Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1849 Page 2
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JTEW YORK HERALD. MlttWMt wnwtf fmltM ?nd ImmiMn JUKI GORDON BKIfNBT* rmoriuETOR and editor. OJILY HKKALl)? Three edition, leente mtmmi ^Jf mihhi. The t\ret Ldition te iwblUkeSat threi 7(JhL J. M.,and distributed be/ore flrrakf'ft: (A? ScHMte^^TW" ~ ' ^PH? U'KKKl. Y for eireulatUn on thie Cmttuemt, u publiehed every Saturday, at r?nl? j?*r tony, " /?r rirculation in Eurooe. Tinted tn Jv?ma'i?<f Enfiit'h'at ft Si cen(> j?? r retail, or (4 JMr anm?i?U< latUr prirt to include Mt TA< DOLLAR WEEKLY HERAI.I), [the publication of Wi> vn/t W commenced tAr /lrit week tn September,) 2rv Toriday. 1 ??Ii pcr copy ; SI per nnnom ; fix r? to elubt, fa., $S p?r annum. The Dollar Herald will contain nitv matter publithcd in the IVeekly Herald. ALL LETTERS by mail, Jar tubicriptioni. or wit/i ad trliiMwiili, to be pott-paid, or the pottage will be deducted from the money remitted. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, containing tmmtrtant newt tolictted from any auarter of the world; tf Smd,?ill be liberally paid for. i/O NOTICE taken of anonymout communication!. Whatever M intended for inter turn muif be authenticated wy U< name and addrett of the writer: not necctearily for publication, but at a guarantee of Au good faith. We tmmnot return rejected communication. ADVERTISEMENTS, (renewed every marnin?. and to tn pubiithed in the morninn and afternoon editiont,) at gcrntonable price ; to be written tn a plain, legible manner} j Me proprietor not retpontible for errort tn munueertpt. . PRINTING of all kitide executed beautifully, and unth \ Atipateh. Ordert received at the flee. THE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT U opea throughout tbt flight. AMUSEMENTS TIMS EVEN1N0. NTBLO'8 OAROEN, Broadwajr.?Wokdeh ry i. Woman ?Pi. bii.woRTii. BURTON'S THEATRB. Cbamtorf itw?t.-Unn?iiHrn nnti.eman?A Most Unwarrantable Joun DoBKf. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham ?i??m.-Thk Catvain'* Iit A Mm? Joe in ak . Lksa t?Jocko, or the Bhaiilia ? Ave. CHINESE Ml'SKl'M, .Vy BroaJ*ay. -Trom 9 A. M. to Nr. I, CASTI.E OARDEX?Tai'Mknape Conduit, &e. Mew York, Saturttny, August 'A't, 1N1U, Notice to (iobictliiers. Sabucrlbera in thin city, Brooklyn, Williamsburg)). Jethvy City. A;c.. kc , are now admired that the Herald will be delivered at their houseH and Aturea at or bufore ii <T?ry inoi niii|(. Tbooo who do not receive it are equexted to notify u* ot the delay, and it thail at onoe fce remedied. Tliv Canada's 91alla. The Canada's mails will arrive here eurly this morning. The details of tlie news will be published in the afternoon editions to-day, and in the J/ernhl of to-morrow morninO'. Tkt Ken t?Tbt Great Ntraggle y?t In liung?ry. The news which we publish to-day, seven days | later, does not add much to the solution of the | great struggle in Europe?but still It is interesting as far as it goes. In Hungary, the deep interest of the drama is still active?not forgetting the heroic defence of Venice against Auttria?a defence worthy of her historic days. The light of freedom ie extinguished all over Italy, except the flickering^ which rise up among the lagunea of the Adriatic. France is more and more uniting with the Id policy of Eurojie?putting down liberty and getting deeper in debt. England is buying and wiling as usual?making the most of all changes ud chances. It is of Hungary that every enquiry ia made. The arrival of every mail steamer from Knrope, brings us fresh intelligence of the Hungarian arms; every European newspaper unfolds to M the detailed accounts of new engagements, which redound to the honor and bravery of the Hangarians, while ^>nly shameful discomfiture accrues to the arms, and infamy adorns the bankers of their inveterate foes. Let as look back a few months:?Austria, at first emboldened by the partial defeat of the Hungarians, persisted in the determination to follow up war she had so unjustly commenced, to the utter . aanthkWuoo of cTretjr revolutionary and refractory . cpirit. However, ruceess did not long favor her i enterprises ; Ute wbeei oi lortune turned, anu ere long victory was emblazoned on the nnfarled standard of inde|>endence. Fierce were the battles, and sanguinary the conflicts in which Austria was engaged, to regain her ascendency of power and control; but in general they terminated in the deterioration and dishonor of her own country. At the issue of many ineffectual encounters, and fhiitless efforts, she at length began to perceive her impotence and inca|>acity of eflectiug the subjuga- I ion of Hungary. Louth and unwilling, however, *o see with so much rhame and dishonor, the brightest gem of her imperial crown thus remorselessly wrested from her convulsive grasp, she had recourse to the most despicable of ull expedients? ?he expedient of soliciting the aid of the northern despot, the Czar of Russia. He, noted for his foresight as a politician, bn abilities in military tactics, as well as his astounding capacity as a diplomatist?perceived that amidst the dethrone mentof sovereigns, and the subversion of their thrones, imminent danger was impending from the gloomy horizon of political atlitirs. At this threat- . ening appearance of circumMiinces he ultimttely 1 arrived at the full and firm conviction that, should the torrent of revolution not be stemmed, his own eo?pire might partske of its contagious spirit; he saw with a perspicuity and discrimination which is in general characteristic of his actions, that the victory of the Hungarians over the arms of Austria wasld prove the death-blow to despotism, and would shatter the tottering columns upon which was propped his gorgeous throne, and rested the way of his ponderous sceptre. With such oosiderations in view, he, of course, readily concurred in the solicitation of his ally. We then beheld Russia vomiting forth from her sterile bofom, and from the dreary recesses of her maccetrabl* mountains, innumerable hords of savagr barbarians; we saw her hardy legions in ndating the fertile plains, and her death-apreoding ordnance planted before the opulent citiea of Hungary, lie re we witnt-aeed the union of two of the inightieat empires, and the coalition of their immense and overpowering armies, destined Tor he l?aae purpose of crushing the unsubmiseive and indomitable spirit of Jlungnry, which, if brought into comparison with tlie |>ower of her op|K?ient*. and the magnitude ot their territories dwindles into alter in*ignificsnce. To compel her to submit to ike arbitrary sceptre of Austria, were these armies marshalled in |?oinpous array under their respective banners.' Imposing, indeed, must have been he display ot three two vast armies, and formidable the sight of their maiestlc troat. What a fearfrl contrast did not the studded files of these prodigious forces present to the ?itcnuated ranks of the brave Hungarians. Yet dish^arteuing as wsa appalling the disparity, Hungary rallied her few, hat spirited troops, and with an unflinching resolution and undaunted courage, determined to stand in opposition to the overwhelming force of her onemies, to vindicate her indtipuiable rights, even at the sscttfice of her noble citizens, and if possible to repel the aggression of her invaders. After ni iny alternate