Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1849 Page 1
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B NO. 5602. TREMENS Or* STORM. Something Liln the EqninootiaL Orrrthrow of flunv^. a Ihureh, and Tim The Destruction of the Diorama. THE DAMAGE TO THE SHIPPING, art-, v.., Vc. Ob 8?tard?j avvninK mud <un<l?T morning th? gr?*t. it storm that h?* thin city for ni?oy Jf?r? wapt oyer It, urtidli'K terror before It, and I wiring d?a? tge to i ooDPiaitr?nic tin no- 10 I'M w*k*. i ne mora* lD? vii uabert-dlo ?Hh <1ri citing r?in which continued all the diy. ind fell in gr-a'rr quantity toward* millet, when the wind b?-giM to blow pretty (Yeah. gradually laoreieing ia the night ?,iv?rion(i till it length It became * burrlcine 1 b? ^hipulug wia driven from our qui)!, the irc? in the ttrmiU, ?{u?r*i tnd ptrks "were torn up bp tbe root*, liberty pole* were ia little Fpared aa barbxra' pol??hvtha spirit of the tempeat mod oburehai were pro-tiered ?? readily profane dwelling*. AvdIdk' were rent aod blown Id ill dlreotlona, ind aometlme* th? were alao carried away mo that It waa eEoerdingly d? rroui to travel the aid* -walk* liter IS o'clock. Miw tbe wind whittled die mally through tbe *trm-ta. and now It name with i aud4an gnat, Hipping tb- awuing* about, amidat a thoufind confuted aounde. buf drowned In tbe voioe of the torn. About balf-pift arvrn o'clock. In tbe evening tbe it aging o? tbe row ot bona*- nxarly flmabed In Twenty. Third rtreat came down wit* i craah and wia blown aeroaa the trick of me Hai?<n Hail mad The New Hum oara bad jum i? mi- if tbry hid been two minutea liter, one or two woiiia have been ainaahed. The f ale tnereaa<-d in violence r.owarde midnight. ind kowM fvarfuHj through th? kbrnuda of tbe ahlppingla the Kiat River At bait p?at II o cloak, a whole dock of Teaaela were blown adrift together. and It wia faired they would go labor* on Governor'* laland. la thi majority of them there w?m either no handa, or only one or twa, ao that they could not oi?t anchor. Two of tbem hoiated their jib*. and getting detiched fton the rait, ran before the wind, till they were enabled to Mat luohor on tbe lee eide of tha Battery; two atari tbei aaooeerlad l? casting inehor. ind the nxnlining five narrowly escaped Oovernor'a lalind. paaa^Bg quite eloae to the fort, and drifting In ona miaa toward* tha Janwy abore There did not ippeir to be MJ man oa board, or at. leant none that could ba of any service One of i hem went aahore oa the Jersey Hats tad aaotbar a brlir, wax miming yesterday. So high wm the tide a' half paet eleven o'elook, that the Kulton and South f. rrlee eeaaed to run for two or three Lour* a* the ptt<te ftared the guards of the bo?ta weald get over ttie bridges and bee ome fast, or rna as the stakes at either -He The outer part* of the bridge* were ralred to aa ansle of 45 degree*. The wind blew from the ea?t ; and there ean ba aa doubt that it I tbe equinoctial pale postponed. At * qnaiter paat one o'nlock aa Richard Cooke was passing tbroagb Perk Row. the liberty pole In frent cf tba Park theatre fell, and (rlghteaad him a ore thaa injured him He wax conveyed to the City Hospital, where he is doing will He I* a tailor. The new brick hou?e. fire stories high, and just finished, at the corner of avenue B and Eleveath street, tai blown down by the violence of the wind. The Bolee of the orashlog and sudden fall greatly alarmed the aeighborhood la the dead of the alght. Dr Shep. yard, who resides oppo-ite waa on tbe spot early next Beralag, and tba digging among the ruins was eomjnoDced with great spirit, to extricate a number o' tools belonging to u? mason*, ?nich wire buried la ttajaiss A brick hoase la Tventy.elghth (treat, between Broadway and Fifth avenue, whloh had beea just rebuilt, was blawn down nod tbe material* and soaff jld Sag scattered about on every side. Only a small por tioa of tba noitb and rtuialoed atanding The new rre?b>terian Church. corner of TwentyBlnth street and Madti-oa avenue, which was nearly oaspleted, was also demolished The entire of th" north side, and the west eud. to witbiaa few feet of tb_ ground ware blown alear out. aad that spacious build ID( M now at mriiDi m> J wi?r? Tba dioraaia. in fcigbth *t?wai and Kourth itidui, "ppoaita tha A*tor ri?n? tlutirt, shattered to pieot* and the picture* It ootttainad, either dntrnjid r greatly injured Tbli li ? serious lot* to tha pr*91 later. In Wwklnnton 8<)uara In the Park, and la a graat Bomber of street*, trer* wera prostrated before the breath of tba storm \ Ursa ona was overturned at tha corner of Nlutli s'raet a?d Kourth avaaua and another Una old willow tre? that atood In front of tba hurcb, corner of Hr'xjum ?ud <,brittle streata Tba 'tt rni ? ? treniend-'iia on Long Island Sound' Tba wind blew a prrf?et burriraoe It, of eoar*?. pnt hack tba paaaenger ?t>aai?r* rba Bay Stata. Captain Brown, ?f the Kail Hl?rr liae. bravely came through, and airirrd bare ab< ot twoo'elunk yeatarday afuroooa' Ultfa Oay, Kmg-l-? k Co ' Kipra-* Neither tba Nor^rlcb n?r tba Stoidngtoa boat- bad arrived at that tliaa; they bad either put hack or nana to aa anchor Of tba thr< a (term) r? that left this oily i n Saturday afternoon .fcritouloft >0, Norwich and Kail III ear, wa understand that the Kapltn 8>ate. 1 apt inuistnak, *aecee<led la getting through and *aa pa*aed thla moralag by tha Hay Stata, nl New Haven T he Norwich boat probably anchored at Thro*'* Neck Tha r.oraalloa Vaa?JerbiU, tba Stoaiagtow boa* with the nail*, pnt baok. and will leave tbl* r'j ?hl? asoralrg. W* learn from Capt Brown of the Hay (Mate. that the storm oa tba Bouad wa* one of the worat ba aver eipwrlanead. Oa Loag Inland Itself. tree* witboat number vara tora op hy tha roata Till IMMAOR IN BROOKLYN. Tha gala of Saturday night waa vary aavara In tbl* ity. Sign* were blowa d?wa and lay *aattarad about la every direction A larga willow traa waa Mow* down la Brldga etreet Immediately aaroa* tha atraatran daring tba pa**ag* ot vahiciaa la that diraotloa ut'tarty inpoaaibla. TUB MlirriNO? raKIHRR PAHTICIXARI. Darlag tba heavy blaw oa Katarday alght, tha *hlp tllkup, lying at lb* and of a pier In the Km* I Rltw. broke from bar mooring and ctm down oa a 1 float of about pWr (area or eight. and tor* than U adrift. Tha following in ioaa of tba ranal damagad- Brig Maroklaod wilh ta (frail gut*, boat tore. lad eoartdarably ohafed, ?*hr Ua*etU, bulwark* ?od boat *tore; eebr Arrowale flying jib-boom goae; Mhr Oaaanl Koator. tying Jib-boo* sad bead-?al (CM; brtg I.auratta. flying jib b >om broke off Tha aoit oT tbaaa laawli want down tha rlrar, and warn u hnrad off Iba Bat lory no BtiUab Both Br.tbere, laying it pier eight North Hirer, hroho from bar mooring*, and driftod down tba Worth Rlrar, but roeelrad no aortou* dnmng* An l?* hoaao, or aoow. want aahore at ^mranHa*,bot w* ?*nld iMrn wbare >ba earna from) for. with tk* *i?**tlon of two bor*o*. tbar* wo* no living thing on board Bho now llo* near the Planter'* Hotel, on tbe boa*h Dnannnenor T*uor? o? tm* Pl*i*??W* laam. by Captain Johad. Parry, Ju?t raturwed from Fort Laramie, that Mejnr Tnokar nommand bad all da**rted hat eeeonieen met; th?? had iwio thml) Indaead to do *o by emlgmnta on ihrlf eny to l.atiiornia. Capt. ' perry, who ha* hwti lo tha i,omnl<>?rj Dupartaeul, al*o atatae thai tba au(f?rln? and mortality of aclgraot* on tha Mala*, la beyoud eoae?-ptlon; that for dnw m>lee thl* fid* of tba I urt. it la Oar eoatluual gravayard The I aptaln Wt In Attgiiat, nnd had eharga of a gorrrnmaat Wain of *tok aod disabled amlgraat* aid effart* of tha** wbo bad diad. Hie ha%l<h wo are hapiy to ?*y, laniooh iu?prt>?rd -Clml<iU(0.)f<rreM, On i. R?n ae*n Riot ta ViaMuar ?lj*r village I* all tleltrmmt (a onnna^ tie of a riot am o? tha laborer* apon ibe railroad it. t*? v??io<ty of ft-*tl >n Klght The umbar *a?uf*d la v*r?'