Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1849 Page 1
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IT II NO. 5605. TERRIBLE RIOTS IK PHILADELPHIA. Several Persons Killed, and Mauy Wounded. Tew Houses Burned by the Mob. wvwwvvwn.'vvvvwv THE MILITARY CALLED OUT, Sic. Arc. See. A terrible riot, or series of riots, occurred in Philadelphia on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, the particulars of which, and their melancholy results, are given below in the letter of our correspondent, and extracts from the Philadelphia Hl*rs. rniLiotunu, Oct. 10?P. M. //oiici Drtt'oyeJ?Tht Military CalUd Out?Furt\ir Muting .luticigattl. Tho el. clim yesterday a ill loop he remembered a. the prelude merely to one of tho bloodiest riot* that ever disgraced au American city. The ruffians en ffagad in thU terrible aflair are, as usual, members of those lawless g?n;r* that hare made the name of Moyimiiiixi! by word of shame and reproaoh; bat the scene of the riot ?a> on the edge of the oity proper? tba purlieus of Sixth aid St. Mary's streets?principally aceupied by blacks and a few abandoned whltts. In order to under.tand the origin of this bloody affray, It will be necessary to go bach a little. The CallferBia House, a four story brick buildiDg. on the earner of Sixth and St. Mary streets bad long bean denounced by the' Killrre." It is, rr rather war, kept by a mulatto, who lives with a white woman as his wife A disturbance took place in front of this house a few weeks ago, wuicu rviuiku id iuuidii ui u"iu ilia lad umo, It was a content tetween whiten and blacks?a war of vacM?in which tba "Killer*" got roughly handled for onca. The mulatto landlord of the Calif >rnia llouie, Aided by bla black friend*, defended the premises re.nolutely?firing with iff*ct nereril shots from the upper window* 1 bo whole Blotter subsequently underwent judicial investigation. and as the nmalgnmetionlat landlord escaped punishment, threats of speedy anl terrible wengeanre were openly uttered. To add fuel to the dame, last week, bmither* whs acquitted of killing a 'Killer," by the name of Toner l lie explosion took place liwt evening soon fetter the polls were closed just to giro the new Major and the new Shi'iltf an id'a of what they Uiight expect during their term of offlce. At 110 one time wa* there more than thrve hundred "Killare," Bouneei*," ' liat*.'' in . ergagnd in the riot; but they acted so wiueli in concert and with sueh reckless audacity, aad were, withal, so wull armed, that they sat at sooceaatul detir.nce an unusually large police force that h?d bean kuuiwoed to the spot. The tiret object ought to be attains d was ihe burning of the i alifornla Mouse ( i uibu-iihies were soon intriduoed into the building, stid Qrsd and. not withstanding the blacks /< tight with the utuio-t despera'ton. end *ere aided by the polls", th>' Killers cut aud eliot d iwn all oppoMtlon The black* >i d the pi-lice lh U. and. in a few uiinu'ei, the flaiin-s vereoildly uartmg tioiu e.ery window iu the house. The alaim of lire was men re! -J. and sereral companies with t In ir appe atu? aa t> i.'d to the spot They i were met wli'i bullets soil brickbat*; bat they push, d ti heroically ilnii imui it tn .to la-dr duty even at the Tlek <d lite 'i he member* of the t. >od W-.11 company. | In particular, rii iilj ilerened llie thanks of all capable ] cf appreciating ll'e ekerei e Sit Ib- 1 Ilticst course*, f >r the purest purposes. I'liey reso ute'y played ou the i buinlng home, wbil- at th.? i-an>e time th-y wore *po. cd to tlo- lpiirderi.u tire of ihmi it sail ant >. Seeerai af the n.enibrrs lcil wounded at the br??es ! and rii n driven 'it 'by n. h y a! !?<! the i;y an. lotitiee to .litpern the lieu is. hut ail w ould not ito?the eugines si r* drsjtutil aw; y; an J a-old tt.u i li 'Ut i of the rioters, the Mil. sol the wounded. 1 h? wblMllp ? of bnlUt* thecre-h Of stop** and brickhi s. t lie hane. spr a 1 and rpr> ad. ui.lil tint California Hunan a ,d iveral of tbn adjoiaiif buiiuii*. ?ir" a ii)*?.? c.f raiou d { rules At ?ai? ibr Igtt ai i and t a?* n*w roo ii. th? Killrr. Ii-in : h- f i black* ul Mayam* nij{ ni"t - lattiTiitK. wh > ?-rpi to b*?* 4 UiOtt.'.l ?M..I"> I ui*.-fc- ?f th* fl'fj ! Tbr rtidir* t<. ru>H ?d<.?i.crd. bad roirra'od. altii it.a . prrrM??i aed ft.i ?dtui < ?>f r-cular troop* tir?r, an opi-r 11.a onIiI I." U)* l<* >7 * ili. iar;*<i tro" na* crt? and pi. If. ua I Hu n w oSl rom* a r !ry o? bci-kba' < lilt r?i?lrv flipped in; tula- i-? At ano u'aleck. ? li .11 o flirr'.l it It-rnilnrd nu ra'lto* l th? niiuiai y ihi'icnt brlloltlif 8 it? lltin mt I. .Hi It* fBiiituni ml una atxry turn wi Ii j nfi'n nra nbrjid .I t n :i H t' ay fvb?4 th* r. iw it no: lis. ratlin luurdar. a ..I i u..r; r. tiny found n. fiiii.i-> imIiU .<c ?tl?r?<".a? tba rl >tat? appeared to b* literally w<.in w. ?i h liclitla,', sal diipi fi (t ti al.fiidiD tbe It t it.J wbvh tbry u Ihi.N'p did, ia ! ! -quad* kluiri h?lt(f par'tally ri-ator I aln ut Uayliylil (i.n llurlf iti-c it -1 ibo military, ' ah .'i in an iik.iii ilii' il i' li" tare r-?um I operatinu* apaln. A i"iio I i nll ?ii r'llatl thi mlb'arj and at about n r? ri ci t .li ui ?rnia|t. fir. ovpaalr* and l?<> in !u p i t?> under ibr ? >maiaoit >( Col. bailee, a falin.i cttui it (Ln hiijiu ?tr. B arched do ?n stifi ?t t i. >ci ti- du'? Itua . ad. barn no* full and pia-f.ii p 1 >n ??t i Im .pmui. I Kraik am entrriBiurd that tl.a riot will bf r.fiiinid tkl? ?vi uirg bu a . ho ; ar i ho military chow a dtxpo itloti to to.* th?lr w. apoim ihrrt la really a i o?u-? t >r apprrliei.iIon It l? knnwo t nt It i perron* hara br n kllliil ai.'I tl'ti ' !> wuuu' d, and thma of tb lat r ?r.ln . aii)l< ; in.udl i n I' i i; . . likely Ibal tU? nuiuL t ?r a out Una la in u> h la: it*" [I'rora thn Pbilad'-'phia Inouirtr, Out. 10.] ft I# witb clnrtra rrpo t tba'. ?? ri eird tba oddBrrrpn* of on* i.f 1l? mi* i drmi ml and rang in nary riot a tbat ba* tal nu |l*?* f > many )r*ra to our city. So tar an a I. ??f.< an tL to , u , : tba parll u ar*. it ?l>t .at? Hi. ' a , g i>? ?> to.j am lunlint, it aid to x*r?rai tiuun. i a- 1 ui i fly ai iu d wltb g in?, ptal'dx ir knit** bo?*nU ab .it St .Vary'* at riot, wblrli ta cbiali* Inliabr i by t ooic d p*"pin, and tti.i a Botaf a di ffftt and nrdnrly cla paurtally upral At tb* *aion t 'OH linn *>r? lafinl ' of aalnrid ni'i bsu^lat; about, aad two or* colli aionararer." 4 'I l>l* 1 ' * ? t m 1 f ' M It ! rf'v ftfLdr Bin V Dab r? I'll mu attack w?? b 1* i>, n a larurn at Ilia ?m?f <t Math and St. > )'< ilrvtli. oilMUt1 alt* fortlalhu e 'I bin plan* ??i kept by a colored man, j who rep< rti u to l>? m uried. < r at any rata. Hint wit L a > bli" >011 an v, ,. r. an !i w?te naiiy ttia rtwe. or tumly a rumor, 01.euintud to excitn popular Irdljia'Ion 'l In u t tu our p >aer to fata At any rata vb- bouaa ?? <">u In fli.m *. ilia louiate* ilrifno out alt bird upon auk many oilier r >1 ?rr-U portion* ? Sim. women an t eblr r? aiiowiiart u IIjlag frnui thair lc t. lan'in tn r i? rhi <1 by K*uk<. ?M pelted ih-n ? b lir"-,b ' ?' t fb I alt-r th in wttli gun* an>1 pUtoi# r*l *. > ami<1 Ij l>* wnuD'li d -awl It ?ai I'a til that in ir? than olio wa* killed Cot thi* raaart r >ulil u >t ?arlfy J'l;r available a ? il nl'trl a* t?in^ timtpHil of tba * Klllart and h-r and etmilar a* "oi %ttor.t of di utbira < ibe en nn pi-it;' ' ?.i liu Itf nan* tipH ptifrtu, kit i??ai, I engine aid boa timpani * a ta ?'?IH ?i?ihit tha ground And liara a trnty frtgliful tceue octurt-d l .i-? ..n Diaa wbn wmi i t<> tba cot iU)Eiaiiou I t t " purpiva ot tatiay property fit upon knl m -<lltary ? ?( hot Vltinily la a rutaita bra. and by roihy* of * ?. tal gnat aad pitlitlf at OI I ? Ilia n. tar* be 10 < out In r?ty *!f i a forca I b--y ?*ta a.*-? at?a led ?l,h h<-ter* < I brick-bat*, tui their baa out In oraiy diraatli.ii In a ??l4. tbe i -t rotup?uie* ar- | kltitl oata fi i.i j-h? it a* iha 'By motto of aroldti tj aiiuiti rr death to ha a th- u gbh >r I* >oil. hint the Crlng < nUtmed It t* it p'>.-?lhie to tall tha untnkapafbth -: ami wound d k*i m* iitt*f In or nil carried la di urgi't* ah< o? or to tna hotpilal on ohait* ot rittaa*. no that iwu wero ib I wliiia nt?r.'-.,rg on an eagle* and otia an* reported t !>a killad. lit on l tr.ncamta Mai-menu that w?ra mad" at t*i |ra o'rh'rk admitted tba'at |ta?t twenty wata woundi it and about four kliiad bluntly b-h ra midnight. a body td politta fotrid tbalr ?