Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1849 Page 1
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_ th NO. 8690. Juan Uordn n Rrnnrtt rnmpartd WlUl Kmll* de Glraidln. [Translated from the N?? Orleana franco-Amerieaie, August 81.J We have often thought that it would be eurien* to Write a parallel, <i in PhtlJirqu* between J O Bennett ?Bd Kir lie de Olrardln. The Oreek biographer was a Capital deerriher of ' he eonneeMons and contrast* offer, ed to hi* mind by the characters of the great men of hie time. There famed Jnurnn)l?t* mar be ranked ammi the treat menofonr *gc like beroea. like chief* of another age the pnhHeistsnf our time are exposed to the examination of all to flutery. envy, and slander. 1.1>e them, tbev are fighting. triumphing, or dying; their live* are often aa agitated, their death* aa bloody a* those of the ancient beroea. Subjects would be eery numerous for any one who Would like to ni<>T 1" 'hi? retention of the mind. Which waa ao fashionable during the last century; but where could It be p< e?lhle to tied another acalpel like that of the greet anatomiit whose work* have been translated by Amyot. We, therefore, believe, and onr kind reader will aohncwledge that we are right, that the two journalist# named at tba head of this article are much alike by many and many eaueea of similarity. But let It be underttood that we do not mean that they are mrnrcAaif Drnmioi, on the contrary, we shall My that there ara many distinct oppositions in them. We compare, but We do not assimilate, and we say with MoUire ? " Ve?, w? like b-tter. we studious men, A fair rnmnarlaen than a resemblance." Thus, in order to begin, onn boa the courage of a duellist; the other I- en' ira-ly deprieeil of it; but both of them ncrer h-slut- to nereM their Instantaneous opinion*, and they do it with a rare audacity The New York publlsh-r i? n> loirtet-or of hi* newaoaper. the only muter of bia property, editor in chief, and ?o ia tbe Parisian gazette r. be* posse"" an eqnsl ability, either u administrators. or na publioiat*. They hare both a prompt and eaey wit. Bennett'* atyle i* running, abundant, and prolii. Hia spirit springs out with facility, and he may tbu* ooeer numerous page*. Glrardin's phraeeol gy I* concise, and even rough; dictated by anger, he throws spark* as steel. The Sootobman is jeering, that ia to ear. merry and outtlng. and this may he called a quality or a fault, which, like naivtie la essentially Kreucb The Parisian writer ia more a serious man. and possesses more logio than tbe countryman of Hume We do not think that oither of them wish to lay claim to a literary genius or to great science ; they hare in t.hem-el ?e< -""iitbing better, which ia the geniu* of induatry and skill. And on this subject their msrit is l?isi?#-? and 'he talent of tbe first la only equalled by that of the ethar. They bays made their foriuues (as if by a common understanding) by the same process, by putting the subscription pr|ge of their paper to a sum which, till then, bad appeared Impossible, by being satisfied with a benefit, small. Insignificant in annearance. a hen-fit which many would despise, but wbioh was repeated twenty or thirty thousand times They both said that It wu for the Interest of the majority, and they did ? ? ?v.? TV? Bonorggi iuhuimhk-" uuimn... . the yam* device. would bo equally becoming to the frtut and to the Hrrald We commend to idem an English word, Tory often employed in America, which Is "performance;" a word which moat admirably render* their spirit of enterprise and eocenes This is a qualification which could not he appropriated by all their contemporaries, as it was said, some time ago, by a Quebec newspaper, in his Cauudian French language. Neither Bennett, nor Olrardln, has a real politioal opinion Nobody can tell to what party they belong Thtir friends ol to-day are their enemies of to morrow. Their animosity is rather produoed by a personal pique than by political antagonism Their friendship, when xot certain, ia rather more Injurious than useful Their hatred, when constant, is eery annoying, and cften dangerous. Tba editor of Now York has no consistency, and ws peak here of the writer and not of the man. If you open his paper, you will find in one of its columns a contradiction to what you hare read in another part cf bis journal; a prophecy quite the reeerse of another * prophecy, and the next day you will flud printed the jhmed ' I told you so before:" which was the maxim cf the celebrated Doctors of La Fontaine. "Dr soaancb-tbe-Better.'' and -'Dr. se-mueb-the-Worse." Tbe Parisian editor Is a better prepbet. but be only prophesies misfortunes His newspaper is also full ot contradictions; but he is not so quick as Bennett; be will pnt between them an interral of twenty minutes. He has more defereoee tor hie readers, and be tries, at least, to exense himself for the ahandoameot of either aa otdalon or of a man He makes all in his pewer to dee a* favorable aep?ct to lil? abandonment for he elver* natures hU reader*. that ha did It la order to adopt a totter ajatam Ha *e*m* to ha to wall eonrlnotd, that ha takea arary bo.if In hi* party. Danaatt doaa not earn for ao email a trifle Tha principal thing for him la to amu*a and to Interesting to blii reader* Ha remain* Impaealbla and Indifferent to All doctrine* of parti** HI* duty aaeme to to to watch their organisation or ruin lie ooolly register* the dentin* of party leader*, which he compere* to bubble* * Ah aaclslm* be " the buhhla will soon hur*t and ha rub* hi* hand* He ha* no ambition, or. at leant to lnea**antly repea?* that be wl*baa nothing far bimaalf May Home* <?re*l*y loae hi* plao* at <on,rc>)i mmj colonel Webb be not able to obtain hia intaal< n to Spain and be I* eatlafled ! Huoh a dt?lnterr?ted Ufa wouldbav* spared muoh trouble to Olrardtn Ha la really unfortunate ae to tha gaining of public oflloa; and he aaaurea hie reader*, that at la?t the pubtl?h?r of i ? Prrnt will be taken a* director of tb* publto afair* tha flood of revolution will nerar to atopped; Providence Itealf will one .lav or other, acknowledge it* Incapacity and "III certainly take M da Uirardln to countersign It* decree* Bennett I* nlwny* pral-lng the whole of tha I'nitad State* republic In order very ltketv. to be able to ridicule at liberty, thin** In detail and man each In their turn Tbay will *ay of him nter his death aa it was aid of the Latin poet Luciltue : ? " fVtmeret j-opuli nrripnit. pnpvlum qut Iributim." Nobody eacape* hi* *nre**m He haa mad* a level with Wis pen under which are ohll(ed to pa*a blehnpa, , | ? ^oetnwa I' *?si <lan( *i *u?fnra than ?a/I. fish arlstoemry and the eodflsh democracy, Ulrardtn al?n flutter* the reople. and he accuse* Mid blame* all whlrh I* d?na the part a* well at the present The raillery of Hennett Is atnurtag; thatofiiirardin I* bitter: for hi* light aed Inconsistent *tyle. I* not elwty* ehle to dissimulate the grief which he trie* to hide end the fear he h*? for the future The clrenmrtance* In which the** two men are plated re altogether different fleiieett lire* with eafety In a city where a quarrel between two no tor* produce* eerloti* riot, hrom the retired ofllae where he reside*, a* he telle It hinieelf he write* or dictates hie article* to hie reporter* Rich an l Independent be oould. If be woold. Iratf hi* " whip" a*lde. hut bow coul l he renounce hi* ueual pleasure ' With hi* terrible weapon he strike* sererely the Anger* of BI*hop Hughe*, of g-tlorernor Seward, end of hie rnntempt rnry Itreeley, hi* chief object of arers'ou. W'hen he castigate* the lest of hie " friend* " we are not a* Southerner*, willing to ory for tnt rey for the abolitionist ; but we cannot refrain a little rompx*?lon for narer an Imp of bell, baring a mission lo torture a 'amnel eout. fnlflled hi* duty with greater leal. Ill* arm stop* only when fatigued Johnson who u-ed to appreciate a uian Who wa* a ' good hater," would hare been undoubtedly ?OI't*ntrd III* eonl*mporary of the Pruir ha* not a mera i try In his band* but It t* a weapon which ha need* to prottet himself and whlcb h* know* how to employ, although be ha* hern wonnded himself sometime* bj it. tJirardin doe* not write an Benaet. at IsUnre. at hll ease but be doe* It when his bead Is bttruing when he 1* just out of a jell or threatened hy death rh* puhll ' cation of hi* p?per wort be eowe It mu?t appear on tbo I are or rer? day of a new r*en!uti?n. by wbioh the for- i tore and lite of the pohd-her m?y he destroyed * -trardin ha* pae-ed through *. ry torrlbla altaatlon*, %ltk hla life enfe ? van?i?t*b#f, or at |.?a>t not vanqnhriied. Ilow offer ea mold ha*a fallen into the ahye* by tlto lenet fal<* :?op ' On* m*y *#o htm In the bu-y. lag ground of lit Muifc t''n" fh* * *'ua of Armand < arret. *urmund?d br fhe friend* of hi* rletlm ?who** fare watt otlll blarkrned with powder. who** hand* were. prrhap* r**ered with blood - and who were *bud* derlng at the ?lght of the niiird-rer of the men whom thry bed beloved ??ne may look Into the "I nnHnr gerte,' and no# without newa. without, onenpetion. tb* lad* fatlgmhle writ at. eondemaed for long day* ami long night* I* lb* tnr'nre effore?d ldl#ne?