Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1849, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1849 Page 4
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vraLLicRim m rm mailn. Omr WuklB|Mi V*rrMpoa<t?ne?. WAkaiMTON, October 21, 1S4.9. rial I)uj>atrhe$ to the Government -Horn Indulged?Mr. Rtret?M. Pimm*?No Mediaturn?Adjournment of the Nicaragua tjuetfion, *? , **" S* ?? fal*nn>?rtKlA?ll? tkat w lira ii wo? wiuuuuvcu, ihs Niagara had brought the intelligence that France and England had prevailed with Turkey te refuse to deliver to Ruseia the Hungarian refugees, the administration was elated with the hope that the official despatches would give promise that the two first named powers would slide out f the difficulties existing between them, severally, and the United Slates. And this supposition was, la a measure, reasonable, because, if Russia insists poa a war with Turkey, and if France and England assist the Sultan, they would not had it to their advantage to come to an open collision with ths United States. The government received its despatches by the mail of this morning, and to-morrow they will be laid before the cabinet. Of course, but little or nothing can, as yet, be publicly known of their contents. But, from respectable sources, we learn that Mr. Rives has written from Paris that his own impression is that he will not be received as Minister Extraordinary by the French Government, although he has not yet made the attempt. There appears to be no truth in the rumor that England hud ollered her mediation in the affair# of ths United States and France. The French Government is very much dissatisfied with M. Poussin, for condescending to explain that he hid made uae of the luniiuaire to which our government took exception, by the direction of M. Tacqueville; the French Minister for Foreign Affairs being of the opinion that no aj ology was accessary from M. Pousaiii after he was dismissed; aid that he had no right to shield him-elf privaiely. by casting blame unon his own government, or M. Tocquevil'e, who sj okr for it. Air Cramoton, the British Charge, has received ?!ttpatches fiomhi- government, informing him, it is said, that England is determined to adhere to her present pestnon on the Nicaragua question; but, us Mr. ltulwer, the new Minister, is expected to at live in the ii> xi steamer, nothing further will done in the premises until that time. G. Wahhi.noton, Oct. 20, 1819. Hit Institution of Slavery?1'ieic of the Mistiiii;>pi Election by a Democrat. s s * * The abohtii it question is not a question between liberty and slavery, as these terms ajiply to white men. it is a question between the fret- ntggericm, and de|>ravity of tlie Fi\e points, and the orderly deportment upd good habits, of the happiest rural population in the world. There are now time millions ot honest and well behaved negroes in the South; and. in twenty-five years more, we shall have six millions of them. I have known several cares of ? mancipation, but I never knew a negro to be benefitted by being set at liberty. From the day of emancipation, their course is downward, hy if < bye, a very good anecdote on this subject, was related the other evening in my presence, by a Jsou'hern gentleman:? The present bishop ot Alabama, Dr. Cobbe, an itimahle and devout prelate of the Episcopal church, is a native ol Virginia, and several years ago was tncliied to emancipate a favorite family of negroes, descended to him from his father. They weredevout, well mist d,carefully instructed, could res.d and write, and recited the offices of the church with propria iv and correctness. When the negtoes ascertained the inclination of their iiiasti r's mind, they annoyed him incessantly, fb-.tteiirig themselves how well they could do, anu how r ch they would become if liberated, until they succeeded in obtaining from him deeds of manumission. A -thev were good home servants, ! the* could do well in 1'alt'more. Thvy were furuisfied with j lenty of clothes, money to pay their way, and letters to gentlemen _ in lktltimore to see after them. After a short tim*1, they could do better in 1'hilad' lphi i. and in the course of a year or two reached New York From Baltimore they wrote home occasionally, but the correspondence crew less, urn I linnliv rsnsril Almnt lkn third winter they wiot. from New York The weather win very cold, und i work wai scarce to he, i and they Wer< not very well, thev wanted to ! know, if " old mutter could not tend them acme money." They filially sunk down, ?n<l fell in with the d'pruttd habita of the herd of free negro*s; and nothing dietrcsse* the good Bishop now, more, thin r> fleeting upoj the error he comintttid, in gratifying their wiahea and netting them free. Th is is, on ? small irul*. a picture of the inor?l devolution that mi?guidoa fanatics would visit up* n ih? whole country from the l'otomac to the If 10 Utande A friend of mine, who has lately returned from the .South, a I lege m th it the denuA-atic party will sweep evetything In fore them in MtfSi*.-ip,?i. Col. Ah Willie will Mice eel Tompkins. MeWillte is a Souih Carolinian, and stood up close to (Jen. Jackson, sed was a h ading Union man, in the daya of at llilication In the Natchez district, the accomplished (Jov. Brown, the hneat si>ecitiion of a finished Southern gentleman that vt?ita this uje- ! tropolis, is not run blessed with a c iiii|e-iitor. Col Feaihersti Be, hsving recently lost his amiable Indy, ta prevented from going fully into the canvass, but tin re i? no douhl of hi* election. Jake Thompson will t?e succeeded, a i<h hi< own consent, by sne of the same sort. Vim ran Onr lis It Im or Csrri spoailonce. IUltimork, t >ct. 2J, |hip. ?nA of tht / utl? 1'itJtnt .1**11 Jt?4*<" Tbs duelling party have coolcd down to a healthy temperature; and are, it is raid, pre pari a g a statement, accompanied l>y quite a voluminous correspondence, to explain to the public the why and whsrefore of their not fignting. The eacitcment with regard to the duel has given way te a garur of fisticuffs, in which l>a i Itice figured an Sunday last. It appears that Kics and his wife were in company wlthftr. William T. i Leonard and his wile, when a priutsr working in the .S%<n i flier. Binned AppU by, wlio alleges ha baa received foul treatment from the Imctor, strpi>rd up to hiiu, nnd called him a tlnaf. Blaws were given ai d rec eived, and in the m'r* Appleby g< I possession <<l I.'ice's hat. <'n .Sunday llice as t t a at f li m Vsi? ?.lf.? ? as ass I ultar s toll tnaii if u * I ? _ lit wiih the foot pot i IMS, and VnfeoS r\hih ' ng ih* !? ??( i 1-tee ling to ntjr w, approached Apph by wliilti ailung <>n t chair, knock'-d him i)?wn, and bniued hi* head ai>d face with the h> el of hit boot, met' dreadfully, b? fore the loihi>i ?it#e, ct'i'd interfere Hice hat heen arretted nil 1 | b>l?l t<1 hail, 10 ?nt? er at Court on Situid ijr next 1 he Hue. ail ?hi?> t.uvav, Captain V?n Santou. waived litre ye.-n nlav. in the eh<rt pat- of iwriitvtinr d.ivr, fr< in firemen, having 0.1 burd two tiibin, ami 1M' p??a?tiger* in the ateerage. We aHioln Jttteril0>'t no'.re: ?I."C0 vij. I't. 1(3; li 0 do do H.V 10(0 do. do. 103. 1 000 Salt. | <T?, iriO. Its' S: 10 ?btre? > arti.a luck, 2k Orr I'llIIail*I|itila Corira|?oii(teiire PuiuMLrau, Oct. 22, I Hi. Mrt. FVinny AVrnVr?Ih t .Mairiuf '^net/ton ? '111 L'lJrtntm Family?< a mil en ami Amboy Hi. ill mid C'? M/nog. 1 mentioned, in a former h ti*r, that Mit> F.inny Ken.ble would give her hat reading on Saturday morning lt-1 Such w?? her me ntion; bnt the h a been Mliberally pationieed, and her prod'ginu* inlellertual etforta no fully appreciated by our fellow citiaena ol both * ?? *, that ahehva been induced to remain another wi i k. Speaking of the divta* Fanny, remindt nte of her late yet living ha.Vttnd, Mr. Tierce Hollar. Th<- public would have it that be Wat about lending to the altar a daughter of eiSenattr liayard, and, aa la not tinfre<|uently the enae, the public are altogether in error. The | kdiet?and thev ougut to know?ii?at?t that Mr. Hutlet ia pomtivefy mgM|r*d to be manied ton dough- | teroiMr*. Jimei Coleman, conceded to be t!i? beha of Tlnladelphin. she tonft fio n a r ntaikablt fa malt, and ia not the MM < ! tier nmne and Wood who hat been engaged to a gentleman occtfnying a prominent poai- ' Hon bnwf ti?