Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 5601. ONE MONTH LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. ARRIVAL 0? THK STEAMSHIP EMPIRE CITY, YEET LATE FItOTI JUIUri. NEWS FROM THE PLACERS. The Progress of Events in California. Important OTews from Nicaragua. 4iC., diC., diC. The rplendid it<>*;u;hip Kmplre City. Oupt. WiWoa, arrived at tiii? port yesterday morning, from Chagrai, M. ii., ma KlrploB. laiuui'i She ne'lrd from the ror?er place on the 2StL u.t , end from ti.o Utter port ?n the 2d in-t. She briuga oyer half a million of d '.lars In tpeoie And gold duct, in the following parcel!: ? ST'KflH PER STEAMSHIP KUPIKK CITY. Hewland 6l It E Cronk?eii tra ;."2 no lote 921 p# Jamti Lueautll .. 23,M?3 10 David Buriet fl/itO 00 Buitii ami Ntim H. Leotnii 1.21 W Jtoi t)i and It'.ur . 7,010 00 Uaraiuw. I'opv * Co 4,000 (4 I. N. tlarh.Di u,-r & Co S..VH 22 T. Wood* H. SltelJVter Kdee S 1.210 !>J d a W,0iW? 00 J). I.. Rt,ee 10 7*'* 0 Rrn waing and ball. 10 1 *111 00 X. Cetteaet * Ct._ . 3,000 OJ Ho Witt. * t,e. SJ.fdhl 00 < i.inn ':. .i. i & ffhnrtn leniub. . 0f oo Co J. 41.523 oo 14 S. K-.hl.iee st Hue IT W HO hrpbeed Knapji.T SJiSM J. k W. D-nnelly... 15.P0.) 00 W. C. Oilman 2er> 00 /tehriaum . 6.1am 00 Weloottaod flaee.. lOVld) !<) 1 m,e Wat.uuttSea S 000 00 l'ulatli Jacks 1 ..'HO 00 Amoa K E110 HOI I M Total .. tll'WJ 10 llaydeu and t ..ale . 1 .'ISO no In paraoiixeia'liau la'.'ilo.OoO OJ herd, Trade ft i'o. . 23,500 00 ? EivingituB, R tile fc Atcyre.-ate $d40,*iS 10 Co 54,800 00 The following are the paa.o ngef. in the Kmplre City: ? From ChafriiB -W n Y Cronire. J 14 Cardena*, Eennith 0 White, Capi 1. C Hpaildiiig, lire I' Erana, Maj if Kuh, Cap! J 11 Ward tie, CLatim y Peek, Cha? I? >arn . 1 > K I'errr, Erjioat Zaobrir'nn, hilar 11 H'alili. Albert W.l'h, It J T Taey, T D Af'i n, 8 A P'redith, H l.e P.?y J. nee. II Y ? Shrrman. lady auo ten children, Ilcnry Tripp, Dai,. .I Eliril.-e, ?> J Mcllvane, .1 A Hurt. Jam b Pa-neb, ( l> Kuapp Ilanry Ci nekl-u. J. I n ioTiina, lady and twe children. <2:ip? O n Hut-re and latly.Capr IT liibkly, ( apt I' Lemui miere, W X IViidlt ton. J Darker. J 1, Keide S S.yfart, II II t.'yalep. B C Tayt.a, Am-. - II. Men, ti W Nii-h le. O II r.irdhaui. II I' CarVei ight. Clint I'eat, later, J T Co*, ltichard if ill wait, Ota Vau Yrel.teti lima Allrp, A tiirard. Ilaeid Ihirnrr W W Bhert, Uceryetfuuniiy. Urn Eia.atu. II Kir.hau?, Jun t? Cmifcy, T 11 el.i,Lit I t ae ha Cnnta. due W lira 11 .1. Jua Cfi.tka, K aa J. Iin k lii.i.vtuck. Or.Ian Dnnninv 'on Vil'.ivei O fit i-liar !; Martin. Jima. Rlly. (.|i*er fl tlowa, Jamns Gn-er, Henry IVilJun, John lluplita, John K.tadall, It K Mncn, H M hittrl. From t hari-r loJnr.lre.-III lb.?li UT It niA.V Yrem Jimaieat- N?w York?J Lea* rift, VTA Titly.'gC Verac, Jol.u l!ut< iileun, Uai Pun nut a Correspondence* PiniMA. Sept 14. 1S49-1 r. M. 1 batten te adviie you of the rate arrival of the nttt'imrr Senator at thia port. thl* day. All well, with "Ibe eirgptlon of the firel mate, who will leave her bore in order to return home. The prtnelpal canee of our greatly protracted voyage wee the ihortaeia of fuel, wfcioh detained u* some 6i day a in the Strait* and inland paivage, cutting wood. We left St. Catharine* (Braall) on IfceSJ of Juno; arrived at Tort i aiuoneon ' Be 13th ; j aired through the Sireita of ,Magellan. IWrrotigh the Inland parage between the Idaud* aud tnliakand on th? laeific; through the Gnlfof I'rna*. .Archipelago of t bonoi, the narrow * tn-(d* of lh? iiland ?f Chlloe, and arrived at Sao Carlo* on the Kth of \uguit alter obtaining a eopidv of wood on the 14th: arrived at Valparai?o on the 17 r.h of angu?t; lett on the 2Mb ar.d arrived at < allao ?a the StM; left ?th of September and arrive J hera a, above. Thev.*?el hae i uita.iii u no damage. M. Uur Jamaica Correspondence. Kinhitov, (la) Oat. 2, 1S49. 'J bo beautiful Hteame'jlp Kmplre City arrived here yefterday, and will etart immediately for your city. I Imve to communicate by her intelligence which every jovsr*f good government (the exception*, I b lleve era few.) muit deplore. The disagreement hetw. on the ~ Governor and the \iseuibly. mentioned a my la?t. ha* breugbt about a rad itate of thlog* li re a .J there xlet*. I regret to ad l. little or ao chanvo of *u Immediate eettlcBont of diepnlev S<>me time el nee. a* your paper. I believe, ha* already Boticed a majority cf the Houi a of \*<?mMy came to tbe determination of reducing the taxation of the colony by iwccping financial reform the altered condition of the country having rendered it Itnpoirible for *i* to support the firmer - the prevent lavlvh expenlitnro. The eecond branch of our Legislature the Council, aomponed entirely of eelarlcd official*, rr?l$l 11 euoh attempt* on the part of the popular bran )h, 'nterpoelng tl.e plia that they cannot Interfero with alariee fixed by permanent a it* of the colony ; and in Mil* falie position they are backed by the Governor. to ?uoromb, parted tb? prlucipal Ke**nu? bill, (th? Impott Julj bill.) Willi rlaoac? ln??rt?d, appropriating it? mnnny? to uphold th? ?-y.ral prlan depart?>at?, th? conetabulary fore*, aot th? p?jtn*at of tb? ioteroet (in tb? publio J? lit ?lea* <t unproyld*d for lb? aalarie* of tb? hoaorabl? ?rv wilder*. who ha?*?I c? eympathy f t tb? diit-.?'?? of I'.i? peopl?. Would a?t rut.ait to a comparatively triflir deereae? on their " princely incomer." Tbi? b II. wlilrb had drrali- a ta th? 1 t of October (ye terday). tL? ''oujcII woe rented to pax but. at th? ?ato? tin? pa d certain remiutletie not to aire? to each - af?tt?r?d" B*w?nr? in futnr? Afbr 'hi*, an appeal to th? ? >uetl? 'tanay ( ought by tl * iloua? lie*If) ?a? mad?, and th? revolt I*, that tb? li->n>? oontaiii? a larger outoh >r of tb? ?j>wraeula to tbr |rt?ritartit tban ??r? In tb? i*t* lion*? Th? l.?irt-l*tnr? met. forth? ttr-r tim? after th? geoarat election, on tb? Mb of S?p>mli r. and arr now in *?i?1on A few da;* tb?y ?*ut o?*r to th* Conned th* ??Wie bill, cru'aiiilng tb? >ame ?ppr-pr a'mn elan*?? %? bel'T?. ai.d hating nitration threw m. otba ?nly The; ewt forth. In Ih* preamble of the bill that It? th ft duration was rwitig 11 their detir? to alt-r lb? tariff bofor? th? *ml of th* year which they w mid b? |>r?w?nt*d flop rflfg If they enacted tb* bill for month*. the cietooiary period |'?o <1*;* ago bow rer, th? Conned rejected tbl* bill, a I III* country at thl* without a rayenu?, or th? lacaor of mining on* On tl>? 27th alllmc, tb* Ifoue? ?*nt oyer to Ih? Connd'l an act to c ntlnn* In fore? tb? ' polic? Mil'' for nf. t?< n month*; but tbi? ?a* laid on their ia?|? and waa WDdi?p?*ed *f ?n th? 2blh. when hit t.te*d*tioy, th? flnyeraor. had r ooor?? to a prorogation for ona .la; On lb? 28th of feptember. they r enil.l. d a .leaned 4b* poll*? bill and th? Impoet bill raoh a ?t?x* and It 1* expected that t MM MHlInt nlf p I! * h || Will ha went ?*la to tha I ouonl The Impost <1 <i'y bill wl,l b? <le>a)ed t?m daja an I It la c ni l ntly at**-ad that It nlll rontein the aime appropriation ate i?a? wh'nh ara B<> dletnateful In tba Council Should that h <n irahia bo*"g think t>? tn throw aut Ilia hill again, prooahly a di'fotnlidn nf the Assembly ?l|i apmo take plart| and tha Hand will th?u ha, for at least si* of elghi weeks. without a raaanua. Tha conduct of the i ouncll. who desire. in a'l caaea, 1 may eay, tn naarrtda tha people a will, ha? err tied a fading nf ronton pt through tha suotiy. f >r th*ra eleea aa wall aa for a far toon uilnort'jtn'th- Hou*a who c-auld "bend tba knee" and >atri1e? the Intrreata nd prlrllcgea of t.hdr nnaatlliioata at tha bold'ug nt a handful of placemen I hl? minority li de-lgaat*d ttia king a honw." of " goeemmen' par'y '? whil?t tha majority havn Ihr appaiiatioa of tba "o mntry pi-ty " or tha ' eoneerratlaaa " Tba e?n"atTatl.eee ara moat, nawililag and thalr nonduet ahow? It. to rrrata any unn<n>-?.ary daiat In tha bnelneea of tha country Or to rauaa any r niart%<< nonta where they ran ba arotdad without a aurratiH'r wf p<1a Ipln; but thay ha?a declared tbolr right?their atclo aire right?to tax the pao(.