Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 6, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 6, 1849 Page 1
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t V T IT ' NO. 5570. [,l iBttKiUnn from the i\r|(?M(ln? lle|inbllc. We hi?* received th? Rriti?H I'acket, to the 7th of July, by the bark Alum, arrived at Uoeton. Thla U tot VMk later than our former ao vices. We And, in the fwckM of the Tib, the following interesting *1 mmahi { In pursuance af the resolution of the House of ReJireaentaUves. approving the recommendation of lh>n. HOMt to resume the pevuieut of $5,000 specie a month 1 on account of the dividend* of th? Knglish loan, aad lu i Obedience to m nrdrr fr< in h i LxoeUency to that effect, the treasury on the 4th itist . paid into the hands of Me*srs. Ziniln?nMii. t railer St Co . aical* ?f Meesru. < Boring Urethere St 1 >, the auzii of $577 5ou currency, i equivalent of $:tO.O<X) specie corresponding ti the tirst lx months of the present year. Henceforward, the payment Im to be ma<ir MMU) i We now r> dt ein our prouu.-e of aoine extracts from \ the recent proceeding- in the liouae of Uepretteuta- . tives; giving the precedence to those paragraphs of the reply to the annual uies?age thtt brar wore immediate- 1 ly on British relation! \ It may be proper to remind our readers that many of the remarks and allusinus apply to a situation or state 1 of things that * as, au<l consequently. are not to be 1 taken an an index of the present bearing* of the far- , famed intervention queMiou Important modifications , have taken place iu it *lnc* the month of January Therepukite policy of dictation. so egregioutly miaua- 1 derstood. and ro deploramy uii-appiiad by >iensra , Ouneley and Deflaudis, has been M.b-titutwl by the attractive and c? a.e>cmt policy of Messrs Southern aud 1 Le Predour I nder this benign iutluenoe. mighty, I though silent and invisible approximation* have taken < piacu mutual ooncetaiou* hate beeu made, ami above , aall, a lecipioca) contidetn'e and cordiality established, that leave na rational ground of appreheuaiou a* to a I MtiifitViory result ) Meanwhile, it in well to b? aware, that desperate et- . fort* are itiUl being made to mislead public opinion, Md frustrate ti e perming arrangement* The most < incongruous fabrications are reckinssly foisted in every Xlontevideau ttrsion and stiange to -ay Hod an occa- , ional echo in hurope. a proof of gullibility, or something worse that letlects little creuit on the disuriini- 1 nation, or moral principle, of a certain portiou of tha < public press. We big i.ave to remind these cham- , jpiona of the Montevid* an loan-jobbers that there are " dlgK'otO in i aliioruia i Alterexpressing the representatives' approval ot the \ onduct of the Executive iu regard to tne postponement of the reception of Mr M. Hood, Unit, aud af Mr. Southern, sub.-i nuenlly. in ilieir respective character f of H. >i 'a i out-ul and Mini -ter resident, the address , goes on to fay? England, by retiring from her joint action with France, though continuing in the intervention aud 1 alliance, lias placid herself, it is true iu a position less , difficult than Krauce. tor the re-eHtnblishment of friendI .*, r, thai . .Iifuijur-li..n V It rai.i.ilia ' to the repreeenian vv, it in to b? hoped olio will give a 1 declared form to her council* and that th? British em- ; pint will not lot* ihi* new opportunity of showing a?rintf (ittt. by doing ju?tioe to a young republic, tbat 1 he w *o ??riousJy and uitou-ly uffmded. I < Y K. IntoruiH the iepre>.>-utetives of oilier grievance* Ol the part of the hnglirh numsuicat; it persist* in rwtaining tha halt land lolaud*. All the world know* 1 that Ortat Bri'aiu abandoned tn-r unfounded pretention* to that important poeeewdon. before the lawiul , light* ot (be croen of Spain, all the world know*. that at the emancipation of tbik part of Vuierica the Kaikland Itlanue were popneciiea. pacifically and without i tppoeltion. by the 8paui"h government, forming part | of the vicoroyalty of tbe Plate, all the world. therefore, .1* aware that th*?e are Argentine <-i?ud? and it la proper it kbould know tha> r??n after the emancipation. Argentine authority* hare i-aiiIi-U there, without any opposition from the buglt>-h government. If latterly that governin<nt ha< taken possession of then, It U nothing ui'.rt au act of loice. au aut devoid of reason and etery pretext Tbe constant reclamation* of * t. ate wlmt p>rbap*. have amtaated that eloquent voice, that w?e recently raided in the very ahaahar* of Knp.laua. to reprobate so uujint a detention. It ia impoio.ibie tbat tbi* *houl<l net be condemned by eveiy man of honorable feeling Let k K. persist iu calling attention to tbe Falkland inland*, whiob belong to the Argentine i moderation, it ia .probable that your echo me) at la-t rectify the poller of the hritnb cabinet; and. if net, let an uojuitl' ftable usurpation hear yearly the reproaches ot justice. Bat ltagiaud is not n?w c?atent with the halklau4 k?aland* She has form< d a settlduieut iu the Straits of M rigArgentine pn-i-eriy. Tbe untiou conflict in itbe (Atri< tic leal V . K. will display In tbli respect. forbap* the new British enterpri'e ie not disconnected with the depredations that continue to be coinnHM on the Patagoaiao coasts, on theOuanoManJ*, wl other ielanda on that coast, b> merchant vessel* with the Hag* of fri- ndly nation* also, bat otuelly with ; that af Ureal Britain I >"> * *!?% approve of th? order given by w.fc. ,t?> yent Nimieter in London, to Invite >le?ee*. Br**hert k co . nnd other shareholder* of the Urltieh loeta t? puruhaee from the Argentine goveraif *K!f "1 tb' ?"*no *'"1 "porting it from witr^ otW^jT "2 " also sail- , . '2 " K>p*uui metal* and the H.b. ,?.u* 4,i,Ui* " l"- un Ui-y uiay on*OV?mul?n? to be delivered to aft- ! .P,Vn>>l-t lhe '-uglUb loan it being the | ^ i **e eon tract or*, in ih? name of the \rg^Wfoverani'nt. to nause rbeir privilege t? be re*|>e?ted lor ell/uUt.-d term 1^ ma? b- g ant^d th-m 1 III* etnedteat wniLt h pioTM* practically and onre tor*, the nutlety 'he '."^entln" government to over the Kngiith d?bt ; whllrl it provides In a convenient niansrr for the maintenance of the Argeutino j tATenipty up n thoee *a t ooar'e exhibit*, likewise. ( Ml <'i llivrrtAM Il?i IU"' tli' J. ioun< ua.l :n, Mich m >>iin that p <? ? ?? n.M.o've tariltorlaa. with taHiabl* tl.nm though th-.y thaumrltaa n?ay ba aba Me to tlpkoca than way r?*ap iha , bvuaQt of tin in U>"? tava -lUKr ..?!- ?? ttfiur *t|?| oir'.' t" iii ..i "i pi?-<.u*. Mil multlpll?? to vliich ih'j in-it lit si for lfc**<r own . enaction. laiprovruuut and i?r--<T.M4 tn *v?ry ra p?*ot. < onm^umtiy,'h?y r? niiirt- tlia a;-->i?tauo? of natlona no liiloi rri aud iust ?0'l to 'tTar tli?m in aich*ai<-, th? pnn<n<> rt' th?ir ??>it whioh '.hry w? Mnahla to uif d to ace->u.t lliut ltiw? |>r nlm-iioiin *r?- ??t withb< Id fr> id i h* "I mai nor mo th? at- <1 ttoaa that p< >?f* i li?ib rinulu f-ramr >t(ii|)|IUl'|''?ah ?thMr mhmh?. lo * *>atl<uai) ItTaii'iy *u<ih Irflha h*pp; id?* "f V. v UPV.tilrMjr einforraabla with tha Ji-?niif uf naturt. ?)i i v,t'j tli- wo ual ?lata uf boBitn .1 n tt thai tlx p 4Hrful (h^uiti p tba~ pr. dor. ^.h n? hinu; ihr da'uaiui >u?tiin of inMipMi. and niifl^r tb? la .a j-r-t??t tbat tha w?-m, to ?tiok Htar d did ti t rfi?nt tham lu ?alu eau .latter I'j' Jf Oof prot-'i'l w ; t . a,>p p. lata th-m < Uiun. ilwMti hv ttiiar naiua tiiau that >! a ahtra ^oilallN lb* r> pi*??a>*tir?? aitMiiiy ?|>pr th* pr^upt d'?Wn? wha-mith Y < Unanl-d Uiat tha !.o? >>h ?h<uid ri?Ufjr a dr.-la ntioa gratdii mair , U'tli? ty u'H . <n?[Hr?n .StaWa nvl? Dl I, ri '11llrr>loij la ll a >||||I<' r r Vrip >.?nll?i'jr n|f l>fu III Ln*4aa, ta < f ta* p>op?r ra,u?.t of tkl< '4ip)iMi?Uilto tki-HlKr' that th? |{ "?r!i?int ' hootd N |*WH iK# rait* . lit nii*i- pr paiatn ui 1'iat paMieij b< ik \' t*r u i k t?rr t .ry ? ,J ?cr?# foi if pr. j?rt.