Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 11, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 11, 1849 Page 2
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t* I ? .- ll.l | I JN'EW YORK HERALD. ifartUn'Ml turm r of KulUn and ^Icoaa ?t?. JAXKN VI>R UON H KN N KIT, PROPRIETOR AND KOiTOR WTIt'E T?> COBUKftPoMKCNTS. VOLUNTARY I'OKHKNPdXDESCk, ?wl? r tu t*f ftti. .nlUilrd front noy </uirtrr of 'h? world; xf ? rif. i ill 4>i' I tbr r <i 11 y fiu? f,i r. 11 K ws- ' < /'i > IS TKLl.lURKCR, of nil tort,, urt #>'.* olhllrrl. SO Sit TICK t'k'H of fiii il a |MMIli'iliM'Mi.l. H'A"f?t>er la ii,truth fn n. rlior tnuxt kr "itfirntirifrd *V fAr nrtme irnd n 4rt*? vt the arilf; rn' ueccinarily /.?< pull id ulian, k,.t iii ii vw<# r tfy mf kit f-d faith. We 9 an vat rttvrn rejectsd cn.r >nunicatient. Tt'l HHKJ1.D ISVAhUXII HJIXT if tin nivht. rrn-vu, etc THI I'Alt Y HER A ID- Three e.litienn, 2 * PV ?$< p< r*i/tham lilt* MORS I.Mi EUlllUfr ii/ubltt/nd ?f .H i/. k A. M.. a i i * / ? ;c>l het'oi> In - trie frit AFTKKSOOS EDI I H>\, ,, h* H ui of the ?vu> >u*ye ?lt I v'c/w K. <i mi the tcccnd i( \ o'rlark. /' M. rut: It' Kb. KLY IIEKAJ.r), for eirrvl'fi?? ?.-? this Co,?St/4* . ', i published every Siiturdi, v. at C'4 rents per copy. r S'' per aniimni J vein ( 'lion i'i Europe. ant' prhi'vtl 4n E 'fiih rtd Enulish 't ''\t it per ropy, or Si per *i. vrr<; the latter ; > ' t to include the pootaoe. the n i t a it eeei v ui:i. \t.:> > try s re^t* yer rope; ? 1 per arni n; is eooien to r/'j*, ft I'irr III Ui. the till I . r llrrnlit mil not contain nny m- ' i i. 1 in Mr ll'rr/t/y He rah'. Alt. I h t'Tl t\S Ini mull, t'.r i, hocri/ilinm, or toVK niter. Hioirienlo. t h*- p. t pi ;or t-.e pool ., will ho ticdmteil Jrom the .1y remitted. AUCABMSNTft THI* KVRriiso. BOWKRY T'!FATRE, n tu wu.m?Hxau r* Anr. Thrnr*. BROADWAY THEATRE, Uroadwsy--Tu W..r-Jo?* Baiir, KIBI.OB GARDEN, Broadway?Tight UOTK?NI??i<?MV??UouBa tat. BY RTON'8 THEATRE. ritsniharirtreei?RvRTew'a N'i * Thus UiiH'Tum-A i'?k.r iau'i a If jiun ? ill AiON J K .7 OH. RATIONAL TPFAT?*. CTiji 'lum ?|? ire ? Vikvio ht He vit? FmALC Thi i. via - 11 ai r*o Fa loo mix. OLYMPIC TBBATKB, nrn.lwAT?A Witho- t a Hi?i? i ini.v or Tim K ciimi . r?Tni'Mririu'ji VF??XIII a. MY TlAI.'r-i'HAKw'l UlllTRtLI?Ii>t*h II psioa i.r?Etmioti a.t Sinui.mi. C'41N V?E MUSEUM, t:i> li~oadw?y-rr?B f A. M. to 10 r. u. CHINESE A5SEMBI.T "ROOVS?JIM. Mamuiits*'! B( III k>? i; AAIQU*. WEICII'R COLnEtiH. Axtor Tla rniAx r?:3r>mam ?K. Ac tin tint)., 'I iluiAilHy, Dcnhrr II, M4I, III u? Troui l'uiO|i? The Caledonia** news in iv come fo us today, over the wires, from Ss.ekville, N I#, the telegiai h Lavine been ?xtendtul to point, on the other side of the Buy of Fnndy. W?t can scarcely expect a 11fl? x ot the French trouble hy her, as the Clayton and Pousain correspondence ' id not leive here till the lUlh ult., arid the Caledonia from Liverpool sailed on the 2f>th. Mr. Clayton's letter to M. de ToCijueville probably went ".it in th? steamer of th* 12'h ult. That letter will reach the European public on 1/ through the American i pres. Auotbir V.'nr I'nnlc-Flare-up vvltti the ?i>aiiltU Minister. Our private correspondence from Washington, which will he found in unoth' r column, diac!oj $ another curious and ainuing r!i ipter in the forema policy of the present wondeifui and astounding cabinet. The present flarc-up in with the b'panhu iniui ter, on account of the abductiou i f a Spanish I ?dy ? from Cuba, perpetrated hy un American vessel. We h< ne the lady is beautiful?;n fact anolh r Helen. We ihall then have as strong re wons t > finht it out as .he Creeks hid in the Troan w ir. Thus we go. Our able and interesting .Secretary of State has had a flare-up will) the French minister about a phra.eof two hues?a sharp correspondence with a llritielifunctionary uhont Nio iragua?a hot time of it with the Chilian r.iiui-t.r about a pair of br? tcln a?an account in money to settle with the Bey i f Tunis?an eipeusive trouble with Bowlegs, of Florida?and now there is another tlare-up with the Spimsli minister about the abductu 11 ot a fair h'enora. When is all this to rnd 1 Is there to he war in e#rne?t ! or is it a maki believe ! Will not our r* lations with Spain and Cubi be s<> romplieat 1 Itey si:d the Senora, tliat it would h easier to uk>* lli<- island and annex it at one, til n to u<*? gotiate longer t The I't nn?j I vii r.ln F.lniluii?Die Cabinet under Judguiriit. Trie fill election in IVnnsylvHrim h.i? hern in reality n Waterloo defeat t? the whig*. Krt* i<t ."it tily if Philadtljihw, trhtit Ikty havt c irritd fi rry tU'tu-n Ji'T tmnty years j>nt, titty art drfftttH. Fori* and alt, raid and left, tin y at" rout a and dispersed. Aba stone, descending a lull, in Teases its momentumwith eieiy bound, an tin1 wing party, in every mmn ing election of the year, litvm't with a more signal dcfeul tli n the I ist. Only it year ago, Taylor carried the keystone by nn cvriwh? liii ng majority?the 1110*1 deci-ive ol' th<* campaign. ia the mutter now ! W?i,t hue \?<ikd < ut tin-* sudd. n revolutioo among th>at' any people of Pennsylvania ! Then- it always an ersy olntioti for a revolution. The leanm* are obvious. Tire wlijgs w-re iliaafWhd, and tlnir opponents united. Oueofthe reuses 11 tliij disaffection wa- from their coalition with 'I ? abolitionists?those r? d rcpublicnna or r?*d aoeialitt" ?I th-- I'nited - utt-s, who have h nig liTe- 1 an incubus tip? 11 the whig |>.uty for years. Aa?tn< r tavr ?r ihr split with the native*, growing out of the division ot the spoils. Another, lb 'revolt in Philadelphia, i g iim-t the nil*rule and outrageous corrupt 011a < I the t i.y gnvrinnn ni, compared with , which, the mis< rsl l :.i vernment of New Vork 1* no 'del r I honesty and wisdom. Another provoeetion wis in the wenk of proscription of Colltner, Kwiag and c? nip.ny. 'lire sweeping exercise of tbi- abominable system of dix idmg out I tie spoil* among the beggarly hacks of jwriy, for party services, hns had its effect. Put all these an mere trifies; tliey dn n?>t account for ihe disaster, 'ien. Taylor was well received in Pennsylvania. '1 lie people were pleased with the he tost simplicity aid frankness of the m in. lie left a good impression among the people. He j* known to l?e laTornoir to h mm:, utfcrim naii.i-r 'or the protection of iron anil coal. An ndinini** mtion taking that rtud, oujlit to he pooular in l'can*)lsania. Wh.t, tk a, ta the rruwi of this terrible defeat 1 Brought to the direct *]ti*?tion, we nm?t aokttow#dge the t orn. The great and nuflicieot one fur he whig, in the came that ha* defeated (kem ever) wh* re el- ?tin cahinet -tlic imbecile, humbugging rahimt at Warh ng'on. What rl#e trti to be rtp*ctfd? Their Wretched policy with foreign nation*, mere than all other ra nata, li i* done the btiumrt A p.iitul tim.dity, or more ri* diculoun pretence of intuit, b.i* bera the card. The Sectetaty t f Mate, with th- (ear of aa old gunny, could not veniu.c to ?p -ak ah ire a whinl? r for re[>iildicnnis.ii in liurope; but, supported by the . **pot*, and thoee old party hunker-, of th /alien and redi'ior law*,"" he could promptly tide the ?yrr|t<m*of republic an idea* in Canada an I Cuba. And when, admonished of his iinlterihfy and hi* blunders, he re.