Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1849 Page 3
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?uritic><, au<l ?>> emplrye-at of tb>< In ? hii * rial* I pureuit* 'I bin allli tha nxltoiail >t-oin I In Kuwpa, th- ra-ult of mora | >* *?.>?ht~ iI*m o<i ti< < ><<Uliflt lita rrdutnl no*?ruu>?iit aerurlti- * fro i ????o t??n per triit iitrulua to ?lt??o and t?al*? i>-ir sunt I mini state* pnr?lit<i>il no tne eoutiaaut ?i moderate pi leer h*?* rxwutlj b-?n r? turikil to (,?a-t?n for *?!u ?' th* a<i>una*d pro uiuiu hii 1 tbi'. ui*rk?t kf, Ihiri'fi'i', h??u f cpyli-d pretty troely fr? H !*<> ? ur?f?, vitbrut a corr< apoudiu? il 'iu i>)<i ' kr ID uin t or f< r >p? eolation It l<th<- <>omr>ti l>n,irea i<u lu ihW tb?t a further decliue will tie e? |Kri?K' d. oni). bo*tv?r tu o<l>-r?>Ki'i(iiDt Money otitii>a'-i> eieeedlugty ahu Jiiaut. ami loan* ?r? anliy *fr>?'<d <-n ' all at f iur pnr o^nt Prine* f"t bo-li??Ms |?|H iii th? * reet. are tin ariteri<in*?if th? ?tat? of the Wi>) uarket. We l:nd that whuu money ia lit-rally \tfn lor t-U3plo>tiii ui a'. th- ra'a of four p-r wot ?a fo??? iiiimt ttrnrlty. bu ium" pap <r * i<l he n?litii< ia tl ^dit. t ut tatiK ruryiiiK froai wrru l<> t?el*? au 1 f.ftvri. p?-r eent So much d<-p*-ud< upm tl?? i|>ieltty of the paper cttVrcd tb" length oi tina Iwfirn U mature* <! > iircuultiM <<f the holder to.. *.? . that it. i<l<up>4> i uble tn for in mi y idea, irum ?ucli tuiuga, of tli? atiua1 | a at* f 11 a oiai kat A a, I.I. I ilje i iiftlntr abuoiaona of moMy. It would l?e aeiltnlnok a little ahead an t aae if there ! ? ant , ?< U:e prol ability of a urnm Immediate ehaag* than appear* upnti the lace of thii><? It in we I kooeu that din n y i he i evnlul iri.r iii Kiiinpe an I ai injure a iiouut of aipl'al ?a? aent t? Kr^litiil for wife keeping this capital ik now finding iim vuy bark an i tbi-ra will be qul'a a drain, for a time, upon (Cu^lfid ThU way m quire tkv tbiptnmt of l^rge atnouute of ?p-m? and Dachargee tor u period will rule agaia?t 'iraat Bltain U't ret lhat u>uae) la Knviaud wa'. at th- la<t date mo/e iu demand. port of wbich ?e attribute t<> the bange iu the riiritiit of capital ThU will no (1 'Ubti fleet ilia iii. n.-v market* of tbla country ?* atl th i iiun.miate ??vwii--1?1 w niitni ?t furelatuerii bar* will h* railed for ?i d ?t "i c? reia.ttwl Prompt and full paydii i t for "iir lnip*>r*atioca will be d?uuni|?<, *ud all tiilirti* ;ij l?vcr cf no?ri <>n t ie other ?i le I'.irttiaiih Itii'iiila'rd \ tightoea* in the money m?rk?ta of |fi>tUiiil "111 nun!