* up. i(..? t th? traitor dlrf. t*iD? IklM anl Sai>*,a fin -t'\ vh? maul of K'MrrhUiaa T#? >>il \:ial.'ar of II ?l oa ?UU ?.?> Ill .is . r: J \ t*lnitlw. thai it tliar* W a total ahaaja al tka (~?nriiBi- 'it? *^?1 .firm* lu '.ha uf Hunt It 'aaixn thM II' . liar til 0'?JiU?r. m ('it th?- h? f? -I <i> .... 1 I*ji i < act It Kiivnoa It It o? >?w4 tc 4iplomat>a iir <piit-1 a<'?>k*p ilMc la* aa imt I" t??4?^i ?, a <'hi; U? .liPirly l*<lleata<t l)y a<-. ari l a-.. t- . , xiopt f '. a r -r i I rf tnia| a?li< . <?ivh I? ill i at# mi i* "f bon -r la iul'.? n. t tfca t-c .1 a.) ant ( >? claimit 4 >11 tla?; ta !> *? ?1 it in .I- >n *.t?r l>Tok*d hy til' ial?Ur M K.|-|? 'Tar- * ''a .H -r ? l;U-rMt ikjit tu? ... at- n?t? *i ?i*.ian an o?ln**i a?(iira. - Itrl .ill - ilia I Soutn ta?ir*n r?t it. >. ??* r. f t, to Ailftt tt-atr m >> tha ' > i oaw> ?'--.?, . that ?ii inn ib?i ( ? 1 r-th- ?a:?.l ti b? I'lolUtal, aUbt/utfc k n?laad atlU i Ikiik tha Faitlaad '*t4f<* ?Ou)Jat thia h?vt liarn b. an Ntiiikrkhl) a.t?u iat> i tial ufla.?d aat M< akadrd bt f-i - bad ?ba at 4 <vVr* ?ar upon bar, ha?t -K-f H"? Mm* ?rns'.tf, 4?tM^ i -'t .udaa*" .. i ?rr? , a?4 ia*i a J Nl?> u.? nt Y 'I wl'H "Ttfftlt tnd b-.(ll HitltM it B*ionai ?.<? l#rr>J ...H.llt. ;.<ot ? b.aitaUMk ?r-M ,j .h<> Maiat'rW I Tat(n llatat; >11 Of } It M , ai.d lia* aaka.l blm t'i aiplalu in n " 1 oar to ?at'afy Ju-tlr *<-.,< fa>th and obligation W I It li 'ir tha Imw r i f tb? Ai|W | i;?* acal-'<l*rati*u frtbai of A unli a in tfaoaral that ?T>ry r <<f ?i iajurioaa aauaura ?h<>?M In 'tlnratrd; V&fUatl. In a Itka <.?*? .would n -i ba .??? XMUag Su.i.Ut ?o many ?ad Much .ug.nt offnnaa* <>f tha | tor Utah (jTainmrtil t?Wt-.|? It* ;j-n.Ja? firmly attaali I fna?d, th.? rfontina < if 1?ration, tha rapra,?n'atira? bate had hi nail-feat, a ?f knowing that 1h? 4'i?hbti.i at of "I "I. by r<niltt'n^ *ba Ar(-uUaa .taaic n tftban at oM'ga-lo, !ibt* l to th? <ana?i*rf;y ?b?r?w(th V t mpnrtunrly a. d ??aa ? tha ' dli-lil? era??..| |*iw?r*d n? th- i?f *od ylan* of artlliary b"i onjioi to tliat po??ar, that had '-aaa capl??r?l by Ar|aatiita for*** d irloj tha a?tt?a I' war Tha rafraarntaUra* bar* baan iar >r??-d t a at f ranen, j b?B*h alia It a* t itlrad bar M<?kada From tha porta of Cnoaia Ayr?? conUnnaa lnt*rY>i.,i.g vttb i^n ?lo?nr*, ?*ain*t tha |r?arnm*r ?* i f b tb* of tha i rut.-, in f?rar of tha rabal. ruib!ni I tilta ana, abut ip in b!ont*vid*o, r ratb.-r, t.bat !t la a?-a al'-nw that :arTiM o? tb? ??r il??? cf b.-r pi i?f-?, tbara bardly itioaiii an iarii-blr aiivbrr irlthio tha praain^ta .f I bat napltai. It i? noioriiiti* that tba ^raat. rpart bara I u. row a inam** ? \.p?D '.bp -in??i>7 wi w-nr ?u< ? Tt rimi' ut(, MiJ tba Mhm *?th r?tiraJ to foreign * <1* Vngian4 llbawlaa hatlpj Mttral haf laiutarHon in th" ntar.-Tenlic.n that ahc ha?l arvun?oti?ly ?avnaila allian<- ?nb lf??oa. tr?M( Mi* in M km Hlwullwf. Thara wara W3 rf?alh? in IfcU.ui-ra, Jtfrlng lb? ??*k ia4laa tha .14 Iwl. of which IT aara ehilara in'an ' tw. iv?iUr> It dl?rrti<m 3. and ahnlara worbaa 1. ' b? flraa la tha wooda an 81 Creli rtaar, Maiua, ara kiUI r*?l?g. Tka iana?a |a ?ITJ graft! A cftrf? of Mil from Irlra I aland tu raa??tly Iftn4a4 ? i4??ba? ? ft, whiah will ba tha probabla nhannal tt?rn?ch ?blrh *11 foralu* aftlt will pftaa for tha lappl/ of tfca WaaWa SUi?a. ahao tha raatrlaMnat of wka *ri(?tla? tf tha U**4? nlwa art E NE 8 mmoi Total UcittrurtloM of tlin Packet Ship Henry CUjr?Htr Hletorjr. About three o'clock, yeiterday morning,, an event ooenrrcd in ouraiock* which hm rarely happened In tbil port; but which It In hoped, may lead to an important sbanpe in our harbor regulation*, that will prevent the recurrence ot the ?ame diitaater. or perhapa, far greater one* What hai happened once, may happen attain under tbe name rircumataiic<>a. and a caoe haa now been , made oat to prove the necessity of altering the, eo ae to guard againxt similar loea of property, to r?v nothing of the danger to humau life. Th? magnifleent packet chip Henry Clay, one of i JriaDell. Minturn k Co '? New York and Liverpool Line, raa da>ntrovt*d hv Arc. vpatHi-dav inoruinir. in the Kant , , tI Hlver. Pier No. 1# at the foot of Maiden The Sra was flri-t perceived by the carpenter. lohu Howard, the only person who slept on board, having b?en iwakened by the smoke and probably the beat. He tiail to wake hi? exrape for his life, through the flumes, without any other covering save hi* ihirt He was rery much scroched in the fa<*e. and in other part* of lila body AI this time tbe Are appeared to raga niMt imidr-hlps, the part of tbe vessel where probably it orl. <inat?d. though from the smoke and flamei induing Iron every quarter it wai difficult to determine the pxact spot wbere tbe ignition began. It must, however, bave been on the second deck, for the greatest sheet of nana sHot from the main hatchway From the inHammable nature of the chief portion of the cargo oa board, cotton and (lour, tha flame* loan roue majestically and bid deflanna to human art to quench them. The light was awfully grand A host of fire engines were sn?n on the spot and went to work with ail promptitude and despatch; but so intense was tbe heat, that their efforts were rendered comparatively powerleM She was scuttled on both sides, hut the water, som-how or other, went into her very i-lowly. and did not appear to bare any effect on the flames, though, of coarse, it must have arrested them below I'be Are still ragad rore and aft. and the vessels in tbe vicinity were in considerable danger A Mshomier bad a narrow e<oapf, with the l<"ts of rigging and sails The I'alrlrk llenry. belonging to the same owners and lying at the other lide of the Flip, where she was taking In her cargo, hid iast moved out in time to save herself when 'he masts, burned bi low, and tbe rlgglug having been cut away fell, one after another, with a terrible crs?h over the itarbrard side, across the pier aud the ship i'eter Hatrick, for which great fears were entertained By moving aaay, however, she wax saved, and the s??ra slid mast> fell into the water They were broken In Ibe full. The tail* were o mfiimcd. Tbe reault ol tbe fall of the niaefe and rig?ing allayed tlw ap prebenaion of danger te the whipping around, though it ouly rendered the d?? trurt.ion ot the Meury 'lay more certain, for thelmwedia'ely urrant-d te lue ?i*rbrard aide, ot ?*r which tin- iuit*ti< fell about 4 o'clook, and the t (bar ride being oodtoqu. ntly raided, *m more rxprtad to (be flume- and tbe water could not get Ik to tbe hcutUe* hi- lee To Ctuutei balan?n thin, however, (he fremrii had n?w a batter opportunity of bringing ibe engtnex to play upon the but nine main. Amidat danger and tbe discount^ nunt of llt'le or nfi ?ucce>i attending tbalr effort". they mill worked nobly on. I The foreman of truck company No 4 waa aomewhat la 1 jured by ibe falling of tbe uiaata and vlr I.yona, , tort-man ot inglue company No 6. anl a.?ai?taut fore- i nai, ware conai<laia>iy burnt about tba face, having beet) en*angled in tbe rigging .Am<ng the eotupanie* la attendance, were fire com* I paulee number* ~l 5.13,14, ill, H Si. add hoae c >Di pnoiee 1. ?, S, 8. 10. 16. 18, 20. US, ;?J; the Chief > ngineer waa al-o present In the early part of the llrea Baek of gunpowder t>'aw up which we auppoM, ftom tbe c<>n?uaait<n, knocked >ome of the tlreinaa down, and other- became ?ivme(J ^ ^^ m >n ear* were grootidleM At ? o'elock all the ergliit* and boar com panie# were removed. except Ho e ( ompany C. Knglna < < nipany 6. and Hoea Company I, were In charge nf Mr Wan Brennan and Mr. _ -? who remained under the two burning ?* ? ""???, ' !? mnoke. and every moment m d> el (. Laif ?nlT"<?t??i ?.. *?llmg on tb-m. Tliwe danger of tbe burvlng d-e? ? 7 - ?<?ar brn*e fellowa continued to ilia,'?1 1*0 atrcame "i t all the day ep .n the veeu-i. turum< tb1' k"?e ?rherev?f tbe tire broke ea> a're. b f?r it wa? coiitinOftlly breaking out In ?pot* wherw it ?f considered to b*?e b-en ' wholly ext|r.Auirhvd 1 ill twelve o'elocK, abe lay again?t tbe p?wr and rather d?wn by the atern. the courequence waa that tbe uteoi Hog out of tba water, a* w?