-r Inil to pl.iy ilir fool with France, and kokrd out her Minister to kick up n row, and not up a w ir panic, and put on ins regi? ao lital?, it uddtd only enother chapter to th'' public Mortification. The pco,.|e eoul l not aland it. Tin* i* tlie aeeret n| die general lesnlt. 'li:e cabinet, w ith lio ir fobs intrigue* w itb Sew nrd hii I 1 th* aiwditioiiiats ; wuh ili'ir whole, ,| apecuMtion* i ,n tiie ofliee* of the country, under the dir> etion < I Th* ma* liwing ttid Trunitn Smith; with th? ir weak, ssaeillatirir, and *u*piclooa diplonu v ? katre d? ne it. We rapect Xew \ nik to folio* I'enn'jltania, and Hat trie wing pots aid ie Whig administration will go down, dov u, n.,? I thia w *k ?nd ? ufnn< l i? d. at i CUyion nb?hiiH K?ir* i* t > ? rnn<?h 1 <>f bui? lirr, ?r <1 (*uIIhiii< r i?o much li> deputy; | Meredith i# lull a flerk : ?nd the r*M ?r? hi.I ?rb- | trtiut'i a i?> ilia bate her, or tin: c<>nd? rn.?? '! h? ? I f the flat* I'rpattinent '] hay kin irii <e?l ilia J'r#aid*??, pri??rt?d liii i? In y, and br;r?yid tit' Mini; Ui tilM??tili?i(r ! Tiik Nkw State ov Daseket ? WoNDEirtTi. | Triumphs (jir 01 k Pker Institttions.?" The deecrt and the solitary place shall be nude gUd, and the wdderncfs shall rejoice and blossom as the rose." Thus speaks the prophet. We have no d?udii lliut he foresaw the eettlement of the i Mormons in the Valley of the Salt Like, and the gladness and rejoicing which follow the expansion of our American institutions. Before the .war with M< ticn, our wondeiful prosperity in the arts of peace, excited the envy and admiration of the wot Id; the wur itself developed our possession ol TV. I 111 M ru tulpnlH ??l .I.l.lln,,,,...,.,.,;,,.,., Tlie victories of Gen. Taylor fell upon the old ; iii< nsrehies like the first achievements of the ' Little Corporal,'* and tlie marvellous exploit* of Cortrz were surpassed in the campaign of tien. i Scott, and in tlie bloody tidds ol the Valley of I Mexico. The results of this war revived tlie re| ) ttblicanspirit of Kurope, aid, by common coo eat, placed the f oiled States in the front rank of the ! greatest powers of the earth. l.ut the remits which have followed the rcstora1 tion of peace, nrp creater still. The discovery of I p Id in vu.-t quantities, over nil extensive surface, ; w ill have chaiured, within a I jv months, a wilderI in . ? into a popalou* ."jiatc, rapidly ri.ung in ull the eleirn ritt-11 civilt/. .lion, and commanding, at no di: t.ti't il.iy, the Asiatic and Mississippi cargoes of the i warming slops ol tlie 1'uenic. Gut ija -t surprising and singular ol ail, is the i meet .-tinI colony of ilie Mormons, Driven from i ivill. it"u n liv their fan lollies, they ?et out upt n the wild-goose chase of c recti tig a laud of piount'C in the hitherto unknown Valley of the i (ireat Salt Luke, llera, surrounded ay m ?an ; i.iiris and deseits, n thousand miles from the I rentier settlements of Missouri, they pitched their tents and went to work Presto, change. A po,ialoii:-1 ity apt iiio.i up oil the v\ rg? ol tile titer!; tin: uninhabited valleys are teeming with crops of ! jrrnin. Hi d droves of fat rattle cover the plains. The music of machinery echoes in the mountain i cuni.mi, and troops of Saxon children play upon 1 the borders ol lite lake. A populous city is there, j and the Mirrcigiity of a Slate [encircles the i Great Basin. (' f?at li ?rc the results of oar liberal institutions The colonics of flu rope arc of slow growth. Tln-y inquire till the i machinery and adjuncts of a I !( ng colonial e mtude t > rice to any iiiiportau e, evmi as dependencies. No new State in 111trope I can he organized without lirot catching a King, CJut n, Ptince, or Pope. Mot so wiili as. W ; ecijaire ti unknown country, liwiigr nits from alj i its ot the world pour into it, and by tttcir spont t\ n?ous action, the late wilderness tprings at once 1 into Hie tovereienty i f a State, sec ire in the ptn. ctcii n of h got d government and the protection i ol ilie ? hole I'nion. Such <tre the aciueveni uis <f f.c* institutions, utsy on ducted by an intelligent i people. Their influence is the leaven of the CaIndian t? nut nt? it is o,< r iting in Cuba, it is doia ; go d in Mexico; it is " ihe leaven which is to Imvtnthe whole lump." The cabinet which retl.-ta the spread of ilns lullin lire is l il?e t<> tic* <a entry . ua die Spirit ol the age, and mn.-' u broIniidowu. *w The mw Pi,.te i f De.-eret, couipriong '11 the Gieat Iht.-iu, is n desert ire ii? genial ch .rict'1-, lliniipli upon tin: borders ot its nuuo r> is ls'.ii s an I , rivets nh ug the mountains around it, it has so.on large slut s of goad land. It bus, too, in my other advuntiigis. Ti e Great .Petit Luke lies within a Lb) < I nioiiiii .ins which Abound in ; rcmous li i i?|s, gold among tiicin ; and it pn hably exifcU in all tin mount uii chains ol the country, down to the tula > n the .> utn, and west to the Sierra Nevada, their geological character b ang i. i utn 1 The Salt I -kc is iL.- overland half-way i ft. ti< n to thi- Pacific,by the South Pass. , With the ciiitiou of S railroad, it iiiu-t become a depot of great importance Tbe.manufacture ol ?alt, which cxi'ts ; e rock s'dt in the mountains, as w< II us in l!.e tru e of the l..k<- iisslf, may theu In: extended to the sit,|ly of Lull the world. Tite southern Li miliary i f the tiila will give the State its only OC.t'et to llie i bv tile ('nlomd an t ill I lull ot | California, uiiti < uuiri-ti bniiM eon -rile it "J >?' Motrin ii#, whil- tli y on *o well, should he , |>r< tii tic] oi.d rm oura-rd. The 1 inJm which ibry hate located should In* confirmed in them liy I'un(tr???, riii] ull cithi r ti'oseary m?u lures passed t.? j minute the prosy# nty til the new Stite. Succe.-a to trade ! f?itctr: s to ti;rSuiut* nod the Nvw Jvru* mil in' 'llit' I.o.u he luiurd lor nil hii uietcit1# ! I A m? n ! Nh af.iar.i-Tuts <"a .a'. to tm? P.m tnc.-Wf had the plrutnre i t an interview. yertenUy, with I m il L White, K-.[ ,ju?t arrived from Nmcrnpii tn Ntw York, on In* tt ?iy to U'aahin.etou with itn|i.|iiint d<?patch' a. We are happy to learn from thieynt' nnp, t1;..' tht- atLirs of the New Yoik (' irptitiv, It r the formation of a canal from o rut tn ocean, ate progreafiuj with ev. ry d> iirahle j j re?|iect ilMitreae. 'I he t'iif?i|Mtijr ha* jnet coocluJed no aJ.'