail war ob a meat eitenair* real*: aad the aaaietaar* of th* great Inrapaaa 1 reeolBtii rary party, at lha bead of a ki*h Were 20 UK) Poiaa, waa aol aaatinc. I'utiag tbi* tiaa tie roaiady of a wiaB 10 eal B.II to their IrgitiB.ate Kiag waaalwar* earned ob. and ijMron i f I rir? W lt,<i>atl.*r?ti. who, in Ik* lioaoaty and I b|nfktaaaa of bia i htiKUr, ?>d aith hia atrial fao'io< of hoaor, ltd aot tk? ( it 14m that porfidi eoaoaalod IM nuik of raador. Al tho aid of tha (ItM tha MdtliiUi a of tha |iltn of d#faara wao cnnpliltil-i work a hit k at nth I kiwi if the )rtr?i tin othar ltd* of tha tilt llirtarlan plolna hod aaafly Woaa kapt aaarat ; i tho B>aak mi thn wa ??lorto ataiioa opp-'orod la Uio fla d ? I ho or moBBi artil-ud Koaoalh darlarod. j | h?ntaa?of liiimtiatH at Dthroctla. that (ho h?nN or 1 lf?|?ti>rr lad forfaited th? II nt pari an rrowa Ta put aa I ?t d to tM? atate ol linage, Ui<-Kuaataa Emparor'a eaaiatoa a ' ?ea ukrd for aad granted. If tho Hi.Mian hatore la Uoro a- ' BJ MkmN nedy to a??i?t Auatrle M that war* tola- 1 | rr. eoe I . r difflarlttoa. Unaalan aaoiatoara w>ald haae la?a an. 1 potftii aa linntvrrr tfa alaeo frtaedotnp of tha two ea^troa ?III ? litII* It dm* Anairta ?o ??!?? flrtra h?r m??arni ual I ooaalitatlonal, aa Ruaaela fr<>tn hot pur* nuiaarehirnl. i Atatr a a III dt ftad her liberty of act lea oa all aldao, hut aha will l? at t ?.f all allow hiraalrtoho foroad ky tko onall Oarman party, lato a |atk whioh ia not a?rreoaMe to h*r. 1 bo f< rt g"li)f rratilrea do r?mark* on my part It la aerfactly (Hit; aid aa to thr ot neludiag part of It, I hita thr pat fort eonvletloii tbal tha hooaeuf Hapaborf 111 ataiid or fall by tho da-clatatlon oiado tt *it tapotftd at Vltiaa (bat tha RdnIm raaarra atnij of Hj ( < 0 molt, bow Ib Uallola had roroltad la aliBrfloB* to advencr Into ItBBgary and that iho brad quarter* of Prtnco I atllewlueli wore Bt Hat?a? Aerttnltf to the h'otnrr ZnfMif, tbo Prlnro'e haad quarfara ai? al A n .1 A (i rroipi rd< nt who write* fr?Bi t.lofgalta In Stjria, of the 24th InataBt. (Itra ua tbo following dataila of Lb* i talilr it W altaeB:? Ct atral (.(r|0j. Vain* lafnrnad of tha approach of Prinoa | Putiaalti h iipi a W allien, fitted ('eaiora oa tha Ifh Inel., ai d tak>t a op a atroaa poeitiea oa the Waltaea roai, ho at tacki 4 tl o Hoeeiaa foroaaat o'clock, A M. Aftor a aeainltatj ai d protracltd ronfllci. la Ua rooraa of ahleh 6<a?> Kuialaw attt killed aad wouaded, ha romaiaod maaior of tho fit id. nltle I'atktoa Itorh rotraatod to Daaa Keeeh, la nrdar ta tfart a Juaetloa with Oeaetal HeaOnra* *orpe, whitk had It ft Paath ta aaant tho Rnaaiaaa. Oorjey, meaaeod ?a thraa aid**, ordered a an all ovrpa of hla kraarat aioa, aotnaaodad k) ^a|u Haidtr (/Irplfre, 'Oraat Aloaandor'). to attaak riallaoltai h. for tho pur^oaa of di?art<a? tha Kaaoiaa oo?a at dat a attaatloa, wkila ka hiaaolf aiaatraarad to o*oa a tt n Binairatloa wilk Dtaihiaakl Tha Fardiaaad llaaaara. aid oaothtr Uniiarlia lofiaait, a'tai lad tbo all-fold kaaa aa lort a ai<k ?r?at fnr? aad fnt a loaj ilma aiaiatalnod tha at i.oal rcBthat, aatll that woto at lancth eat off to a taaa lltrat; ttioaaakila tikttaa a Jnactloa with tha Mala had; of lit Htatatlan aitai| aadar l>oBiMaokl. Ob Iba Jfitb nit . M Hanffarian prl?OB?ra w?ra a?Bt by railway to Traibnrg Aib?t( than trora tba Coanta l.iuia taiibtai) and ( aroly ( < i ral lltiMu ha* afldr??ed proclamation to his i<ldl.r? In ahleb he t?ll? thrni th'j are about hrin? l?d Into ptratifr dUtrlrta r?glr<M a* yet tirtroddm by tb<m Hrppa uolatr rahla to tin- n<arrh nf in army, b?r? t hi} wt tild Bret with fr?-?h rbatMlx and hat* to Ulrierfo lf? hatdihipn But he had full ronfMenea Inthiin. ard the eoldlrra wbo had borne np manfully Malnt tha trail and teverltlee of wlktef r?tn|?aitfn ?? Did he Hire oft to falter row that further effort* of |>atl? tire at d >eif denial wt re rxjntrrd of th?m 1 lie 8< nib Rrln?< nlan paper* rte?rrlbe the difference of tartlet mphii d n- w bv tba ln?nrg*nta toward* tha P.r?1?n poj ulatlcn la the (lira e<nntry. 1 he y ant art In at it ni w?U. hate |lven up all persecution of indlvldtialr and byaejMim of mnderatlan are trying to r?|alr 'be evil th?y have d<ne tbna conciliate Merda Tba ernMrjuene* la that abeeateal*a la n* Ibe rticrra?a 1 be Gttrllt rctitaln* tha Imperial latter* patent, akrtlh I?r Bach recetaet tbe high ofWca of Prime Mlnlatir (Mlnlfter of tbe Interior), la tbaplac. afCotint RK E )AY, AUGUST 17, 1849. 8tadlon. Count Leo Than U appointed to the offlue of I Instruction and Cullut, till now Incorporated with the Premivrphlp ; and Sohmerllng rroeiTt* the departmnut ofJuxtlce. Count Stadion. whoea reMgnition on the I (core of health ban at length been aocepted by the Urnperor. ?till hold* ihe rank of Mtnliter of the Crown but without a portfolio , bin Mij.'Hiy not feeling at ?a<? I unlet* iurrouuded by one whoce able and devoted rer- ' Tlcei have wen for him laatiug claim* on the gratitude ' of hla country. The town of Moliaoi. described at an Important poxl- j tion ou the right bank of the Danube, not far from Ewtg bar been carried by fttorui, by a dying oorp?, un Urr tbe oommand i f Major llenrii|iiez Tbe enemy. la th? strength of 700 men. infantry, aud sixty hm-ars, wan thrown b*ck an J obliged to retreat over tbe river. A whole "lading" of llonved*. trying to r>ach the loft bank, was capsized lu the middle of the stream. and went down, ao that the water did the work uf bullets ? fiata was then oeoupled. (ieuerai Nugent trrum to be manu-uvring with a view to cover the rear of the Run

