Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1849 Page 1
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k* , -- ?? - TH NO. 5610. OwWuklngton Correspondence. Washington, Oat 13,1849. TTKt Matfuito Que$tinn ? Th? Tt?o Organs ? Ditcord~ Racking (tut - Portugal?Spain, etc. The course of tb. Union with respect to the Nlcara- j |WUd Mosquito business, bos prevented n magnificent flourish of trumpets fmm the Stats Department, respecting the Squier treaty with the Supreme Director and Legislature of Nicaragua It appears that the flbe late United States charge, Mr Hiss, who was turnad out to make room for Mr Squier, concluded a better treaty than Mr. Squier, which, when repaired by Mr. Clayton, he threw under the table, determined that Mice and Buohanan should reap none of the eredit. The Republic, in an editorial, now insinuates that Polk and Buchanan did not do their duty in the matter, and it speaks not a little about the high tone and patriotism ot the present head of the State Department, In this connection On the other baud, the New York Courier and JPWyairsv and the PiKinsI Inltl'ignirrr, repudiate the idea of the Administration undertaking to uphold the Monree, Jackson, and Toik doctrine, against permitting any new foreign colonies of naunar- j nlcal governments on this continent. What Mr. i Clayton has actually done, time will show. The probtBilities are, that, four to one be has erred. It Is a dlffl ult question, and requires a cool aud a olear head to manage It. and, above all, a statesman exempt from uxeitement The hit'llifencer Is regarded as expressing the views df one member especially of the cabinet? Mr Clayton ?bat not those, exclusively, ot President Taylor. This | morning, the editor. Id his usual conservative strain, | and full of "uneasiness " prefaces an extract bum the Courier and Knijuiirr, id relation to Nicaragua, endorfllog tbe views of Cel. Webb. and intimates that Mr. i flqnicr spoke to tbe Niraiaguau government without | *autbority,"aud before lie received his instructions from his government " There inntructions, it is plain to he tern, did not eanctiou the sentiment. that ' if foreign powers encroach upon the territories, or invade the rights of any one of the American States, they in- ] flict an injury upon ail which it is alike the d uty and determination of all to see redressed." What Mr. Clayton arks Is. that the runal, by whoever undertaken, shall be open to all the world, aud that the American government shall have the perpetual use of It, upon as favorable terms as uiay he granted to euy other nation; and will re-.Ht | any thing to the contrary. Here, then, it we can credit j the officiality of the Courier ami Enquirer and the A'.i- | tional hUalHetnctr, is ihe true issue. But hi* are we to dispore af this morning's article in the Rifiulthc, which anumet a hold tone on the subject? This paper, we know, le tbe organ ol the President himself -for be it ! Understood that the luleliigenter aud tbe Republic do | not chime - and It says, In directing attention to the i published contract recently made by a committee of I American citizens with tbe government of Nicaragua, lor connecting tbe Atlantic and facltlo oceans by a 1 hip canal--"Beside tbe obstruction threatened to the ! progress of tbo work by the pretended title of the king 1 Of Mosquito to a porto n ot t ie territory through which j It must pees, It would appear from the following corn- | spondrnce. (that bctweeu Chatlh Id and Salina-M which we And translated iu the Courier ami Enquirer, tout the .British Consul at Guatemala Lastrutnpcd up an objection to tbe right of Nicaragua to do what she pleases ; with her own. We publish the correspondence as ! vine! rig the determined stand taken by Nicaragua gainst the usurpatli u of ber territory on the .Mosquito oast, llie letters i f the British Consul ar? specimens Which must find admirers in Pomt 'rib, or the Tipton Slasher." There is not so much (alteration in this, as In the expressed '-utiea.-inc?j" cf the Inl-Uigenctr It | la well to observe the toue of each ot these journals, and l to mark tke squeanusbnes* of the one, in contrast to the ' kotd asseveration of tbe other There are some unsettled matters with Portugal, which Mr. Clayton has uu lerlaken to hurry to a set to effect a rcptel ol U 0 Klelaeur Sound duties it I* believed. may ciuco difficulties in th<> north of t.urope, arlth mere thau one power. S(j?!n ioalsU on an Indemnity of upward* of *erentj-nve thousand dollar* for the Aialslad negro.-*, which i ongrrs* ha* refused to | pay; and there and a doren other aourae* of rexatlon, ' 4o not rentier th? Staleship and the splendidly oar patted room, object* lor Mr. I layton's present enjoy- I neat Onr Baltimore Currcs|K>n<lrnra, liaLTiMoac, Oct. 16,1810. 1 Jfrr rard 7\ar?'!:Vf-iy?(*< Train ? Ceanaeree? Skip on Firt? Calhru of tl.f Fine .Irti- liati Kit* ? TKeatnt alt, ' 8ltk Sale*. 4't Quite an excitement was occasion I In this city yesterday aftrrnoon, by the arrival of a special train of aara from I hlladelphla, having on board two gentlemen and thrlr familtea consisting of fifteen prraona, incladlig four aervanta. They recorded their name* at Smith's hotel, a* Mr. Fsrron and Mr. U. Scandon. and famtllvl, and took departure in the fire o'clock train for Wa-blngton. There wi re all tortaof urmln * afloat as to who tha Ftrangera were, all believing 0 at they were certainly distinguished p"rionage*. toreirn minister.;. or lomethiu^ f the kind. They appeared like 1 rchelim-n and were sujpoecj to hare aomrtblcg to do with the French difficulty; but the fbet that their wire* and children a: cimpmisd them, , now* trim u *u run. r a private |.? It. endeavoring to teach CLar'.rvtoo f?.r the purp j?? of taking pa??ag> JB tbe stunner Dalai fi r Havana. The onwber of vnHi. exclusive of bay craft. In the port ol Baltimore yerterdaj. was IX ehlps. 14 barks, *1 fell*'. and .">J echi nrra, amounting to X7 in tbe ag- ' givgate Thrrt ie but one up for faa Francisco. The rhip Jnr.lata ' aptnin VV? Jge, ahm about to eall, on Saturday, lor Naw Orleans. wa* dl-rnvered tnb? on fire In thera I room. (iu an nan.loathm, it was disco- I yrrrd that anme oue bail re t Ore to t ho < <rtra sails near ly 11 of Ihi tn being burnt t > a prratoror b ra >n -ot Tlio ire wa.i aotn extinguished; when It wa?dl?rovered that the ch it i f tba n ?oud mat* hi J b*?n broken open, and robbed of a number of artlelea. of the value wf about ?ao a eolored loan, who hnS bora wro-klng on hoard, ! was mi-rloe and l? supposed to he the guilty person. The Mary lur d Hiatorleal Sr. cb ty will open for exhi- ' tdtluii, In a ftw daye, their splendid utilisation of paintton* itatuary. 4-c The exhibition of la t jear ?*a# ConeQuoril unrurpaeeed by any aite'.lar exhibition in I nlted Stater Tbe painting* exhibited ar? the jirivale property of the iuUtvldua' mooitverr of the ro. alsty. m arly all of whom are great c: nntissaurs of the fine art'. Pan lliee opens hi* elren* to-night. In tht* elty. and Hi doubtless hare a long and protllaM* *oa?on. lie la great favorite with tbe b'hoys and bar built a large nolosure on (Jay street Indira Ing that he taken up bis winter quarters atnutg tbma | Tb? < *> mania are glrlng a aeries of eoneerta at Carroll Hall, and are drawing crowd-d house*. front rtrret theatre, ? ih Mr Mar shall. 1* doing poorly, a? nrual, and mill d worse, now that Dan ilira La* ariiv. I At the Museum, Mr. Murdoch baa rloseda *ucces?ful anragi no nt. and tbe principal allranil u, now. Is the Chinese lady. Our stoek market has at length enmmsneed torevlre. after a long season of Inactivity Tbe (ollowlag were the sales at the board "O Ka'nrrtar ? t1,t**l If striae 4 ' *, Kll\; St .on da . 1?J- %W? U?rr'and deferred Cs. 1-7 V SI <? '? b.ryl 4 .(n%rl?riy rt\, Sl.? O City ft"s, I MO tot*,; |t. no lor grirn ,i? , I'?, sntl is'llase** >? 