Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 6595. Additional from Mexico and California* THK SK( MKT KXI'KDITIOrt ?IIIB I'KKPARATIONS TO RESIST THE AWKHIOAIO ? NEW** FR<>\f YUCATAN?ARRIVAL OF THK AUXKl('AN MINISTER?THE EXPULSION OP POKfciU.NEKH PHoM THd MINKS OP CALIFORNIA. We bin received; by the ?rrif?l nf the Brttiih mall teenier Severn, at Mobile I* T\a<tit' tTni?n piibliahedln the city ot YIextcn from the'Md of August to th? 8th of Septeiulx-r. ineliiflve It contain* c '>n?ld?raWi? % 14itloiitI Intelligence to that published In the Ifew York HrraU of ye?terday. The Hon Nathan Clifford the American Minister te Menco, midi pawenger In the Severn; aa alio Senor itoeka la the 7YaW d'Union, of tie 8th lnat., wa Ind the foliewlng:? The next new* from the United State* will be peculiarly Intereetlng a? much anxletv Ik felt to know what progre** ha* been made since la.-t account* In the fannui expedition of Colon*! White; perhaps the object of bis band of adventurer* in more perfectly defined, mud pieviou* supposition* have given place to more positive intelligence However that iray be. the Mexican government ha* taken all precaution* end ha- acted widely. Thuaeven supposing that the?e defensive measure* at Tampico, are not lnc?a*e<l hereafter. General Vega can. at thl* present time, hiinir forward to repel the invafi' n, 860 men, 8 pieces of artillery, two vestals suitable for the defence of the river, and tba brig Vera Crux outside the bar Mataniora* too. ha* taken due precaution*; General At aloe ha* engaged lor the ?ervlce of tha federation, 100 men of tbe national guaid mounted; the first batall 'n of the line wh'eh wa* a' Klo Verde, ha* received order* t? march >o vi?tam<>ra* and moreover M. Cardenas haa placed the entire national guard of the northern department at the dlepoeition of General .Avalo*. If these defeni<lve measures are not of a nature to entirely rea**ure the alarmed country, tbey at lea*t give prooltt of the taith anil solicitude of the government; yerhap* the very publicity which will be given to them will tuflce to di-pel the threatening danger* the proaCot of an obstinate resistance probablv never having en taken Into consideration by Colonel White and Jila band ?f adventurer* Now. that th* revolutionary attempt* in the Interior ka?e been put down In variou* parte the time hai arrived for juetioe to claim *ati<faetion of those who have hnken the law* U'e r-hortly *ee tbe unfortunate heroe* of all thee* abortive attempt* brought belore the tribunal* la con*equence of dire.-t charge* brought In the Glohe Dn?pap*r airxmi" <i.'ti trlnia the Minister of "War, of having fecretly interested him-elf to atay or at least lengthen out the proceeding* against L)r. Millet one of !be-e biT' ea th* minister, to prove bit Innocence. caus> d a document to hp published regarding the cafe It In In the >h*pe ?f a enmmuolea'ion to <Jen*ral Avaloe who I* the presiding officer otthe military court by whom Millet's rasa la to be tried Id this letter he urge* the (ieneral to bHng the trial to a peedy I* ua. and keep him (the minister) constantly advised ot its progress The t ieneral Id hi* reply, ex plains the circumstances that have retarded the trial and promise* to acoeierat* the affair by ere^y mean* Id AU power The correspondenee, -'say* I* Trait ti'Union." Is certainly calculated to dlspi-l all the doubts that might have existed against Arista but we would have preferred to have seen the minister refrain trom direct allntlon to the newspaper attack on him. evil disposed persons might deduce from his course, that the Minister of War in this case, acted less from a sense of justice and love of country than from fear of attacks made on him. T he elections of the Vnratan Senator*, whioh took place quite receutlv have been declared nnll by the J'ed.ral Senste. they will hav* to take pltce again. "Whilst on the subject of Viieatan we ought to mention that new* from thenee has been received to tb* 3fth of August. It is not very favorable The fears which had been entertained relative to the garrl cn of Baralar. which It wi> supposed had been forced to evacuate the place happilv have proved unfounded; hut the rltnation ot this garrison was at the best, very arltioal. Another point. Tlkusuco was rigorously besieged by th* Indians on the ltth \ngn*t; the road* war* Intercepted on all sides, and the efforts of the enemy tended to prevent the Introduction into the garrison of the provisions necessary for its support Saban was also equally hard pushed, both these place*. however, were Baking a most vigorou* resistanre At Valladolid Tlilmln and 80s t'hene*. the warlike operations were proceeding without any remarkable occurrence Tbe following lummery Is given In the Trait 4'Union 1? Mcuro. Sept. 1,181#. The Departure df Mr flijford-Special Rn nay to inghm- The New Orleam Hipedition - Rlecitont?tfflvemor of the Stale of W' fl' it We staled In our la>-t issue that the specie* of pania occasioned by the delivery ot passporui to the American minister was not b?^ed on any serious grounds; In fact on that same evening nf the day on whioh we wrote, Mr. Clifford gave a fae??ell entertainment to all the member* of the \1e(ic?n cabinet al-o to his aolleagues, the official representatives of foreign natloi*. Tbe American minister will rwtorn to the United State* by the next steamer; we have not observed that the government a' u' hlim'on hsve a yet nominated any sneres.or to him U ill he return among us? It would be desirable for htm so to do for the American aonfedera' len will And It diflleult to replace Dim by any other who will *0 r.iilv enjoy the eoa'liience of the f;overnnent to whom he ha? t?e*n accredited and also n the esteem of his country men resident in Mexico Be that m It may hl? d?p*rture far from (ifin| rl?a to appr*hen*l?e f?rllD(< ?uvb to b? livaked niaon %* % bai l') thing. unJei the present ?er1ou? etWtlng nlrcm>Unri>ii Mr Cltfford ha? >*?fn the rnnala^lim of the Ireaty of l)?il<ln?| a; ha- run'ilbii-*4 with all bll effort* to th? ?>-l?hra'li?n ?if peace li Imn tha t*0 *' public*; we know that he d?lrr< tha frank and ?ln era enrutlon of that tra-aty and a Nn? and durable continuance of lh' f no-; theae hi* amicable di*po*t tlon* toward* Mnl?ii are to u? a ?ura guaraulae of tha OBr? nf conduct hf win n ir-ue on hl? arrival at ttaahlngtnn hla word* ?lli gi?? a freah fnrvn to tba more direct, i flort* whl<'h. |t t>-aid the cabinet of Praaid'nt lliorera ban luadr toward* that nf Wen Taylor. Thww a IT rl? to which we have Jmt aMii'M and wlili li r"ii?l?trd In 'h? il>"<|iai.<*hlnR of a apt-olel envoy to U'ft*hln(ton explain the reply of the Meilaan ?rnvernui?bt to the i*ttr?|aiorl?i reientl* put by Fea'-r lux Mn.ntite to Cooirreaa relative to tba bi-w Orlean* expedition Tha oaMn.t In **>r> of tba preparation of thin e? petition and have already made tba ra dentation* on the fovernaaent of tha I Bited Slate* Mr.k tka nlr?uai*UBi'<-? re.jnir*d Lat in bopa tbao. that the united effort" nf tba AlB?ri*aa mlnlfter and tba vlrilran envoy, will pa?vl)?e the culpable aitamptenf the advent 11 ran who re publli ly enrolling faaree* tn l.oundana \t tba ma tlma It la proper to oh?i rve. the object nf tha *tp*di<r.'o without belnc knewn tn a poaltlve manner li noI Li tig tha le?* elara It *, t he utirarlalDty laetead of causing 'ear at any one da t>l'? p 'Int. hae ?nwn It la avary p< rt on the o<>aet. I " m Mto Wrende to the Halite tha Alarm haa he? n ?lv?n. the new* roiae* bv tit* and atart* frmn S|.?| rr*aa impm>ha frnwi l.acuna front Alaarado frotn t'eha-en tr on Vera I rut from 1'amylf? frowi |*tn la Varma Irna Tnipan. and from Matani'<TO? and menna aire flaxen to pre-erve at oaca vatry our of th. aa post* f.a aodd-n ati-aek. Tba two aiUroiitlea are n, .n- moved than tbaaantre Thua we have reee U?|< ral VVfa he-ten to *end a citrler extraordinary to the federal tovernmaat. to warn It. and demand fr ni it aid Unver???r Ha?Mk>haao for hip part rwHwIth-tet dtn? th- varlooa a nharr* .menta which tba rlelni af the Indian* entail npoa him haa gathered t.?ether In the Vaeatan pfta an lm??*1og forre M Infantry, ravalry ai d artillery to opp we any ft'etlie lavdlnv. ha fear* only for Lagana which ha raeoaanaand* ntn*t aellntou ly to the particular attention of the Mexican (evaauaesl Parhep* all t hi-aflat r which ?n mn-h BoWel* made will vat'leh at the breath of a veto pronounced by the l.oa-laulan anthoHtle* W* *iacereiv bopa an -? i. - -?a .j !.. . n.nii.i anil av-n i ha friend* nf 4 nl< nal Hhllt *> Ian* hj ?Ip?H?iKic of *hl> turn ?nl?iil?