Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1849 Page 1
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T H WH KC17 11V/I . WANTS. ._L-L-LWLV0.WnVl WANTEI>-BY\ RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a situation, is willing to go touch with a family, And il capable of doing all kinds of domestic work, Please apply at 41 watt at rot t. WANTED?BV A STEADY t.lRI., A SITUATION AS plain Cook. W ashtr. aud Ironer. She has gosi eity references. She ha* no objection to do general housework la a email family. Cu ba aeea at 31 Lwatri Strsai.k.T. W1RTIP-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, a* Cook, one who understands her business thoronshly. Call at 15'J West Seventeenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, tirst Moor. WANTED?A SITUATION iJV A VKRY RESl'ECTAble protectant young woman, in a religions gentleman's lankily as Chant) eru aid. She perfectly understands her business, and hss I o objeetion to general servant in a small family, as the understands housework in all its hrsuehss. Can be seen at her last ulsse for two days, ?here the very best ef reference w ill be given, No. 2D5 Broome street, \ETANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, If as Chambermaid or Laundress, or as Cook, in k small family. Cood city reference can be given Please apply at <j09 Mercer street, tliird tlsor fun be seen for two days WANTS D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young Scotchwoman, w ho has been in the country nearly five years, end can give good reference, a situation to do ehaiubcrwork or wailing. Please call at 131 West fifteenth atreet. TTANTH)?SITUATIONS BY TWO RESPECTABLE v f young women, one to do the general work of a respectable private family; she ia a good cook, and cioellant washer and itoner; the otner to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a private family, i r would go u* eMakHMM and laundress, slso is thoroughly acquainted with the management of milk and hutter. Vt ould have no objeetion to ro a short distune* in the country. Both een prod no# the Jiest of city reference. Pleas* call in the rear or 01>, franklin street. Ty ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE " young woman, to do general housework, cook, wash and iron, or chuml erwork, in a small private family; has no olfaction to no m atiort distance 111 tliu country Tli" Kelt of city relcixneo can be given. Apply at 24 Vesey ?treet, up atalrs. Can be teen lor two dnya. WANTED-BV A PROTESTANT WOMAN. A 8ITUAtion a i Nurse, iu a private Good city references given. Plcaae at'i 1} at 141 * ,tt Seventeenth slroi t, near Borentli avenue, In the rear. Cat bo ?eon for two days. WANTE f>?BY A YOUNG UIKL, A 8ITUATION AS Writer er Chambermaid. Ia a pood plain eewor. Boat of city relerenco pr een. Can be teen till Saturday next, by Applying at 714 uroadway, in her place. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK, OR TO d' ai-ti, r?l ln omwor'a. by a rospcc talile jirl. Good city ra cr<! c. a can he given. Apply at_2S Rote a treat. WANTED- A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Cook, la a tint rate waabcrandjroner; yrould have no objection to do general homework in a reap ctalle family: beat of city reference given. Apply at 117 Sanimond utieet. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young w oman aa Cook, W aaber and Inner, or to do the general be nee work of a tmnll priva'e family. Satiafact >ry references will be given. Enquire at No. 2* l'.'th atreet, botween the railroad and Broadway. Can ba scan for two daya. WANTED?A KESI'Et TABLE WIDOW LADY. WNO baa great ai) erienca in tlio management of hessebold altaira, desires a aituatiou aa ilourukeeper in a respectable family , boarding bouta, or hotel; would have no objeotient to pa South or Wcat. Ample UitimoaiaD at to chartotcr ti.d qualifications will bogivrn. AUdrett Bex No, id, Newark, N. J. Pott Uflice. "lir ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A UIODLY RISi'ECTTf ablt young woman, aa Cook iu a r e|>ectaide.|private faBt'.y; baa been an experienced good oo >k, and would have no Objections to artist m washing. Can iva the heat city referAlee from Ler latt employcra Apply at 2-> Second avenue, otrner of let atreet. Ian be seen from 12 to 3 P. 11. WANTED-BY A KESI'Et TABLE YCL'NQ WOMAN, a aituatiou aa Cook, Watiier and Irner, or general homework, in a small retpeotable family; no objection going a hort d ttauee in the country. The bett of city reference thin. Plena call at li Madison street, front room, Atctal fleer. WANTED?A f I TI AT ION, AS llOi SKKEEPEK. OK look and Housekeeper, Ly a reaptctalla English Protest m dll aged l, male, who can havu the bett of reconimendationt. PItate to direct or apply for A. B. No. 213 2d atreet, Rear Aeernr c. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to Cook, Wa<h tad Iron, or to do general hi ll.SU ina.ftii.eil nmittft t'ft, .,>!? <,?. A ..? ? nea... afta I b given. 1'lexae i*ll lit 71 Greenwich avenue, up ataire, trout room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABl.B Young Woman, to do gemml houeewcrk, plain cookrg, waabing, and Honing. Tne best citr r?fcreuoea. Can ha Attn t-.r two <!?>!?. ai li."> S. mud >'< w Vera. WANTAli-BY A YOI NU WOMAN. A s ITUATION aa i.aundr?aa or Chamberui aid in a private family. The fceit of oily releitno* can be given. 1'leaao apply at 11(1 Ifnvpe atreet in the rear. | WANTED-A SITUATION, Ill A RESPECTA ltLE young woman, aa Chambermaid and l.auudre,.,. or j Chambermaid and plain aewing; or would do the plain cooking at a email private family. Sm 1a willing to make hvraelf enclaly u etui, andean giva g?ud city reference Apply at So.l7 IT (Tc tenth (tenet, near the Sitih avenue, in the roar, f an be ee n f'r ? > day* lUTANYS A SITUATION. AS COOK IN A I'Bl FATE j TV family, a alcady, !' tlve ? man, vvho iully underatande her Liieinc*.; would ?a?l*t in wa.i ing and ironing 11'11 ; Of eily rtttrencea can be gi>en ( an be teen for three day*, if not ti i aged, at < < ruer I W eat Kigtrenth itreet and Filth j Avenue, er P ur do ,ri from Wert tie , nt?enth atreet. I in' AM tlf?BY A RE8PE<.TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TV a vitiation to doyci,e ?1 In .,?e-v . rk in a amali pri at* fvmPy. II.e la an excellent and irouer, a goo I plain cook, and hat the beat of eity ret, rtn<<?. l'lcase call at No, 1m i.f in atreet, in tbe ntore. TENANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a aitnatiun to do pen ral homework, cook, washing, nodIroMBg. wuh tba beat ol referenca. Can be eeen lor two days, rival at 3 Bon ry, up at aire, oil I ml jletrtVT. reeond floor. I UTAMTEP- a SITUATION,BT A RESl'ECTABl.E WOTT man. an Cook. Who underatandi all kind, of baking, or i aaniat in naahlnt and ironing, and wok* h.raelf gen ially i artful in a email pri vat' la', ly. ( ity rnicren c given. Apply ai i'liueu a (reel, tan t* iccn lot two daya, it ml engaged. j W ANTED?A SITUATION AS A WOOD PLAIN COOK, i V n her and trie , r, or to do ,h houiaw irk of a until reipertall# fan.l'y. I'lcaao in apply at 322 Tnantj-Drvt , atreet, belwrcu Highto nnd Nln'h avenue*. In the r iwimil ; .'lour. l>*i t ol city reference can he given. If re'iuired. WANTED?A PARTNER. WITH ?L'?0, TO COMMENCE In a ralo and profitable imp rtlng Itnair *?, whl h pty? probt ol |i U per eer t. Any on" ? no wi-hee to enrage in the name, or any ' ne already eatabllahed, a> Tug to taae a partner with a amall rnpiial, thorn".-' ly a mainted with fore. ;e boalaeaa. and liaa y,,od<'rieap'uJtuco in Europe. Pirate aiArcaaJ. L. II . at tl.lanine*. WANTEI t SITUATION B1 A BE I I'm tee tan t girl, lo do ehemberwork or waitln or Bureeiv d eeametrcn, in a r*llj;iou private family. If et of city raf, >enn? I'let-e apply at *7 M-- t ?tr < t. near Hl-erkar. i WANTED-A BOUSE. IT UN ITU El> OR NOT. FOR ' fll.aa lal <, I *. i I lh> t I rilfli' fAKIll t in thft wpper fart the city. I'leaat addrea- a few liu- li. 0.. 11-;aald office. _ \V AMI'1 BY A KC-l'l IK ' ' If a nltantlon > ktniti n and GbMliwaiid, and tirU I* wilimy to make I et- If p n rw 11 v imcfnl. App'y ? > lira. RU.'