Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 6603. tfjg Additional Partlcalara ot the Storm. We continually receiving account* of the Injury one in ui? " now" or Baturaay nigm. ana we rear we ban soon bear of some terloua wreck on the ooaat. The steamer W J. reace arrived here on Sunday BOOB, having left Philadelphia on Saturday, at eleven a'eloek la the morning? encountering the severe gale Of Saturday night. Capt Conklin reports having seen everal veesels with loss of sails, spars, to. This speak. Well of the qualities of the outride line of steamers. Among the trees prostrated by the storut, on Sunday morning, were Ave large ones In Tompkins square?one of them as thick as a man's body. In 23th street, ano iher large tree was uprooted, and throughout the olty generally, the young trees have grea'ly suffered being either bent or broken. In several place* along the telegraph lines, the posts have got a considerable leaning io one side. The new ohurrh belonging to the Baptist ^Tabernacle Society, in Mulberry street, was partially dilapidated, and the interior suffered considerable damage. Several new bouses were stripped of their roofs, In the upper part of the olty, and shanties were blown down, ar filled with water. Two or three of the row of Bew brick houses in 8th aTenue, are materially injured by the settling of the wall*, iu consequence of the torgents rushing into ths ba-smcnts Along the quays, the cellars wore flooded by the tids. being the highest Inown for many yeare M*b'y Sf *th streets ujj flown, aepecially On the North Kiver side, wero also inundated by the eiceselve quantity of rain, and A lie sower* being choked up at the oroasiags. idanyptrsnn* were more or less injured, but none at far ae we have heard, have 1 mt their lire*. We reJated one case of a Brooklyn tailor coming in contact With tko falling liberty pole in Park to*. We have hoard of come others cince An old g utleinsn living in hirst avenue was serion-ly injured by being blown against a tree in Broadway Hi* nose bled profusely, And Mood al-o gushed rrni bis mouth. Ho was oouTeyed to his residence by some of the spectators A lady was blown into a sewer n< w being erected in Broadway; she was taken up ur.frjured by some gentlemen who were pasting A men. whose name we ?ould not ascertain, standing on the slip at Whiteball, observing the storm, and waiting for the ferry boat, aae blown into the water, ami. owing to the dark Xier.? and the gale, was rescued with great difficulty. WliHamsburah suffered from the storm, ss well as New Yotk and Brooklyn Trees were upronteJ. and abimneys blown down 'I he most serious result of the fsle there was the prostration of the new Methodist piscopal Church in course of erection in South Klflh Street. Buildlrg* half erected, or neatly finished, were Best expo ed to injury, as the wind getting inside the walls, and not baring sufficient rent to get out, forced the wa'le asunder. The Long l?)and Sound tteamerj all arrived safely on Sunday afternoon. The city Las quite a washed appearance, and is nearly ried up by tbe cold dry wind from the north, During the prevalence 01 the gale on Saturday night last, ti e li?ma work of a new bull ling designed for an oil cloth manufactory, situated in Bedford, oppislto Clinton averce, Brooklyn was blown to the ground with tremendous force, the noise of the failing timbers being beard at a considerable distance. It belonged to a Mr 1'ditsrd Haivey. and was being built by Me.-sri: Sneedeo k Booth. me oai.e or ?ATtrrr?ay ntout at bottom. Am easterly storm, accompanied with rain, commenr ed here on Saturday evening about 9 o'clock, and wontii Ued during the greater part of yeeterday, with onridetable violence, Betwe-n one and four o'clock on fiinday morning, the storm blew with great fury fVom tbe southeast, but toward* daylight it gradually lulled and cbacgcd to the northeast, and the rain abated During the flood tide in the afternoon, the wind again increased and became very squally. Many treee in this vicii lty Lad branches broken by the gale; .--bop wnipgs signs and rbimney-tili's a-i-re scattered in a:l directions and we understand the gable of a new Lurch In Chelsea, was bluwn down o any of the tele frepn pnau wtre aim pro;trauii.a->a i :m wins brox-a. sterday. the brig September. < ap'.ali Wa' arrived, in I her captain re?crt<*d that he ? ri ship n?ar Cobaaeet |t< rks, and two brtg?. all In very exposed ?ita th ns 6 cbsequently (apt La'h-op cacne from Ci'barg-t and rtatrd that one r.l th? brigi h id out away brr u a tn and If she rlrnck at low water, no human power con Id e*ve a roul from her. as tlie breaker* along the biaah were foa.-iln^ over twenty t <et high Mo llie boat conld pa?* the u;h aui'b a tremen! ma nrf. The other brig war le:* exposed. and might rhlv ?t the gale in safety Captain l.atbrop thinka the (hip een by C'ap'aln Waterman, ?* Inwnrd bound, aid probably eatne to an atebor In the r.udi in our hirb?r the daninge sustained by the shipping ara? not. In any case very revere The abip Kmparor. of New Or- i leans, 1; i: g at l.ocg Wh.vf parted barlaat* mi drlltad to eeiitra! wharf, where she rani id a ay the aehoonet 1 Ororge Kvaa'a bowsprit, but sustained very little dain- 1 age herself Serer il small vessels dr.ftnd foul of each 1 tber In the deck at the south -Ide of India wharf. IJf i there, tLe itbr.oner William AUrn of I tiiia lilphia, ha 1 her at >rn ft ova, the rtern timber* and tafrail broken, ! and the jib.boom and fore-topmart otrried away. The Brlti.'h biig Francs* loat bcr bills, head , but none rf the ether-i seere much damu > I Our harbor Is well ah- Itrred from all wind* hut soi'th-aet; and as th gale oontlaneil hut a abort time Iroin that point the rea had r.t a< 'tu,r o i; fh. lentforo# toerrata .ach **cl'la the herl'cr ; but In th bay, ?1 .nit th* I t rhore, the rea vat terrific In lla vl lenoe. Hn-'y no Hon lav morelng the k I) I orbea went below to a-rerlaln if any vesaeli i wre in s?ir!rr?s. lo tbe altern n she vent belov { again ard f oce. dod elx liillea nut 'de of Boston l.lght; lull Br.ding that no a*rhtnni'a e old !? > rend -ri d to the | ' la at anrhor oO ( obasart. the rnturued In or-ler , to Mtftjj Copt. Moms tv< the mainsail, clo?e Beefed bnt ruoh was the fi.ry of Ibe ga'e. t!??t itbl-w the rail in tatirrj, altruist at *oon a? It th. r-'.. Our I harbor yesterday, along d o south and east Be too fiat*. I and al. i g t .th rider of the aha ?nsl, vi a forest of I marts A Biit'ah brig was a-lin-e In a rnugp?sill n tin the ra<t aide of Long (.land, and a brig an I a irhooaef had brrn in onntast in President Hoad*. i Thne w.m tha only rit-aiter* known to have occur* I i hs-lnw ? Bi'tltn Oct ?. Tli* r*lr of the American Institute Tit* KLdwra Snow.?Yesterday, the (Irrt day of th eeirod wrvk of tbe Annual Ka'r of the tmeriean Ins.'l. lute, waa ajp-lnted for the rhow of flnsrirr, fir special pr- miuins. I'nfnrtnnattly the rt'.rm of Saturday and Bungay prevrntcd the exhibition f.rtn being what It ftkerwiee wen'I be tbe rhdee-t flowers being struck down by the gale. The eo.lee'h n wb ther In #imW ' or variety, wa- br tio means large . but what wa en ter?d f. r coat cat id n wa* kigt 1? r.rrdltabla t the lorl J tuts e>.d in the grower*. we never b'bal I t ,ftb r twsntyfro- urh dablb ? as tbe lot c-erV-d'i!4 ?thA It i d by 1 h rburn *?.i i < ; >m ? -a | >[ ? o (iimt-j o wa-but little inferior to it A floral dee'gn ' >r NB>tm^7 otlM forth tba admiration of all who yaw It lh? detlgn and the r'l'ulwl ?|nil honor op.,o the fair hand* whl h ant it t .titer It wa? a urt of jpitpliifui li.wrf r"D li'tng oi a ?? ** of alrrlea of trarpraena auU aroep rt. and II >r?ie of #tar/ yarlotj and hue, Inter wo ten with ?.M?Me aVill II*T.en'h ?a water. In wl .eh (old f.h dl*y rt-d. and en tl>? imi ?ilt tn 0 l-atutlful lit It nag# culaiulog l?o IN* Idrdt TUt ? rk of T>rti a "t w??. ex acuted by Mre l?eod*r"-o To tho ynra taete of 1 the tame lady the yablhlthn wt? lid?hlet for anther Coral Uettgp " " , r 'h" bit) >r aai <ar*noly|te I an'y It ? ;t only *"' th.