Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1849 Page 2
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iki la New T?k,ll 1* amaaary to ga back ?a Ito Ma? iwwi Tkm ban, for N*ml month*. oihM la this town mm argaalaed awMlltUs of an, eonaistiag of Bailor* *isa painted minera. general lo.fere. aad, I am aorry to i?;, some of oar disbanded volunteers, handed together for ro?4y parpoeaa, and known among themaelvee and to the community, nadar tha euphonious appellation of "the Hounds " Acting In thetr Individual or ealHetive capacity, they bare for months dlltarbad ur ?> ujinuulty. They considered themselves atnena" Ma to no lav; and although tb<>y did as they liked* entered bar rooms and drank as maeb aa they pleased without paying for It; hare lived by robbery and theft, kave bfiti n and otherwise misused auy member of uur aoairoufclty who may hare happened to fall under their dir pleasure. no notlre was taken of t heir outrages, till an afair orenrred which eould not fall to rouse toaati?a a c<iamui.lty that had remaining in it any Idea of ju-tiae; aai desire for self preservation On Sunday afternoon, July 16th a portion of this band met and paraded the treets in military order, with a tile and drum at tbelr trad anmmauded by one of their namb>-r in a military dress, and aftrr going tb*lr accustomed round among the gropgerles tevereiy b>-at aad shot at with pistols several l?r>ons But the night wus reserved for their more terrible detds Having increased their numbers to soma fty or Mxty. they repaired to the tents of a number of Ch}l*iiis. which they tore down, robbed to a large amount, and peverely wounded two of their inmates Tbri-upb the whole night nought was heard bat yells, bats, the eateries of the rioter*, and the dram and Ifa. On M on (lev mrrnlrr our clt! cans first beaiuaanroiiseil to a ?eaea ot their duty and ibeir danger. Little kuot* irere gaiheied around tba Ktreet*. dtseuHning the affair* afthe n'ght bMi-lniait fur the time wan eurpend-d, and all then ?ffDM'd determined that anainthlngnhould be done to re*tnre law and order to tbo town In the meantime the Alcalde, with praUaworihy alacrity, it aed a proclamation giving a abort detail of tin night'H )iiiictidiD|iF and calliug a meeting of tba oil/.en< in the afternoon. to take meaaures for the arrest anil punirhat lit ?f the ?lleu.ler* a terrible eveitement premiltil 'I'he Dici'lliiK was held in the aquare, and ably fcdoroFtd by aeveral of the cltltona, wlieu it wad deter mintdlo omaiiUe a voluntary p ilice for the purpose mlbone Miggmtid 't wo hundred of our b-*at eltueua tm mediately enrolled tb< m-elrea under the o.-nmand ol i apt. Wui ,Sp< fiord, i>r<>uipi nt'-a-urea were taken; deteel.ment* of police, u n.lir c'>mni?nd of a aherllf, apuad aroand the town and in tbe conr'? of the alteraoon thirteen of the nuppo-eii participator* in the outrage were arretted and ecu rely confine d on board tba I' (I. rlpop o'-*ar Warren On the following day. Tn*? day another iu?. tiug *w held in the 'quire and two ai-rrciate Judge* appointed by the p-opla. to aot in aoncert with tbe Alcalde In the trial of the aaaea The appolntmeuta fell on I)r Mui. >1 tiwin and iamca C, Vk'ard A gland jury of twenty foar ritlcenM wa* liuaaediately nipunuelli'd. who: on Wed tie-day morning reinroed charge* of conspiracy riot robbery. aud ae aolt wltb Intent to kill. ai;?tn*t Samuel Roberta, Win, Jdiekle. I'blllp A Higgina. David <>al?. Ja* II IIarii*oii, Angaria* 8t. John. Le*i* Borne, (??org? Huoheler, Peter, J K I'arker, Thoa R. Oraoder, Oeocg# Child* !< bert Starkie. Janice llobinaoa Ale*. MaOuire, Jane* Sealborley, John Curly, John lower*, and John Sly l?a. It appeared by the la?t pperlfloalion that the am mat f property etoltu on tjum'ay night, and with th? robb?iy of wblrb there person* were charged, wao abeut U O in eoln. $1 tco In gold duet aud a large quantity of clothing blarl'et". and jewelry Oa U'edtieroay afternoon, a jury wai empanaelled for i ha tiiel <f lli berta, who wan couriered the loader ?>f the aa~<.ciatlon Ills trial wa? long and rather uninteresting occupying all through Thurxday aud Fridty Koherta w?* elearlv proven to have bean a member of tli* eft-eclat ion and to hare been tbe lender on Sun lay afirrnoon Id the occurrence of Sunday ulijht. Iu? ?er an alibi wai, to thulr own taU.-ifaetlon. proren by tfew proeeem !<>n. On Satarilay morning tbe jury returned a verdict af guilty ngalint Roberta; and. aa they had been requeatm by He *aurt tor ermmend wntenca tbey eu,;gr*ted tka' he be at-tit to tht United and there !!*> <Ml** V?m *1.1 Omii tb* *In ild? la cfie Jilt* Califurtiim of to-day The uext oa*e waa that of T M Heandera. who wa? al<o proven g'lilty There, m airing perron* urder xtrong exception* from their rii 'il were trlau toytvher and tb-ir trial ooeupled tba whole of laat week up to Fliday (ieorge Baeneler, Harrin n Vickie, (tale liarker. Kl Ji.liu unji'urly lawra proven guilty, rbllip A. Hlggln* had prarlou*ly turn* d State*' evidence, and acted a* a a ltuee* through all the trial* after Roberta Oti Friday ui'irolng. luly 17. Pai belrt and Harrleon ?h;1 bad been ri"iniuni?nilii| ky the jury, were lentanced to a fine the flrat of $100, the m uiii of >' Aiy, and placed under heavy binl* to keep f be pewe* On Saturday the remaining prisoner* were e*ll*d op Mr *f nlenae- and tbe a?ntenoe which the mmrl pi*e<l oyen ihem tnu will obeerve to l>e a m???t rem irkable aa Wbetfer It ran ever h? carried Inta efT -ot la very doubtful At any rate, you good cltlaen* of the L'nlvd Biat.r will nor. probtbly. yrry Much rclUh lb* Idea of jour rauotry nimln Botany Bay of for th" ma> pin u <.f our criminal*. Tin- *rulenc?M ware a- fallow:? * > url U' b<rt* raptenrrd to ton yrar?' nonflnjmant t h?id latn't tu the pealtrntlary of the I)i?irirt of Co. Inn l i or \n i alitor L>a n? tb? linrrrnnr (f?*n KHay) dkall diif'tr, I'pon Saundir* the raro? >cntvnr? w* pair ft; < urly *? trutrticrd to a Civ of tl 000 and i.? >tki * iaiprUnaim u'. ij*le t .a flap ot < r<Mi uni Is mou'tin'iui| ru> iiaetil. St Joliu to a Aim ol >500 kud a bind if f to k<?p tbn p??i? f.?r tnlro ??nih? H h r l< r hi d V|rkl* wcru tmlcnui d In ? Ann of ti*a ai.d b"i.d> I fj Icrt) to k?-cp tboQpcHA* for twiilt? a?nil h I he ?h ii> pi c*?ding* mo to he avnt to the Octun >r for hi* revl-lon. id>I tlit ilitUhiK nitf be Uia'aially a'tated Tbn *?** wrrr very ablv nominate 1 fc? Hi inr M??ir. I'rar.rl* J l.ipp.itt. Hall 'dakill* tar, and h Turk * od ! for the p(wriiti"U. an I Myron Notion and P tarry tor ttm defrosa. Tlia other prl#r??r? prrtiomly,?d, aga'utt whoa lb*i'? wm innidur# wrrr tnqnillMl 1 hr "Hoard rieilrdrtt lot* by tli!a tim>-a! m<>et 41* < imr nti*cn? ?r? now all ' alire anl kirk lug'' far the elratlsp which la!i?? pl*ee to-morrow Th-re are cow two ticket* only'n lb? field, and the oiote-t al'l prot at'y b- n 1 nitr ?nn on*. T M n vwnh, ah-> (.? n >w l.?u flirt fleslile of thta dirlrint , fur era It an > *r. I.a? publicly d>eUr?1 hi- drl "T leal I- n to rnn tor no offlne and h about to reilro to kl> tani ho oti lli? 8a?ra?ientr> Mr L . thronuh bla 1 nut-a. ha* mu'la uiant Mrn li ari l manycna mle?. but la rrttrliif from tin rapntnlbla poritt n )i?lla>krll lol'ti h? r.riatril* dw erred ere lit for a trtai a-> ami ent.-i-tet ey ot a< ti^n ulil.ih b ? ?hiraot???? d blm Uirot.dhout and particularly In the-ie !*?e trial' ,wl ere ba < nd- arnrrd to qnrll an munb a* pivdMr, ar.y aiiitr- <) irr? a of rrettemi til. and tire tiia un'irtu aatr |?r??n? a fair and impartial trial. fc'ur l< nal polltirk harr a ruu>"t n-? tnr? >inmi ln?t ?rntr yi u At ibr ?)<-?tiou of tb? Hh of July, ltln I'lrb a lanrr inaj'>rity r>? Ilia rn|r? untilllly p >11 t waratortba ro illneaara <if th? l.rgiOatlra *?-onliiy, thanlr ?a? ?o nmll thai. It w?i not ron ll-r> d a lair yarirai" n'nilrn <1 ib? wl-hr? of tln< pa^plr and mn'|< f tkr a-i mh?r? i f lha Itwably and ulltho bar? o?'inil and our tlllirM l ar-* rorr.a p-i-tty |dm> ru ly to Ibc ro?rln>lon to adript tl r r<iar? 1 .