Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1849 Page 1
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rtn s i &L J_i NO. 5571. Th? HuufctrUn War. Tk? diautroua latiiill??u?? f,o -n llancvry, published J eater day, it should be borne iu mind, U fr>m Austrian 4ld Rutiitu tourer* otilj. and to give our reaJars soma IdM of the reliance to be placed upon statements fi? n auch authority, we republish the following from the HeraU of tha 4th inat. It carae by the Wa*hluj{toii Otoml Welden tlfe Oireroor ef Vienna bti Informed the editois of the Vu^tnan newspapers that they are not allowed to publish any intelligence from the Mat of war, except ? h?' has b-en publUhed la the oflalal fVirnr - SCrttumg. 1 b>?? wt.o dare to disobey hi* order* In thU respect. are threatened with lines, and with the (oppression 1 their papers. W* al?a fcl re sketches of Oeorgey, the Hungarian leader, and Sohwarienberg the Austrian Prime Ministar, to itow, If po*fll>le, that the f>rmer la a* iacapable -of becoming a traitor a? the latter la capable of fabricating tha nott gross false hoods :? ABTIIUR OKOKQKY, T1IK HUAOAlUN OKNKRAI., AID FXJ.IX SCIIWAKZK.Nbl'iiU, TI1K AUSTRIA.!* PUlvm MINISTER. Tha author of" Revelations of Rus*ta" gires tha following interesting acoount of Arthur Oeorgey, the Hungarian leader ? Oeorgey (pronounced, a* nearly aa the sound can be Yandertd by our alphabet. (iuergay.) may be now betwaen two and four-and thirty year* of age Destined by his father, ose of the tmall lauded Magyar gentry, to tha earrer of arm?, be might po-sibly by protlcieucy in his professional studies. in which be left behind him all competitors, have made up (or deficiencies of patronage ai J interest, but bi< tamper was tao uupiiaut for one so situated in such a aerrice a* the Austrian After holding hia conimi.-lon a few years, he found himself involved in a quarrel with his sup*riars; though, >twlthstanding the partial severity of military dlnoi line In these oases the award was la tU favor Vhether through disgust, or beoaasa fee ho/ th ?t his luture promotion * aa barted. (iaorgey retired at a lieutenant from that army whose gray hea led generals ha wai ane day deaiiiied ?o signany to disaomiit Devoting himself now entirely to the positive ncmcots, ha T*(Mirrd to l*ra(nie, where, unwilling to b-irden the eletvder weans of hia father, he llvud with the m wt rigid frugality, and studying lu particular ohemistry, with untiling assidul'y under a professor of aouie eels brlty, who, being brought to acknowledge that he | eonfd teach nothing furtLer to his pupil dintingulshed I him by hi* friendship >u< intimacy Tills protesHor ?u married to a lady of Uige turtuue, whonesiiter and , ?o-heiress- a young i>ui< u of considerable attrnctloua and lively iinaginalion conceived ao rouiautio an attachment to the youibful atudeut at to m*li? blai an offer of her baud Inatead of eagerly pro5uu,{ a<*n expecttd by tbla good fortua>*, Georgey. tbsukluj the lady for tier flattering prefer<ne?*. replied tbat she ?a< too young, and bad ram 10 little of the world to bs able to judge of her owu feeling* toward* him but that if, after a jeer'a travel or ojouru ernldit tUe gaieties of Vienna, it was unchanged he ?h >uld bo proud to lead hi r to the altar. i'fte helresa. at the expiration of <4?y?ar. returned. Piqued m bir feminine pride, she still distinguished Oeorgt-y her numeroaa suiton; but be perceiving or mul cting, tbat a petet of be nor or obeli n*oy. rather than ufl-cilon prompted the fulfilment of her engagement r> llevttd ber from it by marrying a fori Ign lady. highly accompUr>h*d. but ultbcnt fortune, aud tilling, if the writer rememba.'S rightly, tbe altuation < t g?v?-roee* or oompauioa in that very family Tbe dt-aih of his fttber having taken place. tieorgey retired with hi* bride to bla email patrimonial eatate In tV? north of Hungary where he waa endeavoring to apply to the working or mine* hlj scientific acquirements when those political changes took place in Austria and Hungary, which brought the opposition into power. Some offloe In the mint being vacant, for which Ueorg*y considered hlanulf qualified by bis knowledge ol mineralogy, he applied for it through a friend to Koaeutb. ''Oeorgev,'' Koeauth la aaid to have replied, '*! bate beard much of Oeorgey, I cannot give him theappein'tm nt yon require " -'dut," persisted Georgey'epatron, ''I ai>ureyou that hla knowledge, talentl, aud political attainments, qualify him eminently for the oflna." -fcnougb," said Kossuth, "I cannot make the nomination yon dnaire. b icauxe I destine him tar other pnrpoeee I have long had my eyee on tloa. and before a tw. Iremonib is over may want blm as Minister of War ' The baffled Intercessor, at lint conceiving tbat Kossuth waa in Jest, retired, bat frem thli period datee the advancement of his unsunAMifttl Whmi tht* HuBMriftn irmv arl. vaaclng to th? relief of Vl*nna became conrlnotd. oa < the Del J of Sweobat. of th? troachety of It* (tntnl, < Mom, It uinrd Oeorgey It* chief by HHolmoai ac- , alalia. bat that ipprMMtion by his fellow-soldUr* oa . tka battl* fl*ld. which thr wquol hu abowa to be Just, Kossuth, who took ft prominaut part la the action hsd made, M ws bare mi, long previously in bli cabinet, 1 ai>d aiay have mainly aided. Oeorgey. who, through J the Hungarian war, ha* hold th? mo?t important ommand, and obialnod-together with Baa the mo*t deoi- ] ilff WM>W, sbarns with Bern the reputatioa of being i th* ableft leader of the Hungarian armies. Thl* tub- , a) tern, bccoine at an*ea great commander and tha con?ier?r of so many general* of routine, I* aotwithstaadgbl* youth, dUtlaguishod by axcm-dlng cau'lon, *o tbat It results leva brtlllaat and dcclMve are expected 1 from hi* genius than fruai the a?ventur<?u* ty of Bra. the Huagartane entrant to him their mala 1 amy with the Implicit belief tbat ha will never threw away a chance, nor rl?k the fortunei of hi* country on ih*b*rard of a die. h'wevar tempting. Tb* bondoo M*mmimrr give* tb* followiag *k*t?h of Mwineakurf, the Prime Minister of Aortrla: ? We bare hitbei to bad to deal with oataa* strange to the h ngllth ear, but the subject of the present natloe ba* acquired a *nflcl*nt notoriety, If porhap* no* oo* I of tb* meet en vis bit hind la tag Land Krum March to October, I Mil, Austria had only nominally a Minister of th* I'crv'gn Department Tbe coufusl >n In th* Interior wai ao grrat that no thought could be bastowvd apon foreign affairs. and W**aenberg. doting with ?ld age, directed his attention prlnalpally, though vainly, te making peace with Italy, and preecrriag th* st*<** f?e till A ustrta (hould have gaiaed internal strength. After th* Vienna revolution It was Wlndlschgrati who was universally looked upon at tbe great man desuurd ta save Austria and It wa* only natural tbat hi* brother-in-law, I'rlnce I'ellx flchwarsnuberg should be appointed to th* post of Minister of foreign Affslr*. The Prlnea began his diplomats career in taglaod Of winning address, combined with great boldness and Verity of character, ba soon became one of th* faeorlte* of aoclety. Ml* powers of seduction ?ere exerted with success la th* clrclee of high rank, and hi* rvckleoeacta aad Imprudence led to a dWovery which resulted In a nit, lam on I la th* rhroaialea of soaadal. by 1 which the honor of a British p?w wa? eotapro- ; mined After this *xpo*ure It wa* latpotelble for : bin to retaia hi* post la iaglaad Ho was sent a* aabe*>ader to Naple* ; but II seemed fated that affairs of gallantry should always Interfere with hla diplomatic career. Ha was driven from Kaglaad by a Met'ses In high life; be was forjed to quit Naple* oa acoonr.t of aa Intrigue la low Ufe Here It was not a . noble lord, but an IgaoM* porter, with whoa he earn* Into conflict. He could a<> longer remain at Naples, aad Nstlnd at cac* to exchange diplomacy ft* thearar. Oa the hreaklag cat of the lialtaa war ho was already Oeaoral His alliance with Wlndieahgrata ralead hia to tb* Mlalstry for I oreign Affairs The *aae Iseity and reckleesnee* whleh had characterised hi* prirate life dtstiacni-h*'l hi* treataeat of pnhllo husiooea.? Treaties between aatlow* bad la hi* eyes no higher valae than woran's honor. Th* royal word had no more sanctity far hla thaa a lover'* vow. Hi* policy la <li iaaay aad Italy Is wall kaowa. While the Aastriaa arm lea have beoa defeated la Hungary without Intermission. aad Prlaca He h war tenter* bat beea obllg-d to purrhaee a momentary respite by saarlflclag the powor aad laf ooaro of Aastrla to hor most danfferous rival, . hi* aetio In Italv ha* been tbat of Danten "f)t l'*e 4mr*. rtarara 4* I itdmf, ?I faxfwmrt dr l'<?