*j tn ttia i arraa nf BatltN*. lira and blo>d*bed , and while ktai diug in kialli *traat. bal i* l.ombard. a? lenrd at h-i t a docm ah- La tin .1 between at Alary* and Snub atrrat*. while brink* wire rhoeetcd by tha rlotor* L... _ il.. w l. ., . w * . were p 'lie ?, ? aa m>t It wa? fur to |>r . antra that tin- Molera had gte.-n way. Still t ,? ?l?n>?rrut tnl?rlle* flew la rb xrere. "anil at thta lima, one or two ergihM ami hone rnmpifilea, tli* Jdoteuiruaitg *'11 Hop*, > w*> Were I atomic J were etet'lng tbamialaa* to ritiigiiWh tbn flame*. _ The whole teen* ? ? feaifnl and aiourntul ? annree of ml mm * In ererj f hiladt Ipblaa -it the oorn-r* of i all thw atioed* for ma ay njnarea wi ra group* of clti nana aeaeBihlfif enalnut far the la'< ( lutelltg. nee anil ionrn'ng o?er tha Ineeenrlty of Ufa and property in that portion of our tnetrc poll* Barer/ l.lmmiilwtlght a intoili'r of tha Owl Wilt tlura, report* it to bare been ?tiot through thr heart - Tan otliar fli-rinrn danger n?ly wounded - onr la tha brad and our in the eide A third wnoud?d In the leg. Tha tnilitar/ ware railed out at mi.might and until aiin|enlre made thrlr app ararf-a < a tha ground at d o elook UiU morning A? .ate a? 3 o'ol'ick thl? morning there ea? attu an Iroo.en-e rrowd of people. Tha t Military nmalned on tha ground. Tha Rrtand Rtnt. [froa thr fhllaui li.bla Kmtng ftullatIn Oct 1( ) About 0 o'clook thta moiblug. lha omlnout algbt tap* of th* state t|ou*r bi ll announced another nut. Thin **nod outbreak iviiiimeiierd about I o'clock, trban thr hoee if tha Morrla Hum ( ompai/. which -waa doing eervlee on tha earnr id artton. aai ant Thta waa a etgnal for the rioter* to romm*aaa an a?aault Uric that* and amaea were huil-d b/ them at the flrrmrn. and flrearme wera u*ad with oonaldarabla affect raveral peraow* bring woanded Tha Mayor, Sharif and pollen, wera et-nu on thegrmia.l, and aueaaadeil in re-toring order Mayor Hwift. himaalf, wha arrived V (ore the military, arreatad two waa. E NE I thn flmt riot, bad murn?i upon th? rout oration of <|oint. and it ?i> Hnan lima ha'ore tlmy could ba collertad apaln for tha mppraaaiou of tbe r?unw?d dlaordata. About fi A M . howarar, thny b<*K*n to a???mbla in Indapandnnca Sijuara Many lifky* oooiirrod, and it uaarlv nlna o'nlrwk whan > l.i,d? of In or riz companies with their rank* but partially Ailed, marched to the see?e rf action The whol* were under the command of General Patter*<<a and Cnl Bohle-.. Tbelr approach to St Mary street soon became known to the rioter- and hy the time tlur came upon the ground they had di-appesred Into their va'fou* bauntt The companies were a*?tgn*d position* at the various ar*nn*s leading to the e-ene of riot, ao a* to command erery aporoaeh completely 1 he military are prorlded with hall cartridges and hare full authority to fire, upon any renewal *f the lawle-a aud outrageous proceedings hy the rioter*. The leudrr In tbia and ludeed la the former riot. It la'd to he a black men named Georg* Hoeey. formerly a head dog eateher in the ci'y employ?a htg powerful negro. About noon to day. he wa*arrested after m*k1 Kg a most desperate resistance la the struggle with the police oHirers, he war onn-iderab'y bruised aud beaten, before be could he secured. THK kll.l.KO. (baric* Hliuraelwright whit*, shot through the head. Colored man. unknown at the hospital Tiir worxnvn. Vre Smith, residing in Sixth street, ah*re South, shot through the head. Charles Westerbood. residing near the eorner of 13th and Haoe streets; thigh fractured by a hall Jeremiah MoShanr. shot iu the temple ; not expected to live William Coleman, shot In the thigh and leg. Charles Shearer, of the American kugiau company, shot in the leg I dward Matthews shot in two places, the breast aad rib*; mortally wounded George William*, shot in the bre**t. Augustus Green, colored, shot in the hand*nd leg. John liall colored, wounded in th? neck aud arm John Spry, colored b ut his head hadly cut. aud his skull was supposed to he frieturejl At the time he received the blow, be was pa?siDg Sixth a-d Lotnba-d sts H. Kundell, colored, wounded in the last riot this morning. i hails* Anderson, colored, shot in the tlrgh and arm in the last conflict 1 here are the names of the sufiTerer*. a* far as w* can ascertain them Various and confliotiug r?p>rts are circulating n> to the number of killed and wounded, some saying that not leas than twenty were shot, and that (juite that number wore in the hospital taken there at yurious times during last niglit and this morning. RtOTKRS ARRK*TKt>. Among the arrs-ts made, are William Shinkle. James Muipbv John MeVey. Daniel Roberts. John Thompson, James bovine William Jones John Kitcsimmoos. Jofeph Walker, Alexander < ambry, William Simpson, mi wniie. ai-o. Aiiiaunrr will n, Jaoob IVrSun. colon J. Three ire all In the city lock up. INCIDENT* Of THK RIOT.*. A Diriliral ttudcnt. whore name we hare not been able to ascertain *.?? shot in the thigh during one of tl;a riot*. Tile bad was extracted this morning, and ha id doing well Many pcrfon* pa?alng along the street*. or looking on without taking part, wore injured more or 1???; lomi with halls, ar.d some ?ith brickbat* and st-no which in many rarer. a?etn to hare been burled by the tiotara without any pert iculer aim. Tba entire number of B-!ailso|nn>i into the Pennsylrai ia llcspital. wan 16, up to 2 o'clock. P. M., thix day; <1 tbraa one a rolored man name unknown baa died. 1 brev otherewill, it ie raid, not lire through the day. I1Y TkLEORAril. Tii niet i.piiia. Oct. 10?1 P. M. Tba riots of iaat crening were remwsd downtown this morning, and a number of other building) tired by tiia uiob. Scleral persons wrra hurt by Ore arm) and mtmilea. At half-psst 10. alt or eight military coinpanle), Leaded by the Sheriff and Mayor, marched to the soens of aeticn and took potiestdou of the ground, planting artillery and forcing tbo crowd out from tba infoelsd diattict. Tba Crs cfm; anlcs are now on baud putting out tba Gra. 'Ibiri are no at Horn appr^benrloua of a renewal of 'l a tlot which. I', it btllorid. originated lu the rirouui. > of a portion of tba colored population taking kid' a an ong the riral fire comi* Folic* Intel! tenure. firrp t'f f'c/ir PiiImioi ? UllWr ro.ett, of tha I <war police, arrired in the city yexterday from Wextc . eaUr county baring in ou?tody a mau by the name of ?>' p'tliS ITU, a rn-Mr'it ot l*? I' im UV: loll' Iter "(I a wnuant it*ual by Jua'lco '.ountf rt wti-rein he Mauds cbaiged with obtaining from I liooia* tlorreli. whole, tale grocer in Srou' (Arret. a hill of good) on credit, amoi.Dtiag to pS'lk by fal.e and frauduleet repreteolatinti* It ap?*are by 'be aflidarlt ol Mr lorrell. Ih.t ah. ut tlie :h of \ | rll last .Mr led ca'led a* Mia .tore, at 4 Mr .Vtriall th? n rtquo'ted Idiu to make aoine statement ot hia alfatr-. pn ir to Lin ailing him any Ik i lacn on ult Mr. Pail than raid,*' leu need not b? airi-ld of aia beams I ha>? made a rale datlon of what I alu w. ilb ai d I put inn?eif do?u ii"< all*r paying ? J'.bit.p I < '?. "t flV'Vu. at l?a*t Pi'.' r -aton I aul a 1'.'W'e l.'.nd hiti l wr.h jou ia tha' y >u aie my hank. < r. ?i:d the i lily perron hop an) ice uiiny or of who a la-knfaxr l<> e mill ing of any cm. epeiio# exec |t to )umi)lf. and ai tha d- bta due ui" mrj go< I ' lln tbeee iepr? eo'au >a, Mr Morr?ll alleg. a that le j 'ae?d foil <>!.' ilenet in I i.u,an led.I huapiiili to lb- nranonl a) ab oe re liditd on ere III. ! > u? hi ' r the rttlirrt y ?f I be ,;ood? Mr l'i II made an ax-igument lu ikii i h I In ro'iilef', mid ? i mn - 'ircu. g the iI t pi rn ilea I that Mr I'cll wa? In-oireDt at tha tic tin made ihe la! ? r?pr? niahui to Mr d.irrwli. . r I'kilaa. tul.'d In fore iuMtca loutitf?it. whoanai. B.ilti <1 him t?> jii |ai n. to await a fiirdier L.aileg ./ / 'itiae fti 'g Dni "i nun - A liu'chuiao from ' matridem, by Ihu kaiuv of John Huyder. a ic Ident In tliia countly of only two uioutha. Iia< adopted a u-a r ill) nl fii ar.elerlng M at errUlol) placet iiinoy of the ilireed end cunn ng M ali atreet men quit* iu the Lark ground. It apira'e that ftir der ncuupiad a lodging in ci at No. ;,'h bi ad amy, kept by :.ira Jarrl-; ai d t a? i i; a Hi tie oyer tlou in ca. b when be land, d, if with tni? iiinney. | iirrhetcd Spani-h quart r d"l larr ti.'l tilth I l?r|i pir (f gijaan hi moun d inn rdga*. ) ' iik off Iron neb plane <f tti* inoiiy, tna k?