of Croatia. The last column of Count Clam arrived in Cronhtadt cn the 16th met The great quastlou in will tjorgey succeed in joining I)enihin*ky by way of Debrecen' '1 here Hrmi nothing to prevent him '1 be papers publish a despatch trom the head quarter* ol the ItUM-ian Ln uuuant-i<i u'raUjr .Ueulielm, duted blstrltx. July 1H On the Ifith lust. the hostile poaltiona at Acrethfalra were attacked by the light win? under Central 1'iwl.w, while tiia left, lunmanilrd l.i I leuttnaut (ienrral UraMlllnlm. drova the imtny from Ttiitah; at the aaiM time the heighla of Ilariua were *ru l>jc the Austrian eoluum uf l.leutciiint C'ohael SrrIuef?.It*. The fie ruinated in ?ui h haate to Tata that we were unable to overtake hiui: and two guns with a lunltloa ir, which be bail forgotten to take *lth > hiui, were tho trophies of the conqueror. The IIutigarlana, after retreating from Perethtalra, Irokeolf in 2 columns, the oae taking the d,rcction of Takiadorl, while the other waa f timn d I y General I'awlow tva far as l.cohniti. Ou the 17th tlie Kn?ian corps turned la k to Uistrltt, without attain coming in contact with the ei.oa.y- Out lu?4 ??i in all .'I liillt <t and ti w ni.rtad. The insurgents had 40 or .r>0 killed, and II) taken prironera. The CoU'gUH 4laiettr eontaiu* the fullowlng. roU'ive to the llurgarlau rampaiiiu :? C.ot,'ej , marching witb greater rapidity than the Kusslans, euttrtd on iho mKht of UieliUtof Jnly, into Kiachau, having firat driven ml ti e Knaeian garriaon. The Kuwiai a, with tl e lat, 2d, am .a.'<";*)?<. i n.rc, wre ou the routua or llutiab, tijoigyos, and Mtac li. I'askiee itch waa at Uyongvi4 on the :3th. The .14 and till cor/>i il'armee wero at St. refer e. five Iragnea t? the southwoat of ka'dbau. A few days since, it will be remembered, a Kuaaiau bulletin apuke of a battle in the diatrict of Jasiges, a here superior f.iroes clieckod the Russians. This ee w?, at trie tiinaunex pc ted mid tone what Luigmaiical. ia confirmed. W e kuow for eertain tha', ao politics en the 1 hvu?, along the rail* ?y fri m Vscgltd to tb? fu'liwepl of J*?*l>rreny, bit centrn bring at N?yy-kata. Ptmblnaki, comeiiuantly, threateua the K Italian my <>u tie rifilit Hark. and i* able to operate oatheluft hm k of Ibt ai -tiian ci i |?ii on th* way to Kaacktmtr. 'i he late nmiiater, < ount Batthauy. wlio was lncarcerat< d at Laibach. wan broughtto Fre?burg under military eacoit, in a common *ii|on a* al*o Hxeuiere, tb* MlnUtir, Count Koralyl. /edlinakl, and other*. altogether abiut 11)0 per-oua; they were planed In one of the barrack*; they did not appear In tbe least dejected, but bore thematlvea nobly arnidat all thalr niti-fortune*. It Is K-nt-rally reported that Xtmeiyar 1* *tlll la th* buuda of the iniurgent* It i* reported that the relish Colonel Mlkloaic* had g< ne oyer to the Hungarian*. According to private account* in the Berlin ATocV. riek$tmi, Aulich ha* suddenly appeurtil with a large foic* at Dote*, between Coiuorn and Peith, and placed himaelf between the two cblef Austrian division* It III known that Aulich waa in the neighborhood of the flatten Lake, where he had collected large no**** of the country people, but it wan not auppoaed at Vienna that he could aa>ume the offenaivo In to bold a manner a* appear* to have been th* care (Jorgey, after forcing hi* way fn m Comoro. I.a* reached Kaaotiau, and formed a junction with Dembinaki; their united forcet> mu*t amount to a large army, but a* to their future lutefctlona. all are iu thn dark, (iorgey i* now puahlng on towarda the Carpathian*, In part by tho route I naklewilth advanced t? Walticn. Oen llaynau had left but ft tmall force in Teeth; and. Instead of marching to r*in!oree Jellachich in the aouth. It i* aald i* on hi* way to join the Huaaiana, who are probubiy threatened by (Jorpey and Pembinakl. No pasfport* were allowed, according to tbe laat account*, at I'raxtuig to go to Haab, *o that it would actoi that the communication between tho*e town* had beoa out off by the Ilungarlana under Aulich. The Knlnrr y*itung atatt - that the fortreaa of Terao*var ha* aurrendered to the Hungarian*, who haye likewire entered ttemlin, the p< n.eselon of which town make* them maatvr* of th? lin* of the Danube, froin 1 airg to Orabova, tbna facilitating their communlcationa with th* Turkish empire and the city of Belgrade. Another report, which I* contained in the Kolnrr tunacqmrea a high degree of probability from the reflection* (a* qnoted above) of cur correapwndeut. on thu relative petition* of the Imperialiat arioie* under l arkiewlfch and Ha>tau and tiioae of the Hungaiiana until r Ocrgey and Dembinakl Thl* now* la, tbat I'rince