Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1849 Page 2
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probably ktTi Mitmd the t?? doi??, who got wall Mi nnd wrre withdrawn ?fUr room Um; and the i>|< of Mm bjena bkilD| bMi Introduced Into the lion M. CbarUn had bo difficulty la Inducing that animal to nter it and the Aral act thus terminated The original programme bad boon ao far altored that tfcr battle between the lion and the bnil was the next a the hut, and it bad boon announced that In caaa it proved a failure, a tiger was at hand, and woold bo introduced iato the ring, to fight with tho lion or the hull, at hi* own discretion. The bull, a noble animal, from Coria del RIo, netr Seville bat not related to 8anorito as was first said, had been ehoven by a select committee Rent down t>r the purpose He was dark brown with horns a little turned up, and bora the name of Caramelo Ha was lat into the area several minutes before the lion whieb time ha employed In end?avoring to got at the spectators ouuide the railing making many butts against it and bending it apn>-l4erably In one place, to the great consternation or me occupants 01 cnairstn ui?? neighborhood Tbe lion, who bore the nam* of Julio, was a flue animal, of moderate size and. en bring introduced on tbe opposite side of the area to ttiat where the bull dm standing, be made straight across the area with a steady pace, and sprung at the bull, but -without effect. for the bull, whose baok was towards him at the moment. shook him off with apparent ease, kentowitg two or three kicks on him. 4nd then turning round, struck at htm with his horns, but without doing him more Injury than tearing eff some hair and skin on tbe left side Tbe lion however, did not attempt to renew the fight, but made off. amidst the enthuMtstle ebeers.with which most of the 13,000>oioea hailed I the victory of their faiorite champion. From this mtmetit the lion did nothing hut walk round the ring, clo e to the railing, and, on two or three occasions hen tbe boll inaile a run at him, he quickened his Ik to a run and alwaya shunned the enoouuter At length be lay down, and gave himself no further cone<rn about anything There were now loud calls for tbe tiger, who waa produced nfier a very long delay, and let into the area. Tbe tiger, though a very youngaalmal. had been only receutly caught. He did not disturb tbe repose <>t tbe lion but moved slowly towards the bull, lying down and remaining perfectly still tho i lastaiit the bull turned his head that w%y. and again uvanstng with stealthy pace the moment tbe bull tamed bis brad in auolher direction. Before, howaver, he could get ntar enough fur a spring, the bull assumed tbe offensive aud nmde a run at hiin.on which tbe tiger cut off; but the bull had no sooner taken up auoibi r poritloo. and hsd his attention turned in an tbi* dtrertu tbau tbe tiger again moved slowly towards Lim in the same mauner as before The bull, feovever geve biin no opportunity ; but always ran at him before be could epilog. aud rolled hitn over on one Mca?t< n but eltbout wounding him The tiger got tired at liu-t and like the lion, stretched hlmaelf out fcy ti e Ide of the railing and remained perfectly quiet; Wbila the bull took up a position in the middle of the ling, aud al?o remained still It was evident there ?' kill be no taore lighting between the combatants pres. nt sad the geneial Vry was for dogs ; and some wi ll d tbe panther to be let in. and net a few shouted at for tbe owuer of tbe auimals to be sent In to tight tbe buil, tlore Ms lion aod tiger refused to do so. Three ?*ga. ere let in at la*t, but they made no fight ; one of I tf em roueeri tbe Hon, who bit him. and the bull ran t aaotber who ran away, and in short there was no Tipai ib mem it *M now gelling dark and it waa <id'D( tlmt the projected tight between the panther and ib* bull "** out of tbe queation. How to get the m?i? out aw another difficulty. Three tame oien with b?IU were aent In to get oat the bull, and at thia time ymptoin* of dlfturt'KDce began amongst the er< wd of tpectalora. and while the area presented the (range ?p? ctftcie of a lion ft tiger, three bull dog*, ft bull 4 thr?e o?*n all ttajing peaceably together, the uUida of tbe area waa a aceue of riot, which however, waa limited to breaking up the ehaira and aome of the a>at?, and Making bonbre* of their fragment*, while the peaeaab e part or tbe community vacated the amphU thea're. abd the reat aooa became quiet, on the troop* receiving order* to liadflhelr muaketn Thua ended the aflair 1'he authorities hare ordered two-third* of he reeeipta o be given over to the public oharltiea. Foreign Mlaccllftnjr. Thb Fbekch Araican tiinouna Exfiditiow.? Am<*g*l the newa recently received from Senegal, the Convr 4t It (rtrondt noticea an event which cannot (obeervea La Prtt$t) fall to have the bappieat effect Oft ar naval nuimeiee ao crually injured by the conqueror* vf ihc'i^ib tYI-tbruary An expedition attempted hy Captain Bonet on the Orand Ba?tm river, has produced reaulte which would appear fabuloua had they tot acquired a great degree of authenticity from tbe verj aourae whence they emanated Oft the 4th of Mftrch laet M. Bouet. then commanding the 8erpent, aeretded in crotning the bar of the river, which baa cf ulred fuch an evil reputation, and bia entrance waa hailed by aftivos of artillery from the fort and the ahipa in tbe harbor The dangera of the exploring expedition were terrible Of tour officer*. Captain Aoguata Boaet lo*t three ; the fourth, with the aurgeon. and ft fbw white >e?men wbom he aucceeded in aavlng. reiarutd u> iraaea in a coodition truly deplorable M. I Buuet bimrell waa attacked by lllnaaa noleaa than three time* . bat bl? energy waa not In the aligheat degree abdned by aicknea* " Thank* to Heaven." aaya the letter which apprWea ut of the** detail*, u he haa auc eeded ai d th' bapnlett reaulla have crowned hla entrrpri-e He bfta dWcevered two mftgnlfleent lake*, where palm oil la ao abundant that the ahlp had not veeerl* em u?h to bold it Now. according to the dealera ihem>elt*? palm oil givea a profit of SO par cent., whlUt gold only yielda K> or 00 " The adjoining village* are >ald to overflow with produce of all aorta. Captaift llouet haa. however, vWlled unknown regiona, established relatione. and aaaertvd the power of t rance in the ftildet of ft country the very centre of the gold trade the only aomaterce hitherto carried on at (iraud bviam He baa diaeovered. what all akiifnl ireogra* fbera already *u*p*etrd. that the (jrand Bafaam T? a aoaflnent of the Niger. It being the dry a*a?on. the wantof waUr prevented it* exploration; but In the ralay aaaaun there are all feet of water, and the river ay be aeeended aa lar a* the cataracta of Vboueeaon, 0 Kagui" dielant At that place the traveller la within II league* of 6ego. aad the courae of the Niger ia *tHI r< atinued Ihua. tbe anlicipfttlofta of Captain Bonet ar* confirmed aad every day adduce* frrah proof* af their correctae?* W hen th* *t?am*r Oftettand*r aro *?da te (iranrt Buui,i that v*?*el which onlv iv ? l*? taat of itltr vlll antlraly aolaa tba problru 'I bun ?*?ll wiimI ?tU iupyll<d fM?l >111 pvurtrata to the mtrrior of tha oojntry. tra?ar?lng a Ibtilet if wblah < i|>(4lu Douat ha? ?wii I put hitn.alf, i 4 nhlab la th* aotrapot and tba |>uh|i for tha car- | aaaaa of th? gold ?dJ allk marcbanta tiJ vharr tb? filiMl < aptalo dl?r.i?*r?