> iag" ttlur i f 10 |>?r coil. A lc day* ago tola Uoiebiniiioll'd ! lb* nrlitni* <>fTic? ? (?? by Mr uriy No. 411 tuil >tnit. kid *oldti?? brokarabuadrad Ui,,la,i' aoith of 8pantin qtiaror d Hart t'li- half if ? 1 h h h?il b-'-'i trill HO* if on ih nl|fia, airing "at j.r? ft t<>tl<>* I tubin*a ofn?.-r pi 'lb* l a" I pr? -ua?4 i'ii 11. Imkirnio no aprra I aroui d aaiiog lh? other lilibrll, and a n"h wat hapl to datrct hi il mi I ha iTritnif cf tt-a lit'w ?> atain on ru--.)*y h-w?? di tariad nt tb* an bang* oBn a f f r. v*o r air oar of i at *1 rill t III d I': I ad a ay O Blear IVIi'ta, of ha t if. U raid and malrtaat aptala Hayaolda arr-.ied tha a<-ri i 1 audio I ? p*r?nii aar* found h.naty-twn llpti I It ijuarirr Hi liar* 44 of wliteli ba t b?.*ii I imm I In Ifca inai io r a'-< ta d*?crth*d On iaarchti>|( tb? r tn b? lha irrii* il al? ?j? t'?i| worth i.f ?i|nr lb* r< l mo In in iha m> u*y, toytliar *Ub tha ' an nil, l???d In toughing th iig?i afi<-r II a rltjuli g. 1 ha nicu?ad ?a? uomayad l>*l >ra Jan II. v oiMI- rt. tbv eninuiM; >1 bun to piiaoB to ay ran ttn ? fanea . iriil rj ?t> Old Oji"<irr ? fur aoma tlma pa?t datlida'l ni bara b n of fr< .|ii*ut o< rut -m * n-n< t|? law tplii in Mall rtraat. by' oia thlaf aim nbIt r?d m'lK lii th* fn tn? hy in HU? I.| fa'-a k? y? a' ?al If.g llnltft' lii w-ailog ap;.ar*l hoi k?. &< . or wha'arrr a it rootlilarrd of rain* b? tha r >g'l" Offiiart Sim I In I ami I uti mingr if III I aar potion, niio l*d, jiitrrday. In atra-.||i>g Iba tlilaf who la. llid r onin fad II ri bl irlai* hH nainn a< II urj llaf n . a young a an of ratb*r gant' al anptarai en ami i?. eat fly a ii<aai '* ?f tha (fata prtrmi at Mn r -dag, wharr ha had aaraod a t-oic of twoiaait for robbo g Mr Bi-ott. tha lain r On ilia of., it naialila.; Ina pt ri i ii thrj fraud elothlng and oibar aril In h*ioogtur to Mr V aid" IMi'i hln? lawyer. No id IVa.l atraat, a I ma |iiic* r a* inbbril a abort ti'na rl-raa. 4av*rnt hMiclaa ara found, lor wtilrh (iinri ara want" I; a- irrpg lh?n ataa gold lapiaa wati-h .No M 41 d la H' y u akar, 1 aria ; a gold nub attain aid a Ida ; m.i caia of airhilrat'i loolt markail b linmtri k January, fit: 4 largf ?> all too bnyi, baad ptiria. a gold |i >Di II 0*>a ard pan I'ha rbiaf of polio* row united lii.-n to p Iron fur a Intthar h. arlug ,vr n*n mi?* nuirairn "i' --?'*rda?. ny ofllarr I t-l'lnr cl th* l?t ward. 011 tfi? rlmr(i nf Indnrti k a niHit hy tha nam* of traMli IIHimH to rlrit a tlnrk rotty ?nh htm. in a<l**lling la Urrfnwlch ?trr?l about III o r|o*fc, on I'm ma* ol :hr Him* In th* entry hr ii'llH har?ndd*nl* ?hr*w h*r down, I IrcmI bl? kt r* on her rheat and hi* hand n??r h*r it i.nth at I ha utim tiam t-iliaeUan lur watelr. rain. d at $W. from h*rp-er*t thr-n ran --If. Sn* auoa r an an a'urm an I th* ar-i-*?d war arr* ? tl and anittjtd to |-ri*r-n. Jurilra .Mountfort r-inintttrd hiin t? l-ri?-1> lor trial tfiiW|r'ty w, 'i 9rtimri-Aa ?ffmy look pUr-a >n Ttii 'daj r-laht. h*t*?t-n ll*ory r air, John vln u l -nfi an 1 laon-a I laht rtjr. In which hla i?rt? r<-c ?i?ad a *ttb ib tb* tin at aid loth* ha?k with a par of ?ol?a-ra i arr and .Mrt uilcinb w*fa rhariird with tatlUciog th* wi nod* and J Bat Ira ,Munntf<>rt lookod tli*ta both up lor trial. Tor Ktrrnttio* to 8?i.t l,*ta ?By latfera eery ra**nt|y r*fl*ifad. a* l*arn that th* aiplorlng party, nndir mm n and ?f ' aptaln dtambury. nf th* tapop jrapMra! ?t>trlei*r* bow m * > /* for th* 'iMat Salt l ata In I pp>r t alilorala ?nt*r*d f'r--uton^? S mth l a-a In Ih* M-*ky Mountain* on th* Mil of 1n<('iil. 'I b* party w?i? all In e*?t hralth and Una iplrlta hating ar-n n pllrhod two third* of tha joBrnay toward tbilr dratlnri fir Id of atploratlon Th*y puraoo th* ottlinary utar'n r- nla a* far aa k'-rt Hall, <*h*ra they laara It and taming thort to tbw ana th *nt*r tha ealtry of ihal>r*at salt l.aka and ita tMbota-laa. ? N?ti?n>1 InitUrymiir. Or I S. mmaata ,,r IndfrtdMlk f'apt Rnt?r. t ol W all?f, Boundary > ommlaaioBar; I.hat Biall. U ft N , ll*ar*r of lia-patrhaa, Jacob Mnora, fortraarUr. b*d arrln dat San k raaa-aea prarloaa to tha ratline of tha I aoama. k'.a Oowrrnor Shaonaa, of Ohio, and aa-Mlaf?tar ta Varum war at la-t adrioaa warning la tha mtaaa of tha W Y() HORNING EDITION?TIIUI Interesting from Cuba. OUR TRIM HAD CORRK-TK>NDKNCI. Tbi.xidau nitCfii, Sept. U, 1449. Jrriitl of Trtopi?^ilariH of the Jiuthorititt - Ftar$ if on f/ the Spawidt relative to the Jlmrriian Ptrtf, 4 c. If you base reoelved the letter* which I ha*a written you in three Jays, you may be auxious to Isara, irein time to time, how matter* stand her*. A few dsyr sine*, 3'0 picked foot soldiers ?"d 100 cav' airy arrived herafrom Havana and as they (.till rem*in I and every thing is quiet, tbo public frar that there l" ! something more known to the ('ep'aln.General than is 1 spoken of. Look-out* ere placed upon tile heights to windward and leeward of the town; and it is also now said that the Creoles are to be armed, as well as the European Spaniards, and theio are parades and burn ing of powder every day. All the merchants have now been asked to contribute towards paying th* eiprnro of all this display?and you kaow. te le asked is to be ordered in this country?to : that, of course, no one refused. I took oeeeelon, the other day, to tell the Governor that this, nor any other expedition, Intended to act against thia island, wonld be suffered by Troideut Taylor; hut he (the Governor) haiu heap of trouble and anxiety, and has ahunged from eld to much oljer in his whole appearance, during tills alarm Of the officers who cauin with the uuw troops, I have one quartered upon me. and have pumped hlui well to a certain all he knows about this alTsir ; but 'tis no go-be either does not know anything, except that he, wii h bis troop, were ordered here from Havana at a few h?ur*' notice, or else he shams ignorance Now. I can say fi unkly, t hat all that I hit re feared daring the whole aliair was from inside that the negroes, or i ruiles and Europeans might foolishly commence * ?? attempt, but even that, tvsr is now di pclle hand the only Inipre-sioD now is. how little c oitldei cc Hit- go. vcmmeot hue in that of the t oiled States Tory either 1 believe that Taylor rau't put down the expedition or else that ha don't wish to do so. The ttoopg which came b* r? lately, left Havana alter President Taylor's pro- | clamath n had t>e> n received there, and even uuw pre. 1 paratioii i< going on as from the tust I he fact is. that 1 soBieof the Spaul-h newspapers published in the Staes ' : taKa delight in telliug fal ehoods concerning the state- I nieiits of other uew-papers ai.d also of the sentiments ot the people i f the I mied States tespecting this islaud. sod tlds keeps the authorities ot this Island always opi li thorns, and they bxvu another rcasou. which is, that the circulation ol our nea spap-r* tuvy be *C ipp-d that there may be a gi?at"r ?a 1 for tho.-e published by tkeni. and which in fact arc the only ouea uow iu oir- i colaiiou in the Island Now this people are ra'lier thick skuil'd and rannrt ! reeelTe inlerenee*, or rellee.t seientiacallv upon pollii J .ol ...a .1 . . ... 1? ... i? - I v?. *?w, 1,1# U'- I'll"! 111 'IP IE a ny wont* ite a" 'Verntnen I t.f the United Mate* are not dhpovrd to trouble you nor will thry vullvr any treaty between th? two nations to be broken or treorgrerecd upon by their people. nod Uu- notice will be piven you of any intention oi alieilug this ?tat? of thing* 'I bare are iwitoy people In thiv country who beluve ell they tend in the American newcpvpcr*. end particularly editorial*?rupporiL-g that there. n< here, lb' re ia ? got erntni nt (mmr and. <t np-eijucolly. everything which la publteheu ban flrd received trieaoprob* ti< n of government. and this la one very a' reason by there la an grrai a d uiht l-lt toward* euythku.{ cf del emanating frnut our government. However, I hope I hit n ? everything will be Rattle 1 between cure and tola govern in nt, Ibwt tine umy apeak tre? ly. and that < ura will ie freely respond. add. at the vaniv tune to leiolt d thla to only uilnd what manatee from h ad quarter*, and not mind Um barking of the mall fry. liu-iue?? ecatluuw* extr-trcly dull n > mol nc*v nor hop i head nufcwr, and but little b <x auger, which la a iug to kpain. ACCOT NTS VIA MIIV OHI.K\a>S. Tlie Nt w (Irleana Pit ayuu*. of the 2 I liirt . lino ma la op tbe following ruiuun-.y ol Uewa received by the Ohio from i uba For tl e laat aix or eevci win ); thn Inland of Cuba hue been agitated with n tbnprand rumor* ot lnv*?l n ai d villi war. to the lid rtnall eoueteination of a I thw old wi mi n end liltie nhlldrvu. ami to tbv gn at gl irrigation of the p.11,/','* ; lint, a- day after d -y ami week alter week fatted Into the paat. without lb" clang of aim* lielng b) wrd upon In choree, the public lulml if. ?dually eet'led down into a itateof qui.twxp rtaj.