Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERAT Jo. RfrtkWMt t*r?rr?f Kult*? ?n< M M||a |t|| JAHKI GORDON ?K. N JIICXT, rBOPRIKTOH AND ^ito*. VOLUNTARY' yf>KKF.SFO* tDgSrKi t0lt,aii:inf im_ porta III nriet.i9ltrttiid.from > ^uurter ,/ the world ; \J S 9 NOTICE taken r,f ivonvm0?, rtwmuuitmUant. Il <<" rtturn rt)*c communication!. THU D.HL\ Ht.h.'.LD, '1 tent j?e/- ?$7 per anTHE H'KKKl.Y UKR ALD,/*r circulation on tMU C*?tii.ent (?n v kr turd*y. l!'? < *?/? f/r topy. or $.'( frr <tnKi"j y*r fir ov lotion in Kumpo, printed in French and utiih, centn per ropy, or ?4 u i.num. THE 'COLLAR WEKhl.Y HLli Al.D, every Monday, 2 eenti per eopy ; (I )?c annum; iu copuu t? ciukt, <ye.. $.' per annum. JfUIMBNT* Tills IVIMNU. BOWERY THEATRE, Buwwjr-Kuro Leas-Natal latti<>i?Ti. BROADWAY THEATRE, Bro?dw?r? Bonn to 0?od 1.*i i- ll?w to Pat tki Rirtr- Tmk Milm.iir s HolliDAT. KIBl.O'S OAIIBIN, Bteadw?r.?Tioht Rjfe-Milliihh-KI O Qkomb. B FUTON'S THEATRE. Ch?Jjib?r? ?tre?t?Tlr art* hi THWMPII- EnAAI M ur B?*TO?'? Dikcctout. NATIONAL THEATRE. Oh*th?m ?qaire?Mather a*b Chu.o ASK DoiMi U i'i' f'MAU; FOHTT TuurMTaim On? wiim in* Chunks locks?My Wifk's Ou r. O'.YMPIC THE "J**. Bruu'lway?Johw or l*Ai?ta-FnA i.Ak>l!klrt. WFcnANlOP' MAIL? Oihstt'j Ui!?ar?n-??Votaci II vocal?Ithiohan Siniumj. CBIKBSF MUSEVM, 514) l>roa<lway-From J A. II. t? 10 r. m FOCItTT LIBRARY, BroHilwiy?New Oalkaks ScbkKiDlll ElMIOTIAH $I!I(.II?0, kit!, AHtRICAN' WTPEI'M?Citb iom n n?? W kx WohtK? Daa* aii? and l'? m o.*uinc l'ii;nia>i*stm, &o. TETON'S CIRCUS, Aster riact? E<?l'bst*:A!? FkbyOIHANCIt, Its. New York, JMoodny, October ti'J, 1849. Another Double Sheet. Oar foreign and domestlo correspondence, anil the great quantity of very intending iulolllgeace on oui table ready fn Insertion, compel us to publish th< htrtld on a double sheet to morrow. It ?ill contair forty eif;ht columns of Taluable reading matter ?tl?? advertisements'. fresh fiom the people, tunning the most interesting fait of the city intoliigenoe. These local item.*, whieb are rend by everybody, will be recelvej at the arunter till raiiniKht. Tlte Cabinet Or^niu?Tlie Game for tlm S|i?IU niul (lie Presidency. A cabinet with two or three organs, each grinding a diiierent tune, upon a diiierent key, cannot ba expected to tura out the most harmonious music. Henoe, between the several oracles of the ministerial cliques at Washington, the public are at a Iofs to guess what is the programme of the administration, and who plays the oflicial instrument. With the second advent of the win?*, through the popularity of (Itneral Taylor, it was thought by the Taylonzed section ol the party, that the Xalionul Intclligtnctr was too old, too hidebound, too rigidly encased in those old federal notions of untional banks und American sys. tens, too much identified with Clay, Webster, and the antiquarians, to Bnswer ns the or^an of the new eider ol things. It wua intended to pur?ue the hnmr rutin v i>l Mnnrnr?of innilrr.ition anri Pond feeling? and yet to keep pace with lh? progressive enterprising spirit of the age, in the general conduct of our public afi'airs. The old organ, travelling in the same dull round of exploded abstractions ani "obsolete idea3," since the days ol l?en. Jacks* n, ? us, therefore, not the proper medium for this new policy. A n"W firin w.ia brought forward, originally with the intention of building up Taylor platform, in lieuot the ricketty scaffolding f the i Id hunkers, llut it Lam failed. It has secured the especial patronage ol the cabinet; but, n?tead of prescribing, it has followed the policy which they have pursued. It set out as the organ f General Taylor; it has Lecoine, by a sort of adTertisirg contract, the attorney of Tliomas Kwing. It has received a very liberal allowance of the official pe.bulum, and is expcc:ing n good deal i< re. Tut itbuHuniher conciliated norcoerced the old hunk< re Into its support, and h is fallen dreadfully chort of the exudations of the "young 'una." ?o far from healing the breach between the two branches of the f ;mily, by a bold, vigorens and oo&m rvutive policy?so far from taking the | ost of the central organ, from its com i tbd.r.|( abihtir*, it but ti-c mr-i to the |>ojiuou ?l a ?ufrrflucu8 aupernum* rnry. The policy of tht !u hi tr ln- i nii<-riiiii t d the admin ;*tr.i? In n, fid hue ulti r!y | rvtrted th* intention* and thf i>l? dg? a of the President. The RryMic m, therefore, no longer wanted: the ofyecta of its es UbhJ.n.' nt are tit l aird, and ita legitimate function# ?re ended. 1 he .X,iti>nal Intfl/i^mr.r, ih evpcial favorite of Mr. Clayton, h aa recovered ita plat e, nnd the nnle-diluviana of the part)', its awom au| i)?rtt ra, have the nina of the cabinet policy in (lit ir lianda. l'iit:l of late, Meaarf. Gal"a and Beaton hire been chary and coitive. If they have ddenJed the cabin t, it wh* for the rake of nftrcaraucea; if tb?jr pruLfd (j< nerul Taylor, it w.?a known to be all ga? and humbug liut within a few daya they have iao?dclfully rec t," rated?they dote on the t.ld hejo of Monterey, and they cat nut auflicieutly blimey the ^ cirt iry of S: ii?. Never wm tb?re ruth n ?iie und noble I'retiJent ?n v r h it there been tcch a f j>!-'ndid cabinet. Ofcotiree, all tkia is gammon, but it has iu meaning. There ia a rj irit of diicord in the |'irty, and about the r ?l?iBft, and the hlttlii;<nrtr i? on the nirunji aide. 7k? L*iulhr hau tiro, ] <d b*hind; Mr. llullitt ia li.f l'. I 1. I I . t > 1 fl Ill' I tl . V. VJt - llMHWiinnllJmJUU ?