Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 25, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 25, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. IntkWNt earavr of Fulton and Reaka at*. JAMES GOHDOl BENHBTT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. WOTKE TO CORRKSPOWOEJKT8. TOlVhTARY (0/f RESPONDENTS, tcntainiita important newt, .olicited Irom " '? yuartsr tf th, world; if used. triII be liber,,fly paid for. ITEMS OF CITY IS I EL LIU AN CE, of oil torh, on oho toliriled. SO NOTICE tdktn or unonamout communication,. Whatever it inteudod for intrrtiim m?it be a uthesticated by the nsttir and udtlren of Mir urihrr; not neceetarily for publication, but at a guaranty of hit food faith. Ws osat,at return rejected coviuiunicoHene. THE IIER AIL) EST Jill LIS II V EST i, open throughout tho nthht. tkrms, irprt. TIIE DAIT.T nHtinni, 1 renti per ropy ?$7 per on num. HIE MORXISii EDITH IS it publuhed mt 3 o'cC'Ot, A- hi., anil ilietrit nted before break/ail; the Jlrtt AETERS OOS EDI I'KJS can be had o f the newsboy, at 1 o'clock; and the tecuml at 3 o'clock, P. M. Till', il TEhi. V HER ALU, for circulation on thit Continent, is published em r j/ Saturday, at 1P4 rentt per copy, or V per a /mum; for circulation m Europe, anil printed in trench and Lvqlith, at fi'>, rente per ropy, or $4 per Mfiecrni; the latter price to include the postage. THE DOLLAR WEEKLY HERALD, every Monday, 1 mente per ropy; ?1 per annum; ei.r coviee to clubn, tb per annum. The Dollar Herald toil I not contain any tnaIter tail lithrd in th<* Weekly Herald. ALL LETTERS bymuil, far eub*r ription . or ^with md? +crti*e:nerttn, to be * oit paid, or the pottaye will be do AMISiMKNTS TI1IS IVENIMQ. BOWKRY TI1GATRK, BoirwT?Mobbt?Inior or *Bk Mill. BROADWAY TTTEATRE, lircadwAy.? Kiimt cr AmTA?Hour to Giou Luc*. NIBI.O'S UAHDEN. Brn*dw?T.~Ti?H* Rors?RormR* am l Burtbaud? M. Dechalunkau. BURTON'S TilRATRE. ~Oh*bkk?r? (tTML-A MutkwT jBiqi' * it-I ni.A Hunted?W aus or Wi Miiol-II.< w to Bat voi'a Wa?hek?oban. RATION AL TUEATRK. ChAtkMB Squir*.-SouEESnT ?Th? Mvrokhhi) Boatman anil Mm Boo?Tub im vibuibk.ka. LYHI'IC THIATRR, Bro?d?ay.?Bun',, tub CouroB?B I?U BIT A MM A AM) 111 D AH M I A?N?? II kR? AIDLIAIMXCJTAN'Cr BALL?Ch1iitt'( Hinetm h.*?Yoyaoe ifc'jicai,? BrMIOMIAN SlNfcl.VU. TaRRRNACLX?On ami) Vocal abo Ibitbombbtaa Concert. aiNtsr ML'alt It, V* V.roAtv.fty.-rr?m I i. V. M ur 11. lew li ork, Tnoiliiy, S(|>tonib?r SIA, 1H4D, More Y\ ar?A Itujitnr* with Kn|Undi No sooner had ihe community come to the conclusion that (lie diHiculty with France, growing out of the bitter correspondence between kit. Poasdn, the French Minister, and Mr. Clayton, the American Secretary of State, waa nothing at all, and that, notwithstanding all that had been said by Mr. Clayton's chief organ, and hia news- J papers in general, it was nothing more or less thin i a humbug, the community is again startled by the announcement that a sharp correspondence had recently taken place between Mr. Cramplon, the British churgi, at Washington, and the American government, in relation k> the pretensions put lerth by the former government, on Nicaragua. Our readers are no doubt aware that the government of Isicarugun granted ct rtain privileges to a ? ?| any of American citi/.ens, for the purpose of enabling them to unite the Atlantic and Pacific oceans nt that point. This giant has been declared invalid l>y the British government, who, through iheir consul in this city, a short time since, officially informed the gentlemen of the company referied to, that the HritFh government repudiated, and would not acknowledge the grant, on the ground that it conferred privileges which the government of Nicaragua did not possess, and which j iuteifeied wi !i the rislil.i of Hit? Majesty, the Aiug of Mosquito, which rights, an J whose territoiy, the British government ht.d guuriuiteed to that 'Vgust sov ereign. The American government and the American poodle have not been idle spectators of the doings 1 *f the British government in Nicaragua. They j have closely watched the intripues of that power ; for?fleeting control over that part of Nicaragua, | #or obtaining a foothold there, and the mean* and devices which it has resorted to forthe purpose of [ eflectiu^ its object. The American government has been called upon to interfere, and protest against those proceedings, from time to tooe, but v? believe it took no action in the matter until il I aasnced a form w hich admitted of no mistake. "When the official communication of the llriluh j consul in New York appeared, the question we- | suiio d sueli i? form that it could not be overlooked. Not only was the doctrine laid down by Mr. Madisou (and asserted from bis presidency to the pre. | sent tunc) inv?d -d, but the right* imd privileges of Am< nt an citizens were aseailtd. Tncn it Was that the subject was taken is hand by the Ameri- j ?an government, find the correspondence between j ihe Amerieun Secretary of State and Mr. Cramptoa, the British if urge at Washington, cow insured. From what we hare learned, the views f those function cries clash?the ezc lunivs pre tensions which the British government have asserted in Nicaragua are maintained by its rhwgt, no doubt under it> : advice of his government, while they nre dtuied by the American government, us they ought to be. Tlie British wish to ?<>iitrol the only |>oin', at which a watsr oommuni* J cation, dentin* d to become the highway of the ' world, can be established, and their claim ia not i*eonu;,.rd by the American govcrnm- nt. fucli is the ytrieil condition of this tnitfer, wbieh ia infinitely more imjrunt, in all iu bear* iagr, than the controversy b< iween Mr. Clayton and llr .Hoowii reapee'ing a point ot m juvtte, out of which lite cabinet at Washington endeavored to inekeafMeut noise. An far as thia subject ia concrttiid, we shall nvppmt tlie administratioa w.tb all our ton e and irilueace, if they taite the right posit, on ug icat British pretensions. Thry . Buy eo to otvr with Great BriUui to-morrow, if , they plr iie, oa the right* and <|ue*otioaa involved i mb the controversy?we air with them, it haa baau our duty, as an indept adenl j>ur n-.liM, to din* agree wnh the cabinet in a!u.'>?t every step hitherto taken by it in relation to our foreign policy, amoe than accession t? power. W? disagree entirely in Chew ivg.?ct to iitknowledge the independence of unitary, fcl a uiur wm n t uca ru '^nmuu wvuu haw; br'jti of e?rt uLul ieiv><* to 1)1*1 country, when abe w?a cox. ten (Imp "loci- -huiirt d against * powerVI abianoe. We d.d ipr in regard to the Jiioan qwrtioo; and *f cons den*d ourselves k< wind by ? high MBo of duly to disupprova of ike OtOiee i ur?ii?-d by Mr Clayton ia ' the cabinet, in wring toe power and imlunrr el this preat country, ?Mi? r an aritiqiiatrd;aw, to prev-nt the unhappy people of Cuba from achieving their md'-pendence. I* (act, w bhvr diragre*?! with the cabinet in all tta for* ijiii policy, bwttbet wtoi -h if probatly connected wnh Great l.'ri'.aia in the Kicarafaa aid Mompnto burin-re ft.iuah, or any European laterveatien, mnrt ant be iterated r?t this <"utnmf, and the r-r hta of oor utbeta awr be vindteatrd and 4"phe!ct, at all and every ha/^rd. even if war with pA iglar.d rhould be tiw coarequr nee. TV l >nited y i% 'er have, from luce (o urn-, averted tk do?" tnue and protested "in the strong at Uni-iiege th?' oft ria I rooriet-y would allow," agaiait Rty irtfr>an< n'*nt ?'f it bf any ??