Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YOKE HERALD.1 Rtrtkwnl <?rnri mt Kulton aiul NenMu >U. JAMK0 ?ORUOII BKNNBTT, rHOPRIHTOR (NlJ KDITOR. NOTICE TO CORKKSTONDKNTE. tOLUKTAR T I UK R T.ShnSn KSt'K, mot,mini important > ??/ , tolirilrd J'rom .iwy quirter of th* world; if oord, wtil b, Itbtrullu vuid fur. IT KMX OK ( irVjSTKIllUKNCR, of mil iorf, or, iho tolurttd. NO NO'/'/l'lC lukm of <iuonf?tout oommunirntitiu. Wk.i it/vcr iv intended JT iuurrtiou mutt be nuthc/itiente d by (Ai h-'WU ,int' .ddrett of thi writer; rot nrcrnu > iiy for public, i tiom, but m * yuar.i itfyj Mr yd f*\*h Wo jannot return rejected commit nicn tiom. TKIttift, KT( illEi)All.\ ftnKAH) Th rtt ' i CC, * y? i < */? - 7 poi < mt u ??. THE MitR SiSO EDITION itjmbi"Aru .?/ H >'> lock, A ii n ml ditt'ibvt*c before brtu ; rno $mt iRTKRMHJb KDITIOS m n b.. h ud of th* y ci i o i lot k, ?- i. if the second at 3 o'clock. /' w. rhK tl b.b.Kl.Y, for eircM/ition on (all c ?/iuuM. i? j/h btuhco cm i/ So turd y, 1 fut* ? r er tXperonuurn; for circulation in Europ. <ii" printed u t re nch a tic Rnylith, of ul4 cent* p*r copy, or tl per * tin tit/i , the Latter i/rii c to iut ludt th' uoit.tigo. rilh. I)* <1.1. A K fl'KI'.M i IIKHALI) rvrry Montluu, 3 #?f? ? ?..*?. $1 urr ,i ./mm; .ij- iiyot f? i-l'iai, 4*r? (ft jit ,i11 in 7ai- Pn'/ir llo il l *lH iot contain o ,,y miller poMirSrit in the M eekly II. raid. II I. t.L'. I'JKJib by mail, I 'r outer riptiane, or -.till adrortiu <o< n't. h. I" Iioit p id, or lh, pu.ttiyr mill V? dcduel,atrom 'h* ?..??< t remitted. All! LK IISHMH.I IS ( m,. u-ea . per, mammy, and vubliidrd iii the morniim and afternoon elitione, mid in ?U rrtr i.) at reasonable price*; to be written in a plain, nyihU manner; the proprietor not mponeible for errorI In oia nuirript ami's cm km'i'm til is evininq. aomfry theatre, bowery?stii athhorb?shot m mr it c. . hk"ai)?ar theatre, broa4w?y -uitlir yiiill i>m> api. ckamiik. m iiii.o'k gakdrn. uro?iw?r? La tnu c???rnt?? - iilitri lb. ftukto.n > theatre. < li.iab?r> ?a purr man > i'r mi. w >ti ? -itrnon J i * t r a ?'I'm k plat you n? ivnorv nlf yum dikhtjh*. ma1tonai. tiicatiix, clif.tliani nquaro.?jna?y tim if a ii i a t* i i a i iv? t? Thi ivk?--mut < ta aid Child in loimc m' kl.l . o..ympi ihiatkc r a4w*y-*joh<? ?oin-Tii caiimi thi r aihmr?ihkommiua. ik hamis it acl?; kaiiry'i minatrli.a?v?tad? Mcai?ai.( ? Ethiopian hineitu .uin ese muheum, tat l>to?4w?y?yr?n? ? a. u. to 19 p m. '. binbsr assembly rooms?ms. m acallist ab'i iiiihka.'* mallllltr WKi.Cil'S (titr l'li?o?. ? Eur i*1 m ah rnafoHMAnem. tc N*v? Urk. Itloi.-ituy, Oi'lnlitr 13, IMK, Our I'onifjii Correspondence* Wi* particularly recommend to our renders the foreign correspondence in this day's sheet?the letters from l.'urope and California, particularly tite eloquent and iqilrit-Mirring epistle of Marcus, in 11 cur Eurojiean cor respondents. They will all repay perusal Culm and tire United stales? In Tract loin of Treaties. Within a few months p.?st, and since the ssbjeet f the annexation of lite Spanish island of Cuba has formed a topie of discus -ion in our newspapers, a ltd amot-g our people, throughout the country, the Iocs I .urhorilieB ot that island, acting, no doubt, undr r s< nie foolish and ridiculous directions emanating tri m the government at Madrid, have gone out < t their way to annoy the United fcstutes, and to throw obstacles in the way of our intercourse with tin.t island, as it is guaranteed by treaty stipulations between the two nations. Those obstacles and annoyances, amount to insult, and nearly. If not quite, to a violation of our tii at> stipulations, and demand the prompt nttentu u o! our government at Washington. Thus, for in. tui < e, when the American steamship Ohio touched at Havana, on her l*.-t passage to New C tli <ns, she was forbidden to enter the harbor, sno wus compelled to remain near the entranae, in a i.attow and dangerous piution, for a certain number of hours, thereby forcing her to incur the ruk ot being wrecked; for, it a norm lud arisen wbde she was thus lying, she lud either to cut mo inn, or shipwreck and los* of life might h?v? been tl ? consequence ol obeying the in tilting tit t et. A* our intercourse with the island of Cub*, through our ocean steamships, is becoming li? t,Lt i.t than it ever * ??, and as our coin* merer with the inhabitant* ot that island is incrcaati g Tf ry yt ar, it i? the duty of the cabinet at Washington to act j>romi>tiy and decidedly in the latter, and take measure* to obtain a revocation I these ridiculous and annoying order*, or, lor lb* ir audacity uud insolence, to punish the'n. liui diie i? not all. Wilkin a few month*, ano^ tin r a' Mird am! ir-ulting order h .s been i: *ued by the ( ?ptain>( lest ral id Cuius, prohibiting, under ae\r r?' penalties, the landing of American n-wap.ija t Utetatute, which has heretofore entered tlut leUitd as br< ka or any other r riband sr. l'.y thi- t itler, the proptit tors of newspapers in the United States arc deprived af a portion of their rights under treaty, and the people of Cuba, who paid their money in advance for those journals, are depm i d ol their pro|ierty, in violation ol all principles of justice. Now, the only object which the court of Spain, or their ngent, the Captain-General, can hate in view in thus preventing the introduc. lion of American nt wepajwrs into the island, is to limit, as fur as pn-sible, the intercourse between Unpeople sntl those of the UnilfdtStaten?an object which cannot be accomplished without violating treaty stipulations. It is foolishly intended to ketp dow n snd repress the revolutionary spirit of the inhabitants; but if the hold of f?(<?in on that .It.iuthi'a 011 v- -l r 11 fliL 1?? wllnm-irf U'. rh,villi! s?y thut it will kon be broken, and the connection between it and tlir mother country, of a political character, irvrtcd. It hat another effect, also? it curtails the commercial intercourse between Cuba and the United States, which they themselves admit is more exten-ive than it ia with any otlorfoieign country, and from which It follows, as a consequence, the greater part of the Spanish revmue is derived. The umount of our trade with t it i-hitnJ u*. a (tiding to th?ir owu official returns much larger then wiiti ar.y othercouutry in ti e ?' iW, with th single exception of tSpain hrin if. These "utt'f re in council," therefore,have an ii'juiH . a tenchr.ty. not only towards Spain, but lowatds tfce 1 niied Mates. As regard* tie it.undue! < u of Atnercan newip.i,ris, tin |ii i. hi;.on ts fooli.h. We, nnd the newf, lprrppM of 'lie United* generally, laughed at . d ildn ?d the hite abortive ripeditio i ; lor we : f *? t.