Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1849 Page 3
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^n?ua . Ortrr t Natural Cmrtoilljr ?% ?|>l?i.4U<t ?|?otibil tf 'tiki extremely r?r? ttiiul ihe Hiqiu ar S?* < vi, i> dt iu><d hjr l'u Turtre, he* arr v?d in tht* ui>y. It to ( (uamciv |>ivpurii?B*, %b4 * >u exoaltrat ium if fnSerTB'lon. T? tlic lovvr* "f the ru*rvell'in?, aed the (<Mttiflr |*>r'ioii f tt c ? uiuiuMty, thli will be a r*re trait, ?' the pnm at* u??rly aitiBrt* 4 h?ll ku taea eBjta^ad in kr< ?d?ay, Lear St?w?rt'?, for ita tihibitiuu. Prof l*lnmbf'? D?M?rrnotypel itamM be van l>y nil xl.o admire fln- pioturvl. Th? e lUeeuoa I* lb. in the I'BlUd S ?ad eumpoied vt Him mult fruBiiLeBt ibdividutle in thia c? ua'ry. Brady' National l'?lle?lluN mf Oa?Mrrre> at)Ani-ng til* collection we Hud llk?aeea?? of Kra ideatt 1 elk and Tavlur, uud th?ir cabinet*, ?"d other eimlBro . men. ht> anptr* and ailiieu* ar* reitpaatfnlly iuviM'l to all-Ld extmir e ' at bit Oallerv, 315 and J07 Bra *d way, Miner el l'u 1 tun afreet Tb? (> r< Hl Boot and SH*e En|Wfll?.TV* laruM afnurtoK-ut and ehaupe-t 'o the elty H iota, Bber*. C*? ?r?, Iko . 3t? . of ?**r> loswrfpliou *nd* EK? OKS' t'??hwHiabl?< IJ<?ot and 3h???i Eui|? >rium. lilt tuitou mreet. tix door* from broad wajr. Whoiv**1? and setail. " The Million h?vr mb?c mpimara.ii4am or the fai I I hut while some tradesmeniiio for SH1.1II siles with large (ffitiii. there ii uiw iu?u in this niy who j[(tei fir sm ill pr?M? * il sal--*. Every ui?n won ha* ar purchased a pair of boot* urpnitcr* at the Mure, will kuuw at unee tU*t waieter lo JoiimoI <4 annatraet. Profruior B*rry'? Tili optarraaii, ar Hertleateil Coa I" uud, fur ?uftenlug. cleausing. ginning, thiokeulng, fastening Mill rca'oring tb* Hair, and f >r the wfre vf diieaa< h of skin, <itif brn'Xi* 1.urn*, and theatingsof insects. -'I h'>e kra few household* in thi* Uni.iu. wbirn th* r? ue of Prof. harrv's Trteopheroaa, u a restorer and baautifler of tl'B hair ai.d an iufallihlit preparation fur dissolving an' araaiaaliat < >rf ' dandi iff, t* unknown. But it haj titer ut e* of nu a-eor.d*ry imp irtnnn*. At a ineiui* uf inftantly relit vinr aad permanent ly curing erup'-lons and irritation* of the skin. mui-cular toll unin ttl<>n. swelling* of ih? (lai d*, and all external injuria*, it stand* alone, without an anal in the materia medica. Hcside* th- speoifto cutaneous disease*. *ti?h a- ervsipeln*. rait rheum, ringworm, bo., Vc., belli ehildren an4 ? ' . are affiietcd during th? auni narseason, with rashes ai d a- options. caused by tbe chafing uf the nrntiti, ohsiniceii pertpiraiion, ana 01 her eaunti. fat all these, a* l*i<.' 1* r-jly to prove hv iMHtNMMibll testimonyt<*i I rieopheron* is an unfailing remedy; giving instantaneous etisr, rapidlv removing every veatige uf redneasaiid i?i?ainui?tinp. and rendering the skin sin > itli, plitU? and trsmpar*nt In oaae* of intlammatory rne'imauntn, asiifti" appi ration, *ith gentle friction, will allay tha oxtren.e tei.d-rness uf the surface. nu J ia a groat measure free the p.'nut frop. pain . and a continued ure of the preparation will, iu a few duys entirely reduco thi infl iiutnatory vnipioiu* an-' nrrnmplnh a radical core. Cuts, bruise*, aid burn* or *e*Id*. ?hn'b sometimes excite a degree of nervous irritation that produce! tetanus or loebiaw, are i|uioklv deprived 01' nil ter.d?nc> to fever, and heiled, without leaving ? bl?tni*b. by this (reparation; and the eitr?inu irritation mind b) the hi*-. of mu?<|uitoe* and bed bugs, and the stligt ot other Insects, vanisl e* a* if by mario, under the ooihing 1n.1t cooling influence of this unrivalled eountorIrritant. itonre toe en?*p< st and luoat reliable remedy of its lata tl it this age of discovery has produced. Sold in largn, prit e 2ft refats, at the Principal Olfio*. 137 Broadway. Ag-nts? (J. W. Child* ti Co., Philadelphia; Browu, Boston; I'untier t Martlets, Ualtinmre; llavilandfc Httrrall, (Charlestor S. C.; V. Rromtcrg. Hal He: U Wright (i Co.. Nc* Orloaas; J. Heuimeon, Halifax, Nova Sooti*. For sale, nlso. by Druggists generally, throughout the United States aad C*i ada. G091MEKCIAL AFFA1RI. HONfCV MAIIKBT TuestUy, Sept *?6 P.M. 8om? of the leading railroad fancies have adraneed on* or two per cent within the Utt day or two, and ales t? poine extent have been made; but they are confined entirely to the brokers in the street, and hare not the (lightest efTcet in relievinf the market. We shall ooncee a reaction; ?? the bulls will And It iraposaible to carry stocks at better prices, whttn outsiders do no' make tbeir appearance. The object arrired at in gfttlan up tbls movement is to attract outsiders, and If It fails, as tail it must, the deeliue will be full as rapid as the. advance has been Krom the outside dealers no re.-p<<n*e Las been made, ner will there be any. The intelligent merchant, and induetrlous trader, can ee and understand without calling upon the member* f the stock board far Information or lnstructlen The application of the galvanio maohine to the lifeless Ixnly of the malnfactor. inly causes it to thraw sut Its limbs and distort its features The effect of all this wpon the looker on, Is to cause him to wonder at the power, and to shudder at tha contortion*, and unnatural upheaving of the subject. The fluctuation* of worthier* at'icks, cavsfd by the dealings of infatuated, r oeer burthened bull*, produce a niuiil ir effect upon thettiuiUlklies of our citizens? none other. This temporary inflation is favorable for the bears, and they are making contract* 4<u time at better price*, which (It. a more rapid accumulation of intereat, anl enable them to throw the time of delivery forward into the inactive winter months. The fall rise which ha* keen looked for so anslensly, will exhaiut Itself in these little inflations and reaction*. A proposition has b> en made to the Board of Broker*, to call heriaftrr at the board th* consolldatud stock, which i* to t>e of thn Morris Canal Company, Instead of the steck n >w, ?D(i heretofore called at the board The proposition liua keen ruterred to a committee of the V an! to report. It in not generally known that thli aanvement originates with parti-* who are deeply Interested In the e< tnpany. both an bondholders and Stockholder* whose operations with this rouiptojr have always tern very proltsble, having at on* time received a bonus of f 100 000 fur the us- of their mom, in enabling tha company to gat from tha government portlencf tha dupoelts. In confluence of thl*, a l*rg* portion of the stockholder* look at th? proportion with raurh suspicion, aa they cannot see the adwantage which U to ari?e to them by reducing tha hares of*tock of tha company to one-fourth tha present number. The csnal and Its appendage* now stand tha preseat stockholders about $ 1 400 OvO. The recslpts thui far this season render it very certain that It will produce this y.aj a good dial more than enough to pay current expenses. and interact on debt. And it is confidently asiuaed. that by the espauditure of $300,000, for m Licli suns it in proponed to le*ue a preferred stock, tha anal voull he in a condition In another year to prw due* a net revenue overall current sipenses,sufficient to pay lutaieat on debt, dlvldond on preferred stock, and tlx per cent on the pre?eut capital of tha company, of $4 100 C00. And yet tha cupidity of certain Individual ha* induced them to make a slal-tsr attempt to deprive the prevent stockholders of three-fourthi of their stock , fir at. by endeavoring to le^Ulate, and then by resolving them out of their property. However, the attempt is altogether futile, a* that section of the supplementary a.-t. authorising the reduction of the number ef shares of the capital stoek I*, without any fjuesti n. clearly uceouatltutl >n*l, and ni> stockholder need reduce the lumber of shares held by him uul.-as he thinks it best to do so. . There ha* Uri, a fair enquiry far Sterling Bills tofay, sud drawer* were firm at #)t a 10 per cent premium Tlie !rfTer?nn In'iirancs Company have declared a seaii annual dividend of eight per coat, payable oa demand. ? a - - M www- t ? S ?. n.ll.^4 r*-s? lisea I r?? *n I HRMilflKMB IWlONiV vw. M? >? Iteltitil a (liMtDd of thro* per cant, payabl on tha Itth iaitant. The roll win* italrrii. ot 'how* lh? ? noun' of l?pi?U? ink/ ft to tue draft of the ' nit-J St atan rmaaurar, by return* r?f|vp(l tn Monday, .\U|lUl 37, 1S1V, t >f' Lh<tr with tha transfer* ntdfrrd:UfttTKD firnn Dcrotir*. JtMi'tant Treasurer Irxton >407 613 SI Aaelatant Truiortr, .Ntf \ nrk 7ft Aaaietant I'r. a?urer. Philadelphia 7*4*74 .1*1 Treneurj of tba United tuii'i Washington At .1 ill 03 A?kir'aiit Traaiiorer, i harl*Mnn. 17 ft.?7 29 A "Want Tr???ur"r. Naw Orlean* 197 3(1.1 39 A ??Mant TT?a?nr?r St. Loul* 10*20 08 l)r|)<n|:iirj at Buffalo 9 IM O'i Drpoaltary at [l ah I in ore Mosfton l!i,.l>-|taj At Wilmington N. C . , i.i'2 'id rie|.r?ltary at fUrannah ?.i7 I>?p' ?lt?T j at Mobile SI.T49 04 l'epo?i:ary at Na?h?lUa * l?7.l fift I>?p>~itaiy at l Inrlunatl (lata depoaltary). 