Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1849 Page 2
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lmrunt to about Sf>0 ton* at Jii9 10* to Xto. nod .00 ton* to arrive at ?tV pt r ton t'ro?l*iou* A merman ? "! he triii)irt|iin> concluded during the na-t week have to en I miied. et price* are fully maintained owing to the rtaduiil charing ?'t etoclt* particularly the lower qttalitie*. Hi d the almost rDtll? tbMOc* ol im.iort" ; j *li)It- ou the other baud lusher rare* have been pre- | yeeWd In cOBseinienre of the low pi io*a and large Mlp- ! pile* of fresh no at in t he market* throughout the oonn- , try Bason cd good iiialltv ha* been in la*?deuiand. About 'Ail) bt \e? and hale* of inferior description have bet n die pored of We ijunte prime nastem J(Sa . good S4? j wetierli good ?0s lair 27s to 24* low '26.* .coarse *8*. lleet ha* been in fair rei[Ui et an I holders, anticipating nil advance before the arrival* of new are not anxious rebels I- i rat. braid* brine Kllj to Rw ,r.t,v I to.' to 76?. rough parcels tJOs to S5a. I'ork continues to it.iith i II freely hi fully previous rates Sales have bei ii made at His fur fair western prima mess a little out of rendition and ? ? < ! eastern of favorite brands th* The Oovernu.rnt contract was olosed ia London on I be kfth for KmO tierces at lota tid. to . llHa cd pi r lit ice Hauls are without change in price ami little or uothlng doing l-'alr round out i in di> suit can be bought at 30?. No demand whatever lor sbnuldeis I beetr? Ootid old baa b-eii sold a'. .'17s j oidmary and low '.'(j* to line Dirt Ii (liouda)87s. T i t 11 arc 1.1H7 boxes r? p ried tufty per Sarah Sauds, ( but, not to log landed, nothing Is kO"*a "f tne i|uulif v | ano ooidltiuri lard 01 irood i|iial<ty his hen sold j readily at if a to 3t>- (id. T'be sales are about 100 tons. j lintie Du'tirs Ihei.a n heinif nearly or. r uiay tie bought on inner terml Irish T here ha* been a good dc i. and tor butter liils vera at mi advance of .a per I rai i ii the Inert .jo..'..ties and millet I i 111; kluds have sold ra?b? r belter, i lie -implies are rather moderate, and li e sti ck is con-innrably reduced. I lie curreut riu. mf. for lit.e lb at? i '"oril and I loiunel fids t 7os,, ( arrirk nud Kilkenny (!"s to 08s , Wexford 64s to (Ids , Bal'yu ci ry and Katihiidge (iaa to U7a . Siigo (H)s to i l Ik . I irk piokltd rec nds tit's to 6 da per uwt lmportid Iron: Ireland fri m the 17th to lite 'did in t . b itli inclusive it 488 tirkin-i 7?;i ko'i k33 crocks Kice-ttl) tieiees i an lina sold at IDs (hi . and 4 OOti baifi dung*! at 8s. Id for broken, to 1 is (id. per cut for tiue win to, bctrg la'hcr dearer Ah ut 8(100 h.tgs of Arraoan ofler, d ti -day. tile chief part ot which sold at lis 8d for white, ai d Ks td to hs Pd for yellow barley grain, being full raies se 11. We continui- to experience a I ?ogold d> u and. eh ch tends to keep do - n prices, which 1 an* if ai'Vthirg 'a'ber oner. The toiiuwiug are the j exp' its of tlie week :? To f.i ?ifsA Jirnti tea. 7'i.a* To (As Un:t*<l Stairs. Tans. j hewti in ciii ml 1(H) Charleston po i I i i!?io)i. N. IS 160 New Orl-aus KID j bl Jibu. N. Ii 20 New I ork 4'iO ITiilailelubia.. , 71 I Savunuub 1,628 j Total 270 Total 2.U38 ! S;irit?if T'urpetiliee 16 tons American aod ireocll i bail- been sold mi Hi h tii31)s l.| pi r o vt Tallow? t'be 1 mailct Is without n.alecml alteration, but the sales this I week hive i.e. ti at a d cln generally of ah nit t>d P'-r ewt ! lis liie leeu c plid tor I'e'ershurgh V Ii . and \ ,Vs lor T I,1on-t 'l is At the sale held yes. 1 terday. soioistlng of I SCO p.n ka^-cg. about one half ! fill) buy cis at and a'tirthe sale, at previous ru'es 'flic d> n aod by private conlrsot it only on a limited j Scale, but prlci s remain lirai I'ohae u>?V good ha,il.i" s 1 as been done tills ue, k at full prieus. I'he market i? rov (irm Wool I'he pull i 1 -ales ace progressIng in l.ot dc and price* for c loii'al are scarcely so y "I a~ a' il ci mmenceaient. n ot -i Ii tau t 1114 which, we I an a lulr btti ln< is d< I ig lien in low ai full price*. I'ai loins at Livi ar.ooi., i'. pt 28 We have to report an. ti er dull week In f. Ights, with f-w arrivals, ailher cl roasters or foreign ships, si.d wiglit has be,a ' tctrce; tine ii li wcvir hm hip.-.c.-i feeling owijg to mot if th- polne sl,i; bavmg c. >mpl*ted th-lr cargoct. sad Lightr rates are aikcd and hive been pud, Jor u lew iinail lots 1 u n gi-r, u. without improve- | in nt and unit o rutef a 1 rate ecoi.tlj rah y. w:ll h*-.l- I ly le woith curry'ng .vUer the 1st when i.bfl ; B! w law takis eill it 'J'oNiw Yoik (lead weight, 12( Od a 6s per ton; gue go d*. l.'is a 17s Of; hardware, 12s. Cd ; t art hen ware, &s 6d Bo-tou dead weight 12s. (d a 16s; line gocds, 16s; bard *are, 16s: earthen ware i m.t. nlpnm. mui weigut i j- o t a l.s -I , tine goods idfs ; btrdwaro, 2*!n ; smther, ware, l0->. Baltimore. d?aa v eigb*, ig* 6d a 17* 6d.; ttn? goad*, 21.-.; hardware. t?rth.uivire 10* Now Orletu*, sa't 1"* ; d a lb* , otbi r weight. 1.')* ti 2'Ja ; tlao ?Owun SO*.; but Jvrare, Ui* ; earth- uware, hs. Masii.i 4 Mil ) > T. July 14 ? busies * wa* limited in itUtu goon*, I lie wit iieanoD approaching. and i he kbopliiri re uiauiloslli g little incliua'iou to make new purrh*.-** f'-ugurs am railing at g kk! iat--s- current <iuulitiee fetching ! w S, per picul. Hemp was in eon-i<ii iwbie ri qui st, and lattiw re higher tii?n they had Wen tor the Inet llxteeu year*. Kxi baugr on 1 ngUuJ 1 ?i.lid li< ni *. e>4 to 4.4.1*. Very litlie freight wan (Wring for Kur pe Cauri vT*. August 7 -The Bombay mail, with f.nnd"ti cat. r up to ilu-7th June anivoj nn the ltith ult . | the ci uilueirial new* hy which was cu the wnole. 1 >ok- j eil upon ii more favoruble than culd have been ex- j p.eiid and cauas <J an improved lni|i>iry for all the prin- j Cl| al export Staple ut.d s upplle* of ail he nig abundant, < a linger buslties* has hern done than for aome time I pen and I'llee* of nearly every article ha* boen well eu| | "l ted A slight i hi alt was given In operation* in ! sugar at d salt p. ire by a ?uddon rise in freights, which j at t tie tune reached A'per toil, arid prioea of these articles gate way s she.*; but numerous arrival* of , veesela brought d -wii ru'rs. and price* rallied again, j and thej hi - now n? bigh as at any other period of tba | renvoi). 1 be itenriui-'.i steaiu. r. with the mailv liar 1 b< n |e luapbnieil hut t ho leil? M will not b* delivered | U IMMN awed Mill til Mh| wua?h Wjf Ihld ??|? ^?at (Msil y . '1 be import In a i eli ?I biiaioeaa luliy participate* in the improvement uoticed assve; improvement has h-on I gradual since the v .-mint ticvutebt of last uioulh, and j wnuiiu.* progressive. Besc irose. Aogu-t 4 ?The absence < f native h ats j and a cotiee<|U< iit lilili'g demand hare eh?ra?teri-ej the | n?t month, t' e trai **ctious bsve thus Weu very biniti d and prices arc in many instance*, next to 1 n> ini< ul A few Bugis b ar* arrived en the 31 at ult , i bringing et fie e toitoie* slnll Ac. which bava already , found pv.trl.asere at fair prlera. Other ilcsciipU ne of |ir? duce w iih i lie exception of pepper, coffee and ?ajr>. ! are declining in talue. Sir as < net Jnly 14.- Trad* bs* Wen much affected, ! ere rice crops being nearly dr troyed Cotton vr.e-1 I ae stiff, red much, owing to the great inuuda'.lou whu b has taken placet Cimvs VaWkr-r ?HoWnxaan, Jfi.v 2<i lktj - Wo have do improvement to report in cur Import market. *1 be | u so* J-tie during ths month ha-. been on a wij 1 mi?i A seal* and at a reductiwu in tn? price of j Bii t of the Map a a,'tlo'e* Coltou ?The ?ai?* arc 1 stii'iat.d wt 3< l 0 tub' Bnarb ty. I"? 