-1? tagemrf It shows that the administrative policy is superseded ; that the organ of General Taylor hat; lofct his occupation ; that Mr. Clayton haa administered the spoils to Clay, Webster, and cornpuny, wiih but little prospect of any good result; but that the feebleness and malicious proscriptions of the cabinet, oa the other hand, hare resulted ia u desiga to turn thrm out; and, more than all, that Col Webb, who was the first to exalt them to the bkit-s, will not stand back in the effort to pull them down. Jt ip, perhaps, the only safe alternative of the President. lie has got the means of placing his adirinUtration on its original platform, by appointing a new ?et of adviser??men who are not over head and ears in base gambling iutriguea for the Presidency, but who are read/ in good faith, and capable from their good pe/itical characters, to do him good service. A cbinet like that would soon atone for past miscWefs, and could allurd to send Col. Webb to Verlin. There m ist be a change, or a reform, * break down. The elections call for a chtt?ge.^ 1 boi'bles amono nut 1>kmoc?acy?Tut Paosp*ct.?The hope w?s entertained, a short time since, that the union between the two factions into whit h tin* democratic party had been divided, w is tllected, us fur, at leas't, as the city was concerned, and that both the hunkers and the barburnttrs would present a united front at the election which is to lake place next month. This was sad intelligence for the whigs, who feared defeat auu disaster to their party, in conseqnence of the animosities und hard leelings which prevailed-in their ranks, caused by the ridiculous figure which the cabint t at Washington have cut, since their accession to power, us well as by the system of which characterized the distribution of oflice in the Custom House, and the gross mismanagement of t?ur municipal affaire by the men now at thu head of our city government, i Day after day the whig organs appealed to the rank and file to be more united ; and in every article which appeared on the subject, fear was expressed ' that the democrats would succeed iu sweeping the cily and State. * Such was the condition of the democratic parly, and such would be its position to-day, but for the eflbrt made by a parcel of chap* calliog themselves the democratic committee in Tammany Ilal!, to control the barnburners as well as old hunkers. Not satisfied with the fair prospect of the party at ti:e coming election, and the I probability of all the old difficulties between I thuu beiw* buri< d and forgotten, those politicians took upon themselves to propound some categorical questions to the candidates nominated by the convention, impudently demanding of them ar.sw? rs, in w riting, as to w hether or not the committee aforesaid were the genuine, exclusive, unadulterated, immaculate, and simon-pure democratic general committee, threatening, at the same time, that if no replies were made, they would be d<?med as having answered in the negative. What the object could have been in taking such n course, it is hard to ?ee; but, as might i have been expected, the proceeding has produced a t reat deal of dissutisfactii n in the rauks of both sections, and re-opened the animosities which for| meily existed between them. The candidates declined, in writing, responding to their questions. But this is not all. The same committee have determined U|>on not allowing any person who was identified with the free soil movement, to apeak at the county ratification, to be held this evening in Tummany Hall. This will give edge to the movement; it will not be peaceably submitted to by the barnburners; ar.d the probability is, that if the hunker committee insist on the course which they have matked out in thij respect, there will be a regular old-fashioned ex plot ton wnhiu the preciucts of the ancient wigwam. i With these things before us, it is idle to suppose ; that a complete union has been eflecled between the hunkcrx and barnburners; and if defeat overtake the I't rty in the next election in this city, the Tumm.iny llall committee will have to nhouldcr the blame. As a gen< rul thing, the d -fnocruts are excellent manager* and tactician*, and they would have succeeded tn uniting the patty thoroughly this lull, but for the policy pursued by the Tammany Hall committee, who a^iareutly went out of their way to disturb the peaceful water*, and re*open the troubles and animosities l>< tween the two fnctions, for the purpose ofhaviug a little fnn. The probability is th it there will be on exciting time in Tammany to-night. l)fcour?e th< wI114'* arc chuckling ov< r all then- thing*, aid laugh in tluir *l?eve?. A?oTMKR r.t 111 IJC AM) A.I >THKR Ut'K*T ?At the end ol every ten or twelve yearn, a speculating mania take* possession of a portion of the people ol New Vork, which grows and incieas<*s by the hour, niiiil hiitJly it burst.-, nattering fortunes to tlie wind*, i.nd leaving fumhe* who were accustomed to nil the luxuries which w-Jtli cm pur Ci:ai < ? HI a * ?l*' < l ?iu.-WIUI- I^uuij miu wmi-., it would be Mi't rrrcgalory ta rrfcr lu thf di?i?tera that have (oilowt-d thr- ?.oura?- of prrviuutt in tuU* <1 thia kii H in the I nit^d Statra, for th -y are an In ih in the recollection of tin? auHrrrra Hiid their drM-rniianl* aa il ihry occnrnd but y-atculiy. Nor ate *f aure tiiat any go<>d would rruit trmn h r?