Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. rlhwcil comer of Fulton and Kew*u its. JANES CiOHUOX flKSSK TT, PHOPMIK VOI) A VD KOirOK. NUT1C * fo CtJKKK-HHi ?.N|>IC NTS* VOLUNTAST ('()HRESHHSDENCEt containing importaut new. $>!iciied from any juirtvr of the wrldi %f mtrd. nil! Im liberally i>- id for. ITkbJS Ct CITY I&TELLICIESCR, of nil $ort$, art c/n $o/h tied SO S'OTK-E token of n noiit/mo** 1 <ynmu nicition?. Wh* fever it i..tended fo inktrtion mail 6* authenticated ^ the n time and >n'drcn of the writer; not necet ?.i rily for publication fcwf a a a qua tu nty of kit good fiilh We 00t.i.ot /cturn rejected mmniu icotio <1. THE HERALD ESTAItU'SIl \lEyT it open throughout thi night. TRKMS, ETC. THE DAH Y II Elf JI I) 'I'h, * r e fifioriH, 2 ce aft pe r copy ?*7 per i nnvm. THE MORSI\(i EDITION in SutiluheA mtXo'dot k A hi. and diit ibutcd bffori h-eakfaaf, the frtt AFTER SOUS EDITION can Im had of the netP$boy? ml I oiloi k. ' *(' th ieri nd at 3 o'clo. k k*. M Thi M EEKl.Y HERALD, for cir< vlat+tn on (4m C&i$Hneiit. iu puldi?htd tvery Sitturduy, at cent9 per ctpy. *r tpei annum; far ciictil itinn in En, opt *m>l p'int?d in Fre't.rh " td Enrti*h trt ( l4' c?nt i /?# r ropy, or SI Ver mt'tium; ihr I -tier in ter f<? l*>rtnde Ihr ?o?f'? /!?. Tl/K DOLI AK li KKKI.V HKRitA*. every Monday, 3 cent* per cot>\,, $) per 'iHitHin, ?%J cowir* to cluby, frr., $:?per amrvm The Dollar Herald "ill not cont itn any WH'iter jtttbli bed u the Weekly lit raid. ALL LETTERS by mnil. for tub*cript4**a, or mtk adpertinementi. to be po?t p-'id. or the pottage will be acdvrti i1 t, rm th r iTAtir l; eetnI ited. /' V)vnsrMRS TS {renewed every tnorvt*g. and ?*blUh*d in Ihr morni < ? ' fttr.-nao tdirUnt. and in all fit rut.) Ill r<aiM?C( rricri; to l>r trril'rn im a plain, Uyiblt manner; Ihr proprvtor not rtipouiible Jar *rrort /""'"/'/.N ff af nil kin,It t jrented hr<i vtijully, and with up th Oritrt rtrrived atth* nfflce. ALU&EMENTS TO MOKKO*r EVENING. BOWER y tdk a THE Bowery?Warwick. BROADWAY THEATRE. Broadway?Kite O'Niil ? IllllH hhcketabv?k amu CBASiBR. NIULO'S GARDEN, Broadway?(mailt. HCKTON'S THE ATRE, Chamhera mrwt?Kiioob aft ih 11K-1 Day Aftkr the Fair-John Dobim. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham nqnare?Thb Invi??i i B?- H< vi 1 u ti >-lhi<n DRACOtina. OLYMPIC THEATRE, Broadway?Cibd?*?li,a? >* laxTtu Iai K. MECHANICS' HALL? CHBUTT'i MIRHTRH.s?TOT aob vaicalb?ei Hiori am sinuino. TABERNACLE?0baud Vocal, and Iiithihiitai OKOIIT. CHINESE MUSEUM, M9 Broadway?From I i. M. to II F. M. Blew York, Sunday, Septeinltcr 3U, 1849* Coufusion or Affairs In Canada?llnntn Rafftrliifi for din. The confused mute of affairs in Canada may come into some sort of shape after awhile. Just now they are neither fii>h, flesh, fowl, nor good red hernnps. There in such a mixture of castes, reeds and parties in that province, such a hetero geneous state ?f population and politics, that it is difficult to tell who or what is to turn uppermost. With all their bluster, fury, and bravado, last spring, we had hopes thn4 something would be " done ; but they were like the Dutchman, who cut down an oak tree to make a fiddle-bow, and then spoiled it. It turned out all gas, all fuss, and toonshine. They made a bonfire of the Parliament House?they drove the Governor out of town?they killed a man er two?they frightened all the old women?they held a State convention, and the result of their deliberations was, " Long live the Quern." With puch customers, the best plan is to let them alone. Their movements, thus far, having no object, have effected no result, and but little promise of a result, except the recall or return of Elgin. The French population hive a natural aversion to the government of John Bull; and the British loyalist*?the minority, but the minority possessing the wealth, and controlling the trade of the province?have even a more bitter hatred of the (Jrovernor ; so that, between hostility from one party t* the government, and from the other to the (Governor, the rule of Victoria in Canada ia without pany to support it, excepting the office-holders. How long this state of thinga ia to laat, we neither know nor care. Ttiey want a great many things. They want annexation?they want to continue Brituh subjects?they want reciprocity?they want free trade and the freedom ol the St. Lawrence, and protection at the same time ; but one of the Boat important wants anions the leaders, ia comBon sease?a very scarce article in Canada. One question, ot some importance, however, ap_ f?e. ip tn |>e nrsiiii 'li|t ? definite shape?the question of commercial reciprocity with the United States; and the loyal party, or the royal ptrty, heading the late riots and bonfires, seem to be taking active nei* in favor of the measure. It ia an object, also, of the heme government. It is understood that Mr Crampton was authorized to negotiate a treaty of reciprocity between the United States and Canada, but that, at the instance of Mr. Polk and Secretary Walker, the British mimater was induced to suffer the subject to be transferred iO Congieas, so that the repreaeuutiv'a of the intei?-t>i|< <1 the se?ersl Mutes mittht have a voice in tbe matter A bill w*?, accordingly, introduced by Mr. Pix into the Senate, providing for a free exi hange, between Canada and the United States, t the agricultural pre>dncts of each other. But it was apposed, er|>ecially by southern Senator*, as being invidious, and s measure of yuan annex*ti? n, and was d? fested. Since that time, we are informed, the Somh has been consulted, and advised to take a different view of the measure. One of the objects of annexation is to secure a free interchange ?.f commodities; and it ia a leading obft. It has been represented to southern members ot < 'oiijm* ss, by the MKeutn of the Hrilirh govern t? nt, that one of the most effective stet>a to prevent 'he annexation of Canada, would be to give her the !? iiefit? of free tr?de w ii h the United Siites. Tbeie ia s< ine force in the argument, bat how it will operate, rem?tns to be seen Lord Elgin waa anxious for a consultation with (reueral Tavlor, at Niagara, wiib a view to induce the I'remd-nt to rt con.mend a bill of reciplocity wuhCmada, in bia niersage of next Iiecemlier He failed in ob. ta.tili^ the cooteirnire, but the object inu'lit. pet tw aa iea?ul> attained tiiro'igh Mr i'rnin^ ton, il II ?ri?' L(>t fi-r the priidiuii diamine on the bwamytia quvatmn, hml ?>nr idimvIUiii'imw p|it;ibb*~ wi?h f. rug* nation* generally, e?r*-|it llu?*ia and (tymin, wilt, whom, tbxnka to tbi* d'-vil, we con tin ii? rhr? k h) jowl. The |.ri>e|wct, however, of tbr r<o<'mii.c?i)*iU'ii or lataa."#'' "I * bill of Can idiati reci|irorlt*, le r??-erdmnly riubiotia. In the no-auume, journal* are at.triiuif mm iltaneoualy at llumiltop, Toronto, and el*ewher?t to br drvnt?d to p^acTiiMr aejMtration, a- th>- tirat f r?nd nH'Vi rnent for itir future (' \n d? nin?t aave h?*r own *< ul?wt- h.ive no time to help her. Cuba, ditto. The krim-ofai. CuftviNTton ( iminated abruptly on Kntix) ini'hi, wnliout deciding nuy-f the important qiH-aiioti* ei|?rti-d t?? eome before th-m. Tlii? mdoen e.urre wa? taken lor f*-*r<>f a r???v or imiult, <f v. Inch llurt ai if uttuiig rym|>iom* kii on* tb?- rlrrny { or tni: Himunia.? Th>- at?*am?htpllih< r liix. CV|>t tttKiifi wlrd ye-tet?la> noon, tor Liverpool (Inert. ?-&? look out nun-in |?ui<ii n^-ra and fM-0 in e^-rie Attioiiir her nw II k?> toui.d the n?una ot h. Cbro-t, l><|., bearer o| den..t ?h< I..i I'mio-*, aim William Hotiinan, Kaq.f bmiii i i ?