4 3 to 4 H fur I id Ts 4 t> td 6 0 to* Dew; Hengwi wod ' ladrae T* 7 io "6 I re set t elr-wk Sj.tsjn bale*. wraiust blOOU b?l-a : last year Cotton \ in 7CO bvl.s ha e Wrn ecld wt 121 H to 122 7.r tor No* 11-21 *24'? to f2*Nr No* | 2b-32, and 124'4 lo fii'x I t No* 2V 44. st c* 6 .00 i, against 4 410 b*lt? la-t year. em- ! tllilie deprel d, C.1 SO'J lisori gray and t. nOU piece* I bite have been cold, and ths i|tiotatl"n* are f4 24 to I |2 10 for giay and J4 4d to 42 to f >r white. WoMlel ? bp stripe", K'n to 11 III; long *11* a?- I I sorted 17 th to a. 7ft; -curler pH 41 to >V 70 Ca n- j ' it ir ngii?u, ?i v* ?u *i '.o ; a*v t" ? . > irno. ( lu linpr>rtlll D< Iik a r? ri (J--ll-K d nil | tbf '(U'jtHii. ii" un* l"f l?r, fi? to J'l, tin I f>U 4 > t > |4?0, bo p. >4 U?t"}' 1). St.. I. f, tn ft li; le?d, fu 10 to 15WI. til plktr?, f tl to fl 1 .70; Rochiu-al. ! Uo; Turkey opium. iU'.t) [' > Dip oirM f >r tb< ucf oti'4 < |*n*d on tiie 'Jltli i.f Juuc at liiurh blg'-itr f?t-? tlun *?? n>t?ill; t-xpirtiij \t> >ut 140 ci.ip* ?'t congou ha*? b*> n koHled tor at from l ll'? to fa I'.S ainl about 10l) ebnpa remain the market \ t< * boy < f ii.w muehorg tn??arrl<<l lint n ithlng d o<? | Ttir nport ?li ea lit luly ba* b?-nn Utcl It'lO uikt ; I greet) .tie lb. total 4'4 I loo lb. ( rolu 1'tto.tlat July, IMS-black, 3Kt 04 ibi : fit.n, tin 7<H) lb* ;l to*ai 4.5***1 tint lb*. ('be following In a ltatnni?ol <*f | tbe total ?*po?t?f the aabaon 1&48-40. compared Ultb 11 v yi.tli iii 06' I f'.iti t Btfti and ' nighae. tilitrk Urttn Tot il. ft? I at July, 1-4" to .."oil Ji.ip.lh4V . 3f>,772,7t* ? 47?.7i? 47.7.1, "nil Ivriu i ?et? n *i"i fbaaal ??, f?. at l-i Jti'y. 147. 11 ioih Jaaa. im* 4".;.iit.tJ f ' t.:7J?4M?U I I > I vi t "I till. Iivui I- i July, 1-* h, l' V.MH J una. Hi, I". 9.1 Ml,.. 4.11 'it vt allk. if in lit J vly, 1-47 t?> atth J vti?, IM> iJIVtWn. 4 lrbotige 11? 4 o 'unJ 4* 1 ?j<t t >4*. Kit. mil. ?,111 ibtI'i'liig document. 4- .i>a4 (tn India "tupao} 1 aaei pt.d billa . 15 t jl'i |>-t 1,0 Kfcig'u* 4. t Ourai*i?aa Inn Manahu are to tbe 14th July Bit- ; ainata la c? B?e<|t?enee cl tti-h???y r?in. *4t at.o at a atanii I < tw rioib i|U4>tvd J., to f I CO f r gfir ant * M to ?li Hfor uhito; dp ?trl|.a* ft 10, I ng -I * 47 v.i toff id a eoned and 9? ipurlei I ? ?* Sarrral eb< | the in* cr< j> hit. triltitl but ? l ear of no nt'l'B 'tti Nllk * f. w inu.ter balea nf tba b?? ?tlk hat* I* n r?e?t?ed ai d ? n.4nalra< > ba<1 b mii ma la at it I- .a 11 I'M t' i4,?l r,N"i I 111 J r-t'lm !.? rbaryob Kb aid 4- S'.d to 4* 4d. Krrlgdtl, X4 to 14 iv? TITS LATEST NTWI. F> l:tth;t Tf!<f;r6jh ficru Ltndo* lo Liverpool. TI14 I'lmcti It r puliUc. l.o?n<* ' a'orday hept.CP 1410 fa r#t?t> of 4 tl tay r'intatn* tba fallnbtbg : " Tha ble amotion In lli? |> Hlfil ml financial aorld j 1 hi* docoat lit ?* tk? r t (utnnMlon In tha i hall of tb* I.?gi?latli* At rtuhly i n Thur day. W? < b?li*tr* on rail routtdtntly a*?, ft that th* potloy of tha 1 go?>?Mii?t t will rot un1'f?n any m *Jilicatl?n a* I , Itml thr I rmrh ( itlmt lr ftill. < n tliii rut^aet 1.1 ?j- | j otdmirt* nllb tho ?>tb? r nabtnot v , I k- envoy of lb* lt?p*ibl>? id I fnf itf h*< hat a , |>mtl? II in < rt ?ilh llio I' 1 |;.-(| . I Tb* n? n Vuniclfal i ounHI of Pari* lu onqrokrt to | lb* 'ifth to r<>o*tc*r *?-??ral important matter* 1 ho Hoo alot journal / '* U 4m /'<*pl< ea 1 ( I) the ftfanrM i|< tit* on Thursday. A n*? do- ( <-,ail-t paper nil) appear on tb* l?t OetoWr In fa* m. on kilday *-fi luf the M?nlfr*lo rnntltjn*d | to rant* atiffimi mpr Um n Duly t?"? j *WMli d*fobd?d it, th# Cot.-uii. o.iiu-1 aid .fifnUu AiImi*tlf Tb'ff ?rau a rumor In Pari*. on Irlday thai th* Popa Intone* to puhli. h an ait.Jr??? to tb* g'ni tafti fniiy , tplainlt*# hi< ro*#**n* t >r cuiiiio# -nek limited ton* omIod* 1 ho ht*neb a*my remain* in H no A< rrot ?o?iotl??. in la-l* ar? tryinj lu ?* !'* Ih? w<t kit tf rla??o? to rtilko but a* yot. unbuilt * * ?**. It t* t?*d that Hotb?ehll*l ha* e >ntraet?d fur a Po d- | mooter* ban, and undertake* to pay A nutria It* War ( l on'ribull' n ( Latter* fr.-m (Irnft ?fat? that tha I'f" br-f. >/ *-* thrra bare Wen **nt Into th* interior of ?all??ft**> l. with th? ??roptl'*n of about thirty, irbo a'a vactipl ! In tat ion* trade* 1 b? llitbop of hSonlin** I* <l??d. It,* vn t In. I a*-*,* frriu Mltlrb, daud lb* Sod *tat* that tb* Mtoidtor of foreign Affair* by ord**r of th* kin* had I ?ha*(*d ai) IWtatiaa k.nmy* abroad to inf*rm thr go- i rrrtnratat nhoaa enwrt th*-y r*pr**?nt Bataria. that that pon?r ba* broken * 0 etery u-- uttatloa with Prut- I * a ??.o ?ill > "* <> to do until Austria gift*# a d*f ! ?idt*l rrplr rt????t!nf tb* t*4*r?l qn?.-tl r I ProMlt. A report waa in cltcuUtmu on the ?0'h in Berlin, that Hueida bad deajanticd fb? rari>labli?hin*ai of 'b? ttate i.J tbtDga which valeted prevlou* to the month of March, and the re-union ol the iirand Uucby of I'ofieii and Huaala. Hungary. The griatent coufueiou I* -a'd to prevail at t'onorn If. contrary to all expectation tn? negotiation* fir capitulation rhould fail, u direct attack will oouiinence j immediately The c rreepondent of the London Uailu in Hungary write* that, on hi* flrat arrival in that country, ho found 'he officer* and men lu a de-.poii.llug elate, a id laboring under the conviction that realataaae agiitut )(uipia and AUHtria combined waa liopeles*. and ibit (ieorgey did all in ht< power to itn'reaHe the damorall' Ilu.l V.nnlurj tl.u u r ...i.e., In.... been protracted to an ind-Quite period. but In* preferred any alternative. *-??*! that of pluytrg the tra'tor to aortttideriitg or eveu dividing hi* authority with auy other general I lie Huilti iV?io# correspondent. condamul i >e irgey'ji whole conduct and Mates that Kossuth. tieoi titivoQ. Moi-mres and Ih uibiQHki are at W|ild*a in a p< Mlive deMitutiou When Kossuth quitted lliorny he III J only live hundred ducats iu hie poHinsvinn au I he had since f prut the greater part in relieving the a mil* of bis brother allien 't he letter c JuUi iing I ii* n??i ia dati d Widden llth (net. Austria. f)ur latast advices from Vienna are to the 21th September. I'atinet 'uunoils respecting Hungary, Mill continued. No'hlng was yt t veUlid. Kobbory au l inurrter were rife in Trsnsylvtinia Bivorul Coaeacks have be un brought prisoners to Perth I t Iters from Vienna, of the 21*t, state, on good anthorlly. 1 hat the fortress rf ronton would surrender. 'I he cbolera was prevailing dreadfully at Trieste; dl0 PR'ee occurred on'.be 24th September, 42 of srijiijh were lutal fiiijun-tnnt from Twrkcy. 'IIIK DU'KIt I'l.t Y ItKTWJ l:.N TI1K M'I.I'aN AM) TllK I- MPLMGB OF 111 SSIA, IN KEQ.1KB TJ TUB II U.N J AitiAN HE* TUTUS. [Front the bt ccud edition of the London Timer, Sept 29 J I'll VSI AN . I S-p', 12 I MH The Knipt ror of Rua-i t employ a no argument in Court for hi* den.auu for the delivery of the I'olt, (i and rlunpuriiin liifugt ?s uou ut Vi iditeu. Ii it Mty- iu hi* lit..tors thai be will nonvlder thei irape til uuent ilittiu I* . a, ? btlU. It the Sultaii did uot give a Maple yea or uo. to ; bia Aid.da.Camp be ibreatnuad to return to tVar- iv ' '1 he Kuliari perMst* in lii* rarolntl 'ti and ia hanked hy 1 the Foreign Ministers the tuand Yiziur the Sturiukier, and Mahomet All i'acha. and MahoOtet I'.icha \ii. lint the great majority of the c uucll ,s al.ruiel at the tbr?hiening tone of the I... ii ? ii' 'e a'td 0 mieiju. nt|y, I no oflicial aanouncement of lite oounoil'a dmi too n id been nad* There Is ri an t) to b-ll*ve that the Turk- : l*h govtrntnt nt. urged ou by the Kn&lisb and French } avoja. will reject the demand It 1* tuppofed that llio Kmp-r >r of It us iu * ill put his Ihrtalaol war into elecutiou nboud the answer be < negative Although in ally the whop- ol the Turkish tli 11 it* in the (ioideu Horn, (* riadyfor nervine, and eoulii dt fend i etui ranee of the Uosphorus, yet the Turkivh aiuty bear* uo proportiou t) the force* tic I in pen r could inari It s.vm-t th * TurklMi tr >u lure in a It w djja Sixty thousand Turkish tro tpa aie coiireiitiatad round ? obetantiuople, but the Kugli b Heat oould not reach (be <h>l<]eii Horn a toner than hi n n or seventeen day a A llu wiia fl-nt oould bo in ibt to *pl ortia wilbiu twenty-four hour* t lie g rat ct anxiety prevail* atu .ng't all ela?