#r> ?m tomtit tha r?fu? nt tha ? tru - wa III not >ti of lh? I'pltH Ult'M, hut of til* hula world, pa<pia wttbon- ina|wil ? 4p?<I4 of prlaalplat nil Da'tonality r.ady mmrJI tkrin-altm unit*' any )?t'ii>i at.y ranba prn?i(?af jn? raa ahow UiD In, robhaif ptliaga, tt.irMatnd atanotarUw. I'bfff tr> the ?iu? p- op I* h"tn thi ettf of V*w itrl>*na. dnrti K 'h- Maaloan arar ottli^ad to tarn oat of |t? honndartaa or alaa that "?I4 dal'f ha?a * mmii tad la th> hroad davil?bt and l>?t??liia I-a* WahaarMly pit? ikrlr allla*. vhatbar (lm may l? whltaa in ih? ?a*an sta'a* of lb* ftl>rra V?rtr?- or tnd'an- in Vnaatan Tha < h*?n>wr of Itapatlaa roarladarf. a fa* rta?? a?n thr <ll?'ii>?lon nf tba if* UtIP I ha? trr at p'aaant >??iplH on nioifltnatlrtr? to ha Introduaad id tha organla i?? or tba Nation I < toard Kroni tba ' ht?l?r nf llfpntlm tha tariff hai |HM to tha H???t?, whara no donht a I'llH'it will b" ip-pd!1} arrlrad at Whan th? na? < a t?n >inu?a lt? hall *.a?a baan adnpt"d by tha t?? Irflotlln braaaha* and wntll'tril by ib? aaian'lva ami ha?a tbua an<julr*d all thnw rnn'tftatlm ?| ahaiaa'arlat'a* na?aa?ary to put tliam In fall tnraa t? ?hall |lra th?-in In fall to oar Taadara I ha ra?nlt? nf lha lata alaatlon aaam tn haaa (Iran tba ad?arta?a to tba > '<> ? tn Matlao tba laaat but wa alll not p-onounra la too praat hurry. tbatr layaltt? la attari-d that ara n- ? a? tat daalalaa?for nil thai baa h?an dona, baa baan tha n mlnatUa of jtlm?r? rMorii, and eior?o*ar. Mailaa, in lha aholt tapnhlle I* but oil" part In tha ahftla 1 ha Unaarn- r * rlrnnrraip. haa rot a* fat any ana r?>?ir Tbi-ra ai? thraa raidlit?t? tn tha ffald who triaa all M tha aanaa 'tma fnr tba ehlaf mt|lairii; of 1 ha Stafa rr M?-*?co The* ara 4anora? Riaa Palaalaa. ftarqaara, and I ?-rrara? Pa>hap< at tha moaiant wa ara ww termination 'hi* a"taU. th? naina of tba saw got atnor bait ?n?-rjt' <1 from tha ballot bos mkkfcan al'ltllllTt PH'tm CALIPoHNIA. Tha alpulal >o "f f?r?l<nara trMk tha territory nf < aitf-t <* by brutal fntta innatltntaa oaa of tha aioat flam ant and arylng ftmatlwa of tataraa tonal right* It l? ' atal annnltutloa nf tha >?daral Napnhl a of tha l/nl'ad urate. ? m'c?n'i who fiarw i tbatr oenflitat-na In tha fr?a tnatltutlnna af tha iiltait Stataa find th?-m*alraa all of a nddan. With th?lr Int.ra-ta thatr property thalr Individual liberty, arid )> their ??-rj aalatanoa m<naa?dand tbraataaad Tba Rlagal aa?a araijolaaly non^nmaiatad ??ana?al Smith * rtrauiar ?< iha flrat dar>inat<oa aada T >? tha la-tar ai>d a?lrit ot I ha naatltattwn of tba l/atoa, and It bra?fht cnt m aa laaaltabla aaaaa.ja?aaa, tha E NE i unjustifiable vlalence of which tha last steamer from San Kraneisco ha* brought us the news Thtr? is In thc?? facts, ample matter for energetic and collective protest. on the part af all thaaa governments ?h(?f citls>n? hm? b#*n the victims of expulsion A reparation ha* become DMrMar;; just Inlemnities will dnnbt|e?? he pfvk(me<l Never ha ft rights be* n more justly astubl (h< I u ? oo Dot know aba' wni he the result of that* proton* which under all or-Muary clrcuiustanees are of ? nature to toiin a cmtn hetli; perhap* it will not be jiii'grd ppiupai to innki* them: and vary prob?blv If thev are m*<tf. ferioit' ob-'anlpn will ari?e to attenuate their nrci"- end par* v?.e 'h* consequences Let u? lsave the soloti' n >f t?v i>r b'-in '"'In", and ?? If, out of the evil* thus produoed. it will not be possible te extract some good Though .Mexico nay deplore past events as far as they sflVet th? individual interests of those of her aituei.s who have emigrated to California she ought to find cause tor pelf congratulation under a mora general point of view The population she had lo?t will be restored to h^r, and hencefertb her frontier -Statts will no longer empty ?ut tholr population on the placers of the Sacramento Thin advantage i< worthy of the most serious consideration Tha Mexican republic requires strong arms for her agricultural and industrial purpose* She not only does uot desire to lore tbosi' she ha* but her safety and well b"lng require her to acquire more Now the expulsive measures whieh the North Americans bate just takea will c<rtainly be the mrans of making up har loe-esj cannot they al-o he mnde the means of partially fulfilling her ideas of further acquisitions of population ? The result of the statistics which we shall here* ter give, shows that the number of strangers eipelled from California will be from 10 to 11 (MK); of which ?i .*>00 are Mexicans; the remainder ara. the great majority of them, of the same Spanish origin What Is there to prevent Mexico from inducing these exiles to remain bv making tbem advantageous offers which shall mora than compensate them for the brutal treatment they have rereived Everything well considered Sonora Is the rival and very probably tba privileged rival of California. It lacks bat the arms, and will to use them in labor. to also become another ' Kl Dorado," whioh will attract the desires ot tba whole world Ara nat these circumstances providential ? Do not the stout atid willing arms otfer themselves ef their own aoc<rd ' them be called on. than! Let the South Americans be Invited from the pltceres of tha Saorsaiento ! On the banks of the Olla they will flud vl> gin unexplored mines There -with uo one save tbosa of their own race, they will not have to submit to the vexations of the Anglo Saxons, and if their experlnnaa in the working of mixes gives them prompt and abundant returns for their labors they will have no unpleaiant and jealous neighbors who will come and ex> p> 1 them on pain of death or confiscation From tbosa a h'> are at this moment, en route to San Kranotsoo. and wbo will not disembark there, five thousand South Americans aould easily he collected, to which there is no doubt,an equal number of Mexican* could be added. Sonora, at precent unfortunately destitute of civilised population, would tied itself suddenly peopled with ten thousand inhabitants, all possessed with tha thirst for gold, that mo?t powerful motive for the communication of vigor and energy With suoh a colonisation tba Apache Indians would nolonger be feared, and the treasures of the soil having thus been rescued from those, Its savage guardians, could be oollected, and Mexico would tecover her < alilornia We submit the-e observation* to thine whom It may concern The opportunity Is a splendid one; let It mot pass unimproved ; momentary sacrltioes would be productive of enormous benefits According to our views. the flag of emigration ought not to be raUed in Sonora before *ome reaaonahla privilege* have been grautej, even were It the uiakii.g tume una of the port* ou Uia Gult of Cortu a free port Ameied la ?n extract of a letter dated San Kranol*eo Jul J V8 ]f48:Thr ( biliana, Mexican*, and other emigrant* of 8panUh origin are lost here eapecially in the mtu?a ; the} lire expoeed to continual vexation*. and tba country cannot portecr muph cbarni for them Tlie Mexican*. I biiianr and all tba South \tnaricana being nearest ta California at the time of the dUcovery of her mineral riche*. wara among the Bret arrival' there Thar obtained abundant ; return* the r renin of the mine*. and hava returned to their own countrle* to enjoy the duUf fur nirnli : of lite. Nime with a bare competence. other* wi h armethltig more The North t intTlnana arrlvlug afiar ; tbern found the " milk akimmed '?gold waa la* abun! i'at't the labor nere*??ry to ohtaln It tar greater and bei>ne tha flrrt cause for resentment against tbota who preceded them If, however the flrxt arrival* profiting from their for| tunate na.tvnri had remained there, and bad employed their gold in large undertaking* or In creating indu?trlal enierprlaea. aa tha Nortb Americana do, ! (who live well, on my word 1 and go boldly forward in ptrnlatlva and inrtuetriou* movement*) certainly no ill Iwllin would have been harbored agalnat them; but. aa I bate elated they all took tbeir *bara eon* 1 large and aooie email, and then quietly returned to tbur own couutry rbu* the gold which they took ha* been completely In*t to the country huit Irar I They are no longer bera tbemeelve* to eull'er for their deed*, hut all thalr race are mada to pay fur thair Motion* Nioraovar. thete la In California a larga n una bar of American* ?ho have suffered terrible punishment* in ('hill; theee men. accustomed to iha liberty of tha Unned htat>a will never, dnring their Uvea forget that tliey have been condemned to fuller forced bard labor, to march naked lu the atreet*. ke . on what they term futlla pretext*; they hata prevrvej their m'?l h?arty r?eeutm?li'?, and often the Auierioao vietim ha* met at the mine* face to lace, with the sa aa < hi. llae who waa the c?u?e of bla mid-rg<>lng tbla hard tieatment kroin beluga quarrel between individual* It |i*a iaa>ed to a national feeling A* jet, however, { thai hilian haa the baet of It hec?u*e he pn-oeoie* tba gold which the Amerioaa i< atlll deprived of. but tha Utile* will he turned Suab are the cau*e* of di*e?rd between the two rare* A- to the federal government "" ' -v---- i ? .. m-mwr- . 