Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1849 Page 2
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Pw NEW YORK H ERALD. iMlWMt Mracr ef roltM *n?I ? > |M< rKOr Ulr.Tl'K AN it tuuuii. "Wmm, DAU.Y UERALD-Tkree edition*, Jceateperaopyt Et oar ?< > 7A. *V?? < fi'bUekafi<*?tkraa SaUek, A. M.. and diatr,bated be fort 0 rak/uet itka daoand tan be attained a) the ?? "<*?*. >"* rloak, P. M.j tkeTherd at tkraa a clark. P. M. rHM WEKEL V HERALD, for Areutntian an thai VonMnaaU.ia published every Saturday, at tenia pee couy, r Mr annum; for circulation l.i Europe, or in tea en trench and Enflitk. at eanti per copy, at $4 par antht latter price to include the poetayc. The tutLLAR WEEKLY HERALD. (the publication of aHttck JH<? be commenced the Jirat tctek in September,) Ery To f day, 2 crate per copy ; $l per annum; etx eoi to elube, fc., $l\ P*r annum. The Dollar Herald wilt contain any matter publiehed i i the Weekly Herald. ALL LETTERS by mail, for evbecriptiene. or wM ud kMmmcIi, to be poet-paid, or the poetupe will be deducted greet me mm| reunite<i. VOLUNTARY COKKESl'UNDMCE, eontuimne ton Vital Mm tuliitl, d J i om any uuarter el the world; ?/ ?i<, mil fct Ultrai/y fuU /or. M NUTH'E taken of anonymouo (Mim?g4rnNmi, Wimr i> intended for inoertton mutt be authenticated 0 tin nam* and addrta of the iortter: not neceooarily tor publication, hut at a guarantee 0/ Ait good feit.X. Wo muuuot return rejected communication!. ADI KK TISEMENTS, (renewed every morning, and to to published in IA? murnitig aid afternoon edition,) at I rentable pricee; to be written tna plain, legible manner1 proprietor not reovotniblt for errort in manuicript. PRINTINO 0/ a// kiudt executed beautifully, and xoith doepateh. Urderi received at the ofhee. THK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT it open throughout Me night. AMUSEMENTS TUIS EVENING. IDVAT THEATRE, Bro*dw?jr.?La Somoimovla -I I TtTAMllI i It. MIBLO'B OARDIN, Brundwn/.?Tjv* Loyiij-UsiMl. BOB TON'S THEATRE Chsmhcrsnirrct.?UnwaibartAsss 1ht*v?iok?Bur it Lino. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham iqaart.?TTnwaB inTiiLi lsravsitM ? Jocko ? IU'mtius a Tvitlk. NINSM MUSEUM, Mm"Braadway.?Trom ? A. M. Ml? ?. M. CASTLE GARDEN?ra-MKMAn> Ac. law Tark, Monday, Aiifiut AO, IN 19. The Circulation of the Herald. We lake the following figure* from our books Aggregate Issue lant we< k 179,132 " u previous week 174.309 Mar cased circulation 5,314 Aipatt of the Next Congress?Condition of Parties. Several of the usual fall elections hare been held, and several more are yet to take place before Ac meeting of the next Congress, in December next. From the results known thus far, and those Ant will in all likelihood attend the election, which are yet to be held, the probability is that neither the whigs nor the democrats will hare anything to boast of. It is certain that in the Hoaee of Representatives neither the administration party nor the opposition party will have anything like a working majority; and it is equally eruin ibat the few free soil democrats who have | bee* elected, and who mny yet be returned, and who now especially cannot be denominated democrats, in consequence of the failure of the atteaipt to unite in this State, will, with the free soil whigs, hold the balance of power between the two great contending parties. In consequence of their anomalous position, that little knot of membora will, of course, use their influence to the advancement of their own purposes, as much as possible, and perhaps will succeed in electing Users of the House. The Senate, aa our readers arc aware, will be strongly democrutic. We have, aa former occasions, pointed out the causes which vssrs likely to lead to, and which we have no doubt have produced, this result, and prevented the ad* ioistration party iroin attaining a majority in the Howe. They are well known, and it is unnecessary to again refer to them now. The melancholy fact, however, is apparent, that it may be attributed to the course pursued by certain members of General Taylor's cabinet, and the tactics pursued in the distribution of oflices in the gift of the general governiuent. Such being the prospect, it is clear that no ensure, strictly of a party character, can he passed at the next session of Congress. It is about aa well that such is the prospect, for the country is exceedingly prosperous, and needs no violent change of any kind, or any excitement that would trad to interfere with the course of trade or com eree. There will also be less ascerbny of psrty fseling?less regard paid to the advancement of party or faction, than would be the caae if either had a large majority?and more tune and attention deveted to the interest of the country than characterised the last session If this he the effect of die condition ol parties in the next House of Re prssvniaiiYco, it mignt or nopeu mat a similar remit would attend all future elections. If these things be realized the next session, we hope and trust that some recompense will be made for the outrageous loss of time, the flagrant disregard of the interests of the nation, and the unprincipled aad unprofitable agitations concerning nb tractions snd humbugs?euch as the Wilmot proviso?which marked the conduct of members of all parties st the Inst session. There ia every probability, snd, indeed, it is to br ardently hoped, tlut that ridiculous absurdity will be removed farm within the pule of debste and ngitution, in the next Congress, by the action of the people of California themselves. The policy pursued by Gen. Taylor, 0) regard to this matter, will, in all probability, oseeed ; and if the people of that distant territory, coder the advice of the lion. T. Butler K ng and ethers, shall, in the meantime, adopt a constitaWen, aad, ixwsesnuig the requisite number of inhabitants, demand admission into tlie Union st oace as s Ptste, the consummation so devoutly desired by the moderstefund sensible men of all purtiea throughout the country will be effected, and that downright abstraction, the Wilmot proviso, be removed from Congress, and consigned to the fate which it so jnstly merits. On the other hand, it might be desired that the administration should hsve a good working majo mty in both house* of Congress, in ord*r to test the ability of the whig party to conduct the domestic ; and foreign policy of n great country like the ' I'nited States. To be sure, their attempt under ?metal Harrison and Captain Tyler was a complete failure ; bnt, since that time, they have, no doabt, learned a great deal of experience. Ttiey are good tacticians while in the minority, aa a geaetai thing : but, on the few occasions when fortane favored them by placing them in the inajo- j f*vy, their tactics, m well aa their good aenae, I anoaied to leave them, and, by their blundering and ' iacapsrity?by the throwing off of the restraint which operated upon iliem while in the minority? moaned to rave the w.iv for their own downfall. and dig their own political grave. If they had a | mgon'v in the n**t Conrrea*, ihe qneftio* wlia- | ther they have improved at all by adversity?by Aeir successive defrats, and long abience from ' power?would he decided. However, they and the aoaatry moat take thing*a* they are, or will likely be. We hare one consolation, that thing* will r*noma pretty much a* th? y are for another year, at Want, and it depends ipso ilv whig* tbciQ*? lve? whether they will be entrusted with a continuance ad power, Fnon PaiTi ii Gtu**.?We have received our lino nf the Royal (Mtrttr, pv.bll?hed at GeorgeSewa, flritith Goiana, to the 2>>ilt ult. Tlo-y are atterly barren of new* Vportteg Inteliinenee Pin* f at'***, i,. i.?Toe k?n. Racaa.?Tha flrat week la October wilt open at tbi* aenrr* with a (In* gteplay af the he*t nag* (a th? eoantry *un|'tiri*| tba S*hie* of O P. Ilaro. Tally. Oreeo. I aletl ao<l <>thera mf groat aalrbrlty, Th* rport* *111 ron?t*t of a r***p 1 tat* sad **r*rml puraaa Ttaa font mil* day *111 pro** vary attrartfr*. a*, la additloa to a pnrr# of th?r* wWl ba aa ln?td* ataka of fMf Tb* antrt** aro to aloaa aa tba 1Mb Hrpt?mb?r Evarytblag thai raa add to lb* Intrraat of tb* nreaalna and aoadne* t-> Ik* *a*dbrt af tk* rpoa'otor*. *in b* pat la r*?