Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Eylül 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Eylül 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 5578. 7IRRIT1L OF THE EOROPV3 MAILS, interesting Details of the News* WE Il'ROPEAN COHRESrU.TDEICE. 'Visit of the Pope to the Amerieao Frigate Constitution. THE CLOSING SCENES IN HUNGARY. du-.. Ac. The foreign malls by the Kuropa arrived la tlkin city early yeeterday m?rning. The arrival of interesting news from California crowds out fceveral lett< rs from our Kuropnin oorrespondroce. and aeveral extracts from our foreign flle*. Our Krn]>olitaii Co*roe|soii<teure. Naplks. August 4 IMS. f'itit ?f the Ptpr miti thr King of Nnpltt U the American F'ltn'.r rWs'r/tJtKH. On the 30th of July the frigate Constitution re<el*t-d on b<>ard ihe I tilted State* charge d'affaires Colonel John I'owaii mi l went to tea. hound to Oaeta for the prcHent tin- court of Ilia Majesty I'erdlnand II., and the rcflderco of Hi* Holiness the Pop*. Tve iri^atc let go her aucli"r in tt? bay of (>a?ta on the 1 morning of the let day f Vugitst, and tired a nmtioaa| alute, which wet luiwediuN ly returned hy the au thorltle* ?u shore. <olopel Ro >ao went on shore accompanied by the ofll-'or* of the ship. ami presented thein to the King He made au appropriate aMrfO, which wm reeprnd'-d to by the King ?ht m iob re- [ urettid to be icformcd that thr stay of the ship was to be no short. lie appnarrd pi> a<< d that the vldt wai made, and 'banned the minister and the ollcera for the ?< licitudt the> e*pre-? d fur the safety of the liH"nn who waa fcomly expectlrg to be eonllned After remaining a ptop?r tine in the pre*?-?<c? of th? King the party took their leave. much grattllod with tbelr re?i pt.i n On th?> mornlr;' of the 2J of Augii't his Holiness intimated to Colonel Ro?ao tha* h<i would rrceive the officer* of the oustitu'ioa who immediately left the aliip and were pre-enti d to the 4'>verelirn Pontiff The fnaaorr of hi* Hoiin*-* >< natk?-d hr republican eim{ilMty,e*M and <flx"itv Ho ?u ma?b plea.n4 with the bearing of the oflicor?. c?v" them f 11 - M*H*inf. and tenmrfci-d, that be eh' uld long remember the day a* one of the mo?t for'noe'e of hie life Ctftaiu Owii.n requested <'?1 Hows'* to In*!'.* the I'ope atd the King to vi?ir the ship. aod the invitati"u wa* pnaiptly accepted 8"<>n after the party of ofl\cer? reached the t Vn-tlmtlon the ba'terle* on *hore And on biard the iliip* in the bur aiiuouuee 1 the* hie Holim-sn fho Pope, and ht* Mnjeett the Kin< hits afliat and In a f?? minute* the-e diHtingni-ticd no. march* reached the d-e* of th?> >n*tl'u?loo and wera received with saiutc-i of guns eaoli; the sardi were naiin>d the marine* uritMiu'Kil arum an 1 thi band p *y tl ?n aypropria'i! air Tbn Kin* la- I f pitted D'li.uiflj every pert of the chip a'*nouip*nied by t lumpniu >i<'l hnllinDt >ttll. ul cipriiMiMl Iliaveil iii term* of ea'i-TacMnn 111* liollne** wa* in.irh pl>a-ej with the order ami propriety that etfrytlwrt mm hi- aye l'b<! ' aiholina reuu?M< <1 lo he pre-ented to ihe Poee and lh? '"a:'i*in ? ordered them lo,k? formed Into two line* lilt IMiium iben parm d il' iin 11?? niliK extent iriving them hi* 'Mewing. and made i ni er to <iod for their 'itlnilxa. The ceremony we" go ml an I linpixlng. 80 >n after, tbe*n illuf-triou* to ik leave of tbn offlear*, *nd landed under a 'elate ft un all the eblp* In harbor. Tmly a proud day f?r Old Iron-lde* Thie Pepe i? not far from fifty *even year* of eg", well formed, acd wiih a r'.iinten?n-e full of humility. benevolent-* an' l??-ninn??y < >ne f--**l< a ronvloli 'ii tliat tie U a )to<i<1 niKn ?> < dmtlt.ed 'o c'av an lm?<<rtoit part In the affair* of Kurmpe. With tha a?rknM? of a ?blid. he I* endowed w ib the lrmn?i< to confront an At'lla; and while the luirrh. of wl.u-h he I* the h??.d, will be renovated In m?ral?and dlaclpliae tha degraded Mid lo>( oppreved milll'iD* of Kurope will And a champion. b?fore whom tvru*tN will treuihle There ea* be o doubt that bi? lloliix k* 1* tbn true friend of otvll Ikfity. Tha l olled Slate* u wall represented by Col. John Howan. II* I* on* of th? few Individual? I have aiet abroad who l>a? |<rrm?rd en'Ire bl?repuhlloin feel ion*. He il a nfhle epeetn eo of tb* American g?m'. Imuaii and ha* acquired for hi* countrymen a b'gti and en?lah a character In Italy H* ha* beea a?*<ioiated with tha mo*t acoonpllihed diplomatic nfM lo i.ur?p?. and leave* the court if rirdlaandll having been the admiration of hla compeer* l.aug will the officer* of tha < onetitution remember the eleicaot eivlhtle* extended to them hy thi* arcainpliebcd Keu'urkian and blalovely family during tbtir ?tay at N'aplaa. AKIKL. Thi llangailin Dliutrr?Intcrrallng Details?Tlac Clailug See in-a la tha Oram*. Oar advice* from Vienna extend to the 24th of ln|. MHinly, fTHMAKY Of TUB ItEWS. Tb* Hingariaa dl*a*ter ia fully emlrmd ; tha tra. ndoui. almoat tupethamai afforta of the Magyar* to athUti tbalr todepeadcaae haa failed. ft il rpidmt. ei**eer. tksl ikt .fmtriMl art net quit, nIii/M aili f*? H> m* '* irAirA P ttkirwilrh. tkt Prme* a/ ffartaw, eaweawo 1 la (A* Crar Ik* tarreaWrr *f Onr- I gey. That event apaeara to have been Inevitable after the battle of Titueatar, la whieh the concentrated force* ol Di m ItrltiOtkaM and V*tt*r. were defeated ? tiDlene, ladeed (taorgey and bl? atmy had th*ught proper to die kIiiIiir a*ord in hand a?*la?t the ennmletof theirrauatry. like Ibe Kpanati* at I'lu-ruiopiln. Thi* 1 nlibt bate banded dowu tb? Damn of Waorgey to po<> trnty, alopg wlrb that <>t Laooidaa, but It wjuld not ktc bonetltted Mannary. It appaora thai u??>r<?y wii vary llttla too lata Id bio ? fforta to J.ia the i?>utbern army of hi* ootmtrvmeo b*f?r* Toaa-ftr , but thai aft?r thalr uttor ruuc tb?ra oa tho Wth of AU||?I \ ifound hltn-eir m th? I0:b In "the prepare of raatfiiaril with drhlim horari*| on bin right Hauk. and Hudtger.wltb Ula raralry of ri*kl?*|icb'K a'Di/ <>u In* rear <fUrnitklgf *r>aoa rata effort* to ulnta'a hirot?lf from tbW di- i feioM and flD'iiB* that the Kui'Um tr,.? rrao.ylratlt ?m tapldly nmIii( mb Aud had ilrcMl; raaobaJ I>?TB hr.urr. D l.ini t<> iha liuM'M n>uia at l-r laoblefoathe I a t lllaga Bamad Mt?il" <* naar V liagua. Tbu* SO 000 litantr) with V WHI ca?alty yielded dp their arm* and upaaid< ?f I3t> plena* of artillery. to a forra of 140 000 A frw day* afuraard* tba fortraa* of Arad wttlia roa*td>raS a prairiaoo. ?urr.nd*r.<J C?- | <ni Krld <mt f<m tnv Mar aod Klaoka appear* to btr* had aa rn|a(?aaat with tba Auatr aoa oa tha I'tti taat, tbr* tba latter w.ia till to bar* r< treated, but 4M Clain a Hat r*p?i-tlnir4 tHr *ac may I- ??W < *? It to a?-t kaowa what ha? b?c>>aiii of Ko?auth Tba laat trtwutiK r? prat-eat hi -a a* at Uran*, aadaaToritig. alang with Hem aud l)embio?kl to orgaalaa au army tha-a in opposition to the advancing wi.troKu?lau>. bat ho baa probably by thto tlaia *rowH tho Turklab ffant mm- in nerii iiiivna with a forna of It) < 00 ai*a. 1 bad refuaed to lay doa a III* arm* and to purauad by * Ufaarali mbltrh and Orchtfcold. 4alloh bit alao a terra of ft WW m n a?ar tha I'lattan Sea but. ha la anaertain what t^ do I'heir fore- la too man to aoatoad ?plut tbc Imuieaae furoaa of tba liaparlallata. TUB DKTAIIJI. Tba Vienna paprm ?ta'a that an offltor datpitohed by Uaargey ta praratl ?a Klapka and hu tr >op? to abaadou ail future ml<tM?e. bad alao arrtra I la Co- I Mora, aad tbey add that Couat wyalal the vu-trlaa Hlal?ter of War. who anmuiaidh the Imperial troop* i ta tba *l?(?4ty of t < ? ra ha t all >? <d th? >1agvar* tbr*a day* to ?ii?IVr who*her tbay w.tald f<?ll?t* , O*or|*y'< advlre (lie of th" Jonraal* aa?rta that 1 CaMBm toU Ttumll? ,winJr<,4 According to moat | accoanfa. no furiiaa* hoetiittta* bare bapp?aed botwaea Klapha'a trowp# aad tha Imperial!*!*. b it tha tha llth lltl htttma Huh sol' nmurn. an 1 that , tha Mlfftn nbtMDxl ?nil? Ml>UU(? On* ruiorr iw>rti that b ?it H<??utb and Brm km led Into Wallaohia, abiiv aootbar m?r*l j *ar> that Hungarian *>?*>??gar "ho hat h ?n tu Sarrta waa baart-r of lattara ntrrall'K tba Sul an of l urk*? to allow Koaanth and bia friaad< to faka rrfuga In hta tar tilorlfi Another rap'.rt l> thai Koaanth, fl?in, and l)faMn4l htm a Mra at Oraora No fiar< th>T d?taiU of th? (tmti aklnh |>r?a-d?