|-afr!.?a lor > wilvrtUnd. l*T?n iiN'i m iv Vt i \r\i ?We le^rn fnm f^ft. I' i I' i I the berk l'<*?l'*Nioiiie, from Lair una. nit . arrived ve??. rdLy morning, tint ih?? povrrnio* t.t roi (, l?.?rl r\*, u iird It act la r, ami the In" "in1 li d uteieil am1 t-ikrn |K>*? -moii of ihe p'mr lii-vihiiI whii Rnu.b wanted it Latfwia, i v?r? mirra ht C rent* prr hundred iwmnda. I -niy Ini/Hood f'i>iitiiiu>'? to tn- ea?>'trd. The . hritith tit in ih?* r ly >( M *ien re. | n>< rutr ti d kfvinat lhi? injnMic; and a Hritiah it *<i#-of* h ai In la liow oa the c<>- ?t, il la to b? iK.<i tin* i hnoxiMi duly will mun |><* ( In'III k*d. < i?? -"Ti ?A ?uhi? u tin ?nfr4 ninmlii* lh? I ti o ? !,< it it>?M ittmh.r ?' itriniitfi VHcm Min?f h ifc* rnifaH<?t*-y m ih?? HM ,?.? .f fh- .4... , i' ? , , . M . mi-'??. ta e:i- na it , ?l tltf |ilw( a'. nic.1 iki> ;-pnmlin??t ban l?r?u m*4' Rrnltncr of the Alitor Place Rioter*. YeMerday, Judge Duly, in the Court of Sextons, pronounced the severul sentences of the Uw on Judsonatid hib associates, lor the offences of which they hue! been found guilty the day before, vizi? for the ritt which took place on the twntli ot May last,in front of the A>tor Place theatre. Jiid?on received ihe full extent of the law, which i? eonfi.tement tn the penitentiary f><r ont vtar, and a fi-ir ?f ttro hunrlml nnti fifty <iMart. His associates wre I more leniently dealt with, being variously punished, to the extent of a few m->nths ut the most, the particulars of which will he found in our report | of the Court of Sessions, eUewbere in our coluinua | Judcon, when he wan called upon to say why Henteuce hhould not he panned U|>on him,exhibited ih'iifub! combination of ignorance, impudence and folly which h<> characterized the brutal hUt-?ry of this offender for ye:ir? put Judge Dily cut I his impertinence fchort, and regretted that th- law-i i of the State had placed it bevond hi-? power to inI flict a greater punishment than whit he pronounced I ?a punishment which was barely sulficient for the | enormity of bis guilt. I It is n einuular coincidence, or, perhaps, a salu! tarv ensis, in this enormom rascal's life, that, on j the siime day on which the Court of Session* was i metinir out to him punishment for a public offence, the Cwurtof Common Pleas was engaged in a ainrrlar duty, on account of his shocking guilt and abominable practices, for the last few months, in private life. We allude to the suit for divorce which has been pending for some time past, and which was instituted by his unfortunate wife, the daughter of a mnet. retiring and resectable farm j Iy up town, all of whom, it appears, have been | gropely maltreated by this Judxon and his brutal ' associates for the last few month?, and, in fact, | ever since the unhappy marriage of their daughter i with him last winter. The evidence in this c ise ' in of such a character, and exhibits the atrocity and ! the wickedness of Judson to such an extent, as to 1 make it utterly unfit for the cohimus of u newspaper, or any other publication whatever. The villany ot that atrocious scoundrel in private life, as exhibited in the evidence in this particular case, overleaps, to a most wonderful extent, anything that we have ever heard of, his rascality in his public offences committed during his whole career, | up to the riot in Astor place. The Court, after it , heard this evidence, granted at onre an absolute divorce, and a st/Hiration of the jxirtun forever' giving, also, hit child to the entire custody of the mother. We have received an autobiographical sketch of the life of Judson, in certain parts of the United States, including his residence in this city, with J the particulars and namesof someof his associates and caterers in his career of infamy. We think it duty we owe to society, to public justice, und to public feeling, to give the leading points of this shocking villain's career to the public, in order to warn them of those associates and abettors who are yet remaining at large. Whether his obscene and shocking bh?et, "Ned Buntline't Own,'' which, according to the evidence on his trial, has been printed in the Tribune job office?in that virtuous and refined socialist establishment?is to be continued, or not, we do not know ; but it is full I time that it were abated. Indeed, it would have I been well merited by the Tribune people, if they t had been included in the same indictment with the man they assisted in issuing such a sheet upon a respectable community. The thanks of the public are dne again and again to the firmness of the Court, to the Jury, to Mr. McKeon, the Public Prosecutor, and Mr. Whiting, his learned associate, for the coarse which they hive severally pursued on this trial. There are, however, one or two more batches of cases connected with the Astor Place business, which art yet to come off. hut the most important, we believe, are disposed of in Judson and his associates. The stfttitart or State and the North Ame kican Nkwspai'KR.?Truth is always simple, and requires but little poetry and lest protestation. The North American dsnies that Mr. Clayton, the Secretary of State, has any connection with that journal, of h proprietary or other character, and denounces the statement to the contrary aa a ci. lumny, utterly and entirely unfounded. Yet, in the very next sentence, we fiod the following admission :? Mr. Dayton ban not. acd #???r at any moment hM bad, any kind of Internet In. or ennaartlnn with this )tptr of any eh?rnnter whstevar- hfj?nJ that intrrrn tt leant, wblob springs from frtsadly rslatioas with lt> adltors. This is all the connection that we ever charged Mr Clayton as having with the North American. Jle certainly bus no other relation towards its editors but that of friend?hi|>, to the ainonnt of f?j0,000, which was loaned to one of thein wh?*n he purchased into that concern. This fact we fuve ascertained |*>sitiv? ly, and we can prove it. The loan wa> made in the shape of a bond, which was rold nt a large discount, in Philadelphia, 10 ruse the money. It has not yet fieen rep*id to Mr. Clayton Mr. Clayton's friendship, therefore, towards that journal, may be m^asufd by the amount of about thirty thousand dollars, due him by on* of its principal editors and puflera. Now, what we object to in Mr Clayton, i-t, hia using th* Statf Depaitment to sub-erve exclusively the iuteresta of a n*-wp|iaper, havuiK but a narrow eireuUtion in Philadelphia, and none itt all out of it, wh;le he ban a pecuniary interest in it, tn the mode w* h ive pointed out, to th*- amount of thirty thousand doL lars. The Sute llepartineot, in the whole history of our government, ha* nev<*r before been u? 4 or degraded for piomoting ptivate purposes and private f|ieculaitons of such a nature. Edi tion ?r I'imiiisT or Coi.pmma r ?1 he election of the President of th's ancient and honorable institution, which is ehorily to come on, excites urent and g?ner:il int?*rept among ih?* corn, munity of New Yoik The ?|?c:ion is 10 be m-iJe b) the trustees a btniy consisting of about liftmen or tw. n>y individuals ; and th^ir action in th* premises is looked to w ith a scrutinizing xutious eye Ui fhi,|| give their naliien in a day or two. We nndrrstr nd that the colli ge m what in called close corporation?the ?*me na iu Kngllsh poliiii-s used to becalitd a "rotten borough." though we ar?