>n?iy ata?ed bat enanot fall abort r.f iM> or ?U0 |>'<>ur aer?ea* hare beaa anot. up to thla n>oni?nt vir r.|?h<*liu tVarraa nf thi< vliiega and tiirra liUhmra aith <i?h none mortally aad ?averal arr*et? hata b?en (Mr atraat. are (Iliad with people. aud aa *tl'?t i? Ixlt.g ma<l? ? quail the eatar?ak nndoatand that ail tba -banue* up"? tba Inmall and on fl-a .oa vine here ba?n *?ra<>IUh?d ai* en ettaek lie- ba?a mada aptm ibo-a aa rteoUoo Kighf - ( f*r ) Si?,, <><? g. En P* XI lj B Thu JmiiIU aiifi ?H? Pmniait't Junrnal? liilrrtiilii^ l.curr. ? Urru Mi>i.un', I'riore 'iwrjVuCi),, Md., ) October 3d. IM#. | To Thk Kditob or tub '' Nk.h Ton Hiitta," Pm:? I i>?d in th? f\rrman'i Journal, pub" llrlnd Id %<iur city an iditorlal, of wbiob the following I* an ?*trart :?' Th* pri-vat* l*tt?r which we wrote to n ODwi'rllijr individual. in the Dixtrint of Columbia, nmr tin or nine Bi-nttia ?if>, ami whlob hu b??a pub* llotj r?t?red to. without dolnn ui tbejuDtlon of pubtUh" 'r* It. did DOt ft> h?? hi?D bUUuniixd. contain an* at tack p-u the Jeault Society " lu a previous number J of the Jvurwal Mr Mo Via-ter f?y?" The letter til a ( Private Utter, written by u", ami in no way connected 1 with the character of our journal " ' 1 I have nothing to do with Mr. MoMa'der'* ignoranca of C atholic doctrine, or with hi* violent, and not very ] charitable, prejudice* against the Society of Jesus. The j aharacter of ttie former i* attested by every number of , tha paper ? bich he conducts. That of the latter occupies too bright a page in the hi t >ryof Christianity to be sullied by curb a pen I did not dub him eipnuuder I of* mbolir doctriue and I she.I nut. tbrtrforv. trouble myself eny furiher with bliu a* tbe conductor of a L a- < tb"lic j< u.Ml 1 But. a* Mr VoMaet?r seems to Insinuate, In tbe fore- < going extract, that iiiju-tn e tie- been done turn by not < pub i?blii|C blr letter I must. of oouree. from the very ? term* nay presutuptnry tone of bu ohalleuge, eou ider myrelf r?|ea?e<i In the estimation of ml honorable men tt? ni the obligation "I -eore ly (<o far ?? tbe putue are i oncerned). wbicb I bad lnt>o*?d upon uivaetf and ei joined apon (bore to wh >iu I lieu-led tbe letter relerred to I. therefore enclose for publinatl >n In tbe Hrrald. m e?p> fr> ni the original how id tar p*?teeel>n; and *111 nieielv remark i ba> it will prove three thlegs, , of which the editor ol aCatholio Journal should bare do reason to b-'a-t via : Iwt, That he. designedly, (for It he recollects the date of hu letter he o >uld a* eerily rt meaiher ite conteut<. or. at least. It* purport), dtcelve* many Mmib ' when he tells tbeui. lu his * t|>oln|ietic of tbe 2Vtb Ult , that bit letter " (lid not O B- j tain any attack upon the le-uit society." lor the take j of lruth, or to apeak more plainly to awell out tbe whap^er to ita largest diui*u?iunt< he ought to (lava added "nor upi B the good Slater* ?t tbe Saotrd Hurl," which in the same thing 2d That v?r. Mo >la<ter nai published an untruth ax it I* wa< connected with ihr i haiailer of bi.> journal b cau?e It <va*io reference to a coutnjunleailon ?eut to him tor publication In hit j' un al. and that such *a> hi* ewn opiuion .it the time may be inferred troni be word* with which it nloea>?" Uflnw fSrtmam't J.i rnnl'' ind will prove that the editor of the t'ntnan t Journal ha* eitber a very defective memory or a ui'Ht ategular propensity to employ hi* peu in *nrt< of flctiou fir he gravely inform* hie nmuy fneuds" that tho " unwoitby individual " r??idrd in the District of Columbia ai d ttat hi* letter had reference t? one particular litvrarv institution lu another part of tbe Unitud State*: ' herea*. be know* that be addressed hi* letter to nie. at my residence in Upp-r Marlb'u', >Id.. and your r?ader* will know, when tbey pem-e hi* letter, tbat Georgetown < ollege |* In tbe District of Columbia, and not in another part of the United State* " I might bave a word to *ay about tbe clandestine manner " lu which he allege* tbe let'er was exhibited, at tlie council lu Baltimore * ere I not restrained by feeling* ol delioacy ? very thing cland-stioe according to my view* of ethic*, i* do>bouoreble, and a* Mr. Mc.Master make*, amongst other* hi* own BNhop a Jim11y To lbm eland eilua" IrtDtiellOB, I ouoat it>? btui iu brttar handa 1 be following if k eopt of tha Intlur ' I) la it 61 ii?Ibid But ?ih to ha umrt eiplielt la ktating B>) difficult; in print. Tnc truth aa. thai in yair flrkt let- ' ter M. Marv'a, M iiiuiu?tun. imrj collect tad 1 kchcol >..u named were Jaauit Inktitutioaa; or, what ia t marly the rami thin*, "f l,lr I-adiea "I Hit Snored Heart. < Ac tline were ao maiy nthtr e .llcnee aad kchoola, iual? ml remain, m the c?urtry end int..1 hy other erdtra or be " ??< ulara, ai d i ompaViBg faewtakly, in erery p. mi. with ' Jeauit lO'll uiiuao, 1 rnut 1 jo?d that, If'buenme bycaaaa*. * tl.u * riter aonld he kl?d t to have bla laiter pubiiah?d. aa 1 II hilar unfair ! ok. and would aacita ill lealiu* trim aoma of t In re who were t>ae?ed hj in kilruck. I thought, pokalbly. , klko tl at li night have route from a Jeanit, and then I weulj bait had Bore pen BipKry raaauaa for aot | uhllamaa it. l'oa. ?f course, wnl Buneietand me ar aet having aay appoei ion ta tha Jeauita. hot only to that eicluaive way of praia'ng them that iri itataa weak-Blinded eueuiiea of their', aud m f- rtui alelt |.u ft? up lie weak |M| thair owa loeiuhera with ? eiaapeieMd aid ridionlona idea of their proper ioiporiaace. Any irai llnn of Ja>uit aohoola thai aboaid octnr ib a couimoa aaumaratit of other la'holic inaututioak, would he well enough, but ant tha Moulin* them uat aa having pie-ennnrrt ilalui I lunat oa u to tha extent of my kaawledk?, thare t- uo jeauit colleae in thia county that baa tba claim to public confident (hat It poeeeaead. a g. by II mat Hi Maria, or hy a am d inanv other maltntiona, auoh aa f olk of 'ha Dominicnak aad tha l.aiariate hara charge of. Oe< rii'aaa f H'u ia generally f-li lu be a kcaadai la tba eoui I), and a ptiUie pkurgyriet af tha Jeauita haa acanaw lodged to u a ti at the tendency of Jeauit teaulwng baa haea, B't rarely to Infl'eiity. Hiiuga. lam entry. ate * I aa. bu' hiae the) araau. 1 kara raaauaa lar paialua ha'art pitliahlag euio^'ea oa tha Jeeana ia America which I believe ta be in Bierited. 1 hr R*?. Mr. Surra mentioned to me that yon were the k*thor or the letter 1 auppraaaed, and he aatured me that jroa would take It all ia good part. I will be (lad to have your a'mi nt of Mount M Mkry'r, rr of 3t. Mar; a, Wilmington, or inch otter communication, aa you art klad enough to aana Ul ' W hkt I have written, aaada. of coarea, eiplaaatioa that I | hare not Unit to make In writing, hut which yoar ii aruy I w |i aiijply. I mere e intended to aay lw<i or three timrk thai mini khow tr>k drill nf ay 'hougnta k'eu uiuat axouaa lar treat naata, which eompela me to floae. I ahallalweji he irt, glad 10 aae you hare, a- wall at to bear from yoa, aad beliere at, ?try kiuoarely. Yaur hnmble aarrant, JAi. A. MoMA3TK1L. Mca fV?nk??'i Jonrnnl. ) Stir York. Marc* 13. I"<9. J Tb? letter of which tba abota It a topi, waa ra?airej by Die Id reply to t cannnuulration addraaarcl to tha i adlto^of tha >'<r?Iim Juuiual uonrlof the ureal kue- I ' C< M of the K etreet S-aihi*r> . Bud altudtug iDoulaultll; to Uforgetoe n t'ClllgH an I lie |)|IrDt l'?in>Q uf (duetl Jon in the District of > olauihia I hiDilod li to the Her. K?lhcr? of U?or|Ftu?