Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 22, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 22, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 6586. Tlw First Union Democratic Ratlttoktlan llt?tltig?. THX MKETINO 11 THK KIOKTRETTH WARD. The united dunocraey of the Klffhteenth Ward held their Ant ratification meeting for the purpose of conArmiag the nomination* for State offloera made by the Teepee tire convention* of barnburners and hunkers at Vtlea aad Syracuse a abort time nines laat nlcbt, at hrad Qaartera In Dread way A a It waa one of the flrat atttlifa ef the kind that waa eall?d nines the reunion f the democ ratio elements, a *r?at deal of Interest was felt as to the remit; for upon it depended, it waa lapposed, ths complete reunion of the "nnterrifled." not uly la the ward in whleh the meeting was held, (ths ISth), hnt throughout the whole city. Mr. Jams* Cennca sailed tKe meeting to order, and a motion, Mr. Rshert Kelly waa appointed chairman. Messrs. T. 8. Henry, John 8tephen*ou, O. W Varian, and J. M. Smith. Jr.. rise nrealdenta. aad Maura Rlift Mil, Smith, ui John Gibbon*. NonitulN. Oa motion of Mr. Shepherd, t committee tu ip)oint*d to draft resolution* expressive of the mmk of he meeting. The committee consisted of Mes*rs. Shepherd V. W. F.dmond*. Rimnrl Osgood, Win Van Wyek, and John Olbhom: and they reported the fol. lowing resolution*. wbieh were adopted unanimously and with great applaure Resolved. That the whig* have obtained power in ?vr National State and ' Ity g?vernm?nt*. by pledgee which they have already frequently end shamefully falsified. In the administration ot our national gorernBoent, an ultra federal eablnet have forced th* President lata an undi*tlngiii*hlng proscription of democrat*, whieb violates a pledge solemnly given to the people, and taints the outset of bia administration with falte hoed They have prevented the building ef steamers Tor other power* ot the globe by American mechanic*, , and their rale by American merchants. without the authority of law and In derivation of the Interact* of our eltlaetis : they have attempted a rya'.em < f petty electioneering In t'alifnrnla, for the purpose of avoiding tha settlement <f a weighty national queati?n: thny hart refused to rec guise new government* organised upon principles ot popular equality, and to extend their sympathy to those people who were struggling for freedom against tyrannical Inatitntlon* In the ud'nini** tratloaof our State governnu at a federal legislator* have violated that faith which ? pledged to the publie creditor* by the aew cncMl'mlitn; broken down tha fcarrlMaof thatln*trument atainu new public debt and threatened the people with additional taxes In the admtnletratton of our Municipal government, a fedoral Common Counoll bare sanctioned. br their sileDce the firing oat of oor npt conn act*, in which tome of their members were interested ; they have been lavl-h in their expenditure* beyond all precedent (a* the tax bill* for tlia preseut year will fully fhow to those who choo** to examine them); they have removed the ohlef financial officer because he refused tn permit tb* misappropriation of fund* in violation of the ehartor; they have failed to frame and enferce proper *aoitary regulations for the securitv of our sitlsen* aoj visiters; they have interfered with the trade ot those engaged In innocent and lawful occnpation* In short, we are *atItfled that there 1* neither recuritv for our principles nor enr friend* under any one of the present administration*. and we will therefore oppoe* tbeui all by vigorous. united and victorious action Hesolved. That we hail with plsasure the nomination of a single ticket by the democracy of the State of New York: that we will no longer countenance dlvlsloo or Submit to defeat; that threatened as tha ooautrv is by the wbola ay?tem it whin nu-aMiren it I* tba duty of all ihom deroted toth? d-moeritle policy, to unit* io Ttfforou* effort* to ???rl the political avtU whinb imparl over the nation and to re-tore the constitution to It* friend* and the D(n>(<*m?nt of public affair* to tbota who will administer tbam fur tba gaaaral intercut Of tba people. Krt-otved Tbat our undivided energle* (hall ba 4aTotad to the fuoom* of tti? deia >oratt? party, upon there principle* of pnliHc*! aquullty *? bare no often Jjroptulpoirj and which t? ud to tba elevation of tba ?*orfclug ela?e#i??the d'florlon of republican prtnolplo*, ?nd tka tecurlty of liberty to our#*lr?* aid our poatarlly. LoRkmo D. Rhffhran, F.?q , wai nailed upon to a<l> drene tbr mrftiDc af'?*r the parage of tha ab >r? r*?olutloca; but befora doing <. h? moved that tba State nomination* be adi p'ed hy tha mooting which wasdon* unanimously He tlien *ald ha would yield tha fljor to Mr Co< hi?n. of the 171b ward Mr roniaan aald ha came on Invitation, bat mora ] a M *prctat? r than speaker and wha'rrer be would lay would dtrw?i-d uiore to tba prewnt oondition of tha j r>ariy. than to thenrie* and aigumeut* wltU which ?a save nothing to do T|i>* oiei'tinu hat already axprnntid Ita teellng* in lt? ra?oltitlon?. an I he w>ul<l *p> ak not to tin ui but to the iilorlouH pt<"[>M5t whli'h l? before | the united drir.ooratio parly He tbvn noui pared tba party to dliided atream* whUb nni'.?d in their oour?a, nd ln-came tbe great fathrr of water*. oTaroomiog \ very ohetacla on It* way to t''a great ocean but while tbt democratic party ??* divided. ?h?t *Mth? 1 whig party doing' I her placed b-fora th? pubtln ? a i Candidate fur tbe Preeldency, a man who?e p .litl al prl??-i|.|ei. aire unkuown. and the pre>eut l'r??IJeut of tbe United Kiate* recalled ofll-a without principle. fctllarad Ibara ? ? rio?aoriA?*n/prtnolpla la tharaimlon of tb? damoeralla party ur*>l?) think- It onll'ion tui lit-nau*? any prlaolpli- ??? ln?ol?ad Id It, fcnt Wr?u?? it I* th? >i*aib- ku*ll ?if whig ml* la thm fltj and tbraua(h> at tha country H? tbrn dr?? glowing plctura or tba rvrulta of tha viot?ry that walla lb* (t"in"<>raey In tba uatt ?l?otl io In Mn?? <!?? of thalr reunion , aad raNrrad to tha gl >rlim? vlrtory of tha d*ii<?rt?y of thl? > I y la tb* )<-ar I K.iw A rrgwlar bard llatar at thta jkimi int?-r?p'?d Mr. tiapbard, wiib tba remark that It would not do f'<r ona fatty ta ba Is powar ail tha tint*. (Put him out ) H<*?-F larra. ?\ uu nau't do It. I'm tba boat da<n>>erat In tb* rwon ?navar voted any otbar ti<*k?t aid atrr will) but II you ait?ui^t to put ma out, I'll tmourh you I'll "ma-h your noaa. Mr Mbapbrrd aburtly afUraaril* oonfllndod. 1 ha uirctiOK aat attsraard* aJJra-a?d by Mr Roi tffd. Mr W add- II aad othnrr U ?< rary uuauiiu tklOH|b('?t. rurani wa*d mritinb. I.aat aranlng corral union masting of tha damn, eralla republican tltetor* of tba ward, wa? aonranal at Mikif'p XT Jama* atraat, by altty d?m?*raU. baadad With tba namtt of Wlillatn Damian aad Daanlii Mnllla*, to maka tba aoo>lnn'!oa? for tba primary malting to ba h?ld on Tim *d?y oaat Tbo attaodauoa *a??i,? ?*ry nnmrrona Jcbu \??ry pra?ld. d Mr Jottrn M?av ir , tb>u r>ll Iba r pori of tha apptdotad on tl>? prwvlotM ul*?it *n i?laa?<? fur to* faraial ttck?u. fha iiamaa wara at follow* Jm*?Kloranca Maf'arthy Oanl?l W.