Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. lartkwMt corner of Fmllan and IImm? IU? JAIEt UOKDOR IK1NBTT, PKOrHIKTOK AND EDITOR. NOTICK TO OolUtKSroHPKNTS. WOLUXTARt CCKKK*rvfiiUh\i. t., iimtniniwf ?>nr+rt.i?l ?. W? toltrUe 'unf luttrtor of 'A? world; if ITEM? <'P CITY ATSLLhiK.VC'E, /a/< ??ru, are ?1M niinii'. >li \<>I'1CR tnkrn of iMowyiuoKi iwdiiavolwiit. ?,itm < trJ*t,dtd tor MMoliun muf 6* Authenticated Ay rv ? ?' a addren of tAe vriter; not nrrfturilyfnr ih/?, AW -j? ii,, ?ty of iu tood f.iith. Wocanrtoi return reytcted lornmuuieatioat. TH> HEkAi.!> esrAHLlsmtHNTu throughout aW IKK MS, ETC. THE DAILY IIKK h I (?? I hi < ?rfiMom, 1 cotUt per copy ?J7 ?*-r .??<.???. Tll? MUKMSO EDlltuN it published * f S o'cloi is, A. St., niid distributed before bre-ih/iut; Co tr,t OtJjV I'.DlTtOS tan br find of the mou*ut Jll <iVferfc. i/;:.' <i( S o'clock, P. M. THE H KICK I. Y 1/ KKAl.U. for circulation on thit oonluwnr, w pvhtt.hed every Saturday. at 6V{ contt per copy. tor circulation tn Eurooe. and uriutcd in rretifh unit Enfliik, iit U'? itntt per copy, or $4 par ? the I<itier piwe h) include the pottaye. The DVLLAH H'KKKLY HERALD, every Monday, 2 eentt per copy ; $1 per tnnvm ; ill ronwi(? clubi, c\-c., $Y> ;.?/ Iinjian, The Dollar Herald will not tontain any ttiatli r published 1/1 t'u li ieKly Hertlid AIL UllTHRSby for lulncriptifnt, or tnHh adrrrtttrtnentt, to he po?t p.jid, (A? pott iy wilt be doducte*. front the momy ^emitted. ADVMtTlSE?E>TS. (renewed every TArni.ii, am m*blither' in the tncrninti fnd afternoon editions, am nil ezlrat,) tit eeatonahle price*; to be written in < plain, legible via iifrr ; he proprietor uot rttpomible Jo, error i?. wovuieript PRlKTI&d of all kiiidt executed bea.uHfu.lhj, and wih deipatrh. Order 1 received at the ctfiia. AHIJEMI.MS THIS EVENING. BOWBRY THEATRE, lluwarv?Tur. Bridal?40 and 5 ? TH( Dk!HOl'!?t'?U. brua i>w at theatre, uro?ln?j.-g.ui? ladialia cdl asa. flBLO'H (1ARDKN, Btoiivir.-GBiin OtertobbB?in Tin 1'iA.ri.K. BURTON'S THEATRE, Oh'.mberf (trc9t-tmrtatio: -F/i'i. I'cr. h ati on 4l theatre Chatham bqnara.-sk* aeat viim) mancr?boi li t lur?uhmbvi. OLVJdPICTUEATRE, Droiiwi; ? B'iitanwa akd Inn Hsu-Tmiim(k'l Vticmru ? Watchman? Jo van Chmii mechanic's >11l1< Criiitt'i Mmsti\ei??Vova? Ml'll 1AL?El'lllOPIAIti BiNSlNO. capt1.E OARDI'.N?Uh ami> Vo?al akd isktehhiim val fromknadc CoKOIkT. CHINES* MUSEUM. W.' Broadway.-From 9 A.. X. t 10 t. M. Vcw York, Saturday, September 19, 181'J Nrwapn|i?r pontage. Th? po>Ujre upon newnpuper* dropped Into the pot ofllof by Individuals. in now one cent each to any part o the State, and a half-cent additional for dirftanoea ore 100 mile* out of the Stute? the poatage to be prepaid n?tpt wb?u at i>t from the ofilue of publication. Important Political Hlovemeitta In Nev York?Final l'nlon oi the Democracy. Yesterday we announced some very interest nag intelligence, received from Utica, diaclosin ertain political movements in tliid State, wliic will have a most important bearing on th election wnicn is 10 iaKt? piace in novepioer nex 11 18 no less than the positive and final unio f ?hc mo prcrionn of itie democracy, comprc headed under their respective classical designs tions of "hunkers" and barnburners," in th support of the patne tic ket throughout the Stat*1 and the perfect re-union of all their energies an impulses, for either glory or spoils, winch have dit tinguished them for so many years before the la: j*?st. The proposition made by the hunker coi vention, at Syracuse, to divide the S'ate tick* with the barnburners, has been accepted by th barnburner convention at Utica; and the unio was ratified, as appeared by the accounts under ou telegraphic head, by the general mass union cor mention, held yesterday, at Syracuse. The following is the ticket:? old hunker*. For Comiitrvlltr, Ju<tvi of the Court of App't JOHN A LOTT. FRKKRORN JK'WK ri For Attorney (itnrrnl, Fn- Srrrrla ry of State, LEVIS IH^TKIK.LO. 11 K.N R V I RVNOVLL. Fur Conol Commit inner. For St ile Envi.%cor% rUKDHtn K KULt.Krr. alkx. <; vmcbkll. for State Priion ImmcUt, F<*f Trejiurer. DARIl'S t L\KX. BENJA.MI.V WELCH. One tickst, one effort, one pull, one destiny, no* await the heretofore scattered and divided eli m^nts of the democracy. This is bid new* f? the whig cabinet at Washington, aud to the whig throughout *he countiy ; but fate is fate, destiny i destiny, justice is justice, cheats are cheats, roguj re rogues, honest ineu are honest men, and ever one will get his decerts before the day of judgment How was this done ? Let'* be showman, am lift the curtain. This not unexpected re-union of the democrat;; has bren strontly urged on the b .rnburners in th form which it has that rnxgnific- nt chap who may be called the " i>rand?on of York "?a ?p coededition of the ' little magician "?but, u ide ur culture, greHtly improved and enlarged m sU ture, and am, lifii J mightily in intellect, generosity wit, liberality, end real tal-nt. We execrnte nn abc niiiihte old Van Durrn. of Kinderhook, as oa ??f the moot iind narrow-minded politician that the rerprnt ever permitted lo wander muw ami 11 r\> mi > i ' < mdi-n of Kd?n ; but wi-admin and patrontxi Jihn Van Iluren, ns a bud of a b? l'r buih ; ard ! net- he h*f- be -n taken under o-.n pitrrnajre, he ha*, ?< uridTttand, increased one iJ in stature, and i a* inch and a half in downrighi bard fat on the nb?. We fay nothing of huint..!? lirt | ?-w r, bu< wit and imagination, f<>r tii<-y, ol cowse, muit increase, pari pamu, wiib an) yrtiidu' of "?ri. ! ihia important union, coalition, b^rrun o1 nniiaf t?fHber of 'he hunkers *nd barnbnrner* there nmy be something said about sacrifice o jirtnciple, the ilavery question bolted a* regard our territories, ar> f various other matters tiiat havi bat little force or weithf, wh*n the artnil spoils, the my fat of iIk 1 ind, are in pr*S|>ect. Tber? c?n be no ?'c ubr, l.o? ever, that thi* re-union ??f th* air it rk r v if New Viik,i"i tn<w an J ni?difi*<l ylatfotm. f oipi rwed of aa cqw.l number of plank* imported fn m HhIFhIo nod Runkum, will be th? pl?tf*;rn cn?hi<h the democracy c( the whole Ki rtliern Mar n will hep .f r |irocn- i into action, and into the field, f?>r the jrrr?t pw of I< 2 The separate ore ?i.'. ion it the free aoi| |vrty in f> ne for rvi r. V'ru can't m ;ke a barrel hold flonr or fat, with one hoo;> round one itnvp; neither can a party In thi'i <?l*en ;b>d co' ntrv e*j*t orer a year, wi tiout ?t undat ce f general principles ol a ratiiraland re.% < liable nmuf, mixed occasionally with the r- Muifite qnirtity of the fit and rpoiU ?nnn i|ti?r.t cpon success. Thin union on the ."'talo tirkit will pervade ev ry d'utriet, and opiate in the si me direct ion ??n tbe ticket# put forth in tba eities ?r,d <? ic- Th re ia evry probability fr? m 1h< ir diction* Riven out, that a nv>*t tremea d? u? iirpiibc will be given ?o the coming election by this union; snd that the old democracy, again twl? rei d, Will be elee'riiied in an electric age, and el. w ioih' ?