| ? oiirg? f.?r ihr.? rrt<imi Int. Broutr do < tUtoileJuiiniti panieuitrl; the or|tn of Birbop ibouid be coaducted bjr aiaeh t man id IKraux- I vti late no prluoiple of gputiemauly oourte?y or eoofldenne the letter belDg unprovoked. and the writer paraonailjr unknown to ma . and 3d., beoauae I believe lie wrila* lal^ly front prejudice. H C MaL4UOHLIf, Trio. Oeorgetown Collage, Ml Oar Canadian Cwrraa|M>?danca. Mtiriiii, Oat. 4, 1849. Important MovrmnU *n foot? Mum/rut mj Ik* Cowtiani. Wh?? tba future Macanlry wbu thall undertake to write tba hlatvrjr of tba i anadtan provlacea aball arri it at tbat period In bl? narrative embraaiag tba time la wblcb we live, It *111 fall to bin lot to recount a far more aiarveloua change of publlo opinion, and a freat*r incongruity <4 tirnti, than kti great predeeenaor bad 10 dUpoee of At aoa period It will ba hi* part to narrate tba revolt of a race, allien to tba coaatry under bote ?way tbey lived jet with nothing to offer la tenuatlon of tbalr act b-jond tba fact that Ureal Britain bad treated tbais far too kladly, and that they bad been led aettay h> evil atiiiJ'd men. Ha will, no doubt, record In gloving teraia tba devotedaeaa of that portion 01 tba oolonUta. boaeting of their Anglo-Sama origin, and bow th'j rallied round the ttandard of tbalr aoe. ?r?lgn wbeo unfutled; and how by their aatlataaca tba , imnUr la qoeatlna ww ?raabad la tba bud, He will ; came tboea wbo beaded tba maiaoataata. aad how tbey I ought eafety la flight. After a lapae of thirteen yaara , tbere tlgbty gentb aien will again appear oa thai,anad an ataae to eaant treab ititrlitim. aad wttb far great *r aaroata Hoar tbair |rmi laalar l.itootaina. In rodurrd i Brwun to raanrd bin f >llo?tn ?t im *i | panrr of ?h? ?fora ma nt I .|i*d loyaliatt .and tti? mmr>?r in whleh thiougb lu rapraaan'a'lre tba Brltlah Cm?n aanellouad tha Th-n h i? it not burft of popular fwllu| found ?m? In tba daatruo Hun of I hi- ?>?i I d 1 > K In whlrh tba Mt w?a aonauromat d ibar* hj iirprlTinn thf province el nil it* publle ft i (Old* lid irfliltrf t. ?a-ibar with n apiuable public It briry To rroan HI Ibn nontamp'uout In-uite h*np-d ou the rrpr*>entnit?e of Brltlah enrereignty In lb-?e North American dooUlon* by n party who bid. II )Mrt b?ftir? rr|iid?d bit prliee i? tlla etnh adlMentof ft "rtphl dlalnn.' I'bU amuaina little ?i?od? in < indan blatory III be fo|low?d hy n of Innatlua ?nd j Inthfulneat on the pert f t r??- iiia<iK*t.>ra o? tba pa iplo i feed their acta. tbat will mil down toe Centura nail opp<?l<lon et nil Hue nmrlota l.nal but not lenal *111 I e< ?e tbnt part In wbi.b kt relataa the seating at tha dtlegatee of |(K> M*l Anglo Bison* wboee plaint wet tbnt their hop?? bnd br?i mocked nnd thrir petition* puined. nlike by tba er?*n nnd Ha rtprn-tnli lfri; lb* inlaemble failure ntirndtnt on I la mealing. Mid IU repudiation by nil abo Ineed tb?lr couarry. Ha wtU now noma to I relation which. if It anntlnnn to pro reaa aa It la now doing will kt *mblaton>i on tba brif htr?t pnpa ot tba trnrld'a hl-tory. to tbn honor of ib'tt *bu vriflHUd ud i(|i4i?d It With tbla r*a?tlon | hat* now In do nnd who know* bat tba Minnalay of tba fnlore mny gl nn from tba Hrm K??? Mrra44 niany of tbota facta whioh will ha neneanary to make np hit blrory' Altbnngh tit moatht bnra lot yet alapt. (1 tinea tba torrh ana ippllad ta I bo firllimant Hi,tiding* md the royal aanctioo alio wad to tba Hetlaf Bill " aahata paaeed through mny pbaaaa ?T political eileterce tbat alii go to nit* ap oar ki<t?f? fir half century bark or Sea i??nth. bank out of tkt aft aa bar* eeen the nniailitng vtragglee ?* large branch of tba Cnaadlai people tnitold tbair la-*ttaMa daetl ny Intteid of baldly mealing It Nitarn baa lit (unit* of patience kuaain iad the ? aaidnaa. aban tbair aoantry la rained aaa ilolt pr no parity dapirtad bara a*?ia in their* Tbla M fortaiata aa wa any tharafara yat bnpa tbat It la aat. aa my Lord Oray would aiy.l "too lata" tor tbe? to battar tbair caaditloa by natal. Ing a naa Plata ?| pollttaal ?*l-tanaa Tba rapadlaUol ot tba "L*???a'' la prl*Mo lad il-o I bara au doubt tborHy la pubiia la tba HH ?l(l of tba rwaatloa I hn?a ailndad ta ll Mnmrttl tba flr?t ttwpa bara bam fakan and Ian faw da. a tkara will n> giraa ta tba a?id a aiamta^to ta'tin? forth tba baaadia ?f la tiatnlna to tba 1 |ita<l Miata* lad tbla ma iiiaato will b??ipa<d by lha paopla ia aaiu Aa auiHiitilm la nian tuba loiand lor tb? paipora of orgaalilag tha p. opla U* any aoalloaaaay ib?t may in.a. and alaa to agitata tba tiuaalmn liaaif. I? v^a-ban tliailar atap*. I niidarainnd. nra bnlhg tat-n by lea p?bti? .pintad man. and <b? kaaiarn u?i. hip. taU tna -aaa uia t lii I ffia-r inali that b<>tb 4 at Insatiate and daaatad ftaaa ta iwiiabiNl Inailtittloaa, tbara ara aigaa af a W V (J 10RNING EDITION?MO] pit it twin* abroad among tha paopla whii-h will naaar It allayad till is tha arm ? of tha I'uitad Mat** ''anada hall have found a rafuga for all har trnghiM *nd hlttar itarial dUa*n>tona My Uat* I ba?a ?i>?uwl <y?iii all bnaa I tprr ' aradUn m*rrharit? who d?*l in retail, >nd who at thl? *aa?on al?ay* ?i*it VlootraJ fur the inrpoaa of makli'ir up I hair atnnk Aftar a rtuf eonatdaratloa of all th??a furti, It now K'bi'OTiiaihc American paopu tn ha ptapannl for any lotittpparcy that may arrlva Thar* n<-r-d l>? no dlamha on tha point brtarm tha North and "touth f*ha r*??? of Iba < anadiapa on tha ala?a i|U"-ti'>o *ra anoh. hat b> thalr admtaaiou into tha Union. tK?j would orni an tnibr< kan -haok aa r> pard?th1> important qu?a:ion. Tha North might dapaud on tbair auppnrt In >ppoa|tlo? to th? further a*tat?alon of aUvary: and tha iou'b in opposition to i-mancipation by any oartf vaant: in fart their opinion* uu tbia raao ahouid ha aft to tlma That d*?ply Important, atanta will ara nng taka placa hara. I hum raa?on to know, aud yoo Bay drpaiid on my kaapmp ?'> ? wall adalaad Lmii p igiu h?M n< l vii-red I'orouto, or any or the large clt'ee ii> I'pier < aiu?d?; In fact bl> future m'ireinertte are Mill fu?iIih?J in myetery Ml* c*hluet It k KHld. have determined no removing the eeat. ot guv. rri>D"eiit tioui Montreal to 1'oronio. but nothing bk<M jet taken pine* In tbe hueli>ea* world matter* ara alittle brisker, U klxo In tbe fanhlonahle w .rid th? v ara gtyer. All the w big papara In Montreal. ?lth very few a? eptlon* art-death onam exaHon and in kot It I'hard to pet. any ?ur m o|tpoai> |t Wf ?re at t h? loweet point )f mi-ery poi-ethle I'hc anuexittun adtake tdvanta|.'F of tbl*. and hold out the che> ring prospect )t tbelr eurneedtng uurii g the cinlng win'er The weather to-day. like the tuner, la dull. P. Ncwi from the 6r?at Salt Lak?> OUR OVI K1.AN1> C KKVSHO.MJk'^CB. Cm or ihi limn Sn.T Likk ua Ltrm > L)at Vtikta. < allforola. July 1U, llUV ) Phi Writrm 7Vml-7H? California Kmigranli ? TIt* Gtmt Sail Lakr ? Thr Mormon Sfltlrmejtl tfr Since I aiTivnd here I have beau ao omatautly itm>lo>?d In making arrautfewnta to b? again ou my onrory. that I ham neglected you until I fear tba iotited tlnia which I hare, while the mule* are being tacked to proceed, will prevent my gWing y?u muob ^formation of tbia place, emigration or anything el<e I armed here tba loth, over, tor tba lui hundred Biles, a tnont horrible road. it road it nan be called Of ha nix tbouraud ?agma ou the road only ab >ut aeven luudred paM tile way, the remain ler go via Kort Hall, I took tbl* route. berau?e it wan M unpopular, that I teller* d that tlie Hum I number of team* upon it would lot u?e up ail tba giaaa, aud la tbl* 1 waa not rnlaaken. I beard, thin morning, tbatthoaa upon tbe Kort llall nad. are in a deeperale oondition, ha?lug hut lit'le ira?? for their animal* especially in lb? rear Of It* ruth I know nothing lieither oan I. until I ag*lu trite he main road, wbich will be two hundred inilea from ,bl* city Tbix place lien about twenty mile* aouth eaat of the (alt Lake It la laid out In block* of tea ?cr> e >-aiib, iDO divided into eight lotH of one and a quar'er acrea ach I he po^ulatii n of the town la abou- anvemeea tundrtd. ol he valiey and tbe eurrouading country ihout alx thou-abd I he boueen are powerfully built of idobea or 8|>auUh brick t here In no wood nearer ban torn eight to twenty uillea I be land l?ni?lat?nad ooly >y Iriigatlt n. tio rein tailing duri'g the euniuier Tba uormoue are ralelng large erop* -hi* year a nulHciency. net It tba naxt winter la aa bard aud long aa the preset ding "be. I be town la about eleven inilea in circumference >*?. bean* and kll gardrn argetabla* ar? tit be had Ifte to thundaiic* ?nd uiint ol ibt emigrant* kn paricipallug in ? r>0'Ult; Ibn biM|iiUiila lohiblttnti li lug oDtjIbing Id th?lr p >wrr to uiikt our abort >Uf in couitortabir ai- pnaailala Hour I* I2l, caun per lb ; wood. Ill rent*, eollaa 60 cutt pnr lb . Bad ol bar thm<* u prrportli'a. It i* from bar* to 8utter Kort, eight ltindrrd mil** and o??r. I suit cloaa. or I a hail gat ?o much belatad that I may dIm my cooipany. Truly your*. 