7lll .'i 41 Depotltary at Pittsburgh 09 M Depositary at tiurlnna'l. 15 34J 73 l>v|>o?ttary at Llttla Rock, Ark , (talf da- A id .141 79 rf|i<?ltatjr at IefT-rx.nTill*", la 6 81.1 55 iiary ?t ' hlra^o fl.OAi 74 Doymiiarf at tHtrolt 141 >4 Drpoaltary at l.lltl* floek W 31 Mint of the' nltrd State* Philadelphia... Ml.lftOVO Branch Bint ?-f the I nited Stated t harMta. N C ?2,oa0 00 ranah mint of tha United Statu. I'ahlin?*a. ua 3C,H50 00 Braurh biint of tha United State*. New Orleans 100 000 00 u? Dadnrt ?u?p?ti?a account 3 iMlv 31 *6 1 3?l rt in 1* Add difference In transfersnat aredlWd... Sift.KW 00 $S 40l bjl 7i ni>??rn, To Treamry United State* at Washington. M>4 0i3 II Froai lal? 4epo?l;ary at <-inrlnn?il 7;ii iJ 41 Theaa bm?? receipt* for duties during the pa?t two OT thrre *rrkt, hare lar'??'?1 tha dep'Mtta Th? revenue tnu?l KM fall off when tha current eipenditurer will redur* the amount to the oredlt of tha Traanrtr ?*ry rapidly. ? j ?'lra to ?'rn? remarka adaadaynr t*o find", IHalfudann Hirer Ratlrwl < am|anr. In from *n oflielal anurna, and jl??n M nib, without ?onmml Rirra Rkti.aatn. fn jaor nil n? ? artlrl* of aftar stating In r??|i.ft tc aa< thrr nmrf, that it? r*P w '* a<4? "a?>that the MoeKh"ld?-r? aould fo'm no ld>-? >if ti>* ntturr iif thu rt th'in?ltl?o of Ibi- tlfiln of tit* ?.np?rn."' )>n aid. and aa f tr tha Una, tl??lr afUia ara a? a *?al?d hook Aarordlng to Mr. >ta?? r?|x?t* b?rr baao atdi aararal time* to tha | t<?nl cff Mtwetara for publleatlon nun of wbieh h??? cwT n?Aid the puhlia ay*. Pii? il th? wtj IH'nm onerrnr iir ia>u(iid Ewj thing li wrtpl to iujv tary." fc? rh?M ar? grav* cbarg"* arf ii -1? t tb? <> ripen?. Mid * ?i*b to |)1m< ibo oiiiior botira tha puhlia tn tha propar light Mr Hug* tu hi" leltrr of thr Vh of I uljr ImI ?Lat,?? y?l rati readily that if an anthantto atatmuriit had ban glren ii Kabruary " (1*49,) ho#tnkr to tha ttorkhoidi r? and tbn public that tu fourtaaci in >nttta, ?^V ih'O cubio yard* of rock tu oprn cutting. I'JiHHI yard* In tuuuel cutting. and Mill <km? yar<l? of ra th tia 1 bran cinna'cd. that '? 44 i>0?t cubit tar<li <tf rock and earth hdd barn formrd into a rmhtukiuant ii mtlao of prottcti?o wall built pritinpiilv ia th* ri?rr, 11 li<H) cubic } anls of Hmeutwl and othnr rattonry ooo fructrd an t that 41 mil** of ih i road ?cr? r4*?ntiallr gtatltd at th* of December. 1H4S. it ?|> i<<1 have d>stroyed i he ftf>'ct of the nbirge-i made agtln-<t vlrJervis. nod uiyMtlf, of waut of ?u*r?y and want of effort." fee. Tbe complaint at Mr. Flajrg 1* th%t the n immni -ti 1 not show the large amount >( work drnte; an 1 th*ia prove tbe energy anil effort of th? < IQcu-g It presented by you in a chap* preoi'ely npp ?*ite. and in though something had beeu suppressed that would bare shown the revi>thh. That report of Mr JervW wa< not, an you state prepared for publication hut was one of the u-ual rep >rt? of the state of each particular section. and <?hio'i were never published It commeucH* as fdlosrs : " Tbe weekly report* furnished hy the resident engineer* have so fully informed the Board of the condition and pro'gree* of the work, that it has not appeared important to keep up in regular ord-r tbi previous arrangement of monthly report* frotn this department " I'Uen follow* tbe detail about each section, t.U? publication of which would bare made a considerable hook The unfinished ?tat." of that report made a Itug suripl?ment.?l one necessary, fallowed up by additional detail, and various tables. and if published with 'he other, would have established a precedent fer publishing v ilaolami statements that would bare been found useless and ineonv? nlent And yet you would lead your readers to suppo^ that reports Intended for publication bad been several time* made and suppressed with sinister objret* You will, no doubt, readily correct an imputation to unfounded There in nw?r in the hand* of tb't binder the annual report of tbe company, which will be furnirbed you to-morrow, ami in whli:b is carried out the principle on which tbe oompaoy hat ever acted, to give tbe meat full and ample statement* of it* affair- to the stockholders and the public ; and no far frov the concerns of the company being a sealed ho?k. there in not one withheld or unknown to any one dcairout to know, and who can expect to be informed. Stock Kxchang*. $W00 U Sfi's Ti2 coupon 1I0U Krie Hit SI 9000 do 66 107'1 V*) do sfiO ?!' ; 8W0 do '?7, 11*,0 ?) do ?>3j 10(<00 do do 112^ 1KI do UUds til HKK) do, do, 1I2$J 200 Canton Co XI MOO do '6H, coupon, 113*4 to tlarletu RK 'I ' 10000 Treas Notes 1111] W? do .M\ 11100 do. 1111! 250 do *10 5?V Jf)00N York 6's. '88, l?>:t 100 do xHJ 1000 Ohio ti's, 00, 10HV Wit) do i90 M 600 do. 10?>4 WO do VH) itt 000 Reading Mrt Bdl t>4 10 Harlem prefer'd, full W\ 1000 Erie Bonds.'JO ?>7K 4f*l Long Island RR l:iC 750 Indians Slateb ? 6*vZ |(H> do btw l!"a 6000 fcuns}l'a 5's S3 >?7'4 W0 do MU MOO do K'a 100 Reading RR V.. 1000 do X7S 130 do KO shs Mechanics' Bk 112'* 3S0 do 3^ 10 Mereh ?x Bank l'U'a ?U0 do wM 125 L'ty Bk NOrlean* y."> M N T * N Uaven K 91 2ft Morris Canal Ml de ?l? 100 Farmtrs' Trust 3*J SECOND BOARO. S1000 U S C>.'62 eoup IOI V4 100 shs Harlem RR s?50 M 26 shs lisntia< isn Ct 103 050 do Ml? 100 Uarlem KB 2'. Morris Canal ft 660 do M0 ISO Farmers' Trust 100 do blO M'a 2'. Brie RR SOS bvEUTlSEMENTS RKNEWKD KVKRI DAT. Jlmxeert to Jldvertitrmrntt sent by mail must it p*Hpaid, or thry will not be taken Jtorn the Pott Oflxct. PUBLICATIONS* T^UE INEDITED MHItKS OF LORD BVRON. NOHT flist publithed from his Letters, Journals, and other MtnvscripU, in tbt potscsiion of his son. Major Genrg'i (Jo r 1. > Hvrun.~U hat Lord Bvron said of i'ore mav with cure justice be said of himself:?" lie it lb* Poet of (II time*, of all cliu>?(, af all feelings, and of nil stagt , ot enstenoe. A thousand ). *1 < will roll away before auoh another can b* hoped lor in our Literature?ha bimtelf is a Literature." Throw ing aside the Illlwllof conventional life, in bis hatred and dugnst at the eaut and hypocrisy which fought to saibilate him on ac-ount af hia youthful irregularities and ludi>critions, ana relying solely on the vast power of hie own mighty genius, lie eouteinned and defied both the wjrld'e eeaaure and praise. Bat for the very fault j of his early education. tbe misfortunes of kit youth, and the disappointment* which awaited bim as be merged into manhood-but for the natural moodiuers of hil spirit, a ad tbe possession of affeotions, that looked for tomething around wbleh to entwine? bat f?r the want <f a mother's lore, and the lost of a wife'* affections?but for a combination of evils, which would Lara frustrated fur all these, the genius of Byroa niicbt have slun.i er< d, and been loet to us and to pisterity. "1 he light that *esU? astray is the li?ht that sutnes from Peavea, ' and this sloriout light, whieb sbeds its xCul^nnc* over etsrv pa,:> 'f Lis wrUlnvs. w ill be son-lit fjr in Twin in the effusions of hia most gifted oonicmprrarica. It is this list tniiit-flash of genius, uncontrolled and ur.cantrollabl t. will cause p sterity to speak of tbs nineteenth c?n ury as the ag? of Uyinn. With -*?i *ksp"?re, <Ciic n, Dr>d?n, an 1'ope, the same of Ryrtn will in future a<es mark a briiliaa jer.d in the development of English Poesy, and the (-aerationt jet to come will treasure the smallest rclte of tne master-mind. The valuable uniiublisl.. I in a''-rials, wlich tbt aditor has been enabled *w amass, in tracJtlag the fooUUpa f Loid Byron through all kis pilgrimages, e insist of about on* thousand Letter*, the Ravenna Journal of the year I - 'l, nrirhed with eopiont notes by the lat* Sir Wal'or Scott; numerous he) nblisl.ed IVetna, including ths suppress' d |> -rtions of his printed w orks: and a mass of A necdotes a i l Reminiscences of Lord Byron, by th* Count*** (imccwll. Mr*. Percy Bysib* Shelley, and Miss Bristowe; hy Archdeacoa | Ppeneer .Sir Humphrey Davy, Messrs. ItflN llllh, i*hl . Taylor, Trelawney.UonlOB, Capta,n Buldero, and others. To tli**e he is kindly permitted to add sitmorou* letters addr*ia d to Lord Byron by his moat familiar frt*nd*. A quarter of ' a century ha* paeaad away since th* d?ath of Loid Myron, I aad twenty year-have elap *d eince Mr. Moore's admirable ' Notices of tb* Cost appeared. Dunns ibat period death baa . bisn bn?y with those, out of rerurd to whom Mr. M tore . * | induc*d to omit passages in th* published correal)m iotic*, as gHin in the sevetiteea-voliiui* editioa of Lord ll/rns i Wirt*. Th*se pasaagee will bow bo rectored. tbe editor feeltag aasnred tt at the public ? ill uphold bla 10 ? ? I ap<'B a* a sacred du'y. th* r**cuiat Ibe memory ill from the many oajutt asp*rsioas cast npon hi? character, either Horn interested motives. ur for the mer< f r?y. batr> 1, an 1 mali c. la publishing the..- the utmoet delicacy consistent with truth and eaador will be oh' rv o: Vut if any one shonld feel aggrieved, t lo aditef 1 * ms at once any intention of sietLg paia by tin pa liaatl n. and would call to mind what Tyorssavs, la his Ri apsody o? Pope, " All tach writings and dim our?