4 Oh il*tlr-al b 'id- I -.17. tS stiar-* * banias' Bank, 1C 10 M'frh'ii Itsak, M; 1 dn? HI ,, 6 l*iiif n Bsr.k, bP?; 5 is., (Ih; Sde,, SPg; f I'rsuilla tank. It*.; 10 Fsrineis tlank of Maryleud, 411; 16 lealtim re sad uion Ks iivail t( 6 do., 4(V unr irniiiMiripnia iorrn|ionnfnrf, pHILADRttHI*, Ort >b<T 15, 1<49, T*e l*'r Hi ? It? Tf'hrrr tkr Sknt I'tnchtl?Tkt h'.lrrtioni ? .fmuarmro H ft. The nnmual end disgraceful r^tuto, at lea?t for an American elty, wae wltneaaed in our street# yesterday. (Sunday ) ol aoldleri merchlrg and countermarch luff, and going through evolution# and revolution*. for which the gentlemen of fe*th?r* an I (fold lace have T?f tee a famou*. And why all thl# fn?i and parade? this Sahbath-deaeeratlug d> won-trailon ' The qu*e tlon la eaa'ly anawered. The eworn offr ra of the law want b? th the Inclination and the ncrce to do their duty. First, we are tcld that the fault Ilea with the Municipal anthorltlee of the city or the dlatrleta: and they, latum, eicuee thewaelve*. on the plea of want ?f Jurisdiction. Th# Sheriff le th# chief of the pollee of tl e elty and county, and ha ha* not only the power to ruppreee alt rlote which may take place In tba city or eoun*y. hut the nee???ary Mean* are placed at hla diepnaal to make hla antherlty affective and respected. When the riot broke nut la Sixth atreet, on Tusaday n'ght laat. what eourao did the Sheriff purane* After a delay of aome tire or atx hour*. lie auceeeded In mu-lerlnf a few troops, and Marched them to th???cnc ofarron and murder The rioter* fed or deriat- d at their approach) and aft' r reMainlmr en the ground for a eliort time, the eoldler* wag* permitted to retiie, which *? tin aooner done than huettiities re-conim?oc<d with redoubt-d auda My. f'onld a greater hlur.i.r (te u-r no harsher word) hare heen committed' In?tor4 of pending tor mora trocpa. and maklofi pr<?I d'n tor the tieoeaaary rellefa. a company or two are mvt- li-d to the ae< ne of dlarrdiraod marfhrd ba'S again l- *rinj Ilia InhaH. Until of that nnartar to tha fiihrt .Irl llaenaa of no In- j fnrlatr mi b. > u<t to itati rhont. or apply thr lMntdiary a torch. F b<dlerr Shartfi l.rtar to b< a good man. nd drrlto"* of diM*h*rylog th"? dullaa of ht? offloa In n aprlrtii manorr, but ha ia<-M r?r?? and jnlgmmt. I It la rhai r n?mo> for him ar hU w .r*hlp tha Mayor, to any that hp eoald t> t harp fori ran th? riot in <|it?-a. tlovi, or hp might ha*a ham battar pfoparad for lt? ?np praaalon Roth thai a nflWra aril hnor tliat rlota with an nrr ol almnat warily aasnrrrau*. and that thoy harp hlthPTto arqulrrd llttla or ao raputattnn aithar in praTantlng or anppraaalag tbvm With atiph a fmrttil gtatp ot affair* la our mldat tba langtr of an atploalnn at any mom-rt - what wouid any nradrat ofllppr do. who la rhargid with apping thp publta paaoa praaarrad at any mat or ?arnfl-?* w hpr? warp thaarm* and a u mnalti^a raady far aaa at a mom nt'< notlea' tVhpra war# tha man - tool y>t raaolnta who mold ha ralir 1 oa promptly to uaa tho*a arnu and that amn- unltlon at # E NE Mi some preooncerted signal' It it true that the Sheriff caused eight tape to be Riven to the Rreat bell of the State llouee, which vat the signal that the eereloee of the military were wanted But what did all thia amonut toT The rioter* heard theae eight tapt a* well a* the military ?it waa to them a warning signal. a timely precaution. It as plainly told them at eight tapt could tell them, that troop* had been ordered out ? that several hour* would elap*e before they oould be collected and placed in marching order?aad that in the meantime they could go on malinlug, murdering, burning with perfect Impunity. Tbe military have still poe*e**ion of the ground, and when they leave, tbe riot may. or may not. be returned. But if it should not be resumed in that vicinity what guaranty Lava we against further outrages of tha " Killers.'' " liats." " Stingers." \o . In other portions of the city or districts' The raw material of |which mob* are composed is with u* in a* great an abundauce as aver; and notwithntanding tbe appalling scenes of la*t week, the public are yet unadvised of any steps being taken which ran be permanently and implicitly relied on for the preservation of life aud property. It will be scarcely credited abroad, that the number of | fighting men belonging to tbese gangs, which have brought so much disgrace on the name of rblladelphia, does not exceed five hundred I'he actual nu nber, no doubt, is touch less. And yet. this small body of men can not In crime from year's eDd to year's and; can mini., nun, Hiu unu iiuru, ana, ny mctr lawless act*. I depieciate the vslue of rial estate io two great distrfc'.s. ami render their streets alrno-t unsafe fur peaceatlr citizens to walk it). And this. too iu Philadelphia, with ita population of 260.000; with ita large and liberally paid police force; and with ita organised militia, large enough brave enough and effective enough, for tbe successful invasion cf Cuba herself. The election excitement 1* fast dying away, if It la not quite dead?the democrat* enjoying the " epolle,'' in perspective. wltb that, soberness orjoy kuown only to old and successful campaigners The uati venal though | they made no show at the poll), in the way of a distinct ' organization, have much to hoist of in the tbape of the | real fruits of the victory. They wanted I speak of | tbe ma**? to defiat the whig candidate for Mayor. In this they succeedel They were indifferent about tbe succeswtf the wh)g candidate for Sheriff Their indtf- [ fetmre insured hia defeat They wanted to elect their candidates for tbe Itew offices. Their waut) in this particular too, were fully gratified The poor whtgs i are certainly deservlDg of commlsseration Mr Hudson. the Irish comedian, make* his first bow ' before a Philadelphia audience this evening, at tho Walnut street theatre He will he warmly welcomed ! by a etowded In use aud full justice rendered, both tu t dollars and applause, to whalerer talents he may | possess. There are to be three or fonr grrnd concerts at the | Vufical Fund Hail this wo k. Who says that we are | not a musical people, although our knoAledgo of tho . French is as limited a* it la of the Italian? The BrltleU Navigation I>awa? Interesting turn aiiuikdi'iice. [From tbe Washington Hepubtic, Oct IS ] As the following letters relate to a subject which excites mocb interest, we avail ourselves of tbe opportunity of publithlug them lor general Information : ? Ni.w Voaa. October 2, 1819. Sir :?We must ask the favor of your reply to this letter, at your car he. t convenience to go vera us in acting on orders we have to charter American vessels to proceed te the F.nfllsh possessions in the Fast Indies and load cargoes for London, und?r the new navigation acts ul On at Britain The.? orders are reoeived by us from houses in Ktiglaud, aud we have already charter) d tlie nLip Ambassador, of this port, to load at Calcutta for London. t y (tie act of Parliament, we believe it la required tbat tbe President will grant the same privilege to shlpt under the British flag tbat Kngiand grauta to ua Will a British ship be allowed to outer bore with a catgo of ferrtgn produce (not of (Jreat Britain) atter tbe let of January n* it, on tbe rime conditions aa abipa under tbe Hug of tf.o I tiled States? Wa truat you will pardou our tbus treu>a?'lDg on your time, and remain, sir, Vour obedient aereanta. BARCLAY A L1VINU3TOV To lion. W M Mrernmi, Secretary of tbe Treasury. Tail' oat litpiiTHirsT, Oct. IS. 184S (fstti rert:?In reply to lh? In ,airy made in your letti r of the 2d instant I bate to state tbat In conratjuence of tbe r< c< nt alteration in the Briliab navigation lawa. Btitish terlell from British or other foreign porta, will (uuder our existing lawa) he allowed alter tbe lit of January next, to cuter in our ports wlthrxr- I or.'of the ptodueo if any part of tbe world I hat a ! further to state, that such trite la and their oarg tee : trill be Hdniltted on tbe aamv terma, aa ta duties and iuip> >ta. aa vessels cf the I'ni'ed States. Very respectfully, jour obedient servant, (Signed) W. M. MKit"'01 TIT, Secretary of tbo Treasury. To .Messrs. Barclay A Mvingston. ,N. V. ? ?? I I.oaa or the Soon J-iiv A 8 ttes it the Srnura I o?