|a, to tha extent thay nan bear. nnd no furthar, thay alto uialntatn their etnin aire right to approprlata thr people* monaa and I think T may ray that r >ma what may i h- preeem I rtrhly will not tnuaa trom thalr p .Hi in If tha Odaatnor dlaeolxea thorn tha rrault n ay. p?rh*p? b*un farorahla to tharauta of retrenchment. luaiu.nan the returning conetituancy la eompraad for th* moat part, of tha lower ordera of tha dark |>e pla, who are ally Influenced by tha king a bou-e ' faction containing aa It dnaa. tuany of thair own color In the nbeenee of the ra?>-noe hoi. ? har# a practlaal laaann In ' frae trada " which baa aided In th? ruin of Hritaln'a eolnniaa. nod which ta r?pl lly cpraailoi a load of faar oeer tha prorprrity of llrltain Iteelf loom anally Jndgc tha airitamant which praralla In thin llttla community, particularly In mrrcaatlla Itelaa. where btidneae la tra??a.;tad on a aery limited acala. Thrra art mow two or three yeaaala outatda thla yotl. whraa rargoee will be lamled tree ot dn'y Our policemen l.ara bean aworn lu rpeatal nonstable!. but nalthar thla alty nor the ruial'e' pail?hea haaa tha mean of paying them la thla rapacity for a week, po that thara are probabilities of t he f ires being glrsa p altogether, b r hate no nt-ane of aupunrtiH* anr prisons, and roarnr that their door* will ha throws open la aonaeqnanee; thla I donht and briiaaa that tha Neeerii'T It ha haea tha power, will ml ntam the prtioaa ent of the Kngllib r.xahaquar. by order* oa tha aoanalaaarlAt departntnt h*ra. When one rigeeU an E NE MO the rrrial condition of the rolouy. the example of a l .-ightiorlne inland. mid the poMtten* of politioal purlieu her* the future deeliny of Jauia'ca U painful to ooittemplate It will be gratifying to me. indeed, if hereafter I am enabled to commnaii-ate to you a better atat# of thin^e, but I fear there U little chance of It Unl?<? the p*> (ii' p itniwim'in's are foment te oe *lavi>niy ruled ii." a iieedy Governor who dare* n.t riirnlw hi?iulg D'fOt. but In c< mpellrd to act *ecordiug to the dicta* tton of n colonial minister?unlee* a large majority of our member* who ar? In truth th? " friend* of rh? people," yield to a time serving and ?alf narking minority, there l* iiLf la hope of peace here - littla ohanoa of the j political atorm which now rage*, threatening destruotian in it* courve. being lulled Tha elate of onr market you will gather fr >m Da Ccrrfato'e Kfircantilt iHltlligmccr, a very uaeful littla paper, upon which you can rely. I enclose a copy. Among our paper* la a file of tha ( on-ra de Utn\? dt Nicaragua, to tha let ult Tho news frem that quarter la highly interesting. Tfce California Krwh Tha stoamship Panama, ('opt. Bailey, brought tha news to Panama from San Franehoo She ha* passengers for Montoray. 3; Santa Barbara. S; San Diego, 4; Me rati in 23; San Bias. II; Acspulco, 2; Panama, US ? making a total of about 2i0. The news is t# ths 1st of September, Inclusive. There was much sickness at tha mines at lost acsounts. Tho "sickly season" oowprtses tho months of July. August and September. Two small steamers are plying on tha waters of ths Sacramento. The tine ship Memnon. 1001 tons, fapt. Gordon, nr. rivt J at Sau FranoUeo, after a pas rage of only 120 day. from New York. We undtretund that J. B. Taylor, who went on to San Fnncisco about two years eiuec, as agent for a com;,any In New Y'ork, is about returning to the States f"r apparatus to work the quiokEilver mines he purchased on the ranch of (J. C. Cook, which ranch. It 1 believed, is 'lnnzhaustlbls In Its quicksilver. The | large mine of Forbes It Co., stands upon this ranch. We belli ve ( ommcdore Stockton la one of the eompany i for whom Mr. Taylor is acting. (leneral P. F. Smith and Col. J. C. Fremont are both in San Franciioo. Annexed ij a list of the arrivals for the month ending August 29, of malss and fsmales, at this port, by sea: ? Main. Female. From New Tsrk 1,100 21 " Boston DOS 3 " Baltimore ST ? " Philadelphia ST ? " Warren, K. 1 101 ? " Myslio .............. 66 2 " New Bedford 61 ? " New London 8 ? " Panama. .... S04 6 " Marailan 22T 26 U V.I sit t" ? I ?* iU " Hong Kong CS ? u i>?idwlch Islands 4* T " fallao 171 3 " I.lrarpool 71 | " Singapore 8 ? " Sydney, N. 8. W 2# 1 " Hio da Janeiro IS ? " Crffxiurt SO ? M Manila 31 ? S,k08 ST Of which. male*. 3,Si2 ara American*. ' female* 42 da. " married female* 6 da. " unmarried. 81 do. On TLnrrday. 30th Aug . at 12 M , there were 81.48? totiH of *hip;ing in the haibor of San Franoiaoo, asclaslro ol about sixty riTer or?ft 'J he number of outward paMengar* from San Fraa lot the weak ending August 20. are as follow* : ? I ilu lei f'tmalrt. For Valparaiso 'JUS 8 Far Magellan 378 S Fort a.Uao 70 1 Total 744 11 In on* day. (Wednesday, 2Vth Aug.; ther* arrlred in Fan Francisco by merchant teasels, 064 mala and 27 1 female J assrcger*. The Constitutional ConTentlan. [From tha Alta CaliCorois August 31 ) The Cenieutton for framing a Slate Constitution f?r California assembles at Mouterey thir day (eug 81). The c< tupcaition of tha budy, a* tar a* known, U .a* follow*:? District or Sin K?innc?. V'ftUr. Suprrnumermriit. Fdw. Gilbert, W 1) 61. Howard, Vyron Norton, Francis J. Lippltt, It m. M. (lain, A J Kill*, Joseph Hebron, F ranciseo S.iachei, V Ci. M. Stsuart liodman M Prion. lllSTEIT sr M'JSISftKT, H Wagner Halleck, 1 hrmsH O l.arkin, I owls 8 Dent, < harle* 1 hotta, FarlScu* Old. Diitbict sr Saw .Fete. Joseph Aram Pedro Pansneaia, KM Pimtnick, Julian Itauka, J D lloppe, A. M. Pioo. Aiitoclo M. rieo, I Ism 11 row u Dutmcr or Sonoma. IM P Walker. Hobeti belli,u? L. w. n?rs?, i M. G. Yaliejo. Punier or Sit Pirn*. Mlqueld* rodroroua, ' are I. i onta, Worry Dill. John Bolster, A' illiani llleb arijrnn. Tha district of fanramento la It* rariom primary a- wklt(M,?ii (ItwoplilratkilII *?? nwMM ' a tr| rirrntaMon of ton member*. Aecoidingly. In ail the | re-met wh?ra th* poll* were open, H at uumber | ?ii oi.lrU for. Our adriana from tint dtetrlct d" not ailow uo to epeak pwltlrely; but wo belie** there t? do I d-ukt ?>f tl.o election r.f Vei-re John A. Sutler. tVln{ Arid 8. Slurwi.od I autlor 1 tV Darting*, W. B vhaamo Jacob R Si | lor. Jofca McDoagai and John BM> I wi ll it la uncertain who are tl>* other three eleoted. j | fki 11*< lira of tan delegate* fbom tkudistrict wu hout ?{irifyiiiK whl.'h am th* regular a-.d which tha I it' per our n iiy delegate*. will probably throw upon tha ; eoi.Tri iw n the ??m of a deel-loti In the care 'ihp dlitrletaf Han Diego I* In tb? larae predieam-nt, | ap.arenMy, wc Inn rn lord ad'lc?? thitfle* p-rl(n> wet* elected frcm that dtetria'- the prorliaiitirn tf Gen r.iley calling only for two In tlata | itate of the car* In our table w>- hare arrang I th- too d? i< rat?? .'cliitg th* blgbeet iuakrf of rota*M the r*gul*r and the ether three a* the supernumerary. dehpatea. b?< m the Senfa farbara Sao t.ulr, Oblfpo, and Loa j Angrier ilirtrlcta. we bare n> return*. iirtn III Saa . <quln dlrtr. it we hare ree*l*ed oolr llie ptrllal return*, whlnl, we publ|.h*d two wnti rlnn At e bar# Damn' iltioe, howarer. that the el*o> tli it war cot held at St< rkton ou Ihe flrrt Ina'ant r ordered. but that It took plaro on th* Iftth Here way he a (Deputed point. lot the eunreritlon to decide un, leer th* candidate* rereielng tv? highest numb-r of 1 eeter at tha M*cktoa elrctleu, rhoald be th* earn* ai thor* repelling Hie highest number if rote* In tho prectota where the election war held ou the ttrrt uf I Aumrt. 'I he original nnmher of delegate*, a* fliadby th* pro* laaiatlou of Gin. Illlry. wa* thirty.teem lo thle. Ihe proclamation r*<|ne?trd each dlctrletj to ad I ruoh Bun ! ir f *np*rtiun.*rar1e* a* might by them be deemed jut by rearon rd their looreaxd p ipnlation I'D* 1 (iUtiict of San Kraneleoo. Serramruto, end I'ui-blide San Joee bare responded to thir rufc?;estl ju by electing | *>ip< rniicierariee aa follow*: ? ' In s*n Kranrleao, I, (I " Pot bio de San Jo** 8 Total 14 If wr precoma that three delegate* will be admltt >d to ?