Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 23, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 23, 1849 Page 1
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nn tt A. J JL NO 5556. The K*ithern Touj uriht President. 1111 KKcKITiON AT ORHKN3BUKO, ETC. [Proa the Philadelphia New*. Aug 24 ] iftintmiiu. Aug IT 1349. From Bedford Spring* t<> Hi---u-burg tbo President ku mot tfae people 5a 'h U.4..J. tt every town, vli1*9*1 crocs- roe J hamlet end nvera th*y have turned out rn ma tr? men women *n?i children?ead greeted lila as no men wee ever b<f >re greeted et least in tins pert of the country < > relete etl the incidents and deferibe every reception t" give the names of coma it teen, the nldre-rc. and replies-would require e rotuim largerthen could tie written in e month It bee been impossible to write fro n ? very point farting off upon the journey eeily m ttie morning, end bringing tip only long after nr-unary b"iitimo, leaves but little room to do eny thing else The journey from ficdford Spring' to Somerset was over e dreary road, through the mountain' with only here end there a dweilin r and occasionally a tavern, the road being much tri quectsd hv drover* The Preeldest, trovernor end ru t' cropped at one of these taverns in the mountain* t.? dine, and though the exterior was anything nut prepossiug the meal furnished would do credit to many >f our lir.-t city hotels The President, after dinner w?* .iver mingled freely with the crowd, and win h> eame engaged in an int -resting conversation with a muk locotneo. tombing tri* political principles, promisee. " broken pledge*," itc , in vrhlcb be wound up lor antagonist In a way at once dignified and goe<l-u*tur?<d The conversation ran cat what after this far tin n: Loco -[Wa king up to the President.] Cilneral, bow d' ye do ' i tu tla.i to see ye but-1 didn't vote for ye, 'cause I'ui a diiu-crat lien Taylor.? I'm ju-t as glad to see you for all that: I earn* here to ree whig- democrats, aud natives, and a 1 and am glad t? . ee -II. I O'O?You said >< u -honlil be the President or the people, and ni t of a parly end that you wouldn't be DKrcnpiive ; but jouv'd turned out the dl moo rata tnd nobody rite Gen Taylor?Who else could I turn out? Nearly all the (tlfce bolder* of your narty, and I, of cmirf, desired an equalisation If I thould let your friends bare all tbe place*. and the whig* none, It would be prof the whig*! JUOdO. ? You're right. General; I never thought of tnht 1 believe tbe deuioerata did bare all tbe plaoe*? that's a fact They ftrrt got em from Giuerel Jacketa Gen. Taylor?Yen. my good friend, they've had poss<anion of them for nearly twenty yt are; and they ought to be stlisBed with ! In ir hall hereafter. The argument wae oouciu-ive and tbe looofoco could not escape, eo. with more i.ou.-s'y than la po*<e?*ed by thoee Irom whom he drew hi, complaints, he o?nfenced the grain." and own. d up I'he whole air?ir ended iu e general laugh and tbe looofoco. at parting, shook the t'lesidout by the Waud repeating. " You're light. General; you're right !' till tbe carriage rolled w?y. At the suinmit of one of tbe Allegheny ranges, within few sailed of Soiii-r.wt. a large procession had collected, to escort the President to town, and was at lead three-quarters of a mile iu length Considering that but one house was standing auy where iu sight, me gathering was extraordinary t he President stepped > -down among the crowd in company with tbe Governor, and entered into tbe uio*t familiar conversation The women would rush to kiss him, and the littlu girls were eager tn follow A tew miles front Somerset the President and party were met by a depot etion C carriages headed by Hon.. A. J. Ogle: and bcf< ie watering tbe place the processon was mors than a nupc la hog' h. It entered the taws at * ?bout 7 o'eloek In tb* evening and the I'reaident was warmly ?ee*|?ed by Col W.8 Pearson, and eonducted to tbe hotel, wbete be rpeut en hour before tea in reoeiving his fn in da After sepptr. tbe ladles af tbs town flocked in great number* some of them protracting their visit till late In tbe evening The party left 8'unerset at sewn o'clock, thlt morning, dining at Ligonier a be re the President was again warmly received by hundreds on horseback, in carrl mu vii iv?i. ui uu (."wmmdreuubuur^ wiwu* Id ten miles of the plan* at the fi>ot of a Ktwp and rat bar romantic elevation eurrouuded on nearly every side by the rugged ei?ff? "f th* illegbaoies. the i'roddeut stepped at a plain bat substantial stone home Ita exterior resembling an ancient cattle, while the interior gate the amplest e*ld-uc? of substantial comfort and cultivated taste It was the leaidaaee of Gov. Johneton. The PreMaeat jnni|H-d from the carriage with the of twenty-two. and at oaoe recogntaed the Governor father though he had never even him before ? Though ever eighty year- of aye be atill walk* with the eLaetioliy ot torty. The meeting between the twa waa eord'a'. A anmptnoua repast was prepared. and was In waiting, but the erowd -outside were Impatient, and the Preeident hastened on.. The proeeeaion of b?r*es and oarrlagee at thte place was a mile in length The old men rode ip to the carriage, and shook the Preeldent by the band on the road riding off again at fall gallop, and giving darn nitrations of the inoet extravagant delight Before reaching Geeeoehurg the pronation had morn thtn doubled in length. I pcs arriving In right of the town, the view presented from the roofe of the honeee, front the side walks and street*. one denee mass of people, crowded ns thickly together as they ?om4 eland. Such a gathering had never been known at Oreeusbnrg within the history of the place ? The streets were decorated with flagi and appropriate devices It was. In short a repetition of the reception at Carlisle. Chambersburg and other places on the route. Halting in front of Uoodllng'e hotel, the President waa addressed by Col i nciter, and < ol OUphant, do whom he replied In a brief epeecb At the c9nolnalou of the eereuonlee the Preeident retired to hie room, when Gov. Johnston was railed out, aad welcomed with the same spirit. The people lo-i-ted that he shenld apeak to them, and he waa forced to comply, Almost -every sentence was loudly ebaered. white thwspirit of the people bad beaame eo roused that it Wee with trouble the Governor ooald relieve himself from their importunities. At the sunoer table, in ihe oar lor and the hall, the pe<4>le gathered around <?eu Tt)l?r; tki whig* to congratulate, and the locufocoe to question him. BII ARRIVAL AMD RRCKrTlOM AT TITTf-AI ROU. [From tbe Buffalo VN V.) Courier, Aug 20 ] General Taylor arrived at Pittsburgh at half past 4 n'oleok oa Saturday altan i nn Ilia reception was moat enthusiastic. The aire ta vara all adorned with Bag*and banners. and ha was everywhere greeted with kind and Bettering demonstrations, Thouaanda on thousands mat to glee hits anionma Tha Hon Wtl tar Forward In i-lnqueut and warm tarma bada him wale me D' qunti wara presented tha Prati dan t. (who thanked tbe doners In appropriata language) (at almost every square lie baa won thousands of heart* by hi* benlga and kind manner, ho accident occurred to mar toe pleasure rf the reception. After addresses by Mr Forward, tha Praaldent arose In hia carriage and replied In tha foil owing word*:? Bra? It la with unmlngbd pleasure and at the same time with grant distrust of my own abilities that I hare to retmrn my aaknowleUgnmnti to tbe eltiaene of Pittsburgh, nay I would say citiaena of Alleghany county, the second In consideration In tho great 8tata of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, tha Bret far manufacture* in tbe Lntoo I say It is with feelings at on. mingled pleasure thai I thus hare an opportunity of meeting yon. (( hears ) Sir, I bare served more thin fort* rears la the military wrvlce of my country, m et of which time has bees speul on tha extreme borders, In tha protection of onr Inhabitants from the red man, nod In carrying war Into an enemy'* country. (Cheers 1 It canard therefore, b? expeetad, of n man whose whole time ha* been devoted to action In the field of strife, to make any display ef eleSience on the present *tf f Itjltlltl hit eat feelings I won id net be a man of word* I wish lo be what I hare always endeavored to be e man of notion (Great applets.