<l ?rrand?rto Pa-klaaltrb hava b?-an plbliahrd; ?od an ara Ifft ia mti- h Id tha dark a* r?ar rKfartliif tha .oaonar In wh'rh Uao?g#-j aril?.-J at Vlla^ta. and tha dlarnaaioaa tklck aiuat hava arlaaa among tha M?n;ir Mm Tha Vlanna r?p?r? p?h|?ah Iwn pm*lataat|r*na. whlnb ara of Intaraatj hat tha aa'haatlnltp of lkw? l?r?ai*to appaar to h- ??iaawhat doubtful; and It la fa b" i.h'?r?ad that nn lalaa ara attanhad to thaoi Tha flrat nf thaaa IwaaxU purp. rti tnhaa proila natioa tlpaad by Kna>ath and bj bia nilaia'ara. with tha MWf?M of < ount lallbfii; and U to tha f.4l??Hlaot Kmiwtk fa Ik* Ptnflt / /faaaxrf. Mum tha d?aaaw?aa t-ait'n ( ? akiak Ua<l baa alaltad kfila par*' '* tba 1att?r aapk. a>l ar h?p?a af a faanraUa laaar ta IMa war ara al>tn<. ?< wa fa I laat Uaiira<all for iadapaada ?a aaaiaat ila aaitad fafea nf Ruaala aad daa'rla. ia hayai <nr ?ir*?.xth. r?dar aaah airaaattaaa**, the aaWaitaa ?f tha poo pi* aad 'ha gaarailN hr ?lta fatara, raa ha nata a<i>a*ta?t fr>ra tha ?tarUaaa af a military rh af: anil It la tha flra anarlu'laa af f aaal. that tha oaatlanaa-a af 'ha ft aaat ca*arnta?al l? l aat aalp aaalaaa. hat arra p a)tatalal la ?ka aatiaa I tliarafnr* aal> laaan ta all, that aataktad bp aba a*at- par* aad patrla*la amitaaa t*at "ta ah>i.a Inllttaaead a?arjr "i^p af ?f aaraar hitharta. I, far a*a>lf. bed la tha aaia? "f i?t a .1laapnaa. tatira fr-ia lha gaarrnaiant, aad laraal Vaaaral Ir tttr llaoapf with tha aapraata itiall aad ail lurj p>w?r, ta ha I,aid ha t>iai ?o l.a? aa th attlwa. la tba atari aa ?r i'? Tlfhta, (ball ?n <l>*aa?. la ta<k<a( him r~rp?atiht* bafera Ood ta tha aaUaa aad ta p>>atarttp, I ataaat ha will a?a tal# Ewar ta tha t?at nf b'l ability la wnrlag tha aatl atl aad llttral ladapmdat aa of aur anhappr aaaatrp. aad taard| it* latara |r*t aa l>) ha lata hU ? ??'? ai dltta faraat?d1p at l>a>ailnna, aad ? > h? ba ?ar? fbrtnaatatbaa I Ij?a b^n la a?a?liaatlt( tha l atlna't hapaiaaaa. I raa ba af ka fartbat iftln urn ta kip faitwliid. ! Mi daalA aaa E NE ft b* %' ?r?i? t* i? I Ji.Tfulljr l>? ito?a nj Lifa. Th* 0*4 *f J attic* Hi BMto) h? w?h III* paopla 1.4HJM KlXaUTtl U.Ttraar. HAHT okrhiskK. Mia *f Int. 8L?A<TI I\ H(JKOV|"H, of LaOISI.iIM OHwUI. Mln. #f t?ak. Worlu. Ml< UABI. B(MW?ril, MU.of Wur.tnp Th? ?>f thmi document* purport* to b* a protUiitlldD iMurd bjr liwrm-y la i!?un|ii*iM of Ko?tuth'c transfer of auprmiu power auto htm, and la m follow* Geori/ty to tht N ition. Ciriaaxft!-Tb? ur?vi?i*n?l gorcrumuot hat o*ared t* The goT<.ra?r aud ti lain>*t?n bar* ?< Imtinty romfbia otho?, and th* (urrraoieut i* i roka* up. IJnlir than* >iii-unn?uc ? a aiiliory ditualnr?nip U a hmhuiII/. wtilui. I *?uu.c nr- tlaioaally. t< getlior with ib* oirit p >w*r. t!i?iteu*! ?l *tc??r can l>* d?a? for tl e ?u u r ry is n?r p >?ni >a of vxtrriuiijr I tliall ad?*v->r t* ccuaip l?s, *it'i?r p*v>?ahl; or bj? for<? of arm*. wliiclirrrr Doc??i'y re^mr*'-; hu a? u> (awn* ii t i ii'> r 111 >> u > mo?* iirottdy mine *ntu e liuhtriied? perattuiion. o?oel y, amI murder < sasa. Oltit?oa! th??vrii> are tatrsordiimty *ud hard id the h iud of late; at ouch a Cii?i* no oalmiUdon is p soiMo. My tola countd tLil dea r? i? 'h*i y?n return qme ly to your dweilId^i and attain I row r* thUiiov -??? tuoiwu mo "ntuiy ?ld tiitft your Uiwm; for the gr?* pr^bihility U ihU >ciir bi?t nourltj fur il? and pr ip?r*y in to He f mui m y ?ur hwneo, ami in 1110 140101- pio ocuiiau of your liU ?ri ? ittteua! v f.*te\it i?e i^n* to .v lt? ii the iinrfuM'ln wavS ?*f l roti<*ea<e we vill ounpor will. luwly .fortitude (and live in tl-a UlicMuutf |??rt ua ton that true jn<: nw viu??t lor nvor It ? !). Cltlaano! 0"d with un? A < T ?1 U ?t uiOH 316 V. Tb<*(f?rniM paper* oopy from thn War#m# '.Vtrisr, tie foUoniuK u* tract f. on h bulletin of Pa** In vir?>tf dated lifalos. the 14 b <if August which Kieen trie folIon ii ? d? ??il- an to the euhuiihel ?ri ? f ?i* ?rg?-y: ? Aft?*i th? termination of rk? neffociatioi?o vi u (ten. Ruiif.?r (?? oi 0*4} n.ovid wit* Inn e?irDr tuwirifn Arad, mi I fr-oa thence I * proceed** to nt wuieh place the iu-orr?nta I n d in der token to la> down their arm*. At the *am*i time Oen. Kudi*er a an hed with hin cavalry and lufaaty to#ardt the kuD * piaee On tU iUh. ?i noon. Oeoraey. in front of h'fr tro* | n &<> van i^l ktthr liei'J of hit staff .owarJi our ar ay, *lii? h rhtl*i d him w.tb nil toe prfi antioui which it i? out* t< nikry to nlo|>l in t he'prvjenco of an ?t eiav. (iD irxfy reKhieu to (>?u. Kndttier 'li?* dccluratioa emch ke Htl pre h vrl) mode i am* )y, tftiat h-ourrendt tmI without*"editions, aid dk iii( d tU i' tervfiiti?*n of the ftai mar?'>al, in' -i* a condition, l?ut so a 'avnr. tie-T;- y t hen ttok stent lar the ditnin omen) ot hie treope. whtcti too* place ou (lie foil iwinc nwriiii j(. hi 4 o'uio? k, in the following manner :?Tt?a H^jrar hru f wa> j laced in two Here or col u mni ia the fluid* bordering en the allium of ^iiillimi, the mtoitry. with ths n ?vai *y on itt an. la I flret I tea, aa ? " irtUMM la llM ? ? ?i line. A I'll r the visual ralutta the infantry laid do* u itatriua oa the groupd. on 1 the "a* elf y dinn. untcd aud v tta^hed the r ern e to their nhii*!***. The x>M( r< the*i w?ut out of tti*ir rt? u It - end *tt| dr? w tower * the town of Sartath, under the riM'oilof the ee?*orjd divuioa of i'?c*(t eaeal?y. Tie artillery it mi hiifrr?x e were thou under the guar I of a regime <it. 'I lie r->.?u.( ill of J Infri wiui directed re tranoport nil the arm> to Crc?*wnnlein '1 l.e bum her of tr?M?pa wtio laid do*a tier o*n?, it dndiDK eleven geiitrali. wh Ai/NMi mf.t try, 21110 <avary( ai.o the artillery **ith 191 pnirex of cannon. Vflier Ot( u? y app'oa hed our tro? po he exclaimed, ** What Diiv Hot le bi d* ital'.t-n and executed wi?h oueh |eaop?," ( e *ti i ?K*>n docNrcd that he was ready to oo-op^rate ta | ivGLiii k ti t ouLiiumIou of ttio?H tr**o|>0 alio wiohedo iil to ns-ot. hoon at ec ihe nirnnder ef ?;eoric*y. tt<> oouiti-iosioi cm fr< m a>-s?t pnaented tbemooleet to (Jeneral kidl^t-r. tmtkheS with due an tlx r.t) from the i jiu nandcr DenjtcDowtci of th-i t' rtieac, aud hit corp? ?f tficert. to prnr??sa t he ?nirender of that place to the Kmtiacd. On tlih )4th thj troop* nf Ci neral KikMu't returned io O e?r i Id i|uartere. the fore ruaro lo Atyaiand, a?4 t'-e hulk ( f the ti ui> to no, w heic It will rt*ui*tu until it r?ceivet fre^h nrHetf froai the field-mar I al. Th^ <*orp? of tin* r^ty, wl.i'li ouliuitis*. wa* eaadaeifi ta Clretaw *rlsia t.1 11 ll e eft? rt of thr*c roi uu? i t* of 'he d!f ihl n of li/nt cavtliy, and tun ^ftoclm cut * vf th? &'M regtmcat, under tLe cnn?i:iai.d of the Adjutuht Geot^**l Autsp 'I be pleiiifid eur4?'**i*Ki?iii t>rM|r*? at P?*^th is ^aonrally supposed to bs?t) been eomplefHy demoimhrtl cldrftn< tlie recent events of I In# ?ar operation* bntween ttio II ui ^ai inn- *n<i * uefrlans; but. up t i tbo present tium, ? v are Rlad to learn fiotu a oorre^p?id?leut on the ep no serious dan**** has hi u <l<?nn t?> t he etructurs I'bs tlretre-r at the AUbtnan armv wa?. <>Mtac* 4 to males f * tii Pestb. the general ^avn orders f r tb? doitructi >n of the bridge and f>0 oats of |? ?wder were pia<* ?d < n It. cats on each Mdo or under the chains with tha ?|l W <11 lirniklUK 111- IU ntll.ll DIIU'UI-P wnir lll.-U ? VUB rotiiH tilLa; the pemou who e*peiiutt-D<l? I tb? arraognlutut* and t.rrd t'je clutrgri- mi literally da-hwl to pircea 1 be rlicel It produced on the hridge b'? aking down ol tbe toad ahicli ennaiata of irau?*i'rae cant Iron l?>r?ri>, U> a ei<U'lil?nM? eiteut Tbu *ib-ati< D of the elmllif ?a? ?? ry (imit aud ennt,leu~d f >r im Die litigih of time; but. af'er th.i retreat ??t the Auetliaue, the bridge ?? a/ain repaired I'be Hungat lana, hriw^Tt-r. were ohll*? d anaiu to retreat orerthe briO|x. ?bin Oi-mtiiuakl |<ar-i iin]i-r< lor it< ileitruutluo. iVr (.lark, a< r?th. w? ui to Dcu-bio-bi ami reui ?nptratrd ullb biin aud tnld I-1111 that It would ba nothing In bl> fir4it aa a grni-ral to dm'my -o line a structure. 