Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1849 Page 3
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TII r? NO. 6593. T>? #f thr Trial ?f tk? Aiior Place Hloiera? Vrnllrl of Hie Jury, COl'KT OP OKNKhAI. KBWIONS. Before Judge Daly. end Aldermen Wood and Kelly. The Prop It nf the Stair of Nrm Ks> k at. B. Z. C Judson, George IIoiikIui, Thomas Bennett, John Morris Jm Matthews, Hu(b McCaughlin, Alexander Hneraek, Tbrnnw Daniel A. Adriance. JamesO'Neil. juanaa awnas 1. Joseph Browner. 756 Green "lob street. 2. Cornelius Dewit llauor dealer 135 Amos street 5. David Page, public Douse, corner of Weat aud Hofcoken sf rests 4. Patrick Downey, tinsmith. 887 Grand street. 6. Robert Waterbou>e grocer. 51 Pitt street 0. Cbas Bnekstone grocer. 115 \ mos street 7. Wb. Browning 304 Washington street 8. Alanson H Seudd-r dry goods 44 Hsmmond at B^ Jeremiah Hawley . fruit merchant 10 Pulton street. 10 Tbouias P Cooper grr-eer 103 Ka?t Broadway. ' 11. Gotham P Taylor 1*1 Monroe street 12 David Newman grocer. 81 Broad street. Conn-el tor the People?vteaars VI no eon, Whiting ' Bit Pbillipa Oouutfl for the Drf?nc? - Vieaara. Smith, BmtMi. Abe r wood, McrrUou. BUnctcman. Cornell Schell and Boadtnot. fifteenth day Purr. 28 ?Mr. Smith iMniiril the xiimnilntrup of the evidence tor the defence at lnt< n'nlnnk ihis worulug. Re coi eluded hlx addrexa ah-ut half pa-t 11. when Mr. McKuon o< inmenced blit ruuiiumg up for the prorecutiin thk ni-tpict attdhnky's ar>nrk?s to thk .irritv. The Dixtbict Attor"?:y (Mr McKeonl then addrcx-ed thrjur; !? May it pleaxe ihe Court llnuilrigxn of tba 1 Jury, the moment haa at length arrived when it be- j cmei- my duty, ait tba representative of tha people iu j 1b<* investigation. to pre-xot such vie?a ax. In my j ju *ynu nt should 1n>it>e? yon to render a verdict against the prlxoi era now at your bar Tha many davx ' ooiuumrd in Ihlx trial should a lm?oi-h me to In brief yam any remark a which I may offer. Fortunately, the Read'*''* "* aeeopie'e. in lite lucid argument, haa relevrd me and you from a very extended dixcuxxion on "" my part Y ou will believe me geotteaien. when I mffure yon thnt oo'hlng hut an Imperionx xenxc of duty would ii dure me to trexpaxx on your patience, fatigued and worn out ax you inu-t he hy the revere ordeal you love teen compelled to xuhnilt. to The caae ao aimpie in ita nature haa been mystified to that degree, that, your mlndx hare been drawn off from the real queet'otix involved in the t-eue between the State and there defendant#. My object. xball he to endeavor to l lead hack tour attention t<> the only queat.ion really [ ruhmltted to your ronxideration?the partlnlpation of 1 there defendants. or any of them, in the riot of the 10th Of Mav last at the Aator Place Opera Mr uxe I'he occurrence of (hat. night ia part of the annala of the country It I- written in eh >i rant era of blood, and will remain for vver on lb-ptf of nur municipal history Into the cauaea of that di-turhance you are nut emntnell-d to Irqniio Von are not tolnqui'e into the meritanf the ?ontrover-y he' wee a two distinguished tragedians. S'ou are not awnrn to innulre whether or not Kroner DrMum war* made use of fur the prevention or mppre*einn of tbe Hot You bar* b*-en told that tha eutbnri'le* rbviild harr rlomd tha thea'r* to prevent the dletnrhance. I harr here but nn? word to eay In an'wer? ibat bad that born dona, tbu spirit of tuobrule would harr been triumphant: bad that doetria* brrt adopted, the lawlru hand* whloh Infaat tbl* ettj, rod known to every ona eonoected with tha police, would h*ve dictated term* to your fellow-oltlicn* (.at tbl* be tbn principle on ?bl?i> are are to aot and what Will ba tbe ooneequenc* ? ? that every man'* buetuea* will be carried on at the mercy of the mob Thel#?<ee* Of tbat building bad paid tba licence required by your law*, and they were entitled to "proteotlou from those law* If tbev bae'tna obnoxious to any let of men It 1* Inflated tbey nurt el?ae 'h-ir door* If this precedent he f-llowd il?e day m?r come when fnuitloUin thall wi'li It* thousand* of follower* demand that plaee* where llqnor* are ?o1d rhall be elo*?d The precedent of the theatre to day. will he f .H?wed tonontw by the closing of the plane of bu*ine** of an Individual or tbe cbureb of *ome *eet. ohnoxiou* to 1 any ret of men Born and reared In a government of law*, for one. I never will *nbmlt to the doetrla* that tbe demand* of la win* d?*peradoe* aball dictate the term* on which men shall live In tbl* community. F.very idea nf liberty, ot per-onal Independence and of ordtr. il*e* up agatn?t*urh a de*pot|?m of tbe mob. But It i* not i n there uue*?Un? yoti are to deliberate. You am eworn to try the rtmple l**n* between tbe people end tbe** defendant* - whether or not thay war* preeel t at. and were In any manner connected with, the dietnrbaDr* of the evening of the 10th of May. The tIrani Jurj of the county ha* **nt to yop that | V?ue to (irMiminr. and to that alooa ahall I a?k your a lrn'li n In the Indictment agaloat theao parllea, then are two Connie: the flrrt. for a riot the eecond t< r an aaeaolt and battery on Stuart J Smith. the ofli- > oer who teat i fled that ha wan at'uek hy a atone and eiak-gered egatnat the Opera H?n>? The court will tn 'rvot you that under thla indictment (which tha Court baa decided to he g'(,<J) you tuny convict or aoqw|t any or e or none nt these defendant* Your duty la simply to aay whether anv noe or nana la guilty. or not 1 he ( ? urt will, on sentence discriminate a? to the drgrrea < t gnilt in at>nnrt.lonl"g the tunl-hm-nt, whl- h, in ita greatest extent cannot exeead ona yrar In tie penitentiary and two hundred and titty do lata f ue ard may be reduced to the loweat term of Imprisonment end the emalleat floe ? Your attention muat unqneationably ha flret (lean to the ligal tuian'oir of the term riot, t adopt the language ot thla C' nrt In th<dr charge to the ((rand Jury, aa affording aa good a rule an you can dealre -n tha eubj> rt of lint [ The Oletrtat ttmrney then read from the rharre of lodge Daly to the Orand iury ] Blanket me |> ble t on im-h'artea. thna apeaka of a riot and riotera ualaefnl aaaetnhiapna. and afratt:-" Aa unlawful # ? niMaae 1# when threa or more persons assemble thems?lvea together to do an unlawful a<it - aa to ye|t down eoclo?nr?e to deatrny a ararfon, or the game therein, and fail without doing it or making any molu n t-.warda it A riot la where three or more meet to do an unlawful art up"o a common ground aa forcibly hr-aking do <n feorea noon aright claimed of common or n| way. ai d make tome advance* towards It. A riot la where thiee or more ar' uall v do an ual.vwful ant of vloleiica aitberwlth or without a common oau?e. or quart el ? a* It they beat a man. a tv-a-t and kill garoa In atiotlief'e pur.baae warren or lth>rty or to do any other unlawinl act with force and violent# orevan to do a lew fut act aa removing a n usance In a violent. and t amuluicua manner It a atidth n dl?t urbance arlae amnng-t met together for an innocent pnrpoaa. they will gulliy of an affray. though If tbey form parMea. and ai'gate in any violent proceeding" with promisee of mutual a?al?t*nce or if they are impelled with a audden in ii->t...ii. i. a i -- ... ........ s..ii.1, .... ... m ... tb? rm can h? nod-'iiht Ihrj *r - rlnlfru 11)4 will not he Cleared by the propriety of their original 4?-i?n On tbl? la?t doctrine Hawkins |e cited Krom a work on criminal law. OVhar?nn'? American * rlminal Law) the Dirtrict attorney rea l a few extract*. fitini dellHilton* cf riot*, and ebnwlng tl at ?r?n If there waa pn red no pnrimu concert. If they acted a* II with a ?< anog cieelyn and c gimug object they wera polity. Tbe Vlalriet Attorney bera h??tog read the law on rintr, unlawful a?*emhW?"*. afTreya. At . prnce.-da: ? Daring piren you there enunciation* of tbe law a* to Ttnfe atd who are actor* and rrepnnelbla. I nail your attention to tbe ta-ttmony In the can?w Tbe nharao* ter t'f the riot baa heoagtaen to yon br aeyeral wimml a. but particularly by 1 aotalo > arpeod*r of tbe Tilth F>letilot f'ollcr, Cap'ain lllle?.of tha Thirteenth f)latnrt ai d Recorder Telinadpr V?u mod I* aatlafled that in A>t<r Dace and la Klabtb afreet and In tbe titrate hadlrg to the Opera ilou*e tbnn-anda wera ??lbded topeth<r on the ni?btof'be llttb t'ly In that errwd wera lonod the rioter* from th ti' Ipbhorlog city of I h la telphla. which baa been d'*p'ac*4 ha aranea ol tnt bolrnea and blood In tb-> ?ame crowd Were dlecoterrd a aotorlnua eet of rowdiee. known to tin nitelaae and the police a* the -Abort Boya." It la elated la the aatdence threerintera baae their place of ineetlep. Volley* of atone* wera throwo and whllet they wire belna thrown the nry >a* heard, "atand by. fewI t ry * d< a't let th-m iflM them " I'hla rrj w?