*ll at the iwtb-ard ?lde wax '-"inplriely burned She gradually riaak In tbe water till the grouuded forward wl>?n mm were aent down own raft, to drive out the ?lndow* In o/dwr *> admit the *a'er fenly she | eo<>n b?--?ni- tilled with water to the height of the tide, which, however, waa o?|j about tw > third* of b?r own b'Ifht. and tbeu righted and tmkd'wn by the -t ra, , a:ill liaaiitg a |ittl? toward* tue pier Stie c ninud a thu arat- tor the n ?t <4 . he Jay At two o'cl<x<k aha ?a? completely gutted. II* r timber* were burned dewn , to tbe waer. tier two dtcka and cabin, and all that | thi y contained v.-u the plaoke of her atarb ard aide, which m?D?l'T appeared tinlojured were t>urn<*d an tl.i. on tbe itride that '.he} w?-r?? utterly ?>>rthieaa The aaine atiitark aynile? to u* portiou .if tbe niain deck |o> e and af. that I'.lil i>to d f c a l all the centre ?a< K""",a Hb* wa? lr> fa<<t h.n, flood f'?r nirthiaff bad ih* lli? bf? n ooaiplftaijr ?*' lDgUUO> i. bul ?1 ?*tinuaii U amould'r till <I*?H la Ibf aftarnooB Mr. I'airj and bU wrackaM war* tat to rink t? rrin"?w *ha ringing h.i'h wan ti'il >urb in.urad ?i.d tba ir.a.ta ?n<i -par* ?blrh wara c< n d'tubiy tUuiatft-U partly by flr? ?al pirtly tj tl a fail na: it' ill ?rrr ralnabl-' V? to tb* origin ?>f the Ara oul*'?< oar.aia i? kaowa. k'?n Ii?il i?wd ?t ?'il till 13 o 01 >*k, ?ti>?inn th? r?r g aim ( ? IM liml utflita, ftua ii l> J that vui of tii>iu?k >n<(>ktng. Nuiiiuht tb? rtu>* ..f t o? lira tu pttJj. r ?ii?nt l??u ,?r tc2, <>r a p?r'? h??iu* fall. ii aiiob*rr?a4, into Ui? o'iimi from OIM of th? aaixilo- < r ft .hi r. pip.. r *L-?r It vm ftirtuaal* itl only ? mil portion, flMu oq? luatth t? "oa third, of lb. r*r?" < ?? on bnr?l II a. I It Metff*I iUm ni>imii( li?t< ?u of )t* >iChj ibcrijing. tha Ucitruo.i'ja a>?ui<4 U'4 b*< n hirkt In 1P.-.1 I* ?i< i\ rlu? >. that til* flm brok* out hn.Vr? ?ba ??ll?4 ei?? th? '.jm "f Ufa won!# Urr t.??o funrful N??w?! pa*mii <ar? hvi tataa iMf fMNnU i'*r tlw *U1 t>* NDt hj Ut Sttil Pand#. W Tum tb.' r uionay return* il t* lh<m .-ib* U4 barn nlfirtM to Mil n Iki eth (tbla day), M b?r il?y af nailing wuiMmd till Haturar, la * )? MfttuBce tf llweliUM c*?d?, iu putUbg tha Patrick li>-ury oti tb?* I.C'Uiob 1 n* wb'eh L a-?a? la ao? t b? *? ?'.' r?l to \b* LltirpMl and w il ?aii ;w*Um1 nf*li? liaury t Jajr. en tt? l.'tU 1 L? t a* f?i m il ??i i.'J prJ, >u M IMF CAKtfO. Mil f '?Ott('D 1.00<i htttnli flour oil b*rr?U uf rosin of n>i??. . !?. I M y.n wt rth of I?i4l? ribbrr :bftM. SC U 4*j fona of noai f-.r ?b?< ?hl? < ba'nji part ol a ca'gn troin ( >i?1mh? oii tln??liai i(?i 1'ba wkola arlimnifj at uuii U ia fully iatur?4 o tba olhw ? la of th? wat' r Tba ?iiip ali.-h arti.i nMy coat ?*L >XX>, ?? loaataj by Vi?i onj'panj far il* a* o aa folli>*? Til II rta Atlantlo tu rba Hi. 'i tf The I tra Vutaal 10?0 I La .^ikabtila lauu aaar* T VKJ T"tal Id tha ^na^iit atata of aia'.twra 11 ia Iij?|>. ?.!?>! to aaea.'lala wbcUikt any of tba *r<f? ta? b" ?n J la 'tlx D' I'l I f ll ? ?? ultliri.( *1 tn? ?? ? ! I n? TOtIB ??t in tb? feMlo* 1 ba uotto* ?a# b?v??an d?oba It U ; t. to raia* brr wlib oa?ka, and tfcon tha wh'la trath ta ravaaicd, boib a- to tit* etr(<i ?tI tb? tVa *j pr- hand lb*: **an har Mini will t>* ' utid to b* o( little ?al J? It i? b-11> ? d that n >d? *? tti* ioain I* burnt. a? tha watar Uiiad tba hoi4 >?l>r? uta flr* conmnnioataJ with il. nisT 'tr ot THK *IM**t.. j Tha ' It; van Ikt.n?|j? | <o tb* lf>th iif March, 1846. friai tko jtr l ..f Hrono * Bell, I eat Hirer. ThU hWi abip n)I a new era in < iir Marubeni Burin* ( be fntWf>rUI?'| atmi ?er? tha theme of eaary ton? > Si x waa callcd tb* mammoth i>aotint > hip " V?in? the larajcet by fat built up to that Mm* She ?m | 1Kb leett to l? tidth M (f#t 0 lii .hw in breadth. 10 faal in d<f|>th mJ by i'l '* mnxurnnifiit U3T t ' ti? btfttbea, but by actual raj.acily I +0i ton* liar ( abin Ml- d up in ? ?tji?i of ai- u*?r' B"t ?l'pr ech? I Jill than, on 1 w# b*li?ro ?rar. aty. aurpaaaad alneo. | Neaar w?r? ao mary pimple --an at a laonoh in tbia elty. tad r.?ri>r wn < aiuuli lot?rart eiolt'd aboui any toaaei 7 h? fallaut abip glided luto tt?a ?atar ((race | fully, and w Ihout any of Lhcaa untowar) Mcldntl whleb !>r? c>netdnn d by tb* lawntitloaf ea f?r?rt?n- | nara of bad inch." ? at, iha li*? b?wn *uS"veatly on- I fortunate Her flrat trip *h on the fltb of May. IMJ. to I.ianrpeol. sailed by aptain Nye, who waa part . '.waer, tad who ha* etnea ? rnin aodad la ':i?|tla'a line Mar lat .? mmandar an*1 attain lit viand in ju^t a twalae in' tb aft?r aba vaa launched. > th? .:4'a of Varnb l-ifl aba waat aabor* oti 8'|uanB> aub abvat a mil* ft< ui tba piaen ?h?ra tha /?nn M'atora and i many oth*r ?aa?#la Wara wraotxil. in ?h# lafrlbla Hair t' tha nigat of tha Itth of ^^braary, and It la a ru'lona rotnchlaTiea that tha Ilrr?U nf tha fflih of ?i. IH4 i MBin*^ har laom-h and the Hr*?U ib? .Mh < ( \;?ri li, IMt, fir. t aan?unc*il bar wraoh A? tin" fill' ) aiUuulart a.ra ??t kn >vn for t*o daya afl< ? ?ard?, tliara ?a- vraat amlt?m?at la tha maao t aia. a> It aa. known thar? w>?r? KM) human bain** on b<?rd ( t akum *T<> a?r? p*a?aa|ara rtha aailad fraia l lrripm l >n tb< 1M of Vahraary. and vaa on tha btafe* f >rvfo?n4laad oa tha 14th of viaroh, aft>r " try h?i?t-raua ~*aifcac. KtM that data up tat** S W Y( tNING EDITION?TIIUI !4tb ?h?" had light wind*, and variable. On that da] bera ?m a ha*?t. which prevented ,n?y obnorvatim >?in? taken, and it luofnaed In thioknaM till nlifht It 11 o'olock flu went ashore ou Sijuaa Beaob oppo it* tie head of Barnegat Ray She continued to ntriki leavily all night and till 11 n'elAck next day. whei he eecoinl mate and two seamen put otr in the lit* ><>at for the shore but the boat onpsited and the tw< camen named liar ley anil Phomwo with four steerage iawi'?ger? perinhed. Thone left l?-hl*d continued ir . ?tate of despair for that day and niftht. and till Bex1 lay. The generous offers of the crew* of the curt boat! rere declined hy Captain Vye. an the ?ea ran ?o high It taut. ai>d when almost all hope ol? safety wan Imt, b< lit upon a novel iuventlon He ordered a derrick to bi rected. ai.d riKU'd to the taffrail to which a stron; iawser was fernied, while the other end was hauled or h'>re and made fa?t. A hothead wan then lashed au; lung, with a traveller aud hunting lluea. I'hi* hog it-ad whk filleJ with human freight, and thu*, in two nd threes, all were ?af?ly brought on shore. Mu;l t tin- luggage was ?a*ed lu the mint' way; tha capt:tii ,ud to amen remaining on board till e?rry?hlng ?t lone that wan pos-ible The pawengers were <sonv?y< 0 N?w York ii> steamboat* and th? ship was got off li 1 tiw iIhjs af'er Her larboard bow a as *to?o in he wan brought to the arrow 'Joek and r'pan el he lout her ket-l and win ?therwise damaged t? a eon iderable extent. Her principal cargo ww Rait, tin rate* and hardware, and said to bo wortb <150.901 nurb of which was saved. ftm wan an Insurance ? UO.t.OO ob the chip and f20 WH) on her cargo. in Ne\ fork. in the ofthe Pelican, Alliance, New Vorl ind Atlantic. There was an laiturauco etfeot?d also li Joeton. Since that time ebe has met with n? di<n?t?i >ut on the contrary, has been rather tortonue li naking sucre-Nfiil trip*. She was a great favorite at jacket chip, and wa* a credit to thin port, anu an orns m ot t" th-c -uutry We regret that her days ar iuiub?rtrd. and (hat tihe will never again croes th >cean We trust that this disaster will lead to dock reguli iotif b> the ? omui'iti ' Ouncil, forbidding, under th leavlrft penalty, any ttre or light of an/ kind, on boar if ship- while at the qii.ty* Thlit regulation 1? H igidly enforced in l.ivi rpool that a man with a cijri n bis mouth ?u h< tird of a -hip wtoild bo instantly ai rented aud punished neterdy Why is not a simile rdinanc.e adopted here1 Mu?t New York be ulwaj behind other cilu* iu all that relates to its oivlo g< rernuieut * P 8.? At one o clock thU morning, we rial ted th reck uiid fuuti.l Mr Urennxn aud Mr Browne, < tonipanie* f. and f> ?hi> we'e pieced in charge yestei ay morning at 6 o'clock, aud were te continue #n dut ill this morning at the m?ui* h?ur They were sti ilajr >ug t* o hose on the charred and smoking timber 'or there whs ho tUme visible, though there was ojl liderable fmoke, both fore aud alt. We went down o .he second deck aOj aided by alaotern. fouud thl vet lei tilled with water up to our feet There wasnothiu o be seen but ? coufused wstM ef charcoal and hal lurnt r<>{ies She i- a ui?