defeats and losses, the balance of success teems nt length to lean on the side of Hungary; for, according to the latest intelligence, circumstances are decidedly in her favor. Her Generals, tieorgey and Itembinaki, have, in the North, succeeded in breaking through the line of operation* of the Auhtro-Kussian army. We also team, that a fierce and sin^uinary battle ensued in ihe vicinity of Waitatf n, where the incessint clan four of irmo.and th? miehtythunder of the cannon rtooiinded for upward* of three anoceaalve day*; which conflict, however, ended without any decisive victory on either aide. We are aUo informed f (he defeat of the Kuaaixn force* under (General louder*, near Feearaa, and of the capture of Mi? it*, hy (General Hem. We are further acquainted with the compete victory the llunfarian* have gained over the Kan of Crotia, who, with (he shattered remain* of hi* army, ha* fled toward* Semkn. The l?te*t new* i* aUo favorable. Wow, amidat the catastrophe* of fermentation, evolt, in?nrrecti?n, and revolution, which have f late agitated the entire of continental Europe ; tmidtl the diteful e?enes of anarvby. bloodshed J and earaage, which have laid waste her cities, villages, and plaina?the question naturally suggests itself, to a reflecting and inquiring mmd, how did it come t* pass that Hungary has been so success iul in contesting every inch of the battle-field for such a long space of time, while the insurrections in her immediate neighborhood, in (r?rmaay, have been suppressed as fast, 1 may say, as the/ were called into existence 1 The reasons that have incensed each nation to revolt, and the motives that have actuated them to submit the destinies of their people to the arbitration of the sword, bore the stamp of a very dissimilar character, and, of course, pHved the way to very different results. I In Haden, Khein-Bavaria, and other parts of Germuny, where revolution had assumed the decided : form of anarchy, who were the first instigators of the people 1 They were generally those who had imbibed the false doctrines of the revolutionary propiganda ut Paris, whose missionaries are sea tered over the four quarters of the globe, whose immediate aim is exeitemeut, but ultimately the usurpation of power. Such, then, were the men who first harangued the people in the open streets, and who, by their iniiummatory speeches, found many by whom they were countenanced. The predominant portion, however, of their proselytes, were of the number of those who, iu the overthrow of older, had nothing to lose, but every prospect of gain. Hut the industrious citizen and the peaceful cottiiger, who were indeed anxious for the alleviation of some grievances, but never meditated the dethronement of their sovereign, did not in general join their number. Thus, the cause which the insurrectionists had es|>oused was not aided or supported by the people, and hence is accountable the facility with which they were subsequently subdued. In Hungary, on the other hand, affairs bore an aspect of material difference. Here it was the encrouchment on her sacred rights and her indisputable privileges that provoked the anger and aroused the indignation of her generous people. Here, it was the hard yoke of the iron rod of despotism, that mude her abhor the thought of passive 1 submission ? liere, it was the frequent violation of ' tin- conditions on which she formed an allegiance I with Aubtria, that at last determined her to take up arms against the oppressor. Was this I movement, then, as was the case in (lermany,the | resolution of a small part of the people, or was it confined to ccrtain districts of the kingdom T No! it was u national movement, and embraced the entire kingdom to its utteimoat boundaries. The outrageous conduct of the Austrian government fired the whole nation ; and revolt was, therefore, ; the uiiiuiimous cry of the people. It was the love fct their country, that matured the resolution t? a<:tuul execution, and the fire ot patriotic enthui fcias-m that hurried them amidst the yells of exultation, to the horrors of "war's fatal plain." This ' love cf their country, this fire of enthusiasm per! vaded all ranks; its thrilling influence extended j from the highest magistrate down to the lowest | menial. Marvellous have been always the eflects ; of patriotism, of which the gallant Hungarians have again bore ample testimony. While, at the conjunction of the Aust/o-K ussian armies, the whole world despaired of the succcss of Hungary, she, with a consciousness of the justice of her cause, never withdrew, shrunk or recoiled from an encounter; but, on the contrary, displayed an eagerncis of manifesting the resolute spirit that animated her soldiers, und the strength that lay in her arms. She now stands there as the wonder and astonishment of the civilized world ; and, taking into consideration the overwhelming jwwer ou the one side, and the great inferiority in number on the other, we may assert, without the slightest hesitation, that never has a nation furi i .1 i. i... <k ?,.?u mriicu iuc auuuic vi uci tuuiiii jr vtiiii duvii a**stances of bravery, such feats of heroism, and such wonders of bold determination. No marvel, then, that we witness every nation expressing her sympathy in the cause of Hungary, and exulting in her success. May heaven, who all along seems propitiously to mile on their arms, while a fearful scourge is mowing down (he ranks of the Russian army in hundreds?may heaven crown their heroic achievements with the never-lading laurels of a final and decisive victory. The New Disteict Attoknev?Practice* or ins Orrici ?We find, in a msrning paper of yesterday, a curious statement descriptive of a new mode of levying legal black mail, as it may, with great propriety be called, which prevails in the office of the new United States District Attorney, | which is one of the most carious things, of the kind, that we have seen for a number of years , past. It appears that, by an old act of Congress 1 passed on the Slst of December, 1792, the names of nil registered and licensed vessels were required to be painted in white letters on black ground?the letters to be of certain dimensions. The penalty, in cntc of non-compliance being, in the one case, fifty, and in the other, twenty dollars, fn course of time, however, steam, sb a melius of propelling vessels, was discovered and applied, and a new j clats ot vessels, called steamboats, were built, on which, ever since, the names have been painted on the sides in large letters, sometimes of gold, and sometimes ot paint. It is clear that this old act of Congress never contemplated steamboats, for auch craft were not in existence at the time when it was patard; and ?s far as that description of vesm.Arn ,m if K M alu ulu rfm.HIK'd A letter. The new District Attorney, however, aceka to revive thin old law, and lor that purpose has fined the owner* of several steamboat* for not hasirg complied with thia provision of an anti1 quutrd act of Congress; and thia, too, he is doing ' under the mantle of the old hero of Huena Viita. | Thia course of i (T.cinl conduct should not be tole' rated by the Senate of the I 'aited State*, and we j hope it will not. It ia well known that Mr. Mall made only one speech, in favor of General Taylor, during the t whole of the laat Presidential ramp-nun Kvery one