Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 20, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 20, 1849 Page 1
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x v T H NO. 5614. m >m mm ? m. 9. A A M li V M OF TU NIAGARA AT THIS PORT. The Details of Her TJews. ITS IKTi REST IXD IMPORTANCE. T2X22 C21X8X8 IN 2US.3PB, Ac., Ac., Ac. The it#awtaMp Niagara rapt Rjrlo. arrived at this pert last t-Tenirg. from Liverpool ae<l (la (fax She left the former po.t < u Saturday, tfce Oth, aid tbo latter on the 17th Inst. On the 9th and lGth Inst. ahe experionoel a severe gala from tb? northwest, duiiog which she lost out-water, and received other damage , and >>n the 16th, when 24 hours out from Halifax, the aide leror attached to the larbcaid tcgine broke directly lu the centre, which rendered it iir*le: a. One of the en^iutera bring at hl< poet, stoppsd the other engine as eocn a. possible; but before it cou'd beatopptd, the platen red and aide rods of the air puuip were bent or broken,and daaaaged the cylinder hud lnteA??be engine w*^ndAL.well u.-rii vp hi iy t .A* There ?ae ? Caw dl?f 0T0t|^Kja the eidu lever; bu . wbetliei it va c;a**tdhj$fee etrick *bea the Agar* bead was rarri qih^nr not. 1* not known. On the rur.e day slie wan boarded by the captain and engineer ot Iho suamnhip Canada, hence f r Halifax and Liverpool. The Niagara nccb^red in quarantine, last night, at 7 o'clock. Her puseng maud mail* were brought to the nlty by the ft ancr Cinderella, apt. Stil e l'. Among tlx pai-sengcr* In tha Niagara, we notlje the name of Col 11. M Uoe, of this city; ale > a bearer of deepatctefi rn the French government to M. Touiain, the late Kr. nib Minister to (be United Sta'es. The news by the Niigara is really iurpoitsut. We cover /our point* of the intollig' dm to-day; the erowded state < f oar columns prevents us (com going beyoudtkini. Tbvte points are: ? 1st. The tf. ct in England and France of the dismissal of M. Foue-ln from Washington. 2d. The further.opinion In Europe of th? Cuba expedition. 3d. Tbe position of the Turkish question. 4th. Tbe probable safety of Sir John Franklin. The other piints we shall endeavor to cover In tomorrow's Haul I. Affairs in Europe bare not loet their internet. It seems it was at tbe Instigation of the Frenoh government that Cnr.baidi wa* refused an entrance at Tnnia, and that he was obligod to go to the island of Magdelena Bleaker and Annecke with his family have left Geneva for America. A rumor ii t br> ad? hat merely a rumor ? that < Jeor- 1 fey haa falh u t/jr the hand of Count e-oiunnd Ziohy, 1 rotber of the e .ant ot that uame, who net pit to 1 death laat jeer by order of the revolution nxgovern- ' ment at IVr h 1 he accounts differ as lo the instru- 1 mi nt used a> al o in the more important detail*. The general baiht liewi ver, is that item**/ wsa a**a*aicated lu tbe ; uUicstreet#of Klagenlurtby theavenger of a brother e b.ood The advti?rrmn Smyrna, of thv 15:h silt. mention, that notwi.intending the largcneia of the orep, tbe price of fi uit v.a- eell uieluialnd, using lo the number of At-erlcan vehsele tben loadu t In other ar- ' ticleH there ? u rrateely any moiecient. The l/nltea r *te* Mgele Cumberland sailed from 1 Orbtalter on tbe .let nit. The Dljilmimtlc Outbreak between Frante 1 th? liltsll Stall I. ins EifKrr i> n home ok thf. r:-mt?s?t. or M. i nil >>iv ? ni'Uinis iiv iiik i The r?rli> cirip.udout of tLo LjoJh CKroni U, M) r. tinder il-ite of October 4 It > certain. however. that the l*re-IJ*nt I* anxious to give M Pit' l."o and l Marr*-' d I itio situ*, tlrn* ; and It l? thought likely that M "i"f < ". will be | appointed t? N. w urK tu the pia ? of ii i i.uMin. A'o tmjor'ui'fr it otljihnt to Ike q i ff-l If <e.e ft# \ KrrntA M tie er rt Arte York a i f'e PrriMrtittf ft# /faffed Slttrl ft. I'otiftr. toe JU uli'rr. ?i : lei rrpitl' j . -/.Van, aniknil 'rem, or u at ?/ ?/ la A# # ? ? %?f. Th# F.lirrpi r a 7 >??. i f the Oik inel. mys : ? The eu*p< neion of lotnreonr-* b< t wrro r'mnce and America mi. d o neh neu-aticu to I'mU w'jeo Brut annuun'?d lutwlnu linn# rum #<*1! that I'.R(Im4 bad offered lor mediation. that f.tliog r in<iJer*bly enbeided A> anon a# lh? i# terminated M Warrantor <1. Flayer will it it expect. J bo rrnt to I Waehing'cn a? tl.a repr.sentatlm of Fi.iuce in th? , room of M. r< drain. [From the London New*. October t 1 Diplomacy 'rem* brut on quarrelling an J of aronilng ram .is and ebancr* of war. where real . Iruianta of war are none Tntfcry, It la wall kiii^yn, looKe I on with lha oat com el" I rut ueutrelity at the ?trnvle taking Blare on the I unuha between ilia IIu- iuu? and Ike Wag) am The Sul'an bad every ran .e f > be atixloiie, nay to be oflVndi d atlka raralli r want "f n rliich ilia Ruartan* appropi la'rd t'. allacliia *u. Moldavia, and turned them to tip lr military n-ra |: . t he kapt bla temper aa well t >Hne aword In rbrith. and *bi>w. J raempiary patit nee. A Kuaaiau prln.-e aa J rnrny haa, nerrrthel.oN tli upht lit to be beard and proroka thla naolftr m?' ?t b. nnd tn-na-e war to a n < 1 >n that baa ioat tha deal*, ai d the tradition* of cmbat. We arn #1||1 id lb < ml J t of the e act i.mnt c.auted by tbia otilfat? iia M-nduet, when we h -ar of another vltplraiatl.'t at the further end of tt.a wo: 11 p-neklng a till mora liliy MfV?hbl* The Naw V<r* piper*announce tint <1 IVmain, French envoy a'. v. a-Mogton, ibae aent aa ub[titIneut not* to the government, ana that General lajl r baa replied to It.- t.J ug Puuaaln , hi# paaaptrt# Wf muit fa > it at the fault In thl? aft r t ""ii to II* with the Fm eh toy. Major Toii'lc ani with M. da Tooqneville, it* Hr?t <d whom uaea the m ;?t undiplomatic langut tush aa compel* a n'rittd ;o?ftia?ot to raaent it; nbllet the minlater In Pari*, without amlnlrg 11.-- i. n t.T diemi-ei-a it la a light aal ruraory way aeeumltig that there waa baata and wrong on b lb aldaa. and lakli * It for granted that the \mer1can Preatdent wot.Id ?i opt each a eoaipromi a It reeaa Ibat fbeaw war* two rauaca of illmie* and a area* of complaint Owe ? a* about anma french tra lar'a tobacco, Oaliad I* V?i'aov but reatored to him by th# American o< naaml ni fhcer. Th* trader la ?jL?*t|en mad* * demand <1 It.(Joint.Ity tor eome difference < ? prio* I* tba lobar*' a. wbirb ba might bara aold hg'.ar tbaa ba actually did Audi claim waa dl?aH aid. Whereon Major rouerita abetting tba claloi i'f lb* tcharoe war* chant att| i 1 I the tmerlcnn aolouat aa baring perJnred hint** If I'hle waa done In aa olfem! c rrnunl ration wM h h nnr Major rouaaln alltraarda aoaact)ted to Wttl !'tw Tba Lext cku c uf quarrel arose from or roti'da a abetting an?tbi r French claimant, th > tna I ruta era- j aal rated ft' to wreck br a captain of tba America* aqnadrow It.r latter bad claimed eali age. asd waa ut only refuel It. but claim* of In ' ware put forward for the detention of the reeeel and me ln?ult offered to bla fug. The claim wa? dl*a!1 'tred , wbareoa Major rourela eiormed. a* n?u*l auj u'td * unwarrantable language .0 tba natal comma* I r a* b* bad, ! oa tba aretlour rcaetnn. dowe to thw led.* cry <>ne Tba Praeldrat ordered tba whole aa?e to be forwarded , to Parle aa* I <1 before M de Toc.jn-elti-, etpwcflag, aa tba reenlt. M I onaeln'a Immeil.a'.a rroall M da Tocqneellle either did aot eea eau>e or lac'tcd energy, for euch a etc* and replied that both wire In <he wrung, and abould h re*<>nelied A rimtlar kind of r conciliation bad h'weerr. taken place bef*r*. with Major Ponealn.atd rr<eldent ray lor *u del-ruined aot to permit rach e.