Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1849 Page 3
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la Iww4 far toiiMi taufcaH ? tha alt; mt Fhlladt-lphl* With a kno?l?<iga af ttaaaa feet*, thara i* bo dlAenltv 1? aolviaf tha myatary why Ifcara ti m llaiiat t demand for aoal ?t thli mum if Ua Tba iaiaiad iiUa axhlbita tka q notation* for tka prtnaipal fublla aacarltiaa of tha country, la thir Market, kt tka rarpaotiva parioda named: ? QwoTAriana ram Public Imviitim. Juf 13, IHt*. K-t>t. ML 'ML 9. B. Lau, 0 par oaa*. im.... 101 * a 101'* 101 a 101 Da. ? 1X86.... 1W>M a M7 107 a l?J7Vi Do. ? - lilt? B 1UK 110 a 111) 4 Da. 1867.... IMS a lug IM a ?l?U Da. ? 1868.... 113 a IIS1* I ISM a 113S, Traaanry Wataa, 6 par e?nt 114 a 114** 112 a 11<^ jlev York 6 par aout, 1HS0 ? ? ? ? a ? Da. 1S54 HOW a 1I0? 110 a 111'* Do. ? MHO 110 a 110 W no a II0>? Da. i i8?i in a iuj; "OX a It Do. " 1 m ? a - 1 0% a HI Do. ( ? IN,7 lit a 1HX U3X a lMVi Da. nt " 1M0 - a - ? a ? DJ: " 'ww tiw m Imx Da. ( " MWMB... - a ? ? a ? Da. - 1R8WH... 10'-"-, a 103 MS a 103* D?. ? lM?Min... ireiV a km ios* a i?? Do. lWl-fla... 104 a 104>* 104 a 104 ^ |V ? fll ? ? ft Ohio' f rmSZnt. 1801 "V IWK ft 104 ICS?* * 104 Oo.? - mO.\ 102* a MS 103 ft 10** Do.? - KWS W ft MIH* l"7,V a U* no. a - ihsk w* ft ii? w* ft i>* ?0.6 " 1KW II"* ft U"* 110 a U0)? Do. S ? 1H50-M fJ ft WiJ ? ft ? K*?ta<ky < por e?nt HM,* ? 105 104 ft lot). Do. 5 " ? ft - ? ft ? nilnvii Int. lap.. IW 425,' ft 41 41 4.1 Da. " InuStook... ? ft V> T> ft 2J* Do. fnadabla boadu 4H ft 40 ? ft ? Iftdiaaa Boari? 46 ft 43 40 ft 41 Do. fltato rive* 6>>, a tJ <a* ft 6.-* Arkaaaai, 0 por tut ? ft ? ? ft ? Alabama, fl " ? ft ? ? ft ? Do. - ft ? ? Do. " Bud-lift*.. ? ft ? ? ft ? Peimiylvft. " 87 ft K7* SS* P3 Do. " 99* ft 100 H?0 ft 100 M.-jlmd, 6 ,.. KM* a 1(? 102* ft 104 Do. fl Stxrlia*.. 9ti* ft Si f4 > Tcnuunceo, 6 " ? ft? ? ft ? Do. S " 15 ft M R3 ? h5 Maanaofcoa. M ? ft ? ? ft ? Mich!?,**, 0 " ? ft ? ? ? Virionia. 6 - 10J a 101 102 a I'M , M. Y. City,7 pur otnt. 14>7... . ? ? ? ? ft ? D?. 7 " Wi ... ? ft ? ? ft ? Do. 5 " ISAi) ... ? * ? ? a ? Do. Water Loan, do l?."iR ... 100 ft li<>\{ ? ft li*> Do. do. do lv.'O ... 101* 1'h>3? 1'*) ft 1"0\ Do. I.or&, .1" 1*5* ... ? ft ? W a W Brooklyu ?! i?cr ct, V."VK7-A8..., ? a ? 104 ? |M!j H f.V UJjO-70-JO.... 101 a 1(V> 102 a 104 hnlladnlihia 6? 10d a 10f U 10rt % 106* K. V. Ijil? and Tiuir. Co ? a ? 10J ft liO firmen' I nim and Trmt Co.... 87V a 37* 3rt a X>!-j Ohio lift'" Ihk. an J Trait Co... SI a !'> 92* a 9.'. r.nk of r. 3. in i'etta 'Hi a 2* 2* ft 2* CamomanJ Aiiibo> H. R IV1, a P.'. I"1 a It; Hartford *?..i N<s? llavta R. R. WV a Kft I'BV a 1(M V k/h iimI .s ?* liavfi K. R. N?:\ a K7 91 a M.'U II nil Hon Kivur K. 1C f4 a <W ?3 ft 6.1 N< w York fc r'rin RR. n?w it?ck 3'1* ft So 61V a 61', jMliaay &. ^ Iicuoetady K. R... 8>* a 84 >0* a K) ?tka and Stlicnaotadjr R. R... 125 ft I'M 120 a lAl.'a v racoon aad K. R.,. ;.. ft ? ? a ? Ni?ar .Irracy Railroad 10! K a 110 105 ft H* Auburn aud Syraoaio K. K "Haft Nt 7-1 a 7.' Anknrn and Ro< Iiertnr R.R.... ri'i t H4 Hia b V Wew York and llnrli-m Rollroftd t'J ft 82'.i M ft RlO Hridirc Kjilioa I Rtw ft ViU .11 ft Hi'a Do. Ptiadi fiti ft 5" M* ft It; Do. Mortal*.. B.mrfu MKi a, 64 ?i:t a (C-? Brio Kalfriad Hindi, 1st.... llrj\ a 101 1<>2 a H"i Do. " 2d, 91 a 91* ?7^? m7'2 Do. " 3d..., P2 I H SI ft MS it. it m t., mi Tt.,,./. iu'.i .u iw . o \/ nsi _ "n-v.n'iir. B."oii?r.Trr.VTT.TT ???< i si * * Buitim rv t. Ohio H?\lr..?<l... . * 44 41 a 4 '.% Dnttaou tflver Railroad lt?nds.. "ft a 9(i 95 a 97 W?ntern (Mass.) Kitilroad '(1 a lt1?1^ 10J a KL'!* B-l. U tluUran Canal Ce l'?l a I'J 119 a IV. I>n. " "crip l.'.? i llii l.'S t 136 An we have frt'^ut ntly predicted wilbia t'je pt*t tenth or rr, there has been qa'tc a filling off in tin quotations lor lulled States *e unties. and it Is still enr intpreesion that a further decline will b.t realisedHecent sdvlcus from Kurnpi are cal.:ulited to deprrss prleesand arri ft the remittance of gevornmmt storks Of II kinds. This, with tbe inorva.-io< demand for niouey in commercial circle/", has Induced holders to pot tbelr Mocks upon the market, and employ the proceeds iu ether pnrttuiU. The anxiety to realize at Uoiuo, and the falling off in tie fereif n demand. hare bad a tendency to depreciate the matket value of the belt acou. ilties, while those of a taucy character, held aim1)**, entirely by speculators, are sustained, and in some instance* have advanced slightly. The elwtlon in Mifeia ippi this Ml will be another expresekn of the voice of the people in relation t) the suhject of repudiation. The question hat already b< i n d'.rpi-ed of twice in previous election*, and the nomination ol Oca. Quitman, as the dm ck-rati a eanJi. date tor Governor, has agiin brought the subject before the people, and tbe result of the electljn will be considered a? anoiher expression of opinion in relation ti tbe matter, General Quitman hi i tahen ?tron;? grounds ** apoinft tlie payment or acknowledgment of the Union uatik hood*, and it baa become one of tbe principles ef the party that nominated him. In the event of his election it will I e tbe third time the people of Mi.vU? 1 pi bate voted against the acknowledgment of tbrse trod*, and If be is defeated tho b.-'nd holding p*i"ty will have achieved r. victory >4 tbe must important charaet?r. It will open the door for tho lntrodu -tlon o' this question into tbe political movement* of the State, and m?y enable them, ultimately, to brioj It dinctly before the people. The position assumed by tbe bondholders, that tbe State is legally bound to provide for tb? psyment of tbe-? bonis, la one th.*t can be ea.slly d.tarmlnea The laws of the State provide for bringing the government into the ?ourW, the came as in Individual rases; nnd It it In the power cf any bondbold<r to obtain the highest lega' 4eel?i<>n* in the State upon his claim and if in his fa vi t to plere it In tbe course of liquidation. It Is all >?ry well for the bondholders to cry out. through their oi,{.jr s. repudistlon. and to vilify and **><>? the people ?f any State because tbry may not acknowledge any and tveiy claim brought against then, but when they bave the pow*r of te?tlng the vi.lidity of their oUiui.t, and refuse to do ?o. It look* very muoh as tlioug'i they tad v?ry little eonfldnce In the justioe of their de mends U's would tnsgert to the holder* of the I alon Bank bonds of Mi lalsitpyt, the propriety of appointing a committer to n.ake tho tier" sry arrangements fur bringing tli? (|iii'Fll'>n at iaaun bvtwr?n th'-m and th? (roTfrnim nt. Into th? curt* nf th?St?'o, ami carry It ri g'lUrly thrr>?i;?*i. until tha hiflbaat Aanlaloa hm b'"'*1 cbtnlnril If It klioulJ bn la their ffcvor, there will bn on difficulty in placloff their drniiadn la proper train for incorporation Into the public debt of tha Slate. Mlatk Kxrtin ngr. **** r 8 H i 1*.- :wn 17 tht > T ft N It Rit J'3\ ?1? IflU4 1 It'J 10 d i !i| 1U>2 JS in M IwhtrHi ?? fiOWorft WotBS ?t0 Jk.\ |(*??? 4- ' >*? II 4o M>2 H1?iN Til N Tl Jnn IU1U11, II I <1o fciO 12 |lank?f !? ;?? M*> MiRnJ'tiM H*i ?? H.ak ?f Iimi. f rip !? *<,' vntiki >m l:u b.l M\ ?'4i?n>?n' tivik >' i 1'" < fit . M?' ito ?IU >? M? 4<t M l<<1 Cri* HK ?(' , l'*l Cut in Ce )<? ?o Ml <V 1*1 4- J-1, '.<?! do ?*) IIV Ml Loat l-l?ad *2 M |i , 0 d? * l'? luu du WW |yt 34 Ha4*oa Rlrar Kit i-l ', ririnn ticnrfl V Vr lf88 IIS 13 ?hj Kril KR rtl ?:?; I IMM I>up S'l ?? 4UVEK1 irti .Hi ^riimnti* ?.\m m.~ ?wsA->/?wv?.rvv vyiv Jf*nr'r? f? ,1J ?rf tnem ftl ?m? Sj atfl am*.' i* frtpgU. t tSry miU n*f tr l*im fi am Ox Pan! Offkt?. Mt'HOOfjM. Wc ijivitb tm? ATrrNTtov or riRicvr* \tso *.u?rrfl?n? to a mim dMirafcl* lattitN'i .n fur t !.?<!I <, ?lirra * T) < rr rlaaiijr i? ?(. ? .led tu (?< iliiala t'? Ir .aaial ia<i u-iral rtilt >r?| ah r? tV h >ai J e .i>?a*>? al'jr attendant vpon iditalifff ari> Circulate, i?li l t-rn'f. r> " rrao", ftr., ai.ii k? bai bjr railing at Ilia V I- 1"' Urf.?<aay. Tut unkiru \M) nttirn QMir*(iti taooiit fcjr Ixn N?arte*. ?T" HfwiH??-, Tl.a of ! ? m till . it#* ttt TalWeinTr). in tl,? ai? a rough liotlrl a "I tha I4ta?i* a?<! /r"mail -I t. - t tlaa. Algrbra, Bavk-kr?ti<rr, Httfjlag, nn<t Na?t/at|?a af t??i|lt land t T?a" J.I p?? n?"ait?. if tha f?nr?e. noDBuurn * D*xcf>?o ACAIIFIIV^IH OK<K>ME ? ftTfKt a. *r llroadwaT ?i D?.'worth aitild nintl ra*T?i-lfrllj anr.onnrr ta Ma liinn<> U'l pa'maa, tk?t >ha Rrt t <f tha ?n?ilr? a<Aauu?ill Mamfiinl oo T.-wdtj-, 1. it halffaat S, P. m., f?r 1?JIm rhIMrti.ra " ?n1 K*'rr !?r at half |Ml 7, r. f >r en lnHI, a W' t J? r, 1u< ('. i?. T. or !?/. ??4 rtltir. r*li?U ?->raIrv 1 ? II 11, fur I ?il'? . ?kf mir It ?rUh lljola th? larr'T l?M Prl??V4 I<* anr *t Itl UM, *hxu kttiMMll) I t* *%. A inOrm n4 furi'llf aivnilirt in i.n >n ih'a t rw>a. V.i"j rri> ?l II.e a< ' ??t au><1 ro > ? faa?i->a?Ma Il.rrra li'i.hi. fi.f (Kiim, tt Um Audmif. Bi?a f<?T rt'iwHi af rift'> tur I>r?w. s * At*. EaNI.? |W0-7??f?FR WIM, flR PlUI.HniO, "TUB Utm* It* ) iHIc." Kt an KntUdh fl*ataar-i?n I ?Mita , ??<?. O. (J. liVRO.V. PnH'. h#*, ZVT Hma'^ar. Altr, nfty Inla ?? aaa* ? l-itn*. " Tia L?r?r'i Tala." *? aap?