f'afklewitch haa been defeated by Dunilitnakl'a amy. at <<>ongyoa. No detaila whatever at* given of the affair. Ocr ctrreaptndent inform* u* that the city of MobM'h too. haa been taken by the Hungarian*. The men mi nt* in Turklrli Croatia ar- inrrea?ing in extent and violence, and th* deaire of the TurkWh Croat*, to join their Auatriau brethren lu a Croat Kingdom. under Baron Jellachich. becomej dally mure manifeat The Analro- Ilnaatan Campaign In Hungary, [From the l.uadon Tlinea July 81.) The military opeiatlena in Hungary are known to u* chiefly by the report* of tli* udver?e party for little or no rellanc* run be placed on the |oo*e Intelligence of the^erman newapapera aid non* on the Hungarian bulletin* tbat reach tbla country. itut when official > tatementa, proce> d:n* fr< m the ItuMiin or Auatrlan gent lulu, ar? fouiid to dueioaa i elate of thing* which ihiv ran bn? do laltrtrt or dealra to wkno*l?il||?, men aMMata may aaftly !>? folluwtd Wfl are MV, therefor*. tb* more diapoaed to brlMK thru. berauna it la tfMmt the pliu of the campaign m It wai begun l?y the lmp< rial irmlri>. baa bren dialocated by tb< .-kill and tlgor ?f the Hungarian commander*. and but down to tha lateat data tba fortune of tha war wa* in favor of the latter. It will bit remembered that wa left Ueneraltiargey pre??i d en all *idea by wry canaiderrbla forcea. on both rldea of the I'anube. I.?ri?< n bark from the hotly irikt>*t?d llnva of Raab and Ac*. ha bad found a tempi raiy rhelter under tha run* of t omorn, and ha atlll lu Id ihn Irft bank of the Danube a* far an Waltnen an4 r> nMqiivntly tha valley of tb* Oran tint Oenaral* W<l>lg? mutn and I'aalutln a*?*ll'-d him an thn w**t; tb? tioithrrn district* warn crowded with tha dlvMna* of litid'p?r. t?r*bb*. and N*?a. (>?iwrkl llayuau had rrrratd the 1'auub*. and ma/olied with th? main body of the Anatrian* on I'eath, which Indeed had been alr< ady entered by Hamberg on tha lltli lout I.aatly, I'aaklewitcb bum elf bad moved from Mikolct to tba capital. Every ioad reemed blockaded,and tha circle wm c< niplet* Neverthele** It l? arknowltdred bv tha Rinnan bulletin that out of tbia trap tiorgry had found ma ana toeacape. without any aorloualoa* of mm or gun*. < i t > HU b? iMiiM tWlulM ?lyo?i at Wiwn, which waa <ei My defended by acme Vu-aulman troop?, wlo retired. Hut tba attempt in thla direction wai pntaldy a faint, for tbouah h? r ub?e<ju>utly repulaed tl.r iJitI-h n < I Saa* which tlrpt enme ?.;*la*t him, ha ml not to have advanced eastward. but to bare takni Up a pnntlon before W allien On tha fotloviiii day reinforcement* arrived from the Ruaainn h?ad >|uart<raatl>Mh and a rbarp rano< nade n<iied I'aakl*witch came np probably anticipating a g*o*ral a'tlon Mi tha 17 k. At tarly dawn the RuaaiaB' attacked aud cifeattd what remained of tba enemy; l>wt It waa ob ?i?ed that tha Mi|)ar f> rre conflated ehli fly of cavalry. and in fact, (laorgey bad withdrawn In tha right with the main body of hla army, and waa marehlug rapidly to tha north In tha aauth of Hungary tha laat operation' are mar* dlatiiirtly kri *n and there the peril la entirely on tha aide of Jellarhtch. who** alt nation ia one of eitrania ilitri r 1 be Bacta cr ahir* of Baca, which la tba acena (f theae event* It tba extremity of that tract of couatry Included between the lianube and tbaTheiaa. where tley descend la patallel llnea to tha aouth. and it i* board* d by the bend of tha Panuhe ao a- to lorai tba tei nitration of a fanlxr |.*i allelogram Thla eountry la Intwreected from the channel of one river to that of the other by the r? ntalwa of the old lloman liaea of occupation and alan by a canal known by tba nana of tha Ftaaciafanal (lonth of tbl* teglnn and oppoaite ta It, Ilea the fr rtreaa af r*ter?aideln. which the Hungarian* hare rtontly and ?uccea*<nlly defaadad It may inter>at tba uiilltary r>ader to obaerre that the po?ltlon of the Ran la precisely that nf Prince I n/ene at tba e< it tin nr? m??t nf tha rini|?l|t of 1?H>7 juat bpfora tha bat hp of zrnla. tblt portion la wtlh.n the bord?r* h> id hi tbp regiment* of Ihr military frontier. whleh fmt> ihf beat part rf Je'la>-hl< h'* army The population in Nertlan bitterly hoatlla to th* Magyar* ardently Itlirhrd tnlhi Imperial niN. ild n mplately dtaclpl'n?"1 anil trained to nllltir; aaralra. I* f' imlt (t the plan of the raaipalrn. It ha<t b"? pf'titmil I bat Jrliarhieli would aurreed In taking Tatptwardela. ar d would thm match north defpatln* NrrH until be met tha ttiiMlann k?t*wn IVath and Hf gi dtp Ha mad* the aitampt aad failed IVterwaul' Iti held out 1 wlea he adraaead np tha north kitik of tha TtrW obp? to O'lm". and ?nr? to Ha yea, and *aer>piileed Hiih??qu?ntly hp ?w?a lobar* bra a mora rlgrally defeated lit tha 12th of July, tha ramp rf JelTarhlrh waa about a league from tha f tat da ( anal la a atrnag poaltloa hetwp?n Varhaaa and Ht. 1 brmaa On tha lllh, a rnrlff arrived with tha deroratloae rreently bartoaul m tbp Ban and hi* c<aradea|n arm* by hi* aoreratgn. Bad the aereaoay of dtftilbutloa waa celebrated wlthi-itreme eathuai a.m Oa tha following day* aarera action* mnat bare bean fiaght. aad tha imperial army aarerely handled, far on tha lMh. ?a Had lellaehich drlreu back to lltel a>mall poailloa Bear theroafluance of tha Thelaa I ard the Lasube whllat thtnrg* of fugitive* wara aaraping into tjrala 1 ha gatrlaoa of leterwardein had bean lettered aad tha *lrga falard. Tha army of Jallar bl< h ?er a * not to bare eiraadid 140l<l or 16 UOO a<a. and ham bad aileatly adaanr.d with tha whole litee ha had e?