'ivy ha?r i?k?n ?ti? tiwun t? ragul >1 a thta ioonul >ai po?|i|mi ot ttlkiri. tn<l hut call (hey in' tng (ho >?(' tha p<'Tt-roai?iil?l rrwiurfm of tha Aa?rli>u I'Mua. you Know norlrtll; II. that hataaar may hatha qu<i>t<n Ibr KiKpmariit raam't do anythiag nt? that iliv prop I a mat ilrelar* In ba thair ill la Ihi- niattar > thl? In i<rMi?rl? ?hat tra vhh In Wa ara tthoul any ?o> arnmrnt <iu I ha part i of Ilia I nl'frd Hla'a?, our la?? ir> tho?a of Mailao In ?o '?i ibr) Uo not n<>niradiut N?rlh A marina* Inatlt < li-tia; ruiiii ij uanf It tha paupla arx aoraralgn In n>tj arr>*pfatl> n uf tha tarni. ml th?y latand to tinrrffrtrill} rirrrl? llialr nubia of anaarnlgnly; thay rm thair prui arj aMfnibnn dallharaa ami eairy om th*lr deliberations, all acsordiii* to thair owo good |llW. Onr Mailiir iuri<apaiid?ner> U* B<>*aa or U M Vt Niioiihii Ohio. ) * O?r CxaaLkmi*. Sapt ij IH4W { Thf Trip of Ihr mm SUmmiki/i CMta ? lift Sprt4?!br .Surer it ai an Onxi SKanwr. Tba tplandld na? aiaaim-htp I >htn, JamM > Hchanrk, II. I N . ennnnardar aoelmrai off rbarlaatan bar tbi* mini K at 8 o'clock having anmuiplltbad tha ruu Id 71 boura fioai iNf? \ ork All thing* smaldarod, ha >.a- d' ?< ratnarkaMy ?all Had -h- followed ttl tiark cf tba ' hail* ?t->ii >taanjar? aba mil J litr* ntehad bara aarly tbi* morning loahia of M hour* Ikririd ol d'ItiR, an aba foliovad tha kuII >tr>-aa far , < ut tri>oa lot id tnl nrar ' barlaatnu. (hr* fha nau>a<l la and in ado Hnnnln light iba Drat lanilmtn rllifr l?ttti>| (ha Highland* nf I nr? I'ha tlxrat a luiibar of roaolutlnna kt< ba?n llhinl algbt and a ball aii h Bit a pound* at aiaaia i'hara haa t>aao bo bl< vara In npafailoa >ln?r mm atariad jut bl?al?nm?4 t. ii kBota alMa 4 a'tMk trnlay amrning lanludiug llBia loat by a<<IIn?t11 ( 8<>on attor pax-lag tba Hi<felai da light ri tniiiriM rd bloving K N K. atrong gala, a> r ompaiiWd anh rain aud haaay ornaa aaa running, abub ruBtlBUrd (luring tha night and n<-it day till n>ar midnight? abip tolling aon-itl-rahly I bara ii uaa fan tikalil* laal imilrfd by many na hoard pani< ularly by ihooa arcn*ti<niad to tha aaa and that I* ?haa rollin< no i?ot>a jar k I* fait whaa tha aa?*al brlifg< up," 10 attain I't n >-? ma i-uaja auu wi>iiu(< or 'P'uri |>a la fcl the ?hip Sh? la parlfitly bun) Mil. ami ritlM th? liki a lhii>guf III" " Sine- rrtday morning, ahr liaa run ro M*a?iy, 'bat thm ia lk< raoma u ?m din cult to t.II hnb>r th* angina- ?? in motion of km j at k< liig m Ibn rain <>f tin *? >' |i?r boor I od-nl ibr In ? mil gal (Went rlilp lib tiA pa-??ngi-ra tii In *i d and Ml of b?-r ifflwri and era*. Duab>rin( |ii<j|i?ib>t M?tU<l ma ran oeama-ly raalita tnat aba t.iala? a |? >|iulailo* aqual to a una I c imtry nllaga; j* I Ira fttf m-id kl oiiar aieapt In lb" dining |i> fkr a*rr)thiag ha- gnn> n|f - a* in*rr? a? a marrlago ba I" ? all drltghtrd all happy all >ktiiM villi IH obto (kip Mid bar gallant r itnaiaadar Org OitanoH Honda/ 4 o'olnok. P M. Afl?r landing and ro??nifiog on tmard our nalli and faa?angara at harlr-atno ? * l?lt lhara at lu u'nl ?l | tblr morning, and nada tba ran to tbla plana la all boar*. N.r Joaapb M ftoott. tha ?mln-at >ngtii?r. ?h? inprrltUMid lb* huilillt'g of tba aaglnaa of both ahipa, and >l?? tba gaaaiai aapa-ilalaadanl of iba vbnia amrfc Of nttiDf up hoth ahip? anampaataa ua to thia plana, kirn ha |M aabnro. aad rrtnrna ta >?? I nrk tu Lata rharga of tha <?r-urgla Ma b?< bm-n la tba aagina and fli? rwiar a*tantly. da; and night, a?ar alana tna ablp laft Kaaly Hu ll riaahung and aothlug at bar ?t.gtaa? >" man raa nan a ofclaal or flla b~tiar than ba 'I ha fiillo*lk( l? aa git ant of bar log ? At a quarter |>a?t H o'alooh P ?i ftopt loth tblp ?a? b?i*a ta. far iba parpuoa- of anja?ting ka/g bo <4 englna, at half paal 4 proff**4o4 to ?ao, k I' -1 pa ?ad hanflj Hook light, ball paat k iil-^harg. d pilot Highland I'gbt bora m 4. to., at A pa?i-a ligbt nhip. at n f. S, Highland light bora N rti.tont 14 mila>. at III f. V Miwi.g anion arnt inpaali'd tth rain, atialdnlgbt tutg nmrta and b*a?y raa Throughout tha It rat pan of aaat da) (ilati atrong alnda ami >f|>ially, a<v n n patilt-d with h*a*y gaa; at T P >4 pa?~d a brig kfat.iltag to andaait. earning eloaa rorfad topsail I at tha ?(>;>, ion ahro T* ?t W., naangiaa. ?ind mud'taia aarr>lng tmaaall and for a-top aall up to mid! Ight light Winda and ataad; . during MO'urd*/ till Bildmght atnria MiMlf at r. Pf K , at i n'ol'iok t k , iaandt-d- no hntrixn in Ml tathoaa. at 4 iaad-4 ?ala an kwngi, at aii-il nan light ?lnda aad mall a, lat i ha 34 4V N , Ion nbro 76 *i ?v , lat'ar part of Katu day nfbt alnda, all wil tarl"4 aoniid-d ar?r? t h' nra, fi unn graat aauam-a uf thanmapa-aa-frna I ta Kfc hj pla?-ltg hrni la di|l^r?nt porta of tha abtp, hotoiaa), aiidaigbt Vt fothnm* mwrtar gray anal, kwnna) namirni-Hl Witb atari W W ,*trnng hra"i>-? and rqnaliy aratkat. at I \ <1 aoandari h -ttaia it lat hum- gray, noatiauad alaar ?n- giatart dnr ||| thr day. -a* raraitl ?wn la a tan'ling to aortb, at icva, lat (-ba 8t M N., ha obro Tl 2u iY. W YO MORNING EDITION?MONI One of tit* In fan In of th? K?pabU?. APPA1KS IN MINNKIMiTA?SXTKAl T "K our. KaVI!?KY's FIRST MKSSAOK TO TIIK TBKRITOUIaL I.KQISLATUKK. Fellow-oiiisens, ho . he., It a 1 mnmalu a r you and your constituent* upon the favorable under which a 4 members ot (be flrr-t I.>gielativ? Aaseinfely ol >i iuuumiU. you oom* together I'o lhip dMaot laud so rrci-uil; a wilderness the Congrta* and Kxtculive of the nation have ju*t given a name an organized government aud hounda 1 rie* ot the roost extended character The** bli> two glv? ii up tha' wo may iu the future boar a dimoct-ive I part Id thai common destiny of progress t>> which tha A merican earn*-aud \merican institution* are by perior intelligence labor and energy continually b 'rue peacefully onward to occupy distant region* with oivlliaatlon and cultivated happlueaa * * 1 would impress upon you. al*o,the propriety of avoiding doubtful experiment* in changing principle* upon which tha great fundamental law* of eooiety are ba.->ad 1'he institution* under whlob io many flourishing State* hare been nared. cannot be very pernicioim. and let u-. be content with th? good they are certain to produce rather than peek to grasp in the unkuown and untried for that ahioh may prove an uril trathailo* Older o< minunitles can afford experiment*: we are too young, and our infant steps too tottering to juetify our a?akiug to pi ride through new and diifloult path* which art yet unbroken hy the tooteiep* of older and itronger government* Our territory, jodglug flroui the experluuca ; of the few mouth* *ince publie attention wax called to , it- many advantage*, will tet'le rapidly Nature ha* d"ne much for ua Our prod native a< >it and aalubnoua climate will bring thousands of immigrant* within our borders. In now proceeding to invite your attention to matter* at large, calliug for legislative interference, I am impelled by a seuse of the deep importance of the *ubject, to firm urge upon your earnest oouxlderatlou tha propriety of adopting pome more stilngeut enactmenta to put down the frightful and increa-ing traffic In intoxicalmg liquor* with the Indians of this territory ? ' When on abu>-in?e? vl-it to Long Prairie, at tha Winnebago agency, on tb* 13th of July la?t. I fouud tha frontier settler* on my route in great alarm, and *om* of them on the point of breaking up and leaving tba ' country, wiih their families fr<>ui well grounded apprehension* of Indiaa outiage* reasonably to be anMolpaied from the amnunt of whiskey cirri- d on to that border by bait and lawless men Deeply sympathi-ing | with these distressed people I maue a requisition a* Superintendent of indiau Alfalr* uuaer the command- i ant* of Kort Oalne* and Kort Snalllag for a military da- ! fachment to pursue tbe*e contraband whiskey trader*, I and if poesible to de*troy. under i he law* re?ula ing trade and iuterooui*e with tha Indians, that damnable atiinulent which in *avage nature too surely provoke* to murder, araon, violence and outrage. 