*. having no other rrerent Inn but the nol*w of ntn*k?t* Bring knowteff not from what par'y would ?"m* hi* delivery. or I by what party h* would ho put tod*ath And In realIty ho bad a* much to approhond from th* trtumah of tha Inrurgont* a* th* viator* of tb? gonoral who bad thrown htm intoaprlvon The tribulation* of B*nn*tt aro really mora trifle* compared with tho*o terrible trial* The editor of New York ha* vory ofton hoattod that ho waa tho flr*? to proclaim tha oandidatura ot (leneral Taylor, aad If bo ba*?parod yot tho old warrl? r. ho bao no pity for hi* oablnot and tha poraona orlmtod by tho President fllrardln ha* contributed With all hi* powor to tho ol>ratlon of* Napoleon ; and novortholao* ha may ha now rankad among tha Moot onragod foe* of tho Kroneh Pr**!dant An oqwal mania of thoaa two writer* la to raaka the pnblie aware of all faeta prlvnta to thorn They like to rpoak of thomeelve*. nod they have both married talented women who hnvo the *amo mania K.vll np?n wh?m. vonld badly Intarpoet onr Idea Vary gurtoo* ' It would bo eaoy toa*tabll?h between tho** two ladle* th* aawto comparison that aglata bo twoon their hnabanda Vadnm* da (llrardta and Mr* Honnett have boon vary roughly nnd dloroapoetful -t k. *Htm vhi?u aallantrv waa unit* bar Ijr ppimra ?/ ? - w barion Mm Bonnott I" a rory food contributor To tho ffrv ?*?r? Hermitj and I ho corroopondonto of that p#par. at Baratnpa or ?. otbar watering plaaoo narar frrgot to mprooont In tboir lattar#. tha daaortptloa of tb<' optondld tnilrti graooo. and witty iop*r'ao? of tho wlfa of tholr ' bo# " Wo alway# ramamhar with plow um tho ologant pootry. and tho tharming fhoa, of tho blond# ' Dolphin# UM," who# ?h# wn# briilUnt with yonth #nd talaato. #nd whon. In mntnont. olthor of prlda or gratltnd#. ?h# tbankad Ood to bar# mod# hor po hrantlfnl If oho ha# now lo?t hor hmoonly dotation nh# Mill r#tnin? b#r talont# and hot ton*a# ara hal anood by n rara oaorgr Vary of'on olia ha# rnahad. with maornllna Intrapidlty. toward# tho woapoa throatonlnp hat hnoband : and onaa tharo am# a ynang man who wa# roptifad a man of ##noa and a aoat who da rod to atrlka tha woman tho mnrn ' Thlt oaarill glono man wa# pnalnhid ; hi# hand wa# Mm ok with pamly#l# hat I at n# (top thl# written okotoh : lot n? laar# onr pan#11. W# nooor protandod to writ# la an alagaat atyla. with oorraotnaa# , wo ohoald oaly ho aatlodod with tha mo root of axaatltnda Howarwr. It woald bar# barn poaalhlo for a# to ooatlnn# fart hor thl# parallol and to try to And oat why th# two pwraon# whom ff# bar* dapicud an lltiai la a #tat# of moatal aa E NE mor: n*Ii>mi how???r tl?b ud fortnMt* they IN. At this Crtod of enelety. when money is everything. md may callsd Iho only social superiority still existing, neither Bennett nor Olrardin ere satisfied with their position In society The golden key wbloh they hi?i in their hind* ia net powerful Maoih to open every door. Tbe public although rendering justice to their talent*, thowe itself eery revere for their characters. Consideration la nlwnva the non?equeooe of rlehee. How many men have only obtained the flr't. on consideration of the taat Why la It that thi* law, which is not lacking in thi* oeie? Who baa broken the conducting thread? Ia it on account of their acnte egotism * la It on acoonnt of some foolish act ? la it, on the reverie, the deed of mediocrity and envy? Let ua atep here. Talent of telling everything ia often very tiresome; and we fear we have, too late reinrmbered tbla maxim of a man of taate Let u* anyhow he allowed to make a last remark The life of a journalist, placed like those two men at the head of a large enterprise which la altogether literary, political, and industrial, may he fully compared to that of a statesman When time la qnlet they mu*t equally renounce repn?e and Idleness, tor they are condemned to till the barrel which runs; they must raise the rook wbicb constantly falls ; when the wind blows revolution, tliev are emoted to the Mine danger In order to auppnrt ?o much liutred, to MMMjUm so much labor to struggle dully ? except tliey are so etched or dangerously wounded ? they ere obliged to return to the Oght on the next day. Indeed th<>v must bare around their stomachs the ?<i triplra of Horatli But we have till uow only spoken of the journalist who has a gr? at fame, whole orovnad with the wreathe of euceers If we have shown him In hi* real state. a slave of the press overwhelmed with hie dally toll what shall we eay of the poor and yet unknown journalist ? Who could express his anxiety, his efforts. kl? fatigue? Who eould depict his days spent without ooufldence his painful labors his anxious solicitude for the labor of hia mind, which may disappear still-bora, in unknown regions. where fly every thing ? " The leaves of the roses And the leaves " No?ths sheets of every newspaper. Our Washington Correspondence. Washington, Sept. 21, 1H49. tdore Diplomatic Perplexitiei?the Cute of How. ard Payne and the Bey of Tunit. Among other diplomatic perplexities at Washington, some materials for disagreeable correspondence and explanation appear to have been generated by injustice on the one aide, and official blunders on the other, between the Bev of Tunis and certain agents ot our government. The affair, in brief, is as we now relate. Upon the resignation of Mr. Hodgson, some years ago, the place of Consul at Tunis was spontaneously offered to John Howard Payne. It came upon him as a Bort af surprise, for it nad been entirely unsolicited. Howard Payne, it seems, on arriving at Tunis, feuud the consulate in a very neglected condition, rxternally as wall as intarnally. Among other reforms, he saw that it was desirable to get the consular mansion into a presentable ana habitable shape. All the Consuls at Tunis, it seems, rent their houses from the Bey, who takes care to keep hta ioyal finger in every profitable pie. Howard Payne represented the forlornness of the American consular mansion to the State Department at home, and was answered in a spirit of condolence, but with regret that the law did not allow government to expend aught for the repair, nor even for the rent of Consul's houses. They must pay their rents out of their salaries; and if the hsuses they hire are not to their liking, so much the worse for the Consuls. Meanwile, Howard Psyna found that His Highness ttie- Bey was rebuilding the mansion of the British Consul, 8ir Thomas Tirade, from cellar to garret, nnd, at the same time, allowing the aforesaid representative of Her Britannic Majesty a magnificent palace by the sea ride to live in, rent free, while the town establishment was getting ready. Unon this hint he spake He told his royal landlord that the United States Consul was entitled by treaty to equal privileges with every other foreign f unctionary, and that repairs in the mansion rented by hiin he felt to be his due, not only by the law of landlord and tenant in all countries, but by express treaty stipulation in Tunis. The Bey rereived the application with marked Courtesy, and promised thst everything which was wsnted, should be done, and forthwith. Thereiijam. the roofs were taken off, the staircares pulled aown, and the consul reduced for a residence to a corner of his large mansion. This comfortable state of affairs being created, the