| ark? of their anri?nt energy, to 'h? astrnuhment ef the other States around them, and 'I e w?n^er ol the whig ej.hum i<ion? a*td ftisail framitisrt the customhouse hrre. This i.. had news to the whiga?to the admtnia* trillion at Wnshint'ton? to the cabinet-to the Wild reality it Albany-but by no means to CL* n?r -1 '1 _ .! - i \r _ . -t ? .ryi'T inirrrir, or in u?e nue lion*#. TW? dold Pr< -id? nt i? beginning to o[>en his eyea Hi the po?iti< n in which the ultra whig intriguer* lm?r iil'fni h m, ?n'i we have no doubt that til# nrit Mf?im of Coi)|tfr? w^l *ee him going back to hit cwi pledge*, *tanding on Kin own platform, and e*erci*ing the enrryy Ha<1 inlluence to which h* in entitled n* the chirf magistrate of thi* great republic. The conduct of the whig leader* in thi* city and f-tate, in the distribution of o'iice, will help and a**i*t the united d? m wra-y in carrying the coming election with a j*rl> rt tornHd?-a c??mpr?hen?i?e ?u>rtn of victory. No party that erer rea? hed fmwer nnd#r anch favorable wilier* a* ?he whig* did in th*? election of <ien"ial T*y. lor, h?ve *n tniFmHnap'd Rnd abu*?d that |"mn by tuch a wotul and atrocious distribution oi of. lio#. a* they bate done ditrirg the 1a*4 f ar moth* ; to which we may add the *ymf>a'hy, the atroeiom *yn>pathy, exhibited byer'Tra'tof iha | cabinet towards th? continuance of despotism on I ' j both continents. I Tk We think, therefore, on looking over the field of in? i operations with the greatest candor, that there is to I every prospect that the whigs of this State, 10 the tei | ensuing election, will be routed, horse, foot, and it dragoons ; and that it will be the commencement do | of a new revolution of parties throughout the whole nt of this mighty republic. We are not disposed to of cry over the rout?not at all. th The Soutiikkn States?Tun Spartanwtko ar. ct faih ?We give in to-day's Herald a Utter from , one of our Southern correspondents, on the subjec1 j of the arrest aud imprisonment of Barrett, on the j : charge of circulating abolition documents in tho I Slate of South Carolina, and attempting to subvert ! the social institutions of the South. That letter [ gives un ucount of an interview which our corI j respondent hud with the accused party, in jail, and portrays faithlully the ferling which exists in South ' Carolina towards Northern abolitionists and fanaA I tlce . s, I We particularly a?k the attention of our readers, ^ 1 j in every part of the country, to the graphic,correct, j l'\ and philosophical correspondence which we are j 1 [ i from time to time placing before them from the r I r .1,. b< j OUU1I1. Ill I1IID ir^lVII "I l"C ?V- , * j ver had such plain, manly and complete informaI tion, concerning the social institutions of the ''J | Southern State*, bb that which our correspondent ^ ' presents. Heretofore ttie prejudiced abolitionists ' 10 of the North hud done nothing but misrepresent the social condition of the .South, and calumniate || that geneious and gallant portion of the confederacy, by the publication of all the falsehoods and jj misrepresentations that could be invented. We j trust that the correspondence which we are now publishing will aid in dispelling those prejudices, 1 and in doing tome kind of tardy justice to the ^ i Southern States. We have much more to ?ay oa , n | this point at another time. " B ] The Attempted Uevomtioji is Ci'ba?The j ; intelligence which we gave exclusively, yesterday, B - ! of an attempted revolution in Cuba, is partly con- j firmed by ih<* extracta from New Orleans journals, E 10 given elsewhere. The extent of this movement j = | is uncertain; one thing U very clear?if the Spanish a >. military despotism which has oppressed Cuba for ^ : ! a century is to last yet lonsf-r, it will be indebted w for that new leaf e of life to the synipstby and genet rosify of en American cabinet of ultra whig*. t< 1 Oh ! oh ! ch ! d TitR PorntE Sheet IIfbai.d.?The revival of business is to great, the increase of our advertising i ?' eo rhpid.and the presture of important news on Ji our columns so much, that we believe we shall U t have to resume the publication of our double sheet 1 0 ? sometime next week. Advertisers, and persons of ? business of all descriptions, will be fully informed in a day or two, of the very extensive arrange- t t rrents which we are making for thfir accommodation J ^ and interest. The circulation of the Herald ia well t known to the community?a circulation of a wider j lm and more comprehensive character than that of j e any other journal in this country. And we believe , t . | there is but one journal in the world that has a cir ? ^ culation of a similar character, and that is the Lon- J ! don Timet, in England. The machinery in our n )t establishment enables us, whenever the increase j. ; of butiness demands it, to publish a double sheet | r ,t with freat facility, with all the news of the day, I e and a!l the ndveitisements in every branch of busi. ' 4 Q neps that may be offered. We don't expect yet, j |r however, to be cnlled upon for a double sheet 1( daily. The population of London is two millions, that of New York only a little over half a million. * | Hut wi* increase rapidly, and we have no doubt c oar city will, before very Ions:, contain as many ^ i. ' inhabitants ua Paris?about u million. The increase of advertisements, of business, of new*, and 0 of everything else connected with the publication b of a daily newspaper, will demand the publication of a double sheet lltrald every day before many , years. That time is rapidly approaching;. c f- fsmnonain.e intki uokx ?pnama?oiuim? r Ma* Maritzxk?For the last quarter of a century, * !* we hn\e not seen such crowds of fashionable peo- [' '9 pie, of pay travellers, from all parts of the country, ta and even from the other side of the Atlantic, hs {j y are to be found now congregated in the drawing- C t. rooms slid around the din in;; tables of oar most J fasliit-n?b)e and frequented hotel*. The splendor, beauty, and activity of the crowds, male and fe- {J 1 male, to be found at the Irving II'use, Astor Home, tl itnd tb> New ^ <>ik Hotel, and ev< 11 at houses of J' les-s magniticencs, can be compared to nothing but -1 what wr lind at the firtt h< tel* in S iratoja or New- ll f j-oit, during the brief summer seaion at those , wateriag-places. Merchants, politi i.ine, and weal- ' tliy persons ?>f ullclat.ea, are noiv crowding into 1 tin? city. Trade of nil kind* i* bri.-krr than it has n e bern for niauy years past, and the fashionable J stores in liromdway are crowded from morning to J "d.'wjr e?e." * t Tin.a we j-o in this delectabl'! and wonderful .1 r rr< tropoli*. Lirhf, tune, ten. eleven, twelve pl?C'-4 of public uiiitih?-iiir[it are ii"w open, hiii] each iui'1 all 1 < 1 of 1I.1111 ure tilled aJriiOit every night. NiMu'iG ir- ^ t iVn, the J*r? .ii'w n^h'-?tre, tin Iiotvery ihentre,nnJ ell ili?< r ihentr ?. nre 11 nn/rtrney by ibe ex- rh 1 bibiti> n tf the I h r drams, ri.,| ocj.moimII/ rt ' r? nc tit-bit in the th ipe of music, by way of van- <" ely. Theatrical entertainment* never were so * f u <11 ui I'd a? '!?? y lire al'i.t, and t!i^ only <!j , drawback w ems to be in musical matters. Tiie |* I art'mpt msi'e to unite the Italian opera and ?! * 'he French Mitt at the Uroadway theatre, hm *'t bun the only drawback, lor it is a rem irk. 1 able feet only on those nirut* when tiie *' ! beautiful T?desco made her appearance, were (r ' there any thicg lik- remunerating, crowded, or j I fa?liii>Mih'e hous? * The other Itocalij-ts jtnd rf.m1 tfusri don't te> m to draw. The sum liny be said 'u t of some (rw concerts which bare been sttempted. ! i ? That (riven by Ftraki -tch, notwithstanding all the il'iorls 1 iial *< re made to make it successful, an l the Jihiril giving awajr ol the ticket*, to Tom, ?