-ain Aeenrdlngty he -etit Vnjor rou??ln bla paaeporte ae the phraae la, mur b altet fia faeblow ad ft na ana a And tbaa are I ranne and tba Uai'td 9'atee at rart**aa. owing to tba Impertinence of an eaeoy ol tba French repuMio. fortunately, the fr ncb haee no eertomi or eeltd claim for penunlaty Indemnity. Tbe fnarral I* but i tie <d pride and etlqnut* Ilut M de ocqnerllle hating aeea aotblng lu hu eatoy * cndnat to dlaapprote cannot now abandon or eeudamn him. Unfortunately. the frencb gieernment, uader l.onle Philippe, humbled Iteelf to a threat ot tba A marl llrtlni ant tlifWftiwTi etlll mnr? dlnit' i ?M?, m4 tM danoer. n?. to I.nail >ap<l*n It-dO tide* or* than likely %* pro** ?b<tln?u aad If th* pr?a tad public Jodo In <n both nldea to foa th* dam# aa interactional j*al?o*y may be fot up. uat>.??rd and danaeroa* In it* re-nil* rbero art- hower r, In reality, f*w potato of antaqonUni aad direr-ity of intaroat betwoaa fnie? and th* 1'alted Ita'M. and war would b* raeh aa aln aad abaurd p?.iir? r-r both countries that any ?orb reealt may b* o?n-ld~r*d a* Impoa Ibla aa It would be rearetable Her* at Ira-t I* a fair opportunity lor mediation. although thor* oho qnarrel about pota'r of honor arc more diffloult to app?aa> and rroonollo tban partlo* wboaa ontagonleiu iarolroa a qoaatloa of eerion* lataraat. [From the Loadoa Tin** of Ootohar 4 ) i a a Another nnplraeaat aad Inopportune rlrenm-tane* baaJ art ooemred la the relation* of r ta-iee with on otfeer portion <1 tho Aaiatioan aontineat, wblob tbrratoa* to klndlo a diplomatic qnorrel with tbo baited Sta'oa Oao of tho atraageo* oud moot portion* aou*aqutn**? nf tho roeolatioa of February. waa that tho datlaa of representing tho l'r*n?b Hepubiia la hfiln eoantrlea worn *nddenly thru t upna mea utterly unqualified f?r taob function* by edueattoa, atatioa. or raporteawa. Tho pool <rf Mlnl-t#r at Wwhlagtaa had heoa latendod for M. fa Clreourt. a goatl* aaaa wfc# aaltad all tnooo gaalHaailaai la tho big hart E NE M degree, ar-d who had eon*ent*d, from personal friendship tor M. da Lamartfne and from patriotio motives, to proceed to Berlin, in the flr-t stormy Javs of tba rirovleional government. Instead, however, of rowardrg M. da Circourt'e great service* in tierraany by the legation to tba 1'ntted States M l.amartine allowed that position to be carried by soma republican iutrlgu* in favor of a man utterly unknown to fame but who rejoice* in tb? (igniSr.ant and captivating nam* of William Tell Fruesln. It Ream*, however tbat M Poussln ha* contrived to laav* a traoa in diplomatic history before b* could ba superseded by a more suitable represent*, tiie of tbe French nation He wa* ius'.raeted to obtain i from tl.e American government rome reparation or , indemnity for losses *u*tatntd by French subjects in tbe cow re uf tbe Mexican war; but he appear* to have . oouclif d hi* demand in term* ro uutisuti or unbecoming, tbat the American cabinet immediately answered I it by sending bim hi* paRRporta I'hU co-r**puu deuce , ba* not jet r< art ed u* and w* kn >? little of the merit* of tbe ra e, or of the effect It may pro iu > in farii; but I in New i ork it bad occa-lomd a Hidden and remarkable dep. e.-siou of ih* public securities, and apprebeueioDH bad been excited a* to lb* 001 sequences of such a blow a'rned at a e ater republic which amount* t* an interruption uf diplomatic intercourse. 7'Ae prvbmbility it tlwt vt tkt njjrtml trrm> to hurt <rn?i\l'd in form rathrr than in tirt.fen.e, ond at if it in p?t*ihle to inint'r to Frinct and tlit 1 t<itrd Slatrt a irrivut infrn.'iua of An'ifrfi/. mu'ual txplu ho t.oru and Iht tticrifiie of the diplomat at 'villi the patriotic luat. wilt vjiptat- thr wra 'h of ikr ir J-m ji racu t. [Fr? m the London ( Lronlcla, Oct 4 ] A very trumpery quarrel h-ia sprung tip betwaen tba the two great republic* of tbe olj mod tha new world. 1 be French Minuter at Washington ha* received sum- ! nary notice to quit. Hall a dozen reasons are a?*igned fir Hie rupture A coolness it Is tald. has existed 1 between the two govcrnm* ni< ever since Mr. i ivaa' , appointment a* Anieriean .Minister at tart*. It appear* tbat ttii# gentleman bat rendered himself obnoxious to tbe Vrencb government by a letter written durina lb* reign of Louis I'ltilippe and bia subsequent mind'u to Tatl* was, therefore considered a* a slight, lb* rumeir add*, tbat M Pou**iu. the Frunoh Minister rat V' (and formerly a mo'.tin of engineer* In the American service) commented upon Mr Hive's in a letter to Mr 8enr?-tarj Clayton so oflentdte in it* tone tbat the I're tdenl despatched it to tbe K ret cb gorernni) nt with a r quest tha: l'R writer might be recalled No attentive luring been paid to tbi* n qui st. General Tnyl r t oK I lie matter into bis own tends, and sent M. Pou/olu bi* pa**p.>i t* An tber arc unt asorib** the bres -b to a d.-mend, on the part of for indeiuiiltle.stlon for U**e* ocoa*t >n, ciuz'On hy tin I)nufuriliaont of Vera rm. Not the lea?t curiou* pa t m tbe atory i?. that ! M I'Oi'Mii ? diemiatal in stated U b?ve taken bun c unpletelv b) t-urprise th? first ii.t iu,ut ion i f the reaolu- j tiou ndopted by the Wt,bln|lor g"?t rnmeut hiring b?tn iriiimuu.eattd to b;iu, wi ile at N't*r Yoik by the publ o ji urnaia. Bit/ u /nc/.n er of these accounts If the true one. a tepiah- j b'.e on sucl grannie can icmcr'y /.? of a nature to jrm/mrdize the June of the maid. A maladroit hi ohtiuaitre am- I bn-fador i-anbot now i]o all tbe u i-o&lef that uuoi wm la lils power. A dirpute *? to tba titneis of a glren mi- I cintir in represent his nation at a given court dnei not Lacee-aiily mean now a Jay, powdt r, shot. lloth-chiid 1 liana, ?aa?? ar,d nation.1 drbt. 1 ho puootlltn of na- i tioi.s like that of inditlduaia in bt conns a little lima j aeiuitlve. ai.d more ia*ily iatln'i?U i'wo States. it la { now foui d cay quarrel, tl 1 - mi-e each oth-ra iepre*entatlven. reap, nil couuiutiiratloua. and become' cute," like Jack and i'nn, without drugging their rospoctlra subject* into the me*s. and npp> sling to the ult m i ratio. Sir llvciy Bulwtr willt?>rlfj t > tl e tru'h of oar aaie-.tion. Although, tberefoie we hiar with regret that tl-at delioate and rendlitc gage of p Jblio ? onidty. Uie Kti ck Kit barge at New York ba" already exhibited a depieciutii u of United State' securities of one per oent. we ran villi read the following sentiments with tolerable self yirse aion "WiMek not ' exclaim, the Bait1,luiiie S n. "to quarrel with any nation but we will repil in. ult from whatever source it may emanate. And we will treat in the protection of Oud and our right arm a to deli i d < ur honor and our count i y " Nothing can be- tu< re heroic, and our I- all ilia more petf,it from being unalloyed with the slightest fear uf : the u.aili r teally ending in anything seuoua between Brother Jonathan and hie (ialllu pupil. T r t? reef lug ftoDi Ppaln. II L rtl ARTl'I.K OF THE aMKRICAH MINISTER FROM MADRID. Ihc Midi id Gazette of the kTth ult , announces that on the |i?>loua day tbo minister of the 1'nited States , of Ameriio *a.? received in plivale nudiriir* by the ; <iue, n ai d in a brief speech announced that be had hi en rie.,lli d by hie government Ouriag tie etay la j Yatli id. the 1'residcul of the republic bad charged him , to prom .e friendly ratal loin bote, en tba two countrlea, and il ? ?? ll.e President's deeira that , uch rrUiioul tbculd two'me still closer. fie tl anked lb* ifnwa for | tbe atti ntinn | ai 1 him and 1 I* family, and expr,i*<ed wbbea lor Ibo 1 apptneaa and prosperity of S j am. The , l;u<rn aiated tba> from ti e efforts be ha 1 made to m t.bli-h fin idly relatione beta'en Spain and tbe I nitid Sla'.e< the could have wished Ibet he should have remalm d longi r She expressed satisfaction at tba d, sire of the I'rtaideutto keep up good relatione, and rai t flat M.eb was her deeira aim She assured tba mielet, r ti nt he and hi* family bad merited hi r eatceui. | and ibe tl unki d blm for hie good . uhri fir Spain. i 1 hr Cab* Ki itritSilmi fF:i in the London l hroalcl*, October 4 ] Turning tonnothpr hi *<J of our intalliganrn. it I* .-a. | tl factory to Warn that tbo " mm rat lpeilitim of1 American uipahherv'' la gradually becoming ui ra and an re I i peleaa. in ecni?<iu. nca of tba ateaJy op,to- ' Mtion i t the go vet hitmt at Waehltigtcn, and *!?">, it 1 nay added of the eilTartlfa defe-mlie Diaiurrl that hat* t arn tab* n hy tba ( uimn authorities. The Saw I r>rh tutlda had long dlaprrred, and ?* now li-nrn that tl a lour hundred buccanarn enenmpe-d in itouud 1 lilac J are kept < ut of uiiaibi'l tiy a fa" war steamm 1 of tiia I Mini State*. who are in tb* wateb to anraiiaid Indie* from Irariog tba vhnra. That the | blockade tit hi oe>ily carried out. ?a Inlar from a | C< Bpialnt. on tba part of one of the' expedition" journal*, a* lag to tba *' rraay prrri adluga of the n,ui..)M.o. (bar* wad auoh a *i a city of prnvi loon on tba Hand, tint the rympatbl/i rn " were balf starved, at i| bail u.aili. n tilth at tha rninutl-"try a atom*. In defending wb.rh the guard waia uudar tba naieiwlty of killing i i.a and wounding another " It wiil ha inirc.ban-d that tba ?i luntaar* bkd founded gnat hope* of a legitimate rotor trIU. on tha J Ektid n ada by tha Presidect lor tba /a-dallri ry of a Sjaclah lakjtrt. who bad b'eu violently removed fr un tb* t Dittd Matra by Spanish otl'.rera Key aa wa pre. dieted. I as I u n 'Uirendrred without demur; ?o that the Wa-bingtda government Let n t eveo tha elaudar piateit of a pending dispute fir ailing ar permit ting the de>l| o.< ol Ita freehnotitig subject* on tuba . It rylla. however. of the wi*a and honorable eour?d | adopted bj President Tayl r, tba alarn s of that, uban authitl:|< > were Ir.aaaiabt. lion n of Invasion, and I tf Itt rtal disaffection. war# ??duh u*ly kipt a1?nt by | that pcilli n ot the prrva which la in tba Intarrat of the ' Kipedlt.i n." Tb? rarat atrlrgi tit ini a?uree h id thua 1 be# a recdervd necessary In the island All foreigner* had been e> mpilied to register themselves, and tbey were placed under tha surveillance of tb* pollen. So bitter. It dei d. *aa tba feeling of tb* t nbana gal net tbvwi. that tha llrltieb and American resident* had alirr id lor tbelr properly. If not I r t'.a r live*, and had wiltton In the nearer t nival station- ot heir reanective faga to demand proteeiioo. The southern and ecalern eoaata war* aoneldered the moat op-n ta attack at d n th*?