>U?l*rt poa-a. I?t M>ul Ta jaj^n Aa4 " t anlta?\" f> m.t t r H->* Prnwnln.;. ?. n. HVNof. f>n?H?Krr T'7 ia f?Tf^K?r ?ill ? ? puMif. I. " ''Marl I *. fo a*>, Ul/h xiiiKif ih?)r 1'i^ritu*, J T? ai*ai?i?T?4 <? a < onixmr^-ir*. ? ?vISt'i ?i?T.?57 lira****?. g i*l,ll'tinM 1 M"<T Pl'lil.mnn 'Ml V i * ' Tl>a *pani li T?a*'??T aM'^nfal Phrv- |:?nfc. an ana ar??aa? MIM ?f a* in fl*,: "v ?r??k a* tin?l?-|,-a mi ?V ? iM*h Inn 'n?kr?. Hr > r* arSa>> ...4 ?f law ?!?< , W V. ai.<l tkatradarttfflie* *" 'V-??<> ItfM t?u,rn BY Ain -non Iir.nkr r wim.aro, iicTtoiif?.-nr*u))t'i II S?i ol ?<?"1 .t.4 *?*<*? '' ? iral??ra. fcc. -?tlaid ft ||-at will ?-'l at aa?tl??. ?% ftlMfMr *?p\ I2A\ ? ICU 'cl-M-k. a* u r|? ia!#? R??r>. No. 1(1 ?f i'UUm t ?ar / ->r. ? Ifhor *. t a.r*a. ? lift* M'-ir***** ?f if > I Tt fiu iar i-\ k*. ?ior?i?* ?f r? I# _ _ __ rs?*T? v?.:? r : m,t or yam mil r viuvihk*, J H . f. r* .ft* J. II. li" ti ? til ? '! ' A <" *afV|lr>, *t I", ?>'.-k. ? Kr I?1 *? <!? ?. a ! h of ?lrf f r.iv.mi Jrrattnr* ?-mpHilm a nI'Uta if; I !?< tt < 1'i.rlur, ?hjmt rr - r I r?<ni I ?r?1< lira. ?ith a ?'ir*ri<T l*ia*n ?' ! *. at 4 * ?r-a? rat.?M ?f h' li.c iMintMfctng a?*<li. CaMww " *?a4ty. TO Pt AKO *TORTI t R RR4. C*8I> Rr lAKtRS, a.~ Th? l.rifk ?orfcall"Mi IW* aaH 1J0 will ? ? ??|.| at tl *?rt '.aau' K?' '!? ??, " Tnittay. ihallth lai (art, a> It by A J Blocker ft Co. Aluftrui I %kt rotitti Brit/ ??; RKihn NOTlck-*A?IN? HOSPITAL, STATIN I1UHD. ' ItplmWi iW.-Tt mvitl iiiMMin IroaMa aad ummM lt( la ?Ui lutitittoi, MtiN la hereby gt?en, t?'?t fuuuiiit ragaJatmaa araatrieUy eaforaed. aeeordinato It*; ul that aa iluun are to in lb* dak. *?r> ia<era>attaa will. ba afforded U th* (Hn<i ef th? liBtlff, upaa application M Ui gate, or bj latter to the aadereuaed > T.CAMPBELL STEW* RT, M. D, Pby.iaian of Marina OFFICE BOYD'S PITY EXPRESS P04T. NO. 44 Wllsliam #?raet.?The Snbaerlbar gWea aotioa that a Letter Bag for Chagrea, Saa Fraaeuoo, Or??oa. Valptralao, and >ia<*ltk Itlaade. will ba nada ap at hie a See ua Saturday the 1-Hb September, at IZo'clock, aad for* arded la ehargo of a pacial ni arranger by the ateamebip Empire City, per ;bairti. Ika publia may rely anon their lattara baiag promptly forwardeA Portaga to Saa Francieco flOcta. par >? oa. Panama SOeta; Ohagrce which muat ba prepaid la ortry t?M by thU Teeael. JOHN T IIOYO r INFORMATION WANTED?OK MRS. KLI/.tb<rtf 1 Mbe*aa, * German lady, ahont !U yeara of are. who tuft ler hon o on w?ru, ?d?? morning, 8th Jept, with the in'eutieu ef visum* a friend in Graenwirh atreot, ainee whioh time she has nor beta heard of, alttionth her friend* hare made every inquiry for her. She was far advanced ie pre* nancy, and had on when the left a plain dnu and Any information reaprctiof her will be reoeirsj with the detpeat gratitude by her afflicted huahand. CHARLES LIHEG \N, 214 Broadway. B1CKK YOI.EKT SOCIETIES. I ?. or o. r . commercial, lodoe, no. in?the I Membtre of Commercial ImB* are p&riioularly NMmM to ha punctual in their atteodanoe at the Lodne. I fcliaake'hian Ro< ui, Odd lellowe' lla l.) this evening, 1 Uh io.t., as important an.tDdn.enta to tlie By Lawt, and other bnaineaa ef imervtt will com* up for aei.ii n. W. O. UROSliK, N. G. Tnos. W. Suiiaro, See. pro. lain. IO or O. F.?TUB K. W GRAND LODGE Ot TUB State of New Y.rk will hold an adjourned teaaion, at the Grand Lodje Room. National llall. Canal atraat, thia (Tuttedayl evening, at H o'clock pi eciaely. Hv order. JtK >JAHIN J. fENTZ. Grand Saeretarr._ UA. O. D.-GKANO BOARD <>r DIRECTORS Or the Siate of New York.?Representative. are hereby notified, that the quarterly acwion of the Grand Board of l>ir?rtnra of the Slate or New York will he emvened at their r oma Noe. 4f, end 4S Centre atrvct. in U*o oiiy of New ) ork, tliia ( fueiduy) evening, the llth instant, at S o'clock. Uj order, JlKKHII GEO. m A SOX, Grand ieo'ry. AO. or 0. r-TIIE ANCIENT ORDER OF GOOD KrlJowa of ihr S'ate of New York are invited to ptrlieipate in the Public 1'rocMtinn and tj?nn?r ?*r?i?eotttl<>n of fcharity l.vtfr *'o. IS, of Uiooklyn to avertible at the Bit* tery. on Tut sd?y niornig, Sept. llth, at h o'clock. Uy order ef tl.? Executive Cvmntittno. K'CUARD LAL'ER, Chairman. , Wii-i-im Elliot, Srtre ary. POlalTICAIa S/KA< I'SE. SEI'T. 6. IM9.-MR. EDITOR?W HUE AS I nin informed ti at. A L>. Jordan, Kan., ths prosent A?' tomey-Geni .il. ha* wl'kdiawn hia aain>*te a candidate fjr I that office, and left that ttaiion, ox u *r. Speaker lladlev is ! certainly "? v h< in the ? Inn*, and all o!lien ivnoerneil la 'he I State, will rejoice to hear of. A tioket, villi Ur. Ila (ley i".?r Atttiruey- General; Nelson J. Ileach. Canal Conmissiou-r ; and Mr. Hunt, the present Coinptrollor, ie a credit to the w Mjr jar'y. ami cimsat Tail of aero**. The talents of those fentl*-men *re v?<li k ?owu throughout the State. Tlie Mes-ir*. Loco* might as well attempt to scoop the North river dry with a fork, aa a race oa these grounds. So give it tin. ftlCl. TOILKTT B. LA1HD-4 WIGS AVI) TOl'PEK 4 ?JUSTICE TO Aft.? It it row a well i;?uU ihH fact tkit hia H'i/s is upor*or to anything ever offereiJ, for natural inpnriuoe, 4nr?billty, anrf c ?; and w* hia atock is the lar/c-r, in tho aitv. Kaot'cuen Mill d? w.ll to nil und aiainioeior thornatlvta, rrevioua to juichasin/ c1s.',m hcr?*. Copy the al lres* ? LAI KD S.VJ Chathann atreet. Ul^T. JOST.?YS.?TF.RDAYt TilK 10TU !N*r.. IN GOIVJ J In m l.i 'oai d street toihu Al b y II iteJ, a Br^oolat wiih the owner's t? amo ana raved inside. A liberal reward will be t:i\t t? t?> the finder, l>> a.'p'yiog ut Mo. US Leonard etroct, to Air WavailisLer. 10ST. OH FKTDAV KVKNI VO. 7ni SKi'Ttf V 11 f?AT Jl) o'clock, at I he corner of Sixteenth street and ninth uvoI i.ue. a ilurk eheanrt .vrrel horie, a little wuite ?>n the for-)* head, a tc?r on cach foru le^- by l^viis; on hia shoes; his right i?>re foot liis a fore u :nni a r?>uua shoo : u sere ou the ri^ht aide of his ha?;k uoicr ih? s.iddln ; the l*ack a little HjIIjw ; both back feet white u>?<?vo the fctlock ; a swiioli till hrvi.Rir>K above the gamMe joint, nd a hollow breast; a little tender in th? fore foot; had on a bridle a 1 mtoer urt'i. aud a eotton blanket. Any pt r?on returniux the s iii hor?e te M o. 16J llcrcer street, w ill root h e a iberal reward. PlUCttLLAlKKOV!! I <ft .% REWARO.?STOLEN ON IMTrRDAV.Hra INST, fiotn the ntoir of Mr. Ja*. S. (is Mji l, u Lane. a p.. reel Dirked Mr. Lt?lie. Ciarinnfttl, <>., naatalkln* l-ptlra | era alippeta. 4 pair* ? Mtc eat in an t s p in black kid. wale ? > 1*. laboj teen* 631}j The ahore reward will t e raid tut t!:etr return, at !V> Maiden lino. Fine jewelry and chains, SILV1K W?KK. Watcl.ri, *c ? Cliarlee Stewar*. *?nr.f?'!ur?r, N?, It Jot n Itntl. world rcapeetfully Inform hia hird PVroae, an 1 r*?ldente of the ?p|?r purt of tl*? cit?, that a branch of Mi factory ie now open at N?. Mi Uroa-iwey, wVre allnrl.u 1< r tiea work, at a i II aa r?p*iriu~ of tVatehi*. Jewory.&c., ?) >ll I e particularly to. on r>-aoonanl? term* Acbante for a person with a raw iiunilrtd iMIara in raeh, wit'iia# to ion It in a profltahlo Ibpiiite*.? Ike proprietor of a |>opular l>a;uarr*au Uailery, (i>UMi?leilHii<aM) in Hroadw?y, and ii?ti'? ?n? of tha larpteat ? y- lia'ut> iu ?uo city, with tft-r) other facility, la rein ill* li' Ui hutinfia, and would di?f>oa? of tlia Rood will, *t"?k, >| paratne. and r\er)ll.inj( neni <1 to future d 'in< ae *oiil a I uninc ? tslia< fcenn H IIc f .r f eara. should i wr. *"n < tlir who ha* no knoa ludg* of the art, they will he taiiyi.t, ud a guarantee given t j wake them a> eipahle a? any ore rnjaged in it. Adiireu, pout paid. '"Artiat," general I'oat Office. SHINTOPATIIV. CotoMra. IUiiibd. Aator !t< nar. Ilroadway; Peleci a pli-M of linen. And don't forgd to pay. Any piece will do, Th?> 'tl* tha tetter: But if ihe'll select for yon, Why then you'd h> tt?r lot Ler. Then let liar take your ineanua, Slioulilrra, wrltt and urrn, Your iirck with gcmU prtmuro, Lett it atvnld alarm. Then h?r Kill* will mvkc a Mt Ol Skirl* aa they'te Vtn taught to, All warrantod to tit? At any ran, they onght to. PLANINU MACHINES. Or Til It MOST APPROVED quality, citkcr of iron or Wi>ad, or part If o a and part wood. nanofaetnred with de'pateb, and warrant^!; alio, ?tra tyl.ndtra. extra cutter l.e.idi ?arra kmta?, and e*ery uruele ecoatcted wiib a t'lanin^ Me me, iaty he ohiaiuui of JOHN U. LKSTBK Corner af fircea and Tlti iiitc., Jerm-v litly. fli. J. 8 PATENT SOLAR LAMPS, ?*!? aLd Silver. "I G-ran.iolr* and Mantel Cap j*?!ahraa. ?upci i in fii.l.'h ft any in t'ii> city, at prie tey ... i e . np?tni > alan. Tea ?at<, Takle ltd To* ^| o.>B , and K :l>; ttaak, ta, Caatera, lie , plat d i n wl.ite n? ia>. am! warraalad. AollLH N HOKOAN, I.V v? lllani .troat. Detaon Fulton?ad Aon. op^..<|ie the Cnur h. ISTOPTINAI. ? CO., OPPI>< IMR SHE, AT TilR I *e?t?Mh|ri ri, tlinr utorin No3ioh?f? Md Mo. I 7*>7 ??i tt ?Ii ?r t*ry. N<. ?ii> Vut* 01., n oomjJet# nMnrtnHiM of (Mit, hliii IH<1 4r"^4 OI u Fnt?ir?| ?f | cvrry <Jr??ripttnii| (U>|*r Lamp*, (iirot* I.?! ?, ilr iskett, l'u?uI Ut'll'. J#, kc. A I t. r fnin, 1-a.uU d ftod y\Id MJb'???. r.f th ir I o*r inftiUtl'iii )io]i>.iai?u 4rit-K'?; <* lor?d t?r iu iiaUkU, cbnr?)