-SKl.l.,\?. I latUlh i trees. between lint and llMlltMWii ... (tmnoi \ rotiffo toam. nL iATin?? - ~ i?hl?" and rv n f i I t'or.V, an 1 who RniJeretaRde - iromay. Uoed eity reference ran l v piven. vll be ??l M two dk) a et 141 Madiaon etreet, Aral tl r, front room "*j|7 ANTED?RY ^ RBSPC TABI.E ENGI.'SH WOMAN, TT a ettnattoa no C t >rhoi r In a private family; ia fnlly camp-tent te fulftl nil hoti?.li,.|d dn'iea. The beat of Tcferemea will be plven. baa r nbfrrtioa to *o in the eonatry. I'lcnie call at 13d M uroe attret. tan be eeen f-r three daya. ____________ MIT ANTED- A BIll'.tTltlN BV VS AMERICAN OlRlo f ffoamatrceoard lire <a tinker in a reaj eetabl- (amy. Cffll Rl N?. ?.*7 Iwcn't Yftl r ', 1 n the a . end tl r, botween Eecnnd and TMrd arennea t IPAI II' A I I .(>< K REPEIi WHO T thoroughly nd ean 4 . > ftart Pf the day or evrntnp. may be enpm-e 1 torn year Addr> ae II., with pat tleulare. Br .idway i at nlDee, B >i. V? 09, \IT ANTF.D-BY A RKSI'E) TABLE YOl Nil WOMAN, tl RtitnntioBM a prefeaeed ('nek. Cta bd lata for tare day a. at 18*3 Mott atreot; ahe ha? tin objection to r" Into tho ' "t to work in a larye lannly. fi;ANirn-A bitvation, bi a mi no oiri in ft a privnte fnmilr, aa Chaaberm I atid Seamttre \ or Chambermaid and hue wa<h n*. <r at wai r <'an he well rrromtaoi di d from her laat | lace. Hleaae a I at 171 'itternth treet. ntar I n - avenue. Can be eoen for three daye, if not RBgaead. WANTtD-A Rill AT I'S 1:V A MKFCTARIB ynupp woman, a? thumb 1 mud and ttaiter. or to do (oneral houaawoik In n private family, tiood elty re I n -10 e front her Inat plaee. Apply nt Id) Badl*wti etre t. < in be neon tod two dnye. _______ 1 / wt 11 1 i mi a PATENTS?R ANTED TO PlfROI I .Ivav/ Patrnti*. land" piven to a 'dmra In llltnole, loop nhont 1817, which have far many jeare been eold nod 1 >#l f >r the taaee Apply to. or nddr-aa MaUir-ft, No. 3 Naaaan Ctraat, New Torn, plvlnp nnmbera of lota. Re. ATOrNO WOM AN W I All KA V SI n ATION AS Nl use nil who hat learn, d the jro?? mnkini hn.iaeie, ?nd in * ??ed elurt nik-er. n? I ia willinj to make h r. If tieefnl In ? Ikanllv. For further Informali, n. plea* to till at Mo. W I'.'ortli Aeenne. where ohe e?n ho toon. ATtOKO WOMAN, WHO CAM t.l VI GOOD RtCOW m ndethno. wlahea k rltunlinn ||< Conk. Wi.her. ?nd Iron or. or ?? Cl an Itertnaid, and t dn the H nohtor. Apply Bt No. 7 Columbia etreel, k Tow douro from (.ran t aueet. Con fco ooob t.h(? rtojr tnd ?o-m.>rroir. Ammu t AC.ED PERSON 1>E91R01'8 or OBTAIN. Ir* k titnation in t aholeaale Grocery or Flour Store, n th* rieiaity ot tVeetiiee*, n market, (preferred.) The per0< n to ono of n loiy aaifimintanct' In Jtt y, on I eonld t.l to tlii- Intertat ot *nj- itoo.l honea, Thk boot of reference nirea. A . ' ' I J. I. II. 1 NIORM ATION WANTTD-ON TflF. -'1ST Of Jl Vf. Jl B lady wea l?k?i?f (ho Battery, when notr the ante, foot of Mroadwar. now k (ontlomkn. In n tow momenta otter eaw him kfoin In Br, adwey. croeelnif W all afmef; end a*aia, four or loo dnetnltor. when point in tho tnohlrp hooee, oornor of Well knd llanirer ' ro. t . lie ' i t oppoolte. knd in tho terno Itonr, ootri r of William and Hall etr.oto- lie wore k w hi to h;t knd 1|k>io. eon'. If tMo ohm I I moot tho ore of the ttoatleBien, I e ni.l oon'Vr a far or hjr anowerin* thl* Adnrtieofaeat, end reylap where ol.o wil. ad,freer him. AddreesC. /,., Herald int. ^ III I'M A SI F R W ANTED ? \ N ACTIVE, CAFABI.F. C? ehiptnee'er. for tho new (whlfo .ink, oopf ored). fk?t eatltnp aohonner Uinliotl Sujdam. n?w lyim ot lite fo..t ul Market Otreet, for Pan tranclcoo, to eeil eerlr In .Vnvomhor. Apply hr letter, with refrreneer. he. Twtfre llrst el*e< aahla faaooBitoroosn I o ?o.. mmooot. I Arid* on hoard. to LAMHKHT SI I DA V. Jk., Superearpo. T~~ 0 ICR DBA I.RRS ? a PRACTICAL SUN wisnr.3 to oofk#o with lami hrni o In th'a ?|ty, to fo to North ha' Soath l nr<>lira, to paihe, and pan I no* Fnra, thio ninter, ho belli* kt Ak v't'l 'hr o?h II at oo I n Itjr adoto ink M. A. C., Hornld yihro, it will be Attended to I mm, tiaK'ty. iftrf oauotaeuva en en. E N E I WANTS. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, 8ITUAtione?one ftb good plain Cook, and to do the washing and ironing?n an exeellcnt washer and irnnor?or to do the housework of a small tam'ly; the other as Chambermaid, and to do the washing and ironing, or waiting work. Can he seen for two days The best of city references oan be given from their last places: one has no objection to the country. Please Ito call at 19c East Thirteenth street. WANTED.?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl, a situation as Chambermaid, or Nurse; is a good plain sewor, andean give the best of city reference as to character and capability. Please call at -7 Vestry street, eoruer of Hudson street. WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG Woman, a situation for general housework 111 a small family, or far clianit, rwork and taking NNOf children; him lirod ! two years in her last pines, and can give the best of city refei rence. Please call in McDougul street, second door nborc I Houston, on the left hind tide. WAN TED-ONE 11 IN DRED AGENTS TO SELL AN improved edition of Wells'e Lawyer and United States Form lltok. This is not only the best, hut the most saleable Form Book ever published, .'too pages, price reduced to 63 oents. Agents can make from $1,u*0 t<> j.t ihiii a year. JOHN C. WELLS, 99 Nassau street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chain)Mrinsid and Wait'r, or to do fen oral housework in a small family; liss no objection to ge o tlie country a short distance. Apply at 169 Greenwich | street, entrance in Courilandt. Tlirntrlftil tntl Musical. Bowery Theatre,?There was a very large audience I assembled bore last evening to witness the perform ances, which were of the most interesting naturu. I "Hiohard the Third" was the first piece, and it was played in most admirable style, Mr. Wallaok. as Olos! ter, appearing to great advantage. He performs this | part in a style e'|ual to any actor in the country. The I other parts sustained by Mrs. Wallack, Alias C. Wemyss. Mr. Gilbert. Ac , were all finely done The drain* ot the " ling I'icker ol Paris" concluded the entertainments. This piece is a most interesting one, and wo hope it will be often repeated at the Bowery. Tonight we expect to see one of the greatest houses of the si ason. as Mr. Winans takes his benefit. Mr. W. is an immense favorite at the Eowery and presents a capital bill for tile occasion, viz.,''The Kiugot thet'ouiruons," a ''Scene from a Loyal Drama" and "Jack Sheppard. The W aliscks will appear in the first piece, which is a very fuvorlte one. In the "Scene from the Local Drama," Winans will appear as the oelebrated Jte the market lcafer, and in the last piece little Mi s S. Deidn will appear as Jack Sheppard; Stevens will take the part of Ulueekin. We liave no doubt the house will be crowded to oveitlowing. Broadway Theatre.?" Guy Mannerlng." for the third time since Miss Charlotte Cu-huian's return to .New V ork, was performed last night to as crowded a house as on the first exhibition of her wonderful Meg Merrllees. Attractive as it is to the tliuu-ands who go to witness it, we confess there is suoit a striking similitude to what we have conceived to be the ravins maniac in resl life, ia the "counterfeit resemblance" ol Miss Cusbman. that we would prefer her t^ueea < utbarine. as sutiiciently terrible tor all practicable purposes. The piece went off with an outburst of en- j thuriaMu. however, to which we were compelled to sur- , render; for the whole tolr was a'lmirnblv presented, and the dnith scene was [articular); striking. There would be the p< itit to stop the piny, tor the group around the dying maniac suj plies the <lmnurm< nt. Ah it in tliee ncluding chorus. with the dead hod; ot Meg just oar- | ried out. is a supcrlluity v hioh destroys the elieot, to a I git at degree, cl the solemnity of too scene. lu all it* character* the piece wa* *i .1 perlornied. Tlie costume of t olooel Mannerhg was not esnetly that of the original; hut that Is. perhaps, as Toot* would say, ' of no consequence." In the afterpiece of ' AVilful Murder" Mr. ( bar man, as Pythagoras Sphoon bore off the honors very succesetully. it was even