- fat from believing that an) thing liae the venality and corruption winch prevailed in those fa. mous coriioratioos, has any place in this honoratile corporation. The trustees have absolute authority, without any external control over their proceedings, and fill up all the VMcnncies, as they o?cur, ai their unlimited discretion. They are g>-n tlenien i f the high* st consideration in this commitnny, aud we nincerely hope their action in tne H| 1'IO.H hum rlrtlitill, Will be Mich M* to (Tom >te lii? hilt it *( mid honor uf the institution, rntV r ihun ihf |* n-tl tirwuor mnbition of mi) uM ?f tht ir "i?n bodjf. We hive lifHrd thf n-uii*-* i i ifti rol Kf nil' mo m^DtHiDtd u? ran iidAte* for iliif din rgnif h'dnnd lucrative ntoutlon. It in our mii | If opinion, tiic|>.iiMi!?ni> nt to the rl* run ( I Hiiy of ihrni, that or.e who in *n ulurnnm ?l iht lurtiiiitioft, null inn toreign in niiiid, ferlui|, ( h i! rdumtioii t?t ihrloptitutiM awl our city, nu.iut to hf |.i*frrrtd. V t- ?hull advert wg-tin t? this Hb)Kt, no ititerrMing to the )ouib mid |?rr|tii III thm citjr, wh<-n f hhhll h>' pr^i'ii'td to commutiritinmmr more definite luforiiuiion N|<ua thf Mihject. 1 < x 1:ritimi iIi iaNa anb IVhk* fmwiifn? !<> thf ItH^iirw rrhtHM r I ,/? n.., nrrivt d IttM nirfhr, have d^irt. trim ftui.Hi (tuiMM to thf th }*e|.it ii In r, *n?l fiom l ink* UuihI to the I2.ii N? b'Wrvt inj oit iin:?:? Tl?? I nr>? M*i?4 fr?Ontm* Ma??? (W ? .rmrt f?tu Bi t Kll.1:1.f IHTtll ?r.- I.y ? r li' i * If r If ? !? fr?t ? t . r II? 1 tin nit br"ii|tit t? i*l i*i* ?-ii1 itirln( ? tnr> Mfei mat in* ?1 a i< r? '? ?urr <1 In'f I 11 i if11 il > ? I hi nil hti'ir I " ii p ' i r >n? | Hutu f lh? n iii- il lh? ?t' 'i 11? ti ? t. iy Hitq?i*Mtty ff-i'tt hid h ? tport?il< , Mil mi thiiiniatitr It kaitil ? lijrtf h(>W? I Mr* d nti ? <bi il K v lion ll?orj< In* *r?iT?i| ?t AibUM, frm hti tfurtheru tvur. m tk? l?ih Inn J Tiik Nicamaoiu Bwinbm.?'Th? organs of th? State Department, here and elsewhere, do not ugree ut all in their ceveral versions, partially discltting the correhpondence between the Secretary ot State mid the agent# of the English governm -ut, concerning the right* claimed hy Kngl-tnd in Central Aineiiea. in the name of his Indian m-tjest1' 0f Morquito. One !<ct of orirans assert that no correspondence whatever has taken place; another, that there has been some corresponden t ; but which is tiyht or which is wrong, no r4tlt. Cttn lci|. vVe hnt"jH*ct| however, that we th ?'il hear verv little ot ''lis buhiuets for rome tirn.e to come. We doubt, however, whether our Secretary of State will take 'hut high and oflensjVe ground ag.iiust BritNh di? [ plomacy or the liritinh government, which he has been no tin>ioua to do about the five thousand dollar claim of the Frenchman, including the salvage. In fact, ever since the inauguration of our worthy I'tTbident, the policy of the State Dep-irtinen1 seems to have hern a mingled series of blunders and of t)iii|Nithy with despotic powers, varied with cavillings and petulance towards the only republic in Kurope. Who has forgotten the blunJerui'; course pursued in reference to the appeal made by Lady Franklin, whose husband has been absent on voystre ot discovery in the North Seas for so lonix. acceding to her requ#r.t one day and backing out the next 1 But. above all, who cun fad to remember that the military despotism in which Spun holds the island of Cuba is probably indebted to the intervention of our foreign office for its existence a few years longer 1 The same exhibition of sympathy for monarchical government has been made for the last four months, under the inspiration and at the special instance of Mr. Claytok himself. I In all this business, as well as in other matters 1 connected wiih the present administration, w? absolve General Taylor from the errors committed, and the unpopular sympathy exhibited by the cabinet. lie was nominated, supported, and elected principally through the influence of the independent spirit of the country?a spirit that is warmly devoted to liberty and human rights in both hemispheres. It was known that General Taylor, from his professions and personal history, was in a measure unacquainted with the details of public affairs, but confidence was reposed in his integrity, magnanimity aud virtue. On hia calliag his cabinet together, he exhibited that magnanimous character which was the principal element of his popularity. He told the members of the cabinet i# carry out his administration on the principles on wh ifh he was elected, and on those high and generous declarations which, in his letters, commanded the sympathy ol the American people. How has that confidence keen returned by the members of the cabinet! They have violated the | pledges of General Taylor, in introducing a terrii ble system of proscription for opinion's sake, by i removing men that deserve well of their country, ! and appointing others who, in many cases, were 1 utterly unfit for the positions to which they were I appointed. Thus far, no domestic policy has been indicated, except in unsparing removals, without ' distinction of character or claims, and equally indis" criminate appointments of men, in some cases, I without either. The foreign policy of the cabinet : has, fiom its accession, exhibited stronger sympathy with monarchy and monarchists, and their schemes, than with republican liberty. And nothing shows this more fully than in its last and I most recent movement, in attempting to create a quarrel out of slender materials, on u mere matter of etiquette, with the republic of France, the only government in Europe which has the slightest pretensions to popular rights or popular liberty, and on the success of which, even with all its errors under Louis Napoleon, ihe cause of freedom and the rights of ihe people will depend for many years to come iu the old world. Marin* Affalrh Wn And tha following in relation tn tba steamship Oblo, In the Saimtitmh (Jtorguin of the 2Ath ln*t : t>rr ll?? Sept '44 1 840. Th? itwn>M|i Ohio, i >|it Jim K Schanet left Now York ThurMay, I'. VI , at ore o'c'oek and anchored off < harlri>ti>u h?r Sondav rerutng at H o'clock. Monday morning after landing and receiving her matin and paarengera at Charleston. aha lafr there at 10 o'sloek, and trrlrfd h?r? H IF >1 She baa ifi paamnrra a T*rj lama freight arid tha mall* for < allforuU Orrfii, Lr hbr laft Sannv H>?>k li|(ht I huradav at half p??t if. M and at.ered directly out to aaa In ?rdar to krap elaar of the n aat tn ra-a- of atornj Had -hn f->U loacd iba uaual track of tba < hatleatou and (U'annah fteaaiere. aba w. uld ha?e ra-a hel rharleaton e?rly <>n Sin 'lay uiornmg During I bur-day and ( 'rlday. till mia1.1*lit atrobtf (aln ln? K. N. K . aocouipauled alth ram Bbip pa-if. rnied admirably. Mora Friday morning tba ateraga tliua niada baa been ll) koota, carrying 0 lb* (team and making revolution* She l>a? bad to Mottr In op' anon at ?nv fiu-a yet Mr Joaeph N 8*ott thit auperlnta-ndad tha building of tba aaglnaa of both ?hi pa and I' am tha general uperlntenuent < f tba lilting up of both ?hip<, anoiutai iad tba Ohm to thla pla>? ah.Tr ha g-?ea a-ali -re, ai d raturna to \a* I ork to aaaume tba duties of ailpeilntat ding tha tteorgla O V IIOLLhNIIK' K Puraer. atearaar Ohio Tha ataamablp ? berokee arrived hara vaa tarda* 8ha bad ya-ry >??? weal lo r ?u her trip t i *a?atiuah. V a ci ny tba following paiagraph iroiu ilia d-mrfimit: ? On Thuraday night M i.aop Id a pMtfenger from brtwi M>n illed onboard raii?i d hy rup'uring a blood yraatl tin f>alurilay morning. at A o'nloo*, the <-ry of a man nrrrhnaid ?a- h"a d. tha atemna-r wa* iimn--diatal> atoppid. and tba launoh lowered hut no ona rould be ?rD Ha ?a* a nieuibar of I oiapsuy IJ, lnt Hillary lnt Utraarrar or nir "m >i'lo?iii4 Veaterdar aftaiDorn precisely at fc o aloek tha* hai k Honda eaat oft bar an orioga aud bid adiaii lo New Vork anil all ita araecaailoaa. with rarer aaanty paa-engem ail la *>a.>d apiiltr and e?eiy ona- IB alp' nation of returii'ng ri 'It. 8ix gniia War a btad. a ? a parting aalU'a. baatdea thu numer* amall ah<i?a glean b> tba- pa a-n<ara aa gl?a a ll?I ?