8. B r. CLARK. [Corrcapondanca of the Newark Adrartltar J Om:?t 8*i.r L?ki ViUtr, ) Citt or July 10. 1H49 | My )a*t to yon waa troui tha oaighburhooj of Kort ,irann? lone II. 1*49 I un* b>f? an opportunity of miing by a regular U. 8 Viail. which Irate* bare touonoa for tba Miatri W? reaobrl h>r? laat night, md ara putting up in tha midat of thla gr>-a: el'? tor hire or four nay* to repair tba wagon*, which hare >rt-n niuob brt.krn froui the bad road* pa* *d o?er luting ?ouia day* '?' haf? bad a tou^h lima of It, >ut iio eariou* difllcultir* Wa tiara driven orer 1 'JO0 nil**, aii'i baa* but 600 or Tito rn -ra to go. wbioli ?i hall prohahl* have arrotnnluhxl ha tha ) ?? rachre >??? aa m. hup* to Da In tna goad r agio a by tba l*t if SeptrDibar. Our prnapaot tor gattlog tha praoloo* m-<tal I* find rba M'lun ?? haaa been ont there aod t.i-oar I tia?* iero la ona Dun a p -*ea*lnn one buudrad pouod* and lata bandit d pircr* wnr'h (260 'Mb Thay htta >lruty of It auioDg*t tin ni. and a-?un- u? of auooaaa. A lumbar of Jert?ya>ea of thi* i>at aia hara, and baa* yn to aoa it*. I caanot of ?ouf<?, gl*a you tha daAll* of our journey Id a (inula aheet aa uiy journal o?. supia* nori.a MJ or Jo page*?hrlug a rrcord of arary lay'* travel Tba Pittsburgh' (!an(irt at tha .14 lo?t*nt, h\* a ttivr froot the Mormon city at 8?lt Lake. whiob :-"Tka whole tallry la occupied hy tba Mothod', a ho bund tbfir hnuin entirely ot auu-drial iuck* I hay ara hailillog a church of atone. wbleh i* alraady oua atory bigb and will ba a ?ary Una building 1 If) aateoible every Sunday morning unlet a large ahed 1 ba aoclaty In govaruad hy a prandrut tba twrlva. aiid tba eaveoty. I'ha preaident and tba twelve occupy tbapulpl' and do all tha prnachIng. I wrut tbt* morning, when tha b-il rang, to cburcb where I aaw a large a-rrmi lag*. Roiua draaiad juiie ta-hlouablt. and an clean and Brat A bra** band tirat played a lively tuna aod than lha clark rota kod raad arvnal nnMoe* One nn?o had |o*t a ptokat hi ok another bad bad M* garden destroyed hy* hrraklng into It. I la I ha a trad tba name* of parallax to alittu lallara In tba p,t*'. oftli'a vara nl l'm? l and aatrial othrr Ham* of that kind Ma than announced that oo Drat I u?*<lay tbay would hara an ?uulTrr*ary lra? t. a* H * aa iha day of tha m<nth oo whlnh ttiay arrltrd ai their pt?>rDt *u>ig quanara. Ha -aid tha city aould ba tu^td early lu lit- ia?ruing br tha nring of raiiin t amnlir nu-ic nt lia !>raa? Itaad A prnca>alon aould tbed ba foruird abicb would inarch oat of town, li.d at two o clock dinner would ba aarrrd Tna ami|ratit* wera all ln*lird to attrad. Thry ara aary it-let la tba a'ltuibletratloD of ju>|j*a Ona of thair uuuihar ttola a pair of boot* iron, an emigrant Ha waa arnirnrt d to pay lour HBtr> tbnr taiua na?d A'lo. aod *kl ??Bi| eile.) to work flity day* on hr pulilia riada. Ona df tb'B waa eaBtrDced to dratb lor borrowing a >m* |>>oparty 'ri m a nrlgbb' r ai l arlilng It. but finally, bwing to tba iBtatce^atoa of hi* fatally, hi* *enlaare ?? ci nimutrd to baui*hDi?nt Wh-n ih-r arrlaad. Ih?y ana at ry much IrouMrd by *oin* Indiana, who lilili d tbrlr ca'i la aod riola from them l'he? Kent to rrmi>M'i?U alth ih-m and lb< Indiana ri^'M (hit thvlr prrrlornt an old aromaa >inl tbaj would ont mind him Tl'j th? u ?ut out ? m mpany of iililiari, tod kiUi d a fair, alaca ablnb tlnia tb*y hava not bHD UM|rC Poar Orrica r?i?ou no ArM*tai<Ti. -Thi Pn?tht> ?'t?hH'h?d, milniiad. and ^infd Ibr iltn lid DMOiaa of tba following nlHrni, lamp ibr >r*k mail.* #.p<*m'i*r 20 l?4wW?t I'ba-hira N II , ImiUbu W Knn* appointid . K<im?t*tl>? I oilaod. i mm Aa?al Arnold , Ka?t Randolph. I iltiriiitiii Nrt York V1?rrlek Nutlluf, Vt on btilla, Jrff.raon do., Lmntn P Klll-l, Drangr do , A?|U?iua I Burt, barton Mill. rfnboharl*, lo.. Jacob J. Barton, l?A(N|fM*. Sulliraa do , la*a? Snrd?r. N. i anihridg* >Va*bliin ton do , l.tak BrutBall, B'll'l lolnt. Itudxn M.J, JmhM Vin Nana; [ artar l an>p. Pollrr, l? . Hub. dtark*aai.b?r. Hrbrufi, Pvtlir. <o . llm 0 Hoa?ltar, Moamviila Unm-Ur, |o., Ilobrrt hnll-rton; Sarrrrrllla Dollar, do . Win 8 Boyd; tollltowa, I baatar, do , /??? Vall<xik; Monnl Nab*, I aoca-trr, do, loaapb Kimlaa; Haul* i:rwl, Potior, do, Frasrla 0 branch; Watu' Mlila, W.-tboi>land, do , Jacob Watt*, Btrlna.toaa, York. do, [ ataga H IMp, * llo. liraraa. Ohio laaao N < arman; Va>h?rV Jaakaon do Wai * ? v l>?? , hr?n-it \11<mi Jo. D. Y ttaaard. F.Ik Rub Km^aor, Va . II B Rain: Maoi balga. Handmpb. Alabama, N A l"aakU; Bluff Ipili'M- Altai*. Ml-a, Jo*apa K CHtaf; 1'laa-antaa, liaaaniba, ?o . Natbanld H Mo1 IHIaa Daap Wat?r, Mar-(all da. Wm H ' o?aa, llrrmimd Dvaior, r.ra , w M Th uij . i adar Ford. Oralagar, do . In Jirwn Acaff, (iaiDt-K'* Hand. Haaklaa. do, Wm B. I'raMlieu; (l?n Hill. Wllllaa*oa, dr. Wat Lanier; Ihlty, Mukinkbrrii. Ky , John 1. Ur??, l.ynaford, lt.fl.rmB do Wbalon (v I.ram; PI ilrora mil*, hi Bilag, do , Anailn H. ftaandara. carry'a Kaa, Har. rla*iB on . Janaa Hiada, Arha. Kaa l-lph, ladtaaa. loon W Mil* ban. Argyia. Jeffnrvoa. via, #a ll Waikar, Rora hill ft. aba. I a. Iowa, W M Jarrla: Altaa'g Orora, U -? k ILia I ktlln A ll.a. II aUna naa rln Pk.t? Fo?t>4. I'm n*Tinu*l>.?O?**a*o?1?ka. Banloa, |F1orlda; DaiMt'i Pr?n?, Orwka, Alabama P*?m *aa Bnra R?an"h?ok f vnl). Mtior all* nhan?>d aad U*arga H. Dnarbora tppotntrd f?ataa?tar; *adlay'? all". *tralT<>rd eouai; >r? >laaip?bir* Dam" aad ?it" chaag-d to 'Tdttl* f<ra?r." aad I'kua I'uttla appointed P.^ima??ar, 1a?m Roofclachaai eoonty. N*? Haaip>hir?. ?lt*nhanfad, ind Rilaa Hall appoint** rratmattnt. rttrvi*. lolm Ml. l.aor*aa? gonsl;. N?a ?ork. mta *haa*-d, m 4 Lotaa A?hl?; apih tmnl l'?i?ti?ia*t?T; Hoefcland, ialli*aa rou? tjr Naa V or* ?lt* ahangvd and vlar?to (iBibail appointed Pfmtna>t*r. hair >mn?t, rinaiaraat toaaty. Naiylaad aama rhaun-d to Jata??t?wii." ltd L D. Handy appolat-d fn>taia?t?r; vi?dill M.>aU t> niarj oovaitji. Obio i.ami nbai>|?d M " N?a Uka ioa " iad M*arv Hmbb appota*d t'o*tiaa?t*r: M t?u?* ( aaaall aoaaty lor'b > arouaa. n*m* aad nit* ihar|?ii to " Munta > linn " and * m I tlitora ap ??.iiit.d fn?iai>ur (4ra*alf Mill. Bladaa nnuaty, >?!> t rultafc alta >>a?H ?"? 'a? H ?tar*dltb a? mliit< d TwiavUr, Hataaa' *'?? T ?'fg? aoaaty. in*|t? a "in" tktnpd to 1 J?l?ri?ailiki" <4tlt<>a III*. Uajra* adMMiy. *.l"*t*alppt naiaa arid ait* tu layMtoa." aad <*intaia d*on ?pii-ltil'd I n-inwur, Hlg agl? ftantt aaanty, K-n UPKJ naai* aad ?ll* *i>ang~d to ' Litll* r.atlt " and u>ba d (tatty app< iat*ii ri?taa>t?r, ladtaa fralrta. I lpt?a ?<?ay ndtaan na?a* and atta atangad ta I ?t*r> barg," aad Kni>?? I an'ai appAla'ad Pnakia?'?-r, Hnianattlla. Su m flint;. Mioourt naiaa n.a ?t?* *baap*d to ' d**?t Bprlaga," aad Patuaa iajiaffdaM Paatataatar iRK II SDAY, OCTOBER 8. 1849. Cub* V?rrea|Mhiitni)f, Cohkk, Anif. 23, 1519. The Capper Mi net in Cttha. < Knowing the ureal deMire th it you h*ve to obtain 1 information from nil parta of the world, whether J commercial or otherwise, for the aole purpose of i gratifying the reader* of the Heruld, I hare concluded to address yon on the nubject of mine* mid mining, ? conducted in this p*rt of the world, whit h may, perhaps, prove inter*aiing to many in