1'h* tores at ! ' Kort liaiue* was loo *uiall to leud the nece*?ary aid; I hut < olonel l.oomia. the commandant at ! ort Sue Ding, promptly despatched ? apiain Monroe with a dstaooment of forty men. to Sauk Kapids. uuder whose ener- | ' getlc management much liquor wa* destroyed several 1 offenders arrepted ana banded over to the onatody of J j the law, anu the peaoe of 11 ? troutier preserved The | neceraity of aeverer lawa to repres* the abominable ! traffic la daily mora appareut. The law* of ' Congreee. where tbey operate are sufficient to j 1 check tha evil ; but the liquor trader evade* > thtae laws by locating hiin*< If on tbesa bordera 1 ot the Indian cuuutry. upon the ended laud, and there, tempting the Indian to follow him carriea on the nelarioup buplnea*. In detiaDoe of public opinion and ia utter disregard of thoae mild pr-tubitory laws, which, though suited to the condition of orgaune i and i well regulated society are quite powerlen* on a remote ' and wild frontier. Law*, therefore, allowing of prompt, decided, aever*. and almost summary ar'l >n agaiuat 1 thoee emaged in selling liquor to the Indian* on our border*, are required to break up the business, and it muel be aroken up. or Mlnnepota will be the sceue of many a tragedy and her aellleuient delayed for yeara. \\ bile so many avi nues ta wealth are here open to tha Indupirious and enterprising. It Is amaiing that ana I abouid be ventured upon at ouca dipreputabln to those ! engaged In it. dangerous to themselves, and haxard-iu* to ihe lives aud property ot the eipos-d pettier* of tha ' frontier. The best Interests of the terrirory so plainly require that all tba legitimate uiean* of the govern- | j and all it* powers, be used to enpure the abatement of tbi* monstrous evil, that I will most cheerfully eo.ooerate wilh the Legislative Apsemlilv in an*emiria they may kukk^'I fur its extirpation a a a a a a a From th* great extent of tha frontier* of thl* country, and the number ami warlike character of tbit inJiana locaii (i within lb* territory and on Ha border*, * mmy r>a?< aably expect to realix* th* eipaileuca of all ottier commumtie* mi uated Ilka our-elve* and ba lnv><|**d in 1 It.dlau war and uiftlrultii * To provide all *afeguardl agaitint ?nrli au i mergency. In out- of iba brut dull** of th" Legislature and I would, therefor* ra-peqifully 1 call your atti-olion to the euhjecl and a*k *??h I?gi*ta- 1 tic n a* ?>11 Mcur? a proper organisation of th* nnlilia of tlif territi ry which accomplished ih? general g<>ve?m< lit will ch. ?rlull> and promptly TuruUh ua with tba liK-m.-arj aiaii and equipment* Much good, it occura to ma. could b* done by tha geneial government In opening a great military road from holt bntlliug to th* itlramii Dm and inarchlug a rerpt c<abl? iwili tary toroeover It at lea?t ohoh a > aar It would give to the wild Ml- ux of th- ?filrru purll'ia ?t out territory aud other Indian*ul th* warlik* trilwt on th* bordaia in that direction, a proper >ai'?< of tha military p*wer ol tba whit** and do much to praeerva peace. a?? n among tribe* boatlle to each nlbur I'liera at* probably within tha tarrltortal limit* twenty-Ova thousand or mot* Inoian*. >oa* of thm aa for tnataor* tha Wlnuehag<?* discontented with their location and ready for tnlachlaf. and all < I them brava and martial in their character. A prjper regard for tbaaillaie il our peopl* vbould Induce l n* national g< vernment to ?d<'pt all precautionary tuavum to r<tme u* front mutan war on tha frontier l b* praa?nt chief magiattata of the I alun I fevl aa*ura?l will che< rtully ao opeiata with l ongraa* In giviag mall needful protection and hia Ion* r**M*ne* In th* Indian country and hl< per*<>nal a- tuaintare* with >hi* region, will km* hia repraeeBtatlou upon tba auhjwat additlc Ml fine* ?! Ae the auoual appropriation* by Coogreaa for tha Mntuial e*|Hii?*?. are limited to * peine obiaota, and a* tbrr* *r* oth*a purpo*** in th* administration ottheg ol th< u rritory. for which mean* wul have to be provided. It will be uec*> *aty for tba 4**eaaU> to muuate Hima way by taxation or olherwia*. of ci-ating a lanltoilal lita*ury Now, when our waata ar* liw aud not very pr**rlng. tbar* ar* iIuin ami op- , I mi tunny lot maturing a ?y?t> m ol llaai.e* that will if eimple In It* detail* tiiil yet adapt Ii.m-II to tha *x? | j an-U ti i>1 our population and the caeequaut varying opinion* of our peopl* We all know the fore* of habit and how diliicutl It will b? to Improve or aui*nd I our p< liry on ttl* head at atatur*diy. I,*t tt'eratorr the lounaai inn* of our butm lal *y*t*m l<e caaHourly laid guatdinu lu our law?. with Ilk* eara aga>o?t ritra<a??nc? ih? Tic* of ktatx. and Hgaio*t dl-h?n rrty. th* view of Individual*, and equally against living beyond our lncon> which U ao ci'mmon a w*akiie?a, not to lay aitaia. of both, a a aa* aa Tba *ubje?t<f education, which haa *v*r !>**? aa- 1 j te? d of th* flr*t important**. eapeaiaily tn all new American comwiunitl** deo rvr*. aud I dnabt n I will tha |irr?.ur? of other and mora Immediate i?U it il ?i>t to |.? n|.??tKl lh?t jour acbool ayttatn ahould b* <?'j m pl> )?t U If df>lr?bl? llitl ?h?i??r in ili'li* rh< ul?i l? ?l nhtrMb-r (bat altl readily adapt ttaelt to tha groatb and inrr>H? of lk? country. | and kut Id fiitura year* rrtjutra alotatit ch?(a of ?)?lrn.i by whtcli much |n>ju<lie' la to ha nxrt?M. i timet u eful tm> loat. and the i fHcianny of Individual cbooia tn aoaa mitticra Inpam-U for loof period. a a a a a The i orjroaof lh< Utx la pirlt of ||beraltly that cannot ba Ian highly appreciate,! appropriated fl*a thousand dollar* fur lha purchaae of i 1 library Inrlhn I arrttnry \? I ?a- appointed to tha J p<-altlin I hold ta fb? inonfh of April aim aataaaint It | mj duff to ha?t?nto tba Tarrttnry ?lth all noarealeat di-| an n, I r> ulil ant nitintnil tlma ufftoleal to aiaha >.|.i ii ti ? f the antlre library but < ntanted my-elf 1 lib the par< Saaa of aunh work* a* I anpp?ed i h? I.a 1 glalature and anuria would Immediately raqntra Tba 1 l>alaac* of the book* ha?a bran nrderad and will ba krra prrbably litfi ra tba adjournment of tba l.agialati?a Aa**nihly Tba aaaaaaary legislation for tha pra- ' fatiatiok <f ika library, I would ih(k?iI, abould ba In m< dlati ly La>i 1 b?- l.a*lalaf)*a Aaaamhly. aa la nee a?aary and taa- I ti'Kiar) auk all Tarrltnrial leglalat ure? ?i|l d>ubtieaa n>ak> kiuar ta the t.oagreae of tha Ualtad atataa, 1 fi'.fu |IB> tn Maa tba want* anl ?l?haa of aar pe.pla Ann r? i tba thlag*. I regard It aa of flrat latporianaa I thai t tngraaa ah- aid b? meinorialiaed by you aa4 1 aakad to e? tend tb? pre am pit on privilege to all nlaW aaltlaia a tba public laud* whether anrvayad or not to a fetch tba Ibd'aa lltia baa be. a ailing aithad I p. iir-ian U ta tnoalflcatloa <?t eila>tag la* dua In that katd) aiid eaiarptlMng people abn baaa opeaad tba tx ui.diaaa teg tow a of tba aa?t to tba oaplUM aad la a a a a a Na?t Ik m>i>' rlaaoa l???rd> faMD'atlng tha vttl*ta> lit ul ibr I armory, I would ttnl IIm purnhaaa of tba until laHan pi uulrj ??l ol tha Miaat-Mppt hfir, n<lilhr Ilia* lib* " |I h to lb* M a tab llmr, ablih la tha Mlh b< utidafy ni lha Wlni?St|" country aM! >? a. tha ?ain? bnnt.dary of -uo? purahaaa, a l*oa dtaan da> ?nuth It'm lha I aba at Iba baarl of I.oaf Ittlm rim Tbl? ait?B?-l*B rltli at< aalubrloaa ra fin* ?( aid Oprt Bra Indue* ni?-iit.a for tha antarprtaa of | tar ci utilt) ?>i n . for It l? witililiirxl tqoal In a?il %a ab) MtMi of tba valley of th* Miaai?alppl an4 la ' h*aii I MMH ip pr< habiy uparmr to amy part of iba 1 ABi?il<at. MlitiM It i? knooB tub* rlob in mia-rala a? lr> m li l? .i.fKoi. nilj llmbrrnl bamg tra?ara?d fur lldiailia* Mia Ilk tfUla bordar hj hard ?aod foraat, Milic ?4i (iiih in mth l> a?l?r?d by aooia of tha Ithwt limn ?f (lit intlbaa-l Mien a? tba >ili<a?-a<>La or Si fn?r? ih?-lil?.a inti th>-< laakla. tha Koot ri??r, am "tb?r>, and I* h??pa rnl-<l ?lth tKautlfai latum in ataty duration In lha ay* i>l th* nb?r?? H pr* ? i?<? a i bara*inf Biiii*iii(| ot high rolling pram*- a< d K?ii'l? *l< p*>, ??d*d hill top' luiurlanl natural luminal and ahtmdanoa of th- purnt ??ur, and I l?il a ri ntkliDii Ibal lllii ranliti) ot?a* thraan opaa to Ml'l?a.?at < aid b' p-nptad ailb a rapidity ?i i-n air* ai } thing in lha MMw) 01 ?+*% rn oo. ana | lint. I would. ih?r?f ra |tM? Mr >n?iy upon tha La. plalailta I>"n hn Ifca atp. dlauny Ol bi*>w>ra4i?inj|