*s as touch no m an d no man." Tbepolli a tlon vf tbw** work* of th* Poet la agltad having been prevent, a by an i )uncti 'u of the Lord C'haac' llor, obtained through a combination of laflM - ' winch it is unnce t?ary to speak, th* editor h v* determined to give them to th* pnblic of the Cnited S'stes. and thus p'ace tbe world in poseeseioa of the materials for doing cuspid* Justice to the greatest ?f m oil era Po 'ts. Tlio follow ing di tiB<uiah*d persons had signilied their intention of patronising th* work:? lier Urate tte Dnches* of Ustniiton; the Couaieat of Lincoln: the t'eunt*?l of (harlevtlle: the Kiirtit Ion. tbe Yieeonat Horpeth, M. P.; the Right II n Lor.i Ashburtil,; th* Night lion, tlio Viscount Falk'and; the Lord Albert t oaynsham; lb* Right lion. fi r Robert Adair, <1. <!. II ; J. ?ih Nee'd. Ks'| ,M. P., P. P. A.: Berlah B.ttl. Id. K..i , M. P.; u udson tiurn-y, Km ; Dawson Turner, Ks ( , I". II. ft . K. 9. A.: II of so* Tail*. t> |. Tie work will b? piibl'shed in Monthly farts, at 2b fii'i ea-li. At th* cot. iicncem'nt of escl. Vein me as Ka/raved Title pag* and Kroati* plana will te * Wen aud amongst other rub/?cta aliebdy la l,ie engraver's hinds, are three hithert i unpwhliehcit Portraits, th* Iflnt a cariuiia aathrmatUal aketoh, tak. n n' of ightaOl th* Mf ad, ropy of tl.l pii-tur* I > *' ?. th* wall k>?*o A it rrlraa Palntar, ?r i tli* thirl. a rk*toh from tha I r*l?l>rat<'d aiatna hy Thorwaldaan, at Ctmlnldj?. ThapibItcaMva m ill rf ?mnin < ? tlx 1*1 of Octobor, a?4 t>? r -oliaI Bad fa the lit of carry aiircaadton taoath. tili'h* wli.tla if * irpiatnl. It la i mail a ad that It will niit?it?id l?nl t<4BBH*. A liharal dl?<. unt to th* trad*. aud ao *rd*r auaodad tv ual?*a acu mranlcd I t caih. 0.0. T?TRO?f, Pnhli.har. Aanitflit. IM9. 267 Broadway, York. Poatmaatari aal alhara 'ran-nn'ot nrJan with an.rry fr< tn lha tatam r, will ba autltlad to retain I "'par ?*BU If a?a( It wall, th* pi ! (( auit *a pat J la ailtaara. . I r; IdlMlf I MViMffl It llM VllMt lUlM Hi Canada rapubliaMnc lha Pn.i pat lua aha**. and n iln* a aiail*d a. |>y of hl*pap*r to Ih* pa>>luh*r, ai'l r**nUtly r?taltt th- ?*w w?rk? of l.'.rd H) r<>n aa fait at the; am publial.f .1. (ffikiN will l-a failhfally falllliad J ITT 11 I.1* UVIMO iUl?NO. 27:1-12* CI1T1Cai taata:?I. Clarlaa l-a-al,. Blirkwond a *i,?iih; , I. I'aaaHa. ?pNttl?r ; .1 Th* *? adding (Jara -at. M r taa. 4. T?n |*r. fV?,io aa < Id Mud * Alhna d? ; A. Story of a f??ily, Chap. 17. Mi?rp?'a * unaiaa ; d. Maid'a aa<l Marf lad l.i" tf Mir; Pow*ll (Sihartlala.) do.; 7. Kur-t>i-K -r*Ijb 1'fli. y. Pro-ptat? f?r lltintary, kumtt tr ; wit:. Poatry a*d ikart ar-ictaa. Pabllaiitd wttPj. at all d <il*r? a >aar, ly R LITfftl.L k CO. Bottoa. A'm, Frail u Ih* Pl"r4?A St< ry of Norway. By llarriat MarilaaAM S**nnd adittofl. l*Tlr* Z*i raa'i. Cm ii ( iv i a ji st n hi hh?d i rin ' *s rs. rWKri' l.h Taa-',*? and i'ollo-]aial Thra>a II , ,k. aa aa y ai d arraaal la aithod of a? |ttlring apaakla : kaowladM af tha Spaalah laarwac*. My ?T*n*ti Bttilar, tat 'iar and traaala'ot of lat?,u?ic??. SOS R'atar ita**t, V. r. C? .! raiaua at d tha tnda anppliod oa th? tr.oit adraatajraooa taraa. EDI CATIOR. if adamk petit s riitx u and english board l in* and l?a? SchaoL .No Ium Waaarlaj plana, ra-opaai on Monday. i'aplaiaMtI. SIIOOI?MESSRS. rOlOBET AN D TATI OR S CI.A9alral, Praach aid Kaaliah Dibm,|, No. 79V Braadway, ai'p"?it? Ail<r I'lara, will nfaa oa ?.Uy, St pt-mt ar 10. I iff nlara tf ha oktaiaad at Maaar*. Roa l.ockwx.d. 411 B^ta Iwat . Miliar. Rioadway i Drlae !(! .! Park Row; and XI DrMdiif, al tha aakaol-rK.tii, and at Mr. P.'i ra*idaa^?, 114 ; l?lh iittf. ?tat lalaawty flu, \| K( HANK S' IN' Till Tt - H ?<'I? NO. II CIlAM tI hari rtr-at? Mr M o. Tra. y. and Miaa H. B. Smith, l,i. | d ?aaa a, 12th ?aar. a tamaaaai - n M n ; day. 9a^ >'B^rr M Applications for adalaaioa aiay ha naJa at tha ichool rt>< a. ar to aay t>( tha Utthuol ('omiaittoa. J A a K.I RuOBRI, CUairtaia. Jno. T?i fi? litra, ??rra:t,ry. \ | H t J J BnowN? IRINCH AN? MS a If 1 Sthaol alii 1*1,p?n oa Moaday, tha 10 Inat., at 71 I rt,?hj ?. ____________________ roflUBMI R OTIMtllUIIT. * ivnvitviril livivn .NlOSfiOS A N DRkTOM 4 IJ llotcl. N't. 112 |H4 and Ite Fleet ?trr?t, li one if ttiel??t titnated atii! aioet rorofor a?ile bvteli la I.union. Slid* ay bataren th* llaalt and Wrat End, near the reil eye, feamhoaU, Umtrre Ha. Tlie aithaenhM ie the pr > of ?ne at>?va hotel, which ntiita* >11 the adr?at??ea of hotel end hoarding h. nee. Tirma--Bed, <> . M per week; htteklaM, with meat, I*. fid-; dinner. U ; ?errante I*. imT It, pit frwS. IiUvk CLBMV W. to nr i.kt. T"*~o7bt-thb Nl?r mvb pronr nnu.niNn. 414 Bret .1 ?y. being Ike lertaiaue of the New Vrrk en I New luxn Railroad. Alen,aleP"? B. eling Haloea, 41" llr?adwaj. fet **rU<aler- IP't ta J S ll \RNBS, til) Rroedwaf. To LtT-THB tiirbe SToRT ATTIC iioimb, no. f atr if etreet. I'oe-. ?eli gitee i?im?4i?tel/. Ik^uir* en Ik* I'faili?. _______________ TO I IT O* I.EA'B A I.AR'lK AND CO*Y?VIB*T I nn?e, la jwrfret order, with ornamental grenadt altered. hraatifallj ?i eeled. en I a"-eelkla la en? k'nr by rellroed or eteamt eat a inter aad aummer ? >? h* l?t?ed o? fair tetaia, k? anting t? I>ANIM. f. SICK I.H, __________ f'onnr.ll .r at Im e, *> Ne??nn et ACOAt. YARP TO I BT, IN A li'Kin f.OCATION, where a food haMaeea Ml ke done, wkuleeele aad retail. Fer farther leil'rnUrJ, l?'iivre of ?'-TK BRBNAf ' traltreraad blm It. STABI B TO LBT-ONB Ihl.r or A MHiil nmr( tat le t? let, b a 7" * t**r 'Peer Heat tun per aaanm. lai^altt f* itttet. Alee, la* koree lei taja. 4b LOST AND POIHD, did REWARD. ?LOST, ov rmr>?v a^tkino >v I ? a. " htiWMtn V?ri<k aad ('nail airaata. Naar Y >fk, ?n? I S>|i I Cava. H<<l?.k?a <>u tin la^li wait a'l>H Ob?ia. tha ^ ,U** Mka . hand. T'la nudor ?ill r?'-?-i?a ta? nfeiva r?w?rJ ky Uuviaz it at ih? awaara, A. A. Sitavaaa. Jarduara OoUi<?. J' a*ar ika S> bll a Cava. ' L"* r-A fkilL black. wuite. ANL? T\NSKI> li km* ' harlaa alat. A ilaklt raward will ka pud far w hrr Al_l('2_M?ri'cra(. I rVMNU-IN UKKBN Wit II SrKKEf. A SMALL SU* K M. .funnM; tha lua*r. ky >ro*lnr nrm-arty and i>*yia? lha ti!>?? > of itu? bdvcrtiaamaat, *; bear of it, bj vailing ?i V 361 Gi tcuH icfc street. i CFNTREVILLR COIJR5t.-rROrn.VQ -SIXTEEN horscsin the A?l<i.-Tbll it the gr*a'tst nuio^r of noa-its tvtr brought tuf,"lli?r on the turf iu 'iii tiny iu the Halted Rt?tes. i hir Uy,S? |?t Sih, at II o'clock. \. ti.t preuijftly, Purse f.2r?; n*i?e bents. in haru<*r?. 'Jr. Wirn *c *.i icrj Pinter* C llMtiii'i Knudrer; Mr. K**hoe a'en Paul J??nes. Vt 1 o'clock, r. M Pauiug puri*e $30. m?l*> hen?, bnM 3 in & iu her? est. < Htrtin*euUri r. g. S|?*ngle ; J C??nway tutors b m. A||V P"w?; Win WUelan tutors l?. g. KlMiUor* 4t3 o'clock, P. M., Pir?? $30. mile heat*, lo 1*h wagons. J. i oDviy rtiters h. g. Awful; H. (|.?a;Und enters gr. g. WkiUy ; J. Wi elvley eaters b. k K?atuck ; 0. Barwntnnter* eh. p. Jack Dewing; W. Fonner niters ch g Mount Mirris: W Whinny cDtvrn hr g John tJ*aooc<i; J Soiilb hr g. Pacific. Immediately after, purse &.'jO, mile h*ats. h?ut iin 6, in h.irness. J. Bridae enters ch. g. Trustee; J.fnnwiy enters M. g Stringer: W. 8. Reed eu'ers b %. Telegraph -j Three trains ?f car* will leave the South K?rrr, Hr???klyn. for the *'??ur e?in* ; 0**. A. II , at 12 M . and 2lj. P. M and return us soon as the sport* are ov*-r. Far- eti?u way 'i> eta. N. B.? Dingle's celebrated lira ? Hand will b? in atceiida?ot JOEL CONKL! V Proprietor. B HA RI-1II PARK TROTTING COlTUSE.? A PUtMB OF l t wenfy*five dollars will oome off this day ( Thursday) Sept. .1th, a? o'clock; mile heats. bvit thr*? in tive. to a harnecs f?r bursts that never wn a p"r*e. Ii Keli*e eu??*s a s g. I'aul Jonet; D. Rra enters b. g. Creeper; W. Whealan n enters p. g. Macduff. If tht weather should p?*nve nof ivora- v ble, |>urte will tome off on Friday, September 7th. t. H ILL1A14 FONNER, Proprietor. ? WANTS. } WANTED-A BOV, TO FLY SHEETS ON A CYLItf- t der prest. Apply in fourth story, Herald Buildings. a WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE FEMALE, WHO ? has lately arrived from the city of Dublin, a situation ! a a/Seamstress sud Children's Maid. lias no ofejtctioa to , take charge of a new-born infant, as sht in the m^th^r of thrti. j I tr will accept a chambermaid's situation ia a small, genteel ' tolly. Pita? apply Ms 11 liUili itr?i, itul Boor J WANTED-A S!Tl ATION. BV A R ESP Rt'TA HLE 1 i *"une girl, to aafiat in, or to take oait u( j hildren. Apply at 21 Hott rtrt^t. WANTKD-UNE HUNDRED AOENTA.?Jt'ST PUB- ! , lulitd an improved tiili ion of ITelU'. Lawy.r and United S?a(f, F.rin Book. TMa i? nn m>lyihr Laitbutth. unit .aleaMc form-book ever pulilirh,<i .'Km p?n???pri.t. I reduced to <? cent.. AxenX ran make fr'>ro $1,0*) to t3 (HK) , t ;<?r. JOUN C. W ELLS, W Na,?au etrwt. | ^ WANTID?IIY A RESCECTABLE OIRL. A SITI'A- ! 