the Unittd {State*. and more particularly to thn?e engaged in ihai line ?f huaineaa. The object thdt I hive in view, ia pimply to preaent f.icta, and show the ditlerence, in ttua letter or t-oine other. !><* | twfen the American and Eugliah mining cornpa| nics. Fut to commence: f arrived in the city of SantiI ago de CubH on the IKih day of April, A 1), HI9, I alter a vny pleasant p&aaageof thirteen day# from ! I Ntw Yolk; Hnd after spending a few day* in thu . I afoirt-aid city, took passuue in a urn til steam-r, known here a* the Hot* Fuego, and proceeded to { Pt du Salle, a distance of fmir miles. Ttia is the . gjeat depot for all copper?r?\ prior to shipping the Hxnie to Swansea or other i>orts, and is a No the teiminusot a railroad from ihe village of Cobre, nine miles in length, on which the urea are transported, at the very moderate mini of fb' per ton. : rbe original coal of this nine imlea of road was $?< 0 <XK), which is now pnyui/ per cent, share* of which are from (CJO to $100 each; uuiuber of aliHren, 0.000 I wwa p!a''e<l in a car capable of ; holding twelve person*, close stowage, to which I car wus attached eight mulea, and on each alterPMte mule was one of our colored brethren, a la i lYppap," with a very mih?II pair of *pur*, and a I vei\ long whip; and. from hisfrequent applications i of the latter tip^eixNuvs to the aforesaid miles, i any one would uutiirally have siioiiosed that the i African whs in his element. Now, if this waa "sport j to hini it waenearly deMth to me;" for,what with the | cracking of whips, and the clouds of dint, (oocaI aioned hy niule power) (hut are continually depo- I I positing themselveH in your eyes, combined with j I the tobacco rmoke of thr imsaenger*. my situation ! j was lar from enviable, ami willeuahle you to form > 8< nit* ftiint idea oi the pleasure a foreigner experiences when travelling on a Cuba riilroad, aud more paitu'tilaih m>, it he ihin any way asthmatic. Alter one Mud a half hour* of mental suffering, we arrived in the ancient village of Cobre, in and udjoininu which Hie the nnneaof copper, the greater part of which ?re owned hy English companies, commenced some fitteen years a?o bv Mr llardy, then English Consul, who established the ureal o? *ifx r? lirum Wiin nar?i ?mi mnpr k>??l? rf buitb> n in?-| otbor thiugi. four ???>p taut*. >hirh wrrr for tba nt tha Morua dal Km m lh?j call tko? In the ?ar?t?? of lb* Kin par..r | I d biftrk flkf *? tobar juantlr bol?tad and paraoaa In tba nrjlnj .f tha ( nprrnr ??i? pra??at. a??i?tinf In tha a'faeta Rntrr or latar ax a*p?*litl"a on a l?r?a anal* will bar* to ba aant aga tt.-m and if tha ah?*? MattnrnU proaa c<.rr?<-t, It vlll b? naraaaary to act imiiltan?ou?lj na tb? ?lda of Caut*. and to land hip" of war to tba rhtaf port* of Morooan. It to rantmip a'?d to ?and thatr ?p? ao? In tba Ho?a* IttlH ?ith a t?wld?raMr wjuadroa of iiiawtH and othar r*???l?, to auforea tba Hpaaiah nlaiia* agatnat Mvrorro Tba fliarro at* am fngat- and ao?aa traaal p?'rt? ha** ba*a <>rd?-r#d to Malllla. with two battalion* ol lufaatrj and a vqnadron of aaralry. Raaaitto tub Da*t>.~ la tha moatb of Oftobar. IMS, tba ?aalt of tba Van Rant-aNar family ?? aaurad at BldMpbt. bj ?m? ?aar1l?floa? wratab?a, tba gnfflnt ?ra hrokra apati and tba allaaf pla'aa for. Ittly rancbrd from t bran Tb?- bnnl* than pr *aadad to rob tba tMdl*anf?*?ry artial* of *al na arnrlly utllatlng tbam to ( blatn tbartnira fce Aftar baring sonpla'ad tbalr bombla ?orb, they l?ft tba malt, and aot?lthatan4InR tba moat aar-mlt'lrn .?ar?h, no nlna rauld ba obtaiix d by tba of tbam A abort tlna alana ona f Ibrlr niitnbar. pmbaMy ?ppr?h?intln< daa??r. or rrnrrlrae* mtti.n Sta<? ?id?n<-? Mi tipM < b* i ibm <1 hu ?>r?'iirii In rrlB*. bat th?y jot triad i f It ?ada ik'lr from tfea oily -AU^ny kWhtMir, Orf I. ( * 1 lKtrlllfl*l)W> (rm U<%tf I. bailor* aourrd upoo hl? da?W< m triitiir ilibt ?l I hi" Warhiagtna ,M??f k ard. Ma*, day l ' ftamnal Harr-a look rimaNwd at tka i; ft rrtnlfMf (hip IVanaylraala 7??t?raay Mar. /?M fUftni. Out ft ? uaia that 4a?vaw H ?"?? baa kaaa nrdarad la tb?-a< ??atd of th? W ft hel? IVrry l.taat Rngaf , I'm y bar Imi fcittbH fmai ?? Ord?aa?y at tha Oaa* C">l >a?j 1 art. and M* ted Ma Ua*? tf tbim> ?IrMtl. V\ art! from tba HaltMinr* Pmtru>< that Df N rttikney 1/ f) Navy. ha. haaw aotlfe-d to hara kiawlf la raadlMM far uraan U 0 d Kua fn?a\* gar*. i < < ri ))iiny. Known hh tlie "Consolidated Uobre MiiiicK Company," and here, by the lower clasaes, j a* "Minn Grande " Hnl without wishing to enter ' too minutely into dewil, ( will present the follow- ' ing btuti*ticN ol the mine /or the loot live yetirs, viz.:? Tfo* company bava expended. within tb? la^t live ><-?r? the suin of $ J. 800 001) H?ff shipped to 8?aniM*a of eoppar ora, ](>Akmi ton* wbiob, at $40 per ton. (a low estimate) give* 4 200.000 | Profit 1,400 000 | The above expenditure In equal par day to 1 Ml Amount of income at rate above, per day 2.2*0 ProOu par day *744 I Thm eetuM.xhment lias two agents, Mr. Jdinea j Hey nolds hu(I |V?n Pedro Ferrery Lender, to wboae judicious management the company are highly indebted for the returns above (riven. T he next KnitliMh company, "Koyal Santiago," hiiR been heretofore the most profitable mining compiiuy in the world, hav ng given a dividend, r-eini-uiinuully, of ?ti per share; nmnberof shares, 7,(i00, with a leserve fund of ?40,000. Ai present, however, ihey are shipping but little ore, from the 1 1 I lact of their best lode underlying into the ' apptirI tenenciao" cf the C C. mine. 1 lit* ' sultliahment ik under the the direction of Capt. William lloaku>*. h good prHctiml miner. The "San Joea" .Hjmnie?h mine has been one of the ricbrm mine* in point of ore; but, from the many due tenancies that have existed between the aKwr^htoM^rii u 11 iKm itrnfif* tr?r*mi ? r*mA j into the poeReta of lawyer*. At present, however, ; tin v are get unit on a lntle better, >ia the works are ! under the direction of Don Juan Castro. The next mine, and oue that bid* fa.r to excel all cithers, in owued by nn American company in tour ciiy, "The American Exploring, Mining and lanufac.unng Company," who are now woikiog j the "Lucreita y Ceciliana." This mine w?a , commenced eix month* ago. by the company, under , the direction of Mr. lid ward U. Wilder, to whom 1 iiin indebted for the information herein given. Mr. W. inform* me that he has sent the company ISO ions ot oie in that period, home of whicn yielded in Baltimore 34 j>er cent, and sold for $I(X> per ton. 1 could hardly believe it |Ktraible thut a mine could be opened, wnh a limited number of hands, and Mtch a quantity of ore sent oli in ho j thort a riutce of time ; ua it generally requires from aix to twelve mouth* to oja*u a mine, and i that, too, without raiting any ore ; for ihe C C. iinr?e wa* ai **oik over one year, and expended f 260,000. wi'hout shipping 100 tons of ore; and that, too, with five or six hundred hands employed; | whereas the L.sndC have had but loriy employed, I and soim timi s leu. This not onlr *pe?k* well of I lie preeenl lliuilHyemenl, hut ele.irlv demiinstnilM thai the mine has an abundance of rich ore, and oilly require* a little time to render it ? aotirce of mniienae prom 10 u11 ? i,j/nv* " m<?rein. n.iviiiir b' i n under ground and ?-rn the worki, I whi n*tonifhed hi trie amount of work done. Tha Adu lev * I having bf-en driven in tftt) feet?one . elis> I r Mt h dij.'h of 161 fr-et; another nibIf; three diftetri.t mmien, tO (ret deep e,ich;*nd Urge nto|>eg , fi?ni whnh copper haw heeu taken. from 10 to ?) , fret. At the d*-i<h of ItiO leet, ihf lode of cnp,i*r in einlit feet wide, and apt>trently incrr ming in widiii ue it deac?Dd?. At 59 feet, hi the second ?h?ft, the) have a Indeot rich gray flnpper two feet v? ide, that jMrUle, on ???ay, 43 percent. I would clof n>y rimiika by wiving, that, in addition to th? lWt ion* already ahi|>|>ed, Mr. W. hm 10 more dremed. ready for the firot vew-el; and 180 more, out of ihe nnne, ready for dreaning. 