< h??r.l wlo-nevar lb?tf ?m an tempi hy Ike pnllne to titiel iii) per "ti fi(*tril lo the- riot Von cannot but "ipimtee the ?tai-tr-nt of Rec-nder T?lme l^e, that he- leetl the (lper? Heu-e, went, Into the etr- et and there ft and the mob a-eailtnn the Opera llmiee with f t e< The' p lire were etati'-ned on the walk on tho ootelae; attache on attache mart* on tho poltr? wero repelled arnete wera n ail- hp tha police of the rtntOre and attetnpta at reerae made; atoneo wera thrown at tha hanaa hrenklac the wlailnwa Tha mle-llee eerlonelp Injnead aleo eaeeral e?ll-eitien Many rrvpared In tha euppreeplou of tha dlvturhnnoo. were etrtirk with atoaee The ptonee eaaie In repeatedly fre-m Aefor plana and Dth atreat. Into tho theptra at d rartapg-reg tha llraa of tha pareona *1 him. The panel* f the door wara fareag |n Tho ptllra wara nraWa to raaiat the forra of tldi neob ru?h- j ire no the Oteera II- uaa ,vu?iu? wore thrown la very dl'cetlra The p-dleem-a and tha Poeordar b;mea|f wera Injnred To aneh an e*tent had rlolenro j-rreed-d that In lb- I-ngoare of thte martatrata. I told lha hbetllf ha timet eaad for tha military; that tha oltll lorra ?ae pot e< ope'ent to anppre~i tha dl?tnrbat-re 1 ha milltmry. which had been eant for hy tha hbei iff. arrived and halted a? I w?< Inf-rat-d In l>h aire et; I dealred they might he pant Into Aatnr plara ; they put pa?eed hy the main antrnoea la Aator plaee and a? they paaeed atonea wara thenwn at theoi a*d the pollr# " ||a do?tred Hanaial llall to charge bayonet eo aa to drive hark thaorowd Tha military waa either driven hark, or forced bach Alth?ngh tha atttien aoinlera ware at tola time aevetely lojnred by mteellea rf a't klnde. yet they forh- re to a?a thetr weapon#, lha Reorder ad- i --- ? a fruet and daaired ttia tnah to dlanae*a lit* ra<|t?aat ?M not mm pi lad with Tha ?om- 1 anard for Iha flrat flra rama from tha Rharlff ; thii military flrrd In tba air - I raw." p?y< th? lla ordar,"-'ibalr plwM ?l?t?M " Tba flra war mat by |tMii hi**** thraata ?n abundant rnpply of atnuar and hriakhwta Tba Rmordar aaaln ordarad tha oi"h to dlrpar?a Tba III'MJ raralrad a rollay of rtonnt, and pararal of thain fall Satna pi|lram-n o?nr thia n.ryUtiata wara alao rtrnak down wl'h tha mlratlar. <<MI Mali tb. D >aid ' >< ? (mat pit- ma tha ardar ?o 1 fra . tor won will nnt nntla bar* nolm tliaj ern d? faad lliaBwItw " Tha iraglatrata >a'd * No. I?t ma addraar tba moh flrat " Ha than adranaad. batwaaa tba military and tha arnwd. and ftrdarad ihrn n <11 . |?faa. or tbay would ha llrad npon Thlr ndnmnl'low ?a> rppaatad rararal tlmaa. and war raaalrad hy a yollay Uf atonaa afalnat tha p- llaaman tba military and aaya tha Raaordar and with a?pr???l <na of 4 yati (Ira If yr ti data ?' Tha "|? aarrrol of tha military fhll from thla ahoaar of ttnan Oar Hall ra port ad alrht aa ln)ar*d Una of tba ofllaart araa rbat la tha lag with a piatoi hall. Tha word lira" | E NE MORI was then given and obeyed by tha troop*. Th? mob yielded but formed again ami aommenoed thraaiog Stonre; ?not bar order was given to lira I'ha mob than iii(irrni). 1I)? t?<llini<Qj of l.'apt Carprntar shivs that to tha early part of the eveniug hu gave direction* to keep the opening trt the theatre clear; ta keep tha crowd which >u collecting haok from the home, a*. prueii'DH were made u-e of in the crowd to the etfart "hit the stare.'' referring to the policeman, who are distinguished hy that hedge of oflloa; he wait compelled to hi log up a reiervt of policemen station* 1 in the tcinity. and they arrived ju-t 111 li ne to prevent tha m< bforclag an conanr* tuto the theatre; they had already burst tha panels out of the door: under his direction a b< dy of policemen after tba arrival of the military ai lemptt d to char the streat. It was a failure; lhe su all body nfeavnlrv and tufantry were availed with atones groans a?d hisses; then the mohheoatna more riotous: the glasses of the Opera House were hroken; the lamps ware hioki-n and tha cry was b**rd 'put out the lights" from the mob. He sustaius the statemant of the Recorder in relation to the magMrate entreatir g the mob to retire - in relation to the shower of atonal folloeing his advice-as to the military aud policemen being wound) d before any order was given to Ire ? tbat the first Are aDDeared to have no vlTect on the nx b The mob filled up all the space from Broadway to I.afujeite Place It was exolied : was noisy ?tu multuouf ? shouting an<l hallooing; and. lo reply to one of tba juror*, tba witness stated the mob could not bare been quelled by axy human force, without the aid of the military The testimony of Captalu Tllley. of the )3lh dletrirt. state* that, after arresting a prisoner from A s tor Place, be went into the theatre, and there found tbo Sheriff the Reeorder.and the Chief of Police. V hllst standing speaking with them, tha bark door of the theatre was smashed In on Hth street; a atone as lerg# as his bead rams in through the panel, smashing, to Urehis t xpres-lou. the door An luteuseexcitement was going on in 8th street?hallooing shouting, cheering 1 he atom* raise In pretty thick They were smashing In with stones and with their feet Then it was'hat be appealed to the Chief ef Police," Are we going to stand here and let them come on to us." lie rushed out with a body cf men It was then he cleared the street, with the exception of JudsoD's party, and the party with which he was communicating, and which was engaged in throwing atone* at the theatre. and. when any arreat was made, cried out, u Hescu- him !" *' Rescue him !" Can any one doubt that the seer* which has bt eu depleted comes within the definition of a riot! Has it not all the element* of a riot, aa given by the legal authorities ' To the Court you must refer for the law ou this point and aocoraiog to your oaths, as you are j bound to take the evidence of the faots from the wit- | Besses on the stand, so you are bound to take the evi- I dense of the law from the Court Assuming that the Court will oonrur with the prosecution in their view of the law. that the evidence establishes a riot then every person chatged In this indictment, who aided, en i-< ungi u or promoieu n ny wora* gestures, or other arts. are principal* It is not necessary, as I ham before stated. that a party should commit violence Brim armed with offensive weapons, or making use of threatening or tuibulent gestures, or any act of assistance or encouragement, la sufficient to make him a principal Brtetly, I will endeavor to call your recollection to the evidence in each case I have oondnnsed the testimony, and 1 hrpe to satisfy your minds, beyond a reasonable doubt, of the propriety of the oonvlotlou of every prisoner now on hie trial. I want your patient attention in a matter of drep interest, as w-ll ts these prisoners as to this community Tba evidence against Bennett is given by Captain Tllley. Policemen Davis. Smith, iiogan, Francis Bennett, and, I n it add, Robbins and Jackson, witnesses introduced by the defendant himself. Tiiley swears that, as be was going round to recognise the rioters, be eawjudson in communication with a crowd of yeung men and prisoner Bennett The young men were standing Id the street; Judson on the sidewalk, with bis bands behind him. " I could see one of these young men." says Tiiley. " go from the orowd and talk with Judson." Captain TUisy then pointed out Bennett, aitfirop fin Iiiiimtt'a ls?f* (n a^w\m *>? ? -b .... - - .1... iviu, bi> un juuuk i ni*B He furfber stated tbat be entered bis star and placed himself near Jud*<>u.,*o tbat ha might bear what ludsou had to ear Judson entered into a conTer?ati?.d with a young man in front of bim. and Bennett on bie left He heard Judeon any distinotly, ' that it was a ebame Auierieane should be served so " He beard the young man who came from the party In the street, as he turned from Jud>on. toy, * Now, boys, for a shower " This party numbered from twenty-flre to tbirry. who se-inrd to aot together. A shower of , stones came from them , after the stones were thrown, i the young man with whom be had oomuiuuioatl< n (unquestionably Bennett, aa I will show you,) came up to blm. talked with bim put his hand on his shoulder, and they walked to the sidewalk together. I aptaln Tilley further adds tbat several petsous bad been arrested and rescued previous to the conversation with Judson and bit adjutant, Bennett. I'olleeman Davis testifies be saw Beouett in the orowd, with a star uplifted above bis head arying,44 Victory ? i ...... -w 1 iii c, ? - >uir. . ...i.n .... iiuiui; num?? wrm ilimwn ail voa tiu.o III Davia'a language, he raid he knew Bennett Will: he arreted I tin I Smith arreted B>(Mi with Dtfb; Paris railed hit attnntlou to Bennett'# conduct; be van shouting; b? raw Bennett rLaklng r< methlng orer bin head, be war immediately heard by him to about, " Victory victory Ila raized htui. and took from him a policeman a atar When ami by Smith he wan in the middle of the etreet. and n<d many perasna between Smith and Bennett In raply to a juror, he elated be waa po.itire that Beunalt nan tl e man ba taok tba atar from; ha had no doubt that he aaa tba ratna man who waa waring the star; lie Iflmtlfed him tba naat morning. I'oUeemau llogao also IdintiBea Burnett. alter derci iblog ludeoua.tae maeter aplrlt of tba mob on Kighth etraet?or, aa ha turned htm. the focu* around which (be mob gathered ? be rta'ed that lit waa on bia left aide, he cannot be mistaken; he know, his ierw| and la cure ha raw Jiidn n and Bennett talking together. Mr Muohaanay r'alre he raw Judron whlrper to one of the leading , liotrra who would then it" Who could that , be but Bennett, the prisoner. acaordiug to tbi t-stin owy of Captain Tiller ' But we bar* atltl, In addition, the tertimony of Francis Bennett, who..