/o|e*an power, but this ia the fn rt tune th tt we liaw ever, as yet, Wr?n called upa n to reduce it to practice Tbat doctioie pat! of <J0? foadameal j Jaw?it ia deeply luprintrd rn the miad* of the American people, and I it must be maiat.iined at any coat. It any lead to war, or it nwy ii"\ but tt.e precedent it now , I.mii to l>o m d in i, tbe doce. Thr Pritn-ii ar?? a *rry oirtimatc paof'l*; ointi- j IMtry if ? * of thotr national rhir t'riati"*. Bat ; tbry do aot j .'Siw* ?<1 <i trtivki lor Mr. Clayton in hi* rac?*nt n>rrr!?ji..n<JrHc? wi'h Mr. pMCti*, ihf Fron-h twin.-it a: W-iihiagtoi, pnwii to tho aatnUctitai o,r firry body, and div |wlM all rlrtdifa on it* ?? ? *? h if nuy tier rxn e \ that ha pnfMHl hi? own sh^iV ol ilie C?wn.if>dity. I lUhrrvt r, t omrtl mg Btoie th?r> ?>S Unary i<t r?- | t'd in the xr'jutiui*lit ol iltift NMU?r. Turrc i i?tJl l>a n.ore than a |outl *( a>> or n i>l?nnti? atntwHt ifraltrdin ihwomtrorrn^ ?r?dwntrmt I that m fnadacttir M, Mr. CUvtoa ar?fl WMthinr, j wfcb h?? thuii-h' >d??t nhf'iHnoy.a littlf k*o?? intal- | lui'rit* and t <t th n hr Oi*i'!-)ed ui lii# n'fiutia- | It una witit Mr 1' Don St stem.?Talkiug nf the removal of Mr. Walsh, just removed from the consulate of Paris, we hope there will come a shunge in regard to the whole of onr foreign consular arrangements. It is a notorious fact that the whole system as it now exists, is the laughing stock, of the world. When empires are tottering, and thrones are crumbling to pieces, in every part of the globe, it certainly behooves this nation to have sack representatives abroad as will do eredit to the republic whose glorious example the nutions everywhere are endeuvoring to imitate ; and to have men in every foreign port where a consul is required, who is something more than the mere unsalaried agent of people who come trading to that port. We have nanny good men abroad as consuls ; but the great majority are foreigners; and all of them, (with hut few exceptions) are obliged to sustain themselves and the dignity of the 1kg of I the ( Tent nation they represent on fees, which in nine cases out ol ten, would not pay for their cigars and tobacco. Some of thern receive no fees ai an. ror instance, nurnut Ay res mis uceu blockaded for five or six years?aad the consul,' Mr. Grah:tm, hns resided there constantly, although five American vsssels have not visited there during thut peri'd. Fortunately for him, and for those friends who tbke an interest in hia welfare, the price of "jerked beef" i3 only a cent a pound, nnd he has not yet starved. We hope General Tajlor will exarntne this subject uud givu it the deliberate attention its importance demands at his hands. Give us a new system. Select a certain number of the important consulates, and give to the consuls liberal salaries, and make it a law that they shall engage in no other occupation. As for the leaser ports, let there be commercial agents or vice consulates with no fr iaries, hut with the privilege of nuking all the money they can. Such an arrangement would satisfy the mercantile community, and best comport with the dignity and character of the only democratic republio en the face of this beautiful earth. Mr. Clayton and thk Nrvvsi-ap** Press.? We believe it is universally acknowledged, that the office of Secretary of State of the United States, is a very important and dignified one. No person will dispute this, and the American people would be very sorry to see it degraded in any way. We believe, however, that it is degraded by the present incumbent, Mr. John M. Clayton. It is very well known, that Mr. Clayton has an interest in n certain newspaper?that he loaned the _ ?n:.i 1 TikluJJ.LL ?k? e ^ifrlfrirfln, puuuMicu in i uiiaucipiua, mc rum ui thirty thousand dellars, for which he took us seen- i iity, a mortgage or note of the same amount on th it concern. In uccordance with his views ot social economy, Mr. Clayton hus degraded the office of ' Secretary of State, by making it a penny-u-lining shop for the pnper in which lie is interested; and und< r the instinct of self-interest, hus, 011 several occasions, given to thejournul in which he has a pecuniary interest, intelligence of a national aud important character, which, although it is common property, and belonging to the country a' large, he has withheld Iroin all other journals. We consider this conduct as highly censurable in the Secretary of .State. It is a degradation to the office which he hoids, to make it an appurtenance of any newspaper, uud most of all of a jour, iia 1 in which he is interested as mortg agee, and thus promoting the interests of it by pcnny-t-liniog for it in the office of the Secretary of State. If is the fir?t time in the history of the country that tkut office has been used in such a way, and we hope it will be the last. We look upon all the in- j telligence which the government possesses as n.t- ' tional property; and il it is consistent with the intercets of the country to make it public, it should not be given to one journal only, and that journal one in which the Secretary of State is personally interested. f. . T>?. |( IIhm.m Th. / 1^... ii.i.i** u* I i'L.11 iv. > ? # uyv?i\ i ? a ur uvvcc ni r of IIIluoie lias issued a proclamation, convening an rztra tension of the State legislature on the 211 day of October. Among other objects specified for the call, is the election of a United States Senator, to fill the vacancy occaaioned by the expiration of the term of service of Judge Ilreese. At the last section the leciclature elected (lent rul Shields to succeed the Judge; but the United States Senate declared the election void, the General not having I < en ttie constitutional term a citizen of ih United States, on the day o( ins qualification. The legislature not mreting regularly eg.tin till IKK), and the Governor doubting his power to fill the vacancy, has called the extra session, in part, for that object. It was the gallantry of Genera! Shields tn tha Mexican war that ^uwd his election hi HW, ovn ! Judge Urease, who had acquired a well deserved ! pc; tiiarity for his ability and industry in the Senate. , In the correspondence concerning election, fit n liia dignified course, his enndor, nnd franltn<>s towards liia opponents, Judge Hrceae confirmed the regard of liia friends, and even the reapect of his enemies. The State of Illinois has Lever had a more faithful or industrious mas in the Si na:e than Sy dney Breese; and w ithout assuming to br greet, be has exhibited abilities,en .filinghim to cope with the wiartt heads of ihe body. He has tierii | HiiK'uini 'v untut in iur w i n, ho rnmraitn on public Und#; and Irwin liia knowlrd^a nl all that lelateo to ilir admin it-lraUun i>f the public dtim un, he injurt thr rn-ia that Illinois will want to roprermt her p?c'ili?r intrrerts on tint subject in the l otted Statea Kennfe. He has been tried, and proved to Le < (Ticiem aod uacftil; and liia ezem* pier; lialnta inturt him agnia-1 an; negligence in hta public dutiea. Ma line A Cm Irs. A l?r(? and mognifleent ?htp, of ahaat 1 900 t?n# register call* A the Albert (lailalio. was launched yoaterfij afternoon. at 3 o'clcok, from tb? jaid of Mr Wna. It. Wtbh foot of Aiith atreet, La?t Hlear. She baa been t oll! by Mr?>ra firtnnell. Vinturn f- Co, and la to f In ILeir i iverpool Una, unj.t the mmmtil of i apt H A Prlano Iter d'ei- n-nn* are at Mica*. Length oi tlirk. UOfaet; breadth of haam feet i depth of || I t. IS ^ f ?t. Iter bmIhI la a |<ial, If not aupeiloe to any retool we ham s?eo. and her timbers. from aleta to t'tra bare been put tof rtber In at.eli ti surer at In llait the warmest oniB* ids'ion a fn tn jndge, of natal at-Mt? > lute blio i? the fortyseventh lotel nl.tch Mr Webb haa launched ?inc# lit* a> it iri Leeu'tit In tprK, 1M<), having built. during flat Hire ti} evrda of 41 0. o lona af sl.Lpidug. which la an average (J f.,w 0 tens a year lis haa bis foity-eighth ami forty ninth raemla now on the stock* at.i Uto h?el ol U<e fiftieth eIII be lnid kg; mediately. In the plate of the Albert Oailatlt). If entarpri e and per?