Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 30, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 30, 1849 Page 3
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TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Later from Itanu rc-ladlM OalnfMOMtracttoM or Bent'* Kurt, 4c., ?c, 8r Louie, Sept 'Jw 1849. JtBN Brown, a government freight arrived la tbie elty laet evening. from Santa Ke, after ajourney af twenty day*. Wt learn by tbie arrival th?t two Americana -names Vara not mentioned?were attacked on the 5 th .f Sepauibtr at Lo? Vega. by a party of Apache Indiana, and killed About the name time 300 tulles tbit side of Santa Fa, tba Indians ttole twenty government horeee, and mad* good tbeir escape Mr. Browu himaaif waa attacked by about 40 oi them. and robbed of everything be bad, but on tbe following day tbey gat u Dim nacK KOUie muies. ana lelt mm 10 pursue nis journiy On the route be full la with mme California emipiauts, who (f??? hiui a suppiv of provisions. Ti e Indiana,had lately burnt Bent's Fort, and It was (eared that Mr. Bent and several meu in charge of the fort, had been murdered by then, as no tracee of theiu . have since been dueoiered The Indiana everywhere i evinced a hostile disposition. Colonel .ilfxandur ?u in command at Santa Fe. Colonel Washington, with a command, had gone in pursuit i f the hostile Indians. Major Beale was at Tao?. Major Stein, while reeent* ly engaged In a skirmish with the Indianr, received a wound in the leg. Much political excitement existed at Santa Fe, in reference to the convention, which was soon to meet Icr the purpose of adopting plana for the organisation of a State government. There was hut little doing in dry goods, but groeeTies were in good demand, owing, in fart, to a scarcity of supplies. htt. Brown met a number of CalTornia emigrant trains on their way, which were getting along wellThere was plenty of grass on the plains. He also met Col. , with 260 dragoons and infantry, at Waluut Creek, en rtute for Santa Fe. Marine Affairs at Key Went* K*v West, Sept. 15,184#. The (hip Alleghany, from Philadelphia, arrived here en the 7th inst., in eharge of a master wrecker. All her eargo was saved. but somewhat damaged. 96,600 has been awarded tor salvage. The U. 8 schooner Oetavla has just arrived front Tortugas. bringing a quantity of goods taken from the bark Nancy. M Stevens (from New Vork). which ves el went arhore and bilged during a heavy blow on th* night wf the 11th inst. Several wreckers have proceeded to the bark, and il is expected that the entire cargo will be saved with but little damage The brig Wetutnpka, from Mobile, bound to New York, loaded with cotton, came into port to-day, leak\mm I v The achooner Kurcka, from New York, arrived here n the 6ih aud hailed on the ttth fur Apalaohlooi* The biig Suwaunre. from New York, arrived here on the 13th The 8te*na?hlp Republic. D*?i imoii, Sept. 23 1319. The new rteamrhip Republic railed to-day on lier Sri-t tr ip lo Charleston. SLehad thirty p.?e*engerj, and fllllj freighted Not D?a<l. Albany, Sept. 29 -P. M "Wt learn that Mr Robert Murphy, who was (hot in jfce liooidi-r on Monday afternoon U^t at Il^n-felner Till*, In bot dead a* reported. The Atlat utaten that ble phjaiclau thinks he will recover Market*. Haltimokk. Sept. 21, 1SI0 PTiee* of flour advanced 0>4n to-dav. In the wheat narket there lit no chaise I ora ad eaueed lc Brrrai.u, Srpt. Utt?0 P. M. Reeelpt* nine* yeatarday-Klour, 9 (XW bale ; wheat. 08,000 butbele; euro. lH.oort biiahel* I'tae id irkft I' duii lor euwniou >taie and tVimero (l?ur and the tale* do uot exered I OtO bM? lueladlug Mint*i^*ii a' (4 60. ainJ W i.roi ain at ^4 tiU. Kor wheat, there i? a fair deBand lut. the flmine** of holder* check* oprrati hi; alidul U iWI bu-hei* changed haud* uoii-ittinx e liefly Of Ohio at Vfte < orn l? in g'">d enquiry an I gu t? tlob? hett> r iheraler embrace l'JOO*' buflheia a -i? a (Or for nixed *? t?-rn In oat* there in a mod r?te bnain* ? d?.ng at 31c The market i? firmer for wni* hay. ?nd ?! are n>akln,r at lUo. Kralgbta to Ait>any are without ci ange ot mom-ot Alum, September 2tt-P M The HUftptt of produue by Aiul *inue yesterday Were:? ft.oW' barrel* flour, "00 bu?bele wheat; 6 ooo do. aom aiidmmoo h*rlry t here ? no marked chautc in flour qao'ation* remaining the >auiu a< yexterdsy, with fain n| 1,0('0 bbl* common braudii at M M7 a re-h |ir< un<l do fft a $ < 1'Jii; and fl'ie, I ?? r> * "> 3' 'the eupplji of pilule wbeat ip email aid i the market i* firm; a paroel ?>f 70il bu>b?l* handgun* tieiinrv ta> mt4 at*i il orn la firm. and la g iod tfrrnaiid atxut 16 01 0 hu-heU w?re d>-p? e 1 >> at Mr for f<>o1 niieil Wularn I'h-r* were al*o >aU (toarnve within two week*) of 7 600 bushel- flat velluw a' f* r and r una d<> at the *arue price Tb?re le o >nM'raMr ov. aitf tu barley the -ale* rean>ilng I3,"0 bu?h-l* at ti2H a ' 3n for two rowel and (17 a 0*a fo fiar rowed K>e In firmer and f> O00 bu?heU told a 7 a Oata are qniet at previona prloe*. hlppliag Inteltlwenca. N aw OaLataa, S?pt 21. iirl?ii-8llp Vai?a. from Kaw Yurk. Thratrlial and tlualcal. Bewiav THcaiar ?New Vork has never been mora |lvely and fnll of buainera tban It li at th? pra?ent momei.t; thousand* of visiter*. from every portion of fha V'alon, are among n?, and our own eltltnns tee I In fine apirie Item the brlskne** which prevail* in every dePar1 ent (f biinmii A* a matter of aouree our plai e* of public amueement find th?-lr aeceunt in thl* Itale of thing* and where the tm*t entertatmnentK are al*an thara ara th? on.wda M tha Bowary thaatra dnrlng ih? pant w??k a aarlaa of nn<t ?-l-?r?r?t parf<>raianr?-a bavx h??-n ilifn and atnli T?nln| tha )ioiim ha* hi en arowded tn over flowing 4b?kap>-r?an plepea and ceTeral of the moat elegtnt playa "n the ttage ?ueb a* " -'The Huriohbvet " " fir.trri>. im b?>? baaa performed, b* the iVailaoka 'MlWrta MIm Wmn? l,*-ter Ita Tb? au Ugo-i hi?? k"o mn>t rnthii laa'lo in tad ih.ib'-t f-alll?> ktir pre?alled \i *r pleca* ?- b%r? had " l?oii i"ST Jh " ' Rob Rdj," and olb?r whii li *ii?M. by m>n; nrnnu'ri. b? toii<ld?ff'l ampin uter'alrmrnt f"r tht ???nln< \t tha H"??rjr h ? ??er ibry do nothing by hi'irt in<l their bill' ?r? al >)? Dir?t iitmlrtlilf IVai?rr<i? ni?ht lh? ftmi h'-torlral drtna of W?r?lnk" *111 m prxluiir I la W't n ??nilir>? t atyla It ha? Ha*d In preparation f >r ! iigth of time. tu>l no pain* or expense h??? h-?a i|xi>d i'0 it. Wa eUali baya ni?r? ta m; rrfirdlof It t" marrow lintvutf ThkitU.-Laat night 'Phallai OTUa l^an and tha Katrlea," w?? actio repeated tn a w.-jl drea?ed and faahlonahla ttiMtg*" Th?r? *?< bo hlM] log an<l all paaaed off harnoalontly Naarly all th? objectionable thing* ia tb? "Kalr" war* altera! or Modified la evoforailf with cn'ffwi In tha Ibrald, Hadaoa ringing and acting war* fully ejual to hla pertoraiaoaa la the aaaie r&U oa tba two prerioaa alghta and ?l-elted ^a?l applanae la ht? m??**g* to bla heiroth-d h* Mora In the fairy aoeoe In whirl), lyii a oa th< bed. lookiug at krtar I auk the pirrao rant riling wine h* einlalnia l"h? n|.| thief he* dHinta In ib- ehurah " he ?< eathnataetiaail* appiau ded; aad in the Low btakeg < ;?f," a nd " Iri-h > M'li-dy.'" ha "*? agalo enpnred In aonia of tba otl.rr arlor* wa nh-ir?ed a aarkfd Improeeineat Mian Kata Horn who appear* d a* Margaret Kier. nan ai d la kanra aad anftoee* look* the lrl?h ulrl, gave auiple a?lil- ?? of a trm- e aeeptlnn of th?- aharae ?er Id her in- thar ? ai'ttage ?b?re lliott a* Ulln-k O'^allivaa poa.ea to parry bur off ih? mi>ttln< faBala dignity with a a?ot|e*t n>?rag? aad a witharlng aporn wi-rihy of a Ml|p*lan maid whila <h? n?r?r outat'pa Iba liailla if trailnln* gra<? Mra t.?d>>r aa k'lota ?a1 moat happy aid in l?inp?r aa I p?rin?*<a. pr? n'lil a g?*>?l ponlraat to ha* ?lu?r Mr ^haw, aa b'araua lloph* bar I 'tar lookad and ?poka tha ah?raatar admirably Ha ba? a trim Irt-h br <^?a bat tha want i'f gallaiitrr with wuieh h? tr??t? ' l"raian>>< ir1?h. By ih? bya wa no<i aot >an11 m nt on of Ik' ca'tinaa wf>opn?- f|vaai? a <-?wn " h- d a? hi? part toiltr lita anlv lip ! a- tni.pi nut o' i lir. a' a fair aa a Hah it of water Me irlM " f<itd>r<4*.." (f r ??..iirlB* d<ai t?M-? and tin ?