wetk-people withdrew. Howard Payne, on enquiry, discovered that this way of doing business was very much the fashion i m mi .vi a fki#? \!nnr? Snm# nf hi? rnll^AifiiMi in* formed him that similar difficulties were continually occurring to them, and that they got over them by OPipIl tine their repaint under their own direction, and deducting the expense front their rent. Howard Payne rernouatrated with the Hey, who promised to have the work immediately returned and (iniahed. It wu? re-commenced in j good earneat. After awhile, however, it Ian- J guiehed again ; anil, on inquiry, he wa* told that : the languor waa caueed by the irregularity with which the wotk-|>eoplr got their pay. They are impressed, it seems, into the Hey a aervice, and escape to more profitable, or more promptly oaid ! employ, whenever they can. It waa hinted to j Howard Payne, that if he would advance the pay I w eekly, it w ould he returned to him from time to I time, and the woik would thenceforward goon regularly. lie tiid mi ; and the first advance* wera re- j funded; hut, alter awhile, no repayment was offered, and the laborers once more began to appear only after long intervals, and but two or three at a time, even then. Howard Payne now ascertained that the British Com-ul had prevented similar inconveniences hy mploying for a supervisor of the work upon the , British consulate, a distinguished European architect, who had resided many years among the Moors, and was aware of all their tricks, and how to manage them. Howard Payne apprized the Bey's ? fflcer that he prt>|iosed following the example of his colleague from England; and the Bey's 1 officer said he was very plad of it, and he received it.. I .Utopian's direction* with gratitude, and the nil * ir wini on iwinimmi'lv. The officer of the Hey wb* even the mors (it lighted when he waa told that lor the *ervicr e ol the European aupervi*or, no charge would be made; and h- thought it a grand thing that head work ahould be got for nothing, while hand work waa nlwaya required to be paid lor. The European auperviaor luckily diacovered tin t the foundatiooa of the betiding hud l>< < t me ?i? l< cure, and the Itey'a nHicrr acemed in terfect eeatac* with the di?covery that enabled hie matter'a old houae to be prevented from tumbling all of a etidden about the wnrkmen'e ears At laa?, the alnrrauid officer of the Hey, who had never, from the beginning, been more than an occaeioral viaiter, and, even then. aeld<>m aober, waa aeen no more, though the work went on na uaual, alowly, but thorowgnljr. It waa aaid that the aupenntending Moor in queetion had been withdrawn In cnnaequence of hia intemperate hahita. Howard I'avne. meanwhile, to be on the aafe aide, inatrvcted the European architect not 10 permit anything to be done for whieh he could not bring a precedent from the Hritieb consular manaion, and evety tii w and then, a hit of new requirrmenta waa ?ent to the lley, who alwava ordered a train of eiaminera to re(iort whether the catalogue ought to be acted on. The examiner* never objected to any item, but, on the eontrant, frequently propoted addition*, which had not before been thought of. For about two year* thia all iir wr dragging ita way alowly onward?Howard Payne, nil the while, living at a barbarian metropolia, in a narrow corner of a nonee, which, for wanr of portala, waa obliged to be guarded at Bight by hired watchmen. Meanwhile, Dr. Heap, the predeceaeor of Howard : Payne'* prrdeceaaor, and aome ol I)r. ilea^'a fami- | Iy, altrrnaieiy appeared at veaaningion anu ai i nnia. Heportawere atirred op at Toms, that the United Htatea government would not uphold Howard Payne in putting the Hey to ao mnrh expenae for repaira, and that a proof of thia would, ere long, appear, in the removal ot Howard Payne, and the re-inatatement of Dr Heap, to whom the poat of Conrul belonged of right, and who had held it, under different Freaidenta, tipwarde of twenty yeara. I?r. Heap, itahonld be added, had, in the interim, reeigned hia place at Conatantinople, in favor of Mr Brawn, another of the powerful and, in tome hraachea, talented Porter and Bache family, to which he belonga; a family aa much renowned, through all ita ramificationa, for ita good fortune among the loavea and fiahen, aa a part of it haa been, and denervedly, in loftier reapecta At thia juncture, Howard Payne, finding that hie advaacea nad very largely exceeded the current account for rent, preaeed upon hia roval landlord for a aettlement He now, for the firat time, diacovered that the Iter?who. ere then, v aa alwaya aiceedingly mrdiif and pmernn*- hud hemme eraalre and ceremonious, though till perfectly respectful At length hi* highness wm taken ill, and coald not he era without great difficulty, and then but for a moment. Now came another change. The rumored prediction wna verified. It wa* announced that Dr. Heap wa* on hia way from America to aupemede Howard Patne; and that I)r Henp had openly declared, in Marseilles, that Howard Payne would he held personally accountable for the entire a?penae of renovating the eantUta. Ncmrtbalena, w ro NING EDITION?WEDNES the Bey signified to Howard Payne, and otliars, that his demand would be paid. Dr Heap took possession of his post, however, and Howard Payne departed ; and yet no payment was made by the Bey. It was considered as rather hard that, after paying rent for a house, which was never a house until just when he was obliged to Il>nV#> it. Inuinnr KootiiUi K?? f.%-narl saie of all the furniture he hai been obliged to bring to it iroin to far? Howard Payne should be compelled to go oil without the money due to liitn front the liey. Hut so it chanced. It was promised to be collected and sent after him ; and he. waited for it in Europe; but to no purpose. The Bey afterwards visited France, and engaged to give Howard Fayne a meeting at l'uris on the subject. hut broke his ap|>ointinc;it. Many Atn>*ricaai in Parts, aware of the circumstances, thought the IJsy's conduct on the subject there, nationally insulting ; uud they met together, anil wrote a letter to their countryman, offering to unite with him in representing the mutter to government at home, and olHiming redress through Congress On Howard Payne's return home, however, the nllsir was brought tinder the notice of President Polk, who immediately ordered the Bey to be applied to. For some cause, as yet unexplained, no attention was ;>aid to the demand. After the advent of President Taylor, the application was repeated, with emphasis. No answer arriving, a shi|vof-war was instructed to call at Tunis, and i not to quit there without one The Buy received the commandant with marked attention, and promised to reply in writing ; but he did not, until alter the vessel's departure. He then stated that he l??d ordered the money to be paid, because he loved the United States government, and not because be thought he ought to make the payment; or, though he had promised the repairs in question. his Moorish taste did not accord with the infidel one of Howard Payne, who. he thought, had caused things to be done to the consulate which might have been dispensed with. After this nimer lp f I lnnti) r* t p/immnvlnm VI'>??? ?? o t???l a Tunis, nnd his visit there. wherein the Commodore whs culled Admiral, unci fluttered out of Ins five wits, until almost wrought up to imagine himself more than a great " plenfpo," by the Bey and the Consul, may possibly afford a new chapter, and not the least curious one, in the history, at some future time. At present, it would extend the narrative, already too long, so unreasonably, that it may be better to postpone all allusion to it, further thHn to state that the money has not yet been pud to Howard Payne ; through what juggle, remains to he found out. Now, all circumstances considered, the above mentioned reply of the Bey is thought, by numbers, a very improper one. Though complaisant to fulsomeness in its expressions towards the United Slates, it is unprovokedly uisparaging to our late Consul there, against whom no complaint has yet been uttered, and covertlv reproachful both to the administration of Mr. Polk and of General Taylor, for so repeatedly pressing a claim which has been stated by both to have been previously