; ? i tipraa? npna lha ??ibj*?-t I wka k|lalat I* wad. by tba aattlara aVo.t "aak ; l<apto? Haau Hi??r ba aa to tha dam "allnag rUna nf lha prlailap* pltaa lha I bippao**, ta th- tr?aiy >> Ihbl. to liaat and dak ny** tha land* a?d>d by aatd Itaaly It ailphl ba will tor tha l.f(M4il? lat.'Blily ta>#taliar tba fraMdaat of tna united fttata* to|?r*Ln| bia to notify tba 1 bippata* inai tbaaa prlrl RK J )AY, OCTOBER 1, 1849. I>(ra wuet ortra. mil requiring them to mora Into their proper territory A (<>?(! road is wanted from thn%tMeinent? upon the St i roil, along that river to Lake Superior Mi improvement <>f thin ua' ure would open th -mln?r?l re g oij? < n tlin *bort'? of that lake t* tjie farm prolan* of our territory, and lead to a trade mutual!? aivitutairtoua It would moreo?er <ri?? niii?unl?i>> to the extensive pineries on that rtT. r suit than Hunble the general government. at hii early period, to realise something out of ber puhiio land* in that quarter un? that th<y art covered with valuable plue forest*, and will nonstqaently onirinil a ready rale which may not be the ea>-K jt aih after thi* when denuded of the timber by the axe of the lumberman (hi* road lung g* st iiifbt ?miiii<Di't at rolui I)iiii(la>?. b? the way ot tb* prairie ?ett|eui<nt to Still water, and tbeuoe tie the Marine Mills and St Croix Kalis to Lake Superior On the Mississippi. a good road i* muoh seeded and one could be constructed at a ?m?ll sxpen-e. from St Caul, r><i St Anthony'n Kail* Klk Kiver. Stur^m'* Sauk Kapids and Swau Hiver to Crow V\ mg I'he brldgtog of a number of small *tre?m* cotnprn-e* nearly the entire expenditure nece?snry ; and. when completed. it would atlord to the government a goed military road Irvin Fort Suelling to Kort iraluas at the Crow VViug. A very profitable trade might be bad with the rettlsmeuts on the Ktd Hiver of the Nori h n?-ar to aud beyond the llritish line if sui'ahie encouragement wax given by the authorities at VVa^hingt >n. Already ?everai hundred of their peculiar cart-. visit u< anuuaily, traversing a distance of seven hundred miles entirely through a wild Indian country fording swollen river*, and t renag immense prairie*, without any guarautiea of pro'eoiion 1 hey bring u* the spoil* of the cna?e, and uiauy article* of comfort, neee?*ity and even luxury. purchasing ai.d currying boiun with them in return, the varied production* ol our agricultural aud manufacturing industry It would be advl* ible to in vita t ha attention of Congress to thin tiaue a* it I *u>-oeptibl* of being gieatly lncrea*ed to the advantage of th? territory. aud the interest* of theoouutry at. large *#??? The growing settlement and rl*iug bui-iness of the teiriteiy manifestly demand of government an Increane of our mail facilities beyond tho<e we have heratofore enjojid At present all the correspondence we havs with the rest ol the world 1* through a mail to and from F'rairie du ( liien once In every week; and in the winter. It 1* said month* have intervened between til* peilod* of its ariival and departure * * The pr??rvation by a community of material* for the composition of it* hiatory. when a future time nball require it to be written, is a task not without Its Qresand when early commenced ea-ily accomplished. Aud as newspapers are the day books of history, as well as Mmi< official record* In many ca*e*, I deem it Dot Improper to recommend to the ISseuibly the propriety of authorising aud requiring the Territorial Seeietniy or tba l.ibianau to sub.-ciibe for and preserve in a durable form, a oopy of eaoh and avery newspaper that may be published in the territory Thus much that is luieresting in the llretlng registers ol the day. and which in year* to come, will be esteemed a* rich mine* for the hUtorlau. can be saved tor tktielactory reference and future information Among the sources of our wealth, agricultura will always bold a chief and promiuent position; for it is this pursuit that mainly supplies the vital element* of m State's permanent prosperity; and I therefore clearly comprehend the importance of securing at the commencement ot our larmlug op. ration* a proper adaptatn n of culture to soli and climate, that no prejudice mav arI -e to either from unfavorable result* produced in the hands of unsklllul farmer* ALKXANDKK RAM8KT. Kxecutlve < hsmber. St Paul. / Minnesota Territory, Sept. 4 1849 J llovsmenls of Individuals. Hon Paun I V\ > bster U?v biiggH. Kx-liov. Lincoln, Men Kdeard Kverett, Hon R i . Wlnthrop Hun C K. Adams. I x-(>ov Hill, of New llamn-]iire. were anions Ihi vleitui* al the Ueiihain. Vtti , Fair, ou Wednesday Inet. Major General Scott. and *taff. arrived la town W* JDirday HI* h<ad quarter* will probably be in thl* oitj during the coming winter. Hon Millard Fillmore wan at the Mldhlgan State Fair, at Dettoit on the 26th ln*t. lather Mathew I* at New Bedford. Maaa. ^ In* F***"e and Mine t"""e, of thi* city, were at the ball at Dedbaui. Man . aud o?mplimentnd in the tMton <> yeeterday l.< id t igln, Governor General of Canada, ha* taken a r< itdence m ar Megata h all*. M Portier, Bi*hop of Mobile. In the United State*, ??>, on the 31*t ultimo, in I'ari*. on bl* return from I ia> ta, where he had been rent b? the t ouncll of BaltlMl to rubuiit to ihe liol; Father thu acta of the American cIhkjihi n M Hoaati I nder < hlef oi the New York 1'ollee, arrived at Pari* on the 2Vth ult He oame to Franae, It I* raid to find out and arreet two celebrated forg*r?, who have taken rif*(? in that country. and who bare ci unterfelied the bill* of Heveral bank* of the United Nfataa the celebrated Sylvlo lYIIico. the prieoner of tba Rpielbetg. ehoee memoir* hare been translated in all languag**. la now at Dole, In trance, in the houee ef tbe J emit* The P?lieh refugee* of France have decided to leava I bat country and t" come to i inertia Their Intention I* logo to New Mexico, and to found a colony called / Yeferaity " Two hundred and thirty two famine* bare eoneeuted to thu emigration aud named k rpecial committee to be their leader* They will ba ald>d in the accomplishment of tbelr rt*w< by tbe 80clet) i f I migration ana Colonisation of I'ari* The lemily of (Hirer Croui?rII I* now eitingulehed In Itie pei*on of Mr* Hu-*ell daughter of ,Vlr Oliver I roniwell. who arote the biography ot the Prnt??tor, bi t* relation he wa* by direct dencent Under tha reign of Oeorge IV . he tried to obtain permlaeton for blr eon in law. Mr Kti**ell to change hi* name te that of Ciomaell, hnt the government refused. Bmiraa tr in Aaiati't* hiumim er tmb C<*inu* At; t mm it im I he Ur?r*M Ceai fcHaMi of tbe 11th Inst ray* the ?t<emboat Franklin plying between Detroit ei>d h?ut Me > arte, wae *eised that day <> the other ride vf ibe river by the) anadiau authorities lor a riolait. n of the revenue law I'he complaint waa that the F had been In the bahit ot landing at Kouud If BtMi ruppller for pmou* redding on Irlanil* acknowledged to beleng to I ened* In the rirlnlty of the no u'h of the St Mary hirer Hound l*land ha* nl ay? been known. In that country at lna*t a* belonging to the I nit) d Ma'e? and for year* It ha* been the practice uf b?al* cairylng up *uppile* for (anedian* in that recfK 11 to land them at llound Inland undoubtedly for the purpose of avoiding dutiee and fr??n wktch place II e li bain lent* of tlie ulend* ark nowledged a? Canarllai-*. eould lake thrm Hound l*land iu tbe (Itraita L>t St N ary . I* certainly we think. Mun 11 an .oil end I ere the h ranklm ha*, lit Ci>ur?e an undoubted right lo lend itiuetlrt* g< mla and ll thence I hey are carried liito brtflrh urntory. our neighbor* nuit l< ok to Ihalr o?a r object' 1 he b at wa# pr< P'rly bounded by ' ol McK night, the owner, aad pri c< wImI en her way to tha bant. Ilueaiai a Mtjanna iiu Muiciba ? I he boepitnl of tha ISeike t . only Poor llo?