*r?i ex anif * 11 In *ried in llahlln ml k* h(> lh? nnr'*''t aeiieot ami pronuoo ? U>'ti of the rl??? he r>i>'??ut< fhi-rt in Blmm ?r ha?? nt I at li'itlM'l in nur na thl? pu?- Mr tapman who, ?* CiUr 8w*n. d 'he 4 ockney to (idrlwil' n a well in ht? laii|(b*hl? Ifn-eraure ? " lilfeland' and tha fltrtah m In hla ln?-iara e |ir*| n?it? p: i t the a-pira'a t ) er^rf wot I Kiui.iwi: with tn?i I ? *n to the fine h art? " Ha l? ai eif letiliflu without ?urb m-n ?? hapinan Md liyott the' ?taf?" woniil ?ea? to ahtn* I'ha en. t> rtal ntiie ut* (nKllltl trltll Hoi ant t ot " whinh aft' r the i ji rtln of the rtainle faouRixa of th- anillenra In the previous pnea, literally tranxl than with iMlkltr k> Mam* <>?*t r* - The arather 1a*t night w?? e*. eedinitly fine for September and tha play paopla turned tint by n nlment? Nl'ilo'a Warden ?M well if t?nd?<l. " Tha Man of tha W- rid " on * lha ra>d?rn ?on.tdi>'* wo the trading fmtura of tha ui(ht. an?l HMlrtt ?' Ik* sir rtrtlNl ? ar-yeiphant tha thurt ?'|ih b'td politician It l? needlam to aay tha' ha d Mr f?r ltia? and hi' p-runa-i to* to tha b<?t i**m ?tp lnidlttmKre urthy Mr Itawa >i r ? -rtin hy Mr I'oaard flidi.ey hy V|f tin .11 and vtal? 11 a by \ r klt||?|e? mrf t?el putt* Htdue* twin* pt'MWlatl* Od kit ttett* Innl fcy Mr* IVa'ta. a.i I l.a ty I ?iw fata trt if Mra l|i<?a a han i im?ly parf?'tTid B'.u th. ,1. i a alti.gethar went off t-. the full ii i f the hmmw Iniheivim-dy -if 'lancet , u a Krotrhman *?a ibi'iight to he at ? me nn' in tfea m tart- -f Moi> I?nr I'll II a?t n >|Vl'r -eh tmher he wea Ir a I'tlbie ?|?h hi? h ippj e (eentlnii of t^al (trolefqiia aftAiiltura of bi- >k< II > re -icft a '4 ?n* It, b, ?hith tuDMltaiaa ih" wf the fie <i uiuca M the apparition of Tonaoo htoBMif. Om Mo*d(j lug tbe Kettle again ippitr Buaion'a Tnuth ?Tba performance* at tbU boo* la*t tifnlng, ax per bills, warn for tba benefit of Mr*. I. j Slean The plaj* ?el*cted for tbe oeeaoiou were "A?modt-uf. or tba Little Devil's Share " Unwarrantable Intmrlon " and ' llow to I'ay Vour Washerwoman." Tbe lad; who appeared a* tb" beneficiary on tbU oo<*a?lon, ia too w?ll kaown to need any eu'o*lum at our buinle Sufficient to *?y that her trWuri* appreciated her fffortn to pleaio- ami were precent to applaod her lb?m A* tt> the elutrac'er of ibe perf >rm*n?e<. they were creditable to uioxt of th"i-e euKagud iu them On \.onii*> nipht Mr. Burton will preseut the popular dr?n<a of " l>onih?-y and Son " It I* aUo a matter unoerctood at prvi-rnt. that Mr Holland I* enga/'-d at this theatre. and will app'-ar duriug the preteut week. National Th? atkk ? The " lnvio<'ibl??." those gal" v.innif ll^ hvlill v n..l, mi, tli-lr nlllt^i-u evolutions before largo and deli^tit?<i audiences; the piece itself U a most lively ami amusing una aad. besides the attractions i f the soldiers. the other character* are very well played Dawes. Herbert and Redmond ityau ?? the three invalid soldier*. wh<Mu respective u< iitiletlin* are so oddly combined. act rritt) BUi'h comicality Kyan a- O'RUah on hi* crutch, sing* the Bold Soldier Hoy with hU unial eiupha?tl. li jim in great in theee rattling Irish song*. and h?* become a va*t favorite at the National Tomorrow ri(ihf we are to have a firnt rate bill - the ' Invincible*." a grand Natlnr al Spectacle. and the faros of the "Irlhh Dragoon* The national spectacle in entitled the " Revolution.'- and in frotu the pen of Mr. C Burke, who ha* a capital Yankee part In it. It will no doubt be be perfectly successful. Mitchell's Olympic thk4tbb.? The entertainment! of yesterday evening commenced with the petite dram* called " Napoleon'* Old Guard." Mr. Nlakinson as ilaversank and Misa Nickinson as Melanie Haversack' acted to considerable advantage. Mia* Carline executed her " Sylphade" admirably well The grand opera of " Kra Diavolo. or the Inn of Terraolna." waa again repeated, which ha* now been m> often oritielied, ax to the (plrudld and able manner it it put upon tha stage, thai it in almoet unneoi s?ary for further remark; yet we cannot refrain from mentioning the impressive scene in act second. where the brigand* (Beppoand Oiaccomo) lurronnd the bed of the aieeping /erliua, intent upon ber dertruction while she. at the moment tbey are about to plunge their stilettos iato bar heart, breath" forth in *weet aad heavenly aoeenta. a fervent prayer for her Lorenzo, the aolamnity of whioh disarms them for a moment and even strikes the redoubtable Kta Diavolo to the gronnd. Tbe anene is truly anlenin aud impressive. The amusements concluded with the mtixlual extravagant* entitled tha " t ncbanted lele." which wa-1 aeted to considerable advantage, and waa received with a great deal of merrin.ent In conclusion. however, we mu*t not omit mentioning the orchestra which performed loma tine piece* and especially the introductory overture of "Kta Diavolo" Infant, tbe excellent order in which it i* at present conducted reflect* credit on the director On Moaday night, tbe grand opera of" Cinderella'' will be produced in brilliant style, which cannot fail to draw another crowded house. CftatHTv'a Mik*thel*, with their world-wide reputation. are doiDg their usual excellent buainesa. Kvory evening, their room* are crowded to averflowing. and tbey a* usual gatu va-t applause from their hearers. They have achlei ed their own greatne*a, aad so amident are tbey. none can compare with them. Lika Richard, they are " themselvc* alone " Cmiiuvsk AmrMti.v Rooms?Mr Mdcaillster. the great necromancer and magician, will give a scries of SutrUt tin at the above room*, commencing oa Monday evening next. Iicirn CoaatXT. ?K grand aancert of taared music come* off tbis evenitg. at St IVter'a Church, lersey City Several eminent ai tints are engaged, under tha direction of Mr O LaJer The Grand Italian Optra Company wan expected to arilte at Havana by th? lirui-n *teamer of the tb Iiit Tbe following are the priaaipal artixte* of whirk the company 1* cnuipoted - Stgnoras Steffaoonl, Ho?ln ( otiut Viettl Bellini and dau|hirr; Signore* Nalvt. Keriettl, Badlall Settl. Marinl. Hollinoni. Hotta lul. Lorint < audi, and Ardltl. I'heee comprise nearly *11 the best opera ringer* iu the world I heir outfit, it I* raid, will co*t over forty thounand dollar* Mine lulla Dean I* playing at Itulfelo (< H Hill the \ ankee delineator, dlad at Saratoga on th* 27tb liietant i harit* mid \d.le Hohnrtock, the twin artist*, are ab< ut to vlelt Havana. 1 ayraoLd k > o 'a Menagerie, with Herr Drletbach. W at LimlMlllf. Ky 1 he proprietor of the Taeon Thea*ra. Havan*. hat ? ) artertd a >e?i-el to bring Henna the Hene?nary decoration* dre**e*. fce . for the following opera*:? , ' Vaeradltri." ' Macbeth," Huguenot*," and t'ra Diaeolo." Vr*. i oleman Tope ia drawing crowded houte* at Cblrago, Ill 1 be Munplaiflr troupe are In TitUbargb. Brooklyn City tnt?lMfr?nec. Eummniis o? Kkrnv - The only thing of Importanre which trao*plred on any of the court*, war the pr? limliiary examination touebing the iaxauity o( thin man. which took place before Judtfe Johnton, at the < runty Court. >r John J. L?nu we* aworn. and testified that ha wa* unarquained with tbe pi turner but would know him again. having *een hitu la nourt once before and at the time of the commleeloo of the nrlua witb which I be *tand? charged ; that be had ouly formed aooplulon 1 a* to bio (ouudnee* of intellect, from what ha bad beard of hie aale pievlous to the murder ; Kubeequent to that period not having mad* any examination, ha *oul4 give no opinion Or l)f in kv, who attended the accuced two or three time*, within three month* before tba death of Mr*. Kenny, testified to the raoie fart* John HnitAti teetitied that be believed the prlioner to be light beaded aud flighty at time*, Ammirt Bkim* a near and intimate neighbor of Kenny, dated that on the tlr?t day he called to ?** liia tfl> r ni* rontinement. be appeared to be very *tupld. 1 be DUtrict Attorney then put tbe following queatloiin to the prl?<>?er " How long have you lived in Brtx klyn?" V our or five year*." ' Where did yiN live"' " In Atlantic *treet " "Didn't you live anywhefer|?e?" In I oluoib'a *treet " ' Who did you marry V -'Catharine K.agan " " Where U your wife, or where did you *ee her l?