examined and approved. Mr. Polk, while he admitted that he was politically unfriendly to Howard Payne, distinctly owned that he thought him entitled to redress in this matter; for though he would not keen him in offici?notin consequence of any fault while there, but merely because hewas a whig? Mill he saw no reason whv Howard l'ayne should be humbugged out of his undeniable right*, no matter how powerful hia opponents, whether('onsula or Beys. The fact is, the Bey should have been made to withdraw hia letter, and to pay, not only the principal of Howard Payne's claim, but interest and indemnification, which, take the whole together, would not amount to much, after all. Dr Heap loot already got some sixty or seventy thousand dollars of public money, during upwards of twenty years' sinecurism at Tunis, and this is the first case of any importance that has come under his management, and it ought to be carried through with a proper respect for the dignity of his government, and for the interest of his wronged Credecessor. It is hoped that it will prove to have een so ; but there Rre singular circumstances in relation to it, yet unpublished, which mav, ere long, emerge from darkness, and show it off more clearly At present, it is enough to add that the difficulty is very far from being settled. Cltjr Intelligence. Tim PRIMARY MEETINGS?DKMOCHAT1C NOMINATIONS. I Tbs following Is the result of the primary elections of the democratic party last evening, as far as we have been able to ascertain : ? Kiarr W??ip?County Convention ?Oliver Chaellrk. Robert T. Mulligan. Virhael Near jr. John Reott Oeorge J Jobneon Head* of City Departments ? Kdward R Carpsntler. Charles Gallagher, Nichols* Dimon. lohn C. Allntadt. Willi.,m John on. Judiciary Convention - Henry H. Byrne. Samuel A. Crape. Henry Nlaoll. Senatorial < onaentioo -John Power. Martin Praetor, I harle* Oannon AM.-tnbly Convention? William Dnnntui David No-mnon, ( harlea Rowold, Ml<-bael WeCormleb. Iam?? Shield*. Ward Nominating Committee. Klrat Diatrict -Vilchael Toole. l.nul* Btlberrad. MMdl (told n Miahael Doran Ben . John Coffey Second Dl-trlet-Samuel Auld. John I. Byrne. Sebaatlan KoMheppe. lohn Heoneaey, William Tegftart Third Pl?trlet ? Michael O'Brian, A>| Willi* Irhn H Ball. John llammar Alexander Walka. Tbii ticket waa unanloinu-lyj adopted 8tro*n Waan ?Ilia of tha Inapectora having haan crowded cut of tha room, aod votee having haan given by perron* not balancing ta tba ward an adjnurnmant took plaea till tbl* day at 12 o'clock Wa understand tbara la aoma difficulty about tba HharifT Th? followIrg I* tha ticket d< i-larrd to ba alartad by tha party who ratalnad poaaeaalon of tha room : I'wopla'a Ticket ? Democratic Republican Nomination*.?Kor Ward Nominating Convention - Ttn.raa* O'Donnell, Jama* W'atarn. William Thompbon. William B Btorar. Vt'm f1 u ra i t, Miiiiiol Muiriy ./"tin \V llurlbut V or iudlrlary Convention ?Albert Wallac*. John VT fraaeh, I k<M( Mi ' arm. Kor Senatorial 1 onvenllou Samuel Wateitury Herman Meke Clinton llarlog Kor County Convention?William Miner. Hlebard Marshall.Unn. W laaar*. John Ward, Thoma* Bowline. < onventton for llaaila of Department*?Alfred Cbanrellor, lamea Mrklnlry J (1. Val.aan. John Morao. R D I.attar Cor Ararmbly Convention? John Hlane. John Kloa, if rin MiriMD lame* Mr < ipin I eler U, eetny. Suhjnloted in the ojipoelttnn tlrkrt: - County I '>o??ntlM Daniel I>odge. John M French John V. Savage, J* trie ? I eonard Win O. Dnnlap He* 1? of Department* H'nrjr K. Sanger. John J. T*it Ouirl Mehan, Tin-man Mrlonay, Ira Hoyd Senatorial ?Wm. L. Hall, 8amutl J Waierbiiry. William Simmon* Jodietary .lamn C. Rtoneall I Itofon Marring l"hn W Horlbut. Aeaembty ? William Whltlook, John Slane, Thoma* Claneey, Vlchael Madden Jann Da la Vonla)nr. < barter?I dwin V. Weleh, P Hrb>l)if. Patrick Cherry, Patrick Riley. John Donnelly, Thirna* H, Btoneall. Henry i: Setoonmaker, Michael I ewby, Wm field, Tbomaa Cbadwtek Titian W?*n?County Convention. ? E. A. King. There, t lark. P L Reely J. Donnelly, Janie* I nullah. Head* of Department Convention - Win H. Bolton, Peter B W'art* C. Bmlth W'allaee, Ml Malony, Andrew ? lark Senatorial Convention. ? R. J. Dillon, D. K Cndarbltl Jainee Wright Judlnlnry Convention ? t' B t lilting I V f'?wler. (J I t.allagher Aaeembly < onvrntlon -a apt Wm ryaek It M Harrington. R. II. i/o-hy. T, MeKenna Ml Varnny Charter Nomlantlng Committee, ?Wm M Blackford f ha* Vealer, llewlet Hancock Ml. Byrne*. /. C. Kavor, Nicholas Neegle (teo. MaDongal Samuel Ooodwlo. Thomas Brady. In thi* ward all wa? harmeny and peaee; them were only half a dnven ecratuhc*. Koi rtn Wilt -The following ticket waa elected, with a few *?ratrhee : I odlelary Florence Mill arthy, Da.,1.1 W I I. * a ( Karl.. VI11 la S.nate InKn W i.erf HenJ I). Wild. Jwok tlbl (oih(j~Wb M T??iI l?? H Parwf. Wm D?nmin, I ha* J Doaghartf. TUnothr Oarrlrk Awnhlr-1. Jonathan Youdale W r. Ityabre.a. Patrick Mnlelhlll ; I. chaa real, John I arlay 4. Thmnmi (oak ley ; I ilenrg# kmlth ; 2 lohn Hidden. la* Purney, B, la*. U Hmtth : 4 /? H. I'anoyer Halph Aitkin Popart men to ? Wm fltorv, Dr. Jo* Hilton < baric* H. < ellariay Wm Raid. P 3. Parrteon t b*rt?r Dr. William O'Dnaool. Htephan I.ynrh Wm Phillip* Patrick Crow. John < olgan t H. Plnm*. Patrick Marriek. Patrick Boyle Barnard Mngntre. George Butta. Wm Utilarrrr. Chaa H. Lyon*. John Clark. Patar Wblta, Th?nu Sheridan FirtM Wtao ? la tbla ward, two tlokata vara ran. Mr. John J ".Idrtdge, not baring baan put on tha tonmitt era. utart-d an oppoaltlnn ticket of bla own bat on beaten Tha following *aa tba ticket elected. tha nnmbara being?In farnr of It, 14k. with I ?pllt role*; for tha kldridga ttckat, 12. and apltt rotaa ? Jndtetnry?A. D. Wllaon. fnaala R Tlllon. Alaaandar Walla < onnty OIBeera- J P Sblrky, V. P. lohnaton. Thome* Blanrrlt Samuel T Wabatar. Jama* Damaraat. Heart* of Department* Henry Itoffmlre. Wm II. Raker, William Peonl* William Krencl*. Andrew t.aatar la- j natortalt ommlttea? I manual B Hart. Mobola* ipieekenbaa, J. U. Jaeobo* A*?ambly?let Dtatriot?Patrick Hood. John Johnaon. D. D Idaraon; 2d Platrlct A. M P'opal .strpnaa roinrnn mnn mrimm; HQ in*, trlet II M W'a?tarn, Joaaph Hoffmlra, (harlaa Coprln*; ??h IHatrfat I sharwnod, J. ( olaay, J Murray th Dlatrtot J. Mood win My Arealartu* T Wataon. Charter OfRrara?let Dlatrtot John A Dlmi.CkarlN Baata. A ad raw Ram Mr r: 3d Dlatrtot Wm fl danra, Jamaa lark Jaaaaa ( onway; 84 Dletrlat ?John Blank, jr. Mtobaal Martin, Andrew Blaarott; 4th DletrlatJohn A. Kannady. William Want (larret Da Fornot; Ilk Wntrlrt- Oanrga Ca?. f Kerrigan Wm Nolan ??ihjo(n?d la the dafratad tlrkat Ragalar Damoaratln Ticket Caae end Rutlwr. Judiciary-E. B Hart Jaa. < lark. T W f'rnaahalay County Manry Hnffmlra, B A Collnrd. John J F.ldrldga Jemae B Ranaol l<au T ( at DapartmaaW Samuel A Wlllla. Joseph Huff, mlra, (ferret Da Fnreet, l.awraaaa Arkarman Joseph Orr Senate Richard A. Chambers Joha Whltmara, Andraw nianaalt Aaoembly llaary O Mart, Abraham R Wllroa, Robert A (Iraan Aadraw Center, I harlaa Roff Robert Wheeler Phillip (tobherC AUaa Rnnk, Aadraw Ram Mar, Joha THaw, (harlaa Baata, Thomaa Short Ollrar Moarna Rlahard A Thompson. Thoaaaa ( arila Charter-Robert N FJdrtdae, Chartae capping, Patriot Flood, Lnrl Neweon, M latent Oaaap, ?RK I iDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1 James Hunter. Patrick Collins, l.ewis Martin John J JMRles, 1'hi'irs' Watson. I?bn (ioodwin lames Detna rtki. j?u>m weDD. .iimn uoert. jonn Hall Alderman Schnltz anil Mr Jama* Bergen ?"? present during the election. preferring peace and order. Siiih Ward ?In tbi* ward a riot wan anticipated, aa usual and a large po*** of pnileetpen were ordered to be in attendance. Krnm the Kirat Ward there were 20 men and 4 Seigeaut*. commanded by Aaal'tant Captain Kulton and tbey were ordered to wear their tire hat* to

