Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1849 Page 2
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* I I >1 I NEW YORK HERALD. larttWMt rornrr of K?IUn and Rmm* Ma. JilEI UO KO O Bi BBNRKTT, PlIOPRiKTOII AND K.UirOH. MO Till TO COHKItnfuNIiENTM. rOi rSTJK T ( ('HREfPHUPKSVt, ,?nta?nimf tmMrtaalxiri oiiilfj fr.x.i .tny^ni rtsr tl On ktIJ, ? Sm?' *? Itbtr. u* p ?<>?/ . frw* Of I'/TV tSTKLUUXSCK, / *U ?rf, mr rnl*o flu itr<i AO M/IH'S likru ?/ rommv.1 Wtfiml *i"l?t>r h i trmdrrl /triiifl w* mail fc? lalAt Htif+tn H l*? mmmr amd . ri? / H? ?fHdj not ntcetmril> fmr puUieatun k*' < * r r.i nfy ?/ ti< f??<i faith. W return rrjrrlrit crmmm-wilio'ii. TUF. HLKJL/) LVT.iHl LSHMHt.T u?pr*Vtrtutlk*u k# Ufil. tksms, rrc. YTfK lii//. r #IJk#f ?/.!/- I*rr0 0<ltnan9.i erww p*r ???j? ?*7 F?r Ti/i: MORM.VU KI)lllOS uywhiu mt'\vrl?rk A M.. Iinr* diit'-ibuteil hrfort br* lh< /brtt AFTEKSOON EDITION tan kt h i.i of Ue uewtbo* mt 1 o'clock, ond the tecond at 3 o'clock. P. ? THE WEEKLY IIER AI.IK for tire ulitimt on f?M ( on Nfcri I ?? publnhed every Haturdiif, ii/fi1* r*?l? ?" ' ?*? r *3 ^?r iintium; for ctrevl i tu>n ?? Europe. and printt imfrtuch oni Enplitk, at (.'4 < ??' ?>< ' ? ?. *< *?' >?; lAf lutttr price to iorluiit the fotl,.tt. THE DOLLAR WEEKLY herald * #/? u??.i..w i per topy; SI prr annum, tis c-yiet to clunt, f-e. %& per an rum The Poll-r Herald tnll mot iu <r.| WKitti i published ?* lAr Weekly Herald. All. LETTERS bu mail, tor tubocr tptwnt, or tnlk m 4 moitu,??ht,. to be po.t paid.ft the po,titft fill bo do Ati* ted firm thr money r milted. AT'Vf.RTISEMENTS (renewed every morninf, am poll, hed in the tnornino andofternoon edition?. and 1 oM ertrnt.) al rrntimahle j.rire ; to he tortile? it a plain Sptb/e mor.uer; the proprutor not retpontible Jor error PM'*TlMi of all kin it exeruted beautifully. Mil wit ip . th Ordtrt rtetivtd al the office, ALUlEHkM'i TUId tVCNING. BOW IB T THEATRE, Do* try?W A E wio?. ROADWAY TTIKATRE. Hroadvav?Ma <?> k*? or 1.a?t Liu?-)<??ir?nn 4>v Wivta. nibl.o'fccakdkn,Ilro?<w:iji?i aiai.i a -f<>r a lovam BTRTON'S TIIFaTKE, Ckamkara >tre??-Tsi??fATioslimiiio or fie?a< , NATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham Kitolkno?xlll. jo?k?? 1)1'*.11 btixi, OLYMriC TUIATRE, Broadway?Ciana uau.A?Tma ratal.'* WariiKU. mechanics' hall?Cxairrv'a Miaamai-a? Vorio: Muaicai.*?KtHioriah Ai*gin?. TARERNACLE?OIAUD Vocal A H? IaaravuKSTA VODOBUT. CHINESE MUSEUM, 6 W Broadway-Ercm U.M.kl ?. M. CHINESE ASSEMBLY ItOOHS?Ma. Macali.ibtb a' Sonnca Magical*. ItfW York, Tnnilay, Orlobcr 9. IMOa the Noatiirrii Klecllons?Bad ElTvcU of Bad Diplomacy ami Abolltleiilam. The elections which have tuken place in Virginia, Tennewee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and eUewhcre, since April lost, h ire, upon the whole, been exceedingly unfortunate to the whigs. W't hnuld not be surprised if the elections in Georpia Missi ssippi, and ?auuiiana, were also to turn ou to the advantage of the locofocos. The election for Governor and Stale Legis lature, in (Georgia, took place yesterday. Th< ground occupied respectively by the opposing candidate! for Governor?Kdward Y. IIill, whig ad George W. Towns, loco?is marked am distinct. The controlling question in the issue is fcourse, the Wilmot proviso, or the power ol lOngrres to exclude slavery from the territories Upon thifcijueMion the whig candidate is as dumbai an oyMer; while the locofoco plants himvlf U|ioi he ground of Mr. Calhoun and the Southern ad dres*. He is o|>| o?ed to the proviso?he is williai to accept the ( lay ton compromise, as the best tiling that can he done in the present state of affairs, bu gainst any interference by Oongress with sUverj ia the District of Columbia?he urges a "deter mined resifctsnce, at all hazurds, and to the l.\st extremity." The locofoco presses occupy the same positions, and plead, that if they can carry the lections in the South, " the degradation of the ?onth may be averted." They proclaim the proviso to be the settled policy of the whig party, and quote from a whig free soil paper In Pennsylvania, to ?how that Gen. Ta)lor, iu hin tour through thai State, expressed himself as " utterly hostile to lh< introduction of flaverv into lite new territories." ffnch being ihr position* upon which the locoFsci candidate present* himself to thr proplr, again* as opponent whoso opinions are only to be gather d from thr grnerul sentiment* of his party, do Amg ?hort ol it muscle, or a revolution iu < leorgta oald prevent thr defeat of thr whig*. Ia Maryland an rlrction for thr I/egialatu e an: tembera of Congress take* place to-morrow, ani thr prospects ol th" whig* arr hrrr morr favora Mr. Mao I? nd does not ocrnpy the ei(rcm< (Southern ground upon the xlavrry question. Sh is ranked s* a whig Sute??>he it in favor of pre actios; and the uppointnirnt of Itvverdy Johnsoi to the snbii.rt, ta generally sat lafar lory to th party. 1 he whig* have l?ren driving a vigorou campaign in that Stair, and thr two organ* ol th cabinet at \Va>hington havr breu active volun reia in the chum'. The lo*a or gain of a memb? nay decide the com| Irxton of thr House; and wit thr prospect 11 thr restoration of Hir old ptrty *y? em of ihr Cougrra* printing, a matirr ol life am Heath to the Washington orgaua ia tavolvt d in th< Iom or gain of the House. Thr d*m*g* which ihr whig pnrty hm alreafj MitUjurd in thr South i* easy of solution. It in t; fee found in thr abolitionism ot th<' Postm i?tri general and thr Secretary of tin? Interior, urn. their ?) si? in of emptying and filling thr <>lli?v* a thr (ountiy. It ia to I*1 traced Ij th*- foreign policy, or ruihrr thr want of a foreign policy, o |h? < It may he charged to thr lallurncr ol We ward with CoJLinrr and I.wing undth-atxli fc<oi?-ts. aid to some rxtrot, to the socialism, Foumerism and sbolit.smsm of the A', ir York Tit Aw**. Ilmu.le' iM.tbern ruiciJal to tiie whig pirty m ihr Ki nth, and i<- labor* to wid'*n the breach b> lam ike two M'.tioi.* of the Union, have been Bm< li.rxots abd malicious. The f?vor which i ha* sought i m?'Dg the various castes and faction1 of aboliucaioi*. ha* been breaking down thr whig f thr houth. N r< n th? re be any unity, or an] vi Wi ii<f t < ? 'O me ? ; ur (-any <m ute i mo:i Willi tnch a Jadw in their council*. Tt.f >! ! of tt.a nad Mi-?? rite fc? ir n ? ra l? th# tfw Cwfrrti m :h? 6 !m lio*? inker, ami *r ah*li link *ith wnr lnt?rr? teibrvi mmn ?f the cotton grower* on the l(e< . and lor the derision < f the ?ng it planter i*n tb' to Quxn Wnbrlli.of the horw wjaadron at honnd ItUod. The only hopr f? it ikiil i|>r aiftoinlncki of Mona llru (let?n,0,? Inithf k, aa rontul to Lyon*, wil Hi!'* "i it' W I ,tV ih. opu>ion of kla??i tliili) 1 I n* ?.< >>. M ???Tnr Amiik ann m? F??i?? P'n iiimi* A'-?"rdmc to ih# mtelli grtttr ?hi<h ?>-i'?i>>!i>h>d m yeaerday'a IUthM It irowid thai the Mri.cno and other foreigner* who hav# l?een i ad tired la emigrate t?i Cnlilornin, by Ik' of the w<>nd?-r <il di?N*ni'? el gold there, i r %ery much afraid t.i-?t ibey ?ill he driven by fore# from ikat r> <tr?n by Ar inriiuM Tlie rorr? efxmdt tic-of thr M<-n an j?? rnala ta filled with awh ir?m*?*e, (mt w? Vnftirt ikmk there i* no foundation I->r their f- ira The rtmg?aal? fr< in the I ntted tM?l#?Un? al">nj Villi th#m a |".rtioa t4 the 11?-mi-orderl ifini principle* ?hnh anion*# i'ie Ani-rirau ^gyii generally : and ? dm am be r*p ||i f I any po?. ibiltfy of a c??)li?n'ii?.. t-.irii,?u Wiweea th-iii and ike forngn |?