Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1849 Page 2
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1 " ' ^ NEW YORK HERALD. NtUwmI t?rn?r?f fulMH JAMBS BOItOOW fKorniCTCR AND ItSITOR. VOL I'STAK r I'Ult RMBEUbDESCM, "??*mmertaat newt, eelitited frtm any ?Mrhf / IA? i?rid ; if ???</, wi// *< liAtreUy puid fr. . ltd SVTHK taken / ?"?'< twiom IT. tennft return rrjretrd cemtmuim etifae. TEA DAILY HERALD. 2 eente ft ftpy?tt ftr ?m*rHE * KEKl. r HERALD, far ti'tult lit/* an IMi C.tmHaent ettry Saturday,<b\ reiiti ftr U ftr anwuw . Jtr circulation in Eurfpe. printed in rrenek mud Bneittk rente per copy, ar %t per annum. THE DOLLAR WEEKLY ItLKAt.n. every Meaiay.l etntt per copy , $1 per annum i tie capiat If eluAt, f-f.. at) per anaam. ALL LETTERS Ay mail. ( * euAeertptiane, er teUh adPfrHeemuutt, If At potI p. t.', tr Ike pfelate will At dtSuited fr*m iht monry remittee, AUVtRTISEVE* IE at rentonaAlt pricei ; the prepricter tut retpentiAle ftr trrera in nununript. AMUSE*ENTS THIS ITIMNV. BOWtRT TUCATEI, Bowory? Uiima-THB BAI abb. ' BROAI?WAT THEATRE, tlror.dway? 0?? Hiimiin* -bi?r??a A Co. MIBJ.0'8 GARDEN, Broadwuy.-TiBMT Rura -SoLniaa rot Lara? Ueu Gbobb. BSRTON'S THEATRE. ChamWa oiroot? Heart* abb Tirort-B? iaih or Pbomire -Uo bton'b Dukcruur. N ATIONAL TJIEATR P. Chatham oqnaro?Mr N*tnnk-wii'* Wir??Jo??:t tmb Afarta*-Fbmai.b Portt i Thibtko- Hvntiso a Titan.a. OLYMPIC THEATRE, Brua d a a v? B a a o a nit Liarbbb ?CiariBiui-tAriAia or im Watch. MECHANICS' II ALL?C?s ttTT'a Mibitbbm?Yarabb Mvocai.e??tniofiin Sinuinb. CHINESE ML'SEl M, 9Cy Bro?4 way-Prom f A. M. to 1* r. m. CHINESE ASSEMBLY ROOMS- Ma. 3facai.ljitaa'a Boiabbr VIabibfb WELCH'S COLISEUM, Aotor Flaeo? E?ic or raiaa Pa a FOBX?rierii, fc". law Yarfc, Kiiunj . Octebw M, 1S4*. Th? Nttro hy tile ' iirapo.?lllgttljr Interfiling IrWIi In Kurui>?ait AlYalra. The steamship Eurapa arrived at Halifax on Wednesday last, and lirr news, received by express and telegraph, was published in the llrrnl.i of yesterday morning. Ia every aspect her intelligence rs of tire most interesting and significant character, I and, in many essentials, of the best complexion. j The question of peace or war between the Czar and the Fnlfan has been submitted for the final de- I eision of the Emperor and hi* Imperial Council, j Md l?"nWi.rtM in aiian^ndn u hiln rlio 1 aan* io rmnrL ing. It in manifest thai the lirst clash of arms between the Cossacks ar.d the Turks would he the signal for a general European convulsion, involv- j ing every government, reviving all the unsettled i qiuttionp, and calling again into increased energy all the confused eh mentsof the recent revolutions, from Paris to Pesih ami from Berlin to Palermo. These general results appear to be so clearly inevitable, that all local questions in England and France, important as they are of themselves, are hashed, as in the genera! silence which precedes the rush of a tempest. A more momentous, a more grand and sublime struggle than anything on record ia Europe's hntory, if not in the annals of the wot Id, hangs upon the word of the proud and imperious Nicholas, lie stands in a most difficult i and critical |xu>itii>n for a dictator of his imperial stamp. If he surrenders, his prtttiqe as the ruler of the continent is gone ; if he madly plunges into i war, the hazards are at les?t equal that he will j come out of it stripped of a third of his dominions. He will be dr/ven from the Black Sea, the Medt- ; terranean, and the Baltic, by the steam navies of England and France, from which his capital itself would be in d utg? r of bombardment. His only reliable ally, the Emperor of Austria, would be in i danger of ins taut annihilation from the overwhelrn\ ing elements of revolution by which he is surrounded; for, encouraged by hn invading French army, Sardinia, Italy and llung&ry would spring again to arms, and it is by no means improbable that Prussia and the contiguous (leiman principalities would uuitc their fortunes with the formidable allies of the Porte, an the safest alternative of securing a firm footing and a positive voice in the affairs of Germany, which are now overshsilowed by the supremacy of Austria. With ^ respect to France, mere can be no doubt of her . readiness for a hearty co-operation in the Sultan's j cause ; and nothing would tend more to strengthen A the government of Ijcnis Napol-on, in the event of a rapture, than tin- despatch of a powerful army ! over the Alps And never was an army in a bet j ler temper for removing the blunders of the gov- j i uiti* ii(? hi'iu ?iir miiiiy * i rrnnur ai inis crillR. | It will thou If seen that the Kniperorof Russia, m resolving upon war, is placed in an attitude j whish haxurdi- the instant destruction of his Autrout ally, and which demands the whole of his | resources, to secure the iut*gtityof his own do- 1 n.ioioiis. Ap|>reheii?ive of an app? al to arras, the Sultan is mustering a force in the field, which of itself will he ctmj?fent to rcjiel any Russian force that can be spar* d in that direction; and the rapid concentration of tin English if ? t in the lUrdaneMet dnolea, with iithci-nt dia* HCtnrsa, the dotirmiiation of Piilitierstnn to k' *p closed the gateWby info A.-iii Nor if it to he presumed that the Tnrks are still iu a .date of semi bat barisrn, while ?v?n the aavage h* r<fc? of 14a in have been disciplined at lenat in the modern improvements of , war and military lactica Ot l?ie pears, the Nullaa hae intrcdm? d many iti.rcv > ni-at# intc every department of bia goverr.aaent Scientific men? j Americans, French, and Kn;?! t -have be?n en- ( oaraged to rifle in hi** dominions, raid have received the ("T-tant favors of the government The celebrat* d Ante rt an naval architect, ll-*nry tefctord, rr.r d< lied th" splendid ahtjw of his navy. Th? am v hae b*' u re-organised to some extent, sn the scientific eyetem of Kurspe the navy greatly mptoved; iiumrroua almsca huvc bco-n csrretted in the adiiurnHi ration of th* It* and the finances; military, o vat, and ti-dtcil achsols have been established -oil of winch are proofs that the bulti.n hvs been alive to the necesviUes of the ago, and that his empire is r.-.t in t hut sttte of deetepitude vt fetch is incapable of nelf-drfence bush are the rlem nts of the war which, at the la?t advices, was under the eon'H -ration of the i Imperial Council it bt l'eu rsbnrgh, and upon the Use of v?hi h the nul iniestof co idiots, between gr- .it princi. lea and peat nations, is suspended ? ' Like die avtord ot Duno* 1-s, th" peace of Europe hinge upon * hair; and however fearlul the conae- j gsenceand the thrr.iteued convulsion, we, on this cde of the Atlantic, Isohint? to the general result, hnve l.vely hoj-e that the I!mp< ror will l?e eonsretrnt, and summon hie ('<. .*< \? into camp. Ths l-vrr-l S'tei ii<- I II*:,. 1*? rid the g' aerul in<;rrteion which seems to prevail throughout I turo|>e, g?? far t< w.ur. it th? pr > tnption, on the other hand, thai N.choice will rei !-, and t iat the i f tee oi ill' continent will fc<* r< stored. Tbr inir!litr#n" from Frtnoe is < \ wm? importai.?e The .ij pointanfat of M f*nin Hoi* le Conipte aa nccestcr to M. I'ou'in. is caHimcd, mol the singular Frt appi art that ii was mad' in advance <1 the iaformiiiiao of the rupture betwren the Frcnoh rnin *t< r and our l-'errfttry of State tt also appears iat in the r?'