-flrd that the i?lainl will 0-verbeinn ml to th* United States in any but a legitimate and r T'tnti'>n*l minner. Audit would be well fur Spain to take the subject of parting with it in th t way. into set' us consideration; for part With it she tnu-t, oneway or another, bi lote many years. Hy disposing of it now, she c*n get a fair cons.deration for it; but l*t her dels), and ihe Cubans themselves will in Hue t me wrest it from her by force. In such an event, she would not receive s dollar. Oar government is rmdy at any moment to enter into negotiations for its wlr and transfer, and ilir cabinet at Madrid bad better take advantage of auch feelings before it be tow lair. llut these absurd mtt* mpta to interfere with the intercourse. b'-twoea that island and the United Ptatee, in violation of treaty lift ween the two countries, muat not be tolerated. Mr. Clayton, w ho seems to have a pmrhont for dabbling in our foreign relatione, might wipe out dome of the stigma w hich attachet ta him for his blundering and blustering in our relations with France, il be would wake up the Spnnlsh Minister at Washing* ton. His hicellency M Calderon dr la liarca, and intimate to him that the Spanish government and Its sgent in Cuba, muat not do any act inconsistent with the intercourse bet ween that island and tbe United Statea, m it ia guarantied by treaty; and ihat the sooner the little annoyances which we hhv* nferred to, are abolished, the b* tier it will be for her at a future dav. Tiif Tkiridad dk Ci ha aadccnoh Cas*.?The Washington Untow hsa been imjioeed iiism The nose of the lady at Trinidad de Cuba, ia p-rfectiy Ime. How correct our correspondent was in the tailo, we know net. The uiiwe of the part/ wan XJdo, we tehe rc. L ' uf * -*r* ? . r - ? ??. 11 ? l-? ??. II ? ! m MM i ' ?' ' II California Affairs?The H???nt Hewi. The intelligence from California,by the steamship Ohio, ia interesting, as an exhibit of the present condition of affairs in the gold country; but more interesting as shaping out, to some extent, its prospects for the future. It gives us a wider l sweej) of the horizon than the mere detaila of the gold washings, and distiuutly raises ths <iuestion - what is to he the destiny o: California 1 ('n ihr western side of the Sierra Nevada, while the mass of tlie population are enuaired in diwrim/ I mid *ifling fur an ounce of dust a day; while the churchmen are building ehurches, and gambling and preaching are all the fashion, the politicians ate shaping tlieir heterogeneaus materials into the elements of a State. In the great interior Basin, we find the Mormons still farther advanced. Praying, psalm singing, and digging potatoes, have not occupied their whole attention. They have erected u state six hundred miles square, whose capital it the N? w Jerusalem, und think thay are large enough for admission into the Union. Meantime the tribulations of the overland emigrants arecoming in. From our correspondence it will lie Been, that toads, fried rattlesnakes, and dead horses are I good picking in the lower deserts, which are not I blest, like the Mormons, with flocks of sea gulls, i nor supplied, like the Indians of the Jiasin, with their pastry of dried crickets. But the worst, we ; fear, has yet to come. The people of San FranI Cisco, learning of the bufferings of the great advancing columns of the emigrants in the Basin, wete devising means for their relief, and by the next arrival w e may expect to hear of the most disastrous scenes ot starvation. But such is the power of gold. If the mines were in the defiles of purgatory, men would risk their souls to reach them, j regardless alike of Bishop Hughes, the Pope, or j the Devil. I A?a in, the ftate Convention of California ap{ pears to be already split up into three parties, with i a sort of Tammany Hall in the ascendant; and the : wonder is, that a people so fur advanced should still , he destitute of their Five Points and the model ur1 tists. One party is strong tor the proviso, but they ! party profess to 1ft slavery alone, as a inatter of no I consequence; and the third clique appears to he j like the cabinet, without any fitted principles whati ever, and depending', hke the cabinet, u|>on lloutj ing capital, the mere driftwood of the political curi r?nt. The Mormons have got the start of thern in ' politics and common sense, in resolving to keep j entirely clear from the dispute between Benton and | Calhoun. Their j?olicy of neutrality is even better ' than that of Mr. Clayton, and they are entitled to j enrouragenmnt, as a people really capable ol oelf j government. The Bev. Francis Hall objects to their admission into the Union, because they are | infidels. But what is the fact 1 They believe in the Old and New Testaments, in Moses and the l'rophets, in S*t. John the Baptist, Christ, and the | Apostles; and, besides all this, they have a testa' ment of their own, and a prophet and apostles of their own, in all ot which they believe, which is twice as much as the belief of Mr. Hail and the I orthodox church. They are true believers, for 1 they believe in almost evpry thing, except the nig, gf roJogy of the Evening l'o?t. They have no faith in that fishy philanthropy, and none in the squash philosophy of Greeley. They are men of common sense, true believers, and sound politicians. But the saints in the city of Zion will take care of tlitniselves. With all these developeinents before us, what are the pros|>ects of California? Some three millions ot gold dust have been received from the mines, and deposited in the mint at 1'hil.tdelphta, besides an equal quantity sent to I']urope. The diggings, pickings and sifiinc* of the year are expected to reach to twenty millions. From the history of all previous gold discoveries, front geological facts, and the fact that the gold has already sensibly diminished, the washings of the Sacramento and ^un Joaquin must be exhausted within five, six or ten years, at the farthest. The business, then, ot extracting the metal from the locks in the bowels of the mountains, will hardly pay, uuless conducted by large companies, with -team engines ai d expensive machinery. What, then, becomes of the swaimol gold sifters? The valley all'ords but little encouragement for agriculture. Oregon his greater in this respect. The gold digi gers. in a few ehort years will di*;>erse?soma to Oregon, Mexico, and South America; others will return, and the local jtopulntion will be reduced to the standard resources and commerce of'the country. The harbor ot Sun Francisco and the Pacific trtde, can alone make California a j>er nr-n. ntly prosperous l-?!ate. it would bo well tor all future adventurers to reflect uj>on these things. California ha? agitated the world, excited the grriteit commercial enterprises; but the gold u din.inishing, the h ver of emigration is subsiding, cm! the tide mils' return. In the meantime, it will hi the duly o! L nngre** to admit the Stale into the l inen, and the m w Moiinon fcitute also. Who ; ipetite next 1 Akiiivsi.s at New York.?The arrival of diatinguih'i.i'd travellers in New York during the litst v. ?< It, bus exceedt d rven w hat we represented on a tenner occasion. It is only necessary to look over the list at the hotels, and particularly th it ot the Ininp House. The Vice President of the United Mutes, S nators, members of Congree-.ot the cabinet, foreign ministers, and distinguished military men, ull crowd to our great centre ot attraction. This metropolis continues to be fuller, gayer, and more wonderful in its attractions, than ever. Imsobtast Oscaa Mo?rnmts.- Tt.s mist has claartd any. All the arrangements havs been completed. Tt.i fashionable world of Nsw York will bar* two splendid opsra during tbs approaching season Let them all- both male and female prepare for greater display-a higher eicltement mure entails delight, than erst has been fell in New York Mat blarrtiek. wboh?- taken thn Astor TUer Hour*, will return fri in I.urepe by the n?*t steamer. hrtng'ng With him bts d?nn?, ho., t a t >ni?h the new world. Kiutl. his tenor. Is hers klaretr.ek intends to open the opera seas' n with a tlrand Concert a', the 1 ,l,i trade, ou the beginning of Nvvambef, at *hish ell his oiInlet will apprar. Tin Opera Meuse will he opened Imiri'itletelj tbereafter, with ' I usia di hammer It <? I f..ll.,t-. ,1 I,v t.l Itrll.i ' tii,l ntllore '1 l.i vtbir Opera fe-ea?/>?- that at Mllt'i bar a'ro completed !