<?rr " Hafor? paac* ?m c< neludrd with Ramlala tha AiiUIm troopa marched upon Lagbora and Horcnaa without balng )nTit?d k; lb* (irand Oak* of ra?r?ny. tnd th?y tan ?croplad Bologna and botnbardad Abcom. Th* front of tha AMftltn am; aiUnda from Alraaandria t?> th* Rm>(U m that ftardlula If ah* ??r?tnr? a<>ma*ar* th* war eould break through It. and ?at up th* Incla dl?Ulo?* In d'tatl In Germany habaaWrcao atoaa notutaad to bindar tha union of i??r??nj and to *>at)i the moral In finance which I* atlll aiaraued ! %T FniMlt. In aplta of tha folly of k?t King To attain i ttlc rtnll ioitrlai tellfj u til tad Itaalf at Kraaafort , with tha Republican l.eft I* Ha?arla with her analent ' ally tha Jaauit and ultra-mortal.* party; at Berlin tha 1 Auatrian Y nroy, Hitter tod rrolwch la mora than mm- | Bted of having dlntrlbutad c; to tha rod rapub in agltatora.Ta ardar to itraagthan tha oppoaltlnu agatnat Prneala If a*eaa*ary b? a atr?*t tmtnit If any f thaa* alntnay Intrlgan happened to ha dlaaorarad. a? waatheca-am Harlla. to tha graat iadtgnatlon of th* King of frvtrla. Prltaa S?h*ari-aburg *11 wrar at a loo for aa airuaa * It ?a< a aarrant of tha aarny, who without hit knowledge had dUtrtkalM moaay a mo tip | ha d*magigu*(," Ike k? Arohdok* John re- i ralrrd laatrnottnaa from Vienna torataln hi" Tloarlata f th* aaiplro la parnfc.a aad to remain In hii aotan abla pc*ltloa, la ordar to prepar* an additional ambar- I raagpicat for Prwaaia To attala tbla mnmaatary ab|vet tha dignity of aa arehdnha waa r?'innraw*a?ly aa*r1<lmi A pyataai of falaabnod aad calumny baa baan aaparlalty acted upon with ragard to Hungary l.ytng bull ?tin? hara been leaned, and fait*' aitraeta from Hungarian Journal* ' bar* baaa ayataaiatieaily fabricated in ordar to induca tha world to ballara that tha 4iMtrlaoa ware alvat* rlrtoriona. tha Mnngarian republican* t-rr r lata Roaanth a ontamonplaee acouadrel, whilat Sahwar aabnrg waa tba atat*?man of th* rantury, th* preparer of anelal ordar : yat all thl* lime h* waa treating rnnji?wi mr mmnn loiemn mmpmu of lb* rralm, royal oath* and pronUaa, |<k* tb* play tMrgi of Irffcitry. mad* only to b? ihoown a?td* *h?n broken N* w ??< th* policy of tn*tria la ?urh han<t? | A* lone a? rrlno* Prhwarioohurg I* at th* h>-*<l of af Mr*, peae* la not poa?ibl* No on* Mlaria hi* word*, * 4 t?*fy on* know* that b* I* r*?dy to klntto a g?n* ral vsr for any nonrotary ohj??t 9ia i??* Fumn.-A l?tt?r from At Fataraburgti, dated tk* tlri inly, (tat** " l ady F'raaklla banaf addr*a*?d a ??nmr1al to tba*r1nr of Rnaala, la whloh ib* ?tat*d that th*r* waa *oin? po??ibillty that tha *ip*dltlon whleh tailed f??r ?*ar* ajo from Kn*laad , for tba of tb* north w*?t p ? ??* d*r tb* romsand of bar hnaband, Sir John Franklin. | and of whloh no lnt*lllf*n'>* had h**n r?o*l?*d. had bara thrown on tha aotata of8lb?rtaor Nora Z?rnbta. Ml TmporUI M%j**ty laitantly r**otr?4 to lit ont an arpadlUow to maka a rtrlrt ***r*h on tha*a dlatant dflwi. and ftf thli parpm* tb* Imperial Aoadamy of M?m? at It. Ffteriborfh ha* h?*n oo??nlt?d ii to tha I aat mm It wofM ha expedient to adopt." E NE A The Polity or ?!? Kren?* EipMUUM to Won. [Krom the London riiuei, Auk lft ] The only ground on which the policy of the French ri|i?oitii>tt to Rome ha* been defended, even by ilia ai uuters of the republic, is the positive assurance that the refutation of the Pope, as effected by France, would be accompanied by a thorough r form of (he abuses which ar? encrusted on the temporal government of the Papal Slates.? Toccjueville concluded bis last speech on this subject by s detlaiation that be could aadertake to say the Pops was prepared to sanction such an arrangement, and that the conseouencrf of the Papal restoration would uot b? a blind and implacable reaction. The honor ol France, the tranquility of Kome, and the very existence of the l'op<s as a temporal oovereign, defend ou the fulfilment of these eHK&gementK. Unhappily the first acts of the Pontifi betoken the existence of a very different spirit, and have at once roused the hoatility and the suspicions of the Roman people to such a pitch that a fresh insurrection wouM hive immediately broken out, it it had not been for the imitosinx at tituc'e of the French army. General Oudinot had prevailed upon Prince Odeschalchi and some other eminent Roman laymen, to constitute u species ol municipal govern* merit; in concert with the French military authorities, until such time an he should hand over the government of Rome to the Pope, or to his representatives. These individuals, who appear to have acted from very patriotic motives, have since received General Oudinot'* official thanks for "the enlightened and u<;tiv? service they had given him lh the direction of public all'.iirs;" and it is obvious that i'lus IX could not have done better than in intruding the supreme power to this respfctable municipal body of Koinan laymen until his own teturu to the G?uiriual. lie has pursued, however, a directly opposite course. Ttie cor miction which arrived in Home on the 3d of riugust, 19 a revival of the worst and most contemptible urates of the old Papal administration. A triumvirate of Monsignon, whose names and characters are literally abhorred by the |>eople, has assumed ihe reins ol government, without a word of practical assurance to the nation, or a word of remonstrance on the part of the French general.? Tkeir first meat-urea were of a piece with their proclamation. They distantly removed from office nil the persons who had obtained employment since the revolution, aud thereby augmented the discontent of the most formidable and intelligent av nts of the republican pHriy. They rescinded all the laws passtd since November, and restored the hateful and clumsy old courts of justice. They appointed a commission of inquiry with undefined lowers, and quashed the municipal bodies in the lowns, tu which they ought especially to have li oked for suppoit. And ihey repudiated one-third of the |>a|?r currency, by a measure which could not fail at such a moment to occaaiou excessive irritation and embarrassment. This paper being inconvertible, it was the interest of the government 10 maintain it* circulation us long as possible; it was a convenient fiction ; and as the value of the republican baiocchi must eventually have declined, that would have betn the time to propose the couvtrsion ?