*t!'' Thl* laat question ha cuuld not ati?wer. except to *ay he eould not tell Hi* Honor dtemiug tbe ra?a to b-*a* In which thara wa* probable rau?e to bellev* the prl*on>-r Insane, g!anted the order for the summoning of a jury, to be | n *de returnable at 10 o'oloek on Monday morning ext Th* Lt< ntiwo er -In Brooklyn the practice i? up. a nights (hat th* moon I* announced in me alii an?n a* h>ing In the heaven* In the beginning of llie evening not to light tbe lamp* at all. aud areordingly the city ir In utter datknc* during tlm latter part of the night, when the llgh'. I* most wanted. Thin wa* I he cane lor the laat few night* Miuttat l'aa?pr. ? Mamlay afternoon, th* Ringgold Horre (>uard?, under command of < aptaln Haniuel lirahum. and tbe Union Bin*'*. * aptaiu W'HxIchild made quite a dirplay, in marching through tbe principal Mr. et* Hrjnrt Jattur ,/..*? C Jtwi'A Patrick McKlfoy. who ullr 0L<t Kt tl o' limn p< rmitxl toga on litu parol of h>a>r u ii Hi ' h< J lulloo ?hi'ai4 rrnd lor him, and having ' b?.n t nt ? r ?od tmiMrigr hta^ivV t?? ?a? attain ari ir iril ti M?t,day. and r?i|ulrr<l to (tl'i- boil lu ih? ?um rl no lor lit * o<1 b* harlor 'or nn? jut Thli Ito |al'?d to tn m il ? a- cioitnlttrd to th? eon itv Jail I Irl I K11 * ')(. I hi- mmi ho wa* orro-trd <?u 1*u?*n4r l-r oboktiig hi* ?tf? to 4-?th. ?a? b nu'it ap on )ii roi afttrnotm. b?f> rr ln?tiro Kin* f >r rxmnlna I ti< n I ho JU>tie* po*tpour<l th" *amln?t?ou In runi ? nt-rrrr <if IIif ik iMr of Ihr District \ttoru?y, until | llil- ?tl?.??''aM afirrnix D. at 3 o'clock. F?t?i R*n.iin*i Aiciiint. ?a wn of Mr lloffmm * ? klllod at. lb* t ho?nat rtrr?t oUtloo of th? Now J? r?rj railn ad In \roark rhnrxtay I'ho train woo Wekin| In aiid the lad taking advantage ?f lb- a!?I v,r? i>t tbrbrakriran wh?' ?a- Oiiju>iiu? ih- oitoh, j ?tl>ii.pliil togrt i1 Si tha plat'urm. but mlwlnl M< bold, t> II ntid?r tfi? artmolo tiie wholo train pa? tn< or?r bim b?fi ro tha ong'oror ?a? a?ar? of tbo elri'uu>?tioco. W Ida nrtTnnpMI ? Hut* hrlar't crl?M>t?d *'w I'trtitj I* a< >?. * * all ?r??i. ! tbowal) n*iat tf unoat In tl.i rilj ii?toU4 to thit hnoli.***. n? hi* In ??n'M inotl bnporiant i?o?"vowio?u, t?it iorltct * saiaiaotma nf M l*i %mi Tnup^n that nktaltola atlror m-<ial at tbo Fur c?f ?Ko Aaniria tr?ntui? ' opt tbo a44rioo. Wlgl and Tnupfti?\VI waald rail tb? kttiotiua of otttsiaa mi *ti*??<n, r*qama? *'|?? ..r Toa? ??, tn * r*i*M trnrr ?<moi>' "1 t oi"*t impnrtaat M'orartnf lutiiitrl Iit I I'MM.oN, no. '1? Hr.iaOwnr, ?i?4ir tut Pontile Hi'ii** Tlx) **i. V *?er at Ma Hair Catting *<? ii*. ??<?? may *?-m fb* U ?rt in4 b*?t iv-rtunil la tho oltjr. _ TTo-i rot prnrtpt In itt Pratornanmv < re in r- rtioi Mm tht??1 U ' ? pror'ie# t*i?"n?v, " TIir tb} wratrr ma right, and thm* who j ?l?h to t>raatiro ?ru?iin?, In II * i.i?. .*r "f M .nto, *ti >??, (iaiim, at, *r? r?-i?< filly i?tirr?J t'> JU.MJ, II Ana tr?ot. Pir?t'1*iitTaylur *n4 Itla lohlnrt ?rit <* 4y'? 'il*lT0ir4 i>tl">g>*|>M? | >lat, vf rr?m4?at i iyi r ' a4 hl? rahlbot, to a?* for *?l? n Mo aurr* " n,?4 l?* prim ol I 11 | rr ?ir(I* at tho fnl l ilifr (!lr?<tr>l liillory. ?>4 and JM brua4*i> of Fnl'oa ??m? A llhoraJ 4lo*uoni to th? tro4*. < hmp t tan llnnc.?.loiibrra In Anrtlmi (1< rO>. J I' l roil I |? , It J*I>| nrr. l. nrar I'.r .i l??T. In?>t? n>nn>i) milllvr* ?n4 il>? ntr t'o lo tn ln*p??t tnoir I. ?m I'liri nf* liimdl. I uit.r i !itri*? *ni UllllDirT , itlii'd ill (itrji dMrrtptinf. Ki|hiIi<I W?r wlHi Krmr*. mid no rtnalit 11,1r (I'lliimi 4IBr?lijr iii r-inni l'? ??ntl *uppir of f-i?i li H-o'? i ! ?? ?T? ? !? awni-allj ? t ? e-irnor of niton i #nl N????n n'ri'itu Kr?n?h cnlf l>o?tn r?l, worth t~; Kn? If I <> i* f i??n*liy J4 f'l In <>lh*r r?? *' rvomm?n.| til our frirtil* to (til tlieir buot* ?l tin Above pi r? Oil *UA. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKV M4KKKT. HhI ittflH) , Nipt. H'J?ft P. W. Tb? market mm* trty u&MittWd t? ?mI prl*?n ??r> f??*tUh M th* flr?t bratrd If S tt'n 1 v07 and 1M* Ml (If K |>?r e?nt; llarl?tn. V; Nottluli and Wi t(ini|ir >4, FtrDrro' l.'?n ?ili?ni!r<l V? p?r nt, and Hi Rim ?!?<llr?*i1 IX. All ofh-rn ?1on?t| ?t *i?t ye-Wrdav Thfft w#r? larf m?Im of flarlrm ?r 4 ri?, th"*r of thn tun or all ?n tun* *all?f? ?pll< n It lb* mc'iii'l ?> *< 'I lh*r? wm ??fJT llttl# rl>ai'gf In I market ?l h na>dirat? *al?? Thf Hud n |{l?nr Htllr^iil *>< npa-nad to day to r??k.k.ll and ibr?? train* |<.ft raoh t^rtntnu' Kr? ??> r ?i?f* N-i-n ma I* |o tak? pa-?<Mi*er* fVt.m th? jnn.itl. II of Hml >n and tliimbi-r? ?tro?t?, whioh la i t? if tl mo*i e?ulral tjva'lu-i in tL? oltj Tui< I* a em in the klitcrjt of tkU Mnpu|, and from tblx tin* fr rward thrre will W > Income to off*?t i portion of the ontgoee. The quantity of eoal transported ? the Heading Killriad. for the werk ending tie 'i7th luntaat. era* 29 SOT tone; ptevloutly, 714 6'iB; total, 813 73ft tons' On the t?cba)lkill Canal. Ii,u67 tone, prtiTlouMy' S< 6 tons, total Sij.4(50 tana Total on the l.chlich Caoal this teaton, 604.701 ton*. Total on all, thu* far, ' 1,708.?62 ton*. lb* (allowing iii the Ftste of the not? circulation of tbe l ulled Kingdom of Great Uritain for the month J ecdixg August 11,184b:? v. Ciitct'LATion or tmr n*it*d kihcuom. ( ./tW;/U. A?v 11. Inc. Dee. i Bunk ol Fi.ylstd lll-.3&.i<71 ?i\Km.W HW3.476 ? I Jrivsle Bunks .S 47?.#.?(>1 34M K<7 ? 12S 494 . Joitt Mock Banks t.r<N>.l(<i 2,531,314 ? 54 H42 i Toisl in FngUnd 24 484 738 25 2S4 AfiH 850,? 1 S1II7?4 S,?7MrHt ? .'{'>714 | Irtlkiid 3,912,502 3 tvU 072 ? 7'.?10 J United kidgrfoin 131 459 044 32.193.C10 734.W6 ? \ Tbe cnnipirUun of the month ending August 12, J 1K4R. with tbo month ending August 11, 1X40, nhown an u increase in the ilenk of Knglatid circulation of 1591," { 718. a decrease in private bank* of 169.883. and an in- > ercai-e iuj' iiit stock hanks ot I'M 363 - being a total Inriease in Kuglund of 1573 109: while in Sootland there js an Increase Of 140.( 67; and In Ireland a deoreene of ' l'4*-0 232. Thu* showing that the month ending \u J gutt 11. a? compared with the tame period lait year, I prefrnts an increase of 1573.199 in Knglaud and an in- ' crease ot 1133 034 in the United Klogdom. Tbe return of bullion in the Bah It of England, for the ] month ending August 11. gives an aggregate amount in ,J both department! of 114.582 874. On a co to pari son of 1 this with the return for the mouth ending July 14, there t appears to be a decrease of 1430 200, and an inorease of f 1937.760, as compared with the same period Udt year. t Tbe stock of specie held by the bank* In Sootland c and Ireland, during tbe month ending August 11th, | was 12 638 7 84, being an Increase of 124 203, as com- | pared with tbe return of the previous month, and an * increase of 141.3t>3. art compared with the correspond- v ing period last year. [ The fixed issues of the Irish and 8coteh bank* at the t present time, are given In the Banking Jllmmnac tot t 1849 as follows ;? 8 Banks in Ireland, allowed to Issue 16 3.'>4 4t>4 J 18 Bank* in Scotland, allowed to issue 3 087 209 n _ 1 26 Banks in all. allowed to Issue lb 441,703 * Tbe following appears therefore, to be the com para- I tire state of the circulation :? a Irish Banks are below their fixed issue.,1J.512.412 r Scotch Banks are below their fixed issue.. 11,239 J Total below tbe fixed issuo .12.523 641 f The amounts ef gold and lilver.held at the head offl* J ess of tbe several Bank*, daring the past month, have 1 been as follows:? c Gold aLd silver beld by the Irish Banks.. .11 687 778 Gold and sliver held by the Hootch Bank*.. b51 006 Total of gold and silver eoln 12 638 784 1 Being an inctease of 19.534 on the part of the Irish Bank*, and an increase of 114 728 on the pert of the Seotch Bank*, on the several amount* held by them during the preceding month. Stock Kxtliange, $l.'<00 U S 6's, <8 111), to sbs llarlem RR .10 2UW do II 1.4 1U0 4o 53 MN0 do enpon HIS do M',' 4?? do '67 11 tM 500 do bAOSI 2KI0 do '67 11 IN l'*> do s6aw IK'U Ohio fV, '50 loiv loo do BVl 4t*0 City 7's. 'ft2 ltflj< M Stoningtoa RK Ml) S'.'C 2tt0 dot's, 70 HI AO do bill HJU 2t?< ?b? Fmnurs' Trust, S<;,SJ 50 do *90 32^ 75 do !*! W% 60 do bio t SO do COH 'i S-1?Ht R.adinc Bond* blO 87 V # H O do >3U h<V m> MorlKMe dii ft.!', C 10 liudsi n llitfr Hh 16(1 ?tu N aud Wur, Miufi I 1>0 Lou* lalafcd ?90 I7'? 