1 li* General told Mr t lark tliai uU orders ?nri peremptory. but i'li-r a err at dent of di gotmtlon In- ooaH i.lul that pome of the b-arer* ulioul I b? taken ilo*D. and put into boat*. and latin dnwu to tli-i i-laul of Fcliutt. the b'-atv to be ecu'tW'd, and Hunk to d-ep water; thl* ?a< done Then came to* Kuoltii and Austrian arm Im wl;en the li??rn< ?ir? Uo-u up and tbe lulil^e antln repelled. Snrral hilt* ham (truck Ibr MiHutuik lo |?Urw but no *ri at damage I- duo*. la lienor of the Kmprror of \u?tria * birthday high ma-* <-. ] bmtrd on the 1Mb at T In the morning, in tbe wikidial of rriioitr an I attended h< (>?oeraiK Ha.ii-au Von Berg. and ail the lluaaiauaod Austrian ofilri tk in the fort rem 1 be following further detail* of the nurmru'l of th? lluigariau army dated on ihe IWlh fniu I'auie ?ur. aie auppllrd fri m authentic aoureel: -Kar.itnt Orru^lid on the 1Mb hy the :<?l enrp* Hit tinimni acre fiund tin re. <d whirh tbe eariiagee had b? -u bii'Did 1 hi- insurgent* ditldwl Vhi?j aid Kmrll, with the greater part of the troop*, turned in a north* erljr direction lo*aid? the Maroa. apparently with the inlrn i<f ?ui rendering to tte Kuaaiana llem.itayoa, and tbe yi-ut ger I'eretel re'rea'ed to Trana*jlranla the Atmitlan brigade of Nimh?j!>-o march* I on tbe ]Rlh for i aranarhee. which rout* ooly the Pnllah and Italian Irgton* of the Mu<>gai lan ermr bat i tkea Tbi ie bad reached MeMh T* take MMWa if {Hwttble in flank and rear the Carman and Mlyriaa Penal bi rder regiment* were ordered t<> dl -pnti ti neI u nine Id combination *it% a d-taohim nt of cavalry trim Tarreova along tbe Manub? to Ortowa. A despatch from <)?-ni->al Wat* odea. whlnb r*a?h?4 Trmeevar on the Ivtb. announced from l.ngoa t h it ibe Hungarian leader Liiil i f the Ulh eoip* bad made prc| oe?I? if rapitulati- t> to <>eneral Sluilxrhrn. ?bo ma- to pursuit of him stipulating for the free r>-tr> at of the oflirer* upon parole. a oath* to pr*-eent themultra when unimoaed fleneral Hay man. boeeeer, r?ji rted thene remlitli nn and mibiraonrd l.arar lo aurrn.der at dl rretlon Meeuablla, tbe purault ooatlnuad wltbcul rvlatatlon After the surrender of tleorcef. Huron Slgmnnd Teteml h'ran* Hurrhrk i-'luaoi'e Vilolater and lif y deoutier wcr* arretted In the po>ae*eloii nf Uuvhek ? re found tIn- leeele of I ouut Ku<i-o? /loh* who era* put to dmUi by ri-DtCBea (4 a euurt martial, At which Otoiyr; praflJrd. ArptMitH fn m fVath of th* lint atata that It *U rr.motad that Knaaatb hail t.a-aw npnirad on tha frowtlar of Wallarhla UUwr raporta atflraiad that h? hil bam Htti paaali g thronirli Ltppa la r mpinj of duko tea ll>t?atli ai.d < mijI i oiaorn (till held out antwlthatanrilar Wanerai klapfca tha Aoniaailar hat ran-lred the fullo?lD| lUBiiiiiti fram Onoaral i4aor<af to tummlcr (Irnrfry In M-ipka. Ora?Nl. tli* ill# I* Beat?a.ur kupaa in trai^W ! Oar pawar h?? i r-a I r?k(* l ? ihf hiuaa ?( Ha|ibura Lwrraaaa a. i-d ?J tl c armlaa f Itaaala. T> a tlruial- i >nl th?t?'rir?m nf our mat aalloa im Iraltlaaa, aai ll vara madaeaa M p-.r im t<*a?rkJ?Yr? aill U.lrt m attlMii at aad area la*re<lt la I will aiplala nay na >tir?a fn la l to tha aor>d I aia a ffinaflan 1 lata IT>y aeaBtty ahoa* all thlnira. and I followed tha ilfMtM ! heart. wl l< b arH < a la rat IT* penaa t- fay pa?r aa 4 r?iaa4 r?i?lrr. ihaa ta iarr tl from ? Hl'lmi Caaaral. thla la my Ura for what I did at Tilafaa. Peatarltr will la'Ira a< Oetiaral kt virtue af iba linlii af IkU'aiar. wh'ah tha aa I law MhmJ >a aa ky tVa (dia*>lr?<i) Parliament, I mv a.i ii ya>u ta fallew rn? aiaiapla aad, k; aa liaa a liaia mihifn uf (la fnnreaa <T < i.uaora. ta aa* a war whlak Ilia rr??M'l"? wenld far ever araak th? troataaaa u4 tka lli rr tl U? llnnainaa halloa. (i?'ii?l I ia awara af frnir aaatliaeate, I kaaw yaar patI let nan. ta lam tara job will a Way a* erd.r, far I kaaw ;n it/'i1 taad rr ? aa< tiara. at <J i * itb )na, and aiajt ha (alda r?ur a>et>? A NT tit' ft WfciiRI.HT. 0 " a* ? r ia 1||l, A a mat. Arable* ? ro|i? n a letter aiMraaeeil hy h'neautb to liar-. The otlplnal waa r uol hy tha brigada Rlm? .-ban on thetr marrh ?o Ka'an?*b*a and farwarded to II ay nan I ha epistle la wrlltna la k'rawah, with a po t aprlpi la Orrtnan Tarrgora la allaatad brtwaaa hatauaeheeand Ormra ? TO PIBLO- MABaMAL IHI'IHI'T BBit. 1r?b8j?i An* tl. 1 pat maearaed far my peranaai halag weary af llfr, iHiriai I da tb* fair takrla I bat raiaad ?hi??r? 1 an 1 dratrijad ail tba eaaaa af liker'y la Barnpa raiaad. aaa if aar naalia, tat lyaarnwa brethren. My akaanilat aia?lf a vat tharafura be aearthed, ait lair iaaMlr l??a af Ufa, tut ta tka aawtaattaa I arrived at. tnat my Iif aaara baa kra< n>e hanafnl fur m> a aatry. <iaa?ral Oaroa a>rila anad thai tba aal'ad arai) at Taaiaarar la la tapld diaanlutira. > na ara aallt far battla Oaorjajf, wka. if iha raliilll ara la ha aradltad, la at tka haad af (na n?ly ami a'.ill aaiatlan, kaa aat op farhlmaair. aad aapraaaad bia datariaiaatii-a t" rala laataad af ta obrr I. aa a patriot, r-aajntlat k m t? raaaala trua ta kla I'taHy. aaada way for hi ia I \m aaw aatliiB( m> ra than a plaia altlaaa. Ijr o?a?i lt|aia| I' Ltr aaa aaa haw thlaaa lo?k?d. and what waa tha IBaiat of f'arraa aa aainld yet mnaiar. I faand Taaa>y'a n rf a Ib r t-d dlaalpbaa. aad aat aaiad ky tka haat apirit: all tl a raat la ana>plata l>a?hardiaa*l< a. IHaafy aad K-a?iy V'ldnarMa ira? wnnld IrM ai latlar, kat ??nld dia|>araa Ilka bafl at tba llrat akat. I fanad aa attar lack af prarlaaa na, la onaaqurara'>f wklrh. furaad raqalattlnna Wara had raraaraa tr?a mtaarahla aafadlant, that raak-a tha paapia kataaa; tba kaak traaap>rt d i? Arad, aad ia llaarfr'a banda I tharafnra raaia ta tha ana<-lnalna that. If ilaar^ay aarraadar*, tka ar*y at l.a?n? will aat kald ta*aikar taaaaiyfi nr koura, aa (bay kara antblaf t? aat. Aa armt aa%, ll li irn?. ba taada ta aappart Itaalf ta aa aaaiay'i aaaa try, k? lavi it | *ai trikatliai a, knt at h?iea a a a * 1, far a j part, alii aaaar ar^ataaoa la tka adap*(m of koatlla ??<i athirrary ? ?*? a?*i>a< *? w a f l>a< t i o?M ??? ?ha? *>? aarrinein* (If lift' Oyaraai M4? I array III. Wiptrwl'i, ImMnr U Uaaaral It it Aurnf maxiitw I nna day rwln til iK? artl taka mAm. If tha aatlf>a ?? < tli* army Ik* ra?a Would ?>a 4HT?rmt; Hal Urirray t army. th? l*a?a?? nf all, mnatalrn it? ro?fnfr??'?. Dm retlr. I am a atai|<l* 'Ultra. ?d a* aaak ?ill aal h; ? p?? ?a l-ar f n>t.dui-t. mraanraa ?f ftolaMti tarr?ri?ta. aa I plaaUf, ?w IfMt my w ?ti? aa*?l >. If (la r t j ? arm* ?? .:<i aaaia rail mr to tha kaad -f lf? r? ; If ha >k?oll i'l'tftil I) ililftil <1 hr H? ?m f altknat molrailai tkr tropla. if ma Raak rata a p*?IU .a traan WW lt? la?v.r?. aail plarad aadar my Ma*r?l, 'km, aad naif tbaa, aad aa thaaa thraa ??B4lt|??a. ??M I XI r talaa ?f pamraairat |f|k? natlna viliaj itj >t?ar l?a. arrar ?"??? frr la aty aydalaa. ?ar If tha matna aad roll >> ,.> J ?i iha rnaatry'a alraii.n. aad m''? I **a a rr?lal'llij <? at'alalaa |ka ?k)<*l I kin al haart I III aa ?rr iaa<-it?w *ar ftrlbatiaka al >aa I ? arrfttra a4riaa ) ?? aa a t"?4 rlutrtt ard I.M-H mil, l? nail l?*athat a a.imtnttlta af t?? r>|m?aiti|>ra nf ik? pa??lai t?t II ic naly tha antarrlya pnary that ran dlap aa nf iSa infarnmaai <an4 aaa tl?ril? aad fat- a?ar4ala. ?rlll?? tft- m la h?l \ rati aad maka ??ra of thr aa np- raMaa nf tha ra?maa4araf Ara4 < >? '? TM? la af primary Ima-vrtaaar-a< I ?? mv praara<a? fry aaymara rrdattdx. |f>a artra-dty af raitingfnr-a4 ra*Uikt:tl. aa ft.i your army, I ahan'4 na aa a*a?aat I aad my haa4 la Mcti praaaadla?a. Inayl tha aaaaraaaaa. u KiM<irr% f c Vaaara. KamalrH a< 4 HIwaraa'.aakl tall m? thai <r< lli r far axa art l.?t?ay la taaor aa la myay tk? I'alia* aad I iaiiaa lafaaa, ikal Ibry aa| yarrt IW raaataf, a*4. * ? >? >RK I IF, SEPTEMBER 14, 18 Italy. TV* NiriKKNOfK OP VRNIfK. Th? Vi7m (Jmtr'tt of thf |llh annnunr?<? th? ImptK apt fart <>f the mplt tila'i>n of Vrnteo which took pl?<*? OB the IXd The t?-rio? *<rt*^d uiinn ?er? imrmnttftopal. and founded ?i?|ril? upon th? priu<la<n?Uoii <>l KMd Ma^hal Couut Hadctikv. Imurd h* him m tha W YO [ORNING EDITION?FRI0/ wor?t f?Bfi to tbo vnrot, <w>n? Kele* carried off to HiK?rl*. 