-. ?>oaa?id?d by Uraaral lillrv. t*. arrl?" at that' nnu'Utatriailan llr>inl|y pi l? w?b?d." ttiq nr|iulutl(ia (if a tat* fo?rri arid for t allfotkia Ban lranai?ro t< |[TO?ini rapidly ?? rrrr b th In llii anil pop n I a > n l'i-i?^? of tn??ar l.-lai of nora M?n arr Rrailually d> rraatli R Pait* and lain*??r atiH krrp up A ??* frama iiaa jut t? ?n trrrlrd n tbr l< ? p?H? lha I arkrr tou*r to h? g?| ? a Iriallm and P|mriln( b' u*a and tb? irnt of wblnU lr la b? ?o 1 IKi p. r n.> nth it fti'iOparday Mow |ni|< tbr>* btyb rrnt* ran rnti'lr>nr It if Impmob'" to t? ll Arrrnr lha anl*rprl>*> i f ih# inn * la"t? th?a?rr la (bra* kdrt rrtttrd W U ill am \ lull m F.'i Tltia will hr anoraaatat tntb? town. an-t ri-li?tr? a- ft<m W>? ?t<?? ? w? no* labor an Jar Iron Uia U<-k 01 u; kt?4 of Soli r?n?tia-? ? flnljr H Th? olefelT ???< n It a- aia?at rirfl tilth" mU ? and *lr.?o<lr tr i"r a prmr tallow who rania rat to I tllfnrt<l? with hijh b'-p?? ha* Wft hi* l oai t till a*h!n? In tha aiin^na. Tha wa?ar? ara (nine down and a r'-h b*r?o*t ?M <Mktlf?a Iw rrai?1 thi? tall, la aartoaa i>arU of tha mtatinf b?f? NritHJkjl'inmtinn p"? trilirf Iialntt the ad.nlr-l.n of fora;f ar? Into tha twlap ?m! arar Haa thon-aod Maalaanaanl I btHaoa Ut? h?an ai|wll<' I from Iho k'.l :d> Knrk, (ti?lil?la?? at 4 kt'k.lan na dtffvlnf* At rat ?ht ro tin* >-aa ?? aarl * * work th?- f >i?tfn?r" laa*lo*whan noft a a >|i g|r<? th?m, hnf. It I* dtfflanlt In tall whan and wbffa thta wilt and. Tlla r*jlfi?ri<U laara< to in ?r"? Mi<i| and I Di?-t al'wo W. ?; am r*?*n*ca A?rn*? 2.1M? H< I'f9J4 ?J tkt FlfUen? U A'aw IVJ ChtUr*. ft.. . *. Tha atraiaar ??t hating III kit bar anal yaa^af4%i baa d<4 bar dat?r<w till to day. Wa liad m?t alar'.Ion A? la of oior?a in ha aita*t< d la a tnttimnult y wli?ra tSara ara a? party Maaa drawn, and an 1 .**rliati a of aay kind In pollttaal affair* tkaia war a a lar/a nan bar of tiakata la Iraal'itl"B atrh < rt?inlnf many aaiaa? tbat war# on ?a *hff> bat al~) imoy paaaliar to aarh Uek*t AJI ara torklni baid 11 thalr ration* altqn**. and fan Vranalaaa yaatarAay Wort an air ?ot anllka Naw Voth dty oa a mnalrlpal al-atlon day Tha haidbtlla of ?a*la?a partln war* p^tad ariaM tha rtraaU. a I, ailiat aa tha ' fraa an 1 Indapand nt nttM" to an> port th? " rtf a!ar tlokat " l>rui?? wara hvntlnr. anlnrt ft) la* wafona rrrtiloK to bring np da'lninant *at?ra. at d tba t? l-.n> raadMati < and thalr fr.anl* imltti* lb? fr*? ? ?or "f blu* T?<e at ii Ml I pl% Thr |KM'? r|n.K.| M mnvi Tfc? ?|,<1* I'MuM ?f ??>1b-? P'4I< (I <?? I ?!'?. Anil l:xt ?>*? tl..< tl.rloa ? ( tfc? Minting |)-r?ou< : ? rutlx il. TilWt 11 flffw. Ilndvian Vf t?'j A. l>om??n Himm 4llri4 J. rilii ft tin n< I HrMP?n Mm M Xtourt TWr?> H V imtoft O h Cw i. Ml 1'MIHki ' ?> " tn? Trait mil r">' It r?t?r ii Hirarll. pan ?> t 11 # ** *. n > mi ii ti J. ft. tsitb ?ti r?r?t " ?! m, J W H.?<y Mil Trt jil?Wfr? tmnrpwri** ? Mtaw r-????itr-1-.? M*>'< OUl<rt. J Hm*>oi I<1T<BH<I<B. Wu M. (hgirl Wat M trpatmamaata* ft M W??ar? Vaaaat* J | IpiBtt*. U<xtnt?n M. I'r1p? J J. fill* k W I ?itt ?k* ? B?I*'biM"1| *?? Fir* *w ?'? mr) ? ?f ma? ilditi ??<( th in t*. I l lit ?? ?? sb4 >k* to lk*< < < it; t?? ?-vnt ? Tt U? *f Ik# ??<V* *" 1 r?'B"?r'W- p t V ?* *k?|?*4 b>4 try tMMflto* a*4 ?b?, *)*? rrrlvg kli aoontry daring the Marlmui vMMColflwl of a PtiDi;liuU Nf<Mit *f mlaoiMn. ?m awl I > Ctllforilt u Puiimmw. having Wi tlaoa r?m>*?d kuvanr. Ha bna tba a"uftd?uea of tba aoanauolty, and wa doubt not ?aw that tu huoliM will Ura a and wkolranna (nirrnBtit Our to?n baa b?an. within a *?ak p%?t. MUd wltt a violent lorn of dyaantary. whlah. I think la nothtni or lr?a than n typa of abolarn; nanrly a?*r; ow ia more or la*a aSmtni with It. and ?om? four or In iM>?n .lu ji-cn i.uu y Ar?njo I) td, Ob ffee Mb il?y of Jane. 1H41?. ?t 11 o'olnak P. M . ox board the Kills arolma bound front San til** to Sati t'mcrihco. Mr Nleh"la* Emaioti*, of Loug l?l*o j, N. Y I New V ork paprr* will plr*-e copy. At tb? V'H'kdiiniur Dikkio)*' Jun* IB. of btllani f<m. Usmlllon Sbnrp of Mi?*ourl aged about 'XI year*. VI*#ourl paper* plea** r.opj At the ?aui? plae? June Xith, John liny art. of Oregou, about bU J? ar* til age. (from tha Alta < allfornla July 2B ] Utrd. At o'el> rk r.n Monday ewclng. tha 2S<1 l??t . lira rietta *,i?d > )??r< diunhirr of I. C /.tin ni'TD an I ><| .( oil-Ill of the N?l(i. rUud* at New York and wife of I rank YVaid H*q , of ttat* place fclarili 'Jlat, lat. 41 ann'b, long 67 weft. Angeli F townto, fMM u^ar in ablp Sutton. uuiir o feiw.l oik. [from the Alta California, July lit ] Mm i iW, In tbl* elty, on Ibe 2flth ult . by the Rar T. Pwl*hl limit. Mr. Alfred Augu?taa Urn! to Alia* Dulorea LrjmtU. On board the Aicrrlrau brtg lobn F.nleri. of S'eia Yrrt.i Dlkiulb lM ? apt , 1. Mug <bury, ag id abiul l>b )?iti Ob b< ard the irhnrner 8wallow a? aaa on the ">ith Jliftflwt L I' I rauei ea. < f Loul-tvo*. >Knl 2s ?e*'? <>n il f 10th I. atth? ( 1?y II >t?l i'f InCa notation f the lure* Wal'i r t aruielee Thompaori.of > ? llareu la Ui* M b J rar ot bi? age A l! an n.-i? fun, J da I ivb-'it fi?r mll?< north of th? fo.t In ?te San lo-r. on tb? 4th limt llmni ap oab? ot thirty y 'arc of aza in aol Her'* elothna, with the i>am? of W. Yonig written on hi* ahirf. (>n lo?r<l liark < rotoo, July 23th, Mr J. A Joboaon, I ! Ntw Vork. 11 rum tba Alta ' all Vrnla. Aort't 3 ) A wan by the lia^ce of v\ m? rr. who rav ( tic ? r? > 1; uinl I>..UItaor? ooiuio'tt. rt > 11 in .1 k In II * foatftern ( ii!i"Urt? of Ilia to* u no Sun Ui lait, by l?l< *1i :t h(? brain* out with a pi-><ol l'h?r? U no rum li kir?wn tor tin roinmoal-n of lb* d??d. A man roRii?Hl*>l >ul> !d" on th? innming of tb*21th nil.. In *n ctnhon>. In tb-n trnf \l?-riIII * tinariean l".?t'iii'ff lii.B'r i f till* to *d. by puttlei III* throat with raior III* iiaur h tmd< r-t >i>d to li?? be n Krfdntlck < ?1a rcerutly urriv?d from tb? uiitit * an 1 >??r | faw d?)? inn-a ptiwntr *ni ?* nih?r* arrat^n"! f;r tilal aiid dt?cbarg?4 In r" of th? in uiflrit ut ?ld?nr? rilitli ; agatn?t hi?-i I rr*i n* tn.'l t-d to 1 aittiR 'rati iMMiril th* day Itcfora arllvntly nn1*r abrriat iot? ?I In'rlli rt. and ?k<n Ulacoverad tiii*i lltr waa uut tlhMt. In' had b-fofn" naa^ly p-v aid a ilytird no rra*on for d'*'rn)lni( hunaalf 4b lni|tii>l?a< hill anl a ?er?1i?t rrturiird. that th* da r* i d ratnr to hit drath b; bl< ownhttil and 1iirtn.{ tt ul trinporarv lo unity. Ila *a? auattaa ol Ir-laud flroia tbr r*o?>n? '<tar. 4utn>t 4 ) In Ihl* tl'y, on Taaaday Jniy Kl*t Mr in?, A B. Hkil?. < f llti 'l* rouuty Ippl ,dl.-I Mr White ara''*d our fratn ? rare a ?.n th? .1-th. an I ?h-rtlr a'trr h*> arrival w -'*o Improdrnt a? t > eat h?*'tll? ?>| tba pri durtiou "f tl i? climate, jo*t pr??|.>'i? to r? tirIt K lo ! t ll?- wa K'Krd xitii rbolrr* diirtug th* w'Khl and rxplrrdln a In boorr all lUurla to aara kiln proalo( < f ro avail tf.T Vaab <1 i|i? rltr . f I^if?y?tt*, La. dlrd at rroo?a, af clujria ' u tb? St'tb of J my I'r I. I llatt'on l?ie of Ni w Orl'>an* and for many yiar< a ie>i't?nt of hlvrta, L< raln eono'y f)bl 4< <1 I io ii*t la*f of tL* fi>i?r Bp-olmr l i thtr. i A Minim <f Amerleai * f. |lo?td hl? rtaulU to tfM ON Ki ? iiliti, t*4 fa ?alj Mtoftl drrrt'rttjf >ir I ?rrm. of S'aa Daren .' ?>ni i ha Jt ra><d??* a n>rn<t?r <f Itariuaaj IMr.el m Bona of Nt? OrltMi Cold r>? Tilnltjr Hlrrr, A fartjr of yern# n^n hara n>iiinr4 from <*? >I>ImU'K tour tin tiah 11.a region ln-? r<*eted la tin a'art targe Of uiountalua imrt rv port hart n< dl*aorered ft Id on a rtrcr emptying Into Trla'ilail bay. about At* htmdrad ?ti l'? north <>f H m Franelo^o, a?. d i-?ar the bouiiilary llor of iba larrltnr*. Rut trry little la kii'.an ting thla pirtl >n of California, altl" b^Ii tftafe eil-t? nmrli r?a?i n to l? liara it r<|itally lirh In ritnerale anil f?r?rt"n? metal* It t* a r<sp->n rr ( lei* a|;h It.tartM. and tha r> ? nt <H??w>??ey >4 g-11 Kill m.d' ul.if Jly Ud< to darclopwIt* aila>-rmi r*? >are?a ll ? K? > j brother*. <**II kaoan a* roi-rgelie aa i at p*rWn<-<d rip|. rer* and tulner*. rnodaal-d tlon *t>d a* regardf the pr'dirt ir-n??