>f har paa*ang -ra : ?Hugh 'lilla-r, Kaq Adrian ftanrker, apt H Mri klntid apt J S. Jiharon I ai t H oi \ ?i?n Vr w Iteaalda, Mr liarlil H hut-art, Mant S-ul'b, U S * ; VVm < -d-la, I avid llaaili g? t aiar Jaaila-aou \lr* Haakatl, Htrnar-I I.agaj ua. A K?i-t-*-r i WlUlMMM II. J I i P Hotlman, I A I laamand l>r J A laa-anxla, I >a^irat litarn Kalli^g Stephen \ Morgan. K llaatain. Iat> -a ( a"i|l-tll I'aier i arnea Deo I' l.ynn Mr Hrien. Vin H A i if* I A K Lamia | A la- k W S?aln < t<-<naiit U all aud hrotbara. and ria>a hra.l \ aim and *erra'it, (ieo U \ ariiaoi, I I Ulcha d- n Kra-I II Rl.-hari. on < lia? .Mia-re I'etar >* ?kru- i Jani?a Murray. Kohart Jan aa. 1 hao?|ore V<-rri? I, 8 Knm J?a K l.oji- ar, A. H Vmr-e. Ji.liD Honnarii, < Hurling nni Snu-m- 1 I1I'I.MU? U, JfMOTf. II. H *>T? I II. (jnr !? lollll U>li. . ,H H'rtiinni A II Kartoii. I K Hathb in I.. >* k llirhai<1* {.), I arltnu, M V arena Jntin H. I < bm? Mfl" !? I' Sa?r?*a O H Karl? N J. Sujdain P Mlmloou O M- ?i? A Na*nn. Jam* Kiirlt. hl?r BufU. N?rh*la< Wdrnw. Niflnlti J..rem (if* joo*?, a. O. fti'l'h Alt * ii Martn. < h?*. broftM'ti H. ( jM?< lay Abieliam M I aul*y and John M Ml. I lb Tmi A?ti B??r Mi rmiii i* Aia?ar '"ocarr.? Nobut Vnrtby.aho ?hM at Kan?aala*r*ltU. oa th? V4?h Iml by t?" w*n. lUftWd a? Indian* whna aiMiii|i a* aliaflfl d'?d th* ruliaait.g .lay Tita UotrikX I.a* Imo?1 til* followi. ( pi- x Umati'.o ami rftiid fur lli> iii<t? r< r?, ami lh? p?rpr?iau.ra of tlia af'ni | t to bl<>? up thf huu*a of ?a'<1 tlurpUy by p >? d*r rlltfLllMtflr ? By Hamiltoa l?h uf t|.a ->'%?* of Vpw Vork. II h?? In n t?pra?*i?t*<| to tn? that II.>b- rt Mtn| I t 'f I. i'??*la*ifllla in lb>r > uf vloanya K| < tal Deputy i?hi rifl In lh?- Id ? o i??. ah IU ah?*ut f.ini bia hum* > < Ibrial l>u> in*- ?m tb? ai?runon nf tli. w4tb day t.l Nrpt a' or bear Hi1 '? Mill*, lit tha >a<d loan i f Katia i i**r?ill# ?a? pi to*.| hy tan m?n, (riiiM Ii tftagun*. aitb n.a-l,? ami auml ?11ii ml-a i r 11 ti*. aiul ?a Brill i?|?.|i by a ?*ii ?n l *ea oaB**ri.|.?ly If rot tuuriailj a ?iit <i-'l \pi| an.*r*%a, |r la far I.* r i?(in r'li'ii) al < t idf nai l Kub-rt .V?r|l> l.a>' b-*r rrp*a ?di? thi v u. i| to rarl>.an aja a ft i labia ?ln*a n'.o >' Hi; lo'rfh*. a .|uautlty of i i.i?t" d?r ?? i?ia>n,niM?,j arid n. i--t/> 1.1 >.|r<i tli i hi- ?lif j' i f ft <* aat-l liohl v f. in i<*h (Un (? it. ih? raid >h"[> tid **ltlrir tha building "n fif< I ii* Wr>li) i^>r r*?iril i f tine hiodrrd dot lar? t" ? > p?ih"?i "f p?r cm* who rhall gtre Infirm* |i i I ? .1 ?|| t?*il to Ik* datar'lon. ?|i|>r?-hi-n-t?n ml nif ?Mh or alt*?r if ttm mt*ni who l?r?uid pp?d 0|?i'H ??id iwniAd th* rani Unhurt t'*i|/hy. ? ibiKr r?pr?r*Bt*d Audi doo'T-r ? fur* Iktt i' >i ill il < '> bmrdiwd dollar* t??n/ pi-r?on or ()) ?! ? I n ihafl pi" ?htrh rhalt l.-?d to th* d?'?rll n ?ppri hanm.n ami r .nrln" l'i|i of tha < n iir p?t*ti>r ulio ??i? mtllfi 'M?lf ?ul|iy f etualng Ih> tipla-li-ti ilofiuli In thf h i|i ?f tin hkiJ HulX'it % utpl j Il ?:t|i?>? ?h?r?i'f I Hun- n?r*-iin'o -lirni-d my natn* i d tHti'4 III* l llit Null f f h? ^t?i?" ?f '??? or#, lt > rl ? i f \lhany thfa twrnfj ffiflt lav of K?|)>i* kit In lh? >'?r ' Xn ihou-?nd i^htninfiiij 11 in- Ha vtil.lON fiHIl it j ordrr -film OvfitMf: Fimt. H I'tlitt* >*?? ti ? ? n, Arm . ?rii m * 1 ttrat lt? 11 r an it ?l ' Rontb i** ?? ?? ?>D t h? 14'h i fpi HinI *! id I h ! |i Phili mil Ii * L'4idi>fl rii?i *f lli*t . ii- >?? i mii froat Hitff* t.?< ? tol'i?ffth ( in rm I I )> |i * iroi' 'ft- r pri.?-?n d 'o >* aith} md tii ilntr trrnji 1 > tlm Imfdw I tic t'lii. i tt ?I '< > a |.t ?? iff \m|i'l* nn till 1'ith 'if 'ulj, l/?a Mr-tit I'Hi' tan In tha tjr part of f ha **oia wnitn ' hr In aft i.| fhal.tfitnur *i>*im>Mn| In l.tmi |n)?, |m ?? i n rfciff. ?f>r a >p.iMm f iiiii-hour- a atj. pir?r|.-a| t#'iw ri of Ihrri- na?t? h3 In t I m*. uif ti hf t > h. utrii / ? fii ?arri.? ?t#h arid faanly trtltrd la tbill elt/ frotll 1 jf?tird*t nioralnf ee,ei,,eeiiOC,limrr,eie,11 ri"W"~ ^rnrnrnnmi bum . jw:at-jr^tw?i Terrible Fire# |n (M, cl|y M|d WlUl?n?e /Hi Devtritcilwn ot Property lid Vo ^ #f Llff>< " ^AT CONKUASftATION IN Wlt.LIAMXlH'KaH. '- Jit evening. at 8 o'clock, ? Are broke out in the sta bin of IVrrtn*. Patter con 1c Stuck, Wftter street, Wl liarnshurg-h, ?bip bulliKrs. The stable* were quiokl burned, with three horreo out of five; and the i?m> spread rapidly to Mr Lake's houses. end to the lumbjftrd of Keith It I.ockwood The moulding ?h >p in th rhlpjard the tew mill and the plftning mill iu the line Ih jerd, with the eutire of the lumber, were eun?uiae< Tte two bouses of Mr. Lake, and stabled, were al o d< stroyed. and a curious uircums'anon occurred.?II kept ?n aviury, in which wero 800 canaries, aud thai btirig let loose, hovered over the Are duriug the nigh aud with the light reflected from them pr??ented* ver lingular appearance. Many of them dropped into th imuira u? LM>oiiH|rBiiuu wan Krau t rvnu bit fuuii'u | ty. as It rose with uncontrolled lurv and itlumlntd t*i buildings uml ships ou the opposite shore. and th white Mail* nf the or lift navigating 1 river. Id th early purl of the tire, the ship Tloonderoga Intel launched. war saved by being towed i my while In rides were heated almost to Ignition V Klo?p Nile wnh lumber took fire, ber >ailfc and masts h-tu burned and a largo portion of th* lui'iber but tbe hull wan saved by throwing overboard a tbat vrim ignited, and moving her a*ay Th vessel In tba shipyard on the stocks wax savei | a'tl> by tbe wind blowing from ll.e south and parti by the exertions of tbe firemen. alter her timbers ha taken fire The heat *as Intense, at pile after pile i the timber reddened like a furnann; and it was fenre tbat nothing could save tbe range oi" buildings lyin noilb. including dwelling bouses and a distiller) hut by the uureuiittlng exertioe* of the New 7or firemen, among whirh. company 'ill were mm distinguished the farther progress of tbe Uam< In that direction was stayed There wan scarcely fire company of this city that was not there; but the! effort* were paralyzed for want of water I'b fire was Mill raging In tbe lumber yard, at 12 Si o'clocl when we left and we could see the (lames from this o flee at 1>? o'clock The arnouut of property consume is very g is at The timber, alone, In the lumber\ari was worth ?140 000, upon which tbe insurance waa onl f-40.CC0. The proprietor* bad JUst laid in their wiut< ! itock. TBKJtlBLX FIRE IN FIFTEENTH STREET?TWO HITMA KEINOS CONSUMED?DESTRUCTION OF NEARLY TW llt'NDHKD COWS AND FIFTEEN HORSES. At half pastil o'clock on Friday night, a fire was see to break out In the range of (tables of Johnson. In 161 street, corner of 10th avenue, wblch extending to tl ' other range, in 10th atreet, both were consumed, tagi ther with a two story frame bouse, between 160 and II eowi, 16 horses, and two human beiugs. The stabli belonged to Mr. Johnson, owner of the distillery ai joining, but tbe horses and aows to various persons I tbe neighborhood, most of them poor. Tbe atabli were partially Insured, but not tbe cows The obarrc animals were smoking during tha day yesterday, an the smell of roast beef could be snuffed In tbe air at distance of several blocks. Some of tbe animals wei only burned on tbe snrfaoe, while the entrails of othei were all tbat remained of tbem. it was a horrib seen*. The name of one of the persons burned I death Is James Keegan, who had eows In tha stable and went to rescna them. He was found with his an aronnd the neck of one of tbem, aad a knife beside hit which ha was probably nslng to cut the baiter, H ' waa burned to a perfect cinder-tba head oomplete ; off, aad the rest of the body a piece of charcoal. II ! knife was Identified. Tbe other person, who was i woman, and whose name waa Lucinda Sandes. w,