ward < tT brick* and ?tono* The Second Third, Kourlb and Kiftb Ward* furniehed their nontlngeutv At an early stage of the buatne**, tlie ballot bog wa* oarricd a*ay. with perbape ten rolee In It, by the Kelly party. The Koote party ericted another, and polled till the time announced in the advertisement The reault wa* hat the Kelly party were beaten by 174 majority, though men| from the Twelfth )Ward and Brooklyn voted for him The following la the ticket elected:? 1 or Judiciary - Theina* 8 W?rner. lame* B Nlchol?od, 1 dward Howe Kor County Conreetion ? Matthew T. Brennan I'atriek Garrick. John S Atiatln Knech K. Camp. J*aie?Snlll?au Kor Head* of Department*?Jam** MoGrath, Owen Kinney, Joseph < areerly, Matthew Murray, Mattliew 11 Spittln, Kor Senatorial? E. O Kerria, James Lynch. Thoma* Martin Kor A seem bly-John Gerahty, I'hoa White, Jehu Koaeh. John Bidderiiagel. Samuel Waddle Nominating Committee ?Michael R Walrh. William Fnllagh. K C Peach John Young, John S'ellwagen, John K. Gannon. John Dwyer. Thoma* Smith Hugh Mc.Mel, P G. Melville < liarlm Murray. James Hngan, Walter Konae. John Bauchee Wm MoGrath, Daulal Kyley. Patrtck Ollllgan. Tlrao'hy Brennan, Jas Gill,in, Pat rink Clark, Kdward 8herlock. Krancia McKeiina. Patrick Wade. John MeVlahoa, Kdward Mahedy, Geo. Rice,L'. Donohce. la* O'Mahony. John Sulliyau. Hugh Kinn. John MoGrath, Wni K Marshall. Patrick Cog, Jacob Moriath Manna Kelly. Thoma* S Murphy, Henry Ilallett George Kaynnagh. Alexander MoKay, Terrene# Clancy. David illordan, William Lunuy. Michael McLaughlin John Lea Matbew Conlan. Solomon I Hart. Thoma* Ryan, Kraacia MeGowan, Robert 8eara, Dennis Rreoan, Krederick Watteroth Subjoined ia Kelly's ticket:- Second Ward Democratic Republican Mechanic*' and Workingmen'a tloket. Kor Alderman?Patrick Kelly Kor Sheriff-Krederick L Vultee Kor the onunty convention to nominate a Sheriff Ite ? Thoma*Gllmartln, William Sinolatr, Thoma* J. Barr. Pa'rick i'oyle Erneet tVehman Kor the Judiciary contention?William Wordsworth, Peter B. Sweeny, Kdward Logue. Kor tha convention to nnmt ret. Matthew Row#. Hamilton Kerrona, Philip Celllun Kor Senatorial convention? William Nealba Patrick Oarrick. John P. Burobard. Kor the Aeiembly coovenventlon Patrick Uereghty, John Laj di-u Michael MoLoughlln. John Martin, Tbomae Meohan Kor nominating eommlltee to nominate Ward ofllcera ? Timothy Water*. Patrick Oeraghly. John Martin. John Long, hartley Rooney, Patrick O'Neil, Keltx llart, Michael Kitigerald. Hugh McDermott. Da .lei ullmartln. Jamne MeGulre. Patrick Clark. Wm Mr Irath, Otto C. Sackman. K.dward Murray, John O'Connor, Patriek Bradrn Patrick Bnrna, K.rneat Wehman, K.dwd. < Gallagher. William Keegan. A B Van < ott, Jamta C. Doyle, Thomaa Nichnlxoo. Bernard McParlln. Kraocia Karanagh, K.dward l.ogue, Thomaa Klynn, H. Von Ulann, Hamilton Kerrona, Andrew Martin, I'atriok Glraeon, Thoa. Kelly. Jaa Caexidy. Patrick MeOowan, Thomaa Armatrong. Patrick McManue, Chaa. hartley, Patrick Curley. Jamea MoMulty, 1'bomaa tleebau. Pattick Sharkey Michael Klorden Captain lohn Perm, John Murray, Jamea Martin Jacob l)obm. Jatnew Dunniford. Richard Coote, Wm. Oakea. Chaa. H Whalen 1 he Kelly party having been beaten, aaaembled in Rayard atrret at the residence of the Alderman of the 8lith ward, and every man they met of the Koote party they beat meet unti.ercifulljr. Oue young mau a o*rketperof Mr Brennen. of the nppn?|t* party, waaaeveraly bandied; and In the Bowery, leveral of tbe yotera for Koote were well" licked " Thla la a beaut Iful exemplification of tbe theory of liberty and freedom of election. Mr 8ulllvan, tbe celebrated puglllat. voted for Koote. aad u-ed all hi* Influence In hi* favor, which, no donbt, contributed materially to the reault. Sktr.niM Vim ?Thla ward wa* uuanlraoua for tha UI1IVU taiunv. m-iviiv-iun wot nu'^wi ? r w I U ttr* tor OWrem? Jacob A. We?tervelt, Abraham ttrower, Hugh Clarke, I) P. Arnold. John Cudney. Nt*pb?n Hoyt. Cba*. L. Voung. Wm g. Teura, John M W??k?, D*d1*1 Hugh*. Andrew i houipnoa. John G. Secly, Rlrbard Lewi*. John 8. MoKlbbin. Jam** Tbotnp.ou, Kuneell W (Hazier George Gordon. John A Hngart, John Vearoff, John l> Harrington. Michael Dougbartyj Walter 8. Jarboe. >rlxon Wolcott. Jarvi* R*.iv*n, Benjamin R Smith, Richard Squlr**. John Murphy < ount J--Jam** Murphy. John < aaenllar. t'bnmaa Dunlap Patrick Moore, John Hobina. I load* of Department* ? Orlando Grey John Brown, Jamea Lett*. Michael Gregory Kdward C Green Judiciary?Kid ward 0. Wait John M KerHar. Aahar C Havana Khr Aaaambly?John L Dnryaa. John M. GaUagbar. J >hn Palmer, Lundy Myer. J.remleh Morrl*. John J Itiley. Henry Tnttla. Samoel Welch Jamea Kleher. Jamea Inula, Wm. Mackey . C Hartaady. Jamea Klmmln*. Charle* Heath, Jahn Heoker. L W Green Henry Taylor. Jama* H. Clarke, John MoGrorty. Jaiura II Stephen*. U M Sullivan Kor Senator--Theodore M. Dougherty, Gregory Thornaa. John Dnnbam. Kigiith W*an ?In tbla ward the union democratic ticket wae carried Nnani W*ao.?Thia ward wae broken op In admirable dleorder. Tihih W*?i> ?Th* following ticket wee edopted unanlmoualy ? Judiciary Convention- George W. NorHa. Alexander Ming. Bernard Marren. County? Abm G ( raeto. Peter Park*. HoraU* N Parker, William W'alnwrlght Smith Crooker. Head* of Hepernnenta John I. Tlndal*. Mijah II Purdy. WllHum. hi a A inhal Itrm.l I'mt.-r Morrl. tUI-Hm; Mariington. Daniel II Hunt. William S|?icht. Jr A areinhly?William K Uorham Joeliua T Twin Thou M'Hpaden. Win K. Kterearoo, (",d. Kane Hcht Roberta, t.d J Lapptn Stephen ; Plough, Jolin Me< ann. F.dmund A Stuart. Jaaiaa Meban I'll I. lander 'I hompeon. (leo Valon* Henry 1) John ion. Wm I.jona I barter- Win Dnhlej, Wm IJoltwr, Henry Strau* Aaa Bogart. Wm f aoterman. Howard K Coat* (be* I. Merrttt J II. V Coekcroft. P M'Hearer. Jnaepb M Bell Tbn* I a*ler. Jaeob Meatrole, Lewi* Reynold*. JobnT Schmck, John Han* I'LltKNtli Waao-- In thl* ward I lie re were two ticket* Ob* "I I he Inr | eotora orerturned the ballot -bag a rote endued ibu ticket* were thrown out, and there la no rcault. 1'wti.rtN Wn?. ?No return*. Tina ?? r* in Wiai??Tb# following ticket war adop'ad nnatilnourly Judiciary 'ommlttee Alexander Ht*. wart. Daniel D Brlgg?. Nathan Itohert*. I onnty ? John Mair'enner Sti phen.ll Faeki, Martin I. Ilryaat, IDnryH Strickland lleury Keyeer Head* of Department* tdward Wither*!!. John Brown. Henry Walter*. k'.pbralm Allen. Kheneaer 8 Dewey Senatorial ? JamraH t ook. Thoma* K Downing Benjamin Dewiltt. Arramblr, let Dtatrtat.?Stephen Brooker. H'tiium Fark. John O'Keefe. 3d Platriet ? Jehn P Ang-rlne Wialley Hunt Henry l-ewlaa. rtd (Harriet ? Jam** F a ton. Vl"ber Waek* Patrick Burke 4th Dlatrlet ? ( betlea l?wtjr, Tbemaa i nnnlngham Frederick Coop ( barter?let Dl'trlct--I'blltp II .Vlerkle. Samuel P. Splea. I.ogrne O'Kiefe 3d Dlrtnct?William llouton! John Bapp. Oeorge I nrert Dd Dlatrlet ?Charie* k Smith lh"tna? J tllldereSara Itun I) Clark t h Dtatrlct.-Oacrga W. toy era, < harlea Nolan, John V. Krror. (' rlrmiii W?m>- The followltg are the nnmlntlinn in thrUiluntlrktt hnr Juiltoltr; I oh a Hoy 4, liebrlel Harriet n IVrri-DC* J l>uffy f onnty Th V Irlto Mrholaa Vooney, Tlmniaa Kirrrn, l>??ld <)attb?*lt. John M'Donald Sor lleade of Depnrtmente Mlrhael Teuaiey. Daniel B Taylor, Dartd K leaner Hugh Cunningham (lenrge Pennine. State Senate loeeph Allen. Mlrhael Burk. Luka Dord.ll Aaaen.My- Klrat Diet ? Mlrhael lloUkrt, l>Ur Mmban Michael McDermott. 2d - John Reynold*. Oenrge Vat-hell Daniel Monday. r,d ? Klbanau Martin. tl?o. Sharp, I harlea Campbell; 4th - John M ffronn Aaron Haldnln William Meehen. Mb Mkl a'laghan I h*? Slarln. Theodore Snydam Kor Alderman -Jantra M. Bard ; for Aartatant Alderman Robert A. Aanda Ward Nominating committee Hrat Diet.? Adam Blnekledge. .Wm P Pnwera lohn v|. Morrta. 3d ? Anthony Condrnn. Kranrla Slynn Thomaa Heaaett; 3d ? K.dnard Carina, limn Dougherty; rb> maa Mclulre; 4th?William Sniffea, William H truer John Kakln j &th ?I billy (i Brian. Patrirk l.yneh, Thomai Uerarty. Fin ti TN Wano?The ballot bo? ?aa earried away. No remit SitiaiaTN Waao.?No return klttaTnatN W?a?.? Na return. thta ward; a row about th* ballot boa that would heat th* Hat ?