-d >Q<1 Inhabited f r two daya i rlty mora mtirit ud oiti Important than ; Timbueioo " I anil arlta a " e inrludti tha UlUr. a ara I to attempt to rrltu th* Jtnftrn tad daaatnraa of tba expedition It U probable that a i a< py of Mr Bnoet rrport will ba tranamlttrd to tha i Ikumbrt of I'oiiBrrtf. auJ kltrrvtiii publliktd " Hi ?u> ftiaTieTim ? According to tha .fluMr If It Pateraburgh Hun-la nontalaa toil* a<juare mllaa. ?lth population of M Ovu 400 *n*li The moat 4?n<?l; , ttopnlalad poriloa of tb? empire l? tba goaernm?ut of Mmcd* vhlrli lnclu.fe? J 3Ui aoqla p?r a.juare mil*; tb? ii>l 11<InIr populated la the government of Archangel. tbifh eumprltaa out/ 10 Inhabitant* par a<|mra MM. The Tour.t of Mont?mo||n baa arrived at Berlin and liat dined with the King of fruaaia and the royal tamlly, ronmcrrlal Intelligence. M*arne?Te? y rlday A ?!> ! 24 >*'? hare Bit m-i"h ahange to n port In tba m irkat Haw Tae? |?y L'poa the >b' la there la ?ar? little doing prlcra being ooa id> rably above the liml'a to vhi<-h buyer* are a >n#aed and tba present p"?IUuD of mattera balif aurh at to ladaca no dbpoeltlna to eatar lata apeeulatlra baalnaaa \\ her??er ordi-ra a-e (Itea oat. It may ba raid that, a* a geoeral tala both In gooda aad yaraa. tba full ptle.? of l*-t ?ark and la #oma f?? moderate ad*aore> ara uhmi'ted ta; bat traia?*tl?aa ara a >af.B'd rbb lit In aaktiif ap a?orta?at? or to tbeanppljr . af prea>lag order* of ?mall extent ! or h> avy ( ?4i nab ?> d-a>*etlra and T clotba there hx kran rather more Inquiry duilng Iba laat f?v daft aad a faar good ale a have beea affected. at a vary alight advaaea apoa tba nrtcee lately aitalnable bat ot?nuf?clar*ra of Ikta ara la no better poeltloa tban tbay vara, considering tba atata af tba cotton markat Amofimv Angn?t 20 -Ailalroa from thll rlty ra" P'rt t?a natlal aa ratbrr (jnl?? f..r tba national aaaa- | rlrlaa: wbil.t tba tirwa from llui gaay raa?<-4 aa laoadlata adaaaea c f upaarila of ^ p r ?aat la tb? Aa?trlaa k'atall^naa |tua?iaa atork vaa al?o aary firm A largo pubUa tala of ?plft| by tba Na?h*rlaad? laat Inlia ( on pany la anaouarad for tba 4tb Oatobar aatt Tba a<ai|>ary gi?a lb' aaturanra that tbay will not bring to ?arkat any mora aplaaa of tba aama da rrlptioa bafora iba 1 at Aaptamb*r. 1*50 llaMat'**.?Aa lmpr->Tatnant la tba grata Irada la tha hwr f?atura la i<?r r?-a?-at laltar? ll?aay daily abnwara aa aall a* ' -niplaint* ragardiag tha potato diaaaaa, baa* tarntad to ad'an'a prtraa fthlpa vara arriving from ail paita aad trada vaa aipaetad to ha aatlra Tha airbaaga ra l.oadoa eontlnnad at 11 Bovaav.?Tba trada h?ra Wing Moaad during tha vat Vionao. ii thua la littla to nntl?a from thla praaldaaay Wain had fallan In aoab ahandanaa tbroagb'vit tba ( fit ft M to IBMIV* ?r\r A *9, m.m.A *WI _ - -a. - - # ? ? ?- "?i im? PTvai m a"n of th* trad* of n??? >?u <ti greatly d^nd* Th* notton firm at I >>QibBtc.r? t? to b. ?t>aod?n*d on Manual f tbt njK'Dw Itnni ? Oof fr?tn IhU *Mnny naif I* til* .n<Jtb of ton*. At that Ilia* tngar fngnj ?.r? fr*? VtiyO patch fT'j eattoB* vara la |"o4 demand, bat *rar?a | r. ri'tumin ? l,at? ?4*1rn fr">m thl? *lty m?n- I lion that an nkna* ha? b?*n pnMi*b*d d*elaria* ()<m *a a port for an additional period of flra j ? * r from tb? 27th ln?t*nt Th* tariff r*?aln? an h*r?tof kit ?h?r* arc mbi? alteration* ia tb? do'l*a oa Import* l*?l?d for th* u** of th* rlty which formerly war* ona- i f'h; tut ?n th* llth A'i?n*t neat. all goMa th*n la bond, and enhaa.iaently arrlrtrjt ?hall h*n**f<irlh pay two tfib* *?c*pton tie*, ten and ?t>,rar which *ball fay Ikrrf-lllilM and tilarfo amrH. row brandy and all i th*r ar-lei.t ?plrit* thalfbc *nhj**t loth* f nil doty a* b*r*tof< r? A n alteration ha? ltk*wl** tak*n plac* , la th* qnaranttn* law* of th* p^rt of tid?*?a The i qnaraotln*. with fr?? paper*. |> ;? eontian* fonr day*, ; at d In ra?* t>f a death on hoard. *l? day* V***??l? 1 ftowi Ifjpt onl<*a th*y bare pa???d their q-amntlna at i rn?Untii>< |>l* ar* to pa** It at Od**i>a daring thr una. her of day* which I* uuoted In formvr dwr?*i tiebini' on London. 37 1-16. 8-1# Airtinrau. Angoatt -Aeaordlng to nor adrlca*. tha atatket f->r 6*i contlnoa* ?ttr*nrly dull and yrlrim ar* only ?npport*d on aeronnt <4 th* great rearelty of th* article I otto* I* active and lar(* p-ir- 1 ehair* had haan twad* at an admneed p?lca #o*K> e*nt- j i>er- h*fli? r?allaad ft 'i"1 ?HH< at ai'mat ion TV? vhaat rropa ?r* abundtnt; ! I)? rr^i dafiH-nt o?a IMInn rirn ha 1 f?!l.-n H'th pi>? ?? ??r? aniMpa'ail for |t??aa<| aa tb? now ?rf>? pi?mla?4 tn h? inn?h h? ln? an araraga f'ommnrtill iStlr> of tt9Tj kind h?-!r?y mnah dultiaM Tut bwixitiko c?ar ? Fradarlrk THotb# tha ?onng (Ml till ?? ilinl hj Irnnw K. Ki'll?J.Jn lha WmIiIticlnn MarkM j??t>-rd?y morning la atlll ali?a. hut Ik *?ry <laBgarn?> e?niiltlr<?. fha hall that p*n?tratad lb MfMl la y*t In hlx Iniga. Th? hr*rin( of Holla* Jf*?ard?J aflarn'wm. b?fora M erman l?ar<l r-aolt 4 la ?ha binding ?Tar of th? Hrg<*.| to $& voo. to apf ar again an tha 13tk la?t Thorn* tha ?oania.| prnm k?l?ng? to Troy Maw Vmk - Pkilmdflph,* l?u< *H?, Bf4 I NEW YORK HERALD. ; RortkwMt corner ?f fatten and (U< F JiBIilUOKDON BBOBIT, ol PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR- * NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. it fOLUNTAK V VORKESruNUENCt., (mIoMM ?*perlaiil m?<0i 4olicttcd from any quarter of ths world; if If ?>(<, imJl be liberally paid for. ITkMS OF CITY INTELLIGENCE, of all irrli, tri 0 alto selu itrd ? NO NOTICE taken of anrayawiti ihwhuWiKHm. WAa??r*r ii intended for inter lion null b iiuCJtenticnted J. by the nam* and mddrett of the writor: Ml neceienrily for publication, but ai a guarantee of At? ?o*4 faith We eannet return reieeted communication*. _ THE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT it open throughout 0 U? ?<#*?. ii _ TERMS, ETC. THE DAILY HtkALU? Three edition*, teonte mar eopyi *7 |Mr annua. 7'A? Firit Edition ie publiehedat three e'clock, A. M.. and dietrikuted before brraKfaet i the S?- J. iMd can it obtained of the neioeboye at me a'clacm, P. H.i and the Third at thret o'clock, P. ItI. V THE WEEKLY HERALD, for cireul ation on thie Con- . Hnent. ? publiehed every Saturday, at 6*4 cenle per comu, r or $3 per annnnj for tireulation in Europe, printed in . trench and Englieh, at 6M cente per copy, or %i per am ,1. i??.. #? #1- ?_ The DOLLAR WEEKLY HERALD, ivory Monday, S Mil ptr copy : SI per annum ; m romueto clube, 4?e., Uper annum. The Dollar Herald will mot contain any I matter published in thr Weekly Herald. 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CASTLE GARDEN-Grand Vocal add Isftbvmiw>AL i'RONMASl COROBBT. CHINES* MUSEUM, fcW Broadway.