> > l>uk, ai.d Hsiry, is generally considered a f?ilure " in every point of view. There wss nn orchestra sf any crcMquence, and the *<>cnI aid wa? not above , ballad aincing of ordinary quality. ' !? lint w ttil? muaic and o,>cra are thna ia abeyance, 1,1 tl drama, the regular and irr^gnlar drama, **ema to in flourii h and to ({row in importance every duy. Max Mnretzek, n?w in Euror", running all over Prance t. and Italy, may do aomething for opera on hi* re* I ' tarn. I!y thf laat ateamer, we have arcmiata that j,r he ha? engaged an Itulian tronpt, of great talent and ' (K<?fr, and that he will be ready to begin th? c ?cnpuigne id November. We'll see. n? ' " ' " fir Ttir K?'feunnrvr Ifuantu?Thu hcmlug but m.t made much projrreas of lata- < Cnp'nniirR in and mpforted by the broken down I wr clique of Plaiiifield Hank financiers?one of whom *" ttcaped jnat puniahin'M in the ff?w Jertey 8tatn itt I'rifOB, l?y the Weak and mift.iki n r? f'i < il of ex- ,f ?.< vrrmir Vonnir to Bi*e him np?th*#*'fellowa an | n< w p'")iB( tbr last curd upon llic crcduliiy of an ! enl fcbtrri*?l ?nik Hwnk< n^d i<ubhc. The va?t e*. ') p*ndt?nrr* autborifd by th* prewnt thoaght!' ?a j m f oi| or. non, arr quite auflicient to awtik'n |*rb!ic ( J i? difnetion rmong tax payer*, wiujort the n-ldi- ; J ti?>n i.f that im[ut!eiit and ntrreinu* pfoject ol | I'Umfifld l??rk finnnri-r?, to enlarge the IJ^tteiy in ?a | roj? ct, the ?m;y purple** o| mhn'h n to in- ** ereeee i>ri*Hir frfeiiliition nt r'.r,? ,u. .,rt,! ivm,.i... i f), it an ??' to the p:i?, -r n arljr ir <n <* "dollar*. l>?tipjr tl>? l??t t>n jf iro, Mip public to rr? *?n'i?j- ha* b? rn m< v? '.y ?nit by th > inaB? i*r? fMlntinr. bank aA*-r batik, to ihe aejcre- tr? g?t# anmir.t of $C00,0cn, from (!?<? <>r;trnl l?wk? ' Ckflllf, (lotii to the luie-i PUtnfMil im.'-wion r?a j?rm N? w Umf. Tutu- ffnan<?i'-ra and liwir ' bi'l'? lul 11i r' i)? hiiviaj nl'?n?<??n?-d hiiJo ig irn- J,'', ' p?'>(urr, Imve now WrdtTfaltrtt private jmKWh,^ nn- * Io# r iln I,;., it.-. > ?i| ;??' u<ii-m. ftiI'll wiili ( [ i liters ?>l I'irtf. Th? p ih'fr iiD<)rratan<l irh lul- t*\ fottcrr, ci<d will check them. 1 rHB TkiAL or THK A?TO* Pt,*C? tilOCBRM ? it' delays and obstruction* in this important case ?rrape instead of diminish. Only six juror*, up latt nipht, have been sworn, or found comment, in a panel of nearly hundred. Anew panel summoned for to-day. The public prosecutors ?their duty, but the bsnch miuht desu-iteh busies with more promptitude. The delays, many ' which are frivolous, are principally caused by e lawyers for the criminals. Really, really, we innot help thinking tbut justice is better dispensed th? improvised courts of San Francisco, than on le old bench of New York. Who can doubt but mt utuiriniid rinta fnnk at the Astor J'ldCC lieatie, on the bth and 10ih of May laat! None. Late from tub Dominican Rekubmc.?The rig Carry 1, Captain Schackford, brings us new# om this Republic to the 22d August. The Naonal Congress has decreed to General Sintana le titles of Lib erutor anil General-in-Chi?f of the ominican army, in recompense for his services, fter which the G enerul visited the province.of untiago, where he was received with great enlutiatm. Buenaventura Dae/, Senator, has been ected President of the Republic by five electoral alleges and was proclaimed on the lbth ult. It is lieved thut he will accept it for the benefit of ie country, which at present enjoys perf- ct tnnlilliiy. Everyone attends eagerly the installation r I3acz, being persuaded of his milking great targes in the progress of afl'uirs. Much is said F a projected cmiurution which will certainly tend ?i-nit li^rute ihe condition of the country. Noung has yet been doue concerninp the expected rotection of France, and, in the present state of tat Republic, it it. not believed the can afford us ny BfsiftHnce. J. Elliott, Ei<) , United States omut^and M. V. Place enjoy the esteem of the hole population. The British Consul, Sir R. II. chaniburgh, has been here only six or eight ionthf, and consequently is not so well known . Trlnl ofllie Aator I'lnie ltlofers. C'OI KT OK QKNKKAL. SESSION*?-TH IKl> DAY. efoie Judge JJaly anil Aldermen Wood and 1*. ICclly SirilMHtK 14 Thr Proj le uj tin Stair vj JV> r York vi. Z. C.JuiHon, i Uuu^la-n, luma* Ueboelt, J?hu Norrln, ?ui>8 H'atlhewn, 1 iutrli MeL.aujhlio, lexauder ilot-rnck, Th Jinan Urwn, aiiUl A Adriauce, Juam O'Neill 'J be court rocin wax not crowded to Huah adi ^ree thin ir rnirg hi it nan either on the dr?t or aeeond day ot tie trial The wi>rk of procuring a jury boiun prnbaIy rather dull (imii*e:ueut to the huudred* ot ?|>ect?<rn ?bo IhrniiTed the cbamher of just ice on tt'edoe??y atnl IhurnVay they have withdrawn until the wltefgeii l>ej:in to teftify. 'I h? number present to day, ret), wan by no Drtna email, and a lively intermit was iauife-t)d by many iu the proceedings Two new l *.ra?ai?.r?t ht.ilnv /,n t ha ?.?rf nf t hu il >f <nrM it: J D Sbtt-ood. who appears for Jauie* Matthew*, r.d P. tUauckniHu, who eta ae oouuntl fur Thoiual t u uet t It will be recllected that when the court adjourned D Thumlav aftermon. the qiientlnn was pcod ? t-; >ti? 11>? r i ncli ol the Had u rig'it to t!v<! nr.j i tiall?Dge*. or whetlwr there were to h? ut five allowed the accused jointly. At the opening o hf ronrt thlt morning, th* counsel for the people with Irew the objection which tliey had raised the day pre iou*. and conceded to the deteDce the right of eaoh o he nrrrnd to fire ab-olnte challenge* Thle p.ilui hen being dixpored of the counsel brought their forcei uto proper podtl< n f< r legal encounter, and the CaLLIIO OF TIIE JV It V I* tO.ITINl'W Tboma* Dunlap florist and xe.dxman. of No. 624 lr<ad*ay. called und challenged for principal cause ball<-ri(r<- withdrawn atid challenge d f- r favnr I* nol member of any military company; had no frlendi iilid at the Aator I'lace riot (ho called), on the 10th ol lay lent. H - IX) you know any of the partle* on trial In thli lice ? A. ?I do not. ?| ? Have yon exprexxed any opinion In relation te be tranractioDS for which we are here ? A - I have not ( halleiige withdrawn; challenged for favor. Q ? Were )tu preient at the Artor Place riot In May 11-1T A.?I wa? there in the early part of the evening, but '1 cn I ?? the military commit I retired. Q - Had you any talative or friend injured or lnpllatcd in tbe tram-action T A ? I have no friends or acquaintance* in any way nplieatcd In the traduction. H ? Were y?u ever a member of a military company, r of the constabulary force of tbU city ? A?I bare been a member ot a military company, ut not ot the constabulary force. 14 - l)ld you purebase a tl-'ket. or receive one froa uy perron. < r Gtherwlra obtain <rje. nr in any way 1 ek adn Isi-lou to the theatre ou the night of the 10th t May ' A ? I did t>ot (4 ? Do )oa know Mr. NIMi or Mr Haekett T A - I know \tr? W w Niblo. and I h?i>? Mr. Harktt alieu 1 meet him in the mr?4. [The 11b ?ve Hit ol tietllt n* *al adopltd by Di uglaaa' coun*-d iu each ballcoge ] Q Uy Mr Bt?rr?n- Are you a rela'lon of. or iotllately ac<|iialt>le<l with ?.iy of the p?r?oo? who aignej be csrt' ol inii'atlou lot Mr. Matnudy to play at the ipaia Hi ii >' A W III yi u read the > ?iiw' (Name* rovl ) 'llel lurt iBairiictii! ih? :'imr t:iat lie a?e,i not anwtr tlie qarviIon Jade- Ualy remarket, in r?fereuce . 