which he subsequently pave being n fuc nmt/r of the first. He ia now to elated with hia appointment as District Attorney, that he ia not satisfied with liis regular legal salary, but is extending the influence of his position to his advis* ip and satellites, by giving them permits from Ins ( flice to levy black mail under an old law pui1 ed in ihe year ITV2, and compelling the owners of ( rtrambouts, which that ordinance never applied i to, to comply with its pro\ tsions, and pay 41 nnlii?,s j varying from twenty to fifty dollars 111 each case. | lndr<d, Mr. Hall has made a jrreat deal of fuss in his new office. His ambition wa? excit*d by hia J appointment, and the first thing he attempted, was 1 to dictate to the President who should be splinted to an important foreign mission. He accordingly went to Washington to urge on the President j the appointment of an incompetent and improper l*'isoii for that high diplomatic atation.? I Very properly, the President intimated t* th? new fiiatrict Attorney that the appointment j to the niiifion referred to belonged to liitn, and not ; to district attorneys; and that he, Mr. Hall, h.ul better return to New York and attend to hia own duties, and not interfere with what did not concern him. This is the way in which he attends to hia duties, by sanctioning, in connection with his cflice, exactions on the stiamlioat interests, and ci uiiteimncing mk h ridiculous attempts to levy bl.tck-intil on that bracrh of the huHinos of the citjr. We hope thai th< whole mbjeet will be brought b? fure the neit filiate, and that they will fnlljr invertifate it. We an* perfectly fMtiafirrf that iliat l? dy will not fail to inquire into the matter, an<i that when Mr. Preorott llall'i nomination comen before th< m, they will not confirm it, but that ihejr will turn hini out of the office which he now holds. TW New flrlmra tl.t nf thelftth !nat that thr tyanl'h l nml liaa atrurk hia tW??r hut e r kefci* lb* f jarinati' n for lb* atriuctlon <f R?y, IIkalth or the City?Ciioi.kea IUioits There can be no doubt that the ravages of the cholera are subsiding, and that we shall be, in a few days, relieved entirely ?f the pretence of the epidemic. This is owing to the clearness of the atmosphere and the improvement in the weather* which have marked the past ten or twelve days. In fact the city, at no period of the year, has been more healthy than it is at present; but notwithstanding this, the Board of Health and their ad vuers continue to issue their daily report of deaths by cholera, one half of which occur from other cttuees, principally common cholera morbus and dysentery. In fact, the whole conduct of the Hoard of Health since the breaking out of the epidemic, has been reprehensible, and it is especially so now. The reports which they publish daily, are scattered over the whole country, and are prejudicial to the busiaess interests of New York wherever they go, causing damage of great magnitude to our commerce and trading interests. The Hoard of Health, ignorant of this, Imagine that they are performing nothing but their ordinary duty in issuing such ridiculous reports as daily emanate irom them, while they cannot comprehend the vast damage which they are doing to the city. It is full time that they stopped the work. The city is healthy enough?as much as it was at any former period?and there is no further use for them. The ProgrcM of tlx* Cholera* IN THIS CITY. Mayor'* OrncK, ) Nkw York, August 24?12 M.) The Sanitary Committee of this city report 62 new casus and 17 deaths, of ebolera, as having occurred during the last twenty-four hours. Sl'MMABV. Cmsrt. Dtuthi. Diich'4. William street Hospital 4 1 6 Thirteenth street Hospital. 7 16 Stanton street Hospital 7 A 3 Thirty-fifth street Hospital 8 0 3 In private practice 81 11 0 Total bi 17 10 HOARD OP IIKALTH. At a mwting of the Board of llcilth, held Friday, August 24th. IMtf, the followini Report and Resolutions of tliu Ho?i'liaf Con witter having been accepted auJ adopted, were ! ordered lo he published The Hoard of llealth having, at it* laat two session*, con- ! idtied the piorriety of ditpuuaing with one of the up-town hospital*. ('1 iiir'et nth street or Thirty-flftli street,) a* also I 01 -urtenderirg 1'tillic School- houae No. 1, in William atreet, j flu ally rtf rred tlie subject to the Committee on Uospitala, with n atruotinn* to report thi? day. Tho undersigned, in the all- I charge of thiir duty, reaptotfully report, that they have made a psrsonal visit, l hi* morning, to all the above men- I tii Ltd noipltain, and that, in their opinion, two of the four ! schot 1-houae* now occupud as cholera hospital* can, with propriety, be dispensed with. 1 tie committee helievr that the Thirty-fifth street hospital, front it* small of patient*, ami from the fewer oaso* occurring in it* iion tdiate vicinity, ahould he the ono dispensed with. They also arc of opiuion that the room heretofi re engaged ly he Board of Health, being the third atory of Monroe Hall, in Centre street. will aoon he able to accommodate all the patienta i.ow being Kent to the hoapital in William atrcvt; and that being the first school-houae appropriated lor hospital purpoac* early in the season, it is very desirable to relinquish it, if possibla, by the time that it will he required * ;am iur school purpose*, which iti early m September. Tfcer, therefore, in view of the greatly diminished number of esses remaining in the above uieutioned hoapital*, aud the other tacts herein set forth, beg leave to submit for adoption the following revolutions:? Kesolved, list, on nnd after the 27th Inst., so more pati< nta be received in the Thirty-filth street hoapital. Rt solved, That, en aud after the 27th inat .no more patienta I e received in the William street hoapital. Resolved, That, on and after the 27th inst., the third itory of Itonroe ball, in Centre atrect, be opentd and re-occupied as a cholera hoi pit ul. Ke?ol?ed, That notice he jiven to Captain* of Police, and other tersoii' eiuplotoil in relieving the sick, that cholera patients are hereafter to be stnl to the ncarebt hospital*, without regtrd to * ards. All which ii respectfully submitted. . ii. auxuAn, jcomroittce K.A MNW, > on CtlAKLBS WIBB, ) Hospitala. In \iew of the foregoing report and reaalntinna of the Hoapi'.al Cob ikitte*, the Board of llealtk adopted lh? following teaoluiicn ? fceaolved, That after this day. the Sanaiary Committee Hill rei>?rt only the numler of deaths by ehnfira reported to it; but thai the phyaioiana will be required to report to the oard of Health, ?? uaual. the ntimber of ea.?a aa woll aa deatha. tbat uiay on ur in their praruoe, in parauaaee ef I'll ordinance i? euck cane wade and pro* ided. JAMES KKILY, Chairman, | ROBERT T. UAWS. Al.kX. II. SCIIITLTZ, | CIIAKLK.H H'EFIH, I Saratarv Con. GEOIIlit U. I RAN KLIN, of the EDWIN U MORGAN, | Board ot Health. ROBERT A. SANK8, I i JACOB P. OAKI.CV, OSCAR MY. STl'RTEV A NT, J IN l.KOOKLYN. Boaao or HtitiN, Auuat 34, 1840. During the la*t twenty-four boar*, there bare beea reported to tht? office 7 fatal caac* of epidemic cholera, Via: ?M. Scbloaaer. Atlantic atrect, Margaret Kellr, i llenty *tr?et, Catharine L I ummlnga. Bpeneer itreet; Tet?r MeUuirc. Hamilton avenue; Jam** Dugan lloapl- I tal, r*ter Webater and Mary Webnter. Crow Hill. CJIAS. 