-l* '* all to ma?h " The election *a< broken p tcetotally " On the whole, the election" of U*t evening are decidedly la favor of the aalon ticket. and If the (Jemoera tie party rtlek teg ether ae It appear* they are likely to do. tbey will wtft tk* ?hl*a by (weeping majorltleg Tm? llt'oaoe Ht??a R*itao*p- Th# dlreetora of the company having aoreeeded In obtaining permiMlon front the 4 run?on tonnntl to run their rallrrwd to 4 hoaibera afreet Intend to remit ton meat Ingeolotia device to evndn the law agalnat hrlaglng etna? engine* Into the Inhabited part <d the rlty I hey have aetnnlly rnu?cd engine* to he eonetrueted, at Matteawan and other place* which will eon?ume th* amok* and ho* r?move on# of the objection*. They are to be attached to th* r*r* when they reach the depot In Thirty-Hret *tr*?t: and the eight loving daniien* of New York nr* to he Hlled with wonderment In aeofng railway enr* propalied without horee* or atenm. a* far a* appearance* go No doubt th* director* onlenlntn upon th* f nmmon Council a* pliant tool* In thla a* well an In the Job of cnareylng away gratuitously, the , property of the cltlaen* a* a bona* to tb* company, and a aonrc* of gain to a few ep rnlator* at tb* head of It Rat whether th* peonl* wtll allow tbo law to bo violated to th* danger of their live*. I* aaothor quo#- j tloa Tbeae contrivance* are *t**m-*ngla*a juat aa mneh a* If amok* *trearned from them aad weald eoaca boreee aad run over cltiaea* Jnat a* well Th Ir mono fhotara baa bean hitherto kept a profound eecret Bvitran nr ttunrowDia. ? We anderetaad that two of tb# aoolotont *n|lii?iri of th* Mr* I)op*rta*al. Barry uf < r*gl*r. Mon^tnlrd by ehlof < ?r#oa ad oflt**r R #*)? ! a Moti. of th# M ??rd y##t#rd*y ootaod qalt* * largo qaaatlty (??a? W k?*?) of (tin pevdrr foaad #t?r#d na board of th# hrig ftnphta. Ir??l i at tb* foot of Vtmy rtrMt Portia# n*rtalal* ar# highly oalpablo I* the# prol'tlaf to dtarogard all law ?*a- | o*ralag powder, tad ?rrl; It oaght t* omofi thra i fK ai ail oar ayaipathy for tbrtr loo#**; aad it I* rta- j wrtl) hoped thai a Rao oiaapi#* will bar* th* fmpmr ' f#?el la roatralaiag tbooo moo froai *aeh #*tr*iao|y baiardoaa *tp*rfc??at* Wo aoaid oar tbat tb* Miiotaat ?*fta**c* avoid b* fry grateful to aay p#r##a, IE R A 184 2. knowing of such violations, U g're them the required Information. f?om Flobida.?There wal ?u arrival of flee terrapin* at thla port yesterday. from West Florida Tbey were consigned to Mr. Julian A. H Laealle, No 88 Front street They are roinmonly oaMed gofen*, and are mi perl-r to anv other specie* of turtle for eoup We should think that the Indian* of Florida would ra'lier remain quiet and enjoy ?uch dellclou* food than to get lato trouble with the white*, and be driven away from the land of the gofers Capt. Babtliivg. recently deceased. wa* w# learn, a natlra of l'hiladelphla and not of F.agtand Trial of the Antor Place Hlotera. COUKT OF O K.N Kit A I. KKHHION8. Before Judge Daly and Aldermen Wood and Kelly. 7V Profile of the Slate of New York. vt. F. V.. C. Judson, George Douglass, Thoma* Bennett, John Norrle, Jamee Matthew*. Hugh McLaughlin, Alexander Ho?*aok, Thoma* Green, Daniel A. Adrianoe, Jamee O'Neill. TWELFTH DAY Srrr, "R.?The Court met at a little before 10 o'clock thl* morning. The arrangement of counsel is, that all the counsel for the defence, except Mr Smith, lud-on * counsel, shell precede the counsel for the prosecution in their summing up. Mr. Whiting is to precede Juuson'* counsel, and Mr. McKeon 1* to follow, and eloae the case. Mr. Bi.AirrkMAir. counsel for Thoma* Bennett, th* second defendant ou the list, commenced the work of summing up the evidence to the jury He dwelt upon the nilefortuue which attended hi* client. In having his name erupted with that of Judson when he had nothing to do with that person. He claimed that hi* client bad by no means been identified as an active rioter; that be wan not on Kighth street at all ou the night of the riot. lie mid : ? This cause has now a**umed the solemn feature, when it 1h about to be oouMgned to you for your dual deliberation It la a question grave in it* nature and aerioua In ite character; It 1* one which allow me to remark, not only involve* the question of liberty of one of these defendant)). Judaon. at whom till* proaecution la more particularly aimed but the liberty of eight unfortunate defendants. Unfortunate, permit me to aay?not that they are guilty of the oriine for which they atand Indicted their lunoconoe baa been too plaiDly established by the evidence adduced iu the j conire of the trial?but. gentlemen of the jury, "you 1 cannot close yeur eye* to the painful truth " that the I eight defendant* last named In this indictment, are j only joined in this prosecution, in order to reoure the | conviction of ibe defendant, Judaon. rhia, indeed, ia i a startling feature In thl* cauae, which cannot be passed over without ooinuient or remark from counsel for ; the defence, aa well aa a matter of deep and earnest ! consideration for yon gentlemen of the jury It la not j neeearary at this stage of tha oaae to picture to you the awful tragedy which was enacted at tha"Astor Place" on the night of the 10th of May laat?a acene, allow me to say, which tenda to add to history a page written in human blood an occurrence which ia yet so fresh In your recollections need* but little com j mi'Dt; but tbi? i? not toblaa your rain da in judging of { the guilt or Innocence of the defendant*. I'he only legitimate queetlon for your nomdderatlon is. whether I there defendant* participated in the riot at tbe tutor on tbe uiglit of tbe 10th of May laiit. Vou are Dot to atk youreelre* the queittinn. if Mr. Judxon I* on good tern* with hi* father-in-law. or not f That bar nothing to do with thi* cane ; it doe* not *oem proper that Mr. Bennett, the fathar-in law of Jtidaon, khntild cone into thta court and aak you, gentlemen of the jury. to conetgu innoceDt men to tbe penitentiary, in order to *ati>ty hi* great appetito for reveDge upou 1 poor Judaon. who haa been more alnned agatnat than einning " We aeked to be tried alone, and it wai refund u* ; tbe proeerutinn knew It would then be known to the community that he only deaired to convict Jud-OD for offence" enminlrted agaloat bra fatherin-law. Bennett In deliberating upon your verdict, ' you should uee the eame degree of caie of caution, and direietion ae though the leeue waa oneof llfeand death; ! for every defendant which you, hy your verdiot. reader guilty atamp* htm in the eye of man. with a crime of I' the doepeet dye; for. whioh among yon would not look upon the man who ia guilty ol participating in thia wholoale elatighter, on the night of the loth May, aa morally if not legally, guilty of tnurder. and If not ani aweiable to tbe law* of tbia country, at leant then, to till <;< d T To convict an Innocent man of thin orima, would he doing an Injury to him which tha aata of a whole life could not wa-h away It la not tha corparal ptinl'bmcnt which the law Infltota upon theaa defeodanta if by your aardlct, you convict them, beoaoae tha four walla of a prlron houra would ba an a?ytum to them- there they would And a refuga. a Hereon to bide and protect them from the finger uf acorn ?their fiunlabment would commence after thn term of thalr mprlronmout had expired ; then it la too lata -a curaleaa wound ha* been Inflicted for which "there la no balm la tltlead ; there la no phyaioian there " Then it la. that life beormeea burthen and the world a watte. Mr. Blanckman continued Id a apeeoh, of about two bonra. to addreaa the Jury, endeavoring to prove to them, from a reTlew of the evidence adduced In tha trial, that hla client ?a< not culpable of the chargea alledged egainat him. lie waa followed by Jena D. Shkcwooo, oounael for Matthawa. who aaid? > Thai In defending one of tbnae aucuaed of riot. It waa I either wllbln hla line of duty a< nniintel nor did It ooaform to hla coovlctlooa aa a defend tha counsel of defence a? Matthews stood on the erentful lOlh. with ft stone In hi* hand not to aseail the Opuri House. or the constituted authorities but to defend that which ?