Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 28, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 28, 1849 Page 3
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v lived in Kozbury klnee 1*30; know* Siaaa, (lirnt. and Young lor aome jaara; baa never beard anjtklng aralmt the central moral abaraoter. and tb* character (or truth and veracity, of Garratt and Siass; hu never liiiril anything for or against the character of Young, until be was lotted up with thie transaction. CVeei-fjammed ? Has seen gauiea of bagatelle played at Siass'*; bat eeeo card* there. [ f Iderman Jackson arrlied at this stage of the proceedings j To the Attorrev Oijihl,?Siaaa'a saloon Is considered as reputable as any place where they sell liquor. On the witness leaving the stand. Mr Basor asked him it he was leaving town this evening ? The Aitosskv General said, it you want ta arrest him you had better make haste. (Laughter.) As* e Kinr.?Lives now in Boston; lived with John Ros, in Koxhury. from June to November, 1846; was doing general work fir him: ke kept the ralonn at that time; wteu lioelelt. she teok hold of Siass's work in Ihi- ssme plane, until she went to Boston in the following February; bias* got married before she left; he had hoarders, and occasionally furnished nn-uls to persons coming in; witness did the cooking; lohn Roe left in November, and came to New York; his wife remained in hoxiury a fortnight or three weeks; she left then lor New \ ork. with a man named George Young; she left in the afternoon, and at uine next morning Hoc returned there from New York; there was a person wilb Iloe when he came; Roe was sick, and she cooked seine giuel lor him, which he took in the dining room; she went into that room, and Roe was sitting at the table with the gentleman, while she was making the grui 1; saw tTie gentleman again: he came into the kitchen with Roe; there was no tire in the dining reout; he did not take much notice of the gentleman who came in. us she is near sighted: witness went into the dining room while line an l the geutleman were there tigelber; they liuj some money in bills; does not know bow many; there was more than one?there might b>> twenty?hut "lie would not like to say; lloegave her 50 cents in the kitchen, when the gentleman, to the bust of her recollection, was th?re; when Roe gave her the Xuoney, she said she wished Kllza (meaning Roe'* wife) bad it, as she bad none; Roe said be liad plenty of money if she hadn't, win n she saw all those biile. she made tbe remark that she supposed Hoe didu't speud any of the money in New York that he got from 3ia*t; when Mis Roe left Roxbury lor New York she bad no money; the louu that was with Roe was a small sized man when thev went out. a \,r Walton, or Waldron. She doesn't km w the iiHnie riglitiy went. with them CYe*>-tx?wi>i*>f,-?Can real print, but can't write: came te this couutry in a ? l calltd the l'almyra, two j < urs bt (ore she went to live with hoe, in 1845; lived first with a Mr. ilvans, in Boston; her name was Carr belore she \<as married. | ['lie cross examination cf the wilceee-an urropbiptieated daughter of Krin? was continued some time, as to da.,s and dates, upon which she exclaimed, -Oh' you are axiug we so many questions about things I don't recollect, that I in quite bothsred" (laughter) | Does uot remember what month Christmas day is in. 'l'o the Attormv (itsfn-Slie never was in a eourt house before in her life, and she hopes she never will again (l aughter ) W as married in July last. Mamt at Iloxbury about nine years; follows tbe business of teaming (a carrier); hue* Hoe; identities V,r Carpenter as tne grutleuian who was with hoe in hoxbury in 1S46 on his return from New York, cannot swear positively to him, bat it is his impression. Cruti'ta-amintJ ?Recollects the circumstance from Roe having a box of peculiar medicine with him; does not recollect what month Christmas day is in 'l'o the Atiojinsv Oesn xt ?I hrirtmas day is not much observed in Massachusetts; sometimes they work on that day; there is a day known there as thanksgiving day. The prosecution offered in evidence the depositions oft arr and Black, us to the character of Greeley and French Mr Brady opposed their admission aud the eourt ruled against it. W. C Butts is a counsellor at law; knows llr. Carpenter since 1S44 Counsel for defence asked the nature of this evidence ? ilr Mi Kr.on replied, to show that the time Carpenter was repr#,ented to have had dealings with brokers to the amout of some thousands of dollars, there was a Btiiwsll warrant against him for debt, aud that he was taken before the Recorder. The evidence was objected to. and as the Court conceived tbat It amounted to a question of character, they ruled sgalof t its admission. A letter of Carpeuter was submitted to tbe judge, to bow that he took an active part in procuring the bail >f Ar.Jros. but bis Honor ruled against He admission, and the Attcrney General took an exception to the declelon of the Court The evidence having here closed. Mr. Bkadv submitted the following propositions to the court:? That the jury should not convict, unless satisfied, beyend all rtaseuabie doubt, that Carpenter Incited \ndros to pass the specific bill mentioned In tbe indictment. and to pass It on Corwln, the person mentioned In the indictment If the jury believe tbat Carpenter old tbe money of which tbe bill mentioned was part, to i oung. and I oucg sold it to Andros, then Carpenter cannot beconvicted under tblslndlctuient, even though thejury believe that! arpenter knew that tbe money was to be d< livered to Andros, and that the latter intended to rae-iit, and although thejury also believe tbat when the money was sold to Young Carpenter Intended that it should be passed to Andros l.'nless the jury believe fro tj the eeidi nee that l arp?-nter tncH- d Andro*'.* pa?* the bill mentioned either through it tome with communicated by hiuict If or by 1 ouog hi- ting far him (Carpeuter) IbMtMjury eliouid acquit If tin- jury belieee that Carpenter furniehed the money to Young with the intent that it rhould be glreu to Andro* to pain, but that Young did not communicate to Androa that Carpent* r had *0 furnlthed it, then the prleoner I* entitled to be acquitted. The Jury *hould be inatruoted to acquit. Inn e there i? no eeld-nce of aoy rommunleatkn between htm and Andre*, directly or indirectly, in regard to the t ill meti!i<>re.| in the Indictment befo.e it was pa*re<l Becaurt it I* ehowu that Young beupht that bill and otbere from Carpenter, who we* to bare no c< mpeneatlon from Andro* or Intereet In the peering of the money, to that Carpenter wae principal, and not aeeeeeory. That Young (If any one) I* the aeCtMory to Androa'* guilt Becauee Young did not make known to Andro* that Carpenter furniehel the bill. Becauee Andrca'a eonyictlon took place after thi* trial The court then adjourned to 10 o'clock the neit morning, * hen Mr Blankaiau,on behalf of the accused will eommtace tummlcg up. Sporting Intelligence. Tut Gbcat Foot Race at Burcai.o. ? We gather from the Buffalo Coutirr, the following particular* of the great foot race which wa* conteeted on the '14th InMant, between the celebrated runner, lack?on, and ecu# tenor twelve other* ruoet of whom were Indian*: 7YHIC. 7VlHr. Firrt mile 6:07 Sixth mile 6 i>? Second mite 4 hi Aeeeath mile 6.11 Third mile .6:66 klghth mile. . .... .6 11 Fourth mile 6:61 Ninth ru'le 6:16 I Fifth mile .5 41 Tenth mile 6.11JI 66 bole time 6?:l:iX From the commencement of the eixth mile. Jackeon and the ludian ana la had the Held to themeelre*, the reit baying retired. Canada won the race with ea?e. OagLAKn C'oea?? Loeieenna, Kr., Oct 3d ?P*i ten Mati h.?Puree 1100. mile heat*, b??t three In flee, in barneea. Free f< r all pacer*. J a* Oaf'? (6V. Barwi**'*) eh g Tecum*eh. 10 11 11 Duncan* br c SherilT I 0 dr. V. S tllia'* eh. g butcher Boy dia. Timo? 'J. -i ?u* ? ""i aopt. Nirliir A fTnlra. ftn Friday aftarnr n, a ihlp f f about AoO Inn* hurthon war launched trr>m th? yard of Mr ?r< .-mith k Utmog, f ot of fourth itrrrt. fart li|?er Kb* > otnrd In St IXrriburt. aid wl< built und?r tha dlreatlon of hlXMI iiOCdhualt Co. .luhn Mtt'lffilrr, Wfll Itiitnn i?<rniinlrjr M t luohy," a? ore of thr inritod fuaata of the para-la an I dinar r ?l tl.a Volni ? Inataar., no Tbnradat. tt'l-an a H- a i , C< ultra waa a talnaMe fri nd to tfi" Sura A? Vtra Cm, b? attand- d tu It alrk In rha fv pirala, fnrr .had tb?m i a?) at..: ibiny I ;tlr uitcimiei ? M> h wart aat to kr bad of I n-1* fain. ir-1 la tt.r ? "ttlw <f nnirrranf#, fbaatit with II,? r?a m. t ? Tin ? n-.plim-at paid to l<im an flmrad >? alrwa that tl.e New i tk riliitavra haaar torutt tbair friend*. V lila limitation nppllra aptly tullir ? aatnMiara nf a trrtiia beat, a: i aat t<i'ii aitalilithatil. All ! a daal tl ara t" ar la aat iR'd. ?ad ara aura to mii icatu. Tka plaoa It Jnaa'a, 14 Ana atrrat. Thr I" 11 at Uolrl M.rlnl twartrd to l)afmmntyp. a, by the Am?rl<-an Inalitita, ??? awarded la ?aif#l lir Prady.aoTner "f Br Iwty i"d I nit"! alraal, ib"t .nnjin aid ollliaaa ara Ibtital to tuauin. aptci ? Rlrgaht Pntteriia of K. i mil alt Floor flit CI.oh. from '11 i f. ' jarti wlda. >f ?h? ainet m htn yla it tail trj. wirbfi a I . I. u'? b*ir.d, ft" nli (II. te -a. rrr yard, ?t K-- !' I' wry. IIIHA* A* DPRoii.t'd, ti-ir ( h t'ari ?