-y, 1 ci uleiit to wall the la-ue of coining nrnK I ha', the Object of llie eo- call, d tevrel raped' loe preparing In ( tie State*. in tho luJep mi ore of I uLa. no one in Havana doubled ; i.uJ when tbe f,r t note of prepare- : tlon reached il.e people there aoema'l alarm was eg. cited, 'i bo government exhibited unparalleled activity Troop* wore limit* diAti 1) d"-pale he.| te 1 win- I f.iee tbe gartiton* on the i utbem liore au I rw tern pert of the island Arm and munition* of war www f I warded to all the fottreva*# A potu m of tha mllltta nae rail, d nut end the wl.olv naval free of the ata.ion wti put to tea to ctlitre f?r the " pirate* ' \ ry v ?rly b 11 0 u en ?. le tbn wn Into the a?"in and central de i *i l r . ill a. leaving the capital aid wwtwrn depart- . n.wnl to t be prouctlou of tta owu luLab.ttnte au i about j U i>t o regular lro< pa. '1 be preclan.etmn of lieu. Taylor. the b'.oeka In of Round Irland by I.lent. Iiao.l Ip> . en I tb<? wlturv of | three! io New let. all of who .1 had he n h udly tinmpv trd f. nh by tin lettered Havana pr- . j r< nttihiiied lnurb tuore tl an au v eon., leace in tbw tlrviglhvl the vxirtiiig gov>ruineni. an tit* aireauoua pro) aralloua for leriMauoo to a -y i he alarm i a 4*i <1 by li e rumera fit ui t* e n ith ily tbe Kpaul-h p pu- J latioii (vcnctal YayhrU to ?tui bluv | tbe greet- t li au Ibat vvvr failed lbs Atuv ilcao Frcslu n'tet ohalr In n uparlcoti with hitu V, a-Umgtou * * a lucky | rib. Ind lac 1.1 on n gia-plng Intriguer. ( 1 h* oecu- | pinion ol I' Pi Ida. wld oh I i.el J iu horror by the ub.< wl-iavris l? con id"..d * one of thw dm acute* ol (>ld lllcko.y'a h..limit ' ratio i ) I p to our latett Cue r by lb' an, hip Ul.iu the government h i 1 '? Iwi'd none >1 tbi Ir vigilance The troop* iu all pa fa , ct thw tiland were kept in in ., t a< Ire drill and oxer- . el?r. lartlrularty tl.iae et liio lp.. node* IU" coinmand of ? < u a>l.e ai d no aiea am were left undine to tnviife thvlr ef. e.v.ncy end tid'dlly. I n-butter to n cu. e tl.i* iai ler p .iq' regiinet-ta weM divided ami I !a<. d tu a or11.' >> with* of uiU.-r leg.uiaiita. w 1 h wl.i h tb<y Imvc n ci itit'iuo ty 11 f.- ling, i'lic Whole Ret t an d la r ill, kept a -.a ci.. a f at. ui I tk* 11 iwor* d p. int of reiiu- iviui tor llie dili.-rv nt li lb a to rompoee thw ?ipcilli. n. I A" ap-e u tirne at liv raid II at he t w-u aid minutely tnturnii I af thlr 1 aiil Intenlfoaa and that in ov-" >.f ttie.r elfr rttog a lai.diog on thv I I rnd, be w -u| I ibvo v wi n > n Inrthwtih ou U a point, pulling hi . if at il.vlr b>ad In tbe ft>?antluie. we ba:n tha'. the | gnate t imatiii: tty doe* nt t pievatl in tha of | tbe govrthlnciit. 1 be t aptam tivt.eial had r. i long ?|nee a dlflimlty i with the Admtiel. became of tbe to Hiatfull of tbe I l.avy d | art n.. i.t nan. c i. v.|oetic. . i a .lift- r. .. . ft pinion with the luir tidanl *u toe aiig^eattou of Ittiid ?> I.tlibullonr. tbv tatter I* raid I t liavw I Itwaidvil to the nun -dry ht? on (ualllivd rwrtguatlon. It la the v pli.iv n; ib" Itabanvroa tliat if they i lore \ lllanuvva tbw Ibt.i. 'ani. they will lo?n tha ablvat Ui ancO t Spa u Ivw* I ad to hvr vet vice f-r m*ay year* llie iel p I thn ol the g rerumwai |e etatvd to be 'ar tr in b log a g d lie. No g iat I* tbe pel ury eaivtti ; in th? government fayaua-ilto atibv iTortl Di avnt they bate rv lured to return the I. tu.r?r iluva a. crolt.g on v* da wholly with ni"l? . ' a uoe-ure wl i li be lo rn In f, rev- |. r n the year*. 11.In ai p err I > he b I fa'tli to- j ward* tbe I ntie.l h e'*' f. r ain.ot' tbe entli" export (t mv.le**w? la carried In tm-rtein b ittom* a id ! torn* tbrre rt lour Aim dian rltlwoa har? b-en fvrc?d iiDwnlingly to eoatitbutw t i tU" . eon rlilc of lite Hub*ii government 'i he eirltrn ent In regard to Roy v.. ara l ifprmed, her ltiagrat niea*ore ?ab-l4ed All in ilarunva.e. hi wrvei. ewtlti.g tl.w I?lie ol the triwt of I n < de t.vpaia l be govvrniu. u'ot it* i i.u.J Metre, tbw people In I ube think, and <hl- k wi: li ebacrlute bv lief. ?|ll he Itlrked out of any g ra'er lepamth n lor tbeti i uti *> * neuirwliiy. than by th ? r moral ol a paltry t.onaul null, there a - who aupp ?e tl.i?i if ihing* ?o niu to the e.o,t the app tnvm?nl of a pr i ap'atn I teneral will give oen rayloraad tbefl' v ov I ample mtl,faction Konior. cacl u by the 1* t.-r. bar nn-ady naund Honcall'a*iiOo?**. r l rd>hv and I I -, i. v t ? II lot. I.t I'll .' a' 1 ' > . a in* u1 h H> the lot ad vIra# from Spu n It *? n *i* liiMKiil IN llltitl thattim l.n|4?lii but bient'idd>tily t* mill d lina ilwc mman>1 ( ilia annj in It iljr. 1 ba aloof of-war Uarmanto* u ?a? at Havana wh- n the it?kn<' l-lp Ohio latt having enn eluded Iter eight daya ijuaianline uli tba ibid ult. All leporled well on i" a i ilia vitj |pl*|Hl? ti a fjatui of !> pl-ntia. < *!*?rl- i on In ll.a I Ml*4 Main M Iha abeign of tbn IJilbnn gnvvrtinu at I* productive of the grralaat ant of n tifioi in a In all toaaanltillfiK with tha prev*, an-l ton alth Individual* on Hi* ir-land Opinion* ** P?- an d In pilva'a li-tloi. ara firnn^fit liar* tu Havana. * It were. on tba ntrg* of the aim! , anil tlu-ra I* no doubt, that tvii) ri i- *ha ha* r.-rp ?p mdanca of an? I kli d frnM < aba. la aril "alo ud. Of tba proc**dlr-?a In Iha Mali n iatlve to that l? aort the mo?t minute , inv tirailon I* put In tb- < ap ?tn Oeneral A tea i <!*? piavl- a 1/ In tba si rival if tha *t?am hip Ohio at I'Bvaaa, iirtuai Rmn!l nut fur a gaDilmnin whore brothar I- in the I nilnl Hintav ami aat 1 to him, " \ onr brol har 1** bio n WO tut to Jin; I hone tha er-tilviil* ol tba juu aiil tall bun for ma th*t If ha value* hi* own aa aty ha alll not act foot on t uba ablla I ani In re I am aail Informed ot all ha hai Bald ai d dona ' ft hat bo bad aald atd done" la not told, but avi ry rwaoa-i aa-llji Imagine it aomethtng reletlva to li.di'|jvndriHii aud rationality. or parhapa that to r - ' it word an fie* ml Ir ** ll,<i.i.*li . a Itit-* d 1.11..1 l.> Iti i ii'*n? m m ill ?f Imlnr; 1 hi arrival of the Ohio at Haraca from haeiag h-an a Irarllaad m 8.000 ti biirtbm and tha minor* which hod rearhod tha i }ii | uwtioii thm- of bar aiaantf.dnaae In other ra?pvoia, nra# a rrowd of onrlona flirt) to the wharf to reo her, II arpartlng to behold I mountain of wood aa>l Iron Hn? !", ?r ?r? lo!4 a general *pre?nlon nf limp. |i?in'u.i'i't a* rho ronailrd the Morn anil can* In' > full alew 'I ha batttioiiy i f her proportion* deoel'ed thrm. ami haeldre, tha llahauern* do not uoderttaed well tha ecieare of nerhaalo* la coaoactloa with naval arehlUc'ara 1 ha mining *ngar arop la f'uha. wa laarn, pro?lae* to ha a very abotmaat one 1 he anna wa? wall adr?, tad tha tialda weia Early covered. >RE I ISDAY, OCTOBER 11, 18< The Fair of the Awaeilran Iaetltiita. Tmk Carri.r Snow.?Yesterday the Cattle Show Of the American Initltate opened at Madia >u Cotta .eeorner of Klfth arenue and ?ld atreet. The exhibition of atook *ai far from large, and the attendance wan rary acauty. Indeed W ith but few exception!, the uiajority of the animal* were acarcely above mediocrity, j Thin la not to be wondered at. when the higheat prUa for , the beat bull, of the purest breed, la only US, and prizea for yrarlinga ao low aa $8. A thousand for the b-at bull of a breed named i? a frequent prir.e and (r>00^uite a common thing, in the old country It the Institute, therefore, wlah to produce real competition, and to lot prove ine Dreed or cattle. they must be fur more liberal Id thslr prize*. Mm will uot come here at vu?t expenee. from it great dlnaumi. to ocmpete. when If they even gain the pii*e, it ii not worth taking away. For