1 frel Ikli to bo our dat<. nti'l nerim h?? *oO"riilazly dl?trlfca'rd t'm nn >M front Urn of Turkey i>?er Oraora. ?o rarer o?r oomaiunlcatUot. K?t l ti?d tit* (>r? .r? (arri?*a bu b??? rnlered *n Tr???vl??ot? : it it l? day at Koruya au4 Biarrli) it tlx nilo> without food. tboee ha"ali inn will l?e lo>t. ?r<* Oee?iTa in * ftw ita> 'ht hand* of the enovy. Thf ft.rt toatrtlr of the 21?t in?t Mt?tM <hkt ft rniicr prttk'lii) In ih?t pity tint KraKuth had h???i tr r??ti d on the vVftliacliUn frontier, with fourteen rartfave* A nother account aayn th ?t th? e* dictator h>il htm rtrren'ifd ilrltlnt through l.lppa. ao * >! panled by Rtikorlm. Horvath. ?n l < aan*l A Intlff dattd Pt-kth the 17th ln?t . miotimei that a tr?a;y of pftrr had been conoiudt d, the term* of which would I he >h' Ttl? I'uMithfil; al?> that It *at th" Intention of the all'ed otnotn-h* tnpn^wl In peraou to Humrary ? ibi'lhfrtu C?lfc rtehrecjtln or OroMwirdeln ??* not I di elded Roth rumor* require e?u^rT?a?|nn I Tho CoiiMlirt/nMiri (itat?? It had l??ii ac'eed ho ) twtenthe Au-trlan and Ru'ktau c <?ernm?ii'i? thai < | th?rD'F'ltitrn?p< of the army of operaa'lon ihntltl ! | occuey certain p?Mnt? of IIuugiry, until tho oamplato I pacltlratlon of th< country. Accordirir to the canto Journal. Ru??la had obtained I from Austria thai Wwtifirt-v thn?M > n lint. of f^ntlnwt, trad khuild no' he im lidrd w'thin the CtiUomt' 1 Mtlt'on of the Jin It inn dominion ? i The Krnperor ha? ordered th?? the oldiert Hal'iHirlng 1 | t" the irnt of fJeoruey ?hall h? In l? part re.enmMed, j ami the ether part, dl-rhargod t? their I'oinc <|eon?ey I ) to he ??i?t to Olmti'i or to a fnrtr??a In IIohemlt j Bom and Ko??uth It w*? reported had reached \drtanopto at d had hem jtermiUed is embark on >/ u'l h* n Z I' >h It net. The rirmti Gtrette puhllcho* authentic new* from T< ?ar. of t ho )8th and 1MH. by whloh It ?pp?*r4 that the trhole of the Magyar farret were in fluht tr had tuhmiiitd ('.morn on tinted ohare, hat actually capitulated. Alas', poor llunyary! why niiNoanr rtci.r.. fKrom the l.nnddk N??h | The ffBfnl h?|i? f throucli<>ut. the continent I?, that the HtitifiarlHO srtmt ral piirrendered with hi) amy to l'|pkl<i*ltrh on n pledge tx In? nin n by Iho KuuUn commander th*' Me ma?ter thet'iar would KH?r?nte? the Irdependi o?e nf Mutuary Should lh<? ho the ex- , pl'ea'lon id the etilrma and It l? a ?ery natural one, for the lliitiKarian> In d^fiii't of Austria hare la'tetly K.o.n not in?llll? to n>?? i-<? >k. If iifmh ? then will thl* power ha?e d a ?nry <re*t Mrirte toward* that ii'ii?er-*l I'm nir? wi?ld?d elch-r rfrfaita or b? liiflu<,i'0" which Mjtpoleon foretold l? < Karnpf Such it conclusion of thn war pla>?? 11 ?t n- I pary In the annin po><tmn with thn other Dannhiau prinelpalltina. which rcumln each of them under tha nominal *o?"rel*nty of one power. hut under the real ra*Ttl|itj i f miilbfr Wallachi* ?>|(| Moldavia h?l >n( to the Port#, jet wc ba?e ?*i u In thl? campaign R??la treating thrm altogether a? herown prorlnc.e*. occupy- j Jug th> ni and n>akit<g ??? of thi ir uien and 111)1117 to. wards the rtdnrllim of Mii-cirf tter*<a aotoa tiina ?ltcr baa lifted from g in any way to Auftria. ard to a total dependence on It u . la And Minnkry may now he ron>lderi il anotherof 'linrni Dvnuhiao prlndial'tlea ?b'i?c Independence Ru<al* g'laran'ee* If Ibf Hup(?il?rn ln?mnj otm> tunnninlain uf Vuatrla. it li- to l( iitria th? y ha*e to Irxik for aapport And pr.vT<d?tl the llungorlau* forswear librralt*w, they will gut till* support. J tery one in of the atroac tandenoy of the OalIlnlann to effeot the canm transference of their hop?(, their anrerelgnty. or their pioteoioratn to Rii4?la The I rui'olan troi j? and owners ha?e of lain hi en w-loom-d In < meow; and th? ' r??fi?ni have taken p*rt with thtfe Ru**ia? aoldlcrj In their many and aeriou* quarrel* with the * u tran commander Tha* * larg* number of the Pole* tbeuihelrea aro rt lap-log under thn unie despair of r?<ntn>rlnf their o*n nationality and , 11 at they look to nttainmir thl* henoefirrh ra'bcrhy* ! reconciliation with and adhe?|ou t? Hu*?i? t'lao hy rhi ri-liit>fr tain hopes In thn sympathies of the we?t of Europe? thin al'o in well kitnwa So that Ruaaia hat j (daydadtep. a politic, and a *uaoea-fnl tani*. whilat .Au-nla has p'ayed a tiiicldial one ilrlut up linr heat pr? ripen to that mutiny wbirli haa inoat la It* power to abi-orV it A* to an llnrrarlan or a Danuhian respecting An?trla or look 1 uk upon It witb any feeling* rare ttii?e of *trsi> 11 and c nt.mpt. that kut.1* It h iin liHt I'Iim bouse <f l.ortalnc baa c?a?cd to rt-liro In tha heart a of any ore ot Ita t object rant < a hh?rrml hy thn Italian*; eotitruiprd hy the lluDvarlana; miatru-tcd liy thn Uobco lanii; tha wboln.ale mu d' r of their noblll'y hy 1 the order* < 1 Vnttfrrloh helnx rtill allva In thn hma t* ' rf ih* tiallleiana whilat all thai I* (irrman io vuairia walla but the Ort-t <>pportunlty to throw off Ita de^r* dlt-c and illthoi*t*M* yokn; wha' la An?irla In thn rank of i'Htli>n?, or bow doe* It* dynasty *ub<tl*t axrnpt Id uatna ? I , iiut 11.Umd of Au*ttla It will l^> henceforth M?nln*? to , ap*cuiate or to apeak. It la now hlott< d from th<> lltt of the lodepetideot natlona. the reeult Indt ed am more of thn Incapacity and tr?aehery and hl'todtfcirtlnraa \ of It* prlnrea and ita atateemen than of the iitiuitural | a^*pl< ttieratlon of people tiuder ita iwa? and tha utterly fal e and II mpporlahle haata 00 which bllud chanea < and Muptd bariialnlnc put tngetliar auoh a bntt roga- , iiei u- ni nater of an oipira It reinalnn now to hn eeen what nan Kaa la will in?ka Of bar nud ukti d and incal.Milabl# triumph. Will tha ( tar ?l?tly couflne l lmat if to the budding up ?urrouoitli-K e> Dipieting and *?tah|l?liiti|| t h?t i<rf?t Hc'a yonlc eniplrn wh'rh nimr >??ni*l rrvrti j f .r Anatria, hut which it haa thrown awn? Or will tin >1*. huored up l>y >ac?a*a. put f<>r?r?rd Auatrli Ma tool to wuik teletli n iii Ohmu * t h? r* i? ni itoulit.already In thatdl traced Ui.d But a'lli the niifrmoiti ??f hlH k?xlr(t a great lurry b? n(li? ii 9 frer helot* <n Otrnuj. on Ilia pra?n?lD| cf wh'fh dep-nd- lt? pre*?nt ilr"li|>in-ut *n?l (littir* gteattiea* Tie liberty of the prea> f * example, ftlll tii<n in (;<'ra.nD> to a fry Ml A Weillt> journal cao at thie momeat. fl?e utterance to tealitiieMa alitch would raii?? thr Inafaat Mippraalon of a Pari# print lh?- Cru?r>an< ma? call th* p-eaetit rlmniN rn >lttin* la Berlin the parliament nt th? ajlDorlty. wb'l#t a Preach editor duret not tell M. Barrot t'at b? hid br< ken tba amatttution. Truih may be < t' i mi th. 8mm pr?-?? a||M o'.thin* hut f?ti k itolnltid la ihr ririfilll. Will the uiperor \ich in" tn*t iiTr|M(iB)Dl of opinion at bla rrrj door* I Ft l? kuo? n thaT to pr?-*er?? hl? ?njpir? t oai lt< iHkII, be Ii** hermetically irilrd tba frontier forbidden auy Huaian to attr froui bom*, and forbidden aeary foretgtur to ?l?lt Hue. la ISow l<u??lan imbi-a ?r ta be iliua couel*tied to tlia auraery. and treated Ilka Mg children. a1 they ar? ?? find It diftlanlt to imagine Hut ro it la. Ilia Kmparor a?ea t>*riutny Inundatad by a kind of political bei * jr. aad It la to li? f??r*d tb?t bla firrt atep will l>a to try and prohibit It Ha will put fi rwai-4 Aii'tfla a claim to be tha proailm nt Oerman R'ate avd la ita Lau.e demand th? reatora l<?a of tl at 0 d *t*t*m ?f tha Oman Dirt, in which tha an oye nt eonrta met aril decoded on tha dearcat lutaioat* 1 atid llhettle* f tk* tiflrn ar< paopia. Fhould 'hi V B>r*ror Ktrb'i*? *nt?r upoa aueb a cro- i aailr a* ibla ha will And it a much lure aorloua mid' rtaking than r?rn an Monirarta i war H'? >?r? b; no | n >n a c> rtaiu that ba will ha an f<-o|t>h. f if con dent tl at t at Did Barely lea I 'o tha oon-nlliatlo of | (IrilMti I'h^rtlra I'ba ifarmatia ara <)? divided utterly dl<ld>d which ? Miitut?? thawaakaei* of tha , tiatt*t>al < r liberal cauea But let It )> plaia ' bat tlx { Mlli|li?