- Wear# indebted for tha particulate of tLla stlfnck to tbe ofticvi* of tbe steamship Ala- I bail a The rcbooci-r John A Sutter, Captain Samuel R. Kddy Irom Warren, It. I., ran aalure ?n a small Islet. I near Tatrer Iiurt < r in the Straita of .Vagi tlau, on tlia it th of Janv at 6 o'clock at night t here w*< a thick snow itorm at the time and the wind blew a gale from i' iciUmrd Tl.c schooner immediately bilged and filled with water and It was with much dilfleulry that all hands were euatded to get fr ua tbe wreck eu the rock T I ey succeeded alao with much pains ing-tting two l>ai relis ot br< ad a tery llt'.ls cl"thing a square sail and one boat. The crew remained on the roc( all niabt during a continued snow-storm and a trem-n deus gale the sea breaking oter the rock most of th> tin e. S< me ol the men bad their bands and feet fro sen At daylight the next morclng the wind abated when the crew got en board tbe wreck, and managed to rut tLronib the oaldu and deck by which means they procured tome morn of their porisioua aad personal effect*. The brig Aeadrlan of Boatrn, bcee in sight at 9 o'clock. A M. on the morning of the 2", lb June, and sent a bra' off to their asslstanre 1 he < aptaln anil cr?w wnin kindly recelttd on heard of the brig, and were landed at ( citron at which piaco they art i ted on tb? lliih of August. 'J'fce folio-wing persons comprise the crew of the set oc,n?r Jnhu A (Sutter : ? Samuel It. i ddy, marttr : Jeremiah Jol?i, railing maater ; K P Pbeony, let officer , Jnrnea M. ra^e, ?a <Sr>.; (has A. Andrea a. 8d d'-; A. L. Ktaw. cook; Samin 1 K. Kan<>11 ami Benjamin O. Kelly carpenters; K. TVHliama, E. O. < bltd, J C. ( bild, J. I.lnrey. P. HaniKIl Tbnina* Ihlnney, John II. tdadin A II ( II. P. (iefT J tiefT. J K. Bowcn. J Harm, r M. l awrtncf Thomas F. Potter A M. Kelly, and J. T. Adams uuura-A'. O. Btt, Oct fl. llrtaoltlyn City Intelligence. Kloi otio**rt Hiidi?>i nn Hat i i *tiot?.? Wo Irani that a yourg lady i f considerable talent la to dato' thia en ning to elocutionary tradings and fsltatirna. from Rhakrpeara, Louie, Milton, fco , at the Institute Hall. ron-rii <t.-The wblga of tba First Assembly District which la ccmp'red of the light h and Ninth ward* of tba elty, and the outer town*. met In eonren tion at Flatbueb yesterday aflernooa at tbrre o clock, and on?irated 1 hi mns It. Itedding Kaq , at th* candidate for member of Aaarmbly Ir m that dlatriot. Mr Redding la at present a number of the Hoard of ealdi rinen of tbia illy. C'oMMoa Cot-ftc it ?Oi t. 15 ?Preaent. his Honor, the Mayor and a full Hoard The mlnut*a were read and appiorrd aa alto tboae of tbe apeciat meeting on Friday mmi'Ptrctiont. Prlt'/iimt iff Phihi.'nI Petition of Blair k Batea. f r permission to run n ?#crar-Referred to stmt t ornmlesdoner; of I. aud J. (>a*coyne, flrair t), f?,r discharge certificates -Granted; of John Arasplr, for discharge certificate Referred to Fife |)?. i Mbnut Committee. Inyiiatlon Oram th? National Guard i i mjanv B .to at.end an eablbltlon drill at <i'tl ic Hall, on Monday evening, the il'Jd Accepted I n muatcation from fafrick ' onelly. aching theiomnun' mined to adopt aca;* better ay-tern tor the inamii nirM >[ ill" common ecbnola. Alderman Spiaula m -T.d lo refer it to the I omaion School < camitte-e. j Aldtrrr an BuiLauk Dion d to refer it to the Hoard of Education. Ald< rmnn Fpln> )a?* mot'on *u adopted, i a-J the ci nmuni.-aUrn ri ferrrd. I'etttioo froru the hire department. aching forth* *pproprtatlon of Ilia u?tal aotn for the b. not t of tlie m l ,w- an I orphan a 1 lend that food 1-iu.r nearly rxbetited Ilea >lntl> a to appropriate fei n for that purpoee ?I aid oyer till the n xt meetiat. tinder the rnl?. Cotnoiuninatlnn of tt in II. Sbicjt. in relation to th? oyerfl>w of eater, wt.iihla likely to Injur* Lia property Referred to j Street t i irialrrlnner Itoninae'rance of 8 Co* end o I erv relatlye to tho altering of the prorert grad* of Fitit' O aei one. ('oaimnaleatloii from l.cnnard Cooper. a Mtg for releaae ftom rontract fur tha carpenter'* w. tk cn tha I Ity Halt. Certificate* from th* architect and othere were read and the petition referred to rh* I < n initlea a l.ardr and I'iacea, fir their report Hill tf Alileiman i aehran for reat of eb?l*ra hospital - K*. lern d to I oamittre en Aecrunta Htll of In- flee John B. King fur f*> in f'rrpnratloa anlte Referred to , reme ' ni,milter f ummuiileatlon fretn the Preildeut ift olt-irhta Colics*, notifying the t ummna Cunneil thnt a racanry had rrrurredln that in*tltiitiun Ke, ferrtd to the ( t oiaiitlee on Arte and fleieaoe*. Vlaato*t I, re tat iTt-ee ?The I,ogta1atiire of Varmont met at Montpelier on f uerday lion Wm G. Klttredg* 1 war elected Speaker of the Moure, and! k". Hoeey, < Rtk. 'I he aer ate elected all of the old i (fleer* TO* el.ia Sriiker wn ! fieri ht 7 ma nil It? which la about th" nhlg irajorlty In tha llotifB. Tha Snull* nffloafi at r? flt-ctfrt l.y 14 inpjMlty By tha official t ota, I lorMftor < oolldga lark, 4 8fl rotrs of an ilMtlm by tha ?aiyla. Tha ab^la toto nan 61 MB. Tha Ito branotma I In rent ontlnn.tti atrd i nrlca t.aolldga < lorrrnnff. by 61 majority and Hclirrt Plar|' nt l.lrut. Uorarnnr. by 67 | majority?Wr?frm .d.'fitr. ffc? 16. PMia l ?u?i itthi: B?tt ? \t puhlla mantlng hald at iha Bant Via Maria. <>u tha UHli dapiambar. a notntpitlaa. aomlrtlng of thn linn L?. It vtnValr, lata I . 8 mlr aral nn?nt. tn<i M> n John W Allan ynaaat I'. M tnirmal apant I f tha I'iMrlat of I aka i'tp?rl"f. and | it" ll? n San,mil Altimun ofdant Rla Matin, nara up p, intad to ptoerrd to Washington during tha naft i avion of < nn*rrft* and tirpu tha paaaaxa of maamraa for tha making ,h,P ''"tal around tha da,it and tha araallon of plana, or hr. ak ?al* r?. at tha mutch at I agta a?d oni< naan rlrara. Tba ahoek of an inrthqnaka *> frit In Hton, Ton. arrd. Aeton. and soma nthar tannf In that pari of MidI dlarai Mm, on tba aftornoon of tha 6th io?t. W YC ORNING EDITION?TUES Christian Hoetaltam. LSCTVU BY W. H. CHANN1NS, AT Till STUY VK^AYT 1NSTITT TI. nl rnmsT ['tni?T??innu ?? sent mosi-F.rrs. W. H ( banning delivered a lecture on Christian Socialism, on Suaday evening last, at the Stuyvesant Institute. The lecturer read for his test, a portion of a ohapter from Daniel, and another from the Epistle to the Kphesians, la which mention Is made of the unity of the Church as one body. He brgen with speaking of Christendom as a sort of embodiment of an ethereal principle, to be developed in its perfeetion and spirituality, and asserted that man is always developing and unfolding the revelation of tiod The authority is n?t in nature only, not in Christendom only, not in God only, but in man, who is the centre of authority, In whom is the eipress imoge of the Divinity?the reality of the Divine presence We must leok to man for this manifestation whieh oomes, home to us?it is the reality of the Divine presence with us. When we And it In a man the path is plaiu ; the grandeur of life of every man then begins to culminate Christendom is a centre to the liumau ruco Ail past ages hate culminated to this revelation of < iod iu una It is developed In < hrlstendom The leading nations of civilisation are Christian nations. There are nowhere any steanib-at* or ships or huntsmen in the valley of the Mississippi hut the lofty pulse of the blood of 1 it vine humanity beats physically as well as spiritually. '1 his has only begun now to be developed A11 events are uow tending to one great and noble result, a Inch la the union of this knowledge and the devclopement ol this piincipile Therefore. Christendom, as the centre of mankind, holds in itself, in Its embodl.neut all that man hopes for and desires The / 1.. ?, ? J - v -. ??i v. . >* ..." UII'U um<u| auu tur vfuui (ii IU" aUUIoniy and power in ( hrietendooi. are tti? grand reality. there Are two great tendencies la Crlati nduin tbo < etholio ad the individual, that is, the I'rotastant Ta? oun la collective t< -ndeury ? the other la the Individual tundnu'jr. The positive good la b dh of thurn I- the holy regenerate. pure man. tilled by the heavenly tiaa-uuasiou of divine traueinitted inttueuces?a type of the divinity. and the embodiment ol the humanity la heaven, la the buiueaitv on earth ! There la,la the apootaurlty of the ?ill of man, a power of iutercomuiuaica'.ion with ; the infinite will of Uod ! '1 be two principlea are not antagonistic ot each other, bat are complement* The catholic tendency is the hierarchy of transmitted inlluenrea Iho nature of I hrlst is the germ of a rare; it la to have one act one will- it la the Hivintty ejuibo I lited-it is thr perfection of perfect humanity - the great design of God as a whole. There ta no power but the ' aovenign powtr of God in man, which ia an abiding reality, transforming Chilst enilom to the living iuuard brain, heart and circulation