# ) Mtr. you bare kindly al-Inded to my services, they have been, for the most part, the eaavluee of the eamp and In tha aehteremenU gained by onr arm* I claim bat a small share, thep are mainly duo to the *tr<>tg arm* and the bnid hearts of our regulars and ralunteers. la which the ollixens of Pannsylaantn took no Inconsiderable part la the memorable war against the Mexican government (l.oud and long cheering ) The operations of the uterioaa soldiery In Mexico, and among them tbe volunteer* of Penngylvnnla. have rnn>ln<-.d the world that they are able, not only to defend tb?dr own linlf| but to .-*r. ry successfully the'r arm* into the country of an enemy and to maintain their position wherever their banner mat he nfnrted (immense sheering ) Bat, air. while with pleasure end Wit h pride I -p. e. .ftli. scenes that tram c I red lo Mexico. I au> euivhatiealit a man af Cm*, ft ml 1 would b?l? obeerv* ih?t lb* great dldleul lib our*!* to r*?train them Iroiu military ti'jrl?o whether ftc111 It 111 ?r|f drfrooo I r ill carrying war Into an nrnnr'n ronnlrj (t:he*r* ) Although I have b?m bn d to the prnfeMlon of arm*, I ?a? again that I am a tran of p"??e I am aatlou* at ail time*, and under nil elrruuxtanoa* that arery poe-ible tneaoa ehould be triad, ovary poeeihle m. an* adopted b for* war fhnuld b* re?irt*d to ( hear* ) Sir. I hara rn tared your State to *en t b* people of r*nn*ylv*nin. a* tbi'lr rhiaf magistrate to ?e# the whole panpl*, whig*, Jemoereta, and -native* " without regard to Party, and. ? tar a* I hara parted through your State, I hare endeavored to ptirei d withnnt eecort, without pomp, and my wl-h ha* b?en to meet yon a* a plain republican cltti* a (Loud a beer* ) I have been ra?t by your dintlngntabed and aourtenu* ( hlef Magtetrat*. and by many of your dU'lnguiebed elMaea*. who have aonduet-wd me tbua tar through tble hta'*. If ant with greater pomp at any rate. I em ratt-flei with fleeter aiT-e Ion than ha* of ree-nt y?a<* aoe inpanied the pwagentiiea of V uropean monarvha a* ihey bar* paatnd irom plana to plar* with all the paraphernalia ot n yelty. (Vary great cheering I Sir I mutt -ay that I feel myw>lf perfectly at home with the r>- nvl* ,?f fVan-vlvftnte (Ureal applause ) I have never ha I en opportunity of panning thr. n*h the flute. and of eeeing their mercantile, their mltitua and manufacturing opera Ion- and 1 h !?? I may be lllo??l to ?ij that j im ?.,t tr<??p?a.lnf tha law* of ptoprlety wheu I derota a little i*?un> to enquiring urn Information aa I can <>b a>n br a rl?it to ton' of tha mo?? prcmln* at pl?c?? of the Union where an eh Information ta to be obainad In all matter* of thlatort I wlah to rae ai d judge for myaelf (timet hairing ) Sir In eon< qmn I bag to rotnra to you, and through yon to tba cltl??u? of Pitt-bnrgh. and Ailagany cnnty. not forgetting tha I ad lata, II >ud appleaea and narlng of hala and bandkrrablnfO my nighrat reapaet an<l good wlaber for tba dtattngai-hed honor yon hara conferred upon ma to dty, aoJ my moat ferient daalra rhaii at all tlaiaa ha. whathar aa rra?ldrnt of thla graat repnhlle or a?a private ladirtdual to protnoto ' ur mutual welfare, end to do ail la Bit power for yonr happinea* and pro?perl'y [1 ha old General i ben ret down amid the ranawad cheering it the ihouraod*J. The new line of telegraph tn Mallfav, N. It , will be bo oornplated about the flirt <J depteaiMr proilmo. N / \ ? _ . E NE Tit? Citbn HoTcinrnt ?The Preddent'iPw rlamatlon. [Krnm the 'harleston Mercury. August 10 ] Our reader* doubtl-?- have read the proclamation o( Pr?*ldent T?y lor > gainst supposed movement* la th? I nited State* to aid the riiban* to throw nfr the tyranny under which they groan. with no little *urpri*?. 11 inch procltfuiat inn had appeared. forbidding the oitl enrol the United Slater to aid the Canadian* in tbeli scheme of annexation >o the Cuited States, there would have been n? cause for wonder; for we do not doubt the truth of the ereertii u. that the chief agitator* ol that scheme ot rebellion agaiu-t one of the mildest anil ruost b> nebrent governments are from the United Sialer; whilst part experience proves that there are thou and* r< ady to co-opeiate all along our Northern frontier to force such a rouit by the sword Or if expr ditica* to Hungary had been denounced this would hate some giouud <>t justification front movement! openly made in many of our Northern oitiei llut when and where bar there b> en any demount ration on the part of our cititone to aid in revolutionizing' ubn? Open dene m-liati >n* to aid the I'a iedlau-and Hungailacs are parsed by unr. buked, but suppositious, certainly not public manifestation* by our citixenr to aid the uhanr, l* forthwith uiade the subject of denunciation b> thi* truly Souihern aduiiul-t-aiiou. Although D thie city there ha* tran*pir*d nothing to justify the proclamation of l're*ideut I'avlor. and it lookr, therefore now that (be Southern eieoiiou* ara over, very like a small effort to gain popularity at the North whither be is now moving on hi* tour, we stucelt ly hope theie in good ground for this most extra. 01 diuary prrceeUiug Ni'??r ?as there* poor people mi re < ppressed ttion tliv unfortunate inhabitants of Cut*. I hey ere not only compelled to support * army for their own eubjectlon but the rjfrtt and oorrupt monarchy of old Spain lire* by inn money extorted ir.ou item The taxes wrung from them annually would long since hare cru-h. d theiu, but for their energy, and the uunqua'led richness and fertility of their wouuerful and beautiful cuuutry Twenty million* of dnllaisa year ere exacted by the goverunn in from annie thr?c hundred thousand people. And what a government ! The despotism of Kussia or Turkey is b?net*.e< nee itself compared to It Should a people so situated rise to vindieate their rights and draw their eworda for independence there is not a hi art in t be broad Soutb not a friend to her Institutions, but wi II burn wttb sympa'tiuilc ardor in their came President Taylor may put f irth his proclamations and use or abuse bis high < Dice to truckle to Northern fanaticism, ami to repress any generous sympathy or mora efficient support in the shape of men and btyonei*. to aid iu such a struggle, h it his edict* will be in vain He will have to establish here a tyranny as despotic as that which exists iu Cuba before he can hinder aD American uiiiien from going where he pleases to tight for an oppressed people against their oppressors I bou-auils of our gallant sons will go to that glorious Island to rescue it tr-?ni Spanish or negro domination It caileU ou by the people of l.Uba. They will not allow this garden spot of the world-this key of the Gulf of Mexico this gate of f e Mississippi river?more Important to the Sonth and the great valley of the Meet, iban all the middle States and Northern to bout?to fall under any cuulnd iuimicul to their inierc-ts In despite of the Buffalo platform, which Mr Webster asserts to be genuine whiggery declaring that no more slave .States shall ba added to tbl* Union, they will place another star in our Bag among the brightest of them all, and uirke it there to sbiue for ever. 'The frowns of a weak aod already prostrated ..Ul-l.l.-ll..- ?... .# s. ...... . I ?'*? .u. ijdii"u?iu? - i fuiiimu Lraiium, m 1 or out of lloiigresg ?the cries of Northern n?pirauU to power by a Northern predominance. or of furious fanatics poison* the rattle-oake in August, by their own venoui will not avert the onward march of events, l ubu will be a part of these Southern Slates, and of tbese United Stales but wn forbear speculating upon a subject, on wbtch we fear the adiniulstiation is only "peculating. We hope the whole is not the pufliug of a broken bellows, to till its flagging and flapping rails with Mnrthein breeses. AsiaHioaw Salivas in Jaran. ?Oranisa or thi JaiaMji Posts.?We published yesterday an account from the China Mail, of the voyage of Commander Olyun. In the United Sta'es ship Pre (He, from < anton to Nanga>aki. Japan, and the recovery by him at that port of a number of American sailors, the erew ot the wbaie ship l.adoga. who had bean wrecked en one of the Japanese islands, and kept for m ire than a year in captivity by the jealous aad tyrannical government of that oountry. During this peried. they were oouflned in prisons and cages, and treated with true Japanese rigor; a* may be iaferred from the faet of one of them beiog driven by despair to the commission of eutcide; although they were carried down to Nangasaki. undoubtedly, lor the par pose