( lafVattid C liarlrN > |||? . v*a'* - J<d?? W. Arary, Brajaala D Webh and Jaaob UU. E NE MO] Oeuwy.?Timothy <?a>rlck. W11Uam Denman, George H Pw?r C. J Douiihirty William H Tvwil ^ iraCy ? Jonathan Youdall tlnnrn Hml'h W, ft. By live*. John Rlrtdeu. PutHrt V)?l?lhtll. lama* Durnay, (hariea Toole. Iimni G Smith, John Karley, Jit&u Penoyer Thomas ronkley and Halpli Aitkin. Departmenti ~ William StorT. Dr. Joseph Hilton, Charles H. Colladav. William Raid an J P. J l'ari*?ti. Charter ? T)r William O'Donnell Stephen Lynch, William PbHIps. Patrick Crow* John Colgao. K H. Plum*, Patrick Merrick Patrick Boyle, Bernard V4oOuir*. Oforg* Butt*. William MeGarrT, Charles H. Lyon* John Clarke Peter White and Thoe Hherldan. Mr. Rota hnviag read the name*, then said the selection was made so aa to beet harmoalae the demonrv tie party, and he thought tt would hare that effect. There were me class that were excluded from the ticket*, namely, the polio*, and it wan don*, not front any pereonal conalderaiion whatever. hut for th* aak*, both of the pollee and the cause Th* ohj*"t wan to prevent injury to th*a and to prevent any injurion* effect on tb* ticket He hoped the tloket wonld h* satisfactory. and that it It would not b* chauged without good cauM. Mr Baikd, Affiatant Captain of the Fourth ward, wanted to know why the police were excluded? H* belonged to th* police himself, and he for on*. felt aggrieved. If tb* polie* felt aatlaflad with any injury that might he done them, from their bel igput on the ticket, everybody elee ought to be content. H* oeuld not help raving tbat th* police felt Insulted. Mr Jam>* G Smith ? If there be a union. l?t It be a real union H* wanted to kn*w why there were two to on* on tb* lint of those who. at th* laat presidential election, Tot*U agulnst tb* Tammany Hall nomination* Th* chairman then read ov*r th* list, when tt wa? ascertained that there 85 Tammany Hall man to 7 Barnburner*. Mr O H. Pt'iiFKa, aa one of the committee, wliUad to explain their motlv-w In excludiog tb* pollee. There ?aa no affenre intended, nor any ref*r*nco made, to Individual*; but there waa no discuMng the fact that tb* polic* had. on former ocoaaions taken oha'g* of th* politics of some of tb* ward*, at well at of the peace, and there wrr* tcrambles aa to who should b* captains and oho aaeiitant captains, and hence th* eaut* of democracy was iujored, if th* committee had put a policKraptsin on th* ticket, the Idea won*d go abraad tbat he would do hi* utmoat to have a frieud appointed Alderman There waa danger abroad; ther* were traitora in th* camp, from th* dsslr* to get Into th* >ollc* Mr. Dona said no man, who was an offloe-holder, ought to be put on th* ticket Th* President than proceeded to read th* list of soBilnatious name by name, and t>>ok tb* votea up >n sa*h 1 b**atire Itat van adopted almost an?nioi'>uUy. u- eu.... r... >k. .i-i,-. o . - ?*! two to one agaitiet Tammany 11?U. He begged to decline acticg and left the room Ills name waa objected to. but WM?4opted, with two ?r tbrtv dissentient votcea. V r Pi mu tli*>n introduced to th? meeting Mr. IValUek. formerly of the Tmm .Sun. ftlr. Wallace i?id the rr?M>i *h; the democrat* had loat to many election* wm. tbat thev did not eouie together at the primary mealing*. Tbu* the power gradually went out of their hand* The cauee of r?i> iblljanlfm In Kuropa depended on tha way they carried nut 'heir principle* even in the ward. Th? tree of liberty, ivboee branches were to aprcad over tha earth aad ble?? the nat'one with It* fruit, muitt be guarded at iti root. If they eould only carry the 8tat* and elty ot Neir Irerk it would have a more important effect than any >ther tbat could happen npon the neit preildeutlal ilectlon He bad lately aorn General McAltstef, from yatki nab in (Sew Vork. who *a*d to him. "If yon b >ya :*rry New Vork. we will enrry Georgia by a iwaepiuf iiajonty " The proceeding* of that evening told him, vith other *lgn* ot the time*, that their principle* were ioou to be triumphant again. They bad ju?t eateu ach other aufliciently to be now tired of it [Laugher ] Let them bury the pa*t. and noly think of thu 'uture Another notion which atiuck him that they ere going to whip the whig* waa that their forolgu u rn population were mut devoted to the principle* of l< mociacy. and would, ha felt eonfideut, almost to a can, vote a^aiort a |>arcy who had eytnpalhlsad more ith the t)rant* of Kurop* than with tha uatiouitli I-* hat wire trying to break the yoke. They would find tar ewer nit narehlxtx and ?ympai hicer* wit.h ohi'-al ;oft roiuni'o among ihe foreign b<>rn population, who tad fled fr<<m oci >r? m inn at hooia. than amoag a rim torn in tbi- ennutry. who judge theoi-el ?e. on * hat Mr. lenwett of the HetaU. call* "arndtlah ariU teracy." Loud ebet-r* ) Tha prvrent government had given to attlctance to Hungary, and had done m >re for old -pain than Kugland would have dob* tor her In the :aee of Cuba 1 bey bad aurrouuded tbat laiand with v cordon of thip* How differently did the democratic [overument act (and even clay approved of tneir lOlley.) whan old 8paio aad Mexico were atruggliug 'or the maa'ery ' t here bad been a great fu?* uiale kbout the removal of Mr Wainb from Parte, bit he only eeebovd the eeiitluienta of the preheat cabinet There >a* an impottaul election ooibing <>n. and tbe t?ni al >f U'aUh * aa only to throw du?t in the eye* of the pa ? pie Tbey bad got back Key from uba. bat they did not invirt upon any indemnity. Huppoce K<-??'ite or Mazflul can<e here to-morrow an I he believei there votld be 6i.u refugee* from tyra'iny hare v*ry *x>u ? uppote the Kt?peror ol KuaMa had aom* ten of the>e ten kidnapped, and tbat in tile oa*e uf Ave It w>ire ound oat tb>y would be rertnred, bit the other Ave ? urn be i-ac iflced. what c >mp?utallon would the live ?nd be (or the five loat? Heuce the nenehMty ? ! an udeniuity in eveiy lo*tanoe. Ike conduct of the preiDun at. in rtferi to tb't fblp L ulled ita'e*, iad Injuted the torbanica of Na?v Vork to tha a&ndnt >f two million of d llari. for there were order* from 'oietrn g?'?*rinnen'.? tor ve?*ei* ot ??r tu that ain >u"t: Out tba oiouirnl lb* government ?ali " tba nit'?tiaair.i [ Nrw t ork * ball u?t eoto^ara with. th? uiocbante' of I nndon " there >?< an rod to It- After tome baetaati'B*. Mr. Waiiaok concluding It ?a? tb?o ?gr- ed ti at ilia aeuretario* of th* thrn? >rganitaii<>ii* rho"ld Mally call in.- primary lei I ur?U?y Beat; *ua tba iaaotit>g separated at tan /eluL li.lertktlntc frvtii Central Anirrli'k?Trou? l>l? IratHidii Ungluiid Mint (lie L'litirit MllHi Tba wranad* ?iTr??poodent of the Lotd? Pttt, writing undt t da a of tlm 6lli' f Junn. ?a?a:? 1 tin goti rmuriit (Nicaragua) lirujul ?lgm< I a anilIract aitba .Nirib Aiuarluaa 0"it>|>?uy granting tb?u lb* tiduiha navigation i f tbH I'.lrar t*au Juan fur tba h ra> ft filteeri jear.i. oti th? condition ihattb?comp?n/ I I, innii " rui ling a canal from ib? l.aka "f ,N icaragut U> tba taoitir Oct au within a jr?ar fram the data of tb# pontraat Mr. i I'lollau, tba ia'a enroy to Loudon 11(>ki tba fitata ot Nicaragua. wa? recalled, ami tba contract tin bad entered Into vitb tba Loud >B or Litrrpool company ha? b?> u <l?alnred by th? oonnoll of itaia null ami void on ihx ground thai ba lial no nutb"?itj to tuaka auch a coutratt, hi* ln-lroallo?? bring limitvd t<> <l?o<aud of L r.t i aim r-ton ih" nwtllutioli ot tba |>ril ot Sao Jnan da .Nicaragua oalU ri orrj lr?u and hald tiB'l> r the protection of tba lirltiali flag for tba King ot ilwqullll Aa ertrari agent* bavn l??o aetlvaly engaged with Iba Mraraguan goTarntnant with ttia vlaw of acqulrlog ?i*ciar right* In tba territory of tliti *t*'a aod tt-erab) renoerii g tha claiuia of tbn Vloe^ultlaa king of tba mar aid p?.'t of Nnn Jimn Thira rait |>? u<> d??bt tut work l? Mag ant oat for Lord raJiu*??ton ?ltb tr>* goaaromaat u? tb? Unll-4 llt?twoi (tli quwilun, I4?nib?f>u? Uod nl< l .rdiblp ba* a*o?a.l In" MrriaiimiKni of holding t hit p >rt of *ao iutD for tba MoaijaiMau Muk tud.mi ih*otn?-f tha goaat r.?i-nt of !<">? Upon ttiU friurw n? uiara puppi t In tbr lands of tba BrltUb |n?nrii 'Kt.aiid a?o? th?lr datarialuattoo aot to alio* mof utopi an poaar t<> aatroacb (a- tbair chm't* <1 alTa r?? berr inoi> It; upon tba tnfUnrl?> of tba tfoulh Aluallran 3tat*a It ia * mat tar ?t much aurprlr* In p-apla la tbla i|uartar of tba world ho* Lord Piion-rilo* r?a h??? Wen n>?frj to h'? p"li-y ?rb r?gaid to th* lai|n>iU'i( Intormt* inrolaad In taa p hmI> t< i> of tba port of i?in. mil tha Ira* ?a'i?aiion of tba rtrrr Tbla rl?ar la tba oaljr uMtlat to U>? Atlaatle Onftn for ih* prodaaa of coata KIM tod Niaaragua. aod I am wall iiiforui*d that tba pra*ld>-at of tba foi mi r Stat*. L?? u .iota M. ila< a-trn ? a g*utlaa<an wolb*ut); dtatluf utrbrd for bin anll|{bl?u?d and libaial ?l?w* haa Diado. with tba itoarurraue* of hi* O'Uucil, pro^otalaio tba Hrlllrli i(o*ariiui*til. tba aoeaptauda of birb ui tba |att of Lagl?ad, * >uid art at r?at. at oiiaa and forarar. tba i|ua-.iioB of Mcaquitlaa ladapaadniw aad laaora to Ilia tlii( of that ausbtr; bla ri^ota rrr il a port ai d adjanrut tarrttortaa of thf !4au man; and atiiu IbU ba tt??:ad by tha ta*.jgnitioa of It* Ind'|ridinca bj oaa or Mora of tha aa'gbb-iring rryubliaa, tha i|U*?it?ii an to vbalhar tba king of no?f).iitla bi uld au; politlral aalnauna at ail. aad n?th< r ba ha la raallt; only a *at-pa? la lha h*o<l* of Lord Pain tratoo will ha kapt allaa. and lhua* right* di?patadaad d?aiaa by tba abula oft. antral .