Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 6591. ONE WEEK IN EUROPE. AtKITAI r tux AMERICA AT HALIFAX. The French Movement in Italy. Vim TiTTS.OPBil.Iir FAB.OB MARKETS, ficc., &c., dec. The steamship America, Cspt. Shannan, arrived at Halifax, at 11 o'clock oa Tuesday morning, and would leave for Beaton at two o'oluok that afternoon. She probably arrived at Boston last night, In time for her mail* to be despatched by the New Haven train this morning. Tbey will arrive in this city this afternoon. The captain is aiek. The America left Liverpool on Saturday, the 15th Instant. Our overland express arrived at St John, N. B , at 4 O'clock yesterday morning, but brought no Liverpoo papers, exoept the European Timet, of the 15th Inst. The wires east of Bangor, Maine, were out of order I till about 0 o'clock, last evening. Tbe America met the Canada in the English Channel, at S P. M., on Sunday, the ICth lust The news is hardly worth the cost of telegraph lag. It is nothing but trash. The French movement in Italy is the only thing of any interest. Affaire in England. The cholera is spreading; deaths in London, on the 11th, 475; on the 12th. 361; in Scotland, 160. The market for English securities has been steady; 4>ut, at tbe same time, little business has been done. The weather was cooler; the crops almost all get in. TKa nnfatn ?inM I a larva anil atnrkiicrh will ha aavaH In offset the diseased quantity. Mr. A libber Kell*y, of the English delegation | at Washington, ie traneferred to Linbon. The Prince of Walei ha* been created F.arl of Dublin. Among the distinguished deaths, are Conlom, the French dancer., [reported by the last steamer,] and the Bishop of Norwich. Robert Talmer, cotton agent, of Nottingham, has wloped to the United States, with one of his wife's kitchen madds, and property, In merchandise and oash, to a Urge amount. The Continent. The news from Hungary is without interest. Cotnorn and Peterwardein hare not yet surrendered. No news of Kossuth All the northern States of Germany, exoept Oldenburgh. bare acceded to the alliaaoe proposed by Rrursta, Saxony and Hanover. Everything was quiet at Venice. There Is nothing eertain from Gaeta, except that the Cardinal Triumvirate refused to pay the dividends on the public debts tue in June There Is nothing new from Rome. A small revolution took place in Cephalonia, whloh amounted to nothing. A letter from Louis Napoleon to his friend K43" Jfey, has been published in the Manitrur, and virtually acknowledged by the cabinet. It makus some Ulk in JIOIIUCBI tlltlt.. >UU ' Thr French Republic hu not Mint aa army to Rom* to put down Italian liberty, but on th* contrary, to Tfgulate It. by preeervlrc it ngainetiU own #*ce***a, arid to give it a aolld bn*l*. by replacing on tha Pon tlOcal thr >n? tha Princa who, fro-n tha flr*t. had boldly taken the lead in all useful reform*. I learn, with palti, the bt-neyolent intention* of tha Holy Father ?a well a* our own antlona, remain eterll* In praaanca of boat 11* paction* and Influence*. Th* d**ire of perron* apptrr*tv be to make proscription and tyranny the ba?l* ol the Pope'a return. Sty to (Jen. IloituUn, fjcni me. that he la not to peririt that under the aha- ' <low of th* tti-colorrd flap, any act ba committed which can lower th* character ?f onr Intervention I I lhu? mm np tha reatoratlon af the Pope'a temporal power: A general amo*?ty ? tha aecalarUation or th* dmlnUtralion?the oode of Napoleon-liberal geverninrnt. A cabinet council wa* bald on tha 11th, ami Gen Raudun attcndi d by order, and being oalled into the Toom where the mlniatry w ere aittlog, wa* formally Informed that be wa* appointed to th* commaad'of tli* army of Italy, lie then recetred hi* ia*truotlon?, wh'ch amount to tbl* 1 hat ftionM th* Tope not coma to ' la to carry out. with rigor, th* Una of con luc t ypcclflr J lr the rraaident'* letter. Gen RauJon atarted the earn* night, forhia new command. Ho I.* a cavalry Officer, and haa been aOeneral of Dirtrion only alnca 1847 I ill rise ueen uuuioiaiiy rapm no m friend of Gtn. Cavalguac and Col. Chirr*. A telegraphic despatch renched llreat on tho fltbi With (injur* for tho chips Pandora, lluonard. Kavert' AV?rt, and lr to hold the>n*<-lve* In read!ort* to d to im. Ikeir destination w?i auppoaed to tie I Ml The governm nt ha* just decided that tho Fr noli cquadrrn in tho Chlo'-c aras *h*ll he composed ofthreo phi prof war. Tho lurydiro and tho Duron*, haw* palled for that dettlaatlon Tho latter * ??! will call on her way at Tahiti, and then so proceed to Maoao. Thr Cuba inturrectian hat ertihd I St attention / th* Bfwnith rabintt. Alettsr from Genoa, announce* th# arrival of the eltbtatod Garibaldi In that city He arrirt d in a fl-hIng boat, accompanied by a alngU volunteer, at Fort Verlm, nt, the 6tli Inst.; thence he proceeded to l'hi? vera, through Spuria. wl.era he vai reoognlaed by the yeopi*, and a eot.iiderab* crowd a**emhiod to greet him. The Military Intendant reqnoatod him not to create any disturbance. but to remain at Chiarera until be ebould demand Inetruction* fe?m hi* government. A captain of gtn?4'mrm*i was rant from the capital to e*cort Garibaldi to Gene* whrre he I* to rom*<n until he can And ao opportunity of qaltting Italy. Thr Muuilrvr arnounce* that th* N'uncloof the Vp"cttdle See, ha* prraentrd to the rr?*t lent of the repnh* lie the rtply of the Pop* to the letter accrediting M de OrreMe* a* F.nvey Kat-aordinary and Minister Plcnlpctrntlrry, on a temporary ml Minn to his (Toll. bom. dnrlr.K the aWrce of M. d? IUrc< art. I,etl<r* of the Mh Inatant mention that the crUi* there l? b> coir.lpg more menacing A rupture wa? imminent It *m e"n?Hcred pr?btbla that the r^p* would end by placing h'ro?elt under tb* Aun'.rlan flag. In lh? bp.ili* n*. It ww In D>iU. that. had tho Trepidant'* letter been officially ptibllabed to thw carp* diplimntiqw, they would haw* thought It their duty to prdtwt ic?in?t It. tt www ilfo rumored at (Jact*, that Honda would take np on Itaelf tV? Roman loan. Ueneral RegnirdeJI do St Joan d'Aug?ly wao proper2ng to rotnrnto Franca. Tho health of tho French troop* at Rein* wa* aetlafaetory. Latter* from Naplo*. of tho 4th. announce the arrlwal 9t tho rope at Neplea, at 4 o'clock P. M. tho name day. arkrtt. Lirtaront., Sept. It ? Du*lnrm la not *0 actio* a It wa* !a*t waok. Cotton I* atoady, with modarato naloa rrtcaa are llttto changed. The grain market* are a degree firmer within the laat few day*, and holder* begin to anticipate that they hare reached thelowaat point, at leaat for aom* time to eon*. For cured prorlalnna. of all deeorlptlona there li a BMMii# avniina, ma pririm gvioiMij ?r? weu mp* yortad. Mrtal* ar? In rcqoaat. and prion* (uatalnnd. The McnnU from th* manufacturing dlntriot* ir< 1m* ?n?onn|1ii|-MTirtlMlNi, * butlthf trad# prnnlto. Ov rrportt fmtn the CoctimiUl ntfkili an aatlafeatnry. The fund# an ateady. hot th* bnrinw going fir ward ' limited. Railway rteeki an rrfj doll There la till a plentiful eupply of mosey. and flnt rata bill# nan be discounted on naay term* Secondary and lafarlor description* cannot And ready accommodation I.oneoi* Montr Maaarr, Sept 14?P. M.?Th* Fng llah fnnda nontinna dull, but wlthont any altnratlon la yrtoa* ( onanla for moony offand at MH to Jf, ??d c I ore.I at that quotation after baring Warn temporarily anUIng at W*?. owln? to a apaoulatlra ante far U?a 17th Odt. Thdiaat prim waiMK taHK. E NE MOR Livmrooi. Cottob Minn Sept 16?Sale* of cotton from 6th to 18th. were 81.700 bales. of which speeulatora took 6 240 tod exporter! 8,040 bale*. Tha Import! during the tame period were 12.110 bale!. Tha Ameri. oai deaoriptiona lold were 24.180 bales. ?t 4\<1 to 8>*d The committee'! quotation!, declared at Uieir weekly meeting held on the 14th. were, fair Upland and fair Mobile. 8.**d per lb.; fair OrleaD!. 