* puhlir. Km n the of Hornet Wa'pole to the c'av* ol l?'i\cn (i !?n Rrnaftti respectful imicti of th< donwitic ili?in of ?ii?*tin(piialied m?ti>idiimlo hnvi not only I., en tolerated, ?ut encr nrdgeiJ, by the piblia ; a d in the aulr it.ed brief aket< h of the Colenmn f?nn!y, I trn?t thn? no < flenoe * i'I he taken, as I can hon-aiiy aver none ia intended. Nobert Coleman, the great progenitor, w.n in many ree|ecta a d Mingmahed individual?dUtin* Cui-hed for hie Integrity, hi* threwdaeaa, hi* ueineee tab nt*. hit tmntenee wealth, and hi* tin* bendigg will. |]e wait native of the old country, and eeitled in I?*nr??ter county, in tliia fMate aoot after the revolutionary war. H? mg a m n of ^re?t mergy and natural reeourcee, he i-mhark'*d in nearly every kind of buaineea, and in ne-trly every kind of havinea* he pro*|?ered. Ilia iron unea proved to fx gold mine*, and h a iron fnr* pace* another nanie for private mints, fie died, if my rer ulbeti- n *erve? me rightly, about twentyfive yeara ago, leaving an eatate variously ealiIt at?d at frotn two to five million* oI dolUra, and m large family of aoa* and deughtera. Hit widow 'ong survived him, riving aeoa after the iaaugurai on of I'reeidenl Polk, at a very advanced age. Two of tke daughter* died ia the eummer of life, and while beirolfied lo geudemen whe, niuoe ih ?t period, have occupied a lar.'e npaee in the public eye, although in oi>|M>aite epherea. One waa ongaged te I he Hon lumen Huchanaii, and the other ta tiie Kev Mr. Muhlenberg, lately of Flushing, L. I ; and it may be remarked, ns a etngalar coincidence, and as a forcible illustration of the fervor and depth of earlv impressions, that both have < tinmd to laad a life of celibacy. It was a ?m alter the dmih of Mi** Coleman that Mr. Muhlenberg wrote that plaintive and ex<juiai;e paem, " I would not live ulway," which wdl be found in the hymn books of nearly every Ohrts I'flli iJCIM'iiiuinili'lI. \ 'l llltr uuuiran-f frr?uu i-iv by Mr. Hubert CoUman, not more than one.third remains in the family, the balance being swallowed up in the United States Bank, the Uirard Bank, and the other great awiiidl's of the |>u!my days of speculation. Mrs. Jsnies Coleman is nm;in? the foitunate ontt of the family. The bulk of her doceased husband's prn|>erty was invested in iron works, instead of bank stock ; and, in spi'e of hi tariffs and low units, protection and want of protection, she enjoys an income that a < lerin in prince might envy. 't is her daughter that Mr. Pierce Butler is about to marry, and he maycon?'ratul ite himaeli In a double sense. His first wife had genius, a world-wide reputation, and an historical nam*. Ilis second wife (if the event takes place) is young, accomplished, of surpassing beauty, and as wealthy as ?ny young lady of her attractions ought to be. The new railroad bridge over the Hancocas Creek, constructing bv the Camden and Ambojr Railroad Company, will be finishad in about two wr-ks, and then passengers will he conveyed direct from Aniboy to Canutes, and thus dispense with the steamer at Bordtntown. The company are now putting up a new and more commodious depot at Camden. Indeed, their whole efforts, for the last few months, have been directed to the one object of removing, obliterating, and blotting out, every real or imaginary cause of complaint. Fares have been reduced, accommodations Increased, and greater facilities o fie red for freight and passengers. This road has always been popular with our citizens?much more so than any of our own State roads?and the late liberal course pursued by the company will make this line still more of a favorite with us Philadelphians. PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 23, 1K4)>. Flourishing Stalt of tur Finanres? California Gold at tht Knited Staut Mint?Cadets of Ttmjvranre?'Pit Fair?Amusements?The Killers About?The Markets, 4*e. Our good old commonwealth, after years of abuse on bsth sides of the Atlantic, is getting both into favor and credit again. Within the last twentyfour hours she has purchased $75,000 worth of State Fives, at the market value, which makes a total of nearly $200,000 of the State debt which has been blotted out within a few weeks. This is but a small hole in forty millions; hut it is a commencement, and t:thirds most substantial evidence that " the incalculable resources of Pennsylvania," about which our journalists are for ever prating, and by which we are to be extricated fit in debt and difficulty, are not matters of moonfhint?niere paper statements, hiving thetr elrI rue iifa in fiirlty* frnt li nnH nthur nnaiihat:inf ia 1 material*. When n State can pay the expenses of its government promptly and liberally?punctually meet its plighted engagement* in specie funds? and at the same time make permanent provision tor the ultimate redemption of all its liabilities, its bondholders may well rub their hands or noses, us inclination prompts, and "rejoice with an exceeding great joy." All this has been witnessed in Pennsylvania, in the year of grace, 1819. These delightful monetary facts, coupled with the favorable advices by the last steamer, have caused Pennsylvania Fives to gaup, arid up, and up, until they have reach'd a jaunt which would huve sounded utterly and outrageously incredible to the men of little faith who sold out in 1KI0. Some ol the sanguine bulls ot Third street laugh, chuckle, and talk of par; but this never can happen, unless California f;old becomes us plenty as copper. 'Vliat man. in us sober m uses, is willing to p iy dollar lor dollar for a five j>er cent stock, when lie cm invest las money equally, if not more securely, and obtain a betier per trntage ! If, by some hocus pocus on ihe pa it of the brokers, Stale Five* should be forced up to jar. State Sixes ought to be worth 120, which is eight ner cent higher than the cur* r< nt quotations for I nited Stales Sixes. Tour|>enny coti ni|>orary of the Sun says that tliete is mote California gold ut the mint in this , city thnn ran be coined in six weeks, woiking night sod day, and add-, that in consequence <u this delay, parcels uf California gold have tieen forwarded to Kn gland, by the New York merchants, to be coined there. The Nun is, as usual, unfortuiiite in its statements of alleged fuels. The lir.-t ! stat? ment is w holly erroneous, and the second, 1 pmume, is equally to. New York merchants are l ot New York asses ; sending gold dust to a mint three thousand mile- orf, incurring the tenon* expeases of freight and insurance in the outward and 1 < nit trip*?i ml what for 1 The Am ssy* to save time. I i tier ihe most favorable circumstance*, the coin could not be it turned for the dust undt r sixty days ; whereas a deposit ol gold dust at the Pttiffdelphin mint will en ure a return of American eagle- in le \ 'h <u half that time, bojl am assured, and I have n ud? inquiti-s at the fountain head. \Vh> n < nr mint was rect< d, and its present in \chii ery rde;ed, m nnfacturedand j.ut tip, the golden d>q'< sits in th* Sac.ameoto valley were not i dreamed of,*ud consequently it had not r ;p?city 1 et?< nvh to manage the stream if California gold whi< h has so ateadiiy Iwen pouring into her vault* : for the lsst six months. The officers of the mint i s w the difficulty, and to meet the new d< mind, ' end to prevent delay, have introduced new ma| rhinety, and made the necessary alterations uud in.jrov'i m? rt to secure the desired end. Th*new machinery is in woiking order, and the alteration* in dene ring and teiimng tieparfmeiit sre nearly, it not ouile. conn leted. If snv of the Sun'i "New \<ik mere-lo ut*' doubt the mcfated ciipicitiej i f nut mint for coining, just I -t ih-iu corn" " down with their duet," hi.J it ih unite l*k**Ijr they will discover eoine differ* nee in (lie dial-nice between New York aid London nod NVw York and Phil*deh hi*. The Cadeta of Tmiperance hud a fiae dry fur their | arnrle - blur akiea above and muddy atrretn b? n? nth. The luin out w || quit" large, ?nd with their banner*. tntiaic, and mounted m trahnl*. make quite a proration through the entire line ot th-ir man h. Ai 1 w rite, t! have not rem h"d Wellington square, where they are to he dlMiuaaed, after i< ire htief err* monies. The l air of the Franklin Institute ntill Mtrtrta I *rg< crowd*. end still allbrd* a never-ending theme tor the pen* <>f our indu>tri?