< mtition for the tobacco indemnity of M. 1'orl, Mr Poi"ri( was in*tructed to aay that, in the event of a refusal to pay it, the nun would be kept bat k from the aauoities due on tkt F rt ntb ndemnitiei That qae*ti >n lias yet to j be settled Several importarit d<!>at'? bid hern pMfpoacd in the French /asembly, pending the f aera! suspense ou the Tuiklsb question; and hot ^h the gr verunt tit was too mu' h <?ccu| i?d in snmming up ita revolutionary ripenaes. and in va.n attempts at an sitrication from its Mali in blond r?. to DM.ko ary movement aa yet in active co-opnation wi*bTnrkry. wa bav# tbs fullest assurances that France is ready, la Italy, the combustible" of the late revolution are pull in a atata cf far ion. and ihe tlnnute objcrtn i>j Franca, ?ad the j rf ?i>r-mi of ilia I'ofr, mnaia u mac h a mpetery a? r**r. Aa ?bf lime for the ratora of Hia Holmeac to tht Vatican approached, and in tba profrreaa *f tba nt^aaaraa for !iia rer aarallirLaieat in power, tke raeclplianary epirit was breaking out, and the frequent assassinations in the city, warned his Holiness to remain at Naples. llis restoration is still doubtful. The outbreak of a war with Turkey would abolish his temporal sovereignty at once. Jn that issue every unsettled question in Europe is involved. The extraordinary advance of cotton in the English market does not, we apprehend, as Uiorii.e uny extraordinary expectations of its continuance. Tiie reports of u deficient crop had doubtless much to do with this sudden demand. Rut since these reports went over, the season has been unusually fine, and there is reason t? count upon a much larger aggregate crop than could have been anticipated two months ago. From the increased eiportution of cotton goods, on the other hand, we may calculate at least upon a steadily increasing demand for the raw material, notwithstanding the distrust with which the caprices of the market should be regarded. in many of its details, the news by the Europa is deeply interesting, and suggestive of important consequences; hut the great peudiug question between Russia and Turkey absorbs them all. The gauntlet has been thrown down at the Czar. There is ground for some faith m his courage ; but there up; ear t* he weightier reasons for counting upon his discretion. The arrival of the next steamer will, in all probability, determine the question of peace or war. Newspaper Enterprise?The Hon Rotary Printing Press.?We publish in another part of to-day's paper, a translation of a very interesting article concerning that wonderful invention, Hoe's Rotary Printing Press?then? plus ultra of printing; presses?which appeared recently in La Paint, a newspuper of large circulation, published in Paris. It if a well deserved compliment to American gemus, us w ell as an accurate description of this new press, which is destined, no doubt, to create a revolution in the sublime art of printing. The writer in La Patrit, it will be seen, ha* entered into some curious and interesting calculations. That journal, lie says, contain* a certain number of lines, and it would occupy a scribe one hundred and ninety-two thou.and hours to supply eight thousand copies of that paper; or, in other : words, this new rotary press performs as much ( woik in one hour as one hundred and ninety-two ; thousand men could in die same time; and two of tkvrn can print as much matter within the same period, as the whole French army could writ?, provided every soldier was capable of writing with ordinary despatch. Thin would appear to be the very perfection of machinery; but the advantages which printing possesses over writing, will he j brought neater home to our readers when we tell ! t h* in that the regular daily issue of the lit raid j contains fully twice us much mutter as La Vatrit 1 does, and that the printingpressin our office would, taking La Palrit'i calculations as a basis, do mere work in hull' an hour than the whole French army could. The next fastest press in the world is that on which the London Timet is printed. The greatest number of impulsions which that press strikes off in an hour, is eight thousand two hundred, while the ' Hoe rotary press, on which the New York Herald is printed, threw oil', no la'er than the night before j last, three thousand in sixteen minutes, which is j at the rate o: 11,250 per hour. A few days ago, ! it struck off three thousand impressions in : fourtetn minutes, which is at the rate of 12,*57 pt r hour. Such are the advantages, in point of speed and celerity, possessed by tlrs splendid conception and invention of Mr. Hoe, an American mechanic arid machinist, over the best press in England. But this is nut all. It possesses another advantage, which, although not so unpen tant as the other, must not be overlooked. Hue's press occupies two-thirds lesa space than the Timet press; or, in other words, you could place three of Hoe's presses in a room that would hold but one Timit press. We understand tbut Mr Hoe has several Euro|wuu orders to lultil, thut will keep him employed for a long time. It may be ihe destiny of the inventor of this press to revolutionue the whole European continent. We also publish a rej>ort of a very interesting speech delivered in England recently, by a jo lrneyni.m | rinter, which gives a truthful picture of the obstacles w hich the press encounters in that country. TcLZOiarii I.vraovmsvrs.? We understand that the Directors of the New York, Albany aill] Kullilo Telegraph Company decided, at ih ir Isrt meeting, to | ut up a third wire from New Yoik to huttulo, a.? soon 4* practicable, exclusively for the business cf those two cities, and the business west of iluflalo, which now meets with great interruptions in consequence of the buaioess of local ? dices. This will enable the company to derpatch all bu.-uie-s over their line with great facility, arid this is just wliut the telegraphing public denmndf. Nlw?- from ('ai.irukMA.?1The CnnscEsr Ctrr. This ate:.mer has not yet arrived. It is supa>c<ed that .-he is awaiting the arrival sf the Oregon at Panama. The Oregon's news from California will be one month liter than our previous advices Tus focTnREN Mail Kong.?A new railroad is j rejected at the South, from Mobile to Charlestin, which, if constructed, would allow a gain of 35 hours over the prevent mail route. Ar pith nal FRO* Ci r.c.?We have sgaia examined rur liles ot Havana papers to the Mth met. ri he cei? 11.< i.y of " kissing !i ends " * n the occasion of tlic Queen's birth day, took place on the luth in?t , at the palace of the Captain General. Ituring tlx- ceremony the Guard of lienor and the hoyal Grenadier companies were drawn up in (rent of the palace, and their bnnds pi ijred in ut of tli- time. It was a great political event far die Cubans, und the only political event recorded in the ir p?|>er*. The railroad from Mutan/ns to Sabantlla is now eonipk ted, and has gone into full operation. There is now a direct railroad communication for the prim i| *1 sugar plantations in the interior, wnh Mafan/as and Hsv.inn. The number of passengr rs to Havana and Matan/.is, from Cardenas asd inland, eiceedg all the previous calculations, and tlius the l art.'eim* railroad his, it is said, tripled already the nun berol passengers cslenlated ui>on. At Mayan-abmo, on tlx 21th ot Sentrmlier, at ?b?mt ( in o'clock in the evening, two hurricane*. it *t"?f, coming from the South ami In m V M I. Tli-y f? II RIm > ifcoA BWHllw ?, nccom|>ani< d with dreadful thunderinn and m frightful whirlwind. It lasted only bout t?