} be fnlluwfd by a contraction tlm nyh< ut Ihe I. uited 8tat en; mid u* the f>rtuari? ?nj likely In ta*? place. It would Im well tor uh to prep?rr for the latur, iu time to prtveut aay ?eriout eon' ?rqi:i nr'.H |i IxuritUfd by many. tlmf the receipt* of (old from ('alltornta ?ill fri ai ihlii lloir furmt.d. buioltrgnthiit tighlnet* in the mi a- J market in ho utter ini.i'wmihijity '1 hen ir no doubt but tlntt we shall receive by nearly f*i ry ?t< iimcr from Kranninoo, large lota o ( *1 lori.ia |[i Id. vhi<'h will tu>r at ooee into tlte circulation of 1 lie country and ul into that of the ?i tld ?i larye. Judging from the auioiiti*. that has alrtaoay him rro-itrd aud the arentK* aiu >uut realtaed In the tniiiei. by tacb siioer, during the pa?t year, and n> lir ax known till* tin- production will be full as large a*the ra-i>t unguitie hn?a nredictri It in ertin>a'rd that at lea-t bfty thousand miners will ba aworg Die irici > h. f >re the c!o.-e of tlie present and that ihf for the year 1*419 will be ab.-vit tli>iiy h< u ami 1 lie digging r<a.oB tarna out to ba uiw-li nborter than anfaip-itod. In e >n?*nu*oce of tb# piiowr. flnliali rain*, beat of weather >inkoe?, Jto , aid tl'? aotual laug'b of the seaioa i< tber?f.?r? not lUftiiMy fcmrriatiird It would be e-liiiiaMoa utioa very in j?-)fict <! '? to attempt a<>y ca'oulationa relate ? to the average Indirl lual. or the a^jreyUe prodnolira, fur the year; but that it will be large uu una eati for a moment doubt It may reach a* hi/h uh teeuty Biillioar, aid lie probability la that it will not ?*rj ma li froui that amount We hate not that extravafcnat U a of the inexhaustibility of tha g .Id liven tA < altforal* that ?a had at first. or that is autar ta'iifd b> umny at prvient Kortj or fifty tbouranU uiiuere will. Iu oua year, dd o ?r piatty thoroughly tity large extent of territory, and the probaoili'y U 11 ii ri> hc.-t ?eetli<n? will be pretty nearly u<ed up fur a jaar r two 1 be opisloa of Ibiwe wli i are lollI'ately artjnallited with the Uilolug r.<o>a of t alif.r ult. I? t) at elUr li t' firrt jmr or t*o tho uet distil* < will bv ?-?hau-:*d acd mlu?r? will hare to drp <aJ ei?tiraly up u tbr dry digging*. whieb will, by tbal time, pay a uaa t?o or ibrt-e do'.U-na day for bar! Ub <t. 1 hla will probably b -the r*-nit of the moraiaeat, M far a* dl(/K>' t l?'<' '* eonaerutd. 1 he lapld rlif of ' AlTirata *a a e^na-nirelal eoaotry, I* ?m uf tha moat aitrnariliatr; inaUo4 tha a?e Twelve 3?>Dtba agr, there vara ant mora than Ira lb uraijd proplc Id lh*t wb< 1m of tUat aouu'.ry, aad at tbU nii'iarut, aa hare bo doubt there are at laatt algh ty lb utaad The la't atraoaar from thia port for <,'ua f far, tarried ( u*. a mall f >r ? aliforala, aoataiulng ?