a more " prodi-gl-ous ' hit than his Dominie Saiup-on Mrs Warwick as lthrnia, was modest and ph asing The bill ; for to-night cannot tail to r< quire an earl; call for a seat. B> hton's Theatric?A new drama, written, as we ! are informed, b; a literary gentleman of New lork, I was produced at this house last evening. The plot is j triilii'g, and the language of a commonplace dialogue drrcription. Michael, (Mr. Lynne.) landlord of an inn, I Is impklhd b; curiosity to enter the chamber of a guest, Driest (Mr. < larke ) in order to find out the reorets (f a letter he lias just received from I-ranee; Mary (Mrs. KusscU.) daughter of the innkeeper, goes there by assignation with Driest. her former lover; and Wetwell. (Mr Johnston.) her hushaud. with whom she is unhappy, in consequence of lis abandoned habits is instigated by the la-e purpose of robbery winch he elltcia In that positlou he is an unwilling wituess to ids wife's duplicity, but his silence is staled by the turpitude of ids own act. Mary aud her father are both accused of the theft, but the ilm?uiment is arrived at by the confession and )orgivenee? ot the crime 1 ! Tlie piece might well be oomprtssed iuto one act. without aoflerlug much by curtailm- nt. The respective parts of the four iudiiiduals upon whom the burden of the dian.a is cast, weie as well sustained a* the occasion required? Mrs ltussell, in particular, being a* graceful anil pleasing as she could he " Burton's New 1 oik Directory. ' and the ' Dtuou Jester " ooncluded the ? nterlaiiiments. aud were both as happily dkvsrtlng as on their foimti representations National Thkairk.?Last evening this house was crowded iu every part, and .Mr. Luxke's drama of the ''Devolution" was performed with much eclat. It i? a very amusing piece, and as a composition, is very creditable to Mr. Burke. The ' Female Forty Thievsi," Loweirr ere the grand attractions just now at the.N a t tonal; rarh furreeiling evening the audit nee* ar* mon and more delighted Willi the witty burle* jue, and Mrs C. Me?t?>er no the great Diamond. la reaping a 1 rand liat\ e*t of fame and reputation. The rim ha* alrt ady run fourteen night*, and wl'l no doubt run a month longer at 1< art. Both It. mid the ' devolution" Will be repented I hie evening; and the v iy laughable lai oe of ' Vj Wlte'* Out.'' will conclude tha entertainment*. We can in all ti uth fay that an evening at tha National, can be epent with a* mm aiuuaemeut as at any j.laee of pi.Hit- entertainment In the city. Mitchell'* Olvm*ic Thkatbe.?The entertainment ofyeiterday evening commenced with th# excellent romedlettacalled the1'! aptain of the Watch,'' which, npon the whole,wa* acted remarkably well. Mr. W alcot, a* Vlfccunt de Lh-ny. the captain of the watch. Mr. Nlckinnn, Mre. Concver and Mlea NUkln.-oa acted remarkably well. Mie* ( arline danced her Tut Srut In her utualiy graceful and elegant manner. The dance wa* euccetd'd by the grand opera of ' Ira DUtoIo," which wa* played before another ra?l audience It wai u/tained bv the exertion* of the talented troii/ir a; pertaining to tni* eMablUhment, in a *tyle highly creditable to the ntaneger an 1 the lubofl M lii? COtapMy and crowned with the mo*t briillant cuceeea, and the mo#t r*pturou* applauea. Ml** VI. Tayl >r. a* Zerlltia. *ung laat nliibt In the l-allad "On youth r rock reclining.'' act in the cavatlnv ''T*? io m*,rrow w 1 Ik ujMclx tael# a tni ?*pr??p|oti a- lid Mr. Illfhop, in the leading cua racter of bra Oiavoio. the barcarole the Gondolier.'' and tha martial air,'Troudly and wide," with epirit.. Ve,?r?. W alcot. (?ro?venor. Stafford, and Mr* < onovt r performed tfcelr reapecltve relet with ft- at relit, not imtllirg the two brigand* < onover and li'xenthal who alone contributed merriment to the piece And la*t, but not lea?t. the orchestra, under the direclinn of Mr. \t o< It informed the preliminary o?*rtuietO "I ra Mavolo." In a truly > (Tectlve ntjle, and ancompanitd tie actor* with lunch ability atnl aoftertuaaa Tha win la ft nrlud'd with the farca ?t "John tubb*.'' Tonigbf wtil b? played the farce of the 'Man without a Head 'the "< htldoflhe llegtniv nt," and the tare* of ' Separate Vaintenance ' Wekh *vi. hi* P*?iltit*r ? Thl* fa?hionahl# and ?ujferidy fitt/d up etfabllehment i* Mghtiy filled with the Lr-t company of the city; and no wonder it* comfortable and beautiful furniture and tttlloga--it* excellent performance*, by thirty equaatrlan prifeeeot*. to the mi *t turprleing and highly llniched act*. aided by the couragewua atol beautiful I.Oliiee her dance* and l.aplng .llrrt*. t- get'ier with the newly engaged huh V lillant* the n>o*t humtnou*. witty, and ready cl<-wn the world ever prt dueed -thl* iuimi n*e reunion III'a t hi* e tibluhon-Bt nightly, and hundred* of ticket* B'* *< 111 IDT IDf ?rr?l a flliuuu friiniiuaari > Dr ifew li will oe a cheating ?.|ght to ?*# the youngei f laughing at the anile* oi the great do* n bob William*. ( m*i*tv'? Mi'ntn * ? Tbr?e line err are going ahead In their orual admirable rtjl* ; they nightly ring bekni ibtMif' (fllif eHj.nkneriiiil tolmir them Th# eircllene# of their entertainment*, and th# punctuality with which tb'jr go through tbeui. would recommend them iiiy wlnir, r mi***? Room* ? Th* entertainment* at thle place tf amneemont conelet #f necromantic feat.#, by th* groat magician. Maralhater, who*# eetonl?hlog d*o#ptiv* trick* are talked of by ererybody ?b? I.a* vlrlted big tempi* of enchantment Beside* th* performance* of jv,r. and Mr* Macallleter. Ilerr 8t< epet Till execute -ever*! favorite air* ami ng which ar* " dh. Huranaah." " B' attnan I itnc*. ' and 'tank** I>oodl*." aith variation*. Iterr liaag will play on th* violin a h?autilnl goto, called ' Hound* from Home." between acta of legerdemain and musical perlorm; ance*. a pleaiant IT't Ing ran he paaaed at th* ? bin*** A**?n.bly > "obi, biiMi tVn i I1MI.- We perceive that th* **e?nd vl*lt of thle great lavoiit* ha* delighted th* Newark audience*. HI* rich acting, hi* envi*hl* talent of ; kicking care ovoitx aid. ringing away the aulk*, aud dancing tLe young, eld and middle eged Into eratarle*. bare earned tor hini great fame a* an lrl-h actor lie la a good *> n and richly deeerre* public patronage The Mmplaidr frewie eomirciired an ingag*m*nt at tl a Utleana Th<alr*, New urban*, on the 1Mb Init Rignor Nerl and Slgn*ra Clncca at* at Cincinnati. Haral I ntrl llgrnrr. The following I* a lie! of r Ulcere attached to the C P chip Ht. Vary ant Valparaiso. r hill. July loth, to rail lor Callau, I'sru, next morning Commander? /aeh f Jobnnten; l.tcutr nanta-< W 1'irkerlng, .Ino R Vercliand htbtu* Htauley, John h liner; Surgeon ? 8 It Addlacn; Pureur * amercn Anderson; Acting Maeter? Jamr H Moure; Midshipman tell* Wrun dy, J. L. brrere, h I' \t IillatCe H I'. A. t am;>b>ll, It. T h iWen. I" ate vain John i r**hy. la.-peuter ? I t, W. Jinhhitt. W.b. hugitt. W YC VIORNING EDITION?TUE Affaln In Canwli, OIK MONTREAL CORRESPONDENCE. Montreal, Oct. 17, 1*19. The Annexation t/nestion?The Rival Protest* It was not to have been expected that a document of the tfrave im|H>rtance of the one lately issued to the people of Canada, bv the citizens of Montreal, and advocating such sweeping reforms, | would not have evoked the bitterest opposition, j During the pust week, the question of connection with lingland has been severely tested, and the re1 suit proves how deep-rooted and wide-spread is the ] j disaffection in regard to imperial dominion. The ; opposition to the movement of the address party, 1 has dissolved itself, in the shape of a protest, con! demning the hasty movements of the signers of the address, und, at the same time, calling on Great Britain at once to give protection to Canadian produce. The signatures appended to it, which are neither numerous nor intlueutial, in comparison with many of those attached to the annexation address, exhibit as strange an anomaly of persons and fanatics as that which it condemns. We have the well-fed official and government clerk, together with the protectionist und free-trader, who, for the time, have forgot everything else, and de- : i ceived by the zeal for their country, locked them- j selves in each