*e ha* been the *.;ene of a bloody tiegidy ehirh I* almo*t unparalleled In the hUl?iy of bbieen aclione, Intuiting the deeiruction of a family. c?'iiri*ting ot a wife anu naughtrr by the father, at d hi* death by mlatd* 1 hi* ehocklng deed wa* conmi ti d m 01 e of tbe ehaa.ber* of thl* ho*p|tai iwtapo d by the unfortunate victim* for tbe la*t ten month*, b Haurday evenlig |e*t. between aeren end elgbt 0 ch ck III* Lame i* > rederirk Utah I a native of (ternary, abd III* conduct hae aleats been marked *lth propriety. hnt be may have h>en led to the act by the bopetier condition of hi* wile who ?aa Inaaie aad 1 bat of hi* daughter long confined to ber bed by lameHH at.ii unahia tn utter a word I be wife mail* her rrrape tri m tbe chamber *lth her neck dreadfully Urnet-d by tbe laaor aud her bead battered with thi ben.Bier the handle of which broke in bl* band* w Inn tbe nver*eer entered he fonnd fltahl reeling ta tin fl?ot where be Inetantly etplred the daughter lay In ber gf re on the bed. with her throat cut from ear ta ar ? /(racing (fa ) Pina. Sep/ W 8mr Dun ine'o in ihi W i*i Thet Inclnnatl Jtllt. the Ul*t la*tent hae a *nmmary of all the *teamHo?u built lb the United dtatee from IRJ4 to IH4M tnciueiva 1 he entire nna<her I* eetlmated at 'JS10 The preeeni rate of *t> *mb<?t building I* ahoiit '/IMl per antium of *li rh more than tw<elbnd* ar* built upon tbe takea and vteitun river* haeibg no coeneetlon with tha tide ea'ere of the ocean The official return* *hoV for 1Mb the amownt of ebia builalag and tonna*e on lb* lak?a ml M HUra rlaar* : ? fft TWuf? I.aka OtlMio U ?7/T I.aka >.n? M* I llt? llMM Md Mltklpi M ,*'l (ttw M l.lM Olilo tl?n, . 1M S4SM (un b.ri.Bd rlaar I II ToUl JOf MAM t'f tbi ?M? thara ??ra: ?hlp? t , brig*. IS , Mbnunan, ? . > o HxKm IMt making t<>tol of lot I'm t< tal <4 it* l<* >. fli. iaa?> and Mwurt rlf?r> la fx ut n? tli b of ib* ?bnla of tba toniiBK* i.l tba I NUIm tub * DHl tnrraaaa la t maab la g?r pifwllnt than n* lb* tlda at?r A?ii KMI M at ww?tt?imL? - A Dwnit *n?t?li'Wri Murpby.vf WnUrlo. ?ko| on Vi i d?) ftrrtafx.b in KhiMhh trill* 4llln| < !? put) Hi. nft b* had barvi-il N*Mtl |)K?"H?I In H>aa i ia? t ?ill? amn ?a? i>nw?tng a M4 in aaran adtlliuail |>ti<<wm. (htl b* kH ( <' dl>gBl?ad aa Indiana l b? j m<itt( blm tnati.p but In paid nn iimili* w tl.ti aiiD our M !)? DM, tka bill Kinking Mr M. <li ibi l-ark ?>f tba light abwItW, and paaatog dnwa la h. ttpbt Inng abat* It h-dgid I ba aannnd p~ranai -1 a| !) ?' bi> gun but tb> rai. fi|ilnd'il. and ik> j mHint b I bi |.a-.d In a naiahb rln* h-uaa ?bara ba ' lloli it aid n| I u i.maiw pimut bill thaf ratu-?d. ' ? lb> gt. i.t'd thai b? ?a# a ihrriff Ma priMi?adi>? la anntlwi l ?h*r* ho mrltiil aid aid *aa vma al'ar ' *???!. Itwr'a Itmlo* ah?ra m>?l|f>al a?i*> . a**t p<ftin4,mhI ?k?ra, at la-t ad?lo*a. ha ra aatt.Ml In a rttliaal (H.t.dltiaa Nallhar of Ifea aaaallat t* baa jn i. anniril Fm m i ?ti MatttRo rim itDtinM Hi??t#r f^am a p. Ha) lb * tniitl hitaliM t?>nl*| with data* to tba iVth ii ?l I b. awpua bad b?aii pr<?inimad at lb* <|>? .ta n.?. Ian ha- i> ia?n't?d ?iib tba .aina mdlf. f.tvn. a? in itlkir |.lana v l<go**ri>m>nt baa aiada t| km b*rr> n aw. j. Ira. thmiirb uaturall) n?? .?f ana at lirtlli apota In thin part ot tba globa ?.r?p 7>aa. v V I^?I? fiiwwry>i ? *m*mimmn* f^mr- *-*- +-m I ERA Trttublr* or Itir ItallNM tl|i< ra In Ititudan. [Kr< m th? I.od'Ihd Time* S?-pt R ) Th?. c??? of Mr PelaArld. now under * tju<Ho?tU*i 1b tt Bankruptcy Court, !? ?? uk Into tb? **or?t? of ()p?r? uiftnhk'-ni.nt It ii< Mom that id<*d ffot ' about ? *n'' h?vH rjoyi-rt *n fair an opportunity of IoiiiikI"* lehind Iht wi-n?? toil kwrnnlnir acquainted with th? B'Or?> tre> ndlt* im?t*m? of ?ini(rr* ami ballet d%uo?r?. W? are ar#imti>oi?-d to crni-Mrr i-U'-h illuilrlom pxroon ape* a* len.gF m inmnrr -pnere not Hiinjeoted to toe ordinary condition* and (.trogKle* of humanity Norma with her cak-wreath and vlr I ominl-i<li>ner Kane in bin boree hair wig Lueillo Or aim with ber but quel* and mhnh.iin and Mr Lawrence with bin frau dulrnt preference'* and ' undue expenditure " nan nl ftrangely in conjunction Such however, I* the atat-e of the niurlcal world ju t now. that be who would follow the npetatic corps inu?t engage a atall at 11a<mg ball-Mreet v\ ? ennfe** that we do not hear of mnh ao exhibition without regret. for the *ake of tnanv ot thi pattlet* concerned If wo have hut lender ?v rapa' tiy with the principal claimant* whopreunt them-'elve* ax creditor* b?-tore the t 'ourt. on the other hand the condition of the poorer member* of the latel!oventga>dcn cimpany I* verv pitiable Indeed. The chorua legem. tha danoing battalion whose wan cheek* tud care worn riprefhlon of countenance we hare ? > fra qmntly watched vith pain whilst they were giving ex I rerrlon to the mechanical j^y and unfelt raptnr of their nightly tar-k* are the pcrnon* mint enlitWd to *>Bipathy and if it might be to a*tNtance I'nd'rntath tbe tawilrv and tineel of theae poor people, were their bUtnrlee rlghtl) known, there w<>uld no doubt be nanj found a noble ytrug^Ie fur the ?*ke of othera and niucn of bnnei-t and ptialghtforward Industry, that rbould in falrneea entitle them ta even more admiration than we naturally fee) for caooecrful ruuladt, or aupcrnatural virmuiU W ith regard to Mr. Kdward Thomaa Delatii-M a very fa* w< rd* will xuflii-e He coiae* before the oourt and tbe public without any prestige In hi* favor. We look up< n him and hi* operatio career a* upon a speculator am! a (peculation ''Delafleld*bankruptoy" I*. in point of fact a dry matter of business The speculation ufi Hecond Opeia House in London doubt, in Idea * perfectly legitimate one Tbe t*?te for music had b?ooaie wldvly diffusid amongst the public ?It. ?i< fair enough A priori to *uppo*e that London lu tbe aeaaon would furmtb opera-goer* enough to till the Invent Oardena* wi II as the Tiaymarket bouse It wan clear enougu that the population bad Increased; clear enough that the railirau* oonTeyid the protluces, batch by bateb to L< niton, cltar enough that, from one cau*e or another, tbe public would not atten i at dramatic performance*; and a? clear an tbe eua at nonudty that the enormous Moating population of l.ondon mnet In aoiue way be auiURtd There be?idee, in < ovent I iarden Htood a great Ufeleff t beat re a* empty ?i a barn before barveat time Kiom all there data a wiser man than Mr Uelafleld fntuht with Tierf? flt nn.lMt?fw lliva Infuvrml iinlKj 1.1.* *uoceae i f a tecond Italian Opetatio eutcrtalnment 'lli*r? were bt-*lde* two other i??iT*hix condition* I'he mkkayemeiit of the oth>r great e>tabll?huient ""avnred too much of the n>; ludi(T>ri>Dcr of an undiopoted m<>nopcly, Hually, the Mn.hlou from tba liayuiarket af an oichcetiel conductor probably without a rival id Kuiopr *i p<aied to iilva another and a very tempting chance of eucce** We hay itgaln. that under all tlieiie eiirum?tanc>* a Quaker Mil broker or a Holden ?<(uara u?ui?r would have thought the Covent (Jard. n enterprise worthy of attentive consideration The speculation bar failed but It In doubtful If. in other hand* than Mr Delafleld e. thin would have bean the oaf* Let ua look at retulu The mbscription* to the Opera House In lft48ainounted to ?21 253 in IK4U to?l3 1U.Y Tbe whole receipt* weielu 1M8. ?20.Mi7; Id 1H4W. ?14 7V1 There weie other receipt* Irom the clnak*riKim we take our figure* fri m our yeeterday'*report? which made the aggregate rum lerelTed Id 1848, ?44.(08. in 1K4W ?2W ioj I'he whole expenditure wan. In 1848 ?78 705; Id 1849 ?64,8t>i. than showing a lo*s iu the former year ol ?34.761. and io the latter of ?2*465 Id order to clear the question of IrrelevaDt Item* we will leave out of the t|ue?lloD the balance of the debt" Mr T I1' Ueale. tbe loioier lessee, for the payment of which he held Nir Iielaflcld'* indemnity - nur will we make an? mention of this g?ntleinan's private expenses madly e*. tratafiD' an they appear to bare been Let. the nak?d 1 (act aland, that Id the *paoe of two year* the Covent Oardeu Opera, under Mr Delafleld'a maDatfemeut, became Involved to ao extent of ittow The receipt* were upward* of ?73.000, and yet at the end of the two vear* tbe ooncero we* erabarraeeed to tba ex tew we have stated Under t hi* Mete of would be much to fay that the bankrupt condition of the concero i* refVrable to aoy dedcleiiey of patrooage Setting aside tbe waste and prodigal expcudn ure tbat must of uece**liy have occurred Id other reepect*. under *ach management a* that of hit Dtlelield the Imineoiie salaries paid to tbe chief performer* appear to be tbe main cauee of the etnbarraeenieut In which the < oveut Warden enterprise U Dow Involved Unhappily, Iron the i>artioular< of tba claloie upon the nuie, we *aar< ely feel jwitided la Infenliig thai I be peisons whoee extravagaut deuiaodl have been tbe main oau*e of the ruin must have remained tbtiui-etve* aumij||>t the priuoipal *uRer?re M v Uiiil. then io the balance sheet. tbe following account ol ealatie* given to the principal singers au4 dei.cere during tbe two year* the peculation laeted. All the paymeuta appear so extravagant m our eyea ? accustomed. a* we are merely to connder (he scale on which admiral*, judges. end general* are remunerated, alter the e a art Ion* of long and laborious live* that wa can scarcely exercise aoy principle of *eleclloD. Ilara, the lift a* we Hod it Id our bankruptcy report:? Artistes' (alalia*. 