* nf thl? new ri' itli t. < f lha tha aarnimt* a'? highly ana >ara*i f wa trn?t *li?rtl* ??< laarn itlll farther af thia dlv aviary af fold ?a Trlt.lty rlrer lattiNtliiK NlMfllanrM* Item*. MEXICAN JIOIXJMltY v uvrv. A l'tter to'lhe editor luder tk>' dat" of Nan ">1*?n ! Jal) Ilk. I' M1. M)?: * Tl.r M*?t-and kl? party eh<~?? InivMl f Wndiir; Ht* l?l?*?n tbl# and lh%? r?pnh1 11* i?*rl id llii? port ? ? Ut* iiiornln* nf ib* :.d In?tant. ' W'.llrr *nd h'? paily. app lut?d ?n ?h> p?rt of i rfU.i-'d A'a??a !' J prrr1?'i?t?l> *rrl??1 ( ? tha i 1'Uf Jotr) 1 h? I* rru? < ( ttrra'jr frijiilrad a m??ti Ir* at (lil< |.<tI !"r lhat purpura oa tha 01*1 of May, I Vwi ( !??. Wyond th? a->uir<d "t rttVrwiafci-'U.n ritfralad (b. tn both In that rp^iial l?t?*f ?f tha j t???ty lhi? kowttar w?l w?rH no dl?a-i?a?i?atj? to Itkir g< ti rnaivat tha par?l"? n"? la the Said havlaf wn Hi''d tht 4n*.ln r( thelf ?nl??loa " Tt>r ?>-, rai.nan r*??aATH>w. ll'fimlh* A Ita California. Aog tl Thr tdvanra ?*n a? of tha Morfcy Mountain ??n1fr%tto* ratrrlof tk* f untrT hj th?> nonhfrnroiita. A f?w ni?a I ft* ft th? flrrt ptr'jr ?r? In thl* plaan K |ft??T ffui fcarrarmnto rlty, d?t?4 jal* 514, nnotal? tha failoalvf Inlalllfrna?: I mtjraata from MlfMfl. arcr (h? H*< in t?1n? *f? irn. arriving <1?'ly Th? Hr?t j?rty of fs?Iffi ha? h*a? h?r? (It* or rii 4ai> and f?pari* four aagonr In n?*??nt Vallvy, aho?t ICO vltaa ah? ?a a?d ti? w all tlx aratid wagona en tba a ay tad not fi.r !> hlfc 1 " lantt.t.AMtfin it**v | Krrtn |t>? Alia f allfarala, A tig 'i 1 Wa ?t? tbown |a?t ?m|, at. tha ?t"t? of Ma?rr?. f?om II "Won A Co, tha largr?t parlm*a of *<>l<l ? ji t in n It l? an Irragmar ahat>ad h? i!4rr. amimtrt a* pold ai d quart* and ma?*nr?-? T ln?h?? la l?tpih by an araraga thiakni'M af t}% la<lu?, ant aaI ?taa In atdik fr-tn t'4 |rw>li?? to a lnab?i? Adnni I Ik'aa fiiirtli* cf It* kailt I- aaaiia wklah ?f ak<> >l-| j Ik'afc ai ruth ntf. f}?atl?r af tin ??W>it Tka I a ? ghi oi t?K pi-tt I* 14 Hkt fX ??'? Ttf?, ?kkck, M I'llbi have occurred ? mom tk? lt(ur i> th? ?lf? o i Fr??k W?rd, E?j, W? r?n bmw htn liSta fr?nsl??i I I ??rj violent form of ihulw*; the ?lr it so para an< ' the wind so itr? ng that an ditea-e ?f this nature eai ' ri|? to ibj extent hera But may God. Id hta tammy grant that thin terrible course may never raaeh thi taooti of the Sarramento There It eoild mora thai decimate the whole miningeommaalty. E. O. fl. Deaths on iti? lithmni. [from tha I'anatna Star, August 11 ] At Panama. Richard and Isaac Halloek, of Marqaetti : Monty. Wisconsin- brother* The above brother* left home in company for Call I foriila In May lent, by the ovariand route. R.?i??r?e I brought them to New Orleaun. where they shipped ii j the bark Florida and raaobed Panama outhe 12th luly J Richard was taken aiek from fatigue in crowing tta< | Isthmus and Isaac over-exerted himself in; taking otw< ; ol bis brother lu constijueuce of which he <lle<l on to< 31 it luly. aged 48 years. Hiebard lingered to the I on which day ha died, aged 36 years Their effects anc lotbing brought at aue.Mon MS. Th?>y bat o,i b m4 lu aash $140; in all *1"* which was u.Ht-u in nha-gi bj iMr. Wulvln. ofllieNew York Bowery vtlning Company to send to their families ^Richard left a wife and tiirei children ?l><aan a wife and four children Nortberi ; papers please copy On hi'ard the > trainer Colonel Stanton, on the 21tb I June, 18411, of apolezy, (ieorge Taylor. Knq , sn ok I reelilent of NnU'heg. ^lUs . arid la'e vla-ter of th? I Quitman Lodge ?f A Y- Mmoiii of New Orleans. New Orleans papers pka^e copy. ? nirnn, Aug <, 01 cnoiora, .ur j. ?i. joudjdh, ?: ' Arkansas. At t.rucra. Aug 8, of obolura, Mr. A. J. Fallon, o: Lafayit (< City, La. r tbrknuchi rt:H dtramkmip umpire city. On the river. hftwn nt Viagrm and CruoeH, of cholara Mr. 4 ampbtll, of Brooklyn. N V. 1 Id Panumt, Aug. C from over-exertion ron<-in^th( lethuiuit. Mr. liobert M Couif-tou noil vlr J. B >I?rn'i ! both of Bangor. Maine Mr Mar-h left a wifo am ; children and bl* life iruure'l f?r fll 000 i lu I'aiiatua, A u ;r m t 7th of nlioieriL. Mr Hutablns lame from New \ ork to i. hagrea aa clerk of the t.injnri City. | dugout 7th. of cholera Mr Mayo, flf Boiton. > A ugarl &tU. of cholera Mr. Johu J. Sullivan, of Bos ton In Panama. Augimt Ctb, of cholera, Mr. It<r&el Tost book publli-ber. of New ^ nij< lu 1'anHma. Angurt fl'b, of cholera, a biy ctllioi bln>*elf Klnhard. a atraHger but. nuppo-ed to be ueptim f the ??c?a,iie?n of the Kmptte t^lly, in wtioao eur? hi anf Irom Ne? York tot ha^rea. At tbn French Hotel l'an:ini*, Mr. Iliakt, of Boitoi | ? Int t from Havana. on bark Klvira. At ran e place, Mr Marnton. an Amarlcaa?al? amu from lluvana cu b?rk Klvtr*. A gent). umn whn ea-ne on thv Alabvma. a native ai SiotUrd It t bin wife by cholera at Craee*. HN nun we could not leiirn A geutlcnmn. who eame from Cruse* y??t?H,iv. ?nw the dead body of an American lying on tbe roat, wrapped in blanket* (Krom the Panama Star, Aug 18 ] Suddenly, of cholera at th? American Hotel. on Monday the litlh Initt., Capt H. II Fl >yd. of Brooklyn, lateifibaU 8 Army ('apt. Floyd was well known a* tbe individual who carried h^rne tbe rem>uriH ol < apt Pearson, of Brooklyn. L. I . trorn Mexico. A fllend ban promised a few lute renting items In ronpecl to blm wbicb we will publnh next week. In I anama. Aogunt 1Mb. of cholera Mr. Joseph P ; ft'bltiug, a resident of Ual?i"?"e?, w ytm Th> I deceased ban left a wife and Very large ftuiily of abil dren. In Panama, A?gu<t 11th. ot cholera, Mr. UeorgeTlar yty. it tleaantli la. La lu tioig-na A?gn?t 7tb, of cbolvra Dr Weathnraby ! ef Baton Itouge, I.a I At truce*. Augurt 1.1th, of ebolara. Mr. David T | Stafford, of t beney ville l.a At tiorgona. Auguntfeib ofnholera Mr. Jerrod I,eke ' late of Indiana formerly i f Wi??v>o*ln. 1 At iiorgona. July KUlb, of cholera, Mr B. F. BearJ, o: Brooklyn, iN. Y. At tiorgona. Jnly 30th of cholera, Mr. Jamas Lnthar | af Cohort. Albnn) county, N Y. ( n board bark i rilua, July 18. Mr. J. A. Johnson of New V oik. anlagri and Dcatba In California. |Frv.m tbe Alta CalitoraU, Jaly lv ] Marritri. In Monterey. oa tbe evtuing of July Hb. by Rot PiiDi'iel LI Wllley. Cupt. Henry S. Burton, U S A., U Am i-rhr Vrla?en Morrun. 170 dja frn New London ? fc Gr krlf uae!;et I ?aaf>htae. Uin-IIU, Pamtnt. |$? Am l ?rk lradin*. Manila*. Columbia river, lumbal /lu aehr llewiti, Sanniohoofi, N V, aaatd Am bark Fallot*. Sin pa-u. Helfaat, lie. pi?*>eagcr< Amtriic A1m?ua. LitkcMtt, l? etan, aaaort?<l. btw ?ir??n tirfix Jorepvii e Mati!V t, HAnim&. It-Am l'?rk J W ( iter, (loft, Portland. O, Inmber. JO? * m >li?p < apHo). Pr<'ft??r. IJnaton. a**?rt?l. abnit l.aora Ytnclaia, lU?f .New ? ?fk, ?\<?rr< J'er hri( Pwradtaa, ^eiB'nro, S;in Ulaa. do. > in M'r Vvltii Vl')fMf 7^ dy fin Acujulta. C tark Muria Th?Mr'ip, H<?nf k>n|j, mieo. Am ?h11? Jane Parker, J >r lan, TWlnmre. auadriai Am ihlp l>??n) IV?*>**er. Piarca. Naw York, do. ' lJ%? llem Imtk Sroinn nnler, Kramer, Valpirailo, Ho. I Aim t>ark fclir-i ( iur. k. >e * V??rk, do. Ain mIit Con Lane. Krnridjr, OrtfoB, limK?r. Am ahip Sutton. ^'ardle, New York, titortod. . ??Ch lr\f Admiral B)?co,lhr ViJotraoj, do. Am Mill Diamond l(a>nard, N?** Dudford, rto. Am ahip Pharna'ia. Alien, fioaton, do. Am Inn Orbit. bee* K#? York, do. Am Kri Vrttlia, Karliar, N'aw York, da. 24?Am bark Victor*. Wtan, Nrw V??rk. do. Ain t rif Charlotte. fUrtletfc, Nawhnrypor*, do. Am bark ''arfiit > ewall, J?a*ni?, Net York, da. 5#? Am ?hip S> ti?l?. Otrdnar. Panama . i IK- |!nw ?cbr fcliral e*h, Cure*, Honolulu. Am lark ?> ?..u, Uo?|tf4. ?*? d ? (n% Vew York. Kn hark Milton. *AV> <lra fia Liverpool. 