<r? Uu. All arM. 1/. wt> L 1 to pm.ti r j, ! ttO't ?r?rrAiit? ! t? # U t au<l rLi^cot in tfcii < ny. .- j reiAi). to ptriiHi / 1.\ T orV ru.l NO AND l'l ft' LIT#!Li m J Wt -f < ! t .!. ?!< * f \ Ir >. I . I ..ff K. Inr. by ttti'iiBg fur tbt, Uidii* i |> fi ur ? wiaa, aim ? II tttrad ?l <1 < Ir rt?IO??<?. 1.-. f i # at J by Irt. |?i mhi, J T.tTKJCJTVX. VA tiruklwsv, up fin-? . I.1I UN ITt'M. I'OIISB.?TO TIIOSK ?U.? Wl?ll T > 1 J tin ir "Id fwaltom tpp-?r "(nil t? n?*. thi? ? >li<lj ' Will ha fooid Valuable, a* ilia ?l i a?t>tr?r Uitrti-'i. Pol<l it ?lf, i tllnn itnM. ?1i?ra ?I.< pi?prt.' >r, Al. tX ANPFI1 DKNM jlttV, rtpilrn hrtitute 41 d<mI. IVIk .'<l tnntt f*T bxHta. _______ SAU8AGB "HI"**? IA(J*AOR B*lN *? \M KBQ ?. MT \ 1*-?? - . bait i.iadna main, trrfri-il* ft I ?i !vi I '1, r iiw bi jot? M. ? . *>>. ?; i a ? rii m>* in,.i ' m r e k v i j-ii-;.- niri i IJIttk UuMn'iCmlf, hnral.y tartify that tba prmnltnt I taarayrd Ly ik'Uhui U Van Wyrb aad wit* t-> tha ' 'f r<? ? ' lllllr' (>n?t?rj, by d<rd rat <H??I in tbit fH<in. anit\laic( I In' t.iinCffJ aad ?a . ><-r aa<1 a ball ai-rta ar<-frna ana | cl?ar ?>f all tannaibr*' tt and llaaa la I .it ??>- , aad thai a i aaa tbara* i of tJ.l.t' Kl hi > I aaa Mliaflf'l, and l <1 *hi?r?r.f af r?i r4. la wltaaat *i rn f I b-rm ti*., .ay f ?r r, tad a%i t a ( maty aaal. thin < 4iv ?l *??i- . ' IfiJ. JO i.N C. M ITU. Clark. CTPBBM HIM S' 0BVBT1KV, i>H)-a J*J Br?*dwar? Tl.a>a at* tavitaJ M ?lilt ti?? troaada - t tk>t C imatrry, I* tll; bIk'm ill utl l>f l^lit I.Uad III IrMifrnm Vatk I'trrj. aad <', it 11k freai M ililam?>>urir lo tha N?rih ?nlra??<'. ('?nlta n ! ? i.f ar?i at (In. In jir ' "Hi i<r j nil 'M j ad baa?tlfal n>?d ibr-v-h iha larttl. t ( >?l?t.?d} ??t k t' rialm a dtliaMfbl aarr.?it in a, ul tmr, l.a?n< f> r'?!??'ati* l-auty cf pratpi<t. tin ?f Itta. (.? up, ifrial fta , ?r li by A I nifi???ri ha> < lh> 'mfcifirf | >' < Uk R>mIhii|i T'ab.flwtr thtft I'rtta ?f Iota, ft! I> ?.MI. drytad a < ? tit* ai.d I ??a-I.m. AtanalaMaM, toL-tlita, ? bur lita. lx il|r??, it., laklaa t?n rr ?ire I ilt ara an' tiilid aiora i?'.la tatai'. and d latl-iw. Tram*.:'', A. ? . IJ M., aid * P. If . rn'i.rali* a' Z aart F. V Kara 1'iMii imIi tti. Mr. Kaadrtnll. thn I *? t?? r at ih? tatraair irda'. a III <* tncaaia Urn l?t? or?o! I t? par. .a'?ra. Bali* ia?nf far frae'tDrat. ke . irr/l> * ih'f f*r<aaa, f r 'ii. ?i IIB f?.r % .. ?? i t bad aa - > ur. aml'v it Iba ftf tbt ( tkoiary. Thalittalu p-r'.tl aid t"i? train .? aflrrrd fra? and f'??r, na all, b* f a tjr tLt ?K??t airilhaata. h; eru.t ?f IL? Uaard af T ran <. I F. LINUH4Y, fa'rai*rf. XJI.J>r,'"r;y* " ^ - *" * " rim mi.k add n? i.kTi - v V .. .S - . -VWWWL^'i* fAi.r. T<> cLOSk a coNrrn* ?oc* tb<? tin " Allrjt. fam?tly x.t ipl. J by J. I. H-r?, ratra'nna bafi j If"* h * aa itrar:. aa?l 1411 Pultaa t**?-t. Kairy"tfale|i? K , i ! ? n I.I. Admiiii < tbt Lntt tttnd la Na? \ urk. Al?'\ a , ltill'ard Aalr?a, T|i*ilo NtMa't atw I', w?i| lucai-d i f' r a ola'i at |.-it.|l? fmiri. Ari-lvta l?. W PAlfOH 4, or-r ' thnallry, Aau ti ,ar<?lH Iriiat R.. 401 Dra?,lI ??/ . 1 WO!! Mf.K-Tl!K 7 HRKft tVoK V UOliSfl A*(O LOT, i * Ma. 17 > fth Mc-t-ttmnt, nnra-r of Varrk r'r*l. A I Iarr< p?rl <.f It' '(.rrhut n?n'? e*n op V>n4 and Mp'j ^ L. J Vi lli I K. S'i 171 L'<<B SAI.r. OK TOFKMT- A T M?V 11F.?1 R \ BI, f II Jllflft JT lit (Mo 91 A i.lmd?a 1 U".| with or with>ml Utt r.iinl'i.f Pn??~??ln? ?l?? l?m?~IUt?ljr. En^nlra af A. (I. BAUl.fel IW Broa-Hraf. rpo LIT IN r.KOOKl.TN T*D TIIRtS STORV J nrt?k ll?a-'?. No#. 351" an* it'lirt lj? ? < rriir. Rual H7^ fur a ) ?r Kinl lj m?l fr?m Nor. I. irncdlatn *pT>'T V Buhl ITrljht, tl Jt >p~>? HrrM. cr h?*. IT 19 M/rtU ?*?*? . Amaru en aN'I' for a pr?<on wit* a **ai i. I.apiir.l T> ? -II kaomi artln.: U?? ? Wo. .1 W? in. Oti Mm'. ??i.f 111* on* > f> (S? Bootoa aa.l H Utir'rMl *111 k* '"H l iinufw'l il,? fun >??. T'.? t??i? f ?l?h'? ?<:?!>< ?f II ?- *wm r I n t fi V*li>( iklr ' til' n4 KI*. HaRR 'I * > '" I -TO LIT, ANR rilRVITIRS r->? nl?.--TlM?Tll ifdn'tklMMi'pt, ???l,'' *.'4 llTMlwtl.lrilit?iirM ?fc? #r'Vl?ar Di^aira. ln-jnif* A I. Rl KH. m th- pr?mi?ri If | .?frr?l. ?h?II ?>? ?l, hana, t?a yrara t? ri.n P*?- ?f ?h? ?itp|i*.? bmii m?t r. I <m mm m I*. #. -f??r Uivliag AI|ijj^i?? IxMUfi Ttllw, fen. Ir STf?r aor im h \ NOV fr ay hrk.-i.ium T f nil Ar?rrip,i"i>?, *hi?h p*? an #itr* M'?r4'ia4 ra'?? I takrn on >t< r-?r In tin fr- pi.if ?t -ro N?. 131 I'rarl ?*??, mr??f 11 Hunt >rt ?lr. .*t l?r<ma aaH laxiraatl low la>|**r? on lh* i<rrml??->, np ttali*. LVIII'H. IrurD, in thr nr.w orliakiitiij. opihho* 4 Tatwiay, the litfc Im* , N*. M N?ffk M'Hian. torntf I IkliUa*. | ^ WAJIX*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A M9PB0TABLB Pn'MUn girl, la a irink famlir, ( Smbk'HM a? U A* aha?barwar?. u4 Ut< ?^rt of ahlldraa. Oaad >?* raftreoca Ma ka *i??a. A pply at M EUaakalh HiMt, oa lit fan floor. Caa ??a far di;i. WANTED?BY TWO HRSPE 'TABI.B QIBLS, 81 TO 1tioM, *a? ai CLamH*rinaid or Waltar, or to di lb R*a?ral homework of a umall prirata family; tha othar ?ook vut. aad Iraa. Tha bui of cii? nt>r?ju? ?i?aa. Call at 117 Baaa?>< uraat. WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO OCN BE it BOOSBw? rk la a (Dial) family, hv ttonp?t?al aad ladaatri.ia* yanaf w<iaaa, with good eity n'trwi*. Apply, fur twaday*, i No. 97 Holt (tract, in tha ran. Sta? U a (0<>? waahar aad iroaar. WANTS A SITUATION?A BESI'SUTaBLB aa I'onk, and to do w&ihiag and (rowing. Apply at *7 Cliarltno ?t. Can bo i?en for two day). BmI of aity rufer*??< |itn YI7ANTSA SITUATION-A KE J PE : TA B I.E YOl'VG v v *om*n. m toui, iui m *Mn un i im?, or <lo eu*in?>crv?rk in! uko?ari of children. B? ?*. city r.ifor^uctj given. Apply at 20011!it it.. Mh and 'Jilt avianej. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITl'itlra M plll> I'onk, Wuhit and Irooar Sb* hu good *ity r>f< rent*. Ploate apply at 19 Carmina ?tra??t WANTED?A SITUATION BV A PR'-? rSIT.t n T tonng woman, le do ehamb?rwork or general homework >? a >01*11 private family. i'Uai* call at 141 Ludlow >ti?? I, third it try, fniat ro*m. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOCNO WOR \N to do chamber* ork. or a* Nunc, or tn da tli? g?n?ral bonaework of a amall family la the *ity. Apply at 2iJ9 Madl on nrrti. frost bailment. WANTED-BY A SMART TIDY YOUNG GIRL, A 31luaifon ?> n . mi.' rmaiit. and to do flno waahitu nnd Ironing, at w?.M am-nd to children. She 1* a verv n?at Fewer, and can t* wall recommended by a r?*i>*claM* family. I'lf2rr call at tb* corner of Stat* and Uickaatreat, Brooklyn, over it u Bakery. Wanted?by two respectable giri.s. situ\tiena, on* a* Seamattea* and tak? ear*of obildrea, or to do ehamharwvrk? ti<* other for gouerU bonaework. or oooV, waah and Iron la a private family Beet city rafertn**.? Can L* acca lor two duya at 122 lOtb attune, third Uuor, front rot m. WANT SITUATIONS ?TWO RESPECTABLE PROtenantIjoung women; cue as Chambermaid and t .< curt t'f cliildten; tl.o other a* Cook and Luuudroaa, in a b-.ii.lI1 | private family. Beat city rafertaoe given. Apply at 1&7,*? i Grand ?trc?t. Can bo ?een for two day*. Wanted-a situation, by a i-ir*t r\tb ! Cm k; ?*i# la an excellent ?a. Iter m I inner, who tin tb? ' l,ett city releretco. Ulcere rail at 122 White at. WANTtn-BY A YOCNfl WOMAN. A SITUATION I a* Cook in a privnt* family. The brut of city rofuren ? \ f ivrn. Apply at No. IJIt Mot* "treat. In the r???. 11' a n t k d-a situation. by a rmuectaalr It j oung woman, aa Plain Conk. Wa h?r and Irooar, would have no objection to do i^eueril horaawork in a > mall private faiullv, Can aho ? tho >"?t of city rl>f?.ie*?o. Plea'ectll as 136 Croaby street. b*tw*en I'rinco a:.d ll' Uatoti atreoU. Miecnn he teen for two dava If n?t Milted t>efore. WANTfcD?A SITUATION, BY A SMART. CLE VN, rcapeetahle yor.rg woman, a? harnberuiniJ and tin* VilkwIII I toi <or to do general kMNWWl f .r a amall I private fiitinlv. Beit of city raferent a (riven from liar la?t. rlarc. Plat** tall, ?r aend a note to No. *7 Mntharrv atrset. i v hirh will meet with puuutval attention. Will wait oalli two day?, Wanted?a situation by a respectable woman, aa Ser.tnatreaa and Chamhenn Ud, to analat lu viiii inn and ironing, or to do tho general houaework of a a-all itMate fusiil>; heat of ci<y rufaroue*. App y at 110 Vth avenu*. tetw*on IStfi aad IDtb ltrv*(a. i WANTS A SITUATION, Bi A RKSPECT\HI.K y< i>ng *oit.m t" do chamb-rwo-k or waiting or ??n-'ral in a > mall pntaMlmyi ia a good oook, wva'.irr and i'ouer. 1 liu he>t ei'y r?f-'<imo from her prn??nt aitua'ioa. whera abc can b' icca fur thrc* daya. atN*. 139 Broom* WANTS 1>? A PHOTESTAN T W 'MAN. AS COUK. A| ply at .'6 H?rri?o? Br-oklyn. WANTrP-BV A RMPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, A rituaii.'B .t? ?<>?d plain 0 >ok, or to do btki ng, w<uhia( < r irn nit p. tii a- ('liar 1'Cruiald .ml to do fine wit thing in a nun'l private family. *lie i? full; c- j>?' 