1148 and 184i> Mdlle Albonl, IMS jL4 000, \ dlle A null 1840 i?2 600. Madame < a*letlan, lh4? A1'28; A.illie lot bar I, 1848 A4H2, 184V, I itKO, Lutiit lira*. 1MV ? I 1.011 . i aiberiue Mai en 1MV ?1M0, I)e Merio 1841? ?:.00 , ?>rl*l. Id 1818, A ant. . in 1MW A2,8<to I er>iaul Id 1848 ?tun. in H4W A 600. KoncoDl Iu 1848 ?480. in 184'J x4K0.Stelfaoi>l, 1M8 AtMO; > larrtot In 1848 ?4 00?i ; li l?4'J fir two m olt * Al 213; dignor Cerradl had In 1848, ?880; Ill- lu ' ?i>. rBM.v , SUU IU X< UU I'.gtr III 184S 14110 Kaiiconl. lu 1MH XI.IW. la 1Mb 11 lib Kal>l. in 1MH. 1I.AJ0; In 1*4# XI DM Itu liuilDk Id lsll. 11 luti, id 18(9 th? nauir mm l It* ?bi lr amount ni-riiilcd In llir vocal d< partui?at wai. Id iMh lUUk. la 1MV XMK4 . In tha haliat Moovnto itwollrrtiu rre?l??diu IMS XVOT Luoill* ?.rahn. ID IMS 11 1H0 , Id 1MW, 11 (K? I'tia two i nil lu 1M* IMU. mora than 11 luO Maruiat. In lh4N It Mi Sil?ai.l In the aauir }Nf, 1J ?0 l'h<> a In la ? i|< tidil ura id th? ballot ilrpai Inn-ill ani"Untrd Id IM* l<> lb.Il'fi, In 1MU In 1'i Hill ' I ha orcbailra ar|?imilit fliutt ail atpandltuia uf llUOIHIu 1MH, and < f 17,HI* In l?4V.' (Sew, It should t?-r*ui*nib'T'<l that tha aliora minin iemiIj i?|ii?i'iii Ilia Kama i f IkiMi alugliig and d^nlinn >'t'"} for a portion of tlir j?ar J bara la, al Uai-t ibrir ?a?. tti? I'ari-lan an wall a< tha l.ondoa n an D I lirD a* far a? tba ilnueri art m>no>iiimi, I tlmr li ll? tar*rat Id lb* pronaera. aa anil a< tba mil a th?) tacalra ! r attanriauor at private partia* la tb? Di?ilopolia I aking ail tlima lt?ai> inm amount, Um? la in t much rotiwii lu nu|f >.iu|| tbat a ?uo r?aatvI i|nia hi g. r or ballat dai.iar la tar but tar off 11-aii t Racralary <( Hi*i? or a I ui-na Julga I'ha I aurt-lloi M.a Archbi?b~pa. aad a- iaa faw of tlia Right htmiiil Briirk. ai.d 11? i bUf? of tha I'lirra < oiirta, arc pri bahlj best I) aa wall paid a* a />nm.< ^a??i<i or lliil-ialt < nor Ar lor tlia arm; aim uatj. lli??? proIimii b> aif 17 con.jailaou aithau opara raraar Di'vra Infill) Bud ?'aiTa'l"U It l? raid tbat l> l< tba Int.-ntii ii < I <ba tallau tlngora ?h>i ha? twnlril Irnu tlia liatDial k? t ti noniluua lliai ofrbl Oardm npxculatloa III II )itr on ib?lr oai aMiiWil and rartaialy tbat ?i ulu b? a n.ori- ?bi Iri-oto* ?jHfi? thaia aaro bat Ihf) ran bj rriid>ring ibnlr rihlbl'loiia aa einal lmta> |iii?ibk | a; tba aaariaa of tba aul> -rdluata il>li<)i' ttiil dliiua pri'ttn Ma >blll b* niuah mi?tak u II tb>ir di*m>iid? irark tlia amount of tbalr galna tiadrr kir. Iialalrld 1 manageoiaDt AaoiHaa Dotat'cTivr tiaa 1* KixiitaTra ?About f<urn'rlorh I rial) morning lira hroka nut In lha fian.r buliulbg < D > am atraat oppoait* tha Third I'raabjtrriau t liuicb abi< b brf.?ra lia prngraaa o-iiild ba anr?i?u e< Daumid Irn builtling* on Mala atrmt, and 01 a i n liivlvloB ilr?tt I brie vara i g.? d many p?.f laniiliM aho l<?t part or all of tbalr furaltura, ?k? ha4 no iiruiai rr i>ii Ibrlr flacta Tba graoary a lot aa of t bar!aa S t.llb?rt and Jobn Worgan Noa. 17 aud 11 Van atraat, aaara Br?t d*?tro)?d. Tbt-ra ?a? an Inauran* upi n Mr H ordn a ?tock of j7uti Id tba Ktaa lioipany. Mr (Jllbrrl ?aa m?urad fur tiuuo akiak aill i.ot coaar bin loaa. P P llal>rl k Da Va* lutL na ind una building, ahtrh aa? Inaurad Id tba llanf ire I 1 ni^aa; lor $1 WKi John Iralabd I oat bia and ahoa I|. 1 ill rk aiitl da^lllvi* III* In? la ?I"I at UMhl U|>?ti ablrb tb?ra l>>D IDIurtliMnf f3WV , II UOO n| tin- ati rk. and |'i MiO no ik* hullillif On a building o?t.rd by Jullua T A*dm?a ib-r??aa imiiftiiM In tba llvaatd I nniiaay of |I,|MM) f'ankbaui ltar*?r, blick bulldllf pattlally d>?troy.-d inaor?d fur tl 040 Ni A hairtaon ibiaa fram> building* d?a?roj?d; in>nrrd lor kl.iMl M?| k Kroihar bat and sap mora i>ana*?d b> n-moral lo?a gmrrnl by as iu*urauaa of |IU>. Two flam* bulldmii* da?troyad nut maurad lot (4t4l. M ra I ulp milliner I >at nnnatdarabla no liifiiaim l> B HiKidturtb bonding daatroyad lakuiana* HUM, total |o?a J Orabta. building 4a- I at toy id- Inaurad for Jl noo, total loaa d B Woiaja i >kw hop aiii in?ui>d for MV- l?aa |]| k. P. vluintold ur tlm- iiouit-d toi loaa I loo r faiinw? biutb factory?loaa )l u?, inaurad for |M0 t* baatian to?frt gioaar, luat abut ?>?i -lata rod for $H*>. Vra mfi?| ockoplad o?ar vtayar'a atora loal alum |IWi ?o?tb rd funntura an loauiaoae Joha I I aa Wiiaia Ixaidn.g bou>?, loat about Mow ao laaitiaitra. >v.ra Me' raokra. boarding houaa, M ?lala Hiifl >ii>tni?d h?-a?y low- no laaur??a? A larga tvBI?t of iU tauaaia of tba boiiuinga JialroyH bad kd ia?utiicr ujitui tbflr furaliuta. and tka mn<|ata !< ? b um. b? trty c a-ld-rabla. /?? kttur, (if T ) Hrj.1 y? Twa Lata Fiat a* Cara Oiaaaoaaa Tba following fki'iralara of tba lata Or* at t apa ulrardraa.ia glr?u ii> tbr knglr, of ihatpiaa* ot tnalfttb mat - I ha bra bt< ha oa> ia a M>?k oa which tba buildinga ??-ra ail b?a.?butoB? auo that a briak, la abmb ur Otlu ra ?ioad It a? <>a t>a<b?du,? a<lj<aui?| tmraan^ maa |l?o by k.ra Hilkaraoa la a aililaar tad anaadrj to ib? apttherai} aad dwelling of i apt Harm uornar of k lia and 1 fon.ta iwt??r* viatnand i ha rlaar, aitaodit* act It boiot th? atora hmina of viaawra Palnuira, Irinni i* W atar atrcct Tba Minaaa of Maaara. Iiaia?tit) k I?alc, coalmining a rarlrty of gootlg *aa dnllii)il ao. k-tai ding I ha M.?ainii< rlvrtlosa to ?af? It tia Main atr*ak <h? atmikaaw of Vlaaara a^klij k liala alib ajl tbr ( ?!- la llm r?llar th* " "bnuif nren|ord by ?.r lagtata a?? tfta gro m ?ir ? iiw i.iirfiw, w?i iM.inumi ?r, ?> <> % l.?i- ?rt> IfcXxi*)! in Uin M >m? >liita*l 0*ic?- at #?. I.'*iU to tb? ftWouM of No tkn* til inwH. L D. TWO CENTS. Our Baltimore Corr*apon<tf>n??. llti.Ti -inRK 8t-plrmh?r it lS4t. T xalof Prirt ? Change nf Vrnttt?Hailri>m i (Jo??enl>t?? Put ft (Ar Mat I Rahhtr - Markelt. <fr Th? trial of John I'rloa for the murd*r o# Ueorg* W Caaipbttll wm Jr?tnd?y, aft?r thre?*.?yn ipnat in obtaining ten juror*. rvmoTsd to on? of th? DfUhb?rtuK couDtlfH A coot ding to the dcoinun of th? ours a# man ?bv bid read the acooun'x of the nuMir u pabI if tied in the uawxpaperx. could b.t oouipto ent ta alt aa a juror ax by <> doing an impression of the guilt of the bnxom r must have entered hi-inind Up*ard< of 700 talernirn bad b? an otlM up and rrjaoti ij aad but m jun rx obtained The presumption .therefor* ?? >, ihal some, If out all. of tboH? KViirn, had a motive of wm klnK to be on lha jury or else were very iguoraat Im ignorant to reed the newxpaper* A meeting 11 our oltixeux wax held yesterday, to eppoint (Jrlc(i?ifK to reprereut the city Id the ouiveettoa to meet at St Lauli, <>u tba lOtli of October forth* purpt>a ot aiding tbr projeel of oonxtruutiug a ra l oad lu,iii the vall>y ot the vititcicaippi to the I'aetiio oueaa The (J??rru?ir yesterday pardonml tbraham Pesea and J Shllller, two old convicts from tha penitentiary, I otee, It will he generally remembered o >nviot*4 about year,- ago lor robbiug l,?" Uulted States mail with loiter, mar Philadelphia aud turned Srate'e m|. deijce. tliua making blx esrape. 1ie however retur ad id a low weeks to baltimore to hava revenge <>u tba waiden Mr Owens, becunxu hit had puuuh?d biai wlill? t confined tbere for a previous offence Ha watched at night for birn. in tha vioiaity of tba penitentiary. and put a pixtol ball through tha hat of vir Di>ney, whom he mistook tor him tie wan agatu arrexted and reDt bark for 'JO yearn all but two yea's af whlih he had served out Ha I* now pardouxd oh iba reci iiinienat?t.iou of the trustees. for good conduct, and tor hating gitxn information ot a general iuaU'T-atio* that was to take place a yxar since by wbltih it area prevented Ills companion In the mail robbery, Porter, wax hung at Hush Mill near Philadelphia Mr atid Miss Logan eontinua to do a Baa bnsiaeaa at the Museum la ihe Baltimore market Howard (treat floar ooeHDUex tirui with rales at Vi>4 W heat ban experienced no material ohange. aad tha ruling rater of hale* have been from U& reuu to $1 for couiKjod ta goi d red; good to prime red #? cents to I 08; and torxtrictly prime $11>3, white $1 OS ? $ i h8, aud family tlour *1 lUatl 14 Corn hax cntlnu-d xteady in prloe Males yesterday of white at 67 a AH oeute. and yellow 60 a CI cent* which have been tha ruling prieea ot the week Kye Sale- of I'eunsyl vauia at di eeata per bu.'hel Oat* 30 a 32 centx. aa to quality. Naval Intelligence. T^eU.S coast survey strain.