0 tion a, Nure and Scam-tr.j., or Clitmb<rntil ll u | br?n u.rd to the ore of children. Altn, out t> d> gereral ? hourework for a eniall family. Good reference tan be Kiven. i Call at No. ft Twi 1ft b ?tr?et. near 2d Arenoe. tliU da v. I Wanted?situations bv two respectabi.b yoiMig women, the one to do rbaraberirork and plain ewinir.or nnrtinx and MwImi the ether to inak*. cut. and fit dmmee for ladiea and diildren, Beat city*. , Hay b. Men for t?? day, at 4 Grant J on., atreet, rear. WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE | > young women, one to rrok. wa?h and iron in a prirat. i < famil> ; the ot her to do chauiherwi rk and waiting or a^aiit in w aebing and ironing. (Joed .ity reference, can b? giT?? by calling at V Braver atreet. WANTED-A TWO HORSE CARRIAGE; ALSO, A alight wagon, with pole aad ahift., for one or t*. month,, for which a good price will v>. paid, and thcr will not , b? injured. Addrea, N, Vt .hoi MS New Yerk Poet office, atalinf where they can he aeen, and ilie price pw month. Wanted-by a uviotaiu rooaa ciro. a ituaticn in a priratx family, aa a,. I'n acen >ridJnmil it No 9 UultrilrMl opstaira. WANTEE-A SITUATION BY A RE^fEC T.K OLE young women. as chambermaid or waiter, or to do general kouiework In a private family, li a fond wail,or ard ironcr. Heat of oity reference from her lait place, l'lt are call at No. U">P?rry urn' MMld flcor. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, OR rOR TUB riliir OF November. a imall bull ling, convenient to crotoa ? *tar and lewer, for manufacturing purpnaee, within half a mile of the City llall. Addrvii to L. C. II., at the eSkooof thia paper. WANTED--A SITUATION. BT A KMPSOTAtkl f irl. aa Chambermaid or Lanndreaa, or Plain Sewiag. or would dc. cooking f'>r a imall family. Sha can give ax'-eflent city refunnoe. ('id bi teen (or two 4aya, at 103 Sixth avenue, aecond floor. WANT ED?BV TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG #0mm, tituatione aa Chambermaida. or to do general ' homework in a mall private family. The heat of city reference can I e given. I'leaae apply at No. 1M 7th etroet, between avenuei 11 and C. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RE3PKCTM1LE Young woman; ia a good Cookand Waaher and Ironer. Good efty reference will be givea. Can be aeea fur tvo days. Aw ly at No. Mi ? cat leth atreat, hack in the rear. j WANTED.?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN OH : waiter, by a reipectable i'rotaataot man. that under tacda kia bntiaeaa in either c-tpaoity well, ('an rive g'?od 1 city reference. Would ke willing to make him.' If Urivfiil. knowe 1 he citv well. No oki' Ctiona to the country. Aua e addrrated ta J. I" , Herald office, or 62 Twenty-fourth (tract, will to attended to fjr two dayr WAMLD-A SITl ATIOS, IIT a RESPECTABLE young woman, aa aeamatreaa ia all lta varietiee. m a 1 private family, ?r to taka ohargn of children and do chamber- | , work if required. Reapectabla oity reference will be gi?en. Apply at 64Twenty-Fourth atreet, ketwaea Third and Fourth \ aveaua. Wanted.-a situation, bv a kespe<t\hi,k ! ruting wemaa, to cook, waah, and iron Can ihow 'ha . to?t at lit ref.-rvnee. Would da general houaewerk la a i email family. Pleaaa eall at Na. 13ft Croabv atraet, between n<ma'oa and I'rinea. Can be teea for two day>, if aotaulted before. I 11r ANTED.?A COPPER STILL, AND WORM. FROM vr MP la IV ia'lui capacity. Any perion having tha al ave t? dirpuee of, will ad'lrea* R. K., thia offlce, atuling wkere it may be acen. \\rANTPD -l?T a RESPECTABLE TOUNti M W. a v? aituatii'ii aa coachman, or Indoor aervaat, aci >iat?B<ad to both etnp|ovm<-nta, and poi?e*?mg reiwmmendaiioni of fcigh character fr m Europe, aa woll aa la thia ei'y, ta wh>< h hecaagive #ati?fa. tory reference l'n<larataada the rare of horaae. Ae Apply ? "J. ST., Oachmaa." at thia MSee. | W ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE VOUNO WOMAN. ; a ai<nation to cook. waah and Iron ia a private family, Ilai ao ofJevti' B to d<> general homework in n mall family ; e?a praeure tha heat of etly reference. Apply at N#. It M hi'vhall itraat, ?a?oad Boor, froat r< om. To be aaea far . two da ye. WUim-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE i yonng w man, who i> a good Waaher, aa Laundreai. or to do l 1 am! I rw rk Uo. d city reference Apply at'lU6 I Ith at | UTANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESECTABLE Protectant girl, in a private family, ai .iaaaxtraaa. and to do Chamber""rk, ur take care of children tinodoiiyre- ! Urrr.ce can be Kiien. Can ha acen for two daya at 7S Ctoabv at. | WIKTED A SIM Alios IIV A RKSPBlTAflLK ?irl In do Chimbarwi rk, Washing, and Iroiua. or g?n?ral lli niework, fir s ams'l family. A "| Ir at KM l'aoi<ip??n iirett, lit floor. Ootid tity reference giren, UrANTED?A GIRL WHO CA* COOK, WA??I AMD Iron, si.d ie willinr to make hereolf gen'rally l il.? 1 >iora seed arnlj unlaw fully i otnpetmt. AUo a rirl f-n IJ ?u Hi y?ar- old to *s>e care of children. Ranoioniea ialioai tsqolrad. Af^t;ltW'lhilrNi WAMF.f ?'TI Uli.NH, BY TWO RKSI'SO f A ni.K )outig ?nir?n. who would wish to lit? la the earn i f?n-l'j, they I mi llaad with oua family f^r tha I Ml two yrara. One c ?d cook m l an aicallsat wailiar as I mM-UlMlMtlf llW iliaaihar-warb. aad take charge of * ?.?? y. and In ImjIMt (>I i'b eewrr. The/ ha>e the Itilifrli} ttfmiin. Ki??h It till il 1)1 Aiiivir it. ITAMIIl-A SITI ATION. IIV A Ktirii'TAIII.B ?? yeuag ?"!?? , tieiidk. an I to with tfeo tw'log and Ironing. Phe onderatanda batlAcae perfectly wrll.? The heat of slly refer acee ean ha glr<-? I'll see apply at 1'4 11th atrf*t, betwei a the 3d Artaat and the railroad. W ANTEIV-MTCATIOJH, BV IT it '? RStPI til I Tf y.una *"mn-one to ie (rairal kMMwarL ml IW tier for chenihtr-wnrh and w< tild have ao eMectina to go In the mnnt'jr a ?hart rfl?lan-a. The h?t of eiiy rrhna l given fiorn thoir laat plere. Apply at X>i Teeth street. A SITUATION W A NTS I> HV A RIIPf'TA Hl.l j > yaur| woman (a rhaiaherma.d, aed ?# assist in washing aad Irntitt. Tl f k?>l ?lcllyr?f rti'a ??i ha given. I'l. rail at Nu. 7t> Third axaua. la thr atore. To ha i??a for too day a. ALADT or UREAT RE8PRCTARILITV WISHES TO take part Ir t |?MN| hualneaa, a haro not ?or? that $SM> rapiial w??ld >a required i or to attend to a reaooetahle store; of to mart with a it to* lion M honaakaeper in a r?nt.?| 1 fan.lly. wl ar* aha arwuld nt be re^mr -d to p< rform .he met- ( jal dntle". Heiag fttlly eampeieni to nnd?rta*n the maui/ofhest of a h<aee, ate wotild rr-fer tha latter. AJiroaa. auk (Mlinlin It 11 1 . BeraM aElea. _______ ' Auur AMI OESTIKWA*. OR A TtW BIMCtal man. aa he aco i inwda led with k >ard la a rr >i:? faaily, a bare tha comf rts of a h<n>e can ha had: tha r uum ara large atd airy, and hsadesin?ly furnUlM. lni|itra at lit . 1 Leonard at., leteeen Broadway and K'w at. < MILltsrR VAm?-VlRTM I* A (IRlfnii eetehlmhneet a competent Bil'm-r. Kh? will r?- I aaliad t? aaaiat ar?.ina?,ly aa ?"?!??ar ran. fir al.ieliai.a | moat of aiHid addrraa, aad poaacaa aomr >ap?ri?aaa. Apply | at !tll Rn adway. I ^ " ? " I n< Ml -TUB Al>VRNTMfcR ITISIIB1 TO coif. I ? j\/vr" "a mrt hiiaatlf with a>iaa paraoa alraady aa- I (tagto la a larratlra bo?iaaaa, h<r? !> oaa d< ?ota iila whalt Uaa aad attrnlli a. sad roaalar aa a?jnirala I f hh nutaoy aad tima. Tl a >*n raforaaaa (Iraa aad rwinirod, alUitha atrlrtart coal.Jrnaa, or will yarrlissa aa aau'iiiahMaiiL Ad- I dr?a? llrs??tj. Ilrrald ii#>a, IM'ORBATIOW WANTED, Of MR /OHM Willow, of BalWm?aay, Iralaad, who arrived la thii aountry oa T abont tha III of Jnlr I tat, par Aahfcarlaa. from Liverpool. J lla tnay tear of armethlni to hi* edvaatage i.y sdilr"??in* a ' jot tar to JAMK) IKJllIKtV. 1.1 Naw 1'r^l.Naw fork. ( WANTFli WITH \ CASH CAPITAL OP J slant 100. la a aiaaafarluriaf haeiasaa altsady aata- , bliahrd. Addraaa Manafaotory, Trikaaa OAoa. PRINTER WARTED.?A TM N'. M \ s f, i \'vrr:? rn with the routine af work la a t'unntry N?w?p?p?r Oinoa ? who ran work st bath ('a?e sad I'raaa?will haar of a aim- I atlon wlihln .*) tnlleaef tha tlty, by ta (Hiring thla nnralag I at IS Frsi kfurt atreet. I 1 X\AAA^V%A VWWWWWWMVN" I 1 / 1II AN'.B or not'* rROW StVtN TO UK ( M)CK, , vy r M I'or Albany. Oa aa<t aftar ThuraHa*. i*.p? ?ih. , 1M9, lha tlirouah I oat* ( f U? I'aopla'* tjlaa, I.VtAIJ NR?TT()!f ??<l onr.TiOW, will l?a?? th? i?la? lalw??? <;.??rtUndt tnd Libaity ?Lr *? '.?, at f a'claak, I*. M. ia?iaa<l of 7, M baraIWfnra. ___________________ I U? \' VitMliNI TO llir M* Rt?S RASli^, t\li Tj Imi r>r U* cwoi.~Ui rw.a??. fntar ' ?ii>i *?i ii#>. ti>* ni rr.?i o ?m i*??* TmrtMitii >ir**t v < PW. Caaal ?tra?t Hfc, C'athtrla* ?V 0ran4 ?? -*? ?, IVrNa..1N K !'??*. M thl * Catilllon B*ml will b? koaril rati- * rantaaaoh w?y. Th* Buffalo *111 aitaa* tha Itflr M??t< th* l.ljht *hlp. Ml Ml ll? ' Mine A TOl'NO riAM'T. WHO PLAT ID AT Cuninfti la O*rm*?f, ai*li?* t? cat boar* la a * ?*Ma ptlvatr Ar-rriran family, for vhtrh l**a?n( aaai4 h* *!*??. AiMr??^ "Plaan Taaahar. at iMo nflWa. MvMr a.?utk'mi. M?rn*oftoracMi *?in Taathn nf lha Piaaa, Flat*, Onraa. In , bw r??am*4 j , ?hIb* l**?"ti? on tl.? *bo**'n?triB.rai*a? n<.ial. I .alia- an.I I I ?*atlrmra tanaht at thair r?ai4aa?*. A4Jnat Na. 137 U?? I Mr Itmt. School* Mt*a4*l AMMBHBNTS. B?we*V THEATKE.?T *. HAMBI IN. PROPBI1t-ar: H. E. Itavem. Siaja Mumtirrr ? ?v?i104, p'.eaitwr 5. *IU b? led the ira^adv of WB IS Kit ? MTartiar, Ir. J. Wallark, jr.: ljah?r. Mr. iftltwrt; l/lru, Mr. Maoorlaid. Karon !>trat*iiheiui. Mr.*?l; Joaaphiaa, Ir* J. Wal'aek Jr. To ?..? with tha ua? roinan'ia iuii euii'lad SHoTIS 1HI KY E -Bill llmrh. Mr.MoPariad; Jack I ui n, Mr. St>-?en?; Hip. Mr. Wibaaa; /.flu W n r 11. *r Dana; Jin Malotio, Mr. M?rcin; Plarrat. ''r Mure; Mnnahaak. Mr. F>r?w M:trv l?oa|f, Mri. Jordan. Duoraop*a ' t\ mrtaia nin at 7H "'clock. Pnoaa? Uo&aa, 20 eaata; 1? aad Caliiry, I'-X e?a??. VMWI UA KI?KNWKOVEi>DAT EVEN1MU, KEPT. i, th* eutartaibuieuti vrill enminaioi wi'h aUrau I ttvcrure. A ft?r mhi<"li will >w parfor*id thi d?iaetun ao ?e ly, ' I? a Mil cail.d frtE Vll.LaOK noCTO.t? l>r I'ltrra