of being surrendered or shipped out of the country as soon as possible The ease of these men Is, in all respects, similar te that of the erew of the Lawrence, another American whale ship, which, In May, IMA, was lost off the coast of Japan, which only the second male and seven ot the crew succeeded in ruscliiug alive. They also, were kept in dose custody during a space of sevmteen months, confined In dungeons, cages, buses, and the holds of junks. In which they were passed fr >ui port to port, till they reached Nangasaki : being csntlnnallv exposed to all sorts of 111 u-age, threatened, insulted, and sometimes oruelly beaten One of the poor fellows, attempting to escape was put to death without meroy; and the whole of them were compelled, under terror of the sword, to go through the crouton/ of trampling on the cross or a picture of It according to ths ancient heathen rule adopted by these islanders in regard to foreigners at the 11in - of the expulsion of the Porlu gueee more man two ceniuriraago All tbla be It remembered, occurred one year after an American ehlpmatttr. Lapt < ooper, of the whale ehip Manhattan, had ret the Japaneae an example of Cbrlvtlan buuaalty, by reecutng twenty-two wreaked aallori of their country and retrying them to thelmpertal port of Vedo. where he landed them In aafety among their QPa people It happened 1*0 at the eery MNM when I Commodore Btddle war lying with an Vmerican squadron in the bay of l ed? making what we hare eery Idly flattered our eel tee war a highly favorable impreralon of | American power, dignity aod m lintimi on the Ja| panete government The Lawrence waa wrecked jurt | threw moutba before he arrived there; and while he lay In the bay. vainly attempting to establish communication* with or procure any uotloe or recognition from the Cubo the crew of the Lawrence were enduring every privation and brutality at the hand* of their Uland Jailor* and declined to endure them for fourteen month* longer Jt 'cm* quite nbvlou* that the *uppo?e<l power, digi tilty aod nioderatluo of tte * inert .an people will never Ind net* tb? Cubo. or hit uiiui'ter*. ruluiiUril/ to open tb? OGita of J lit nil to Amiilran nhlo* *n<l m<roli*n t-? i Tbi* I* te be regretted but It cariuot be helped. We I e*unot compel ihein to trade with u?. if they do not wiah to do ro. We caa neeer make war upon them for tbe take of forcing the barrier* of their ; exi'l?:"i?e ayatem -V?< erlA-leti. it a wry ' Mmiii rewri'.'ei o/i?n, worthy In ht ieeigke.l Ay iKr. goi 'rntrrnt at If eaAingipn, whrthtr it it proper far u< la prratil Ait Jealaui people ta trmt our Jlmrrican wrecked teilorr viiA Me <r#** iwA.itaatiily who. A we Aeee note uAunWuW fraaj thry #ytfer??/i? ally pur??* lanarjt ikrm The Japanero are itot a barbar>>u< people. In <he proper rente of the word; on the rouirary. they are a nighty cultleat*d. cirlllied people, who know eetl from good perfectly well and are quite aware of the wr>n< and inJuetice which they pi act lee?and. Ind-ed practi-e for a purpoee? thai of deterring even ehipwreeked mariner* from landing on their roaet, uiaklog tbem prefer rather fo encounter death from thlr*taod alar all in In Lhair b< ale at era than rlek the inUeriea au l peril* 1 of Japaneee captlrlty. Two American ehtp'a rrewa hare already b?en c mpel led to endure tbeee ?alfering., one for n-arly a year, the other hit neeenteen mnulhr, and from the na'ur# of thluire uiant other crew* will be einoeed toeiilfer In : I MMillar nimiipr nslm* Kf?p? betaken by utr ^ivorn. mrnt In time. to prevent the rt-cwrvDoa of III treatDent. It in known tha' one of the u<et important | Belting ground* for the whale It In the Jap?tte?e n-w, and that hundred* <>f our whaler* are thare every *u nDer put ruing their proper railing, running through the Mratt* of Rat'gar and l.a I eruuee and aloag the eoaete of the different 'apaneae l?ln id* In every dlr.-cI tion. Theae Mralt* are datigernue rroaa rock* and ourI rente; the e.-a-t* are |.>r the moet port Inn bound: the aeaa an fill I of reefa and hanka an I rxpxed ' > all the fury of the tremendona typhoon* wbleh rage la tboee latitude* I bete la aiwey* peril <>f ahij wrerk. | Ktery jear. perhape. wa may expect the lore of one or ' mi re vetaela wMwae Crrei ean only ear ape by making the axareat above Ib'bp ?A.u?/g ?r? tlhe lt>e unfmiuj M< era rw Jtl.vm eaieu 'a If aeireW apm nod fleeted 1 kkt fttff* and /ri#W?. Jtn aien'br er yrera, I beef**, end eulie*?d mawry lalaaae vay. fiU fb*y raw be carried re iVeHgateti, end rbert turned oitl ?/ tbe rmatiy. IttaitMt 11 fftiiri Ibe fatpefiel Cube le will tbal / fteignev* ilall br kytmii ?/ In bienaeai ' Wi hold that It la Mot only tha right, hut the Inly, of the American government to aet lie pleaeitr* In oppoeltloM to that of the Kmprmr of Japan and to will that nnr citiaen* ehall not he treatwd In thla atroei oua manner hot aith perfeet kiadne*e and hnmanliy aa they ahould he. and that It ought ta taka the prop r tepa to intarm the latter iff Ita reaolutlnn and -n induce him to eoMe to a pr per arrangement on the *ubjfft. Another expedition, and one of aufffeieut atrength to create a auitabte Imprraalon. ought to he aent to \ edo with ordera to opea direct communication* with tbe eouit for the putpor* of arranging a a invention looting apeelally to thte nhject; which ought en no account tn he abandoned; nnr nnght the expedltlr n to leave the hay until It i* fully anmtnpluhed. W Ith all I he appearance of neleattal pride haughty Indifference end Mem determination not to be aware even of the exi-tenc* of the foreigner* and their ahipe to near hta palace door* the < uh aete In fear ol the "outride haihtrlana," whom he affect* to de-plae. and la kept eatelully inf rm?d of everything d tie aud aald by them There a til he no difflaolty through auch official* aa are aent on heard in Informing him or the pur p<*e r>f the vlalt and th? p*?ttlre ordera ml tiled reeolution of ih<> commander of the expedition to remain until tt I* duly properly, and ratidactorily effected, ard that In a direct way perfectly rcea-ctful and honotabie to the character ol the American aorernment Such a e<>u*?i.tlo? ought to provide for opening all, or the principal Jopoueee porta to American ahlpa drive* to th?m hy atreee of eeathef. or needing refreahmenra and to ettch potte the nearot or moat cmv et.ient to the aaetiea o| dl-a-ter. American wr??hei| martaera oapht to be conducted and ho.pitohly treated at the expen-e of eourae. of th* t'nlted Itatli? ontll taken off hy tha flr-t v??ael? entering th?m M-t?Ithatandina all ?e know and Imagine of iapane<? jralen.y end iheah-<dnie detormlaat ion of thn government to clo-a their doora agatnet the world, nothing would he raeler than without ant vlnlinno. to accom ptUheuih aconveottna, and a nth I Op la mere proper, nothing more neoeeeary. than thatlt ahiuld ho effect ?d. - PAt/n-M/Am ATarrA .Tmniran, .fuguat ?i. VV ?0 MORNING EDITION?TIIU Southern Fashionable Intelllffeiiee?'The Rowland Springe Fancy Ball. [f'orrerpoudence of ltie f :ha-lo*ton Merourjr ] r W ith scarcely a note of preparation, aud up >n the i Impulse of the moment, the company assembled at Kowlaud Springs, determined to enjoy thennelrse U?t r week b) giving a fancy ball (.Ike everything of tbl* kind the suddenness with winch it wu got up, gave it a n et and a relbh which made the whole matter extremely pleaeant. from ite conception to the oonsurn; nation The selection of nhaiacter*. the ohoioe of ' ! appropriate continue, the cutting out aud making up, aud the thuuiuiud miuutitc inseparable from the ar, rang* incuts all contributed to afford employment for | th,short interval which elapsed between the time that ' it wa> lir?t determined ou, aud the night ou which it j to<k place What change* are constantly going ou 1 around ue in the werld iu which 'we lire. Think ot iiuwiei'd Springe a* the scene ef a 1 nicy ball The ] time ieMill freeb in the memory of tbe liviuir, when the spot was ignorant of human tread, aara only wh r< mo wauderiug savage paused on hi* war or huutlug path to slake hi* thirst at one of the uitnt cool mod delightful springe which gush out of the surrounding i bill* As if touched by the wand of enchautmeut. it ha* all at once beconi.