*e?rlug indurfry enure suoocea In hevliv-e, wa are aura Mr. \t abb will bara to ranra of a. to; laiut A toe ship, <.f I 000 tons ha'thon, will be launched to-day, at about 1 o'atonk. firm the yard of Me/ara ' eii?n laM-i- n .V cUck ueburuh fill# I- t oa uaifil lUTUoitirr^n; la naopaaloraparlmanof na rat a rtilarf ? a, at <1 rr?. rta aradit on ht-r buildt ra. 8ha la for Maatdv tlarbaot V' a , of lli la rlty an I Into ba r 4Liii*nd*4 by H|I J. 8. rr?n. wodar ?rht?a aupti li>u-Ld?nca en* ?* l>uiK. V/i* r.qnb>u?llal Ua lr. A ?ti re thi udrr atom pa ?.<! urar thla el?y on futurday eaanlny 1 h? W? Mlf h>?u wai atrnrli hy ligl'ltili'ft ii il ??t on Pre f t|r*ni?a w?f? promptly <nth?- prriiud. but en rapid eerfe the IUtnaa thai th i upnio and roof vra-a In fan ?t"ia?nte iH'??l?p?d. and In a ?*ry iJh< 11 It r e tha fla/wd# T f- II At i q tartar Mmi'le i <?k I h* fe< men vara aaldeotly vetiln< tha farara ut lir i'b,?r'iob Tha r*?"t inn?t ha rv<*tly d? r'ro;" d, *i. I u ?? ' a|t| ef tl.a hull din* a ,fond drnl d?i>ar>d. Tlia LnUdlnai were ar?at*d a> u: lv<> year* i apo. at a era* id mora than #'JS?N# Tha pramlaea ' ara nnniiy ? |.| tn Vr a Ira lluMMtl nf L'te*. *fco ! a ? l.i d? i ha prop. riy We nnd*r<tancl the bill l!r>n I ?aa Icrnrad In Ulflarrn' rooipanle* far all tot i.ikAn(ir, A .M'irlmr, Srfil J|, Pn|ir??i? ronrt. SDIHtaL TKBM Fafi-ra Jtittlaaa Ione*. Ilnrltiut. *rd FdnionJa ftrr fl - Tha nmrt tn?i to day, a:il t'np Na /oion tha mtlrftdar. pfefarrad r*?<e It n< an app- at front the derr? # rd th? 8nrr?>fnfe, la thr mat t r of p'orln j I ha atilr' h"a *t ' ai?h trgtimrat ant conefu tad ? inn tl 'lr I. <>nora ?dj nrn*d . tut'ft of r*nnl t Irnl f ?Tha otrnr ?' i.rrf |f.j . |n th'a iratlar ?%a p>ei#nt.1 IVIa it 'hi . ht r i.flrma" ? Af't thoft a ir-rt?U 'n W tat'ictt'tlm WW aldaa ff^r It ra?nn the a oi1ri? ti'ii <>| <| a )|| h" > ppoord). ihn ar?ju.j??i?t ?<v> ,?Jjt **>''d to llr Rial day of I l)f hrkt lefiil. Thara vara VI4*atha la r hi'adrlpV i. Ihr Ilia nark hdiop tha 32 J iu't of nbich nunbar I ware nfaholara. Cltjr 1?uu1|?hm. M fit LaFOBKST, latk Consul. gcierai. er FbavcR, at Nkw Yore.?This gentleman, during the lMt fifteen years. has bern residing in our city. in the oapicity of French Consul General. He hes left behind him meny friend*, gained by his courtesy end geueroos manners. He leit Now York on Fridey lent, on his wey to Peris, end thence to Floronoe, which he intends to wake his future residence Ou the morning of his departure. e greet number of hie ceuntrymen assembled onboard the packet ship New York, end there M. De Courcy. in the name of his oountry men. reed to M. De Disforest an address, expresiing their deep regret at his departure, end their warm wirhes for his future welfare. This address was signed by more thau four hundred. Mr. De Lefori ft, till Iheu unconscious of this high compliment, was much moved, end replied in a veey elo,|u?ul manner. saying, "that he could have, in other times, considered this ftrp as influenced by his position, but now that ho was no more a public olflcer of his government, it was for bint only a proof of personal aileotiori. for which be was doubly proud and happy." lie add id, also, "that he never would forget this last adieu." everybody then shook hands with him. aiol the whole affair was no less graUiyiug to his countrymen present, than to him to whom it va.i addressed. New OriLuino in Broadway.?Tbo new store of Bowen &. MoNamee 14 Broadway, of which the basement ami principal story are {built, is attracting great attention? u little loo much indeed for the pedestrian in haste, for a orowd is almost always collected, so as to obstruct a free passage on the sidewalk VVe fear they will one day pay for their curiosity, for the pile of brioks in front looks ominous for a crash. The entire front of this building is of white marble; and the pil hire are the old r.lizabetbati style which appears to be ecming Into lavor again in this city. Thi Sooth Fkrhif.s ?The Inhabitant* of South Brooklyn, *>111 be glad to learn that a suggestion of the Ihra.'il. madu some two month* ago, has been adopted by the proprietor* ot the South lorries. The ferry to Atlantic street, iu*t< ad of stopping as hitherto, at 1'2'a o'clock, will run all night, every half hour. Last night wis tba tir*t night of the change. The Herald was the caly paper ia New York to make this suggestion, and though, like tbo Hudson Railway Company coming further down town to oblige the public, the Kerry Company say that it I* in compliance with the wishes of a large number of the residents of South Brooklyn We would bet a dollar that the Interest of the company, more than the convenience of p:i?*euger* is the motive of this concession. There is another eonoession which we have advised, and which would equally combine | their Interest with indulgence to the public, it is to extend the time of the H amilton avenue ferry till 13 | o'clock. To stop the boat every night at 9 o'clock, is , not only inconvenient to paceogers but highly lnjurii ous to the ferry Kvery one esps it ought to run at | least for another hour; but we think it would be to the I advantage of the company, as it certainly would be I eyre* able to their customers to extend the tluie till i 12 o'eloek. We trust this reform will be soou eonoeded. j We are aware that the ferry was constructed for the a< of tbo Atlantic Dock < oinp.iny. that they erected the slip at the llrooklyn side at tlieir own expense, and that they ere bound to make good any loss resulting to the ferry company, should this branch not pay. It is. however, paying well, and a more liberality to the public would make it pay better. '1 here are many commuters who complain that, though tlieir tickits are tor the Knlton street furry, and the South ferries, and though at first they were permitted to par* on this ticket over tho Hamilton avenue ferry, t l ey have been lor sometime past denied this right, though no portiou of their moaey has been returned. We hate heard that some of the ooinruuters intend to institute legal proceedings to recover it. Idriivssv Passer Etcpssiov ts itaooxr.viv.?Yesterday afternoon the < ity Ouard. the Montgomery lluard, the t oiitlnrntals ai d the Kifles. met in Broome street, ; and havirg marched to the Park, paraded there before ' BrigHilier tieneral Mwtil They UMB marched tluough [ Net-sau street and down Kultou to the ferry, aceom- j ponied by the magnificent Ooveraor's Island band. | The t ity Ouard having made arrangements for an nx- I eurtion to llrooklyn, passed over the river about 3 o'clock, and the other companies returned. Ti? City Uuard returned about H o'clock. All these companies | inede a fiue turn out, and their uui.orm looked rein ark ably well. Tint Fifth Diinn -On. Loekwaod. commandant ! cfthofith Brigade, hss ordered tba uniform troops to ' rriidevrou* at Sing King on I hursday next, the U7ta I lost . for annual review end luspeclmn The troops will be reviewed by Mm, end afterwards by the lion. Pamnel Taylor, tbi-n iaspested by the Hrigads Mnior. itlajar (iVreral YVnrd will review them Kt d I'. M. After wlueh. the Brigade Oeueral will, in person cause them to rxeeuto a number of evolutions of the Una. This will he a great dsy for Sing Slug. Thv, Paoir.cToit" Fine i'sccisr Co. No ft Eeoostrw. ?This floe body of uim passed