Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1849, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1849 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD, j rtkWMt corner ?t PStlton and Neaaau iU. | J AMRI OOKUOR BIRIITT, PROPRIA r<?H AND EDITOR. ABUSK* EM* TBIS EVENING. BOWTRY THEATRE. BowoTy? Piiab?o? Raa Bot. BROADITaY THEATRE. Broadway?O'Tlaaaiqaw awb ?m? MAi. n.k? B<? ?? Co*. NI BIO'S OA "DEN, Broadway?Maw or tm Wouud? Bohmk k T> N-u?. Bl ETON'S THEATRE, Chamber* itreet-A*?od?"h? Isim'iiim- How to Pa* Youa W AtHIBWOhAK. K ATION AT TR E ATRE, Chatham tqnard?Txa Iw*iwdiB1.B0? klllKl El L?K?.? OO Dl 'I. HNA1. 01 YHIMC THEATRE Broadway?Pha Diatoi.o-- NaBolfon'W UI.B C?'A ai>?Emcma-. TAO I*LE. MECHANICS' II ALU?Chuhtt'i Miwctrei.*?TATASC Bvhcai r? En wioriAN 3in(.i?o. TA HKK NACLB?UHAII VBCAI. ABB IM.TRbweiital COKGAfcT. CHINESE MUSEl'M, ?:wlwdw*y-Fr*m t A M. to 10 P. R. *-? . !A?I Law and Ordxr Vindicated? All the Alitor Plnce It Inters Convicted. After n tiislof nearly ihree weeks continuance, * in opposition to every siiecies of legal obstruction, the Court, the Public Prosecutor, and the Jury, in the ruse of the Astor PIhcc rioters, have nobly vindicated public l.iw and order, by a verdict of guiliy pronounced against Judsun and all his assoCttiies, caught in ihe riot of the awful night of the 10ib rf May last. Jadge Italy's excellent charge to the jury, together with the eloquent speech of Mr McKeon, will be found elsewhere in our ci lnnins. The jury remained on! only two orthrce knurs, and the only question could have been about whether certain of ihe younger rioters should be recommended to tin- mercv of the Court, or not. This is a moft noble and dignified resalt. It gives confidence to the conitnitiiity, in the majesty of the law and the march ot justice. Wt arc not surprised at this verdict?none will be turpi i-ed. In fact, we do not see how the jury could arrive ?t any other conclusion. Of the nun Judfon? who has fur some weeks published an in famous rheet, printed nt the Tribune job office?it rrnt di tinctly and positively proved on tile trial, by evidence * hioh whs not in the slightest m inner impugned, that he whs not only a rioter himself, on the melancholy of Muv last?a night which, wh?n t< curied to in ilie- future, will he mentioned with a righ by the friends wnd relatives of twenty, five eitiy.r lis massm-red in the street?hut that he armed hinnelf, with coolness and premeditation, for the | urpose of taking ?n active part ia whiiever int occur; mid, in addition, incited the reckless and unthinking portion of the mob, by an appeal which affected their patriotism and national feelings, to violate ihe law, Hnd to join, in a moment ?f excitement, what, on reflection and consideration, their judgment would repudiate. It ia such a |>eiM!ii us Judeon, as the ringleader of those asst* I'tnied with him, on whom the condemnation of the oi tonuit ity and the severe sentence of the law should be visited. The law has been vindicated?the course of justice hi s been vindicated. Ilut we still inf ist in declaring, that the authorities are deserving of great blame snd c ensure, in not isking measures in due time for preventing such iwreohs as Judson and his cotidutois front proceeding so far as they were allows d to go, in bringing about the dcplo. irnir m< c?r nuninn inr. wn cn inm aninr* tnnete ni^ht witnessed in ih?* streets of thta mi'trcpolis. Rut they rtid not do en, mid when the rontenintiMe dispute between Forrest and Macready. |wtroni>ed hv those who, with Washing'on Irving, eipnr d the famous card, was permitted by the m h>eilitv of thou* authorities to reach the f int which it did, end to resolve itself into an ifsne whether .lud-on and his associates, or law and order, should preva I, we cannot but re jeice that the hitter have attained the victory The conduct of ihe city authorities on that occa ten. and of th? ir instigators, was criminal in a very high degree Judson and hie associates are convict# d at d will he punished; hut the hlood o' th# ttin< c< nt jwrsnns who were massacred on fh it melancholy occaeion, Mill cries for satisfaction apini rt the city ant unifies, l>y wlinee folly, weak* se> s, and imhrcilitv, under the Instigation of vain, sillv no p, the riot was allowed to proceed, from a quarrt i hitman two ini|?KK'iii playactors, to a tn c< dy of blood and wirr?*. U'r rejoice hi the verdict in thine***. We have pood rnrot to believe varum* m-an? were adopt* d hv unptincipb d perron* to induce the jury to hrmt! iu ? verdict of acquittal, irrespective ofth* e*tin rnr, Ht-d vt ithotit rtpard to the if'tilt of the panto* on trial All rurh attempt*, however, failed. md the jury have diM-harped their duty in a fitn, hoimtnM* and proper wny. Let the full ptit.iihfiient of the law now fall upon the convicts. Every rt o*'deration of justice and humanity call* for rut h h t t?nr*e Tn* CrsitiM Hot *a anh rtt* Ou.t.toTon ?Ths eml<er in which Mr Mt*we|| and hi* movement* ill the f'tWnm HoUite me epoketi of by the ((real tndt of our uierch ?nf*, h* well a* hy the hulk of the woik't't' tvhijr |at|||ici?ns of thie citv, wsuld booM pteretit a HP a-1 I" the ambition* spouse if Sorr?ite?, wht. *C'titled all d-tt l?>u<. mid jtart of tha tirht, too. We never he*rd eut:h bittern*** e* hitoied against * iriblie offv-er f >r his conduct dutmit ihr l*?t fiw months, a* we h-nr (-rp"ed towards Mr Maxwell, by both of those eliens? the merchants Mod lite ultra whig*?in feet, w f?o? ultra ?hij!? What i* th- meaning of ?.II thi?T Mr. Maxwell b?f hetrtsh iv -loot! remarkably well, as a rmri of tale Pie, m H< iitleman o| integrity?rather Mlitf. to t?e sine. m bi? ins oners, hot current ta his ot <mU ? |siii i>tiiir in hie *?)( of don._! 'h'tigs, hut |U*t and ?'i ridt i?ti in hie conduct It u? sold thu' the ir?ne. ml *? pi || III the C'll-li ill III' me b.i been distil lled b> ? "je.W.r bell ml Die throne, grea'er thst the throne it>etf " We h .ve b 'en lot ' ul I tint roil Mr. M u b hinirr lf h*? n "out ed, th <t ?ruhrr Zip h?i'i llnrovfr, thr ('i/tf'/uP, ?i <r (Jr+tr.%1 r\lr''W, <le /'?,,/ rtrt < f the I'*i'f't Ata'rs, rtulrt nnibr wit Of} refra<wis i* tbr avtr i'o k fart mi // m e o?ilaM li tissriits in -nrti, rtn'T nf it sp tp( is/.urnft ipi.t'h )io,ni siit lie ?'?ree./ Ni w, it i- ? !l k> on (hat the itr-'st hit'k of the r?i?|ji "iH-t 'i'iBtetitn 111 the Custom ll"'t*e hyre to pi rn-f*. (ion, i'l?.??? of |j entirely unknown to our lie t? fient- . nod to the working whig i>?liti? ctei'P of lh? y?r< n ut itsy. About fourteen or fifteen ?f rb- li'tod r?d t mm of Mr Mererftih, ^vretar/ of the T n rut), h .V- t>i i?ed situ si nets in that Pstetiliel ii ot r-wn ler favors, imd in a similar w %, b-\t- hff ?-* ii?l?*d ? > lb* fiMii'i"* of l.r lii'iii-n, lH?' lt?r liml)", mill |o V-v tH>1 > ibi'l"1. ' llllf'1) lllt'l !! <* I 1(1 lh? (I, 4<*||t HC liu riM'f 11 ntMi:hm>li> mid (Kil4ivi<n> ta<>ll?ety in I < ?, *'bl> llcrf ha" %??* *?i a ? v *!?. ittioul r?j:..rd in (iru)i' ii-iy or ^ it .ujr. in i?n lnyirt*, llinr h .n nlwi b-rt| .. g-ntrnl n.nt >ia''H-ill ?d i'ium i w iiIimui cia'in*, *i'b "it <| ii?Mf < ? *, 'it with iioilm I; t<i ffC'iiiiwi'l th''ii it *t ih?t liny irrll'f titan, nr aivt|i-wn, ur aib^'wine cma* di d wilii m h w lainiiirn *! , diriof ill* lint i?r?-iii\ hnif hiok' b diiwn, bv itifir n#a 'in^rufii iiCf ni.'l nii>iiiHiinii>-iii?i,i Hm |trn>Hi ri''-* of wmh n? wh'gv in lh"> rit), h itn t>* ? < an iiiki |i'ttnitrtd an w?'ii* lilt dmii -alt I a nil wnfi* turned mil Thi nun li una, i" 1 H-ian, h-d in unf of liiitutiicr lu tin* Cuniii'ii liminn, and ill" iii-nr np|iuit ini*iiit ? ih-o f*' iWWini ii' li -? b-'i-n to riw nad m> miinrnnt u tu |iiier grr il iM^fdnicai* w tin way nf bui-binnn, rnti'mif n? n, ? h mni'in'M ' in ilu Crllrclnr iiikj ' If, (win to ft ally a ??-ii?.!ili? n-nn ) an tw llir 111 irfi mtn wim nntl'T from tn?