6T,d The atoek on hand in Liverpool, 878,488, against 653,2.10 in 1848 The present atate of the Manchester market is not enooursging for the raw material. Compared with the prioee of la*t year, the quotations of fair Mobile are Kd., and fair Orleans >4'd. per pound dearer, LirKarooL Coan Mhict. Sept. 16.?The arriral of breadstuffs here and in London la large. Nevertheless, the trade la getting firmer, owing to unfavorable advices regarding tbe potato crop. In the early part of the past week,wheat, both here and in London receded, , and flour was also sold on lower terms. At the market held here yesterday, both wheat and flour bad a tolerably active demand; but there was very little Indian corn offering, as many holders had withdrawn their samples, In tbe hope of obtaining Increased prices- ' The value of western eanal flour is now quoted at 22s. Cd. to 23s. for prime quality, and Inferior at 18s to IBs ; Baltimore and Ohio is sold at 21s. per bbl ; 1 white Indian corn, 27s. 6d. to 28s.; and mixed and yellow, 20s. to 27s. per qr. American wheat is quoted at 6s. to Os. Od. per bushel of 70 lbs. Livnnrooi. Miscellsnous Markets, Sept. 15.?The Imports of cured provisions, since our last report, are very small. Beef has been in fair requtsi at unchanged prices; but tbe transactions In bacon are limited. There is not much low priced bacon In the market, and for prime qualities the demand Is limited. Hams sell to a fair extent at steady rates, but the enquiry fer shoulders Is limited. Lard is in steady request. Tbe Teflners crmplain that the consumption has fallen off. Prices of Iron remained almost stationary. Manufactured iron has been in fair demand, and the maks has been rendered unsettled, and to some extent diminished, by the ravages of the cholera In the Iron districts of Staffordshire and South Wales. The latest *ccounts continue very unfavorable Sootch pig iron s flat In the absence of demand. Low Moore railway tire bars have been reduced this week A3 per ton. Preaent quotation* in Liverpool. merchant bar ?i 10; beat rolled bar ?T; hoop ?7 10; aheet ?9 5; Low Moore railway bare ?17; Scotch pig. No. 1, net oash' ?2 12. Litibfool. Fbciohts, Sapt. 15.?We bar# to notlea another doll week In freights, with mtioh eearoity at fneght, though, owing to the email number of vesaels loading, there ia no decided change in ratee. Pa?sen- 1 gera continue extremely acarcr, ahd hare been taken to Now Orleana at almoat nominal price*. To New York we (till quote dead freights 15a. per ton; flne goods, 16a. to 17a. 0d.; hardware. 12a Gd . and earthen ware 5* 4d. London?Though our advices of the 25th ult. were far from encouraging, the nhipplng Interest at the preaent moment ia atlll more depressed in at1 dlrectiona. The engagements are limited at ratee nn- i remunerative. In our Raat India trade there ia nonew feature worthy of notice, except a .light demand for tonnage from Bombay, at about 00a; Maulmain, 60a to #5* ; Akayel at 80a. to Sit , and Manilla 70* to75a. The only branch of the shipping trade in which there ia any activity, ia emigration, which of all others, we i abould deeire to ree inactive.* Names of Passengers. From Liverpool for Halifax. 6. For Bo.ton?r'amu.l l.anrtnce and i.dy, A Pleohe and la ?. U li.i.. and lady, Pralde and lady, Try*r and Udy. Itacaran and J.dr. Stirta. W illiam Bnvase. Mr* Chanmaa and maid, Mr. Griffith, lady, and daughter, Mint Gordon, Mr* and Mlaa Hart ami man-enrrant, Mm liillnr, infant and mime, Rev Mr Hidwell,K*r Mr Parker, Judge Child, (leneral Armstrong, Lieut T Howard, K H Killln, Pamei, Thotnae Coroukee. Foster. Elliott, Araott. C'harl*a Brad'ord Young. J Slop J tV Maeemger John C t'urrie, W P Aubrey, J Hell Jr. Mitkengerg. Whittock, H IF Knhtmann, E VF Trynn, I'nrent, Kenardeon, Mm Miile, l>r?nght, Pierre O Kane, hearer of dUjatflhea t'rothere, Suphrna^a, Banna, D?c?nmar, Poyerean, Medina, Adam*, l.laahnmaohor, Neale, Mri liro*neille and h?e children, lire Hoy and three ehlldrrn, Edmund Oryiil, Lin nr. llarrie, button, < nn-d'.ek, Porter, Merd, Wileex, Redler, M ime, and Ker Jamee Btatlrry. IMpbtOf lntelll(ence. Genoa, no date--Arr I'aioa, and leal nut, . H*itr. no date--Arr Argo, and "Aamuiee , (before reported.) bid Haere.Ainawi rth, M York. I.iTtiii'Ooi.. no date?Arr Maria llurgma, Beaton; Triton, Oharleatoa; ImmdMIi, Habitat Medowerk. Ktch, N'Orleane; M ntriun a. Miermae; "Cnblaee," (probably C- haaa, Little John.) and Mappehireork, Caching, NYore; Itrgiaa, Helen Mrilaw, Jarnr, Cray, and J P tt Miner, Philadelphia; Jooa thane, and Herkrhtre. Uaaannab. Sid (Jeorge Brown. Baltimore; Colombo, Cherleatnn: Hartley Helena. F. I'erkiac, and Mfoodetock. NOrleanm t'olumboe, and Minnesota, NYork; Sueque.iauna, Philadelphia; Yeoman, faeennah. Poor Manilla, no date--Arr Cheeatw*k?, and Adelphia, Ttoaton; Juniata, Charleaton; "Jnliton," NOtleanc: M aknlla. Polka, learder, Caroline, and Ilannan It Chrietina, NYork; ' Aitiia," Portland. Clip Pdlltlti. Nkw Yona, Sept. 27,1819. Mn. F.rtToa:? Tho umlrreigved haying obefreed In tour paper of yeetrrdny, a statement misrepresenting the true grata of (aeti In the e*?e. feel bound to stare. that we were appointed by the Ward Cnmmittrn aa Inspector- of the tfrnary election which took plane at the Siglh Ward ilotel, 011 the night of the 2Mb tn;t . frum 7,'e to V ?'click, P M. We performed the dutlea assigned to ua and after rapyasslrg the eotee polled, round aa follow*: Kor the Kelly tl< ket. 400 rotaa; Knot ticket. 127 rotes; majority for the Kelly tlckit. 27'J rote*. W# mtii t ! ttM?. ti nit|i?i Km>t pi. rty uii'i?r thi'lr I alar, 1 (Mkt? Kulllfin." ndfiTWod to cMr; ?lf. or female, tha ballot hi * tut rft't ootaonoatd In thaattarnpt Vou will plasm liiirrt lhl?. In ordar that orruucou* Impreatlit? uaj la raworad ami i*llt? Voutr. mnit rmpapflullr Am. HAMILTON kF.RIONS.68 Vfnlharry at., TMOM AS O'DONSELL. f J Mott at , I II AS. II tKTLLV.AV Mett at., JOHN LONG. JOHN Me EN TIKE. 17 Oaptrr at.. In paetora of Election. Jonw ParattT, ) rWka faTi.(itauMaTt,i 6!a. FriTor ? I tidar the haad of City lotaljtgrrra, respecting the (Mirary Martins held In Ibn Fifth ward, on Ttirrday n< Baptrmber 2ith. It waa atared that Mr. John J. a Idrldge, not Dating ha-n put on Ilia 1 rnir lultt) ttarlrd an oppneltion ticket of hi* own Mr. Mdt.dge tad do dtaife going on any ticket, and he ohjretad to Iba mai.ntr ol gome t?? or d"?*n jr-tandid d< lacerate forming a tlnki tln the manaer (try did. Mr Kldrtdge wt?hee to gim a r'.rrect atatanent of tha Totva polli d Tba ticket haadad. ria:I) Wilms. r> c<lti d In all 170 epllt* !th. tnalaad of It. aa ftntad of whloh Wllllutn II takm reci|?-d tlia whole. The ticket haadad K. B. Halt rt'rtrtl In a'l 67, Inattad of ?2. aa Mated apUti 6. John J. I.liridge, Inaprctcr. Poller Inlrlll aeurc. Rrovfkt tm fmr Triml. ? Officer Stephana of tha lower pollra. art it mI Id Hilarity, on In-'day mirnina In tha atiarnabip Notthiin-r. from barieatoo. hating In nii'tody attian by tha nam* of John W. Ha. i|. whom ha tad arrarlad in lha laitar rlty. on a rrqulattlnn from our Governor. wberiln Iliad rto?d rbarg. d withagrand laiceny In ateslirg. iu Augual lart from Tiionia* .nr> roran. nt lt-2 Bulge atro*I. tho autn of 62*0 It aaama | tha aaaurai] * a* lakan In by Mr. < rcorao. alaioat da i atltrite who pare him tu b>atd until be could Ami m.ik iDdtbrrvrtlMnriifil the kln<laa>a by robbing bim of the ihrtr rum of money. After he etol > tbe wnrj, lir l<ft thta city for (toxica. ami from B"?ton be took a trwrl for i harli-eton. Iurr he war arreati <i hy tbr ah<or vigilant officer and brought hark to thia rltj yreterday loinrarr tbe crime Inrlldr Lctbrop einnulltrd th? icruHd to prlmn tor trial. Xi.'i^i(iMi,-f;nii>lablr Joeej h arrc?t*d. on Toeertgy, a young man by thr name ofJareea Tea-y. on gtref.lclrn of hat log rnlrn d tha dtrlllrf horna nn tha corner of Varivk and < harltoa etrvet occupied by tVm. Gallagher. on Punday night la?t, and rivaling tlterafr m )MN In grid Jurllra l.othrop eomoiiuid him ta ptlron I< r a fort h- r hrartng. fivrflary. ? l ha tailoring etore. N?. 3 Centra atroet, owmdbf Mr Mryar war feraed open during Mnnday night, and (he at< ra rtilpped of marly all the ready inrdr elmhtng, together with re ratal pteri x of cloth, valued In all at J. <0 Ne arrrtt I. bat ft tj S ??