>f this currency. Coin had disappeared, iicd there was no remedy for this state of things hut lo allow the paper to sink to its own level. The unpopularity of such sets as tlir*r is, of course, excessive, ana if the object of the French be to restore the Pope to power, they could not have rendered him u greater dis-service than by tolerating so fatal and absurd a commencement. We have no doubt that when the Papal government was attacked in November, 1848, by the murder ot M Rossi, and a brutal outrage on the Pope's i-alare, the better part of the Roman population Mere disgusted and appttlied by such acts ot violence. The governmtut whicn was then overthrown by Mazzini was the best experiment Rome tiad witnessed. The cabinet consisted of able laymen ; the Chambers had convoked the best eititens * f central Italy. The destruction of that form uf government waa a fatal blow to the cause of the institution and of freedom. But, much as that pvent has been deplored, we can entertain little jr.ubt that if the choice of the R ?man people lies Dnly between the two extremes of a complete a denwrntic republic, ibey would preler the latter. We can conceive nothing more odious than thdt a power. sanctioned by ages, and laving claiai to lometning like a divine authority, aboJld show it%> If more arbitrary. implacable, ana unjust than the dictators of a revolution ; and if thin is to be tb? conduct *f the Conrt of Rome, we venture to affirm that the nioet hostile measures of Mazzini and hiaatntociates, will have proved 1cm fatal to its security and power thun the foolish and intolerant actions of its own representatives. The avowed object of France and tne Catholic powers is to give permanence, stability, and independence to the head of the church to which they belong; but the state*m? n of thoae countries must perceive that this object is absolutely unattainable, unless it be possible to promote mutusl confidence and union between the Pontiff and the people whom he Is to dwell smongst snd to govern. If Plus IX has not sufficient independence of judgment and vigor ol'character to distinguish the just rights which be may uphold from the gross delusions which bave almost buried the pacacy under their ruins, his infataation will give the deathblow to his power. He is said to have relied on some miraculous interposition of Providence on his behalf ever aiace his Hegira or flight to Uaete, and possibly he may impute to the uiilookedlor operations oi ihe French Republic a somewhat miraculous and supernnturul character. But even popes cannot reign aupernaturally; they have no charmed lives; and their temporal power will, like that of o'her prince, perish when it is abused. An entbaaMstio wnemy of the papal power could perhaps desire no belter than to see it restored by means and with accompaniments which show its nature to be incorrigible and its downfall inevitHble. We desire to speak with f eater reepect of the head of a large portion of the hrisiian world, but at the same tune we can disrov r nothing in the piesent policy and intentions of the Pop?s which seems calculated to disappoint the predictions of his bitterest adversaries. Movement ef Uxllvldnala In Karsp*. Tbs r mi-MM mention th? tntaoUoa of ih* ?% King cf lbs t'reorh. Louis Phlllppa. to visit Bruwsls. Tbs tmi+rhml if JwMfSS tea reeeat gnabur. says: ? ' W? arc Informed that tbs elvla soar J of Bruges Intend to |tva a ball io his Majesty King Leopold during bis srjaurn at Ostsad, and tbat It Is very probable tbs rs-KiDK >>f the Krsnrh *111 boaor this ball with bis presence It I* rumored lbat Loils rhlltppe had a?k*d p?in>t?etoD to gn c n a pligrlmags to Dreux. to visit the rt mains af hl? family Interred there. The nam* he woalrf MXat foe the eeeesion Is said to be Couat de Pontbteu. A correspondent of th? Birmingham Jnrmmi makes a statrcirot ahlrb Is sloioat Incredible, namely, tbat L'-rd Brmighan walked Into the poer?ts**' gallery, fl-iife ?f Lords om tb. wj night tbat llw Mil far the I rotfftli s 11 W dinn pas*rd. with no less a personage leaning on his arm th*a Mrs Captain tieald.late t.oon ri j>mn bulldog a?d h?r**whtpplng fata*! Th? p?t>?lty of death pmuonn<>a4 agilnat Captain Kli'l?r ? ? mniiilp-< Into that of taa jmti' ImprlauoDi'ht acd d<gralalion M. l.aray tb? author of a toog entitled " Th? Ball and lb* Huitlotlna " ?a? ranWnced by lh? t'oart of Aaof Car l? on tfatnrday to ill month*' lmpri*onm*at aad .'if Ot. flna Lieut aad Vr? Haald (Lola Moot*) arrived la TarU, and left for fiermany M l.lrtW r>t>? ot tb? a*?nt?af the et-Trlumelr \la?iltil. ha- b*?n arreted In larUat the realdenc* of a lady ho bad nUKHlfd him it l? belief d that M ( amot, minister of pnbli* In tiuetlon under the pr<iTiilon>l government. will ba eleeted r<-\re?> ntatire ?f tha t ?>ta d'Or, In plara of M. Jama* Dtantry decea?e<t M Riffl dMoftkoii Rxmii triumrlr*, few arrlrad at Turin. Arrtia* in < *t iroant*.? Iitraat from a latter dated Bnttlt. Jui.e WO. 1MV (.B?ral Kniith ha* l**ued an ordar anthorldog tha quart. >roa*ter to |.?y WHWI f?r tln-lr labor, at tha rate ?f HOC |? r month. ?hm ?ot doing military doty. U orbing partiee f*">ia our t?|l?int (M lufaotry) ara hu'lty r**r?d digging II* c Ulng oat *tone. burnIng < h?t.vial anil making every preparation for tha e>t*hH?hment of a permanent military po*t. Tha men, hovrver. ara not tatleDed to work far ao email a eon ld?ratli>n a* >100 p< r month. Tha General ba? promt*. d that one third of the raglment at a lima fhall hara furlough* to ge to tha ilar* I urn *lrongly of tha opinion that n?n*rla pr>**?**?* Important advantage* over N*n KnMMhn. and will at l? a?t. prove a farmlrfable rival to tha city of tha great t>??. hi>* f> ti r ! tMn point U l<it?nn?; fold, (old, IMIirrtf rilhtni bt?? told. I m t with * man who to Kt.H*wim#nt of Valuator* w.*ll i| ?n(i who bw In hl? p'>?????inu o*?r 70 ftuiidt ( f |inro pi id th? fmlt of bU own labor. Fund Sr. H?i ??? ? RM^ Wtlllnm 'io4d?rd, whli>h ariiod Iblo lubtbiDft ?" ? ' alcutta, w?? bl'ir<wt to put Into fit llttirn* to r>-p*lr d?mi?p?p r?r?lTrd prtvlonalf In pal*. < opt*Iti Taj r?|">rt? Iravlng St ll?l?n? Mth of July t\ bile tVar*, h* hrard k* * BrltUh v?w?wt, that th? ?htj> V*n<1alla. t odman. of Bn?ton. fr?m Mtalila ft.r Notion had f>?an obliged to pnt Into th* f?! (Ihu.c*. hatlrR hmn illimnrtMl In t (tin, Noatri latt-r* l>ad b??n brought Into St ff?1?na. Th* brl# Whip, of Rumaior* reported captnrod ami ttovphtln bait harn <t1?m?mlrrt Hrt rtrpi of ptllt r> mater* lit Ht Hatma. I her a bain* no imwI ttw-re 11 tiimrrj tb??t a*?| ? J?oil?>i B' /Y??wW. *?r' * W YC 10RNING EDITION?FRIJ Oitr lyniu* Com*|MmdraM. Itduui* Ho??b, ) Iruciii. September ft?11 A.- M. j Tkt Htmkar CatMttntum?Arrival of the New York U*U. fatten? TKt Stale Fair? Vamkei Sullitm and Walknr? Great Kacilrmmt Tba Hunker Nominating 8UU Convention, that li to convene in thU city to-day, will, from all appatrancea, ba largely attended. During tha arrival* of the different train* yenterdaj afternoon and laat night, quite a number of delegate*, from variou* oountiee In the State, together with the New Vork delegation, made their appearance, whleh enured thia "elegant , hotel," aa well a* Ruat'a Hotel, to be well filled for the iugu>. Anuag uu Dumwr aireaaynere, tr?li-UOT?rio( Marey, Hon. Aaron Ward, of Weatohester; V. 8. Banton, Vrancts B Cutting, Wm. 8haw, Lorenso B. 8heppard, D A. Kennedy, Chancellor Walworth, Kd?fn j CrofKWfll, and alto a number of other distinguished I democrats ef the hunker section of that party. I Quite a number of caucus** kafe been held her* this morning?soma wishiuK to await the result of the mass convention of the 14th Ipst. before a State ! ticket is nominated; others want to postpone this conI Tent Ion until the barnburners have had theirs at b'tloa, the 12th Inst., while others are In favor ot proceeding at once to business and nominate their tioket; aud as lar as I can bow learn, the only conclusion they have arrived at, is to await the arrival of the express trains, from tbe east and weet, at 12 o'clock to day, when other delegates are expected, aud they will then fo into convention at Market Hall. A portion of th* lunkers now her*, feel qnit* sanguine that there will ! yet be a union between them which can only grow out of the result of the Mass State Convention to bu held ! hero on tbe above day: this will, of course, be tbe 1 seeond trial, and it nothing Is don* In tbe way of har1 monlslag and uniting, they will, undoubtedly, be sever1 ed forever, never again to b* united as one and only one party, but will light separately and alone fur the polls. The Agricultural Stat* Fair, that is to op*n in this elty, on Tuesday next, the 11th Inst, will, without doubt, be much larger attended than it has for yean. TI e most perfect airang*ments have been made for this graiid and brilliant exhibition; the executive sommitte* have been as busy as bees for several days. In arranging the tents and all artloles