* fiin%ar.i-ra In f.fci, liy nimm ani-rnt in(ii|?'ii-n of oihnf, in nj?. f?.?nn n n -willlolhi (/ iJei-tor blUrlf ? l.? |hn Pn mc'nai i'| itn< IJmii J ,Smn? lb On*nit li m ? *1 Ki w Voik baa U fu ceuvi r' 1 into au ai?in house, for the relief of broken-down families, and I all coaneeted with them tor the last quarter of a I ceutoiy?men entirely unknown to the present race of active men, either in busiuena or pontic* How this influence can he traced in tea neadstream, we know not, but we shall endeavor to try. We raiher think that Win II. Seward has a pretty large finger in the pie. and we shall endeavor to pull that finger out, ut our leisure, and diaaeet it | for exhibition to the world. Mr. Meredith, also, I has a finger there. Excitement and Hissino at the Bkoadwav i Theatre?The Right ok Whono of tiik Marj tkk.?A series of incidents have just occurred at the Broadway theatre, which hive been since growing into importance bo rapidly, th it if the excitement continues much longer, Hudson will uwuk? some line morning, and And himself famous. It is by incidents (we have duly recorded them < very morning, hi our theatrical column,) lie qui lities of all great men are developed. It w is by | uu inridt nt, ihe meteor Napoleon, who duz/.led the I wotl.l, (iret attracted notice, and but for wtiich he j might have lived and died in obscurity Asm it. I tern look at present, Hudson has every chance of i he com in if the Napoleon of ihe Irish drama, casting i the memory of Power himself into the shade, .itid | that by u means so simple, us not to be above the i capability of a well known aquatic fowl, of the I genua anser, domesticated among us. Koine wis saved by the cackling of geese?wi 1 Hudson be elevated to the pinnacle of fame as .in Irish actor, j by the hissing of geeae 1 We do not mean toco, n! pure with ge?se the intelligent gentlemen who , hissed him, hut what they did, was really so harmless, and so easily performed, that any goose j could do it. Yet, this hissing hns been a very ancient custom ' among men, to give expression to their criticism, I ! We find it mentioned in the Bible, (Book of Kxe. j kiel ) "The merchants among the people shall hiss at thee.'* In the theatres of ancient Rome, it : was considered so much a right, that the hissing of actors, and even actresses, off the stage, was a i common occurrence. Take an inatauce trom the tenth satire of the rirst book of Horace " Nam satis est e<|Uttem mthi plauders. ut amlax, Conn nipt Is aliin ex|>!osa Arbuscnla dixit." Ilere, we Bee that the actresa Arbuscula w.iB | "hissed iff the stage" (txpiosa) by the people, and fomented lierecti wnn me appiaus*- or me aristocratic frw. We have the authority of no leas than Shakspeare himself, for saying the custom . prevailed in his time. " That, of an hour's afe, doth hies the speaker," and again, in the " Merry Wives of Windsor? Mr*. For.i, ?(Jo tell thy master 1 am alons. Mr* Pa*e remtmher V'l your cue. Fir* Fuk.-I warrant thee; if I do not act It, his* me The usage has been continued down to the pre| sent time, in all civilized countries, including France and England. Perhaps this country is about to make a long stride in the inarch of "up|ier ten" reliut nient, unit abolish the plebeian cusI torn llut in European nations it haa been hither. to regarded us a prescriptive right of the people. i The question was raised a short time ago in England, when it was settled by the decision of a court of law, in favor of the sibilants, and the man who atti mpted to put another out ot the theatre tor hissing, was declared guilty of an assault. In that country the late ol a play, or ot an actor, m decided by hissing, and both are treijUsmly driven of]' the stage by this npeciea of popular criticism. I' is not very Jong since we m* the yrimn donna of the Grand Opera at Puna nerved in the name way, and the police joined in the explosion. The exercise of the right hy Mr. Forrest in tne case of Mr. , Macready, when acting Hamlet at Edinburgh, is too fresh in the minds of our readers, to be forgotten. Fad taste as it might be in a rival actor, yet it whs hi Id to be his right, and he was not arrested by the police, nor ejected from the theatre, though national pride was involved, Macready being the great tragic acior of the couatry. la there less freedom of opinion in the great inetrojiolia of the United Slater, ;?ir nre/fewe "the land of the free 1" There are, however, two tides to the question, and the right niual be exercised under lair luwiUtions. It must not be perverted to the wautou purpose of interruptios and giving annoyance to those who have paid their money to hear a play, it is illegal to form a combi latiou to lnaa an actor, right or wrong, with the malicious intention of injuring him, damaging the lessee, or gratifying the I wnhes of tome rival. But to hiss spontaneously and from eoaviction, is just aa much the right of any spectator as ii is to a|>pUod, snd hv< h-en established from time immemorial. To interfere with it by violeuce, is something very like tyranny, nnd the tyranny is the greater if the ariticiwn lie just, as it would seem to l>e in ihe present instance. We presum? Mr Molnuy did not want to find fault w nh the acting ot Mr Hud-am, but only ta express an opinion upon the e* iggeratril character of u rd nr in the play of "O'KUnnigmt and the Fairies." It hue been long a etih ?ct of complaint wuh those who best know Ireland and the, and have no interest in misrepresenting them, thit tie.nly all tin- Irish pluyn tint have been written sire either caricatures or gross misrepresentations. They ate composed, like rnoat of the histories of Inland, for the cockney market, and any thing is swallowed greedily hy John Hull thai makes poor Paddy ridiculous. Irishmen, too, of ial-oi, are f*-". A mIio imixlor tt\ (In* ilsMtf.i Vfr-ii ?ttti r?*.*n " r-- r ihrir rrwuirt in ill* avians* ot tl?* Itondon andiuior* and n*wspa(i*r critics, nnd hi. what i? fur tlioi* Mi tiki hiiI mi, |miuii?U MtrrllnK Tlirw ilrmnm hnviif had m lUicTNful tun in London, arc tint introdntrd bfre; and if an Irish Kriitl*inuu or an AtlirrtCin, aim ha* ?**n Irrlsiid aa ll la, find fan It wuh an) (Million of th*s* r*praacaiaiioui, Mir*I) ha lia* a naht to )(ivp ntl*ranw to his srnItinei.t* wiiliiiut liaiup ? ipo?*d to violence Wh? n Mi Mol? ii) wa* voiok out of Ih* thaatra, ha raid, in th* mod ini|m?aiotiad tii?nn*r, tlut 11 was a folt,* <! lib* atom, for ha waa horn on th* spot !a|d ihr ?**ti*, and km**' it arrII. Hoi wh*m*r ha wa* Cotr*CI or not in bia 0|iiulori. HI altar a not. lli? right to liira waa Miidonbird ; lor a > what a dinlal of Iliif* nv'il Hi old Irad to. If |w*nff Promt* noil, of th* aim* opinions with Mr. Mnli it), Iwd rtio J li) him, ha conid not h ve bt i n *jr*t*d without bloodshed, pnhups loss ?! lit*, at d Ihu' in lit* p**?? oc* ol a v*r> Urn* n unbar ol Indira, v ho poll .LI) would not rs' ,,* wiib<>ul iiijiti) ih*loa< lv*a. Su^mfr nwtiwros-6, v I. i It is ipiin j om ibl* t d ?u?* L ll of <n inlinioe (tllial with ll.a otliar b?N about lb* 111* III* ol ati ator or a pl?), > i>d if ilia waltrf i uttljr to la daIt imttitd I > cur |>attj puitiij; lha oihrr out < I i.ta hot,**, Mliat lilt u, W? ark. Would ha III* ?n...... ? VL i t f|. ? r i.i hIu ,i f" T T ' - " 11/ J ?' ? ww "... f ?itr ?? Mmtig iIm ir iJi?y wmit.i In*. mU) dtvntir mch oth.r, I k?* K lu'mii (Ml*, nil.I tlirri* nn?ii!it t?f uoihiiiif h ihii llif tnl* I lijHi'nl lore, whm difn m ir4 iym CM''1 ? i ii of u.nrol w.?knr.*, hihi wfiurht ?r?rf l? tiMrwd tn. It * t-i-f-tiior tn*? impr?i(n-Tl/, nul > > H III?Jicm>U?I> , ? gtfiM.r (Miii?inn<'(ii v in in u.r.uil ii | ii 14 hioi thiiii ihi* ofw^ni-liiiin il?Mi?i'l ik*. and > <.? Tllia in n ilfnrii ill | Mil' iti. Ii MM M III! li lt'* Mint'M Mil lif ? ni.i.ft .trh (in ninti?kcri, la li.tliU* in ti? m iu i xJ i li t k.MiuH, ti.d inj?i.fbii' tor all Jf c u??v , Mil lif" I a it .1 ti i 4 ii i I t lit nlilinl i|.t Id r< ti 'p t ? ? ?-f thr IruAtt, .f Mi- ot.iipluTnit p">f?iting' >' lull <! ll.? I ?4!<- r.n*?