Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 5581. THE EX-KING, LOUIS PHILIPPE. IITERE8TING AND CURIOUS COR *TERS ATIOM WITH A VISITER, EJCI.ATIVK TO Til* Treatment he Received from Hi* Ministers, and o: Ujc Slanders heaped upon Him. Tike Ex*KIh|'i Verilon of the llerolutlon of February. The Ordre publiahea very long but interesting ao ount of tbe t1*H of a Kreneh g> ntieiran. M L . t< the ei-King Louii Philippe. at! laremont In Novembei Ittl Tbe writer, aacordD* to the tranalation In Oa iigntnu't Mmntir ot the 24th ult alter |at*ttng thai he bad been iuduced to go to i.'lareinoDt by hi* anxiety to obtain correct Information respecting the heal'b of tbe royal family, and that [.out* i'bii'ppe. who had been lnfoiard of the visit, bad expreaatd a wlab to >m him prooceda a* follow#: I bad narcely tion* t? take >Hat,wb?n a door opened and tbe King appeared. Ilr held my card in bil hand nd. calling me by natee said' (.ood morning Monsieur L-??. I am told that tou have ccme to < lareuiont to Inquire about all out Si-Alt ha ; 1 thai.k yon for thin mark of Interest, and 1 am ceiuw inys. If to reply to you You are not In a bun y 1 ou have a quarter of an bour to (pare iao ' "1 atapeifsetly ir.a ter o* my time. and I shall be bapi y to place it at the dispo-al of your Majesty." " 1 thank yi u for your complaisance and I shall avail myself i f it. Sit down and let u? taiit 1 oeea-lonnlly are Krenchmen at d ParMans; but I naver aee enough of tbem. and it d^e* me g'><d wheo I can detain nuar Bie tor short time tho-e who atlll remember ui " "But, tire, tba number of those, I thiuk, la very great " " l)o you think an," he replied ?ltb a sorrowful air, SBd then, aa If wlihlBgto drive away a aad thought, )te added with a amile, ' But I forgot you were un<w>y *b< ut our be^ltli. \ "U have. 1b-n, read in the jourBale tl-at ac me accidenta have taken place ? I did not wWh tbat tbey almuld have uieDtion-d them it waa in ere rhaiioe; bad water, and nothing more " ' But your Mf\je?ty doea not appear to have been Ui; you are looking very well " " No ; I have tot been ill and I am almoat alone In tbat particular My children have aulfered a good deal, acd are atill suflerinn the tjueen la vonflued to her bed- but lor m>f?if, I have felt nothing of it. But It Ill bo mthidg and, wii h the h?-lp of <>od. everyone trill bo <,ait? *i II in a few .i?>? ThereU only du> I fear will not I* roto 4 d to u* " ' Otie of your Vl^ie?tv'* sons V 1 hastily demanded. " No, not a son ; hut very dear friend, for he hai keen found faithful in afitersity. poorVatout' He, kowevcr. do** not full froui an accident, but from an rgnaic oov< plaint " ' In thero. then n?. hope *" I atkcd. " None." caid the Kin*. endra?oring, hut In vain, to ??!>c*m1 the ttars wh.?-h were glistening In hi* eyes.? "He lit about to die Nr from ; ranee. Ah! to die in jlie it to suffrr a d<>uM? d*atb." Then, seeing the motion which he f* It wa* affecting me. the King udd?d, with a forced smile, " I do n it. however wieli you to come hero to be grieved; let us lay add* tboae {gloomy rubjecta of family and of Mends, and talk ol i'ranre " Sice." I replied, " Fraree is Hko a person at'aekcd With an incurable malady lie turn* about in his bed, wad endeavor* to alleviate hi* pain by seeking a frenh petition. 1 nlartuiiately nothing (rives relief. The position which appealed to btm good when he was not In It, appear* wretched when he ha* taken it; he gives It up. and again take* that, which he before found IntolerriHe, ai.d which he now fludt still wor?e." " Toor Frauce," said the King, and leanlog his f^ea, hat face of which old age and misfortunes bad out ?bangi d ibe fine lima which were ?o firmly and so CtroD(ily marked on hi* Land, be remained sl.cnt. Suddi nly. aa if be had citnpl?-t?d a thought which had onio over him, he said : " And what do f/u-y nay ol Bie T" " Of whom does jour Majesty speak ' of bis friends, r of bi<?I.tmiee f" ?''<ih ! my Lenne* ! I krow ?hat they think. and I are littlo about it but it Is the feelings of my friends which coTiCMn Wie " 1 heritwtrd to reply; the King perceived It, and tapping me on tfce kn<e with kind familiarity, raid : "Do you think that I do not know how to listen to ike truth * It ha* never plven me alarm and now, tnore that ever,! have aright to know It. Ooon, then , peek !" Well, tljen. "ire." I replied. " frankly, your frieada otrt.ialn that, in the month of February, you abandoned tie field too *ron " Tlie King started from his chuir with A vivacity ol which no Mtf could have eoncelvod hiiu capable at his ge, or d i-afd : " This i? twice ia twenty four hours that the aame reproach ?&* been ?n?de in n>e, Weil then, to you aa to 2 ... f who atrtved yest< rdav from Paris, and who weed (ho ??n e laugnag* to me I will reply?never was yn m< ii po uvi*n auMHi uuv iuniiv who m?Bt* ib ?rv liborist drvlut |in|"|l nn Th?? did not know tut utir; out' iirtt u.e. miiiirt'TB, firl-odf. irmili, r, ntd to me t 'If jeu yield. not drop of Jrench hU>< d will be ibid" They an< not aware that with that ?aroe exprmion I *u at flrnt 1btltieed to change the mitdHry : they do not kn"w th<t, by tLrinoe argument, my abdication wan ob'aloed. Could I, ) llglit I to ht'r ?! <? did. rently ' It wan repMwd'mI to ine tlmt ctvtl ?*r van al out to break oat; nil I d'4 rot *hk tontaui tin- crows at that pile*. I lb* t.atlenal guard* demand reform.and if VtfuiM'd, blood will be Mod not th? Mood of rioter* uutin<l at Ibe pr iiuolrr* of dieturbanra?but tha ?lo?d of the true pwipU of thr national guard, of the *orkn'rr utid hom-et mm ; to tbat rational puard to tbat pri fir ?f ?<>rknn n and of hoxeit man. who, whether I If.hi or wrong ?? know rot, duaud reform give reform' ! inlnietry and all wiUbecvar! There will Bot t-e'-Ten a ?bot (ired I then contented and gave rJirt fir tbe troot# to be withdrawn la order not to give a pretest tor a collision A* ?oon a* I had done ao every otie cried out?you iindirttund. mry on* ? that Insurrection no l,.nn r riiited and tha' In lean than a few hour* mini would be every wbrvv r#?tored. Such tan cot the rave They won eatne l ark tome, *T <1 ? d tint the rational miiir.l, etaeperated, would lonitir ha ratified with a I hivrn-llarrot MlnUtry ; that it wn4 My Bl>d ration that *ti neee??ary. They ddi (1 it l? tlU" iha' a trugjcle vai poaflhle, that victory would remain wlib the troop*, bfit that it woold Oft diar f'-r it am bo' only >u n. utr to he put down, but eltil *ar'Hat lnet eXure??1on w.n anough; I ?igl<d iry abdirati<<B ; I >li:o?dlt Ii. favor of niy urandj fi n and I did ?o wltlo ut i? fret I Iki n a-ked if thera <if atjj thligil i re,jili?u i.f n.e I *v told that. I ought to ili Clare the H*i(eticy of tha Duchea* of Orliai I n to 11 at time I had e<i?eit?d to all that u iI'Dai d ><f n.e, in the imtoe of tbe liiteltut of Kratica, 0or allfil at had h< eu a K il iai only an attack on my <*n >,-ht< . t?u' now that I wa? wi?'ied to attark tbe Iht I ri -Meti U bat jou rnjtilte of inr, I ta J i? illegal, at 'I I will not e"n?*ut to It.? A i'U Lite | a*- ed a reyeney hill, ta wliteh you have tflit IM |'.?m ?i 'w U?k? \ihioum. That, then, Miit<d >u audi ratified what yon bad d-ue. Now. tlmt hill n"? tui'^er ul'n you , and. without truUlBf jnlir-e'in ?< to what l? J??t or anjnat. yon *U In *1 Veil.i a?. | Will not i.fl-etit to tt I will *><t vu lett h law f r no or e .hull ev.*r have the noaer t? *) I Lk T. hi; Mtttf I t* r r.iHiMt I t*d any ft of ilhfckilty I I th* |)ui )>fik iif (irl'tm, I know, M'ir llun any one and I appreefata th* eminent *iu?l iim with ?kirh klir la *uilix?il; bat to rtiw h?r to the rrt- n?y ? I tfii.M he ? i-'. il .mil I will not do that 1'tiey ill I t I ii i?t | ? >??> aga'n put th* ?|i? lioo, whether a>yf<ilther mrrinow waa *ip?f t~d ftot.i m>. it - iu utf Ufi.iiiilhF,! t? th* numitrf Vnnr #?iln?tTi' i.l ' I ??- iwttM ' > fail II I r*>lrr ' I ' will ill l?* >1" 'AH '?Mll>i> "I'ly :' tha Na"oual (junto *nl tk>lii'?l?M tfini>n tbr Urtirti'n.' 1 \ni Biy f rand?onr, ar.O will not lunar toy 4irirr ; ytll *111 IWitt'w lir tl>?t M ' N on * ' I then J*!!!'!1 t"1 hei | y l# thue p'e?*nt th* rffn-lon of ?> n< li l?!o< J. i, *lr. t* h? m tad why I Irft ; that it wty I ihafdoitij th* ftald m y u <>?ll It At to the; a will' kttr t<D'? ? In my <|epar'nr. . I 4n :ibt r< a>| r?)