Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1849 Page 3
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Tke Grand Fancy Drew Ball at New part Odiiii Aug !M, 1M0. In aonforoity with a notiae p*t-T4o??ly given, a neetfa>K >u hfld at thin bouM today, to mate* trrangeai*i It for a Grand Kancjr Uths Bail, to be heid h*r i during the present month Mr. 8 8 Ln waaappointed ( tiirmau, aaJ Mr. A. C. Dana, Secretary The mrrtiui lielnz thus organised. the Chairman w?i, bv Vuanimona e*pree?ioB, requwtted to appoint a tuomittt? of eight, which ?ai4 committee were to have power to t lect the managers o( the ball and to Si upon 4*7, on the evening of wkk-fc s*id ball should tako plae*. The following gentlemen were named by the Chair for the afoieraid committee:? H. C. Ward, 8. A. I.awrtace, Mr King, W*.T Hrnted, Kieba>d Arnold, A. Suuiuer. t< V. Tbaeker. Geo ge Je ji, Up< n motion, tbe ( hairuianaud Secretary wet* alied t? thin fumitlH' The me* ting then adjourned to Saturday. 25th inflt , at 1 e'elcwk f M . after thn following Hit of manager* for the ball was reported and the report accepted:? MAWACBKI. Ho?. Abbott Lawrence, ktii., Lambert Qithinn", Baltimore, Il ii h. i'. Miutlirup, vf C. !> . Hue,' 11. New Yerk, Martai i.uieila. W. H. Uatchell. Marylaad. H d. K J Arnold. Ceercia, H. D. (Jieene, Maasao'inaetta, Bon. W C.< , K. Island, Jna. Tenuant. i'eunaylvaaiu, Um J. Pr-aentr Hall N. V., 1'apt. Ureweriou, U. S. A. B u John M llot'i. Vir<ii la, Capt *hi?i!da, do., Hon. 8. 3. 1 reatiai, Lcuin'ua. 1-e* i? Norris. Pennaylviaia, Bit Ex. 11. Anth' ny, K. I., I>r. Merocr. L >uim?na H. C. P? Kla?i, New York. Cbaa. Ue Ktiain, Now York, J?a;ea Duntiaa, r>itnaylvauia, D Searr, Jr , Vaa?acbu.-etUi, W. U. I.?? Acw York, <Ieu. A. Prentiaa, U. 8. M., M?v Hi m| lirry. do, Steylirn W illiama. New Yotk, ?nrjr Niiiul' ion. S. Carolina, Cap*. Brown, U. 8. A., A. tv Metier. N<w York. h. H. K-iaeh, MaaaarkuietU, P. tlrart. Ma?eaci>ua>tte, l'r. Sattrrlee. I?. S. A., 1'e I arrry Kane, N York. W. K. Lejev, Pennsylvania, F. W. <Jre< i,e, Khotle Island, l'r. C. K. Beck, Peunaylf aniA, C? rif? tukiiK. Iouisiana, M. Calhoun, Louisiana, ! l!ai #t<? w. IfasMUshuBCttf, John O^IUaii, New York, A. &. I/zard. ^ou??? 4 ur<l<ua, Dr. Smith, St. Loui?, Baml. Nicholson. Louiauua, O. tlui tthorne. Ohio, J. J. Prir,*le, South ( arolma, J. A. Linton, Washington, D. r?.l I).. U.UM.1- IT M A c. # 1 V. r. Let, do., Mfljur AnsMue, U. S. A., < .1. sit-pioo, 4o., M?jor Wire, do., Major Di laliuld, do., Tliuuia* Aiki-n, TcnnrSB#?, M jor W annmin do., Mr. Morris, New York, V< iaii,r?|'f Louisiana, CliarUa Uay, 1'loridit, 11 d? Pun-ivcr, of tUv Kul- II. (iio? kt>eek, Ohio, ift'i l.i(at on. Mr. W. Mure. Br. Conaul.N.O The ft Mowing prntlfDn d wmc appointed an mi COTIVK COMMIT I KIC. To huve xclunvv iuauageuient und direction of the fc'kil: SU'|.I ?n W illisuir, V. York, Pe Lanrey Kue, N. York, <htrg*J iivr, do., Charlea Da Khatn. do., liKK fi'ih, Jr., BMtoa, Jainea Mrll, ?ry, Baltimore, Mnjor Wargmran. II. P. A. A. Carroll Dana, boston. ti?.o. 11. Tlikcler, liuttor, , Blulla for California. 1 he atcamaliip Kalcon. Capt Hartatein, wit! leave tbia port, to-day, for Charleston, Savannah, liavanv Mew Orltana, and Chagrea. Her letter bag* will el *e at 12 o'clock. SiDgle copies of tbe Daily and Wttkhj Jin aid can be obtained at the offlee, in wrappers, ready far mailing. i Mall* for Europe. ? The Hibernia will leavo Boston on Wednesday. for Halifax and Liverpool. Her letter bag* will close in tbia city at 5 o'clcek te morrow afternoen. The fVtrkty J It raid, for circulation in Europe, will be published at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. Notice to Subscribers* Subscriber* in this city, Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jsrsey City, lie., he , are now assured that the Herald will be delivered at their bouses and store* at or before nix every morning. Those who do not receive It are requested to nctlfy us ot the delay, and it shall at once be remedied. The Dollar Herald?A New WecklyJonrnal On or about the first Monday or Tuesday in the month of September next, we intend to commence the Issue of a new cheap weekly journal, at the subscription arise of one dollar per annum, to be called the Dtllatr Weekly Herald. It will comprise, principally, the news and intelligence which appears in Sunday and Monday's Daily HrroLl, and in site will be the same as the Daily Herald. Its reading matter will bo entirely distinct from that of the HtfUv /ImM, wbirh has been regularly published by us for several years.past Th* aew journal will be intended for country circulation ad distribution. Postman ten throughout the country, and others acting as agents, or sending on subscriptions. will be allowed, f6r any number of copies oyer five which they send remittances tor. at the rat* of twenty per cent commission for their trouble Subtcriber*. in any number from Are to more, may unite in. lube, and. by transmitting to us live dollars, will receive six copies of the Dollar Herald We are induced to issne such a journal for the country. in conseouence of repeated solicitations to that effect from all parts of the Union Ths matter published in the 8unday and Monday editions of the Daily Herald has heretofore had but little or no circulation, sxeept what it reetdved in the Daily, In onnssqaenea of the Weekly Hermld being published no Saturday. This will remedy the defect of not circulating a variety of Inter* sMnr matter in the country which appears in those two Issues of tbe Daily Herald. Fretdnm to ths World !?The Citizens r New York, ? ho sympathise wiih the nationa of Europe In their Mrtfgles agaivat l>*<p >ti?m, acysltlly with tlin gallant llutf Kiiaui. in their unequal but heroto eontltet against overwhelming uamlier* and Immensely superior r**onrce* aad munition*. a/* rcapectfully inrited to asaemU* in the Park, at 4 o'clock. Tkia afternoon, to give definite tiprwai ?n to their aeatiBenta. and thns oervethe arm* of all who stride for Juft ic and Freedom. In order to aire room fur the whole population of the city to attend ttila great manifestation, three stands will be erected in front of the City Halt The reutral and main one will beoeenpixd hy thoaa eitliei.a whoa* aativa language la gcgliab; ihit next Hroadaayty Frtmb a> d ltaliana ; and that next Chatham street t.y Oerinani. I'oles aid Hungarians The Hungarian end American tags will b* dlaplayed together from tbe City Hall at (in>i??. The gentlcmea who have ennseated to aet a* otBiara of the meeting. together with the iavited speaker* aud the wxmberaef t' e t oenrnittee of Arrangements, are r?<jiieeted to a***a>b>* ia the readisg-room ?.f )'reach's hotel, at 2 o'clock. Naw Yo??, Monday. Aeg. 27, led!*. Or. Powell, Ocullat, Anrlet, Ac., Attends aa asual to dieeaee* o{ th* Eye and Ear. at IK Warren St., where eaa be had a pamphlet ?rati*, deennblag hi* aew mo4* cf tmatmg the affection* of those d?lieat* organs. Also, tbe U edition of ki* popular 1 Treatise on tli* Ky?." Friee 10 of*. Attliotal It** iasortod. Car and Busmbrnt Voting.?It Is th* fail ten to t'Ublnh railcar aad a turn boat votea f >r Prxldent. New wc ventare to tar that if the <|s**ttoa ahoald be pat in the tame way a* to whleh wat th* eheapeat and beat h >ot and gaiter ator* la New York there would be a routing mtjotity far our frUad, JONES. 