-? * t Urn f-rrrt >4 i'ir i?bi ani t?r utr n ur ?iliiDn< ? At> A' Hi not Ui>u%l tl titrD' ' <1 id i ical I> icn I'ftihff li(? n.u?li iomi ?1 g.o-.,?i ntutiar I f tbblMt A nit, 11 I hi* nrriVHla i ihn A-tnr, Wa niitna Jiii. 1 li'fin, f>f !? ???, ti.*fKi* in W ik>(<<i, a'mI tt.1.' iu< Aiii'i-itiifiti* tut* 'f'l ill lit I.r/or, I. .ll/l!fl ' I lull (iii iii ill if till iii* lilt m - I if ha 1*1 r , i* ('. it, u, ciuirifiifiieis ?'l iM'ifiiiniittdl.-|ii>* tint a, hr vim ibuuctd to rttara Luum. PiwUitant Ml|>lar?*|>*l CoHV?lttl?H< thiku day. 8kft. tl ?The meettug wit* opened At 0 o'llotk A. VI . with prejer*. the II'th Hubert Sh*? and \ H. Cartridge officiating At 10 o'clock the I're-tdent took tbe ebatr. mid the *?r*i?ry read ih- minute* of tbe record day'* prucetdingi. a lid went through the other pr? lloL'tr arie* lie*. Ur Titiiii offered the following report of the oi uiiuittee on the 3d article of the eonaiitutlon: I he l,i uvi utinuetuill b* composed of tbe officiating Crn-b> ' r* who ere regularly admitted aud eeltlrd in louie church wblob shall either hare beeu In uni-<o with IhlH I onveulino lor at least our year. or else -ball he tbe owuvr el an edltir.e tor the pulillo worship of Almighty tiod duly ooi.reeraUd, or ready for tnio- I eel ai ion according to the order of the Pro I teMm t Kpiecopal i hurch in the United St*'** of | Anu r i a, or who are employed a* uileetiiuarlr? under tbe dm olinu of ?bo oouviunou; or who are engaged ae pri terror* or instructors of yeuth in Home cnl-i(? academy or general remitter? of leurutag. duly incurpoiaird and Hiluate witblu this dlones* ; uud of lay delegate*, not eiceedlnir three from every ruel ohurcb to be chosen hy the vintry or by tbecoiigreaa'.oin No perron who I* a candiuate lor hoi* orders sb.ill bs eligl Mr tht lay delegate tu the mnvi ntinii lint do oil ilia- I ter. <>r chui"h who, or which at the adoption of ihla aiticle i* entitled 10 it aeat id I tie cnuvriit inu, fhitl I he exctndid therefrom. by rra*on ol the alteration of ibe tenner lid nun loot the cou-ti'utl <u provided In the cim ot a mlnla'tr he couituiinlu ihe rume pariah with ahleh he nth connected at the adoption uf thi* article " llev. Jnattra Wr*?KH moved the noat ponement of the consideration ot the motion until the time when a bo Imp ehould preside o??r ihe eoliveuthiU Da. am moi? moved an itidetiiiite postponement. Iter I)? lleiht proposed the Pillow log resolution as an aun dt nietit ot t he nonet It utioo?l it ?t the inn (^article of the oniittilutinij baiepealed and la place thereof the following be anbstituied :? " The convention eball be ooaipoeed of all clergymen In good standing raimutreliy reritlenl for time in the diiH-eae at d ot lay uiemhera ciiusifltog of not lit ire than Ihiee delegates frntu each church I it litou with the convention to he cbuien by the ve try or congre pal ion. ?uch dehgatrg to possess the t|Ualltioatlou* for aunihelon to the huly oouimuuion, pre.-cribed by the ruhiie " 'J he Key. Hector, In apeaking to hlf resolution Raid, ' though he war not oppnred to the motion made by Ur. ' Vinton, the nay before yet it wan a ijiieation of great delicacy, and ho considered it one tor the higherlegtalallve body of ibe church. He thought the exciusl in of lay men undsrthe clicunisiaucea which had been propi red, favored too nmeh of purl tan tain. I?r Amnios withdrew ho. motion Mr W It Hiiieiaim In the course of hli observation*, raid that theie shi U'd be some a-surauce of the viabiniy of a church, before the members were admitted, in older that reprereniativea ebomd not come trom eonm "mtinbrooui'' cburen, the existence of which might not be of long duia'tou lir IIimo wae as auxloue an the h*n gentleman, for the exclusion of deliga'ee from "luui-hrooiu'* churchua, aa be nulled Ibeui. and had lelt a blank in hia amendment, tul tbe time the clergy thould he resident lu tbd do ceia. prevtotie t\i I heir auusissioii to tbe couveutlou. i lie Her. vv Hii titiunn and Ur McYtcxaw next addiei-edtbe meeting The Her Mr. V*v Kmc* suggested a modification of the atnendnient. which would, perhapa. meet the vieaa ot the reverend uiover?he would propose to refer ITU* N> k 1-pt-riHI r*'UIUJKbru IU rr|j'il U() 'u <. vol. ci'Utriitli n. bin all other qtiertloua of Ihii ualure he j *i uld nioae ehould ne poaiponed uutil vucb liuiu aa a . Li/hop ebuuld prefldeovrr Ibern. Dr. I at i ok. in -upport of ihe report of tbe commit- | Iff. raid be ? > mh? that dmouua. unpledged una, would not be anxlou* In proud pr**uuiptiou totana part In lb* making nf flu <r law*; Iw tur? that no young man pr< p*rly imbued with the grace of oonflrBitlli'U iiiiibt to ilefire it I'lie aim-iiuuieut of uta Hi imi nd bioiher did net meet thia dilhculiy aoiue remedy ought to be applied to the abo*ei to WhlOb tbey weir exp? fed Iu allUfion to clergyu?en who bad not paitobial rurea be raid tbe runagate* continue in ifainnfU." t*ith there view*, tbe committee made their report Hou 1V1 r. Jet next addreared tbe meeting. Her iv r Cox raid, aa there waa murk Important bmli err 3 el to be done, be woujd inora that tbe whole Ot tbia ruhjret ley upou tbe the table. Tbe nmiion bung recoudrd. was unanimously agreed to Tbe Secretary.then read the report of the committee of lire which bad bem appointed to recouMruci the hiterti i aiy t i manlier b) Which It appeared that they bad named the Keaerenda It i,og. J ti I'ayior I. | balei. I. Jonca. W, Hicbumnd, and ot the laity iteaara. , C N Ito|anil, Strwait Bronn, VV A Spruce, K W. Dunham and t omeliua Dudley, to form auob couiuilt' tee 1 he Hf? Dr Ulnar r. called betore the meeting the ' rendition wblrb hi laid upou ihe table ye*t*r<1av 1 he Older Of the day bring cabeil the Secretary read tbe preamble In page *6 of the journal of tbel-ouveutloo, one par rage ot wbtch ran ihila:1 b beret* thee eau'UtMta auit cairo.iuf the ehareh glee tc li' rem ly IribUMl lie pa am. o Hi ii PMait 'to inake maty aaliar tvr the uf nun and tc pnnlrh rh* ii.noeoat aim r with the guilty m, in tlua nay la deprtre. h<r ao jo lip i11 a lbroniiiiv it p^rou. n dm >?:??<< ??? >.r n^ut cf bavin? U f ?? riicoa of i;? o?n bi?Ci'*p, And Lhu? to deft I > il tt uiiHt-ttii tqua tt> amI iiti'ip*?not*uom are liiirtiiMd to ?\er> nu u.??? r of ur icele?i?iiicf| eonfedtracy. A i U II rourluOtil with li t Hloeiun :? 11 i?, |ht retire, rneivtii, 'I I n' the Miuditf ComnittN ef tl.? Nt w York I v itr<|tupv*d t? prfiuni, furtiiwirh, 0 k(ldi??it< the ttoiiMj of tSmto|? MkiuK t^riii to terminate at w ? M>a*?<if aimpauvo n u flic ad hv thnu upon the Kip In h?t b. T. Ondnwonk; or, if uupr* pared to do ihiv, and tMukii a 11 o honor and purity of ih?ci*ur?h not vet aulHcitbli) vibitittftcd, to request latii >u apovity on whkttvruti. or at nhat tinie, id ?*ti !'?us|>en*.ou aha I uenae. 'I hf h?-f Iir V?oH??mu. n hw on riniaa to ?p**k lo ilia ra??t|Mii? u at* i with tnvami iulrrr?)j<ltti? demaod' it K Hint hi would ?|>a?k tr? u? ? hn centra of the ffiurnh, MiU tlmi. in fnilii f their a'tt ini mi to tba preamble till r?M>lutiou nljirh had b?an rand by tha ' 'ec rotary, I ?n 11.1*1 at a Ml OKTI* UiHan lumn rrm?rn? * > ** i?i*iii their t?iiviii. a* ibitrn t*?(l b**u couir uitni^pr** f cur Ion r^i^cnuit them. but antbej had b?ro b*d.?ra 1f?* in* infer* (?f the r?uiv*i?ti<>n for oa? \car aud M tl??y i to hi are d the mii*pit* truth hrdid nut hrlhv* that *i-> tidt?ido*l ?i uld au*r hi* aplntou fr?B auyihiii^ If <-?>nid i?> H* anf ininufd. therefore i*? i?a** it Bith? ut debate Hut lil* fiiibd ftuai rialtf (Dr. Mirffee) h*<| ruyyeeted ? mbfUlaiv which bi* (l)r H ) ?m liltl y in llr ?*|t b?*f??r, bound to *Ul?. ih?( tin- |,i ajubi* and rtvolu'i? u "ffr creature* of hi* u?u he ore a Him up It* hi atudy kiBh uayi b for* r h* la#t < < iii?kitvB nh??m ife aid or ni^ir??ti<?u of an? feu |t Uiih ttiani ft* ife-ir ebararbr It had h>h tfce tuna'* d- rat# ind**d iu hold tai??u*4* that tl f) ci'iiiaty ku< uetr*u* pr? p ??|t| n? ai d ar* iu*itt>u?; that ihr) *r? lib* a ball ihr?**u iuu> tbl* buui>? to blor U|i lhr rnt*??*iilh*D (I ao^h M ) l?r 'I Atiu* d <1 u-i oei ilo t haviof Mtr aal<l my u-rh ib*i | If hr ?atd at*)thu?