1I1 p tij'i mu.ilar v" i' <b?i they were altoge. Iier Irrt le?am ib?? b*d tm ref. ien.-* to tli* xta'e o| 11: r r mtnd-and farther II|?I li.t?rr >*ntiti?< of I ir k't.d wen ealculaled to (ij e a (rave trt il to d*sbirate to a jiriiict tarrn lie rhould exohi ' all Iieh question" t i-Un??l f?r l>on*te? takes eteep. ion to the decision < Tal'u og* for lavor withdrawn u the pait o? Douala-a. < hatien.-i-d f.?r principal ea'ise nd challenge wlthdiaon; eh?iu-n-te< for favor and h*ll?ng* withdrawn. and ibaiirtigrd peremptorily ou be pai I of J uiien Patrick lio?a-f tin nolth of No 3?7 Orand itfMt, ailed?1 ballri yrd by l.iou?l?**{ all eball-n^e* witbrawa; challenged on tbe patt ?.f Jut-'n; chaileugi'i itbaihwr at il juror ucrej t< d and xwnrn lt> b?rt V aterhi n.??, Al I'ltt ftreet, grocer. ca'l?d lid chelli l'|i* I "ii tin' purt of Dau^laa* fi r |>-I >rtt al iii-e; eballi nge ?l|l d'aa n and challenged for lu? ?r; liailetige wltliUraKU. ebalU ii^od ou tli? part of J udnou; irnr in rej ti il lit d ?s?nrD I Katie- < Uuxion. i f 115 tton* atrent, griner, callI.?I b*ll'P(,ed. utii I hi- u?u*l t)iieeti<na put; eh*l1 ge wl'liiiiaa 11 a nd t he juror ijual .ii?d b> atllr nation, ' I t< K Me ??f t J Ii 1 i? the xixili juror 1 harlee Watroa. i t l'J7 i.liryi-tia atrret. mer?hant, died ard i-ba-l-r ; d Sai l he ha'i foiriej mu nrifktab e opti Ion of ;i;d?< p f(i>m what h? had r??-l; I I 1 * lh< ut Lr cnnlil dii. .t hi. luinJ nf &ll I>r..n. fa, atid darida tb? oa?? acro.Ulng tJtliu aitdnuca Iftortd; chain > ({ f.uud truf Suti't. rd C Bn wri of V>5 Ppriug itrMt, da%l*r In I* wifd? ril. J rL?ll?i-ct-d fur prlr c t,?al mom an ? jMt il 1 ouglaw < wUhdr*?n. and eu?lbfi] ( r fx<-r Had n fil-i>d Mijari-I M Im rlui. b*lu n?" *lihdrt*n ( h?l i ni>'l on thn part of luiD. liltnn?tKl and am a* ltd thai iia w*a uufairaWj iu pi i??. d' a ?rd? iudaii Q.~V>r" jiu inlti* K* "od en tha bight >f th? ia-y* ?l I lot T A.? I fbara. at d ? ? p?r?uri throwing ttoaap, id >a? tb< m an* t?d. Lj ? i >d n at; frli nd or r> Injured ' A.? I bad a fiit ad lt}ati 4. If. I'a?a jiu any agaisat th# dafandnat l?1?r n ? A ? I bar* ?< to hlf moral rbaraa'ar. IJ.-Did jr u ??a ' r .Jiidini. a . a?t*d ? A I rt* (ftii> < ! i"!cf tafcitg a man *Lo;o th<>y Id ?a< JortMii into ibw Op'-ra liooan. W fTMtt A->thi??? ' Ml>l jnn lay aalda it )'U bitir biard <r r:n and IiuJ a vtrdial in aoritai r? t?l'h tha arid)no* ' A. fculd Al!?r n ?> vit?tt??. t>.a trlar* found tha aliaUanga ja and Vr Dm** ?a< m ( ?W? [ tg? Cttaai 11 .Jr . < I Houatna ?traa* ni-ar MaDaogat, n'h-r-di a>rr - C d xud alru.d l<>r asmatiuvloa. altaltgi d fi r t 'lfltip*l c^n?a I ba?f ?" ! t.ri. rit ir ?i;rr->i I an/ d*r|di-d opinion ?tfrr?rfi- to tha | or UmtrM# of aur of trw rtt?? rha'fad In fn1? r.-a'Ur I ba?r f irrw4 a J?oi i> iaftfatorabla?|iti<ioti if > r )n Imn> g. oaral aharaa* r ai, d tl at nMa*< ia)>la o^ln'on ha? l?m InaraMrd ?aa I ba?a h-an hara f h?l l?r>g? found tru? J< bn fta???p? rt aa'l? d and a*aviln?d ?? to hi* ooratrrry fr> ?a a jnr >r l? a hardaara ro?rah?ot, d r??l<l> at I J I ailngtui aaanaa i hatlang* f-r Irrltal f??f?lttd a*?i < h?lt.og-d for faaor ?'.d a'lt |?t> n |i'? rllj rt a'Vrg'd nit ?b>- pait of D' u^la**. In f?t It I?? <f nIP f!< n??on itraat | i.acr it railed >t<1 riin laid no tha unnal challanga*, rt fir |ififiptl rauaa and ttit for famr liaa n?fh??r? 1 i? i jlrt'n of ludmn Tfia d^fandant, d?r?< h->tti g row aihamtfd tbn of pi rampi* rbalhpgaa ?? nhtrh ha ?< rntittad tb? triara mid t bata to p<?a np' a tha ^oinpaifmof of jury* n ?>Ji itiiln by lilw I'hallfage t.?an4 trua ! ?! ? I. H|l*ltilb a l|?rn fit rh >lla ngad ? rhal'!> n>t trna. I bi^Ut.grd p?rVn .' !)* on tb* part * altVawa ho fn 1th r?!1?d; rl al>r??d an 1 rbaHaaga f mad ir ln>fna V ngf ar ril'td; rhaltrogrd. and ehatianga tt d if?? ha |.?avrn* ratl-d, ?ball??gaj andebalUng' fi.unl a by tilara IV?j.. r* tta aallrd: ahallapgal paiat*p?oriljr OB tba . .111. .1. h>i.lul II. Ut >11 .. |ptt A V tiirr Nlng enli' il, ??< 1r?t. |nir1|?l Ok* ??'! 1b?n fit f>ror. ' b* o?u?l >nl< rr wii* |>nt Itt arid 1 tto j'irir i**rd tl>?t h<t l)?4 m? <1 ?n r?M? oj-tfit n i.f Jurf? >n. ihi? opinion t iirni turn hi* o?*f> | *|>t t * txJIong* if (1 ?i vr 1 y rit tr m it?l.nro * * etll) d ( h*l!i nj id liy Jud>'? rnMtli t I'urr fw* ?B op'tihll fiTcr?h> of u it\ h|? in ^ r J ml nn f * ( |W|?b ?it.| h?fl< ) 1 tt>ir* ' *m n *?d nin ' ? ? I l li#r? I hr 'haili t>g? vr.i four I i? *1 C lb? )0tt>T 1*1 ?'?d? * r? D<*"' rftftirt ?nd tiy fad nn lti? ttaiMiM* i?|.|irt<iii nf JM n bfttlti u? *itir.'l urt*m Pi??fV l> 0*r??t*?,l n I* |; rlull. c ? | f ,t ?? fnf rllH I r>-*? ' h? H ; 1 !? !!< ?n fh? i?T??if' #** ?** '? ? lUjur. r rl lo ff <* (?i|Vi-.T* ntfr.'t (VtVltnU. I'luMHjrt flic fvnt. I nn rjjlol .i l?. tM if#rt ?dti'*ni!Kiftt,r nArUifi h?r? scil i ?l. h.|?ini? ?>< I'.wi M< lMl< t|d li i.?t f Ti'n ill; *eqo?liited wt?h known Ma by rapntellnn nit hint dtriilfdlj infirontKIt opinion of biro but think* he i-ouid try tb<? ra?e Impartially The trier, loiild lb*- eb*UH>igf true, and th? Juror ?m get a>U?. Jap MtS??l?? ctllid tnd cbulUir K?r| for prlotlpul nun. IIh* formed do opinion m to the unlit or Inuoeenee of the arciued partlex; ?n not at the eo-oalle<1 AM"r Hirf riot on the night et the 10th of Mtr; bad nofriend Injured or implicated In the affray: the taui of au indictment having be*n found might make ?oin> flight ImprtnloD on Bay mind but would oot Influence mc co ah to prevent my acting impartially a* a juror Q. Bv Mr. 8hh?ooo, eouneel for Matthew*?u Ol what nation are you?" [The cnrt ruled oat th> que*tion ] The unfavorable lmpre?*ion* now reetiof on my mind ba* been created principally by what 1 have bra'd here in eonrt The trier* found the challenge not true The jurymau ww I in n peremptorily challenged by oounael 01 the part of the defendant, Bennett Vr whitiko here arose to object to the mode o challenging juror* pur*urd by the counsel for th< pri'M-eutlon. Time bad be on needleaaly eoninmed li the examination ol the laat proposed jnror; and aftei long drawn-out interrogatorie* on the part of Jndiion ilit* juror ix peremptorily enauengea oy Dtnaeii, 11 whose hebalf do ijuvntlod had hwin put. Judge Daly said that he bad before found occasion to rtmark, upon the manner In whieh thin oast) bat been conducted by the counsel for the defence. It a rt.knu till abuse of the privilege of peremptory ohal Duge and ax he bad before remarked. such proceeding bad a tendency to degrade a solemn trial Into a inert three They deserved to be reprobated. Mr. Smith asked tbe Judge If any of these remark) app>t-d to him Judge Iiai.v replied that what he said would apply ti tbe c.outnel for the defence generally Mr Smith retorted that where rebuke was und* served it was harmli ss. and be did not apply one won] of all that had just retched bis ears from the bencl to himself; i-uch reproof was as unjust us it wis un