burned under extraordluary circumstances She wi married, or alleged to ke married, to a maa named K< tra tiainor anu it. appears mai mey am uoi in happily together. He was u >Kiinft her." 11 tt crlgbburs ?aid and denied that h* was married to lie though fbe produced the certificate. About 8 o'cloc Id the evening tbey were together In the bouse of person named Lynch. a milkman In Itlth street. and to statid they were going to a boarding bonne Burnt i the m lgbb< re not uiuob liking bin character advise ber not to go with bim They. bewever. left tog-the and were reen by officer Ituc rriinbte. of the I'll waid, standing together at the corner of l&tb utrm Kd bib avenue '1 bey weut down 16th (treat toward tbe lOtb avenue and suddenly disappearing, be ?ui peeled they bad gone >"to the stables. His suspiclo ?m justified tor. In going In be raw the man abov him In m loft and askeil bitu what he w?? doln there He replied he had a rl^hi to be there. Th policeman aeked him what be wanted with tb *i mat. there and Mid he had batter send her out of to place, a* he (the policeman) would tell Mr Johnsoi tiainor denied there waa any woman there, and be di not rate a d-n for lohuson It appeared he was table boy tor Kennsdy. a milkman i f 17th Ibis *t< the right to be there to which he alluded. I war In thia stable ihe (Ire broke out, in about an hou afler he wan seen to enter It. and be wai supposed t have been consumed, as no peraen had seen him lea* It. or about tbe place that night He waa, howevei seen by a policeman at X3d street, at JJ o'clock In th mortiltir; *nd at 7 o'clock be wa? arrested on susplalo: by the i flier Isaac Trimble Ha bad not looked atte hia wife till then while he admitted he bad taken he into the stabla Herald he had baen asleep, whea h waa awakened by the tire and be leaped down from th loft and escaped The cffliwr ob-erviog blood ou th back of his coat asked him bow that came there* H mMM It ?as a coat he had found in the yari When he leaped down I his Matemeut the p diremwi rays he Biade to the< oroner who held an ln<|Ueat dur in? (be lorenoou. yet Trimble was net asked a ijuen lion and t.alnor was discharged She la said to havi b?> n a very tine lie king w. niau, si e too was burned ti a cinder The icmaiuf of both b"dlea were put In oof On# and interred The verdict of the jury waa. tba tbe oec-a ell rame by their death lu consequence o the rtabl* being set on fire by an incendiary. I'he (Ira n>en a? u-n?l worked a< biy. but from theclrcuwstanc of the si aides In Ins frame buildings their eff irta weri only paiually successful. No doubt tbey prevent** the extension of the devouring element to other balli li g- Ab- ut 1 o'clock the two ranges of stables am II tbey rontained were a heap of a-he* These build Ings. a# we have sa d. belonged to vlr Bradford John ten son of tbe late < aptaiu Johnson a sea naptaiu who lieian e very ??alth_? by m-ans of these very ata bles, wLnh have beeu iu existence fir Utaar years lien g tbe owner oi the adjoining distillery, be let thi l'abl<?tothe milkiueu around, together with what li i slled 'will " the refuse of the malt auu grain wf'ei the?|itll leextiaetiu whleli *a- conveyed t? the st% hies lit pipes llpon this wawhol*ri>tue milk tbe publil hat* l?> en living ai d upon the lte> h of the cows Intprl Ihein Once put Iii. tb>y never come out til dead <r living, or Until they ijea e to give milk, sn llien tbey are sold lo the b Hi hers t'lie ?i>lle<'tn>n ol to n ai y animals together natu aHv cri ate.i a uiiiaanni lu thai loeall'y, and several attempts were made t( liaie |t Indicted by 'f e i>rand Jury, but were aiwavi lin^urreieft>I chiefly h- rau-e Infineon bnd puro'ixet li e pr< peily tnnud a ely around llut the property nl i tier owner* f>>r a sonaideiahle dis'anee is ruineil l<y the ktlraiise as any per-^n may see tij c >inp?r|i,j that pall of the street ami the adjoining street* wit', tbe is tern pottlotie id H e ante streets There |i another rat g? of rtablen belonging to the imc owdhi In 171H Ml eel, dt*ld?d by thn loth fromlh tl<l> fn- coniumeil Bud to th? m tha '-twill" t< eon. rrjrd in ?i d?r Ihf road Tb?? I* a Kltfantlc ?-! blolimeil, m.<1 il? iicli ean t a-i|y aff?rd tor* bi/llu ? hi* ht'ii bnrm d. erpt clall) a? thelrrrto tit n "III ewt a inert* bagatelle The poor ownera of thi cowr are the gre?te>t nutlerer" an t they eould leaet af lord it ANOTlim PIRB On Krtday morning, a little after ??ran o>lf>ali I re br< lie oat lu ?! |iml of the three ?t >rj hi u e t|i M< n* tre.-t I be npoer part of tha bulldlu< Oifii|i ?fl M >llrbar| kiM completi Ijr de-troyed nilh Ike efferte of the po r family who Inhabited it. (It.e ot the children who had he?.|i ?erj III and 'leaping in ll't ||h 1111 aae rescued from the (tame* by h-r niot mother wtth fteat difficulty the >h"uliier ?nd arm Iharbild Inn * re ?e rely burned and all the hair off hat tnui I wo other children ?en ai?" ?a*cd llad It ?eet ri?d In Ibe ntuht they ?. uld b??e all parlfheil ? Ibtte ! Do kb'ali-p ho* the Are i-coorred, unltta* a ipei t tell from t he i f the chimney* through the *ky light Into theettaa I., d Mi whlih the cblldtan lay FlKK IN III V IMO.N *TKK*T. T art Ml ring, ' hair pa-l i n'fli rk a 'ire occurred In tha hnlld n* at the junction of l)|*|?toii and Meeter Mrttli ai il it ard two or three ol the fia.iie hoiite* adjoining were burntd l he firemen ware <|iitrklr n the rpot. and treated tie furtliar progie.?? of tba flaaira t.Kyr I n tail Ik* u ? #. Ditto or a Pwiii mih i in i nrnd"? wax railed on "1 hurrday to hold an liujuert at No in Vaiotewa'er treet. on lh< body of I h nui l ynch one nl ih-^oliceu i Ij "I the I* iirill ?ard whoe*pired ye- t-r lay afier a reteie and paltitul lllne?e of mtr a y>it? <lniati>n. Iron the ?ffect of Injuries Indicted b? a man na.ued Chip ami other*, who are in w in the Htntn 1'ti*. n, tir.flt igoiog a tirlu ol mi pi ln<.<nieet fci hard lah >r lor frcli rif Uiii e It appear* thai tha di-nea-ed wa? on doty Ml tbi night ol the ol inly l*4H. and ?a? called |i i,ii>11 a dieturhance at a h<>u?? No 1ft lloter .t'ft, tliltd by p' Hi?in?i> Andrew Hawk* I'hey mterril th? p . ml-ee and w>re aeralltd by fierce and other* will r liilw *1 d hurnierr. knocked d ifn aid hi *' en The deci a?ed a a> aonri-yi d home in>eu?ibla. Dr. I'rap luiiii wii i allrd to alund the Jom?.i, J and foiiml ilen n wi ni dp about i i- h<a i, tha?c?i? wa- c it and leltfil id the would* had |.eintra'ed thr rkull, ha l ?-t laiye quantity of blood and remained laaanMbut far ?.?? ' * y ? Hi; ? nut J ?lr.ra at it hail ??aj t" men l< ti ktlll. I'Mnfei rf.atl. rciir*> <1 * h? >! m-?i| iron Irriln nlT'iin* in t|.t?a<tlil 1'hf jii'j t>n4?r?il a i > idini (hut th" run a i<> hi- il n'h k| iha il?rl ?it li Jkrt< > itd lti d nil w Imwiw, hit I* tH-al. I'D thr tilftlil ?l lha UA ' u 1 v IHiH I 4 I IN <* I ?' 1 l<?. I>tian ?in l?> ?u at nit lloraa? A t? > il?) ? i||0 ?a il l? lli? impr prlcl; ami tha haidhipit ihi ih?* ttii <>f ihi* nirli ?iy*nk or il* mi ? ii I, i anti Itmliil tl i'Or d"rk- up'ii ih? pillnt, I i halt- dull*' mm u(h ol th?lri?ii t<> ml in aitli<1.1 llim ahull l> I I'I ihrlr dllf. W? thm iHfiiti >n?'l lh> la?> i t a piiiT ?im kit h-ni? lanilMt a nun nt tlia il |i ii i hi- >i rth liivr h> ?? of tfc* tu* "rim r| fr? Mi i|i a suit! ? aliha n>i ? rhu I la b<t aria* and III |'i I ti it tlif ' hinl ard -iatn tmlii'g h f. hf tilt, art ilaiii link r|iar(< f h*f <li? ?a- *?tng to hit hn han I On Ih?t ?la? availing ln'a. a p"?f ik aii t ati ill a haii a >lankatl f*rj >1 r tic an( atmir >! |at.'