>, No t.'ii^f ,,r(> f ol ?h ?onld be given iban tlie r Tent action of the p*aple of < alitornia o i ?, t a n n ? > ..f i hi t in rata were aeeailed by a parly of rowdie* ,ItH v?faboada in San Kraa > ? - I tb' r or,-,, ,lt, Kaltre*t?d. ro?e tn mmmt. i*>, r???i?d a e.Mir? > ( jwiic? on ike eptd, and pom?lK-d the ?r *is'v a f?-? J^ur* after ibetr crnm?a??*Hi of lb# trim# whi li W lolhn*# p???##di"rB W? d? a t ttnak thil V" '? "! ?nir< K ' < ' "i ' ?< I'iniin A U (J * i?i?ll $rpr* rK w* ha?e rrc-irrd fnm rikkl r?jr ?> *. b>'bitt? itf t In all larai ? < n u>m i??. ai* a i?< ia4i??<tn tU wh? ma nw if th? l?w 4 iH mi ft* >rM ih*m ft ill# ?fci?w ia ?"?ti'<>rMa. aVrt moral arali(* 1 M> <ll? inly la*, V><) 'hal allltf w ht>? *?i rt< nK?, mtil HtVtll k^Ui I* |a!a| cvw i W Pi MM* - nm 1 , IM?IIII in i imi Turn r< t?>n ? The two pirti?-? are prcparirg in earnent fur the election which la to itikr place next month, rain or bhiut?no postponeni< rit on account of the weather. Both arc more tfun UMi.illy energetic, and n'cm determined to brniff forward their best men. According to custom, ihe democrats have lud their own tun, in ilie phupe of Iddik eycsnud hlo<>dy no.-*-*, tu some of t*ie wards: hut when the di* ol election comes ? round, ihey will be, ium?i all previous 'j difficulty f, hail f?l!o?s ?ell inet, and will awear v f< ally to the constitution -nd the party; and act up ' to it too, until the tun foes down on Ilie evening of 1 the election. Ah fur as the city of New York is concerned, the H uni< n b-t*?rn the hi:nket* and barnburners, | a 11 ?> r? n t K incomplete, while the rank and file of thr \* h ate divided mid dit-saiinlied The wliigs, ilirr< foie, are frightened; and fearing the retmli I which iti all probability await* them, they are enI deavoring, lo the extent oi tlieir power, to silence the dltsntirfaction which h^s been cre' 111 ed by the couit>e pursued by the cabinet at ^ Wdthinc'cn, resecting the distribution of offices, and oilier nature connected with the gene> rul |M>luy which Kir. Clayton and his a?sociateh have udopted, in direct contraveation ol . tl>e pledgee which General Taylor made previous I - l: I ? n'U ..... ?r_..:j .u?? ici ills nt titi'U' ah ry uic iuhimi til**!, univ^ cints will curry the abolition vote with them throughout the State, and henee they are continually claiming, in their organs, that the whtgs ar? ? better abolitionists than the others, knowing well " that whi< hevi-r party gets the abolition vote out ol , the nty will curry the election. This, however w ill have no influeuce in the city, for we havenon< I of the ultras of that school within our boundaries _ Thutlow Weed, in hta journal, says the barn burners have kim u up to the hunkers, and th< lmiikers s.iy no, they have only entered into at honorable coalition. The A't-r?<?ig Poit, on th< * other I *nd, *ay? the hunkers.have giveL way t< the bartiburners. Kow we have nur view of the subject indepen 0 dent of both, and that view is, that the two partiei have astumrd a ground that we think will be the ? e*use of touch trouble hereafter between the Northern snd Souih?-rn States. They are both striving (or the abolition vot- in the .State, arid are thus a*: timing a position that will, sooner or lat> r, produce au opposition spirit at the South, which, when a collision occurs, will be attended with great and important results. This difficulty ; set ms to be increased by the course which is be" ' j ii'g purxatd by Mr. Benton in Missouri. As we have already s.tid, the uniou between the J rival factions of the democracy is apparently c< mplete, in this city ; but the wings are dijunited.dist atisfied.and discontented Tti.' merchant* are indignant at the attempt made by the cabinet to get np a ijuarrel with France out of nothing; and ! the rnastes of the party are averse to the whole j tenor of our foreign |*?licy sinee the present cabinet was organized, an well aa to their policy re' 1 spectmg the distribution of offices here. Our mer cantile cUtses are in fact afraid of the cabiuet, on account ot the numerous blunders which they have committed iu connection with our ioreigu p >licy; 1 and the ultra wings, the working men of the party?those who toiled and worked, wh>*n ' ! toil and work were necessary?at the sys' * teni of sppomtments which his been pursued n the Custom House. Many of the whig party will abandon the ranks on these accounts ; and those elements, combined with the union of the democrats, will give the latter < 0 of the greatest victories in this city that they ever achieved. There seems to t* some difficulty amuug the <! iiKinratn cstwuift lk?iv nominilinn ft\r Mkonfl' I They are aware af the necessity of patting forwaid one of their strongest meD, and hence Ex( Alderman Stooeall, of the Second ward, ia Ulked of a good deal aa their candidate for thu office. Wr do not think tbry could oelect a better mm. Alderman Htoneall is well known aa a mm of 1 churucter, and, if nominated, will undouht-dly t subtract largely from the whigaon th? day of rIretion, besides receiving the un-utimou* *u;?t>ott of loih hunker* and barnburners With lux nouunation. the tuc<<*s?f the democrat* in the ciiy would be rendered Milt more certain. j Tin Dux tftan CoNvinTton ano Himiop 0*d*kj rx>i>k ?Our reader* are ao doubt aware that at tli.. i late Lioaetaa Convention of the Protectant K?na; ci pal Church, held in thi# city, resolution* were c adopted, calling upon the House of lii?ho|ia to fix r 1 iodic time for the t> rininatioo of the i?>deiinue n 1 scntrnce of suspension indicted by Uiem a^?a e j Eixbop Onderdonk. This created som*wh*t of a ( 1 row, and a gi? at deal < f di.-.-att*faeti<ia in certain r ' quarter*; am', in order to define their position, j. and place themselves correctly before the world r in thi? matter, the minority of the conveation have h issued a solemn plot est agiinot the actios of the k iruijorii/. TIiih protest i? ami-Onderdonk all j tinoii|-h ; and, if ihe truth must be told, savors of r persecution ?>* much a* it does of Christum m?srality. y Now this < nderdonk bn?(ne*?, we think, should , be disposed of one way or the other at once It r | is full time that the public were relieved of firI 1 ther consideration eonrenrng it. To he mire h f 1 sinned (<f the testimony on h-t* trial ia to be ere, | difed) to a very extraordinary extent, still, if we f j look over the pages o! the good b'>ok, wa will fi id I that the meek ami lowly Jem*, the very founder ol rlnistianity, hentated to condemn the worn to of .Nimarin, who went inu?h further ia iniptity than liiihop Onderdonk did. In th* opinion of hi* advtrratie*, he should not even be al" j low? d to repent?he should be prev.-nte.l I Ircm weatinn earkcloth and ashe? fur hi* ! misleads; bat thia I* unwise, a* well aa autiI ( hristi.m. If be his r<*[vnted of his sin', 1 he ih<uldbe re-hdmi'.t'd to hia fjiietioos at on"e, . for Li* epponents know not when they themtelvri may be placid in a li'oilar petition. There are, ! to <*< ubi. mui y p?stor* of the eliarch e<pi illy * sioful *s 11. hop <)nderdor>k, but they have been ii ore tkilful th in him in eonoea'in* their p?ecidilloi*. If ?'ieh a course be not adopted, the He?i wav would he to <'ri-rat> hiin?lo deprive hun ol t his Knisropal fundi i s, ami bini.-h hirn from the s rhiirrh fi r \er. ( ii inr i ni' r rii'irw1 a'io|T' u, irvrr li" no rr.|?^:i why 1'iahoit Onrt'iiionk ?honlii b* In* mihe world r IN might brr? ni?