>> nd tlx tn . and what other Dintifi I Ark rtMtrt I liate l>a<t T fr* (.an.jihletei r? aoma n? l<ir ip'tr it i>y Ira'. Iliat they 014 f t |rll< tii ilitl thay talk'd of No; thru l? noon* In Vr?rr. t.o i nr la I u" p?. rot rtm arorr-t piy moat kltlrr ratal"*. nk< < an WltrV* ! r a a>om*nt, that I * It at* fmr on Ah* 24 It Krbrtiary. AoJ of whoa b< ti if i I an been afraid * Kbn> wan tb? danger ! * |>Mti ' It any ? ?' '*tl I drelara to jimi tbat I aaw aor? at d if | h .d ? It tt w.nld n t. hare mad* nt* law lark Uar<mi ! but I r.-e anourtumed to It. I liarr fared it n?ar ??arf omm la Vianet know* bow I fcer It " Aa a k'l ralr*. that ta wall known It la know* tL>. l-aiia ha* a on re t ban on? ? w liiat I* I paat your r?ti wulnut ranaiaj; you to tuiti pain?wubout your aJmljakif ? ?{ f>m4 haont! *?er taile.l )i u " "Mm- i""i ?a;i| hta tnajrtfy, I*' n? not apeak ol t&at la kiaora, n ur?v*? i? > lomaB a ?lrtu? that ft aotilil f* ba.i ta?f* t<< hat of pi?to>*!n( tt It la t t.r'y If at I ronid liar* h >n repim-hed with I a>li<r I*-. n ?ant,iiK m it ai < I ?!<? . theremra n-?er b?? n at?r.?d by thai p ir? ralumny It la with that, aa with many nthafa, wbl"h hara )|*>.| at uiy teat wllhiit I at iti? ap al ia t. r. a. I, at.her toy tii ait or my CtiDlt i ?l rr ?ti > ity, rlra Will do } o? joatiaa.'* " 'I hat ?lr, la a kii'd aaprea-i 'ti .if y .ttr?. and It l? a iittla o tii la.H-n to ma *or If I muat be pandld alih jiti My ?fr?tiar nnafott.iin? ha? he?n not the |..m of a tht'ti". n't ??? tila hut tna lua< ilealaahla ?llr?i>i whl 'h l>?a l??a ?b. t ??d hy lb' -a <r? - o.,p| j ha ra ?nlil tnneh tn my 4'lrtra W i an I a aa In f 'War I ?|i l.U_i <h. na >ia t*-? Iriat 'K of f.liroBean beaee WW If job t"te n i I n*i" th-(? Boulfl b~m>uia of to* of tS?? aoild" V boo ?urh iriU war* ?itdrt-r || l'< D|> 11|??? a -nnla of itipradulity tMn* i n< !> ?' I I a 4 'Kit ?? < mitria tiMini in B.B* ?m h t t>-a?> I. ml that "I H * trai-^mlli If <>f 1 ba *ntM anil i aul to ixj m if rii??* a. i:an r ai* t frl>'Od< alio aian'talr Ilia (art ?hirh I ,B' u'd tiara tu the main Im-iiu' "f tfi. a>n-ral p*a> Will, IHn. th? '1J wlirn that Matt ft lira at'tii" f a?aiM*f>n? to iruih ih. "Jaj ahan try tkft.? nin.Mtnp IBto ?lnat. Ida raaola UutlT) tfaa.a -it<irf. |>I^ hr. t- nt fiom nna >-n.l "f Kit tofia la it othar tu I oBibardt la "Mali* at Ron* \t?ro* tttllk, > it - ir h ami in Hiin|ti; thara *a? an1 " nu?, a til . ant una II. a*k * i I tliai oian ?h"ia "i ara atx nt In m Hi hi to #la In aill?- wb? h? not In ltii?'i''il tn tt tt untxr ai -p-r\ij whtah hai |i"i' to an tninji a a rn<a Jo?t at ?ha m mini nan Ml * Wa- tt>ar? dm- b M? n.-ttnir I Wi ld i>i artliti ?i f I rtfr?t aor a oaaaalr la pn?"tin(ii< th?.c <a I i.i.t-ihi- ii fit who ha aTl ?t t> -?if t.' k?- ( Tt#-.' aaay h? th? aarmih hit taaJtxif, reaa Ina kl? ahalr, aa l fM>d a; and doai E NE the IVrary. appearing to forget that there >u any o present to witneer thin outpouring a* It were of I whole eonl I looked ?|th wtonUhnipot on that mi with a gait fo vigorous end so etrong. of whom the i dicel j< ureal* bad for the lajt ten y?ars been ujli 'The king i? getting old the kinc U old, the klug dying !" I ad nil red the energy of that lr?u bodj, t lliBinen of that ?ihr?'lDi yolce, the vivacity of th? fleet urea. It npptara d that my countenance espreiui > the ?urp?i?e that I kit, for the king, stopping Ui fro of me. raid : " Vnu appear not to b*ve heard what I Mid. Wb are jru thiiiking uf ?" i " I wen thinking. ?lr that your Majesty had al many yearn of bapplneea to give to the Krench peopli " 1 he t rench." replied hia M^jeety with a ami , "think little of happlneaa; they are ?o Athenian tt f they are tired ot being atyled tbe happy peopleAthena ?a? tir< d of bearing Arl-ttide* called the J lint The king, fearing no doubt that I ahould take hie t relation an aerloua. Immediately asuumed hia aai ! gravity, and all ting down beMdea me continued: ' I have, jerhape. the rtgbt to accuiie my friend", or KMimMH a ir umnng ao many r renon ana lurci journal*, which when I wan kt: % pr. claimed ma the Napoleon of peace. not on*- ??i found. after I fell to proclaim that tbin fall wa? unmei ited to i*ay th I had loved my ci untry. and that I had rendere4 h < lne (HTlrfj but I bare no right to irrura the l>'r?n people. 1 bey raw m? tall, and remained indifferent Ihey raw air flce.aud were not moved at my departu; *1 be learou i? clrar For eighteen ytarg they ba4 bn taught toderpire. todett Ft the personification of autl rity- that rafegnard of the penple ' During elgbte jearn. tbey had been told iu etery term by the jot tain, that the king war> alining recapitulation of ere vice; that the king wax an nvHricious and very mNei man ia whore word and deed no reliance could plactd; that If the luflt-riig claM?* were refu-ed t an.elioia'iona tbey r? quired. It wu because the poll ot the king wan narrow minded, grinding, and pi onal policy; because be bad a pittlleat and ba heart When Augustus had drunk. Poland wu It biia'ed !' " 1 hue when thin egotlet ri funcd to draw the *wo apain.t tbe Trench, to defend thecro*n which t 1-retrb people had given him; when be denceuded. n without a noble tentlment. tbe throne to which eigl et n yur? before, be bad been rained by acolaoiaui the pei pie thought that Krauce was about to breat more freely All our evila are about to oeaee, t kit g, that l* to eay, vice despotism tbe misfortunes the people, tbe shame of tbe eountry, the authurll ate about to quit; tbe authority, that pestilence el tiallrert to the antipathy of all France a? morn drea ful than dreaded-authority in going ' all is over , And. once more, the people were right In thua epea li *. whm tbey helped to tbe overthrow of that kij wb< m all attacki d nnd none have ever defended. 1 ' Alli w toe. Sire, to recall to your Majesty. that many caret his lriend* bis minister*, defended him the ji uitals. the tribune." ' They defend me, ray yon T?Yea lometliaea j Jmma rti jwiatrl occasionally . . . But thorough eriourly, never ! My minister* thought only of savi the portlolloa confided to then; hut, they bed nei t;n e to defend the popularity, the dignity the hon of the king. Kn m the very commencement of i reign certain accusation* were made aguluel me whia with a word, might have been related, but they ba Ten allied unanrweied and thus have become iltt Jm . | un uviyhi I will Mention fculy one, tbe history ot t I J'trgt anme nf Mr Hotel Jr I'tlit. How often have t joimals declared : ' Ah I If tbe King had but remain i ialthlul to tbu I'i o/pammr ?t tht Hutrl dt fin ! France waa deceived tbe day wnen tbe King swore 1 tte l'i?iramvie ?J ikt HOltl <it Villt. Had this pi ' gramme been eb?erved, all would have been for t beet. But the king baa repented, baring adopted It a n on eLt when be would have promised everythii wbi n he would have accepted all, to obtain tbe rig to tl-e tl r >ne, the object ef hie ambition.' Well! t truth ie. 1 arcended tbe tbrone with repugnance, wi I a kind ot presentiment of tbe future, and it waa on I the ntr<alie?. tl e player* ot all those in whom I i lied, who perruadt a me I war tbe only maa who cou aave tbe country from the bcrrora of anarchy, wbi I I'ktl.I ll II.*' Il il A _ ... ll.- ~ .... II.. dr I'tllc. I hiu never violated It. aud that for a ve plain riKou tbut It vu imporeibie to violate mh ttlil elblril." ' W bat !" mill !, " the Programme tf tk* Ilulrl Villt never cileted '? " Never wan kir reply. " V bat. bc ennicDtluDi wero made by the nlorty-o deputies who went to tbe Hotel dr V lilt , to offer t j Lieutenancy Oeneral to the Duke of Orleans ?" 1 I "Conventions? Nona Cauventlonr. Indeed! Tb I bad something ?lxe to think about, truly! 