- a resort for the U.hisaable,anl a retreat for tbe invalid Scarcely a day passes that does not bring along with it large addition* to tbe crowd already assembled and the pleasant ground* in j the vicinity are thickly inter*per*ed with the beauty and fashion of l arolina and tleorgia. beguiling the time with healthful exercise, and Inhaling the pure atmosphere of this mountain region llut my present business i? wi'h the ball, and not] the Spring* 1 or two day* the ladle* gave up all their other amusement*, and devoted themselve* *edulounly to tbe Important work of preparation. Their delicate , linger* put a tne needle incessantly "Frem inorn nil dewey eve," and kept time to the delicious mu le of their voices, as they diecuioed the peculiar and relative adaptatiou of the dresses to the charaoter* whlcU they designed to represent. It was refreshing to see so much industry allied to so great ingenuity. It was no child's play, 1 i assure you. to fix oil ?oiue forty dresses for a fancy bail iu ihe brief period of two days; and the more especially when you take Into consideration that the Split g* could furnish nothing toward* it. aud the la- I dice were, consequently, obliged to draw exclusively upon their own reaource* But draw they did. and their diafis were nobly met and honored. At about eight o'clock on Ibe evening of Thursday . last, the baudeoiiiely decorated saloon gave stgos of 1 nu,re than ordinary life and gaiety 1 know your very ; nthirck* city pei pie will stare when they hear of par-' aoua going toa ball, and that a fanny bail, at such an ) uutaslii liable hour, but the the truth must he told, and the historian is bound to deal with facts. At eight o'clock then, the ball commenced and swtdom has thers 1 been witnesaed. even where 'time aud cirrumstauoa" I were all in favor of it a more beautiful aud animated display. The eoetumee were excellent, and I cannot dercilbetoyou the surprise ot the spectators at the perfect manner in which tha various characters wera , sustained blaua. with her bow and quiver, was represented by ' a young laiij of Augusta, whoee accomplishments aud amiability had made her a general favorite; and tha 1 g< diiess herself might well have euvied her fhir rspre- I sentstiveou thie occasion A H rench beau'y, nt the times ; of the 14th l.oufs, whs per-onated by a married lady of Charleston, whero her great personal attractions have been univtrvally recognised and admired, it is crsditable to the taaie of Georgia to add, that here also they have been unhesitatingly admitted. Mar drees Wat ! most tastefully arrange^ and she both looked aud acted the chaiacter to admiration. "a wrestli of orange blossoms," derived additional beauty from the snowy brow of one of Georgia's fairest daughters, who appeared in the interesting character <>f a youthful bride, tier lovely lace spaiHlIng eyes aud joyous smile, made her the subject of geueral observation; and the tones of her clear silvery voice fell like music ou the ears of the delighted circle cf which she va< continually the centre. ' The tlueeu city furnished a charming representative 1 of Spring. in the person ot a young lady well knowu in , your city; and never was that delightful season mors j welcome than was its lovely Impersonation on this oo- I cation milling silently and quietly along, with a noiseless triad ww* aeea I Novice, closely enveloped in along 1 while vail, which copoualed the deeply interesting 1 countenance of a very youug married laiy. ol < barle-o ! ton Tba lengthy probation within the walla of a con- | trot ItMili. could i-carcely hare added to tba psrlactlon of Ibia repreaantatlnn An Kt.gll-li oouutess, of tba prsientrrgisit, was finely represented by a young lady of Burke oouaty. Georgia. wlioee commanding and niaiaaile figure war admirably adapted to the part which she had ao judiciously ae- I It cu d 1 ha acoompliahed lady of one of your esteemed com- I miction merchauta added to the variety of the evening. by appearing to the character of a Gip??y and Sustained an u-aal. the wall actabliahed reputation of bar whole family for gtacelulueas of motion ami a rtnely cultivated tasie The metropolis of Carolina guvs ua a Shepherd#**, dnsti d in mdtt aiquiaita fashion. wboaa gentle looka and inodutt deiueauor. added greatly to the beauty . which distinguished her even in a galasy of lovrllns**; and to the taunt source were we indebted fur a Klower ( ill abo, bertelf resembled a delicate bud bursting 1 forth Into maturity to add to the beauty and tiniah of aonie delightful aarferre. A f fnsunt Girt of Germany, happily Illustrated by a married lady of < har.eatou?and to eonrlete wa* the Illusion that one wa* almost tempted to inquire of ber. how long it had bean since aba bad left brr native llblne. to bring life aid happtue" to a stranger land. Tba Imitation, both In dreea and mannera. was unrlralied. A fair aod smiling liebc, from Charleston, afforded ua a capital impersonation of a I'ari.dan Griaette. and I could not but look on with aome degree of commas ration at the fearful havoc which she was making among the* ot the young gentlemen who ventured within the magic circle of htr altcbary. To yonr venerable city also we owe an obligation fjr the repr< sentatlon of a K ranch Lads of our owu time*, by a mnriled lady of tbat Ilk This character wa* admirably sustained throughout, and out could hardly tell which most to adrnirs. the accuracy of the eosluais or tba grace and vivacity ot the wearer. It wa* superlatively good Mrs ? of Charleston, appeared in tba coaiume of ftn l.ngllPb UucUceii, aud the rlolmra* o< her J mm and the megntf cenrn of her co?t ly Jewelry, Mi off her beud??>n? ligure to greet advantage: * Or. tier fair liaud a diamond ring ah* wore, Which Jewi mt|htkiM, and lalldela adera." Lrened in okqulidt# tastw. and deckel with lenrea and flower* coned fri<m tbe mountain'* brow, appeared { two lortl) ibUra froni your city. who Mimed the eery incarnation of garitlene.e end modeety it required no 1 gi eat 1 Unit of tbr imagination tofaoey that they were a pair ol S) lean (ioddeeeee, who bad left their woody lent to participate for a period in the enjoyment* of 1 f 1 ail mortality. A Klerk Nun clearly railed, pawed alowly and eo- : lemnly through the pay and brilliant acanee. and and- ; denly dlenppehred nwk to the annoyance of certain , ruriou* trrntli men. wbo were exceedingly anxioue to penetrate the myterte* In which aba ww enreloped, and anatrb one glimpse at the brilliant orb* which douhtleea rhnne beneath the fold* which *0 cruelly eon- ! eeelrd her feature# I an of the female character*, but by no mean* leaat, Came Mta* Lneretia Mr I abb rrpreeented In capital aiyle by a g> ntlemau oft harleeton; aud aure I am that tbe gentle Luc telle In the eery heydey of her beauty, barer produced etich a marked eenaatlon Ae It ia not rounder" d ill-bred In tbl* region, for poople to glr* evidence of -uj' \ m?nt. bcr entraoe* Into tbe room wa* greeted with ehonta of laughter which In no way. however. dieturbrd the placid tranquillity of Lacretia'a countenance A gown from the wardrobe of oar worthy hoete** furniabed tb* groundwork of Ihl* eoataae, wl.wob bwt fbr eotn* rorh raaourc*. It would bar* been difficult to rupply. a* Minn i.ucretia *ti eooiewhat rematkable for lb* length and breadth of bar proportion, 1 hero were eeeeral of the young Ml#*** who enntrl- 1 billid murh to tbe loot rmemilt of the ona?ti?B If I may apply euch an #gpr*##ion| but an I hop* to ?ee tbem etfntlarly engaged at noma future period, I ahall ouilt partlrnlarteing than now. and make ap far tha deficiency when that time ahall cone. Marina dlrpeaed of the ladle*, proceed w* to the (* tl> men:? Mr C of Cbarlertoa. to wboae exertion* next to thoea of tha ladle# the rlalter* at the Spring* are ebl<d) Indebted for tba ball, appeared In the ebaraater ot a I'lrata. 'I he coetume nan wall ehoean, and did* played bin ttne figure to great advantage Mr O? .of your dtp. aa a eatlor wan Inimitable, I and In looking at blm, It waa difficult to reallia that, afi er all, " It waa bat fasry'a akatoh." Hla ilreaa waa well made la trne nailer atyla, and ha acted and daaaed the character to perfection. Mr I 1, of Augu-ta, la tbe garb of a Hunter' bowed < 0 to great advantage Tbe dree* waa one wall adapted to bfa tall and handeoma ligure. I Mr tb . I'f I liarlentoa. woo gnlil?n opinion* by Ma imperaonattoa of n groom of the time of Lonl* XI v. 1 be ta>* and qutetaa** with whieh ha pinyed hi* part added Biurb to ibe general effect. A lilack Knight wae well repraeeated by Mr. C 1, of Augneta. and bin aoaabrw ouetum* contratted adrantageouely with tbe gay aeeae by which be waa earrounded I obaerred that a peculiar re*arr* and abat taction, whieh di*tt?giit*lt*ii hi* aatranaa, aoon yielded to a feeling of uadlegulaed admiration ae tba evenIng progtaeevd nnllke the Pilooa of Denmark, whom he greatly reeembleu I think h* wae admirably played upon'' by eome of tha fair rreatarea who ware praaeal