14 Ann aireeU I*rcf. Plsmb*'* Dagn?rrectyp*i shonlit b? eaamtsed hy all who ha?e any daalre to aan the parfuntlun of ?hi? wonderful art In tbo hand* of th* oldeat art'it ia this *< natry. The collection ia the Urged in A merits, sad eoiaDo?ed of the moat prominent Individuals in it. 10 M ffl K R C I A L A F F A I ft I OHRY HAKKBT. ndtjr, Aaff. 40?A p. M. Notwithstanding the (light Improvement In quotation* for ?t?ek? 00 Friday. tha market elneed h*a?lly jrMcrday, and there wu erary app- tiitnea of mora than tha advance bairn loat. Tha bulla ara n-ry eaaily elated. an advance of a fraction of a par cant la aulT lent to revive all their bop?a. and Indoca tbain to belle tc that ? ara upon tbe m of on of tha apeenlatit* movement* of olden time*; bnt tha next twenty four hoar* i hargra (ha whole cemplvilon of their feeling*, and they And the little advanra baa allpped through their finger* without being made available It i? tha ! {retailing ImpreMlcn among the bull atock apecuJater* cf Wall rtrcct. vbat tbe nrral fall rice In ftock* meet. a? a matter cf court* be real lead, and tbat outaider a will toon ba aa plenty In tbe atrewt aa In former eeaeoaa In tbla they may ba right; bit It la owr imprrrcion that they will be >or> ly, aadly di*f ppoiated. *1 bee* operator* hold large lota of avery fahry in tha lirt, In autirlpatlon of rack a Boreaeal. moat of j which coat flea, ten. and fifteen per sent abiva j pritae bow until; 1*4 thay art air**!? watahlng i tba market, with the hop* of citrieat'ng themaWna from tb? noplfwut portion la which thay And them- | aelvea Tba proepret la ladaed glonay. Tha bull apa- ; aulatora are nnd?r the Irupreaai'.n thai the bm trt abort. or iitlir, that thoae who hare for aoma tloi? pa/t b?en felling oHort. will bar* to eon* Into the aia'ket ">on a? parrhaeera which will larreaw the danti d to rarb an eiUnt u to bar* a far<rable effect apoa prleeo, la tbl* they ar? mlatakaa. A largo ope* fator in o?a of the leading fancy railroad *te?k? baa a large quantity to deliver during tha nnit Weak or two, ad he baa wfj ?h*r? of It raady for llH matorlty of bio aootiaaU. Tl.U In tha raoa wita ?a?aral nbnrti, and ha delivery of atoak moat preaa heavily upon tho?a who are obliged to taka It. Within tha neit weak or wo ln<men?e quantities of Harlan will b1 dellaerej, wklah waa prrahaaad at 12; of l.oag laland, purrhaaed at W a 97; I anion ( ompatiy. purchased at 42; ReadlM Railroad. pnrcbaaed at II; K.ria Railroad, paraboard at ta a 6.1 and ao on. thrrnighoat tba liat; aad the hull* null haae mora back bona than wa think they bate. If they ran carry tbaaa atoaki pi. at aaeh prleea. A aompariaoa of tbaaa pr1<aa with lb< aa eurrei.t at tba aloaa of tba markat jraatarday. will rhow tba aitant of tba depraalatlnn: but It Mart ha borna In mind, that from ona to tw.> par eant win at ha added to tba prlaaa paid, for tba aaatinnlatlon ofInteraat against the pareha?er In the face of aoch facta, what probability la tbara af tha ballast. Mng ap a rlaa ' In ordinary aaaaona, thla margin wool l ba difficult to remote aad the proapaat, far from flat Vr1ag; but nader a stating atraamataaeaa, it ia nttecly * 11 ?'? ***v- -~l?u ftf AMnU(ioi la lito* I ! in? 'jnp'unD. ur .r? *r*lly 4<*<l Ottt'M* np?r?tnr? b?T? Wn ?o ?PT?frly bttt* n that th#y b??n m jrnt ? hnrmf of f?n?y itnnk* ? ft m?d ?rg of *?Wr. ?n4 ?h? m?r? m?ntl^n of ??? afthvm ! ?no?^i ? glr* tlx* m)Tnl?l?n? Wltblfttb* pant jrm, ?n ?i?nj fiM-tn b*r* tr?n?plrod ftlMlr* to th? nf t h? *>m p%?(? r?by 1 h?#? Tmurj rto?k? *nd l? th? ott#r worth Uhd?m of the tkv?t. Ul4t prople to fet U?tr I eyea open, ud look am deeply 'nto ttm MM?ru. I Tb?j do not invent their money la them (o heedlemlj m in tomcr timet: and the remit of any i Brett tgition ia a repudiation of them la erery ahape. The Wall street babbie* hare all exploded, and the rata* hare fallen upon aad may enuh these who have been o buoy for ?o many yean intatiag tttem. I ! a teurce of wiae etiMaellonlo ua. that the faney at oka re beld and owned prineipally by the broker*, aad the loaa will fall heavily upon tbem, if aataidera are not Inraue enough to be drawn in aud saddled with aeme of the trash. The entire atruetare of atook apecoiation hat tumbled npon thoee who prepared it for Ujr urpuui nwu i'i w\u*ra, ?OU WO ITUMb VUCJ Will DO left to bear the harden ef their own folly. It Is amusing to m the balls in fancy stocks In tha street anxiously watching the arrival of * steamer Irom Kuropo. ()a? w >ui<l think, to hear them predict what the news would bet that the worthless trash they deal in was affected by the prices i f ?ons<A. or the mount of bulliou in the Bank of England. It is rich to li? ar a holder of liarlem or Long Island Railroad stocks assert, with all the eonfklenue in the world, that tliire must be an advance in these stocks, because there bad been an improvement in cotton, console had risen, the Dank of K.ngland had largely increased its bullion baMs, aud the Hungarians had whipped the Austrian* and Russian*. As well might a sporting man on tb? Union race-court# bet a certain h?trs? would win because one of the same color had won the Derby stakes. It would be exceedingly difficult to tell what is the cauxe of the rise, at uny time, in tuone sticks, or how tbey are sustained within fifty per cunt of prices now ruling; but it is as clear as noon d*y that the actual value of any of them ha* very little to de with it. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for the principal speculative stocks In tin* market, lor ach .ny of the pact woek, aud at the close of thu w:<m previous. It will be perceived that price* have Wn very uniform: ? Quotations re a ths Principal Stock* nr tki Nkv loan ki>krr. S,it. AIm. Tut. Wtd. l'hu. Fri. 8,it. Treasury Notts, 6's. .114 ? ? 114 ? ? 1U P. States 6's, 1868... 11? ? 114% - ? ? IHJ? Ohio *i'e 10M, ? 10h% 108^ ? ? _ Eeutocky ti'a 104% ? ? ? 105 ? 105 PmniwlvAuia 6's 87 ? 87)* 87% ? 87 .% KT Vi *7% Illinois 4.1 ? ? ? 43|2 ? ? larfim.K State 6'?.. . . 6! } ? ? ? ? t>i?% t?'J Reading It. R. lionds. 67 '4 ? ? ? ? ? Rending Mtg. Bonds.. tb ? fl% ? ? ? ? Reading Rsilroad... 84 ? 84% 34% 34% 31% 34% fiorwich & Worcester 34% ? 35 ? ? ? ? Erie Railroad, n?w..M% f'?% l? % <0% l>"% *V'% >' I Harlem Railroad.... 5( ?>-% i-% 6- a M 6* , Longlalaad 1MIJ4 1W?. 1'.'% Ill'* iy% ? M.liaak K-i,% ______ Stonington 68 ? ? ? ? 81 ? Farmers' Loan 88% 38 34 37,% 3*%' 3 % 3s\ Canton Company... S-3.; S % >% >'! 3f', 3'% 3y% Morris Caaal 8% 8% ? 8% ? >% ? N. American Tru?t.. 7% ? ? ? ? ? ? N. T. k N. H. R. R.. W%' 87 87 87%' - 88 A comparison of prices current at the aloite of the market yesterday. with those ruling at tb? clo?e of tha previous week, exhibits a decline In United States #'?, 1H8 of % percent; Indiana 6'n, %; and an adranoe in Kentucky 6's of J-f per cent; Pennsylvania 5"s, ,%'; Read it# Railroad. % ; Erie Kallroad, 1%'; Harlem, %; A'aimer*' I1*: Canton Company 1i. The dry goods trade during the past week has been attire, and eonntry merchants are rapidly pouring into the city. Hollers of some descriptions ef goods, paiticulaily domettle woollens. Iihth become firmer as the demaud increases, and the iui]>res?lon is that woollen fabrics of all kindr u.uft advance. The market for d< nifttie cottons has been pretty well suttained. and there ia do probability of any concession" bring made in favor of purchasers, so long as the demand continues anything like what It is at present. Brown sheetings, shirtings and bleached goods hava slightly advanced during the past week, without checking sties, and large orders for the home trade have been fulfilled The demand for export has beea limited; printed cloths and prints have sold freely, lately, at previous price* but they are not settled, the Indications being ia favor of an advance. Foreign dry goods are not so abundant as tha recent Urge importations would induce us to believe, and some descriptions are already getting scarce. Two Or three weeks' active business among the thin nnt thilp fiti-ka & rtumkmi nnnn the in)porter*, and mtkM up orders for a further Importation. Thar* are teveral retaels nearly due, with tall cargoes. and their arrival will fill up the supply of lone ?ort* really wanted. It i* no* the impression that an average amount of business will be transacted here thi* fall. The value of foreign dry good* imported lot* thli port for the week ending the 33d Inst.. ?ai $1,677,478; withdrawn from narehouae, $240,100; entered for warehouse, $164,096. The Talue of foreign dry good* Imported for the name period In IMS, waa $1 033.320. The value of all eiports from thl* port for the week ending Anguat 23, waa $048,608, being but abont one-third of the value of the Importation of dry good* alone. The amount received for tolle on all the New York State Canals, during the third week In Augnat, was $88.060 04 Same period in 1848 82,187 00 Increase in 1849 $8,801 89 The aggregate amount received for tolls, from the commencement of navigation to the 22d of Auguat, Inclusive, was $1,661,838 07 Same period in 1848 1,634,201 38 laenase In 1840 $17,887 69 Amount of tolls received on all the New York State Canal'. In each of the following jears, during the 3d week in Augtnt. and the totals up to the 22d of August, inclusive Naw Yea* Sisvt CtnsLS?Aworwr or Tolls. ( anml cj intH. 34 u *tk in .1ug. Total lo "I'M Aug. 184 0 April 20 *62 uea 70 88|6.h60 62 184 1 April 20 (7 401 07 1.060 00*61 184 2 April 20 47.616 17 860.290 63 1*43 Msy 1 70 044 08 1.042 610 99 1(44 April 18 76 242 02 1.330 878 80 **.