#t* in the convention, that bode will then eoartrt Olftlty in* To thle may prohal lv f>* ad l*d II re of el i up- muwrrariee from tha district of Stn Joaiju o, wbirh will make tha wbola number of delegate* uuy all. Intelcigene* from Hie Placer*. Tha month of tugurt ha* multiplied the nnmher of gold ? hi r? on th* principal etreaiu* of the Sierra Netada. but the proeptcts for th* n-atr crowding on are hut Imperceptibly leaeentng I he water* are nearly at ire ix' >1 eiege enu quite in proportion m me ineriere flf labt rera tk? ebum ate rendered mnr^ fa- , iMiblr by thl? ctroumetance New waehing* hare been oltntered, 11 J old one* abandoned haee no prodl,.! >ue geld etortea to relate; but, eonflntng our elre* to tba tlmple aeetiranca of good luck for thnee *hn labor, watruet not to defeat the expactatiotu of the inct rlitonary The mnit enutherly etream noeupUd by mtnara. I* Veiipo-a Hirer, abont 10 n.ilea outheaxt of the Meroed 'the Ferramento Hlrar probably forme the rami northerly boundary etream of the I laeer; but It l? erronn ue to euppnee the region watered by It aorlferoua ttold hae nerer been fonnd upon that etreem In quantltlee rutneient to juetity continued labor Ite goldan eat da" hare nerer been atftrd. en-apt in poette eira'ne At M'rmnn I'laml a oompanr are engaged in eeien11 fir mining 1 hay employ qulekallrer In eitrantlng the metal from gronod prertnuely auhjeeted to the eitdle or pan prneeea and e|th a machine lareated for the purpoee. arerage abont f ?mi per day. a TRtNiTT tirp* mrrntTioia. VaJorF. B. Beading, wboea name I* Identlted with the earlleet tnglo Sum eiplora'lone af California baa reeeatly rrtnrned front a trip Into the Intereeitng ragl?n of I'rlnity Itlrar Ma riarted from the Sacramento at" nt the middle of Juna, trarelled op t:iear < reek, end (.roeod the tlrlge dlrldlng tha aatere of the ftaoramentotrom the atreama fleeing le?o the ooean. by tha lily praetirahle route HI* ramp on thle ridge aa< aaa night ahore the enow lino Trinity Rlrar ?a? found la poaeeaa aurtferona gaade, and aa tha party fail owed W TO RNING EDITION?WEDNI up the utrram. the ore wai found in greater abundance. They averaged for the few date remaining there about 40 dollar* each, per diem. We shall publieh a more detailed account of this eipedltion in a few day*. svccKsart'l ooi.d diqqino. Dr. H Van Dyke a member of tb* North Fork Dam aDd Mining Aet-ooiaiion. whiob oomnany ha< recently cnin lilatMti m. la.t n?.n?l m.t Hnal'e Mat* m la/v ? the juucture of the North Fork with the Itto Arneri*oi>. ba? just returned front their tarn* of operation*. Tli* wok of diaiuaga ha 1 completed only thre* daya biters he Ir-tt aud though the company labored under many disadvantages, they had raited, iu till* atii'it tuna, over f 1 j Outl 'J till association U composed of about thirty bard workixg until, aud from the remit ol the few Jay*' labor Icca draiuage aud tho line proaprcta of ooutinued bucorir, they confidently eoui.t upon a yield ot about | Un ounce* per dhui.vach man, during the uezt and kuco' rdiug month In confirmation of there eliteinruli. wo are at liberty to refer the ruadi r to Mr. It. Van Dyke, of the house ot Meeker. Van l)y kn it lleldru. of thli place, where specimens ol' the gold no got may be eaen. j TUB Tl.ACKIt. [From the I later Times, Aug 1H.] We suppose ?e must ?ay something about the mine*, ! tiafen* tolrtii. It:* Peruvian* and Chilian.* have been 1 ptrtty thoroughly routed in every section of th? Middle and North Forks. aud tha disposition toexptl thv.a j seem* to be extending throughout the whole mining ! community Our adrioee from t he Middle and North Korke are vary favsrahle One party of twenty on the North Kork, within totna twenty miles of tho enow, were averaging forty tire dollar* per day each and a gei.tUmau dir.ct from the Middle fork inform* u* that many of th* old miner* aro doiug better thi* year than last. Vet many ate returning. who either hare no luck or no euergy; w* think it a want of the latter commodity Young gen- ' tleiiien who ai.rue across the Isthmus should trei. berth* as tin men on hoard the steam-. r. and ou arriving at th* bay, "ship'' ou a launch; and atter "warping" her up h?re, take eowie eeventy-fivo pound* of-traps ' on their hack* and travel for the minej on their arrival a*, th* Ml Dorado, tin y would oom* down to th* - pork aud beat *" of the business with a much belter grace A party of rerun arrived at the Dry Digging* on the lf'h. having left Missouri on tne Mb of May. Am iug Hi-in are Dr. J. 11. Dickson, of Ma., and K. Greta, of Michigan THK MINKS. [From tha Placer Time*. July 2") J We have seen several who have retUrued from tha , I urn .ivmuui.-(pr.i ir? ii>j< uu I. i or y ui mg uo u? ? ? | i I inti-re s t. They represent things favorably, a< *11 do ( who litre been sitccesMul but agree in tH? opinion tlitt t ii mi but to ' ruC> r some'' In this brauoh of productive industry. Wt Irirn tbtt a party am operating ou the Middle fork with a suboistlue arm >r, by which airaugemeut lln-v tnke nut uiauy thousand* daily of tbodurt. Tbey ih nk when they get their apparatus fairly at work, i bry will average *10 000 per d sy SV# make a fee extract* tiom a letter of a frleud on the Middle fork:? * " I be extreme heat we heard *? much about baa been much r xapperated We hare sutTered noihlug by It aa yet * * A a regard* the healthiness of tbl* hoallty. I eee nothing to prevent It from being on> of the dikI healthy place* in the world, much mora so 1 than haciamento dry. There is a couetant stream of pure water both for bathing and drinking ru ining . past our encampment. * W'e aro told by pe ipla wbo imni'il it b-re la't season. that It will bu better . a month hence than it if now. I he water is falling, ar d win n it gets down so that we can work on the bed ot the ilrer. the dust will be found more plentifully end in larger pieces Mining la hard work but (here la 1 nothing unpleasant abont it; itgirasyou a good appetite and s. uuo sleep at night ' * The uilurrs hera avtrape about an ounce per day " | We bave advices from the North fork of a rery flattering nature. Corn par ies that hare turned the current vl the rirei are now taking out from tbrea to tlra thousand di liars per day The California bold Region, f froui the Alta I alih rnla. Aug. ill J It Is bow nearly two yeara since thn dlscorary of the gold mires in the country, and yet it Is for the first time, we can say. that we are able to gire n correct account of thrill an account that nail be relied upon. Heretofore we hare heard nothing but Arabian Nigbta stories about the gold region, drawn, if possible with more virld colors then efou the Vsiatin laacr o mid conjure up '1 ha whole olsilUed world iescamo eleatrltled with these suip-iidug stones, and set In motion; and erery day brings strangers t? our shores from the moat distaut regions i f tha earth ho lar so good, but it may not b? su mii'b longer, when crowds froui l.urrpn will hrgia to pour upon these shores W'e fesl it our duty, In rh-w of the bsd oori??.|ijen#?t tlia*. all exaggerations do produce, to eoutilbuto our share t msids rectlrylng the impressions that went abroad upon tli* subject of the mines in this country. Krru our government at house, bad not received aa oAh-lal arc unt from it* subordinate* here that represented the truth In its simple garb. In a word, th-re has beeu no th< rough investigations af the subject; but pei pie mail sldei, siliple ciltsens as well a-government iiCles re. w- re content to stbxe upon a fsw remarkable ca ci thst wait u air more so by pa-slog thrugh many lips and represent theui abroad as of common Occurrence Hence, much disappointment followed to tiuu'lrs d> wlsO cauio bete to shoval in as the; thought, the precious duet and be oil to (bur respective homes In thv tolnkling ofan rye. It is not to be understood that wa are going te d?sry the mines, n?. far Irons it; wa mean to divest th-ia of the mnatle al.h'h heated fancy ha* castabsut ih-ia, and represent the simple truth, without eny poetic ornament. (>n thr outset wn wi-h it to b? undeistood that we speak advisedly; re have surveyed, so to ?p-*k, the Iesgih and brtsuth of the in ires by personal in-ipvo B'otiry end labor, m il benbia, ? x ?llim thx light I* yrrmnie c luxwbal up >n thx an-hurity of ? iono-. The region wliteh In ia b known aa the Odd 'llnai, Ii tlwril vl tln? ta t hy thx SI ore Nevada or Snowy M( i running in-h Iy n i.h iui < nth 1 ? large xtri nm* dt.