* a |M>lni? ,nn. ? I ln ;h * ^riid in hi* time, or a M*r?a ?hining li^ht?m I n iinv 1UII, or, il Hint in not miii .'iI- to hi* t? ??i pe-miiir i.'. or * outd not ? :r r with hi- n >ln>.i?, ihr 1 arena <1 Wall >.tre?t i< op. n for him i If r ..i 1 trade in atnrka in Wall Mrfft: and in tint ? l?, ' brand marl t f rnecality and vi Imv, he ctn ain mcrh a* he p!rae?j?, end become more reepcc table more important at> he rt-a? in in*?juiiy. Tm* fwTA?i' * '?r Mtui? The i^oonti which r?a? h?d Mexico of th-- armed expedition that w*i rrganirrd in the TTnitrd t?ia,?*a for the invn?ion ill Cuktcr Mrxico, have, it npj?e*r?, created a terrible c? mmotirn in the U*t named country; ami ai the hilt imnnti from there, great preparation" ?f a military nature were bring nude to protect Tnirplcn, *? here it ?' ? exerted the cxp'-ditio.i wonld l?nd, as wrII m the whole kl'xicm ?? , l>< ii id. We do ?)?.t wonder at thi?. The poor M?*tcin* \ ave h?m a* ?e\rrr|y drubbed by l>t* \'iinkrt* in I ihr irr? ni war lo tneen the two conntrien, that , we do not w? iid? r at th? ir fright in reaped to the arn<d exp? diti. n deatiaed, we believe, for Cuba. I.ut the Mexican* nerd not be afraid, we are not ready to xtir.d our txmiiuon further eonth nt |rfve?nt. We have not yet digested New Mexico r ai.d ( aliform*; but ?hrn wr have done ?o, we will | r?ta#awrr for what may occur. This muiifeat , diMiny principle urine to be part of our , | di?,?.*ition. ai.d we do not know to what extent i ii ia .y lend ur, or r ither to what extent wi may | Wi w ii h' ie?Aer. i I'm our apt elite for territorial acquisition it not . i i '<i?iti?r?o rapmioua a*. perhapa, onr Mexican fii'i.iV hrlieve I/et n? get rid of ?he territory huh %*e aiquirrd by the late war, and let the m??i ?* cur prrple be directed lo the Sierra Hadre, anH wr will be more r?aspet*nt to predict *b?nhe r*aaltwill be than we now are flu#ctent for the day is the evil or the food thereof Fmiokation t>? the Unitid States ? An idea of the number of emigrants that have reached this riiy ihis year, may be formed from the (net, for which we are indebted to Major Frarer, that between the first of April and the first of October thin year, die number of arrivals averaged eijiht hundred and ninty-six per day, or a fraction over thirty-three per hour. This is an increase of about thirty-five thousand on the number of arrivals dumg ill** sHnie period last year. We h ive not, at present,the means of estimation the arrivals at other ports ; but we should not be at all surprised if the iniretite of our population by emigration, will amount to two hundred and fifty thousand for the year 1H9 When we consider the disturbed condition of Europe for the lust year or eighteen months, we must infer that the emigration from tbat part of the world, duting the next twelve months, will be much greater than it has been, or will be this year. Well, let them come. Both rides of our continent are settled, and the intermediate gap is open to the oppressed people of Europe. Vtrjr Lite front ih* Uutiuma Islands. W? havs received full filen of the A'???ou N. I'. Oiuir *V0TI ailU f> U * t?U IO'1/.7E IfilZrtl? wool nil|C *w iu kun IVLU nit. both datea inoliuive 'i'bey contain important marine intelligence. i The Giinid an of the ldth givaa tba fallowing information relailve to the equinoctial ftorra : ( Through the merciful Intervention "f a kind l'r<>vldano>t ?r h?H oariowly en-aped the ?lriltil<iD of a hurri04uti l li#' ? at In r itnc* Saturday laxt ?i> very threatening; > ai.d on mottling th? rt~ion wind and lour i>K eloudx. hi* iiaoed the auproaeh of xtorm. At eluht o'cli rk in tli>' mor n iM K of that 'lay th* hi f ron eter flood at 2!) V2 and the mercury continued p'Hdoally to fall At 18 o'clock. It wa? at 2U M., and ' a' 4 o'clock 2t? 74. The wind roxe all the time, and ; blew a tety strong g?l? It nomnieneml to blow from I the N K . then N ; gradually veered round to N W. 1 and finally to W The mercury f> ||. ultimately. a-" low . j a* 29 70 About 7 o'rh'uk hoaever. the wind going , round toward* the South fell and all fear* of I lie dreadad vidtant hi'iiND to vanish Tuesday morning da?ued 1 wi'h tine gallant hreexe; the run ahone out coon at'ei ? with its accustomed brilliancy: and the opening of tba hop* aad counting houses. rlo-ed during tliela'ter ' { part of the pi?c>-dl>>g day imparted attain an air ol business and tranquillity to the community. 1 he Huyal GuxtUt of tha same date aa>a : The weatherhaa brightened np and h?x become alo&r, nd comparatively cool. Little damug- hat bran dona evI | an to the fruit tree* in the ueignh .rho >d ; there la a i ligb> ne> and purity iu tba atmosphere ainoe the gala which bespeak the diaperai<'n of tho>a heavy. unwh I lonm tapoura which might hare oilTu-ed malaria | through our town; aid an the whole we hare oause for gra'ltude that, we luve been vlxiiad ho llgbtly with the atorm. though we tear that other quarter* ui ly nst hare fated ao well 1 he Guaiiinn. of the 16th add* :? Tba aehuener Knthur Ann. J MoKannay ma?i?r, which arrlisd heia on V aineaday laxt from New York experienced a revere gale on tba 2<Jtt> nltin.o It commenced blowing at night and lasted Mil 10 o'clock the next day and carried away her Jlbstay. On tbe 4th lustaut. the Kather Ann eucountetedaveiy revere huirirane. In lat 2fcd 10m which lasted 3H houra 1 ha vc?fel during the aecoud blow became water l"g?ed and had her foroaail blowu away frtnithe gall while lyingto She then wa* oh iged to 1 lieto uiul-r a rlo.ereef. d mainsail urala in<-r eating il..d t to rig a drag nutll about half pant 2. A M on vVeJuet, day t tie 6th when the foreman bad to be cut a?i;, In crderto save the verrel and crew Threedays after the hurricane. (Hih iu?t ) lat 2.1d 6* ; long 7Jd 40.u fell in with the U. 8 iMp tiarmantown. < apt l.ownd*. It) day* from Boston hound through tha hole-la the wall parsage destii.a'iou unknown, ( apt L v>ry kindly ent off hie h< at to the Kiithrr Ann and off. re l all tba aa?ti>tanee in hia power, for which ( apt MeKvaney feeU very tJ ankful The K.rthir Ann e.atne ioto thia nnrt under a iurv foremaiit. Tha deck load had bean I thrown our board. frvcril O-icIh have pat Into Nm>io In dl*trei*. the : r?rti< ?l?r? of which are to be found under the marine t ' bead Id another c< luum Thf /ins' Catttli, of the 1Mb give* the following It intelligence: IIj Account* recently received from the IMands of (irrtt Mid l.ittle Kxuiua. we I'trn that the following ve?o>ei? have takm r?r<i?? of (kit. front the tin at and Bu?h I'ond* Mttla Kinnu. via ()u tbe lAtb nit brig raniaho. W K Hoodlett Duatur, with r.t ( 0 l>u?h?l- rait for Bath. United HutM The Tlmnae I'eareon. Prudden. front tbla port, when cleared lart from llj?re took S $<CM buabel* The An bark k!?otl J. Colaou. matter, clear*d for New Vork with T 4b7 bn-ht la : and the Brltiah brig Harriet, Bell, a> t cr for Halifax cleared with 2 37W koabnla The paper* art- filled with the n?ual amount of colonial poliitax; they are however of little interest to a*. Columbia Collc?c?Plillolcilan anil Pelthv Ionian Ruclctlca. Vetterday evening. the delivery of tka annnal oration and poem bi fore the aVue literary foclatlea ef Colombia College, took place In the I'reibyterian 1 < hurch lu Mghth ?trcet. I.nfhyette plac? At thn boar of meeting (he church began to Oil with a nunaerona and reepectable company, wheu (hortly afteri waida the commlttea, accompanied by a Bomber of dittintnlebed gne*U, and the orator of the evening, the linn John A l)li. Mr MrMullen, th? gentleman (elected to deliver the annual poem, aaceuded the platform, amid the plaudlta of the aaaeinbledcompany A baud i f excellent mu?le in the gallery added to the fleet of the brilliant acene. by playing a variety of pleating aire, In a fine ttjle of deration Among thn vUlter* prevent. we nnuaed the Hon Mr Bancroft late ABbaeaador at the i < art of st Ja ne* I'm Hon | Hugh Maxwell, an Alumnu* of th? College, and Col . Irctor of tbe I'ort of Mew 1 ork. I'btllp Hone K?q Dr. Minedtr Trofr??or Anthon, lieverly Nnbtiuon. K.mj , rio'rf?