Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5577. Onr London Correspondent*. London, Au<u*?t 17, 1819 The Condition of England?Tke Condition of ?nropt?Aristocracy and Democracy, 'f., ire Tkese islands are :n a state of real (right, which pervades all the thinkers, and most of the writers and talkers upon the amazing phenomena of th? . .* l' u/..ii ?a >K. States. The systematic effort to keep out the light from the British people, on the subject of selfgovernment, is leas and less successful; and the whole of this despotism is reeling on its base. Socalled constitutional monarchy is hasteuing to iu end; and the distressed and embarrassed state of iti defenders reminds one of the condition of thoae two hundred unfortunate old cavaliers, in wig, and sword, who stayed up all night at the Tuileries to d>ke out the populace, bent on having Louis XV(. prisoner in their large embrace next morning The energies of the people* once aroused, are irresistible, and neither th? dishevelled guardians ot royalty in the last century, with their puny weapons, nor the panic stricken defenders of the same imposture in the -present, with their pens, can breast the rapidly advancing tide. The law of nature bids that tide to lisf?the law of God bids it swallow up, like another lied Sea of destruction, the same unjust and peisecuting horns who have, in our day, hung with board and blade on the perilous but vulgar track of l'haroah. The people are now the chosen of the Creator; the |>oor are God's anointed. The Ingh and primitive rii^ht of self-government has become tlie aspiration of the mass, and the presumptuous racrilege which dictates them to in scribe 44 (lod and my right" on the crown of England, u hastening to the ignominious end of punishment, or, Ht least, to the disgrace of a fall. What insult and nonsense is it not, in such an enlightened age, for a weak woman to parade lierttlf under that inscription of divine right, through tho.-e realms wbete live and breathe only to toil and suffer s?> many degraded millions of tbjects, stricken with the curse of povert< cowu ImIow the eittte of the slave himself! Vud, to make it worte, the falrehood is painted upon an fligjr, for the Qui en of England is but a puppet in the hands of the renl masters of the people. Tiie oliifsn hy of nobles sre the absolute lords of tho<e British heari< und l-lritii-h he;iris, whose hosts only rrquire the breaking of rh.-ir chuns to emuUie the popular triumphs of the Union and of France. The mighty tread of the people of the two ?reat republics shakes the solid earth iii these islands, und the comixjsed faces of the grand and tiil-d wear t.lte expression of excitem-ut and altrm. The United States have Hiarte<l forward so vigorously upon the toid of piosjienty, th tt it is not }*>ssihle tor t*e aristocrats of Enirl tnd to conceal the matcli of events; oi>r will the cherished expedient of ihe press (which resort j, so fir a* yo i ar? concerned, to babimal Itiug,) any longer avail, (t is impossible to keep hick, or to pervert the lesson whicn you are teaching your oppressed and exploited brethren here, iu reg trd ti? the interest and duties of nations. There are nitiiy places all over Knpland, Ireland, an I Scotland, where vmi may liesr the echo of thst noble phrisa of J^ir-r on,44 obedience to tyrants is resistance to God;" snd even i?eiisiintH are to be lound, who the ti'l^d ?]es|o'a of their tie).Is withstand; and students, wlm have the courege to think that Cromwell w ts mnliless of his couiiirv'? blood, and to iirotii bv his Hut the splendid phenomenon of & republic in Frunce is yet more sisrtluiK than your ?#a example, even added to the precept, "t to thou md do likewise," winch the HnulU mid other Am?rtf?n papers propa?ete in their Kuropeau editions. There the structure ol self-government stands, in the plaiu tight of the p<-opte of Knvliud, upon i's two fret of universal siiilrige and universal eligibility to office. It lifts if* lofty form up to the ui/.e of the remotest and must wretched u-unit of the Connsuglit cabin or the Cornish mine, ami invites him also to the work of freedom and independence. Hostile is that phenomenon, of course, to the execrable adminittratwii of tlie neighboring state, and to the British constitution ; but it ha* wnljr tdi of hope and encouragement for those who are, hv the evils of n government in which they frive no p?rr, crashed to the e.irth, and, indeed, while jet alive, li.ilt-bun-il with its weiuht sod cruelty. This mute appeal to the people ot Knglind h is tuore th in the emph isis of language, lor it spring* from the hem; and it makes its way without r? r lstance, because it enters iiito the heart to which it is direct-d. It is impossible to retain the British people in their ab|ect subjection, ua long as that injustice is co -nb.itted by the reproofs of France and A>Q"rica ; but it is fton the fonmr t*?at comes the nearest and most mrnacirt: danger to the adverse system The dilemma of the oligarchy Is by these me ins bercmirr daily more critical. They f.*el it to the quick, llut they are not sleeping upon the miue ; they are i.ware of their peril; ih-y intend, >is mtctt ns possible, to prolong their authority I will m ike short work with the verification of both these propositions ; and, having demonstrated theni, I will ask the ixople of New York to inquire into their own duty, and to come up at once to the height of their power, and of their responsibility for their safe direction of th it poouUr cau-e w m;h is ? rapidly giving them the lead ot afTiirs at fcon e and abroad * The privileged classes have their most sensitive feelers in the daily and periodical press,principtlljr issued at I,ondon. Kvery article on general polltics, which sniiears in the foirner, might be c?n1 ? " .1 ..r.i.?.. ?i_if..?_ punru H? unm iiir (Brpriiir in m uni ation break* down, with it* irreat I iw, nil nigfeatione ; and deapite the diet .t'-aof pride, and 'he in ??t vigilant discretion, the hireling* wh<> write for th-m betray the wraknee* wnlim mil the daniter wittinat. Their position of anUtom?ta to the plain rights and iniMrkta of Englivtiinrn ia hazHrdoyx, for th" day of reckoning ia Did M Ik arre?t-d in it* approach, nor wiliita tmtrnrr be au*i>*n ded nor mitigated. iAik, for iitKlnncf, into the Timtt. any ti.oniirg, and you will discover all the ayniiKoin* *hich jnot now art* a aort of epdemie *<>ie amount tli?? claailantir fraternity "f <*ili'or<. II you lake op the quarterlies, >ou will find abind int evidence in the moat oii'ajM>k?-n f*ar< abo'it the duration of the monarehv. Tnte allow* in" b it two eitrurtP tak"n from the V* 'r'*r'* for Jul*, (art. H ) "Mr Rirhe warned oaof the in?opit-i!?li influrnre, whether for pood ore/i|, of Kranre on the deHiniet of Europe in general, anl e^pecully n England, nnd thia nr?-*t authority ia a sufficient justification for our rontiua-d endeavora to aweken the Kiiuli?li public to a livetiei interest aa to the revolutionary principle which tin pain been triumphant in France, an<1 wdich w# re convinced ia a formidable procreation ?un"iiij?i Ourselves." Ho much for the beuiiinintf wf the ar. tirie. We add only the concluding sentence,which am* up, by an explicit adnti??ion th.a th" m-v narrliy ia in danger. "On the whole, we rrgrri tr oiy that we hire never con.l ided a review of th? state of our own coun'ry, or el fclnrupe, with leai of comlort for the prr*ent, lea* f>T confidence in the luturc, or with a greater |wr|ilr*uy to |h< pmhtblr solution of the comnlif*teri dilfir*lti*i that are gathering round the Kritioh monarchy " It in evident rnoiiL'h th it tlie arHtncracy, *nd iti mnnera and rditnra, are ilirr to Ikrir danger; bui they are inceiwently entr^irrd in ende*vora to m'f it Their worda Indicate theirifi?f of the crm# Put th? ir dreda rocxk louder th*n word* f<et tit rehort to theae. We miv learo rnich of the con. diti?n of nn enemy from hi* h>?'il"ies The* hoMilitie*. fri m a wiie foe, *re founded on ?om? )st<m The preaent ayatem <?f the British triat? -crat ta not one of bold or open aft ?ck. !