1 > In do !i?r bntiuum. Cord illy nitride will In rircB. Apply 1'J Third luiiie, f 111 foor, hick ) on. Will he trtn I r tnice dayi. W A N TED?SITUATIONS. BY T.VO.RE'*PBCr * HI *. y<rti(f women ore ? Cook, Wa?li*-r and Ironer; |hs fthrrirl hambtrmaid or C'luldri B'a Haid. Tury can be woll rcics r.i:6(l from tl air Ia?t r'.-i'o. Inquire at ii tValaut |imi,ioner of < hi rry alr-el, to tk* arocery. UrAKtin-iiYA R KSPELTA BI.K vc I'M; mni'R.-. tuBt jtlrl. ? Knation a* Cham'armald and Waiter. o? j aaMtltoc ll Vkshlnltad IiwIm. with good era r?f>ron<ie if required. I Irate <.&!1 ut No. lt;6 Tii r'.reet, bturoai 7th and ?th atrrara \|TANTEI>? A SITUATION BV A RMfftT \BLI ?f \onnp woiaar, m IKk, rood v a?ln-r and ironer, and ?illinjr to Biakc herrelf n-nrrally uae'nl. The b??t eltv Tort mn firea ; rtn I re* n for i w" day * i" t* "I IVwl v o. llfANIKD, BV A PBOntSr^NT YOUVJ WOMAN, \ " almatioa i; cl.axilernaM or nor ?. and to dt p).*ia fr?lnjr. IM rebrtmi {itn; if.uiro at No. Idl Cluya'.io atrert Hrjt lloer. A SITUATION, BT \ innOTAIll ?? i'i . dim.. | 11 n* arenas, a* Chami>arinat<l. or to take r:" ? of I 111! lien. Cm. t,e .'Son for ;? o J.iys; |iiciM iniulrd It SI V? ?t'a sire- ?. \ITAMED BY A KESl'ECTABl.S VOUN? WO* iN. " a ituutlmi aa nurae and aoaiaitraae, or lo do lirhi lon?e wnik and fm; uadrritandi dre?a tiiakiBf. I'lejue call at No 21 M ailt ttneti can b? rein for lno 4<ti. lr.^NTlll-A MM MK'S BV A RESPECT A "JI.E l" >oiidk wiman, t? >li> ;'*nerol homework In a ema'l pHTatafamily. Ni abJaclloBa to jro a> Walter or Okavbi-iaai I fl-i'd r?f?-rtne*? $ivea. Apply at 17*' lltmr atreet, oomer <>f Mo it lUaot, ii a Malta. \I7AMLU-BV A HEHPECTAULE VIH NU WOMAN, *Y aaltuatn-n ?? C'.aml erinai.l and Washer or W> d aetal hounewnrk In a imill f rlfate 1 mi'y. tlood city rrfrI r< ?. Can iM " . I l?r two day* a- PtaH It. If Malta \L~ ANTIt?- A SITCATIO* l?V A KBSPEI I tBl.B YT yourx wmnn a* I'hanhcrtiia'I and r'aia Stw.r, n| aa Chantbtrnial'i ai>d to att?ad to lilldi *n. i'tia boat of oity rvfrraaa-a fma lift la?t place. Plraa* la call at No. Vi I'carl atr< at. cp atairr, for twn dafa. WANTID-A IITIATION BT A K^I'KCTtRI.K young woman, aa plain Cook, M*aal>ar aad lrou-r. >'ltaa?<a|i at No 8 B<'a?la atroot. WANTBD-A SITI'ATION BY A SOBER, INDI ttimm ynui K n>an, who imU*r<land< tiia rare of lior-ff, i <1 a< oM be al>ii"K wikt hlm--lr' nrrall? iio-ful. B it cf ?it) rafkrrBcn k ' 1 Plea?c rail at So 111 wllllaa ttr >. |B tlo baremeBi. < an ke ?? <*n fi r a x^-k if not eBr?."d \V'ANTKII-A SITTaTION HV A Re?PE<"TARI,? ?? jonrr wnBiaa. ?? Cork rood *' ?' rr and Irorrr. <"r?n flro rr?r?iieHo reft nlire In tint elly. Can be aren for mi ??t? In >n. I.V kl itrm- HMet, friat <1 I! ..r. *1' AStl - ti, a YOt'MQ WO*4W, A BITUAT IN | ?F tn of a r?iHUMt fttvllf. Pt 1-1 r?>' I m . I r o?1 \r r. m-l > fr'in I- j l n ti ' li m4 mi H <rra Ai?p yn 5? ft?k* BbN |nr K. O If \LA J I r A1IITID rtov Tf H? fU Im r>t nnxUsi lOMkUin A ntwAtion ?? (I ir?*n4*? 11 i I ? limllr r ?t)ioaI. II r eotirt* of insti union o?nn i.iaaa 1 apliali, I ictn li aatl T'.?- ill ! ? I la I 'Irrtni ? ran ? v (trua. A l<rw> ll. J., 1'a.oa'a 11 ml. Ilnri-'iir Wmt. _________ A SITUATION wis:: n i:\ a HI IN i \h: K )ix?f Hn plain a??<i n?, i??ililn|r an>l Iron >n?. trtodl kau*a?'?rk. I Im '? Id imh at .V i I'J . tlaak ?*r**k _____ I ATOIN.1 TOM A.V WI AUK 4 A " ' UK *1 < nam!*i in' ni. >.r winiU ilo ? n r il I " ?urk In ?n/ arrull |.||i(l? 1.01'If. >< " 1 ci'jr r inM'dai l**a rto ? litt b) cklliaf at V> W Hpriai itrrfi, la tlurMr, \Lm ? I . I AT IOM HAMID-IIV A ?*T??rrAtlI.K I ) "?ng rlrl. la do <?"kn?. ?a> .inx ar 'I Irani**. a-H l.w ti ?! > < '?nutmuTT rtll l?>M??rk. Il-ia nf city r?<i 'HMrll' V. If i- ltt At No. I'll liaiM'li IMIKa, k'twing I P?Ya: I?ir 'A aad kiiVlwatk itrtCJ, Na* Vork. Cn bo j ?* ? far t?? t. A I IITIiTlAN WAITED IIV A l.oon PI. AT"* '-o?K. I alia jKift-'ly m>*?ra an ) Itaki. . an| ? ml I ! ? v. IIIII la awht l| Iki t| l,llt Mi4 |f>all( ( \ n\ll f j i 'jr. nn4 rl'f r**afi era. *>.?( fr'tal' '.intrj ?'iU: M ? ? li>.|iilrf> at lA"> rr->?i? -'rart. la th? nar. W.'l U , u for l*? 4<m a. IT H it rtilU?l. Anc^i-rrTAiw i> vousa woman, m iio u vs Lit'tn fur la* j??r? la )>?r laat >la > . a .a'a a tilaUlai ? ( aaa.l ?-tr.?ld ai. I Ha! #r ?r truliht m l.? ?>. imi *-4 In Blip, i r tp tal cat* of chiMlal, nf rai 4> f'alt n*la(. J*'?t rf alt; rat. ??rt# aaai W? <lvaa. #*l?a?a U> rail at St. I'M I ih ?!rr?t t>. ivaaa tLa H<^?ijrard f-ib d at aaaa. C?a l? (md lor It ? d* t a. VMM vo. mi ?nv*v, v i'Ao;r r\sr. r.iusi a aHaailn* aa Sfa???r?"* and ft.am1. r*uiM ! i a r*;i*iaa? fai. ilj. U?w?A ei'y r.f"r<ne? *lr??. L. L.,8i;ai.amaa. at rials aC>- a, far taa daja. \muattov wjSTrn nr a t<?i:\? ito?a\ At faak. ? aahrr a-d 'icaar, la a r??p-- r T..a h#?iof?i j rrUr"ifalflro. faquir* at Na. ? B.r??r atraa\ 31 ? l ark raoai. A?**rrcTAiu * p*oii?tant vor.\a h-o?a* aa?<> a illmtki It ( hialviiril'l aad B'?lr ar la latmrri'l ?UUr<r,ti4 l> o lliat lu ??k? kar??lf * ** tally ?mM. Cla lr Ma at II* U?ltt4 atrtal fvrthrna daya, fn?? ti*>rmani ANv Jim ' KMI.UMN riTiiF.K IN norm, m friaa'r hac??. in wan a f?l*l ' .1 nfrlaa I antae, mar >>a [rjoaaed ta am?l a not* to M . ihia - . i. - i... ,7 - i tn or ? r?'f tat'ia man. w' fii fl*a tha M *t aai?a'aM?r? rafaraiaaa. Jfa ohI a?l?a to Mn<< h.mrtlf la fc^apHal ia tS? or R>ii , ( Ita I altad at?t.?. \DR1'0 CLRRI VANTSD.?A > >i N<; MI> ?B0 la alia t? p"t up I-at In p.-<-aanailna?, aad ta uk' nhnr -a "I ft drn< atiTa In aha n an'ry. Oand ral->raa?aa r* |H>r' I ln<iait? II tla linhinu' Huul, Caurtlaadt atraat, of U. l> , ftum to ? clo' k, A. till aoaa. WAftTRO-A RITOATWN fcY A TOIH< WHO hM had t?. I v jri?r> aaparianaa in m-raantilaha?la waid bat .Ijaet cela# &r.aU>. Addrtaa AM, Ma. IM Uraan?irh WANTr.n HI < rti-No MAW I.ATRI.T AKKH", fr^ia lb* "H raantrT, uf a<.h<-r t??ip?ralihahi a. at <i| aad haalthy. wtltra a good haad. and -aa *l?a good rafcraic , a aitnation aa aaalatant flirt ?r portar ia a irv i?>4 atnra, ar whalraala rroaarj or lifter ?Ura, aad wanl i ha trilliag It aaka Mwalf c*i<r*:if aaafal ta hi* a a> pi aj ar. Addreia J. L. at IM* afl>< a. WANTRr>* siri *Ti?fi nv A ^ 01 Ml r. ?oi i <u maa raaaatl) arrlrad frvm RagUad. aa Or am On Ban, >r Wilw, i r ia; pla? arhara ha aaald mthahl?Mlf graarally aarful. fltlary a at aa naath an nhjaat a* a pirmaaaat aitaallaa. fa" pradara g?ad rltjr rafaraaaa, aJai aharaatar Train laat ijar. I'laaaa adlrr?< J. T , IM Cadar at WINTIII \ SIU-ATIO* AS VATTI* t* A PRIIit? famllj h? a I'mtaaiaat r?ni? m aa. wha ha* lira I In ih? ai->*t raap* t*M* faaiilta* ta th? alt? aad aaa ha raeomimndad Iit gaatli m?ti ho hara hnoaa I i n la Rnr?r? for the laat a?a jaara, ?hlr|i Ma napara at,I certify. No family aa* I I I If t i t a rn??nH? family. Addrr? a aala to R. 0., 21 Fnaaa airaat, third Hoar. Will ha aa-? for thraa dip. Wamhi asm'ATfoirAno?oa*o?po?rt?Af?, l.j a taapaa-aVa yoang aian. a oa'ira af DnhHn. *hi a? darataada hla haataara pcrfaatly all, aad waald ha fonad i*p?all/ a??fal aad nMlmg la !?? raaprrt. Tha altirti? r la a Prat aa* art. in I Saa a a ahjaatloa la laira or a?aa*TT Uo?d r^f?'aaaaa aa ta rharaatar aad aapah l,??. faa ha aaaa r hatrd of f?r a fa? dara. Addraw i. M. I'. Ill llth iKait, (rat <aar. haak rnaa. hatiraaa IM aad td araaaaa. WANTfD-A aiTrtTlOV A < OACBBAJT flT A ra?f??tal la man a ho aarf?a|lT aadarauiala hla haatanai. and i-aa rlta lhahaat af alt/ rafkraaaa Aldraaa J. R , Na. I J7 i.rar d 'Iraat. Til RMMNKtRa M RrrvORX. a ' W\*rKI. IV alariaant in tha olRaa, aria tha tald, hy a y >nn< m ta. qnallflad fi r traarraa aad thala aarn viae. aoatanr aad tiaai laralllaf. plan ilraaiat. Taatiiaoalal* if r*inir?d. Addrtaa. *j Httar paaifaid, J UaHtt, IT R .a?-?lt ?tmt 1 AMI MUUMTI. ^ DIOASViT TBBaTRB ?B. A. MA1SHALL. 80LB 1 D Umm: W. R. lilaka, M?aafer.?Laat night but four of ba OwerB anNi.-TMrft; Eventa*. *?p?. Il, will ba p?rkrvj tbr -Mrm of CHI AR i DI Ro7k? BERQ-Cfciar* ???i arina A Bulla Pattl ; MareelU. *itfa<<ra Avo?*d'o; V?|it>n, Stguur PatU ; Mo .ilbuu, ti|>?r but Corm; Mlahaiotta, l^lir ^itqiinoc Coat* di Iwevberi, linor Bintll.Dna rirtl# wd Parquatta. SI. Family aad Third Cirolna, Hutli: Uallrrr. 29 eenU. Private Ikui may b? ihteinad. Dnoya opea at ???cb. <n hafin ilbuHpul hki. Nu n ma; takes at tl a doar. Booba of tba Opetna to be bai ai the Theatre prlee 12K ?' N1BUPB GARDEN.?TflSDAY EVENING, SEPT. II, t th? entertainment* *111 euutmeaaa with a Grand Over- " tura. Afiar wbieli, lha d irta* aaliievetaaala au the Ti*ht H Rope, by tba iaval Vaniily and Leon lavelli To be follow- < ' ed by tba aomlo pantomime of GODBNSKI?Gatlenabi. K rraneoia Ravel; Urlvolir'-a, M. Axel; L<mu?ki, Antoiao > Kavtl: Notary, J. Julot Lnvtnikl, Uearl IVolle; J