\marica Inlflllgrmr from tha Plains, Kitraat of a latter riccivad frua a aaabrr of tb? L U1UIIJ UUWII, VI l?JIII D1IJ UftlVU Kmi July 10. I4t9 Wa did not r*?rh tbu pia> - ml y??t*rday rn?y do not atantly taka a a>an'a purr*. but (h? n-it thn.< to ll.tlt : t* lor ?bn-1ng a hnr?w, tin plataa, *0 e?au vara; |m*tir ?p<?at, I'li, c?mi? each, ahUaay. tMltM^I t< lb* titm<wt ilk aanla a iinD? or It ata |>?r pint, tli.t r f>t??l, and <'??oy thing ala* In prupurti. n, tud km lull* at that No l>r? a<j no frmu n?al bo li.ilk V* a I m* lout.d but little dlfHrulty In nruMinl tba I'latte at <i l.aiau.le kt?era alth .ugii iai<*r thin tha ru>k U batf Ikr advantage of good road* to what tl.?) bad, atd Mir mi.lua tin. lead of dying the road, atf gaiult'K mmv ilajr. M ? pa-* nuuibera nt California victim*. In t he rliape ?f d? ad oiulat aad ox?n, along the tiau, ata .? a.O' lj a Ua) without our eat 1114 tr.nn ta 11 to ti tr gia?i*a I <i" uot underatand > ay hat they are rneatly v* eatt-rn lara A e.utpany Iroio Waihlng. ton 11'J iin<t? r tba roamaod u< apt. brnff, travailing ti>ar ao. Iwl unf nan tautl ' h?i?a Mletiop oa Hutonj byrbol*ra > ? rellt-vrd guard at t*o u al'iok la lie rooming atid dird it vor o cIimi ta m* attwuoon ol tba 1 ami. day Hit ab ut JS y??rt of age. K and 1 bar in# B? aia no tba ?iea llat. Dot ?artninly boaaat 1. though It. baa had a lung M'ga of It; J. I a- h.m ?iek. too but la #?a about; A la all right; ditto N w * are g leg along flnelj nia, making the lad IK) milar la 7 nay a Oat tlty I'uat OIImi Ma R ntraa I ahould tike to kn >?. thrmigh y?nt l?|oi, ?bat ti|ht tha Po?.a>a?t?r liaa tu oidar tba ra Hi-al of hllrta at tha hot dtlla-ry! l'hl< forenoon, w?irg m ai< la my bog. ami baling 'ha wind >*? op*n I *** ?y tillmtw-r. and ?< lu<?< r-d that 00 amount 4 irieir rareuliig lettw> far I a. If. .rut? Ui?y aomd n >t di ll?nr 8?.<h an ant U mi bttrary, and ahould nut b> loi tci Uu i, a. j. tiiiifr mrritn ir ?rrnn r* 01 a |in>iui a wmcn no K ??? I bi-for# tl-c't' n laa l?-n fulfill. ,l mm rha raauit U. that i tln-ra U B<> prtiicipl' oonnacttu *itb the?Jmlai-liatton , ?I tb? n?! ml (t"?? ri,ni? i.t Ho* la It with the wb<( ^ part? In tli# Th? pwmt (k?rrn >r ? ni?n , equally wlthrut prinrlpla kil l perfect '* ( lib'' out of \ untie U 111# luili-r of tin* win# p?rty In thli R'.a'*, \ nd U>? gnat-mini nt of thn Stat*, nn-iar hlai la. aa tUa , auprt'??-Y tbat party alwaya hi' ^ marki-d ?ith | crrmp'l n A*to ib? municipal jc<>*i rum?ot i f Ltta , city umliT (>i? ?bi|Ci the ?p-ia?r referred to tlirlr our?n nt corruption folly an<l et'r i?acanc? aliiee their , rotation ?<> poanr arid .?i,i if thn putiil.) ?i?h ref >rm, \ they tnu?t ftit lb* pre-ei.t e -rp nti .o out of <?01<3?? and , leaf better It)I'D llr c n-'U'W by tUUu(. In j-tneral Inm. ihf krui'fin vbii-h th? tli?. th? Hlala uf Na* . 1 York, and thf city of New Vnrk ?lil itrrlit (r?in a ratuin of (tin i1?nioi rary to power All that la required I to aaonre *letnry |i union and t uuiti J efT.nt iniu^ 1 the ili in? craoy. ami to-rati ? hth tnriaar dltn mill** ! I nuot lw I rc tti u and ihr hand ?f lal|n*ii|il|i eiteu l td | nd cerdlally accepti d I h? dilll iul'lea which former- t ly mlaMl among tint party *tt? fanned until tliay j I reanl'id in K (I u e that alrnoet oonauaiad tin iu and ] I Hoard our adaetaailea pi rl'ie Into pnear. In i l>lta row, of all furmrr dlSt.ulilea. and tlia I oppAKlllun rf th? ?hi*?, victory aoal'.a the ra ' < un't.d democracy If thulr ean'lldateg rreelaa tba ga- | I dlTtdid anpfor' of lh> party ahliti they eactalnlf i III do fir hi- o*n ward (the ITih ) tba m union la i compM*. If Indi" 1 tba raitk mid ot tba dam oracy I ??r ?ern rtlilded. I i Mr Rutrntao ??" tha nail epeaker.?Ha baa, ba I laid, fai i|UfUlly addraaaed tbe denncracy b it na?-r Itli rtnng-r Irilliig! than ha d'O at preaftit (la i h'-pid to ma ptnant had dr>lp of had bio ?l In bit trelata, ai.d If tkeia a>aa any ona piaaam alio had any objection* to iba reunion of the democracy. I at him I no* > pi?*a thi-oi or for mir att?r k >;d bia tongue. Mr. 8bi (.hard thati alludi d to th? rletnrlri of th< de ?J Y-- '."""J *01 could b* aKribatrd to tor tb'ng bat tholr priori. p1<*n. th?ir nor*. and but ?o? Ibr d?mo?>rail3 flog of hnrrai. riiihu ha* ( '! flrwgg-d In that intra, and *Ut l< tb? rrtull' H> h??? 10 I of d?>l||ala| mti !| rlutf iit(l?tnlr nif >h > d"?ptt* hli promt***, bti tilrnilH |.ro>eripiiim nut only In tn<*n but to wo. Kian, Ikr ketp?-r? <>l ii^hf boarand ootua wh??r* pa-t >l?tmi*> I hi* I* (bt ?tliniiiW'.n<lM. too, tb?t *m to pruorrtbv prixfrlpiln*. Am D, had It not bwB for th* of lh? rthlw In n-latlon to th* itraaihlp l'lilt>d dlitr* ?? would now bin four ?t*inibi|l building In thi* port and ?*t our oabln?t pr*trodin:t to b? a p? > * ?di*itil*tratioa h*<o ?>r; n?trl) plon(? l u? In a ??r olin-h tn?j did no* mt?nd to brln< on lb* < notrj ll? did not fli-d Unit with thalr o?ui*? hut I j If tbay bring n w*r with Fiuoo ?bay *111 I mpior* ud rail on ihi democrat* to ftgat tbnir ImHIm Mr. I Ihvphrrd nra?ur< d th? g i?arnu.*m for aonding f. B utl?r King to California to m*ka a fttato gr>?*rora?ut for 1 that ?*rt1iory u4 IttrlkaM t ?h? d*moorat? a nnm- 1 b?r of rtitaaa ahteh th- whl/?, he mid. do n >t po*?a?r , Th* d> n '? taiir part; alaaj* ?ipra?a*d prop?*r faatlog j toward* othrr proplv ?tru?*lli<g for libarty. Sdch >u tbrir rourw toward* tha M-nrti wh*o Loaia fhiltlppa tl> drpoard an<1 toward* lt*Und ? Volrr ? Mr. would not Inlarfora for tha rak* > ol i-Mlgranl* ImprUon*d In fraiand. flH>rNrai> - One irn iutt, *lr Mr Manoroft. or no eth?r man I* tl>a parip?bat who Mat tba Ma?a4oalaa to Itclan*' If onn d<*? wrong It I* anjaat to bargv bit ?ln* on tha whol* party. Mr flbaphard rhan f?f?r?d la tba iHiur>a of t ha d m< rratlc party on tha natural ?a'lot> law*, atd a ?*rt*ty t.f cthvr oabjafta and thin rpok* at aoma Ivagih on tha aaraaolty ol uaioa. In ?rdar to a<-Hava anoeaafc *o that an *od ..ball nw wnnri-d | to whig aoovtidaary. and tha ralnra of drniooral'n gor- I rnhn HI Kb I^lgii.-i b..t Kiinaat Kd MMala?U...i?l> I W Y C RNING EDITION?SATUR Trial of Ihc Aatoi HUrr IllnUri. OOllKT <?F UKMRM. ABVMON*. Before lud(r? Daly and Mdrmm vvood and Kelly. The Fmtylt of IKt Stair of ffnm York ??. E. Z. C. Judeon, George D?iii(lau, Tbomaa Bennett, John Vorrla, Jkiiim Uitthtvi, Hnih MoLauchlla, Alexander Ho>uot, Tbomaa Green, Daniel A Adrlauce, Jatnea O'Nell. jtiaoaa iwoit. 1. Joseph Browner, 7S0 Greenwich strict. 3. f orBeilue Dewit. llauor dealer l.'4? Am?< atreet. 5. David Pife, public noose. corner of Wwt and Hoboken hirertn 4. Patrick l)own?y. tinsmith 887 Grand "trwet. 6. Robert Waterhouee grooer. ftl Pitt ?tre?t. 0. Ckes Bnckttone. grocer. 115 Amos atreet. 7. Wni Browning. 3H4 Washington iitraat. 1. Alanson 11. Snudder. dry good*. 44 Hammond at. I. .Jeremiah Hawlev. fruit merchant. 10 Kultonstreet. 