.in* tagriu* (' nir.iel with the Nicar* government, and the m rks will he commenced wttho'H f irtle r tit '..jr. We ttlet# levn. from th* same nutli ntic *oir?e, tint, r.i tw I'liMutj Unit the bi Iticoee attitude i t which it litt In en rrpre euted that th- 1'rili .'i k >* vfiti nt'tood in relation to thin gn it work, y t no n riotta ground* whatever e?i*? of any inti if renee rr interruption onthe|urt of th llritiali an* llloiilie*. Jlr. White * ** in gr# at li Me toprooe< d in i ,i i Tit' ly i n to Wanhiogton with the il? |iCi'i ? t<l who h he ia the beater, relative to the ull iira of tbe stovermnent nrd the company, and h trdly ul* j 'owed binotlf time to Mop a minute lor rrpo*". At length v?e mny new e#i'ifi lently lr>,#e th it th w<.tk to often tn Iked about?and only talked <bout ? (I < onneetinft the waters of th Atlantis with throe ? l th" Pacific, by cutting tliro'i.'h t'?e c-ntre tf t)i*> two great continent.", will l?e ncrmi.* plithed bjr American eotrrpriae. done, thia will be cue of th" woaderaof tin- wotlf, and w ill, with ili*- railmad itroi* the |?thia>i?of P manor, donbtlean ttand at the head Amerw-ta won* d^rt, fut'li ua lli** L'rntoa ii|i*i|iirl and the Krie c idhI. Ai ccrdir* to nil account.*, i!?<* *-uihu- i n of the gnvetnntfnt and people <>t Nirc-iree<r i, mi favor of Anient in* tint! the I mkee n iti ni n g * 11*1.1, m tiich that on d injer need t>* !' fed tY" n nn> foreign ri?al. W r lime been kindly promiaed by Mr. Wirite, mote drtaili d iut rmation on thit interesting nub ;ec?, on In* return from th? n*ui ni government. Me,.iitir,ie. w-c i *nnnt but ronf itnlate t V < <> int;y ii|>i n the prii*|ie? t of the *| ?uy aini ? ill,.* gigantic and ittimeuaely 1111,oriani uadeiukiag. i l'r.i\tn ami I'anpinTr.?The Tenne?aec pipera tout.iin a long account of ihe proceeding* of a convention aiyled the "Jenning* Convention." If ? pj* af* from the j rorecdinge, that an old lellnw of the r ; < of .1* linings do d * or ne tun a pi in Cng- ' l.r.d, having no legal r*-pri pent.vivr* in tit it part of tl.r world. The ptnj>erty who h he died |h>*petted of, *>i r? da in val ir forty fnilliona of riallart, . nil II W ,* tu,>| >* d. With pome f? aeon, tlu' lie r'emt dot it tf the threaped now reewJe rrr , Ihe baited Mate* All tire let in thia tor?" try therein on met in convention at N a*liville, f i? thepriirpo^e of f i nip ring note#, end we are iu* foffi td ib?.t the proceeding* were corn'iK'uet J oy prnjef, aoou aft-f the delivery oj which the con* v? Itliou adjOr.'tt'd to tie ? t at t n. We have not the ?lighre?t of. Ttion fn ih" praying | it of tire b liincpp; but we really think tint ilprattler of t>r?yiio.' i* retting too fnnin >n. W, do i,i t frr ho* pmyer would |,< l, t f,.n. ail>|..' * III ulietHlillnlltiff hi,, to tile d''?? d, or n t!?|e fhern In prove tfiem-e|re? giao l hi! " n or greH'-granrbiihitdren to die n?*n wro> ni'rt worth tioit Inri"-I'im. If prayer iarennrted in n r* n ritoi lv, v - ttt?il find "h*i?'y"w min*?re|? pre) n <i b* for * ,i m? |i -.rim Cw 1 t,'orn,"or Hirloit ingir g n n fore Hi r irii' in*'* i i "II'gh'.il* lo low Kpum" We ih.iik pray r ini^ht > * well b>' ' " Hied on all tticll i*. a*loo*. '1 're i* a in don' ?% and a t nte 19 ping, und ? tun' ' fray, toe. i nun iiiiii mi?in mi ii-, iiinn-iwr?t??in" Diplomatic Eti cettb ? Twiedi-k-uvm aud Twr.nn e-dee ??ume one of the ancient philosophers, probably out* ot the seven wise men of Greece, has w isely observed that? " 'Tl? rlransH thera should suoh difference ba 'Twtlt tweedle-duin aud twetdle tied." Ami never was the force of this philosophical conclusion more applicable than in the late teapotpanic arising front the rupture between Mr. Clayton and Monsieur Poussin, as coutrested witli the correspondence between l'rince Pokjnac aud Mr. Hives. If the Secretary of State had stiHici'nt provocation/or a panic, the Prince Polignac bad jurt ground for war. 11 Mr. Poussin deserved expulsion, eo did Mr. Hives. The American Mintsil'T lliU tunc i.ariinttoi) lliA luKiiiol l.ik.-rfl/ Jicilllisivu ...v * liile the Minister of the French Republic was expelled for liis presumption. The letters of Mr Hives did not insult the dignity of France, but the boldness of Mr. Pouaein was uu outrage upon ill" iState i.'epurtment. r'o much for the previous Murders of Mr. Cljytou. To atone lor his contfesious to the Holy Alliance, he must, twli'iis ro/vMf, pick up u quurrel with Louis Na|>oleon. Lr t us place, vix-a-vit, the provocations t? Prince PoligiiMC and the ollenci s of Mr. Poussin. They will ilhn-trnte the common hi nfe which governed the Frenchman, and the ridiculous nflr elation of inaiilti d honor, which controlled our tbvrot.iry. The extracts from Mr ltives are Ironi his correspondence, i.e Minister to France, on tin* French indemnities; the extracts from Mr. Poussin arc on the fhlvape case?his client-it e paragraph au the tobacco lioxt a having been retracted:? xie. liivvH -to rinses. ro- uu. rotssm to mh. cur* Ui;Kii', 1 St'.O ros, 18Jtf " The clltr n' < f the t'nt- 11 The Mtuls'er of I-'orel-ja ted States have sustained Affairs rapiHrta m? toadthe nnift flagrant aud uti- dies to the Cabinet of warrantable wrongs from Washington the sethe authorities of Krancd; rious observations on the their property, to n huge those ( f nin h ui'y aonjniilaotouut. has been forcibly ted by this officer, ia illetaken iiwot in di them, In gully detaining the ship violai inn alike of the prta- hmcenie. ci p'es of public law and I lis ' 1 on will easily enmprclaitb of treaties, and that hrtjil, Mr. Hi-rrutfy cd pri pt r'y lia? barn applied Slate, how important I' is to defray the expenses aud that muh occurrences to aid the resources of the ehouhl uot be repeated; French nation. and that revere b'uuie. at "I may, therefore,be per- lra< riiould be ia'don tbo e u.lttrd t? ask your excel- who thus considered c mmleery aha'. judgment ihc selves empowered to e lbmini reuse ol mankind stlfu'e ai biliary measures j would pronouiiee on tlie lor justice; an I 1 doubt r ndnet if en ii-ilividuil pot mat you will without who. l>< >ng wrongfully in delay give satisfaction to possession of the i -operty the just enniplatnts of the i of another, abou hi an <wer I- much republic a deiand of rest it uti n by " Tite xnlar.a'ionsgir'-n faying, it it true i have by flommaud r arp-n h r poeieesiou of your primer- arc n t of a nature, 'dr. i ty which has been wrung- Secretary of ^ta'e, sueh as 1 fully taken fr< hi you; but to dhpel t.h? dUaontv nt I wilt not give it up u<il--ri wtii.-li bts proceedings you tirrt a sent t' my < u- caued to my government, strueliou. however riio- lie e .u-oh red. s< bo sijs, ; in us you believe it. 01 the ai d still coiotdafi. that eHiitiaot hetweeu us about the e?-e was oris of ?alwhi h we have eo long dlf- rage; txat the rights a | fin d lu opinion' quired by him as tue safer tour r xcellency will ot the vr-nel saved, emnit I presume, reek to powered hi n to soep p >sevade the force it ihli sen n of ber un'd bis e*. s'atii-iict by layinjf i "it ti-naganr p'eten '.-ioswere ; the wrongs < f which th fully satisfied lint his ; lilted States rouipUin opinions bare llttlw intd | veie nst romtiillted hy r st In our eyes when we , ite pr???nt government of have ocea-lon to oonde nu i-iaire Jlc f. ' ht? conduct. I sailed on ".fa si'vernign gnven>- ttie wbiuet a*. vVasbiog_... _ .. ,i ~l.. u> . ,f u . -. 