><it of ad dreaa and con?ptracy. He know* full wl| th*l il be took the off- naive a?nnat the Unit-d Snte? 01 Prance either, be would unite th?m InfrihT, ant make them inatantly diaenvrr the truth that thej are the irreat (?>wer? of the world And in direr trife with their atron* principle*, he h ia nn con fidence in hia own intolerable n'e^imn of freedon *nd justice He would he overthrown ultimitely, in *uch a quarrel; and more than th*t, he fore?*?i -that he would loa* Canada inMantly, a* thnt uro ince haa become democratic, and mu<;h incline* tc fratermre with the Union The In** of Ctntdii la a blow that Htnkra hi the heart, for it i* the nur eery of both f-inirli?h acumen and Knfliah ahip? When?*er Canada laanneied to the United St?te* or maintain* her own independence of t'je m >th?i country, after vour eiample, F.nvl <nd becomea | We?k Mate; aixf will aoon ce**e to be uble to CO erce the reluctant and plundered people o Irelnnd. The difficulty, inen, ?>n the aide n making common cauae in the field with Kauai* I'mmta, and Auatria, w?a appalling. The tor tuoua path of attaining the a?me enda by de ceit with reference toother nation*. and tr?anhery to her own peo|>le, han been deliberately eh??e? tX, l< uinucail}', there if a hollow aruity with Franc: E NE MC ? <! the United Sutrn; but ia (a t, underneath that nutface, all iJih current* of power are atuckin* the example of both, and the eiiatenc* of the latter yo*?-rnm?*nt An to the p-ojte and in?titutioDH of the United Stale*, th'jr are presented to the |>eople of KiugUnd ia suoh term* b? th* London pre**, tnat tnere (.hall be no ayniotthr herwee* them. Sneers at the clltrwter of your functionariee and lournnla. and ridin'iUua paaaajre* (real or coun'erfcit,) of pxnuinff history, are mattered through the paper. New York ia ground with V irnriH, Berlin, unci Rome, hm b^iiw bulhed by mobs; and the condition of the Western settlers is represented to b-* miserable in th* extreme And Uti-ly, the cholera has been employed logically, ms an argument agaiust you The greatem pains have_ been rakcn, to show th-tt ait immense proportion of the people, especially in the new region* of the country, have been cut ?ff; and emigrants are frightened. by b?-ing told thit they are almost the only victim*. B-it their principal affair is not with you ; voit are too far off t? create continual distress, or to make manifest in this minner its worn symptoms. It is the continent of Enro|>e which has been tntde the ih*atre of th tt conspiracy against hunt in rights which his it* seat at London. It is especially France, republican France, which is the object of destruction To accomplish this labor of love, the u?m'?it stretch has been given to British energy and p?r everance It is pursued with an eve that ?r>r winks, and a wine 'hat never tires. The dir 0(*ens upon it, and night has no vigils it doe? not keep. Every English paper has its correspondent at Paris, whose paid vocation it is to lie aSont ani slander the republic, in everv form of ridicule and falsehood, reiterated everyday. The sam-thinj is done in all the other capitals; and at Vienna, and Berlin, also, the TV-ne* advised the kings of Pnistia and Austria to bombard their s.ib'rcte, of both sexes, and of all ages and condition* At London was concocted the hardv and coufti'inded lie now everywhere reiterated, that a h indful of si rangers compelled the people of Rom" t'l acknowledge their deiestahte vices and crim???the chief of wh'ch whs republic inism. And the vain and weak French government were hill the ca'spaw of Downing street, alter all, in re.torini the Pope, us a constitutional monarch M -thinks I s-e Loot* Bonnpatte, the youngest of kittens, in the han^s of that largest of mo.ikeys, LonJ Pilm'*r?fon The deed was done, apparently, under Knglish protect, but really, with English assent, most cordially accorded. Thei-e gentlemen recognise a peril, real, imminent, and terrific, in republicanism; and they know that Catholicism is neither. Their business is to despatch ihe former, and they t <ke care to lay tlie axe at the root of that tree of liberty all over the world, which Mr. Bancroft for"ot last year, when he felicitated the aristocratic dinner pirly at Yoik The Briii-h government h ive set on Russia to help A<i?!ph to kill ofnl'ing-trv, for the ?arne purpose, n8 f-htill be pr*ved hereafter. But Hi a* <rv, and France too. h?ve friend* ;n Ati'vic* Tn* whole city of New York ought to rise t? it* fe?*t; itn si>enkers and writer* to encourage wild ih.-ir wrndu; its merebanM ?nd mechanic* to violue the old rot'en code. whiolt allows a ?hio or armv to starve ?:it wh<>!?* p'?jnihi11onand all cl iss-? should s> nd arms and money to help the cause ?f liberty ugninst tyrant*. M\rcus. Lojioom, Aug. IS, 1819. T)ir Irt>ptrial Coni/rirary Against [l'pu!i't<'uni*'n ? The I'lroturt Trip of the tyuun?Venict Brfort tier Full, tft. tfc. Republican opinionsare inveterately, hut warily, attacked in Kurope, throush all the organs of monarchy and nristocr?cy, headed by those of the Unfit-h oligarchy. The war is counselled and eondueled in London, whence lie extended in every direction the wires of communication with the 1 enemies of the human race in Berlin, Vienna, and \ K>>me, and St. Petersburgh, and even in Paris. | There is a constant, Intimate, perfectly telegraphic I intelligence of every movement in this campaign ' apainst human rights, kept up with the continent. ' Liehtstre always burning 13 the dens of conspiracy at Downing street and Pnnting-Honse squire, where the head and heart of the great eabal plot | in permanence and concord. Meanwhile, the royal pageant cruises about in the waters of Ireland and Scotland, to distract public attention, and to curry ofT, by its decoy, all whose curiosity might be properly directed. Ilewho thinks that the little i uneasy head which wears the crown is good for anything in the contest of principle, n^w so fairly opened, mistaken entirely the nature of the Hnglisli system. To weigh the crown itself in ths scale of forces drawn up in such hostility to freedom and progress, is hardly jn?t; for the crown ot England 1 hss no political power. The error of a contrary ^ opinion is as great as the kindred misapprehension that under the same system the people of Englind ha\e the slightest agency in the government. They have none whatever. They are nothing, and cannot do anything in politics. They are mere ciphers, which might as well not be counted at all, fnv I K?ti uf ? ><! aiilivala ana pf umliitnt tlia altiiKl#at ( 7 I M.I.^.7 XHKII, I power of making themselvea|aeeii, or felt, or heard, or unclermood. The bo called representatives of the people in Parliament, being nt the utmo?t onefeventh of that perfectly inimical body of ans1 tocrnts, is nohing but a guis* for h?|>f?cri?r and a | theme of confenurf, by any |?eraon instructed in , the secret. An oligarchy of about one thousand men send the majority ??f members to the Oomtri< ne. and none but their delegates, of conrae, ait smonyst ihe peer*. As mm-h aa five n llioni of mule adults are curtailed by these gentlemen in tha ni?>at valuiiMe H?ht of manhood? the right to vote. Aniiilier million and a half are deluded by the notii n ihm they have that riwht coiniJftely, when it i? mutilated and nullified by the unequal districts and wh?r raiisea. fo aa to come to n ?tnmir, e*cept iheh>i'<<ritical show i??t mentioned, of a minority *0 mi.