>re tbaa tweaty tbouaand letter*. tod at thla m naunt : thtra are lu the port of Saa Krauolaio at le-a?t thraa | hundred tall of eeetela, frsia ehip* of al(ht hualred I taaa, down to pilot h^ate An luaoiente aapl^al la , laeki-d up In tbaaa veaaela, an It la lapoeaible fur hriM to pet away, aad they have to lay ip la or* j diuary Tliry are literally wltbdrawa fraaa tha < ' Miuicree ef the world, and It will br along Uaa before tb-j |*t lata active eaipl.-yaeat agui Aa loneuu aB' Ukt of nitrehandlee ha* alrrady rea:h?J tbe market* af I altfoiica. arid priaa* hare, la iiuaaeraue In ataari* fal.ea below IUoni itrrrnt at tha Atlaatie port, ?t' ahtpairnt. Tbaia aail, ?<>a?#4u. ntly, be heavy )??a*A ablla the aourniarr wl.l bv beoe.lited t > a a?rrn pui dii'f nlilit I tilraa tha arrltala of good a at lao IraiirUeo roultnne aa large aa have alraaly h?ra allied lh?t? laa^t aoon b? a t'ua^a ta priae* for tha better, aa the eaoraioue engrail m to that paint awl r-jalre lariie rtocka of nteioUaudi*e and prorl-lnaa. The low prlraa iuI>bk at tha latrrt datea will d?tev aierehauta fr< ui inealu* uhlpineuta, and we aapaat, (* fo?e the lapte of many ui?i<lh<, te ran a tavorabla ati.ia^a la prla?a la tha uarheta <f California tjo amah al(ll>arnl atlU riot* lu tAllfumla to anabla u? to obtalu in id. reel acd eurreet aia><a?nte of I'm* acta*! lata <f thii?< Ultra, ptrlliultrly In r?la>loa tu th-i W v. |"i? >? w... ...? '? third- a n ?>> an wa ??.) ft-t h ll of U>? !> ? ?n4Hii? "f affair* Id t&at latin>Ut| p tf III* *Kld 1 ha ltti:l?4 *tut??*Dt aiblhi'4 tHa ??)?? #f m?rrh*nal-a Iiii<rti4 tiilci Ba?ta f.>r tha ati.itb of *AMa?t, lli aa< h ' tha pa*t l?? j ar> I - ?>< ( i.r mi r. .1 *r |M??-Vtiri ?r Ur?m.* m? t .7*7*' $*.?' ' 17/ fr.* 72 tc! ?? I?r17l?l p-?w I't'TftUrt 1,. Ifftl t? si - *V t? I ?rl? III la l ( 4at.?? pai4 ??4 Rimini. 4'*.41) *< 711 *n 7) It Wtii It i V?r?rd hf t ha ab itiK J*lt Ibit t)M tirprl- a?4 rtillr? forth* la't aiiath aihihlt a Wi J Ifliia OT?r ll> '? f tt?? ro nt'i of \u41wt l?t J??r The af <1 at labia >;rhn I' *1 IK' *17 nr ahmi to par aaa?; of frra 4'*. Mints * Mi-,1 ft par a?ot. Tb? linriHt of .InI aa puJ U ?*?< M7. Mmk Ki*h?ii(?> ?.v>r? I nr. -4, ilw lirs * It Hami W? *1 ?*? 4ft W? Tm riariaai B* Ail^ (ft<a 4?,-?1 tin if 4* <UJa ?? ? ? **.*7 ?! Itn . ? 4.. ft' ?U*4M In I n;. M 4- v?l ?!'? ?i*d 4ft. (.? 11 -Va 4o d*> IW aaOMar. I? I'M 4a 14', Kd'rm *(i'?,?IJw III 1*? 4* a; m>' ?? ?; iKM.a?iU SHI IMI* 4? r ??> >?( a, Kd PI *>? 4> *V * 4a J .t? T)? ?f Aa )? ?*? 4* ( MtTmi 7S i'w <? *?? * 4a lf? 7J? f.W 4a i.'*-, Mi l>ra>fi' Tim< (n ItW *a rt1 t?Vi * 4a aMa >7^, ??<i?il#7,a 111 f*<ulHCa , ,V'i>liN?ti*?iUJd H la ?* iim 4* 37 r* 4 > " w |Vr?i t.aa4<i4 R4a V. K* 4a MO .17V t 'Ml 4a Mm A, % I.41 4o MS 'V* >!