> march to the attack "f lirrmaa ilnart'ea and then th?r* Will 1>" one *tandard at I one npln hi to ral y t? thioapfiout the country; and a war of n*lnloa will renin aaea. for the r ault of which we wU. b*e? the I lil?ral idea* and wl?b?? of the (ieratn> a?ata?t all the lifiaaa of H'lxia with tha Cruaala and tu>' aourt mailt in help tkea. Tba Itaaalan Km|itra and Clraaaala, Hn>?la baa wlthd'awa from < Irea^eta bar araiy of TO W*t Bra In order to r*i fth?a thaar-iynf Haa?a- 1 ry. t.?a ouat U oroi.a.w tba Military aad elail * >* cai r ha* left tor M Teterburth l'r< ?i?u? t-> >|<nttlaf net* be larued a pap>r to the warrtnr* of tbaaaia, aooched la very frlaadly terata lie aay* ? ? ka?a he*? *?bli?* far the l??t iweaty raara i?n?' ?? Aa iattalty f Ua. 4 be*a afit tn a* aarfM**, * i uk-r mr latareata ara Iherety ilianrtla r"ar l/at at, tl.-a mate a peratavai p?ae?. ar If that la a?? raa*.t>la, at i laaet ai.phl bea ilitlaa aaitl uneh a p?a?? eaa * *r?a?ht a*i at at <iar raaraateea te mataal aailaf<e'.t*a. If yea aan i aaaare f lan *l? ta raaiai* la qniat. I, a air part, will aa4*rtaka ta aitl.draw onr tm>-|* Ir. m Ike e??atf?, la i-rdar ta aanta all raaaet f. r arlaiml y *n<l hiItiy U neaa*. Tha? irraa?ian- ha*e ap?J tnlhia. They ?re now operly etultia* oaar ihta alatory of diplomacy >a> their aart; ann add, that once th* Ru*>iaa < aar alth Icawa bla iii(tO?ie* they kuow bow they ara ta manafa ta pain l? at grnaad '??I imatala rliknrtlr of the brtllUal I?r?p1im of OMIMtl k| lit# V|?)r?ty tba ( Mr 1 b* AntiMitdor i.f lb* *"ri oph Rapubltn ?u br> ught to Wartaw la tba ?tat? e%rii?f? j ta*bnaut of |>n< ril ofia?r? rod* to nnt b'rn and I wanted Mai to lb* rtly It *ra?i*d ?.> atml-ftant that Ik* I'm >h' UlH ?h"? mora pillitM.aM to

i lb* luU'rttnr nf ar*|?uMli tbaa ha bad 4'>>> la tlia wv ut tb<* Kaparar 'I Aa?'rla Vfif.i* I* fall af | ]lw?>lati in bin mid p*r*<>?> of high ~fflaiai rh?r??t?r : Ihd Ulkl>t?r> in* al Wai-a*U tba rrrddaat ol Ih? Itaxlaa < ablaat HaallUlilkow an* Prion* Wa. |oMn?, Of toral#a diplomat l-ta, tbara U liaroa ttrahow th<- Ptiici.o rhar||a d alNira* aa ambvmad ir fr-tuTurkry ami aa*aral KngiWb diplomati?ti as n?? ' Huly All'aanr." of abtrli Franc* l? in l*a tba I'?f m?*'bar l> iiiinh ami i*i(*rl; oaoraanad la tba i a l-i fllr'a' rlrrla* Ultm frrnit (trrlln of ' h? JTth nit. In tba h'<fn<r 7*>* fig antixanniMi th? death at War>?* of tlia urand lilftm Mtrhaal, alio, II la aa?*rtrd, dlrilfroa aa attack tl ?r' : ' T Hrhlna ta-llola?*t?, Wtth r?p?ii to tba affair* ?l tb* Oachla* nf Nsblatvtf and llnlauda tha |f"?crnln* ronnnl -al >a non-1 tip* nt I miit l'.ul?iib?nr. M da I iHlaah. aad ''id II ~tf?? b? Wa riRBlarh 'n?t*llad and tba block ad* of tba art rout < t lti>|?'?ln ban bw# ral-id Tba prUonar* tak?n on wh aid# dnrirg tb* lata war h*?a h??a atabta|>d, and it In to b- hoped that tba nniaontalnnar* III pinraid ta a poama ?atiafantnry to tba UimIimi. ami. a a* to hral t|i? ouaili tbat ha?* b?*n Inflicted. Bnt tba Utai holdcrata <.f trblw?l(( uppnlat?d by tba ?bi- <a*y mi tral poaar l? ?rd?a?n*tng ta raVMll atl trra aaala by proiaatlrg b. tbai;ala<t tba araUtlea and tba pi rli ml put law of (lar*. llRMbarf, Tba Vrarab aad hcit'iia* *o?..rn?*nta b*?a pro. taut ad apaiBai Iba n.ili ary lamfitlun uf Hamburg by rruola; aad paw da? I?t*a 'b*t ?h? kd ? I*, til lion nt aoallaaliHt h<r I * op* tb?r*. 'inly la-tria? r*|?iatio? fuC tba lamlt vCviad ta k? by tb* papn laaa tti dm. MflHary atacatlrn* rfall rrKllntw at Rutall and [ Ihi adthi ul R?d?? itr ?<>t la ?ntUtwt>a^ itam. /4T|irM?>l^i of Ma f'tfl* at WlrtKfcj t? -migrult It Ut* lnt*4 Man*. 14 th ? n tl e Zfth and following dt;i the aitrrendxr tf tha pi >M |ml fMutn eill ??V? p'aoe ae fol'iwaI. Ueptrturn from V. a'oe of the Venetian and I omltard battalion*. e?n*Knd?4 hy M? ky laid >1* Knalaa. t OMupatlee of ilia fi.rt* hi. tl * t^th. nat/iely: H. Hpoh-d? t'l.j.S. Qntrftio, f. and <1.* aue m the rnMroad station .'I. Dnpartura af tl e coip* of (H# i u"?ti?i iit'l t a Mlp. "i? the U'irh, via Pualte. 4. Ufni'itti"!! et 'hr city, aurrmder of the araenal end flue', on the *7th: aMentkly nf the oHjear* at tlie fort of Lido 5 Departure of I he corp? of t>io Kriuli. (treat*, at d Ca'e'po, oelhaSHtt; di ao'niton of th? i>? rudiment*. t. (liTiiMUlf of <'hi?f)(<a, Purmn, and rerpertiv* diatriou, oo the iJ'ih 7 Departure. an the .* h. nf th- Ne?"?eHtae*, liy praj occenetlaa of S Nfcrulii and th* o->a?i. H. D*pir~ tnrr, ><ii the Slat, af thoei&coia, and aurroader of the furl al the Llde. Thr EITtcl Im Bniilanil af th? Cuba Ki|hriiiloit. [Vrnra the l.anitnii Ttnn. An* SI 1 A proclaDmtlon lia the I're-idcnt of the United State* baa piveu reality A a rumor whleh had pmhahly not hern regarded hy any "f "or render* with very eeri'iu* attention Thl? document ofltriaMy rco'>t;nl?e* thii lact that anions the epprulnti.nn uf the present " fall" reason la au armed expedition t"r th* ***re*?lve and dfliWialr lu'a-l.'u ?'f th* territ ories of nunc ifi*hSorit |r State The tone of the reisoii?trenro whi"h thii project hn thu? provoked i< highly or?-di'ahl* ti tha )jo<id et lipe tcn.per Pltd Jiietir ? of the 4m*riean government. in r have ?p any .louht that ita ariiumeiit>< would he firmly rded hy the m?a-are? of the Kxeauttve, it tlio uterprim wore really attempted A c >aippt.lon, bowevir. mi extraotdineiy m the eve* of morn rattled tiatit Da deecrvca pome roiumetit although thecurrenl rt |x rta i-onci rnii'ir tlie t>to|c?ed expedition euoplj i. atrrlr Mifllrlrut materials for forming any c >uelu?t? opinion I he project nny he refir<le't in a twof ?ld lltht? either ae the piratical t"ray of a nom|?wiy of ad venture" or ae tlie d?lih.ra'e moeemont of a portion al the ('Dion, haai d upon p'llt'ral rin-ld"r*'ln? of fn >r? et ri tip iuipott To C"Oipr? h-nd tlie point !on? of whink the r*-e I hu? appear* to adaiit It will h i u?<iee>ary t? reral rot od'j rerUlu traifa of American rhar?nt?r, I.hi. aertain ooodttloD* of thought Md I'ei litiK wtnoh have remaitit d a* a legacy from tlie late wari of annexation. H>r ?ouie time pa~t the inhtthitaut* of tbe Sta'e* have h?pn hahltuated in aoqinaiilnna of territory hy rtieaon of eperntlona which In th- Ir orlijin dilf>'re?l not Trr> iriratiy from the < xpedilion now denounced I'he nlpinal niovi menta aira'ti-t Texan, and from Texta hiihii.hi Mexico PHYOM it much of a popi|'*r an I mine, what ? f epernlat Ive rhamrti-r KftDthalknUlit with which emigration la conducted to the wild di*ttir<a nf thevppt ttnauted only hv aiiorluw al tr lep ten ia tit acruiti ui the Aivetiran p?'ple toeuali kiail ?t Mxp?dlU ?u-; D' r ehculd It l?e coneealed tV at the ioope a'.d almod n initial ! on re nt vept provlneea of tha oontiopiit both fivotliig rlrcamtfance* ha? r> rmtlv t>?rn u.?e re?tli ??D?M of >|?lrit aMok Invariably ?.?rvt?.-a a arar, and arlilcb Id >br (irr^ut ci? I" not a little ntl ruuln'aj l>j I be euKilitlon* under whirh thu w*r hal lm?u carried nn llo?i vi r It lutgiit have been dlitiuirut*h.<d ?>? Individual bravery ' ?? tiw"r?cau arinv lately In .\ slro *111 rrifaibly nof rem wued dt'i'iplloa or i bedli oce rouipoaed id great p.i'i Hi f lunt 'iim Ir iui the riuth-we>.t? in State*, officered k? nan utrnpttblx'PK whojly with tin! general diapmdtlou <>f tlio tlo<|.a under,their command *11111101 opp >-ed to any rMnj *k w power could compel the oli-. rvanae of rt ftulmr Dii'lUrv baMtp, thin atmjr, wlmu dlxhaudad, threw upon IIih world aouie thousand* of turbulent iiifD, w?ll Hickeil ?H.h p'-rmni*! ouurtc Imbued retler with tha llonae i f war than ?i h atia cipllne of ?o!dier? ? ' ! mfr to (> rpetiritn their raiieiit rccnpatli-ti hy any one of tbn-e uitny oppirtunille* which the \Mnlty if weak. distracted 111? I disjointed natuiall) *tr< rd?d Furhapi m.. of our rea ler? D.ay recollect ih?f on* of the tint incident* foil iwiug upon the treaty of ( <*h* th? astaliluhEupt at Vera t'rui of a recruiting tnlfnii private -ipeculatien for tb* purple of pltkltirf up D tbelrh >ni**ard march Mich umu and olllcert at vera wiillm; t 1 renew lln-lr campaign* elaewliara H bi-tbtr thl< mlmit ootuuditee of an army ?> to bo nrtil employed in Venice t-r whether It ?i* to N> tun ed anam-t tiie Indian* t>f 1 ucalan wa* not very clearly Mataci. or, perlian*. kt oan. LiUf to far had lb* MTtlplU'lll pro*e?