Lutl. La Petit iim nr "Zmnllaat a." I*a?.t,. I>euv Intermit- >' ?ion of l.atf an bour for D"dw;rtV? l'r?in'n?>1e Mnaioale. > Tnrnnc>nd> a itn i tic popular ooo if [>i?. knoiur ?f t! a M V(i 10 " Thl'MI'ET-Clown. Ant. Kaval; II tiljqma. Trancoiii Ravel. Jdai^ion.Meta. Dunra opoa at 7 o'olooh. Voa<"otnenoe at 8 ' BIKTON'S TIIKATRE-W K RI'KTON, IMUM'RIETOH. 1 J Up>u*hani._ 8l?*a-Uana*?r.?Tumd^ ereninj, Sei t. A inn. will a now oometlr called TBI rTATlO ? " Grant e, Mr. C. W. Clarke: St?rlia?, Mr. Lyune; Tom Bo:.*. V link, Mr. Bi:rton; O'Bryan, Mr Rr.meham; mn. Qrimgriakin. ? Mr?. HnrliM; P?Hi ttobalink. Mr*. Bron^him. Anew bur- '* Ufa railed I'OliSlN OH ICRRY?Sir <'harlta V<rnon, Mr. C. ^ W. Clark*; Tl.uu.u? Priu Mae, Mr. II imilton; Coutin Cii rry, ci Mi?l < huptnan. The tith ni.'it of Til ? SPHINX?Add pi tea, >1 Mr. Hrovahaui; The Sphins, Mr. Burton; Tlicmvrxia. Mitn < Bi-rber: fl'tllpne, k In Chiipmun. Boxen, Drosd Circle, nil J T Par*oetie,fi<l oent*; Family (Hrrle. 36 cent*. 1 Castle <? a rit.n.?1.19T WEEK of TUE summer i 11 ten, which contii'iiiug to U> literally patronxd tad en ineuily tucccuful, will >? repeated wifi 1 a ru*.vt'U att ae- > ti<n?. On each cvenirj nl the present wee*, the eutervain- * iti' Lti will ooimat o( grind Iuatrum<iut.*l Com ?rt, by the ' rryifcl ut Band - f thTe e-(a .Isahmt iif, 1* d hy I he talented I lien llct?U uoneU'li K nf Ovcrturca. M'aUxei. Ualnpa, Pol- * p< i.trU. *ad Boloa on the Trumpet l>y !f*rr Aim*-. Iminedi- t ately alter t].e C' n'^rt ? ill M ijivcu a Summer Ball, in whi*1! " y> Iter* l ve the - ivtle&o ?f j mil * in the virion* Cotillon*. ' Polka*. H'ultsfli, be., to tbe mu?ie of a capital ball band. I Ticket* jfl*e*t*. , j WAIU.H.I.A, .?fl CANAL STKEKT, NEAR HWAO. < w*? ? Prrj(.??ri?f nte<"a? of the nnritalli'd hand of F*- ? male Art ??r, pi rr rDiInu TabUnnx \ irauta, Da'oea, S>nf?, I ini.p'tlci, a Porfomnetivrjf ni?lit?to en-nmenea J a' H t'lltrk. Fitra performance on Saturday, at 3 o'clock. * A CARD-LOVERS OP HARMON Y J PARTICULARLY ! ? Old Ooontrymen) are informed that ConoerU ("U'ho frte and ea-v principle) take place cv.iry ni^lit at the Ap?iio i { Saloon, Per?averance Uotel, 20 Canal ?treat, uo.ur the (>a Wnika. Adltiiition I'ro*. Proprietor aud uunJuotor, (V. K.N IUUTON, lit* of Marion Hall. ' Piauofort*. Mr. WUliuaa. I dPOHTlKU. C1 ENTKEVILI.e COI'hse, L. I.?TEOTTI NO?THIS > <lay, *t .'.ij o'clock. P M . a match for SI'H). mil" heatu, . f.p , will eoute i.if at the above Count. H'helplcj ' nui:.e* b. i. Kenluik; G. Nelaon names bie cult. JOEL CONKI IN Proprietor. I HAKLIJI PARK TROTT1 MO.?PURSE $?. MILE 1 heala, lc?* in live, free f"r a'l h?r?"S that never w-in a puree, to come oil on Thuradyv, Sept. l.'lth. at lilf-paat 3 o'clock ; entrance to clone at Orenui' Xi Maildeu'e, at 'J'w o'clock, P. M. W. fONNKR. Pronrie or a mkf s<>v? VUVKH "FKI'S A TAVIHV OV Tn K el corner of iO(llh c'rect and Third Avenue, and Mil* the beet rum on the rond, and he will bet on it. BOARDING, 4M, ^VWlVUWV^\A.\VUW\AVtW.'*AAMMMAM\WW.V I Board down town-very desirable rooms for faBiliea, ard ainglo roome for Keutlemen, In n healthy locator,one block from Broadway, anl near the Battery, ' Kc, fit Graenwicb (treat. Boa M 111 Mi.?A KINE hi IV OK ROOMS TO LET, ?itli i art or full lit ar l. private ta' le, in ati Kn^li>h pri- i v?ie boaidiuR house, vhich for vleauhn?*??it ?uiufort, aud i.uitttndc iatiiiut b? ^urpa.-Bud Air*, pintle bed-r-miui*, I col#, fthawer bat be. Apply ( 541 UhsWii M. ONE OR 1 WO CJIXTLLMKN CAN BS ACL'Otftti)Ji-iv?l with two tr"Qt Ko?<mi on nncoutl ttoor. (furnl I or r.nfu;i i .hud), * lib full *?r board, i j a *roa!l 1 ir Ban'ny strci t, n?"*r |ir<>au*ajr. Atluru** A. at thii I ?0??, ?hli Mitt aad refifucei _____ j riIRN18BAD ROOM* TO LIT W\ IN1SRKO KOOVI X/ to let. * i'h or without hoard. Ml No. 701 Urvitlway, out 1 4c?o? fioat Fouiih nireot. l.itL?r |??.rl??r au<i led moui, %>t | b?4i-rm>in alone. Titma ao^tratt, rofcre??*? cn>?aoy<t. IJlliMSIIKO .il'AHl HKNTS IS IRVlN'i Pl.Al'E.?A .r.lto of olccnutlv I -'in; of front 1'arlor. LHriait Rauu, ami HoiImmhi. on tho flr-t fl<?< r. Al)?. Ilnrmhi* Bnlrum i > IU th rj iluur, mil bo lit 10 K?> tl''.T?n. Apply at Wo. tf> Inlnn I'laoo. _ _ _ j \\1 A NTKD?i>' IA K l? KOSi A liKN I I r.*l N b H W.. F. " hiother ami ii.tcr. in a family, m Ho upjur | pari of i bo elty, wo.t fMe of Broadway; would pr 'r>ir * ? <lt i f r'limi npM >'? floor, with pirlor Ad.lftw J. IS. S., box j lower fcHu'e. N"Be but private fAtaili 'S need an*wer. MIIPFI1IU, 1JOK OHAHLKSTON?Tilt I'. S. U t IL 8TB l"d < 11 P ' MH IUi.RM II. ( awl. 11 ll-.ny, will leavo fj. r N >. 4, ; 1 North lutir. ou, IZth in.t., at tun o'clooit. A Vt . I i | r. . Iv All L.Ila if laJln* flini ' I v thn cl?rl> on r.otril. I V ,.r li> i^lit or pa- iv ?I ply to ol'UI Ki'UU. TIIUTON k I C.I., Ct Ktr.i t. 1/OU UaVaNA, Mtv ORLEANS AND CHAlillfi*.? ' I Mail fttr.. iiial.ip Ulili.?Tim I'bltcil Stai** U All !*! llil.tiip I Compaay will duepe tab tli? new or ! ?;i|<!iou? atoein ihi|> Ohio, on 'itbr.iiav, 2?lth, i>t I o'clock, J*. II., Irun t'e pi?r, foot ot IVnrtm urut, Nor*,h Itivor. unl-r cvnlub'. il if Livutoi.ant J. S?. SichrLdi I;. S. Navy. Tho Oiiio will\ty the flovortiiiient mail* and p??Mriscn to tot I ; I mii.c at> a Skier* flow 1'i'iawa to Calii irnit I'l.o ?Uc, ' aliuUKih, auii power of tho Ohio, aru far key mil thi.ic of any ?.* ? attoat, biin?3,!Wi> t..n?barili: i. with I ipinor <K iiM? <n?ii.oo of 1(1/1 tiurtr |>ow?r. I'a ? .i- | *i r? by tliia ali.vmar k*(? II bMUtgo* til wlat/ ul W*' !, i not to k? toll on any mu ot'huiur iimanit a liatl. ' cr(ir?. Tho aiiiiii?iuki. .? for '.he nmnlurt ami von.v^i.Bt* I of tf a pn..?tor<ir? ?ro on th nmot libcnl jjal??in lur ?pioi u* a*Won. uiiil well ??iililai*4 oibm. .in<l a ?U rwui, I 1 all tLt .I'orani.uc.a of a firr.t**. hotot iroti Infnoud. rmju. an i. .tk* ur r : to viiAuma ? j Sta*. Kooci Nril, alt.r (H'leMti. Hul* itoum li?iih. lorMuril aaiooii M ** t in r iu? kiortb, f.'im.l io L?il?, anil aopirato tin a* ii " !Ai|i|ta. I.a;r*ar* >ll.??l. I n il lit Aoatl p>r f ?oi. ?T<* ? *??(; ?? v U: b" Irntlltrrnl. at Now Oil<u.??, to tho well knn* n 4onb)o on^lrw *tmmjl)ip Tali in. Li'-'iu ll*rt(tenr, (* H N., n niman lcr. ai.rt pi i??d illroct OOlitilH, i KirvDorrAiuiiit ruMW "Wi.?. ?mi ? mi wa r an ?. . Sia?o Kmiiti t crih. aft'r ?! i n, to N.w Ofl.atJ .. S7.1 ft'H. j I lt*l? Intm ktlli, liiiiiuil.l* di? Ill '* 8m?a foMti liar'h, "flcr do to IltYank... ... .. " Itfja tmn (.rtt. for* Art in d I M " I relrlit to New Orli no? 5'i caet*fi r onlila foot. Ail ' for pAoiA'c Biuat h? piwnr' ' ?' In. noi# ?t-h* i|,,.i,v. M. O. ROU kit I S. Ih Wool .tr. it Tlif Obfo w III lonrc Nrw York ?t Wrnnt ynymni).:*I l*r WHaMI'KOM NSWV?>*KTtn ill rl?.H4i;i>\?, HIST , O imlia lilan < 'r*a?nf t'o'pmti a. Bn .ila. N.? itftxin, I YntCm MM I IMti.h Kujral *?4? HMftiohl* I I " till.l H a.lorn " ( liTI?.*l' Wall fcnnan nil till I/v-r ,i ! | *4 n.w I - r* lua,) CUT? J iiin i. 4olio, ooi.iiu.n.lor. aili , ' li|.oli?r ?rcln.raoa, i fi till- IM.-.IOIJ, prrrtcly at noon, on Tl or. i.? MM, . ' ' rt, l'a., -nj?.-? onitiukin< It N<w V?rkiin at tnio ' uro p.*'.i,? tiiroii,.*! t<i any { of tLo ncd.rici ntioscd tlactj. *. o'Jcr itii*ulu|0 if th? | a n.o company birwt ihiCmit ?> " ? at all foln'i *Inn lU rottia il itr.t, i * ftit In thr cs,?i* of fM jngars i ir Ua 1 Cva; ?arr<l i'ii n t avrllo, * honrr i arr'rl on fr-ti ?t. T'i ?I n*.'in a tMlltijr * ? ?'. App ifatlor f.^r p'-?'*o my ho n rid* t?- tho a-cn'?, MnitKkd, I'lrtlfi * t o , 11 <tono I otirrl, N?? T?ik i nd 'orfw* Will to* all 'tail nfooriltiit tn |l prl'rHy ?f ?nnh sppllfatinnr but ll <i f* *''<* "> i"7 m1"* ri< an MjltD, htlrtt, ?n< 1J11 ir'a.*, and *11 rn'inil tlli'tr it illtf , l.ln* t* par, d.mlil un at f I t 3>i, and .ral rat.ntat $4 Th i |lka?a rial tail. tlia (*' * to?a<?h. an 4 i n-rn* -*4 of day? In tlia \i; j?-? liuai Siw V >rl., ara >' ii lluat, Tta ? Ta I( Daya. Tn D'.lla Daya. Aatiraa !"' l''? N*"ia W I') f??l.<w1f>a 1^ 13 4 >a<l? . . ..... .IU> II I>iwnda t ) 4 I'.rto <'at*llo... ,l'? Vi'j U'noa'i I <> I'trlo R .a >S II 110 1^ Nt J iso da ?'ol?a. ,l?9 '/I I f.iakhda 1.11 l( HI. I.UU !??? II fjuava>aupa 'I \ Ht. I "fl? IID I II loo ii M. Tliomaa ., .. 71 \ JarB.fl I'll 2'i l*t. Viaccat 1*1 1.1V 1 I Jinai't H" I"1* r?m;?o IT'I 71 I Ii Cuayr* WO II , T ban J* 111; M?r*ir?.|ia 110 Pj Ttrhtt KA !? / J'> l?X Trii.lla<l Ol It I M< at-nrat !'? II Var* rcr ...... I7tt il filt aartantr, nr.e!alls f.mili ? rtmii l*?.(! 'it* iuilcr-> cndac t'ira?y?ara, lra?i a>v>? thraa ao4 uadar *a*>( ?Un ? ?! ? ia4 aadoc tarlra. IU-IhIA ul M<?a mi ?l|Uli n( fall l?r?. I" man,ara -?ra t" >'n- ; it aa<)iT la ta fa toaid atkualaa baur bifif the ?p?>!nt -J tin?. ?r u?> ii n. , L'OK *ATAf4NAI!.-l'. IMIM.I \ *.-tr fit T IT ?0" ??"day at 4 o>l?r>, f. II.. fitrn pl?T Nn I l.K T><? WW >I?H wi riiriWlM an 1 TBI S K ! f ! . , T'.. TK!?MH<l|ir.. Carl. O'a, * cdr -.i? ?. IJ K a-r. Tin . rtimoKKr. ?*rv l.ran, Ua-lra?<.?r P.h Aart.ta. I'af , ft. i?ht at paa?v. arp'y ta ?. ?.. MtX^WTIf., W rm*?L r?f aprrtafcr n-rtda. Me\ .a. a-.l N?w <?r. ir. *11J ihittiu tia a tut*'. <:?M!a aaa f r ; cd and , COfc.f. i!. M pan !.mvr- >. tia <-|Minr.?.-TT?s a i ! F rll?p?f C<|.r?r I krk fl 0*1 It Ai, C. H!?rr, If. Ur, I * 'I htrt .|?lrk . p"*aS r r ' ' ? T??a I ? Fljr" 11 h?< if ? i fl ?l U!i*? 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Un in mini if t'.e niuJl J aIf.h natnre har ti<,r|.:?d fr.r !nr ?l. 1 #i, tad V'HaM'-oro j y > ?? r. .la.r.l to tin h a f..rn t' fco trltMa fja iea h af VI. I | Pat ??lrfr..tnnt tota-i.fT.Hhlh.r- wna tft ff-.i.m -al-h | B tl it at aful dietaeo. i?n(f?ri?* v>u ? tt o*lf, -Ij ?