*? 8 ?ii i r. fi no iui 1 'Mil <;ia im? April in 78m ex 1,4m ovo &s. 1647 Vay 1 101619 90 2 080,.WW 55 1948 May 1 821*7 80 l,M?.20l 38 184# May 1.. .. 88 050 04 1 V.1.63H W Tbe !?? , thla j car, U ?m?n thu? far. but from Ibli tin. c b? nrcfurtb Ihr weekly Increaae will doubtleea be but moderate, ?o that at the clo?e of navigation. the firru will quit* reepeetable amount. Tk? quantity of flour, wheat corn tod barley, left at tide-water during the 3d week *wk in Auguot In tbe y? ar* 1848 and 1840 w#? a* follow* flomr.lhh. Hkeitt.h*. Cern.bu. Varlry.hv. 1*4".. .. M.I4V 40 jJ4 t:%*43 4AV 1-49 t 0.52* S230I 144.1x3 m Dee... .1.C40 A.IS8 M.710 4.:v? Tb<> aggregate qnantity of the nam* artuie* left at tide water, from tbe commencement of navigation to tb? 22d Augu* t lnclurhe. *m Ii f .Mow* : Mmpi", M(?. ' "I'll, In. fl jr!ry,h*. H4? I.ltw MS Ufl.flftf |?|IH IMP 1,24.'*. *122 7V2.S74 S,448,7'* |V>.<KI Ite.... HP.C'9 Iat. 2,271 *40 Deo. ? 428 By reducing the wheat to flour th* quantity of the Utter left at tidewater thl* y<ar compared with the errreepcadmg period of lait jear *how* u lierrM of 133 808 ban el* uf flour. The following tabic rhowa the quantity of Mm* of tba principal article* cf produce left at tide, water, ft< n the commencement of navigation to the 22<l uf At>gutt incloeite. during the y*?r* 1847,'4)1 and'40; the canal, in thcM year* baring been opened on tba l.< 4.. , t V*t ' -- ? Binirii tr Paon < at Tiui M ia I, IM7. Miry I, '4S. Uny 1, 'it. float, tj* I'S l.lfo.'M I ll'.l '<!J Wl.tat, both 2 4.*flW ' l 7W574 < or*, ?v 1,91,MM 7'W 4* . ?*Mh? 10, H* |Oit B???, kM? mjm 17 JH 17.WH ftrk. 4a T-tKW A?K??, 4o U*J* 21.1121 *.*74 1?? 4?7!*2 I>'l,i18 a.7>il.V?l l,?r4. in 4.JMWU 7.I7:UWI 4 ' V.,.V* Ch?*<?. 4" ItflM iKd'fl ?,.V9,344 Wool, 4<i. 6 Hf.l.SCS 7.I'.*i.W Ilacon, do I,MO,WO 7.4* V2 l b* rKflptd oi br?ad?tuff? at UJ?-*tUt during tha third *? k In Augu?t vrra tmtll. rmptrH with pra. tI< u? *??k? tbl? Tf*r, wfclch attribnt* principally to tb? o|.t ration* of har?*?liM A* twn i< tha prop* ar?> properly f?rnr?-d. th?r? will h# mora a?tlrlty tmm( pn <lurrr? and forwarder* ?' ui lightly *ppr?h?n tire tl at <?r utoek* on tha r*ab<>ard. at tha eioaa of ravlfatloa. will rift ba a?]nal to tha demand for wlntar ton?Dinptlcn and for ?hlpm<nt, mod that prleaa vill b?. brfnra pprinff. ron?ld?rably in ndranrc of thoaa for lha forrp?p<indir.n p?rlod l??t y?ar iDVKKTIKKlKNTR RKNKWKli KVBRY DAI. Jlnnrrt f? .1rt, tml Ay mail and A* p?ipmd m tkry will nrl kr tnktn ftm iKr F#?? Oflcr. RPtlRTnu. (irM-nrnrri: r??roLooV- ' J ) ? f't'M ?r? nrw . 10 nf *apt. Nn, |, * .A r.( t - !. nM?r l?. 1"t ''"ft sun' i?--r 1 r: < 4 'I>r TT.i.n?T * I. f?r?a ' > f. r hor?'? l? at *?r?r ? * * r?r-?. N-? .1, par.a $*), mil* to w ir? mr n?r??? i > n???i " I'"1 ??r i? ? > * p?w ?.m, mil* > ?? It* S. ! h*ni'??, trm t?r ?I1 I*"*!*! h<im? N? #. rnr?? m milt Kcvt .1 In ?. I* h?rn??? : ?? *!<? <? with i namtlf. T.l*?r?pfc, zs&ffs-iKz.i sx *,? > Hn'?l. IM1 < ??<?Mimw ?. T*r?? ?r ?or? in ??ch r>"*. ..I. . Ml- ?.? iW. - A MUSKmNTS. DnilVAT THE AT R* -11 k \ ND ITALIAN OPM4 A* u*4 grand Frmeh Btllet aambinad ? Monday Iranian, Aa*. V, IKW. will ba (i?rlum?<, Bailini rraud opera of KI'KIIa?Niruta, Sign"Tina fortnaat* Todaaco; Adalgiaa, Sino??? Vita (nautj. PoHiaaa. .Hiyuor A. Araoldi; Orovaaa, Signer No veil i, llittnlde, Hignora Avogadru; Flaviu, Sigaor 1'iaa^-nteai. To neltide with th? rtrrt aot of the ballet af ( ISH.LK?l'riu"? Al>>?rt, Dr. On ran 4; Wilfred, Mr. Wright; Wiiarioa, Mr. Solory; biMDle, Mila Blan<y; Bartha. Muat'arnao. Door* i'M'i at 7, to bagin at half paat 7. Own airoto and parauat, $1; Fauily and u>ird airolai, Wilt: UalUry, tb eta. Private buxa* minr ba obtained. Burton *8 tubatrv.?w. *. burton, proprietor, J. Brougham, Ktaga Manager.? Ilouday Evening, Aug. V7, will b* played, Sheridan'* uornady of TUB RIVALS ?Sir Antbouy Abaolnta, Mr. C. Ba??, Cajtt. Ahaoluto, Mr. Neatie; Mr. Faolkland, Mr l.yune; Sir Lueiua O'Tnuer, Mr. Rr?nghara: Hoi. Acit*, Mr. Burton; Lydta LanjuiahTMi" M. Taylor; Julia, Mra kuight*. Mm. Malapr<p, Mra. Dyott; Lacy, Mri Brongham, Miaa Malvina will danoe the Craenvionne. To conclude with the farce of the WIDOW'S VlirTI?-Jeremiah Clip, Mr. Wright: The non. Peter I'odgo, Mr. T. Jnhnaton: Mra. RattlatoD, Mr*. Brougham. Hum, Drwa* ClreU, and Parquet, SO cca^; 'family Circle, Zft eenta. Bowery tiieatrr-thom as s i'ROprietor.?Th? L?>h<? and Gentlemen eug*<ed in the tbavt eat*Lli?hm?nt, for th? ensuing a*aaon, are requested tu axecable ia the Green Koom. on wedneada.v ueit. thw initaat, preparatory to the opening. on M?ndaT. September .Id. II. e. STEVfcN?, Stage Min^jer^ BAKM'113 AMIIiU'tN M I'sBl" M . - S|.l> a.lid pcrlornaa>M ia the aiteraoon at .1^, and evening ?l 8 o'clock. The uiHtumi th Croeodila, luat ariived from tha River Nile, and ahich ia t(if??t ia lerrth. may be aetn at alt houra; al*n, the amuaing faroe* entitled Perfec'Wn and The Omni- I bua will be enacted at each entertainment. Alto ngaied, Mr. ' Jerry Morryfleld. Mia* Barton, Milt Stanhope. Mr. Higgina, i otuic danoer; Mr. Clarke and 01 bare. The living itami da, ' au nuona Kattl?aa?ke "4 ax Scriptnr* Stataar), and half a million of other eurioaitlee, with rare and coatly Painting* mny he iten ut all hour* of the day and evening. Ad'meal a to the wh> la, 3ft cent# ''hildrer und.'r i.mi yoara, II', o?ot?. tiKANU 1* HOMES AI * E CON.'KKT, IN LI I'.RA R Y * Hull, Newark, N. J , oa Tuesday evening, Aug 3S. OtingTa u li I ra'ed Hand mill give a iraud Promenade Concert on the above day. Ilerr Siedc ? ill p'caida with the fliit*, HirrJRr.iwn on the vloltneelln, Herr Haas "n tho violin. I>nora open at 7 o eloek: I oaccrt to henu ? x. Adiuisti >n; V.'i oeuta For fwthf email Htk ACAHD-LOVBR3 OF IIARUONV (TAKriCULARLY I Old Conn try m*n) ar? t?. I ?rra?*<l that Concerts (on the free and eary principle) tak? place V"rv ntjht at the Apollo Silvon, Perseverance liotcl. 2K Caual street, n?ar the (j* Work*. Adniitii?u frw. Proprietor ntid oouductor. W. KMUUTON, la to of Miriuu Hall. Piaavforte, Mr. Williams. UWiAOI< HQ REWARD.?LOST, JN BROADW\Y, BETW?KV BO A ttor llonse and Canal stteet, o 11 Friday evening, a Breast-pin, gold, l.eiwmi with a hand, having a tine and s'one on fifth finger. uid holding a " forget-Bo-not" flower , eeri ti rrliupi r ami t liuujb. Any per?on ttndiai; sanio is re^uttled to bring it tu Hroditt It Bell ?, til Caaal >i.ret>t, ;iud rectlve the above reward. POLITICAL. 1/ IFTH WARD.?AT A MFETI NO OK THE DEMOCRA F tic Republican Ward (Vmmitrie held at the Emblem, i kx Wen Broadw av, "n Saturday, Annul the tallowing reramMe and roeolutinn wer* adopted: ? W hereaw, we have inn informed that persons claiming to be appointed by a spurious organisation in thia ward, and profiling to belong to the dtmocratio republican par'y. have recently ma.le 1 application* to reliable democrat* fur money?Therefore, j Rtiolrrd, That the Democratic Commlt'ee of the Fifth ' Ward ruution all poraona belonging to the deinoaratio party of this ? aid ugaiust pa\inn or contributing fundi. for p\r'y purports, to any person not aathoriie4 to collect the name >>/ this committee, orb) the General < 'oiun.ii tee of Tammany tail. By orier of UENKV IIOFFMIRK, Chairman Ward t'vm uittca. Fam ri. T, , . Eomihd Rii.ev, j > tcitiuiu. 