>ll?rt?d In tha Ti n>pa?ar hanat on ht* B'trrh In m I tan>)lvsnla. t? rruth tbp enemy liran a'i.?| to ba ma whether tha Han will ba abla to hold hta gic und in iha angle i f t! ? laiklat aouutry (ai It l? I rail) d, fri m tha flotilla which belntiga to It) till turn* a* tin a I'ltBrp 1 iiarna i> a.aiaed thpr* oa on? ndi-anli'D !)*? ?i?k?: but Ik* n I ???i**r?l?<n la tk* liaaila il ik? mkf.Ml Ik* ri|kt bank of lh* 'I b*l*? Mn?na* H?)lisii bin l*ft fwth ?ltb lk? ??l# Ixii; <>t Ik* A iiftnan iidit In Miftrrk to Ik* ftooi h. ?n1 !< day* < iifkt to krli g Mir vlthln th* r?M-k of B*? llilili.n Hat** ii h* twin fn m f |>*<-ul?lli'? os ?rrnb Ol uhlrk Ik* c?u?*? ft re mi Irpuf'ftlj k?n?* 1 k>r? lltlfrtU hoviift ikltk > ?* lk*? brought lb* ?ir. i>iKt h ?y krir| f.? ril?*n of tk* HumIam tilr** to tk* fro?ll*r if I uikry, lmp*rt Ml Miditlnnal lkt?i??t to tbu coi.t<<*t, fr< m th* eiituM* lapixUao* 4 [ERA attached to them at Conatantlnople It lahjr no meant improbable that Bern may again drive hia adveraariea aero*a the Turklrh frontier Into Bosnia or Turklah Crt atla. and the the atre of war may even be traniport d Into the dominions of tha I'orte Thla contingency has not racapi d the notice of the Turk*; they have early perciivtd that. n< it to the Hungarian* themselves. tbe Ottoman Kn.pire la peculiarly intereated In thin struggle; and It is eaay to perceive motive* which mum than ever incite the I'orte to adhera to her ancient policy of tiding with the maloon >" """I"; ?u" /vuemaus wpre, iu? ivuaflan* are, h<-r moit formidable neighbor* Hanpary, id the Land) of a Xannolya. a Hagotaky, or any other pretender, supported by Turkey. become* the moat effectual barrier of b?r Kuropeau dominion* ; and on the ?.ther hand. Hungary subdued by the arm* ol ]>u?Hia and held In tuhjection by Kuenian garrison*, converted fr'm a friendly or neutral date into a permanent danger To the Ottoman empire the direct intervention of Ilum-ia in Hungary might be said to wmtabli.-b a cauee of war Moreover, thu S< rvian population. wbo are atdently opposed to the ascendancy of the Magi art- are >li?nl with distrust at Constantinople. fn in their pIi Hf ceunection with the hi-ad ot tba tireck church, ur.d the influence acquired over them 1'V tin- Fun of ( roatia is felt within the Turkish frontier Krctn tiadition. In ui policy. and from instinct, theiecan he little doubt that the sympathies of the Forte in this war are with the Hungarians, and the Forte might become, aa of old, by far their moatelilelent ally. Denmark and the Uurhlei \Ve have received account a from Hamburg to the Slut ult Kr?m the Jiorttn- Uttllr of that dale It appears the (itrniau troips bad with the exception of a email pi iti'd retired beyond tho line of demarcation Trade had begun to revive; and the blockade it waa confldeatiy stated. w >uld be rained about the 0ih or lOtli. Several >teeelM had already arrived with cargoe*. Tht Unnutic Principalities. The Jlllytmeint y.ritung publii-hen thu following State document (tiened) respecting the internal government ot the Liaiiuhe I llnci) nlities. aa agreed upon between the Sovt reign and the Protecting Fowers-namely, Tuikey aLd Kufslu. It if dated T Dschemaitei Ahir 12H0. 1 he " Scned " consist* of seven article*. It la a* foili *i:1 Iivir Itt rerial Highne*!** the Emperor and Autocrat of Ki.mii. mid the fcmperor mid l'mliai I ah i f tbe Oainans, n rill at nil by the ranie wiah for the welfare of the priaoipaliiiem.f Uihlana aiiil M ullai'Ma, ami It fulfilment of their forOiir promhe* to concede to theae mndaasepuratuoouatitution and other privileges. have foubil, in conat'qtieiiue of th* recent diaturlanrca in time provinces, but wore especially in Wallschia. that It it mi l itary to take ia concert eitraordiuiiiy knil etncii bt uii arutea to ileVml thu righ'a and privl'egen coaetded to th>m. hsmiII avainat revolutionary and anarchical attcmptr, aa alio agaiuat the abuae of power, w hi> h Uriel ihe ao<ius of the luna. and deprives the ji^aoaf>il iuhal>itet t*of ihe benetita guurarterd to them by treaties ciBcludrd bet*Mb Kui-?>a i".d tbe I'orte. In eouaideratlon w hereof, the fallowing hau Leon divided upoa bdwcea the tw o hifch power*: ? 1. 7 I n llo>|x.dar? of Moldavia and Wallachia shall be no to appoint thoee wluat* moat worthy. 2. Dm urpatilc regulat lona of If.".I ehall remain la vi*?r, mvlnn each modihcatmne ?i aball bu deemed iicoeaaary. Among then modituation* in the ?u pi-utinn of the aseembliee, coih ordinary uad extraordinary, of tlx ttoyarda, In consequence of their having frequently given riao to the moat crlcua conflict". The wo power* wi'l *gree m to the tim? wntn tl *> (ball lo n-i'i>eiii'il. llcanwliil , they ahall be repined bj n Inaa. coBipoaed of botncilt. and memt ?ri of tha NfWlM <l.t.