-From 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. To-Nioht. CASTLE GARDEN?Sacred l.'otciRT. New Yarh, Sunday, September O, IHI'J, News from California. The Empire City is hourly expected from Chagrea. She was to have left there about the 28th ult., and will bring one month Uter inielti genet from California. t The Lut Ntwi-State of Europe?The ' Future. < The European intelligence received by the < steamship Niagara, has now been laid before the < public, and fully commented upon throughout the ' country. Aa we have already stated, universal > sorrow is felt at the unfortunate issue of the Hun- i garian struggle. The American people deeply 1 tympathiie with that noble people, and while they 1 despair of any probability of their cause takiiga > more favorable turn for some time to com-*, they < indulge in the hope that they will yet triumph over I their em mies, and succeed in wringing their rights < from the despots who withhold them. i The nspirations and longings of the people of I Europe for liberty having been suppressed by the * arms of despotism, the next inquiry is, what course c will the victorious despots next pursue 1 Will s they persist in the policy which they have hitherto c pursued, regardless of the warnings of the past " year or eighteen mouths T Will they form a des- >' potic alliance to maintain themselves in power, ? and follow their old system, or will they grant to 1 the nations which they rule over, the rights and 11 privileges which the masses took up arms for so recently, and, by a conciliatory and liberal system u of government, allay discontent and dissatisfaction, 0 and thereby prolong their rule for a few years morel j r We are almost assured that th?y will not adopt , 1 the Jailer course, for it is not customary with those J r who rule by " right divine," to make any concej- i h rions to their subjects, unless their necks be in dan- d ger, and a refusal would perhaps send them in a hurry u to kingdom come. For obtaining concessions from d sovereigns and despots, nothing is effectual but the ! 1 exhibition of a chopping block, a guill nine, or a * gallows. The " right divine" sinks before the ap- ! <1 pearance of any one of those instruments of P death; but keep them in the back ground, and | c 'he people may implore, beseech, crave, or de- 1 * mand redress from their rulers in vain. Liberty 1 having been put down ? ni ght .having achiev- ! > ed a victory over right (of short duration, we I hope), there is no likelihood that a gallows or | 1 a guillotine will, for some time at least, be exhibit- i ' ra in an 11* interesting proportions, oe.ore any of the depots of Kurope. So far from expecting any > ronciliutory or liberal measures of government, " iniroducd by the sovereign** of Kurop'-, wr think ' we are indication* of an alliance between Hush a, < AaottiH, the Pope, and the present President of P France, with the view, \>y a combination of t'lelr ret<|<ertive forces and reaourcea, to finish inore completdy the destruction of freedom in Kurope, and a be prepared at a moment to crush nny aymp- < turns of discontent or revolution mty l>? c developed hereafter. Husaia certainly would wil> n lingly enter into sueh a compact, and an wopld j h Austria, for h? r salvation haa been secured by the , ? intervention of the ( tar in hei struggle with the 1 Hungarian*, and rh?- cannot displease hi;n who ' went to her succor, when her existence a* a nitioa ^ wss threatened. The Pope, from hia conduct ' aince the reduction of Home, and the intimitioaa " whirh he haa recently given oat, has repeated of P1 the course pureued by him wh<*n first elevated to j " power, and, instead of being a liberal, aa he as- , ^ surned to be, is now an absolutist. I'ope Piua the : ' Ninth, too, would join auch an alliaac*, bectuse | " his temporal power would be subject, at any I ai moineat, to be tlung to the winds, and he himself '* sent sgain to (iaeta, unless he be supported by the 0 arms of souk de?pot. From present appearances, ! ' he would willingly form a member of such a coalf : ? ti'X), but what shall we say of France 1 Would i chivaliic France link her destiny with th it of thooe nations whom she always hated and despiaedl The people of Fiance would not; but their ruler, ' their despot, Ix>ai* Napoleon?the kite in the eagle's nest, the b*ae betrayer of the sacred ca-ise I' of liberty?would do ao, ?o an itjhiaprivat -purpose*. | T if aui h a measure w.?uld promote bis view* of prr- 11 soniil sffirraniliV m*nt snd airi'nti n llei?. tu ?!l P1 iatenta and purj?>?ee, aa full) d"-pouc aa Nictiol.w ^ i* in Hiimia, or the 1'npr in Hon**. II* hubcen. " f? r time paat, w*rnng ag v#?t liberty, a<i<l < I r.d?-.ivoring 10 an ? ftViM or a mftmr.'liy " i? France; sod, if he thought he could, by th* aid I" of Hnoeia and Austria, aecure hia ?iewa, he woalJ 'y enter into rark an alliance without hesitation. The military power of thoee two deapotiam i, to- "J gethcr with what he could bring into the Art I h:rn di a*lf, by th* power of rn >n- y or n> ?r -preaenta'ion, ol would be ample, in hia c>t?mi ?n, to put down c' all oppoamoa in France. And we do <>( know but that he h*a, in concert with thoa?* re, already rnten d into the preliminiriea for the carrying out of earh a achem**.? liouia Napoleon, it appear*, b been offered the hand of the Prince** An mata of WurteniSurg; and " if a family alliance could be eaublihh'-.l, from wh?* tU wr know of the paat hiatory of K irope, a political r* ene would aoon follow, for m itrim >nial aJTiira among them are nothing but matl-raof aute ^miicy, r, in M,me caaea the br.d* and the bridegroom never ?I hnairg aero each other (ill their ap,-** trance b??fore the altar. Much a matrimonial all ance ia ajoken of ronllH' ntly in ?otne o( the Unity-an *t journal*; and *?h?n we t*ke thai into consideration, 1,1 and the rotirae puO ird by I/riia N*p?l*oa nine* j"_ hia election, aa well aa th* |>olicy which K'l*.?ia to and Austria would iactinctierly adopt toatrengthen U' their poaitioo, we would not b? aurpri**d it aich a coalition were formed, aoosier or liter. The c*>iialteration on the part of Loaia Napoleon would dm obably be, that he would be maintained by the mice of Anstria and Russia on the throne of ranee, and on that or the other, that the resources r France, under the direction of Louis Napoleon, ould be applied when occasion required it for te support of Austrian or Russian despotism. If can,be prevented,.neither Austria nor Russia will 'avt any means unapplied to continue the people f Europe in slavery, and stifle at once every effort t revolution, as well as suppress republicanism in ranee, as far as bayonets and bullets could d<> it. It is to be seen thst European intelligsnce will ot be uninteresting although Hungary lies prosrate, and liberty is suppressed. " His LojtDsiiir" in a Nkw Charact**?Bishop iioiies and thk Pkbss?Within a few years pist, ve have seen His Lordship Bishop Hughes, of Jew York, in a variety of characters. We have em him as an ambitious prelate; we have seen ini leave the pulpit, and spout politics in Carrol' lull; we have seen him deeply implicated in the slievegammon Irish revolution, and miking peeches on Irish affairs, that would entitle him i_ .lt j r i , ? o a snug oerin in wewgate, 11 uuerea in irriinu; ve have seen him renounce the sentiments he utered in Vauxhall Garden, while appealing to tha >utrioti(-m and pockets of his unfortunate Irish eople, when the abortive attempt at revolution urned out to be Slievegammon; we have seen lim the guest of the New England Society; the esident of a fashionable watering place, when his lock was being daily thinned hy the epidemic; we lave seen him in almost every character, and lever consistent in anything but in the prosecu:ion and attainment of his ambitious purposes and news, in the church as well as out of it. The last iharacter which His Lordship has assumed is that ?f censor of the press, a dictator as to what sentiments shall be published, and what withheld, in a secular press, and using the weapons of the church if which he is bishop, to the intimidation of an editor who disagrees with him on matters of gene's 1 dispute, and procuring and intruding his subordinates to denounce the paper in question roni the altar, for not submitting to his dictation. We shall see haw long "Ilia Lordship" will be ible to maintain himself in his new position, and vhetherlhe Catholic community will sustain hiin n the arbitrary, anti-republican and unjustifiable tund which he has taken About a week ago, we published the appeal of