*i' ninuirp, but in rh?rt timp five houtea wr re carried away by iiip Vioh ncr of the tornado, hi i y trwn were trrn up by the root*. Portunately. 11? lieee were loot. It i' y bp inter#-ting to the meteorologist to know tin- ptute of the thernmnntT ?t Havana 111 n? three tint* On the 10th in?t , a day of ii? it <' Id here in York. f-'alip'nheit'e thermometer ti II , hi eh i>d at-H degrcM nt 7 in the morning, nd h( sft hi 7 In the evening. >n nitupinn of (hi' k |"php in brandy it e nd to I vi I'll n lie rovried lo be PU|?Ti?r to quinine, n tin r? ? ? t.nn in the cum of the moat obstinate ttwi ot tertian ague Mmlur Ailulrp. It i* with rxtiPiiiv rPKi't, * ?r? celled opontisuTiouiiCe tf? death ot nr,? ,,f our crnei epteeme'1 chipr Mtff. aptila Henry tMi??,i^? who expired je?terdi.y tr.< rain*. In thl? city In the fifty niuth year ot hip ?. p TLp f.dellty ?nd utiHtlnt r>?recTersnee xrhleb 1 ? xtnbtt'd lu the peeforuinicp of hi* >.. 4?. ,,, dutlee | dura? long tefm of fin, won for him tiny , > <1'in'?r>'friend', nbo will deeply feel end eererely 1MB' ll hie tree Mull intNti ?,f Iiitl elrtunle. H / lUury o *rr< n the See ad \??i?teat fnetmMter < ef.erxi *?e in Albany on the ddth Inet. Lid t't -r of I nu,t"idpe Md . I . S (on?ul to VnljPTii i * illb ti f< r the eb'Te nxm< d plk' khout the Jet of n' teniter. fir Mbn * cNat, one ot the leadera In th? lata men-Beat c?aln?t th? Hebeiiloa t.o*i>? bill fca., bae ripd" in enede aya'nrt the annexation diotp Ei i t. end In Uxor rf oaiiaaaait of the etuwottoa ilk the Bother country. Grand Military IUvl*wit Yei-trrday there were three of the four brlgaiea of whleh the drat military dlvialon of New Yerk State militia coariata. reviewed by the Major-Oeneial aominandiog. The day waa beautifully tae, and the tarn out of our eltisen eoldlera waa brllllaat -their tandaome uulforma of every variety and hue. thrir arma flittering In the aunbeataa, their eunnou and their war horaaa, the mullitndea that asooaa panlcd them- all presented a foul tntmhlt that wm deeply interettirg. and calculated to awaken tbe noblest emotions of the human heart. If there 1* one thing more than aqother of whieb thU country baa a right to feel proud, it la ita eltlien soldier/, who aerre their country without hire or reward, and are a better defence against anarchy at home and invasioa frein abroad, than embattled walla or line* of furta. They are entitled to the reipeet and the admiration of all their fellow-citizen*. At great expense, mnch aaori. flee, and no small Individual exertion, theae military companies are erected and maintained, that every man in the Stale (to use a figure) may " alt under hia own vlue and fig tree, none daring to make him afrarld."? Aa we have eaid, the day wax propitious, and the number of pcrsou* who congregated in Tompkins Square and Washington I'urade liround was very great. The f irst Brigade, commanded by Brigadier (?en St run, van eu tbe ground at an early hour. This brlga le conblbta ol the tir.t three regime*!*, and the third a regiment of Cavalry. The llrat regiment, Light Horse Artillery, commanded by Col Ityer, formed ou the noitb side of Touipkins Square. 'I his was a flue body ol men, but they did not muster in force. This, heaever, is a species of an urm, which is so effective and so terrible when properly applied, tbat it la of veiy little piactlcal value in tbie country. Horse artillery can eeldom act and to do so the training of the horste must be perfect; whereas light artillery I- utmost el was s available, and never la'la to do tremendoua execution The late Mexican war udorda ample proof if its power. Horae artillery is neither one thing nor another -it la not artillery nor cavalry, but an awkward combination of both Bett<r. lar. for the ' horttmeu to uismouut, and become wholly artillerist*, j or stick to their saddle* and abundon tbe cannon, i lloweTtr, this regiment serve* to make a show, and to add to the icUt of a military review. The seend reglmrnt. commanded by Colonel Spier consists of four , companies of Infantry- tbe Scottish (?uard, Laptain : A I' astle; the liiuLiaiid ( uard. < apt. Keoleaon; the! aledoniau f usi'eers, i ai t. VlcClrau; and tbe Washington I Outincutal*. 01 uiuaudsd by Lieutenant knapp, in ' tbe sb.-enoc of tM captain, who is si-sk. This regi, mcut foimed in the cast tide of tbe square, and out \ but a email figure. The individual companies are very fine; hut then there are only four of them, and they arc ccmpletcly lost, placed as tb-y are betweeu artillery end cavalry Their men are dropping otl. and thev cannot recruit This regiment ought to be attached to touie gi'ifaotry brigade, when its present com panics would soon fill up. and the reuiuiniug f< ur, which it wants. be formed. The great regiment of this b: 'gade, and which aioi e sustains its reputation, la the Third ilursara, couiinauded by Colonel S. Brooke 1 '< i tiey. raised witlun two years entirely by himself, end drilb d co as to be k credit to our Sta'e militia 1) uugh much rerriuins jet te be done, even with this regiment, what bus been done la a splendid instance of tbe triumph of a string will, perHvverauoe, and enthut a m over difficulties which ordinary men deem inMirmounthble Tbe value of cavalry above any other aim. consists iu its steadv dnciDiiue: without this it is per ?rci l> uielosy. and a ready prey to the enemy The i un n wko constitute this re(imeut ail own the hones they lide, and are nil (lermaue. wuh two exception*, the c< loncl and one of the captains They are for the most |tit grocers, and take an honest pride in bi rring arms in this ftee country, 'l iny of the following troops:? t eptatn John Jug>l a splendid troop A, mu-ttring eighty six (its tull number is u)uety-(Ue) ; Captain Andrew 11 laser's troop 11 Troop C i? recruiting. and did to t join lu the parade. Captain Henry Kroh ic * tr op I); Captain William hullivau n troop 1'.; I ap'itiu John layer's troop K. The bearing of that ceinpauy is truly martial La-t yeir it only uumbered ttfteon. yest?rd?y rome seventy So much for good ofilcers. Troop *1 ia commanded by Captain Beohtell. 1 iOop li is not yet fortu.d In all. the regiment mustered about tint) lioree. and the uianuer in wbleh they performed the ditterent movem-uts assigned thein. roll cud lienor nlike up u their gallant colonel and themielvea Tbiy w rre f'.r?t reviewed by the Brigadier ; Oeueiai. as well as tbo other two regiments, and after- ; words by .V^jor-lieueral eandford. who was escorted to , thegrrund at ha!'