|*l*ltlon. lo ard*r to tarar* *aah an all dauaaaa will r?p?y U>? paaprWtora for tbalr * Barton*. and ad I brflllanay b> A* * ** AmilH PrtfrtM mt fuklan In lh? Unl ttl lUtci?Th? Snul Vwicjr Ml a We give, to-day, a fall report of the great evea of thia century?the grand fancy ball at Saratogi Springs. Words cannot express the delight?th< ecstatic delight?with which we give this article ti the world. Our country is safe. The glory of tin republic is more resplendent than ever. Wean decidedly the most fashionable?the most elegan ?the moet polite?the most cheerful?the mo# tasteful?the most accomplished?the moet intel lectual?the most graceful?the moet rttktrchi peo pie?that's the term?on this side of Sty*. Wehavi positively outdone ourselves, this time, at Sarutoga What a tremendous "hit" we have mads, to b< sure! Let us take breath, and speak of all thi calmly and cooly, as becomes a follower of fashioi and futbelows. It was with no ordinary degree of anxiety, w< confess, that we awaited this grand fancy ball The heroic struggle of the Hungarian peoplethe throes and agonies of oppressed millions it other part* of Europe?the sullen murmurs of th< pestilential storm, which eren now sweeps arounc alike the l<nls of poverty and the pulaces of the ricl in oar land?what were all these, to the grea fashionable movement of this Christian age in Chris tian America?the fancy ball at Saratoga Springs ' Nay, to come to smaller matter, who could spend a thought or a prayer on the poor President, drag' ged from place to place, now half dead from drugs, and now at death's door trom diarrhu-a, while this stupendous afl'uirwas on the tapitf Then, there was "Ilarry of the West," too, sinking, fainting, exhausted, almost giving up the ghost, under the stfong doses of Bishop Hughes ; but who, ol all that gay throng, acted the good Samaritan to him, while this weightier matter was, as yet, all undecided 1 What to that brilliant assemblage ol the intellect, patriotism, virtue, beauty, elegance and genins of the land, was the fate of Hungary, 01 the death of a nation, or the pangs of a President, or the sufferings of a Clay, or the yawning pitsol Potter's Field, receiving every day hundreds and hundreds of poor and wretched outcasts, compared with the tianscendent glory of the grand fancy balj at Saratoga Spnnga 1 We admire beyond all power of expressing our admiration, this heroic devotion to the sacred cause of fashion. Poets and philosophers, doctors and div ines, saints and sau sage-makers, rogues and rouft, millionariei ant mantuamukers, gamblers and grocers, bankrupt! and bankers, clerks and clergymen, lawyers ant loafers, barbers aud billiard-markers, waiters anc wine merchants, all mingled in this grand obla tion to the goddess of fashion, and, unqueation ably, it was a glorious, superb, magnificent splendid, oblation. Heaven help us ! What wtl Europe pay of us now 1 Just think of it; they had three thousand lamp hanging in the branches of the trees in the lawi of the United States Hotel; and they had thre bands of music ; and they had all the waiters with clean shirts and jackets, as white as snow and they kad the most elegant blue, and scarlet and white rosettes for the managers, that ever yoi saw tn your lite; and they had five httndrei quarts of ice cream; and they had oceans o brandy and water; and they had pretty, convenien little nooks and corners for innocent flirtations and they had, altogether, a perfect paradise?th nicest, sweetest, pleasantest Garden of Eden, "to one night only," that the most sentimental board ing eheol miss ever painted in the whole course o | her bondage to French, music, and the use of th< I globes. And all for the small charge of ten dollar a ticket! There was one drawback to the bound less enjoyment of the occasion. Henry Clay wai not there. He left a few days before the grane fhney ball. Alas! he left in displeasure. He wti greatly offended because he was put down as one of the managers. Mr. Clay bade a final adieu, i year or two ago, to all the pomp and vanities ol this wicked world. He fled to the bosom of th? Church, never more to mingle in the danee. J little innocent flirtation on a'piazza or balcony, is however, allowed him. He may still refresh him self by occssionally snuffing the incense of thi drawing room. But as for the gay talon dt danu that is an abomination to be shunned and avoided So the gallant old " Ilarry af the West," the fin. old " Harry of the West," the idolized old "Harr; of ihe West," the pious old " Harry of the West,' did not grace the ball room with hia presence What was still worse, the great belle of all th< hotels, and pet ot the penny-a-liners, was compellei to " waste her sweetness in the desert air" of tin | drawing room. >ome <>iu man or woman, reiatei to her, had just died, and etiquette forbade her al j Vndance at the grand fancy ball, llow provoking , llercoetnme had been all prepared; it fitted ad mirably. She looked her very beat?ao the mirro 1 h..d jost assured her?not a ringlet, not a roaeat hue, not a grace, that w*s not inoie fasciuatut 1 than ever ; and yet ahe could not go to the ball ; And tkrn again, a? if to verify the aayinga of th poet? tr i t.