<lid that tbry w> re only checked hy a general n.Jrr pwtrionlt K the d 1 -hanJi/ient id any rrtfluiiiut or corp* till I' actual di harkatl' o at *orue p.rt i>rt?i? 1 ni'ed tfntei. TI:?m eocatdaratlona, taken In conjunction with tha toclai r< rditlon of Tcxaa, will probably b? luHnl?iil to tlio* 1 bat fbtiir ronld hr Do Uik of uiatt-riulit lor a prlM a ?xp>uUi'.u unaint any iMinpili.g or a:oawibl? prralnra To tlluftrat# lh?> ?mcii4 hypo-hi~.|a of a d- llbarata tn< > nii*nt ob thn | nrt of a political fuottun w? r-cur to that nu Dt of nilnho t ov?r p'-> -nt in tiia I iilon-tbu liaiillutlou of rlarrry I bu, 11 our fradrn know, baa loin di*ld?d lii opiuiona and la'ara-ta tbw ni iihtrn Malm from Dm ?ouih?rn. am' It I* n a?o ahly rrprin uii d to bavn l?. > n in n? a nail di?|irv? Ipttiu nWal la tb? aunoiatluu of T?s*?, In tha Mrllcau ?ar atd. at 111 ui rr revitlj. In tha ?/i'allru a'deb ?aa trai?i*atly er at< <1 ra-pantin|f tb? p.?nhir arcbi at ? f 1 anaiia to tba ifiMiiua of r?p 1.1.>i anil-Pi l u ll diTUloD of iha L uloo la pranin id to hara Fought rtrrp^tb hy tb? itnln<(?tloD, f-llber of tongaiilal p( j ul itUua or Ua'irab'K territory, la i-rdrr to ai *|Uir? a trfpondnaui!* In tha national di i'lriona. 'I bur tbn ?oul r.< tn "?tal> a antleip?tad and not without narim, a ttn? < n Inl >rc?uu ut fr un tha (( Mlivtncln of Irxa- at ! thay af" of ? a|(?rly bant upon ?- miiatii r to tb>lr 0*11 Institution, tli of Diaridid piutli c?? of ilftlcu. tin tli* oihrr baud, tha in.1 thorn f*'at?? h?t? charly dlviaa<| all th"?a IbUt'tuna. ? J I.ata rvcuiurd their mm o.nraii >ua ailh pri.portloiiat? ?V >r ?1 liera ran be on doubt a?n Kin | tba liilornatton *e rrcaiva tbal tba ?i?li| lm|>iil??jut* in *> ti' iartnj to the 'fr?? a >i|" juration h?? urii na'ed mainly lb tb?aa daapeiata rtrugglaa of tbi oulh lor th< fualr n uaiirr of It* oaupo?ition llenca aivi. U e prriupt itn I natiun In frateri'li" aitbl anada dl^roTrri-d lb tbe u ttk. and baoca the c.irr*?|Mio<llL|C Indi'i iiaitli n to tte ci ^nio?Di niaoif>oil> d III tba t)a?e8;atea The latter however, are plaibly loam* ^r. Hi d 1 he al-i lltlonl?M ca'iy public o,,iui..n ?it'? thitn. aid It la anari'ly doul'lr.l Hail uiur..? alii aaitl'd K??if <l?*nlta iiwiluiloii M?n?t ih? ln?tliu> Hid- lii nuaatloti Tin* rarull || |? th<< *out litre HIH?? hat* been l< D< pri'iarliiH to nnllelpata no I, D Hi lily, by O ri mark a Ma (Ion to whloh tc bar* b*?n lef^inipj lllhrr-ail r *111 irlittri- at fh? map ha will that i >r|i ttli* U'l.lnri! Uia'rli-U i.f mrlrot Ma \ iru would full n? (Kmphlrnlj to ibaaotttliara purlin of lor lol"n iirMrit di*tuption ?hll?- lbo-? n?ari-r tb? lathmiU* rould of rourn b? nin tl Ik tha armt nf UmI p to r > t.'b' T fail* lthl< boo M M. Ifnl t??t thu na*cb< Irtr* MmUa * uid h? n I uti? i liw . n tbc-a i i r?lii n- to prr# pita'* tb?- <ti?>oliii>i.n of t'ia Mi iiran ir|'iiM>e aid ibtrahta lh? V.ira via lr? c<n uifuly tp.<rlll?d *? lh>- fp al of Ibi rf j dith ii 1 hi* ilUlrl-t li.i luj..? lit' Di'dUMnoiiKl |-?H? f If a Mulrm <itair ?blrt (an b? dr inlt d at Hh?r rltll aid >r orrnpiid nor l? Ibrm murb doubt t bat lb* I Au or 1 NX) mrD a->l|i rllmhf f<>rr? n nld ??i*bl> h Ifciriiiti'hM In !?.?- ? ^lortm llh.ot till! b l| p?l(Mn ur MM| dtrtill hanna of lllr uH>r (if tbl? f a'lually ol>tln| Thl? d"0<*. tha fI'tnoiaulratlrna lib lb' lllolirandf ould In >w; (uiig(h. and tl?? boutI rrn Htaiia of iba AMlM : ||n w-.ulj ii< li hr paibtd to tin ?.ulf f < niiforntn ataula'l*oa ha** lf?? baaaM>d that tha flaf" bMdlnij . ountrjr inl4 ikni ha at>(a In nppma to tha Kj'iam illi* of tha Nnrih?rn R'tlra ab ar*a Including allli ft la. ?.f i.o lara than I K.] tv4 ' <| Iiarr milaa K<i<n I rtilold i ?| orii f'tj In anant of - arvard. ai.d with a.ich |ir. >|.ri ta ita Inbahitanta conld of cnur?? n>ati-Qt?-dl J nit tbitr tin* for aapnrnilon and lodrpradco If howar. It ba trna. a? lb* rraaldrnt'a pr rlanatk n I top baa tbnl na-t ?l?iie? but tba IMand of ?. uba ?na Iba j.'obahl- da?tlnnilon vf tha ip-Jitl m tl>? pta-omptlon of daltbarnta d??ian bannui-a at III tnTi ( n.haMa (nta Ibmifli i'ffrrli| n*-llb?r at anay nnr an tat-aMa n ?-t?l? m-nt a* northern atastrn to a band of pradatcry i4trttt^r> It ennowtad with tha Inlimit of lb* il*?<-b<> diaii |.art f by *rldanl Ua? VIrrn than nnaa ?> tba naDir vol rimfbal. lip M^lMtl , by lana >M?nt nr?o>. ba? ba?o tu||<?lid in I no yraaa. and It ni?y ptxolbly hava b?-*n cana?ir*d that. If poaaaaaton Vara onra tak*n, tba Id nn'l-'ntl pradii*?ti?<n* t-r lbl? mntHlai* ai-panda** talhal nlon, vi tild tai:i'.i*ata Ita r?-iaut| >tt. nod tta conar<i j?nt (roll n to th? (M-lltirnl iltiii|lliol Iba 4> aih W> h??a I .dtiln?d In tbaaa ronaldamtu na nt ancli Un(lb. thai wi-hntalift oirtatfaa tn. paca t r r?fl?r I n . n thn |>rp<ilnr Irntpar lrdlrnt?.d hy *o Insular pr ijwt , hot ktit'nb nml hntairantpltol In thaar<ur*?of nnr r*mntka to ?bnw tbnl ?oni? itilbi la p?ld torthnt p-1111 <~al lndc|i*ntf?naa of Amtrirm ntU??na ?h<eb la aitollad na ?iirpn-?t?g ibnt of nil latirma .4 tba Rlobn V Fur ('intMmwl tmltli4"< , " fomrth r?K* Til K TRRT LATRHf IIKWI. I.nann*. Rapt. 1 ? 11 A. M. ? v ?rf? ni prwpp?i*n or r ina Mfirrp n j blrh Mill lb# a.annfaoturara' baaquH to thi rr??M??t P??I d off witb |fr?l /rial, aad tlnl ba til rmlnd witb ritkw'inn By Tonion advlo?a, of tba 27th all, walaara that (VI fmt?n h?< rrarhid lb*t ^lir* from ClflU Vaoahla bo ?( ? that tba affair a at R?ina ar? la a rrrf na< M'Ulkolur} (t?illoa Thrra ippftn to ba aa ill f?4 lt>( Witfn tha Roman fo?a?nir.aat anil tba Kttnel t*?w>fia Tba rltlaana of Roma wara wall af^Mt* aa'ila (ka Franob ??4dl? r?, but tba lattar ha t baeomi H"1ta dlrpaatad with tba papal admlniatraMaa. Th< prt aim of tba Popo irr ?>( ? an<l iiaaat laflartory It waa oonbdaitlp a^artnl it lltita V? a liia thai Uia Poj?a bad at laat datarmtaad on going la flotaffna to pfara btm??lf nnifar lb* protartinn or Anatrlaaa ><ai>-lltai.r ard M|.aatar4t Tb?ra >m mur.b taferiaai I Hmr| Situ air It had baan >aat to tao baa pl'ala at rwlri. prnaaadtaff from < lalta Vxeobla; aa4 It waa Mid mora ba?pltal? ?'H baaa to br p?a?4 Tba arm} a?lfh waa ? turf Rmaa, ht ben a?aa bit rt aa wall aa lliraa N't pl' faa id artlll?rp |l a?a qatta Wirrrliln ahra Iba Pfrnah till laari lio?ia m. o< o>pKritt-d ?ra ir attar* at tba 4ata of aai t a<l?lra? Iba anrrandav at f 'oaiom baa baaa maDrawl bp tbi ooaMnaaml M?tw? wbtab UkrM aa thta maralag Ara?trtlt.?t to I oat ItrattU, *' (Tp tf ffanrtf Mi Wan itrrmAnl. IERA 49. J One Month Later from California* . ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY. Tery Late from the South Pacific, California, the Sindwiib Ulan<ls. Jamaica, &?., fcc. ARRIVAL OF TflU! PRECIOUS Ml'TALH. , IMPORTANT SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. The California Election. AfforsTs Fit am tiik pi.trmsi. Riots, Arrests, Trial and Sentence of the Rioters. Attempts to Drive the Foreigners from the Mines. . RAVAGES OF THE CHOLERA O.H T1IE ISTHMUS. r ~~~w~ MARKETS, lie. Ac. Ac. The fplrndid Kfaamthlp huiplro City, Capt Wilton , arrlva d at tlilc port yraterday forwaona. from Chafrrn iid Kltig'tcn, Jamaica. 8hn lett tli? former port on I the Int. and the IhIi.t on th?-"fith ln*t We hat* r.etlrtd by her ad?lo*a from ? ' Klofrtoa, Jatn. . . .8? pt h Valparaiso Ann G t tapir* . 8. pt. 1 8u lr?aol-,g vnn. i t'ti an. a . . . A ni< !?9 II to liar he July 2u C aliao Aug 13 Honolulu. 8 I....July 7 1 he Br?M from California and In tart from all othur I ai to of the Pacltlo, is on* month later than our pratU'HK In addition to lata iif?, llm Kmptr* City brought ever lialf a iwillion ?f dollar* In gold dust and coin, la tha follow I n|i parcel*:? CimtitHM. ,1'nutmri. IIovlaDa L Arpinwnll fulfil4 Ml l.ltliKK'on M nil- & Co 120 4<N)00 K I* Did h II Shildcn 3 000 00 Mwi'i Sl Thoui|>r<>n. HHI 04 I' I tainl'nui L Co 4.7^9 00 Kbrphrtd Knapp 4 <.S4 l>0 I). Dan.tlt 10 0'>0 00 A. R Ino 10.711 00 lio* a*il Si n (t Co 4 Ooii 00 I'ula# kl Jack*. . 1 tuto 00 Bar. tow, IVp.-fci O 1,000 00 J. I. CoddinKton. .xni MI Jlmden ii Coal* 0.710 00 Jot.u ImUItt (k. Co 17 ?<?8 00 Harndt-n V < o. . 11 JO 00 Hheimnn k 8tark 0 MM) 00 t?u)dam IomI H o 25 000 i? K B lark. I)nil|r? h Co -Tj,o7H ill (IrlrinHl Mint in n & Co 04 JUH 00 K>urki-n 2.000 00 In ifce hand* of pa aaiigir' '."00,000 00 Total amount li.i wo : Tba Panama A?r cf tb? Slh ult, bu tha annexed parpgrfipb, In rclaiion to the gold duct Thf ?