16<l do 3-i$i ? 100 do 17 J* 43 do f. SECOND BOARI). ' $1000 Eric 7?, Old Bond* 10* S 100 ?h? Canton Co S7ft HO aba Sor.k Wor. 3."'j ft Uud ou Rl??r KR 6n|i 110 do btimr 40 M 'Udiuh ou KK b'iO fi2\ 40 N York k N Dktu W2H 75 trio RR *45 j ?mm*M i i p ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. ^ Jlntwtrt H Jidvertfrmmle tent fry Mmtl HUM W fM- J fmd.mtkry totll not hr taken frrm the Put Office j, flOTKLS. ' IRVINO HOUSE. RxoA'WAT, Nbw Tomb. i OOLUMBIA nOTKl,, Cmkdi n utjtkicbt, PmiiMWaii' ' lARNVH'l HOTEL, Caltekt arBbb?, Biiriaom. * IRVINO HOTEL, Prw .Ti.?.?l? At'b, ftllllM*! TREHMNT HOL'SB. TatMBT (tiibt, Boitor. WWWWVVVWVWW1 1 IDITI HOTEL, 8tBacv?b, Nbw Toll. | FECIAL NUTIDKI. American ht'si^al institi'te,ms broadway ? f A L?etnre and Musical Fntartalnmant. to thoa* atudjrit k rr daatroua of ttn'rinit vocal music, will We given on J Mrday attning, at 7>? e'cloak, by J. B. Woodbury. Fire* J ??uiap tot w i? i O H IS LTfffON or rai vocal <*_-in ?i / of adjonrnmant. a lutein % will be h?ld ? Monday vtoin?. (dl l at 7H o'alock, at the tjoltaeam. Broad ay, to t*ka fcral action apon the up*m uti??n to he i?r?sM*<t?d al thai tint" W . h|NK\ MOKKlA. S#c pro tem i Til ft MEM f FKS or v< H.o.N l.DM'il. NO I o oK O. F. arc re<{ntt?ed to m?*ai at tba room, Na ional Hall, i antl I'rfrl. A No, the niru ?ti h rtr.crates Lodge No 11, . V A. O. D , al the room No. Ih7 Bowery Alau th?* I of I u|<?mieni rhap'cr No. ?. at th* room No 4rt Centra t'raet AU?. tha I.a*ay?tt4 V?rein, at their rooa, No. 2r> . I)?lair?jr rirr?t. Also, tki |?m of W illitm Till, a' the'r ? r?" o in 6th avarue. A leo, the MM*ond tro>p erman Una- ] tart. e? mn and?<i h\ ( ar'a o TUt??r. will ma?t at th? usual meatinp: n am. No l"i? 7tl? avenue, at 13 o'al??ok. A. V , to at* t*ar tha faatrol of *h?*?r d-?**a*rd mrmkr T. F tfvtebvl, 1 frv-m hia lata rvtidema No. T 4 7lat mt*-m HMiomi. V.tH(iAR?.TOt MKTCIHIL J rOL. J A HI* ROIIIN ON St;r.N 1KAI. I VTII.I IlitNCi J ( If ra aa.d r* n.utrntal ^ <*w? >-ai?oi ?ata street, (SaUoa. t Kfrrhioi, H#ebaht^a Uwvi>r?, a^d tha puMia, f a PI h?aln ti*forn?ati< ? in rala'toa to lh? ata?i <taic, h it aaiy, ^ i <1 fetafctlltj af luti.v iifni'aagafad ??* M?*r.*aut?ir yanvlM. 9 Aluo In ra la Hon to h*>ir pra^aat titnatior. or aa tlia? may ahai ra h? raaftar. Nit aa? of loft ruiaM*n ?cnbra ,*'a *%'?i?tarn W latotinla, llllnal'.KIr nafota, ai d Iowa, and t^a oitUa of lit. I no la, I omivillr, and ( Ib^'i.oati N ?Lattaraon bnal- ] tea?rx?t f*11d I hnfava m<*4arata. Tor ORIGIN A L NEW TOIK BRASS BAN D?TH E J m.mbtr. of It * N ?? Y"fk Bra.* Hand r?>p? ifu!l, mf'tni ibair fri'?<da an** ih. |iablio |,tiif,lly tht* Oiitr ant 1 f.r.| ?r?it to furni.h ainaia for ?T?ryth<Mj| Mna^orod wi h ,h" imi.xiI profrmcB, b? ?rpl?t?? to J. Maraban. l??'lor, ?"?l ' Bf>?-ri.<i. Itaga, H6 S,n(*? >t>o.t, Brookljra. ar H M alia.., eoBria?tnr, SlS t'anat ?lrr?t. I LOST. 1 Don LOST-A SMaLI. bI.ACE DOO. fTITJ WHITE l r???t and for* pa*?, and ?hi aWat tha n<*k. AB'?>ra to tb? namr of' Tip " A toward will b? fir him at IS Mian* ttn.i. Lost-a rw?ii ulck *rin tcrribr noo. as*?>-rii* In tl a nam- i T ' I' arb " Tlia Abdrr will ?? ( libanllv r??ard*d bj r*taraln( It to III* nthle la tfca raar of , No 7 M ohln^'on aqnar*. ? ? kihakii .THIM irMm r r KH RRIMO I Alt ' f WMfh flWI l?n ht. I |M( 1,1 n *||- 4 Into. it'?f I 111 I f<- r t lo A i.r *1.??t. Tl? flu^r *111 r^*irc tltabma rraa'd bjr ra-wrsia* tbaia lo A. Gl/'INAKL) k fU>,H7l fori itrwl, la tb* ntr. *< IIOOLJ, 4*^ Sir.rilEN II HRaM II HAVING RITI'RNin PKOY Pallfarrla *111 again lae?fii*t, at (h* r- i4?n<** of pimla in tl* r.,,1 i,h Rrdiwra'a. I Iwiim. J i>n<**a. fc* Voath fratiarrd for ''*ll??a Ladla* and g^niUm** laugh't? *p-?li , ?d ?rltf firnrtly. AiiirtH DTtl'lltM U II RAM li. i Ihraogb it? P. ?t oiRoa. I Ayovko MANRirn i,Ai)*, **ti? p. op pari* and ' idrraud in tb* Inl iaho<l* of that Htf, harlag "nil , Idnn bonra |aithat nifinai or *furn.-n I iabr* (. annga litrulf ?ilb aom* fnmily, to Ittrh man* ehllilm to ??il and . ?p-ak Priarb.alro fain and fanry an-dla?ori. Addroa* ?.y . latiar. frm-pald r j?r*"n*'l?, fa* Maaam* ^ , b?iir?*n ih? . boar* of 2 and 5o>|... h r t( , it I' HaLaart'a. Pr'faaor of ' thr Pr*aeh Laaiiafl, at *77 Broadway Hoa* R.'i Kraalrg i rilMM b?gin til br*t and ?a??nd awki In Ootobar. Mi mi r?. KCRLKii. propr^w* op uriin. | glrn laaaon* on tb* |. aan and *lrgiag III* prrlcap* ei A y *r?' Imitln, fa <;?rtr*n*. <pain. ard Kngland. h?* an*tlrd Mm if lajart to 1.1* poftU tbi* art of mnate. pliyin^ and tinging. in* H?rt tim*. I.adiaaaad r-n'l*m?n 'aught at thiirowa or at III* r?*l'' *ar*. A4dra?* 137 M?*tar ??!*!. 1 I^VIMII I.IM I Ai.K KVISINO C K'iR r *rrt>rire? and da) nla**** lor ladir*. at ?*> Mroadway, a?d?r lb* tnltlon of Profaa? r l>. lagraig, who. baing anil --i* tn bar* hi* pnpilg mak* rapid frngr" * la f ading an I *j??k- I la*, ana it? I at *lx tn>n. In* la *?eh rl*?g r*rmr, it par p.rntb?(iwrla* l?**?a*.J l'l**?? apply a* abnrc, lwfor? II a'elack, A. M , aad af>ar 1 nVWk, I'. ? . If I. Ai ROIX, I'r'f< *a> r of Prraab Id M?**t*. Albntt'* laatMBtlia and athar *?mln?Tla*. I r-rr- I WiK NAI.K AMD T?? IiKTI yim SiM r-PIVk v?>i;\0 T .OTTIMI WOR*H. KIM) ^ in rln*la aad doiii.l* barnaa*. and aarraBlad unit. A jt |ilj a' 177 'irand trtw'. ' pui IILI IB PR >11 ?<1IH in IT , r . r near lb* alij. allt t > wblna alion. a<rhiaa-y, a a'??ni r i I ?* af hi horr* pi ??r. and * pr? li-ai I* ba> tnaaa ??aao *< aid It, oRrrli * lirnllilmrnMil to a moa anin a ?aJ ir* a alai-r of I ?I ia>i-t. P>-r fnrHrr P*rllr*lar* naqaira af It? r*r4 l I rrt*r. No 1.1 Old Hnp, nffra at aialr*, ?a b* ??r?.ar af ? a>?r nrnt ri'iR ?a i p rittf>? ii.limj i *unroi r ??r?fI. ra|>l*ta with *?*ry *"n?*n|aa*a and la ?arjr ' Iln Will K# nil >?r?tni ?.i?t t*rni? of (try ??!,' \'fj no. p IniuixlitUly, Apply ' *1 .W. Ilr< |*o| ?al.turture?>1- a v ?.k> dk-im *hi r uwvfli j r nMll.i t. | no ? iMuim I'l th* 1 fnrm urf p. tl> ?* i??i?'tiatolj>. Imi'i T% of A U I hA(ti i v, i*. nr?i< ?k^, i h?.OAf)?AT I'llilPl BTT T"?-lfcT. 1111 I.Milt Kn'Minf ?? tin n< rtb???' i ner ..f R, ?.l*?y in I 1 bik > ll?r ? r Hell n<lt | t |..r ?n ?i . r i ti- i . rilin i ?o. j flilll ! \ r.? n?ll IxMfiln I ?lr> r m?. A| |<t> to , Mr ftitrli, ?rchil*M, J.'i Hr> d-lwuj 1H>nr,miTiia^tn nrnmimorAf4nf. ?u ! i'i <fri * i?, l?r? ttlnlnr ??4 fi ? ? ?llS i? r> f I ?H?i-m? Iwdr. n. ; *n ?.< *? ? II .of, >?? * I k> lOrinr I'irior ?H?< t? nr h?4i 'mi ?k ?i>I , rmirti th? who'* hrm?? hi *? . . ?n* lltn.ilni'v fnrioak ll.} it ' 7 i' n ?lr | Cm>ai,-??i a< k I'Iath r io con i?r i in fiopm / lk' ("it <li in.1 UthI.?, n I uniting in I fl?t i llt?f, firr >f !>. !( * i.r ?lf?. f t ?l * <?n?l|.ii1 of 1 M li'kl* lH'* .. . J.l. f < ' * M U4 (MOFTkMp^t Awl l??nk AHUskmcwra. Broad WAV tbeatke-e. a. MaR*4aU* soli i [Aal W R. Blake, Manager.? Mni,da* *?eiH?g, Oot. I, 1 >lll I* )>?tf< rmrd III. orama called KIM) (>' V CIL?Lome f" (III, Mr. tr*d*ii<<k?; Ue *ial C'oant Hill>u, Mr. ? i>r??t OTallaliatt, Mr. Hmf; ("apt. O'Nel. Mr. tluacii: * '?unteM Itllluu kit. Uetld. To r,e followed h* th* 1KMH V !Ii HI ! A H Y?P?iid? Fitucrald. Mr IJm<Jm n : Elleu K 'i.nrilY Mtae Kat* Hnm. To ?i.i.c1i;d? with Si, il K I fc * K A #11 I R?Kl??her Mr. 'uaptn\n. Cra?her. Mr. K Si'?wi M "wi. Mit* Bui&. I'm e ? <>f u"im?i,n - lire** < Irole and Par |uf tt*. 7Acenta; Family and Third ClrcUa. 2^ ocrts; tltllery, pi e*wla Dt.crr p|.m at ?: tn iiirnM?tn<# at. 7^ o'olvek. l* NlllO'tOinm-IKiNDiY VINIifO, OCTOtlll, / IH9?Overture, Ovnwo of tutiionda. by the OrolMHrii lo he fi.ll> wed ny darniK aflhievemeuta mU the Tin lit Ropu, by ha Kuvtl ui d l.eon Javelli To conclude wail Hm ini dlllMiiM HlkL<t OR I f 1)IA H.E AMOIUKUX? ,'oUM Viederiek, Nt* I'ul Biillant; Uor euaiua Mr J r<?ine <?\el; 11 id Reauel* rc. ?lr Autoiae Ravel; Aamodenii. Mr mil Ja*<IM. Br?o???lu. Mr Henry Well.; Grtud Viiier Mr. 'rut?l> Naval; I'rielle, Mil*. Jn**pt|nc Ui'rtin; Lelia, Mils. Idcle l.i I man; Pheb*. Madame Jerome Kami; Tlurwniue, 'adauie Marielti; Jeaunettu. Mile. (V lentil. t4o*Imion. Mi4. >i? m open i t < )? p^rforamaiea oouimnno* at 7Sa ?'oloofc. BURTON'S TU E ATKb.? W. e. BL'RTOJf, manager au?l Pmprietor.