* the regular slal op* ?e-n to In* e t ci titrated hour thousand niditta bad been rale# d to eiiy ply tbelr p'nee. Relwein however. In* fertile fancies af tha ' sympathising prie* and lb* dlph u atle ??pprt*< ton* of tha I ' U'l. "irpi" 1,1 1 una 1* i- iiurmi IV wmj how ou. li ?.f truth nueh hUtorla* inuy eon tola It l? aat'tfixtr ry th*r>for*, that without ha'lng rrc "ir?? I t* of ll<*t? ?rurr?? of Infnrwntloa. enough I* 1 li?n t f lb* artnal cf edit too ?f tb? ItiMilar nnpulatloa , to laf*r that, fhiuld I'lmh-M 'litbr nolr rtuuately fall la hl? t f- rti In rratiala Ibrra ibhtrltt fri'pifM- ' Out* fi< ? toliatbry will twi'h th* r??*pMnn nhioh tb?y iI'Mir* ft rat ail rla ?* With tba Hep loo of th* <r.oi?? and tb*lr nwa maatrytnaa land both tog*th?t r< natltuta bat a r*ry email | ?r l< n of tbn population). tl.r -r)tnpatbl??r.' uould in??t with anything but a ixipr'riiy ot a*atlm*at h? *paai*h propria tar* would. ? f ooar*?. fltbt tooth and nail to prot*nt tl ?lr ( T. J. r'y 1 b* nlarai hat* lb* ruintry wh?r ra roa># th* >t? *arfa a bo aaaaga th# gr?at etta'.ea. and abnro trofraeloaal esrellaan* nta'aly tint In thraraoant >f aotk i fc?y a a nag* to wtiag from th* tdaoka. 1 actly th* frtr logrma, of wb' tn <n??< ranlh of tbn r>opalatloa *? i !??*, know anil tbnt t h*lr libartln* would not tand a day aft*t tbn ptnnatbla prnpngaadi-ta af tbn nntb I ad tak*a Una la rbnrga But a.tb< ugh tba fat* af tbn **p*dltlon appaara tbna riala an < aaant dlamlaa It wltbont *?pr*?-lng oar a*tnr>hhm?it at tba marrtdlont andaoity with wbirtb It bn* b*< a *ra**lT?d and k*pt afoot Sympathy tor ( aba Mirk I* tbo nry. and it* champion* ara tba prwpagar dl?t* of th* tiara holding South! fat h* tie ploluirf r f ir> , *i right* ar t nm *< upl* I aoi*? r*ll*??d with tr*n la-tltatlooa and fr?a quartern. alt*raat* la t?.*tr appaal* wlib >ad aoafaah n. wbleh. howa??r. learr* r.o d? ubt a* to tba u|>p*raio?t ld*a la tbn mind* IT in? giril<niir> >tifr >nn j, nig <m oldlty plaia lhioii|ib K> fltnrj a n?a-b Wa oonAd*. boaaor, la Ik* |>r*4*ir* t?4 klllinVi *k??? by H|?lr; | md- ar* lln fffertrp to r?* ?* htUt la prejatlra for tb* wor*t. And w* cannot doubt that tb* I r? !<!> nt hnaotabl* t anoint Ion to baffl* tba eonrptmtnr* *111 ba **nlon?ly ??rport?d by f oagraaa Tb# Norll ?t tutri t**d not ba told how praaaly tb* already f in.!d?t la li.flaanra i-f tba Aoutn la tb* L'tiloa wrald ba apgraratad by tb* a*e***t(/a c4 < ub# Tba IhicalMttl war bat wean lloaala Md Tarhty. HIOHI.T IMfflBTANT IXX > WK1ST? St A1K>*I"It OF *Ki ATin\a nn? n*i at aaia and T'nair?ortaiona or ma rmtd abt? k>?i i h raicm? tumaTAnT aatTiAa or tbr K*oi iah CAaitnrr. Tb* r Hatt publlrha* tb* folio*la( T*ry Important l*ttar Irtn t < tiMantlaopla t o??r*aTi??*i a. Aapt 1A. 1*49. Taatarday. la ena**t|n*aa* of lb* ultimatum ra*t to tba Fort* by tba Mlabtar* ol Raaala an1 Aoatria (l*a Auplet dmidtd in dalaylng for ttr*n?y Mr boor* tb* drparur* of tb* r*l*maqa* par bat brat.In order toaaa< una* to bl? (oarremrnt tb* raeult of that affair I prrflt by tb* delay to add *o?n* d*tail* to tboaa wblehil ?*nt y**t*rday. It I* only thl* teniae that tba aa??*r of tb* Wean will ba known. Tlil* ntomlar All raaha. tba Mlalatar of Fotalca Af fb r* *<lilr*a?ad t* tb* Mlalater of braao* and tba Aaba*aador of h ratand a aota. la whlafc ha pa?* tb* folia* lag <]tia*tioaa .? 1 Do t b* tr- atl*? of Kntaehak K ay nardjl and af fan earowlt'b jlra t* tba two p*w?r* ( vartrla and Saw la) W YC [ORNING EDITION?SATI lb* right to demand the extradition <.f the Hungarian rtlug ? 2 Wtnld (he refusal of the Pnr's to giv* up those reM g? i s roualitute an infraeiloa of tbe tieaMes T ii. Ah a resequence of a refusal, could tbo two ji'Vtn deelsre war against th? Porta? 4 If these powers declare war iairatTi-<t tba Porto, wi uld France aod tuglaud tupport Turk- y with f >ree of aims ? 6 A to tlfo refugee* claimed bj Russia subject* of (bat Power ? 6 In the event that the refusal of the Porte eh'uld produce a rupture of the relation* between lh < Divan and the two power*, and a period tnoru or leev prolong! d of ooldneet- ard bad ft ding on the part of these power* toward* Turkey should occur, would Frano* at d F.rglaud intertere with the two power* for tbe purp .ro of reestablishing the relations on their ancient Toting? On receiving this communication tba Knglieb and French aulasMdor* had a meeting and. afieraconl?r?ne?. they r? solved to reply at oece in a joint nota, which ? as m i t in the rouse- ot the day to the Minist< r ot Koieign Affair* by the flist dragomans of the two embassies, MM Cor and Pirani If I am wellim formid. tbe following is a lunar of the answer of the nil as.- ador* : ? To the first question : No; the trestle* of KutsobulcKsjLariiji and i'assarowituh do not oonfer that right on Austilaand Kuiria. To the leeond: No; the refusal of the Porto would net he an inflection of the treaties To Ibe third : it cannot be admitted thit this refusal could be followed by a declaration of war; and such a dtclaiatkr c.'Uld net be justifii d. On ibe fourth: '1 he two ambassadors cannot guaramy the assistance, by force of arm*, of Frenoe and l.ngiaud. excepting In wilt ue < f apt oial instruction* On lb" I fib : It i* postible that tome of the refugee* n ay be livstUn subjeotr; but. in gen-rat, it is Iboontisiib'e that the refugees of whom the axtxaditlon lk claimed are cot ltuarian subject*. Mi tbe sixth queation : Yet; France and Knglind will aolitsly wilh 1;uai la and Austria to reMlablisb the good rdatiens between thoru two power* and the Torte. Tin re U no doubt that thl* note will contribute gri ally to ktvp the P?rte to its detcrmiuaoinn. that the uliimutum will be rejneted, ard that a rupture of tbe relatione bvteevn Austria and Kuilia and tbe Divan will be the result. But a declaration of war tor such a cause would be so odious an act, that we have difficulty 1U Dtlirt.UK IU the poeaiDUlty 01 It K rerj till ug h'iwHir Is to be bait J from and Europe etiould be to it) guaid. CiuirttTiturti, Sept 17, 1849. 1 riUtday, after the receipt ol the c Lateral uote of the Fit glirli au-biis.-aJoip a couoc'l of mi1)1*1 ?l r was held ?lien it teat unai i na itly^rinlrrd that nothing thnvhi he thot.grd in the. resolution! /nr. tuui ly ado] t'd, 'J'bi yioin tubal vt the dt libri titinua tigned Ay alt the ilmnl , * with the tlttplioa ej the pbysutan in i hi'f, . l lnthou f'J/'t rdi, who ta dttoltd to ftuttui, end tt/i? troi not ; r.'to,/. v ut tmlhrdt itely etui to the jmlui r. ai d a/ifnu id and torj.rn.ed ly the Sultan 1 bus tbe refusal of the 1'irte to 3 le d to tbe ultimatum of Itu-sia and Austria is definite aud < iuKeral Aupiok to-day Honda otf auexpress t acket to uii 11 the Telmiaiiue ut Athens, and c i . ejr ii till'p m e to hi* goverum nt of abat has taken p'sse. Kuad l.fiendl a ooiumisr loner of tbe IVrtu iu the prlti. itpalitu a. lias lorn chosen to pr< cm ,1 on an vtra .rdU Bwiy Uii.'fltn to the F.niperor ol' Jlussa to onm, y the hiifi'er of the Sulian to the letter fcroutht by I'rlnn. hatisiril lie alii set elf immediately tor St Petersbirgh Events are uigent; I-iaucn aud F ngUud bare l.ot a m< unit to lute if tb#y ai-h to plane i? the scale tbe mi^ht of their councils and their loflueuce, and iboitby prevent more rerious ei rapllcati ius. [From the London News.] lOMIUSIIM PLI, bept IS 1819. As soon as Ali Pasha, the Mil lster of F orcign \ffilrs, had at miutmlcati d <0 M tin l it. (I ilia lulelligtucs ti at ineltuclicne had bs- a sent to F'uad rilf-mll to proci ?d loSt Petersbmgb. for the purpo-e ot explaining to the F tnprror the intentions ot the SnlCin iu t be question 11 extradite n and of rtuiotlog any Irritation In m l is ndnd li e I, ueilsu em oy si nt iu the note to which I have alluded In a foregoing paragraph. Iu this Bi?'