-o'h'T but Tayjtb'rr wa ho?? rftf teen rf U a kind The r*re?t exotica and lha?ho|ra?t dcm- etie fluwera ware dianoead , in tveh harmony aa to p-oda?? a marlo eff?.:t 1 here wave flra heoifUrta #0 arrangd aa t" f >rm a li'gh ar.ih; and at the bata li^Ji? centre an a ltrfo?on? wbl.'h oontalne 1 the |Jp?t rariaty and the nwt gocgeona of thote |l- rl<>u?lrealloct which Cwwlay ao happily , deeeribca when ha ralla them " 'era of tha truth " B.rery aja hrng with delight on th'a pietnee W" ar* glad to perceive In thla departaco' ao marked an lm* pmremebt wblrh la In no aaall <1- an avlaf to I ho daeotlon of Mr B Mead, tha tupcrlntendent. Tha pnrert. m??t Innocent, and lnt?l|eettit| of earthly OOjnymenla la the cultivation Of flowert; and nothing ba? a more exalting tendency - nothing more oaleu- , late I ",< happy, or tha d <MUI? do tbrl?a and flourieh The following la tha MM prfaat awarded by the Judaea. Yeeera Kobett Cat Slay, ianai Duahauan and A r. Cue mlnge ? SW-Ttiahait 20 rartatiea of nawcd Reeer Hirer MOT 30 -f koiet Jirplay (Aattn?d Horn-Browne a Tree* of tmw' a, 214?Tl a heat 24 of named Dahlia* flfteer megxl. Ui7?for 24 hean'lful bloom of tlahliaa. Downing'! J andaeepe itardrnlng 220-24 choice bloom of Dahllaa, Doer.lng'e t.aodgeapa Hardening 224-24 Una bloom of Dabllaa. Tha dmerlenn flora. Atnnog the ' ther artlolea do*erring of attention. w?? o rare plant called'' feather t.raaa," whloh waa etanlly like the plumage of the bird of l'aradt*a tnoth- r eu* yloaity la tha grietoinahia Brar.lD?a>t*. wblah I* a pay. faot neo'le.erlpt. I,aat not lea-.*, a etoifc of ladinn ?otb, 80 feet high, wbteb graw in thti nlty The prl?ei f.*r frnlla bar# n -t yet been reported by the judge*; I nt there are two whieh we can mention, one for It feign grapaa to J. 0 Van K-?tit*?laer. Clinton iv.lnt ord the other to W. W. llughaa, for natlra grape.*, tha fineet we arar taw DomiaMr *1 l*rr I In n y. At the Wnrneeter (Via'* j t rlmlntl 'met, tfar*hail Ha#*- of B<yl*'on who. while Int mtna'.ed. kilted hl? brotbet for taking away bl< ru.n jug ?t< r ]tru:>d to the *1*'e prt'oii for rl* year* Jneeph Mary. mate and Kianet* r,rld. eallnr. ??rt or reMed at Norfolk, Vn , on the 4?n to at ehnrgeg with stealing* *)' entity of gn<>d?from ea b ?rd the tebooner A nn It , I naerhlll, nteter The St I.enl* paper*, nftki IPth nit, earn* to hand yeeterdar With tba detail* rf the new* from Santa ra. II of which ?a published. by tele*raph eereral day* atne* Tbey alat a mtain a letter Imu Salt haka. all the fan'* of whlnh we far* mm* two weak* *lna*. One Manly, of North Carolina. ha* appitnted tha . lltl d*y * f Noeember a* a day of general thanksgiving The A. nthern mall, dn* at noou yaaterday, failed owth of Wa.htngtoa. Tbare war* 143 death* In Philadelphia, far the week ending the 6th last . of whieh on* wa* of abotara A Are broke owl la a fote?t la Rorlingtoa mnaty, N i . last week, whteh horned for twenty rail** la length and fowr la breadth, before It wa* extinguished A large gnaatity of (lather wa* destroyed. E NE . r t Our German Correspondence. Bkslik, September 12th, 1Mb. The (.rrmmn Constitution?The Tret nan Scheme?The Interview between the Emjuror of Ausiria and King >/1 Pruina?Emigrmli<m to America, +e. Since the Chamber! have met and commenced their I wcrk of legislation, the moet Interesting debates whloh bare taken place In the first Chamber, hare been on the revision of the oetroyee constitution of Deonmber 6. The popnlar mind Is so little expressed In either of the I Chambers, that there la a numerous and powerful party | in both of them, to whom even that oonstitntlon Is too liberal. Although the rights granted to the people by | It are mostly illusory, they would even take away that little which has been left by the Brandenburg Manteuffel administration, and, If possible, hare everything revert back to the same state as it was before the revolution of March, 1848. The fact Is, that they would gladly wipe off that untoward event from the page if history, and absolve the king from all promises made | at that time. Strange to say, the euly serious oppoal- ! tion encountered by the ministers, proceeds from this | retrograde faction, who, while they profess to approve of all measures tak"n l>y government, do hot hesitate to vote against them in many instances. This oppo-i- : ticn thown Itself particularly in what is called the ! Gsrnisn question, when a vote of confidence Id the ministry was brought forward by M. von Beokeratb ! one ef the heeds of the party that culls itself oonstitu- j ticnal. but Is, in reality, composed of trimmers and { waverers. who are ready to submit to anything for the I | sa':e of peace and quietness. I The ultra-royalists (or Prussians par excellence ) found i fault with all the eteps taken by Prussia, in order to i CO! <-i!Wte the other governments, and place herself at I the lead of Germany; they would profor the defunct Diet at Frankfort to be re established. acd Prussia to prrtue h>-r own exclusive policy, discarding all the d'eeme of German unity, as revolutionary and impracticable The ministers, ou the other band, declare that Prussia Is even ready to make some saoritloes, with a view to brin^ about a union cf all the (ierinau governmtnts, great and small, on condition of her being at tb? bead cf the confederation With this object, it is proposed that two bouses of Assembly be coustltutod, the lower bouse (Vitlktlttua. or people's house.) to consist of deputies elected bv the people according to a lew oi suffrage, similar te that now existing ia Prussia, vrblle the members of the upper house. or Staafenhaut (Slate House ) are appointed by the legislatures of the various States. Yeu will recollect that thi? constitution for Germany, has been acceded to by the Kings of , Saxony and Hanover, from which olrcunistanca It has i derived the nsmeof ' Constitution of the three Kings." it rm i?-Ti open *or me oiner states to join ana most I of l he petty princes. ns well a* the free cltle* of Ilimbctgh end Brt men. here signified their accession ; but Ai.itrle. Bavaria, and Wirtemberg stand aloof for the present, and the deep-rooted jealousy that has subsisted for so many eenturiee b.twen then 'rthern and 1 southern portions of Germany, renders It eery lmprobe- ' Ma iliat. MM three governments will submit to un ar- J rang. mint. which would virtually transfer the seat of i er-] ire fr- ru the banks of the Danube te those of the j Spree Thl.i new constitution of the Gernitn empire, \r-g laid before the Prn.'slan Legislature bv Count Uu- j lew. In the firrt. and M. da nadowilr. In the second , ( bomber. lite latter who was one of the most promi- I r.ert members of the National Assembly at ''runicfort, made an elerjoeut sperch. explaining the conduct of the j ministers in the so called (ferman question, and expressirg the determination of government to proceed in the course of policy hitherto pursued Prussia. I he said, has afforded her assistance to ail, i ?. I to suppress insurrections at the polot of the b.xyomt, as was the ease at Dresden, and tn Baden, both 1 to tbosa who are grateful for it. and to those who I are not so (a hit at Bavaria the Prussian troops having I been Instrumental In patting down the republiosa j mvuvnts in the Bavarian Palatinate); bat though deeiovdly opposed to all revolutionary violence, she was amicus to carry ont'thajnit wishes of the nation. and if the great object of Ucrman unity was not attained, the blaine at least would not lie at her door, j In spite of M D<- Hadoaits's orator, hip, the intriguing I cbhtacti-r and jernitleal tendencies of this statesman j are so well known that the people are not Inclined to I rut much talth tn his representations; considering, i however that the " German unity" as propo-ed in the c< rstlfutlnn of tha three kings, will b". in rusllty. oiv i thing else but a Tru'Mtu dictatorship I am apt to think the eablnet of Berlin sincere at least In this Instance 1 The new Diet (or ilnViiij.) of those govornmsnts i who have jussJ tha I'vnaaisii iVt j at the city of Erfurt (in Prussian Tbiiriogia) Ao- 1 eortfing to some statements, the first meeting will ta>ie p'areln October nest, others arc of opinion thst it will be dtiajed till November or December, and the mora sceptical, or leis sanguine portion of (be public. I are prrruaded that the whole affair will be adjourned viae rfi> Mt an while a permanent court of epiuyhsv bei n established in lhat city, as a forum by which ail ' dispute* arising betwe? a tk? government< aud the i legislative a simbitev are to be decided; but as the member* of this eonrt are nominated by the govern- 1 m tit t h .