-cxnd friku lb? b''< rre Nevada ' *1 tl.. north mil''I th? ! ?' r.inn-iit'j Iilti r; thv otln r on U 'Mouiti known a-ban l(?i|uia ihx?e two atrwx -run, ? If purpoanly, l<> the ape* of th* triangle Ifi?jr i lirlfirx tt>?rr to Brest end make ? cuimon and uttU' X Irruption i poa tbx watera of Ran k'ratieifeo Hay In tMa finagle, iht H formed by It.rax two nt?ri, with tb" St my Mnuulaica, *r? uumxroua itiainl; but they all am tntoriris.. either of on* or (be o'litr i river; Ilia lurgxxt of th-m arx at the north. ant \ tnpty themralvxa Into thx Maerxaixoto Tm ir- . fa ox of tlx roll ii try, looking ??o??oi fr on tlie i llilpa i'f tba fro* y V'untwine, which may L? fr on i five to ?ta tbou- irni f-?t ab'v# thx levxl ot tba a?a I* i broken Bp lato ritlgxa giving direction to fix atream? , thai iri'tralr. annip weft by north other* ?m Ii; aouth, | ar d gradually proetug inallir, Iblf (i t erulu 44 lata l V111", till tb i'j f ually r oft on Into tl p ala- xualoccd by l ttix tw above nu ntioto d ilvxra I fit- plain* general" l ar* ?ovtr-d wltfi lukurienl gra*e MlMt I at i r tba rtxira with oak tiuiUxr A- tba hliir rira, veg? tat Ion becomes -rentier I ha raogx of m moi ilni In a birb gold ta found la dlatlrgutabxd by a nnlfer tnlty of It* g< ta'*lx kir.gdotn. whlrh la uxiin-ir m-*g ~a | to r r: ry abundant 'I bx oak prxiomtnwtw* hxtr, only . Low arid lb mi relieved by xx*-rcl varieties ol ihx plus | taniily. Aa thx pold dieappeet a, tbw retgu cf the pine | at.,I tLx graulfx xgtrntla flix il-p.wlter1x? ot go|J i k , ur.ivxrxaily mora milling to tbx b-oioid-r than luair \ barran nxigbh ra, the-. rmxrelwaya liar* tbx ngi. ? da- ^ actib-d by tbw llna of b-auty. vt/ tbx eurvwq llna, ha \ th.y ever ?c prxrlpt1 ua a? tb? jr frequently a-a a diatinn'loL never ta b< loxt tight of '1 tin annul of tb--e t awttfiroux billa (a greater tban thn public ka> w or l>neI lux, but not in th d t < I'm It I- xuppoxd I'h-i ai- , lai d l-jot.d thx Sinam tp. and atrxn ban Joaquld, | nortbat at of tba format and aotuhairat of thn la tnr, loi dirg rrund toaatda Ibaaxaxoa-t Nay. tn- niia forn a'lon with nion or lx-? dltfrrxucx. rtlwa along ton whnla I'aelfie thoraa till tl ta lo-l In < na aoutt.. rn parti'-n if thx < biUan r> puhllo but gr|>| ha- not b>xn nor probab'y will ba. lonnd an*wbarx la agual abundarra aa in I ppxr l allfornta 1'hl.a ahoudaunn h iwxtxr. I* m'irh xiaggxratad by tba baatad Imagina:Ion of thn public It la not in thx nat'ira of piarxr gold to ba durablx lotg A ttry fxtr y-ara. wlo n tanix ?n| oa ir.any arma at work, trill xthauat It; tta origia la tba guaranty of thia fact Tho brnadtli of tint auri'xrnna riglinhmlta Itaalf wlllru tbn llimarunning ootia nud nth 'torn forty to ail a t y nillxa from thr ridgx of tha Klrita Nevada; and on tnawart, a* tba hilia li-glo ta oftan Into thx plalr.a At aou? rxmold pxrlrd In tba h'lt.nry of thx g'o?>?, | tbx i an-x Ir.tarial eonaul-lont that towered up tha 8lxrta Nxtada, b?t? a'tx uphxarxd thn eurifxroaa hilla, Wlilr h at flllt prrtxntad a linked aurfaitn to thn a mo- 1 a| li?rie rl angra by thx Infliu'iixn- ,f wairh thn quant a n-tau ly bixaklngup bit ftex |nx prnctou- m <at n It-airfare In thx pr-gr*aa of iimn. tbn tin- a tin ta- J phxr'o ionuabrxa raua< d to acruoiiilatn. on th<--? nl la, wrtl which graw darpnr with ritry dxray of ragata ion, I till It gixw atrong xn- ugh tn aupport tbn mgiratlc <>ak Thx fr-rd pwrtlclxa of gold thna nxcamx eorxrnd by tba *i tl, and muni up wttn It. a <1 th? ptoaxaa id thn a?pw ration of thx mxtal fn ni thx ttonx waaarrn-t-d flow grid ?w Inj'Stxd Into thx yxlna of quart* ta tnnra than wx -an tay, but thx fact that It wa- ao. la a liquid ' atstx. ta b*yot.d quxati-n ?a we ax It itaalt to th* atdxa of the atone In all Imeitaabln forma, f. nut the Baaal l laaiwai ta thx i-?rg*?' Inayirtifaat eltl t luo-t rmtx'tly Indrnlxd aurfacr. Ailing up coutolx'xly I ha ] ctack of thx atonr wlnat a txnding to a touudnd t-anika appxarabca. a* la thn rn-x with ell melting aabatauax*. i hxn fr?wd, xitxrnal friction, of ootiran mndittn* it* l appmrancw more or Ixaa, h-tu * wa tind It io rirma rartlenlarly. In tlnn tlakwa. hut when it la in larger bulk, it pntgrn a pletnltke appxarancn aa If It nxrx ( barotto txd nut by thx hanrta ot xn artirau a-rxallylt , la by thx trxqiixat'y xnormuua * ight of atonca >t id?r t which it la dxpo-itxd Watxr, that uolr raal rarrixr, ( waxhlng thx-idi-a of the hllla, brought thx g id from ( into fhf rftVln<'? uni ri??r?, i? woiqq m own ffdaht fioilitnted th* prxtwi A ci nrdtn^ t? tha atreng'b or tha atirraat of aa'er, I fba weight i;f tba parllolea of ((old and the ob-ta'-la* in the *ay. II la In on? or ???iii?r epnt ihi lighter partlelra of cnnrr# fl> a'lag a?ay the t*r hat fnm their original h.d A* thle procea# of gold d-podtlon ha* taken place In aoai* raiaot# period of th* rarth a nUtenrr. bene* ?* Hod all theaa dep . lt?a, generally epeaklng. covered alik a|r>liar?r laallar depth of anil, rand, grand and atonee Sirmtly -p a*. I Irg. gold iloea not belong to tba rlrera li *aa v*-hed li to them Inm the adjoining blllt, henra It la aaalaea to look for g Id at tba h* ad ol ihoae etieamt ah-n tba n'lghboilng hllla are not of tba auriferoaa neu-a and *a nnd tbie fantnorrohornted bf our personal evaailnailoii ol the hiada of tbe a'mama of tha gold regt >a I be rame rnlo bolde g*od for tba aama In rogard to tha loirar portion i f a g -ld (tarrying trernm. atcapt that It la limited by tba t*et that Ugnt paruaiaa of | >_ . RK IS SSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 18 gold may be deposited a cou iderablo diatance below their original eonroe The mod* of deposit being made clear. It will ba equally clear .that it ia not on every spot in thia rerjr auriferous region that we must look fir gild. which fact experience proree to b?< true, or at lei?-t, it l? wot on erery spot tbat wo can find enough ot it to make it ao ehjert to beetow our labor <n it ileune it equally tollowa, the limitation of the quantity ot gold to ho expected fr< m the mlnea ?i a general aggre >? ? however rich tfcoy may prove The liret corner* had tho lieU clieticc* to hit upon rich depoeltx; hut as diggers multiply the cheiict-H of (ailing up"n virgin deposits grow emuiler. ai d tbev will hare to be content with uriiet the others. through impel f.-otlou of their Ubor, have If ft; con eijuently the work becomes more heavy and less profitable, although It may he yet suftioien'ly compensatory. if the expenses of living he n..t exoes- ' fivo 'Ihla i* preot-ely already the ca-a?the labor is much bsrdir thia year than It was last At preeeut there are not ao ma^y of thrwe happy hit* as formerly, although we y?t bear now and then of a lucky haul, which, however, whin It rfaohea the eara of'bcpublio boc< iip h extremely distorted, aud particularly