- I lertruila. When sorrows eova, tbajr eonia not stagls spies, Out In battalions"? I < overnor Fish waa not there! He, too, had Irflleft in high dudgeon, becauae the committee hac not vent htm an Invitation ! Shocking, positive!] shocking ! Hut it was a grand affair. The lights were bril bant?the eyes of the Udiea were daziling?tl>< coatumea were supcrl>?the music waa delictousthe woodcock were cooked to a nicety?the cbam pagne waa plenty and cheap?the polkas were n free and easy as any one could desire?and lb new German cotillon was inexpressibly loose am bewitching. Terrible, indeed, had been the con flict in committee about this German cotillon?thi new man h in the scale of decency and social re finement. For weeka, whole weeka, weeks madi up of long, anxious, fatiguing hours, the real Sunoi I'una of the fashionable world?the genuine d" votees of fashion, the trne virgin ("alitornia gold o the aristocratic circles, and none of your trumper] Chatham street pinchbeck ?had been practising th< bewildering and bewitching movement* ?f thu delicious dance. Were they to he deprived of thii glorious opportunity of public display 1 The verj idea w?s Mas| heinously absurd. ^o, at last, t compromise ?ti eflrcted. It waa agreed that thi waltz hltd polka, now grown old, stale, and wilhou any piquancy, ahould occupy the hours before sup per, and that afterwards the last saltatory import v tion shoald possets the floor. After tupprr, then was the real season of enjoyment. The new ballei went off amid the applause of the enchanted spec tstors. It occupied un hour and a hall! I tut wh< could have thought those hlisslul moments nut Ssal \I?l...a r..l W.L.I a WA : iimi ikiiiuiumuuiiv ? ?v luptuou* display of personal grace*? what bewitch inp vivacity?w hat luagnishing movements!?a lal description of all of which must be left to the ac compli-hed reporter*. Agnin we tap, we rejoice at the aini/.ing pro press of fashion in the United Slatea exhibited a the grand fancy ball. Itespite of ilie revolution* in Europe? d? spite of the cholera?despite ot the projected revolution in Cuba?deepite of thedisorgam ration of political p.irtieo? despite ol the imbecility of the President's cabinet?despite of the waitings and moaning* ol destitute thousand* in our large cities?we are fart becoming one of the tnosi fathomable, elegant, accomplished, aristocratic, f'hruf ion l>l CiiV tin Ilia* I .? f.f lk> aoalli I lie A a ai nar hrrw a, a..ffR, ntatrnimn, and phi*, build * church that oats half a million; on th* nn.t, ihry give a hundred a'rn* h<>< coffin* and haif a <lo*en *hoveb-fuil of ,tn? I.i.k to their bro* Himr and ri?fer? up tot* n; nd thi th< y are oil la Nlil?ta,ii4t attired a* haileqtun*, " I'trrf all night, till br<M<| cltjlljht, A (.4 g* *<? nlth th? gai? In th? Bnrnla' " A mmor i? mirrent that llerr lla^krr th* Orrman |>atrt< t. *a? ?rr*>. I at Ptwa I r?n?# whil# n?i h?? r-iirn < MuP)ta'j, l< j>?n egaio In ih* batU<- I hi* tatlv* land Bishop Huqhls' Oroan and the Citt or Rome ? Previous to the fall of Rome?before the brave and gallant defenders of the Eternal City determine it te cease further defence, and allow the fratrici' a dul French to enter itn gate*?the FYmnan't Jour e nal, the organ of the Catholic Biehop of thediocene o of New York frequently asserted that a reign o s terror existed in Rome?that the inhabitants wer< s controlled by a few designing men?that they wert t terrorized into submission by the triumvirate ; ant t flin fiiimn nnit#r OBHItrnf] it* roa/lnvo tkat tks Uomae - people were anxious and would be rejoiced at the - downfall of the republic, the ruin of the triumvib rate, and that they would weleome back hia Holiness Pius the Ninth with gratitude and fervor. The b same journal stated, at that time, that it had a very b interesting article on the actual condition of Rome, a compiled from the most trustworthy sources, which proved all the statements that had appeared in the ? American journuls to be false and unfounded ; thai . priests and honorable citizens had been assassi. nated for venturing to love and praise the Pope ; i that the churches of Rome were shut up ; thai ? priests walked the streets only at night and in dis1 guise; that fourteen priests were in a single night i murdered; that churches were turned into stables; t that nuns were dragged half naked through the . streets; that the people were under a reign of ter5 ror, and that every thing else bad, abominable, and | detestable, was being done by the few adventurers . who controlled and exercised despotic sway over ( the people of Rome. We denied the authenticity , of such statements, and called on the Freeman'i Journal. the Bishon's oriran. to Dubliah the article *o which it referred; and it would no doubt hare done bo, but for the appearance of a certain letter, f from a source, the authenticity of wnich could not , be doubted by any one, and least of all by a | Catholic Bishop. That letter was written by f i Father Ventura, who was constantly in Rome, i during the republic, and during the bombardment. That letter completely upset all the statements which the Bishop's organ put forth; and the conf sequence was, that the celebrated article, com1 piled from the most trustworthy sources," has not, [ to this day, seen the light in the columns of the [ Fretman't Journal. We would not again refer to the matter, were il . not that Bishop Hughes' organ, in its last issue, I reiterated the statements which it made on the oc. casion referred to. The last number of that jour1 nal says:? , It will be remembered that w# hare constantly shown . that It was Garibaldi and bis out-law band that ever* awed Home, and prevented the gates of tbe city from 1 being at once opened to the French. It will also be remembered that it was by a trick that he obtained the arms of one part of the Roman soldiery, whom he disarmed It appears now that he did not nave the same f uecees in compelling the citisens and national guards te man the barricades. Almost all tbe battalions ol I tbe latter were agreed among themselves to fire upoc the soldiers of Garibaldi should bs persist In attempting to force It. Gen. Avessana gave orders to his sol s diers nst to permit the approach of Garibaldi's men tc .. his camp, since Gen. Oudinot has given the peopli leave to tear dawn the barricades, they have done k 6 with great seal. '? Now, if such was the case?if all the atatemeuti > put forth by the Bithop'a organ are true, surely thi ? inlallible head of the church ought to have retumet II to Rome on the instant when those who over " uwrd the people had ceased defending the city ' But he baa not yet done so. lie is still afraid o trusting himself to his flock in Rome, notwith standing that Garibaldi ia?no one knows where but certainly not in Rome; and Avezzana is quietlj reposing under his own root, in the good city o New York, where uncommon but not undeservec honors await him. Why, we ask, does not th< Pope return to Rome, if the peopls of that city art as devoted to him as the Bishop's organ represent them 1 We will answer the question. The stato ments put forth by the Frteman'i Journal are un founded ; the people of Rome have repudiated priestly government; the Pope knows it, and henct he is fearful of personal danger if he returns. He hesitates, even, about a|>pouiliiig his famous executive committee ts carry on the Roman government, supported, as they would be, by the bayonets of the recreant French soldiery. Cltjr Intelligence. FrPi rip raoM Dbuwniku.? About half past 10 o'sloek on Saturday night, a man named Michael Donohoe, fell 1 Into the dock at tbs foot of Stanton street, while In s ' state of intoaleatlon. He was taken out of the water bj efBeers Wade and Stekles, and conveyed In safety to hii reel dense. 194 Broome street Bmmne or a Biood??s#?i. ?Bryan Quintan burst a bloodveseel In the head, yesterday afternoon, at Peek lip ferry, and was taken by the police to the eity hospital. I-ei no -A small orate of eroekery ware was foond at , o'clock on Saturday evening, opposite No. Cedar 1 .