'i obiitatlnii*. Mh n ?l na- III tbi- Dtnwnt lint Krrii h tonal .iu-tian i? an l'lu govarri'iiaut. to nilM a i an ii tor nothing Uinta trial* reproof to that otftyrr.o'd 1 a nrcrreury to rr- rar of tti? V nrru-au navy, I pel m* Bx-at ineon tah'.a In oril r that in? ?rr ?r claim.*. but h r the rwrern- which U? ba? muiitfcd la n >iit of ahh-h thajr i> a iuliuTotaiugth. iligntd?n aii<!??1 to rui?? aouin ty >( your uattooal marlun disputable pretension n.l< t h?>t be rapaatad : against Hie goTariin.iut 'I r I rna )OWM> the i laiiraiits; lha m aa-f, Vf. Serrrtary nf uulouudr'i tba b< ! *.er 14 it .lata. I am Wn'ortu1! ?tel/ ?i nlil be an min b mora lilui'til t<> balb ?a thit iu,|o,sihli Icr tbi Uttar U> your - .vrrii'ri.Bt iib?etibadDilt It. sd to lha Strang* <1 ctrinei It ia not. surrly. by a prfe.nd by ' a-niuiO'l r pia'tualou < I tbia aort that wrj eu.ler. of the ?ie ? n?r the lcynl'y rl bla MaJt >y a Irla: and I hare only to pot11 mi snt will sesk to protect In tha inne of my i oil-11 tin juat riolaui*- < >?. roma't, agatiwt the -a tn i.a of our rIMtai.a h r i ha tioetrinua." Hn,-iant and undeniable an ol wbicli they burn b ii i In- yli-tima. '.vhiti the goyernnient if tin I l.llld Htatin 'leuntil' restitution ir Ind.D't.ity wnl your KxrelIrnry no net However truu It It tha' y ur prn1'Hij baa born la?l???ly i.a wroi.tft utljr rtnit'i fiimjiu. wr will not r??t> to t or make you any luiiiuiuiflcatloii for it. un. liea you w II brat a J mi' rr interpretation ?f tha ipt tb art nil't>l the loulalk> a Ina'y. t(<ni|li you li ay bi lit ?n tbat Hferpratam ti in I * aiiogaibvr uu fi aadi I.i-i- \ irir in* ilit* brwrttn ' drcpatth t f Mr. Hiffi to Mr \ ..ti l?urrn, (then Mecrrtury of State,) upon a h.t k aiilo lira tin* weight t.f tha tcMip.nny ! 1 > >1 Mr. I't Main ?mploy mom ?tlcnwivr luagtmRe iota ?i?i the Atrt ricun jorcrntnriit, th in the t rm' tniploytti ly Mr. live* to th-I'rrnih 1 ililin; thr diplt rnntir dignity ct Mr. Clayton, hu 1 not thr I'u r.ili govtrninriit en iter provocations hid insults ol:. rod tin 141 than thr .'ni. uiy of JSthto I 'liif li ft ir, thr rxireme rrnwibility of th" Meoi'fnry o( M.itr w. t nni|ly ridiculous, and hu telegraphic punic <1 n v ir vriih I'ranrr wat simfily n nrwv.-fi; rr rj.ti elation and n Irt.nhujf. Thr ht'rr tf l'? Toe /wiltc to our l.r|!.g?rrnt P11 mtaty v us i ulculutrtl to cool hiiii down ; h it what d?f?ncr could Mr (Tuyten mikr, if the 1 ti t.t h "ov' ti n,t hi air- to dismiss Mr. Kith t on thr aaiiir grounds lor mhiih 1'i'ii.uia wm ti* frllt d 1 or w'nit rmld h* snvu rrto the i.'rin tml tli '1 l'i ihbn I r fntoitil, for the rani" Ifsmas ihst Mr li ivt r tt i ? ' icu- d ! Out of the fry ing pup, ntotl.efirr! What n pity ihr i nlii. intisa of cur ht?tctsrj was not ri, -n- ' d in l.ivor ol II :ngary i t.d Ilonir, or ?-vrn t uh ,' 8null krrr, nnd tr ail jo'storo! What ah ill wc hivr nr*t! Thirty thcusund d< ii-im for s pahic! dIi.git? 1 IwrtrrstiT Aiutvain "t Tovrt ? Among thr in nioK up ami imp irtriit itrr vnla in town yesterday, w? i.o'irc, in o ir list at the "Irvinif lloijee,*' -h.. ,. ... . f fl? II..,, Mu ,1. _u1 ?rcW?rjf il Mar. The f'errittfy come* here I r ly < ii iitiehti- biionrer, nr<l |urlljr on publii'? hnt wr bcje ihr i>?litir:an* *ii! not i-rowil upon hint tco no ch. l-? I hint hive a little fi?h nir bi d rxrii i?e, for h" h.?a h- d a hard r uniui^n for f r ti e l?at fix months. vt;/ ;> ? <>f arrivile- the t'wnl;)' never been rn rrsw ?j a'oh l.i?hio.iablfl btxl nutd |? r?' i,e, ?>f both < x> .en !u< n fi r t lh)' last SIX w??he. All our I -i ii.ij hotels have Iter n ii' o? telly i M'V tied ; bat ihe "living liaise,'* h' pt in snrli eph-ndid styls >y Mr II ward, h i* exhibited an wile of the |ie?i ?. npany, fri til all tetii< n*, and aleo Irom fiiri iin | iru. ui' li uai h ive never rem belore m the f,i?h onahl movements of .New ^ ork for the I t 'pMrtrr of * reaf**' ? l.aitn rnoM llav rt.?Tim hr>i I a ry, ( i|>tain l!;i|?r, eifvrd at 1'hilndi Iphi I > ?t? rtl.i V aft r > 11, *iiii ?:?t* w irnn uiui i i.i:'' , i<? n. ?"n ultimo, Vi t nr* indebted ?o C'tpt. II r,.-r f ,r sepr# of tl'i I' vtt't it* #' rrmtrrt to tlir I of S'lttrmbfr, w I ,?!i cobU'B c llioinl rr porta if thr pmcr wiling* ntfri ('ant t?| <n ?nb ?-f|iJ' B' to the !f rat ?>ii c f . uli injur to ir?.p?iiai oign.i); but no new* of n.t'h imi oit?n? r. *i' 11 J iin|i? r'>r huJ ' MnMihlifd t* " rnjrr* for hia I wrly rtmtid i.? blity, ?i/: M. K u*?in nod Mf I ryif n of Honor. ??j?*? r*- luul l?wn a nttol'.uia f. r i? throne and < row nr. for the I nparnr unJ KinI rrM. Ci plain Harper reports tl.nt *lu? lie I ft, ijt!? i!< ii i ii* 11 tin I 'm ''rtif id nn undo oiriii (I into I:umbo** continue.) e*tr? in"lr rtiil', wBirh w ? o? onn?>B''il I>v .lio ? nti;i?M|i<e of flo- mono* i-nlp Imwt. 'I l>r f ft* of M ir or>?', >r Mire, t'urt I*>?iw. *tvl riio or t * " rith- r , w ere, i>t ill mat in ?* ?t it . rn. ( rniu'or, to he rlo*>'il, in tli.rrjr ?U>?, to' lui|wt'i or ? xporta in fi.f icn * l>?. Tkitr Ira* little ir no roll < to h-> hvl I ? wrr.ll *|> (til, llnyl.Mi corren'v, , r |.(X)t) Km. I < uinoon? were mi I ?i from ( !' to #211 "Me teen *f I r ?r> ( ? ** ) a'e.'mn# 7 UJ\ !o'i?V'lit* )oi ^ M|ro ,l .n :r' m I n. t it. ita I'ih ? n# fenkllllA TELLCJ2APUH MTELMtilCME. Ramuitry, Further details of the result ol the election in Pennsylvania are given below. It will lie s'-en that the defeat of the whigs in that State id overwhelming their opponents having elected their candidate for Canal Con ini^sioner by u large majority, and obtained probably a large majority also in the Legislaturej while the whig candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia is defeated, for the fir>t time in more thun twenty y? ai?and a demoi-atie Sherill of the city and county of Philadelphia has been elected, lor the liret lime since leiiO. The other county otiicers, it appears, are about half whigs and hull' dt inocrsts. W<* received a despatch from Baltimore jre?ter (1 iy afternoon, etuting that t Jen Taylor li id urriv d in tlnit city, m route fur New York. Tliu morning we have another eoiiimunicitiun, whh'h will be found below, in winch our correspondent states that lie had upirmpal interview with the IV -idenf, and learned from Iiih own lips that he did not intend to prost cute his journey north this I' d!, bejot'd Baltimore. This vexed question in iy, therefore, be regarded as settled, finally. The I. test telegraphic report in regard to the dreadful riots in i'hiladelphia will he found on the first page, following the particulars received by mail. A despatch front Montreal states that the movewent in Uvrr of the annexation of < ana ti'o the I 'nite t State* is rapidly strengthening, especially in Montreal. This is cau'ed, in a (treat measure, pr ibabty, hy the removal of tha seat of government to Toronto ; and, we presume the entno fact, added to a very iiltta I loyalty, has secured for Lord Llgin a kind reception at the latter city. Markets and ship news as nsnal. ' Movements of Prealtlesit Taylor Ills Arrival In llnltliiiore, Act CAi.ti.uoai. October 10 r. IT. Oeneral Taylor arrived here this morning and will tarry a day or two He *s< at hamulus thin evening) , receiving bis friends and kissing the ladies. ANoTIIVR DKNPArfH. Caltimoee, Oetober 10 T. M, ( enersl Taylor Informs me that it will ho impossible for him to go farther North at pr?."eut, owing to the great press of public business, and the absence of goore'ary John M ( lay ton lie is new at the cattle sh iw,