10. Thornaa P C'onper grocor 103 Kast Broadway, i 11. Gorham P. Taylor grocer. I'M Monroe atreet. j 12 David Newman grocer, 81 Broad atreet. Counsel for tba People?Messrs. MeKeon, Whiting ! and Phillip*. ' Counsel for the Defence? Meaara. Smith. Busteed, Sherwood, Seolea, Ulaiidkman, Cornell, Sohell and BoiiUlnot. NINTH DAT. Burr. 21?Tha court wa? nailed at half paat 0 o'clock 1 tbla morning and the trial of thoae indloted tor the rlet at Aator Place, on the 10th of May last, waa proceeded with. | I aptaln John Tim rv, recalled ? Captain Tilley was i called by the proaecutlon, to prove that a riot d!4 1 occur; which teatlm-uy waa ruled out. aa irrelevant. I* the earlier stage of the trial He said ?I received the' order, now preaented, from the Chief of Police;? OIDII 511. Orrica or tiic Cintr or I'oi.ica,) N|w\o?, HkvWH. S To Carr. Tilley, or thi Thiktkkhth W*ai>?? Vi u will PMMirt Lr.nru.ll _llk. <..11-1.. ? .kl. w.Jl.i , pelicrinen, with their stare and short duhit. for special duty a' the After Plift Opera Uoase, at 4 o'clock, oa th? ecenlug of Hi; 10th. Tie pu iceuien moat nut l?ate their ranks oa ary aocoant, without tie order of their immediate 01msndants. You will, also, liopr??? apoa your iren the vital Importance Of keeping together in a cm pact bodr.soas to be able to aot la ! concert, IB osee it should be found ntcesesry. Capl. Carpenter, of the 5th, Fairehild. ef the 8th, sad \ orhees of the 13th District, will aot a* aide to the Ckier, and the; will be ebeyed aewrdiiilj, Vou will read the order to the officer! and pollcoaea detailed as above dlrimted. lit erder ef til lienor the Hit nr. CEO. W. SaTSILL, Chief of Polio*. I Ml stationed, with my man, at the Aetor I'laoa 1 Opera House. on tbe night of tba 10th of May. and helped to take the tickets; I allowed etery one to kO 11 til? the home who showed a ticket, I wait la the hou?e when the atones be;;ao to some through the window*; I then went Into tba street; the latnpa In front of the house were then lighted: while I waa outside. I saw a fellow throw a stone, when I Immediately took hold of htm. and. after giting bim a blow oa the side of the head, with my club, took him Into the hnu?e; I tbea went around to the Eighth street side of the hou??, where the military were dia?n up, enteral showrrs were thrown against the windows ou that side of the house; 1 do not reoollret tbe name of the young man I ; arretted, he is not bt re but be 1j lodioted Jidci DiLt.?How long were you outside of the h< use at thu time you made the arrest T A.?I do not know exactly, but It was a very short 1 tlmn ; I went out to see how aiy men were stationed ; ' I do not know how many persons arretted went taken to Jefferson Market , 1 should suppose some t-tenly or thirty. At this stage of the proceedings the District AtTtitrr said be would close tbe proeecutlen uatll after tb? ei: amlcaticu of the witnesses for tbe defense, when, ! should it be neoetsary. he would introduce rebutting j testimony. I Mr. Smith, counsel for Judson. stated that hli wit; Besses were cot all present, and he would rat b?-r bate all the testimony before he open?d the case ou the part , of bis ell< nt. Mr Whitixo. tor tbe people, eatd that alraady nine ; dnye had elapsed, and be hoped the public time v?uld not be wasted Mr. Ui.sM KMsit, counsel for Bennett laid that an understanding wu.i had tbal his client should nave time to urocure all bis tectiuiout balurr M> m*m | opened.* Judge D?lv eald be could not antw?U to aay euch iri?D|>nrDt, and eouaael wculd h?v?a to bai prepared beio>a cniing Into court It woui'l bava b*?g better to take th? deleudanta in the oid*r a.f the ludlclaient. but m that eourae had not been puiiued, it made bat little dlfl?renc<* now. TESTIMONY FOR Till OLFE^C*. Pftm?T ( ham! ii. worn ? I hid a wh?i*b-jn? worfr#?r ; I leaideat No (4 (iron atrwet, I do not knu< K / C. Judk"n pereanally; I kuo* hlui ?bni I aee bl?, I *M at lha Alitor Place Opera Hou>? ou ttna nUh' <<t the ludi of Vay; I >a? Judnua bull be waa atrrealed, ?lu. lug juxl nothing at the time; It wan In!> a'rrwt; I did iiotrci) any una in particular bar* cominuoteatlion with Juda' u. di n i kuoa tbat anything wa? eatd when br a ftaaj reeled, tlila ?ai before tba military nrrlvaid; V?a> itandlug right on the fin?- vl tha aldeealk. within ibna fealot Juoaoa Tbaia weie tbran or lour pa-raoux Klai>dlt>g betaeau tbwui. Vight l a<( imu perianal tfclta.g to Judiaa n . but wan paying nOatientl< u Heard blm u ake no rrwarka Ibat ni^ht W|ine?a wan arrmtad tbat night and ditc 1/ar^? <i Took n<> part In the mailt r VI a* dlacharged the following Sunday night Did Dot know any of lha paitua who we'e iha.u beanie Mr. Judnon. C'taaa rramwri!? Brlorg to a ioclaty called tba ' t'nlt(d Aibarivaui.*' Mr Jndeon. I helteea. la a member of II l?'?y ' *?- a written coni>tiluti> n aod by law* < annot .ay whatha* Mr Mm la an a.llWr a. ba b la>iga to a dlllerent Chapter fr. m ihe witne-t Juiaoi? Hi miiild, examined by Mr Smltb-W?? on# of tha i fever* who arrmtrd Mr. Judtou Wa? i not tubpaneed by tlia |rria*?eutinn to attend Made tb? an act betweeu l> aud lu o'jlocik Mr I Jud?in war going Ibrvugb lb? crowd at the tiiae V aa not near blm long- probably two minute*. ; Tba rldeealk waa all era>*>ded up Uoee U't recollect whether th-re ?a- any peraon then throwing at* nt-e at the ?lde nf the building. took Air JhiI>i>d laaldc; doa* not reoi'llvct a battier iba-rr waa auy altwaipt uiaje ta> rarcuabini, tbe other prlaoneia ouwaicuea-d blackguarding him ; they were all ruuning |iM?a IbKogh that lobby; be wanted to be *eparat'''l from tha in but ?ai> not oflloera Treanor and vv till< were with witu*m when b* arreated ind?ou, he ?a? going toaai d> br<aJ ?ay, wilniu* arreated blm only to eon?eqoence o( an Kidar be received to do ao for be did not Lo tlieLioi before. To Ma Hdiiiivu ? I'he priaoo?ra who abuted Judacu eera nit ibbir; thnra wera only two or Ibtte a bo did ?o 1 niuia Mcaiaic aeuiitied. ? I aaw Mr Jud??a In tbe Opaia lloute. alter bin air>-t ?an lha Ibtb of May, It wee abuut ninu ii'duakj It aa< b-lore tb? military tame, h?aid tba prlaouer-a abating Mr. Judeon. ().- Llid be alaiui prutecilou ? Vr W Hiin>a> a hj? ? !?d ? bla might be alinula'ed 1 aeldenra for JudoM n>lght baea pi<*vlou?ly arraugeaf Wtib there pa'ttae to act In thla * ay lu orala*r taa uiauufacture evidence, aa he dI I la tbe caea of l he na?> paper; ia<tle> tbat are ra nvervaut wuh anuae aad laad aatiiera liito It pei.eiall) lay tb? taiuudail n lm txoulpatiug U'< ixtrltt* 1 ho lotat dtflldt d Iftiinrt Iba qui'tinii. Mr. fmiH tli'u |iul til* ntillier torut. Wbtt tw i (ha r< souet bt lb* pruouera to?ard? ?<r. Judrou ? 1 br <.?t ht ci*) r-rulfU ibU ^a??il?o bIm, m b?ii>j In flikrtltrt Iti >Bua Mr Smith tpqulrcd th* Coart to tak* a not* of tb? i cb>rcilon HlTMM to Kir. WMtlaj ? I BID DOt Ifh* ill th* pope#. I am of th?? Stb ?aid aa<l liti an fl?Ml BL P. V <11111 HTiirK ?BaUlll.?d ?I BIU B1 BffOt of V a* drib) dm'* Itatf, I ?B- Bt tb* (Jyrm rl >o?r no tb* 101 b el Alay; I ?a- iu?ra b f*? lumutMi b?lir? the brllif iall , B piTM'O ab-MIl t?a t**t fria nr l?U. I ?*? up ri'i?? again*! Mr*,^loa'a hi Ufa h? im ih?r?iD ii'ia ano f?ll tutu lb* juU tnj I bad |fi r? tu h. ar Martrid; on tb* flrat ut<ht of bia app- aiai,r?. and hBd non- w> h>ar Mr 'orraat. <>a tba Bight hi tb* riot, bui bad heard lu tba th-atro that k>acr> a?iy oa? partotttlLg that ui||ht tuo anH *?al ?o tb* A?t< r I'lara ih* atia hut eou.d a?t pat In th* pla. tu ?o eio*d>-d: caiiBOt ray fr im my ??o kuootedgo aatiharaa} itiar ^ciKiti i>u mi tall froai the Drat . fit*. Cnn u?ainri ky Vr Wwi?n- lla?? b?*a familiarly acqoaii.trd with kr. Judmn for tba laal J?ar; kb< w kit H'BMry kir Smiim?W by do yon aat ?hat qaaatloa* Nir u in 11*44? I wain to oud bi ai (laugbMr ) Mr. Omiin ?I *111 pr< duce Inai tu yau Hiimh to Mr. Hhitinm?i tax Uk>* ? **{? 1 I fi i ?i Mr JutWou lu relation to thin irta^j tha gi?? tiair ?M ?t tba luu>b<. vb?D an (lauiluat'oo tM gulag < n H - w hut m-*??? did you bring, aud t? wboaT IN. r 8h n N ohj?ci?d Mr. W mtitv-l will ?tata tha oty-et, tbaa. Mr IhiiiH ohjrctid to tbl*. aleo 1 ti? I m kT iul?d III favor of Iba qtlMtlnn. 1 lie VS iim? tin ii iui??iii|-|t ?w lu relation to a i ?|i*ih. Iir iri|a?>l?d nttdkrfl Vir r a?? Haonatt. ini . at tbrre o'clock ml day. fur trie |nii'^*? uf n Mm,* all dlffarauea* balaam iham. an-I fai have Vir I raaai* hmnelt i??'t apptar voluntarily ayalaat him, I ?a> not abl* to >ea Mr Merbi'M, t tlian pot a aaoad aima^r fri.uj Vr Jud?oo, to the ram* affrct; I raw Mr. 'Ifc?liia.< Hennatt, who r-ijueaiad uaa to rail I -a Iraacl* BrbSwtt, tha ?hj>-?:t of til a laiarvia* am to tall bit uatt that if tia (III not ruin* voluntarily enamel hi in, Jndnon would not publtab hioi or lilr ( Mil) In hi* paprr, Mr Jud-c* luruWud to ma, that Mr Hmiim-u could ???lly lanw tha city II ba did not a Mi to appear agaibal hlui; I do not belong to ?h? I tillid ,<in>tir?n NCM-Iaiy, I belong to au iuinil<itn K;r(lanlri' Rpiirinltct N'?l>'y I told lud*<a that I a* pretty r-itam tliat l-rauft Bennett *Nl< ba called a. a aItiirra him, ?ir Jad?<>n did uot ttiiut ba would. N.r W fnriffa.-Did not fnd??n nay that If Reaaett did cot a#ra* to daeliac coaita* loraard. ba would aw?ar <>fl klf rauit T Humm ? Ha raid ha would not go oa with tha trial If B>aaalt ian.1 lir<ail. I ain aot rare wbelber by trial ba irfrmd to tha i raan ca?, or not. Iba court bera t< ek a r terra ot tlra minute*, after hub It a mm arraagtd. lor tba ooareult una of Junto liatlia hO'iiwii lo imnra-t on Nntuiday that tha oourt