of humanity in heaven, maklr g one organic whole family - God, iu man la the centre uflt. What we want to aee is. the great reality <f collective humanity, a divine attachment binding all in one. In the tends towards this unity and dlvlue tendency, if octallam U tbe very culmination of alii briatendom ?it is the humanity of heaven flowing down upou tb? bum tnlty on vartb, In tranaformiug transmitted Influences W hat ia it but spiritual pure, holy love, transforming all deeda into the princfpleof common good and liberty ' It ought not to be called socialism. Its real name is " Harmonious Humanity with tbe spirit of the holim as ol God in man. united with love, lraterolly and paternity. regenerating men and linking them I' g-tner iu una brothel hood '' M'e recognise nv soclaltaiM which it not l hrletian, and no I. hriatiauity which is uot socialist The above la only a translation into ordinary intelligible language. of one ot the moat unmeaning, vague. waud< ring, and uuiulelllgible ihapaodiea. we ever Hit?iied to To understand what was said by the leetuercr wo defy all the pereoua who were present There was not one simple, solitary proposition contains 1 in the whole oration?nothing which the mtud coul I grarp or lay hold of All was confusion, darkness and perpleiity. elaborately worked up Into imposing, highetuudlng language, it vraa the euulurion of sonorous, grandiloquent, ethereal. I.allot ed but aenseh as - epithets. strung together in long and almost endl -?a a-tocession, and without coanrctioii ; so that if at the tv glurdrg of a sentence there r?enied a chance of oat'h j mg at the idea intended to be conveyed, before th?a?a) fence w?a more than half lint-bed the hope of a m -suing vanished altogether The sp"?k>-r a< emed to have studied tbe art <d my atificatlon, and has t vid> niIv ?.f- 1 talced to gri at perfection id tb? icienee of talking b?g , fir tin Lour al a tune. and pouring forth fljwury con | tense. without uttering n> clear, concise sentence? one plain, simple ld-a- or ?ti> one solitary enmpri-lien sible proposition. It was ria'.ly pitiable to lee a tine sonorous voice a moat studlou-ly elab irate neck tic, j elt guntly outstreehed arms, and plotn eye- devoutly shut for half ao hour, all tnroe u away, in netting b fore the publio .. doh of stuff. condiling of nothing but windy words aod empty, hl/ti sounding pi- I tints II the prrncher had only preached ecctal- j I'm, or red republicanism, or any l?m. or am- | thing, almost, whatsoever It would have b >ti tolerable, i compared with the Infliction of preaching wind?pure, > flatulent verbiage and a jumble ol extrava. anre mere rhodon onlade and torrents of iupeiIstlve edjectives, In language unconnected, Incoherent and so high flown and bombastic that no person of cojiinon s use could gather the eemtilatice of au idea from a.l the turgeso< nt and ethen at oration. Men of sense would perceive at nnco. that it as' all wiDd and humbug; bu* the simple would go away and think it all to b? the finer the more incomprehensible It wa? to them. THo worst and. t., meek t Utnlw I l,_ mr .t _ nert ol th.i eh, I.. affair, im tu me aucb i* ibi*q ?l Uinirir up b.dure the public us a yuott mediator for th? psoyl-j prevent, an 1 i to utter wl at be called a prayer with ouietrwtehwd | iuis, closed eyrs. and brad throw a back, as if bent to- | wai il.s b- a*sii Such exhibition* an awful; they arc rubltniely ridiculous, an wi il a- iutimtely audacious and impudent '1 be orator gave out that he Intended to continue his lecture*, at the eaice ttmu and place, for eavcrat auccreiliiig Sundiija Wo would not merely r> commend bim, we weald entnat him. t-? ooude-osnd to speak plain. Intelligible I ogllsli. dlvldid tulo distinguishable p.rhda-to ootidegcend to mem something and to rp< ak plainly atid s lit-|Iy w-hat he iu- an* (II tie bai any nitaning). lu di Unci intelligible proposition*. It it painful, to a mind f -d of irutb and simplicity to Ueten, for above an hour to a nice >ur/e apparently coa- , itrurt* d > n rwipov we w.ll nut ray to deceirn but to ray a print deal, wllhcut Conveying tiie lea:it rational meaning. The whole intent and aim of the lecturer wa? evident Hie Whole theory and principle I* *tmptj this ,v 'an I* In facf, (he g ,d.'' but lie studiously avol > aaylug anything plainly. ai d apcwklng out In bop??t. rtnuMb r?i.rd proportion* It 1* the ranie do?trlae which hmerrou I* said to be preaching In l.ngWnd a mere r<ha*h of all hi* rrudltle*. abrurdltle*. and pr fanitie*, without hi gen'tta a?d talent to aire cob-ring to fain hood and make diabolical doctrine* look true end , heavenly. In I ted Ntntca Dlatrtrt Court. O' T. It. - ludge bett* delivered hi* d<oisim* In the following cote*, tbia morning, at the opening of the court. Muri'Uiti I'atrti r# CTn II MartSall and o'htri.? | Tbia I* an action In ;rimnae. to recover the balance of passage nirney of the d. fen-lant and family fro.n Havre. A m-'tlon i* n.ade to disuilsv the libel for want of juris diction, a bill of exebarge having been given by the defendant for the ba ance of p?-*ag* lu o-y H id that the court have jurl-dlction iu rem and In / ti-.h a on controrta for the tranvp irtati'-n of par fug-r- On the aiguimnt. the advocate for the llb*lient- proiuc---! the bill of exebarge. and offered to dell t. r it up on tha hearing, 'i bla I* sufficient c-aaplianco ?Hh tl-e prloclplv* embodied In the (ass*, to pren i.t the defendant avoiding tne action nj uni pn nininary iu"ti .n i n? motion to diftols* the action. ti not within the juris dtctien of the court, ton t accordingly be d?nt d, and the defendant mu?t b? put to tit* delence to the libel ( set* to abide the final rc*ult of the *oit II i//.cm .7. Ilullit DHXrr, ft., if. P'ltr Curt ?[There re two oth>r ectlene in faror of the uni' lib liaut ) A mcllen I* made by the defendant that the ball bonda ?utered Into by him and hie sure'y to the Maiebal of thle dietrtrt be raeated. or that the ball be re Iteeed the eurretidi r of the principal In a?hlnga discharge ru m a bail bond In Admiralty the partiea muat place their rlelm upon the tame footing ' If Ibe relief e< light for wa? from a monej bund. Maud de- j cell, dor***, or Illegality of consideration? nine mat er showing the obligation fold '> iM/te or ndered imperatire by ?<>m> thing *ub*equently occurring ?muet be retaHlrhed to aflect It* ralldlty 'I here can be no reaernable ground tor alleging a mi-take er ml appreI entlon of any fact connected with the tran*ee'.ion. '1 he ball bond wa? read by the |>arilea and their attorney. It ftlpulated that the reepondent should appear , In court on a day designated and that the *tipule:or* would pey the nrnney awarled by the final deeree of the court. Held that no dec-It or ntWrepreaentatl'm i? > prored which. In law or equity, entlllea the obligor* to be rellen (1 front their b ?.d*. that the un lertaklng of the hall I* absolute, and not conditional and cannot ; he discharged by producing the principal In court. 1 be |ante* bavlngacted In good faith In mating thl* appliretlon and a? It presented a new point of praetlca, j In denying the motion, It l? without eo*U. from the California P.wlgrantf. M l KMI1II. tJOl IX. I"*" Ma Kr rTaa:? At a mean* of e itnmunloatlng marina Bft? I addraaa yon, a? your pap*r la no" ganarally raad I barajuat haaid rrnni Or Valk, of t'luaktnp a irtailiFr of tha Milng Sun AiFOrltUnn on board tha bark Hi*tnp Kuu. that railad fr m N?? York on tha St tli of .Varrh for Han k ranctaoo California, thay ?>r? at Port I rnrrptinn on tha IStli of inly Thaj bad a rough |>aoigr rrund tba t apa and ha I b??n datalnad by brad wioda; tba rrml had prorad baraalf a Boa latt aallar W'hlla at f oarrptioa. thara *?ra thraa raaaala for i aliforiila. that rathd hi 'ora that did - tha aahooaar Valarao of N?w Condon, -bip (ibad Mltehall, I aptain ( ox, of Naw Btdford and tha bilg ( ol. Taylw, of Dna> ton thinking thlgnawimay glad dan tba haart of noma of tha frhnd* of tba paaa?ngar*. I foraard It to y<>a lor in?<rth>n in yonr ralnahla pa par. Afrpolnlmoitfa Cy |ht Hrraldant. Jfhn ha Aaahtaat Traaanrar at St. I.onla, >lla ouii, rioa C A CaKranma, raatgnrd Vti M. Brown, of Tannaaaaa. to ba Marahall of tha I i.ltad Btataa for tha oiiddla dmtrlot of Tannaaaa*, rioa Jigral) t lamtnta, ramor?d C. P Bartrand, of Atkan>a*. to ba Raralfar Pnblla Monayaat LHUt It oak, Arkaa*a*. vie* I yru# W VVIIion, dkcita>t 4, > R K I DAY, OCTOBER 16, 184S touiann Council. Board or Aldehmkr, Got. 16 ? Jim Kellsy, Esq , President. In the cbalr. Tbs board mat at 6 o'clock, last evening The inlnutM of the previous meeting were read and approved ftliliotn Ht/tmd? af James Price, to hare bis olaitn referred to tbe finance Committee Of Asahel S Levy. to bave amount of assessment on bouae and lot in Duane street altered Of Edetn A Johnson, and others, owners of property on -titta street, for peviag "aid