>e*; the greater invjoity Pi a oppw rd to war a-J dcxlrutiU.e to coiuiuerce alui industry i rilieh n.lijert' ate Mtuong t'uo r< fugees eiudned lr\ Widden-General (iuyou tier*rat Longwortti, aud Gentral (J Doi uel I riifcte leltt)? rooflrm the report of ihe'< dc- i eition not to deli f er up the tiun/anan r dugeeo audit is j Heled. on the bent authority. iD it c >n I terable nuts Icekr pteviilh d io dipl uua tr i lrclej, ao to the nlLl- I n tic erne riucnce* of this reclution Market*. I om'fm Motet Masks:! ?i on?ol* teo'iUo'J on Krl? day, iu ri'tin >[U ncn of a ~al? of XJOOU00 fur Vuesdar. stated to bate been n?de to pay o!I theinortgagii held by ti i- V.ijnltabl* Arrursnee < o. \f Lo!"i on Si.i t 2b ?2 P M ?Cnncili f.r the Account, it'.. to *,; dV mrn< j 92V \ o:ul \\ Kxchejuer Bill.i, )! ?. 40s pr< m. iI *nih limner. Krlday. Kept 28.?There has Iitd smie buribff' done nu the Hour r t' day. and a tciMing riut. Govt i unsnnt l ive* elo;.i d S'.d lo, Shares, 6df 16; and return* rbow Increase in ca lling. two million* seven I butdrtd thou .ard ttpiic* Bank Notes iu circulation lncrta.'td right millions five buuJrid thousand I'raucs. 1 lly i'ulltlca. TIIK WIIIO NOMl.TVfTO.fS. i orsTT I'livtisTlo.v?l.ast evening lbs Whig Cotinty I omentlon met at Broadway Hon e. As in the Judiciary ( ouvt lit ion, nu the prec.dl.ig evening, a goo 1 < d> al of tluie was ooenpit d in considering the calms ol tie disputed deleiiations from the mute-ted war Is Tbe ticket beaded " Join V H-*tt*l." for the < v>unty Convention. in the eleventh ward was adopted; and ill the i'lfib. tbe ticket hesded " Cbsrlio J Howell " loir (( Die same ticket* adopted by tbe Judniary Cnavrntti n on tie prrviotii evening. i'hr convention p-rn saently crgauis>d by l*eting Shepard Knapp as rtaliman; f-erri tatli *, W S llavUon and Hugh II j Ktuckiiiile It was theu too lite to ballot for the uoiaW | rations but the frllowli g name* were m n'mn-il as ? aii'JId.ites for Ihe Nht tltlnlty: Thi>? < Onnelly. Jan, s ; Kilty James K W ood. '/a pilar Mills, Jos pb Brlttan, JM.kth m VV A III 11 V? m v? |,yi>fi, .l.tiues euunmj 1 fort ounly Clerk. Tli'una* McKulght. W K Hobinsoo, Geo. W, Kiblett, Ssmif 1 K. t until ogham lauiea Va i Oiu.u. Vplxrt Ben?ou. ? larksou < ruliu*. l? A.Cu?h- i luau; lor < uroner, Seth t.eer, William Tiirner. A. N. ; (iudd W A. Wulker. John IJ. Ku?*. Ovid l1. Wells; for | (lotrni H of Alius. House, Jatuesna. hlias li. Drake NcheweimaD ilalstrdt, James L). Oliver, Marcollus hels John Snockucr. John W llosre IV II nudil. buil David N lives Tbe convention adjourned at half poet loo cluck. An accident occurred, which | a ill be fi nnd tinder another liv id On hi l<Uy fori noou. one section of the whig* of the ' l ighting Kil'h'' held their primary meeting in a ban merit uuJtr Hull's. 118 West Broad?ay I'h p >ll ess np. n |r> m ialt pi tli o clock In ball' past 12 "The I award order lleiet, ' with lianlrl Lord, Uenrgs i. ortictl, nn 1 Ahralinm f ir tbe "Judiciary Cstitntli n," was elected by 1.76 votes there being 'ISO polled in all. Ti-r? ??? ii lighting this tiuie The principal difference b. t ee. n this II trt ail' the pen. I lu s tu het ' i that Waanaan is the thir l n tine for tbe Juilitiary < dnvntun. wh>r>ss. on the people's In k?t, \\ III am II. ei-ks decupled that |nv itton 1'h.i | two llr?t tames. I.ord snd i t rnell, were the ram- on | Loth tickets. 'I be election h'-ld on Ktidsy was under the su.plres of trie ward eotuttiHi e who protested ' against tie other delegates rerelved ti uip raiby on '1 borrdsy night at the Judiciary Convention. The n atter is to be re opeiii J at the adjourned meeting of ! tii tonvviiliou on J'ui -Jay evening. I | Til It BHMMM1H RMnmnom J i *'iil si \ < svisnvs,- Last evi liing the Demvrratle I otiniy t onv. nlIon hi Id their edjoiir.o J iu?. ttngat I ' I an ii anv llall for i li pur | ?o ot nominating eaiidl- < tales inf tbe tbetiflkliy lb* cdiloa of t'wsiw ind Coun | y I lerk. As the SheriifiHr was the pr|nelp?l clHos ' ' > he dldpon J or, It va? taken up flr.t flirra w*< a ' t 'i ty large attei <lan. e, am tint etoitt loeot cruktrr thin ' *i r 'I ha conlt "t ? a* >11 l*twnn Wille'.r, liatrteld t ml Orter f' r th* ilpt l!> i?ll'it>th??Dtn< i*r 1 ^iilrlt from 17 to 2P; mr lletheld, from IS t* ill for j irter, Irtm 17 to #. J tie l?t Ull'itir^ t?t? a?f.lii?>? I 1.1;'. balut. 14;'. Wot 111* Wot. . HMIIatt '21 10 17 >rt.r -'2 .4 80 lalhrld '24 'II 30 , \ tx.. 11on lot adjournment von than made, *h?n I , I.a remit wt?. 41 In fator of it. on ! .Hi *2?in<t ' U? j ' .'ii adjourn* I at on* a'tlnak. till Monday I I'll, re I . therefore. no n a* yet. It i< ?aiJ Ila> '!< Id ha* aport. d an etii.ruinu* .u.n nf m.o.ji la>'. 1 il| h' y.tbe I* ant likely to get the nomination If , . it til. I tail*. I Iri or ? 'II ft-* I' * ni?pini in of Willrt I i>-Ir p a barnburner, ha* be-n turned aga n*t him Hut ' t appear* he I* r.ot. and that h>: riled for I a s and | < lit Hat at th? la.t 4nMH I g Colli r Intelligent*. I . ?n .11.'' - *i *?./..-/ . I / '..? .y . iy V ?r rorna . lime | ? I. u.l Im" ! 1.1> ! ; ii 11..- v'. vfh war I h.-t Allien. an fatrlrk K? lly, nf t'.at ward an I tt>? ' ap'a.o , I ttf the p.-llre of that dtetrlet, < r loho 8. Megnee, pria- j r I >? (II |. nilgai ;r- uiidt nhieh may rh?ea ai. Ilio r.-.ilt of the * : I ?l< '.Ion. I tat it th-n, 1 1 hnn.trr. t'<" '.lip party and th'1 Mayer* par- ( ly at., at .la.';., a p'I' ?.<? , t? 'Hoe th# Inn. . it teeing ? l.i.'h .tl'l I. v.en thr?a l?o ili?- ' II.- .I. t -l it <lIv I ?l>. it tna that n Thursday a nliiM t it.. r? t.t i' * rp ?k|r a'tlJay morning. i %, 'aiii Vagi.. ran I i l.a am t of ttt>. tt . n-n of iio ' r i ui.' ra. 1 , i. a- i tad I. I an..ah Pmrkley. on a t aanant I-mii J hy i M in f t . In > -4 the-e.a villi ke. piny a In ? ?! pr <i I <11 n at No 7 tli'ittaatb rlr.'.'t W a ?* . r ttrn art. > r P. a men. or t ati .ot t?n .>>|..rk y. .tard .y tn > 2 ||i| rum Pair rk Ktlly ap-.ta. I In ll.r .(all a bmire acemupanlad ky J.lin Lay den In*.a Hll'i'i at ati l other* Tke t 4Idaraian ??il> d halili .1 th. d. -k t ek up a p-a. and . n.uiM.rtd to arrtta nut adlarharg.' f rih? t? . voiaan >.?. tiidi then look plare ?.f an unpleasant natma talwi . ii t apt. Virn?* a .<! Mr. Hid rhul. and ra n't. I In th. ' aptain ..rdetnig an ' IHo> r to r> nut Mr Hi* Inh ek frcui tl.H r?tlln( bihlnd Ik* d??k Till* *41 I ne, the Md. rn a-, th. o ti" ttp t.ha ma'ter. an l w** r n the net al arllli ; not Ih" ill*a(targe l?.r tile .>m*n. ( il ?u the 1 apta'ii < 1 1I1 g the . J. -ma" to b-I*- | op , im i' t . - <fi . j j< i " i iji- ir i r'j, nJirtd nidi ar Wool lin r<* to fata him Into cn?lo If, I i d |> at liiin i p in "i.i* I tha wn'nh houaa orlia .No f wti>r wna thi< i r ltr iltan. than lln- tMrr.nia *?* r? ortt >1 t > HI. i?n<f Ih<- try Inrirl nn him. The " \'.I- ir ?n ?a-noo nn'm m* rnt'N ?rn ilnpttih* , i In illttatrn' dlr> ?>t! f"r til" aid >f h'< ttj fn't and In ih" ?! ?- rf <-n? hmir II I mm ' laid k| iha I- ?ntr?nth ward an I lumrl fir | i ci.i it ward wrrr ,'umni-t i 4 to tli<* rpot In a I of IHraMiriniri.ii l.i r AUrtaaa Bard than wrotr n 1 lMl.?r;r ar fMlow* I I 'r r*. * > .ri li ? ll I .f , nil-Mi, ' \j i r Pi'rl. I fr'lT, II ?pl-.n i t- ran ;. JAHI> ll*Hir, ? AM. Illli w it il . 