received up >n the grounds. The proprietors of the three maguifloent hotels here have also used *v*ry<*xertiou to take excellent care of a large majority of the vast number that will arrive here by Monday next. I understand that Messrs. Ulllett It Knickerbocker, of the "Syraons* House." and P. N. Ku*t. of" Kust's Hotel " have alone made ample arrangements to accommodate upwards of two thousand human beings During the three days of the lair, the different railroad companies will carry passengers at half print, whioh will be a great inducement for aonntry and city ptopl* to come here; besides this Inducement, there is y*t another important one. that will probably draw thonsands here, which is. the announcement of" Old Zaak's" pr*seno* at tke fa\r. it is u >* quite positive that h* will reach here on tb* first day. Tank** Sullivan, and Walker, th* champion of light weights, both arrived here last night, and have taken up their quarters at this house. Since their movements was last announced In th* A>i# V,nk Herald, they have been travelling through different part* of Canada, giving exhibitions, which has as they informed m*. been quite a profitable trip Vaoke* looks well, and feels In fin* spirits; he has now enga**d a plane upon the grounds where tb* fair will b* held, and will I firi nt A t?Lt fur tka nurnoa* ul irirln* auArrinir avhikl. j tione at diflrrent hotfra of th* three tiaja. Too cha mplok of America. Tom Ujr?-r. will al^o be her*, which (?hmi m>me of the Syracuelaoa to entertain u mrs that th?re will b? a row between bim and dullirau. but 1 apprehend tbU idea 1* only founded upon Imagine tlcn, as It la not at all probable there will be a word between thun 1 he excitement that already prevail* here among the vlelt< re and citixena la Intense, and the whole place ppeara to be alive with animation, all looking forward t? the result if the two conventions, and the progreaa of the Agtlcultural Fair. Old lUliktr Democratic Stat* Canrantlon. Pvaacvsa, N. Y , Sept. 6.1849. The delegate* to the demo?ratio (old hunker) Stat* convention, for the nomination of State candidate* for the ensuing election, had aa informal ooaaultatlon thla moraine at Ruat'a Hotel, rea pee ting the policy to be punned In the aomlnatloa*. Some were la favor of mixing la a few baraburaera with the candidate* to be appointed, with the view af conciliating that wlag at the fhmily; others, and, from appearanoea, a decided majority, ware advocate* of a eleaa hunker tieket at all haaarda, believtag that all farther advance* to th? barnburner* weuld b* repulaed, aa haratofora, and that | there wa* ao *arthlj manaer of uae la coquetting any ' more with the wilful damael. knowa aa fro* Rotl Th? ; other aid* b*llev*d that somethlag might yet be done; j that *om* eandidat** might be aomia*t*4 which would 1 be acceptable to both a**U*a* of th* fkmlly.aad aaewr* ; th*lr united auffrage*. At on* o'clock, after th* arrival of th* noon trains, th* convention aa**mbl*d la Market Hall Mr. W. L. O Smith, ?f trie, called th* *oaT*aUon to ord*r. And, Oa motion, Far** Mitchell, af Oatarl*. waa chocei Pr**ideat, pre Ira., aad Mewr*. Wlag, of Orange, and I Mllea W Burnett, of Oaoadaga. 8*cr*tart*e. yrn tea The countle* were the a called over la alphabetical i order, when th* IWIaviag liat of delegate* were report I ed preaeat: ? I J/aony?let llliaMf Dtetrlet, Abijah C. Diebrew; Sd 4*., Rufni W . Peckham; 3d do., Jeha V. L. Prnya, ?U 4... Hermaa Veadell. AUtfkmnn?Johm B. Roea. Br.weu?Jcha I'rtere, Jr. I attarauf a?? Robert I. ftkankiaad, Ceyeta-itba Thoapeoa, Robert Rleeaadeld, aad I. A. 0**dvta. ( Tbumae A. Oakcra. ( AtmiMif?Ueorge R. Utiiaalp. t henat 90? Janna H fox aad J. H. Meore. C/lelen?Boratle O. Roiiblaa. 1 o/amMa?Joeepb D. Moaaell aad Ula* Caaap. ( ortlund$? Frederick By**. Delawart--Lutb*r Ratta aad Cbarle* R Tarry. I>ulrh*tt? A been t. Erie?W L. O. taitb aad Rlijab Ford. fur/?Abaeat. franklin?Jaaea C. Speaeer. H >. J. DoSac. 1 Utntttt?lat Aaeembly Dlatrlat, Frederiek Fetletv 3d 4e , X. B. Nevkrop * (irtrnt ? Abeeat. Hrrkimtr?N. A. Rente* aad B. J. Carver. I l.firr.nM Cole lurf .4 Hkl>>ar A?n#t?JohaC. lharob aad Wm. Hubu l.rv-it-- II. Bara**. I C. Wotlnf and W. D. Smith. MnilUim?CbWIa Mono tod W i. Ilongh Sivnrot? R. D. PBlIk 111 Calria Hants. Jr. W?. Mr< larr aadBtopboa tola*. Am York?lit AMaaibl/ Dialrltt, I'oaiol D. Dod?? 2< : do., Vraarte B. Cnttiac. M 4a., abaaat; 4th do., It. M *? Ml; 5lb do , J"I.a M?rpb>, 6th da., itnimlml. Mataall, Tih do...Kiob'd Tiltla; Mb da., A. 0. Cnata; >U 4*., A jDaaraiHHh da., HtarrSbaa: 11th da., Alaiaada* Stewart: l.'?h dn? I Heart T. Waal, uth da., lifaHii Kekill, Idih da . abaca t. IM do , J. T. i*aa<; lAtb da., Lnraaia I. Sbappard. Sittaarm?B. Riiiob ud iiifi loMiaao. lutdilir, Vs. C. Pun. Horatio Soy nr bad D. Nonltaa Oiir? fo?Q. II. Ha ff bar tea aad B. B. Browa. ih>?n4nen -H a. PorUr. Jr., Soth Hatohlaoaa, H.W. Boa, iih tat Hick* W?rdoa. Oalaria?I'ttat Bitcholl aid Thar. llawall. (frantr?J. J. lioraaa, J. 8. WtUia bad ObarUa H. Wi*> aid. Orir?a?? T.B. Clark. "l.?r?_Id? la Jaaliaa, L. Caryl. | i'uinnm? Ahaoat. yaooa'i?Jaha A.Srarrtnt. rinelarr?loWt CkrMUa, J. M. latt, L. 0. Hof?I Vora. Hi. hmnnd? A>.?aa? j Kotkland?A. B. SalTora. Knrnlofit?Jtbi Craaior aad B. 11. Walwartfc. [ Hrhrntrfftdy?A. J. Tboaipofa. I ^A. AnrM? t. Staafaa. bt?nb<??L 0. WbJtiagaad W. B. taillb. 01 I.a trrenr#? B. Lo4?a,T. C. Darrltoa, aad A Vaar Prill. Smjt'lk? Abooal. Svilimn- C. ( Woodward -Maltbow BrMtnl Tnwpktnt?baalol Jaaksaa aad Bo Wort llolooy I7?frr?Wai. H. RaoaaU a*d t. O. ilubntrk. H arrra?II. B. Wiaj. HniHuiln?Aboaat. H'ayar?Iraac B. AaadPnrd. M rtirhfitr~ lloa. A. Ward. li Abooal YaHt ft, Khm?1I. I Oan W??n. of Wr*tah*nt#T, atibmltlwl ? rmlaUoa, I tkit l rf.BBlttH of on b? appolatad bjr th? aktif from rati ja<llat*l dliUitt. to report oflwri for IM I racolar organ (tillon. Mr W?rr, of N?w York, oppoaad tha motion It would ba mora damooratle tor tha convention U rbonaa thflr rfHr?r? vllkont tkatMof icmiiiltM I If wt Imti iTir;tkl?it t? ? h* i?n, viihovld btni doaan dl?tatln? tk> nomination* With a rarhal ?m?ndm?nt. koaaaar. tha raaolntloa vu tdopM. 'I h? fntloalBg vara in*o(M?a * Ui? ronmlltw organisation ? Klr?t JuclaUl Dlatriat Oar. A Ward, S<aond. J?a?ph T. Baaat; rblr i, J. O II a* brook; Fourth. Rtaphan \ alaa; K ifta. Wat I ort^r Jr.: Hlith. Hob??t llilwy, H#T?-nth. Samual Bir<1?all, Mghth hldlilfk Fotlatt And. ob motion. tha aoB?a?tlo? toak a raeaaa fr-ai t?a till thraa ocUrk. ' ?BCOND MrKTINO. Tba eoitfttloii r'Mifiublad at tlr*a o'alonk. Th? Pr?iid#nt ralud t? ordar Th? ||*t of del' gat**, m r?portad bafuta adjournBent. ?a# rrad At talf pact thraa, (Vanaral of tha aaltat aom mitt?a for tha porpoir. rama lorward Bad rapoaod that *ha rrmnlti-* had un?nimous|\ ijrwd u,,?u tn? following m tba <?< . * ?>l tba aonaanUna:? rrr*4r*t? ritocil H. Ivrti.i*. rlet frnidtM III l/itltict U*arr *. * aitata. U J J. M'-mait. " Id " .... *llaa ' autp. IrA " W.J. l?>a?a. " AM " ... t'rwrj a nr*?a. " KM " .<>' ?. H.J. ttnagii. " ',tA " l"aa fkamproa. * 81/ " .4a.' *r f ,a i ?. p.."t i ,1 C. flu r.h, .? Kin. i ? . ? I N >. ufclai 4. at t cMlf. J. t. ?p ..r?r, al r i a r .