( arrangement*. ami will beglu. u.tii-a about the ?abt* tlaia widi BcncdeUl, Truffl ami (there. fcl(Bt r baglnll lurnlih.'.l the tonic ta remit# the mtieio ami i tbrr matt rial". held by Mr. f'rj at tin Actor Mace ili iiie Id tblc ala.r thera will be a cort ot j dot i.. tk mar.afC'iuent. In wlitrh all will aid and a< ?t wi'.h advice Mblo belt* tba Napoleon of the lat I ueli 1* the prp/irmmm* (<>T the CiUilng winter How will It evened ? It there room r?r two grand opera e in | an iec here! Vt'a ebould Dot be eutprlmd If bo'.h aeieto auaceed for a wblio. Society of New lurk 1c n ale up of very curluc, very original, very funny, very aaeltcble matrtitle. People may get mad a pvrfvet tnaala and goto both opeiat, nniof rivalry. ?? pet pie went lact year to ' allf'rnin Ma-etrek tiaa Mi flte-yimr u.luM! re and 2fKl annual, aho taaea i(<eed to li.rrwate tie price i?f c>aU forty p?r ertrt. TLit will put kim on klc lags at onrc Nlblo charge* ffty rent*, but he* a tiewtndntie large bourr to rueae up the aggregate receipt* beeidra Ma own uniirall*<l rklll. The rivalry between the two trwwpev will be eirltiig Wrb.gin already i? funny a) nt It. Prepare, ladiee white aid* rone firth -tm<?. * dart up lle.ivree' whet * pr?epa?t Mr tba pietty young ladle* at d ugly old rveeala ! Atrctaa IN Cttaa ?Tba it* /-t Af otrw of IUt ana of (let 3, contain* an able argument eb<>?logtbealrao> te e to be rletlved fr? an a t allroad to be enn-troe'ed f nt I It n-fuegoatD Villa' lata While it wouldf*eilit*v t've f1 i. mwwlcation ketwe. n the oaeletn oa?t. of tbe I - la d w tk ti e Interior tl would also cborten the amnmnnl0"'Ion will the 11 nlin* nt and the la'lftn I >r h ?e ten be to rionbt the nav gallon between I leafm1(tr ? ti tid th> 11 rl?i t VeiiecuwlM and Ne w (trcna ta Won d hi char 'tthao by linvena r.r i apSt Antnlo I tie rntll i? I ire elira a* having been aheady croimertced. ill I lie pn III, inary ct?|.? of pureuaeiig the neeeeaa-y InoCc i n tl a imite. end It l a- h-e n reeolved to tend In tin titled late* f- r a Innm live The undertaking le rtpnoiiul ?- etm'it. to ka b a My pmlteMe to ad , ll.ote ?lo t,.< > aivl m it. Excitement in the Fine Am?'The Two Unions at Loooeemeadh.? For some time paat, an amusing excitement has been generating among the lovera of the fine arts, and the friends af the two "Arts-Union"?the " American Art-Union" and the " International Art-l'nton," both being eituuted in Uroadway in thia city. These two curious Hnd interesting Unions have been founded for similar pur|>ose8, to aid and encourage art and artists, painting and pointers. The old "Academy of Design" was an institution of the same kind; hut falling into incompetent or lazy hands, it was superceded by the American Art-Union, which has been in operation for a few years, nnd now acts , we believe, under a charter. The International Art-Union in of a more recent date, and whs started by several enterprising publishers arid artists in Broadway. It professes to have a wider range in its sympathies towards artists, and te embrace painters and artists from every |>art of the world?America, Earope, Asia, Africa, Australia, &:c. These two associations are very praiseworthy in their organization and purposes. Unfortunately, however, a very serious feud lias arisen between their respective friends, that inay lead to injurious consequences to art in general. The friends of the American Art-Union, after finishing the old Academy of Design, and thinking to monopolize the field, have looked on the establishment of another institution us an interference with their peculiar privileges, and have commenced, through the columns of certain newspapers, a most furious, destructive and discreditable warfare, on the purposes, objects and efforts of the International-ArtUnion. It would seem that the United States, ; with the vast accession of New Mexico and Cali* i foruia, and the prospect of annexing Canada and j Cuba, might be large enough for both these in| stituiions to bustle in. The American Art-Union, however, cannot bear a competitor or rival, and have, accordingly, let loose, through some news- I papers, many discreditable statements against the character and reputation of the other, for which we believe there is no just or correct foundation. j Tins is.not the way in which we look o? arts or artists' unions of any kind, or institutions esta- . bliehrd for the benefit of civilization or science. ' We believe tlit* pultlie lienrt ia more disposed to like liberal feelings ou these matters, than any narrow and exclusive purpose. The American ArtUnion has benefitted art to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. Why, therefore, should they prevent the International Art-Union from endeavoring to fill up the remaining space, and meet the wants of this growing agef We ?hall look more narrowly into this curious controversy, which we are informed begins to excite a great deal of attention, not only among painters, but that portion of the public who don't w ish to prevent the progress of the fine arts, either I loieigu or domestic, in tins rising country. Visit or the Secretary or War? Inspection or the military Posts In tire Port of New York. The Hon Mr Crawford. the Secretary of War. hai been for the lust few days on sn official visit to this city, with s view to the inspection ef tbs military pests aud defences in the port, preparatory to his report to Congress at its flrrt meeting in December. On Prlday, as we stated in the Herald, be visited the military academy at West Tolnt, accompanied by the I ( ( minandsr in-Chief and General Wool, returning to the IrviDg House in the eveuing. It wae arranged that Governor's Island. Port Hamilton and the other forts at the Narrows, should be visited on Saturday, tailing Governor's Island trst. The troops in the latter fort were ordered by Celonel Crane to be In readiness at a moment's warning, and every suitable preparation was made f>-r the reception of the distinguished visiters. ] Governor's Island however, was not vitited till the return of the party, and the troops there were kept under drill from uime till eleven o'cloclt. At one o'clock one ef the barg-a, which were sent for the aoccmnw uutlon of the visiters, returued with the intelligence that Mr. Crawford had gone to Staten Island ia the ferry steamer. At half p?'t ten o'clock, the Hon. Mr. Crawford, and the Don. Millard HUmore. \ ice.President, aectiupanicd by General Scott, Commandvr-ln-CUIef, t apiaiti McDowell, his Adjutant-General, Captain Hamilton, his aid-do-cauip, General Wool, nnl Lieut. klcLlesn. bis aid-de camp, with Major Delafield, commanding the troops at Staten Island, also General Gartund, proceeded from the Irving House to Whiteball. and toik pa-sage in the Staten Islander f t tjuamntiar, at eleven o'clock. Gn reaching the island, they got on hoard ouo ef the barges of Govei net's It land, whieu they had take* In tow, and bcardid the revenue cutter lying in the riadstead. They then proceeded to the Narrows, end Ti.