street from Niuth to Tenth avenues of \ir Wm. liolrues to be released from an assessment on sewer in 47 tb street Resignation of Benjamin II. Sherman as Inspector of Common Schools for the Sixteenth ward, accepted Petition of A. Rosenthal aud others, to have 30th street, between Third and f ourth avenues, paved, and gutter stonee set ?referred Ji Nrw Kngitu.?A petition of members of engln* c mpaoy No -0 tor n new etigiue? referred Petition of Thomas J Oakley and others, for improvement in the railroad track on the Fourth avenue ? referred. Petition of Wood Gibson, and James C. MoOrrgor, for compensation for damages sustained by engine running against their awning post and awuiog, doiug damage to the amount of >60 - referred Petition of P. Pent and others, residents of the Twelfth ward, for a dock at 7uth street and Hudson river? referred. Petition to have 43d street, from Eighth avenue to the Hudson river, paved referred Petition of Suy dam Ss?e U Co. and others, merchants in the first ward, asking for au additional police force, te guard property on piers 3, 4, 6, 6 and 7, Ka-t river, durum the business season The w.-titlitn was n tVrri a to the Mayor. I etith n for tho extension of pierN'o 12. North river, u l j.ropo^alteration : ;im- rt (erred frtltlm of A argaret hliai key, aunt of John Mr!)#iislo aged 17 years. who wax bhot at tho Ast>r Place riot, while | a'MiK on an errand and died In the i;ity Hospital the fi llosiug Friday The petitioner alienee t) at the dt ei a.*cd was an orphan aud -he brought hiui up front llyears of age, r.nd expeuued in so doing. >400 lu food and clothing, and at the time of hWde tih he bail niaoo arrai geuients to pay her thut sum by instHiuieuta in weekly payments, as fast us he eoutd earn it; and thu peir.ioner now prays for compensation lor the Ions thus sustained The petition wan referred to tLe Finance ? oui in litre and the vtayor. Petition of Ihe cili/.ens of 4th ward to hare the pulls ot election i f the 2d, 3d, aud 4th districts changed. Laid on the table. it st'lvi d 1 hat the poll of the 8th election district of the ith ward be held at the northeast corner of Hudson and 13th at.,and the 7Ih district at 34 1 Jib at Adopted I i tition of i. I.n A Strong and others, resident* of that part < f tbe city known as the " Bone Boiling " or " I polemic District,'' between 3Vth and 47th sts west of the 10th avtnue. lor the reuiosal ot such nuisances fiom tbe city. IL te' red to the committee on health Lrcom IFulerJar Ward't Itland ?A resolution *?' paned appropriating iKkKi for the laying of Croton plpea to supply Waid'a Island with Droiou water, i he pape s were sent to tbe other board for 3 incurrence. Itrport In furor of making a sewer lu 6th avenue, from 1:8th st U>2Vtbat Adopted. 1-sport in favor of regulating aud grading 80th st, from 2d to ihe 3d avenue. < ouimuniration from the Governors of the Alms House, setting torch that, several sod various repairs snd additions mentioned in the respective rei|ulsitious aiibixed. are mjuirrd at the institution^!ht irelu mentioned. and solicit that the enure may be dmo The teilowiig are the Improvements propoeed to becsrrled out?A store for the storekeeper or warden a withhi u-e a dining hall for the adult paupers, and a chapel. The est,uiate for building Is as follows:? For chapel fllono ?' Ws'bbouKt 7,000 " Icehouse 300 ' ti 440 feit of picket fence. ..** * 2 470 " lie; airs on the nuisery buildings 2,030 " Ki pairs to dock 33 $23,833 In sUditloD to this, a survey is called for to put the island in such order as to carry out the original design, giving It the appearance whivh It would present wb-n pui lu complete order. 'Ihe communication w?s relet red to a committee of conference. The hoard, at this period, took a recess of ferty minutes. Am It KICES9. lie port in favor of builuinga pior at the foot of 38 tb st11 et. Fast I'.iver at a co-t i f $7 O00 Adopted I'eport In laeor of ailcwlug the Nort'i American Tiiegrsnh Lin* to er< ?t poles through certain streets to their ufHeein Wall street Aid. Haws, of the 13th vs. a rose and remark'd, that If permission va> given to all these teh gi aphs springing up t h city. In a short tine, would he a cl'.y of petes; they were certainty very unsightly; anil he prop >sed that the present compel 'es should male s- tax arrangements whereby the present poles could ha used by several. ihe report ws? ret-ried hark to the commit'** .! iv- i,.11... i ? ? will ll:e lli at J of Aartktaata ou the bill of It >1 ? 1 >< r noil, m ounting toMr, expanded by I be d -ctor to ? M ii * hick pnliceno-u in ?ar|..u* part* of the city. In ttat'.n l,n\ I lie report recommended tliat the pry i.i nt "t the raino be d. nlod Adopted llaport Id tarnr of p? j log the bum of Doctor* Steam*, lliwa end Kllbourne. niliftol I ? pott alin>? to i?vio* the bill of ,Stephen Meri Ml*l W i I dam*. lata a policeman .Adopt oil lit port adi'-na to paying Mil of K C Andrew* f ir a clock It rauM to tk? peiicu coait at the 1 ooibi.? Adopt* d. ? A r*?o|Mtl?n waa i ff. rod by Aldeiu an U .bb f the 1Mb watl rescinding the ra n. lu'ioD till ptegl a >liort Hue iIdpo enuring the teiuoval ifiueUce .Mi unifort fr. ni Jetferaon market ; Una to tbe I ail- < f luftl<a. and I u>tlca \io iratb to till tit? ra ratry 1 hi* rraolntloa eau rd a lirg and ??trluj dl?ruaoloD. The Alderman of the lHlh <-uu? ul. r*d tnat a rlarge of pattnre a a* gm d lor i alma a-idmi long a* no ci ni plaint ?* made by the ounUoaa them aim* a* to tha alteration, hd W'ut allaalug tbeai to ratualn aa they ato. Aid Knit, if the ''It ward r?*e nnd aatd that It had l.i i n raid that bo bad tin tt the tuoana of making the i bill ge, TM? he denied an ).? did not know of the chat i e bring uiade, In t waa he In tliu Board at the time 1 b" rofolntlon wa* finally referred t a e?m nit too to r port arenrnlnyty II?port In fat i r ?f b'tlldint* a pier at tha fsot of 4-11 atriat. North Hlnr Adapted. 1 a i l?i<l. Ttat the et t rnjnl*?lnner cm a tha pier and bulkhi ad h*t*i.< a l>?y and I ourllaoil. atraat?, to be t*l id to tit* natr grade Ua.?t a.Met io.lbatlh A ill | I. d lit m lotion In faror of erecting Iron grating Intr a drora for tha call* la tha male d"| art tn- nt of tbe rl'r ptt-i u In tbe p!a' of the prart alone* which are made i f wood Adiptrd At mar 10 o'clock. tbal)<aril adjourned until fi n'cioik lliur.ilay a! ett.oi n. ha>lti.: naaird 11 d"OU Bit tit* if dillrlibl kluda Aa*Mr*rr?. -The Board tent ? . f, o>l "k.? rr*M r,t. the rrerld> nt in thr t hair and a quorum of iu"n l<-r? In their ptarra. I'rhlmn& ? AtB'i g flie prtit'on* prc'entr | wrrr thr flk.wiig from era and oreupatita ot hu??? on Tib atrart brtwrm aernura P and t to ham ar w?r built in 7th ttrfi't In f'?f? of tba -1 rain which h*? alrmij barn laid, but rblrh doe? not appear to anawrr the purpnre Inti mini Referred hroot 8 Knar. In relation ton n?* klnl of piT?m?nt, to br ct mpored of flat at'.nea. Referred frtm I nnrad K Wllfgrn. for tha rontlnnatf^n of * ?rr In .id arrnnr front ?flth to 37'h rtrort* Referred hum Vr* hlirahe'h Burn*, for enmp?n?atlon In fftnrijiiroea oflfl ro? (lira baring h*rn killed at th? A?t'?r Placr tint. Rrfrrrrd to tba Hi.atirr < ommitter and tba Mnynr /' p?rf? ?) CnmmUbti ?Tb# < Vnnilttrr of Finance of tbta Board reported In faror of r. ncurtlng with thr 11 "aid of Aldrrntrn In granting to John I'rtrrron. lata rrarrngrr to thn ? Ity Hall, f.7' ' *. for arrrlrra froru May Itt April 1?t. l*tr> < occurred in. flame in larer of rrllrrlng from areetemeat tha 'Sorbty lor thr nllafof agrd lndlg<nt fnnBlrr. t oncurrrd In Krport of ernmlttrr on aew.ra, In faror of build ng B aewer In ]7lh?tr?et from ?<i to SJ arrniira CMenrred in hrntu O'mmltlrr on arwera, la faror of building a l-wrr In 3d Mrei t fWm Bowery to ar. nur A. with reaoliitb ti. llrfrrrrd to Committee on flewert I'llinHlra rn po!