- a-t two o'clock by troop (i. Capt. 1 Btchie l, de-p?teled by t "lonel P.wit ley for that pur- j pose 'Jlie (>eoeral was also attmd.'d by a brilliant ' stuff, t onsiderlng that the parades are so few, tha state of discipline In which the I'hird Hussars were found ia an honor to our militia , and we have no > doubt that in a shirt time, under lUch a man as Col | I'ufUev. who ba* ibe true military spirit it will eom- j pare faioiabiy with any regimeut ol cavalry on this continent The only iucidtnt that < yourred on the ground worthy of notice, was one of these troopers rid ng over an Irish laborer, who was employed in laying a as pipes through the square, at tha rear of the Third llu-sara The Irishman threatened to knock him oil his horse with a hammer, aad the trooper timet, nsil to cut him down with bis nword Ilia 1 filetr tinaliy brought him away, giving him a f ox on the ear. by way of a reprimand. At halflast tbice o'clock, tha llrst brigale moved IT the g ouad to n.aka room for the fourth end marched to Warhm^ton I'arade join the second brig ?de, ai.Oi r lirl?adirr 4isn< ral lieu I' Morris; and in r-iauii g Broadway, lien i.wen's brigade wis comii g up at the lir e ami went right through the first biiaade. to the high dudgeon of sotuf ot tin- iUlcere and men. who talk nt a court martial for this offence against military , disolplixe. Sum. ol them wont so far as to say they i wauld not have allowed the brigade to go through ba l ! they bet-u in th? vau I he second brigade eon-ist* of i the 4th oth and bib r-girn-nU The 4th Is commanded ' l>t < ol ? harlea Vwtes. and const ted of two troops of hussars, one in stable dees-, and one in uniform, with four romp*nice ol light artillery The Slh regiment (Jtflrrsiu UuarJs) is commanded by Col Warren and c nslata of seven companies of intautry They paraded S'rotig and consisted for the n>o?t part cf U-rnian*. j '1 he nth tegimsnt. cemmanded by Colonel I'eeis. is called liovftnei Ouard?; it is an old rcgiaicnt, organized finte the last ?nr with Ureal Britain. hire c. u.j sine* paraded '1 his b.lvade having b'eu re- ; flawed by tha Mrtgadier tieneial and i.eneral S in 1t.-rd, tcarshed to tha < ily llall wiili the tirat brig\d>*. ' Tlie l bird Brigade consisting of 'lie Jib 8ih and Vth rigimente and --uiuiar.ded by Brig < leasral U*11. did 1 not j-arade yesterday. but will an Monday next, at ! limp line square. I be hourlh Brigade under Brig. Central Karen, jaraded lint iu We-klngloii Parade (.round, where the National lireya tireJ a-alute. aud then they inarched to i ompkins square, where tliey w?ie reviewed ty (ieortel Baudford I'he Huh re*icicnt. cttnn a .ded by t ol lial?ey. formed en th? north > lu.fil,. .11.1 een, of th. f.illn?iiur e ,111. I aul* : < i'U>) ? A, (b u.niat i?u*nl.) < apt v ira'li, ni hie **t of fallow* ; ri nip* ay |l. I apt llnt?*l, Ira? liut Hoard*. a rary flu# oi ".|.ntjy; Company I ' apt Watriu*; crmpany l>. ( apt < l*rk<-; ? on pa iy K. ' apt. lliiMiti; company K, (National i ?rey?, fl*ok company ) < apt hainor. cinpaay <>. < apt iialdwin company II. I apt Miepberd. 'i ha 11th raiment commanded by < oli nel .Vorri* formed on tba ra-t il4t of th? xjaara, and > related nt tha following ttplen dldrnmpitiiie* lat. | 'J b? Mon'g'ni'ry (Itiaid, 1 apt Murphy (numbering ' 55 un l rii ') lh* ?tiri*W*t ii.Untry comp?:.j ? >??, The uni'< mi of thte e in piny I? ?*< edlngly hand* una, a it f. :u"i? p ?tty ei ui ia-t with the ?J r uipaoy. or I tty tmatda who the Hritl'h red I'hia tin* hi ly of men la comma dad by t apt, Me Ar il* ;t.l I he Waehli gt n ('., commanded by t'apt. I Fufert 4,b ? apt Hamaobar'a oi mpany (0) Waabtog, tonliuard* Mh The ' ontinental* apt Maine Oth, Ti e I nlon Kl.lra i apt Ji.f ti I' Mil* ?'ha 12th T?g1m?nt ertrroindid by fobmal Strfer*. formaj on tha 1 rouih Mda of the irjoar* and noun-tad of tha fallow* log c m panic a : ihr Hoard. i apt \ a tuagnll.cetit b dy of man 45 m iakrta ; tha I afayait# I'tillcr*. Capt Krencb wblch in u? tared atrong ; tha | Independence Heard, rapt. Boyla; theHuard l.afay?tt* ta b tanrh company.) ? apt La Tlaro ; tha Italian Hoard* (apt i.'ichi. tha l'ompkint Rtn*a. t apt ' ; l icpdhi n; the Fe??on Hoard*, f apt Mtl.r*j and lart. i i at bait tba I'axtar I.lara commanded t,y l.h'iiter.aot | Miller thalr gallant rap'aio. wh ??? nam* tbay bear. : bavin,* falhu at Cbapuitopee It la worthy of not* that t hi* company *ent alna officer" into tlin I ntt*d . !J'at*? arniy Lttaeen tbn wara la I I rida and Mexico | It la pctliapt ana at U>* be*t di*? Iplinad cotrpau!e? in the Rrlgad* The-* regiment* holm l. m ftiewel 1 by v<aj t. n Bradford a aalata wa? t;r?d )iy ab?tt*-y of art tilery, detarhi d from the National! I rayt lorm?rly an mil :rry r rpa ai,4 allll Pabl- t aarrt a- ?' ;;,erl<!a but ai pr* *nt ? tltg aa a company of mu>k*tu?r? Tbc Irigada then marched to the Parkin almtrabte ordrr and ae regret to aay It rank* were brkan by Impudi 11 omnlbaa driver* at th* corner of i anal *trvet,wbo dr ee right thfOUfh the rompanlfa, and c mpelli il tl.em to file off to the o harald* of th* atraet. ! Tba ni'lltary dceite gr< at crailit for th?tr fork arana*, tbat ttey did n?f make the** ruffianly felloaa f*i I tba point* of th-tr bayonet* l b* truth Uihat tha majority of tba omnlbua driver* a"t a? If th* "treat* were e*rlu'l<ely their oa n and aa It no other vehicle and no preileetrlan I ad any right to pa"* tbr ngli tbetn Mo Urn fhia nnlaarca rarrlad In tha city, that It hat I i con.a intolerabl*. aad llfcanl limb ar? nalonger rafa. 1 he yoilre I ok i|uletly on. or tnanaca n. t to ??a. I< et tliey uld ) ae. any trouble with th >f rough CU t iui ar* t'i a aauU think that If tl?*y had no i?g?id lor i tba right* of th* nl*lllan? who pay them hand.eoma ' >alirli*, ih> y w old haea *i roa r**p*et f? r t .a military, upon a aid th?y ara now and then compelled to draw pre'tj latge'y trfprtdaot them la tuadl* ha-g?ol their duty Ni t a polireman tu< to b* f tin I whati tlioaa ; ra daily ttage drlrer* artnally attempted to rid* over I tba r.idil a I'ha half ?a?ag"? that ,'?n*r?lly drlea tie in. in but a* kimw m> octtar; hut tha poilca who do, will nH act they la?ra the eltliera to m? '?r>1- r n *rri?* or m'n wn" iw n- in r",:?i for human 111* ihao th*y hat* for tb* lif* of a dog or a rat \t- and th? < Itjr Hal', wl rn th? Vanr and rrrrpo ral'Mi u?r? looking on. Hit; w*T<- all html* and a?tnlty in kr'plnt It th* riti**na fr m th* military, tl ii rrrn ininitfttaHl^ lat?lf?rlni( ?!?h th'in I'll* tbrra bridal** hating r"''* ' taarrhing rrtirw l"ft>r* 1h. v ayr and '<>rp"tnM#n. la front of th* < it; Hall thrr than oltpr-r ?d and muinrd to tbrir b? airi it t?a* ijU't* dark ah?'ii th* n-tiew *n a> nrliiitnl It nat altog'thrr a grand di-|dajr. and th* br armful uniform* martial t??rln/ and hu? apprarat e* cf th# rrtw |i? ?|irtt?d th* admiration of nuai*rr>ua t| aetator*. It I* a ainanlar far' that the majority of th* romt>?rlr* ?vn?lrt i f Ih* liorman and lri?li population. It Dia; !> - arm nntri for ta t tai? ??y : that th* p'ltlltg* if ttailrg aim* In I urn; * 1 rlongt "til) to tyrant* and th* utandlng armio* tthloh ar* tlrair t?r.|? , r?h*r**a, hot* It I* th* birthright of *?rry rltti*n na'.l?? or ailoptra, and ?**ln? th* ralo* ot th? r gh' by r ntra t with th* a-until*' ?h?r* It la al hh-i I th*y agnfl/ mhrac* It. and prld* lh?m*alf* npon It a airrcl Iiiratfrt'** or Tttr C'" i.n!* ? I nr *trnm?'itp ('a!* <li uih, ('aid I/' itch, rmlrtl IfWi lln# |?iri at muni tn-dny, Mr llalilux and l?'v iimol, tvitli I'i l***ongrr* |nr tlir lo'inrr and 17 I >r th* liiit*r ulacr .lohn Al'rot, Erq , of lliia city, fur* out ;? luirt r of ?lif|>nt< li?a to ?mr trgatioa in London. Th* aternirr look out |JliO wmth of C?l.forma jjoitl dun.? D'ttvn Trantaipl, <>ct 21 TELECBAHIC NITELLIGMCE. L*ttr frame tn?e State of Deeeret? Hall Carriers Mardr red, 4e, Sr Louie, Ost 95?A. If. By an arrival In tbli elty we bare advisee from the Skit I.kk*. to the 18th of September It wee reported that fifteen thousand emigrants would winter there, in eonxequenee of the grass on the plains baring been burnt by a party of emigrants, who had prcerded them en rente for California. Tba "Rifle Regiment," under the command of Col. Porter. bad reached Fort Hall, hlajor Simondson bad gone to Oregon. Messrs. Thomas and Packard, employed as mall carriers between Fort Leavenworth and Santa Fe, were late" ly murdered by the Tawnee Indians, who wajlald them ou the r<?d trom Fort Larauiie to Fort Kearney. The remains of Lieut Donaldson, who was murdered by the Indians, bare been recovered and interred. National Hull road Convention at Memphis. Memphis, Get. 24, 1819. The National Convention to adopt measures for a railroad across the letbuius, convened yesterday, and organized by electing i'rof. M T. Maury, President. Vice Presidents?Messrs. Clay of Ala.; Mason, Miss.; Wllloughby Williams, Tenn ; It A Watson, S C.; Jameson, Ga.; Col. Maunsel White, La ; Gov. Drew