8 J OOOURICH, rhyalcian of Um Board. BY TKLLURATH. Boam*, Aug. 24,1840. j The cholera ia fa?t diiappearlng from among ua, and our daily report* are dl*centiuu*d. RocHr*Tta, Attguft 24,1940. The Board of Health report 6 death* from cholera, a* having happened during the laat 24 hour* Bt-ri alo, August 24,1840. The Board of Health report 43 cane* and 19 death*, for the pa?t 24 hour*, ending neon to-day. t'XHART. Totality. Dale. Catri. Dtalht Buffalo Augutt 24 43 10 ltoehe*ter. . "24 ? 6 BY THE MAILS. farafify Unit. fawi. AealA*. 1 New Mark< t, N. H Aug. 21 1 1 New llaven. C't Aug 22 4 1 Ma-.cheater N >1 Aug 1 to 20 28 31 llarrimu* N. J Aug 23 ? 3 Birgen, N.J Aug. 23 ? U Cleveland, Ohio Aug K0 ? ( Colutnbtie, Ohio Aug. 10 fc 20 10 fl Mllnankle W I* Aug. 18 3 1 Chicago. Ill Aug. 10 ? $ Folic* Intelligence. Eiceptdfrom tht Station Houte ? W? noticed In JMtaiday * llrrald the urft of llnrjl KoJhniu. alia* " Ten P<nte," on i charge of being t fugitive from justice fr. m the Stat* of I enn>yltaunt 'ITil* prisoner wm placed In the 81itk ward elation hone* for *afe V | |-iiiu during th* night. In order to be taken to ! hi l?<1?11 >.i? the next (thla morning), but by *om* extra Bo??nitnt of okd'-rcato," he eieapodfrom cuatody; be mi be trifiial age in or be nty not; the chance* are I In hla Istui.ii th* charge be eai arreeted oa, there la but very little " confidence'' to !>e placed in It. Ck-nit ?f hurgtmni ?A young man railing hlm**lf Michael. Uonovau wit* arretted last atght. on a charge of entering the baeeinent window of the dwelling bouae No. 30 Murray atraet. kept by Mr* Punning and packing up several article* ol value to earry off. when be we* detected by the tervant girl, Ann Carlisle. She paw tbf light la the basement, and aekad If It waa Jaaee, th? waiter? The robber answered yea; butahe knew it wa# not Jamri' voloe, and gsve.the alarm; the rogue loadr hie earape out ef the front ba*em#nt window. and In getting over the railing, a Mr. Colllnaaa* pa**ing at th* time, aad on bearing the alarm. 1 caught the raaral by the collar, and took him to the i 1 bird waid atatlon heuae. Justice Lotbrop committed biin toprla?n fur trial. L'kmrgt nj Wwtmnjf Captala Carpenter, aided by 1 hi* 'flt'n of the lib ward, arreeted. yeeterday. Jerry > M?l)< bald |Mattbew Barroa. klngtne Barron, and Jo*e j h Morrison, alias "Batcher Joe." The flr*t three re white men. and the laat oaa colored They atand chargid with wBat I* railed "burning a countryman It >I nII a f* nng man by the name of lame* itiKhtmyrr. reaidieg In I Itter county, in tbi* state, waa met la the ?treet by one i f the** partie*, and represented that a lit wan to be decided between theui at card*, and wanted Rlghtmyer to decide It, and they would glva twe dollar* for hi* trouble. On th* rards being prtductd. In a private alley, Rlghtmyer wa*a*k*d If he bed t? n dollar* la paper money lor ten dollar gotdl Elect Riglitmvar raid yet, and pulled eut the ten delir* In paper. No sooner wa* thi* done, than i ugene ftatroa iti pped In bataeen them In a great hurry, and ptetend>d to be e police officer, and threatened to take tl.em all Into cuatody for gambling. The ten dollar*In money w** then anatehed by one of the ac?u**4 party, end they all ran off, each takiag a different direction 1 he poor e untrjman wa* *o much alatm-d at the time. supp<?lng the man to be a real poiteemaa. that be forgot all aaovt the money until It wa* too late to git* an elaim. a* the partie* were out of night llow*v*r. <n the rlreumstance* being given to the 6th ward police all the partie* ware coon brought to light, and re now committed topri*on on tlie charge, In default f tall Ir ViUO. by Justice l.othrop trrfii af n t'ugihrt.?Officer Webster, arrcated. yeeterday a man by the name of Co'neliu* n*r*? 11 naving eerapeu iron me Air>?ny jail, beta hi ?>i Iniprieoned ?n * rbar*e of nediiotton. Ilrvt* idrn hark to Albany to tn??*r the obarg*? f altift )>im O'.crge ?/ Rolling Hrh?onrr.?-Four email boy* by the name* i f latrtrk and lunlel Darrow, John Oillee|tf slid tranrla MnrMD, 'f rrnatad on lunptclcn of robbing a tebooner lying in the l.wt Hirer J 11*1 Ire Tlmpeoa committed them all for further hearing Hauti Oeorge Mrffatt, Montreal; H. H < ampbell and lady, Toronto; Lleot L.O.MihtIi.V B A ; Major Woodbrldit I1 d A : Or K. l>r. Burr. Maiatlan; J Mf Bailey, f, | A ; M^jor (.Mm, I' B. A ; K. J. Hale, lady and ?o?, N?rth Carolina, W C. Whlteher, (tarlnriatt ; John OroMbwt, Ohio; W 0 Sklllinan, Rt Lonto; B. II Bayfe. Kenttirky; ( hailm C. I'alfmy, LrnUlana; J W Kiia* Ml??l?lfpl. arrlred y??ter,lay, anil look forma at the Irrlng Hon?e T B Metralf,'ieorgla, A II Hearing. Alabama, I!. W Meren*. Ne? Orl?aiw; B Wadham. Illlnola, were aim ? g the arrival* yeeterday at thr < linton Hotel W B V?*a, I' B .N.; A. M Buchanan. New Orlennx; K Henry Bouth I arr llna and K. Arnold. Kentin ky. arrHtd jeelerday ami rt?pped at Ui? Howard Hotel Henry Fidgera. If I N j R. W Shuteldt, f? B N , ardlauy; lw> ih (i I'ulitut u S?ri t raori?e> are at > ti<? Am* titan IliM, Th< ByapMUlMn with Huprjr, TO MSKTIMO ON MOHDAY?THE COMHimK OF AUi NATIONS. Last evening. In the Indies' raleon of the Shakspeare Hotel, was held a mreting of tbe Committee of all Nations Mr. Jacob Wludmuller presiding. Mr. Augustus Kruer, tbe Secretary stated that most of tbe Important and influential men of tbe elty bad signified their intention to be present, and read letter* strongly sympathizing with the brare Hungarians. Tbe <ioestion for <1la?iiaai<.ii htflhfr nn* flht/x or what Hum uhfiiilrl be displayed at the meeting. There were three courteo warmly urged by different member*. One maintained that there ought to be no flag, but the American, at the meeting, as there would be a jealousy If alt the flag* of the other natiens, to which the sympathizer* belonged, were not exhibited; and there was an objection to some of these flags being used, as they lutely were tor purposes of tyranny. The French flag had been M>ed to put down the young republic of Konte, and it would be used ugainst the Hungarian*, too, if they were near enough to Louis Napoleon; while the (iei man flag was now used by a tyrant against the liberties of tbo people This argument wan used by a Uviuiiin A i'ullsh gentleman replied that it was no reafchi because a humbug King misused tho German flag that they should not nee it for a good purple.? There was no stain on It; nor were the Krenoh peopla to blame fur the acts of the bastard who called himself a Napoleon tii n? lal Wa Leu i or t. here rose and said that if a stranger mi|ilit take the liberty of making a suggestion, he wi Uid offer on* it was this :?That tbeConmonCouncil should be Ufkid permission t.) uufurl the Hungarian with the Unlit d States flttgfroni the City Hall, on Monday: and thai any other nationalities who ohose to bring a flag to the meeting might do so on their own retpontibllity. They might do so or not, as they pleated 1 be first part of this proposition was immediately adopted anu the majority of the meeting appeared to be in favor of the whole of it It wiut appended to the reti'lutlon that 'huso two flags, if the Corporation gave