> dear to hi" client theu. and unless dear now. hie pernio and hie liberty He charged the defence with unnecessarily and cruelly joining (|>e accused In one trial; and accused them of causing, by tlile act, tbe delay which they bare sought to tlx upon the defence. The defence had oflered as a condition of a trial together leparate from Indson to admit the farts which It had taken a weak to prove Ha th?n went into a reriew of the rtghta of Individuals at putslie nii etlnga; showed that its free exercl-s was aooose. , qnerire of political freedom and was attended with safety and that it ought not to be abridged by such doctrines as the prosecution sought to establish He deaird that pereors are xn-ouotable for all that ocnurs at a public meeting, and insisted, aa a position of law; j 1st 1 hat the offence of riot like e?ery o'her offence, consists In ths lnt<n'; and that rvery tndlrldual Is to he Judged hy his own sets alone 'id That mere presence at a place of riot does not. In Itself, constitute the person a rioter <ld That, under the proof In this case proof of the presence there of peaceable parsons that presence at Astor I'lsce is not presumption of a riotous Intent, lie enforced these positions by a ra rlety of reasons and by elttn.t authorities Sir Matthew : Hale, l.nrd'H) It. and I.' rd Mansfield The f'oi at here interrupted the counsel and Intimated Its views to be that it was necessary. |n order to ehsrge a person as a rioter to show some participation In the tumult and that being shown, be becomes liable f.-T all that takes place Mr Hmsbwoop? Does your honor mean to say that If I a'thsw- for example, had heen proved to have uttered a single cry on 'bat erening. thst he would have made himself responsible for all that subsequently oc- I currrd. even after Ms arrest and eonSnnnientf The I 01 st so ruled Mr. ?i<s swnoo?Th< n wa lire under a worre than .< I I,.-- -.An ., n 11.. I>? n k . -Ilk. Nile- and In that eountry aloor-whola village* lull re?pnrslhla rnd actually decimated by * riaapotlr Pa aha fi r the a ft* < t alnglr man : hot I did not auppoa* that we had adopted the Kgyptian e"d? haw loder the blfw da la* of war. thr botcher tlaynau had pro- I rla'vol to fnpi)?ft*4 Pi ?lh that parry Inhabitant should br held r> ap' netblr fer thr art* of any; but I i have now to learn that *a ara to t>? subject to auch a ' practical despotism here Mr. 8 than ravlawad th? frctr In the rase of Mallhawa. and ln?|st#d strongly upon hl? Innocence from a vurlety of consideration* lla r. n'ended that ha waa only acting a? an Irlahman, i In aa|f d?-f?nca : 'hat thr atonr found in hi* band waa caught up In *ha momant whan tha mob *rra prasalng upon him to hr naad only for hla own protection lla taunted Ibr prosrcntloa with an attampt to aati?fy twhile aiprctatlon hy tha aacriflaa of a faw thoughtless r.ya. whlla tba raal haada and ablafa of tha riot wara auffan d to go at larya. from faar of their political Influence Tha proaacutor might ponrtray before them an organisation ever ao complata to destroy rho lawa j ha mlgh' e?oka from tha nhaon of night Ilka Milton, In hia de?pr1pt.ion of craatlon. horrid shapes ? ' hirst tha tawny Hon springing to gat Aran hla hinder parts- than springs an J, rampant, ahakaa hla brladrd man* " But tha puhlle would hold him to thr raaponathlllty of producing thr haada and ahlata of thia natbrrak lla oor eluded by an appeal to tha jury, to nphold tba law, hy discriminating between iha lan'<oaat and tha guilty, and to rahtika tha prouaantlon for thia attampt to daludr and cbaat puhilc juatlca Mr. Hnp mum peroneal for Ifoaaack, na*t appeared bafora Iha jury la babalf of hia cllant Hla poiata I wrra flrat. that Hnaaack oommlttad no riot?hr uaad no vlolrnrr until afirr thr flrat flrlng of thr military. Parnnrtly that thr Indlr'ment rh*r?a? an atannIt Bod battery. Mr B plnlmrd that whom tha profanation <t an awanlt and battery in tbatr Indietraent, lhay tnti't prora *hit thay bare art forth, ataa tba aernrag tna*t beaeniitttrd Thirdly, that la ardor to ennrlnt a party of riot, th? pr"aaeutlan muat aatabllah by proof tba pramadltat'd art Ion of tba aennaag with two or mora ttbar prraona. la thooa point a. tba connral for Mooraok rlaltuad that tba prnaaoutlon hod fallad, aa<l haaoa bo alalmad an aaqalttal for hla nllaat Mr. t'aaart i. nant addrraaad tba Jnry. aa aooaaal for Adrlanra. Ha rlnleird. that hla allaat nnawrdlng to tha proof, war dreared dlffarmtly on tba night of tha riot front tba paraon a worn to by tha nffloara at hlanltant Mr Braravi). In babalf of (too Dougtaaa Mlowod. and In hla raainrka raid, that In tha eonraa of tha trial motirae bad barn attributed to him which wonld dla. praaa a Hottrntnt Thet:oort Intarrnptod hlmand aekad to whom ha maoat to apply tha ramark; or If ha Intended In apply It to tha oart. Mr Bnatnad (old D* UJU D"? IH'T'1 IV ?rp?; w Miv ' vnv pr??rwil>4 with hit ar*tim*at, H* nai la pratty olo** collMoa with tbaCoart on#* nr twin* daring hi* *nmiHng up. bat alway* dl*ol*im#d aay latoattoa to ofhtad lit < Viort Th* onrt told bia finally. that tb? l*a*t aid "n thai had th* b*tt*r, or th* nnrt aright h* laollnod to a** It* aathortty la t.h* pr*ari*** Mr Baatrod elaimrtf. that th* good *har*ot*rof hi* elloat pr*?la<t*d th* l*l*a of hi* jtiillt. and h**td**. hi* d*afb**a n?1 hi* youth might to |MM| to th* Jury; although not .on arownat of hi* d*afn*a* or hi* youth did h* a*h aanoqattal, h? ol*la??d that aortatoa* lataat had *r*a h**a proroa ?**lo?t hi* olioat. Thr** aior* of th* *oaa**l for th* aronooatloa. aad tw* ft r th* d*f*ao* at? to *nin ap hofor* th* lad** will oharg* th* jary. *?> that Tharnday night will, proh* th* *arU**t tim* at ?rhl*h tr? aay ??p*ot a LD. TWO CENTS. Theatrical and Muele.^l Bowmr Thmatbb. -Sir K Bulwera plaj ?f " Moaey* I^IIUIUIVU. IHH PTRB1!){(, ia nn?9 4f.VlM %0'l ?ii* r*? eeived hy the audlenoe with great applause. Mr. Watlack played Kvelyn: Mr* Wailaot. iara. Oli'oert wae Sir John Vesey; Mr* Gilbert. Lady Kraukli ui Mr. Lester. Sir Frederick Blount and Wlnaoi. the a/elanetaoly Graves. whoee continual resainesoen?"? of hie -Sainted Maria" afford so rouoh amusement. Wallack'* Evelyn wae an excellent pl-ee of anting, lur the early toenail of the play, where at the poor nonrotary of Sir John Vesey. he ia kept down hr norerfy he wan excellent; and afterward* when he become* the Inheritor of hit uncle'* wealth he waa equally good. Mr Wallack appear* to much advantage In thia piece, and it I* one we ehould like to see frequently repeated at the Bowery Mr Lester, aa the drawling. lisping dandy was much applauded, Mr. L did not overaat the part an common a fault in aotors In hu -h n--a--eaters Mr* Wallack. aa Llara Douglas, was moat heartily applauded The house was tilled In every part; Indeed, thie season has thus far been a most successful -n? at the Bowery; not one evening has there been a small attendance but night after uight, the ample and elagant Interior has been tilled with audiences remarkaMa for their elegance and respectability. The secret la, that nothing but pieoes of sterling merit have been presented, and. moreover, they have been anted with the utmost osre and precision by the excellent eomriany now attached to the Bowery The very intereatng drama of the " Idiot of the Milt" concluded the entertainments last evening This piece is got up in Una style, and the actiDg of Stevens. McKavland. Mian Wemyss. Miss 8 Denin Sto . In It. Is entitled to muoh praise This evening. Mr Wallack will take a benefit, and on the occasion he will appear as Kiohard the Third, a part In which he is muoh admired. Mr*. Wallack will appear as k.liiabeth The piece is got up ia most magnificent style at the Bowery " Don Ctavar da" with Mr Lester and Miss Wemyee aa Don liesarand Marltana, will oonclude the entertainment* Bsnaowav Tiikatsb. - Last evening the suooeeaful i aiiii iuirrr>un( cumin areola ot tbe " Knight of Area," nd he comedy of Bora to Good Look." ware repeated at this theatre. Mr Hudson sustaining tba characters ot l ooniir, the H??h anil Peudeen O'ltafferty, a 1th that success which attended hla former representations Hla songs, an well a< hi* acting, produced a good effect and were wall received ThU evening Mr llndaon take* hla drat benefit in America, on which oeraaion will ba presented " O'h'lannigan ami ba Kalrie*." and tha burlatta ol ' Out at Plana " in both of which Mr Hudaon will siug several favorite song* There are no people mora capable of dl-oeraiog merit or more sterling In appreciating it, than tha Americana; and wa hare no doubt tbat on thia evening thej will renew the testimony of their walcoma to thle gentleman by giving him what all Irishman ara fond oi-"a bumper.'* Wa learned at tha thaatra, that tha box sheet is nearly filled. Nislo's Gasmen.?Tha Ravel family attracted, last night, another large audience, at this place of am ligament; and their performances which eonristed of ' La Dans* de t'orde," the pantomime of ' Robert Maaaire.'