*c?| itulut <>n of them, for w hen men lo*e their IutJi tin ni and rfiiwm in n wild and rrrkleaa par* mit of w?al li, thry arr hcedleaa (if cc>na |u? n jea, if r.ot poMiiv. !y ia?. It would a^-ar that we irf toon in have another land tpeeiilatinjc bibbW Lota in i um f-thr wuy placra arc parcluwd with avu.ity, at |<tic< a n.uch bryond their valm, and rei' !d aj' immediately at an advance. Tr." t< of lu.d on Long l*!'tiid and other place* are b?>i\rht, laid ot't in I >'*, Mid di?| ? red ol reiadtljr, at an rnormi ua advunce. In fact, the ao-nra of l< (J end '?>7 are In inr re-enacted, on a aniill ncale. V% liethi r tliia a|?culative inovrnvnt ia ib ml tn c(j?%od( until it attract* w.thiu ita vortri and ru'iM a? m.i..y thouaanda as the mama of th??ae ycara did, w kcow i i t; but the cntntn -ncrment i? ? - ;y pr< mi.iir jr, at'd tiny en J in a fevnlaton. fcomr r.i? n will occaai< n .11/ make fnwU of th>*nia?U?'f, and thrre ta no h'lpiii;; it. The prudent Tub Kentucky Convention.*--Another letter, T which we publish in our paper of to-day, from our special correspondent at Frankfort, Kentucky, will 1? be read with interest. It gives a clear exhibit of *j the temper and tone of feeling in the Constitutional Convention on the slavery question. Emancipation has no chance. The great body { of the convention are decidedly in favor of the in- B( stitution of slavery as it is. We commend the ex- tl tracts of sundry speeches, given in the letter, to ai the special attention of Maesa Greeley, and would U ask him how it is that the convention pays so little " regard to the Northern popularity-hunting emanci- l piition plan of llenry Clay 1 It would appear that little or nothing has been said about the pUn of Mr. $ Clay. What has become of Mr. Clay 1 And in 111 the present unenlightened condition of the Ken- *j turkiane, would it not be well for the philosopher w of ihe social free soil organ to write a series of apostolic letters to them, after the fashion of the tl letters to the Ohio free-soilers last fall 1 Who pl knows but these letters did a heap of good, after all 1 Hnd why not repeat the experiment in Ken- ej tui ky 1 Who so capable of instructing them in the Jr mysteries of free soil, free negroes, and free rent, r as our bran bread philanthropist 1 C1 llut thus we go _ The movements and fanatical 01 agitation ol the abolitionists have comi>elled the j/ .Southern States to a rij'.id defence of their peculiar *? system; and all the original inclinations of the J. border slave-holding States towaid gradual emancipation nre &rre*ted. The proceedings in Kentucky alli'td soine indication of what will be the n< temper of the South on the free soil question in the ft coming Congress. Every thing depends upon that P1 iwctip oc C< Canadian Akfairv?According to our latest advices from Canada, we believe it is beyond all doubt that Toronto bus been selected an the seat of government, and the residence. The change has, as might be expected, created a great deal of dissatisfaction lu Montreal?lately the scat n of the colonial government?and will probably in?re ft Be the excitement which has prevailed there ol , for some time past on the'subject of separation and hi ; annexation to the United States. The removal M j has, no doubt, been made with the view of silencing j ns much as possible the discontent of the ultra; annexationists in the Upper I'rovince, and the ruse y. v* ill, iu all probability, succeed to h certain extent !j' l!ut while it will have (his effect in that portion of ],| Canada, the scheme of separation will gather fresh impetus in Lower Canada. Political matters are evidently drawing to a crisis in her Majesty's American possessions; and it is not at all unlikely tI that the Canada* will be knocking ut our do >rs for tl admission into this Union, befoie we shall be pre- ' pared to receive them. The die is east, and it is w only a question of time as to sinking the final blow. J Separation and annexation appear to be th** coil- | li trolling topic ol conversation and discussion in the ( press and among all classes and parties in that j country ; and the time is near at hand when En?? I land can no longer boast that the sun never sets un ! tt I her extended dominions. Free trade and the pro- c| I press ol intelligence will work greater changes hi than thio btforc the next quarter of a century rolls ^ over us. j wi Latb keom Kio Janeiro.? By the bark Rouble, T, Copt, llowett, we have been placed in possession ',1 ol advice* from Kio, to the 12th ult. Nothing ol .., interest had transpired since previous arrivals, it we except the celebration of the indej>endence of tli I the empire, which came oil with great ceremony ?| I or. the 7ih. There tntered tiie |>ort of Rio, from foreign ports, during the month of August, !M> J," ships, with a tonnage amounting to 21,507 ; and 7!) ki sailed, with 2.r>,4()H tons of goods. < >nr commercial correspondence will be fouad in another column. J,! Thk English Maii.*.?The Niagara will leave this poit on Wednesday next, for Halifax and Li- j1 verpool. j d". ? IIy Iii? lllgene*. 1 fl'lllil. er LitrilKi^T Bout, L*tk or the New \ ( *H VOL! N1KI HI. AND FlHl liAL Or llir LtTI Jolll J. tb Wa*.? \ (turdajr, Ihr funrrul" of thrs* two men took w< plaen trpt thsr, auti coinrt'lvnctf i* thx inor* *lo- f" KU ar a* ih?jf w?r? broihsrs-iu law. About Vi o'cNck, " ' tbe \rw \ ork \ oluntera, wet at Central Hall. aud ? uaicl.ed to tha teildanre of the drer?'ed member " of tin ir rorpn, No 4 Suflt'lk it . wh? re itifj were joined lij tin haiter Ulu?