-'anoh>ly wreck *f a nob raiael. Mr K 4 ward IVrry, appointed engineer ev ;h?- wreckers Ly the la?urance couipanioa was also th.'i with hit. uieo, uid. t>trang? to say, a oastom-h >u. )ffleer, (a greea-hoik of the new batoh,) made h ippeuranre, a>i4 st*t?>4 Il?t he cane thuro on dut bough it wan ni t bis district' lie was anmeruirui augbed at and ri<il<'nle?l by Mr ('err; and the wreel >r? t it cuch Ignorance of his duty ns coming to loc kltur au oulward-boucd vemel, whioh *u burnt wit ill ber cargo and besides, wae not in hie district! II *ua vsry glad to wake a ?peedy departure. 1'ellir Intrillgeiicf. The Hotrl Hoi hrt y I u J-r ttilr bead. W publish#' 0 ye*u rday h Ifriui't the arrant of one of tha cbaoiha naidn at tba Wanti-m Hotel, ta atreet ft lb* name of l atharlna Kd? ?rd* on ?u alleged <bar( if atraliiig a bag wmtalftlog U'iU aotaralgm, from tt room <m'?ii|>m4 by Mr. A |pmu<lrr U Smith, on* of tt brarder* rata ?** fur'her lnreMttgatad befa. Juctiee L<>?hr< p yto<fard?y it III>- roqiiwt?(trr kiwmi bi n it wa? uliaa n ennnln it. ly that tbeacoi^ad w*< n. tha Mary l)?ily ao raid to b.? by Jui.lica Uc'-rath, tl juatiec andf ily hating b.-en uiletakau Id the per?ot lin tha rrn'rary. it wa? <ho?u that ttaia y.-??- f{IBl| bora an excellent character for b<;-??ty '.ji??grlt harin* li?c<i at & una place for 11 > . ai- to ?wy rf'pM'il.iif lUuiljr.anil at the botat Vit t ;er TSiiht put. Thi magistrate, on learulai, Mi- itat tii. nt nt tart*, ami ao nothing hit- Iran. p.rati ?n?t In pllnnte.l the girl in the r?*tiary. discharged her fro out-ioily lert a?r?irif and alia *aa immediately t ?kt back Into tba ?*ret<-e nt Mr Pw?wr. tba proprietor ttif bOt?l. Th? *u-plri?n *?l ftrong ag*i?itt tlie ?i wllm warranted l^r fci-re.t; but oa ?1*? <?*? h?li fully lnt> t.??ied. It afp-an ?b? U innocent of t alii gt d i Jtnnthrr //?>/ Rabhrry ?S'lOla hotel thlaf on Till day night. i ut? r?d tba rooui of on* .if tba boardar* the Aator Hou*a and itnla kheral'roui f&Mi la (vld ai lit of foremen roiu. No arreat at pr???ut. " -r.mnj Ljrrtr-'~?i young ^an by tba ?** ? Q?afi" of Itol t.nti.ii k?H an. . . ?ay at ?;o*a tie, by r.m?| ble ?lll?, anJ brought to tl'l? city, on a charge of atai lug %'A from ft <n?rt?a? boy by fha uarne of Audri Wa?llu j u-tira*>X"p committed tba aoruwd prison for trial .-!*?uittf an Oj/lrtr Offeftr Bryant, of tha Thi ard arre.tcd j eater day I komai HatrtfM. an au tiraut rui n?r on a rhHrge of aburlag lilm wbila In II ilim-harga of bin duty Jmtica Kutbrop hul l ;bn a rumd t. ha'l in the hi;is of $2i?u. toan?*?r tha rbarg * nmt B 'gliry -1 ?o o?lilng iK-oi-*.' v\"?caon and ( h*rl*i < lyda *T<t mrraatKil ya t?nu? by Brrnut a -n>pi<'ioii of barn bri fcru lut,a pi'llar'l :? a In Wa*t itt?rt and utoli itwrafr. ai f?T?<al *?'. aud tinier rlog?. iu tie* I nthrop r"iunilttwl lhaaj lo pri iuu forafurtb bearing Hani ?) Ci-nd'-m- \ man by the nana of MTIllia hell? raiding In Br (klyn rauia to tit a pollea alfl )> eti rday. ix<t'.a mih(u?I. ihr?<p aud raqua^taj to I uoniniitlad to } 1U011 f ir a ta? J*y? aa b? naid ba In bet n li a 4rvliken ?I'T? a for 14 day* and that lia c i.i not Teiitur* to 'T. ..I the t-ul:Gil ferry NJ bit Inallni tloim w?r* vucli that h<> would Certainly jump o?a b- aril Into .ill fiiar I trier thl? itata of faotc, U n ?g<>Uai* eruimiUad bl? to tka Toab* f' r Br* day In' id?r t' ?<>' iim t". f kmrf kniiitng- ?" > C il? a-t III yMt?r<?? ? /f, r?MlA?lrrn i -.f ?i|i.. .11?^il <uia> itt l?n ? iallu. 00 a cbarga at'>*i .-* > i k 1-tab vlr Ii*??rg? 1 1 a-?, of N<>. lSXKuik' a at . and Uerdiin-btrga fr?in ? toity Tnara at)tail t' Lara naan (oinn nl<nii|?i taadlng In tba la affixr h? lam 1 oatallo la r ' rent e U> liar .) , ^|i i. l.a>' hn?u ai' iuv.n.1 W to* trari f. thauioitt r^'iaNa aowma. tn ?t >.r i.a> aain- tln Kuy ?a .?ti*Ia'i ?i'.b '.be daugbtar Vkiliib o.t. II ^r. I therp*"'a h? ?i lenea ad-iu,.'tti t* perpat.a'f 1 Ca Y,r. t a?a w?? l.*ua under a w.-oli ? , ff? l' n, utiiiv ia Lien fj|lj aiara to ba ta Mt. 1 # //-? ? V y? uog nan by tb ai a f . "iinliyaa ?a? brr*?Lad Mi .'aud?/ m ?ru i? if ii? *M rrcali.g tin iUrmai bridga Kariag in a >..iv?a?.o? a bora* r?)ue4 at tlOO. tha property t Ipirer * MfViin, Na ? Hro?d-r?T \tthatlui*< flrr us r.a urday mgl.t rar tha .anting af 4i *plo?r. the h*r<?* vara hurrla I vut, aud ' i>.< abor km ?aa mUaicg. ba"i ( battn n?)t ( (! hy tba <?gu?..<| lib 11 a mur.i ta ?ai Juflle* Biak.'ly I <ttl ta ppci'ihI ap fur trial f i*g ? /*?'?>. !nan (^n 'aal Frida ?'ght p.tlicaian F Iward < ftinally, of tha fflttavu -m -mmf-' 'J ? UIN III VUf H I ??. ' Hit .! r. ? ? '* to oil A (UlplcllB Jt bufqiarT. .11 tl?l K a u? ?'>an l. V>'?t?rti?y a ibm by ib mm* of TuMr i 'our?ao >h im4o4?l tba charf. a nfllcllnj th# wouad. Tb* pr#^n?r ??? t*k?a b-'in tfr ?ki>?|iy, wba I J#util*'l bim a- tb? rjao ?h lu llrUj th# a m.'t. V*?n'.f<<r? iiurH"! *.h< w?n??d ta aft- n ft. a furll -t Mr ' agnail? i tii raid. will i??'? l.nn# Urif"v ? A b?jr by It# n#?# ?f Thoma iDilth twltrltj, on a charga '?f ?t?*tlni MO from Ati lri'* ,?><?? afvy' Th w.ojfm <in inttf.a Un^i / l'tuu Prtirtvtt.?On-.m f?taph?n?. at lb. owar nollr# arr?ita<l jiil?r I?T( a iraa by tka naiu> o inliiti hi r* (inn war-aiii I??o?hI by 'u#t?a? l.o tr p i? wbtnb tb* icrun l iitaui ahargad wllb vb idikk *'jai froiu ( kirlM t'oluka, r?**t<lii>? ** "> ,;.< o?ioh #ir#at, by fUM !> t frau pr?t?o<*-? t ?e?rn? that th* ifcii'?l ??w >n ,idr#rtWm?al f> iMr??n? ( iMru lb* l>a*u#rr#oty^# bu.inaaa w'd# w#uii ?cil?# fr m $10 to $ti p^r w?ik for thxir ?ar?ira# 'nick# rallad on Mr Jvnklnt, wban an t, rtn|"Mi? ir,? mada add Mr J-aktn# n<]u**U4 t" b> l?-^ rltb hiia, in ki? p"*?a?-i>lia (or Ifio . i. ,>ari .ruiaa-" ? b# c/BItiw* i k# ciiirMl **i mjftdw, th* a >*j |>?i 0 Mr Jtukin#, two or ibrio w??k# pao^d on * 'd In t?a?1 "f rusting hi* full f?y ba onl* a*>tairi#d n aii (. ilk>M, ai 1 waa anabl# i# rac-var tuk im ??i0 ['be C' U a< t war u*t fuiMlf'1, ?aj th# abn?? r h?r# raa mad* la crdvr ta pual'Oi th# a--uti d, If guilty a ka off?B?a (. Aargt ?l ? A i??-raan Jew. by th* ??m f JtlUlM ll''rnf?li|t, m ;<*t?liUy, hy rHr? !t?pbi>n*. ftf tb* lower ?olic?, ?? ? h?ru? >4 nHAtiii*i lint Of r??'!y nml* (Ilolhin* ??lo? J ?t n<-<?r <?. frr>?; ibr?b?ni J Hrcwi, r"?i llnj M CianlMlHMl It nnUfi Irwwa ?n in annul fbni'ly Uifltrnit* with bit wtf> li| fortfiiJt par>tMd*4 hldk to **ll *U bit mparty te bin r on? third uf It* rain*, wblnb wnuld ka?-p tba wif r Hi ban 14 an?. and th?a a tar tba ? !*, a. a- r Up* io 0>>uJ4 hat* Ul* proj. -riy bark a,nin Urnwn a<*op(d ii((iy, !ind<r tbl* |>rnmlM, *"1J tb?> food# to Ilorufnidt rtl*?lnff hltu t" hi- But th* *'>iitrary, n had th* naic tn.?r 1 ffnatt d. thau l|nr?fnl<lt par**, p all th" i(*j?1> and MR* on to N?* Varb IIikwd r* baak Ik'foada but Hnmtftdt raft)??d togin h?? up i<rot??tlo> tbat k* mco ???-i tkwa m gao< 1 th, anU iBt?n4?d to ka?p thaw Cadar tfcw.' olrnuin tanc ?, warrant ?** imuad Tmt 1 *)a arrait >f tba *? J ?k.i? n all A* +i\n. in it -?* .?? 1 ??<*' ? arUtar hatrlittf 1?r?l l?l~41l|{'?rr, Th? tJ 4 ?t< r? Kinp Supply. Mart < am j A. His Mr, 4! Uj? f'om Rla Jan?iro, arrlfnd liar* li" foll*?Wi( It a lift >< hw ifllaaf* Ha?t I na'j Lrthur HmrlaJr, totia? \1a*t*r, li*? H <<>*|>*r, w 4 Aw'l Hur|t?-<>a H M. Kara, Aatwig Kumar, J. U .hlfoltu. Jr , liwd ,M ld?htpiu?n, H l? Vlia>r, w ? <ia* H Rlra, Mt4?hipm?n. K <iia; I hi nppl) I aft Rio lb* *4lh of inly, at ?hinn tjni th. I ? ttigata Braad/vlaa wa* tha anlp \ra?riaaa atn I vat la unrt All vara vail am hoard U? B wfcaw ih up*!/ laA. -.' "*N^ <~* ' ?W???M?????1^?? IRE 1 ISDAT, SEPTEMBER 6, 18 lafMlu Balloon Aacenalon. j ASCRNDING FKET FO*g*OST- -TUB ?CKM?, I .HMDUMTS,