# | i ?n r?? pr? mipi a n...te reniu-ion here lie* r i t -li a- tl). iiutn vrl.o ?>. concer-lu* wjthJuJ??n. ttrtylng m?' age* to the ri"ter*. and m tbe person who tf formed judeon. tbat Ibr cep'eln of tbe 13th ? sid. 1 lllcy, ??< walrblag ludton. I hi- wev undnubttill; the Hi en whom I'lllev referred to In hi* tes'imouy, *l<m be eeld. '-After the men communicated with Jtdx* be went hark to the pert} lu the street, end tki n e vi lli} of sinner went sgelnst the theatre, breaking the windows Then some of tbe pert} were clinched by the offieem. end thet wet succeeded by e cry of ' l ei rii of bitu. re.eue biaj, rescue bloi " i bis wet U? struggle in wblrh fieunett obtained the rter, end i)i. olid victory lilt own wltneiser itebhlns end J udn u b< tb kdnili be bed the tier end one of tbem edni't he tew the rter in bis bend with hit ens re)s*d about a* high ae bis hied You mej heveob-ereed bow re/, fi ll) he is'r. d hit bend roe- not to raise It eb >?e l ead W hat ronclutlnn can you drew but thet r.< until wee In ibe not active In tuppott of it< disordvrly t?ndmnee?tbe eld end supporter of JudtonT Ibe appateut Inroi.sisti nrlet ot the testimony ere ? thing. in compariinn with the p-wtltee esteitiont of eliherses. at t" his identltlealion end coeduet '1 be prut nvr Vatthrws |? charged on the testimony of piltnmen Uutyta, who stairt thet he ihw Vteitbews wnb e number of persons near him The policemen s atli mini was firet drawn te bun as he was in tbe eol of throwing m mething towards the budding lie then stooped d> en Inr another rtoyiw, but before be stooped, Ibr p. IM?< man told blm to go away or be wonlU be er tcitcd lie thi n winced a little eeey. but stooped f" pick up another agnne; be picked It up, he bad the el nee in hla litKd in tbe Ml n| thl ? np when h? waa rririid by tbe vllain. The rti ne *11 a?ut the (in i f a |??f < eg He he'd on t he almr um II ba g >t li ilda of ib?tiiuw V% hat ??n b? more dtvtlart and iHinjiilfornl than thla evidence' Tha prleooer Itidtark larbargid <>n the testimony of polio- man Pitcher, ahotortlBe* tbat bo no bin thmw ?tnn*o, that lha I'llM IMf Hood on tho aidvwalk Hnaaack ap|oar? to have boon tut tlolent. 11 thr?w etunea at iho military After ibey tired lha Bret tima. bo oamo err-aa lh? itreet In Aator Plan-, about ail taet aliea'l ?f tba wnaeaa obn aan him plrk op a atone lie threw- no at- no the wltn?aa made for him tnratrh him , Bve or all (f- t between tbe wltaeta and II- e-aek and raid I ahould n< l take bim Thla gave tbe prlaouer an opportunity to throw a rerond atone Aa anon a< ho three the roei nd atone, the wltneea arraattd him Both atnnei were ibroop at the military At the time wltneaa aaw Hoeaaak throw at< nea eitlaena and military wera knocked down by the mlaellea that were throen Tbe Wlloeaa at aloe be Identified Hoo*oek at the police office atjalteraon niatkot. nhen ho made hlaaflldaelt and n>to l?> nntlid him b< re In eoort at tho opening of tha tilal. When he wna arreeted. the rroed cried ont. ' |i?-n't let the d--d aon of a h h 'bke hltn " Thta pri-i ner. cettalnly. haa exhibited a determioati >n to ivrnitlolhe very laet ?xtrrmtty and yna ranuot but be il'UCed tbat hl? guilt le proved beyond ijneetlon | Tha pilx ner niu-t be eonvtcted on the etl drkrr it pi llceman Mrdrall. who boa proved that ho raw A d i le nee endeavor to reacue a prieoner who bad been artrvteil by an officer In A?tnr place between thttiatb door of ilie Opera H"nta and l.ntafayvtte place All Cited nut, M Dntrt let them take blui" Adriettcn iaid. ' 11 n tnna of b?>?a." and raleed hl? band. "I grabbed It " ra) a tbe wltneea, - aa n atone flew nut of bia hand, and atruek the officer nn the back "f the nvrk I held on to Adrlnnre and did not let gi? of "- ? I am positive that Adrlenre It the man, I ? him throw the Moae ; If I bad 'ha laaat ahadow of deubt. I would hot have made an affidavit again at him " ?Vhat ran be Bi?ra rvpllrtt than the. declaration ? Tha jury will rt ait tha manuar In which ih- quartern ?a< but hv D'a I aonfeea. tha aaaar'lnn of hla honorable eiiUMri. and nona mora to at thla bar. that Aritiauee vat lant rant l ad deeply Impreeaed ma. and I wa< anilour, If thaia thoold h? a douht that he might hara the bat.ant af It; hot the evtdanea dlaalpaud all doabt. and I aaa unwillingly com palled to believe htm guilty. The < fler tnfhow the dtava of Adrtaace different on that light. froai that given by tba policeman ha- eoaffrmed ?ij Impravrlov.a. I ha vary eblrt prodnced bare. I* of that deartlp'lon which might wall ha termed by tha pohctnian a cheek ehlrt hut a* ha* bcaa ob?erved by my araortaie. tbta point of drea? can bava little Weight a lih jon in cou>part??a with tha ptwltlva daclnration ?f Inebtity by pellet maw htrd-ell ton may leal for hla lemtl) all tbat the conneel hen detdred hut yet you mtot not forgtt. In vympathy for tha innocent, the rimy yow owe your own oath*. to reader a verdtoi accovdlng to tha evidence your attautlon will neat ha ealiad to the aondnct of tlnagl*** oh that night Fvrvnlt ma to aall yowr tecol hethBtotha tact adntlitwd by the prtvom-r'a oonnael, t hat t be prtvnner waa daat and tit the fact proved by I hi# Wither# McMnuaa, af Dcuglaaa bring tbcrw. Tha W Yd SUNG EDITION?SATURD prmrotloi tddi to that taxtlumny the eeldxnxe of ^>lirrm>n W||<h that ho *i* Do?|ilinii In t <irn*4 n( riotoux pxrxorx that were ax-ailing the Opera with rtonex tlx wax In a mob engaged in fhrnrln/ tnlrriixx of different kind* He xa* Dnuglaxa throw a Mono or attempt to throw It; and he ??-ir.x 1 htin totU'rdixtrly. lie w?* taken into tha Opera Hoi)?x Ha wax in a mob of perxonx yelling and xhoutlnz and throwing niixrilex. Tha rallying rry wax "(fight! Pjibt !" Douglaxx thrn tbrxw a xtooa at thx Opxra liourx. It xxxmrd to Flip or drop from hix hand: hx xtoofrd and picked it up Ax to identity he xwxare to the Wet of bin judgment hx ix the man. Ileapnxared to he deaf ; hx wax ?ary cool after he wax brought In Thx wl'nrrx xald te him be wax yer? fnolirh for heing th< re; the pilxonxr reoarked be only threw one xtonx. Kxoixmhrr tbix important fact wax eliolted on oroxxerxniiDatlon by tha aklltul and omdxxt roundel of Douplarx The witnexx. on croxx examination, xtatxd hx raw thx rtone in Dnuglaxx'x hand Hx madx the motion ax If throwing it; and whxn thx witn?x( arrxrtxd him. aimultaneoua with thlx motion thx rtone wa* net in bia hand Tha witnexa xtood within two frat of tha pri-oner: I)nuula*a wax on th? of the mob Whenever an arre t >i> there ?n? a rush on the part of the mob to rescue htu Tba mib ?m wavering to and fro Tba witness eoncrali-d hie star and in that-way managed to mingle in tba crowd, aid to arrest the rioter*. An attempt bat been tnade tu show tnconslatenvy in the statement of Walsh now and at the time of his making ao a MM ivit last May. against Douglass That affidavit la lh? same story as given here, and I will read It to you [ I'he affidavit was read.] One of the mn?t striking fault against Douglass is. that it appears from this affidavit that he declined to ask Walsh at that time any <|liastions Why did he not. on the 1 ltb of May last eudeavor to show, from a Cross-examination of Walsh, that there ?s? some mistake? Not ao effort was tnade then, because ft would have been uttlerly unsuoosstui. The tinperslleled effrontry ot such an attempt was left for those who imagined they onuld brow-beat a witness or mislead a jury It is for you to determine how far this I attempt shall now he successful It is for vou to determine whether or not the prisoner's own admission, that he threw a stone, is to be oredited The i'ourt and jury will remember that in reply to a question from the Court, the witness stated there was light irotn the Opera Douse, by which he distinguished Dougla-*. it was sufficiently light to distinguish persons in ths crowd where Douglass was The windows along the amphitheatre were lighted The lights over the door were all boarded up Douglass was not out ef witness's possession from the time cf bis arrest until placed in the Opera Mouse ? The prisoner Orren is implicate! by the testimony ef policeniau McMauus. who testifies he arrested hius be tween the entrance of the Opera House on A?W Place and the rest end of the bu Idlng. He was standing ten or fifteen feet from the curb stone, na tba street among a number of persons When first seen by j the witness he had thrown a stone The witness then i concealed his star, went within t?o feet of hiui anl ! ... Imlk V.I- 1 I- C- V.l_ 1J ? ...D u?uv* uy ins nun [in went cio-e id nun frit hit band and there wan aand Id It. h? torn grabbed Urevn's otbrr band and a (ton* Ml fmni It Ha tbrn grabbed Green by the neck, tha stone which fall ftnn hia band ? about