he editor of the A'ation to the American people, letting forth at length the me una which Bishop lughes and a portion of his clergy, at his mitigation, are pursuing to crush that journal, because it lad the audacity to tell the Irish people th it they ire priest-ridden?that the Catholic priesthood exrrted their influence to make the Irish revolution *n abortion?that the Pope should be deprived ot tiis power as temporal sovereign, and that the Italians were right in stripping him of it; and because, n other matters also, it took a course that conflicted with llis lordship's opinions. In th it appeal it was distinctly stated that a Catholic clergyrnin denounced that paper and its editor from the altar, tnd that in one instance the rite of confession was Minitivelv withheH from n noor Iri*h rutholnv he ;uuee he patronized the journal in question. We were exceedingly anxious to see the reply which lis Lardship Bishop Hughes would make to the itatements contained in Mr. McGee'a appeal, in the columns of his organ, the Fretman't Journal. And inch a reply ! The allegation* which that appeal ontained, and which constituted its very pith and narrow, are entirely overlooKed in that journal, in is guati answer to the statements put forth by Mr. 4ct?ee. Instead of admitting or denying that the VafioM was denounced from the altar by one of his nferior clergy, at his instance and under his direcions, and that the rite of confession was refused by nother to a poor Irishman because he was a sub* criber to that paper, His Lordship entertains his eaders with a rigmarole article essaying to prova hat every snbscrlber to a newspaper journal has a ight to withdraw his patronage from it whenever le pleases. This dodging of the question will not lo. His Lordship is cornered, and he must "stand ip to the rack, fodder or no fodder." No one ever lenied the proposition that a subscriber has a right o say to the editor or publisher, Stop my paper," ihentver be sees fit to do so?but that is not the uestion. The allegation is distiact, and clear, and positive?it is, that the Catholic Church in this dio* ese, in which IIis Lordship haa secured the high- | st position, is using its influence in a secret and indi rhand way to put down a newnptper because t tells a few plain truths, that are unpalatable to lis I.ordehip, concerning priestly influence over he Irish mind, priestly interference in political miters, and Popish sovereignty in Rome. Now, we beg of the Catholic community to be*r i n mind the allegations that have thus been made, i lid then to read the answer in the Bishop's organ. ; flu y will see at once that they are neither admit* >d nor denied, but that tli'-y are dodged com. I< tely. Now, the Catholic* of the I'nited Ptatea lionld Fee that this highly important matter i* not , nrred over. They should d'-mand of the Bishop n answer as to whether he hus attempted to exT* if e censorship over the pre*a, or whether auch ensort-hip is not now exercised by his subordi* ates, under his direction, and particularly whether e has not ustd tlir power, and influence, ?nd rites f the church, to put flown a paper that dsr?d lo I>eak it* sentiments without curing a fig whethcr jey agreed with hia or not. We have evidence at nod, by which we can show conclusively, and to le Mtifcfactlon of every intelligent Catholic, that uch an attempt haa been made to put down the rear l>y him. It ia a letter written by Ilia Lordship ii?hop Hughes hitmelf, and which was published in is organ, the fWn?a'i J.mrnal, on the 13th of hat nuary. In that letter, Bishop Hughe* called on all bishops and prieits, all Cathalic pennants, nd all devout heads of Catholic families, not to ' t the Aation'i insidious poison into their flocks r .houses;" ,and we can show conclusively that tat letter was either dictated by him personally* r written by hia own hand. In ord<r to cover his dodge?his avoidance of te main question?his shirking the allegation* painst him m?re completely, His Lordship tries to now that liberty of the press is not everything? ist there is such a thing aa liberty of subscriber* kewiie, and that one is as dear as the otiier. I 'here is no denying this, a# fsrss the I'nited States i concerned, there ia neither liberty of the reup, nor liberty of aubacribera, nor liberty of any ind, In Home, under prieetly domination?but le l,ordahiphim?elfhaain<jiii?itorially aaaiiled it, ithetanding that he ao Ium^t maintains it in ie columna of hit organ?to t.uit hia own pur<eee, howi ver. If there should be, and ia, liberrf Mibacribera, aa he uwerta, then w? d?iu<u>' > know how dnre hf, In the eoljiAft* (if hia own pin, and in hia own handwr.tinK, and at hia elation -for we can prove that he either wrote i dictated the fcrtter referred to?how dare he ill on " all bishop* and priests, all Catholic p-ninfa, and all devout henda of Catholic families, >t to Ic t the NmtUm't inaidioua poi?on into their ?rka or h<ilin," or w hit is inlnitely wnrw id more aud.iciooe, and more in-ul'in^, how ir?d h? aim a blow at the very foundation ofjur inn and directing hii in'rior r|>-rgy todenounce , *t journal and na propiietor from the puluit, Hrvj > (vr the rite of confraeion to * man who nub- I rifwd 'o ir, in the rt'Tri** of the "liberty of ! hMintH t* Hut il won't do. Hr? L<trd?hii> if | n>e?ed at 1 i*t, notwithstanding nil hu cunning. | 1 ha finttur ntid Machiavellian; .n?<J, na w? ?,,<( | fo?e, he rnu?l "Maud up to the rack, lodder or I ? fodd'-r." W?? now call npon the Catholic? of tV Ifnited I tMtft|?ii?|rrn who we huff Uid hHore then, d ronnider the pn-ition into which th^y w.ll er?n> | .illy he rcrfucef, if each nraotioea nr?- allowed or | erated hv them. If Uirfiop Hughe? ia allowed pro red in hiacareer, th?-y will t>e mentally na Kt *la?e? xa the unlortnnat'' |<enj>l>' of Ireland e p?i|it:o?|!y. It ia tiro*- ih tt this*?(>"ma and amii? na pr'-lt.if wa? at<n-y*d in hia carrer, if th-y aire to feel and think tod act as American free IB. J??? The Pratcrtw and D?cllnt of Okokn. 1 U-flHjr wr iinvc iiw wrr*ijr uiu?n?&ry V| uac r?portu of the Board of Health 10 present to our readera, for that body has taken our advice, and ceased publishing the reports ot deaths as well as casesIt may now be said to be ?on ttt invent hi. Tne report, however, of the City Inspector, who throughout this cholera crisiB has done his duty ably and manfully, Mill possesses sufficient interest for our readers, though not Invested with those attributes of terror it possessed when it announced upwards nf 200 deaths per day, 100 of which was of cholera. The further fdlling off both in the general mortality and in cholera for the last week, fully realises our anticipation*. The total deaths for the week ending Sept. 1, were 687; the deaths by ch?lera, 171. The total deaths for the week ending S<pt. 8, is 520; the deaths by cholera 94. There is, therefore^ a decline of 167 deaths by all diseases, or 25 per cent.; and on cholera a decrease of 77, or nearly 46 per cent. For the week before last cholera constituted onefourth of the mortality; for the week just ended it is a little more thun one-sixth. The following is the report:? WKKKI.Y REPORT OF DEATHS In the City and Count; ot New York, from the 1st day af SepininlHT to tba Nth day of ^-pUiuiter, lrt49. Man,' >?; Wnmaa. lit: Boy.. Wfc (Jirla. 140?Total, 6J0. DIIUIU. Ahaeeaa 1 leter eonnoatWe 1 Apopluay If* " arrvone 3 Arpbjxia 2 Heart, dineaao of 3 Hurnt d.or aoaldtd 1 lloopiDf oough 2 BroueJmi* 3 Inanition 1 Cunwr 1 Inflammation 1 CHOl.F. KA .94 " of brain 11 Caanallira 2 " af bowels .... It Cbolrra in Tahiti in 47 " of che-it 1 " morbus 4 " 11 Oclie 1 M af storaaub... I Ooaeiimtition 36 " af liver 2 Convnlalon* 77 Intemperance... I Croup 1 Janadioe 1 Conptraiioa of lunKi 2 Maraamua 2"i Debility 8 Maaalra 1 Delirium Tremens 2 Mortitioution 2