instance for the b?*t abort horned (Durham) bull prize there were ?nly three competitor* that ha t any pn tendon* of merit I.auiaitlne a two-year old from 1'ordbnm . YY e*tctie-ter comity; I'vioee Albert, a white animal, b> auilfnlly spotted, a aery handsome creature, front IVlhatu. YVewtcliesteroouiity; aod Jupiter, a milk white lou.--ye*r-eld bull fi'un Chanter. Oreugn county 'l'he latter In the Urgent, but 1'rluoe Albert In the t ent formed hull and will probably g?l the prize, lit haa alriady carried away the pru* In hi* own county Of ttie vyre hlr breed of bnlin, there wan a fine red one froot Patterson. N J : alto a beautiful twoyear old iuiporti d bull, whioh took the prlia for iyr in 8< otlnnd. iti IMS. an a yearling Of the working oven, by !?r the fluent wire u pair from Winchester, ( ouneo ticut. of the Uuron bretd which are ihe bent for the yoke. A pair froui DlaokweU'n Inland, owned l>y the I orpoiation w re also much adutlred. Thar > were also fire yoke ot oxen btl'<Bgt"g to one owner, remarkably flr.t ; Including a pair of twiu four year-old nteera. wl ieh were ?o like each other, tha we could hardly tt II ihu difference between them A psir of threo }. arold twin* were ntlll uioie handsome, ml equally like each other. u1 bull cal vh*. i lie llm *t. was a prole, Ave months eld, half I'urbuoi uud half Devon This calf war of au extra military niae fur hU ag There e at a yery tine grade hull, Hi month, old. half Durham and bulf Ayr-hue. helongiag to the name owner a< the fire pair ot win in, and a white heller, a level" creature, of the kanie br> vd Theflnerl Devon c -w wan froui Jer-ey city at our year-old. there also a two year-old, nan ed Beauty, from YY ltiohunt-r, which ehowt d the purest breeding. The finest Devon hull, beyond all compai isou. ?? one uaiued Kloointmld, fiom Wincheeter. which lost a born by wouie accident. The owner eta tee that thie animal'* grandmother *ai the ceUbnte-l cow of which i olemau epeaHa, 111 hi* travels,at ylaidiag 'll lb* ot butter iu the week A? fortatoatile we raw none that. Iu our er-tiuiatiou, deserved the name. The (beep were a-wretched a let l? ?? ever beheld; and the-wine *t re miserable. Ave would advise * una of thy head* of Ihe lunlltulu to take a trip to Urea ISritnn rr Ireland, and wee the cattiu whuw* there; and we prendre theiu. if they do. they will ha ever after a-laued ot the rattle o.vhihl'-d yeet idar, a*d take aome uii a.-uree (if wueh tie their object) to onouiirugn a lilaher order ot breeding, and u better mode of fattiring. The horrea were f-w. and nothing to b'?a?t of in quality, they were exhibited in vtadieon ft juarw Among tliern w. re Trustee an I Napoleon due of tiM* fiDewt mi raw wa? a hay n-ara fl years, by Aftlla rot by Trustee She i* 17 hand* h'ph and the model of a flue huntress. a cla-l of h-rnea urate* Iu IliU country. There waa ?Tery exoelleut trotting h >r*e a yellow hay. cue of the moat manageable w>- *??,- axtr - one of tliu Sweut briar" breed aide to trot a mile in threa n.iaute* tua wagon ot'J.'it) lb* Bnt tha moat remarkable among the collection of horsr* ?i>?t?o yiard i < I' d. i k brown. culled Thoinae Jeir r?eu." oif extraordinary iixr tor hi* age. being 10 baton 1 Inch bull, lie i? i f the " Membrnin " a took, x nubia colt aud Hie tuly < deterring of notice. '1 he whole affair ?na dull ! aplrltleav. and tending to no lot Iu 1 purpoae. an far a- we rouli are. Tbo Tl.?Ut-r? ri-re cxt'i uiely few. and Ili-rc did not appear to he any interest excited about the axhlbl ion If the Iratltuto want to make thi* department worthy of tb* country and calculated to promote thu b at bred of rattle, they mutt i hill their tack, and atrer a very different couree Tn* lliifi a at tiir Kaib ?The ylaltert at the f*lr In Cattle Harden will do well to take a loA r.t liie aperlinena of grayee exhibited '1 h? native grai a. of the habelle aptolev, trma V?t|n??ii 1'uint. N J., grown by Mr Hughe*. are the l?r, e-.t and ftnert t-rer exhibit* d They were grown in the open air There la a'loe wine from tlita grape ihowu in bottlca There war alto a very fine aptrinieu of gMp" grcwu In tLli city, in the open air by ^'r t ialUird. 81 xty-alxth at, bloouiio^.U'e too I fha 1 alawha grape (liiugrra wine ?rae? ff t"til01 attract. ? win h a* tepViitti a; At* erilgn Ifiipe- the whlti Syria l were greatly e Inure 1. 'I lu re * a? or e huorli e hieh w- | li-d if lb i . and a .matinea I'd |ba. era found In a nlue'er 'I hey wore exliib.ted ty Dr. Turpee. if Katt Hirer knither v.ry beautiful and *?rj large *,,imtnen wit the flu "too I ira I 1 Vi? grown tiy Vr lt?hr.rt Poi.a'd car Rid IIim k Hot tha Illicit f r o MR ? a. 1 there which obtained the prli- werwgfnwnhr '.lr Van Di nr>rl: r. ( ilutt n I' 111". Du h*-?cn,i. nr l'ouC>?'' lire. 'I l.ey w?n grown without artificial hear, and their ISewr.r lr irvtatly rnpt ri >r to thoee forced by ar'tliel il t?ai * ^ue PR the ?| rr.lmt n- exhibit* d by t'.i? grntl j. an la a very cutloua oae, rnlel ' tbt Pa'eiitne " ot.e I ucrh WMghiug ft1 . Iba. It t a email g ti u ftrape, which cloitira le autitully '1 he g a ! arc highly eiidDal le In the liivlrtute till* >ear Tiix I'.m.i*i: I. t.u ? \ini ng the h*rt acd pi 'f ti?aful Inn r leua In tin- in m It Swiwg'e'a | ?*. i, r -.g MnJ wortii'lnt aaarbina. It le m lugenlowi contrivance mtlg the It-hor ?.f from alx to twriae men. It ! moved by a tttaw mglnr or any other mvftve p iwer and the morticing pa*-t 11 II o ti'ltft of two di'tlnnt dirial .p*- an aUi.'T. and a hollow, a pure ehlat l The linger la It i down Ihrouyh the oh! a| ail > III r ?| on by the ruael ineir It rapidly hire?, whlla 11.e cbiet I neei it patty In*. or I lloelog it m <|ul.-k *nori ran n. I elio | aaai d ii wu by a laai i *< r?. J l y (lie I im',cute lh' luertli e out In an In-lant far leaner and better then hard' rum I At Ii It. r,n cut -wl' til ri a tl nrlpg of tbu edge if the am d with' ut vfltlllug or Irjuiing It. lfionlilyti Ally lottlll,;cn r. Mil nam - Ihe am.ual fgrede of 'lie f tii brigade, (TrlgadUr Ueneiat M D Baryta I on Menday Utt We I a brilliant (If h*. /fter patting through ettvirai of tha yrttiel|al ifitilt of Ihi clfj. liny reia re viewed by eejir t;?i rial atd, of tin g bin*, together with* ntirr.'<rtf t tbar dleilrigulabid p?r-na>. Tu-y w re tl en diinil-ri d end ri |i*ired to 'l omter'*. to partake h I a rvrept unite dim er pre pat e ' for f ha oe *a*lou 1'iua waa eltended piln Igally by the Ataff t-flle tr.t whoappiand to arjoy lhem?rlrt# cr.r the lugiirlea act t* i mo peg ne. of w hi -h a great quantity waa de dl-hed J I e iualthk of Pi rtldri.t Te i jer (lur?r aor I l?b. a.i J oiht ra, w ere drank and ebta ri d lu a r plnti u uaiinrr. 0. r 10. Kiao'a ' m .wyt Ciai tit ?ni I'orar or On a awn TaaMiwra ? Tkt hnult .? i. l< v H'n'trK ?-1 ha t,H?c nt r waa rlecrd at tbe b>?r f. ; trial < n a e' *c of burglary In tie third dagrte l.e ?a< lorn I guilty li.litre da ft I TV d Tiii! f?r /.'I'lr'et-t/? trailerjek /.Hawrlh w?t th"B fat n or it hie tilth It t bi'gl.rr In the third d rree lie wee found guilty hy the Jury, aid reminded for avrtt tire 1.tllny. tret?'I ii' /ItlPry - ' l?ll'< If Upra ;u? ??'|| n I <"11,11 |I',| , ' r I >1. tj I ?> uult at <1 latiirj it* |1 ad'd o ' g'HIly to tba \ barpa. t*n Ikf p.rit of th* l>* I '? ?>o wilO" > '< ral'?d. aa iho arliiorr* at ll.* ju?lir lorry *i .mine:: n waa itPliirrt for tL" July. <?n liic | art of tba <laf* i | bra < Inn* of |M< cty tnr# r?.|?d ?hn yara It a> tltlr oplulon that 1h* prlannT * mind ?? not prtitij Ic f>n IJ<r?tl n rf fht? i tlil'urr ttia jury, ?ll?i?'.t Daring Ibilr art'i r- od- rr J a ?i Jlct of Udt gi.llfT. Augnatna IfaMrb ?> I (*r.|ln< hla ?lf . ai'l Antdrrtta I'utn n. wrr* apnln pla*ad at tha bar tor i pot. a rrparata ! dl-iir?iit t< r bin-plrnr* In tho third difrrir. In baring, 'a thr night of tin" Itth of Mtju.t l??t. l.tra'iti oMiy brol rn In n ati I aatrrrd tba b> I aid i boa at or a at r Kiel:'fd abb* fly. ?Hu?t -I on lit# n Bar i f .Neraati atrrrt an.I lliidaoii ar. tri-. a- I tab -.1 and rarrbd aaay fr m Ititfa pmprrly r .?-l-tlof of ftr o t>i via aod la Jl??' air. ralio <1 In a i at *tr>ul Mi*r Tba ca<? nai oat roorluj d *h' n our r?;. >rt t latt Thn Ifntrfa. aaairtt* ?? . oar*aii tra J.I. Fdaua. W B fiaiHln.l d A.| Mr and Mra. II It 1 tickrr I'.allim >re. I. < uMta Philadelphia; It A'laior, Jr. f nliiOiLii*. Olil?, r. V ll|ik?r? in Nrw J?rr?y. I daard Morrdl'b PhDa4*l ' l? A ' llhalo aid laiinly. \iipnla. I f uylri. I to1 latp'ia Dr. VVm I ymao ami darghtrr t nirral; r and Mra Maihit'oa Hartford; A Duu'iar k'lnrlfi Hand Nt.-llh lr . I hi ad?l(>bia, R II Durrrll. ."