the eixc of witness' tl -t, tha hand which had the sand In wu the right band and tb?name from which ha '.brew tha atone towards tha Opera House (iraan aald ba bad been Inelde of the theatre and could not get in again and be would be d d If be would not bare satisfaction The effort made to f hake Mr MoManua'a testimony la nut suecesiful. |)r. Ogden confirms all tbat McMaoua haa etatrd here Mr Man u? told Dr Ogden aa the Duo Mr states, tbat Green bad eand In bla hand, and ha aaw ( rem throw the atone Peaceable aa (ireen may bare been heretofore, tbla leetimnny ahowa adetermloatloa on bla part to rush into the thickest of tha inrlee In the Inside of the houae, and an active participation In the riotaua aceuae without. The next prDoner la O'Neil. against whom pollcnman Savage appear*. Ha teatiflaa he aaw O Neil In ts tor I'lace. In front of the mob. with other* He aaw him pick up a atoDe and throw It up to them and aa he drew bank hia hand, the witneaa grabbed him, and held tn to blm until he got biin into the theatre ; he dropped the atone after be waa in the theatre ; there wa< a crowd all round O'Neil After hia arrest. witneaa spoke to bim Ha then aald be ' did not Intend to get Into a musa"? be threw stonee oaly bee suae he aaw olhera do ro. lie picked up the atone* very coolly With O'Neil rloae* the llat of priaoerra In tbla Indictment and now on trial, with the exception of Judson Before leaving ifcam, permit ma to aay tbat, to my mind, the evldenca against all la conclusive I will not deny that many of tbeiri are young?Some of them with tainilms; but I cannot but also remember, tbat their misdeed* on tbat awful nlgbt brought agony and drat'a to many, and aent many of their fellow beings unprepared before tbelr God-?that the blood of ilia sacrificed rises in judgment against thein ; and howevar vt# may pliy tliose with whmn they are contorted, we cannot close our eje* ta the evidence, which brands guilt upon the brows of tha aeensed I.ast and mightiest, and. might I not add. tbo meanest of the hand, elands Kdward / C Judaoii uli"t Ned Iluntlin* Tbe^llher defendants have unites rhaeae. tvr by wltne**???Jud*on ha- had htauhararter stamp- d bv the tr?tlmouy II* iMi admitted the chief architect r.f rnto " Ou that plotnro Judron *'iind? precDiltutill) forth an the groat hgur# on that night of horror tit* ri'iinool *a>* b* W a gentleman by birth, a rrholar by education. anil a mnn of geniua I ton* not vlina the oounael obtain* hi* gauge of a gentle, nian'* rbararts r when Judaou i* hi* great rxemplar A gentlemen I* not f?uud armad with *wnrd and ptatola in tho uiidrt of unarmed moo?a gentleman I* not found ? .. !? . .1 with Philadelphia Killer*, and M operating with rtotou* band* of " Short Boy* " I'he education abirb I had *uppo*ed tinrful ?>< that which taught mm to reeptot theni*olr?a-to reapent their fell) w men and to reapect tho law* of their country 'I he i duration of lud*on a* develop 1 on t hi* trial. no bun an adrptin the achoot of violence and bloodshed. 1 ha counted state* be b*i ?*rred hi* oouotry In the *ro y and nary hither nervier would **tt-fy the ambition of mo*t men, but both ??enied to b?va b-eti uuralisfartory to Judnon 1'ha eouti*el for the drfenoe state* he ba< lougbt tba battle* of hi* country I'll* uipivrj "i m* ruuniry. m i rr?u It, oontiilii* no imnt of lli? battle* tin bun fought, no molil ha* Iveu I Voted to lilai by tbr twrniblril rcpie,untauve* of a llia'ifll people; but, pet bap*. In r*vi*wii K hi* III*, art niifht find a tuhject lor a proper medallion P?rh*p* It mtphl prevent the *ccne of Vrnu* ontiqtinring via-*, nd i'll I tie reverie fbi* motto At Heeling* I barn mined my king " Whatever he ha* been to dav * > (ltd blui i.ot lu (be aiuiy or navy but th* no- prouriator if a vile newspaper - a beaet of pray hanging on I to- iff" a' camp of humanity and living on Ho- rarrlon of bloated cba'*et?r and tie* W liy ha* bn lelt lb* tntli n' Why ha* be abandoned both thacarop and the (Ink' 'I bare uuj-t bar* baeti ??> c*u-e; aod I luii' It to you gentlemen. to njrtrnee wha'ber or not M* virtue* ci<nip"il* d bim to *ep?rnt? hiuiaeir from lit* country'* *ervice I know nut of til* |rnan<l?n iu tha l*it>r branch ot the public arrrtra; but probably, and alien hi* life *ball bit written It will be eaeu he livl ct *lu e* ol *leval|(ia In a civil capacity not u*ualty an cctdid to mnel nu n fortunate fur tba military and naval nerrlca? ahlch embr.ce* In It* ll?t na*u-* di*tln- I p turbid fi r private virtue fur valor, for mkclMloa M law- that It la not (flrg*ac*d by a nam* wbo-h hereafter will be aynntilaiuu* with deeo hyp?ori*y aid cowardly luSmuhui 1 mtunately that it i* l'or?v?r rrparatvd frum the uauie of a man who ha* b-en the leader of a rfot wbiob ha* di*g raced the prrat matropolie of the weetern world But why refer to hie pa?t ea reerT Why *u not tba arldenna produced uf g >ad rbaricter? Tbe anawer I* nbvloaa t he cuiu-al fir tbe defence well knew that un'll evidence of coo I character ea* elf' red. none proving Jm|*on idMiiiu* oonld be offered by tbe preeecutlon Tbla I* the rule of law Pad >ucb evidence Ian u at band, would It not have been piodnred' Moat. a**uredly but I a*k for no proof of bad ebaraeler. except *uch a* I* bare In mldenca I a> k for no better evidence of hi* decrailed poeltu n hi* de? p mal gritty ot b?art hi* niter want of tulln; hi* teckiee*. reaior*e|e*?. aod blaok*ue<f biart than hi* conduct on the night of th* riot Tbe te*nminy ag*|n*t Judmn I* two fold It mar b* pailon in It* nwtul maulta II* r i nnot plnad In n*- [ t'Mitilon that hi ?n? anting uudnr injj.u prornptlitpo of tbn nettrd mnno ot tbn oaonlng of tbn Huh i Van. Iln hat dollhnratod k? hn<l p'iiM - k* bn<l iinoi blioflt lor ib? affray. and wont to tbn Opora Htdi?n mnnlrtd ?>n turbnUnrn nod riot Mr Corbfi tbnt on thn Nth or 9tb of *ay lot Juilmi ; tin t?? d Into I'treUj atrmt with wagon, nod addrmalt g thn wttnnaa aald, " "fhy n yon nm <h? ?o'y mm t wantid to inn, nhnre down Nnd K'Trnnt liro T" 1'hn wltti ii itiinpM It van nonn-ohnrr In Chilm Jndnoli thi n told, toy know tW" a going to bn o mun. inn I nnnt lo nn format, to otanrloiu whnthor bn In right or wrong In tbn rnunn I eon?ni< r mymlf thn bailor of Ihn Nntlnn amrrtraa pt'l; lo thin aintinr. j If hortrit in right. | nroan to it? b in through " I'bn wttnn* thi o mil "I nhoald think jou bod row* in V|h without Intrrforlng to thi I np-ct thorn will b< iin.n boid flyhilng. nod I odrtio you to kmp out id It. ' Judioo toid 1 bat may bn. but I 01000 tn inn It int." VVo will now f-llow him In ItU ftnint of toolrg tbl* niottnr out. Wo ?<uno noat to tlin ti illmoi.j of I rnnoli Hoi,not JudiOa tn fliod lib guilt hy bin oirlmuntlon that " bv would noo ttin n.ura i nt. " an nupp* rind by tba nlalnuinnt of I (tl')B Omitting for tbn proont Knnunt'p toatl. nintiy. ( a plain lllliy l? luirodurnd by thn prn?orulb 11 ^ ?u nm J rnummhnr, In thn ln*erlpt|oo of thn tint.(apt 1 lilny rlaind bn wna In tbn 1 ij.-ra Hnnm, mi tbn rtm and tumult in Nth otrnoin. Indtinod liiin to n k for a fi trn lo clnnr thn ntront Vt Mint going around Ulitcgtkl I ban* wfcn wntw in tbn ffcrt into rutny M)i- I now a ron.iiiuntraiinn bntwnnn Vlr ludino and a ernwd <>t young mow and lh? dofondaot ftonnnt. * I Imltivn; Judton naaonlbn nldnwnlN and I hon I o*??M >no M,i' 1 f th< in tout g aina go froai Ihn ornwil and talk to Ji dnii whn bod hi? baudi hoblnd him. I got my iiar Imldn and nnnt up hobind .iiiilino to boar what bn had to my. bo Immd uror and natnrnd tntn a nonattpa'lon In a low t< no with ibo young maw I11 fruit and on Inn Inft I apt Hi|?y hoard tin'part of ihn n r.?i r atloo "It wan a ahaom tarnrlanua ihotild hn 11.?d mi' 1 - that wan In nnanKima with nthor Inn. (? ?? 'I hn mmi who nan* froth thr party In Iba tfrrt, t* hn tnrnril Iron lait.oa raid, "No* hoy*, for a rhnwrr" TTlor to that I h?ard lad-on ay 1 Bin arhataaar la to bo dona, aanrt b<- d?n ijiitrtly twraur* tbn military at* noatlaa " Whwn ih* n ?n raid, ' no* (or a rhooaf" Jt-lrnt raid - hold on boy* till ;na ara ait rrady " With that a flllr) i4rtlt?t artt lyalKit Iha upra Hmi>a 1 apt I illi j rlalon kr > nt Int Iha liyrri Hoar*, to (at trrbt nir-fi to ruitour <1 < y*''T f mat ra>l It ai d aural Ihrtn I km f?rr Inn (11 IntlnrVl who hiil to ant frgrthrt. tba rb'ihar "( rlnarr oano Tula tlnhi. Till*) rlatra ! . ha * ? ludroq Jttat ho ' r* Iha military an I mil; I bad aati hint on too aid*