! d ?? i ha laun- ?a? iiir ttkn ( it'll 11 a . ?ai W ti|h at la. ti I laiid [nil mi h i <1 11 a I iitila aiM ? nti* ntut laml'n ai tlia I tit' it' I i I it il l' mtn I ?l h liraa lira uhlnlraii a ill "Dacf-a I In h?r rtua Mm ?? f"ti* it ?ai,d? I. itir n<ii tH* t r 1.1.1 r 'if 11 ii at it a i h til a iti> in li> r |k ?Hi't. i k'tph I i-r faa??f- ? f il i hi' n lr" ? aj to r >?l 0i lif l< I . ah f h*-i hii?|i?tid rf'idri Mm bi' < |( b t to th* 1 hltti *?nl 6 ta :"1 || ma hy tti - Ilialtb Warden, Mr. Cmrtj. *b?rn ?ha IU ItUi om p of in lb* kril way thu poor aceommndttwio admit. Hr trl. d 111 ??l" t" procure a 1 mI^idk f >r tier even lor money. The norpae w?? niao ritkm care of for 1 be i.ichf, and >rni to b? In'arred jr-^-r.iar morning k Now. ihir ohiid died of eholera for the ayiaptnm* ?era c.f ebiie ra and ?e know that nileteen dint of tha diaftifr <>D tb?* though if. dM u??t -?u* till tbn y >b>p rrarbed the l.anki<'>f Newfoundland The doctor* it Kn ti n ieland iftbey did theirdutv mii't ha?n armi that M? ohlld waa vary ill Why then waa it not dr'ained to ,r tin- ho-pital l0"tmd of b. imi xpo-ed ou board toe tu? te strainer, and thua loting all cbanne of recovery ? If |f tbt-y wire ?uie It would >ooii die. then why not. in tbat ra?r also detain It. kil l have It i>itMir**<] on the (aland. ' Int'eari of rtiiiiine It louie in th? womin'a arm*. und >v l?> be rairird d*?d tbr< uth thin city ? We hnve bnen e ii.'oinu d that 1 b? captain* of the?e-mall ateainrr* land 11'? |ioi r rr?atur?a any where alone the (|U?y*. leaving '* There 1-greati blome to be attached t, ?ouiewbera and whrthrr It 1* to the owner* of theeaii? grant T??arl?. the clri k* of the' oinaiiR-ionrr* of Emipntli d. or to the doctor*. or to all ?f them together. IB inquiry < ught to be iuatitutrd and *ucb lub'tintnity I- put an ?Ld to It 1* disgraceful to our hoapitabla a fcLorr* k A D?:r*i'i.ira for Thirtv-fivk Tunu**"in l) >i.i im ia ? Robert Klder President of the Butcher'* Melting y /an c'atu.n ban becouie a defaulter to that body to the r amount of fSf> 000 lie ban h-ld the pn?itloti of Preiin dull of the body ai d superintended the bualneaa of ? the ret*hii>hmerf In Kir?t avenue, for many year* 'I hr butcher* id k'ulton. Wa?hieictoti. aud otbar inar 11 Brit fl'Ul I fit-1 r lai 'Here. ?uirn tie uiepotpg OI m OB h thought pr' per. and often thej knew nothing of hi- s;tl?M I, and shipments till afterwards. with somn ef which they y found fault 'I lit*? ram* to the conclusion tbat too 'I much power was vested in the hands of one iimu and if the> Hppi>lnl?4 ? sale* committee He then restim-d d bis ' ffice. ?hen It was found he had defaulted to the g extent of liSfi 000 He hud iiiauaged every year before r; to bring tin* accounts all H|iiare It In raid h? speoult lated largely In rattle In tbe west, and in the shipping it business He drew money on account from the uteris clients to whom he had made sales Several of tbe a butcher* are made bnnkiupt by hin default. 'r Aiwcui inn or Am> hicam Faic??s or thk Hungarian* ie ?At ibe Miggei Hon of two Hungarian patriots residing *? ! In Ibis city, declaring that in oon?ei|ti?ncH of the late r" disasters in Hungary, an emigration will, la all pruha- ) 'I bility. soon take place to thin coantry. from the best of ber people, from the most noble defenders of tnropean '7 liberty, a meeting wa< bald on Wednesday evening ,r , last, at tbe Mayor's office in tbe City Hall of a number i of influential prominent American citizens, to taka H Into consideration the most p*oper course of procedure, If sucb (bould be the oa*e and resolutions were adopt? i rd to tbe following effect .'-An asaociatlou to be lmmeI diately orgai.ized to welcome, honor, and to aid Hungsiikn fugitives and exiles of merit and celebrity, and to procure e mployment, to accept contributions front h liberal minded American citirens for lucb Hungarian ia emigrants as may arrive without means. The association was then organized, and the folloning gentlemen were elected, and have accepted to take charge of tbe *0 movement:- His Hvnor tbe Mayor of tbe city, Mr. el Wocdhull President and I rea-urer; His Honor tbe ^ Mayor of Urooklyn. Mr.'"opeiaud Vice President; Myd I Van Khairk. Moses H. Orlunell Simeon Draper W K. D Haveuieyer. K U viorgan lobn Plckeragill, J Phillips sa : Pbo nix Shepherd K napp. A.W Ben>on, are thu Kxecu. ' tire' < mmlttee. and L R Breiaacb Secretary There are about forty Hungarians In tbls country This la a >d m rleus for m larga Hungarian population. Let's ena eouiage tb? m re Snrrosi:i? Kipsmmn. - In 'uly. 1*48. about the 15th of tbat month, two boys, brothers, of the ages of 10 and 12 yeass. were sent from Kingston Canada vVcatfin the 1*> care of a woman who had two boys of her own with ber to likewise. Tbey were bound for this city. Their mother. Mary MeOcun residing In this city had forwarded f>30 to pay their expenaes. Tbe boya nor the " wi'ILIMu II* WW U"v UfflU nrru note fcury i?ib niu^v Q| ton and tbr mother, a poor woman. has baen waiting from BODth to month until mora than ? year hat clapped. anxiouely expecting tbw arrival of b?r nhll dreu It in now lea red that po*aibly they have been | kidnapppi d or pot out ot the ?ay by ?otne foul meana. j for the purpose of obtaining the $30 The matter la BOW under th? eapervWI"n of the polio* authorities, . and it by information given to officer t'roaett. at tha Lower roller. reapeetiig t)i? whereabout* of tba cbil. I dren. will meet with Immediate attention I Orrnmn ok the Ht'iiao-e R i v * Railboad.?A train of ran for tba accommodation of paaaengera waa run i yesterday on tbr Hudeon Hiver Railroad to roughlie' peie kair tripe were mad*, aod on oua of ttan rnturn trip* tha distance from Hasting* to tbr depat at thirty t>rM street?about twenty-twomllaa?waa mada in thirty mlauie*. i 8ar.ii.tok Kxva amd the late Robrenie* ii* Wall Si ki:t William Joticn aUat Rohlnson. who baa been arrested by tbr 1st ward poller on a eharge of stea'lng a pair of ?h< r? from tha rfllea of Mr Ogden No 4 New street httlng brrn arm to eoneral thein in tha ' jard. bad In bin poeeeaslon. be Ides, tbrre pawn ticket*, a rkrlrton key exactly cnrrrHpondlng to tha two key* found in Wail st by tha police after the lata store robberiea lie la supposed to he one of tha gang, and la retained at tb? nation house to give tima for Inquiry. Pi 8< hool No 17, having been thoroughly aleanted and vantilatad. will be opened on vlonday, Octohrr 1st Tbr school la altuatad In Wa?t 13th street, l ei ween 7th and feth avenue*. Tba principal ifl Mr. I I Fraud* VcNally. Th?: Lichtihi; o? the Citv.?On Thursday might tha city ?a* kept in darkawea because forsooth. the almanao stated that the niooa would not art till af'?r 12 o'clock: but. then. It unfnrtunataly happened that the moon did not e bow at all owing to the etorm and tha darkneaa * ax far greater than on many nighta when the moon i* art. The BaowiiEi l Light Ocard?Thureday evening thli j flne b< dy of young men ptraed our nflloe with an excellent hand on tbatr retum from a target, axnuraon. and, judging fr< m thr target thr (hooting waa very respectable. 