1 hr r-nfinrd Mlratan at llyrl analil nutlrntn tha nil at tin i --til .Mdrriran f?r,l, hut on thr up- I I?r,tar.ri- it II . .tun Krlly rf tha -I ward ha roo- | rltilrd loail'Tr hli,|.all 11 hi dl thnrjjaj frm rn tody At In o'eli } , lay r.iornlnif. apt Vlagn -a, | I, - '?nt I n'rin i,<: ,r , i.flirt ? tV.i- |dn lfi\ lira- a , hi' and Mh?r? app?*ir I Kriim Jurltrr Mr# ut fort aho yraa th? prr-lil.i ? i-i.l in r t-ipr-iln; to ,u? ? 1 Ilia AIJrrir.aa, hat did pot appt-ar IMIarltr ayfr I |l>. n tat p i I ? ah .t 11 - \ -I i urn ?i?h h- in* tu?ottr ati ,1 and ill - ' ' I? a- I iptarf-i, it n t hr a i i i dutlra In th? rtatlon h mn Wlnrh a hdrrtia w ra all | inhmlttrd to tha Juttin 1 hi- r airla?r*ra ap to la*' ayrnlny. b id ' nr at- ' ll' n arainrl t h lM?r>aa and an niu ii <1 tub. II a?ar hi* am I Wali-am that AMamtan PCally Inlaw la ft nrn?ai'a I hII tha tayllrr i I'-n-r Wooldrldya Who a-oiraja.j t i n In tha r. II ti r an a?ran|t anil battary, and apt. >'a (in i f. r fn "rr Itr (tltHMM lit | Thla aholi' al'alr prrrrnta ona of a ??'y Innny an 1 lingular natn.'a at d mora may h* a?, a il- I liainra ttia 1 til t ?o rday of i'?tt nn nth. Innli ?u tb? I arrant* la lilt fth atrl NEW YORK HERALD. lorthWMl corner of Fulton and N email JAMKS GORDON BENHKT T, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR AMUSEMENTS Tills EVENING. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery?W ab0ic*?H?a?t? a ai Tkvin. B HO AH WAY TUEATRETB7iiLdw?Y--OrHE!.LO-S?u?i:? Till I Oil Til. NIBI.O'8 OARTIF.N. Broadway?Tight Bote?NicodbNVB? SOI.IUKU ?OK 1.0VK. BURTON'S TOEaTRE, Chambrn ?tr??t?Bithtow'r Vi: w Venn DmniTiikv-A ftir uov a W.huuw -DtfcllA JtlTlK. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham iaar?.-OL> BruFimji i F?'Iitv i uneven?Hot . la iar, OLTMPIO THEATRE. Broadway-torn, Dohk -Cnil.n oy thi Rkoiueat?siparirt maim nanok. MECHANICS' RALIi-CnrmiVI MimrtblIA?Fotagr Mcricai.e? Ethiopian Diii.imi. IUINLSK MUSEUM, &fl BToudaay-Fioia IA.X.U 1U P. It. CniNKFE ABSEMBLV ROOMS?Ma. MacahLUri b'i olefin Maingt'a. WEI CH'8 COLISEUM, Attur Plaee.-KguEirRiaw PcBfoh M a?i:ij. ft C. Rr? Vnrk, Salurday, Oi lolwr 13, IN4W, Klyhl Uiiya' loiter iiM lllgi ncn from Kuro|)? ? Tlic Ntitl'roMriuy of tlio Kn'iil'liH?" jiuoiic, We place before our readers, in anoth -r part ol litis, day's paper, one week's Inter intelligence from the old continent, which wad received by the steamship Caledonia. in one respect, this intelligence is more peculiar than any that we have received from Europe for the last eighteen months or two years. .Strange to say, within the week that elapsed prior to the s tiling of that vessel, tin re was not a single revolution, or an insurrection, or an imratr, or a row, or a rumpus of any kind, in France or any other courttry in that quarter of the world. If such quietude prevails much longer, Munqieun intelligence will become quite unpalatable and uninteresting. We Htiii 11, in suen case, ue cent iiaeni 011 me <iry cfi'i lie* of ihe cotton and corn exchange for any news* worth reading?looking hereafter to Canada or Cuba for every interesting event in toe revolutionary lint*. Such will be the aspect of Furope for the whole winter, probably. There will be no excitement or animation until spring, wh 1 we in iy, pt ihnps, hear of renewed political tromle*, and toiiio fretli disturbances. Only one item ra worth pausing upon. 'The Pope has i turned u manifesto concerning Roman atl'uru, in which he makes no allusion t > France, or the uid which Louis Napoleon rendered liiin in r covering his sovereignty. This omission?whicn, in all probability, was not entirely accidental? her bri n receive d in high dudgeon by Louis Napoleon and tin newspapers in bis interest, who, wo siijw pose, imagine that the Pope ought to show some substantial gratitude for French Interference in putting down the Roman republic ; while his Holiness, perhaps, thinks that all obligations on hi* part were cancelled by the eloquent benediction which lie pronounced on General Oudinot and the French soldiery, shortly after the capitulation of the Seven Hilled City. The Frtnch people evince much apathy. If they fear that designs hostile to the continuance of the republic are entertained by Louis Napoleon?or, indeed, whether they do or not?they ought immediately to start a candidate, and cinvass lor the succession to the next Presidency of Fr; nee. Under cover of the limitation which that would cause, the journals could keep alive u*id stirring the spiiit of the people, nn<l keep Louis Napoleon snd his ministry continually Iwfore the bar cf public op'nion, for approval or condemnation of his uctp, a* well as prevent any outburst* ..( n,.tiinlan*- or uuv /a?J< n?.l..r J?. - I'll m i , ? a..7 ..... ... ....v.. . lirril'lllClll'UIIIDIIIIIl cuolii Bill l/r all. u<lc J n nil mccess. W?* un?l?Ti-t.?ntl how to lt-t ofl' i?t?*aru in this way in the United Ftates. They huye .1 great di al to ltnrn in Kranee, before tli-y becorn* faniiliur with republican tactics, as they are practised here, and we cannot r.\i>ect thcrn to g-t on very rapidly Let us show them the way. We were the to propote the nomination of(5en. Tujlor as ihe President of the United States, on the 2tith kit May, 1846, far ahead of ail other journal* in this country. I'y the constitution ot France, the present incumbent of the presidency of rcpubIio in not re-eligible the next term We propose, therefore, to nominate for the nexi Presidency of France, in 1852, the name of General Cavaioiac. It any better < an be proposed, let it be done?but, ky all means, let the journals of Paris commence at once the discussion for the next Presidency of the French republic. ltsrouTiov ih.ui'm in Canada.?The news begins to be really interesting from Montreal auJ utlur parts of Canada We publish, this day, elsewhere, an account of the fust movement 111 w hat may be called a peaceful revolution in Canada, foon to 1 ml in its complete separation frmn he crown of Kngland, and annexation to the U?i* ed States. The document purports to he an ad lress of the citizens of Montreal, and h signed ?y neatly four hundred <f the most r'spectable lames in tliat city?men of business, professional ncn, ?nd p< ople of nil nnks of life. Thin is the first decided and positive movcm-nt nadein C mad*; and,front indications thrown on', rem other <piartrrs, it is probahle it will lw fidowed up with (treat force and ener;{j. Of course ive cannot rxjiert perfect unanimity in tl?? first lei*. The principal jonrnala, however, of M ire m faxcr <>t the movement, nnd we see only a (ualified enrpiut! at it in some of the pa,>ers of lessor influence. The plan of this revolution appears o he wise and judicious. The movement w ill be patched in this country, nnd on both mil ? of the Atlantic, with a great deal of interest and attenion. It involves vast princi|?les anJ elements of ford or?of evil, to both the continents of both aorlds. If a p* uc' ful separation of Canada ahotdd ie effected, and annexation with the United Stales hould follow, similar attempts may he made in ither Ilrittsh colonies?the West Indies and els-. vhere. Again, the accession of such a vast l< rriory, extending Irotn the Atlantic to the Pacific iccane, down to the North Pole, w<uld involve leep considerations, atlrcting the Southern seeions of the Union, and our destiny as a united eople hereafter. This subject is sow becoming serious for all. AMIBICAU CoVSILAT ijttraie, CiBHMAST.?we mild not n$rre with the 7Vt/>*ne, In its d> niniations of Mr. Walsh, late Consul at Paris; oit we a^ree fully and completely in ite o| aion hat the American Consul at l,ei|>*io, I>r I'iOgel, inght to he retnine<l in Ilia situation, and that '.he .(tempts making to remove him ought to he di*:ountenaneed hy the President and the Secretary ?f State. In his rspacity a* Consul, Mr. Hiig-I