merited 80 far as his eonduct was concerned, hi should pursue a fearless cour-e. ile should neve quarrel with the law. l?ut should defend tbe rights o his elients according to tbe beet of his abilities urtiwed liy courts. o?un?el. jurors, or witnesses jr.dge Daly observed that Mr Smith was correct, ll Haying that rebuke was harmles* if undeserved Mr Rlakckmais counsel for Bennett here arose, an< ! was about to addross tbe cou*t when Judge Daly askec him? ' Hate } <>u a uintion to make sir?" I Mr Blamkmaw?"No fir: but I arise to reply to somi rt marks made by ibe counsel for the prosecution." Jaidge Dai.t?" Th?n. sir you will sit down " I One mote juror was called, but was not examined the tYurt rxcu-iLg hlia oh account of sickness in hli , Jan i'y I 1 be Clerk proclaimed a fine of $.2.5 as against each o | tbe nbseiitee jurors summoned in the present panel | Jn tiew of what had passed a few minutes previous ' Mr Bi'sti kp, counsel for Douglas, arore and asked per mission to retire He alluded to the remarks made b; 1 the Court. In refereure to the cnuurel for the defence | He claimed to act honestly, and consistently with hi own views of legal rights, in all that be had done ii i tbe present rase; and uiily a-k.-d of the Court that il j would give him credit for so acting in good faith II . fe?n ed to feel much hurt by the remarks addressed b, I tbe Court to tbe counsel for the defence Judge Dm y said that be bad not Intended to mak nny perioral remarks In what be had said, he spok , as he felt himself called upon to do, acting, as be ??! in the capacity of a public officer VV ii h m me remarks, reiterating his desire to be 1>? i lined ingtuuruslu his cniluct. Mr Busteed retire 1 Iroiu the court room carrying his papers under hi arm It was not exactly understood whether lie with 1 { drew from the case altogether, or ouly retired for th day >??oonas (Ms little pceno wes over, the onrt pre 1 oeeded with its business The Clerk having aouounca 1 [ that the panel at jurors was exhausted tbe Oiatric Attorney made application to thu court for a hundre ' mora juryn' tie summoned far Saturday Tbi ' was ohju-nd lo by the counsel for tbe defence, wh 1 claimed that the extra jurors could not legally be aallei ' unless In due compliance ?lth the law for suiuuiouin a new punel; and the counsel for the prosecution wet warped. Hint if they pursued the proposed course, tbe " did so at their legal peiil The District Attorney wi " willing to assume the responsibility, however, and tl ' Ccuit gave tbe order for tbe Sheriff to summon tb ? necessary number. The court then adjourned til Saturday morning, at 11 o'clock. 1 he triers, thus far have rejected nearly evet^ pr< 1 posed juryman who had an unfavorable opinion of th < character of any of the accused I bis they have don ' probably under tbe influence of a suggestion made b ' the court, that it would be advisable if possible to K' [ juror* alien- mltids wets totally nobis'-" J lu referent to the i!ef? nduntx Thl? *? not a rule of thfe eour 1 but Minply b MMiMI to tho triers. when they a| ! plitd tor instructions from tbe bench. The followis 1? a lift of ' JUROR* SWORN IHt'l CAR. 1. Joseph Brownir. 7 irt Urcenwisb street. 2. Cornelius Dewit, llijnor dealer. l.t.'i Amos street 3. David Pa?e, public bouse, corner of Wsst and 11 ' b< ki n streets 4. Patrick Downey tin smith. 3*7 (Irand street. 6. Hubert YVnterhouse. grocer 61 Pitt street. 0. tbas. BucWetone. grocer, 115 A mos street. Alarlne Affsln, Tbe magnificent steamship Ohio, under tbe commas of Liautt-nant Schenck makes a trial trip to-day, pr paratory to her departure fur C hag re a, on Thursda nut SOth lu-t. TUe tteamsblp Kmpire City, Capt Wilson. salli tb afternoon fur t hsgre*. though she has luly been t? days In port. The dei patch with which she iia< b?< ptepared for sea again. Is evidence that ber propriotoi detrtTe and are entitled to the success with which tin f meet i On Monday next, at 10 o'cloek AM, win be lanoel d from the yard of Cornelias C. Jerolaman. at Hell I villa. N J , on the Pa?i-alc a beautiful bark of 430 toi i buithm, t?> b? named the (Hirer J Hayes. SU> wu built under the superintendence of Capt Franc Scott, (lata of tbe Mason Barney, who l? to com mar i hi r.) and in such a manner as will rank Mr. Jerolama , an'i iK tbe first * hip builders ia the r ontry. 8be intmdsd fur the Bueaos Ay res !ral*. la wiiloh rapi Erctt has bten so long and Ja?or*bly knowu. for h abort sbd fort un*t<) voyages. She ba-i been built of tl: choicest n.atcrlals and fastened In a uiost super!' Darner throughout; and has arcummodatloa* fir pv si n^ers. ?hi<h eaunot tail ol aUrac'.ini; tho aUrndo ? f all ?bo Kay lat? the p)ra*ure of seeirg them. Hi dUnenflcvs a?e as f llows :-length, lio foot; Lrra-lt ti biani. 2S f?*t; depth ot hold. 14 faet 9 Inches Sli Is o?ned by Oliver J llaye* and others At a n . ?t nig of the p% ( -ngcrs of t u* i teani-Mp Km j.itetlly In Id oil )'hs^re? \ ugu?t 27. 1*4!), tbe Ml'iv tr? (tentli meti *?re a[ | oln'i d cfnner-: V, S Town m <f i'i nnsjli nel,t President, lames t'u hln.f, < Vlffln'a I i lord V||)ntt,-it| or r'anada, 'aptiin *. > Dnwier ?f L- nlrlana 44 W Pine of \iw\ork U*U ten 17f '. M Olplas H \ I imcu Ds OrsIT of N?i V i-ik \ 4i*e 1 re-li'eiits; and The n.m J. L Siul!;'/, o f*? i?yfvat>ia 'irretary Onaioll in Mi-hn I D Brswn. r?f fenn*}!T*nU. W H. (.uwadk. ol f*on.h ?'arr>lina. P M Silicon, J. II H. ?* lilscn of N?w Vi rk trilT ? Johnson f. ferrnl*s?la were r.ppolnt -d a entnmU!*e to draf leu lath us. *bi? repofid the fi l lowing, which w<n sppii eeil and urd>r?d to be puVI-bed. prop..rly attest ed.snd a e< pv |>res< tiled to i kpt?:a r It. Wilson: ? le?. iT'd fba? the uurenil<tliig attention, gentle, asi>iy di pollmeit anil nantl. al ?HH of ? aptsln I I) V ll?o?i as tbey rneite. our birbest pral*e; anil IMs wt?h Ikfl'tRS ot ro irdlnary pleasure that wi t?i?rt?r to l lm ur sincere thanks les-ltol 1 list tbe surgeon *ti ward and *tewafde?i ini) I t" err' $ M'Telly are 1i?i! to all pr*l"? for tlx fkill ai d aitentiin vilh which they dl.i charge J thnli D I '* riutlt f<* > l?ed that oor r?M*ire ft-om New y ork to fha. |N? Wrn to #< i< n it for ?M?k we are Indebted to the pi rfect ?rr?n*< inrnt? and the ready rrurtrry with which all attenJ.J to th< m'< rt of the p?i??rr?T? K * T<?U"Y?KN*D Pro?!4eot TimmJ. L., JftnUrjr. Oar Ycncsaol* Oorraap?n?lf new. Mtitniiii, 39, W# .'fain m A* the Itata ' f tho e< uiitry bmj ba Interesting t< l?cr cf jour rrad< ra I a*all a;wll of the aalllng o ttio Aimrlean rehcc.oef Miranda to glee yon what In frinatiou wa l a?* repeating the movement* to wind ward. The rely ?rw? we baee fr otn the windward I* thai Geartal I arm a eoinmanditg the g..r?rnm nt tr ? | , at Tcrto < ah llo, ao-ue l<>0 ?trong bad in?f he<1 out af>wii?>it?n to in t < Jei.etal i ap-"ipj of the ott??i j aity. ?I o *11 a' ttm hn>l v( 'jm ? ti. a><<! that. <? tt e ??n ft day tin- l-runr r< turi d i)?*ln? I<m| nui of hl? men by d> ?eitl< n and ?i h Mbr wounded? anio? tr the rt?t. Mi on J In eommand A itn ? k> ? rilla arfar- it bug ra'rled en by th? t>< >le n that t.? , <i. a>vn*tlb? | nmm nt tlc< | t at >l ltifr??'? thi ) had grows ao hul l a# tc 0' n - Wilt.ln sill' rIn.1 i f the eamle 1 l.e r*?i Ii'tii o t a? ft? pi 1 the " reipi* of |>fn Inn fr' to the Inteilwr; en l elf" tea and tiiilei ara tiatti at i J, a tt.. I1, i ?i\ il? fr>r hUa . ami m ftc i I' r dry ielti J et>* dry. flutir but lit lie laie at $U> a Stock lor thin ' J lace large, ray (to t.hla. fpullnu lnttill(rnc?