<11 iliit it is only noiar, uaelrsn, and even b*f'? ful. The British people are like huge Hock 1 | of hbcep, allowed 10 en* their grass >n stlrnce, nnd? r canine guardians, while ther fatten the Wnd thry do not own, and in tim? are fatted to feed tha 1 m???t reni?rae|e?a market for human H-ah aince the shambles of the age succeeding the Roman Commonwealth. In cailing the people of New York city ta their , fret at the present Euro|>ean crisis, ?re proceed U(K?n the rlcar opinion that it is their miaaion to lead in the sacred eruaade for fpedom and the rights of min. Venice ia impregnable, if the merchenf* and me? hanira of your ciij break the stupid 1 hlnrhade of Austria with provision*, and wi'h arms and munitions of war, freighted in your unrivalled ?hi|?a. No other penplr nor any other ocean or inland city, can aid her heroea and m-mrs. sow fainting fr?m watching more than fttthiing, and exhausted less by the en>-tny than by hunger The inh?bitant* have money 10 p ?y for the supply of all their want*, and yet they are in wnni ot *lmo?t all the nrceamrin, to any nothing of the comforts, of life. Yea, th* m*n. wam-n and children of Venice are being ruthlesaly starved to d?-Mih bv brutal Austrian*, who snrround their homes with death and horrors not to be namvd, K?rati?#> ihf r? (iiililir #?f V^mr# Km a rniinlvfH In ri?A ifwin from h^r blue water*. a* the I'henix n?ea afresh frtun her wonted firea. The hniotia bomturdnv tit* of the different cities of (irrm toy and Italy, where the rtroog and the feeble were crushed into ! a pn>mi*cuona mat* bv the homba and btlla of the partie frrocioua enemiea of mankind, preacn' onlf another phaee of their unerring aptietite far the deMtuetion of all that ia n?b|e and glorioua, and yet only juat and dear, ta mortal* And it ia over the occasional death of aome of theae titled oppreefora, overtaken ?t long interval' by iu?tice, that hietory haa atich tear a to shed ! The degtroyer*?the exterminator* of all who attempt to obey ' that command of (in-! impreaaed upon the huntn | cl?y a? it liea in the cradle a* enrlv aa the instinct of ae|f.preaer?ation, and aida ann aide with it? 1 the command t? better vonr condition?have in aJI time been the beat beloved of tnoee who record I fTentp. If kinir or a prince ia killed, or a queen I imprisoned or exiled, all the gorifeotia aorrowa of narrative and imagination are lavished an the rnflerer: (iod and iny right," are held to hive i been violated^ and thing* aacred to have been profaned. < n^^niKer hand, the ranka of the people may be th^^V by poverty and privation, or atiicken dtt^^in cauaelen* quarrele, or in the ; furtherance of detpoto-m, and no wail i? beard. M in the raae of Venice, very lately there haa been an exception made even at Parte, where Hritlrh influence te constantly at work with the r vemm?ni in leading it into temptation, and delivering it to evil. At Pari*. where Ix?rd jfomanby fend a boat of other aristocrats are in p?ri?e'tial conaiaracy tn favor of monarchy, and where mami betrh? a out twice day the worat paionne of the f,?ndon prean, even the high quarter* are *l<enking out tor Venioe. The Archsi*hop ol 1'arie, ua ihe Wih, wrote to the Miniat*r of Forelyn Affnira. (I> Tocqne?ille,) that h- thought the French government ehonld interfere in h-h?lf of liit imuaita. lie a?j t taat tM Amiiimi wmit W YO >RNING EDITION?THURS tioiiH leave them only a choice between diahnuor and d<-?|>?ir. IIp saya the Austrian* require them to surrender *? discretion ; to assume att im nfoM and overwhelming debt; to chate ?w?f ,<?> hundred murine officer* and their families ; to $ive u> unconditionally to punishmeut forty citiarr**; to ?Htahlifh in Venice a military despotism, witfcout hound* or temi : and ?iIm> a state nt nieae to be i? definite, hhH signalized by daily executions, and arbitrary imposts. Bat the Minister of ForMgn Affairs has been rooul effectually anglicised, aud ^ his ear will be deaf to anv apt?enl for Venice. He ! wrote a book once, ujion Democracy in Americt, j and yel accepted a portfolio from the hind of tha French President, when the a'tirk on Kome was in full course. He haa succeeded in carrying out the English enterprise, forwarded ho i* iFotjmIv at the 1'Jlyt-ee Natioual by the Rriiieh minister, of | putting the Pope ii[hin the throne aa a rmtti'ii; tional monarch ; and as for his ewn promise to tha Assembly Mbout att?*ndai t free institution*, wrfyich ! were to illnstrxte the restoration, tliai ha? been I fulfilled by the inauguration of the inq<ti?ition a' U"me, August. 1HU> The wortnv Archbiahoptof j P><ris iinyht ha\e spoken two months ago for the sufferers of the bombardment which swept tbe | Eternal City, but his ruling passion for the triumphf i of the Pope kept him silent The rulm>; piaeion i of the English oligarchy in favor of their ow* .order, and against every soecies of republicanism^ j by parity of reasoning, will prevent thein from aid- j ing the sufferers of Venice. While there is ne \ interference with the vital interest or the princii pies of priesta and rulers, the* feel an occtaional plow of humanity, but not ia the pr?mce of i danger ta either. Marcus. L*?do->, An(. 24, I84t. Tkt City ?f f.?>t!on Dntrtei ? Optra ? Afinmt ? lltrnmdrx ? Hitlry at Fttliivff'i ? lfrw Ballrt TriH/M - f/jrr Matchrd Jfgainil the Tipton Sla\krr?Omh of Frrtman, Ihr G.nnt?Thf Mmdtrtit La Ritt?Wtrld ChalImgrd at Jlillinrdi. London! Yes. tha great London ia sllimt,? quint reign a throughout tha Went End llyde Park li gay J no longer, with tha brisk and praaring rteeds. bearing upon tbelr proud bark* women who rank fr-<m tha ' Duchess to the coartasan; all. all ara gooa ia tha wake of ber Majesty. ta Sootland; tha ladies to flsh for has- j bands, while tbe gents shoot greuse upon tha n ?n Both opera houses closed <>n Saturday ni<ht last. ! I was present at Movent (iardan. and witnessed tha graad opera of the "Prophet " I was pleased, and encored. and eiled " bravo bravo !?? with tha ran; al- ! thougb. upon my word, if It had not been for tha book which oost ma three Yankee shilling*, I would hava known nothing about tha matter. Thraa nights m >r? are promised at cheap prices, in order to aocotnraodate the musical ta>te of the plebeians. I may h??e another go *1 he only theatre open in Lendou is tbe Hayiu-trket with the Adelphl company I'iie Surrey, with h null-b opera; and the nnuor*. or saloons with any blood-thirsty titled nieln.d>ama they ran prooire I 1 will mention the nauie <>f oue at. the Kagln H?I'K)<i. -The PoimBed Needle, or The Vlauian Seam-tra-s," in whi rk will be Introduced, with the orlgioal ina-uo. Tom Hool'it Bonn of the Sblrt | 'I U? Koyal property, a* the Vauxhall liar ten* are , rfyled.i* erucilxil nightly. n l the variou* eoenea that tilphtly take place them would n ?t only a-tooU'i Am?I riraa*. but e*tati|i-b 'he taot. that L?uJ in alio*' every ; tbii.g. At taeive o'clock nil tbe pertormaucr* of IU* evening are concluded. whfn tbo-e wh>t wish ta ha i thought reepeotable retire, at tin* time a oou >le ef ery eiteofive band* strike up . lih?r polka relariiu orijuairilU. hdiI io a few moment* the ??io hell room &n. are filled with ilenerre. male an i t?*tn ila ant I a*'ure you that out of the r-reit or ?>eht hundred fiDialn *b(i way Ira pre.-<-nt ( *. eye very few har.i any claim to virtue. Vet thi* in tolerated. ani Va nliall pationixed by the irn-a'; and jet It It were not f.>r tbe patron*ife of tbei-e frail oue*. Vauiball would baa tad affair aud the proprietor* ioee money i \ oiimk llernandei ha* rode bt* celi-bra'ed Sailor ait, i in wlili h he Introduce* the America'! tl*g in u oueetlon with the Kugli-h union So jeaioit* arc the Knglirh and French performer* of hi* great i???e*<, that tbey plot to thwart hiei iu iii* ajteof h >r?eui*n-hlp An an instance. a fellow name l \1 n-11 wh i ??< Id A merlca with ? ook'a rtreue, *e-troved the inutin for hi* lailor act ?n the night he waa to perfortn it. and two of the performer* r> fu eil to hold thu r*ava*C Rtfley. who wae iu the hou?e at th*- time with y .ur bcmUr *ervant beard of It. and Into the dreaelug roi.iu he went atid aueh kn<>ek-down atgument* a* were given by the profe*?or waa a caution 11 ail r lu'plratora. 