< La.? I*1m4 17 I a 4? .?r;? M <? m U Iff) Irtl H II * }. moaiip turn n * r.. ??, II..V, 1,VI ,)U> llartf? ua ?l" MV 3M> . k? i4tB|i KB *?S ' ? .V't ( 4o 4a .< !* 4? i? .VK I'M II kW Nt 4" Vi l?i 4* fill A1 | im 4ft ?' ?K M 4ft ?1 M I nn Ulf Mill 17>, ):<0 |.<m? I<l*a4 V-" l*V fmi 4ft km :a Cadi 0a T'? luo ? arl?iu VH t ? M im 4? 1.14 n*r, \IITt. Sp> i\i>iu I'Mmism *m> rMiHA?MN.?4 ro? Hat? A < ftfir.i"! arit.-, W<r'? ?rr^ft4 la Ml? ifttrf, ??! ? f rhW. 'a tl.a ?ft'l THw'ti ii 'ftBi, li?? r*t?a?1?<-?rft? ct 0*iHl?4" I* *" a*4 wa??r ??lftrn A'lft, !< ???In > tr-<a M ?* !? * m .Tft V ??d a> #7 dr. ?4?>v. f ?4 . f,?r. rrtia Kiif| 4. M ta JS I*.. .4 f?r. 11 M.i^r V IIBW BOOK!, 4kc. I'MZA f I K*k 4 iO? ?HAI,-NO .1. 4MS4IC4N r?l. 1 I > t>??, r > f ?4 > -IV ?t' f it" < - I. p -ijii '? p >? ? . ? lut lil'AV' Mti ?? -?>?. N?? Tnr?, ??1 ?il| Kjr all ?, > .. |>t> fHr? t*?a?r ? ?rir?-?, ar fl H }i*t ftjr.SU | hi M mn. __ T'i nip o* 15r.< r. ?*.?LMf uti'MRor " llH | < >1 ? - l'| ' 1 1 1 r, n.r. <* 4a> f * ?f*a*er ?f U.l -i??i * a** i ia** * 'K-v,.' i r< WM>r>niiori HI ? i >r>r ') < ' " t>? t fimf ?>>i#?f* 4f? H *1 '1 I a* t ft,. , fan f ? ifc. , c ?r? jr. T" '? n ? ?'wO.<ii-h?fr V ! a flrtai iV< i f >h? ?'1* "? f I"' ft ?!ll'#*? "Tf ? . Irt ??. |vr nil -t >h? Har n r. ixMr, f T Mri/il I " 1?, ? I - >*J? ?l< If . I v ?tf n I' * n at. 1 ?<**'? ??? 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Mm 1 Ji'iiircr W.\SU! Nf.TOV, ??tl ?! " * a . rhi? < fht?mi Thtir^ilav, tli? kOth intt. at throe o'.'loult P.M. ln *e d f Hint* A. W.. h*?u&?'f<?r?s itinounc* I, th* hour of enlug ? ti'?u ehlu^eU frvui l'? A Ji. ?u4 IV * * R K((| nv P ?lt?*M*l r r|M? Ol' K PHILADELPHIA tillKK*-~rHOIK ft who ?ipb t* hr runnier'y *oppfie<l with 'ho H?r?l4 "an I lfMV* ihfir liHuiM ? ZlLHfcc'S. No. S Th'f1 street, h-l?w ? b.oiiiDt. * ti re f'ij t'e a<?pi?H f**r *+lr immodi* ?' v ou | ?m%ul of the New \ ??rk A<ir?rnMiin?.i'? loft then W<?re 4 o'ulovk willinmre in*?rtioQ tlio following d*v. rpii i.kami tiipijf or m t. tut ioio w [ JL ?>iij< nrif d ftifion it A merit in Hm.1I. corner of Jr*?:d I ?lr?e' *< c Rr??udwiiy, thi d lU'd i Wrduoedwjr)??? !?,?, I it ? fcht o'clock. ltepre tu'un\ta w ill pl***-* i?? o ??. ?%!. I l? Ml \ ? r PEER4 <; RT V. IiiVTimiirfiiLui b. MiofvnuNo Jk ?i??n t flo*e 42 Cr?Hihy itrtjet, h?? i*e I itove Rroou e j?|r?eH. J H i? expert iu<? in irmy nihlm | hio to nt'fnd t" i'l cliim*- ???ldn r* wi?l'>wn, or r^Um*, I on ihe l'Lilr?l 5 u'.en. with |?romgi: i- w4e i'id d<e<i> ? Dr. GRA5PE H. rowi^l. Fft\N<'|<?CO r \LIf?r? 1?, htvinc fKUhliilii-d Mraivlf In t'l*' ;< m?>, in t *?? | ihii p kitil rMii*ni?