< V* ion r? i r?K 1. I - Tbottko. ?The match between ( IMK*| F<|Piml arid I.ady f trmv advertised tiaoire (tt)eMnday afnmn n. did nut take plaee the iwner ? f tl lutter ^a>ttiR lu filt A trotting ennte?t f>r a |-i'r?e. Vr? eref enTiie rff between anirta R ptlrrel Kenitik. itid Niliditr lolle b?a'* bet three la fit*, |?t hat*?e?, ?hhh *a?w fi By Mrlo<t"?r In three tr?!ght b?at The foitnwirg t< a lU'.iin.ary n| to? alTalr : ? htttidi.r, ? Ha tine 1 | 1 krtiturk a< IVtt|(i|?t . 3 3 2 i Hull Mpliht 'eaar AVoilruff.. . ^ 3 2 S j iirir ? / If- ; IN (i nimon Pfia*. Rtftlr J*4vf> I Ithltfffff. f'f ? ft It'i/rif. tf iV ?.?/.wA ? lituriitce r<>*. ^ri? - IM' ??? an ar?|n? to rrrr>??rf4.0??O th? amoant f ?*|?? lift 'I Ib auer* ?(Tm t??l If ih?- piaiatlff al iles ??'???> < ffir?. i d t wrqii# < orrr* In V*y. H4* I n lfi? *. >?fi frrm >% llitiinct'n, N t , to th? port "f ? ?t? hart tr? m ?>f ??nf?ifr afcl *?? ?f I atm? lo |.lI lain IM* |- t *: a?>4 la r-inlngln, th? plainnil ?(h i ? >h? ** tmb<l. Ili bvrama a total lu??. A4Jpii> ? J. R?l>rilnr l'oail? 4t i iM?'nr?i p?f(r? t In' JW'fi Oat Iky. Ftr: 14 -Thutf Mm i?? > /*#?> I IhmW*, ft / 1 fcr lijm.cticD l>:aih?*l U Una <au*a wa? lu?? <l?j 0 tj oaicat. TELKtiKAftfM IHTKI.5 Summary. I A brief report of the prwceedings of the dera | cratic union meeting held yesterday at Syracuse I the probable result of the Maine election?excitii ^ incidents in all parts of the country?the equine ? tisl storm at the South?markets, ship news, iti r will be found among our telegraphic despatch* below. j Tike Democratic Mas* Convention at Syr cUnion Perfected. i Stsacuse, September 14, 1849 The Mm Convention of both the barnburner a f tbs old bunker democracy assembled at ths Bapt J Church tbls morning. r W?d?worth Livingston was appointed President, a i A. Thorns (of Rensrelaer) Senrstary, temporarily. 1 There was a good attendance, ths building be I i nearly filled. Among those present. we noticed Jo 1 Van liuren, Preston King, Gen Robert B. Temple, ' 11. Vau Dyke, and other prominent men. , The prospects of a anion are highly favorable. 1 SECOND DESPATCH. 11_P M The Democratic Mum Convention bare adjourn 5 sine die? after ratifying tile " union tlck?t " nomii tiona and adopting resolutions embodying the sens* I thnte wbieb passed the recent Conventions at L't 1 and tbla place. , The leaders regar* the coalition an complete ; a * tbe " party " Feporatel with good feeling* and mi confidence of success iu the approaching contest w ' their ancient foes. i The State Fair being over and the politicians g< I homeward, our city is beginning to assume its us 1 quiet aspect. B Pomologlcal Convention. Svraccsk, September 14?P. V The Pomological (fruit growers) Convention, ^ . been in session to-day at Market Hall. Mr. Kennlc ' of Illinois, officiates as Ch&irinnn. About soventy d f gates were present. Lieut. Col. J. W. Brown, of ( I cinnnti. and policeman Charles Cook, cf your city, w . \ in tbe Convention. Floral Hall woe numerously f tended last night. a The Klectlon In Alain*. ? Portland, September 14, 184 e The .Qdrtrtittr, of this morning, says that the re y of the late election is still doubtful. The democ: will probably have a small majority in the Hou , while tbe Senate, It is believed, will stand 16 whig i, 11 democrats. It la most likely that Hubbard, democratic candidate for Governor, has been elt< jj by the people. 8 Supposed Kidnapping of a Woman. 0 Sr Louis, September 14, 184! Considerable excitement ha* been created her< '* the sadden disappearance, on Wednesday last, of 9 t Matton, who ! supposed to have been kidnapped, o d tome way foully dealt with. Articles of her clotl were found yesterday, near tbe Medical College j conrequeuce of which, a mob collected around >g place, and continued there marly all night. The " lege building was carefully searched by the author! * but there was nothing found to strengthen the su ie cions tbat bad been excited against the estublishm Tbe mob were restrained from doing any mischief tbe authorities. v Shipment ot California Gold to Ungln on Amrrlcau Account, &f. Boston, September 14, 184 A letter dated at Oahu on the 24th of June ?t tbut tliu Lnglish frigate raudora sailed from tho Si wirh Island* recently, tor England, with consider ? California gold oo American account-there beinj direct couveyancu to the United Stute*. Grid *ti quoted at the Sandwich Island?, at f $10 CO per ounce The K<julno<tlal Stoira at New Orlea Nr.w Ouliins. September 14, 184 The ?((ulnoetial storm ha* been raging for ?ev daje. with heavy galr* Several vcareU in the < bc.Te been rompelkd to put back int* port ; and : feared that tbe chipping In the harbor will not em ttriou* damage. ^ Fatal llallroad Accident* ^ Boston, September 14,134 Ami* Kulrbankt, a highly respectable boot and i dealer, of Merchanta' How, waa crushed to deatl the I Itchburg Railroad, at Sumerrille, this mornin >7 Death of Captuln Howard* St. Louis, September 13,184 Captain John Howard died last evening, lu co * 1 quenen of the wounds be received from Oeor??S Li 14 down a short time *30. [l.ansdown, It will be rem L* bind thot llowatd vhile the latter wa* eonver '' i with the wife rf Ihe former, in a store J A po$l vto | examination was mails, and a ball found to have loil ? jutbeiplte. A Coroner'a Jury have returned a diet of 'wilful murder" agaln*t I ansdown, who i Howard wa* burled at Klorli-ant cemetery Is ie Arrtal for I*oia??t>lnff. >r Sr. I.ovt*. September 14,1841 A nan earned Bernard Seller waa arrcatud la a city, jistnday on the charge of poisoalnfj his wife ,r child (who are ?i t ipented to reeovxr.) with arten '* Itirt itrilai Imii and Mniili r In Nt, I,out * Sr. Loui*, September 14, 1841 Two attempt* wrre niudeyesterday to blow up Sml |* Urge flcorlrg mllle. but wlthunt ?urc???. r ...... I ..! rt ...I _ i. | . ?? < M.KUWiai ?"'? 111 Ul <l"l , K ' ! fiu.c, ItUd U?t ; I Hit Ohio Hirer. ? Ctf? ifmTl, 9?pt?mb*r II, lSlfl 'j Tka flrilh of water In the Ohio, at thU jiacn ] iliwlj dicriiiln#. f W rtlbtr bikI Public llralili In It. Lot flr It' ll, 8-Umber II. 1841 ) I 1h? wrutlur In cool and bracing, atid tha tit/ go | Mil) health/. llinltli of Cincinnati. I I i'iumti, P<-pt*mb?r 14, UN ' "1 h* lotiTTr.m.t0 *Ii'lo* tb? tiro we- UK ending J- *1 , day b?\e cuoib<rtd 1C1 27 of which wera ca*M diatk t; tbcltia. _ The Ruutlirrn ."lull. DiLtmniii, Ikptwlwr !(-( f M ? Tha Rnuthcm Mall ba< bem i>??*Iti ,l%er?, bill , dtfp cot ruUaiu aii/ thing of *p<ct*l Int rant or I ; pottanra. __ llarbt'U, Ac. N?? dm km. Vpinnlnr ll-M A. M Thi F nx( , a?* a^?lrf? hare b?ni ??t?el bar-; ell wl.ti-h. 'to fctltaof ration har? ob?r<i <1 hania at I pr'.of. YJdllcg lair, oI lha crop, laqtutal 11 IP,* B ruin. Rapt. 14?(tr M Receipt* ?lnaa yr?trrdajr? Flour, V OiHI bbl? ; wh? f 11 i n lib.It oorn. iv i o 1 hire la a fair il'tnn Inr Wtiim f,. nr. anil priori ara wf but ra?t?r charge. tli* ale* ar* SOW) br.rr?-l? in -tly ooiaa % li blaaa. at $4 t-V lor nhrtt tbera la but IIttIn quiry tha ralm not eioirdiag 2.1M0 bu?h?la, illHt t lor < bin < i.'d I lo lair rrqunl, an.I ? nntlea aa of IMl bu?bela. lr.cmdlD| flat yellow at 4* a 4l?e 1 fat- ah'nt 4 Ot'O bu?hel? cbamM han-li at 80J< tiiii-k*} ik < m *.? . ?hi> fair buniao**. frilgLu ib?t? ia nttki?