on the occasion Merer# (J and B of rharleetna did full justin* to the character of Mexican banditti, which tbey aaeunied for tbe night Tbey were admirably dreaaad, and aueiamed tbentreim with epltlt and effect Mr. B w. of i harleaton. wae a hand'ome repreecntatlv* of a trench officer, in an uodre** uniform. HI* wtnme wae taeteluby ecltcled. and dl-poeed In a man' n*. r to give point to a manly farm and figure I Tbe two Mr. 11?? a, of tne ??mc plana peraonated, the one an officer of tha National Unard and the other, a y ontbful eatlor Mr. I* r. of Charleaton aleo reprreented a aallnr m< at euceeeefttlly and waa tba acaepted eeaort of vile* VeTabh. who reamed Bloat gteeiouidy luelined to retalie hi* attention*. Mr J. K d. of ttowland Spring* appeared la the tarb of e 8*tea oeaaant a oharai ler well ealtad to hi* Yfij pleasant and bandaona ??pr>-*?i<ta of miH> tai m Tbd *?ioU affair paaaad oil m-?t happily aad *11 rattim d< Iifthti d at tha mi of an which ?f fi' uht not. will ba fraquaally rap?*tad at Kaw.aad 8pila?a. iRK I RSDAY, AUGUST 23, 18 Onr Montreal Correspondence. Montksal, August 20, 1819. State of the City?The In pint oh Mai m ?Pie Funeral?The Dra^ooni, ft. <J-c. On Friday evening lust, the town, with the exception of u few street fights, was quiet. Large bodies of military, with magistrates at their head, perambulated the street* throughout the entire night. Col. Gugy and 11. Lyman, Laq., City Councillors, offered, if the Mayor would accompany tht m, to take charge of the peace of the city ; but on the condition that certain odious magistrates, such as Mr. MsKeon, of Quebec, and Capt. Weatherall, should go home. The military th-y also d* sired to have confined to their barracks. The Mayor agreed, and by the exertions of these parties the city remained tranquil. The military, notwithstanding Col. Cugy'a request, remained iu town, and the obnoxious magistrates persisted in showiug themselves. In consequence of this, Messrs. Lymaii aad Gugv gave up their ollice the next day. Ou Saturday morning the Coroner's inquest on the body of the poor lad, Mason, was proceeded w th. Upon the names of the jurors being c died over, it was found a Mr. Tobin, a French Canadian, hid doiicu, eimrr mroiigii terror or i?y eomrn tnd ot ttie govermin nt, and was gon>- to see some friends in the village of I'ludustrie. Two constables were despatched after him, with orders to bring him htck, If neteeeury, by force. The t.'lerk of the Court also reported that the Hon. Louis ilypolite Lafontaine, H. M. Attorney (ieneral, ana proprietor of the house from which Mason was shot, had refused to obey the order of the court, and to m ike his amwaraace. A rule of the court was given, that Mr. Lafonlaiue be brought up by force, if he persisted in his refusal 011 Monday. In consequence of the CHStigation which the coroners, from their partiality, received from the press, they were inoie civil, und in fact even terrified. At ten o'clock, the hour appointed for the funeral of the above unfortunate man, I proceeded to his father's residence in Craig street. Immense numbers of |iersons bad already assembled, and many of the highest citizens, ail dressed on purpose for the mournful occasion. About 11 A. M , the hearse moved off, huving in front of it the two grand nro-lcrs of the Orange Lodges in Lower Canada. There were eight |>alI bearers, the friends of the deceased; these were dressed in long blood red scHrta and bunches of blood colored ribbons binding the crape round their huts. Immediately after the cofl'in, the father, u gigantic man, and his only remaining son, followed as chief mourners; next came the citizens, two and two, to the number of about 1,500. All had red around the crapes of their lists. The shops, with the exception of a poor Frenchman's, were all shut. The procession passed through all the principal streets of the city, previous to intcuuent in the Protestant burying ground. I had almost forgotten to mention a circumstance connected with the dragoons. It appears that on last Friday night, they were going back to Laprairie, for their horses, when it leaked out some way or other that such was the caaet and the consequence was that a number of quite small boys assembled to see them depart. About thirty of the dragoons were present, and the little boys no sooner caught a glimpse at them, than they begun cheering and Hinging stones at them. The notice had as rapid a retreat as possible, towards the boat, and dodging the stones behind some cord wood, which lay on the way; at last, however, one of these terrihle fellows raised his carabine and fired at two little boys, who, behind a stone pillar, were paying particular attention to him; the ball struck the pillar. After this breach of discipline, six more shots were fired by these mighty men of valor, and the captain and all manuged to get on board the boat. On Saturday alteration tin y intended cvming in again, and this tune with their horses; it leaked out, however; and ulthough they hud marched ten miles to reach L'Anguille ferry, when they saw the fcivwu VII iu< vurei DiuIT, mi ninicu It/ uirci uiciii. the bfiirt of the captain could not stindicaua back they were transferred to Laprairie. There will he no neuce in Montreal, aa long as this foick of hirelings ia kept up A large lire occurred in Notre Dame street, opposite the jewelry warehouse of Mr. Savage. The propei ty was completely destroyed; and, horrible to relate, a servant muid, in trying to rescue her clothes, was suffocated, and so burnt to a cinder. It in rumored tu political circles here, that Lord hip in has received despatches by the last steamer, in winch he is ordered immediately home ; and that, in consequence of this order, he will depart in a few days. I may also mention an interesting piece of information, carreutly believed here, tu "high life." It is to the effect, that Sir Allan McNab is to be married to Miss Coiitts, whose name, from her princely charities, is known in all quarters of the world. The greHt banking firm of this name attll exists, and is conducted tor thi.?lady. If our gallant Canadian chieftain wins his bride, Dunoain Castle, ut Hamilton, Canada West, will rise from its moitgagea like a I'lui uix from its ashes. This maiiisge would do more to upset everything in CaBHda, and shake the |>ower of the party now in to its Inundation, than the bloodiest revolution on record. Of course, the English court would at once make t?ir Allan a baronet?"And perhaps," say some, " give us a Canadian governor " It is pitiful to see the present stale of Montreal, and to observe how the war of faction is planning a fiue city into the greatest rum mid distress, I'roj ciiy of no Value, and business at a stand still?the same old story over Hgsin If the people of Montreal deurr a revolution, let them speak out like m< n ; arms and money will be ready, and thousands of their moat respectable citizens, of all pirties, who now hold aloof, would join them As to this system of threatening, it is contemptible, and uiilientimg the race from which they are always boss nng ib- y ksve spiuog. jmi ii in nut umy uir muu ? i*iuii % uic ^roiiT inu>l come out una Irad, and 1 believe the mob would follow. They want a head? some one calm hie ot guiding and directing them to nobler objects I rut n rniushing of Isnii s and the beating of men. The abject terror of the government, too, if disgraceful; keeping a garrison of 2 000 m-n under ainia, when ihev know?and if they don't, they ought to?that the moba of Monti eat could not raire sufficient arm* to attack five hundred troops, and that they have no intention of doing ?o. They ou^hi to trrat the diaturhancea aa a civil riot?not raue them into the dignity of political excitement*. But French Canadians will be French Canadians, all the world over. F. Mtitnca Amo*? tni CsLirosTis F.MiotaRT*-Tin (lot.p m tni liiu ?Tba Memphis (Tenn ) of the 19th Ian , contain* nJetter under date of Junastb, thlriyn** milt* south W Sauta K?. of which the following t* an extraet:?At Vert Smith we formed oursells* Into a com pen 7 and elected a acntleuian