8m*e that ntuht everything g'e* on ?mo ithly Roth of KIHey'a panorama* are d Ing well It (eema I that all be t owe he* turn* to gold Ila 1* really a eucc i-rf ui man , be I* enterpriaiog aud already he i? gathering up D"t<lti h (or \nierica He will a?toni*b the New Yorker* with hl? grand h-tlUt tro'tf* I *a ? roe of tha tiavpt rehear-In*, not long t-inoe. and *11 I can ray i*. they ara loot" e>i eye* and leg* A* no doubt aoraa of your reader* would lik* a peep t tha 'porting world I will *lve you a fow Item*, mora specially aa the ring ha* l?e?n oinewha' brightened np from tha fart that the repu'ed champion fiptoti blaalier ha* bad lain challenge asccpted by ''eter Craw- 1 ley. In behalf of an unknown 411 the hufT.-r* w*re on the fait mir to biar bia natua 8<>?e aaid I' waa tha renowned hy?r. tha American champion, who w?i on hie way; otbera. that it waa " < rawiey '* Big 'In " alia* Tbnmp?on. him who rennnded 'Jyar A tlrat deposit wa* put up. and the unknown wa* to t>? named at the ?econd Tha hour artived ; when lo' the fipt ?n 8larher forfeited, Craaley offered time and In fbet did not. claim forfeit Humor ray* It la on Parker wb> I* Batched A third depneit wa* mad? good at Orawley #. on Tueeday evening laat and the tight will pr o-d Crawley nann d < oa Tarkar a> hi* man la my oe?t. I ball gire yen a deaerlption of a *parrln? exhibition I mw at Jam Huraa'a It wa* mora brutal than dojflgbting I rode out to tha grara-jard where tha ra. lualn* of Freeman, tha Anrrlran giant, rapona No atone mark* the anot and had It not b?an for the aetton. I weuld hare had iny Journey for tny pain* I cotrer*ed with lien < aunt aheut It. and he ha* prruni.ed that oca >hall be erected over bl* grave If b^ fait*. I feel aerured tbera ara Anierloan* enough, at any ino- j Dent In London who would gi*a their mitn towa'di ' marking tbe grave of a fellow countryman In a ftraign I laud I will not leave until It i? done Through the klndneaa of officer rbarntnn. who waa . In Anerioa not long aiuea. I wa* enabled to w* tha murderer* La II aa Che did not appear at all lateraat -d la the matter going forward A gentleman of Mtanebeatar ha* coma out with a challenge of billiard* to tba wot II. for ?na thou'and nrnnd*. at the three ball Kncli?h game Wa hear that It I* Intended f-T an American who I* now In l.nn lou II It U accepted I will furnl*h yeu with the particular* The American drink* *tlll prevail at Vauihall and tbe Yankee who torn* them out ha* offer* for Pari* I kitd of think ha It home rick, and will bolt London i abortly Voan, <? I Hf. Mtialcnl and Dramatle CJoaalp. [From tha London *th?neum Awga-t 18 ] Tba director* ef tbe rbilharoiontc SonlatV elected for Best Fcaeoa are Meaer* Atidereon < aikm. Chatlvrton. Oriettiach Lueaa VrMardle and Neate Wa (hall be clad to bear that theae centlemea are about tn adnat roai* Bfbure? sot ao morh to >u?t*ia aa to ?pr*?d tha Interest and tnerr??a the >alue of tbelr eooeerta for now |( tba tin* to remind thnm that the or?b??tr? Manila In ?wd of imt>roT?Bi-at, aad the repertory of HlrDtioi- and llitt th? rtmcn'Ol of a?>lo playera and lncr? both BnH?h aad fiwlin baa b?i tbia t<ar (har|r?bl? with do<( lajndtrloua h?nrtti?a Tliey hate ample |i l??ra If they will, to put all theaa mattera on a mora liberal looting. ara they o|Mta ttielr daora In 1AM) Tba old> pt Inhabitant of London *111 ant ?oon pom* to aa and of Ita oddltlea "tft? tha lith of Anfn?t th?re la nobody In town " "Tba Kailith lore n?lihn pleasure nor mualc'" Snch bard trutba would be pror>unded to aaoat foreigner* a? old wtabllabed reali'iea rt la tba fara of a rharaeter Ilka tbl?. mm? out tha concert glran at Drur; Lane, on Wwdae?d?f la?t. tha lith. fur tha b*n>lt of Mr llarrl* tha atage manager Ot tb? Hoyal Italian Opera - at wbtrb tha Koral Italia* alo*?ta a HI nigh aog all tbelr mu?l? twloe ?f?r, ll pr< -i-nra of a vary large and rl<?oa*ly enthnilaatln audlrnra Mdlla Aagrl who hj tha way throughout her taak exchanged am Ilea and warnlnca with tba teayra and bewildered phantom <>f aa orcbe?tra la a wblmaleaily nnembarraaaed aad cou>J"ntUI manner ? waa twice mrotfd, MUa Haywa, whoai wa her*, by warn off tha aprig*ed teraton of "Caata di?? " In wblrb aba dellgbu? waa sailed npoa to repeal Kalbleea Ma?ourn?-en ' Mdlla da Merlo Inaiwtaaf tba ' wauderlnga" of the band delivered Vol aha a*, pete' Ib aalyle ao dl"' i' >k nteh? i an te jet her ?? r? too It la long alaca we ba*e been ao fbaorably Im fireaaad by promise aa Is tbe ca?e of thla vary yoiiag ady. wbs ought to tha greatest contralto of ber day. Th- n Madame viardot a oalaaltttaa In the duat irom l.a fro?a " won id ? rarlly bara b?ld tha aorilanoa till tbla noaaanl of r1n|ia( could bar aplrlta bara k'ld nit t> aay nothing of h?r MpaDl'h pnnf. of ?h<nh lh? publix aaam*.! a? If It oo.ild "MVfiT h??? ?no? " Tba la t lady ?* * <?? la f%?or I nightly, with offrt proapont of ?o (aoraaao to h-r p<> pulatlty Th<-r* aro few oont?>np?rary app?aranoo< in ii.; art ?o IntnHlInf w h-r rar~r * orthor, >iada>n? I>orua-Oraa UDf trrf brllllanUy; Mad?ra? (trial and | Rlgnor I ambnrlni laat tbalr aid a''o On aaoh an an1 tntalnaiant i* thla tha lahvhitanta ot ? p- >*iaolal town would ban Irutod for a yoar In tba mara ma-I*. yiM of our fatbrra' I h- > |l?o oa h >th m lt? outilwr and fraahn.-aa of raj'>ra?it. tb? data and loralitt rooaldarad waa wa r?p?-at an oddity to lb<?? who htfo pal tarn aotlona ot 'Kaglaa4 aod too KrglUb " Ni lifcrattok. two jnm ago rh?ro? ma-t?r aadar Mr ' Ltiwilef and M Julian aadwb" la?t ao'tina aatabllabrd h'u .?lf la Naw V orfe ! a->w tba d"~-)?or of tba I'allan ()|?Ta at tba Aator flora rh?a(r* ta toat pity; ai <1 wltb a alaw of glalng to the tm*rioaa? (ha h-*t I attainable t.i<,rtalnn??nt baa reoawtly arr1*-<ln |,?a don In ?h. bopw, It ?a aaid. of tempting ana of tba ' ' atfbtiraalM " and ? mailer alngtng blrda to byh-raata oa bo ?'b. r ?ld? of tba Atlanta The only <lr*tn|aaa linger ai at la Aaioiioa la ><a4an< l.abrda and ahe H will he r?eoll*?it?d la a fb?nt'?>? da rouladaa rather tban a great xparatio arti.t Madame RI*ltop (n>" a nt- rlaaa aln*er) la la MatJa^aad 'b? t%aott ledmao. wnaaa mallraat aaant at^Vada *< oat af th*' B>oat palnfnl arenea witneJWl by <M Ita ai la jokfWtla U wabiicIUig ?Ui, UltUar <BWll IRK ] IDAF, SEPTEMBER 13. lory app<l>atlon of the beautiful Tediwoo Than o< tbn tra?elling T?raJlt?t?, who make a gocdly row Lb* American paper* are Nought but Uatbrr and praneHa, a* tb* port bath It For tbn moment. *o f*r >< w* r prophe?j from thin dl*tan<-e. the \m*rln?nii ?e??ni to in ftrer rather to emulate Kuropean ra-hli>nn In ng rletban to naturally thK art Though oriula In t pearaDea ?f>Dfwha? analogous pa?-ed o?er Kn g'a. under tba reign of tbn Koole of (jutll'y '' whom * dlc'B catlrlifd-and to whom mora than one ir-nl born for mae'err euecunibed-yet let it be rnnolleet that the?e epidemical follies were not th? beginning atnMo'* profirrri in our leiaad hat m? a p*?l plague iintf a* nurh unable utterly to dentroy a vital In feneration of which bad been entemp <rary wl tb<* birth of mu?tn in other noiin'rle* Dudng aurWard xflent "lunea " Konland ha- been slwa?n a1 to artmrt a?d retain the great rumpooni; l> g< out. a* well a* to rno*ir* lit" and Influence. We ti t'.a l*it- out we not ra? the wh"le of Hand I'lvdrn composed hie grandest ?ymphonln* for Ki l?ad. and ?i* ijOtekened )>y hi* rinit to L'<n<ton to w hi* n>?>t*rpl.,e?i " the ' rea'ion;" Beelhoren looked KmIudoV Philharaaonln ^oeletr whan (ixrirxtn j?i pathy faiiVd him; Wiher preferred OtmiI 'Jard to hill own Court Theatre at Dresden when hW li opera w** In projection-.Y1eiiilte?.nhn'* - KlljaH" * finished for IStrmlngham ' AM the*e things ouM o have tweii-anil were not. done? .m the hrute argu<?? of money alone Homethlng sympathy and intel fiiM roust bar* gone?ami did g<c?to the charm an r'aea sympathy come* only of intelligence we *ho? be glad to >ee the American" laying ?oiind fonnd'uln of their own io (.lace ot being *u li?-?y In tbelra'tein t" Irxni-lafe the opera b?u e* of Kurope into the mi<: of tbelr citie* Thi* nu meet th- e?e ot some of o