1101 KTFEST1I WARD?TnE DEMOCRATIC REPL'Blicau h.lcct?ia of the Fourteenth Ward are rr,|?e>te,i ti, assemble at the "Democratic Head-Quarters," cornei of * Grand and Elizabeth strcatf, on this PMonJay) e*ening, at | 7'~ o'clock. I*. II., lu purananie of the recommendation of the ' ' Drnsocratio General Crmtnittee." to elect a Dele<t*t? to represent *he Twelfth Assembly District in the Democratic Re|ii,klitla S'ute Convention, to be held no th^tifth dar of September next, for the purpose of nominating a State Ticket to te supported at the ctuinctlaMbti, in November. rmLir O'Bmi, Secretary. wtm. \lfA*TrD-A (IE KM AN PKOFE9WR IN QARDE.VTT In. fw|]|?n< in i' t dilU rent branchc.tol liij art, ?etk? convenient place in eome <atabluhraent of the kiud, offering at the i-aine time hia Mwvivet tu the pubho at Urns, , fi r lujiLg nut nt w g^rdcui after the English or i'rvnch n 1'artlrulara will he f yen by DinKii,? application, |Miiit |>aid, to E. K.. No. US Kulton atreet, Brooklyn. WANTED .?A CUKE, EXPERIENCED IN AC- i e> untl, abil willing to make. himaelf ia buainora. | To a pemon of thin description, the ?ituation will le porm.inent. 1 lie applicant m required to write a good ati-l eupviii- I tioui band, ana furiidi the Iwnt of reference a> to chaiacter ! m< ability. KiIum I'oat ofttee, N. Y. WANTE<>?A WOMAN TO DO TIIC COOKING AND ' wrtbing for a tuall fkniily. None need apply hat ?uoh at nndrmtand thtlr Intineo perfectly, at.d ci n bring good 1 rtfertnce. Apply at Ke X.'Knat Twenty-aixtk .trout, four ! d' ?r> cunt <1 fourth avenue. WANTED?IN A SMALL PKIVilE FAMILY, T*TO i t <*> 11.-I r -r i" 'at I. . irl.Tcf aknu Kn?*i?)t ( fr? i4<-?* or German preferred), of goon ami quiet hablia; on? who un- I d.ritaiida plaiu eookiwg, baking, waahing and ironinc ; the otLcr an cliuml I rinailt, for llam ironic iraihiiij, -pu tally for ironing tine cloth. 5. Both muit untorataii<i thoroughly their buKit ai*. None need apply onleM provided with the | teat citT refcreneea. Ini|nirc. fur two day*, at No. Vt Sixth I >1 ., be I ween 10 and 12 e'clock. A. M. WA.NTEP-A CAPABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO go a rhort from the cit*. to take cxre of two (mall children and do light hoaeewcrk. Mn?t be of a kiud ' di'poMtii'iv and scat in Iter peron. To tocti a on". r,n'l warei will be given. At ply between the hour* of 12 and J a'clock (not later), at No. X* Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A REM'ECTABI.e joong w< mno, Chambermaid and l,anndresa. or Child'* Null*. Shall aecvetomed to an v work iu a family; ll\?d two jpar? in her lulpIsM; eu give the h?itof ?il? reference. Apply at 602 Ilouiten ureet, between Mott and IllMtiOb tU. WANTED-a respectari.e N otui TO T A K e 0 A RE of* Baby, nearly a )?ar old, iho moitN a *ea mitral* and eome w< 11 recommended, vith oity refrrenoea. The fa- i tally i|rakiKf lundry laniuiiei, an Araericin. Frtnch of Urrman. would be preferred. Apply It 6 A ail! J llruit. WAN! ED?IN A BMALI. PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO tidy and reipectabl* Ulrlf, of good and quiet hablli, rp'akiag Eigluh, ( Frewch or Uartsan preferred) ona far plain eookii>g. baking washing and ironic*, the other for plaia lewing. elamberwork, wathing aid fina clothe* irualag. hi ih s nrt nrderitind thoroughly thalr builne**. N?ua need apply nn1e>* provided with the bait city reference. laqaire far two day*, ?t No. 2i Sixth areata, frun lutolj o'clock, A. M. Wanted.-a vorsi woman wants a siit atioa * ChaUibanuald or Cook ib a resectable family. Good re create will be ;iven Apply at No. 3 Dmritieet, I ear Pearl. _ j YV*ANTED?A SITUATION BY A BSSPSCTABI.E | It )"<iag w otuan, ai a good plain f aok, and do to ?anaral i lioarawotki lha ii ?n excellent waiher an 1 irouer, and >aa give tha be?t of ory refereac*. Apply at 902 Uonatoa itree*. ; 'an k* teen for two d?) ?. * WANTED-A JIT! Ml. N BY A MiriCTAILI . }ouag girl al Chambermaid, aad to aaaiat in the waili- I ing and lr> in a r .peoialle family; iha can gi?a Ilia beat > of i lly reierrnoe. Can ba ?crn for two dayi I'leam rail 1 at 1 Sixth avenue, la tk? raar, between I'lth and 17th gtree'g. "11/AN TED-A SITUATION BY A ItlKPSCTA BLE FT jiing womin to do general homework; if a good { plain eook, and a good wither aud Ironer, and would furj ; no objic'lon to go ai ehamberinaid and can r'v* tha l.eit of tity raf-retire from her lait pliee. For farther particular* iui|nlre at No. ai7 Centra atreot, froat room. npitairi. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CliAMBBUftID, AND totnke rare of ihildren, by a fer?m ra iol? of diethnrrinr all the dull**. Ha* lived Ave yeare in her lait plare. Afply 89 Var'ek 'tr'et^ INFORMATION WANTED ? OF CEO. F. EM.IS, OF | Aruiley, near Le*d ?, Yirk'hlre. Enxland, who emigrated j t* thl? e< in, try In 1^*19, ind wai In England In '37, ant reitirved t>-, nmeytar, riaided In the Stat* of Ohio. SSoall tki- attract kli attention. he will confer a rreat favor on hie I Irtihar, JOSftMl W. f.I.i IS. th? ahip Tiinrmlr*, by ??l<ir?Min? a fa? hn??. In car* K Jotrj h Mi-Murray, f.? |., 1>*. IWi I'm* iiutt, Naw York. Tlit thlp ?ill b? la i>m fur a* math. A| LADY, WHO CAN MAKE HICRSEI.F OKVKRMXY H Maafnl. and In nmHIrnl M t*a?h aiumc. wald Ilk* a uivntioa in *ont* family. ? liar* tbrr* am *hildr*a; woald bat* ii? objoatmn to travel wi'b a family, ar aa invalid: ?t in gira Iihihii on th* piaao i n r*a*?nal<f? l?rm>, la or out of tt*?ity. Plaaia a<<<lira* A (I. W., at tbta ufBea. 4 gimliman and I ADV. f.R A FIT 81 V'H.B ir.?B, #1* be af">'i<Ut?d with b?rd la A fatad! r?1* rata family. *b*r* U?* ennfort* of a hue ran b? bad, at IX l.toaard > r-r r i ?t? n lir .id ? ay ami Kim ttraat. Wrr m rsb wantbo-ovb with i iwDonnrro raaoBmaadatioa* aa ta moral* aad haaltb. ta (p S?ia'h. la Oatubar: ana * itbaat a abili pri-frrrad. Maaa aaad apply tbal ranant pK.dara tba al o?a racomm- ndaUan. Apply at IIS Cllatva atraat, Brooklyn. MIIKKI.LANKOlH. Rkoctator or rark ? w<>ws with tiii hit?r a rl'rr Dxinapolj.?r?r AU tay, laadlng at Mtwhar<h. tVn*bba< p-ia Klrrtt. n atid Cnrk?a?-kl<\ fara V> rant*. tha taaatar It I IFAl.O, t'ap'aia Sir.ith, will laav* tb* f.i?t af Rrhtina itrral this aflaraaon, at til o'rlock. For pwiajt apply aabaarC 1ITTIIL8 I IVIJIO AOS. KO. 277, 12.', CI*W.-COJTJ i?n'. ? I. Arttrlaand II in<ari. Bdinbnrrli Hrritm ; 1. Miniltj'a llhtifj nf Rnrlnnd. Ii'l?: .1. I atttl mrlmt, Hlaeh?<>ad'a Maaa>ina: 4. A Lad? ?h* baa Saaa tli? World. 8h*r|M? Maraam*. A. Oar For*l(? Policy, Spa- tatnr fi. Fraar*. Italy, aad lLa C'aar, W altar IU>ir? l<aadnr With l-mry aad (hart arlialt*. Pylluhd w??*ly at tiiifiar. Kr iLLirrm.ifc < .. u?t,.j Nr.w fail onoi>8-crn. ktbwart. 44.1 rroad ayI brtwaaa Canal a?.d Grand atraat, |a daily r<-*a>rin? a pl<n*id a??"ttmant of Milk*. Shawl*. IrMch Mariana*, < lt aba, Manulia*. Fraarb tmbr?id*r.r?, Cailiab aad O rmm B*?t?r). ailh a rompltt* aaaortaant of Kid Ulora*. af tha aary baat i|0*ll?r. Tbnaa abrntt to parrbaf* woalJ do wall to all aa iba ?irr k i? ?atir-l> ?W. nropitaot, mt8kkt, rifi.r amd pistol, .a ,i 1 ii, k? nuhiaart af aold load: Land I'm* and Sheet Ua4. ? _ ?. O '. HOT I CO.. tl *mt M Watar W. T. TOIIVIICONTliCTOII4N0OTMM THE *nI vnrtier if t.olxi?? a plea iat?. "paratior, wharafcir lit ?n la) dova ?l? hna.lrfd f<-?t of ttwnf la oa? 4ar N*l?hrt brick*. or w??4 ?r? fa-jnlrad Br.eklain* fan h? dl?t?n??rf with. a* Ukarar* nalj are a a<-j ??. t* r""'1*" ?" < '**?? la thla plaa, ?aa id/rfot " fffvtr,' at tna ftflM of the Herald. I? MeltlM BT'S OEN TIjEIIEM'8 FOBNMBIMG *roRR, j. hi. I Park > ?. oprH.iiU A??or llnne. Ne?Y?fkHleek eMrtaand whMe, n J ehlri* aa-l *rey foode of w>?l, an* ?eerf? ef (ilk. ir-nde all enlore, djed t Ike dark, foliar*. V. ?em? ??*k* aad Mo***, hand??r?hl*f* ef llaaa whit*. k?rdrrrd ian. aad enire af (Ilk, arataU all Hntf. klark aad 11JAII*. TWINS. PlOt THREAD, Re?&.000 CASKS AN Cut and Wr> n*M Nalla, Itrada and Spikaa; Salna, Fail, flallnrGllart. aad Naaafaotarar'a Tirlna of arary daarrlp?l?a . Shn* Tbrrad In ? ?ary aarlaty: Cotton, Saia?. Sail, and Carpal T* tnaa: N anil la aid llrmp Corda*a ; 2 and 3 cord Iad>a Ttriaa far flaking Ac fca ff>r aala by CIBRA k CI'VINO lew r?Ml Ilmt Mr" msmaN h4kis riM shirts t" imukk iv thraa day*, or la twaaly-fnur hours if nacaf-ary; ?O0 liandt rcaatantly aaitlnyad Shirt and Clantlanan f nraiiM?*Stora. No. I AatorHnaaa; manafhatoTy. I.I HawVtn ia ?<raat; lanadry, IU Naaaan and ahaap ihlrta, 1.11 N . *n atraafc Board wanted nv a <.rNTi.?*AN and nts wtfa, la a rrirata family, whara thara ara ao koardara. ad la ?M ylaialty of ftlaaakar aad Hi>n*t?n atraata, anat af Mrradvay Tkay would fnmmk tkatr awn rnoa*. Addrtaa llna to W. H , at thia < ftiaa. A MUSK MIS NTS. ^'V.VWWWW ->-vvvwvw. wwvvWWWWVWWWW" NIBMVS GARDEN?MOiVDA 7 EVENING, ADO.