*?? Orl-ani; Mr and Mra. 11 iiiick. Karantah; ft I* "Humor and lidy. IJ.N A.. Major Bataatd and lady, do; a.'iun r< n. I lira; I apt Mnbrrt t|. Joy and family. Nantu :* it; P. Vtlitliild. TrmtP; Han vta'd jMog ftlnir; Joo. A lath, Triai; t' \ M olentt, Hoaton. if II < . ulnar, f a'.Horn la, ?rr* among lha airirala at tin lrtltif lll V'D.M 'I nrad ?T lha lion Mr < raaf rd. Stcra'ary r.f \**ar; lion I oal W r-ondbiiry. Nr? Hampshire; Hon Wm I 'phrm. I B Kriiita; A J f'alhrrwuod ami lady, Phi'adrlphla; i ol J II Mrtatorh and fatally. hlorlda; J tv /.a?iia rl* ai d family. Now Crlaana; Major l.oqtb an I li t*. I:riil?li Army; W. P Hnpf. Mrmpbla; A H lleirrrd M*B'phl?; Joba A Tyaon, tanaaaara; |)r. f'oylnr. IJ M A.I Jamra A MlKlifkl ritt-l.nrgh f ol li I ampb*ll, i .> *m arnv -*ir?; ion o l.nonr< l.ltll' ' HH: I ?:> Taybr, l)rltl?h Aim; ; H?o II I. I'llarorth *n4 <ia\?hl?r India'*; V S tattoo. Ill'*; II I. Ilry old*, Mobil#; If In llrlknap and U'ly. Ilotton. war* imi'M th* arriral* y?rt#rday *1 th* Irrlog llou-a l?r. tvilitatnaon. I hilnd?lt?nla: C. Marr*i L*n-*?t#r; I dnar I t'ran. (IciTKla* K*r Mr lialiairlirr. Boston; ( ant. Mloball, do; pi. I th Mlltonl, J Vnrh??, Pall'mor*; l.lmt. <lordo?n, If S N ; Harray 8ilr*r. North arollna arrlnd y ?t*rd*y *t th* Am*rl*an P St*rrna an 'I family Bo?ton; H II Paa** and l*df, Albany: I.. Morrl* and lady Vt'*#toh*at<'r; J J. I i t,*UlK H ?n.l MUr Itr.naldion. Raltlmnr*; Mr Homtry, lady and danybtrr. Philadelphia Kami Pool I Col?y Mobil*; I', lark.-r and lady, and Ml** P*rk*r, Nrw Podford. I'.dward nrtia and lady. Naw York; Mr Jon<*. Philadelphia; W llog*, do , war* among Uia arrival* at th* Lnloa Maaa lloTid. Pnllilral Inrrlllgmra, Tha rotnmbla (8 If ) ('( 'umi'i of th* lib ln*t., doubt* th* trnth of lb* rumor that Mr ' alhmtn will ?oon rwltn hi* **at la th* U. 8. 8rnata. a* tk* South n*r*r n**d*d hi* aarrt?*a mar* thai m. * f E R A 19. Ooart of Oyer nnrt Terminer. TI1K HDtl CASK CONTIMIRII. Before Judge Kdwards end Aldermen logersoll and Jack eon Oct. 10 ?Thie a.orning at the pitting of the Court, the trial of ('be* 11 Carpenter, fur bring ace-siory before the lact lu the circulation of counterfeit money, was resumed Mr Kc Kkom (District Attorney) availed hlroeelf of the reservation wade by the Attorney Oen-ral yesterday and Mrailed Mrg. Aerpoi, who further deposed that slm paw Carpenter one or two dava alter her hnaband's first arrest; bad a c en ? creation with him in relation to that airept; [< ounarl for defence objected to tbnt conversation;] thip oonvtrsatlon war at her house; she told Mr. Cai|>rnter that, she did not think her husband whs guilty, or that l:e had cTer passed the bad moury; < arprliter said he knew that, her hii-timid had pa'?ed the wonty. and that lie got it at Mr \ Hung'*; that was the first time tin- heard of .Mr \ ouug Cratt rr .mined?Doe* not know if erppnter had aaon her husbami at the tombs previous to that c-.nver,,a turn; tloukH tl at she dnl awear at the former trial that l nrprnUr had i aid her husband got the money from Young. Mr t'u trtt asked wltnrp* if she knew that Carpenter was engaged in obtaining aflld.ivlte iu July. UId, at I aldwtU'g. or in tliat viciuity. to implicate herself and Avidros in iiauae in relation to the Kidd Salvage ' 'l'lia Chut took a note of the quaitiou, but ruled apaiost its adud-aibility. The Court objected to any erote-examlna'lon except euoh ai legally aroee out of the re-t xauiinaiiiii by the Di*trlut Atturuey. lli sht IMasi'i i i pkoiu and ex-imiund by the Attorney In neial.? Is a broker for twenty years iu the rity ot New lurk; the bills product d Hie counterfeit; the flirt is No 'i SOU, on the Ocean Dank; the others. 5H4, ( %. aidUTItfi, on the same bank are alio counterfeit; thinks (Ley might have bceu dona from an attend plate. ia the course of bin business comes iu contact v?ry frequently with c.ouuterfeit tilts. The witness was not crosa-examiued T. K. Y. i i. being called f r examination, hid testlmony was objected to by the counsel f>r'arpent#r in the prorrid that he was convleted In liodton, iu 1847, for pa-sing c oUDterfi it uiouty and gt ntenced to iiuprlsi nrnent for two years CflUUP'-l produced the convictloo and judgment of the ' ourt '11 e Attohm v Okm mi. produced the free pardou of the Governor of Ma-racliuset'.s and the witness wan aoinitli d to be sworn slid examined Will let .111 years ot age rn the'.7th next February; bud a bowing solo> n at lit Broadway; year and a half previous to flat, lived at Koabuty. Masraihusells; Ills mother lived as rulcrino, and witness resided there before hu well! to IIOXblll J; bin been engaged ill puh!lc-hoa?c bcsintis tb* meet part of his time; in New ^oik. bis wife, biuiav if and tw* abildreii roustiiuted his family; in 18-tC ItU'l board-r? ijiliu Uoe uud Ids wile; they rcmaine d a>n ut thri e-months; lloe is dead, he died in til* st ring t.f'40; is aeuiiuntrd Willi Charles II ' sr. I -uti r, lit.-t Ku'-n him in 1SU or '4'>; tliH acquaintance originated by lire lrtu|Uci.ti^r witness's huUfr Of bu t MM; hei sure quite iuiiinate with him elti-r the period Ilia', lino < an.> ; do w m t'hu' W if Ho.: and i arpeuter Hero pr. sluu ly known Co ea'-h oth< r, but t?*ey ?i<ri Ihliuiattly ?< |ii lintel when at hia bouse; knots John 1' flench; he ana in Now \ urk iu November '40, and remained user too luntbs; in* usi fiuui Palermo and Is witness's uncle; lie is a larairr a cniper. and also owns a mill; lias tarn burlaw II. I'urpcuter la tha jk ??i ff ton ,,f counterfeit money; llr?t h i* a twenty *d liar Ohio C 'linlerfrit Mil with hisr, in l)< psmb-r 411, at wltnris'a bowling saloon; < arpenter tohl bliu it a aa counterfeit; that is tha only way be knows! was counter!* !t^ (i c until for |>ri inner iibomtcd there **? i" indicia..-nt here fur lliu |nwie, iou ?f counti rteit raopey? lie la indicted fur b. irig acor-sory before the fact of circulating It. .After a lorn* di ettssion. it was ruled by tba court ai not admissible. J Carpi titer e-k< d witness if lie had bad any co-iserrslion with Mo*, about coiintcir. it rjouey; witiu * i-ald lie bad, be iben showed wftuee* the tw-uly dollar bill, si.d t.l ed him If bo would hu e some nf it, did q >t ex{lliu to < arpeuter *11 the conrer-ati' ii ha had with toe - 11.111ly rnuarkrd that it ass about counterfeit no my. i oun 11 for defence objected to tin* consrrwa'.i'in al'h Itue being glu n in etldeoce; CarpeuUr wan nut pif-ent, and ltu? ear now dead '1 be Anus**.y t.**i s &i c.oiil'n led fur Its admissibility Here was an organised gang of men, ruled by la- * tf their own lh?y are all S?"ro to one another ? at les t bound liy the hounr of tl.iesee; and whan a< n.i t f t be in return to the |?"i? of h>n??t Industry It was t y their teiliiu ny alone tbiycnulJ arrlscat a knowl dye of the systi i - a ssstem, wli ch it e lid lie , Inekj f r'hem,it It did n. t swamp the law and tha p. i'| In uf the c 11 try . J. i .1 Ei wai i * laid t!i" ' rat outt a! (If h*sr- i fay tetfimoi wh.-n tbe party h nod f>/tt a*. oarer* | ft'lon * a* I . t pre eat. uab ei t - peon win. in* Is ti.e a imii?n u wa'j tlie a;;uiit fur tt . irps-.< of making | it at*: eu i.e. I- a rule -t law that If a oar* I tain MiRilici of p< riots are co-r'uepird*or?, for e.nn- ( milling a | s'tl.uUr olT-oe . iliet could t!i? t"?tl- ! mi.uyilac coicpiial r i>r thepurp > a id iuipllea'iag lh< t o-ei n-p!< fctur on tryal; bj: the t* iiiui'iiy b re ' d. s not appi ar to base a* yet a.-t?b'l?':e 1 a cnnspl* ??.-y and be ri.l d gainst III - qucrtluu being put j f .j ' iaar .mrei ed-i irpetii. r went out w'.i?-i be ' s'i< *. (] li u. lie 110 c untertelt kill ; bsd m"sequent c LTi rtsllon-with < arpei t?T about c?innterf'Ot tiiuney; ' m aie till.' iu Hi c tuber he oil-Ted wt' Bess a tl r dn'l *r I b'lltn tie MldClerx iSenk. < u nee unit ; |,-* a X-d II,tl' * "bow be liked tlie lo ks of It!'' aid If he 1 v I'ld wl-h to basi-sutne of it : wit*. -all lie would tl ii 1 a' ui it a< d 1st bin kn >w i or.'day ; became null iiM.rtdt r 'd srftuesi t"l'l htm ho n '<i| take tour ( r lis* | ieci.? of I' , h* raiW b? had not K willi bU tlitj.btit be w( uiU fetch It In ti.e eseaing ; In the e?< I'ir.g be railed aud banded wlto> a* f.iqr or flss d d la- Mils n il 11 iu I ini to llac aiu'to t" his a oou'il a l? owed him motiey f t. " b >wllugth. ro w;?* an n- ririn t helwtiu tbem fh-.i winrsa wa< to allow Cu'| sues ,'u or : crncal r.a hi' liar, nud b" arcotdli giy c.i 'lit'd I.I srcuni for th it *m-unt; tbe f.< *t roaset-stluu war In UeecaibT. '4i. or January. 4" ; 1 ( erpet.'ar curie Int" t he to -' ti and * ho wad a let I ttist hed l.