AND 8UCCKHS OP THR AFFAIR. Vauxhall Garden, jettrrltjr afternoon, was the Men* > of ountiderable bustle, preparatory to toother balloon ! mwmIkd Cavalier Victor Vardeiy. nu'isideriog that 1 hi* reputation as an aeronaut bal auifered the same amouut of dauAK* a? the balloon lUelf, by the ' un"toward event" which had well nigh threatened, by way of variety, to return him to bin mother earth head foremost, determined to make another effort, to obtain ' a faw quarter*, and repair tbe injury which hi* fame bad aiibtained The process <>t inflation commenced | about lour o'clock, and many aud various were the : speculations and opinion* iud'riited lu a< to the proI table resnli of thin expedition to th? realm* of cloud*, i Said a loafer, wb" ap^eari d to be r**dy for anything, j | "he will bruak hip neck thi* time upon souie ohiuinuy ? I pot." " I wonder." >aid another of the i-auie olim, " what lie wvuld take to let nn- go with him; what a gw it would bo" To winch bi? trieud replied, "it would be no gn at nil." " > >b t'.iea,'' t-aid a p<-rjou, who. flow bik accent, we tup pound had oome from if the west nide of St. <Jeorg<'a chanoel the inhabitant* k ! of which place Lord Monteagl" calif V?ai Brit >ua, I ' but it's a curious nay of ru.Mr g tti.< wind, bad luok to q ' me, but I'd sooner be whipworm to a thread mill." a (Hears of laughter, in which all ih-> loafer*. stroller*, ? ' and cadgers who were helping te I lit) a to the machine, 4 joint d ) "That'* an odd way to till her,"' (in?aulug j the balloon) raid a person, whu, if taken at bia own valuatien, would fetch a high price. I never mw it j done that way before." " \ h ? hat do you know *b ut o it?" e&cluiiiied a ({rcaity looking Interloper, "(but up yi ur clam shell." Thete interlocutory compliment*, ir and running commentaries coaled f<ir a whila and all '? ?yen were tamed towards the balloon iHer the laps* '* I of itome time, a fellow said. -Why ?he'? no bigger now thai) i>he wm half aa hour ago; H will .> an niier failure, l6 I'm jiggered If it wont, wn.v do j >u thiuk, old chap? jf eh!" The balloon naviu car?i'io-d over, tho?t> uup. ; derueath, aho were eBU?;?*ii m holds.ig it up aud the spectators who were Mnnunig aroou I ma J" a despuV rate rofh on to the sidewalk*, under .tie iu>pre4-tioa li that it wai going to fall upon m l a? titillate ch-in, t and Mmultaneously with Ibt* luvemer.i iuim who had ' b< t h standing on ttn> stools and i?nle? uiad" thenl* Belie* (.carce, and in tM-li- IMgti' seTr-al wrre captiied a All ibis was succeeded t>? a etiout of u.i^litur from the I. bh.ys who br.d as-cmnl-d in goodly u'uubera I'ue next thing that aniacted particular a'tonti >u was the 'S tact of the balloon fencing caugtn tire The ca?a ler'i f- a*t>oeiet*s weie in requ'-ittou instanter. aud In a moia meni alter the alarm Led been given t oe of tuem, like a cat ii?a I j ?h <d, ' crept up the tr?-e with a can of ?a ,r ter In bit hand which he threw up ii ilm birnliig part, re which fortunately bad the ell qi, n|' lohiug it. i'he # next incident a at tbe second .-are. . .og ov er of the ballooa, when another m?-?eiuen* regulated by quick time ' * rule, was made. V fellow ?h>*ai sitting upon the y, wall oiled out, " Jim come up nere, tbe will kill yeu " Bill," oritd another. * d n she i >ek gay?" Another raid, ''Charley | < >h ha d c.rue along aud l* tie liinis>-u to tbe thi-iu. liea'l >r neels. I .At wit mav see ik Lilu " It ?a* aitogalbfr it s'uriiiM o-iia Thn joke* Ij au'l baiiiLu^u of tliu b hoyt, tha Hipi-a-i-mim ?f irhirrul nu ?In* ('ki t <>( i^? ?n-rt r?ap-'U*bla but not 'H >0 biitli *? t? hf on lo*? l with Ui" c nl'i-u tul '?lt pork aiUtooi?icy, a:iil ib* ?\tra*i'liua. , 'ipp'a' aui-.a prem-ult-d bj tkt " dtlklur" whuu llntj uruul up til# *bit<? ?./ th"ir dii-H id ainn?*iu>-bt %i ib* bailuoa j wan filling would Imvh oxtr?->l~ l a l?'i*a fruru ha ^ moat icon iit'Aitml ?Uiio tbm -?> f liv?ii 0-f .ra or nio'-a f- thn flood 'I'hrr ?h?- uiju: (jo ^uit <unh iquhio ' 'J Ttar Biurlrlmr 4ld lli'li b>n' it uanuiiii'iu.* dia[ c< r J ?i bai) iibit hi^ril b?f?ra i'lit< lu-tiiiiiiaul* lata b'jpil unarr a r->a.t?M?d .iliai** iif nroup tod juiunr, '* lor lit* Miui'vim* ??r u.?l?i uhoh ai.J p<?. uiul lu tha *>' tr?>ni? put no faul't* lli|iuUbl> t.i t' a j?arm>tt? ?bo >'< u?tu th?at ma pi' Off atiiuti aura inoutud la the brft ttjle iliav 1la >?itl urn ruL ru< ? aimit ' of. mrrir tSr " Build i j THf)," "? rul k??u uui." ? i ''All r< ttu<j u j bat ' iu'J turnr < from tha in ornate ot ma Kyi haotrapi*.*' I'h-ira ?*? una ??rj J. li??lj air tlia caoir ot which * ' did trc >ii at our*nlr*4. * but *? *?* ? tolj tbu* thn tilli' if I1 "a- *'Ndd'tf, nl ity hny eivinf up I'M* "t that " Thn lotlatl'in btriu^ - b??K rc>a?pU imi I hi-b'artl up'B ?nii'h tb? h ir i )f til ? aloud* m- to ^arlorm bi u < at faat. liA io^ b??*n at ta^lieil ai.<t "im*!' baring Lm-~u (n?Ue".; V) tUu #??U. 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In* ri oi icil r. ? a lariut mi l I 'w liwt UMiKrl our Itjt, an i f-rlblM iraanu tbi>r fatimtaf * attai-hi'd to tb** ball'/oa aui *?c iiiilly h? had a'i6i>atr>4 wbatfTar Ii?f>r tb?- ballulia i'' (M")f I'll >i h t bii'aaii Duibj r<* goiiig through tb? tlrkwn torawoit aaj Kua.u^ a , cigar, ?aa u?v?i ami au r? ra"r linn j uht Af'?r "* ha bail h?> u up liOiua tnii". f.p h *- ? a <Oni>nat aait *' main UpO'i hi* l??. ahlrh > a I >? h^no Bstital Of 4b+a ] Uloa ba li'Mdl) ?b?*rr4 * P N 1 lir ra.alinr ruau 'lo?l> .it 7 "'oluok In tha *" U;?l?i n?idi> Mob ihfi,. ffii-tarori traekagalnai M tra?> aoa '?u to pl?'i-?? t. it t w K?ali?iiiM Umml, *a *iti? ^litM-il to adii ?m nM buit af 'fbt l'r?nf<? of the Cbulrra, "! ui rati? cirr. >a | Murol't Oanoa, i M( i Nm Tin, li.iptmu.irr ? ||]| ( I rh? >ault*ry <,?iBuiitlta of tiiia olty ropurt H 4aaJu ?f ehoiara, a* havlv< o??atruil am ug .ba ia*t l?antjr> la fotu bourt. of wbicA 4 *?ru fiviai buapitad, aa4 4 ia "' i privatr pritJlivr. 11' JkD # to* I iiiaitb, Bapt I, 1"??, At a o,??-. ?g? . - Maiiiaai t tb? filitwipg riptrt ?ai (.it ?nl?d ny ... l I'Umi 1 at. u h amr ??*?-p;?>i a'.d "U uiotlua. It was J" Hru'lra-t rfHkl af r hu daj. tha H ard4l?"oonnj* [' ?aaing tai ir purta in thn pubtla ba>. tiai ptij?oi an* *UI ra<|i'ir?4 t? uiak? rrp->ru aa baraMfora, of *uob " CMC* M Dt; II II! I JA> Ktf K I.I T, f hairuaa ) IMMiHI'iT ( IMWI. | ~ I rtl.f > II !?l Ml, L? A, ' ' i' I , |i!>, i HaOlttaa ' "t'lKif. I! MMNKL!*, > .rftha M'Wi* 1> MOROAJf, I Baartl uf Kaaltli. KOISKHT A H?M?S, I t- ,1A< l'B V. ().? KI.EV, 0 W HT' WTtV.tMT, J X*w t'Mi, *i>pt I, !>! ? r Tk? i?"<? f?ifi ai Ntr4>,-al < ?un-?l ..f th? jf m li.aiLb *i* to aial* m t' ?4r opim luat tha I rli' ? ? Id U ! '!??] 'oris n?j h? e MiOtrt'l m t frn?t t. 'a-nta r ? ! I lo aitx in -mr mtjr a -> n Mm* it is ho*#.i th?t II vill b* , . rntirily ritiuel I* uprMiitii Um fony ii| apiaiou, , (Xa '.'Int ? ? I -! '*ai " ' . ' ? r lutjr I a4 I thai , !h? }> '.g C?n'l? ta'ic* ?4 tll? k >a?* a 17ia-p*?ra k?< I cip?''1 prt'ii'i I-/ ilitnuM, ?-|in*h ramiet uf ? ocur??, ba at uoc* ri?-t fcttd ika) vwulM tliarafira, . ?it Vt tlirlr fal!>? dtliuM rift l<> a'tti'i pr?iuatnr> , Ij tkaaa pi ad. o' a! F '?-ojr-? with rati*'.] to tUalr n ilaa <>f n*lt>? wlurh lim bw? '? fr? |uanil> a ??4 , atlta'ioa. a <1 ali.'ah, it It la-tlav*4. ha?a h. i a o ! <il?t?r; IiDuikii l.i tln>l*mg i.t?? ?ti.?n ' nl'iitf llM 'lla' Ma Vt|lhiH? at -nti tit' thaaa. tlM H !'l?r?igrt-J AT* *>t apln.tin (hat uu < ua? raIn. u to Oioir boUM In prr'aat Noorilf and 'bat mr cit-. i ny t>a vtaJtfrl by (trMigaca wltfe M aw> wfct/ a> aii j pvfti O W tba ?w?U) , JOHN I) "K r SI 0 , Jiill"I V| SMITH. VI U, A/t V KI. W MO'lKK, M 0., ?