other's arms. This queer docament ' lias attached to it, up to the present time,about 150 signatures, und to obtain w hich a week has been ' ; expended in the most indefatigable exertions. On , j the other hand, the " Address to the People of Ca- i nada" has over 1,:J00 names attached to it. and is ! | daily increasing. There tire, aDo, numbers who w ill not Eign either, thereby considering they do not compromise themselves, and nre lelt free to j act hereafter us they may think or see best. Thus, in the once outrageously loyal city of Montreal, there are not enough persons found in favor of" connection w ith the mother country, lo form a regimen; of militia. This, 1 think, will be regarded as startling, and very ominous by the British press. But there is yet another protest to lay before your readers; and at this time it is difficult, upon perusal of the 1 document in question, to restrain one's mirth. [It lias already bten published in the Arie lark Hi raid ] If is fortunate that the above gentlemen are as1 sured that responsible government, "by means of a j w if e und judicious legislation, aflords a prompt and i ' efficacious remedy for all the evils with which the ! Province is afflicted.Now, it is in this point , that most men differ wiili ihein. Responsible go- ! ; vernmeiit, the popular cry for years, in former | limes, is now looked upon as a hideous monstros ity; alternately the instrument, in the hands of a i faction, for oppressing and iramplmg on their fellcw country men. There is no want of brass in the ministry of the day, as one can see upon reading their remarks in reference to "a wise and judicious legislation." But, il is also some satisfaction to hear the government allow that the Province is iifilicti'd with numerous evils. The idea regarding thei mount in dollars which these vultures claw ftoin the public chest every year, is that of ihe Jlhtitrrat Herald. This paper is out strong on the "annexation tick< ts." ami is w rkirn/ with nil arfer which reflects the greatest credit on its ! conductors. From Upper Canada, our intelligence regarding j annexation is any thing hut favorabb-s tiiat is taking the press as the index of the popular mind 'I here is not n paper, from Kingston to Sandwich, in the most extreme western limits of civilized ( unuda, but which condoms the movement. This is any thing but encouraging, and must be regarded. were it not that private advices and ocular inspection prove the fallacy of the views expressed by the Upper Canada press. If such be the case, we may ejqiect to see the same i>apers turning round, the moment any move i. made tiy a party in the weet. As we stand at present, there can be j no doubt but that a great portion ol Lower Canada , ; is in favor of annexation; but that, up to the oresent time, the party is not sufficiently powerful to i ' adopt any strenuous measures It will require j touch agitation and a skilful management before ; 1 the Caii due will tie in a situation to rap at the dooi j of the Uui< ii. There will also have to be much 1 money rxjiended; and whrr-* this is to_ descend Ctont, llenven onfy knows. In the meantime, mat- ; lets w ill keep growing more and more intore-ting to the American public, and, no doubt, Canada 1 w ill i ogsge a large share of your attention. Whilst rre of the brightest jewels lu Li-gland's ' ciown is quictlv passing uwuiy, Huron Llgin is i still feasting and being feasted in the radical dtstiicisof ( i.iuidd West. Unconscious ol i he st?rm tlist is gathering in tlie distance, his only desire w ould seem to te that et passing time pleasantly. The latest rumor in regard to the seat of government is, that Toronto will suiely obtain it. There cm be no doubt tliut they deserve it. were it only , to recompense them fur the quantity *f dirt they ! have eaten, and the violence done to their feelings i Afraid of being frustrated i.i their net measures, I , and the country thrown h hind, yve find tfiat | the Convention of l>elegates of the llritish Atner- , nan League is to noti at Toronto on the 1st of November next. What these "tunder and turf" gentlemen int? nd accomplishing is at present n fnystt ry to themselves and every one else, and, fioniwlist we knowofttiem, likly to continue so. I lu ar very few of the Lower C inadian delegates will attend, so that the a; s? mblage will be anything but a large one. All the attention that can be spared from the movement here is given to the United States. The Montrealists desire to know, for reasons that are obvious, whether they are backed up by a strong sympathising party, south of line W-15. A union convention of delegates of the League has been sitting in this place for the past week, J j and it is stated the result ol their deliberat'ons was | a det? rminsticn to pr? 's the federal union. Two gentlemen lr< ni New Iirunswick, ouiy, were pre- ' ttnt?Hon. Messrs. Simmonds and Ilobinson. A convention of no mean imjatrtance, has also I been deliberating in the metropolis on the great qnesti) n. It i* romp< sed of delegates elected by | allthe French Canadian parishes m Lower Canada, and has met to discuss the question of the signoral tenure. | 1\ir business done this fall has exceeded the most sanguine expmerchants. The weather is exceedingly iimL Ihe accounts given of th? rrons, in all parts of the province, favorable. The li?y crop, alone, is short; and this article will range as hu.'h, it is expected, as j:>() per 100 bundles, during the ensuing winter. F' II V?K\\?> OJ 1 UK CANAMAt PI.'!>8 OX AXXEXAttOX. 11 ? ii th? I:au nt<>r> i' a - S|.?d?i?>r not IT I , We lav h? fore our read* re, to-day. tlie inanifeato, or, aa it haa brrn facetiously calico, tin- l?ecl*rati<>n of Independence, of three hundred and twentyfive genii* m< o of tho city ol Montreal. Formidable it a tlir aflinr limy appear, by name, it la not likeiyr to r r< ate mucli anxiety, nor ia it probable that it will make an* proaelytra in Upper Canada. " The Almiirlity I>oflar,''or the Want of it, ia the i crenrl moving cnuae, and around tlna atnndard dkv been rallied the rebel and the loyalist <d ".tl? the Triton and the Frenchman whom he haa profeai?d ever to deipise. 1 he poverty of the colony, the depreesion of bu- t aim aa, and the ctinmeroial polit y now pursued by the mother country, ia the text on which the chi.ugea are runir; ami if we are to place implicit reliance on the atatementa of theae patriotic grntlemen in Montreal, the country ia on the very verse of rutn, and nothing but a rjicedy alliance v nh a foieign power can aavr it from perdition. "The referral of the ancient policy of Great liritain" should not lie lamented over to hittcrly l?y 1 the inhabitants of Moniienl. At the time th< me asnie waa under diecueeicn in ihe Ini|wri.<l I'urlument, the men w ho now deplore ita eflircta were meat clamoroua for ita jMiaaaae. Tin y have already lonnd that the ayatem nuiat prove ruinoua, if peraei ver? d in, to the empire ai d the colony; y et, instead of acknnwl* dgmg their error, and entreating the irr>l>ene] authorities to feiraee their ete|ie, tie y piling*' reekleieiy onward, clamor loudly lor lurthrr change, and hypocritically preach "friendly and i eaceuble*'treason ? We would sive something to know how far these | eople w on Id lead, if they could i i r-uade th? ir nrighhora to f< llow. The |>mfnt n ow p ent rennnda u* aimi'ly or the rrtklriini ** of the ha It-ruinedgambler. J juration hat made men ndv? nturcra,ano th* v hazard the liti)** they have hit on a airfele throw of the dice. There ia not even "nietht d in ifoe madman" of theae peac* able traitora. A lew month* ago they were among the moat loyal nun in the colony, but the hill for rewauling rebel*, ln*hert them inter fury?the paasuge ol that *?.l ehmived thrill, a* they urged, from their all*stance. Now they are quite willing to change ill.cea with mm whoee Crimea excited tl eir indignation and abhorrence? canned them, like- tnadtnr n. to dectmy their owe property?in*ult luoii ott ? place all aii'horitr at defiance?and bttnly turn the little btreinee* tney had left. The indemnity hill, which *o arotteed their ire, and tmed a* an exeu*e lor'jhe contmieaton of act* of infamy, t* now entirely forgotten. The rebel and rim loyalist ??t IKV7 have horn hec nine rebel* in l*W T h?y unite on n* utral gtoond, and con*pire calmly anu 04* a* y against the laeghty ot the euifucj they