fhnula pit tu-amrraw oaly fri>m a till I oYiuak. Jooirn NMaitr,iMmiii?*- I read th- articlamarked IS I hi< ftla ill /IM AMMH I (Hn "U t h" ?i'-r i ii h . Ii?ta U.a tint I l hi* mi tb- artld" read by ,vir. Siuuh tviirjliy ] I pnrci a-nt iba paprr. In tha u-ual ??ir> at a bo.; I all at Iba Aatur Mae* libera t-f *? >? I ti .in a little bal? ta dai k till afti r tna Hi i(14; I wa? 1 iiUK-mii I ha principal fart iif tha tin* "U tha 4 ullli macwaik, la /?/tar Mace, ?m ataadiag at the drug IRK I DAT, SEPTEMBER 22, 18 itore. eoroar of Lafayatta Plasa whan flra p?r<on* wara carried In. woanlnl; there >ta i oontlautl noua tha wUnle Una: It wan ??rv lon?l. Cro??-MT*M>uvrf by Mr McKkivi Kon* Mr Judton for ft long time: met bhn flr-t at Hewitt * Daranport'a atora; I ?>? Vr. lu4?on twlra or thraa timed at an M testation of which I an a member; It in tha \marlnan Maobaniaa' Aaa?clatlon: Mr. ludaon li not a machanlo. Hrptia Corriws. a lad of about 11 yaara of aij.?. w*< ax. amlnad.? I am a dark Id Mr. Judaon'a offlna; tha paper pr< duced (copy of Srd Hunihnr't Own), waa published at 12 o'nljck on tha day of tha riot Mr. Wmiiinm.?Why. t? admit that. Thimii II TMouraan, examined.? Vm at Astor Placa tha night af tha riot; got thera at half p??t T o'clock; left when tWa military Bred, a* I *ai and?avorirg to gat out of tba crowd; aaw ona man carried taut ma; hi* faca wa* bloody and ha lookad a* if a wan wounded; thW waa laimediataly after tha flr<t (Ira: moat of tha tlma my poeltlou wai oppoaita tha n ain entrance; juft at du*k, paw ona man with hi* haad cut and a ticket In bla baud who ?atd ha wa? raftiaad admlttanca; did not wa Mr. Judaon at tha riot tbat night; aaw him at hid h?u?a, about half-past 0 or T o'clock. To Mr. WiiiTine?I a?ked Judaon If ha would go to tba Opara llouaa, ba aald hia wife wan nick, and if I La con Id gat out of tha bouae at all ha would {o to tia lawyer about law buaioeaa, and that I would not go thutrt I am a printer, I and aui employed al tha Ttihnne job nfflne wbera .Vrd 1 lttivihnr'i Ou n In printed. I a in acquainted with Mr. Judaon; I am a member of the American Mechanic*' oolety; it la iiecret. but not political; it i* benevolent; 1 have not tho by-lawn with me. To Mr. Smith? In refereni a to wbat wa? auppoaed would take plaea that night at tba Opera llou?e, Mr. j Judaon aiild If there wu a riot It would ba a diagram* to the city; the tenor ot the converaailon wu, that ha , wan oppoeed to rll riori. and waa oppnaed lo the ri<?t on the Monday nl^ht before: did not aee Mr Judnon there. I To Mr Whitino - Wai In Mr Indaon'a sanctum, he keepaao armory there; I caw a rifle la it; cannot say what oib?r arrna were there To Mr Smith ?It wa* a kind of rnrloalty ehop. Mitim J Smith examined?Went aa a reporter to the Opeia Houaa on the night of the riot I know Mr. Judiou. Did not aea blm that night I am editor of the Clarion There waa a great nolle at the theatre from the time I went there, (rt o'clock ) until lOo'clnck. To Mr M Kkoi?? I waa reporting for the JllJmny F.jcprtu ou the sight of the riot I am now editor of tba CImrwn. which ia in existence for three or lour week*. I waa editor of the Ca$tigatnr, Q ? V* bat wai the character of that piper ! Waa it not life* the Srer/n nt Mr Smith objrctud. and adviaed the witneca not to anawer. Ctbil Gaav. examined-I am reporter for tha Ctmeirr. iat JliirrtikrT I waa af?lvtant editor of the Trut j .Sun at the tlm? of the riot 1 waa at tha Opera llouae; I arrived at half part 8 o'clock. Saw Ml. Jud*on after 1 he waa brought. Into the tb?utre. Thia ?a> an h-?ur before the military came 1 ?ae tea that night aud next day who weia ahot at the riot Crou-riuniprd. ? Had no platola that night; It waa juht ten minute* paat eight o'clock when I got into tha I cum. I (|Maway from the theatre Mm the military can e; afterward* healing ahuta were flred, I returned and aaw p. moiia lying d>ad Dr. Witt examined?I know Mr. Jul'oa; I i wan at Aator Pltwe, on the night of the; I arrived there between tavi-u and eight o'clock aud left about eleven; I waa in tha How?ry. Broadway. Aator llace, abd everywhere about: I waa at theeoruer of 4th rtreet and l.atajeite I'iare when the ahota were tired; i did not aaa Mr. Jndaon tb-re that night. /)..a., - I; .. ..... ?w.M.U.i< I ... -* Li> iitMunt Ci'Ttii h?-p? rimi lain iirt to oiplaln hl? trlUDulJ f>trttig it ml(lit <al?nr>drr?tooi| >< #eld (>l<l Mr B?rr? ti Crint H?uri?tt sail mjvlf vtrt titling t>f>ik>r tolMr* afc-mt tbo artInI ? iilog wrot? ta- ohm tbo old inm nl4 I would b? ji.ftifl.d lii (hrottey Mm tn tbo l?(t of the b<-?4 I kid )??. tliit hint mid ?? ?Uo Mr W HiTi?n obo?r?*d bi *?to a dtff?r?nt eomploiI't *0 tbo f?ldnirf tn m "hot it at lr>t. Tbo rourt thru ?<1j?in?d till ttloa O'al'iik till* nortInf. It U ?a<d thttr art- wiif ?lit) tttiioun y?i to bo d. and that tbo trial will oeeapy tbo whole at i.?it Ml Ftr**hl)it City Intelligence. Dt??oii<? Mi ?hkb.? I pmt4*T*iny Bmrolnf, iVnl I o>l" b. iH?n Rqiiirat aod White bill arretted a aal eauird MW-hael K?imj .at hU r??id?ooo. No 64 ttUotio itrat. <>u a rbar?e of wardering bit by ohukiog Vt Ah.ot or.a oYiook la (ho rning a noi.o b-ard by tba girl who m%* aeleop In tbo lower part of t*? hoti-o. romethlng I'ke a limn or iibrtok and iNnflj after a tall of n mo hiaey b?dy o? tb? floor. Tt e girl, oft tbtnklog anything wrnog, weni to oleep a? ai? in the I'll rtil: g the?t?.re.>f k?nnj n'>t ti-ing fii'4 aa oeual It eielted the n?pioiou? of ? ni? of "? ni t|l lr>T*, oho eonolndi d to 'H?r tbo hone* and Mirtltit tbo reo?on *hrn they autinfrtil (ho iifetooa bm!j of wife lylig on ih? flwr ai?l Keooy Mending urar It. totally"<l aa If nothing bad < crimed l?r. Hall. t|.ot:?ir??rr * " MmMMj - lit t> r ?ho lib aantbi-r |>ti)Hri?a h>ld I ft mrrttm a. aid fi-ond t k.- t>.d? brail bv. ?lih tha ?trtytloa it ?r>iii>- brnlxn ?i th* ?rt?t and nrok. TktUntft had but minm om4 Jury *h?? ont rap<t?l?r Irtl r*T?H* MtDimf vu irruM, y??t?>r?lay morning, ("r |iii?lt||IM?i token (ur**a?Uii4. to Aiiaoa Htaka. Ha *M wtuM liii* nffarlog tk* d>Kl tor muii PaetaM* SrTTi rmr?t or >ni I>?oia? Dirricri.tim in Kciim,- W nurrr ?at d that th? fallowing lal?IU( ?< till brau at tha Mar [)r|iiirl<i<il 1f>m t??a 'I aiggn Au Imairia* had wt>n ylM? Ui H.a?t ..f <>?r jn??rn*>?al nud *mia af tka laadiuf atli nt i ha Florida MouiiihIm whir a multml uiuat UMa.ti.iilj It ha* lit*a a?o?rtam?-d ?ha* lha onttagrw < ttiuittlt-d on ibdian rt??r, and iv?w araak, or* c< a mttfed hj a pari) ot llta jming lamaoa uaa of b<Uiaa?a ii-fagi# abu thoUKbt lb?t ba aalght r?rap> from Ju?tic< by t>nibr>-lll"g hi? p*<>plala a ?ar itb tha ( utid Hit** I k* traiB?lM dl>olatia?4 ail ror.i.tnlloa anh th? ppr^irrtator* > f tha outrag-n^aad itandthal iuuii dial* Ij atirr I ha tT?a?a ?ai mailt ?> Ibd an ri t rl, ! rflin t ? ? uiml? t<> captara tha "fnn!?r? but that th'j ?rf? a>'t takra uuUl aftar tha ri iid outrage 1 b? ff?a<l?-r? aia ?? to auntody, | aril alll In dim lid- ha d>M?*r?d t? tha pro- : |? ? idtkifltiii \ uii. tn k lv*aa?n th? i|?mi| Cbl?t of thr 8. niit.' ! - at d >.?? I jk? ? ? ?i'|>' in'?d t t?<? 1 ^IHI at I tartnVta lllltor n tk< ImtoU and ?a it aj f.r.niih- tlaiiAtf ih?l ih? la'ar.taa ha? a rradf ii-chumi thai I b? HoiMa i 0'Hani ara j>. an- ably <11*)ii> ?dt? in ?<w i :d?rvd D?)uada duuM ? linriM(?Merr, 5tpt W A Mi-vk r>f hi nraa, nortb ??r? dmrtrojM \tj tlif, %t Hllfwi, Nan llatip'kira. l?- Itih in-t. ? ? ?? .n, ?? ? Home on the night of the riot; I caught a ulimp-e of Mr Jadpon fturf or twlre that night. aiiikint tho nol?? nd contusion; he ?u? etaudiuK at one time no the cutb-none in Klghth itrnt, or * lamp, wlilrh wv out; tbe mnb wa- driving me about. and I ?at aullou* to get for tbe military bad Bred botohk that ?tr??t, lid I had got PDou(;h of the bu?iu?iH, I *?< ab >ut iO feet fn n> htm: tliem ?frn mu rnl arrect* being ui-tile at the time; row IJ not bave brard a per?<tn at tb* Uit- , tabCf Judton was ?f he #poke low; dM not hear hliuitay 1 imjthir.g; there am a treat ruai>y ctone* thrown b?