< hi 11.) 4 It 4- mv4.W.v.v Mint tl.'.fi tel..,?1 ?i I ' b-' ** c< in plata mockaiy * lb* othtr Itn-'lfotioni f>n lbo pa'tant mid pulltble Otrrnto nation. '1 ha KttR of Pfiipfi# and t.V-jrouBK Kmpnror nf Au?ti In bad an Interview at Pil'nlti n??r hr < bn, on th? Mb |n?t ; inj ibl? ma'tlor l? fnifm!ly rtg?J,ij at n eljn tba' tbo m'rnfr car./ial* bfttMg I'rifMa and | Austria baa ton trtabllgbad. No doubt thl' ratjon : (dilation la to b> tracad to Hnoia who** *a(1ii?aeo ha? brroiram. ra paraix r t tt an avar ilnra herons'- *?ae I !n Hwt.pary: end it i< not improb .bio that ntea?ore* ! hat* bcM diar.utfod dorter tbl* wcond ?niifrrMi"i of I ru.atfa, which tray rcndat it at celahrtiltd In tno | ari.*!? of mcdrtn K.uiopa a? that ot 171*1. la wbtoti tha i civ tdo of tlaipot-ioi a?aio?t raroiutiinary franca ? tniltid rpon. 'Ih'?. a* Bow, a>i Krayaror ot At't'iia mid a Kliift ot I'reiia. not at IMlnlii and a a -ifwa ih? mult. wbicb a an not dan.d d till II tia I I* I I ho Kr?nch inch In triumph to Viuma Baiilu, ni.?t v.ocnw, anil tha a'lu-.. to l a !?, j'r.fth* prare.t tli t'ura ha:i racornri d fiom all furl J-' ?at and it r lu'iort; lha raouaycd ar toortoy ur? it' hiflfl nplrltf t Uhliu fuud* "I'd r<K orl'.ie I ?> wall h Tul"ay thai** ba< a Is - n tiling and nullnM to litif fifaaj and tt.u ."iuinant >.? p r r ut bond*, aliii.b atli r th? tr uluti .n bad fal an to ti ara now up t" tS. bhipw'iita of pialn ara iuakiuu from all lha Pn.ff'nn porta, lo tin- Hal tin. tor kniiaul ?ioce Ilia !)ai I t. I V el.adn ba.i bun ltd cd Ttia c ivum:'an ta ? t.'" to kf p 't'a' t art of thn country qniat by gl?l:y mplnytnan' to Uiv lab >ritig cl> o i>ut In aplia of tbia apparant tiali'i utility, a Tagua laor ail die'iuat < I ilia lu' uta i,ltil , radoui!uatni. a,id uouth at . r u.< i.tb tl.a rr> ad* J t>rolgrant alilpt Ua?? ih- po la ot ITambnrgh and Bratoan to teak a bnppr It.tma In tha b.ikaioda of/.no t.o*. or tba will* o( Now B-u'h V idea. A. li. Intrrritlnu 15 tinigarlnti Uoininnit. iMMitiioM r k in-.1 KisMTitoti/.tbu a [Kress tba 1 oaili a I irons ] In try lattar if tb? nth. I forward?d j,m ia nmiry of t ha i*< Btetita of a da turn ant fnnd In tna I inn i.f a cattail* t iap',!clli a Pullab military, vtowaaairi t.Jat L'redan in th# "2d of July At t ' fametima I gii" y u to Undi-retaod ll ?? highly I probahla tba'a aariaa i,f pap. ra which bad failan loto ed w uld t>n brought I* fore the public. [be remit ' L*r | rrv d thai I ?*' not rtrfalm, for a lew daye . I'fli'e a d< content rfctlti>d " for ItlMtHt'l oli.t g a i < untry" pnb.iebrd At luu wa? not of the ieaet iut'-re.-t I did not t i-ubi* J i with it. but a letter ' f ti e sth June 1149.from that inveterate a idapt'at or, Tilar* Ail mi Ciartcrypki. to IU? rebol nbt*f i lien tlneky, trea't oi matter* tar too lutm-atlng to be p e??d over In 'Hence. I mire i aartot) iki'a letter le-pin" by complimenting Pn^fc orky uprn the happy turn whl? li the tlungeiiau warned tain from the time of 1,1* arrival but remind* b'-n that tbc nioet dargemu* moment had n >w c nn?, ! Hue la having taken tlj.' 'Ie|.I a?lh<\atly of Austria the I Prince thru p< ;nta < nt the heredity for rejonelltntl' n between the Magyar and Sclavonic rnca?. an I for in!re eonri en the part of the former, a IJiog, i ' I hie le required by r'Tinion jurttoe; tb> iniere-tt of , the Veyrere. their <afety tor the lutura. their preient welfare, the porlbtltty of a PUCreerlwl rerietanre. all d mend It llerr l.odel*. who I hone me with you. Will ley before yon the d? inande of the Palaver." The noMe ponvplratcr then proe-ed* to >ay. that the way In - the approaching nt< i muit ; be the ohj-ct of Dvuibianby'* rnn-taot evn?U?ra- , tlon t hot It la hie (' rartortrkl t) optnl >n that , I'oiend which Pa* at;IT red men heavy Ijeeae, moat a< long a< po?aible f. rm the rear guard. ' Let the | poire do battle under the Magyar flag," aaye the Prtnea: "but let Poland he kept In re.arre to de?| the death blow. Inat'ad ef waning It# 'trength In pvrttal and III prepared Inrnrreetlona. Tbnre la a tee< nd aad weighty r?a<on for thle. We know that ( in the army, ari in Httola lleelf. there lathe germ of 11 i * i, ; t u| I hu deatmjed If Neil we m I anon. Bo It our hntloree to enquire Influence lu the e< nntrlea whlrh Kureta hae taken poe?eea<nn of. War- | like gap edition* mn*t be undertaken In Lithuania aad the llteine. b fore the H?t?g of tbe kingdom and the , revt rf Po'enfl ran Iw permitted ; the t ractw and linti Helen Hu??lana (tht* rhonl I eyldently b- Prdee) mint art r!?e until the regular Magyar troop* have entered the country. The moat efficient blow *ra1n<t Ruada will however. h? an expedition to the < auee?u?. becnuee It will he the leaet egp-cfed The Poll-h , rfkoere belonging to the armiee marching agaiatt 1 yn have Nn p-nt In whole troope to the Cauuaaua ' (here It la nee**r*ry to o >me to an nndcrttand| log with them and the Oeenrka " It ie further obeerred tbat Polirb offioera and the rollrh eplrlt ar# every where rtqnMte. hut tbat It araa the hu-lneag of the Megyara to pruvtda the art eaiBcc feade, a?th<lrown 1 ren-e waa at rtake I tile ynn have alree 1y thought ef, Oeweral and Inform tee that they wilt advene* i pome tene of million# ega'n?t your rtgnaturw. The only difficulty la. how there fund* are to he tranrmltted. an? how they are to be converted Into raeh It appeare that the Hungarian notee circulate only In Hungary and Vtwnna. whero they are la gervi repute ? ould a few mllllone be * nt over here hy wav ot trial f I woold mat ege to gat raeh fot them In Kagland or ralae a kind of loan on them. If I eould have an autbeatlo de. e a ration tbat there wti eecnrity for them and that each eeourlty would be given Into the handa of the creditor* " Here Mlowa a long dl**ertatton upon the eeeaelty for fnnda The Prtnea then Inirodtecae the ?object of the ooneeaeiovte to be made te th* flelevee by the Magyar* M Ihet r a'.iane (thta la, of eruraa, the # W TO MORNING EDITION?TU: anbrerelTe party) in Agram barn sent to mo declaring that they are rtidr to eeoarate from Austria, and requesting that 25 000 carbine* may be forwarded to Ancona for them. They thought that Prance w >uld supply them, bnt *weh a thing dared not eran ba mentioned here. Thla ia. howarar. a matter of auch onneeauenoe, that llureatian inoner would not ha ill laid out in effecting It. The CroaHans would net exactly like to acoept money from the Magyars, but it mlgbt be msnsged through us and we could (end the arme by way cf Flume. Our intervention would be a guaranty for botb partira. and the arm* given would be the pledge of a perfect reconciliation. It would be necessaryto Introduce some Polish officers among the t'roatiaa* or what would be better, to form a Polieh legion, which could have pert of the weapons sent." After having p? rused the foregolug. two things Involuntarily strike the reader; first, that the Poles are no everyday, petty conspirators; and secondly, that Kussia ha* as much reason to thank Providence that thing* have ended well In Hungary as Anslria herself, THE HUNGARIAN CROWN. One of the many subjects cf speculation at the present moment, is the fate of the Hungarian crown?not by a figure ot speech, the Hungarian monarchy .but the actual ' round aud top of sovereignty.'' the golden diadem itself. It Is generally believed that Kossuth has taken It with him in his titgbt; if so, it has for a second time crossed the frontiers of Turkey. The past history of this crown Is a cutlous one. and as full of vicissitudes as the lives of some of those who have worn It The Magyars attach a superstitious value to the relic of their : ancient monarchy: there is a legend that It was wrought by the hands of angels, for dt. Stephen, who was orowned with it in 1001. History, with a more limited faith, r? cerds that it *?? Si'nl ft* ft preMat to St StapDsti. by Tope Sylvester the Second. In 1072 Duke Ueisa received from the Orei k eiuperor a golden circlet, or royal band, for his brow; when he was afterwards made King of Hungary be joined this circlet to the diadem; so thut the cr. ?n Is nally aotapsad Of two kingly emblxiiiH united. When thf