(lr?. Rnya. In i ?aie. aapracadoatadly low. worthy ( ?S? atleatiun at par-' ?" ?. California llonara ?The la'iarilbrr aflll oaa'innaa to furalah pnrt.Ma Cnrtayoa aal Storvi, o,oil to and aa atrip ?? any in tlila n-irk't 'AVI M I A MlrIII- arti-ia, Breohlya. l.iifntdi (fair liy.. ? Ptanlon'a Improwad *a? a Ft air Try a. a oa? -nr.: ; < ta t llot tha llair -r V b-a? hen the w annitt la arplfod. w.umat Inlnry to tha hair rt bin. l.artlra-an Oao ln?a l'?lr Wbiikara dyad In #? mli ntoa. i' t' a fii-pot. No l"l Broadway. onrarr of Deo ftrrat, nadi-r tha Frnablla Itauaa, Fat botilr. eaall aire. ffi aria fl Mi COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. VOSKV I t Ft K FT. lat it nlay, Oct. '*T t p. M. Tha at?ok mirkat, to-duy, w?a In a Tory unaottlod atatn. Prloo* flnataat?d ooaaiitorablp. anma nf tb* fanaloe haolnr alranoed an I mm? fallon off. United ai.r.. H?.?,l IMl) w, n? nn V Ml ,.nl .ink i Kuriii'i-'* I.ran. V: Canton Company, if; Naw llaran Railroad. >f; F.ria Railroad. 'a,'; Btontofttnn. l)f. F.rl* 7>. I'M* d'ellrrd Jf par e*ot; Port?rnoiith Dry Doik, >f:|llad*on Railroad. S; I.nog Inland. Vf; Kaadinr Railroad l? Thar# war* larR* #*!*# of Raadlng, and tor* aatlrlty than n*nal In Mohawk LarR* amonnta f atoak w?r* praaMcR nponth# narkat and all appaara< mxlonato rail Tb?r* wara faw bnyara In tha a'raat and tha n arkat elmai waak. Tha fluaqnahanna Park, of rannajltania. haa arplodal It wonld h* waM anonRk ta look ont for tha Ballabnry Gank. of Maryland. It wonld not b* aaf* to kaap any of lha bllla of that bank on hand orar night. Th* Board of Rlraator# of th* Bank of tha fllata of fla-rR'a bar* da*l*rad a aarnl annnal dlrldand of Ft jar abara. Th* rao'lpt* of anthraalt* anil *<|-idn watar. Oom th* Inaa forth* anrrant waak, bar*. In tha tirarti* il'gbtly ftllan rff. tbnuRh b> th tha I.ahlRh and tha fehaylklil Narlgaticn ( omyanlta hara lnaraaaad thatr receipt* The Heading Railroad Company haa brought down 14 901 ton*? laat week. SO 608 ton* Th* Sobuyl- I kill Navigation baa brought down 18.138 tons-last week, 16,696 ton*. Th* Lehigh Navigation Company 1 \ ha* brought down 24.861 tone? last week, 23 280 tone. | Counterfeit three* on the Oelvidere Bank are new In j circulation; tne tilling up la ratner smoothly uone, Dill , the bungling manner in which the name of the bank, ( in the body of the bill, is inserted, will readily deteot | the counterfeit. The vignette of the counterfeit re- 1 1 prevents shipping steamboat, &n . in the harbor, and is 1 i entirely different front the genuine. The words - State | of New Jersey." on the right bend end are also very clumsily inserted. With a little care, no ene need be ' (lettived. ' The number of passengers carried over the Galena ( and Chicago Kailrea 1 averages from USD te 300 daily. 1'bie is a large number, coutidering the leDgth of tile road I 1 Stock Kxclmngc. *'-OfO U 8 fi's, '67, ll.V, 180 shus rare* I-oaa ? 10(11 do ltaV 60 Norwich St SVor RR 3d 2111) U ! 51, 'M, ton 1( 2 2.8 Morris Canal 9 ; 1000 do 102US' NUN Ihvci RR 94 . Mil) Trta* Kotea ll'Sk 40 Hudson RK ft'*.* 6010 Ohio 6'?, 70, s!0 no 75 National t ire Ins Co 109 I 8800 do t3 110 25 S.oniagtsin RR 47I low) 111 Iu Iin 44 n*li anion Co S-i's If00 111 In 1m Sik 24 12 Erie HR 61V 5000 iris 7's, ??, kCO ?V 80 do 61V S((0 d" 85* 60 do, hSO 81% 1 20 ,1s Ek Si K Y 100 100 do 6I>J 12 do i'l jd 150 Long lalani RR 17V 100 Kesdins RR 32^ 1<D do, Mm 17V 300 de 8---V 170 Mohawk RR 87 410 do .(2V 60 do, a60d S7V 2W) do 160 82V ,'pO do, b?0 87V 21D de t.'d 821, 100 do, t4in MS ill) do S2V 5 Portsmouth D Deek 54? < 24 An fc Roc It? RR .""s 250 Uarlooi RR 81 | 210 Far Loan 160 85 SECOND BOARD. $6000 Ktn 6's, 71,^ ll*l shi Read ItR s60 82V 8(D0 Perns 6's M'.'V 100 Farmers' Loan ?S0 81', I'OO Filc7 ? lid, '69 1>3 >6'4 10'i do eS 31 \ 2(4 0 do old 10':v IV) do sSO ."UK 26 ihsBndRivRK ('V 8? d? blu s,S ?) Erie KU 61V 80 Nor k \P.,r RR 86 Ml lantinCo |3 8'V 80 llsrltinKR rop 51 I IS 8 Hat J: llsrt 106?? Ml Lnnz Island RR 17V I mi IBVKRMBMJW RKNKWED KVRRY DAT." ' Jse.-oi to Jhlvrrtisrmrnfi tent 8y Ujil mutt At jsosdMif, or thty villi not 81 taken from Ike foot 9fflee. HOTELS. WWAWA.1-^A^VV>e.VvN~W^VW^VSe.VWW^WSWV^ j IKV1KO HOUSE, Bxeanwar, New Yost. OOLUMitlA HOTEL, CueST.vvTSTnarT, PaiLAnmswu ] BAKNCM'O HOTEL, Calvbbt stbbbt, Baltmbkb. , TRKMOAT HOUSE. Tbkmomt itbcbt, BoiiM. RURVS HOTEL, Hvn acvin. N?w Veaa. KK WARDS. Aubekai. k ew a it i> wii.l be paid for five copies of the Morning llcrnld of May 2U, by leaving tluna Willi Mr. Pl'8MI)Dt', l.'*') Fulton street. ^1/;a KE'.VAKP-STUI FN FKOM THE Pit F.M I < K ?. yJjJIvAV" 106 I'earl street, a G"1<1 Lever Watch, chased case, ilout-le bottom, carped and jew cllcd, (" S. J. Tubiaa it Co., No. 3,481,) And two Cold Finger Kings. Fifty dollars reward for tli>'watch, and tifty dollars for trio thief, will be paid at No. 100 Pearl street, New York. i Lost, in bboadway, or rossiBLT in fourth nvenue, or in Brooklyn, yesterday afternoon, a (told Locket, containing a Daguerreotype likenejs. The tinder will he liberally rew aided by leaving it at (id Wall street, 3d story, with Thomas M. North. BPKCIAIi NO PICKS. IfOMY FOUND?A 8.M A LL SUM. IN BROADWAT, 1T1 betw een W urren and Chambers street. Inquire at C. 1 Llapehatd'B Book stow. W Nassau street. In dl <i F-THE Ml MUFRS ok iiakmony lodge .No 44. I. O. of O. F., are requested to meet at their Lodge Koi m, 71 Division street, sr Suudav, at 12 o'clock, to attend the funeral of our late w orthy brother, Win A. Jackson. By order. Vt M. L. PANTIN, N. G. J.sirs Srrrn, Secretary Notice. - tue officers and members of Southwark Engine Company, No IP*, return their sincere thanks to Mr. John F. w'ojdworth, Dutch struet, for the j bountiful supply of refreshments furnished them after the fire in Fulton ssreet. on Saturday evening the 27th inet. H011ERT McGlNN IS, Foreman. p. n. Hosu.rv, Secretary. i Notice.-'theshuhraoargi ardarereijueste<l te meet at the Arbour, toil (Sunday) morning, at II o'elork.te attend the Funeral of la'e Lieutenant, John J. Way. J. A. DliMARF.>T. Chairman^ ?1 R. HUMPHREYS. FORMERLY IN MESSRS. HOOPlrl ?r A Brekkers Faitory, in PeACl strset, will lioarof something greatly to his advantago by calling immediately on Mr. Moii. niery. No. 17 South W illiaui street. New York. , French benevolent society-tub annual ' Meeting ef this Society for the swleetion of Officers, Be., will bs held at Delmontee A Beaver street, en Sal urday, 27tk , lost., at 7 o'clock, P. M. The Members are re toasted te attest!. By etder ef the committee. . R. FOULHIOUI, Secretary. ' Dissoi.l tion.-the copartnership of wtman j 8c DERBY ie this day di*?olv?d. by coRHnt. ] 1te \ neiteee nf the late Arm will te liquidated Wv John <;. ? Uvmaa, who will touluiue Ike hueine*? at the eld etaad? 115 Broadway. JOHN O. WYMAM. Nave Yotta, Oet 18, 18dfl. LTMAN DERBY. j LYMAN DERBY has removed from ISA Breadwar. and hai 1 taken the spacious and commodious rooms, 1*'2 Broadway (op- . posits CityllallLflrst floor (eeooud story), formerly eecu- J pied ss " resist Museum," where he ie about to open a lavrs ' ami ehoica aaaorttrant of r?oda In hia Ilia. and whara ha will ha happy in racier the ralla nf hit old friaadaBad taataaan. i Tiie pabtnbbship heretofore, busting bbtaeea Juhn II. Ryeraoa and Alaxandcr Karr ia thia day 1 dia*n!*ad ty tl.a mutual content of both partiaa. Dabta 1 naiaa tu. or by. aald brio, ara to bo aattlad by J. 11. Ryaraoa. . Datod Now York, OabUrU, lo?. JOHN II RYERSON. i ALEX. KERR. WANTS. \Lr ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WIDOW HDT, WEO | It baa had great ax| er'taoo la t',? of koaaa- i hold allure. deaire. a aitnatloa aa llnu.akaapor ia a reapeetahla lamily, hoarding i" u i . ar hotal; wnnld hara aa ab^ae- | Ml aa ta a* South ar U aat. Ami'a taatimaaial* aa la ciiaraatar and qualihtaiieaa will ha gitem. Addraaa Bax No. id. , Newark. N. J. Poat OBaa I \? a s t ; : v ' I r: r a i < - t r . ,>>< : ? ?T faraiahad hnuaa. in tLa Ticlmi'y af Ka* Yark, af aaaatant and aaay a.-ctae la tha city, or t'a Brooklyn. J.raay our. , ar llobokea. Muat l>* (aiitaal and aomfortabla, family aniall. , A adrnaa. .ta'lni I ration, exact tarma, Ae? lla , ta H*x 1 has. N.n Int. r ?' i 'tuaa. Elf ANTI I)?BY A MSI'IK TABLE YOUNO WOM AN, ft i a 11 <. a 11? o t" aOaiol a at >ra, or to *alt "n a lady tr?arlllriir. I* fnlit competent to (III ait her aitnatloa. i'lsara to tallat N<. 2j."J UrtennJcb atraet. In lha bakery. JNTOItMATION V, II I. BE rHANKf I LLY RF' EIYED, by Mm. Marshall Union Villain, ktaorhe.ier. ConneatlCnt, of Cfcrya Uhtel.olm, from R"aaka?a, North of Scotland? | aat hoard of in tLo Stata of la* York, la UM7. J TRO Rl IIMS ARK WANTED BY A DISTILLER, aitbrr is Naw York. Hr u hlan, M iL.amat itrth, or New Jtraay. Adorraa box No. 733 Now \ rk Poai oflao. p at paid LSI HNISHED ROOMS WANTEO.-A OBNTLEHAW r and hla t fn with a anlto of fiimithed room' ennaiating of parlor, htdrc tu tad kttrhor, oa firat or ? coad ll.or; ! 