ao. when companies that have daintned sotueepo < or some ol the rivors wi -h to dispose advantageously of tbeir shares; thi ee ia-ily (lud ready letter-writers who communicate the lucky event to the pulilln through the press The accounts of successful digging in gold that went ahead, never have been accompanied with statements of hardshlna attending the process; yet we .ere fiee to ci uless that there Is no harder labor than I oat of gold digging and wa Mug, this epeolea of lab >r requires thi* strongest sinews caured t.? fatigue Peculiar localities, together with the general discomfort attending upon lite in the ? may isiake gold digging particularly Irksome Yet all this can l.e borne and om 'e labor may sometimes b orowmd with brilliant aucoeia We have made the above statement with the View of laying the euhji cl lo f.ire tho e who inav yet he novlcr- in the matters. that they may under-taud their own tie, we are tar front discouraging t he ne ,v aspirants alter the fayt is of tl-ttun honour; we tell them, lake your chance?It may he a very g.od one; hut suoh and such riicuu. ihiicos are attending this courtship. Those from di tout parte who. on uiere sound of the discovery cl gold in <'aliforuia ruiti headlo ij, n n,eti?ios h asing Vi rv good husiue-s and roiufor able irii r. cat not but rue the day if thev put their s-ln dependence ui'oa tllelr success In tlm mines. If they would come here with an intention of following s unt | nt it lit celling, tbey ci uhl not hut grow rich with lluie Vie have already plenty of miners; a lirger number of tbrin only dtuilni-iies the profits of all However cometbty inu-t. for they are beut on It oe Llo roprfijuences what lhey may. When tide gold mania ceases lo rage, individuals will abandon the initios; and then there will be a good 11 pormnlty lor companies with heavy capital to etep in. there will hn enough of profitable work for Ihi'ui; and it is then that the country will enter on a ctresr cf >eal progros and not till tliea ts.ich companies, with superior liiechawical facilities to d inu rb labor, In a short f| are will he euahled to go over the whole C.iueial field although already dug over by tmii fl.luals, arnl reap yet a rich reward for tin Ir efforts. kud wbra there will b< no more gold wa hmg to he done, then u new era iu the mining r f the country will commence? we mi an. a regular m e nmf mining by sinning shafts Into the very bowels of the rocks, will be entered up -o. nprrs n-r true ryrtt ru I'l mining am 10 uo inuuj in uc auiitvn us n giou. The 1'rogl csa ?f Sun Fianclsro. Never In 111* hi-tuiy of the world. ha* iliu sun ih 'QI upon a in n* of nut b rtrrgy Indu-ory. enterprise, business cxritcn cnt. and pm;o r i, 11 tlmcitjufSin I'tsa risen exhibit* at the present mmueut. I'be weves of emigration which bare been *o long -welling and anon n.uletiug iod: at last to bare rolled up .n t'i? Pacille strai d In on* mighty b How. A i.d witb it has c?uia lb.- strni p *<tn*. ardent mind* literary talents, business oapaoltle* pi tltlcal Intelligence criatiro gcnl is, nd indomitable em ray of tbet portion of the tngluHum rare which ha* fr>uniled and eniLalned ths "(trial Kepublio'' of the earth Hold lb* ui< vi Insidious of charmers, has swept the chord- that sway men'a iolode a? t h< y were nerer ton lie.I before ; and the muring driving rwajlng mingling, bubbling and boiling mass would a'ruoat secra to ba.e bei n In'ontad wlib a u adnee* that Is as pot< ut though not ao deadly, aa the bewildering dancti that marks I be tenom of tbe Tarantula And what his eonie ef all this' Why, the mrnu'alm lie; er of the Sierra N? vada are ooyered irith thousand* t>f people? the megutrternt bey of San Kraneisoo la whiten d with hundreds of rail the great rirere of t allfotn'a I ear u;on thslr bosom* tbnu-end of hu-rylng, restless mortals, and tone upon tons of valuable m*rr I and lea? great Inland cltb a are springing up on all the thor< oghtiirea t? the 'Harden >d Oold" ? and the mighty emporium of all tide bustle, business and wrath. Is rising liki msit'o Into tbs first city of the Pacific No one not on ths spot, cee esn??lt? of the changes erd lmpr? m tits which are every Jay ma le In rl >S city; end > yon tho-e who ere tbma) trmu iley to day srarcely appy. * a'* tbeoi? the record- of the r - of rules In all time cannot furnish a parallel Veu look In vein among lb* r mtlr account* of the progress of rules or I'irerro for ev y indications of the utilitarian spirit of tbe etirt'snth century; end sltb .ugh greet el ite rretittia'ly grew tip .u the seen** t?f their glory and their wealth, yet they seemed only to hate utr rrun Ibore heentitul provinces, end et the ea'ne t'Uie that they ?trt;i|ed theru of theii jewels end prerloue torts Is, they scpt'arvd their luhibitauts. iipti ioed (bsir whole system r.f govemoieut i|?sir >y-tl the foundation* of their aoctal and political structure, ?nd annihilated th'lr in Jus ry ?literally wrecking and Cvvai laiit it Ibe land they won Not so ?itb the human tide that Is sweeping Into ( alifi rtila The age in whi.-h we live, will nowhere lrsvriiore indiihliaV'e er ideoies Of its peculiar charaetvrisllei than upon lb -re sb'-ree. The gr-a'. mats n ey r> turn to the morn ficgeulal icvum which they have bft (hey may go away rich In ? old or ifT-ayp ml u t tit t ut thej never ran take from < alitor >14 ihrmtphty Impetus which ihcy haw lent her 'b-y rey?r fan de|ilvc bvr of the adraattges which will I a?e roadueti d her. not 1 y the slow s?J toilsome pror. ?( f jeers hut In one day a- It wi fe, from the p II'n 11 a 'er off and ui.(bought of depi n le isy, III o that tf u mighty ptorpi r,.us, and p< p ilous Mtat*. lnipi nvrnir nta In Kan Piuueleco. NeW IHIMMU TflgeTeK. JVr we'd call i he a' len'li n of our reader* to the advi rt" Went iii aUolher column retatlrv to I hie new en1st prise which. We eauool doul.t w111 comm-ud Itself l? ihe favrralilr boilce ef the wliolr cou.niuoity. The pleo I* ei esc llent one and we am i?uikI it is the lii'.ei ttin "f the projector, Mr tluflnm. to make the s-tsbltehn i nt a ri i p> r'atdp sn I popular place ot r*-ort nd air.o-emrtit for fern; I < and strangers Sum* of L'ur Hit t ii flmnttal cltlsen* have already taken an m|t re-tin the ri aud we truet the inierpriee may not tail f r * ai t en f t.riai aupprri a tai-nini op*rattr ardballat oon>|*ii) arc < h??tfly .xp.-cud ta arrlaa bata Hub. cilptton* for Uckal* will br trcalrad al Lbia t fllce. ritrniAi. wH*?r. Thl* Important work. whipn ? or.rnmaarail on tha rib of Jul* le*t. ?lil now *11 II h? an tar aa'aBOad a? tx-attlial'iv for ilia iiHMiif Woan-roa trnli-r lh* >nbarltttar.danr* of < apt I.. I? U 9 A . th* pilaa fi r Hi* Mfp It bafr bran drifrn fill a di-'ano* of ihra# hol.dr. J taat, and at owt rna-half Ibat di-tanna I* alr* any r< n.platad and plank- 4 It I* axpartaj that. In lhai > iii?*of a law wrafea. ilia atrueiura will b? oomph t?d brji.iid low aaiar mark I l?** m*on?r in whtoh tbaalaif la ConatrU'tad a* w?ll a< tna an-rgr di?pU> <5 In procuring tba matarla!*. ara auoh a< In r-rto-t (irat rrrdli n lha Migltaar wb" piatwaf and haa Hum lar cm dur'ad II.a w< rk ' ba nllli*tr? of in* a >mp*ny pr - l ra?id??l. V ?iilla?|.|a; l ea*nrar. It M t'riaa; brralatf. \ M Van fmlrai.d, Inrret r* W |) II. raid 1-iankW'ard. It M I'rlne, A. J Kill*, 1'atld I n: x aa'l W II I MM wimir at rr.ark's roiwr. TMa lrr| rr'ant b.i'li.c poitn n of tba town haa now a ? ?) (nod w bar! Tha apil* wharf ar-clad I hara roma > ai alnra l.a* ham ra|al>ad o..aarad with atrnnf plank, and Ilia bark Janal laid up a* a at>ira*h?p a' It* and. V >*-ala. eon>?q'i*ntly, ran My alongside lh* lan. t and <i|*.'h*rga tb< Ir pa:go. a- wall aa al auy piar In Nat Vork. mrrbm.I.v PIER. Jnrt h< low l lark'a I olnt nor antarprlalag f .wn?man, J li .Viainii I* wnnaf mating a at. na plar rhial-du.a by blaatir g I law rooka whtah cm ;.* * ? tha biuff whl. h harw nn.a* down In tba *tlar> r.'ga and laying iham < In a ||rt ronra forty faat In widll Wa are In'orno-d that a ?*r*a| ha* h-an ahartrrad to lav al-tigdda thia p rr aa a a'nrarbip, ah.ah will (r*at|y Inaraiaau tba fas' li I Ira fur dUuhaigiPK rairn ?t thi* port. PACIFIC- WtlAliP. tb* rmall wharf ronatruetad nrar tha foot of l'a<dfla Itraat hy l?a w lit fa Harriaon oil ii It Buflkrl .w haa b-an >.| *rrat aaralra to Ikr tk-lnrWlatara-i* of tliat p- ril. tr <f lha t. an and wa pnoaita wiih pMoaura. h at tha firm <f i rr<?. hihn n k t o ara arreting a larg* holloing nrar tha asii * *pnt,?hiah la toan-aar ftolliaaa atorrhnu-a and aharf t'o r? n-othain h l.ladalahnra al-n rrrriul a larg* warrhouaa at tha lout i f f aclha atraat, which will aaawrr lh.