inieear, Mr. H. Plactda; Daror de la Fadaua, Mr. Ohip?anair; Kirdmaad. Mr U. I. Arnold. t'ooo. Mr. Rtytu-nd; *>chioa?? d* Viailltooiir. Mrs. Henry; H4r>ne?* ?e 11 Ki?! ?, a r. M ati*. To conclude with the DOt' It I. K IIE '>! ? D OOM?Dolt imar Pip-?, Mr. H. Planida, Major Minna Mr. nlin Sifiou. Mr. H. 8 Phillipa; Joseph, Mr. Ktyi?i d: Mis. Drpo'y Um>>. Mra. Watt*. AdmiMion 50 aeuta. acrsopea at 7 o'clock, to aotauiaaaa at 8 precitely. lFUIIDIDDISPLAY 0? KIKE VOMA AT TAUXHaLL 9 (iardcn?t)n Friday ava?iii(t. Sapt. 7th, IH4J?Prepared v the i-elrbraled Edfte. oonMntiiuf of:? Orrek rVu.f?la ulilf, Koeieta *ith >Uri. Sfplendid Vertical WIleal: rtonk> ?iih Krpen'e i'erutian C'roMi Rocket* with winding ri'Huiere. Indian I'almetto; Roolets wlib arlmeon uuJ re it itHI< Pridenf Aurora; Koeketa with (tald rain Polka leuoe and Colored Battery: Rocketi with eriraaon, areeu and lue ?tar*. I'arnviau Ro?e; ParaehuUi Rocki t* with eritnaun l*?#. Tribut*of Cereaaud I'ulka Dune*. 1'arachiite Koeket* I'd *reen ?tan*. To eonoludt with Egyptian I'yramida, or Inniinient of 1*1 uraoh. Adwiaiion tioketa, conta. >'irl Ml atajrea pa the door evert !> minute*. A ap*oe >iaa been I.medio accommodate 2.UU0 |?raona. Exhibition to ? tepee a' 8 n'elock. [T,U'XI!.(I.I, fURDEN - OA I, LOOS ASCENSIOV.T Victor Vardalle liaa the honor of announcing th it he will iak< biaaecoud attempt ?a Weilneaday. September Ath, 1S?9. t .1 o'clock precisely. H'lieii it la 001 aiderel that he inakea lie ii - f -1 i, fvf p ii Jed I y ii i t, wit hout car or the m?>ni uf oLtro'lir.g ihe balloon, it la probably the iu"tt extraordinary ter attempt! d, and he truam Ibat a liberal public will, in nnie ti eaf n re, rinuh naa'c Mm for the unfortunate aeoid*nt hioh belel bim "a rinir^l n la*'. A'liuiaeiim i'l ceute. IIT AI.UAI.l.A. 3? CANA1. .iTK E K I. N K A It HUMDM wajrSplendid new ?eea*ri?e and A renpe of the nrntt accoinnllaliod artmta. "inner-", dancer*, cr?bit?, and tabWaux vivanta. repreneuted by eighteen laiea of unrivalled attraction, Parloruianoea every night ?t* iio Dirnc at ( a'aluck. Extra performance every Saturday it 8 o'olock. Bl EE?KIR~ H.tI.I.-C(MtNER Of KLKB KEK AND Morton htrteta ? Open every uiglit thia week, with th* entriloqniat, WYMaN?Mania! .Muaic! and Pun! I.if* loving and Speakin* Ficurea. AdumtanoeimU, children ialf price. (See am all bill*.) SALES BY AUCTION rO BOOKSELLERS. ST\TIONEUS, An.?TRADE SALE i f Annuala, I Dual rated Ituoka, K.iaoy Stationery, and ocida auiud to the holiday teaaon. On aix moutha' credit, rfce ucderKitmed will hold a bale of the above artielea, to the rade comiueueing ?n the I7th September, and to b*onntinii d tlit oiijjh the week, an heretofore. Invoieea are aolicited, n which eaah alvauaes Will lie ramie w t;u required. COOLEY Ik KEESK I'.M llr .uitway, IT" Al.l'AHI.E Fl' KN I rilHt, AT aittion.-j. w. v Brown v. ill nell at Auction, at hia Sales Room, No. lot Iroadway.on Wednt'day, >*ept 5th, at H>X o'clock, a larg* Itid oomplcieaaaortment of handaoine Mahogany, Blank Walut, and other parlor, chamber and din'ng-room furniture, fitter with 1 1'iano forte. Uouae Fuiuiahing Artiolci, 'aiatinga, framed Ergraviaga, Ac. POLITIC Ala 2TATE OF NEW FOKK.-SKCRETARV'S OFFICE, 3 Albany, July It, 1849.?To th* Sheriff of th* city and onniyof N'ew York.?Sir: Notice ia h*r*by given, that at he Memral Kloctien. to beheld in thia State on the Tueaday lU'ceedioft the tlrit Monday of November next, th* following flicera ate to b* elected, to wit:? A .'udgo *f tli* C'ovit of Appoala, In tho plao* *f Freeborn i. Jiwett A Seeret.irv of State, ia the plane of Chriatopher Morgan. A Comptroller, in tke place of Waalnnstun Hint. A Statu Treaaurer, in the place of Alvth Hunt. At Atl' inoy Oeneral, in the place of Anibrit* L. Jordan. A State Kugineer and Surveyor, in th* place *f Charlea B. llnart. A C'aaal Voinmiaaioner, in tho plao* of Ncleun J Beach; an! An Isapecur of tttat* l'tiaoaa, in th* plau* of laaao N. 2omatock i All alioa* terma of aervlee will expire on th* laet lay ol Decemtar next. Alro, a J net ice of the Supreme Conrt, f >r the Firat Judicial F)iatriet. in the place of Samu-1 Jonea, whoa* term of acrvic* rill expire on tlic laatday of f>ee*mber next. Alio, a Senator lor the Third Senate Diatrict. in the nlae* if William 11 a> I. Mao, a Kntior for th* Fourth Senate District, In the plae* If John I.. Lawrence. Also, a Senator for th* Fifth Senate Diltriet, in th* plae* if Samuel Froit; and AIk>, a Senator f< r tht Sixth Sena'.* OUtriet, la the plac* f Wui. Hamul i JMinaon; All whore term* ot (ervio* ?ill eipire on th* U(t day of }eoeinher next. The following officer* are also to b? *l?ct*4 for the laid oity ind county:? A Judrc of the Court of Comiaom Flea*, la the plae? of lichael L'Whnrffir. A Judge of the Supreme Court, la U>? plaoe of Aaroa Vaalerpoel. Suteen Manlier* of AaaemMy. A Sheriff, ia plac* of John J. V. Wc*t?rv*It. A City and County t'Urk, in the pUo* of Jam** Conner; >nd A Cororer, la th* place of Win A. Walter*; All wheee term* of (crvioa will expire on the lajt day ?f )eccmber bait. [The Elector* throughout the Stat* are alto to vnt* for *r ^cainat the adoption of the a** eatilUd "An Act t*hli?ln'nf Ire* Sohool* lluoiuhoul the Stale," paaaed March i>?. IS4V. I CHKisTorueit mokuan, ' creury of Stat*. SHrairr'* Orrirt, > Now Yora. July 21. 1149. { Th- ahm* i* pnhltahed pannant Vo the notion ol the ."Wcr*i*ry of State, and th* reinireraeat* of lh* at*tat* la au*b tax made and provided JOHN J. Y. W1STERVELT, Sheriff. By- All the MMMMll the will p ihliah th? above cm e in < ?eh w. el, until the elecii?a. and thea hand la their Mil* ' r a the iimi, M that they u ly he laid be for* the 3<>ard of !<uper*i*nr*, and pa**ed for piyment e HetlneJ Stalultat Vol. 1, Chap.6, Till*3, Article3, l'art 1, Fait 140. MiHCKLLANKOVS. ~~ \ . > > SA V \ vtwwwvwx TTFE.?CON VKK fc SONS CSITED STATES TTPI Konndry ?The ?,>*rril<ur* have now on hind an excellent aaaoi la. eat of B*<, a. N w .paper, and Ornamental Typ*. Bord*rl*|, lie , which they are prepared to toll at reduied rate*, mi apprvvad paper, at at* month*. or at a UN "iut il tea | cr o*nt for eaeh. Ther*ri*e of Hco'cli fm *-. ? aqab admired at d approved *f by the Hade, aad our type la /ene'al, w* feel ***vr*d, taua't be exaeiled either in boaaty or haiali, by aa> Founder All typ* maaufaclored by ns. arc mad* ol a aiixtur* of metcl* dilter>ai la proportion* to*.- uard generally, by w hl> k we iranie ^rea'er durability. To our u ''ttmeat tf Ornamental ar.i Jobbing fvp*. tlord?-ila*. W" hav* i. ad* a )ari(* larree**, aad ar< -on- taatlv en ?*d ia adc.Lg to tb* e?n?tv. Praia**. W'vtt l'y| e, ('*?. ?, 'Hand* llraaa aad ??'d Hole*. Imp.nag Si- uee. {_ [?.?lac Htieha, Xlraa* aad If I Galley*. Cut*. Cloaet Rack*, K<<lrta ai I *v?ry artiol* *?** ? ary f r a r'.mpUt* I'rinitni I tfco*. furniahed with deapatca. Speclnt, n ahe<'.a of Mcotrl f*c*a. *< are acw rtady tor d.l.v ry. Mid I? >e 'aV<nn exchange for new. at nine ten'* per p uud. Kulilbh'f* oi a?w?pap*ra who will iraert tr.l* adverti?> meat Jim time* at d forward na a pai>rr previoua U> the let of Jauuar . InW, will b* paid la material* of "ur mat ifacture, by p<in!.a*ia| four tlai.e the annual of their ' ill for the adverti-.. went. JAMKS HINM.K fc h<>\. CorLi r Ann an I Va -au. N.B.? A ne? Sprrinirn Hook will he !a?ti*d and r<ady loi del|t *rt ahont ft.* let rf November, IMt' SAI R or flio.noo RAM.KOAIt MOhTOAfiE liOVIH Ol th* Niw lleten *> d N irtkarnptoa I'oirpaoy.?11" pr' f" >ala will herrcelTid by the un l> ril(ned, at tri?irolBe?l Ne C4 H all aireer on or before II,* |0th day *f liptamhtf, Inat.. at three o'clock, I'. M., lor the whole, or any jurt ol or.ehusdr'd k"in'e, of one thon>ar,d dollar' b, *?f tf?<r Haven ti ?i SnriKuu |?t"B C*oonp?iiy, ?n hu ! >th d?y of Ju\y uLd ir?l ?t !!# r*U of p?l rrti* p#r atnT>*n, < < nitn^ti^lbii ' n lh? 10th day of 8?jpt?*rn? ?r, -ai*H o? ibr )(hhdi4/?f>f iAunsry tnl July, in it ) th? link *f (' writf it N?? Vnrl. Ti?? > ?n<i( ? .11 f t ?*"trU- d !< tht bif b#?t Mddrr. and &*? to j?*i I fut o* dffliirrrj. llic* b? td- Ml i*?n?d urder an *i\ of Lv Hilitiri ?f tb# Bftf wf Conn tleut f>*f (he tintalti ' ? pmm i I i i llai'i i i r nrnr ' and for the ??f th? l.r*Lch hn< ffm K?ri<iit||t?? to C'olltni?vifl< aa t Stw Uart' ford, ubicb with tin thirty lw? miln alrradv i? nv?4?rati <n nUI Hi** tiity t?> of vl?? ?holt of vhkh i aort#ap? d t?