1 tit a trrfort'il in tl.a r< ntral part of tic city. Addraaa "Rf tort. ' at thia cfllee, atat'n im alien Bnd t?rm>. ? ... ?. ALRI BY AVOnOB. BE B Bl TLi.R, AUCTIONEER?PUBLIC ADBINISJYI . jiratot'a Salr <n Baalaf .a, at p?.?t ntrii ?. MI, iiitiKfp ti uii i> ? n*?"i n< l'.*?iiin. *<<oti>ling el Ottiu In Slot* and Urclmtra aartl; alt Oi.ta* f< r Ik* I'iii.n Porta, *au Ur<" *?l.**ti?a *f rolt illinrro* Mult* (On*.*, kr ) I r 'ti' ?>**t and l?"*l t>ot?r.. nil". Piattforta, I m. >nt Violin (hy Sin lutrint). Onitar, a"?t rivt- , ?l?t. Thta-r **| Pottnm*. Ft dilfortat llrira., li t -l |.l Furnitur' k*. >, a may b* had I (lit auuariker, dAMIS S. THAWS, PnHiaAd' . r? r r V ?Ht IHM'.. *17 M. W. All TiiiNT': III i r.r. a . r> Tt V ardir* M at* rnrn-t*r? - T i -*dar, f)et*h*r V'tH, ?t tin *'?lnrk A M . It th* lludt-a Railroad llnnto, on Ttnlh ITMM. kttiMTtNll rahih ai.4 T*' *'.r**t*. th* rnurt form!*** of knob*n, lining room. parlor. t**lr* 1*4 r<r|.i. hay finrr. ft too **t?H*tt: al?o. tl#?ri. ? ?? and lunnr*. fill rmlMri, ram or*, for rath, and worth* th* t < lira of bottll. hoarding hnnm ltd fnrattnrr dtaUtl. It' I II V h .M I I . I I i; A ' T.'IS * \ : at y? . ti,,. k'trk -Sal* of handmma Ikraitnr* on Monday, at 10?'elrlh, nt N'\ 14 (Iratid ttntt. Alto, * itotk of Or fnr*?, it in oil oh, it No 41 Jiy ?tr?t?. Ti"?dajr, *t 1114 tCooatrr lirtrt. tb* Knriitnroif a fin It A Imlai.traor'* j rk of CltUbf, L'rf Uiodi, kr , on H'tdoMday, at Mo. 12 i 11 inie itmt. ron M\L,K All) Tt? I.KT. Ltd* SAI.r A FIVE TEA**' I.tARE, WITH STOP* m and Union*, of * well baowi pnMIt boot* In t' it *lty. It I rcttn dnir* thrirmi harlot.*, and I'aadiDg inaaanlnrr*tt*d loaatlon. F r urmt, If., *ra'F <? A^C. HI n * '< Broadway, Ff. T. TO 1 *,T-nfi| <INO Ml \ 1NOTON Avrsi r RINT I T'r'tt'tr If. |inr*atl' i'?io i'o I. np "'tin rM RMMItPji I t NFI RMAIIED R0OMJ TO LET. W? II Path Plait. Alto, an OlHaa. L'i HM-i.i.n miTAdi at rnrroN, statin I Itlard, ?o lot, till lit Way rati or longar -ait*\t* atit to 111 Cltflon ll' urt, (n rth?rli) ?Thtr* ara 14 t*o?# Ik* i til ion ? oi ' v alionti I 'oi? minding a tit# of Hi* Marrow*, th* Cltr. #?. At ply on Ik* prtibia**, a..on, at lit* |>r< ?n t <.*(i i 11 i ? ? n a i> Af 1CIIIUAK atilTIIERN RAII.fcOAD SUE3CAIPTI0N 1*1 -Forth* pari ?* *f *it?ndln* t' I* r \l???t?arlly fr m Dillf'tlr Ali.i gaa, it*front tin* natina, I* Chitant, Illinrll, tha H ard <f PI'a. tort fi?> < opwaai Lift" f..f ia'-Ojl*"' (in Ihim of Sltttaaah) additional ataak. T'.iawlU fa lil'Hi d ta ttir- mtfiiMtlM af tha dlr .ali.n fmm Hi'ladu * t? ('lilwatar (." a'aa), nnd tha Italian lap ia ta lllrliiftt < ily (1.1 Bliltr). Eight par CMt ft am "ill diridar.d ? It l a pal an Will toet. t< MI-an??allj, la tha a ity if h iiTatV oat af t!it atirr?at inrninta r f tic r ?d - which dlr I land la i.a la a *rtt and ptct'tnl i',ifa? on il? praaanl Ito. i. It w.llaltt reoalaa an oh additional ditiiand aa tna aaoiiafi of tha intiri riad will warrant. Tin rad i? naw, aa 1 In full ip rotian front Ta. | Irdo aad aowtat, at tha foot ?f laka kriat to FlilU lall (dd ! Willi"), ind Itf aarnlnyi ill lnanr? It a n.tar a t. pay t'laah.iwa ditidind on tha a** atoeh taanad for ita axttnt'?n. Tha plaa adoptad h; t'l a >ntf mj la, to hni?h Ita road aaa? limit' a y, tn dialnea", from * pr-aanl tarinwna, and hrny II a tatna into ma a? taatai and thaa add ta l a baaiaa.<a aid ia"iitne r> n.t a, nnart? tha h"? I af I,aha Trla with Ohlaaro at tha head at lata H .ehlyar, hy a duo and aoo lnno.ii lion. At Tolada It arnnaota with tha lira of railroad from ll iffalj alary tha a nth ihcra of l.ata l a to Tolado (m* onatrwatad), and with tha a?*r-ai linaa of rtilwayt running to th? Ilia ahrra, bc'Wtr. lloCal > A",I T?'rdn. At Chi ??, It will aarnort With tt a llllnoia and ln-hlyan Cttll. Ml With tha ( l iioyo and f>al"na Kai!r<nd-: and, n lion lint "had, will aon- itnta lha n aln ind diraa* fan' hat aaaii tha Watt* arn and > orthwaatara Ptatea, and tha Atlanlia ait.aa aadaah Vaard. Pnl arrlytl n hooki will ha fonnj at'ha altl"! af in*. 1 Rl'tVt , 1A1NF.F k CO., ho. (If H ill !raaf wh'ra partial I aro Iwrit. d to apply, and ohiti thaw witl ha firm"had with a atalan.i nt of tha aand :low and probata af tha r ad. with Wiapl, Bo. la? drilari oa aoah ah?r? i" raqnlrad to ha pal I at thatliwi af anhiothioy, Tha rrr tinder I ha p. d in lii.dara'n inttalranta, a< t|? wotk ptoyt'iaa* GEOtlcP. tlLIdd I'rMlt'at. lomri't'l it l'irrrr< ra--t'harla? Bnllar, ioai hahV a a, Edwin C. l.iMhf' Id -fr hn Strykar, and 'Aatrya Bum. 11 ad Ui'.vfcar 19, lldt. At a meeting or the democratic rei'lblican Committee, held at Tammany Hall, o> Thursday creamy. October l*th, the following reeulutioua were nnantmouely panted and ordered to be puMiehed Reunited, That a aeleet committee, coneteting of Metara. U'alt It, Watt and Eltiug. le unpointed, with iueiruetloue to propound to tbe aereral candidate* recently nominated in Uniiuaiv Hall thu duration whrttiRr ,tr not tliuv rocOiraiiK) this Committee and the respective organisations existing l?y iiw Authority at the only Democratic orgahiiation in the L'ltv and County of Now York ; that their written outwore ho published, and that a non-oocapliance with the demand bo recoivcd as a n gative reply. Ketolved. That they also bo called upon to state in taid tnswers distinctly at.a ansquivovally whether or no they repudiate all other preleuded D. in oral'o OOBBitlh I. KM AN I th g. ilAKl, Chairman. cum Uwton, / ?mi i G Jfin i h, J Secretaries. The Special Committee after baring adressod eash of the mndidates, n.ade the following report? 'i ' the Democratic Republican General Committee: The undersigned, the SslvOt Column tec, appointed by the resolution of the link October, respectfully report: That they addres*?d to the several candidates a communication, a copy of whieh is hereunto annexed, marked A, and lave received the answ ers her* unto annexed, marked B. This committee fur'her report that l>r. Charles A. Van , ?aw?lt is absent from the city, and has uot hud au oppor- j unity to answer, so this commit tee is informed. Respectfully submitted, mIKt WALSH. ) kUWD.c. W EsT, } Committee. WM. 11. ELT1NG,) ~TA.] T a mux v Hail., Oet. 30, 1849. Pi n ?A t a meeting of the Democratic Republican General Committee, held st Tammany Hall, on Tuesday, October 1Mb, the above resolutions were unanimously passed. In the discharge of our duty, as ttie Select Committee amid in said resolutions, we r? m cctfully heg leave to profound to you. as cue ot the candidates recently nominated in fan many ii all, the following ques'.ious : ? let. Do you or not rtocguiso the D.nucrntie Ropuhlioan Mineral Committee, held 01 fam Tinny Hall and the respective < rganiiatione fxistirg by 'ts authority, as td e only heuioiratic organization in the city and county of New York? 2d. State distinctly and unequivocally whether or not you :ei ndiate all other pretended Democratic Committees. You will observe that you arc required to answer the pre:cuii g questions in writing, and you arc informed that such msw er will le puhli.-hel, and further, that your uot-c?'Upliauce with this request w ill be received as a negative reply. As there is to be a special meeting of the General Commit;ee to bear the report of the undersigned on tho following ivcuing, you will |-l * ate lav or us w ith your answer on or bofore the *4th day of October instant, and address the same to is, under cover to tdw ard C. West, No. . 6 Vi all street. II WALSH, ) K1)W. C. W EST. > Committee. WJft. U.JBLTiNQ, ) [b! New York, Oct. 24, 1849. Gfktlkme*?W* have received commuuicatious from you , nquinmr? lut. Whether or not wo reco^nizo the Democratic Kepubisan Ceuer&l Committoe. held at Tammany Hall, aud the tope-dive organisations existing by its authority, as the only Dem< t ratir urgauixation in the city ar.d county of New York, i Jd. W hether or not we repudiate all other pretended Donocrstio Committees. In reply thereunto, we heg leave respectfully to state, thxl n the union of the Democratic party proposed by the Syra* : ruse Convention and accepted ay the Uti?a Convention, all I piestions between the two sections into w hich the party was ! ;hen divided a* to the regularity of the State aud local or [sviizatioas. were wsivrd The substitution of a single organisation, though necessary . to the welfare ot the Democratic party, was n<?t thou uno.uaflishid. The State aud local organisations of the two sec* densstill remain* d soparKte. The late Nominating Contentions were the first bodies orranised ia this citv to promote the united and harmonious icti<nof the democratic party in the approaching contest, rhey were especially chosen to represent the wh le Democrats party. Elected directly hy the people, to thilr judgment were oouiniitted the que.tiou* whom they would nominate ?w hat interrogatories sh.u'd be put?what pledges should It required-what tests should be imposed. 