-l a*1! j h j"? :r. rtlt or-hi L? rrprt r-nt ?n .. f Cut' ?li rl-V I ?ei??tro hy >nirt.| aad p?-a?iary MMirt", lot wt *!? . ?.ni i f, lb? d< lihrntt of mm a't'e ra-Wt i-?(i ? 4.'? |. IhJ?leltn? that Wi.'ar'r Bo'ra"! of Wild C ?tTf h it r? ? y. Irred fi.r i? ?lf n t-pwttti * tv>* -innM It f>- fc *a. A. Phow. at ? oal.'aith.C.. wi rtod atil 'f lb' data a of Hit I, I'W a* " I i a m hennl of mat.r iKM of de. M?d ka?? I?l ot-ta ( firm It* are, rifclalljr la attlima. ant r'irtalt r iiijh of ? apaanitdle ohara'.r. I have ?w<t The ail4 a'.rrij a . Ml it f pal in f.rtoite*. ar4 ? lih m < rk'-J . "4 r?*a it I* i'i >? " t n of treat i irm'i nihility ?ad Irr taki i f. t? *h,- i phth el- ?i na> inlinti are ?ni j e\ Iliitana,1 aSl it It lb# )<-? t-r*% t ifc ahleh tha tlft- ti af yro '-il? a<l' m i) ' kij vtnlj lt" oa th? n m Ita-lm ailhoitt daa<*t "f tin ptlleot. Eroty H on???o t th? reputa'l a of tl <! tt.rii ttlj- ?rd eoa- J ttltna't '? trntraeted pon?*t. TV? r*nYna'lon if t*a -a v jrit'lfi'r.. m Wlatar't Bal ?ir. nf Will Cherry It iayral'MH * ami ladlr Inra, ' ?e1l< al men or* Jn?t'y tf rt'-t' ?? l'-l?i?t to < rriteral, hat eardcr antt JI.'Timlna; h^'w.'.n outr'- *"" ntmt.?ft an I nnrtrnir*. .iTt<l lh'>?e m??llf!not *bi*\ na*-. 4<i |t"?e? rnfu'ary, ant In maar ?o'l nt'ttto-1 ??ta. enrttWo. ' Naao (emtao, aolota a{iii-< I Tat a on tn^e f^r aj i?l? tkilmli and r tall, hr Me??ra \ H f?. tWijn, 100 Fill to ttr?ot i-om?r af William ?71 reoa<1a??. IrtlnT P' faililinc. <-?raer of CttmWr* ?lr?nt; William R'e^.-r, M th Cortlar dl tteo?M aad hy tl, > Uratritt- Ktaorall/, tiromh>-it iKt I >i td luitt aa4 t'aaad*. Niwmr.oirAi.n o ? mn.rra PR*uriCAL work, oa th? n?-are aad troatm? it ef prieata die.a^. t, f t'rittnrta. aad all kiadrod nf mo ar iwy at to at aa lllottrafd h? a Rrett nnmker of kotitifnll* aolorad plafoa, tat lar*a an l.ra. Hj H- mrr Roatwlnk. * " , >r}t iitrm, w Vir??f>, td tdltlo*. |?ri?a flti Ktirait fmai th? Kit>?a Modioal and S ir*i?al ?' It mtf h" ??'d. foarl?o?lr. I' to h? t^aal tt Riaord'tnr Antna'a *ork oa tta tamo fa-a ly nf ] P dnettoe. and far ?nporl' r tn toy thint of tht kind tiar p-ifc- ' W hahod ia th.a onuatry. Prl?? |Kl A-ithor of a work oa : Ir Aoaiiaal Ltsiteiont lmpot?a?y. Me.. oanao4 hy Improper I kahiu. Poarth Bdlt<oa. 14 p!at?a. Prmetl. F?r til? at tha I trPnhliahtre, Btrtncor k Taaattmd, tO Br<>a4*?y, aa4 bj ht "> Author, m Iraadaay. ' U ?????fc????u AMUUJUSHTI. OOWIBT TBBATBE.-T. S. BAMBLIN, PROPRIB9 tor; >. B. Sutui. Stag* VkUftr -TmiIu milu rpt. Iltfc, will U aeiTJ lb* play of TUB KING OF TUB OMMONS?Kiag Jmw (. Mr. J. Wallaek, jr.; Sir Adan i'elr. Gilbert: Oaor?a Walr, M Smith; Metooita Young, Mearlaad, Laird Small. Wtnaaa; Mrdaline Weir, Mr*. J. WaJi?>, Jr.: Widow Bart**. In Broadley. To eoaclude with la haolical riiaaia eatitled the MU N N Y AT TUB NORB? irhard Parkar, Mr. Siaraaa; Jack Adam*. MoParlaad; Joa iley, Barton; Mary Parkar. Mia* Wamjaa; Molly Brown, n Berbfrt: DaaiaOrnnaa, Mra. Broad ley. Door* epea at If. turtala riaaa at 7>? e'elock. HlANKKAI'8 NATIONAL TUBATRE.-UVBWI AND J Proprietor. Mr T. S. Chanfrau.?Tuaaday erening, Sept. ih. the aterlaiamente will coameaoe with tha dr?ma of l>N AT HAN HRaDFOKD? Dar Macraiaey, Mr. Radmoad >aa; t. alrb S< riinn a?a. C Burke: Jonathau Bradford. Croek ; Ann Bradford, Mra. leharwnad; "ally, Sutherland. Aftar hlrh tha f.raa of IN PI,ACB AND OUT OP PLACE?Mr. nnatlllona Etiquette, C. Taylor; Mile Adelaide, Mr*. C. Meaiy?r. To conclude wlthiha POOR SOLDtKIt?Patrlok. Mr. Hiniltoa; Dai by Burke: Kathleen, Mr*. C. Mot ayer; Nurah, lea Lookyrr Bniei, S3*; Pit, 12),c. Dooia open at 7A? aloek. Curtain will Hm at before 8 o'elook. Lf ITCUEI.LS OLYMPIC TIIBATRE.?WaS DA Y EVE "1. ulng, Sept 11, the entertainment* *i!l e immenea with ir resile 'ratra eatitled COUSIN Ctl KKR Y?Sir Chariot ernoa, Mr. Palmer ; Coaala Cherry. Miaa M. Tavlor. After hicb, BRITANNIA aND BIHCKNIA?Sir Patrick O'RaUh. Mr. Wuleot; H. R. H. Prinra ?H?rt. Mr. Conoveri uern Vlatorla. Mil* M.Taylor. After which, the operetta Hilled NO, or the lilorioue Minority?Fr-deriok. Mr. T. Bibop; Sir Ceorf;e Doubtful. Mr. Palmar; Commodore Burriira. Mr Mel it,?o>.; Andrew. Ccnover; Maria. Mita Mary avlor; Lkdy Doubtful, Miaa Sinclair. To eoa'tlude with the ,AW Y?l. a I'KAI IH E. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM.? P. T HARM I'M, Manager and Proprietor; J. Ureenwo-?d, Jr , Aunt nut Imiier.- Orand Qalaxy of Aitraoi ion?? Jnl. ndld Perf irtn h* Manager ha* *nj;B((ed, fur another weak, '.he oaorinoai loa t'onlrktor. and iht Isritoet llvln* \n? In ev*r eipurcd alive Tfeae wcnJerlnl reptiles are oenurcd in a *tron* rou'ce?e, ^and em he inn It nil hours, day and evening. I'hat hvjte mnniti-r, the I've mammoth CfModll*, remain* out teak more. The |>erti>rinauee? in the Lteture Room, the recent week, oonipriae an aaununl vmJ I) of brilliant enterall meat*. cnusiaiinK of C'.nile DeiinWtioiia, Laughable Veti to. Uuui p'ua *k?tehee. fcc., under the direction of th* ieh hrated Hr. W'en..\*H. Also ?nzage<l, I'ota Morris. Mr. lae y ttcrrjtteld, Menrs. < lark, K>*e, Warwick. Hu,;ir.*. and Jrlapierre, Mir* St? Impo, Mian Itarun, Hnd Mm W>st. tlto, on txliUitlun, and iuhv he ?een at all hr>ii--?, Wai Seiipure auii Timi^ram? Statuary. OUnt and t?:autm, liockwc'l. tic Ftr* tint Teller, AdmU.-i >n. ?i oouu; ihi dree i.n<!*r lit yea*". I2>y eno'n. f lONCEK'fft EVP.RV EVENING, AT f.YVCH'j COXvv r?rt Mall, No. 2V llow*ry, l'*tweeu Stanton unk Riviug1.11 streets. by a talmtoJ company of ii<ht [Krf?na?fi AUmiiann d'4 >en'a. I'erformane* to euiiiiioni'* at '4 past 7 istlj. Fur list of company, fcc., *' I. 11 < of'i l?o day. J. I.VNMI. Proprietor. HKUiOAL. TJ. BOUPl", DENTIST, UAVINU RF.TI'KVID TO the city prepared to rteoinmonoe the du'iosof M* profusion All r/itklluna on tho tivth pjrforiuud at tn* sine n "derate rar< 1 as heretofore publish)-.1, and warraimd jor lw )?tn?fjh lt'-aiioay. ________ Sri.rm'r baTUS-fur MDPTIUNS <m TUB Mtiv, Rheumatism, nnd Mercurial l'aina. E. .1. ''ifrolt'a. No. 3 Duivla.v street, establish ol in >. ar? th? only Sulninir Vapor lla'thsin the < i'v. Alou.i with nthur eminent medical gcl'h-incu. who lire then in the'r praslu-e, they si* In,(My recommend .1 l>y the Dra. llott. Sloven*, Bi*nev?n. Smith and Hi on. Dr. ro<*r.ll, o i ,i\u tru-r, ins jnsr imported Artificial Ewe, which can !>e inserted without II.e (lightest lain, and will in te like tha na-ural oyc. Dr. Powrll attend* as usual to diseases of tli-j Eye an.I Ear, at I), barren street, roruer < I B>oadway, v hero cau be lR.d hi* " Tr*?ti?? on tl.e Eye." prtcalO waU. REMOVAU-Ha. WUtll.lK. OTLI*T (LATE OF 29 (!ri 'ii w ich *tr?rt), r-"|ieetfullv apprif, > me puhlic Eci trail v 'l atlie l<>> rtinoved bin olTice and resilience to 2S liarelav lir a', wbire he will devot* hiiu?eU t.i t!m '.ru .t.nent akd *\.ie of niseu'ea of tli* e>?,aad ti e Insertion of e>ca o< a interior iu*mifaotnre, mid w'er* his nalvvrailly vfielra'rd remedy f^r Cl.nltrt au<t Ch"l'ra Infa-i' im ru at ail i lllii-a ha prmnrvt. Ott'u o h<*nrs from '.i a. m. to 3 1*. m.; alter w liii-h, out-door pit'*nta ave ?tl*uded. 1 A (W)n CASES or GENERAL DZBIMTV AND H/jUUU ? ant of N?rv"?s Kucr/y. I>r. S. P. Towna< ud's Sar<aparllla iuvi^mate* the whets av*fm perm in itlv. 1 o those wh* kave lift (hair muieu'ar (ner^y hv the* of iscdiciuc or indiacretion *nmmitt I ia yonln, or tb* oxi'i"Mi* indulgi oeo af the paeci'in.i, umi bronchi >a a general | hv-'Iral prns'rati"* ef tl..- i,,rvni* itide, want of nintiti'.n faatii jt ?cu?a'.iona prc.oatnra dsaay n.i 1 dicl n*. Laoriilrg rwirla thtt filal d.? ". r, l jmpnun, can he < ntii' ly rejt.Ttd by tlr'a pleatto*. rvrntdy. This Mrsap mlla i< fur Mipe-^nr t.n ai.v INViGOHATINU COIlDI kit renew * and invl|(orater t tie avat*m. ni*e* ael Iti y to the 1 c Is, and ktientlh tv tl.e muscular ajiUui. iu a Bvi: e? ra(l<iiiiary de/iee. IK T tl E LAST STAGES OF CON 'IJU l*TIO V. ?ec? ived. Tim ftrnt wi? kindly fo'*ar?IH to 11.1 by Mr t'olv ell, a reepee(abl? rinbiiiiiB of e**e??a|vt pr*of ir?; at OaaeI". New \ tirn. lir wrt>?*atiie h iwrlarm* t?i n?ar?y cnrrt, -tn4 llio bet U?r it ia i h i in ?re it in *pprti iMtd. Has letter cat be Mt u At wks nlltvl, 11 any ?i*b lo lift It. Run Om mi, D.?fi?ui*er 10, Ivf7. Pn. Coi.Wic! I. - P'ar Sir: Thij l? to e?r ity that I hart I ? n bitk a n muter i t > ?r* t\ tin tlia confoiMplion, and nut th* Mil iHvmrr I wanaoluw that try friendsM10u4.1t I emiM ???t live hut a * *-ry *l?*?rt time and l.y y??ut vieio?\ % iakint theru ere j?*t a H?pe I 11, I eoinn.ot? ? I taliac Dr. Turn leuri'a artaparili*. * bich ioau ga v* id* r? li?;f. I *ro # 1. uer fax* while 'khiiK !' ? Sareapaillla, t? I win *?<? able l* h? ab.ut the l>*?*e and dototne worn. 1 ?? my mr??v?ry tl. m fur, to the na, and believe th\t it ?aved n?- front the crave If joe cheo?e y< u may f>?rn?r?t Hii?etaf.< meat. to l>>. Toaiifi nit. M r.?. M \ K? A l%P. i Ml \l.sVnn \l2. t* e, the i*ikI?1 ^ a*J?iU4iute?l aith Vie. Ariaitr >o%, tni knew tie ubo\e te be trim. S \ K III J\\K?IKVr>R'<H<)S V.ijzahk.1 i kvt, KMZABtT.I il a Ul.EY, MAKV COON. HK*!<1NK. Pi. %. V. Teaneeufe HaraawlU ia * ?.iv%rel n ?>t-i l^.Jy cure f?r irrlpti'bt * ' i?enui| t on Rirretin* *, l'r?lii|a,*a( ' ri. ?