' IRK I SDAY, OCTOBER 23, 184 desire to overthrow institution* which they hire sworn solemnly to maintain ?nd protect with their lives. II IB, peinaps, useless ill reus' n inns witn men who acknowledge no allegiance lint to the pocket, and who are ready to sacrifice their country, and part with institutions w hich they have been taught to cherish from the cradle, in the mere hope that their lost trade limy be regained:and that an abandonment of fealty, honor and principle, may be rewarded by an increase of lucre. This reasoning would go to justify^ the slave-dealer in progressing into a pirate, or might excuse the spendthrift fo7 becoming a high way man. The manifesto goes on to show that annexation would obtain for the fanner a higher price for his j produce llut ia it fully ascertained that this result j cannot he arrived at without a previous abandon- | inent of everything which a liriton holds dear! If our trade is worth anything to the Tutted States, I will they not accept it on reciprocal terms! If it is j not worth anything, why should they admit us into ! their I'nion, even if w e w ere unanimous in desiring it! The fuct is, th it the "fast men" in Mont! tchIj who are so anx^ipus for increased business, I do hoi go to worV as business inc.; should do- They surely have something to exchange, or they canuC! expect to purchase. They must know very well thHt the Americans would not have us unless we were worth something to themselves. If we have really everything to train and nothing to lose ?if we are hut beggars, soliciting charity and protection? w e must knock a very long time before the door w ill be opened. Hroiher Jonathan's charity very properly begins at horns. He has a large family of his. own to provide for, and he will not also adopt the bantlings of strangers, unless they can contribute something to the common stock. The chief argument of those who advocate annexation is, that the mother country will never return to the old system of protection. This is a fallacy, which will not bear a moment's consideration. Free trade, thus far, has been equally disss- > trous to the empire and the colony. Kvery week shows us a gtadual hut powerful change in the public mind at home, on this question. No man in his tenses will pretend to assert that the people of Clreut Tiiluin w ill permit themselves to he ruined, and their colonies abandoned, when they can so readily return to a policy under which both flourished and made rapid progress li is sheer nonsense to assert that |>eople will not take a step backward, when to advance or remain stationary is squally disastrous. As well might we he told that a man who hud arrived on the verge of a precipice, with destruction staring him in the face, would persist in taking the fatal leap, when the slightest movement in a contrary direction would place him out of the reach of danger. The Montreal gentlemen will find that they have nothing to expect except stout, determined opposi Hon lr< in I pper l anada. I he number inclined to favor their views is quite insignificant ; an<i insteed of forcing the colony into an obnoxious union, our manifesto writem w ill find that their proceedings can end, if persisted in, only in disgrace, defeat and destruction. Let them |>ause and reflect, while there is yet time. They must remember that, on this subject, we are eounliy interested with themselves ; and they may depend ii|>on it, that the loyal inhabitants of Upper Canada will not remain with their arms folded, while sedition is openlv preached, and a systematic effort is made, by a Aw disappointed individuals, to destroy the connection which exists between this province and ti e parent Stute. On a momentuoua question like this, men of all parties can unite, and the conspirators will find, if reason is <>l no avail, it loyalty has ceased to have charms, that limy stand alone in their iniquitous and totally uniustitiable movement; Hnd that among the immt ready to punish their presumption, will he the men whom they utii-ct to despise._ A persi.-tunce in the childish proct edings of this Montreal Association, m ill have nisi one fleet. It will alienate from the mil. Infants of British origin in Lower Canada, tho e who have truly syriipethurd with them m their local grievances, and who havt honestly and consistently labored to relieve thein from the thrnldi m of an i< norant, vindicative, inipromessive Gallic ra?-e. Most sincerely do we ho|>e reason and belter counsels will yet prevail amongst our countrymen in Lower Canada. [Kr< in the Qui lire < hronicle. (let. 16.] The idea vvuh which soine are impressed that < ir? at I'iHaiti will give up i at the request of thecoloni is we do not entertain; to u- the su;>petition iqi ears inost unreasonable. There is a i lies, a | oweiful hnd influential els of person- in ( rcut Britain, who are perfectly indifferent about the retention of the colonies, t>.'< xu <e limy, as a clu , derive i.o greater le-netit from her Majesty'a poisestions uhroad than tiny do from foreign poss< salons, if us much. Lut there is another class in Crcat lfiitain, the mow iutluentinl, the all pi.weliul tl.-s?the hereditary aud related arist"cn,c>?ionl - and laird?the owners of ilm soil, who believe that they have an intere.-t in the preservation of the tmpire in all its integrity: and they have sufficient inlluence to prevent the dosalion of Canada to the Canadians. These p irties belit \e that Canada is their property; and they assuredly will iiot p?rt wrh it unless by force. Cannfla is a dejsit for liflti-h troops, troops < ifcend for the most part liv the sons of nobleni? 11 or estated geatirmen; Canada finds employment tor nun.heie of British filberts related io iL* wealth and influence o| the mother country; Canada, like other cob a ire, I of important' to the iinper al povert tuent in the way of patronage, for. as in the I lilted fdslca, the honie civil Ollie. IN of government are changed, on a diange of mini-try, m iii i .*< at ihiti .n the colonial officers are changed. 'I tie (elonies are useful in r warding pohtu a I tris i <!a f it flo n u/ llu> rum .. id ,rnr lalsali. I*, ibat, even on the dniund ot ell Can <da, (treat III ithiii would courent to reparation, eithi r with a view to iiidrpr ndence and the formation ol an antagonistic tiuln n to the United Ptatc*. or with the vi?w of atrrngiht ninft her niont |>owrrful rival! 1 hia Great llritain will never do. The coloniea have be?a treated witii indifference, and, ??o long ue they i<muin colonic*, will be mdifteirntly treated: it u only na'urul, and ahonld be expected. Aa con ni?a. we ate no crniw ol uiixhty, utiles* win n threatening to remain colonic* no lencer; but aa en ind? pendent nation, or pnrt of an independent nation, we would be clorcly watched, lent our indr; er.uent should Ire prejudicial to Jtri'irh interests. _ It i* only beca.ire we are ltritinh that liritain mver !h'"K: nf ua; uvt because we are tuppoied to be of little consequence. And in thai way, we, na colonel a, suffer The tijiie will no doubt be when Canada will demand a reparation; but even then, Great Itrittiin will rtfnee, no lonir ar there ia the shadow of a chance of retaining the colony; the ('erne in tlieat Hutain will be tor tta Mention. Were thia province, however, fully prepared fod-riii'tid a reparation, it ia probable enough that in rpiterd anything I lint tuiffht be done to prevent it on the |>a11 ot Ine mother country, we rh>uild gain nr end; although the l*rendent of the I niter! !