las conducted himself with great propriety and liectetion toward* all American* visiting that cuious old city. jipr<>fi4 to this subject!?Ue perceive, am on > itber e*ilea from Europe, the name mentioned ?>t I - M.mrlo * ! t ? til I V si fl wf 1 Im/11 . 11< <1 , .1, v.'.- ' i* i . r* its I ifc^tlen, ^aionf. In tin* ilt'niptrj rrvolutiwns in lint < ity. last yar, the doctor t -ok t dii-tiityuiiln-d [ mt, and wan badly wound* d, but h n now, w?- uniJtri-tand, recover* d. He wan the princijnl aid to ibe c* 1< litntf d I'r* iffnitz in lb" r<tah!i*liin* nt of ihc yat wat*>r-nir*' institution at (irH'-lrnbtinr, and i* ?nntid*,rrd op*'?I tin* abb-t di o| iliht ryrtoni on lbs continent. II would be a n>?>t admitubls parson to t I ? inty** *.f a mmd-ir ii'Mitutti n in Out ct nntry. Ilf nmict li ie r*com. noadtd in lb*- brat trim**, by mine of tit*- Iti^li* t n m?a in Kur*?i"* n Bt.aavwtKisr.Ss n.iv.? A benefit for tliie I.* in vol* i.i ii.tliiulioo * ill I*- givrn nt '<.bio's Inn n*nitty. Wr tiu-t .4 if*i?sr*<u? and bbrr 1 inind I luklii- will lib. rally conifibtt'.r iunid '.utliiv |trji * ' ticfby ihtlUuti"?. A New Fiscal Aoenct?Wall Street and Bi'mccmke in the F k d.?W o does not recollect (he glorious timet ot the old United States Hank, when Wall street was but a Bti|>endiary of Nick Diddle, and jobbers, ed ors, currency, commerce, and the elections, were ruled and directed by the monster 1 Who does not remember the fierce, savage and protruded war which it made ag tinst Old Hickory and the peop'e, and the universal , panic, ruin and distress which followed its ignominious defeat! What became, then, of the nrn | Blotters'? They crept into holes and corners?they j denied their master as bluntly as .St. Peter, and admitted that a bank was an ''obsolete idea," and a nuisance. But with the election of Harrison, the leeches of the old bunk were on the ground?the diied skeleton of the monster was galvanized, and wanted but the scrape < f a pen to return it to full vigor. But they could " not head Captain Tyler;" and bank, whigs, jobbers, pensioners, and hucki iters, all fell together. This time the monster was bel eved to be dead 1 and damned, soul and body, forever and ever. And so it is. But a-< half a loaf is better than no bread, a substitute hiis been proposed. Wall street hnd Buncombe ure in the field. The H<#i. Thorn is L. ClingRian, of North Carulin-J, in a letter first published inu paper without a circulation, proposes a new "scheme of a national currency." Reduced to its simplest form, lie proposes to establish a free sysU ru of bunking throughout the I in'ed States,oil the fuith of the public stocks. Mr. Chogmun is from the Buncombe district, famous for rocks of the secondary formation, its mineral springs, pine shingles, and buckwheat cukes. Having secured his re-election to the House, and having th leisure of the summer upon his hands, Mr. Chug inn, emerging from the woods of Buncombe, has been for some months engaged in the inspection of the factories of cotton und politics in the North. He bus been initiated into the mysteries of the Albany junto? the secrets of the money changers?the i science of stock-jobbing?and Buncombe is in the I field. Mr. Draper, chief of the forlorn hope in behalf of Carl Wibbut Washington, has found his , nmn; and the topic of a conversation over a bottle of wine, has become a great national measure. Evirybody is wondering that the wiseacres of Congress did not think of it before. But the scheme of Mr. Clingman looks suspicious. It has the sulphurous odor of Wall street all over it. The hoofs of the old monster stick out, though his tail is coiled up in his breeches. Feasting, /Vfing and lionizing, a juicy dinner at the Astor House, and 1 lie four of our public institutions in an Alderman's carriage to the Penitentiary, ure lurd to be resist, ed, though all for Buncombe. There is some thing of a plot at the bottom. The' pensioners of the old bank, who, after betraying and murdeiing their master and benefactor, have pined away to skin end bone, cannot sturid it any longer. Twelve years fast is long enough. It w is the fath? r of our present Secretary of the Treasury who was President of tin- Schuylkill Bunk when it broke down; it was Mr. Meredith's collector at Phil-j. i. u:_ .. i.? .. .. :.u ,i.? -j luucij'iiia vwiu uii'ac u|i n mi inc-v?iiuiu tuntrni , i it was this last s| pointnif lit, and others like it, that ! contributed to the late whig defeat in that city. Ilut ! still this does not prevent the conspiracy. We ' may expect all thefe men, and all those wh# fatJ tened ' n the old bunk?all who were bought or bold, whether for live, ten, or twenty thousand, or j for $T:2,7<:5 H7J? to go for the new siheuie. Mr. i Clligmnn only lifts the curtain. The scene shift! ers are behind The treasury is nnold cow, whose milk is too rich to be lost. The scheme of .Mr. 1 ('lirgrnsn tu but tin- firsf movement. Fuss if, an I n bi.nk comes next in order. i?orneh'>w or oth -r | the stock-jobbing brotherhood must yet into the tressuiy. Let us have, then, the billof Huncoinbe. 'i hi n the purlieus of Wall street will become the alleys of the Sacramento and Sin Joaquin; the | very tide-walks will be richer in gold than the i nones of the desert; bank paper will increase by millions; everything will go up, tip, until the explosion, when a bankrupt law will wind up the Fki.i.oxv Fi ei.inos?Haiijioads and CraaitNi v. | ?The I'lniiilie Id llnnk financiers begin to exhibit a wondrous fellow fet ling for the railroad monopolists i l New Jersey. This is all very natural. Those who could impose a spurious currency upon the community, ran we no harm, morally, in comix Ibng the same community to pay loc il taxes for tr.iv? lling over a State, under the aht|x' of a monopoly. II the State of New Jersey has made a had btrgain with the t'amJen and Ainboy Railroad (aimpony, and the Ltter a good one,"the N'ate ought to St. flier for i's want of judgment. Ia*t it piy t!ie shareholder*. all it has promised ill m, put a pcr.od to the monopoly, and ullow to the whole community the privilege of free travelling and prop-r competition. Jl NKKTriNO at fiUkCKWRM.'* l'.v.ND?When tl ? new system ol government was established tor lUackwell's Island, oue reason alleged for the change wns, to put nn end to the system of junkrtlii.o I'.irrii il i n lit the i. land. We nre sorrv*. how ever, to lee, under the present Governors at this valuable criminal InMitution, that the junketting i? continued an ridiculous, as foolish, ami ua ea;?-nsivt as over. If they do lay Heide win** ami strong drinks, th<y seim to make up for it in the eatug di licsries of the season. Tun Kami or tiib Amebican Issnrt'T*.?We I give daily reports of the eights ami doing* nt this interesting place, and shall continue them hrietly to the end. Hut we mutt h ive a word to say up >n the whole sflair?a word of truth and soberness. There are many good things tnd curious invents ns exhibited at the l air, mixed tip, however, with too great n quantity < t ridiculous and pr pns1 ten tie humbugs. We thnll postpone our j'ist criti! cism of the whole subject, until the Fair is over. Klfilo'a Sieva <)|>i rn Com pn ny. This operatic assretatiou will be sowpossj of the Miosis* persons and Interests actio* as joint msiiager* and *t< rkholdrrs : ? 1. Mr. \V. Mblo. who will fornt'h the theatre, tbe t s the d' rVi sp?r? the advertising and ttltl printing 1. Mr kty, who will furnish tb? eastusiM and music. j 8. Me> ete B< nsdet tl. Roasl and Slf norlna Trulll. whs Will fur nib the singers, b?lng themselves the chief; put ally, also. Signer \ ita ss barytone, Stgnor Vlettl as second t? nor Mgnora t'arantl <11 VTta jo<) Mslatts 1 Ice. a* contralto an 1 the chot u' ?e? Ths Intention of tb* company is to begin early in the next month, nnd to slog twice s week (in place of ths > nilUh tri uj.r wUeli I* now at MMi r Rardrn) till thr t eayrmrnt wl'h tbe Karri* rball him cI(im4. Thi* tr.