Ark ; Atkbel Smith, Texas; Ashtou Johnston, Missouri; Benj. Dray, Ky ; John J. Trexevant. Va.; J. II. Thompson, l'a . and L L Hotduson. i f N. V. 1'iofes-or Maury, on taking the chair, addressed the convention In a neat and eloquent speech. lu the course of his remarks he strongly urged the importance of a railroad across both the Isthmus and the continent. After some preliminary business, the Convention adjourned to meet to day. Delegates were present from the S'ates ?f Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Kentucky, Missouri, Texas. Illinois. Pennsylvania. Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, South Carolina cud Tennessee. Official Appointment, Ate. W&allisuton, Oct. 2B?5 P. M. B Filler, of Pennsylvania has been appelated to a clerkship In the Fourth Auditor's ollice, vies Topplug. Captains Gwynn aud Hare, of th? Uritisii army, arrived to-day, and are stopping at Wiilard's. An Extensive Ilobbcry, Boston, Oct 23?P. M. The Union Wharf Company, ol I'roviucetown. was robbed on Tuesday evening last, of $20 000. principally lu bill* of tbe Freeman's Bank, Boston. The money had just been received from Boston, and was In a safe, tbe lock of which was bnrcd open by the tblevee. The Memos rata and Free Sellers, In Massa* BoiTo.t, October 25?A. M. The Democratic and Free Soil Contention*., in Middlesex county, yesterday united upon one ticket lor Senate re. beaded by J T. Buckingham, of the Courier. The free sellers were quite unanimouH, but the denocrati were divided In opinion. Thanksgiving In Alarylnntl, Ae> Baltimore, Oet 25?P. M. The (Jovernor of Maryland has appointed the 29th of NoTtmber a* a day of thanksgiving and prayer. tioneral Stansbury, for many years in pubile service, died at LU residence in Ealtiaiere county, this morning, aged 93 The trial of John Trice for murder Uas been postponed four weeks. Marine Intelligence. Ket West. October 21,1949. The brig Ocilla. from New York, bound to St. Marks, Florida, ran ashore on the OiaDge keys, but got olf, leaking badly, after discharging cargo, without assistance. The brig Ca-hmsre. from St. Marks, bound to New York, arrived here on the 10th, leaking, with a cargo of rosin, turpentine and cotton She was discharging. About seveuty bales of cotton were damaged. The bark Strond. from New \ork. arrived on the 14th. and railed for St. Marks on the 16th. The balance of the cargo of the bark Naney W. Stevens was sold on the ICth. The brig >nu V lira, from St Marks, bound to New York, went arhore onTortuga* but was gut oil without assistance, leaking badly, and arrived here on the 17th. Iler cargo consists of cotton and tobacco, which she has discharged. Arrived on the 18th Inst, schooner Black, from Tampa llsy, bound for New York, with a cargo of oak. More Telegraphic L.Iurn. Clstiuss, Oct. 25,1849. The Cleveland and Cincinnati telegraphio line opened to day from I leveland to Mouut Yernon It will be Onetied in a lew da** to ( olum'iuv and soon after to Cincinnati. This line Is in connection with the New York j ml Krie line, and will be the most direct telegraphic ' routo between .New York anJ^the Ka?t. and luoiuaatl at the West, taking through the city of Cleveland. Pittsburgh at 1'reaent* PlTI inviuH, Oct. 20, 1513. There are three teet six inches of water now la the | eVKarel.and slowly ti.-lng. Business continues active In all Us department; weather pleasant. Mm k? ta. rm Naw Uauisa, Oot. 24?A. M. Cotton has fu-thi r declined o . with sales yesterday of 3 Mo hales, ii eluding mid.l.iug at U'4h1?',o Toe total decline el nee the raceptUn of the Niagara's alvlees Is it to }i. The purchases of late nave been mostly far the North and tor Iranse Itlo oolfee o >utinucs Hi ui at ICo. Ci rrsi.o, Oot 25?5 P. M 1hs following am the receipts of produce since yesterday - Hour, 0 t oo ; wheat. 27.000 hu?h>di: ei rn. IS 000 do The r . eij.ts of fl ur ace Urge hut the ratea are frm 8' me teals of Mtrbigm were dl ?|.< sed fd at MM to 64 57,', wheat la In fair demaud, but the II rum ess of boldei s check! op rations h< uie parrels ' t S| ring in store sold at foio , aud Ohio at K'c ; in all about 12,000 changed hands. The sales of corn are 2 not) bushels hat ytlua. at 47c. Heights are as yesterday. Albas v, Oct 25-5 P. M The following are the receipts of produce since yesterday Hour, 12 000 bbla ; whe. t. 1.000 hushels; com, 1.000 do ; her lev. 2Si.0> do 1'bere 1< a g<od d * n.and lor 11 ur and the sal-* embrace diva) bt>l< . Inrluding con luon .Slate and We-tern. at >1 76 to 14 *7K; straight at >4 s'X to 15; pure Geneee* at 65 12 to >6 15. Wheat c?otlijueo steady; ra'ee 1 000 btisl els (leiinte at it 1414 Cora brm; sales 4 <itW hu-hsls round y li?w. at 03o. 8mall sales barley, at 65c to5C!,c tor two rowed and tine for f.uir rowed. Oats are 5i? to37)?c , with ales of 7 500 hushels. Kbl|i)i>i<(| lr telllKciMC. tins cov. October 26. Artirsa Sc1 isMf'Ssri.. suit I a V. - w \ . b Ship I Parol*, Pup , a?tl<\ Mu. to load fur California. Hark Oak. San Jam. Cnhn, 13;h nit. Ufim Amur. BriftMrw, No-fuHi S?a Bird, and 7y%4?r7t. Phtlndtljt.ia, Cha? Tltumaa. N?w \ oris acbra litlina. So. InJopund?n? aad I'm u. PI daitrlph a. flrarnd Sln|a Manlry. and Martnn, N?? Orliaaa. krirl H'nliflnf.kt Jam. McLaluad.Sa4 .t1 Au ira. .M.aktptaru, and Ell/a MfrrUbtw, Philadelphia, aclif Autruw Ut.wo. AlWif. Poarrawp, Or lobar 31. Anirad?Sthr North Carolina, Philadelphia. Nrwni uront. October 33. Sailed?Sobr Vuttnrr. Norfolk. Bri? tljp??m. (of I 1 boo 1 from Pluton for Brld^up irt. 4 t, : with caal, Inal 4th mil. i n a i>l olf lionr Inland VS. Thrtaitaln and err wand tl.raa r? ' n<? rt h?d bata!) tint# to an ?rr in 'ha boat, ana land'd ?t> I ? Mand, wharu tbuy rranaittrd 'ill th.a 7th. akra thuy proeurdud to Cap* Canto, 1 thanrr to Halifax, al.cra Ihty took p iruai" and uama ta lloato*. Tko Gtpuni am thru* jeara ?id, I IT t?i> 1ntlhaa, and inaartd for iu" half in Button aad iia'f ta Calait., Oat,bar 3d. Arrirrd?krkr Mortha Karia, N?w Tartu Bailtd?lirtR 1'raaalia. I'biiad. I|. ila. M 1 n nanruan. <?at 24. drrit.d?Snhrt If nriutla, Philadalt i la. il Uik' a, Albany; B Bt'.okt, Nrw Votk. Cluatud- Torao*. Saa frmtlfn. ailed?Pabra Menr) Clay. and Pearl, CI arlraton. f aofmanr, f>at 24. Arrirrd?RCf S'iitlifiold, t rcra. Wral Coa t nf Afrioa. A t| Atk lull hrU Mrr ??,.r, f h?iam. for A A, to,*. ?ld Ant Id I P tl.ip Dr. atur ou a rrjl"? At l.lmira, Jnu? It'tfi, I aik ckn.cailnr. for p. ut'i f ait. P1J Ju'j I-", I 11 rn Porp. a?, for It tat ft At Capo (' An* 1. hark Chnaaa, front Salt*. Spot* Out lAiit, lat I A. loo *2. hri? Tr nmtaato (Ap), fr< m I trurpool for Ituriaa: Jt'th. lal M, loa 71 .'W, altlv 14 ;ar. New tirk tor At* tfrluana. S. 