- later might even ir-tie a proclamation, aa i ?en? ral Taylor ha* done in the ease of ibe armed expedition drsigred to liberate Cuba from utn, w ith the vie w of preventing even voluntary aid being rendered to ua lre>m the United States, rtiil thonrani* of *j mpetthirrra would croar the troniier to do battle for liberty?IIa it ia called We do not r|eak <>f the probability Of improbability of having independence or annexation hi the event of am being inclined for it, even to the death; but if the i??rion ia only that ot the hour and there tr no earnestneas about ur, no unanimity, all the declared opinions in the world bout imreing for the w od el the country, never will induce I n/iand to ijrent ur a repaiHtit n; and we are persuaded there ir no present eaineri derire for annexation on the pnrt of m?ny people in thir province. Upper Canada ir dead rgnmst the movement; and we may uw vxr-11 1 tlvuf I i va , r ( ' u i.. i /1 t 1 ., ! a libt ' < Mir irnvuri i have not Lctn audi aa to make it appear to the r? ligioua that annexation i* deairuble. Cfcmwrll frit Inn rnu.-e 10 It ngliteuua; c* ( umw'ell fHt lir wnp ->n inattument in iIt hand ??t the I-r rd to humble kirgp, ?< inuat C?t?dian? feel thbt ili? ir taupe ie right'out before tiny can biing tl?run lvea to that fervid rfafe. that plate of enihupi i>n>, whir h ip'tir c* at iry for the attainim nt ol any national ei d The people of thia province are not po imprepped. Many would like independence, mm lit thp) (Main it without trouble, or by britain n, cr hv i<etniont; but none or? inc lined to light ft r it, art/ therefor*- we beiittc that Canada is not piei hk d, either for indejTnd' rt e *?r annexation. We hexe heard it urged that the atandirig, the wealth, the r epp? ttabihty ol the paitiea who have ibrlatid thtrmelvta mi favor ?f annexation, will bnxe great weight. 'I hi* we doubt, The alandit e of Mr. Pmith O'Hrien and thoae connerted with him in frieh re|?al declaration*, was fully equal to tl e ?landing of the rep'alera of Canada !.' t pl iability, not private worth, nor money, la ni'all that it trqttirrd to intnre ani-cera; nor even n vi h toWarda it?all prrernt reaiiectability, atation and weahh. have bren nbt?in< <1 a* Col< ni*t?, und argues little, if ai.y thing at all, in favor of a tlange The fact ofreppectnblr people peeking change la i ply ptoof of their being diapaitpfit d wiin thing* aa ih<) are, hut ip no i roof of a change being for the advantage of the eonetry. The document, in our opinion, would he more valuable without a signature attached to it, if it pointed out much more citaiiyUtea it dote the bent til wtucli will reauit IE R A 9. from Hn incorporation with the States. The hourfiniisic of Paris were the revolutionists, and they eflected with the aid of the masses a change ; but time has not shown that the change obtained has been of serivce to Prance. Indeed, since that change took place there has heen many desperate and awful scenes; much fighting and little trading. Changes should be well weighed, and not hastily effected. The Pnited States have, to use a favorite expression, gone a-head since the revo lution ; hut it linist he remembered that prosjierity has only succeeded to years of ahinplastering and war. [From the Toronto Globe. October 13 | "We hud sortie doubt at first what course toadont as to the address of the Montrealers, to t!ie people of Canada. To aid in giving publicity to a proposal for dismembering the empire, seriously promulgated by men of respectability, and some of them of wealth and standing in society, was so repugnant to our feelings that at first we determined to exclude ii from our columns. Alter curefully perusing the document, however, we became 1 satisfied that such a mass of idle assumptions, unfounded statements, false reasoning and delusive ; fancies, as is this long-threatened Montreal manifesto; could do io possible bsrat j m the contrary, with men Cf ''otnmon hrewdnran, able to apply the test of criticism to its contents, we " will only draw down ridicule and wonder that some of those who sign it, could so stultify themselves. Indeed, it is utterly incomprehensible to us, how some of the gentlemen were induced to sign their names, unless, indeed, the insinuations I of the Montreul Gazette be true, that the document was concocted in private, and signed without even beingread. Front the late hour at which the Montreal mail reached us yesterday, we are unable to-day to enter on a criticism of the thing, but we shall not fail to do so in a future number. It will be evident, how ever, to the Upper Canada reader of the commonest intelligence, that the burrowing picture of distress under which Canada ia averred to be laboring.', is an exaggeration of th<* present condition of the Montreal over-traders and speculator*, and that surli language, when applied to the prosperous inhabitants of the town, und townships of I'pper Canada, is simply ridiculous. The causes of the present temporary embarrassment in Canada are absurdly mis-stated?the disadvantages (none of the advantages are told) of our present fotrn of government are incorrectly and unfairly depicted, and the effects of annexation are painted with so clumsy a varnish brush, that the shining coat scales oil the moment your finger rests on the mfcw. The fact is, the document is just another piece of Montreal madness, and will meet no resixutse either in I 'pperor Lower Canada. It is the Jesperate splash of men who look not beyond their own circle, and fancy thHt that circle is the whole world?men who feel the trade of their city leaving them from natural causes?men who writhe under the loss of political power, through the action of free institutions, and who. partly in utter recklessness, partly carried away by the novelty and notoriety of the move, and partly to be revenged, grasp at any scheme which will bring a change. The Montrealers have not the courage to face their difficulties, and prepare for a determinod and prudent Hort to restore prosperity to their city. They must have some magical charm to bring wealth without labor, and without a moment's delav. The slow but secure advancement of Canada has no charms for them. They must have something fiery, exciting, speculative; and annexation has all these three recommendations. But the silliness <1 the whole thing hy no means lessens the criminality of it, and it remains to he sc? n how far such an agitation as this will he permitted by the government. It is very clear that it Oueen's counsel, justicesof the peace, and other public functionaries, are allowed openly to conspire for the overthrow of British stipr nntcy on this continent, the moral iufhu nee ot the provincial government will he seriously shaken, protestations of a desire tor peaceful separation only, foim hut a thin roveringfnr the treason; even men | r? paring for an armed levolntisnary struggle (though we ac'iuit the present agitators of induing, at present, such ultimate intentions) would n >'uta'ly commence with such argument.-; and sincere though they inay continue, w ere their views t?< spread in the country, the iptestion of peaceful or armed agitation would soon pess from tlirm into oths r ami less scrupulous hands. 'J'he promulgation of this document w ill hive one good effect, however?it will compel the two great political parties to reject from their ranks linn holding such views; and we are rejoiced to hi In ve that the present government tire prepared to take a firm stand on the question, and to repudiate uII who friiterni/e with the annexationist*? I as slit us front the lib< ral party Court of Oyer mitt Terminer. I 11'rr Juiige r uw*id? wn<l Aldermen luger-oll anil Jackaon. Oct. 22 -Tha trial of t barlra H Carp-nter wna aitalo | rerutm d thle morning bring ihe twelfth 'lay It ha*< ? cuptrd the eonrt TLe oa*? lor tha proecouiiou bariug I iloaed on Saturday. Mr. ( inn. on behalf of the accuced, raid that being arerre to a ret iptub. he proposed merely to hare a 1 r< nt et Hi Ion a itli Ihe jnry in Ihli ewe where th? II- J hirtyil.Mr < arp?nt?-r o at stake. 