'Iludcconventions imitated the example of the two State Conventions, in waiving all questions of an irritating lharacter, and they expressly refused I) inquire into the views of the aandidat ti, as to the regularity of the respective city organizations. Nominated at theState and City Candidates have been, on this very basis of a w uiver of all differences as to the t'losti.ti s,< ..f.r.miaf if ? ? rA lu 1... ll.n Jidatca themeelvef ghuuld roop' u ?uch ditlercnoea. To d > ao would,ia our Judgment,BUIonly brwk up the vury hania on ehich we were ell nominated, l ut *leo yiulnte the faitn on which ti e two (ecUon! hav* united on a aiugle ticket? dirlolve 0. tar ion of the party so tar aait laalren ly formed, and lerure the aaeendancy of the Whig party for years Grateful to the Democratic pnrty f>r the contidenoe mmlleited towards us t.y nominationsto respoueinle truata. we facl hound to maintain aaJ promote it* integrity, tfeiiai trrly bclicte that the (liriai'us in the Democratic party are m.w permanently and Mtiafaetorily diaponed ol, and that all future Iicmocru'ie norainatione tor the City andCmntyof New York will emanate from Tammany Hall, ami r.ceite the aupport of an undit iue<1 party. To eecore thia deairablu teeuit, our earnetland unUriug off .rti will be employed. b. JONES, A. VAMieuroEL, u t i.snoKrr en AMDs K. II ATFKI,D, UINKY ARC H.AKICS, Jit., I,. 11. SilF.I'AAI>. GEO. II. I'll HUE A, ISAAC H SMI ru. DAM El. W. NOKRIS. TUOUASK DOWNING, II. It I'l KDY. ffl EK M< MHTGHI.I N. T"p<n the reading ef the raid report, and anawera of aaid :atididatea, the General Committee adopted the following resolutions:? Kvolrrd, That the gentVmrn whe aigned the letter in nniwirtothe resolution of the I8lh Odobtr, bare leave to withdraw the iamr Hi bolted. That in eaae the geatleinen who hare signed the ttar addreaaed to th" S I t C"iiruit or fr im thia Committee, eI n. 11 rctuae to withdraw aaid letter, and amwr the inn-r gatori?? | n ponnd?d to till iii, the *eh l Con shall rt | ort to thia c? ruuiltte*. what, in their judgment, will be the proper aoiion of thia committee to tnke m the premises. Kaeolfad, T bat when tnia committee adjoiirna, It adjourn to meet on the Ztith October, inat , at 7 o'clock 1'. M., and that Mraara. M'cstern, Schell, King and Phillip-, he added to the Select Committee, for (he purpoee mentioned in the preceding resolution. f'TI e special committee of acren addraeeed to each eandidate the following eommunieation : Ta mm a % r Dart,, Oct. JA, IS4H. I'm ?The preceding reaolntlona were paaaed by the Deraotratic Repuhiu an (i'-aertl Committee, laat erening. Pleat* iddieaa any communication you wiah to make to the committee. at the oftire of II M. tt eelern, Eeq.. W Uroadway, Refute I 0 clock, 1'. M., of thia day. Respectfully, MINI. W A I.SII. VfM II. EuriMi. II. M W ESTER V. EDWARD C WEST. AI 0. 8CURLL, E. A. KINO, JONAS B. I'll I I.I.I IS. f The fotegoing special eomuiitlee reported to the General Committer. a> follows 7'Ac Apcri.W l ommitttr npf inil 'at IS* lull airrling 0/ (An f'tooiffee. ritpitljmlly rtport. 11 at they addrcaawd a circular to the aeerral eandidate*. in son torn 11> with thair instruct tone, a copy of which eircnlar le hereunto annt ard. That no amwer having been reeo<T<d Hereto. y< nri Committee, in the belief tl a* the Democratie Republican 0< a< ral Committee, hating discharged law duty, and done all that w* demanded of them t maintain the >l irnity of the Demoeiaiie party, and eind'eate the in tegri'y of their rrganiiatirn, awhaii the following ruaelntion, and reeicctlully a, bed to be di?ch?rg?d. Ill h R W A I.SII, MM II. F.I.I I Nil. II II WESTERN. A I'll, sill Rl,I,, r. A KING. N. T. Get. Iff, 1*43. JONAS II. f'lltM.IPB. At a meeting of aild Cincril Comu iltee, held at laminaay Hall. ' n ti e I' t.'i day ol October. I'tJ, the aborti report waa accepted, and the following rea?1ntiou paeecd: K<< Ivid, That th?- rr oeellnge af thia 1 onimittee an 1 the inaweraot the < anil later, be published in the Republic, Hera! 1 and Sua. By order, CH AN (TEL. It. IIART, Chairman, C? at a l.aWTnw, J a, ,.????!? Jawra O. Emitii, ) ??r*sawea. f|Sii IDE W HIG fl V TORS WARD 1 Dating noticed tl," publication el my nam* In Mvcral paper* aa a n mm<e I r Assistant Alderman f. .r Hi" Pint \K tH I Vr r 1 tt* loi'ilo tl i' I Am nnt A rauiIiiIAt# f r n-aid ?fl..a; lit ahall dm oi? l.eet la < Imi tha oily whi< t.1 k?t IB ii iiiii ?%ih. ha>4?< tut.mid tiriiln, for Aldurmau, ami I'urlla Ju.Im.u f r Aaentant Aldarman. Slfied A'Anr.V. IS Smith it. AT A I Akl.r. AM) RKAt ?C'I A III.I HAITI NU Of Till German l'.m.rana 11> etara of Ilia Fleet Hard. hill at tha hoiat of Mr Sal.tnalhulli, Sin. 116 Cr?*BWlch ittM:. ?a Friday aream r. Of. loth, 1 ID, tut fwHaatof latolntion rar naaaini'ntl? ad1 | l-i. Ti at we rr??.l t? at a paramount duty io n?ne the ward fr m the of tha whin jar* v ah .aa mlarula aad ratrai aranra hare r.aderrd tl.em u?Ht repraeeatn trait of ll.e pti.pla, and that in rfleotaata tine aad, We tl.ail, one ari'all, melair at the r uin ? . . u'. it, the r rularlr a taina'ed Deiarerotic Kefnl li an tl' hat head A- F rAllerrr. to. J. I a Ander "r; lur A?? i 'tot. Abraham M.or ; far A Me., r?, I >rr?" J. JM.aet a aad Chariot Oannaa. fnf Cuaa'ahWa, llar.-t flair and Thrrana Gajaun; fur Subfile n-mu nar, J11. re Crn.liehanh; for Truale't, miliar.) I, Wiley and Stbaattai KoMheppa; fWr fiase- r. I.. . Silrerarl. leT 1 KST WARD DEMOCRAT!.?C A l:' lOI.?IRISHMEN F aad adopted e.t ?. ?e, we ( art f..i?!? I ap.a ua a < aodidate fir Senator la tlua t'i a man who, out thro* yaara at", iI'lly arcartd that wt roul I ke l>..nrht aid a .Id im 1 rta-aef tom T>arr rat# ( the Fi-e? ward. eai y< a l ipp rl ra. h 1 Iran. In oi peeit n to nur nldeet aad moat r.-eaeeiaMa tltlrtref Tha naly ( mtraie r.mlar democratic a .m'nat ona fur a ard (.Rut m are MM I ui.d apM IhltM t headad. ' T A Mi rmai Richard V? or', ea- for A tela till AI I. rtnan i'hn'1-a Nevoid. It, ware of th> ti.kat k'Hi f'r Alhrat". J. a Ai der*' n. for It la a apnriuaa Charlie! Tickat, tad nawortt.y of MI i?|| tt. A Dr e?at n at. **r> at A'orrr, ClTrre. AIRST tt A R ft Rti.llAK WIIIU NOllNATIOVA ? Ja Far Aeeetahly, Jtl.a B. Whin; Allariaaa El wand (Irifha, uMnaal do .Cirtit J-.da .a . Aac-aaara, Ira fir >wi, J..ha J. Mea'enr?r Oofa'aHae, 1|eary (Jarpevar M'thaal MrCtiiiak. By or -r at the Mimtnnt r W Blttae. J. I'iJII.I.lPA riKKMX, OhairMMb J on M. itt. Secretary. |A I K.df Ha Kit DT.ll'itH fit i I RUVTRX*X ti.'ia.? Pa* 1? ?!, that tha RaUatMtf l>miollt?e. I a plana<lar tl a f rart*>M * ?* h? t la tha e.iffraart af ahair fall w ai'ltrna. real aeanrtd that it will mtat with thair aonourrea a and aptrul atiui For Aldirrrn -Richard V nrt.eef. F?r Aealaiaat Aid. Hlit-I tarlra Rowand. F' r A aerator.- John i Alfred, ITl' Jo' ar-il. |\ r I' natal a* M. atl eConnlah, llaah ' nrraw. 1. at thDiU.ior e- i.f Cown.?a A, hale - J a mat Cr ' t .haak. For laapaetof'fCumtnua A,I'.uale-William l> nutaa. Fur Irnetee eft'en tnua S. inula--Pttrlek I.una. Fi r liereetr ra of lie-, iuo?l?t, filttrlel J hi 1 ,ehe: Joha I'lttritt, JlKN Skul l. Joooplt C 'Inn*. JIAlK'tll KENNEDY, ChAirasn. .1 II* J. Hi* mr, -_I ? It* A TTT I T l.l , J 'Utrot.rloo. LI1THMU 1 f S I. M fl 1.1 tjjSVBU 1 -AT AN At>n inW *M ft o D l> | Mioaa i'linMf C ?M-*'i r of th* SlAtoonlh A?nmMj Diotrirt, h#H ** 71 ?r?'l*T OTfaiwp, Ihofth in-tant * Eo<li">n l'?lH?t, Rno 'II Smith, I ?r( miii.n.ini'il ii to-ro?oil tfii? <H#?rio? la Ikr mil A'limVljr. I . E . BLUlO.NliS,I'httirtnaa. Altft. I?Tki >1.) i?UTKtiir.?, J r ir.HTRINTR ? AltS FS'lCr At T>E?nr RATIO NOMJ n.lltllwi.-far Al.ltmii-nil.lhl Tan IVYt'A. I'.t A Mill ant AUortnon Nit IIAK'.i Ht'SfERD. For Attn".it? Uriunl h orlty . A'> tondor l> Roofn fotCtMIAhl?? lt??t II Smith. Jal n Ztltr. Tcr ln?| ootnft ? Kifi.n ? I?t t'lttrf, Jo t W. R.. ?tt, Blnrr Rtor: ?<l DoTi-i. ? S ntt: M Dli'iiil, silliui iailkliihi Lfttl; 4'h IH'ir ??. JtM IhMttA TtMM W?Un PoNo-l ft inmlot i ror--Ihomoo S. Ilonry. trttitt--UatN F. RotOro. lott ortni - J I n W ? ?. n By otftr of ih* E*fl Cnn miiiit /0I1N 01 BHOff \ I. N. t o tirntt.l., StTOtarf. Ch?irmi?*. ? . IIOTRI.9, 4kc. Rf PS?**. SHU.LET A ni PtllNAi RAVE OPENED, I at .V3 Eroofwoy,Alrootlp oppwrito th* r)r<>*4ltky tl?nh, t*?rol Anth?*? oirttt, a a?tr Hoatonrant on* Oya'or 8*loa, (|I?IOTHI ? to l.o thorn ?t onpcrb an I ohaot* ikl i* of t' hind la ilxotrntrj) in addition t* tthioh I hoy trill *4 1,