|C M ihr hind It arovid tau btrli a " b? I ell v (I auabtrr ) lir hH?t*nia? e?i>iltiurd^ III* friend* ba I b -en Infla t>c*d uiMr b> ?t*lr laa^iaalb u thau their ayra. thrlf ar* or tl atr Muderetaitdi -r tbonii'i b? endeavored to ?vii? 11 at p auibh- aiiii rr*?dtti|na in *o?b t*ntf?ia<e a* lb* it Id hr tit'dri*t?w 4 . and he hfiir%tt(i that t her* #a* i??t (b* |?m pnritim* that aattiid b* ? **rihru*u or?<>Bir* tarl< Ml, aid bAtiurr aa* ?? aijt t l?a* l* tbrr?* b<tt??*~ tip at |*frrrtd It I hi berfc ra ti llial Mm nnomih ed bjeuf of ill* ui a ar Ibl fnhiailnti td bhbt>p Ond* idmit to thn tirr rlrfft** if |t| *fdM*np*| fllk.*tM?0? a" bteh'ip of hi a \ ? ? k hut he %'tylhuM d term of 'ln'ii'b.ibrlV a life h lib friend Iim.i plv*ii 10 f h|* pre n.hi* a*d rvHitluflovi. fit mat *?mi? and ohtvalr.oia M'iftt of * bich h* fiad *? ahum,* $ aahare ami h- (Dr. 8 i in n.urh aUu tr*d, hi* friend murt pare been <i?e IIIt y b|n u (lie mbjriit of r p??u'aoemi* r -ru h.|*l oiti at tha t'l. r. tf i- ii* f tf+rI and m* *urii iul*?rei c* can ha dt??ii fi* tn thriii that to* ra*totaMoa of itnfi< p ?#od* KtoRia I* the i bj? i t in tow It ha* a higher ana If att th# p* r*?'t?al hot.or or p*r*tmai ruhu nt Utah p i ? 11 il ^ tikif ih?i ua.toi i imai*- limit h%H brt i? O *>. >?? it iu?> % m| tit* ii ifMihirit Of t*f jilt imp ?r ttijii ii.?p? *'f tbni Mhtfi#.' hr nuuiii ?4jr |mi b?rg. Iiui tt?i pflt-flo V|*?*n ill- in nj-*n * f Now I ?? 1, hi l*i<t ??u tlifj ml I.m i |u f?I ill ft Or* I*. it. yth I ?'Ut?r*t.? Ihut - bad m%'lw a mi*, tali ai d lit- %1-hHi to *it#? ib?ui m. ? |*t octautf y . f Vtr1il)>| I 1; M?al to lr?l >r* it tbf of Vt?f >ol ?! ju>t tip hi* If t hf I ? a? ?.f MiOittf** ratMi?( d?* Jii?ti?>a to tl<t rhuictl %Ha*?tit |uui lnu| II *r* *f < tf , . to* i I . ?f? In la f*? tr? ?? it if hfi if. It ii in f intty |* im <ya tlxi u p?* *#? ifttait Ham an ? tut. or rut r*tu. it 11 h l? y y ia. if In * th-.a*! a -all* r f hf h ?ff? u?1 i?Mit| li tticili'iil l-y m i-l? "K tb? ?tat>j?tiCoi+ nf I'f tf'fcirt? Im fit? Mm i;t f tli? ii f?-y I tbf folio*!** pr'tnb* and r? m ty ? y * b b*t?a? tbf Hon f of liUh p? and fht Mm-* of f Iff rti aid I ay I ?pMii?p i?t h? lianoral '?Ufwy*i'?a tf If til o il ? ?4 -? ? itt t ft* atiM ff llooiita ? * V ItiMttr fbr |-? ?n> id 'tMp.n l 'B fhall N* 'nlll<ft? m i h 'h p I r?a O i.f #?y?*a In thi rhurei, II* a. yi* rrf t + ftp ' n ?? al fffiim or at aiiat tillM ?i y |fi.yi') al ail ?' Mt?l V It* i a 11 f ?it r-f mi n ?Jt.*-* ??n i f Nn \ otk b*ry b-M Iu* a Mm Int.* tiflfit' ff oi?*lff thr ifl-th II i?i l??b ii *ia il ct*!gy of in# fiiM-n to prut ui ii fi.M.?r 1b.ta??ta I but tb* *?yn?tti?y . n tti'l*# bf ra fji.f ab? .1. Ittffiit a? ? ?-' ) * ? * yoilrfM i . toy | . iff M f bt*|t* f??a* ? *'? ' t.Miy to ai pi ru a ti a *->lit ? M' y...y t?i.r*r ih* ? ?*> ??* *m ? i tti? p?. ti i? t p of fi t iK fiat t?f OaT araitabt to thy I in t it i|n fh f*o. t|,-t f?. tit*, .b^fri- ml) haat ? Hi^ lial <1 i f fba ana* yoy? %4 hr >*i??y ir ii y*i?t if at* 4 t* tb# tafy* fyt t Iytra?,l"t? I IMI " I <?i? t i 4 t ina lib tyiayti I * ??p- . * i h* ir ad'| ti?y II ii *t Mti fi.|t?m 11 a Innsyy * t - n.? .it~ < t? iflf nd aa?fi r tt.ff.rwf ?-* ei i* a? OaH>rd*ui ! ? u ? iftftti t n f T lr > I , ^ f 41 ? 4\ " #?ld 11 11 r h ? ?<rt 1hf n<l 1%'t * ? - ? f 1UD1. ni ? ? ?' ?-* t? ?l # IN r?? j cut .1 'I I It l|t? In. t*< |?* ?*?r? ?Ht'? ? ?H JmfgUt* III Ilfr# ?l| 11 4 If f?#H? ?,#. |l.?l|l?f ?h?) d I Iftlf I It I.# ( i 1 nitmiiM C 1 I'f?ft# ? I flrfi Hi* Klfii |f. iL 4, t 1 % %!? M* I |4 f?t ft f? ft M Hi r> tl.i# t-11 I |?? Iq J n? t| ti* t?# nil tor 4 l???r %i ?*f t>? umif.t ih ; '1 l-t tS*? in; hn -f lh> fc i.'f * it* ir? *| ' "i %*!} ?>pt tt ftfef ? ft if ll.f ? ; 1 ? tulbititl) I|?J?|. , 11 tin If* I I ftp- | Ml I lift' ft*r * I I m ' ?n Nil jr 11 ? 9 in* ah4 ??>] r Miimuifti ! 1 1 i?4ft in ftfttMHif 1 t?t 1 lift in * mi 1 lift 1 iii' 11, | Jl ItiftfMl iroftf I f lf##f? rl IM1I1 fti 4 HI In ' Jt Jft II f?r I |. . ?! ? tiftftft I ? ! wrftii pr< > Wiilfl | ill I N Ml ) h) ll 1 b -f 1 1 rtf 1 ft *,?(*"? 1. hr jr? fit It in ftii t n 1 >td-f 1 Mi- | i.#i# m d v*? fc v t?i ii*?t |m I r? f fi#? 'ft , H. nft ?# f ft ? -<1 1 f ftl h- Vg fti III# 4i'f?n 1 Niftft J#mt 1 M?J f N*iH N n i?. m! . #| # ?t ..f |.t? i 1/ fti thi? it nit ml ?i<*bi|'ftf-fci fur liii* t< ?9itibift? I 1 M i*m if-# i? ft oMitiftfJ U n? fh T- ao.f el? rjf | > f l< (! II i I I > ml. HI ' l it "I > "0|>f ill at f t. ,f> fl Itijn in' rt r f an n.iiU f*il It i< ft a tin |<< ??II.HHj > * ? ?- < mi i *?? ?i it., i r mi iii? i<iii? ? if>t r iu?n i|. u ImiwI4 C" fhtin t| *1 ?<j limi ? tftHlic f r.ilh.r, v;4 b-rt III nrl m? tf If- (>m ' I o' 1,1 I y (II ?1h *- It ifl ( ? II ft. tlti ? lfl( I* Illli' rll< ' I |I ?i? I o ' i | r |.i?*t' It lllfh ill' la 1t?lf (t"?tt ItinllN' i| till'i III,'; It, ,ft? IH l<?t'*vj ,|> 'li h? * < , i ?4 'f, | t 11 f 'F I. I* * t?? r# l Hi .i fr?m h r, 'ImMi-i i,m t| m <?')' III il lln Hi < b. ?? f.* I, I I I I,i-fll 1k?ttl?,T hi hul thftb ti-w r?-'? ftr>- rpokit, of, ami tii,ii >i r' > '? ft i(,i*r , i 1 if" - I | i i. ("in .it I I i ii , ? i it 1 fc i> a ri if h. y *a il fi l| j tl ili. inj iff j ?.f lijt-litf f ill |t . i|,I If ' Hlitr te ??t Mp n fiini i'if rt th? ?mlD">it "trsJut miw ji.' m wwe? ?w?u i rayv? "mm who rblelded b) a veil a nounteiiaaee too kMmiw to be rboeu. end l? tit)* matter remain without dleeloalug It fuilber to tbe view. |t?v l?r SnaiiMoou euppneed that having accepted the aubetitule of bia reverued brother. Itw gentlemen who?p< kr laet a a* out of order. In apeefctu* to bla pr>amble end ievolution when tbey were withdrawn. lioctor dMiiH maintained tbat he was perfectly in otder abd be raid ?o on one of tbe hlgheit aulkurilte* In tbe country ? i he Hon. V1r brauieb Jtev I)r Smuiwimid?If the Htah-p be restored, it would be a o* nttiigeiit of a higher ami It might be thatlbei eenlei ee be revereed. end bl-h ip t)od< rdonk Ui.t ri'tie hie fuuetloua lu the (Jloueae of New V ork Hie lUr S ai < bjeol ?a? tbe peaee of the dioce>? If be were a Irieuu o| Iti-hop Onnerd.-ok not- believing l iln to be vent, he Would vote for tbie resolution It he were an em ii v he would v .Le lor it fi>r the nor pon*ot gpttii K I'd ot Mai altogptfcpr ; but. u* hn It i.i iilit-r fin i.a in i flu my. bin ti> at-iuatni an a uipiiihrr t tha ehurob, ilmring Uh rpitut, ppiiop. and pru-ppiity, hi- wi u'u lull* lor It it tbf ii nlrnup wi-iv riiuittml m il iiirliop tli.di i dunk put iu oouiuiuuinatiou with Him Dim pii. i t Npw 1 i.rt. itij (ihf i'uu??niioii) ouultl apt tluibi'lr uau tnattira uiurh brt-tir than the Oeupial Ci liiriiiiun or it v Iii.uif i t nirhupM Ur Mu V u k? i. itatfd. that in thn rtunn ri*?p?*ctlng tin tital i t hii-lmpc Ibri wa? a i ntui umunit anil Hint at i lm lait (ii Lfial I'uu vi-iiiinn tbi-ru * ? |ianrii mw j ram u nctiiyti h lli? minn-on iu ilm prpvt >un rnriou, iu I hat a MUiiiLra uiuli-r it ihoulii nut in fill urn tin 1 pa*n-0 i ii any bi*lup and Hint in panning Iha rp?o|urtm 1 abich aa-hituii] tin* loprtiug. limy wuul.l bn Imply , ? i king iu cariy I-Ullbi* piprpag winliaa of the Uout-ral i CuliViulu n aiid thi* H?u?a i f iti* JnogpJai to mi roa? aud aaid :? Mr. I rnniucat?I bavn cumn to thin eonvantion I aiihitria'. ipIocibocp. and I am bar* inly hrcaua* I ' d aln ti i r I ciiuid rghltuUy dpcliu* tba uppor- j luiitly ot Ipkvii g uiy publir prntfi-t imalnat ttm rnnt ua- \ Hull id an unwuriliy hiahi p i will not drtatu llm nun- . ?f lit it ii by mi pxainti atiuu ot th? r?aulutiuun ti-lurn it. I in r liy a ataipDiPM of tins inaoy ami powwrful ruinonn I v l.ich i think i i.ghl to praviiit ilifir ailuptiun I nuall onnui ? myaplf tu iiij.ii mi ii p If point?tbf opinion gpua- | laity 11 tfituimd by tlie oiuuuiuuiiy. that lir 'udfr- . doiik im uuauitby to piprcinf tbu oliicn of a bishop ta tin church ot liod I bui natmfifd that the judgment ot tin* Home of iilrbop-., wa-i tuubdrd on auiplM uniiuprai in d and h pal UaUim-ny. Thrrvmay, bowp?nr ha