- i fore that lime. To Mr MiKtori?L?ld not Mr JutlKD atrfdi d that eight To Mr. BuM tuti ?Did not n-r Bennett In eonearratti'D with ^r. Ju4tou, tbat night. nor la eonterxaclun kk My body Ja*h U PoTTia examined.? I know Krancl* Ben??tt; I bare b-ni ju?t ?uk|io>nacd to attend thia trUI. V- .DiJ Kranei* (Sennet t ?ln #ax 'i*uilu?l Uarx yu<t?rday ever ad vine you to thoot Mr Judeon in lb* back , cf tb* bead T Mr V, HtrtKu objected to tbe quoatlon. a? immaterial to the leme Mr Nmith?It In material inaemueh a* it relator to tbe character i f the "aittiaae, lleuuett, and It bat b?tn o demdi d Kg* III null *tiaiu I ha t'oia* decided mat thin did not imftolrtntly deet ?erai:ltJ; It ?n? la'brr e?id"?ra cf a disposition at a former iime, and aiu.t ?t?Md alone ft belii^ elem-lf collateral. Mr Smiih reijulied tbe ojurt to taka ft not* of tb* Ol'Jl'ctlOU I he Ji rx.r. tald thU *u trllnir with the aourt: tbe |ru|p of law wa? quit* faiulltar. ai. d a<ido??l ought uot tu bt raualng tin ?c delay*, when be oould nut produ?* n authority Mr. Ruitm? It la in th* aenond rrlnmn of Rtarkl* Mr. Whitimj ?H>d the ruin ?? ju*t tba r?nrM (if ?l ?t *kl rta'i-d by Mr Suil'h. whan a wttiiaa* wa* 1 raralli-d to cm itdirt htro-Hl then a leading t|Ue<ll<ia nil* lit I* hut *" I'lm; hul It ?nn?-i mi ra.lad to conlradtat another wilnen*, a qneation rnmt bf>t to | ut In thl? f a?e fur tnelanoa. It ?b"Uld f.rat ha dud whether ?Iimm bad auy eonraraatlun wi'.h Krank Keiuctl? The r raid It wa? really not worth while to ha ttandtag "n a rul* ?f law. wh' n It waa not Imp irtaot, u mora lima waa luat in arguing tba point tkan It waa { north Mr Whiti*? than yielded. and Mr Smith r?p?*t?J Me i|ncatii>n- I'M Krauci* liinuatt aay you w ?uld ha iuatiflad In ahoutlng Mr Jud'Ou in tba . ack of lha bra-t * \* itwbm? Ha did ?ar I would b* Jnatlfled. on aoooant l>f ?bat Judaon had ?aid of iu? Mr flMiinappltid fi r a poetp^neniant ol tha ?a*e. fc? Ma wttne?e?i were nut In aWeudanee; tba; bad baau nk) .. i a-d Mr. a c Km*--Prn?n tba (arvip*, or (lata what you want iha wltt.eaie* for Mr S?iiiii ?M ha onuld prova tli* ??r?U? hut did not; be ih?n r?ad a lt?'. of naru*? am-mg wblnti w?i tl at of Jan ea Oorrion lleniielt; and upon In li g ??k.*d hatha "anted Mr HeiiueU to prtira, Mid ba wiull ??rn'? hia attendanen Mr tt Hitine?i ban wa will atrika oat bU name from the hat Mr Bi ivian then open?d the d'fanna for hi* e'.lei.t Eeucrtt Ha waa |r"ea>-d>ng to ray that lia would #bow ti e jury what a rl<>t waa iron tne earlleat Witter* Mi law tluan t? the present tim* The ''M at here lnt?-rri?p'ed <i"?u-*l Informing hint It wa? ant Ma tiU'tnera to untrue' tha Jnrjr a? t' what waa (ha law of riot, that waa the duty of the court, and It rnur erl thought the eourt waa la arror, that wi n d be tha time fcr htm to make bla nhj?ail<>9, and tt tj.a ci uit abnulu turn i<?t vo b? wrong Ihera waa t an pi i lor e< nrt to eet It right. Mr titmi.Mii fqularFtd and aald tba iimrt had *er> properly Ib'rrrupiad liiui He would ah iw th? j?ry that blarlUnt aaa trt'il.d before dfrft fc?f>ira any liilaailet or atone* werw thrown, la fart h?f .?alh? rl it li|tn Ilia illi-nl atora aluaa. and ?ai oaiy coupled, bj the proen utli n, with ^lr lnda''ii for tba *U* |??rno*e of aerating Mr iud'on'a eouatetiou IERA 49. Naval IntrUlgrnee. The United State* abip Portsmouth, Captain Pack, bearing the broad petulant of Commodore Kranci* H, Gregory, commander of the United 8t%te? naval forcaa on tha Waat Coaat of Afriea e*il*d yeaterday. 8ha went to aaaabout 13 o'clock In apleudld Myle In oharga of Mr. Thorn aa Vail, one of our niperieneed New York pilota. He managed the ahip akilfully, and to the entire aatiafaction of Commodore G. and Captain Pack. Annexed la a tlat of her officer*: ? ( onimtdort?Krancia 14 Wregory. Kmj. Commander --F.liaba I'eck. K'cq Lieutenant* -Honry Daman tel (executive officer), B. M. Do??. Cbarle* R. Klrmlog Anting Master- -George M, Kanaom. Puraer ? I.O. Bradford Surgeon of the Fleet ? William I .hn'on A*el*t?nt Surgeon?I. F Harrison Pa?neJ Mldflhlpman?Oeorga \V Young. Midshipmen?() P Allen. C. C. Cannon, J K. Joboaton. i ommodore'* Secretary W A. Ingereoll Commander's Clerk?Theodora Dalilgren. Boatewain? Anioa Colxon. (Junner?^m. Craig Sailniaker --C. T Froet. Carpenter?A. Poinsett. Purwr'a Clerk?C. G. F.dwarda. Tbe Portsmouth aalled with Healed orders; consa* quenuy. ner destination is yet unknown. The U 8 rtpimtr Allegheny, I.lent. Com Hunter, put inte tVn*HcoU. short of fuel, on the 7 th ins'. , io 18 any* from Norfolk. Oo tha 10th Inst., she sailnd under srsiid orders; destination supposed to bo Ship Itlaud ? Af. innion. Thf U. 8. ftor? ship Rilief I.leut. Pom'g Totten (and not. the Supply,) has been ordered to New York. Sue tl expected te rail froin Norfolk thin dny. marine Affaire. The steamtblp Obia, which Hailed on Thursday last for Havana and New Orleans, after proceeding a* far aa the Spit, remained thorn for about an hour, for the purpose of making some trifling alteration* about bet manblnsry, after which she started on her journey, In such a mannar a* to satlefy nil of bar superior sailing qualities. We undert>tand that upwards of sixty first la.-H tioketc for her next trip bavo already beau disposed of. OrrSinnr Hons. Sept St. 1*49. At a meeting of tha cabin paeseogers, bald on buiri oftbesblp Iimpendence. t apt Alexander Ki-lley, the following resolution was unanimously adopted :? '1 bat uur thanks be tendered to ('apt Kelley. for his unceasing attention to tha dutiea'of hie ship and to the geneiHl coaifiTt of lbi< pat-smgers. during our voyage fr? m Lindon to New \ ork. aud that ?? ?iurerely wish bim eTery niccere In his profession which we think lie so well merits. Tbouias Brown, New York; Thomas Hlghacn. Jr., 8. C ; William fcdwaidn, self and family, London; J. Brebaiu aud wu. Mr and Mrs. i'uaman; Jama* Uurb*Lk, W. Wheelwright. Police Intelligence. Puthrr-ou$ a>-piriug y<>ung man. by the rami, of ? harlrs Pnblo*er. re>idlog at No. 67 (Jheaibnr* treat, who st)la? bimrelf a learb* r of the Kreucb. (let* wan and Rnglixb lauguages. applird yesterday. b?fire Justice I.othri'p, f?r >atift^ctl>>n ag>iln*t a h.irn-r bf the name of I barlea I- rick?. who k>-p* bis (having shop at Nr 07 C-haUibars street. Mr Scbloaar. on enturln* tha pi lice c urt. w?< untlpnd to quite a fashionable Io? king mi ustsoha cufln g over bis upper lip; but on a more M-rutinli-iDg look, it ri-si-tubli d paint, a? the sha le in i be (kin ? a- if a Rreenii-h laid cdor. He brietly stated to the msyit-trate hi' complaint, in 1 an atUJafit waf made the subt tauce of which is as follows:? Ha Mateti tbst vesterduv ( I'huri ilavl he want Into tha tmi-bop to K?-t ?t]?vcd ami whiis under the opuration, be remarked to tha b >rb< r that hu would likw to havo u I andeeuie moui<lache; a < tfi? balr on hit face ? ?? llubt a nil d"?iij at prr?Riit h<* thought If be c ?uld eMail' xooir tuff that would promote the growth of tha balr he would buy It. "Oh M*ld Mr krlcka. "I h??o ju?t the ptufT >on wast " and aold blm a uii*tnr* to ba applltd no the upper Hp that *ai *arr?n'?d to create a I.- an11ful dark uioin>ta<'helii lean tb*u f turteau d?y? Vr 8rblo*rr purchased (ha u Ixtura. and yaaterday be appl?da portion o??r the upper Up forming quilo a t>ll?h iiionatacha. Cut ataa In a etaort time Urn lip b?pan to ewell up and give ureal pain, leaving a ataln at a greewl-b lead color, and lo?tead of incrn<?<iiig tba Lair tt .ipprar* to b? destroying lb* lltt'* that >a?no before it wtR for tbU outrage the turbfr. Charle* > iloka, ?a? arretted by oflteer TrluiiH Jobn Davie, to atrnwer the cbargn. 1 he raee will uu'lergo au luyeatigstlen b? fure the magUtrat* thl* nay Cuw'Mif td in Pnt<m ? I be young man. Charle* Larn n ? ho made an aftblavlt H,-.?lu-t Mr Oruniiu<iad. tha diy good*man In <;r*ud mreet chitrclug hi in with Indm try blm to tet Cro tn hi* (torn tor tie purpose of g*tlili g the ilhui bic>? van oouiuiitN'd to pri 110 yi-?lerdej.hy Jantlce McOrath in a <-ha'g? of being one of IV i ilrrlpale In ilia iraoo It In dnubttul wIlHtber Mr. Druiumonil will ba held on thu charge, non?a> r|in Ltly lfcl*yot.|i|t man l.aoen * !!! have fallen Into hit own trap; a? in fbe event of Mr Urummond b^li-g ill-uiun d tiiiin the crime imputed to bin. l,*'?eii will I* h> Id in p>l?oo tn antwer tha orltne of arum ,*t n'i'T . (Miirii'itn Cuirr ? Ahductton cae? appear to be < n 'ha ncr?a-e |J|?