1 be uniform la a daek frock with a white belt. i Sad arcinewt? Mr 8lmhn*on one of the builder* or contractor* engaged in the errctlon of the new atorea situated on the elta of the old City Hotel In Broadway, fell jesunia) afierno* n about three o'clock from the ?t?ry now already erected into the cellar brlow breaking hi* leg and fracturing hi* akull. and waa otherwise p badly injur* d He wae taken to t be City Hospital, by officer Doty, of the Kirrt ward p<>lloe. ! Ad hum - Lkat. evening a girl 18 year* of age naned Annr o'Hallorau. in pna-lug through < ireenwich atreet, " waa tun over by a baker'* ?egon the owner. Mr. Baueh' r. driving it Me ran ''IT but win h II >wed by ilie " police ot the A*h ward etation house and arre*ted.? The girl ?a- taken to Dr (Irren'* corner of Lalght and j hiidoon street* ?ho drewd her ??anil> when *be waa taken to her rtalttekce by a police vffloer. She waa [ badly hurt Ai cir?st ? Last avenlng. lamea D?nehoe. who waa occupied in making an eiravaticn for a cellar at the cot tier of I.'all gton avrau*aud I'wrnty-aevru'h atreet, tad hi- 1 l<i|<ti and leg hr ktri and >a< otherwise dargernnsl) injured h\ the falliog in of the hank Knertl uiinntee rlapeed More he Wae dug Out He vai ctiivrjeil to tba City lloepiial New Vnaa 21 1849 Mk Bi iarTT?Aa an article appeared in th? hrnu ' of Monday rrla'tve to the late occurreaoe In inn atreet whirh la ui true in man\ partlculara I hope yon will i|i. ii.i tl |H|||| tn |<11IIIi-h ?lie Mlafltf In the ftret ) lare. no inrult or li.trn'iotaal c*u-e of olT-O'te ?a* given to the young ni"a a.Hhoagh their laogu ige waa of ibe mo*t < ppr"bil"u- kind >ly aim neither at*bb"d D< r could he f in pvaii ii nf eiahbing a* he bad no a?ai>"ii of airy kli'd ahout hie per-' n He i* n it a Chilaial pMa Killer." lior ha>- be ever had a pi-reoaal acqualo- | lanre alth anv of their member* Krotii the age of t?el?e be iveideH in Ualllmote until lie war *ineen, bet. be joined a tide noinenl and pr> needed to \leaico mi d leniaited there uotli p a-? when he obtained an h< norablr dlerbarg" Hmre ihrn hr ha- hero iiT a . eh'rt ai eee in i'blladi Ipbia Thua while ht* oow?rd v ae-allaiiin wereb pi ging on the atnnpa of\?w York.and auekii ? their Ihiinib* h? a' the early age of aitteen year* a* rifle In hat d opiewing hti aouorry'a f-iea. i aad t*ai lug urf.lni bmgl> the hanlg?itp~ and ptiea'l ma alt. i dani upon ac'lve war are I u-e the wnid*. "cow ii.m ap-ai ?iii> if ii" uii-r iiibii h"i ni'nini wnt-n trtuti I I'M homr. a p??ti y plMif thr iwn c. It I m m b? |w?>rd ftim tin-lark toward" ilia mu-cuii which t tI v?rj I rer rtrllim bilD. ?n<l br at* cvhipp|l**i| to ntk nfrt; In tllrht Hurh thiufi rai|ulr? n>< nnwrnaat. || _ J. lULDWKLL. Trial nflhf Atlnr Plart Hlntrra. tmk lam * km IN Tim UNAMA?nthi^i'i or TUB f KK>TKk*--tMlt Ijl" VINOK'ATan. 8*11 mmi, ft a 111?8 P M Ihraiort rnt.?pn?d at 11 o'clock: hul li*tor? that tifii? - to (art for an h ur ft morp pr*r|iii?lj ? th* ?* III.tip aod all (bp romdor* liaitmi In ti?p n<>ui t ?**r* UMidiil h) (iffHtin ?h" ?ir? auilciM to hear ttia Mtn. tmrp Po-n Af'rr C?n??t>l?j[ to* n ?tnS?m ..f ftin amirl lil'i nrii)>il fut tlif jmr! of p i.inlntlnii to th- X?. n-taut XIOrrtiiptTn loom and, a ben th?jr took thatr Mli again, kir s?him riititinI for Jud-on mad* a motion In arr??t 11 jmlirti nt aht*h ti'iit m bna?rar a*h j^nttd To tlilo dculal thr c ntirt'l I ?*? p'rd and kit kuiiMt* coan?*l t- r iaada a similar trnt|.n(<r at:rut o| ju.ttfn,* lit winch lt?-Wi?w ?ai dntli d. VI. SnrnKoop. of r?tiDk?l for iialthiw* and Mr. IVumii. t>t gi'trnl fur Adrian**. r>ad a til ?a*lm In aiili?atlon of put lihiXMit, aiid alirr all thru* pp. pi i'ii # had b? n n ten d- d *1 br d f'iiitHbt Ji iii i |.t cwi|id to *ddr?M tha ronrt at Irtin'h II* laid hi< IkiI nnftniriin ?i| ai.4 h. tiprctrd nonipirj- ftp > ad h-i n tn*tlh)r a Judlrrtl jury and b? nil^M ?ar b) a pi?jin|ie* | ruaii. Ill* t> >liniontal* in famr < I character ih .1411 |r??ly < ffrrrtt to the proxrutt^n hail n??ih?r bwu p ?.|r?.| tn ' 1 pad lip could fairly la) M? I. ?ud up >n hi* heart, at.d app?il to hlii llnd. Mia' h> < Ih* riplim ( itu utjiirt f Pflrrutll n Ilia I! txllmnt pr>>dfin?i| ?ertn-? Mm did ?? I ikon thai h?- ha I *ti}th.tii( to do ?''l> tb? riot Mir ?i?w? a* r*pr?M*<l In bi? pa par, i n tin ?*?? ithy whpn |bf (tot 1 centr> d wmil! ?bm it 11I I ? ?H' In latur of la* ami oni-r , that ha aa la 0<1i? t tit arb'tmrn Korrapt and Mai"r>-aily I na' if j tbp t? tlmns al' ti*ppp|iiK btr rharan prw*rp knnn ' tv II. pi nit It won d bi' p* 11 wtat Ilia rh?iapl*r wa* I u11"I ? i MH? "! mm 'ill- r iri w.iuu ll. ?r ( m ?j i Mi |( to ><a?i to i lit r < li i hat p<iut f'r ?? ? nad aiattar fr. m l i m<n-?lora vlimra Afl>r .j n-ti i fiuthai ran ?r*?. ha raid ?ti? uf tha juror* ?lr. ^ |rt||? had itrrltinl. llur i p ?n? |ir>-|ftr i I (tic trial. ?? , tai t a I mi ii ft tha urt I' at h- t h-.i-g h' tli?- 4?f"inlaiil* i li|ll>t t? b hl'fft In IMiftrlu atntl ll? would "?J tha ! t tfiEii'lire of (hi- |tr>f Mil ?t piihltp i.pltiioti had ham . brought ay a'ii i kill, ha liad not h%l * (air trial |H? f?|i t lia' hi ?<tf a ?te?ui! hr m<a 4 lbir<-*airt|r I l>?f?nl?tiea m |/i oi.oui a. d ar'ar tin-I mot tin J | untad Vf. .1 ml >ti in proper t?rni? rrfpflnn lnn |l|r! lalinti in mpn t I" 'ha pitjinliea of tha court lid )t ry, and it aa* aa foilr*?a ? FKhTtNl * lit THfc tfoUBT ? Jtidga t>?t> Mid >k? prif li?r? Valthi-ra, k r?ni?tt, I" mla'p imI O'Nril tha liniirt llt't takr* of' tiotitidrwii'l llhirjiNi h aari tnrl|.a. ! <<?, ?a tar ; t?" I to ft I raiunl itir maja l| rf tha law nw t?a. n ^ tit riiratrd hj than #f.i.?icti. n. mi *rnry ' 1 ?li. ?> *1 ! lltilr *a*a la autllrlrnt t Tail tha pnt|i' r K ?l Icli t.tini?l in< i t ? ' || i/ttari l.n .11 Pt I li i ' ita II't l l J t ll i ^ t ii I . n I ' ,11 ' v? a trail f f ill i MI'ITt tl Itlii nltiir- aland h >1 rah t ti-f'-ra tha i ur' a- ill mtll g 'ha iBin ii)t- uf tt.i-t f iltif V'AH t? It > -tii p<>rl i>1 d ami J< p. n'n.t paraa' i M.' will y j b? in.linMl II atvforr. tut I an liuiilironniaDt in ttM ,, ! el') | tt i iif ilia ti rtn t.l :*? iU. ' AI rr-p?cta th' I I-VI I Ot' vi be ka ii main* a*'- ^ and raanot plrad jou'hful iiidUor?tloo m? an iow I for bl? w'> IV h?? rul no to th? govrt. I Th* jurist- then pr> rffn p >iut out int omtnuut D|m u tW* ?<u>*rmt opon tfae I far* of thn nffnitTlr. fill, im h?* I it 1 birnn an irre- V |iiotrh?l.|r chmrit'or lenient U? will be rn.tfiicfil to Iba pi-Ditrut<ary fur the terua of one } noitb Tk* jr'n^mr *drl?n>*? Is aNo yonn^: Kj hm a fantU it. and bin prttloo* cb?ra?<?-r i* unvalued. Hut the -virtfi.rc ?KHin?t him Ih of the n'romrett n?tur? He hutl pHrtiruUrly dlftlniiui hed is rwi?i?tlng th* uit^mptrof ili* i>"Mrc to arrenr offender*, and r^llidtl I tb? crowd to ih* mnif of prNou?ra IIk hvi b?i*n I I '"" TJ|U1?UI >>! Ti|i'>r<iiip I lie IXIIIOO. II IB tru>- br denied hi* idfiutiy with >h? p^rsou deiciibeii by the "flew Out the <"<iort ooucur with the jury in believing bis alienation unfounled Ho was arrest-d iu the act The tesiiaiouy rere*U that he poeeeoee a naturv which chu only h? purt'.ied by pun'iliivent He nni't b? taught to mspnec the Institutions <f Ms native limit and to learn th? great duty of obediedce to lia laws "e will he aenteaoM'ltO tin* pcntt'n'lHry tnr the term of 3 month* The prisoner Judscn ha? t?e. n uetiently hoard by the Court He ha* complained rha' he hm h.)eu trlol by a prejudiced jury and a t>r-judice I Court, aud that there in no ?vld< rce of bis gull'. I'he jury are not hern to listen to bin omplHii.r They hare ncrformed their duty and have been di-ch-irned They were in<lidcr id>iiiht> )y irlrdlfil fr> tu the ur- at body of the pri-ou rr'i trllo* olilifM and it is due to them to nay. that tbej have been subjected to tlm tnoet aearnhing Ix^at tutu ai d so far a* th's<? testa could Indicate they were a* impartial a jury ?< ti??? ever been cnpmnellec An toepcots the i r-ju'llre of the Court, it in not for them to ay h?w far they >Hy be subject to the trust common otf hu:?eu Infirmities They can but nay that they feel so Inward consciousness that they have done everything to secure to you a 'air and impartial trial No Luuian trihunal is infallible Th?y ha** frequently li.teiposed in the course of the trifj. with the prnaecu'li'g oflitiera. and induced thi'in to waive their bjeetimie to testimonv not strictly legal. In the ?Ml ex|?o'a>ion ii might pos-ibly teod to make j out the innocence of the pri?oners It Is uot true that j you have been preelui'ied from proiucing i?