and inUnd.1 remaining here until f'rUaj, wheu he will nturu to Washington. Wtie I'cnii-ylvanli* Klertlnn. Piiiladki rHii, Oetiber 10?12,X P. M. Joel Jones, the iuilepend* at canditiat# fur Mayor of i tli# city proper ha* ? majority ol 114 orer liilpin. (lamble. the diTnoaratln candidate f.-,r i anal Commiotiontr will bare a majority iu the State of fro:n I 2,UOO to C.M/0. A*i< i|H KR DfM'A'N H. pHii.AiiBi.riiM, Gctobar 10?IX P. M. The return* indicate that th* dumoeratio oaodldato for Sheriff lailtctid hy something lea# than lu l u.a jority, and tba other County oQluur* ar? probably di?idiil urt? reu the two pai live. tiamtle. driaociat I* elected < anal l.ummiei. loner by a large majority? probably 13.000. Til* l.KO 1:*>I.A'I I'KK* The re'i lt of the election fur member* ef the Hon*# ef Kr| re??utatlre? ? far a* ascertained, 1* at follow*, c. mi arid with 114#:? 15<9. . ,?18M. , II I f. I'trt. It'hig. /)-?*. j AlVrheny 4 ? 4 ? 1 l.rrk* ? 4 ? 4 Dotli. . 1 3 ? 3 I hiMtr 3 ? 3 ? . I 'JtnbetlaUd ? 3 1 1 Uenpbln 3 ? 2 !V*a?ar# 1 ? 1 i I i high and ' at ben ? 3 ? 3 i I m carter ? ? Votitnonn ry ? 3 ? 2 1 I )*iI > 1| lie city 6 ? 4 ? " county ? 8 8 ? Schuylkill 1 1 3 Total 33 33 SI 13 1 b* Uctlon fttfi'il off *ery quietly. AM'TIIKK lifcM-AiCU. lUnaieaCaoM, Oatober 10-P. V. We hate received (by telegraph) report# of the ?ot# 1 f. r fatal ? omuikolocer, In dilfe.'eut l -iinti#*, a* follow* i 1 aica-ter l uiiuty J 'of) i l>au|iblu ( onnly 750 , Allegheny I utility 1,> '> ) I rlaeaie County 360 , i hi?i.r< ouaty*. | Ihilad. ijhiaoty 3 754 itajoaim* roe win *. *iwn.i:, nrworatr. A\ entmcri'laiiii trunty 2 300 } i.nig r.ftj l outity 1,5") < III!. I .ill d utility 3(H) ; \ ink I runty 800 1> iii*8* 4 o lialklln' 4,mi Lililjh . 37# Abrtkrr d.'patch ylr** tull?r S"0 m-jurity in ( latter and ?p* ah* uoebifully of tb# r#port#d ui_> lity ct *00 l.r Oaiabl# in Krnnkl u. ANOTHER DESPATCH. ]In.r*r*i i. i)#tob*r 10?13. M. W# ha\e return.* (torn thirteen tunrn^lilp* In Warn* > only, In which ?ianib'" T.a* 304 niaj?rity. Ill* wiiH# n.?,nty mil nach bjo The eutlre d?iu '?ratlj ticket ' It elr#t#d. l.lei t to it of ItMlilmorr t'owinon Oinnrlh Jlti.i inna e. Oet'ili-r 10 ?I' Al. Tl * Ucllrn O r member* rf lb" first branch of th? tit. ' ol Ea.ticior# ?a* hold today. In lb* damttrata 1*. AITnlit In Cnnrilm MovLMiirr* in rAVoR <>r a nk*t n > ? ? rim m ion ?iml ikM i:u?Tin: i momma, *f*\ Tn.'ii^Oiii.WlO Hl?. 1 Tbo tJortrniM.OAi-ral, L'>rl Hfln. b*< arrirad In tlil? rItj and b?on ??ll rfftirod. Moatki *i . t'etnb?r 10 ?If. A Jftlaiotlon In fat< r of anO' aatluu In t'io 1'iiito.l bo* bron <l,*?n up and in tho ?h >rt of li hour* It ttrtliul t'io t'.natoro* of throo huud.,1 if rir trtt norebAnt* lat.db uJ jir f. ?u .i?l man?li rinding i*on?intirfi M lb* provincial larrala ml. and two of tin "duorn'f uiiuaoI. A m-ctirg bold h?ro on tb> lib. in nppn.ition > olgnntiai tfnurra. |)?t?ja>- fr tn 4.0 pitlibM U?. ti it t tnppott landiJn "?b > a.-o uot (') la faror of it* ?b llllon t - iittocy (or Ollfor CroAiwrll) ha? dt<-4 in lhl< ally, of eholoiA. I So wo Inn by toill ] II,*ro ??t? tbifo fa!* a of 'bolirn in !'.??? oil; on St inlay la?t Mootarat let' bar 10 f II. The annotation ad lrtia on* pnbll'hrd, f< r tho Orel I | ? |A day .lathfU, ?*r. Ito.riMoiii,Uotobor 10 0 F. M "Tbo irmrlct for br?od?tufl? and prm-hm pr?*nta no of* ftaluro flroa )n>t?nUy prlro imoaiuiog uooill. illy (ba *ith a mod* rata bu-ino-*. B- rrn o, Kitiib't 10-A P \l J Tbo receipt* of pr dorr Hli| o?r? * iv 0 bM. fir or, 44 OtO bu-helo wheat, 4.1 uoo t>u?h. If e >rn i Tbo a.ailet f< r fl< nr rather d pr.?el d?al*M pr?furring to wall tho receipt of lator noot fr.n Ktirupo. l.i ut i'MI bbl*. ?i iCD'aan n mm i na-ni' ai at -n ti lh\ ? l int l? irmli'4 muni (Irnl;, tn l tlu aapJlita I Waitarn ni'trd air |Uit? l*rn? wuipti hat a tit,<!?? ; to da|>rraa |.ripaa ( h? aftiaa ambrapa t ..iini I*. Including Llltl* Kr r?." at TlV , and Mlrh g in *1 ;iiuir iMifilii < nrii In not imtllii* bat alth nt, i rlaoga to it tir,n tln?r to A loan; la (juott-d at -2j a it t . ai d fnim be. Ai OitnbM 10- 6PM I Tba taptlpfa if |T ilwi by final tlnra ]? ' 1-y I tin 13( 0 I Mi tl 'tir, 4 (tO liupliala ahrai. 14 b M , b.-btlt p. an; So ( < ft bu-t.t I* b?-l?y Tha flttir man- I k t it ilnil), but m l attita| uli'l rnui|>rt?a I KM lain li, itiplmlit'g aiialfh: brnml< at f II li a f 1* j aid p"?a I'ltnoK at to So a i -II'! Thar* It a ' tair milling dtmatid for priam wlmai, arh aal< of HMO bmtila ilitnrt at ft Si tor a rn I ht ra I a gird li i|iilr\ a* d ?p r.ivlpa aal.t of two hi-ln-l# at fir Irr Hi -lira n Ivd. atlilt-li a tll^hl d?p|i ia. I ariry at iiMnuaa a bp Mlaa r*a blng V i nu I?It at t' ! a All- f. r t?? r-iaratl and ! l,e t 'J1,?, ft t four roaa J fa S 0< n buito lt at It M.'jd, Hlil(i|>tiiK ?rrt*llt|jriir?. ti .. tra 11 tat, Ot>l t. A i 'A fi At 't. Pfra|"t It< r' t kttrtt, t?cl to. A rtl -1 -Hrlj k ar - rntft. fbiladt'i km, ? > ' i-i'K tillt-a and Ma.all I. Viflttn > trkt * <i ,?a. li. i I a, !' it a It tit Ar.lrr* 41 pp. 11.1 ?? I r-?r?, rraa aaJ T f l > rllaa, I'lnTta : it*, t rt I t'lit. i -.|< H??. i n: At * at t a I ' mo-. a. .I r?t a I ' Arista I'i ! *, ( i a'at . ?4-.| A- . l-f II ift-nr fi- PI I nt In aitli l?at > f atalaatatt, la a harrma. t, . . I't-trat:rptia mtfti .atnir \ ar < ? aoa Lira A* t o, i a. - W ,ji dt> rt It Sn .. lr t Fa!l. r K I P.,1lai I. (I. n Makiti tt I'athla.t ? I' di . -a. Prttt ml ik?, tit lit Hat: 1 bt>>?a. ?f Pr-iiltatt: a 1 at. tl t n.-lir?, W l . I I It t. tl 'Mid* a nil i.n? < : I ' td r. -pot, X ' Hi f- ' til I li Naai aad It';, knt I'.f >, Htttn ji . P. A >aa, li II'at. I! A ? ! ' 'I lk t; I Wit If Inka ll.ikui. a. In.tkM lit; n* i.'iiafcli.t 'I atr/ia.^ ?' a nlln, doai- 1 it a, r Piatt n li . . II, J Wnip'.! A a . It -1 cull fiattb i VI A Hit, Pr;l, J .at a <$. lltiaiti'o, V troir l! it - I I r Ha pp. n Thorns i. ard F Oroee, of NVork; W R Lewis end lady, uf Philadelphia: lire A Murnt a d " eani. of Florida. Fniiili Uiitn, ol NOra:ens; Perinult unJ child,Col Whl s, 2 children cod ourre. J A eon end lady, C F ^icoton end laay. end Mrs Will..u?libv, child end an-s". of Montreal; U A i'aliinell cud leiv. Pise Humy, nod U Pbiu'jertuu. of Qurhrc: i Siteoo, W llowvau. and C llirdiuz. of Cw?<?; Aneon llsroy and Irdv. ot I.iw ii . I: J Frith,"' Strichlend, J w It ills. and a. W ' r?r:i. . 