? V. tie Titofl Intimatrs that F uuj Eftenui a rulna.i n aill prove totally useless; that all thoughts #f dis- j cussing the aubjict are absurd; that it ia the will of the Kn pi mr that the Polish and Hungarian refugees be given up eDd t) at within iblr'y hours the Porta mtnt aDsatr cati gi rically *ln ther they will ubiy the i Fimperor i r Dot. Iu tbe history of civillrej ra'loris. tierer did no? sn- ! rerr no nt ai t< n-pt ; ucb an outrage upon another, au 1 never did au envoy alter sneb an loaulttolhe i.uv-m ign to whose c< urt be was in ore dlt d bh baa I'lincu Ua LI- I >11 to Ibe Sulian of Turkey. Prince ltadkivtj avowed openly that It was the li>t?n- ! ti n of (be F iupmor Nicholas to bang the Hungarian aud Polish refugies the instant he got theni lolo his powir A feeling of bun unity alone ?i< soflleient to I pre>? nt tl.e bui'.an and bis r.ieUI- ra fruui b- In* acres. . Mhah Mwhhmthiaabaatii- I yaaiklsm tadtlaa Porta wi-hid to appeal in Uvnr of the n imp es hut they lc-kid for pily where doiim ever eiisted 'i here I 'no treaty ?blrh gives J.usis a right to thi bl-? ! of these l eple-e patriots; ar il, a fi.r as precedent Is con* cerned. it is < utirely Id fstor ol the l'lirks Prince Har,geily, originally a rajah t?rei k wus wl'h hl? fath.r 1 Implkai.d in aci orpliaor against tbe goternim nt of tfct-Sui an l;u the plot b lug discovoted fe'.h?t and si n to k rt! uge in hue a and ? h -n the I or to <J, runo d-d that thi-y > hi uid be given tip, tb? oab.oot of tl Pe'ersw bu'gh not only n fc-i I but lie sun was tnr.dr a Hus-ian sub rt, and was sent back to Constantinople a. brad diagi man to the liuarlan embassy. Thou, h .iaitria nmtltmr bun hi./ is a r.ofr to the Poile, (.> anting the tj ' od'hom oj the Hatifteton r?/i?. i grrs. tl tree a prrnctding ? '?ptrd rothrnt to Ipti 'sre utlh the u?''? if i. in a 'ten en .looting eaUly with the tohtnn oj I ier.T.1. Au-tiia has if la'.c been nothing J Cioia tb ,n the rat a paw ot the I mar. to Hungary she te made to do all the dirty work, and to bear rll the i ilium ller triumphs have. Indeed, been ruinous ? her victories suicidal. hue has found out how deadly ' Is the I i lol liin i f l!i. ia now 11 at sin lira crushed i. ruler iljv put? of her felly. It 1* geoera'ly b"ito?ed tint I DIM Su'tior. tlin Auelliail .Vtuixt. r, would , willingly ei m* to on an.lenble atrangeim'nt with thn 'I ui kmil government on the |ir?n nt until; on, weir* lot | net ftreti to yiild to II ui 11 hi dictation. Ti.nerre September 17 1840 It ?#? lit# la?t right when the Port# coMtnuulmted to tbr htoiu ? U A u. tri#n en baarle* their deelfl< o f,ii the /juo'l'.n of nt>?illtlnq The btr of a *u?penvior. of re'atl. re v|th I'nwll hM not deterred tb# Ttitllrh giverrnent fr> m rem wit. log firmtn tboee pti nciflrt f I tin BDlty it (1 he?i r which bar# itUtloguleh<d tl cir conduct throughout the whole of the ptoaeat prcccedlrg". 1 he Knl'an'r mlnl'ter# bkre ar.feuimou** ilj #gr?i 4 to reject tb# d< trend of the l nip* ror It nee Hkdilvti will leftw# f'.ciitantlntrpl# within f*w hour? lor St. retertbnrnh. to communicate to th# Kiupetor for tb# detrition if the Porto. M de 1'ltoR ho* vuvj ended relotioiui with th# Tark|?b g"Vert meat. It rout tbr London Mercantile tlosette, Oct f> ] The (rlertlon In the flntIniUit^cf < hgklb I ffcodl ? the r nicy h Itraordtnary to the I tor h#< ug appeared to excite o certain lweling of repurnar.c? th# I trie ?it?imired to entraet the dellcot# mid^n to Vi l'l I Oi not nt prevent (naimueloner fleeter#! In tho Iiamtuaa princl|>wlltie#, end tu order to prevent any hi r I I.J I lone, T ie feppoiuti .nut w?* kept mcret till th? (net Di'Diii.l. It*u only on tb# evening of tie loth lhat the n InMera of flnaaln end Au-'ria were ilift rn d of tte depnrtiif# ef a rhembetl*ln i f the paI*re for Bnrhnrnt with #t> autrgraph letter of tb# , gul'an in r< ply to that of the ( t?r. with nil the near*. ?#rj It It I'ntl tmtl who w?? ort. red to vtort wilt #ut delay Tot St I teriho*^h or W'uvtf, for the pnrpo-e of rretrg ll.a Kmperor him i If. It if t> #r< d thai uad 1 If-ndl cannot reach the lmgrrlat re "Id* nee Ivefi re thi de pair be* of M Tltoft or even before M. RadiitH f ra?, by re aaon of theealatlrg ula<e pi< bihlting the entranae of p reigner* Into the i ?n d< minion* rnleve eg?clally IfeovWwd and, tec. diy. t*<aue# travi iter* fr rn 1 mkey ?re rutvjecte d to a h kg cie *>aitu e at ()i|e-va and elrewbi r# Now the tic*f t|r.nof the Tuihh h envoy la not likely to b# a favrrtMa ona, vnln* La etn anticipate the Prtnr* da Kadalvll. The re ply of the Pr.p#r ra <t rue'a and Vi?trlal? ei|*cted In <0 or fct daja. In a month at th# lateet. If, a? n 11 "fin, it.e ' car > <juivi' i > ?, - ? > ot IJ tl < n 11st ao t. Ultnn, mmt ran take pla a V?aii?ht!a. the Ttilka ere not at all uneasy an the suhjs et 7 bey raaaot ron<t>rtb?ti<l that war will be d? elated ?*en?t them wlrlf brrauic tkfj he?# rafns.d to ?!?? Up afrw unfortunate refugee? ?ho hare emfidtd in ili Irb'r r, and thi y errnrliatly rely on tie ?t)| j rt at d ty tr | all y nf Iba who]* of Htill*ed Kalufa 1 ba ?' nd Talk* boam r. ara net Mindly trusting to Iba chapter of acldnti or to tha ds-ereee of daatlay. 7 bay ara aetiraly preparing for all haiard*. all tba arallabla troop* bate been ordered from Iha frontier*. iba ara<y of Konmclle. 40 COO atrong la ordrti d to hold Itaa if In rradlnara to march at tha flrat algi al. at d It* provincial t/rftf>, or local militia, bara La?n ? a, bt dl. d 7 ba ra> tlaa i f iha Bnt t? < rn* ara to ba fortlflad. tba grraiar t ait of tha fleet la armad and equipped, and ra*. In tba ai nraa 14 a few h< ura, raat anchor at tba m< olb t f ll.a Hack *ea ao ai to defend tha entrance of iba Brat b? tua Blot dnaa tha Turkish go? eminent appear to ba want Ira in a bat la aapreeilraly celled the -at. aana (>l ear." It ba* plenty nfredy mamy tilth which to r< ir.maara war, ar.d tha Ylnleter of I Inatira haa declared hi* ability to plaee 40 (OliOO at tba dispoeel nf tbe Mli ieter of War without delay The Hultan hat i Brrad aa iqual aim from hla prltata purao. ana wa ara aaauird that area tha motqnef of tba capital, whoaa wraith I* an< rm< n*. ara prepared to maka tha graalaat taorlfraa to avpport tha gotarumant on a quaatloa a btrIt all pinna Maerelmea ragard aa caa of religion* pi It el f ie It only ran *!n* to ba arm eoaalndaa tha writer. what attllada will ha aaauaiad by tba cabinet* of London aad fail*, tba rrpllaa tn the darpa'abaa <>f Sir Ht rat ford i ar alr g ara awaited In < ona'antlnopl* with tba rwoet latia?a anilely Tba lotrreet no laaa than tl a b"B -r, rf I t.glat-d > intnltrd la tba l?aaa of thla affair, f r it la rbtaadly *nap<?tad la Turkey that the tar la da sin u- ol f< mealing aa Knrepean aar by which ha may largely ptr fit la i ha aotilh aaf nf f urope Anatria la repatdid * a mere Ignoble t a Ma hla hand* A posttellpt fo rhia letter at at e* t bet a II 11c elan ear? t?e rtatb nrd at < mafactla'pit. waa towed to B?wjuctete oa tha l*tb. an aa to ba la a pneitioo to gala tha Liar k a without i bat aria. 7be Mientwg ('to.mtcU say*:?' Letter* fr ** Malta lata rsaehed ua by lb* oeetlead mall, dated oa the aftaraonn ot tba tfffih. bringing aeeounta from Camstaatiaople to tba IPtb idem ablrb ae?m t antietpaie asper dy aad setietaeuiy at raagemeai hf tba dtffereaca la gMtatka; aad l? would appear tha.I tha ,d?*e?**dar m k i JRDAY, OCTOBER 20, 18 | n/ Rutkia, in pariiculur, rrj?nting if ikt harihiitu < / hit | fjtocreaivftl. I'M amiroui ej go//trig out of IV dilrm'Ut in tcf.ii A he had, hy hit hu h ad, placed himtclf, at he Aril could." [ Kroni the London Lhtonicle, Octob ?r 6.] Since writing the above, I have juat learned that the Art och government tiai rte?ttcil uew* from1 iiott.ualioople. Itoiu which it appear* that Iiu<?ia ha? pran uied a liew ultimatum of a Terr energetic character, and that the ItuMun apeLta were endeavoring to gain over a portion of the Dt\an and of the population It wue raid that the refugee* had been allowed to withdraw trim Tutkey, and that uo attempt had been Uiac'u to rtop them. | Prom the London Tiroea, Ootnber fi.l 1 lie liUoaing ia our I'aria eoirerpoudeat'a letter, dated jeiterday, 6 P M : ? I bi ih-tc i cao cti.-urr you on the brrt authority, that the trench and LuglUU guverncn-nta are decided in moling ti gethi r. to the !a?t ia the ntfatra of Loii-taotituple I ncttetd. a doy or two ago the exl-tenae of a leerrg here Lot exactly of mlairui-t. hut of doubt at to alirtlcr, In the extreme i-a*e. Kngtaud w >uld oo. opeiate with Krareo 'I hie feeling did not arl-e at hat Id the nilnda if rational nod fair ui> n. out of any