-r ilett*. with <<lh> re A great number nf la lie* alio graced tbe K??? The ehatrman tben Introduced : the ll"n Sfbator |i|?, who proceeded to deliver the uat-al anrual orati'D. 1 Vr I'ii comnienced by nheerving. la view of the two 111 era-) eoelrtle* wbirh celebrated their annual anniviMij i n (hi* occasion, that he ahonld not confine h m-elf In I.I* dlmiource m< r> 1 j toll'erarv topin*. from wbieh the member* of the t wo encl* tie* were fre?ta frmu their labor* ai d atudle*. but be ahould takn a widar raage. and expatiate upon the aubtject of the organisation f the*'' and other aoeletiea In general The or itor |?,n prift-itlid to*late what conat tinted tbe ner# ?ary eler i ul* of p"f ular emle'lei Tbeee Were rblellj a popular rep'oentallra b? UI< ana of nnlvemal aiiffrage-, next "jna'ity n| morealon and an ?r|'ialix?ti on of tba dl?i tft ai Ion i f pr< | erty hv theebaence of law* governing It* Individual or family accumulation, and next, a renetal eqaall'y of p< lineal privilege* a n ne all cla>The r>rat?*v tbra uter. d lnt? a rompr?ben?i ve vl>w of aertent d* m< riaelea and republica. tendiajc to how ibet the t'nl'id Stall* appreaoh* d nearrt to the pure pit triple* of di ui> rracy th.m any other ancient people bad ver dona rrltileged rU?*?n axlaled bn'h In AIt-i r - and In Horn# r I rtfmallj itpm ?oelal <ti?tli*tlor* \r I) ihot dlxwtt tb* utt? r>nd>r ll<? feudal ?yt. m and tlir jrrn1ml proyra** of tti In t nr'i? to t'li- attainment of lllwrtj Ho (mi d ) mm n i> -i. : i mm i p*?|Uil t iffj' n<l l bar- ? ? ?.? ohlcb h?l tak*n Tbaa# ?i??l l?f(l ? lik?l; til b? fidl"?ri| tj ?|irr?ii>'t ro attf?B" nt < f tb* arm of pof.nlat Itbaf'j ?ed ira. l. m In i?'? rlnf tolh?Ml< of ik> pi- *nt > n trh rnlrr. In ?' i?t| n of tkadnrlirvd prltnp'a* ?f th* krannb r<.r?tltniion. Mr II t?< i I' ortij opp ? 1 ' th* llh-ral **?tlm?nta ha ttnad In boplrt lln' th? trmrli paopta would tltd'Ml* ?l?? H?lfr? Mankind Innn partial pa'ir? In i?>k lm?lifr(iin r -i4n<-t a- th* Kr?n?h ' rvWr bft i In fml r< tha naolr fo'm.-d roI a hi to if Hi*? (I *?*i 4 ? I rnp'.uri>u* applauaa ' f< :|?aad it.r aipr? . n ol tli i Ti*liii?i.t ) Af rr 1 a Ir .f il?iih if t>.? h - anil pr ??? ? of t\a I t.rr? an paopl* In ?! w f lit n'ttl Mr f? prim i|i <1 to ?|"?k n lha iff- l. i f p .pninr lll.artjr it Ik* ?rt|rl^l? ' f |ll?ft| (II I p.l l??|l*h lilhiif ffi? pti Rirtii ia||? nwry if Mr U?ii?r f ?f?ll Mr l> ? ?" ' ?ti .1 npi.n a pi- Ing and * >olhIrp ?lr? .file KM)*' |- >*11 >n of ?h? mluatriou* portion of Ik* r< n mi'nltr ?lth thi mof* aaolthf m?inbar* of arrtatj , ond pr^*??l thai In fwt tkllt Iharn , ?aa pi rfral ?<|ii*llt j bai'??*n tl fin la tlil? Ooimtry. tl a <ilTir?ii?a a* to ph)*lr?l iu/'imrul ?a? hv bo ' n*aan* i f au#t? an ooin<int oa II ? (an*rally b?ld to br. IIkibmi lib* ral, ard old* i !? of ilia .rat or m thi? *iibji rt ?*ra f?i-ai*?4 a| h fat appaii" an4 prolurid an *?ld?B? an<l a?r. rat laafl.rl up. n of Iko iMInn Tb* ??i.tlw?a? utt?i?4 k; Mr l> . tbat th*r an nbolab-ra .1 loan* Jrolonl. im nf th* pa .plo, ' m;ht tnkaPianlril aa Ik* v r-l Mirnj ol *<wl'ty, ?*a Until} *f| laim?'l Mr D n?i' ,iiil'd !?'? >* tin' *? 1 at>U orvl n. by iajii# thai h" would tan* up kli tlm in Mir** word*, wl.irh w*r*. l.lhar'1. I'-piiiij a?4 f rai*rntiy (i.rral applaaro) Likxrt*. i jh \j u-i |.r?t. <1, i* I *r* fim on# r??p?ft<il tl- rl<l.i? rf tka otkarI ?:i ail'T vhvirhy o?|nal rlrll an I Mill a: r fit* w*ra rrrorad to f?'k ll??lliI tnkl, a- J f rati-mtr k; ?ki?k Mm||lk; k in m?ia atiil ?'?>1 train g aara i-itmlid kf II in all th* Mat! n* f ?r*l*t7 to h . fall ,m cllla o* fulWilli f tb? pi i r? 11 *?rrj I do to oik a* b* ?iab?lt ttirn to doto Mix I ba r. i. -lulu of lit r rot Ion waa yr? alrit alibi .id ai plau-a JoNtt McMl'kttn. tb?? pr-a-n <J. I to d*lltar tha Aaiiaall ixm o* patriotic ao^jart* amla- n-|/ adapted to tbarrrnrlun kflar blrh tka n 'log vn* di?><ii?*d. Tl'* M?r?r*n Fiwrtf ?Vrf; fa? marttaral ba*o |-??n trkan b? tba fl? t lllalf, f'nt of t ul* itr m..M nhtfh wti tin tr fi?h lit t hla f>la- o.iljr tir?? h??? ?? jrt ftn? In. th<r wltfc ??'r *a>all f?i?? U? fli'uH iuJi?? tha' not bi'f thr <v*<>'l')r ni|<| h? t?k?fi thla y ftr tliftt *? ImI ??n If |h? fl??t r1r+* no l^ttrr whan fh? n*h mm* In ?l|? h*'h?a It will turn rot ? iro-t mt?'rah!a ?. ?r for nnr n?W n.?n n> th? ???lh f iintl rm>l?r, H ? tfi> f?h ?|i| " hlfa" b?ll?f than thay F.ftra of Ift'a ? A"'tr 1**41** f:t . CHrmtt'U 'it. yinotiiri Mtit ll^rar* l?*trarrr> Onr rltlcn* w?r? Tift Unit* ^tmday. t'. h??r ff th? %rr?*t kr I'. C. I'aj.ntj Mfttahftl W?rn?r ff I d??-d Hxlflla rlrrfc in thi p- ?t <-ir.?r. ?'t?d nnh hftfirn ftrr'"p?'ftt"l t? M?i>?it lat'?r? with ft?>d with nt >? n*hl? ronten". A M fftftim will ha (rnfttlT raj' lr. .1 ?t thr p- ?f>?at ih?t tl>? r< r?rt 4? r*rf< m*-tit In tha null* In Ilk- If t> I*. n.?d'?<f for th?y h??? h??-n f?ry 1 ha r??t Ofno drfftrtmmt hftra had in ag?-nt In thl* flolnit; fbt ?.n a Wttlt p*?t lt'?a?ttr?ll?'B tha WW*' nf tha l<wa r?fi i?<l to Tha riMlMllM Of tirifUn |>lft?a 1't. d?y. l>. irra ? I' I t cmvtiiftftli'Bftf Rfkrtltr |V f) Jiwirtiian, Otl. I. Nfttal Int*lll?rnc?. r ?*l?i4<iT? r ona?r h?a h?rn aiipntntrd Us !!? **mei?i d if tlia rM ad' phlft Nary Uri lo rail*** < ? liliill itttlll, Mtlou Blrt at PatrrwD-StTiral Ikat* find. kBd threa Men wom4<4. Id later?on, N J., i* a ba-emant in Mill (treat, a low gr< ygiry, k? pt by a man named Jabn Maganni*.? Row* Lave been frequent there particularly among that ?la*H of lri?b ?ho haunt It. At ona of theaa affray*, a Krembu an waa nearly killed threa vaaka ago On Saturday night a mora lariou* affair took placa?a riot, wbieh alamird tha quiet and (rderly Inhabitant* A paity of liirtiBicD were drinking, and between 11 rod 12 o'clock they quarreled and fought, soma of them being beaten ratbar aevarely, and crying out 'murder " tj'iini! vt tba neigbbnr* and pan; am by war* attracted by tbe lunult and particularly a party of young men be'ni.ging ta a fire company, who bad Luen apaading tba evening t< getber at tbe KkLa, and were on tbeir way n<m?' W in* *b?r tney Interfered In the quarrel, or only Intended to do to, or whether the Irishmen Imagined tiny * erf about to do to a* previoo* row* bad brought crowd* to the mine a pot. it not yet clearly and tatiefactoiilj utcertulued Due thing only la certain, that the party intide t? ttied their difference*. united and tallied foitb to attack tboae ouUide. whom they accused ( mekiug tome offensive observation*.' Tbey put thaw to flight, and one man named Jamel Ayie*. ?bo ii* not able to run no fa.?t an the rent, wa8 b< at to bi.ueiiMfully When ho got to bin leg* and *ai away a *heit dltta-ce. he applied aome epithet to hi* aj"uii?i>if *V>leb induct d them to follow him again and give htm another beutlag. IIIh party, chiefly the tin nun reinforced by the firemen of hi.oilier noinpviy, it turmd to the corner of Mill aud Congrettt atroetn, marly <|.petite the (ir< (Uivry. The party in the baau nient then ruebed out. lirlug hot*, throwing a'onei at