Diarrhoea 24 Old age 3 Dropsy 6 Palsy 1 " in tlia head 2U Prematura birth 3 " la the chest 1 Rheumatism 3 Drowned 4 Scrofula 1 Dyacnfery 87 Small pox 2 Erysipelas 2 Spinal disease 1 Ke? er, 7 Borne 3 " bilious 1 Teething 1 " remittent 2 Uakuown I " aearlet 1 ? " typhus 10 Total... 820 a an. Under I year Ill From 40 to no 43 Tram 1 to 2 jean *4 " AO to do 33 ' 2 to 8 43 " #0 to 70 14 - 6 to 10 30 " 70 to 80 9 " 10 to 20 20 " 80 to 90 S - 30 tn SO 67 Uaknewn 10 " 90 to 40 64 rucit ur s ativitt. Patted Statee !B1 Onimttk 1 Ireland 126 Prnexia 1 Euglund 14 British poseeesions in N'tb Scotland 3 America 2 Va'es 1 P'.Iand I (tarmany ? B?l*unti I France 3 Iinkao?u - 7 ra oh Aim* Bona* Hopptlal. City Hmpful I b?ll?TUo It Colored 3 Panlttntlar) Hoapital.B.l. 4 Celortd rarauoe 12 Litnatie Aaylnn M. 3 Stanton Straat iloapital... 13 1 Aeylnm for Idwu. 1 Thir'aanth Street " .. 7 I Ward'n Inland IS Centra Street " ..9 Raadall'* laland 8 William streai ? ..3 A. W. WHITE, City City lD*|i??tor'i OBm, Sept. 8. 1840. It is worthy of remark that the number of deaths by djasntery rtill continue* high, or rather indeed it is higher in proportion than it was. This is accounted for by a peculiarity that hus marked the define of cholera ia other places?when it ceases as an epidemic it assumes the form of dysentery, ! us indeed it invariably begins its ravages in the 1 sume way. This was the case at St. Louis, Cin! cinuali and other cities. The following table will I show the proportion that now exists between deaths l by diseases jf the bowels and deaths by other disj esses:? I Cholera 01 (>i?|rr? Infantum 47 Cholera Morbus 4 | D)Mut?rj 87 lMarrbua 24 Total of bowels, 358 Death* by all other diseases 9M Totsl deaths, 620 From the foregoing it is evident that diseases of the bowels still constitute the most formidable items is the weekly bill of mortality, though they are partly diminished. Subjoined, is the average number of deaths per day for each week, from the commencement of the disease, calculated upon the basis of the City Inspeclor'a reports:? H'rtk Daiiy Wttk OwlJy r.nihng *h>rragt. Ending Avtr?g*. Jane 2 4 17 July 21 102 ? 9 17 3-7 ? 28 Mt T - 18 20 & T A of. 4 96 6 7 "23 21 6-7 * 11 60 8 7 80 40 7 " 18 66 4--T Jwly 7 46 2-T " 26 S3 2 7 >14 72 Sept 1 2437 " 8 IS S T The following table will exhibit the general mortaliiy, the deaths by cholera, and the average range of the thermometer at three o'clock, at LvLtour's, every week for the last three months D*MKl ,1r rragt H'rtk rtidttig T*tal iflAt. kj Choirrt. TVrana Jane 2.. 270 29 64 " 409 121 74 2-T " 18 426 146 72 2-7 " 2.1 473 162 87 6 7 "80 TM 286 82 8-7 July 7 702 817 79 2 7 " 14 f'ttl 414 80 87 "21 14<)|> 714 80 2 7 " 28 MA2 8V2 812-7 Aog. 4 1278 678 81 1 7 ' 11 1011 4J3 80 6-7 "18 Wi8 889 80 6-7 " 26 749 233 82 r-. i i ut * -? ?? - - - a.u., hi ii (' >! - S 6? 74 7?V7 The total number ef deatha from the week ending aecond of June to the week ending 9th September in 12,023 ; the number of deaths by cholera ta B.U83. Arrivat. of Tin Grkat WtrritRi from Hraxit'na, St. Thomas, Acr ?The steamship Oreat Wettern, Captain Wolfe, arrived at thia port last evening, from Drrmuda, St. Thomas Cbagrea, Ac. We have been furnished with filea of the tH. Hn*na? Timet to the 2!?th of Angaat, and the IVtmuda Royal Outfit of the 4ih September; but they do not contain any n?wa of importance. The Great Western bring* about 100,0()0 dolUra' worth of California gold dual, consigned an fallows 4.1 324 t? K.dwla HartUtt P 4M to f. W 1 larka. Hod*, *. C. J9 W1 to order of J. L Kulion. R 000 * ? The (Ireat Weatern briaga late advieea from iroat of the Central American porta and Weat India Ialanda; but no newa. Prraentatlon of th* Iwatd to General Amiaaa* Tt-owrrew at II o'elork the err?mrmy of tka praam* tatloa of tba award voted by hli fillot eouatryu-a ta New York, to tbat brara Italian patriot, (lea. Are * km, will taka |.laee, when the following or Jar will ba obffrifil la U< ^r?MM I lla*. ar?. 1 ran pan 7 C. Naaxor . oaspany D. Italian <>?arde . Mvarral Aeeteana, Acmpaaled by tba New >ork il-n-an ai Oaard of linn or geoteh Onardj R|0e?e?. Italian* and other Cltl?-na Tba abev eernrt ?ill l* ()* A rat tana'* ijnartera. In Kroadway. katwarn 80th and 31et ttraett. at I i W *?hmrtnn ?a<t )>for??d to tba I hlH nf tb" I blVrrMty. alirri- lh? wr.nninj ?>f tb? p-*??ntatl >n ?t th? i?nr1 "III Ink* plncf at 1 o < i'w\. P. M A flat tbi prnctitallnS Omrril *??ian* *111 h- M*r?rtrd ta tha I Ilk li d float th'til* b? rouvrjvd > ?< k tu hin g iirtfri. Vht Pmgrrn ?r ik? Chulirt. BY TELEGRAPH. M?nT?r.n., 8?pt T?P. M. T>.*r? 1* an rh'.lor* la thi? eltjr. At quwbee thora ???? tlx InUrnxntt ?lor? ln-t rrport. Maart UL. 8?pt?mb?r A, IMP. EwHlis'B# ?h(l?r? ha?? b??n r?pnrti>J M ba?lag ' caorratf In tha pant 34 hoiir? BIT TIIE MAILS. t n-?v?y fw> OiWI Prr>tt<Wii??. B I \n? 121 ? ? Bnimwiik. N J S' pt IT 14 10 i rlumhup i>hio ,**pt. 4 2,1 I.OWrll, S?pt T ? I Mm In* Affktra. Momt* P?rr1na. Pattari*nn k Biaok. th? writ k<it?a ihlpf.nlMrr*. r.f Wtlll*a?bnrgfc. ar? building a *p>o<li<l kl.lpf r S Tb"rape >a k'o and nth?r<>. to b? ralktl th* Krmrtii Sb? l? to b* eomman'tatt by i ao. tain A fi I owl*, r who I* ?! <> part owii-r. and ?lll b? ibout twin tn?>lri4 t"i? Tba llu i*irt*n Mat ' ! ar?t *111 ka aarra* oa lb# ?t?rn ? Cttjr InUlllgtiiM. TUB cimAif KxrEornoN. il hr as tppMruet goes, the expedition from thl* eouatrj to Cub*, Sierra Madre er wherever its de?tiaation ?m. if knocked In the head. We have been told that it Is not yet dead, it only sleeps. And certainly if there b, ?r ever ?h, m will and mnni for such n enterprise, we tee nothing to pre rent it. Tne M?a of it* being stopped by 50 marines, with .the DUtrtct' Attorney at their head, is too ludicrous for refutation It would seem that want of money baa been attributed as the cause of the failure. If failure it be. On Friday evening, for instance, twenty young men applied t > the First ward station for a night's lodging, having been turned ont of their boarding home for want of prompt payment. They said they belonged to the Cnban expedition, and were of Captain Totnpkin'* company. In the same way the steamboat Sea Oull. it Is stated, was not paid for, which was the oaaie of her detention at 8>aten Island for the last week, her oener not hetng wining 10 n*r go 10 set tin inn cwn waa In bis pocket. The consequence *ti that tha Ualtrd Statu District Attorn*; had abundance of time to make tbo seianra of the veeael mil the >rm< iq<I ammunition ah? contained It ia aald ha has undertaken to give tecnrltv that aha aball not be engaged Id any illegal enterprise and that further proaee Hugs li^-tiutt her *111 be stayed. Tba steam packet New Orleans lying at tba head of Cherry street ?u only paid for in part, bar owner. Mr Wood. haTini; re. ceived twelve thonaand dollar* on aeoount 8ha had 011 board 120 000 ration*. This vessel ?waa h m/ht hy tba Cnlted States government at the commenoamant of the Mexican war. during which she *a< a--ed a* a transport. At the close of tha war aha waa Mold a?