race of the Arpadas b?oaine extinct,in 1301 there was a double election to the vaiant throne; cue parly chose Robert of Anjou and Naples, the other Wetzel, the younger, of Bohemia. The cause of the latter did not pro*p?r. and bis affairs wore taking an unfortunate turn, wben his father, Wenzel, King of JJobemla. marched an army to Ofon, and carried off his scu ard the crown with him to Prague. The liuagariaus then definitively elected Otto, of llavaila, and old Wenzel (tor reasons not stated) gave up the crown to him Otto, to take possession of his kingdom, had to ride incopnita through Austria, carrying the crown as a " prr pirty" with him Itwas packed in a little cask, and hung at tbe saddle-how ot a Herman graft whe disowned one morning at daybreak, that he hid lost his precious charge during the night. The party had then arrived at Kltoh. rmert, below Vienna, where they were about to cross the Dcn&u They retraced their steps, ai d I y great good luck, found their caik an t crown again. In 1307. Otto went to Siehenburgen. on a visit to the Wsywode I.adit-las. intending to win him over to his patty. Ha mud have failed eigually iu his attswpt, for tbe old Waywedo seized the crown, and mala the King a primmer. After some time, he saw fit to let Otto go but kept firm possession of the diadem for threejiers. In 1310. on threats of war and extermination, l.e gave It up t or more than a century after this, it- hi-'ory is a black; but in 1130.on the death of the kwpemr Albrecht IV. there was again a double eleolieu, tbe two ilrals being WUdl.-law. of Poland, and Ladhlae the Infant son Oi Albreoht The Kmpress re scire! t<> have the child crowned, and, for that purpose, tbe diadem was (Men from the Castle of Wissegrad, by cue cf her maids cf honor, who undertook the task, an t nccreded. Iu 1441, tbe ftmpress made a less d guided ii ? if it-lha till rfiy??i it to th# i< mnnffip fc'r.t. liiPirlr 1\ . for 2 (CO gulden. It was redeemed by Mathis* Corvlnu* and taken bark to Wlstegrad; from hence. after the battle of Moltae, it m again stolen, and again by a w< men, in order to crown Jonrj Mapcty a Zapolya gar# it in charge to Pieny, who delivered it up to Ferdinand I.; he wan crowned with itin 1627, and then it fell into the hand* of the Turk*. As Solyuiau returned Iroui the iir(,e cf Vienna he publicly exhibited the crown to hie army inOfm. but told hi* eoldier* that It wai that of t he renowned 1'ersian ruler. NnMnH| he then rent it hack to bi*prvf 'i /apnlya. ou who** death it we* a, a:u given up by hi* widow to the i'.mperor Ferdinand Rudolph II rent the crown to Prague; Mathia* II brought it back to Presburg, where in ItilU it wa<eeix?<J by Itetbleni (labor; orf the conclusion of the peaoe of Nlkclrburger beware it up to herdinanlli 'f be tuipi ror Joeepn had it brought to Vienna. Leo- I poid lent it again to Hungary, where It remained till the taking of l'e?ih hy Wlndlcbgratz. when it was reniovi d h> Koatnth. and ha* ever ?inoo been kept at the r< at of thu Hungarian gorernmcnt; that being broken up and dispersed, the crown ha* resumed it* wanderIII-'*. A* to whit has become of it, there are many rumoit, It Ir *nid tt> bo buyicU in a cortt pl*o# According to other*, Kos uth ha* it in hi* per-onal po?- 1 ? -elm and by thl* time the dindera that was the gitf 1 01 a pope to a lalut ha* been rt r.pped of it* Jewel* to g > a* bribe* to the Mahomedan, iind the g .Id ha- terminated an almost tarred exl'tonne of eight esnturlc* a- ignouiinloiirly a' a mere piece of itolen plat* iu the miKiug pot of a Jew. Superior fuurl, Before Justice Vand?rp-vd OcTOBVB 8.?Jjmri yfujre i'I 117*ferie.'f, SS-t'iff ? Tlit* ?a< an action to reenter fill J. the amount of the value of a cargo or coal* which .l T-nUiU lia l replevin d on b< a i d th? ictiooner Calcutta, which arrlred In New \ ork from Ph Itdnlphi*; the property was left by the Sheriff, in the outtody of hit deputy, in Sept. 1148. but a rrry hiavj gale coming on, the v.??,l wa* o injured tbat ihsfirk with the wh le of the cargo, and thi* action wa# taken by the plaintiff (who wa< also plaintiff in the replevin) a*a.u.<t the Sheriff, for the amount It being aln god that ruilicleut mean* were not adopted to secure the proper'y (fouo**l for the S'jtl'lT maintained that he w*? not bound to remove thoee good- ironi the vessel for lonr day*; had the rapl<r? u not hi en tenable, the She rill would liar* ben put to the uworcevary cxprti* of re 1 .a iin^ the re | w;Ui the cargo. Mr, Justice Sard'>rd presiding. Oct 8 /i'ideil Hatttrhuj r*. J'iml1 iinlj, for Htrcnrt ?f per c? nfege on brokerage Verdict fbr plain- 1 tiff fur ftP7 and e<>t? f' Ivtd One* iy e?. J >?-/>' N, 8'elin' enJ IVtll im f? i .--1 Li.i (. iu. 0 bavu.g h??n oa.iuil ino' Jir, and h# | alntlft lulnng t? answer, alter readtb.f and filing Of lllnl. with due pro if of servlee i n* tort oil motif,n f t defendants at'-mey. order. ; that th c mplalLt in this actlou be dituileeod, und juJgui-nt *atei. d for d< f n lent .hiIn K .'?nfi< / ? rt ff"i? U Tit-rnri ?Ar action fur aim i nt oi bill for carpet* ?uid and delivered. Verdict fcr plaintiff, for J?S7 HO. Brooklyn I tifclllgcTHr. Vn rraar l*he ltih and 14th rr*iiueiii? nf I' m S'*? . . . a o.?i. ... .. ... v-..,. . . . , ...r,... tirdey ocd/r i mm-Dd > f .<1ejor General t'aid ot N*??bi rp. A t 1 o'clock, they w. rt r. etewed Brora l be ('Itj llaU ly tli? Major of Uiu cltj, iton hdeard CopU1 J. I .o 111. rtitiri --Four of the I. h >j? from New York, ii ;? cm >t?d jieterday, 111 charge of drunk*nn*a? *i d disorderly conduct at the i Itj Hotel, n~ar the Military Watd-DC i heir name* wet* Sarnud coder*< 11. .1*. k?i d tt nghe, ilenry hlley anJAawnel KorUtek. JuMlce hitn fln< J th< m each $ > Bi,l ?i in ml I ted them to jail in default of the |?>n ent of raid in* Man Deoenen?A tun aboeenawie oonld not be a*r*itaini d. ? a? f >und drnen. 4 y,t rd?y oi-.riilug In 1 hi n.|>?ct^r dock n. ar the Kul'nn V> try. \\ 1 oti T III roa ror l?? ath? a* Niroifri Ma'??, 78; f?tnale* 36; children. Id; atultt 27; total ft'l I'be dinar** *er? a* follow* .- Burned I; r ?ucer of br. ?? , 1; cenir.lty, 1; childbirth, 1 , nhol.r* Infanta"!. 3; corn tnffloti. 5; oontalel.'Tia. 3, ernnp. 3; con***ttn?i cfhiala. 1; ttrtotlne of lite*" I. debility, 3, VUrlktre.1: dronej. 3. dropej la ite bead, 1, dysentery, 4; dentition, 3. *f>?d*nii?r cholera, 1; eearlet href. |: typhoid 3; In flair merlon of b*aln 3; of Inng* 3 of rtcmaoh 1: >1 Hear. 1; trn'*?mit? 3 ; eprue. I; mil bora. Ii fule' le 1; acrofula. 1 ; oakaoea 3; railra enteritis. 1; tabes mefcnt* rice 1 lnt*n:i?nt? In I Jreenword (,'?tn?teiy and nthrr Brooklyn (Ttande. from New Voik and other p lares, *). Pol It lent Intelligence. THK KLKCTION IN rK.tN.iYl.VaSIf*. The election in 1 ennnjlennle, for t'anal 0?mrn|.*1nner and rnsUri of the Legislature, taken pleoe tu day. rolltlcal excltemont tans e?ry high and b>th paitled arc eangulne of mincer*. The only cendldetee to be voted for by the whole State are those for Cenal Loutkldlnrf. The following are the candidate*:? n hit Henry M Fuller. Ibaorrtf John A. Gamble. At the late presidential election the Tote la tbl* StnU etood:? Taylor 1*n.m I ar * 1*1 041 Majority far Taylor 13 441 In rhiledtlnhla. the natter* fee* me 1 nomloatl?nt for charter officer#. which will, from preeent Indication#, tend materially to emharraee the income of the j whig*. Kiwa'e Cerwvr.?Th# democrnMe eonvenflvn of hlT.g '# ennrtjr met on Saturday night ln#t. tt t public home fti Hatbui-h tllll, for the of molting their nomination# for Senator. Sheriff, County Clera, end Coroner The following woe the reeiilt: Senator, < I tilltp 8. Crook, Sheriff, Win Jenlin*; Cont) dlert. W m Marshall. The neir.e of the ( oroner we did not Irtrn. Orent harmony. however, exleted between b?th taction#. Th# hnnkere tnd bnrnharne.e hating flnmt together, Intend to pnll. tt the en* timg election, in one beet, tnd carry tbeir ticket, if poeeible. William ritte le the wbtg candidate foe Cengre*#. In the 16th liletrlet of Virginia, to ruppl.f the vacancy or- . rationed by the death of the Hon. Alegander Newuiao. Clen (inltmen he* d-eMned the Invitation of Hon. I.nhe I ee to cenvnee the State of Ui?eU?ippi. In which they are the opposing enndidntae for Governor. The following ticket wne nominated at the Working Men'l State ( oaventlon. held at Albany on the g.j Iret. for Jndge of the Court of Appeal*, Robert Towneend, of New Vork ; Secretary of elate. Iteovge W Clatk. of foaghkeepela ; Comptroller, Will.a n J Yonng. l.tneingburgh , Trcaenrer, ionnthea Coatllng, of Oiangn ; Attorney (taaeral I, Ward Smith, of H? eheeler , State Engineer. Mlehael McKemore of Co. hoee , Canal ( eeamleeloner, Heorge Haekett, of Trny* PHeon In elector, Oeeege Went, n< New fork. IRE I ESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 184 Cltyiliilelilxdiief.