-\ ?).? enjo) general conhdun**. Tba Hivau aball he occupied chiefly in A ling nnd regulating tha taxe* and in verifying the yearly budget. 3. Two leviemg ct mmi>aion< re aball look oyer tba regulation!, and ahall pr< [ ore ntcli modification* aa aball *eera luiereary to IIm-ui. 1l.u labors of ft e rom.-uikaionera ahall be U rn ?nl milted for a|'t robat) t, > f t be Ottoman Mini iter, w ho (ball suite m tbe ihljuct with tbe Cabinet of at. i'eteraInrib. The prinrlpalltle* it all l.e occupied by an army of 23,000 to On nu n, nnt'l tbe re-oetatlmhineat of tranquillity on the fintiera. So a. on a* thtre aball be any apprehension of larger from without, there ahall remain in th* principalities a body of 10,100 mm lelonaing to each of the two power*, until internal tranquillity hall Ibr guaranteed. The troop* aball then retire, but they flail take up a position in the vicinity, in ease any reeious event* should aria*. Tbe nati< nil militia ahall be re-crganiied ao aa effectually to guaranty f<ai e and public fifety. t. Liurirg the time of tbe occupation, two extraordinary nuMmmi re*p*etiv*ly aMMM kytti two powora, ahall aaaiat the two hospodar* with their council*. fi. The duration of tlie present treaty ia fixed for tbe term of icti'ti ytart. 7. The pretent treaty ahall aot in anywise infringe upon the atirnlatiotia of the two eourU re?|*ctmg Moldavia and MTallaohia, aor upon the treaty of Adrianople, which remain ift full vigor. Tbe above ha* been officially acknowledge J and adopted by tho Sultan. Swltitrland. Tba *hni Jr la Conititutitm of Berne cf tbn 2flth Inat., announce* that tbe federal council had called out 8XtiLU men. who were to be etatiuued along the llbi-tilnh ; frontier. under the command of (Jen Dufour They arc ti b? formed into three divl*innn and< nloael /Am- j in?rle la to aot aa chief of the ataff Tba neceeaarjr ordcra bad been forwarded to the cantona, and tbe Diet waa convoked at Heme for the :tl*t of July Two dale K?tea lroni the head-quarter* of the Imperial troop* at < onstancehad arrived at Uerue to negotiate with tba fedotal council respecting the preiaenoe of tba Heealana at Buslngen. 1 he utmost irritation prevailed along the frontier bordering on the duchy of Baden A Zurich rhaeseur had been flred upon hy tba I'ruaaian troopa on tha Swiaa territory, and wounded in tba arm, hi* boras, pierced with lereral bullet*, bad baan killed. Itoma. Till I RoO.AMATION OF T1IK POP*. There la no Intelligence from Home of the 24th ult. of tbe leaat Importance 'J lie l ope, it la thought, will not return to hia dominion* thin antutiiD Moet of tlio deputise were leaving Itoma for Civlta Vrechla <?arlbaldi wia approaching tbe Pontltleai State* wltb tbe view of riacinng Kla-inl Tbe I'ope haa li.'ued from Uaeta tbe following proclamation ru e ti to in* ai LovtD ecBJacT*. Cod ba* railed I ia arn and b?* a?pe*sed the atormy wavee ofanaichy and impiety lie haagatderi the Catholic armie* la luttalatng the t lahta of humaaity which wero tramp'ed uaier foot, ef labile faith whieh waa attacked, and la restoring the rjbt? < r the llaly See aad ef ewr aeveretgatj ciory toiled, Wne in the midet'of bin auger haa remeni l?r*d Id* mercy. Belrved labjeet*. It, in the midat < t the hnrro anx of the paat fli|htfnl rveata, our heart haa been tilled w ith bittorneee ia reflecting oa ao tuaay wr< nga aufleied by the Uharch. by religion, end by yotir*< Ive*. It haa not felt les* nf that love for you it ha* alw?y* bad. and ever will have. VV* antteipat* alth pleartre tbe day that ehall aee ua oace a^aia ia ihe mtd't of J, n, ar J hen that da) ahall roni, we ehall re enter with the raraeat dtlire to aflord toil conaolatioa, and with tbe deatre to aa* all oar enargiee f t your true intareat*. appljiag the proper remediea tneure the varioua ilia that atilict you, and coneollng our loyal aaajecta who. while detlriagia tituiioaa In *ci are*i.e* with thair want*, yot, above all, desire, a* *e da, to aee gneian'eid the liberty ind thai Inder'eadert* of th* Soveieign I'ontifl, *o aeceiaarr to the Cathvio world. In the meaewMIe, la order te reorganlie pablie affair*, w* are atout to ap|< int a con.nn?aioa, which, armed with full powi re, atd *>?lat*4 by a a>iai*'.ry, will regulate th* goverameat of the Ktate. We implore te-day.wlth tbe greateet fervor, that the M**eing of the Lord > ) deemed upon vou. It i* a great eoaaolation fa r ewt aonl. to htpe that all who by their error! have forfaited hie Hl> talag may reader theai*elvea worthy of it by a elacere return to the pathe of right. Civea at Gaeta. Ju'.y 17. 1M.'. Pit-a IT. V entree A letter from Trieate. dated tba 7U nit , *ay* :? Venice bolda < ut etill Tbe Auatrlaa* are not now rurllii r Mfincea (Dan *n?r in* ntpiur* or mtiisiri. Not l ibet hu b?*i n fired during th* Ivl *Hk Tha (rruilot li euppofed te l>? owing to the determination of Kadetiky to att*mpt a new mo<|? of attack Mala r>? ? at Mwtif, he l? getting at rung howltaer h*tt?rlii ci ortrneud atJollrao. which ara !