* pit. pea* of I alia nw?T *T!irtT WH*?r. Thli town li.ii.rnr mn.t list nrvr rmofMnl frota the |a.elyil? with which It war aflllme.l mora than oae |iar tiara > rrrrt lo . Hoarh It Wnn.|warih h*?a rfifttda urtlmu't innit lit; frrt l.-fut and ooal.rcteillt l.j a fill rate whan ami the two I .paiher nffrr jr.ailj <1 faniht tr for landing m r.maadlta. ti*'R( II AN 11* RXl H4NOR. Among Ihe raufaacna ?.f U.r rapl.l a.lranr* la bail* ret* ami p. polail.n whtrh arc pri-?cnfr I to thr *f* in hi* tntuir ii |>"i linn of I'actflc arallli ami coin norca, iitf k? nrtid the largo Bomber of atnraa, wareh oirea, I"i!IIB|!I and hot air thai haregone up within the patt I "X etrkt a mmt ? hf thr ?aod of eo?e potm' ma(lolla 1 krir it* Mrr) ila; anlillf man > t rherac rr energy eaietprig* and capital tfi Impart tona and itan.ti.a to hu>lnr?a pnrroit* grnerally. mil It I* our 1 hrrr*!*liiUra*t? ahotr all other* that ara rtr.ngth 'i nl h| Ihrw *ocr-. n? VI ho* rii?i)r??ful caterer* ' 'or onr r'tirrmrorr and eonifort ha?* n?urp*d fha I t>?bllc tarta and tha timer ot early Kl Itorado etiet , ml In meaiory Ihtra ara rapid and hanger poll p on In tnr cmumerrUI or hurinr.a world hat are will rah-Mla'id to rmlt* our in'rrrrt aail finlta oar tympatblrr and wlrhoa eotdialiy therewith. Ilhrr tk* dlironr) of (old Ih* trad* of tha r an try 'a- hi n mortl) In the hand* of adrantnia a In notentile no a thmwa hp f.irr* of oirrumitanrr* Into favorable nnrltloa* and who. la thr ah nee of rranprittlon bar* controlled tha aiarteta ithowt *) tti m f rder. dp Judgment many de*Mi n?a wf Vvetaete acquitementa withowi parmaoaat iatwatloaa, tnd la n. aur rei a. Itatrd torarrr ?nt the o< 'aw a a ad autnarraa. ar ataad la tha hl?h aad haaota? [ E R A 49. ble relation of MiorohantH l-roiii thi* precarious aud improper tenting Its bulk in being transferred to the lunula of skilful. educated and professional men The first step toward oeuiruting the Interest* of our mercantile roumiouity. in tlip projected Opening of an ?t change a merchant*' exchange. fori hi merchant* of Kan h ranci^ce' TMlil milly Wldl WaM It -ar ira of Improvement, enterprise. and mora than thi* It bespeak* a redemption of iraile from it.* unnatural oh mcela and it * restoration to a legitimate and aouud haul* Tbe carrying rut of ao laudable an eat-rpri*?. Makers. .Iew< tt Ik Mrlhado. enterprising and o impotent meu'bnntn bare undertaken on thrir own reap uisibllltv. Vi e wish them the turcum which tVev trulv iia serve. Jlellgtoue Intelligence. The following chinches have been organized la this cit\ 1. Roman Catholio-tervlce ad mini-tered every Sabbath tit their chinch on Ynllrjo struct 'i Hrst Haptlst. Rev O C. W heelsr. pastor ? servica every Sabbath at. their new ol<uich ou Washington street, riearthe corner of Stockton 3 hirst Piaebyn rian, Rev. Albert William*. pastor? service very Sehhath at their large tent ou Dupont street, near Pacific 4. 11< teetanl I ptseopal, Rev. F. MInes. reator?service ever* Sonde), lor the present. lit the house of J. II. Merrill. F.sq. b Veihodiet. We understand that tul* denomination 1 e c< mini need the erection of u ohurcn at t he bead of \\ ?hi> |itou atrei t 6 t ot grsgationat. The Rev. T. I). Hunt has consent e<1 to officiate occasionally for this church until lira first of Noviuibcr next. In adotlicti to the above, the Rev. T I) Hunt chaplaln. preaches each Sabbath at thfl PuhHo Institute. In oooi.ectiou mth the above, it is proper w? she uld ?t?te that Suiihaih Schools are established in the llapti-t I'toh)trilau and Kplscnpal churches, and theru id also one attached t? thu < liaplaincy. Run FrnnvTsco i'llres Current. Kok At'ousr. 1 Bsr.insti rrs ?( hilu Hour, exlia < onneption. per 2l)0 lbs , $1(1 Hi a 11; do do . superfine, f> a 10; American flour sweet. $lt a Id. do navy bread, A a o'jo ; do pilot do.tiaic ; i liile brad 4J(jc ; rlee, inferior, 2 a 4c; barley i er sack $$ '.'A a ! fid; corn, per sack. $4 a 6. I imi ens * ami PaoviHintvR < offee. ' .rural America, per lb. 7 a 8c ; d . l!io. 8 a Po ; do , Manilla 7 a So ; sup sis 4 i Kit as I Ameilra dark, per lb . 7 a he ; do . Barrieba or f haueaco o a Sc do, llava a crushed. Ilia 12c : do . refund white, in a lt<c ; do , . auilta. tair 12 a 14c ; molasses, thin ai>d sour per gallon. 15 a lt'a ; molasses, pi line anil heavy. a 40c ; pork. Ame r.? - 0-u, uu m > >, do do damaged 75 a 0, hmom. per lb . 14 a bio ; lal"* ill it-cl cod li-li 2 alio ; ham* damn oil. 13\ a 1 In ; do. prime. 80 a 85c.: huhu common yellow. 4a do ; ebee-o it.lrrlor. li ? 12c . uiatehca, per grog*. I a 1 f>W; Inuitaid. I.oudnti. lb bottle?. pi r do/en. >4 a picklea l.i ndiia pint*, per dog . 712; d?. American quart*, 718; Dolor na paoragt*, American. HO a f'uio ; vinegar, per 1 hi J,h u S 50; pipe* per box $1 75 a IS, chocolate, good per pound Hi) a (lie.; do, damn "I, 14 a lie Liqt t.Ra Win. superior ra.-eg 1 jug*. 74 50 n 6; do , do . do llai-ka. $6 a 8; btandy. do , do., do . $0 75 a 10; champagne, quart* and pinta. 71-t a ID 50; claret, 74 10 a 5; ' ai IriLe wlt.e. $5 M a D; rhrrry, 7W a 10; ^tadii.a tli a 10; port. old. 4lo a IS; Am'teU'a bra-dy. ca*k* per pull n. $4 5o a 5; common do , $1 H i a 4; whWki y. ration* grade*. 50 a Hue ; Now Kngl-ind rum. common. 45 a 00c ; American brandy.75c a lOOe.j do gin. to a70c. ale in boltWe. per doi 0a050, -iadtdia wine. |ir gal 1 05 a 1 10; Sherry, do do 1 a 1 10; white S| anieli biai.dy. In it eg*, 1 50 a 1 55. Mim iirinik I'oh.ico am> Skuar* l>aiuaj*I by fee vawr, perlb 3alt>,n. go?J favorite boged brand*, 22 a 25c; leaf tobacco, 10 a 12c; n-gar*. Manilla No 2, 7 20 a 25, Manilla imitation 4 a 4 50, co n ???t 250a4. I i.i in ?m> r*k?i.*ti;?.? Hafria*, per lb , 15 a Ido ; ; nut*. 12 a 14c ; plume 10 a 12c ; cherrtea, 10 a 12c.; j fig*, 12 a 14* ; dried peaohce. 2o a 25o ; do appl** 20 a 25c ; pi ar*, 12 a 14c ; pr? nrml ginger, per caee, 7 10 01 a $12 i 0. jelllee. 74 Co a 75 00. T?.a? 5 oung llynon. 15 lb caddie* 40 a 45c ; hynn akin 14 lb coddle* 26 a 50c ; Congo, 7 a 14 lb. caddiea, pi r bi x 74 On, gunpowuer 45 a 50c, IIan ahk am Si. aoaii 8bot, American and Knglleli per bag 72 00 ; powder American and Knglleii. per lb 40 aMc.; bar b*ail, 16 a 17c.. percueahw cap* 71 a 7? 02, cooking etove* eacli, 7D5 a 770 , *b irele, da c aged |>i r dot . 48 . 0 a 3. fool-cap paper per ream. 71 55 a 72; nettle *poon*. per grout V2 12 it 73, tii'nbier* in care* per do*. 76c a 71, etou*jug* aamrted, p?r doien 74 a 7&. ru'pender" per do* , *o a 74*; wrapping paper, per ri am. 1-0 a 3flo ; force p-nnt'* each fiiO a 770 age 1 .audit * 20 a26a ; raddle* main 74 Ml a 75; i do. S;. tilth $ 10 a 715, hata. black *iIk. 7 2 "6 a 3; t a'iIcnii* bete, 75 a Hon ; oil *kln cap', per duxen. 72 nd; drab rarrdriere ha**, each HO a 15c ; cnttm umbrella*, 14 a 55c ; latent ebnt pom-be*. 71 a 1 50, japan caudle?Mrk? | *r (teg. n 72 a 7; Ir dlao uilrr i*. huiaIi per di * n 71 26 a ], Dale* platform large rualet 7100; 1 a c * pletfinm email *na!e*, 7"0 a !" *tee| yard*, I >1 50 a 10; counter real** and weight*. 74 50 a 7; gt li ill ti ne* crank* complete. 7<1 a 7; grldtr >D?, I 71 50 n 2; American nrtdegn. pr do*. 72 "5 at; cotton I duck No lad p?r j it 20c a 71 04; tin plain* per dm, 72 50 a 9; tip pane, I quart, per doteri 72 12 a 2 26; j 2 do. do 7V 75 a 3; 2 do. do 74 50 ; 4 do do 75 M); j f do do.. 712 50. 10 do do, 79 76; 12 do do. 717 25; 17 do do , )*M 50; bundle wire, per lb . 14 a Iftv ; h illoW | wete. per lb . 7 a 7 He ; tin cup*, pint* and htlf pint*, i fir d< Hen. 71 f" a 72 fib; caatlnge, pot* and ovr oa ret gall., lt'0 ;* 1 I|t a 5 g*H? perd->l , $5 a 20; coda* mill* br*t. 710 a 11; corn do . ateel, 77 6 > a 8. le'lery kittti ? 7s a.". 70; halve* and bra* per dot., 71 25 a 1 50; bataber knlee'i, a-*ort?d qoaltUee p r dot . 72 a 7; ililngling hatchet*, com . per dog., 7* a V; Hunt * bert. f lo a 12. water bnck-t* I a 4 gal . 60c a 71; fryir-g pan* 0. 1. 2. 3 and 4 p r dog *0 * U; ui uileal b *e? 4 and C tune*, 74.' a 00, acci rdeoo- ai- irted tixa*. 