( eg a Trunk ?The pollea of tba Fifth ward, atri *f? d on 1 in tdav ona of tha hlaak waiter* from on board tha rtaamboat Oregon on auepiolou of hafIngetnlena trunk, aontainlrg flld In money and a quantity of valuable clothing, tha property of F.dgar Ji bar* Melding atAlbany, iha man wax detained ta rtietod) m the rhargc Krtftnf a Ihtmdttlti Uatttt ?A woman by the nama of l-at nj Howard wa? arreeied on 1'needay on a bench warrant, l-nnd by the t ourt of Sceatonx baring been Indicted by the Orawd lury an a charge of keeping a dteorderly home, at frn aiflchurrb rtr et via a hoar# of pioetitullt n Pi ma tln> elKt. John F' lleteplelne, the laaolr rd ai.d owner of tbl* honea. ??? arraeu d and held to trail, on a rharga of lattlng the prrgnio to fan ny. kirowlrg for ahat puipoea it wax to bx occupied, and Fanny wax held a* a vtlnere, now the Grand tary Indict Fanny, and let np tha landlord Ju?t ?e l.othrop allowed F anay to go on hall In rbe auin of f xxi. Tnkrn frott a Tbtrf ? l>flleer I rawfertl, i f >ke Mntll V ard police, toe k lr< m thief kU|ip<?? d to he atoleu. a qnrntlty rf wearing apparel eoiolrit?g ?.( ?i*lr rank*. ?fa?n. >11* ilmin. aba?la, fto Thn nlfa of ? nntnrinna tblaf naa foiiiMl In lha |>oaa?n?lrn of p*?n link at., da'ad In Mil; and tnguat l?jr ?hl' k t h? ah lot if proparty ?i< rrpmiiil Onnarr ara wanted for iba ar'lrlaa Thn pmpatly rw bo ?n?n by ap(,ljln* at thn Math Ward I o|lr? Station Hntiaa, ...arkat 1 ho tarhina hrlor; at Nov Marbat. N. H , w*? dorttoyag by brr ua tba 19Uk Laat Low, | .tt.WM. W TO NING EDITION?THURSI Trial of lfe? Aator Place Rioter*. COUKT or OK1IRAL SESSIONS. Before Judge Daly, and Aldermen Wood and Kelly. The People qf the Slate aj New Km-*, re. E. Z. C Judson, George Douglass, * Thomas Bennett, John Norrln. Ja* Matthews, Hugh Mot.aughlla, Alexander lloseaek, Thorns* Green, Daniel A. Adriance. James O'Neil. rvaona awoan. 1. Joseph Browner. 7M Greenwich etreet. 3 Coraellua Dewit. liquor dealer 13ft Ames etreet. 8 Parld I'tge, publio bouse, oorner of West and liohokep street* 4. rat rick Dnwncjr. tinsmith 387 Grand atreet. 6 Bobart Weterbouae grocer. 61 I'itt rtreet. 6. Ctw Hurkrtone grocer. 116 4mn? itrrtt. 7. Win Browning 344 VhMmIN street 8. Alanson II. Scuddrr dry goods 44 Hammond at. t. Jeremiah Hawlry fruit merohant. 10 Kulton street. 10. Tbcmaa P Cooper, grocer 103 East Broed way. 11. Gotham r Taylor, grocer. 122 Monroe atreet. 12. David Newman gn*er. 81 Hroad atreet. Counsel for the Teople?Meaara. Me Kaon, Whiting and I'billipa Counol for the Defence?Meaara. Smith, Buatead, Sherwood, Morrison, Blanrkman. Cornell, Schell and Bondlnot. THIRTEENTH DAT. * Sept. 28. ?The Court wee opened at half paat tea o'clock, and the summing up ptoneeded with Mr. Schicli.addiesaed the Jury In behalf of Thomae Green. He raid that in order to convict hla client, it must be proven, first, that a riot occurred before hla client war arrested; and secondly, that Green waa an active participator in that rln He claimed tbat it had not been proven the' any riot occurred until after Green waa arreeted Thecownael went into a careful review of ail the teatimony which related directly to hia client He claimed that there were such Hi?cr*panoes in the testimony of policeman McManaua, that it must be received with great caution Mr. Sobell occupied but a few minutea in hia summing up. Mr. M'lasiaon, counael for Jama# O'lVell, waatheneit to addresM (he jurora He raid he had no quarrel with the Court; but on the contrary, approbated the eourae of the piealdirft Judge In tbia caae; neither had hv any quarrel with the proaecutlng counael. He claimed tbat bis elleat had not been proven to have been an aotlve participant in the common objeot'or the riot, lie waa brief, and made a bandaome address Mr. Hmivh arose and said tbat be bad a point toraiae bere. which be should bare presented before. If he had been perfectly satisfied himeeif If be waa oorreot, aa he believed himself to be. it would be a waate of time to pursue ibis mutter further. Mr. McKr.eiv?What de you propose? Mr. Smith?To quash the iudictoient. Mr. Whiting iald It waa altogether irregular to make m motion to quash an iudictment after the case bed been two-thirds completed, and after aereral counsel bad actually summed up. IU. V ...... ?i* -I* IV i_ -v > ..? - ?i?. ' ?t raiu iv W?I? Mhi'^rt,urr IO VUP Ulfcrpuon OI the Court, whether tbey would entertain tbe mutlon Bow, or bttr tbe irnUDrnt on a motion to arrest judgmrDt after tbe verdict of tbejury waa rendered, should tl at verdict be adverse to the deb-nee. Judge Daly decided that be would bear the argument now. a*, in case the points raised should prove good, it would be an economy of public time. Mr Smith then stated his points, vlt That the indictment is defective? First, Became it does not show for what purpose the riotera assembled. Second, The Indictment is defective in not averring that tlis acts were dons to the terror of the people " Mr. Smi iit cited authorities in support of hi* position. Mr MeKxoit stated, in his own defence, that the indictment used waa a blank form tilled up, and that this same form bad been used ever sines Mr. Maiwill's District Attorneyship, (some twenty years ) Mr. Smith's authorities ars. to sustain the drat point: I. Lord Kaymrnd 'J 10 and I. Heave's Reports. 4; to sustain the sccoDd poiut. the authorities are Harrington k l alne. 1210; I. Hussell on Ctiuis, '111 -8; I. Hawkins' ritaa oi the Crown 616 The Court overruled the motion to quash tha indiet ii nt Mr Smith took exception to the decision, and the son niing up was resumed by Mr Whiting Mr Whitish said.the time bad come when the prose cution was to he heard. The counsel *n the other side had supposed that the defendants war* to be pursued as victims to appease broken law Some had even supposed tbem to be pursued by private prejudice lu a community where law prevail?where the bowle knif* Is not made the resort of persons seeking to redress wrong?you gentlemen, are not excited, wa are nut excited the Court is not excited Who, then, ars excited? VI h>, they are the defendants here Ihe public are anxious to res tbis matter eettlsd If these defendants ate proven guilty, it would he said be Ibeduty of the jury to tied them so. audit would remain with the Court to |<r?-reribe thr j.uwtrhmeut If there should lie a doubt of the RUtlt *( the defendants or *07 ot then, 1 It. would bo Ibtt duty, as it undoubtedly would b* the rlumi, ti thr jury to render a verdict of uot RUllty. t war thr duty ct thr jury to diapers of a prisoner, without repard to rank or position aroordioR to tba ctidetie* adduced. W? hare, altar several motions on thr pait of Mr Smith, who appears here as the counsel for the l>liucl|ial of ths rlnplesders of these rl iters, ccme to Ibis p' lot This douht that I bare spoke of, inurt be a well defined douht aud I tiilnk, I shall maba it sppvar that these defendants are vrery one of thein RUllty. 