NQITIII PARADES. There were several military parade* yeaterday, including artillery, infantry, and the " awkward squad " Most of the companies paeeeii the Herald offlo.-, and preeeotad a floe military appearanoe. Among the moet handsome and striking of thaae wore the Columbia Uuarde, Captain Isaac O. Primrose, accompanied br the excellent bras* band of which Mr. Wallace la l<ad?r. They went on a target excursion, to Strjker'a Bay. to contest for a sPrer cup and two emailer prices The target waa beautifully irnamanted | niiu iniwrn. I u? nu? uuiuiwuy, rcmiuuUUt lor US military discipline. numbers 65 muskets. The Hunker Hill Volunteers, Captain Bogart, aooompanted by Iiodworth'a Cornet Band, and mustering strong. marched past the ofllce at half-past tire o'clock, In excellent style Their steady step, and rigid observance of line, reflect honor upon their commander. The ttareflrld Guard. Captain Jackson, another One body of men. nassed through Nassau street, in the morning Their uniform is exceedingly handsome. The Brooklyn Flying Artillery took advantage of the tine day, after two or three days of storm, to take j exercise in Brooklyn In taking out the gun carriages ! slid horses front the Arsenal, iu Franklin street, the horses of one of the carrlsges reared upon their hind legs, and made each of the Artillery men kiss mother earth as completely as if they a. re shot doirn by an enemy, while the laughter and cheering of the orowd knew no bounds Hose Company 33. Captain Abernethy, paraded as a military company, in their uniform, and pasted our ofllce en their way to target practice. It wa? a very respectable turn out Uhe next body that attracted our attention was ths "Tremendous Curbstone Light Infantry." droeeed in the most fantastic style imaginable, resembling ehoirE< u. rr clowns i? n theatre. ni >re than a military o in1 pony. Still we doubt not that und-tr these motley gar. ments ore stout hearts, and men that would light bravely lor their country. Their Captain Is William Far hut the most amusing set of fellows of all were the " Coibslalk infantry,'' commanded by " French Louis," with a blue ribbon streaming from a bla:k ohip hat. Tbl? large company, which carried broom?tiok< an l every description of sticks fot muskets, were arrayed in the most gr< te?que style, and made the spectators roar with luogbter. Their object was doubtless to satirise the militia by this pantomimio exhibition. We hare now to wind up our account of yestorday's mllitury parades, with the "Awkward Squad" of the kiret Ward," which asteOihltil on the Battery, at 1U o'clock being the nrmdforuied cltlxens liable to mllitury duly Merely to nroid paying the seventy-Are cents, the hue ft r absence, they atteuded, some of them wilh rusty muFkets, seme with broomsticks, and some with nothing at all One being asked why his gun was so dirty, said he left it to bis wife to clean, and she slept too long In the n.orulug Seme of the co-opam s had eight or nine suave twenty some more ami <>mu lets; but their appi stance discipline and knowledge ?d the srt military, w< re a complete burlesque upon I the Iliilitln rni.1 if m i.ii mKi ,, ,* ..I ,?t,,,1 tn n uV.i' them bettor tiddler*. It would be far batter to ! abandon 1he farce of calling; them together in that | D.HMier. to be tbe laughing Flock of the whole city. Ebtlrg tbla tiily parade n fraca* took place b itxcon j one < f the spectator* and ant/Ulcer u anted Sullivan A | yoitliitaiie sonic remark* to a private iu the rank*, ; wlun havaf forbidden to do an by the oflloer, upon i which tbe ether persisted, nnd no alteroatlou took place, the r< -ult of wbloh wan that tbc officer unwind t Llm l!e resistcj. the eroird gathered around them, ' port Ivan * fmm the rank* and from the crowd b.s-ik d : b th the jeut!cnjcn; the awkward Fcjuad be same diior 1 gc.l "nd, blow* weie interchanged. aud hi >oJy n>?so i followed. The officer, In the tc< a: time, threatened to cut dev. n the young uinn if he minted, upon which ! the latter abi; tied naif for bla party to aid hint, and I the > ffiri-r called for policemen several time*; bat, like ; "spirit* in tbe vasty deep," they would not come, which led Mm to exclaim : ?" It le a pretty thin; that we are paying eight he ndred policemen for dot a;; nothing; aed now, when they ara ? anted, not nae of tk?a cwu bu louod " Some of tbe other officer* then came up ntid interpo .a between the combatant*, and the niaiter cooled down, while a captain In uniform gave ; fee eider several limca. with most stentorian luuga, ''fall in," to hi* scattered and disordered troop*. Tnr rerw?n. to the CoaroaATio.v.?Th!* evening the judiciary eoneentien meet, to decide upon the nomination for c>ui>*ol to tbe Corporation. Dnluu, Cocbruo atid Shepherd will run for it. There i* great exciten cut In aeveiel of the wardc auiori-; the democrat*, at the idea of Mr hiillon, wk> il a a bite-kid-glove, operaeirluHvu arlrtc-crat. s'aniilug eo high at th i la**, ballotlug We understand lit* signature to tbe famous letter to Mtcnady, the actor,preelott* to the Aetor I'lacn trendy 1* to b.' brought up in judgment against hint la the etBimitlea. Oaoi.iATiot.?The Associate ^iss^iytery of Kew York v tit euat jo air ilattarmaa'a Hall. O'-rni r of North lounh and Sixth str>?t*. YvTiUaaisbiirgri, boa; Island, on Thursday evening uext at tt,^ o'clock to ordain the line W. f.-lelnnd. The cervine* will be conducted by ihe Riv. .Mat-sre., Clement*, and Msbit, New Votk and the Rev. J. Saundei.-.ju, IVjtIdenea Ditxvit av Ibti wri ?*wc?.?Coron?r Walters held an ini|ii?<t yesterday, in the city prison, cu the b >dy ol a el 1- . ' i. an l>y the r.a-ue of Darury l.i nn o aged *b ut Udlty-flve year*, who hau been cninmltted to prima on a (l-uf* of vagrancy, by Juetic* Ulekily, and snarualy bed fc? l-ei n in tbe city prl*on half an hour, b fore I,a died. Verdict, death cau*ed by Intemperance asd exper ure. Common Council. U>*er?e? Astistaws (let R ? Tba hoard met a* five o'clock Prteent, the I ic-ld*tit tn the chair, and a ijm i oir of niemb?rs in their place*. i'lii'iim ?A large number of petition* wern preh ni< d aud a; prepr ataly r?f. rr< d Aiumg thru, waa (nefiowitl.r Orphan A*yium Aaaoi iatlon. fir i-ellrf ft< m tax on their property; atan, on* Covvatrv H. ' V added, for an awai-l f.-r altering Hie grate ot Kifh and Sixth aveiUi"* ; alio, of 'hrsharu < ralg. to have Crnten water pln?? laid to Mghty sixth atrewt, b<>t?n n 1 bird and I Ifth avenuea. 7'- jS?:nr l'hn ? fir-Is. -A petition w?a preion'sd fi ( m iiitidry p> n n f-r toe payment of bill amount in r.ii ? KiTin- r.< i mr Intnl.'.i frrti"-' di nmiid*, J raril n ml atli>U')anc?. in., on Vlra liri nau, fin arlyof 1<'H.lm otb atraat. ?liu t?< klllnl at tlm d??-.r Worn flnta. Mr?. ('rrnm rarrhnton tha night of tba riot. nlilla Talking with lirr inn lu Ida Third trrnt. I" t r?? n aii'l Ninth atraata.a inmkat bul jarrlr? through b'th th'/br Itba dlad on thr ?k?h of All,.r.l, oiler Ungating itilirn vrrla Mllicrit i f cUU?n? of the Twelfth ward. arklng for th* pur'wca of an liVlrnre to prohibit tha Vraitiig rf i. a ft-au f nr itl>? In nnn nnetoiora. alro for lh? intn dt:rtk>n ?f ( rr too watar lu pub la ?cho"l turn i In Tail"! : alio, horn W C il Wad-Jail. that an want Mjla n "la to kirn for dam if rurtalnad by Llm In altailrg tLe grnda of I ifth aratiue, alan, from lyrdry r>r'??o?. to rara Tw?ntl?th atrra1, b.-twa-n Hut awl f'? r.d anrsra. pared. Tha miliar of tllikdlaf V. e'ar ilirrt fr.ina l ot'lin to aliaet. i,r ? up cn pe'ltlon and w re'-tad to a rpeatal r< tnnMf?a, fotlM'-n of o W r'ortoar, wd'h a row natitration float tha Straat < nmrnludnnar. on tba f utjart ?f prtrtlng thr no of >|ip at tha foot rf i Jouor?i?ritrr t.ta tba Jncfcmn Straat harry < ompany; Ibr paMttnn ft - gr?nt*d. Tatllian for rartrrln Spring mart. fr< m tha Huilo o rlrrr to iitxbun ?tr?it; rafrtrrd / ';arrIt / Comnitl'H f'nmmuniertinm fr?K oomn. t i.ira tini wa? met I tad from a ri>tnmUt?