1 *m o jet Kii jt. ana I ?ia alrtudy tuiroubacil by eourtUi , As to ?hat parted at tbe Hotel de Viile, I w ; urate all to job : M. Viennet read oter again tbe <1 > delation ol tbe Ckamber of Deputies. ahicb I bad I r?ad) beaid ai>d approved ot i?t tbe Calais itojal I replied in a few wolds given In tbe Murnleur. that deplored tba eflusioa el blood,' and tbat wan all." " But tbe expreinlon of Latayetle, ' Sire, you will I tbe belt ot Ke| ubllcs !'" I kiK wai i>ot raid at tbe Hotel de Villa ; but a we pi?vn uelj at tbe I alair l;e>al and far Irom leaving witbi ui n ply. I immediately added: Not tliu bert < republic* lor tbe very b*?t i* good tor nothing. ' We tin n,' adu?d (> aeral Lalayetie, a monarchy aurrouu d bj republican Institution* *' Ah! Vee! eatd I, nxnarcLy, >ui rounded by republican Inrtltution*, ! approve of a tupublio! No! la all thle, pray, whu IU iho progikBDie!" " I ice none. Indeed," replied I; "but, aire, why, dt Ing tbe eighteen ji air of )?.ur Mejerly ' reign, aid y< n< t let iLe baiter at reit. reepecting tbir phautooi prigtkD Die. by wbich the pardons nave beeu ko oft exciti d '-Ah ! There I* the queatloa ; often, very often wirbid myself to relute tbe tale trarh promulgated i tbir mbject, but I alwaye met with oppoeitiou." " Mini w b< m tlte, enquired I?" "f tliu luy diOettlii ininlalir* " " And tbe King'a will never triumphed over that Lie BiiBlrtera ?" Ah ! there you are like so many ethers! Von l rail all that ba? UrB written on ibe pereonal poll tier the King?ob tbe inviunble tenacity of the King ? ai you leaiiy b? lieve that my will neti r wet with any ? ktacies It Wkkoppored in every direction and at i tm.i A lid *v It oi.|;ht to b? ! and I had no right be surpiln d at It. I certainly hud my owu persoi view* in pointer, and a* reitalBiy endeavored, wb< any untriioii war uisoursi d In uiy premie*, to cau Ibi ee pilLcipter to he adopted, wbicn, on my aoul ai I ci null ice of hin*ai. d l-renchman, I thought to; but rely upon it. my opinion* were way* (>ppor?0. aud lieely eppoted, by those ot my a bitter*. who did not participate in tbem.and I W?< on k ijbinily, when in me minoilty, obliged toyleld 'l b bej p* Lid veiy Iie^toui.y, alien imporiaut as wi ar minor i^nertli be wire agitated ; aud this ijs happened on <jue?il>u* concerning iny-< aline Mi liiilance, I m*de unl.eaid of eUorta tb tLe hiftoiy tl the ammf ?J IA? ilulrl dt I'll n<i(bl be nlntid. but witbiut success I wasaiwa; pnmieed tl at an oppoitunity kLoui i be taken to i ?? . l ut eliler ll at < | poitunily ne??r ariived, or tb< vmid not aiail tbemrelvea ot one, fur nolblog wi 11 i ii i ii 11 ?, i t At lart viarj ol being pi (It In m time to time. I n j.ul wrote a refuiatlun, n.nde it cli ar oe'euintotv. and cumuli te. under tl t'^I |lbl( 'In /irtiiftuit ar J'mtll." I WlilifJ II k) I ) ii.t*ti but b'Un* d-iLK ao, I rraolttd to eoiniui Li(tU It to*? atmir lulrr. la otdtt to bam bit ? (total lur. b?t?'rti uurMliM, I ?.? )? h?i? bw ()< u bbdiitlaDd lb* (likil). t >?ru|>iiluum ILU t?ll|lk?>>) ?i lillllllUlMI kill* I * * fUcb Iru tic lib ill Au??at, IsitO, to tb? !Mtb f'tbru?rj. IM UllUlit llitrll t|i l. l. ai d wtlbubl muj Itltftli, and ' n>n> h'jo, miti u tiigii t tuwtr I'tritr ? i ) ?Ml and a|-|>lu?*tfor li T< rj uiu. ti ' ttii It a>aa>- to lt.?(taid hit. ' *1 ben,' I rtjnlnad, ? ill I a?a 11 | libit 'I nun-t iJiatflj ' Hn??fU |>itM?r< lit tr< n. ti ?l entd be. ' M bat. the kiutf ml* blui-< i.y atib ^titn.iiK ai d |lti Li'w<>rk, uaiu? h l> i?<ii, to dircutilt.o" lu that ear* I du uot nlgM H liat il ? t ibat tigi.ilj' lb? auibur mil wnl kin an tm llil)llil| lb lL<-?? u.ji- Daiouiaa pubn I aiilt ulari) bat at ibdiator t< ctboeal. It wi mi Lf kiti'vn ilitt a hmugrvt* lit /'tin l? Dtlthar un lit i li t* ibaD bit iouiK I l.ill(i(>?, audio, f I ai al'at kt' lutariii ! pvibay?!' ' a ll|kt.' n put d I, but abac la to b? Uoutt ? for I dt-cla lukll). It It tiDir to pat a itt|i to tba cirouiall'B "f He: It atllild lUinalta, lb b*lb? btllnni ami to b lilt bol be In lb? lltlltntt Ot tile m. DmrliJ. lu tl IkitMat it III aulbfiiiy. wbi*b baa Be 4 ot rt ?j>t< la'bt r lLan ot loir* Uiat mutt aot be" ' V* fll ' i ji tatd i ? t filar. it >uar ?iaj< ?t> will round* tl Wtllltti if Bj*, I 11 u Irf Jt.u >h?li totib bait emu |>le laHiiat lit u ' ' leu ?|i| |iubli>k tbia relutalioB ?' am fiitiiiib It.? Cut la toeh a n.ani.n tuat it nay it an i>j all liaiiCt. b) all'p*' i?r from tbatribui at ti I a t It k iblioduetd it can fullj mtn aoiiitt iiu^t lai.i i^tttk.MH i n td H ' * I I ai i* |>*rl*el, ratdi, t 1 .III..n. in arai i in??.?11 ana i ararvi il.kl b )i<u lur tti< h a go. u luaa.' *! olair t n?t ti i k ii.j ivtuiai tub,Miit put tt la Ui portfolio. in i tlil.r It l.m hiHt lniii.liil " A lid >i ur >.?j>-riy na*i r lubM ?n tba nalnati J i <4 il * timwtar * yrniiii*?" * On thr comibi), i nrj ufti<n rrfrm-A to it, hut t ti 11) ?m ' I ui l? fi|?(itllu* (>r m >|if?iliiiiil|i,' (t ii pllm, that > > mi, ibuli tiiiir arm i d lur t bug-" I La Klfcg tb< Mid with nulla I am tailing j I'k'. M H ap?. bli a blub ) uu l?l ti" lulrrot " I |i|>h?d that on I La o.uuar/ " tb*y latoriuitad l t glim lj.'r I > ui ha| lb bating an npportuiillj of r ntradii In) M Ilia (.1 ina Lara umaiilta ibat nara |t>li?i b.r. ' ( I I.a Klk| b? ra ailMdtd W aariuui. lai i i m?i> aaieb l.i.d Lob |iulm>liiii, aiid aiuniig ullw II at if laan.g latagiu iBa lon?l? OJ ra.tiag dm a* d b> Ii4a Ibt pn p?i llnia, ' t bU hu.i-u M iln ti laLt dl>|iuMi>aa ahmb to i *ii. ib ai.icL u y eupidli) (tl>? tin* hli-b ??n i till I o> uld bcl atii ui|ii tu drbji tli* rlliiaaw of I il l it.)*idii) <1 Mi.u Loun I biiip^a I* 0'?? a ?nrt |ii.\>ib>. ?a? attacked and ?hnii it dieliartd tl .In Kn | < a.u tu itii nat* Inn unMi?u? < t Iraun*, ft.l l.lailtrt a^|i. al< d a^abM ttila di-rl-lou ta I i i i t i il >i Mat* ai d no ni>i> a> lirtrU > ! It, and ji U km* 111)' hi I a u*a lLi> I u?MII i?f dlali- uwiai II a'. ii all au i4 u.) n*n,| I. Ur Bnili.n* to th. Ha ib* Miia (.?. a dm Mi) m u ai. i IiBiiw. w li^a i v M l?iit i.l f n.aiM a p biMtii. imii d lliin to m?, I ? l ?b.i. I.f ten i.uiii tu Lat? I l.m . I Mala la i Hit il I .j I lia i feaaa b**i ,N a??r ' lia i*p i lo? II I ? Mr to Li II. a i hf ?i ty. rt fm a aid "gain I Hi ii. iai> In nait in Ilia > han.M tnat tla s?ti . il M ) tlii.baabd f.aaia to >ibr >iaj-ij 'b? - I , II)| In a i ii la i I am tin honor tu b*11 i.4 a.,ulil tow I a i iila 11) n?f i Ibii.a u 1 " , l lal am in biailata at performing miah a di a timf *raki?-a " I uA*aai L ru I t it mil la pa'alafv* mimiiirvUr. 1 Iff TO MORNING EDITION?MONj nc Blffnrlu?t of til tblc 1* that by ln<lD| me aspoaad, Ilia ltd without defence. iiiloiit the mo?t mlinui and unto, fuDldril tttttki. thtnioUirn *rr? pr*parmc without ra- Mii-prctirg It, the rulu not of a monarch, but at the i|. monarchy and opening tba y? for tba torrant of U Kt-bruarj ? you have ?a<-n with wnat prodlglouii facility ha tblo iticrrdlhla convulsion ?a? cffrnM You hire >oa ?*en how llttlo account wu takrn ot tba mo4erati?n ?d and patriotism rbuwn by me aiid my family on thU ,nt ocrtiilnn \ ou havn mwii thut oMimnn* ?* ? log illnt wheu I ill no long-r preneot. hat tat acquired fresh energy in idj misfortune I left, ! deprived of eterytblng. and at that very time it i .ill ?u aald that. fnn*t?ln| tha blnv that woeld i " < n? day fall on ma. I bad organised for myeelf la, befoie hand a golden exile. Vhm talked of millions rr- | iat ('(>< on ay eciount to Jtmrrtea an d to Knglmsul My a* iiinitii in i*?t> (minlitn anr nm M?<d The name of I.', a th'tl sets glim of irAiek I u<i> the pro)nielor at Xtw >b- I Vvik and Ike numlitr of mentioned which Iyuirulal '4 i* Lah don. Ike tt-koh purr hut'd out oj Ike imnteis * taring* I had realised mil of my riril liil Aa a aiao who to porft-M* d to man} million* an I ?aa said to do eould go lift want anything uiv property wo* sequestrated! a* V\ bat I never should have auibori*ed myself atmnit ny the mott ob?eure eitueo of l-rance wan unscrupulously iat allowed against me' A band wan laid on the pairluioiwr by of my lar.ily, on tbe hucbum which wire my pereh m fal niopertv, property sacred to my children. Poor cblldien' what bad they done? Could there re, exitt In > ranee a tlt'gle cltiren. either h>gh or low, eu who bad loved hi* country more than they to- had di ne* Not a soldier would have been more ready m to Late shed tbeir blood for Kraoce. Rut they ' ir- were my children, aud that appeared a tufllelent reason ry why they tb< uld be involvidtn luy misfortune. It eat ly wisbi d that tbe king. tbe queen. and tnelr children, he tbete gnat criminal*. Kbould be deprived of every- j ha Ihitg It eat wubt d that, in a land of exile, the Oroj bant family should feel poverty Well, then let ny ir- entiiilen be tatistied; we have f?