- Mot da Evening. Ontolier I. will ha -! deved, a new eitravagai.aa callm <I SUCH*FT IN ItW.? ' * illiain Tell Fuany, t?r. I.each; Proleaeor lipter?nuph, Mr. Ii.rriltin lii? UuHl-y Sublimit), t'aua'.ian. Ut.Mr T.Johutmi; Hitholat, Mr. Clarke; Franeta Jo?eph. Mi? J ll>i|; Viot-ri* >t >mil*i,d, Mta. Brougham Alter wluoh,'lie fsroo of a t A f TI R THK F A1R? Old fidget. Ur. Ken: J*rry, *r H. Hand; Mr?. Flummi"y, Hi?a "liapin?n. To a vith JOHN UOIIH-*?5*?i*iire ^ull'litId, Mr. I.vone; Mr Parmorler, Mr Iturtoo; Mi?> l.uoy, Mi?a flill. lioxxa, .10 o.intn; ''?niil> * ircle. 2A fnili. Donra i<pen at 7 Ofiniuience at 7^. CAR!'. ? ASTOK P1ACI lll'KIU II ?I' K lilB PI' ij- / lie ii- rerpertfully inP ruied r.liat, iu oon ei|ii?iiou of Mira " [ a>euport'a n dinpoiitiou, ll'i? Tln atro will h? cloned m,til !>< * cdiicrday ; and an tlie ftoiatiou mated by her avtia^ liK ' r' ,reu i'f ii decided kind, mid In conipliaacn of aitron^ .'iialre '' > pre Med for her re- engagement, ah* will appear ou that iifclit in a faTorile character. ? O. M BAKRKTT, Stage Manager. I' MISS H. FANNING U?0 W1 I.I. KE\D SI(\KS- il PMit'l tra*'d.v of Mai beth, on Taeaday evening, Ovt. ri d. at 7>, o'clock, attho Stuyve<aot luatitutn IVikeU may tl ii had a' I ho Mimic 8torc?, >?t. d at the door of the Institute. MHINeB* *HJ8iUM,-- ?S? RKOaDWAV EXHIBITING y tit* WauBere Curt-ma. Reli|0'Jii?, Arts uud -toiea?s. of n out hundred mill.on, if Ctiiueac, will clot ia ft few ?e.ik .. ti

>pci> Iron 9 A. M., till " v Admittance IS ceute; tl ih idren nnder 13. half price o BAHNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-P. T. liAKSUW, tl Manager and Propit tor: John Qrucnwuod. Jr., A-amtunt tl lanager. rplecdid (HT'omiftncea, in the afturaeoa at :i and m *?t) evening at o'clock. T'c manager Ima .una* i for r>t bit ?cek the celebrated Uartlaetti Fa ally, who appear in ft a rut) of theratne plcaalDg ft nil art'iundinir louts, wonder- ft nl Oj ntaatlc Performance*. higll) laughable Comic i'an- i onnniea. tht Rava) Family with whom they vera aorue ^ nut connected Al?o canauca Monaieur l.ouia Elanler, dr. k lemyaii Mr E. Warden. Pate M rria. Mr Jarry H erritiuld, tl lite Stanhope Mitr Rarton, and Mtaa Weat. who will ftp ear at cad' entertainment in aaw and amusing Melange*, t lc. Aim on exhibition, fti all huure, the Enorinouc Rna Con tnctor I.arpiat Living Arfteiinta, Mammoth r.'rocodile, Mftiftttc or *e? Cow, W ax 8ert| tore and Temperance Statuary, ( laCi.n e Rockwall. Fortune Toiler. Adimnaiou 23 euula; " hi'dren under ll> yaare. real* 1 ti Bkk'l' seven mile mirror of the lakes, i p Niagara and St 1 awrance lvera, exhibiting at the Mi- i trva Km na, 406 Broadway Thie immanaa painting la ft _ wrlcot mirror of all tli? oitiee, *?? na, eataracta, and other > f loader* of nature and art. embraced on the entire bonier! ! ^ etween the Unit*d H'atei and < auadft. froa l.ake trie te * he Golf of St. Lawrence thence np the wild and romantic laguenay Ri?er, embracing the m?at nictnrediiue and bi - ' orically intereetmg eeriery in A nitrite. Exhibition com- Z net, nee ft! 7M Vln*k night)*, Af'eruaou Exhibition* on X'rtlnerday and Pa tueday. at S o'clock, P.M. Admittance, 23 Mtll fti'liw hll' kIn. | UAILKOAO L. HrrSON RIVER RAH ROaD.-I'ASSEN'OER TRAINS i' will e?mtnence to rtirhetnrieB Nuw vorlt md loin look, one mile above Po-ikak II oo Saturday. the JUth intftbt, atii|>pi^a at the following placa*. and at tha rataa of * are rearrctin ly ?ia"d:? Mai hattanvilV I2*< eeata; Vnn- J era. 2?>c ; UaetlBge f'c ; liohbe Karrv. I*>o : farcy loan. SV\; ? ling Slar, 45c ; I o'laherg, fiOc.; I'eikaklll and Royar Honk, Ae Onmihua atspea will be provided at ?'e junction of ? 'baniberaand Uadaon atreeta, to eonvey p?<>aan(ari, ?irovide tbemaelve* with Railroad ticV'ta. 'o the eoictne ? ?- * i n ?tThlrtf lirat atreel oiitll the rail" ean l*e laid W that ? /i>int. I'ow n paa???>nerB rout.Irin* it, will alao cot veyed * ree of ?i|K ti?e, from Ilie atliion to Chamberf itreet. or In- J rBedlat* placaa n Kipp k Urown'a and vha Knickerbocker " il.ea ?hoae atagea a ill at pnr *itne. take |>*a<-B((erB to th? tailen a Th'rtv- flrat a met I'litil further notic*. the tvaina ( rill atart aa folio?a. a.ery day, Snndayi excepted:?Liart ] I ortiet of i karohera *nd Ilndaon atiaora. in omuibuaiMa. at 8 I . I. M., 12 M., and 4 P.M. f^are ata'lon at Thirty- *' irft atrt?, all), A. M. l.'4< and 4^ P. tf l.atra Rn??r ieok and rrtkakill. at 7 A M . II A. M? and 3 P M. Tick- I*' ta teai be pmcurod at the uflirea of the Company, 129 ; Jt 'hanlifre alreet and at the itaiion at Thirty-flrat atreet. : *. 'aaaeaiera ft'a particularly requested o provide th?m4alvaa ii! ritli i keta before tiklnr their eeata in the aara. Ilucut, g er the pnaenr, ean be reci ivad and dalivarod o>ly at tha I tation at Thirty-flret atre. t _ WV. T. TOUNO, ChUf Encinaar. Now York, Sept 2*th. 1S40. N R. - <?'! holdera who may daalre to view tha roftd da iBf tbe xreaeBt ?eeV, will be fur* lehed wi'h ft tietet for 'eektkill allium ehar*?, ou ualliaf a t the offiee of the Com- gany, No. 54 Wall atrrat. ^ W ANTk. Pi A FRENt'B liENTMtMAN, FROM PaHI*. WIHHEt TO form a partnerehip for tha manufacturing Win? and | .iqnora, or to Uaeh the fabrication nl tha above artiel?ato \ ay one alio thould like il. Apply to Mr. NOIL, 9K Dnaoa traat. %midhle a(;ed la nr. very reipectari.y tearacted, haviac become reduced, wiahea a aitufttioo aa lonaekeeper in ft widowar'l family: alao, a rltoation aa do- ? arneea.tor ner dauahtar, ft yeunn lady, who la fnlly oompa- | ent to take be entire eharra of yonnit ehildraa. 'titaaiieai I t the South preferred. Addreaa, poet paid, Mra. P. Urftj, ilaw York poet office a nurse wanted immediatbi.y?a woman | ^ wl o uoderal;. nde tl e rha'je ol children one who le af ft heerfol diiptaltma eaa aew, aau ia williaito devote bar hole time and fttMftUa* to her emplxyere, ?ill hear of ft a ^>od altnatioa by arpltiac batweea thehoureof lOaadUA. | at Hi Wee ?t. tntheetore % ElTANTFIi nv IWOVFIM K F.s |> r.CT A ?l,t Vi (l..? (J " " Oilli limitiAB*; ft* Chambermaid or filUr. of ' > > no ol *o hnurowerk in a wall p iva'o famil?; m a lim rata wapbrr a??l fr< nor and fa a good plain iool: Kan tlto hrp of citv rrforpoco. Tha Atlitr Wi docharn* * irrwork <r Itkt raraof rhlldr**; tn< wry wa'laml It ?nj ? an* hiaii <>f lira ? ?. aad o?o halp ia any MM I f htuMvwt; liaa <U; nftitaci, ud eau lx tut lara ! ] m??i I-'.' WuoaWr atreat. 1, aiM^LLANBOV* PINI im-l. RII17.. 4 0BNT or MES?Kft R17LI.A, a rnni aid J.mj puhli.hir> t>t fin* art* lu Pan*. ?r- I n?4 h?r* wi'h a 'am aw rtmrnt af, all l>y than [mbiiah id, 1 Lr?r??m#? ar d I nli. ?'at ti?, ? hli-l' lit afTara f. r uli ??al?- . i*fl> i" f>F. A I.KRS, N? i?7 llrt<aifwa>. R .om 40, from >' A. l, i i?i.r *. J, LOii I || W I T? I.KAN UN IIMNH AND MOKTOAOl, '' IfifcUj'lv" ai 7 |?r raat, i'> Mirnprtti la tbia rlly a<?th aauMa tka aai?aat. Iaunir*"f 1 ni NTIjSUTllN. 2H Wall.trwt. J I^ltE INH l- IUIMULVN INftURAKECOV \ V jant -Offiffi vo 6 Etehan.#, * all ?tr*c*, f ' .fl |Ml V- 41 FllUa ' r t Hr ??I \ Th " . \ ini 11'.. in i m i atir?ir ?f a n r? mi4 ?m ? if th? ia ltt? t IVavilfef a fnll 6?pi%%l. ?a* I t mi^irtd and I irr?"?1 ttitf I'M' ' nil* t?> in ma j ( m. da tilingi. rnrt oti ar titnMinia, ^erclian lia* h'?u *> f] ?old ftirnit uva, tmmIiIu I Pi t ami * ttVgdta, da M raAti.aHt trill.* M ?U) Mniiinr ?d?iiinti<?*. WIM.hM H.I.HWOtTll, Pratldaal. AI i u 1.1* <, "I I \ K N IW "H ' \ N f TO \ I || < N | 4 N - AMI "IIIKK4, ff J fi lled fitKia.-A f?? only of thoa# ?<d?*t>ra'*!'l HpanUh ( ^ttrlta or Mi??tml Hod*. aarraated to p?-*** rj*** a?.tr*a- j ^ ir? qLfili' i*a ard a <r* h f hnr wngbt in a-14 Thw w>nt? ,, r * |Tta* ft d'f r?n. will do well to oall at N-j IW 1 II iWtti fmi $$ I j | VAN DIWATKR'f OKWWO UNK^THII UNI I to transport %,* da for |,ak? (talari". and all * H-rf* on I ?ka |>i? and (ft l ||tr l.thM, *Hk and \ ? I ift* %>t Ml old friend- M ln Hilly fr*?in piar " ?Wntt-i *|tp f K. J van l>? W \ r? K li' Mr ?.l at. 1 putirK* iNt ' I'Kiii* at ii' ni?f. m \?ri v. r a fr?? Farla;Orrti'iU( r li t atalarm'W : Satia t.'nr- . i? ta #hf ht fra N? If W M'a itffft s.w >?-rk | TO HANI MiTI KkK< ANN l>?.AI.