th?m end chatiug them through ra-?alo atreet Vleautin e, the number* on both f-tdet increased, uud nom<t of the Irithmen wmt home lor tworda and gun* The oppOMlepaity ra iled and gave bv.tle, dtniharging a volley of ttonea into the gmggery The party InaiJe again rui-h? d nut and tiri d upon them, and two abuts were tiled together at one man going over the bridge; | bow be *if misted every one wonderj e}o:ui5ttuien | ; there weie at many ?.< twenty ahota tired together. ] '1 hue riot reigned for three hour* uuohecked and the aklrniirblng *n kept up till halt pa?t two o'clock, when the Sheriff Vlr Nathaniel Lane accompanied by a few ! . Mend* proceeded toward* the On hii way he heard two thot- fired, and finding that a large party were collected lu front of the harenieut, and that tbey , i bad fire arm* be halted whea about one hundred yard* fr. in them to o n-ult ?lth lii? friend* what wan beat i to be done 1 bey concluded that the mott prudent 0"urt? tai to go heck aud Arm and cuuiinoa other ottmeuH to arm end aid In putting down the rioter*. At tbia moment tome of the party at the front of the baaement advanced from the malu body, and firml a *h< t into ibe .sheriff * party wouodlag f'atrick Hagnire with a tlug in the tblgh. entering in the front and pacing right through to the akin at the oth?r j tide clote io the bone, and near the main artery H* 1 walked a tbort distance. and then had to be carried to j the i.Wce of Dr March, who extracted the ?lug aud ' tald It ?n? a'mott miraculous It did not wound the ; artery which, ii it bad, would bare cettaiuly resulted in dtatb. T he Sheriff * party Immediately dlaperted to arm tbiui elvtf quell the disturbance, aud arrext tha lioterx (in their re a-pembiiBg he thought It wa* ; better for the main body not to a'lvauoe too ?lo?e to i the rioters, left they rbould tire Hgaio, and proponed ] that be ai d hi* deputy. Jamea (iordou, ahouid go fvrI ward ill-Be. a* It wit nut likely they would fire at I two uud that afterward* the main body could com'! 1 op while lie had the rioter* engaged Id oouverratlou. Accordingly, the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff advauond. ' and found among the crowd (several wi ll di* po?ed cltl1 ten*, who had been routed by the dUturbaoce. Ha ' atied them who had fired the abot*. particularly the ! la t one They tfated that Magennia bad fired the la*t i thot The Sheriff aud bia pra^e thvn went down lata | the baeeuient and arretted the wife of Magennl*. and I Vieha^t iVaher; M ageusia bimaelf bad fled through a bark do< r. atud ban not b?*?*n arrested hido**. Kit* rati Connelly ?a? unit arreted at tfee door. Tbere were I Ul^ll HAtlfl.,1 In .all *a?ra.??.<l ll (iaill.thf ' aAm. ,\t I them however, who are not proven to hate taken part in the riot. The Sheriff found In the bixement a pile of mout-p. a plrtol in a chest. recently discharge 1. ?,ml i on a bench a piece of lead of about a pound aud half ! weight. Iroui * Lich portion* bad c> ideutly b?eu freali eat aud an axe Iving bealde it. Mra. Magnnaia adI Uiittrd that her l>a-band had fired the platol. Th* ' fancy atore eeeupied by Mr. Roliinaon, at the eoraer of Mill etreet and Congreaa street, (called Cox'? I aorner) waa perforated iu several parta with iluga and bullets Two bullet* passed through thn water (pout, I and cne en'ered through the building, ehirh ia a frame ! one I be inmates bad a narrow escape and one man i stated that a bullet whined elore by hla ear. BasUe* k aguite. two otbrra were alightly. one of then) in the ankle An investigation waa held yesterday at i the jail, before Jodge Burnett and waa adjourned till tbia day The only persona aa yet affected by the avldence are fciagennl*. who baa tied, and Maher and Con nelly. Tlila affair baa produced a great deal of excitement In Pateraon. and aooe are louder In condemnation of the rioter* than the better elaaaof the Irlab populatlm. Medical Intelligence. We bad the privilege, when on Wednnaday laat we vlalled Doctor Detmold'* riiaiyue, (whieh. by the way, we advlte every medieal atudxnt to attend regularly,) to recelva an Invitation to ae? a lithotomy, (operation for atone In the bladder.) whieh tha doctor waa to perform on the following day. We repaired to the plaee a little before the appointed time, and found lateral medical men waiting, and the patient himielf. a portly, rtont gentlemen, between *lxty and *?veaty, realgned. bat anxiously expecting the doctor. Preclae'y at one o'clock, Dcctor Uetmcld drove up to the door, accompanied by Profea*or Dickon, than whom there la not a more accomplished gentleman in the profea ion. After a few encouraging word* to the patient' the doctor gave hla direction* to the aaaletant*, and proceeded to the businei* The operation wa*, throughout. an exhibition o' the higheat order of surgery, the remarkable joint being the apparent almpliclty of thia otherwise ao difficult and dangerous operation In, the bai.da of Dorter Detmold. he being we believe. the eiily aurgecn thia aide of the Atlantic who perforin* Itlboloiny with a common fcatpel. The *toae extracted waa rough and if (ooalderable ail* and ?h>a. ahrnt twenty nilnatea after one o'cl.vk. the family ph)?irlan mail* hl? appearance, the patl'nt. who waa already comfortably in bed again, told him, laughing. |)i ctor. lou are too late "> After the operation. Doctor Detmold politely Invited the gentlemen preaentto wltoeaa another op eration, of even more Importance than the laat. vl* : upon a man xi ho had, tome alx or eight week* ago inatalned an injory of the head fr> m the breaking and falling of a large t'erlek We found the man a Herman lyln* p?rf *o'ly unroiireiona and we thongUt paat all human skill n opinion which ?aa not ?uly shard by all the medical mi n pre-rnt but which alao aeemed to have gotten aliens bold of the wife and frlcndw af the patleut. who. In a tirjU' that waa Ureek to n?. prota-ted agaln>t having anything dene to a dying man Doctor DetB.otd however addreaaad a few worda to the family, which though ae did nit underatand them, aecned to he very earnest and Impreaalve for they aiihmlUed their friend with resignation to the doctor While the aaaD'arta were now preparing thing" for the operatloa. Doe*or DelmMd a??tfd that the man bad, about eight werkaago received an injury of the head. The family pr.j?icxn nt i uomcaiaTriy rrmcfri p?m? ikkm pireM of tha akull and th? patient wMnpinrnitlj rwntrinn Abint four ?nli after ha abowal. h iwaaar. ) n.plrvnm < f prraaiira on tha brtli and l>o?tor l) tmf Id. who wa? tailed In Mmiriil another piara of fractured bona and villi It nit tha ajmptoma of praa?ma Tb? wrnnd hi al- >1 a- d tba pt'lrnt aunt nbaut tmtll flic >la? l?lor?, ahm lha ?tuiptoni< of (irrnnra (n tha brain cama on auain and Inniaaard -o rapidlr that Ilia fitlfut rn now iil-etly ug??n<iil"iii and nri?'?t?i'y rtjlrj Th?r? w?a ou tba laft ?id? of the a* fttmUt a d?rp alherltg rear in tha nd^lihorboc.l of which ihr doctor romn rard hll operation* II - made i ?r .| IslMOH In MhfKl MflWM) a. I b< Mlj but with nrr?t care an I ai<|ul?lta daxlarlty, f>n?