7 hey are indicted for riot Now the counsel on the oth< r aide mu t po to Knpland for all his auttiorltlea di tiuinp what riot It. i-te tuu-t ro to my Lord (the and my hud somebody else U hy pen' lenien. If 3 ( ti will ask any rl your children what it Hot la they will Rise you a eery c> rrect detiui'ioo of the word Hut lVir. V. hitii r in Miopia lsngusRe diresled of law terms, b> re pi < seeded to tell whet was a riot t.rery turn ill tutus assvDiblsRe In the streets. eousistiiiR of three or n>>re pi teous be raid. havinR a dt unite object if a private nature to accomplish,- aud joining, to aeci inpli h that object, ibey were rioters. If ti.iy all act in concert to accompli 'i ore object. It is sufficient that their acta all tend to the arrntnpiii-hmsnt of the object. The object must be id a irlrate rature, because if it ia apalrst tbe |aTeruuient It is treason N ow. gentlemen, as I infftid tolertry brief. I shall proceed to enquire. Into the evidence K irst let me speak of the remark nsiir hy V,r Sherwood counsel for the dvf.soes, that Ills clli nt. and nthi ra of these poor hoys, were made the pmnloart party |rad-ra. wi ra iillnnail to go at large. A K nf (i ri i raliiiut j pod Id not ba filtered hythalipa of n human bring. Mr Whiting hare pa>iiil i ? Ul< plOBi u j (.1! Vr MrK I' ll In hi* rhai u-tar of pnhjle pnaacutor. Oi'pht party to I a 'drafted to? hi Hid. It I* hub * hell UK to difliri lit political pattle*; but do we not all billing to on* common couotry T > r Marn arty wa* ad* atIn play in that theatre, at.d ho bed * right to play there. and Mr I'omil or H? frlinna bad no bu?ln?a? to Intern n- to prerent It. If reprerar.fatlnue of tit* bind are to ha pit' down, they mutt ba put down by law, and aewording to law; it Vr Kovteet or tita lunula, bar* turn Instiutanntal in tbe tlWrM Die* inn tur-Bid thru- aid if *r.e good t It lien Im'?i i f any (art which ?oe? toprore tb?ir It-rtinot*n'a'lty tiny ought to make It known to iba propor anlbollttra. On* of the |e?rn?d npno. run'a b.a* calo d kir. Meereadv a mountebank 1 hla w *? In bad ta*t* Mr Marrrady ltyi d out In dtutb na, tid aaa about to brtrg II* family lira to edurat* tbim I hoi* were uatortunal" etrrnm-taoer*, wMrb ratirrd the daatb f an many buiran being* And a#' ?f tbeaaraety or ilghiy perron* aiteated on that right. tbna ti n or tarlra perron* were ail that would b" ircgr, bad tb? terr nu mini. K?*ry ma a who ?? tbira encouraging tbe m*'b. ?ae guilty of committing a rltt. Iba ji'bu who aat In a public li *na at tba !<oit ild <1 tba lalk nod gare adnce a* to the conducting cf tba riot, t* ii|oally gn'lty if roch a thing could ba ptf-Ti n againal htm M'a hare term par*ou* bara. bn'ila* Jnili n Bennett * < nm*tai! with a ildiT lu hia baud, uplift*d II? afdrd or anc uragad tba rairnirg i f acme rf tba prlaonar*. Ilia ow- wltnaaa protaa that ba bail tba atona uplift-d It ? ? aftar iba pi lln bed baan alel'ed anl orlran to What aat hla cord net T Ma* it that of a pm-nabl* aitiaan? No gentlemen ba wa? anpagad aa a disorderly pereon. J antra Va'thrw* la alao arre tad wbll* throwing atit a lloaaark war aaan lothrow a *t. n,\ I r*ra not at what it wa? tbtoan; It waa In rln'atl*n of thr public piar* /drlanro ua* too n to aid la tk* f?irM of I prln par an rff/if. Iba guilty narar rnft?r wre than tba It-m rant Do tb.?*a young mi o riiftar ?( tally nitb tlialr flatlaaa' line* tba iliiih- dl< nt and profligate r<nruffer with bla afilietid parental I taka no b?ni *ith tbe f> ti 11 nun on Mil* point. Now a* to Dt'tig'aaa helrftfibnn tba llat Mui h ha* baan raid by rouuaat for bla poor. d*at ellrnt Now, If ba I* an d? at aa hta ei nnial would bara u? belli-re, I cannot aaa what ah* ulo bara aalirit blm to tba A?t"T Plae# lla aaa In tba nt'lgkhoThncd ot perron* who wan-crying nnt, fabt ' Pght ' f gbt !" and a atona waa aaan I o drop frwoi hi* band Tha eridenc* I* ao ahnndant that wa can di.p-nia with bait of It. and bara aimugh loft ; and I an. in t analoua that tbay -h- uid nor of tham ba con ytctad. Tin- rait dafandanl In rbnni* < (traan, ho raid t ? t d tfi n Innida tod ib< * o?ald not lat htm In ngnln and hf would h ii?n,r> <1 If h? wouldn 't hamaalldintlutj trd ?o I.' a ?? t>.nrd with ?and and atobaa In hl? hand* trklip tatlrfae'hnt Mr Whiting h'-ra rarlaatd tha'antimony appllcaUa tnllfwn In relation ln(>'Nill It ha? lorn tngid that ha wa* thr^lng 11 < , . a in rtlf d<f>tw n w, i IMtlnd itm t kara mtOti'MMll) (V)l any paean? t<> throw n'ntiM In Hfin hi re that right ; It h'-?a? a ?ot|rd. why dtd ha not h??a? In relation to Adrtanra tha officer In Mtd to hate gitrn him wrong dreaa Now thorn l? nothing in mfteuit a* to Mrr.ttty perrnm by tbalr draaa. Tha i ton bnra lam airandlrpty caution", a? la laan in tha tart that only ?oma twi |?a harn haan Idantiflad, out tf tha anility or algbty who w?ra arraatad Tha t>t?lit wm adatk on a aid It aaa cit.-emely difficult to at a and Ittantlfy peraonn at a (Itaancn ; but tha f.ant na airaMad "in tba (tat k wrra takan ta tba Hljit- tt a* in Iba llaht rrrugtalited hy tha light. In lalatlon to iha cowiparatlra guilt of tha dah i riant*. Mr V hltlng a'ated ta tha jury that tba nurt ronld dlirrtnlnata In appottinning tha pnnlahnitnt Iha-a rlota muai ba pot down or aaahall 'tara a .irfifiaa or a King- parhapa a king lohn?to rttla I nan ua Now, gewlenin?, In rtdatlrn tn.lndnon. who 1 " tl taw no ikti " who r> mniltta J no rl' ton a art; a n an who p> iitao plafad fhta aama four and twaaty hit la h? fora It tm k plana who pra da'arm I Bad that ha i wiald ha th*ta aa tha laadir of tha t.a'lrn Am?rlaaa tarty m,d tn araordaraa alth thin datrrmlnatlon artni I litll M It With thin BWnTIa (ahawi tlia aword.) ant B'p tWW. ' >||>. it.anrrl imI a?ti l?n a. d t a t t hi to an ? nrcail * hli M lt' ttol* tba p. B'lnu. Hy prrt.itin? ih.rl t A inn d to lb? bull br ?r?h? thai r?nt hr plaata Mnarlf na fbr ride-walk l.e r,r?* dlrrpltnna and jrl I Mr S't.rerl will n>k 'of b?a acquittal I >?.! n? >br n-? n'hr n( eren ailataff*!.. we (t?( rvMewAej hr If | i.-rru to lia?? raid, '-It III.ban* that tni"rl>?ao? ?RK I >AT, SEPTEMBER 27, 18< ahould be nMd to " H? knew tha warm blond of theae young Anjcrli ana Wo h??? It In evidence that one of there boye paid, after jurt epcaking to Judaon. "No* , baye. for a abower " Judaon paid attain, that whatever wae done mupt he done <|ulnk1y aa the military were coming But the police could bare arreated I udaon had be been alone What doea Judaon tell Mr Corbyn ? Why. Jnet what be did on that night. He eatd he wa* going there and wae going to pee It out. He did go there; but he did not eee it out But what elee doea the diabolical ingenuity of K / C. Judaon conceive' To ralee a cry of tire The hooka and laddera are all ready, but "we can't rniaa a cry of tire." aaya the Northern Liberty hoy. What aaya E Z C Judaon' Why, "get ehavinge and aet them on Are; thla will bring , V b - I.OO..*-, . 1. . v , i?t into tha wnad story ind dri?? them out " Such a man. gentlemen. in (It to mt'-r your home at night with atilctto in band What would he not do? If Mr Judaon had exerted the power ami influence ba night bar* dona?If ha had aaid. " You are all wrong, go home tha military will ba here and (Ira upon yon;" if ba had exerted tha influ*nce ba might tare dona, there would not bare been a atone thrown from where ha stood Hut where in the redeeming point In all hie oonduct? There In evidence enough to convict blm. even without the teetlmnny of young Bennett; but of that taetimony let me ray a word. You law Mm on tha etand: hi* evidence wee alniply given, and goee to prove the cunning and adroltoene of the accused; you heard of Mr. Mareue Cicero Staaley, hie friend and coadjutor in the newapaper. who wax prevent to relieve him of hie pi*tola, which, if found upon hie peraon, would have been damning evidence of bi* guilt But where waa .Marcus Cioero Stanley when we wauted him and raid we could not tin I him ' Judeon's couneel replied that we oe?d not trouble ourwives, that he Intended to Introduce him himself.