7741 a Id. RKMARK7. Rre*il*tul7* ruled b w at the opening rf :h* month, 1 lit tin te ha* Iim n within a f n dap* a di <d l-d Inclination r n the part ot purahareta to in?' *t Hour thar > fore 1 f a good *1 d *wrat quality, ha* adt *1 ced troa 71 a 1 /'(> |;i r rack of SOOIb* Dread rice an ) other acticlea td (hi* cla*a gin * i 11 itugnld. from an o?#r?r,ocked Din ket Ir .rinno Very IItrlet ha* he^ ihitia In beef and pi-1 k. but a belter f"llt'/ preealli fir < It" Irtt'r a' title I articularly In email p'C - ag ar |o k f 1; a further dtance if tlo- ix am 11 1' Iit.r oraterticked by 1 irge a rl vale. Dacon and ham* are in demand, t t f*w pr'nm Iiitiaikit l.i<|t>'T* all deecrlptioma or IP"naon ll<|U >r? In I II* bate mid at r,ry Ira rai?a. ii'i* ri<* br*ndf I an d elir.rd to our quotation*. ii?lrg lol *ry a.rl?al?; tba >im> apprTtaliK In (Id. ebon (>? :n? i? lu n .I'll and and trtrre; elarrt In raak? la much > u<iit af. r, but ihj little In Prat hard- Tba many arnral* tlita Bii nih fata thr< wn latge mri In-* of dry g iod* ha'daitr and go< d* of tbla data on tha market hloh mmllktni < ? i'lix ki il mid ?b ii' th - -anii- ftt?< aro mainIbItkiI |i In our li?l i?iu? Arlloln In mink demand ao Mn warn. bare nut good oloa. Ilia u.i rlrar trala kto Inrlraiok alihlnlho Uattm arilli and a gr?afer mi nat of gooda bat e jmo up both the s%-rtomato and San loafaln ntrrt D an atturlaal SralghU uprlrar atlll niittnua at fit) a Id par 10V It narrlafrt. In Van Franelrito. Aug ad. by liar A VIIII am a, Mr IVii i 14 01 M (tan to Vr*. Mm AitatT* I.a iMira (>n July la by tba aaina. Mr Kaantoi a lltTuttrir ta Mln Maar f.iirtaatu Smith. Da a tit a. In San Kranrlaeo Angutt an of Inflaur atlon of tba lur iro oiim m ii i o ag?d x4 yi-ara. and li'o u 8 Visa ( itioul at tba Sand etch lolaiidt A larira elrala of frlamio at>d aai|iialt>(anra? lan'i'iit M< drr a?a AI W lllorr (?r or a att he rvaldeaca nf Mr I Wblk nan Alii ml IT. I r Duma Mi nor. ago I about 41 yrora. Nantucket paper* plat'* eepy, (>u bmid tba batk Olga from Manatlaa P.nwaan R Bioiana fi itratly af N?? \ ork. lata of Quiaity, Tide. On b-aid Anieitrau bark fcquator. Aug d#,Ai.aaBT Tin***, aped I'd y?ara OnAng II, al pnti?umptlon. at tbe re?blena* nf Mr. Allnd bobinai n. JiMia in i mii.i.o. Jr . of Nan Voik ally Aupnot 11 f>r llntttao of I.laia Ha I? anppoaed to l.ara kapt a drug tt ra In (hat aity, BnJ had prorai rti d la (ha ((old Mlaaaof i alilornta lt?nnnirir tk San I laoaiaro ha *a> reload irlth larar anil diad at tba i uobt family dotal, attar an lllnaaa of tbraa day* only on tba paarapa of th* brlc faulina from R atom t" San fraari.uo wklta .ting to la a gala ?a tba lltt of Murk laat ff iba Hirer l.a I la a Joaarn K mont Jr. *aa traibad orar by a haarr aaa aid dioMird lla aa? 31 yea'ki f aga and ba? a fathar and oth>r ralatin* rarlding In Vermont (?n Hi pt IP. on boaid tba (teamer Kmpira City, om bi-r outaard pa?a?a Mr Mutant* lull loia Koc lnltar N V . of lnPaut>iai.|oa *f Iba b iowl* Da biard Iba alaamar l.mplra i.ity, i?n h?r hrmawarj portage Sapl 20. Tirana Hnoaar, a returning rutin ti>r, I f AD Itijiii y I'l I tin Important thlp Itfwt, TK.*.?ri.t i* 'ihk run <>r hah k hanoi ton, with nm |> AI K or A KHIVA I.*, KAMRft or MAHTKNt, AMI) PUII WIIRti R TMRT CAVE, HOT IlKToRK OlVKT in TDK n T Itkmrrhr Jdl in, Koran. II rl?)? from flnnntnla 2 Am ? ?rk Hi anil, fol*?r 117 tut* from N ll*itfor4. i 2 1a. Iilji Rmark ?.r?i>. At <1 I) * from < nlia A Am hru b??ra*i|r. Hail* 21# o ?? ft m N. Tort. ' fa t?'k llmtilo, Mrrr, 77 ilk)* from l*nn?m? " Am ?liip> lot* ?, l>l liplr in It ?on " A m ii kr Itraatnr. M rtkll. I"l ilntr from N?# fork. " I n. i|> Antrim", Hi A*)? from l.orrpool. ' Am **kr Mtr?Tn)lur M..lir n.Mutitm !*. Ultin. I A*. Ht fir I.* Hol*A?4. *ni.ho?ton, It ||? fm Pk??mk. " I'rr kohr. Inlcr, N)R. M *! ?? from Knrn'lnn I Am ip I'ncifte, Ti'.hrti# IH di)? from )*? T ?rk. " An t*. Urroill. P'airttnlA. Aklo?lrnni Philadelphia. " A*. *rlir. Ji hk !>*). from >?* Tirt. " Am hk. Irihrl. Mr*-nar. I?!' ilk), ffom *? Turk "k'l hr I i.rr* Aol r?piltro Aohr drr, fl* t? fm Valp. " llr t| Jkhanna I mint, i hrrtrlr't.'kl 4t fik tin no rn "Am. rah Urn M..r?*o r*U**hirt. .#1 ti fm 1 > n-a " Ch 1) Tirkitif t>*l*l ItkOlkL Allf Mktkllkk "Am Jkhk 0. I'nktrr. Unrfrt I ?7 Ji fm t?. 1 rl , " >* Rrri err. H?l|, III) ill fr-m *)tnn?. N t. I*. ' llnm h* brlrna, A?t?r?o?. 1/7 At from il?i?0iir<li " I k. keh fca prt?i, Hkrihvl'm, l?J iik)? from vjallaa. " Am hri* uno Binary, Cat*. IIM ilk)i ftom N*? fork. " Am.nh J. * R>tr?o? l-rr I&2 talk from N. ?or*. 7 Am rt. I hririopl n? i olon. t'offln, llttlfn N Tort. " Aki ?k llhwM, Bailor) IM tk)i from Br-tir. "Am. i f. ( on ra. Karnr, rut ilan from PhiUd?lt*hia. R Am hk Pkiomlo, I nrta. An <fk)t from Nro fort. " i. am ar Hnphia, Mlllnr. ? tk)a ftom fkaamk. "Ilka l? Ocihr. Lrnlia. ttaa.ra. 7* tk?i lm ranklkk. " Am hr>t tionrkR, I ottrr Iti da. N BrdfiN. " Hi* n*hr Ma*liip. < artincham It ta)R Honolulu. " Ii link I I'lliik .o|*rno.r l*n on), from i.i?rr(iokl " Am. ip 1'knnma, Roon.H. i"B data from ti? T -rk. " Am ) llom noil. LiltIrArld, l'Hli)i frkm tr?rraa "hot. i)lii?ir,l.iit' ilk diri from WU da Jaakira. " Am. ik luck, A wit. tt ik)? i mm tea t'adra. LD. TWO CENTS. Am. ? Am.hark lUraalia. nauer.l!* ilajrarro* New Totfc. " Am. ?|> Minna, Unm 1st 4?y. from Uratinport. " Imn till** Sophia Unllm, *4 <i. fm Yal?. "An rnihr l.?/?ilr. Vuntr, 37* .l?v? from M. II. l'f.rl. " Aui. tri* W oliot, N.rUiaiu, i*l <iay> fnm V.lparaKO. " Am. brm llmiherr, IN) .lay. from N?. York "I lnli.u iiri* II uo 111 u I,, 71 il. fm Va'paraia*. " Krt iicli l ark Ltliua. Coticr, 72 lajiilr. in MmiUa " ui y.uttardo, Kouoauoth, 7.1 d* tin Velpuramo. 10 Spanish brig Y'looeno, Kiouda. 72 days from llaoilla. *' Kd. sohr Lik'iy Laigk. VI hi to. fit d* from iiobartown. 44 Am tcbr Alary H lidcr, Millicau, IhO us from Botton. 41 A to ho rk Lota, llfftrxe, 12t? days from Kio du Jaaeiro. 44 Am. brir Quito. Brock 5 day* from Orv/on. 11 Am l*k I'lnlip Hons, Mit'i.elf im days f n N. York. 44 I h 1 ? Geu O. Uiggiues, JuenU, 71 day* fin Valp. 44 1 h I k Inane T. i'orst, KunUuu, fi4 do. 12 Aiu rp Brooklyn, tt?cl.ard*< n, 210 da fm New Turk. 1H i h bg Orion, btjuiri*. Oil day# from Aeapu'co. 44 I'rr hg Mclchv Seville, Guyiuer, 1ft d t>e fraoi Callao. 11 I or trig Coplapo, knowlos, uo da>? fr? ui Panama. 44 t'h hg N alp aim so. 7?"i days tYom Valparaiso. lf> I'rr sch A I u u? h, Luuu, lift days from <'alien. 17 Am. brig F-opLuniia 'I uck*r.'/ dajra from ttndoxa. li1 1 Mitdi tk Sumatra, Vatniau,<>7 days from Unn-gkong. 44 ft h. tug MatuUore, VI eloli, (ui d iy? from Cauaiae. 44 ft'h. bark Lacae. Wandopi, 121 day* from New Va.L 21 Aru. baik Toulon* Very. l.#dsfr<*iu ftiu de Janeiro. 41 Am. bark Oxford, Yuinrau. lit days from H istou. 44 Am. brig Malok Adh 1. Lewis .1 day* tin 4a ita (Jrvi. 41 nni. K'hr I'l'trfl, linniblnoomh, 2ft da from Hongkong. 44 l?Mvid lleoeta w, koN uia. 2 d? from at. Orma* 22 Am. n? Uukbory, Vorina, B1I day a from llontaa. 2vl A ui I k Ivimlaiu, Philips, ldflday* from Baltimore. 44 Ait. abip iloleiia. Land. lt>2 eavafrom *ew Yon. 44 ft h bug Imperial. Lortca, 20 days fm Santa Barbara. 44 Am bug O'. K*\moud, viall, A dst'u Columbia river. 44 Mary Jjiie, U. S. Q. ft'.at ler sohr. from Jimiterey. 2(? a in ship ft tor en c?v Bright, fm N. V. via V alpinist. 44 ft.ii. brig J R. Suittli, fl'Jnays fr ?m Valparaiso. 17 Am. in rk t xpreao Lnne, 2'2"? dny# fr in Now York. 44 I t. ship /? ulwus, Wil?. n, InA nay ? from Liverpool. 44 l.i (l.< robe) .**rah, ll?-\*aril 71 dmnfu Uoi.rHoag. 2^ ak>. alii|? wtaiDon, Oord .u 12ft) .lay*from York. HI Am. bri^ I any A* atns Butler, 62 Wyafrom I'atleo. 4< A in. ship Y a p. nolia, iurnoiu 2t)l ?is fm N. Br if r?l. 44 au.. to.ip C> n. Whii iiigt"Q, H"iiiri 151*26 ds fm V Y. 44 Am ibip Robtri Hov i ?, ft aiuwrou. 2fti3ds fui N. York. 11 lit kivt UklMi I riHR I if 44 Am. selir J aim a K. VV hi ting. iViiniugtou, 2?Jo days I rum New York. " Am. brig John ftVtty, Flare?. d iys from Norfolk* 44 Am. sl ip Anne, Cobb, IJ da a from 3rint,oft. *4 A u<. t. rk VVintrop, Mocm. 172 i.'ai s from Br'slaL 4' kii. sobr Fleet, Haiti. 