bt lh f ot Inrincetity on the part of Kogland; but it wat doubtid whe'her the I'.pgli.-h gnverrineut would be rupportrd hy puhlio oplun n ia Kopland in aay tnearoiee t loaiug a ditermination to le.-l-t to the la-t, the pretention* ef the t'tar. The Krenali govern1 mint naturally hc-itafid at the chance of being 1 <li an u into a g cartel with Hum-la, being then li ft alone to rurtain It and acting > ingle handed. ! There feara ci rfidrrlrg * hat la to be done at home, : can rcateily be blamed It la Dicerrmy to ob-ei-ve that i tii- | r t ceedll |'* ul tlie Peace i ongie a in Kngtunil and l in Inihhd partita here to aui pine that, on no aoi c. int. and in no came, would the Knglilh people a p. prove cf their government f a-log rreiur-e to ex'reuie unaiuiea. 'J be unahinioua opiuioti of the preen in I f-.npiuud huaerir, and particularly that, p-ir'iou of ' It which i km owu to give faithful eipreaeiou to piihlie ] opinion. fca> rimoTrd all heai'aiiou i n that roore Ilia ' l'ow bei end t) at th* ui-h .loon Bull may hire little i | objection to occupy hi* leiau e bonra. or t i vary tho j moi.otcny of oon mni-inl putniltr by a little liarinleaa 1 thi oiy,jet the old rplrit of the Saxon i.-atill * ive a* ev?r. and that ii want# only some art of outrageou* and mauiii 11 wrong on the part id a p overfill de-put aumr-t a week and luoff-nnlTe relgbhour to ; cull forth the ni.i-trnt etu-rgv of hie charaoti-r and ; lue li re of Ik r play 1'he Kttneh government ave-n 1 ?o* coixlcccd Hat. k i gland will be true to hir.elf i nod to i'runce to the lart I n t hir i|U*i rel of iujuetice; I ai.d tl.e Ii ttrueticur aJdie,eeil to the Kr-nob iNininter ul S' I'rti rrhing a-o. I am ti 11. n > a whit ir?a encr: polio than lin e which. I pier-lime, hare been a lI cloui d to the t.rgllih amharralor There i* reaxou, ! liuintr. to hope that the nli'air willt rtn.aa'e otherI wi-e than in a horiile mannor and that the K nope r or j of i u i-Ia will I e conviucid. n tonlyot tlie loju-tios id hi* pieM nator* In the pren-o*. lurranje. hat l.ia'tt la l ; oMmt,ittUi i wit wBwhm that of my I tl.< r eotiriH.U, l>nt to do anything that would again j tbrov I titope into ronfu icn or war Tie d?. id .1 atliI lude i'J lln M. n f".-rai itnl of /' line an I #J-gljad will | c??.. imp ihe J-.ii/'trar that I ? yit#f*iuo't-f ?r//f nut he tale* I refill ii i A impunity. The illiidol rtate of pirtle- in i P'raicu litd-T* her act n m i - diOi> ult ; why. It ix rupe bin o* to aay. Let the i xlati of th a-diitleuiilia wnl n?t 1 In >' le, d ter lur ill ouch a aaio.- or priuut J-T i fin juiiiing fin itely with a fiirullyg-ii v? nm< tit in in irtei ce to iojukto ?. | ortMl .NM < K *1IIK FPITM'H AMI KMtt.lttl 1-gkSS. I Kif.m the I'art i t r< dit, hc'cln r 3 J | [The C-rd I ia aatd to be wi ll itiforia?d on matter* j connected Willi d'oikey ard tt>e Danwblin prnvtnree J t?bilt< p'? relative to the extradition of the Hungarian rcft-peea. do not appear to u* to have the Iniporiaare ' tl ut Ruf?a rr?nm to attach to thein I tic Kotpcror I trie- Mtatl to p t op tor bl.u-ef a wrong the more. I Ti at rr if parent. In stMul n to all thna# which each of ' Ida prnti ?i< ><*auitou* to Inrcrtbo In the irreat ' bock of tkr ittl'tiltl "f ltu> ia opened by I'eter the ' titiat. Neither hare the ambarevlnra of kranoc and I ii|iNp(l be en wnntli g to the poilcj f. lloucil conrteotly ] by tbe pi wi r* tii ) repriacnt I hey barn protected a, uititt tbi impcil' u? driraod* of hu la It In an or. I ror to rcrpoe tl;nt th-e mtnoutnn of tru 1!ti nwl i policy r.f k.uiope ln?olrr a general oonllagratlno. On llie centra-.* a rerurn la- been made to the normal rendition t European policy, whioh had to en temporarily abandoned, by men* of tin Itu-man Intiiveaticu in tbc Jimeetlo atfatru ot Austria 1,'iiteoi hat turt/id In Inr nttvml Jreifve a id, if in-iy / ? tei'rf to hir rffeiioy, it* maided out />jr /*>?, idetic* Hkt h< I duKltd kn *i'i>'tji >in the W'eW to ll,? K i\t Kar ft- In t avlr jr anything to f* ar rr->iu tbelai-wadcTete |nc I teotton* ot H u?-ta and fti ni 1b?' nobla nrlataia of the I fu'.teti, ?? aught ratt.?r to cniti;tai u'.at# o?t?#l*e-i at I tbi* iwlu'tr; dlrcreinn of a d.irgrr which w?? b-eotnIrft 'EDiItu nt. or wbluli, at leaet. rit thr-itlng enough I tolxronir mi rbetacle to a ant h factory aotu't n at '.be , affaire of Italy, and even to il.e re rrUbliehnieut of i order In Oern.auy IlerlJee do not ilia eiigerieb a of , Ilotfla nt d Anetrla- * n their rery ?r*naaea outer j tbe r? id *n berres-uu-nt of theee two power*. u<t*uhetaLdmg ibeir recent victory In liuogary, if the Porta i t'U|i ' to throw Oil the yoke that Vicuna and I'e'-ra" I bt u h have linpo ed on bt r I uropeae poceaaalont.' It 1 le ti c custom of diplomacy to affect ran. h atrg r and we a" uclin-dto bel!a*? that Iba wrath of tha (laar nt.d I be I r r l? uoy'btfcg but eincarc. \t bat w mid th?y do with th pal ant and iil fated Hungarian*' Ito tl ey ir,?an ta about Ibein, tog! re t!o .a the kuout, [ to ebtit tbi in up in bpttburg or *et>d Ihctn to th*> Ditriea of r> beria' I.v d< ntly not. A ecrvic" l? e*en u Lot:id to thoee au;;u?t aoreretgna by rcfu-log to d?I or up thorn n< bl* rtfugeea, deriving of re?peot all tbe mora that tbey ara unfortunate. (brim the London Newe, October 6 J The Kmpercr of f u??u hu evidently been milled ibtr Ma outrage*.u* and In.poiitlo challenge to tha l'? rte by tbe ?lle flat tin ere who, In hie own e .ort. and in our preae belauded hta magnanimity. rat-lied hi* nllttary prow ere endrklll. and (tare their fuUeet aupI it atid appri batiou to the cau ? of imperial tyranny ataimt llui'gaian freedom and Independent# Muring that uuinoiable linirgl* the preaa el Loudon and of laila doeit dl'.a duly, aud Instead of representing t law m ni Inn nte and'blea Of tint people, lei oa tha military, to a belli 1 that the K.nglioh and l-ri-nnh condemned all klnda t f |" polar rr-iataoee. e*en on be? half of tbe moat preroriptlvo freedom. And tbe Leaf aae Indued to aup| tl at lo tiro ertivhiu.; of Hungary and the in notation of lta champion*, be wal doing flat a bleb tbe rerpoctable and lulliu-ntlal elaeee* of Ki gUnd and PraLca approred. One preeuenpti-en |i d to another If Urni and Demblarkt wera but anibuUtn gii tolutlonitte, if Koaiu'b aaeamrra rioter and plucUerer. a* tbe 'Inn to tbit day duet notbluehtJ all Mm, i(u?.a certainly *an warianteJ la claimkag tbe it raditi< u of tm n i o brande 1. 1 li* allele of tbe I public, the malignity of rur prria, tbe known dieren'tooa of our own gorernm nt and the boaet f l ie dlpl n.aliata In l.onlna (that they could get up an tannic at any ll?#, alther m i.a [ r? ? nr in | arm uirui. airniu>i i -ini'm u / mitli d ib?( tar to b< ln??, that br mlitht bull; tba Curia alihlhi mint ?c mplna impunity lud race*** Mmtfilnui nlll br Lit i* Can ha dlteovnrt bla Bil?tak?, and in at I alnral bir fur; agalnat ibow ?l|i partl-aoa that baokad bin through iur; a t of Imati ui opprra11' n riuili; atd military tyranny. In ord-r to dmit him at tka lm t moai' nt. aadrtpoaa him to a r buff lr< n tba Saltan and bla cnrtltuilonal allla* 11a Bin?t gaiilag clreumatatira to ItuMla la. how. air in t ?n Biurh tba air a pa of Knaaath. and tba prolan rr In t nti rn Kur?|? of arabiaiaa till aoi|oaid'ad vltb tba wiakrria and tnarctirtty uf l.aal ra Ca?pott?ra ? Ita mortification la to Dad I ranc? and r.Dglaod one# mora araaa up la era Una of difrara brfua Cooatautlit >pla attittl nuialan >i|n ulna IV bat biuulara tba ( lar bara mail- to ba?a pn dun U tbia aaatlaiaot t nd dtBioBitratioa of railataoca oo tba part of t*o p<? ata. grrwa io Indlflrif at totoralga f :lry aai to mtb olbar' It lib raapaat to rng'and. *a doubt If Ruaala eonld batr qaatlaU*d wtth tba hrta fir ao; otbar aau?o tbat aould lata ?allrt<d t.BRllah ajmpatbtaa an ?tr>a*iy fi r It Had nanfa anm-iid tba prlnrlpalttlaa lha Taauba. fan wad tba tiaatjr 01 t'akiar .dkalaiud. It la to ba di ubtrd If It could hata itlrrad attbar our dlpl< c.acy or our pablia npiaton to lutarfrra Hal tba ou'taan ? di mat.di of tba Hut. Ian rata;, laaplrad; by a Bi-ra rarnlaomna and aaiiRUiaary appat'ta ! gath?r alth II a apoalatiaoui raiUtaaoa of tba Sultan. < a tba pttarlplaa of hmnaniaf an>l ju<t prida. bata an lailud bagitnd aad btanea. both gorarmu-at and ti bi a iiptatoa to tba alda of Turkay tbat tba ?ar u utt noofl lla nay. Inda?d. bl**la about tha artnetpalltiaa. aaod hi- agi at* to airlto dutarbaaaaa la Hu partaatd la Biarta, aad row la I'arkay thatiana In-orr.ctlitar; apliit. ahtdb ha dielarra ta ba bar-ay north of tba Haonba But war that tar *111 aot naka. It lib i ppnta-d aatlna*. writhing baaaath tha taaga of d?r|iotttm, in di tba baltld to tba I'aauba. tb-a miII, tary t;raata dorrt antriwtara on war *tlh Waatarn > t.atopa. ablrh aould ba fait ant raly by tba raratoit*?n a of I'olaa aad HnORartaaa. but by tha daatruetton af i II at i a port tiada whlrn aion* br I or* tba Kua-ian laad-d pn ptlatc-ra tb?lr inaoaaa ttrra tha 9ai. tba k-np, tba lallo*. and tba eora ibut up to rut in tha porta uf hi I alatibuir. Illpa and (idaraa aa tbi-y would a- n la la eara of aar. Hurrta aould find tbat taioaiuailra aialth, a blab ierlb?- ara io fond ?f amy gaiatiag, fail bar aiu(attar. Holland aould rwataaiy taatur- bar annual liana tt hil t I'uialaa proprt-ti.ra, aa aall aa lin.ilan raif*. would b*Ria Io a>k ?hj tbay ara to hn ulctad or laoriknd in nidar to rat ap again tba 'I<BU?>W ?' !) ^ IINiriRl 111 |'ll r- "I n- ..pHr<ip >i. *! *? Imifirlttf lk? In.benlity ar.d liaebfrj <4 Ik* Hnta of flapibotg. Wnniirir?rt*<t lk*l U?n?r*l I amortelar* I* r*. Intuit | to I ruaca. V obould ?"t b* ?ur (irin-d Ik* rot durt at d lb* l?r?ti?*r of lb* Cur to tkM HT?t a*?bao?Bto b* raprlotntia aliaraatloa of a^vWry ??.