*KS IN I'hNII fnrtai? A laailiaanl "t parWt i?aanfi.rtaa. aoll'it*4 for a a<in miafiua Iwaaa In l'ai<a4a w?at. wIia naa afl'?ot ' >p*??ly aaloa at ranmaarallta |'rt< ?? Appl/tn " K ? AMIKMN, 1.14 rr?.,t atr.,a AJTOKUOlfE? I I'll hat I k?I<I dallar T) ? it ? llnn-n liar ' la tlia naaiaat a? I Mnaat ia t??? | ? H>i l? anfh I a a a ??aii That la aanfar, I aatn, *' It li Jtmur kind'* a?v aim n? <)?wa. tlrtH. K 0 I'.iWAW. | AfRtNA. Tilt Wltl. KNOWN TAIM rillOt * An i(P?f. hiM ?R hHnd 'a-rt and v?U ??lf"'H J ( ' k (I < ! tb* a*a Rit*ri>?. ai d fltfltf* whirh h? m.k?? 1 ip to dff im 'ha Vr?' a >d m? 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PMI*4*I|> R'"' *? . | ^ nV I (It III II CM II If !, HAM' A LKI'T Ml Ml R< I hf>? rorroflj iMaXi't AHr?ad??r. R| ln*t r??-l*<-<l, a Tin I rh ir or i?i Air# l.ra n Ump- for * <?? . Fronrh ? rurnli*>r* for| r. tU I ?<( ? rkmoii ?*r tilMntil in ( I I ?# *?t?M ?l ??ni lor r?|*l"in ?'r?ol?? ?nr noil ?f Vr I nfli-rtaltor rTrr> ?iud of Kr?*?l l?r *n?l ii'H ( H. I?A RlXtt VILLR. |B OOftWnRTH'B I'ATBNt "iams, MtrillNK. " wcri'i'icl (H iflri.n. ?Mii li a imiwh lafiribh I tri', iIm rl ? ?! <>r |o?r? ? > H (Irm minilm ii>V * I H'l or-pat-li. ?i H ? ??r nn-it I Al? . *? ri% r?ll?-l?r?, ???rm itrr tirxlr, rilit ktliir. ml rtrif atl'*!* MftvertM 't'B (*i 'latilrr Mb' iltirn ami ilm . ri '??rf iiiion iif roulil! rj, V ?t v- 11 r ai t >ri f,| ,11 >11n || I.KATBR. i'rnrr of Jririi Y?rV limit, .frrr?? I ilj, N. I. M.W RAOKR,?r luimn I TO fllRTV.nrilTliR? - thobraon*!! | 1 * A*it(>r?|.h'? -I ( uunifrfrii Ihitv t l? n * r**ad? f??r ItiUftJ. * ? \t \ mi If c?n'?M 9 -ifKf * .4- 0 f ir.fl.inilt M^i.a h-?r f hr 1 and ? nrfcitm ??f tli^ Han<(? In th* l'nlt#il ? <?*ni'tiRiii# ?I?NH H). MI4 ? m Iif fiv\p t t? r k . i <| ?V9-r | ' ' ll M |lT n f it;.iff to *11 !?-< . u i Bfrul, n?-< ri?**r? <* f ?" m|**i r.?i * ? ?wwm ntfi n'T, t '1 ii t 1i 'mr) it. |4it( ?!,?> '? xvt ih? > ni*? * ; ? Th. f ?i.t r??l? with. * ?. H' LIK. Will tif. II lixartnw, Twll. H If V?UAS-* I ITI HART l?II < ! RX< rt \< R, i'I til* l(?t (?fhir. N??"tl'?n< I,a AtOt y ifct ?i ? iMiiiff'iii i.?_r ?l??. t>. I 'll-I Monk* >f ???rjr 4?trlp?t"?.*?ii#t?t'?? ?>f *Ci t?U tlb'nfj. Hi* rip'if t 'M?Tt ?l, hi??l. And M lf"Al Mat** M* * i?n??if .1 ?t??tnn?f*, *)lh ?ll IM f timiml f ?tlj m it or k ty ?n4 fi ; i i Mj f??r? ?"T ?nj *rt ? it. the tr?d* prrp>l?4 *" 1 ! r ?? ?|tk 4c?tn'tn 11i?'k? fin'!4 Prurifit Mtrattna ft mi4 Ikpiij ?rc? . r.l< r?i! Ut ir?>: f nlH It ?? t . |wr??it _ n.w.t. J. ? . 10K.AH, I l.itrrnrj l>?f.nt Irlh, thn P??? < #? ?, I.*. * I'. I < tfin tin ! ( k**r m?<1* ?t*h h? J. h.Mi-l,??t ?M? -i?>.|lt 'K? ('?' ?. Ill '? I'l'ljr ?f j ?! t,i fi Wit*' * '*? V bm*?4 J, y, H " ? " *?ukKHKH'ili. Bowery thfat??.?uondai i.vk*i vj.onromstt I, IMS', ?ili Im> aotti tlio hi tiri.Ml i-ujrtialia tir pert* or net*. ra1'?o WARWICK TUB KlV'i \T\K.Bii -Nn't niri *a?illa F.arl of WafteV. *r. J WalUelt. jr H I. arrt IV,, r. Lout**; Robin llvkaril, 1r \la?'?rlmi?; Alia n\ 1 irutr, Mr. <>ilbcrt: Lord V.auuue, Ur. J Dun lu-t i\tr>, Mr. fiiuo I'- unt il? la Mr. M'fiin (??? '. *'rni>>?. Cruul, Mm J Watla<-k. Jri R.: I OrV't. |, .. r*. Ilfrl#rt; TymbrntfM'. Ha^tlaroea i. 1>upr, 'I *rt, ii-.i- 1 it*. I >?r?>n, ie D?,or? lor t' r furore ail njun ?? pj; >,i .n ?i, 1.1 d H * cm taiu wt'l Inrariablj rl?? i?i7. Il i#., i) it., I'n ami OaJUrY, 18)? eeo'K. *' -1 II A N Y K A U S TFIEATRE.?VOID 1Y ,0 J *v*nir? Oi-mlii r I. IM'', tJi" unli-rtiiMiu n*j ? ill C 'M- In ?ltl. tW IN V INIM HI E?, O.I I. \ KBH V?? SOl.f) \ r .-lush hcilwoDil Kjan; VI< U?lr?. *?>. <! Af'-r kl biih thf uiiiiiiual orum* autitl?<l tha It ? V- H<U IIO V, i) I 0< tTKIIIl," Or '7o-Mi . Jxukus Mr. C. arv Ilraxlev Mr* 1*1 rr?ouil: Hru<y llriilf)'. .'4ra. C M 'i- (l mr: I' rd Cornwall'*, Mr. I' Taylor. T> 0"nclii t? with ma K1 11 DKAQllON- ?ur|.'i y O'Hrallarhan. Mr. rt?-1- D nil R>ai; Mri Itrnwu Shrrfj, Mr*. Suilitrlvi'l. I!"*" i& >' ita i I r. 1c<nt> Door* oicu at a ?ji.c.rt*rr b?fora 7; f) >u ii. u-? at a i|<iartar |>a>t 7. 1 k,1 Till F I. I.'8 OLYMPIC TUP\TRB.~ MO\*>A V " e furci of ( i l'hin LA ll UK I N ?Doctor Mooel Ltntfckiu, lr *<w?ver; Mrr. Bantam, A?t,n Kobcr'a. T* ho followed f?y Ji l> IT.KII La?Felis, *r T. Kiahop. Baron I\>iuP'?Im?i iHtcflt'Hi n, llr Nickins"b; Danuiiii, Hr. Wa'cit: Alii>r->, llfl r. S ?fl' mI: !'? *r??, Mr. ? onovtr; I ioderelU. Mist Harv * a\lor; Clor 'nde. win SiucUir To ooarlud* wi'h THIS W! NCHlMFb I5LI-AI"mo, Ur. Piln?r; Perdition-), Mil# c' oh*rt?: Pr< ipero. Hr. Niobirtoon talitan. Mr. I'onover; cl. fr&nria. Vr?. Cna?ver. Pr^ne <'?rele SOcta; U|>per Bom?, \*5 i-*: Fit. I2fc ?* : Private Hoan, fA; Ornliu 1 tru lloxet f.H. j|1( Ml.M- I AMtMRLY R' >0 VI * . MR 11 AC, 1,1 J jrrtttff 1 for the brilliant pa-truiiug* ie hud received m??co e hvt- liuii the hi n< r ? f appearing before ilia American (m l ?\ ct pectfu'H ani>oune? ? his reappearance on Kvoni-i et. Ik, in ftivrici and wm d?rfnl |>? rl >rm\uc. in no compcffil jol Twelve Exp*riu)"ut*. a mo tiff hl#h, lit * ill e?ecut? th* H-M a 1:tl (look Oracle, HvmI lifter* orif'lio, tie 1 ntot tnn*Me hot tic, or the way t? give ay H?'T '<> 11 e audience om of au empty ho'tle, <*rau?l Pinal**, e Diftf a rut ion oi"Uacaiivtcr at the di<?charre of a iftol The celebrated (Iub/I band is eUo onaa^oi to rendLr j 1 ie noiree* more agreeable. A(tuii??ion All oonts. [XTKLHU'S NATIONAL CIRCITS? EIGHTH sr. AND tl "" Svl avenue. Alitor Place ?R. Welch hoe the Iwnor i?f tuMocing to the citltibh of .New Vork that Uia entire E<|'iea> ieii 1 r??u| e. from the Chesftttt etreet, Phi'adelnhU. Auiphi- CJ ru'rf, will n>ako their tirei appeuranc* tain *? a?od, iu this ty. on Wrdieidiiv veiling Oct 3d. The proprietor has at *1 met 0 hi ami labor. eontferue'ed a new 'Mr-ular fcl; ?? * f?] rinr Pavilion. ef cr>ltt**l dnentfoun, wi?f? permati?'nf n'lta, |tl r'nt. & c , eround tie entire arena. The leu*|ity U the i< *t <cn?r:l an<t convenient in the city the enfortuinm ??ita f fhe h'gi.eftt oid?*r, end tho troupe poattivsly udh>i 11 illnd l?y r* ny in the eountry. AdmUbion 25 ceuta Ke??rvee a?uti lor vnilicf. ft) ^toppam hail, no :!ih rkhmiwav mkvkks " Panorama, (voyage to Cahforbia, around t?ape Horn to he fold dicKiUKB of the Sacramento Valley), will continue for * ne wceh longer. Giving view* > f all the principal ottie^ <>n hi he coaAta. l>?.c?rn * pen at 7 o'clock. Panorama moTenat7>? '' lot k AclinicB;o? 2A centn. ONC'EKTS FVEKV IVCNINU, AT I.VNCU'S I'llN. Jo J curt flail. No. If?7 Ro*nr>, t>et?e?u Stkntou ?nk Uivini- r* >n hrrr't, by t taient.d tompaay of vinht |-?rl'<>rmer? a j- g >i?*iuu 8*4 Pent*. Pcrrorniance to oomiimnm at '4 putT k ret inflVv For li?t. of oompan;, Ito.. ?*v hill, of the day. H. Propri?tot. LTaTIONAL TIIKATKK. PIlII-ADBLPdlA-iTANTKO ~ imn.rdiatcljr. for tti* ahoy*, ladica ami KcntUmen of aoni>wl?-d,.d talrnt. Apply to T. H. t'lianlrau. at the box T Iftc* of ibe National Tbeatrr, New Turk, on Uoaday, Oot. it, at 10 b'tlovk, A. M. at'uiiriiis. > ACF.S.?TUE PALL MCITI NO.?THE RtOtS WILL 00 V c?m air me oa Wrdueaduy, Oot. 3, at tho Uoioa Courac, . I. tiaST l>AV.--Plrat Ran*... Hwetratakea. JJUl aaoh, $H*i added by tho t'ourm; mile heati. Eutrle*-- de la. tally's bay Mly Julia Dean three jearold, by Orator, lb. !<>rnh Ha,hlo?tnn. C. tlreeo'e bay e<ilt. by Merger. II brother to Fiee Trade. Mr. UirJ'i h. f. Cremona, by ca rrlnet. ?itit of Jen?itna W ilkinetw. b Arohv. ?."onl Kaee-- y. I.r.e ml'e p< r,e, $< <10, with an inside tlaee of (jkJIl each. atiirs -O. P. Hate', b. m. Zulieka, 4 yeare oil. by Willis, fcn ini Timolenn. C. (ireeii's b. h. C??. Case. 4 years, by C'l?- . * ti dan, Jolin Rleha'd. Jaa. Tally's K. (. Thirteen ef Tramps, * I Besten, out of Tout Pati e'. dam, four > care w d, and ?p?a 0( r ether entries f r the ptirr.e f*conn liar,, at. 4.-- Four Mile Day--Purre $"llii. innnte stake. $50*'. >anB. (I Ith three iiberrilers. ?l?:--0. P Hare's g in. It .i. na by lostoa, dsm Anare? e'ti. Jss. Tally'* oh ooit Tally tl". by iostoa. dan iom Tou*h, 4 years old. Green s br. h. Free ?li Mercer, dsm John Miehards. 6 years old. _ : na TNIUN COl'KMK, I- 1.?TROTT1V0 ?THE GREAT Fr J Mi?h fir ft5,ttP. t*i !]? Itaatc i rt HnMLwl pwri vtljr iov? oft on Friday, October 6, at 3 o'clock: tb|j tb inv Of moat mono e*er bet oa a tr?tt?ng match, at cn bettina, In tbia country. O. W. Dimralck name* b. *. *' ieh Ki M:ii?r; Ml Tim nmnn N m l.a<lv M?muw Thenar* tb i.l !ea* t Souih Ferry at 2% o'alonk. and rt-turn as noon aa . f aportrare ovr. II. O. GRKKNR PrmirituK. ^ nMKtVII.IJ (dlHSI - T ROTTI Nl 1.