*in, and bar barn alnne rwnnirg aw a packet to tha IVxnn porta Sha baa been here dm ing tha aumoiar f*r repairs Tha atateinent that tha Florida baa been aalr,? I la not. exactly correct It la trua that some of tha xuhor. didutes ef tha United States District Attorney and '>f tba I'Hlted Stat en Mar-hal. h.iva haen on hoard and ; hovering about, tha veaael. hut thay have not*ali-<| h-r ! What led to aoapiclon waa that aha ia monntel with four braa* (runs : but theae aba has carriad for tha la?t ' year, together with ammunition as it ia quite cu?tonary for merchant veasela to do She hai carriages I and ports Ilka a man-of-war. She haa been during th?t ] | time, a regular packet between Cbagraa and New Orleans She is now advertised for the trade between . New Vruk and Chagrea. and aa may be seen by adrartiaement, will be in the North River irrow probably at the foot of Warren atreet. to take pasaeng-r* for Chsgres. She Is to sail in abont ten days Another ground of auaplolon was. that aha baa a rakish lookbat looks are not always to t?e depended on. A third caufo of the mrrriilanct of the authorltiea in her c lae waa, that abe baa been lying at Corlear'a Hook ; but j that waa in order to bare repairs eff.-cted. the Teasel . having been struck by lightning at IhUmi on her j I aat voyage. Aa en inataace of the Ignorace of th* <>01eera, we may mention that thev aakeil for hur paii-rs I I She la not a propeller, thongh abe once was She is now rigged as a lytrk. and aright good sailer ah? appears to be Her owner. Mr B Shaw, effected three lusurauces npnn her yesterday of t4(M)0 each in all $12,000. in Wallstreet. Wu tuppoted the District attorney was on a "wild goose chase" In raspect to soma of the suspected vessels. An Awful Visitation.?Charles Sweeny, one of the officers iu attendance on the new Superior Court, fell down in a fit about ono o'clock yesterday in the Superior f'ourt Chamber There waa no ona present at the time but Mr. Jastice Sandf'-rd who Immediately came to bis assistance. After having plaqwil him agaiint tha well, the I u>lg? ran out for as?tHtane?; pillow- una outer | mature were then procured from th? keeper's noa; nd hy the help of Home of tbo officers who li t 1 arrived, i bo wa* plao*d In the moat comfortable tnd ???; p?ltioo the nature of the rue would admit of Judge Bandford next canted a pbylnlan to be tent fur. who shortly afterward* came examined him. and applied I nome remedial! with a view to relieve him -and gave It at bin opinion that it wax an attack of paralyal* th.?t one of hi- aides was struck, and that he t'e*r?<i con(" tlon of tbe brain bad set in After l?in< fir ab >ut three quarters of an hour in tbe chamber, he was removed in a oarriage to his rm>id?noe. Mr 8w?eny i< a 1 man about AO years of age. and a man of very full habit of body; be has been for some years attached to thi Seventh Ward Polio*. Tnc Hcwav Clav wot Totallv Consumed.?Ye?terday, tbe men la the employment of tbe insuranna offl tea succeeded In removing all the water from tbe Henry Clay, by meant of the steam pump; when it vm ascertained that tbe Are did not c xninunici'.e with her h >ld si all. and that tbe douraud roxin there d*p >eiteil were , only damaged by w,tter. It Is now stated that the will be certainly built oa again. Thk in 8ixtkc*th THitTv-Sitrr.vTii Streets?These nuisances have b>en partly removed, . and are partly In progress of removal. Tbe whole of ! the manure baa been removed from Sixteenth street. 1 A oon?id> rable portion baa bun remivel from Thirtyseventh street; and to vigorously are the owner- l'>ad- ' Ing their five boats that vir. Roger*, the contractor eia- , ployed by the City Inspector to remove tkis manure. | mates he eanuat get a ehanoa to get la hit b-*tt* and rarta The principal ownert are Maaars. Philip* and (. age. Thr wratttkr ?There la a considerable fall in the ' temperature for the last week. The average Is only , 7ft 3 7. Yesterday, at 3 o'clock, the thermometer ato > 1 i at only 72. The air 1* bracing, and most anil-cholera. Bidden Illrcss.?Mrs Burke, ba>'lag two small children with her, was attacked with fltn, in Broadway, I near Fourth street, about 9 o'clock, on Frday nig'it She wan brought to tbe station hoase and ere the m >rnl?? was sufficiently restored to be able to go to her hiuie. | Case or lutawrrv ?Mrt Suley, having her little da'igh* I ters with her, vat found about i2 o'clock on Friilav night, by Officer Ferris. of the kifth dUtriot, waul In tb* street In a state of insanity 8he wa< brought : to tbe atatloa house, where tbe remained all nigtit Her filsndt ware sent for, but the refused to go wllb th'ia A Fit?Mr Prlett, of 77 F.a<t l'Uh street fell In a ' fit. la the Bowtry, between V and 10 o'clock, on b'rtdav I morning lla was conducted by Officer Cloherty to a | tegar store In the Bowery, when tbe nffljer sent ' Dr Kails, who came an I assisted Mr. Prle?t, to that ba recovered, and wat teat home In a carriage. Fot- wiii-ifto. - At twelve o'clock on Friday n'ght, an infant child was found by Offlntr i lark, la front of the , bout* ot Mr. Thomas Cola Na 0 Rutgers street. Foi-iin ? A lot of wat clothes, supposed to be atolea- i wat found behind the coal b >x of tlenrr Dec He,-, 9 Ma' rion street They were brought to tba station h >m? of th* 14th district, hy Officer Hunter. Police liitrlll}{< nee. ' f)u?'v /??4 "orfSr Onri'i.W " GealMfi<->" Mre. ?Yes trnlay morning. Oaorgw Spancar. alia* Oaorgn S?hin<, [ 1 Imt buttar known to fania tn l th.t p 'lira m ' Ouaty ' Bob," <*a? hy oill.iar Hamilton, of th > Smuu I i Ward. a*?l?t?d by oftlear toadi* of tha kl^hlh W*r I at tha Hough Tavnrn kapt by an Englishman In Hu<lr a ?tr?at. II* ? la tb? ht'tlt of Mauploj thara, and found ronganlal spirit* In th? *atn* ab >d? II- ? < ?rrrstad mi pupplcton of barglary. and*r tha fill-iwl'ig elrcuiuitanra* On Thuraday night tha ftore of Mr Rauual Shndlow. US Kulton wn br 't wi np-rj and fob bad of worth (if billiard balls di<-a, ?Y--fc?. in. llanghton of tha ftaeond Ward >u p?('J the prlpai cr b?icau?? ba ?aw him standing a'. t.'i?a d >or on tha nl|(ht of tba burglary l{? aao-rtainaj hi* wharaahnut*. and found that h- had a?iimi,4 th? V ai j of liniirp SaMns Hi" arra itad him ; and on bringing him brfora Mr Pbadlow. th? latter Iriantlflad him a^ lia?li| callad two or thraa lliari ?t hip stora f r tha loan if tuunay. faw days b-fora tha robbary. Ol th? la?t orraaian lia a*k"d f..r ?.'> which Mr Shalltwdocllocd to giaa ; upon wbleb bo obt?rrad, I might rob you of I1t? hondrad dollar* worth of goods with >*t jour kaowladga, and tat you rafnaa to laid m? tire j Ooilar" Tha prtsonar dors not dany hsringbaan at tba stora. but ?ays ba wish"a tb? loan tha mon?y b ovno , ha had brcught eu?tomars to Mr Snadlow, an 1 did not think It any grant aomptlmant on his p?rt t*> la* 1 ' 1 Mm ao amall arum, and aa to tba tbraat of at?allng wrrth of food* from him ha aaaarta that what ba Paid waa that that amount might a??lly ba atr>l?n frvm him and ba n*ld ao to put him on hi? guard ' l) > y>u think," aay* this original i'nuQdanta man IflintanlaJ ! to ataal tha good*. I would thrcaton to do ao!" Ha la , moatlndlgwant at tbaldaaof having auab a flat hu*gl ??y t'ribntad to blm lla aaya b? la a? Inn-want of this ' and all other swch matter* aa tha child wcV?ra Ha can 1 prova an al?Ai aa ba ?ld on a fi>rta?r (t'p?>hn, whan ha ' waa ahargad with going Into a atora In Kuiton ?tra?t and claiming a watab aa bla own wbich ba knaw waa tot his Tnomppoo. v tha I'mIiIim man " In , tba Tomb*, maintain* that' Puaty Bob '|? Iba oMglnal I I m.n anil lhal f Thnmn>nn\ >. kl. Ob bring Informed of thin fool la?t li<ht at lbs *??