(,?) k. IV.U.. e I Mm Par mi I ???? .?Yeeterday a ma a unknown. ?u j found dmd at tb? foot of 34th atrwwt, P'.n#t river. >. | Fraiot* Daman.?Robert Small, driver af atage No. 20 ?u arretted on Saturday evening ' y offl->#r I rwh ! i In Broadway, for fnnoue driving, and running Into a L cart trlrrn hy Itiury l.ea. and H-aaultlag blm with bu ^ wblp. Bant to the hall* of Juatlca. e Paltoa InUUIgca??. a .7ri fit ,/ jaid, |A< HatI / lit* (,'ew (Hewer Wan ! OBlear llorton,.ol tha Second Want t'oto*. raoataad I- Information yeeterday that l.dward Smith, tha man C wbo I* charged with perjury. tu awaarlng fbUely to certain prop, rty In tbla city, for tba purpoca of hailing and liberal log from irl?on tha Individual known In tba community aa tba "i.onddenoa Man,'' waa attil raaldlng In tba rlrlully aflloboki n. Now J array. and In accordance with tba Information, officer llorton. aldad by officer* Corey. Baum.ravanagh. Bavcaa, and Wintiog~ 1 ham proceeded to Jiobokaa early yeatarday morning, 1 | for tba purpose af arraating Smith They proeaadad . to a tarern called tha Shade#," near Wabawken lllll, which place tbry aaarcbad ail through, without auori m Hare tin y Irnrntd that Smith bad left the taTrrn early in the morning, for Hull * Parry. Tba ofllcara. on tble Information, took a conveyance, and n wanton toward* Hull* 1 arry, and wkra witkla one and a half mile of that place thev mat .Smith, oa horn Lack, on hi* return toward* )iobok> a. Smith on I" < baervtng tha carriage and thoca a. sled therein, endoa0 vorrd to hurry pa*l the carriage by whipping up bic hone; Mr llorton Immediately jumped from tha carr rlage th<-horre. M-iaed him by tha bridle, and d ordered Mr Smith to dleniount; be waa then taken Into ruetady convey rd back to Bull * P erry, a beat waa '* proenrrd, and Smith waa taken arriwa the river land log at Burnbam'a. at which place tbey took tb* Bl? >mIngdal* rtage. and rode d<>*n to tb# city. The arcuaed waa taken before luetic* Lothrop. wbo committed him c to prleoa to await a further hrarlog Smith a"rrta , I that ever viae* ha waa re-cued from the ofll -era on hU f-inter arreer. be hae realded la Hob"k. n but w|phla the laet law day* be haa felt weary, and tired of living f in fear nt being >l any mmrat erreeteg an,| ennelndrd to deliver liiro*r|f np to the magi-1 rate In a day or two, f for the pnryn** of Hearing up th* whol* matter Smith poattiraly derlatr* that he newer reeelrtd One dollar tor going ball lor tb? "( onfldenr* Man." that bo merely gw.nt |ball t# Mr?an.i*lit? a friend; hud be 'till uirrU that he ran Jaetlfy In the amount ( property that ha p?er? ha owned: but If ha rboul J fall In *n doing aad tad hi mar If liable to be aarrlSetd In fulhlllng the re<|ne?u of other*, then ha will make mrb dlrelcunre* ae ?ul Implirata both thoee In and ont of olhre We may elpart eotne ae ton mjtng diacloaurrt ?h?rt I r -r (totals. Col. B linger. L 8 A , and eon; Dr. freeman and lady. North t aroiina; I at. J. Langd >n New Orlean.; He*. K Hyeraon. Toronto; J K. Urant. Kentucky; A. W Ayrea. Mlaelaaippi, H C. MeNary. W T Berry, Nmlnllle airlred y.ateeday, aad tooh moma at th* trying Hon**. PallUml Intaltlgrnre, Tar Knot-* !?.<* Caairn*. ? Mr I hnr.ton the drmreratln nominee for I ongre.* In th* eecood dt.trW of Hhod* i?land haa aipreeeed hi* determination la tkariralt if hi* elerilon to oppoae the ??t??i|Wi Of alatery In th* terrltorie*. aad la reply tea Utter, aaya, | he think* It an aitenaton of the demneratlo principle lo eoiaeide with th* Wllatot proeiao Mr bu m, the whig nominee, irfnaaran esprrealon of hi* opinion, on th* eutyeet. OirtliL Tanoa aao tit* Oroeui* Winr.a ? At a whig meeting held a* derlwen Cleorgla. on th* 7th ln*t, rermnllon* wet* adopted *?pre?*i*e of th'lr entire rmfldenee In th* patriotism and pnlitl, *1 Integrity of Oeneral Taylor and of hie deration to the tolerant* of the t'nlon. olthowt regard to the aggreMion* of feogtaphlenl faction* Fi t c onn Ftfftkh -F.Ueoml Flatter Ha* published along letter In defenee of hie lent ore. puhlt.hed i me timerlnee farorahl* tn alaeary, and rontmua th* Bonlh and North In an agrlcnltural ami nianufaetiirlng point rf *lew Tha lalier la lull and aorapr?hen*lee, ond eonlaln* alrong atgum? nt* in faeor of the puailion aaenmed In hi* lertnre. a* wall a* a perfect hlatorieal knowledge of the ey*tem of elarery, In nearly all age* of the wntld. I Ma ft arte* *eo TH* r?**eaar tfi r*Ttaw. ?Mr Ae*. rotary ( latton hae written a latter denying that It I* tbrciiton of th* fo??rn?*nt lo front pn-.p.rt. to > rnl? r. d j.i r?o?'? ami that oiiwft In two lnatan**? th? Urfartn>rat ha- alwaya r?fw?r?l Mf tk-?. who waa |.a*?port rink at tha ttm* on# of tboui aa? grant* I, rtrntr# that tb? aopwrtmoat waa awar* (hat thr party pi l)tr>* ??? a e< krrrd man. ami furthvr rlataa that It a onttora mla to rafnr* (ham Thr mat r Bow la la apoktn of na tho wh* aondllat* i for ( < optra* In th* Klrrt dktri?t >.t nary inn.I Hon M< rao* Vann la apobi n of a- wblf ran liilat* ft* Ootrmor of h! ?a?art uartta Tk? PNftMtf Uha Chains, > m THIS OTTT. I Mun'i Ornaa, ) ?iwTm, Aagaat IS?IS X. J Tha Sanitary Caauaitta# af this ally rayart N M* aaaaa, and M d?-atha af ahaiara, aa baring laaml ' daring tha laat twanty-foar koara. f aOMHAB*. I Cm?i. MmAt. tH?A'd. Will lam atraat H capital ft 4 Blaakwcll'a Inland S 1 I Brllerna Hoat'ltal ft 8 1 I.unetie Afjlum 8 11 1 rriraU praetlee 38 10 Total 60 M T THK MORTALITY I.AK T WIEI. , ii usual. wa published, yesterday, tba weekly report of tba Clip Inapaator, and a summery of tba report of tba Board of Health, giving tba death* bp ahclera tor tba week ending Saturday, at 12 o'aloek. The number 1 af d? atbi bp ebolera, aeeordiog to tba Cltp Inspector'a report, la 389. Tba previous weak it waa 423. There ia, therefore, a differanaa of 34 deaths in favor of last week, Tba number of deaths, according to the Beard ef Health, was 219, and eases 606. Last weak, t tba dralba ware 863, aacurding to this authority. There is, therefore, a falling off ot 64 in the Sanitary Committee's report, wbiob is a satisfactory indleation of destine in the disease, however gradual. The following table exhibits the weakly reports of i tba Board of Health, and of the Cltp Inspector, from the week ending June 2, up to the present time, with the sum total of death* aeeordlng to each sat of reports, and the total diflerenee between them : ? i Boabd ar Hjulth. Citv InsrecTOU. Wttk ending Deaths Week ending Deaths. June 2 21 June 2 29 " 0 91 " 0 121 " 16 100 " 18 146 " 23 110 - 23 162 ?' 80 186 " 30 286 July 7 187 July 7 a 817 " 14 274 - 14 4H4 " 21 281 " 21 714 " 28 814 " 28 602 Aug. 4 455 Aug 4 678 " 11 288 ' 11 428 ? 18 218 " 18 889 Total 2,621 Total 4,429 2621 1 Total liffercoae In the report* 1,908 Subjoined in the average number of death* per day for each week, from the commencement of the disease,