Tian-at'aotlo friend a who take Interest-in Art, not a toy. bur ar a pursuit aud an iuHueuoa. Let suoh i collect that they wbo l*l?nt the alow ollva fnr a ra"? angora aro greater bent factor* tu iheir native 1it*ni than th' who till it <?lth t*wdr| productions, which exhaust t. noil, yet themselves have hut a stairt date of II-iiirlx ii<K In thefe day* ol enterprise. and will* ' Califori a' it* beck " * merlca 1* sure to receive many of K rope's be.t ariUlx at no very distant period; but should be cli-d to bear of a larger amount', of iiuiiiu tl"U* prrli uii ery training wh'eh draws progress a ptieigth out of the vi>lt of each new gne-t. bv pro' ding bin listener* with dun appreciation an<> respect It I* said In the Uuzrt'e Max' air that. M llen*< the onlv great contemporary pianist having1 a roanr of hie own in eompo-ltlon. with whom we are now u acquainted iy about to pome forth from St Petersbu where hir ha* h? en ?tatlooad for uiariy ?e*r?. fer t purpose of making a concert tour. Ttiia in a welooi pit ec of pfwa It 1" Intended to open Sadler'* Well* Theatre on t 2f>'h ln>t Th* ir*gejy of vntonv an I <'leopa'ra" Id rehear>aj and will if po*a|h|e. Inaugurate th" rr eon The part of Antony will be undertaken br v I'helpi; tbi?t?f < leopatra ha* b?eu confided to (iljn It in now el*t?en yearn since the la-t revival thi* <tr?m? which 'olerldue ha* declared to he t n'oi-t wopdeifill of Rh*k*f>-are'? work* ; it l? p"rba| the mopt difficult for modern *tage purpose* hi from the nature of It* subject and from the Ideality It* treataient D? |iot of tha lluiteoii ittvur lUllnada 'I be depot of the lludsoa River Railroad i* ?lJU'it.e Thirty-flr*t ?treet. just where the track turn* out Troth avenue. Tbi* pile of building* ii well wort of entire It t* highly creditable to th* company, a l? indicative of Ihe g > ahead character of the people New York A* the rallioad it* If will excel any th ba* yet b??n rniiRtruotrd in thl* country *<> d >?* t depot any ether we have been. It con*l*ta of th? eogi liou-e black'-mil b *bop machine shop and ohlmtiev one aide of tba track, and the car bou*e oa th* nth There building* viewed from the rirer hive a 1 eftect. end roo'titiitM au ornament to the place 11 tliey are mope uroful than oina neotitl aud that in mi M>B*c? than one Tllllf are useful in eltha'inin; t value of property all around for ?iao* tlv jr were c h lueticvd lu October l*?t. the frame b >n-e* h*ve i|i-n and dw. limit- ba?? lim-n xprlnging op Ilia mil'hmm on f??rj ?W?| tb*y *r<* u?<f>il t? thn e?np?n*,a o?t Dioro ni"tn y thin mij |i-r?>a *null t.uaiii from a nit-m ?upcrnrlMl nl in-- at ih m Lai u* (. nin with iIih argon h'm-? Tht< hull l|i la i nn hu?drad f??t In fr >ut and on* bun lr?d > arTca Irt l itrrp It e n*i ta nf nni; i>a- atnry t.ut iti ia arty blgb. It ba* lantern roof to latont th->-m'?li Dd ann uUr tl x.r or>* with r*ll< r-irai fnmtlir etiniiiitiTKi om t? th? rantra It l< m ir? | in>an?<if ang whaida nod rnllara on a olrruUr r?ll?i laid In i;ra>ilt< au<i *upu"'rt.-d by o wall A?* (wt f.llr nd *a M nil i ably oi?u*truritad I- it. that a oh?I<1 ton ya' of an- rau mora It all round though rnn-rcl with l<> miitlfi'H I ha ohjact In harm* tbl* tablr or fl tr tto n' lmlilt. i- to b.lng In or <>at auy pA'tlfldlar I'OH ti?a by iu??ing it roinid till Iha tall* corraapo id wi tba trank i ut?lda. I'h?r.? ara ??-w r? iiiid-r na-h >ri< com! of hriek and tilra. to raoalfa th? wa?>*r fr Ibf n^lum and rarry II t*?; whan It l< d?<lr?'il? let It out 1 hfi? ? tbn*. und?r ground and ni?* f?u? thousand dollar*' forth of ni*'?rl*la and 1th TU roof of tbla building l<? lm<- tru?< nw nin<itti ol fkinriiM Imoii Suvii|th anddurihUiti litiraV ooaaaltnl In a?a?- y part of tbla hou-a wliioH la nap* <A icc?l??Dg or Iwant* rii;ni-i 4lt>? 1? tn< ar? two Oidiavrt-d on* of ihrni all" I ttv< O'li manufactured at Mpringbrld. ?ndthaoth?r iha O l rt?.' Hianbta4'turctl at Vlsttaaw?n tiaar^Wiklil I'll ?ra haa n>nr? iindar pont?a?t two of ihvm in I'n'ara j nt tba work* of Hngar*.'iroafrnor ?nd Co and aiotl at klftft<*awan Thl* MMN| will k >VnM l>? bundrad Ift if plpa Coutilnlag *<Hai|ili>4 attain a lunnli under Iha ingia-a ti k*wp thn watar In I | boiler* fro* trailing In lb* winter ?aa?"H. lb* angina houim wbi.-h liaa ?a?t of th? plla. npi into tba machine abop a' d tint h'a?k*uil'b'a ?h ; Tba machine nhop ei'euda 7 > f- " an 1 lie* In tha r* I It l> M feat deep 1 ha hlai'kamitb'a ahop front* It, , irg 43 f??t di-ej> and 'K f*?t in trost and tha rruait aaglf of 47 frat front and U f< dwii whiih ta wa IbK 'o nouipl^ta tin- quadrangle, t* wnapiMl hv a nhl 1 nay 44 frat btgh. 1 ba ira raogo of hulliling* wh> OB tba ra?r appear- a? If lhay vara nil una. ara Ini f lorj by 107 Tha mkcblna ?bop ba* a nlrnu i m< a?abla tahla oq I ta principal II,mr for lb? raaiptJ I of lori lanl 1*1? rrijuirlng iai.alr?; anpaorrad by a hr and granila airrular wall llkr tlia tahl? In <h? ?muI b' UH'. but only tbraa ftwt thlrk a* It will natar naai-^>Bry to barn mora tha n > na or t ?o f n^luai on tog'tbar 1 ba maebiu* abop b?a four atorlaa T ba>a?ant roolaina a a'a'lopary angina, inasu^fui t Mittiiiti by wbirb all tba ma'-blnrry of tha w<* rbrfia Kill atoTad and II a Ufa blown ibrnugh tub Tb*r? ara lloaa from It built ia tha wall Into tha Ma imlth'a abop and the main rhimm y Thara la al-o tha |.a>ami nt turning Iftthaa and othar inaahln> ry ba ua?d In tba repairing nf angio<-* or anrtblnj i coDinp'ad with lb* railroad Iha tblrd alory. or II ovar t b'priori pal ona will l?? n-?d 'or ra'i antor w , and ba? circular aaw. to Iw workad hy th-< angma ? L. k. 1 rV. ...... f.....ik.lnra .ill lu < a* pattern rooaa for oa-iln*a In tha?a two up ?U>rla-*, fh? ra li lint ? c?Iiiui? to aanport floor a Tin) ara aupportad from tha rnof Tha ro >i di>aM<(m?ril and a row of Iron rod* pa*a do?u fr It* tmmlr Ihn u*h (ha Ak.ib ard though b -aiu? i d?rn?ath ih?r? ihfy ?r? trrurnd by iiuu kml xr? 1 ha floor o*?r tha ^rliniptl ?l?rj. l? ?upp ?ru-d b? I rowa of *> Ul pillar*, IWa each alia, a* r>?d? Ut >11 la Ik* r> n'ra would inta-rfara with tb? olrrular m < hi* labia I ha flu.ra arr all dmbla In thia buiMI ii f to ?!?< an lilra of (ha atrar>?h of tha walla, pa; flal* (bat Bona of tham ar* la** than ititMn rb?a thlrk. and part of (bam ara two f.a| all l?<*r 1 ba font, rial Ion* ara laid lt> a l?w of con.-rata, twof daap and fi*a aad a balf frat wlda II l? a-tl<nat that Id (! ?a ku>ldio*? ibara ara 1('() Poo of brlaka I I rotou a afar la lutr'durad la aaary >t"ff by h? l'a> praaaura aud In *?ary atoiy a boa* can ba attarbad ; tbaplpaa, I ba aar bona# la af tba nthar a Ida (tba north) of track It la 3(0 ft at Ion* by Ml a|J|, and It htl a ? m?nt atory far tha itoray of *ood? It eontalo* fw. flrat elaaa carrlaitaa an aac?nd ela?*. aad all lug* car* I ba flrat rlaaa war* mad* partly by Wa?.i? frinf Arid. and tartly by linold k C? . Alb-toy aar< Dd rlaaa anil tha lu**a*a aar*. by Itaan k < Iprlagfiald, Tha flrat rla-a ranllfi" ara *ui>-rh li In* mahogany bark* t<> tba *aal*. ?alaal m-hlon*. i tba walla Inlaid with aa'ln wo .1 Tha d'>or* ar* m< fany I ha painting tari.l-hinf, and allrar'platail taring of lb* aitarlor ara la tba flrat attla of art P ara lighted with lamp* an-1 ran raraia* flfty tw.? | aai (fara *ach Tha aarond cla-? rarrlaraa ara a pl-in. tha aaata bain* tonimn wix>d and with u>hlna* | Wa -ball sow adrart to a peculiarity la aoma of I Wha*|a of thaaa rat*. All tha wh*?|a of tha fa*t thro train* ara of wrought Iron Ha| tba tirat a??r In dorad Into tkl* country though **narail? o?ad in K | laud 1 bay ara tbraa Inch** (raataf la dlva*t*r II ! tba ordinary wheal*. and ara ma la donbla to? in I wbaai bain* ln>*rtad Into an raw tar rlra ?r tlra r>-d ' i Into which It axartlv flta; tha tira hatn* atpandvd a brat ahan it Ir raot'd It U ln?rpa'?Mj unltrd to Inimr >hir| Th?f? ta no m?