> tended to bombard llairala ai.d Sto Btrtinilo U ben the*o two UttTiM pi all have perfirmi-d th> Ir office of deptrucMon for aooia day* ha will It I* raid attempt to take iha city by aneault. b\ nn ann cf raft? bearing heart artillery The \aptrlan pquadn n 1? anrhornl before Valamncco. and effect* a revere blo?kada The Veaetlan aquadroa doe* not atlr .V at and win* are almoet completely wanting at Venlca. I'rt ml l? rrarce and of very bud quality la a few day* the town will endare tbe flr*t attack* of famine Mania Iom p every day blelafluenoe, that ommlttea of Dafensa ara t*eoa>lng ln?en-lhly matter* of the eltnatloa lletv (ati<?ip time lark at Itcue) the eooitalttea I* I"'mid tf ptiai gerp who only de*lre re*ltUnr?. They hate jupt "tdered In the troop* dbperned In rarloua placer la the neighbor be< d aninrgattha l*land* of tha lagion* By tbiechange the national ttuard naturally nn re anaiou* than any other* about the pren-rratloa oflberlty I* eirltided ftoai tbe place which It wia callid oa to def< ad. Heaven only know* how all tbU will and. but great mlpfort une* are anticipated Sardinia. JttTTtO-rmiiJM'T tbkatt. Tha An*tro 1'iedmont treaty I* not yet aettled, aor, frt ri apj.? ar*aae?, i? it likely to b? at pre*eat If at all He l ate before allud*d to a eounter-pr?iJect proposed by tbe Oart <4 I urln g?gge*tlng p? me modlfleailona lathatiinn pr?-poeed by the t alilaet of Vienna and tl.e accptatK ? by tha latter ol each nidlVatl'iai eo fur a* re*t?rled the reduction of the lodemaity money ft> ni Mi 0? bit til ta 71UU i OCf I he gurerumeat of llidn. tit. howieer further ln*|pt* upon an amnc?fy being graat-d to tbe Lombard* the Veaetlana. li d to tbe lababitaat* of I arn a and I'lacentla, which Auptrla peri mpt< rlly r?lu?e* to comply with llotb jartlep bate erpre*>ed their determination to make ao cot.cep*lon ; ami it I* raid, that uader tba "ircumMai era lirtltlt La* demands d lb* mpport of 1 ranca. lkttrr*lle| finm Portugal. mofni r? in t hk t|t kkm'* c*bi.%kt?th* mniuwjt ovtumitcW or ctjfcTA < atikai.? dkaTII ok thb rx aiNo or MimmiA. Cur ad i tea* friui l.liboa arc of tha 29th ult iMkl abral* (jr teri.m?nt I* already tottering, and Ir *oon likely to fall to ptecea. Di*e*nMn?a within th* cabiaat. aaii iatrigue* without. *aem to ladtcata that b)a rrlpa will be but of rbort dutatloa 1 h* ix King of ftatdlala harlea Albert, died at Op'tto ia tbe iMtb alt. HI* body waa embalmed, a hlch It *m lotei.di d to traa>mlt to (ieaoa f.irlrterBietit 1 be t^oeen of Portugal bad ordered a general Uiontnlrg fi r elgbt day* AccuvaU fr< m lb boo af tba '.fib, glre tbe anaaxad Int. r?- tirg Inft rn-atloa :? Afalreaie letting lato a rery curlon* po?tara bera Owng ta cauree m am of which I ?hall explain. ahlla ethirp ate tor tbe prepeat at leaat InexpllraMa. f o*tn I abral'* tea are of power, which tut a fea wiah* ago re< a d >a recur* If dally l.eci ming mora precarloua In the flrpt place tbe bank it-d other m"B?y leadln/ iMfflatlPki ap< a whoee *apport b* reeboa?d. Iwwi, lag a* etetyb d) di ?a tbe IwiaiPB-* lo?* akl/' rniUP truil *i.|fer frum th* ccoatl^a oft/ T gMr g trade Into ala. eoneeqaeat up. n t* / ntpplon of Rritlph goodp lafo that a?a|'.'' * _ ' ly tut tiaailliog torbk aay a picotliy a bill, la l.lety to he *^?atly dt?lnl?hed 1 be tktlrua tiMtd/ lot IW "uul^ *** LD. TWO CENTS. tugueee tariff But hence arlaea another difficulty f for while I tbrtl himeelf ta willing to have recourae t* that expedient, and ha* even gone the length of etaMilting m-??ral of the principal lnerohanta engaged ia the contraband trade on the oubjeot. hii oolleagaea arc one and all violently oppoeed to an/thing of the ?ort, ao that were there no other eauae of diaaeualon, tbla of ItM'lf would be aufflcient to break up the prwaent administration, or at leaat to drive ( abral from it Noria thia all that he baa to contend againa*.? '1 he dukea of Saldanha and Terceira, the Maruuia of Krintelra. and many of the other leadinli perfcnaKea who were but lately in close alliaaea with bin. have now turned againat hiaa Th? motive* of Saldanba'a defection are well known With laudable n al for the Interest* of number one. hia laat official act waa to pay hlmaelf every farthing of hi* alary and military appointuient - while thoae of everybody cUe were many month* In arreara tabral ha* pul a atop to tbla. und algnlQed to hiin that In tutiirw In' must t.n content to receive tain pay when other* ens getthiirs. Vexation at thin, together with the 1m Ignoble IVdlug of jealousy, Is sufficient to Account far hie hostility He bait resigned hit* appointment a* envoy to the frenoh republic, and i* uu? understood t* be in league with the Duke of I almella, with the view, no doubt of overthrowing Cabral. and briuglng himself aud bis new ally into power Saldanba ha* changed sides no oft* n. and with ho little ceremony, that It will not surprise anybody if be should joiu the Septeuibriat party, against wboui he was no lately eogagud in tha Held 'l'be IV'.arquls of Krontetra ban likewise abandoned Cabral. and migued his situation an ivil Governor of I.ivb< n He mm ( abial's warmest partisan. and bto rudden