-ited Port Hamilton, commanded by Major Whiting. Port Lafayette and the new water battery, in pr<Vie-e of erection on Staten Island, this side < f the i Id dh mantled forts hichuiond and Tempkins. This t ea work which Is carried on un-h-r the direction of Majoi Ilulafleld, Is how raised above the level of the water, and Is e seiillally ncceesary te the defence of the Narrows, being the ntily battery now on the Staten Island side, though the channel lies so much nearer to it than to Long island. Of courve such a battery eon!4 t e of no use for d? fence, against an attack from the land side; but It Is all importaut, as completing the defences of Port Hamilton aud Port Lafayette by sea At the?e forts the party wsre recMved with the nsual ralutre and every appropriate honor. IWug on peace footing and all the troop* that can he ?par?d bring wantcil for the Indian warfare in tb? South, there 1* only ( nc company in rarh. and a few gunner*. Tlia <Vj ct of tliv vlait tai not, therefore. *o much to review the troop*, an to inspect tli* condition and aaeertain the capability of the** war put*. Tbey did not rialt Ufillre* laland. At 4 o'clock they returned In tha Staten teland tinnier Sylph, by buttermilk channel, and landed In the barge cn Governor * |?Und, where they were received by CO'lenel t ran*, and a valuta vat fired Prom the tower of the fort. The company of infantry in occupation of the it land pa-atd in review, and the j arty then procvedt d to inepeet the fort minwt'ly, which they found In fair condition, hut not manoef After remaining tor an hour ar.d a half, the party re turned to the Irving lioiire to dinner at A o'clock The Secretary left toen yesterday morning for Washington. Naval New*?raeltle Ni|iivilri)tt. The following vereela, belonging to the *,(madron, were at anchor in San Kranricco hay when the teamer I'anema ceiled, Sept 1,1*4P : ? Ship rf the line Ohio, Cant Stribllog- flag ship of Commodore June*. I rigate Savannah. < apt Voorbee* b o< pit war Warren I apt A K Lung Slot -1hip 1 redenta I t. ' cm Neville Store ibtp Southampton. Lt. t . in K I,. Handy hl?au i r aneacl u-elt?, on < < act Survey. Lt. I <>m. . Knox. '! I frigate Savannah arrived at San Krancieeo on thieVilh %upuit The Ohio end Southampton were to return heme at an ear ly day--probably by tha let of ' otober 1 he -loot* ot war St Mary'e. i apt Jolincon. war on a etuite to the port* c-f J>ru aad Chile; eipectel at San I tanciecn In - otoht r 'lheclooprf war Treble. Capt Glynn. wa? at I'onalnlu in lily lart; to eail thenar ft r tlie t nlted State* a* ri'tu h? r ctoraa arrived, which had been e?nt fr >ni Sen h laio iceo i r can i r r. w m*. i uu-i rtn } ranflito for IliiI'mna th' 93il Vo<i?t 'I hi r f <11' h l.t ' "?i Mn < rillk, ilw Mllnl I. tit Mat tint* U< m ran tianohcu for ?an 1'Ireland M ont?i*y. 1 hr foilr wln(t ?r* *Atriet* from th* San Fran?i-n r?'<).< Arw?(an*w pap*!) 9t thnUth Align** : (In l??t Vnnday. *lglito*il iailnrii and the rnjtwaln Ill th* tnori ing watrh. **oapi d from the U * ililp Ohio ma In at aim gold* anil whoti ?'<me forty yard* off. wot* tijon by th* narinr* In their way to tha tin in. lh*y mr* nWlf'l to pax by th* atoop of war \t art' ti a i <1 th* aton > li!| * M" nth am pi on and I r*J >tt'a, who t*rh 11*4 upi n th*m hut without *uc*?s* |'h ? hot ? > iliidi-it j *t bona w?r* wour n il. 1 h*y fl*<l on nart ,rg tb* rbrr* and aia now Uoubilan a' III i "did I taut. ft?ai. V. N h**r*r of ( p*ioh*<. pa ?rd ' II 11 i *) tLl? Uly i h* day af*r lh? ram*r am rod. oa j th way to t??ii ft) ??h'? hi ait niinrton. I'atnl I nti tltt,* in i , Th* Irani now pitting in M a?hin?trn alty I* pro. pii ?Mi r w* loam ?o ry rapidly. wit n a plan t >r tho r*. (Ian.: atlinif l1* Naoal at * ttnapoll*. An ! nyifcirof dl*1lnct|i n ?a* pf?*rrtfhfa tow day*, ti r Ui* pbi |.oo* t>f n>*lhf ?h* hi ard lil* **j orion** la n laili ti lo th* Military ' radomy it Wwt fMlt ami It. if afliililtl'h I l*nt '. nitron H Knot*, i ? ho i? i id*fad In i hw r inn and i f tiio brig l'*try. aritnd):*;o yrit*. 'ay miming '? * nodirrtand ihat i i! ti tr,''.r 1 irnlr and l.i*n? Rnntwo | har* h**n | i dotart*it tri m ' t'litriao** duiy. and I ! nt i ..i i nr. i ?r i.idoi?r? t. np tl Ihrdajto tliri blrfol thikr 4 Mitt - /.* JtU ;*w, laf 11. | lltnliop HugkM at ?. Peter's?'Tlae Otbt sf the Church. At the conelaelon of aoon service. la 8t Peter's Ro man (atholic Chapel, jeaterdey Blahnp llaghos addressed the congregation ou the subject of their dabt, sod the diapereing ol the clergy, but iu a mora conciliatory tone thau he adopted in bia former observations? remembering tliat ineekneaa la the path to heaven. After expressing hie own desire to relieve thu condition of the ehurah. which was in debt apparently beyond redemption, and holding out no immediate hopes to the creditors who might be divided into two denoralnamus-oou protected by the law, the other nut within that cuiupas being a debt not to an individual, but to a number oi prisons many oi whom ate extremely poor?he said that he proposed to organise a oouiuiitli e aud that they would decide the per eeutage that ?iu old be paid to the poorer debtors. He iiad no aoliuitudu lor those who were protected by the law of the laud he had no desire to pay them immediately Tne ci Uileitti e was to ooio-iet ol ten numbers oi the eongregHiion, to he called the Executive Committee, and he would I kpect that not le?s than forty perrons wouid allow theuneives to be nominated as a oomuiittee of safety ? there committees to receive no compensation l-ut what they would deserve from the ooiiscionmieis of it' lng gcod. There wan a leeiiog amungst some of the debtors that, now that the bisiiop bad taken up the matter, tin y would receive immediute payueut; but be hi came responsible for nothing but the energies of his heart and soul He did not intend to dictate, but to suggest; and he therefore^ advised that plates should b- held at the doors tor the voluntary contributions of the eongiegstion for the next six inonths.,wnloh would be iciiiiiiujiM d try the committee in whose hau ls they should be placed; aud if each uivmher of the congregation made it a point to give even the smallest silver coin, it would tend to the redemption ef tit I'eter's. The commitleo was named by him; owing to some misunderstanding tbey did not meet tile previous evening, but be expect, d tin mat the residence ot the clergyman ou .Vlouuay. there was an expression ot a certain sensibility abroad with regard to their coudltWu. On Sunday last he spoke to liiem with a degree of frankness where he had no praise to bestow He repri ached no man?he spoke pi things as they are. aud not of persons; he did not wish to set the law at detiance? he respected the law. He trusted that they wvuld proceed with an honor which would redeem past evi nts; and he was confident that the committee would not forsake him. aud that the congregation would rally round the committee. City Politics. fKIMARV EI.Kirl'IONS. This evening the adjourned meetings of the nounty conventions both of whigs and democrats, take place, when Die pure of the shrriflulty, coronerskip, and other mil be run tor To thic Ei,noli or no: New Von a IIs.rald ? Dear Sir? I have seen my name frequently mentioned in your and ol hi r papers of this city. 1 it couueclion with a scene in the Sixth district station house I think 1 will he able to satisfy the public, whom i would deDre to Misread judgment, that all this -great cry