<! tin mriv <it* nay rail in* l.nuU >*p<>l#o* kl? frt*ad. Ik* ii? it bliiUt* it at h? nn(.ht t'od It loitukil to Ml up tk* Diali* nt |ii tdi *ui. lit N?t mm pliant pri-trnCit, Niit*l'hit*i.dn $ tb* .mull I of tbM on* IliIthMlttiBl* to * kut'llD kill* r* *e * O' t ** It.* poaotkillt t it *ttb*r tb* t tnirh for*raia*nt to of* initditf lot be nuolttd imiai iM or tk* Irairk pub I 0 inlfk'kf IkmtiliM to tb* fi'iolrrf tadi<*r*aa* la knb * uititta ladiid of t upload and riMMabiihi r |Miiiatiiil pa too fal of tiia tlo*.tb* peopla *111 ba lent f to poil?t.t at lb# rflttaal and anion* mo anat Aid tk* ptrital I* oa* of th**o |ftm tk* t.radra < broalel* OatoWf b ] Tko fi?liii? it tt* Inifh ho*11 d* Knailk furia ? rutli tt? oai n ?iy *tu< act pi poor toadenatra, add I ?#. o.arlaM* It toot i* inn if aaiti bat rbaraetrr. iiu mn ii mat pi *?r ?f tk* < r*r daatu* tbi*ai, tbetr Ioi^im ttoa i* ln**t?t'My rapt I?at *d by tb* anttua of % ,owm nlpa rtillt p net thirty drprma of latttndo h j ill* it*, t-l* d'ntraika of bl* kill, aad many tkta*. they ?** la htm ckona taitromi at of r*atr??e* '^Wuit la /> I K R A 49. Albion? ermfjutorwbo will infallibly aid th^m.njonnr or la'nr. to wi|>? out tbn mortifying moolleoftnaa of Waterloo. Tbu*. M. (In Lamarrlnn to hi* llUtary of tbn I. evolutions of 1H18 " maintain. that nnlv t?n I nn deb of forming ' a French system" were open either to the government of the restorstion. or to his own. Franc* might unit* with Austria against ?n<l Krgland. i r with Huerl* against F.nglaud end Austria. " In the first oass, France would liav*'obtained tin ul-ipenn Ms in t'mey in Awitierland, ami in th? Ktnmisli promo os of ITussis, t y conrtrsiubs to Austria in Italy ami on the i 1.nwer Danube, ?n<t on the -bores"f the Adriatio lu the Second cafe Fram e wmrd have stithd Austria tnjt?een her- I self ai d Knssia. SI c cou'd I,are spread fretly in ltsle. le- | laVi n Belgium and the frontiers of the itliiee, and Kaiae i in- . fliricf in Spuin. Corstantii ople, the lilm'k Ac*, the lov Iv- 1 ncllis, the Ailr a'ic, conceded to Kcs itn amM'inn. would iave insured her these sugm* nl ations of territory. The Kussisu a'lisi < e! ? it 1> the orv <>f nature: is Is tha rav lution > i f geogrsph) ; it is the war alliunce lor the eventoalsties of j the IViture ul'tno trrcai races; it is t he e.(nilil>n nu of peace by two great weights at ihe ex, rciuitics or tlie Ooatinat, o tin prisms; the uinldlc. and esiltog KngUnd, like a satolitc piwir, to the dim an and Asia," it never appears to have an much a* suggested itself to this apostle of liberty, equality. ?ml traferolty. that alliances cr combinations of this kind take rank, in ; morale with the partition of Pi laud; nor we believe, would tbey be repudiated for that reason by his nountrymen T he ipirit in which he writes, is omphatii s ly their spirit It explains General Lamnrtclere's lete nliortire mission to St Petersburg, which would I otherwise seem made fwr the express purpose of in siting the maiked insult to the Fretideut and the republic litk itlfH|kl down upon theia It also explalM the otherwise unaccountable calmness or lameness with which the news from Turkey has been remit ed in I'srls beyond the immediate precincts of tbu bourse Where are the friends nf the oppressed i runs ot t'.e great r.i:iop>aii family? What ha* Income if the philanthropic democrats, who an lately rivalled Attachable t loots in the extravagance ai d cormt poiitau character of their ilcmoustrationa ? Surely, all esnnot liate foilowed the fortuuee of M I cilru Its 11in ' Ara they reluctant to uphold the Fill tan, became they have assailed the Prmddctt t<r icstrr iig the Pop* r ? and do the legitimists, on their side, shrink from t he *utithesis of contemporaneously di tending bulii the ro-s and the Cre'e-ut ? Mot a single ittterpelia'ton ba? been addressed to M de Toeiju-vilie, nor. with rare exception, has the allalr (mind the pri it.incut nuhjecl nl discussion lu tiny of l be journals which me regarded as the organs of toe ) ailing perils.s. This looks veiy tutich as il no party ? republican, legitimist, Orb-ani-t, li.uiaparU?t. or socialist?was pai ticuiaily i agar to commit itself against b us-1*. even In a cause appealing to the wrarmest syin. la'hli'ol nil inipulslre and excitable people At the is me lin e. tiis y iuii <t ha- e h . n perfectly uouncious all alilg thai they stm d eoiiiml'.ti d aa deeply as ourselves; I be trtirh aid F ogli-h ambaeadr* having lib dgod tin ir lespeclivn uatinus to b-'k tbe Sob luie Porte In vciy wuy short of ana ined llitervention. for which, ?s they said, it was <t cur e impos-iblo for them to engage with nt special Instruntimes (or the purpura. vi e i otn this ir- uoog inditferenc* a< a piieumaenon w-!l ili si i ving the grave attention of l.ord Palmerstou. U e ),y no ine*LS ib't r front that onihe pr ont nee*, iliu the can of juslioe and humauily will be slisnoi md by the French vnvcrumeDt. which, it is understood. has approved the line taken by General \uptek, hiid luini kted its. reediiiai s to co operate w|< h Kugland for Iho pri tcetli n of ihe Porfe Vv'e retain, however, ? ur original opinion that t biro fs but little cni.? tn ?l i ri si i d hu actual inptuie It i t very seldom, lalisid. that a dedal s'I u if w. r follows a of I berate ei i,fell lice t f nut be s sailors, or a tluiely reference to rouita, nd the jud.cii u.i course fUnwed hv tin Fui an. lu thioeiig Ihe i resoom ibidty of hie refi nl on Mr Hlra'ford < ant.icg and General \iiplck, ia bit m aunty M'e must i.tve thm cr<dit lor rei,aliltctLe fullest lnbr ma'i m as to fast- and donuU:i U's before answerisg til-?| St".n, anil It is th-rrfi re, most irupi riarj' to observe thai, in their opinion, ti e fueties of Kuteelink-Kaynardi and Pa-rar.raltch iju li"' * * i rr * ii /lupirin bmii ute rigm or u-tii'Mui'Ihk tk ' nx'rad'fi o of tb tiuogtnau ' tie r. lor the rai.eof argument, that each Kmp? tor, in point of f-rm, denial ded only hianwii ?abject*. hi J we ray that thu ul- unt they can demand, jointly or lererally, undirihe ir -.tier or und?r any rtrn(uliid of iti'Tofi u il lax. In, that lb* fUKitMr* >1 nil out h* harbort d in Turkey i In- laot adilct frnui Now \ nrk. ittu that Bern an<t Piinbli.t-ky one iip.ctel la the I nited Sta?i-?; an I Ilia pcrdlnn kr.nt ? III bi uhably be untied, hy MtfT-rltig 11 i in hi d M>i Ir M.nipab'oni to li kth iMddiu without 11 at if di'-tu and qulbtly rmUik on b< ard noma I ni tk, llDyliih or am iran m m'llnth? llnaphnru*. '1 Itra u no biiaarlty lor bringing mat to-h to ertreiulrlea tor lor iliiilru tb* I'xar to tbrow, Breaaua-like. hM rwnrd Into the ( *!* Thu Sultan ton mora duly and houi r rii|Uiri'd of blin In eating irieitt tililtppy men troui itam'h, or (wnrmttau detfbi ai.J If (*hn h r matnr tu ba pi,.?"di th 'imperial demand Ir only the llr-t ktap In a eetj.-mt) of agliirwlta, ablcb la to and In reducing bun totUe tond Iilon of a \ laeroy, Ma tlrui a> d ehlr?imuji re-i-fanca, baoki d by Ilia uiilraroal a nae nf Jamie* In mankind, en hardly lail to eau eth" indeiiuita (O'lponemmt, or m<*t probably the eventual abkuduu-noot, of tba eebeBi*. 1MI'UI,TA>T MikTOO OF TIIK KNOf.UII CAIIIXKT. lira tb* J.on tai I itree, Oct .1 j I'i t Vaj. *ly 'a nnnlatara. euddaniy and apt daily cont r 'yi d from ti n ir tarinuii poraull* or retire an ut lu Uiff lint | art il lie klry/imi. bil l a abioat oanutl al< tin y at tin' f ori Ign i Hie *. wtloh w*? r.m-ly it Uiilid At till* ntiwonlrd n-aaon of IU >?*" tha a t iha' a oablnat I * be* n a u mm on ad by diraatlon f I.oid falnirraton for tlit (Jt?| atoh of karlQH* bud nam, I a auff! -Imf Indication i f ft* imp- itanr> attache I by II at mit-l'tar to tun lot" i-ceurrvaaaa at Coaalniittno| Ir; li r an b*lb ?a that tha threat- uitg rial a of tbt rain' ii tia bi twi i n Hu"?ia and tha Porta. and tha laat 4*i| a'rl ra ri cniri d from S r Sliatford i aanliig. are tba aolk eanra c-f Ubla ditlbrraM o of the government I'ba prinpiltul* w-th wMob thin coil on tba mrp iuathla adtl-iri rf ihnl row n bar bmn uado an J obi-y-l augur* w? I ft r tha epirit which ought to gimru th.-lr rem lutli tu In rurh an aargency, and we iru-t that tha in-at few bourn will rend forth to I n-tantlaophi the fuller I a??iiiBOca? Ibat If lb?