Where ia be? [Mr Smith?lie ha? not yet returned ] Well, now a* to the paper - (read* the article lathe paper Nril Huntlin'i Ojtn. publiehed on the morning of the 10th of May)?"Thi* I* a piece of hi* je*ui'l?in.'' *ald Mr. W biting in writing thie paper, when he waa about to engage in the deed* of that Dtght There 1* a *p?oiea of refined cruelty about the man who would ait down and write thua, and then engage in the acene* where micelle after micelle, atone alter atone, waa thrown; broken door*, broken window*, to he aveu, he crying, w Don't give it up. boy* *" The people out of door* are quietly limbing on at the peaceful admlnlntratiou of juatice within threw walla. If there defendant* are innocent, acquit them, but if guilty, convict them; and tbn* giva evidence not only to tboaa around you. but to thoee on the other aide of the Atlantic, that we can not only carry on war at home or abroad, but can maintain order by pointing tha bayonet and aword at tba disorderly peace-breaker In our uildet I thank jou, gentlemen for your patience, and I eubmlt thti race, ro far aa I am concerted into your handa Mr. Smiih neat addreaeed the Jury In behalf of the defendant Jud*on He had only flni-hed an argument I to tha t'oart, ia relation to the law applicable to rtota, When the hour for adjournment arrived, and thv Court adjourned until thia (Thuriday morning, at 10 o'clock Clly Intelligence. Citaaca or ManatauaHTKa.?On Tuesday afternoon about S ' lock, a diepnte aroae between a Dutchman by tba Dkuie of IVter Olrson, and an Irishman by the nam# of Timothy Tisrney, on# of the public portari, In Odd atraat, near Spruce street. Krom words they git to blows, and Tlerney, It Is alleged, struck Oieson a blow on the fcsad or neck, which felled him to the ' ground; and In the fall, It Is supposed hit bead struck j on the paTpmert and fractured bis skull Oieson was | picked up by oflterr O'Brien, of the Second Ward, and i cineeyed to the City Hospital, where be was attended I bj|l)r Lent, one of the skilful surgeons of that establishment The man lingered insensible until yesterday morning about S o'clock and then aspired At present there Is no evidence that Tlarney struck the deceased with way instrument as there is no contusion en the bind that indicates eerere violence The deceased was a Oeracan, about fifty years of age. and worked for many yaars in a leather dealer's store in ( old street, near Maiden Lane. Tierney was taken into custody, and locked up to await the reeult of a coroner's jury. The in'juest will possibly be held this forenoon. Aksvsl Exhibition or thr Amebicsis Institute. ? The twenty-second annual exhibition of tba \merican institute will be opened on Tuesday next, tbe id of <>ot< ter at (.'astle Harden for tbe show of agricultural and horticultural productions and (or tbe convention of trult growers, which will be held in tbe new saloon of those spacious grounds On thettb tbe ploughing and t. V? . .,11 I - L - - L'liiit,!-., > ' ? I"""- " county, Island, and on tbe loth and 11 tit tlin r?u tl< *Low will be li?l?J Id the rear of Madi-on i ottag* &th avenue The diflrrmt department* of th* Ainerloen lartltute. *ltb a spirit 01 harmony and ealhusiaun. arc making the an ft InudiUe exertions for the approachtug display. which w. have no d( uht. will' coin* oil" with iiimi uader such favorable ausploe* at at present appear. \t e inder-tand that application* from mo club* manufacturer* are ?o numerous. that these pro- ; ductii n* eli tie would aril nigh Ml ihe entire pardon ? I a rpa?e of 4j UCt feet The Irult oonrention will be attend# d by gentlemen front neatly all parta of the Sta ee la the baton, with production* of tbi lr different regie r>* 'J he depart aieat of dooieatla manufacture*. It Isuprctrd. whl be w. II eupplied, many fair cou'rtbu- | tor* virtuously endi avoring to excel In the housewife'* art. fckllfu) and Impartial judge* have been appointed for the several department*, avd the wbola altair wear* aa at pert of approaching interest and splendor. , Mil nxnv "ramXL?The three troop* of Hussar* attached to the 4th Heglment paraded ye*terd*y dlsn onati d. under e? mn.mid of Lleatenant < olonol I'., C. ( harlei. to i.ttrnd the funeral if one of tha member* of the "A Troop t? The hors* of tha derea?ed. fully raj ailsoced. followed, aceordiug to ravalrr ethjuettv, 111* late |i,?ti r to hie grave. 'I be tun-la of l)od?orth?? Ml d added gr<*tly to the mImibUj of the occasion. Tloaaiai r Ot i*??.*?Tmc Lxw or A**rrf.? Aa extraordinary rare ha* ju?t rnmn to our knowledge, in which it i* made ptrtty evident that the protection of Ufa, and perron and property, guarantied by the con-tituti< a and the lawa I*, in too many instance*, a mera theory and Dot a practical reality?a shadow without the substance lilchard Buddy, who till* the situation ol rlirk to hi* brother tic orgs lloddy. fancy dry good* stote. No f>4 t atharlnc stree t, has a farm-hotis* at vhirh I.|s wife reelilss betwee n Itubwaj and S.lixabelhi'm N .1 .about thru* Bail** Iran tha latter, liar fat) rr aim lives In the boufc atid vlr BoJdy goes home rteiy gtinday from New Vork About a month ago a be y of about t ighter n yeare of ?ge. was beteil from the 'in In I< r era ot Kui'gratlna otto e- a- a farm serrant. A aeek ago l'r* Iloddj s father went in tit* evening to visit a neighbor, abent l alt a mile distant. leaving her *t d he r child, a boy i f nine year* of age, in the house vlih tbi* tenant Sh- desire d him to make a fire, ehtih being completed, she told him be might retire 1 he wretch Instantly attacked h?r by giving her a kirk in the stsmacb. though lee ktieer she was incus lr and then proceeded lo tw at bet about th? face ar d 11 ad manage d In g?t fre* front him for a me rratl I'a Mlewed her, and dragging her la*?d to einlata b? > per .on ?t"l acelti 1* at liar and lelt bar alim at in-et ribie and bet far.' and head in aorh a onLlti? d that b?r fiainrra could not be rxuynurd lla lliH 111 d to muider the child, It It cri>d. or far* any ala m At the peill of ti< r life he ordered her to tell h m abcrc the money ?a? ooneealrd In the hnum. 'i Mr rhe ?a< r. or 1,1# to till, and could only gtre bin ft). uLtrh ibe bad herrell, and with whirl) h d rampi <3. ealking til deliberately tova'de k.llaahMhtnwn > r? hoddy. ai root) a* lhn partially raotnwrrd proitid'd with herd id to a nesgMe>rtnir honre and a d< ctor being m nt lur tn Hahaay ptoaauaaed her ra e to be a very u il> ur one, ai d raid thara w?? a certainty t.f a n.lrrauiepe Ibe lady ba? bun nlnce brought to her laee li horribly dliftguted. from tba rfrttl'l the worm than brutal t oatmg lufltslcd up >n ber. and rha continue# In a r*ry dangerour atata. litr father ratua to thle city rn the morning after tha ocritieoee and npplt'd to the f'hief of I'tdira. Mr. Vatrdl. whotaitl he win d attend tn the race and la tba mranttnia rd?i.?.) ti e aaila haienlook f<>r tba rt 0 an before bla rdorn bottie by the boat. In tha aiming; he added, that any p r-<-n c old arrrattba finuMd. At he aaa peering along the battery, he raw tlnilllaln; hot. wa? ro oeerpowend by bla eiaotiona, il at be felt unabla to arre?t him but Immediately p. luted him out to a polio men telling Mm of tha na> ti re ot the charge, and that It had been lodged with tlef hlifof police. Tba p lireman retuwdto make the am at without a warrant and added that If tha Chirf cf Police raid he conld do rn. he waa Ign .rant of hi* doty " lie then applod to another, and recalled tha ?anie anrwer k i>it>lmr tha bird waa flown 1 ha Mayer and i htef r f Pnllra bar a at ace Imo-o applied tn and both pronmncid lh??e poitrem.n nnftt for thnearalro. 1 M e flat an Ine.riVaMnn la tn ha made Intn the alrrnoietaacea a formal e mplelat baring b. en I. dr en again#! tba r fheera M a tag ret ?ery raueb that thle rhoi Id bare oermred In the ktrrt ward police a body of mm who In gen> ial do their dot? admirably; j and ibeie I rot a mi re ifhcient commander In the dwpailmmt than thilrearellent < apt Wllay, If aurh a rroundral la allowed to go at large, ha will no deubt pirpetista rin.ilar ertmer In other Ire-alltlea It 11 rather unfortunate that htr name la Dot known. All Ik at la km wn ot biei l< fbat Ida flrrt name l? ' Kd?a'd," and ara ?orry to I. arn f hat oo application biif.p made to the ofkre of the t r n.i ttarlonere of b.mlgiallot) In tha lark the elerka there refused to taka the trouble i,l hndtrgthr uenia In the honk thmigh It uomd in t take two mmu?#e to gtae tbii rtmple lofor n. m h n. ?iifn o ?o I rrtnry i? > n? >'nn- 01 j itr lie ? a ttklah II ?aa tha niiff lornii.h-n' a tha of?h-lala of that cl-jartm. tit fo I uralab, a* tl.a rniatnal riaa frotn litaitltw. H lib r> paid to I ha law ol airaat. tha |?