? or ?ko*? th* Iftb of N'.??tn!?r ta?alf tptoiont or>?rt ? ?. tlotantlj flt?*4 and fomithod f?T prlr?to parti**. Iho ?hoU r'?t",,< #or*tia/ noo-ly fur hanrtrod Pool of ?tmia4, oaallta lh?m to tltr oopori <t or* mniodali-or. "h?yt#lirit ?* palmate* of ftntuni-n who mar Oatr-h* tr*ahia*t,4i*o or trip. HOLEES'S LIT IIP i (i.ivn R< it' - R AND I'! mix i alt on oitn i*o tt ?t o tori.,n at of t>,o Cot at ifati*a, M aaf Mil Ioarth titan. AmU8ICMKHTtl. BEOADWAT TBEATKE.-E. X ^V^xIlI'^SOLE lessee; W. E. tUki, Monday ereniasj, Oot. ?, will b< performed, the drama of BORN TO OOODLlTCK ?Paedeen O'Haflert j, Mr. Collins; Maraarettu, Mrs. Warwick; Countess Moliuea. Mrs. IlieH. Afier whioh. "he fare* of HOW TO PAY THE RENT--Mer*wu Rattler, Mr. Collint; Star the Glate, Mr. Letter; K itty. Mrs Loiter. To eoneluile ?ith the fane ef the MILLINER S IIOLLIDAY?L?. Bo*linn, Mr. Jordan; Mr. Simon Sparks, Mr. W. H. Chapman; Miss Pot It. Miss Horn; Miss Watte, Mire Lewis: Kitty Carraway. Miit Macbeth. Dress CirTe and Parquet, 73 ceute; a.. ;iu ..j ni.j 1-0..L. eft..-.,.. mmmiiij anw >wn vuwiw, hu>I| uaimry, 1 *T% rcu' O. TkTlBI-O'S (I AH DIM.?TH E RAVEL FAMILY?MOtf' day evening, Oct. JKL to commence with an Overture. To be followed by the comic pantomime of the MILLINERS ?Characters by the Ravel Family; Country Dance by Itlle. a. Lehman. Mine. Axel. A Havel. an>l llarsetti; Mirror Dance by Antoiae Ravel; Allemande, l'as dc Troia, Adele Lehuinn, Mine Axel, aud Mr. If. Well*; Hungarian Pus do Trois, Pr. Ravel. Antoine Havel. and J. Ravef T?? conclude with the pantomime called red gnome AND WHITE WAKKIOU ? Rouge, the Glioma, M. Marictti; Blare, the White Warrior, Aiitoiuw Ravel; Eugenic, Mmc karxetti. Door* open at half* pact C?performance to con&ti ewou +\ h i If-past 7 Burtons t n e a t r k - dii amrerh street Monday evening, Oct. 29th, will be played HE A (I <'3 ARB TKIMP3?Mr. Gray, Mr. Lvnne; Cap*. Wagtail, Mr. Brougham; Charles W ilmot, Mr. C. W. Clarke; J<?e Martin, Mr. Burton; Mr* Miller, Mrc. Hughes; Su-au Fleteher. Mrs. Brougham. After which, the con edy of BREACH of PttOMISn? Ebencier Snddeu, Mr. Burton; Mr. Jabber Mr Johnston; Mathilda. Miss Chapmen; Isidore, Mma Cooke; Mary. Miss liiflert. To c< neluda with BURTON'3 NEW VORK 1)1KECTOKV?Thomas Augustus 1'iecadiliy, Mr. Burton; Mr. Lcijamin Browu, Mr. Uroughum. Boxes, Dies* Circle, aud Furyiet, 50c.; Family Circle, 25c. Doors opeu at 6%. ITALIAN OPBRA, A 8 TOR PLA1 I FHB FIRST IN D ? adrtp* te scaaon of 1349-6# will take | lace on Tl.ureday evening, Nov. 1, and Saturday, Nov. 3. ) be manager begs to inform tlic subscribers aud tiu public, II at the committee of tlio subscribers hie consented to the above vatlation from the regular nights. After the two first i??rtorn ancea, t he regular rvcningn ot i? :rforiuauoc a 11 be a-t luretoft re?Mouday. Wednesday, aud Friday. Ou Thursday even 11 nr. November l.will bo pertorme), LI Ci A 1)1 L\MM i.hMOOlt, graud opera sola, in three acts, by Donizetti. First appcsiauce in Aiuerioa of Signer Guiteppi Forti. Luoia, Bigtxriua Iiorghcae; Alice, Signer* Avwgudro; Ed^ardo, Sigi or Forti: Henri Aeh ton, Bi,t. Benevcntai.o; Raymond, Sig. Ciubilei Normano, Sig. Par.zi. Conductor and director, Max Muiettck Price* ot adiiisciou All seats, in Box** or 1'arMtu't e, stent?d either lor the night or for the tosson, $1 Ad, Tkketatal < a at the door on the evening of performftbcf, fl; Amphitl eatro, 25 cents. BabieriborH and others sre most rei pectfully informed, that no pereon will, under any ?ir< um*ttit? # s. be admitted at the door without delivering his ticket. The ta.'t that season tickets arc made transit ruble renders the strict eniorcemeut of the above rule absointily necessary. Box otftce opeu every day, from J) A M. till 4 o'clock 1* M Dcors open kt 7 o'clock; performance to (eminence at 7}? o'clock. NIBI.O'S.-CHIPPKN DALE'S BEN EFIT.?WEDNB8- i day, Ot. 31, on w hich oocauiou Mr. U. I'laoide, Mr. T. I'lacict, Mr. 31 an. Mrs. Sloan, Mr. Go ?rgo Holland and Mr. C ? rz? Barrett, will appear in popular entertainment*. COMPLIMENTARY CONCBRT TO JOSEPH Bt/RU / and Richard lt< flman ?M<-e*ro. B. and 11. take pleasure ] in announcing to the public that their friends have utado ar- i ra up emonts te give them a Complimentary Concrt. to take place on M >nday eventnc, October-.'th, at the Chinese Vs eu.bly Rooms, on which oocasu n they will he agisted by Vs'hm* and Mr. Leati and Mr (I. C. Tiintu. Tickets, $1, to be bad, with prtyraiumei, at the music atores and hotel*, at tlie residence of Momi. R and II., Ne. HO Leonard street, and at the door on Mouday eveaiug. Concert to commence at eight o'clock. TCRAN'KLIN THFATKF., 175 CHATHAM SQUARE..T Admission? Boxea, 95 rents; Pit, 12V, c? nts; Stage Scats, AO cents; Private Boxes. E-. I rprecedented novelties for a ftw nights. Madame Pauline's troupe of M >del Artists will |ttm iiste the fcllowilg tableaux duriug the evaaingVenue rising froiu the Fee, 1 he Three Graces," " Lute Player " 41 Adam's first eight iT Eve," 'The Greek Slave," " Revolt ot the Seraglio, " Rapt of the Sabinea," with several other representations ; al?'? the Femalo Mtnsirul.?, nuuiberiug l.yentoen ladles ; witk oth r entertainment*, to be found at no other place of amusement. N B.?An attcruoon performance every Saturday, at 3 o'clock. DANCING, Dancing school at the apollo and Howard House, csmer of Broadwav aud Howard street.?E. U. CON W A \ , respecilully infm me the pub'io tiiat he will cmmenee a i ew class for eeiitlvuiea, ?u M'>unuy evcuing. the 89th of October, at A o'clock, and a new eluaa for ladles and Misses, on Wediiehday, the 31st, at 3 o'clock, at the Uoward House. Days of Tmtu u Monday md Thursday eveniurs, for gentlemen ; I Wednesday s aud baiurdays, at three, lor La ire 8 n es, at the A palls. Dancing and walteing acad1mt.fl iioward vlri?t ?Sic lidr utid Sunnrt ) i.rrcru h?n;.lM?i SO* CIaimam I Wednesdays ?nl M'Unisys, are farming a new ana f ir Years l adies and Masters, an Monitais eml Thursdays, a> fall-|k>t S o'clock, and Gentleman at half-paaa 7. Private Soirees to la given, aa uaua). D1NC1.N0 AVI DIM Y OF MI.I.E, PAl'I.INE DESJARdiaa, ot the Academy Royal, 1'aria, at Vs. 1 Washington Place, 73 Third avsnua, tni Greene street, aad at her raai'lenve, 74 I a maid street. V or ternia, fee , apply at dt reaideaee ?l M lie I*. D . at 74 Leonard street. Ball com uittecs and others, in bei.e<hn<i rooms, are re?pr< tlully r< minded that the Coliseum will compare for sty Ic aad convenience, with any rooms In this clej. A rail la res|K.-i tfulljr solicited. Teruia rcaaonalla. For particulart sec Sunday pipers. GEO. W. MILLER. 4ft Broadway. jnil.l.lNKK Y, AND IVIt Y SOONe PATENT FRENCH COK8KI S.-M A DA ME MvTON, UE 1 atis, leys lease to Invito the ladies to examine her aster turul of Corsets, such as a la Minute, a la I'erresseusc A la Koulctta, and particularly her woven corsets, which surpass anything of that k>nd eter imp rted. Madame M.having ohttinrd la Europe, fiom did'rent aourts, dipl unas, (which may k.> seen at the Masatin) for the superiority of her C r-rt-. se well for cere aa elrsinri. ot hap", has oswi.i.ta.neu a Diploma for her Corista from tin- American Institute. Establishments, No 3 Aiaity street, near Broadway, ai l No. If Blith Asaaaa, N"? York. td A?ll I "N A I; I E AND CIlE A IV - A M a K. DAVIFg, ? it Uawsry aad lf>A Failed street, hare raaairad hy raeeat arrivals a aplandid aaeorttnent of Curtain taaeeriala of avsry description, tare and aaihroidarad muslin Curtails, W a low Cornlses. Bands, Gimps. As. Also, H indow Shades srd I'apcr llanslngs. The Buheoriiars basing rse> Isad tk? above goads dircl from ihs manufacturers, and purshaaad far sash, are enal lid to nfler them wholeealoor retail Jh per oi at lewsr then any otl er establishment in the aity. Also, taaaafaeiarare of pore hair and ether Mattraeaae, Feeder Beds, with every artiele In the up' oletery line A.M.feK IHVID, ("pholsterers, feifl Bowery and l's> Vulv a trace At \ It D -lllHil'LIIA HI NOTIFY THE I'ATRON'g of thr Ultra that we will loll ladiee' euporior <|uvlity French Kid Clorox at 3s , gentlemen's at Is. J. K T. FARRAIXN. 667 Broadway, next dooy to ihe lutornational Art I'liion REMOVAL. LEE, FIN TON It l'HELPd HAVE KEn.'vsd to IS Courtlandt street. HOARDING, Ac. BO ABD1M 0.?TO I.TT, 1 OR 1 HE WINTER, TWO handsome suites of R cms, consisting of a specious Uiula Room and Brawior Room, on the first floor, with three or - i sndi a.v l< !r nil e . I r 1 II- t . i.s hand Patler, with two er three Bedrooms. Closets and Pintrio* a t* sd. The haute Id replc I w Ith all the mederu improvem-iili, end lighted with gee throughout. Private tables end attendance famished, Apply at No. Af7 Uouetou Street, eeond hli ek seat ,f Broad w ay. AIM Nil I APARTMENT I'D I ET, TO ONE OK TWO gentlemen, eitlu r lurolihcd or unfurulah?<l. Alliens F K K . Herald ?flir?. _ _ 1,4 I. UN IP II ED APARTMENTS FOR RINfll.E (1E.VI J.EJT Mas?breakfast isA tea# 11 ra<|uirad. Apply |at Mo. M Irving Place. miscrLlanroub. OFFICE OF THE NEW TURK OAS LIGHT COMPAs), October A, l*d' ?Ti e Pr< vidvnt aad Birecturv have this day declared a dividend o( fonv an I one-half pvt tent on the eapfial steick ol this ei iapaar, f"r the sis months sndiag ia< nurnoi <? ' on." poyonio mi in* iwim uti n ini a-i.-r Tl.uro.'ot, tho lot of N,.*?mb?r n??t. Tbt tr mafer book will bo aloott froio tbo 27th loot, to that dot*. Ur order. C. L. RVKRITT. Socrotory. rtiror OF frrn mrchanicai lamp$, Bo.tta 1/ Broadway. t rr, ily l a , do A(oncy, 377 Briodoay. Jnat rofoirod, a ? Ut < . M . i l.m.-ro. f??ril. AUo Later M .dorotnro; laoifi for Voaaala; lunch urn i art for Lompo. Tin boot workmen oro ottoohod to tl.'e Oitabiiohmmt f?r rrpairina tod olrv iur any kind of Lnapo. Cndtrtakoa trory bind of French Br< nto and O'ldI'ia. H DAAIK)WrfLLl~ NCRAVEEB' fl.ATIB.-A I ARBE RTOrK (IF 81? KCI, A and c< rpor, and olao atool Flotca for obablac < ar ia ? itli a toper polloti. bert aonaton'It n hand At the m?nnfartnrr of deba N,,. it and 2? l*lat,atr:ot. N T. (A ALIIORM A.- LIFE I NSI R A NCR ? NATIONAL J I an I nod Lift At. iranca B oirty of l.nnd a ( moral Aatnl'a OfBoo. 