-lt it. Not that in thl* rd noble Kl gland offer* of a-slrtaice hove been wantUg ' I a- to uie. Claud Dieu! tlx y bavt been heaped on me, tli<> have b< <11 disguised under the uiost kind and rd most ingeniau* fi rm*, hut I refused them all. I nan ilehe teimint d tbat it i-houid be told that the King Loui* 10I Pltitfpe. the king wbo devotid Verxailleata all the it- gloiles < f Inn country, bad known, aa wull aa hia iamily, m, the grsotert piivaiionn; aud that, b'cause. before he resit ring to bin what wan hia. tbe governor* of franoe ' be *ub) d to probe to tbe bottom tbe lortuue of that oaof bib?f Kuropean monarchy l.'nuieaning curiosity! ly, lor trim tbat examination, made by men who were g- not. an tar a* I know, my friend*. it ban resulted that d- the natxb, who wan represented aa ao parMmouioun, . , bad ?Heel) d such singular saving* out of the twelve mllk Unlit per annum ot the civil llm ibat be left the throne og wlib (but) million*) t debia And now I demand tbattbey should go further; I demand that they should exain'.ue in into tbe originn of thi?e varlou* debts, aud that after in latilg found tb?m. ihey ah< uld make tb*>iu kn iwn to | PtOLre but, believe me, tbey will not do that' no; rro tbey will not dw tbat!" ly, It It iiiipon.-lble tor me to depict tbe energy and tha | ug conviction displayed by tbe Kiog during the latter part rer 11 this conveisotli.B Sinivtimes the speeob of tbe no- j ior hie tld man faltered under an emotion which he vainly uy i udiavori d to constrain ; sometimes hi* eyen appeared ih, to swell. but it wai only tbe emotion ot a inom-ut the iva will of tbe King controlled tbe sensibility of the man. it And ? b< n extending hi* band towards heaven a< If be be would appeal to justice In n on high, the illustriou* be ip<ak<r pionounced the word*. " Ihey will not do thai! ed no; tbey will not do that!" hi* voire bad beo >me tlriu, I*.' and bin countenance although ntill remaining aniinaj to ted. returned iu utual expree?ion, at once aerie u.i aud ro- kit <1 be 1 he writer then proceed* to ?ay, that on leaving, hi* in Majeity made bmi promme tbat be would vintt him ig, aiiain Uefi re <|Uittlng Knirlaud , aud that doing no. and bt bnding the iatnily removtd to Kiohinoud, in con ebe qnebie id the injury tbey bad received to tbelr he?lth th lr< m the water at t.lareuiont, he bad proceeded to that ly V'*0*- wlieie be tound that hi* M%jer.ty wa* ao fatigued :? wilb watcLiig ott r tbe tick ted ot the Trine* de Joinild viiie that be would not intrude on him 11a conclude* ch tl.uf :?'1 be nixt day I left for i'ari*, where I arrived | irl jurt In time to be nreient at tbe oioudy. rainy, and ; ry ibowy lete callt d ibe ftte of tbe Constitution I bad at lelt royalty in an inn?I saw Mart ant uudtr a canopy. ^ Bruobl) ii liilrlllgMit*. Fur.?A tire broke out on batuiday morning lant, between the bourn uf 12 and 1 o'clock, in the buildtug oecupi* d in tbe upper rtory by Meter*. Prise* & Co , 'le a> an upb<4?tery aud In the lower by Meier* Kn-lter k AiUif tieng. a* a dry good* (tore. Tbe llaine* were 1 J quickly tubdutd. however, by (he prompLiienn aud "l meryy ot tbe meu-ber* of tbe Are departuinnt, woo h?- 1 r*: bavtu moat gallantly, and dererve a large abare of < | iai-e "1 be stock aud t-.xture* of Mei>r? ItMM li t o were moelly destroyed or Injured bj the opponiug i <kujt we vu rt iiuer mem aiuiosi valueless I n**lr , { look *111 uut fall abort ol %'i <40, which wan coeerrd by in Ur if.tiii ami L<n( l>Uijd i.umpuiim It U Midint lb* ttr? waa the work of >n lnei urturj lotmuK 1 oi?in. ? Ibe I it; bathers meet a/un tbl* aft?rn< ol at 4 o'clock tor the purpoae of deliberating '* up< n ibe allalre ot the city gotue lnt< reetiug detelope- i n >iii> relative to tbe contract system of cleaning the J jy u? tifnttl I*' OoiiD <>? Hi fiif nvm ?This b'dy will ali?o meet tbl* J" altMuocn at tba county jail. The principal aubject * ftV direii'Mcn app>arv to be tbe cnojpen*tU >n n o*.<1 mi j to br tllo?id lilt various superintendenta of the r* poi r ? t King's county In our opinion, tl<ej (aud car- , tlcularlv the superintend* nts ol th.s city.) should bo ,r" paid In a uaDur comme n-iiram with ioeir aiduous "" Mnlwi. 'I be |-a?t naioii baa been an uncommonly ? itttra ccv lor tb< m officers In consequence of tbe pre- I B taln.ceof tba chilera and tb>-y "h"Uid be allowed I vbtliph to (liable tb> iu to leal that the proplo vhntr ' servant* they are. appr< elate the sirvic<* which bat* yB beeb to faithfully r<nd?nd Cnt( vi kT.- balort Judge (Jreenwood, and AlderDim Muctmcre and I burcb. 'I'h?* tYople vs joba M. i l i r? I. Tbi defendant In Ibis IM. etood lu ?' dlcti d lor rellli.g llqoor without a licaaee The testlty In th?: rate ?a> very c< ntticting none ol tbe wit*~f l->? a ??anog poMtiTt-ly tbat lbey had seen liquor , i sold in dtleLdant'a hou?e aud oth?r. being equally ,| J positive that no liquor ?aa diank Tbe jury, altar a J abort ah'tbre acquitted the attendant *" 7Ae i'rvf-tf rs Ituhrrl King ? King ?>i Indicted for t(| havlrg mi niitiid an a?aaiilf and battery upon James <al I own ) in A pill la"l. lu ab'?i<lng hour* in V* mow . IU allot It app< art d from tbe evidence ef the complain- I "! Ingwltfiiaa Downey, tbat the d? fei.daut ? ax alttn g at j*** tbe Oibuar tahli! a ban tbe colt plaloaut cauie in aud "" alio tat down, laying that d> fendant had lu>uit*d bis lf' wife tbe night before, by aaj ing tba' the New Vork ' * '/'iilvrir and all lie i?atfrm ??re a d?d ret of "Orcurers ai a c< n u.unlste. l-roiu tbia conversation tbe oght r<nin ?i??d It waa eoncluMvely proved that tbe cm) lament wax drunk at lite time ol tba axault and wat l'" il.e eggreasor. V) < u which tbe jury acqultt> d ibe da l?tidal.t 'lb* t.ourt waa then adjouruidto Monday BHtnlig. '* Kim. a ( ot *vv (ianiaal. Siaaiona.?Thla Conrt wat > rpeiiidat tbe utbal Lour. 'J be l>raad Jur? did not, '? lintiitr a? ? xp< i i? d, pn "eiit aoy bule. aud the Court J tbi retipon ta? at^oarin d to thu l"tb iutt. I'olM* Intelligence. l# rHihmnttl S*r> ant. ? < ilhcera Mu>pe <D and Valentine, M Of the K*t? Mb ward, artefted < n 6?lurday eteniug a j. youig (.e woman hy the rani" of \nnSaeo. who tar itnaiii la tl'e fa*Uy rt Mr Joba I tar (man About ? f< ur Willi ago a be lei t tbe bouae carry mg oO witb i, ber about >"? id money. Ibe olB. era, on beariog on ^ hkturoay iiiaht. tbat tbe accused would be thai era, mi g at a esuce b< u?e In fia'l street want tb rt. j wbiii aure eiii>ii|h. tbey found her In the laidat of ?j a I utrli lai.daigo; tba waa taken Into ruetody. aud [. iii uri |i?mmhh ** niiiuu *a? o?w.? a ailttr aatr.b, ra and a quantity nt taluabla ? ariDZ a|>p?i*1 Juntiru r| Crli'ii-o ctli nut ltd Lor li'^rlf u tut a uilhrr lirtiiun If ( ' >(' *J VtUinii ? A nun by tli. tuiix of jiiaapb lg Suiith. ?u- irt?iid. jntrrd*;. on ? charge ol ?utiiii?| ,i M> ('! ii l l onmb wnb a ta-a kuita liitiirllug a dauM gen t.a niiUMl i nilLnih aaa laki n to Iba < ity M??a< Md ai.i fu.iih Nl' WBHM l<> pMM If MM ill Lotbtop to aaait tb* ttiall of tha Injured ui ?n rn a'iMaat ?/ an 914 7Ah/ ? (iltlirar llurta, arrmtad, oa Ilf Falmi.a) i ?ht. a (>at man hy tba oaiuarf -tlaiaudar r, lt?itk>r aii (id jrraouata ot t?ia I'tunton 8'ata t'runn, r# on a i Largi nf mibiliiiig t Mr l.?m, nl toughkaapaia, , cut it Ltar >iW> Junira Vefiratb n?iuiuiu?ii ibn aotl cblid tu |>riM*, ai d a an d-"patnhad lo .Mr. L?lI, lo ctUiiitu Una city ami taatny htm. ll a- Thr W<Rlhtran< tltrVni|?. " Tka riftqat tnlux tl a ) Sinimri, ol tb? tun in?t . aaya: a ?" W a Lata l??u tnl> tiaed by oiia of tha uinat alien' I at*a ( lai.taia < n tha bayaa that thayl.-i?i ot ttialr an^ar ha an | ? ttla )?ar will I* at l< aat tijual to that of la-t ' but loaer ana n i a tta}OU tirnaa lata, tha piuduc" tbll * aeaain lallbougb many *I|| dnubtlea# taaka equally ?? ar got <1 crf|?) n.u.t inevitably ba lea* th?a tliat of lart )>ar lot we ara avaia of oua |ilantar nu thai bayou a- aLii loal Ilia aatlra eioji of i ana by tba lava orarfl.a '? 1 afcir.g toio courldaiaiii.B Ibr III* pil<? ol augar laJt aimer. tka leaa wbirb baa barn ?a>tam> d by uiauy | > |>la nina oa tba Mlaaltalppi and tba daetrunion tbat baa lately attiailad iba ii |ar rai.a on Had Hirer. ?ra I" toa,Miva itat a riaa tu anHur ot at lea?t frnia oaa to ' * two i?ati. aill b? tba r?i?e?juei.ra Ibara ara likaba aui- |i?it tianina Inr atailng that abaterar may bit tba II.a in tba prira. It am ba touad gnatrr at tua ?* raa an i.e*aient ot tha a?a*oa. I '11 a ILaltllJa (La.) /a?i#/,?a.Waaf of tba lat Inat . ia;i * 1 La triopa at a ana IB oar part?b mat aa ba*a had an