*f of tha el'.l< rrr * of l orn?all In relation to tha ri-inam of l? a lata r >4 ! annas. F< famd to thr rp*cial commtttaa hartng tha ruf.Jirt Is ' hart a 'lla < r ii n.i'trf on tba Troton Aquaduet raport la fbi < r of autb 'firing the ' rcton Aqua 'net Dapartmrat to rnptly' nm< Una W I awrrcaa and Jauira l.'tinr.g wi'b rotr n watar In IMd and hl&th rtmetg A l"pt-d. I t port of tha (lomnilltaa on I'olloa. In faror ol pay. Itig ??t?ral bill* of i.hrrlrlaai for aarrice* rond-r* .1 at tatt.S hmraa Adop'tad. ]: prrt of tba f ommltti a on Arrarrnjantr adraraa to animating i-raaem'Otr I >r ra'llng curb and guitar rt' t-ar In itfth itroet, hotwr< u filb and 7th ataona*. Brfarrtd. Brpnrt of tha hinaona Coiumlttaa, In faror of eonanrr'ng,wtth tha Baardot Aldarmep. lofamrof paring tha Jioign at.t of Hrrnian K Kdgar n tha t 'orporatlon. Adoptad I' port 't tha f "oins'lttaa os Markatr, raanmmandtng thr hul rilt g (f a rkalatrn ptar at h'wt'na market, f.-r thr pt"tactl<ia of tba t tii earn Ad >pt?<l. A cttnmui.lratlon as* racal?a.| fr m tha bnraan of a*ra??sirsl* with Mmr-mant lift for paring kth aranua ft< in .4th to 43d ttraat Arraxmaut f ntlrmad A e?minaolcatloii >. rtrtlrad from tbr ilrrrl l uisilrrl. i rr abnlualog aitlmaiaa anil aontraat for h ill 1log a plar at tha fru t of fist darn ttrM N It Alto, fur rrgnlattng. faring ard t1?gglrg J2d ?traat. h*twaan ttb rr 4 Rib arrrsar; f?.f flrggtaf iTth rfraat. h?t?a. n Irt iratina and aranna A From tha ram*, on tha ?>ih jact of rrgnlattng thr llltb arrnna flr?m Bluo-ning-lrla it ad to Mith rlrrrt aod ihro^iig lb# gratia of tba aarna Adoptrd. Amo/msihw* - Rnr|f>4, that lh* floor of the fl?h 4?parton at of lumpkia'* market. bo repaired without deley Adopted. Itraolred. That flf>4>0 ha appropriate, to bo expanded tm?Ur the dinrttna of tin- I ommlrelnner of Repair* and Soppllea, la repairing tha roof of t ulton market Adopted II at Slat etiert between tba Id and Sd nrenur*. ba rpn.iri ami regulated and etirh and goiter atone* Ml therein. Deferred to < otnmlltee on Street*. I'cpm from Ihf HntrJ *f Jllitmnm ?The report of the < amniittee on Maeaeanf the Hoard of Aldermen,In farorof tha prnpneed fountain* In Htuprreant ei{iiaea, war forriiTted In Tba raeoln'lon proaldae for tha tinlldlng of a fountain In eaeh of the enrl??nre* of Stayt taant eqnare, nnder the diraotian of (he I rotoa Aquadart Department and that tha too of $7.ADO be appropriated to oorer tbeexpenro Heport ef l nominee on Sewere, In faror of building a eewer la 17th *tre*t, between Id and lid artauea. Deferred S-reral aoatraeta and other paper* from hand* af department*. aonflrmed hp tha Board of Alderman, mat with aonenrtanaa I onimlttaa on Sever* reported In faror of hnlldlnf a rawer la i7th rtreet. from *d to l.tilngmn araaoa. with resolution and ordlnaaaa therefor Conaarrad la. Harimaat* of IndlvlHaali, Mr. Bearatarp Clapton M on a rlait to hi* farm la I Date warn, ' Mra Devep, tha matron of tha femala prleon. at Blaf . Btng, ana rtmorod bp tba I aa pea ton on Hatardap laat. IE R A 9. Tlit-at ilrnl and Ittualriil. BovfKKr Thi'atkk? Thta house'waa flllod In erery part at an early hour, the attraotlona being the new piece of ' Hearta are Trumpa," and the " Spectacle of vvarwica. uearis are j rumps'' U the production | of Mr. Mark Lemon, one of the wittiest of the Kogttsh writer* of the fay. theugli, In t'als Instance. he has dealt more in the pathetic than the ludierona. The story of the ptroc ia not a very probable on*, though it is eery Interesting?tbe excellent acting of Mr. Gilbert and Miss Wemyss, in the prlurlpaT parts, son tilbutlog much to it its auri-eta. We are afraid that few such gamblers a* Mr. Huby are to be found; that odious vice too surely and sweeplng'y eradicates every good feeling from the breasts of its viotima. nor is their conversion from their horrid trade te be effected so suddenly. Some of the scenes In this piece are of most surpassing interest, especially the last one, where Mary Gray too surely learns tbe tiuth of ber father's degradation. >1r Lester, as the cold hearted gambler, associate of old ltuhy, ployed very excellently; bis nouchalMtioe, and the easy manner in which be oontcmplatisbi* probable tlnal end. was capital. Jordan, as Goad, tbe confederate of the crew, played with much quaint nets ; Mrs. Gilbert, as the eld lady was inimitable ; Mr MoVerland has not much to do in tbe pleoe; what he hsd. he did in good ts-'e The piece was most unequivocally successful, and the curtain descended on it amidst griat applause. The " Spectacle of Warwick," concluded the entertainments. This pleoe Is the most spb cd'd ever produced at the Uowory. and nightly is rtc?Ivvd much approbation. Tbe same bill will be repeated this evenlog. Bsoumit Thiiiki -Public expectation was iu no dsgiee dlrappo'nted in " the house" which filled this commodious establishment last evening, from the parquette to the iky.lights. It was a Jam; and they who delayed going until the usual hour, had only tbe altematiroc between standing guard outside the box doers, or asoesding to tbe top of tbe bouse for the privilege ot standing within the doors, or of giving It up for the opportunities of some ether evening; all of which alternatives were edoptrd by numerous visiters. I It etc u ore n mass meet is g of our oitizens to welcome tbe riturn of Miss Cushman te the city, with her distil iiuiOied ind well-won transatlantic reputation, than S rf>< atrira' andiencu congregated for the pastime of the play. " The Stranger 'wt* the piece selected foe the drbvi of Miss i and w< ru oataslt has been, from repeated representations In every theatre In tile country and extrsvagint us is Its tone of German bathos end MUttmentsIiHn, the Sirs Iisailer of list night gave it the charm of a " romance in real life." it requires sn effort of well sustained acting to do this forlorn end hvarr-strlekea character with effcat A failure in a single point destroys the unity of her di.-tiffs and weakaa* the c<>?nuilsseratloa of the lookeron But the Mrs lleller of Miss Charlotte was true te the hopeless remcne of her crime throughout, and > the t.ars of nun and women. 1 albeit unused t > the melVng mood." worn freely given In sympathy with tb? heart-brokeu wife. Tbe Stranger of .Vir. Couldooit, though it told well in cuveral prominent passages, was, peibsps es a whole, rether to# much subdued for faithful ri flex of tl.e prostrate, but still passiouate and Integra sfli ctioo* of the reolu?e It was well read, and old' nt'y well under.toed, hut perhaps, too mu :h subdued and too eslmly petulant and morose, The Ba , rc n Stelnfort ot Mr. Djott was that hf man of taste, feeling and refinement as it should be; the Krsuois : or Mr Shew Was p.Tfectly sati-f-rt-vry; thfl 3 il.'.inoa tf-Mj Blake was regarded by the audience with espei del kw'.'?ru!?; ?nd I'e'er. by Mr. t.hapiuan. male the mot ot Lie ) rlvllt ges. 