7" Wall atr , t, No York. -Notloo? Partita rtoitcdlat to f'nlif rnla, ar.d t othar dn'ant qnarlara, lnonrad at | r- (< iti nal- tatra Weoof premium. J IIAMll R TaKK. ral a n '. ft A r T 1 ON. - Ji l t* Jl Ri.KMINt WATCIIRt V' Hit tnlirtibtra, hating to n Informed that certain onfrim [ltd |< f no are i ll rin/ f>r ?a' tTatol.oi pnrp r a ti ?" nan'luci i? d by tho rrlabrat# I "Julra Ju-fen on." of r< per i aa'-n. horrby inform the public that ther aro aola ayonta fi r'lit a?l? of the abort Hatchta In Now York, and tr oat told hj any i li i.i# in Hit eity, aro at titl?iia tr- 1 Uclor. Koch tt'e'ch haa tho winkot'e oan.r in full, oogn?ed on tin l.aak. and ia accompanied he a ceruflcnto "ianrd by tho n akry. SARI. H At| R'lND a CO., 44 *, rohontr I ,,'hanr?. N n ? Cbterrwater Dnylt*. and other But W'rttohoo l>i*? i n rtr. Jrorir*. and Bilror war.-, wl.m N*altty la oomyoroA, will bo fbnad rory low. |> I Y'l , , IHIR WOI LD INFORM ' IV bit fCcrd and enotewcrr. the' he hoa t?k?n thoat-.r* 717 Brodroy, d of al" re Wo'hlnrton I'laco. Now 1. rh Hotel, and ? ill Minora on or ohont tho firat of N irembot. nhoro I o intnde b tr1"! n*tn ml ?a?ortmtnt of Family I'ry t.roda ; aliha great mr.oty of II .ritry. tilo?te, Ribbon#. I.o t*' a and Fancy att ic#, t .ye | tr with ae ry article II 1 a I ird N?. d ? linr. t l.oltmg n < ntinnaaea of tbety m-f < P>, l.r w nld r*?r' tfnlly Inrlto th?m to titmino i I.'# at>?h. w'.ith will a n?i?i of on citirn now aaaort nont of , bhr m it dooitnble aoida. oi l i!l?r?d at tlio lowoat p >a?ihlo 1 ytioaa. KouBHr kaR. OinfFICE FOR FOREIGN FATRNTB?INVENTIONf 81- 1 enrod by Ltttcra I'atont In Urtot Biltala, Franoo. and 1 all otbor yortoof Rnropo. hr tho, with aortaiaty ! ai d drapatoh. and tiboro iatondiixr t , obtain patonto abroad, or- or. ad aat to mo to tin it iatoati oa pnblio on'il tkoir arroi |?n ooio ?tt illo1'' "I"". Tr.FIR SB" N I Wall at. nl.BRR'.o IA7FNT FIKI". I'Kuor TAINT. FK'I* I lliio. ? hirh. ia ah* n . n11 r. tnrna ta aln to ar at *o, prola'tina o l.a tor. r ant trod, fr. in thoaotlowof tbo woathor nod Iron. fro. Farrliaorr# ahant.l bo Bar; coloronJtoa that arory t arr. l ia ntttkoJ I',?tar 1'o'rnt Flro Proof Poiot, tt tbor- ia tor on rent il wtth'r ? o , ,-rr?; otnff In tho ?ark?? aoliod Aro [ r. of i t Tho oatii Ino ortlolt for nlB by tko poiorttr, ot. No. 3 broad ttrtot, Nan Vrrk. _ _ _ NR. nt.AKI. ? > > I K > I | 1 11 (. | '> I I . I , l"l> ?' at anta. Itrvyalat*. and athar?.*?Tha ao>?*arihtta xannfai ?r? and haaa f> r anlt a littla apr oratnt ?lrnlatrd ta p-iat l.afcela, f <ampa, ( aria, Ik*., oith any hm4 af land atan-fi aiw l| an, ?n> In atond or nartal, r a ilk ordinary ty y* or atar??t; | . 1 lit tnaalrm ki'T la # alaipla tbat It atj kt nndrrrtoot at a tlri.oa, and rradi'y t'"*4 ky any p*! n. I riatir olth it . * ed ?>y lay it tha rnpar oa t a? tnrfai", a* 4 11 an aim 11 v In ln'rn tat nd a to a n rl?"tl> fiaiil< n. Hit anion ol a kinh n >t aly alt'tia 'litlnkia* of W>* i\ i ar ? an | a ' I ink all MM I fiat in*. It la r'?i?ai-t in af>f<?arMo? at.4 f rwa aa ?*aa tal oryndaya to H a e<>nni*r < r . ' i"u>yln? a tyaa# fault la ia*'?a I a a rt lr 'i t. 1 | rf - a >iurlata. a ilk Ith foaataia ant rtilaf. la t?n 4 lla-t H | ' a- fa a' J" ant tl 014 ataaai. at immi KM "k j a m< ' ii ai, au 11 - r. ii a# la I rat lira ad in I aft' N u. 2." i li mail way, a. mar of Hurray ltra?t. atar Ttaory'a, I* I'I'im'--'a *r anokltd. if ailttttaft IP ' 1 Mttlf, # toyy Uaanarraotyyaa at an larhaa a m at li<?4. an.|yirt tha ? praam on an w?ll at It train Ilia. ('FNTitvui, rrtr.Attr. i<? Tim- our. roc * tin ' ) on -air * i h na ? ? n'af rl t I i, atanunt liat jon iitta amd tl- m to fn. Mnrrar atrtat nutmyra nona-tltiana hand* imaii I-autd 4>nd. al" ' at ay myairnd, Ilk imw rufta. <a?l tr?. linma*. Nil itt-la fall iar??d nit ; to In a tqnal to n-? a ai.p.r a l? r. atmaji A nolo tf liat attni'td to la try y ft tl th? c.'y ky i C I liiity itrttL I I Mil III I DOWIRT TU1ATBB.-MONDAY EVENING, OCT j5. 13 will l>e performed. Shaker* are* tragedy of KINO l.EAK -KiniUr, Mr. J. Wallaek, jr.: Kd*ar. Mr. Ud?r; Mul of Kent, Mr. Gilbert; Oeeeld, Mr. Winner Edmund, Mr. Arnold. Duke of Cornwall. Mr. J. Duna, The Fool. Mm fl. Dcnin; G?noril, Mr. J. W allack, jr.; Began. Mr*. Jordan; Cordelia, Mi** C. Wtnyn. To conclude with NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS-Admiral Kingiton, Mr. Gilbert; Lieutenant Kinyeton. Mr. L??ter; Miort, Mr. Drew: Demiii, Mr. Martin; Mr* ilea Mr*. Otlbert; M.ea Mortimer. Mita C. Wewyte. lUa.r ..a. .a ?!/ mm. A ? .nelain will n.eariulilu ria? (At 7 I B Pit ii .1 QilUry. 12^1. / 1 II 4 N I K AI S RATIONAL THEATRE.-M<>\DAY A svsning. October 29. the tntwrtaiuinsata will eommsuse with the l?rre. ef MOTUEK AND ilill.D ARK DOINU WEI.I/?Mr. Bnugsbv, Mr. C. Taylor: O" Be upper, Mr. Dawt?; Mre. Snuiiliv. Mrs. Drerirg. Alter which, FAIR ONE Wl I*If '111 ? GOLl'EN LOCKS?liuj; l.a< liryin >ao, Mr. Bu-k?; Oueen Lucidora, Mies Lockyer. To be followed with TlIK KEMaI.B FOKTT Till EVES?Diamond, Mra.C. Msstaytr; Ruby, Mitts Smith; Alley Baby, Mr. C. Taylor: Metaroarar. 0- Ilurko. The whole to conclude with MY II IFE'h Ol T? Mr. Soruinlle, Mr Jetierson; Mr?. Bcrumble. Mrs. C. MtJtayer. Doits, 26 cants; private boxes, $6; pit. 12V? cents. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TMATEB -MONDAY ivl evening. Oct. 29. the entertainvnt" ts will commence with the comic opera of J GUN of 1'Ah IS?John of Paris, Mr. Walcot; 1 cdrigo Potts, Mr. Mitchell; Vincent. Mm Mary Taylor; Princess of Navarre, Urn. Conovcr; K? sa, Miss Robert*. Alter which, tlie opera of fka DIaVOLO?Era Piavclo, Mr. Bishop; Lord Allcaih, Mr. Walcot; Zrli*a. M. -s Mary Taylor; I.ady Allcash, Mrs. (Jonowe*1. To conclude with COUSIN LAMBKIN?Dr. Lionel Lambkin. Mr. Comvcr; Poniie Mulli? rr?. Mr. Nickinson; Mrs Bantam, Miss Roberts; I-*ain t v, Mhs hu k:u3"U. Doors open at G>?; curtain rises kt 7 o'clock. "liriLCUS NATIONAL CIRCUS. KIUIITU STREET, r Third avenue, Astor Place.? Thursday evening. Oel. 25, the performance will commence with the equestrian tcene. entitled the War Cavalry of the Turkish Empire; to be followed ly the (ir> <'ian Ganirs. the Comic English Peaics, the Wonderful Mottle h'rrite, Feats n horseback by Maiaiue Louie How ard, Feats of Personal Posture by O. Dunbar, he., 6lc.; and to conclude with a eonns evtravagwnsa. the Dutch Shaver Shaved. At rrnoon performances on Wednesday aud Saturday afternoons, commencing at 3 e'olock. Evening perforaaaee oemmenoee it ha ioors pea at v. a mission, 25 cents. Reserved scats for families. BARM MS AMERICAN MUSEUM -F. T. BARM I If. Proprietor?J. Greenwood, Jr. Assistant Manager.? Ueei'f nred tor a limited p-ri>d, the Martuietti Family w hose wouucrful Gymnastio achievement* aud Pantomimic dilin'iatious lu?vc ? tin toted their names immutably with the Ravel Family. They appear afternoon and evening. Also on a." d, 1 euis Elicit r. Mr. F. C. B'taiyss. Mr. WirUn, Pete VS-nis, MeFsrs. Merritield. Rose, Clark. Ili/cins. Mioses Leslie, Stanhope, Barton and West. Alio oa exhibition, at all hours, t ?e enormous L"a Cone'riot or, large Lis in,; Auaoonda, Mmim-th Crocodile. Adinllsi k 25 eents ; children under 10 years of a e r '^centp. MACALLIhl BR S I RMP1 EOI I MUM A NTMENT. C Assembly Koouis.?On Monday, 110 performance. ? ' N inth Belies ol Magical Soirees, commencing (Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30th and 31st. and Thursday. November lit) with the LlvlrgCards; Enchanted Botth Boi Etnmn; I a Petite Maison Chinoise; Travelling Watches; La die*' Favorite: Peacock; National Feat; Umbrella; Amputation ot the Nose: Bride's Present; inexhaustible flat; Neptunic Nolcanio; Liviug Menagerie. Admittance, 25 cents; Sofa*, 60 cants. Children half price. Commence at 7>?. Frif Mi Ml illistcr. _____ 1AM W M K TUB i II IN BSE Ml SEl'M, A30 lilt U D-J way, exhibiting the Manners, Customs, Religions, Arts and Sciences of lour hundred millions ol Chinese, will olese on Saturday next. Open from 9 A M.. till 10 P.M. Admittance 25 cents; children under 12. half price. IJIAMCY FAIR?FREE PICTURE GALLERY AND Ml A nib M Rm F1m AfM Mid Literature, No? I B *r ^, throw n open frcs t<> all, v ith a full hand of mutic, and brilliantly lighted till 11 o'cl- . l;, P. M. Open every evening, with a view to enltivate a tnste among the workingelaases. (t YMNABTIC EXERCISES W FULLER RESPECT * fuiJy informs his pupils, and the publio la gen* ral, that his C)ii.ussium. No. InCourtlat It strict, near Broadway, is | n * open for the season. Sparring and Fencing taught, as usual. N1.W l!OOKK, ?Vc. MORGAN'S LITER A K V DEPOT, EXCHANGE PLACE, adjoining tho Pc?t Office, New Orleana, La.? At tha ! abova eetablialiineiit may alwaya l? foun t H.mke of every de criptlon, couaiating of Nnrele. Hiltory, Biography, Seientiflo, Commercial, Geograpliijal and M f.tal Works. Alio, a c< n.pittu airortmeni of Stationery, together with all the principal Daily and Weakly Newspapere and Magarinot. Country ortlera for any article is the trade eupplied and torwarded with despatch. Book# mailed. Prompt attenti n paid to any work ordered by mail, ft reign Book# imported be order. J. C. MORGAN. Literary Depot, adjoining the Poat Office. New Orleane, I.e. P. B.?Complete arr?'ign n-nta have been made with the principal I'ubliahera throughout the L'uioa, or a lupply of the new work# a- feat aa learn d J. C. V. JITTELI'S LIVING ACE, No. 2S4. 