t)i(llllii ll) ol aaailig |>ia?Hlit a vary prt mialng ap>t aiai aa al U la tuna but it i ha iui<? a-<m ram-omini "I boi.a lui a tiilii^lit aoia tba nai.a will not niatnra * ?vDh:? any, aa>ii In lima to baka aiora naif ar?pa * ? 1 I.tie la ant a Htlt.clt My ol rura rataadl ID tua patlah 'n tl.ka ?? at' u to >b|'| ly Iba d> luand t ha p*i lab Via* *t t ai n frraiaw, N. T.. aan Lnaa nr l.tra ? Oa UT V aoniMJay i?n..i.a a Bra broka nut la Ohm of tba T"' >tala> a altar hi o tu Uarr'a lama at Cola apt lag- and aitlii Kgb r**?iat ol Ilia lira anNma. ot Iba any aata on lta|lilbd aaai'tt an It *aa ptanblatnr latu to gat " i b* ra atlar Liaritia iba aiann. want if aufft>?iaut aaur h# |.i?.l?u it tlii|><aalbia lu lara Iba bmidtnga , and tba d0 tania, tbria l-attia, am nr Hair a b-autifui aailirg b< ara. anli a-any tba ab<4a rnutaat- ?t all tl a bolidn ? ? i? tM? la a l??a I I a'a aara i ? , .mi a.baaaaa. II U ai^t.l boraaa u<a?r< y?d, ba?id?? a lmr-? jjj ai ti bt mi ) l? " i ait a la ti- kka a llna m< i I ''' aaa n< ll. ti >ai>' a i ii my nl 11. | r |.i r'y rtr.t toyad It *"' ? |*m iiitthrt >< itaru ?? ! in* ?.f ? ' , n ??f? fnm ii in Ihr tuui? < f m.i- f ib? Iwin , ?up*' I ... o 11. i. II *n 11 n.tmfMMr txtnU ?h< halitmn y l.^l.t- ii II Ihi i.ii.. and wli<?? I .... (.ii NWj kibil.rd ll.c cfiiiufciii t?B l ln. pi. |t. ri) n4|.? i? Ik. hr.ih?r? ?<t < n?m?i <4 htn iti?ir if i>") km;, *? n ir^t lliOuu.? . ?>> < v A I f /.711MK, -W 14. IRK H DAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 184! INTERESTING GOLDEN INTELLIGENCE. a Our California Correspondence. 4te. * . Ac, j P Oar eorrexpoiidMM'A and p?p?r?. from California, ud B from California emigrant*. m rou/? to tb? region, j ara flIW d with intfraatlng lnUtlltganca of all *ortv t] Among other docummU, wa bit* rw?l??4 plant of p bouM-v diagram* of nionrtor lump* of gold found In tha ], plarrra, bill* of *ala, ashlbltlng the enormnai price* r I aid for tha BrrMarlN of Ufa, In tha early hlitory of , th<- gulden eicltement, to , &o., kn. tj *? ivd one 01 vna niagram* ot a lump or gold, If the Pl followlug description :? n Outline of a piece of gold found near the BtanWlau* r, rlvar, In (October. 1848. by Lnrrmo t'ruxlllo weighing 111, i 1>h ifoidupoii, in put* about oo? and a half " Inches tbli k. but averaging about three fourth* of an n Irch. n>arlv enMre'y tree from atone and dirt; there ft might poasibly have b< en half an ounce, not more of dirt upon it It mill remains In the poM?a-<atnu of the u Order. FRANCIS MKLLIS. c Sin Kaaat taro, June 27,1849 The bill* of aale of pork. barf, ahoea. Ac , ko , ara j enrlonltlee, and we annex thr??, tor the edification of tke m pubHca Ml. SlTCTOH, ? Bot of IUmilton, 8ibrt a C.e. . 10 lba Perk a *1 &0 $16 00 a 12 h" ir? Sardine* a 8 00 WS 00 ll 80 lba Bean* a 1 00 30 00 ), |141 00 ; f Cr ?Ter pair Shoe* 36 00 N Balance due $110 00 j Heed payment, Hamilton, rirky a co , ft P: Joa. S Dowhrt. t 1849? Ma. Stscktos, Dr ? Jary To Fit* IUkiuh T>. 47 lba pork $i 60 $117 60 * To X Tea 8 00 O To 1 pr paste S'i 00 t< " 1 lb Tohaeao 400 ; . *' 1 pipe ore Bar Led 4 00 " 1 pack Card* 8 00 ? $168 60 ' ? Vi Stocrtow, To Yard A Co. I To 10 lba. p??k. $J 50 $25 00 To 12 l*>iea Sardeana, $8 flfl 00 1 * To 20 lba Btana 20 00 * To I ?v. T-. e 00 * Jany 29th, 1840. $153 00 ] J' Our correspondence la particularly interaatirg. We ] t give sereral Utter* from person* in California, and ? from those m ruutt to, that motion of tho world:? ? li Coi.cma. 47 tnile* above SnUer'a Port,) f California July 6th, 184W. j * Lttlrr I* a Merchant iw New York ? Kxptrienct? of a* TVvn of t'oloma, 4 e. * F<r the want of a post offlco here, I had to pay to a k m< r< bant a dollar and a half poatage on your iutter j' from 8an Krarcisco. I am beginning to feci dlacour- , ged, the pame a* every one who tomn out bera Tba ' long and the ahort In, the digging* are getting decided- jj y wore* e*? ry day. Aiinoat every foot of the gold ragiona, this aide of the mountain* haa born ' proapect- o' rd." and the rlebett taken. Opposition In merchan- j j' diMDg continue* tw rage Qeree aa ever - arary one even here. 1* undtrselllng hla neighbor. My d'earn* of ' n making* fortune qulok aie dlspellml I am doing ^ about a# well a* any of my neighbor*, and much better j, than a large majority, but I am not natl-fled tor I waa c< doing a fair busine** in Ve* Vork (gun aailth ) It la " true, I am making a little more h< re. hut none feci Ilka ? making t Li* their houie. and therefore Imx ai aimn at they are able Laborer*, at present, can make aix or arren dollttifwik;, Otii ^rvoBa woo were in i>nal- '* iio?e ait* only fair pre-pecta at home, will ever regret V1 ett lug to < ahlornia. -V I bate bollt try m If a h"tl*e ]R fret a 111 are with >ut ''' a floor and mtb biowo sheeting iO'?f,at a oo-t of 1175; had I Ri?re meana I would put up a hi>u?e alj. lnlog ' lir B. Iia>< da MM n?ar by- on* r < 1. win I .w *' altbrut pla-f, and looka n? be eaya likn a Vankva , hora" atabir. and pay* $^00 per m >Dth and paya $6 ' per day fvr b<ard eUeebere Hy llrUg wiib eiiremn ptudiiica and the denial < f every laiury and extra- 'I1 vagacre, I live at about $2 pt-r day The Injunr hilla ' < r uioat of my Mlgkkott would more than *un|">rt me. ' I cortera I am eurceertlrg, but I aru dl-app<<laied >m*- " cauae I expected to mata lour timea a* much Inar li ' hue ?tUli r4t<c par foot; (lour 4')c per lb , b<*ef .">< ?. J" pt lb ; tut freight from Kan Kranrlauo bern ia about ' i(lr per lb cnevnytblng f k;vtry one advuea uia to keap out of tbc digging*. 10 J> bn M ard friend pa?aed beri- yeat^rday for Mitt vlid- "J die Knrk, to dig aabile I think he will not work loug JJ latnnti UMd In readina tour La*a?u? ' tl - ? II oiganlr* d umf< riurd itouipitiHt, their U??. ko. J1.' All f lb*? <'D r.r: v .1 Will lli'loml |"w< m - roB- J* Hlrrxl tha l??t and ohIt rouwDji that run agrwn 1 I think your tplenJid " Bow. ry latent Wudfow, *' Goltf-rtkg'D/ Stei.ui Yacblna" will be p-ruiit'. I to 1 wntk, siid gat laughed at. too. Inntead of pand la tha * bed of the rtriam*. they *111 And nothing but rockt, and irnry of thun tou* o'glit Mt| | MMli blf mill i?t?. and r?>r*d? ? . Tery half mi la K in-ara en *' >ay?d turning tba rourp* at lulu of thr iiffri.tni * h??e got good d??l of g?ld but sr th*-y haua b??a '' tl print upri.w it i? douhiful If It will repay '1 he miner* hate driven tha Mciiaann > hiiiau* ami ' Fiit.<l?iph Inland*r*. from tba mine*. and <1? N|tr< d that f all ft retgi ara muat l?a*a > nplipb and 1 |>Pt eh art- jrpt i n.i11 d to remain TM? town Ip an Important point and dtanot long *' bf without a pott I ftlre Our'attl* <1 population In no* '.' '14 mt n 16 wnm"ti with tbalr husband* inoitly Irom J! Orag? n h negT>.a?. not reuarkably baautlful, and M ;! children decidedly diity. K B. j* I lt< Our California forrriponilpnrt. t> San khiKciu o July 1H. IS 13 k? Tttt Pricn rf MrrthanJut?fa/up n/ Ski jit and Srluim- (i m, 4-t., 4-t. | tl I arrived nt thlt |>l.?ca on th? Hth of July, aftpr a ta- I# dloua janageof 1 ' 0 day?, bating pVpp'd at Valparaiso jj about four day?. Iler. I l.avp tirn Henry Toya. Klbart tl ffti ket. an J flairual Draka who hara b< an h< ra thrra v moult p. ard ara In buninatt, paying $100 per month ground rant ft* * tant. ? (iocdt of almott atery d"?rrip!inn ara ph'-ap lotna * thing* paying largo profit*; when you wl?h to purcha*a ' [ any ??uall quantity th. y ebarga n ry high a* It ra- tb quire* tinp and labor, which ara dear. aonia tnao parning " $10 to $16 per day. Common board 1* fnnj $!4 to %'M j,' ptrwpik. Bailor*, a* aoon a* thpy artlra, depart, and n to ma of our >allor* obtalnpd work t?r $150 par ta nth to go up tha Bacramanto titer. Our black ataward I* i n- (|| gaged at rook, la tba largaat hotel. for $2 40u par yaar M 7 ha climata I* baaltliy. tha day* ara warm th" arpn lug* vary cold and ?hllly, eontfortaM-< wl'h oret- #| <atl. tiambilag a rartud on t<> a great aita?t. Iarg? Ik at lot gold and ?tlvar dipplaypd o, ?'iiiy In atary bar ni t'? n?, ptary knna a gama bring plajpd hrl* l.illia, >t tka |>rl*? fightar, It hart, bali.g tha ownar of a gaab- _ lit g labia. It la a dllfarrnt plara from what I aspprt'ot to And, y( from tba raporta ?tlrb I lizard wbila in Naw Votfc. |i( Ibttaia a gang bara ealftd tba llaur du " ah" <nd< tto? k to | ut-ifh or dri?a aaay th? Cklllat'l ('ha ' hi- , 1 kdp It halog atatail bating killed an Aiiipric.m) on Put day a?