>-?id ?a*?ral large plccra of bine nltngethr nh" it t <* or fl s njn?ra In -hea of rVttll, laylng tha dura mV ?r (tba ir.aial rana whlrfe Immediately n?? lopc? the brain) inr* to a Muraep'tidlng utent. Hat ala? ! It producad ?o ? fleet np?n tha pallant - tha preaaum on tha brn'n ? not r?lla??d In Iba Ian?t Tha dor* mater w*a than op?n?4; bnt underneath nothing an dlaaorarad. I 4 tba | atlent imiltrd In'analhl#. I?r Itetmold now pauxd moment to hold a abort ronnall with lha medical ir.m prrrent. wha'har to penatrnt* Into tha train or ni t Soma wara fur not going nny fnrthar, wbile otl er* tbonrkt an eiplorfng punntnra might n? wall ha mada a? tha pailaut would die at nny rata ? After aittwi'lailf llrt*r.lng to tba dlff-rant <-plnlina, Df |> Wtal; MM I ?liall f. Mow my own Idi'a." <r m thu g to lhat purpoea; and ha deliberately mala a b- Id lnal?lrn Into Up tub-tan^e of Iba brain about ona In b If f f ard !, 't an Inch deep, no 1 nut gn-h>"l tblrk atiearo cf mattar lha d<rt>r had opened I larg. ih'oii In th*??ry anbatanae of tha brain Whlla tin ma'tar ?aa 11.*tug tba patient opened hi* ajaa, nod alnml letn ed>at? ly rec.Tcred hl< ihoim Tba ?|i aiilit? of matter dl*charg*d a?< differently catlmntad at frrm thrae to ll?a ovm-ea Altbaugh thua far av*n, lb* rata la, lu enr opinion, nnparnllrl-d in tha aunnl* 'f anrgary for brilliancy of anginal nchlerament yet themid'cal n'n wita, wa bollaaa nnnnimou* lu their of mil n that though tba oparntor had Imnrtallied himrait by lha rp? jat tba patient bal not tba ?ltph*a?t rb ia?a of r?*o*ary Dr Oatmnld hn>i?r, In a faw In' atrlklpg r?mark? M*arla<l tknt ha bni tit aangulna hopm of tha pn*l?nt?a roBotaay - ha p>?i. ?n tnifii< for 1.1? opinion, which, although tb?y dirt not fonrlticr anjbo.'y proaant. yet struck na a? Ulnf plau?lbl*. and i'?ln< Inft da~n thou. ht. All wa !>?? tn add I* flat ti da? thu fifth dwv i(i?r tli? ?f?tatlrr> tt?n>?n ia not only mmt rfaWa nod d<>ln? *>ll I til tliil tbara la bardly a d left ab >ut ht? Ultimata un trry. Oi r txenrv for tboa tra?pa? Inf opon tha p^*?? of a ally |ap?r ? th*>t ??r? d?*l"in? ?f lartn* b fira 11 a pnl lie au uBprrtrli'ntad Bud brilliant triumph of i *1 ynlu* which wa ??mfc? wa ara pr >?id ??? In ba?a Willi" ad tiitl to ahow ma<1l?al ??i r?rnt? itrr?isb"??t thn eootiiry, what ntlnnlvt" ih?) ay frd In a m?lr"p"ll? wh? r e man Ilka Datm-ild, la ih> moat liberal iplilt, parmlt tkxiu to wituaaa tbolr H'riiloN Tr??? r- r< now Tbf full r<tnrn? fV'io tha lato iMh * In Taa?a. ?b< w tba I"n of Roll. for Iloffr. B?>r by o??r t?" tbo?ia?<l rot?a Tha rotaatAnda thn* : R*II MM*.....Mr* i ?B?- ir*?wr riO?a??a*. Or?ar. , ,. # 151 Mrtilrrwii) H1M Johanna . . . 770 raifitiM W?t 1. . .Kaadman., . . * ?"4 Ml?t?rald .. . . 301 " ?. ..Howard 4 I'M U li|i?m?oo . . . 3>7(l j " .Iillab?rr .... 113ft >ll?Cr?4 Til , 1 ba abi lity lor Kaiiffman I* trat dtairlat la R oil an I ll? a tji'ilt) f<r Maaard In tba mc hJ di'trlat. nt?r V lllla? ?<a la I 144. Tka plurality of all tba rotaa ] affttau !? > la 114. I TELEfiRmUfJITKIJJWE)! flE Later from iibem mexlco?Indian HoaUllilci, &?. St. Louis, October 1, 1S40 Wa have an arrival from Chibaahuv with advices to the 2d of August. The cholera wan atlll raging fearfully at Durango, and many i arts of Mexico. 1be Indiana were dally becoming mora hostile. and bad killed over fifty Mexicans, and several American*' in the vicinity af Chihuahua, within tbeftwo week) preceding Mr. Vauichan, an American trader, was killed abont the middle ot July, by a party of Apache Indians. n?ar the Sacramento. A company of six Americans went in pnrsnit of the murderers, and succeeded in recoverlog the scalp of the unfortunate man, and also his property. The Arlekaree Indiana, a very aavage triba, an the Misrouri river, "hare joined the Apaches n tha neighborhood of Taoa, Naw Mexico Col. Washington. with his force*, was in pursuit of them. Business wan very dull at Chihuahua. Indian In Texaa, 6tc. Ntw Oai.Kana, September 30,1849. Late advices from Corpus Christ! report that the Camanche Indiana had held a council of war, and determined to commence hostilities npon the frontier settlements of Texas. Appointment by the I'rcsldent?Resignation. Washinotos, October 1?5 P. M. Cbarles T. Stuart ban received the appointment of Purveyor at Alexandria, Vn, In place of Wendall, j deceased. ] Met lintock Young, chief clerk in the Treasury De- \ pnrtment, resigned to- day. to take effuct on the 1st of I December. Tike Kentucky Convention. ( Louisville, Kr , October 1. 1840. < The Slate Convention for remodeling the (onstitu- I tion of Kentucky, organised to-day. James OuthiieI Esq , a democrat of this city, waa elected President. The vote st">od for Guthrie, 60; for Nixon, 43. Thoa I J. lie !m, ft whig, waa appointed Secretary. Fraudulent Impoitatlon of Dry Ciood*. 1 New oaleari, September 29, 1840. About $20 000 worth of Dry goods, Imported in the British ship (iochip. under faUe invoice*, were selxed j by the Collector of thin port, yesterday. i ] Tike Ohio River, 4m. Cincinnati, October 1,1840. J The river has risen three inches since the heavy raini ( of yesterday. The weather Ik (till oloudy. ( AnotUer Lar^e Fir* at ((utber. Quitti', Ob tober 1,1840. Another large fire occurred lu our eity last evening' consuming fourteen building' before it was subdued, it I* supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. Tlte Ministry and Lurd Rlgtii. Monraui., October 1?P. M. The Ministry have left the city, and gooa to Toronto* for the purpote cf meeting Lord Elgin, wh) Is expeoted there on Wednesday. Markets, Ate* New Orleans. September 30, 1810. The rreelpta of cotton continue light; the total since the lot inxt embrace '43,600 bale*. against (11,000 the same time last year. The wmther of late hat been very warm, and favorable for picking.'but the accounts fri m all quarters represent the crops ft* short. BrrraLo. October 1?8 P M". The reeclpt* of produce siuee Saturday were : ?Flour, 6.0<K> bblrt ; whtftl. 6.600 bushel*; eorn. 4.600 bushels there la a m"derate demand fur tl ur and the market h In favor of the buyer Transaction* of the dty embrace 1 600 bbla including Wisconsin, at $1 60. and Michigan, at $4 02)? In wbeat nothing of imporiauoe transpired quotations are firm The sales of eorn include 6.000 bn-hels, mostly mixed Western, at 60c Oata are dull, at i)0)*e. Whiskey Is 24c. for Ohio; only mi derate business doing. Alnanv, Oetober 1?6 P M The receipts of produce by oanal. since Saturday, were:?6.000 barrels floor; 4 600 bushels wheat; 8 000 do eorn and 2.600 do. barley I'bu inclemency at the wratlier t< -d..v has materially <*heeke>l transactions, nil no sal** of moment trantplred In elthwr flour, wbifct or eorn. In barley thera were ? !*? of 8 000 , barbel*, two rowtd. at 62a a r>3e Ohio whUkey U quoted at Ti **>with fair* of 100 bbl* i Bhlpplng InUlllfiiiMt N?? OlLltMl, &ep? 17. itrlfid-Brli Fmllj-, New Yorj. I I 8 porting Intelligence. 1 Tin F*ll Mestiwu.?To-morrow (WeJnM- t day) rrnnitiCM on* of the roo*t interntlng iruoai, at tha Union t'onrea, L. I . tbat wa ban bad fine* the f oldrn time, tbe paialeet day* of tha New York Jockey i 1 Clnb. Y*?terday wa vliltad tha ground of Robert L. J Steven*, oa tha Uland, for tbe pnrpoie of wltnaMlng I tha exerclaa of tha tereral horta* that ara engaged to I apptar upon tha Conrna ; and. notwithstanding tha 1 , Inelrmeney of tha weather. wa war* wall Mtlifled with J tha excursion Sorb a aollaatioa of remarkable horaa- t . flrth It raraly mat with, and tha exhibition mada wai { 1 a full rrtoapttit for expoaura to foul waatbar All ' tha animal* are of tha flr?t rlata?af good utoak. well J lormed and fully deee'oprd In eeery point n?rM,rj J for Mren*tb. tpeed. and Ana appearanoe-well tralnai r and in eirrllint condition. r | Tha fittt ra?e. on Wednesday. It for a *w#*p?take of 1 JIWO rarh (with >100 added by tha Conraa), mile heata. i I There are three antrle*. vli : C Oreen'* bay polt fttoekton- fin*, nobla fallow?by klrrrer. ilem by Monmouth I clip**. . I 8 I.ilrd brown Ally I reniona. hy Mariner. dam r I Jemima UIIMnton (by Arrhy)~ looking rery fln* ? .leme*Tally'* bay filly Oratrl*.by Orator din Srnh Wllklmoa?another beautiful animal, of tha gaaall* ; I ord?r. 1 be neit ('in* day) I* a three mil* race. for a puma ( r.f ffVO. and an Intida (take of $MH) aaolt. Tha ' tntrlet are? i O P llare't bay mare Zollka. by Willi'. <lam Mary $ ' L*t> ; faur yearn old. I | C Oreen hay bona General f aM, by Clarion. dam k I r John M'herd? j k Jame* Tally ' hay g?lding Thirteen of Tramp*. by | D. 