> ih? trfa^fir^r of tho of <>Bnecti??t i? - i ? i- 1 - o>t?n?t a of t?ir ra?lr ad nvid**r tht t ?t af r??atd* ?t w)i<>i< im< nRWiiirMi), biidf H by ??id act to ???a - tiiirt ft 11 * ao< udi ? (t<#i*<i?d o?i t! ? taid rillrood- Chm K n^?%r> rt|i?uii(l ii <* of threnitip'tolUrvf i' e FiaU if '--aLr^tic?i. aad aro cf r'tft^d ly Ii.aa. f AKI) k CU. '' > rh, I b r I, 0IW, niAKIfl PATENT f PI K)f PAl NT Tlfl l> mi *r i? ?.i ti r- r r.; oolor? thai ittrva ao I Tot?<*i it.i whatovor ii oooerod fr m thoaot*oa ?*f Ibo ?v?a'.bti tr>?t firo. T< r oaU hv tl.? fa-*at? f. 59 ?. 3 ?tnor t'.' ? *r' ' r H' n ?. r, \ K R. v r\i I (HID . v * Jrtlv j\'u" ia inrrt hi. i ap^'isa-iti, nn pMnrtivi r mI a?t?to ia 'i?) ? r llr- oliUo. Aprtv la S. 9 It- ? | No II H all Ptroot, la tho < r- toa W**9c offlea, fca##?ai?al. rmt rLA?\ mv.i. wead^. viilm -/ ditf. Krr?-lp'?, r'fM, I* <i?l lla iidiiillfl, l? a>**? I a, r,?r,?? low i t r-?, f- r attko.m.eoMirrovA v??ka< Pww IZ3 t nlioa airoot aurii'r Ntn??. f >r vnnalij MftrabllW. k*.t i? treat ?ari#ty. THOMAS f <rr l<i>. and Cart l'riat?r._ PI A S N< MA HIM "I mi HOST 4PPROTBD I '|0?1iij, aithat nf ir. Ti or wo<4, at part lr ? and p?rl noa-f. naaafarinrtil ?|th d?apato>i, arid warranted: alad, l*tra ryliadero. ?ilra owttarhtada, aktra kairpa. and < r?ry tttkU ?CBiMV4 with Plania* Marhlar, my V n* ?in?5 tf JOHN H.LF.^rtlt, Comet of flreea and Tor* olreou, Jeraay City, N. J. I Ml TBIMMINOB?BILK AND VOimD ELS Blm tillril >t l?1 ' ? '>ad at tno h??l aitrfcol prleea, at F. Vayrord'a ?rh"l??aU Cord. Taoeol, Frln*?, (Jim) >a<4 fiuttoa Xadufavwrj, No 3) Cliff oiroot. a*ai filM, u| It air*. and Sl.Ot* l?INTV CaSCA nilVV D tkirk w..rk. ea'ltlad ?< loaliue, wait adapted to ?xpo?t, *ory ?h?ap, frr?alet? > \> i RV rt> Wtt'lam (treat an ftalra. K/k n/wt WINDOW SHAPES, FOR S%|,B IN LOTJ WvjUvt' to anil piirfhan r?, >>y Ktjr It Hiker, ti-loilve w iidow ffhado de%|era, l.ll Chathia <tf"tt N. B. [ Itj ard con?,t y r ?i| pl a4. SAf>DI.RR V IIAKt>* AUK TR \ DIC ? TH B * Rl TM ho\le* h?a? a n->ml>?T of jrrara ea/arH In lha a?x>Tt l.otiaoaa. ? ant a aituatloa eithrr ao Aa loam an of II i.>k- koe|? f. Keferinea *n?n. I'laate addraoo " I ad natty," atftco ol iliHjtfrr. _ _ PBRFWFRT, fcC.?JOlNSO* AND (JROSVR. NO. I I CnnttUndt ?tre?t. a?ar Broadway, manufacturm* perrt<attr, ltpf>rltr? ttiil dikl< peff'tiaery, '>aP, t? Tha irado " ppiifd tipoa tko 'nwaot tirmt. Cana ry aarekaaw tra latitat ta aiawla" ft atoffc. At' tj I IW?. a A M K ur mm ni r 1 ? r uriin SMt??, lo > ?"if? III Fnti ? ?tr??l ?Thu llr?t ni?litr wad# ?<t oM?r (half or 23 p?-r o*nl !?? # Iltaa #??? nil* by at.* mirr'n'orr Th? ft'tlac tint , iatl?<t?-tha ?'irk if (rtt quality. Nnniiti ar -in lativn ?f prl<?. - n||pp|!??, Tnr. ateammiip jarui *\ni>a ro* t.irrRPoou mil ?al| oa Th"r?'lij. **l '?mt?r t, li?r t-rilir <Uy. For ril*ht or win*, uBr<??'l.'d ??< <m>n<v4atlo??, apply it loard, fool of ( faton ?> (, Ea?t R'var, ?r takia tuai>. ?;?. R?nrkt *rukit. W?. If fentH ttrwl. Packr.T* row ha v?it-preuMD lini.-hhip ST. McUOLa*. * w w??ttr, ?.ll >*to??r. norn k ni*. ur*, A*r*t?.m RON Mf*NN?ll (IN WBDNB5DAT, RBrTBiUIBIt ?. r a* f' nr oV.'.fk. r w fr >m ri,r *" * " rth M??r. tlia (ratnrr MIBRORRB, rapiam l,r?a. For fr?Uht ?r nxm pi ty to f. L MirnillM.. 1* ?roat? ?.l 1* H l'??wri?r< for Florida. Nobtta, aad Nfw Orliaat, rill Unit ihia ik* in ft roitta Foraalr-thk FA*T n111.1NO COP?BRBI> i?koon- r N I LB. la rood ordar w? ? aa*; ko ?l< aa tb? ?!??. f?? ?Ptlj W TAVL NKORIIt. mrmlli | AMV8EME!ir8. I DROADWATTHEATIM.?OK AND ITALI^W <)PERJL? { D ll havlac beaa an i??uj by many admirer* both of I Opere ?ad Ballet, that a~ch buulil l..i m aepa aie entdrtalaI Beuta. it if iini>nnoed that the Iir?ad Italian Opera wiU, j anfil further notice. be liven alone.? W Jaeeday eT?einr, Sri tembtr A, will he perf. rmed Doniietti'e fraud npir? of LU? IA 1>I I AM?EKHOOK-I.ii"ill dl I.winnurtnonf, S jii<ri Ui**arciai?ti; Ediardo K?v? wwoi>d, Nignor CurreVll; Entieo Aebton. Sinnnr Vita; Lord Armru. Si|>nur N I'aruM* b ormaer o. lienors Paroeea I)? >m o?en ?t 7. t" ?,?uu at put 7. I>ri ?? i;ir-It and (I, Famli* and Third Oir !r*. tP*.: Gallery !*". Priraie >? ??? may he oh'ainid. Burtons theatre? w. e.buktom, prupriet*r. J Uroa?liaa 8u(j?-l<aiiM?r.?v?'?dan?d?y ?v?nin?, SinUftlxr ft, ?ill h* p m\ ed the ci?o#dy in ihrw llli o' MA KKIEV I.I KK?Mr Famtxl Coddle. Mr. Burton. Nr. Lionel l.jnx, Mr. Clarke: Mr Youn*liu*bai'd, Mr. Brougham, Mr. Iirnry Dora, Mr T. Johnaoa; Mr Daeid Diiraal, Mr. Ha*; Mr?. Samuel Cuddle, Mi?i Chapman; Mre. Henry Dove. Mr?. llr'>ii|(hiui. To conclude with the new burlriQug of THE SPUIKX?Adelpate*. Mr. Breaghaia; Mercury, Mr. T, Jeim?!< ?; The Sphinx, Mr. Burton; Atnpldltee, Mr. Laiuili; Fdipna, Mie* <'h*i>maa. Boxes, Dru?* Circle a?'t Parquetto, SOctnte; Kuaiily t.irtlo. i'i i eute. Bl'bton's THEATRE?PRICES not RAlHP.r>fAS many p?.r?on? were led to htliux e from the eon*picuou? manner in a Inch the price of the oreheitra chairs WM p'anod in tLe hill*. The price* remain an lierrtof.ra. B'Xen ana l'arquettr, M) restr. Ki inily Circle, or 2d Tier, 'ii cent*. Orchcetra Chain, 75 cente, BARN UK'S AMERICAN MUSEI'M.?SI'I. EN DI I) PERforuiancee In the aft* rnoon at i'.j, and ovary evening ai I o'clock. The Manager ia enabled, tlua work, to present to hi patrcna an unprecedented variety ofal traction*, among whuk may be; the cnoimoua Boa t'onatrictor. twenty feet la length, an J twenty-three inohei in circumference, ui.d 'he lurgect liting Anaconda evei oapturtd alive. It ia 17 feet lone, and 21 lnchee iu circuuifereu.-c. T ??e wonderful r?ptiIra err ttenred in a atroag iron ca^e, no J c*u he aeen at all boura. day and evening. The live luauiuioth < rocodile rotn-iin* one wtek more. Two inuiini farce* wide he enacted at each entertainment by talented peraona. Alao enca.'ed, that popular comlv linger, Pete Morria; Madam Kockwell, Fortune Teller. Adniiaeion, 25 oenta; children under 10 year*, 12>? eenta. _ (CHINESE kLXFl ll.-TlJE ONI,V ONE IN THE uniJ ted State", My Broadway exhibiting the Manner*, On?t?ui>. Religion*. Arta and SoieLce*. of four hundred inilliona of Chinese. Open from 9 A. M . till 10 t>. M. Adinitianoe 26 cents: ch' Idrcu nnder 12. half price^ (^ASTI.E 0 A K PEN.?I. A ST WEEK BUT ONE OF Till > gloriou* Summer Fetoa.?Third ai p?ar:tnre here of tha j talented SanonialVuartettc Band ? Kc-ei.garment of m ile l.ovan ey, Mir* Julia Milaa, Mr Hamilton, llerr Stoepel, who ! will apP' ar every ni|(ht in the Grund Proiuevude (Tunoerta, j which will be followed by the naua JH"turner ll.Jla, in a hich I rititera have the privilege ai Joining iu the variou* Cotillon*, Polkaa, Wallace, kc., to the uiieie of a capital ball band. Ticketa, 23 oenta. BOARD1NU, ?c. BOA1D.?1TRN1SUEO ROOMS Willi OR WITHOUT Board, in a genteel Private Bearding Houae, pletuuntly ! lncatud, and near the bualneaa parte of the city, with trie aecemmodation of warm and cold batha. Enquire at No. 11 Barclay atreet. Reference* nohanrod. BOARD1NG-1N A PRIVATE FAMILY IN CHAMBERS alreet, for two or three gentleman; who can lind a r?j apectatlc and comfortable bouiu. Aptly to la W., lloral4 | office. A FEW 8INCI.E GENTLEMEN, OR OBmilM and ilieir wive*, can le accommodated with gentael board, at 71 Kldtidre atreet. Referent', a required. Board wanted-a young gentleman from Geimany desire* hoard ia a genteel American family or mall hi ardmg house; location eaat of tiowery. for winch be ? ould give leason* on the piano forte, or ia the Freach and (ierinaii language*. Piano furnished by him if required. References enlarged Addree* "??erui*n.'' Herald office. UOOM8 Ml BROADWAY TOLET, FURNISHED, WITH or without hre*kfa?t and tea. Oe'itlemon wishing ptrlor aud bi droom, er eingle rooina, wi'h hot, cold, and *ho*er ha'l f. M ill plcaic make early ai'|iln-ation. ROOM!*.? VF.KY IiESIRABIE AND AIRV ROOM3, furnUhi d or unfuruiahed, for alngle gentlemen, without or with partial hoard, may be had by application a* MS Franklin atreet, a few doora weat of Broadway. _____ IOllGINO*, LODGINGS.?QENTl.EMEN WISHING J iicm ly f'.rniehed rooma, with comfort and economy combined. can aiitain tin in by applying Mi I lapeaard atreet, t hrea doom wcat of Broadway. Breakfast if required. FOH BALB, ^ FOR PA I F.-PONIES AND CARRIAGE?FOR SALE a pair ?f matched Ponies, with carriage and harneav o?m I plcte. Apply at the "Mmli?*n Cottage," ocrner or llrnad ray cod 23d alrect, where th*y cm b* >?g, ktuceo II A. M. aud 2 P. M. POK SALE-A VERY FIST TR?TTINQ MARE. SIX yaarl old, aixteen Lknda Hgh ; aouad and kind ineikgl* or double bkrneea ; driven with or withuul blind*, aud of c?HM>I Villi will be fold. If kpplied f t kt mice. MlUf late. For partieulara, (tc., addreee?Trotting Mare, ilurald ofli*#. 1MIE ? I I18C HI I' ER OFFERS FOR SAM HIS COUNt i i ? llni'l Neck. Wcatchaa'-r, fonrteen rail** , from (he eitv?#0 acr"?. with all aeceaaar* Improvement*. AI*o to let. ror a boarding heate, the hon*o No. 44 Kooiaaoa 1 at net, with the dwelling part ?