'rt J 1' H'l iaroti, Noifolk; tl >..| t Monarch. Albany; B Franklin, and Sylph R , dont. atltd?Sohri Nortlian pion. PoRolk: Mary Elian, NYork. ( Il>- I uttii llajcnif. Trl.traarnti Diatar?a ?Th? Ibira telegraph ootnpaiiinr, dlt urging I *<t. Wert ami Smith fr tn 6 II trt 1??r ftjut 1 a, i.t t ff and ro -ulrrd rafter.lay 71'i ink.-agu.?. A r.,f pi lit a hiid.Kt r ? ? film rtV f? iiMI ar iPfid inrl aart. othrrcf Hooo. (itrkiiKt'l naw*) and aarTtil of bo to r.iOwoid- aarb. Tbrra ara Ihtaa other oflcaa in tha city n< t Included in I ho at> to. rha ahov? ahowi tha ilk nt and lM[ 'T'?nc?of tha (airgraph bu*lna?a which la yet In I la infancy < ? aioca i* a fln?aniwo Hnt ??.? On t*o ncc?'i?n? Trtthin tha l??t two weak* tba boarding kt'tw No 14 t bambera atreat, ha* b'*n rrbbad In tba moat dating n.anriar; tha p. ch*l* rf the board- X fcalnr a nipt lad of thi-lr MttMiti in the ilifTcrrnt room*, tba lliirf < r thirta* antarad rno'o Wbara funr young mm rlept an I contrlrad to ararrb tha pockata of anch tah af v*?.tV?.r"??U6?M.|*)r hrtUhn.. n fokn Oannnn Mljfirm tha third atoty of hoiitaSo Tit Broadway, Injo ring bio-ti if ??inly. Ila wa* ranntad to tba < jtw M'wpital by ofrrar Timothy (. cltma A<? trrai on inr. Naw Mavea ft*tia.?r, ? Th-ia ww* an mfortnnaia accident c? tV|* road U?t arming. \\ hilid tha aaprara train wa* n??Jt.? way to till* ett/1 tba angin-ar. mi'taaing tha ?l?nal at Horta Hack, n?*r ' Stamford. and anppnaing that tba 4i\* ?p jUinprj | flint tba tngliia, ml nni draalfata jaangiaJ Hi* I head ?u fractured one arm and one le* broken, and he waa otherwise aerlnnely injured The body of the unfortunate man wne brouuht to the eity laet oitfbt. lie if not expected to lire. We did net learn hie name. TeaccT Eicuneion.?The Mar?h Li^ht tJuard. Cnpt Shepprineott. went on a tareet exoureion yeeterday to Karenswood, and (hot for (our priies. This On* body were accompanied by Wbtlworth's band aud numbered 35 muskets. The prises were as follows: ? 1st prtie, (ilrer cop, by John Durche presented by John H. Marsh; 2d prize, silver cup, by John William*, presented by W. II. Smith; 3d, (Urer aup, by Johu Miller, presented by JobnCaflrey; 4th, pair of guide staffs, presented by John Wildey. Death or Anotheb VoLCNTtra.?It will be seen, by reference to another part of this sheet, that Lieut. Krancis G Doyle, of the first Regiment of New Vork Volunteers, has paid the debt due to nature. The funeral of this hero will take place on siuuday next, and will be attended by the remaining officers and men of the regiment One by ene* these gallant 'ellows are dropping of; and what suitable reward hare they as yet obtained lor tbelr ralor and LQelr blood ? City Politics. nominations as Pah as mark. OJUcn. Whig. Ucmttrmt. Judgs5uprein* Ct.. .William Milchsl. Bunnel J ones. Judge haperior Ct... Elijah t'alae. Aarun Vaniarpnel. Judge Ctm. Pleas.. .Kras. 0. Benedict.* Michael I lah..e<T?r. Bheiiff Tlioioeet arnley. Amu P. ilaihsld. County Clerk Geo. W. Kiklett. Henry Arcular ee.jr. Cornier Se*h Ccer. Clias. a. Van Zondt. Alnie lloute G v... Sou rem on Ualetcdl. Peter V<-( >lau/i.ha. Comptroller Joseph 8. Taylor, (leu. H. I' Street Commisioa'r. Joku t n?<! ?. I?aae B. Smith. Com. Sts. A l.aaips .llt-uiao W. Childs. llurthol. li. Curdy. Com. Rep. k Sup s.. Vt m. Adatr.s. llaalel W. Nurris. City Intpector A. W. Whits. Thos. K. Downing. Cotinttl ioCorpo'n..llenry E. Dtvie. lore*. It. SUepard. Aldermen Ward 1..Edmund Chita. { v"htUs. " "2.. ? Cyrus Lawtoa " " 3. .James E. Wood. lm"iel Dodge. ** "4.. ? J ao*b F. Oakley, ? < 5 5J Beyee _ "' ( M urrenChapuian. .. 0 _ < P. Kelly, t J John Foets. ' " 7.. ? T. Prico. " " S.. ? Daniel E. Delurnn. o o . I >1 H. Rail, . , ? jj. McLean. A. A. Coaorer. " " 1# . K. T. (lanes. Joseph M.r?!l. " " 11. ,!S. P. Pattertoa. J. Miller. " " 12. . W. A. Dooley. Niehelaa Seagrist. " " l.'t. .0. L. lugereell. J.H.Cook. " H. .W.S. Wood. James M.Uaxd. " ** 15..Joseph Briiwn, ? ? 14. .8. Delmater. {^mVrDtxon. - " 17. .a. H. Fraotlln. " " 18. ,J. T. Coakhu. Jaa. M. Smith, jr. a.'a au w..ji 5 Curtis Judssn. Abraham Moor*. warn i.. Carsy. Charles Rowald. " " 2., ? Dudley lisley. " " 3. .OssarW-fiturlorant. ? ? < a S John Eugau. ~ i r. M'Carly. < a (J. L. Waugk, * \ Lsrl Apgar. " " 8.. - T. J. Barr. " "7.. ? J. Woodward. " " - C. H.Kia*. " ' 1 P. SfVo'crheea. 0.8. Hartl-w. ? 19. .D. IliFer. { WiU^ franc-is. II 41 II $ ^e T l^M A ok dr* I If TTT O '.L f ctas. a. Tupper. " " 12. J. A. Hopper. rhnrln? H. 1Ta114 " " 13.. J. Pearcall. 1). P. Sarnmis. " " 14. Morris Miller. Kobort A. Snnds. " IS. .Edwin 1?. Morgan. ? " " 1(>. .Joseph Roger*. Jamas Jfaere. " " 17. .0. G. l'ean. ? " " 14.. ? Xdnmud A. t'or.klin. Senators?DUE S. .Jamas Bowen. OHrer Charlich. " " 4. .01?r?i.i? Crollns. Tlies. N. L'arr. " " S. .J. W. Btaliman. Dsn ml H. Taylor. " " S. .Edward D. 11 jrgan. James K. Ru?or:li. Assembly? Dial. 1. .J. II. Whit*. Peter S. Fierty. " " 2.. ? Wis. Woodworth. " "3., ? Bear; J. Allet. " ?j ?? ? ??* .??. " " 6. .Thomas Truslow. V. T. Kunyon. " " 6. .Jonathan W Allen. Samuel itchier. " " 7.. U. J. Raymond. James T>. Potter. " " I.. ? Alexander Minn. * "9.. ? J. D. B. Fowltr. " " 10.. ? ? " " 11. .Augustus Moraad. Gilhsrt C. " 12.. W. S. Gregory. A. B. Bstii. " " 13.. J. B. Vamtnn, jr. ? " " 14. .Robert (I Campbell. ? " " 14..John J. Townsead. W. AaM v Hil'yor. ? 16.. Albert CUbort. ^ Mr Benedict has decllred the nomination, lit it said that John Green it also to run. The m?re tho Barrier. libit gentleman declines the nomination. THE WEEKLY HERALD. Th* Wetklj 1 In-aid will b? published at tile n<Ml | hour to morrow morning It is nn excellent paper to i send to any pert of tbe world. Its content ' embrace the most Important and Interesting news from all partj of tbe globe. Single copier, sixpence. Knox's Hats are not only runstrneted of the floret materials, but they are tinis ,el wttr. a certain nrtis ic grace aad adaptation to the human phyno<nomy, that girt thorn an irxceiitlUe effect. Ilsita for Gentlemen to wenr.?Ruy one or Wiraeck'a fonr dollar Uatej they are none of your omrce, ill-shaped, half-tinithod looking hats eoBmonly eeea, Mil ' con.I 'nr. in an eminent degree excellent fah-ic aitb beami- I (nl mould aad tlaith. WaKNUCIC, 2l>3 Bros 1 way. j Tliote of our Laefy rtudrrs who tylsli hnpdton.e Oait.r lioote and Shoes, also India li bb?r Gaiter Boot, and Oyer Shoes, ol all ih diIT rant styh , we r> . rumend to J. B. M illcr. y here they tan ftnd the largest, hiuJaimest. and beet ass irtment in this city, at J. B. Ml Li. kit 3, 122 Canal street. new nau.ter 1 t. ' Tlie Ci uciii's Ktcklare," or the Hysterics f ths Court of Louie XT!., will he eommenoed is 1 t row's Republic. "A moat astetishing production ? Ouniai' greatest work."?Calignani's Messceier. A Silver Otiltl, wt are |)len?r?l to learn has b en awarded to Mr. Rrot, of Pbiladalphia. by the Anteriean Inslltnte, ter his sn|erior eolloetion of dagderiSotype m matures. wli eh have been s? universally aduilrid 1 y hi nSreda of thoiisaaJs, within the last few weokl a; ilia i'a.r. , M'cerr. Ki el's *? pi ii Intend o[eoing an establishment in Broadway. Now Vork it tho plats for enterprisr. The Plnmlse Rational Dagiicrrirn (> ( lery, No. 201 Broadway is a sum* of portraiU tha' should j bo seen by all admirers ?t fine pictures. The reputation of I this asl'.ery ha< b< < n fully sostaiui d'rom its ' ui.'Ulun, its .' facilities boltg ths leal in ths known w rid. Drady'a Nut I mm I Gallery ?r D.igiterrro* types. Net. 203 c-d 2.7, BroaJasy, ecruref I'uTton street- ! nirangers aud tiliteas arc re. pectfully laviu* e tnamint : the sfieciweaa. _ Tlx III ?