through eur oity yesterday. in their uniform, and accompanied by their en! gine. upon au excursion to Newburg I ConcLi trow or me Taane Balc or Coot ar & Karst. I ?The trade sale of hoiyday presents illustrated bunks, ' and handsomely hound Bibles and Prayer B joke, supi pltno otary to the reaent sale ol Cootoy It Kee.'e. hia ! just concluded In the former sale tbu proooeds amounted to (206 Otui. in this to $10 ' tUO. lu October, a privato rale of 6 0t)0 volumt s will come off under this firm This will be the lurgegt private sale that has ever taken ptaee In ti.i. elty. Psoas or Business re thi Season ati's Orricc ?From the great mortality of the last t< ur months, the Surra, gste s office is overwhelmned with bueiuose, iu making out the pre hater of wills. Additional hauds hare been f-uod ueceesary. Tin On is. - The psie from the westward ontlnnad freih jertsrdsy end the waters of the baibor were rnftli 4 into an agreeable change from the taiue placidity | by which they are generally marked. KnnMsa to ire Fu.i ? Tba faney and Jewelry store of Tilleny. Young A I llis. corner of I hambers street and Droadwsy. baa rather an ugly appearsaea to perS' ns walking up the west side or Broadway. Tho front is severed six inches from the side wall, and is supported by a huge prop sgatnet It. which does not by any menus remove tbu sense of insecurity from the pas. er by, especially with a ornsy pile of bricks at the other side of him. fforue goed judges in eusk matters, ars of opinion that It naiu.ot stand 1 hero Is no doubt tho rent was in the wall fir soma tiia?. and is Mow enly mealed by the reui >r?l of the adj iluiog building for the purpose of re ar stion It Is ah >ut to be si cured with anchors?Uil then, tLs publis would do well to take cere room's Finn?The CJraid lory having vldted Ileiidall's island, and seen with their eyes an I smellcd with their nostrils the ahominst >ns of Potter'* Flal 1. has* presented It as a nu-saiiC" In eouiegtienee of this step, e* mo of our ally cetempomrlas nave dlaaiiien d for the first tiiaa the horrible condition of tbat { temctory. w huh we d< scribed mieutely montb* agn Pirn rr * F*t l - The Coroner, yesterday, held an Inquest at the! ity Hospital, on the holy of f'icree l.'oJf, eg? J u year*. born in Ireland who cvna to hTs death from a fracture of tbe skull by felling from a dn hunday night The derearcd it?i p'ckrj up and | t nujid to the I It/ llc?pttal iu a reneeleee (lata, alula ti* lingered until cip-hl O'clock .reMrrday illuming. and thru expired. \ rrdlet arc irdlngly Tlia Man floatn av rnr Man Bm,i. I'hn rM man, named Iholtig'on gored * bull I ?af. week In llroad?njr. la In a lair way of recovery M< ma of the city p*. peri drove the horti of lha bull through bin' Tni art? Ai i.?t ?M'p call attention to the ahaix fal ilote of filth In which Theatre Miry la permitted to exlrt The Itenah of the > fllurio la Int', ami la uodonMfJly poiioulog the a'moepher* all aroaad. Let ery na walk through It (if he can ) and ho will o?n In convinced <>f th" truth of what ?? aay. Branklyn C'ltjr InlilUunirr. Kmna Tot att Curat ran tlaai aac H. hidvi.-Itafora Urn. H K. Johicnn. l oanty Judg- and Ju-tloee liu-'hea and right?Jlrniiaaowi ? Vileharl rihea war arraign) d on tl.raa couuta ?one for anaa*tult and hattrry npon an cT.icet at'h a ? l, n t. whim ho phad-d not (utllfi "a* for a-mult and battery elm ply, and a third for krvping a on.ranee. Tin rauaa *a<, | on mi tloo 11 ^ hit r man ( liurch. who appeared aa ctuairl fi r the defendant, ordered oif fur the term, the reonrel atari: ( that that# Would be important legal rjura-'lona Involved in the care one of winch wa< i lie right "f lha Hoard of Health t? parr rueb regulatloira a-thiy have and the enforcing of the ordinance by j taking away the rltiaen'a pr petty < barlm Myerx ! err arraigned on an indictmeat for bigamy ami ph ad. id not gnilly Thcmae Moore (colored) w?. arraigned on an indictment for we n In liaeiog attempted to rat tire to a etable In Slewari> alley Hp p>ead-d not i nilty Ihlllp |)e?l? and /adork J. Wlr-eler were artalgr d on aa indict,urut (. r pv-dng money ard pi aded not gitilly. A cm-t.lerahte diea :m' 0 here te- k place beten n tbe eoij.,<?| for lha defen lauta, n lailia to hie (delta l right to a ann? of tt.a Ir.Llrlm. a...l, .1 la . ... k.:.. ......I. nher* upon th* dcf* mUnt di-tanrrr < to Ih* Imlinlm* nt. for I hff rea?nn that the uam? a of th "I'neMea in the c>.?* w*r* ait npow th* back of U. \T*rtll wan than arralgmd on Minllar rharg#, to ?hteh hn p'e*d B't (unity 1 tiff petit Jur*ra wtr* than dl "harg*d for th* tun a..d tL? court adjourned bj (.ro< taiotioo to Wnt?r<d>f 7 *? Profit r? Join O/awn ?Thla nan '. ! Indlatrd for having on th# Slut day af \ugtt*' l.?-t. lo a Mora kept by on* li-cher. In the town ?f Will amaburgh, point* | a loaded (ton at a Ml. Battlce, and attempted to kill I Ini II appaara that tit* two had (wn Irtaking, whiff lh?y ??ra *agaged in thl? pianaant oeattpnll"n Otn an'a *i>* rain* In and created a diffloul'y bataarn tb?m. vhioh rffMiltid In Oltaan laiarlay ha Would go Bt 4 |t| kit |?u and rh'i t > at of tlinn that night, ah rb tbrrat b? attempted to pa* In rirtatln, and Kin only daterred front doing a li. lila g in mlolag Br* llr atti mpti it to get it oil lhr<'a *.<Tii?a :>ut did ma meruit th# loch b< lug a flint lock lla ??a then art*?t?d and loakttd up Th* trial had n<dtoue|ad"d lata on Saturday / yw*?t Th* rcterer hold an Imjnaat ye terliy on tb? In dy of a b>an narted John Wlleon. alio m aeel- i d'atally drowwad at thi foot of Hold while fiebIrg. o?t fin a day U-t Tit* Jury rmderad a vcidlat ad a (id'rital d?ath hy drowning hpurlltig lMt*ltl|;riie?. t'Bi*w Cot *?r. L. I.?Ttta (lint SraiMrw Toot.? The trotting raita between th* celebrated atnlllnna tlai k I'aa k, Caialut Mil.iy.aod St. l a woe oca, for a for** of fTM? b?-t thra* In fir*. rjiia hea'a anl twHe I ?r? at >ha I't lcn tioara# tlii* af'arwnon i'b* reputation of th* three ata Hon' rnfrfd warrant* tha * I- ' *c tat loa i.f a ninarlably s"''d rare, an.I a I org* at- , lindane* rf rpee'a'nra In th* aborting at, id thfa affair ha* created, d ting th? la't fi nr taan'h* a good dial 11 Intirnt aid large amount* bar* been w ?g.led on lite n <r|t. To day. tha ina'.lar *111 be tan I d. OfTKtTtvr r C?t ? *.- M ono eYlrrk t'il? afiornoon. : pTfsl<>t,? to tlifl n r?"? M tlM I'M in 4 (m'.Mng ii ftt< h fi t f !H> mil*! hMtl, la haraoM. ?hl a m* off *t t?ir f ?ntr??tl!o ( ratf o. Ti t Ri< t$ Th? f'tll MMon at tb? I'nlnnCiorn, ?hl?h i'iBBTch nc*t wt**, will bo nnq?n?lly Intor?. tiny, nnirxltln by b*1 w?ili?r Wt l*am ?l ih? rf Vlf. 1,'aro anil Mr. Urooa. of Vlr- | rln *. crlinl ? MilwitN rtnlt for Now intfc. ?lth ?trli?n c'in?l?Moy of Bioton*, /n'ltn, kno Irrdt, ? ?M,lr bu Tli-j ?rl'l arrira t"fluil?y 'I b?" o. rllli tho oioW"* of Mr. l.alrB ?n4 tb< rr in iUm>4i|chb< rhvoB, wtU u??h? U?? uuto tin. br?t of bT grpo d?Ji. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* App*UUH*U tojr the PruMtnt, Wcshiisoton, September 14?P. M. The following executive appointment* *m announced to- day:? rNTMirrii. Archibald Gamble, at St. Louis, Missouri. enc kivkm or ruuLic Honar. Blueford Johnson, at Edwardeville, lUiuoie, via* John O. Cameron, removed. A ndrew Backus, at Sunt 81*. Marie, Michigan, ria* ; Daniel Hielu, deceased. usd orrica beoistbbs. Ferdinand Maxwell, at KuHkaskia, Illinois, vi** Jacob | If'leauHU, removed. G. W. Davie, at Jackson, Mlaaouri, vice Franklin Cannon, removed. r rciitu jninmcn ^ Washington, September 34, 184?. Tl'.e French Minister, M. Poussin, Is (till in this city; but be intends soon to proceed to New York, where he will remain until he hears something definite from hie government. Dreadful Affair In Arkansas? Eight Persons Killed. St. Louis, September 31,1849. We have received accounts of a bloody affray at Yellowville, Arkansas, growing out ot au attempt by the Sheriff to arrest some desperate characters who were charged with murder and other crimes. The latter made a fierce resistance ; and in the contest between them and the Sheriff's party, eight persons were killed und several wounded. At the last accounts. a party of the se?undrele had fortified them, selves, and were determined to continue their resistance to the authorities. Keturn of 11 r Clifford from Mexico?Death of Ucneral Paretics. Baltimore, September 24? 9 P. M. The steamship Ssvern arrived at New Orleauft from