porniWion should be erected at sunrise, on the morning of Monday. 'the qutstlwn wa? then discussed as to whether the tlsgs of other nations should be invited to take part in the procession, mid appear on the platform, or whether the Committee should recommend no other tla^ to hu UI^IIJCU ""V imii(.iinn 1.015. njiuuv 1 ui luu object for which the uieeeling was called, und the American. under whose proteetion they met. whether as American citlaens, or as m?u intending to become go. Bulb those prepositions were rejected, and it wan finally Hgretd to leave the matter an it was, and lay nothing about any other Ilagi than the ( nited States and Hungarian. Here the < flicers of a new military company marched into the room and presented aruin. It was the Iri.ih I'atriot FuMleers. who wore a very handsome fatigue dress?light green jackets, and wfclte pantaloons. The Captain is Mr. Maurice VVaUh, the First Lieutenant John O Fay. Second Liuuteuant, Mr. Michael Leamy, Third Lieutenant. Mr. Thnums Taylor. Mr Fat, speaking in behalf or the company, said the y had conic to tender their servioes as a guard of hou<r upon .Vuinday, if it was tbe wish of th? committee to accept tbem There is not a wau of them that would not gladly go to Hungary to tight for freedom, if circumstances permitted. (Loud cheers ) 'I le Piesident then thanked tbein for their offer, and it was agreed that ihejr should have tbe pojt assigned tkem they asked for. General W tutaiuor than invited the Irish Patriot Fusiliers and the committee to an entertainment, at which several toasts were proposed, both by members of tbe committee, and by C aptain Walsh and othor nn mbt r? of the military company. The meeting then up. Meisr* Michael Doheny and Richard O'Oorman, the Irish refugees, will be present at the meeting on Monday, and will, it ia understood, address the people. The meeting 1* expected to be one of the largest and most enthusiastic ever held in this city. The heart of America throbs for tbe success of the fluoirarian arms. City Intelligence. Accident.?On Thursday evening about half-past sis o'clock. Martha Kenrick. <>t No. 40 Suffolk street. wm knocked down and run over by the hor*e and gig of Dr leekratt. in Urand street, tnd severely injured.? Shu was taken home by policeman McKenney. Koi'nuliro ?A fine male infant, about two months old, wan tound in the area ol b<>u*e No. 'li\ Houston ftrt et, on Tburiday afternoon about half punt 2 o'clock, by Mrs. Barbara Seigler. It wan clean and well dressed, and could not baTe been there many minutes when difcovered. It was put in the temporary charge of Mrs. Sarah Ann (' Mocre. 153 Houston street, and the ease reported to the Governors of the Alms House. Thb Hamilton Avknitk Ferry ?Yesterday, again, there was but one b*at on this ferry. and passengers were consequently d'-layed and put to gre:it inconvenience To mend the matter, in the evening, about seven o'clock the boat ran into the soutli side of the slip at Brooklyn, and there she continued stuck f??t for a length of time, her htern b*lng also jammed in the other side of the slip Many of the passengers, Impatient of the delay, climbed over the piles snd got ent in that way. A rope was thrown out to the shore to tug her, which, with the assistance of the steam,forced her out of the (Is backwards, not, however, without tearing away some of the fenders. Brooklyn City lntslllgtMS. Police Coi rt ? Before Ji sticc Winslow.?Tha examination of ( barles Myers, on a charge of bigamy, rehired to a day or two since, was concluded yesterday, and resulted in a full committal ol the accused for trial. It is the intention of the counsel of Myers to bring tha matter befcie JuJge (ireenwood. of the City Court,for the purpose of obtaining the discharge of Myers. ClTV rot'RT II ClUMRERS ? BtEORE JrtM.a OrEE*wood ?Bernard Uuire, one of the Penny Bridge party, who was committed to jail on Tuesday last, for a vio? lent anault on a man named lloffmau with a dangerous weapon, was brought before Judge (ireenwnod on a A?Im> Ifjiwl, and admitted t<> bail in the sum "I $1 CIO, to appear and answer. The Fiitow Fesrt Disaster.?I take tk* llbtrtf sf calling your attention to a few facts connected the late collision at the Fulton Ferry Ml?s Jane sherry left her sitter's residence. In Brooklyn on la?t Thursday evening, and not having returned to her father's house in this city, immediate enquiries ware made The fact that an accident had occurred on \. .-ri .,r . r ?v.. l ..i?... it.. ? ?" ' ini, m. I?III. .lining gat rrwon to auppoee that "he bt l there lout her life Application ??k made directly at the ferry by the latlicr. but he wan informed that they knew nothing to warrant ?uch a anppoaitinn Sub?e<juent application* were road* by the friend* of the family with the aame reault; and though at flrat they all auppoaod Ibat ahe had bars killed nt the ferry, tha Information derived there *a< auch aa to alter tha opinion On Tue*day. the father appertained tliatjt be mangled body of hi* balovad child had been found at Aatoria. and on Thursday waa Informed that tha hat, ahawl and j paxa>ol bad been in the ferry- bonae tine* laat krlday j morning Ihofe havltg them in charge baring conceale\ them until accidentally revealed. That conduct, which would keep a family in the agony of doubt, which would rrfure to divulge toe Information which might hare ra- 1 suited in the Immediate recovery of the body, daaervea the aevereat renaure. while jnatlce to tha living, a* wall aa the dead. requlrea that huaan life ahall not be aacrlflead with impunity. R. opartor Conrt. Before Judge Mason. Arm tt 24?Ctlrt GiM'rty md*. 1+onwiLi S. Sererr*, el al ?Tliia waa a motion for a cooitniaeion to examine wttoerae* in London and for an order to atay proceeding* until the retnrn of the commiaaten. The motion waa nppo?< d on the ground that the notloa waa not aerved until after the expiration ot 30 day* Juatlce Ma*? n aaid that a party applying for a commUaloa in examine foreign wtlneaaea are entitled to a atay of proceeding" nntil the return of the cammiaalon. when the application la made within ten day* (?ee rule 3ft) alter th? time for amendment of the pleading*, prescribed by ?rett?n 172 of the rode, ha* expired Order for atay of proceeding* allowed. Cammon PUaa. armctAi. tirm. Before Jndge LlahotiTer Aro. 54 - Ijfu it Afeniwt r? Churltt Pn*u* ?Thla waa an actWn for work and labor, la which the plaiatlfl obtained a judgment by default, npoa whieh he laauid an exeutien, and cauaed a lavy to be made.? Motloa waa made to open the default and *et aalde the Judf ment an thegn.und of irrtf ulaiitj In the aervlce of tne Mimmon* An order waa accordingly granted to aet aeida tha judgment, bat the latter, together with the execution and levy, to atand aa a security fir tha remit; I he dofeadaat lo aaawar the complaint in 10 dava. and take rhort notice of trial; plaintiff'* rnat* (fid) oi raatetlng the motion, ta be paid at tha tarailnatioa of ike an it (ifKreri of the Wary. Nrw Yoaa, Aug S3. 