qr.ik. fn in tU tn 'it mlnnlaa tmlnro I raw him In tba (?l*i*lliu?* fttfcrt hdta* Jadmoalonaa had baa a >RK I iAY, SEPTEMBEtt 29, 184 thrown. After the atone* were t hrown the man with whoni ludeon had communication came up to htii, telfced to him put hi* hand ?u hU *H?u|.|er and b >th went on the elite w?|N t. gather It wax so ll^ht I n mid fee ae plainly the parties there, as I could r.ha nouneel in thi? Court The hoard* tn-lde of th? window* euro ro eliahtly put up that th-y were thrown down hy the etonc* The party with which iud-on ?m com n t pirating. throwing "ton** nod when *rrextx were n adr Mm cry wax ralxed rexmie him ' r excite thetn " 'I hi> teeltmony of OuHcfc Ix to the affect that he w?x at tbe Opera Houxe on the night In question; ho "* ? lujxnn Iti Hghth rtreet in great. I>rn?il The rl'umt hiaril eoine una cry out, -the ground Ix your own you have a right to It and I will defend you In y mr rightx " Ix not thie rexixtance to the authoiitlex ' The wltnexx turned round In the direction from which the voice can e and raw Judron throwing up hi* arm" ?< if in the act of exhorting the moh He xaid they need not he alarmed, the military had nothing hut blauli car trldgex, and n .body would he hurt. Tha erideuce of Iligan abowh he xaw Judron and Henimtt and another prisoner at the Opera Houxe in Klghtb xtreet llexa* Hun'llne ax he callx him. In Klghth xtreet. nearly op. porlte the door where the aetorx go In. and afterward" in the xtreet where there wax a crowd h? appeared to he tl e maxtar xpiitt; the loeux around which the i moh gathered; the ni >h a-ted ax if they Intended to 1 attack and xtone the building i'he witnexx took ttunt- 1 line, by hie conduct to he exciting the people to vin Unci; Guntllne gextiriilatod: Uuntline wax talking ! low to Bennett: neither Buntllue nor Bennett 1 were dre'eed now ax they were then; I had known Bunt Una for xome time by xtght I'he I Dixtrict Attorney | then referred to the laot that I Judxon Invited Krank Bennett. hl< brother-in-law. on | the Dight of the riot, to go out with hint ; that, betore 1 leering 'be liouxe. he dleguieed him-elt In an overcoat I belonging to Bennett, and a Torn (Iyer nap that, before leaving the houxe. be weut up atairx. that, thtx wax pro. bahly to get froui lux armerv Uix xxrord and utxtnla, 1 which It appeared he had, I hat they went t"i the Opera Houxe ; Judxon wax In eomniunlcatlon with a party engaged in rioting ; that he raid, ' Are there any Anmricaux here * ' and out perxon aoxwere l. " I am a Northern Liberty hoy " Jud>on nuxwered that he wax j Neil Uuntline and remarked that t.b*y wanted a ui|cleux ; that Judxon became ax It wnre.i the Held Marxhal. and bad direction of tbe operatioux ; that oue of the tarty xaid. " Now. boyx. for a hower " I'mviottx to thtx. ludxon raid.' IJoyx whatever I" to he doue lilil-t be done quickly ax tbe military are .coming;" aud alxo xaid ax the xtnnea were hetog thrown. ' Hold ou h >yx, until you are all teady that thix wax followed by a volley of Xtono' at the houxe ; that Judxon orouieed to get abating* ami relae tbn cry of ftr.< to ?uter the theatre. and drive them all out Nona but a Hand could bate *uggeeted *nrh a pr >po*ttion Little did Jud">n reck the conaei|i>*ncea of curb a ory. or Mich a mora. 1 Dictit Little dbl he care for the coo*i'<|Unncn* of an inroad Into that building crowded to upwu . little did he care what mangling ?f Itiuha or da*fruotloo of human life, might follow on ?uch an act Doe* not tho i pio|? eitton full) jurtif) tba character I gin* hint of a rcrkleae and remoraeleiui heart ? NaT, mure, when tha authoritie* were deeply engaged In the niippr?*<dnn of the mob and drielng back the riotara. ludanu cried out l>ou't hack down.'' and eatd the ordering of the military an Inault to the people, that they niu<t not he alarmed the military had uotbtug but blank eartridgea The Di*tr<rt Attorney then referred to the teatlniony of the witm are* at to iudaon'a cooduot in egritfiig the mob aud directing their uioreuinnta. and totbe teatlniony of Mr*. Beunett that Jit Uou'? pletola were brought hank in the home he Stanley ludi'iu't fiartner lie referred to the ounuing of Jud-on. after ila arrert. In hating Stanley take the pl-tol* froui hi pocket* a lid then Judaon lii'lnlng >u b?log -earoheo when he knew nothing could be found on him Tn Di-trict attorney inaiated that not on tbn teatimon of one witneaa, hut all combined, a ca?a of luetltahl oontlctlon wa* placed before the jury, and that It wa* tbetr duty tn rendtr a verdict of guilty again*' him. at the moat active in originating and directing and reaUtIng the authoritie* in the pre**rvatinn of the pease. I have tbu* tar endeavored to prevent to vou the evidence on which ahnuld rest your verdict of c inviction agaluM Judeon and hi* asaociaie* in tht? indictment Let it not he *uppoeed that their conviction i* a?ught for by thoee animated with the execution of the la v?, to aarrlfice aoy of the peraon* chirred I'he verdict required at rnur band* In demanded In the name of tha I er? ml eeruilty and pe?ee of your fellow citlmne. Tbl? trial place* In roar hand* tha lire*, tha property, and quiet of tld? ra?t niatrnpoha it I* aquemloa ahetlier tha law rhall ba obeyed! anil order r*t<n. or law|e-e hand* held tli? ?te?tlnl< * id u* all io their gra^p It rlrea far ahore tha ordinary trial of a eommon dl?turhance of the pnhlie peaer. The occurrence* of the li'th of May?of that night of h irror. bare presented tide euhjeet ae a great puhiio qu'*tl>n lornl ?tng tha rdiararier of our lurilto'lon*. The man who*e aita dl**utlied tb? peaae of tha city and brought hhral an our city, (truck a blow at tha American eharaater. The " ifi eo Incarun/tine of thai unlit " l? im?? tk"" and III* for you to declar# It bv your verdict If thara bo ganilrmcn. nna atrtkiag amount in the American i character It taa love of order. loach manfeal* that. i.hl? U | Hid foundation on which ri?oatli? ?ui? r?truotnranf our libartiva Kaeh man fval# that atnilat disorder and ebaoa i there ran b? no aeeurtty for I if" or property. and. under the influence of tbat failing autuniardon to law predominate* throughout the coiumiiolty Thi< love | of ordar I* atrikiogly developed in rr.-ra poriod of our : blatnry aud in every notion of tht* confederacy. Tha aame apirit which era aince landed at Plymouth nu tbr Atlaotir. to day I* maalfea' on the altera* of tho Pacific That aplrit baa gone with onr people fr nil their home*. It haa cro-awl tha Ufhmm: tiaa t >na hand in band with them up tha I'aoitir, and govern* at tbia n < moot amldat a people thrown together without law and without a judiciary Von barn aeen that feeling of order autThimtly powerful to puat*h th-ea ' hound*." who bad tliaturhod the public peace; and ball It be raid, tbat you will pa** n mini ire I au-h ao'? a* n n ?|*i tp? raoda ot i ailf-rnta would he punbhedlor' And will you defended hy all t he arrayuicnta Ol an riiliyhtt lud judiciary with the advantage* of bi|ili elwilixallon. mrrounded el h everything which rbouid prompt yon to tha maiatenaura of order will you rvfuae lo accord to your fellow eilixen* that protreiion which, without law la afforded In tha rery n>it!*< of men without law and without the organixati< n id government ? 1 am eatiafied that you will not. 'lie duly wbiob you oaa to the lawa of your couniry will t.? paiformed The vardict yon will ren.lar, etairp'i g guilt on thcee pri onera will he but the Inaellahfr t'OnrauUiBca of tha arid, aca which haa been auhmittid That vardict will remain " I rital o. lean for all lima," a loot 11 incut ot the llitelllgi uue and Integrity of Juror* - of thi ir <Ji rotloii to the l? w? and above nil tlielr dotliolo* I II to llllholll aiol i.Klel.i * j?e?r* III ihle Iu-lro|oll?. Judge I'alby cbargad tha jury aa follow!:? JUUUK IMI.v's CHaHUK OmTiiMm or me Jim - II tbl* >i> an ordinary rair I would m under n. y <inty rulHnlmtly dia-htrned l-y Mating ibr law |? ilalnin^ t? l(. an<l gt?lo? you rurh art aualyna of tb* *?t Jmo- aa would aaMBt you In IKtHaiiili | tL* guilt or lnn< t-anra of tu- p'l>i)B?ti. Bui It la bo ntdli ury care There arn priori pi ?a InM'liul in It ol Ibr ileoprrt moment? ron-lderatlnqt gro* lug out of It which allert llm whol-frame wot It of in M). It I* tru . U not the Brat ra-a in wblch rliai'Dirtannna -innlar to thn?? wr tra h?ra Inle-itpetlng baa* bran bmugtu up for tba conalleratloa i t a c urt and jury lide-d It la a maita-r of painful kliiab dge thai of lata'tba-y haaa hewn but ton lamentably fiit|uent But lha gloomy aloaa of tba cataitiopba out of wbii-b tbl* prnaeeoltot- ha- ao-n - lua gr-at drrirvi-tlob ol human llfw tbat attnud-d tha raatrralioa of pane* and ord-r, baaa ini*-ata-l thla na?a w lib noliBli rat ii-?li? aa that dl-tlngii|-l nail from all tbat h?t# f-r-crdrd It It la a ea-a- nut too fruitlullf ugtanlre-a uio.t tearful and bloody rnmmeolary I upon tba annoijOaiirn that follow, when Individual* auhelltui* tbrlr oa o iinpi-tio u? wfil and ungovaroabia Impiilr-- for tba p- ar-lul regulation* of mk i?ty It la i ua of Iboar Sana ibat taaob u? tlir *aln* of law ajil tbr nar? -ally ul rigidly maintaining thw dutlnetlona bo li xiet In i|o a< - i l 11oliaidu?l lo twern i b? rnj-ymmt of Ir-adom and tha unrertrained *Xrrclan Uf lawlrr? llragaa 1 bn law la no'blng a|-a, faollrU*?. but tha *111 uf aortatt ra?nlr*d upon In inn. Diapia of r aim <lillb? rallon banted h? all forth* benefit ol ra- h. It Ib lha repreeau'la* of man b aifgieeata power In ik- M'll afar*, and detltar lt? authority from tha binding obilm Ion if l?iper?tla* oaeaaBlty A* a nation breoma* mora fraa the authority of tba law ?u?F?iir? m? rigoia I I luairidnaia %r* mm dlmrintlDaud nil aubjantad to nm? him! d fint'lori To pnwriTi th? ju?t a.|'i'pot?