Braxcs for Vera Crus] on the ICth inst. Mr. Clifford, our late Minister to Mexico, came home in the Severn. The death of General Parades is announced?but we have no other Mexlcau news. Another Serious Fire In (Quebec. Qwrhec, September 23? P. M. A destructive ire occurred in this city to day, consuming, before it was subdued, twenty-five buildings. Tbs losa is estimated at ?25,000, which was mostly severed by insurance, ?12,OC0 to ?15.000 of whioh ie in the Qoebeo office, and ?1 500 in the Pheentx. The amount insured in the Etna is not known. The lire 1 is laid to have been the work of an incendiary. The Cotton Crop In Texas. Baltimokc, Sept. 24?0 P. M. We learn from New Orleans that tbo Matagorda and San Auguetlna (Texas) papsrs give most gloomy accounts of the cotton aiop in the vicinity of those places?ths greater part of it having been eerioasly injured by the worm. Calton Altoal. Bit.timor!, September 24. 1340. Captain Barrett, rf the chip Sultana, (which Tensel arrived at New Orleans on tlia 10th.) report! passing, i on the 10th of August. off Capo Hattaras, nine bale* of cotton, whieb were marked '-B. B." en the end and I * ?. W.? on the aide. Market!. Borrai.0, Sept. 24?5 P M. The reeelpt of produce einee Saturday wae 12 000 bbl# flour. 70.(Kj0 bushels wheat. and 06,000 do eorn. There is a good demand for flour, and the market le better. We notice rales of2.000 bbl* .common Michigan breeds at fl4 44 Kor wheet. there continues a fair Inquiry. but the firmness ef holdert prevents large trans, artieus A rale of 2 600 bushel* Monroe, was made a* k6)*c Owing to large receipts the market i.i heavy for corn, and #000 bushel, mired Western changed hands at 4t<o Oats are 80 a .'llo . with .ales of WXH) huriiele W tdakey is better with sales of Ohio at 23o. k'rsichta hove ti ghtly altered. We quote flour at 53s, wheat 14u , and eorn. We. Ai uART.Sept. 24-6 P. M. The receipt of produce, by caual. since Saturday, ' was. 11 000 bbl*. Hour; wheat, none, 5 < 00 bu.hols corn) i 2 000 hnrhelr barley. In flour, there is a good business 1 doing, the #?les reaching 2 ?00 bbls, at $s 8T.)? a >5 for straight Michigan, and J?6 25 a J.3 37% fur pure Ucne. re. 'I he market for wheat is (Inner, and we notice salus of 1 500 bushel# tiene.see at^l 20. Corn is in brisk derauud. and market Arm. the sates embrace 14,000 buah* sli. uioet'y Wertera, mixed, at iSaHt^o Rye is quoted at 65o , with isles of 2 out) bushels Barley is in active request, with .ales of 14 000 bushels, including two rowed at 6Ga , and four rowed at tIRc Frisco | whiikey has sdrsnoej to 27'?o., with lalss of 1C0 bhls. klppteg Intslltgcncw H?sto?, Beptsmkc* 14. Arrived? Berk* Yloe, Baltimore: Jsseo. and Brothers. Vsw Turk; (irn Jse. p. Tre-uoiit, anil Ou? Brine, I'tnlwUIphial brigs Msreair. Glasgow. loth alt; Zcuubia,IsAvauuah,, Si d 7.ii)d-r /sr. I'hllsdtlpbla. J-hrv OaviJ. Ualwey. I7tb sit, flO paesercerS; W??t"*sr and Harp, Richmond; . ehtmp, Norfolk: Adeline. I'lilladstrMa; I vnehhurg; N Yerk; I 11.11 I artsr. Risl-tn. nd; Albion and Vandalier, t'lutvisl fhi a. Th<m** llioka, N York. I<mk < octal lu?U London. T7t!i nil. Fpok* 19th, 1*192, !? 9? '41, tliip l*?r?li, L.idou, for tout n. flelow?Skip Tl,< rndtkr, fn m Nn.ila, lllh alt. I le-if.I?skip Hotdan, Kr? Urlimi; bark Urlfthtnn, (" !em tt; bnr* S ortliuisii, lfomrlena; Ilea Krnnklinand Unhella, 1 Baltimore. Sat. nr. Sept tl Pad* (' oi-ri. frota r*?lport f r XlrhBtnli Klir J ll.roiae, fr. in d" f< r M V i k. Form k tie at, hrid Aular*', from Drtrrlf for Sail Irm.eif ?o. Bath, 8*;t 21. Artitcd?Ship JolUt, Cork. Pobti.aih, Sept 22. Arrieed?Sekr Sarah G*r<lnrr, for fhiladelphia. Ni k Bar* )i.n, Sept XI. A rritrd - Bt rk Franklin, from l', rta Sir itl? of rum r, T.'" aretm lle?rd from at Itctho* ladnnil, About Deo I. rhip [ A't'in' NB rp nr.-w lent in* O.ihn. hpoke I eb IS, 1*1 49, km I A* It |M? la Hieh, F.'rtiaeea, 4?M *p: aim reported Jan I I6(h. <IT SI. in .a !*Uiid. "I) cpia. NH 440 ?p; An* 4 lot 1 AS , S. l. n 2r I 'll An'ilba. I Ivupnel for Sin*,pore: Isl 8 M, loa IS 4?, hark tfcrteliia, London fur Boakij: h*d npokea J?f j rrrtl-tir, kirk f irner. Raaror, for Sm Frttacire..; |AUa, hark Kit. n. nf Imndnn from IIm.i'. ir* for Valpnrtlroi Sopt 10, lat If, Ion f<\ kri>! "V#r?a Minor," leirhorn lor NYork. 1'ito va i (in k, Sopt 29. Ar ited ?Fehr llr . k'.,*ten, Norfolk. m,r 2*ne Fiat , { ?nreinondi Odn Ron and Win Praia, " irfi Ik F F Kami r'1. Plil'ad Iphla: kmirlraff. N. nilnnt loop kiuml, d*. SM; reiirr Idea, I'oik Kirrr, Niaitta, 1 lall.lilnll dill*. M a? ? r loop Tbode Wlnnd. from ProTWeoer for .V York, war dl.tnrr .dot, and*)', an i'otail?udlljr, and *a Saturday war to* .1 int N l.oml. a. Pf" ? a?April 14. If t ?l K, Ion 34. knrk Hiring Sua. Saw York f. r fan I raartren. *t ii A i em r ? ? Tonohtd *t F?vnl. Jalr II. rhip Ronr?r?n. N i I Prdiordi 14th. baikj E DonaalL do. landed iM; 2Vh, ! al>11w *?lfi. d. Sir'. Gt r. , falrhaeen; Anaut I, Rolda Itwod Mini." V aeerlf, h Bedfords i'*nd???. N London; bark krlward M Bedford loaded Hi blr: 4?h. rlur Una) Tanker, d?; , Bth I ark Fitment. New lo r let, Mb, *hlp' Npe N Bedford, | I! {) not ) e* lied. ,1. l.kib I nrir do, landed 411 bblr; Oro- ! ton. F?irl aven. landed .17 bid*, hrl* March. Yarmouth, 7" II! , I#th. ?l.ip He. IP. N Bedford, l.n I 'd IV M.le. knrk f kamiir*. Wentunrt. At) do do; 2Mb, ?hlp Cli.rlar, N Urdlord, ktitb, lark so?*a, do.* for Kampr. I The atraarkip Earnpa will U%f* Biutn to morrow, for Halifax anil Lirerpool. Ilrr letter ha^r will aloaa In rify. at 4 a'alack thla afternoon Tha It'rrWy , .. .. ,e. I ifrraia, who id* mm c ?, prmift in i nn<o ini I rprIDh, will b* rudy it 11 o'llmtk thl* fnr?noon i A hit* r.thvr thing*. it will aontatn th* orr**pon4*Dat b.tarrn aur gorarnmant and th* Fraoab Mlulitav. Blrgl* aopta* lit; or*. Hot* la. AKFTVAI.A AND IiKPARTTTRW* Right ll?* Ill-Imp Tolk, I.N i Hon. 1". B. Oahnrn. ( i nn , Pr liar* ai d family. I'liiladrlpbU; l.ianl TamI>1*. I 9 N.; Lirut. J. l> < lark. U 8. a ; < ora. Tarry, I 8 ft , llav J"1 d V. kukri Dt M8 i rnilrk and lady; W Wirt and lady Vligtiiia; J. Allain and family, Loubiat.a; II. Ilrtidarron, haltlmora; Liaut M. K. 1'iiity. U 8 Ob?*r ratoty. IVaaliingtoo, John I. Taylor. Naw Orlrana; Jnlm ?V Andrawv and fatally, Ualawair; Janiri Aodtra n. ljii'b.'r; I attain Marray. It. I A , war* ami'Df tba arrival*, yratarday. at tb* Irving Hi ii ' apt Anthony, of ahlp Bavaria and family; Jamaa llnnkor; Judg* WnoJwiirth, Tunghkaaprla, MnnaDavt*. k'altia; Major I inoaid. I] H A; K J I'nrtar. II. 8, A ; i 1 ?r Br)ant and family R<?ton. wara among tba arrival*. yaMvrday. at the Aator lioua* 1.. I' Rakw-rt*, Florida; I) Nhhn|ni?, tl l.onla, M?.( ' 3 T It I'mot. Savannah lino ; II. Viildlabnnnk, do; II. C. Hall, lira' tl?b?.rough. VI; John To nhuli, Jr., Tallimorr; f hat!