by the nswie of Bess as our captain We had nroe.eded a* far a* tkeentraaca of the Orsat taertcan Dseert, when tlx company split, and the 01 team* went by themselvaa, to which part we attached ourselves. as we bad on n About 80 mile* hack from here th* rotd forks, and oae road rocs to Santa Fa. and the other to Albu<|ut rque Bass end the mule teams weat to Santa h e to park and we took the road to A)bu<|iier(|ue After Bass had preceded some 8b miles on th* Saata F* natd. th?y ram* to a S exleaa village called San vltRii-l, wto re ?n? or ibrlr men got kiiiro in i-aran wnn another of t\j* own mm* on areonnt of a raotnen of whokey. It* will b* bung *n lb* 10th ot July nt S*n M'guil. V n ham not on no inurb ?m? < m p rtrd In th* linn of buffalo 4Vr killed thru two bull* rid row Lirnt and nntrlopr *n> inry numerous I n*??r new lb* Ilk* of thi-ep In my lif**, you en* ihi-rn la b* id? of from a,tibO to Si) Mm W* bar* nr*n ?ery fr w wild ladiaan and they appeared ??rj friendly and amtons to trad**. It |* mry eoaimon In ibis country to gatwaday* wllbont wairr and a man hardly know* tb* talwa of It uatil hr l? than trim! * *h*li maoh tb* old gold mine* In about thrr* day*. I uarWntand from our captain (tir Da?l?), who ha* brra an old trapper through tbl* rrgion of aountry. that thorn ha* been a* many a* 6 Mb nt work at on* time; nuw hn nay* tt rrr am not mom (ban 3o of 40 a* thn mlnn l? n??rly eibaunt-d. Wn hall probably nlop at Mbuiuerqu* torn* *1* or remn dayr, to r* or nt no*l lay In extra pro Ition* Tha rltrr illia I- about 340 mu** from Albnqtietijaa whom tb* newlr dieromrau gold inln** are: and. nrt probably, we ikall him to a halt tbar* and try car fortune AftOTMRR LtTTt* rioM t'aaoit M Cltf. on Till Fo?town Tiii im -Ihli Individual haa wrltt*n another Ifttif. Tlndicitlii hi* Innocence of the murder of Turner. M tha art war committed In defenca at bli own lilr hpeakmg of the alia r NMfl " Turner In known In K? murky ta ha capable of any crime. whllrt liunynn ?ho I- a cripple ?..r ll'a hy wounda ha Inflicted ?n hlniMlf with a bowl* kntta, In a pi tbnure garconnde. in attempting to leci ore m- upon carrying deadly wrapona itinka hlma-lf hen ath con timpt I omit. now. many faota which have iliwuimM to light. g> irg to prove bayotid tha po.elhllity of a ilmbt that thrre waa a con-piracy to kill m- on that nay; all of wh eh will, no doubt ba brought to light In a ri nrt of jn-ilcc I ban* my rlghia; I know tha rlghn of othera; and whllrt I re-peel the lact I trnat I -hall ha found vindicating the ftrrt If na?eaonry. gwnrd In haiiil to tha death! trtno man ahhor* m>rv than I thlr hard nroaaaliy, which can cit-? only wlthalarary blah i an no noire live with ut the platol and b >w|c Lnatfa. ). . na fV,, W, .A w mil Kaii t ml t rufl I htfrt PVar I'4>k?d forward a# oti* of wmit aloftou* triumph* of Bi*nrl|mi ton. to lb? t|p>? when "?ttf nan ahall ?|t und??r bin op# via* pad ti* trta, and aoa* ?h*ll mak? ht? afraid ? "r IE R A 49. City Intelligence. 801 K'itation ?? Kmh;*aitii ~ Nnfwithatandin* the I I I poured hy the [.eftielotura l*?t -emion. to provRnt rm nor* m liuiling emigrant* to boarding houraa, whom tare mi often robbed anil rnaltr.atoj the praiTlt ? in rtlll continued. and the rink* ara run for tha hopn of poll. U an old raying that" what la ayerybody'n liii-lni'** U nobody'* bunloru," and thu* it ia tha delinquent* eecape One will hot.I will not tike tha troubla oi proreoutlng tha fallow; lat Homebody eiae do it." Another will ray. " li I pro?ecuta. I will ba only dalayad on my journey barbies tha annoyanoo Ofcontending with auoh* and tha glorious nn certainty of tha law " A Iblrd ia disposed to prosecute, but how will ha hare tha fallow arraatad ' Keen if authorired htn a df. (of which he li not aura ) ha may not no pnysicaily able to brlur one away from a i;aug of confederates ready to defend him lu thl* war. the wretched are encouraged to proceed in their work of plunder It In true that, no* and thou, a police otlloer take* an offender in the fact; hut eaoh arrests are eu ' like angels' visit*. few and far between." that they have net the effect of protecting the uufortunate emigrant* lteiidfd somehow or another, wo rarely hear of punlehnient following these arrests It I* the duty at every man. wren at some inconvenience to himself ? it I* the duty especially of the police, the servant* of the people- to protect those poor stranger*, and thus to rescue the character of New York from the stigma that such infamous practice* tlx upou it The Obstruction or thf SraarTi.?Never were the etreeta of thie city no barricaded by obstruction* a* at the present moment. The section of the Ru*a pavement from Keade street to Kulton struct having been completed another has been opened from Kulton street ( down tn Maiden lane. The street between these points i , ha* been ripped up, and barricaded at either extremity. | j The omnibuses up Broadway from the South ferry \ inu.-t consequently go down hlaiden lane, round by , Nassau, and up Kulton street to get up >u terra firma , in br> adway agaiu. It is gratifying that thin temporary obstruction will be compensated for by permanent | ] results. If all Broadway, and all the le.tdicg etreeta in the city, were paved with granite blocks, ' a cnnsuinmaiion devoutly to be wished" would be realised; and i what at the first blush seemed like extravagance, would in the end prove to be true economy. The obstruction ol the streets by building new houses la also another pleating source of aunoyance. if we may so speak, t. ?. the public are willing to bear the inconvenience for the giMMlaa of seeing such evidences of it* growth and prosperity. For iustauce, withiu about a year, iu.Courtlandt street, every single house his* bean rebuilt or ia 1 now in progress of erection, with the exception of the lo use at the corner of Broadway There is yet a third ] cause of preventing the free passage of the street*, and that 1* the erection of sewers. We wish there wore ten 1 ob.-trucions for every one there Is from this cause ' Th?se sewer* ought to have been built loog ago. aud j ' we regret that even now they are not constructed upon 1 tiny o? inprehensive system, or with a view to a I ' thorough draiuiog of the whole city. I The CafvaiN or tub Thisd Waso FaLten, and the ' Citt IwsracToa.?Under the head of olty latoUlgcaee, I ' lu the Herald of yesterday, there waa a paragraph, in w hicb, by mistake, this guutleiuan waa made to appear aa opposed to the carrying out of the tastruotiona of the < ity inspector, in reference to the hence 135 Liberty street where deaths by oholera bad taken placa. So far from manifesting the slightest unwillingness in the matter be sent a number of hi* force to aid. If necessary, Mr Corban. aud the two oolored mea who bad accompanied him, in seeing that the infected house was cleaned, or that the inmate* left it But the fact is that nothing was done; no order waa given by Mr Corban tothe colored men to remove the furniture; oou*equ?atly there waa no violence or opposition on the part of the inmates, aud tberafore the serceent Id oomraand of the police ordered them to return to the station house The captain had nothing whatever tn de with giving instruction* in the lirst instance: his duty * as to see that they were obeyed; but aa no attempt had been made by Mr. Corban to eaforoe them, he is not responsible for the consequences, and least of all can he be regarded as having assumed a position hostile to the City inspector. Row at a Kvwaaau?Last evening as a funeral was passing over the Kulton Kerry, aud the hearse and some of the carriage* bad got into the boat, the driver ' of one of the vehicles demanded the fare from the I occupant and said he would not go any further if it 1 ??i not paid there and then To thin th? g -otlemaa < in the citrtlitr demurred, a row took place. blow* were i Interchanged; the driver conquered; thu pjltoo were < attracted to the spot, ami arrested the vanquished, t bearing Mia off to the station heuea. Meantime, the ; funeral proceeded without the prisoner. j Nm Boss I.vrsNT Fousd.?Yesterday. while some ; be JS were Ashing for eels at the foot of Ventre tlrma, ' ' (M b ward) they hooked up the dead body or a male , J infant in a state of uudltv. and which could not have I , | b> en born mitny day*, perhaps hours before It met Its fate. It was very much decomposed No clue as ' yet has been discovered as to the parentage, but there l? ??rrj n awe] tnl play The Coroner has been notifled to hold an inquest. Ai crprmT ?Daniel O'Keefe. residing corner of Grand and i bristle streets, had his hands and aruis severely out by falling through a window sash, while iu the act of hanging a curtain. He was taken to the eity hospital by officer Herring of the 14th district, j Ati inrtiT.