12'; CENTS.? A Content*:?1, Mornings among the Jesuit*?Chriatian Ob?.rrer; 2. What become* of Discharged Prisonora??Chamhara' Journal; 3. Cermaa Traveller' on North America? Spectator; 4. Nature'* It* Ca*ea?Chamber#' Journal; t, I anguage ot the Tombe?Chambrre' Journal; B. Water in I ondon?Spectator; 7, The Modern Vassal, 4Jhep. V.?John W timer: h, Story ol a Tatnily, Chap XVIII.?Sharpe'e blagat'lie; It, Maiden and MairieJ l.lfe of Mary Powell Sharpe'e Magarinr; Id, Turkey at d Kus'ia-I.ondon Tloifa lllustration?The Creat Sea Serpent of IMS, from Punch. With l'oelry. i'ubliahed wetkly, at fix dollars a year, ny E LITTELLft CO., Beaton. SHIPPING!. rrut STEAMSHIP NIAGARA WII.L SAIL FROM TflB X l>oeke, Jeracy City, on W ednaadey, Got. Slit, her rail. Iar day. puai'toally at 12 o'i lock. tkavel-1'. 8. Hail LINI.-thb tray pcrior tteamer CHEROKEE, Cap*. Thomaa Lyon, will leave for Savannah en Wednesday Oct. Slat, November It and 2c, aad Deaamker 12, at 4 o'clock in tha afleraoon, from pier 4. North River. Tl. aleamcr, in viioaetien with the Caatiai ftalliend eel lalanl a team ban la ben savannah, air >r<ie a tnoei ecmfortable and ripeditioue conveyance toallparta of Georgia, klorida, Alabama and Tenreaaee. Travail, ra la N ?? Ori, ana w ill find it a moat deairabla r .ute. To Savanl aali la '4' to 70 honra, and from N*w k ark to Naw Urlaana in a boat 7daya. Apply to S I. MITCBII.L, HM Front el ON LI DIBBCT MAILLINt FOB SAN FBANCISCO, via< baerec?tlnTuoaday, 1.1th Nov., !era Raduaad.?Tha I S, mall steamship CRESCENT CI IV, C. Stoddard, Coaimander, I .Vo ton* burthtn, will leaya for Chagree, dirett from her dock at nitr I N.K., on Tuesday, 13th N'ovambar, at thraa o'clock. The Creacent City will eatry the I 3. fails P r the Faoifle ateainer of I at U? okiIt Pa.oenaera by I1.' i I . a II On t a. i rnmnda'i i and on.' -i ?,,t ta bo had on any other ateamar, aad a 111 aat ha tranafarrad fr?ai a larxa'taamer to a amall < na, at an intermediate part. Raduaed ratea of fare to Cha/res Altar aaloon. aaly two Lartha in etate reoni ... ,$l!4 Forward aalonn, atatataan,a lt*i Low ay cal l a 9# All tl.a alt va diue at thaaame table, aad I ava tha priyiiete ef the aaloon. St?er*go found with mattrcre and hoard $*W> Eatly appli ation is atwtar; to aacure ekoiea af boieha. Far frviaht, er i aaaac*. apply to J HOWARD ft SON. 14 Broadway. Tke Empire City will eoeeeed tba Crvent City, aad loaye an Se'nrday, let Doeembor. 11(14 HA VAN A. NEW ORLEANS AND CD AG RES.? Ti e only Regular Mall Lino for Chajrre, direct, via Havana. The nca and eparinna steams', n OHIO, lu-ut. Jamie F. Ot ||?I I K, I . r. , CVUIUIftll'lOr. * III "" QUVI^ICOflU ir< lil lull port uti Tl.'eeday, the 1.1th of Nnrtmber. at 1 o'ulock, I*. M , fr?" the i at I it of W arroa afreet, North Hi tor. lunching nlf th* her at t l.arleeton And itfUMki to laa.l tod room?# mail* and nam-nri re. II. Ohio will carry thn'lavnrti .tout Hull* l?r lli? I'l' ilti, to., to ?to h? tho Uooombor oteainera i fri/Ui 1'aiiemn. r?n. riii?r? lu iy r.'y on nrftolng At Ckagroa, in Atnpla tint* to niaat 11.e lieeamher tUtntti. I'aoennger* fir <h agree are trumf. rred at Havana to tho a'annoh no 4 well known Falcon, Mont. Ilertetone. I!. 8. N., foti.Riendrr, which n. vkea tha route a direct ouo frin Now York to Chagfoo. Theyoyayt ia mado in II dayo. Tharatoa a# naaoaro to Charraa nra n o'U rtdurad. The Ohio haa oui . r d' ut la enginaa of I ioO bore- power, o attract" 1 in the k?-t tr inner, whit h giro a groat noouraneo of oaf.'y to tha paaaang ra o??r aoi aeii tttutr running with a a agio amine In aire, otrongth and acc> mmodatJona. tha Ohio ia m o'iuallail by aay atraa.rr att. aU Au eipur ed ourgcen to nttachad to tha Ohio. Rat a of I'oceag* to llaraaa. Naw Orl-eao. State yen harth, Udieo' eal "ina ... $70 %li Siata-rooai oerth, dining aalooaa..,, 7* 74 Standee h?rth. in Suraard cahin M 81 Steerage, t mad. had and beard V V N forth ia oocurod antll paid for. Freight A3 aaala p*r ratio t M.l. Ail till' of lading mart ho rnaJ on board tha ahip a t Rareo or Cit-int to Chiuki a. Stoto-romn berth, in ladieo, ord'aing aal in % 1*1 t tat,d?o berth ia 2d cabin Ml htoirogo. found with he.loand board An J'-ii Ibo. kayyago allowed for aa'in ai d !" ) lt?. f r ate*rant pa*e< nrere. a r?igl t to Cha,"ret fit) acata car cubic foot. All i.eketa for t aaaage istiat bo | ii.cnred at the office of tho ??? pony. U O KOUBATS. 118 Moat aa. |if?K CALlrORNIA. *SAN IKAMISt0, B E N I C I A T at i New Y'i ro Ota Rio 7?ne r.. and Vaipera:* > ? Tl. fleet eta*< itean (hip k I INIH A will oa. i f r the a' oo | rto oh h ?t Noeon bor She hao toon eiprcoely fitted onl to carry p??oot aero, and boa naourpaioed a"e ,u modatmne. t r lr- il or laeeag*. arplf to KLNAII.U at FRANCOIS. 21 k a oar etreet. ri'.i i *l't 'KMAkll.- A CAl ' V TI <" K FT, f N Till A 'nt "'earner fr> n Panama t<. Sdw f?.i"?. in !> - 1-r teat, f, i oato. Fwpiira at Jutaow'a It "tat. dl lireaiway, | ro< ni 1 dot. hotw etn A and d o'clock, f. M MCUII At. 11,1 ID IIAIR I>T R AI.La AM<CK S TRIC'OBAPn. J J 11, la ce > bra tod Hair l>j a hno now b .on in oea ?k mi four year*. and l oo co?or ret tailed of o tnrlete ?*'-eo?e, > parting to tho balr, trhiakara. lo.a natnral brown or klnak, o emctlj reaomktiag the aa'nral aolor of tho be r *? to Oofy detection. I to oRoot io iwenntanouno and pormnnont It Oen bo mod with tho rree'*et earn, le io al?<> frio from ihooa pr"fer*ioo nana) in all imita'tone of thia relabratol protora- j tien, at glaiag an nnnatnral red nr purple tint to tho'.air. I'or oala by Hneht' n, Clark A C?.. Br >adway, A. II k A. ; Sua*#, corner ol fwltun and IA illiara atrooto; liioiaiefc t. it- i well, AC William ulroot: Mm. Ilrewar, and Mo,.ra h Ta lm, If aid i*. Now I rk R. A (I A W right. ?,. e r ?.) i BVMIWW, wrriiin rmnniT*''!, ? UHI IVII ? 1?iie medical wonder or the aoe- watts Ntrtnui Am d'ta, yuaraatacd la aura Nrnralain in ar?r* I rtn, ntr" na dnUli'J in mind or kodr. f! ra ui'ia lijr mul *111 troiiro o tannin ?nr*. Dtraat TALBOT WATTS, 11 N aaaan at rat*. _____________ II tDICAL ADVICE?DOCTOR YOL'lURLf PRIVATE1*1 ly. fnr 71 fnta, kr n?ni of the P?< kat ? alnatui. at KiarrOna IliaOwn Phyileinn. It Ian confldeutini. ? l?n? friar I and prirnta nd*la?r. atinMInd atery ona In ennduol hi# ntiiMUi an**?aafal lamination. Twanly-Vnnrth Bdilinn. ?l'k ana hrndred a?f.ra?mit, tin win* prlvnta dloraaoo an i mail rmntu in ai Ik* aanaraura oyntam. in o*?ry atiapa an 1 form, ky Wilii<>m T*uu?. M. i). Tin anriona f>rtna af Oi-rro dia?aa?o, *<E ! ,nl tMMno<a, Sio?noaa af tli* p, [ (land, iiiiprlmmr. aolitafr kaliti af rooth. nra fnOkfully d?acrO'4, and all Ika foaipoa (iron in r ain Una iaa*. Tha 1 *hapt?r a* atririar* iavrtky < pnrtienlyr a'touti n. and *'onld k* road ky o*?ry on?. An* poratn aandtm tw*r ly- i It* *>ata an, ii'**d in a latter. ?nl rnvita ana eony ?f -hi# k'ok kj mill, ar *i? oaidaa or ill ka a*nt tm a* dollar. as- | At'toDK. K, I ! > 4. IA2 Sprnea ltr?*l, PkiladalrMn. | \K CONVERT MEDICAL CARD TO TOCNO MEN a " Ara ynn t'lft.rinp from the aid effetta if imprni' r *e- I rr> I kakit* al jontk I Are your hand, ha, k. limM and ?er*e* afu'edl Ari )"'ir mental and *<> ial faehn^i Impnirod f I I'atr t i n irmmal d naciarral miailena. ' ? ? t and tninc tin, incapaelun* for bm-in*a?, a irtv or uintrun nr. Tn rnrn Dr. Cnnrarn'ln*ly*rntiii( Cardial, tlia only ram Ir y*? diarny red. It l.ii it tnrrd aeornn, who k*d *iran ey'ill ' n' jia ?f t' liaf Do not ko deleft* I ky a rthlana pmarrlpti'nn art of ?n ntc IB jnur fur, mnrV Hut ' Th? rnrdial r<>nt tint B' rraaif, otiiitB. it otNr d?l?tann?? drn|t. to iaJartOT ' ?I|>Of<?Bo Ma<lran?t from tneiiir?. fi B antUa. # hoiHta fir |\ alth dlr>'oti'a* and important adrift to tht marri?4 , ard Mfft" (It It t>? It. ('. a? kit oOlrt, Vt Third ?rtnii?. ' B?i??. a HHh and lltk ???., P. Y . aha aarntf of TMtd an* (.r?u Ha., at d N?. I I r fnlll^n, lMnla4?lphla I'a. N. h - ? < d t.. tkr t . an try Wf addraaaiac l?r. <Joa?tt?. p. c om?*. Dr. cooper. It nrdwe strrbt, pas, pop t*g I ?#t f"?rt??b jbbto f <R?Btd hit prartt?r tB tkt Brtatm'Bt ?f aorrartal bp! atkar 4ib?b? t af a dtliaata ?t in ft' BAB BOTt 'BB a ?t fBTBTBttd BBBBB Bf tklt dlBOBOB. tltd Bltld BBBPB rBBBTOl I t?Bt? t"td?r*. a ftrfttt tart. 9* B??k??*B 1\Jori kr no ciiaror-tin *r*rnv,or ? <101.? i ' BtfBi t IB B< Btdi MIBllJ t?.B?nltr| OB all fnriBH of pit ? IB di?oa?-B R? tat Battt of (?norrh<oa kt Biirtt ia itro to fant di)B Biotn I lona! d?t>tla'T ind inpottany toottaaf nil; : traa'adh; !?r. If No mart it; a?d in ra; oa-,a. or hmdr - *a I>P? tnaiptta. >p?a from 9 A. H. till 1! M., a*4 ft .? 3 tB i !