** llogtr*. Florida; Dr. fcoiboa, 81. I.rul*. ara at tb*< linton Dotal. Tm* Brrtra I'lvnm r Caa*? A Onvft (Ivivrr*.? V-'a l.arn that tbl* loog aootaaiad anil I* now flna ly Mttlril Tba Judga* of th* t'onrt of I orimnn l'|av? hat* darrrad a dlvaraa b*t?**n tha parti** Tlnrav ' I Hilar and Mr* Franra# Aon* Hollar Tb* langiac* of ?h* daora# I* In th> ** word* : ?" And now. th# ninth d*y i f Angn?r. In tha yrar ot our I ord 1*40. tha rotoro of " hotna* Punlap b *?j . almoinrr of th* d*pn*Hlnnt nfth* *|to*??*a. takan hrfnr* blm on th* part of tba llballanr. a ?? proaaotad ar d fllad 8?pl*Tnh*r *<1, lAl?, in inr.tti n ol tlaorg* V Dalla*. f.N|? rula to ahow rant* why divot** nhnild not. ha d*rr?*d wharrnpon thai orirt ?n th* ftit day of 8*pt?mbrr. 1140. aft-r n atnr* and mlrtnn (! tiliataMi n. h*lng londol thara lib and prorlamail"n hatag duly mad'1 f>r tha ra*yod*tit to roma forth and tha not aop*a>lng tha Court do otdir adjiidir* anddarraa that th**ald f'l?ri*a I: otlrr tba libollaot K* diroraad and ?#pnrat-d from tl a bond rf matrlwn at mniraatad ?l'h ih*?*id ^radoav Aan- lint 'or. th* r*?r"-nd' tit and that all and *v?ry tha dnttra right*. and aialm* *--.-rnlng la *1thar of th* raid partlaa >y r- *?< u of thn raid marrlag* ahall hams* fifth ' * * aid dDtatmtW* and th* tald parting ha rrvatally at tl'i? *ty t? marry again In lik < mannar % r i ?a wmm mm."-rnrnrnt^mm tm Syl J4 - . 1 " 1 1 1 A li'Kf of ?!*? * k*'? *b aond'il Jn K?afmiy ilnf? ihf tat* alt atlon. bar* baen ahol in b< iik rap'uitd U.n.ral A Hunt rot! jr. lata U. Cotu?1 to Urarpool U in lbll*d-lpHa. II Vfec Republic.?On Moadajr, Ottober 1st, | 114'J, a ill be ireae* the fir*t nuiilnrolt uwOniCut De vintu Daily Pifwr. iu o? called tke kKl'l'bl.lC. 11 will | aim to prevent all new i?stie* a dividing eharaeter. by looking to the Union and tha whole Union; >y discarding all aoaitriictione of the constitution ml warranted by the nouetitutioa ilet It ai d by errying ??l party u*?,?* In harmony, honor aad good faith; hy a*oi<liiir crntraliiatinu. undue Inburnt* ana prospective measure; by Ju*t!oe to oarselvea and I liberality to onr opponents. The fctapiblio will contain all : the loeaf, foreign and oon>in"reiel intelligence ntnally found | lathe heat .laift journal*. Trrms.?One Cent per oopy, erilx eentea week, payable 10 the oarriere. ? I'll II II' Vt II I.IAMB, 83 Na?*an at. A Card to the Idivcri of a Social Soup;.? If. Toree, of the Mielletoc Bough, 517 Pearl itrcet, near Centre beg* most r spec'fully to inform the puMio that hi* nana! Concert*, on the free and easy principle, take plao* ! rery Tuesday and Saturday evening*. Lientfeinen are par- I ticnlarly invited to pay thi* house a vieit, whore th?y oan obtain a genuine glur* of liquor, and enjoy their lour pipe or ?ift?r. They will also tin J that the harmony is con'noted with erety attention to older. Chair taken at eight o'clock. W. TOV ?8, Propnotor. Tlir Plurabe National Daguaman Oallery, en the upper comer of Broadway aud llurray elroet, trangi re ui (1 Li rs *lo uld not fail to vleit a* It iioao of tl e n ost lntereittr* piece* of the kind in thl* oountry. The pjeturee ere executed in a very superior style; the exeellen*o can only he appreciated by being ?e?n. I*realdent Taylor and bid Cablndt?Bra ?Vf CdtirtKO nui'lirai'mc |lr>ni, ? rssiuous nji'ir nw kin cabinet, is now for isle at t' n ui.tircM- toil litw prise of f 1 ft ingle nop/, at tli* publisher a (lira J/ a) (iallery. 3Ui and 27 troadwaj, corner af Fulton airatt. A liberal dlaaaaut ?o tka trad a. Piscatorial Spoilmiieii can now prociira Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing. at the publishers', Stringer It Tnwnaend'a, 222 Itroadwsy 1'hia "complete angler" of Mr. llrrbrriH' embraces everything upon thia gentle science, of tbo newutt and tuoat approved methods. up-ia.i. and applianrn for taking all tbo varieties of guuio tlah in the New Woild. 1 vol. 8 to. I'rice $ I .VI. For Sole.?t oll's Itevolvera?One pair of tbr largo, < r dra(toon eise, and one pair of the amaltor (lie, pi rfrctly new, t Iver ri iin'nl, and complete, with helitara, straps, flasks, halla, caps, fcc tic. Alto, aavcral otbor artielae suitable for Calif1rnir. or travel in tbo torrttoriae. F.nquire of t litV A RP U III fit, 217 dread way. Tb? llaiiwr S Uiuutliray ; or tlin II ATI t. u Ml A van. An oririnal mrcanea, by the famoiia wanufuetnrer af kali, knot, 12a Fultos atrt at. Chapter lit: A remarkable bat, air!? Old Vlny. Bnviri eta make a wig; cantliave dextiroualy, and with kia furling tonga can arrange the moat uncouth hair into flewdug locks that will axcitu lve wildoat admiration. Luukcr tout fA? Hirber of Bromlxeay ( To bt continued.) Watches and Cult! Pens.?J. Y. Rsrsga,91 Fulton street. Importer and dealer in flss gold and silver Watebss, and iranufuoturer of tbe selebratad Riohelieu Diamond Fnint?d Gold I'ene, keeps constantly as hand an extensive asoortinent, winch ba sails vary ltw. W a tehee and Cold l'ciia rapa rod. Wigs and Toupees?Ws would call lha attention of eitisena and strangers, requiring Wigs or Tenses j, to a rer-ot improvement ot n moat important akaraatar luvented by K. i'II M.n.N, No. IU7 Ilroadwav, eoraar af D?y atitei., under the Franklin Hoass. Thay can ba scan at bis Hair Catting Rootna. where may be eeeu the longest sad heat assortment in the eity. Wlga and Toupees ?Batelselor's eelehrated flFig Faotery ia at No. 4 Wall street, and if the only establishment ve the eity exolueively devoted to that business. He has invented soma moat impartant improvements, sad invites sn examination of those W'iga and Toupee* that *btaiaed a silver modal at tb* Fair ol the Ameriaan Institute. Capy the address. v* li(w, vtipi, n iga?bliangcn >iiiviii{( >u< city VI* infnrmt-U that t?? b- st plaice to gut orsamsatul keir is st Vtdhurst fc Hetrd's, 27 Muidvn I.suu. where the* here on head the largest, the ekesnest en>l beat * Mortal on to? wise, belf wig*, toupee*, braids of lone heir, ringlets. frijetre*. ft* , which, for price and euality, ero aieftll'd, The trade supplied, whole* al*. Call end judge for jrowrtelree, et Me. 2T Uniden Lent. _ Path *11 the Colemn I?We hear of a " r?*h" to the American Museum, e " jem" et Burton'*, end e " eruih" ?t the Chatham; but for e steady, enntinnon* stream of suh*t*nti*l euetumer*. eniarncnda* to the ehrewd end icn*ih1? people who ere ell the titr* pes.iau into Ann tr?ct, to buy ttoie Boot* end Geiter* at JON Id's, No. Id. "Where rait eve Curt them ? Why, at BROOKS' Boot end !<hoe Emporium, 1.10 Fulton street; tbuBfetcrt. belt, and most beautiful Bool*, Shoe*, Gaiter*, he.,to be found in the city, manufactured from the belt Franeh and Amaricen leather, end by workmen a* i* workBen. Mr*. Rorrter.-w'Thla trac anrt wonderfrtl lady i* tha only p?r*on in thia *ity that gives trot inform*-Ion of ull affair* through lif*. U'? bar* oonmlUj b?r; h*r prof*,aion i* 'rue and eorrcot, and *h? i* not on* of tho*e hn Doctor Fortune Teller* Il?r r.*nleaee i* 227 Wnoster (t. commekcial affairs. MONKV MARKET* Monday, Sept. Sii-A P. B, The stock market opened heavy this morning, ami quotation*, for nearly ev try fancy In the list, fell off a fraction. There were rumor* afloat that the representative of one of the European government* had been carrying on a (harp and interesting correspondence with Mr. Clayton, the Secretary of State, relative to Interference in the affairs of the constitutional governments of this continent, and operator* in stocks were rather caution* about making any movement*. Holders or fsney stocks were highly excited, and anxious to realize, hut purchasers wero scaroe. Just at this time, those who hold any amount of fancy shook* must feel very uncomfortable, and pass many sleepless nights, "We know not what a dsy or an hour may bring forth; and between the diOiculiiee In our foreign affairs, dealliens of our courts relative to claim* of Trust Companice, and many other things caloulated to affect the aotuel and market value of all kind* of stock.