-h'oTj In thu a >iin M J?t f >r naniiftrtor'iK th??# h-'l'. but tn? 4* aot dirtant ahrn th?r- *111 ha. f<*t a Van*a? at'l Ho Inog bahlad hi* nrljbb r? la anything '.*?h | of lbu< *r?n(tit If ? *bMl< with thrtr ? >400 In Faglaad. ahaa-a tha? aara laportrd trtnh tba rnoptnf ha?r ?p?r?ij a< iifii-" to m thrlr railroad aid all' lt? app > traaarr* ? nhy of I trrat tillj and "tha Kiuplrr Stair.'' through ahiol i dot lord to ma N I - H n fbauld nrnillnii that f?n? tha dai tbrra la a magulflrant ?lr* . f tha H'H-aa, and ood orovnrd Mghli oa tha opp '?lta ahura Hf la. AimriM AV> KKfARTtfRWJm H Wrtabt Irrland r*T Shippon If S !*; P Boyd and family P>tna H I b?4?Ml \laK??ia \l( fVnn, VI ili.-a, Th.wi M * oriraa aad fa nUy i??.<ri 1* ai A|>t>>atna and lady. Saltlri'ir*; l>r H??tlng? 1/ F*; w* H Warrrn Troj; ?1r? Sla?au Warrrn do M rhUa-l. IpMa. I baa * ?'*< ?IU V1?rld? M V??(?ra? Balilaora, A Wood lla nllt <n Ca W A A oj Odaaihaa Obla. ?-r? aainag tba arrl' at tba Irrlip* Houar <4 D. Matmlt..a Wataratatt; C Tobiaa, PMIa phla < Vaa F'?na*alarr ftorllngto:, L l,a?y Tb drlphla Jartff* Kr't-ll B?|iln?po-t; J 1. Ila'to?. I d< a t. ?>?h~ra % <r*lma; < apt llnaaa p?-*-t i t.arrlrb M?n J F Mar?h. Varaioat, U W. Oaa frtrhlla ara at tba Artnr IMm? Or >d-arda U S Na?f; R Fafjnarboa d i; Ha'tla da, I)r Hrtd do; J Staff ?rd U'-tftlt.J % f?rd. da. tayt O'ddrhargb, U. . N, Liaiil Want, ??IMbf,?rtal^taa -* *1 WTO. j _____ ___ IN. pt'icmiEIERf 1849. Mt Trial of the Alitor Plu? Rioters. '* CKTTKT OF UKMCRAI. MSSION9. Before Judge Paly and A Mermen Wood ?nd Kelly Sept 12.? It having been annonnred t\%t the trWIg ,r, *1 pnrnone Indicted for participation In the Aitor Plaoe ip- Riots wowld pobibum this morning the court rota was flll?d it it early hour and twldfn the court opened ,,, all the lobbies were crowded The rt?item looked like ed Interested rpeefatoo, as J caught eagerly at every word which Ml from the llpe ef the judge* or eouneel on Ity either ?lde. and on o?e or two eeeailoie, when an erith rand waa to be performed, more than a duien willing nietaeogera war* at hand on the Instant. rn tmb utr c*t.ani>?a ..4 cbIahHai* for th#? flat AH cfhlhlM at tki rl*ar *t ?} tbe coqrt room. ?M a* follovi: 1^! namti ?f fk/mdantt. tndiettdfor lm E ' Jnd?on end other*. .... Rltt. t? Wa'ith H\rdt*m (Dotting riot. n- Itobert Viller. J a* Lovg. lu mh wi nn attempted wmi. t<l Vm Spark*. C. Tappari, Tfeo*. r|( Iturn* Bint. iot Wm K Mien. TUoh Hatfield. . . Riot. qt Ji.?lah Shin rh?? ll'Ttlntt Join II- re. Tboi. M*flulre Hint, | a| Juf?h I. on# Hint H<| Isaiab Iijodrri Anaantt and Battery. nl ti>k riaur cask. pt The first p?'f on the calendar that fn which |s| tmi'tflii' p*r?on? accused of riot ?ir? indicted tour jr'bt r. wa* n ade the fli*t hu'daem |n order The fol4 ? lowing l? Mi* t > I - i f the ca*e.a* it preeauta Itnalf th* r?- endoiB?-rn?nt of th* indictment:? thr profit tA? stutr ?f ffr>? york. V*. E. t. C. Jud*on, (jeorav Douglas*, >? Thi'n'?? Bennett, John Norri<. ho }*> V?trfi.??, Hu?h VIo'.aiiKhU*, >h- At* XNider llo?mrk, ThiiniM Oriwi, lift Daniel * *driain,?. Jnine* O'Neil ti The ( onn-i'i forth* Peoplrltt thin ca?? aro folm Mew? Keon. the f>|*tHrt Wtorner, end h|* asaUtant, Jana* hi. B Ibl'llp* b? la* U W hi>in< nd THr cooncel for the pri-Anar* are la*. M Smith for rl- Juiihi h: I It Scnlc* for O'Weil J Mi-nn and K biiatffrt f?r Oniifln-n aml<i J. ^nroril for Vtriann*. .It AH the prt-oner* appear eieept (Jreen, whoia reaognlzance I* i)ff1?r?l forfeit llt> It WHO ?oni? time af'i*r ihe oonrt had been formally r- rpenril b?f' re aiiAh-lent order could be |>'o-i|r?<1 to ?lhii' low conn*r| to proceed with the ca*n Whan at length r>rd? r w*? e?t*MI?h*d the court and bar ai arranged for ihe trial, |rre*ented a rather formidable appearance. The connect for the People three lu number. arrayed " thilr force* at a table p>tr?ll?l wiih ih? bench ami i* far I eir the court. The <-oun*> I f >r the a<vu od five I* Dumber *.-at*d theni*el?e* at a table lacing tlx* jury 'r- h at*. Tbe ca>e opened wi>k *rri tcaTinia to rur oft ratal.. Mr BniHh onunael '<>t K 7. C In lion. oan of the " accu>ed. flr?t <iltri>ri| the court lla prefaced ''h bi? nmirli< hT fa?lnit that lie wm not Mr |,'*V Jmttea'f waa^l e*e< pt f..r the purpoae of making thU af appi en?ion Mr .Ind-on mak** apftllcation tint for a nparate trial lpa?inii<'h a* he w?? not acnuipanloa of tb> |ieic>i*> with whom he i? impleaded but waa at tha ?c? ne ? f tf.e riot in the pro.ecnti >n of hia dutie-i a? i teportrr for a weelil* p iper of whh-h he ?a? editor Of and reporter lie al?o tuakei applteHtlon to ha?a hi* . tiial po tponed flr<t on the |>r<iuud of t ha abacDCM of two Dia'rrHI wltneena Duncaa I' I'ell. and VIomi 1 ?d (irlntiell both of whom ara mateilal witoovsin, | of ?rd without who?e te-tia.ony h? canno'. xafi-ly proceed i , to 11 iot He al-o allege*, on aOMarlt. thnt bi'tnoua- ! * re) 'I hi a*?? Warner U lick, and ooaQae?i to hi* bad h. .1 a . 1 na The i??Hon wa? nppoacd bf thi< lM*trlct Vttorney. 0 and Mr whl'lnir connarl for'ha I'a >pta. who n(at?d '<r tbiit tuple ?<m?- ha<1 hen ll >?<-4 tha drf"ud?utto " pr?T?n? ?<>r tri?I ?* th? bill <f twllo'n.*n' wa* toimd on tha J?tl of Iunf l?M. and ha*ld>Mi that tha affidavit* on ablah th? appltcaM <n* ara a'* ^ In tbo-? foil t" wlilch rrlafr t > t.h<- Ab*?nt*aof wltn?*ira. Mr U hl'lng rtatrd that thin rn?t onourrad a< ling ?<o in lha IHIh nf V1?y t*>? p?n|iif d i?l irf whinh gtawd , " thr bb od of Inm rrnt rltlrcn* t'> (I w through th? pub" H' iTffl# * r JuJ-on wa* li<Hwtod on ilm ?ld of r . Judh I a-1 and f< r lh?< U?t nln? ita)? ha ha* ko >wq that '* th* trial wi< to coma on to da*. and ?? Iim ha* not ' taW-n any no-ana to prm yra th? tctiin >ny of thoa* ulti Khali thr iiuMIr bitftinM** b<* po<tponi-d h*I can-aMr .lnd-on ha? bran K'lllur of larh-t*" Und-r . in; ?bi>an>laD<,?? l? I* to h? hoped that tha oourt will r - * pal him to dlaclnra what ha ?x|i?ota to ^rova by ' thi ?r wltaaltraa Mr Rmiim for th? defendant rrplitxtoo U< DMrltt Altornra and hi* a**oaiaUi Ma atatfd In argument, that all hail tmeu "ft forth in tha alH'latit*. that D"ad ' b? ?rt forth for ih? pu'poaa of thla appilnitioo Ha . '|fc auld tl a' It a* wlth'u ihi* kBnwl?dg? nf thi> court and ' ' eounaal turn ftwuit tliat thi- t?>Mnr? of V|r I'all, 1 aaalrotbat ot Vr tirlnnell * < in th'* rlty It U > 'tb p'c*nninMr that a man uia? b?- found at hi* rcaidwana. A* t" ill rl"-lng what t to-<l,tm l? ,t Int. inJr.l tu pruM ' by tbaaa wltn>??.ha rnuM not *a'U tha oanarl. ha ''j>ll|itd to illwliw ihi* oa tha flr*t application " to po*tp"na tha trial lla lu-'b'-r arnur'l that tha fart that th? public wrra aicitad In rt-feranaa " to thi* matter. w?? not a iroo.i rricm wbr thi* motion _ ?hauld l to* irrantrd. It ?** rathi'r r?***on why tha rwr should not now ba trlrd Tha piihlto want* ' ' no alcttm* ahJ thr fact that th*ra < aa rioltaiuam ta I " ? rafrrrnrc to tbi* Mihjcct i< *iiOlriant rvaa-n why tha ' Mai** nf jurtlae should ba k?pt r?t?full? bal*nn?d It >jr< n'phl b? laror?*? nlrnt. hilt It ?v ji??Oha'. nil lr^*l , "r r *ti!> hhouUi t>? rar<fully pri t?n?.i and If nroinpa- . t? Lt jury rnuld not b< found In tbia county, thii lis" tnta uiaka*,o for m h i eft?o, by trautfnrriat i " i tlia trial to au'thi-r count y ;'I? Mr Mt Kaoa. Dlattlrt Attor*> y. *t?*ad that ha ha t n?-T?r known apvllrwto n for rrparat* trial to ba mada, ri. ip' at furh a tlm?- a* ha an<werad ' tu'lj to pf?- , * card tu tr>al " Ma bad tUtrd that ha wi?* prr?^nt, | '* ai ttrp In 'ha rapacity t,| a reportrr for tha pap?r whleb V W-ronnucta. 