calculated upon the basis of the City laapeetor'a report* l Wttk Daily Wttk Daily Ending. Jletragt. Ending Jlvtragt. June 2 4 1-7 Jul; 14 72 9 17 2-7 21 102 16 20 6-7 28 08 8-7 28 21 6 7 Aug. 4 96 6 7 30 40 6-7 11 60 3 7 , July 7 .46 2-7 18 66 4-7 The following table will indicate what the proportion la between the general mortality and the death* of 1 diseases of the bowel*, including cholera Cholera 389 Cholera infantum 98 , Cholera morbus 13 Diarrh<va 66 Dysentery 78 1 Total 633 , All other diseases 336 ; Total 968 > The proportion ef deaths of natives of the United ? States to foreigners, Is a* follows > Natives of the United States 547 Natives of other countries 419 l Ireland furnishes considerably more than half of the IBlirr DUllioer? DSOieiy. 5 The following table will show the gradual lietwH 1 In the general mortality, M well aa In eholera, frem the hlgheet point, on the Slat of July, to the present time:? Wttk nultng Tttal Otalht. Veuikt by Cholera. Jnly 14 001 484 21 1400 714 28 1.852 002 Aug 4 1,278 078 ill 1,011 423 18 048 880 Cholera la now for the moat part confined to the upper warda of the city, and there la aeareely any example ot a death In tha lower ward*, where the natural law* bare not been grossly violated. The deatha on Saturday were 24; yesterday, 26. Taking these two as the average, we ahall have 25 to the day, or 175 In the week, to which If we add 60 per sent. the usual proportion that the reports of the Board of Health fall short of the City Inspector's reports, we shall have a total of 262 deaths fbr the week At all events, we do not think the oholera mortality will exceed 300 deaths this week Never has the weather been more salubrious, or the air supplied with a greater abundance of electricity. There is new no doubt that the disease is gradually disappearing fro* the city, travelling la a northerly or north-east direction. BT TELEGRAPH. PuiLiDKLmiB- ins. 18. 1148. I Tkt aholera It ?pf?tn, hti takii tta liptrtnn from < Philadelphia No death haa occurred. a or haa a oaao boon reported, to-day. > BY THE MAIL!. i LututUy. Out*. Cut*i. DuutA*. I Taunton Maaa Angaet 17 1 1 > New Haven. Ct .... "Id 2 ? Bouthboro , Maaa "Id 1 1 Wetertown. Vaaa " IT 1 1 Newark, N J - Id 6 i ) Columboa, Ohio "Id 1 1 Headend. Ohio "Id ? 2 Vuetec Canada " Id ? 8 Thera wora 267 d< atba la Boaton during tha weak | ending the Idth Inat, of wbtab 111 were of eholara; diaaaaa ot the bowele. 31, dy center j. 21; diarrhoea, 13, and I eholara Infantum, 4. TNCIT>ENT8 op THE rifOIjnU. Tha Albany Krpr* of the 16th Inet , toy*: -Within tha laet thrae day* a once happy homa h*? bean ran| dared dreary and desolate by the hand of death. A daughter. suffering from a eomplalnt of tha luagc demanded the aim net eare and attention at tha hande of fond aod dotlnir parent* Knfeehlad by aaertion. tha father wae. on Baturday laet, atrieken down by tha epideailo A mother and her four tetberleaa children horror rtrteken at the ruddrn demise of their parental i guardian, were inconsolable A little one nest waa marked ae a rtetlrn and aoon tha little patient waa taken A mother's heart could eland no more Braken by the double afttlotian, and eshaueted beyond recoeery. the Ml deetroyer commenced Ita ravages, and, In le?a than thirty-el* hours after her hnahand'i decease, the ? a* laid beside him In the oeld and client tomb, a lifalaaa eorpaa Tha work was not yet completed -tha eldest of the family, weakened by hrnr suffering, mourning tha lore of father, mother an? sister. a* If atrlpped ml mil ...litis *~< I- * .c .- e I I ana ynurday aba. too, ty borne to bor lnat mlini H*N> Tha Boatoa TVanicripf of tha Itth iurtant, aaya;?W* nntlonrt ye-tetday tb* itlatri-ulai rircnmitana** atI triilln| Ur d?ath of t aptalo Kulomuu Dill, of the rtanp Vrlrtidrlilp. but ?? ha?* alno* learned m me a IdiUnnat partlrnlara whleh render tha raao mora painful Tha captain and hi* family Nrad on hoard tha *laop. OB 1 ri.fay night. Mra Pill an I h.-r a?o ilanry about tweni | ty tlra year* of age. vera attacked with ehotara Tha lather attended them na U?t ha aoul.I, aod on Saturday la.1 hl? "Iff r tm-red t<. tli i-holer* hnapital. her* aha dhd In thrra hour* after her arrival, bar ana, ho had partialis rnoorarad. ranialnad an board tha reaael Immediately on hi? rrturn to tha vaaral. I aptaln DiU wna Limeelf attack ad. aad hi* ton bad a r?i lap-* In thl? rendition they laid and on San-lay tha father died A Utile aoa. ahoat flr* year* of ago. who i 1 *? on board all tb* tlna. and ?bo ?aa aleoaiek, waa i talon to tb* bn*altal ub*re h* 4l?d of atarratinn, not [ baring had anything to hat front Indny until Monday notning Tb* aoa IN ary, though ijalte *l*k. on Monday ri<nn>aBlraf*d tb* J. ath of hi* fatbor to tha coroner and notified that (Rear of bla Intention to aoaray tharenalnato Hull for Interment. No ohjaelioa waa preaented by lb* coroner, and on Monday aaanlng. /" 'I in i*?n?-u uii n ni|i ?u iiun, wmrii n? arn?e<i about t n'rloek The * leetmen rr-ol?*d thai ? aptain Dill ilinntd art b* bnried tbar*. althoogh bt owned a hint la tba town, and wa* r?a?IJ?ri4 a raatdeat 1 ' A ' unit Pill wm compelled tn about ?hlp for Boston Ha nrrleed bar* j??li r(?? forenoon and l? no* la tha rhn- 1 , Irra hospital. a r*ry pick man, and U>* only i?ril?in| I number of bl* family. Th# Dalralt .d<frrrit?*r, of lb* isth ln?tant. My*:? 1 Wi bar* board of a*. In?t*ae* of mortality tuor* worthy of pyaipathy than that which ha* recently nesurred to , th* I'atoa faaitiy. la tbl* *lty. by ebolrra Tba family aaaia to thlaelty from Kn.tland about flra yrar* a(o eonaisliagof fathi-rand mother t.lna*oa?,and three 'laugh ( ter* One id th* *on? dl*d about two y*are tiara, aad within th* la*t thirty day*, tb* mothrr threa *?n* aad too daughter* ha?* died the daughter* di*d on Raturday thr motto r aad two *oa* hot ona dty before, and throthiraon about three w**h? alar* I hey were a . singularly dirilrd aad affertlonat* family, aad war* pern n* id excellent health, aad of strong frame* and rcnrtlllMoa*. Ki nruxn 1 bom 11m ?rse< 11 roa Si a lane fa* ** iw ? Mir Oiory* Rlmp*on n turned on Monday laat from hi* ennnal t< ur of tu?p<*iion ibrough tha lludsoa'a Ray Tertltorla* anil North Writer* aattlamanta of tbl) ( eminent Weir am with regr< t from him that no rloe hail hen obtained to the whereabout*, or th* fata of Rlf Jobn Franklin and bl) gallant rompanlon*. Kir Jiba Hiebat d < a lodard, la on hi* way hark front th* fr< xen region* ami may ba *apasted In Montreal early 1 In Repti tuber Hi* aiploring party will bowrear. eonttnne th?lr nrareh under th* order* of Irr Una. of the Hndtcu'a Ray t aipany Sir Joha'aaeaond In eommand. throughout the rummer Although It woald b* almost to abandon hop* in rarb an enterprise It I) lir poptlble to eonrral fr< ro onr?? If tb* naweleomatra'h. that the rhanrr* to a ?ncce*eful teaoe trmar fearfully diminlttiid by th* lapr* of lima.? Monhut Caarier, 1 Wiagunf It. ________ _ N?w U11 fawr-Oirica ArroiarvewTa, Aunrerlf? lortKint t'.aaaa- t'baa P Alba; Tannerselll*. (Ireena -Mm K. Anthony; Kouthvllla, Kt l.awrenes- Kufni Mrade jr . Portland < hau'aiiqii* -I nrtla Ml I her Rlreh 1 reek. t'leter nam* and elta rhanged t*Pine Hill be ? Ftmvtl A Renst. appointed Po*t-Ma*t*r; Jane* e llle, I hautaa<|?e. raiae ehaaged lo Rlookelll*: Mahopae N. V , Pnti am- H?nt?n I) Baldwin; I'urdy * Ktatloo, Weelchreter li*?e II. l urdy . Mtrn I MtarangM Al' nro I In My . F lltaott Creek, t.rta? .lame* M lireeae; (alllkotn Ralllfaa-A- B Bnrre; Roek rtty Mill*, derati ga Harlow V aa (latrand, Thompson's Rfatlnn, Saffilk F'raiel* M A Ulrka; William* Bridge Waatebeel?r BeoJ. Val? nllaa, t