*. of which had b?eu to number fi r many tr?r?. Thi< fine body were in full i figure si il |i kf.l remaikftbly wall. 'I he Totuntei-rs i!t I *1 lb> ir iiiu - %< t' bel'? aud half dreM The remain* r,? nrrt placed in the bi-ar-e about a quarter before uo? 0 click *u(l the i>roc?t?i n In which a l?rt;? autuberof dtiuM joint d moved to /Ion Cuurch cTurr of Moll '' and I ibt? rlfft* lu tbe unantini- the fuu-ral of Mr. : ' V. av >ii \>n J.i'ic d ? u th? l i w.rylrom H? bro* J tln't hniiM In KUtk ' itrt atteudeU by a lar#* na.uli T ' of vltio-na, and ttc Miutru^ar i.uaid?. of ?til li he ?? a numberand n coming t'i the corner of DlfWtou '? lllr.l it I:Ait* U till Lieut* n?nt BoyU'ii funeral |Mk*Md. * feheu it fa-Ill atil to I ion* Mreet. and there watti-d till tb? Lutial rt rviev wa? in i n u * hurcb. over th? tf biaie lolutilrtr. Voth prtw?M>lui<i th?u niur.liel t> ' the root il < hauib'i* ?treat, where tbe tireenwood ?r ttuDier ?ti<h ? *.t elm; trie 1 for tbe occa?l<n *ai in wulUiig to i airy lha r< uiatu.i tr> i</ .twm l Itnitury, ?r hip large *a> tbe a--i ni> l?ge that the Atiain>-r could |,j tiot eontala all and man) h*d t" return I ha detanh- e(l n,i i.t nt military ? > * under tlm cowuiani of M?J >r |,| 1 yi l mi n uik rig tlie i llmerc |>rt re:>t, wit<> l l?uteuant j(, iJatld liranlBti. Ll?it11 naut Jan.** l). I'nttvr, ? >tb ot 'hi f, , rruiui* i.t 1 > 1.1 rtiM t lull ol 11 if 3d un i. i.i v Ii'rl'ii. ..i, Iriniit Toby 1*1? i f tli? 4tli liiftntr^. Lieutoiut l,yb?. , and olbrr < ll)c?ra < ( the KlfM IVmi-j mtiiiaii'. TIid t% i;-u*l ii i.rual brii<>r? w? re performed th? ren> ?lu?. VV Ikt ilrriaMd trier nrofi'Trd fraa lllin>? eontta.-.tatl in Mrnco I hi* <??a |i>ti h*? indented the pr >pr|nty |r, if tl:e I or|! . a'li li pUirba-lDJ ? piece "I Itn 111 <1 lor bin*" volunteer*, wtoeta thry intjtit tl be ail Irtetr< d ?o thai < ll j t> unlit t?i(etii*r, ' to n. Irtlb tbrj Uitgbl Hut be divided '' l*rnaiA*T 10 M?.m? hiiiii - Tut liana* or Lcrrraii Al ' i i ^ m.i '^ii ? iv e learu tbat a | t*f one buotl* t(-?l al.d I'H UiKllillt* Utter'. ili-epatrhed IrnUI illfi Al kll i : ii in thl? rliy b> tl e Niagara. unit* dill tu ult., *?T" r tt?rt- ??! by the >.nr. ; ? to the prvt Nil I I' I . I ' I r. " tl |. I H I : : !I i 1 Ih?/ I I ??i?Ieft lit tba ?'np letier i :V<? af.rrtl.e mil- livl <1 lined it the pii?t n l ? ? >nirii'M t? ni^rrlif tiiiiir). lb-j ?<'i 4M"fri-il nlinl. h4 * Mvirril m irtkl n( lk> Ii i:>r< > e ? ! o i- ii|-; alii* b? iin|>< ;tetrt- tn the parll.? litiri t>?i 1 h* p .at '* iii? lu t Dplai.d a.e *iry ittict. t>? aim Ai < tin*t * mi: llr ?i?' in |: in -A nl ,l Htldiit lerintl I'd Kriitu/ ifirlig u^t -.hor'. d.aIIMIiImii lilac* 1 harrh, op ri the rml le*4it>{ lo ** IU llil?) Unti l ?1 leli ha- Ixf n n?t i | t'i ru >?t lailtmille iiliuii for drl??? in rr i?\r rli<* rll/. A l all I. if i f a plearaat tfay the t**t bit i f b'-?i>-1 l.i , tie ri m.try may In ii'ii in t in Uruiie f-w !! ~ taf lint t i ihe elegant turn nut# of tile u,?p?r t?-i ' pJf al it f iber* H> utiini by V'Uin g nlie nen auit ladio* I'dni |iiimell and heiter-ikaltai ?lth a anxt tu'fable di>i?iatdi| lite kii'l llmh i n Iabme ??mi.h? a rii bcmaa Bui on." The Jury entirely acquit Mr Birni ' any blame. Mr. II D. R turtle. of Boaton, who ft this city for Fan Kraneisco in the steamer of th? it inst . returned Ib the Crescent ( Ity, having been Itikrd with cholera it ( hagrea, and bil lift) iii ured of. ThMtrltal and Nutltal. Bowcrt The* mi- This evening, Shakspvara'a "Kl-ng Htr," in ItH original test, will be presented to the Imirera of the legitimate drama. There cannot be > allghteat doubt of this piece being ably auatalned, i the crmpany now performing at the Bowery Theatre decidedly one ot the best, generally (peaking, that in be found in the entire I nion. Mr. Wallaok aprara a* King Lear.and Mm. Wallack as Ooneril ? Mr enter as K.tlgar. Mr. Gilbert an the Karl ot Kent, and if* YVeuiyss ax Cordelia The other oharaatera by lessra. Winans. Moore. Dunn, Jordan Arnold and Ml-ta Denin Thia strong cast comprising. aa it does, any of the beat actor*, will indeed attraat a large jdlcnre at thia favoritu theatre thia evening The cheat costumes. correct in style. with propertied and arlike instruments to matoh. whioh are attended to ith the minuet hlatrionic knowledge, by Mr Stevena, ie clever stage-manager of this theatre, will render le performance of ' I.ear" worthy the attention of the itrona of the Bowery. Eroai>* 4v Theatkc.?The lovers of Irish drama will 3 pleased to learn that the great Irish comedian and icellent vocalist, Mr. Collina. will appear thia eveng. In " Born to (iood Luck," aud " How to Pay the cut." lu the first named piece, be will sustain the laractt r of I'audeeu O'llalTerty. and in the other that Morgan lliutl. r He will sing several of hi? greatly re might tay universally) admired songs, aiming which the famous " Widow Machree.'' wlilnli is always tlirioe leered, and received *i>li rolUrated cheers. Those l.o ?ii.h to M r ult-gant denizations of 11ish character, id better visit the Broadway thia eveniug. Nihlo'.s Theatke ?Thia elegant, spacious, and most irces ful satahlithment ia crowded nightly, to see the tver-tirisg Havel