|. I??iif (Mrli *r r> |n from tha Booh ol Iti-drtiatlnnt I'lat d lu tli*- Land* of *rory pollcaman. la talhoUatly * * f'llrlt : ? <1*1 A pollaamin rnnil tnaha arary atarllon to < !) at lha anart ol iay oo* h* may a*a la tha art of j r< a mittinp a f?l<ny. 01 ant < i.a rhaipad poaliirnij hy another allh barinp aomai'Mrd a f?loay. or *raa | rl trpad oa tha autpiel' n ol number. af baring flnmmlt? d a #? !? ay IIII,a tw-fdah-a appaar to tha pntlaaman ta ha II f< ur.drd ai d profidad th? paraoo ? > an-partlng , go allh hia>. aad th> agh ao anarg* ha mail* yat If tha I polleifian h?ta giod Mint to *u>p*?t a m I at ! r< Bihililid a falony. ha ih*ald ama'biai. aad tf ha . hata r*ainfiah a gronnda for hla lanlalnni, ami tha artiil I* ar.ada doai*<lly aod fiorly. la par?nll of an oflirdir aiid a'i float ant inahar or ill-will tha pnllnon an a til ha JaatiN d *??n ,i It abmild af an?a-d? at j ?ar that no felony ?at roirmilt- d But tha p ?llea. tt ati a uat h* rantiona irmrheaia* a* hla m>I* da. labia nr. I*?t oa Ihrr.a ooahlanaa* of hit pi <1 n- " Btotioa "? d?al?rn i' bhaiy. rape and a<?*nlt l ana haitoiy, andangarlng Ufa. aa oifanaaa for which [ERA L9. arreet ran be nade without a warrant Thar* can b* no doubt, therefor* that the often** of the criminal In the present rate care* under ntleaat no* of than* ileal* MMM, and If the policemen really did refus* to arrest mi mry ?rr. in mi i?n(u*(i< ni m? vtayov ana i mm, ' unfit fi r unrtd " We shall how that opinion Will b? carried Into practical effect. poll** officer* exhibit rather too mnrh ?*al while nt other I lines tbej require to have their''palm* annotated" with the aurntm unfiuntum to quicken thmn Into notion Si'icidk itv Shooting The coroner yesterday held no inquert It the puhlle house kept hv Alexander lenses. at No. 124 Greenwich street, on the bodr of a German by the name ot Theodore Barbrtiig. aged 'J9 years, who cams to bis distb by shooting himself with a rifle It appears that a few days ago. the deceased came from Mexico, baring considerable money about him In gold. and put up at the abore public house, stopped twa days, and then left the city, for Montreal, Canada. On Tuesday 1s t he returned from Albany, and again pr.t up at the same plaoe. hut he appeared to act strangely, and to he laboring under some delirium, or depression of spirits. He remarked to Mr. Isaacs that be had loaned to a man who dealt In segars 1-1.000 The serrant girl, Mary Collins, diseorsrlng bini lying on the floor ia his bedroom and tba rille by his side, gsre the alarm, and when assistance otmi ha was found to be quite dead Oo examtaiog tha deceased. It was found that the ball of the rill" had passed through his mouth, out of the top of his head, and through the roof Into the air The muxtleof the rltle had erldently been held In bis mnuih. while he touched otf the ttlgger ? ith his foot The deeea-ed Informed Mr Isaacs that he Intended to get married and reside in this city The jury rendered the following verdict:?That the deceased came to hl? death by nlnlde. by shooting himself through ths head with a rltle Th^)c(I Law.? On Tu< s lay this harTihlelaw sxplred for the sear on. and wa trust It will b" wiped frmn tha atntnte book as a disgrace to It. ere the return of tha next season. It Is a barbarous plsre of legislation, only fit f( r a city of (lavages Ths evil it profesaes, but falls, to cure, is fsr less thsn the present nut?ance a id permanent mischief It Inttiots upon a -clety. turning so densely populated a city Into a hooting ground, with the mingled yells of the unfortunate dogs and their vagabond pursuers aa<ai!lng the cars of the cltixens, If they are f< rtunate enough tu cssape being knocked down In the chase. ?hil- a les?on of lasting cruelty ia instilled Into the youthful mind, under the authority of a law which cruld enly have Its origin iu equal Ignorsn -c of na'ura) history and moral seism s Choi rss ot SiiiraoiHn.?Ths ship Isaac Wright, Marshall, arrived at this port last night, had ninateen deaths by the cholera, aud several sick. A Diuorut Accipkrt occurred In tba woods, naar Pa-sinus Bergi n county, N. J , on Monday last, uko- H...UI n.... - i.k.-..- ?Jk -k preparing a heavy sti k of timber to saw J3ox* was under the log, (which was mounted upon woods* horses for ths purport) stripping off tha bark, when one of the horses gave way precipitating tha I ig upon hie body?every part of which, waa completely ma?hed, except the bead alone, which projected out from under the log. Of court* he died Instautly. A Pour*.?Id passing over one of thn Brooklyn ferric, yesterday, a poor Irish emigrant earn* op to one of the passengers. and said?"Arrah! may be your honor would tell me Is this tbe ferry Paddy \| urphy goes over?" The gentleman feeling somewhat at a losa for a satisfactory answer, the Irishman remarked, with Innocent nantli, ' Oeh ' 1 suppose you don't know him." A Body F'otntD.?About three o'clock, yeaterday morning. officer Mol.ean discovered a man In theriver, at the foot ef it in ling slip. On getting him out ha was found to be dead. The Coroner was sent for to hold an inquest. Siaious Assault.?A Mr (slesan, being a?aulted by Timothy Tlrnry about Ova o'clock on Tuesday evening, was bsdly injured, and brought to the station house, wb? re Ore Henry and MaDnunell were ssat for, who declared that he could not live. He waa taken to the t Ity Hospital. IIkaiii ar Danwviva.? The coroner held nn inquest yesterday, nt the foot of Hurling Slip, on the body of ) rsnrit t >allagber, aged 40 year*, n nt'ivs of In land, who was found floating la the dock foot of Burling Slip The deceased waa heerd to fall lato tha dock about .1 o'clock yesterday morning but before assistance nould b* promptly rendered he was drowned lie wa? a morocco dresser by trad*, and formerly worked for Leonard \ ( <>., In the swamp Verdict, death by drowning. AcernrwTAi. Tinowwtvo.?The coroner yesterday bold an inquest at No. "Si West street, on the body of n hoy right yeets ef age. horn In Kngland. by thn name of Stephen J. Page, who accidentally fell from a pile of wood on the dock. Into the N>>rth Hirer, and waa drowned before a-birtaara could be rendered. Verdict rdt?Hly IbUMn.-Mr. Job* Nlebol, who bw been rather a reapectahle mnn, war ami from tha Drat ward ata'lon bmi.r. j eat* nlay, to the Toml>?. I? ing I n a atate of lorantty. abb h anperinduoed by drink Ma had brm r faying at tha Nrweaatle tararu, Whitehall atraat. VniTam Kirrinnr ?It vaa Dingte'a Waaliingtnn Ilrarp Hand thai aeauuipauted tho lllh lteglmaal on Monday. Theatrl) al and flutlraK Ilowrar Tnrtiir?Tho tragedy of 'Illchard tho Third'' waa playad l*-t evening In that auperb atyla In wblrh It ha? fc?* a ao favorably received ao fra<|iirnUy, of lata by tha Bowery atidiocei? Tha ce*a?icn waa Mr. J. Wallaek. Jr.'a, heneflf; and though the evening waa an nnph aj nr I ona out of door* thli did not In tho l*art dlmlulrh tha ?Wo of tba atldiemie. who tilled tha hf u*e to overiloalng and Mr Wallaek taunt havo baan IM.rb pleated at >reing ro large an aa <jnblac* of 111* acln.iirra. Mr. Wallaek lia* eHahliahed a reputation for hlirvlf that any a?tor n ight bo proud of. anj tba liberal manner In which bit perlortnanoea aro patro. t tred la a dun t ilbutr to hla mrrita III* enactment of tha part of lli> hard la a J effort If ha followi any atandard In hla eonraption and performance of thla tooit difhrult part. It la ruib-r that oaiabllah J by t harlar Kean. In preference to tha at**r*-oiypeJ renderlog of Ihe eharaeter of tho crooked baekod tvrant'' by the older rrkbiitira of tha rtago Tho tragady waa r? relvr d with gnat applaure, aa wa? alao Dun < n ?nr do I'aran " which waa acted an the aftrrplrrn. Thla evening, "Tha Stranger." .Vy Aunt," and a fine meltdii.u a will form tha bill. Bananwar Til* trar l.a?t arenlng II" laon took bit her >flt end tha hoiiee wa> a hb**ral "bumper." for It waa Idled to ovarlloalng nany hnvirir gona away al ar rain alt< nipta to ohtaln a rewt I'hara ?t* not a apot that waa not an rramnnd that area a'andlng nm could l>* t ta obtain* <1 when the curtain ro?o ?fu lt*n la* eeidrntly If tile an ioiprereion and there can bono d'-ubt ho i< an avrellent ac'nr<f Irl*h character, a< they are rat down Irr hi>o In tba rariraftirea that have betrwrl'tan b nr tba ftrat time. In l hi - tbratra, pro due* d a J* grnd.? ntliled " OTlannlgan and the Fa*r> Ira' whirl* la a aott of ha?li of two nth* r pi c**a I'ha pi* I It biief.y aa fr*l|owa:?1 ha hero of tho tala. Phellm O'Mar.tdpan (lludrrn ) an Irlah p?aant. It In lova with torjmat Klerran The llrat net epana la tha rrl'apeif U l.lia Klernan. where a cnnfideo'lal eonver?ai|on lakra plara iHvatiihtriiil N*d Ftnrh, at to Ihe beat hnrl<and for her daughter Mary I'bell n, klaunlgan or htmeelf Margaret d-elarra f.