Tt>? entertainment* will eotnmeao* with 11?>< tiiiw, b?t?.e orohentra. After wkioh. elegant MhUfiaaiiM on ih* TVM K, |h). i*cni?d bv tt.e Kavel Family and l<e*ia JuveMi. T? b< f wmH<4 by (he pantomime of the IILLIM*S tLe iiuuaarian R-nd?-??i>ne?&*wun, ?> ?? H??m!: Varr.i?li. M. l.olitaai ; Mim Julia Varnieh, Mini Jeroinc Ku-.el. liUnnUriua eflitlf ?n >i?ar. To conclude with the r?ut<?n>tre. .-ailed the SOLDIER TOR I.O V K?J??bard. r?oe-.|? Ua>*1; (iruft .l I. Jaeelli; Janitta, Mlie A.Lehman. Admirmn 80 oeata. ?oorjupeu at 7 o'clock, to eemm t * (Wi-rieely. CASTLE OAR DEN.?THE SIMM KK FETES BEING till ewtiwatly moMiaful, will he continued liihl dutta# tl?? I2ta W>ek, with entirely aew attraotinni. On aid every aveulti* durinf the Summer (Sundavs em?<?f t?d). will he gi?en a Grand voeal and luitrumonwJ PRO MKVaI-K CONCERT. to be followed by a UAL D'BTB.oc Si turner Flail Alan, Htrr Clin* it enu?ed, and willappear Ml !> ? TlunTtRAPB Towhiohwill be added. Sonca, Trioa, ?. A avnaH hut efficient Orohtitra It Alio engacoa for the im-trouiental |x rfor*i??o*e, wbo will play a aele'tien of (Wntuma, ItarebM, ke. 1U0 Ooamoratnio ?n?i, brilliantly illuminated. Doora open at (i. Ticketa, 'ii otnu cuoh. CHINESE ASSEMBLY BOONS. NO. t>X) UKOAU W AY.? HfcKK ALRXaNDKR tlni anoatce'ehrated German Ma#ii a1 . ?i.. i. ! i. ?t Necromancer that haa mHMHM muu* tie rioiinnof tb? world, w ill appear errry night in a change of opcrforiiianoee, compri?i?tT*t O MAUIl IANS' DltlAVS, tU) Uoioloy biy.lit, Aunuat J7. 1M'.(, aud ?\ ir) night during the ??k. Doora open at 7 o'clock; porforiuaneea outline nuing at 8 o'clock. Further p?rticulara in the programme. t'rioai of adtnisfion?Tii kcta. SO cent*; children, 12V coot*. B?tw-en tbe tirit aud aecoud Droama, an inlerraiaaioti of twonty imii. (MIINESE Ml'SEI M, -TUB ONLY ONE IN TUB I MJ tad S'ab I, &SU Broadway exhibiting i he Mauuura, Ouat-tna, Kclijii i a. Arta aud Sciencca, of fut hundred milliiHii of I'll in rue. <l|<n from H A. M , till Id I'. M. AdtuitUune { V> cental children under 12, hall'price. Vaixhail oahoi;n ~<;kani> ascbnsion.-tiib Celebrated liallouniet, Victor VarUalle, from Naw <>rItana, liaa tie hoi,or of announcing to the public that ha nil! civc ?n (i'rn rJimiry lakibitioii, with liia Balloon, gjing Into the air (tiapeodea by the feet, and vitift many livmcuatlc KxercitM a, auoh aa haa aevar been attempted by any other pernor, iml'liuraday, Au>: Stl.lM'.l at precisely .t o'clock, IV M. TioVeta nay he had at the Uardeu at nil tim-a. Adtr.irai'n ^6 cent a. a auttieicnt folic* will L? in attondano* to maintain order. J d prvfcyaiou arc imformed that the Lyoeum Thaatro. Hmton, ?ill op?n for the tekaon early in Aepterober. Aprilientl< i c lor eiiha^emeata 10 bo mitde t?> the atibieriber, (.w?t paid). IVMPBUT w. BI.ANi). BPKClAli HOTIOK8. rpAILOR-B STRIKE AT liOSTON.?AN ADIOURVED A Mu tiny nt itie .1 i>urs?>un.j Tailorx >.( Ni w York and HtnoLlvn ?ill'l'? held at the Siith H'.irl Hutel, t'entrn utrert, on Monday evenin;:, Angnat 77'~h, IH4'?. at 7 o'oloek, for the |>nrp?*? ?.f nmfu.hinit; with tie mm of Huston. Jlj uideruf the PrcMdeat. JOHN Kim AIIDS'IN. illntey, OTTM W II.HELM Cl'JTAVE PETERS, FROM FRANKfort on the Maine. i? hereby Kiinmliiil to inf.rm Meyer k Si nclen. in New York, t'fhia reaiJeme, or fco (ive adtieeaof I iI'hII I.i' m"tl,iT in I'mi kI..11 NOTK fc TO M T, HEKS -THE AKTM'I.KS UK \ij!tE|. mrnt of the Hotel.era' Hide and .Mi lium Asaooiatlou for tl>e euD'tnc vear are now ready, and will r'main open until the tirxt of September. All butehera deitlroea of oenominK nit in be re, w ill cull at the otlire N?. 75 Firxt avenue, and leave their aigcaturea. HENJ. W VALENTINE, tteoretary. P.?An election will be held at the above named plan* an Tuesday, the -*th instant, at i o'Uock, P. M , for truatuei fcr the eiiauii.K year. 8ALBB BY AUCnOFT |>Y JACOU S. PI. ATT.-- L. 0. C.VRKI NUTON, AI7CmJ tioreci --Hardware, Cutlery. Fancy Article *, H (old L' li;it M mil e?, Ih karat tli.e. (old I'eca and I'euoil Cases, It*' l?ti city made aold Jewelry, double barrel (.ua? and Pin o'clcek, it th# auction room. 2't ?'lntt ttrcot. Aim, a handtome uetoitinant, contiating of 10(1 ?r ? ubl" Kiutm ami irki.itrt ?Itli ?ttel fork?, tmi?( which ia 10 trout lilaok 1 tir,a. All*, an?loitlitt assortment of pocket Cutlery; Itirtnioilnm ai.'l SUffuM Hardware and UulLry. in lota aiuuiWe for country a? null aacity delict*. On Thorn lay, lar^o at.le i f Crockery,China, and Olamvrare, in the large aalu*r?um ovrr the auction room. Sale peremptory,and without roacrve. F4)lt SAUK. T^OR SALE.-TIIE LEAKE, STOCK AND riXTl'RESOF * a Liiocery doing a good bmlneaa, in the SUth ivtrnii, in or the Bit ouiinjitlale road. lni|inre rf Mra. M awnc, S.IU Ur? 1 n ? ttrret. or I C. P. Park v. i 'o , 117 Weet Hreet. II VIIK.K MERCHANTS AND OTHERS.?TUE SVBt renter I a\ ing expanded between liltoen and tixtuea tluutard doilara in the construction of a Steam Saw and Flouring Mill, landa, buil<lm>.?, Ac., anl not having a aufliaitnt < a| ital to carry ant liia project, wiehea to take a partner for tho above object. Direct 1 Ih Walker atroot, New Torfc. l.etlera mutt !>< pod paid. JOHN H. I1.1TE. TCi HA RIIF.RS AND II A I It HRI^S fcKS-1 OR SAI.E. tl.e stock, furniture and tixturea of a apleudid llair Dreaaing Saloon, now doing a g od huaitici,*, and employe four hair drefnera eonalaatly. Thla la a rare chance for a oarh ctiatomet?nona other need apply. The ?nlv reason f ir ' Hling ii, that the praaent orrnpant thiaka of leaving tha | city. Apply at No. CI Fulton ?treet. Urookljn. X< IIANC E OFFICE TOR SALE?WILL I'ROVE AN . > opportunity worthy of attention, to aa enterprising man ; with a i mall rapital. Addreaa A. W. at thie oflleo. TO C1LDIRF --FOR RAM, A COMPLETE ASSORT- j mcnt of metal and box wood Moulila, Prcaa, ?tc.. for ornamenting looking plan anl pieturc framea, which for design and execution few equal and none excel. To a manofactorer at H e South or WhI, they would be axtremely raliaMe. They will h* told low to rloia a concern, aa the owner i? about entering into anothtr buaiaeaa Addrcsa, poet paid, W. C., box S.ll.">7, New York poal ottcc, fur one ni'Mh. a'ating where an interview mtvy be had. III FRY RAl.E AND E\<'HAWOV SI t HI.E.- Ho Its EH. A Wapoim and Harnett for aala. Alto. Ilrnna and Wicni tr let. and Saddle Uortea. Hora?a k-pt by the day, week or 1 m nth, at the tpacioua and airy (table, l'?o Croat y ttrual. | HIKDKAL. VAPOR BATHS.?R. J. CARROLL'S MIDI CATER VApoe, Snltihnr and Iodine Itatki. SB Barclay atraat. a few dn? I.elow Church atreet. \ apot Bathe are moat eaaential to health at thiaaeneonof the year: they cauae the akin to 1 re cct a eubatanea, that would aatoniah on* who had not " | reled off" the dead cuticle from tha akin, in on* of that* delightful and luxurieut HI 111? I.lltum -I'.iuii.iiiiui/inugKLTiir X-d Saadiak Ltecbta, juit ftrilrwl. and for aala la iiaanti- 1 til U tail | uicl.aatra. by J. Y. CI.El , Importer of loathe*. No. 7 Jotm at. 1)1 NOT DECEIVED.?BR NOT DE( EIVEI) WITH I) ?aia hepa?lay ant tle flattering nn> ll'.a tn your i"?l, diaaaae a til cat* itrell: aapenally if that <li mm he C< mubi lioa or Liter Complaint. If yen would be rcatored to I cal b jon nm?' arc lli? Mean* fchich tauei jlence mid a kind Prnaldence bare placed uitiin yonr tench. The great M d nnlrcraal papain? ratnedy fur 'on?o million aed all chronic itiaraaae, la a<>? lor aale in every elty and imp. rtau' loan in the it natty, and at a price, too. tl at any me in alT,i I t., I ay Vou have no escape, therefore. f?r neglecting to aaiva ). ur Ilia and h?nlth. B. not deceived uttk quack noatruma cr any Imitation! of tLla taluabla tnedieine. Aa individual at Charltalcn, 5 iuth Carolina, recebtly purchaxd four bottlaa i f Pa ayaa'a Sjm??nut of the moat celebrated phyibiana ii> tin place told tl?e deceived patient ho nuiat land that article back, aid eacbarg" it lor Dr VUIH'I MM ?l M 1 (I my be not Uv.