* of liwlHJ, thet.fora? to kn p tl a CI Hit llcatad rilMtoon of Kit I'hiDrltif eltllluilng Id bammDtoo* teiluo tha *up m? autharlty if tha Id* noil tha o bad la una of tha nnpt* to It baantna tl a flrat of national uaaaiailIn*, whan tD'tlttjii d titular a fraa gnaarnmant Up tha popular *111 and llalila in ha cbat.gad whaoanar tha paopla da.nali tbn i.tillaatlnn to nltap It a till* la'or.a laon* ot tbnaa fin.ran autal truth* which. In a fraa goawroB..n' L.-fl- but to ba atalad. lo mbar Itod*. tha Iaa I* rapmilt d an aomatblng antagnalat to tha pa'pt* It I* alt'fbid Id lha (tapping- i f po*rr ai.'l dackad in tha pi mp of auibi rlty 1b? mandata of tha la* for tha gotat tin ant o* tha man}, and fall too fra<tu-nily but In lit OpptMrtc* II pWlulll But wit i n- It It 'ha * 11 i ur n?n band* and aubjact to nny motliaemlli It to which wa Diuy rubjintli It I* tttw tuaaua bp birh ur 11h< 11> la datlnrd and tha *..uta? through wbli h it I* ai |t |? fiamad for no laaorad ela a; daalpDad Inr Do priall.gnd niiar l.lka tha ?un In l.?a*itt It tb. da II. influaucr a.junlly upon all. fnrthara I* nc rilltau m. boBibla ai d no bring ao dagradad to a hi ID It a ltaD d- Dot Ita protaatlon- to whotfl. IB lha bear fI ?oAmii g and wrong It ma) not aarva a. Daafagt.alil and abtald all baa*. thar.for* a paraonal tola taat in 11 rraaamg tba authority of tha la*, and whan wa do night 'v tin | air It * forua or wagkan Ha lufluanoa, wa hut torn iba a?ot? again. I oar oan liou-ahold aul pulldown tba pHlata of tba tvmpla that abaltara u? A gri at rk *a? aca..a>pltahaii tot man. and bid'i n ait la tha formation of tha goTarotnaut aodar which wa lit* 1 ba fratuwr. ot that gotarninaDt haaalaft Ua inatltvllcBa In ablch tha right* of tha Individual ata n?<ra dt.tinc'dy iar?gni.*o and tacttrad by high r gnaianlla* that' it.) had .or i>.. n b-for*. A grwal point. *1 iliaciura baa barn raarad for u? and tout la ft' feBitilad '.ha camparBtlaalp trifling duty of pratattlnp It M hiiatar tharafor* ruay impair It* at*Mitt} li I. Iba duty of all to null* 1n pravaatiog If Inn ad* ay** upon tha nihU It guaranttna ?h~y ? i <<si? ' I "ID Willi' ""J 1' mni a in 11 r ?f ?ii,m<ifi nan Wa load ifh<. (.f ihn tjrm.nj of ih* ntn Ifii tk? bo <r(ivpl*a 14 octal y, ti<ra?tial tbat tha aH-twrat h> latara way Ni datanbrt In ra?? u vail a? fonad rldh'd la (in(>lx a aiaa ' nfiMma to tha < hrtauan } >> > 11 and 'b? rapubllcan t'aaoaid. In ar?y >rtl?a aa be riijirtu *ba Hah" ul M- bllna man. and If ha ma Itcat* tha dlpfimltlna to latrllifa thara ha l? a tfmnl by aaiura, and limit rotated at auoh. Tba Ml of IERA 19. tlii? rlntar of our day Inyndtng tha ranatuary of a nrl rata daalllpg and trampling npnd tha right* of hi* fallow ni> n hrtnga o? hark to tha harhnrlam ol tha raiddla ag? *? to tha day* of tha military iinr nnli-r and tha f> udal drapot. Knrthnngh rianturfa* harn Intarrano.I. tha na'uraof tha man I* tha Rama; or rhay di*f*r It thtydlffrr at. all birt to tha rlroiiinntynoa. that ona rlatinad tha prlvllaga to opprrr* aa a tlfrioa and Intro riilary right anil tha othar rltitna to ayartdna it a* tha prrrt-gn? i*i* m utMTij < inereinre li?in wtiat tonrre If will Ihe attempt to overthrow the supremacy ?>f the law by fnrre mil violence. Is to be resisted. and that promptly, at. the outsat. As It U Impossible to tall Trent the spark of Ignition, how far the o mlUgr? tlon pit estsnd, so la It Impossible to discern In th* first gathering of a popular tumult. what consequences n ay follow If ? whether If. will ha but. the alltir of a dsv, , or prow big with tha destiny of a nation. Th* ran >rct< of tha past, ara studded with too many insfanoat of society given up to tha aengvinary liouiinlon of iuoIh' pot to know their natura and teal allra to their danger. Bush scenes are the elements that bring to fearful developeiiiint tbo latent ferocity >f oiau * Datura; m which tho worst Ben come ho to tint aurfaoa aid eserctse control and dominion. If they ara rieimltfed to go on unchecked, disorder oreepi nto tha State? disorder tha parent of that worst nt no. pressh ns which is born of anarchy, and subject to tha uncertain chances of which tha victor ot to-day becomes the victim to-morrow Mo gentlemen, the blessings of liberty vre the blessings of law; the security of both the preservation of order; and he who. wantonly and wilfully til-1 urhs It. Is to be treated as the enemv of his rare, and the foe of society These considerations, gentlemen, meat us at. the threshold of tile case I advert In them, because the frequent recurrence of these ci nee of violence nud disorder has given countenance to the unfounded opinion, that thev are to he regarded as the natural eOeot ef the working of our free lust! tntlons The inefficiency of courts, or the unwillingness of juries to conviot In suuh cases, have led many to think that the laws ara powerless to repress them So far hava things gone in the las administration of just lee that these outbreaks ara not without their eulogists; nay those who argue their oraessity Within a comparatively recent period, tha municipal council of a neighboring city deliberately passed a resolution to the effect that such occasional authrraks were necessary to ihe cultivation of brave and courageous habits iu our jvuth as If the nobis quality of courege was attested by burning the dwelllugs of defenceless women, and detuciug temple- erected to ihe worship of a common Ood , propounding i be monstrous doctrine, thai it is essential that rh? youth of 111' country ehoulrt pa** through h pupilage of bloodebod ; I hut to tit hiiu f?r the rKtimul duties of the citizen, bo should lie encouraged to tho developeruaat of propenaltie* in which tho aavage U hi' equal ? I addres* these cnueidera'l' u* atrongly to you goutleDicD because if tho law hn? boon violated It rest* with jott whothor th? law* ahall ha vindicated or uot; for, In crlniinal ca?o?. however much wo may dwell upon law* and ronatltutlon* to the practical power wielded Id the jury box lima'. we come at la*t It dep-'ti l* upon the con*oleatloum<'** with which that power la exercleed whether juatloe can l>o admi n< nil or not To I tbo jury niurt the ci iieii turn, wti hop or ? . atixlouK fear, for everything d la upon the integrity and Amine** of jur be feared from thoir oori >on r servility A , man may do. a* respect* htuiaelf. or in hi' per aonal niHtter* what he may not Tina* a public man lis ah t<* I' In the one o**e an act may be forgiv v woakne**, which Npproxunate* in tho other ture ot a crime This <.* a consideration that never to loae sight of when he enter* upon ' *r^' of public duties, hi* lodividual will or lo he merged in the greatdiity that he nwea v I hi* will apply to every cat* In which a i ailed to act; but tbeie are certain oa'ea, . frnm the consequence* wbieh follow a d*relicfrom doty Inrreaae tbe responsibility of the Juror prop' rtion to the teeiilt* which that dereliction pro duce Tbla la one of tho*? caret That the law ahoull he eiiatained In auch a case, concern' ur>rt deeply the peace MUd weltare of eoeiety. Tbnt It ebould b* main tain) d In tbt* oily the chief city of tbe Union. I* a mora Importaut co> alteration than It would be elsewhere. Thle great nietropi lie lathe natioo*! heait aud aend'out pul-atlon* that reach to tbe remoteat arieriea of our wide apread confederacy. Ilere then at thla central p> Int of attraction, toward* which every thing ooncaatratea and from which everyhiug radiate*. it la befitting that an example should be art. which ahali ha a precedent to the eountry at larga-ao example ot the faithful and lirui adwiiletratlnn ot juailee, which thall aerve hereafter a* a steady light to atrer by, when dark near and tern peat ga' her ai ound the Stat*. In connexion with what I have already said, there are other consideration* to which your attention ahould be drawn A great portion of tht* trial, Imth In the Introduction of the testimony and In tna coniaen'a of i counsel ha' been devled to the con?ld*ratton of mat- 1 guilt or the Innoeene* f the prlanuere W* eti hara , nothing to do with the question whether the o >ue durt of the aiithniitle* >u sansurable or olbar> wire ? whuther a mora judicious courae might hara | be* i) puri-uicl than the one adopted The a'lthorl- ' tlee nmrt aurwer to the law If they have violated 1 It lo any particular ; or If they are not wlthm ] the pale of legal teaponrlhlUty. they mu>t anawer j at Ike great her of public opinion Neither la It any ! part of > tir enquiry to deteroilue wbethurtha Interpo- i anion e-f the military was uece?rary? whether the dla- l turhano* could hare been t|uelled by the p dloe force I without thrlr aid Thle form* n > part of the question respecting the guilt or Inuocenea of the prisoner*. 