*r I'liollm. w I n pn m!r< a to merit h> r t and by a reformed Ufa, patllitilarly aa i-garda making too fern with "tho tnouutatu d?w," a |- nl*a whieb !Nr<| Pinch loduera him to hrcak They goto a lair whr'a a flght taker pltre ahoot an oldapa wife whi Ct Phellm area Ir t the ahll* laba of tho caantrv men and women (hy tho hyoa v o* t al>*urd idea. Ineowalata it au* Ucta In the part Llrtevy or praront maAti'il of Irelaud ) ard thla new l-eing all orar. a dance I*, Introduced la whirh the no t arnteeqao tht'tcpri Igienn tha rtago. I lielim g-ta drunk and fall* into diegrar* wi'h Pitt), lie mi nagaa to go* In he*| w*th aome dllfl ul'f, when fairy ig* ne pn*. mi D** If t*. him In a dream Friar Turk a l.eprechano. and i Hint appear and then Oh-tpn 1 I'ar la. and a bnet of b* eit.htng beautiful falrier with their wanda t h *y daoco and partake of rrfterl inei.t aff-rd* d thrtnbr Friar Tack, and after all airg. retire The cninmen't of Phellm aa he 1 <>< on, me no>1 antit'lpp I!?t on nmklnt bait morning to nhir rrfWtlnn, fca (r?l? Ml far rrmnfN fill ?ra? ont of forfaiting tha grail n| lolon of Ihp-gy Khrnan. 8ba nil! not aaallm ha atndt h. r n"n( ii- h? i|purr to ha Ir.MOTabta f r the purpota of curing Mm of hi* folly. Drlran to daapalr fie mo'ma ti i|Wf Ikt eonnlty. a rut In a? ?k a h>ma In Anuria* Win )u"t idlf on. ha b>(i> that Marftirt Ktoman ha* h?an aifilirt (It by I lllok O'Sn.'liaan. ona of a hind of an ogplara. haaih-d I y I a|>ta*n (Inland CHlrk h?Th(ili talti aonpht har band l'h?y a nr-y ba? to a rata rallnl "'I ha lilant'a I hallro find* out har wMraahoiita and with hla ftl?nd vn*an? Rn,-h* Urn a I>'an 10 fatftla h'f Ha antara lha aa*a. and OllM* to Join tha morthr* and by hla own Irprrry an t tha n-alatarra of tma frhnda lhat wa'a I) lot In wait ha |? *nro<*?ful Miantlma a party of military ?ui*r to arraot tha rmrrtlart and fhrlini and rv#gy trt ualtad In tha flroraa at Rlarnay. In thl? |Har? wTrral ntifi ara Introdnaad ah'rh Hndaon ran* with gr?al*Taait Ha har a flna rich, ?.a||r<w ? lap. and haow< right wall how lo ttaa It " Hh'tt Krlllrn < iidh rut'liii," and |.ow-larkad far. ' wara raarlrad wllh Ihnndara o pplanaa. and tha m?dly h* rn admirably aong la tha rata ?a* ratdnronalr anc r?d HI* a ting waa. on tha ahola, annailnr to ht* patfonnarfaa on any paarloua n<i ht nia rhataafar app-aiad to thoroughly a tilt 7 ha roldnaa*. apptrwi hint to tauiauara. and tha a ant of anargr and pa?|on whtrh anmatlmaa mark hla n annrr tn otlwaMrna whara fira and pat hop inl/ht ha a*|?alad, aara not ?t?IMa In any pari nf tba plaaa Hla humor la ' raay of lha roll " and hi* dallnaatlon of aa Irlah paartr.t a ary*r I* capital. In tha fair tha drnnban aoara. ard tba drum, but particularly In tha f.lart'a (Irora. ha aaqutttad hlmaalf with traat a 1*1 Nothtrg aould l?a Pnar than hla m*?aphnriea' atory of lha uolt and tha lamb, or mora rffaotlra than tha fort with which bo hnr?t. nt Ita oloaa upon < tpt>|g Riltnl Yr. Pjrtt ?? 1 Utah O Ntilllran aualtlard ht? part with that 11111* fid *nTr**f*t**a that *h*ra*t?r1a* ail bi? artiny; and Mr. Harrta a* aptaln llotand mad* ana* pal|aM* l it* Mil* Horn. a* Virrtot Kl<-rn?n. ?m ptdandid fo fh* acbn In tha ahdiieilna ?c*n?. aa<l la H m* whrr itnatioa* *h* rr**t<*d dl'tln* til?h. d .nark* ?f f?*nr ,VI?? 1 ?v k Obarca, w?* *?' '!* ndmlr?d > ?. I. <|-d nc. iMrylj wall la h?r pi*ttj dr**? and **? nrj lljr Allr-f*th*r. th* at*.-' ?a? wry *u?***.rul a If oldrnt oc?nrr*d dart** lh* p< rformanr* nf an an iiriial natur* I mi tine th? ***** nf aa Irtah fair, which I*. nnd. i Madly a *" * *?ffg*raU?n, to** two or thru of tha aadl?B*a bl?aad an *ipr?a*loa >4 opinion that na* drown, d hy rh*?r* and na?ht to ba?? b**n l?ft ?n Th* hlaaflHI *n* r*p*at*d ?h*n tharw warn l?tid crt?* of "Tnrw him owt " To tbia, blaring waa tharaply; wb*n th* crlna of 1 Tnrw bin* nnt" b*o?m* ?IBioat nnltarral. mlngl'd. hnwaaar, wltb orlaa nf - Na, no 'i Tha *>rlt*m*at brrana Intan** and a?m* g*atlr Bit a potatid owt tha blaaara, aad otbara proaaadad ta LD. ^0 TWO CENTS. ~"^r: ~-rrz- -zra drag them ont ?f the theatre A struggle ensaed ia| twa gentlemen were at length borne out forcibly, tha Fo'lce asslstinc In the removal Their name* were Mr. (I. Oniony. lUlile street and Mr Donnelly. They aaid. at the door, the! the Irtah fair * < an outrageous exaggeration, and that If wa* hlaaeil when Power performed hera and ?a> (tt?fnntlnu?d In rnn#e<|u*no#. The entertainment conelmled with a burlntta called " The Irleh Secretary," duritg which Hudeon kept the audience In a roar At the foil of the curtain he waa called for and returned thank* announcing hia re engagement f< r neat week " O'Kfannigan and the Patriae" to be repeatad te night. Niai o'eOaieri* ?Thaplay of 'Kip Van Wlnkla." laal night, waj not to be forgotten, and the Inoleaieaoy of the evening eonld not prevent the attendance of a larga audience. Mr Hackett. ae Old Rip. waa the peraonltcation of Irvlng'a hero, a* we understand him and tha charaeter of Derrick Van Tassel by I'bilipa; Kory Van Clump hy Gallot; Brom Van Brunt, by Sefton; llama Van Winkle by Mra. Henry, and Alice, by Mr* Watts; In the tlret act. were particularly clever In the aecond ant. Mr Raymond, a* I'areeveranoe I'eaahell the Yankee landlord, maintained the Vankea character of calculating and Inquiring, and giving Information with a pood Down-raO na-al twang and with that air of eelt.complacency ao natural to the land of the pllgrlrna. Mba Hynn ae Oertrude Van Winkle, gave evidence of a nice appreciation of the cheracter. In the farce of " HI* Last I,eg* " Mr. Hackett wa* a* much the Irishman a* he waa the Knickerbocker, in Old Ktp Tha Cliar'.ea of Mr. Daweon waa judtcloii*. and the wind# piece In all ita detail* waa done to the liveliest merrim-'nt of the house T"-eight, we have the alternation of the wonderful Ratela Bi *toi?'? Tiieatsc ? The talented actreaa Mra Slnan appeared leat night in three of her h--t character* and wa* reoeivrd with much appl*itee by the discriminating audlenc -assembled at. this place of amusement Sha first performed the tdie of Mluale. in the laugbabla burle'.ta of "Somebody K.l*e," and wa* assisted by Messrs .Johnston and Clarke, who were both very clever The second farce was that of Young America,1* an F.ngli-h version of the Prnnch vaudeville," Ln mfrv rt Vrr.Jaixt tepmlmt A?*?"4n which Mr Hedaway performed the part acted in Tari* by Arnal. and waa cry funny in the delivery of hta jokes and dro|. lerlee Mrs. Sloan personated Mrs Ponley. and thia actress, as in the previeu* play, was muoh appreciat-d. The whole concluded with the sketch entitled ' How to fay your Washerwoman " which afforded Mrs Sloan an opportunity to dt play the different phaaea of her histrionic powers She appeared In several ca? tunic*. thiik changing her part*, the Intnnatl >n of her voice, aa well a* her acting, to the ratiarantion of all beholder* and hearer.*. 