*, holders must be kept In one continue! state of excitement. The knowledge cf heavy losses, and the fear of greater, are accompaniment! of stock speculations. At the first hoard to-day Harlem fell off \* per cent; f armers' Loan. X ; K-tiding llallroed, )a ; Erie Railroad. V ; Pennsylvania 6 *. H'i United Slates 0's, 1st", 7a i L?r( Island a tranced % per #nnt. At the leecnd board Karin.-ro' Loan declined par cent; Long Island, )4. The transactions vera not large at either board, and the market closed vrak. The rxporteof aperle laat week amounted to 994.733, nearly the whole of which waa In atlver. Total export from January 1 to September 23, 1149, $2,011,024. The value of dry good* entered for conenuiption Into thia port, for the paet week, waa $433,604. Kntared for warehouee, $28,3*9. Withdrawn Irom warehooae, $140,147. The receipt* at the offle* of the A*M?tant Treaaarer of thU port to-day amounted to $40,270. Payment*$15 971 ??. Balance, $3,130,631 79. Dutlea, $H0,039 30. The annexed atatement exhlblta the quotatlena lor 7ornlgn and domestic exchange, for specie, and far aaeurrent money : ? Tturinw R?( HAner*. Ob l-osdon... ICf'S* I' V14 On Aiaotcrdam.,. t\ a 4* l)ii I nn tJ-JUMil Oa'-llaw'.urg 95 a OB* On Bremen W a 7" V Domxth iK'MtaaraB jeten,.. para 4i* B?kiU ap. ahaehc. W a If 41a tfiilad. Iphik..., par a V, ?iia Ni* Onlttat.,, ,|^ t nj tii Baliloinre .para '? eia N-rtk < arel.aa. .1 a ? At* Riehtnoad i||il die Ol?rl?it*tl I if a 1 til kharlettea >4 a Jk <t la l.onteTtlle 1 allodia ftarantiah 1a i -? 41? Raahetlie ? a iU *<a t?m-U ? a t'\ die 9t. Ionia 2U a 1)4 -tit CMntahna - I I1, -ill De'rott 1>? a 3 Alt ohlle |kk aote?).l a I dia QnaTATioea rea Rem*. 7'er rent. fala*. Amer raid, eld ?'*! a l.d Pernio. dolle. ?H#V. a $M1 do, nn. aew. h*> a l'C\ five franca.. MH a 94 ilalf dnllara.,, par a liC^ Donbln.ine . Id.Mi a M.V0 Portnreeec *old.|i?> a "?tlj do patriot. IJ/0 a ti.JO Bpaniek doilara..a l'*l B??er?ne?... 4>3 a 4.47 do enartera. ?); a I1* do li*bt... 4.49 a 4.49 atlcaa 4 oil era..!)?'), a 1??\ flravy xnlooaa A r*> a ? do quartere. a ! ?? Nai?l>oaa?, .VI a 3.47 Dan-aarat kaaii. Jln'tot. Kld.H n?'l at. tri4 ?l I Raw Borland .. M die rer Motile en. pay'*.7 i die 1 dla Rib'ny.Tr V die 1, .lia Now Or'nana...|W diad'4 4K I B.York aunatry J. dia ?, die Ohio IS d.? 1 4K , Raw Jereey..,. V Hla S die Indiana 9 die 3)4 4ia ; Philadelphia ... d'e par krntaekj 9 lit] die H .11? , dtp T. e PlP ? P I Ttiutnie I', .lie I Pie Miae"<iri S die ? 4it K.irihi if llni -% Hn J ttlrhifao * die IX ill* Oeetf Carolina.2 die ?dip Canada 4 dip 1 ill O* r*i?.. .... . 7 dip ? dip Whoellea haebp ar? IX per ?al dieenuat. There bpp bei n but * mo terete enquiry lor Merlin* exehanite. for remittanoe hy ?he pa"*?t leaving Ronton cn It'edneedey. The >|Ooteti<>ne, however, remain without alteiatlnn. nod drirtri are firm. at the rate* yl?m abova. On other point* there ia very little doing. Domerttc esehenge* are quiet, end the quotation* rennet be eet.eldervd o'berel** than nominal. They annttona throegheut the llet In lavu* of thta alty. t'ncrrrrnt money I* not eo abundant a* it upually I* at thi* eeaeon ot the year, and the rates of dinar not are. therefore (near than they would other, wire be. pa?l# la inactive. Very little eomea in. and lee* (on out. Inoi'PT or Fonriow pee Domrptio Dav Oooo* Soi.n ?v thi em*ciret. ii'cuinnn nr tiiu Cm. doirp vhk Six North*. tail*ft doer .*>. i --mp. FortijiP. tlrmtrtlir. Tnlll. Ser.rf. 4r?feei k Pphor H31.WI JC ? ?l,24J.atd7? ?J1U It Wiliepidlepp. I'riprt' 73R.HWCd *77,0*117 l.OW.Wa ftll.OM sa Preper, Werraa, a ttoeipui... ... ,fit?,746 6.1 47.IWM 74MWM? l,?l *7 tliippriy, Piaper. hJ.BPf 275,113 43 431.91 ?> 714,310 W 1.S44 61 Vcpterr ft t.tviepe tee... ..... .. .vrr.WO 17 O.IWN 4<*>.r?7l 0.17*>' aoWyrbft KeHetHi',, I HI tn :?W3 77 .HU7.?W"W ? *? Cirllti. Ua)4o?k ft re 60 4*??J 99ft*4i71 >*1,1409 ? d n?d.l,r. ? h ( *. 04 ?i VI 11 776 14 K'.VIM ? fettertield fc Teppiup 75..WI3 74.MW40 110.470 40 Arpeyate... . 1 ?P *J?I 4.* 95 A.M7.494 *4 A r * 12 The firm of llenrhaw, Ward ft Cw , of Ronton, which woo dl<*olT'd III July, 134s!, tod ouopoudod poyrnont la th? following Potobrr, born, wo ?r? grotliiod to on ?nno?, pold *11 tholr d?btn In foil, prlnolpol ond Intoroot. Till* ludWoto?o itondord of moroontllo honor on (I lotrgrity. highly toram-odoblo, ood orodi toblo to thn portion oonr?rn?d Tho 8t. l.nnl* popr rl roy " Tho honrtoot tron> portntia.n now roIpo on In dry good* on I lorn montifoo. fbotwt d ortloln- M through thn llllnnl* ond Mlohignn onnol, rlo tho llllnot* ritor; ond h?nh? orrirlng from hot oil mm inrtond of bring Itndod no lorrworly, with flovr, whnot oorn, in , now oomo down with thotr hullo ftlltd, ond tholr upprr dtekn oorortd with trunk*, hot noon, bo loo ond porkogoo of moroliondton A Tory ton alderable business 1* also doing la forwarding groeerian, furs, wax. feathers &o , to Chioagn, and it is said that *hs tranaportaMnn, aa will us traral, has increase! nearly fitly per cent, during tUa paat twelee mouthsby this ronta." Tka annexed table axblblta tha quotations for tha principal public seeuritles of tUa country, ia thia market, at tha respective periods named :? aCTATiaas rum SeoraiTijrs. A?d. Tt. IMS. W. U. V. 8. boa*. 8 per eent, 1868.... 101 a 101IOk4 % totf Do. I " WM. ... 107H a 107), 107 a 107^7 Do. 8 " iwij? inv a ink lvoKa i?0 ?*. ? " IW7.... iu>i a iu,\ u#Sa in Do. 8 " H??8 114V all's IIla 111 V Trsai nry No to*, pe* *?D ' 11'ialH 119 a UO'J Now kerkt per eemt, l'?k) ? a ? ? a ? OJ. ? " 1M4 liovaiiovua a no1* Do. 8 " 1860 llo a llo,* no a loi'T Do. 8 " 1M.1 U0?(a)l! II-JValluj? l>t. fi - 188a 110*7 alii 1 OlJ a 111 Do. 8 H 138T 114 a 1I4U 114 a 114 Do. 8K " U?W 107 V a Has ? a ? Da. " 1861 10757 a 108 ? a Do. ?)a " !??.... 108 a 100 Itt^iiaik Do. 0 M liwu w.S,.. ? a ? ? a ? fla ft ?d 7k*#L_f.a 1A9I/ ? Tlt? m mil/' Do. 5 " mwaiiN'1' Do. 8 " 1861-dC... iU a iOe,a iw IS). 8H " V>4J-/>i... ? ft ? _ a __ Oi :u 7 par Mat, 1*51 I'M ft 1U4 u 194',.' a VHM ?o. 6 lsoo ins1* i?i ? ia?>2 ? i? Do. 8 " IBM 117 i ft lie -ft P. 8 M l"?0 > TftWf ? a _ Do. 8 l-sro Ill) ft 118 U ? ? _ Do. 0 M 10W-68 - ? _ _ ? _ lentaeky 8 por otnt 1'>4J? ft 105 l.'UJ' ? Jfc; " , 83 ? U * ft Illinois Int. Imp., 1417 43 a 4-ltt <1 a <2lg Do. " I at. Steuk... 23 a 'Jl> 14!. a 15 Do. fund; tlo Bonds 45 * 47 ?'' ft _ Indiana Honda ft# ? {J ? a I)o. State Fives t>J a dJ.'l 88 ft abbf Arkansas, 6 p.xue*? ? a - 3d ? 3B<2 AUlata*, 8 " ? k ? ? a ? do. - ;;; Do. 8 " Bterkft*.. ? a ? ? a ? fl " 17 V* ?7 a *7* ? . ft 5 1 !8>% a loo iw ?ini)2 fU I ? v. ? 1JJ 1U-X? m Do. # Storliaft.. DGj-J ? 94 94 a 85J? Tonnuaioo, 8 " _ , _ _ k ? >?^.2 - ? : 2 ? 5 Miotugan, 8 M ? ? ? ? a ? firwnta. 8 - 103 a 183 1*2 a 103 H. F. Utj, 7 po? oonk, IM/.... _ % _ 110 a 11UU ?o. 7 1ft.'.: ... ? a _ _ a ? Do. 6 * K'O ... ? a ? ? a Do. Wator Loan, do I 5* ... 1)10 ? lOliw o-l a I'M Do. do. do IV,*d ... mi a lOUjl ltJO a 10tl'? Do. riro Loan, do I"-V) ... ? a ? l-'l a ]#u flrooklja8 per o', Ivt-T- !.... M4 a lot*. )u< a l'R'A Baltimore:b a .080 -7i)-yt?. ... 104 a lub 1023? a 10334 Philadelphia fa. 108 a I** 108 A loo'J N. Y. Life aud Trust Co ... 109 all) 'Oft 110 Farmer*' Loau and Triift )'o.... .I^'a ? 8-V 95 a S6 Y Ohio Life Int. and Trust lie... lit. 1 (4 ?2>d? M Bank ef U. 8. in I'eun 2'? ? 