1 hey all. with one eireptloo rtand indicted for act* alleged to hare been dune before the military tire I and the) were artrrted; In fact before the military eauia t upon the ground. Their act* were not proroked h) the 1 tiling or the appearance III the military And if they were, It would not excute auoh acts The military ware there by the erder ut the city authoritlea, ant it > we* Ibe duty of all cltlien* to retire before tli*-in Neither are you to be Influenced by what has heeu aJdriaxd to yen In reep*ct. to the condition In hie of the d? f?tdante? that they here families dependent tip-nt them for *u Fpin t Thla might he urged to a jury In the caee of ereiy prisoner, for there are few wh i are with- . I ut clore If not dependent domestic tie* So with respect to the jnut-b of some of the deieiidaute I In* li a metier aildn es, d fs-lelv to the .li -runn??*L,n ol 111, ( cult: anil 'h>' < ?urt Ik gifted with a largo diHjrrtinn | iu eueh matt era Should any or all of lUuett deb-ndaiit* be convicted, the l curt, when called up >u to perf irui the I? t act uf the law. will ru t ho nntntmllul of the tinder youth of aotno of thorn, bit will dietingut eh bltini bo to which ?prlug from t ! ? unreidtuit'ng nature of youth and act* which am the deliberate davi cf pervetli d manhood. And In paaeluK upon the Imu? and the only Ikkuii here you at* nut lo lie drawu ulT | fri re th? plain Import of farttreony hy wlr?-dra ?n dt*tlnrllanr. or cnnceleable poeethllltlea There In no j ruhjeet of human liojuliy which may not be lueolveJ la Inextricableeoiifueiou hi admitting ?uch dlaturblng latlueaeea. II yi'U do not keep at. aKily be for# you the real object of your eie|ulry especially In a con Uka tkl* yen ?Hi lie lout In a eca of uncertainty. Kerrytbtra, therefore addrrnKe-d 10 your prejudice* to yonr ljtn|?t|iln which n ay be th-fctgued lo coafuaee your j ucoi mending or perplok your judg-ov at in to be carefully watched and reje.ied tttirn-nehion IderaMnna are add re in d to you by advocate* you a'a alwaya to bear lb letnd the pcel'lou of tlia advoevta and to a'taih veil e to what be eaya. la proportion tc the alonerity with aliioh he utter* It YV hi-n an advoc ta appear* at the advocate of accuaed Innocence no poe|i|>>n a human being ran occupy la. p-rhapa more eaalied. but 1 We re a not Kliul our ej e, to the lac I that at all roca'e. In man) cB-ce ctrlvee merely to get off hie cite at With him It la a trial of prnteaelnnal rtlll - tbe making of a proleeeloiial 11 putat|<>a I or ihl* purpn*e tbe mean* by which a juror way he InIneiio d too-no * noi unfru- i <|ttently a matter of proftaelonal eairultlioo. in I It I'D tllmri reduced to tbt rmtilBt; of 10 ant; kid where enrh inmon recur* the acquittal of the guilty, he w. rer n iu h w. may adimra thedi-play of pr.f.-r luktl kill, we r.itito t loiKa' that It a I- triumph orer juattre. l-ar diflttml la the p >ali|on of the juiy the (,ouri,ao<l tha prc-ecuiing > IB-era; with them tha only mot law ran ha to M>rlalB If pertlra he guilty or lianmal. Tha rourre of tbetr iJui j la plain ami they hare no likilon hot to piiraue It Neither are you to ha Inhit* tired In tbl-rate by what you may hare read or what n ay hare bran directed to ynu through the publie prera The preaa la perhapa, tha gteaieat ang'ua of n.rd.rn clrlllaatlon It la lotpoeaihla not to feel tha reality ot ita power, ami to appreciate the eataot uf ltd lofluenre; and that Influence la no lonoual iataola niattar when nod to Infliienea tha deterwilnatl' n ol a criminal trial It la not unuaual for the jiui rlary te deprecate the puhlloaMon of trial- during their prngreta. I frel. howerer. no oreaalon to do to l am attonply dlapoeed to thlolt aorh puhHeatlona do much to femillarlia tbo puhlte wl'h the pramteal working of tha lawi; to p. pet In the tbaaa Ot al'iieor hah'.a of dl-oi imioatl a hi.O retlectlc n, te rrrala hebita of mental dleetplkna In r>*pret to legal euhjerte that go far to ((ua'try them tor lh< out* ct luroaa a doir that ?nai K. Ji-ko., aha til cia-'e* <>f enmiauuMy Hut ti*? publtaaii<>? of trial*. ?MI? In progree* euhjeete court* and juror' to a ht?il er aci-iuutehility Id ii|ip<?IUAD to the ! ?? llb^M ouatrte* of b urope our trloh are required to bo held hi put.He, tod th?ir alder puh tuiiy. i hrnngh tat In MiiiDiitt'lil) "f lb' It'll la bur iho 'ti'Mlotif t Iti'tt ti d peltllc pr t.flplo. Hi* regret I*, that \ ib'; are eot note tolly *? i acanratrly reportid '111* defect Ilea In the Ditnner tea wDictl the Uilog 1* tone uut In the thing Ileal! Rut It In rairtitg the prert ptiire entirely too fat for pnhlit Joui btltat* to anticipate the enure* of trial* l.d upi u the report of t*-tlwu?iy pubrlhed In their e< Itnina to dlrtat* to juror- ?li?t ? r lictn they ehnvld renter l oDductof or journal*, who merely rend the teetlibo?y en a if nurateiy tad fokinfuily rvpor r?t% tie not in l poeltK n to >ny to I jury oho hare tie Aid til tl.t teetttiiony and nntn| ihe nittner *f the oktpeeae* ahat e?ume ihnuld ho pur-tod It not r.nfre i i|?ot|ty htppetia iii the entire* ot the aditnnlm.rvloo ot jtMtlre It at the mtnuer of a oltDoaa tuny I .id ue* a jury to dl'eredlt erory word he altera, lien .,ra< eon ride rat ton* rnar appropriate!* the pr*e*,; hut ?h*n thiy ui.dertah" todirmt dlepnet'to A ehould he n *n* h) e jury In particular ln-tane** th ,* act a prooed> ut ?hh h tbertpot geatra* oll| notja*' |fy and ob eh, IB' a ruotier ot geaetai adoption and c <m moo en-t >m oiaid be turn* to the Itph'enf aai'Ueed perron* be tore proceed! rg to the particular namtnatl 'O of 'he erlnrtire for and agaibat the prl-o-^r- It le propnhat )i or alii nth n to old he called t o nine gearrai niiikar trial eg oat of the 1 m mi* of tha', ?e|i|*nc* Aareapeet* the pileniiere here, the mm , queetlon I* one of their Idihi ! > ntih the aei* deanr* oed by the oiinet'et at It la pieaihie that tnenrh a tnr^nltuoio a- -emhleg*. mi'taHea ! Iim> hale I n uiri II III 0 emitg arre-U It te due to Uieae perioi a that yiu *t>md di.criminal* moat rlo-My la tkla reepeei and f,g eell .ail-bed that I he y am tie pep IH tie ?h. did th, a,.|a ei?h ehlrh tbey are charged It aould be MtVaPatahie, Indeed, If gay of them ah old b* I. D. TWO CENTS. I ron?trt?-(l forth* an?? of otbnra, V?U will. th?r?forw, l*ko Into ronrHtrtiti'i) th- lUrhnr * of ">? nU'it. thw 1 rxHniciilrhtm-nt nf th? Uinpa. m.| ? ?n?i"?ll)r tint ?trifnl naturf of th? actio*. Von m>U* ' ! ?'fi"Otu tl*, *l*n hotwM-n t?-??Im >ny which I* poaii1^*" thai which 1? puM* OHn?ti?H a wltni-B* who ?"???ra ho HAW All Bl't ll.llll* I. Ill it to Ka .ll.k.ll? kit. Lhllllih Dikdv who were pre?*nt dec! a-* that thar <|i?4 1"* -? itt<tbetr prniimlfy thctr nnnitier and their 'PP"''#' nify fur nb-erv?tioii *re Mich it- in run ter it lin, rov-ibl# tl at it could h?"c transpired without their oh?. vrving It A grtaf portion ot rhiw ra?e ha- he*n nocuoi '* testimony a* to'he exact period of dm* at whtoh part lor event* occurred, and much nninm'ntUi h?eu in* counsel upon tho lnoou*l?r*imy o| wtiuex*** wit % mch other l> till* re?p*ot Thi- it * matter which la eotlMidto hat little consideration, for nothing I- g*. nemlly so nn?nn*farti>ry in the ewurxe of judioUl inrestlgHtioii at the attempt to tlx a i fleeting thing aa time Inlets the Htteotion of a wlttj*-* I- utile 1 to the exact period of time wheu the erent occur* ox utile** he i* euabled to estimate. from a oiven poat, the period at whioh a suh-ei|tient event onourred, vera little value I* to be attached to the effort of hi* memory. We take c giu/aoc* ot the (treat division* of the day. *nd mar *?y whether an erent nomrrrel la the morning at noun, or lu the evening; tnrt when a wltneea undertake- to ?wear po-IH*ely, from mar# memory, to the frectioun of houre or to mluirtee. wo may writ disiruet hi* testimony and itnuht hie sincerity. If any gentleman or the jury were nailed upon at thi* moment in ray at what time of the dry tho examination of any particular wliuea- wa* begun, (lining the trial of thi* cau.-e, he would Hnd It unpoeelhje. perhau*. to answer; and were the twetvw juror* to exrhange their view* respecting It, a very great diversity of opinion would be dl-oovered Thio dlfTinol'y I*. of cour?e. Incretaed where parties arw present at a acene of great puhlln excitement, wh-rw erent* are rapidly transpiring and where eonfuelom prerati* We now approach gentlemen the true subject of your leuuirv and the i|ne-th>n* It pre?en'? nrw tew. plain and fraught with no Intrinalo difficulty. Vou ate aluiply to any wheu advt-ed by tha'lourt, iut to the law. whether a riot occurred on the night of thw ll'th of vigy. and whether Dim defendant* paritaipnteik In it The right ot the pwopl* paaofully to aaaeui hlW, to discuss or di llherate upon matter* of a puhiio or private nature I* one of tho-* fundamental right* eegu'elk b, the cnn?titution it-elt and (An privilege . f animadverting fieelv upon public uieu aad public tneaeiitee. a* an Incident growing out. of that right. Thi* I* plainly distinguishable however, from assembling with an iutent to commit vlol-uce up m person* or property To rc*l*t the execution of tbw law*. to dietuib public oritur, or for the pern* Math ii <>f act* in-piring public terror or alarm Any dieturhance of public order by force la a breach of tha place Any tiioiultuou* a-eemhiage of three or mure pereon* (nought together for no legal or oona'ltutlonal object deporting themselves in -uch manner*- to endapger the public peace and excite terror and alarm tin rational aud Oim-minded pereoua. is