Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1849 Page 1
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? _ TH NO. 6573. THE STATE OF EUROPE Yli CoHiiutiM of tin lutilligeaM broagb1 by the Niagara. Hungarian AMrl. T1IK llL'NQ ASIANS AM) IT*UAM? IN WALLA CHI A. (JoNM A>ri.NOHLit, Augu?( 5, 14W Withia these latter d.i>s we have hail newt Iron Wallachia. It presents features of the huhe?t in threat, and adds to the difficulties und peril* of on situation. ImKim >"U the fecta without ant comment, and without tho?,e exaggerations witl which rumor has already been busy to aurroum them. Bern, who commands a corps of from 12,000 u 14,000 men in Transylvania, has lately beaten th< army ot General Ludere, which oumb?ri abovi 90,000 men, after having divided it b> a aenea o clever and bold manoeuvre*. While the Ku??imi General was made to belit-ve that he w is pursuing Bern in another direction, that chief advances rapidly towards the frouiieis of Moldavia, at i point where tkofe frontiers, were but ill-guarded and fucceeded in crossing them on the Bhh <> July. On the 2M he occupied Onesti, and on th< 22d he entered Oina, alter routing the garrison o that place, which confuted of 600 Huhmuo* lit took possession of the immense stores which wer< lately collected at Oina. This done, Bern w,u already on his way back to Transylvania, when u Turkuh Lieutenant Colpnel, a measenger from Fuad Lflendi, arrived at Oinain order to force hur to quit the Turkuh territory. 15,000 Turkish troopa, which were in the vicinity of Bucharest had iVceived orders to prepare to march at ain time, and one regiment of horse was already ad vanciug ujMin Oina. General Bern, however, an ticipated these measures by his precipitate departure. On entering Moldavia, General Bem published i Iireclamaiiou, ot which the following is a trans ation:? Inhabitant* of Moldavia,? I'ht Uuaaiana hare again Invaded Hungary and Tran fjlvama, without declaring war on ibone couutriea Kurop* rtniaia* >-il<Dt while the rights of natiuna *r< tbus gt*-n>ly violated; but the Hungarian* aro suffl eiently airing to oru-b thtir cni-miea The Hunga riama will tight tbe Uubmmiih to tba knife, and thej vuvi ?ua r?u<o vuiuvrp u turn uclgUUlUB WX1U UTO 11 HO wite opprtMul by the Kui-nau yofce. It it for this par' J>?#e (bat part ol u.j aui.y baa entered Moldavia Moldavians.? If juu wi U fur lib' itjr antl a oonstltu tlonal government noil t the ( oveiviguity of thi Most High Porte. >ou < tight to rlr? to esu-rtElnate the bar baruua hordes that pollute jour native country. Lei mil ir<*jat!|n:K !h" c> mtuou utuoiy ! Let them In 4ere?4>t jUI eonjniur.lcutioiid ami. with the asrUtauce o: ib? Hungvriau ariniea atid the Wallachian population vLicb ?Bi rite at tbv name time, it will be easy to de atroj the ?d> kit. Nor ?ill the Mont lllgb Torte tarry to glva us lU tup Sort. fur tbe Torte niui-t ferl that the euiauaipation o loUlavi* aud Vi auachia and tbt-ir subjection to tb? 1'oito mly a* It ha? b? t u formerly, can aiona preaervi <ta future political existence. which iaat prtaent threat ?n?d by tbe Caar. -t rciu tlte debit* of Talmasb, iu Transylvania J.Jj 19. IlKM. I need scarcely remaik that the Port? will bt ager tu disavow ihe MM with which Genera ^cm mentions it in the shove document. Never ihelrn#, the news of his invasion has created the greateM sensation iu tins capital. The llussiac ;.nd Austrian Ministers have insisted on the Tuik ish government bulking the neutrality which ii has hitherto ob.eivtd, and pronouncing itself eithn for the allies or tor the Huog'trian insurrection. On the oihtr luodf it i* said that the Anttoaatadon of Kmlf nd and trance strain every nerve to keei the IV :?? in a j??>j.i?it.ii which, umidst the preseul difficult it p, is of such evident advantage to thai l'0? <r. 'l'hese Coiillictintf solicitations have caused ilie IVrie u perplexity which it is impossible to describe. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt bul that tbe ihreulsof Auttria nntl Kn?sia will at length prevail, if the other cabinets continue, instead ol profit-in g asfistance, lo give nothing but their bare advire. ^ Some people pretend that ihe movement* of th? Tuikith troiij* uguiimt lieiu betokened an inclinetuui W aide with ihe Aiistro-Kiir,*un alliance ; bul i jpr*U M that in that luatmice Turkey thought only of upholding the inviolability ot her territories, Anoiner demonstration of the earn* kind may poj t>ibl? be wanted; fur we have tellers from Bel ptatle atstinu that Deinbinaki has obtained grea i ucc* t8, atiu that he Ud? dt-lcated th? ItuMiana in teveial engageinei.te. Thete evt ntu served to hasten on the departure f ihe re* Hofpo'Ui- of Moldavia and Wallachia, who h *- a^nt the laa> two nioutha at Conituntii o,>:e. To-morrow they are to return to their gov?irnent? The pre-ence of these princes at (,oilman tmople liar* >!i?r-n occasion to revise some part* of tbe organic lawa ut Moldavia and Wallachia, end to organize those proviucea according to the Wma of the late treaty with General Grabbe? Mrtny long confm nee* have taken place for thin Surpote, in M>ite o| tlie Kainazan, between the liuit-tera of the I'oite and the Muscovite Ambassador. They have not, indeed, accomplished their Jaek, but they have agreed as to its principal b isia. A number of ltali m fntfitivea. most of whom j.layed a conspicuous p tri in the Italian iusurreclivna, have arrived at Conatautiaople. These frequent arrivals have alarmed the I'orte, aud the Turkish agi tftn hi foreign pane have been instructed to refnae the iirnntiiitf of pinsporta to tiersons whoae political chiitacter la open to rrpro. cn. TPOUBI.LS OP KOaat.'TH AND 1111 LKTTRRS TO llBM. One ot the correa|H>ndenU of the London Timet ray* of thete It-tiers:? Kreeutb'a Utter* will not be published. bat I am enabled t" (<v? jou mm* few extract* from tb?m which are cf th? l.iyb?-?t iutir?-?t, a- they n?t ruly throw a eontlderable light upon lb* r<-p..rt?Mi dl'p-*n>tooi la the ?n?my'rfcamf but give a eia'ement of tbe r??ourea? ?.( the rebel |OHna?ll I wai I* the middle of luly, Oraeral Urn van to have reretead tbe rum of Sent**) florin* la note* of ;io arid 15 knnliera (1* 6d ) from Koatatb, feat th? l.tter ?>? oalv able to MM him IS-'^iiCV floMn* In addition to the rum which he had for* aided Mm from tUolook on the 0th ot the name month, kniattlfc p. lot* out to tba i'uitrb chlff tbe mill;int n* Ot hi* p.'Ull'O It belli* utterly Hn . to t ? .: ir*t? any not** for the non>at, at It require* 14 day* to p>it vp tba ptwae* which bad been taken to piece* at DelinriiB atd I e*tb. ' I do all that a human b'lna can ' *ayl Kofttatb, ' bnt M I aui not tb? l rwitnr I caanot make l ime thing rut of ru thinj K. r a whole y?-?r no rep*l;.i*. amp') eoffeit when I took ptwm>loi of thrn. and war' At tbe preMbt monieut I have thn lulloain* tiuop* to #iiI p< i. In T u jiiiiiii 4"0tm. I |>|?r Hiiiiw) and <ca><m. 4'' UCO \tiUr *i uth array 3fl tnw, l'h?l?* army. Iiitotl; I Itn>aidnn. tllWi Kaiiotty. 4<iU<l; . n iwardiin * r? l ; / >r?-.|iu, tic 1 l>U In all. 17-40 1) ru>n Acd to there Ik rrr?tf? quailrou* of liuivar* T Inttntry lut lalion* in fonuatlM. *1ak. fio.oOO In .lAlurm anil our t.r i ...o.r. 11,.. ???