~i Nulla ?We liml I he t'lllioell V. I lie day, to visit ths gJ Suit store. Tbs tt mb is the mest. vn? i fled, in p?l'? and'luallty, wc sror taw; Ojareos'S, <1 lo SW I we sow. whib nest i .?r*. a n iy r. sf one so I Cf i? Miiiiinfft, &/<?*>" >i m i <:# 91 !.? * 1 1 * iruiy m; :_ii,11ar , fur -ft; liut ti.o nrowniag (.mi 'if 'n whul??J? | 'It. rit'.fuita. 1 her ? Id a tore hnndteiii" I -k tSua ! blank ?!otk, and a beautiful illk Vnl, and haude-aia nr ir- ! et ear*>iti"re hi ll, ?-r $5. Indeed, you mutt a<* i> ?! ?r?, j Trepatunli erd polittni it tf tht tlirkt ait nol tke Jtaar. ' at'taetifr p"tnt at tkit t.'< Suit atari, tartar ?f butai aaii tirttlt. _ Wiiiiiltra run never rratt nut 11 all nrr nr. qutluted ta it It the tatrtordinari low | 1?i thtir ot'i | ur tMIt ilretnt Itllttli of Kmrfirli Carp* In Oi CI ha Huge. Utunilt, hnade?. lit, at thrum AniKram'*, s?, / > Mutiny Cletpatt Can at Kit thlmhniec t iu hit tinted hta'. a. CHI CI nth a, k yerde will*. .It M. ic Ttr -ma, St td , 4a, 4t. I t ; Ca*fma, 2t , .V , 4a , la . at apwordt. I j on'n Mngnclle l'ottiltri and INtld, ? 40 Broadway. Allured fr< n. their Mint", roaelict, t ed-l iifti and le-aa. Can.a tortl, ra' tht t ' ?d?ra ti,d die . While 'I t rata and the mice the pi It eat- rly it r?. And ta?b in tha d< alh-tttnaale lie. (eoiirpiial'a I'oni're hiititlle will i?>*l t Ire! y upnnl tnptrfloon* hair from any part of "he human I iy, a>.d mraiir certain la tha of '.ourtmi r V Ilea d ianp,whtrh err>? T mil mi |e,.yieah-wTBsan i all dieftgnrin>ai it af Ut thin. Uonraud't li'imd K nta i a t iilnant entaaon t'lehrr f ? r I" l and lip? e incd - t ?o E nnd raly at < 01 rani'a Parfimtry Itiol, it Walker airtri. Irak ttnre from <i nt In) broad way. ii*>t"n. Ratal an.l J.-rlao, IJV atrtet, llotton; C.rmu AC. It .-tailor. I'airta. Alhauy. _______________ l,la|iM<1 tlnlr flyr. ? Plmlon'd Imptartd ?nt iltit I'yt, a now tnvanCnn. to aaler tht IT kin- I k'tt tho moTwaat It it appllad, nltheat >e.ury tt aii.- kirn kin <;antl*wi?n tan lira th?ir 44 ikart deed In lit ' (amulet. at tl a llepnt. Ma. 17V Br .dwae. euraer of Toj airtet. neitvr the f raakim Haute. fn k wit, aotaTi r.ta, ft; la ret $1 fcl. A,lttK) UIga nnd Tonprea alwty tin linnet, at ihe Wit factory tf Mtdhnrai. k Heard. 17 Maidtn Laat. ?l i re I'naa'ri and titittao ran aalttl Iron 'ho In -eat r 1 tk it the et' ttr art of Ilia hoi t ?ct I -a a all tho laieet lw>|-roi omnia Aim. lad oo' dr.i?r,natal Titer, la groat ak'-aoaart. C?ry tht addrtot, 27 Kaiioa iaa-1. Wlgl and Tomftcea?Wn wn-lrl call the atmnti ? of oltitantand trancem rt intern* Wl*t or peet. to a raoent tmrrorrmont at a ?e?* taipei'tat ?kerfl"trd Ineonted hy E. IMiAI,OV No. Iw7 Broadway, o.rntr ad Doy atrii t, under tha Eraakltn Itaue.- Thay ran oo aeon at kit Hair Ca'tlnr Rotate, wkort may ka ??an tha taraoet and bait nanartatnt In tkt tlty. Itronlua rift Plalrt Mat Alwayi Ihr lliilto I ?f our frlerd Al.l.EN, of Hit " Rtratan Head," 14 Dry i'm tad tf yru wart rt teat lit truth take dinner With r to lit arriaa up wiony latuitea. imoM ;na faaf una frtah ?aei'?n. He ai?rk 1,'n .iieriiBrr whan wa ear. f"r | f d e t nr. lew |tieet. and an alecenl diii or-ra ia. no | | Uft in Niw Vork ran aiaal hia. Ur. K.ltlntt, Utnllat, 'Ctd liroadtrny, In* forma hit rnhenta tl at Ma afict 1 onn tro fr i lnS to II ! I a'olaek. an M .ndtyt, Wrdr.ra'nt and Eridkrt. tr K. will . preaorlka for tbt poor, afiet S o tlook tk. tr.lllaMO1. H.ltl?olai< l.l,.lni,.Kl e?r. f rtxtnr** m hv??l #f hair, rut* all t .tan.' u* and y. fill ''If Ulffff, ?I 1 trad la If an < ,r and oll'tf pair.* i f H'lit ai.A lnflani'4 t tt, at I all t ' tt ,t? In Hair a 4 Fan ala: Ti it'i an,I N rrnn* Uaaia ha r M la larf* I" Itlaa If it to (: 12 , al Art faati a.t ft, an I ?<",< II road a ?f, at # <Mt *! *?* I<r*n4 trr. t " mTMERCIAL AFFAIRS. KI.IK1 It ARK i;r. Thnradajr. Ort. 1>-fl P. Ma Tha atrrk mark at wna mry onrittted thla T-Atnln* and quotation* rrry f?rrrl?h fi. fa-'nni- ' StBt* *n'1 nthar gord atoaka advanced a frnnl' " wh,'# C1 ' 1 t,f tha tannin* drrlinrd 1'on* ln nln ?'* w?r? *- b?t thara wna yrj little 0rlnw >- **T 91 tfc# ? ? A1* 1M7, Imprerad " per cant j Tannaylrnnln Pa. A,; frla 7'*, IWt, 14; Ifndion Rlvar nnilnal X nnd \rw llaran Railroad, V. Ilnrlam full V; I on* Intend, Roa.l n* Rnllrond, ,V? *nd Cnnfnn Co., )t. Hnrl'n> and Raadin* cantlau* tn b? tb# moat netlrn fn ialm In tin lint Tb* receipt* at ?ba < fflea of tha A*#lrt**t Tf***nror of Ikia port. ta-dn.T. amounted to $*7,101 "f?; pajnaanta, 263 ti j balanar, fA-Ml 19* At; dntteaJfAt.MI. 1 Tb* an)** at rani t atata hn?a, within lb* pant la* / V - -J days. been very large, and geed price* have been eb? talned for prodaoHve property repltellsts have he# enough of fancy stocks and such tre?b. and)are investiog their money where they are satisfied it will be safe. Teople bare become surfeited with fancy railroad stocks, whteh may be worth a tew dollars to day and netting to-morrow, and have turned their attention te productive property, such a* ?.,nuut b* depreciated by 9 extravagant directors and Ignorant managers. Real I estate, bonds and mortgages. United States, and good I States stocks, are. after all. the only safe Investments, I and we are glad to see that capitalists have got their 9 e\ es open at last, and govern themselves accordingly. I The Kuropean news has had no particular eUeot upon I the stock market. According to our telegraphic der- 9 patches thsre had bsen a slight decline In quotations foe I American stocks in London Money was very abundant I for legitimate commercial purposes, and the rate of lnte- I rest ruled at the lowest point. The corn market ?u I firm, without much activity, but the prinelpal feature M cf the news is, the unexpected and enormous advance I in quotation? for cottou, and the iinmansa sales In I Liverpool on speculation The advance in prioes, for I the week ending the 12ih of October, was equal to about I cue cent a pound, whloh is a greater improvement I for the same length of time than has been known for I many years previous. Such a gn at and rapid advance is. we fi-ar. but temp rary It is, to a great extent, upon I an artificial ba'is. and mu-t therefore soon be partially lost, l'be advices taken out by the t'.nropa are re* I ported as teiog the cause of the excitement in the _| Liverpool market. We have now a mouth later Intel- jl llgeiice from the cotton growing sectioa of this eoun- tl try, than operators in the Liverpool market had when f I the i'.uropa left ou her return voyage; and we can i I therefore judge more corn otly in relation to the pro- )l haUe } ield of the crop now coming to market. The j I ?< sfon. thus far. has been elmost unprecedented. We *1 have not jet had a frost in this latitude; and the pro- J I bahitity l?, that it will be very late before the cotton II growing section of the couutry will be visited with a II killing frost. 