unlawful. and wh> t ver three or more par*on>, in a tuuiulf uoua mtnm t us* force or violence lu the execution of u?v de ii wherein the lav doea not alow the use of fires, i hi y lire guilty of a riot A riot uiav he defined to be n tu ultiiou* di-turhaace of the public peace by threw to n.oi e [ ei-on* areeuihled together ot their iwo ailtti. rlty mutually a-*l*Mng each other again*' all who opj se tliem aud engaged lo executing some de-lgn, iu u vinleut and turbulsut manner, to the tenor and alarm of by*tandera or the neighborhood. The offeurea comprehended wltliln tin* general defltltl >n constitute tbrea kind* of offence* -aa unlawful arsemhly a rout, and a riot. Tb* ualaaful ?a**inbly I* where the partie* come together with the intent before atated; rout tw where they mora torwaid to the execution of their design, aud tha riot tikm placet when th?y begin with force and violence to execute thi'lr design Distinguishable fn>ai eiihrr i f these ollenre* U the offence wliioh I* denominated an a flrsy An affray l? wnen person* coma tv getber without a preuiediiated dc-tgu to divturb tha peace. and suddenly break out Into a quarrel among themselves ; and it I* cortrsdi-t Inguished from a riot, by being mora of a private nature Certain Ingredient* sre loslrted upon by tha oouusel for tha ascuied ad enterlr g Into tha c Miiposltlou of tha offanoo of a riot. It la difficult to distinguish aod bs with thaaccuratnnaaa of a definition i ha precise boundaries which scparala the particular offences that grow out of tha attempt to disturb or subvert public order It I- ind-tad upon by tha counsel that to coo-tituia tha ojeuca of a riot tha partjai must ba engaged In tha pros-cutlon of a private pur pone In ona sense thi# la trua. 'I ba purpose la private, whaa It la to be distinguished from en armed atti nipt to overthrow and eubrart tha government by force and violation; a* If whan tha majority of tba people have dee read a oart al a form of government, a portion of thain. a minority attempt to overthrow It by force. It la, moreover insisted that there murt he a concert of action Phil It al?o trua; but tha concert of action may evUt In the egeoutiud ot tha act It le not necessary that tha partioa shou d dellbarate hefore-band. that they should interchange vlawe with each other befot# commencing the egec*i*!' ?? of the design In thl* oa*e th.-re Isahouilaot artdence from which we may such a concert of action. In the attempt of tb persons prevent to force their way Into the theatre In the uomhtued action ol tinse oa the east end of tha building who were engaged In reactilt g the offender* front the offloer*. and prcrantlug their making arrwata? who rallied to the rvrl.tenoi of the police, under the eognouiati of '-short boy* " I'll ere wa* conce rt ol action among I be orowd of person < who were engaged to a??at|iug the building ou too r'.igtith tlreet vide, uujer guidance and direction of the defendant Judron. It l* Insisted by the counsel that therw Is no evidrnc* In the ca-e of a 0'>ai'nou d-.-lgn, to oonetlluie the off, nca of a (lot It le declared h> fir Mm hlaekvtona. that a riot may mlet either with or with1 ut a cointii m deelgu I have embraced a common design. however in the dellniti >n I havn given you. aiihough I might with eafnty have re-ted upon the definition of liiack-t in. whose lo ntn uit uilnd. quick perception und r-ndy power ot aoaly-ls, eaaMvd Iiiui. lo aiuioat erery instance, to subject tbn natter t' KM ill which hit tri-afid fn ileliiitilnn* so evact bit pet feet a* to verve th* purpura of ail future limn, lint ib< re ioabundant evlaooce ot a c>mino derigfi whlrh wa? unlawful tin* alirinpt to ru n Into trie tin n're a com bin at ion of a lH'*e duiuo. r of lodivld lata to Injure the bunding who were engaged In wniliug it with ttuun bieaklng ibv window* and tore in* tu ton dime: (lit trof'tiiiiin to utter tht huiniiug ?i n ladders front tile riar-tha lad lira b-lug ready and praI an d for that purpn o-aud drive out tho-a alio vara iurlde. ai d ?ho had a lawful riglit ti romam thorn; Mm proporill. u to ouatM aonlumon and tumult to lit*, by raltinit the cry of tire ; tile propoeltlonof tU-i d-'eud*.t Judeoll, lo pet (opeibar it I >t of ehariiigr and tra them iltbvr milt the view of dettmyiog tua tulldliK. or of plvltig eolor to the ery ot Ore it would, perhap*, earrel? be eaf to lufar froni linn branch ol thv evidence, that tnw d vbolical It.Untiuu eil?ti-d on the part of that dolet lie tit i r there acting with him. to tir? the haildtii|(, eloaded with hutvan lulnti Much an luu-ntl >n w mnl matilti et a degree if ilcpiavity approximating ra'.ber to the nature of a th nd than to aoyihlug hoiain It la belter, there (ore. to put tha mora eharltab o troartrttrtlotj ii|>*ii It au<l to awppnen that be etut|>lr Ittat.fipri tn <i( la r to lha alara*> nf ftraa A a* >in it >n den no * ?* manli-**,d ro? reorer tu the many contDurift all-unit* to rot t lbe authority of the lollca lu '?*t? the eli to MrDl a- lli'tetlbed by the witiiea?er but little doubt X to tin* totout of the fiilllj aetor* In It Ibore i npaged In I Igtith itt??l ? ? ili' ir ti?il #f the el tneree* wild eith eieiteiiieot, and the uia-a ooligrt |ieti<| In .4*1 or I lace ere pictured liy Mime of the elinearer, a* loflamed tu the In^beet pitch ol oltetaiiit a ail an hearing to ami fro like lb* tiiuiitiivnun wear* of the ocean I lie whole adeu* In l-lnf I lace la to net gtepliirailv doriileii and villi groat-circun. iai.tlill.jr ot detail by hi* Honor, the tieo-oder. 'I lie Judge then ree I to the Jury the testimony of Mec? id' r lalliuadge. ami raid. rbat f. "Hi thn and all the te?i Imony lu the rare, I here couid be ||n|? il oibt that a riot extend altbln the d< (tuition he had glren. II* then defined ebat. ??i ?< > ary to bonedtute a patty, or bartielpa'r. \ay act furthering and In aid of the rouimou de* ?* It ?utH-M?iit. lu a not. all who par'i -'pnt* are principal* It I- aa off! nee In wbirb there nio-t be three or way be many, aamra The lae doe* not di-tin<ui-h between the relatlie degree of (rlolencu U*ed by Individual* but "o-fy one eh" participate* la re-pon-mle l\ r all that h?< tain n pda-e The only dl-crttnlimllon which the law make*. |? the discretion given to (he court In ncetloi.iugihe di'niee of punlehireat It i< n it uece-*ary that a party ebould do eoni* pbyeicel act a<tch ?a throwing a done If a rtnt tax* pace all who aid, mcccfrge. or promote It. by word*. *?gn- <?'tur?< or other act*, are piioaipela It la not ue-.e>-ar* ttiat a gar'y ?hould e< mailt pereonal rlolenae, bong arm-oft with nib naite Wtapo?e or Dittlrr u-? of tnrnaleai'i( speech*# or turbulent deeturea, any act of a?e<.tanc* or ?uc<>utaa?nieut. It *uD'*leut to uiahe Mm yriurlinl. Jung* Italy here entered icm aa elan-rate rerlee of the tealTmony eltel'ed from the < wlla**r<i* and plarr d before the ju-y lu a Mattel ami lurol manner, the whole chain ot etid-ria* M* nwoimeu' -Arto-nigl* In faror ?t the acou-ed. upon tho erld-on* t her i>*4 lori.i-hed W pterlou* *< ad i baron rr " I'tde ?? h?? raid "a waiter entitled to ?r<j grrat fcie-hleiwiioa He we* aell pauopl e>k who whra taw a-'dxft of Juetlt* to euawrr aa accuralton e "ild thro ? nun >f beck tip n a life w*U apmt All the aa- *** t with l?? exception of the defcudant Jttdnoa bad furiiukediwue.' uj ?ip< a thu point inort rlear and -wti-'artory If the etiOeora. "t tin ir oarto Ivn'lou therefor* aa tv.'dl Iiae* pnamaa an i iwiliiikM ih? ir t>K>n?ik< t'?.d.-.n*,a-i la? >ln uld outwrlgh In ihw balanao mi I a- rofp ? atM Cataadant lad'on ah"had not pnl nl? el?r?r>r in I me, ba ? nut.i d to b? ri *i?nli'd liaraar <>f jtnodaharao if, ( l*r lhi- la" dta?? (hut |>r.-?iiiuplioB lu (tiuf of rftrf eruimd ??wr??>ti uatll tb? nnntrarr app.-ara vlnah h*4 b?<u 'aid b/ hi- aooa-tl la rio<l'c?l|.>u of hot ?haranii-r aim much by Him |>ro?te>i(iu( mil tar 10 rap./, nil t?? If tw lulliil a* out of tho r??? Mm H<> >1 tin op? n iln nWnifii h? tai to ho jw-l^ad by th?t, and > ) 'I at alogo If ha aara tin* iiImi aiaatwra that a?or ili i (I to bad right* hcra ihat Wit" ait to to tilm tn bi bIhi anil uIlium hit *ulltjr pwti(i|p?ll<>a enuld l? dnllncllt an J email/ uiau.i out troiu tna atlr ditici- hi- >h. uld ha ari|iiltloii I ha ludtfn. afn-r n.n^ furtbrr (on iiwiti upon Iho ! ??' oonel ul?4 M t<nl< w* - "I c Ibia ea?o. (tuiMaoion, iatm / >tar* hand* If you I an am duuhi at to thi- * unt ot \nj or all?I Ihiwo prtaaiior* than la lb b?aa?ulawb luimif ?f t ha law pl>a lIn m iho broattt of i bat doubt a it a*|iill tbiui . but It tholr p?rtlol?ailii? palpably prifrd b/ iho traiiun ti). a?d >uu tail ta flutiawa r.ilu< t -!>? lMtl/ Ji u aouid lharrhj ?! la a your du'y a? jmu" I tl>' ii-Bd?f It t? inu alib Him conflation tlu?t It l? ia ' ho l* of i tll|htrbd and Impaitlal map and far %h? uptlpht d.tebarao at tho tra?t eoaim>tioU l loara y..? to your C'biain.Ba ana your country * "ilia jwtj r?-tir-il and afar an ah ??'# af ah-at ihiro bulla ratui - ad a t wrulei ?? (Ully a^blaaa ad <4 Ulr d< (andante 1 bay ?1U ba taU'tr <l ibi* aturaia^

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