* ' mill. try clin la). Oft hi .I fahr* inaoulaetorj. ml itie *!io>. alvll aumlnWltati n la ke?p going, and T.m will, 11' nl. i ant (ri>>nl that the wtinle li t> > trill* Anil IIii' tXMik nut-* prelaw ha<a t? ?o at nan<l still lor h1' . koa uth al o complain* Mltcrly of lh? want of harn ouyanvrg tl a coniniaadaia In thnaoath, knit partimI rlj nl Batill ?ton telUM a to >i kn ioUiif" ? alter a* bin t< inrrhiidrf. alleging I hat In |l.?nn hail I.d r?i Ctrl m 11 h I he Mipri a- com a. ami in tba ..? h Owirf "j ' t'i'Ob* di? lu-f if i'<o allude* to. ?nd llrm I* ?rd.ultj prajed. II llnbyHt* la t" b? >av.d, to rume al ?a?a with lit- arm; fTuu. Ti?n-}lrai t?, t? m all tie arnnra w'i ch "?ia iun uutftr >|f>i?ro- with WmMn ki M tb* rhlt f i f hi* ?iall A parage In tan Cl the leitrii 1? nf the utmo?t iuiportaoa-, aa it eiplaln* Ko*r?th'*> in tegaid in the Uambian p-ln.-lpulitir*. " Ton i migrant*. U.'lo-ko and IJollat. I>?.r ol)i rril tn tal e a ** allachtan i>hl? o mi ul.l )nn ( Hem) Make an tun-ad Into *4 ailaihla v?h'rh I should wiati.) lit ihl?l'|l"n form th* ad?* .1 ? uard aa it might I'Md the report that we cam a?fil ad- and 4*ll?etail In Ibe proclamation, it la a p >lut of r n i'ijiib' r? to ?tafe that wa come a* frl> i d? i.f tha Turk* and tVal !a 1-iaBf. to free thaui fn iii >h l!n**iau yoke " 1 ha 1 urk* puraue an e^tilvccal p.<llc/. "II faut laa cv|in?r?Nf. r\???Fi?n tur?ii?r Tnm B*>na kw iWUhrJ all al*li jiiH<4tn)lon In l'rao-?l?anla %n?l tajr, ' half 'ha rmnirj l? la flame* In <>na'w<|<i*nra W hy dl<i jou tbu?0oi0|?r<4nt?e nif, bit <ta*r K1M1I >(ar hal l.iniUnant ? ' Ki*?mh that hr l< Tarj anwell The laat IftHf of tliiK w?i gjrrvg. ponileafl* U of tli* 2?th o? July It ta from a Hanfarlan mej< r. ann?uneiii|( tha ill ?unfM. of tha Mat?%r? In WalJ*<hia whlrh ha attuhutr* to tha b?havlor ot a certain M. Atxlau *h<?* Dial ha navar batura mat with. Is thr lltmoaBMR w** Ennm l-Wmm n RkmI Thar* appear* to he an itnfreaaion. that Bern. Dembioaky, Ouyon, and other foreign leaiera, and tome of the mod depurate iluiiKarMiia, h*ve endeavored to rally tne trooj a, eapt-cially the nrtiljery routed before Temeav?r, and that u ia iheir intention to make a lust desperate aiand in the vicinity ef (>raova, on the Danube, which direcii<>a the few inatirgenta had i*ken by the route ot Lugo?, where the high road kfancbea in two direcliona through the mountama, the one by Karau ebea to Menadia (hatha. Ate ,) and Oraova 5 the other due enuth towarda Uj Moldova and the Danube, above the rapid* if thta be the intention of their cbiefa, their object ia certainly to aecure their own eaeape into f*ervia, and not to hazard a battle in a corner of land where the Danube mna like * torrent from Drinkova to a ahort diatanee above Oraova, where their retreat into Wallarhia would be rendered difficult by the acarped banka and wantofforda of the torrented at ream that nvparatea that conn try from Hungary, and where their E NE 1 ' . j ? '? atU ?( *? w mrrmryff fraa M*?hrv. 1 aod. iarf->-<4. fr.<M a>).rk> frf h-r- .rt lr?y l< fnnhrr r~*i?<.t>r+ Kf \f )W<?. 4 i- nw>f ih?i pmk.1,1, iS.i ?,? m,V I from Iin U?a ? th> M?> > .??< <mi Mk* r?*d to H' mriMxdi, mm4 umi* ?m Tr?a?vt?? rn, hftr h' im| tilmlaM ^?a ? thr r?rp? (>f iktM h?m*| tfcrwa?( I <4 rw?i,ia| iiit* WmMadkw H?< ifea m mmf CNVNUN. m II??km ?T **?? , , Inmn-dw rrp.u ta**k??>- Uk'H m'- ? W?r???. t IraM unwrii iK? .? ) I ? ? a?,< K ?,r?? r J'nnre r*-Kir?' rk hat to-'* i??. 'V <mprim! h<m>r?, ?nd ortlerH hv imperial r*m to ihr MW 4t<4l?rt ?*a M ?? *-.?! < tH? j ( >?r l'inia< !t V > n . t, >n? h-v? beea bertnwed mimm th* f??er?'? .ad - ul.?-ra j and Dow ihuae rrarraU ?hn r?irr.-?| mf?m iH* r , ?llh elwM*r foreboding* * ? Ir* * . ih< ir h<?ann. ha f 1MB fKBNIBATlWI or TW8 < WU > | row ik? I w** raw* lag M I IThf imrnKliM# nf Ihr ml iH? (' is Il> n;'?ry iii l?"l i* K< rtiim?iri| ! ? iu> ??lf I U|( n ih>- rn (irr n< Au-irm ?nl i ? ' i>t K n. g?7 If ha? beea brmi(ki aWowt liiliitr mm! f uncfrr curt,ii.ri?nr< ?(,,. h f.? ! i ibf mi it l?r?./I, ,.?j p?-uit? ?. iii- r"*i I ftUif i f LunfNR l?ea<? , ft,J <4 hum** <1 lll'Bt. Nfllhrf (if Ihr br||||rrrral p?rtt#? ' hnueird their warlike rwigy >u -Ik l?? i iIibi which n.atk?d raibei th*a l?-d m Ik' ?.??? t Ki??n of ih?* Btroinle it*>?rH>, m mm-Ii r?f?t#?i, h I been |o*t Hint w on hundred UOKB befafe MHl ber*, or kkill, or the fair ol w r bor i in lu>\ri1 * dnunr triuiiifh oa enbev Alt , ihe circtirnfrtauc>-? indicate a ?>r?-d *??. .'' .?>? oaWoiti ' pHimfor reconciliation Biul (ir?<-r ill.- x ii ?i'ir ' f w i(h w ln< n tin-I luni^ariaa Aaaembl* H?d pr>-vt<*?a4F j in veeird Georpey, to ?ur render ?a b>*h?it wholr nrmy nnd leojrfr-- the on" ? ?<? r- <hi <> which ihe tienera! yielded, nain?ly, W * !?* ?b l tein>>i<n trtlh ytvitili in fnr,w </llm*f*rf Hi rrudy accordmncr ?f thnt nmMuum ihi tmrt .<(/%? A'??>ki?i 'hut, all i"ml im* l? m?rr Ifcaf fu uw ir?i met only luJctd for but tciihfl. |i i? ib fact, aa<i HDcrrt-ly tract it wilf be tre.itrd t.jr A natrn a* a victory in which ihrit are no vaaquttHad la tlx ? tfftfin of the quarrel, a* wr have oft- n h ti' n to remark, there were cr>*at error* ?a "ih tides. Of I hear error* both have aevrrtly p?i4 th^ [ r?*iinliy ; and, now ihat th? nwonl i? nbeithrd, i? i-the part of wipdom to mirem ihe piat, aiH to ret I ore ihat good utider?tandiuK in virtue of wbirB mum*] right Will find ita pun by m(mI f<>il>-?ri ance. Tne ridiculous edotu which n. re muir by u i' w it riorum and unibilou* per?on? in ihia country [ ll,~ l-'nli I .^li -I- --1 " would have embroiled nil Europe, h <ve bem, if we BIM apply ao great a term toao amull a aut?j<*et.i?igI rally u? fcati-d We have do paj>era |>rr?nted i? Palliani< nt from which we eau le.ira the nature of the cm respond* nee between her f tary of Stale for Foreign Affair* nnd th?* Au?ir an ministry during the eventful atrif?\ but we have to (bank the little buajr aoula to whom wr hn<- m.t refeired for theapeechea which tbnx activity elici, ted firm Lord Palmmton in tW Home of Com- , '! luIaM?tti?ion. If,MW*?ianot<ioibL j the despatches t? Vienna were in th? taine tone o| . I urict impartiality and aouud practical wi*i'?m which maiked thoae fpeechta, we feel that we may . attribute no tmall share to the h<*|?fT eonclu?t?HI of 1 . thin m? mentou* conflict to th>-ju*t policy of the I . L'r clii-li minister. Our well-known and constantly- 1 [ maintained opinion* make thia adm'uaion at once r a duty and a gratification. ISut if, in thia couclaFion, we are as correct aa we hoj>e und believe. , the tervicea which have been rendered to Kmtlanu , and to Europe in thia brhalf cannot l?e concurred t tia conclude d. The oflicea of friendly mediation . [ m.iy now be required in a criaia not leaa grave, | tbou'jh lesa obvioua to public notice, than that which haa juat been aurmonnted. To auch an ef. 1 t fort no portion of the Kugliah public, whatever , m:iy be their political rre? d or party bia?, will aurrly f ofVer the oppoaition of the bloo?l-tniraty aym,>Hihie? of pvacemongcring, or the selfish ambition of party intrigue, j ) [From the London Tim**, AUguit 83 ] There can be now no doubt that the Diet ia 1 Hungary has received a dratb:blow. A great por> tion of the army Of General G< or^ey?*o we learn fn 111 a despatch of General Uaynau? has aurrendered unconditionally, at Arad, to Marehal l'?kie- | witch. It ia needlea* to any that thia ia but the begaining of ihe end. The aucceaaive anrreud<*r of 1 the- other Hungarian corpa ia but a question ofdaya, and of detail. We had never anticipated any other 1 retult to the atnigglc, from the moment it became I clear that the powers of Weatern Europe declined to hike hr.) ?luic in the conteat, and that the Czar of Kua.