> ril liKKIt, M. U , KICK AMI) t. M'>1111.1 M. I). iJat- t l tarfc tftok fl"'- In WUal itr??< >>vi*>*ita tha r WlabitiKU'ii narkut, a?4 *a* tat < d *??bW lha 1 | Ofctrr t-lcaC H i |,|l*l I* rulia|i?.-l ? > .a r.f cholara, I f*t han |>ati tK/aa a'ci'' k oa I a?a<ia; ai truo iu I t If kUiKHLTII I liu?i> or JUc iw. $?;taa>e?( ?, llti). I Tkera ha?a hwm r<p<n ! <u iM< off!-# alnaa ?a*laf|J1? tk^M AMd MM of ? 'b"l< a. via : ^'-a i 11 Walla, Jntiu li Walla iml I \V'aii? No. An) i w *n au >et. attar fla-*i? rayirtal ttm lty VHMLI K 8 i. IHMIUHI' H, ( l hj?1? <*a of tk? float i I 8 V T r. (. K O K A ? H <: . MtnTntik, i, 1IM Tfc?<r? iMtf b??n 1*J| oon laatb hj *h<.ler* In Ui? t { City ;>4t?r.Jikf fa (ftiabcA. wl^ht \ty kilt HrirrW | I u?i r?|? >rt ? - F, M Tb?T* 119 4<?U>i hy In th?-Mj p'Oprr, 'tvt rf th? Ivonty fiiir haurn. Kl??, bu# ! 9W*T, bar* n??mrrM At th? llMpHal, >.! ih-?a on 0,v?r IU*ri4 I 1KIM., ii?r I- \ X ' r>ho|?r? .? ?a ifc.i in^rtv in tbl?f*ly, i*u t<*vlug *?a?rrnd fmtM i%y. i ptunW S - P M 1%? 9b?'W'? hM MiUr?lj li*a, r>fr m (bit <-lty? mly at* diaife unu| ?i?urri-d 4 a nag tlx | l*M toot h ur* *? l.aara. I, 1M) T?w? la rm?at4 fa thi* nt?| during tb? ??-* <1*4104 *?at?r4ar ?M? T1 ?( wbiab four wara b* ?hut*t?, ?a4 M w*a <iad?t Uti" f +rt ,( Kg*. J ar thr mails l?tlu t 0?n 0??<A? I t 'iHmafcia. WW Aitg M ? 1 l.?V?a Mmm ,* ?* 4 ? ! * [ERA 49. Vnpnuc (limit. liftoiai Juttlut ^ tfwwiU Skpthmhkk i. ? fn the Mutter ?/' Jvh.i Muton, ^T.tmstie. ?Thli mm an application >u tyJinll' of th? lunalio, | made at ih? iBKthur.u <>f (ili? brother. Jam?? /??uii, f.?r aii ordrr to dlr?rt thn eororatttffn uf lh? lun .tiu to provide other and mora* arnnram dationa, Jto for bi* peri-onal comfort It %pprur*<i ihal by *u order niada bj tba *upr<in? Court bearing data th.> .id ~>t January, 1?48, It ta-. am uK-t otbxc lhini<n orjerad, tbat It be referred to Murray lioli.nau xi| toltnjuire i Into tbe perrnnul couditinn .f 11?? iuuuti ! and paitlotl- j larly whether lie had he< 11 treated 1q a ilu? aud t>r >per ! manner by bin committee; i?l <t, wtisliser any greater . i freedom or Indulgence could be granted to hnu with ' ?at?ty. and whether auy el s'lgii .n lux situation or mode of lit?> would bu rondo iveto hi< ctmf'-rt, *lso, to inquire whether the a'lowanni nnide for his support bad in good faith been expended for hi- bnuettt -to Hie 1 end that i>d thiyv miug la ot '.ii report of Mr. Iloif man. such further OriTtlon m {lit i><< granted as might be proper vnd I* i. i ' itr Ojd t d that tfM lUkl4 referee and ali susb other per-'u* at Ii" might think proper. might have frca access to sud lumttlo t?r the purpose of personal examination; aud that the nitij lunatic be present at the r feinnv if the naul referee should 1*0 direct. In putctiain e of tr.?t order. the referee reported among t iitlier th titv ttu*t any change which should render the personal f jpei?l?ion of the ? Itt? ot th? luna''i- lees i fr?q i-?t nag unndvisable. hut considered that n rutin th?ii??4lu the preseut hi rang< m< nti ?f lu* vt&'ili iirneui were proper, and would condone to litn contort; that in ca>otb? Comn.lttee th' ugiit pioper to nor.tiuue liie present residence which should bu left to hit. (t^o lu itiu's) d'fCrotmu. the following changes lie nji'.Je ? i'liat th* smalt front room oli the seme tio >r a-. :iin sl-epmg , room, be assigned for his e*clusi?ti use, thai 111* lileais be served therein and as fir i? possible that he be kept 1 Bitting in lit* bed romn durift; the d?y or early part of ! thc-eieinng audthe use ot the ha'l be ope i t? Uiui as at pieserit th.kt a iiian enrvanl be *ui ployed to atteud bin. with occasion*! aid frou a uurse and ?.Uat acrangeMbtl ffcvtH I"' made for *he man ? (lllit to dtty id , the fame room with th lunaMr 1'^at a carriage I should be appropriated lor his exmu iv* one froui one to two hours ut some suitable tlaiela the mming, and I that it he left to hiui-el; the to which hi* rides eh ii I d he direciid; that free access should be permuted to the relatives and friend* of the said Johu i\.ae< n on certain days ol h-> weok, ami withiu oer- j tala hours, not less than thfee dsys, nor lo?s tbau two hours a day, the periods to be lixeii hy ,be oomruUteo; nd tbat it be iutiD'bted l< th ^ woo uiay he in the habit el vleHltg bim tbat any ot"iv< i-.?iion directed to the subject i'f bis coinnatte* aud heir 4' tiduot toward-him bea?olded, that It would be advisable for the comtaittee to Dull io two of the 02 >?t skilful pbyad- i olans and su-g*-< ns ol the cily, in i.iisultutino wlttl ' the attending pbysiciau. w't.h a vl w to the more -lalis- { factory deciciun cf ibt (|U<al.nii. whether auy at 1 t>nipt to Ktraighten bu ?jtu would he advleahle, ; a* well as to suggest >u/ other matter In tile medical treatment which -uight appear proper; and tbat in <ase tbe c<nu'uitteH should eVct to cbauge tbu Iireseut pl*0M ?f lenijeuee ol the lunatic tbat uot less than wo lar^e rooms Ueeugaged for bim; tbut a Ulun and two w ' U?u servaiitn be einployeu. tbat the man servant b-> f.llrected to sleey either In his bed room or immediately adjoiaiag tho j same, with the door open, ao<l tbat <>>' regulatioue wltb regard to the carriage n'?d *> cess before suggested, be ob-?r?ed lu respect to tbat part of the order which directed an inquiry iuto Mm expenditure of th* Ill ?UI'I' tllr rat?-r*? U>UI ma' Hie u lnr mu no*, r? quiip tbr diaollowai ca of any oti?rk ., but itiat tl* rtii* ol tb? ourt waa tbat a ?uia a \*d by an o.-de/of Court it to b? allowad ou I'ViU) ;im aonount of a o ,.auniite, unl.'Hs it ? - appaieut lliat tba fund, or a porlioii of it. had bars ^rvtirlfd iruiu iba u.,? tui |innioiisn of tba o, uitoiiol tb?luo?!iu tbioli bm I not bit ii i>bo?uiu tbe pr?*?aol luuincu '?1i iwim vjaoiu, ud \ir*. AlMynr wb?> U ilia of lu?r luuatiu, ?? wall m otbor uiciubt'tK ol Lii*. iiiiuilj Km di?*aU?ilad wnii ib? rrpi rt 01 tiif rvfWiM ni wtm apply hria ordar to do act tba cou.nilUn'to prurida otu?r aud mar a ouuabia aa<;uni<nuaati*ua 1 r iii- p<-ri>ou*i o >u?lait and a carnal' forbid *>uniai*a una anda iuao t M-raaut lor bin p?r?>'0?i wit' aa*uo?, .c adutlou to r. m truala ecrvaut* and for mi ru-r appuntiof "una ci loiuli U?t, nibrr liy r? x<. tin* tin- j>r? - ' t*"r'4<aiiitM, 01 bj audit |( otter uiruibnr* > ( Iba lui ?ilo> family to raid 0i'u.uni?fr, and alao that tba oouirui'#tfclJ oailiroct? u to wata a uioie partioular aicoiiii'^ til* u?oauy? biob bavf on?iH U tutor I, i i I for ,)rM fcMa?tH of iba lunai 10 Mr '..aum and Mi . \\hiyut coa'.aud Uiai iba r?f?rt* oiikbl tv hi? r.,?L-tr<| up,,a tb? aridauca laid btfnra aim t?Ai it rulJ bt, for the vautaya of Iba luoallo. an I ,.u. .,?oll lbuU to bU k-alih aiicmut, >hat - ; ?a ...tabmUni.alK , .... .uaad a oaraJKiI u ?.au'iv art l tUat tba am of J. now ullaffuti hi* #4" miU'ii Kir to** Ml* .?iancr la lully nd?'nu?t> t> ]i ur? luai thoaaeomti t'a, tba' pi*?iou?t" l\i? i<*mc?al to d irllt- br bad lit* ?*U ?#?Wl>lia ut *?b?ra ?? l>ad all ittx B-ora luan ilie hqui uo^a aa>tl> pri'Mrtit aeuonioii ?. to hi. (ItnatloB ana ?ai.t? h!? i"th"f I wblcb b? a.-r, ,, . h " *""? rv m. 1 la "bleb ba **u jj, * "'? / ' ? ' ??. au(^ a?rd man w|l0 1> ?n~ OU* , oi>aoli ii, p.. f , **J J#"","P??uda, t-tally ' -V1 ***** a-tttiUoaa to bli i Mblab bl? ,llu^iii u aad tii?y lartbar iuatat tbat ^.JOO ia aiiick ui<'ia tb?" bac mjil^t i, < ?.;.--d to for tba ) arc nm>< 4ain u aoa aiufi'i ' al'w luoatio r?. erirxr , tbay alao eoU'Vod mal tua .u\i-r o| iha >*d January, l>>-Ml, aai mplir't hi K>- dt.arMmif to tb? rafaraa to niala Iba liiiiui'l".' anil tax* tba MoounU tiictclu dlr?ai?4, and tt?l ha xrrati :a n"? doin* to | l >n tb<* oUiar aide It wait in. latad ibM uudar tb? eirrnairiauer* n*vry at*aatioo raa paid to tba atnu aail rt < ' tli?- lutiatu , . ! ? i' ia.Uiilta?- ta*?a biai 1 v f'arla abrra b? rMldaU ibiaa fata, aadprorurad < lor biai tb? ao?o ? of to* m >.? cui'itaal <-l tb" rai-ulty in llia% otty, ?bu had a| ^ruta^l uf '.Un rr aiuit n; pr^ao'lb'd by tba attaud'litc ?b?