H lit' 'J'r4*, i * vanity.1 A?r??i< t? ?citi Mf .1 t rtaa tn .?nr to t'ia railtna. an>!. r.i faking U>? akalv, tiptn LU aiccvra taaitk* :ut tlx IRK I DAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 184 diitlapilrkrd honor conferral upon htm H? wm no ltiFBHbl* tkit it ?u mora a compliment to the de niocrac* of tba city and county of Now York, mora a tribnta to that gtllant democracy whloh bad ato-x firm and inflexible through good aadjevil report. untl now the echoe* from ta?m annouuoe that wa am li sight of tba land of promita (Applauite.) t raaog ni?? lha compliment paid ta them in my own behalf 1 and in behalf of tba flr?t *ien president. and we returi you our thank* for thi? testimonial to that gallant anc Intrepid democracy who, ?t>-ruly maintaining thaii ptlnriplno wltb moderation. but with unahatad oontl denoe and seal- ha?e arrived at that point whan ?ic tory ii within their reach. (ApplaufC.) lie bslievec that the pany wnich now controlled the city ot Na? > ork. one of the citadel* ol democracy, was dattinai; rpeeuny to o? mspiaceu ami umi tue unmoerwlo bi?n ner would again ba placed to the ssrendaat lie spoki ol the duties ol the convention a*ata*kof difficult) and delicacy Never was there a time wluoh uiore gruatlj netded the eiercise of ear* precaution, anil dellbe ration in aur proceeding* than the present. At Roan tha great principle which the democratic party maintained wan toleration The assembled people of th< North arc oppoeed to slavery We may lay that d < *n a* a caidlnal proposition. It was not opposition tc tlaverv that had divided the New York democracy; but tba divi-ion resulted from an attempt to make that opposition a part of the democratic oread, and a test of party fidelity. All attempis to engraft thil principle of opposition to slavery into the party creed bad been fraught with mischief all over the country I There were gentlemen here who would ray that thll iuestloa of test bad entered into the church**, and Tided congregation*. It had pa?*ed even the family threshold, and ca?t it* shadow aver the tanjily hearth. We repudiate such a test (Applause) All such teiti as this. barnesslrg or restricting the frae opinion* ol men are but relic* o! the dark ages Those day* have pa-sed We live in an age of tree thought, free opi. num*, and free *p?eoh We leave men to their fre? opinion* on the *ubjnct of alavery; we only declare thai apposition to slavery cannot, with our oonaent b< made a test of democracy Mr Cutting concluded bj reiterating bia thanks to the convention On motion, the Kev Mr Conniii. of the Dutch Heformtd t'hurch wae invited to the stand, opening th< regular proceeding! with a aolemn prayer that the proceeding* of the cenventlon may result to the good ol the people of this ?r?at State, the advancement ol olvll and religious liberty, and the glory of Ood. Mr Puutkb. of Onondaga, niovad the appointment 01 a committee to recommend to the oonvantion the candiCatea for their nominaton Mr SHirrAko, uf New York, objected; he was opposed to delegating to any one the powers of tha oon yention. Mr Posteb explained that no power was delegated? the committee could onl) rec.mmend?It waa the convention only that could select A motion was made to lay the proposition on tha tabla. Not agreed 10 The question for a *ele?t committee recurring, Mr Hi-son. of Monroe, took the floor, and dosirad to submit a new proposition lie bad not much hope ol it* adoption yet it was due to the democracy of Mouro? that ha should submit it In their behalf Ninety-nine oi u* out of every hundred In the county ware In tavoi ot the permauent union of the dnmeciatic party A nomination of a ticket here, in whole or in part, will b< an unsuccessful attempt. Some aay that we mad* every reasonable concession at Rome. All tbat I ask is action here eontoro>able to the oonoaaaions then made. It I* perfectly useless to m to the poll* wltheui being unlti d He must not only be unltad la prinei' pie. but upon the nominations. The question is how are we to eflect this union' Noma may think that w< bad better divide tj>e ticket between the xectton* of th> party leaving it to the oouveutinn at L'ttea to ratify the ticket. I apprehend that the) will not consider II much of a compliment for us to appoint their hal of the ticket and that (hey would prefer to salecl It for themselves. If we bava no union, wa ahal hava sis out of ten who will not be at the polls If?. .k.ll Uf. ??a.lil W.A? .sW A propitious time tor union. The counties desire It foi the itkf of rally upon their U?<ti tickets. There li no reel dlalslon In the democracy They desire uuloi tor ita suke. and lor the victories which It bring* to tbi cave* I propote therefore, tliat tbl* oonr?ntioa di adjourn until tbe Uth I act , and that it aball r?<|U*st tlie i tioa Convention to u?K't u? lu tbl* plaoa on tbi Mi*. 1 be rataiixar raid tba question could only be put byltaieof tba convention. *'Na objection." "Let'i have It " Tha question waa pat, and tha proposition of Mr Hnson (excepting his own rote), waa unanimously rejected auitd laughter and applatute 1 ha motion for a committee to recommend the namet of aondldatea for tbe convention'* nemlaatlon wai then adapted?the delegates of each judicial dUtrict t< cbooee three ?1 ?ai<l committee. A reoe?a waa taken t< F allow the delegates time to make their ( election*. Af tur half an hour the convention waa callnd to order m4the several Judicial dlatrtotw reported tha follow In It as the committee ea n?n>laatioaa :? i Fir ft Ditirut? Augustus Be bell, L. B. Sheppard Aleaaader Stewart. !i?vnd IHtrrirt?Aaron Ward, John A. Bearing Charles W Hooker. i !%%rd Ihthitl?John M. Mett, R. N. Peekham, J D Moaaeil Fuvrtk Dittriet?John Cramer, Edwin J. Dodgs 1 Stephen Vatel Ftjtk lAttnct?Horatlo Seymour, Wm. Porter, Jr , A BUaict Sisik Ditlrttl?O. B. Oulnnlp, Daniel Jenkins, L < Carroll In en* DiHritt-K. D Smith, L. II. Howell, E. D Dirfrtri?Thomas 8 Clark. Frederick Kolletl W. L O. bmitb. i ftecess till T f M. Important fiam tha Caba Expedition. i Naw Oai-sans, Aaguat 17,1S49, IV 4rr*afHiiMi to laht C?l?- Tkt Fort* Entitled TV Sptnul Force en iht Itlmmi ?Samtt of Ui Offiter of lie JCtft^tlun?Import*ml end Interfiling Injartn* faen. ftSince Prealdent Taylor's proclamation In relation t a certain secret expedition, various snrmlses bar been made by nearly all tbe prints la the Union, as t Ita probable destination. Its leaders, resource*, ete hut arrangements will so far hare adranced for It eonsummatlon, before this reaches you, that I hare a hesitation In placing tbe objects of the expedition la i proper light befira your readers. You are doubtless aware, that for the last twenty fou months, the Creoles of Cuba have been very active li organising republlean elnbe. secretly, throughout th whole Island - they hare at tho?e clubs collected larg urns of money, and forwarded It to their friends In th United States, for the purebaae of arms aad munition VI Wir. i no i BHD rvpuMioftDl Nil l|>nu hi nr York, rMMtlpklt. Haillmora, Loniarllla and New Ol lrau-Uioi< i(?iU ktn wnM bard aad faitbfulljtbmy Imt* purrhaaad aad p*l*d for 10,000 lUid < ra?. t?oitruilK?U tad foor orlri aalllag T*eaeli tb*j ktfi iiroll?4 S.000 roluotear*, and bar* onaii lowd of *ip*rlaaea aod aaknowledga, bt???ry to *omaMnd thaoa- principally offleara lath Maalraa war. Of tbla roluataer fore*, 1,000 man froa New Yotk aod Baltimore ware, at laat account*, ai Maiblad ca ( ba?rM lalaad. (four day* Mil from ( aba, tOO art oo Itauad l|laad. one *>( the ' baaiallara, : br* daj mU froa Cub*,) aad the b*laoe*. *uppoe?-d to b b< ut 7t0, ara oa their *?y to tba place of geuera r*ad?lTou*, which plac* at tbl* tiaia I will not nama Now. la addition to tba Tolualeer force, tba patriot baa* 10S W)0 ?atlre* off uba enrolled. all of whom ar anxloun aad *AUp| to attlka tba blow at a firm tlm? Tb*y ara denied all oflce* af tru*t or profit la thai native rooitrj aad ara all heartily *lek of Spaniel rule end >paat?h d?p<'l?n. Tba aatlre l aban *? all th* product* of bi* lotrly Utaiid mad* to faad U> fr*edy at>d cnrrwpt a?Wlit; of Spain Sjain at tba pra-eaot tiai* baa ualf IS 000 troop* ot tba lalaiid aad 7.0IU of tho** ar* atettonrd at llama and It* alclmty ?oot one of wboui dare leave tba nit 0 it* fxit* lor a aio?i*Dt Tba remaining * (*>o ar eattertd o**r tba Inland, la b. dlae of from ,"io to I 00 m*o All tba troop* ar* und-r tha command of th ( aptaln lleti*ral whoae < nly taiaat la for tntrtgiii itn tat a- tba aa>* of H*).) H**td?e tha troop* tb>r* ar /NO I fftr. b >id*ra ?ll n*ti?a? of Spain who to all pro bablllty, to a man wtU rM* with lb* ftoaarnrnaat ( ha* at lb* Hr?t glabra tbl* la a pr?tty tormldaSI foie* to contend *iib- troop* and offii-a bonier* max in a r*> p< piabl* r-?dr of WKm in?r e*p*nlally a* th* , baa* all tb* f?