* and "M. Dechalumeau." were tba oeoaslon of muoh laughter, and. of course, draw forth a harreat of applause Miles Celeste and l.ehtnan danced a'* Paa," assisted by M Henry Wella. whiob was muoh appraoiated. This evening. Mr llackatt appears la bts favorite Dutch character of Kip Van Winkle and in hla popular Irish part of O'Callsghan. Mile Bertln will perform, on Thursday night, tha celebratad rolt of I'tiella, In tha beautiful ballet ot 'Le Dtable Amoreux," one ot tba best conceptions of the Krench stage. Bi sum's Tmcstkk ?The second appearance of Mra. T. Sloan, the distinguished c^mrnnlirnw, from tha Royal theatres of London. Liverpool, and Manchester, attracted, last evening, a large audience at this place of amusement, and the talented actress was received, as on the previous night, with much ssnluiu ?s -- thusiaam ' Thl* lady la Tory clever in all th* part* which she undertake* to perform, and will **, no doubt, her ftmc increase in our city u aoon aa aha la known by our ronaatnewr public The entertainment* began, laat night, with tha dramatic aneadota entitled "A Mother'* Bequest," in which Mea-re Clark*. John* aton. Ilolmun, and Mmm Russell and Hill performed the principal part* It waa followed by the faeorita burletta of " Lola Monte*," which Introduced Mr*. Sloan aa Ka'arlna Kloper, and ahe rendered It to per* lection. The other play In which ahe appeared, waa culled ''How to I'ay Vour Washerwoman." and eh* wan, aleo, Terr successful in the rolt of Mary White. Merer*. Brougham and lladaway, in th* faro* of th* " Wage of Wiudror." drew forth much langbter and merriment The performance of thia evening will oonaiat of the following playa : " Somebody W?a. ' Young America." and " How to lay Yoar Washerwoman." I Mrs filoaa appeara la tha two lart eomadia*. Aavoa Pl*? k Orcaa Houac ?The arlatooratlo praI tanrloni so unfortuna'aly and fatally associated with I thla elegant establishment. are thing* of th* paat. I Th* farce* of enclnalveneia. and th* tragedy of the riot are talked ol aa aaieng tha areata of - a long tima ago." ?o rapidly bav* event* of greater and more ganeral Importance succeeded Th* pant then being laid . on the table. Mr Davenport ha* opened th* gator Plan# i Opera Hour*, under new auspice*, moraconsistent with American Idea* of republican equality than the original opera rfgtaie, or the unsuccessful eiperiment of dr. Pry In one word, the Aator I'lao* Opera Nona* baahaea opened to the publie by Mr Davenport, for exbioitloua in (ha laffitimata Hrama nn * ' ? * - " * ? ? ? ? I>i-u > <! prion* or (DO other theatre* ?f tba city Mian I la ran port lad off on Monday night a* Shak-paara'a Juliet to an nrorflowing houae: ami la-t night a* Jalia. In the Hnoehbaok. aha aa fully vindicated ilia publlo expectation Mba la a young. handaome, ami talented antrrax. and, aaatatned by an abla corpa. aha la reaping rha hnnora and proflta of a auceaaaful experiment Thua It la that tha pabllo alii aNaya auatatn au e*tahltahmrnt for their ainuaanii nt If conducted according to er>mmon aanaa. and vilhoiit atterapta at Inault. by a ailly exolnaloa of tba inara of aoclety. NariaaaL Tiirrxn.-Tha drama of tha In* uolblaa'> vaa |ir' dueed h-ra. Ia*t craning In all IU glory. nod the audience were cnthu*'a-tic In their applatiae 1% Urowioae year* alnra ih'a drama bai hara played; and tba apl< i.dld maoaar In whl< h it baa ba?a put on tbr >ti(* by tbr manager of the Na'ional. will wn ara ura make it aa popular n wa<it tor we* In tha tiaya pore by The yi Ung lad-a, who couipo*e the rag manl of Inrinciblea, uad> r ?hair abla oo.nntandar. Mra C. Maatayar a*, eutad tha military evolution* With tha granted pra. tab n. and tba acting nt !ldni>nd Ityan, aa liHIaah. added much to tlia general auocaaa of tha plara . The aiau*lng farce of 'd icn-h >dy Man " praceded tba drama Mra Ma-layer acta capitally in thla III tin farca, and har ?uerea>ful maOT'lvrea to gat aocnabody viae for bar huabmd. cauaad much merrim-nt ? Tbla evening tba bill will conalat ol tba langhabla farna Of blaahar and Craabar " C Burkn and Dawaa taking tha parta of tha two haroaa tba --Invincible*," and tb? melting drama of tba 'Mordarnd Boatman " will maka np tha avantiig'a amnaementa. In tha la*t no utinn* J. Mr. W. Wood, tha pnntoiiilmtit, liaa an e?rallant part. Mit? mkii.'t Oi tmvic TmXatix ? Thaantartalnmanta of jentrrday evening enmaiauaa I with tha pvrf >raieone of lb* cupiadlattn antltlad '-Wbo'a tba i.ompoaar ?" wbleb la Indeed TM| rich In eomlaallty. \,i** .Mary t)n r ?nn ct>n?(<ira in the lour plrrrs i f yr-trrday's bill so'sd throughout with rOD-tdrrablo talrnt and sang ?lih tntirhy'raoa and fas* clnstlin Mr vy *l<v t wh > psrsonstad Klllppo a musician. ratna i.ff with such su?-c*?s that ha was rapturaurly applauded. .Nil-* CarIIor daarad tb? Highland Mi g, which ?a? raroirii. with grsat ta?l# an I alasanoa. 'I hr sacoud ptaca. tha highly popular aatirlcal burlarqua, nall'd ' trltauiila ami llib-iala. or Vlrt.rlala Ireland." ?M rrrrlTal by the andiron* with tha l'a<ut satisfaction. attea'ad by tha inoat anthu?l?~tio applause which lh?j tandarad to tba parforinara Nail fnlloaad the operetta In on* art. callad - No" whirl) ga?a rlta to a grant daal of mirth and taughtar Mr T. Olahnp aung with moat axi|Ul*lta affect In tba annga ' Slowly Waar* tha Day, l.ora," " Hy .Swift, t's /*phyr* ' and with Mica Mary r . In tha duat. " < aa Vt u Nat Bless with On* Aentsncs a LossyTha antu-rmaols concluded with tha mu-leai st'raragaaaa mtlth-il " Ham and Lcandar." wblrh enjoysda* flattsrIng a raaaptlon a* on tba prsrlouc night CNiint'i Miasmm* - Tha cry la always tbay noma, at lha cr neart rooms of th--M farorlta atngar* as aarh aarnlng thry slag bafora a* many panpia a* ran possibly gat Into tbrlr room, and aeh aarnlng tha nudianaa separates mora connoted than aaar that no Mhloptan performances can aaar surpass thoa* of tha Chri-ty'a. To night thay will glaa, as usual, a most splandid programme Tssraaacia. ?Mcstcat. Ksstissi.s.?Although th*ra was a llttla Improsamant la tha attandan a at this placa of ammaamaot. yat It was hy an tnaans a paying hoar* as. Is somawhat surprising coast tarIng tba talant rngagad and tba alagantly dl?*rsltl-d eharartar of tha antartalnmant Tboaa who aao tata pi-a-ora In haartng sounds tha moat barmnaisns aa breathed forth In tha purest maiody. and la tha moat setrntlfle murloal strain*, by tha Osrmaola Band ' should sislt tba Tabarnaola whars thaa* Inimitabl* musician* nightly display all tba baautia* of must*, and It* powar to abartn tba sonl of man rhslr oasrtiiraa, wsltsas, and qnadrttl#* ars agacntad with aanh ndmlrabla concord, that tha tooas produced from thalr aarlous Instruments ring In ths sar so dsllghtfully a* ta raarh tha Inmost raoaaaa* of tba haart. aad glaa a harmonic action to tha nsrmuc ayatam During tha piinKini r ?. "? "I ?"-! ir?wii?nin| sire IMI *?*HIng. w* WON reminded of th* beautiful langaag* of Moor*, when describing the entrancing molitlee this art: ' Musto ' ob, bow feint bow weak' language fades before thy spell. Why should feeling erer apeak, Sine* thoo nonet breath* her tale eo well"' There being bat I few mom eonoerie, we ad He* efl tboee wbo bare not no yet attended them, to emkmno the preeent npportonlty of lletenlng to the atquleita performance* of the rocal end Inetrnmental nrttata now ongngnd nt th# Tnbemneln. Colli**. ret Irish Comsdis*.?Th* Philadelphia Inf?m and 7Wi newspaper* epenk highly of th* I we new pleoea, "The Unwarrantable Intrweioa," end ' O'Orady, the Irish linardsmae,'' a* performed by Mr. Collin* and an excellent eotnpeny The h?aea* are raid to be crammed erery night, and Collin*' new ennge maeb admired Mr F. ( b infra a la playing at the Arab street theatre In Philadelphia, with grant saeoaae Th* Phi tadetpblnn* am lend In the prat*** of Moan," and the hons* la nightly crowded to eneea*. Ml** ( harlntte Cnebman le shortly ta tmneOM an engagement at th* Walant street Theatre. Phtlodsir Sltehna. the Tank** eomedtan, la play lew at Albany. Mr leoMi le pfe/lng at Proefdoao*. R f Mm. Barrett to playing at the Imtew MtoMR,

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