>ua .ind trl<. nted reportera of the daily pros*. The exhibition derervra .ill the ptaiae that ha* heen ao fieely laviahrd on it. It el < on Saturday, after h ivtr.g been vi-i'e J by at Imet forty ihousar.d person* All the fheatpa are dome an excellent hnaineaa just now?the Walnut being crainm <! every even* inc Mre Fanny 1\<mhle rea?U the '-M? try Wivea ot Wnnlror''morrow eveniog?of cmitae to m overtli wing aud'eree. The irdur lion ot a new t-hrntf into ntlii?e, yrgterdi y. w.m celebrated by the rowdy trtnfa of M >y ?tn? ti-tng in a h'Lbly appro.ffiatp rn on- r. s-v-mI plarre hi that ?h li.hiful dutriet were xtucked by the Kill*re and one liouee burgl mooaly rat-r< d and robb'd. Nor iathta all ?ah ulten o'clock la at evening. a< a lady nd h?r family were returning h n e In a a la , *- th y w? re i< -;ng the ru ua of <h late r.ot, a atom- wua '. ?rl d t? th- d leer, whic b, mi-Kiitf h m, hit o >e of th voting Itdica above III* forehe rl, inl'i. liny a hoi i!s|e wound At the eorrier < I Smith and A xta *tre- t*. at an early In nr ti t* rimrnirg, a man tiann d Joh i ( *i < mini wn? as-aii I ted hi Mg-tr.' < r ?il!?iiia, u d aintilnd tn tl.ree p'ace*. lie was eouvryed to *<i*? ho jitel An change In flft r - tlattad sale* f.?r espirt at. fft. Wheat is d 11 at 11 oft pi t 7 t< r red and *1 tu ti? >1 IV f-r akil* S?t*? of t>uo*)laeanta rje at a jr. A rale of 8 (tto t>u?h"l? jelloa (n-n it Me Soui'rern o?t* ft7e. to He. seduiltr-ir ta quality T"he e "t'.? market If qutet a'J ti de firm A ' ?V of the nee rr< p Malta* i?t to* !.? a rti.d. bat not l?ud* I. W tit-key lr dull Mrt.?t ? plenty t?-la? |n fit- ?teV market today, th- b, ar> leer *d to tiai* the a*-endanay and tha | t?ce? *ee a ihade et rhaa th n- #f toter liy Ini.eI i* are 11. stick tlet at the /'? it -it <1 IJ, n I >an ft'* ft.l |o| . XM0 Iwl.lsiti ' - t- , i do. .Vert. | oan 14, 7 V'll.ulnat- ?r II K . V? ' I ut?l 'l?? lIt a It. II lo ot1 > '/* i enr>tyl??nl? ,i It t-'i It N a lien ink; Itttif ?t?t i It; ?'do . **. a; t,, 1 OPO > 1.11 atrj ?'? r . lift. UO <i: ard Bau?, !<-, .a mp4 Rh<?. - 1 ft"i ' eT ' ' " ' 1 ' ' VV4; Mt FUI? Cf, III 7 (? <> M?: )> ? K*, 10 iv?n> > Maiii* H H . tffe: V*B I ?h'?h lat*-r>l. ui t?>?l ?J? Itf; . 7 -to <?, J ! ti gt . | ' IliTTU Kiiwmti ihk IIAi.y IIkiiiw tin I'meirv\A laniANa?Aim tiewna f>ufht, we lento. a I n daje liace *i Pact'tnon '.irk, nSnnt 12) milee tnirth-eaat ?f t'ia|| re, betwi ?n a lamilr of belt brerde. Dinted l.e I'mrc, mid the hand of (l>t|i|ewa? *1 ii . ckn..whd?" .V i.tim <-iUer) as ( hof. The umber nl Ii It tufi't lirr, tnrm men and ttokw*?th< atn-njith ?.fthe Indi ink wae fii'lh (**n In twelve. The i arm wire divided itr a aim It rtrr m, one ?ide of winch la entered with t n her, tl r niher tide ia prai.te ; the half bre fi being on the limber (id*, hau th?" ?dv nta<e, h it thr Irriiaaa cmj'iiiU'd lha fi^ht f?r nb<>ttt two or thrtehotita. The lodiennloat one ni n killed,two it orally, mid three or I nr elifhllv, wound-d. Thmr t hiet war Indie wounded while attempting to test-re pom e hcrh en outbreak h ta long h> en Jt|* i ti d, thi- hnlf hreidf b'tna rotu-erne ; in >f Hit g atdent aptrtta to lodt>na. The h tIf br-e.'a anfletnl no hte?, wi-h the eateption that one of th? eaie of Ikfit.ta Ie I'raire waa t.ken oil by a nlle ball ? At. /'flWT (Mwntf 4h) Ckrvnltlt, <kt 6. . Ttnranaxnt Wmtm at D?a|li?r*gaa ilu?r> [Krra th? ??lti?or? American, October M.] On Tuesday laat <t gr utd entertainment, ianludirt< a tnum?me?it and other intereatinq cereniomea, look |>lace at L>>Mi|{tu>rraan Manor. This 1 sauiifui com uy teal, where the fiiuilj of Carroll ofCarrollton has a writ in ho?| iuhle opulence sine the colonial <i 'Tc, is now the residence ot Colonel (. Iiarles Carroll, the third in derw-eui the last oi ihe rigners. The concourse ot ^ueai* on the odcn>iou hu rery I a r?j?*; and tor beamy, and \ feminine craee and eleuance, unsurpassed. Tli? exercises of th^ touraanrn?, *<>m?what novel, ate vet so well adapted to improvement iu hors< iiiHiibliij). and furri *li nu amusement so whi4e snir hi.<J huidy to those who arc fouil of active porta, that some account of this a Hair m ty not be liniBtert-i ling. The presentations which folia**.i were, moreover, ao connected with the tilting on the held, that the full measure of the compliment paid to the gallant ollicers on the occasion, coul i not be appreciated without some d*taila of ths pievtoua events of the day. ma rovKNAMitiT. The ground selected for the tournament was an elevated spot on the right of the road leading to the Munor, about a quarter of acinic from the mansion. A grove of stately oaks bordered on ths rcur; and from the other side, fronting tii j road, a view of the ojwn country spread out tar and wide. The eye of the npproaching visiter was arrested at once by tho imposing aspect of this beautiful aminnice, to which a military ap|<earanee was given by tents pitched upon the summit,aud lings and banners streaming in the air. The animation of the Bceue was further enhanced by the sight of horsetnea careering to and fro?some, superintending the final preparations of the place; and others, Cavaliers of tlie day, trying the mettle of their steeds in the lists where they were soon to meet competitors. At twelve o'clock a large company had already assembled, and for nearly an hour afterward* the arrivals wera incessant. Along the road towards the ciiv, a continuous lute of carriafsnox tend rd, till dashing forward with rapid speed?brilliant equipages, four in hund, competing with blooded trotters in buggies and barouches, no favors being a^ked or given in the way of taking the road. The broad avenue leading to the Manor tesounded with the rattling of words and the tramp of horses, 1 as the vehicles wluthd along in quick succession, | freighted with fiir ladies, whose varied dr-saea | and fluttering veils, vteing in brilliant colors with the many-tiuied leaves of the autumnal foliage, gave a bright and picturesque aspect to the scene. | All was life and animation. Kvery one seemed I prepnred to enter, n? by anticipation, up >n the pleasures of the day. And never did an October un thine forth with more genial warmth, or with a more softened lustre upon valley, hill, an^ wood. The day seemed to have been beapoksgt <V the occasion. At the word given, the cavaliers who were to contend for the prizes of the arena came forth, each mounted on his good steed?and noble horses they ; hund; each arra>ed in hia chosen colors and cosI tunic, and ull full of hope, andjient on victory, j The lists now became the place of attraction, and ' the gay crowd hurried thither as fast as wheels 1 and hones could carry them. On each side of the j course, extending for some two or three huudred yards, the carriages were arranged, and these were crowded with fair, awaiting the contest of skill and liorsamaiuhip which at hand, and in which each young daughter of beauty might ieel herssif personally interested. For, the ! victor waa to have the selection of the Queen of i Love and Ileauty, wham he was to crown, and by | whom he was to be crowned?a prize worth contending for?us the champions in the field seemed to know and to ft el. The g< ntlfiuen aho acted as judgss were General D. C. Howard, John Kldgely, of llsmpton. and Coton. l J. i O Davis*. The Kin?-?t.Arm? was pcrsouated by Mr. : K"bert Gilmor. snd the functions of Heraldi were shotted to Messrs. Z. Collins Lea, and Charles Howard, of Wav.ily I When the full sounding martial strains from the bsnd had announced that all was ready fur the strife; in the the midst of profound stillness and anxious expectation, one of the heralds of the <1 <y, i V.. Collins Lee, Esq., rode into the lists and in ide i proclamation, giving notice that brave champions I were now about to contend lor the prize of love ! and beauty, end calling upen all to look ami witness how gallantly eacn competitor would do bis Jen ir. 'Ifien to the round of music the cavaliers ad Minced, and moved slowly in single tile down | the lists. As they passed along, each holding in bis caracoling steed, that ret no d eager to spring j forwuid, they received friendly salutations on ! either side, with hearty good wishes f r succe.-s. The riders were eixtcen in number. They rode down the lists in the following order?being the same in which they afterwards ran their successive courses :? ). Alexander VrTsvish, of Baltimore. 2 (laerce 1 Howard of Wa*?rly. 8 WlUta a Howard of Waver- i ly 4 lleurv Scott, "f Usltlniare. 