'li n oat of Tom Falne'e dam. 1 boea are all good earda? and the frame l? opea to 1 any I iber* tbat may rbooap to rnnteod with theai tor " tbe puree. Only a trnmp need do eo. 1 la ika nikla <i?v I'nru *t'W> with i an Inrlda ?taka of fMX) ruh Tbi* *H( ba a vary a*eltlnp rt?? Thn I'Dtrl<-? ar? m follnwa | Tallj'? rheannt rolt Tally Ho by R^ton. dam Tt'tn Trufh . f?- ur jr'trn olii a larg* "tout follow aynI inrtilral a 11 >t arHaotly pra?a??lnt graat ?p??'l and ?ndurai ?? Mueb I* tboofht of him. and raarh mar with prtprletyka aip<atad from him II* baa won arary rar* that ha waa arar angarad lo ?ie?piloi only on* of four 0111* h.a'a. at hailtinor* a yaar **' whan ba b?d tha ralrhrat-d Ka?Mon ? bin aoaipatitor ; ha w?? then bnt tbraa y??'* old. and. although bxatan. caliad errdlt by bl? parfirtnanca !<". I.rtnt'i brown hor*a Tra la. by Marrar dan J< I n RIt hard" fl?a )??r? tUI Mt. OMM think" h? w ran ?ta. Ma ba* Imprarrd ranch >ina* la?t Fall ; ! , ha than mada a flna raca would ha** a?to?Uh?d hta I a mp?111..r* lut for M 'running a?ay with ' Ma itdrr In tbr ??rrnd mil* ) II* la errulaly a n >hla V hor?a. la now In fin* aondltlon and ht< a fair rbanra of [ f] ! running away tbla tlira with t^a BMN9 ?, T. Ilu" gra? mart fln-tona by '""'"fi dan \i>. w drrwrtta. Thla la rrftirdnl >< nun of tha b??t |n-ir 0] mtla naga that wa? a?ar brrd 8ha la aow alt yaar* old. if fanltla"* app*iran*a. and pn?aa*?nd of llmh and mu*nla Inrtlratlra of axtrtordir.a-y a'rangth and ?p?? l. V a lor? nn opinion aa to whleb oaa of tho thr*a will wla In fha four niila rata Tha appurant raptbllhlra of all ara ao good and an naarly *<|'ial that a rbll-idalpbla lawyar w.mld bar* to taka tha ahanpa#. W> knt'W *oma ?portion g*Dll<-m*n aiparlanaad up-i? tba turf, wbo wt.uld pay llbarally for tb* ad r lea of a elalrt' > ll llatli'l wi?na??ad tba |>?rfnrman<*a* of tha a*rar%l rtfa. at dlfTar?B? time* on tha rand t-a-H of Mr. Ht?Tin?. and knowing r"ir?>hlag of thalr pra?loi?? history. ?a eonMantly antlrlp?t" a mcraaalon of tha ba-1 I fonti ?t^l raT? ?r?r wltnrM'd In thl* pirt of thf ronn- * try Tnf il?hln of Mf*?r* lltM, rally (irrfn anj | of T a(r?l romptlff a rrowd of the Hi???t and f*?t<-*t hor?r? In Ibe w?rl-l ; and lh?y will attract about the m^t f* , t?n?l*f crowd of peoplf fttr eoll??UeJ at th* t'nloo ' ! Ratf Canref Th? WfMlirr nnd llir trnp*. Til# Daartlif (V? ) of the 2iat nit. aiya m Tli' forn and tohncea crop* In I'lttaylrniila * w.-|| ! In thf adjoining pnntitlr* ? an aliiidint. ylald j In llallfat f harlottf, klonklrtihurg. ?nl llnn'T. thf \ corn l? tinn?nall* fine Tlif tohaenn prop In II i<lfa* I* ' tr I rrady for thf ktilff, and prumti ? particularly fln? ap; p'irirf'. 1 hf Hon?ton |T?x??) TrUrrrpS. of thf Mk nlttmo. *' Owing to thf f xtraontln iry frfuhfla In tHf R?d | f! < IM?cr. the trinity an I lnter?frlrg Mnum* thf r?- j ?age? of the atmy worm, and the heaty raln? In the I fi>?Rtlrl n?iir tha coa?t. lb?" cotton crop? <.f IVia?. ' thl? year will feajeoly am-ntit to ???n half cf that of j tli? \r?r prrrtotif. It In ??tln*t' ,1 that th* crop tn lh? tT lied Hir-r n nntlrn haa kwn rnlnnnl to onlf ten or , ffi? rn tl>f>ti??pd bulea, altlvmrh In fa?or*hlc ?fvon : *r the rrrp In that aftlrn pxe< *d - 40 OW) hnle? Sfreral I T: of tbr largf plantation* on tha Tilolty ha*f he-n c->m pletrty iMIddil and ?he worm hn? man? of ' f hr#r that were not rraotifd by thf fr??bft Thf tors* m here lncre??ift with antonWhlng rapidity along th? *1 Trinity eonnMc* dtirlnn thf la t thrff ?f?ka Thfy if? al?o qnlte Mtoirro"* In thf fanntlfa of Orimfa, . Mrntgi mery. and part of Walkrr On thf Rra?>a, , ' however. and along the Colorado, thf fropt are e?-e|l?n?. and It l? probable, tbnt In mn?t of thf inntlf* Tr brrdrrlnif tho<? MlNM. n< lar^* a numb*r nf biN .. Ill bf madf thfrf a* In thf prftloua y?-n- S???-r?i f * lh?- plantrri harp eoium<>nrrd pioklng and thf ttaplf la irrlltnt. f, Ibf rbar1f?ton (N C ) r#wrVfr. of thf J<th n't . hi? q, a t< Iffuph'f df>p\trh fr?rn N?* Orltnn* nndfT da^ of thf 2*th Rrpti-Mbfr. nhl?h ?nyt: ? Vary nnfaromhla 1 afrrnntp fortlnnf to bf r?f?l?fd of tin- ant ton prop It fl la row powffdfd. that tha afop mn?t bf far nhort ?1 an .r atftm (H, lt? nnd?r tbf moat fairrnMf alfcum . itUMf, I tm City IhUlllgmM. Tmb DEMociJTK l'BiMAHr Tki Ju4i?l?ry \ 'onvrotinn ru?t )??t t>v?ntnK ?' Hull and h? H?t ol arioiK he)ti(t rall*4 o??r. U ?r?? fnau4 hnt fdiir K? .lx w .r.- di-pui tl'? ' 'cond. Sixth. 8t?- 1 eeulh and higbteenth 'I'M- convention triad tb* 4 ?v? r?l tmtff and decided n? follow* ? Secead Ward?The People a Tioket," tflrmiof the etum aiiri.ed by the lni>pe<-tore filith Ward?Thu ticket beaded -'ValW (for Sheriff) w?a rti Aided to he th? nil tin/ delegation Sixteenth Ward The I'nited t'nrkinmen'i Tleket," iter a long examination. ?a< declared to be the dele[atton electvd F.tghUrDth Ward?'n tbta ward there were Ave leketa run; but t.b& " Van Wynk and Bn-tted" tleket )?d by far the lar?eat nuirlier of vote* namely. 810; >ut it ??? alleged that tb? ballot box had beeu oanried iway by that party and that the ei-ctiou wa? not fair. I he ronrention however, decided io favor of that Megatirn It being then a quarter to oh o'eloak, the sonventloa adjourned. Th> Fihk in N'i? Irtr.kt ?Thii Are wax otill amouliertDg at 12 M. veaterlay. and a ho?e kept playing >n It Of the 240 balt-a of cotton nearly one-half wm laved. Thtre wereJfiOPO worth ol du lain* yarn, of nhirh about one third was tared All tb? vine *M 'Bred, and the firemen very properly regaled theinlolrea. Militia Dutt?By a divlpiou order, in our paper of will be teen that the time for commuting for militia duty, ba- bee n extended to the 8th iuataot. aud ?e recommend tho-e cltixeue who hare not yet awnXiUted. to pay in their eeventy-lre cent*, which ex- I impta them firom militia duty for one year Thk Fain at Taaxi r. Oannrw ? The extreme inn'e ency of the weather yeaterdav. bn? eomt?-lled a p >?tpcDemeut of the opening of the (jreat Fair at Caatl* . arden, until Wednesday, at I* A M. Sec aJverti-e j nent. Thk Thud Hi'siata.? The Third HuasAra, Colonel Postley, parade lu full uniform to-dfty, In Totupkiu's iquare. Iti Honin Rcatrif ation or Hot John 0 Ciiiiorw? A private letter received in Philadelphia from i htrleaton announces the intellit;-nnn that the Hon John C. I alhnun will ahortlv resign hia a-at in the Senate of the United States Hi* retirement will b? a loits to the senate. Nnrlne AfTnlra At a meeting ef the pa?aengi-r? of the chip < harlea- | ton, < aptain Morriaon conaumed br tire at aea, on tbe 21?t ult . on ber trip from New York to Charleston, held en the 23d ult . on hoard the brig I'hllura. Gapt. i Thatcher, from New York to Savannah tbe tailoring preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: ? Rescued by an all-merciful Provid-nee frrin the dan (<'? < t a tempestuous pm. and from the horror* of a burning chip, we d*cm it but proper to espre?