50 - Itotnli galliot Oe- nr. Duff.tti, Vulj aiuito. I ?. UK I I'll in I'VIKT. ' P. S rl.op IVnrrrn, I t|> S"nlkftir|'??n. f (jMK?r?u'?'i ? . hr l.tmrlMi. : hri* Miry Jane Irk ir!,r ( ?|'I>.0 I mculn; tdilti tuil liat I ?< t.D?.ttH. liiitn rrou a*n rit^oivo, , Jt\y 4?#h fbl? Virginia, far Vilimin. ' i 7 An> ?liip Hunlt?M. (Ix.idwlii. f.if Oratin. , 1 f? Tt "hip ? h?t?.nhr1?n.l ,f>r VaipamWo. f?Am I-?p> Uniilnitt, H'llliiinm, f*?r '*iroa II?Am I ru Ualvk <?dl ?l t r ''rn*. , l'?n krix ?inlr|?. K>*?n. for Naictlta. 18? Am I .r* *'? IS Virghtll, For Orft|?n. 19? A m ?Mp (!r?r Flplf, Pi'<"ri f .r VnittlM. Am rk L??y t'ri/>n >'??k?-d. for Lvtwftri. I ' iJ-Ain MTk Hariiftrm '' mri. f.-r ?>r. 'on. Am >hip Ai>rcr?. Ktlknrn. tor do.' 21?Am bri? ?<.?ry, llr..,. f..r C?l<in>M?. liri| I'liiKi i. Citaiwi fi.r V.tlp?rtln. 1 | 17? * ??kr nrf.ll. f,.r ii? .>lal?. Tilni boat Ai??*i"i. ^ wtr?, fir d-? It r I ?rnp A I' ?f itm V?.| Kelt, (r V U[UI ~ ' AT BA^tfcA Ann J?~ Bar* Klta rraiioat, ap far *bb rnr.ali?a. ABPhato '>> do. Two Ri.rlUh I ark* with iml. a(?ivi;i> at Jult 4??lilp r.lnf)-Mn fr?m ttuutlfta. | A?ll'iakrlh Rll?" hi Jniitt r4< II ?Mufti I'a'v. Kto Jannro. 1"- fru H w Hr. ? b, 1..1tinicr?. I*-Hirk 1', nm.'tn. no, ?*--PM|i Alol I" Kinsri" B H ml 11. lft?<k?t. 27?M?>p AmIbIii la. Wllm, ll.<llimnrn. ! t? ill}). Mini i:'in ttl.r < I in i. Job# 2f?*t lr Hi lita IaihI. fir *B" I'lanrinno. Wli I/m I h?n, Cnilimin "?n rvi?n?iice Julf 6? llifk llfl'?. Siatia, fan Frka?in->. 7? M lir J Alljiir ll.i'??#'l. i?i Inaolaoo. D? lla ifc Kioka Me'Jniro. B?a f'rauci??\i. Rank If; y> l.i.wo. fan fiarciarn. IB-- Si ip Xal?? IS ?<rri? > ?? Fr?i RMp I h??1"lia UTitrv, A >n I'nirlmt. Ilil|i VnaiiN'. Willi# Hun Ftanoi ?i llill H. i l.a AiUla. J't*"ntl. ?kn I'raarlld. 16?ship Barak k Kin*, *a? ? Pi if UHM. Vatt, *aa Va-k ll'iiri ll?rl"k,M tilii.'n fumlKi. Kuk I A Jfiiniiii Hill 'wi Fruilm. Bark Binia ' it..ra, M?nilr> r'. nan t'riae ki. IB? billam JlntlM Haii framlaoo Phip fl.ilov Tha:?-h?r *?? FranMao*. K~llirk aan * flili. Kmr* Hii triii'ia-a. ? n k it >n ?t rtu ia .Tara (or July' 27? Ship Rakart !l wi t. ''aaaaraB, NTorfc. ! July M- Hark PalMl*. II Va'oaralta l.rJIl aaar llal<iv. N>-w Vofk Tip VoateTitt* , SI?PI if K'ia1< a. Pra'if.iH, a j Anf 4?Sftip %a ry, s . m II a i f >rJ, 61 dart ( m iliwllllt ihnallrl itiTll 1.1 * Ba.k* i?r?,i ?r? . v?? V?rk ti* Valjvraioo, III kl> Til IIH i *t L*'l. i?t? Fi-Hark U??. Hiar a. ?-.y Franriira. i Jaly J-Bbtp rr Clark (o'kaliy tha achr A F.tnary Ola), h'l f -r ' in rranilH '. ?Rl.lp ladr A<la?r? Allan, Pan fral"lf?. ?Bark brtAiiwi Pi?ra?. *an Fran?taoo. 7?Hilo Ap- III). Bill Fraaoiara. Ik- PMp >st: <a. Tn.rbioa (< 'ttn ptokakl/), Baa Fraa l on fl-Plilp I'a. I'a II ?U(?k*'?r af Naw DaJfjrd), Ra? riimliri A?? J-ihip" Mfiioa, cpa iUl*r. Paa Franalaoo. 3-R?i? Alg'.ma. *iaafa. Jin Fnu *iaoi>. Pahr I. r H. nra'kari^w. San yraaMara. ? *afli I linla. I hria'laaami, San Traaalaaa. Hark Jnalnt, Pail>H, "an FraaMaa i B?lark n. l*H? a h.r?ij, Ran Tranalaan. B? Blip Q'taluora. Coj'lir. a. Ian rraaol""C. l.iaT or I riitl I I* TNr uct iii'ito iitii Af aimMtWYO lin. Fall* Aranraan, fWI" ; SaB J-??a, IVra: CBTT#a*y Una, Tahiti: A viariraa Taari-I W hll?n : 0. II laiuiar , Eilia; Cat. T H Hint on s ? al Fi?ir?at. l.iaT niiixiiiim niaiiiiauf Iitii itiratatna. Hapakliraao. Hun ia . taill. fcMlabl Haafrli, fiwllla. Taqirta * I af lap*. 1 Italia n i PlatUnK, Amariaaa , Itari.ja*. Baim aali. I'tiaTiaB. i iit i t Traaai a it aii>t?, AibotIobb? Iowa Bdwara Kaa<a-t. Pbbbv Foraalvr. Itlaa, J..TIB (iBlpaatrana I Ml aa -Jil'i I af*<lr>artoa, kalalia. I'rannaa. lB?llak? B'laa a? lakwlar l.iaT Vraatiaar lai rn.iro, AaahipCkiir l.aaak, Va>raiak?. (< ?n?. ? *1* * * t ? Tl>. lllil. OM Ma??f, Hi'ltfl. OI|?l?, F*tt* I In?l, M' II ?? ??, I4ii|l MtutUa Impra, K*lif?*. V*la???. I'h*att ??n4?hv?k. Ilk*. Uh rwv I km? Mf;. kai?<>aa. A ll.?,T*l Lo?, 6th .'in*, i I aara Kmil) Jaa*, (limDimim t>al?a. MIU nr. ri>mnu?k tar, M<ij, Umn, 1'kttlM m< B-I*ar4. !><? . R*| I la. V**, &* W H?k. PMn.tiV iua Mat areata*. a. TTi? Alia C?lif?r?U?. of ih* Uti *f Jaly, *%r* ?k?t ?? ?<4?j ? l? ftlm* la l*l? M I* th> fktr ?r *?i? p>w?nr*rf la th* ?' If a Mrh ?*ll?4 frjoi P?r??<? alth hnn 4rt* r > 4 rft)-tt'rn r?"'rr?r* A **al oar a it'i alni* ?* r?t !' ' ?< ?" ?? a? > ?r *. I**?t AMplnr, tit* Itlk *' Jt li . hiTtri fa- 'a th?*? far rafraah?.??u. * ?<iTi?iitl/ tk* aat 4a* al Han ?> ? ! ? akrn U>? *t**ia** l*ft. Hal-nut nw B??a J?*a If fitri.-Th* Fr*i*h fcatk HftralMi Mar, *tra*k aa th* N?rth Hraat**, at th* at aih l r>la?hi* l< i**r. ?n <> * in - rina* "f ti IMh *f Jul*. an 1 *fi?t ta ? l.aar* f h**?J ' '?< h*r*?lf **?r ln*o tla >aia *haaa*l. ?rh**a ilia ??S"ar4*4 h? ?t.? nntl*1 fi?r?- of ?k* katk i * ' k'af. t'a<Ha?, m4 *Mp <* ?lp< I* ?h" aft?r *?. (,i t<r?t if *i?nr? af * ' a* t Uk-r. ** ***4*1 la ffattln* bar iaka l?ak**> B*J. ???h l??* af r*44*r. %*r*|? *?, Mu, ?l? r?. ? '! *a? > *. with f if fV?t aaw la thr hmtf Th* kff H*i%?? ?n,?k at ?h? *** Mai* knt |?*a**4 a**' wlUinnl 4*a<ur* l'ka aklp alpala, al?h ?nrrraai*n| **<* *, arn**4 ? * Iha l?l af i?lf. ?? 4 ? rr*k ?a ?h* al4<ll* ?aa<l? *?4 )? ? l?N? h?*'. Th* H bark >kvk a* kka aa* umr. kit got af alt I,fa' 4*aiap*. H*r a * "iW'fai'"* n la* Hi lal V W, July ilitKHf Ion lift w, l?rl| ?f n*.**, |l.;4>}<fr?nti? l?rk.l<r??4 Hi *aa trawMi**; lU well ?b I > r4 Ran l*tIre# CnrrrM tmvJmlf, l<tt. 11 tcf.ii ?<t i?>r Hi- jium Ct'yoitit h; Jtmt h Maitin<t<>. anetlna n>i< rnmml*?l< n m?r< baot*. M *>44 at Hi" If fraular Mh?.) A?>rlf?n *?r l?M (13 a IS; <h1l? d??r lit I'M Ik l ag*, M a *" r1'"1 k??a?l. |m r lb ?< a l?# ; i>ra K<aaaia ^rk??k>l $1 (Vail Pr"*i*lnn? - P<w? ai4 prlaa pnri m-M U T? * $| 1 pork . aa I |l? a f'ii. A?'riaaa ?.r Ik ,r. \%? a lit; | ? lula?fe?> * f-t Mb , 13?. 2N i A??ilr?u tmi #o., "* a 8?e : lard. do.. ?e. 12* ; e??p. 4? . I3Me % I6? ; * l???? ni|ir. 11*e.; eoSae, #H a ?Xe i wh*l?ill, i i?r >?IIob (Oe a #1; MaU-aea. per gallon M U? ; i j?rk?d b*?f. la balee. (7 a $ ; nww 6)4 ate.: ebeco? late. 16 ? U)i< Llijanra?boltlwd brand r par <"Mn: (12a *16 60: brand* par gallon tl ati; gin. bottled, | per $6 60 a $7; fin per gallwn, tl a tl 10; wine mad >h?rry per down, k (W AO; wins, tberr; pel pallan. $1 at! 60; wloe. < hlle. per gallon. 30 a 40c ; ' wine, flan Vlelnta bottled per down. TO a Tm ; 1 ebeinpagne $16 a 18 ; ale $0 67 a 7 60 ; whlakey. good per gal . $1 a 1 60 ; dn common. 60 a 86c ; rum, N K. r per gal 70 a 76c ; port wine. p<-r do? , $8 a 12 ; daret * do , $4 60 a 6 ; p*aeh brandy, 86c. a (1. reaa ? Yonai I. byeu beat. per lb . 87 >4 a 4in ; hyaon akin. 38 a 10c iag? 28a'/?o : gunpowder. 46 a 60e :ia??b<)oit.40aW * Tobaceo ?V imista. lb . %. l(?a 80c.; Manila cigars ' par M $6 a $8, leaf tobacoo,p?rlb.8al?c Root* shoes beta, aud aap? Women and glrle' Mipperd par pair 3(6 a 76e ; ' bin a ahoea. par pair. 68 a W?c ; Americai f ) r?r*nt, par pair. $1 26 a *1 35; American black atU r ) ata $1 76 a (2 76 ; white eaaaimara bat*. $1 76 I l $2 ; aportlug hata Mr ; plui<h eapt pur doaan. (3 1 umber ? White plna and toanMing* par 1000 feet 1 f8l'0a (360 h?u*e frames. (l.'.'OO a (2 .'i00 Uen*ra 7 Goods ? I'nlted States uiu*k<-t? each *2 a $3; Kuglial 8 do., do . $2 a $8; Engllah carbine*. *14 76 a (14; A ma 6 rtaan four wheal wagon*. (600 a $700; American boats 2 $60 a (2t>0: heavy twilled blankets, $2 12 a $2 24. com * von do (1 76 a (2; gunpowder, 8i? a *1 20; tanta. eanl D $10a $16; matobee par grn?? $1 a (1 60; An?rie?n fad ? die*, each. $7 a (16. < hina fO"d?? Red and whlt< i p?ngees per plece.(fl 60 a(7; black silk handkerchief* ({ 7 e(C;p hiua blinds, each. 76 a HOo ; Laquered *egar box*** I each, 75c a $1; do centra tables. *IH a $2\; do. sets tei 9 b"js, each, (8 a (!>; matting 26 a 31c ; dric4 fruits p> J aa>a, (6 76 a ( 26: ginger in ca?ea 0 jar*' par eaae 9 $K a $*)?; rock candy, in tuba $8 a (I03i; ba*i>>i ' cape. 'Jk a K0e ; bales wrapping pap*r, each. (16 > Neata ?ain|>hr>r trnnka. per .lent. $20a (26. From thi B continued arrival* our market is overatockei with al