and little wool" was made up far the shop by the stars'1 and their uuderllngs. to suit the present electioneering times, and prejudice the minds of the community against me iinding their cause in a hopeless condition they are willing to do deeds the most unprecedented aud reckless I pledge myself that, this whole matter si,all come out. aud eomethiug more of the " dark " deeds done in and about the ao called " kalis of justice" and station house 1 am. dear Sir. yours respectfully. i'ATK. KELLY,Alderman Sixth ward. nomimttow in thk First wa?u ?In the Kirst ward, on Saturday night, the whlgs made their nomination for Alderman and Assistant, by the choioe of the present Assistant Alderman. Edmund Oriflin, for Vldermati and iohn It. Carey for Assistant. 'This nomination Is considered good by the party, aud will be suoNHM. Cltv 1 Iitrlllfieiirr Masonic FrMHii. ? Last evening. at three o'alock. a fry large proc**nion of Free Ma? n< panted down Broadway |NMl4 iu tl.?* regalia of their different order accompany Ing the remain* of Brother Piper to Greenwood t enietery, while Dingle's hand, with drum sautiled. and other instrument* bcuud in rrape. performed the sad and solemn music appropriate to such occasions Declared belonged to Kiceliior l.odge, No 7, and the procession consisted of that and aome other lodges The WiaaLv Bill or MoaTAi.tTT.? From the city Inapector'a report of the lnteruienta for the laat week, it appear* that the total number of dvathn in thin city wan only 24V. which notwithstanding the great increase of populaiion. in less than the number for tae corresponding wi ek of last year, wheu it was 2(H). There can he nothing healthier, therefore, than this report, t enrumptieu in the highest item, being 37. K or the corresponding a eek of last year it wan 30. Dysentery in 2V : for the corresponding week in 184S it wan IV; diarchies in 7 and cholera 3; lutlainmation of the lungs ia 18 In this city thu two great source* of niotta.ily are disea ci of the bowels and lungs, owing pertly I" the climate, but chiefly to artificial causes, at d the unhealthy mode of liring that prevails among un. It mi komi A< i iov-it.? I.ant evening, about 7 o'clock, as the Harlem train of cars were on tin ir way to the I ity llall and at (lie junnlhiu ot Pearl and ( entre stu els. the driver of hack No 'ilO eudearorwd toorona ti e tail In f, :e lha train drive-* of the tars always incrvane their speed in order t'ic*rly tin in tip the hill ; it wan at tide time the collision took place 'Hie eariia*e ami the car came together, and. as the carnage wan the weaker, of cour-e. wat thrown hack on to the other truck At thin time, it m happened that a small car was coining down the hlil toward* Pearl street, and not being able to control the brake, the ear run into the rams'* directly behind thin email car was one <>f the long llarlein cars, the dri- n id w bicli was uualde to stop, in eennequence ot the hlil; thsrefnie lie unli.-ti tied his horres, drove fit on one ride, and'he long car came with a smash at <1 a c ush. into the end of the * mallear. driving tliat considerably further into the carriage, damaging it bndly 'I he ratrisge contained a young man and a boy with their Baggage ; neither, fort'inately, rerslved any Injury and, en gular to relate, no person sti injurtd by the eoUiston An immrn-e crowd of persons wry noon colli rted. eager to ascertain it anv lives were lost After dislodging the car ftoni the earriagc and reui' vitig tue latter fiuiu the track, the cars proceeded cn their way an usual Di aiiisi Uiu.sir Ai rtui vt.? Jesse Derr. whom we mi ntlcned in yesterday's paper as being in a state of insanity tri m the accident ta ins lag on the New Haven ranri ad, is dead The lens of his leg appeared to nlTei t him very deeply ever since the occurrence He suffered a go> d deal front the other leg, which though not amputated was greatly injured Between pain, lose of Moi d and d jeotion. ho gradually sunk lie wan an eirelleOt engineer, much esteemed by the directors, ntid regretted hy all who knew him lie died the victim of culpable neglect, for he ou-;ht to hnv? been, but was not. n aJe aware of tb? change In the switch. He he* left a * ife and children to mourn bU loss. lie was a powttlul and athletic man Polite Intelligence. Chargs ?f killing a J-it nd Ufllcern Kvsna and Hrpklua. or the lower police, arrested ysfterday. two mm hv II i. Mm. i of I.l ?..,,.l...ii ...I li.t-l.L Muigrew. on a ? an ant la?u?d klounlfort, * In if in they >taint charged with atealiug a p * mm gnatalnti.g 1160 In g?ld e?Tu and (3 In pilfer from the prtitu of J' tin < alien. a labrer In thu family of ?Uj -r l-r??tr melding at the (Quarantine It ap fare fnno tin- nfllarlt of i ullm that on brtday night l??t bo * at lu th? eoiupany ol the accused lMt*fM mi and non o'clock, and while e aiding In otif of tba up town ptreetp. and * ir.rnnat in l .uor tat down au a ?a'?r pipe in the ilrttt, and a> io>a at he van Mated, aa ha eliegea. klulgn w t?-Ui il Liu ami bald him t till, while I ampbrtl took fnm hit reef plot't the pnrtt mnlai"itg tin aboif aao unt of money. Mnlgrew then lat go i f etn-plainaal. an 1 both th? areueed pertie* ran II llrnj ?m all filradi and acquaintance*, and bad b*f n '"rlnhlng together during the day Tba rrtt day ' u;len rilled upon ill* ed and aaked them toratnru the money, ?uppo?ir.g it to bo a joke, lint Icttrnd of in 4< Iok ther only laughed at blcn lla now ti flu th? protectk u of tbp law iu order to bring tbrm to jvflct' Thu niagi-trat* aommittud lb?m b >tU to anpwet Ibo charge. ,/n /;pf#.i ft.,won and a Drtfernl* K'tra ?About noa o r Icck 3 reterday morning a Mr*. i arolloa Ml to hall, wife of I nla t' it ! r 11 of No !t Mulberry atrret bad Jnt retired to bud In a room on thu thud etory floor, and to about In if an hour after. while lying in bod, rl a heatd ai'lDf (i?rmn rnmi1 lata tbf moot, and there bi'lrn; no light at the tinip aire thought It ? ? bur h i?lantid. r.p l.a .iagl 'tt thu room a ihort tiiuf prrrloua with tba light On bearing the rattling of lie ye, \t-a Mitchell Itirnad her haad towarda th- round. alien aba taw pi me one trying togi l alight ?!th pooia mal hep.aud ae t?'n ae one war lighted, aba dleeorrred a H< ti* k nrgra In the act of pteallt g her property Mra. Mitchell In n idiatrty rpipng out of b'd wkuil him what be wpatf d, ai d lfiled the Mack rMwr by hi* clothing and held on. falling out far help Thu riliien dronpet tba ii-i'i b aid rndrpTi rrd ?ltb a knife be had I ti nil band. t? itab her In tba neck Mra N.ltehill, not at all danntrd held on and continued to rcrraui and call f->r bet hneherd; the negro In trying to ercape, ilrag.ed VtP Mitchell down Half* and'onbit way down th-aw the knl'e ar.d kuyp trora bla parpon Ihr alarm made broi tht to ber aeaiptance John \t alliant wh beard her "cn-aiti. but when li? camp Mrp Mitchell bad juct fairtid al the bottom n! the ptaire and thf negro we* erilfaforlr g to earape hut \'r tValllant mecee led In taking htm Intociiitody. The r< hher had reinofe 1 a number wf article* of rlnthtog. toge'her with aereral dollar* In m<'i?y. talu'il In all at Ml M. which the ngae bad rolled op, ard placed an the atalra male to iprryrff and would bare lucrpeiied beyond a doubt, bed It ml lieen for the h*r> 1e eonrancof Mr*. Mitchell. V, ten rri uabt hefi i a juptlce Mount fort, the r '^ue gar a Ihep po eof floklel Howen aliaa lloiaa. I hr' magiaIrate 11 nmltfpil the accn?ed to prl?on for trial r< fining to pumit bini to bail, aa the rail ah' wed one of poaltlra gallt. AripMprcn Uiot ?t Toeneia, Carina?Afterthe ft inuataatic wnpnnio ni i,wru p.igin. o* an rftpi'tuitn (ttllfH about? dotan wall hnown rowdia* pniirotad, aad mar iiiidt.i*hT. procr* dad al?n? K in* ftrart tilth , r ut? lu llifir l.aoda, and toaf ol *bam hrarin* flam- t tattit About baif way bftfffti tlia Knaiwr i.iRw atd ftiart, Mr Ufakman, ona of oar tnoat. ! ratpaatalda rltlaana attrmptad to rrmntj'lrt'f with tha | parly, f t a of whom inttntitly d< alt h m itrttrt blow ith a h.ttdgren. by wh'rhltla Ifarrd h" raoairrd ro- I r.< i>? Iftjary. 