>rt? and atronsr p acaa In their pr>Mae>l >t: but ?ln ii I tell you a litil* m?r* about tb-m. th?i Mi*r ?ib vanl-b** Ilk* th* ml?i b?fnr? tb* aua No on I) officer* of bt?b rabk la tha array. but parte c r*a niftit* and eaea ?*?!* rtgtmtnti. ran* and jilr. kai ! yodrill ihrmfUn la mill '%* Wlrwli I H h*n th li'itrrnaoat want* rh?-t? In tha Nerth they will ba Ii fall maieb u bora*, loot aod dranooa," toward* th Uarth ! Now I a*k jr?. Vr Hmnett. If th* emancipation c 1 irbn fr^Bi th?- )ok* of flj-atn I* *1 all iiiipoe-.thlrt Ii It at < ?i*ra thau b??bnbfc too rraola* will b* *cn***ful i 11' I' i?'? n mu? rhra ld? tali opaaa, ui?j t> #t u< ? n a- Mli *f tf |.? and ofn^t ?lri?ra JJ.) oO < nt-tBi and ? n>< r>r%? ??>tn I *r? ItMuO I h" i^nf'twr- tfcrt . >??' ar? %)>out l?a>lnj Hm'iio ii)h ii ?i tnund of < ?-n i t*"rgm W V bill t )n ib?- I.' ni"i?m Vol?nt?cri ?-i rf m I tt ??r till Mvaton k?4 ItfUlll ( ! ?? ?11 IN* f-r ?lfr bt ) iiriiu . (>? h?? ?b? r?|>ni?li?n ?f b?tp| an ' Mt.ihi <p?r, Malur 1.1 - ? h'? t'.i nf tt? I note ion m .ut.'r'l tri-a a' \ *r\ (>? |<w? "in ?h k ? Ol ml Ht? >? ha* ?? "n "??? " with IM mn t'llfc .n\??-ri I i '?? J hn I 11 r1 *ti > Mri-4 h ? I W-<> tr< Ml tb? NVnaing I" ?!? MM ill' Mf I -(r. k< n ..t ? I ) nt I n| I i?rr*ll II an i *?#ll??il rt>w| ixi.anaa ?| (J ?> ry p-pn tr wt'ti lha ia?n Thru l.t Iffc-rl ..!? if flu- II ?? I iif?< rf ? >-< out a* I ?ki?j.. i i|>t( rMtn-i*. l>?lf il??*ta?. k i. Tta tmmt I ?m Ii l?l mil ??b?rk l.aai il i? I k? ? mi* |?' i il l l"to?i will b ui.iImt """"ainaad ot Ova Lof *? HM? A una. < ? | ' ?m*. ' ' Pi ~<-tli? I iihan? an? cud tl*i kloil cf a ivvrbim-Bi < ill ifenj xiAMuh t I atll l?ll >?u tbry aul ?rlal>li?tl a <U?*Tat?? raput , *M '.iiiIHhi .t ' mm. nt^tU*' no<'i'l? of ? lib ulilVic |ue b ppj ai a p -rorf'U. \ IE R A 19. t Conrt of Uenerml Sessions. Br for* the Hecorder. and Alderman Wood and P. Ktllj. ? SErTCMaaa 6 ?Vnal far Grand Lmrcrny ?Henry J. 1 8?raus* wax called to trial on a chargeof grand laroeuy, 1 in having, on the Tth of May last. stolen from Mrs. i Jane Collins, at the Bowery Savings Bank, a $500 bill Mr* Collins, being called t? the *tand. testified? That on the 7th ef via* laat, the went to the bank to i withdraw the amount of money she had deposited there; I the paying teller gave to her the amount, which was r $68# It): she went a short distance from the desk, and counted her money, and found that there wai >600 Killing. she returned to thv clerk. and stated to him 1 that he bad made a mistake, the elerk Raid positively, f that he bad given lae the money; there was a person I on my left hand, about four feet from me. when I recelvtd the money; he was fitting on a chair, and did ? not approach me at all. that I could nee; 1 cann ?t tell I whether any person who was near me at the time, left r the bank before I did; I think that no pernon, except those who were standing near me at the time, could t have taken It. Crntt-examined ?There were a great many person* i standing around me at the time I drew the money (witness described the mode in which she received the > money in her hand): after I took the money, I turned from the counter and sat down: I theu turned the bills i over in order, and counted them-holding them on my ; hand, and grasping one end between my thumb and i forefinger; I mitred the $600; I counted it again, and 1 ! with the same result; I don't see bow any person could attract the money from my hand. but. as tne bills were i new and slippery, it might nave been dono. I Ihrtct Riammmlton tr turned ?The clurk and myself looked in every direction about the bank, but eould find nothing of the money i | a bp am I'osi<eb. ot 311 Houston struct, sworn?I am a f watchmaker and jeweller; I have known Mr. Strauss sines January last; I accompanied him to the Bowery Savings' Bank; I cannot remember the time exactly; I i suppose it was three or fonr months ago; I remember t seeing a lady there, but will not swear that it was the i laat witness; while Mr. Siraussand myself were at the r bank close by tbe door, I delivered my book for soma money I had deposited there; 8trauiu got his money first, and waited for me; alter Strauss had received his i money, and before my name was called, a lady's nam* was called, with the sum ot five hundred and some odd r "dollars; I tupposa she reoelved it, butt did not see; f Strauss nodded to me and came and stood between me and the woman; in an instant be made a move and f then turned around with a bill in his hand; I got hold of bis arm aud asked htm wbat be had had in his hand and put In his p< oket; he released himself from me and went forward towards the door; 1 followed him to . I the outside door, when he deecended the steps and ; went towards Broome street; I had not reoeived my money, and so I went back into the bank and waited there until my name was called; while I received my money, a lady came to tbe clerk, complaining about i some money saying she had not enough; 1 beard the clerk ray he gave her a $500 bill; the clerk went round I the counter aud asked us to look around on the floor, to ws did sll of us. butweeould find n?thing; before leaving tbe bank I did not say a word about wbat I had teen of Strauss; I went to Strauss' house, but did not tee him; he came to my boarding house about T o'clock tbe ram* evening, and asked me why I had been Woking for him; 1 told him I had something to say to him, and we left tbe house together; we went out and he aid, "Well, what do you want!" 1 said, "Vou know what I want " He said. ''No, I do not." I then told him It we* about the $600 at the Savings' Bank, lis t raiu, " w dai ?ouu: I Know notmng about it " l nam i VMM there on purpose to learn tbe truth, and I hare < been twice to jour bouae He i-ald. "Now. coma here and I will tell you it waa not a $500 bill, It wti a $60 bill and you (ball hare half of It." I said, "Thank Ood, 1 am not In naed, but I tell you it waa a $600 bill, lie replied by taylng, ' ! will not he accused of tailing lie* " I Mid, "1 will art aecuee you of telling Ilea, hut pet bap* you did not examine the bill let me Melt." Ite then told me that he had not the bill with hlin. I laid to blm. go home and examine the bill, ami yon will find that I am right At thl* Initant, Mr Hoar, the man with whom I board came up, and a* he approached btrauF*. Mid,''On your life don't ray a word " A night or two afterwarda. I met Btraua* at the room whera the aoeiety to which we belong, met; It 1* the ''Society of the Krae Son* of lirael " I Mid to him la private "Mr. Strau**, hew i* It about thn money?" Ha ?ald, "If you have anything to do with me. aoma to my boufe " 1 went to hi* hou*e twiea. but did not peak on the (abject: the carpenter waa bu*y enlarging hi* *tore, and Mr. Strau** called ma aut and raid, "1 am *lck ;" " I am very sick." I Mid, " I *m sorry for yon." Ha a*ked, '* do you I know why 1 am elek?" 1 aaid no. " Well," Mid he. I "I will tell you. 1 went to a fire in Kssex rtrent, and I theboyaaud polloe had aome trouble, and they itole i my pocket book. 1 bare not even told my wife about > It." 1 told him ha had done right; hla wifa would hare , iirteved at the low*. but not replace the money. 1 then : I ?ald to hla, "Mr Strauaa, how la It about that woman * money'" lie (aid "I know nothing it " "Then why did you offer me $MT" Mid I. He replied, by eaylog ' You < oght to have tak*n It; now I have loet that, and L more wli nit" u Weir," raid I. 'that ha* nothing to do with other people'* money." Thl* waa aoma day* after wa Mai at the bank Oras* eaamfeerf.?I hare been in tba elty ever *lnee four yean ago laat June; I came from Poland; I wa* a bar-keeper, on Htaten Inland; kept a aegar ctora, In 1 bird (treat; in In an oy*ter aaleon la Broadway; hare beta la tk* Jewelry Soilness for more than two year*. Nothing waa elicited by the defaaea from thl* wit eii which contradicted the *tatement* made by bin In Ma dteaat ewataaMoD Tbe proaeeutkon bera rested, and tba defence opened tbe caae by railing John bans. who, being sworu, drposaU tbat ha knew Mr. Itrttr*; ha mw him ooate into tba How -ry Savings , Bank on the afternoon la qneetlon; I mw Mr Strau?