1 have dwelt i thn* far, to rorne extent, on thia mine.aimply from the fact that my countrymen own it; and, more- > over, that I have been all through th>- mine, and 1 rounder it, without exception, one of the finest, ' thus far developed, that I have ever a?*en. I will again addr < ? you, on the crop*, market*, ] tad aflairs id general. Mihxk : . I i fit'tMiN Araic*.?Tba aflconot* from Mallllaaraof a j v<ry dt??grreaMa ebaraatrr tba M??r? aavlng n-newcd | th< Ir kwtllUIn and thin In the prr?anea. and ?pparaat- , I) undi-r tb?> direction./)! tba troop* af th? Kmprror. | A d??pa?cb frnm llnrral ( hacon <Ja?*roor of .WalHIa, , to tlir t ap'aln <ian*ral <4 NpaoUh Africa, dated 'JIM , nit |1in detail* uf a ? rte? of atutki from tba Iflih to i tba'itrt the Voora cannonadlag the fortr??a from ?a- | fiour batterlep. lint without doing It m<iab damaga A | nb-li?ntroant aad prlva'a of tb? ' aata r**lrn?nt wara . wnvadrd. and tba palUadaa whlrh aurrnanded tba j RpanUb defence* vtra i?t Ira to and da*troyad durtng , the*# atrark* Tba aggr??*or? ?am repeUad oa avary p< lnt. and tbalr gum frequently dlmaoiiatad. but tb?y y repaired th?lr halt art e? during tb? night, aad raaunied , their tiring the m it day () tba Hth a graat number ( wnere sne tiae find a most brilliant and ?ucna**fiil *etie* of engagenitnt* l?r wiiBf Tram pa*t. Mlt* Ou*h0?n pue*eH-ed alt th? reqiilnite* ot an aiAomplixtied otrtM when we ?aw her lift, and tha London tail luitillu paper* ?<r? uuanlmou* In pronouncing her ?< rthy the mantle of a Kiddunx or O'Niel. Mr I'nuldock a new candidate tor American approval makwn bin firnt bow. a* the " Stranger." MU? (J. CiHhiiiau'* Mr* HaJliT will be well aupporied hy a powerful c?*re, Mr Dyott appearing an Haron 8t?lnfort; \1r lilata, for thin oonaMen. onlf. will take the pa't of Solum >n, and Mr. Chapman will be tba Pater The et>l?rt*lni*i nU will oonrluda with tbe farce of ' tiuddon Tboughta." Nmi.o'a Theatbb ?The Kami family (till continue, by their elegant perforinannv*, to ftttraat orowded houui. The amuaeiaent* thl* evening, onmmnnci wllb ftn overture by the nr?he*tra anil will be followed by the iuout graceful and daring aahieveuientt on the tl*ht rope, by tbe l<av?l* and (he tnromp*r?hle Leon Jacrlll Thin will b? mieofxded by a iir*nd pai tie It'll* by Mob* ISrlllant Mile Uhaiaa aail Mile Celt* t*. The brxt piei'M will be the "Italian lirig?ud>. or tbe Midnight Akeault;" end the entertatuiucnt') will conclude with the coinio pautominie ot ' jocko." In which J. Vlarretli will reprenent the ape. Thla la an attractive bill. and. no doubt, will he the m?an* afoulbrtlng together, tbl* evening. a Urge a*<etnblag? ot tfao*e who delight In light and vli'gaut atnuaeiuentj. Di *ton?? Thbatkb.?A new aod original drama, called the ' IJenioD Jett?r. or the Dutohuiau'* Dream." will be produced at this theatre to night, In which Men-r* Brougham. Lynne, Clarke. H<>loian. and Mln* ( bapuian will appear I he performance* will floor nieDue with thu truiy laughable of "John Jonae," llurtou personating the part of Uuy Ooodlur.k. which bite b*en played by bim for upward* of three hundred D'gbt* The aiuuM-iaent* will c|o*e wivb the popular drama of "The Toodiea." In which all the priuatpal nj> tubers of thu excellent ?tock company attached to tlii" juMly favorite retort. will appear Scarcely a week p?*'ea without tbe introduction of something of a novel cbartcter at thi* theatre, and henra the great tuccei-a of Uurton't tbaatra. Nation*!. Tiibatbb.?Tha mauager of tbl* houM It on the alert to *ecnre every novelty In tbe theatrleal world a* soon at it mukaa It* appearance, and to-night the performance* will commence with tha last new piece, entitled " Heart* are Trump*," which will b* played with an excellent cait of charaatert. The nee butletijue ot tb? ' Kemale Korty Thieve*" will next be pla>ed; it ha* been written expreatly for thia hou-e, ai d Mri C. Meatayer will taka the prlnrlptl part In it 1 be drama of the " Cherokee Chief" will conclude tha entertaliinieuta; in It Mr W. Wood aud hi* highly train d dog Neptune will appear. The National th?atie keep* well up In favor with the public. aod will continue to to do iiader tbe pre*ent able management. Mitchell'a Tim* ibb.?The attendance at thla neat little theatre be* been tuoh, during the last week, a* to repay tbe manager for bla effort* to cater well for bit patron* Tbe tif>t piece to- night, will be the new fare* of -hrparftta viamtt nance " I bin will bo followed by I'M fieiil by Mini trllna. tnd tlinD Auber *grand opera of >ra lliarolo." will he acted with a atroug c*at of character*. I b? part of Krs (Jiavolo by Mr Blabup, Lord Allsaab by Mr Waloot and Zerlina by vile* Mary Taylor, who I" a geueial favorite The (inglng alone, wliirb lak>? place in tble pmw 1* (ulllolent to attraot 1 B laige audience Tbo wh'l* will conclude with Walrot'r aatlrlcal hurlemue of "Oritauola aud Hlbarnla, or ((uri'D Victoria la Ireland " ( hki?tv a Minarnili ?'I'ha pro?r*min*i of these philosopher* for their concerta during ibe coining week liart Imn all arranged In th* m<>?t piquant styls, nil contain all the Katun of iht ir performance*. Ttletr varlou* hurKeijuea. ilincn Lc. are tba most amuaiag thing* of tba kind ? hiiMwrtfH We need aot si**** mtad up establishment. tn Astor flats, will afford a an* sourns of uniUM-BirDt to oar eitiiens ; and undar the maaagen> ot nf tbe Napoleon (e,j ue?t ri ?n manager*. Oeneral Kufus Wflch, the publla uaay rwt aourmt their pl*a*uie and comlort will be consulted lu every particular. He ban tba b*?t company of s'lusstrlans In the United States i mines* Aasrvsi.v Room*.?MacalHster, tba great necromancer and magician. will give hi* Ssirrtt MiKijvtt ev?r? evening during the week Kir. Booth is pia> I tig at tba < beanut atraet theatre, , rhiladtlpbla. Notwlihx'anding the Indifference that baa been shown In Parts, at th- theatrea to politic*, of late there haa been tbe preatest dealrs to artuca tba feallug ?.? Inat tbe dominant rhurch party. At the thxatie of : tie Ainblgu < omii|ue they are performing a play ft untied upon hugene Sne'a '* VVaud?rin< Jaw," la whmh there wvie aon.e violent denunciation* agalnat ' the Jseult* '1 he acclamation* with wtilch they war* received were of the loudeat and moat vrhetaeut ahatacer 1 ha piaca had been performed for many ulf hts wiihout the alluelona having been noticed. 'I he OranJ iipera at ( art- ha< again been opened, Md ha** performed tbe opera of Lucie de Lammernieor," " Ouillituoie Tell." "Robert la lilable;" end " I.a Favorite,'' together with the ballet of" La Olable a tjuatre " tor the re-appearance of (arlotta Urlal, th* tali liled ifmiiruir, Mm* f'aateilan ?? expected to raturn to I'arU, after , the teatlval of Itlrmlnghani Maaaol and liordae have both returnad to Pari*, from ' London, ti e latter, It la raid, will be sugigud at th* Italian Opera Tba French Opera, established at the Theatre i 1 Rrautr.ari hair, cloec'l on tbe Ibtli ultimo. ("hia event ' waa eaaily to b<' I' r*?ei u Th* undertaking waa badly r<mcet<?d. and situated In a locality whien offered no Bhence of auccea*. 1 he i onaervatoir* of Mutlc, of Pari*, mad* a rrijnait, ! which wae graat< d hy the Mlnla'er of the Interior, to ' obtain p?iuile?i-n for one of It* pr<>fe-*wra to travel 1 every year iu Ibe province*, In order to obtain good . TuicM lor th* Opera. A new vaudeville baa been performed la Pari*, called i' l.e t eagre de la Tali " tn which M I .mil* deOirardia I* caricatured M Oalllardet the ei-publlaber of the C'euttaer rf?a f'.toli (/mi la New V ork la alao represented. with a bo(t< aed an r)r ?l?>? aleayi in liand and a Nap leoi.lan lock of hair on th* h?ad Th* k?ior who pla)* that pert ! >* ka the real man, and tbe Biock M Oalnarilet <-|a m? p*ace by all m laua. ft* well I { M tb* diaftrmuent of all na?