> nit ?, I on board ^ hip hot I p.mid h ar [? tba nl?a aid Btlng of pl>t*lt Ib>y kill* I th'p? of |lt tttm aid tba nn irl ant* abd p? a< ?ahiy'li^,?-?-d in- v bnbiiaut'foinud th'ni-rlret lam e-oi|>au?aa. and ar* bl r^Ud n? nin of th* ?it?? it imn. ih.? ? b.uia ol thai H Mni'p i f ?r H im n auehnrad ulnaa j t un A dij w two *fl#r tbiy ware Inkon on ?hora fn i d trli d b) jury. (r LtiniUr l? ?ery high at |irwrat, our atiaarmrgn Huti?K ) <<! at * a'paralm (hat It aan H*h, b"ti||h a II U'it* ?n ' ''!'* * ??;? it f..r yitS put I W 0 t>?i i h-jr j,.( rlaiga ?t<a dot ar to yu < n ?rnT* adl.ianranf 1 <<0 , yatdi, as*d an our freight Ici. t yet out ut lb < ti >tJ, B| ?? hoard ?u ibi- rhl|i tor one dollar |x-r day. I I.ara j, hen. at woth |>artvl tha time for na dollar p*r loiur but It b?ir| I atdar than I aia arru t mud to. I hare ^ I ?ti||?d, l.ut thmktitilr tor a nlmrl Hui? a' ? will a| K<ii b? niiijto to tha initi* * Hold w? hluK ma | , rhli ra 11 ) >a j ata w. r<l |.-..n-r n.n,< n tin t'an? or tirlrtl bail j: mad at any i??? thay ara h?a'j and rl rc-t a mull t<ituna to lake tfiem vl h y<>o \< tha ,, n><uea the wi rk l? I ard lu one iii.nanii-'"ni?o In It ? I j,, an> but I do not Ititer.d to work my?e;f tu death ut d*r a tM ran 1 hay nay bare that thn tninea la tha plann j|( ttnam dioi,iy Mr l'a?kinn arnrad hare a few day a ttli tr k t ano I a>i itr.iir u|> T, l Iim? ata a fti at n.aaj nhlpn In harbor, hnt tbay ara f, i ut ??mh km a- ii urh a* i< huunera of hint d'ao?tit ,, 'Tr rMhi Iba In || Niw \iik ?i i>ld be bought for abut wa? rwtin d 1 Mi 111) tor ubd >ht|i-could tw bouabt for (In <<0ti; Mil ru|po*e that not aiai.y aiiipa. but ~u.aiier cratt, till itti inn ihntnaim 1 t V e I ad It Ii n rot d < ah n pa*m nf>r< aod W flr>t an- (, t in; tit'i one iIrk durll * tlia voyage. wlioh am fori*- ' j, lair, aa ar Wete riowfltd Ilka p'<n I be.-e Wera twn , | It iliainnti ou bnaid wlaee of tan tin n who ai-rred ) ftwllf tb* Maatean war. eaah baring a young b >y, f, a l? a <ka | a-?i Iik> <a p ay i d with Orw of tha llttla ,,, it i a dti a n ibita, 1 !' u?? aiMad) n ad?. that la already to put tnjrather, | , | rr r. ban Id to advantage an I- mi rart hi|h. j r| td a> rai^Mitt' gee ara ftM air tiny I nhiuld IfTtlJ R iir4itokMriilia either td llaa In aij-i'lf n? to ii II n i |.iriil?tli n ? A Kti at n aiiy |>la ara llalrn In tant< Whan tha n tair y Mtab c niaa th?y moat gat n mawbara und^r ri il.u'it /piuWi nf Int' ita'a all at (I H>? flni n l iquor 2i I j, fi 11? |n r (lata, but by tba i^nnntlty vary ehaafi | ,. I l? a |.III-H t>y tha of Ai< Hal hi'ra, an aa I ituvrf f?I |M?. [ERA Sat K'lAKciara. July 30. lMt. t fort Nnt>$ from California ? ~1uemhly ? O ???r- J n?r'( Prtxlamoiinn - Polihri and Gobi rHgging ? Pi^ prth/mr fnr a Sitf. 4'e . > V.y latt let'er. dated from Talraguano. I hifi no ? ouht reaehed your office and ha? afforded aome little leaMire to the frlendu of the variou* pa**?nner* who?e rrlval *o tar upon the golden r^ad I reported. On the lith. we railed out of that port In c-iupany withal1 tie veneeli reported (as a fair wind lit a rarity In that r ort all the veeeel* took advantage of It.) and o? the t )th ot July wa anohored off Han Krancliioo Yankee i Dterprl*e ha* placed pilot boats this atatlan now, < nd to the amnement ef the captain af tha Albany, < Sty charge California price*. When tha pilat boat < lire alongside It was blowing quite a gala, and a* noon 1 the pilot nached the qnarter deek the oaptala ask I 1 him how ranch ha charged "Only fU a foot," wa* I lie reply. "H la too much."' mid the captain "Never I iit>d." eald (ha pilot," you will *oon get n*ed ta Call ' ?rnla price* " The captain kept wylng " $13 a foot" ( ntil tba anchor* w?re down, accompanied with a * urec now and than at California and Ita pilot charge* * It wonld be fully to dmcilbeSaa Kraael*co la tha , Itrald So well ha* It heen described, that any man I ho reads the Html,I (and who doea ant') know* *1| bout It. We have here, however a kind of sosiety r uch a* probably tha reader* of the ffrrald never 1 n anit of. It would be wall worth the trouble at com- j j sg by the lethmu* to get a glance at wonlety here We t >ave men ef all da ion*, creed*, coler*. theorie* and pro- i wt-lons. from stera Puritanism down ta Snclall*m and ! lormonUm. Philosopher (ireeley, and hundred ar , wo other leader* of ruform. eould And here ample ma- < rrial riady to be moulded Will they coma? Tha lormons have deoidedly the advantage of all othera ere, bavlug bad a *tart, and secured all tha property forth ba< Irg aroatid thin city They ara now making 1 rvat eirrtlon* to get po**e*slon of the political power f the territory; and having money, they will be likely ? take hold for a time of the government, because lie great ? ?? * of the emigrant* take no Interest In oytbtrgbut the go d Many reader* may a*k, whut ov?ri merit do you mean T There ban been no govern- ' ient eetablieheil In I altfornla Some dooumentx. whinh eend you. will xhow you we have a gaverument here n rfbtUliii government at tbat?for, aal'noleSata 'ould aot make a government for u? they have made a overuiuetit tlia< will goveru tba old gentleman hi?rlt. *o far aaCalltoraia l? eonrerned. Among the Mormon leader*, tliere area number of ? who iiiiiv be ret down art unart men They do not 1.1 clo Sum ItrriiuMt b?? r?iu???i to protect ibsiu In heir city of Nauvro There men hate taken p <xre**ion f larpe tract* ot land about thin rlty, and are very uxieu* to recur* their title* by ln*?l legislation. l'b?y therefore constituted tbemre ve* Into a ' l.egtrlllin Assembly ?f the |)l>trict of .Sun Kraocl-co " I"he I'llowirg doi-ninent (alieady publUhed iu tbe Herald,] ra>- i*m?d by tbat body on the 'th of June an.l It may e henaftrr referred t?. In the controversies that wlU rl>? betwten them and the United States. Thumtii.hM of thii *.w..^,KI? K- - ln<i of tbaiu election. condiict-d aoot-wbat after the I ' mIjIod of a piinmiy ^itmn la t'ia Siith ward A o?'y of men railing tbemrelvea the Hound*. and *hos<t 1 eidtzvoua 1a at a grot gery rejoicing to the nime of j ' TauiBiany Hall.'' tffluian-d at tho polla. Thealno- ' 1 Ion ?>r. the?e men were railed upon to arm and aid j * he civil power. under the appiin(un-at ot tblx uew Aa- ' n bly 'I be>r flrat art waa to enter th? Alcalde'* 11 fTlne and carry off the record* of the town and a cata- I gne ot their aubeequent act* would a?totilah anybody ut a re?id< nt of i alttornia One ot tliuir number bar- * 'g got ?bot by aotdent by a i liiliun, tho wb"lo bodv ' arfJ'ed to the Chilian'* h;>ui-a and prooe*ded to ?eil r itn out by auction 'I'ba man'a food* toon found pur- T nafeie. and be *n ordered to >|Ult tha town In two i i ur* a teai ha waa very happy to be permitted to ac- j pit b Tha Hound* earrled off tha money thoy ra ' j' >l?. d for the good* and the walla of "\oung Tam- I any" ref unded with tha about* of revelry whlia a *' nll>-r lanted Tba Governor, however wa* not Idlo while all thaea ylelative and m- bocrat'o a>eemblag?ii waru getting tider way to govern tba territory, and on the 4tb of iiaelMUedthe f<11<.wItn proclamation [ before pub'but In the llnaht.) wbieh luelead of at onto <1 > a - A ti ding the llound* and di**olvtnc tba l.eglalutura, ad tha effect of rendaribg tham both Mora indolent nd < IT* Beive At tie fame time, the Oorrrnnr laaued another pro n>attoii [wbleb ha? alao h?? n pnblNh'd In tha lltr- I T d J pointing out the eooatltuliOLal mods af prxjeed- I if to form a State government. I Thla document ban bad a powerful effect, and ainsa waa elrru at?d. e?me ten or twelve day* aince a pnv- [ n ful reaction ba? taken pU'-e In the nubile mind here, le I.emulative A?*> mhly bide their bead*. 