* kinds of merchandise j henne the variation in prices S The numerous artlvals of emigrants and the loerea*e( demand for the up river trade has caused pr >*i?lon I to be In demand and command better ratea than al other dererlptlons of goods Invoices of piece gvid and hardware have neen aold at very low Attires Wi notice a forth?r advance in flour and bacon from thi present searelty Lumber atitl continues la demand and our quotations are now paid. The Baiidwich Inland!. Oar fllea of the Polynesian. Dublfohed at Honolulu are to tha 7th of July, inclusive. Our pr?vloaa ad Tier* were to the 26th ef May. There Is no new* c onteqnenee. The Jiita Califtrni? of the 2d nit fays r By the Atneriein ihlp Montreal, rapt. Chadwlal wliirh arrived yeaterday after ? p??*iirh ?.t >4 days. w have rrcflfil ttlff o( the Polyimian up to July 7 Th new* Ik unlirportnnt The U. 8 ship Ohio rapt StriMlnr arrived at Hone lulu on the 4th of July, and exchanged salute* wi*J the fort at ill M , on that day. ' Tlie >blp James Monroe was advertised to aall on th 25th nit for tMa port. The national anniversary- 4th of Inly? *m observe by tbe American residents at Honolulu. Affaln nt J unnlfa, Aw. " We have received the CtUnial Standard, published a Kingston, Jamais*, to the 6th, Inclusive. We hav llio flea of the Ceairrrefii'*. The Honae of Assembly w%etomeet on the ftth The Medway airived at a log'ton on the Ud, froi Cart ha gen a. Santa Martha. Greytown .Vo 1'he cholera had readied S?nia Martha, causing fll teen deaths (jer day. on the av.ra/e. but it wm abating At < arlliHgcna It had disappeared. At (ire)town. (formerly San Juan de Nlraravua much excitement prevailed, au attack from the Moan guana helm threatened See marine bead for ablp news. News t'i-oin I lie Honth Piirlflr. We refer our readers to the I'anauia eorrespondonei alao. torbip newa bean, for late marine Intelligence. ' Ciunmon Pirns. Kii..rr Jnd^t l/lihi'Iir. 5*rT. H? Jntob Vttryct v . Moitt II. Oritnrll an , el'i< ra ? Tl.l* van a suit brought. to recover (176 wliarf | a?e. It arT'^rvd tha1, bv a ln?f bearing data tha St < Fe rr?'? I'-K en* Ti-eotby Hedges. demterl. leaaoi 1 a e'rlaia tnlkhrad or wharf between Clinton eat Moat . I genury "r.tu to the complainant for a term of year * whi<-h la not irt expired; raid bulkhead baiog 00 fe-t . Iri bi t ie l. n*lb, al> iik tho Eaat River, and In rroa> there of; th<t two certain veawla, one earned the " George Wash i |?etea." and the other the " Hubert Howne." of AoO an flu tors. owned by the def>tidente, had lain in front of aai wharf, abd w*?a "moored thereto, for whiob wharfage wa . paid nr to the fith Novemter, I <?. and after ?liM tune aai yer>rla la* Id the i??i Riv?r. in frontof at It bulkhead o wharf, ard ware f?-taoe 1 and moored thereto, from atld St h oitmher ti. 0 h Drrem'er. and for which th* plaint If uUlia t) e nor e' f: " : anil the aai 1 aVp " Robert Sonne" lav a anlc wlatf ?nd wa* faeieuvd thi reto from tha aald fith Dn ceBil er to the 2Sd of aalS month of December, V>r which th p'a<atifl alao ele'ma # ; and that, by reuoa of asi* a I if* CM rtirp mil 'tiiir li'vicn ivnti'i wukn, uo ninor amp ! tr trrn ml<l l.? mnnni thrr-to, anl heaea tha plainti ?aa deprived nf hi* uniiip from other vess-l* whiofi migh I he r**tia*il to. and m"0-?d it. Mid balk head?and piayei ! relief, he Th* <l?t adanta pot id tht Ir ?n???r, and tnarehi < defiled ihc whol* of ti e atu'emont* ml illuatlMI In th poaillailit. aiid fcll'f"! that Ih* ?hip* " Ooor,:n tVuhin^ton' , m>d ?' K*brrt 0"*n*." In t*?d of I aln? "Woi ed to plaintiff' i v> ptt, * nr vxir* d ?l?n*ndci and faateni J to a ;ti*r >>*l"n* iai ' to tl e l<<-tli I *1 Pork C' ropany. ard t hai tl ey Br*only t< pa\ * hirfaye ?n that eoiriiany f->r th* *nld v**tali a-i I |< I no ?tl r pt-raon, th?y atao art up r. all ve**el , *ionnd *at>id* other until. *?ra only in pay h ?l . wharf. ??. A f'tr pyunf* wrr i taae ib'o. and the canaa auinmoi p in loth *id. ?, In* llomr*d th* Jury that plaintiff al*iir. *r*? $'7* VI ind that drf 'ntlanta had rtfmed ptyment yrhieh i* ttrl d*nleil?thi*. n ho, tha JnJ?e. nnd*rat?i>d It . ?* th* etaiia for full ?harfi^o, hat if th* vnMeli *< r* < >< id* lhe> nouldealy bar* la fay half wharfage; hut ?nu yiatl*Bi*P *r? to deeide a heihrr III* daf,'a are to pi] *?? aim rnt ?t all. or not. Tha plaintiff cUim* thai th* d*. , Irrdnt ta bavia* tliore tao ** ?*!*. dtirlni; the m<.uth? of No ?* l?i and Dererat-er nsioved le LI* bulk he id. and that thu] j l.avepot paid ahar'ar*. ?Mla th? defendant*. hy t'i r an' ' ??tr, l*>?l*t that t''? >>? < la lay at th* pi*r r.Wmd ay tin , featii i>*l l>?*k C> rnpar r, aid lhat ihn> paid that rotoptaj ? Mtlat*. ae<. rdlty i? th* curium of th* oity of Nt* Turk ? Tl.a I'lilm iff, hv hi* r?| llratl m, l*<i(t* Ih it they w*r* n?< a<**>ed al> i ??in*t I Iha^omjany'i i rk.ind thtrafare a ere n-l liallr p.iy th?l ontrpany alnn; ard alio lay. * II reMoli I* ere t**?r*'l and fa>t*n-d f y chalL* to hi* hiilfchatd. Th* only pi*-* i f t? 11mcr} tn 'hi* r.-.?e that **ll* for remark It tla ilfr I'itrr* ?*d if ihit f*nl*wan t u*ht flt t mull *11 t r * II t' t tn 1*;Ill !i> i 411 . I '.ar* * i .1. t!.? | l* ntit i tin- ? I atf?.-e f"T th* htilki c that a.:r? nwnt 'innm 05?** til* ????( ! r> of *l?hrr rirtr n?l "i r a.l <p*. *1 i- il a) of yen, f*t t!*ir?r, o? nrd a do?-h or an! 1*1] nt to" a th'rd |?r?ri h* eon** in ?ifi hi* Itan'" not *d ?n!??* ho a'l"*t?d jrin r f .rm*r *,<'? tn*rit. itaJ tk*r* la n* atlda rr thut th* ?e*tiiBaI Dork iVmpin ??*ii.d t) * iitKBient h*t?'*n (ttiry** and Plan* Th< . <*>-fi rdB*t iatoict 11>< emu**, an I the p'a'ntlfi .i>l?t* th*r? I i* a* ri'^ "-lot.v ?*d thi* (a t! r i ! K*tiTMa th"1 itMiM I ? to ?<-n t^ il ?i"t?u r?n?*> * tr?l in* '.n i tho l?? of th* l?|tl?. Y*i ar* th*r*f <r*. to r nmlor th* t? tin' ?y fr?>o> Hi* tooths of tho ? itm ?? >*, *Si a*** looko l , it th* iltnfctinn of tha ?ri**li nm<ir*d t<> tho htil*h*ail, hy ] rkilt* I I* th* p ?r. hy y p-.; *nd thai t < hila wm fa*n?*d to th* ptrr, to unlitl *tM *tr?nvh*n 1^* ro?>i , 11?y a'X' **y It l? ?h* rn ti m (or nutiM* r*i**l* io p*y hnl j I ilf v li?rr?r? If y*? *om* I* tha nonrlnaloB tr <m Ihit a*lI d*r*?, that th*r* l? ?n*h n lanaral and fintrallltig enatoin. | it i erht to r*iid* a ??rdi?i. fi r tl * d*f ndi at'; ?u!. If ron thiak i he * * i? a? am-It an-lint, th i lain* iff vialil k* entnl. d tn a rrrdiirt far il>?at lrt>. Bealei rafdiot ta-a^rtaw (tin* mtralsf.) Knprrlnr f'ourf. IK I tllMhtll Haf<** l>i*l Jtt*t|o* n*v|*^ ! *rr*- 13.?K *?rl h Krrvt, r*. tkr M'/mr. 4*r *t Sev Vira-H.i: >ti ib np'lri i'b t dixUa an laj'tnollm. It *| rr?r?* tl * I ll * lal* t'n? m n f'oaprl! p?>?A an ordlI *?*? t* ??.t rf*t a *?* In J .n * *t*??t and ?h rtly nfi?r !app?ini*d th* th*n Str*?t t ?minl**<o?*r. r??p^t? ,?f. Pt I raalw1***?. **d a il*rk la tft* *'r??t Com^l* Inner'* r | a tit** IBM a? o(B> *ra nt In* O'rporat.on. lot a* p|il?*n?' a** ** **.) lltfi r* ai y "ilirr at*p ** ttkaa, t 'a* (ih* <!?rp trail' a) f a'nrud *ltl au*th?r p?*,v trlld th* ***pr. at a r?lf a' >IA r- ' tn*?. ?r** i. i drl n that h* *? to r**?t?* r* p*? ?alll Ih* proper'* ?* a?**"pt. and th* aorxmpat ol'frled 1 h* *i'ntritPtor went *n and hail* ih* **?*r ; hot ao *tap* **t* ??k?n ! > a-*??a th* propoyt*. *r *nl|n?t tlio aa, Hnattt. ' t.lil It wa? hvllt. awl nntll th* Cai rnitt l^onnell i Mat fan?il fp ardlaanea via t?tpn?d ont. Th* In'^tal"* C pat ' < ? ! tort' I *al lv* ? * ia arf T' a I Hy th* I fotaitr r Cctiarll an< irp'ntad a?ha a l? thfir*t>a.l, ! wh* p*a* *?*' >1 to a* *** th* *r- i??*?y. aad t? *oll, * il,-. ai** a *? . TH? | It IT and ' |t,*r rit,?na a>hoap*d*i'hh<m. ' aad I > aro In r pr ja-rty i ?**ri in tho a?l*hhnrh?i<l, fllail a 1 ill ffi aa ipjniiptlo" to raatrain tha man n fr?m procradla* ai d fr> ia p*tiaao??r t?* atna*ya *o|)*etcl. n? tha j fT'a*d *1 *t th* rnrtraM to halld Ihawair a*? III* jal Th* I 'a.afilf n al 'tt'n *"*?"ra*i-n prtM to h?