6 Alexander Kid- I dall of Baltimore connty tt Lieut Beltihoyer, U. S, ' A 7 Inbn K. Howard of lame* 8 George 3. iUggn, of Baltimore. U lleruyi) l arrall, of 8eltluior? county 10 Lieut. Tbrtt. I S A 11. Jams* MoHeury of Lalttuire. 12 < aptein Foster, U S. A. Id. Tlarriaa ! Vlllteuieon, o( lial iiaora Co.;aty. 14 ( barles Howard, 0 i owpeni Is Captain CI well, U. S A, 10 t\.. Key Howard, of tUlllinors county, Having gained (he h<ud ! the lists again by n I detonr along ih*- margin of the grove, the charu Htm i titrrl rptailv (hp fK# nntgf ? Krsa . fhlisaw silence prevailed? all eves wrre anxiously turned towards the star ing point ?whra a tlouria'i of trunij* t? wns he*rd, uml at tne inom nt. c?reering at lull speed, the first cavalier, Mr. McTaViah, swept down the liats, ar.d striking rite qaciUiu full, carried it hit in handsome style, and ro le 1 C-ll mly ..ff, amul the acclamations of the beholders. Nextrsuie Mr. Ledge Howard,of NVaverley. j a ferric a rider, who had equal success and equal apidunse. We liuve not spore to particularise each t'tier aa he went through his first tilt. Following I in the i 'df r we have n uned, all bore themselves well. Five lilts followed in succe.-sisn, with vinous success?ike interest deepening wrh < vc rjr succeeding charge. Aa interval of some h ilt an hour was tl en allowed m n I re ithing so ice f.>r h?r?o end rob r? > | ?riod which wm busily occupied by I i artiest disetiat ens concerning the cuance < of suecera f< r lliit champion or that, w t!i wjnii cointurnda linos o| ih" bold ami accomplished imraeno tc hip of all. 1'pon a second prnclarnjtion ol the herald the tibiae began ape in. in the same order, and ti.'e ; rounds n et* wore nm. The c oats-r, av it drew to a clops, became more find more ettiting. j Lout'sr and loader wetc the sceLmationi Hist now gi? < ? d u succfsrful pass. T'ie ladies waved their uandkr ich.efs, and clapped their hands; mod there wire in cvriy quarter m .infestations of the strongest intnest Now and then * melancholy j a si c .or ar< ken cxcLmiio ns of dis *?, <>iiits?* nr, would lunik the unsuccessful charge i>| V>tn gal- ! Lnt ( himi .i n, wh< e manly demeanor and during ' boldness deserved a better 's?ult ^i>m b-uutiful c harge a failed by a eligh' swerving of the horse at the critical rr omrnt?the unioul being nncccuatcn ed to such eierri-e*. Uicss were lost ; pome w? ie shivered in a style worthy of Ashby and li e days of <\rnr He Lion: und cue fine rider lc t h> a. ui by tk>' failure < t .1 stirrup T he final round being finished, the judge* pnrrv t?rfd and e- unied ii| their record ; an 1 it wis atcertaiurd ihal the victor ol the d .y was Lieut. I.hstt, i.l the nuny, one of the officers at Fort y< Henry Thdhice n"*t tn order, who hail won lie | rivflege of selecting maids of ht>mr, were Mr t .? Ili.w'srd, of Cowivns, Mr. Win K?y Mnniitr. of IMiirH'ff C<Hin?j\ ^vi ^ir li?*nrjr Peott, < f I! tjtiinrrf eity. The nnooaucewnt of the result who not made at the liet<?. but w?a re* aererd h? h jmrt of ar.<<ihrt ceremony. Tut: to*. naTot I "pen * liwn in therenmt the minor ho'iac * ; thn no, rnt'loted within ? bower tied and rv t.opird w.ih lb were,_ t-fcod r< dy to receive t; i. i, occspawt *k> niiulit he mlH t?> nwim crown, we Queen of f.<?ve mi Uenuttr. To ihia pot ihe guy HM<-nibly thronged; nno, eoon, the rpleinhd mvalcsde of ciiMmpioon drew up, woh I. iirri uplifted, end forn.? d h line, reatintr upon the right 11 the tn'one end fitrtdlaf toward* the ' in ntion. It til benutilul h.Iu The bnl.ia-it a*-tnblnpe. rowpftanir r? I irae a portion of the b? amy a*d faehioit ol Heltitrtore, and of the aurn lincirs c? mitt v, with tome for reprefenlatiVe* lr. hi Washington, ai d tiom Virginia, wo nr. j tan . H in k rl rle. * rtiev h?t ellint i linweaer. in f'itrr>; and nnd?r ih? direction *f the acounv I l>li-h< d l. rn-itt.Arm't Mr. Hubert Oilmorr, no 0 i-iiMi w ? n ude to admit th? tirlor oim eii un1 ii n, w i h hit cotr>|4?-t"P in nurcraa. They r ule ?'( Wljr itito the urea. In n char and di-< in> t vi u jt r .<* ihen nanoiii.oii'l by be Ktig-at Arm\ Ovt tit' victor would cli<" -ra finmtlie Indira nw ? thhl'd hi tbrt nr? cm < the o?.e who w.ia to be ImiikI ii the Qnrcn of Ife.iuty iiJ ?,nve An t attrotdi'ary inter* ?< aio-e hi thi* oriti* Tli* pnl ?iit li? i 'i'him who had borne off tli* prize , t < in 11 rt < i ,1 r?. Iinvi"^but rri I'ly cr idnnted WV-t Point, w a n Mrnc r to the ?t,rl?li a ?'<iti(l I.m. KolloWed hjr hia attendant hni/h?n, 1i? - n rih'* a in vii lory, he tr iverard the eh irm?d r>rrle, rp,Hia and ?ffr?a, until, at Ii i.flth, bowing fioin tli'- m-ddlr, niid towering 'h<- ix>ini of hie I Ht the tret i f th* cho?i n < it", the t^icm < f Peauty ?ti? d di .-cloatd A fair daughwr of Ihiltimnre, Mi?a Klivnbcth Ponlttny. ?h??* lor?hn?-> a v ii dim ted at oner the choice of the champion, Wur ti c di i ipiieted PCCi'l B' t of th <|' eru|y 'h onr. Aitrideri by her no da of hi nor, Mi?r f.vdii Mirria.rt Pahim-ire, Mien Lonien t'arroll. of the ; Matu r, ei d Mien .lulia lluaitd, of IMitnor* t lounty. llir Ijnern wna r?niln* ted to her (lor erf throne; n ih olct of wlitr r<>a? a. a lirCntnlna I ciiwn, Wi-a i Inc* d tipcB hnr biow by the hand <T tl . v dor, rlio, hn-'hrp, receiv-d in men opon hi? oWb head a wreath of laurel. Then, ac damatin e. aid bravoa, and li'irmha, and (.lapping of f'a, and mums of haa^kerrbtefe, grret-d the tin ahuf ceremonial: and a finer looking group i tiian tl nt which there atood to rec<iTc the c<>d- j prmtulttiens ot tha drhgh'ed company could not easily htvr formed anywhere. J <ut another ceremony wu lo come. The (air quern, mi recently erowued, had to enter at u:ice ujon the duties of her high elation; and happily the firet act of her reign wj.a te bestow upon the hr?ee tha reward* ot Tnlor. in a euaau.iTA'non*. The friend* and admirer* o( two gallant officers who tiutj distinguished themselves in Mexico, de noua ufofii-ring *ome testimonials ot their fri^nd liiii. and of their appreciation of soldierly service, hat! deemed the occaaiou ot the tournament a highly a I propria te one for tendering their token* of j I I 1. .1,.^ ,,11;,..,, I ('..I......I jijj. Magruder, a native of Virginia, hut & Miry- j lander by residence and alliance, saw the bagin- i innu ?>f the war, and heard it* Hrat ihnndera in the 1 battle* on 'he l<io Grande ; and alter ward*, under Scott, fought all th* way fr<>rn Vera Cruz to the ciir of Mexico. Th*other, Major John Kagerlloward, frrandaon of Col John linger Howard, of Revolutionary memory, having raised a volunteer company in Haltimore, wa* commissioned a* a captain in the regimeut of Voltigeurw, and wa* subsequently bro vttted for gallant conduct at the storming ot Ch ipulfapec, where he wa* among the first to scale the wnll* of the lortr*^*. Upon the ceasing of the manic, which had burnt forth at the concluding ceremony ol th* corona- ! tion, the lord of the manor, standing upon one of the step* of the throne, Hnd holding in hit hand* a silver pitcher, of beautiful workmanship, addressed Colonel Mngruder in an appropriate speech. Col. Magrud*r said in reply: ? I accept, sir. with a grateful heart, this flattering testimonial. kindly presented by tny friend* in Baltimore in token of their approbation of my humble service* in Mexico If, i* oommou with my brother officer* who heve been afforded the opportunity, I have performed auy **rviee worthy ol being noted by my country men.I have been more than repaid by the kiodne** manifested toward* m?. both by the sitixcns of my native, a* well a* thrxe of my adopted State A place in the affections of hi* countrymen is the most cherished reward of a soldier * ambition; and when that reward is tendered him by his immediate friends, by thoee with whom he Is connected in absence. by the recollection of social pleasure* and ( 'elal vlitue*. wbn* wit and kindness have ever served to light and eouifoi t his "pathway of pain," then indeed are the Chords struck which vibrate with the truestaud most lively sensibility, and words become inadequate to express the gratitude of hi* heart. That position, sir, I now occupy?a position rendered mors embarrassing and mors inteiesting by the circumstance* of th* scene befoie and around ui? for I find myself in the mld*t of an assembly poseeseing every quality which can adorn society and er.ncbl* life, eud upon a eoll hallowed by tbe most impressive historic associations The first in composed of my fair country women and friends; the last is the iesting plsre of the venerable t arroll of Carrolllnn.