'he more l'wli goaea reigning lh?lr place* and u*iog their bl lluein e lo get tLelr i.ami a on tbe tlrketa for dels- ' (j ite? to ti e n mention under tbe Governor* proclaation The election cornea off on tbe l*t of August, id tbe Aaaetiibly. under the constitution prepared by V econventltn will be elected In November Whether |t iera will be two rival Aareuibllea In the territory, of >t nmalna to be teen. If tba government aupply en??a! Hellly w|i|i force* enough. bs ia juat the in*n bl put a rtop to Illegal aaeemhlagei The lloon ia are f4 mpletely at buy Imagining tbat aa tbey were the le'runenta c.f tbe gxTerna.ent. tbey were chared 11 lib Ibe regulation ot tbe town and It* envlrona ttiev I J nd a lantde on Sunday week and beaded by drum and * le they n>arrbed to tbe bill that nverl'V ka the town, a lid on which a nutuber of < hiiian* were encamped. a ere tbey made a f urtoo" assault on tbe tenta aud per- I ?a ot tbe ( hlllana. killing four and wouoding thtr- a: leu of there unoffending people They aaclted tba tt nta and having aatlrtied them?e|vea with ft|oi>d and 01 under tbey Hutched back a^xin t > their reode/voua tl III* act of the Hound* waa tbe alunal for the frl-nd* ai 1 older to mme forward Hundreda who had -affered * I tb> Ir batnla. were willinit to take up artue an I exi>e| tl le fit tied* by ton-I'll HI tn iiieetlnira were bell. rt clu x mi ra rimlf. Ik? Mrnldn offered raw*nl? f>r A it lr iiifmlirpiilnii. and durn.K Mat day ml I'lieaday, I'1 r Irtrr rrwfd. Ifltlli id oppintunity for thn U| w and onj. r f??i r to burn A p lica b?* been ci>t?b- A h?d ??d befora Thursday areiilriK do l?a? th>?n ' r'nt} *f III) Hound* ?'i' runoti g In roupici. ?ti 1 (ii Mi-llid on li<ird thrliri{( of ?ir W?rr?n I' llalui't pitittl?*|lirr Jii I** l.jmh nmr op>n- di I r< ntt with uote ?>! nintiy tban ha dl'l bar*. under o* ik till* of ' I aw ml Order " The Alralilr, not wtabir fo ?lt a* ripre?entatir* of hU uaxi p-uent and t - ni| t juf ((fbtp Ljrih retu-id to try tha prlaonert ' itila court. Th>-n ih>r* wa? a mighty clamor ral>"d, tl nd a mntlif. railed upon the ?pot, appointed two 1> ti tM MMd <* W (i?)D nd the mU r " irr*? \\ ard both nun of hlifh etandlnr to ?tt lib tha Alcalde at th* trial (trend and petit Jurian < r re ?b< nn to try tbrfc tn n Tba *b"lr trial waa ? < ? ( r j l?te farce. fr in bepitmln* tn and Men w?ra ai it in be frit d I > a jury ?i"l jn?Jj?-e all of ahum wera ti id Irrd to And tb> m ?niltj th> rnult bu tn-rh I' at four of i be " bound*" are now on board the War- ' ri. MMien d tn be tianap' rted to the Lotted Stat -* ' Iron in ihi* IM?trlct < ? oiumbia. for ten jeara It ti nalti* to h# ae? n abeihar tbe keeper of any l ulled 1 lie prtaon will recetre eoitnltlal frrnn a l.ynah ?w i rmrt. or not The prisoner* were di-te 'teil by idga I airy, th* onlj loyiri f emlornfn b'ra. Ilia bi laltzatlnn of m rlett hera It? political taitur* ?|ta daMli a nd betrayal ?if it < owu tool* tbe unblushing 'r< nt? ry of Di>n prwtmtlin tho>* whom tb'-y tb? uilt?? I ad I'dMi brllarr tI tbera ? do law bat that uilabt. a?? k?*n a Dimt. a* th? UtrmU edlt?rUI*. j Hating 'aid an nmah of our political relation* w* net air d lip h) lew word* o? our foetal t .ooill'l >n. id the pro 11 rt* of tha gold harraat Tbe *torie* I ><i b> fore leaTltiR N> v \ ork i f the abmvlanae of tha Id aie ill rorrei t 1 h?- K' Id placer I* ln?ib?uatible doee Dot fi llow lh?t e*> ry eOii'iraut that *eek? will A .d it- rr tiiirtipg alii live t.> return with It. Tha ell - || ?le at tlit? lime . o|t the hoard I* cm I, rather >0 I l|bt. but to ttc mlt.ra at midday. can find cm- c< firm, dtiy Id baki-r'* c?en The mtoi at pre?ei.t at Irywirkiil are tho*a on tb? Snu Ji ?<|Ulo and <'a- r( t tu> llirre totbanulh or thraa n 11,? itanranienlo, on b folk M' rnion Ulaud and keaiher rlrem. to tha 1 rib \ i u |iet Iri m hi ra to Morktou or A*j>r?nii nto, b? out two huidi i d tntlaii on tha way tn aliher rtri ra n, r Ht i ii ilii k. or |.tu In tba cabin of nni^ll almip* ; ilpf.r f :> per 110 IIa Von arc tbea ab< ut nlily milea * in th>' nnmi. at.d will bare to walk it , freight ia ai rrltd f<rf76 tbn ) ?? lb* and not or* rent le>?. |,| k"ialD<D tlat bate r.yua cunitxred with lnf?a^a, l*e It fin rl.w abarrea hera A man could make a ' iti.i.e bj bujirg alinoet any kind of dry gooii* bera n d ?el on * ibeBi ba< k to \ew\ork for -a a Arn>. Oi i?t? cloil iiu araforarong; bad liquor In not to ha In ? v a?aj , l?-et pilm* baet N. v luand In aold lot ai ti p?r bhl . potd a a-l arr of crery kind. ?alre?. dmbe* u< id t> acblnee i f all ahap< a. ?re *tr?wu on tlia d ickn In I ilidti dr b? ing too braty tn carry and u?alea? a?en If M ey aera at tl? inlnt hotel-and (i rk?i?- are much II naper here ttan at ^?w \ rk I. d<ir.j U out of tha a eatloa. J> ii Diu?t bar* yrnr trnt (n't ao India rul>. c rfn a? tl.ey ?re tiK'hut to alt ep In ? I too loitr It tmtlj.) t>? k.|?I w?ll I hrfiiidit i<n? wbinh uia h <> Vi llat* li d hlMiwi tb >lit ; I nouId <?t (lit hua<<r?d Mar* f r It Hor*** ? <! hu|m ara l< ?y dfar; Ititiwi of (* nly dnllm rwh a? I h-ard at li r? Ink I bad to fa> two buadrrd and taa 4->liar4 ' *1 rh, f?t Inn li.u n il llh lh?? I Intend 10 lra*r| to b ? n.hiw. lb n> [l>nlN r nf (irtobar Thf a la nothing l> li it at lli? niln?? now; f-yrr prevalla thfra to an 1 li B'li|Mli|t Nc p?r?i n fhould ronn hiTa nadar | " i? i?(ri'Hliii that h? dt< a fortnna in | " r> n 11? in ?l auikililt arm iiiit*, I kiln mrj rratm A i t? H??* 11 at tha atnaiif of all who actual)/ word j a <?a?t anii'Mit to tin dollar* |>?>r da? Kf?r; (k>h?4 i ' br?a<l In rata will roft fr-m ?n? to tw* doll.?r? < h* if I- no mrh Mini* a* ?f??tal>lf?? to br* ha I and 1 1 '?> !-t?w m d far biw>?n l b' - - who ?i?*p ?tnra j \i f tk> lultif a<? tkr iK-rxt tba? aiaVi-th? larit-f .r- fi a<I ibf i|i|m> r . aa>l )ixinft nifn "h'inl'1 not l?ara n n f to ?no< ttaKa MMh a lilf wilhoal oti>i4or1ag IH to ea. n llmiKi Nt|xitm ra* tblill !? to fl?tar-n dollar* tl 'I It) frifI) j lal?r?r? ran *at ona dollar par b .?r. hmaMllif or fight dollar* p?-r day Y vrrj ona *\ at rati am in httlluii'K ?|> or dfa-italliiK hon???a or S ti Oo bard ai rk ran tind pl?ntj of It it trrrni nf < iki I n?itl ?ir*lr at) *i|r< of Nf? \ ork ,vi?tiry i |-|i I tj ; I taaaxwfe notf n Infd laomjr Iiti Ibajl I li ut I >tf ?m Mho U but thfrn ara la foitrta ?a- ? >Mlrb<d, ai d tba law* ut tha I'nlud Slata# air-? I LD. TWO CENTS. ended hftf, 1 dotiht not. it will h? i (iw?| cowntrf U l?e In and enjoy li f?* : I nit until then anoint? tli* re wllft ?n(inf, and tha peopia will har* t? tumble alnag aa < ?? they ran unaided by tb? rrat of iavyera the S*ie?oletire of philosopher* th? rant of a*nt*rl?a. <ir tfca ir?arh<n(5? of the milll'>n? of r former* that H*laW<* b* brain* of all the world beeida O'O. 8?a Faawciaro, California, A?f 1,1M9. Hird'i Ky fUw of Califumim. I arrived laat evening, and tha ateamersaU* to-**a?ow.aadl baetea to give yo? a Daguerreotype of tniona, Tartly a* they are O<-0d* of every *ort kind. aa4 leecrlptlon. art' |>iled up in every direetion by the aidaa tf *hat will one day be street* bat whioh are saw >nly anticipation* of tho*e onrful structure* Maiy lleappclntcd, by ten* and llftiee, ara going bona aa4 urnlng their bark* on tiifornla for ever Thoagh here I* plenty of gold it nei'd* ?in?wo and IInab* to wtalA he plckaie and *pade; and tho river* ara tba ho4e jedc of fever*. generally produced by eiponare Tha Iverii have he< n too high vet *a l. in aHout. t*a weak*, ill commence tha real harvest. I am bound fur tba nlnex where my neit alll ba dated Marhii a< ara not rorth anything In xeparatinn ; all that hava be"n tried ilgnaliy tall The old cradle ia only n?ed, af ab?u? .1* Iba. .. II- J - * Iiaurpiirira ? p nnir > I irK? H tnipn, ilih'-ut new*, and many of the officer* h-?rr gone ,n*> 'eople who are well off had better atay at horn* Tha >o*pl?a1 ha* patient* who art* ? !<] mad and 'Hero la lomething like inranl'y In tha way thlnj* are at a*e*rnt nonaged hers, finch ia tha curlon* atatn of thlmga irra. On? fart ha* hern imwUImwI that where tha {old wax the plrtitimt on the river wH^hlnn*. there < nuchlfM Ihli year I hav?be*n kindly furol?hed <ltk be account jurn nt hy Me*?r*. lawat.t and Vleihato, bohave rlioael lue vpeolmen* of the Mn?*t gold evwr i**ay?d here being 'fl\ carat* fine; they are d dng aa li'inrn** burlnee* amounting to several hundred thmand? of dollar* annuallv. Knterprt** and en?rgy tonquer avrr>thlng. and thry are *ur* to auooaadt. I b?e ) GUDtf urn ae? an Instance oflt la ha*te CALKIi LYON, OK LYOV8.)ALE. 8ti Kaannaco, 4nga*t 1. 