-'On Tuesday, a insa was taken from the douk (by the police of the 4th district) Insensible, from I the effected turpentine, whteh he bad drank in mis- I : take fer rum He was seut to the oitj hospital about ' S o'clock. | Solium ItLwree.?Ann Sullivnn, about 30 years o' 1 , 1 age. of Newark. N. J , was taken suddeuly ill about 4 , o'clock on Tuesday Id one of the Dry Dock stages, and , was taken to Dr Lyon's apothecary store. 440 Grand | stmt, and from theaoe brought to ths station bouse In n stnte el insensibility hhs recovered, and was taken home yrsterday morning. Coaonra's fndtrsv ? ACoroner's Inquest was held at ' i HorkUnd Lake on Saturday Last, by ths Coroner of Dockland l ake rounij. upon the b"dj of lohn Moran, who was found drowned In that county on Saturday ' la*t The verdict of the jury wa?, " That John Morau osms to his deeth by being drowned while crossing fn m the Mate of New V ork to the State of Mew Jersey, by the small boat being swamped in which bs was railing " The brother of the deceased procured his body, ami had It Interred In the Calvert Cemetery on Long 1 Maud en Wednesday last. l*oll?a lutelllgsnss^ Jlrlmiite fhtblnry nj Guld ? flu the 19th Instant, two French gentlemen, brothers, by the name of La Forre, I from I'lillailelplila put up at llelmonlco's Hotel. In , llroeii amy opposite the Howling Green both occupying the rauie room, on ysaterday ( l ueedsy) afternoon, some fugue entered their room during their aoteaee, by opi niug a window which lowks into the halt, this window was unfastened, and the thief, on pushing it up. obtained an easy acoess The two trunks belong- | lug to the gentlemen were staadiug by the side of each other, one was found broken open, apparently done with a chisel, from the marks on the trunk, au l , a bag coutaialng fZ'-Wi in gold eagles of tins last year's C 4l sge, a new gold lever watch, valued at 410 pur c he sad i bat day by Vlr l.e ksrrs. and placed Id histruuk j tor sale keeping, was taknn. The rogue appears to here J been In votuewbat of a hurry as In the other trunk, ( wuicu iv.T?, _ >. w ?. uK ?r' | amount of gold was deposited tbnretu Ch>-facta atid ( circumstances lievi been placed tote the hand* of offl- , cere Stephen* ami May*, who are now oa the alert In \ search of tbe tbief. W'a understand that laud reward U < tl> red forth* Moot ry of the m >nry. t'Aerge ?J H*f ?Officer Prince John of the | lorner police, arteeted, yesterday. a O-raian by tbe name of ( ail K arbach, a keeper of an emigrant boarding bonee at No 47 llreenwloh street on a warrant Issued by Justice Lnthrop wherein lie stands charged With violating (he person of a young married woman, by tb>- name of Louisa Muller. on thefoth of Jane te*l. It appears from the affidavit of Mrs Muller, that she lid tier husband boarded at tbe house of the aecused, asd that during the husband's absence 1 arbach forced op<n ber ro. ei door, seised her by force placed bit hrnd over h< r umui h while he committed the outrage. The magistrate committed tbe accused to prison to a*eit a fuilher bee nag CAetgs#/ Nabbing an F. mi giant?Officer Kvant, of the lower police arrested, yesterday, a man by tha name nl Jsreinlah Waddlngton an a charge nf breaking < p. n the trunk ot omeuf his smigisil h >erd?r? by ! the name nf I'lnches Davis and stealing therefrom a lot of alotblag, valned at *100 At the time the aet wad C< mailt ted VV adding ton wae keeping bouse at No. 100 Ceuar stieet, but has now left and was ab tit leaving the alty when arrested yesterday by the officer, Jastlca l.othrop detained tha accused lor a further hear ?>? i ismisatios er tub Naw Voe* Bi souss is Borrow. ?A number of our curious cltlteas had a long wait yeeteiday Including the lose of dinner their object h?lng to-rathe k.dgertone and " Bristol Bill" brought up ; In tha Pellea i ourt After sit antlous hours, they were gratibed In part by the arrival of Mr K and bta lady, but " Bill ' had been <|aleily disposed of In tha forenoon there being nothing to Oounect him with B?i ks It Hatch's watches The esamlnatlnn wae short. Kdward P hanks testified that tour gold watcbes wera stolen 1mm bts store Id Portland on Wednesday and , he Identified the three produced The etternal marks i and numbers bad been scraped off from one of them. , Officers lleatb and Hut nun testified to finding tha , ' watcbes In the apartment In which officer Whipple ar1 rested I d wet ton and hie wife na ffaturdav moraina. | Whipple leetllled to finding a little name, and Implement* for eraelng mark* from watcbea inl chang' log I he worka I rum one < *.? t<> anether I'ader I tt law making the guilty pneeetalno of pro party I ?!Olrn lint of ilie H'tta I continued larceny bare the d' f< ndeuta were hi if for trial In the Motilnlpal ''mirt, atnl In default of hall In PSnO each, they were <vimn<tted A few minute* after the court adjoinned a genth man rame In to idler Wall for or* Kdgerton I'he hail waa euh-enueutly given at the jail otllae. There niurt be money In the family, unlrae they bare lived my eilratagantly far It ia known thai they hava picked op ovet pa MM) within all moalha. from three -highly resectable nltltena " of i hie State anl Mew \uik city " brietot Bill " in coavereatlon yreterday, after hie reUaaa langhed at the idea that the aaliura j of bla tool* oonld Interrupt hla npera'iona. " Voa p> lot me mil a ? < I j. h >a d he. an I MW if I don't I lid the tooli to do it with In leea than twnhrnra" III-rrillclenie noon the trial of the aartlee aeuultted of I ho < urrltrfc I'rntt robber; wera amu-iog tla taid the Jnrj did p?rf?ctl> Hght In Mqatuing thota Tha r< h??rj aa? uot'ffrfUd la th? manner Iba go Turn man! eont?i dad for 11 Arran#amrata an> now making far a grand fanny ball i at >ewpnrt, oa tha Jlkt I oat. \ LR TWO CENTS. Theatrical anil mimical. PtoiDwir Tiiiatkk ? Homini'n opera of the 'Uarber of Seville." re prated evening b-fn-e a Highly farhlonahle audience The opera wen well no-lamed throughout every noene; and. Indeed, we may lately a> art that we have never, ou any ocoanioo ana more enthueiaillo audience, or one feat inure thoroughly enjoyed the rich vocal and musical treat presented la them. Tedeecn. a* usual sustained her part well, although we rhould rather have ?een hur in "Norma'* or "Kruanl " an In thoee pleoe* there in a better opportunity for displaying her melodlnun voice and great scientific ability Ton count Almavtv* by Vlet'i, wan very good- hin voice i* sweet, but of a ileader quality-it want* power, Man (uirtno'n Ur. bartolo wan what It aiwaja is. an eioellent perfornaaree. and it did not tail to tell with hi* nuuieronf friend' Kuril Coral, in kiearo, disputed great c.eiaia ability We cannot hut allude to the rftLt of l)<tm Uanillo, which wi< happily entrusted to Hignor Novelll It wan li-tened to with admiration by bit auditor* and u.any expression* of gratification wera wruuK irom many <id km u-uiilly quiet listener* at the Optra I'lie truth i*. Signer N ia one of the bright particular atari in the galaxy of utuaicai talent, that rnuat ahiu? luitroualy. lit* la already a great favorite wl'h the Opera lover* The amusement* of the *v^ meg concluded with (he ballet of ' La Vivandlere," in which Mile Ulaiigy aud M Durand won new lvurela. It la one of the beat balleta that haa ha-n produced la tbla city for a long time The entertaininenta at the Broadway are becoming exceedingly popular, end doaervtdly ao. Tina evcuiog. Tedeaoo appeara in the character of klvira in Verdi* graud epera of " truant " The alniple aunouacemeut ought to be enough to nil the houee Vt'o perceive the Indefatigable 'tlar ball haa engaged Siguorlna Dlaracclauti. the charming -*yi If net. who haa already made herself a favorite by ber vocal performance*. Due notice will be given of t^r tlrat appearance. Nihio'i ( tiok.t ?The proprietor, true to hit reselves, ccntlnue* to present the public with freeh attractions; and liia elTorta to gratify hia patrons, who, la point of number* and reapectahiilty. are In the asoeadaut, have hitherto been, and will no doubt ceutinue to bo, eminently *ucee.