*? p'ta*ed*d lo pa* the ptr jserlv *>4 p .'lprl thai *M??*a>*nt hpftiyp *ay *oa , . . . . .n-7 r 'pM |?t"??t?4 ! ttwrr ? V* ki?ilt t-t ?n? half l??a iki' t1-!! i)i? ihtf mi'ikii l)i>( Ik* flr?l HNIVI > t n in <4 not ?ff.- ?l. IL* Caawna i *w*rll h*4 p->w?r Wi 4i?rl'?* *Wm ??4 ar po<at ? ?*?,??!? ' >?* #' il mi Mn I r t? . fc<" *114 ?>- i ?- p - t ?<>) of th? a?4 'h" mIu'imiH ia*4? tt th*n>, i( Hiatal a?4 ??t4 ?4 th?-?fcv ihtl tha mfhil 4i4 KM IxtlMf aa4 mr l-? ih< ir jaiat I" lha ? ?* ?'??. >>',Hlr*4 I j? ?H.? el ir'ir : thai al'honth 1% furfort* lo I" >'m?4 V? Ilf r-. tli* !; a?4 np?? thai ?r?nd lha ( !?? IIU?al an4 ?n|4. Tl,. initio* vaa arr??4 to 4?f *1 gnat li?|M tr Uh> aaaairl latb *fl?a l)mun nmtf?4. Com man PlMI. m*. Tlfftr* J?4<? lar-ahi*. Pl?* || - I'?i N Mm . I llmtft'l rHrorrf. ? A nitth n?lr(?? ni iii?4mi tti? ?r nn4 of t4nl'?ry. Itr?4 rI r??f?n ? Molirti irao?J without #? !?: ai'hrt rmi fr i t am m4 tktlr U la tha rrdar tnamioful. I ?i. < rt"" r' Taylor, rcfm<V?<r.Hr>tioa * 4I-?I?? ? rr?hI ?ran>?il ?l?h fm Itr motlfr ! I Un *f Ah A. Ftrry m ffmi e in TvtlJIk f r ?r4rr?> flkfumiUUtrriiHil Hrrrrll, m. f Yti/r.?Order < atatJiarja 4<(m4hI from ?" ?> ft >rt rT*nt?4. Pntrirk IMaatvta, r?. Filw-i i l.nfnt ?OrUn r?farr1*< HrN i? ? llliam Irrlia* F^, M 4>ta?aaiaa ail aatMr* ia I4i>t?H Wiwtta Mi? partita. Court Calrnitir for ?hla Ditjr. Mi. IS Irt. 440. in, f7. m. M n. Ilr?nltl)n Illy InUlllftnM. J?rftr*a' f*a? at - B?fora Joatlr* Wina|<r? IWpimin arr-fW I a hiaak ra*r?l >i.mM Jf l,?H"r*nt, It r f??r rfo'.Ura and Oft/ tmll from hi* alu'or I I ?t?o Jim wa* nrdvrad to p*j fir# nf |0 whlnh b* id at> to do wl.rn h* ?a< r>mnilr>! ta ? ? I>nl'fnt)*i j fnr the Urm ?f Mity dm*. I'?l? r?- .f?*tlra John D Klnj. (ifllwrn Rqnlraa and W hltrhlll tub Into i>n?li Aj thra* ro*dl??, nam?1 O'Dmill. and I wo brother* nam*! ritgnt. for b-Vin* timo rmud i kr>M(h. lb* k?'?p?r of % rnm hol? In Month Brooklyn. Th?/ Wcra Ko.nmliud for aiamltt'loi Tur fftrramo* ?r tut (latan Jcar ra fnmrtH ? I Tli? mfmkrt of the (Jrand In and for tfca ?iii It of Klnga. took a trip. an M'rdnc<dav moralnf. to ln>p?ct lb* aonnty bonding* at Flatbn?h rh* lunailr a'jlum ba? about alghty pr-oaa In It and to all apptaranra r<wri|>rtii? lh?lf molanoh'dy attnatlon ar* ??ll l>roTld?d ft>r and ??ll attended t? Them ahonld be an adtiltlan la tM? bonding aa It l? ioa mall I be Oft bo>n<t*| h?? jn?t Wn eomplated. and I* already naarty fnll nf elrk peraon* Tbl? building, aim, t? *?ll a dap*ad for fb? pnrj~">e f<r nhl?h it *aa r?f??d The ??T?n department fnr tl?? nhildm la aitrnnely ?mall and nnnm nhontd ha taken Immad'aMy to ?!? It ?hat H "hoaid ha There la ana tbh f parllealarlr abo?t thla department and tbat la tbal tVo?r la health ?honid ba >fparaM from thn*a tbat are alab. aklih la nn*. tb? aa?a Than It aoatd Ha a great >?ilngfn th* aoaatj, tud draerva tb? H>?a ! th? of tbr ?ap?rrlfa?? 0 $14 the mm#, ?nM |4? tt MO aa Me Intrta-te *ala? ??F? It all (old. DrtMtllf one qMrtur for lk? Btooa It loiteiw. tud ita rain* I* Ci. 130 rhe apuelmea hv baa* pgilhtwd o) Dob k'rtnoaoiio Uoa of for $3,660, an4 It 1a aappoaed to to intaaded for Ifci cabinet ol Quean Victoria The saw Baptlat ebareh oa Waehiagtan ittad, wil ba dedicated to the aerrloe of Oed on luii; Mil The ivrnia ptmap of the vernal! wbloh ban reached thia port from the varioaa AtUntio porta, I 188 dajn On Sunday night laat ittatki vera ntdo by ? p-irt f armed Americana. upon *e?er?l tent* eont?inin: Chlli-noa Several tenta ware torn down and destroyed and two (hlteno* are understood to ha*x b?*a dauger ouaty. if not morrallv wounded, ronaldtrable %ro?aat in money and goods were alao ntolan and carried axaj Tbe Kiulgimtlon. There have arrived by aea. at thia port aa appear* b tbe r?oord* in thn ofltee of Kdward A. King. Hnrb? Matter, during the mouth of July, three thonaaad ai: hundrrd and lourteen peraona. a? follow*:? 4 /'? om. AlaUi. FrmaUi. Tut ui ) Beverly 7 ? Bo?ton Mi 4 *2 > New York Wll t Panama Ill 90 W Maxatlan 244 4 21 Valparaiso if'7 A 2I< 1 ( all.-to. 20 1 " Honolulu . 29 4 3. r IUo da Janeiro 15 2 1' , Sag Haibor 4 ? i New London 00 ? B1 I New Bedford 67 ? 6' China H 1 I i Newburyport 47 ? 4' I Oregon 14 1 II t < entral America 86 ? ? Belt'aat. (Me.) 60 ? * Baltimore 78 ? 71 f Total..., 3 6?6 48 3,el< About il UlIU bl Ujmo arc Amrricuua. f ImjMirtaut Ship New*. ?mmu at aa.h runciKa. rtc., k*o?i jult 1 to ar?. 0 ' [ Prepared for tlio AUa California, by Edward A. Kiag, llurl or Mjiur.] July 1?4* bark n ? rieldar, w'illif.Jlibde Jan?!ro, ni'd. > Am bark M irfa, Itaker, Hoiton. do. Am brig Aobine Towaa, S?di ?y. N S W. do. Am b*ri Oeaaa Bird, Uill N Vork, do. ; Daw >akr i f, Elv, llonululo, Haw produce. 9 Aa? ulilp T*maruo, tlt. hardi' ii N York. a?s<rUd. Eq bark Ptni'hila. I.u;uuaku, (Vim. prod u in. J? /i in lark tlraror, Katup Rio <ie Jaaalr", a-aorted. Haw a< lir Kauai. ' ;art< r. V daya fin Honolulu. AiuielirOdd Fellow. 8<od<lard, 148 dayafmNei 9?Am ? hr I'larer. Marshall. 4 day* tm Oregon. Am " lir Kulto, Downs, 13Adyafin Mariha'i Vina t 3"d ' Am I rlg I'aary, HUb-m, S d? fm Oregon. An ? lir Olivia. Paul***. l(Mi <tya fm Nnw York. 1 4? Am >atk Mary. Parker, Honolala. lumbar, ke Am brig John E?il> ra. kiagubury, 1U ilyj Joi Nai I Am l r>i; Intil, liiir/,t:ri, N York, aeeortaJ. j Am b-ijr Mary Kllm tlray. Columbia Eiver, lnaikei 9? Ani ?hlp l,?? n<>r?, Green Boa'on, do. , Am ahlii Niantie, t'Uva>im,|. P.taaraa, pneaengerl. li brig IVIi* Camllua. Oliver, fm &aa lll*<. I Haai triii Kxore a. (.' boa,' 'ulla<>, i>aan\?ra n Iraigkl ? D ai ip /oid r?ij, Woyar, Taloahoano, do. Am linn l'i reat, Varina. ttoaloa, aaaortad. Am wl.r iar. Muthurn, l.'olmab Hirer, lumber 1 Am elilp Tarolii.ia. Cava. N Y??k, aaeorted. A ui brig A'Ilia, haktr, Baetoa. d<>. Am bug Mary Amur;. Taeker. N York, do. 7?Ei- it' r fin-ina, Nuirkland, Poaton. paeaengor*. Am ahlp Kilwjrd tveriIt. Smi'h. ITS lysfin Uojtoa Am ?e ;r low a. llo? ca. t8"> d> a fm Sag II trbor. , Am ai'hr "wallow, ('aaaal SI dy? fm Mixatlan. Par bark faaillla, liarnay, l.amht>noe, prodno*. Am bark 1* m Ivy. Hall, Naw Vurk, uraortad. I Ik li'r ' outin^lla, Pairy, Oallao. I Nile g?,???. Xa nlir (bam>>ou. Kojua. Aotlnlla, ptaadngara. Am t r*r t>nvid llMifbaiv, Pinkbam N T, *?eortod. 1 Am ?h>|i A'I hoi , ?li-riiiu>i. New Vurk, da. $? Ami at ip Orphan*. I'rt.'Minn. New lirk, do. Am aakr K?e.?iii??l?. IVilliainr, Cal ri* laiDbvr. Am brig ^altilln, llieh, Koatun, aamrtt-d. >-Ani trrrpaliip Mary and Va me. Day, N?w Yark. Am brig North Boiid. higgtau. Bo*roa, a?aoru;d. Jkm b'irk Joaephine, Bril'.oa. N?# Yark. du. l)aII kric MttblMa, Ituben. fin Vaiatlan. Am Ik'i Aziru. I'unb?m. K.'t dva fin New York, tft?Hum t rig Aat< nia. llAdM'iirti.fnl-t, ?l i*(lau. mulai II - Alii ?ebr Pbarii, J,?k a, llAdva fio Panama. , lfc?E* l'*rk Kwall'iw, Hamrnae Hangaaag (Jh good*. Am ahip, Uurdoar. Pan?nu naa en<er(. t tA?Aai I ri|' l.upbrinia. Tin'k^r. H,.de*j". lurubor. 1 IT- Am k.,r!l !;. |l> llull S . <r -r h u ,a.,r u-4 NEW YORK HERALD. rtliwwt corner of Kml??n aMl >mmi Mfc JAHCI fliVKOOR BBIIITV, FHOPRIKTOR AND RDITOft. NOTICE TO OOKKKMPOMOORTS. rOLUNTJUY CORKBHruHUtLHVK etntabiimt *mMrlaal new. toticUed from any vuitrter ?