out) pipipiil.j who do not eoneur with inn in tliii opinion, and who aitbpr don lit. tb? guilt or balli-co in tbf it hi cfbfp ot t)ia ruapfiidfd birhup but wbatacar may bp ill. ir doubla or Mill tbx taol of tup gruural bad rrputaiii a of L>r Oudprdonk rpaiaioa tbu aauie. it la a nird. irnfuiablp taot. No pubiii: opinion, uo popular clamor. cauyui-tlty ilia judnnal eHQiiMiiiuiition I any mao. without proof ot tua guilt, it i? penally cutain, ibat tbp popular bflirf of Ihr ilim and iihuiotaiily ot any, ia a >aiid aud idrip'tintl nh|?c ion to bia ii i.oloinj. ut to a blgli and n apotisibip olih-n aud ah.v* ail to itin sacred i floe of a bishop Whan the 1??]m A poults aui horteed the appoiuiiurnt of deacons, the bitibrt n ?fr? told, * l.ook ye out uinuug you Sevan ut n of honrrt repor','' and St I'aul,speaking the laupnape ot ih?pirati< u. declare* Ibae a bishop enutt bate a pood report of them that are without. " that is, bo hoar a pood character nut ot the cliutuh as aril a? lo It lir Onoeidonk ha? by lawful aud ra u> nival authority. he> u indefinitely eurpruded from ilia oil ir ot bitbop In the bhurchotU' d Heir therefore, liol no* in Ibat oilier and the removal of the *uitpeorton *ooid virtually be bin r.-appoU.liuent To ?u?h hi anioop other rta-on- i object, that he in not ot " pood rrpoi t " tither iu t he abureh or out of it He oould not legally teach a eotnmou neb<M>| in the Statt of New Voik, because the law rei|Ulre* tile teacher to poaree* a goe-d no.tal ehaiacter. and uou? ul bis Irlttdi. however strongly M.ey may believe iu Inn iuuoetiirr ci old aitb a tale eourclenve certify that he aotualiy

enjoy* tuch a i baiader No female >ch<e>l In Ibel.niitd Slatva would oare to brave publio opinion by receiving biai ae a preceptor Wore he uow a pr?aby le r with hi* pre.rnt character no oieuiber of this couvi niion would tor a momrut thios ot him as a candidate lor Ibe f piteopate But the Wtloee^ee befors tbv Hi uteof BlrhoeS may have been mistaken or pit juivd. and Ihe bit may have aaertrisvd thrlr contee net* to their prejudice* auo* \ll this should at hart be preved b< fore we a*k that the judg> rot i.t be m i a.hie |t in. however, a grievou* mitiake to ?upp<ae that I he evil report again tt l)r. It eie.uetiely l"Ut>Ord ou that juttpmeut. It exitiad bvt. re ibe judpnirut wa- piveu, It would now cil-l, hen t be st urt never attt tubl. d Itle a matte* of ra id * sella* set publio notoriety, ibat ibe Courtnf Blab, p- bad uo jK.wtr to couiprl theallendaoae of wttnetee*. end that various pe-rrou* wers rrquued t? la? tily belore It, and potitiv. ly refuted I he de*ir*d witliet?er wet* women and the deln ate nature or the teetin e.ny r> <| u r i e el uoede i heai and their trie ud< iid will lug mm ID!-) MILIUM IW pUDJffllfU IU a puuuo I u vr I "|)?iou If !>) laliai (t e*u tn plaaad <>u |pnolle rumor, Iba *11 Lt ?<a ? ho taatitn U "u tin- trial ar? not tuba uf tb i?i alio could ha*a bou brought ag*iunt hiu> bj a wiit of cubpoioa bad Lir. Oudaid >uk tbougbt prop*r, b> m ai iiou of tlaudar. to gi?? tit* aoau*ar> an opportunity M | r' viiip Ibnr Iiharurp lu a court of ju?tica I rti. ui) call uaiua bar ladla* >b<> arc raid to bar* bcaa iliiillx b) l>lui lu tha rouui) of Wccl#bcil?r I bara fp< III U alili Iba tailor of oua ai d Ibr liualiaud of aaoib>r. Tbi) ?arc htb tueabaad apatoal ibe bi-b ip. All atlaupi ?ac maiia to pmrui* iba a landaoiia of oua Of iloca l#dOK i? lor* lb* tn>bop?, but lha faibar rafund. Luring lb* daba>* in tbir eoncauliuu ?u tb* riKolutii u dai l?rlng tha rwaloraiion of Iba aUKp*aif*4 blah- p iuaxpadiaiit, a la) d*l*|(*i? iboa *d<lra*a?d ui? : ' It.i. jul) lad I kaoan at tb* itui* ahat pa-a*d lo my cairia^a I aouid bna boraacrhippad lb* lil-hup." Ila d d not lufulin m* *h?t bad ua-aad but I laaroa-l t" I i rt 11 Hi iau) ??i iiif lau in wrni .i.r7 tl ? l?u b? |> riding mib liiin i h? (riitiFiiimi, ft 11111 llun Ibti blthi thu? m?Ii|fiUII) ? 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In ait and appealing to bit Miktr. affirm, tl at Ir (iiidrifli'iik 11 "III " or aau b - a l.ltbi p alltr tlir pat lorn ilitn u> by lb? tu pirtd Aprtb-'A bnl.ip U'U-l b>- biam-l*-a. vigilant. *>b?r. ui a11 d btlmiiif ! ? itiu't ha*r a amid itport of Ui*-ai thai ait alibotil Irtl b? tail Iblu lr|ir<w*b Duea ai>? iiiiiiitirr nl lh? hard ivui brial bna pranral burn Dai tbr entry of M? uama in au tmdunug rtai id aa I ating aotrd for ilia r?ti>raMi'l of tba ?ui|a I dm till I.Up till Iilir ?|j|iii>b lu bit public pray era, li lulrr W kit i lbuffallna* In hull a-a of lifr. nr nag bl'i lanna la hiatal! atmi ralb U tu plan an arc mul ot blr tit aaid Inp * Olbrrr mil do n Ibt) w III to ibtir oaii v a*in ihr) tltail or tail tor aywif I Maiik Biy it'll I la* it lha artloa tbi> aoutnatto* ball bin a tralidal Up' n Iba churab aud ivpr ?i'I| V(ib lit UilbitlFia and irttti * . ai w ratln* t tha I" n l?t id ilit I rd t<> bla piiaiut am purtiuQ of Ilia duaolol rnp.Btib III) a III rati upon utr In t? aaiiatioi kb anhitiiiiail aowa roFitliitluna aad ?I t'l ?0? 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I The iMreti of (he Whig OMTeaOoi to the Cllltena of Mew York. /Bother election ia at hand lu a abort tine yon will In called upon to excraiea tba high prerogative* of fiveB it. Id velveting agcura a* temporary d> p mltorlea of p< Micna >1 .tour anverrign powera Kepreaeottog the whig I* our duty to present to you the lamee i t proper pereonr a* auch depovitnriaa of high judicial and aiiuiiui?irative power. It will be the duty ot otf er convention* to iclrrt candidate* to exercine ! putative functions and you will be called upoo if yiuappM Vethe policy which ha* governed the whig parly ai d the piioriplea by wliieh it In guided to rHtily iiich selection* by the sanction of ilia billot hi x 11 uiay be prudent to refer hrirlly to aouie ol tbe U'l in ore* and principlea whioh we deem at Usui- in (he e< miug election Ttie r.onMtiutiou, or gnat fiindaun'nial law of tlda State. has beau onsenfialli ebiiiigul by i he action of the people th-uu-elves. Ity i) e i iw lostiument which in now the rule of our 'eondiiet. the legislation tu regard to internal improveii i ma ia gnarly re-trictcd and the i|ue*?ion? Id repaid tnthi- Mihject which haTe divided public opinion, I eve been e-iemialiy umdlVd SH'l there ia ro im upon ihie subject for the exeic re of b -lb 1-gi-latire aud ad IMMH 1 a 1VC power upou a UO.II-e di I IK r I1U-I Bi 01 umri w according to t ho predominant policy tit the agents adnitntrtwrrng euob powere The elections held uu'l-r lliln rot'kilitiliou. since tin adoption have given t > ti e whig t atty predominant e In the legtilativo a id ixictitive di partuetitH of thu Statu. We can p out with yrtdr and otnirtdeiice to the mnuner in which tine powers ham been exerpieid in regard to tha inteTi t i g question of into nal improvement*. Thu bowers which thu constitution left to the Leglrlatura ham heen so enrolled as to pr.eer.ute towards c unpletn ii. wtih nil the despatch which the constitution pitniifid. three great public work* contemplated by tl a< itu ti unn bt to be perfected. The dial rust which had be? n art lull) excited ard Sedulously f?tered, lis* b?eu oupi lied fund* whirb bnd loco withdrawn by the unaotht rtxed arte ot administrative agent*, have been rcstrrrd so as to t (Tec* the legitimate purpose contentplstr a hy the constitution The crenit of the State, depieriated hj these who should h ue fn?tered it the most eiculunely. halt been steadily gaining ground, tn in thu wisdom aid prudence which have characterised the admitnsti stlon of tie financial affaire and it bow high, fl'tn and imehaken That, noble aye. trm ot fntirnal improvements conceived with go much sagacity and effecting and promt log so much tor the pineperity of the State, in being prosecuted steadily and energetically tn completion, thu rich revenues which it yield* sustaining fha credit of the State lor at y emergency, end the prudence of thile aindui.