^api nirl'f *111 br eonrludrd at thr rnd of ItrermbT i H t tan iil(Ui lntrrd< d will br tbr Wrdm?dayt and lal?rdi;f. Thar w f 1 br I'nma) la anln fClcrtlon. Return* ?d tbr majotltlr* In thtrty-*ia enunti** f >r j rlthir eandldrtr fit < anal ' rinti>l**lcarr, Larr been rr- [ celn (1 ab'rli Mitn rp a> f. Mow* : ? VajoHlIrr for flanble d-morrat. 11.709 ' y.ajoiltte* tor bullrr. ablf Wild i atliMr ?T > ad fit Knllrr, *0 far 7 4b*> ' I br l,?al?laturr wtil will Ihi dimoeratlr, In both : braarbr* J br Si nataby on" majority; tbr llotue. by tamty or a.era. ff|im llnH Inlr lll|>rnrr. I'aira f'at*r?..?Taortinn Th-rr will br an arr??al>'r llnir tbl? aftrrnnon at. tbr I nlun I .mr?r. In llrr i ?? MartinR t?r a *wrrp*taha of fMHt mllr brat*, boot thnrlnflrr tpvrOlli ?a<nn* '? hr?r bnrar* are from >m#ik. N J . and tbin will br tbrlr flrrt appaarane* i n a tarr noniar. Tb'tr will, aim br annthrr ir ittlnj D all b ? r ftto two mll<. hi at* In h*rnr?* hrtrr-ntai n?(t* ?Wo m ?rr won a |>nr*r Thr trnMln f will ramin< her at olc o el< ek and ro d rpurt I* cxp> etrd. Clljr lntrlllt(?'iir?. bn in n lit *t mi hi nn ??V Ho; n ?t,a?t rrrnIr ^ a alri m wr* th'"* n orrr thr WMr i /mi rntloa *ittl! n at tbr llroadwar l|nu*r by onr ot thrir number n tii R wit li an arridi nt. from wh.eb tbr rhanera arr litty to onr ayait.M hit lifr. Jo*in Wry a drlrRatn fr >-n tin Hr?t raid who fcrep* thr lllrowre e ,rm r < f star atnl Vs Ml* Hall *lf?et* *a taUloR with *?mr fririol In tbr bar rioru aim** natur rr r ind not a?errtal.t, rrdlliy b?i rn ll? lark and w' with raeh oth-r. tin vt ay trll toridrr It on Ma bar*, and ?* rrndrrrd lat> nnblr in* ipiro ?*< ( uad tn br trrloaaiy Injnml. ! i.r W ix d * a* nt I r and alao Dr tlrrr. who rendrr. i til tvriy ??l-IMirr in th'lr p iwrr, but *tat< d that j tin rlain* id II rnvrtv war Tory *mali Inderd iiml ] that if lir did rifimr. hr wold br brd rldd"n Half I nnpiit'ly (arniyfil ffi'in th- miadlr ?f tbr *<?tnr , t(i?uia>il< I r i ha mrfR. ht? family phy<t?ian, w?< | ?<.biiqoi ntly la at'rndanrr I I.r fr:rnd who wa< tbr iitH tt tin aciid'mt wpt like a ehild. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* The Klt-ctloii In Ohio. Cincinnati. October 12, 1M9. The entire democratic ticket in Hamilton County ii elected, as usual. There w II b< difBc ilty, when the Legislature meet*, in regard to the Senator, and probably In regard to the Assemblymen a -o. 'I he judges in Ave wards or the ei'y dlrugree i, and faile 1 to make a legal return of the votes cast The Apportionment law Is etil the suhje t of contention. The Counties of Marion, Iioss, Pequa, Muskingum, ritrc P pun kiln ...I I l.l!.. , . ?, ..i?ui6uiuu.;, have gone whig. in Highland and Fayette Counties, the democratic Set*'or and Representatives are elected. Copt-land. whig is elected in Marion and Union Co'*. Tike and Adam* Counties have elected Taylor-democrat)* (?) by 200 majority. Guernsey baa elected u democrat by 200 majority. In Prtble County, Hawkins, whig, lioa been elected by 475 majority. It is believed that the whiga will hare a majority lu the I.e, Ilia' lire. Hi ftous It lot ut. St. I.oitlo?Ttic 1'acilic Ilallrouil Cuitvelillon?II* uliliuf ihe City, kr. Sr. Lor**, Oct It?P. M. A ft rirus riot occurred in this city on Tuesday evonia.' Juet, between the crews of the steamers llaldee aud Kirella, during wh oh the rna^e of the former., and several others, ?ere sever*ly wounded. From the interior, *n learn that much interest is < manifested in favor of the Pacific Kuilrcad Convent* n. which will be largtly attended. We have hid no d* atbs by cholera to record during the past week, which Is the. flr.-t we* k that has escaped since January last. The dista o st ill lingers along the towns ou the Missouri river. The interments for the i week were ?0. of which 21* were under 5 years of age. The weather is cool and pleasant. Tile SI ranker'* Fever. CHaSLKSTon, October 10, 1849. The Cautirr of this morning publisher the olHcial report of the hoard of Health. They aunounoe eighteen deaths by the stranger's fever, dming the week ending the 6th instaut?eight of them Auierioaus and 10 foreigners. The cases are mostly confined to the ho pitul. The Couritr does not disguisa the fact that the | disease prevails to a considerable extent, but states that it yields to medical treatment. The htenmer Oambila. Bosror, October 12, IS 12. Tbe steamer Cambria, from New York, ?nlnd?' Halifax on :lie fth lust , having tailed Jroni tbo former port on tbe 3d lust. I Fire In l>aiigor< I Boston, October 12, IS 19. A fire occurred in Bangor, Maine, on VVedunadiy morning, which deftroyed Mr Stilokluud's block, con tainlng Titcomb'a jewelry store, Hughes' bookatore, Curtis & I'erklns' apothecary store. and Moran's clothing store. The loss war estimated at about $30,000' about half of which in covered by insurance. The telegraph ofiice, and siveral lawyers' olBcee. were alto buret. The Court of Api>enl?, Burrai.0, October 12, 1349 Tbe argument of No. 14 in the Court of Appeal* ie eonclud>d. No. 33 hue been commenced - S. A. t'oote Kiq., for the uppellant, and J. L. Tulcott for respondent. The Court adjourned at 10 o'clock, until to-morrowi for consultation. No. 33 is still on argument. JHurkcts* Nkw, October 12,lfiiO. lbs sales of cotton yesterday amount* d to 12> bales. There was nochaDge iu prices. The demand for c <11 -e i ie increasing, alxtesu buudred bags of Itio cotfee were sold at x*, a bj?c for old crop, an 1 ! c fir the new crop. '1 Li re is no ro w crop now uttering under V '^c A large cargo of cotton was, yesterday, t.akeu for Liverpool at $1 87>?. 'The llrst lot of new was redirect to-day. Burnno, October 12? 0 P. M. The receipts of produce since ye terday w. re. d'.>00 bble Hour; b 000 bushels wheat. The m-rket for dour was rather depressed on account of the d alers waiting (or details of the *l< amor's news. The salts reached about 1 0L0 Lbt? oom.uon Stale auJ mixed Wh steru. at s.4 60. In wheat li e i. arket was lirui, but dull The I sales i nihiace 4 100 bu'hels of IlliuoU uml Wisconsin. 1 on terms not understood. In emu the Di*<*kol wsi not ! so active, hut without change to notice, f reights for . lloUi to .vlViauy Oic., eUeat, llo., anil cot u VC. Ai iiant, October 12 t P M. I Receipts ( f produce by canal yesterday, were: ? flour, ' 8 CIO bbis : whi at. $.0vo bushels; com. 17 ooo do . bar- l ley 21 000 do. The market fur flour was steady but uut 1 active. Sab9 embrace 1 500 bids ot straight State an I Western brands at >4 C2 a $4 76. Wbeut? ( here w is a fair mining demand for prime qual'ty, with sales of l 2POO bu liels of ( at $1 '21. (lorn?Cora was ! tot so active, but without change to notice. Kales of 8.0(0 bushels mixed Western at ?6>4 Barley-Sale* of | 33 000 bushels were made, including two roarej, at 63 a 6lo . and four rowed at 62c Oats ere in moderate inI qnliy end sales of 4,000 bushels hare been made at 38% aSVjgo. $aie* of 100 bbls, whiskey were made at 1 about 2Ta. Shipping liitriiigcHre, luaai.ssr *, Oat 9. j Arrive 1?Ships II Allsa, Barriet mil Augt sta, S<, Bolnii. I THE WEEK'S NEWS. I T1 ? ffrA7y lleraU will b* published at niue o'clock Vte rr.clr.s It ~lt1 AAutuU smA-vw r.t Vi air lata ea atlnw and valuable natter, tha following UONTKNT*. | "nc month lilir none from t'alilornia, im'lndinx ln'-art front our on n riirwep .ndente and etiravte fr. m the t'a'iforuia pre?e i?Oaa week latrr from Europe, r??civoi l>y the t'?1?d< ria;?I> i>< riant from tli* r?t?l >n of tha Halt Laka, Ilia Mormon a 11 It ment a, ku , in the Far Writ! nr*enlration of ti e *o?txitii'.nnt of the new Slave " Ox R? tola! lot. ery moveinrnla ia Canada ; eatraord nir.ralireia | t?i tl a Canadian reopte, In faror of anaeiatlon to the Uai'' '1 Stntea I'nxtirglara nf the teri ihl iflota in Phil td'.lphia;? II a lain tt' uiatidonr Storm, ami ita dWaatfoui etfecte on the land uud at tun; wretk af the Bxiliili trie St. .toha. and leai of amra than one hundred lit*a Lauat aena fina IVrn, Rio de Janeiro, Vrnexncla. {'annum, Nuaraaoa. ti e Wa t Indira, he. Itnmeatle aaara: elertioa roturaa, ki It" l.ettera from W aahinal in ; I'ditortal nrti ilea. o| on a variety of >?t; polltleil uiun iti ia IhD city, th< nirival and nuaical at.iim, pollen relurea, ta |-"Mn*arrial matter; the moarr market, eity trade report, mar'ant alee*here, ahip newr, ke. Arnual Mibaerlption, M : single ttcplea, 6', eeutf. Nit III rnnitxlnid valtli Tnate ?Trn thot*' and edit rinl notiee" nrittaa hy th h *t li. ' trr tll-n' to Il ia reentry, new in th" ininii ? ?f KNii.V the tl.ntv", I'.