1 hey were nil aware | it.iit they poi-reared in Mr Meheon an able, falittlul. Iioueet I' Attorney, whnui he. r < utlrr. nurer Knew to fail In bin duly to the pro n otion . in Oil* ea-e the Attorney ( literal, tliy hl|(hr?t oflloiir In tha Mate, front'a forward for the eiprea* purpoee of proei'Utlng .Mr. ?erpenl?r; thi* IndlteiU'-nt ?n I locured through the iDatrumentallty of the Attorney General arid the party with whom he noted helere llil- trial wae eomtntnced Why l? It thai, the AtGrary <>eniral take* *o deep an interact In thin rare' At tl.r r ounurrx-riiit nt ?T the trial, he called the attention of the jury to the pemlclon* Influence the nev (apife would be likely to hare upon th. ir mlu I*. and vi tin?J that they rlo uld not rtad them, nor rimene null any perron on the euhject, during the lone peiiodof thi inrettlgatlon. k or hie par*, he (Mr ( could lo t fee why counrel chnull tie *n ectli tie to pn clu la thi 111 from the pertiaal of the erldeuce tie would ray, If a trial bo reported fairly and faithfully a* thin rare hat been from day to day re. ported with lift-like aecuiacy and hoiieet faithful near it nuld rot bare an lejuriru* effect upon the f ourt, or ?n the n.inda rf thejuty. and he, therefore, protected i iraiait the warning* tha', had been presented to them. A r ewvt eper ia a mirror of public thouglit and h re |ialeil it at thia trial had been faithfully ami hnoectly teporlrd frr ni day to day. with a renaaraable hdrlity to facte and if the repi rter failed at ad in accuracy, it c old i i ly be raid that he did not portray whet the t iidlrf the painter alor e could do ' the nailery of , fell ra" that appiarrd before the f ourt and jury a* nltiieeree for the procecntim men whnee wry eounte. viai cea lore the Imprera of a Ion* coiirae of crime | I he Hi rniA ia the only daily paper that haa puhli-hid their proceeding* In detail ) 'Ihe whol? parathernalia of thi* tual, soi.tinned counci l hat poet the friend* ?f Ar.drnc a ra*td?el of money; It muel hare cent, comeb< dy a rart dial of mi ney for though the Attorney, t mrral had teld them that a fund *i< prorld- d br the l.rrMat nt e to proc eeute thle > ult. he could not find any ait of the Leglnlature prot Idlngftundc for the purpnc" 1 he Ai vo?a? ? Gaiee *i. toae to ?ay he made no auch eta'.emeiit a? that the l.tglalatore had prnrid'd fundi f. r thie rprriho cult; he caid that the l.*gl?lature protided nu line lor the cspenaca of ?itne**e* In criminal procreation*. V r i > viva then continued .and dwelt upon the impribabilify that Mr < arpentcr who had been In burl11ra aa a rrapi atable uiirel at't in ihla rlty. (fh ugh It wi nld be catd he had tailed ia bucioecc) would, for the bum of ?1 Hill iiiah a ilrk a- had been attributed to I. ni, tl ?l !> ?. uld < [riili j>'?<-? htmai If tt ti.a h'-ad o ft gong < f ceubtorloltora. th?i ba would actually Iwcoma tl.o Attorney t<moral had -aid maatrr of h>- mint of thl? fabrtcnfod ni' noy which t?< tn lit p??at-d It ftht utterly improbable tlmt ftuy man In hi* and It ? * ntU'ly impoaalbla tl.ftt any abtowd. tngat. i u? n an. ? Nr. ftrt> ntor la rrprfnntfl to bo could act >o Inn ntipWully with aurh a character, ? ho In l or* rli'i'd to Uit dono l nunnl ulml tboiu to It c k ft tl.a witroraea. wb< lit ho doarrlbed aa ft gang of roliura. br viht from tbc ictuoi o| thoir operation#. fi> n ' Bine I a?t< n.". I ennayltanla. and < anat'? wboro thoy catrled to bnptnopa which had Ita ra iiif oatlr-DB ft'I oyer the country; tf.on they found that ; till# gang nil rem* on to Now I ork in l>ercmber, IMS; olid ii fo'iot ril nftrr colnr Idenra appear* h-re, that iath and orery nut ol them awear* that tho other |p a r iot riofictabl' man, hio (Mr ' utler a) client la a I (ily Innofti nt. and n ? prepared. except by tho te*tl> troriy rf tho nitnoaaee for the proaocutli n. to prnre tbft fabliy if tho rare. A man partly guilty may know n in' 1 blur, but a loan who la wholly Innocent necrepartly kn< w* nothing that la renting againat him; It la an uttirly falao raio and ran only ba exploded by tha Datura af the erldenca tbat ia a llium I ao.ain-t him t i uniil tbot> cuntrDiiid that k oung alona. of all tha thigif cr nnterfeltera, a?oro to t arpi ntor dolirorlng Kim tho Di'ftoy to baud to tndroa. and if that man a tr tunity ho f?Ue, thru tha wbolecaae falla to tba pi enrol liut.g ttandaalnno no en* eorroboratoa Mm aa to tho,fart. thrio were a groat many witnt *awa in tl o rrnm at tha tlmo. hut not ono of thoni corroborator t m In tbat tact I* > oung, then worthy of bollaff n nan net lend on hia own eonfe?alon, aont to tha Plate prtain for a tilery of a aerlr u? natura. 'I ho ai ntraoft witkod aucb a difgrara upon htm tbat bla tut ni't y could not ha rorotrod In D court of jua tiro; It worked piuh a portoct annihilation of wuthlDoaa In tha man And tbat l? tho n an upon wloio aolo tcitlmofiy tbry aook to rootlet t arpatitor M ?i I auog n ado a better it an by tha pardon - waa ha n ado no ro faithful mora trnatworthy? In tha oldon time, tha mora priBtiaeof a pardon waa auflh-lont to > > r hill a nun fn m giving evidence In a court of canae h* had afttoad to awoar a? and ao upon tho rcnditira of hta paidon-an oipraaa con lltio* thoy would recollect. made In tho pardon horo Sir0n wttcoaaoa aro t.ow boid to ba e luil?atble- but the i** B in itp Ita (*l woaknaaa, for thay muat ba coo rf,P)(>. rat'd by trartwortby tcattmony. In purlng |ovh wit L D. TWO CENTS. Vf-y* m ? TJ-V;"^'?^3SHflEWI neper* on the etand. they take awny the lait rlrtue that in accorded to a felon, and that U. fldeltty to hi* aaao ni??.,? In ?.,ll|. !..? V,^ I. . I ? -1-. but he ran at least keep the sacreta of Ms fallows in crime. But that man, who but yesterday could act ba received as a witness, come* forward, bleached with a pardon of the Governor of the State, and seeks to ba believed, while he part* with the lest virtue he posaeesed. But it the pardon makes a man admissible ana witness. it doea not make him worthy of belief, for it wee granted upon the promt*- that be would perjara himself. The learned oouneel here drew a humorous picture of tlie story being concooted among the prisoners in Sing Sing prison; and in speaking of tha number of races previously brought against his client, t-aidthst it was endeavored to maka the jury believe that the judges and magistrates before whom Carpenter wsh tried on these several occasions, were fools, und did not understand thsir business; and it will follow as an inevitable result, that the jury in this case would he fools also, if they acquitted ( arpenter. But could they believe that so many courts could be mletaken with regard to all those prosecutions ? Mr. Cutler, at considerable length, in an addrees which oooupled over three hours and a half, took a review of thn whole evidence, pointing cut with force and ability hia views of its inconsistency?in some Instances severely commenting on the witnesses as he went along ; and coucluded by saying, that not ouly now, as the casa stood, his client was entitled to an acquittal. but when they had h?ard the evidence for toe defence, thej should pronounce Mm innocent < has. !!. ".'.Tihiw.' ^T'.ZZ luen aworn and examined by Mr. Brady, deposed that be is proprietor of the Westchester House, corner of Broome street and Bowery, slice 1*42 ; in lH4t) uud '47 his brother was partner with him ; the oolor of the house is red brick and It was so in 1845 and '48 ; it is now a stone oolor. aud ia so since last spring ; does n it recollect a man named I hadwick ever stopping at Ms house ; no such man ever died at Westchester iiouse ; the only duathil that have been there since 184'd were a < apt Leslie and witness's father in-law, whose name was White ; thinks his brother wit bar-keeper in 1845 ; never heard of an application from any man respecting the death cf? person named ( hadwick ; Mr. Lontas also assisted in keeping Ms bar in 1815; never heard of the uuine of ( hadwick until Mr. Carpenter called on blin. last Sunday week, to ask Mm about it; never saw Mr. < arpenter before ; when .Mr. Carpenter came into his house witlies; 'a attention was pointed to two men named (.realty and 1 oung. who came in after him ; heard Greeley speak to ( arpenter, when he addressed him u Mr Greeley. Cri'?i-(ramirttrl by Ibr Attoshvt Gesran.?Doea not know that ha was at home the whole of November. 1846 ; could cot recollect all the persons he had seen in his house between the 2Utb and the laatof November, 1845; the North American Hotel and the Branch Hotel are in the same str?t; they are a quarter ol n mile from Westchester House; they are tha nearest hotels ; there is the Farmers' Hotel and the "Westchester Hotel." further down than the North American ; the Westchester Hotel is a white house: thinks if a man came to him in 184 >. and asked him if a perron named ( hadwick had died there, he would now ri collect it; thicks George A Comas attended hia brother and two or three others took, part in the kuilrie.