/ Ul world, \f < utrd.wUl t? liberatin aaU t*r 1TK.VS OF CITY INTKLLKJKNCB, oj all i?rt?, mrt t ilto tvlicUed NO NOTKM tnInn 1/ m??v?mh etmmumiemtieme. Whatever ii intended for tiierttoM mutt h authenticated k" ^ddrt.i at the writer; Ml necttiri rilv fer gublieatiou, but at a guarantee of hie f?J faith. W? eannot return rejected eommunicattont. THE HERALD B8TABl IBHHKNT ie op* n throughout I Ike niuht. I TKRMtt, KTC. k TH? DA1L Y flMRALu? J'ni ...aitione, I ?nit uor oopyi (T Mr annum. The Fir it Edition ie publiehef at three /clock, A. it., and distributed before brrakfaets th-i 8e; tond earn be obtained of tht u* toe boy t at jm o'clock, f H.) ' mil the Third nt three o'clock, P. M ? THK IVEER I. V HERALD. for circutat*on on thit v. onHnenl, tA publiehed every Saturday, at i* eenle per * pv, tr $8 pei annurni Jor circulation in Europe, urintc I in ' trench and Knylieh. at 9)4 cent' per copy, or S4 per unburn?the latter price to include the pontage I The DOLLAR WEEKLY HERALD, every Monday, 1 ltn'1 pei copy ; 11 per annum ; m cooutto elube, f1*., Ibpcr annum. The Dollar Herald will not contain any J matter publinhed im the Weekly Herald. ALL LETTKRH by mail, for tubecrtptione. or otU ad~ ' gertieementt, to be pott-paid, or the yottage will be deducted from the money remitted. r ADVERTIRKMEJ^TS. (renewed every morning, and I, puhlithrd hi the morning and afternoon edition*, and 0 M mil ertrui,) at rcatonablc price ; to be Written i? a plain, It giblr manner ; he proprietor not rctponeible for ' error' h. wo * neeript , PRINTING of all kinde executed beautifully, and with let patch. Ordert received at the office. J AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. ' BOWKKT THEATRE, Bowary-MACBCTH-OLAPos Do' TAL< BBOATkWAY THEATRE, Broadway. ?Gait. a La?ba? l, La Co i ha. NIBLO'SGARDEN, Broadway.?Paris in IMS-Soldiir i?i l?t*. BT'RTON'S TIIEATRE. <'hftnk?M afreet?T??ftatioh ' ? Jorum Chiiii-SfMiKi. . NATION \t/ THEATRE, rhatkim Square.?Iw Pf.tra II tnn Out or Subehouy Ei-?*--3i.ajhit abb CilAHHtJi ? IHI?H LlOB. OLVMl'K THEATRE. Broadway -B*itai?('1 abi> taa lami?No?Tat arai a?'a W tuiiiftu?Who Shah Eiaar. " mechanic')* hall <trbi*it'? mibbtb>l??vovabb 8 MI.sioai.? ETMioriAi SIBO'NCJ. u CaBTLE GARDEN?Gra.?a> Vocal abd I*?thpm?hfai. Huomknavb Cobobrt. CHINESE MUSEUM. KM> Breadway.-Proa I A. M. U it P. M. ' N?w York, Friday, September 14. IN4V. Kctvt|)aprr Hrnta^c, t The postage ?pon nawppapora dropped into the yoel e office by Individuals. is now our aunt each to any part ol the Slate, and a half ernt additional fur distances orei 10# miles ent of tbe State ? the postage to be prepaid except wLen sent from the eflloo of publication. Important from California?A Mouth. Latci '' from ttie Pacific. ) When it rains it pours. T*??? important arrivals v one from the aid Continent and the other from tin Pacific, came in on u? in one day. The new* fron Europe is no sooner read, collated and talked about than, perhaps, equally lmi>ortuiit newj comes to ui ' from California. Republics may be going, or gon? down in Europe ; but we hare something lett wit! which we can console ourselves, notwithstanding New gold mines are discovered, industry is bring * organised, a mighty new republic is putting fortl its first buds on the far distant bhorea of the At - lantic. 'i We refer our readers, for the particulars of th< * important news from California, to another part o * this day's lltrald. This newa is intereiaing in i t variety of aspects. Th? products ol the gold mine: J are now coming to us regularly by every atcimer h Over half a million of dollars worth reached u, ? yesterday, in a regular way, and the probability it "n that every future arrival will bring us a larger 8'iir \ frnm that productive mid remarkable region. New * mines, it seems, are being discovered in various 1 parts of California, to take the place, it would ap. \ pear, of the old placers, which have been exhausted j by the enterprise, industry and avidity of the ad < venturer* who have flocked thither. Tiie n"*? ? republic, clustering around Sun Francisco, givei f prominent and healthy Hgns of constitutional vi ' tality. Without any settled government, withoui . any organized authority, riots hive broken out, h i ' the natural spirit of civilization In tint region ar. ; reeta the rioters, organizes a court aoJ pu liahej them with a rapidity and effectiveness which p its r to sh.ime the judicial authorities in their own City I ; Hull in New York, in the centre of tlm old and [ well organized community. Elections are likewise ! held?and held too with as much order and rrfjulari. i ty as we see in the oldest communities aman^ us. The people of California, those adventurers, t!ut 'r ( congregation of loafers, a* they are called, who ex; | cite the ridicule of the huropeans, show more npl titudc for republican government, for quelling riots, | for punching the wicked, and for governing themJ selves in a proper way, than th-e people of the ' bii;h'y civilmd capital of l'uris, or of any other prent metropolis in Europe. And yet not Jone-hal' l of the adventurers, the reputed loafers, who were | i cn th?ir way that to remarkable region, had I reached thereat the time referred to. I Ftich in the general ch iructer of the important inti lligencc juat received from Californii, from thiit new and wonderful Kl Dorado, that bfim vital of nationality, which liaa leaped into ex atence with ihe rapidity of electricity, on theahores of the I Pacific, undrr the fostering care of this great and mighty mother of American republic*. We fear nothing fur California. Tnut cctmtry ia on thf highway to proaperity, wealth nnd greatne*a. The , right description of human intelligence and of ' mental activity, hare cone in thai direction, and ; ,ho?c even who are already there, are mora en;>a1 ble of constituting a proepcrona, happy, and aucI ccsaful republic, than are all the philosopher*, atatrrniro and great men ot the old world, rolled I into one. 11 tottt.t InroRTAisT moaOm.?\<? intelligent t frcm the i?land of Cub* has readied ua in the usual way, for aomc time past, owimr to the vigilance of the military anthnritiea in Htvuna. Hut we learn, by the way of Washington, through oar correspondent in that city, that an attempt at rero'minn waa recently made in that island, the extent and parti* nlara of which are hardly yet kn*>wn in the diplomatic circlea in the capital. O f ol the moat remarkable fentnrea of thia attempt at revoluti n ia the disaffection of th? military?an rnnotice of which ia given by oar correspondent. Thia intelligence cornea to as to a ronndnSoqt way, thronch diplomatic channela, or through the ?ifTice of the Secretary of Plate, or by the S,nniah Ambassador; but we think it may be relied upon, and that ita character. Ironi the channel ihrouah which it rea^he* m, m even won* than what ?' beara fr*m peritaal. Wf can't, however, p*?* encomium* on the rercnt conduct of the Atnenean cabinet, a* rrg?rdn it* rt-eent union in our relatione with Cuba, embraeinj the abduction caae nt NewPrlcan*, an well a the arrett of a number of free American citi*en*. under the yrftenre that they were levying war apainat the Qneen of wl|h whi>m wa ere at amity. The rftbrta of the Cuban patriot* to iacite mm *f action and energy from thi* country la aid of the great rnterprite, and to import from nr thorea thoee implemrnta of war nece?*ary I for the enterprise, are only conalatrnt with the conduct which ottr forefather* adopted toward* France, in oar revolutionary hi?torv of the la*t century. I^ut the patriot* of Cuba have found an enemy in the preaent cabinet In Wa*hin?. ton: and the deapotic dynaaty ot Isabella of Ppain, haa been bleated with a friend and anally in theAmerican government, more potent for the tinnance of their de*poti?m in Cat.*, than could b? found in any other part of the world. The conduct of our government, in reference to that aff?ir, de ervea a aearching and bnming elimination. The noble eeatiment* which alwnya have, and wa are confident alway* will, animate the heart of the old patriot in the White llonae, have been o?tra?ed, riWcard'd, inaaltrd. and paeaed over, by th* petiif*Wnt d?pfomnay of the eabinrt, in their efK.rm t? < iitin?e Apnni?b deapoham * tiae ?alinpi<y i-li id f Cuba, fur a fcw yea** TELEIiftAPUiriNTELUfiKKCC. It appears from our telegraphic report of the % proceedings of the barnburners' eoaveation at | Utica, )eaterday, that the proposition of the old hanker*, to anlte upon one ticket for State eflieers, baa been accepted by the former, and that the aonventton will probably adjourn to meet again, in eoncert with the hunker*, at Syracuse. The barnburners have nominated only their ihtrt, four candidates, viz:? Freeborn G Jewatt f>r Jut)g? of the Carnzi of Appeal*, Henry 8. Haudall for Srnrttary of State. Bmjniutn Waleh lr f->r rr?