* | receive tbe Bony; I eame out of the ba%k with him, and with Mr. Meyer aud a girl; ha waa not alone; ba ! did aot go toward* Broome street. OMHMM ? I am a pedlar; I have beea here - ! three yeurs: I am a native <4 A mater dam , Si.vii Matt a, sworn ? l.ire* In the ume boatswith Mr Davis; wi< In tba bank oa tbe afternoon apoken of '* by tbe other witnraee*; I want out of tha bank with Mr. Slrauea and other person*, Straus* and myaelf went a down the Bowery together; I wa* with Mr. Strauaa uattl T o'clock la tba entiai * J. I' taaia I* a policeman: 1* an officer of tbe Soeiao ty to which Mr. Ktrank* and ro*n?r belonged The testimony of tbl* witnae* wa* prlnolpally In raferenee to the aSalrs of the loetltutlon to whlah he and Mr. l*oa> ' ner bwlongrd. aud bad but little to do with the rasa, o Sri.ioiMuat) BorrKMiiKiMca, *worn, gara no testimony Iiuri n? B Tarr**. of 1J4 Hlvlngton atreat, bulldar. testified to the good rhuttW of Mr Htrauaa. lliUM> Iium, awora ?Knox Mr. I'oaaar w t wcaiber of tha I 'd**, doa't know him aioapt In tha Lo?h?, bti heard btm epokea badly at Bi im? fcr?r? tad atforil othari. vara eallad v *tt??Kwi o? butb .Idea Thoaa on tha part of tha daftncawtr* brought forward to teatlfy 1411ml tha rharactar of tba vltne-a I'oaaar; and ttto.e oallad by the prorccutloa wrre oallvd to laatify to bla good character Tha crunael for tha defendant addreaaed tha court la rcfertace to tertral legal poinu-lite priori.-*i of wbieb aaa Ibat *1 it had not b. . n proven distinctly that the I money ever caaia lata tba poeaeaaioa of Vlra cultiaa. therrloia It cuald nai ba inaintala* d that tba charge la tha Indictment ha<f bean aubetaatlated, laa*niu<:b aa that docam-?.t charge* tha flu.ft of a >6C0 bill, the property of Mra. Couiaa." ineloeorderaddreaaed tba jury In aotaa able remarka, reviewing tha teatimoay. and pUeiag It hafora than la an Iaitlilgible manner Alt* r bring out aevaral haara, tha jury laformad tha court that tbara waa ao probability of tbatr agreeing np?a a aerdiat, and that otta of their member* waa quite 111 I adar thaaa eircuni<tanoaa. tha court dla< barged thraafTnai any farther ooaaiJaratloa of tha eaaa A?oinr? Ftaa ar HorariTia.- A flra broke out yaatarday. about Igo'alorh In th* building oa Mala atreat, o?a*d by Mr. Kredartck Starr and occupied by hla aa a cabinet wararooai and workshop It la aappo^d that tha flra took ia tha drjiag roow, a brick *traatara a tha rear <4 tba aala building which waa eonneated wltti the main building by a wnodaa paaaaga way. A arge flra bad baaa built la tha kUa. wbiob nad becnaa unuaally heated H ban tha alarm waa glaea tha lUaH had nia?l? cnaahlerahle |.rngrea* and preaanfed at ona time a proepeat of emtcading to the corner of Vlala aad St. Paul tii Bat by aa eflMeat dlreetioa of tba whula fovea rl tha department aad tha hydranta apoa It for aotaa tiaia, It waa ahaaked and Mr Vlala'e (aa buildlag aaa tared Tha vbtde of tha third atary of Mr. Mtarr'a witkchlp aad tba fourth atory of tha building adjofalag owaed alao by Mr I were gutted Several amali buiidtaga la the rear were but aad down Tberoof of Mr. Kaafaey a block aaa bnraad ceaul lerable, ao Ibat It will haaa to be replaced Loaa about $1 9w0 Mr. Mlarr n moved tba greater portion of hia heat furaitare. aad tha orau| aate of the building and thoea ad* Jrliilt g put their g<? da into tba atreat or had th?m t-repai?d for removal. 'I ha loaa fn Mr Btarr will probably reach *lo OMi. agalaat whlah ha la aomplatelr Inf tin d Mr. Oreennagh removed all hli good*, and wlU anffer c.naldctbly fr?m tbelr damage. Maaara Wlaalnw* ou<>K mn|n|itui. ) in unit lomr |n.? at ah^ul <1 000 >. ! tha dry ? <?!? d?aU?i In tha tai|><Tlum blirk tnfl.r from tho wattla* Ian# ilia r?nin??l i>f tbalr John O. I'arkar tin pi< hally nffrrad In lb*' DrlRlibnrhrml r>t $1 000 fVt? th? mp ? riii'M Hufu* K ??Ur (Vrupi.d ? ?m?il hillUmf ?.wik?1 by Mr H*ok?r. In lh? nar of Mr. KMmo;'i. ubieli ?u bumod Tb? loo* t?o?eu|.?>?t an 1 ?n?r la r?itrf4 by l?t?rtM? (N. T ) IVa?<t. raf, *?)<'. 4. Triroiira Liaa* i? TMr l>irm> Sr?rr? Strang* . a? It may ?*?m w thin tha r^mina y?ar ? laaalaud mill ha tha nantra of taliRtaphla oparauoaa for lha I i.iird Siat*? wlilrh et-ntrv a lioa through bara : Ura to ???t<,n.*ia Ithaca ami A .haay 100 talla* I ? N?? * orb City C0? " * ? I ne Inn all 2i0 ? 1 ? M ?10 '? M riiUburgb and U ha. I>u? UM " " < htaagn. . bOO ' Aad waat of l blaaf* about . M '? Vakln?a total oftaUfrarbaaanma??aa4*a. ,I ?M " a ltn?t? Baltlm'** and t*aafclaf%0|| via N?? Tark rbtlad?l|.hia aad Wbaailaf. *111 rartlor Ika trawaaala ti n <f Washington m' ah toava apaady and , t ? ?! than by lha t?i?? ??a N'm York aad PHlkUl | Ha. aluab ta aiway* pr*a*?4 'fttb baalam mora proj-i i ly l>< loafing to it Tha a raaiiiataa'ian (l?a ol tb? main r>? laa will ba *,j tlirrragh wlra? and wfcan fkilt nad-r way, ?tll r?.,i,Ma with Roat o villi * I ut i? ?rlUH - Ct*Sm4 (O ) HrrwU, I. L D. TWO CENTS. Theatric*! and Mosteal. Bbwbbt Thbatbb.?II la not often that iseh a omb? peny hu bMn gathered together at a house, a* there It at prnaent engaged at the Bowery?a eompany capable of performing the moat admirable drama* In the Itegliih language, in a atjle which cannot be esoelled. 1a former year*, one single star, aad a mediocre company, would drag through a tragedy before crowded houses, who would tolerate the Inefficiency of the majority off the actors, on account of the exoellenoe of the atar( but now all that la ehanged. and each Individual member of the company, at aaoh a theatre as the Bowery, la a thorough artist. Who can say the drama Is declining In public estimation, when we aee managers like Mr. Hamblin going to the immense eipense he doea to present playa in the admirable atyle he doee? Wbeever would wish to argue that the taste of the public Is against theatrea, need only visit the Bowery any evening, and the brilliant asaemblage he will there ace will at once refute him. Never have we aeea a aeaeon open more favorably, and that it will go on ao, we have every confidence. With the Wallaofca, Mr Gilbert, Stevens. Mlsa Wemyss, and the boat of talest there engaged. It cannot be otherwlae. The fitting up of tha front of the bouse is most elegant; the new drop scene a splendid one; the stage arrangements most admirable-In fact, everything Is to be found la this theatre which should characterise the olden seta Mlfhi d and leading house In the Union. To-night, the Wallaeka will appear in tha play of the Stranger"? that interesting drama, the " Sergeant's Wife.'' and the farce of" Your Life'a in Danger," will make up the rest of the bill. Broadway Tiieatrb.?This evening. Ooalsettr.? opera of-Linda dl Chamounn" will be performed for the benefit of Slgnora and Signor Carantl Vita Tha east of charaetera la very fool, comprising Slgnora Carantl Vita, as Linda; Carto, by Signor Coralli; Antonio, by Signor Vita, and Prefetto, by Signor Novulll. Tha character of Plerotte will be sustained by Slgnera Roeel Coral, her Brat appearance at tha Broadway theatre; and though last not least. Sanquirloo, at II Marohese. Tbla la an ettraetlve bill, and no doubt will draw m crowded hoase. particularly when it is remembered that the receipts ary for the benefit of two very deaerring artists To-morrow evening Tedeaco will appear as llotiini. in the "Barber of Seville,"jwhen it ia hopud tha tb< atre will be crowded with the aduiirers of this favorite vocalist We hope the opera going clasa will appreciate tbe exertions of Messrs Marshall and Blake, who are untiring In their etforts to produce the most refined entertainment for their patrons, and that fall houses will make up for the heavy losses of tbe proprietor In conaeijuenoe of the frequent Indisposition af some artists. Niblo's Uardk*.? Last evening, tha same bub yes and enthusiasm attended the performances at this papular theatre. The proprietor eontlnuea to reap