1 hw m four namiab'a* warn ealiad to lltf tffff, andtha tlotira a? t Bra drpriratl ol tnair ? n ! ? and rfhr* ami dtapwmwd That aftarwarda <io|. Itf.lfd. latargrr runibrr? opr-wlta i llah*a hotel, whra it* i xt'tl tor* la rratfity and r?t tip a dlmraoafnl r<tu< alt i f and rmar.lnit Howarrr Ihr rabbla tit rnnn dtli an bt tora tha faea of tha Indignant dtl*?n?, and tan or thrrr r rfatft wrfa tnida l h? ringl. *d?ra ara a - li t c ? tt and till In all piobabl>lty, ha am "tad to la? ii d it i in > lodietrd brfora tl.pi it and hiry. Anal n. bit art ynatd waa obtalnrd a? Kllnb*. but w a orrd not ray ttatthalr aotl-,B *aj?ie,>a wara aot raqttirrd Nndi.ii ra waa d"na to prnparty IVania (t a ) f*?r.,tt,or. (Vl 10 Tha National I duration t on??nt;no win a-ratnMa at II ti?? 'I h i (n iht l'lb iMt. Theatrical mi<l *fual#?l. Bowkht Thkatbk.?TM? fernrtte rcaort la nirhtly crowded and wa are not suri>r??ed rhat it i? ao. aa tha itupkc mpany m^aif dth> rr t? decidedly our of tha tv?t in the I nion, and almost arar) day aomethin ; of a noyel and interesting chalkier la produced for lho aronretnent of its patron To-iilgtit will be acted. for the tint time the turned tragedy of "Strathuiore iDf principal cnaraciei's uy trie vvauecaH. \ii--srs nisphens and (iilhert Phi pi'-ce will be followed by " Naval Engagement# and the eotrr'aiuments will conclude with the drauia ceiled ' Shut io the Kye " Bkoadwat Thsair*.? During the pa-t week this theatre be* been crammed almost to suffocation, to witness the legitimate performances of Miss Charlotte' 'ashman. who acquired tush great liiatrlonlo lame in London She appears to-nlgbt, for the first time in America. as Queen Catharine, iu Siiak<p? are's tragedy of ' Henry VIII " Mr 1 ould?ck will personate ' ardirial Wolsey and Mr Dyutt Die partot' romwell The eutertaiuinents will conclude with the farce of ' Slasher and Crasher." To morrow evening, will be presented as n diama. "iiuy Manuering." for the purpose of iutrnduniug Miss Cushcuan lb her celebrated character of Meg Merrilie*. Nislo's Oinnrs ?The beautiful grand ballet of " t'rielle, or Le iliable Aiuourvux," which was received, every night It was performed, with marked applause, will lie acted at this-beautiful and spacious theat re, this evening The pint of I rielle will be sustained by Vile. Josephine Berlin and that of Count Frederick by M I'aul Brillaut. The scenery le rich sad gorgeous, and the dresses and decorations are splendid. The Ravels will also appear in their surprising fen's on the tightrope. The light and amusing character of the entertainments presented at Ibis establishment, as will as ihe excellent stage management attract large and fashionable audiences every evening Boston's Tiikatke ?This evening, the entertainments will commence with Mr. Brougham's new farce, called " A Peep from a I'arlur Window " which will be followed by the operetta of the " Demon Jester." The next In succession will he a new dramatic scene called : the Platform, or the Humors of au Irish Mention " | which will Introduce, for the first time iu this country, Mr. Fittgerald. whose imltatli ns nl O'Connell have been so highly euli gfsed by the London journals. We will here Introduce a few ext'aots from these papers. The London Morning .idrrrtiitr says?" Mr. Fitzgerald's felicitous delineations of the style and manner of Mr. O't'onnell drew down repeated plaudits" Tbe I Timri adds? ' Mr. Fitzgerald In the character of I ; O'Donnell. an orator w*r a most excellent represent*- j tion of his almost namesake O't onnell In short, the ; ; imitation was as close to the original as it is possible I for the efforts rf mimicry to bring It The action the 1 ! gesticulation, the voice, utterance, and brogue were : done to a tittle " The Nrwt says, speaking of Mr. ! Fitrgerald?' An Irishman by birth, we presume hie brogue is strictly orthodoxlc, and we pronounce it the : best Imitation of O't'ennelt we have ever heard " All I those, then who admired tbe Irish agitator, will bare a rich treat at Burton's Theatre to.night. Nationai. TursTiin ?The laughable musical burletta called '* Jossy the Spartan," will commence the enterj talnments and will be followed, for the seventh time. 1 by the successful burlesque entitled ' The Female Forty 1 Thieves " In which Mrs. Mestayer. an actresa of some ] dramatic celebrity , will personate three characters. In thin rl-.n lh? I I ..... ....... - - "? .". ! man hes nnd military evolutions performed by forty ; young ladle* Tbe amusement* will conclude with the fate* of" Mother end t hlld " During the performance, several dance* will come off. by \1is* Dawes. The National it becoming a very popular place of amusement. Oi.vmpic Titrate r.?This mug and well managed little theatre Is every night crowded, to witness Donizetti's grand opera, entitled the" Child of the Regiment." in which nesr'y the entire of the excellent j stock company attached to this theatre will appear. I The entertaiument* will commence with " John Dobbs." which will be followed hy the " <hild of the Regiment;" ' and all will cloae with the farce of ? The (linnlbus " ! The singing of Miss Mary Tay lor Is mnch admired and w e bave no doubt the present week's receipts will be as profitable to the manager as the last. Ws ? m's ( isria ?Tbe programnieof entertainments I far this evening is very attractive Between the rlsgsio equestrianism of < adwallader and Madam Louise Howard?the rare exhibition of the wonderful ' litis Sprite - lh'' Pests of Atlas" by S and W. Walker: also, scenes of posturing by Dnnhar - ons of ! , the m"?t rational and amusing evenings ran be en- i joyed at General Welch's I'lvlllon In Astor Place. I Chsibtv's Mi>stss i s?The pry is " s'ill they come," at this establishment Hall, rain or shine. Mechanics' Hall Is rure t" he crowds d to hear the plaintive negro ! melodies of this succes-tul company. Many are j obliged to go to California to dig for gold; but Christy | : seem* to have found Haddln's lamp, as uioasy flows to him without much exertion Mai allistv* ? Assiuat r linens?The ex- ! cellent exhibition of the woaierful feats of nooro- I manry which comes off nightly at theabive moms, is j ri slly worthy the attention of the curious The sun- I cess wblcli attended MaeaUister's performances last j w eek, I as induced him to continue his tairtn me/o/uet for a lew nights longer. Tasiimai i r. ? Dempster is about to leave us. He will cive a farewell entertainment at the I'abernasle on Wednesday evening next all his friends go at j bid him good bye?he rings his eboieest songs It may bo long before we hear from him again. Miss Davenport will commence an engagement this evening at tbe Howard Athena urn Boston Brooklyn City Intelligence. Kisrs I in stv t'laceiT, a*a t'ornT or- Oi i s a vi> TraMisrn.?Before Judges .Vnrre and Johnson, and Justices Hughes anJ Wright ? Stntrmn ? Antoinette DutgeD, who was c nTlcted of burglary in the third degree was sentenced to imprisonment Id theritate prison at Mount 1 learant. for the term of two years and six months. Augustus Wans'h who was fouud guilty ult two ladictments?one for burglary in the first, and the other for buiglary in the third decree, was sentenced to ten yrars In tbe State prison on tbe first charge, aud two year* and six months on the laat. Isqrrnt.?The Coroner held an inquest on tbe body of an infant named George Gracilis, who bad been put ont to nurse by ite parent* The nlgtit previous to his dra'h the nurse In company with four or Br* others, bad been Indulging In the use of beer and ardent ?pltits preuerally, IKtu the itliot* of which carousal she had tint ree>>v< ri d. until it. rnu too latsto he of any use to the child, whicb. it Is believed, actually dl"d of starvstiou. 