-tiatli n justifying the couftdeure botb of thu public oreditore and our own citlxeim Thu euihariasemuul* eraated by the atop la* of 184*2 haru beun ovi-rcoiue, its coinqucut losses repaired, aud th? Ntate placed iu a ciir.i'inn tn go on. without further obstacle, iu the great ai d prm porous raieer which her pocul'ar situatio* hae opened. In this asp-at. our oooiltlon presents a picture which must be contuinptatrd with pride aud satisfaction hy every eltlxeu ot tbu State, rain has In en produced by steady percletauoe In the policy which has heen a leading one with the whig party, and by laiihtuily carrying out that policy by their governnu ntal agents. To what policy dues a change in tha aoniiDietta'ion of our affairs point? Are our ctiisans imdv io irive hack nowur to thuee who have shown a rulriilNl alacrity Id depreciating the credit of the Stale; ? 1IIiIK ue ttmlii ees In tiulwrrifRluK our public work*; ft perverse unwiliinitiieer to conduct them to speedy ai>d prosperous rompletlun? let thr history of the pert shews that there consequences are Involve I iu tUa Irene. We fe? 1 the ninat assured coutldenue thai tha people of thlH Statu are not ready to go baok to tbe ti p pollry of IMi or to nnuimlt great publio interests to b<stile hand*: l>u' tbftt they will rfttber sustain tbore who have 10 prudeutly. wisely, and lt.iibti.llv admlDietere! Its alTaira. and conducted tba State onward *o steadily In ite prosperous course. There in another none of etill greater moment aod wirier rcope rsi.ed tor discussion at the cotulug eleo tion. We elluile to the question of ilftvery. It Is baritl) crtillitent with the priuriple* of that venerable doeftnient. our Declaration of Independence. that those who rlft'tn that all men are born tree aod equal, should bold any portion of tbe human family unsiaiiod with crime to perpetual servitude. to the utter deprivation ot tbelr pereonal eoeial. and political tiphle 1 hie wee tell to be an loconeieteucy; but the rr voluii* n found our b'atee with elavery imposed up >n tluni-an nnliiittrd evil whirb could Dot with prudu re or ift'ety he nt onoe threwo off. These 8tales were eerb eoveritpu end iDdependrDt: and tbe constitution whnh hotiud them together Id a general governliient left to etch of there Steles thneutire audio lependi et rotjtr l <1 thr qi.ortlou < t slavery within ite own a... a... 'I I,. in.... ?hlrh rid t hemsid >mi of this evil Kin ddti nM'tt't-d by tt>*> rei?ult? the *i?d'iui ad policy of *uob inimrK bad no light to Interfere with i hi- pubj' ot id any o'her NUt?. to control its action. 1 Ma hue hrrn and l? now uulver-a'ly nooceded to hilr It ! in.t in>pr< |i-r tor u? to riidntmr to demonmate to the (liiirui if (live.holding Hutw, nod to convince tbem If po*?thle. that elavery In racial *ud polt'lral evil enervating the vigor, blighting the ladudi) paralycng ihe et.mgy ot tb?w S'aiee erhl ih tolerate It? hlle a > tiiiidl to them Id tbe epirlt ot Mndtem by a repaid to our coionum fame, our comnmo *ireog?b hud ur uouimoo reenuree*. to remove that "lileh dl-oiiclte our humanity ud national reputation yet ?? cannot hi any uieaov, do auy act * htrh el all et*rre a rceull to all reapecta ao de -irahla. W i- all f?el i bat ibe c n .promtaea of the eooeiitutloB, in tar aa rtgarde lb" ilglual tt'a'ea are to ba taep-c'ed ai d he'd red But nbru the addition ot foreign terttt'T'. beretofoie fiee to heee I biled State* l? eonten plated eltbei by htioeiatlon or purchwar. we can ?ee i.oibli g id the con-iliutlou of the I'olted 8tatea wbleh pn hihl'e 'he le-l-ting upon onr part, that inch leintory ehould be and eha>l cull one free A due regal u to the Hedann Dial priuclul- wf free g<>veruuirut ? 10 i ur l atioi Kl reputation power sod prosperity ? to the pn Uiptinga 11 houiaoity and juatloe. compel u? to |t?flet that en >h territory eliall not be In.wtrporated Iota the 1 an n aoleee |i le made aeeore egainat tne aurae anil hllgbtof ilavery Kueh a e'ate ot fact* pro ent* <iu>ett< tie concerning elavir>. lit regard to which the robetttDllon in-poere Do rr.uallit" up <n tha l>-gielativc power (I orgre* and ! lr au evident fact thai a very gieat ptepi tideretiee of pnbllo reutluiebt lb the fro# State* I* Id tavor of the ?gereta* o| iuiib power, In -u> h 11 hi ner a- to wrnri the uit.t itntleii of elaverv la euuh Wnilm) lirr|iard lo IliN ^ila-rtlaia In lUrli ri>p?a. lt>? ?l> 1|T (?' > ?'l ibr Itfr Vuut. ua I <1 'UaplrUollaly of llilf IMbu I'(bown from ha liral. lo bat iu far * r.i ti'ihKii III* r ) ttd el tr.; t miiI UQeuviliuiu?tid hj rla'rty lu tha- viiblred Urritorjr Thf raft pt n?d iiatia-m of pa"y b-eana th* aipoin,|p if iko iimul ai.ilniai l of ihr |fr? Stain tod tliriVh-tqioLt acu u of I hat tail) ha> bftu In mil knU' idrndtttr ml la lo ll public rru'lui^ut alali a it fl^ur tlra lia' b a tad ?fic t-nry Tha <ju?.tlnn In thia a|>ri. drat praattlad Haul In e<mia?iloo ?i b lha n | d tlitiam |I of tn?< IIJ or wan frara aao Tl r *?i rrablf ioltu Vruinr; V4aol? vttti' h ri-to pin r N ofy an and p?a oral otlu-r *M( ui-m ??? i a of na|i?o fa i m ihl> aid othar S'?ia> in a Incumant to nhlth lliair signal Ufa* ?ara ?lh*t-d a*" lh? hr*t atlniilir ?ki oil a of lha iw'iil ? us pi ran t ii - n la taoiti.ra fnaiii"! Tub* n d that lu purp>*e ??< to irrurr to law f i tin aid broidar Its-Id I h- ?hl( II aa.bra hilhit i lir Si i anal ItapiMaiilaiiaaa almost m aim.nusly i(i|m>id ihl? projact In all ita Sltfai |i am t.ioall) noiianiiiinafoit hy lha a|auai*t ui i i Iitii u> si tnofi ur fiinna nik In < ampr#-** limlatd. la k 11 ii.mia-r? tram ibi> S'ata 11m- win* party of Mala III ibvll politta al rousa-uHtili* ami otnrralaa, ii ai ifatiaai hostility ft ilia ttia??ura In nil M* staaias 'it | p'i a i ta aaprt ?<aj tiid -uiporttd it In al.uMar ra ayai till"- I b> "to* il l-aa'i' n In Omj s?i, fl a Ib't Mala loltd to'litl lb> auiis-xa'ion of I'-xaa. with i mm ilie tn.nib.r. nf pp ?) |miIIiI?i wi-b (ill* r|rt|i I T'ltxl t r it I pon i In-apprnt 41 >f the C<WMI<<IIM i< at IrlK fothtilni.g wn<l pi.eluding Iha ah< ilt<> ii if ilktiry at cu> future p. rnul the *hlf di iC|cti< n ||< i i pie.r fn in lliln state. tiitwil again-l It; ll'itl I I P Mill *|lk ||| rlrifllllll. lo <tlnl "( ll| cid Ml i lit b> It ?nli c I of ?'Uli1 iiiit b>? brmi ?i t.iHuIti n i lit< htm'i III ilir i|iu kit new liir'i cub-en ijbiii'lj wi ii>*> ii pi p lli? | nnh?- nf territory frmn k < air tli? ? hip i t> "I <ht? * ?<f linn thiiniKlllt t?ll?lli I) .1. 1.1111) klid c< ll??-t<-l|l I) in fW?"t llf luti mi fin ? in In i-. i \i fciini fi In their l"? .!? li?i i?n luili'ii* anu in all forota by ?hmli pilinoal trip e, at. uc. al ? cap * * * Ii It tun tlia< In the agifari >n if the ) ??!|| Ilk ? |t ?.? n' tliw annetalliu uf wlita iitin) a 111it. ii at i'ft ai up ii *i. in iMa H ai? '<11 II I ?> in r<< ?- it by in- ?- blent <tr. Dai'h < > annua Ml law i t fn n a11'? ib ni-.l?.r in la<"i oi ih- e * l?Cimiit elatri) 11 < >tn ^.b'tipi It'll a |i|lri-i t-rrltin) lit lip Ii ill ^wtlma lh? (Ml) ?aa ill*bin 1 n i< ,in li<> uiiii.d -nppifi In Ihe raawaf hiiiinn lit* 'in TMi dirt.I'll up m and rlttl i|n?<. Han aliir r< altai l gfottwiiar three y?a-. ha now ai n tic<n?') h.ei n I'tirl' -it hji a ?ii?n nf kn b ncli ii tip<<11 a lirkat pini.i i< tr lb" one we now pciw in t i<> \ i u T > i iinii d npi n whi tndicatea ?? barbit.i y In pilar pli i?i .pl the ruin tl.lre nor of lint lor ti c i pi II. ' of elfli-e We a "?|l<| Wot a tafljl fn bi ) i'll ll al 111. anion llf < ar ppott. lite <i|? ii a .Ingle I let el biati It tiCii iter) I Pctil) abi| la lltcfllalcM cj. |i I merit ! tin uini" t rairtit I hia InSni'iirr and ahtlli) lunraii tba .aen ial tbenehet *i in. nit U. Iillnc ital tkm I- bnr ?kaa amaimnii rla<* al i' pi a l*. it h'i if tti - clritoiM an |..< I tian i ki l|C. l||. lit the t ?I.||||| n lit llntll) t(i cm I now free, ai it if c ptt mailt 11 III aril) f liuman fier.loa an mil tit* )> . till-tick c ta aacri a-fill aptiarei.1 ac I" toe aratit <1 kca ik) an ill amulet of ilmt party npua lha cat;.aitd latti) Ihe ircuil w(i| b ilMbrkn a l.'eat <1 I I a I itif*i lilac I I t i Mi a 11 If lit* fPilPU KJ b < ! Ill I fl ti|Htillr? ' hit *< uid t?