1 his will not only give the latest boll* a A chance to mature, but will give the planters an oppor- ^9 tunity to pick their fields oleaner than they otherwise 9 could. The advance in price* in Liverpool reported by fl this steamer, will tend as much to increase the ag- 9 gregate yield this year, as anything we know of. It will ' 9 stimulate the planters to gather every pound, and 9 keep their negroes picking so long as there is a 9 boll lift. When prices are low, the planters are in- 9 different about picking so clean, and frequenly leave 9 a large number of bolls in every field; but when price* <9 are high, it hcciines an object to secure every pound; 9 and whether prces a e up or down, therefore, make* fl a great difference in the production During the plant- I leg season, high and low prioes have a very great in- ?9 lhienco upon the movements of planters, if prioes 9 rile high, they put every foot of laud they oan eultl- 9 vate into cotton; whereas if prices rulo low, they d*3 9 yuic ;ui'tr ut laeir iaau to ino cultivation or corn and brcudf tufff generally V hatever ml;;Lt have been the estimates of rp ciilator* brokers, manufacturers, and planters, cf the probable yield of the present crap, a it outh i luce, or even just previous to the receipt of the Europe's advice*. they must mark tbem all up, they Biu.'t add at leant fifty thousand bales to the highest amount named by any one, and when the cotton speculators in Liverpool have potted themselves up to this date, or fay to the let of November, they will, without doubt, experience a very great revolution in tbeir views relative to the extent of the cotton erop of the Vnited States for the year 1849-50. What the effect of .this, upon prices, will be, we do not 1 re tend to predict. We leave that for the preaent, at so much depends upon the extent of eonenmption 1: .h Lt borne and abroad TSatJbe production this year?1S1S and to?will be greater than has been generally contemplated, we have not the rlighteet doubt; aMle consumption may vary most materially from what now appear* probable. There are so mauy things calculated la check consumption, which hsve nothing to do with the production, that at this moment the former is more likely to be reduced than the latter. K< r some time pavt the consumption has been at an j enormous rat*-having averaged for the first eight months of the present year. S4 455 bales, against 18,114 beks duilog the corresponding period In 1848 ; and it may continue as large, or even Increase. The additional consumption for the flret eight months of 1149 is e to 25. 000 bales, compared with the same time laet year, mil ihould It continue at this rate for the remainder <f the year, th? aggregate Increase will amount to t's.CCO hales. This is a very important item, end is wjual to about one-fifth part ol the areragn crop for seine years pas'. The folli ii g appealed iu a small part of our edition this morn leg, but was taken out to make room for the foreign news' The annexed comparative statement, exhibit* the condition of the bent of Virginia and branehee on the 1st of October, in ssch of the part two year*:? Cans or Viai.iaia ash Isiicnh. (Jet. 1, 18*4. ('ft. 1, It 19 Outstar.dler doit $4,45S.2'8 31 $4,4.V?>iS 41 tiii* 9.914 m s.i*,-. 47 K-al !?<*?? 1/7,544 41 171.43147 h ... k, lav,14*> 4 I 157.9b8 ! Pjeri.. . 741194 97 768,Otd 34 Luc iiea, a 1.4 netis ri.s?? .... 225,1114$ 411,438 4$ 1'tfi.lratU* at the l.jaetiburx 1M.I!27 27 90,875 N Totals 6X947,851/51 $8,143,309 14 Capital steck $2 544,870 00 $$,550,879 99 C< mirful laed l/iW.t":." 3"> 1*8.478 22 T'oS/e, (Irsa capeasos) I..'Oil 63 66,845 13 ( iretilaiicn 1,914 044 33 2,644,765 11 Banks in ? '? 19 130,117 83 l'fclamt? in Ira mil i MS iW ' AMU 17 Total* ,. .? > P47.WW M 4U9Uft> W The aicveaiant* la th" leading department* *f thU benk end brauckoe. at fiur period* compare a? follow*:? April. IM; April, IS47. Oct ISIS. Or*. IMP. Leaa* if.'.s. .'? 7 MrS.Vtl *,4.'W.?H 4,4Ti.*48 hl -l? 7.V.7VI "II 474 7M.IM < irrolatien ... 2 >77 < 7? 1/?ll.Ml I I *44,7*4 l ey ait* 11-2.717 1.0V.?>J 1,106,'J*# 1.VM.M* Of the ontataridiog debt on the let of Oatnber 1'4" there 1* e t.iuetc* a* bed. . . $2,118 17 Aad a* doubtful 88 821 41 Total $58,0341 90 Of the note* c.f other r*rp?ra?*d bank* on band, there ere pajat'.e in the State. . .. $74,115 74 Ontof the state aoooioo Total $104,740 74 7yonoe>i'ne/i: n rf A?v< >? Circulation t?Of one* ?nd twr $11411; $2*0 8/7 ; tan-* $811.041; Cffrei >_'(>* VI. twent!??, $5?P2.'0; flfilet $274,880 : hundred*, $418.4,'.#; poet* M/4'.?b3 $2,129,92.1 M Ledurt ent tote* i d note* oa hand *f tranche* 15.151 00 Total circulation $2 444,745 43 Amount of txehanieftrnl hed by the bank In check* on Other F'atea for the ^uart r G'l.r.g tlie let Ott er, 1*49 1.402 43$ 44 Amonnt that hv> aerrned for premium* thereon .10.54 48 I.att eetnl annttal dl* )"?<t three and three-quarter* per '"Dt lot hiding ah in* of a quarter |>-r sent In th* Stat* There ha* been a at uniformity to the moremeet of thla tank and branch#*, during th* pact two and a half y?r? In all th* leading department*. Aet rdlrg to the Intent return*, th* line of dUcourite and the circulation were let* th?a in 5prll. 1040, and th* amount of apeel* on hand and d*pe-lt? tr*e (reaper la October. |S4P. than In Apiil 154<1 The l**ue* of tb**e hank* are prtnrlpelly of large do a <mlna;lona t? a* and upward* The nutatandh g debt, which I* ooanldered 1 ad and doubtful, amount* to only $58 ft.W. which t* a tcry email per cent of the aggregate, and. It a Treat, aahiMla a rery aouuJ *t*t* rf thing*. The quantity of certain ar.iclei chipped from thl# p >rt. for the week etidlny the 2. d ln?t., diatinguiahirg th* deatiaatien, end eateatof ihipuent* to each place, wa* ** annexed ? CuMMr.acB er rttr Ttiar ?r Nt w Yoa* - Wecn.r Egt O *Ti* T? I m um Flour. 71 bhl*. ro?in 007 do ; turpeatin* 21"A do ; pork. t'O do . beef. 129 to*.; ex. bark. 95 ?* ? ; et| peppeimlnt U . et?Te*. luoOO No.; tobaaeotpbhd*. dn mf.l 48 el-lb* ; ebee e 10.17.47 do.; wtiolrtofte. 4 121 do, oil M'451 do; 2 122 <lo l??on iMA do. bnji?, M h*IH. 7 / ! >; ?' Hour 612 W>l? ; turprntlo*. 672 do.; hror oiH to d > roflt!, l<>9 dc . ? m, flu.ojfl bo?h ; wh I'.! 4 do; | iK ir 4m . in tout.; tobkMo. 10S t),d? , d< nil n.|Uli< ,1 <\* 627 do ; Urd, W6.4U do ; ibON 2V6 27C do,; buf'rr ;l 14)0 d >. T, f,/. ... ?.- Pf ( )' 114 Mill . flour. 5 40-7 do.; r;>?! , S09 do.; chrome 0?" do; gum thn?, 25 do ; ooril, # ... " 1 u?li ?I "> Oil.' I'igH., Urd, 150,241 lb." ; eheeee. 14 .'butter 11 1 I., ?lorer er?d. ItVMOdO.; lo r J .2'8 t T* lime ?0->d 20.1o,; o n00 >fo. ffirr'.-Pcttrb 8?'5bWn jirulmh. Illd4 r i i ' . I *. . o.? . ? ? 1''' ' ft I 1. 'Z d* ; C?d?r, ft? l' C , l?r I j?7 TSJ I'M ( fallO?, 41 *14 do.; b?r'?a*, * 101 l' ?li%l?bjno, 11 Oil do ; porta oil ::40 f\l* , tarn*. 4 o. 0 No. T.< Knl'lh-Sterm 4 4 I ?) N o. //?.? ? TWor PoU- h '<z btl* ; rU?, 74 do.; do , 177 tri , ?t*. torproiiti*, 1 '*4 do.: hnpp, lit batao; join; lb do mrfoj.orlll* 51 do ; butter, 53,100 lb* : w1i?lfbor>? Jlft fcT't do ; trNooo, mM.. 4 POO do.; do , 42 Mid* ; do , 5*1 e#r* ; do . '/I #an?? ; r.ll popparmlnt. ( do ; had. '34 rip*: ** 1o*? >r4 413 l> to* ; bark, ti pomi* port wln? i^o?*l?; what* oil 14 oiJ gala.; tar, 47 lo**. 7> r*tr*t l. Mahogany. < > log?; rlaa, 10 top - jog. 0" d Vf, four. ?!?? . Nr. * <4*? 7V C#;? d? 1 W?.?I.nmhpr 79 9?0 fppt: fthtogtaa, No lorrr, f V '? * Klonr K* 7M? ; no-al Mor(>?. 15 do tr. ad. V5 do : f 10,1747 h ! farrr No 14 100. ' TV Htwrpt .dyrit.?Fiaar. Nt bbl*.; (ptrlta Itrpn

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