>ud r ward nation hour* h- laughrd haartlly at tha raoJor " if I'hoBioaoti in giving h,ai rradit ( originality la thr irt ol " pnttiBg paopl* to ?l?ap " Ha In nit on pi. | ? llnhrd u Mr rbotnpann; but ha ha?auflM?nt pow?ra of ri fa?a lor any parpn?? ||m pupil. though oradlt to * Mm ha? n>-t yat attained thr ma<t?rly air of roa4> j *1 dmr? " In hi" <wn Innnonn hr Sp-nr?r *U?a ' rbarfrd *lth thr appropriation nf what balonga to an o<h?r Ha la to b?bronghl up for a hearing to dar It n< I* Mated by tha p"lir? that thrr# la an ladiata>-at I f' agalait bin for Mother "(T'o-*, 1 *t C\ar?t *f Stealing a (7 >ld Wi tA?Offl^nra O'KwTf and \ in W'agurr of tha 4:b w?rd BTwaU 1 lire a\11 i-a j .. yratrrday by. tha i.ainx of Jbibo Hody. ti*V4 Soma. i li.Hlary Prlora. JoBaph ? amph.-ll allaa raylir ant ' Richard f bantroal on a rbarga of balnj: oo?iearn?d In | j* breaking open a ehrat on burd tha ihlp Vtm? lylnj ] at th. d <k about two wb< k* ag*> aUaltnz th?r.>fr.-?ji a ' grid watoh and rhaio. rahifd at >T?, a allrrr lf?'t 1 tti walrb rained at f?u. aad <ii In money Th? ofB*?r-< c? arrrafed llotly at th# hoepltal on Statan l?land, an1 In b, hN po'a*?rl'>a they found th? a - >l J watrh and rha'n. r? The allrrr walrh hita not yrt been renorerrd rhe ?| arrn?rd parllea weta arraigned b*f?ra Jti?tlea l.olhrip, vi wbo romaiitted them all to prl?on for a firth-r hair- it, It'll- hr sUrrtf.t 10 n,t*k Prim* - On Thnraday n'gV Mr. #g Hal-tead. ona of the drpiity keapnfa of the alt? prt*ni ,|t about II oelock h.ard tb? note of tapping ton'" in h, "obi* | art of tha ptlron aod after aearefnl ?car(iti ffrt |h o< II I" eall. hr dUrorrtad th? aonnd to ro?? frim o?ll I |(l Na 101, on tha third corridor, fwcBplod by t ?i art. ,,, ?< Brr* by th" midm of .lam?*'"a*oy and f"ha-|?a Tap- ' Pa pan ; ( a?ry. tha day praalon# bit brrn trl?-d and aon- a, tietrd <>n a rbarga of grand larrrny.and ?< ???t??f?1 )n to ImprlaoBMant in tha 8>ata prla^n f ir th? taroi of | hi twayrara. < >r thn dapnty h??par opoalnj th- d >or ,|, rf tha rrll, a rlond of dii?t waa ??>n thfrMn anl tha two prlM>a<>ra with ablrt tornad np In th? art if ah pplng tbrmrb <(> ont?lda wall of tha to j>r|pot? 1 bffhad alraaly (fit out a-raraJ l?rfn hi >*ka w* Ofataaa; tbl? t'i(*lbar with th# m rtar rh >ia> 1 Mt. flb maila ontta a ha-in#?? appa^ranra I ha ln?trii<ti')ii? ?I nurd hy lb* prianntra wrra a larga kotfa and a bar of B< Iton 0f.r>imo?,|f known a? a >iiooiny " Ob awarrh u< f'o tharfll a m II vf at nt oord, fol'laj to^a(h*r. abm'. thraa f?ft In IfrtlfTh wblab *a? f und twl?tr>d t.otatn?r w > tl I (l? ham bt rn of ampla alraoR*h to lowar tham down fr-iti an tha hola 1 hl? furd mint h??? bawn. togathar with thn ah Implrniaota of r pfrallon. brought Into tha prlano hy l a aoBia of thr famalaa who aallad daily to aaa tb? prlaon- on ora aonaralrtl nwd?r thalr d^a?a Ha>l th?a? m-b ?f. HI fartid thair a?aapa ir^m tha rail into tha aon't yard. tha po> fthlllty l? by tbia tlma th?y would harr ba?n ( B1 at,y mllra from tha rlfy. aa wa ondara'and tha' ar H tatij^ntrBta wrra B??d>? hr Iho frl??di ont-lda, ah > w?ra bn raaoy with a laau lot that yurpoa*. Tbc a?rap? frooi (la be priacn-yard could have been fffucttl either through :he C ourt. t Ke?clon? or (ha CuRinn'i office; the winlow* of either are unprntee'ed by iron har*. Yuttrtef morning (user ?a< conveyed to the Slatn prison by Depu'y Sheriff Rianton. and Tappau tu placed la mother cell, and a watch kept over hi* futon morenenta. rfcc Hetnm of the Preildcnt to W?ihla|toa. H1N AKRIVAL AND KECKPTION AT TRHVTOS. fFrom the Trenton Oaietta, Sept. 8.] It havicg been announced by telegraph, yoetorday forenoon, (hat (Jen. Taylor wan coming oa in the noon train fr'm New York, a large crowd ot clttaena flocked rut to the depot for (he purpose of getting a gllmpaa of the renowned chieftain The car* did not arrive til one o'clock, and M eoon at they entered the long ahed, a ingle lend cheer went up from the excited multitude and then a grand rush took plane for tha ear aonlalmng the President. It wax in rain that some gentlemen appealed to tha crowd to keep baak, and thus give the President a chance to show himself. Tha bore down all opposition, and the top. aidaa, and platform" or the car were aoan covered with tha 11 Rough and Ready" constituents of tha rapuhllean ruler. Tha aonsoquene* wan. that, io the melee not ona cut of twenty w*? enabled to gratify his deaira to see the old hero. The ears remained but a few minute*, h'or ourself, wa ea?lly foresaw the difficulty likely to occur In the lona car house, and so we quietly took up ft poaltion on the bank of the canal, and when tha ear* igalo emerged into the open space. we had u uninterrupted view of the Arm tod benevolent expression that Illuminated the countenance of ' Old /ock " We never raw that faee before, but we like it now far batter than we expected we should If there it anything In physiognomy, General Taylor li most villaaously belied by those who accuse him cf either stolidity or Ignorance. P 8 ?We are informed by a gentleman who wa? lucky enough to get near the old General, while the ram were in the car h?use. that he got up several IIibm from his feat as If be intended to come out upon the platform ; but the crowd was ho dense and the pressure so great, that he did not yenture out of the Mr. AT PHItMTiltU'HIA. [From the Philadelphia News. Sept. 8.] Yesterday morning shortly after 11 o'eleek, a telegraphic despatch was received in this city from New Vork. announcing that President Taylor had started Front that city, in the nine o clock train of ear*, en route for Wa>-liingtou via Philadelphia. This despatch was duly placed on tha bulletin boards of tb? several newspapers, and the magnetic influencf was soon felt From the High Bridge to Gray's Ferry, and froa Fairmount to Southwark. The President's health has not been fully restored, and it was deemed advisable, by his medieal attendants. that he chonld be kept as quiet at possible. JThe despatch, however, threw the whole city iuto a Mtw of excitement, flags were flung to the westerly hreeie, and as they gracefully unfurled their broad stripes and bright stars beneath the genial rays of the sun, the people naturally inquired the reason of so unexpected a display. On being informed, off they went; business was temporarily suspended ; and It. having been generally ascertained that the rtsamer Trenton,Capt Chat. Hinckle. would land the President at Walnut street wharf, that place was soon filled with people of both (exes, old and young. As. the hour of two wss fa?t approaching, Walnut street for square* presented a flowing tide of humanity; such a current was perfectly resistless, and all went one way as pleasantly a^poatlble. Probably not 1cm than flfty thousand people were assembled. Whilst all this was going on flags after flags were run up to tha mast heads of different vessels in fmnt of the city and district", nntil the whole view from the Navy Yard to Richmond, a space of four miles, presented a gay and lively appearance All l.atious were represented by ensigns ; and the various signal flags of many colors gave a finish to the picture, every way interesting. It soon became apparent that to land President Tayler would be exceedingly dangerous to him, and en expedient was adopted, however muoh the great mass of people weie d>saopotnte1. that served in a great measure to effect the expressed and most ardent wishes of the physicians, which all will admit, upon reflection, was the best thing that could be done. Morton McViieha.l. Ksq . bavibg received a telegraphic communication from Simeon Draper. Ksq., of New \ ork urging the absolute necessity of keeping the distinguished hero front any excitement, obtained, (through the kindness of Mr. Alexander, President