>no*. Rlconar or a l.oai (mho - Thraft yeara ?go. John Burt of this city. |o>t hi* aon, Jaa>ea I) , ag-d four ?>ara The oniy lafi rtnatloo he ooaid ob'ftlu of tba hild Wfta tl at abde he, In compeay with one of bi* -ompanlooa waa |ooklr>|t through tne ucloaur* a wo- ( man tggr?M>u mm no intuai mm (o ^ itnopiof b?r n.lo tha cltru* HIdm tb?t Uiao, Mr Burt Du mH aaary cofccalaabla im aa* to ranoaor bit I ?( log Ma had alwaya boliaaod htn to ba*o baan carriad off by " ?? M? rOaiiMlrd ?llh tba ciroua. and a i par r?d to Did Mm. ao? o?r or lalrr, la aoma clrcu? ouoipao? i M lib tbla opinion ho ha* aim la aoaaral Jotirnaya to dlfrarant porta ? f tbo country, but ilaa;? wllltoU' .udcmi I Ha alUatlon waa eallad to a pa-agrnph in a Ayracuaa papar. ralaitoa to a llttlo bay round by Jnatteo M.>u?o, !>f that olty. eaaarad with uiud tod blood aadaaaorlog (o (bailor hlmtalf from tbo rain la tfr; (oi>da b?i. rha boy ja?a hla ntoio Jama* Burt, and ap,>aar*d to tw an or awaan year* of ago Tbla aorraapondad (ilk tbo nana and aga of Mr II ' I oat abild. bui lt? bad ham ao oftab dacalvrd that bo telagraiihad to tbo jua> Ilea making carta!* Inqulrlaa Tba reply waa ant *atltfartory aa lb a boy la>??tad ibat ha had rooafr mi and ihraa yaara pra*lou*ly But a fullor deacrtptioo, n an- aar to a lattar particularly tba atataia-at tbat lha boy bad a dark drown aark und-r hla loft aar -ao rally coaliimad Mr. B 'a hopaa that bo woat to dyrasu?* laat Saturday night. On Hunday morning ho trocoadad to tbo Orphan Aaylmo. wharo tba b >y bad baan placid and. without hating aar da >erlptioa tif iho IHtla (allow, Inataatly plckad bina ut frutB a compaay of fifty all draaaad all la Tba >it?tor) of tbo ab<luetion la aubaraottaily aa M. owa, aa patbarad from tbo boy hltmolf Ha waa apokaa to by a woa aa. aaar tbo alrana, aa Mr B h?f-ro untor- I >to<>4 I hl? aontaa took tho child to a bouaa in tha >liy. which ba dwi not racollaet. Soon aftar dark, ' ikay wont oa board of tha oara, and aftar aboat aa ! tour, aa tba boy thought thoy got out of tho eara and look a canal brat Immadlataiy aftar tbay got oa tbo brat, bo ranollxta tbat tho woaaa took off kia apran )rat and than bia ntbor oiothoa, aad pat oa bin a rod lull Ha tbaa raaitnbar* raachiag tbo wuaao'a houao ii Oawaga, wharo be aaw a llttlo girl, whoa tha womaa tallad hla twin ?lator; aad ha waa told tbat hla nnthor ind fathar waro daad. Ha waa alao mad a to baliaao hat ba had hoan brought to Oawogn from t'.ngiand. Mid a aaw nana waa gift! hla. Ha woald. bowoaor. niii?tinidMi it that hla miba m+m Umm Rn??. kni ha ?? xblpfd tor thla no ofUi tnd Ntml). that ha >u g?ti?rally known u Frwdarlek (i . Ha oa??r 'alt at hi tae with bin ahdnrlraaa, and nan* or tw|?a an aaay and abo-ntad hlmaalf aaaaral date It waa J bit pi?dl>|>?*ttl?ii to gat off which ocolt. d la hla ra. h??l?| haard | graat daal about tha Stata air. a ad n at O?wgo a?t?nat?a arraagamaata nada tor tlflU(| it, ha dafralod to go kma-tf aad (a accordingly. Wbila tbara. I?a ptahad up ,ant.W? b) running ot #rra?4a watabiag aatUa ha , iiid ?o llttd la tha crowd without attraaitag aor par truiar attaatlna Aftar tha fair rlo-.d, h? u??l to i?td?r a boat tha canal walking to tha natgbb?rtng lilagaa. and i ?tnmtng ta Syradnaa at ?<ght Whlla ii.o. rta* ah< lit o? tb? tnwpath during tha darka?a? i.d rala ba Ml ?a a r.oaa badly cutting hla haad and BM, bkdwta? hla to laaaaathla that ha laid oat in ha rain doribg tha wboia night Tha day following ha in foaod aad oarad ft* Ha l? aow aim bla par*at* i bilght go. d ' aklag aad happy lltUa fat law ?iHtmf K*m?g J*araai, 0?i t. I E R A TlinklHeil > < Huilral. Bowkrt Tmk*td* ? To-night, tho d?? dram* by th* ?elebrat?d Mark l.auion. will ba produoed at thla houaa; It ia outltled ' Heart* art* Tiuuipi." and. wa uuder ta?d. ha? boon mn?t miRoeaaful in London, whora It la now beinu performed before crowded bouaoa Tba itory. of which ?a h.??e m?d ukauih, ti ooo whloh, In n ?ell noted, a* It no doubt will bo by tba Unwary ivmpany, cannot tail to bo molt lutere'tlag Vleanra (illbart. I.eatar. Mnharland, Jordan. Wlnaat. Vtr? (ill bert. Mlm WriBj?? and Mr* Herbert, will talio tho prouilneut pnrta Mien Wemyna' part l? ona In wtaioa he will appear to niuob advantage, wo are ??re Tno ?l>Uaiilid i-per'aole of Warwick'' will conclude tba eurTrtalnnient*. With Mioh a bill, it la pretty oortala tho bou?o wftl bp tilled tbit ovenlDg wltb a largo aud bril iai't andlenca. Broadway Tiiutni ?Thii evening. our old favarita, Mi?* CharlotteCuxbiuan. ankaehor tint appearanoein i -ii-m?c. -= L 1). TWO CENTS. Sporting Inteltl(;?nee. Um*n CouRir L. I ? T?qtti*u ? Kriday, OotoW t ? Part* fWH). two mil* hrat* In harn*** John OtM ntnitd h m I.vIt Mowin? \ I P. DimMkk (? '< i< ( luck I Tlm??6:10 * ITVJ 1 Firtl Hemt.? Bottloir Wo to 100 on l.*dy \f??o?w. 8k? won the pole Aftar eight attempt* they *tart?d Lady Mowu* leading l l?ngth round the turn RoulM brokn tt Iht drivgktu aud fell off nbiut Ave leng'h*. Lady \4oacow tii eery *t-ady si t went to th? quarter la '.1% reeonda Down the back *tretoh. to tha h*lf *he ipprirrl togo ?ery leliurely; but*he pnn4 tint ptial 'n 1:14, Jack about thirty yard* behind, baring broke up a second time Ro**H*r olo<ed up Itttla round tba lower torn and up tha home Htretrh. but aoi enough to force the mare to her ?px?d She passed tba atand In 2:32. (ire *eoond* tn advance of him Oa tha upper turn, Ro??iti*r fell furtberin the rear; and on tha bank stretch, the mam *?ruied to wait for hlrn. all >wlof him to draw olo?er to ber Kroiu thu apparent eaM with which the mare performed her work, oontra*t?4 with the laboring, unnteady gait of ItoHsiter. it waa * ! dent that had ' a?e choe?n. ha oould ha?nli?teao-l Jack quite handily. 4ltboogb marly a distance la front ol hiui at the half mile po!e. he made no effort M increase the *pac? between them but ctm? in'>dxr*uty home, d"Iiiif tlfv last mile |g'i:HD, and the beat in 4:10. Srmnd Hrat ?Mr Dltnmick ??ai induce I. by a >'ne oi the Interested partir*. tn let Hiram Woodruff wbo ha4 eouie on from tioeton to witness tba ran*. take o large of Itorflter in thin heat. Hlglf hope* were eotertal?e4 that Hiram would be ahla to manage bun hatter thaa Mr Dtmsiick. Tbia however, wan a mistaken Ids*, for. notwithstanding tha well earned re nutation of Hiram aa driver, we drubt if there Ii a man in tha world that can do better with lioio-iter th*n vlr !? mlck. The quicken time that the borae aver made waa In the haudn at Vlr Uimtniek and there 1* no d >uht but that the speed of the horee oan ba developed oy hint tn a greater nunt than by any other man on the turf. Lad? Moecow took the lea I at the word, and retaine i U during tha heat, with the ureateet ease In fact R??nlter appeared no uiatch for her. and it was well that the owner* of the geidinggot out of the match a? easily a* they did. She passed the quarter pole in 4tf mteonda, the half mile pale in 1:IM ami crossed the saore la i: )7, Koneiter about a length behind Jaok broke up several tluie* during the beat, but loet little ground by mill acnldebta, Hiram getting down again in a rae'ueak. The niare won the heat hv a length. Tim < of last mile, 2.40X; and of the heat 6:17!i Can i aavii.i a t'Onaaa, L. I.?Parian ? Wednesday. Oct 8 ?I'urse IM, mile beau, beat three In live la harness. Jamea Welpley named b. g Dan Millar,. ..1211 John Cafe tiaim-d r m Lafly Bavins 2 12ft Time 2 : 8ft-2 : 24-2 : 27*-2 : ? Firtl Hrat- Dan Miller won tba choice of traek and the betting waa llio to 10 In hia lavur At the start, the home war a little in front; aoon after wlilob the mare broke badly, and wax fifty yard* b-hind at tna quiuttr pole. Tiaie, 40 seooads Dan went to the half in I 10 the mare nut being able to close an inch down tbe back strrtoh ; but ou the lower turn ?he laorea-ed dertpeed aud_weut up to tha borne very finely. Oatha home ?t ret I'll however, che untortuuateiy broke agalB, and Dan led hone about four length* In 2 3V Stroud t tbe word, the tiorae* started off at a trementlou* rate. Dan with the lead r->uud the turo, which be held to the quarter. passing there In 37 second*, and down tbe pack atreteh they went e*e? faetrr, tbe Dtare carrying the g?ld>ng off hi* feet, canning him to break up badly, losing Or the aneidant ii oi i*?r%y jbtup rwin ' ? Dtl( OIII? P'M? > 1.13 Hound tbr lower lura, the b<im mtilt t iIim^ ratit hrmh. near Inn tb? mtrii ovary inetant. tu4 11 waa ||i? general opinion that could he main tat u b>? "P?