With what emotions must the heart of th* soldier throb at such a greeting, uiid such a seen* ! ?, sir. will never cease to be grateful, and the recollection of this proud day will nerve mo to the acsouip'lishinent of any task by which I may hope to deserve ; tbe approbation of my sountiy. Permit m* to ' tender you my thanks for tbe oourteoui term* j in v hieb yon bare conveyed to uie tbe wishes of my , filiuds, und especially for the kind and generous manner in which you have been pleased to speak of my services in Mexico No services rendered by a soldier will less their lustre when chroni ilrd by you. who have on tl is < ocHeion attributed to mine a degree of merit far above tl.eir defers. Ilavirit uttered this very appropriate reply, with the boaring of a eo!d;er, but with the ease of a practised speaker, Col. Mu^ruder advanced toward* ihe throne, anil received Iroin f nr hands th* benutilul offering of friendship and regard. A splendid eword awaited acceptance at th* hands < I Major Howard. The address of presen luium w>.B aciivcrea uy t> u. m<ri:nin, i'.sq. Keniving the ewonl from the hind* of ths youthful q lift-ii, M*,or Howard said in rt'p'y I ?Li uJd La*'- attempted. under other eireutu-dances, to rrtura ihat.kx to the gentlemen who tiara bean ao k iod an to make ma till* beautiful pr?aeDt aud to you, air, tor the e< mpliinehtaiy remarks you barn aJ Jres.ed to nin ; but receiving it from your fair band, it is iaipotalble, 1 hi* splendid sword of itaeif ia mora than I merit , but be*towed by the baud of her now crownad quel n ot beauty at <1 l ire by the choice of tlia rlotor Knight and crowed befoia that by L/aine Nature fairrat of tba daughter* of Mar>l*nd. it become* a treasure Indeed, of which I feel utterly unworthy. The nulla of approbation on b-a<ity'e brow i shall indeed claim it myself l ut the aword I consider rather a- a tribute to th- gallant body of Marylxnder* I bad the good fort lira to command 10 the war with 1 Mexico, and who formed a email part of that gallant | at my f< r w hem no honor would be too great, ao praise j excessive. and to hare bean but a email part of which I eon-mule* rur only claim to your ktudnes* 1 heae certmonies oxer, the banquet and the hall followed in complete the pleuting en.oy mentn of the day and evening. The company p.rtook of tlie spit ndid hospitalities of the Manor on th's tin* jx>eing <c fusion could nol have been less than from three to four hundred. Politicals Ki Tresilient Tyler tiae r?a?ntly writte* a latter to Judge IIuntiDiituu, iu Indiana In which he consider* the Wilmot proviso a? applied to l.allfornia an abrtiacttcn atul that New Mexico ie just a* secure for frca toil, ae le Minnesota. Oovern< r it wax rt nominated on Salurity laet Inr Govern-r of New llawpsbire. Jlovi mania of hiiIItIiIuxU. Tboirxx M ItcBton. jr. sou of Senat c Denton of Ml-*- uri. I? in Philadelphia. Ha wan a delegate to the National School Convention from Iowa. IloB Panic) Webster baa con*ent*d to preaide at tba New Itamp-blre frxtlvel. to he held In lioaton by the nai ive* of N?w Hampshire, oa the 7th of November. CITY Tit AUK llKPOKT. Tuaxoxv, Oct '11 P.M. Tblx b?t?'(T packet day for tba steamer I xled ula, to tail frrni IIoutrn ttade, in many articles of produce, wai acme le** animated Cotton i?M to a moderate extent, at rate*, If anything, a ahade In favour of purchaser* The almost daily report* received from the Sowth, regaiding tba yield of the preseut crop are contradictory. In cirtain lcealitlee. xuch ae the lied Rlvir botton.*, and in come other part* of Loui-iana acd Mli*l**lppl, all reports concur in representing a tetioue Jtficieney of th* crop, and in pome few place* tb* acini fax been complained of. Kr?tn other portion* of the southern States, on high and good lands, ui< m favoiablo necounti have come to hand. ItlieonilJiJ premature to ri.?k estimate* of the average yle'd unitltla ?*aM n of picking h.-n farther adrancud. Tl* fretjlcklrg from f < 1 ? la generally miill. the Mend pt(t?* irtr* abundant ar.d the third and la?t dij* cdi p.i.i h uj r.n t be pr- railing etato of tha weather a to It* # xtent end quality I a der farorabl* elrcnmatar.cee the lan picking turm out well, bul out gene, rally i qua I to tit' wo nd. The taut time the field* are gi i a in?r la. after the plant* ha?* experienced the eff?et* of ktll'r.g Iro.t The occurrence of frott Is later i r eailler. accrfdtng to tb* latitude an I ai??a- j tloii'f the lands aad t a- ler In dltterent y "era. The d'lay < I k I' 1.1 Iroet at the South the prr**ut autumn, l? a ?cnnd* ration ct tuurh ee.ght, oetng to the di B- | c tilt ire with alilrk the plant had to ruutend in tha apttre ten )?ring it* growth later than u uttl. 6or a roe week? to con e correct Information from tha South a blob la dob-nil to obtain front *u?h a ra-t tract "f PMjTitiy. a ill b- looked fur with anxiety by il'a'ir* far, '1 la tba extent of the pre relit y. a' a production which n uat. aooner or later, to aone ex* tent, regulate tha f< reigu and J .uislla market*. , h'tra'nbt t rar.da i f tl I. Siate ead Wiel I n,tM a In light supply and price* eotn" tirnier. alula omm <n and Ir farter trades were dull, and prlcea h*a?y. Southern flour r?aa in fair demand, at prerlon* rate*. M*al*a* qu!?t; rye 11 ur the tame Whi at wa*atcady, atith "tte b'ttar enquiry. Corn wa* sola* batter, i d in good daoiand lor 'Xpert. Tbara ?a< no mate, ilal rbenge In oth?r craln. fork *? firm. ?rh no <!t rate rate* at quotat'oa*. Beef ?a* In batter dar and l ard r<uitlaued atcady Butter *? plenty, and le<a fiiui < beeae ?a* firm and In good demand f. r export ( oft*a continued llrci. with moderata iale* Sugar* were mid to a moderata extent, wbila pi lee* were Inclined to droop. /sera -- I h< dm Kit ?? (Im. with rain* of (0 bbll , at 67 for pota. and at fd 1'jt, a ffl 11 f r p*?t|?. Bt ? **?* ? A (teady BMMait, with tale* of 1300 lb*. Western at itle rteh. Biar.-W* uotc a 'ale of 1,000 It* prima oo?*t, at the ea?h I1 BT*n?>* we. Th? *ala* for the day r ach-d If I I 0 I t ie luallldltia nln?| ecled at 68 a >3 76; emir, a' y;i f.(i a t* lkH; f"? at 6d hj'j a 64 tta. old comn on arid or Unary Slat#, and eld mixed Western, at 64 10 a M oh; new common and straight flrata. at 64 Tha 61 61; to -w n lied and straight Wattain at 66 a '6 1S jura (lenesee and farorita Hietern. at 66 l.S a 6.' /(>. fancy ( ann??* at 66 .11 a 6ftrt2Sl new tar If (iloo at ?; 7S 66 76; eatra <*)ila. Bt ft ftV>, a 'ft P4; and ejir* (l. wn? at 64 63s 66 *6. ,v fWtn ft'/etir 7'H) hbl* at'H. Including "Id Bratoly. a ar.d A.axardrla at 65 HI; naw 6're lerickeburgh e urtry an<l Bratirtywine at 66o7,t6; new Ualtlmora, d liwI n ond country, ei d Peter'burgh i Ity Mill* at ft H*. ?nd extra Oeorgetewn a' 6'? <5 a 6 1 29 Hyt I .-t 71 CM I* * Id nt 62 *7 H a 62 Bl 6al? * r? i> b> <1 M I' hide 'rwy at f3 12,; Drandywtn* *a> *rai< *. at 63 9* K f*r hbl* and fit for puacheon* II t'ri?1 he anUa I mind'4 Hfttii'bii'h 1* < anadian In b-rd at *1 04 | i (4) hn?hel* prim* white Southern at 61 11, J .0' bushel* prime (.en *** at 61 20 % 61 21; and 1.(0< hushala Irlerior South* in red at 72* . and (to l n> h, I* goad Southern at pi 10 W>? 1000 ftnlry- V w.lli M?l?a ol2 7<6 baahal*. at 4HS? for gi <4 two rowrfl; f>tIro? w*' ararer, anl wamad 0?r?- Ww In gn<d jt iiitriJ at 084 a itVc f>r rlrar and ratal and 40c foriatra; Jrr?ay W?ra qol-t at.'IAo aI7r. M tithi-rn wtn atrad*. at Srto, Cot n fhr pair* n.brnmi i't.bOO borhela. at a ?4o for W#?t?rn n *?d r lr I IMS) f'-r Wra'rra jrrlliw; and Wo a 8 c Iff Noith.rn a-.d J?rm> yrtlow ' or toy - 1,?< 0 balr# wrra rrportad aa having brra ar> d today but ? niM Dot Irarn nhMhrr aptanar*. t>|tpt(ft?' or rprrulatnr* took tham 1'rom what l>arrrd ordrr our Irnmrdlatr obmrraM n. wr arr a->inp*ll?d to rrdcra rnr qnn'a'l' ? a abada from tboaa of ) ft* I day. rba flnr wra'bor prarailing at tba Mouth rot aatirtt faaorably en thr crop, and *tlaiataa ara aitduail) brlrg l#nr?r?d tt>'|unta: ? l.iraaror 1. CuuirictTina, N. 0.. Mob. Upton'*. HitrHa, a ad Tor 01, faf?!at Nota. Nona. ?at drdtrary - 1 l>'j - a !>'. - a i?'< Coau ntdii-arjt ? 1 Ch ? a ? 1 ?'{ ?ltd! 10*? a ? lo'j a ? ? aK?tj bead Midtlllaa ? a I'fc ? a W% W% a ? HliUllr.