of the Philadelphia and Trenton Halir?ad Company, and Mr MloRlo. rrae'den'. or the A in boy Railroad Comp? ny.) the ateamboat State Rlghta, Had proceeded U|> the river oflompHiilrd hy vlayor S?rift and J. 8. K'letoh?r. ! aq. The State Kighra and the Trenton mat oppealte Kirhuiond and the Pre?iile?it aiuoraoauled by tk? Hon Wm M K'errdith, Secretarv nl the Treasury, aid Hon Hevrrdy Jr>hn?on Attorney 'Seneral. wm transferred from the la-t to tha ftr't named boat. Now cam* the moat Interesting part of the scene. Tha Stat* Right* remained for a time nearly stationary, and tha Trenton ram* down tha river. The liohert Morris, with three or four hundred eoula on board, had atartad from Dock atreet wharf to meat tha Trenton, nad tha Fnltimnre pa-a''UK"r* ware placed on board of h>'r At this tine the surface of tha river, aa well a? tha wharves. waa a rcene of the moat lively interest and eveltrment. Brats of every imaginable ahape and aiia appeared aa If by magie; ataamnri of every claaa literally crammed full, were paddling to and fro and blowing off steam. above the roar of which, could bt' beard the ahrill note* of ateem wbiatlaa, and at tlmea the harmonious ?onnd? of th? different steamboat balla There boat* aoon ptd lled their way ta the Trenton but backed off again, when It w?g generally understood that the Pre-ident ?a> not on board. They made tba shortest poa.lble route to tba State Rlghta, and on approaching that boat, wa, who were on hoard the Morrla. a mile distant. had proof eaough, by the round < f tba many voleea of tboae on board, wafting down with tha brae so, that th?y ha1 tha pleasara of feeing the hero who never io?t a b it tie. Slowly, yayly an.I majestically did tha stoaaer paa* { down tba river, and loudly did the people cheer at every wbarf. at aba glided before then At aeveral of tha wharvea can o n were suddenly Jerked from plaeea of ebarurity and loudly did they roar, and there waa a considerable tort t f a rpootaneoua feu 4e jaie ef ib?U ?-nia. Everything wa* done, without any pretneJltatlin wha'evtr, to give the ['resident a patrlotie raeaption, worthy of him a< President, aa a aoldinr and a aitlien. Ha stood on the starboard aide of the hurricane deck, and waved hl? hit la retnrn to tha people, who redoubled thrlr congratulatory vociferations a* though tliey had tongues of ir?n and throata of brau. The State Flights aoon e<ma abreart o' the Morrla, aad they kept ride by aide diwn th? river until oppoelte the Navy Vard. where the President waa again transferred from boat to br it During ail thl* the scene ash ara b> rame m-re IIva lv than ever Mnny of tlie apeetatora, auppr.alng that a landing wa* to be made at the Nary Vard. made all possible ha<te to that plaee. We eould aee them from the upper deek of tha iteano r. darhing wildly down the atreeta along ahorwi Presently aa if hy niaglo. the workm?n In tha Navy lard dropped tlx Ir luinlomenta of trade, for the? evU ilenlly bad got an lekling what tha I'reaidrnt waa about. and an outpouring a* took plaee fr?..n tba lilp houses and work sbope. waa seldom aeaa befOTO. The tame may be aald ?f the Philadelphia Dry Dock: a erpe crowd i f men availed tbemwilvea of the nearest ttid tn<et pronilaeut plarea on thn outer aide of the offer daui or wl>*rf, and gave a number of hearty ikifN An attempt waa now made to take the Trealdeat dow? be gniig pUak. eatenritrg from lha upper deek of the ?t?t?* Itfgb'a to the lower derk of the Morrla The aea> f?w >^th lrap?llrd hy cdHmK^ nr bin* ii ll.i n i . ' ( tha h >*t thu?r n li-rod lb? pa'- I i|? n?*r Ihr plank vary dangarnaa Indeed. AU *t;*mpt*to trim baat wara mad* in rain Tba plank w??. in % nonrnot nr an tor. ptaoad from irp.r >i?rh to up;or daok. ?o4 tha honored *n??t m?4? i(? tr?r?lt It aafaty. Mo ? * rmdantfi to th? ?ft?r ?hft of tha pnmrnad* <to?l and ?n?h patting np t?lrn *? took plan* rn hoard w? atrar did ?*a." >' * ba And tlmo wa >tond In tha proaanoa of tha (rrrmt nan Mil.rn por'onal lntr"*ncM?n, hnnk lila by tha i?i'd Ml* app?*r?nco Indicate* that ho hu barn afllr'td t>r* alrknoa IIU f?r* U pala ofcook* ocaowbat *?nk?n *ndhl<han4 hrl??llrd Ilia oya ?tlll pr?M?rv?M It* koon brllllaiMiy bat wo h*?o r-ad of; and all who h??? haard with daop o*rat of 1.1* afflla'1 will faol fratHod that ha bt< > >d lb* crl?l* of tha diao??* and I* "lowly on??aIo*?re Ho ? < dr? *aod In a plain. nnnatontatloa* mtoi?r and lockod erory Inch a rapnhltcan H. Oorhard. I ?<j rha^taan of tho romnlttao of ranop- ' Ion app<tntod by tha r|?y rnnnolla brlofly addra**o<l in and ?ipraaaod a r??r. t tbat e1rcoa*"taa?*a war* urh aa tn pro?ant tba Proaldont from land In* II* Inulfod a hop* th*? at an distant day tbo dlatiaffuUhod not would ?Mt tba olty of Ponn Tbo Praaldoat ? * . and briefly ratnrn'd hla thank* r tba mantfa"t\t|r na of tba klndnaaa and hnapltalltjr f tba rttliona i.f Philadelphia and hnpal tbat b* wnnld v a ba?o an nppnrtanity to mind* with thorn, whirl* t prorant hi" lllnaaa pr*toatod T*a boat* anon aft or >p?ratod tba Vorrta ataaaod bar way dnwa tba rrr. and tba Sfato Right* rotnrnol to tba alty, by btrb tlmo tba re?ohanto* bad rotnrnod to tbair wnrklf p?. tbo morrbant* tn tbolr ?nnnttng h viaoa, and tba tlaona la (f naral ta thotr domoatlc habitation* Tba aeana at tba Nary Vard |?ta waa. M wa loam, 10 of on??ldorah|o otrltomont Crowd* rn?h*d np Imo atroot with groat Impotnnatty and whaollng nnnd tba romrr an auddoaly ?tarM?d tbaaantry frnn ? pToprlatf Tbt? Important ladlTldnal. not knowlaf hat aanaod tbo fi'b. tann-dlataly nut tba ahbla anmaa ic gataway, and tba (round and (nftptmnhllaf that ?h idara In rnn<o?jin-?ro wa* oartaloty amaalaf. Tba rrat wa* anoa not and tbo poopla mad* tbalr iM^faaa to tba yard without any fnrthor nppndtioa. Qrrr* Liar.i. fit'it ? \ Mr. Taniplrtnn. wbo raportal a ap?arh of Uoaoral Tarlnr. at Pl*t?bur|th Fa , ha* n<mt tioad a tlbi I ?nlt nralnat tba odltor of th* Plttair* Pvit, who d.rl?r?d tba ropnrt a forf+rt aad rtrttira Tba fnllnwlnc ta tba para*rapB npo? tlrb tba *nlt w?a ln>tltn'ad : ?" Wa i baorra that tba itloaMm' ni? Uoaoral Taylor * apoooh dallrarod In i. -i.- -- ? ?* * ? ? -- .'i wr mi am ,/awt-iMj i? in* In tha f???1*T*l papara at tha f'aat w In rf|t?l thr it?r|anitlnn. ftn an |n*?t|on*M* anthn 7. that ?o?ncl rp*t *h *? that r?r>"rt*'l wMlftnl Mineral I'atlir ?n thM ally Tnplra wara lntrodao?il |4 In II. print* I that the (lanaral narar allti.l?<l 111 di id tL? 1 purf I* tha (tr?ata?t latrlaatar*' d fiTjr?ry ??f r ( < p?tn??*.| op->n a p<iMta mail. a? n h<- a't?"tri1 hy thM? who haard tiia original " rmral T ha' htnaalf <la?Urad tha rap->rt arrnnaoua many fiartirn'aM. anil, mi matt?r af ?minw will *nli|?rn> I a- a for tba defrnea. (I will, lint. ba a rl' h a:'alr Vm Ywi r?rr Ornrr I rr?iaTH??T?, Ann*t 2S ? J'th. IMo. rottar'a IfnlJ >w. Alhtnr -NmIv?h\j r*anM?inta fcprl?ig?. Brrm?a rh-imaa ?al>?f. 1 aa>tIII* Rrnnna -fian ft Oraaaa. Triaagl* Broom* , ,1 g rl h Illa-anfi. M f In-r?l r?r M?ad' ?a I h?aanfi?? Tbna Ha??n Maraihnn. tMand laaaa IN rtfi-m r?1?ar"? CWMN. HntaHa?a laaoh Tnlrar \Vr?tmnT?Uod Oneida lUrnaa I < 8 ' H* On'a'lo Thrw Ottlay Otlarllla. Or $r JoHn Vil'"'li Ou?(ta - tliaio Chur1)1 fttaphatttian T'po??rl,i?r -Th?M ?ra f> Platl. B prill*. n*pa Inntim "fnrth Ja?a. Wl ilnjr-M II l.? Wl? Italy III I. 1 a'aa - t.athar R x ? lli?r?lli>n ft! I.??ranra Rita r'ian(?d aaJ II a. Diiipin anpnlntad P M n?rni? RatiaihNlD.-liM??'|, Oimi4i(?-l?lia I ani'in Nl<ka|tlM Shui'tudf-A. Van Hoaan ?h Aiatllla,? atinraiiana-II W Oalaj K?a ?, W'(Mtkr>trr-Dtl|hl tIfrif i

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