|e?, In faror of paring fr Owan Fwe?t>ey fit fir inrd'ral arrileee at thr Bin ward atatlon hntiee. Ref rrrd holier eomralttra ot Beard of Aldrrnirn In faror of allowing Valhaiilr' darken* M* f< r damage* emta'ned In r< ?m tierce af l.l? horrr and raring" tailing Into a hola In lilrmgton atreet. In March la?t Hrfrrrrd tJ IomBlltrr of 1'ollcr of thla Board On notion of Aralntant Aid rm?n ronrklln. thr eubjrrt ot ihr rrtrblb hro< ot of a frrry from thr foot of i berry Rtrrrt. In thla rlty, to Bouth Mrrrnth rtrrrt, H llllam-tnrgh bring the majority and minority rrpoitaof thr t onimlttrr on Kirrlea of thi* Board, war mkt n t?R AssMeat Allfrnun S?*r.? moved to take up the majority report otid adopt It. Assistant Aid (imiiu moved t > amend,by Inserting ' minority." Instead of majority " 1 he majnilty r> port eotrluilM with the following raSolution ? Heroited. That In the opinion of this Hoard It la Inexp< llant at I be present time togrant tha prayer of thn patltlon of James B. Taylor. .1 W. Benedict end othara. for tha establishment of a ferry between tha foot ot I harry stre? t. In tbla city, an I tha foot ol South Sotanth strc?t or tbaraahonta. In tha village of tVlillainahnrgh and that tha petitioners bara laara to withdraw ihetr patltlon tbarafor. R A SANDS. ) < oramittaa JOHN TK AR9AI.L, i an Parrlaa, Tha raaolutlon at tha conclusion of tha minority report. la a? follow#:? Raaolrad. J bat a farry |e?se ba granted to James B Tar lor. Jeeea W Benedict. and H' mlng Duncan. from tba foot of l harry atraat. f e?t River to tha foot of South Sarantb atraat, In tha tillage of Willlamshurgh, for tha term of tan yanr*. from tha first day of Novem bar IMP. at en annnal rent of ona thousand dollar*, payable quarterly and that for that purpose the ?aid Taylor Benedict and Duncan ba allowed tha water privilege. and nee of tha bulkhwad, to the extent of eighty tut at tha foot of said Cherry street, for said term of tan yaara. Also, that they make such Imprnrameets as may he ni ceesary for the accommodation or nee* of sneh farry. at their own cost and expense, and nlaea on such farry good and lab-teatlal st-am ferry boats, and run tha same under such regulations as may ba apprarad of by tha comptroller and tha Co an sal ui IB R A ). tb?t < orporattuo. and that aald CuunaM h? a r<io rd to | > prepare a lease in accordance with the a>>o?# terms. thft same to b? approve(1 of by thft Comptroller CU VS. G UK \M The Board took ft recess tor tea, before the question was taken. Hrmlutum$ ? SeTeral resolutions were adopted, changInft the looatlon of eluotiou polls. Sent 10 ooard of Aldermen for concurrence. Resolution In favor ot building a fountain In Bow. ling Green, at an expense of $2,000, referred to Committee on f'roton Aqueduct If evolution from Board of Alderman, In favor of appropristing $2 500 to defray exl?ensee of lla.'glng side walks around Washington square Coo -urred in No quorum waa obtained after tea. and the board, therefore, adjourned till next Monday eveotng Caurt of Oyer nnrl Terminer. Before Judge Kdwards and Aldermen lueersoll and Jackson. Oi t. 15 ?This morning the trial of Charles II farpenter, for being accessory brf.ira the fact, of circulating counterfeit money, was resumed, being the sixth day it has occupied the Court SsMbki. Csmh. exumiued by the Attorney GeneralIs in trade in I'alermo for the last 10 years, aud hare been postmaster for nitre or teu years, has some anquaintauco with 'f'rew k\ 1 oui.g his mother and family; lltvy reside about two miles from witness; is not personally acquainted with T K \ ouog -tas's tkaii t|r coming to tow n making rislte"; thinks t'oun r'e mo tin r lives at lier present residence IK years, V oung isat home oecasiobsllv. on soil otf, at lis mother's place, and witness has heard him spukou ot generally among his neighbors; sometimes sees him two or three times a year and then there luay have been times that be bus net sir u bint for two or three years tj ? \\ bat has been his general moral ' haracter' f oiiatel lor defence objected to witness's opinion of Young's moral character. as Irs has not proved thai be , had sufficient means ot knowing It I'he Court ad- I luitfed the question Witness never heard anything | of I ouug's chart tor but what was good; heirdof his bring imp.Irate,I in pa sing eouutertrit money; has never b>ard any thing else against him Crmf rramiiiit Has appointed port master about 1841. by the then Postmaster Ueurrsl (KeadaU,) Mr. Harrison was the Prrstden'; can't tell who wts the Governor of (he Slate of Maine at that time; tUere are two po t in the town of Palermo, the other is kept by Illram Worthy; witness can write and read writing if it is [rstty pla n; can read print; wis never rreetcd on atry charge, nor tried is living in Palermo UK years, knew l.oe and h'rencU and Daniel Greeley, iniimati ly. is not *nw?ll acquainted with \ ouog ai th? others just named; never knew Maynard nor Hanoiball Br iiney knew Horace Bouncy aboil', four y-ars g,>. ,.vu aiu * *i-,a iu ? i vuv-i-, n vow u saw floe ill fill-V HI. I witness weut there to |>u. .base Wwt Iudiaunoda; did not I go to purchase counterfeit ninan;; had no conversation with Hoe about buying. selling. making or passing ci .untetfi It money ; bought tea nuiltniM tobacco and sugar. ot * tu-bitag V i !a|>(>, in Commercial street; it em in the fall, three years ago; paid thera he suppose*, in g<?><l motey a* he never heard anythin; to the oontiary; bought dry good* at Reeve* il Co , corner of Milk street. paid for that, too in money; lia* (old article* < f hi* tiadc to Roe. lino lev, Bouncy. Sit ; ha* never ufu any counter! it plates with Himiu; witne-t is a farmer ali-o; never heard counterfeit mom y eallod by the i.auie of g,? d?" or "piece*;'" no one ever offend to tell lilui any, wa* told in June last, by Mr, Kellryg. that hit teetimuny eroul I b? required ou thin trial; he did not talk to him anything about it a", that time, nor tell htm what be wanted him to prove; v.. - told on a Mtal interview art til Mr Kellogg, that be wan wanted to spook to Vouug's rbara.,t,'r; never hi aid auy one speak against louugln Mains; leva* there c in idered a r.spectable nmu, in biui betaeiu ISiiO and 'US; raw him between 1835 and ikdli; can't ray that be raw him once from 'Id to '-It: can't say positively that h? *aw him ?uco from 15 to '47; Dm t \ ouug at Kitrhurgb llouio the day lie v.a* let nut of pritcn; travelled from Boston with the other wltusssii; Mr Kellogg ha* promised to pay their etpeuic*: ?t< lp?dat< rer n lino n when he came on tlr-t; paid hi* bill theie wlih money he got firm .Mr. Kellogg then went to the Ka-tern f'earl Street House; wa* at the Attorney tieneral* ofllee several time*. To the Attorney llenrial ? U'a* n"v*r asked to ray at ythiug about this bu-lu??i but the truth, and La - bull frequently at the ofllce to Imp none tho Atform y (Jvnnal to let him home at hi-. hii'ln?a? in in a l ad way without him; i* here several week*; and wa* told he would have been only del ay. d ten days iv rdacatvd < nougb to tran-act his owu !>u-ln?*a. did tut apply for the olllee < f postu.a ter; hi* brothsr wa* tho former postmaster, and he applied for the appointment of witness, and obtained it in October 1841, heard of (len llurr.jon a death alter h? was appointed poitmaitar. cm,. (' lives i it knows ( has II. Carpctit**; *a-v htm in Roxbury; v ituc a ia a painter, and r< il-d j tberw in the (Mil of lk45 and bi giua ri { of 49 attwu led a bartl iere at that time for Sauiuel P. Slat*; knew I no. ! Roe; wa* introduced to Carpenter by Roe, In K xbury; | thinks he rhook hand.i with Car pa tiler, and atrl line | Hi., had flOBe late'y Bm New York; i.e u I i, bad and had a rough time, that ! > bad Muii sick; they | rtayed there abont au h ><ir and a half or two hour*, i I arperter w-ut away and saw hiui tlur* again next I day. or the day alter, ordered a bowl of grind for II I [l onnaelfor defence took at. except.on to ail this evic,< nr? as iriilevant, Tl.e Att rosy tient ml rail it* ' relevancy would appear In a few tcinu'.aa I Itne ail ' < ar|inter went < ut ol the barroom to the dinlu g room. | and remained there alone there 'lUarUr* of an hour j tl getter, [ Again < bjwcttd to J 'if c A iiommlv <!*>*?