--ia waa exerting huutmoat atrength to bring back Hungary to the dominion, of the cabinet of i | ? iriniu. r>noii 01 a miracle, il was impo-<*ible tiihi 'he wild leviet of the Hungarians should cootn ue to mist the organized maues nrraved a^diiut th?m. The receipt of such intelligence as the defeat of the Hungarian insurrection n not surpri?iiii( ia itself, but yet there are some circumstances oftime coriifct?d with it which furnish us with some litile ! matter for astonishment. It was but the other day the i.rti reached us <>f the dariiitf and successful sally < t the gaitiaou of Comorn, and of the capture of l\aab, and of a vast quantity of military stores. The Hungarian hussars were said to !>e dashing tlitouiih the subuib* of l'ressburg; and Vienna itself, the capital of the empire, was threatened with ; 11m k . Ottfnj OtOMty, who has iiow Hiirr-'iiiler?d with his army to the Ruaiiiina, hid iu#t escaped at Lo>-onz from the toils with which Mur' slial Paskiewitch had encompassed him. LSaron Jellucblt li whs but in evil caae in the southern dttttncts; and General Hay can, near Nz.egedin, rern.itried in a position which certainly promised no v? ry speedy end to the content. Now all ia ' clanji?d General Georgejr and his srntv are prisonets to the Hussinns, Haah ia re-cuotured, the Hungarian atniy in Ttsnsy Ivaiiia ha*, ho it is ataied, htt n again defeated at Muhlb.ich mid I! eui?uinrkt. G*nern| Haynau ia in posassioa of Twroeshvar, aid Marshal i'askie witch of Groai^w.trdein With i an 10 (ho petition ot < m rai ltembtuski, we aie M'tiie* hat at a loss for ceitun intelligence, j I i-e Polish pener?| w*s said in b' collecting his , in res on the I'll tank of the Maros, between Arad i nd "y gcdin ; but there is litiK- doubt that, st the 1 tin ? v. i wtite. Lis levies mast have been defeated | I v the A u-tr'?ti snd Russian arnuea?it, indeed, th? y have not anticipated defeat by an unconditional surrender. bucti ate ihe main features ol the intelligence that h?? renched us, ntirl it thmJri I# rrrrirrti with tuit itjm turn T1;* wtfl-ictt'trrt of th* CienaeM n6i?ii iriil nnturolly rijoi'f at $vrh a termination to ll f ci>nrrit an pnirrvt* tht mitilmy aiu! f?Utlic<tl trtr rf /ivttna in ill fiUi tairjrrt'v We cannot t< rael in nianv i-harp slruffules with ilie <reat i n il imty )n>? crs ot Europe, Austria has been our fs'ihfnl ?nd roi.htsnt ally. Ttiriraghoat all the ?n issitiules of the continental system, since eneh a sy-'' m esmbltshed, Great Britain and AusI' a hi*e tovaht and nave triumphed aide fiy aide. AVe mnix t forr?t history at a moment's warning It is hot here, peihapa, the place to enter into those high considerations of |H?|icy connected with il.e future stability of the protein! Ionian si 111?tiient, whit h n?.eeaet ate the preservation of Austria as one of the great powers, in all its sner'Kth snd integrity. In the present disturbed coiditioriof Kur< pe, *e are, however, rejoiced to s?e that one of the chief props ot older and tratii|tiillity has stood out the strain, snd r-injins as flI III as ?1? r IB Its place. l!llt even Ulttl*pirttssns cl the now defeated Hungarians, we woulj I tl)(~ ' Im I'll rfprt tfcat an aaetaaa ?rvl nnpnv. ftiKln atitipale hM bt?n hrotijrhl to Oonoh?-|in T V I a? ibt f? mu r atonnMe ip? t*>Ion ?In' to ?r<>l ng I) ? e nt?t ?v ?n .to other than an buiiilnf.c* t?l lif<\ md >b' (I ( nrr>a? blood in torraata? I r?u n ?j ??pret that W fat era l.oro|? U?t no ?barf In tha , . i . . i l.ut <io ii"i r d>a*i>r i" lo n'i t li? tun s oi t n -t? n >att-fj lb? < aif(? nrln nf an tina?e> l*|n h>p thf-ia jiiatirr *i <l f t g'mul > <! r???l?fJ to ?t.mJ aluuf Tha j ?f. it a In ie ket aif >onr nmpaib|f? -r? *-nh-l?'l ae?e *|>"-t d to ja?t mi oianv ?t^-k- uf ?l?njlii?r au<l li i??r) at tbf't fftli-t^M It i*h* irrntr. * rrrf rt?? It-il to tba Merit** ot tn uianjr t.iinilinJ livaa-?h/ legrat that ib? dajf ate botteodf Wf think thnt aome such considerations ah these m ) li.tvf h leniJei i y to cool the fervor of regret v I n h ti e imtlifanb of iht; tiumfiiriana may ferl at their? !?? ? Hut now that tncrm has attended the united ettna ?l Ahhiih and lui'aia, it la lo the victor a we j *?t old i|??k lather ih*n to the foreign partimtn* of the conquered. Let the cabinet ot Vienna retmml>?? mrrrjr ita victory. WeMern fcuroye h** aiuod ul< of * hile Amliin w mm rt dnrii u lie revoltedyovince to oh?di? nce Neither Frmice nor. Kn?lmd ! i t ?-i.y ?Ihcinl ne*i*t/<nre to the imiriwiiga, tUIhl'th lhrr? t* ItlUr tl, uht that boii l?* fruit f?*rrr$ i hJ lit* Hill >1<mr to, n ret y ihffrunt t *?>?'( trnnJ/l I nit tnk'H Mr V, r* 1ht hnrlr? nf the fhrit* I >Hnr |?hitt rfi tiH'ii In WeMern Rtiny went with Atts'tia thtonjif.otit the etnitftfh ; nad thin public ' >l?i ion, although it has n? ith? r fl*ed a bnyonet nor r tl nred a cwttlidffe home, hue been t more efti- i debt ally to Atoll In than even the nnhtnry inaaaea i t l ttie ( r?l Rut 0?w tbn pa are altered. Tha | itUadirf> of hnmanity can mrum b# h*ard abnva ire atern conntcla of aute policy and Mc ahnrp | W Y O SUNDAY MORNING, i ft Mituarv nmnnml Let not 'he triumph 4 Au-ina We a Mniru>n?ry on', ar the voice of CM le ). r>i? II, ae I-,Irly in her h?W, W.ll ?ll|i|>ort raiae ? mew. Aa it appeara to ua, the poaii a H tbr vriwrir cabinet i? not an.-h a* to ena?. r ihrn In c?rii'* wi'h thia moral aid. It la iW-ar eanoyh that but lor the Kuaaian htyoneta, the IMIril krtwrra U?r provincea of the Auatriaa m i""1 ba*e been indefinitely prolonged ? imJ" 4, b# would Ka?e been a hold man who would b??- ?'a*?rrtl ui? n a prediction a? to ita probable rip i?,a>i< n Wr do not *iiK!?'?t that my neeeaa?if prrran'ioa houM not be i?iten, or that necear to. J?-a ?**oiild Bill he nude? hut oolirv ran b *nd ju?tiee administered, either in > * u **r> i>r mm i*ul ?|Mr'u F<?r their ?wn a- k aa w. ; for the anke of humanity, we ; IrM iWrr Will k* *n iloultl u lo the course the i ? ! Viniti will adopt towarda tha defeated |i nld be quur premiture a* yet to aperuUt* ?|4? >>< r<>?< >'??M>ria that will be nude, now th-it Atri'ia haa ?ha namr in hrr i?i hmda. It la < > arly WMiirr of |M'liry to attach ilir Hun/tri ins to ihr r?.|"fr hy fr?lin(? <>f loyally Hi?d uriititude. W f aa << iiMit* n< thinif leaa than tliit il?i? terms i'|u ir?| mi in? Iwcnnlnc ?>f ihr utriii'iflr' will be re? ?'d The c*l<net of Vienna in now in a pji.aii ?? > ' (Im w th? I it will svve everything to juatice, aa H kit ?nir? ndri? d nothing to ft nr |t*?a Uka Loa4<>a I laral J Ann. 24.) Tka??k the (trtatl* given in our imiireaaion of y? < '-?,a?' not hi |>re< i?e and panic ilar aa we < otilii ? -h, atiII there la th<?t Convenient certainty I them, to wf ihr jNii.'nn of the lawyer#, th it M" r?n no loni" r douht ih?t the Hungarian ifeneral. Cm I.lnry, fia? mlirtnltrij lo the K U*?lan vac. i.l. id marshal Paafcewiteh, (<nd not I'aekir. witrfe. aa nearly all ill*- I.<>n<ton i*?|wra incorrectly rail km ) either wuh or without condition*. 1 b? hMwat apprara ot>.u>rtone for and rec? ru ilta on ; tor ihoutli'a>> haa le irned her own Miert k and Austria hrr own weakneaa in l?te mr?i ItW, yrt (he beat and iik>?4 eiilightrned pr?, ti'ih in Anairia and ll, f.-e| that a ! r eal li d < ati ir n? emt>lir ran only etiat by the I mini ii' imiw i t the two k nifdoma? by ihr union 14 the rut) ire of AuMrla wuh th*- kingdom of llun- I pry Tkia kmi ia, we trwat ih<* rttitimliml ' rni|? r> t *4 Ai'?tua will arl ?n?i frrl aa ihotiah he Wtirkinfif Hungary, and king on ihr r<wi|ilin? f lr?|?i |)>| Ihr laWa and Ci'Brl<ln|ii-n o| i he via/- | yara. It ihr obliya'tona which Audita haa incurnd Ir fct ra-ia eon id. any ai-nnrr ?