-tim"ulali? B respecting your charscer All the prisoners bar* j given evidence of character, excepting yourself. They j have built up a strong w?ll ainut tbein. which atiuil* them in stead in this their hour r.f trial. You have not seen fit to do so Vonr counsel offered oertalu tea- I timotiiale while be was engaged in summing up for you, I but there Is no virtue in such an off?r?the evidence j wax ciof ed. No teste could then be applied ti d'lter- I mine tbeir genuineness nor any opportunity afforded 1 to the District Attorney to anawsr them. Vou stand upon the pre*umt<tiiin that the law make* I in favor of the good character of every accused r . person, and you atarid on that narrow boundary alone V ou say that your guilt Is not t*bltt-bed by th? evidence. The Court, however, aoncur In the verdict of the jury and it would have been extraordinaiy if that verdict had been otherwise Ch? I evlc'ence axainat you la clear, pointed, and unmlatekable 1 here wae nothing to exieuuate or prompt what you are proved tu have done, but the wanton love of riot; you had no wroega. fannied or real, to Impel job to acta of vt'ilnone: you did not olalna to l>? a partisan in tie tbeatrioal dispute out of which the riot aroaa. The veiy t'ay vt the riot you bed written and pnhllihed an article Indicating your indifference aa between t orrent and Vaereaity and urging upon eitiiena th? neceeelty ot pre>erving th? peann The day before tha publication of this art'ele you declared your Intention of going tyAator Place to see Korreat through, and 00t?mporaneona with <he act of publication, yon war* diegulxing yourself in the babilim>oits of another, arming I vr urnelf with a sword and plst?l?. preparatory to visit- I lug the i-cene W hen you reaohed ttiera. yon at ons* I aouned Intake the dirvetlon of a portion of the mob, I and arrange It eyetemartaully for the work of vlolenoe. I No nirtive appears te have impellec! yoa. but a desirw I toftir up the elements of popular tumult?to beget riot I and mierhlet. Kven In doing this, yon appear to have I been mindful of your persoual eeourity and to hav? I betn busy in impelling otbera to ante you eared not I youreelt to perfomi \ on st em ta have had the vanity I to figure ax a leader, without the couraga to espoee I yonreelf as surh. At revealed by the evidesaa, there ,1 ii- a wUbenr g meanness In your couduat. when con- 1 tras'ed with the indifference to personal danger I that characterind the bolder violenea ot the I priMipir Adriaiice You have seen fit here to link I yourself with the illustrious arrav of martvra. What I connection mich arte t> *our- nan hare with the spirit* wh< re livt? ba?e been trodden out la the defence of great piiunplt* It Id difficult to conceive. It might run he interr?d from the teetimony that yon contemplk'rd flrirn the theatre ?h?n that, theatre waa Ailed with people. but. tor ihe honor of humanity, the Court are wuw tiling to aunpo-e a purpnee ao diabolical It U before ?)' rnurt however that you counselled the 1 flrit g of a lot of thawing' and the raining of the ?ry of fir* Indifferent to the awful e >uiM|a'iMi that might ba??- tallowed the spreading of that alarm In a building denttlj .'acted with human heitu* It in oar duty to be merciful Aa I renarked yesterday ire are not unmindful of the eontlderatmn that earthly power approaches t eareet tiod't when mercy m??iu< jaatloe. Jtnt we have a duty to yor form to the eon inanity, and there i- nothing in your ra-e to waken the bubbling of meicy In the breast of the Court We feel it our outy tn go. In your rmmr. to the utmost limit of tha law. W e deem even that punlshmeut inadequate, and In Imposing It. eald iud?e Daly. I never felt ho forcibly, the wart of power to make respected the law* of my country, whose minister I am Judrrn war then sentenced to on* year'* Imprisonmetit In the penttenlary. and a fine of (250 ? to be imprlxoned nutII paid The prisoners ware then taken into auatody, and held for the lulQlmvat of their sentence 8puftlii|| Intelligence. C?WT?r*iLLii < hi a?it L. I.?Taornno?Fam?v September 28 ? Puree Jt'iO? f60 to the second beat?mil* heats beat thtee in Are, In harne**. D Bryant entered g m Lady Suffolk 9 1 1 X Isaac U oodmfl entered br m I.adv Sutton. 12 2 2 Time, 2:S2HThe day wan uuutuelly plea-ant lor the icaaou? the track war in tuperb ord* r tb? nag* lu line spirit and ct i ditl? Ij aud there wax nothing to rutlte the temper of thoee who bad anticipated an a'term-oa of Innocent recreation blended with amu*uient. All ex peeled a f?ft race hut tbey were much mistaken Lady Sat ton was tbe lav jtlte at aligh' odde previous to tha rare- bnl during the perf rniaitre of heat lor f'lende loet confidence In her and the termination of each 'ucceediiig one xa'i?tie.| tin oi tliat tb?y bad tnsperdeo their n--d opinion jn?? lu time t? ?av* their el'ai ge T he following ! a report >4tbe race: / <?( Urat l ady sut'uu wim the p >le Hie net* c*me up weil t we*her and got the word at th* tirtt att<mpt I ady Suiton da h*d'-fl at a ni let tremendous pare, wan clear <1 l.ady Mutf Ik a> the drewgat* and In at hei two letglh- to ihs quarter pole In ar aecond*. <ioiiigi'"wn tic h?rk *ti-iin ^<.(T Ik elo e.l rapidly, and wan lapp* d . n Motion at the halt unle pole lu 1:14. 1 be gi*> u.a e drew cloter and I'loeer ?n the brown all the way roiibd lhe lower turn, ami ae they nam* on tba h. uieMti trh I hey wei e In ad t > h> a I l.ady dultolls Im ke up at the three quarter pole aud nerer a<*ii, dnrmg the heat rega-ned her trot. a* Vr Hryant r> ea ed to b? vi no eontnd ver her ut ill after the bad parti d tl e rlai.d l.ady Nut ton rame borne at an ea<y I arc end won lb1 teal in 'I S:1, Hrnt d/ imi- i be la t ir.* n < his heat eihlhiteil but little i lie L*d> Mi't. n b It g rather the taeorite. Two attempt* at 'tartiog Were mad* and at tit* tec. mil II etl'J I ill well t.g' ther I bey went tide and tide imieil tlwi tarn wheie Sutton took the lead, hut at lie I|uaiter po|w Si,Hulk wax head and head with h< r tlu .> -eronUe I too. th. nee t > tht. ill mile ll<? wi re lo-k?d t>n>e 1 :l i ai d ?o eoirlom d round the liiwer !nm >?'i t<rg > n the h- me (tretoh. elde and ide Iron I he hr> e ijo < < t? r in |c i o the di awaata th* |ta\ nan- gaiD> il ?i r..pi.ilj <> < ut t *1 iha> Wc>'?i4rulf, Mili'l n | r' t ?hilitj ?>t ?i lining h- h at up hi# I I.air- ?H" rum. In |.? - ht. ?y *nlf-ik a|a<i It?n -<? ]*rr 11(1 eillit hf'Hir. unar ?f th? li> a' tn i il\, 1'i.trJ lift' I h< h'tnm i>m>k t tarn in Iiror M Hi If Ik t-airg 1'"0 tn ??i S?" ? ' ! In' IT* e n?l attain pt? tt 'tailing ?tr? m?4? l>u at that jot <,flT, Ivlf pufliilk I.a >' Ku ? null' ?<1??nta?a I'htm lllf ti> tb? quattat all* p-ia Ua ? .1* S?B .|k (aui'il b lit two liBittha and n ?|m>w4 k Mil ?ldiT <ap, I 'tit. * l ha I alt m>l? p'?lo rta'i*a r l>?a<l ?rt?h hi-r*lln r I ln-aiwl ihr ? at a Itr If >li? and fell aft t?<? rit'b Or 11 I v r * rn tntf !< i,>-ail\ < I >-?<<l with f i r n.lw?nl>i ai il lr m lh? 'hr i' i|'nr'?r iiolr matin it# i f Iha lint hm liwmr ?llM"<n| ImiIri Unt i. u.eb lijr ii,rh >o<i ?cutuaii> atnniuc iha inat by >va lany'l. in 2 .14. fm tlK Html ? 1 ba itar' w?? a (? l n?? Wh?n thay flrtli* III* turn Muff. Ik ?a. aVmt t?rn.|angth In Mai r? at'I * lit ti. 11 i|Mait<-r p l> t brv-a lrn(ih< ahaait < -ti*a 40 mo'lid* ?baia-h?* broke. 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