*ion t* i?r?D%rol t> trtiio-wt, In tl>? U'0?t Mti?f|ctorv num?r, any hu*ii v?s uiriflti to Itifi urt. Firfnriher i?ftinu?i"n, m-p v t<? ? s. i>. M (TnI nt'H 1 Pefrr* tnWu n F-?? hi LivinarM ui H lir ?a t Ponicr-a k, ii 4o.; IV U. V*&tl?rvuor? U C?., i! go. ?m/%K.i>i*o. <w.. BDAKDIMJ- FI KNISItED HIKiVli \T .HI BRO\D >aj, with twilling ro u. and oilier ????uieu?e* iu k?v4 trier. BO Ml l> ens TV O RJJO'M t Mil E Vol NO ?RN <W W> cominiid* ?'ci ?iih hoaid ni^ I >4jlk(iu t private f.milt, wleie Vrvinh Im ?p.ikcn. A|fl} *1 N*. llU<'?o*l Hfi?l tufcrwwi mtuH. BO A RD.?>'< 1 A?an r RI'ITM OF Boom with How; ftl"" r.<>ci? f**r iinfl- K?ii!ltm *, ( -Mi llr >*.U*y. Board-FUSNItmi d i'h rvriTBNISHED toons total ? ith ?T ? Mhoa' board iu A >?n?H *?u?ll?. Tt-ofr de irons of eMail u>r ? ?jnii*t mid eiuifoitahi. nomo. * olittiii Hi* ?>m? at 10(1 I hawlur* itrre*. Prmie,;e of lath I torn. Bo plimo?two parlors to i.kt, puhmmicd, ml'h I'kM er full Kourd??ri?*le taM*, went ii Jt ?f Apftvtt 4fi I j | m. ai <1 r ir'?t Boakmkg?a t.*.nt'.rvav can hi: t?d ?ith a it t'lic I ""in ami h'it rosin * ith fn<i ?" r ?rt'k'luird?|>il\?t. lull*. Rathe for the ??o of i hi ip iui?. Atfi) at Ml etrtet. BOA Ml WANTICU WITH U N FI* KN I i 11D R<? >? *. h- I*' en Fr?akHn "reef tod I n1 ' n I'ark. *?t of tini i* 1, n r ftrnUotiian, hi* ?if? and wither, mti in a'lilii. (?'? ycart old.) A |rn?r* faniP.v ?r?lVrr?d, .ir *here 'hu'e are ^ut l? w hoarder*, f t rnimi i* >inni*d itione $1.' to > I ft |-?r < eh mill he p%id Addr<M. with farticalar*, L M. V., Br- aH * ay P??i Oflli *. Board it a \ ten?in a gini km. chi vatic piiily ) a rrrt'eDiea, wife aud child, ura the NiathAralii a. ur H Ah- re -I'll reet. A imi* addrro i It a .'714, I'm* Oflne. ? ill he attend.'I t<>. Kef-remen eiohaufed. L^CKMSIIED APaRTMR.NTS IN IRVINO PLACE.-A r eaiteof A|iartu.entat elu^aatU for? *'ioi. >iia *lin( of fr at I'arior. Uinlar II tin R.?driM<ni. lle.i fl i r Al?'\ ?lurr.hh*d (! tirc m n?i th? 'hi" I fl ??*rt will b# let M Applj ftt No. Iff IfTlDK IMffi. rpo HOARDING Hon-E KIKPF.KS- 4 HK'iR BXJL i?i iUh ubli, hmd ran:*- lo ??f timiu* 4<? i?:r?"ua. for iau to- uiorro* At COl.TON'S, vj n^kmnn otrvfi. K'llOOLH SII.PI RN n. BKaM'II H \ VI NO RETURNED FROM t alifnrnla. will mm Inatrntt, at th* rva->iau'-a ?f p iii'i, iu lha Fti|ill?li Kudiwnt*. CUw>?>, *al uef) ?r V'mih |rtfkrr4 N-r etlltr*. Lilii'lid irmUnoti Uii|M io nn-tk lr<1 writ* aorra.-ly. Aiirtn 8TEPUICN U. HKkXijll, Uitnnf I, |K< Hull llfttf. 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J STA I I. or NfcW WlHJC.-vUlKRlAKV'^ OFFICE. aIIhim Jvta 14, INI ft tlM MwfM >>t ihe oi y and outi) of Naw Vork ?Sir: Nutlet 1m birH v giveu, ut thu ' iiiinl Clnllftt. to i r h?M in lliii rUata ? u tli? Tat i*(| ?y au< tiiilifei l' r tint M< ro ?