- llft?boW fit Iht hM|t ?if I ui m Imt'ii , axd |'Ui la. k lh? "urnd r(i? >4 tltnl!) ft I III* It? ) ?!* VI tl'p ? W'tultl |I?H a I (t... untrt pitdit t? thai *?filb ? ?f I'dr-p . m n'? alileli I > i |)hhI thi ntml< * k' tltiri) t i n-?|i t"i|ii<ritf Unl'mlti ?? ttll'M liul lliinh (!> ' tiny litm l>?. Iinnil thiii Irutt ill ??ii'tn in( In nulitR nu latin* I I'll, |l i* entfitl. Otiitl ittiktii drilrti; iha ltiiii,i|?. II" i it|tt it a ' ?fi llti j limit hi ratufura itntnl Wt tig Ifij I k (III tltfl" II I I litm M?if In iv-i laiBfiUtp 11 il> i i (ill Pint Bptflhltt la-at lug ih? i-itt mil iii pl ||it?|tih if In in nil fririfitta 'I Hp alia party Inn' ai- at* h* t'fi Pi nt im-l ri>ipi-t?nt frt'tiilaiit iha y > tin i pit" if In aiii lilt- 11 j it. viiiri 4 m thi> yaiim l ( ur an a*' Mat- li??f pi'hat M|i|u>-ptf n* f '?i. piiidtii i n Iip i(uf ?ttiii I hp niitpa tif itirtr aitin anai# ha a hit'* tn lia drat ? ia a of hii'Uia lty i i , fi?ii- ab:t-h li aanlil iakp )r?i> in infiitr. ' it n. lit ?hip p ity "ihn o.i?? b?pu plihti a?a ii'ii m (nth* la lit* mil m i t'tif atdi a ih# p*"i*f uf til i 'do I'J ptTti a " t.?lr ?fi?? al-ra ti*i * at p a hp. I r iii..> it 11 i mi . it iht 11 ai? i f ihla*f a- a-.a a pp? n ail. pi.nit ci'l ii'iPi tl i t In . lint U?) ha?p mi iiiupIi at It. at i I' i 11. In ad a i P" n It i hi a pi flap Hi. if *t*-t * ml pin it 1 li? i yiypa tI.1 a id 'hi- hip ynii, I'ha i|upiti m it i#r a- |i a |'-i d? i ) b. t a i ft" i p11>ii???. la i. n ta ?lurlt) a f pt-*i qn??i i n In h-tl?. in i: i. < i TipiPr* In I a ppar ?a? it ? ddnraia ?n hy 111 I.. xi a It Mi a I h-t (at'ii tli? i ?l Pl? ?i|i. t 'In |.?. jli ami la mr jaUn.?i?i IMdimiil'ti tin 111 *111 11 |.iii I) . ?li l?a ilittimiktllia br i y ii.rt'nr nlu In ib.- pi, Una ?frupt*4 h? Ina Mi'itl iri III II l tliftlll l< Ilk i'i.|.m l|. Ill? m?r? p il <|. t t<|(il' Iti lit* Ftiit* a ijii j. *-e?rr la 'hi- at.i .f ll 111 | li n ulilMitli i'lu-i In i|??l iiwifili nm'Mi; Ik It." jb rl? ?p|-r In. iiiliM'Hr b ii- it. ami lirailit LI- urn 0 jmt? M. kt Irb tl patriml i.i *t Im ill. !? 11 pi al * nim " U it iln rnnn I 1 mm ki. > Vi 'li i ?n?l i|?i li ? II h IM 4* fcf lit- ?. |i. ll i? i a|.i ar. I.. ! ! In H . imtrr"ii i'|it. I l? qW'tiik ?ll? kraal ~i ?.? ?ul *fc* m?>i al iiii k* lii I i I b* . ? iil? pi 11 ? .'i in 1.1 fr,lf>n in : ln? Hi I * m a n.a . i.t. I !. m a . m n a b .It aim i m lo It ikr- r?fit? wltleh urn la Uul) n 4*a Iniu lin It. kll# 11 i ??U k. ll ilttu! it.- it- ? fir slur# ' 1 of tfil? n?tr to' ? that. by their mU?i tnj ytea, tbe welyht of eiWh influence in throeu into the right >ril?- 'hti it te not iu fa?n* of buuto frrmliiB ?n4 the exdurtrn ?f lUo-rj from the ueelr acquired terrif< rea lu the ticket. mail* by u- ? > huee preeeotatS llir unio ?>f amnid ?ii|e. iried ?nd faithf il m-n; thiiy To. inort of I bom. known by lhclr publio "ervteea. wad they ere worthy of your e"Did?in-o; wa ' miaead It, i d pertieularly the ereut prioniplo which it r?orarente. to your approbation and euppnrt; und we trust that tin- mult will b? ?uob ihnt i bu frieude of human fioiiiiu may have oauru for irrutitication. He .*10,11 rn)\!i Resolved, Tt at we ba?e maimed, and elill roe'it, tt e nroJec* of irridiia'i.ii or ve r. d oiioa "f lb- price of tha put lie 'hUilr. t '-e.tuae ila rai * ml irndoiteo m.ial ever prompt nidl.ieaa, iiapruviileire and ni yieot n pay ?u t!ie part of the he litre, ? loi "ill elrti n> |*> ton eliiilluya oar aire when bv ) < Idina oft for h term of aia they may ohtaiu the eeine 1 an lie for I #o ahillii t *: anil t-lii* r?vu<*tiun, iiowe rer -maried in l 111iin , ail' ii eiitably u> a. ti tuiU'ate 'he iu? i poly > f rest racta h* eiiiit?ll?te and ipeeulatom, to ba v W I I iu III *? r U.I. .r - ..HU I U,..v<. in .j ,i? uy 1 UQ I*OOr OI st r ounding rri'ltT-t. and tlaallv s U at au en>rui>u* adinn' t t . the iuipr? v**r and oultivat??r. ftfiolyed, 1 i ar t*' lie graduation scheme w? liar# not.** na? l?tn fi?l tly oherged. bceu impelled by UoetUUy v<? the iifw S at< H, much lese t,?? the poor of oar own, but solely by il ? consr erati. ?im above n'Ht <; an J we hall gl ad ly mio I eartily concur in say me mure calc .latod u i*oirt to I'Vrrj poor ma" a n'aee t<? lire on tun pub'io domain, ^ i unaMe t.? pi?y f r it at all. provided the aot be so guarded us ii"t to enure to the benefit of the monopolist ami pot'll u t nr. hr < lv*d, That i* th?*ir eKetl'.n <f Zaohary Taylor, as Pro-id. nt. a* <? Millard c.* vio* President. wo ondi ts? hi d the |>le i f the I nird Stains to have de tided i* favor of t, e policy ? f !? aoei'ul pr'gresa and imp. ovcuiont, ?raiuht M at of ? ar, a/gre-at ?n and etoun out?i? favor or s> u M?at:(wPy developing own re* tiroes, instead of itriviijr 10 absorb those f riviirhb"ri"g natioim?in favor of the policy a hi? b rent**** ui?d cherhhe*. rather thiui that which is e?scrc?aliy negative and >nwfiu?;tiw?r!v dostrastivo ?and e r*j- ire * I at the inu<citint *hns lar given are suoa an atture h iu that .h?*y v ere uot deceived, and Will not b# diva pi?. K*h> v<d, Tl at ir Hamilton Fi.-h, our Governor, George W. Patterson, Lieunei an* Onvtmor, and their associates in ttvi >' ? i eile. v, n ifj , e dmi whom thspeopUl ha>e often tried and u? vrr found wnotintr, hnt uiright c kpable, faithful?wh?>e priii'dpl^s and iiv*8 a'iko commend thru. i?iiei eniident e aud support of all true- hearted whig* of orr State Kf solved. That in Joshua A. Spencer for Judge of the Court of Appeals; Washington Hunt, for Campt.roiler; Christo| h?x Morgan. f- r Srcr^rarv of State; Alrah llatit, for State Ti-cavuret; Samuel Stevens. for A?t??rmy lienor*!; VeUon J. Ih a'h tor Canal Commissioner; ii*?xekiah C Sovmour, for Mate Etginetr. ard lletjumin Squires, for Prie*??i Inspector, tu> pnKent <andiHa*es who in private aud public l>fe, nave {uovtd themselves ranat le, efficient, and faithful, and who lave especially entitled thetn-elves to thn cunfideaoa and ardent sop part of the whiga of the P?nt?ir# Sta?e by years of ardent co-opeiat.on aud zealous fidelity to tha common principles and cans?. hetntvi'd, Tr>at we rejoice that the wMga of Sow Y-rk, so long without a v?*ico in the Senate of the Union, will for tha next sixteer*, he heard in that illuMru ws borly, through H iilian 11. Seward, whose name, identified with our most si dU'UB ?tiugglex and our most ylorious trititnpha, is a pledgo to t ur hr*-thr< n thiuugout ?h Union, t'-at wherever free !oinr jtinice. sr.d hnniai ity shall aeud an advooato iu that body, biea York Will L?ft If lil'Bt Keei Ivrd, 'lhat we t. uder our hearty thanks to our gallant Woig rr?'Wir#n 01 firnwui, i?r proving "in ??? uk ?nn mu -v i) of draliu^ with oilicf liuu'inji oMlitionoud will iurtheC ify our gratitude hy folio wn? in their foetat-ep*. tt*?olv<*d, The' this conveu'd' a apnrove ef the principles of ) e lew passed nt the lent session of the Ufultdut. providing t hat the common school* of thin S'stn sli.ill ho free, nd iec?ntuien*t that Mid lew be sanctioned by tbe people ah tf e iiiMMiijr election. loioluu, That the federal constitution was farmed and td |IM expro'y to re? ur? the Messing* of liocrty t? itie p#< pie i t the I'nifaH hiaus and their posterity, and tiiitne j.' Wir vii given therein t- extend thi cur# a* of slaverv; a h*r* fore ? maintain that Cmigrat* has the right, and it ia duty I eund t? at?iish rlavrv win rever it exist* ta the territories 1 the Vticn. and i laioly piohihit its ex?%oliehment im uny portion ot thoee termor e* at any time here alter. Kf??lved, That in r?eo nliing ?he re* riviiou of slavery within it* |?TfMii? limits a? one of the cardinal principle* of oni P lifted faith, we Hedge rsHve* to onr fellow citizen* and the country te exercise to the utmost, all the power we may |>< iom ??? p^eiem the extension of slavery over a tingle fi "l of free toll. Rrvoivid, 1 hat we regard the tde mate protection of lbaorM i ft" Of; the ts "it in perat'v? dniie* of government, and a cardinal principle of uu rulirhteocd and b?n?hcen t national policy una we re'terau our vonvioti >n that a tariff of duties on mi ori*. w i?