eeoCMlou, the motive* for wliioh do not clearly appear, in therefore matter of great wonder. Being one ot the profane "myelf, any little information I van get. a? to what goes on under tha veil of masonic mysteries, is, of course, obtained at record or third baud, and you are therefore fro* receive my statements in this respect with a* much di?tiui-t a* you ph ase With this faring clause, then, I em told that < abral has brought all the masonic bonnets' nests about bis ears, by inauilesting of late very uiiuil-iakable symptoms of a disposition to do away with tbiiu altogether, or at least to destroy the power? the supreme power It may be said?they have hitherto t xercised over everything in I'ortugai. from the appointment ot a prime minister to I bat of a catchpoll, and r? duee them to the respectable instgmtti?4feoy which tliey enjoy in si me othi r countries lie resigned, some uight* ago, bla oflioe of Grand Orient, or whatever may be Its proper designation In t.nglish. on which occasion It stems a scene of commotion, approaching very ntarly to totes de Jail, took place at the lodg*.? h reeinai-onry is a thing of such tremendous power in this country, that even the great energy and ability ol < glial aie likely to prove unequal to th? tit'k of combatting it. and tbu recoil can acaronlr tail to be latal to himself. Krom all I have at* ted. It will be seen that the bondholder* who lately held a meiting in London to draw up an addrean of ci ngratulat iou to t'onut I'homar. on bis accession to i fllce. may begiu to prepare one of condolnnea upon bli ritlnnient it At all eveat*. it matters little ; for as tbu fortu^uese seem bent u| on notenteiing upon tbu only ouur>? which could leeU them out of their financial einbarra^iunnU ?( mean the adoption of a wler systi m of comiuerolal policy?and the abandonment of the manufacturing ibdustiy whim, to which the tar superior agriouiturM Interests of the couutry huve bltlni to been saonuoed, the iiliiiMUlf cunirt/t.ent e null he iaHkmptey a I If all ai regatdt the Jvrei^n diht }>*rt\rulai ly nun thai the rei'enm* * aliovt to <1tjjtr to tfieut d-Jah.ul ion J raw the effectU oj the Sj.auitli tatijf 'I he king consort whl, without any personal feeling against ('abral, hu always thjec.tid to his restoration to power, on the giouud that it would be likely to provoke a renewal of public disturbances, is said to leud bis Couoti nance to the new coalition now formed between the Dukes of Haldanha and f'aimeila. With the t^nea^ however, ( abral continues In undiminished favor, aud he bas anolher warm friend, tou? in the I'ope's Nunolo, .Yonsignor di Metro who got up a political dlploma'.io Clc uic at < intia, some day* ago. for the purpose of tinging liim and the whole i uri.* diplomatique together, and causing all lingering prejudices to melt away a inter tba pleat-nut Mitirhinn of ciiiirlvlahly, in<l *h?, muNo?er, haa ju?t obtaiut-d for bun from iti? l'i p.i iliagrand croes df the crdt r of "Uregono .Yiagno." The Prorogation of Parliament, TUK UUKKN'S Hl'KKCH. Both IIwm of I al lotment met on tha lot inatf abort ly alter two o'clock I-pon thn ao/iambling of ktaa lloum of 1'eer* the Lor da (.'oiuuiiMlouara having UkM tbtlr K'tlD. I uieeaauc ww ?eut commanding lha >kUrdnire of thn t mmon* Varlnun nifinb. ru ?l th? Houtu of Crnnnrn* (ecoinpaalnd by the Spoakar, taking arrived, tha following rp?**h hi re-ad Mi l orn,a *"? OiKtl'MiR. fir bate tt In citiiDiauil from bar Majaaty tn In farm yea that lha (tat* af pull.? lu-iim enahlia her to diapauia with y< ui attendaiict la 1 ur lauital, and to gIum the praaeat **allB. Hit Mnjeity baa directed na to expree* bar aatiafaatlao w nb Ilia ??al and ni?nluity a itb whion you ba?a itlac>iarno4 tba laborious and arijuuua uutiai ia the performance of wtuefc you hate been occupied. Her Majtety l oilteg ber anient to tha linpir'ant maunrl you lava pained. lo amead tha navigation lawe, tn fall ooaM< I < 'hat the < tarpriee, hi ill, ana herilili ><>d of It r ponpla will muta to them a full il.arn of tha ciintaeroe of tha w i.ilil. and maintain apon tha aaaa tba aaciatil rvuawaaf IMi i a n Mar Majtity baa commanded ua te acquaint foa that tha frundly character of her relatione nub loralfti pewaraatfaroa bur a Juat confidence In tba roatlauanrr of pan . 'J ?c I ielni,n.aiie? i f peacabetarca I'ruula irnl Denmark lino I cen aimed under tba mediation of for Mejenty, and tar Mnjeaty trim a flat ihla eoatnatlua nny pro** ike fureraaaer i l a m bi.llite and pernmient traaty. iler Majeity'a efli rla will continue to ba directed to pram< la the raitratlor of peace ia thoaa pari* of Kara pa la * I ich it baa baan interrupted. Gl NTl>MIN or TNI Uonaior COMMON I? U a ara ein.uiit did by her Majeety \?return yaa bar lhaaka for tt a | in iai< ii w hick you bat a made for tba publie aarviaa. Tba public i>|nidltui? baa undergone ooneidcra'le ra-laationi aithla ibe trtaaat year, aad liar Mataity will coatlaaa to in ly a watchful ecoaomy ia e**ry braach of the pabiia *er?ic*. Mv Loata ann Ci NTLavrn ? Wauie con,mm d.d by bar Majaaty to eoarrntalat* yaa aa tie hippy tarn, nation of