> ? l NnviuiUr uoat. ttt? folia#iu^ ofio* i ma to if i ltct? d, wo A Jan|io i f the Court of Ai i*a>, ia tL?i platt tf frttfccra G. Jr^ctt A hirrnar? of State, in the | \a^ tof riimtoDlirr Murjta. A Coioi'irol'wr, in t*-e place <1 ^n^liiaKtvii is nut. A Hi*t?- Tnu-urvr, in tlie pine a if Aivtli Hiiiit. A Attorney i>?i ml, iu 'hi p!.?ee of Auii ront L. Jordan. A Mar? Knfiuttr acd ^urvtyvr. in th? |J#?ce > f C.'karles B. tnart. A C'i?ral omwiwnotJtr, 4n tin* ylaot of Ntl*on J fltath: and An iin??tor tf State I'riivui, in tht plaot tf i??M S. Ctnmtoi k ; All ib?i? ttrma of atniee will txpirt an tbt latt day tf DvciniUr fivit. A Itn. a Jnpti"e of th?* ^nprernt C'turt, f'T tht Tiraf JudittaJ Ptiirlrt .ti ttjr piai't of S'luinrl June*, wh?ttt toria tf atrvitt will eapire on tht latt day of Dvitiubtr n?at. Al*?> o St-nut r t?r tht Third Kenatt Uitbritt. In tbt |?l?tt of H UMam IIh'I. a lit, m Senator for tbt Faurth Sinutt District, In tht ptnte tf John I.. Lav renct. Al?>. a Senator t r tht Fifth Stnatt Di-tritt, in tbt pUtt tfsan arl fro?t; and A 'no, m Senator t r tht Aiatb Stnntt Diatriet, an thu plate of H ut. Satietl Johntvn. All aboie tfrusot atrvitt will eifirt tn tht latt day tf De? tu I or n* it. Tltt followuif ofAtera arr alee to he aleettd for tht taid tity And touiity A Jntttof tht Court tf Cov>m?n Tlent, in tht flntt tl Miel at) l"l? hotflrr. A Judftt tf tht fcufrrni Ctvrt, in tbt pl^tt 11 Aaron Taadarpi tl Stxttrn Mewbtre of Aaatuhlj. A Shtriff inolare of Joun J. V. Weetereelt. a < ? ?>ta r?u?t i i?m u ik* ni >< ? ?f A farmer. in the plae* of H'm. A. ? nl?*r?; All liaaa'arBi* ?.f HriKW alii ai|ira ?b the U't 4aj af Brfral'tr mt. [Tti* fcl*?'?re llireiulmue tk? *? ? ara aJ?n to ?M for a? it r a4 f>ti< n el If a ut eulitlW 'An *tt *mi?Mi? rag Fra? ftekeala Muuk^Us*I iha !<i<.! ," puwi 4?reii Jh. l-vi? ) CUkl!)XOrllhM MOttJlN. SmrWJ ? But*. 8?i?irr'? Orriti, ? New Vork. July 71. IMP < TViU?ti 1* pal.Uahai parontiit hi ih? uutievf I'.i Seeretu) If "i.?? .<! ! Hie r?<|o:n!iiM,li (.1 tti? .a HH BiimU ?i.4 pratulad JOHN J. . W ESTENVI5I.T, Bbwtff. y *11 ?Ke is tl.c "?> ?!?will i?.Mi?li the ; tl?<i ia?9 wavV, uitltki '. ? i.>?, arid ir.t-a U*u4 la ktelr ti.l? fi r n4??r?wlaf Ilia Mat. ? th?t eh?? m*j M laid ktfnr* tli* U< ar?l af >arrr?io?ra, at>A pa*?ed pur*>?nt. S?e k??la*4 MeaaUe. Val. 1. Cbap.fc. Tula 3. ArtielaS, Wr? I, r*4* mu. ?r i ? jXT-a? 1- ^ . + z WAITIt IN rim* AT ION wA.NTrn INTORM.TION WINTIH af kr M.i i!?'? of Ha y aoiav. Jrelacd aV< mritril I li 'lilt itatiMii ?r abmi iin litaf Jalt Iti*. la t<liktrti m I fr? >) <?! 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