2'i a aw Camden aid Amber 11. R 1S5 a 138 138 a 13? ilarlfoid and Now Haven It. R. Jllbs; a 107 loft a lOtU. Hew Y.rk and New Keen* K. R. 8!) a ?iV 'M\ a D.J Hudeun River R. R 81 a 4>|t4 tfil?a 88 Hew York A Erie HR. new tleok 80'k ? 88J* 6-Oft ft (J81? Albaay Ik Selieneeiady R. R... 88ft ? "* *3$ a H4 Utica and Suhenoclady K. R... 136 a kiftV lu a 191 Srraouee and Utica R. R... ;.. - J 1? *121 Hew Jeroey Railroad M5 1' 8 1#S a liidltf Ai'knrn and Syr?<iu?? R. R..., 78 a 79 7n a 79 Anb-.irn aad Roeheerer R.R.... 8-1'a a MS 84Id a M'X New York ?nd llarieoe Railroad dzl2 ? 83 a 83 Aoftd'nr Railroftd S4tJ ? rt* 3.J a 331tf ^'i'ft'-Vl *71< ? Dj. Uortftare Rondft 84 a 84}ft ?3V a 84 rie Railroad Bonda. l?t... . Ifrj'y a 108 109 a 181 Do. " 2d... . t0\ a ?1 |5V a 88 Do. 3d... . 38 a 83 40 a 81 Bait. Ohio A RK Bonda. 1..V1-M SkJ a DDK 98 a 9? Do. Die. Bond#. yutft ? 91 98 . g;j ftlliinora A (lliio Kailr"ftd .. . 47W ft 4J AIM 44 Klver R?ilr..iil Poada.. ?3 a 87 Dti a 93 Wtetern (liana. I Railroad 103 ? 1D3U Trtltfta 1? Col. A Hodtoa Canal Co 1K3 a DA lftS^et lkft M. ~ Ktnl l.V> I M li5 *a 1M Compared with prices current a month sine*, those ruling to-day show a decline of several per cant, an<| the tendency ia itill downward. Oorernaeat stock* have, for eometlme pa-t. been steadily falling off, and every antral from Europe brings intelligence ef a character calculated to depress them. Of all good, eoand, dividend-paying securities, there are none eo likely to be alfseted by the position our government has assumed relative to our foreign aOairs. as Unitsd States stocks. | Not that the actual value of these seenritios will bo affected in the slightest degree, but the intluenco such a state of things naturally would havo on foreign hold, era, would be of the most unfavorable natire, and wa have no doubt bat that considerable amount# Vill ba returned to tbls eeuntry for disposal. The effcot of this must be a farther depreciation in prices. It Is full time the government of the United State* disposed of this question of foreign interference In the affairs of the governments of this continent A great deal has been said and written relatly* to the efforts made by England, and other Kuropean power*, to obtain a foothold In the republics of South America, nominally for eommerclal purposes; but very little has heretofore bees I done, end we find tlreat Britain leaving no stone unturned, t< wards the accomplishment of the object she has in view. The revolutions whloh have taken plaeo . in Europe within tht past year, have r<asoltcd In riveting the chains of d-spoti-m mors closely, and with i greater strength Every spark of republicanism baa been extinguished, a nd lh?re is nothing to hope forThe influence and e sample of this country have beea so griat in opening the eye* of the oppress id million* of Knrop? to th?ir true condition, that we have not tha slightest doubt every effort will bo made, not only to check the circulation of republican principles throughout the eontlneut. but to depreciate the character of the United States in every any, by inch movements a* have recently born trade by France. and any little aet of neglect and Intuit which ran be adopted,without leading te a rupture, will doubilers be resorted to. Wo have no doubt it woeld be very satisfactory to the mnnercbieal |0\ernmrnU of l.urope to ceato all diplomatic loterci itrre with thie country, or adopt any other nine or* calculated to destroy our Influence and character ' alroed. Krery effort will be made to prevent In# spread ef republicanism in Ktimpe ; and there la nothing calculated to beep the te- ling alive amr>u; the ma^eea to much a? the Intercourse going on with this country. The prejudice* of the Kurcpean government* against ut having been increased by the events whleh have transpired during the pa?t two years, it bt-eumes at to place ourrelvee In a position relative to the luorementa i-f I rglaiul. or any -1'i-r I ri-tgu governmont. regard* Irg the Internal affairs of any country ju North or . Smith Auierii a ? hicll r-irnnt b? mleiiDili rttood. All l the republls* of this hemisphere n?k of K,'1 rope l? to ba let alone No far ae the I tilted States are eoneerned, we ran enforce whetirer we attempt; but the weak ' in d rile government* of South Amcrt-a require tl.e aid and support of ? poweiful ally, and we must ainii unee onrielvee ae the champion of their rights. It must eoiea eooner or later. It Is merely a question of time ; ami if we taken ' rm and d"-ld?d 'Uol now, It may rave a ia>t deal of difficulty her.'after. Bli.rk blrhsngr, |7f??PS?Hrei.te, ! i"9 tn sheMohawk K* M teiii t?, 'IT III ?lfw Pi I lias ??. 't* 111 10 Undnr.n RiterRftt fJI > st"si illy T ? 'M 1 ' IM Li rg 1-l.iuJ MO l*!g I a .?? ? |TI rir, "" '4 " < 00 l.-W 1M?I do. <M? >7 I'tErUK* dM Imfl K'nlnrlrlrrr '"'X d? *' , I'l ikii Honk 11 Ai' r.ra I'll 1?> fUadlac RR tX NW Id Hank ?f Ctmtrr II I d? SVi ii N *?. ?!? ? Tr*,? ,?i $yao Brio T'a 'dt hhw l.'fl lirm< i*' 11 An hi audi do WlK *'n d.i. aW M ft alio DotU* RR kJ SJ | Ail do, llil .*A 10 do Ai U? M hank KB M?< nruND HOARD. r'nrfl R.od'rr * ?>???; H ? " ilia IT-r'din RR MM HO* 10 V k S liar 1.1 I'll M do a.1 M 17 ?h? Radotta Kit UK Ml 1 >'' dt UOU'i I'll Fnraura' Tttit WH M dt 41 Jul) '" '? lit) Lank Itl.itd IW d? dO V> 4 4ii Canton Cn U 1"}6 1U0 do 37* " 11 1 ommiiiffii mum HIM diy. /riori In .drfnot i, i Mmli r?/ Ay N Ol MH?I Id JOOdlpntd. or lAny rdi ho/ to Ifvn llo Port il^l/t, no rNLi, BI'8T*8 I19TKI., Ira Aerti, Raw Ton*. BAIlNril S ROTH.. hAi.Tinont. OI. BR III A ROT 1.1., l'ii?tiri'r?r????, TV:r ??i.rH4 IKTIVU BOTIL, ( /> Ml TOU Ar'a, B timicitf TXKRONT BDCAR. Burton. IRV I NO HOi;SR. Nnw Vn Ad. IPHHTUtti UNIOK COfBSI. I.ONO IBI.ARD. TB??f 71NfC-TOB (toot Valllon a'?k? for |7MI, ';) . T Tbt? 0*jr. f> pt. Rk at SH itlook: a lU h?? id. kr?t tl r?? lor ?; y.. no tkoy floado Iko hrr?o* to ton* d for kbo ><*/ ) adaka am fnatart otolli >.t that or?r of?o.i.?l I roihtf in Hit or any ithit d. "Mr). W. I h'.o k. h. 5k. l-anrraoo, from Kdotronl; W. Wlltoloa /i.uo kt. A Pln<-R .Hawk: C. I. Kdf ino ont> td kt. k. Pa??td? I lap. Tk and# will Uara Sroih f/m, Prn. My a. at 3 dolor*. a*J rttnia aa toon no kto ?t-ort# ?f ik? "*y or r M n ORVRRR "" nrtator. I'lBOri II I It ' Rl l.-THOTri.di; tllTi;! ' f.T !?'?'. ttllolnat.', lot. lhr?? In 1r?, * II i iko nln?n I Ma day. at ono w'?l"?-k. Hit r??i tnWtfnj rtt aft<r? to ir. A<* l'/.-k. Oidalari* amount la grading ?? tkt dtr'-n. tko i |>i or t*u. (i r. NTtivn i.n oi'rrr trottiro -trt? oir. J litrlii, K/yitnlrrftih, nt I o'olMik. P. R ? dank fur f tro, niia k*at* la fcaitta . l|. Jonta, aanto.i kl. m. Ilalty; Mm. Rkoolan. nnrntt k.g. Ri'Oktklrt KKW HOOKA, Ac. ^ -V -V-V V\W\'.V^\\W IJ11W* AVIN'l". Til I JIMT rxATP.RIN < >*r? 8*1, > 17/4; W ??ht?k U n "'ilttwrlr* It l?i??ir Ml Vllr-M, I.m? ; 111 Ci.rt of'JdiTiin i/ nrmift m 1 ?< It *>. JODN At . I,t, Pubii. :<JI B?..j I > /. snd to ?t N. r. K. H.?A Ml i f 1 ?rn?r'? H?p-tti1 _ MOMANH LlTH'AtT PtlMT. KTrMAX' t PtAC't, dlWitn, I'm Off!'",>> I i,? MMUutatll j<?> h* f/intvt Uwi\ ml r rwf it, ?t S.i.olr ItloTJT, li (>' ?, Swttntil.fl, fNnjvftr'ii *>4 * " 'i aim, it twWO-Wt* ?w*??Wi?'>l ?t "<??lrni??y, h >'1t*r *1 A ill *i,? rrih'H'#! ? d W?"?lr Knwr< end 'I >,t.t?(i><t. t />< ?>'rj ?Td*f? tr-r %rf a,-i < in II u'lil'nw -I ??4li r?">r*?n with dvapt'rit. ?;?*? in i U I. Pr >u?att a Ci<t?? ?? ??*? *tJ> r'd At aifelf. F. ' 1 n,? >ft?4 *rdtr. J. 4J. '404 *AN. Liiinij P?r?t 'n< ?S? P/AOUff, Nnw Of!? *?, La. P. I.?Cw?|l?to lite l?n ui.t < wait lu# Ktrt' I'lihlltlittl ht lb* PnlOW, 1*1 ? ?uv; It of Btw work* fit'I M*Bt4. J, Q. (r

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