*>urer, aa4 Alexander Campbell fur Stuta Kogine?r. Yet we ure not certain that all the Mceseiry conditions of the union?iu regard to the ?zpres> si on of (sentiment upon the slavery question?will be complied with by either section of the party. The mkmriien' Htmt* CoinrenUn. j Uric*. September 13?A. M. Last evening, on re aaaemMIng, Mr Biinbv, of the county of Queen*, proposed that the Convention should \ nominate low of the candidates to be voted fat at the enmisg election, end tbea nlj .um to meet at Sjneui* on the 14th. and there complete the ticket. Mr Stone, of ~Madl*r>n proponed to re-afflrra the principled heretofore dictated by the free mil democracy and to nominate a full ticket; if the Syracuse Mass Convention adopted tho?e principle*, four of the candidates night be withdrawn and the nominee* ef the other Convention adopted in their nte td, A long debate followed. In which Menem. King, De. \ velin, and Curtis, eppnst d the adjournment to Syratui-e. and Mr. Andrew*, of New Vork. advoeated It. Metui. Tayi.o* and Wilson supported the acceptance of the proposition fur a union, frout the lyraeue Convention. it now being 9 o'clock, a motion was made to adjourn } till morning, whloh was voted down. 1 Me?ri?. Downt, i.f New York, and Dibblc, of Genesee f opposed a onion in strong terms. The discussion was continued until near ten o'clock, , 1 Mr. Van Bi hkn cloving it with e?pp*eh of half an hour> dotation, in which he eamestly^advseated the aeoe(. ance of the proposition male by the Syracuse (old hunker) Conrentiea The question was then tsken on the amendment proi poted by Mr. Hunt, (to nominate a full ticket of barsburner*,) and It was rejected by a vote ef ! to 37. The original resolution introduced by Mr Van Bares (accepting the proposition of the old hunker* to nnite upon one ticket, for Hate < fllrers, eompoeed of four I from each section of the petty.) was thenaiopted ?au< [ the Convention adjourned until r TUI USKAY HORNING, When Mr. Cubtis, of Onondaga, moved that they j proceed to nominate candidates for the offlses of Judge t it the Court of Appeal*. Secretary of State, Stat* Treasurer, and Stat* Engineer, l>y a viem voct vote. Mr. Van Btrkn moved that the vote be taken by | ballot?which amendment we* carried,' and the Con vention proceeding te select candidate*. It appearing that Kreeborn (* Jewett had ao rival for the nomination for Jndje of the Coart ef Appeal* the balloting waa dispensed with, and that genUenaai waa declared nominated, nrnt con. Balloting for the other candidate* then commenced For Secretary of State, Henry 8 Randall received 91 votes, Mlnthoroe Tompkins 2i. and Henry R Seldon 9 Mr Randall was then declared duly nominated. Far Treasurer, on the first ballot, Benjamin Welch Jr . (editor of the Buffalo Rrpullirt*) received 42 vote* C. J. 'bate >4, Btaney Lawrence I, and Nathanle . J(ice* 9. On the Mccnd ballot ?WeloU received H and < h??a 84 ; Hi. Walah wa? declared nominated. 1 For State KnglDear, Alexander Campbell, of Alb%nj 1 received 71 rotea, and Orvlile ( hilda 30. Mr. Campbal iu derlarrd to b? nominated. , l!i V*? Ben EH reported a aerie* of resolution! i which vera ??coud?d by Mr., kupportcd by l dozen tpcakcrs, and flna'ly ad-pted. The State Falr?IIei.ry Clay?ELcrtaw of th ' Military, ?r. fSrR?ci;ic. September IS, lMf < ' Ilfory ( lay left here this morning. on hi* way homa An lutma-nse multitude a't<ndrd upon his depart un ' and gave hlia cheer* npon rbaa-r*. I The premium* for at<>ck and the Tartnui product' c the farmer, the artiaau. etc , will baaamrdad thl* after t noon. I YeaterJay afternoon Gov FUh reviewed tb?i mttttar ' 1 rompante* a??etnM*i at ramp Onondaga from Tarlon j ! part* of the S'a'a ; and tbey will be again rariewec I at half- pa?t four o'elock thli afternoon, by 0?n. Woo' , BCCOI?l> DKSIMTUtt. I ItmntN September 13? P. M. The great Fair ha? Wen hr tiffht to aloe*, and tb f erc?d? of people are rapidly dlnperelug. I V if?w< Job neon d?H?ered the asonii addreMlo Utx nfternoni occupy ic* about aa honrand a balf. It wa* an ad I j Bilrablu production?and alii b? pubilahedin tb- paper I on Saturday. Tba military war# rariewed by General Wool, aaeom ' parted ly <>c< ern< r I lilt thia atiarnoou, a a <1 made fine appearance. , 6juniie. the eer'ral 'ty of the State ha' aequltte herself bat d'OtneIt during I ha I air and the brief a' cclatlon of the immenee aiunber of pe.iple from otha parti" of Ibu State with th > re-: Jon?i be.'a will bo a Ion time and happily rtmetahrred. A n.retlng <f edli f* and pulilUher* I* held tbl j evening. for tha parpote of ronaerting meamre* t procure tha r??torailon rf to mii^h *f the poet onto law of 1M6 a* perialtltd tha ilUtrlbutlon of new-tpaperi I by null, free of pov.age, within thirty milt-' of to plae* of publication Fatal Aitldritt. grate -er. S.-ptemher It. 1S49 ( -| Wllltrr> Wanh, (a br'tti.r I'l. *t?Ud ofthe gentle nan of that nana who ran f?r U?rcfn>r of Mie>i*alpp a few yrare einee ) wae narldeoluily killed thl* unrn lug ah<ut nine o'clock n the towpath, wht'c paean J by or wltneat-ing a jam In tha eanal. It appear* tba J while rndesTorlnc t? relmi e the (, .?u th- ibj n paaket broke, and the Maple or Mil ?tr jak Mr Mar?l a?er ibr right rye, n?ar Ibo t*<n>ple, whlah Ml<?d ki death In abont tvrnty atlautea A Vand en V?rd th* paaket alao rac-elred a aerar Injury ; It 1* anpp-wed that bin ?b> ak bona i? dUloaataJ ' Death af a Clerk lit tlir Trraanry l)r|nrv mritt?Calilnet llttllng. W??>inoTo*, 8- p'ai.ibnr M, Htf Tl oaa? Haifdale. ( Irrk In the ?>?< af th* Klra Aaditcr of the Tr<a>urf D r 'lie I illia!/ to day. at lila reildeaea In thin ally Tbara waa aa a lira aieei tnj nf tbe <"%? ! aet t > day , Death of mi Fiitllnr. Cr*e" ?i*t*, September 13 MO Albeit O Day, lata pablWhar of tb* C ? ?- >< H 1 fwrrrr, died laet al|bt Thr ntenmahlp Kalean. "Kra Otixm Ji'p'jaKfl} 1*11. Tba rlramer Fk>o?'a'.l-d tbi i rnlnlf f, r < i> ?,.' ? with a talr eomplimaat r4 i?<Mng?ra Fatlare mt the Rnatkira Plait. Hun h. r in t? r v The Soathem l? a'l die to <j iy. failed to arrlee Tbara l? ao n??? afloat vnr'b tranemltttag Mnrhefa, Aa. \, _ . *, |,(i a,.p? t1 i*la There la a nn^erate tfrmat 4 f.reo??"n and tba rnar ket la frm itbrnit fnf? hulea rhanged hand' fnr ahtp inefit to ) a# land at>d l'ra??*e at ?rff fall pil'M Tbr pew erap arrl?ee ruther *l?*l? ? the reeelpt*. #i far 1 b?lag rnly H *<?0 tmlra. afetuet II.IPO bale* r???i??d at I tl.a tame tlma lael year Th* ma<ket * r migtr I' ! bnr^aat ?tih ealei of Mr a* f>>,? ' ("!?< ' anpplj et-nlloai-a ?a>a'1 ; Indaed tba market U aJmea< bare : Kl? e? ii. mi?ad? T),n i;tan?a ?ti. September 11 Hit Tba 0-tir market l? 4nil Old brand* ara IMnf at 6 10 Ptigara aoda'fV* are both qnlle firm. V* liUI key la dull, at II ha. '/he rl?*r l? ?UttrrnarT. ' Ilvtrii* 11.1*19. rrrr'pfuwMMn ?b# | *n 'H b?tir?*rnan Mlo??: 1 Flo?r, *?WW Ntrtrl'; <th?n'. ? bo-b?l?; ? >r?, IM.#* i do tWw b fM mHmm Mi| la ftnt m4 gn4i, llti > ' f flmr at *rvTir n r>? ??. t h* mai I r III' ! )?"?r ?K> l??4y. with *al<M > f hit* at fVta a #'J?a Tb#> ?alr* amonnt to 12 ?*0b bn- h.-l- Mil*! 'W?"t#rTi i"?rn ?pM at ?im , at which 4,0l># bmhato bar2*4 bandt. Fr?lfht? nrr *a-l?a ti f ? r. *?>'??lt?f U - * P M. | Tha y*t?T<?y w?r* flnur. S 0 *t bhl* | | or?. II w* tin ?ti?i?t T'ir enmnttift* In draiantf. and prlaa* ?r? a ?h*4* In f?* r th? h?*?f ; w? ^n??* armmnn (Mat# and rata*.I ? ???r? at M il S ?* (tra'tht ?* ? and fit i j^ ? t M aa<l ?t It M a * " *7X ftf ?? *? ?* mni ; ?<!? a*nnt'r4 to abmil 1 100 hti?hal? *V|?aa'. ?% ' at*** the ?!? ? of bwy?r? ; | *4 Hhmh ?> > h?l 1 ' 1 (I II ' ?rn ?** la n-**) demand. a* |n*?r p M-Nl 1 .?* ka#li?U ??r? rnlil a' ASa. * 19* l,t mtiaJ ?twi aad at tva ft r ?? j*llow. ' 1 l?jN*-J?h l?r tl, ll?frr?l <?n, knew. ?'r? J i >??a,aad r Ml.*? ?*< , tmvm JfT?r?i U-i.1 J ii