-r future of tKe W?<inb, C???iiveu**e, iI?m, l#oUiui. r ? or Whites, ol>?t rnftrd ? r difficult H * n at r nation, lne? fitinene* ?r Urine, ei into!?u.t*ry riiaeharffe t.r??*rr.?f *n?l lur the ?r . ? *? i r< KrtiioB i f (U M*i?in*io BitMtr w? ?-r ?;?e ?^ rf tefeerent e*tiao>r eeu-tee, ??r? <iu<h> i by iir u" licit/, uiu?m ??r acritfeat. No'hiunrnn 1-e tr.? re ?urpri*in.' thau M- Iitri^ra'lnfr r<J en the humthh luoif. I'eie.>ne ati r ? ?> i I * |? rrU, in iu t aVfng it at otue I.* com* rob a it ??i I lull of euer,*; ?*n!?r ltd It i*j3 1 ila*rl> thf n'rrlwm^M af the fv^ili fr> tor. * l?iel? Ip tl # ff-nt ra? ? ! baer??Mi? It a ill rvat I ? *|> -e'e*! uf. la e?% a?"i*liaV? '.* ?r% ta exl 4KH rert^' e*^ettr* - f?? rfir-ml. ? t tr? e n a t?c ata.etrd, that 1 raire^e i?*a*a h^va l.eea -I t/> ci. Tb<jn#uule ef wt.vre f -tl ? liaie l?ea *ttM??#4 e!iil'Ti?n ?f r?ue'rf a faw !?. 'niuabia n?j1, .% h?' a b***u tliw t4 v ! ? ?*, 1 Ain y p injj 1.1 Ki ?. Kfei'ib 41413. Vcu a !.a Uvt plK c?.??1^! xlt.ftf, tiul' e^ .r.. il >t' -. %n 5a thl f?<?.r?a|li %kt? nr ff?c4'.^a uu.l ar* "(.r ' p?rli4," Mi a l<btlla af ti ? f Pr S 1*. T * r?ct >.' ^ * t 1H. !' ?.ll elcarit ytbt Mood. rt'.*??re tba fr?vhl?? <? . 1 bUtal.M. in *. ^ivr )i s dH'uiUir, >mi1ud? a>tt, lira Waatlful a.*> n*p1 r at. at! ? f arM*.!. ale af im ^maa t"!'? i itairrUl 1 ai> . 1 !:*mtM> ei:?i tVn*a? f 'viai1** *u d I ? . d*.d a' oi'i tl ev*?. ara n<? # la 1 en^oj .wrat ?.? x'? ? it % a'r t tli4a re* ???ly Vitb% | kl ?" t .2 4* as an 1 c? t. a 'r?. J' rtla!?a laltH ft reel 1% ra>? r*> ? e^upi--4 b/ tlm *1 Q ptUt thutt'i. DHHR. ? t>N V w III WO? i? tbe wr.Iy aTfcr*e? u? aad i 1 tlf oe!'^ i itt*! re/ far a? Biibal at alt beta. Is pet euro, uj? (vrnal en-.Lt 2 .nx, arh!i 1 *ra II vkx.t* rnJ r<;.t.i'?i lt4tk *H r ?J J . l "3. n s cf b? 'jr aud fwiaU e?ai?*>l by la | i fw?r rafr*^ l t?.lta af yaath. Tl??ae ttr!? tHu hh *'f th* la<v^ fr??n> phy ?*e#l ?->a r tl t it? r. ti 1 i? Km batiK i la HtOr b"oka, xn4 tn? pill*, piatle. nanipirilUI, at-4 a'-etfiiaa, ar<* ?4 mm ata In t>??ee ? ?-?. ran! if %oti a >ul?i be r?Jia\*U. procure thl< oor l ?l. If ia t'a oali MBviior af ht/f * f ?r 3 on. It ha^ rvfnrr I irea t ' !< iff ami bafpfrera. '/a ban It .1 batl'na f ir fV 1 ,tn?e Viiw T?ilr, wl?*r* tl-a fleet ?r Jc eot?"?llei! ]Nf' na lily, "r ly letter, p?H arH tM Cnr<lflal o^?a?n?4. a ?4 I fid I i^anypartof the eanatry, N. 8 ? Invj-ittg'jt ad?i';-j f ? tha iriribr'i wi'boni ??ffaprlag, end 'h?re f l mt to n.arry 1 ?? of phyal^al inal lllty. Aid* for r-?; !?v J. O. r.y, Ui I ul'cn ttrrti, tl?rr, Ann BnlMIn*?, New V?rk. In i-KivA'.r. p^n-i.) * rjv.i.x oi.\s,;r. ei\' l?? T>r t" r T *J' ?*' " f?>Un* 1 j ail U.* <IU?ia? *t di??p?-in,lM I >1 a llLt' I- UibJ i> '?m!l lr ...Tj (IU t 41ttiif, aro i:i.rrrpi.^a4 by an> aver d anl I?h4 tel r ll.? ? <!< oo? < f tl <! .ranla^t Ii|m<i?k? Tft?' hr?f?<J bjr ill* to ?rfIljiia, j| l.i?p . Ml< lUHi.o, tli ?t ?cv th *1 Oas-u. Ai'.r?r-T sirr'it'AUD ir,".<r yiTAc::nKr: T?? UrdiPal QsMc, bjr ?t. (!7?>.r. '1. 0. ti IV m il ift'i I ? vrk 11 th? klcd " r i-r,J ?o tin i m?r'rt B r?.Mi?. llfiMi ?a4r"rpi,i.a nfaTI -jt. 4ii w ??. It r:r ?-,t mvrir ?f esrn kt. I >f It.ut oi'.hnKlf i > t tiiaki*2 tl<i vatiaai prtpt'i'ui.j uifl fa li .'tr*i:t(atJ it eirtfc'l'iilk.J vithM f.ilh?,xr.;?hic pW .. W lit, th. r,? <tate- uf thla war* tn ry rr?a ?an tr^ ?t Jt III'- f. ? > !' '<y ?ti!a**T It T ?n- n't, Xtt, r trur ilAra at.; a' tl a l>rn( at?ra, <i ('anal t.; aa4 ><] <. .* mthor. N.' ? (- >.w !* n. It) Abi tt., ? u?(? L? U cuatilMd < til d ?#? t! ?r? rr.Vrsad to. OH m?Ml!0.1 13 COXflDSNTULLT COJ?3fl.T?3 en ! !! af ft dalica'e ftato-a. A pf iat|. a ?t ? |r,f? atal.ftt him ft <*nr? vlth' at r^rafti ?x/ to J i? ? 4.ja. M<> f.? till ?nr* i. Strleiirti ft!il>tiaiat! riikW?? Ir'triaMy ??r-a. 9a? L'l Lc>i?a D.j>! .-o?, is k;? (f f". r?U?n nn. JOf*Kn?NtlnD*AN8 HTHKIT.SO VKMKKOITX la Um ina*i?ii "f Idlf-ata <lwun -T^? ? rllkln frr tklll la th">aa Mlf -nrtl < :?? t: at hayaat'n*/ r ? "vrt It ft* CaatVltaManal a?ak??aa. In' j'.i r. r j ft habik affa?*c Wly uraA. Baaant >m? ?n? I la m *?f?. nlfiOOPIt. u nCA??* Ptnrtr, ha*. r<>* tiii 'til f"art-?a f?ara. roaifta* hit fr*a?laa la tat l>Mtscat tf mtrauii*; atd othar dlaaajmt cf a lali'ltl aatnta ? 14r an gura iba ???! atjcra?* ' ?.?.? a< 'ft 4>aa*aa 4 n il 'Maa raa.ataj iatwa va Ira ufi. A mm, ? a* MM _________ _____ Nocl'bb ho i .mrtui PLicirn.or ?ooi.d ttraat. la ao-iM-atiftJIj eaaaaltal aa all I >naa of friaata lltr*aaa. M?.*(a: raws af ao-ianba* ha furw la * c u> fast l?j-a. Coaatita la bill tf ?*l lr fiiaaaf tac "Mfel f ?U'I b> If- W. No miratirj aaal la aa; oil. at hialracaf to?? bw?'?<?aa f*f?>a ftn? t a. m ?!", I*. tf. I ? f |. M I'll. ? T . k . I" aa't Tr?atlta." > a.. *" firaaaalal at- O* -a haura, lalZA. M.,Cla 1'. M , (ftualaf aict| W4 ) Tr.oH a^a M>'T 'n thafaalf t'a-aa ? II ?t aurtwtaA at M* rap.luy ni l.tUt lb i attatanaa altaa^ia# ifcaif rata. It la aaiar. ?ha?a alio ha*a ntf raij fioia a aart >ia al*aa <>r aaala, ?hn'?a praprlj a|<pr*n|ata kin ?<r?lfa? la atria'rra, r ia In lra?. rr laaif>|a?t. * " sta a<|raa < ?a^ llatra*t ala???. (fr.ti uat nn-aa a l?aata.,-aa *i I a aarj axbaatira i .? a.) ka taa atari a ni>tl, ?' / in! r*4l? il r jra. vbta>i, e far ft' ?ad? fi.r I'atiri <*a ha afetaJaal from aa athav art la Aaiarlaa. minai. wftknf- . nrnn.iTV. a. tiii om.v a um ?r?v ?K? ?n-l < t ra, Hli ?'?inl laralaaM -ai.triatl> ?i ?a iraatart Ml"* *r ?alf |?<1ntl*a, lmjartaaao, At . It iaUln?4 tn IT. Na'pVa rraatii'ftl Krivata Tr?i'i.?: mi>| , l?l?, It *?4 af tfia autUr,M(in?a?i,'li, r i| at I r.a Para**. ^ ____________ I'bK NARRIVD PRITATK WflfCAL COM* faaiaa. If I'r. A. M Maarloaaa. halwat af l>ia? .nt Tari.-n. t?i?t?' lania.. pf *10. film |L ??0?IU >taaa aaU la at* tanaaka. i?r?af aa'afioi. ?f fbfal?al anl M tiaaf ' t tfftttl?l>a*a wtfa. ?.? ) t?"tniarT Aitti- ulilra ta ("a h?n..?4, k?\ a liaoa iraraAI 'Vtnaia p >r r?iM Itara ?<i I Mil a'>atrat*?ia i vfa..- i? k?-i-1. ? jj 1V > uaj-l-d 11 ; n?*ia Holrgrxmb*** 11 *! ?', f ?f *M* w?t* It l< (if ?!? n?rrH ?r tho?? ? < ?t?ia lif* Kn irt ?< it rttfrlrxM nt>'rt?a' Mm WhMk ?tM k*n ? V> II r<w"-"ilArlf T- thM* *>"? *< i'mw ?f > rmimtt mt on v-r**r? ?f fa- , i\f. It la -t tf?ra. ?t?ry ?wlfa, ??i? n^Nrr. > <*?*)? i < ? ? W'M'nT t??4 ? !? ?&?> 1, ?f ?h? tH>9 In % >! 4aflt*e ol I ?f>, <? wlirm av.??? ?"???iwp'a??? ?n j??? ? ?? ?# . ay??n?at?? > < t>i? naM | r?< ? . aa4 <^r? ita n*4? af earn. la artry ? Mrh fc#r ta ?nfc*M>t. ???? itl? #i m ???*< * ?. tl)4 at tl|a P iSIIi^^j (H)"*, l? niTty ??! ? . H.T.t Litth* .% r t ^ H <>t*i?, r-wi : r II l'?t?r?nn. * a?r??*. Ph?ii<1f'pr??i illlam ft . R*l'laior?s J. R R*aaa<?al, ff?? Of. tut: J B rakK?4c?, h' tmK. f>a f?Mi rrn iftt ' ?l, ?IH t* %w **<l | ?nir*i,?t?miM?i.l ik* Utlwl *>.*.. All fa???n mlk< a I p->?? ? <?. M IW A V H i i*. h?* Kurt tin. (/AnW Ubu't>.mi MwrannvrnmaMMMMLV whmv On II. Tkwu CanMpniidciiM. St Thomas, Au? 31, 1M9. Th MmrktU?li'lMliM ?/ A 7t?as? T7it CUmmtt mtd AH klnda of bniiMM in quit* dull here at prMtnt, owing to ita being the barrlen* season. It will ao eontinoe till the and of October. when ? expect a brink trade. Ths coffee ud sugar erops at Porto Rioo won mi or so promiaing ad they are this scaup n. There km baaa bat fair Aaarioaa teasels at this port, lately. St. Tbomaa la bcantlfnlly situated on three bills, and contains a population of twenty thousand, four-fifths of wbom are black. There ia uultn an extensive bust* nrss dose hare la the aourae or the year. the importa amounting to abont $121X10 000 Vo-t. of the goods that arrive hare are entered for exportation, ana are sold to tba adjacent islands and tbe SpanUh mala. The bouses are mostly built of yellow atone, and are quite open. Tba olissa ? ia delightful, and we always hare a line, cool breeia, b? t from 10 . M. to 3 P. M , tba son is Tery hot. 1tie aoclaty in ft. ThooiM la very good. We hare H lilt' a mixture of French, German*, Danes and J?w?i I'matHiis Aeei?i?r,-A dreadful accident ocaurred in Baltimore, on Satnrday. on the oocaion of the launch of tha l>?rk Southerner. Owing to some unfurt-neu cause, the ?ea?el atarted a few in >mouta before the anaug> uienta were completed, and whilat one of the haul)*, ruined (ieorge ooper. was under the way*. 1'><? unfort cnate mao. finding the had atafted. endeavored to extricate himself from hi* dangerous position, but before he eoald d<> ao. one of the large In dtiuibvrr, In dragged from it* position, caught bin If ft ami, crushing aud mangling it in a aaaaner truly horrible, l-'rom the elbow down the II .ah was a* It were stripped elf' Notwithstanding his frightful wound, the poor fellow ro?e t > III* f-et and walked ont from the confused n\.v>? of timber, lie i.a< immediately fonvi yi d to bii residence, in Oongh ?tr> at, where the rjusbed arm w?i enipii'ated. above tha elVx* the patient bearing the ojh ration with g oa' fo.