l&rnily in their daring aud elegant sts on the tight rope and their inimitable pantomimic >tformiinces. Thin evicing the eDtertaimeuts will mrnence with the tight rope dances, followed by the .Uic pantomime of tbe ' Milliners," In which the lta)i?, tbe Lehuiaus, Madam Axel, and the iucoinparae Murzi tli will appear Dodworth's bund, during the iteriuissioD, will play seversl popular and national rs. and the whole will cunclude witb the new and efctive piintomlme of the ' Kvd Gnome." which has ren produced with new scenery, costume*. &.O., Jkc. uge. the Gnome. by M Marzetti. ar.d the port of lane by Anloino Havel. Who can resist visiting iblo's thin evening? Bcrkin's Tiikatrk,?This evening, the new comedy ' " Hearts are Trumps" will commeucu the entertaincnts, Messrs Lynne, Brougham, Burton, Clarke, aud re. Brougham, taking the leadiug characters. Mr. each will sirg a favorite ballud ; after which, Buckone's c medy of " Breach of Promise " Mr Burton ill sustain the character of Kbt-ncxer Sudden, In hlch pari he represents an old bachelor to the very l?. 1 he * inurements wil conclude with " Burton's iw York I'iiecti ry," in which the whole strength of is excellent company will appear. Always first-rate rainas and iterling acting at this famous dia.uutlo MflC. NiTiomi. TtiKATac.?This old and established plioo r amusement is keeping pace with all the oiber thea es in producing uovclties, and every dramatic attracon that can be found Four dramas this evening: ? Mother and Child are Doing Well," the 41 Fair One ith the Gulden Li cks." the ' Kemale Forty Thieves," tid " My \\ ife'a Out " This, indeed, 1> a very attraove pii grHEJUie of i ntertuinmenls and oao that will kely crowd the ( l.atham Iheatie this evening IIeivet n the pieces, Miss tiertrude Dawes will dance a pn Com/tie. Mithuil's Tiiiatsk ? This evening a rery attraeve bill is rffcrtd for tbe ntuasement of the visiter* of le Oljmplc Tin at re. Tbe first piece is tbe cointo jji-ra of " John cf i'arls," Mr. Mitchell appeariug in la cell brated character of i'edrigo Putts j Walcot. a eat favorite, as lolin of I arts, and the part of Vin rt by .Miss Mary Taylor The uext in *uroe'i*ton 111 be the opera i f ' V ra Dlarolo " the characters In hicb will einbiace the full strength of the stook commy. 1 be programme of uiu-lc in this piecx is in self eulBcimtiy attractive to till thW neat little natre The amusements will oloae with the farce of Conain l.aUi'oKin " Ciirkit's ? Is it necessary to announce at these darkies continue tin ir coocerts at M?.anica' Hall' '1 he public atis*er ' No!" f?r it is niust as customaiy fur our citixens to hear the^e verite niiustrels a* it is for tbeui to look for the <ura of bi?akta*'t and dinner. hvery one of them is tver, either a* a vucalht or musician and their leader lows well bow to p'ea'e hi* vi it-rs Citrvt, A"na rmf-Mr John Tryon.* iffd th 1m llion fur the remainder of iht a*a?"ii. in t iritftul Welch, will eoi'iDmuce tM* evening. with plei.dld aoinpary of < ijueatrlana. and twenty-tares iti'i ir hornf mid clirht pouit-e. the axml. perfectly alneu thorough- bi t d ?i b< inr.iluily marked animal* the Slhtf*. 1 be price of H'lmi-ri u has been rairmi to !.') cent a lor the boxea, ami 1 n ntu for v pit. Am ni) * tli oi'H ?Thou# who hare not an yet wen m celebrated "artlneUI Kumlly, ehould fee theoi thl? rek Mr their n.ent will i-hortlj clone The entire B'lly wlil ap|.*hr In thegtaud conic pantomime of the Ikirt I.OTi r*;" the other ujrnib< i* ot the company entile rfHIuratlonii. laughable irelitriife? and humo. ue rketi be". lleie a plea?ant evening c in b>'whiled ray independent < f the curiosities which are le H(u I'Minrar .AMrtmi.T Bmmi ? This e??nlnfc Mesar*. like and llelliuan's concert cornea <11 at the above on*. Niw Cm.tiiii S? e??ii>ra* ? Thl? band of minstrel*. Dincb )4nlrc4 whan ia?t lu New I ark, will gift It fir?t eiiltrtainm< nt tblJ evening. at the Society hrary li?"M? Tboa* who delljiM lu hearing plaint e lu* lodler, urtu'' d a 1th >W(?t tones, aul excMleut >ral relence huil better vi?lt the aereuadera this ?ni*.p . < i lliue. the sweet count* r ternr finirer, will ve " falhy lu cur Alley,'' and uh?r favorite >>all%da. V*. ?<;? Va?i>r.*Horr( the Muinaut a'tor. wan lerrd an engagement at the Drury I he?tre by r Aiidntf n ; hut he drdltiid the mltr, and ba< rlv?u by the I uroj-a > learner A Mahvoim Mtai'.in.?Mr. >V. I'. Bnrtin ha.? iw lour tbtatree In lull and punceaafnl op -ration. At ? h,,?u In l hauihem rtriet. In thi ctlf. hia own peillar petfi-rBiancea, aldvd by on? of the beat nompa In il.e I i.Ion, n' u'tiaot crowded aidi?nV'H. t Hi remit) play* in tiue> pit ee nihility Mmmtlinea In Ui' ei d ? i lt? a ? ry la'y* proportion of th- mill) new i e-j-r' di red at thl< American lla)market. At lint rh i-lnet Ibeatre Philadelphia h- p>-oe>- ?ai>oth*r lellei-t ai'fk c oi| a* ) underlli*alagama nag in an 4 of Niat-hall the ppu'ar \mcrirm tragedian Mi-? noy V. hllaak Mr? Hiti-'anley, Mia. W II Smith Bt Uoat'd, JC'liD I'unii. ti e c iii' lian. Mr. Thiyer, r. llaKt r and other eicelWulartieta. are alao enga.-ed are V| a Davadyort eotumincea ai enu# ineiil iimi) thinly At Baltiuioia. Mr iiurt?n ocoupltH tk IkMtfMi at thi l>H ut Mm Kaireo. the popular lir.irap a ir*" ni 11 '.r, II* MtRi .? r. mh * .'I IT. r Hlcld. N<r It- k? ,in drawing g<v>d hou m. IffcaIn l'|.lat th? R'f mi ii *ilh tbf ni ? pnmt tM Kill* jmaw ?!-? *i irar'ln* th? un|??r t?