< oar mo- 1 tiiu* nlHOt Kratitudi' toward* t ho-e through whoae in- ] ptrumentalify we hare escaped the awful death wbioh threatened ns Therefore Resolved. That f ur ta.??ip(r and heartfelt gratitude 1* due to Captain Mnrri-on. for the anxious attention shown to n?. and fwr the coolneas and Intrepidity displayed by him during thoee hours of trial i?uil to his c.flleers and erew for thuir daring exertion* iu oar behalf. Kesolved. That we tender our sincere and raoet aordinl thank* to'aptnin Thatcher, of the brig Philnra, rnr hie humanity in receiving 11* oa boar! an.I th* aineetnefe and care with which he has provided for our comfort. [Signed by all the passengers ] Hat! a for California^ The steamship Crescent City will leave this part 4k I o'eloek this afteraoon for Chagres. She will carry the mails for the Taelde. They will alose In this alky it 2 o'eloek. The Wtekly, the Dollar ffeckly and the Dmily Herald ean be had at the oflloe, In wrappers, tc lend by her. Mall! for Europe. The steamship Cambria will leave this port to-morrow soon for Halifax and Liverpool Her malls win ciaac it half-past 10 o'eloek. The FfcrMy HrraU. printed la >eneh and English, will be ready at o'aloak tonorrrw morning. Single copies, la wrappers, six>enoe; annnal subscription, t^ur dollars, to Indole the postage. Cheap Cash Hons*-.?Jobbers In Aactlsa Teed*.?J. Fa?r?ll k Co., 14 J?hn *trett, Mar Broadway, ante eeaatry mllliBtr* and (he cut trad* to ia*pe*t tadr ilefraat *tnek ef Lar* Onodr, Embroideries, and MllUaery irticlts ef tvery deieripUon. Prcaldent Taylor anil hta Cabinet ?iha iy'* eelekratnd lithographic print. f Preaideat Taylor aad lis cabinet, ia no* for sale at the nnpreee en ted lew price of II per *ia(l* copy, at the publisher s ( Brady'*) Gallery, SOB utd air hn.adwav, eeraer ef fultoa street. A liberal 41sloaat te the trade. The Plnmbe National Dsgaerrean (iallerf, n tlie epnrr corner of liroadway anil Murray rtrm t, ao ons ihoald fail to eialt who appreciate* rood plutaree. The eolectioa of portrait* of diitinguUlied individual* l* the largeet a lb* I'uittd States. Wlgf and Toupees?We would rail User itteaiioa ef etllaena and atraiiaera, re^elrta* Wigser Toepee*, te a west lBipr?eem*n' of a moat importaat character neented by E. PHAlON. Nn W7 Broadway. eoraer of [>*? etreet, under th* Praaklia Hoa*e. They eaa be eeea it hi* hair Cutting R. ia*. where Bay be seen Um lasgeet isd best aesortneat la th* city. Don't Stop the Crescent CM jr. far Uure ire ?fty p?**enx?r* that l.a?e hnnrh* rr?ni'h ealf beote for |4 Ml. at lh* enmer of Fnlton snd Nanjan itraets. thai e*j>?ct m we^r Oest there ene yrar; and we wold iwoeatueai ell tr friend* that are aVont join* te Califorai^, to (it their ,oot* aad flux* at the *Ik>>* place. Oil BOA. If It la true that Jonea, of 14 Ann a tract. s tell i'K eltpn Boot*. Ch iee a>. d Gaiter* cheaper tbaa aay >t) *r tradeau an ia t"wa, It'* r *?t that the pnbite. who lock te i he Trea* for in'mmill ?. >h ul 1 ka?w it. We Blight *oBtrra r ? rc.e rt. *? far a* < ?r "p ?i?a la mn^eraed, but we rrefei teessaiendiBg *ar r<adera to x" and ice. India Rubber Ualter Boot a antl Hhaaa, Iter 4 adle* nliui and children, tfcclarj'** end ' and? in rt aentn ea> to he tound ia > aw Y rh iflnndvear'a Pa*-e'*,l the ' 'J text hlada manufnetared aad *?ld a* lee as factory irlc**. eltk a complete a??"r'm -nt ef leHina*. rate**' e?l hiMren'e (t?iUr knot* ?nd Shn?* of *11 aiad* and price*, .adies will please eell ard 'xamlee fir t' en-<?le t at J B.'.' Its Canal tercet, between Tliomp-on aad l.aureaa str?eU. Writing CUiici ? Mr. Vnlrtamttti N*. H?# *Ti ?d? at, fi>? ?"r?rr kknr the lr?t?? M' nu, will rM?l>a ? l iiEtl iron day tk'i a>ook. Lull**' I'liiw it II aad ll4 iVImIi. I.tntl'inrit at S 7 a*d * ovlnck. r. m. i'riratalatructioo il all alhrr 1 #m I during lh? day. Burlier of ISmndMny, iir, thr Hatter II i?od: fth orlrinul I<y > lani'iT m?nuf,??lur?r of !#.?, hnO*,lV* Fi|t?n #t?." f. ?r VI. " Victory! Virt r?Qnlt. Tl o < *? ii ii.? un a ? ii. i!.e tint ihiptir A ktirrio I ?p t?l*rd a?d a man ?Mrr-. ?n< lli* ana ?t the wnld-b:> p. ror . f rrfmoo >iiad< riraalri In >h? pr?<*e?aof Bow r, il'ii lUrl'-r nf Ill hil rtlarilikil mil at. Ut *111 pay f?r tha hat whra ho aella a ?!?. Ihf Hat md the I'mhirlla -II mnjr b? hoifl.t tk? laWr-Ma f tko kattrr and ik? ma^re'la lalrr ?<afllrt, linn tlio hat r?p?iMt|* fi??<?d la wrt rilbrr. run?'' I laat ai loni a* If -liolirrad fr-m ikt ?*l ky a ar?|lr|i. But Otnla. fit llr odwar. a1|k???h kla fat M Mi. i. f' r IH ' i. ? s r * ? ' ? ' * ?' il iV" ! ; air a* loat aa fwnllf, ml pnrm II a narol'id >k*pi r.d luntre tn Ike la?t. M? tvr?f?h oalla Ik- at'on'ton of fa twlHBiw n4 Mm paMta la kit laru nmI arastMNaa f it try in* ii il ftado r< aft at tka' a (I in aaaartaaal t>?? or.r If a afl-rd in >?? lo.V or at n r. raaaoaa" ria< I, COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOWF.T "MHKF.T. JV mi it (I)-, Oat. 1?1 I*. N. Thii baa been ratliar a hlna day In Wall atroat The < athrr ?< rrry dl>a?ro.-aM- which art.- 1 ? a I import tbefanetea At tba flnt hiarj Tra-nry %'atea toll It Ja per ??at ; Fannajlrarla k ? ? ; R?at?rn Bond', i ; I ariaora' I.can. S : I n''t M%n4 Th?r# warn nail taloa if a I but l.?rg Itliiil Krla Railroad *n lore ntlti nntial ai.d. notwlthatan ling tha ratting of tlia read to F'-ntra. t*l-? F.I Din?'!o of tha 'iniaiiy th-ra ? ro aoi n .n tim? llail-ii and anton bare fallen* and l?f ma rjiilel a<rain Thft iirkot rlored hoary and th>ral? ?<? health <>r ltf-? la Oar ffadlctliinii r>Utlra t?? tha ?n?rn of ; rloo?, til. la all homan pmk.iblll'jr ha ??riflrd Wa ir? antlnmly looklnt for Iho r?pirtnf tha liar" m Rallrrnd Company, a* It I* pr<ip?>dto *ho? ibat tmall dit'di tid r?-i h i- <1 n- t? ' l.rn^ry It l? atad that arary mi-m^ar of thn h ard of II?"rtiri ?fl) irn lbl? report. Till we d Ml dmht; bat ti do sot liera nae of Ihrm aalll bare lnT#.?tt|(*t<id tti* affalra ' tba aonerrn ?t be a1>l? to toll *h?tb?r the rep-r? In >r reet or *ot. We mn*t. liowo* r. wait Iba appear> ire of tha report, and n t anMelpata It 1 he TOO'ipta at. the n -o Of til ' \? i-tnrit Tr?ai If-". ' tbli port, to-day arnmnlol to ttjftfl'i 17; payrata, f 7* C'iO 11 ; laWnce, $4 OV 0*1 H ; d?ti??, HCM lintwig in* Jia?? w#<" ninnnnm ullrfr ba*?> b??i? H Mlf?4 lit Albuf fr?v?i tha \V??t ail le I* r forwirdid to Toronto. Klnp ton an | Montreal* A Albat.jr TtaU fbow? a t.atanc* agalnut u? of JO.MO Ik* National Hark ). ? d.clared a rami mnniil dlrltid f f f >nr par rani pa *bl? on tba 10tb ln?t 4 Tba following banki a* Portlan J have d-?lara I ??? *( nn*l dividend* Rank of I iirab?rland. four p?r t(| Tital fail, UtNp <r iml| Manofa^iurera' aol radora'. f our p?'r rant Mar-bant*'. four r-r e-nt At Mjmrnth, Old ? olony Bank, f .?r |>?r f?nt; fly eiitb talk f< of J Old I rlony Inauranr* Company i per ernt. all payable on demand Ttao Wln'-beat** and Pot"mm Rallratd CtMpany >?? declared a dltld<nd of eaten per eent Tb<> H'lM r f the St AI ban* Hank Vermont. are n?? deamrd ?t tbe BwfToik tank. Bneton. Tbl?r*d?eea dl?ronnt to \ par a#Bt. The Brltl'b ateaimblp SeTarn. * Mobile, from Vm ill, br t flit |44.".7? In ?p><-le for bmiae* in Ne? 'IMM I and rar-antf are eelllwj In tbla market for flli a tt ; fbrty aere narran?? *4*. The annply la *?> mnr-h rater tfcan the d< m*t< I tba' | riee? hur (?? a way In a fur day* ? aha|| !> abl* to tell what toa? of f railroad bat* b-an dalnj the paM m?*th

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