1 b? t.raod lary haar foaod a bill ot bk, ' dlrtmrtit a?aln*t him aHar h- a io/ tha a?t l* nra pro ' du<-< it Iwfoir tbrm I drfy It' ntlriii' n to put tbalr tii|?r " " ra any cn.a ?.h. i? prrioti* Intf'ctad for riot had barn grantril n p?ia'? trial wban I apl?adrd with ntha-a. * ' fM?. Htlrl tinDUUMI ItMrw) MtMtMrftkt l" trtj ratnio of tha raaa. a not bnlod eoaxtltulad by tha , _ action tif ?r?i'ral pt>r?on* Qn?*lit n by th? Court Maaa ihp.ann bai'B *aat to Ma->r? I'all and /<rlnpollf ?; 1 h? UUtrlct Attorney rrpllrd th it thara *u no ?. atlifi ?< ! to thow lliat aarh *uhpiana-i had baori ai-nt ! Mr MrK?on now prop-?a4 to fail to Mr 'IrlllM'l , ? rdfra In I? wh?-thar ba ha not In toan at th? pra-xnt "1 tltaa Tha Br.irnfar raturm-d with thr Informal Ian " tbat Vr (JrlonrU waa la town and ? ai ban atao yaaV trrday. A|i|>llral|on wm mad* by Mr Rnrtaad counial f ir , (!an linngla** ona of tha par*on*l<nii|n>dad In thi* la, dlrtgia-nt lt*aaa*krd that tha dwfrtKtatit Douiila**. . * a>ifbt baaa a Hpinla trial III* roun-al urg?d that . bla rllrnt *a* a ni-ni'T and that Ita wa* 4-af ' Ihr Dlatrlrt AMornry aald that It wa? tha flrat lima , ba bad laarn<d that hrrit-r a prraon wa* daaf and i '"'J Diltit r ba coi.ld not thn-w a brlrkN?t 'V r Mr. llt'iTim rrplb d, rrprmloi tha f)iatrl<it Attnrnay . * forhlarrtort and *tlll datialpf that h<* cllrnt oa^ht ta ' bara a aa|?rata trlaj an account of hit infancy an I dl<ability fn ni daafnraa N r Pi otn. for tha drfandant O'Nrll. moaad for a '' p??tf>rn< niant 11 trial on tbafrouti4 cf tha abaanca of wltl.aa*. at d .* Mr J. (>. Caaaai.i., for Ltaalal A. Adrianra. morad a k I m?if trial for hi* rllrtit I*' Tlia?? a implication* ? ?!> *11 la and tha irinaniU . haard Juil,f I>?1>. ?f'. r 'h >rt . ?lth Iba ' Aidrtmin f??? tha following a* tba , j Dni ioin or rtta c*v(T. \ 1 h? p^liratlnt I* I wo fold. Knur of Ik* itafnidMtl "hi "ro'i'' trial*. and two of lb**# 'l>r**<lt?ti. )( la Ilia ??mt 'f tha denial of that applanation mora to po-tpran tha rauta. froai ih?. al>**nna of ntUrltl tli'Mw* The < I rand lurr k*?a ll>rlud-d all thn d?I?nda?>t? In n.a Indlnl a>-nt *|lli tha rlaw that ?h?y *b"oid W trlrd l'f?'h?r for n?n . tha propria j Ira r?? a<>t* nf (vh ladl?ldn?l rnnctttota |?it nf tha hl*tnry of a roaa"l traa??etln?: and In anabl* th? jury to datrrmlna ?ha'b> r a rtirt cil.trd thi; *hoaM liara d?tall?d la tt>mtb> ant* of all tba parll?? Indicted for a ratting ' or maintaining a (lot If tha d?f> ndaa'a lo<tcail of ^ Ht>? 'H?d tn|rth?r ahonld ha trl'd arparataly. It ^ w uld lw krrraar; to r?i?at a gtrat portion of tba . aamn t?>t!w?rin* In warh ri?. whl.-h would l-al to * h" un??e??*niy ? ? nnmptlon af pnltlia tlaia. and rr??tlj ' Inarra-' th* ?ip* n*? nf th* tr?al to ?a? nothing of tba |o?a and lrcon??nl*nr? to Jnrla*. wltn***a? fca Tb?ra j ?t. tb?rrfo?r tba *trona*-t r?-? m? f*r trying all tha " d- f? t d??.t? t< g?t h?r aa<J th* Court ahoiild not grant parat* trial nnl??* It ?a ma?<fk-?t that It tnar praja. d'ra tha ra?a ot a partl<-a'ar Irfcrdint to try him with " tha mt If th*r* I* rra-on to b I'rra that a pirtf ' eamot ha?* a fair trial?If winding hi* ??a? with that k"' of tba o?h?r* may ?*nd awrlon*iy to hi* datrltaaal. ha " .v. w : .-i.i i l i. k * ?*ar. in Iha *fki|a?tl nf Ika daf-ndanl it4m? t? (iiIiim Ik* I ?rl to ?'?nt htm <apafata ?r'al Vn'Wiif an' ?t? from a Mrh ?h? i ?urr a.lfht lafar that M? rlfh'a ' * >? 4 haaff^rt-d in ika ailghtaat p?rtleular ky trying 7 Mm JaMmiy alik ik> im< (<nf l? ll? of tka ' ? dt'tirfam l)na?la?a or kin a*U?mn ^mi-h a ran?-<a f?r B" (ftnu'lii* him ??( ? ? trtnl W'ha'aaaf *nn?li|ara ' lufr'nat aria* from hi* attrama youth >; aa wall tw mli'taa ad loom-Jury M toanotha* 1 mil'i* in p'it nif tha trial murt >Ini Im> danlad ' " llnii) ?.rtan?> kt'r not ?h"?n i|in d'HIgani-a Tk? li'll 'r,*' '*"* h"" dalayad t -r a tlina . In d" 4 l? h?? h??ri dalayad on Iniip * to afford gr >und for . |uhltr n-mi'lulnt. It l> t?tj 4'IT""iit fr >m tha nrdl I ary rla?a of rrln?lnal tnala I ha tran?a*?lon Inrnlrad li> ti I ?? ?i?j'liill; of ? pnMln Saturn Tkn fr-al tinWi of d-f tdtntt of ro???| and nt dli??w dlr , i'ntiii>K it from mkar It ?a< ?at down t h?raf?ta at ik? of Ik* i-rrn fir a nartaln d?y. tba? amt^a tut.a ni|kt k? ?ffrt?d In pnrtlna to * * >*2t r?ady ar.d all (.nttta* war* noitl.d ih?t It would ha |.aMiall> |>roca#d?*d lth,??da? rfca il'^nl'il J"lain karlrf ? ?!. < i?d to mafca an (for' ko fat kit Wltm ?|ik dna dillfonr* Iftkw ?iUm?m ??rt *?ata ' JJ rl<1 rannot now a?t in put off tha aao-a Rut h? haa '' ti>t .I' ?n tha* tha ar? notarial Ha ha< ' u not III rii ??d ?h*? . ?i?~ri? to pr"?- hy tha two wit |o >? ?h?aat Tha alkilt'lt #f tkalr Bittartallty I- In otkar dahftln II 4dm not ' n mnly with tka rata in iwfut to tka opinion of " ounarl It Vi-nld ha InanHMant fn? tk* po*+p?na?ant nf tka 'h,? moat mdinary unit in a rtrtl aourt and U antlUad to hot ItMla watpht nn an api>ll??tloa h* a itngla ladialdt'kl P<T f ka p-?atpon*inanl of a naao of thia aa?a?t*<Ia. ahan ll'a MrtV*. w|?naa?#a ka ar? aa nunwiM Tki ra akonld ka food mMtntlal raawa altfcar far 4*i lt? aanaa, <m III if H W|lHll ttMdk INTKLLUiRICK BT THE HAILS. Ou Washington Corrtapondene*. W A5IIINO I ON, SfJlC. tt, 1H49. irpt ion- Removal I in the Treisunf Depart Air. Polk'i Adminiet ration?Ejital?'??, <J-f * ??* Herald, writing from this a brief statement *f TWO CEtfS&S: which, in tba opinion of* majority mt th(a eovrt. 4m* not appear. Kor thraa rea?>n?, tb? aprfl?at |r>a? far mmarata trial*, u alno to poftpnnn trial*, erne tf?n\atf. the ji/rt. Tha Court ha?ln* tbn? d?al?d tha appU^tiao ta paafe pyna and uraut pnparat* trM? tH? Droclaaiatloa. preparatory to nalllnr a iur* Mr Smith required whather there wa* a ftrtl panat of jaror* prwrat. Id nrdrr to ascertain that fact the at *rV ratial the DMDm of the juror* ud found that* auffloieat ntitaher were in attrndaaee Alfred Bru-h wm the On! jnrjiutn eilM. irnl challenged by Mr Rmtth The Court anpoln'ed. a* trier*, Metiers. Honry A\ Cram and Darld tloold Vr Bruoh think* he enatd fire aa impartial rardfet In the t??f of i be IVoole ?? I udaon l)ae> by cranwl for defrnoe ? Do yon b?ll?M thai thoae who were engagrtf la tha affray t hern ( ?-*ulnif Aator riare| ware rloirr'? ami th%t t.tjny were la thw wrong. and the anthorl'lra iu the right f An* ? I rannot bur haliixn that they ware. el*e they wotrid not hava bara indlctm! ( vlr Bru?h bring afierwarda recallrd mo<ttflrd thla anewrr In a measure ) (Vw by one of thetrlrr*?l>o you hrllav* fro? the fart that Mr. Judaon I* indicted that he ?ai areaeat a& tbr riot! Ana -Ye* ; I enppoae that he waa Aftrr *"B>e furthrr hut aiinlUr qae?tlonlns; oa the part, of thr trirra. they consulted and dncUrcd la the Cf urt that they r?.ul I not aure* C: * k or ma <01 *r ?' (Jrntlrmen it you wl?hr r* tire. I will awtar aa oflloer to aoeompany yea to- a private room." Tbr trtrr* did not retire however tha murt dartllag that If thry rnnl'l not agrrr an to tba I .idilpr^n-e of a jur?r. aurh juror ahould ha a?t add* a< not ludiffi-raat. and hrnee not nomnrtrnt At thla Mage of tha ca<a theTonrt adjo'irn-d ti., ti La (Thursday) morning at. 11 o'nloek. whea the wart at oalliiig a jury will he pronreded with (' mmon Plraa. Bi fore Judgr l l h irlVr Sift. 12?Kimrct Ca\r ?Join IVtfrri at Fcliein Wttm?Thla wa? a *?lt for a dleorca under th? ntio, on tbr ground o adultery fh? plaintiff waa n > l| court; but it waa stated by hie ronnael that at thy time of lii? marrlagr he ?ai ?oarr..|y of a?; tha'. waa a youag man of ?rry altnple tnanaar* -a merw do*ire in lovtt affair* ?in fact on? of tha moat arrant* burgb-r* that. rv?r trl?d < lipid * pa'lrui* The lady w*i In murt. and err* sprucely dr-xaed the -at wlti brr r?>ina?