*!y di.-ci iiumatn/in favor of h"iii" industry, by the imp* rition ot lower or ?.? duties on raw material* necessarily iti porter. tru higher dui.s on those ware*, f thrice and ntltr products which ootnnte depresaingly with the product* ol our ? wr artisan* end 1*1. <rcr*. furnishes adequate revenue to the government in th< manner least hurthenaotae to 'he people, incident ally n ere?i#tn* employment, inmalatiig intention. sustaining enterprise, while 1 rov-enting er limiting vicious flue tuaiioe* and revulfions ia every departdk-b* of natioi al indueirjr. liMt Ivrd. Thut whatever niiv he the ntri of Impo.-tl or range cf circnu iuati< n acopted, the experience of onr own. tud other net im t ha* * ew *i?s' rated the measnreles* enpe-riority of specific to ad valuta** duti*-*. el he ia respeeI to eqaljiy of exa* tion at al) tru porta of the Uuino, and of different iui| C'lttit at each security arains* fraud, and e'eadi? nri* of tie protection (we her intended or Inevitable) th*rel j afforded to it e it dnrtry and business ??f the eo lutry* trd we trust th* tpuroachii j *essiot? nf i^oqgrtit will act el? te without witnes* in* * re utvt to the hta-rt and e^ual pn da o# *? ?-?*mast by ?pc< ihe du*tea. Ktfi lved. That the injuria* a* H In poll.* .f r Ibcdngls* pott* by a system like11 at t * a fore* i s higher dnt ir? a hen ) icb t Fieri a' I a> . be r ur* of fo* efga ewu>|tttti? a rp r ?t , > hu ?wer doti-? when, ly the o pr vo ?n.r profiteer are aolj-ete*1 to ?? rv. need* ?aljr t ha fairly exh<hi'ed sin* ? rMood m expose it the earnest teuteb* nsiou of all sir- the steady employment and ecequsti-re? >rri ?f uu Nlw?r ? si lv?ft. That while w e i. the noliey snd j ie* ice of . ' " r ""1IU1 lavnr, ?? d< B< t 'f.iKrr iht t r the ti .a ..f ami a- tin* nl uaairit ilirrtM. bin |l ii. and wilt cordially iiif l-iTi (II I||I>I(U?I nn II ? call-Ill iM4 to liyti'on the bi r'hrr (i d ibi ri as* ?h? ran- u |i-n-? of labor, ?ti?th?r by a r.e?ona>)r limitation <f the honr? i f -mil* toil, a bo-tor mi ?' l-onrar Indoatry araina' fraud ami rnkliarj thr nijjh an (?' natan and raMar-in- i nr lian le??, ?r liy any other aob call "laird in ratVo-ieh Jn line ami o<iuall?a advautsysa in the Itlativna (id dtalini ? ?f man Units fur Rar?|M> The a'eeinrti p I 'Wtiia ?lil Inn this port at MB to-day dlrrot for l.lyarpnot. Har unalla will ol.noat ltllf o'clock this morning I ha WtrHg Htrald with tho lltwttivi. tlllb* raaJy at tt o'ol ick. Singl* eopios, in arsppois aliptnno. 1 ho Meekly He mid. Tho Wr? fty llireM with IB* lot*at lotalllgsnao front nil ports cf tho world will bo published nt t o'clock llii in rti'i g Anrnt f its co??anta sro tho Offleial Tsperc rol-ttlrc to the roti-alu f: fll-i |ty. toyath-r with our H'lahmilon t'crryapnsdi era glairy si.otbar roraloo of tha affair} Tlir Patella ut tho I'l-ralgn Nrwa rarairad by the Cambria with Lucll Booaparto a I.attar o-i tha Alfotrc In Rocia end aatrarta ihiialny Its I'.IT.rt In l.urope; Jsn-aa tri rdi n Hannatt ei-mpnrod with ^ inlla do tiirnrdlli (a tianala'rd ft'-m tho Nr? ttrlaano .4>oari* coo; I ha piaths of 'ha viagir-sti (ianarcl*. Para-doe and l rr-n; 'I bn a |)syr of tho Ipiacpal 'i-uoantion - Blahop Obdoriii-uk a nao; th? < i-bo'iir too of tho Wor l*lns? Hut I lid? Judge l>oly a horya and tho Vardlet of thn Juty; Interesting latolliyatir-a <n>m 1 bayr-a Panama Jan nlrn. and tha Moti|i-l*u tcrrikury. raooircd hy the lltitflill lt>, haca Irani t'uha; iffalra In-Sent* la, I ha Unci ttrttli irmt i t tha llmicr lllvomo f'sse; lha Galea of tho H?a?nti; l.tHtoiiaia) i oininaAcial and iH?runij nymi'K i ir M"Rtna?t; infiirtcfti Mi l?< i"h) 1^ attrr*, New* It tin* uf*. 8???^Ih ti'pUb tilptfcvu, h.umaI ?>jh*#rij/tloo, three d< Here The Hmbir of liiucb^My or llir Hotter *) ?%Mt. nai rli i i r< m*hw M li?? Uoivwa of U?U, KN?'X. lifH tntfv* rii ap ? * *. Or w AT. ftrtlt rr?w? trad* ?? i r ?:ki oT9?f!fi?*Hii " iic %l I * r >? d C?J* ?t < All) t? It,.} mill m a apulo ?r*i Kill* I ?klt Oat" ' fit* If kHn klM?r romplt?d T tl ' t? ??? to hi* k?tnii|?li . fn hi* CUil "HMf |M? #4 llr I'l' i mi bl? Pirnd, ai l tr! *|. f ?t m hi* #%f ' n?t?d /one I., i . . - \ r I ? I , < li t? ? Ni;. I n ' h*'h* mitHH lii'l.' .*?ln tim iurr i??l I i?-t*?f triiit, IV." t) i|t a! ft<t.? | T? W iiiutn ) An t* It^oitt IIIHV. Ihi fOTV tl. I lI'N' ' > ,<"! I I * f? \ ' ?J 4 Pa 14 41/ Hal * A ft?1 Itth H?t, i f A I *1 tf*i| uf* it.l jr trmtitt, II.A? tl'A ftl'ftnily tP t??4 Willi it ftiinlliAA, ?r IT I'd r ! * I : I li t!, and * * ** nf 1/ '?? A |pt !iMMi f in tli utiNilll Ail iMhllMOMll I . t v ai | ? i -i ? ll i? ? if ;? *? *t" tji?? *?ti ?i f 'unt r?r Hinuii )i? W AIM' - ' *, Hi >i , *'1 t*r .?t|tfiji, Ku itola ?w ! .*? I ?il Hot I??r it- vl4**ini iff a I tt>? kh . it a l itf it* ty^f'AtW'ti m iiilt'itp N A t i. *M4 #na rut t ?ct?4 t? m^nrt If* -it i ?? TP ? $ nit /In f?*r i1 ? 1 ) at* i? it l A*f? halt* o '? I'H?, ?, . * of |(? If "Hit ?i| Witif , p.I n< t o in i m ii tNoir t ?auy M?i? lur rlilitltiu. it'ithrtti'i i ?|*? ? N I IIOL* % f 'I., 11? ?if r nH i?t I *ri ?'l Tl'f Mnt of a U< n?I* M4 *?.? V It !)? % ^?i l'? IIMIt'l to III- lilt t llrt'* II toil l.? * *i? 4 t< t> A iltn. ; fM-?lt?|ir<l *!f>* I* fa . I t * t f i4lrk;iM9 if m 'iiMriJw ?t H lot* 1 toiAK. I * H) in - J ti I ?! to ! *?. |-r' ? *?*?<? ?f ii? * **< t ?nr 4?l?r f m 11 ? >l? bat*. to Mn? to i.i in*-. -1 i. Iritot to- i?*# *?*?.* !toto?*i III It to *? !. * *?l ? h**? u I'll it to* In ** hi# ?H - ..i > i.? ?r>.'ih**y. M Art i?*rr) to mr *t?< h ? fl? ? )?l?rr fir feto* ?? <to tot Hftotototor.y. ?H 1*|4 I' ?p*Hv?i I ' ll-toff fi H?to |l| ulltot * -I toMvl **n irtototton *? ,.*f f.if to|i*toi?N ?? . U^itoNi ?i li i:ii*< w ? ..vNINtototi tovi id, it* nili 4? I Oil*. lb** tor i * ??. . ,<l ?x|>iu- <% |l? ?toto ?to|| ?? I . ?| i?*1 l ? ? AtoSito to 11 t toto totok W haul* fefVtiitkl |? t |*. f?titilui*i n1* Iltoi* totolilrii, ritriitr fin a wttff bu?> Itotol*.-"'! t? !'? '?* m.i.-* tof ton ?'*??*% to* ?i tto* Hi * p (m hiii, ti in 11 * I t? ui- *# f iU t'Vtto I . Ii to I t?? wtoto ||? tvinto tof % ? ?|toHll-*?4to if to?U. Ma u ? at - i inn ? to ?ih. r it I u mi i.? r i in to'4 N *c a to toirtoMto, W i|? ftiifl Tf?n|*ttto,-.4I ? ? toll Iltn tottto. ii. ii of o *tot?to totot* ?. t.t.r' t# * l?* <*f ?.,* to. I*, to If I to. I rx .? II.. * 1-1 to ?.... * to1 "ttol * ' totfM-MVe to***ittof by t.. I b h? hi lb tow to* *|?r *# i 11 *| i-*b M M * i* ilu| 'Hi i^ to ? to.' vb*ft toilf to ftr# ? Mtd <l? MAtltoltl f? ft* ?iif. _ M If to I it *<! i l?|t? ii? hiid ^?r?n?* |?t i it { i? *? ilito* ii ? I'l, '?? , e *#f>' ;i'*a I. *?, -to rtA* * ' " ^ * ?, i?i i tf '< , iwitt?* ' m ?? * l* ii? iivr, tnf ti n O*i r * i i I . . u |.. i- t. liKaf ft. llAHI f i7 %i?,*t.* * w If to toll <11 tfft|sv? ? lUHil I I (irhttolHS luiil) if ? ? ? ii r HI < ** . i tairvit II" f? tlli 11 ?L ti* * m i .Ikt ui n't wp.'ttl il )??* ?i ... ? . - i '.n ilUm ?f I tl-' M ? ?<> t'l|..n<l?1 4?ll<?r n 4 .1 ? .'< f?" '??.??r?.f >. . .. i ! ___ M lya I'Mtym ?> .a-mla aat n ? lahln|; an i?t 'i i >..?mi. * >t .. a . . i > ?a>l I. ? *?? >i I' ti*a 'lia rj >i?*ef ? f> V>aMl? <a\ ** i.**? *? > lift 4V 4? M 4 It ; < t 1 T..1.I ?l4 !??? ?, 17* " ? '<"* .??->' llta lit.ia.ii li >i(H?rri*ii ? . . I . . | | . . ?> i. . . I I ? . i . I r . i .) ??* 1.41 | >j. ..<>?| ih."lria4 . f ?i* aH'.at fMl |. lit'1 . , h I - > ft ? -.1 4 iu i > ? i t.i? aiif. 1*iii *l.i . at, nrrr tat* *( "! p *nr? i.i'.ki tun a p if in imli t, )ii|l I. K*? i' ?*?" JijtffWt, lava >aa?aa- a ? ' >? ?> -**?k ftttr It i*ii H' > r v.. i r at * i k I * >. i I a >t iirp,^ attrti )i'nnai>. li.a 1'it Itt'^i.. a ? r- . i*h . I > i-ar aaa ! -*? a y *na*!. >s Mr 4, .. in ? i it .via in* ll aaa t tit* ?at ?#ni j oi r?-i ? a an at 444 .1*4 > ?? IW * III rt?* * ' tatM't. *.

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