1 rolnudij l.i.i isc.y. of Ireleod; C G iinetiur, of Germany; BF uiusa, uf Rio de Janeiro? i-d. For Halifax?Means John T Sni. li. of Il elon; Hartcr, J Mrf' eh; I , |.L lierwell an I lady. Sii-c I rn i ll and suiter iiod .1 ! Donne, of Hainan; Cant licjrlc, CJ; I not Goldsmith, RK?10. Total 31. R ai.vm flet 9. Jailed?Fehrs l-nsan Wnrdell, Snn rrauoieeo; Crescent, (.eorvitu ah, LC. Nerw Hsrnr >ni>, Oct 9. f Zoroaster, "an Fr.ui eo. , ? VFahkham, Oot 5. Railed .firs Aim: de. Ivli.lad(l|dira; s.h, Lu, e Warren, Hull in oi e; liar,!, do; lluuUcr, Nc?. Vilf. iLn H n' < lot * <) t 'I Arrin d-Rciire R?rnl. rrancee. V. rf. k lor For 1 id Miry | Ann. and Ales.ado a.I11 ' i * r II or \ . n n. New I 1 "i h for/, oyoetsi Jdnurd. I'lnln I.'riliin for N, - lr i. . r t ' Cherokee Kiihmmiil for lii-Mon: Veakee lllvle VlMMW. ftirf Diadem. I'M | ' i-? fi.r il <: Ont irh>. S./rfdk f r I In |'?H, tin above, I urka Ee'tier F/an . td'iia. Turk, a- it Iri.n I'l.ii.i,! 1, ii a r ?r Itiitii?d; tlr.'i'., i.'l Ini. - 1 n .1 ' Oilnu-r' >avai u ill fordo: fill-. .\1cxeii Iria T <r do. Vl'-n >i < i.ih fry n :r)i e nt. i A i "fii. I 'till i '"l lit . for iln: Or n Fa!nmo:e r I ut'IuihI: 'unh F.ilen. I'lill.tdelf Ilia f <r 1. : aetir Ii. -alike, Yam i\t, li th ult, tor ' >. PoOVlliKaor, Oct 6. Arriinl- ?i I ri kuinrrl TTenry. Chor- i ' m; S-a mini, \i.- t.ilfc; H'orc--te- I"!i 11 Iplifn: elo i. i .ij.;- 1, anil I.ft-ly A1 'Mriti.p, n- ii Vi : i 8 M out, AD a i T 11 llawkiuJ, Ore gon, end CI r.r'ee. h c* T"r.? Pull**?Pi lire T Keener, ami II It It ua?va. I' ilj.lMnM*: II A Wait, A I any; l.ui D'akt, Ne t V. r -: *tiu,|, 1 ilrowu. d-i. fal i, ?n . ii. On' P. A rnved?"o\r? J I'ai.fleM, and Delaware. i'liiodidii'-ij. ISbim i! II- 7. A rrlvnl--T ri* Vary linnl or, St Marv'-i, Ua; tuli, ?cl.r France. llal'i- t. tin mm*, li'ili i ' t. Cleared--111 i;t St Croix, Havana. l'cint>> I vanlu llln tlon. Tnv Voir, iv I'hii aiiKLrin.t.?Wr copy frn*n the I liiUili l|.li!K )iap?r? tin' foll'i-vlng statement of the r^te for dHli-rent -iiinl!latex In that city : A'i>r A/aynr - Jo?l Join* Iniiep-o I' nt. (I.H3; ChAtlra la> I pi u. whig. til l 4; eoatterirg, It). Jotiea' majority over i i11 *n 00 over all. 19, h\n- fi/irnj/'-Kfthpriurl whig. It'll: Deal. democrat, 4 Dtntrrann. independent. F2-">: Far , nv" .-e, COS. licitliarniel'H niajoi'iy over Iiinl In Ilia city :I .'"ii fin- Canal Canmi nnnirr. ? Fuller, whig, 7 l.Srt; (lamMi. ilisnneraf, -I WW; < leaver, native Old. Fuller's majority orrr (lamMe. in the ?>ty 2.7*4. .Viii/i/ai. ? Henry 'I nula native. 7 7*7 ; William 11. Faguu. denioorat 4.140 ; Jamie A Anwie. whir. '.JI Link nf Oi>i/'i/n?' Court.? Jacob Broom, native. 7.V>7; . Gei rge i arpi ntir. democrat. 4 800. ll'Hittir of JCUn -Jaine Vlayarl, whig 7 071);Tlioa (' hunting, democrat,4.050 J LJiuuuJ ' . llcnral, native. 716. Cuunly Comtiiiitiorifr.? lolin I) .Mi'tnan, whij. 7 807; William V an Oaten, democrat. 4 778. fiirml/y un>l Cninmim tVnaiil.-Tbe widgf Uy If* , seretdy tii ket U eleoted hy about 2 718) niijoilty. Th# ' whig ticket for Common I'uuuaiiiueu ta eleoted by j about dbO majority. 4 l?y Fullilri. PKMtftltA rtc N'lM INAT.'ONk. I ant evening, thedeuinci atio Conn' y < 'nnvention met . at TuRiuinny Hall, pureuant in adjournment, to nominate candidate)- fur SherdF Cornier and other oKln-ra of the county The mr t Important wav th? nomination fur Sliirilf. and the Inl crlet ezolted from the tiret da y of j the piuiary mretiuM. wan by no mean* ilituinl'be.l Note ith.taudii.g the wetnene of th" uight, the oi l wigwam'' wa.? tilled with tlae friends tl the candilatea, and tin eaoitcueut and impatient anxiety for the resoil were great I trie wcte fttxteen can lida'ee an.l -erenteen hilUotIrp'. which occupied the night up to a i.uarter to two I o'clock. 'I he mere only Ore. however, of the camil- j u41 a, wnn nail any . !! > nee. the o'Io-.h bad only eeitt?r*d rote*. or no t-M at all. 'Abe following ir?s ihe lc?t cr m ?ent. ruth ballot: ? Wlliett 53 Or tr 31 1.' atfirl d 14 < ornrl) 1.1 l)(ni||ltii . 10 The convention ! iu arijourt e.l at a ) iirter to two O'clni k I'll Kriih.y < rcuh i'herei- th'refi/re tv> rr-iiit pt In leave Mr Willi'.t a' Mia head of the pr'l th# i "idtlon be occupied at i v< ry ballot. 8>m*tobi?i (' ovimim -Tha democratic Senatorial r i.u vent ion of the Si?i h District, an t i??t *renln< at Phi ?, in i rand atrrrt an J nnm -ntcl Thomas N.t'arr. a* lix democratic raimJate for Senate lor tbat dil ll ict. Aoi im t.? "r K. bl"r raa nominated la*t evening in lb* ) igblli wiirJ. a* d"iuia:ratio candidate far tan Ataeaibly. TIT* M ITIO KIMIH.tTTIXa. It l? worthy of remark that ttia wh'/*. who U4?.l to uomleiun til* damoorate for liuh"tog auioug them- | nltfg hu re ibitdted lu the first day of their nomination*. morn pnrnaeity and roadrDm than the fMMdttl f'T the last fortci.hf. i lie vu!*ar den.orrat* barn uaed ao b orle knive*?th* reiined ? h^a liave l,.en cutt'nd each other's throat* with thene in-t: umi The leaii rrata, too. were divided np..n a principle: the whit;* have iio'liirg to tluNr about . < an pt perruoal matter-au.i tire apotl*. Kor in- 1 atari e in one w I. the grout J of ddf-r.-nre. and the i can** of all the blood tha* was :-heil wee that on name ??' in a diffi-ri nt plere in our tiitket fro.n (hat whirl* It brl'l in aratiier W'e Lave heard that none of Ihn e lolidate frr unmlnaMon h'ive l.evn playing a jrau.e | of their c? n into th" hood* < f aome of tba ilmmitltr, and Tire yer-a There are wheel* within whorl*. Mr John Redman baa called at our office t > re qneat ua to siy that lie ?i? not at the %'arl n llonre on Tuesday, donor the w big f>r i nry ele-tion f.>r the .'.th ward I'tihape it wee hi* fhou. f^r hi* ftlend* who wtic pr" . at i -aWel bini f..r hi* at tt?ltjr on th* .>* ?alon. id bl* i r. miei on read Mm for th > energy h* li plajtd in i p| o.?ing thnn F.fery one, In f*i:t. agreed j that Vr. lfoduiaii hod a Huger la the pi* " Til k rilit?ITHM DIHTKItr. William Brown, a broker lu Wail street, wis jeatrruay noatloatiil nt Jama'ei a* a randi Iat? f->r toe f<? nate tor th* 4 irrt Senatorial I Hot rl. aooaliUef of tduei n*. t, and Richmond couutii a City luti lll^rm r. Mtt.iTARV r*it*t>r?. le?t?rd?y th? Harry Howard ttuard ap'e'n lire* Ratn>ey bee irk ky t)odwor:h'e cetebroli iH ornet'land, t atad> d t< r tary-t prarti.-e The tir*ti.rli*.u liinr.up ?a??n by arlra'e t'harler rhwn?? k-vjdI ptlre ?||var atar. worn hy pitaota t b*'l*? Murray. 1 he l.tye Oak V>.inuteeie. Captain V. <'I trke panted c ur ofllcv )e-trrJ?y f< r la-??' pra-liee. with 4i> ma** bate? a tine b. dp ol n.?o Vh-y were a-coiep ?ui. J by th> Sbelti-n lira'* Hai.d. 'be Liberty tinard. < a -'aln Itonncitan we aK> oh. nctv d marcbibr ti lioh k?n wi h the ??.i* . hjr-it In ?n-w. I her* wrre four prta??. wonreepye' t.m. * btaittn. i*Mra Keb.a vi m ornMi, ai d Mark I'idiuck 1 he Id company f the t Ift ten Volunteer* returned tf>in <jbt *it< l'll"ll|| iri'tri pro' ? ii tl ''i dillI?to lii tl a m?rK. Th?y niitthi r?d 1*1 inii"k*t'i and wrte lOKIDtliilril lii I mil lo'hpll fllinw. liter* ar.-r* l)<r?* piir.ra ? Mei.iJal ?..r tba flra' wi n l.jr \nih-nty lU Liii-' ii. one l.y I ajitatn Jn-ifph Aun*. anj on |>jr Hoary Wlilt* 1 In- I tilt-J ' aiitaln Inh.r V lt?ln*<"k? p*"?rrrilid In il< l-i-?i n. up*n a ta *f t *x irti'-u, a-ao.itpatl?4 by the JafTi r? m bra* bond Tb* Waahinct n tiutxril*. < apt J II Ult??, ntimb*r. j log to n.u-l.cta. anil attached to li? >? t'orapaiiy 1J, i I tut aid out arry leaprctabiy I f target pra- <( * la t. int l??