'I ha Juty rsrdeted a verdict, that the child earn* to his di atht>y eghnusilon consequent up iu the carelessness and ni gb c.t of it- pioteetor i ,i ? 'Km ? mntit..? j n? d' w ii i i rtiiii:rm^n wii punyen* tbin aflen '-on at A o'clock It i< hellnrwd that lha aiihjeet io Telctlon to Ihr oj enlng nt i an'oD ulrart, wldrh | iiiii illreelly through a burial grouud bwlonglag to the city, will mine up for di?au?#lon. A Caentpara ?"R no: Sair r*t?n o? tm* Oat.- j ?< ??.- k rateiday two youth* ?*r* arr**t*d a' tha lla*>llton Aaenne k i rvr) Uroklyn. under the fillnalng CUi-iiur-tuBi..: 'I hi * ha 1 been on the nro-klyn aide, ami hail taken their pa ?*ge In the frrry boat Priming a gnantlty of railway Ir n with Ilium, which ?ia rubarqi.rntty ascertained to be tbt abort pii-caa rniplnyad la making the rulve* at the switch*-'. They had not brought all with l^i or. acd ali?B they got tn th* New 1 t rk aide they l??-*n 'o quarrel ah?ut It I'ha keeper of the ferry Indneed tbctn en fro baok tor tba re-et an I when ther reai he.I tn* witp ther wera arrtaied br ih* police, 'tba reckl- rmrtr rsioednee*. an I wretched- i Defs of Vhie pair id rag Iwtid* coild not. perbnp* ha matched Id New I ir? I hey refu??l to tell thair name*. and aaid tl,*r had bought the Iron for fid Th?y refund to walk In prlaoti. and a r-hlcle waa procured, by wlilrh they rera taken to the l dty llail They laughed ahd ecsmed pert**- ly Indifferent to ilia rharg* (NMt Ikm aad OM i.f tt.ri 'j |l?w"il'Ui ll prlaon for life fur t?o dollar*. The Iron la *upp?a*J to be a portion tf a lar; * quantity ly .og at th* Atlantic dock. ^ iHaier. Att? ?;r r or t Corilrr to Km tea raow Tatana ? (Julia a darlrg eyplmt l ama off la*t week at the Rtate peaiteotlary. in whioh powder auJ bullet* did their part The I |ta tV. !l Mtjeraon c<>n?l*t*d tn liiri oher, 1M7. i f the hnrtal innrder wf Uin/ham In llile city read* a N Id arid desperate leap on lour-day. to rid Mm-rlf of what be looked upon a* the too rtyld anil athitiary rule* of that rataMlsnmcnt He flratgot perrmnli n to work In the yard imicro of In a eh q>, on the plea of <l*i lining health He wan put at dre slug tone On Thursday h* pr<<otirr.| p. rmiaelnn to go to an i nthonre a*4t'0:. hla r?ld*ht*td with which he unfattened the ball and rhaio around hi* an<d*e. he ratua r ut and arat up a laiticr leading on to a new building, an eitenelon of the main Milling from tbeac* he took to the roof of the main baUding. an I going to th* w**t end, made a deeper*:* leap t**nl)-tun fnet d ?wn on to tha root of th* guaril henna, (not more three fe*t ctoee) on the u . in wall. Mr Ooudwin. one of the guard, a a* In tli* guard ho'tae at th* tune Th* n*gro n*tt houDdidon th" wall, anil In an ln?t*nt awutig L t, i. ii ,r ii . ,.!ii,iih. rc. ..n .. I# or Wlrtt high I be guard caught hi* rarbia* and fired the ball fating erteet In the negro'* right arm, l n?arthe?ibow II* k*|>t >>n hi* enur>*. hr>w#t*r aid 1 a* ha paeead th* north*# t eornar of tha yard. Mr. j ( ola, aentma! on that corner of the wall. hit him 1 again " the hall ntorlr g M* right aida just ab >fa tha J hip and poll r ulrar tin' i gb hi* half Tbl* brought hiinil??n hut It* Immediately ratotarad, and in d mt * i|Uteh tlr.? forded or ?* the r.iar and to- k for thetwanip on I It* a e?t ?ld* In th* rnaan tlma Hi >dwln. t ola and otliar*, vara on hi* traak I he aha** laatad earn* thirty or forty rod? wliara Hood win ram# up to him *< in- dutanr" ahead of fh* ofhar*. wlian th# ainrlrt. notwithstanding hi* wound*, ahawad light In II a Moat daaparata mannar Mr. Ubdalt aureaeled. howarer. by nrlng the hurt of hi* carhln*. In keeping htm r ST until tl a wither pnranera arrived whan ha f.aalty nirrct d*r*d to tha ruparlorlty of numbara W han the Cirltai'iant wa* orar ha *t< f ?nnd t" b too waak fr< m hUn intf and **hao*ttnn. ?.r from an atarat"n to travel, to foot It hark to quarter* an l a wagon waa procured and h* to taken down to hi* nell kltti< uph pretty aatari ly dealt with ba la doing wall an 1 tha poyrloiat a think ho *111 reenter from btawaandt. . ? Ihlrmil m/iiii nttirr Oil t. Tnr / rn < riotrar er J?- ?? D. Bi ?t -Tha I'lltak (P*wego cotndy) I'ntrkM. of tha fith Inat . g!t?t tha 1 ntttia of Mr* tti Hiding a* tha woman In Vboa.t nngaa*. , 1? n Mr. Hurt'* boy wa* found. Mr an l Mr*. Ih nldirt ara hrgileh people. < f wealth Th a Pvtmi aatntlal V'* II. ta- goae to r *n?da with th* llttta girl, wh' ni aha rapraranlrd a* tha twin *i*t*r of Maatar Itnrt. hat wha It I* now baliavrd la alao a kidnapped ahlld. Till- IHll.l,AK WKKKLI. Tha Dtllar TT'ertfy llrrmld, th* rhaapaat publlaatlon In tha world, will ha pnbliahrd thla altarnoon. Among athat thing* it will aoataia tha " Kldd aa*a " Aingta aoplra, two ranta; annual aubaarlptiua. on* dollar; all r-|d?? for At* TKLEcftirnir ipitblli?bi?b? Rlut Aiitl?l|taU(li PHM AocLrni*. Oct 14?P. M. A large police force Ik p*tr>llluif fhe streets in tbC riotous district Ths military ?r? under arms at their armories a large number ot persons art a<-embl?4 at carious eorner?. The tn.? .r o?rt of ths aity is qnist* AoibIual ton fur Jud(S< Oet 13 P M The democrats of Columbia county hare nonsinatstl Henry llogebooui of Columbia c >unty for Juilgs of th* third judicial district. Auuulutmciits !?v tlte President. Wa*?iiou uin. October 13? P M. \\ in. W Brown. klsr-hel of the Middle District ot Tei.uestee; C I' Bertraud. Ri eelver of Public vloneyc at Little Book, Arkansas; lohn Kord, Assistant Tre*> surer, St Louts. Missouri. vice Labeaiim, resigned from llavan*. i 11*111 oni, Ootnber 11. 1140. The steamer Isabel arrifril here yesterday frog* Havana. with the mails of the I nited States ship (iermanlown. which renal arrived on the 7th, all well. Rnllroad Atrlilrnl?Kxprrna Train, Ar, Bai.timork, Oct. 14?OX I'. M.J| The cars due here last night with the (Jreat Soul hern mall, were detained by the breaking of the axle of tha locomotive. There was no eeiinus damage done. Aa express engine with care, arrived here, at about tw* o'clock this afternoon, with about 14 foreigners, strangers who proceeded direet to Washington, in the five o'clock train Tliey were unknown, and their mysterious nod rapid moveuieiita created eousidsrabl? talk aud speculation. Loss of tile Sloop Juno* Muhmnu Mirroh Orrica. Providkrcc, Oet. 14. The sloop Juuo, A. Rhodes, master, sailed from thi* port this morning for New York with a full cargo of domestic and other goods, valued at 20 000 or (25.000. Is going 4own the river she got ashore on Balloek'c Point; and as the tide fell she keeled over, and the water la her came in eontact with twenty casks of lime, whicb took fire and destroyed the vessel and cargo, with tha cxceptton, perhaps, of the deck load. The sloop waO valued at about (3,000. The Southern Hall. Baltimore, Oet. 13?P. M. The Southern mall baa failed lu consequence af the cars from Washington not having arrived, the Northern care left without the mail Markets. New Orleans, Oet. 12. Sales of 400 bales of eottou were made at Irregular prices. Bi vralo October 13 -0 P. M. The receipts within the last twenty-tour hoar, were as follows:- k'lnnr 8 (MM) bbls.j whea*. 47,000 bushels; corn. 16 000 do The market for (lour opened dull, in cnrseuueuce of the steamer * news Bales reached 1,000 able of common Srat? and mixed Western at (4 25 a (4 81 The market for wli-ut was ea-ier especially for the lower grades ''be sales embraced about 10 1(0 bushels, Including ( hicago at 04c ; Ohio war noniiuel at 01 >,o The steamer s news unsettle J the market for cern Sales of 1 500 bushels yellow r.iuud st Tie (!) Ai.ntNv October 13 8 PM. The receipt** within the part tw?