*!. raid he wa? In a position to ! prove that Ri* e:'d arpei.'er were Seen t te'.her with several hi ape tf hut* before thctn, spread out upon tuo table. Coi ssi.i. for defence r ad from lit 11*1 twin, page 114. to shew that (hi* tvldruo' wa* irrelevant aud load ni eible. It'll,if rur.linv I: Ibiy rant* nut of the dining re,' ui aud came over to the bae; they drank together; i arpenter d Roe good by. aed said to him. "if you want any mere of those g d, i ll furnish you with then 11 Dived < when be *a<v him In fi um; cubit i.<?r on larl v rlday mori?in tnii" Wae born In lUllowrii, In I'pper ( arada, hla Uttir rn u fii -mer and kept a t*um; l> at *! 'i the painter'* bu<-ln? ??In Uullalo at< ut fourteen | ymrnag , ban ki ut a tavern In Hallowed, Wellington *' 11 midden. IThe wlta*** vtt cm** examined at ci niMtnblt length a* to the nutuher f ?it nation* he beld aril Mr a'-'juaiutacoe with llw. l"ur.< t i n |? j ( an* to New York between lothandfcOtU of Bam in'jer, 1Mb, with lif e; had no particular bu*1ri' M lirr* , e*at? id with Hue Utratire he wa* rick: vat her* before tbat. lu ;l-l3 but dldnet kaow Rao at that Urn*; rl.'pp*! at tiing'a eal-">n In Hi:'.; did ct pay a..yth n< f t bl* board, did nit pay Young lor hie 0 ard, vh n lie rtopped there ?t h Koa. In I'ccamber, lliift; braid ot h miog bring triad, we* no: exaniln'l a* a witmr* f< r hltu and <Jld not writ# to or rteelte lay letter tri in I rung at that tiir.t, w** ?nbp<i oa 1 by tba .attorney Uanaral. aud *?>rv?d with It by tb? tfhc.lll nf Roc boater; had not r<*e?iv*d any me*eage ab>*iit It it t>tll he got tl,a ttibpo lit; Mr Mat* apoke to hlin about It In Mine la-t nt Itnihnry; bret raw Km* about three month* before he met t arpentor wltb htm; Kne *|i a r> epertahle. bum ?t man, he knew nothing unfa*. able to altni**'* character; did not ??r any money with < arpentvr ai d Koe. except what wa* paid for the liquor. net?r heard counterfeit wn-j railed good* b dure that tlino; that remark wa* mala In aloud t?na of role* aud all the perron* ?ti > w< it th*r> mid have h-a I thought It wa* an ordinary trnufaction of uirreliandne when be heard good* n'Dtloned, ha* nevar be<nin Mna**chii**tl*. or any other penitentiary la the world, etcer t at a *i*lter, raw a man iu M*'*a bu*? 11* I'enllenttary, r,ari?d Strait** whom he knew; dtraure wa* donfined for highway robbery, but wHt.e?? did not know he w*a there until be raw him In It; wh* e wltr,e*? run* on to New \ oik with lice hi* pa* ?*i wa* |eild l?r by lit* ; bat not the l*a*t doubt of It b* in* in the month < f lit<vmter bit cannot tell the axact day Rr <r*minr4 lla* a daughter ay d 1* bevidta hit wife. retldUig In I' 'bury; bad the painter'* eolie twice, and tbat *>a> tbe cauto of hi* thlf.luy hit bd'lher* ri> often Sun ii I Km*! Jeprre l that be purehMed the bar and rating houre *pok> n ( by latl irltne** la lt< *huty. In Not Iblt. from ! i n Itoe; raw t arp nter with |(<VatM? botira in Hoshury erne tlm* la lieeeoiher, 1M5, tba irwr.n tiarratt came on to New Vorkwltb H>e wa* herau** the latter wa* ?ick. and unable to eofc <n alone; line *atd k* wmi'd pay Ua.-ratt a fare h*re and bark. If be ratne on tn take earn of him, Koe Ii. i I .1 urrd I *ri : '<r r,...n tr , V - c ...* lht> ka be rattm in with htm naat day; Hon tu atck, ntiil l.a<) i m<* gruel; they want Into fth? liotrg r 111 together and remained Ih. re mti-'bliig n> ?r an fcn-ir; witneae had wi mii)d to pc a thro igh t ,j? rr? m a hlle thf? n< r? thi re a number of liana; IN jr wore atttin/ at tha tabla together, and had in u?y out counting It and kioklrg In It; It iri< a r >n tdar-ihl n noun! In htlla, It *11 In two or three different ra-rrl* al.oild think there wire forty or iity Hlii fbiia tbi >lw<4 tka fIIn but did nut the amount of any r< tU'tn, th<y drank toy ther at. the bar and parted; < arp'mcr earl to John (Rt'| when tiddii % him good day, " John. If there la anything jm nant any goods, ju t let ma know, ai d y< it 'hall haea th m or m incltilng to that ellict; ih< blil" looked rather l aw. Thw JrooB Htld that on* of IhB jurora bad vary lm p. riant burlarar at half-pad two o'clock, and, ai It i would ba aril* I to detain him tba ? ourt wnal l now (half-part two) adjourn till tan a'a lack to Morrow | I (ibia) morning. Court of (itntral ktialnnt. Tafira tba Rreordar ??,< Alderman Allan and |)"J{a. tier 1ft -./mar /'mad - 1 hr?e jnrorr wara tkila nmrnIng tlrad f-'ft rack, f r a<>t appear r ; to rerve. I ntlf.1i', ?i o? ao/.?At about I'i o'clock, tba Recorder anm nnrel that the court hating now wa ted rn hour, aad no perron appearing to pie-?nt any bul- j ? ??*. they would adjourn the court until t morrow JTirnlij) morning at 11 o'aloak Tha tcaroa for the idalrtrt Attorney a abtanra war agp'-aiaed. Mr MaKaon w*a engaged In tba Court of Dyer and Terminer In tha? arpentar cara. and lha aarrlcat of Mr thdlipi. lha Anrlriant biatrial Attorney. wara neeaaranly < ngagi I In laklr - tnni? tc? lltnoay 4e t?n? tra?, In a matter that n"t vary wall b-1*r J. One cmrt or tha other, tin rat ire. mn?t want the e?rrlct* of a proraautlna l inear, anil ar Mr Mcke>a war already at work In tha Oyer and Tvrnrlnar. tha 8<eaalour ha 1 ! to abut Bp tor Ih day ((on ? Weaa ? The at rm-hlp t'aleoft, ||< u* Ifv't- j et?ne arrived at thle port from ( hegeai. at ft o cloaa 1 on 'ba morning ol tba 5th In t. She left tart evening I at ft o rloak on hwr return trig, and inih?-a'ne tlma. ! ray thirty-air Boara. rba took n I, r-rd 27 J packag a of | Iteight and dirt toar ci al I lib ir la lnoriifu til d'?- I paicfe raldOB r luallad. V 0 MM 0M. 1 l ' 1 L D TWO CENTS. Theatrical anil Hnalcal. Buwiir Tiikathk ? The new tragedy of " Strathmon," we belie*" for tbe lint time in tbil country, was played left night at the Bowery, with a moot excedent cast of characters It was played in Londoa fey Mr. and Mrs Charles Kean. with th? gieatest iudowi, for upwards of sixry nights, anil we d > not wonder at it. (or it is a most admirable play, interesting in story and elrgsut in language, and. moreover, it wa- most excellently performed. Mr and Mrs. Wallack took the piinrlpal parts, and Mr Gilbert, Mise Weinyss, Stevens. Jordan. Winsns, Ac also bad prominent characters After a fortnight's run of spectacle, tba taste for the legitimate drama is again ocedi.ununt among the Itowery audiences, and " titratliaiore'' wa< listened to with the greatest interest, from first to last. The applause was rery energetlo and welt deserved; ami. altcgether. it proved a most satisfactory entertainment to the very numerous and Intelligent audienee tbut. assembled to hear it The amusing fwrje of Naval Engagements " ami the favorite drcua of ' Shot in the Eye.1' coneliuled ths entertainment*. To night, the fame bill will be repeated. Bmoauwav Thcatru.?The historical tragedy of "King Hemy the Eighth." associated with tbe name of M1m Cuthman, concentrated a house full at the Broadway last night, which was uncomfortably enwdod to the mere visiter. To the managers and players it must have beeu exceedingly agreeable King Henry, uncord icg to bhtory. wmh one of th" mo-t dwtwslaMa BMl t? that ever dhgraned a crown According to -Shatsp "are, who nourished under tbe protection of the old butoler'n daughter, he was not quite so bad A* repre .outled by Vr Blake, he was a dashing, shrewd, resolute eld hypocrite, the veiy tig.ire of the man tbe huff till Hurry ot the books It wat a good King llinry The Cardinal Wolsey of Mr. Could ock. was the whluing and jesiiltleal prime minuter, the demagogue all craft and humility and bis deviltry so smooth tlivt one eoul I not h?lp but pity him It was a pretty good tVolsey. aud was well received The Auae Uulleu of Mlis Kate Horn was very pretty ; she became and acted fhscharao'er gracefully The t^ueen Katharine of Miss Char1-tte l iishuian was the great feature of tbo etory. and the lotiy indignation of the outraged wife, and the t nderaees ot the woman, even in her desolation, were equally captivating to the audience as pre-entrd last night "1 lie ealuj dignity of her speech before the Court and her stern rejection of Wolsey as a jud{e. rnr puweriui BUI Iiupre-OUVH II ?tt t pleu ore to Lear it, even Htamlinr 'h rough the play In the hack grow d of the faintly circle ('be co uptny are eniilleu to credit t?r the faithful execution of their aeviial pat< In a piece no difficult. It wa< ouly re. maikeble that only uu? or two alight mUt.vke* ehould occur on the to a' performance, t'ho hill ooneluded with the lively farce ct "Sle-her aod ' it bar " Thla ev< tilng, IVi1** ' ii-!iman appear* a* Meg Merrilie* la ' < iuy Vnr n< ring," which ! * wan called upon to repeat upward* of three Luidrtd ulghl.. la r.ugUnd. It coin t tail 'o diaw. Niiii o'a (faaruta - Thla large theatre waa numnroualy attended U*t night, on the occasion of Mile. Bertla'a re-ap j reiance In 'I'labl* Amcureux," the execution of which wan in aloi' *t every particular. very r marknble, and lent great Interest to the perl rn a nee ot the ballet Mile U'rtin viae of couree, the cjo nure of attraction; ahe danced with much ab lity gra-e and legatee. and waa received with great enthu?iaam. She l? certniulv a very talented ilmvaar. an I muat be admired for the precision and daring of her chore, grepby: her Jietngrv are atri ng and very nervine. Uurtt gher pat ilr fateinalivti, the jump* and npiinga upi ti her ati el toe.