-n lotion 'left at an the fart that tha <|ii-ility, nj'eand dorahillty ot hie llata, er? iine?e*lled. while hia pric?? ia a11 flieiten Ittatj par cent leva than any ether toaoefactnrer el out. Cute rjirlir In the .tlMlifnpr Inn el Rnrrt a a.? rati f tat. I 1i"i aman n'reet dad* U la ly imp .rtine h'a r<? matetialafrom wvil known Kofp?in h n?-?, neoidiai the m> r.i pniy ef M iter iirn't rapilal -la, lol ia >neM*4 to evil ea aood a Hat lor S3 Ml aa can h- had in ttroat <ray fvr S' Varnetk't Four Dollar Hate are Not yanr III-eheped, neennth, enaree, kalf-f niahed looting (lata, j eaMaieely >ttu m He adetf, ifMlla loadael ethernim . well dr'"o,l na'teo ve. I.nt tewai a a> lo lor lh? Wan el eel tb?if tvadel. neetwre eed e!n> (ln>eh V ikim i rdiitmanlah them. Well arqnalated oa wo ar* with th-m, oeeor- ' thvlv-a tav am ?t Inn. a a?tva< Ivaa tan- I at. tha mmil*<t lea- ] ptovnnve* r?l ihited in th< nprcaran a of the pare!.,,-or. " A ien more of ike eainr ? r " can I ohiainad at 40 Br >adnay. Alt Inerttlolia tlirinlat han on Kt hlliitlnti at the Pair. No. r<;, a f reparation trhioh la d >eth to lie t- to ,<a ai d eo< kroa. h?e. Be Mylaa It " Lyon a Ma eetie Pnwd r," led nairaata it teai*atn.iaata three peMe laatan'er. Aim trjra-ctrrd aa hying e<ie%lly aeraaa ia Tata and mo a. I hold at No i'.'ii Uroad*ay. | To nil ea ho lit It itinjr ronaern, drafting ? NR"I>K ?, l*t Fnlton atre< t hea a moat aaleraiea enaertm ,t nt Iteota Sh< a, tleitvra. flipicra, KnM,. ra, kr f .r lal frata aad ehildim, af the I < t inalltinr and aiylea, n In ,l> , t aa1 i<< f < lic iper ll an :it, he pm< to a<'d <o,i ?i , I-, a |. i t of retail. faen Taylor will not Halt New York title j fall- hot that la to ratnon why thnae who want mally ?' ?! ' Boot a ek< aid eel ge ta W ATS IVS, III I niton atroet. and cot i a pair. Aa Mr H n i iiTui tnrra all hia on* wort, tad a-lia it? eoMiti an tra?h, J nr< haa. id < >n he anra of *<tllni an jh ar- I to Kr aa w ill riva n'i-factl n. v 'ran. ra Ioom Lb- <r rae ?rnre?, ran have their llowta vat to an) pad of the I n; tJ State*. j Pure nieachtil Winter Oil, trnrranletl to httin fret 1? Ihrnnf'i the roldaet winter nlfht, van tw had at j only alt otillllr ata p. r railon. at A Ml II" d Tra and Aarar Pt< < e. eat re of Otrleti n and Rldrldya a tract a. and 2M5 tirand an .< a- nd ; ' i,? r. I The 'Frrotltid In 1 ontlon, lit Old Tlmea. ataod hoh re tha atnree, eryin*. " Whai II yon Imyl ' The 1 nrnapapi ra do all that now. 1'of nample, one limi n ill In - I f??tn Ikontande that tho obeapeat boot at ore in tuna la | JuMI'i, I# Ann atraaat. t llootn. Hoot a, t lrrn|i llootn ?Yen, they err rioap Itonta - III ta tha' nrr worth $7. are roll >a ttie curiae ?f Na?'.in atro for Si M? rr Oalf SI I Ml. ?<rth fi Ml and waterproof Roota and .dtioea r inaliy Ion; Overahoar, of all klndr, e<t?allr low. . Thr (inrt rmnriit Jrwrla tlint were Altaian her" been foend and rrtarned ?The National l'?liaa II iirtt* Of thla n eek haa, h., Idea morh ot',?r I mat'vr, the I. ihter fr- to Mala, hi f all' n. rho f of tha r I. t nt <an Trio' ta?o; toe Ttlal of the Canftdanea Mir: "n eatenadiac eftiala oe the llrvanda of Arkaaaaa. Oiliva, lh Naaaao att.i t. Unll fottf MMk _____________ llMftntfnllnn l-Vrw Km In lAklnifMlit* Poftfiii* i,n am*. * ?,r, ?np..f. ( til. I t? -*f?? r ? ?n I'iflii, thi hri' i h* 5 nl ? t P. l,?nmihM.? phi1 ?M|tM* ?fh?n??. I Oitiril i'?nl f"r N?? V'.rV, K. H I I K, M* II %l>i*y, 1< hi r* ?P'iiv.ciii ?f thi* novel tuvi'i i n ji? iiiniiarl. V. B. I'm in' r> Himlnvai Ulin'i klmnnur K fir I WO, ? r.'?4r, tni f?r ml? h? ill the hnobMllnrt. anl 4 1 hm Afkoy, rrih-ini lli l lir { . I r | ?. I vl'.h rf?t a i hrlnp wuL.n th? h'l lh? mi ni fao'i kill' h in?n w|i| I if# MMiiin l.l. tr te in 'le tctrr I'kiMr'pSi* Boub:?The sc?r|)l??n of thli week will I be fuDnd full of cnuii..! .ibiu nut -r. that will make the wioled tremble l et ?v. \ ..i.o r ! it, belni the nmat raey number j?t published. Ufu la* Fultnu at: ct. i'rioe fly# casta. .By Goods are ready, and I am ready Is I naakv. an elnyant am u'" ill.a it :>l u??t nominal prime For Instance line French loth Frock Cnata SI'1; lioe Paul* from JS to $,i. alio.a or* > It rt??r Coat, a terv hand|n?Kirmni'?r ilia euuiiof boat n. CI. li. CLA .{??, No. ltd ve iiiiain atreeb. ' AVoolltiilliidrr ( ioiltlna,_\Ve It eg leave to I call tl i *iii it ion hi our tiii ,i. woll at citizouj and Iran > isce. lathe lai e ml i| ..t M, ,,'a I D'ler HMrte and l>ra? Tt i < .? n hand st our Friend Itntt'e bli-n*. N I-. JA7 Fnltnti tire t. lit stock o itnpriaca every ttylo aril 1.1- - h at well n? every tiro aid quality, llij pritet. we know, ? wi Le rarely li unit limit with. The Metallic Tabl. t Strop?The Urlt^ln* Jt I article, iutvuted 'y G Sauadera. a Uvorably known to the puMm for the labt teent.t-*ve i??r< can be obt.t. nod tt the i aubeeribi re' atorea, 117 and i?7 Broa- ? ay. A lll.nal diaenuue to wbole-ule raalera. A K. J. 8AUNURK4. ^B 117 Uioildway, enrrtr Liberty tt., and iiS7 Iiroajway. Portable Orctilnn titters -The Nubu'rlberi |H w - in li il a'lti tmu ot thi! piiMte, m i ilealeri. to their Fror'tucht of the ahnvn. ? ? ?h? sreef.'.t "faeilitict fi r n>; nuf'ctnre. the' are e ithd to ofl ,r then at a . much lower prioe tlinn th? lu.p ric I 'u ?Moh t y are in tnany inpn t? rrcfi rul I *. A. & J. SAOfiiE'ts, 147 Bread* uy , c< ri.or I.??>? rt> ?t., anil 3?7 Bread ??r. C<nr> l-ntll> a ore in -1>? > l fully Invited to t iatnire the olio ce sCim !" ><* Corah* a-, thesib?eri' ci>' re; >lie virntj l> tnvu>l ell d?ubt. thn m-atest in the cily, ?ihobi', which ?ill bo f- und the DoubleChoi a p itirru > 11 > - 4-' i ac el red Al?n, cue lui nhtAiue I, oveoy artivlo appertaining to the toilet. A n J SA U ? Drills, 0*7 Urnatlway. between W Iterant Whits tU'on'i. A beautiful Head of HnJr hut lirtn i(i'Oivit In a short time by ti e use of a few buttle' of Dr. 1* ln:<?i't tiiilim I l.n iicciit. It -il't. i. - auil beautifies the .-kin, mid cuti h a I entunei im doea-'-. i h iteiitlc and other t>" wo, ?ii t ' e rt t. nit' htuisre, to"ih m I in ruou li. i'l ..;D. Sold ;u lar.<? bottle i t She. No. I'SO Pt iir.- et., sol l'?4 Broadway. 5,UOO Wit;* mill 'l'0U|M-re ilti ny o<t tin ltd, at the W'i* factory of Uedhnr. t 4 lleird, 17 11 i. *u I lue, v In te inane*' - ai d citism.s a lect from 'tie 1 tri o.