*n r lirdMii Mid*!' with Mtep t uahtnan v< . s <s. Mr. Htm l>. u<? (cenptrd in kiillulr>K? magnlOot-iit mHhi firm* i n tii?- tltr of lUv i>ld Arrade ilatb*. :? U'>in( hi* |n i any In < banihtm ( tr?*i t. nod t*?n '(> *HiO >'l tin* lii'rk to (trail flifet; lti<T? will ii Va'.l n <<m '?t hundnd tuil fifty f?<*t lin/? the <?it ibNiw \?rk -a mpp?-r ro-im a#?? f*rt i *Cth: no' th?r b?>l rw?i itc liui jr.d f<r' I >Ui(, d a In ttirr rr- ?n llli ? mini i'*?<? . and ?f*U for liutit)r>d t'*< l ie Tb* t '( will ba p it on iiatt rk am >? I?m timii a UiiblL ar cipact to b- ioTllrd the < |'?1.1n>-' li'i _ At Ai rut it* t.v ti;k Tki.m:-at> Umt. tt'r Lavr ni rurd, ty lb'- Crri>cent City, which ivad hrtt on ^-txml.iy bight, and ihroujh our tin ii ci tr*r| omi? iit, account? of an wl.inning I, wlrch t? <>k |lur At the Port of f*. tin, TilniJ, mi thr lot of We ritrurt the la la 1 aa n( ln?m ill* .Arm/lir/l /iriHif'/'i ait TELEGRAPHIC ITTELLIGEHCE. The BUtk Aurtltomlilp. WimiKTui, Oot. 28, 1849. The Hon Mr. Waddell, of North Carolina, It lino* reported, has bean offered the Sixth Audltorahip In the Treasury Department _ Troop* for Tttai. FHiLiDiLrHit, Oet. 2*5?P.M. A detachment of Vnited State* troops, from Carlisle barracks. sailed fur Matagorda, Texas, this afternoon. VtiMl Abandoned at Sen. Boston, Oct. 28,1849. The brig Irving, from New Orleans. 8th Instant, arrived at this port, reports, that on the 21st instamt, lat. :;a 41, long ty 30, flaw a ship abandoned ; her fore and main watts were goue, the uilzeu mast standing. She had a female figure-head, full length, and two figures on her stern, with aaoat of arms between them; the deck heme was washed away ; the vessel wan supposed to be about 600 tons ; she bad painted pottrf ; she was full of water, and tho batches were off. Could discover nothing to indleate her national build. biuall dlraiutr lor California. Boston, Oct. 23, 1819.

The iteamer Narragii?3U*. of Cherryfield, Maine, bound for ' alifornla, airivrd here to-day. She has one wheel in htr stern, and is 48 ton?burtheu. The Souther-, Null?No Kcvvm, Oiltimou, Oct. 28, 1819. The Southern mail Is through from Mobile, but brings nothing ntw. mapping Intelligent iJot>TON, Oot. 29. Ko arrival SaturduT P. M. Chared?Burks J W Paixt, Baltimore; Mary F. ?lal?, and Adilm, Philadelphia; kri^s Anduvtr, Alexandria, and f ?' Matter, Baltimore; Sun. end Poeonorket, philauelkliia; m hr? and Ktuina. Baltimore; George uud Emily, lew \ ork; Albany, M M klotts, do. Arrived Suudu)?Bark Bienda. New Orlrani, Bt)i instant. Spoke 24th, iat -J SO, len cy 16, lri|$Stephen Young, New Vork, for ('ape du Yards. harks Mary, Amy. Glaspnw, 29th Sept; Alabama, New Orlrauc. 20th nit; Maryland, Baltimore; fcnK S'.lenus, Capo II ?ytien. ilth irat. Left lirlif F.unly, from Wilmington, NO. IIrian Atehafyla Mi Liic, Timo, Si Marys, Ua; K O Ilolt, Chat l?f ton; buraali. Philadelphia: sehri A?orf. Jucmtl, 4th init; Rio Grande, Walthall, Va; Fainlild, Norfolk; Shanil, Barcelona. and Henrietta. Philadelphia: Montante, Troy; Stranger, and Daniel T Willetts. Alliauy; Ebon Atkim, HieU? luond; tiiii. and Kdwin, New York. The Hotels. arrivals and departures. W. Blanchard. H. I*. Spauldlng. Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, I nglaud; W. B. Clarke, Auburn; II. I,. Pejnolds J I orniug, Mobile; Geo. Irwin. Baltimore; K K. Opdtn, New Jersey. arrived yenterday at the Irving Hiun. Benjamin Bullock. Phila ; J. CheeYern, V?.; A. Cram, I'etrolt; II P. Martin. Kingston, lam&ica; K. Huston. l a.; Mr. Davenport. N. r. Bard, Washington, arrived yeaterday at the Howard. W. l.omax, Indiana; M. Williams. Albany; C. Salmon, Boston; C Morrison West Point; O Sawborae, Maine; K L inuaun nd Ithaca; 8 Barns, Ipswich; K. Faxon, Bofton. artived yesterday at thu American (J B. Schott. I'bila ; P. VV. Hamilton N. V.; Joshua Dixon. John Dixon New Orleans; lion. K. Curtis. N. Y.J A. lilis.v Lot don. were anion* the arrivals ye?ttiday at the Union Place Hotel. Mailiie AITali * En iMii, i (i ciiiT I'nr. Oct 11. IS 19. The underpinned, passengers In the st? aiihtCrescent | City, on her voyage from New \ ork to < hatred, take this method of presenting our thanks tot apt. Stoddard. hla rflk-ers and crtw. tor their attentions during the Toyage which they have made *0 plea-ant ami agre?able Oitr tables have always bten furnUhedwith the git at< *t ab'.<udan<'* of go tl cheer, our att-ti l*tits ii-taut. wbl -h together-with the very superior <inalities of the rsi an?r her < 1', bare tended greatly toalleviate the mind lrow the feelings consequent upon leaving home and friends We part, wishing them and their ni hie >hip all the auecera they so much merit. Signed John I, Power*, t has. B Wells, Wm C. Illldretn. I'. M Adams and many others. [A true copy of the original ] Akkent or Mukdk i!ti:s in Indiana.?About two years ayo, h Mian^r, in travelling through thr up- I per part of Warwick county, traded horses with a ! rutin named l'uweri, <md, ufier fiariin^ on his way ome distance, lit* followed through 15oonvtlle. hud tlown the cnual, by Powers and a neigh bor mimed li ice, under pretence of having discovert d that the horse traded lor by Powers wai Molen l'owers unit IIice returned to B >onville, in ii lew hours, with the horse the stranger liad ridden, and his hat, saving that, upon seeing them ap|iioaclnng htm, he had abandoned the horse and Ibd to the woods, leaving his hut