*t. a limp in ltd n> U? body of eaaalry. | Ik* I bird lfii'*?r* rrttii ne t at run cl front target pra > tic*, a uli I hi- target wall rttMlt-il An l'???i.?? I otnurti U'uvii |)>i?irn Th* 1 ? | r' hi r ' ti ti'jy li*iii *? I at. th* foot of i a*ha- j ; rlt i flip t-tt tht b-iily of an unkanwn e lored w .man. I fooiMt floating In tl>* do-i, Kb* app arad t > ha at> >iit ! - it j oat- <1 if. atnl ba-l b*< u 0?M* two woeka la th* , wot*r Mn*t of hi-r clothing ha-l br*n ?an tl off only In r br-iim t ii niilnliv ohli-h hung around ber ueck ; It aaa wad# of pink cheek* I ri.uOio t Niuiaa n% fSntraitao Th* ohlp f'ernella. ' apt. Vic: rh wilted at Ibio p >rt y*>t*r<lay atti-rni-oa, fru'tt I 1.1??rp nil, with i-.'.t po <* ti,?i r?. > of trh'iai tu th* Htciag* dot] if ili lira. I h* a*o->nd i-fltoor, Mr ' ( Van otbi - uboyr n. al?o died during tba pattad* ^ Matin* Altaic#. Th* atewurhlpa tibio and t'nplro ity wilt both 1*??? tbla p->rt on tli* In t . with pnetangrM f >r ] ll?, t?? 1 hey will b- th b* pr?tty wi-il f ?l ptohi i b y rarry orac tl,re* hitndre I pa?r*t-t?i? for tli* pl.t- I ?r? ?-f i allfornia W* leara tint a * >atpany of forty ' j latlitldual* ftotii Now Dmtford bato t nga.ed bar tin c n ' In arj it# l.niplr* t Ity. I j W* yeetetdry railed th*'iri at tVi- tarn a pr<-p*U*f tteaimhlp W# wrot* popular That; W. I? l? wall ^ i khown toneaiiany further oorr?etlnn. Tb* anni?*T*ary t f th* tttrrtnder of Oenaral f"omwalli* at totktown will h* celebrated In Wn?hlnjt n in th* i b lotan. If a uni tary parada aad W>tt | ci l r in till 0 1 ? s I M ainlrrmtru) k are tint** whu Itna-a for ( yaire fall t.t tur > Nr. ttun r'.-y din-.err that they cm I (nucha * ** art" I* - r i- na. pi-rU-iw le?ty t- rataa I i i - I - ti e t - r r - t- r *< Me-i. i if r irn ia ? < i. r I i t?r t a lino Hart n?< I?m i- , < . w, t?f n r f ?* ?,*#? K.NMV't U f lui rf? . ft> ru thlf limi j Ivfti. ___ , 1 \%arnnr)?*? I'vnr IVollnr (lull ?rr \o? i J?n? II >??! ?4, nrr .in'-, i?re?, halt-*'. ,1 I Iftlmr lin t, ? ??? in ?n t ? J. !? ?C itr.r'?a?n. f>m rtcmtr ill# 1 r MM total# ? ?) If I " ami ialr't. 4i<* t' r'Hih thapi. ft'*-" a";*iv?*?*4 A- a r a"- till iWlK, ftlVlf* t |M lata mr *v? at lltfita vphI* uniAvtd a' h? MaaiffM Ita* . ti??a*vn> r * in' it* .1 tn a|???ra>ra riM fif * A 1 l? W IT.' iMf el ihfc Mill* ft." f ?n It oM ftt a9\ Hi ?k?i * tj. j - -- ? - _ 1 Nolli* to tliajrin ?if v\lill uiH'Tiir^h j l*iif. Uvh Ctili ?ili atll, tf.ii <U|, it < it M? r? ?ai.ft? f.?- I i n.l, a lar|? tint'i ?r ' \ hIubm* li * ? -14 l? tl? in ?.* n.wt* r,t ?aM* |? r tU nt i? t\* 1 ?l!a . M.|>i oMitllii i kt I thf ttt'ta ??f ikt at Nt*. H ? ml air***. Tin i?? ( "> HulH ?Wr hail llie rnrlmlty, III ? i.r O). In u t* t 'nil 1 re. In4? *4, t n *t r iMiii' OM'M iltrul ll)M fiUtifi H | !.? ? n njiii 14 In' faaaraMt; but ??mi t?? 11 <1** c.iiin !> ?! ? ' .1- ur ?? ? *? , ' t I . ' . 1 k 9 1 IH 1 II: | 1 : I ' : 11 v , Itllll Mf) IhtVltrfllli |l N $J9 il?i??<i, art lit, fmlf t| thrtt ft fit> mf i*l ! < ?? '?! ! I' r II ' i?*r? D i ( *' ui 4 # r H ? a* a, \ ' t f M; ? lull ?- ?l\ r.. ? . rn ,, f > ?, r lint I fin *r?' ?? ** . in tl.f * licit it. <t f 5 .fttftt*. Tn y ?>.I4 n t*ry l?**>i ?. ? If *k 1 at i> 1 1 r| iti?, a?nl ? * I ?. 1 -j' I ? -1, a - r in n it,* 1 inn * 4. i, r $ I V I II 9RR tR I.RlN I I ? I<; itf nt** *<f tit. litifti in i? ln?? atira- i?* 91.1tit ?f $ ii4?> toil tftci* ft if IM M.?ftma.i trrftt. Tin IMmnhf \Mlonit IMgn^rrfiit U.illPrjr. f ** tftttffff * mi ?f |?f Ml1 1 ? I A -,f X r. Ill .r V liftft^'i ^??lfi niff} m in ? > -b 1.1 1. 1 ftii 1 I ? ? ft ! ?#? ' I J t'"T | ft T t . !?- 1* |< if 11 MMfft H?a taifi f ft.*# rid. ii an 1 m -?(*- ? j 1 irtiftliR 4iiifit?. f A ft'l'I Wf }OM arc llirh. <Uri II r.illnw Itirl J? |nu t ti % tl.r 1,.) >ll| f Vn'l fi? I . 11 14* t? 1. >.f V?) 1 il??? > n li.' !!>:. lu , tn . i? "r., i,ipII f. K ' . ? km lk?i t*u |?t t ? r t *fli-t.-* f.ifi ? | f Jj I'kl vt 11. fatkiva*!!* t?-i ? ?t ',t* *? ?%? ?? " -II Wll II I | , , ,, ~ ? | ltlua, .Tiollan PUntiforu* *Ther? arc Exhibit- f in#. and for 8*1*. a' thr "air a* t'ortlr C??T?len roro* I'iibm, uhh the ii.oliuo attachment, from the ielebr i?#d iu an uf actor / of T. Gilbrt k B-- u?n f? r fiehue.a of touo thev ara unrivalled, ea?ntM**of the most tntwniAooab v? lubiuutiuiio. ouch iko tlulo ai>d' rn, clartuue^ and b*ooi><>ii, fc . ki\, with or without t ? i dano. Mr. VV a'^ro, whwactft k? t^ni at iLt fair, will l? huj j y to pivo every a tpUaatioa xt)t|ul?iia. Hvc I nri.e Khow RiHiina, Mtorkt fl wltb rteh 1 Tbrot-ply, D uhle *np*r lutrcin t' trnitiag,I i'?' an' r. Oil Clot li s k?. ati<>n prt-aa. at !Wll\M AN* g ' ' S ' - ' I.e.. ' M at I Q tl e I'Ditid $f|h Vo. fit B*uery. Families van ?*! >ct Cari * ' 4 'iii ' if . . ard; C 1 Cloth* t > *>.; Ru.; , M irdow Shades. &.J., at lew price#. I ail i&'-l tte. The Jlf-tnlllc ThIiKI rtti?|v?The (Ir)^laaf . II v r.r. I 1 V P i . V .r.i1 !y i. >yn t > the fort .. , I ,r t Kr ! > I. r ' ?7 . , i I IV. A 1 fti litdOMV 11 to hi Ifitlo uaalrr*. A It .1. tl All V t>KK4, H7 Btaa 1adway. jH !'?> titblr ?' i i. : Tim Ku'iotrlbtr* B auultlrall il " u" < , i? <f r uhlie, as I dcs'erb to then "H 1.1 ttt of tl.. a ' I'ot ?'?i 'In aioa'-m foniluie f r i ir i>.i-. > . i ?! p.iM.d to cl r thoia at a IB ii i I, i- rf i i H i- t. . .? iii.p ri 1. t? *M*h I'tv.iniu I 1,111 It ! ' - ' ' ? 1 ' A. ft J. S>"'M)*H4, 147 LlrohJ u>, c r n i l1 ertj at., aa?l iidT Urania if. I ('omlii.? ljaiili > > ' . i ?|in M'ti'.lj' Invltfit II tl t .? , "i t ij aub- I | Wll'tti'llmi lb? ir l> all it nht. tho ?n*atoifc I I i 'a.via a 11- H litu > ii i li i. i I A ' . . i; I : It li.'i . .-efv itruvia I gj J'Olta". ?'F '*i 11- - toil"'. A * J 3 A 1 'I DkUSi H !) " ISroirtuAj. tr t '\ 'llri*r and tV.h to rtrtou. i H 5.000 IV1i >i if Tii))jt'v>R:>f>ys on I ftt lb* Wig Fast. 1) Ik 1IJ..1. .7 '<?. l.n l...a*. w L. ?"0tr,?ri at;4 - HtaM fr>b Ikl 1<MMI NM in ihe *ii * Tiajailil .1. . ii Mi. .?l utaMo* I] all tl r lint r mi" > > 1 r Ud - < i I il Hair, 1 B in artak al>"',4aa;o. Copy t'.? aid ? . .7 iim.ia ll.iO. B and Ton (it won!4 call tbr I lltMtlM if iUImm ad i in. nfanlii Wtgatg T?a- I I ao<(. t? a roooat in > ?oi iap?ri ., ?..arootar |H tod by B. F!l Al miw m D>* iirtt., nultr ? '-inklia H"uM. 'i V r cj.a t) acra B at > > 11 a if Ctctit i: - ?kv? '.iiar Vo . ca V" '.mi oat B t.'d 1-oit aaaoila.?at ia 'ho .it*. B liquid flair ?>< .? I'iiulon'a l>i|irov(< I If.. l<o U>ir I'' * tt'tt ii.. *i i.n, ii inNr I 'if Hair or tl'hio- * k?r? im ai'-'iost ii ia am. >d, <r . t .ut. tijuty to tlii or B Finn, (homtlcmra oa* h-.?o tlioir kitkori 0.1 in #?o B ii .at tfl, it t.!.e ft 4-* .'* ?. till Broidara*. -r. r it f II ev f H xi.ii'.. uhiltr ui r.ijUii lloitii. for ho: It. .atoll iiia.fl, B larat, AI id. B lilqnld Hair Dye, ta Color the Half M II ia intkcri tho moment It n aapMad, arltkeet lajnrjr to tba bo.r "r . ie . i'i' i ab'tuM oa- B latfaa itii tniclo. at 1 'ho world *"M whoio- H alo aril r.tail. at atchoior'o CVik fMWfi 4 MallotaaoH I i, T. nwio'i. ft.