>'?r California arrived thin morning. 21 day* fr"m Kan, with Kl pe??i-nfr<-r?, and n-ar . >71 o H <i to golil .lm, BiliMi ?t*M:ier Chile. 11 day* I fr. ... < .IU, -III. 11 ~ ,,o? I- ? at J coin. The F.mplrt City brought the following pa?*?ngen: ? t'rrm ' hayrti. fl .W. Cuvthf. Jnarpfi M Jam*i Kim. W. OMUara, Jr., J. W. Ilr< an, Mat. aa! t'm?. I: C iml???. fl. If. Hro?n, I H It. Gauid, O. 1 l omnon, Ib?<? an I etiililria. William DirkM. Daalal Sill. U^ary HIIIh, daaapb l.aata, Tlia- | n a i W. *11 ii. tirurr* I. Hublard. Maiaucl V?u<ht, J. II W?<M, F. MT. WVatbiruk. Ki?lo Pinkbaai, | W II lil? II Aiwouil K lliiomp. A K f IIiihiiii. I'rtmn Itna'a, W Krnir?, J * < am*r<in. V Hlaaaharrf, Jnlin Mtarem, H? Bi?? Sii.IUt M D Wit ali'a * S CNIilrxlia. P F Maara- I trr, Jb" T i.biiIii *r. J-ttj tt'Hcb, I. <1 Martia Jaaiaa (IrMn, ! I tlnilga, R V ilr Kar'd Alitor. J C H taaar, t.'orcellua ; 'iI. u|Viu?. VBitot.o? Miliar. Jator* 1'aul, t May, Uaorg* I AiUitui?It. From Jamais*. Mri E|>|*i u4 ! ? cluUna, ni-a T)a C?rd na, W W ar*. Iaii?. rhlld an I Bnvan'i W HtiiSaad, wif? ami 1 line* tMldr- a; M ra ?iiliii?>i, II Mid<l1*ton; llaarjr rtuiitli, t I tjiillll lir ? B ItaiBtU. 14*4 IIiOi lobir-fJ. I > any ol the ilxitf tanr down la tba I altfurnla TUa i I. Ii San I- lauclico 00 thaM of Augtiat with tha fotloniog puMiiiri:f Mnnttrty. *? ? Jbum, Jrha r I arl>< r. Jus. Nialtia. f>iua Nutja. Ik* aAagu, Clliul Lma*. I froll, 1 Far San I'rJrt. 1 Vrwn O I?rnw? Bad acrvaat. Aab ala ?a?fkn. rC?rr,L Maiial llntrr. Inarl>ra Svnn, Katnaa Pi/ara, I'riaHl k'llia ut faail), J Aliando aad k?f, I* fwul ul miUkl. Fur Nan IHejC. ItiTi Carlaa loro, II I *?*. For San Flat. Miiartlllfail I'atmn, H?r ? f'artlr*. For Slatallan. Vrrrra Mlgu'l Era", Ni' Iwl-a i'rl IVral, Igaaata dal Paral, lit flu liar, Matiml ?n a, I'rrtm (lami gujaalii I af<at. Uarli f..p'* Auaiiatla I'ailrilla, tirillaand (Imia. Rafael #*l'Itrn D. At>( I in4ri|MM Kirnlafl omit. Mr Vnlnlaaaa.t'ir* 111" V<??. An'I rata RumaUa, Ham< n Tallta. Ja* it rlfrta aad ? rtaa'- liinarin Mlaaa, r r. I'f' oaa, .Prantlar* U<a, K Imc Lagtrlo, V iriraa'a * aorhaf. twa tallica In Jiba t^ula and t?' friend. M n, (iaoli h?. Car* Mai* !?! It iy. MabBtl t A Ohio, Mi#v*' t' * llu Jmu* Mora. Fur fanuita. >?iin(l??c Pul>at?, jao'a >?;. Drarr Fry, T)ul>l Ml. jolia ht*|>hn>a anil ?If* s V bllia, Anolr'i null. Al- I fr? l f?l?.tia w 1r?? a Mr tv .n ?a aad aMIdrra,'j ii lialr. jbb?h!<iii ll..fia>?l ni **ll Mr Ditila**, fliat Faiik. jaaia (-rcaa. Rura'l* Alla?o<t. I i. ii i<w. vnui , f 'rtadl adi<l|ti i nhrlall l'*)?r i.. .aar. *atna?l A c allt, f I wi(t>r??k IriWlia. x ? (' f a Ha?la. a k (ii'iu, \ a'*atia? m illat, i naa Juhaa-ia and wl'* <>o b?r way to Faaaaa, tb? < allfurnla | ??*?d <h? trtB r rasBDia, ?ba had (on* lotn Xaaatlao. no hrr way t< l<aD Praorlaro, with SOU pw>a(|[rra all wall Tha t alifrrola I oat nlo? pa*??nt?ra. mn*?|y eablo. by Tatar. Aipcor tlirm wrra Mr lira Payor lata of Brook1)d ui I Hi r. aad Mr. i.u.iocdb, brth.c ol Li*ut l.m on tia of tba Warran. Tha Mi atn>r Oregon to aall from Panama on tha28th of Aug oat. had about 'ib0 pa<?ogara an^agrd Our thanka ara dna to llaory Wlltaa. K q , who eama pam pp*r In tha Kmptra ity, for hla klnlaaaa la daifatrhmg our parcali to na. W ? ara e mp*ll?d ta dafar tha pnMlaatloa of aaaara' highly latrrastlrg lattara from (.'alifomt*, la ioim quar.rr of ti? prraaora of tba Koropa a nawa, TLagrratot airlt?aaiit had praaa'lad la Man Franr alaao. In ponanjoanra of a riot wbleh took plaaa ra tha Iflth July. Pa?antaan man war* arraat*d. and had n trial bafura tha Alenlda. aaalatrd by two gantiamaa ra Ky Ihr people a* MkifUUa ?n th?'; > of r > piracy to-rob tha puMHtli lih*tli?nti of tbo dlaItkl of thrlr property, to wrailt boot, (boot at. til wrniod tb?lr p-r.?r,? to mum It riot, np> aad murWr, Md ill??r? otb*r *rlm?i and tb? p??r? fib* propia of thM Imltorj," vblfh ?b?r(* * ? ?? P"Oi|??t?d by ?p?*IfloaU?a? for ??rh b?ad fb? Wa4?r, | knn?l Rntort*. m*? f<>uad pul?y of - Hn<|>lr*r;, Hot, rubb?t7, aiwanlt with Inleot to klU. abootlag ItH la- I t? at to kill," lid >m xt'Mod to ton y*ar? hard labor la tbo p?Dltrntltr; b>n Ik* lloftrwir of ( ali/<>rata Bay dlr??t Tbcdrrn Sftund?r? rtrtlM tbo >*a? ; r*?h?M. All Iba otb?r? vara fnuo'1 lull*; of varlaoa { | rtot'.uf p?Tinn* and tmcM t? pf?ll*^ tutrr frr pnlod- iar)lt<i fr-m ?l? mouth* t<> <>no y?ar, me*< B>i*?i>d with inM of froai to *1 on> I b- eotiat* fmm tbo dUglag* ara to Jaly 23, and ar* ut liaportaat fVxiiMi irrr p/mfy in tkt aiwi, <"?W (Mdi may A* 4ml Sarrmmml* < / Ftmmtur* prtrn. * V>ry tult dfmnlt ?*r* /?w*4 l*? ount ^>rk #/ I lA* .f ? .??- an /#.. ?-r At a pmr? I no* I, a? linl'h* Bar d'< Cine b*?a atlaa<f?d wtih *'?at *'?d fori nn? Ihera i > rtory a# a HaltInx i *a n aha hat raaantly arrival to ' tkl? rounxtj takan In "an ?<? * np?-r.i?-<f , j f<t th"ii*ani dollar# In *>>14 trim ?na apot and thl* uaoidril with roaininn ail til n( litipl??n?nU lh- r?p<>rt l> |>rritll) fcr?*?t?4 la the Mnk Ttia dally a??ra<a H< r ii.aa, frnai tha k-il authenticated irr imla la oar I po??<??K'n ran . t down at a'i 'iil oiiona. 7"W frnalmi h*mU? m) tk?r in lA? arui t?*4 tf Tha W or moo Inland Vilala* Anamination h?< n?arlf ' iwmpUUd tka dam at that r*.tat It l? pranimrd la I llnr ??k? thay will torn tka fl??r tr^im In M. kbaraa la thla actk ara bow Hlllni f<* W M# At lh? I Jai^tioa ol tka torhaabnaa thin |?4al l? aanlhar a?n rUlioa for a alnllar purj,o?a. and graat na?W? ara at a oik. J Wa ara furnUh?d wllk tha *mt ) In* I ltaitlf*?ra tbat *n?k mtilaixa bri?k ?a t i- ?an laqula I 11ikvlartr* and kalUn<M ?lth ai'Tr atialaetory ramitr than a.a tha ?print m\n ng 7h? nl.rlloi, ord? r? <1 b? lln llilrj took plana na tka I la? alt. It ?a? oaa nf ika a?o-t animated and nptrl'ad , rtntiata ?l Irh San Franal??n a?e* ?lta?arad (lata* r t<. *?tal rimraa tha anting did not rnaamrr aatll a lalah<*rln tba fonanan, but. (ot?lt*a|H4lt( . t*a-n the bnnra ( < II A M aadmat, trtaan huidrad aiKl alarla** anCa vara lakra , 1 kara vara a traot aiaay tloft?U I* tka laid, *aJ tka LD. TWO CENTS. p?iiT?<<i-lnir hy the frl-nd- nnk wu I'llntt y?t por and orderly rhe ?h >ls day ^uuj without 41*. tailwnef ?t any nktrtptor. Below will h? f und I he linrM frua the oiliW o>%v*** m furtlnhtd ui by the judge* ud litpMturi if fInIIod. via Juiffr of the Hamrritr C'ea rt. Peter H. Bi'raexe 1,/W Sualterlag. I K.a>l*!l . Ulmmiok.. . >11 Prefect. ITornr? ITewee* !"J CI >re??e Urtanlea,,.,, IV W?. A. liudtaa 444 -calteria*. H Alcnldi. John W. Geary. (?t~te.t.) 1M* Stenuil Alrnldf. Trinl T?rt? ,..I,iM ffn l.aiirrt Mf John T V|?*et.e MM B A J. linad Huiley 4W Seatterlaf Huh Prefect. Fr-n^voe (in-rriT** . ... I .' ".I Wm. H. Dtfil W J. IL I'anli I Wl) Seatt?rteft IB For Town Coumcll. Tawot u. I.reaae* I MO Th..?, J. ipin* iH Iliwry A. lUrnaun* . .. .1 I'll M. I.. Volt 4<l Atfiril J. F.llin* I .V| F ?. Kfihlnr 4? Stephen H?rrl.? I t'3 T. W IVrVna 430 Tl o? K.WI ?(..? , I <?' J. p llftvnn 4"* J.ka T..??.,r.l? liK.t Mi>m? ij I Mitrd SM lloi'mto *1 I'tlm" K40 ?l. H. n*i.*.r :WI William !l.r.vl?? K? J. II I'r.piaa IM liettr SiniBOM* S. V Plan 17# *awvel Braaa?a 8;'} It. IIa'"V IM William V St*tiart*... Mil A. J. 'Ira???a I?S O II Pn?* HOT P.A. Wright M Jel.n H Mi Till At* SmtUria* Ww.C. 1'arkar SO* to tAe Convention. Fiiward filliwrt* I .All J#'ai' an n Sikpuii. MS Mj'uii Ni il'ii* 14.1/1 F. ti.iu'H flnffuin Mm M Uwla* I.H71 A. II. X b'?y I* JiMph III h?->i?? v'l# Mm. P'irir?nio M Mm. M. Sl?i?n* KH1 A.<\ Paacfcj Juhn A. Pattern** .Vjtt Suatteriar IS .M> jiemuw-mry /Vrfi'M. M'm. I>. M Howard* .. ?-7? S. W. i| ?l*ht M Fraaatu J. Uppitt* .. . *71 Wm M <n ilk 4T? A.J Kllia* K7I J. It. Ui4Um%a 411 FraarWca Sancbaa* KT'i A. r. Peachy < Ruiimaii M Pri?a? Nfl Hcat'erinp !tt A? liH?e Trt to bear from tha district of flan lain. It ia nut rtr'uin that lodge Burnett la eleoteil Iu4<* IXniwU k will ricriva the undivided nipport of hl? du?tolct undoubtedly, li"t ?? ilo not thin* tba ??t?. in it* varioint preflincn will OTareuniit Uuruatt'a majority, Which is how 1.084. Oar Panama CorrnpoiiArnr*. 