-ei'ed?rearm'er that it la Dr. Wlatar'i Ilaiaam ilia: carea?It la Dr. W Utar a that brtnga biek tSa Miroai of health te the clink, Itiitre to the eye atr?in?t'i to tl.f ?y?ten>, Joy nuil glaritie to the inul, au l happineea ti man-it la Dr W iatar'a that hea gamed anoh nlal riiy am.m( \bf a rV, and U aafnuiaMng the World ? ith Ita eltoc-a, and la r*t < mmtndrd by tl.e boat phyairiena,. n| the land. Kw ii't die l?. d?liiiy uuna uulaaa aln ned I. bl/l'Tlon tha wmri" r. the genuine Dr Wiatar'a. I'' raaie, arlnla?:il? ard retail. I.y M-fr- A. II k D Kindt, H"1 Ttil,06 Ulttt, tuitr'if William; .73 firuatlway, Iram* Building, Cotaer of f'hambera I William llnrii r, 5l I'narlland! (treat, and by tba dmggieta generally throughout the United Btntee and Canada. tiiTnO CIULLENUE-HENDAR1AN DIBPEN* t IV, Tp I "A/ '.1 Ar.n atr.-tt?aeven yeara Bureau?Dr. II. adrrku t'a AMI-Mcrcurlal Vladfl: Hi ;n?tl<" <lold?n 1'illa, 31'? tatw, purely vegetable. Vletlmaof a . ret, aenaual and (.. in ai< 'Ii -aee |nr dii aw I r-a. mar rapaae full e ,n1iirce a Dr 11 a ?|,"eitue. aa thatr only life preeervattvea ia a. k ? ' ". Tiii ata entrant . N. U --Oiflr? ..paa a all laara. ttiik r_C. BK.XDillOKBO.V, N. D | lirtHTANT M KIHl AIr WORK-BYKIT n.Vf kT1 faeted ?t'h rerUia diaaaaea wonl.l rnnaalt hie awn lata, tut. b> obtaiain^ Dr. IUl|u'i Practical Priaate Trcaliaa. 'I I a aatnre, a) ai|.t?i?*. proaro-e and cona? iiii<k?e* of every t. at tea I diacair are plainly aad riiaiiaetly daw ribad ; iaeluii I .1 < a?. a rc?' ml.n. aaurcaal (to I"' luoJ in in el her), t>n rra? rta<" . or a?- * I [ ollaiti a. mu. 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Pfift |l. For aala at lha I'atI-a1 *r?. Mrmf?r Ik Tnwnevad, -2J Draadaay, aad by tha A* Uior. VI tl roadway. I Tl.I MARK IKK M OMAN % I'KIVATE ! paaiKB, IJ ?r A. M Maun. ran. I'rofeae. r I Oiaaaaaaaf Wrirea. Hith edition Uao., pp. 3. frlaa $1. (U.UUU i X I i?f aold li rii meatk*. Veara < r mfl?r n*. af ahraieal aa4 mental ?nr?l?k Maaaf 1 an af*rtiinata wifa. ami poruaiari dime-ihtaa In the hnal.aad, aiibt kata kaaa (pared ; lh?aa*nd* tow poor ???!< kar* aa- i I jad t ni?|^ traaa. thoaaaada But krvkaa ta health wnald Vavt' T.j **4tt; I 'ir 'reda a " in tl.?ir ?r*r*a I 'au aiill alua, by atla.-ly p<'?*eaiton of thl? *nrt. It I* later.d*d eepaetally for tha aarrlad. ar th?*a eon tempi i He* aarrlara. aa it di*e|o*a* Important mtiU, whiak (koild l>? kaaa a la than partiealarly. Ta U< ta abaft haaith daaa aat pat Bit af aa lawaan af fc. tally. 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(Saaday* aiaaptad. )-Tkoaa wko apf'j la th* aarly itacaa will k* ?arprl?ad at tka rapidity aad Uttla laonaarnlaaoa att-aadlag tfiolr *?ra It la (Maly, hawraar. thaaa who ha?a auttarad fraa a aartaia "laa* *f paapla, Wba aaa praaarly aifrtnlatt kl* aarataa*. la atrla'ar*. (Pad It* flrat, or la*lpt*at. ta IM aat* adaaarvd aad dteWeeelag rttr*. (from aanoaaoa adrantac** aad a aary attaaMr* ?r*otlf?,) ka aaa aford a rapid, aaay aad radlaal aara, wkiafe, ha haa ironed* for atat'aa, aaa ka aktaiaa4 ?r*a aa Hkat anaroa la Aaariaa DR. MORRISON IS CONFIDENTIALLY CONSULTED oa ill 4i?*a*oa of a tolloato A rrMUM of ( f'trt him ta ear* tha nut vlralaat ? ?? without mtrcary, Irnii n??? rnrH la Ihrw to ?li 4ay?. No f?? till aim4. Sao fcli Lnado* l)|pl?at la hit * *?. *M>? Pultoa D^BR. COOriR. M DCANB STREET, HAS. foltni iMt foarU?a j ??n, ??afln?d kit praatioa to Uo trial at of taaraarlal aad athar 41 * >* of a talieata aatara.? H? raa aura ttia aioat acgraratod oaaa* ?f 'hi# <tl?aa? ; a? 4 a'M eaooa raaav*4 la two to At* dar? AfnfMtimRM egjk | ? NHOIINK no pat l>*. OiRRITT, It T>HANE ST., may '??rall?4 oa tha traatmoat of aarala 4*lloata <la?nl. A praotw of da>o*a yuan rt*to|a4 to tb? troat ?at of 4?Hoat? diaoawM anaklM Dr. C. to oara tlM tmt form of Ula diaaaaa. Baaaat oaaoa aara4 la throa day*. Na tntvt ' WTELmEMCB BY THE NJULS. Ou WmMn|Uh Oorrcapondcnee Wash i no tor, Au^uht 25, 1819. Mian Trader*? The Ovtrthadawing Power of the Secretary of thi Interior?Important Dtcuw*? Ar rear ate of Pav?The Him. John AT/vum? Cuntemplated Rttate. The great mass of the people have no sympathy with the cormorants who now importune the administration tor reward*, in return for their partican services. Political tricksters excepted, they desire the public business to be honestly transacted, and wish to be made acquainted with everything connected with the operations of the general government. The Iudinns, the pure "native Americans," with all their ferocity, have relatively suffered more from white men, than white men have from them; and so will this state of things continue until the red man disappears before the enci oachmeuts of the imle face. Notwithstanding treaty obligations, we find that wrongs to the aborigines do not altogether cease. The Great Spirit seems to have forsaken, ai.d the Great Father, at Washington, e* ere lees an ui jui itoiciiou over mem. | Certain clutuauts and their agents, however, receive mure attention from the chief director of the t Indian Depuilinent now than in times past; and ilie following, Ht- an index to other official transaction*, may be recited, viz: About the year 1H01, n claim for two or three thousand dollars whm presented to the government against the I'ottawatomies. The only evidence of the indebtedut'ss of the savages to the trader, was a sheet or two of letter>*r, the items written in the French language, uud, in* tend of dollars and cents, the words " plus"' I and ' skin" were employed. The claim was ! ad,udirated at the instance of the Indian bureau, I and disallowed. In INOJI, this " Monsieur Tmson" < iiue again, and a see nd time VU denied. < ?u ; two other occasions it shared a similar fate, and | was considered as finally quieted. For a period of 1 twelve years, we believe, the claim slept; and scaicely had ihe Secretary of the Interior put on . the exterior garb of office, before the ghost, lor a 1 filth time, appeared ! The winning eloquence employed by an attorney, caused Mr. lowing, without requiring a strict examination, if any at all, to write a lew lines for the payment of the money. This was brought to the Commissioner ol Indian Allans at that lime, (Mr. Medill), who, being aware that the stale, antiquated claim was not suitpolled hy competent prool, and that former execu* li\e ollicers had considered and decided against it, referred the order to Mr. Clayton, the Second Auditor of the Treasury, who, on two or three pages ofioohcsp, gave an opinion against the allowance of ihe money, tor the reasons titled, and sent it to Mr. 1'arr^h. the Second Comptroller. savins that tie claim outiht not tube allowed, unless the order of the fUecrrtiry of ihe interior be blading on the ; accounting officers of the treueurv. The Compti oiler, wr believe, has repeatedfy checked the drawiui; of money out of the exchequer when not satisfied that the object was righteous. Being a democrat, and the administration wnig, and tiie sitoiney for the claimant desiring it, he submitted the papers to Attorney ( ienerul Johnson,fur his decibion. This gentleman decided in f<tvor of Mr. I' wing's proceeding, and the money was paid. The fcecretary's order thus overrode all the checks hiid officers of the Treasury department! Tiie claim was nearly half a century old, and was allowed, notwithstanding the final adjudications, snd the f-ix or seven treaties, within thtt period, with the iYttowataniies, which treaties, it is said, settled all claims. II riot strictly, the