tie war ia tha Punjaub. Tha a?ertioi.i mad* by tha government of lulia, and tha nlar diapla> ad by tba army ia Uia fitld, demand h?r Majaaty'a warma*t ackiaWiailaaieiita. Rcr Ma|a?t] liai obterrad with fratOcatlea tha ipirit at olid I' ui a to tha lawa winch Lai bean maaifeelad I r bar eabtecu ourlrg i ha period wbiab ha* el a peed mace her Majaaty laat addri i-eed her I'arliaaieat. Ilia the abaiaateriatie af oar conatilntloa that it reals* tfco Biniati nance n( trder compatible with tha iulleit onjjyinfr t of yi litlcal and ulail litur'y lha aaitrftcttun with which bar Majaaty haa * la wad lha peaceful |>n ?rei*of her p?npla In art* aad Induairy, ha* haaa rea'ly alloian by Hi* coatlauaa** of aevera dietreealu oaa part of Ilia LBitau Kln|doia. In r Majaaty haa nbierred with p!ea*nr* ynar liberal eiarII' na to mltinat* the preaaara of till* calamity, aad her Majaaty command! ua to tlnr. k yen for your unremitting it teatioa tr rneaanree ealealated to impret* tba knaeral ooaditiaa of Iralaid. It ia bar Majeety'i fi trial hope that ll maf I leal* tba Alaipbty luap'.aer of areata ta fa**r lha operatina of thoia lawi which bar* been (aaetioaeil ly far1 nt? at d ta (Tint to her Irieh people, a* tha reward of naHear* aad realitBalioa with whteh they ha*a bora* tl *traded mflerina*, lh* kle?la?i *f an abun laat harieataaA of lateraal paao*. The Pipartnrcaf the l)nrtn fur Ireland | k n lu the l.otidon Time* Aagunt 'i ] Nerar na* a io?ereign of bin empira prepared lo viatt Ireland In *o ^uiet and un<?t#ntatlou? a Manner a* I haft kl.h L.. M....I. Ikla ,1.. .l_? ak. a._ OeirgrlV crept on board the little llolybead >tnapacket. and fought hi* ??j to tbn royal rtrriif* through th* unruly crowd*, at tha obeoure bwkorrf Howth Th? departure of our monarch* far thai country, hitherto, ban been aigDallied bjt all tha poap and circumstance of war, with a "Ingle exception. A countlae* flotilla of half d*ck)d boat*. flU*4 with archer* and men at arm*, net forth fr< m mb< stirring port on tha wot. to aaioaipany their king, on a minaioa of eoa-|ue*t and *utV''Otioa. or a fleet of high poop* d cararela. laden with grlaa rurltan* or gay Jaaobltea and eaealler*, ? ?* arroea tha ebai>nal. to make Ireland a battle.Bald, la which victory a a* a ?ura token of dl*a*tar to lUoe*aad? of her inhabitant* whether aa King. Protactor. or lr>tend< r thearmrd repri fentatiT* of the ? irerlgnly c ( England *et fiwt on the Irieh thora* with ba-tlla armlet la hi* train, but It la reeerred for a* to m happier daja. and fortnt.ate Indeed will It he fur tha ? plra should th* anticipation of peace and | >?4*flI which tha i^ueen * ?l?lt to that dUtraotod uagdoaa glva rl?e to be, area la ooma mnall degrea realliad A day of bright masblna?*earce wln>l enough It * wall the wlilte rail* of the tachta that floated on the warwler* ??a. and aaky without a cloud ware faenrabla aagurle* for tha royal voyage. Butfaw peraon* war* aat * mbl? 4 to wltnce* It* conmcacanient W hat Billlloaa will celebrata It* termination ' Tha yaahta at t.ofN were dre?*ed with flag* Soma hundred* of per?ona were on the look-out from point* which commanded tha aibarkatl< n, and an ocoa-loaal gta<* wa? la play fr< m tha more dl*tant height* aad the nppoalta shore, but no public rirlteuient of any kind marked tha K'lBi rfrni i?l ID* UBJ At half paat 12 o'elork tha IllUa ?tiiadroa la C#w? r< ad. ?hicn bad brra far *<.ma ltm? bafora bvllf anKagad ! u akin* >< ainrb ?mck? an l ?a prt-auata |M ting up M Oiu?h train) M poaaibl* vara uadar a?l|lL and aiirhortd < ff Oaborna shortly b?fi>ra 1 o'eloak li e< a?Ut?d of tha Victoria ami \lh?-rt. Lord Adtlphua lltfrlaraaca, O II C ; Dtr<'ah<4l ataafa ?l"Op. oma ander I.nrd A IWauelarh. 8phjraa ataam ?l<~>p Commander llealett; Rlaek I Mia. Admiralty jacht, Ma*tar ( in n atilrr < o?>ke aa<l VIrld Itxa packet, Maataff < otba.ander l.uba Nail'batt At a rjaartar la S n'aiaafe Iba hauling down nf tba Royal Maadard at Oaborna notified that liar Vlajaaty and tba I onrt had 'at oat for tba aquadron. aad a* o>lr<k Itaaa hotated at tb? aialotopof tba Royal 1 ba llttla Brat taeaaadaaay, under a aaiut* a a?tla. Royal \ arht 8t? am Battery and Waat o??l* lighk and aoo? paaaad oat lato tba chaaaal *o thak bf??w aad a thy tkirk pr<tnl**d a da or Cortland ak liar Majaaty nay anchor at Ways> pliaaara iign.t. Kaiblana 1"?% ma ta la variant mataDretaaa of everyday ??*cla? tba patterna ara ?*TT riaia tbla aaaaoa la vor rhx'k>-d I'ha atHHarfiMt putty, whether rtpf in aarb rarloaacolor- bat ptai* da lalna ara an b(a or atara Tha foulard* ara of rary rmnda -vii. ^i<m >nd in ntai'W for Tb- do M??m. ref??^ ?nd trftaj in ?T?iy ?!> ? ol gr?y duftfeniM 4* I? ?rr* ???>l ofc??k? ?" ? t*P?*i l?"?*Wf fc? . *? Tb*.. ?.*?-?. ?- I* w?i>t? ?b< *>l?l b* n.?d? up ?Ub nlmp\i?Uf. lk?ooJJ ?*ns??at ?d?ii#Mib?? brief ?? ??* ?* """J*. ?* ,a).u ?.f gimp A ?rrM B.H.J dr*??? ? "?'* ? ^ . ".ik Marl jl?c* ?tl?. ef Mf h prte? <> ot !>* ?ol ik? folnp by !?? Amine** UlMi iwnw *r? "Mb 0tnmeea b? c?r???"? open ' 'T""S ?ttb the fq??re pt> e* ?te o?lj ?r?tly With flat o* p4l?"?? U tn?ta?, !>?tli?r?Ulit uf U?U ?i>U. iUere* \