< en partly *'erased t r? waa uo nana o( lb* I ai.k u It ; fin r* wt a bUuk spaa> 'li r.? the nane . f a a t t'dfe put In; < ar,'enter eatil th-re were i on,.' (it (i" ri n li g out.' b it he w u'd not tell bun the i bum t f 11 lei i*. < t Ih" h 11< it u as t " hs put In ; t-s wiinlrd to know it sinew* ?. "I I ta'i- ar y of tt an. a .0 to Make trie rile b I < tb-y w.uidc > i* cut ; told b.ui Lie brtt-.U'-s aae rn iltua'ei that It 1 would not ar wer l.ita to be dealing tu ttu-m ; i arpcu irr i. n r miu ii.xt I 'iri wiui-i ! *? to ,>i rvlM 01 It, ta iLc lilil I ti'lt 19 |>t) at a Oau<i in V\ all etrnxt. in al i ul ten nw . wl in< raid I a w ni l ik to violent at - ft It,at ' !t lie wanfi I it In- inignt. i? It , t tito a liaaatgiirj al tliat tlnix ilia, u e< uld b- bad at dJ mil* vk It do.lai j ihnia kttho*. I Andm- a a n| li ( it ; A I.dtoa ?a? |>lxn?rd nitb it. ami ?? <! ii? vould like titjr or e-imfy Ota doliara ot li ; told' a'I nil' r ?u atni be raid It wo - ratbrr iiucr ata ?i -i, lio t Inn 11 vet il; I arp- Bt?r rant IK w Mild n a An.l.oi- a d iMugbiri in; aram-1 vanli i|r al r I arpeiitar atid An* ? hi milt in < arj ii'tcr i au a h hind i lie ?.?r. ban ixd tttMN "ari'il." ' ) I" K t * aat'a I M. In. all <un h 1 alidad it to Ai alio? ; < ?i| m . and Indrnx tlira latt tiia piare t't tbtr ; fiat a aa llix I t Inlnrtla* ha had wtlb blM at .nt t rotrrt -lt y ard ?f thx arT? ' ? S A In. - . It vt" a day ar t x > afitl ?ilnr<j bad L:ii di d Mm that' mil i f loom i , ' all u t in Andr a alilla b? a ai nj jil.., n , * Carp uiar do iu? mat tin:*. ?C- Lid I arpmtir apply to j?n f>r m nay f t any rtrpceo. while Andrea > < in prima' mu~*tiuu on* ji" 11 il to. J Hit Aiinittt UmtiL trpi tliat ?h y may <r'* < 'n nlilno aha' ik'i?iian attempt no lb part nl * i *ctern if tneoncxal thx a allt of tlia t'lumpal. Mr Mi Kaon wai lira'I ou i li? ntm aid*, aud a I In- I rid tie Itttatrn laid down Iti Itna i< pa fx whr rain It wai tat. d tkat a ii au <i"iimliud ibrx.i bur^Utb a vu cm > lybt and atnlr a ?b?et at i nx pu-n an I i It It at another. aud fluy arm all <> enuomiUd that the ( run I iard iba l.l.ti .y of tbx thri a burglartx* Oth~r ca-ia aem raad at Ixi g b by \ r Makx>n, ! - ??n tti? ar e a .th. r y >h ra t ?ltm;e war ot,.rd to % g llij; to i-lahlmli a dntiDOt i ffxnx h it |bi> ' oiin in* caiTid It,' u tbd|t?b(iil of ita trli ? (i-i rd ?? r on Annate ry m ilia tiuth id il,# pr r-rnt'.i * tnatim iva'to tht lr*ii'tftlrii< ( Ibt luintr it;, ami aa to tbo hat ne 11 tho. e tian ar v n? r p> *m ?m?i cunixnitrd, ha' thx prr.raon'. <rt u i t fit11 pti.ya what It In tbl- indlclnxitt b mrxihey "an go no a ripMa'i offrnee No m*a I-tMim l to an*w?r a11 i In i bargi i nhli b lha AII. rai y (l> in il in *y l>. i? g a,,xluit blui xt.ll li am only lair lliatlVy eh-ullr hex ilia All Tin j (irhrral to toe prm I ft t tit a epeclBt ladtatmnti' ll-ii Aiina'ar (liataii rrpllnl at mo id- ?'m Iragib qui.tlhg varloua autborlti. < t-> mb 'aatiaia fin 1 view* and. In conrtli-tnn. again l with forra thx iiimntlun* whti'h bijti ui thrown on'.ytntwrday. that tbx pti in uluia arm c in-el fur any o. he but the |.i i pie tli Umxot remarlti'il opon th? Irrrleraoey xf tba Atli rin y (t nrral auh.erra'iuii i rx>|.i etlng liloiielf an i the lata iil'tllet Att< ru*y; tbla a trial I'wC h i?v arreerory to the elicuiation ol enuntorfatl nionrr ana , i,fit of th* compel. be y or character of th* puniio proa*- > tor*. II.* .Aiinrnrt ili ni! rr'4 h* at* much ok l,c-ij to Mi jft tm fi It '.4 lor tli* it butt* b*ra i 4 ?r mi; i-uru aiMii Di tiom aliuoat any aoiira* (I.aojhtar ) J h* Cot *i ftt'l nut ic* any rem .n for donating from I t.e t tilo whlrli they hail laid loan ye-tcrijay, ami ooul I li< t, tirtrfi ir. rr i?m ;h# ttljencu '1 * At tokM r ?* '?!. railed on tha ' mut to no'.* tkat li' had <if*r*d to pror* that while Aadrot a*< in )>t lorn < | t ulor raiou money for I It* flitpoH of procuring-airna ball for hi* liberation /./ wne'om rfiiii?'i,-l'na Inl'irieathr ha with Carpenter wrr* tl.o flr.t h*(wltnr-<> erer lia.? to tl> attli i money. Ho* t aryrator an4 aitu<.? l.arr b< rb < Itro t igptin r In tli* homing lo.m, oa onn net aMt-u. Ilea anl<t to Carpenter that bn had *?# >lt?n t > wltneer ali it tha roubtfrfHt monry. rl i*? n s renirtubi r th* reply that Carpenter m ol* ?' How; Ro* Went out, ami t T|.. i t*r tlioatJ altb"* th* f JO bnl, a? a pent ial rule, In rpeaklng of counterfeit money. It ?it unl rpokf n of plain but war denmjiioa *4 - |im4i;" toa Otrt iIbk bo t< r it* ABf'ri * at hi -alrai. CkrpMtir Mlkaratoo. but rat not ray ah ;k*r they eom* la tf gether rr not; An fro# ami arpi n'*r tr*ra trery Ira fjoer.tly In th* i*l< n together to ?.'? ami iii, their lutluiary continued up tu tb* time of Indraa'a arr?wt; kn*a in?n named optica Monn?y tml ll iri < II >an*y, think* it * a lloa introdoi *1 ihrai to him; nr**r had any traneartlonr alih ruber of tb* bouncy* prior to Andria'a irrM; flora not knaa a man n*oi-<l John ( autar, nor a man nameil Thorp*, nor do I knaa a man niaii d Btainanl | CtrTiinria#ii ? Was born In th* loan <4 < anilia. In New llaaiprhfra; rrtao**a tram that at tb* ag>- of eight ??*r* *Jih bt* m<>iktr.t" Maaeaabnaetu. ?rni to M*a l.amptao, la Ma* Uampthiia, taachaU, raaainad thrra LD. TWO CENTS. about a year; In 1833 wont to TorMan.l to work: wont homo to I'alermo after that; rent went to Belfaat in Main*, niter that went home axatn, then went to work with & m*?? namuil ITi??*?*?h *? i 5* 4 ? A . I.iumif j wmi then to Auguata, and remained there four years; John Parker kept the p'lhiic homo when hti went there flrxt; In 1840 want to flelfint, In Main*, renuilnrd thrra thrre montha, thou went to Uovtoa; wax there !>? ??rni two an<1 three ni nth", went to I.owrll, got married, an J kept stables there ; stayed there till the full of 1841 ; went to i harleatnn, hut did not succeed In getting Into any hu lneaa , went, back to boalou. nnil got work In a piiblln houxe in Dedhem ; then went home to Palermo where he remained about ayiar; then went to Itnghaip and remained there until ha came to thla city In 1814; had nerer, to hia knowledge. pa "fled tiny counterfeit m< ney daring all that tliitu ; never had been charged with any orlma prerloua to hia coming to New \ m k ; hired tho aalonn from a niiin named Sargeut ; xnwhim alnee lu tha town f Hamilton; urrer pa?ead any oounrerfelt money in New Virk; wua arrreted In March. 1847. on a charge of pnpxlog counterfeit money In thin city by onlleeinaii Norria; waa tint to the Tombe and remained there aleut three montha; wai trial before Judge Kdmonda; dc.ea not romeml'ar tho name of tho man who prosecuted hlrn ; there waa more than one; Delniopir waa the name of one proaeoutor ; the money ha w i * charged with pa-ling wax oounterfeHa on tha Bnok of A tteeaeh uxt tla , the jury di I not agree "n the trial, and he was i.rver tried f?r that otfenoe afterwards; Judge I- dtnonda til-charged hlrn ; doea not. know wha pn curi d hia liberation ; had aold out l?ta place of bualno-s lu June. 184ti; from that time, to March. 1847. he kept a hoarding houxe In lloxtou ; oen? to New York ou buriuesx. uud returned again ; m< in Uoatoa anre led for the oili pre of which tin wax convicted In 1847 ; a Lion named Kixher accompanied him to New York on ono occasion ; had no busine** here theu ; ia urgble lo fay at what bouao tlu-v stopped tf - llad you any buxiti.x lu New York, thoaa rereral occasion* ' \Vilnexx hesitated in hi" reply The court told liira he need not anawer any question which tended to degrade hiuit elf After acme further hesitation ha aaid he supposed he might ax welt atixwcr th*ui a" Iran; tha in rltlon he w>" In. it could not make any dillereuca to hi in ; Lu then rahl that tho e villi to New T -rk were the occasion of hia going to th- state t rixon ; when ha rube to New \ ork. he ?aw Ms lawyer, and one of the llduni vh ; he wax indicted for pa-xlng tour tea dollar counterfeit hllia on tho Uoxlun Bank ; pleaded guilty, and there wax no trinl 1 ha eourt adjourned at 3 o'clock. The further ornia axHiuibation ol thla wltneae to bo resumed at It) o'olook thia uiornlsg. Court of (lenci-wl Niulona. Ilefora the llecurder and Udermeu Alien and Clark. Oil It)?C. Jmltrnt't Ji/iptii nh on far Citmmnlitm i Dm if it ? In the matter of applieatioa for nomiuialion) to take t -tlmony in i alifornia and otb"r planes,' in the caar i f The People, tx Judaea, indicted for libel on Miss trean, the < ourt tins morning drulad tho application. J'liat/er f.'cainJ forretii/.? \ h"y fifteen yeara of age, ram< d Lleoige W ilitams wax called to trial charged , with gtand larceny, In xteultng a g-dd watch, worth if&u. Irom William II Cullix, of No Aw Market xtraet. on the Wth of Augmt. The watch w?i i?k.nfr iua luaiiiel piece in the hark parlor of Mr. Collie' bouse. \\ n. Ii hit riii o.i policeman, bring ) ?i rn t-xtitUd that he nilextrd the p.ixnpnr ou tue t th f Auga-t lavt, lu (tiangn atieet with the waloli in hl< poxeex-ion He ai ked him where he got the watch, and the boy aaid II at he procured it ttoui Lin xlxler wh sent hiui out toaell It Wltneae told hlai to take btui to hi- *i*tar; he then aca< mpanled hltn down Orange flreet to near ti e Kite Points. where he pointed out ? w man a.x hia rinter; tha woman however, denied having nay knowh dgc of hlui Mr Stephen* then to 'k hint to the peItoe oftten. and xubcrgueutly found the owner of tha wateb. The boy xfatrs that he bought the watch from m young who aold It to him lor two dollar*, saying that It wa* ropptr lie wai ab'Ut ? ll'ug It f't brtu dijllin avd t pit already rerelved tlx* inon?y (ruin a klxiiaaki r luOiar.g" mar < 'ha'haw strut, be war air* it'll I ? auys tl>at hi told the itory about bli ilttw from laar of bung linprui med '1 In* jury conld nut agrei u|>on a t.