| ntrana inter* ! |w?r an i-be'ai tr to ihia rt il dan ui ihe Austrian 1 < n |*iut and bta rabiwet, rurh ot?li#<>n>na w??ul ] Vi fii e n Knropean calanntv, di.iarbiag the haInBl r l l iw cii I'rllfnua ? !< ik. ...i.i..? -J ? rmplH, HI 4 tfee hr|?t llit aa t?l rona'|t?ti'>*al ri(hl| ol drjirprlrr. y Hut we iruat that will i.u? mt fit lo withdraw her arnne? from Mtrnfirf. ai.d, by hrr ?? c-anaeU, nro?e di?intrr*?t?*d flit nd and aot a damreioua ally Ilia in?|? caiblr h<>? **rr, in ronrftl fn>ni n?iror oth?ra the it<n?riuiia fpco lent ib tl haa tw en cr? Bled by thla Miwontr ml'rffrrarf, tin! the brer onraii wh-rh ?m< b i?ii rl<-n-itcr jitree to |(i>??ia lo ifctitfue ih Anuria, la llnntftry, in the l%nubiaa i>a Hit a, an J ??rn in Turkey it* If. If there arrif a wlae it honeat |n?rm>ii<-iii ia Kraatr?Of an abb* |?ll4nl urt mnrrlii of lb* tubjrcl might W III l K'r?t decree <i?r?nyM. , lloi with k i.< uia Na?*J. OR U?u?|?iM* peaid'at, | *Lo ma), within a *rek, l?r? i.r the rr aiure nd tool of Htiaaia.aurh n u?ideranon? f?>rre themirlnriM U>e atuatioa of tha iwoi c?Mtal ubwwr ihk trrKc-T in mum* or tui mi maiui div Aim (Krea Ik* I ord?n VwratllW ')aotU. *ufu?tjn.|] The imellifr* ace wr ^ait**i?h?<J ye?t?->d r, fm a Hui>i?iv, Cainr npnn ue, * ?o doubt it? nf ui?a our ludrii, nn*i ui.ri|#clrillf Tiw ttruui ol the newt?n*mrly, ilif ptrarnc* of Iimrf-f at the hrad-tjuaitrra of IMure P??4irwnrk?U "till aolar invoK? d 10 n<>a? i? reader 11 wholly intiwMiklr lo decide in what rbirMlrr h< waa ih' ie. In th' n<rai.tirnf, lli>ii?u,ihf Austrian ('muni n Ier-in CIim-i, de?.|*rea. ia a pmiimm hulMia. that Or or gey, _ after b ?ib^ surrendered ilie grea'er part o! hit arniy at t'ie< it ii<<n. wu< ili-r ?a 4 Aimlirr * ???? wf ib* ???. -and that *ht' > ? ' "* re<t. haVn ? C??n?? Via Hertnr i miii m mo ii.i'. i, ItB?#laird rtiilCpo>|i-) had been . wi'h di?tutorial power, and ibat the hr?? u-e he m?de ?, . waa to r nIr r loto negotiations wuh tbe Kuaaian Cfn r> andr-r for the surrender of himarlf and Ira rnr;i d'wmtr. but it a?>d nothing about uncnndiI fliai ni i 1 n I 'V -,t..! ihit il * an cou|?lt d w Ih conditions B-tidea, jt |<> ka ! rnihr r rlrance ibat a m?n, cb?tt?erf wji*i aueh uslimited authority. and ibu-i honored wuh the li-?he>t milk rf roiiM'if hi? ronnm m? n (ntld i*ra ibly h< tow on h m, ?b< uld he arued wiib such a aui dr-n (il of humility or cowardier aa lo make the I beat of hia w ay to Ilie KuMi^r ami eire up thai f woid whii h Hnd before never hern didtnanr* j ed? wi'boul any aiipulaiton for hiriiaelf or bia troo|* ? iiito Ruaaiaa b?tdi We can, rtMKfofr, Come to no other concluti<>? th. a that h<- Itaa appeared at the Ruaaian head quart era a* a traitor or negotiator; but, in ?nher c??e, he would not b? tieaud aa a |>ri?oiier. The man wboaanki ha-?e enouph in heiray hia country to her enemm miyht I be derpiwd by thr m, but would not be rewarded for hie trrachery w uh loaa of liberty. In c??nfirrnatmn > f ihr re and other rearona Air irmMitioti naly hot.atable motivea lo Cro'ipy, it waa aiared a few dn)a nnre, almoat authotitatively, in letiera from tlif A Hainan capital, that there waa a aerinua a?>tit in that ciilnnrt, and that the fMMM MpMT had joti rd the party who were fur making coitrili"MKy pn |io?ala to the HuMartaM?and thua brtnittnir thr w ar to nn traue that would cave tbe honor of all the bcliifr-reniH Heaidoa, tJemr.l Lamori ct? n niit-hu n to the l.rti|*ror \ifh?'l?? rnuld h;ive n<> other ml thnn ihr for*eoing in ?irw, it b* it g notorioua flint he in one of the very la?t m-m in Fiance 10 i barge himtelf with orertirea itiMdvhm.'lkiui. to ihr lliintf iri .n?, and me?n*u'ent ?rh bn own rhariirtf mm liberal ituiiiimn Wl ilat it ia hiphly i>r?h?.hl.- that the mo .knea* of the illinvimai f hn?- lieen r\%vat r?,ie<J, there not tilt If hrt loom lor doubt iIihI ihr ? ruvifle, on tWtf I'Hit, h.m nmilf ifm lifd ita t? rimn-tinni; though wb? tl.ei ll.e ? n??, wbrn l< noinea, will hr th?? r?**lt <f nrffoii.ition or ?*xhau?iftin, in ill ii'<r>'it?m They f'?ve done Ml ihatM br?ve p*n|'le r?nil.| Ho, in \ii.(li<-ntion of their independence ; and if ih*v lud c i I) to contend wiili Aurttix. ib* ??u' w mM, in nil fH< bxhiliiy, be very dfler- n? <m>? H'H tbe cm i? bi-ln ina miMi i which ItuaMa wu* ?l Ip'to to* t>e||iniiini{ to hi inn, Miid did l>r>n>'( ii'to the field, (Toved, w h? n umi. d w,ih ib- Am* M?ti Iokm, nn 0fvMMb b for in* gieateat ?wi I ? If-r'r ii)inp efloit* o| roir-gc and pn'no i-m | Fnmrr, frrt ?*# po ilirprtid, mig4 f, ?? tn < at /!?*? tin I nil m/mrf thr lul*. kmvr tf't tfml'p mlr>p u4 in funnr of the Hn?f(iirim*l. trim* m>tf ri-?rt, ?r? Jfi?r. v t>l r< it Urnm* a px/rtrii. hit it m nf /' Lm-I I.mi I rr f-rmml rtnt* i/? ????.? uni fm^ t?t*t Ik* g/hn0*1 hiium, ?i"' ihml >j < ttnirt i r?<i#( fhH ?w>'i nf r<rK ?wt trt'U" *1 iib'ity (A*l hud t+m * ? n tn lit K m* nf Ihr I'lfft. In the meantime, it ia our ea??ent j 1 Mii)rr, that th? Aotttian cabin't m v not ?t.?-e the vcfory which the? owe more lo the anna of lluwit ib?n in their own. If th'f do not, it wilt I be an agreeable di*iip|intntntent to all wb? h<?? cloiely obfer?ed the torn (not of ibat power jiH* net hith' ito oci iiried the timet nm?p?ra< ua I |il?ce in the ini|?rial diadem I! (for, an<l not nnUl- I n'f?, bna been hrieioture ihr mle ol Austrian atiiie?nihM>bip; atid what hiia been the c?wi'*- ' qtience Y Auatiia baa been thua bn>wy'it to the 1 *? r? ti iik oi rum, and would h ?e |?iuti-d. ???o, ' h if tn t the Ituoaian antoriai i?n fwun hi* mub'f 1 aim ; i>it MVrd In r k l?n -h- ?-- ? ' felling. I.i.i thr nr*t, and fwil'M|M ?ha import * at 1 quetiiop ih?t nbtrudra it-?It ?i th a tim- i*, ?h?i 1 w ill I'lirMM do afur the diaiJav ?ha h?a )i < m*da of hir irnaiatihla Hf*gih1 Will ah*. n<<w thai I I a he* t*.ii(I i<m I ha firr ?d li?wr?7 in that tar of Eanv whrr* it tmnifd hriifhta.i, r> iiim quifijy awl modr?tly within har own Itmita? Or, [ nunxird by har fitat ?rc>r-, will ahr in to tr?- ] dt r a rin ilat n>t*i> * to ?"h? r nmniiiri 1 II- ihia | a it may, ' would ad vita the Kiruh (ufrm. n ? nt tn rattle th* ir dta|?te wuh tha rojie r|i>?dily M tha? ran, aa it |a ? r? .o ??tne, and * li?t if RM'Iti ?ary, th<t iIh R n-?i m ( mi 11 i ) lake It into Ilia head to ikn w h|a aword tain I Pio N iin?V acale. In ih*- r?i> ?? ? ? . that ?rovarn- ' n'Ht had irifd in at? >tr?ii|r and ?ac lUtm* * < tiai.n?r, that in ?ba di(Ti< uiti*-a and d<n?rra to ' w hu h ihe U < ?t of Kiiro|a" m-y ha rti> >*rd from I hunifR > n? foarl mnit, no |m?nlilf airaaa c?a be pliM'td n ihcir au^yt rt. Pottnnaiely there ia another and a battar ?tay The fiamiana wi wld riae aa one itmii io "ly^ at?) am ti |.t tufa ronrd than nrcha the yoke thay haw a?ilat?ly i aat i H. liertt*?a and fraeman, aa 1 in ki |i|i<i'? h>, mny lw n?>w attn) i<> h? iha ' ai n .e maal'intr I'rn.a; and it Would h- aa may to 1 wipe out thet.eiroan name aa tn eRtirtg'iiati ihat !? ?? i f wiae liberty whi? h haa taken hold of ih? 1 ( einafa, indmdiiallt iNcallHiltdy. Ctarmany, ilif mdlf of tha rMutmation, the land of e^arra J iiqinrj hid daep far liny, haa only to <-eaae to he .. J.. .U. A k. - - - - ?u '>wtu iK'urr, nun SW 9rn?nir Olif grflll una niiii?d Itnuly, ?o nothing to fmr frwm Km*!* ' t.d t? n l?. k?y to h*r M Ibvnlar ohali thou go J no fmihrr." >RK E SEPTEMBER 9, 1849.