in his hurry. The people of the neighborhood, however, were suspicious of loul play, and quite a Lrye number ol them turned out, unit searched the wood* lor the stranger, or hia body, but found n<>tItum to justify their suspicions, eicejit some evidences ol'a struggle near part of the canal indicated by Power* and Mice, a lew buttons, apparently torn from a coat. Arc ; and thus the matter ha* rested lor two j yeais. I'uiuu: tlie latter part of the last week, ! some young men, in searcnins for cattle in the | above neighborhood, discovered, in the bed of a swamp, which, until the present season, had not hern dry lor many years, a ?k- leton answering the description of the missing man. Near it lay the (ri<k>m< nts of a woollen coal, which w as identified. A ('s in<|ueMt was immediately called, and, upon its verdict. Power* and Hire were arrested. Uii the next day, ihe Grand Jury found true fulls | *gninst Power* and Kice for murJcr in the lir.-t \ deL'f? e. sr:d thev were i unlimited to tail to await their Amoii|{ other thmgp, it is *aid tiie Mranger wast seen with a larije amount of tnoii^y. No vrnliifp of this w.ih found near the body.? HiatuviUt (In ) Journal. ()<t. 13. Golt> on TiiRtitLA.?We learn Iroin a private letter elated at l.ugrarge. Texas, October 12, th it n coirj'iiny which Mailt a from that point for C.'.tliforma, in M.iy List, h.nljiccn heard from. Tin* l>atty h.;d armed ?i tin- (.iilu river., from which punt they write that appemmceti indicate that ; gold is plentiful in tint rexion a it i* <)< ? ? ritw I , to lie i<n the :-ai r,inn iiii>. The difficulty in pro- | i urii.i! provision* In hi the aei?l>'meiit* olTexas, which Hre the nearest fottrces of b'lpply, m ule it J importable for thun to ttop to dig lor the precious 1 mm They write that parties ttkinc thit route for California ?h?uUi go in Mron;: conipiuies, as tin; number <f Apache Indiana which infest t:ie way ! makes it dangerous for smal' ones to attempt it. Several rnull parties are said to have been cut oir by iIn in. A r> mberof respectable | ."r*ons about Tiisiranif*, i who had been driven away from that pirt of the ! conntrj npon ch'irji'-* that they belonged to the I 'clan of ii gulators," h id returned, .ifier infciti .'a- I tion shown tln-y were wrongfully accused. It ! I pears to hive b< en a concerted scheme on th ixitt ol the depredators, th it hi -h of them a* mig'it be arrested sin uld implicate the most deserving citr/rna, w ith n virw fo produce op,?oaiti.>ri to thoae who were Midcaxorin' to rid th* country of then. Il la frxri d that thry h?vr --o Mcrcrdcd in i<?tr mint.' (lifrnrdr and uapici<>ni through ih?* country. that niechirvoo* fruda will grow out of tin in.? II ?*/irwtf .n Rrfvhlir, (hi 27. Ci m i a Phi \< \' v>v?1 lii-re nrr ntinirrou* iaitir? ?.f lull -nirn iMf tf ia on the fitrm of Michul f milk nrr, in IJrrck-eiTle, in ihia county, About , an at rr i>t thr bottom Itidi on tlM Chtpnew i giee forth thr pna. thr mil b. ins flCfdinglji poriill, ai (I fillrd with crack*, Irotn which th?- a la racaprs. l'tacr n rtimnxii tin horn nvrr on** of tliraecMck*, 1 a|vly a intttih to thr top, indx brilliant fl ime of i jiliw.h apprarence bn*aka forth, which will . , Lurn Mradily forwrrk*. Th<* proprietor made an ^ excavation ?f ID'" twelve frrt Jrfp *t onr of the if-?a , i irninpa, and llnii in b'>rninj hay. an r*- | ploeion t>>lluwrd, tnr hay wti eruttered in thr air. | and a blaze i?aurd ^veral frrt high It rontinuril > to burn nt.til thr ground c ^vrd m and unnihrrrd ( ihr llenica. Thr utnuml from which the g.ia ra- , Capid n? wr fr<*c/ra, imd no'liinir will j?rnw upon 1 it, although thr fill ia rich. Thr location ia 11 { nii!<-a from < It vrland. and h ?? attrm t?*?l m >nv viaiter? to ace Ihr earth burn Thr r*i?|roce of the j pan h.-a been Known thrrr lor ii do-rn > or j j more, and the quantity rarn>inir, whirh i* Ur<r, a? ?nifto hr lAcrrfiains rithrrthan I'tnT* i?r.? ] Cltrrlanil, Ohm, H-rull, Ihi Ift. I am> Sum anp I >?? n Lin ? Thr ri<* in | thr rivrr cunar^uent on cloBiiM? th? jf*tra of thr < dam at thr New City, hia canard ronaidorahle j dun rfr to thr tn ( k ct ihr (/onnrr'tient Kivrr ; | Hiiltmidi ttliich ia Itiiff on thr b t <k for?i>m dia- I t?p? r Yralrrday morning th<* track waa found to be nndftltiinrd in two placra, mid, at hill-i>aat | tW'Wr o'clock, ahnnt t>iir thou?and let of thr i Hac k ^avr Way at on< r, and a;ink into thr water, j A man, name unknown, who wan witUinii on thr { track at ihr timr, wa* hnrird in tnr n?rr, with thr . ii kir.rf rn iKH nf rnnh Th? w a'rr WB? cnatiintlf w ?li i v. ;y rhi* rii,'. . . i ill. ifl'l I ft V? (Ii-i ; 1 thru* kh about ?'n<- m.Ir of thr n??d J f< r it.' train*. Ain't'i'i' r im:<i pi?-pH ovrih - i r< . <! f>l i hi I- ilf in hour ihr t?hd>' i??V pl.c--. j and a locomotjvr wtthcut tiny rara attxilirJ |)a?iwij r>vi r lb'- fiiiikm ar-fiion only t?-n nrn ifr< h* t:?* ? . Thf li < ? mniirr w?-nt on l?? on" of fh" hrrnkt ami ?hiV ihrrr th? gr^at dlicjo to*>k ' Ifavne th?- rnittf on th^ trick, wi'h ihf i road i m; ? ? * b- fore and 1>? hind it It firturihi' lv b*|>fwit? to I " in h - f- whrf lit r* j i." Imlf or tic ?Ih??i.''T itl >i ?Iidi? fi? !?? d|yrptiriiii',d. ? (ann ) /'??/, (kt. si. Th? l>o!li?r Urrkljri Tb* I'fllm III 'k/y Itnthlm ill bo publlrh d (n Jtj, ' Stnfllr f f'l?" i?n d i.'<; cntiiul Mib->?rip Ion, him i i j l*r; el* c??| fur l <l< Turn T'.' ? !?! to l??rr.rr 'j\-?, I ! Ar li I'll'#. *1' n??rl?.