7^ days front Valparaiso. 80 ?d. brig buuoy, i#eathart, to da f n Anvkfaud, N. Z. 44 Am. bark U:ga. Bull i'.\ <ia o t from Bazatlxa. 44 Am. iurk Miufford. C'offto, 2fk* da.?* lo>m Nrw York* !! H stlir I0tl? of fnne, Luo trojns ilo d t ia Uaayquil. 44 N. G. tbip i.m?f.b"Idt. Lasso, 111 dav.4 fr ui I'auaoia 44 in. tr s HaJJb J-hn^ 'D. Hft d.-?>sfr ni Sydney. UuiitH Sttiti'g thipn io lJo> t fftliip Obio, Com. J*?re ?. Il ship. ' ip Aavanoah, Oip'ila Vi ? ri ic?; il.ip W'. rri it,' a. H. L-ve ; l'ranr|a?rt. Fro? dunta; do. rout!?emptor: brig Vlarv Jai.o, v4"xrt> r Vft?*tor'i li. i art mint; u" r 1 > vluoibU do, Olft. Liuuolu, do, propviler iiatSHi-busmt*. LiJ i?j Vctf it 't Sicrnmmto (.'ify. Fi r brig Lbt Araa< suu: 1 ? r bark Ha'? Josa; fahitl in Hria Curr?tu> l.asa. em. veSHeU Forest, At'.ulia. Nonk Bead, Ji>epi inr. i4uii!ilia.Cri'toi. At ht /.iVi'/?American: iorra, Kdward Iveretfc, BHsa, Jotid|uur?*nn Foreign: Julia, Coufenraeiea, Natalia* Froftre??. (Cliilmn.) H//.' Stockton? Forrigf: Kepublioana, Fi il, Rratrix Km lia* TV;ue??* de k si ispo. Knrii|U*, Susanosb. Am rionu, Stirling. Ai Sttt' Yoi k ? Amorii an sbiji ^waden. l.tit oj IViu/i j.lyiutf uy the I'ivt rt Man Joaqmm and Fdi rn me uto. Rau&i. Odd Fcl'ow. Plaoer. Ria'ko, Olivia, fsiiitellaftidlf Fwlir. ftaiolina Iowa, San lft'aseftiia Adalia, Mo?atian, K aftir", Kciip?e. Valnxco, I'll tenia, Sax.tdahook, Kibe, Liber vo* ft Italic*, bi?rv, Iw iu I? w, Alioo. Velor, b'>ln,6tk ?ree, Zaek Jol.Lhi li- I.Miira. Kiuilv jxrf. N 1II?*U III-rillinuk 1'umn- Wil man. I'ljaii rtli, Sim, Uhij, Lovl>i. Ctiarlea ami Kdward, 1'iula. bopbia. llua. Witch, I'atuxvut, Au>, Kmiripn.iu. misi El.f.AMKOtfS. Tl.c T P ildirnr Fill'h, l.uni <; .amandin* IfoC.irmlak. from Ball l l'i Lil'C" for <?ata Itui I.MB, w n> uahnra on I'vlnt I nm t pnnn. on the 2f>th nf Atmuat, anl wan totally Inat, It a? tt our III, ilia machinery iu:?iit Im unit, if tin waalbar continued 'atorakfe. A can i i o, ,vpt 10-S." r Hn Jrnnlufa. Ii?nu>l down tha aoaat, ii. k fi ? dajr, tha only A n.rrn'aa v.'A.rl in port. I II a'.I, I?. 81 pi ICS I.) I a* At anchor. a'ram. r Palnin.fn* hcallrlrini.iui'rw kauri; miR'T Alabama aillul alii o'clock M. for d": llr atccinor ( Ii ilr Ct Ih? itot dayiartiTid Ziih, acbr houlaiaita, II Saya fr .m Mao iMaana. Ni miii. > *. Sept y? Itrif t'ol tram ml, "I H linn'ra a..1 kr k tialek Aicbl, Irani Sun Fram iaoo, am 1 otl.ora baforu rap. r?i d. Par ami, Sail 2.1? fttaatnar Relator, fir San rr?n?il?ao. 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Yi'laji af tba l)r< I?lt l.ata I a I natitutcd fur tin ma?l??* a form of * >Ti*riitneut wrd-hta to he trd lu t i>n?rc?a at it< next a dim U'? bail b' i u permitted to lima at o rtifbil < >|>le* of tit" e n .tatiitu o tbua aalnbllahrd and of tu? p on adin|< of lha I tglalatuie nailer Ii and oi tha rc?A'>n< ?hlal? lad to thai a mux ma ii if I'hw now S at* la juain lr * yl?d th* "iitato of Itaforet," which imrita* ann rilu* Ii lha Mm nil n liiatory and inn rpr? taim* iim b u-r hew," and In ilKiililiraut of ludu?mp and I'm kindroil ilr u u It I* aearr.ily naao airy l> ?ht i? hi fa (nr. f nit the population 11 I hi* hi* Kta'c la to p i?- I a < t her of paranuapr fr air* ilia W or in id laiHi of ?li iutb*riuiu> f ar la rapidly Inrraa-lii* aaory ynar f at b?|r* trua Kia'n to wt tcb all tbair omi*rai tin la tan dm/ In imam pro tailing*, aa in er?-ry ihirig alar, t in p ruliarlil i of thia people ara ptnritad, tnuu* i * ra mot too that tl. i? will i flu an *r d bar to ti.aatr appii a Ion fur admlaalon tnlo tl.a I nn n Innia raipiet at laa-t th? oonwimtlin ohlth f urn d thn C'>n>littnloo of tha nan Nfatn lia< a?t a * o-d aiaiaplo 1 hnj w?ramip oj?d only ona w rk In action .,.o.t II, and w* do nut * but what It la aa *oo<J a una t* pi ma of rur 8iatr> ha a a b n able to form after nniuiii* ot d?lib*rntli o. Vt'a prvcaril to give touit >( law.ij IralnrM In kebrunry la?t, nolle* na? glr -n to Blithe at';?aaa of that portion of Up|>?r < I/log nut uf the bur.a *>> ?a<ln mooniatna tktt t t'>ll?ull?i a.mi l ha b*ld nt t> * Untt halt Lata tilt/, on ?li * fit It ot Mareb, forth* purpore of taking Into iiitrMnrt'lun tha pro[iti'tj of organising b territorial or elvai* govarum ot. Am rdti gly, on the day app tiol. I the i.ou**ai|.n met ' eooroltnc ot n ia-g* portion of the lahaltuanlg of that portion of I'ppert aiif.ruia. lying .a-tef in* Merra iNnnlt m?u: t?iu-." 't'nninl #p*i.e*c ? #l*#t*d bslrmsa . M'uLam lay ton tMNtirjr, I'h ml Ht.lln k AreLlaui baeratary. auJ florae# d Kldri.lga, Marshal Alter tereral addrseae* romm"f* f ten ?a? ? pointed to dmrt a nonet Untie n.unlrwhirh'b*? eoitl I g' tern ttoniMl*** .mill lb* Cnafi.-M ?l tba United btatee W ould othei trtre iBMiini: Ailed i arilegft n. Jn.eph 1. UeywooA, Uiliiam W Pbelpd, I'nnd hull mar. J.bat I nil rue r, t harlae C. Kirb, John Taylor. Parley P Trntt, John vi UtrnM**l, hrtilmlli ie l b* i onrention th*n ?1jour?. t to ThurnUf the Rtb ohm they met t* rectlt# tba report of tba soaaBltlra I liia report on? th-n mad*. In tbaabapeof a Proami I * ai d * <natltntlon f r tha a -rernmeul of tha m* b'nte 1 h* Prat rlaur* t* at f itlutra We. tha people gra'eful to thn Supreme tl*in( for the Meeting* hli h>rt? enjoyed nod tee. of ourd*|.eudetira en Inn tor a nontlnna ton of thoee ble-atng*, do otdeln at d retaMleh n Ire* and Independent a ??rB. mi lit, hy the nam* of the Kta * f lieeret, luelo Hog all lb# follooti g hoiinitarlia to ait oitiuiem n( at .the i>itd d*g north Intlti d* where tt aroeeeo the n * h d> g. longitude oe?t of tlre.-nnt'h; th?iie# running enoth nod tel to the northern b modaep of tfetloo; tlieio a ee.t to bod down the loaiu rbanio l ol the I ill* rtrer. on the northern line of ileal.-i and >n > h* nnr> b< ero boundary of Loner i alif rnla, t.? tha I'aoi le oo?*a; theirs along tb* eonat it rtheee'erly to tha i IH .la d * All It.In i f a ? at h.f.ul'ud* thrl.Pr n rtll to ah. 'i ?m .1 lino latvr*ect* the dltidii g ?l lg? of IN 4Urre mountain*. iliaoa* n rlh along th* ?uin<nit of Ih* Rlrnl Nevada Mountain* to ibe dividing rangn of mountain* ika< wpata'a th* nat-r* II mtu* Into tba ( olumbia river frotn tn* natar* running into th* Jr-at l'e*m, Ibarra *e-'*rly along the dividing rang* of mountain* ibat V'paieia raid wat*r* It -wing In tba I olnmloa ritt r nn th? north fr >iu tba **t?r< II >*lv< Into tba tttaet lta-in on th* nautti to tba au naiit f W Ind rlvar chain of mountain*; them* *oni.h*a<t and routh by iha divining tang* of m oin'aln* that aa rata th# a alar* floalng Into tha i lull uf vlaglan from the natar* Boning Into tha l.ulf of i alnorn a ta t <a |il??a at beginning. a* art forib in a tuap draan bf t Marie* Prriia* and published by order of tba d*asre uf the I nit*d Stain- in IS4S *' 1 ha power* id iha government ar# th?n div'd*! Infa Ibrea department**Uv, KiveuUre, aud Judicial Tba artirla In rt1*1Ion tr tba l.agialativa Department I* not aa*vi*t?nlly different fbnm tba c .netiioirnn ?** tbn M viral Stare* tlvaiber* arar?qulred wo ba- rao ?hu* male ertiteu* of the I ail ad Slate* and to take an nawb to eupport iha coaalltatloa tliaraof. I ha * rat. ve new* la t? aon*l*t ef avantaoa maaibara. aud tha Haa*? ?f thirty Bra mam bare In tb* hiaeutive Department prnal*inn I* ma la fof the alae'lon <>t wnvernor. L.?*nr#eeat ilie.r,n-. -uir* taiy ot Stale. Auditor of labile tarouut* and IV a easier 1 ha junlrlal pooer I* vaa ad In a tiipila* (our* and mrh lafrrlor tribune * a* iha Lagielat ir* -Mall **taMiwh A i hiaf Jnetla* and two a*aoriau>? aompoan tba Snprvnie mirt. I ba nub aiilela provide* for th* oleettoe of ail thn fb#*ra t awed In tba r?o*lltu ion oa th* Brat M?*4ef .d vay (ia*i ) and fur a vol* for, or agam*i. ih? *d >pl< a ot ma aoontnottun. and it * in worthy of all tb# legal vi ta*-nail b* In tavor *t I * ado pit* a, tee aeme rball taka effect In m and aftar la d ehoiion '* In Uka Declaration ef bight*. it ta declared " that aft