* aimilar to the puinta of arrow*, with' ut putting her heela on the board* One would auppo** it wa* her natural utjr t walking. .Mr Paul Brillant danced alro with much en rgy aod h ill**, and both of there faeultice were appiauded vehemently by the whole audience The llavel hai lily and the* among wl:|. h vvc wl-h particularly to notion Viae Adelaide. rendered the other parte with their well known ability everything leal* u* to believe that " I 'rlelle. or I" Iliahln Amoureux " will have a gieat mn at Nlblo'e (>ard< n The entertainment* began w|th the comic pantomime of I.a Fete i hampi ire.or the Aged Dancer* Thi* evening lb* Havel family will appear In tbo pantomime of the " four Lovtre," and in ' I rielle." Bt-aToa'a Tut *Twa.?Four capital plecea formed tha eatertalntrenta nt Burton'* la?t night-vlx K Peep from a Tarlor Wltltv," t'ie operetta of th* " Demon Jeater," a dramatic aeon* called " The Platform." and the new hurletta. ' Burton'a New k ork Directory " The hor?e wa< fill?d to overftuwlug. and all who witnerved the peifi riniiuce* w. nt t way perfectly aa'.UAed. The piece ?nt lit d " The riatform'1 wa< decidedly a hit slu rt though it waa. it r .prevented to perfection an election *eene in " ould Ireland," at which O'Conpell, the great agitator wn cue of the orator* Mr (itagerald pern naled OTemo II and acted the part In a truly na'ural manner. The peculiar ?tyle. empha?l* and delivery, whteh charaeterlved that extra, ordinary man wl lie liviog are b'aotifulljr delineate 1 by Mr Kitigi r ild; and It *ai remarked by many pre cent, who had l'atened to (J i onneil a hundred >1 no or no re. that the Imitation ?n pcrfeot la erery re rpeet. Indeed It tnnv be raid tint wo ihtll have U'OnQ. cell in the I nited rt'ateea* long an Mr. t"if*g?ral t retrain* ani-Pi' uv. There h dn* but nun ecene in " The Plalf' itn." AT. H'.gvrald had n an opp .rtunity of per??Bating ()'< onneil in more than or.o apeeoh . but we fbculd think that a wider held might to th a Ivanfare ot the proprietor, be given to hlra. In which le ilivpley th* extraordinary mimic talent whtnhhiptarervt* At the eorrlml'in ef the piece, Mr KlUgerall wte m'it'l before the curtain. In a btlefbot neat epeecn. no ioan*ca me a I'lu-nr,. i r : com jiiment paid bint uil MtoaMid bin Intvn'lon of appearing Benin la the en me eliwwtrr. UV it iuSt not that hi* future r<^>re*entatb>na will l>" a* *urcc aftil im that of tart nenli'g. whirh, m *r entd bef .re, wa. p--fret an I complete in eeery r?epect We an gin I to Ma thit Mr. V itxgereld will appear arctn till* evening anil judging 'mm the mrpfn which hi* attended hi' d?b?r la the I> <1 Stale*, we may *afely ea'aulatu that the hnueo will tia m< to crowded, If pottlble tlian It ?ai I ant bight, Nati **i. Tii??r*K, W. Tajltr'i ye y amuelng burl'P'jue i n " 1 ?ui;laa"?a? retired la-d atoning,and Hurl e a* tbo \ ' ut.g Norral. or loeey the Spartan, win > rney aa eeer; wblNt Mro Me-tayrr na tho h?ro<c l.ady Rand' Ipli. waa frat;tl?ally tragical. The rarlown original rc.rge dnelt*, ki . Intr idnead Into thlo roraton of Dfiugla*,'' ad led much to tho fun if tho pleeo. Tho mec?"f 1 hnr|ee?:?e ?f th? " l emalo Korty Thleeea' *?< eort played TM? hirU*.| n- haa heen meet triumphant a* the btlla eay and will no dnnht hare a * >> Due run It la beautifully pit up aod tho jruop tbl??e* *how to much adraotagy In It. Mro. Meptatcr |p tHirhllV applauded me at fnllr. The laugh- 6 able fare* of" Mother and i hill aro Doing Well" concluded tho entertainment*. The earn# amuelng bill nil) be repented thia oeeolng MtTtHtiL'e Oirwrir Tiiiitrt Thlo llttlo thentrn oeema lobar* locom* the fat cite re- ?rt of all tho*a who delight In the (uperior charm* of inaile If no nrw nil -wed to judge l<y the nanernui nu lleneet ohfoh Inritrlnblr attend tlii* place cf anae ni nt Tha ewt#rtaiementa of y*eter<lar eaenlrg commenced with the faree ea'ted " John Dobba." which wnaegecuted by the lendieg character* In n re ry an parlor atylo, nod e..i . .. . . . .r. 1 > - II . ' 1 > _ I. ,. 1 f. ... ..... j i. - mm Donlidti'* rmilnptm, rllll. J 'tha "( Mill r.f tb" (tafia* n'" which w?? aca n ratain?d with brilliant rnoccaa MIm Mary Taylor la qulie a farorlte .mr>ng-1 th* frc.|iienteri of thla th??'r?, a distinction which >ha with Ju?tlc? mrritr fof aha ?n*Mnr> wlih all U?a puw?r? r>f malodlooa aoloa, ercry nrcramry reqiiLIt# t< r a idr?r# arrarrfuln?? f at tit udc an a *pronton of unlaw* ? ?, and an i-lagancr if declamation which ara awtl-aly captiratlng Imry nUh> alnr* the Sr?t performance of thla wtr?e aha liaa been called bcforn th? curtain, alngwhhVr hi. hop an I Vr M htna n. whore they were greeted with the m<wt raptor, tu about* of ap> planar, lb- amu?emmt* e-m -lii lad with tha aery lantbab! > farra. called tha "Omnlbnr. or, a tonrent?-nt llfatanee," whlo'. ?M wltweerrd with tnuah ?ati*faction and continual tangh'ar To night, tha aana bill la priacntad escept tb* laat fart a which la tha " Happy Man " Paanaraa ar tm? Paawa ?f)a Saturday laat Mf Cert)n. tb" wrtl known dramatic and mu'lcal ag-nt, r?c?t?rd two letter* front tba tot) antlpodra <7 thw 0 tbrattlcal world - tba fleet ippotn'lrg hl-n <nla wgart tw America for tha Thratra Itnjal brury Lane, In Lewdon, and tba nth?r firing htm tha came appcintmaat for a naw thratra n*w er?atlng In San b rand -co, California' Truly In thl* Inatan"# ai*racier h*/a met II It be trna, (au l who can doubt It) tha*. tha drama and Buatr arc alw.iyr amnwg th? m >at R| |? to tha adrar.catnant of clrllitatlon otir fri"n1* 'orbyn % Martini ara rapidly gaining a repotatl^i thay hara ju?t cauaa to ha proud of WtiiH'i *.?Tin*?' fittrt Iba pa* farm * near at tbl* decant amphitheatre will eomai.noa thla aw ning. with an equeetrlan i?ana aptl' i?<t ' Th? War f'aie'ry of tba Tiirhlah I mplra, "and will ha followed by all dararlptiona of aquaatrlanif a, light ?{nlllbrliimr. tirarian gaie?e tli* wondorfw Bottla ftprito," ' I rat* of Atla*. and tha aarprlrlng and grarrful faata of i(|nr*trlanf*m by Madam Loui'a ll-rard Thaaa Ight and highly amudnc antertwl nm?nt? ara drawing Uigr audtar rai tery i<l*hi to tie* ratillon in Hghtb utrn. r i net, Cuartt'a Mnirttn Mt 111? old \ ir?tn?a. aa tboy norrrtlro ntbar thrinro'ivoa Or anr of th?ir haarat, but nilht eft" r t Ight thi-lr ?t' rrtalorrtnia tn srntdul with tho tli't t f Iho rity. *i'fc*y art tht troo mnaiov ak<r? for tbo million, and will al?aya mantn l th? faror t.f tha public. Th.ic till for V<-night 1< t prnnd too. I Hitur Atttnttr T!>? mi#rtaifim?aM at thU pltc ?.f tmuirmn)' will Va eoutlta* I arory artning during tho work. Maoa'Jtatar la arrfaioly ont of tbo moot apart mag.' lana tk*t ha? aihlhitod font* <if trerom alloy it thU>ity *atw?atlka flf?t and <wsi4 jarta, llrrr Stoapai, will p-vfcrm ot tht \ylotnrdla?. Ma 1>tui*?r*a,-?Tki* groat harorita and wool ballad tlngar will plra '? of UK oiofllftt ro?ai antartatnmmta at tha Ttbortaclt, to-morrow arming. Tha pr< grainmo o ,ntab an rla^nnt olm-tlon ot hit nongi He ta about to rial hit oallro laud, and no doaht hit nvmeroua admirtra will giro him a auhaianttal taattmojiy of tho g.rat Mt?m lhay oati rtaio for him a? % plaiutt'fa. beautiful hallal aing-'r. *I? -.ra Rnra a *1?Hnl*V who made h'? drtwt at Ni' io'a. fcnt who arrlrrd at a lima ?h'? tha amaleal * partmmt waa almoot at ? lb' ovnt. I< thogt to r*t >' ' to I.Ubot,

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