* lair ? aH* ? all ? a 11 v< Fair 11a- N?na. ? all* tally 1 air IIS a? Nona. Kraa. Uc.?.a lair ? alls Nona. Kan*. dual ia aity taall raada, aiKaatad at ?J,U0t kali* I Ctrrrrn.?V Oder at a aaiel of Rio wore ropaetad at lOe. Kimi ?1 bar? k< n g no arrival*, aad tb* itock iu Arst bands being light, do *alaa bajoui retail transactions ware reported Wo quota niaVerol A'id, at $11 60 for No l'? >7 to for No 2's, and at 61 "&f?r No *'? Tho u.arket lor cud waa Crui, beriirg rumaimd about the aajno. bin h ' ? Kngagoment* liar* boon nado for Llrerpool of 4#0 taioa of ootUD, at A hid ; li-O'Hl bushsU corn at -id ; 1:00 barrel* Urd at 17a dd ; 2,0(10 barrul* Canadian (1 or in a British veaaal, at 2* | an<l 2 000 buiao ot ih>er? at previous rata* 6' t it. ? '1 he Aral tola of now l'rult cams off to day by auction ut *?Li< ta thai* *ai a good company. whits piue* proved aatielactorv Tho naif* embraced 10 oou boxes of raisin*. fit $2 at a pi 76 fur whole; ?>i3U a ft 36 fur half boxe- a 7bo for iiuxrier do ; $2 to fori*)em. About 200 keg* grapes, *l >.1 76, *li 4 BODlhf. Iso* ? Tta* market was steady, with ralas of 150 ton* Scotch pig at *30. 0 month* 1 fan ? lb* market ?a? tirni for American. with -ale* of 1 604 pig* at M 30 ca*h; 200 ton* Spanish, at it 20, 6 month* Mai.**?* ?Sale* of 60 hhd*. Cabs Muscovado w*ra made at 231. a 26c. Naeai t>i0*0 ? Th# market wan steady for common rosin, with sale* < f 600 barrel* Wilmington at 61 42*6 deli it red arid 400 barrel* Nortb county, at 61 25 from yard Spirit* of turpentine were stiady; sals* of 300 barrel* at i'lc a 12* , u carh. Oil* ? Lioesed wu* lower, and about 3.000 a 4 000 gallon*, ohicfly city pressed, were sold to day, at 70o. The eale < f Knglish advertised at auotlou oarae off to day. part of wbtcb was withdrawn. The sale embraced 0 cask* sod 11 pipe*, at 64>to. a 67>*o , oaah. There was no change in sperm or whale rnoeisiu** ? Pork?The rale* oomprlsed t'O0 barrels, at 6)0 60 a >10 66 for mess, and 61 66 a 63 ti'2'.4 for prim* I'.eef-Some WOO barrels c'Untry and olty sold on private terms. The nominal prions were 60 a 60 25 tor country prim# and 60 60 a 6<J 75 for olty prime ; and fi r rue-s. 60 a 60 26 for country and 6V 76 a >11 tor city uiet* Prime mess was tn*evy atid freely i ffered to arrive, at 615 50 Some 600 tierce* of Periln's ptime mas* sold, to arrive in December on private teuu* Of wut meat* some 160 hhd* dry aalted hams d id at Cd , f >r Philadelphia Lard was steady, with ales of h60 barrtls and tierces, at 6>4c a H*60. for good to prime ard tl.Se. tor extra; und 400 keg* at"l4'o. lluiter * *? li f* buoyant, rales Statu at lto a lCo)*n ; ard Ohio, at 7o. a lie. Cheese wa? very firm at 5o. a 6*4 c. hn ? was quiet, and no rales of moment trauspired. S i.ab - Sale* cf 120 hhd*. New Orleans were made at f %o. V inssrv ?The sales reached about 400 bbl* at 23c. a if ' *? for Ohio, and 2c\o. a 2d J,'c for Prl?on; Drudge war :6>61; with email laies and now held at 27* n*4i. Ksiarr. Sai h* This Dat.?28 lot* In th* 7th ward of Brookhn. bounded by Division avenue South f th and loth and 11th streets. at 6476 each, total $13 Sot; term*. 00 per cent, on bond and mortgage. A 1 larger numlv r more were advertised; but prise* not i proving siuUfactcry, th* rale was (topped. *ll Mt'rl.ants Kmthangt. by Ji J. JUrrcker?Brookyn lot*:-4 lots west vide Koutrand ?v 26 by 10), at *140 em h. f 5t0, 4 do . 120, 4c0; 24 do. au La Kayette a* . I06, 2,660: (12 do, 120, 1.440; 3 da. on cast side No* rand avanee. 100, 800; 8 do.. DeKaik avenue, 105 840; 40 do., ?6 S840; 2 do J'20, 340; 2 do.. Marcy aveuue. 110, 320. 4 do., Iu6. 420 ; 4 do., 11)0, 400; 3 grres on Koacii sen avenue, 60, 180; 1 do., 116; 1 do., Tompkins at enua. 100; 1 int. l.a 6ayette avenue Hi; 8 do.. Tompkins avenue, 100, 800; 16 do , La Kayette 01. 1460; 10 do. Green avenue. 00, 1440. 8 do. 82)4i UOO; 1 do, Hickory st . 200; 2 do. Tompkins aveuue, 08. 108; 20 do . Hickory at., 87>6, 1750; 7 do. Marcy avenue. 05, 666; 1 do.. Hickory et . 130; 1 do.. Qulnny St., 106; 6 do. Green avenue, 165, 776; 4 do , Hickory *t., 125. 600; 7 do , \ an Bnren st , 105 736; 4 do , 126, 600; 12 do , 102, 1824; 8 ao . 102 816: 8 do , Marcy avenue.97.770; 4 do, 16(>. 600 ; 8 do., Nostraud avenue. 1)2**. 900; 6 do., 125, 1C.0; 8 do , Bedford avenue, 250, 20b0; 20 do , La'ayette avenue. 142>(, 2850; 8 U<> Noetrand avenue. 145, lltO; 2 do . 136. 370; 3 do . 190. 480; 2 do . 350, 700 ; 2 do . Da halb avenue, 125. 250; 2 do . 130, 200; 2 do,125, 250 ; 4 gores do.. 85, 340; 1 do. do., 170. Total Kuril tl of Product per HuAttn River Lillet Tkit Day. klour, bbls. . 13.394 Ashes, bbl* 30 V'heat.. 11 2 000 Chee?e boxes 2.885 Oil I eke, tune 77 Wool, bales 39 BAHKKTt KbSKWUKKG. STOCK SAI.KS Bcsvoe, Oct. 22 ?Hioltri' Huard.- 40 share* Norfolk County Jlallriad, b30, 27 '? ; 20 do. 27.30 do. blO. 27 X; 34 do 2"X; SO do 2.'!*; M Boston and Providence l'a):road, 1>0; 3 Boston and Woroester Itallrcad S?7S. 10 do. 1*8; 4 Kitcbburg Railroad, 108X; 4 Boston ai.d Maine Kallroad. 104*4'; 4 Old < olony Kallroad. 7TX; 37 \ arnoont < entral Kallroad, 4iX; 5 Weatarn Kallroad, 10*X; 2 Essex Co. 125; 2 Merchanta' Bank. 104'4; 1 Colon Bank. 101; 14 Atlantic Bank, 10C; 0 Anicskeag Manuf Co looo, 20 Vermont and Maseachur, tta Kallroad. 21'hi; 25 Reading Kallroad, ICS; 10 dividends Vermont Central Railroad No. 2, 2 lb; 20 do. No. 2, 2.18. ?fitnuiinc< mrnlt of Btflht, Man ia(>f. and Dratht art n*l inserted un/eit duty aurirntii attd and paid for. (Harried. On Tuesday, the 23d Inst., by the liar Mr. Charles ' I I1 Halrey. Mr Win i.? vc K. Bi.avchasd to Miss Msav 1 1 m ms ts ( 1 mii ; nnd. at the same time, Mr. THmui Va* Bi in to Mlec L01 isa Maxim Clam, daughters ! , at Hovrtll ( lark, 1 sq? all of this city. BM, On the 22d lest., of consumption, Sin?n Corvki.l, | I ag> d 48 jears. I he re'atlnns and friends cf tba family are respect- 1 fully luvitvd to attend her funeral this mornlcg from her late residence. No. cfl Cannon half-past 7 j o'clock without further Invitation. 11 er remains will 1 be rem< Ted to Hempstead for interment. 1 rowned on the 25th July, 1819. at Sa-jramento city i f elif< rnla. Ai i.t tu 1 f Hum r, of New York (eon of | Kseklel Dodge d<cea*?d> In the 30th y>ar of his age. I'oughkei psle j epers pit ase copy. On tnc'.'2d Inst . In liost n. Charles K. Horn. Esq , j tbe ci lebrated vocalist and composer. On the 23d Inst . of a short but severe lllners, Pktkb 1 W Ai i? *. aged 41 yea^s. 2 be relatives and friends cf tbe family, and tba t< utterance soch-tles in general, are particularly reijuestiii to attend the funeral from his la'e residence. No 7'1 bird Aveaue, 011 Thursday, the 25th Inst, at bo'clrck. A M.. precisely His remalus will be taken to Matin Island for iu!erm< nt ill A It I T 1 M K RITKLlilOENCG. Port of New York, Oct, 21, 1810, <<< *i?r? ti 2.1 I wonta aiea*.. 1142 ?WM *ai I. 1 l/.'i| HIXM Wiltii lit Aea general n. we or,1,111. fog u.? iaoeet Marina Ia'.elilifjti>ia hjEagaoUe tale err pi.. Cleared. Al If?Clifton, Trgora.'ll. Now Orl-aoa T P S'lntia. Bark?Louie (Bel),,,i,iut, ALtwerp, Schmidt J; Haiti tti. Hrige? Frnar'. Mtekle. Singapore and letton, Ge.odliao II Co; t 1* .10# (lul>. Cfi.ielii, Mayeauex. t CK nlnaUo; Mtxieo ( Hr?. Mori la, Kiign- a. J a, L II Altkia; Torcello, Ata cod. Tnbeeio, pli irolth * W aim; >!. ry A. o. I'm. r? n. Si Jol t, NR; Atltnee (Br). Il<>lly, M J hn?, N P. D'in.0 >n . Ik I *, k v. th; rrttral u ra, Cneftr < harleeton. N I, Mot r?\Jj k Co, i Hole, Mchele. Pi.'at n. I'lnaatr, Terry, UteenpotTr Atl la? I'rooldtner, Arhul-x, Pan f'renrbtn; yauiuel B, Aiepl.e J*, k? eitlio, Badger, Pack a i ... Kill it, Cala. I nl.ire rr, J. I nun k London; Ellen Ro.lniin. # mriixa, >o* Hid', io. Sarah Llun. h. ?tilth. >'.* Un>> a. Slu. fi- Ur?>. n. Surgn Providence; K?a?< I .is, M. 11a, do. ArilTrdi l a. krt Ship Conitnllatina, I.uaa. Liverpool, Dot la*, with r.'ra and fall ai?r*<> iiurtf-tt to K Hermit A.i-tdap, 21a*, I 1 M let Ion (9 V paered attain*.<p Utrmuio. hcuoe f. r Poathoiiiplna. AhljJ W f arnln. Vrrrla, Cat teat a, (Tmu.) 21 dayi, alth hid* a, At. to J II lit. wot ft Co. Ahip lor. ato, Ahret-r. Now Orlaaao, 1A dajro, with eott>n air 6 laan natra. to T I' Stanton. thlp fnlifUld, Lovcland. ILafltaton. S dart, with eattoa t j G Holkley. Park lieela, (of Hampden.) Wheeler, Btieone Arraa, 49 date Willi hide*. fto. to l? I* buck. Hark Oeprey (Danh), , St Barta, 18 dtye, with eall to Schmidt B Hntrh.n. Baik Gmrrio, Allan, Aa.nnnah, 10 daya, with oottna t? Slurgea, Clearinnn ft Co. Pi v Armor.