| new. Aiaorr, *?p*. 14?* P M R?c*lf>!ii Mnra y??t?rday K1aar.ll 0U0 barr?l?; wb* ?? ?*; rnrn. 'iX.rtV Thff# la a k ?d bn<lna?* d"tng fl> ar kut tbara ar# n ra iban bit??r? at the < pttoi-x 1 ba or.< ration* t?4M *r?'iw*) barral* at t< r r< tiimoa 8ta?? anl Maatrrn; ? % a fA V."< I itmljht d? l?4 fA a fft 44 fir pnr- (l*oa<i T>?-r? w?ra alan ?a1?* of ft PfiO b*rr?l? atraijrht bmoi d?tl??r?il h? fnr? lb'- ?l?a nf ra?l<at1n ? about % I ' Tbr m?r*?t forwb?at l? ?trady an 1 firm, with aa i.f 2 f i 0 ).n. V ? | i at f 1 t* i >-n l? lowar, ai 111 W.U baibi la w#r* dl-poaad of Mfji for at?ad. bl^lag l*ialll|*nw. indi r-tnp, ??pt tj. Arrlrtd?Vft'H**, ?t?am??> Oaiai-f, I'mlaMr'ni * Fni|t??ii\ S>? ^ rt<i If ta '>avr,.<*na. * ; arhrt L?n,?a, d II Ik Mah'taa.r, I'kiladi 1 |l.ia. Biafon, Safit II. Arr1?M-*Mr? Srlf lb, Ll?trt<w|, A?t 'h |orn,UM< ; \y IT Tia I t?nf>->al, M 8?vt 10; lUaaihal. Pn?>, N? I 111. 1 f< >i V I'aa ir, i.lalfw. Anill-'itllh.lallUKIrafll 1 tirl Hj|>?nci . 1.1 ?ajrw, f?r N<? V?rrhi l?f ta*'. lai ? ?, If 4.'. St 1?? (7 4H, it j Jim**, Bn?to?. Rrikt Ao?>tl?, |J|ma w, la iilt, <lif?irf, tn<l A !?' * Rntir Pt ' ?? Ht)g I ? 0?rd?r??, TZ4 nH?tnft ?>riR Hai4*t, for Mi l?r MI r?n i ?jr. tl ? niily Amrrlrnn. Htlr* Nnftb Altaann rl? PrnrtfCtiTn: J?mi Cui t j, I hirlM linn, ??:(?!. I.'.nii, Al lnnt?. n.<i J?n?. firfhil'lMlt: tahrt Olirar, ?n A1 : Abb A t'arkir, Nnrfclli. A lit* *?<?n>?t Sally Ann. KrtdiitVear. Sarnh A? I <1 1'inllltl, Wllla. Friend, Wlll?iir?tOB, l?r 1; Irl .hi. Prl???r? cut: HtrtnT. Oib?* anil I mnirr, Ml ?,.j; Or ?di J ' '"'trf Ik O unit -wl. Vor*. < IrBwrf??Mf 0l??w. T"1|? Pur * *!', 1 Oil??i ?; *ar?> * !< , I-Btt npsiBi ? > ?, Herat*; h I'n >' i In. t kilcti l| t i? F<iari.? ?i), S.j.t |i. Ar'lr>#-*? > ?tr i\ N?? Tnrk, trig Calruua, Cml?n?i xi?f K^r?l, hi ? T?M. Pit r 9, >rrW?^-Mii* All ?k?B]r, no* Wm l>aap >'i.ila<*inMa try l l?*k, )nk. Cl< .ri^? i ilir > ilarlln*. Kr? I|R')I0?I>, trpl 13. Artlrrtf- ?. > r? V< iff, -nil E r<t?-r?on, i'hila l< Ip-na. f Mf C e?r\ ln<!tan I'Mil. * 0 r?i AM, *?pl Ifl Ar?l?ril--M??f ?arali. Tnrfc. tuk>4~ liti' Ml na?. K?? Vwti *rfr H.rp BalUm-n-. 1 Iidaabtoww, 8*ftn. Arltid- *loor Ilect, New York f r "antaokei. Bailed? 12th, tekr Sums, from New V?r> tar Naatuckat. . P OVMIK1CK, S?pt 13. % Arrived?Scl.ri I/glilut, Biltiaon; *muni, PUlMtl- I !? llvoPa Ouilf?rd, Albany; P B Uaakiu, ui Motto, New 1 Nrwpo??. 8?pH\ no Arrived?S'hr Horatio Asm. New York f?r Wuikta; 13th*. (loop Aun B Hblmia, do for Fall Kir. r. K5 8., City Intelligence. ISj ro?t Orric* Rohulut ?We learn that on* of ttM mail* from Geneva to this city, forwarded on th* Utb iui-t . ba* been robbed, and there I* little doubt that * th* whol* nail he* been stolen Yoaterday Mrnlif, Mr 9oyd. of the Dispatch Poet, fonnd 1b two of hll> box**. in th* upper part of the city, (one on the ooraoc nJ of Charles and Fourth *treet*. nod the other on tho ''' corner of Waverly Place and Sixth Av*nu*,) a nwnb?C of letter*. addressed to parti** in thi* oity, which had nd been mailed in Geneva I.yon* Peno Yan. and Clydo, on th* 11th lost , and all of which had b*?n opened. Kroni one of these letter* $W> had been extracted, but >D* a draft for $825 wan left untouched (a* it could not bo J hn u??d with tafety). Mr. Brady the Postmaster of thi* U# city, ha* taken prompt m?-usure* with a Tlew to deteot the thief, wbioh. it U hoped, may be ucoMsful. RiiLtoiD Ac? inr.iT?About eight o'clock laat *v?- B nicg. a boy, about twelve year* of ag*, was knocked tfl down aiid seriously injured by the New Haren train of 1. B car* at the corner of 27th street and 4th avenuo. Tho I unfrrtunate child *?? conveyed immediately to Mr. *< Kilter's new h< tel on the c>ruer. and was -promptly ita- attended by Doctors Varhe f'a-tl* and Dods, who for- I , tuuately were in the neighborhood at the tim*. Tho I loft named gentleman procured a vehlole and had tho little sufferer conveyed home to 30th street, whore ho I continued hi* attendance oi him If pr-^?r care had I j bi en um d, this aoehleot. which almost miraculously i was not fatal, would bare been avoided. It is the ens >oh fiin for the engine to be cu> off from the train, when it I 1th is within bait a n lie <>r co of the depot, and to allow 4 tbe car* to r?ach it by the impetus Riven to them by the locomotive. The train proceeds rapidly, and ia I )ne not checked until it Is within a few yards of the depot. ual Making but. very little noise and there b?ing no light, it is not perceived and 'he wonder is. that soma seri ous accident has not. tak*n pinna there before thi* Wo trui?t that due precautions will be taken In futur*. If | . there are not, the company will no doubt saner in damages. ^as I StmoL'9 Accident, or Fall or the Laikjeit Ma? o* utt New Yoke Islamj ? Yesterday afterneon. about four ele- o'clock. Mr. Griffin who formerly kept a chop house in Hudson street but in now the keeper of a hotel in York! Tille was driving down Chamber* street in agon, *hen rere one of the wheel* cunie in contaat with a heap of rubj bi.-h. and the vehicle upset, dashing Mr. Griffin vttb i great vi< lence to tile ground He was rendered altJo**; ] insensible hy the fall, and bled profusely from a frlj-X. j ful gash In bla heail He wan not able to walk -r ?;er? i stand aud it wan with great difficulty he could be gol ' i into the wagon which it required fix men to accom- 4 suit plisb, from his initio n-? weight Medical uid was callrats e(' in, but it was a full hour before tne bleeding e^uld i be Kt"p| ed. Ho would not consent to go to a hospital, ise i or stop anywhere lu the olty lie must, he said, go s to home. The doctor who ai tended hira. U apprehensive the ofgnat danger t.i his lite, not only from the wounl in his bead hut from some internal part batng injured by stod the Feveiity of the fail, owing to the great weight of Mr. Griffin and the fact of bin haviug bjen thrown from a hlgh-sprlnged wagon He is upwards of 3 c?t.or33?) pounds? ceitalnly the largest man cn New York Island. Si'icinr bv H??i;inu.'The Coroner, yesterday, held i by nn inquest at the h ssox Market prison, on the body o' ilrs J*nies O'Hare. aged44years, horn in Ireland, who name to hi? death hy hanging himself In one of the cells It >r in rpp?ar? ?be declared w*? a man of intemperate habit* ling which had cati-ed a temporary derangement of mind, . j ; and while in one of those fits, he threatened, two weeks ' ago, to rheet him*?lf with a gun. but the gun Biased the tire; he has since threatened to stab bis wile, aa-i she, Col- fearful tha' he would entry his threat into execution, ties made a complaint before Justice O-b.irne, aud the de"i l ceased was arrested and locked up in one of the cells. ?pl- Yesterday morning, on Mr Deputy Cooper opening the ent. I cell door, he discovered the decased suspended by the b pt ck to cue of his suspender*. mad" fast to the grating. ' * Medical aid was procured, hut In rain, as the man wu i d?ad. Verdict arcoidlug to tbe above fi.ct i. The de - j - I c< used kept a hardware store, and has lef& a wife and fcur children. Uhknoww Mas Dsowsm.?The Coroner, yesterday-, 0. held an jlquett at the I. or. ft lleach stroet, on tho body ate* I an unkrown eolorcd man, found floating In tha river at the foot of tbut stnet The deceased was about ind- 26 3 ears cf age, dressed In a bluo shirt, woollen vest, , able at d grey ratlnet pants. The t.ody was very much de. n0 c<nj|ofed. apparently having been over t?o >ccks in I the* attr. Verdict?" Dtath by drowning " : Fimi ? An alarm of Are. ab<nt 10 o'clock la*t nlglit rr.llid out all tbe Ore i < mpanies in tho lower part of j the city, and they rushed past our oC;ce In search of the Hit at a tr* mention* rate It au in Inha a: ins. brmw i I'd in th? drugftimi of Mr Da?ia. JOCMloued 19. by the buretlng of * of vl'rli 1 The tl'.uiei w.