-r Jefferson I.t Com'g Jenkina. from a surveying oruiso between the Capea af Yirglaiaand Delaware arrived hereyeaterilay inorulag, and aucboied otl the Naval Hospital The fillowiag If a lut of her oflUers :?Lieut. Com'g?I'horuton t, Jenkins i l.ieuteuaut- Wui M < aid well; H aster? TbomaxW. 1 Sorbin, Pa*-ed Vild-hipmen ? iteglnald Kalt? tax, Paul Shirley G. W Broad bead . \t? t Surgeoa? A 9> Hell, ( hitf l-.nginear? vi M Thompson; Ass't k rg in erx- O () Penney Daniel r vla?ee; Capl'a Clerk-C P Mo< onkie ; Pilot?C C. Krcemaa The U H brig Wa<hiriiitoo Lieut l.'sa'f Walawrigtit. froiu a ciuite arrived here yesterday moralag, ami priH-eeded up to the .Navy Yard ?Nnjolk ifeacaa, S r/ lrthl'tr 28 t onmander Samuel Barron has orders to taka ootaDtDil if the U ti ship Peoneyiveuia ou the 4tb of Oaa toher lu pia"* of (Hiuuiaudnr Hu>(h N. Page, who bac? ujpWtrd the usual term of service Tbe U H store xhip nelief. Lleat. Com'g Tottxn, arrived here yentrrday froni Hampton Koad* Tbe following is a list of her otiicurx : ? Lieut Csm'g. d J. Totten; Maxter, P < rosby; Purser. Wm \ Cbriatlaa; Surgeon, Oeoig* Maultby, Paxxed vildabipioen, A W. Johiixi n W H Van /aodt 'V Van vVyok. t awtala'a Clerk. K H. Barhana; Purser's Stews'd /obo <lordoa; Burxeou's Steward P 8tone. I he It will tail for tba ooast of Africa in a few days Any latter* seut ta tba Naval Lyceum at lbs Nsvj Vsnl Brooklyn postpaid, will he duly forwarded Vir Wui H -tor<? Naval Storekeeper at Purto I'raya goes out in hur as paa*eager The following is a list of tha oflioers of tbs V > * steamer Ylieu which tailed frr m Noifolk on tba irtth Inst., for Penxacola l.l> ut < om'g. Jauie* tl Ward, Master ri.< ttloer >os Day; I'aaeed vtidrhlpiDxa Kaft, Koglixb K K K Levis viarsli, Koglueer. Jawaa archil aid, 1st Axxtstant Jackson He Ittsi ut seivice ol aptain <* 8 Mo' anlay u commandant ot tb? navy yaid at Waxhingiou will aapire on the Ixt ol October * umiik th-, period of kll con.mand be hax merited the highest tribute* of rwsp? ct in hia p> rxoual and profe*r|oD*l capaaity.aa4 will ea'ry with him the cordial e-teeai of tboxa ?f evapf grade wlito s?rv?d under him la tha' depwrtiwaat N? d, ubl his eommaiidiuic abilities will soeedllv be rw waidad by a Diora ictlfa, but not 1#M honorabla. appoiMUi-nt l; a irigHto 8t l.awrano*. (44) from tha Baltic, arrlvad at lliawtu nth in?t. It 'UiukmIoih Isaac .MoKfffur, now in command of tha Na?y I ard at Hrookly n whoa* tarm axpira* on tba lal proximo, a>ill ba auperaadad by mu a'>d<>r* W Q ' kt.ter ( oni MeK?i?fr behind hm nkij frlcDdn, hem b* baa attached to him by bU unif >rta kludi.a*i> anil urhaaity of tuauoarc ainoc ba ha* baan la ^ cciutuaad of thia yard M Oali or ano Kliia Clkmkmt.?PrriTion ma Divcact.? Tha N*? Orbaac />./u of tha .Ut loatMl ia)? that >l tiallot, tha bu?baiid of f.llxa ', who araa triad coin* tiuia alnea to that city t'>r Ii?k u| a iii'ta for tlf'UUU upun >1. vileboud. ha* pailtiou~d 'or a divorra 1 ha action tor a reparation from b-'1 aud b aid witb a ?! ? to a Dual lUvotaa attar tba i?p<a af two yratl Tha flrat giauud ?U*K*d ta tha hl*iorr <4 tba |>10 i to note tba huahaud charging that the lady |irrkflit?d brrraif to biui aa aii hunaat aud *irlU"U? *vman and no tba aaildii'g day haudad It to btui ? bar dowry. dacl*rib( aba bad raitimd It from diotioud an bar abaia tu bar ' granduiothar a" aiiooaaaiua I'M |i-titu u narraiaa. at iaugih lha ta-'a oouuecled *tm tba note, tbat t. allot ga?a It to liiaprila a u "tar y lor collection and laft wnb hi* brida to ?p?ad ilia biMT> i?n " 11 a? *-111 ti|f, that at.New I orb lb* huahaud racalri d a let *r auDouuciug that Ytichnud prou iiinatd tba ni ti a foigtiy and raiu->-d to pay it; th* raturn uf N r? Waliit and bar trial, and etpiaaaly i>Darg~a (bat oil thi' Ilia! bi? Vita puhllvly ?taie<l trial ?aid aota bad bai n glvan ta hi r by Mluhnud a> i b- priaa of har dia horn r I ba patitli'iit reaja, 'bat lu addition tu bar dacaption boih aim ra*pacl to tha nuta aud har nha aa tar. iiattbar of which ha inilantla* *ti n>iiiniia na )>ad no right loaltlx tbua publicly up bla f,r~riad tha Hlgmaot ridlrula hi.iI dinboMor Tba other ground* lot rba ?*i aratli n ara trie oulragaitia and lo*uitmg dad atnor of M> wita toward* him bar abandouuiaai af tha conjugal diibicila ?bar oonaortmg with* ut 111-Ulna. he. VuaiHirri *ai> I on KiwiMiirn'* Paoci.*n*na* ? Tba Mmitaij//taw af tha Mill inataiit. opaakmg of tha \ |t<elainai inn ol t.oinuiander Kaudnlph to ilia H"u*d Manual* ??jr: II tliir ba U"t a boat u i* tha gr-ataal I limit aad outrage thai ha? ??ar baan oiTar?d to Anatican cili*en?--and thai, too, by an Am^riaaa a > D audar mi f- "?Ihk to ba?a aolborlty troai tba g ir*rmDiai.t at ? aalitUKtuu to D'aka ?r on tha <>|t.i(*u? of a t>lri|g Miata ? t tbl* l lili n aud ttiat lun *1(1 aa Alnai'.eait aquadrou Ma ip^at ?bat ?a kni* *naa a ia) tbat tha <itaia goaarauiant at iaok?m *111 a >t , ni(T?r tha I bltad Mutai1 Kotarnn-ot at Va-hin<t.ia" tbua to ?*aau|r. nana li'Id in durasa and !<a?>rt<aa tar Fltiiaba V?a call up. o tha noKrom-at at <Va?b> iiigtoa to dlaelalm i hi i i.ui'ag? Tnay a?y a?talMok tba law* of Maitro lu aliforma but >il*ata ipp aa* will li*far aUhmlt to tba Ilka rha Hr*t kllaaia>?i>pl I Kitlan will ha haard troiu by tha ' Mmtihaat** Karl nai" holhu- rat up thilr n?ii boot* and d>-fy th. ui i? ba Irii'oUd di ai, Wa ll *h*t a ton* ttiat tba K..aa4 ' Idandai* ran *bln tha **ho|a i |h? i.-mu uodar tba ? of tba braaliiig e <aii<iani|i'r ArrimiT tut UiiSi rafcioi Coraaa Mi*aa Br gaotlanihti ?h' mo' up m<u? hrura >im>- ? (? pa>a?4 tvlMm Ibat tbr ahnlara ( ra? n< fraituiij la t<M ibdlk rpirr *f flrr ilm ? n > IrM liiaa Hf'ran h?.J li-4 I hr out ?a Warn U it rj bad <t? in* rlolulty. rlilik on di ubt Irtida a ftrral to mrr?a** lha unotri*. I hixw ?bo *rr? ablr to Ik?? arra d"tnif <> \ m at dn adful arcldanl * curird fhara la-t >| indajr h? in* fallit |t of tha ragtua liouw killing thrra mi o and laja|tl>| i?ni*f?r?l;. fha hullifma ?a? ?>f tooa tail . ?4 juat brru put up W a ara haupy tn ?ay 'hat ' h? -a >1 la < <-? ni< r>- bi-althj and that bualnraa h?? ra?an?4 IM MIIHI) -M'tfUiHM, rara ah.nid ha imm b ib lu food and dirt by -??rj ?na lat u< ba on aar guard Ibnoial iiumbrr <if d- atba in ilii plana 4arin* tba pant nn.uth b*. bran It ("ha mb-maac dpartan rl-atiil If ni Ibta port tfnttrdaj. a|ih IW iam >f c<p|?f for tha Ho-tnn and Pltbbui|l > oiapaa/ f?d Brad) la tihdargolng wpllrt gaog of man ara ha.'lp t i?*-d ID regain fin It brfora Iba oloaa of MrtfaM. Lmk* Sapfifr Afava. H'pi 8, Mini Parr Orrica Taacai.aa la Sacra lUratio ? Tha I harlaatoa M+rrmrp of tba IM laat *ia? a HIH fn m I at.dirt..a uodi-r da'a of tba 16 th la?i , afeiah ?j?: H) tba mail ?( Friday thara vara r?a?4*ad at tbla plaer a auaibrr ?f aoplra of an abultiloa airaiiar, dliaoi.d to tba ai<aibrraaf tha < ail lira uf Vigiiaaa* I ba I laoutirr i' laa nf that b"dy mi tfea (otl #Inn day diu and d ih? l?l'?r? of lha I'lHiaa-Ur OS hia irtu-al t<> drllrar tbrai. tbay aatrrrd hta nhaa a?4 took tbaai by fnrra I hi - aaaa prrarata ?? faaiar* of ai Important a>a(trr ablnh la ifiuuai IM I ol.lie mind 4a>< ng tba raforina ablih our mraiia* bopa to ao<>i Bipllab Id thla diatr It ?ill a?t raaapa )?ar Dinar ibai lha r|? aliwa ni Crrtldaat of tha U?n?d gtatra Kriipua a prooiaaai p<?lttoa It nr?4 an >>aatf br naatkid that iba ?ar ihiah tba fauatina ai in N.iith at* an p?r?a?ailn*l J ?arini a<ataai lha a-*aa and >ac?rnj of iba <ti.?m nan lust iauoh l.agrr h? aar ?lad na onlj bj ?aa paitr. Aa offraalra attltadr by tbaoihar It alll br in i> >>lhla to raatrala tba paopia rary akottl| ftom nntili| Rnpraaia laart. UkMK4l. 1 K? ? Br for a Jirtlm loaar harlbat, tn4 T4m?w4*. Bart M - Iba'Ol of Ho * *. taaaa hp IcttJtl an aof?rl?Mlr*l tn rtay No It aw 'b**a anlg^ a? 4 t ha a>pna<an< * aalndrd ?hrr lha malt aijuntaaC I ha OKI. Hilar will hr ali'fl fri hi N* U fcvinoriaw. < it* mt I war*. *??t tft .* ouMImwi ^ Thin ? M. ti ? - ?mH >u * < .|*?u ?? ihl* f*?n>t.g M.<t r-uivt-il * rm|t<H l?( I'M I'laiiitiV, uiaiuj tb? j* >?'|f ?l >J?H,

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