-s of the bar at that time , th.i uian whom l arpenter called Greeley wan a tall middle-aged, and rather slender man ; witness had n?ver seeu him before To a juror?The Westchester Hotel la a white buildlog auil ban been no alnce 1H38. iioien H 81 i.w akt examlued?la * lerk of the Folios; Juatioe I'rluker wan the justice attending on the l&tb July, 184?> Air. MeKi.on supposed that this evidence ?al for the purpose of contradicting Mr. Herson. aud ooutended that they could not do ao. aa it wan on a point whloh they brought out on creep examination. Mr Besnr Hubmltted that it waa perfectly legal and hp he intended to plaac thla caen before the Jury ae a totally fabricated ca.-e. tbey were entitled to ahow the inconsistency ot the evidence of Mr. I'ierson VV'iiiPKPp continued?The flrpt charge preferred by Mr. I ieraon In July, 40. against ( arpenter. wae for a threat to rboot him with a >dx barrelled pistol; It waa sustained by the testimony of Mr < ramui; the charge waa braid and di-mlseed by Juatlce IJrlnker; Immediately aller ita being dlemlaaed, a charge wae preferred against < arpenter tor being aoceeaorj after the faot. la concealing Andrea up in the tn?untnln* ; I tamm, 1 yncb and VV hitehouee were the witnepeep; that waa dismissed for want of the factp contained In the allegation be ii.g substantiated, and also for waut of juilsdlctlon; the next charge waa for pausing counter fa it money. The ATioawrr Grsre*i.? There |p nothing hereto c untct I'ieiaon with any of thoee chargoa, but the one for i hooting at him. \V it mm continued-Mr. rierpon wu examined on that cccapion about his knowledge of the guilt of < arpenter relating to passingcouiiterf'lt money; can't remember that ti? wae examined on my other case hut that and the threat to hoot Mr. Bowman after tha other complaint had been dismissed; said that Carpenter had been guilty of pa-sing counterfeit money, mid olteied Air I hr-' ii a- evidence; Mr Hereon was Interrogated; he might not have buen eworn. but at all t veuls witness took down notes of his testimony: his statements were allegations; that he had heard that i aipenter had passed counterfeit inotiuy at different plates, and located one of the place* at Brooklyn; or else, that the witness might he found at Brooklyn; cai not say whether he cam*'] the wltueps; he did not state tha' any counterfeit money had ever passed between him and 'arpenter; Mr f'iereon'p erlden'-e waa deemed so unimportant that he believes he did not suhsciibe it. and it was laid aside; Ju-tice i riukst domed It unimportant, and r> fusel to commit arp'n'er; lie wa- asked to tate ail he knew on the subject, and he (Hereon) professed then to tell all ha knew, Mr Bowmen made a aiotion to have < arpenter held over till next day. when he said he weuld hare more evidence; the cases were disposed of ooe at a time; one alter the other; I'ierson was present: he waa tie first witness examined, and he was the last; Is not awaie that he was absent during any of the cases; the nfhdavit now produced is n<>t in the hand writing af any clerk In the office; believes It to be in Bowman's handwriting. < mii-i imminrH ku Mr. Mi Krow lias a good many thousand rases In iMgourse of the year; the first atlfilsi It of l lersi'n Is In wltne, u s hand writing, aud the rr< rs examination "f I'ierson 1s part In witness s, and part In luitloe drinker's baud writing; the examination titris > f ' r<in>m, Whitehnuse, Boinstead and his orosa xnmloat!"u are alsoln witness's and justice Drinker'* band-writing; these are all the papers In the office of l < lice in i elation to ( arpenter; tb*re Is no other rharga made by I'ierson against Carpenter, except such as ara h* re; .\,r I let son was lnterr< gated to a greater or lesa < str nt I t justice Drinker but Irrespeellve the of pap -r* produced could not say that he waa sworn, can t recollect that I'ierson was eworn on the charge ot aeoeasory sfter th< fact; these papers do not eh .w that he woe sworn on snv of the charges except the sh.otlng at; Mr licison expressed himself dleeatieed with lustica I'rinker and also with witness taking d >wn bis tnatlaiony. To Mr. Br, u r- There wss an adjournment to the following day; he and Mr. Hereon disagreed as to tha acesrity of writing out all the Information that ha c uld cmmuidpa e in relation tot arp< nt*r's guilt for Isss|i g couniert- it money; witness refused to do so. aa e > I |er? n) professed to haTe no knowledge but what I . d> til. d fn m a third i srson Th# court wa* adjourned at 3H to 10 o'clock Tu*#Uay Ml 01 nlag. (lreoklyn City Kttri. Mi'i IM'T or V>!?i< >11#* I'terrepont Intend* to repeat t#r rootling* and recitation* tbla eienin/ at tho I intitule Hall. Icon > t ot > r.?Before luetic* Truman smith??feiii ,it md HnHtrtf man. named Michael K**n#y, wa* brought before lha luetic* on a charge of a**ault and lattery rcmmitted up< n the pcroa of a colored women, *I,lie both w?r? confined (or aupp *d to b*) la IbeCilleof the city. '1 lie rlauiloation of the o mplaining eitn* ?* elicited th* following aingular facta ae roiitKcteil with the inanag-nmut of the city priaon It i 11 rare that lioth Keeney and the cniapUtn int (a cacr il wi Iran named Ann White) ha ] been eoutlm d on Saturday night, to await their examination on Monday morning, tor dmnkrnnee* and dim rde. ly conduct 11uric the intern ning time, the celia of both the?e p#rrx egr- wi re ! ft unlocked an 1 the oe -upaut* hid the a-geit liberty allowed them, which they imp.Oved by 1-it leg ach ' iter and indulging in fn.u-oi lllatlond o tbw jolly go<l with b-an ly furni?hel them by the eeperol the cell* In conee,|ni nee, they became, If rieeible m- ra Intoxicated than before an I ye tar lay morning the ptiaoncr I **ti*y wa* di*n'**r*d by In* V hit* appr'-achlng her, wl?h th* Intention of c rnmitlog m in* kind of an aeyault upon her which Inteniiow i a* t!U?trat*d by the c>,mplainar t'a ecream* >f murder ltd the attendance ef am.* halt dnrea pollra officer*. Vt * nndet'fand that a complaint la relation t)tha ran leg* and negligent manner In which the dii'l** of the keefer of the cilia hae* been performed, will ahoftly be preferred, when It la hoped an example will ba made of him which will proie a warning to ail tuturo officer*. f)? ion * ii Cm f orgi ? Befog* fudge ilraeawriodg and Aldermen tt ai dwell and lint bank ? KV*pin< Ihtarder'g Ifwoier. Jama* >leNam** wae placed at tho ar, oh an Indictment f> r keeping a diaorderly houae Tha I jury rendered a rerdiet if guilty Ira ice* Mrt.uir* we- then put npm her trial. < n an indictment feel a*p, irg a bona* of ill fame A number of witnaao ? warw examined on the part of th* procecutlon, whoa# exl! denee went to proxe tha facta aa aat forth 'u th* InI di<tweot, and that young men had been aran aaaocl ting with ?;irl? of bed character in the hju?? Thn jury nilhoul leering their rente rendered i verdict of guilty. O.Toara 92?Kmua Cover? Ciart ir I'ocit, *?i? Cm at oi Oiu *ai> Tr.aMiera.-~ Betafi Judge MMW, nil lueticea llughee nod Wright?Jrn/nH' John iVeMbb'n con?lrt?d of hlgnuiy. brought into court for >entenr? when hl.e KUtueLCol C J Jeek, *l l<?r- d In hlr t?half en I rrayi for en err-.t of jtdgment giving hi? rra<n? atbngth Hi* honor. h"vnr ,f to giant ?h? wi ti n and aentenreii th? pri'onr r to Imj rOi timcnt Va tha State pTtaoa at Vnnnt I'lpit-nnt for tha term ol two year a. 23 8i rerv* I n It 8tnrUI. Ttaw Joroh cnt/'rntrr i?. .Wiry B. Ci 8 iU for dinrf(l it appearing to tha court that the original papa*.* in thte -nil In the o?oe?of tha elarke ol the cf Nan t otk and king*, are nece* ary a* eaideneo uy n the trial cf tha indictment* againat ?aid .laonb tail inter and Benjamin M. Stlllweil in tha l ourt of Uy? r and Teimlner, In thla coun'r for eubornattnn of perjury androaeplraey It ta ordered that tha clerk? nf aid eonntlea in duce the -aid original paper*, to the aid l cuil cf Oyer and Terminer upon aar*t?''of? uh| , ta ftp U>a purpoeee of tha trl*4i of each indict* htilh

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