*iity.four huor.H wer? ft* follow*:? Hour. Ii0?n bbl* : whent 7.000 bushel*; in. non?; barley. lo.ouu htiah*-!*; 10.000 do. Moderate demand tor U'?tr Viarkot * shade ?n favor of the buyer, with only Moderate aUe^ at prerioui rate* Wh?it wiih dull mid Inferior prttdtM were leta saleable t orn wh* dull bur firm with sale* of 3 000 butbel* of xnixed Western at 1*0>^o. Malta of 0 000 bushel* barley were made ai 69 a flic. f^r two rowed. titiipf*)iig liitelllKenrtt Krr W bit, Of Ik. The eehr Efinitv niledfor N w Y..rh the 6th mat; brig ogetula, atr the 6th from N Y??rk- brin beey Jane ka* Leec dl*i hariri d- and h???e oat; bri# H'eitcmpka la l?>a<iiajr, uud will ailin et^ut a week. (n7.*r *< ** !? in p rtare aehr* Go*irnor Andfraoo, Id* for NYork, JMattiew llird. Mr; thft chr liaiard, fioui NYork, haajunt arr. 0 )aT**. Oft 14?1* %C. Arrived Saturday afureo-n?BarV # it man, Ch?rle?tea; Ida. i>ulfiron.* ; Delaware, i hdadelffchit: I r''etherise k Mary, Snn, i ?j??, Sam! Small, l*a?-iri lee. China, A Uwrentt, Erie, and f'tarl. 1'hiladetpl ia; auhr* * M Ti itnpeo*# Kiel,im mi; I.c well. Nnrf-Ik; ?' incs'ite, Ha'ild k, Kditn II Fay an and Ottoman Kkiladelpbiaj t>ri*?n, Boadont; l,.?ui?a, Aii.rricmi lb He. auJ VI a' tt M rk. Cleared?Bulk FngU1 PhiUilel) hia; * br* II N Williams,; \ itnelin, ui d C < ' *?? ? r!%hi York. Arrived Sunday Hark* Martha A in, Si Martins, 27th ult ?left IfIk OrnniH NYork. 2 * . Hark- i uliao. Trinidad. 'J... nit: Merrum re, Philadelphia; bria Im *.<u?. Sorruam. 16* n ..'.t-hC i-ru* It? u?m (Jl??u? ceater. 1 in; Spartan, for N York, * Sarah * i.n. Julia, lielen. ai d ichr t w tim\ at*; ra spoke 24th, let 16 4fl, loa f JI i i 11 ft I 4 r ill ?e. ailh loss of forevnaat a d iihbmm; '.Nih, 24 Ion 62 iO0 bark H H Doij^au, from bt?? Janeiro lor ?%! .morn. Brira Elise, L?*hr>tf?. ?d An . Hafth Hrilliam*. Oinnfaet ?, * <( ub; Flu*, l.ardtna . 26?it nit; Frarkl n, Fortune (eland, IV'h vlt;Sol. a. aud t? Ingatso). 1*1 iladeiphia* Unoddy Belle. MVfl Hainbew m l CJrui'i nay. Kici u on.' IVcritu No folk; 'diiwiukia, 11 earl, and M Il .irii. I'hilai!eli>>i<a; Foto-uac, K ?4 nil; ShftWkitt, I 1*1. ? t. ?nrt >?? Y<>rk. \ 1 <>rk : B/ri'ii fi .u N Yvrk lur Banror, ta4 brljCttill, fr*in do for kantp. r?. Tut Klvnl Knlio.?VVr have rtillid thrnt bolh. Ill I wo miun;iW farerTair Nn, I N.?*rr, MkH the lead in eeerjrt i 'r?' u ian[.t a free lo all, witlunt eharer; than, the i. hreti.ifiil; and .oatinaaa 1,11 If i , t a ' , I' ' 1.1:4 1'.' 'I . '.?J eplenai l Picture*, la Mm Iran.. : and the ctttaikty of gaitId, n>m. eplendtd arttela for < n. .hlllinrOne Tlionamirl ller. e of rlr^ant P.itlrrn Et.fl'-1. t' *' e- ' ' v d U' " ' e i r. i o ;> u?r. t encioa a) the <?l ' rat d i?? i tr, i H'tf. I .1 n rnl in U t I'ni'ad ?:* a. No. !" > 1? >? rr. L' I 14 0 ANPlKrl'N'l', rito tVaw'ooi*., etook d auh airpeu. ml rlothr, r> ?a, aiata. i.Meteeetl, niudo* el.adea, at aeMleer i vie*. Call and ?ee. l'rrhape mini' la tlic nlora lit tltc eltf wlier* otnll o* arc inal* If i rdtr ai th* etme ^rlro at eri Ink tlfv at a fid 'end) made Flee dra.n tad I rraok aoaia t? order. 81<>: alnala'hr-a.'ed r UK Tim very Uneat Franoh elotb dr.?. > r lim., W. I ' :. ?< a Pno m "irnt of oy,r? eoata l.oiu $1J to Jtlfl, M.iiio f'."'. l.'abliahed l'44 O. it. CI AKCK, lib Witlmui atraal. To fhe Truefcr K?iile<t ?fleainrln^ Other MW eo'na fjr our own I n?l . l. (lor wo liae. nearly a I ii". rl ? f flwrn ). we eh'nldaax, ihat a eomr>rlably Ittinit boot, or ahn? I* one of ti e rr ,(*.' J'",'/"* '? to. Tha | I ii*ra to irc?r? it, ana < *??,. y i it ji?> r. ?, i? Ana II. liooti, Iloota, I limp Hoots.? * r?. i??y ?"> Ckaap ii i b m h ti - ?tk $7. ?r? hm >i lha ?m?r I'l f ullnii NMrtn ra-ta Ir <1 ftn flna Ualf kS I* 'Jul f' Kiwprr.f R i and 'tall ,.|ually Ion i Ocarit-oaa, of all kindi, .nally lv?. Wlf? mid ToH|irti.?VVr would cull lk? Ifonli a ( cltl?-na and at. ,rr. r?|iir'r* Tip it Toa ??a. i? a null lm|?-.>?r"ifi? ! . en. m -v*ra tar f'laantrd by K. PHjlL')*, No \1 Hrn???t ? .r"sar at Day Hrctl, -indrr th? franklin Hchm tv?? a,!- ba nana at I >a [in Ca< .ia? Vav.aa, hrm ! iy W> a. r. iba iarr??? aa-l b- at aaaorttrarc In chaalta t IcihiiI llnlr II) r. ? I'hialnn'a lm|ir?Tt4 V. .< Dya aatarlaiac . ian'cr ilir Halt < kkla? I'd 11.a r ii-nt It la at'T lai.mtii in , ( It IV hair at aim. Oaatl-nao aait b * ?' Ir "h kata Byrl la M# toiarlaa ?l tha H?|ai N I R .a ... aoraaf af Da* iraa', nadar tha Ircaila l< ?>?. Par Imivla, -a. Jl a'ja. kf{ laraa. IIU. A t>< n utlrtal llaad of llalr Ima Item KrctiTn Ia a ah* i * lima by tli* n?? al a n. Ci? ( IV. i\a'ltn(a.'a kl.-litaad Drier -at. It anfv r * ai.d b-.m! ,*.a ?.# alila. a*?4 autta a I catar-una do- a?a?. ikmatilr and a. .or r aa. ?| | dc taia Irulaat, tor-th ltd tarta ia !> tlatl. * >14 ia Una bi"?ll?a at U a. bo. SOU Paari-at., aMIM loadnay. I ji In II. Ir lly?, I ..I i in- Hall O* Hbi-.n lha i"??lt bf?ltnd, "i il :- nry to 'ba la-rar rfeta. hrrrhaa'? and i ay -r% kb* jar* ahanld a*? atlaa ihM art-- to, aa It I* t>i ? i? h? a tic Rid whnlaaal. and r?inl, al ha h. c'? >? '-lotar*, t -till ?. ?!? aai i? I "T ' a. ai 1.1! I i lii'a. W l' aad-lly. a*?r St. rami' CnWhl It,CHI' It ii;a aad TnaprM alwa|'t an timid, a* 'br I* Farlnry f V. t lia.rd, -7 V laa l.aan, ? h.ia al i ?i,a-? ard altl. ? 'an r. M l fion iba larjaat a"-ak tntkafi'y I ay ?ra of i.?>i ? - naa -a. - - aa II Iba lafaal Imrraaairnla tin > 1 1 >r . m- ital 'lair# ia (raa* abnndaa-a. I "fy timid . Z7 X.d.i liat Hl(i ni-d Tun|?r?a ?Pale lialnr'i d'rli lirntad * t l aa-ary la al N?. I *a.l I? Iha naly talabLah* tat la lb? ally daaniad fa I'-at b-i.'a-aa. Ra kaa lariatadl aid lar'Piil ia?rrn??*",?l* ?a# larltaa a# f Uh? VrtfMKl Tmi?c? *lrfr mtW It !# T?i* >* > tM M4r? COMMEKCUJ. AFFAIRS. MOHr.V SMRKKT. tin4ajr, Ort. 14?A i?. n. The eteek market. doting ih? pa t weeU ha* ntnrlenced rereral flnctnatinna. la the early part of the werk railr?al eherea were In aetata of eitraioe d"pr-?aie n. notwithstanding which. ml quantities nf rock hare been pot up> n the market and there ha? been considerable aniiety to get clear of fancy eoiiritier, aren at great rarrlflce A ?ltght ra'ly occurred upon the opt ntng of the atock hoard yee'erday. but *a no one eonie? forward to give a tone to the market hy real pnrcha?e? we > ? an possibility of any faeorahlc abater, la the absence of actual ton* fid* purchasers. It appears to be ureleie for speculators to operate for a rt'e. and there la, therefore, no prospect of an lmm?dt?te termineilcn rf the downward csarse In prtcea The bulla had bettot leare the market to Itself ami It will gradually retire. ett?T prtcea hat# touched the lowest p^tnta (rnfo ru nately for holdera, there la a wide margin to h? e r -ad before prtcea reach the lowest lercl f ond l-nea in fancy atccha generally he? recelred ?ueh a ahock that It will he a long tlrne before H returna araln. iV? hal' not. for year*, rie auch speculation In at aka of any kind an bare been reelited in peat yeara. and IC will, therefore he Impceaible to Inflate prite* again, te the eitent we hare teen within the pa*t flrr y.are i n?- hirun* "i (' nn??"K nnry p' . ?v 'I, pr i*>?bly to HP yroat an attoat a* o??r kn->an in ! hla ??untry; but !> plo ar? ?io?t-<ll>igly eauiioot ia lti*?aiiag tbtlr itirplu* capital. at <t adhere ftrlatly to ttaa ?!<t ?atlm. "loo* b?f^? yr-i |?-\p " Money h%? bath ia batter i?ih<I aubta the paat {?

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