Aspect or Affiitra In Germany. (( 'rum th? London Timm, \u% ] The jtener?l napect of in < ierinany, and the pot-ition of PruKHH, more especially with reference to the other Germanic power*, raiy he deac ib?d na the exact opposite and cotm'erp-trt of wh?t they were jiiht twelve months airo. The i>opular movi-nieDt which hid br<ken out in the <Uv* of March Was then frtill at ira height. If the N'litV of Geim*ny to he established within the confine* of the confederation. and if the power of tho nation whb to be extended na f*r on every aiife hh the Germt n tongue is t-jxiken, the Frankfort Assembly ana ire centr?i uovernment were the engine* of these in'pon? nt changes, and the supreme representatives of ihe national will. If I'ruaaiti w?h to receive the blessings of a representative sv-item of " eovernniMii, and to become the ostensible chief of the rvnnvated empire, tbe?e institution* were to aland on the broadest basis of democracy, and to be aanctioned in the first instance by popukr acchnialioit When these delusions were in the height ? f lh? ir evanescent tclory we did not scruple to deny ??eir realitv, and to dispute Hie pns-ibili'y of tbeir ftccompl shment; but we have forborne, frt'tn reelect to the German nation, to insist on the , complete rontir million of the opinions we then , entertained by events whirh have since placed { them past dispute. Nor ia it our intention in any way to augment the soreness and discontent which are ihe natural result of ex^eiieuce so dearly purrl ae?d Thai experience 13 the true foundation of |K>luical power in free nations; ami the next time thf (ieiiiiaiiH set to work to erect at empire, we tmst they will not select a quicksand for the Mte of the edifice. As it waa, th- atiempt they made fell little thort of moral, political, and historical irnpuwibiliti, | The K ing of Prussia had commenced liit* osten?ible |>?<rt ia the movement of Germany by a proclamation calculated to inflame and to gra'ify the wildest hopes ot the democratic purtv ut the mnnnnt of im first ebullition; and, aa Ite lud just a band. n- d h's own capital, and humbled hia n*a army by unlimited concessions to the revolution, lln-ie s?emed no reason to doubt that the iufluencc 1 of Prussia \fould tend rather to awell the iorce of tl is df Iiij e (ban to arrest it. For many months 1 iln.t *ns thq caae ; every throne in Germany tot- 1 terid a* li'ng aa the Prussian monarch was inae- I t lire ; and it rrniained uncertain whether a strange 1 mixture of d? n?st?' ambiiion and revolutionary entbuxissm would net eventually co>isiun every throne 1 in < < rmnaV to rinn. and convert the king of the 1 I'mssisn- into the leader of a European revolu- | ' to n. Thai part wss unquestionably within the re??h of the court of Berlin ; and, to the honor of j 1 the king. be rejected it. He rejected it, we have j 1 1 o doubt, from conscientious motivea?from r?'colIrciiou of the rights of others and hiaown dignity, ? fi< 111 a cle?r aeiise of the real interests of his kinedim Mud of Germany. But Prmaii could 1 i-rsue no mwlnle course; the consequence of the : knit's itfuaal of what they culled an imperial ci an was ?a immediate rupture with the revolufi< in ry fiction, which had hitherto screened 1 iip ot* rations behind the Prussian pirtv, and civil 1 * hi bioke out iii 1 he weaker stales of Saxonv, Uhe i mh I hvmHh, hi<) 1! den. The cabinet of Berlin 1 in mediately look the lf;id in lh?- repreaaion of these kihuii diaturbtiiirea; Dreaden waa aaved in part h? I'm'-mho grenadier* ; and h camp-tiim on the 'I Kb>?r brought ih-< northern German* to the fr< iitier* i f Swmeiland, und even appeared at oan hh m? nt to manure the Ilelvetie confederation and ti??- of Neufchatel The minor princes, * Ip hud 0?en couviil ' d with terror during the * valalMI kf a ara?? of their own defenc-les* cond'i on, especially ainre the fatal example of the 1 m Kl?ry itvnlt in I'aden, were eager for an ar- 1 iara'*n>ei t which might aecure f?r th' m the pro- 1 it I?ii ft r.ur-i-t, uuii the (HiHiiion of the gicat 1 i,i lil? of Germany. Lv?n whi-n Prussia seemed 1 In he the chotn head of the Fraakiort democracy, ' ll.e 11111e |iihit? wh ted not even to leurn herde- 1 nnon, but acqaieao-d in thmw proposals on any ' lerm* Much Mfr likely were tbi y to cling to I'iii?m? *ht n he had more distinctly ili(i*n that 1 he wan not unprepared to draw the xword mnmat (lie ot the revolution, ih-?t her army w.ia ' al) |>< v? i itul a*d tniMWorihy, und I bit all* could 1 ?' m the lorieal ??hicb wii? ?wee^m{ llirm aw.iy. I The Hi henvoTTern* of South Germany, lord* ot terrm riea not e?reedini? in ai/e a anta,'! 6o"n,T? abdicated th ir aoverei/rntv in favor of the royal hrei rh their hoti*c ; and thu* the aaaendancy of I'ruta.'J '*"ov? 'Uuck ita root* abroad, by her urn m (i | <>*111011 to ftho*e rune nrinciolee huh ihe bad aflectid ia*t year indolently to w?. '1 lie aspect of Germany ia, therefore, changed, abd l'lu-M* brtaell i* now governed hymen whore f*et|rtic policy is at ptrical a ip,a>rted by a majoritv of the new chambers atr'tti.'ly adverae to the revtilulit-B Hui, though her mmns of influence are *h? rut. ibe object* to which ehe i* teaJwK are the p> mk . b> r awe lid Mil I y in ud .'anting, hut it leata on an ni*i*|Nilar rather ihan on a popular ha*ia; and li? 11 #hl>-?t >n i>en?Jenee on the put of ill" c-ibtnet ot IU rl n nu?ht give the a'gnaJ for iroh convulsions ?i bin the (>eniMu J*lalee, or a more direct ren.oii-tiM re from othernirMol Europe. The Prusi lax In ??p* are now looked npnn all over Germany an the ton e* n <>*t oi>|0 ed lo the two p*4-<ion:4 ol n'rolh d frodomand of local lndc|>endeoce. '1 lie !' u>-- tan r? m men in returning from Sehl -swig were fiercely atti<k?d in the ktroeia of Hamburgh, l*itl) l>> the anarrht*'*. Ihii far more by that apirit i>(iktlr|?idrMc which ia the life ?fthe commercial freedom of the H*n>eniic citiea; for Hamburgh Mill *tand* aloof from that union which he know* lo h* the forerunner of the mo?t calann'ooa romnn rci*l reduction*. In the southern province* on the It bine, which have been d< vaalated and demoralized by a frightful iaaurreclion, I be I'niaeian army la viewed with atillrn ani. rii??: Md. a? ibe tinnd I).ike of lUden find* lone?If, oil hia return to CarUruhe, wholly de|<cudrriMl l)i| |aiweiful auxiliartee. the milltaiy occul?ti<m of the rmwtry i* the a> le *ttj por' of hi* go- 1 v*it ri>?m J )?i the other h nd. ibe aonibern pow. er? i.f A?*tn?, llavan ?, and VV'urteniburg have not b?et??|ow to avail thenoelvca o| Ihia iiicreaoiug j alou*y and popular hoatilily to the I'rilaaian iutljrrtre. Tbe> are even arcwa?d, we bo|?e without Ph'od. of fomeniiBir that ifini of anarehr from hit h I'rtimia b> ? n o?i ? llectua'lv contributed to aave th- ft', and *<f an inrt to r. \ tve the oh?>!eie ? i irlrnmtri at rba art hduka jftin. thf? nrr dnn- ' i?n aa<l ui.?iPt'hy link*, if lfl?*t h**# ih-rn r*- * iitd to, but ai tbr ?ani?- ikih* 'i budfa no wood 10 * |l r i no it i I ?? rn.aiiy, ihti. in ih'-a rr m:?l limrf * llir m?< tithljr or dial of lb* roftfrdrrnliw h-ia V HMii w rim in any ai imri or I ful form, **i| ' iltaii'x i? in) of if>r noiih^fi and NNiil^rn omrta ' i ii of* <livi4'fl. if i <ii 11 |?V4'<1, ihm ii h?? bfn i( r ? ?=- * . ?h- t> 11fi* iin. ,*ic !' |hk)?. ? 1 ir? ia, ?f doubt no?. a nr> nir <lia????iiion on " il |?.r <tf f? i? n n j??w? ra in a'?*uia from ail un- *' d?a i<irif* i# a m iba rrlaiiona M ih?! <??-rm?n J* ^Mft| aid rif? lha alt.irk on |>-nm?rk roalif not '' fft if"- fi?H Mtlt a ?t| f ito(a- lit H Th'ir ?talrm of i<t>?* rvaiiau and naatraltiv lial lo |* carita iharr i? tai a* il la rortliol ikat onimiir, and rarb ih# i HriiMt m<|ra, ab'MlId I a?l h in- J I il-al flutnyti aa would n<~ir r i* lly all'r tba ftal- I' aurrifii air. It ia Ua iH?t any Krrnrh " (T- ?a tin. ?b?