*?r the a tore. fronting oa Greenwich street. Apply to JOHN L. BtTKI.ET, No. SI Froal t( THOMAS C. TAYLOR. hid1cal. TO INVALIDS-AN PHYSICIAN OF ihlarlty, intend* accompanying bu family this fall, to | one of the healthiest uf the H eat India lalkndk, where lie ia II Well acquainted,?? d tli* elinikt* of which ta peculiarly favorable for tho.i? laboring undor affectien* of th* tunica, lie Will anil ftom thla port about ti llHk of October, ami would tak* chargc of three or four Invalid* on the paa*age. and I ? I eat* them comfortably for the wiu'er, on moderate term*. Fee farther partlealan addreaa H., H*rald oflea, riMlE FA I 1 I.TY Tilts i.KK AT li'lllY OF I'llOFESM. aionkl M)rter*. we are proud to lek'B, are faat Hiring up their prejudice', aud are, aliaoat to a man. |>r??cr biag Dr. ; K*ilinger'* truly wonderful medi< in* In the'r practice. ? ho h ia now univer?ally admitted t? be tie rao.t agreeaM* and *ffectlrr aaiiiiire lor ilan t am y claae and eiiaraat-T of diaeaae to which the hi.iaan family are heir , rhaumati*, aad all other paina, taeether wit h all niaumr uf old aore* eute, ' hrulae* fcr.. yield imtr-diairly and are ?ured. ltatreanthena the h ilr and beautil'e the akla No family willererba without it after a trial, a* it la very agTaeable aad aura to pleaae. Sold in bottle* at I2)fj aad Atftt*. each; (I and VI per d"*ea. 2.V I'earl at., IM IIroadway, oae doer akov* Uraud.and I J i f th* droggi*t* generally Testimonials contimh to m received in faror of Dr. I?g'a Indeatruetible f illing an a permar ' n< lit ai d dnralle ato| I'ing for dicajed teeth. The petal-"* , Mltrr In which it. i? introduced particularly reeoiuineu I* it to time ? hot* teeth are aeaait.r* or leader. Office aud ImMmWi IV Murray atreet. I ' ? Wt l!E W a RD?J EFF Ml ES" ANTIDOTE, A IFMI? jpt9\J\J Ac Mtature for the cure of Ooaorrho a, tJleet, , Striata ret. aad m.ilar die-rtrr*. It makee a *|>eeiy *ol ! I permanent cure withoat the tenet reetriotiaa of d<rt. drtak, j eapaanr*, er change ia application to baein*** Our ohieut ll ' to notify al> re it <an ie bad. and the prpr et>r e inllemte* I anngle e?,i i f recent < >aoirhna to b? brourht whiei a [ mixture will aot r.f.d:v mi'. ?< >r a forfeit un "f $ <"i. | i Fi rth*r--the d aek*e eaaaat be *onrikoted if a d of < )i? Mixture ia tak?n whfn e?p> laianul up m to tilea, with f I full direction* accon>pan> in. it, at II Oae buttle lea * a week, whien geuerally enree- many at* cure 1 ia two daj?. ' ! For ??le by C U Kio*. lt'J iiroade.i. cor. John at. n Vo-k. i ! nx de Witt i: k ti i i \i.; ' > rRi i.Y >t us nrn| ful m< diclne cure* iamiao ate j all dioeaae* to whit li th* family kt-'eir. It ia t>>e iu-. raai a till el rnkl i re' tcripti.o, end aiia ilk ' magic la it?ry caee. It r ter*a Ltimrl "i a liiatahtiy, 6<iduulyat l'."ac to ."mo. per Imttl*. . I at '.'.'i'I'eail atreet, kkd 4M Broadway, oae doorkh ;?e Cirand I I *?*: Be ym fhi itpi i. and multiply, ts \ COmill thai fl oiilil b e 'Inlly oleey. I by the ohildr< n ' i n a. | I For female aad male. Dr. Lariette'i Juno Cardial, of I'm, 1 creauve lliair, pre>criled aa aa eH-etnal reatoratira in ear-* , | ol'li bility. bai renneaa. and all irre^ulari'iea of kbture. It > ia *11'bat it | r lenai e to t*. na. Nature'a zreal rc?'aratir* ' I aad irn.edy lor thoa* in tlie married atat* wi>hout olftprl ig. ' It ta a in ruin cure for > intal debility, weatneae, n?r >u* klleetieni. la-h rrl.n a, ke. A* a tiaoriatiag m< dicine it i* [ I aee^oalled. Aleo, k return r'n>*ay I .r in< ipient r,,r ump" tii ii ind .eatioti, loea . f mua'ular en' 'ay, ptij aie?1 l*?-1' 'de, ' , feia?le w aktea*. detiilit). fcc It ia * arraoted to t>h a.a the I u .er ia aa) < ' the ai ?e oomplati 'a. ard t* of pri ! .* rain* |o tho*e withoat K-prtng. I aiitioti Tin* erkbrat<nl tn*1|. I *ine aaanet be genuine aalea* th* fac *imile *i(&atur* *1 | Jt di.u A Co. (the i nly Amcrtgan ei'iita) i* oa ib* wrri per ' 1 ef each ktO*. Principal e>e?. I>7 /ehn atr?nt. New Yerk. ? 1UBW MEDICAL BOOKS-A COMPLETE PRtcril'tL J IN watk. en ii .'ur-end tti itni? >t of prt iate di - a ?. ' ' lllgtlrilfd bir I irotl nnnb.r of brnitirallif v<i|?r*4 |>lai>a, ' | u tof|< liv lly II bit H'niwi'k, M It I. ir*? uu xt?, .Vi" [ * ?. ibi rditii.B. J*rir? (IV I ? rjrt frma th* it.-ar >a | Mrdual and 8 tr?tral jmhii " It nt) to *.*td, fi> ?rl ??>ly. . I toto *<jual to Kit ' inrt M ti* .A!n? ( ally of I 4i ?aaar*, ar.4 far ?nf <ti?r f> anytMhn af lh? k.n I -tar p*b | ll?h*4 la il cculr;." I'rico ||H, A.tV.r of a worm M ' (fBlul t,Diinlcn>, laif. -tanay, k? , mii?4 by iinff ?p-r habi'a. i oi.r h EJilioa, m plato*. pdnh. kth'i ?t tl i P<l iNkwt, Milnfii Ik TowBM-iid, Ztl uiu?lna;, aai by tha a*<k?r. .'*>4 Broadway. n*.jauxf(iN, it i? Kan i street,ao WILL&*cwn 1/ la tb ir'Dia'it of 4?liott< 4li<ai'i.-T!i? litttor'nnCtati ib lor akill ia thon half cnr*4 *aar? that Coaatila'ioaal woakano*. ir > i(ht an by a arot KaMi. <f**t*?Uy eara4. k?o?ul oaort oat*4 ? ft or do va. No CCRB no r*t D?. ?<>RniTT. 1? Dt' A *1e ST., in*y ba mniolkd ?a th* tmaimrat of aarata 1*11 ?s? 4i?raM>a. a practira of aiat?*a nan da*oka4 u. th* treatment of 4.-ti?at* diaor*** *aabl?a Or. (j. to ear* th* wont i form of tin* diaoaaa. hmna* aaaaa i?rod la thraa dart Ma . i srnrv ?if4. Ur m< l( hi ron i* t ?|.m i hen ii m.l.t .os m ' i ed on *11 4l**a*oa of a d?lleat? aalar*. a prutio* of w 1 i ftiri *b >' -la* hiai to eora (ho raoot virnltat aa*** without moreary. -m ?a??* -urnd ia thrf* to ?lt day*. No f?? t u ; errtd. v*a mi l nd'.u Diploma ia hi* '?';*. *> >, folta* _ __ _ _ ' t^*- fawcbtt can bb CORflNlfftiLLT co*. ' ! mf onlifd at hu'iffiro, fll Dry *tr?*t, on *11 prirat* d n??.in. 1 Th* aio. t ob?tlt>al* ji*ld i" hit bind* < f tn-a'mont. wl. nb ia oijjibr bob- airrrarlal inni-ipla. t??lr'nro* raf?d a tbo ai.*1 appro**1* p'*b Tlio riotiai* ?f tolltary ih4til<*aro raa aloa ' apply, wltk a rrrlalaly ?f r?r? -m i1 ??'r DR. RALPH, AITIIoK or THE "i'RAOtlCAI. PRII rat* froatl**." tir V (Jroraairh *ir?l Olio# hoar*, . ? to 12 a. m , t to ? p. s., 19aa4ay< aacaptod ) tl'?-?Sa 1 apply IB th* oarly *tar** >11 bo enrpr * J at t!.o rap-dit/ Bad littl* lar.irrrBl*!."-* atl- odln* itoir cura il ia ( airily, hoaoror. tki>io ?h? h**? 'd (roai a -t'^ia ol**? < ! p>->. pi*, oho <aa prittrly b(ifr??-i?t* hi o ??r?i*a?. I a rlotnra, fr. ib It* Rial, of lacipl*i>t, to li? m?r? *draar -i and diatr**a| lac ?'** (fr-ib nrronim'tiadraaia*** and a trry ntwanira pt rilr?.) h<- raa *:'or'l a rapid. ?a?y aad r?dlo il fur*, <rtil*h, r h* ha? fionad* f. r allaii, raa to obtaaaoi from ao othar mtrali Aarrin. Strict irk its noiri btmptomi, corbf. iifiiri, ?'d? *f 'o*lin?, tho r*m*il ??, with rorirr* Bad oaljf p-rn-ipi ni oi r* .nu j?? |i'.**m*bi Ihi* ?i.rl ni?4 l"bf b? ttMiblrd wlih atrlotar*. Rmh adltma pp .vi Trif* $1. v*) b* h?d of tka aalhat, v Uraaawlch itr**t, or ky | iboin h fr*?. npi<? <rkiii> woman r trivatb Rifnii ai. (<?*j p*ai-bthjr l)r. a. m Manrirran, l"rnfn*?i-.? of l>i**a*?rof wonra blilh ndlttoa. IMmo.. pp. smi. i'rlna tl. ftl.'uo a?ibir* *< ld ia tia inoatha. 1 ???a "T >?ntr nt. m r-'rpir?i Iia nri-d mrimi 'n t?- mini an aff?eti?>a?ta milt, Kill p'Tdnlari *t(BraHI?? lo tha' uabant, roi.-lf I ?\? ??rn ?; *r?<l ; th"B?a? 1? n- ? p?' r w?ul4 t w inlay ft enmp?t?aa* ; thoaaaai* ao? ?r?k*? IB kaalth w al4 ha*? ?nj rad it; hnai!r?4a bow la |t,air(cr???? ko?b Mill alira, bj a Mi><4) t'ttxiMi n of fhi* work. It ta ial?nif d aaj>. rjull) tnt the marr<>4. ar thaaa aoatamplattai sorrlar*. a< 1* dlarlaaa imp-rtant aaatau, ahnk ah nld ha kaowa t<> th-ai aartiealarlf. Tn th-?? whoa* taaith 4V>?* not parmltaf aa laaraan af fcMiljr, it la af aaparial impoitanpa. h?T?, al*a, at?ry faaiala?tha wlfa, tha aathar. tha aaa althar boiMiaf lata Wdoaahoni at ?ha aaa la tha 4a*ilaa af yaara, la whaai aatar* anataairlatft aa iaiportaat haa?'?? aaa 4laaaaar tha rauaaa, <ya\ptom?. aa4 tha aaat ra 4'?a. aaii aio?? r?rtaia m?4a af aara, la Itirj aaaplatat to hiofc h?r aaa la mk)?at. fi.? aalf at Ml Bf-oiwaf Mi at *!|a Fnh'iahlM Offioa. 10 I.lfcatty atraat. H. T.i I-ittU fc O?.. AlHaf; W. R. !? *< , Enaaoa ; / B Patarara. W I baatant air?at, Philarfaiphta; ' Wlniam Tajlar k fa., Ralilnara; #. B ftaaaaani. Naw Oalaaaa . J. CaKKa^a, ftaasaaafc. | Ob tha ra*?tpt af ftl. a anpa will Va traa?aitto4 ha mad I fraa af p?ato?a taaap part ?f {ha Ualta4 Saataa. All rattan a>a?t ka a44i?to?4. pa? paid, to pp. A. M. Haafiaaaa. Baa I t.Ot Kav Tack tftf. OAaa la Utttj HIA nrriLUfcEWK BFTOR m Oar Bai Minor* CarTNp?n4?R?e< Baltimokb, Sept. 4,1849. Court Mar limit and Mtdthtpment Ih*U?Sttmmer Georgia Afloat?Free S/il?Health of the G'tiy? Marketi, Ire. The recent court marti&l at the aaval school at Annapolis, un account of aorae insubosdinatiag j among the midshipmen, teems to h^ve resulted m fnrni>hing additional materials for court-martial?.' I Sunday, a party oi the young gentlemen paiwi through here, on their way to the Bladensbarg battle ground, to settle their difficulties by mart a! combat. Rumor gives two affaire as about ! time off; one between Messrs. Van Wyck and Simmon?, and the other between Messrs. Loea und Roberts. It was generally believed that a* fight had takf n place up to last evening, though a repart reached the city that one of the eomhata had come off, and hud retulied in the death ot Mr. Roberts. They will doubtless be all arrested, and locked up in the Bladenstiurg calaboose. The steamer Georgia, which has been for tw? wreks on shore, at Eaetou, Md., was yesterday, after ihe m ist intense laWnr, raised and lodged in a i plnce of safety. With the exception of the snag I holes in her bottom, t-lie is n>>t materially injured. | A ftee soil meetiug was held yesterday afterI noon, at which there w?? a half do/en t>ersons prevent, combining the " b?ne and sinew" of tha new party. They pledged themselves to go tha " wh?le hog" fur their nominee for Congress. Joseph Buck, K*q The report of the Board of Health for the past week shows a further improvement in the health of the city, and the total absence of anything resembling cholera. The total number of deaths i wjs 122, of which number 72 were unler tea i years ot age, and but 44 adults. | T!ie ship Charles, of thm port, was yesterday sold at public auction for die ?um of $13,U00, John Henderson <V Co., purchasers. A meeting, preliminary to a Hungarian demonstration, was held la*' night, and was well attended. Jt is promised, here, to start a fund for th? . at-sittance of the gallant fellows, and not tend to them raertly un **mptv -li<md?