-ii'uda. Mr. <o? per i? a yonug man. without faulty When last btard trom, be was thought to be iu a rerjr critical tltuatiou. CITY THAUK KEPDItT. Munuav, Sep', 10?2 P. M. The marfcet l? heayy fur ti >ur an 4 ilio demand moderate; at.cut 1 .''to to -l 000 cliaBged htnd-i including tew Michlg-iu nt 44 a V> 60 au I romraon to Mraljht brand* We tern and S'a'e at j> li1, a$5 37)?; Southern Dour in without nliang" lu ryo Hour the tal;'* are GtO bb'.s. at f3, nliich is lower Mml Unnoted t. 8ft, with rale* of ??0 lihli l'lvr? i- n<->thi -ig d dng ; in * heat, and pries arc In favor of the buyer. Ujm ia I 6'J a tV)ie , without falea Out* are lower, and selling ! ?tf 4lc., for new and old. In c >rn tljrre it a fair demand, and we notice p?l?? of loono bushel*, inelud* ii g u.i.xtd Western at f!>>? a 01',c and lotind y?llo?, vklrb in qu'ted ut 6.'lc ; Hat yellow 1m ([noted at a r?n'* A?ii?a are better, with Hales of (.bout 60 bbla at SOal !4 a f.0 ?7 for p>t- aid $8 411 ?? ."(.I for p< aria Cotio? i* quiet. prices ooiiliiillr a* bi fore Pant lain**. - Small aal-a of me-* pork at $10 11 I a flti 60. lleet dull al. fl'J a tl? gl.ard 'ir-u a> d in go id I demand: eate? nf 200 blila. prima at C,c. Wiumicr i< lower; 200 bbl*. Ohio ?old nt <i\n Moniiav, Sootember 10 -6 P. M. Tin* flour market w*a dull and ntlca verafrom fl.'*" ; a 17 V lowar than at'tin elnan K tn? p ?t *iy|(, Willi uii *l?*i ate demand f?r iiio K.a-twmd h id for tbu Ull?Ub provluei-i. Siu'h-rn flour w:m atnady with llii.lted tale*. Fye Hour and i-n??l aold to a (tlr exti-nt ut al>out the clotiug rate? of Saturday Tkrira wan a considerable lot ol 0 '0?*< <i *'>!d. ait'i a >ui ill piro?l of Sonthirti on term* ktated below. Hye *1? steady at )>i tvlou* rate* Oat? with dull t orn a<<ld to a fair < \trbt. but at prire.4 ?. hicti miro la of biyert. Pork *?< Home firaier. with fair trai* ?rtiirn both fur n ei? and iirtmt D'-nf wa* dull a-.d only aold In !rtall v. ay l.ard tu l.rui with tol irablu (air rale.*. ( hi-aae eontluu?d m.tlve for go >d t<> prime, which wai in uood demand f*>r export. ColTm aud au<<ar* wera aotliu. with mom doiotf l 1m u urual f r tha tlr<it day of the week. uiid at full price* Cottnu *<>ld to a fair nxIrnt. while tlio quota'imi.i if Nat nr lay w?re rather biavy M>h r.oDliuued to arilti d finely; tli. re wa< no cl-ai^ein dry cod. whila mack-rel w. r i h*ary, a-id fair* luaC* on Saturday and tr>-day nt a -marl doolino on pre* ion* i>rirt>? Ami a ?The nit r Vet for pita ?a? aom>? flr:ner, with ra'ea of 40 a 50 bl.U. at $0 87}a a * '; with ??le? of JO bM<i p< arl* 4 4 Bi i ?PiTt-r?* Hfir?The falo* for th? day f*a?h*d n'.out 6.000 a A hik) Mil* In lot*. Ineliniin* xuurnlne aud Hue ?t >a a 4>'i Uk: common staff and uiilad Hlclii*tw (old) at f.6 I 'I }v a fo 2>, ktralcbt Niatn and n?;w Mic'uikhii ut V6 a >."> u* ; pun- item >ee. ftr mta (>uo"?i'n ultli (outturn Obln. at. (5 44 a *5 fll'i; filey Statu aid extra Ohio at f A f5*,V a $& fl7J?: ex'ri (irneim at f. IJi; a ft' .'II'? Of 8 u'liern aaln-. of 2 .0 l?bl?. warn Made at *.'i ?7a 44 fir old llaltlm an I Alaiandiia. *!-H* a $i * : . i r nl4 an I $A nj 1, for aew Baltimore. h'lmtr wa? ateady with aale.tof < l (j tibia at f.1 fVic M'.U Kale? of i.0 bbU Nair .ln>ry wen1 made at fi 1* , ii $3 i.\; llra i'lywine wi.1 lil at 37H- HSal.* ol 4 0) buaht.|i good inn ire w?r? uude at fil 21. and 1 T>00 liu-b<rl? fair red Koutbirn at SI 07 B?t S?U? c.f j .VMl bunhvla al5f?e ilil|iir>d Oili wnr? >o ne ?a?l' r wl'h ralea of naw Mi l tin rn at :C a . and of oM a*. 40 a 41? ; New Jinn at 38 a rule and Southern at 'J*') Otra? The faU? ierch?'<l alx'nt i7 I'co a "JS 000 bualii la, at AO a ill }ir. tar Werteru Billed. Ol a 02c for llat yullo*, and ..laC^^.n for rouud )allow. I'miiM.? The ?al?a to .lay Amount t i 1 900 balna Toe uuaiitlty <.:T?iii>ir haa b?cu very nitturlally inr*< r d within Hi* j>:t t f'-w d?y? yet notaltbiUudinj; , II. a, ilu<n l< no ?pe?ih> ilttrailoi Id prl'M < <111.*? Pali a 1 2(50 bag< of Klo were mad* at 7>(?. i 4 month* and 6< 0 ol lata at 8 n I 1'iaii. ?Kinen Saturday, the r??.'!pt< ot dry nod hire Ii n<< tinted to aleiut 5 I no quintal* moat of whish were pun l.a ed toairlfe Todtyl.100 14-iiutiti wer? aold. lat^'M bunk at fi'i m'i no<1 Ma ;S:er?l t-li uty and xaliM of Ioo*t b:irrel4 w. r- mad*, eklally So. I " ' lkrliidlDK UC) barn I* No l'?. on |>ilrate term* k it | 111 pot, d to be ? ah iut 37 f >r No I s aadatflO f.(- 11 lit for No l!"a V|;t Na*?l *tore? were f*ken for Llferaaol at 18(1., hi.,i haatjr ic'.oilr ?l lua . aud in' I'ur.-m -nt good* W. |? iaW at f >r T.ondoa To llarre, the packet 1 nfilief-tb ?ii gi'iiilj ..lied and wat titViuj; eotion ?t I r>kt. lit. If.- Sal"? of 70 h*le? of Amrriran dew rctUd wera 1 m*de Hi $1M a $17t '.o |i r tfi?i I Vhi' M(? ?'* 3'Ci hMii Wilmlngt">aroi<n a*. $1 li. HrlWrr, | Of ?;trtt*-3>0 hh a win- rep irti-d oa terma I n' t undefntond. R >u*?i wn??t?ady at 7>. | On *. -Til* rilri rrirhfd about 000 t? ?i! >a< Kuiili?li ; eml Aiu<Ti<*ao at 7* a 7*o , which wan an nlnnce. | \. li^lr anJ ?i" rni oil rrn a'i.> d ti<a<>. ?ivli ajji* l-ia Htlti 'JThj,;tuotta.?'Tlirt *alc.? of i>rrk reached ab^ut 3,000 litjm. In<-|u<lln|r n?od me?* a* $10 It a * 10 6?? and ab <ut MO hlilii [>r1ni'< n> * . 7* wttli rmall lot* at il-'J. an<l run p at W?. with *?<ur tn**? at *B &0. Ileef wa? oaljr In m tall demand ?t *li f.o a *i:t for !?> ? Prim# wm nolidnal at fin. Th<>rr wan nothing dola r In cut wata vtirih lep.itlug i.ard Nile* of i#0 bbla w?ra ina l? I at 0),e fir No 1 ??datfl'ln a fir prune flut1 (?r *? uniewhat firmer. wlti a fair bn?!n-M d->lng. at fe a lie. ff>r Obl">. and lln a 1 ic for St*'.* ?.h??wi "a< In go< d demand for etp rt. al 4c aO'je of fU> hose* prli i* to extra were madii a' i'e u Inf-r'f.r *a- doll, while prime wu Id g >"d demand for f> 'lift l'iunio ?Sale* of 'iOO b?f* Wera mvjo to the trade on ptlrale tntm* !li< i ? Sal<** ?f 304) r ? I< * were reprirtcj. w.thia the itriin l{ ?t 37S a ?.J K7 i?. S, i :> S '* t'f 150 kU* flaiaeed w*.re nal-- a'. tl 30 ft'.i) per (!* ,fcJl. ?<l*OKWe r j??4. frc?U >l 1_ ? . I tf TiinoUi) wa? dnll a' tlft a *30 per M-ran. ff. , it - ?The ?al''? rfr>brar>d 1.100 a t iOO hhd*., Ine!i:?iii /1 u>a Vo?e??? ilm nt at-f ut tli* r?t*? <>f Sa'ar| ?! ? New Orient* at M,e tV,K , wUh eoiaa lo*? a hade Metier The ehlnf l'i*? e iu*|.led of t'uba Mn*i i <*''. :;iki box< 11'f lirocu IU?-u .< k?:v . .l i at <\t 1 (lull. ? Tin' tu*rVft oaheary. villi ?Vea of 299 hbl? ri ^ortrd a* 25e Urn Ite w,?.? nonl i ?1 /J. i uf Vi titMt prr li t I*#n i T\U /).<u Hi nr. till* 7>"4 Whl.key, bt>U 2?-. I itr.kiiihd# 12.K*7 A*be?. do....,, 31 V Ik at do HM1 f nt Meat?, d . 4* j ('? ? do fVKI I Vwe boi i , Mool bale* in OitCaka, Uil 'iM ?I ttlUKT? CtliMTHFiRC. TWI K *MJN. Ti i?r>??e?ii? Sin*. M.?f'irit ltr>?ril ? K?th?tt* Peen 'J||*U| ' RillfM'l. * r*re?j|?ant* H?ek. ttlll tloxl ?t* / ?, I..1, *:> * " i . 91 (KWu <? <1; T* ?l .. n, M0; aitm 4". i>.' : ?i'?li?r<? 'i fied ll.nk, til, IJS (I J* Se'ieylblU Na' ?(-i|lea lal>r*?t, to j ?? i n?, Harried, l?r and ^lr*. Nott, of Rorhx-.ter.wer> mat iid at Handi ' k/' Ity, Ohtw. oa the &ih la?t It i will lr rr."ollee*?,l that ?>r II. wa< arreated at Kaah*e f r l? ? 'nrlnf heM t-i hnU. and a-'inlttej on a ehar?e , nf | i/i-oblog thi; funurr hnaWaad ul the Uij be ha? j tarilvd. I i tit J?) wniains PiTH(?ri.nrr???, i t! > U>h y?ar of h'? m? llr r?latl??? nf?d tr\r* In nf th# fe-?llr ail of hl? h nil* U?, Kobt. M. KMd and John U . and Jam-* < r?;dnTi arw rrppy-tfu'l-, i>>*i >J 1at>n I hi? fuaaral, trwn M? Utn No ttt Alt*a itrwt thl? aft*r H i I !?h i-'? i at 4 . -In-k without further 1 li? t< main* alM b? m ?ri*rt la hoevod ?tr??t ?? >?l? l J. ?'n Vindar. 10t|i ln?t. Wn h?m rt? i*r, ?? of Dnnr?n and < a'h?rt?i? Kr>?1?f. la ?l?o IStfc T"?r of hU ay* Ala ft kod? anil a<-i|ttaleUa<-r? ara r?- p-r.lfultf (artI'J !o fttti rid hl? lumral. ihU day. (Ta??lay) at 4 o- -1. rV P M . fr?m 4~4 <ir?n4 atrrat, tnra?r ol Pill, l'f?ont further IftlUM"!! In Rrvoklit ?n tlir luik la?t . Kittt Dccrtia, la tha ?. il j*?r of hi* a^it I1U frlmila rat.rrlal'y of lh? trad* (litltm ) ara f(|U?il?d to attrrd kit lun-thl thU day ai 1 o'clock, lt< id 111* l"t? r??!dne?, 111 lay rtr??t In Philadelphia, on Mi>ti'lkf tbr M lo??, . nf pt a ah?rt iird H ti ra lll&rra of lull im dy nt< ry, Mr Dittitf'aa. mm Man i f llnjlumlos, N 1 , In tha Olat j?? of hia ;>lr < armlcha 1 *n a mm mwt f??a-aVy known ?? mi # xUoilrc ontrartor < u all the liapo-'ant liaproTi-. tprhtt la ?hl? rcautry alo=a tha yrar 1 <?J"> aid ha' laft a t.ama for mrr^y p- r??r? ra?i-?. aod np-'jiMoraa of cbaracNr rcarc?ly riiit?ll?d by any othor i .a'ractorln tlir t nltfd |U laft aa aailaM ' aai m?H cxi-rU?at alh. (Ik? djtiiiht^r of IwMOtli ?" .j of ihl? ally.) aid ??r?r?l pri?irliH| i?^IIJraa ta r.i"-.ini Ihalr l"*a Mr Cariolobvl ?aa a m?a of a m** Stmarolant rharartrr and In ?h"? o?iaitl?a manr >l?n* In OIllUIli b? *?<1 namo??n will i??-i mm t in; in<> !.-? >4 ?!.! good m*? I* bin d??M ho ?*t? ?lri>r >*<'! or* f>1 bop* In bin ( ? tm<t that )> bow rp?t? from hi* labor*, and Ihtt hi* vorlu do l< llew him At Tarry T?wn. on ih? ?(.h ln?t . (at th* r*<ll*ti?<< ?f tor ? >?! Nathaniel b Hollar*, fiianc n<>uM?.) la th* *Mh )?ar of h*r Oa th? ruin*, m rui* 'or ra'i'nroia, !?? 14Ui CHiiiu t. Uii hak, ?t RWicttw, N. Y. Sao* 21 tt ,

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