1'xiina, Na? Iirmtili An; ?fl 1040 ftul malum of thr .Qwricnns al Pannaa? Tt>r / tAe Cholmt?Ship \rio$? Steam SUipi in Por'?tvs*n air thr f/auum and Smatnr l~ Thr n?ic? from Oi''/nrm'a Nrwt from thr South Pat ific? Sfiipmrnti of Otld Ibiot? Nrui (Jtntula 4-t ? 4*?-i 4'Ci Tli* ft*w Amerlran" left here, awaiting the Railing mt ha''Oregon" and other Triaala, lia?? bean aanniag tin mn?Ire* by correcting the conduct and improving tbe mannera of thB agent* of tha Pafilio itaaaora.? Thcru hu barn only an nlTort mado, bat I am afraid rttura U too alrortc for any huniau darina, aad lint, bow-Tar poti-nt tba vcioa of tbi* fiaopla uiay ba In political niMttrrs, it rannot aflf^at tb? laaat reform in tfc* point at laaiie Tbrrr arw ahout fimr hualrrd Awtrlcaua In Ibia town, atary onn of wbom ai^oad the ra?oi?lima olfrrad at a public niaettng In Id a f?w dayi aino% in wbiab tconduct of tha Amiri >au euu?ul Ik* ?H> nti<, aud captainn of thn fhipn, h?r?t baon canK irml No p*r>-iin can fi rm any idm of tbn axtcnt to which pi fty Ijfanny in priclinil. uulni h? 1< hera an ryawitiidfl Tho Panama Simr, a tiia of wbicti I ??nd yo?, gl?aF tha wlmla proca?dlnn? Vou aii? already aw.tra tbat this pla*a hu bnua wa# ici urged I} tba cholera and if thurn can be nay 14t*m formrd from tha number of fuuaral train< ?hlcli dally parade tha atreat* I phnuld ftj tbat It li ?tili bar*, and no Bjear* at ra*t. 1 regret to ?ay that man; c?n? bare lii eti hurried to tbeir la?t raiting pla-'e bf tbi* dix a>e. during the paat m< rth and that nine out >f a?eiy ten now In th? town ?r- ailing from elTHH'?i>f t??*r, caui-eii by tha liumldlly i f tha a'.iinxphera and tlia iltluiium which ariirom the great ju.uitit'M of d?c?yi d < uki tatli>D In and about tha town It li f iriun*'e that there are not a greater nnuiher h?r* at prarept: tbe weatbar i? io wet and unpleasant mil tha facillllea for cc??tng tba mountaiua ln?tTi?itu\l a>?d Ilium (I. tn?l ni-avo a r ni l n< t III* a*ol<l?d * )>* : I ally an propar niadlral a<d ranunt hr b* I Tbara ara a BiiKibrr t>f pati-on* lara claiming to l>o ' OriaiPim.'1 u<1 ni nb< m nf ib? fma ?trlaa? "f !*) world. trttkt of wb<-m would ho piiEi'ad to t?ll tha diffrn tit# "quIuinM" mi l morphia* " I bare baro b*t-n no many rt. a'h-from choI?r?" *a4 otbrr di***n * in the hotel- that thay ar* eompiaUl/ dt ?artad, kit prafi rilru* private board 'I b?i Board of Health <>f told town. aft?r a *lttin( of llNl two month* finely r*m? to til" flflnrilg i? cluamn. In repard to tbi ailalrnn* of tli<? obolero ? II lit* l*?u 'landed, that swing to* d?fl"l*"*> of *1* it'i?ltp la th# la th* natal y of I'mmt. |li?4li"M ea'li d ti>w >b>l rv I* it'rwtfil and all.iwod to dn It* work at daaih, witl.eut let or hiadereat-*. aad it ia anw ra*?mtaa*d*I tl>*t in r>r?rr to hamuli It fr-ai our city. tt-a *ia taaat r.a "it'rnd up," purine! and la do tin*. ulna gun* to?d?d with ami ta ai?i off fr'Pi ti.? rum|>uti, *r?r; afttrawu, V a 111 tba malady liaafprara In pureuaor* with thia darUloo or order. wa ara | a*Intad from tb* rtupmif rrary day. with that many anna llrra la a hilt Iht' the Knnna-y I nuimiWiin < New York, might proflt tij. aid rid Hnhati of lt| ?i rat rnrmt. I would rrco.ntu*Dd a frra u*a of aa'.t. fair*. It l> rlfaprr M a baa* bow la port thraa uteamer* at* - tha <'allf? rtila j*"t ftotn .lan ranrl-eo, ih? ira^on for d ?. ao4 tba Hntuh ?l?un?r ('.Vila. fr< ro '? lao; h-al at ih-aa, wa bat* h'?t of >iI|ipk taMrli anting wliioti It th* bitk Kilt V raneia for Hun b?ran?i*cn and tha tua'luw In in N?w Yolk ; tb* Imttar ma la an axeallrot rail of all month*. Tba i otnorn and Rfnitnr b|ta nnl yet arHtxl nor waa thrra any IntrllUenra of altbar at Yalpanao or I all* a. abra tba ngll?h <lftn?T laft rhere la ann*. Ihii g a rim* about tba loruia' ; inuat ha?? hwl 11^ ahli-'t round I tn tba I apa nt In iheSttaiiaof vlag 'iiau tk*l )r<-|iao la urn fully ru|>al<-i'd anl M a - I'tar, ba w*a baa'-hed at I'ohain, and a uaw fnnefiot ntrt of alatn and alinut aliln n ImI of k- *1 put oa Kha baa ba? n afloat alitaan daya and ant ytt r?a )j for ?*, alt tomb aba baa bar full oooiplatutut of pa* a libera engaged 1 ha new* frf in California appaara to ha lookad naia by oi it j a? > b " rii |; aof-r a* mining I* * inneri ad | la certainly trn?; but bu<lnai>( of all tlDda la aald la (M partarlly paralttrd thia af rour a ran Ha but ta?tpaiary;a irtntloa n*al Itki plana, as I that -ooa I Irani fiotn i ?* of fortuna a faaorl'aa. that na tbr day of tba falling af tba f'kllfi rnla a rnitattlo* waa h?H, ird i bow form of powarnnaot ?*r?*l upon ? maiat>?r* of tba Kooartmant w?r? *lao alartrl. M?na?il La*aard. fotnirr Altnabouaa mral-nnwr of Maw fork, waa rlar'ad. but hy a m* ml*tiBd-<ralaodla< ha wa* put apoa tb* KSBhltr'* tlrk-t. Mr. L danliaod to a?t, irlillf * B rraaon bla dawira to prnoaad 11 Vaw Turk. Tba two K'aat point a at laaua at tba alarUon war*, "pamhl'p*, ' and ' aatl ganil liof " I rand you a ropy of tha ^lia Cali/arwa of tb* 14 Inat . mad a Iipaapraaaly fur tba ataamor. trotn that y?B ran |rt all you raqulra. togxihar with a kkat of th* arrival* A Inaip of ?"ld wa* brought la to tb* towa of Ran brannaro asd e-naigaad to N*w I ork, watf hiag fi.urta. a r ami* n'aa "u a * 1 ho rtrtm?r from lb? outharn ??Mt brlo#a datao fi< in follao la th? ISth Inst . and \ oli<?r*l*n to tha ? h I l(?k*4 i ?n a HI* nf tha I.I in* Omiriar. but ml I ?-? nothing of lnt*r*?t. on ?ha arrival* ami aoiltaft rf * it ?r1< an *aaa?la boond frms lb* i ait'd tfto4?? to Call rata I aond ;mi a Mat of than if n.tgration on at ill with mnrh "plrll la C hill and I'rru, ttwoii ka? flllad In nnrl wlti? TtiaL'nllrd Slot** al?< p nf. war St *ory. < '.toaaa*ili f Ji+a?m woo at < aliao no tba Jlat of July, vilfe f ia<> m? In gold or* Ihi'iiiiahw M p*Nii|?r? that hat n?IM fm? < ?. nana f>> tu January I to luly SI. o*<*or>|loff to tbo rfltrlol raport nf thl* *n?arao??Bt la "?t d'?*? at hwir thousand fnor handr-d B<?t. If nnt all. of wh-ioi rroM?d Ik* lalhmna. from tba I nltad 3'alat Cote ??n (trallcu hat bnnil Immanao nirm nf pr<?ftt to tbo I"<>r and mtaaroblo population of tMt nwrf I bo f"T*rn???t ax wall In tbalr inrtlno of oot all ?trlhutl n? fr? ni tho P?jon? and amottara hai< r.?flp-4 bandar ma r??*nua. Admitting that a**h Indl'idoU arpandad flfty d. llara vklrk la tb* rar? lawaa' flfiara, ahllt ri tka iathoina. tba mnf?io?i mm of IWMOiO h-a Wen UUUIbutod through tha rarlom <<li?nn?la "f trnda. and haa opilr.tiMrdly rffaatad. b-n? laiaM.r a* olo?>aa it arrlalt h?r? jal. wltn IM ad>tn't(? *o >V ?t< na and which or* ofprlally oaknnwladrrd. th?ra aro II anj Hill grnotly cppoaad ?n tha frtwl ' of i(*?<ll oflt r?4 to our panpla and If po?albta. wrild pra??nl Iba antranoa nif all fnratgnara lain tha ramitWIti Tho gtnatnl umann?at. hnvaaar althnmh not raoiarboMo li>r rntarprlao or lltxiality haa jo?t f<>r*"(ht ann<agli t* Mr tonia nf (ha h?n?fl'a that tntiat a?rrn? frana a ft aw jfHIry and In *plt* if nil'* ?>u?itlm a law w%? to*a?d Ibrtialnf npan oil tha porta nf N?t (tT?n?4t to fi*otra?ta> Thl* law coma* Into iJ?rt on Ibr lrt< ?f lanuary nrlt, Thar* ora npwnrdonf fonr hnndr?d lattor*. *ddroaaa4 In Indlatduola In t nlifortilo and *andwtah Ulan4?. hlr( 111 hl" ' ' "" ' Thay am all front Iba llnltat NtalM 1 hay will remain whara thay ara. tin'tl tha tranrlt poataga ot otia tloi la poM nn mmIi vvH-r? to thi- ml ? vnt who waa api in tad a raw matMht naa at a aolary ?if fMNj pwr month f lla la oort>*loty no* on tba I at h rrna Thrfa ara taaat tfrraltUunt nil frmt, In whleh N'w 1 oik rapltaliata ora lnl*ri*?t-d Tha Maal af Ttbogo hu I'forrd (root boil. Mora of Ibu b/ Iba teal aUoMit. Onr San Kraiillarn Carrrapetidaara. it r?*?rt*?ta. July SI. 71/ Rtaft fca Otfi/?rw<a - Jlrtft and Tri-J ? TV*- -Tk* Ifet/I??W Sf.aro * ? Ormlk. 4l , ft. Mar* I ><ut wrnt# In ynti affair* km tran?plr*4 la Mrtnt, ?hUkMJ hir ! >()??* rhtiMn It r>|r? ???* ' la ?h? imMI f <* ? aHmlaal rtl?>Har nif-l T' bl rry omr.l.r ar t flflM kt?? lllll*! la our *t?af. iw) aar l??a haa r?.?u-n|?l ?lik tk< ?-4u if aa lafarla'rd auk, tad llfr aail i>rf?rlf lint r*l<?i thl)?M (a tb#4r rag*, la or4?r la full i4'r<U?4ia? 4 tfcta affair, vktab ha* amM a frtalat aaaUr **?? la a a* F?a?*feca ik*a AM j?ar aairferat?4 A<Wr Maaa S

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