-. M. 0 INTELLIGENCE BF THE MAILS, Our Wuhlngton C*rrMp*>(l(HM. Washington, Oct. 2H, IH4?. TTie Unpopularity of the Cabinet ? The Ed it art ?f the Intelligencer? Netr-born Zeal?Di statu fact ion in high ijnartcrs?Mr. Penrose?A criminal Affair, $ <:. The dissatisfaction with the cabinet of General Taylor is not only confined to democrats here and abroad, but prevails extensively in the whig ranks, as recant elections testify ; and there seems to ba o redemption for the Executive but in the choica of new advisory ministers, liven this effected, it will be impossible to recover the ground which the friends of the President have lost within the last ?ix months. We do ne t know what General Taylor will da in the premises; but one thing is certain?he will either have to begin anew, or be cut off from the elder brunch of the whig party. The effort to create u Taylor republican party will end as has the effort of the native Americans, and the premier. v bo laid the corner- tone, will discover that the edifice will never rise to the rooting. The editor of the National Intelligencer, recently, although confined to his bed by quinsy, at the expense <>T hie physical strength, was particular t? express himself in the highest terms of President Taylor : and Mr. tseaton. the junior proprietor, in the absence of Mr. Gales, in- rtrd several articles in defence of the administration These gentlemen nre good-hearted, in thus exhibiting a newborn zeal for those who throw all their patronage into ihe office of the/f<puWtc,an<l who prefer that establishment to the old organ of conservatism. But a storm is brewing, in the West particularly, and its full force may soon be felt. Messrs. Henry ("lav and John J. < rittenden, although they severally procured lucrative situations for their sens, and a few choice friends, are much dissatisfied, and prool exists in the city of the fact; und tha lion. John McLean, ill re is cause to believe, thinks similarly, not again 1 the President, bat the confidential ministers by which he is surrounded. Add the name of Henry Clay to those of Messrs. Manputn, Pearee, and Cooper, of the U. S. Senate, and we have the nucleus of a whig opposition which may disrupt the party. Mr. Clay, long accustomed to lead, will not now subserviently follow those who niuy place th umelves in the advance. Tyler times ure iik-ly to return, with some of the excitement of other days. Mr. ("lev will not desert the Intelligencer, nor will Mr. Webster, who are the especial favorites of the editors They will not r< st satisfied with the roanrit r in which Messrs Gales &c Seaton have been treated by the administration A rumor prevails, which seems to be generally creuneo, tnativir renrose, uie Vanuatu oeerviary of the Treasury, has resigned. Nothing is positively known as to the reasons for this step, further than that Mr. Penrose ami Mr. Meredith cannot agree, and the former thinks it prudent to retiro before the latter shall be invited to abdicate. Not long since, a man who was employed in a hotel at Saratoga neglected Ins wife, and bestowed his favors upon a laundress in the same establishment. This became apparent to the wife, and, alter much entreaty, she induced her husband to consent to Beck employment in this latitude, vainly thinking that the supposed criminal intimacy would thus he term in a t< d. lb- placed Iter in the railroad cht, and then lingered behind to talk to his dulcinia. Penciling Albany, she discovered that th? laundress and her admirer were in that city. So it was in New York, and hII the way to Washington. lhit the wile supposed, when lauded ia thin metropolis, that the object ol her uiiliappiness wan absent. Hie man obtained employment at Willatd's, and succeeded in having the woman engaged in the female department. The wife became acquainted with this fat t, ana, on complaint to tne proprietor, they were discharged. i The woman procured a stopping place in the neighborhood of the railroad depot. The wife resolved to call thire, Miul calmly remonstrate wilh the woman about her conduct. She was not at home ; but at the lime was seen walking with the lady's husband tow ards the house,from tne capitol grounds. Tho lady stepped into a store unia rceived, and the woman slipped into the side gate, and the man passed up the avenue. The wronged female obtained an interview with the disturber of her peace, which was not of the most agreeable character. The wife, it is said (omitting particul irs), seized the Ahlubella, aud righteously committed an assault on her person. She to Justice Smith, this nt<.ruing, who, after a minute inquiry into the farts, refuted to hold the Banca to bail, and permitted her to depart alone for the section of country where her Ipart had fir.-t been wounded by one who was i d villanoiH a- to lip k his hymeneal vows, leaving the illicit twain unmolested in Washington. The name of the m m ia James Hart, an Irishman. The woman who caused the .alienation ia n< t only old, hut ugly, and not quite as good looking as ike wife. wh<>, in tears, recounted the sad and affecting story in tip- oflire of the magistrate. Our ilal(Imioic <'orreapoiiifence. Bill' "rc. ' lM MB Grand He* leie at I'ort Ah Henry?Probable !U' jectione by t/ir Senate ?H'hig l>iuati*fartvm?A Stoim Ahead?Individual Aiutes?Market*, Sf-c. Yesterday was a gala day at Fort Mcllenry, being the occasion of the first visit of Colonel Churchill, the new Inspector Ceneral of the army, when the two companies of Hying artillery stationed there were fully drilled and reviewed. These well appointed companies are commanded by Major Sedgwick and Lieutenant Colonel Magruder?(irnc .1! Chil it commanding the post. Cajituins Male mid Wynn, of (lie British ariny, were present, w ith the vdcr-iri General Walbicn, and a large number of ladms and gentlemen from th? city, by invitation The British officers wera much phased with the drill of the llymg artillery. After the review wd? over, ?nd the v moils departno nts and quarters liad been tally examined, the officers and their guests finally united in the insection of some choice rations spread out before them in the greatest profusion. There is some speculation going on here as to the probability of our Collector and I'ostrnister being reject*d by the Senate, aud it is even sunt that one of the sections of the w-hig party are diligently at work to produce such a consummation. The democracy are very bitter against Colonel Kane, Imt not so hitter as the disappointed whig* are ; anil when 1 speak of disappointed whigs. I embiace in the category Senator 1'earce antf tho v I...U \1' : C.nlrU Si.I. I I! ? . As to tin- appointment of Mr. Maddox as Postmaster, there is not so much democratic opposition : but (VIukI Monro**, uid his associated of the Whig I < ntral Committee, are of opinion that Pevt rdy Johnson threw hie influence in fairor of Mr. Maddox, because the Colonel whs recommended by the committee. Jn fart, although the central committee are .acknowledged as tiie representatives < I the whig party of the .State, J learn that their r< < < mmrndatiou has thus far proved fatal to every applicant lor place under General Taylor Wiiat ie known as tlm rotirt house clique" has ruled the roast, and the symptoms of r?L/< lli< n are becoming so strong, that I should not he surprised if an ?fl<>rt should he made by JSenator i aree and the central committee to present tha < nfiitnith>n of Mr Madtlsx n!?o Cur i b< coming II aid- d with lh ' individual notes i**u*d hy Messrt Latham, ot Washington city, *nd which ate so (foit< n up as to api?ar, at a CH?ual tfi"?re, to he the |??iien i f " The Lxchsnga I.,u>k o( Washington." Messrs. Latham maybe good men; hut the issue of individual notes should d? frowned down hy ill who lee| an interest in the i stHhli?hm< nt of a sound currency. 'I he re ;a still no change > i oi- in inoiet uy ell;.us, t'o ii rket continuing < < v and steady. 'I here has b- en a better ftelini in the s'ucK market, and an improvement in nearly ail irradrs. Tha market, however, close* rather heavy. 1 be following w?rs the -ales at the Stock Board ye?terday (1.K0 Yaryland (> ? 103; COW ?!?? 102%; 10C0 do 103*, 10 shares lis t sn lObloll It. ex. dlv . 43%: ? do 42%; 10 do . 42%; 4 do , 42',. Theri hsrv besti no movement* In onr markats staoa the receipt of the steamer's nea< Howard street (lour la s'llt he'd a and City Mills st f5 12H. There hae been hut Utile flurlu*?i"n In the prloa ?f grain daring "" r*'( Kales of good to ehol 'S r*d< st lt;0 |.i ioia si. l white at 10> 11 tide ; the latter prloa for very prime Fair* of corn bare been tusking for retrial dajr at ST to 6le The n w? by the s tea-net n ay adiat te he pr oe of corn raveral cents per kiulwL I arije rah** of Maryland and Pennsylvania rye Data hvri) niada at St to Sde. Oat* are worth .'10 to.13o. Our Philadelphia Correspondence. Phii.adm phis, Oct. 27, 184!? Tht Franklin Intiiiu'e Fair?Conviction for Mamlanghttr?Th* Marked, fr. Tl.c fair of the Franklin Institute closes this evening The receipts, I understand, have averaged shout five hundred dollars a day?a large husiners. considering the immense number of freu tickets tliafSneceesnrly hare to be issued. Andrew J. lliggins, convicted of the mendaughter of Godfrey Dae is, upon the high ew, was sentenced, this morning, to an imprisonment of two rear* in the Kastern Penitentiary. !f he had stolen a of breeches, instead of depriving n fellow creature o| his life, the term of hi* imprisonment w ould have been at least three yearn. There was quite a flurry, this morning, in tho vicinity of the Slate (louse Kow, growing nut of a report th 't there had been n flare up between the new sherifl pud his deputy, Mr. 9mi(h, and thnt mtm

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