*tld ?trw with intM!".-ram-* ih? r?k??m? of tba r?. 1 ?ar? i *rr of |* . * a' "/ ll.# ' w I t fa floaltar ?t| lb*'tta \i r ??iM 'fiarom- J i ti a i u.t i.. i. oil .i. i i * r, 11? i a .* iht> ii aph i f i nor, 11 l n - ? " ?< i a ?? ' ' i, tl' d lo in r.f. rr with ibr afoolut* ia<l? i? d? t.. m ?f ll?a ii 11 n ?l ffar . .ra1'. ? ii. > ? m> kllli ci iii ' 't|??|t|i llf?a mt our own in- rr -ulil ? i a- 1 : -a ci>ii"'di r n?. k<l i fd ?? if iarta ?n.f rrfthittnrr ? ( ih- | . ia < * i n < tjr io ii'wk 'i ' ' * " i" id'" <n a-? -nif nc>. ?ill alt ?f> i- ?, iw ibrlai a ' It |tt. MWo It IH ail >|t,..r r m". t.| ll? )4.ii<n |< h-a <ro,o?d m (J rimajr a ltat.o{ t'rl<f > f vraiiiHt a for lb# rBai^aii# r-|tra?- <?n of a l? m.Hl.T'ta rro.lillta . n m ill, We ht.jW. uk a I ha lr-11 in lb* |Mrif| M bm ai ?d (? ? !xuluinai i" 'an m#?.l; I i, if iK> r??t i,i. ara to r?i?a |l|f rba Mill and ita'MI -( 1'iw t? >? lifrwim and in I urt-pa, ib'ir rf!? < maai *r?4 i I. ?nt1 ib? ir n W.I I.. . r-m "I II .a.if I, ?i? f" ??'1 r> ' ' r?" ill I?|miiUh| t'oalnii la NuMti kf %??lr1a. T, |tf*h Ik* knot ?r?) I v ?, i? ] ,1 IIm-i* ? r*?ty ir<Hi in h n?? itm A i irt? n !'*? ct i.i iitt <) I? aitf rt. hi lu -??a it>? i??i ?l i ? ii., Aili.i". ( 'i?r?.i* .ilf trm kftrf*** k 1 If' 1*1 fiMill. I <r I ?|'H I V 'li. <, ?I||1 ) > ill ir a <1?? . >.ii . I -* h $ t ii i ' llmtitr MtiMfM f v? i?|iii"?M <rr.' nt ,( i-t S ,*mt u vt'l U<miuitrr4 bf ( / ? i n ?<?.?* MTi ?| Fi r a rt n?i?i. r>W? Rnaaia ku d??nH to *i r?l? bit*h lri? M in iIk M- d <n??a. an ' lo tr- 4intra fin w thai in, fn>?n >?' h ?h* ? al i?r* m M, by rr*M* i?f hi r r^?m|4tir*l pnsitinn, Tirt?. *J ?'!> Hrr lima, tijr 'r^an**, J* ?r? ml 11 in,nt. ii to rn>. r >>r M ifilr rrm' in fl) Ihn i?h ihe I >?nU?rltr? llrw ln?,g ih?a* trraii-t f( * il> l>r im|#i '?d Hal"*. a?e arr atmhi* liifm|?ri?t? ; bait are datttht an* th*i ?hr a?iH irr?? ih*? J m ?? m I II! h wulr paprf ?h?l>Wt (iitlBf "a?af (I " i '> am*r? In ih?'m', ih' Kmi?Tnr n ? ihli.hiuf a Haaaiaa i?art in the ? A i*i lain? ? *> " ?< that th? SecBuy for Fcraif* Affair* ' *' [ERA will n<?l rm.trnt himwlf on thin <w?-wi?S pro torolt and mnooHr>tnc^ l??'d |*?l n?r???>?? K?? th?* rft'Utx'lon of hfiin * t>*-lhrn?i? h'm th^t rlnmrfer nowtf?0(l ih- c<>u? try will ?iiprort him. [, ; h>m ?r?m th? S<irber? R?-?r off ?hr land wWh it hound d (.? ih?? ? !?%?110 WKven of ih? Mfdii^rmnran I- n?i K>i?n Ur?> pnnnoli finr iKh K/-vfhiar* K#.? I.. ?L* .. -- I of Siberia then* is mreiy r?o?i ?id *f?|? fnon(H for th** mo?t boundles* ambi?i"n. A ?l?r ?f Msredon wept hi the thought that there w?rr n?? more kingdoms for subluxation The C>-?r ?mr imitate his exsmple. for Kurojw doe* int?-??f t>? relapse into Slavonic haihsrism There i? a limit to the endurance of Kuwl'-li statesmen, to the dtde* far nxtnlt of diplomatic life. Another Threatened Outtirenk In India. (Krom lb- Britixh Army t)?i?p?loh, auk M| We learn front the inrtian papers, of which we give elsewhere our usual summary, that the *t?ention and vigilance of the authoritieH had I) -rn p|>eedi|y'recHlled to the scene of our l?te exploits. 'J'be I'uvjanh a pa in offn? Mi. in it* nnrthfrn provitnrt,anH in the jHi$tinof G<*J<ih Si*gh. nfthir of miov* itiifuirtxidr Though little more th in a dt monstrstion may have been intended in tho<e orders which, wr are informed, h ive already lv<?n issued to the cantonments of Vizierabxd and l*eshawur, yet all experience teaches na ih-?t, wiih respect to our Indian foes, we do nothing t>ut complicate and magnify the trouble we do not instantly niVet and overcome. The intelligeuce forwarded to us ia acknowledged to want HUtheutic confirmation, and is very bare Mud imperfect a* to the more lending and governing cam-en which have led thus early to an interruption of those peaceful prospects which, after our recent campaign, we had so much right to indulge in Treachery is so universally the vice ot Kastern princes, that it is little to the purpose to observe, that it h a sovereign u|x>n whose gratitude we have the strongest claims, who tt> now represented as being anxious to repudiate our alliance, and c<>i>e with our arms. The countenance ar.d favor of this country not only materially extended his sway, l>itr secured him in the quiet possession of his enlarged territories; nod when the unruly Sheikh, Im.iuuiood-Deen, took the field agninst the new Maharajah of Cashmere, we constituted a powerful ally, whose seririreB were both asked and accorded. That, at heart, Goolab Singh was ever anvthinj* more than a disguised foe, does not, in the face of rt cent revelstioas, npi**nr at all probable. The value of the neutrality he maintained during our late hostilities with the neighboring Sirdars, is laid t? be much qualified by the exposure** attendant uiion the teurching investigation which has since been set on foot into the origin and progress of that extensive and costly rebellion. Yet, th it he should boldly throw oft*the mask, or precipittie a Mate of things from which all iiis predecessors mid conti-nipoiaries have learnt but t?e one sad Ittson ot mortification and defeat, cannot be accounted fvr on any known or ordinary princiiila of ronduct; ana still less can we reconcile it with the Bhiewdiies* and sagacity said to be conspicuous in the charactei of this prince. Though ol almost fabulous wenItli, imm! deriving unusual advantages ironi the nature of the country over which he has so lately be,en called to rule?at the hea'l of b ittalious as yet undiscouraged by reverses?and of great i>ertonul address and courage?yet, face to face with the wilor, the resources, and the diwioline nf brituui, what more could illusion it* If pro uise b in tlian lo procrastinate a campaign and del ly a triumph 1 The tactics which so sign illy availed liim against the Durbar of Lahore, on the descent Upon Jummoo, some five years since, would, he limy writ kt.ow, lie singularly ineffective with hia new opponents ; and though lie reject, for wiser inspirations, the ofler of gold armlets and rupee* (o the bclei gning force, the citadel of Jummo, menuiihie of a pioiracted defence, would be fated to icon change m tst? rs, and become a pnini ri'ap/iui For tli?>se further operations, which would uot leave him loiii^ undisturbed, to wliatever poiut of his dominionslie might shift his quarters. The daily additions to hia nrniy, the accumulation of warlike stores, together with tli- h^avy i>:dnance frowning so unotiulously from the walls ut n peaceful and inconsiderable town, h id very possibly. long ere this, furnished subject of grave Ueiibeihtion in tht council chamber at Slrnli. It, "' veined by t bocy of |'?cts, of which, perhaps, uiily a few nave, as 'sw^P^d 1? '^e |>mniel i L?'id Dulhoucie may have requ? l0",r emphatic ) disavowal of the hostile purposes aitribuu hiaj^ | >y the withdrawal or surrender of the 150 pieces ol Miinon now so ostentatiously surmounting the cit<d< I, the propriety or necessity of the step could 101 be questioned. Whether any requisition to his efleot has been formally made, we are not in a jocition now to declare ; but both the dminl and iha reply are, upon some foundation, iriven in the ;*iptrs before us. Ihe answer alleged to have jeen made by the Maharajah is, in everv way, in * keeping with Li-stem duplicity, nnd w?iuld appnar , o leave little, it any, doubt of rhe correctness of ' ihe ?ui!iii<?a, or the reality of the convictions I which ltd to the unwelcome and unexpected sumith ns. Cootab ninth declares that he himself is w ililiig to dlMiiuntle nis lowr rs at the request of the Jovcruor General, but that his soldiers would oi>|K>e the sacrifice?and he dare not wound them in >o sensitive a point. Now, as it is matter ot fact I.hi ihe sanctity attached by the Indian, and, more ' articiil..rh, the Sikh soldier to Ins guns is only to M paiulleltd by the devotion of the Kurooean to ' na colors, there ia some plausibility in the Malare-ah's niaerted dilemma; while, on the other Kino, it ia maintained that no such cheek really Xists upon the freedom of his actions?that it la a ! i-ply trained lor the donble pu'rpo: ' of covering Ilia clu mes, and administering to the vanity of his intjr. .... liut while we find it difficult, for m inv reasons, o believe iii any settled or matured pUn of ag- 1 >rei?ive operations on the part of t iooi.ib Singh, it i oust be obvious that, his staudard once dirpftyed rrv..ll . - J.