-ro extlngubhed without the aid of the entires and this J. firemen returned to their home'' with dry jacket*. rJulf \v l.ile the firemen wi re ntt< tiding to thu *1))vu, there it 1? * * another call for tbiir *ervlce? in Cuntr.i rtreet. ocr*f|pr.> d by the bnrntlng of a < ampliine lamp l.lttln dsn Hue ?n dine by thUi uecldcat, thu fire being put ' cot iniu.i Jiat. !y. l'*riiun to Sen ants ? Notwithstanding repeated ? warrltg* ft< m the eiploslon of eampbena, through earth siiieta, aceldrnt* ate n utioually rccnrrin* fr"nt boa the miii c raun' nrui'irg > Itber lu lo?a i>l life, or lu dlsi on fgorlrg the body i >u Thur?day evening wiiileaserrent in the eniplojn oi t i f Arthur loiie,<. ftM Yarlck ?t , w.ii i fillirg a light* d raini;h? nn lamp. thu gaa ignitej, an I j let fie t<> her elnlbee burning hrr eery severely. Ik y<\? with rci l<li-rat!:' diUiculty her life was tae*?d. J Phi *11 With at V(ii.-W? recilred the full jwlnjf, j me- ti>e other day:? tl ,nl^ ! Nrw fa-*, Sjptombar 13,184*. ! Ma Ja? OoKt'oy BmnaTT:? ?m" Draa Sik 1 e*rd you a specimen of bread, prepared ding by ire, without yi *t, or fermentation In the lca?t. In ihm II" ci-k.pi niliuii H.i le is nothing but pur* flour, table rait, aid < rot in ?otir. the islt buux formed while hiradirgtliH di ugh, thu* ptoduclng its li^btn'i.1 By Ter- t! ?? prt i fM the Mhi>:?of tbi> latch.I lut | art of thn n in floi.ri* preferred and part of tbr gluten It Is light ?i.l WHWW, Ji/U wfU l ml, and p .- ' --iniaU lha advantage* of fere er.ted brea4; eon*.jU"U'ly, a mora nutntl' u* article of bttad than tbat pi.>Curt 4 by feri bi t'taiii n. Do m<' the fator to try it and If worthy of ). a t. tier In your (ap*?r. plea.*? be k^nd enough tugiee It. tliin 1 bore p? rsor* HUfleimg with ilysp?p*U or louigerftion ean eat it. al.en Oiuietited bread w.'uid produce* and bkuiea rn the *t* mi.rh lo. I I am, r*?peetfu!ly, years 4c., crt \?I,KS J. II \KKItl, S.f Dey street. I. P S ? I M*o tend you a few Abeructliy bruits. pre, p*r<d with' ut yiet or l< rn i-tiiaUon, a<-c< riliag to the ^ recipe c# the late Pr. Ab*rnethy. C. J. H. th'a r haTe tried b??tli rptciarun, and pron >uuoe tUum flr?t tata.?Ed. Herald. j rera ' I'ollir Iii<ollt|g?n?#. | CAxrgr fj .trum m Me t'irtt Ihgrre.? Officer Prloeo i John Ua?i?, arreeted. lakt evenlug a man by the nam* l ' of (ieorpe M'il.on on a warrant l??qed by Ju<tlR? Vctiia'h wherein he standi rbarg?d araon In the i t?l I .it diglee. U e haee bi t. at je:. *^?n tlie atildaelt* In the ci inplaiot but we ui.o?r?' and that the eridence lu the ran- prtduciO at p'riwat la of the utrnugait tla* character t' n !. ?, < the gutlt i.f tti. ee<-u-*d i . \v 11?. n aaa detained In the pollea *tat:oo boqae. aa>l will lhl? Uiurdiug bu bruuglit before tb? u?{ii<lrate for ne- ? I. ai It g. I SiKffUr C?M? Prut.aU' fniitnffjf ?Ve?terla? mnmI It g a > ung man a <>eru<au by birth. *i> l?d nj on the ' rillf idpallce. Aid irijimtei to ?urri ade- t im>?if to the i ' pvtilc adtbi-tuiea a* lie wa? la'lguwil ami >i'<?hle to obtuiualitng (' rt t. f *?< ! bim l'?r < '*t T? i?on hi> tfaUvaied litin'eit tutu the baud* tif jmti^n, anit what l of ci n e be ?( guilty i.l pi rpn rating. I (i ? man then j ?al<t hie I ??" ?m I. barlee ute'er. end had fceen about tao ). ar? in iki* nopwtry. end for tb? i*?t year be had | b?iii inidiagat MMbeild. working a* a rennet maker, I | fur Vi t M-iii i iek fctall eud that ab ut<'week* kg>> ' he let f,r? to the ee pen tern1 i lv p b>'lM .log to Mr. ' t M?l] Ituali d in Man etreet. I'll" h" >. h" 'ait. in it?- kmi.*d ut.ei / In r the* he i'.r*d Riauta ah ml tw* | bill* * tn.iu Hoeheaier. and llkewiaa a barn, and ?nba?OuaLtiy a lun>ber jar.i corner ?f North and Franklin I *lr?et?. After c.'ii lulitinc the?e depreiia<t,in*. heaiat'a be it i.i* a i *lr 11 I i> an I aaa t lien, h? the a ilii iica Hutl H ? b?-? er, at t<> ?'ie poo. hog ?hi (? plac , 'all ke ia)i. tbey d?l?. ttd him In n>ttlr( Bra to one of thi at ""' ' """ n ?f ih-i tuV'ti, put in rl > e n'n , liii bt. aort banuei fliil but na^egad lo make hl<eaea|>e, and h ith I lie *' : fit ? ?,. i* 1.1" - ? k - 1 ? ? 11 nTf snnr*fi| t'TI, H Ht, and m?d? h!? ?ay toibiacllj by r?>tmad}aad ?,?at?h at, H nrj and artiri .1 )*?ivida? ?<?r (? ?*t r-*a purp"?? m (?<r( H -)a| back to hi* natl??laal hut al'h'Ult in<) in I'*;. frirnO, ??.'!. 1" di?li art?n?.i and to. i ?!? )> up bm mind in t ?rr?nd?r him"?lf op to Jmtl'#, H T.l.lnn- (! i - i th? ?'iTf to th<t H !?? Ibl* ilt'idtriiw; apfiaartd to h- -?? nncxn- H Id cion. fur a triu.lrai In rMil?n hl? d pr.'latl' n?. that H l(. 11 . it .I twi i ' "-l r?rtainl? h? m?an?; ha H |n ?a>, tbarrlurr tahrn into auttodv. and ? to I Itl.a li.mbf and <ouimiilrd If thin ?n?a ahnald k* I 1b u. ! it.ii Il '.-o'v A H?n< iif. (>?. '<n Xf> It H large. |>?.? ?< ( ? li? 4i*? lrn.1. h ? o?n tatrniltl, I lh?- i ania lot bring U'l '????, aid It n.ay I.a p ?.ihla H " thai I i' hf r ?| 'I ?ir?a?l> r oqi ?i tno Inn ti? %*ylotn. H ,. 8. Uinf 0*???r I ??<? -i<flla> r Wont n| th? M ward, H ? arroUd * *? kt tk? mm ?< \l?*r? 4pn- H 'T fi r. ahui th* "Wit I mad la ' 'I ?t? !, H p. ddimg i.h??!?ii? Juatlca VaWrata rianntltci *' tbv ae?u>?4 for trial H w IMM m (* > NWI 1 ?fllo?T? BaW and On*. '! liil if the Aih aard, arraai.d t<*n in-n ' ' rati* d l barlr* V ??lr and I bniaaa Wlillaia*. hi * H tf iley i?MI? tu a liiur* en ll.? ?'? ? Potnta. Mc'.rath B I' ekiil i.i?m ip Kir afurtkrr brar la m " THE WGtKLY HERALD. I ORB lVEtks HISTORY (IF TilE WWLft. J ? * Th? ir,.i 'v ItM ?iil ' -v(| at 1 o'clock I tkU it(riilng. It will ! a f.llid aitb talual.l' aad li- I ' |imll|| matter. ?n<-h a* I ha ???? from California tfl ami foroja Anrr.nd In a liat of l'.? I CX)*TIU?Ti l I Opa K!onth'?< r IbtnUitMMi* frntn f'aitfornla awl I d tha I'acll ' tci . lv?.| I.; ih? k.tnpira i Ity ; Imp rtm H I'crtlgn Ni aa. htoughi h? iho Kumpa. a mtaiitiait fall I r" pat I rularn of I b? l.anfartaa Krama ; liriwMn* la- H k' if... nr?. frioi It Ui?? inllf* an'l -ifh I r?r? cd hy iba Utnl *'a?t?ra ; rre?"ii?tla? * S? III I *. || A T \V..t r f'< n.i ll?f to th? i r inn Wa'?r W , N.? . I rut r.f thf AfWif Mar* kl)>lw | > ?M ?'Ar?t.! ? ? nf na r#t , t?|>dili<ni I hi- I hr.m-Ti'd H*i*|ii'I -i tn ?'i h? ii i . ii v l,? l??i - fr - i ur ! ' n'hrf i ' - i i I I . I I*- - - - i I il? Nf?-? ? rw | : il>U ai I I , I h? Ivi l"? M th Ol 1 Hni)t?f? a *4 latitkiut mil , 1 S? Mint* ? ilr ?? Syraru ; I ? I ' I 11 ? ilit. i i.. ? I h???Mc?l a I I ..<?( \r.<t: i imii.. i. ai and '.!. ii >i " -rnr J? , and Tart-ty f rtfrr Mtr#?'|i nrnua .Vatlar. Mt?'i? < ?in ?rap|ir? raadjr frt Wltl!j pig* ? i ?a. Alaul Rdkiiitiiiliii, Tfcr.# iillara

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