- - THl'RSI) A V, tb J Octol ?*r 4t H. I'nrw I'A Mi'e hnattf, bent 3 in ft, in bar- tb *. J. Hridpea entera ch. g. Trustee; H. Chanfrau entera . \. jr. Confidente This ia npocted to be the heat bcttiu^ c? that haa taken place this nnnon. tb JOEL COVE LIN, Proprietor. ^ 1ESTRIVIUE COURSE. ?TROTTING. ? UOMDAT, th J OctoberHtb Puree $2'a?. Tiro nnle heata, in harueea. Woodruff enter* b m. Lady Sutton ; II Jones enters b. g. c ilham ; D Bi van eutera g. in l.ady Suffolk. \>* JOEL CO\KLIN. Proprietor. ra 1IMRIVII.I I fOURNE.?THOTTINO. -- IVEUNES- ?,* J day, October 17th 1'urse f.**). Three-mile heata, ia irnr?i> D. bryan antera g. m. Udy Suffolk; J. liridgaa itera ch. g. Truataa ; U. Jonea enter* h. g I'niham. tb JOEL COXKLIN. Proprietor. tb - \a BOAHUI^U, * ' lOARDIWC-FrRMSHED ROOMS, AT Sift BROAD- Km J a ay, with bat blag raoms aad oihar conveniences, in aaat n, d*?- pi JO A Rft? PI.IA'aNT Fl'RNISHED OR USFURNI1H- tt 3 ed rooma, suitable for familtee or irentlrmen. Hot aad n rid I atbs in tbe bouse a m?'v u* M'i way. tt P- IVA1E HOARD?A fawii.v mk jHnuI.k i.Kvn.K *' nrrcnn be ancofumodated with haudaom ap*rimeatt 111 nd board, in a dpi containing all the modern improve- * >'nt?, and delightfully aitnated. Apply at No. i Union hi la*e. ai rO I.ET-A M ITK Of, OR AINOI.E ROOMS, WITH 'nil hoard, or hrr?kfe.t aprt Kt. in ? Pr"'?a'?nt " n Hy. lahn r??i4<nt It. Ihl.nity, Immir. ?' SH *'4rr?n at. t? LOKM'htn roo*i?? r?ro iiam>?omki.v ri'K" r.l>lia<< mrl.r.nnih. flrai flnnr. n? 'at, in pri?? a fatiir f'tl ?r * I'll i t Without h ?rii. ?'rl< at. tabU If ra lr.4. Alw, miilirMii. Apply at 114 rr?aklia.trMt. J^1 uirriRM tll pOH SAM FRANCISCO. CA 1.1 FO*?fl i. DIRECT? r lk? f??t Mt'ing rflx'Onar IM OK'. D.ntal, r<l an r, ? ill ??il on or ab jnt the I.Vh of Oct.ih.T. to ha dlTi'iad f. m t? nt) *h?ri*a mmr of nhich a v alr?a<l? *?k'tn. Fu.? ul ilixi.r I. a nf idi<ii,| up th. ^arr.n.nto. For til ?r i>?riirM???. Uunira ?f ROsS k UL'TI.EH, II? South met, luiiirtl I'ack N. Y. ' ?? If n"R 'AVAMNAII-IMTtn *TATH miL I.INE- M L F*?r* W rd?>?*?jr ?t 4 u'el' k, P. ? . fr'?m t?ar I V. 4., ^ he rup> lor .nit t|.fr-i?4 i<e??n .tnaiufr* <: ICtOKF.h. apt. I ) ??, J?d, 17r a ad ?f tl'..r-cr; TUN M^KH, >ft. Cnlr It tb in d It?h Oetohrr sad 7th Navarnber. Ttiay f.'H a rapid ?a'a at* mnrt e<itfar*abl?t con?evaace iu in raraOoa atth th Ceatr^l Kailr**ad and inland attain- (if nikta fr? m f a?-ariiah, ta all par#?of<?tnrjrta, f???nda A'a?D a ifttl TnhM>a tvavwtm ta ^fltata will flad fin *d. trahlv ion a to S?vannah ta liOnf W MttW, / rii * ? Hi l. ?| a III 7 ti. f ilnyn II, l.rr |i'il).tl In pruporU > tv limn ftt MiM Of iihim? ?l|'l)> ? htfet'Kl. L. Ml r< lit LI.. IM Proni itra?t. \UaMP If () ' "ALIPOBMI t ?/*' K V ) IfPltlS I F>fr? ? Hall, Tit the latlitnua ol Panama.? Onr a' hitr'" trill iaa?a In tha "i?aturr ' a.-aat i'Iit l!apt tiiif, hiaddard. t> r I harr- dirnrt, na Tainlit. Otl. 1 ?t3 'rl. ck I* V. Pa. kagaa. part ala ?na"ta. Ac . a ill fitt ri*o*tv?d I .hi tl't* II W ?ll a'r?rt, nt.til 2*t 'a'f?k P. <t nf tha la? t I rtlllii, nil l? ikr?l>li In cli . att ?.f a rpaaiai mMMaur, lio alll at'and la pvrii'B to ihntr waniatJii'a i|"ll?orjt. Ktr?M Mail for latara and l'i|afn.- - \ Wail Hir f >r I .altera r. < Pa|aia lor I hi.?raa, Panama, San PrBiictato, Or>K?a. al|era.n. liBia, ril'ii, Halation tha at.dwtah lalaada, ta ft.und at ?lfna. aalll altMa tt?a atmaaa.if Ik i>i?i.f lln'umfr A * cm. P. J- fiiiikt. I.atlara, aad Papari. a?l la all aaaaa ha ir paid. not! K4I? rUNi IMOiNDIIIMCU. OIUrilRXU t r I hr iibMrim oop|.?*r<"d ail|| eappar fa?tan*d A Na I ^ I<||> !*A Ml Rl I E * Plana maatar. haalfta moat i.f t,ar rur i.carati. a til a4il?a'y ?a?l aa U" h Oatnbar. Aa a I* at lilal and a.II fnna<* iMp aha I* na*qn?lla4 for halanfa f ?* !? ?* "T paaaa*r apply ?n r ? f> rnw I KK.'* Waal itraat LMll I *1 IIOKMA.-IHSPATCU 1.1 X -' HIP MA?P " do UilH " rarao partly an*u til, a ill I aaa >|ui?k r.|atati far ilf ii.M r?<poa ran ia?a a f?? pa???<eoTB. ly ilia Itni' takra at iha !> ? ? rataa. and a^ da- n? i. ?.: it.auta-* al iha lua?at rat. a; and -I ihe tir.t *laa? la tar. ft. R ?rTri?N M ? 'I atraai r? [/ MHtVANA Nl? (IKI.I.AM* A.Mr i.HaukRS.? ?' r lb. n* *i d a|iar na mail atranat IpOH l<?. I.i??l 'a? t. ' al.rnrk. V f* M..annmaadaM>UI ha itapatehad ff.ia thia p^rt P* r. Ir.radav vita 141 of Itatohar ?t I t rl? Jk. P * fri? I a* w Bjar lnai < ? Ikarran I'Tari V?nli Riaar, tone'iim alf |t, l? a* rlail'a an* 'ar.anah to land at * nmrin atla aad PM.M 'Hi Tha UMi *|II !?> >ha c>tot?i naat at'a fnr Ika 'aai^<., to ?.t hjr tlir Nnraailiw Haaaar f"? araata. Pa??? .f?ia fit* "liatfTfa alii ka "anafarr-4. al fla- " It a tr. *>i ataunrh aid aril ataamaklp Pale ?a tant Hartaiana. I' N., *-jntm*n.l?r. an I pr- raad la h*T i all iraai ?r t h?rr?? arrt/ln* in tiaia f"t 'ha alllorala atmiaar 1'iitl Tna ral>a ol |iaaaar?M>rha(r?a ara taaan ra- ' Bead Thaltltio haa anparlor |ntih|? "tictna# if I tkfci . r*a ' war runalrnrtad la thia haat raaauar. whlnh lira a at ' "" at iaBrr aalaty ta Iha pa?a?n#ar? oaat any aaa t>araar ' ? mM| *nk allilr titiili fa l?a > r S, and i|>a^i >nl | HI a. n ?.o"ai'' i.a ?h* Oflti ia nnat|n'><lad by any ataamar tfa loal An ri?'rtait??4 nuraa .n ia *iva?ha4 ta tha Oht? , art a o? raauiii to imtitt. ?. oat.caaa. _. ata K'.' n in r > ani'a' itlipm $70 |7\?a. ll | ' lata Roc* h?ftr. <lit ip#tal ton 7W 7* andaa t?rih tt roaaad "ahln H *1 " | lat at rata. fnrn< hail aad h?ar4 * 18 ' Iti thia aaaura4 aattl paK for Pr?i?b? B aawa pat . fmtt. . aruvcau nafaiop raaat'ta to c a a t. a a a. a-a Kn. n h?rtli in ladlaa' ar diatac aaJwett. .... ftltkl aaah a?d?a har'h la aaa<tnti aahta *0 " ) i Itt rair l?|lli and fuiia*l had anil l">ar l t? " tin Ta > hMpdrad and I'll v p nnda ..f hia?na<a al'o? a4 ' r a, >(| id tat M.t.dred at ai.da Inr a.>artw>- na?>aa/ara Pr nhi ta p?r \II **9 pwum rnntt * ' tl tk* ?f nuinptnjr M ( fix WMiftr*#! ?r t *JU. P*\ rnh'anaumiio Kom.RK. r<?n thi nmrituo. J i?? i f all tnnH? of Ihmk u m.l i>iil? for iri? d.-?trn?'- r . r*t? not <rli? ??'? N? n*M IMll r. <4>' h?r*M ?*i? Km j<ni.\ i, Mum:, r. i. r n..<pi'?c k r t> tin*<mi, K ii irt.Kjt ni R TlfM t k I li'/./.KNS Ain>nr?i Hotel fill fV.AN k *1 H(M?V R? if? t???r llftMM. PH? -M>> H HfitkM.* fc#i|.. *tl i.h ll'.?.? "< fit \H l,AHH">T H IfAPIM TO INFORM T IO I Af- to J fltrfti* t'h pr <?'?, of rr- ?r*?l ? u plaint, t'i?t M* a i ?* f piaatnw t.t.'lf r th? worl-l r-h ?i ? I Ki?"f |, ?f .4, . ? *. if I.' V if nr. p!?r** hift It ||i* h#M tl rht ^4^11 I, *,?*' t> * ??n( ?.?! ?nr-it f-?'.y-?n'1 "?onr?. wt nit iwt. * fi-nr.'Mi I mil, h 1,. (>? ?'.* im-iili I tr'i t A t?M q?t< k ?r it I 't? lr p.lift, 4f"P?. at, I ft) fupa. kirw XfDHAl tJtlOU ?-A rOMfltm fitAt'TiCAL ,*,! ~ i tk n a\taaa ?*<t trauma*. il ytflt r II r ,oit ?l; kind < << if-,i|. nt if |t ? nr.a%ry ra*??? lafttiaWdkl ?<c?l nnP'hoT i.f h???iifwll? ? i|iir?.< I'lat-a, 1 Uf*? fit RMH?T f\ ?i f 11. * o p*r??. !? 1 H||(>i.Mmi*i>i $' Iiii'ih fn?i * 'if .I ' ?? ai '. ?l tfitf * 'tlfol - I* mat a? B, ftl .fl. I ?o Rtap 'Iftflf \*%t R ftH-'Ifk **? t - #ai*f 1 if .ftl ifMi 1 k* i' fai ?if-nr*f*f t" ??yfhl?r *f th* fc*?if n*tt miK,? if . - ?>)?h if ? * ?* ot <i?ml?*l ?" B11..'. I.. lfriroftpi* He, ??fi*>4 %? i?i|fop f III ? ?' rfif? rri' f ?' f '?! ' p > fli T >t f ! .??? . il.? r r ? l??i.?iiilk??tit |nkn?, < *r *. til \k. if'i rm 14 im ani ?tm?f fun rut / 1 4 ?t l f '? 1 ' i-l P'?'' ' kl>* ?" ! t<>< n? r? B.rtrorilkl iMlf ilu'WI if?'t?l? H ?*?f? TIM III >< mini ?t?if nwt nl ?o< i>ii.i?4Ii tirnW b><Ai|f \ r*r ? ?nf? ' l?M??*l I V INTKLLIGEICtE BY T;!E WUL*. Our Baltimore *'arrr?poa<t?nr?. Bauiix.rk Sfpt 27.1110. Wnl ../ JtJ,n Pritt- Tl't Hi-rk Vu"l*r - Sinf tlar Fart* The trihl of J< hn Pric??. for the nmrjni ot Oenrf* W. mpbell. who war ?i*t*u*l?ely kouwu ?h a gambler by 'of???lou c>'U < lined yesterday Mil 'be whole day i? riieiit in fecariiiK (ir? juror*. Alt had either rmed mi opinion on the *??, < r declared tb?t they id ii prtjuiiiMt unaiuft the prlnooi-r. who bwbwu inwu tur tweuty year* in the city u nm wb>htd utiiiua'l.v defied the U? end Itt ofllnert, hut who, on court (if an inexplicable leniency <>n th? pirt ef iniite Urine hud elw.y* been allowed to iwcape with er? nvui.r?l pnnli-binei t K?ery hum tliaralnra, In le city, uiu/ l feel prejudiced k^aiukt the prlnooer, ho lat DO one will pii mi his jury except th ?xe that tiere to ke iiii it Tbe ra?