1849. r*r Election- JlrriaaU from tht United Stairs -JlrriomU frvm China, fc. The it earner California not having rali<-d thU mo rang. I am enabled to hand you. by way of pottaorlpt, a no under tbi* data. Tha election ban, up to thio our. pawed off quietly, but rymptotn* ooca*lnnally ianlfe?t themavlvra of a de -Ire on the part of tha boya, o have a row. Koally, tbera i* much to aggravate Liner I ran cllltem at the poll* Hard* of C&llfornlana? . rort of half breed Indian* and negroe*. are brought n by a leader and marched up to rota a ticket which hey do not know una word of Acca-tom-id to *"0 urn vote accol ding to their own view* or preju lines, be American can 111 brook thl- kind of duia t? animal ruling I would not be *urprl*ed if the U? and >r let m u, ' a# the Vcrmon chiefi and thrlr p?riyrall theiarlveg. would nauee a rl< V In fure tho poll* rloea 1 ba nrioclnle* that are or>?cljr put f.?rih hv tha ariou* partlr* may lie raiumnl up under the h?a4 of law and order," ' freedom of the public la-id.'' ' prwtuptlon righta," and " liberty of c?n?nlrnc* *' Tho riodeiii of tho laud party are deride lly tlio moat Kipular, and. I trurt will alect their ticket. By neat leanur I will inform you who wero tUa uasaeatol rartie* It will be lntere*tlng to many penon* to know what 'eoela bar# aril veil *iuce the la*t ?teamer aalied, ?<> I ubjoin a hot l%lrea<ly ptibll-hed In the lleeaU J o valuing It. h??i'??r, to tha American vea*e|a All tha e*?el* rep?rted a* havlcg arrlvtd may ba ganerallj et down a* xtill here. f->r thia l*. truly the llou'a d?a, Bto wblrb ie*f-*l? rouir but <to n' t return. There bare been ab' Ut tittyr arrival* frooj China Month iiurrica and the Sandwich Inland*. Ure*d?cuff* aro till pretty high, good navy br-ad bringing i 11 it?r (0 lb* ; Uour, fl fcu to prr bundled Tea. oofao, Ico Ilc , are ehaaprr than in New York Tho *aiaa tay be 'aid of rlotblng In foot, there I* mire rul?bl*h cia (ban will ever ba dirpored of, and prra<>Q? aendlug ut Invoice* of goad* ahould bear in wind on* /metal rinrlple- that hotliing will sell hero but what t* of le be?t d"*erlptlHn. We have abuuJtuo* of goitl, nd tbrreforr ran aflord to pay. (Vbiwttr hriug* oak ibblab will loai> by the operation. O'C. Our Val|?arnl*o toireapon<1eina. V*i.r*?ti?), July IX K4t. r-vt /torn ew*?!/ thr Calif irniu Fieri?The Pleat Sea I'otatt?Vek&eli at l\i//>?irat'?e? lie/iarlid Lou my iht Smr-lur. <-t We Irtt Nlo on tba 14th nf ^prll after eaalklng tha r**rl above the rapper which wa< In a very leaky anaItloD, bating hern ov? rlooked In New York. A$ we paa*ed out of tbr harbor, we ware naluted with iiarlc and cbeer on ehrer. from tha California vaaeala i port OS tho llve(>La I'latto we encountered a aavero ow. which continued for nine day*. In which epaco of ine we made but ?!xty mile* ?n our c.itirae; pa<*ad gbt mi lea to the *a?t of the Kaikland l-land* on lb* tb of May, and bad their daaolate. anow covered hilla i right throughout tbo day On the MLh we oociinared a tucorailon of trrrlQe waaturly galea aoo?M|aIrd, off and on with rain, anow and ?le?t, giving no ? dr tample of thl< hot b< d of atoriu* Wa contlau?d to ii et with rxtrrraely r-ugh Weather until tho ^Ut of una, During lb* griati* part of thin tliua tba t'?w-l ? laid to. uudur clow r??l?J Q>atutip-ail. Jrif itf bt.ut at tin* Drrej ot lb* t-Uoaaula kd thn ui>?tily avvi ot lb* two eoiubliiotl oc?an<t. W> liiuud It Dr<wr?trji to piM? ouraalva* on ?n illowbra ot water, <1 to drrad that wr would lur? > turn hack H ? wtr?* fortunate. bow???r. la tatfcd ag rationally with a f?w liour< taroratna wind and ?u tx i ii h i.l juiik xu irachid M> d. ^r. t.. ?! luo^Uu l*, nd were ei.ahlad to turu uur oouraa to the rorib ml'r tiatlnR >|i?nt ? in oth In thn vicinity <>t thn il irn, ia btautlet ufabUb I never i*b lo el|iarlttnoe a<?m On thn 'Mb of July ?a celebra'ed tlia birtli day nf merlcan liberty In a h?n<>nilii|( manner The follow. K aim tin urUn ot tba rierrlae. uur tlij* ??r? run \i ta tin malu pt ak at annrlat. and a mUula tlrd *t |i> . M. Tba tierrlaa* were opened with prayer %-.d re fi lliiaad witu the readmit ut tba llwclarallua of l?*(.? udeDtie after which an o a l"u a<4>??< <?! ?< odi tuitrf 8alute? ware Ored at I* it an l at -da- * U?n At :i P. Vi liiauy | atriotm toa-W ??m draak er b?t ptnff aud I'ortUKU. r- | uurb T Li tluu^i <4 Bar Si. .?> I iu inn port, fr 'ni Han tlirIKo Her < fllotra ronflrni nil lb' ata'ament 'hat a?a brrtlnl' in bim lualu. m r-<ar.| iti ric ni' ^- if S? There area ,i-aat niim b-r of ik-M? in port i ULd for' allloiiiia, and auintigtt thi-m are an rMinda lit uk ii ehtp. with iuu pa-' n fera Thai" arr a n'liobt r ol >pn lniPO> of tbr virgin nr? nf anti una in tbia pi am I ran a nuintvr of pier ? from lie to tour ntitro in weight having niioli the a,ipoarnci' < t *Wk p< bblea 1 be rha'ye fi r | a-a<? frrni thl? p?rt to <*n Franc*-** 1 Ml, fit ^ht J Ml pel t?U. p ' lai* oil Ml latter* to fault ll a 11 oil a h ch anronbt ttif luxuih-ra have written ut f*w lettafa. I hey w1?h.d m? to f.-|'la?t j >a make our afe arrival public In tbr i.a.i. r? of Nm avk, mi tlial tba frit uj. of *11 e. uld h*ar of uur <?l?iy. Iti>1 a'-tivlly your*. ISiAt t v:nlitS S n > N b.? It l? rep.-i'ed beta that the atiaaier a-nat?r aa bvaa I oat lu tba ?trinity 11 tua lluru an I atiratta. M. Ui:r lithiinia rurrrtpandriirr, Salutony N't|(bl Aug it. 1>49. r/f#r fa Mr ha nf Nrw }itk Ar />-?/ lArul PlifJ, M tt>* /il'mu Sulmii and ltr?lk?? Allaft ?/ (*? littni'rf, 4r. I arrivtd at litimi Irti d*yv ?lno*. It'adnx day ugupt It I put up at tbr Orv|(on II' t?# J'lat o J ta I da city. Alttr rvatluif a fan daya I ?t ut d>i*n Utk ty. to in- a |)r Adauia who attauilad ut durtim aa 'aektf thaeb<l?ra. ilCniiM, ton ?a* at tba Vi?rvt> Hi lli'tfl, i< ni .No T. 1 ba f)r*t tbli i- that attra?'*4 y bitabtlon, ?a? tba t,?in? of K. M Kluyi, out tu tha nA it a el air I ri nia< kt-d tbat II a naroa aa - fair Iir to ma. and aild "t tuppnaa It ni>t bo l.i-ul I'hijl, h" U gen* i n t?> < fcufi rut? " | a?< tut >ruir<i it ? >; idlfi'Dtf Ditn In the r - m ri-mx'tfj, W< ha rut * n?t r U>r* tka Saturday |?r? ?i >u? In hU ilit'l adM " I it* th?n ti Id by l>r .1 ?o? on? of the d1r?l man ?hf ti d btw, (Ut lif d"d mi H.i?if Ai>au?t I ., onij tkrv? do* |>te?i ?' t< ??f rriaal na l not be. i d?ialu?o at i rue*', b, an iim iid ?>ih?r ?)? ) f. r oioro than ?? ?*. I ?b >ul t a* mV UitKHR )?u tirnlu r Inr al>i? Altktltlia*, ri bid bi>t b alii Ivrthir)* H. ui?r< ? ib - pr oprietor I tl.a 1< l ad di> <1 auJ *a? ju?< b i t I ?u>i a <ir 1. Ut'Din, tlm hail asltd a* bi.rk-i nr ?? ??-p-r a* tlm lit today. I ba?a had a<t np|mlumtt <<t i tnnrli (t ?lth Mr Muruian, a id t? t?t* urn tin f>4.* ii n | ai tinilar- *r it U fr m mi?Lv*i, > "%ra * l? i ii til* may to l allf< iila ami ia ? >iu4 up lu i?ana: (irrgi,*, Willi an, he an- atil/ acting a? ra r Vr JilitiH-it tbil??t1tlii| bera for t ? at-a-nar la i?)l I' ?a? th? tlileliliia (tia It Ugnt) of ; IUt b"v li-r to (< b> ?ha pr??l?>u? atevoer Hi - t'aatiaa and a a< at d<-? li to I < b*ir> at b hi'ii an I l?f; linn ?a Kit l?r ?bat rtftM'b. lie <i ?? u,t an . i n ir tr ? hifilid l"< (m b) 'hat Maawer b-it r*?rai??l ?.m? n.a at lt-lagn and ranpbt tha fa*i>r *?. ?-r i?r avn< * ali .ar ard g-tMug baiter, ha aaina up to K* 1a na> * 1!?f gattll K bat'b h?i a ha toot too iimah n?rl?a II tUn| ab?'Ut bo , abiati ?** n br >?|jiu on taa fc?a#. la Ilk i.d? raiitti |j*d hTi Ha t<>ld tbaiu be it'l l d ill hi'all the la?ir aid to** a l?r^a -jn^iti y of i Ilitl.a to do an lie ah-n <>r |. r-d Ibe ana lay, ilii ua) ) a ?-t !<<lie n to be iM??r?ed and atulfe i b?r td apl'i r of ?l> nb ha |i.?rto? b rtfi h*-a ill/, th? ?a<wa .l.i Ih l??. r r.n.e ... e..l ai.ii a .Ha i - I M Ika <>t>t Mi.d. Mhitrd bynh .|. i? nifh n M a til lm nllr?l ?htil ?liieh ?a* hr>?(ht K> j mt br.?. |.? r> ! ? ?i <1 In f?? boiini* w?? ? I K?if 'nil jitif br'lh?r jr??? Hi-l?- u?4'<rlM Kurt* <?f * l??(i? tr?*; ifc?r# m?*r?i fr*,?ti grara- .f It tcrti r mtrlt 4?hI. Vol lift ?n )4> nf tho ttifl mitt* ?* h?T?- lt*<t in ?-ro??lnn |ti? IMHiiiim ?i? >tr?t ?i'iiii? up tn? ttnr, ?>?a*4 i)> ti <1 ill'llU* l< XI 4 ru,-?- n i l HI. II Iki i?l r- no in all cr?*ili>? i? ?r '.lm in mnwl'i* i im Litin to Nktnt A gr-m% djilug IM A .

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