>, mi, tua., Iron iba uaiuia ol bi? dlta* ? (pa a.y la) ai 1 tUa I ,ro it irtncb it al larfehd blH, It ?a< auu t imp ?i !)l? to procure arrvantf (Bi?a ??r?aut?. in particular.) to ramam vltk I bua. aud cobciUUi tl oj iMai.tluag, tliat ai ary h?d Uut aik'|iUu to ti.a rrport of tb* raliirM, tliay war* DOtr Ol ucli.tfrd by it Adj?ari" d to tkt* n rniu(. Court of <? !>? I aai M?aalon< Bafora tba Kiaoidar au 1 Aliioiuiau JMtliAi"la aud Kaltr Ktr*aat>a t /ar O' 4f y4ii, - JMllUa Al?A*l; i-r, ohm, iiyrou b?.t?r ku >?m ?. ' CoubdrDca <laa No J ' bfMigU Mtetol ra i f ub.-i*iiij( a ?an.h ? 'h tT-. aad hat.'*i>a $>4) aa>i >t<U In mur.rj, i <Mt tjivMti u>4u u?-a?J vlaftin la witb ab?ui h* ?ai la July IM I'mmr W M?*ii?. > t I'litca ib thl* Stat*. bring Jiilj ?< ru. d.*<?ad thai li* baa Im*b f"r >oar tiiaa at tba aiid wbk C 'luir< "u lu ftrtl kit paranU wtava )< u *t h? priranar ua Iba ear* h<i<a?o ''laamaatl m <j ' anax'li t ti? i. ji o ' ?*id tiu Hurra, aad t?ilia? Oi* 'ha' h bad jo t b!? i*Uma<i tn k?t ra<|Ur*t"(i uia t?> Ii-iiU luni .a .i.aj to buy ? j^.btr aaU I did *o. I'D ?ur trrfral at Suiitiu, ?arra ua Mid ha bad loat bi* p < ?'l b? a o<<n(aimai( br oaitj u> <?. to >ia^4. aiu aixl : t"oa kiia along, pajiu<( ?ii bis > Ha ! Id aii "k?t b* awai J a ^.aalailo* at ll< ftotilb at, i m> ai< < iban a- <1 giro ai- fvt) a ??nib i ??ul b' lu-, and aanrtly aft?F r*r?l?*?l a l*H*r. mt cj J lijrcrti " r?jn? ting a* to i*?aia "u In \?? 1 < ???: < n to til* mi/, uuu *,?t loin itb* ^fbusN flr.' .it la u i ?, ?b?ra k? i"ta ui? tlat in* bad ait Un aar<'< *ud <*ai?b ta a It* a ?!' < bad rf'Ba to ' a..furu'a II* aaut-'J iaa le lard l.w. w\f oat 4 * r?i? ?M*? a^urji on. uuui Ua cud a I'liui ea itou. b nn? lia *aid la r? ation U b - pi'-pally a' 11.a !*?*ili tkat ha bad >auir rf'O atgr'?* tbat b* bad ?rtt'?a to hi* oT?***or >1r >VI ?oa ioi t ifci) ik> aita<>?. II m?ui, *t> ludiiiiixl ti Uiitl bit aalrh ? V (?'Tlia pv>aa?att ra naald rtr i pr??a w ar tba rapn-aaatatioa* of tha pn*i>un- aara fai ? aad tba Uiati e\ mi ' ?; t'<id U?o jary thai ha aid n? t a t l?ir a eimalrllna, anj tha.urjr <ta.-l*rrd M n ' nuinjr man aa tnr ? f# I o?au yfa M4 d. i l>a iia?' r?lar'r.) to. ^rli ua' luNM op ililtli i*4ii Will nlMial lilt lint!! r <>r ei -d?d : a MMMi to Mb a arrr r ,rkiv< Mo if im- I bill t a. b< i ad mnmI 'D?o." al alii; I'kaiary h*'t , i'ai-uan <1 hint ant guilty, aa I ;b?y had du ri<bt la n tiiirr. n* ?wok a frnliit, and j*\ iMra ?M ut a i. an prahabiT In thl- r at', ro.ra tot l??uj?d hla a* itailty a? any ( U**r ac a l"l 1 b" "aawlar waro-d h .n t" <l??l i lrr? bla Mkl'liMI prai'tlcaa, for <h' uid t- fitr Ui c o*lc'r?i i>| a ill" di ua* In thl* aoart ha ft 0 tut .*>' tu ' Hfn lha full amt.uot <f y un*baniit vl.irh ?? ?.i| in tl()*it tic* it* a*a aaa AU bat4?d if m cu?iody. taiWr f attr /"I'lf* '.a?? - K black mat aaiaH Ji Lunu llrf aiat', aa* i>' it yl*<>?J n tn*l. i-kar^-d a..Ji hartig "ii tb* lltb al' 'uly obtalnad bj fal>* ir*t?ai'ri a ?to?b ortb ?i*hn??? J'Hiar*, irnm tb* k ?Mni'ii <t Kliral'ith loo* a *'> rail ? <IH?a. o . ..? traot ba iMmnM ppraird tbit tha pr?i U"T *nl 'a Mra and pra? u.rd aa < rJ*r ptirp^irtiud ' tia?* baa^ ant la a by I or I?1 Drtrn, a *?>lnrad nan. and t!i* v?uar M tha rt<?k, ua rwa''i?( tbl* nr I*r, tha nl'>ak daUvarad to ill I pn*i n f,?n I It a* * I'm- | i?a .ly prr*aj thai | th* if?? r lal 0?T?r la*D <1f*u l.y I?raaa l it* ra?* ; i,uwtj II" pHaonar tUtndcd la hi* o?a aaaa, ' mil >hepped tba r.nRllth l??nn;n? Into aa uianj ?h?p?? ? Oaorga < hrlatia hl???lf could do. IU ?>(Jrrw J ill* j'irjr in c*pit*i o< |iu M?ku uxi u bia euMTintlr.u l?aln# Mflti !iu<?d in* < ojrt ut?'l him ?l)al ha tia.j M a?y *hy .iiult(iiia?l ih'>uld no! i?? I urn -l n Liaa Ha/wula a 'paarh >h? boTtlm *>f I whloli waa, t)i?- tb?ra ?,?? c-ti-<p|r??y ip >u Kin. Ha ?*a f?Ui ?d to tl.K pvni;?utlary Cur Uirt-v moatb* C*?r/j? af Uratid -Janiaa Ki*?*ajr waa put j ujnn bia dafenco, eliargad *ilh grand Uriwnj-, ia *?? it)f i ot a>/><il tha Stb of M ii'iiib r la-it. lurid from | Mrs < arolma Kr?rl?jr. of No 1M id>. ?ti*?t iuao j Ulf ot furuitura ralvrj ?U? r f?'? wbiah /urn Vara , li? kI<) la i h? dtji tfl?r iilrln| II Mn Ha?ri?fta?tl?i*d tbnt prWonar lit rod tha furnitura of bar, ?n i Mr larraoaa flayl* t*atl*tm] io tha fla-l ol tha prl??a?r'? j h??l?? aold tha fnra'ura t<? blm Thajury raturaad 1 aardlnl ?l hot re<">muaaiiad th? priaonar ?a th? <ny ?t ib- < mart Ha "M aaawacad to tha NUta j P'isom lot t?* jaa/? JlrfitutM Tbitinw P T'-rrf w*t tHtuJ an a rharjfn , of Ri??d terras/, ia lb* all-^*4 / t<-alui ( a gr>M j tab worth t(M, tha property of Uaoiga \f. Mor : roll au or ah'iut tb? ilih <'f May Mat Tu.ra *aj no j a*<4one? a*aln.t tha prlronar ?/itnh want ta rnak* hlin appa?r "a * ta, th*r?fora. di>nl*f* I mo* null j ty by tha j?ny, tm I Ci??aai|?d frv* o*-tody by tha " ( (?*V | , L1). TWO CENTS. . Theatrical and Hiulr.?l. Bowkkv Tnutm.-TIm trag'-dy of ' Wtrmet" vatf parformrd la-t ateuing hefora a brilliant audiunaa, a?4 It nt> If which could n< t h? Hiirpvo-ad Mr J. WaU lack'* paraouatinn of WVrner wa hat* alwaya thougat h. bf-r pi*0H ot anting and I ant ??'-oin< hit fully firicrd that opinion Tba flrnt part of ba tr<4<?dy far here ba* apprara t* mod advautaga. whara 'ba poo* unfortunate Werner huuti-d do an kr m ralantl*** parne?utor ia to all appearance* ooiupletelj a'iir?ii;>-d, hia meeting with Stralenhctra, the inannar in whleb V ?rner meet* S'raleiih. lui'.> quaationtng. hiaamplniuM of <ha Hungarian <}ab<>r (Mr Oilb'-tt,) hi* a^itati >a uid r?n< rut no committing tba fatal ant of di honort bin mi eting witb bl-i "long loat, ill f >uud boy," '.ha gal lant yi irng L'lrto, (MrKarUnd;,) the *o|>hi?tlo>?l thuuih indignant manner In which ha ?'?k? to d-faud biniaU from tba charge ot biahomir, by plaadiog that "th?r? are rrnma made venial bt tha ueeaalan;" and the terrible mumier ta ?bioh later io tho Jramft. thi* raa-mnin it ia brought home to b irn by l/lrio; tba aatl ramnr?? of W?ru?r in po-nan-.ton of hi* Inherit ?oci* t'jr tha au'4 0"t"nutted by Werner ?h"U i ppre??ed and (MTiiH.Mitad,. all afford)d tine poiat* for Mr .VallacltN an tug \4r l?i\hert a.- the frank Hungarian and Mr Mol-arleu*. a* the young l.'lric al?o played admirably Mr* Wailhck a- the wife ?| Wwii<r Us not much to Jo, but ? hat >!? bail. w?k played wit ti much tut* Wiaaut, *? tke old Intemlent ?? vry fiiuuj ln<|e*d; iu fact, the wh?le pie. e wit* r?et*lv?d with the gr-'utfit euthasie^m We trust rifling it will b" rrpt<aled lugivin.; mirk el< gum entertalxiiifuf?. Mr. llamblin ehowt that he ik not to be l>eai?-ii in the th-atriial race. nowA-'lajHi an t that Me patronn may depend ou having not oulj el. garit hut liitrllrnliMl ?iuj-ero'lit i ll- vert ?ueoirMul drama of ' Shot in the Kye," concluded tba -u tertaiuuient* 1 o nlgbt the "Lady of Lyons" auf "Shot lu the Kje " BHIIIDWil TiiUT?,? 'l'HM OfKK*. f.lHt evening, Dnuiiwtti'a heantltul opera <>f l.uoiadi Laiunaermo r,"* ?hh performed. Signwra 'iacacoUotl taking th.t char. act?rot Lucia, Signer < orelli thu; of Kdgarito K%> % wood, and Mgnor Vita an Kurieo \ahton Tun ,.a* fornmu h ibr ugliout *a ve' y creditable l ori li o n ceivedand acted the ehwaotw of Kavene*<?>'l witlr great artistic ability, and Vila ?- \-htoii was cxa< 1lent. I be cboruce-. ?Imi. wrrx well made U|> and th? ordestral aceouip mho-nt r- fleet* much o "il toiita tal>bt?d l-a<J?-r To tanrrow evening it rat (tear r.?, tin- In n. fl' of twogrrat favoritetii'l e.icellen n^tii^ia. fll^uer and Signora \'lta. Thev will appear n> tba eleKaijt opera of 'Liuda di l hauioujiix ' wi h a atr >ng .vn! throughout II Ift h >p?d thai tho.-ie who liav* listened with delight to theee artists, during their an Hg*iu?et| will u-e tbelr exertfous In giving < miine lu.rrti. what it doertea. We hope to see every oat in the 'fmajtvaf fill'd by a faxhlonable and appreciative audience. Nibi.o'h Oakbin?I'he pe rformance of Mr l'la-;t?ifc| tlie po pular comedian congr. gai-a I ant evening -t grxat audience at this tine reeori foi amuMmi'iH I'll domestic comedy, iu two act*. oali.