agle Village. Wynmln* I baa II. Letaiaa. I Tkotrtcal tad Uulctl. hmwi Ttuni -TM? MniDg Ballial'a tfM f ' La Boanambnla" will ? repaatad?Slfaara VIU Can tatl, taking tka afcaraetar of A mint, thai af Elvteo ?y Signo* v leltl, ana KodolTo by Big nor Nwrelli. Id oar rrotrli ou the performance of tiki* optn, on Saturday earning we laid that the pert of Amine ea represented by Bignore Vite Carrantl, wee not whet we expected it to here been, eooelderiog the mail eel eoguiremetiU of thie Udy. end the beppy ueuuer la whleh, on e former oecerton, (we believe on the Perk board*}, >be personated the reuie character We observed,also that there were eome omksaionein the pleoe. Tble ia not right, e* oar eltieene ere now too femtller with every her of the music If. on the other head, eareleaeneim exist because of e tbin hoaed, thie eleele wrong end trveting thoee badly who will support opere, under any circumstances We ere persuaded our cititene will patronise ItelUn opere end hellet, as they ere evidently the moet refined description of etnuee. meet; but. erttete must endeavor, by every mean* In their power, to exert their vocal eelenee, In order to the success of a measure whleh Is ao inatrnotlve end edifjrlng ea that of bearing the maele of the greet tornposers of the day. executed with ell the role nee whioh voice ieeepeble of displaying. We ere sure this hint will be taken in kindneea, end that the opere. thia evening, will be well aoetelned throughout. Besides the performance ot " La Sonnembule " Mr. Man-hell bea en gagrd the dUtioguirbt-d dan sent*, M me Blangy, end Mom. Duraud who will appear in the ballet pantomime ef' La V Handlers." Here we have attraetion of a varied character and we hope the exertion* of the manager in ottering to ourcitlsens rneh a rare combination of talent, will be duly appreciated thix evening by a brilliant array of the musical dilUtunti. Nislo's Oaxoem ?This theatre has done a iplendid hurlneM daring the paat week. Thia evening there will be a grand overture by the orchestra, after whleh the comic ballet pantomime of the " Four Lovers, or Harvect Home," will be berforined ; Bibi. by Kranoois Havel, and the other characters by the members of the fbmlly. The whole to conclude with the grand ballet pantomime of ' Urielle, er Le Diable Amorenx," produced under the direction of Men. I'aul Brillant, ballet master of thy Ravel family Count Frederick, Mons. I'aul Brillant; Ilortensiua, tutor to the oouut, Jerome Ravel; Lord Beauclrre. M Antolue Ravel; dimplice. servant to the count, M. Marsetti; Asmodens, King of the Demons, LeonJavelll; Bracaccio. pirate chieftain, Mr. Henry Wells; the tirand Vixler, Kraueois Havel. We are not now called upon to speak in praise of this piece, as the pubiie have already stamped it with the seal of their approbation aud the mode in which it has been prevented to them both as regards, scenery, dresses, properties. &c.. and the ability of the performers, has been equally satisfactory, vilie. Bortin an Urielle, has done much towards establishing her claims to a prominent position in her arduous profession and we think that she will succeed in gratifying her laudable ambition. M Paul Brillant ie also on the high road to lame Ills iebul was highly favorable, and we think that his subsequent acting haa not In any degree whatever derogated from the Impression which he then made. The bill is so attractive th-it another large audience must he the inevitable reeult. Boston's Theatre.?This house is doing as usual, a line business, and the judicious selection of entertainments nightly got np please the people mightily. Everything at Burton's is done so neatly and tastily, the details of the stage affairs, the scenery, dresses, music, he., are all so appropriate and elegant, that every piece is presented In the best style possible, and tbe company numbers among it so many excellent performers. that no one ean be otherwise than pleased at the way In which things go on. To-nlgbt we are to have tbe latest farce; the bills state it to be " A Moet Unwarrantable Intrusion,'' committed by Mr. Brougham to the annoyance of Mr. Barton; and farther remark, that to be appreciated It must be seen, as any description would fall short of conveying any idea of it. Tbe pleasing farce of " Jenny Llud," In which Miss Taylor plays tbe part of the world-famed Jenny, will aleo be played, and the new burlesque of u Buy It Dear," whleh was so successful last week, will conclude tbe entertainments. National Theatre?During the present week we are to have quite a novel description of entertainments (at least at thU home) here Comedy and three, melodrama and local drama, Ethiopian acting and eoneerte, hare lately been all preeented to the patron* of the home, and now eomle pantomime i? to be brought forward. Mr. E. Warden, a meet exeelleut pantomlmlst, has been engaged; and as talent of this description Is not lacking among the company now engaged at the National, we are sore the pantomimes will be prodneed with every success ' Jocko, the Brasilian Ape." will be played thie evening. Mr. Warden, Miss On-trade Dawes, he., taking prominent parte In It. The entertainments will commence with the last new faree, entitled " A Most Unwarrantable Intrusion." Messrs T. B.Johnston and O. C. Jordan taking the parts In It. It Is said to be one of the most laughable things ever got np. The am using three of " Hunting n Turtle " will conclude the amusements. We need not commend this house to the attention of the public?they have taken It folly under their patronage, as the crowded aw em biles there nightly teetlfy. f NsiiTt'e MmrrssLS.?This celebrated bund give one of their inimitable eoneerte. this evening, at the Fort Hamilton House. The programme contains mnny of their favorite negro melodies. Cmtli Otiptn ?Thle evening. the'grand vocal and instrumental promenade concerts will take place; In addition to whirb. Mr lleleer baa engaged the celebrated Herr ('line, who will perform, every evening daring tbe week, several of his wonderful feat* on the tight rope, displaying all tbe grace, daring, and agUlty for wbleb be la ao celebrated. The porformaaooa will eonelede with the nanal rammer ball. Cmntsg Mract-M.?The wonder* of the Celeatlal Laplre (fur everything from theaee I* wonderful to the ontetde barbarian*, aa they term all vara tbeaaelvee) are moot folly ihown In tbla collection, whleh eontalna apeelmene of everything in uee among thl* lingular people. No better way ean be deviled ol (pending a few hour* In a rational manner than In vlaltiag tale collection. Onr Canadian Corraapandenea. MemriL, August Id, IMP. Arrtet of Ikt Puopotltd Pitmbi?TV Crrifemmt ?Sift* of (St Province*, fr. A e I an Uelpated. the myeterloua movemea te of the ei vtl and military autboiitlee were for tome reckleee objeet, en the part of the ministry of the day. Yeeterday mor- j nlag. a general rumor became prevalent, that the long j Intended aareete were at length te be made Thie be lief ?m etreogthned, also, by the garrison being pinned under arm* and all tha guard* throughout lb* city, doubled nnd trebled. About 10 o'eloek, Mr. Delist*, the High Constable,called at the residence of an Orangeman, of the name