----- - "??um iir in'iinnv 1 , i-uiiil for all the real Ira* mm r it* and di?|>rraed hoI- ( 11?r> ?>t thr I'linjatib, arid Inn forcea would receive i: Mdi iahle K CrrMon* from ?nh?-r quarter#, and ( n hi ? iher motive*; but, ai the t> mi' time, hn old ' , mone*, tin- Mahometan chief*, would, in all like- i | ? Krr/f with avidity ?o r?te an upimrtunity of ( m ntmu* thr m-?-!v? a on thr gr**(>ing nn I iin.x>|>iiUr < i)?b?ii ..h However, we h*vr anticipated and i re i>r'(>?rrd for evrry contingency. Our trno|>a j f quartered, under mont f-ivorable circumatince*, | k.i g the entire line from Attock to Umritsir, and | In* b?e river*, bridged by ?team?-r?, will a|?*pdily < < nifU-te the gnat military road here imJicttra. 1 j when lie Will, or wh?-r>a he will, ho , an neither urpriw nor elude ua ; and, whether he nkr hot *>txnd at Jnmmoo, or, ab.indonim; hia \ nvier gun-, draw u* into the inhoapi'title wilds j I ih?- nin tr lln ...*, he will he confronted by a i ?i>eral who?-e sword, uuu.-rd to victatit.idea, trtil | < t im thii nrnurm bt /trnirn but for the cowiidu- | ??/ our im/nr, aiui thr tvfntmwy of our Jfds, ' | The H*lgn of Terror In Ireland. I I Tie iii. Willi: litt'-r, *||H'!| we < wy from a i ublin t njier, will ?how how litf! * of liberty is now i It in the unfortunate country of which that cttjr ! i thr ra|>ital:? I It la lib nn rh rrlnc'anca that I tr*xp?M r.n your i rur rm I' It t?r?pi| lb" ?lari<l?rs nt th# ?ub*lifii> d j mi tbat I do mi but to dl?rharci* thit I 0<>oa?i*n to ( a j.nMIr duty !>} ripinlin tba t>ran?y to ?hi?ll I : *? Ititt t??t ft>r a*rii t to ftr? public aapraa11 n to uj f??lli?? iip"n a puhitr i|iti?i| in I hi", until bow, rrtr lim d from duln( an. Ii??t II r t'fkt ha mpp'i-i it that I <u aetuatrd by a d*-lr" to t aiark ihf (iBrral liaraiony ot lb* j>?ik w-vli Hut r ll a t ir|if aii-ut ennwquaiit upon thi- r?|ll tlatt h?a i tnH; fO-H a?a?, I think I may lay berore tha utlm. uitD*?k tli? n'Hdlum ot y*nr journal tb? facta h ti xtri ?tih ariv*'and Iraprta ntnaat, attfcout I/rilti mjrlf to ihr tun umiliip of >Wlrl?g to *j ?n > llii.r? tk? ijvn'i 1 pi?f>rr<<l a?ain?t ma by Mr lnt??ctnr at <ii ilia* Intfrad of Illuminating my hoiw I did t a ?l alriTt u-ly a* *'r r?>it?r r.b??-r?"d> hang my i ii <t? a* with a < liming aod <1 J Inaorib* thereon tba t a* ' ti.n'? l?m<tia" and p-itllenca" ami | i I., i art l.a?ii.? th? lur if Lord> l?r>Bd?>t? bMora ) ?jaa) did p*t>d tr?? my hnii-e larga mourning ?r l~at tig ?fc- atioaliaa" rmbl?ui of an old Irkah HI' ' i M? i ffurrlrf to hr an laofT<-a>lva *ipr**?tnn of ' y 11 lal< * aid I b??atfea aothoilty i?f an t-mlnent i hh| l?.r Mating ?bat It >m trtrily Ugal Vat for u* dl'M?i eg ft- m ?ht? rknrrh ya>dr?vr|ry for thin t fwt?f ?? HUtfiftl? I* Hl> Mt ?( "halting from tha ? ?. i.i?a'? ? )? all r?id?i ? wf rational tutfrrln* n? e a* l*?ad>d by a iaog of dairetirra?my properX lr> an.I I tn drapgi d thrnngh tha by ' a H >' iif mx imptln-.iK d and ?hnt oat ?r-m ail b unli atl?n ?lib my film-In *?en frna tba ennn- ' I ?b? ?aa ml a*a del. nded ma Hut tbU U all I * ... vr un m ? ItimikM to th" ' ? ' I'1 ??"! ' - i.?. n a ? y i nit.ii> | Urn** I *a> ?iTf-t?l un<t>?r ti > rf tha Kattai ?*'|>ni Mt{ In ?n hnur t )>( !< I ?m UI4 by Mr. (lay that thara mm 1 > ) la m>kl?g i hi th? tlmrga, aa-l at half paat t?n r tl-?b (bat b*pM. I ? > rraio*P<i ta i.han i| if n hna *i 4 t?' "innl fi*t I t . I I. I .?> .?. i;.. r I i. I a'I > ? r?. ft'i I thftl i nf >r <1 ill. ? i*iti *1 ih? ul ihailrrkof th* *, *kl?h IM eltrk of tha iron ma.t * l? r. ?t. r !? f.lirvirg ??rnlnir my rmaaal fought, but waa II n mi' "? - ' b ?"? ft. 1 pn'.itfly Inform- I ? ka< lk? rmt* "i.hIiI "t* Kv h'?trt naul n? it ( rna<il*?) it ? ? tb? bait to attoad th* royal nwMlrt y?t >?ianc* ta ?ay aftar (hia Intliaatioa. if fcriar ?aa ??a? ft* aa?I at *?a a'atnnk ? Mnaday a tu rf I au branfM la tba bra4 oAaa, altar a faa I LD. ? ~ ? TWO CENTS. If* *K?B Vr r *tfr ?.U pHuUly to h?? H?** (?Ki. k kwfir th?T d?cUa?<| to plaat, j IM r??!4 aot tij aa<t tha? jutcliaf i a??>r of r-Mtael ?h?? onnxiKlxd ta IK? ?t Procardia** whtrh thay prt^< I -?! M ll- rff.rt !> ! I ha Mtnli4"d. tk? 4 t? ?<M Mk* f?t? itrb'?l Ihalr eaarfln*. an4 * tlr ?l ?n?l Jo* \? for nf |?rt I !?! ???b 4 ?r-<p-r tribunal sil my r<?k( i? >k>l I lid* ?lih mi him<? with* In if la* m I I ktn th" b mor tn h?. air, )ow ul>4l>il wrtMi. MICHlKL RK1LLT. Tb* rdilbfiila Ny alary In RnilaiC |) 1MB Ik* Lui4i-a ria??. Au|ut il j Wf air Irte lo cmiIiii thai >ur in >at c-?r?ful r?trMrhra h?\e ?<>i, ?h *n, ai'Tn-ed lit enlignten us ad?-|iial>ly m?i-?<"'h>? line actual condition of (bit iiijn? n< ti? ir|f i.? 10 whit h the adventurous swarnM <>l i*n win kla hive tcarl? a twelvemonth, been dr>ilf>d VV# hear of ihe depirturr> of scorn* of ve?*rl lor Sau Fruciwe ; and the tide seta in ihr aatlir dim-lion. we In-lie^e, from half the h*fImrs oil ihr f<C? of the |<li>l?e Yet. when *F en(iiavur t?? ?mt i? n, r> alixc, or *|M-cify the nationality. *ovrrninr?t, c.mimi'uiion, pr.iducis, clwntte, |m pulaiion, or |Hoaj ret* of ihi? attractive province, we ?fill fiod nwvfl?m aa h holly to ?rek aa before ilie fii*t discovery of iim mmm The reader aliiH in-, howurr, what we have coll* cled, by Hint of wio bitty, ?'fini|f, and ?foiiui{, sine* our last n>>'icn ol tin? Milijrci A km hi man once ?uid lhat it wan no wonder if Oxford and Gainbridife were siiph learnid placer, considering how much knowing* wan >rarly carried ihnher, and how liule wis ever brought away Wr are almost inclined to applf the Hume rule to the settle men tana the Sacramento. If Calporuia m not the richeat country upon tha eaiih, it : oon ouyht lo be, for all the available otpi? taL whether in KO"d* ??r ca.?h. of the Indian Pacifin hmI Atlantic seaboards, appears to be despatched I* Sun Frunitcs. Even llonu hong had been drawn wnhin ilie uphere of sttrai-Tion, and our Chinese inti-llitjence ihia m< ek reported ih-it its warehouses h;.d been xwept of all goods suitable to the diggii ge, nrid ih?t all the native craft in the h irbor ?e*n.rd making ready for the same port._ Oath* other hund, ihe gold arriving from ilie mines was compelrstivcly hiimII in tjuauiiiy, ami ihe balance w?i nsdly sksiusI ihe 14 placers " The loaa upon i-liii'liirnfK and ihe elllux ol specie was ncnaiftly felt both on ihe Pacific and Atlantic co.iafa, and ihe *rtival of large corn*ignmenia of hullum was >inxioutlf expected in America, to quicken the appro telling full irsde.