-d tlie k VUlaga Doctor,** In which be performed the part of Or Herra Houo-ajri, ?aa a Hue piece of aotiuf tud an ekcelleut coai'.ua for tka retlui d eetor. Placid*, to display hn liiitriouia powera lie fin aanlnted by Mr ' hippendale. jrhoM rult had beeu originated by b'ui at tna I'ar* thnatra,. where the play went off upward* <>f thirty niibu Mr liayuoiid Mr Arnold, a? well a< Me-datU'te lleary. WhM?. and Howard, tuitaiued the other pernout* er th? remedy, which want off aniid?t roarw or laughter I'he ?eeond play, wia the laughable farca of the 0 ><lble Bedded Koom." in which the Duloteiar I'ipei. (Jlaaide.) 11> the eapltal feature aixt whijh, a< uiual "li-jited baiaia ot laughter aud great luermuaot. Johu Sattou. an Major Viiiua wa- uoat es ravagaut and fu<iay au4 Mre. v. atti-, an my Lady Deputy Loniat. paraonated the lufaluated r.ugli-b woman io perfeotion. With saobi an excellent company of nouiedlan*. Nlblo will aaduubt< dly. attract thousand* to hi* theatre. Thi* ?? umg, the Kavel laaiily appear iu. 'La Kate' hainpetre.* the Soldier for Love," and the exeroUe ol tue tight rope BuKTon'aTHiATBK.?The anmniog eomedy of u Married Life" wa* played la?t evening utucb te the aoiM? ol ?A ? law ><B.iUnM Phnn?K (hi? lima n >t WVUfr *? iw^o HUivxvv. ? - r ? ? cvrtaiuij i>r?-s?ut vary dalightlul pciur? of ooiiubbial bU?*. it la a bom ?utart*iu)ug oua. toil tUa ap*ration* aud ra- ucioaa of tba varioui ooupiMa th>?t I tbr dramatti fimitna. caui-ad roara of laughter Burton a* tb? chilly old Coddl*. o??r wno-? b?ad At Lynx (<;. W i luka) bold* ?ucb a rod In tha ihapa af * kuoaledga of kla aarly ludi-nrvtlon-. ??> iu *1 comical, tha imrio-conilc agony aud Jew pair of tba old g?atlamaa at tba bara naotioB of tba " alderly lady I? black frvai tba Waal ludlna" fairly e?iiTuUa<l (ta ua# iaU?l a buckaeyad pbrm.) tha audlaaoa (lib laii|k< tar Mr* Brougham aud Mr Joboatou. aa that vary lotaraating ooupla Mra aud Mra Uova wara alao ?arj? amuaiiig aud tba raat of th? onuplaa ahowad ol ikt Miloua Mylaa of matrimonial ?{uabbllug M ?t raoily Tba burleaiiua, of tba aphlui" wbinb nightly la r? Catted with great applauaa, eoualudad a moat daligut ful aaiilug'a aiitoriataiarnt To night tUa ouu?4f tt ? laul Pry" will ba pia)ed iturtou laula* Ua . Paul, aau no ? ? caa play It baitar 'l'Qa " ' " ^ will o< neluda tba aranlng'* auiua?ui<ni'-, r u* ( CNBim'a Miitmcca Bra g ang it *Uh ? r>|ltl tJJ-r twai* ? fit* "T tllk f1'', ?ud their admliabla aiogiDa. witty -a/lu,* aiaualug rquaa. kc art*, aa uaual. rm-i-ir^d -allli tba ?r at #* '*u?a I bey will r??u-i.a lb"ir Satur lay ar'-.wraat app . ?, jbt- w?rk U?'4 naaa (<r tba y~uag aona oimofi. -I tuning o noaria will go ?u with folks. Tbrir u?u... tba ...a ragalarlty aa . . acncart ami CatlaUuma. -Tha uauat , ??ytliu i?fnbali will c ur "If at tbla piai ?ot auiuan*. ''at; iu> 10lug I ha prograuima ootaiiM many a.\i;a.. Ilia. Ihla bein< tba mm d4 la<t ?wk of Uw? . * taiDux au. ao doubi tha tha gar<iau wdi ba ?i?i'.4 by kundri4i City lit .?illly?iirr. nit.-A flra wa? dta?<>far.-d uu ('lie*, lay tfUratav by nfflaera Skidaa r* and lA'hiiahiad, In tba ? <aj*? b. ii'a i?t N? ?il lltn <tr?*t, who ttiog ju 1*1 iW with trillion daaiage. kvni'M ltuiM.-A aam*d Jr?hu I)ario>;i(a im fosnd ! ? oWct-r lior. ?fr ; tna Para-b *- nod nbaf mf o'clnnk on Ta*?laT night io H ?t?l? 4 ia'- ,J?. bili'y baaing fail -n into a ut 11* wM? %,uvi j?J i/ bit reaidrara iu ?t)tb > 'ret A<.oi(jant.?i?b atlio'n'i ek ? b.alwiu. lira Birii whlla IK 'In Ward I eland unit' )ta??> aal', wa?- upaat la a n<|oall lr. inand-r tba anti ?a and oaj. .a'a ?l tr,a (> rry ?i. i*?<, ,,e. >iig to tbe Cmiib if lotM< jf , .r, kiiallim ?b ?r?t:i<r tba acridriit ba tauH'l with hil ar?w ta ria l u ivtuW aaca. ai d lortooM'r y laceanlat ia :< >? uii g <!?* art ti'jm tbur parli'tMi pviitiou AaatHTaai ihi !> 'uk .r i ! nti"> g. >?,ntw '] -ut"4. ?Tha City lu?|>??l< r rLa? tbouth iha twim m 'ha inaaura iu ' ai. iy hot. utb ?*.r?a< ?.n ' moving th? anantira t^., >iul to ^ aau.a kin otit .) >q th? farw*. V41"1* <. 1 hi-/ a??r? atra>t* d faatnMy, but w-'* n. 1W* Juxtira ot th? diairiat, ut Pna. oi lr n 14 la V* if bjok for tba law. Braaklya ?Hy Inlaillgaaa*. Tni Oau' Pio l>aa?'.iam? n??, t >u i'aaa lay ajt.r nc^o, atni.ll gf'y p?i? ?a ..f ?J| tha .r?, ? ig natona aaaaiobiad In lr tit < tba l ily HaH, to U(t lati woaaidaratlon ilia r. cut < ^alanglit am u by tba U' aid of Health >n tba r. g> V' oik appaarad to ku?w to do nr Whara to b 4in aal eight approaob'iig, praparatioaa vara ma I- for b'i>inaa? by praaar.Bj a dtlapidat>d aad aupa tnauat'd labia with hut tat at eg* up n it ??- p,?raj a aniail ard of a g avat tails* dtp ran?!4, aud a eaupla o! 1< lo* . laalaba a wara pr?eurad wbao a Hgbl aaa ~tro?k and I -ud aad aiaa?rtkl/ caila ware* for ( of tba al.|?rai?n Tba ?<gar aa atad. b.a app*aran>-a. au 1 aaid b? r*gr*ttad in at a?' fa* of bl* enaatltboota wara praaaat " iiaaortaat aoo naiably an a?aa?.o? and 'bat ha jut loft a t?'u^a raca ?i t ?aa unl aaara uatil a ? ? att Wura of ?bt? and that bo had en.aplsUly *? bauatad HIb tbaigiarti uiraiaB. bat tbal I b? dia*. rbisa of <**? ?aa?i??j- Ujcj b hi aud ba ?"uU (in ua? 01 bi> Mam*; Ma ta Ma "AM thai It ?m all Uklag tba |i f? >; ft at tham. tba ard at H-ah nl*bt a?-a I (aba a aiia ' bou?a ?r Iu4, knj b? I )tut u a.ur.b p<i*rr Ha ibm a?ka-l th -m whjr ;hf? 411 ui# ta ii ut a? -tr<??i(r an * i ? 1 ' >bi< tm da* ia*? il,<l at (H'liltral ? f?i- ap In your .ra->? b and wu ?baii ha hrani < ail ia? and you alia) 1 ba?a a>; tmnir**, I ?m y ur * r?ant, ?ad will do a* fou b a ana tr I d"a'V ?tay j?iatt ?ia? ma o?t. Tou biM >?ifat*-d, ?ri'B(? lia?< b-?nH<sU4 up*n fo<i call up<>a ?? and i ?1M r?lra?? (??ri'?? <4' h? I 4rj i I till* Juiil b? ?aoti to go to vba iaiamWf b?>t tail ' ) II* ?at?l ta would b? moat happy in iaaat tbani ?*B'n aad that rtry tori a? tba fall laatlan M lra*tf ga'?b and <b-r? "Willi bl l> * Inp^iUat |t'i ilom tu illnriiM * <? n aatha aldarma* ha 1 aarlndnl tbt* w *irm baratigua a RSGt4?*>a>i ?t?p,?<i for^ar 1 an I tu ?al tbai I kUb-Tipti..!, be taAaii uu ?? prt.nnr* a 'a 141a aaa SrMla for tba ald-tu in ?r>l>-r that h? m(?ht b? ah>? \> rtda Mora aaail i tba potkart intil th* Bait Mao>ling Thia Biol I' a ?? 'a<<'ul?d V? ??wa tomn Hid a*riKd t.iianin. ualj ?'ia nadla ?*< ihia fl'.-) ?r inn ar d at tba ammaat tba chat'Oiaa aimiutaul tba* a ?ul?-cripti< o ? ulJ bn nad, tba llfht vast Bat aad left ilixm la darkn?M, ?bleh ?a* ra?? diibaartMinf t? tbs*p?ak?t Tbu* anJad 'ba naC'iod farca. TkB HtUII tltitiiJ >M i arABtnaaa A 2 fratt rra'.t??Ul'i, W B ilabBBi?4 r ?.|. t? Wo**'. * N J , lauio^ U B?Uo?b, U r? , Mr I hoi V ulMiti, i anada, Kobk B I jlra, Xoutra?>i i l 1 ft ( Itarb And twa lriat?n. (H>aritla; Mr* M?>.? 'I da> *bl-r? ' hlladflptita. Mr* Al<ldib|a and "a 4a?itlitBrr J I' Aldrloli Raltimara, Hon fei Baths*** and fauiilf > Belaud, l.l*at l.sarta. U * A II ,t fiihtnlxlf'K't llanrr L ??t? ami lad?. I bi ? I -1??*i 1 ? F 4 N > Htnuli ati?l Hamburg. M. Mill* aaila4? Uo-tii? ( H l>a?i? tti I lady, V -t N ; Pr?f 1 K. i H Kbit*. IIIM'irjt ' ap? V U ?ir?y St. J?ha- < apt C P I'ttUrmii wa->hlM ton, ||oa "? II Sha'KforJ Jaa T. For*- j am faulty, \iat>?u>a I' v?\?b, < anal*, M Mat > Mi l Miiabtrr, >n??a?irt ?l Ijfcu'? 1 bfhM* ^ i ?(? H 4 t n?n j-r U,M| 'apt Sbffaa U * K ( l.taut | .?k-i l? s 4 Harrn?rt->a pnrawi? r?uri I* Ult Sfi?<?rf ! ' lltau; * '"*7 ii'i " * x Mr* > oar**, Mi* ' ? *(?? ilrliaai 1 ili4CXH II A , t?r -Urv WitJ/ataan; Mr. Mr t ollaf Jaa M Mrl'awry J < Wlnta,*?*. KbiU >iHH"?a' l Aatt'm?ra, ?ara * > >.?! ?h- a n ??l* fr*iarH?f at ?ha Irrta* Hw* Ilea iohn I . ' lark, (W 4i?illtora4 tha rr-aavrff Ka? air'rad In f a-hindton r?ak*r ulllroa I* ruatieaMn* at R.wha???r Mr 41I*m M ^ab ?ho baa b?au r?o a mi<?>a ta Ka< and, an4 a)>? ivlvfiiril la tha ( ^a*?Ml Araugb AM w tha 4tJt iMt, -a r-utm fnr aaada iJkMM?4i ?

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