1*49 Pr?? ftia -In to day'a )hrtlH there la a place copied fri m the Albany (N. * ) (r prnl, Aoguat '.21 It. which nay* that Mr. -J. L V.itoa, If. R Nary, ah"u)d b? | i?w>d w??d a* on* only worthy of the ?necra of mto kind ' Keeling too mirrh Intaraat In the Na*y. to allow tha I Impraaalon to go abroad that aeld >'atnn la a naaal offl. rr, I hare ihmifht that I would aak you to atata tha i tie pie (krl that there I* not auch an officer In thn Nary, tor proof of whlrh. I refiar yoo to tha /Vary Rrgiiter. Vary reaiwatfully, in. PAl'l. SHIRLEY, V. 8. Nary. Kdltof New York Herald. >' A. There la a Mr. Katou In tha Nary, hot hla rama la TbomaaC. Katoii. Mil ha la now at ?? In tha Mtdlterraaeaa fl>|uadioa fteapeetfully. r. 0I1IRLEV. National Politico Ma W*lokb tin I nL. Ila-tron in Tata* ?Tho Matat' t >la Tttlmnr. of tha tth Inat , apeaklng of tha late addiaaa of Mr. (albonn to tha Routhern Statea. aaya: ?In arinnant. It I* tha only fault with Mr. < alhoun. ba la eTar too roluulnoue-too powerful Onee ronaed. wbarercr hla double- ad gad aword atrlkee, thara life la ho ni' ie We conceive tble effort of Mr ' alhona'a not only to be a rlear and aucceeaful refutation of tha chargca preferred agalnot hla pnllUeal eoaraa on the all at ?orblr>n '("cation of Southern rluhta but one of the ablest and moat taraely written document* we hare ever r< ad on tba auhjact He by no meana contenta h<m?lf with a reply, bat carrlea war Into the aamp of tba an*my. ith ?neh rapidity and loroe aa ntterly to arialhllate tha great ?e*tem " I im 11 William ft Hamilton la the drmoeratle candidate or t-rnirrpp, in in* *u <? n?rji?nn The * hift Ntat? Contention of New Vork will be held at Rymrnpe, on the 2Cth of September proximo. The halelfli (N <k) HtanJ*r4 elalme that Mr MUnl?j I* net l?|[?lly elerted, and Intlmatea that kl> mm patltnf way ronteet the aeat. Volrejr K Howard ll elated to Conferee* In the 3d dUtiiet of Tnae. over Mr. HlUbury. the liU menbtr. 1 V, ?? * I TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENT ! Interesting Intelligence from the SoutU Texas Election*?Ureat Hortallt j among U?e Indiana, 4c , Ac. BiLTiMour, Aug 34, 1840. The Southern mail baa arrived with New Orleans papers of tha 17tb, In which I tind the following intelligence :? The Spanish Consul, since he gave ball, has re-opened bis oflice. The steamship Yateh arrived this morning from Port Lavaca, Texan with dates to the 11th inst. Beli leads Wood and Mills foi Governor, by a large majority, and Hendersou is ahead for Lieut. Governor; Howard and Williams, for Congress, also l'ar ahead. The A>u'$ of the 18th, says that Captain Brown, formerly of the schooner European, trading between Port Lavaca and New Orleans, is now visiting various townd In the West, with the view to obtain stockholders for a new line of steamers to run between the above ports. He rajs that be Las already gotten enough stock taken to build two new boats adapted to the trade. In the low lands of Texas the country has been almost completely iuumlated by the rains During the past month the Brazos and Trluty rivers have been (mutually high, and the prairie roads covered with water. In many places fears were entertained of considerable damage to the cotton crop, in the lower parts of tbe country especially. Kroui vbe Houston Tele a/in 01 me uin mi-iani. we n-arn (.inrougu genuemen who bad arrived at that place from the frontier) that one of the Indians who accompanied Mr. Torrey, ill his last expedition to K1 I'a?so, had returned, and repcrta that a terrible disease prevails among the Western bands-that the Camancbe Indians were swept off In large numbers, among tbem many warriors and several distinguished chiefs. Their leading war-chief, so noted on the frontier, hud, it was said, also fallen a victim to this fatal scourge. One or two Indians, who had acted a* guides for Mr. Torrey, were attacked on their route to K1 i'asso. and died near the Rio Grande. A Mr. Jateway, from Loudon county, Virginia, w?( prosecuted by the Grand Jury, for publishing articles in newspapers against tlaveiy, or of an anti slavery character. Later New* front iHexlco? Ntw Aug 23, 1849. Wo hare Mexican dates to the 11th, per tteauier Trent, at Mobile, which state tbat there were difficulties pending botween the government and Maaniug. and Mclntorh. The former determined to (ire back tbe contract received for making the railroad across the Isthmus of Tthu&ntopec, while the Utter refused. Tbe Chamber of Deputies had passed resolutions authorizing tbe government to raise half a million by pledging the import duties, but it will probably be oppored in the Senate. Additional troops were ordered to Matanzas and Rio Grande. Later tlewi from St. Domingo. Bontor, August 24, 1840. By the schooner Kglantlnr, we have dates from Port an Prince to August 2d, which state tbat another expe> dltlon against St Domingo was talked of, but not likely to take place. President Sonlouque had shot two of kl* generaRfor llcgid political intrigue*. The execution took place In ? public square, on ft Sunday. The Pr?sldent's guard* Ored the volley. As high as tlx dollars a hundred hftd been paid for coffee, in consequence of the old crop being scarce. There was but little demand for Anierieftn provision*; Currency, 14>? paper to 1 silver. Later from Can Ml*. Montreal, August 28?P M The Inquest on Mason is still fitting. The Mayor having yesterday Issued a proclamation for special constable*, about four hundred of the moat respectable eitiaen* were sworn in. There have been no disturbftnees since. The horse police are still ftt L? Prairie No cases of cholera have occurred for more than * week. Terrible Itorm?LeH of Life, Ac. Boston, August 24, 1849. We were visited laat night by a severe gale, which hfts done considerable damage. A brick building ftt the head of dray's wharf, was blown down, and ft ballast lighter wu eapsited laat evening, near Manoialt Point, Plymouth. The crew consisted of four, two cf whom were drowned, while the other*, one of whom waa the captain, were rescued, after hat lag clung to the nut for twelve heurs. Naval Movements. PtnsAcoLA, August 16,1849. The United States frigate Ksritan, bearing the bronl pennant of Commodore Koxhall Parker, and the United States ship Saratoga. sailed this morning; the former for the North, and the latter for Laguayra and 8t. Tli< ma* and after a crul*e In the West Indies, to retorn to the United States. Norfolk, August 24.184P. The bark Nathan W. Uridge. from bo.ton, arrived yeeterday, bringing a draft ef 101 men for the United state* ship VandaHft. lilacs* of Dr. Plcrcc. Boston. August 24. 1849. The remarkable Dr Pleree, of Brookline, I* lying dangeroa*ly Ul, and 1* not expected to live through the ? / Market* N?.w Ukikay*. Aug 23, 1849. Our market for eetton I* steady, ami held above the views of buyers Middling qualities liavo deelined coffee Is Improving; sales of U,000 bags Rie have b*en made at 7\c. Bai.timo*k, Aug 21?P.M. Our market we* unsettled by the steamer'* new*. Bu> uw, Auguat 24?0 P. M. Prcelpti within the U*t 24 bourn - Moor. 1.000 bbli.; wheat none; porn, none, The market foe floor la ddll and uufettled Id eooaequenea of ateampr'a newa. About 400 bbla ebaogid haa<l?, at f 6.(>0 for enmmnn Stale and mixed weatern. Wheat ?the demand l< only for prime parrel*. wbl<?>i are aearoe and held aba?* the rlewa ol bayrra < orn l? unaettled and the tr*n**rtlana are unlmportxat. Mixed weatern la qaottd at 6Te. a lie., nominal W hie key la wlthaut change. Alum, Ahk 34- P. M. Reerlnta within the laat 24 honra ? Hour. 3 600bbla.; wheat. 14 coil huahela; e?rw. WiO do The mark, t for flour la steady, but not attire 1 ijaote common atialght and mixed Weetern at $6 25 a (6 37%; atraight State and g?M>d Weatern. at fb 87X a >5 44. and pure Oeuaate at f6 ?2>, a $A C*X; with aalea of about 1.600 bbla W U firm with a good milling Inquiry, aalea were made >f 7 Qtw hui>heh? (Tenevee. at 131c. Data are dull; abowt 4 (WO buehela eold at 37,^e. hipping InulllgaaM. Hnrn?, A tlx J4. Arrired?Barka Shaaaoa, Olaaxew, Jaly lit F.idoa, Tart* lalaari, Aux Hi br.aa J W Jobaatoa, Ulae?ow, July 2*. C'kta NrLi?