-. .If, uoar it. H J nioi' ChunS PrctldtntTuj lor uu4 Iota Ca'.ilttcfUra- I iy'o oolttntod liUt|titkl? fnat, ( Froifiout Taylor aat H Un oaklait. tl BOW lor ? at tho oaoTaoo-ta^td lot.'ffloo of H $1 aar (tap# eoyy, at tha yahllthor o ( Mr. (tut! ry jw lit ,49 Irtiff tj, v vtier of ? r Itoa otroit A iil'O'al au B Wnl to tho t:ado. r Ilr, KUioil, OctiUst, ."i ll Uc iiihitr -y, In- I ft roil bU fit tion to tint hit olliro litmrj are f.-.a iwq' to & H 0 rloik. on tl< i v - i * ? r? I lii. . l,r K. will H P'timito for Uta porr. au.:r i "'o t. B eomme?r;ijl affairs, -i MUVUY MARRRT, I We tin raday, Oct. Ill? P. ?V. I (Ot'tatlrn^ fir tlio faiitlra art rt-adily totllln; 4ewo, M and tlioy itro llkaly to d "( rod to tho loarrot dtpth. I ilt clf of all kilt ; t .'corihi morr plonty n prlnna fall I 1 Ii a: d h- !<! r. . a-t-imM for, t ri I <tfthr..i, <1 a' aluiost! aoy tariijite. It lit a matter of reaohaetao> ,] i?br> ent to ui. thai, .ia ir.any ponpla naa 1>* foiiad with 'I rFrtt- rm nrli f ? Firrr :'i..t <-o o? ."t< ?f n,,*. ..I ? . v~? *1 H no find that net. :-i> arc w; rklvg out of them at fV : I i.' piwlble, nr.J uifii. at ly th'j mil nil come Into lit* II porxoelon of tbe broken Nt one out of thoutreet I I w> II bcji IB] tkln| cf 'i . r ntlu-?i and !l. > " of I "iatm oho unfortunately buhl no; of the uailii, only ? I firdt 111* itri'ft f'T the purponi ?f i.elilrg out IVople I HVIItMlil IWD It' >?! < !> In Buy'utng b iciug I no ml telue; end they lock at itrekn before p.irelie*- I in,- n- ? merchant would at nny k.nJ of mer-handlr* I TLey not i iily v.vit to ? t toeni at th: l.i r?a* tl Dirkrt Jliif. bill Ibtf I'.u-t I'll w.'.l ix rteik |fl they ar* the ;i.ce di :t ended. Inn a-? elope- fll i-ei,!* which hate recently been c.n le in r?!n- 7 I (ton |i? K.rir. Ilnlim, t. of lilinl, Readiot. Norwleb ! I and Wi rcnlir. at.d New Ha*.a I'.nllt 'iJi. Canton II C mpauy.anl Kernr r.<'l,ran. here b -n ?nlh3leot to I nlmiii htldirr and dci r every oun from touoiclof : I tbflu it any j iIce < r ( u any teriua YVa have linen J I ?? !? . u i-< i a ii. In n'. that <1 tbe diTldi'Diln any ? ! vli m lia*e net i>.'J bit* I beeu f. /c?d. end hue iu . d no much t > .b* hi pltal I tSo ctiiipaiy. 'il o *k? nam art In ee r.iurlueed I li cm 1 mit*. l>y the <riil?nce prraentid t hu* far, ell I opon lit r rjtil ot.n of then Jayi. an t probably bate I to i ay p??t!y dcasty for their Icoredu'lty. I At tha 4 lit brarj, t day, Mle bondc in w, fall a8 I I rr frtt; 1'atUin Ui j Ulai.d ; KrU lletlrccd 1, .j I all ee 'a:t rale; Foa ling 1'ailrOil ad*:iocrd Iludioir I litter . Rw Hi r Bm I* Ml an 1 Mllrt|l(l llundf '4. I The n c< lpti el lb - .!3re cf tbe A?ai?tant Trenmrer I cf tbl? port to-day tm"iint?d to $M> H tl; payment" I | Til IRR Mhn I UdS. I 1 be New York <i?e I.ipht < ipeoy hare declared n I Ultlii. ud of foui eui a half ptr atnt, payable oa "i? l*t "w 1; N tt ml r. I 'J'ha itMBrr 1 ale Inula from t, la now nearly I due. with aan a day* lafrr lnt lllg.-.iat f.-nn all pan 1 I I cf 1 urope; and toe public r.ln l ta rtry mnih eaeited I In anlUlpjtlai of aitioee fr m f ranee Matt re to tba I dleBlacal of tha Fienci alnla'ar at tVatblngton Tbli I turner ran ht'dly b It g aoy a :e unt of thia-ti iuo I tbe I r.uch goTercmriit. r tbo oplni n of the French I fret* at air Yt'a ?ht!l pr bthly get I ai u.i tbitg fiom 1 ? 'a 1. In'be ah-.' of 1 ublle opinl?a | in that country on Ihceiur. e pareu.tiby tba gocarn 1 ntci.t cf tbe t tlte l M*te? Th? letter of Mr. 1 0 ] to kl do T< 114U't lb . I' lorailog hint 1 f ti c iu'.aultnn of I I'rr aidant Taylor I < dh r.laa "I. Pouetlu, ?** ditml Si p I teu her Itb, and actit "'it In the pa-k t of the 12th o fc'eplentbtr. 'J be Cal n w u-a. ly due, left I.le cr|oelon theti'Mb if pteutber a-. 1 i will be aaea I lha< there aa> hardly .e for the lotelllgeoae to go to I'arlr and tba iITi t h ttlUi'f to (.lrerpt M In time to !> dcrin'rhrd by the 'cani'r of the th ult. We ?| iha.l bar* to wait fut ih? licit cvaner '1 tien we -1*1 lime t!,? whcl* -;< rT, * , laililie ??r i it of ear ml [ar'.le* will apt D be 1 vihl < ii' an 1 f - * time we .hal tare a tact deal ut b'u?t aod tucp email gunpowder I ealerc in >*lt|n(,>Liitfttri w i lidra ? U.. if cppiiec f ^ r a time from t).e m v*i. lu ci rra if ih. re b< ing in circulation a nun lot if well i*eeut I c lur-rli-i* tifip d d;ar no-ec i4 the Dank tf the fta'.c il .?orth < amllna. parabiont the l-arcbct Morgei.i * \ the bank h* d terminal t?* irtira (ii m rlreulct u all branch nj'.e* of that denialnation r? ipeedlly a? p ? ' ' Tic receipt* if tti an I Cab na lialiroc<l 1 I ump in p. for A ng u* t and September am i.nt to >7 Oik It1 of which fl 7i 1: wire rccciei'i in A"fuf4, B<* 4 M 27'.' Is In i ptauiWr. The fnllowtcg U a ?t-n?nt of etpTtc cf ?o*c# I litre and lr. lyo. pr- !> cc of Vcr-t i?ia fro j the port ?fl.egiia)ra for th? jtcai or. ling 3l*t Jul/ 1HH [CCCIlrlor t i ?m ?i ? tu'iiii i o . I.*n *i*a It Cere t pfn. i. fadWa II mil >? at C lltro ?. It . < . I ' 1 1"U i anlala ? ani.lft i t ? Ii I?4 Ihin MIMM .T'- > MH? Fraaee t r? 41/ HMD Bt. Ihrmcc aad AlUoa. ... I..ll'-M? ? ? Main I?tcr* ? ? Trim* aomi ? ? n ... u?t M.;* 2.11C awitiidtiM ?i??u? itc ? Total 9MVM7 *UM M A Independent of the above pr- Jnet* Uirra arc large ihlpnicnta if coc-awi i lc'o -pain Irene, Kagland; n tact, tbc value of the export of thin article me j be l< ntldered * m it to that of f?ffn The quantity of Hour, wheat. Cora, and barley, left at Ida water, Jul log tba fir?t week In October. In UiC |?cr? H4k end IS" ? ?< a? foil, we Hmr. Ir/l H hn. C-rn. A". Wor.ey. I?, ltd! llOlul Iflirts UnTAi 184V 71 "VI 1U7IJ 14/Ml Pee. . .24 247 14 341 Ine a.J.bto Pea 3 4o* Tic tggrega'c quantity of the eaata article* left at Ida water, fr?m the ninm-neecieot of nivlgatlon to he 7th ttrUher. Iwcturtee. ?a? a* follow* ? /7?"f Ir'i, 44'Aenf, la, Cone,Aw. Her/ *41 1.7 Ik t *7 I Ml 7 111 1.131.1/0 4;*M1A *4V 1 liB 510 1 I. i M 4.A4B Mi SM419 Ine. . .100 liit Pec .iio 114 la S.MI * >.l Dae 91 Itj reducing the wl.iat to flnar. tba qnantlty of the alter left at tlile-w?<er thl* peer compared with the ..irrp i.uruR fivnw i <?i tan jnr. inuiri ?n HirrFll)3 3 bamlidf II mt. Til t<<llG?lnK tal?!a ahiira tb* qn?ntltjr of <> ? of th? titu (,.?] article* af ).rf?lur* l?fl at tida w*t?r, ftun thr i iMn?ofl?K.rbt of rarljat1< n to t.?a 7th of ilo'obrr laUnite. tb. j at* 1- ?7, ISM. anil I ttf, tha can*' >i I(M?? j?ai? Iiartim b- n ty?ai4 <u th? let 4*7 Oj '?> Wi r?irr? -,r frvt.F.i Tn* r?a.tfcf> tF y I I |\ Mi* I.'Ml Ucyl f*, i**? mu. , <v ? i.fiAF?; iu?i ? . h,. ; i'? i i ft' i.snt?A fa 4? 4 "'.V'* I , ? ? 1 *( ?1' ailcf 4" I ! I?* l?i ? I .1* fi t ?t lt!a J*?rl 17 ftl |* ?j| .f* ... " * ? 7 .v* m,?h in. ;# i?? /7 7 '4 2 1 4,<*1 'far 4 9; <1.7 f* " 4,?*7.*?? IW.IH / Al l ; M If*# 4*l?8fH.1 II.' 1*11 n*Wt!| ' I 4-1 *.4c7 M I"?,?.||0 * 4.?Ji.Ul lite.,, it a.r*.?4 r / i

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