of Jamlcsoa, the name party that " boned" the mace on the occurrence of the destruction of the rarUement buildings, on the 25ih April last. Jamiesen, however, refused to give himself up, and drawing a pistol, threatened to blow owt Mr. Dellsle's brains. The same man was afterwards taken in one of the back streets, by a strong party of police The neat arrest made was that of a person named Dier, who quietly rave himself up. on the condition of being admitted to ball, wblcb was granted him. A hotel keeper, la this city. Mr. Ore, hearing that there was a warrant against him. and knowing he could prove that at the time, the warraat accused him of riot he was 111 In bed, proceeded to the eonrt house, and gave ball <4 his own accord Mr. Kob?rt l ooks a man of moch Intluence with those In tha same station of llfb as him elf. and a most respectable tradesman, wae also arrested. bat admitted to ball. Alexander Courtney, er OUv? r Cromwell as he has been sailed since he dissolved the branch Parliament, wae quietly walking about town all the morning. The High nonstable it wms said, declined arresting him as hn bad threatened serines consequences to any who attempted It. In the afternoon, however, (apt Weathers!!, broths r of iiol W eat he rail niteting him. advised Conrtney to give himself up as he, of course would bo admitted to bail He dbl so, and, having been onee nabbed, found he had made u slight mistake No bail wowld be taken; and Mr. I ourlney wae aceerdlagly sent te jell. A rescue was attempted, but. as the i roups ware near at hand, was I unmrcikifiil 'I hfl Imut man an nsle.l wn a Ida i 1 who va* admitted to bolt. Al> mi(jlit bo expected. lb* city wee In a fwrar* of excitement ?11 day tod. toearde night. afleira began to Mnamt l Bom Uttitmlii port About V o'clock. | proceeding to Orr'a botol. in Notre Dtn< atreet. I found crowd ol about 400 peraona eotleatod together. and lornaeing In numhora every moment I ho . pilcment | eae wry a root and tba neb worn ettacklag houee next dmr to tba hotel, tba property of ono of tho oonpervetive party? Mr Stallord I'pon Inquiry, I waa ' told tint Mr Tully. a municipal councillor, and ono nf tba meet dory laadara of tbo Roman Pathol I* lrl?h of l.rlfllutown. tat Inaida the dwelling and that a par' of lha mob uaatod to art him ont, and anotbor part, tba ! friend* of Mr StaOord. afraid of tba mtectitaf itfeoty to rnaua. if any number got into tbo bmiaa, wore attempt>?( to prevent tbom Tba tumult In Notra llama 1 moot I acted till naar ball pa-t 10 o'clock whon tba | i Ir c pe arrived, and attempted to dlaparto tho mob. I In Ihe meantime, a rrue.1 number ing over .WU proecrd| id to tha residence of Mr I afontatoe, Attorney flonoral, 1 aet. Tba intantion af tbo load re of thla party. I umlereiacd. ea* for tho purpuaa of''etrlnglng up' i Mr. I.afontalno A warm reception availed thorn, ht-vvwr. and tha tlrot volley of atonaa that rattled eyainel tba window* of the building, wa* tho atgnal for tbo garrleon to Are on tbo bopiegere and the window* omliltd one abiat of llama. 1 hirty ohota war* Bred by thobe?lrgid and one ul t be aoratlanta, a young men > f tho name of Mai on. received lo plug* I a in told by a ' hyiclan. In hi* tlda; porno went alean through hie body. Mapon expired ?t an early hour thla morning and thue berame tb? fir*I victim of the Montreal rlnta. I In the mtanlima, lb* parly at Orr a, Inatead of dla- 1 ptralag. began eroetliig barricade* and tbay managed to got one In Ht t.abilel etteei. to the height of four 1 feet. 'I ho troopp eoon eralod It and bavlog d<>no ao. It ?a< demoliehtd 1 ha rioure had no arm. to defend tho barricade* with, which may aocoqnt for no rvatetance being < tiered to tbo troop# Ab>ut midnight. fl . r . L. ? >k. ... Ik 1 I 1 ? - limn. N? |m>4 *111 tm b? kj Ik* "IrtIM," 2 till a bvtUr i rjaniaaUi.n la laatltutvd. and arm* prorurtii It la >i|>m H ?i>m? aartowa trnubla will art > nut of tb* dt-at'i <.f Mini; tba mora to, a? ha ??< killed Id altaakitiR a IrmrKaan * hnu-o In I pp?M aaada, I tbinh, (Irom what I ?a< maM-d to Ira in (if tba |. at kla doa'h will hatha altf a) I r i( im thing Lafnntaib* l< lia'- d bp tlia I ppar I ai.adiai a wltb a bata urpaaalaf tw-lnf It i* r*p?ctid ibat tbc lirill-U party will turn out ru aaut, 10 attend lb* fuin ral A rrand faaap and raaaqurrada l.all will laka plana t tin H hit a bulpbur. Va . Hprtu?? va tb* 4th of P?pliak>ri?it. TELECEirUIC IIITKLUfiERCE. ) Gtunl faylvr'i KfM|tUon lit 1 ItUbwfh. Fittsbusoh. August IS, IMS. Geaaral Taj lor arrivad la our eitj this aftsrnooa, and the inthuslasm manifested on tbs oceasloa MM all description. Such a demonstration sf pahlin feeling has never before been witnessed la this dtp. H?K? and banners were flying la every dirsatloa. Throughout the whols Hue of the nroaasalan. the General ud lultn were greeted with the most hind ut flattering demonstration*. Ibeuudi upon thousands of cor cltlseas, and thoel of the sarrown ding towns are assembled here te gfre him welcome. The Hon. Walter Forward, who had been appointed at a preliminary meeting, received the hero ef Buena Vista in a speeeh replete with elegant and patriotic sentiments. The speaker was answered In a happy manner, hy the General and Go*ern< r Johnston. Hundreds of bouquets wnre presented by our blr daughters to, and acknowledged by, the old man of the White House, in a most courteous manner. It is with pleasure that we state that na aeeident oe eurrrd to mar the pleasures of the recaption. Decision In the Abduction Caie> N >.w Ok mass, Aug. 16,1MB. Tbs decision was given to-day in the abduction ease. The Spanish Consul was bound ovar to stand bis trial* at the United 8tales Circuit Ccnrt, to be held next December. He ga\e bull in bonds of $6,000 for his appearsnca for trial He entered his solemn protect against the whole procecdioge Four persona entered hito bonds for bins, vis,: Messrs. McConnell, Llorente, blaro, and Fugle? cash in bonds of $2^00, at the samo wuio. Luri" "* 1>uo wta mitrrupwa py bpidi <1?1, aud w? failed to rcceire the remainder el the aea*?* ] Dcnth of an Emlixnt Han, Ac. Richmond, Aug. 19,1949. Jndge Nleholea, whnee lllnes# from a etroke of paralyria wo noticed feme time ilnao, died yeaterday mcrning. Ho waa formerly Attorney General, and more recently a Judge of the Supremo Court of Virginia. Tbo Legislature of Virginia adjournod oa Friday laat, 17tb inat. Affairs la New Orleajia?Overflow of tike Had Hirer, dtc, Baitimobe, Aug. 19,1949. The Soutbern mall baa arrived, with Mow Orleaat paper* of tbo 13th inat. Tba aoeond company U. 8. Artillery, atatloaed at Fori Pike, left yeoterday for i'aicagoula, bound to TampaBay. The ateamer Boa well bad arrived Area Red River; aye that the overflow caused an tmmeaae deal ruction. f property. The water waa from four to eight feet dap oa the plantation* between Shrevepert and Match* iteeheo. At Grand River, Front (treat, together with many largo warobouaeo. oared la, earning a largo lean of property. Col. Do Keaei'o cln bonao fall in tba ri. vsr, with abeut an aera af ground. Had Kirar la now falling. From Charleston. Charleston, Ang 17,1849. Tha strainer Southerner arrived yesterday from quarantine. The steamer Of prey cleared yesterday to* Philadelphia. Harkats, New Orleans, Aug. 16,1840. The mice af aotten yesterday were trifling, tha holders ashing extreme priees. Coffee advanced, and' sales of Rie ware made at TJge. Cincinnati, August 16,1846. Plinr?The market is dull. Large sales cannot bo made, except at a decline Some holders would now accept easier rates 66 is now ashed for new. Sugar ?Sales of common and superior, at 6c. a Ha. Coffee is in good demand, at advanced rates. Provisions ars unchanged Whiskey-Sale* have been large, and prices have declined to 1'Xe. a 17?ia per gallon. Baltusorb. Ang. 18. I860. The inclemency of the weathrr to-day has operated against outdoor business. We are not aware of any transactions in flour. Howard street fresh brands held at 86 86, and City Mills at the same pries. Nothing doing in ears meal or rye flour. The supply of grain is fair, hut not large, wheat rather dull; small rale* of red, good to prime, at $1 to |1 09; si hits do. |1 08 a pi 12. Cora is steady; aaiee of whits at 66 ? 