|hllii, do July 4.1; f.jdla. do July 11: Amelia, ft Martial. July Mary Staatoa, Baltimore rla Plymouth. rhr kxlaatlee, I'ert an l*rlace, At>( I?left Irln Praacia, for k Vork. 4 data; Joha Clifford, iliii. Jrbr* I out well, Newbrra. NC; Oriaaa aad A Ira Ira T, riitlad: Caanbridte aad Ollre ttrancb. NTnrk Claai*?- Skipa Aaia'aatk aad D)eaa>M>rl<!aaa; barka Adelaide. Ileiata, brix Ploaear, do; ifhf Amiali. Pkllad; Cyt r??a aad Hew aril, NTork. Rfcti' I'ullua. Hi? Jaatir . Juaa 14: lark Lady Carollae, f Kaeraid*. Jutr Jo. nark Coao. Cbarleatna, Ana II? apeke *Hk, lat St, lea 70 S', Iri* Cleairat, lloatoa far Chaileeua. Ilrlja Pia'adia, fnrtnaai. Anx 1?left berk Oaatte, for Gli'Wblrr.llitja; brlfii Ax**Tta do do; Draaat, Boetna. ae?t da). 2Sd, <fl Chatham. apoke kark l.oey Ellen. Boatoa for bile. ltri# Ueerge Hhattnck, Norfolk; aahr Potelae, It .admit. Ma aiua aana- The bark Wm II Thaller, from Boat .a for , P eiety aad ^adwlrh lalaa la. got aa faraa Falkland lalanda r>4 | ut ba< k to Htir?<> la diatreaa. While (?tag up the Miaar , Plate p t aahore, and ?<ald prokaaly hare te diaeh rg? at i Mrutetideo aad repair. | Ixr TiiOataTia, Aux 17. Arrlto^?>rhra Effort. rhlladbauoy IVrra, H York. ?th, Mat) A Atigail, Norfolk. I ailod U?S?hr L?i'r?1ft, NTark: Jltt, Viaara in. Hiiiooi, Aug 22. Arrlrrd?Brig I. Copoland, llaraaa CWarad? Bari Rio Uraada, San Fraaalam. Bath. Aug 22. Arrirai?*fhr fagla, NTrrk. rmiTi.tan, Ang??t 0. ArrHril ?SJiic Aailrtv Scott, Ltrarymili l.rii tnauar, I Ke* ink. m, Poa tiMfli r?, Anmt 17. Arrivfd Sfhr flaorgr k Mary, Koiidnut, IMta. krig ijaoddj Brlla, I'Ml*; irhrt tji-ral and llarritt t haadltr. do; 2lat, krig Clurlti Bulk, 8t <U)i, 8*t r?, Augnit 12. ArrirM? 'Mb T?Im?. N Vork. Wi ? for Caltr?raia Fclir litlllbfitM. kla Oruill. Jnly I]. I*ft trig Sl?rata, Irtm t ad>?, nn?i, and othara ?? h?fnr?. P?orlPv rr. AnrmltV Artlrrd- *ahr? O CnU and I'raatdeat. Norfolk; K.hia k C ?rot1?o, lUBdont. ??>Ud? *rkf? K l.?land and fi>l B Davta, Phllat OT"?Iab, Ailani; Mooin R'gn Williams, Vigilant, S.iii* and* iiara- i piaa, kf? I i.rk. | Nra Boiit. Angnat 22. | Atrlrri'??M|>? Mary Bltahall, Fall Hivor for ! FMarirco; Chariot, * artfn for do; ?rlir? l> Hak. r. I'hila fur Fall K r- r: Hun- in Mi Mti, Dighti.a, far N?? Vork; Lav/ Abb, rail Rivir Ur I kilt. Bmrm, Ann<i It. Arrlvrd- $?M* M < rannur tad T la* , fhila. Nsilad?9?l<r fl???ra> r, I'hlla. Arnvad ??ttrlg Hallo?ail, Miragonaa, An 1. T.?f? iMp Gladiator, lor Nrw fork, 2ti day?; briga Mary klliabatti, dn I an oaj a Fraath brig, do .1 d.;t; Vulturt. far It ?io0. 1.1 ?la j g, Ka|itrma Court. ft? for# lu?tlr?? Kdmond?. Al > i'<t 14 In tlrn ni?lt< r of Hu.hniU ahVi* Wni, IkirilKitrt.tttrriii'. *H not t?k?n ???y yrnUr Aaj, fiw bring *rtr??iwl iin<?r Ih* '? wnrrnot. for Iho writ )>t Subtil* l-?n?ol h; Judff* l.d??rd( ?n ??r?i d, In tttt of lh? >l?j. on ill* oflkrt *ho h*<i Mm In elmrRp. In< brought up till* in >rn < tc In |ni?n.mnri' i>i It but. in * n'?q?rn?? of Ju<Ik? Klwnrd* III t Inll'K prutlit. Ju<lltr? mid louf< loiift lotting no power ti do < unl<-r lb? *t?-'it?. Hi*n>auir I* |io?t|>tii?d until to morrow (Km mm- . ?> i; One Week's History of the World. Th? Weekly llrrnlH e<>oiprining a perfeat compendium *f the moat iu'erentlog evuuts, both in thia and tbe Old Woild, that hav*?rraclied us during tha pa?t reven dajs, will be l?8u?J thid moraing, at nlna o'clock. contents: The F.uropean Intelligence brought by tbe steamship Canada; Kull ('articular* ?>f the (?rand Ball at Saratoga; Tbe kree Soil A<l<lrera to tbe Democratic Kapublicau Electors of tbe 8tate of New York; Tha Cruise of the U. 8. tlonp of war Dale. California. South Americas and Braailian New*; r<>rresp<indence from various part* of (be <'oun?rj ; The Northern Tour of the President; The Secret kxpertition: Tbe Cuban Excitement, and tbe Ray Abduction: Hungarian Meetings and Hungarian Sympathy In this anil other Cities of th* i niuuj i rmrrMi ui i un < noiera lurougnout tbe Contln?Dt. and the Mortality lo thin <'ity last week: Southern Fashionable Intelligence? the Rowley Springe and Madison Springs Fancy Ball* Ito ; Canadian and Central Amerioan Affair*: A greet variety af Editorial and Miscellaneous Matter; Theatrical ana Local Incidents; Commercial and Shipping Record; The Latest Tele* graphic Despatches, k.c . ko , (to. Subscription price, $3 per annum; single copies, ellpence each, in wrappers, ready for mailing. Alalia for California* The steamship Kaleon. Capt. Ilarletein, will leaT* this port on the 27th Inst.. for Chagres. touching at Charleston, Savannah. Havana, and New Orleans. The Dollar He raid-. A New Weekly Journal On or about the Unit Monday or Tuesday in the month of September next, we Intend to commence the Issue of a new cheap weekly journal, at the subscription price of one dollar ;<rr annum, to be called the DMmt H'eekly Herald, it will comprise, principally, the Mwl and Intelligence which appears in Sunday and Monday's Daily Herald, and lu site will be the same as the Daily Herald Its reading matter will be entirely distinct from that of the H'erkly Herald, which has been regularly published by us fur several years past. Th* new journal will be intended for oountry circulation and distribution. Poi tinusters throughout the aeuntry, and others acting ae agents, or sending on subscriptions. will be allowed, for any number of eoplea over five which they send remittances tor. at the rate of twenty per cent commission for their trouble. Subscribers, in any number from live to more, may unite in clubs, and bv transmitting to us Ave dollars, will ra? oeive six copies of the Dollar lit raid We are Induced to issue such a journal for the country, in consequence of repealed solicitations to that effect from all parts of the Union The matter published in the Sunday and Monday editions of the Daily Herald lies heretofore had tint little or no circulation, except what it rec< lved in the Daily, in oonsequenee of the Weekly llnald being published on Saturday. Thle will remedy the defect of uot circulating a variety of Interesting matter in tbe country whioh appears In those two Issues of the Daily Herald. Am usaal In the rcgimit of the San, and with thefiiortuality of the s v>ni, KNOX, IVS Fnltoa street, will Issue the Fall Fashions for gentlemen's Hats, this day. Kail Faehlona for Oentieineii'a Hata, 1849. Fspencheid, of It? Nassau street will lime ea his ee Haters, en Saturday, 23t h inst., bis new fell style of Hats, together with two ur three got up after the style of the great self-styled "leader uf fashion." He solicits a comparison ef his new Hats with the elurnty thing from Broadway, and feels convinueri that the v, rtliol of the public will eadorseth* opinion of hatters fr m New urleans, Charleston, Washing ton. Ht. Louis and other oitlee, that his fall etjle if Imna(urably superior te anj thing ont thia season. Wm. H. Uerbe A Co., Hatlert, 15? Broadway, N. V . anil 13# Choanut atraat. Philadelphia?Will issue the Fall Fashion of 1X4!), tor Gentlemen's Mat*, on Saturday, the 26:h day of Aagust inat. Up<?? presenting ourselves before our patrons uu 1 friends, at thia time, witli the Fall Fashion, we beg leave to rem*?k, that an entire ehange ol etjle has been iflect<d, whioh ia entirely original aad aew ia every particular, or the .