'J he Count Wlntcrs- n (f Mr. Byrre was well, and the CtniUil by Mrs llteld. won tbo applause of the house Miss Olivia, as Annette, si ng lor song very pictt'ly. and Mrs. Leder as ( bar loite. old tb? impertinence of the Rirl lo keeping with the piigracume. At the clone. Mlea Cu bijan wit celled oat to rrcelve the congratulation" and bouuuet* of the audience I be after-piece of- SthMrti Thmnbta" *o k iin'd bit. and w*? played with spirit and vivacity. Mira I u liii'Mi appears to-night a* ilo-altnd. In fbtkiixirc'i ploy of " Aa yon Like It." That will bj eomathlng to tee, to hear. and to enjoy Nmi.o'a ?Thia magnificent place of elrfant | and laabionable resort irti crowded leat night, ah iiiu?I 'J ho entertainment* * i-ro of tho moat amusing and . fascinating character; but ' Jocko, the llrar.ll'a-i \pe," I mis; aires anyiblrg ot tha kind we bare over auan. Mr. Mirxettl *a the ape la really Inimitable. The panto mlrre Iteelf l? the beat pantomime, perhapa, ever produced; it la full of deep. Interaatiug, and path-Hi scene*, and. what la rare in pautomlaiaa. tta? whole hitory, ptot.aud courie of event* la easily po.o-iv. d and underatood The feata of dneko are aliu'Ml b?yond belief. To are bin alt upon the neck of a <;uart wine botMt; to icc {'lot pe-urcltate tbp drowned cb'll; to ire blot die, end reel?re tint AIM?wtl ! ?'ll >? >?? * tl it fo thia a ha nr. i or tint There may bo e<;uala to Nlblo'a Harden In Iho worl<t of laalilon and a oujimeut, but su[crlcra we are euro th-ee cannot be. Bi ?t.t*'a Tnretaa.?The "D-uion Jerter," prodito*d at Barton'*, In: t night, met with the nioit dexlJcd ano* cea?, and waa greeted, In all Ita performance, with rapturoua applauan. At ita conclualou, Mr. Uronghain< who sustained with hla uaunl ability, tin eUlefoharae- i tar, waa called for; upon which he appeared, and waa, j for a length of time, Inaudible, fiom the loud chc< re. j lie returni d thank* for the public favor lu a brief, n? at, ' and elegant ma'tier Mr liorton ar Our cm J'.uok. ! In the uteitaiuing piece of John Joaea,''diaplaje 1 1,1* extiaordlnaty comic talents, aa ua. nl. Thl< la oae if hie beet, cl a'arter* a"4 ought to be *?eu by all the admiiere of nature art and hietrionto g'-ntua Tha | ' Tot dlea" followed tn which Dor.'n a,;*la waa I ha iiua't ibl- hero, and the life and tool of tha piece Fo? algbt, a ileb tare ia again presented, for paitie tlai* of , which, t idt the billi. Nai iceii. Tiiestbe.? At tbla houee, tbu bill, last ere- . wing, waa a m at attractive one. and I: waa y. rf nurd 'n excellent efyle. The n?w drama of ' Heart* are Trim pa'' waa playrd trot, and It war reeeleed with j much salbfectlon Mr Tlltoa took the part of Mr. | Ruby and playi d It with ranch t?r te, It i? a part. Iinirerer which we thlok la arareely suited to him Mra iahrrwotd we un'oitiarid, an laboring under IndUponiticae ?nd, therefore, did net appear to ai mu-h ad ventage. In the part of Mary Cray, aa ah? oiherwiae wonld. 'J he new liurlmjuu of tlie " K-m.el ! or'.y Thl via." aa teat playrd; it l< a eery ?mart affair, abounding in smart >r)ini> anil repartee; and \ r*. C. Meitayar a . Uiauiond. ma dw <|< Jte a hit Tta buil-MjUM baa b ' ii got up with great tare, and the i entry I* ha autiful; aae r i pert It will hare a long run Tha dra j n a ' I tha 1 hkilttf I hht with Mr Wood and bla d'g N'piune, rrnrlndrd the ainuaeraenta, The tame bid a ill be n | wttd thia timing OtTurio Tni ?tb* ? evening again thia next litt'.o tbtatre waa well attended aod wall It might be. a the entertainments ate both laughable aod luatruetire 1 he null. M e receive for tlielr mousr on, ra aa well a* ferrm. The criteria: omenta leit night comironed with the fare* of * Maintenance'' ,Vr Tecnlpither bj Mr. Walcot, and Mr# I'enntpo tlnrhy Mea Hubert*, were eery good But the opera <f t-ia liiavulo" wa- placed In a etyla that did Intuit* credit to *11 Yra Maer lo. lakan by Mr Hi-hop errtlleot tcliw rendered him quit* a eur. t ttmner wlih the aweat n t** <f Mlaa Mary Taylor bruit lit firiui the ainilai ea round* *f epplaue< Th? enlertaln reiita eonelud) tl wlih the excellent bilrleaqtia ceiled ' lit ;tam a sad llltx r?la " Tbia evening a Rood bill I* i ft red.' Kepei at* Mainte nance," *1 In lerella.'' and the '' hi chanted lata." Ante* Tiara (ln?? Herat ? Miaa DxeeeronT.?Th* hetefct ol 'hl? distinguished scire** ?ae indued a tea tlai' ey ot lb* high e-treru ol tb# rltliene of New York, fi r her character aa en arilete ef the great* t m-rlt. In the hfitlmati drama h.eary department of the ho ace waertowoed and hucdr> da of people aure obllgi d to retire wh?e'<uid not obtain admiarion. The (tret piece ??? tt lutein ad'a " Koiaan Kallwr " which lie I bm n laidaiidi klnc* the data of Mr* (Hddotit. hut war r*all'd In l.oad' n tor Mia* Davenport. and arranged for h< r in tbtr* acta. Th* l.> iidoo critic* baa* b >ru* teaUm< ny to the arcee** which attended 11* realaal there, ar.d we muet eolnclde with them, a* He perfirinen"# 1*1 night wa* ree*l?ed throughout with repeated bear*- > lie l>aaecpoit. a* lioratla, having (Iran a clairleatd b-autlful dell rice'Ion of thla reMned aid biri le c ne>ptlon *f th* poet I In atriiprlea of th* linn an ctil. between lore ot country, fltlal *fT?cti"n, and her l.iart a devotion to the l(!"l ot her mil, were d | Ictad with an totilli f' and petiiui of tbe moet brilliant atamp She * loudly calied for at th* end of tbe play, aid when ahe appeared, tb* whole theatre reaiiii di d with applana* Th* enndlndlnc place wa* f hi iIdan'a - delio'd for Scandal " curtailed fur th* oecaai n We were loucb aurprlaed. lu behalding the , Uagtc aetrraa. who a few niinu'ea before had harrowed ; rip be finer feeling" of her andienea and excited tl?#m ten to tears, ciif-talnlng with like abl Ity one of the mort nm It dra*n cht'acter* In aom-dy In a word. ' her l ady Teaab* waa Ibd-ed a perftat and heanttlal I repre entation if lha dreeing ro un and of the elegant at d refined women of f?-bt?n In the day* of the great Il|rt?rd Tflnehy hhuldan. W? have no donht but that her career In tbN ci untry will he on* of lmm*ni<a rucceae. hl.e proceed* Imniedtarely to lloaton, to fulfil an cr gape no tit there; but w# hop# shortly to aee her again In New York Cue leer '* Vi*?Ti-rr * ? The new fea'nre In the" Voyage MurlfaV'lrl* ">* I'aata Dive, from "Norma " ha* >; rn ran?i?t<l wt'b tha appUnna that tha dotngrof th?>e minrtiala ai??j? aliett I hay are rara band* at ntMrn op an attraction prog ratnma, and bettar rtlll at pnfoitnlrg it To night, thay glaa a flrat rata bill * Mi???r Mixi m ? la a vary faw week*. thU aihlbltion win ba removed from thin ally and tha abanca our entrant aow baaa of n airg tha baat soltesilon of tha klr d a??r got together. will hara paMed by ThU la tha raoia nolleetinn that waa ih ?n la Hoatoa. and la ettlr?ly a diatinrt ana rr?m that wbieh ?w aoma years Iron rtat Ion* d in rhllnd'lpbin W? rea'unmand our altiaana to aaa it whiia thay eao. ?ti orr'a CiMva ?Tha aaaallant aotnpany of aqaaotrlana wow performing at Airtor Plana, aadar tha awpertntewdcoce of Uaaaral Rnfha Walsh, arn attracting rary larga andlaasaa Indeed, wa do not know any liana of nmuarmawt wh-ra an hoar >tt two own ha wtilled awny with mora pleaenie than at Waiah'a Doll tana Bar wean asanas of light halaaolag. jomwllaanU of horaaaaanahlp. carpet gynnastiaa. and pa Am pie opera aad ballet perforwiaaosa. tha rtaltaM gra da llghtad Tha rnpmaanUttona of Atlaa, aa g1*d? hy I ? LD. TWO CENTS. (nd W Walker ara vl 'wed with surprise and admlratfon. The /?/# of two large globe* being upheld na tin feat of thr performer*. and fvt Into tha air with each great preelelnn, la nightly followed by the cheer* of tha hundreds who alalt thla neat and el-gmtly arrangtd amphitheatre. Wa advise all thnae who delight la tha sports of the ring, to visit the National Cirous la Eighth street. Chinksc Asskmslt Room*.?Maoalllttar, tha graat necromancer, will continue for a few nights longer, to give hi* toirin tnario'iet. His exhibition* en ? clen. have glren the utmost amnsemmnt ?nd delight. ta those who harm i?-o him while performing tl th* llr< fidwey theatre, mud at thm above room*. Italian Oi'kha Compact or Havana.?The newspapegd of IIathdh hsv* published the names of the artist* who compose thm troup* of Sign or Marti, for thm nest "win The llrst night's entertainment l? to tmkm pi mom on thm loth of October, and mU thm boxm* of thm Tmoon theatre are let In adranem. Signor Marti will make an Immense fortune; h? baa last year made m clear profit of gilofGO, during thm tl?# months of him season and he bad than but two g?.>d artists, who warm Rlpnorlija St< ffanonl ami Signor Marlnl thm flrat bring m pi m a donnm and thm recoml a basso. both belonging to the I.ondon theatres. This year. Signor Marti hma engaged three prima donnas of groat merit-Signor* hoslo who rang at Paris, and Slgunre Belltni and flomeini. who came from thm l.oudon theitrm The remainder of the company Is composed of the aplandld barytone ( >oar Ilmdiali of a aeoond barytone, < orradi Set 11, of Snlonini. rnn rd h?