>?4 to the aoyre, ho would win tbe best. Ha hue* on wall, but the ffiara brat, bun In two leugth*. Hate. i it. Third Ural.? l'ettiug no the rana ?< now ..van I'hey Marted under good bead way aud wall together but tha niara broke on the turn, aud l)au lad t > tha quarter pole. forty or ftf'y ) ard< in 89 aeoxoda Down tha back Mratob. tha oiara <lo*ad up rapidly. Cfca horae patoed tba half mile polo in 1.13 On tha lower turu. Ilia mara *t> at tha wheel of Dan, and they gta? on tha bouie atreteh lapped together I'he uiara acala Diad? a break but a> ?oon aa aba recovered. aba atruak a |talt, tha Ilka of which wm never Mao on tha traok. ( In- wan baatau to tha loora half a length only. Tin*, 2.87 H Fourth lift.- Thay laft tha Mora thli time yjked, and continued to to tba quarter pole, in M aanaad*. Ixian tba bark atreteh. tlia mara draw awav from tba tiorre. aud ptMtd tha half mil? pole a length in frout, in 1 10! Kuob trroi> n t<>u< ipa?d e?toui?h?d all beholders. and aitu tha ttuia keepers aeeraed to doubt ma accuracy of tha watches. Tha mara kapt up bar speed round tha lna?r turn imH?<i?? a<p ?ni.r D>raM llaa; but ou tha boiu? amlqli, |t tba threa* quarter pola, ha mada a daah wblob la<'ed tit tha mora, and ha lad in a winner by half t length. run*. J 11! 1 hi* ta tlia qulnkest tiuia by hall a sarond arer mada la public Tba great in?? of Jet K Polk, whan ha distanced Kalry Imuran and John C. Calhoun, on tba Uaaeon t.ourae. wai U 13^. TniRkii to in v.? I'.iigi Couasa, L. f.?The low* mila raca between tha celebrated h'irae* Tally-Ho, r'ree Trada and Uostuna. for a pur?e ol JlwO and an le<td? stake at $100 each, will take place to-day. at ona o cl >ekThis race haa been held In abeyance fur several daya, on account of l>ad w-aiher; but It uiuat coma off to day ? tba propilatort of the several b'>rees eu'ered dfirn/ to return to tha Mouth immediately. At the hour >?( putting the l/n eM lo pre-a thU morning thera w?i etatj Indication ol fair weather to day; the wiad had not around ta the aorihweat the moon aud itara ilitaa brightly at.d the ?ky wax hut lltt|? clouded. < > v ti nu.i ?- Cut:in. ? Iuime,!lately after tba ana teat at tba I'ulno t our?e to day. a trot wlU uta piece at tba ntr??llle, f,,r a puree of fil.'iO?two mile baata. la btrnni tor wliiah the tylihrated trotting na(s, I.aJy Suffolk, IV III am aad l.ady Suttoa are entered Muanmnra if Aaae?saa. - Tha little Hi ok (Ark.) B-mrur ot Kept 18 ooaialna a letter, (I ?iog tba particular* of seveial tnuidrte la that slate fro* wlilch wa make Ilia following attract :?I will now give you an areola! of ona of tlia outrage* p~rpetrat> ?l la tbai unfoitubaier.nounty, Marian On 1'ildey leu tbrna ol the King" war* murdered In i-Dld blood If.i i reaoU left of a battle tba'. ?aa fought at I ?n>nle. tome tltaa lace b-tw?o the kings aud .verett* hint daft tiac.e. Moooey, (the 8bml(f of Mart m r unty ) aad n uie of the K**retta followed one of ttae Kin^a who bail moved from Vailon to oawaynoun'y and eettled; when Moooey It Co arrived at Kiuge'. tbay louad him In tba act of moving haat to ?larion flenn'y. They lOfik I.Hit urianuar W IlitLl . K.m iK.w *- k or do ?< lf>?) rhoaa *4 b? Would 4>I *Ub lii 'iu pa?o? obij but llitt h? did n?.t ifelnk tbalr latanUon *i> ta Ukr hia to k aiivtila hit h- b IIk?4 t|i?f ini>n |-<1 ta ntyrdrr Mm on (lit w?j Moi d-/ and ?.?ar?u toid Ins II I hay wantfd to laka him back to t allrilla tt I gira hits a trial h? ib? l??? Ar?>a>a>. wlticH King aty milil; i|md to. ai.d tuid tiicm all b> ?a>ttwd ??? lair ami Impartial trial by thr law. of hi? iiatitr but told lh?ui at tliaaaui? ilia* that ha n?w mp?"tH lof? abtrt b* cmild ba>f a u ?i Hia fa'bot hrodaar*, nil I think two ai>i?iua tal l tb?y would g ? with turn a* I' ll! a* ha ?a- ll*r?> y I h- Ktng? all w. n? tmar.a-' I t aad Co, iiaitMrfd ab >ut twaaty fb?> arui'd rarb with a rtll- (un t a>r ul pi>tol< and ah <wta kuita Kli>| lltill; doimI on. atrbar ah-ad r h -hui l (hr e<?>pany. I d > nut r?roila?t whir h hot to It la OW t ba wav two of v I ok a llul- ciilJr.u vara lak?< ?arf nrk I'ha night h?fura the h-l l-b d?>-d wa? u-">?aIralrd King l-arnad that nai of lil? ali i Iraa *?? ?! ><; ha |.|ra>t f r (? .<! -a'a to lat h ia gu and <uf ?ua aia I?m r lutla d) Ing rbild tbat n <hi and to d tha>a t? rbain bin ?r tt<- biaa In an* m?j and go w.tb hi? ao tbay would lat Mm raa hi- dj I >* S Hid whiah naar ti n d*ar to blm bat ail hi- |-a;ar> wara la tain, tbay told hiai b? ( old n<>( ai? otf.j>ritu? dia Poa am ni' rning K mg told bl? idd g'a? a- a 1-d taluar U>?t ba bia hr' thar* aud o u-lo? had b t a. a*?; an4 Laka rara of th?ni><-lta?. aa h? ?a< roa>co.i? ih ,t '>i?ir 'ata aaa ? al?d I h? old aiao aod th? b ya t??l l biia .hat tln-y would *'aj with him aod all dii 104 that if lb* company lataad'4 to nnrd'r ih?m M longta -ha k-*a>naa a' maimot 1 d >ppiog ?(T oua a' a tiai? uatil niy tan "r twaitr wara Ml to lata lb- pria mar oa to abara bia fata ?a? t b? for? ?*r a "4 .i-y ia-i?d & laara th? onanpauy two or .hr?? nia-i n it waolff r?turn la a ab"rt Uaia aad lata aoa-? 00? of tna ?.rar-tta t-loa and tal* to ttiMn f r a -liori tuna a'l I a aaaa tba ?> mr4?T M'hwn Ha Mara>4 th? third n a?, )a look a m?u out aad ?aika4 t?> him flratwl? f?r aa tour, wbau h? laft tin a na^aa; aatlr-tf Ch* rat >f .br aa.aaalaa th?n laft tba r<wl allhlhaKiac and w??t i"B>a dlalaaaa ittutilwv holloa, lhaj ibar? wanted ana tiaga tii|rl down off tbair boraaa. bo*, th T r 'u?J liaa on a of tba party gtaa a algn flir a'l ban la to ra ptla* ibetr rifla< which ? < d<>o* In ii>n?r tiuia ia*y ik*? b*k*d lb* king" ag.m to got j itu fro* tb-ir korHi, ib?j Mill r?fa**di ?h-n on* of <h- >iMnf th* I>|D to ihmii. <*blah ? ? *b-y*d a'i I 11m l>r>Dg fuBmruwi. F?o of th* Klogt tba old maa, ?n<l ol bio tona f>ll about thirty *tap* imti, tua ?th*? aoa* bar** raa about two buadrad yard* b*f .ra h? Ml 1 b?j tb?a ?hot ol- b'>r?* aa<l btlial bla ra* botM fall a*r<*? hi* l?g? and broka ooa, afiar b* ?a< I'ld 1 b* mho ? <> KlngMtb- c .?.ln?? aala tbdr rreapa Tbay ran down thalr horaa*. aol ib-ia al?r* antll dart ai.d tb*a ??? to lb* Ml<l*a?at, al**d a eoapaay aad ?*?t tin ?b*ia to Yallrtlla, ?b*ra tb*y gut h-lp to bf iag in tha b >di*a of tba thrw* that ?*r* ?ard>-r*d North of > *11*111* two maa. f'okar and <hnr#h?aa, ?*r* play lag oard* oa Ka'.urday a*aalng. i?pt I l-a?y 'all out ah?>ut I** dlaia* bra < oker <1r*? hi* knlto tad nabbed Chtuahniaa la tba braait. kullag bin lataally. Ilaaipton Tutt of Marlon eonnty. *a< *bot at a f?? lay* ago wblla riding along th* road It I* aald that la bt> l*ft ib* fi>*i.try Joba b.raratt ?-ai to L?ba>on la Mrarry ooanty a fa* day* ago. aud *'.i*uiu.?4 ? kill Joba im M?an?y. but *a* pr**aui*d fr<ai "* ntttlrg tfea Moody d*ad at tba tin* M* *111 kill btdl I b> ? )> boa Ik* Hmmrr ha* tba Mt??lag aot'ca of tba pr*gra?a >1 a?*tita afiar tb? natragr ? Tba h*rifl .f > arlon **aary aft?r bradlag iba party ho kill** tha Klag? na< . rtirt' d aaar ? all mla and t* ha**->i hy a auffnlaut for ja ro dafy a >f gal pr< a*aa to arr*m biat oi th aem-?-*riM H >a U al?*r Judga of th* Supr-in i ouri n<a?4 a *rn for ha?t arr*?t. hut tha a? ?r ?*ra aot itroag ?n idgb t* nioir* lb" la* Oof linaa* ha< l*<ii'<i an nr<l*r I* >?ll A h. ** o- da of Vtailifoa notlnly aa ?lR?*c *f at* tad to * that tb* ?upr?aia?y of ih- U*? ?r* ina'aaiard, la b* aided if r?<|ttir*4 by a aaii of lb" taluua.