* ppo'n led young women Hud, ?lkre the paerege ol tha la-t law on ahducllua that a re?ert to the criminal court to build up tbeir atalaeii j reputation* I* aery convenient; an do al?ofhe parent* Cr fileiidtnf th* fi-niale. PU finding that ?hti lui bi*a kei-piiImd company, aud ?lalilug houaaa of di?r*puta. WMtnlaj.ttcr) j.tetly young woman of mi IS Jeiire of age, dretacd ?eiy taatly. hjr thn aam* of Klila- . buh Wnrilm, whoa* pari-nt* and frlendi re- j ?lde lnl)ul.he?? c tinty, thin Slate niada a i aftl lavlt | l?fota Jueilce Lotbrop In whloh rhw charg*' a young . it an. by th* namn of I fenaia? Warhuret IlkewW a nv | tlva ?t |)u'eber? county, allli having ahdimt.:d tier 1 lion ibe fath ?>f virtue and (Tented her rum by *kiIu?tlr.n It appeara, tn b*r afl iaTlt. that aboat tb'latter ' fart of July laet. ?h? rton to I hl? nlty on a ?l?U to h?r | fiUcda and ?hlle hera ?he 'an virltad by \Vatbiir>t, ' who Invited her to viflt ('? lie Garden, an 1 after laar- | Itg thaparden that evanlug ?be ?n Induced to go with him to a hi lira In tiirenwich ?treat. where >h? all> ge> be i ffeeti d hi r ruin On tbl* rharga Warhurat j war arrett?d ami hi Id to tall to anrwer at cmr' ?*vi ??t rj an KtcmpfA Cunt trl ? (iftloeri Dowllng and . road'oati. ot the Dittl) ward liollre arra*teil on 1 hureday nlgM, In Orange icrfot, I>om Ogden. an eerapt d enutlrt, from I land, to wtjlub plmihe ? a* ainteneM f? r a (rim of ?li month* hut e>< apt d fr in the Maud. after tenldrnoa of r day*. t eMerdny rti'TUtng tb* prl?oiier wa t brought btfire Joiilrf L"'hrup at. 7 u'rhmH. who mad* oil', it r< 11 n>'tn.ent for bf* ramotal back to tha inland ; ja*t *t IhU ok oj'i.t ih- |irm irr mid- a iu-h froia the u.Herr to etcape lie rterted do wo tha tiarketair* l"i Iirg tKirili Franklin Urtl. which ha vurerad" 1 la r>irlilD| and bmii'4rd Ilka a d?er up entre *treat a< far a* U alkrr. up Walker to bwtw?en l.lm ?tree| and Rnadway wbrr? he took r> fuge tn a *ubte. threw blin *ti' ureter th?- itaid e'i??r?d biin??lf o??r with bay Tba cfllrrre. and otbera who ware lu purauit. fol lowed clore alt< r and on turning tha hay ???r witb tha pitrb fork the* d'?-"?.r?'l th? rogue huJJIed up. with | a ?|t w of deluding bl> purtueri the nfflf ?n aiiMil blm raat thl* time, aid conducted him bulk to ma court, foil' wad by a nrowd. which during tbl? tlm* ha 1 j collected to *?a tbe fun. Thn rogua remarked tn the | p apUtiete. en I'I* rtiurn, " 1'hat be <ta> ! mud to (at , ay. If ba rould for In did not want the t?p?r< <m tba leland tn ha?e tb- ?ato>tartl<>n of getting bim hae t galo ' Tba prisoner ? ?< Conrejad bank t < Hu'<h bi? Ihiii of aenteuee lie bad eecapml about four waeka 111 Ma par*i ti when teaiched. tba officer* found a allt?r witpti a gold penrtl aud 114 In moiiey. nfldntitly at* l? n property for which an avonr la waotcd Apply at tba Station H- u?a .tluttrif on Off\ rr?A woman, calling hrraelf Julia stealer tha kitper of a bourn of dlerepula. at | 1 Pttwrn etreat ? arrerfwl and brought bwf'-ra lu?tl.a l.nthtop. jaataroay no rntng oa a etaaga >f ahua- , Irg 1 ITH'f Nafeny whila In tha dltcharxe nf hl? dutr Tha niapt tra'i |?a har > raiaara raprimand, and "tatad (hat if lha D< l|(l h<.r* art-bad to ratnn*a ataoh >lnr?i ui?M? lioo>???- (h? on* kapt by har In that rialnity thi j D'*4 rely make % nmnplaiiit b?for? hun aad b? ? nlu it m-? hnak tham up; and furthar, ha wnI4 ?ot p?imtt tha <>?r?ni to b* abunad by b*r. putlrolatly *hra In I ha di?rh*i(f? at 'hair duty Maa j waa than alu>?ad to Uaj-?rt. on til* pri-nlaa aba woalJ eotKlt' t haraat/ battar In futura. .liKk'l and fia<l>i| -li th- artlnla undar thia head, In yaatarday'i pa par it a a* atatailftbat Mr Maarano at- I tark?d Mr. M?lrh>r akrnir It app-ara by in* a*Ha*lt of Mr Mrarica tbat Mr Mrtrhrr nit bin In tha paaaa|? IradlPd to hi* i.fff and aiada antaa ramarK ami In.BMdiataly d n-ni- nn d tha aaaault by atriala* litm j (Vi atfon) nrar i ha hi art and abmildara ?lth 11>?1 4 nana Attar ahnrt aaoftla, tha partial Vara aaparatmi by tbra* attractad to tha apnt. t'nltad Iktaiaa Coinaailaalonara' OfBra. Ba'i.ra Oao W Morton. Mq littimii VI -c*ar,? ?t l^tint ? Loakvo4 d t4. Prawatar. I'i-?ta?aatar i'f Badwrd. Waatrbaatar roaoty, ? ? arr??t?d tbia morning no a ahar** i.f har Ian ipamd and datalnad a lattar abicb arrtvod at bla iltaa dlrarlad to a pawn at Whit* Daia*. ila wa* baiJ .0 tad la t?w? Puitttral Intelligence. Maiaa.? Tb* return* from Ihla.Ntat* ahoar that tbara baa baa a an elaniloa of 0?**rt?or by tha paopla In tba Rai ata tba parti** aland 13 damoorata ami 14 bl?a T ha diiii i*rai? h?<a a Majority la tba Imrar i bi uaa, ablab aeeurf* tha ebrlea at a 4ara.><iratle li'ivart ai.d V ft ftanator in ptaa* ' f tba liou Mr. Ilaia|ia tllaia tarai aiplraa oaxr. Vlarab Mi< Nii.aa - Tba n. mliiatlniia tor tba 4tata alaatlon H Meh>*an ? # all tha parti**. ara now aooip'ata,?iaaj,t a ?bi|i andlfala fur (liifurtif Tba tlck?la a? au? tirmtt.ati <t 'aid aa follow* ? ?'?'l - Lt UataiBur Oao. A. Coa. fttata Prlatar, H. H L>na,akl?a. f'rtt ,(il - (lotaiiitr Vlarlna J M'tlajnba l.t OoTtrair Anafin Blair Ntaia Printer. KrxIM Huaaay. lAmmrtal -linfirnnf |nht N Harry t.t tloreroor. 'Abj M f-atin flta'o Priatar, R W lafal*. PuniiaiIci Nlarallaay. Tba Mratner r a Uaa ?aa aunh .-n tha llth 'aat , bila >? tha trip ry?w at ("ha to ? blti hall, by a aolHaWm ?tib lb* ali-aaaar Hunlag'on two paraoaa vara dri.anad A r.aailt f ?aa balil at Farbaatar Ma* Vork. n? tba llib iaat . ard a ?..?iai?itaa app .In'ad ta ?r?? tha hi*ia of * aaal t i mntl ?ioi at? in taka tba nr?a>a*ry ?ta|?i. to aniarga ibr l..i-k? if tb? hrla nanal h?t*a<-n ' Byrara?a and m aha?.i?r I'b* trt.] <otauant. it ta ?appKant, wvaid n aUK a prnflt at yf.Mi M || t? *f7u MU par yft LD. TWO CENTS. Theatrical and Slutlrtl, Bawrav Tmutii ?1u Bertram'' >< performed laat evening. before a very crowded houaa, and in the aaoafr eplendld *?>le; Mr. and Mra Wallaek. u Bertrana tud lunglne. plated In a m?nn#r whloh elisited th?a?t?v tbuelaatle app'au'*. while Mr Gilbert, a* tha Prior, was al?o applaud-d When ouch plara aa tbla are not ay Id r?oh elegant ?tjle. aad playad m admirably. ? <ta not wonder at the eurm-aaioo of crowded houaaa whteh are bad at the B<w?ry The taree of ? My Aunt." with Mr l.eeter a* Di"k Da?h?ll. tu pU;ed na*t; and the Ntorllpff drama of the " Urnounear" umioludmi ttia entertainment* ro-night we are to hare a hill of more than ordinary aUraetlvt-ne-a '* Romeo and toilet,'' whloV wan received with ?uoh applause on Mobday evening, will be repeated. with the aame nail. " My Aunt" will alen he plated again; and the ii?J>ia?tlon placed on " Shot Id the F'.ye." whioh oauaed Ita withdrawal until the i|U.a'lon of rltfht had been fairly aeitlcd, having bc? n withdrawn, it will he pl*?*d UiU evening. It wan written by Mr. H K. Stevena, for thia theatre expr>a?iv. ami hna proved to be on* of tha mo?t riirrekKful 1 Niai.o'a Garikm.?The hour* waa thronged, again with a numeroua and brilliant au. lenoe The pantomimic performances of tho Ravel troupe seem to be <fl m claaa of entertainments of which the public d<*m weary. Tbe bill of laat night wax particularly attractive. In the tight ropa exercUei, th? gruat act of Lena Javt-lll. In turning a Miiuaraet? apringing from hi* f??t and lighting ob ibrin-upoa the rope, waa a performance Tho grand pat <tt trait reminded or* o *eme of tb* brilliant paaaagea In the ballet of K?meral'ia " The latUaux niniii of the " Italian Brlgtuda" were atrikingly beaatitul. aovel, aad effuotive. telling the ?tory. In tlumbahnw. with all tha foree of language. ' Uodentkl. or tha Skata't of Wllua." a nnaitc pantomime Irom aome i'oliek romance, ?raa alngularlv imt>|<i? and auiualng ? cuoh a mingling of the affecting, tha geuernua. and the noble, with the rldinuloua and graterque u can (eldoui fail to pteaae- never, a* executed by thu Ravtla. The concluding repreaeuiation, of iha pkaterii *n? a moat Ingenioua imitation of ?Mene upoa the Ire. and wan applauded throughout the houin Tonight again, the entertainment* are totally changed, Mr Haekett re-appearing, in bin own exclusive character of KaUtaff. It la Sir he must havu lived. BtMTon'a Thkatrk.?Yesterday evening, tho vary (uccefHlul drama called the *' Temptation," wil par* formed before another crowded house, who deem ta wit. neM It every time with new ceat. It la, as VIr. Dortoa ?aja. a temptation In wbioh we may profitably Indulge; temptation to do good; a temptation not to be altghtly passed over. And no wonder. The originality, tha drollery, the mo*l bitter adversity, which It display*, and the eicelWnt moral doctrine* whico It inuniaatet, will allurd every spectator great pleasure, wblle at thn name time they bear testimony of tbe abilities of IM author. Mr. I larke a? Granite. a wealthy merchant; Mr Lynue, as Htei ling an old dark in Uranite'a oilloe; Mr. Burton, aa Tom Boballnk. a New York carman, (i < ^ r. nrnugnain, in u urjan. an emigrant jn??lauded. executed their rt'*|>?ctl?e roitt with perfection. Th? new SpanUh Ilolero. by Moui-ieur Kr*d*rlo aid Mim A alvitia wan dauoed wuh such elegance and luo* cen that they were greeted with the uio?c enihu-WiUo cb?em and hurrah* Tho performance of tha vary pa pular drama, called the " roodlee, or tbe Farmer'* Daughter.'' which ?a* reeeivad wub umveraal taction concluded the entertainments. 