-*tuL Last eveniug, Charlee Danou'a new comedy, in two acta, just received, called a "Wonderful Woman, or the Manilla and Cobbler," waa played. Mr. Dawaon representing the character of the Marquis de H'roulignac, Mr A. Andrew* that of Vlacouni de Millefleura, Mr. Mogt.e/ that of Kodclph, Mr John S. Itou that of Crepin, a oobbler; Mrs C. Howard I bat of Hortenin. aud Mia* Uoberl* that of telle '1 be acting waa very excellent, aud Mre. Howtrd a aluging waa moat warmly applauded, and would iave been tnrortd but for the Inconvenieuoe which the ndy would have experienced from the intense heat, tl hough the theatre la the coolaet In thla great metropolis The bill altogether waa a llrat-raie one. and ail the sntertaiumenu mentioned in it were given to a highly r* apeet.ihle and numerou* audience, in first-rate style. Thla evening the gorgeous now billot, in which the celebrated Havel family aud ville. iiertin, aud .VI. rfrillaut will appear There will no doubt, be a crowded house. The Kavel* never tail of drawing h crowd of entbu-iaellc admirer*. Bvhiun'a Thkatrb.?Both tier* of box** and the parquettu of tbie house were finely filled last evening, by a ranat brilliant audience, aud the entertaiomentl were moat heartily applauded Thd mualoat hdrlelta of - Jenny Lind" waa the first piece. Miss Mary Tayj lor, of course, taking the part of Jenny. The varlcua song* she alnga In thla piece were capitally don* Mia* T. sings the popular negro melodies of the day wllfc much vivacity and arcane** C. IV. Clarke a* the manager abroad, on a recruiting expedition. ?ai very lunuy. The popular "Deuibey aud Son," that firm with whom the patrons of liurtun bare had <o many pleasant dealing* concluded the evening1* amusement*. To night. Mr VV 11. Chapman lakes hi* benalll. and offers a fine bill for the ocra-ion The coin*- dy of 'Married Life." with a moat admirable cost, Burton aa Mr. i oddl* ; liar*. Mr Lynx i Ucpmau. Mr IJovo; Brougham. Mr V ounghii-baud it i* a most ainusina rouiedy. and will be" wrll pliyed "Box and i h,? wltli < bapiuau and Burton an the two oeeupaal* of IM >nr rotm, and tb? "Moat L'nwarranlabia I etrurian," will conclude tin* entertainment* National. Thkaibc.?To night Mr. T. 1. Jobnatow rill take hi* farewell bent-fit at thl* houaa.and on tha vraatnw he will precent a otoat excellent bill. Mr. and Mr* J. K. ticotl, Mr. J. C. Dunn and MlaaCarline, ike fentmcr, hare all volunteered their eervioea, and we xpect the bouae will be Oiled In every part, at Mr. Johnaton la daaervedly a groat favorite at the National and ban worked bard daring bta prtwut engagement The laughable faroec of 8keurbea In India." and tba ' Lottery Ticket,'' will be played, an alao the drama of " I'harlea the II " with J. K doott u t apt Lopp. and Mr* Scott aa Mary Copa. Mr Duaa, a* Kdward, will aing a lavorite cong during the piece. A variety of dancing will make up th? eveulng'P aniurenicnta. The aeaeon at thl* bouae will ooneludn with thl* week, though not for want of patronage, an bill audit uct-a have been the rule all tbla month. CltTLi Oabdi it.?The performance* at tblt favorite reeort ooneiat of the u?nal promenade eonoerte. together with the aatonieblug aceempliabmente of the reDowmd 11 ft r < line, whn?* p. rlormanoea upon the tight rope have uiade him celebrated yeara ago. and whleb rontlnue to excita the adinlratien of all who witnaan them. The Dlatln* are giving ecnoerti at Racheater. The NewOrleana Serenadera are drawing crowded houaea at Newport. Mra fanny Butler, It 1* aaid. will give Bbakaperlan Ileadinge at Syracu*# during tba New V ork 8lata Fair. Brooklyn Cltyr Intelligence. lit Boaau or Health, MaoeBLvn, Aug eat JO. 1848.? The i <>mm"n Council adjourned to meet a- a Board ed Health Preaeut. the Preeufc-ot, and Aldermen MeUona'd. a. Morrell lliaiaan. Spiea, Cnurcli, liaaxhuret. Lauib'Tt Hire. Boerum, Muohuiure, Wilaon, burbank nod I.HInrtn (?d Motion of Aid hmn^n u kh ltnroivvd. That lh? followltitf rnnuUUon la nMwtrf md proper for ih? pm>nr?atl?a of 111* public hnnih 1'lial no aalnn (hull b? knpt by any pnraon or p?r<oa* It nr In any plarn within the nl?l,th ward of raid oil/. Mw. on Twelfth and r?nnty< eighth atranta, and f*noo4 iliJ .Niolh it?du?> ifti-i ij>.! Jay* from tba pnbOaatiou >f tbii roioiuiiou io tbn una^papnra of aaid city , bad :bat any perron violating or failing to coaiply with thla egolaiKio after tbn aloreaaxl time. iball forfait all iwtna ro k? pi. to tbn u-n of tbn ymr at tba aouuly of Kti (t? and h- pioarnuiad for a taiadeuiaauor uuil r tba provtalona of tbn Ian regulating tbn ttoar I of ifnalth. Aid liiii iii batlnK ntamd tlial tbn Junction obtained in tbn /?> ' luiloti of the lOtb tort . relative to tba b- nn mill of Michael K.l.y. had not b-en atrmtly r,,m plied with tbn I'r- alknal rlatad that, iu c .o-n 4 jnuo? af [ gal adtlcn which bn bad rem ited. ha bal not <1 teioa4 It aoairahle for !>. nit o--n '.r 1 hn "it f i-.irp irai' ?a, Llial ibn ram ranolutiou nboul-1 bn oarrlnd out aar >rdIbg to Itaatrirt lattnr , but! oat tbn direction oonlaiuad tlminin had banu ao far nmniimd a? to nam from aid mill wLatnrnr might opnratc hurtfally to tba put* lie health Ob motion of Aid 8mn It wan llnmlted 1 bat tbn eouran puraund by tba Praal4ant 111 iniiimi ?< i\* ny b ooiie uiin i< <|i|-na i) la I'll' Bi anl and that he b? nMtk'W'4 therein. On motion lb* Hoard adjourn# I B'boiiib (in ^onrni.-Tkli company.' bar lea I Ru?|lea. I'rnlil'll with whim the 0117 lather' hare entered tnlo contract fur the >upply of ya? 1a tha tilth. reventb and ?t|(iilh ?fj< of tlia city a ?ra alf> nlbed their daeira to tran-ler their oonttaal to tba rvln r company a ho are lined la readlne-a to light lUa lu?er part of tba (It; with thla much needed article ad I nauiuptlou Man Killed in Wiuua"> ion ?A man naatad h hti Ht'-plijr >?? killed 011 the ji ?li let , la Ihi followiaf > *uiar manner - It appear" that the <laaon?n4 hud hi en wri Blliug with a iu?u 11*111-.| Ka.rioa K n'lM, lu the comae of ?hl h Keache wa tr pped Hp by 'ha beala by dereaeed. wRo liu mediately attempted to r in tway Ciforr be had pr<ee?drU lac. huwarer ba ?a? (truck with a hi art ^'Ick of wo ,<f aaot iro n tha >nnh nf hone ha which hit him In tba b*a? betweea lie ih'-ulderr, killing li.m Inr'aiitly 1 or mar Andaraon bold an Imjueet en tha b "ly and tha Jury r?u ler? d ? nrdtct of a< cMr.tial death I"He 1 iWul?r haa how iter, held him to nu'Wer tba charge of utMambU'i. fonca Cooar. ?(ifflcar VVm. I laytjn yeatwr Uy er ranted a man and two women nam-d * tie - (inl-at loyca. and rJJen Karens on n charge of fweln* opwn mil burslarionMy entering a h mar iu Suii'd -tie t. in ahicli a ,\ira >ier*atet : innde.i reaid-d and tat'eg II <1 cartyli a away a quantity of Ihncy an ?i. and fnrliltura I lo y wi re all committed tor ei?iu.aalti?a lamb Barbn an who rto 4 chirped with e> Imr and that ting In Ilia late riot at lad New I orb. wae a*. Mained n I ueeday by luitna >t laelaw. aad hwaoiebtf liacbarged New Iwrb Pont Hitter. Ma Knrrea?I aa you Inform me hy what authority tha new fnetmaekar I ?* rei-ed ?ha ratea ..f p <*tage at the New I orb I'oat oflina ' I wa* In to mad y??trdaf, that tha law wa* altered and that now tn-r- wan na lurh tbln* aa half unoce letti r? after the fl it trl rutin a I ntll lalety I paid lor aiugtc letter* 4 c- iUt f. r double 10 eentn triple 16 caate and aa on hut n > I am told the ratea are 6. 10. kl and an - a. end ye tenia* I paid <90 cent* for a triple letter to Albany, tor which I I* tli* law. wb*i>. mi by whom authority. waa it ali-r*df * Mr*. It*., INijUIHKH. A R r Hi Jin ?l)n tb* 10th la*t*nt a rmnf g< fttl. man and lady arnrt-d Id our rity >n<l t* * r* .n* t th* Vanxinn 11 own*, th* young man xnt.rlag lit* nam* " J L K.aloa and lady U M N." Oath* lllh, tb* day following th*lr arrival, lb* Par Wr 1 lark tialtmi thrm in matrimony. ?mt ih?t tuna uatA Saturday night la?t, th?y r*tnala*d at tb* U*u-i.?a 111 that xrxi-lttg uud?r pr?'??r* of baring tb?lo?k of hi* trni.h rrpalrrd, mat It to a barn*** maa*r'x. and from tt.anr* to tb* I *ar Nxwtan. oa whtab b*?t tlM young flier prarx*dx.| t" N?w fork, and ? *.< th. n, nothing lia- h*< n hoard about htm. I h? youa* lady I* if i*ipn*hi family, r**i'llugat litiaoa* httrgh l*ka n**taoy canty and I- apparently a r*ry lady.lib*aud *ir*ll?nl f*aial* Mr J L U I M , *a**|d ttw pa-md around aaoa* only ?or thy *f tb* *a**r< at *iaabiad - Jilfmtf {If T) fopr***, Jtugiul il

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