^ All this apiieara ihe more tiu^irdintry when it ia contidered that the poaiiivs produolivt nect of the mines is really established upon irreni?tible evidence. There is one ixuat, and on* only, on which all accounts from San Francisco coincide, and that is, the innxhau nhle supply of gold contained in the earth, fly a Utile care, hosrevrr, in collating the evidence, wc may i>erh?pa , arrive ut u conclusion which will reconcile tb*?? two facts, without involvine any supposition niiprobalde in iiM-lf. It seems that ihe and r?> viin'ado undosbtedly contain ?upi>lies of ??old which 'a j fj \ uni|>ni inoil ur u^scnoeo H* ttllllOSl 1 f??*X ? hiuiKtilile, fur the preeioua metal has n>*vur before, Wf h? lieve, been found in such abundance or ia tuch purity so near the aurfijce of the earth. But. on looking closer into the aiate of things, it up.teirs tliar tlit* labor required fur its production, though of a more prutcicable kind th it hitherto rm^ojred in iniuea *n a larger scale, is yet an trj ing, serious, aud uncertain hb to m?ke h good a"t-off against the average ret'iron. l?-orher w >rds, duy'a work in California will not ordinarily produce more rhun a fur day's w^n, wink*, aa to tli? general export* of gold, there is not only hula propped of their disturbing the accepted value of thiH metal ill the tuaiket, tiut there i? even everf probuliility that for Mime time to coma they will noirijwty the capital which hna been invested ia M'cuiiiitf them. The more resectable of the American lourt.ala are now anticipating n commercial revulnon, though thev mill pr?-?lict nensibly enough, ihat after the fi ver of cpecul ition haa pa sued aw?y, California w ill become a rich and populous Stat*. The depositions of Ainrrican aeu captains u^x>n tlie various wonder* ol the deep, are usually deeu*ed aiich ?n equivocal source of inform ttlon, that we hardly like to retail incident# derived miialf Irom ?ueh testimony. According, however, t? ther.e narratives, the wh?le Mima Pacific ia Hwi.iminu with chips and c*r??o?? . in the ocean- a ij tlie harbor &f PraacuSJ ?|.acn>u? Hi It IS, can hardly Contain the arriv-vla. Coi PivnmentH are da.''* refuaed. Captains of vespel* obtain X70 a month, niflc* aad sailor* XS0. Clerk* on shore gel "f r annim and their boaid. Nothing ia sa'd about lou?Mgn, a rew~tvr w hich is perhnpa hut prudent, couaidei.'"X the notorioua hcnntinesa of sleeping houses in tha new petilement. There ia, however, an hotel winch ia underlet for X9000 a year, a portion of which very ni< derate rent in made up by judiciously letting oil a small apartment for a tap at X3H) t monla. 'ne (tumbling room leta lor XS.ftOI k year, tw? i mailer ones lor XI 2D0 each There i? even a French rnjt in the place, the average receipt* of which, night and day, have been accurately calculated at one dollar per nunuta It is only from aa incidental r? that we inter that the taatea of Anglo-Salon ctnigrmta h ive been consulted by th* establishment of a brew^rr A draym >n we are ...IJ .t r ' . iuiu ir in irrn(n hi 4.1,-iuw a year Slil.irv uir rewoera will rem' mbrrthefamom !>tory of th?c<ironiercial latvn which ?wd ?100 a year in ink, bf leavtiip out the dots to their 1'a and crimen to th-ir t'aj arid jierhupa N>mr of ihem will h ?;ud a c ilcuiMiion <>l' what the Trumana and M>ixlon< of S?a Kritneifro muM he doing, when the mrvicea of* Irn> riti>n are so estimated. Ce ta nly, auch a acal* id ir.<ni-ii? iioui? ia veiy magnificent, yrt a good de?| of the produce of California miiet nerd*, at thi* rute, |?c tell-consumed. An announcement by no m? sir>h lik? ly to escape ob?erva?i'in ii >t?eared ?<i<nt ki i kf .ifn, to the effect the United W'*'** government hnd lorhidden free accea* to ihe mine*. Hich a rr-aolutiou wai ao prolxtile in itaelf that ih? i.nly wonder wa* that it ahould h.i?.' been ?o long ilrl.iy?d. We have not hern able, hownver, t* r*iiih? iitira'e the re|>ort. and the Ufeat account* r?prerent the richeM region in the world a* mill th* Crmnwin lard of adventurer*. The actual nrnjKrtf r>f the land ia, if will be remembered, vested 10 tho I nifed .""tale*; hut the province ia n?t a nrnn'ier of lie Union, nor ia it aup|>lied with any comuabl* toveiuin* ot, either by ordinance* from Waahmsjj n. or rerolutioM of it* own inhabit una It *und?, in fact, on ireciwlr the ?*me foot m if a? tho-e de>rrt wik's to the weat ot th* American Uoi<?n which have not yet riaen into States by prolog or culnvation. Thr; conflicting reports concerning tha iutirdirtioiu of (icnerala Smith or Ililey are lo It* raplairied, we believe, in this way : Hen. Peraifsr S Smith i? commander in-chi'f of the diviaioa i?f II <- Unit'd State* army occupvln* Orejp?n and California ; Frigadier Kiley comminda the detaclvni? nt stationed in the latter territory, and i? consequently under the military order* of fJen?*ral Smith, it'i hony h, a* concern* the few.Mvll r?qinrerx en?* i f hia province, h* corr>'a|>ondadirectly wuh U :ol iipinn The only 11w reeogni'ed ia Ivin U hiw. *hi< h ia, however, ndminiati red through <h* pf dti'm of a juiy, and, it ia aaid, not in'pii'a'ilr. \ large body ot Mexicansdemurred to ihia Anglo!-axon institution, but ih'ir co-iaent waa p?r?-mi>orily demanded, and in default thereof they would, t waa announced, "he ahot down to a man. Kmtd*t all th'-^e edif) msj repre*. nutio i?,there ar* ine or two facta cle ?rIy eatabl'shed The markets _ r>. i. r ? - - II v ti 111 *'' ii 14 a rr fwnni|?'U Wltfl ffo?it< no I tha n nta wiih men ; nml our transit intic oontem;w?anea repeat in word* of rwml aeriooa lint though mcorfn in thin apecul itinn id hf no in 'j>a certain In rreMte coni;>?*tenre, fail'ire will nrvitably entail utter ruin The difviny* ?** no l;icrn for the honent nml well -meaning amifTHnl. ["he Inlior and lmrd-lnp? are ?ure, the t"in pn?h!?hmIichI ; nml the probable re?nlt ol the whole liarovery bicU fair to he confined to a anppljr of foM htmiied with auoh toil and in iiielirfi?Uit regmna, hat tlie net ?.ilue of the produce will be reduced to in ordinary level. Iporfa In apitln?C?a?b*l between a Mm nml Hull?TbbU>? of III* OpanUh. The Madrid roire*pondentot ihr /<nw/'iii C'krnni' /<, writing uml?*r date of ihe*lt>ih of Auguat, gitrea he follow inn akelcli ol fashionable life in the Spta?h capita 11 Quran < MiIIm'I ohjeet la ronain* tit VadrM ?? r> endeavor to make op m?11?r? in the eahlner. tint la hi* ?li? ha* falUd Nh? wa? |>r?? nl with th king rti??rt at I ha I'laxa d? rorin Jt*?t>rr|af 'I he fraud 'uthm dr firrti tha ehlat point of attraalon. In which ?? tbx mm?ia? h??wi>*n a lion and a ?? ! tli w - all Yadrld" to tha I'Uta da Toroa hn( fcaire ih?- tlma ol perforataaea Thirteen ih )ii>tnd iiar"O* retained admittance rhalra ha?l be?n placed la ha ?pace In m. dial-Ij ont-ld? tha rin* f.itn?il l?r 'ha fii tallln* and which ring ?na aiada much ?m?ll?r han on the fotnirr oei-??li<n and ?"00 a*raon? aldt I' nal wrrr tbu? aarnmramlaifd K??ry pH<-? ? < <t?npl?d lwfor> lialf n*?l #* but It ?*? a <|?ar?ar h?f >ra lx b*fr>rw Qnarn ? Firinttna and tb# kin? * >?aort m?da h>lt ?p|>??i?rr? M. < harlaa bad pra'lnaalf Intrn< ?'" <>f hi" hyanaa itl? i h? r?wfl wbarw It ?n l?f% ? mad by a lnn? <-baln to a ataxia In tbn aantra, and n I ha rojal par?<'ii??a?pnt??in* tba p?rf >rm*n ? <v>miimnrt 1 mn fln? Spanish p*>ynl f'M. half ma-tlfT. iaIf Ml-4<v ??ra r?t at th? hj> na. who for ?in? tin* nada nnaHtwpt at di Tanra, and ?M?no? plnaad << , a.rl appann'lt eomplalalj narrnona. but bjr th? tlaa bat Ibf d?t? bad n?t axniplatMj tlfad with pnlllntf It l< ut, tba h>*na "?*?-mad t?? r?Mirf llaalf all at nana, nd lM?ma trnrloaa ia<nnla| tka nfi?ai?? la It* ui ft. aad bad It HI km fattarad bj tta tktl* aail4

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