proceeding, we hav ret eon to believe, is substantially true. The l'ottowutamies seem to be unfortunate. \V. G. and G. W. lowing brouulit in an accouut acainbt them for $tO,Uol. For the Urger portion ot this money the chiefs and head men had given tin ir notes. On (his and kinlieil subject*, the foinier Commissioner of luduin Atf.urs, in his annual report last December, remarked, (in the courte of an argument why thirty-three certain claims against different tribes, amounting, in the y.ite, to $102,1*08, nearly the whole of which i? inst the 1\ ttowatumies, the Midinics ami the ^acs and Foxes, should not be paid,) that the (bathes are gi nerully against Indians, and would, therefore, i?pm to be indi \iiJuhI and not national nubilities; and that there is grent divercity in the amounts, so that t'teat inequality and injustice would result from their being; paid out of the common funds. As the claims now stand. it is impoesible to make any safe decision in regard to them, short of rejecting the whole ; and under tlie circumstances, the bett and probably only practicable mode of uwking any sati>'f.?c?ory and final disposition of th? in, would be for Congress to authorize the appointment of a commissioner to investigate them 011 the spot, with power to take testimony and examine witnesses, in order to iuc?*rt.iui satisfactorily how far they should lu.-tly be regarded as national or individual liabilities, whether the chaigen are just and reioionable, nnd all other facta and circumstance* which should b- t.iken into consideration in making a final decision upon tin in. The lecwiimennatioa has not been complied with ; hut Mr. Ewiog, in ?hi? case, as in the oih< r, ordered the umouut on the f.tce of the cUim to be iwid, and the attorney, a Western whig exni< mber of Congress, bousted that he made five thousand dollars by hi* professional tact. The money will be taken out of the I'ottow ltamie annuity, which the law says shall be pui ytr cupita to these Indians. Them things are talked of in Washington, and my iufoimation cornea from a rese ctable quarter? tn in a gentleman known for probity and veracity. If ih<y ate not true, the organs of Mr. Kwmg have en opportunity to speak in exculpation. We have thought it du* to the public to make known these two cases, selected from amon^ others, which may in ?rie time be proclaimed to the wotld, through the medium of the press. The I f-ecietary is prompt in business, and he may not denre delays by the toilsome oj>eration of an investigation. The lion John Mclean retired from the I'oat< flice lepartment upwards of twenty years o#o. Several d?ys since, in lidding up his accounts, we are informed it wnh discovered that the government owed hiin a balance of four hundred dollars, which he may expect shortly to receive, a dralt having been already prepaied for him. It was stated, u few weeka aince, that aa American citizen was put aahore somewhere in the limits of Magellan. bv the oflicer in commind of a vessel from the North, bound fo% California. The SeoretVV of the Navy has ordered Captain ( srdner, of ine Vandalia, which will shortly aet sail, to look in there, and recover the man. If the favsfiea refuse to make a surrender, a few hot shot will not be deem<d inappropriate. (J. Washington, August 22, 18?. The Cabinrt. The CAbinet is a unit of contrarieties. Selected bom the different sections of the Union, and re(resenting its diverse interest* and opinions, it was proper and inevitable that it should be discor- I j : i:_: J i:.: i i. 1 ' N<tiii ui no liiuiviuurtiiiK uiuu|(ii nuiiM'Kruruus ui othetwiae in ita combination. The t*o primary considerations in iU selection were? 1. The representation of different aectiona and different Statea. 2. A harmonious and powerful combination. The original plan ol the cabinet waa overruled by varioua circumatancea, and by the neceaaity of an immediate organivation after the installation of the new President. Krvm theae cause* three membria, at least, were rhon-n, not dreamed of by the politicians in the original estimates. and unexpectedly to themselves?they were, Mr. i'reaton, Mr. Collamer, snd Mr.Crawford. The Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Meredith, waa alao an after thought, Iloriice Kinney being the originally designated individual, l-rom the neressitieaof the case, then fore, the cabinet waa hastily a|>pointed, and without the np|K>rtuuity of a deliberate inspection of the detaila. Knjiertenee, thus far, haa proved them to be cohesive, concurrent, and devoted to the Kiecutire, more or less; and on the other hand. Gen. Taylor is doubtless possessed of the idea that no better Chbimt could have been selected under the circumatancea. Hut their coheaiyenesa haa only bean tried in the appropriation of the offices, ana their #.r,nr>?rran..a i.i.lo in th* PXIlllUlOn lit lll>' lo)'o(lir<>? Irom the public imtronage. Upoa principle*, their nnity remain* to be te??ed?npon the question of thr tuccetaion. their harmony htm yet to be uroved. < ?n the broHti isaue* between th<* two parties, the ditlrrt ncea in the cabinet are aa the difference between Mr. Collamer and Mr. Crawford on the pro* via?>?or a? between Mr. Kwing and Mr. 1'reaton on the bank question. W? believe them to be united? Against the oub-treaanry; Aynintt the annexation of Cuba; And divided upon the question of the annexation of Canada; I'md'-d on the proviso; ]>ivided on the bank question; Iiivided on Freicb apoliaiion*; I numinous for internal improvement#; l>i*cotdant on the tariff uueation; but lTnitrd in favor of aonv protection; and Ihvidrd on the qncttion of the auceeesion. In all theae divUions, in all theae unitiea, Mr. Clayton ia a conservative, e*cept njion the tariff, the internal improvement, and the French spoliation questions, where he ia "nltrn whig" ia favor of them all. ^ It ! pretty (r*nfn?liy in., mi. v/mjioo I* mbitH>u??that Mr Kwlo? i* ah^dthtit Mr. Johmoa ii? satisfied?that Mr. M^r^dith is | I occupied in the re?pon?ioi!itiea of hi* nituation; and ihut Messrs. ColUmer, Crawford ao<i Preston I air *utficientlv delighted at their pre*-nt importance, and sufficiently modest to desire no higher advancement. Among the whigs, Clayton appears to be aa object of apprehension, Lwingj>f alarm, and Collar mer or r??ret. Johnson and Freston tire the only original Taylor men of the lot; the others, who are not looking forward for themselves, look back with remorse upon the late oi Henry Clay. Mr. Clayton is a tactician, and plumes himself upon hia sagacity. He is, however, if we mistake not, the father of the tariff of 't6, for had he let Jarnagin alone, the bill wouM have remained in committee, because without Jarnagin'a vol* it could not have been recalled Let pass. Mr. Clayton's present object is to build up a new whig partv on the ruins of the old?to come down from the lofty battlements of whig exclusiveuess more nearly to the level of the j>eople?to sustain the card of the campaign of '4* as far as consistrnt with the muin object of the expulsion ot the locoftx-os. In other term.