(ol *s < ? Pa l' r.l )Au.iil. A* Martina, with nil lo Pa T< tirg ft llroti.ore Oct in, IntSA, ton 71 Ul, op. ke hrig Maul all, f< r l lakon. Brig Lertrtt, Crtiaty, Aavenilta, via the Breakwa'ar, 4) data, with ftiitlt. at. to Pvereull Brown. Br'y Tr ma rrc?t.;B. (ol P.nnaor.) Il..pper. Jaekeiatllle. (M llS.'eya. with aklp Hail r lo J (iter. O"! in, tpeko Mi llir|,iti, frr? Firt H t.i.ioi'.'B lot Jaekeoitrllle, and tltMnlr rt hiact for Tul-tak'. Btlg T. iktr. Prlto. Nort H. A daya. n th atatta te oiantt. Prig .liktriraa, Ruse, Sataanah, 8 4 eye, with eott .a, t Dap.) Ain A BimrP. Brig Baton.pka, p.>wi?r. Mol.lla. and IS dnya fr a> Key W<?t. a th totlrn to Stwrgre ft I'lan-aian Brig Clara, doa (of Sriiwetr.) Borne* gharloalon, U taye. with I.P'.itti font of ytll. n pin#. to d A I' i ?t. of Croatian ?, yrarel 'o R r hold n Tl.a C Pan had a pll ! on hoard A daya, ?a.l c?li.g tea Lcx?j NK gala waa otliged to pnt lnt> tkt Bleak water. f alllnt l . irtartla (l'i ??h). Zeentan. Odaeaa, M daya, la hallael it d ft. (aaitngara to CVrleh ft Krnaey. Ko'cb I . miner t. (if rbarlaatow,) Auohlatea, Aogna I Crerde It", daya. with yaoar lo M Taj I. r. Pthr P'tniiy. Ate* art, Tohaaeo, AS daya, with favtie. he, t L< herh ft AenapuUr. Athr Catheriur lioy'a. Curat a, i'dara, with h'dea, foat'a, ft. In 8 W lania. Ott IA. lat .'II, 1 .a 7A, piaae.l two meet* in.I bow rrtit, with rut ng attaehad~apprarwd to ho the ei ire of a largo acl.r wkteh had traa hat a ahort Mat ia the yi'tr. Achf A Mitel all. Ilontyhill. Jaokaontlllt, (P.f) 11 daya. Athr d W Dana Briggi. WiltBingtoa. NC, 7 daya. with Bare 1 at. tea Scht t, 8 Powell, r..woll, Wilta n/toa. NC, 7 daye. 8ehr A J Be Roaaei. Iltawafer, V llr leotoa, 7 daya. Ail r dona, Beriick, Nawhern. NC, 4 daja aatal atoraa Sarllrrt. rai|a n?nr"?, tor i aoaa, <to; tpa'J. I I n |i(r? Ptato (pkt), d>?: /. rich, hatk? F.d? nard. Apalaihltnla: nottoita Mn'tar?? t,rl<? ClfMl, 81 Ihrmaa; tliaton, "araBt.ah. Rooe ( Br), St John, >1". Oi r 28?Wind at i'larlM, 9tt; at martdiaa, W5 W. atiaatat, W8W. Parrtffn Moll*. i.ttrr* flan* of atoaiuor foabol, for Harana, will Mo* at th? Faclarr Rradia< Ku< m. (07 Ii'hrni*.) on Saturday. at iiair root S p olo< k. n?ri of lUamrr fndra, for Bio Janoira? Yalparaioo, Be. *111 iiliu NOT. 8. Bar a of it amor Ctwarrnt City, for KI?*itow, Cli agroa, Pa?n> ltd OlIfoTBii. * ill cloro Not 13th, at tho ahoro attira. I llrri'H Harlno Cnrrrwponftwtor*. Fi oaaTowa, Orl ?>-Arri'rd 17?f'-hr FnrtwB*. fonary, N?w Tork fir Thotn?itp?; 10th. aebra Phfali, CarlMa, Now j 3 ort for Bangor: Koanoka, Smith. Naw York f< r F.mprtt I'olriit, Bockliao. N?w Took f< r Portland; loth, Bn?a?. Itn?oo'i, Naataokot for Now Tork; Northrra Bollo, fitrroratd, do, do. 20th, ia pork-tho ahoTO. alio aloop Toaror, Gardner, Now York. Sailed?Srhrt Sntnit, Rraanll, for Now Tofki Northern Hollo, Pititerald. do; Roanoke, Smith, Rnoti rt. Arriwtd fl-Pchra John Ron man. . PHIadalphia. Tla rrotidrnoo. for Hoaton: Aariloo. fir itot, Now York for Ban- 1 or, Ieane doom. SylToater, do dot Sarah Hamilton, c'looah. Now Vrrk for (iardBor. I | Y.'d?Th* bIioto ato ia port thia wiornla*. aloo orhro dot B Frioreu. fir Bangor; Palawan. Wermnth. Fortnro, Thowioitoa; Patriot, for rottlao'l; floor Tp??wt. for New York. Phii at rt rwia, OetoVor 2.1, 4 P - Arr1?od ? Bark Mary It liildoa. Bootoa; hr>t Hodwla. (Prwi) wolfa, N T?rk; ?o?ro . Jaso r Cloror, WrtlatiU, do. Eayoclaa. ?tr?pahtr?. do. Varik I.? ttiw. AdaBu, Chtrlri'on; Byr"n Handy. Itnhti W? HtB'y, Y?y, N York; t'barlotto, Kltlff, o); H?ry, Uluytr, do: J A Tb?ai|?oa, ChkM, do; Liberty, WmIii. Pro. vldrnco ; Sully W hratou. V? t,??* >?, Riutim >nd ; lu'til, liuftnan. Near York. J W Sooiu. Toirareud. do; I ?M *?r. H< M, Wil.ianrt urg; M Marrt; tiewitt, Mrootlya < Utrrd-S. d liiK Norton, Uuth. Mobilo; trig Thomnd U'l'i Ui gih.,n Peru.mbie>; rear* Uralitud?, Dalp. St liana: d illavilia, Pe.etpae. Richmond; Baar7.Uluvar.Pr0> eiuiuse. Ti.oe Ftunor, Kiehoram; J tV 8?a a, Tuwaono; ^Bl Unity. May; laciana. Ill ffuto; Capo May. Boats Liberty, Vit.ka: Charlotte, Href N York; i my num. Itrupal.irr, Hroi kha; kl Jla-07, Hewitt. Proeid.noei J A Toumpi< a 11 ate, h atoa; ata* urra Yuluaa. Tea, M Tark; Penob- I not, Clark; do; largo trie, Ni rrnaa. da. MlMallaaaoaii Bntr Siiauoa? The ahip ?a?a aab're on the Orauco Kept, ?> tha Sharon, from Havre, hound to Ala# Orlaaaa?<ra? gat oil bp ihe *6.i?t?rre ot ww ltn, without uiuoh damage, and proceeded to bar port of daatinatloa. fun- Iuitai.TH Copt Campeou, of tha ihia Patar Marap. fioinhaw k'urk. arrl?t?i at Na .* Orleane aa tha ltth,r>p?rta that fl a aHp Elizabeth, from Boeton wot la aooiuaap with bin, 1 if tl a lirmiai lulaiiue 00 tbo bth mat. Tl 0 E. had laat all three lop.ailaut matt* aad h'ad of kcpmaata, having expai iaactd na< ata hurrloana un tha 3>ih tad flat of Sapt. Hah ? Rio, of Ronton. before repirlid abaadonad at aaa oa tha voyage fr- ni New a#tl?, waa bound to Maw York, aat lb a n. 8h? waa a good veavol ot about Ml toaa, built at linian nearly at ran year. aUea; elaaan-aUtaaatha belonged to Relfaet, aid tha remainder iuRnt>n. Only throo- !?tn-n 1 ha, a p< rlioo of that owntdia 3 'st?a. waa iatarad. ad which Sl..'? II a aa at tha Krank'iu office, and $*UU at tha Train, m Cap! tlottrell, who railed th? eeaeel on theree, had %tMO inured on bia part of thn lrci h? money. Tha aarga waa prol al ly intcred in tngl-tud or in thia oitp. Parx ii aaa r?T--Capt Maurin. of aad fkom Previleaee for Sen r iiiihuco, got aahora toon aflar diaoharging hat pilar, t'th .i.etant, P M. on tha Mo,th Point af liaat I alan d, S w|?rt an or harbor w*at eida of tha Rreakwatar. Ilhe waa got off en tl.a II.tli wi lo ut dan,ago. and want ta aaa. Blio t> it hmob, of Ha'tfax. arrived at Halifax aa tha lllk laa- .iit'a and aound, w ithout t he l?aa of a .par or the etrainina af a r< pa ya a. Thlt ia tha eeaael conoarniag whiob foara weta entaruined, from a notina pnbl.thed ia tha papera a mt tin.a an na, of a boitletei-ig picked op aaar Elnabetb Ctlr, he, ontein'at a note, whioh eta-ed that tho brig at the time Vil'lul, aey gale ot wind, had a hole (tare in bar bew, both a a??t gon >, ai a oxtictaJ to go down every inomeat. Iia t*e 11 n Pnkiidkkt, arr at Baltimore on day t from K Aetna; N P. Lrinraaa pun aged Capt Wilaaa aad new. i t 1 rig hp, 1 dwell; Cart Hearu tad orew, of brig Pienaer; the mate and crew of Trench brig Pravenca, aad tha ma,oof tchr Voltai; '.he wreekief wuich vttteli hart all teru I efora icpirtod. r?o Chatham?Tha captain of a brig which arrived ak Bun.oi Ayi i ab u t A i gta' 2' , r- ported I neing tpokvn, aa daie, ae.. It g (.'Latham, IIi.fho.loo, of and from Boston ( Kay 13) for ban Fraacitoo, with I ,.. of ioute off deak, bulwor a, long b, at. run n rail, trvrral atancheonf broken, and p 'til sbe-sr I adit pill, occasioned ly a hca> y mu breaking on li unl * lii'.e lying in a I eivy "pumparo." off lb* Rivar of r uie. The I oust u uikined ail her spare Milt,compssieSk Ac . whiel wen- taken away with it. Besnpplteit har with a con.pi a, anm a1 e bore up fur Rl? Jai eiro. Did net hear ef any i ne Itirg hurt or lost overboard. Jin iii Cm BowAgn?Cant Aurkee. of the brig Col Howard, ( l Baltimore) fr"in Bcenoa Aoree for California, reports tl at he uMiiiuutcreii moat terrible weather off Falkland islands. that while lying iu a very heavy gala, with a trainerdous >ea running, the C H sprung aleak, whioh inorcaaed in 24 In.i r? from M to 6.V) <tr ken per hour, and foreed him tu bear up for Bu. no> Ayree. where ha arrived Auguat IS, With Loth pun, pa constantly going. War rs?Captain G<al am, of the eehr, arrived ad Now Orleans, from Braros, rep' 1 ti having seen, on the lad inst, in lm ft) 2b. Ion !ki 3d, a schooner of abont 120 tons burthen, hntt.'m up, newly coppered, mainmast gone, foremast and bowrprtt standing. with whits boot-top, red mouldings, white streaks and black bulwarks-aalled around har foux time*, but could not make her out. Bn io M C. Dsaris. (before reportod?Captain Young, af the brig Telegraph, arrived at N Orleans on the ith inst, front * Huritnn 1 >lai <1. teports that ths brig II C Draper, from Ohnpres. was totally lost on the fist of August, on the Moniaite II ore, and ihe wreok burnt. Two of the C Draper'* pat? reisers airived at New Orleans on the brig Telegraph. Ichs FonasT, baa been sold at Buenoa Ayres, and is engaged in the coasting trade. Whalemtn, Bailed from Btoninaton. 