<e lueoaclug and unjti it dptnaod of II uwiaai to baauf iirnl by un it menacing and Injur ion* n tu on tor part of ih* Northern I'nwer, tin y ill hare arakani'd In Ilia g"f*riiiii*ut, a* wall a* iii ill | oy m ill l.iiylkiiil, a detoinitnallou to thnw that i ui Ii preti'itr are ill obi ten to outer an aggreealou on the Mu fan * independence. That IndepHiidrnea hat b* an plaerd hy repeated actf of the dipl unity of Kurope m.der lb" joint proteetlon and recognition ot all tfce | ewer* ai d if eter there waa a moment when it n uld not be ?e>ail? d without peculiar Ignominy, It la bin tie I'orfe Invite* tba right* an l u-age* of nation* fur the protert ion of d> h ated fu^iilte*. latent tbly i n eieape fn bi tbeacina of au uneiieeeMifiil e nteat. To InMmldaae a fid to degrade the Sultan and hla Filfilatere lata tha pniamlml iu of a on an aeiloo at tba pou u-aaod of a Kneelan aide da-ramp, I* *' outraga which mipbt ktl" been Ppan d by taa m ft reign of oaa aniplia to ibat of another, and In thla In -fane Kuropa 111 ackDi ali dye that iba principle* of honor, buaiaaIty aid el filtration. rla>m her aupport for Turkey agalaft pn ! l.elitie dtelateil ell her by theeruelty of rtirB|tnr the deelgre of a mill darker policy. It te mo?t foituaat* that, at rueb a crt-u, tb* Brltlrh nda't rtoiMtrr uutlM>u liruani, *m<I I?ii< iltiPf the pfnf uc1 fp<ptpt, toot oaiji oaf all fat ttaa In thl? country . but <at at| i itl itit tV?l. fir Mratlmd * aiming in nut an autoy tu b? n<?ul to ra-h or Inci n#til? ta'a action* . ha rapraaauta, with tlia irtalrtt aulbnilty. Iha atabla and dlgolhad policy of tbla aauilrj ; a no if br la aiar ! ! to ia!ia a graat rami at ion. It U by a' aia pnalUra <alara*t aa I aom- (fit i luatgancy It taae?maa tha cmuiiry th?r?f?ro, t glra Ita uniaaaratd auppirt to aa amba?*adi r who anjoya our uurnrt ai rtad r?t flda-uro ; and though 4tr Stratford I aiming ha* <ai.fully ala-talnad frout implicating tha l-i ma goiarnmaat daraetly In a foreign dlapata. b* baa titan bla opinion and Lia eoun<l lu a luaoaar atolch c alma Iba autlta aaiirtlnn of h ? aoarra <gn aol nf tlrllaln It la atatad that tha I'urltlth >nniat~r of I " ii ga A flairo addrtaaid to tba l.ogll-b Bud Krannh aadort adtaiai ui m> nt> u? qic-llono aflar tha rar*t|t if Iba Nlaao- tUMiItu u/rimaimm I'baad tjuaa'ii aa ana atxworad by a IriMtf nolo. In win h bir rt. I tuning aid Maoatal A u pick aitlrmaJ that tlia traatlaa of Kaiihuk KalaarjI. and of ra??am clt-h do n>tjiiatlfy tbo draiands lor tha mirrio l-r nf tba I'oli-lt aid Hungarian fugltltai, liar /?? rrjuml mj Ik* Hut mould. ikrrrjmif tat < ! ( fa a *>??<* mf IVm (radial, or In a / ? Jul imun a/ a ar; tkml Ik* anultm ? nj tkr artad Jatni af /rmrct and f.'ngland, in Ik* ntnl J irar. to ad nut k* fiaaiad wilkmal if ml inilrnrnmi. Bar hal loot S ml*a raoM rraoti/a /* Jf-r Hair aadio'ioa a trial a '?/ futa krlmnn Ikt forla tad IM In* l,?f on At th'? >aga Iba matter raata Critic* Kadilttl Immadit'aly Bat i at ?nf K* I ?laraburgh and will ba fulliwad thltki-r by load Hhndl rhargad tnagpain t" tba Kmparnf iNittbnia* tba aeruplaa of tba IMaaa. ?o that at tba **rj < maat tba diltlab goaer nm-nl la aallad upna to daaida upo n Iba anuria It niay baraaftar in paraua la iba t.aal. tba kualtii tabiaal la rami a log tha 'juaatlon of faaoa or war It la poaaibia not to ba at ruck by tba agtrama Inadaqnaay <1 tba raaaa almli ba- gtv*a rlaa to thla turnull A la a aniLnala-tir .a.agy?r pan to to a?o ba?a ou<llaod a airuggla abirb ha- baau mora la at la thatr cotiatiy tv t b< at?a|*aa and who appear to haaa an dad In plunder abat began iu impnatui* haaa tak-n rafuga ut dar Iba guna < ( tna tnrtraaa of vtidden ud inftmod b) rar'gla I'nllab awdler*of forma*. who boat paruolI otad tiaaly la aaary *1*11 broil if tba la?t I < taoatb*. I baa Bag lata < bait ualy r a ntyarl but 10 alfav t tbair a-rap* tbinngh I nrkay to ih* We.tcf Kiiropa. whara tbair denial" aa atd tbatr nonaplraatea may f-rm?nt ad a taal trim 'hair natlta araaa* of ao(b>a l'o tntirrapt mah fugnltaa would aaaai mora niiWtit<-la| il aa uaotul ran to tbatr atiamiaa. f?r ?a oauaot oradit I aa hauiiiil a hi ii al thraut of a abolaaata rgaoullna ifit>*l*i.d Tuikt; nil) b* bnut4 not U Itarh >r tlia llr mtul rXDilM <1 Ku>.lt i>t Au?tr? otiMrrtrynlli* IHilklf. Ill Bit that I* t>4tor tfcc.f >? I- l> at* t?? it | Bit. lata')! tb*tr r?*)"?ai truoi ih? f >tti a an d< math aa ?t aid t*r?lnat* lb- ju?rr?l )u?t a* (h? d*paitata ot LMa v?H' fraaa a H*l?* rantoo p.t m .mi >. a? y?attac<< to th* ai-i.aai-tng r*|.iUIlli a ol tt.? | r? Of b fur hi* dial* aiputatufi but tlaa *a fiaiMtt h a paitri aait uaraal tha raaio W for ahlrb *n a.urh ataih ha* b??a |>ut oa ; ? hi it at i t on that la?t?ad >4 ha>ta? riimrtt to 'Ut.nt iumii laflioacia <>t Hut la ?hl*t am ant < atui aa at I ?n? antiB' Va, I rtueu Htlnul d*lt?*r*d fit* ait Mag* In tb* tm* 11 a bully and th* t*riua of a rhalitag* Bad th*?i by r?ed*t?-d U tui|><>**lbl<- i,>* th* lilt# ti eia.p faith mm h iimaaili without gr*!mat ln.mi'lB'lin aa ttna t *uttr*ly di**?t ?ur**i?*? of tb* atyribtttlia that Iba Ko*<laa go*araui?at bat latt-a tbta ippnrtutlif and tin** ai-*n* to la*tan a quail*! in tl a '1 urhnb fmptru for I'a on parpo**a 1 b* l atur* of th* a-aM?aa?* |l*aa hf Ku*-la in tutlta la tIt* Hungar'ta ?a nai *d**inailf paiaJfitd tb* ppaallloa ?V* aoa.d baraiat"f* ba*? I A D TWO CENTS. , . _ .? imnrr rrauoe ia too muoll | mgro-nd at brine and la Italy to euihnrk na a vei? bold Mid energetic cr'Hrne ot foreign policy ; acu Mr t'oMen"* late abaurditlaa, added to many fi uifle** ard fetble pasrage* In nor own foreign policy, baveral**d doubt* abroad a* to the efficacy and ?tnreri'y of Britain The** tempta'lona to re enter upon the favorite acene of Kuartnu aggreraton had long ago been point* d out; we know not even now t> what talent ib* hmperor of Hu**la I* dbponed to f >llow them; hut certainly the tenor of Prinee Kadzivil * comnitaaiou, and the tubrequcnt ultimatum, lead to oa other oonclnMon tl an that a cour*e of polloy a lv*r*e and iaaulting to Tu'kiy may be pursued to actual hostility. If the.'* Intentlou* have been entertained at St Pat.r-lurph and If thia quarrel ha? btten nought for a in. re kinlatrr purpose than *t. D the earriflne of a few poor refugee*, the run men t it come when the ri far out and tontul ct o n of England mid France it the hrtt ihanee of uieriivg wur (>o u lo* tanking occasion. Lord Palmerrton |>r* pored that, ihe combined tieet* should take ap tlnir po.-itl. n within the Dardanolle*; and there* jtotior of that f.heuie by Prance wea held to h? tbe touroe <f her *ub*<quent miscarriage in 1H40. I.oula Nup' leon la bound lu an eapeolal manner to lat no Mich opportunity allp again. lie haa IIred the Ufa ot an exile under the prot* ntion of tboee \ ery utegaa wh'eh tie no* violated by Uefpotirtn n the track of rertoge; and Switzerland did loi him what Turkey I* atlll proud enough and Mr. ng enough to do for other victim* ot political egltatlnu. Whatever, then, thw mature rerolutlou* ot the i'eurt of St I'e erahurgh may be on (he rrceipt of ibe refusal of the Porte, the resolution* of the faithful allle* of the Sirltan will not, *a hope be les* firm or lc*? elTeMlve, To abandon tho Ti t hi h Ok an. trould he ta abandon our own prion imr ewn erirey. and Ihe future integrity of the Ottoman F.utfore; bet If tht* mure be maintained with the *plrlt hDO dignity w'a'rh It require*, there I* great reason to believe that the prvtcnviona of the Kmperor ot K>is*ia will rubi-tde, and an alfalr ebich ha* had a foriui.labia crmntenn tueut, may ttill he brought to a pacific termination. News of Kir John Krnnhlln'a Expedition* [Kroiu the Londou chronicle Out. A.] Tbe following gratify lug communication tfom tha Secretary to the Admiralty. haa b.-> o made public fri m which it will be Men that no m en ertaloed in tbe highest official quailera. aa to lha aaiheutioity ..f tbe Intelligence tecvived by the Ship/iing and H iciatilt fiazttte, which we app. nd bilow: AuMiHti.ri, Out. 4, 1S49. t'rciu communication* made tf.ia djy tu t'le I, tJj ?f tha Adni.ully, by the *uli>>r ut tha Mere" utile and .Viiy. liiiollt, ni bint urn ..paper, *..u u hup.* a.-u enter i uul the new* Ir.iaght l.y up a in Barer. <>l the I'm dura, urrivtd at Uull. Iimu Il.tvi*'**. ut dir John PrauUtii'a ship* t aring b?an revn by the uulivoaaa lagan March latt, le?*t ly il.u ice lu Prima K.|?u;'i Inlut, ia net without foundation. 1 ii ut tl.? aatce vr.crra reu .rta hare rceuieud that Sir Tou t* h.. a'>-I ip? *ic cu the aouth side of Prince School a t, rod that u.e ?. ???1* of both cxpeditieu*are safe. 'J'l ir lupe ir some* hut atrnngthauvd by a telegraphic maa>a >i t" li e Adioitaliy r nwitod from ilie Mayor ..f Hull, ?l irc itc Trielne arrived last night. tbe Mercantile Gazette ..ght ] V e l.avi anat ultaiurc In I e HitM important lutnlH|(tcr ached m thia Ui?.I nil.g lr< in < ur agent*. to h pe that the exp.dlti'd of sir Jt.bu Kr I ito, besot in tLe ice lu March la-l:? Lo 29, 1MI. Tut in the Trneleve, r*ik 3;r?ii*, Hall. He piuclib'td the tee t? I Itagant'g Inlet, m ae.i i h of Mr Jul a Piaukli h*it c,.u|d get aa further tln.u t e entrance, 1.1 ..t * .lid tea. Hit, from ace"< tit* received fritu ; .tire*, Mr John hranklni i* atlll in Prtbce Krgeiit'a Inlet. > i t. >ud Mr J.i.ujs Ku.e, on ttr aoi th aide ol rrtnee Regent * Inlet, witn alt four voam If Mile, beine torn by na liven, in the w nth of March la.t. lie hat aho a draain* of the l..ur veteela, luado bjr a t atire. t e Lao ao account ot the North Star. Ilia abut* iufuiiuatton wa* furnlaboj ta our Longhope em ree| oodi Lt by apt I'arker. Tb" Truelova arrived at Hull lant night aid we have, thin day, rarettid Horn Hull the l.ilowing aotitirinaUoa of th# atftUatnt:? [ny EI.KCTRIC TKU.OKAPH J lli t.i.. Oct. ?. t?M9?11 A. M. New* I at Jolt era. hid here, hy the I'ruel.n ?, I'arker, front Carina -uraita til Sir John Ki.mal n'a Expedition. lo.y ara Ibid to I ire b- Hi In Prince K. ?