*, he would recognise the whig party as the Taylor republican pirty, and abandon on many points the old exclusive whig dogmas for more liberal notions. He would do it as a matter of policy. He has tried the experiment and it has failed. The democratic votes for General Taylor have gone back, and tli>*y cannot lie rt culled but by ihe same bold act of the administration?something j>osiiive and not .negative?ttuch an act, for ius-tance, as the ac piisiuoa of Cuba, the recognition of Hungary, or the expulsion of the British from the Mosquito coast, or the annexation of Can ida. Two or three positive things like these would put Mr. Clayton in a fair way tor the succession. The difference between H'hi(j and democratic ideas is, that those of the former me negative, of the latter positive. To hold the reins against the democracy, the administration must assume n positive position before the world?must be the advocate and agent of positive measures, adapted to ihe progressive spirit of the iM'Ople. A negative stand still position will hardly Inst a year, it is the ambition of the people to see the couutry progiessing, aud ihe commanding attitude cf the government impressed upon other nations. The age of " masterly inactivity" is gone, aud this is the age of acnon. A nun who does nothing lost's caste; it government that does nothing must cease to be itoonlar. Mr. Meredith is a nun of brilliant talents, but inexperienced us u politician and Ht.1ir41u.1n in a commanding post. A great deal depends upon his Iir6t report to Congress, and it will require ail his ability to rebut the evidence of Secretary Walker. We doubt not, however, lie will present a strong army of statistics 111 favor of increased protection to ir?n and coal, as calculated to advance our manufactures of iron, the wotk at the coal mines,and to leduce the pricesof iron and coul?a thing which it it lnird, from the rules of arithmetic, to comprehend. liut, as there yet is time enough to touch upon the prospective reports of the Secretaries, we ?hall waive further peculations upon them for (he present. The ability, the talents, the capacity of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be exhibited in his report. The reports ol Mr. Walker established hini as one of the very ablest financiers ol the day; and if Mr. Meredith exhibits the same abilities, or an equal cujiacitv for the office, he may command his own price of the whig party. Tile finances, next to the great measures of policy before the State detriment, ullord the,most profitable capital lor the investment of an active politician. Hut, of all lhe men in the cabinet, Mr. Ewing is the most positive. He is, indeed, the only " ultra whig" of the cort>s. The position of Henry Clay upon every public question is his position, ana a "<|uaiter over" 011 ihe proviso. The " ultraisin" cf the cabinet is not to be measured by their unanimity in the work of rotation. They are providing for their friends. They will soon have to provide for the country and the government, in conjunction with Congress. The sanction of the proviso either for New Mexico or California, lops off a member or two of the c ibinet?a veto dissolves it. And, if California comes in as a State, the free soilers have yet to insist on a territorial governni*rn for New Mexico?the whole ?t New Mexico, not that slip of barren mountains west of the Rio Graiide, but th*- fifteen hundred miles of valley, nnd the town of Santa l'c, and other towns on the eiirtern tide?that is to say, the five-sixths of the whole territory uow claimed bv Texas. The fre? Boilers will never consent to itscetuuon to Texas? the f?mh will not consent to the proviso?the North will not permit the introduction of slavery, ll is a question which will test the unity of the cabinet in nny eliupe, i.nd in one form or other it will have to he met. It it> all i.lain sailing now; but from and after the meeting of Congress, the unity of the cabinet, and the strength and capacity of it* several members, will be^iu, and only tin n bruin, to kx* tri?d by experiments. The session wfll not expire without effecting itn changes or its improvements. In nny event, it will he the duty of the l'resideut to go loiw aid, without Mopping to weep over the killed und wounded, uud without hesitating in the duty, if it should become apparent, ot reorganizing his ministerial family. Tlie iSeuate will most certainly require an explanat.on of the work of proserin in n in the Poet Office and Home departments; und we are authorized to sny, that they will not slop short of impressing upon General TayUrthe extent to which thin work has been prosecuted. Verily, " there m a good time coining." Wamiixoto.n, Aug. 25, 1849. All Strlt of Ihpoilt?Naval Court Martial?Hit Cuba Inramm, 4-f., *c , fc I seldom write on subjects which are qaestioan of doubt. The abduction case oi Francisco Ktj is likely to tarn out a fudge ; that is to say, that Hey was fairly abducted, but the Spanish authorities of Cuba, seeing that they were in the wrong, and that trouble would follow, have adopted the method common among them?that of bribing Rey to stiit'- that he left New Orleans voluntarily, of* e ; l; i.:_ 11?... - icniit; linn inn uut-riy auu a rouna sum besides: in tins way they will undoubtedly throw the whole Manie upon the United States, and completely gall the government of the saints, the actual adnunisnistratlon. The I'tnt steamer from Chagres brought to the Navy 1 apartment startling charges preferred by reverul highly esteemed naval officers of the squadren on that station, i-.gainst their superior*. Speculation with public fuuds, and the dt-apatch of oublic s-hii?s to carry them into effect, appears to b? ihe older of the day. Kr|>orta are current here, that the "Dale" has arrived at) our |>ort from rtnn Kran<-isco, with, some city, two million* on board; others, better informed, (<-<> I22<MM<<I. This la a large aum for one public rh:p to bring home, particularly as it is auted a larger portion belong* to the officera and crew of the hip. The Hon. Secretary of the Nary is food of finding out mares' nects and defalcations. I woo(in . if he were to make inquiries, if he would not tird out that public money has been used for the purchase of gold in California, and brought 1 < me on *|irrnlation. Sm h is the innnbordinntioo, if the rutementa received from the 1'acific can b? nl?ed ii|>on, that nothing but courts intrtial and *( rrulations were the order of the day. The government, some days ago, was thrown into the fidgets, as they utually are about trifles, hi >1 ih?* 11 r -kJ? nt i--ii. i| a iliundering procl-una mutton ?n\noma uut>? in thi* ?rt ur, thifl government is leu informed than in thr pane of Key. ) h*\e niy double of the exietence of any organized body of Hie* in the Gulf, but ahoukl ?u< li be the caae, their object in very diff-rrnt from Unit < f invading Cub* ; but it might be for the in!r< f ?eitmg (icorr?l .^nntn Ann* on bin one l<y in ?oine of the porta ol Mexico. Should anoh b? the rdf.pihe government or ita ?>rr?ight will ae> ceMarily feel mimII, not to any gulled. Thi* government, unfortunately, haa t*ken every (flection heretofore by the tail, inst<'*d of by the hornr. und shuwa u uuuilloot want of foreaight and calculation. Nktiuu*. Oar l*hll?<I?l|ilila Currtiponttrnrr PhM.ADRI.I1IU, Alls; Si, IMS. 1\t F>rtm*n't Ihjflculttrt The peace of our city waa not disturbed laat mpht by the riot that umally take* place. Early <k;. ...V.L o . u w?ik. for the parpoM of bringing down the Fairmount engine, and to afford the Hop*- engine boyi n?! their nlliea, the "kiliera," an op;>ortiinity "to Inm thr in out of their b.'oN;" but it failed to bring th?m arroas the city line, ao the entertainment prepared for the Kninea' waa poatpon'd. The city |K>lirr were posted along the bonndarf Un?, and ?ent back aoine of the up-town coiiipaniea, *?fio w^re anxiou* lo |m*a down to the tire. One men, whoineiMed upon p-winz with the machine, wa? taken into runtodv, and will be kept for a hearing before the Mayor to-morrow morning. Fia* itt Rm'H*irr*a, N. V.?A Are via dl?enT?r*4 bout one o'elock Krlitajr morning, In tha ranr of a dwelling hour* on Main utrwat, owned by I)r Brown, and recently occupied by eeraral famlliea rbe bouaa aatlraly fonMim?d Insurance M 0<M? vhlnh W?m the Iwi Tba flame* eommunlratej to tba pablia hmi'f owned and kept by Renjamln MsFarlaa Tbla building with tha furniture, entirely d??trojra4. FMItratrd loea on tha buildlag. $1600; la?Wfm??, 92 >000. There wm an ln>araaea of *a?m ? lb* foraltura Another bona*, owned bjr MeKarlaa. llrMI/ mi nf tbe tar em ?m oaMderablr Injured; rm tha latt? r there wa? an Ineuraoe* of >U00. wblah lot?rl the Iom There were o<> fanlUea la Or Irowo'* boaaa t the tlmai>f Iba Are, the ImI oae baring m?r<4 nl Thnrxlajr altarnoo*. Tbe i?. rwao prinUag oflea wa4 in the building: material" moetly daatroyad. bat fMly rjvtred b? Inaaranre Tbe building wa? ertd?atly *e| tn Ire b|aa litrUltr; ? Kwtrilo . .'aintM, . lug li

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