-l and seemed to ha at tha off slda of thirty at leat-t With regard to what took plara firaalnc* te tbr marriage, wbnhrr Ilia court?hiu waa of Ion* -landing and a rnniaa'ln and aeatlmra'al affair. or whrttar It ?a? altoprthrr a n a'trr of fan' hn-tnea* th- world laIff' In iraprnrtrablrda'knraa Ml that w? a?r p*'a?ltt*4 to know ?'0 thr *ubjret at thla ?l lr of tha gra?a l? thnt, en th? Vith day of November la t., Mr* vra'^ra board< d at No 41V l.aurrn* trret a hmiaa k?i>' by a Mra l<e?d and that at T oVlork in ha ryaninf of that day, the partir* repaired to 8t Catharlt*'* church, In ' anal I'rnt and th?n and thera b\l the knot tied. which only lu>lgr lllahoi-ffer and a jnrr neald mil'our. Tlie counsel noutinurd to aav that when tba family of the young gentlrmin dl?eo?rr-d tha aiarriagr. thev had hlniarlt and hla wlfr h'ooght h >iaa la ardrr to giye thrm a auh-i-teore Aftrr thry h ti re rnn u hur muiiiT HIT l?uillf lt|]H H| I nr lU^mi irp of It *a? or thought he anm* monirloltt'i In tha aicvrnx n?? of th?* l?<ly He thereupon ?et. about mvking *n(|Uir|e* Into her prevlou* life tn l ill.e.o??r?.| thiit iwfora h>t marriage ?he wa* a woman of vltioag bahita mi (I that afterward* alia ennilnUMl the *a<aa n utpr nf lifii Upon tdlaon??rie* hiring hcea the present ?"l* ??> brought The tlrat wltnai* called for tbe plaintiff * ?, Ma* Mil." a* ?Known tha defendant ; h?r ncnt wa? fatharlne 8tone. when w|tna?? flr-t kneaher; k?ow? John U'alrrf, her husband ; know* vtr? H?et ; |irn4 with her at 4ft l,aurcna etra* t at lh? tlm? of the niarrlage ; wttncNi hoarded there f>r three tn u h? ; /oho V atm frequently came there liefwn the marritgn : ha rain a there to Tl*lt the defendant; raiueniher* th?f were married on Sunday : preparation* ware mada far the marriara ; raVn ami wine were form red ia tha morning : they lef' the h"U?e at eaten o'clock in tha evrnlrg to be married and returned at einh' n'oloak ; there wa* a weddieg party; Mra Kacd wltneea. Mf. Walih, tha bride and krld?(rno?i. and two other men, conipo-ed tbe party; alfna-a knaw the defendant fir two year* bef .re . caw h-r flr-t a' Mr* "tin ia Howard atriet : it ??< a hmia* af a*-tgn?Mon : w('na?a lived there aa chambermaid : a in <n n?ni?d i< ?nl?4 M Pierre coma to Howard ?tra*'t with h-r; th'f *lept that* together freijuently ; It wa? ba'ore her ma*ri?i(? ; wltn< e? afterward* want with her two or three time* ta I'lerca'a ealoon. In Broadway, aha c*lle<t i'l >rc* har 1 n *B l>ai iel;" while at Mr* Head ? ahe wa* vl-lta.| liy a I- fi ncbnian whom aha called "frenahy die* wok know Mm by any other nam-; be u>n*lly came th?-a on Rnnday morning*: aba had a bedroom to her<alf; it wa* off the alttink room, ha w?. |q the hahit af c< n ing thira aftar tha marriage; ha wa* the-a tha morning of tba Marriage; they wast inti the b?dravta t< ii' ther There war# four or fl?a other wltaa**** c*i'*d namely Wilnh. Plerne and two other ni--n aael? uf win in j roved dlatinct acta of adultery on'be part if the defendant. The evidence for the plaintiff w?< tUia elcead Defeudant'a aoun?e|. after a abort aon?nitatlon with hi* elleo'. ro*? and atated that tba eviUaaa produod i'd tbe part of tba plaintiff took him a Iftila al ark and although tha lady In the a ><t ao|,nin Her rtlll pp-teatad har inn?can??, that it wa* a !!? trou* conspiracy got uoti roh her of her bu<hvt4 and bar honor and although ha believed every ?>r4 -ha aald jet n*>t havirg any o< aa* at b md to itiiir*** tha piaintiir* evidence he thmwht It lie?l * .1 to lata up tha time of tha eonrt and jnrv by going Into ? defence He wnald, thetafora, *uhiult the tiw under the diiaction* of bl* honor. ludge l'|?ln*ff>r brialy charged tha Jura, wha In a faw nilnn?>-? raajerad a Tartlet oa all tba I>mim lor tta plaintiff United Statu Ul<trli t Court. Betora ludge Belt* Ri tt 11 - r?* Vth aa Th? ShmUiI Vi^rara. *gr <-f -Thl* cauaa wai rammed thi* m irala^ at d waa not rrnrluded whan the court adjnu nad That'rand Jury came iota aoift tki* a<riln( ?ad landed up flaa indip'menra agalnat M I. I.i'kia, vinter of tba American ?hlp Mt. I.ana, f>r leaalag American icaniaa in fareign porta Bill* agai?*t 4 Brackiay, and f >ur atbara, charged with aa ati-mit 'a revolt were Ignored a* wa* aim a bill ajalnal f.ufkta for refualog food to hl> era*. Iiprtnt Court. Before Ja?Moee ionea. Hurl nut. and dm' iid* Bart 1L ?Cub l' Nn 13 J'i? Slm/e uj (Mm a i Fr r rim PfU which waa taken up yaatarday wa* re*o-nad thia piornlt# but tbe argauivbt waa nut coaciudad whaa tba cous-t adjoura?d Coait t alemlar?Tl?l* Day. (;??*"? Pi rai ? Noa ll'i lli. lift, lid 111, 14 M, IS. 44. 106 44V. 18. 40 AS M. M) #7. 7* IM 109 Brooklyn I liy lntt lilgcnca. rper?TI*? l? llaooana.-Ileret"f?re the eltlca* of onr nelgkbotlar city baaa bean enat nailed U>*etid iMr chlidrvn to New Voik I gat nvea a tolerable ei.ioa i ?, or alee ?e?d them a'.rt a I ''oaaeetloa* wa b-l<?*a la at thla t'Bi" ararrun with bay*fr>?i Jfaw \ nrk and Brooklyn, but wbaiher \ aakae ahrewia-?a oe cheep boardii gha* been the cau*e wakriiw nnt l h? ful la aortb anting hnm~T?T nn'l Id >Ii>? of th? f?-< a arb< t>a* bwn aataMI?b? i hy firaiwtmt p-r?oa? la Bio<>fclyn. for boanlar* an I Jar nrholara, ?li?r? pupila raa b? Mliirt'od. fr im th? primary b'ui>^r< to uy >lw< Im roile^a It la ttliMj iba Drtnati RrhrxJ, aud in rrrntataaadad by a??a of th? ia >-t dUl|n(?l?tir>l Hill"#', m worth* of p?<r ??? and "HBpr>rt Tba arooad Uria npaard ?n vl mday <?o*?nb?r :<d Tha hoarding department la la the n-? b'Kidtag, No % 0 Mitf nn*i (" Hi(? ctv*) and th* *cbola?tt? I ib? eoruar ?.f AtlaaU* ??<1 Uutoa atra>t? ir-l?for?J?c)<<,<fwa?Mi4 and ( harrh aol Vnrhaior* ? Th? )?ry. afar a ebar?? 'mm tba JadRo la th# of (>a"M Murray t? ( fejulrva t" IWWH ilama*** for aa Injury d n* to tba rbild of pla'kt ff h? falling into an np-n vanlt r.r a'?a. la f*nat of tha property of defendant r?m? latJ aavrt with a Mtdlet of in itamijf* f >t p'alntllf TKt Pn>/Ut ri fUnjnmi<\ ftonl, for an a<?*nlt aad battery np< n tJanrjre W llaiivburat It app-arat tsat Stout aad llauthurat tra part p'op'let.ra of.tpp <at|i?a llnea of omnlhn?ei runnl?* t.i firaen'o- d ematery, aad that tha rivalry and i.ppo??l| >n la of >*rh a natnra a ao?rtla>ra to prudnw *nKry *nH< a id u tfnatrlf blow* ahirb wa? tba eaaala thU loa'aae* (rialnf rot of a dlapata t?r atanda at ?b? alma larry lb a tartlna polat T ha jury found Nt >?t |?il>y At the roorlnalon if Ihla nw 'hi >"ift a<li >nra-d nntll I rld?y ??'t 11th laat . thera ball g to mar* ea?aa r?ady. 1 b" (rand laqneat of tha rannty toih trip d '"a ta r iatr>u-n ymtrrda? miming t-> ntamln-Into tn? a > dltlftn nf tlia wotkhouar. ptnitrnti try ft*4 | borpltal, locatrd th?r?? | A Il?i? anr ?tn m Karara ?On Ta?day *T?n<nf aa thr pttwatrlra of fiond f HIwpt? r? ?r?t|?a fr->? % ?r?r?lon two hnmf In Kal'"a bmtaa* fr<ffktj ra*d and wl?ll? tnnning ll'tla h"? l>y ron?? m-tnv got In M?r?n <h? ftnlntftl* and ?l??nUr to rolt't. ntt U>? fll|Mrrt Injury dona tntha Hoy Zadork S Vt h?ri?r Mid Philip Davit lha l*n Mlnwa arrarfrd a f? day* alnm fir p???i?( aoantnrfoit HWa pnrporllnir tn to on I ha Naa Haran Ran* ?f naaaatlrut. ??r? tally rommlMnd oa I'lio- lay f jr trial MtHirm itrri - rh? rrtorn* fr>m Mt<?? ?ha>at la ?haw *MII aantk?r fallara to H-ot la-aWrr at I orgrraa In fha 4tk dl-Met Tk? f .||.,*(o? th. r<4a at lb* lata alrrtlaa, conparrd With tb? ?l~?Uon la Iim Utfft Srp t#p> hfT JwHf Thomp.oa (whig! Ml Tl?nmi??n (whig).. .? MB Palfray (fran anlT). . .4 M? Paifray. (fraaaMI). . .4M* Hoblnano, (4mm).. . . I MA M>hin-on |d>mi, , ,,IM Tkara I* yat oaa town ?n boar fr"? wklah al tka Jana Urtl'ia ga?a Mr Pal*?? a m?jnrltr nf 41. a*4 rhoald ttora to an rkanga tfc? maj -rlly now ?ftM him will to 4*1 Tka (rain nf tit* la?a H-a?Un aaav that nf Jon* la. far TkM^Mt, 4M, ftoPalfrwy M*j aal for RoMmm, IM TIM w Mtk?r a?d tfca OMfl. T1m> Falrt?ld (f ? ) HnaM <>f tka I at Lit wy? i? Wa taara wltk at ark ragrat ftnm -nm* nf nwr ana* aa* aarirarad plan'ara that tka rorton nrwp la >fttr4.i4 PlatrVt ?lll an? araraga ittr a katr a er-?a in nn-aaartma witk prarlnwa taara tto aarara 4rn??kl wM?k la an* aipartanrad oaoalng tka (oral* aad Maai?I to drop literally n<<r<-rl?g tk? amaad a* wall a* * !ratine tk? kolla and not??nnaa4lt ?aa?lag % ^ |^g|