-i t'? Intel, all well, tu darjta la it It la a count wan obtained fro? the aativea. Wa have bn li litfi r? d wKll the following copy of ft li tter Horn lla c<>oin.:ttid?r ul li M. 3 North Star, whteh fr tu b< r poeiiu u. will account for thia veanal not bi It K urn by tbe l'ruelova:? fO 111 ft. Shi KkTAl V Vlf THE AUMIRAI.TT. 11. M S. Noatii Sian, July lit. l-t'J. t Lat 71 od N., lonfti to # S fir?I addreered a letp r to thair lordahlp* ua tie ldth ult., v > b in lat. 7<*l So N., nod Ion. ft. AS W., 4rui tea the pertiett lata it my prone, dilute up to that date, which latter wai cent by a h at treiu the lardy Jane, a hair, w hioti venial waa arc Led. aad vh?e hoata were proem ding < > the Ham all te< tli in, 11>. Sinee then, I re?i t to etam, ?ur preprttH hag been aim. at entirely at'-pped, owing to the ten being en plane 1 ai ro?? Mtl.ille H.iy aa to render tt perfectly imparl vide tin tie i,th taut . tin. lag It inpoi aibie to make any progenia, I deru d It adviral le to run ua tar S aa VI ilea, examining the I ark aa *e a i nt along. A t 7J der. I. m'n. the peek epp ated glacier, and we tutored It and after proceeding ah utb teilca ml i?. loin d , lira, line cmiplo'ely al?p,o-d hy large p. en tf tee. We accordingly put hack, and attercl again tor the northward. having thia day reai hrd the latitude of 71 deg.3 rain. N.. ard long. Cl< deg t'lmia W ., the Ice appeared tuore epaa.avt we atood In ton arda the laud, when wa ec.ervcd two h >\lg aipioe.fii.,:. ard which alcerwarda. ou oownng aioegnde, ??r? torn tt io kg!' ng to the I'r t" o| galea whaler, which tub I waa nipptd by the U*. u the U.h in.taut, ta ffolviltw I'y II e captalw i f the Price of Wall* t forward thia I I I. r to vl.tlr otdahip., ho inutdiag to pronee-t in fin boata ta the Paul. li taltlim? bta. I I e>e the honor M be, fte , J. Mlhlt), Matter and t-ewiuaaler. P. h - Cit w all well oa beard. American State Rloekt. LATEST LONUOH Mil KW lb man S, 1*19. t'nlted State* Hra p? r '>ct?, 1"59 n t It nit r J Stall a Six | Tt Mia, IstiS lot a 1 New Vork f ire I t r b eut?, IShi Wjt?% Ho. do. lhf>? ?.Mi? ntd l>c. do. Ihdo W> >, a 8* PcritMleattl* Klvw per fentg It a So Ohio Si* per I'entg. l*hd ' (19 ft ? Do. do. 1*00 100 a ? Maeenrhiiaettg Hru per < (till, Starling Dcuda, 1*1* 102 .1 > dir. South i at "Ilea Hv? per I rut*, (Harlng ft fa).. (n< ulual) 90 ft ? Do (Palmer ft f? ) ' 89 a ? Mnrylati'J I it e per < rnl?. Starling Botidr. 8* a 9 VS,?.>.>aippt Sit |?r l eaf* 00 ? Do. b'tve per I etita. Starling IIda. . 'JO a ? Alabama 91 va ptr Onta Si a ? n?w lorn Hj fu? J?r imil vu a <l ( rkttf, Ifniit Htni it, (i?l J-T?i ('ilvk- TM hrnii fund* Unto >1 *ii<lr ln.pri?*t?l, Commit Uolm ! - a to f >r rntM, ll)( ( % M iNDlli llutlao't to "lot. I >. t% to bo r?r?lt? r < i oni.o In llti far. ten nwU Tbo .Joalinito lotto) in'linlo Ha. i.. A>ro. CI; tin nod* I' Sjt * oloon ot f. lt>< no J.',, do irroiol /' S Kt I'orii'ioo lo U. ei olfr. r'' oio?' four I- r I toll r'l U \ do. nroo ml li to .H, Ciialtlt f ito |.o? l onto Id't to V < ftirw t?r Cotti, I n tiaolt iX I'Urb Four por iVlUlitiUf. rv> ohtro irarkot < i nt t.noo ory >(oli t, l.nt a .ini lltoa aro |?>tod it ? trifling aitrantn, trmni't nhlch mop bo aotnd Writ nod Si/Hl Midland, nnd Van and .ItoMottt. Tkibiuiuu tnua. tod lino toon oamll. onnott In AnutA Woln Iim itoko-C'ononld art n liitU Imor, nnd alma W*i In r m ki, nnd IUH I" S fur tbo Mioont. fxltnioor bilkyi.low. Iffoun ihaioo ?ro otnot tut tnmo no ptnttrdoj. In foreign ot"o kt llitrn It lilllt doing. I'tnit flu nor. Thwltp, Octolxr b-Tl.rti o'CWk.? Tl<t nnlot n r? Itim nt iko prion* f rna??rlap, ntd n *r-tk ditl "f i noino.o on don*. Hmtnnyo ooro ntnn, nnd mnoi if lli in lito* niton nnp, oopnotnilp iho llatrto, vumh bntn fmlon lllf. Ihtio ana no nontnf nap kind. f? hoi.?? on Londito (.*? dnjo?. 2S map; do (JO d*po). * do a mop. Lit o ami Cotrn Moan at. 'Hi A not lanr ironk k u paamd ator la tar oi.ttnn nmrkit trilboal biia(iii( nnp II ai |i in ib' 'inotnii on Pi t f? r r>auio no b i ntmolp, I'plat d nnd Mnbllo AS' i and itrlonno. AV Tbo in. i ai uhn An.oni a mil mrlinan of an oalti irtll. cht* rariot . tat tba tuiloooa la Maoohootar It oo diaaoarariag to to i mtnaiaotiuort i> at itnnp of thorn lata r*o nod lo ai 11 n t oi.on iino, and that, nttb a atudatntc do. noil oooti .up flaa thn nolo, nidad tp ba-inoaa WtdpNt and oprrolati.'B. oar mtrkol romtiao prooiaolp in tbo mot |. tilt'a to f..r onaio aoakt ptot. I.ttoi Amor.una, iCo? n,i ?? and linPiram baoa to m tab.n on opooalattoa. and l.'MC A aiartran. .vol nra' and fcW Poraaa f-t tipart. Pal-* uf tht a Ml, P W balon. HiraikiatiT, Oil. < -Tbo talot of oolinn rooot to I a ronotdorablo i ir |o no (nun Ibt Hon fork a-loloot ptrtha Hiajnin. tin l.iottpo'l. and A|tM of don If. i.i if ion. ?noa ?m nip'iri v? 1..W aaiia, 1,111, no o,rr, tha a. at I at 'I i?? I,at tna<if. I noma loan I ten n?i. on. ft ?Tim aa'.aar ku >?? t?i v ? ? anft iitrm; >t>. ? ft. bat It arikli tat, all ft rontl atat ?.?*, ?1 4 to taromo'or ku ri?a? r?a<l4 .rablf. i r- ??ia baa waatbar tow thotr okul, and n .taitk rial 41 n| Iba loanaaa of nnr prarabt prk-oa aa a??mp?r- 4 wit ft th? faritnr nW ?f i(i? lul tr ibm Joara, tola j. ara ?b?at i r?ft la aal4 U Wa a* araarallp a'aadaat tSaft many of i?? gr?rra art loakai tholr 'uratf lor i|a Hftfftlti<.a. Tha' iftMpouti -a haa prot.aMj boa a an/iaing hai ralai>n?iali?? la iba iap< rur, and aa ttia laaaMIr li fr?at l.ltoil la baritat haa ft?aa lull# abort of fwalva mtlli > (oart?ra, tki? |i ?a?a man haro ftaaa ao laaa aipaaai?a Inaa Itafrnellta: ilataMie, aa la iba aaaa af tfia railwapa, bar* lata Ikf faianta tlhaaa?Tha aiaikat la fatal; kba aappliab ft> H> f ar* auk ihf rot anlapltaa. and will |>r?k*kl} ft# aa ibtii a aharp lr <| rloaoa it a Haitni, Ihaa aa ahakl km la raky on of I,, r ia ? ar< ?. Tk.a arop la ia taift ta Wa Una. I'arli J'a (if n., fl a f aaliah if f la ?l laa fabtltp. bal a?l % Iiri? o?,a Oata c Miaoa In 4 allaa'. lb* awpptiaa dnrta* tba laal tw.lit aiaalk* kara fto-a npoarfta of il.lbftl |aartara ?o. ?!j. of a I Ilk 7' pot rati aara I . oi*a. Tha Irtah ara ftaaiBBit.* ' ?0 k. If tbaj ona inaa. tkof will daaatIraa rhoi ft iba f m?a, u a?aa ara in fn.riftMa, ar.a at proa?ft?. aifftp' at ft Inab. kloaaa bra fatal. Poaaa.ftat. fl >ur? llaf< rakfti al' ftb ia rt<laaa4 a? tnaab thai iba Barftai ia Urn. I iraa mm. M ? a a iTa, Octoftor I.?ft alio*.?Th* aalaa ara lr'l'f(; b frw ftarrola oalp nt pota anl4 al .%>a. *4.. aa I at Ionia at 36? , bat aal. Hart?tin hli4a. HI Pbilbftalphia ?ra r?p< fa4 at lia. to lla. 44 par twt. Larl-ftkmi Ilk ' bal aii'Mhii in rifntirj a* ,V| M to si (< ?( ? ?alkc?u?t4 tf?? U lit 4inH<. aa.l kda-a r>Ml( atalt-r'4 Thi U?4I|.| mat-ra ?? nil ?( f-r >rl?rt. a*4 airai'tiily ? ? 4tatlhra tu > ta aa/ ta poaat. Smtah pi? ?' ill i ??) 4?i?? a?4. an 4 th, mil iirr?a?i ..f ilail la lika f In !>?? iriniiliai thr iirmiibn taar. fla piaira ara l? aaiitt4ta ra4, ai 4 full inmix iMan<?4 I.aa4 aa<l a 'Prar ara in fair r?-)?n?i atfoiair rial Nml tiara* -farp.aI'M la fair <??4 l.t'i karrrla mil at (h II. la 4a, *H4 |?r tai iaiil'<a lar ratHat !? ? ima ib->i?aa4 k- tt?la >llait4 k/ awllta. r"'"'W *>'t4r??v Ika ki44laa ktiaa mneh ktlaa t?a tipfulin af tba h .l ltta. 4a>ftit?a ?ia >altaMa;'kila a-14 priampall/a< la 74. ta "a *'4 par aat 4 krat * t?at Mrith aa4 .* ia*rtaaa Spina* , al Tnpai ara rarar?t4 a? *. <a.??. k4. par iai fraatat< #a? Aaitnraa- Ha hara aa at* faa'ara ka raparl ikia attfc; ka.tnata. (aatrall/, kaa kna 4all, aa4, alwi in aa rap t n nf'h.aa <la > ? T'> kata kaaa light. a?4 prtaaa wait 1 *aafalpa4. Raaa a? with a>l?a?altat ai'ilja aa Marat; lha rO. a af ikt atak ara akana KM k"taa, ''mli ?f lalrtl< r at 4 mI44I<?( jami lit# kral eara tv-'ara toaa 'ai44laa lata krt apki >W. la TT r? >4 abort mi44laa lit. *??a, tra tat??*a. *7a. i? J4a.; l?a. Wa. Iiil n 4all ?f aalt ak Mb takfa far fat. rlka kttn4a. 7?'a. f-r mt44llbg. aa4 MM ta Ma f'fr- ar.a I'grk lata fair naank aa *?# to Mi f< r ??attra p-t?r airaa al !? <taa|it;; la?r k-rta ara aat Ia|nra4 f. r Ran ai 4 ihiaMrra ata tt?aa4l*(l; 4 <11 af tal \ tab pt r?a ara a Itkual al'trail >a. - ll.a raaaat iatp tlatl?M ktl*( ?aaaa? tp |??4 aaa4l?it?. t?14 raa4ilj btlrapb

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