*rdiet. nnd w?ra dtrharpid The b y wan r* un<Ddo t. to remain la pri * 11 iifittl nine provision can bu in ol tor him. 7Vi?l J or f'rfit Charles lapptn war tried f. r pitit larceny. in bitng concerned wiui limn i niiy in it'allng tweiiw dost u ivmhi anil una d >r?n k ilree, wi'ttk $lt>, liorn Theodore It \lyers. .it lu William at I lit < a oy lien beru tiicil ua aantber charge and lent to the Siati prison Mr M?i i < being called ts Uie atand, te lied that on ihe i^Uth nf A uguiit lait, la?ey and l ap,'an eame lata hit aloii*. and cipres-el a d lie to p.iroba e aurne gtlX) worth of gondii to send tot.hagru' I'll *y ria l tai l out ijul i h lotnf virions article* when I a, pan t ki'l for n t>!!i; Jnat tbra, Mr. Myers disc T ir.l mat < a?*y'e poehtw appeared to be .|u|te full On siii/ching blin, lin fnnnd twilie domu C'ltiibi and on'- ilmn knirm upon hia perron No property war found up in the pi raon f t'appan and he offend to taki mi* goudi and p .y h r tbai.i. and wauled vir oyer t aneouiptny hiin I inm? plac to nrraLgi the matti r I'll" jury, wltint hating tliiir fall, retarget a verdict of nut guilty Mr t'HiLI irs, thn A '-t-tsbt 1 ;t Attorney, thin inn >1 tin* c uittori iiiiiill 1'appan uu cbargn of being t np;, rd in Ilia Ait r I la -i rl *t In* Itr H > a raid that aa I uppan had a'nady bvei Inipiiron* d roue tbrie in n'li on lbli cha'ge, and aad II r n libel a t * U l<y thai nut it would b opptewive to rr roBuntt hiiu now i n that charge, lapp.iu wai Iberefi'ii ci.cla pi d In m r :*dy Trimtfor MaruUughitr A Uirrran nttai I 'leneiiot bet.mutt wia put uu trial. cha*g. d with inanil fighter In II - lint d"gr?i tu bating ou ih" h.b ut Jua* la?t, ra'fid th d-slh it a Uiai i*. nl I'Hitck Unytaa. t- ' jn'dt kept a pub.In Ii "u*r at p i.l '.Va 'iin?t .u an I Bi j 'an boai (li d ? l*h Pirn t in ' h - ulg'it "f ibeSitiuf June tlx. ilic? * id ic 1 Ihrreu'b r wo got in It j nor, tin-anm <,iianil me. and th" te n't was the dcah of i re 11 i In ui l he naribtlre of the ci?' la o lu'aiau 1 in till! rid nci i f Ju i :'ii l.r AiiMAit wlio.lwtng sworn IssM'lid that he waa lu tl. ' u.plnyini ut i f homlilt at lha lluiii of tha n ci.rr t >'?; on th nigh' when Uoylin wai ib< t, tinylau and ibrio other nun had hi m In th" kitobi.i ami b ade a then, ifi-re srj,'. tb y get a.j ui I >ree if wo< d and troki in tint d r r of Ihi mom idJointBg Mr hi l midt a a|i> pmg roi in, i> jhimJt being at ti.i tip..** lying in til bad, wltnesa was also * r- laid mar by. r hi ii th?y broki In the do 'f, Duyuii w.n tbi Cri i n an toi ntir ih> loom: one ol the party w 'it latw frhmldt'r sin (tug r win, wiio *s was aeaki i* d 'iy tbi loi?" mad" h) brtaklug tn the d ". at fair of ilia I. . n ant boardira In the li.'UI'; w hi n t- i li.niJ. fi nod tl at tlx-y wire bri aklog in ti e J .or, hi a- ut tuauuther room and y t a doubi- ham li d guo; tb" g in ha I tatn u.rd liy the inr n I ho day f uc, and waa loadsd t*y 1'aUlck lian a, omit tin t ui mm wb i bruke in tl.e U< or. Mohmldt took the gun a.l ?t 1 in lb* large to. lu Willi II . Uoylan ?? on the . utridr uf the dour, and wltm ia I'idid Patrick Boyl?n ray ib-y wanted tu kill htoi ; l e did not *?y who n waund lu Rill; witr-<-? knew B< ) Imi a mtoe; hi raid, " If you d ra t ops a th*- d' rr, w? e i.l h ii you,'1 rich ml 1. t.ll tb' u, if lb.*y bi t ke op. n tin d or. h* ih- uld tire ou th' ni , three >>f thun theii witil any; Patrick II >, laa r>*.named, lr.? ( <t mad tiy !> ># bin U.(K- i upau, and ivtrl.k Mnjlitn ii il two or thr.-n iiiin.tri ,-t >od i ntalil-. nor if th- turn f?n? la, unt wrat Into Uio rot-m wlmra r?. tb! n<JU ? * a-bap . thla ?a< It'r tk Vc ?'J. boatdar in th.- b * ?; ?cl Dslat in th? Urro room with tha u in lu hta hud: tnd Ulilei lit)'an araa abo in tbr largo rwiij Hi niiit dM rot l>i?t ilia (ti n In M n m I uutil tlm ii i r war Hroki u upon. * h-a tha m?u njt? rr 1 iti ? r > >< I a ftad at b", lau <*ho had a hm?jr rtlck la hi* hand; at tlm lima tlm pun ?.o? llu -1 tha pri ?o> r ilaad ah >-at fan bat ft n llnjlan. who ?4< approaching hna with Haat ielt rai-ail a(t< r tha f1rlag b ?- ft Schmidt andthw wit nam ran nut ol tlm In it - a. Schmidt. Weill t? llarWm, wl'htaa taa Bnylaa In tha klleh-w alt-(Ward*. ha waa dtld: Bi-ylan Lad hoarded In aim U'tua-aoue tbraa in m, tha. all llia bit n alio name to tlm do?r *ar? drunk; thi- mm a In * a t r ft rnmn? wara tin a an and ha pa-aa** bailing to tln-ni waa from the itelmo, ami n <t ih >gh tin- Kitim Into wbirh ibt? Prove, tlicj had u<i otCMina, tl artjnra. to pa-a through <ba room I hi* ?? all the aalilan -? f <r th - proa taut on an I tha Mat-unitr a- a?<t tha acting Ubttici attorn- ? il h* in it milt d to a-k for a ?-?-i kit Inn on Ihta leiiim-wy. Vr I'hlltipa did nut tallm|ul?h tha pm-utt u Tna tlaf? ii ill il not IniroOm a ana ta-tlai >m,li it -thiol i?U tha ra<a i f n the raid nee Introduc-d 0/ th.? prj.wc?Ut-k. Tha iui y at nitre prcr nunec I It a ram of JuatlSaMa h mini 'e and dee la red t a- pre mar n--i guilty. '/Vita. ? In thr aa-tn nf Hartley tVbe.|er, lt?dlrtrd ft r r-hb?ry In lb Itt d-*f>a; I hu W. Waath at d lat-ob So II, f-r n-tauli ami oatt ry, raubk a|a>1 anna a Ml lohn Urban ft r?<"iTiu< atolaa g ??4*i lit try l i rr-uati for attempt to r uaitil a rapa aa l i-.ho ft,lay. fot lai-r prrtrni-a? I'ba par til a b In* called, did lint apraar; default w.v tln-rrtore takan, an I heneb ? orient- Inurd. i ta curt edjoBmed till II o'cloak ?o That-lay. Untai liitalilatntr. II n I k'a'at frigate **veuaaii ut forty four gana, t apt P f Voarhaaa, arrived at -iaiioelim. no vloo lay la-* and atthanard ?vlnt*r with tha ahip of tha liua Ithln.thn Peg ahip if tha I aclfln iqJlilr.ifl I'd* IIIami ah o<-u out t'-r tha pdrpo-o nf relieving tha CI, > wh< m-rraw a timi,fi?i tin,, hu m-?rlt timful i ha Harannnh aili-1 (rem B ?tt,u on tbn lat d ty of > atrh ia-t. ami tounhad at Ida <! Janeiro Valparaiso, ?nl1 ailan, whanat ah# la ia>t, in tfidiya ronat>J<>r* Jtnra th'i ?t(H ri malot In noianiaad of tk* ifanlroa, ?ill lit,in Ma bt a t paiitiaiit on Ooard tba Ha tauuall. On tl.a arrival ot thr 81 Mary '*, n<>? on bar pass#** ft- m < allao aha *111 ba dnt patched tot niua. with t ommodorn Voorbana, app<dn'td ttmewiot to i otamadt rn Otdriiifar. now In eoaniatid of our dqntdron on tt at atallon. t.'tMnniodoia It ?a<ing partnl.rlon to ratnra h- ma for tba hanrflt of hia h-alth 4r i harlaa himta I ha nn a ly appointed I 8 < nmiudaionar far r h* fe's i.4 al-ti Wlanda, rtmi pa'tag^-nr la tlm narannah, at. il or ill prt**(| to tba UUuda with ' naiinodrtra V o tali?, a la bta ft,nta to t hlnn l'h? >bl> will aail for ll*?. taa pttltifrl; oo tba 15th nfHnptamhnr to* Valparaiso and Hlo da Janalro ?fuctfit Antra, Spi l. Arntaiarrtt A ain't'rina or a ti.ara ?A negro wan. tha prronrtj of Mr Wpanoar of tlnalow. aad hlrad ta nr. trtdgan of tbia town, waa aided by th* atanidtr* aw4 tbft * othar* working on bnard th* hrig Marshall, broad t# Maw Vorb In aid tnptiag to n* tap* to tnai ally A plana waa prapamd for nlin. ami hta proaldoaa pat In tba bald of tba trig and h* war to aaorota hint <-lf laat alplit. Tb* ataward hartng g l laforuiattoa of tba twnbtar raporlad It to lb* at a In ami a top* worn i at aa?4iapi4p takm to arraat tba anlprlt*. wh* war* yaatarday staaKittod U) >aU. WtJanawf fata, Af. 0 , V*m , Orl.