golden opinions from all aorta aad conditions of persons. The choice entertainments commenced with a rrani overture, to which every jurtlce ?M done by the taleDted membera of the orchestra, upon the efflolauay of which, 10 much depend*. The never tiring, and Invariably acceptable Ravel*, ware attain at their poet, and did their duty in a manner highly creditable to tbem**lves, and to the eharacter of the houoa, wbitw It wu alao mo*t gratifying to the audience. Leon Javelli wu a* light, nimble, elaitie, and a<lventurou4 aa ever, and wae greeted with aeveral dWtlnot round* of applauce. The comic ballet pantomime of'LaKet* ( )i nm pet re, or, the Aged Dancer*." followed, and packed through the ordeal of the audieuco'a crltioism with great tiUi. The whola concluded with tba favorlta and laughable pantomime called the "Soldier for Lor*;" Jobbaid. krancol* Ravel; M. Herfeull. M. Asel; Mm*. Serfeuil, Mm*. J. Havel; Janltta. MUa. A. l.?bmaa. Tbene lalie* and gentlemen, by their superior acting. Invested thl* piece with a more than ordinary degra* of interact. The utate of the homm wa* tho natural re ult of inch Immense and varied attraction* Tboro lnone pernMarity aboat the aadu-noe* whioh nightly throng thl* xplendld Thee plan temple, which even a careless observer cannot fall to notice, via: the aool, jttemat'r principle upon which they deal out thtlr applause. but which I* not tha 1*** prompt and genereus. No actor la honored in thla way unlet* he d* ?.rvee It and the favor* are mettd out In a graatar or leaser degree, accord lug to tha merit* of the can 11dataa. On this eccanion there waa a* crow led. and aa brilliant an attendance, notwlthitandlng the very unpleasant itate of tha weather, a* wa havu eeea at thta theatre. l>or a very considerable period before Uie rWing of the curtain, there wa* nit a aeat to be got, either la the dre** circle er In the parquet. Burton'* Thbatbb?Ther* waa a fiaa large aadlence acaembled her* laat evening, to wltaeu th* perforaaiew, which passed off with that scUt which aU way* attend* tha doing* at Burton'*. Tba play waa roole'* comedy of " Paul Pry," with Bartoy hlmtelf a* th* Immortal Tan), the man who ' hope* be do** cH intrude." Ill* performance of the part wa* ono ff thoa* *s*elleat piece* of eomlo acting, in which (at lea*t to our vi*v) Burton haa no eqaal Th* ooil end easy manner la which tha worthy Mr. Pry go** poking hi* no*a into other peeple't bueiae**, the lmperturbtbl* manner la which he receive* th* vailoaa rebuff* hi* meddling propensities bring upon him all aff<*d?4 much amassment to the audi*n*? Mr Lynn*, a* th? fiery old Colonel Hardy, waa very g<v>d Indeed; whilst Mrs. Hu***ll, a* Matry Stanley, mad* qwita a baad*?w>e and dashing lore* ta th* ?**ttr Utile Miss HIU, wht etyed tha part of K.llta Hardy MUa Chtpraaa. at eba, was quit* at hoai* In ha* part, and, aa u?d*l, received a dne abara of applau*e. The pi?o* w*i, altogether, performed In excellent style. " The Sp'iyua.'* that most raey of harleeqne*. aonclud*d th* entertainment* and the learned I heban* were a* murh pax*l< 1 a* aver at the wonderful *onundrum* of th* long handed Snhyns. To-night th* eoaeily of " Married Life,'' which wa* so eminently *ncee?ef*l the other *v*niagt will be repe*t*U. a* also u The 8phynx." Chatham Tiisatbb.? Thl* old and e*tabU.ih*4 plac* of amuiement opens oa Monday evening next, with aa *xc*ll*nt ate ok eompany. ChanfTau la determined that he will not be behind the other theatr*a a* regard* tha production of*v*ry novelty, and good actors. OLVMric Thbatbb.?Mr Mitchell open* this tbeatra on Monday evening, aad has engaged for th* r~a~n th* b**t comedians of th* day Measra. Walcot. !4lgitInsca, and many other great favorites, also MUs Mary Taylor, Mis* Kanny Gordon ke ke. Chbictt'i Rpaniardi, whan they <11/. cnrarad thl? enitlatat ?ourht t long tlm* for tha fomtaJn of jottk, wbloh the y b? lltitd to aalat in thla part-4 tha world Though th?y did nol And It we think' hrWty'a Mlnatrela m?l hare found aomelhlng anal?gn?n to It, to kaep t Uameel? ? auoh per p-tual far on tea wltfc tho tubllo wbo oarer grow tired of bearing thair delightful ritrrUlmifliU. Tha aacret of It la, * preluaa, their uutlrlag aierti?oa to taof, ant owtj up wrb, but ahtal of tha tin>"?. in tba way of Kthloplaa muelc ?f which they alwaya glaa tha nawaat and be>k aalaatlOD*. To-night they glra I Drat rata prog rax.?* CaatLi <>?* raw - Tha promaaada eoaeart and ball aia announced a? tha entertainment* for thla an-ning. Yadarne I.oraraajr will ilng Htrrtl popular matodtw, and tha archaatra will axaenta tarer-al place* from tba beat ee?npo*er? V * vim all OtiDix.-Th*n will ba a mag aifla*at dlaMa; of flravork* at thia fararlta ratrval thin evening ? Itccketa cf averjr deacrlptloa from luadowa to I o'clock, when a brilliant display of Braworka will fallow. Tti? FLaan rw Ran Ultra ?Tha atlmirdlnney at J unheard of Ivi of Red Hirer hai pat II illn<*tke( beyond our po-rrr to ruatlaua tha regular weekly la1 iuea af our paper To print ?hl? attra Tiring a arl-f account of tba calamity. tarriWa. awful and waarwhelmli g aa It moat truly la. It witl ha na?e*?ary f.* u* to work la watar threw foot deap na one of tba blgbaat Brat floor* la town Tha nldau Inhabitant* of tba country, men of eltty aad aeaanty, wha were b>ra ail ralaed here eay that tha water ha? aavar haan an Mgb aa It la now during tbalr ailatanaa Aa far aa ww bar* bean able to laaia, It aitaitda from hill to bill arnrywhere, entering except a fbw high apou all t ha all h- a rial laada ntbmb ?lda? of Rad Riaer. oa itayowa Ha. hart and Hapld? ?. aod porhap* Dayou <eaX Kraa a large portion of the Mad* of tha Plal?aiM* aatllammt, which baaa been eomlderad perfectly waura agaiuat | high watar. ara partially Inundated I h io<? baa c ?naaquaatly ba. a rary great la thta pariah, la tba nr >pa of cotton and attaar alona aatlaiatlag tba foratwr <t M OOu bal .? aad thalattar at 19 now bugebaad* wttb tba u?n*l amount of will amawd f 1 7??i 000 and If ae Include com. atorb. and damag* doae to property, It nnat approilaiata to M '*?.! J oar (io?t pr? . prlatori la?a?-u an IS4t rt?. ?n l m?ny ..f tb?tr? ; f?lt aornra bahlad (bit th*y pniMltft lh*t? Inatw I albla brraitwr rlt? that tb?y m?1i a<< preparation at a't ' for nKTiog, until tba ?W<r rl-lo< m It did with | traertllaary rapidity. eor plrt-ly rorarai tham I ?im f ?"? ?!?< ? mil* a parte* tb?a*?o* wm?4 ahlH a otbori It wa? >11 I oat. Tha kp mnt< of tt?* iff -rta^ at"**. r*prr*?at It to bo aran wnrao than It I < h*-a Mating ?o high Unit* to Ity to th j lnhabl??at? hav* had to baddlc with thalr eatUo apun Unit ground" an J altW atauil In nttr w?i?t d 'Of <<f rtliat op lot<> tr*?a and wait for a b'?t tn r~?u- th-rn It la Impnrrthla to .ittuiat* lb? lnaa by tba fl * I la t'ia vail ? of R< 4 Hlrar Inataal rf npward ?.f i> 'A tbi* parl h will n?t produaa jnf*i h*|?* In tha raliiy inMaad of 130 000 Ulan. ant .0 wo will h.> max* lit* !<> ? In thia ona ar'.lcl* all) caan*<| imtly b- t"> 0^ 1i*lU, which la ?nthl?n to tba loa* of tha ritrn arnp f?f atoak, of farming Imp!'wirnta, tba daatrartlon of linprorvmrijli. and {fn>nl br??klt>* up ol pl?nt?t|n>n fa thru*. too Bra to ha *<1<l?-<i th* !.?#* of |MII< n? <"'* lt*a. which wa m>t MPMi<r*kl; ?otf> r I'ruijf It i* % pad fli tbat Ihl* aoantry li la ("h* datn*(* d o? t* tha town ranni't on* b? (tUmiH bit it l< eon'l^-trnble V?nynfth* h"u *? or* partially iii4*fini*i\ and other* probaMj will b? b*f*r? tha w**r l-i?aa wa. I'atll It doa. M> Bt laa?t on'11 It Iraraa out ?<?* owr wa (w Mil not again boar lhw? M.->K>Maihis, L* (* '? ?) .ta* 81Tho t.?b? CapaHnr ,**w?, of tba Hat ult my* -?? I* waolaa* fbr ua to attaapt to dl<?itl-a tba hit. that Mm yaat Mo \:?rta. aror ?upp"0a< to ba hay o ad tha raarh ol ill'?a?aa which hnra I .fratad r?rl ?n portion* ?f thu aontlr *at a* wall aa tba old world ha< wlthla tb* U?t C<oath t-aaa ilalud with *a**r* atH M?n. AWJOg tb* d*?d U Moj J. B. M?rt?U of trm; t

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