'I he oroha-tr*. under the able rare < f Mr (incrln performed aeveral overture* with great perfection and ability Thle evening the bill 0"n*UtK of the hurleeqav called 1 Love laugh* at Look*mitb*." wflh the original mtielc ; to be followed by " Somebody F.l*e " and the whole will coolude with tka Vaudeville of " Young Auierlra " National Thuth ?The hou?o here wae well fllled la?t evening and the farce of 8\a?her and Cru'lier,'* which wae played flret, wae received with much merriment. L Burke aa the rrdeubtab'a Sla?her. and Dawee, a* the antl dueliing f'raaher. in thalr rarioua encounter* made the audience laugh mcit heartily After the farce the military dratua of the " Invincible" waa played Thle ehowy ilere haa proved very attractiva. It le put on the atage in ban?'aome etyla. and ne palae have been *pared by the performere In learning thair part* accurately, mumruvilnir. drilling he. The drama of the " Murdered Boatman" concluded the ontertalainente, Mr. Tllton taking the part of I)lck Dareall loetra l of Mr. Wood, who waa prevented by lallapoaition from appealing. To night the " Hying Dutchman," the ' Invincible " and an Irleh farce, will form the rnt( rtainmenta We perceive eeveral new piecea underlined. aa in active preparation. MiTriiKi.i.'a Olvmptc THKArar ?Thlt theatre *eeme umjueetlonably to be the favorite revort of thoee for whom mucin ha* charm*, for we wltu*** every night aw immenre conoouree of people, that leave not one eaat unoccupied in thi* little theatre The beautiful ecenery tba airjubite caat of ch*raetera end the agrelbntband of mucin. refleot. great credit upom the manager. The en tertalomenta opaned yeaterday eve J Ling with the performance of the comedietta called Who'* the < ompoo r ?" which wae received with all the marka of ratiefartion aa on the previoue night. IVllaw i'arline danced her Pa* 8eul with muoh elegance. Next ranie the *atfrlral burleaipie entitled tba ' Hrltavnia and Hlhernla." In which Mr. Walcot. aa air rsviic* \j r\*t*<igii, vim iph ifnini 01 irvinav, ?r,i?i with aa marh rufrtFD 11 on formar nocfloM. rh# burlrHjue waa followed by tha npnrntta, oallnd " Th? I Watarmnn." vtileh *u with bnrata of tha I rooet enthusl telle applauae Ml*a Mary Taylor, a' Wllbe'uilna. and Mr Btebnp a< Tom Tog anng with monk ability and faellog Tha entartnlntnanta roneludad with the very laughable farca entitled " tJouel n Lambkin " C'MaiKTr'a Viiotmi.-Th? city la. at thla pree*nt tloia. thronged with vleltera from all parta of tba I'dIib T bay aught n?t In l?ar? before hearing thwen B< nparalla of negro aingera. and In order to aaonl <liaappoiti'mi nt In getting In lrt thorn go aarly. at their aonrrrt rt nm la filled to overflowing aa 'h availing Taa> eeari a.- It eaenta to u? rather an-prlalag that tLe rirellent mtialral entertainment* which take plara avary evening at thla fa-hionnhta raaort, are an thinly attat dad Tba plena* alona which are pi a red by tha (Jetmania band ara worth tha email admiaelnn tnonay wblrh ie demanded. but In addition to tha charming perlormanoa of thaee ralebrated mii?lelan? aaearal annii en' aorajlata, of tha Ital an Mb not, nightly rxenut* hieutlfiil gema front tha re-pectlre opera* audi aa aeera* duet*, and trio*; ant Mr Richard Hoffman dietilaje gr*at arttetiral ehtll In ble excellent touch an t beautiful method of playing the piano Miarev* llooMa Raoat.wtT liurn'* Sevan Mila Mirror rf tba Lakee N iagara and St Lawrence, la akhlbltcd arery vt nlog at halt-paet eaven o'clock, nt the aborn aentlne tbs entire bottlers beteera the United 8u>m nil i lbi* n. Ami i o lloom* ?An-'ther beautiful paintlo* " Warhloirlon Crowned," |r alto exhibit? ! daily, at the \p >Ua IN m? Iltoadway. Vr olltns the Irl h e m-dlen ar t eoealUt, hae pMnmrrritl a record eriin*emrnt at Marshall'*, Walnut xlrtet theatre. I'hilad* phla Aporlln; Intelligence. CoMMterrvcaT or ens l'*i.i K?rr? ? It will be oh. s?rerd, by refi-n ncs to our a leert'rlnjt nolamn*. that the fait racer common't on tVcdm iiJay n't*, Ontober 8d. with erery prorpw-l of a mort brilliant term. Soma of the bo?t hnrrci that erer ?prnr'% upon the furl are nixed) prerent and l>?fore the frm day srrtyrs, nany rure'd known celebrity will he adde,] fhe rp >rrinij world we'blnlr will not be dl appoint-I In anticipating r?.r >f Ikr m-11-t liilrrr>tliit rei-onr that hit ee?r been kroen on l.nng I land Anon* the hope* at pe-wnt pt tilled near the corrre w? would drew i he a'.teni ion "f the spnttlpa ewtnaiuaity to tbi f-ilowiag that wilt contend *llh Bo?t' ra In lb" fcur mile rae-: ? 'I ally he?Thlr rplendt J shweiiut colt. now fone year* rid w< n Mr rlake oyer the I nl?n nnurre in the apring fflMli ami ra? n]?|llji?i)w?lul In rer-ral (? < la Si nth I'aroltna Ini t winter l.a?t rprlrg he a'ao t'?ik the J or In y ? lub pur'e at Bmad Hook and N-w Vlarket, \ trplnla In fnerljle. Ar we raid before, Pally ho Is see iily 4 yrarr old and e< n 'Ie carreinc but 11 4 |) s we topredict that lb- ra< that beata him will he ealli d opr.a to do hi* work within the thirtlea most amireitly. kree i redo-lis l? a loanMfnl blank, Bra year* old. Irarn that hi' training thi* rra??n has be?o eery perfect ?nd he l? a horre of nneommon pow-r and rpe il II- wen the Jockey lab at kalrO-ld ia?t epring In tft.t f,:Ml wltbi'U" ha*It ( been preeiioi'ly train-d for tlin e alto b-atr v. e will take a further reels* of tho ifuk'w In one neat 1 h< ri will l.e fr< Hire to-dae. match* i and puraei. at the Union andf enfr**'!l?i nirw Ilrookl> ? Ity Inn liisrnrei Jr??r?cr.ef rae Mntr iSitkeXlSf A man nam?d Thotnaa l ordon waa arreetdd >erf-rday he ofll-er Mondell, ?n achat** of rteailn* a r el, w?rtli atmut pl'J, It- m V'n II Ycad. at No 141 Concord etrert He *M detained to corner /.total f Vmrfm-f - A fntlrmin named Henry Hip dim, (tirraekom wp pfum-.l lit pi.irt thia m"rrlry and preferred a r?mpl?lnt **nln?t lag teoahpra of * | ri??'p nohool. va4>r the Pactfln itm t Methn. diet t burrh nhnne nan e* am Itanry < lark* and a >d?. Pntra ?tiMfkar||M ih?m with hirlaa eom ul'tel a tIi.Unt aiaault and bnt'ary upon hi# *on a Itttla b~>y about Ipii yearn of am. by cha*tlaln( him na n r*l folly nltb a hnr*a hrldla Dm eaamlnation of tba matter *111 take plae# at no distant day Kmc.* i ni nt? Cot at tan (littati ttinaai - n?f>ira Hon tt K. Jchnmn. < nunty Judy* and luntire# Hughe# at d Wrl|ht? frrai'(?anrii t han Alhrn and f.daa'd Albrn we?# arraigned on an Indirtmeal f >r meptrlii n(n|p|t p'Ttda, and aeri-rally pleaded not (ulltr Kranria Vet Intra wan arraigned on an Indleloent for keeping I a dlanrderly bona* and brothel aod pleaded ant guilty .lanim MrS'amee waa arralgnt d on an Indictment b>r keeping a dlmiiilt and bawdy knaw, b# pleaded not (nitty ftrpbt-n larkton waa arraigned for harping a nai remit* row, and pl??drd not ('illty Ho I* tha owner of fhe animal whlrb attacked I ud(? John-ona wl'e. n few day* alneo. and b*? al#o at.taekad other perton*. k rand* Vaatereen wan arrai(ned oa an indtotment for keeping a disorderly and (anln| an I pleaded not guilty. Jamea ( onnnr and Ttlrhar.f HT. i all wera artafgned on three Indictment* tor an vilt and battery. and fhlae Imprisonment They plea tod not (nllfy Tbl* Indictment In founded on the lata arrest mad# by there officer* if tho riotora at fcaat Ng? Vork. Aenftaret - Old ana C. Anntia waa aantaneed to par floe of tla and a quarter oenta f>r an aaaaalt and hat 1W1J. ? -> ml It ii p jnoiiu (cnmy ni nopin^ rtl.ordorly hon**. *? **nt*nrrd to pay a Ao* of t? d< liar*, and tn .land oomnilt'rd till paid. Joha Otmaa. ?hn *? liidlrtid for aa Mitnlt altb lataat In Mil, aa4 ronriet# d of th' a. mi nit .Imply. *m a-nt.n.?l to pay a fr? <4 *100. and to *tar>d m>Bimltt*d till th* An* l? paid. Ji ha Pl*r**. tKiilrlfd of hn? *lary la th* third .|r<r#a, ? ? .*nt*ap*d to Ih* >fa> prlo.n at Mount f|.a>?dt, o hard lahnr for th* t*riu ?f Ihr** y*ar? and alt month*. tt'llaon R**d aaa **nt*or*d to pay a Aa* of t'dA hiring h??n ( tind polity of **lltrg liqoor *Ubo*t a llr?r.a* tranr*. Mnlalr* waa hronpht Intoi'oart, and. tfctltrg to pita th* r*onlr*d ? nailty fur h*r app? arano* at th* r?lt ' oort < t P* -Ion# ?aa ."naltiad to th* ( oanty Jail Phlln T?t*r tact aa* **ataa**d t* thr**yrara ard ?! month* Imprt-onm-at at hard labor in Ih* P?a?* prlaon baring pl< ad*d polity to wanlanphtrr in Ih* lonrth dipra* That onit of tl*n.ral tarlnm ??? than adionrn*4. Ill* Honor irn- ?nod that tha t'rnnty t'onrt ?oa!4 rontlnu* op*n frr th* of a??h klMlM aa might toata baiora 11

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