-d ?yinptithy of words, and nothing but word*. In tba Baltimore market. yeaterdny there war* sales of 400 bbla Howard atreet tl-iur. at ifr 1S\ Whost Sale* of common to good red at V6 ceuta a $1; good to prima, fl a $1 06; whit*. $1 ort a frl 10; family floac wbitH. fl ]'I a fl 10 torn?Sale* of white at 5V ? DO eartf; and yellow at 63 a 04 cents. Oata. a 31 eeuta. The following ware the .< ile- at tha Stood Board, yesterday$600 tlty e'a 1N70. 103; 1" eharea Baltimore Llfa Insurance, &4S; 10 Bait. aud Ohio Kailrond, 42)f. Our St. liuuli Correspondence^ Sr. Lot/is, August 27,1)40. iftrr Skoti tint Riot!?Briiton't Prvgrrtt, fc. Thin morning about fight o'clock, another scene of outrage oceurred uu ouretrcets reaultiug in the serious wounding of an unoffending man As Mr. Jabn Howard wan walking down Third street, he observed, in a furniture aSore tlio married daughter of an old and familiar acquaintance. aud. halting momentarily, inquired after the health of her father's family. The lady approuched the door, and for a fev minutes held conversation with Howard. Suddenly, the husband of the lady - wh>-? name in Lant'Ule and who was watch in ir the mnvemeut* of bis wife from a tore in the neighborhood - crowed the street, and drawing a piatol, ithot Howard in the back. Tha bsll entered below the left rbuulder bla-Je and ranged downward. Howard fell and ?a? to Ins hou>e. Lanadale attempted to escape, but *?< arretted It is the Itnpre.-i-lon of all who ha*e any acquaintance with tha partias. that the Jealouay wi.ioh actuated Lansdale? at leaat, so tar a? liowaid Ih concerned ?wok entirely eauteleM. Lam-dale i< a nun of Irregular habita; and though his wife wa< the victim of aedu'-tioa previouxto marriage, it Is generally concede I that ahe han led m blamelera life eince. I he wound of Howard will not fiobably prove mortal, although it is a revere ona. nnxlule in now utidt rgoiug ?u examination, befora * jutllcr bf the p> ace There war a terrible riot laat nUht on Market street, mar Thirteenth street Kor some sleuths paet. frequent demonstrations have been male against a house of 111 fame there situated k>-pt by a woman natnedClementine. Rowdy b v, in-tigatfd by over-virtuous Bdgbbor* of < lenient in* Imvu on aeveral occasions, stoned the boupe; and. in protection of the property and liven of the inmate*. ah"ta have he** tired from tha premises I.act night, about ten o'aioek, one of thus* fceues was repeated in th? c<>er*e of which a person named Kennedy - a u> ighb< r pr^poeed the demolition of the house This <kt carried into effect by flrst removing the furniture aud burning it. and then by Bring the building, wbirh was burned entirely to the ground. 1 ha Itmaiea of the eelabiiahmeut were shamefully ahured and malneated Tuoee who were able to escape, did to by flight auildxt a abower of atonae and platof shots One pour wretch was hnookrg, by a ruffian's fli-t. ibte the gutter, and. while ijlag aesavlxM, wal literally buri< d by the crowd. In mud! And the wretrhe* who perpetta'ed theae eutragee will probably e. cape threngh the force ol publte opinion ! H rr.bU ! A short time ago. a journal of tbi< city, einaured y urSt Lou's c< rre.pontteut for coloring too highly, aa It alleged the liepiaiity vf < nr town. Karte. bowever. 'peak for them eivwS. It i? only the more glaring | Inttau that are recorded Three riots occurred | leeterday in different i-arta of the town, of wbieb I , have thought It unuscet.-arv to give details Tba <"o- ? j roner. thin un ru ng. publi>lje> live inqucatt held yes| terday, two uf which, were of caees ol death by vio: lence The Denton war la etill going on In rather a gaerilla fa-hi on litntnnwill not uieet bin oppmeots, but . haratgurs artund tb? at. Ille gr> at hvfcby Is the |'nrifle railroad The aigu<. however, are rather bad for Its ratiylng h.m into the Preaidency AKOU3. Vn< n lit i xoa Aikk?. ? By the ariival of bark Mm*, at this port fun Fu>noe Ayres. July 10. tba Hnntk Patkri to the 7ih wja r>eeived On the 4th the treainry paid to Daring br >thrra Si <?o f>3o OflA. kiz months ' dividend on the l melt h loan. h?re?ttei $w O(i0a month 1 Is to be f aid A at ?l MniTtnmi sehooaer Ko.-est 1 ?*? fBp?l*ea in a gale ?n the ."d aud one of the men 1 aluii at drown'd I be hlgbe-t price of <lonbloons dur| lngtbewi>k waa 3"4, '1M) Exchange en the | I nlied Stat?a par; l'.ri;!and per ou'ioe. Kranee 81 Xf to btf per i.uuro; Jv?tit n OOuDloon* 3Ji 10 Ji?3, I atrl >t 2V7), to an. (rrli:biii to l uited S ate* 510 per 'JOO lb- ; dry hide*, ralti d wool *4}< p-r ' 0 fr?it S. varal w*rt loadli g for California -Iktfan I'ott S-pt 4. Jtmim or <'m . Hn r.,<( -Old Bullion w?? arra*t*4 on ihe Mtli ln-t in ibl? town (Sr. loeipb, Mo .) at tha Inrt *?<? of Judg* Bligh. for *landar, In ftiblMy aharg' Ing Judge II with Improper roudnet In bia family. ( ol llrn'on liaa ni*d hi aimwi-r end petltl >uvl Itr m i cbfei it* <f veiiue to Clio'on countr the ruri iiaee of Judge Blrrh ? Si Jntrjth .14v *1ag II. CITY TIL A UK U KfO ?T. Ct'iiMt. Hapt 4? r M. The fiur market ?a? ast?to r?th> r h a?y today. The ) mUm dm-aiiii having *l?elemd off, aad but ' | little doing (or import, prtm'i were elite fly mi tainad by th-l'cai tiade. ?bo h >- c<ik) 'or frarh ^toaod brand* ' of good State ai d tt'artrrfi a?d .Souihi-ro Thert *M a lair inquiry lor low and ordinary grada for 'be Brl? tiih prorince* Tin re *aa mora d'dug In whaat. In| cii.dliiR kale* i f ibfrrior K'huh, wl'h go d Southern, , on ternm dated below. fat-* if Oeneea* wera alM 1 n ede on private taim? < oro wa* itaady with a fait aiKi iiUt (if rale> round b? ing *e?rr?. wai Qitner wblla the'* wax do rhaoge In other htud* Kyi wai qnlat, wl.ile oata weieftin. Ilye flour ?a? dull wblla inaal m tiiui for Br an'l?win-, but dull lor New Juriey. 'lb* re *it ware d-ii.g In p?r?. hut prioa* ruled low. I:* f ei'UtitiUed low 1 h*re ?a< no markad abanga la la d ( i flie ai d mjiar eoi ttna-d ?oti?a, two cargiag vl lilo e< ll< airifi d ?e terJay A noaddarable portion of ui<? waa ?oid on t*rtu? - ' at. d below I'ba aott >a ?i> I 'M rllii and prtcea aboat the a* before the t a: ada'e oewa. Xtnr?-lbe market wai (Inner, and *aie*offtflaM bblr.u>ad? at |t) 7u for pot*, and at >4 37)4 $4 40 ft* pearl*. Dai? rn i yr? - /7<m* Tba aggregate aale* af tba day rearbtd abi ut ft LOO a A<m<0 hut* , In *epar*t? Iota, ah< 1 g ahirli Wrf*>l and fine at $4 K f 4 7ft . common Stat* and mixed V|i*l?lgan. at ?ft .'17 a $4 44 ; alralglit State and good Wa tern at t>6 44 ft I>A (0'? . par- t iw end te*?rt4a W?t? rn at $ft a Jfi 7ft . c inii.on to g,? d (>ho> at tft 7ft a V> SI: hiie; flat* and Obio ?6 7ft a ?<>. extra Ohio at fa K t, a *?. onv, . e*iia lieoe-..., at ?0 (MI14 m $4 37 ^ ; f 81 a litem ?ale- of e an 1 OtN) I JO? bbl* , war* Mad* t fft 87H f?r Howard (treat, and of iirorg< t?wi. at . fi to ai d new Pi nna at ft 47H, wltb Baitmora and freJerirk>burr,to arrif*. at %5 ?i)f ; r^t. r-b irg anil ( ity MUJa. at f * 74 Nve >tm-r- S.lai of 800 bbl. war* maJe at 4'< WS *3 C-rn Ural waa dull, wltb rale* of low bbl* N*w l*r*ay at $1 87 H i and K4 bbl*. ' Brandy win*, at 4-1 (0 M'Vul - -talea of ft.ooO bu?bel? , I I per i ak* wer* mad*, on private term* ; l.ftOO do. Iiiterior do . at t^e a tie . and & 0QU bo-h?U new (Hnafee. i n prira** term- ; 4 4?k du. fair to good whltt I I)i la war*, at like a liie . gloat ng >ua<ly Nv? - SalM ale reported at 4l? Oi'i ?ri> firmer, with nlaa at Nortbarn ranal at 4le a 4dn ; aad at .14r aM? foe ' n. w J*r?i y Cmn- Tba ?ale* for tba dav rea<ib?d | tbont 2 4<n a i.lA (' biifbi 1* at 'lie for healed Waaler*. . I . I . I .. k..k ur II. f' r flat ) allow ?nj tic a boo for Northarn anl J?r-?y (< ? ?? rouid jrllow ? ?itor- I he mark*t rrrnalt?? inlet. the buying by ip'fijlaloT- ha?l|i| o- ? <? th? al~? war* rall-d I 000 tu 1 :wj at tti* curiam pries* prartau* to th? url?al ?l Ihn ttramrr I o?n i Bala* ? f 1 2f?t a 1 900 bag* Rio war* in% !# at " Sr i 'J 8"0 do eon m o ur ordloarj do at 7* a ' ,'?e. 1 b* mirUt continue* *tr*dy j'ai IT. 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