-<o ringer; and at last of th. grrat Kurcpean ringer Signer Nalri who eang with so much aucceai In the theatres of Pari* and St. Petersburg. and whose rain in ' Hubert la Diablo," " l.ucia di Lammmrmoor." and the " Donna del bsgo,'* are said to bm adm11able. Signor* S'mlfaoonl will racmire $760 a month, or $0 (MX) for the year t beat year shm received $1 COO a month, hut she was only paid during the season: whilet this year she will be paid in full, no mattrr how lung or short will he the s.aron. Marlnl, Salel, Hnalo mod tle lial! are engaged for $1 000 a month, during the opera season. They will also have * b-ne(lt J.ast year, the bmneflt of Marlnl and Steffannnl brought 63 000 besides a great many rich presents Salri will make hW debut la " Lurla dl l.animormoor " Mr renins was announced to commence an engage re cut last night at thm Howard Athenirum, Boston. Conrt ef Oeneral Session*. ItmfcretLe Recorder and Aldermen Allen and Clark. Oi Toara 8?Surrmdn rd by bn Hail.? Matthew Barron was this morning brought Into court and surrender* d by his ball T e is under indictment for robbery in thm tlrt t degree, having stolen two flre dollar bills iron) Juans D. lUgbtmyer, on the 2nd of August last. Tiial for Tturglary ?n Iht FSral Degree.?Roht. Mitchell wu.s placed on trial, charged with burglary, in breaking Into the house of John W Lateon. 71 Hammond street, oa thm 7th of June last, and stealing therefroa a gold watch and chain a number of silver spo >ni and. drrrert ldrks aud other prpjertr, to the gq?0o"-' ?f ahoul $1(10. Mr t.aisni tainc <*a)l>-d to the stand, testified that im the morning of the 7(b of June s imo tliua before daylight. h" kcli g 111 ut the ti:u?, got up. aud on going into tin- parlor, hi ard a noise and looked around to aaa front v>hi nee it proceeded; ha discovereda small ray rf light filling on a work-table in the bvtk parlor; Mr. L went towards the person, who uial" off at ono?; Mr. I. purtued btm; ho ran out through tba bi'umnnt fi d vrcajii d. leaving a pair ol patent leather shoes babiDd him; t! tvn ahum were afterward* trie 1 on by tba prisoner, aud prorrd to be a perfcot lit; Mr. Latsoa ?t*t-d that the entrance to the hou-e war elfeotad by prying open the ar<a grate; tho person whom ha found in Ins l ack parlor had a peculiar breathing, distinguishable by it* shortness; L)r. < ovllle. the pbj widen to the ( ity fiUon, te tided that he knew lint prisoner, and tl at lie bid a disia?e of the lungs. 1 lie defence introduced as a witness a boatman Dated Lewis Kolb, who has worked for Mi'.obell; tba pihcT er, be thinks, could pet on the shoes shown by Mr. Letsou. but they would not dt htm rery well. The lleeorder charged the jury, who retired for n it ort time, and returned with a verdlnt of not guilty. 7 he prisoner waa rewarded to prljen to he tried for petit larceny on another chary". Tt lal oj (Sr Cupful met Mtn Samuel Thompson all's* Thouiae. e if si Williams, but bet?er Known as the Confidence Van, waa placed on trial obarged with grand larceny. In tubing a watch worth upward* of ?100, fi oi Hugh MoDoual I, a rhip jolucr litlug at J70 Madison street. >H on Mi Donald, sworn, testified-t)n thi 11th if Vsy, I wasinetlnW tllla.n street hy ths priaoner. who tapped me on the shoulder, aud a-in 1 me howl did? I told him I was wad; be a<ked n?u h"W I had bien for s air lime 7 I raid I had b an w.dt; he niada sesersl reuitrks. and at la-t asked me If I would not lend > lot fifty cents ; I told bliu 1 had not fli'iy cents to lend ; h? then said, "if you himu't fifty ointa to ler.O. can't yew lend ir e 0*e dollars Vd told him no. i could not; he neat said, " yon don t appear to know m V J eni J no, I do not, and asked hiiu his name ; ha laid that would do m* no good , he a-ked me if had art b'?u in < harleston ? I said I had ; ho then asked about other places in which I bed been, and I began to think, that bo did kno a ire ; af'?r -oine further conversation, bi said, ' you bad bcrt.-r have lat me had that dtty rents; I think It would have been an advantage to yon; I didn't want the m<>my. I only wanted your coo dmre,l hare got plenty of money of my own." nod then he hauled out a nunibt r of lulls from his poikets ; I told him I lou-t go into Wall S'.reet, to gat e?? money : " Well." said be. '* if you gsl the money, won't you lend me the nfty cents ' I told him sv>. he bad nioiiey enough of his o? a ; ' Wall," he said, " If you wsnt ary he'p. I will give it ynu, you can have five ov six tie on and dollars if you waut it at any time," i told hiin I was in a hurry, and must go. a id I took out my watch to look at the time of day : '* That's a bands'me watcb," said ba, 'would you lead me that vs'rh ''No," I r? plied. "1 would not lend that wati li to my father ;* he then took held of the wafoh suddenly. or ratber snatched It, and male off; the watcb Lad attached to it a silver ol ain, which was Ivft It hind ; I hat# never re -n my watch since ; wh ?n he ?? nt off with r.iy watch i waa thunderitruok. aad did tint knew what to do ; I wooden d that a men win wee * much my friend as to offer to let tn? have Ore or ilsthouisnd dollars, should steal my watch ; I stood i I'll In s u> 'iii . iu'nt? tbvu followed niiu but he soon got neay nut of my tight , I did not sae him again until 1,C * as arieef hi! On the cross lamination of this wltne;, be stated thai. scn,e tluie iu July, he .aw the prisoner In Liberty itrsit and knew him a? the aauie person who had tal i n his watch ; he looked up a ; dlccioan and bnd bici alter i'il ; Thotnpt' ii wanted to go to soui- place sod settle the ma'ter h" said he bad n >t got my watr.b; that If be ever bad it. It intASt have been given to bin, aud that Im would pav ma for it; he did net rant to he tak. n to the ' The witaees see are that be is poailli n the prisoner Is the man who took bis watch '1 he rase l? not cnnclnded but will be resumed this morning There are several indictments against this defendant. lonil of Oyer and Terminer. Ce ire Judge Kdwards and Sld-riaeu lug-r-oD aad Jacksoo. OeT. The counsel lor i ha? II. Carpenter nharged with Icing actio ry to the sale anl pacing of eouoiarfeit coin -a< content that a Jury should be emptaellad; bat at er that lie would b-g au adjournment uutil la ui ir'n UM'riiinic in v mi'juvnrq vi idi norauca 01 jir. Collar Mr. McKron, ('ha Diatrict Attorney,) nail lb era bad b??n mora attack* up? n tha public |>rocap<it'>ra for da 1*7 In tM? < aaa. tbatierar thay had liaard before Judge how taut <1 id nol think tbnt the public proaaputora could bp chargpd with dedra to d? In/, ni itaey bad tnatilti iti d ffflj an ?l? ty t prupppd with thp trial 'I h* conceal fop I be arpu??d ?*? pura tbay all bad a lb fllairnt appreciation of rawpap-rp and u-nd u<>t pay mi.nh attention to what tha* pay 'I bp Aitopkbt, who will prneaeuta In tbla cara. aald ba bad mpd enough of tbat klud of bam bailing a blcli none timer main Ita nay to tha uiluda uf b'in ?t oipn, bp bad no doubt of getting hoamt n>a In Ihl# caaa. aa tbny bad found in Jurort a determination to chick *li a, in whutercr form it appeared b f rw lb?m, but b? frit Iba b??t way f nbtalniog ju (inn woold ba to p.iptp' oP Ilia trial till niorulng, without ianling tba jury If thaCaurt tbiaka prop, r to pan >1 cbajuiy aad tantl n tb?m n d to ruffer tb-mapiT'-ato b?-Influenced by np??pappr publication#, or by ni< n talking to thi m, or thni wlfpa endeavoring ta bla? tbair oplolana h? w uid hate no objecti u Jndga klnwaaua lb night it battar to aiupaanel a Jury now iii th a cat a of Oyer and Ieanim r * Ju Iga loi.aa aa* a tout to coiumataa tha Circuit Court from tba taiua panel. 'Ihv following jura waa then iworo -llanry f'aaar, A W Pa*ton. L ll llopkiiia Aaron Pa.'ne J. Jf Caaar?tt J l.ud w ; r k Ki -.bpy.J ^ niana'iurt, i?arJpnar, T Mat.cry. (I S Rtafaaa, M. ilftfclnM. India bawatna told tbam tbat with rturaaoa to tbla ra?p i bay abould not taad any publication wbataawa, and r) old aaold all coneereat ion on I lia anhp el. I bay ongbt to pi ma to tba trial with rninda parfactdy uabia>pp?d aud fn a fri in any any praaloua Impreaaion If any pprtrn phonld attempt to ?i -ak to them on tha aof.jictof tbla ault. it waa tbair duty to raport tbam to i ha I ourt. _ ^ Al'j' uri ta to IV O in'< y < - ' >71 m >mn|. If aval 1 nt< lllganra. illitiL or tni Al Lftnriaof ? I'll# If. S t-amrhip A ll< gheny. Llrat Cona?nllii|| W W. Ilunur arrle.d hire )aaterday, ta eleven day*, from Peaeaoota Left at Khtp lelatid. U S a 1.1 p A Ib.inf; and at >( < < Mar t the rteamer Water Ye Itrh aad eahooner MlrR. 1 fct Inlloaiag la a ll?t of olftrrr* of the Alle*haa? 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