* molten tunnh ateullin, aiil le < nurt llouxe is crowded to enie<i, It will be raen>ben d that I'riee fhot ''iimpbell ia the h*r ro-m of taveru about tbre? inoiilhe id urn. after h??lu^ *unun d to provoke 'he d> o a-?rt into a ijuarri 1. Thomas liatl* who ha- been In pri-on t.?r twoinonthi thf on the I'bur^e of murdering John D hark who ik ibof wblli-l standing at a d?*k In the offlna of tha >ppt r smelting company, at nl<iit. <n yesterday dl?luigrd h> tha Brand jury. n*>' hlii? having been promd ulost him eufflrlelit to hold him for trial it I* 4lgcd thai a man up hi n*t whom 'U-pi'.i 11 iub*e | uea'ly of?, left the neighborhood liiiine.ll?uly afcer tha mdrr, for CiDoluua'.l. where be ha* tlace died <4 niUia. Our Philadelphia Ourreapondriife. Tiiu AOKtruiA. September U4, 1849. Jluiinrtt Jijjatri, Murktlt 4fc, Our hotels are tilled up with uier?h?ut? flrom th* iterlor of the State, who are laying in their fall and ibtrr supply of Hon I* In dry noml and ?r.>a*rl??. tkit-ft hip unu price* luiiy uita'uaa. r*oc iuli dot tin in (lour ; I lie h?lee him quit* ainail- at th* irreut price* i.f tail week biuiill *aku? thin morning ' rje flour, at :<. wbion ia a d?olin? I .United ia^ul? Tor coruiueai. at >:? 0t>>? Ked ?b**t in held at I O-'i t<> U-V aud white at f I l i to M 1J? not much quiry (ta'H ami eoin without change. The cotton arket Ik very firm- aiuall rale-?i. lijfc tollSo. A irgoof Hio fiiUfH la helil atadvano?<i rata*. \ alight Ivence la a^ked for *ugar ; #!?< of New Orlearia. at ao t?> 5*?<1. W hi*key ha*ad>auced to 27o. for lihd*., <d iWc. for bWI* No ubaiiK* in the money market, which continue* ?y In the Htook markvt, thr iwlln^ li mora buoyit for biom description* of anurHle* The calm toly am moderate Uril bount K?alin< Hulr-vl B?n4a. ftSii; 1W a-ea hrudin* kailroail. I**? ; S N " r 111 American dank, I',^4 i IS Keatiidiv Uaiik, 1?1,'4 ; I" t. iard Rank, 12% 8r>1.4 Htmrd.?St&te.Vfl *7^: 5 t'.nraa IVniixyWania aiiriiad !V ,Si ; AO I.Ward Hunk, I2S - V' Wilmio<tnn ailroad, ti'a. K?<4 ; $10110 1 ity U'a 81. lot* ; tJMi J"-, UK)*. Our Overland Correspondence. H?:ad or tmi: 8*1 Pkdho, iug 1, 1840. hi Progrtu of the Military Hs/rdmon to CaliforniaSummary /'itutibmenl of on Old Man ? Col Jack Huytt? Tkt .Son PrJro ? Scnery Thr Iniiani. <fc . fc. It will do doubt cr?at? much aurpri-ie that I data this 1 the San 1'edro. at a point only two hundred and *ixcn mile* from the San Antonio whan it in outited that thin expedition baacouaumed in getting orae oaa two bundrad and aixteen mile*. tha apaee of two leudar month*. having started on the l*t of June.? >u will perceive that wa bave averaged three miles id a half a day. That tbla in not the fault of the road, birh la not woraa than any road In the United State*, the mhw length, i* proved by thu faot that a party o' thfnrnia rmlpiant* bave overtaken uj bare, having complUhed the distance In aeven day*. New* baa 10 ju*t been rtctivtd In camp that a party who left n A Dtonio *om? time after an. ri-eobed Kl Paso, by tha ederickt burg route in "lxtaen day* Until we atraeic I* liver, fifty mile* bank. we had no hard marohe?> d even in thin valley except for ab>ut twenty mile*' e road I* by no mean* rough All the unevenneaa at now *xi*t* eould have been ?aaily overcome by r? e day* labor of the eiigiueer'a men; *0 that in faot e r? ad preaent* no dtfllcultl** and afford* no excuaa r tbia three-and-a-be If uillna a day marobiog. Neier bave we been unfortunate in having bad weather, lere ban been but one rainy day ainoe we left. Tb? under Murine alaay* occur at night, and the aky iar? before inornu.g Tbaae *toriu*. to far from imdii.g i ur pri greae are of tha greate>t beueflt. a* tha in freaheue the graea. which ia a' ibiaaeaum very dry id deatiiule of nutriment I he prolivbillty 1*. that expedition eill he lour mouth' ?u the march U hat makea tin* the uiore annoying la the faet that a c UiUiandiiig Hirer haa irfU-il au order prohibiting a i alrfornlaua who tia??l tbi? road from golug la idiiiCM i.f tba rninu.*U(1 I'btoM pnopla hava loft till llI'Doul* with a curtain quantity of prnvialona. ax>clip| to bf Lot luora tli?u thirty or forty day* barn n t*an Aulimlk nud Kl Pa?o. Ptiry h?>a uow baon nir lh?n ?lit) dux nu tb?- man b aod thair iitoak of kjiMuii* th lut falltuir Vti>y b?va r?pr?-aautad that ifj wt?h to >r?T?l ou, id oua*>|<ian?a ; but tba ??inauuing < tlWr h* a pxrtiuplorji ord?r that lay all mi 1 travel tu bin trar and uula?a thay 'boon* to >t lili> mdar at dahauea. ami iiKti mm tha? mint ?tay ml >tar?? I'bry baiatolil ttimr |i-?<l>ri tba: tbay ara tiling t<> fight. but lb< lattar avarta to blond>h?d, a*a raatramad thtki. mi ill pmt*>i iurf a^atoxt tha ?nl?r i a unit un ? arrau'abla a--umptl n <>f powar Thia dar li> the ui"ia eitraoidtiiary a< if thaa* uian'a pro?l< u? absolutely fall tham neither from tha nap ply la nor from liw> r>'uiui<<>? v can ibe procure. a??n r OiOurjr a Mnglu pound o< boa<l or flour, or coffee 'hue in iparcaiy auflMaut for lha n unman I Should in?ii rral) come to the aiarTta^ point. tba Iallforaux ?IH ??t lie withheld tr >>u g oog la adrauce bjf hji r \ au Horn and all bla aoldn-rTM? rx|>?dlil< u i a buuii'i<>a alfalr from beginning rud Ni?r did n traiu >?t oil' under "? tarorabla rtuno'auree n???r ?a> Ooh wore uit-erably nouiuetI II ?a? not until we were hundred uiiien from id Akt' Mo Ibat It aa* faund 1 ba the euginaara bad i blasting P?wd< r. I hay ?ara tbau o' to get ma blaiik cartridge* from tax how it tar ba.tery All once It war discovered that tbara ?< a<> mm la tba aln and th** quarter mv'er ?a> "b>g"d to aa ad to Mlr(> to proeuia tha a.tlela [*0 await tu arrival, a had to ra nam id ona ramj for eighteen 4aya It aa alto arr?ttaliji d tb- ??ppl? of mu m ?a< Itiffirieot. and aiother party ?a< ie-pa>ch*'d to pr>cura urn It would b- u?ale?? to etiu.n -i a!a all theoaU'ei di lay It la ?ufllri< at that we ara l??r<* t?n a iu'Ii it and net baf way to r.l fa? If thi? ba uot euilrad Into It will ba owing to tba reuit?<ue?a of tba ar lirpartmai.t A euri< nu (vrcnuny t?ltue?aaii bare a tew diy* nee An old man travelling "'U _ California itty. bainr mi?paerad ?t liti n lli|Uor t<? ?olHl.'r?, laarra^tid brmifht b-fora toa Kiiiin?iiillii|( "H "! id 'MUlMl to b druiniii'd fnroofb not only . Infant ry aaoip, but al?> I ba ra ap of DM ootupaal >a4, a < allfornian* It i hal an oi l pair of >nli-r f- aaa 1 >ood in kU po ??iou ao>l i hat thla a aa Id aa eonriufUa avldanaa that ba had void tl-| i'?rl d bad takan th??a In airhana* Tba man oiT^ral t> o*# tbat ba bad |>?r?i aa 4 a quantity 'f ? >tdi>r'a i thing In Han tit aio aad to au n a n wtt??-a-? to ak to bl> ei arar'ar t it ha wa< not pariuittad t<? troduea any la-ttiu u* in kit data-uoa and ?* forthI'b drull>ma<| Ml' >4 ra np I Ilia -U notary pr aiwil( ba' rliK"ini? r--d ilia wor.t p a-ihla f.nion b?t<*aan 1a t alifoiaian* and tor r >oi aaud i u? ? ii? ?i aa tha d man ! laid lobar* b ?i raiaaikab f m il-n<l? In ? conduct but for tha aa.ita lotarfarau;a <if Col. i)?> tha in a a aouid ha<a brag raa><iad and ihanaarj kmiiruifd f|<a ordar ?b >i down It l< lurrihl* lii? fur a vrak i.l?4 n An t?? ha (urnMl n it in (ho amr* In p?n (i t c?l. or iMIrr. or h- io*; in Bt. wuh thing to iii> life ami with ?*?rf iter i.f 1 air* it atid thai <>u tu? bara >uv11"' >u >?f lliDft livtu< r 1 bi? h?n Prdrn, ? r " l)*?H'? Rl??f " a* lank llt^N ilrd it. I? moat ramarkabi* rtoaiii Mill a'trr Hill wrr* up uu raeh >ld? rr> iu l<a muirn to it* mmtti. >*?? hill* air a I alike id f >r? orrue'ur* a <! apatancr. I lii > tr> -n l.rly b?r??( f-liaga wi>b in* rr^ll' i hi pali*he* of -tuol-'l h.-ii?ti? . >! that gr.iar tin- eiMi'M of th? rocka I he a mr<? of t i? atr-ait ?< t"rtuou? thai It ! are?'?*r)r torr.?< n ah >nt ton lira from wh'-rr ar lirat ftrikr It t> ?h>r> n i-ara f.r thr I'ten T h" n ?? ? !> ? fr-'in tiir~? bun I *4 'il.' to a mllr In wt.ltti a t at riafj tirn on? 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