1'ba wall kuowa and popular ooBieUlunne, Mr* John Stoau. and tha a >oi-diau. Mr T lladsway, will make tbalr lirat appearance at thin theatre on Monday unit. To-morrow, " Don. boy 1 Son." National Theatre.?There wit quite ft crowded bouta hue Ia*t ?v?nln(j, and the eatertalumenta pa'itd iff io * mn?t *atUtaotory mannar. Tb? faro* of tbo "Ilappy Mau" was played firnt. In It Mr Redmond Ryan. as the happy, though shirtless, Paddy, acted wlih all that liTdluea* whlnh so dUtlngul>ha* bi* performance of Irish pa't* After tbe fame. tlM Uiau.a of the Hying Uutchmau" ?ai produced la tuoet hand-nme at)le; Mr W Wood took the part of \ underdecken and played It meat excellently. Tba rcruery le well managed, and worked tluely Mr. buike tbe stage mauager, deaervee niuoh oredit for the niauoer lu which ttil?> piao?. a? abounding with beautitul rtage effect* baa been put un tha stag* Aa tbeltckney Dutchman Vau Uouiiuel. Mr llurke also van very funny i'be eouilc drama of " I'blllp Huarl" Concluded tha entvrtalumenta Durtug tbe pa?t weak, tba National l>*< done a good buotneaa Tne euterieium> tits have h? u varied, and well nut up. and wa perceive l>y tbe lillla that next week tliey will b? atlli in >re so To ntgLt the ?auie bill aa laat evening a will tie rep?ated. nllh tho exception of tile aubeliluUon af Hub Uikjjooua" for lUe llapp/ Alau " Mitchell's Oltmmc Theatre ? Decidedly " mmla bath charms'' for tha frequenters aud patrous of tbi place of atiiu*euu tit, and ' ! ra Dlatolo" will bare a 1>oj run. fi r it ia evil sang by the able company of.Mitchell and pot upon tbe stage in a oty le highly or- dl table t? tbe uiansger anil his Irou/n 1 beaudieaoe pre?eut at tbi boure tart iii|ibt. aa* very uiiuteroiie, and tba atugar itsge t ht lr b< s i IT rt# to deliver, wltb taate and the f.iUied m o-lc of \ ubrr VIa?-r* Hl*h.ifi atiii a> ill a> >.Im l'ajl?r ?n<l Mra i-nmotmr. worn iu g > ?<i tplrtta. and ?ai g witb grrat t<ia , ami l?H not lr??t, Mr. v\ ~<_>11 ami h.? tal-uwa atii of tba ?cobr?tra, ali j acnnipantrit iliwt Mngrra Tba b iri?X(Ui< cl "HiltMlIt and llilioruia" eoanluitr<i (H< p-rlor iu*ii< r. m t.ion ?a? highly tfUltotur; loail b?n >ld?r*. Tba runia pr?gTamuir will ba prar?<ut?d tnu atauiag, |irrr?d? d by tLa gunirdlolU of "Wbut|Mkl Klrrt,'* and do ?l?ubt tb.t iLu ruin lalumant ?Ul a.Had luaujr {/?i roua tu .Milob?U'a tU^aira. ('Nairrr'a Miitutu fill today |lr? tbalr iimtl Patuniay alUruuou eonont, thnr ?* oiu< una, of eourra a 111 (itia at ilix fc.ou?tinu> U Ii Mir 0? bi'ib urraMuna lh? proyramiu* will b*- a full oja Tb4 ' Vr?yan* MaitMl'' win b- pU??l at r?<-h onn??>rt, b?*?tarh it ureal urli l) ui tb?-ir brat aouga, daaia" *a., K.C I h-ff who wi ll to hear th? bai.t f.mi.piao ringing ot tba tlni- a ha t battar patronUa <;hrtatjr'a. Tiltli?iri.?-OltiiD Mi'i i ?L Kr*Ti?*t ? Ttal< n'n?t another of tboaa d> llglulul autm talnmanta imokI off at Dim I abaroacla, 1 na Uaruiwnla llaod will a*aeula Mtritl ofaitura*. I lia luvpiritlug mu-io of tma baiid aloiix la worUi tba prlra uf 4iui?*loo, ? all *oa bat? braid tliaui ill riiailily admit Bxxida thu gr*bt ttiartloo III* iJitllu fatuily will |nay uiaayoftuair popular aud b? au'llul quariai (a. Into tu>- ? ? :al d-part uirm cou>i?iii k til o.gooriua Morg'ta.a >,uia ouil-r, NiI?m MoiUIt li tuimiriwl l.ouwa l;l*tlu, Stgnori vrBOIdl a lid Na??l|l. will *log ?frt?l fcallau ?rl? <1 i !*, aid aoaaaaaal HirniK laaiodtat, aud Mr Kk laiJ tioifu mailt tiaceta raiiatluaa brllliauta* oa iu? ptao >fort*, with hi* u.uai Hii-oiirul touoa aud grrat uii-ical ability 'i hi*, luilrad iiffrr?4. *. u u, tut tba ajtali <u4 <*f Ifcenty tlva c?at*. ought tu crowd tha PttaruMii. V?r rhaufrau of tha National rbaatra, U playlug at tha Arcb itriat 1 haalra, I hum Mputa. tiljr CtirafN||?iic?. N>? toaa, Sapt tl, till. Ma. toiraa:? I thin morilng read your artlel*eoBoarnlng tha itani of that riball C) but axBlMtad witb toa Caual iiraw* aflair, and aunt ray that I highly approra ot tua aauttDi?UI? tbrlclll I co inurb caaiK-l Oa *aul about th? outragaona an't ritravagaat e?ur?a puraum by th* eity autb iritla*. la tha la?>*h prodigality wlto wbicn tlry maiur tQa dear people* nosey. but Vr Editor. thera la aaotbar faatura in thla b i*lb<m ahlrh yna Itafa ant to or be* up?a. aad wbiab till, la a B>ea*ur*. trcvuat tor iba kmtiuea* of tba i. >a<n?i I out ell nl tbm city, la appolatiog certain Baa la transact the bn>tB'?> -f <>| aaiog Ilr??. fed. M ol?l It Dot ba Weil t?> laquire bow nianb n?potl*aa tbrr* I# about tbia matter, aad bow munb amiability ailrta b> taeao fat bar aad ?> , kmlii-rl la- la a. *? ' Mbo l? Mr iinn?? l frir?, hut ma brmtier-1 n-taw of your auiiabla fil?od rbouia* tlrl.tralli' U bo It J. W L? eerl'lge, bu? tbe hob of John L?ii> tidga. >?<j, lata tba aiauugi.i.bad (!) ?oaa*?l of a dafvuct pai ty V* bo bat tlia la#t aimad gentleman waa abla to maka oat ?urb a treiiiaa<lou* Bin agaluat in? ally fur tuuuMi b<?. t? . turn a oar. too aa abo ik*d taa ia< 4**lf of n oi? ot tha mo*t *xlra>agaot of oar al iaraiau wb ? ?"!?< a?'D?ya toward* wtilon tbay aarar oooinbaie* oba tattbii g' I bi* ?am? hr p. f jl ?oa of a worthy ?lr?, h?< p?ek?ta4 lirn-r.ta ao.tULt* f.r Ilka aerriar*, before tba oaa a bit b yau ha*a ihowa up I do not Ooubt Mr Kditor, thai oth*r oottagaa wtt it.on ba built ou Ntaten Maud, or rlaawhara, by rau'la. ?.?u who (ta* rmh out of Iba tatpa>lng paopla of tna city aad to wbooi tba rtory of tba miliar * bog*, aitti gi?at ^roprlaty appllaa k.r r.ttltor. eaa >?u alaaarir, by n>ui of nialra-iy. Ittf, or aay otbar prlaaipla ? bu-b la adroeatad by tba ^mill nta oigaa. bow uuob or toa moaay p?i.t |.?r priuting want Ib(o tba porkat of Mr. Prlca'a brotbar a law' It too Col. U arnar waa tha alark of tha ?<iard of I ( Bin.U". oar* I ran rary wall aaa tlia ? lanaatlon bata *t a tha bill ot Mr I.aT?tlUga aad th? liam of ciark'V laaa It I* tlaia. Mr. Tdltor. that tha praaaot ayatam of t'8?a)ia?oa *Bd pluodar from tba erlb a*4 M"P(-?'J and larooiutully with your flow* npan Iftab ratg>ct, aua . kaow, too. i hat i hara la aot oaa aao u a ?u??r*r ai>d who halpr io b ind tba *plaai|id paloaaa aod ni?gi.inraBt ooiiagaa ot tbraa pubue ??io(>>r?a, aha ooa? aot *y mpathlca with you. aod ?Ul*u?kaia *"4 u^bclu you IB your honorablo rouiaa. } our*, truly. JU.III'I. T*?i* Rttait* CaLiroaata ??? (> ?>??. ? ha?a a lattar from a >aabur;port *blp ma??ar, d?t*4 oa tba i2tb of July, at Kaa ^ rao?i*ro Ha wr1??a tna* lia la* nlitaiBtd a Iralght of lumber from Uragoa lor Iw > laarifro at $l'?? p*r tbourand faot He b?? tw?? iy pa*'atia^r* fii a> saa hrauaiatio ta Oragnu at ab ?at >itarn 1 ha lolal prorard* of tha trip horn i}< Willi* abont ?MOiO aatlmatad atpa???a ??<li?t aat prolH on irip doaa of about'J* da??. aMtaMl I n- < ??lala wtli?aibat ha ha* b-an ?bov>d to lwr*k*a tba agaa ot a bay a ba ?bip(>?d bara for *li l?H?r? toll* d< liar* p?r aionib H? -ay* that ll ha wUhaa ut h |>ab m. b< ra at Han I*B*I ?o, a* la obliged ta pay fit d dlar*. aad no n tun. Mi on ai that lu I ookiitg al tba in*w I >an Iraanxiv trout bl* ?blp. ha it rnatlatt'^ of tba (witga of fcilpiara- Haw goodl) ata thy llalt, jao??b.fia*<#n IVanAr,

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