16th, ship Tybaa, Barbae, KF Coast; 16tk, bark George, I'entllston. do. A'Fayal, Sept 22, Nye, Francis, N 3, 211 tp, landed tot sl.i|iniiir. home. Touched a few days before, Desdomona, Biclerman, do, and landed 3" >p. At do, ? nit, brig Gem, of Beverly, landed 110 bbls (poll to be ahippod to Boston. Spoken. Bark Btrah Olnev. of and from Boston for Kataniaa, Sapt 14. 'at tl in, Ion tM,. Bai k r.vid Oedfrey. Young, from Liverpool (2Sth) for Rln Jane ro. Sept 28, u!T the Salteoa. Br g Ji.mpb, Keller, from Near York for Raggod Island. Oct 16, lal 31 US, Ion 72(16. ro* csi.iroaviA. Bark Can. Small. from Per land (tl dara out) for San Fran iiico, no date, Ac. (by bark I'sitea States, of Westpert ) Bug Autares llowe, from Boston for California, tlh last, lut Win, 1 u zc to. Foreign Ports. Amstssi am, Oct 2- Are ship Agnes, Jonas, Akyab, (before rcpoitrd m the Trxel. 26th all). Amticua, Oct 2? Brig Marccllus. Sheffield, from New York, lei gisoaArnaa. Aug31?Barbs Southerner,Clark, te oad brig Cut Uowaic's cargo for Valraraiso; traaeia Partridge, Ur. ugbton. si d Tiberius. Hurd, di?g; F.l Dorado, Etohaurger, lor kioJar.tiro uest cay; Orlando, from Balilaore. arr Win in quarantine. I rigs Pslos, II ttch, disg; A Hayfork nutiih. Iron'Bangor, (Bay 12) sir 1.1th. do; Jtaletta (Dan). Until it 1. r, Tt' tu New York. arr loth. At do 26ih? Baiks M. rcuriu. (11am), Snhr, for NYork; (Brem). Jankxin. from Bo.ion, in the rivsr; brigs F< rtuna (l>aw). Junes for PhilsdsUbia; Alcvou (Ham), SI on. for Bali mime, iter'ha. Wsuhier, for New York. Ci * Ama. Oct 6?hctr Knphun.ia, Berry, for New York. On' It Tin only Aluer vestel. C/> MO) (?* hainjos), Jnly 2??Ship Valparairo, l. okwo. d, f. 1 N1 ork direct, abt Am 1. Cam 1 rva Aug 22? Ships Palmyra. Byrwa and Aseutna. link*, f .r 1 rat n. I<* r;, Bauson, for NYurk, do; bark Sesonville. Kl. hardion, for Boston, do. 1 >pi*. ?i p-iV-Bark Niagara. Jarvia from NYork via N F I'd fold f 1 uoinu.caci 1 d.og. eld 2Ulb, brig Othel'o, South, Bern. 0 Ay res. ( sidsiait, fsnt tf?Ships Chloora. lfolm. to load for Beate n; D tl.nia Farnlism, >nd II reuee, M'e.o.'w ird. who; lark Barssr-l Bum, Pe'na m, for liston, about reedy. Sid, no dktn l ark toward C ohsn, Ripley, Vyburg, t? load for Varanlln. ! > v*r. sua, Sspt 21- Arr brigs Fav.-rito. Rasters, Alesalter s; I ins, , lie fus Mi, bark tehiinp .e Geale Uidi t;bi|g Loss Aur a-, ?, Radius; 22d, sohr Helena Vis vrs. Orir'co: l.aik Vaoolin, , London t.i.aesow Oct I?Shin Hariiiowia.Ofenro- ill, NYork. T. in d*;% h r Por d.u to repair: kilt fcra. Clan, for a r rt IB it* Moult-nana a o, 1I1I? SI.I '.*t> ( not pranomly ), nli. 8?ob o, liriifi, t?ni'n; ilil, bark Chilton, Wbttlnj. I I' Ud?l|' .in oilcan. |mt back it Bc??rat ?f light bottling wiide, al-l a, ala 24th, and I'tHM out 2ft1III. f h.p l?aa) AlI rl'n * ??:11h fr in NOilaana, arr gArh. and abl 2Stn fi r Uwn-a an I I n<horo. Tha ?!<;< IWth, wan ationg from SW, witE i.ii i. Il> a> d tan.; *< 4 ?.n 7th ? ai I Hi i fin., O't f. I; ' t k K 11 li wea to b ad for Bt.itoa, I >i im'iik. ?!>( mi* IS--lid b\rk Helen and Franoor. Colli'. I). a* ob. M' Ml it; r", Art 27--Bark rt'm H Sh'tler, Fraar. fro* B all ti In Safowlrl; lalBbda, 11 ,-Mreil and rwl-adlnj, to aa 1 it. f. '.r 8 daya. Kami i a July 11 (tfia f tih?t 'Intel--*Vpa Amity, Par < tf, f r It.-., inn. (I or 7 day a; I en ta. ai d Ann Maria, Ore iJ.l rM rk, d . Man* Aa, Aaa 21 "hip Neaanintr. W h taey fir Calcutta J'> b; brig Carthage, 11*ti hi I-a. for do aa iB. Mai aaa. Si pt gi--Uri? Petrel, Mafar Boston, lot (f T< rk. B'.a Pr h. Jor.a ?d--Park Pilot, IVMto from Maaatablqaa, foTtl North .na few data, all well. I'lit A' ,fapi 2? - - bath I rancia. Croaker, for Konigabarg, to b ail for Hct'.< n. Roi in r.t.r. net .V- Brig Marie (Ft), MoalUn, for n. at. a abt nil. I iii * .Or'.l lUrk Hoag K ng (Dnt' h).fir B?etoa al t Mm I. tr Va lines, Oct d--Bflr A'l'lie. Trent, for NT"rk aama day. Bid Hlh, I aik lla l, Curtla (from Maw York), I'? rt aii Pilar*. \ mo, Sep' .11?Bark Warram. Elwell. f?ora Beaton, arr 231, to Ieif. rtr. l.'i daya luarinTiif, and proceed A" Malagar Ilia I r.atrr, f* ..rt, from New Y rk, err Jbm, for Cad la, after >1 ariDiloe. Home Porta. Rdi ifi'i.p r, Oct 23?Arr Br*inea al.lpe Caat it, Tub Santar. HntMii Cio'hr, II miat, bt.nai; bark Jamaa Andrrv a. Pleach. Bordravs: bow el. I ?al?ad, B ava; brlgg Mhlrat.r llardy, b, aroa; Juailaa, Reawi?k, Km/*t'?. 'a; Ardritoagln Vieraa, li<?ton; (Item Waahlagb n, Mi Carry, I'ao-*r f?r Iri.s M Plan. 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Ball, Pi ilmVrhla; Myra. (tadler. do; Mary It, mith. < . Palm. Hall, d-; Laa*at, PklHrwak d : Alot M lltkra Dab, Mori, lahra liiai tali, Smith, of aad from Brai.dyaita; Farce, (-f Pranlt) Daggrtt dilnaii a. D I; RfbaLak t rgg, t ??. anil F.inplra, fPaarr, Phi'.al*lpila; lata. II at", HY<rk| Old. bark Av.da, Kaadrtak t'harl*aton; Br kt'i A?. pf, Crtck' r. (t, Thoana aad Si Croti; Vafihanoc. Ob* ila. Mi,Vi|a j Nltlrroy. Radrtl, Mm roe ffraak. Va; Calck I wiin Trow, fharliaioa; Ifirnn, Prowall, MYork Bark a Turk aad In lawara. aid )Hh for Phlladolphta, a?t Apnlachlrrla. aa a.l*| rlatrd. Nothirr tailed troBi ally r'tla. Cm ablbatow, Oct ID? r M?Arr aebr M*dlat' r. Iced. Maw tan it, n In the road.-(bin Etama fPatU, Watta. UoalnB. |>:r?l?Btly rtf r'id a? arrin ii. 2 lh. .' M?Md ahlp- t'olumbia. Vliar, Maw Turk; CamdaB, (bcrwood, NYork; ickt Mae-bant, Tcaaiar, tPrat Indiaa. < A UN, Oat IS?(Id. kri* lladaon, H illat. Mew V. rk; acht* Sarah Ei. ma, wail, do; I tth bug liaa - a, Bailay, Pi Spa a .lira Vary Crctaa. <ia>*r. Philadelphia ^Pa anaroa t. Oct IS?Sailed, kark Agaei, Catlar. (am ? - - II rial If . A? koto. ! loci i. P..a. him. IVrt'oi .i le t tini, JO 11 >m.n, II ?tm,; Ch'ai, ft t%. Ml J. I 1 ill 11, V.iita*. Kea Fork. CiA, trip Oilia, Out him. Bath. nitrriii, Oct pn?Art an) ri 'taraVa. Wills. l*T"r%; 8ak> m.llr?li#r Aitin*. Hii.hi IHm Hnn, M?fV. U/U LOWRI I., Ovt I -At hri* Ntritl-k#. PI mar, Warn Ti tk. Ilnl uri'i tint a Oil ?1(kT l?'k Nvf Adaim, l in.., (.limit* lor halloa, pat ta a* Manual of I 'll . it.A Morn a. Ortnl?r |}_ru lilr CnhAaa, Ciralih, Butoai lai r I a mi Bmloa i?,?it?r. Point itah.l, Art hark* Pil* !*>, * lll<amr, BY' r) i l.ntlnda Mini, Rirh, B York, hriaa Brin t. Print, Don i, Ast.ik Pro a a, W?l?h, > Fork achr 'i II l'i try, ? , Tin miitna Ni wpnuT. on in? *r nrV Harvoil, Maaria, ProrMenea frrfin Fntii wo; ttU Had nna, Barr/, Piahtoa, far 11 all. ' M. ri? 1'irillfr *n??ar, Maria, Nun i mi, Oat If- 514, rel.ri 8i:ian; N Yark, Jfor'him B'I1? B York. Nr? Pr rr?*n, Oct ?lt? .1 r ichn IFm Br**., Hunt. Nfaairwad lf| ??rih. B Ynrkl tliwip, Alkia/. I?4 VIA, rl tp Aadnl. i), B laior. l'i cntta. * M:w liiiint, ?>rt II?A.r 8Mp Patar Mara/, 8amp,n?, Ni* V?rkt hrla YaWraph, (Br) Toanr. Baataa luaal; rnif n tra, flrtiram. firaim 81 Ja<?. Below ? atia* wp ? Blii| T'i null,, fr. iu hew York. Bt'irni a. Oat ai-Arr lehri Frank. HnRath, NYnrk; l>tl? await. Pill Pornti: il?'p Swaa, Wit'ia. Pyanlki I'M, rla AItto, Tl ur.lon, barhadoa. 8M, lit* Altaaa, 1'hara- j tor, W lad'ea. f mi ?i ri run, Oat 21--Arr brla John Fr?aiti, JolTr;/, R ite l.nrltf, itiin Vigilant (Br). Unairnmh, BnrtaaAa; BaaJ f ri|rl?.|,, B'll. N-w Hiraa; ? wi A'k-it, Amimn, Alhnai; a atf? Minor. nollm. BrlA/tfor". Ana K in tilka. r?oif?ti, >ri*k. CM, hark* o?k, K/dar. Boal?a; RI*, BMriArt, An. r?Mi' til l. Oat 20--Arr tnl f R"r/ Rllra, Bliirp Ti'rufT, r? r ruM?n. uotf ravmvB. jtol-miB. cji>?i?b. laflvtk. v&; <; ? h fa?R. c?m. PkllMl fair. Bn?r. 8p?lm?n. AlhtBJ *! *. ? ? ! ! ?, A?h n 1. rk; i'nor lit/ Rbibb, B?rk?t, 8? 814 ?-flo k >lkl?? lor) IJ'ob, Skarp bb4 l?ln?lt?, CTi?ttt, PhllM. A4?Ui4i , Olkurn, Harriot Smith. Smith and Hnrlaor. NttVBf?o . Allan); Iiirtr, Starling, NVork. Rkhm'<bd, rtc). ab B >1 ?Art iihf Nl? Torfc. ?mw|, in 8!4 hark tirfinmn, B n?h, Ran OtUbbi; rahrf !,????& 1 Jv R?uhttrm. N?w Inrli I i*htfno?. 'UBprr, B n??. 8?iom >?>) y)-Arr rahrl Adnata ( Br), l>rhr?i, Windaa? tit Frad?rt(th?hnra; Bm B I'Btnra, Lord. Saltlran, for Baa T ?h; 21rt. bark < halcalnnt, Ipton. RobbM Ayr?? 814 *Ht? htl/ Aartml, F?r*; nht Ya'atan, (Itna Raw Park, haalag f?fBlr*4,) A u? _ PaBBfMBri Ait )?1. OoirrorcB-llip I Fanni*? Br OiilM u4 Mr, Capt Maholakaf, Br Baad, luwr 0 Cauad.

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