|tialicy an<l character of the list, we will only say, that our utmost endeavors have been ana re to insure its ad\aurtmen;; and that our efforts for theatteii.ment 0* that object will never ho relaied until we have arrived nt the highest possible point of perfection. Wm. M. Beete It Co. have received, bv lata arrivals, direct from Parte, an eitenme variety of > ail and Win'er Fur goods for children?Chapeau ( u>'|Ufties. Sc.. the most beautiful and appropriate articles for the svaron ever imported. Also. Ladies and Misses Beaver end Castor Bonnets, I.a'lles Riding Hats, fee., all of whieh were manufactured to order, aiprassly for their trade, from samples seleutcd by Mr. ttcebe in that (treat metropolis of fa?biin. Their goods will be ready foe the inspection vf the public, on batur Jay, the&th iast. Gcnln ?Gentii'* Fall Style of Gentle* en's Bats, will be introduced on Saturday. 15th inat. J. N. BENIN, 214 Bre.dway,opposite St. hauls. A lvord 4t Banrker, PatentMi of the Oatta P rt ha lints, 178 Broadway and 10 Bowery, will introduce their Fall Stjlcs for Gent's llats, on Saturday, August 25th. the advantages of the Untta Percha Hat are now well kaowa, and ?e tindlt aecetsary to oauti?n the public, particularly country merchants, against the purchase af any Hat represented to be of this kind, from any other hotiae, as we aro the only manufacturer*. We Late been informed of tha sale, by rrnne in the trade, of the common kind for these; bat nothing like them have ever been tuade by any other battar, and they ran only be found in tha city at nnr establlshm nts, 179 Broadway and 10 Bowery. ALVORD It BANUKBR. ArrberaFall Style for Gentlemen's Hate* will be introduced on Saturday, August 2d. A RCB KK, 2U0 Uresnwlsh stmt. trrhanto1 ColFre-honae, IS Beaver street, earner aI Maw street.?Merchants and thair etarkl doin^ business in the lower part of the city, will ftad thia a deairable totality for obtaining either l.aneh, Dlaaer or Supper. Kverv delicacy whieh the market affords will be kept. JOB V Jodga for thamaalvea. Traveller* anil others will And m complete aae.>rtmeat of I>r???iii(r Cam, Kwej Cotlery, Port? niatMiii, an J all arttcl*? h. loug'ng to the Toilot, at th* anb crihera'atorea, 147 and .V7 Uro*dway. The Dretaing Caaee m made of the muat durable material, ?Mh pattern mWlluc an i. 1m of otYiakit aiao an') real utility, id th* moat aompact form, warraated to perforin the dutie* for whlafe U>?y ar* severally <!. tll'NDIR.1 It SON, 147 Broadway, (cor. of l.????rtj- at.,) and 3M7 Broadway. California Fir* Arm*.?Joitph A Hart, I4> Maid*a l.ane, Agent* for th? -ale ?f liaU'a celebrated CarMate. Caa be loaded and fir*I UU tlm?a la S luiantaa; U*ht la weight; and. for aimtilicity, art anpvrior to a ay kaowa arm. Tkev arc tha oaly Carhlnee approved of by tha C. 8. govataMBt. A Urea aaaorlK.hi ofOuoa aad fiatola on haad. City Larilti. and l.ncllra from I lie Country raa flad at J. B. MM l.kK'J, flr*t qaalitr Slippara, Tl*?. aad liurkiLa at l'a. and lua ; a*?oud qaality Sliprxri aad Tiaa, afc 6a.; aad Rnaktne at 7a.: Iad<?*' Uaite' Boot*, of all the faahioaakle colore. at Ida. aad l.t*.. |aal to a*.? la th* eitj; with a complete aaacrtment of Miae*a'aad I h.Uran a Uaitac Bool* aad Shoe*, ol all klnd? aad priaea. at J. 11 MIlLBkA 13 I aaal etraet. Betwaen Thoiupaou aad Lanrent atreata. A At Hlrhellru Diamond Polntad Mailt l'ena, mada and told hy J. V. sa V ai.E, kS Valuta atraat, at* Ik* moat durable I'*pk la tha world. J. V. a. baa a larga ttoek af Bn* Uold aad Mlver Watch**, of all tha moat aalakrated maker*. guaranteed to ka?p acourat* tin*, wltiait lis Will tall tary low. Dr. Powell, Orullat, Anrlat, Ae., Attend* a* aaoal to dl**a**? af tha Bye and Ear. at IX Warren *t? a. here I aa b* nad a pamphlet gratia, deecribtag lua n*w Bade f treatiag the affaotlona of thoee delicate orjuna. Alao, the Id actios af hit papnlar "Traattaa *a tha By*." Print Mala. AttlMal Xjtaa laaartad. Come, a Load llurralt for Them $* lalU> The* era a bleeaing la the hard-w?rktag mat. Tb*y eaaaieb af Cloth Coat. Ca*?imer* i'ante and Fancy \ eat. t>?er Caaia and Cloakf, iI to SII. I'lrt lullar Salt Stor*, eorjcr of Ntiau and Beekuan itnell. Tike Rettt ftotn llangarjr will not be mora interettirg thaa the faot that! am now telling at my *nam*r atoek of alothlng at leaa thaa the aataaleoat. to make roitu for my fall knaiaeaa; tharclera delay aot another hoat it. H. ( I.Ar.kl, 116 WillMa iHlU. PlM l? tlrert of MWfeM l?ar trumpet f?r ?B.I warrlnr?. Sh- now [>?lrnati<>( lh? ladna noua tr?<i?aairn, and i* *1 (o(U'4 in IruwprlinK far ? < wtda, in fvtry i ?r. II.? iBdlapiitaT.WI troth, that n? ch?*?rr or h?tt*r I...on and nal'ora c?n m ?ttaia*d la America, tha lb?n told by J >at?, 14 Au iirfX. C01IK ftCI \L A FP A 1 ft I ONRV Dl 1RHRT. Friday, Ang. 94?41 P. H Th* atoek market ha? aiparlanoail no ehanga *lno# yaatrrday. Thara wa* morr actirlty In aom? of tha landing fknrlv*. without any tmpr?rri?*nt of eoaaaqurncr In prle**. K.rla railroad *tork I* becoming mora plenty, and nthrr fancy rallroa 1 aarttrlMn* ara coming npnB tha aiarket In larger quantltle*. Money ?ooItntie* a* abundant aa reported at any tim? thia *a?*ott. Hrt par cent I* the rul'ng rate for call loan* on tha beat a**arUy an<1 tha be?t atreet baalnaM paprr I* dl* counted la tha "treat at aeran per aant. Railroad ao?paaiaa la tha market. borrowing moaey on tbelr eertl. Brat**, pay u high a* right and tan par a'at Tha rata af Interact thay pay I* ao object - tha nma-y tn wt be had at *mm prtae At tha MMoad board thara wrra rery few *a!aa, and no thaaga (a prleet. Tha receipt* at tha r.fflra r4 tha A**t?tant Treaanr?r Bf tbla port to day. amounted to flllH O^A; payment", f 1M.W7 M; adeleea, l>4?t.OC0; balance, <M><* fT. There kw bf?n a plight Imprftrement In the Boat on money market an I th- meruntil* e >mmunity hare now !>nt lltt In ilitnriilty In mi| pi) lr* th<-m?elrea with mil thut * aeeeaeary for their Immediate want* la K.a<t?rn rail* rml ttocke ther? ha* n quite a depreciation The lc?ton and Worcester hit* fallen below par. and hit 'ewbtiy>rn; l aetrrn l? down to par and dull; Bottom Hid Maine !1 p< r e< nt adranre hut V?rmnnt entral. 47*4. and rather firm; Old Colony, TftV no denand. Thare l? k me Improvement I* mantifMtdrlng itork, thrngh but few operation* are m*de The dlrlItndl whleh they hate mad* for the U?t year, bar* >ee? T?ry einell. Tba k'.aropean news. In a financial or commercial m int of \ lew, eo far a* wa are abtetojodir* from tha el'|iafhlo despatch, doe* not ?ary materially from hat received by the prevloa* Mcamrr The harvatt* In n|lan<l fcirt ?o far proved favorable, and the corn taikete wera con?e')ti?ntly d"pra??ed There bad been I rllgl t a.lranea la cotton and ca?lderabl? activity niri| ?peealator? M- ney ?? aa?y. the ra*.a of lata. i4 at the moft tednr-d point*, anl quotation* f >r < n?r>i? nun 1 h? Erlo Failrr>??l I'r.mpnny r*fu?>4 t? ihlblt p ? ?tc?lihnM>r thv ??"rlt bifk .r hit nf <Nlhnl4it< 'Mi I* ci'ur?? f??r * ? unpftny to fitir??w>. ?n<t h* lr.l?in f? ii?*nini1jr <!rn 'U Itonlt l<, Ihit ?h?>r? iwil t>? < iu??hlng i ????, come corruption, whteV

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