- s'ock In tlooDy. I l.ey ?t? i loo n t.r?t:mihiiip, end cotablna til tlio latent ini| i"'iveni'it? A I . l. diee'Di .mo.' >1 J.cir, in great, abundance. Copy the ' hl-u. - 27 Maiden iu.te. Wit;* aittl Tuti|<?t?a-vVe moiiIiI tull tne atuintu'ti of eititene and >o -co, rc i. . < Wij > t'?anets, to u reoent linprov 11 nt ol a on ir 1 iportant el. i. or i [ vented by fc. HllAb'tN wo ivi Ur.? iwrty, cvrmr of ; Dey atrcot, unaor tin franklin flottte. r.tey can bo j- tu at hie Dair Cu'tlim Kmuie. el .re may k? Hri.ojl lid b-fct asaor tuien* in th? uity. I.lqttld (lair llyr. ? I'hulnri'a lni|>rovtd Muffie Dair Dye a new D.'enfoo, to color the llair or IKhtsk'ra the men ent It it applied, without injury to the hair or nine. Oollttncn e..n h?vo ili-ir ? hi kers dye 1 in live minute', at the Difot No. I7H Brond iay, eoruer of Dew I leet. i i"ler the l'mukliti Home. fer bottle. Skt t'l sue, $f. | Itrite, $1 W. l,lqtitd Hair l>ye, to lulor (tin Il.tlr o* KhUktri the mnu ent it i* epidied, without in. try to the j a r Merchant* and tai.oy 't ire keperi should eataalso thla article, aa It i? ' he he?-, la the world. Sold wholeta'e and retail, at hatolielnr ' MTig factory, 4 Wall 'treat; , tnd in Lundon, r.t V.C. DuwinV 11 1'ieoadaly, n-?r '.'t. iautea' L hnrch. Or. F.lholt, Oculist, oil! UrouitAVny, Itir>rma hi' pntienta that hi' odlet hour) are from Klkj t' A t'el ick, oa Unudayt, ?edn..?d.n? and 1'ridey. Dr. S. will T'terit e f. r the rnnr, afi i-r u'chmk. COMMERCUL AFFAIRS. MONEY MARKET. Friday, Oct. 10?C P. M. Tbcre was a slinlit Improveinnnt in the ftn.;k market to-dc-j, but it was not fU'tslned. Soon after the (Iret heard opened, tbe news from Europe,by the Caledonia, i uBie to hand, and wa' rapidly eirettl?t->d thr-,ugh the itrccts, and ch> eked the npward movement In prices. ;! kt the first boatd, U 8. (i>, 13o8 advanced per oeut; S. f'f, lh67, )?; k armors' Loan. ; Harlem. Erie dallro?d Ui Long Island ^.aoil Hudson Railroad 1>4 ter ct nt, kince last tale. At the sreond board, If. 8. i'?, 1867, went tip l< per coot; New lltvcu Railroad wttilu'lluwlnm J ' i?<?r nnnf The ncvipts at the office ut trie A)?llUut Trr-a^urer I this port, to day auinuo'ed to $35,t)di id; payment*. >44 74:) tO; balance. (3 h44 1C4 bl. The news trout K'.uropa doe* not amount to mi;h. mrjt icially. it la ratbur unfavorable; politically, uanfere.vtiug aud unimportant. I ho accounts relative 0 the cotton trade are by no meant satisfactory, but j| hey are more favorable than wat generally antlrilatcd. The bane?t throughout tlreat Uritalu has iroved abundant. and the domestic supply of breaitufT* was likely to b<- above an average. The railway >aulc *>< rapidly spreading, and It had depreciated irice* for the shares of every company many per 0'*nt. ; 'ousels r?matn< d as previously quoted and money was , .bundant and < h< ap an 1 ?asliy ob'a'ned on goad seou- \ Itlea. \t hat the result ut the panic among hildor* ol ail xay iharts will be. it is at present Impossible to deertnlue. lu relation to thi Eoiton stock market, the TrmctlUt aj?:? l here is every indieitlnn that the railrokd dividend* v ill be le-v f ail they ba?* be -u on a,one n| tbe priuoial reads wi.irh Is probably- ne of the causes of the I irpresslon in the priees or nearly all Mauy person' j ire ol the opinion that tbe rates of tiarel are allege- | hi r too low l r the inter--t of the stockholder*, and tat, it ai'y thing |ih? toe dividend* which have be.m 1 ade are to bn i-ii,?ot?d f,,r the future, there m i(t be I change lu tbe rate* 11 >ar* the stock m?rk>t ha* presented ti.e aar dull aid |epr?ssed state that ee bad ocra-lon to notice lu our a*t i-port Bank st ick* are the iu?*t iu demand fo: in i i ton n' though mauy of iheue are very low iu com/arisen with their iutriusic value All the railrovdire io but liltle request Uovtmi aid Vt'oroesUr. 'J lull, but little i tiering it stun aud vlaiae, 103. Orm It rate in 101 X- jolt null, I'rovidi uoe &)>?, I title doing I ii mint and gw very dull; Vsrmou eutial 4tS, tut uiu'iifeiaand; Ogd-iu-burg '44, s-nat ' mand but Orm, Old r oiouy la\, Ira; Nortberi. i. >4 dull; I herb ire lt)?4 dull; i astern par, and n?l l i rli Inquiry. The e aie about ail the railrov 1 steels n * bleb any tbiug ra doing aud a very poor exhibit on t Is t"t UtO:b who are destrnu* uf selling, parllcul u t.? o whi n more than three mouths of ibe next dlviderd ia bat elaptt d. 1 he C'snrr unW Fs^virrr, of this morning, conlair* i lot g litter Inn the llou. T L. ('lingular*, a wh g nsniher ol Congress from Nurth C'aroltuiv, to Mr. ittiifou Prapet. of this city, lu rcla'inn to the rstahiUthint tf hunks In d.ff-reut parts of the country, f >r tic ; ue f bills based up >ri goversment stocks, or fur tn -sue of Trrarury notes to incorporated bank*. or plate lankr r*. upon a deposit of government stock* wiJi b? Srcretary of tbo Treasury Mr. rdliugman ha, iibabiy. bei n made the rbvuuel for opening or_h-in(rg tnrwsrd this (ir.aucial srbeine, so ac to enaMo Sfj. ^ liredl'h to follow it up in his annual r?p irt to Octrees. It Is a whig llrianersl <ch*me thr-ugh ?ut, anl luells strong of the I nlted Slate* Daufc-too much ro f o tvcclve any aid or support from any but the ui it ilria pcition of tbat patty It Is nothing more thai ,o enteiing wedge fur the revival of the oi l bankirg y-t* m of tbe party. In proposing thil *f?fens, v* i* indications of an attempt to revolutionise '.be listing Snsncial system of the government, tombsit the ohjvet of ths lud- pendent Treavury, sod o snhstitute a paper c rreoey. reeeivahlc ani {< or -able by tbe Treasury of the government, for die 114 and silver rrquired under the present system it ? en Invidious way of flooding the country with a \ jper rurreney. and th- result of tbe move,n,nt H nrrled tn th- extent r> nl- melafed will be ssrnci m l Imf* ilni'u totbii'i thlnll characterl! 'I lb* f the lotted Stntea Dank Ry tlia lawa of tha Stale ? I Nrw York, prlrale bnikira are prinKled tu iMt inter upon tha <l?p It < f I nlted H al<-a at <eka wtth ( hat mptflltr, an<l t' 'a noti-a art a-. nefe and eau farntnhed to M great attestant by tha hank i a i-l aakarf nf thla State a though tltay ?rf? l?auid by lha ecrelary of the Treasury (.> hauka in all pari* of thn ounlry. Bnt a< State l.auea It n>ay not l>a policy to <lt?rlmlna'e and make them r relrabte for gnrerum"nt ua?. hence tha tdyan In hating tha Secretary af tha rna-nry bane tha noter np<in depnelt of almllar aeeultl< a. Title plan la n?t a raw ona In Wall aticat, and If h? ronroctorr of thla erhrrte had applied -n amua whig I'niber of I nttgreaa naart-r home It would hare lookd much batter, and mm h U?a Ilka being miaufaeuri d tor tha benefit of tk-< Secretary of tha Ti aa ? ury Mr t lineman la p-ohably not awara tkat he aa hern tired by the wire pull-ra of Wall atrret f t . urh a purpose but te will aooa find out that aueh 1* fie raae. The apita i >n of thia ti >o. upon the art f ?. i aral ho | r'aat s . . ! i ,f n ea' 1 B do the whig party any g <d It can hare no hope ot todifylng the Indopendent tna-ury act, hut by Introuelng t p an by which the it.a of g dd and Hirer will b* artlally done awar with, thla obtained oth r modlfiea. on? "ill ' o n foil r and tiltimataly we i-hall Rn I 1 t? d hunk dep It. I ink paper ayetetn In full b a t an I ! rtimtiry of tba Country luBated to an enofinour vt? tit and all the el*to* nta >>f epectil ?'l in a 'ain In acre opt ration. Tbla will ha the rneult of thla Inei 11- . 'to vi mi nt. If it i* n i tulip ei,> * I u>, I nipped in . le hnd Thia in cleatly \1r Meredltb'a financial ?y?r.i and we nrniat be pr. paiel to eee It ajroca'.c.l at tgth In the breretary'a report. KtiM'k ICCt haitgC) )1 M t ?tf. a -n. H", I - -Im t . ' I in ' ' ' Mat do, ia III bat a, kltaa la 'Ml do aid III Rant Re) b; rk jl't iiaat do "M Icfa C* do n" H l>f * f MM |l , I "I (I It, | jJjV ' r*nn< ft a l"l ii . ,,.1 i ?? l.ri> 7? l> '?< # l".l *<? it . il l iiu ii# ?? ;.' h vi h T k r?rf rh, %.?i w ft f?.t riii-fcift B* !'l I" ll'i lr- i. i;.T ! K'l W ' il * HI W 15 7,, II r?mtid'lr?it V4 , Ami n*r|H7 n . ? *\ .'J 'ft) ?n ffU ft ? !? ? * I .>% |.*? 4, ?. XI III, J I I|,| k >*h RR 121 .>?? aft I, II JII II MM R R kl.H <?l On ?.,) 51 tf" * '? llV 4: ? ?! , ft * rfm W '

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