67s., and yellow at 60 a COc. Oats 28 a 80o Rye 67e. There le nothlnx new to notice in orovtslone or sroee riei. Prlcre uncharged Wbiiktjlilo tott? NqnNt. We note aelea oT bbU at 26 a 36 1 hbdn. held at 34 a U)|0. The money market la without ehauge. The eupply of Br?t elate paper I* vary limited. and ratea on the itreet may b? quoted fur aueh at 8 a 10 par aant. The 'apply at bank eoutloua* aa yet fully equal to the demand tor all good baMneet paper offering Loana on dividend paying aeeuritle* may be readily affeatad at 0 par oant. hipping Intelligence. Boaron, Aag 19. Arrived?ffeemrday, P M, ehlp Baaalaiar, uiaagew, J alp lit Bigaaliaad? let tee', lat M 90, Ion 84, bark OoTornav Rfaek lay. af Baraeteble, alet stag LaM; ahlp Meraaleea, Qlaegew, 17th inly. 12 paieengere. l.rtg Aatarea. H.vaaa, Aw U. Spoke ISto. lei 44*96, Ion 7u ft, ehlp Olive Breach, N Bedford. far Saa Frenctece: tern* day, a* ahlp Devonaiiire, brum New Verbt trig Mertkaraer, MaMla, jaly i7tb, for Barreloaa, pat la la dtttteae, bat tag ipnki alaafe la a gala aa 1Mb. UtdflW, lo a MtV tpaka lata taal, lat dO SO, lan 69 41, ahlp Alexander Conn, New Bedford, for 8aa Praaoieeo. Iirige Weader. Sam. D Baaaolt, July 27th; K Doana, Baltimore: dodge Whltmorr. PHladelpMh: acl.j Hraca, do; Clartea, Albeay; Kile a and Noareaabel, New York. Cld, bark Adellae Rtgere, PLUadeli hta; brig* J Viekan >a, Belli mi re; Mall aad Mary II, Philadelphia; eohr Haary l"ortl?, Albany. Arr 19th. ahlp Colnmbiie, front Cadlg, July I): ship 81 Peleretnrg. from Liverpool 7Ui. and Cork KHh July?awake dtlt iaei. latdS, laa 37, bark Empire, froae BnaWl for Portland. 8t Johg. NB, Aag 14. Arr brig Sarah, from New York. Cld brig Linn, PkiTadcIpi-ia oahr ( elaxy. New York. Army Intelligence. The New Orleane J'l.ayuar of tba 11th laetant, pubIt/ lire a letter from ( apialu < barlee 41. Merchant. glvlog the following rad record of deatba In the Ktgntfo rrgluient of lufantry nlnea It left Vara < r?. in July of I not year, upon the couelnalon of hoctllltfce with 31t lice:? iJlrd. at Brooklyn. New York. Angunt X 1848, Seaond I.ii ntrnant George Wutnwi ight. of the 8th r<guu?nt of lolutn. On tba Wlxrlxalppl. near Helena, Arkaa'n*. September 1848, b'lnt Ll< utenuct nod Breret Captain John U. I laik, of the 8th regiinint of Infantry. At I'ort Lataeu, T> iu, December 34, IMS, 8e?on<3 lieutenant J. A. Deaney, of the 8th regiment of Infutij. At J<ffrr*on Earmeka. MImoutI. January 32. 1840, ' attain A. L. Bbrjpard, of lha bib regiment of Infantry. At Ban Antonio do Betar. Trxar, Mar T, 1MB t;otanal otiU Brrrrt Mnjor General W. J. Worth, of tba bib regiment of Infantry. At Han Antonio da Bexar. Tesaa, Jnna 38,1840, bint Lieutenant J. J Booker, of lb? 8th r-gltueut wf Infantry. At ( imp Cbadbourne, n?ar Fr<-detlektburg, Texae, Jim* 28. IMS, ? aptaln and Breret Major Colli ton R Gate*, of tba bth regiment of Infantry At and near Tort Larnca, Texan from tba 21th Defaulter. 1848. to tba'id January. 1840. of ebolera, 127 noneommbalonad officer*, maetrlan#. and private*. of the 8th regiment of Infantry. Tba Urrrn Bay (tt !<enn*in) .IJi oca.'r, of tba 9th Inxtant, iay#:?'Tba ebicfa of the Menomcnee*. who were l'ii n.mimj Cat l hi hi < In M* exploring erpedltinn. nuw r>iuee in go. an tlie < li n.-l himn II i? ah >Ut proceed lo Washington for further l?tract'?w. Naval lalilllgviKa. The I'. 8. eteani frigate Alleghany. Lieut C om'g W. W. Iluuler. from Warhlngion arrived here y??t<rday morning, at a little Iwfore seven o'clock, and proceeded up t# tli* Navy Yaid The A left Washington. an we Darn, nt eight o'clrck t>n UtJnoday morning AWf,lk llnmU, J)ug IT Tha U. 8 aurrrttsc a'eamer lletrel, Lient. Rodger*, rammandtng. arrive.t here ye?t?rday, in three day* frotn Key Meat 1 he following la a IDtof her ofltiera John Kodgera I.lent < ununanding, tVDinar iMltelde.. Lieutenant. W illiam O. tsmple. Nailing Maetar; Thomas Kllpalriak, lat Ingtorar; Hanry A. Stewart. J?t Engineer ?CAerleelen tturkr, .fug Id 1 be U N aloop of war I rmantown, Chat l.awn Jet, Lli ut i ommamllcg. waa at Kay IVaat on tha lath inet , to rail Immediately for Rnat.*. Tha following la a llat of her oHIcera. who, wa are plraard to any, are all well ? i harlea Lowndea I i mtnaader: Janea I* Weinatry. 1<t. Lieutenant; Diehard Forrwet. 2d do | ( bar Thonae Id iln ; Nam or I J Nhlplev, 41 li do , J 1) Miller. Surgeon, l wti.M. ? - i-e . .......... "i>n iimrw" fniiiin R Itarrie Paeard Mld-hipman, J H Nl< h' la-m. Marine I'fllcer; Th?mae A t.nnter. Mid-Mpmau, tullua <>. 11.11. m*n. do | John K l.a*ou do ; U'm A Toon .In ; Win < 1 h' nip sen Unnn. r; Ueo Thonta*. >*llinak?r f>? ?mr< in ? Fionn I* Ointni*.?A moet .U'trwr liic flood occurred la SlWcr creek In tbl* county. on 1 hnreilay ermine lo t It I* Impoaethle to makd any thing Ilk.- a rorr. ft ertlnmte of the damage dour. All, the tenco* on tlinbot'. m? were carried ? ray. oi l hnnIrrdr of aero of rorn and cotton either wholly dc ti. j.d, cur left withont protection ft> m thi ravage* .fiheatccfc 'I ha d?. King home of a Mr tlarttdon. tore! h*r with ht? work-hop were awen* awry, with yery thing In thru I he carding mill and raw mill >f L Uarwel. Kaq . were wholly wa?hed away, an I hla V.nrlt k Billl.? miirl. damn .I The thre-hing machine tnd workrhop ?H <>| utile were carried away, and hi* Ian yard ninth damage I The bark hreiee war wa?hed iff and aereral of the rat a emptied of their content* Ike llaptiet ct.nrch on the creek wa? nioredaetn'iderahta The grlet and raw mllla of Jonaa \lr(t arm rinM aaay, an-l tha ? ? ijiti f* try of t ) Kln?. with *11 tho ma?-Mnrry, #o?r twnty nrw ' t. ami all tho It-?.? . anil -n hin ? ??r? rt lit Pnrnptil ana 11>?< rl?? that of ivthlnj <n| | Ml larrd fn m any I* tha bnlMlnfi ?Arr1n<l away. Thr t?i?r i? ?l?l lo !.??? pi-.mi ?n < ' ?'i that many Blinitu an lln nil "in t ti f< nlbijlmr than If bin >#? Anna a for man? jh??? Ft n?*?f ?? known to m to h'ixh t>jr many f> - t Tho In * of V D KlD|bHtlnatait at from l??l?? to thlrtaan th l ifnllara t? wa? an In*n<ti1<>n? tam-hanir anil bU lo*? *mhra??a > rally anrtthiat bo ?" worth a poo thn aartb ? l?ai# < ' . * < > ? > . 'X P

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