|ln j l?*< r?I Vr r'.r .fir i 1w y ??if Pii' i ?*?*>. ? ! ' M.4 t ill O M? ifc> l.?4 I* ?J lUHIt I 20th id at. t l? nir duty to record to-day, an ?r?nt < llv ui-|>?t*llrl<><l In > ur paacrlat ?i.?m I aw de l l?t >.?tt ! it f' r t* .a t twoilii) ' In ?hry?n"?. < >oi n>#r>t llnv-? !.?? hr> ii |>?l'Ml hj a mnb ; lr? wind >?? V> ii at:d itMH in1 krlrklml" hurled ?tth? < cuncil l?t ? 'rtabti (I Id th? ill?rhMof ll? I Rl?l?f|T* y. ihi pi Iter. In II.i'ih?1im ! > maintain irr hai* l*i n itonad. rm Ii; en ?n I nwfpci*?r o a- tu i lli? Cttlun* out i t lb* mili'ary. n>llitary hatr al?n Imn (tour J, unit firecd to flrn fflt nm, Two dr>th< (ml ot>? or two <un*hot ur>d? bara h? m the r? n?n 'Iha Rn*i?minrt?t ildllik* bat* brrn a"Bvrrt*4 lato a temporary bar'k m <1 irr at lbl? nn im-i.t coupled by lb* 1Mb. by eiDiflii) it Uriel Hut India t< plmant ttatlonad re. ti , lb* artillery dataaliairnl. at..I by tb?> mm < t r u#j??lj r tli" p t orpl ? di>? In h*rv?r I p??r U imiIiMn htft b*?i? i?i>in In. and a ui txr kiT" patrol formed at l?a?t reienty atron/, tkr otbrr tiMHl the wob. Coding tbr for.;a in t*au ' i| ii i llwi|l>W mid * i moil of tkair mbi? to tlir <ai '*?id to turn and lay wa?'o tbr ar taiM In tl direction Tb? -hou?ea ol" k <?oia mmI II liiw|iiMt?|r?, li%i? b?*n alin; : >1 ai 4 burnt to the graiiwd Nncli l< the a'atr t iih at tbe im n eni aawiite Ikilaini'llatt m l ?ii ibl? ol jtrt irt inally In light foi ?ar I a< f>n> in ol tlx outbreak ?a th<" re|iila'l>ns r?c?ml/ ?<l for ibe onrntrint of the lt<yal jail if fort of <in. * iil> h r? tula'l<in? o'h?-r thlri:* pin d lLal ('Hiaalttrd nr the p?1 y <1.11 , ni* (Willi till, t In i.I'l h a? tin I k*lt trn|iti'(| p|ih|, I ?Mf m | 11?< ii tlti?- an I h? liable to lm r%ll< i upm lk? ,lllirl? M ll> atij woim nolo# o? iii til* jail ; 1 m ilug Infringe nra* i'mimiiii Nm ? W ? li"?rn thai Johnny Wa?k?f," I ? * In lit pi'ii if light wrlgli'*."' wt'.l p?rf.irni a j I ? f t* ioi i -day night. thai Ii?a n?t>r I ? rt h-artl in l til fill try. II* 411 ihlp the rnp? i'DOtloi^t Irilil) (Hli lMtM. Ullti'ill 't'ptug W'? ur><l?r. ru hat I hor*- *? rit?? >! 1100 p?>i<J|ngni U)U iMult ! kiilM' i I mtMiKtuf ? Til- Jork?y i lnh f.f | t l m? t>i < l??rt tl r .ugh t h? nifllum of th? | i ii - > i i-i f ill i *i n? i?i *i pt i-b?ll?ng? frixn tha | l a In 11 fi a match f? i A'Hi Ii t>. to t una i.if In r;gyp*, ! i r il*a tl i >uh to ??iid a? many hoTn>? and to put I what might tbry plaaae. th i Art at Jamah a ?Two nhorku t>f nn ? rr frit hi this city nt Inlf-ptM tivi* > l< i k ji ftrnl ,y rimming. The fir?l wa? raihcr r*. I.-tit r I'X-rfi* i-oniN, Mnd wm imrtir- I j tfly h l,i'??rii by thr nih^r, whtrh w ut of kva i ti A.i i ii ) J ii n< , l t. ft. j j mid t?rrf j|, vi iu> l.ave acctm ulatrd ?a>mr m>>n< y iijr h*nr*t t< il and hud lal>?r, m* nul or |ihy?ic?l, *.11 n? ( allow ibrnurlrri t?? l>e carried away l>jr any j?< k o* l*nt<rn <>f a a|wcul.iti?o ; but il ifr/m to Ix* the <icnil ) i t a r?-1>t many, who b'Couir |<0>arMrd of wraith Without th* traiulile H r?rning it, to bf piffoup, and ?fi?-r thems?*lvr? to th- thrrwd ai d Mgariou* (or (il'ii kin/. A? *'>ain thry ;,ra? *tri|i<d of thrir fMtli'H, tliry find the rank to which tbrjr are rntul*d by suture. Ptfa*?hip ( ?>*m mraTH'* wirit ths ll*iri?tt \V( t Inmi* ? The ni? rch.inta of Kingatrtn, Jh? ti.-iica, ate, it ?et ni?, very d?*?iroua fc r the a^lend* J American ?t? unship* plyinu !> (?* "ii this city und '< hagref, tai ttop r< gi'iaiiy at tliAt |w?rt. Accttrt dii'i 'y, in the a-?tl) I'.ut ol Sa*ptemh't l-i#t, thry addr?K'al the Ani-rirun Cot<idoa tii<* subject, re. yim?m , mill iii lnj ll utiwc inr cvvimir hi ?? U arhingtop, arnl rolicil the eatabliahment of a regular mul Communication beiwten that jxirl Hfid the United 8i- Mr. Itxrriao*, the Conaul, replied, and tiitf-d tli-*t lie had no doubt hi? ffovrrntmnt would ??c? < 'o their re jurat. We do ru t know what conclusion thr l'oetmaater < ten*ral has coin* to in the matter, but we think it very likely that audi n mail communication will be fnrmed. Our MMRwhipi mi|{hl at well atop it Kinr?ton on their tripa, aa not. Our private adviceaon Saturday niRht, by tk? Crttcent City, unr* the matter opon tie. Arrival cr tmr Marah .s*Rt>R ?This fine notiliafy Httainahip, command* (I bjr C?pt. Thompson, arrived at thia pott yesterday from Liverpool, whence ahe railed on the 0lh inat. .She hia thus made the paaragc ovrr the Atlantic in nineteen day a. *ad Mr. John O. !? rg'-it, IUe Tittl'b*! Titm :i e, Mtnn to Imvc m l&kinLiavoi tion. Tin Secretary ?.f S'ate, it not a w iaed|>!o>n.ul?t, ha* all the t ma!! cunning f a nii h md oily politician. In conciliating the org in of the oki leadin{ whig", he eight to cure ihrir N|<|>'<rl| u >d it would be the most natural in the world to conclude thnl th* good offices fire u to the n>os aa4 relativra of Mr. Clay a 5.1 Mr. Cri.tfnden, *>< uid heal the rupture in ti< I ?jti;rter, and win tlirmoTcr jointly to hi* side. It wm also a pliuML# i>rr?un'i lion that Mr. WVl>.-t< r, uftrr hiving be? hh< in ? d, perf mJ'y. the chtnipi-?n of our rerretary, n the : '-uair, and after hating feceiffd otvrral vny ti< ItttN <llic<-?, would defend Mr. Clayton, and bit cfi/ac in the cabin t, to the lut Litton (>ii In* c< ht. Bat our beM calculation* aonirtim** fnll ahorf; ad, from certi n inki nif-* from Washington, it i| |<ears that Mr. Cl iytoa h not succeeded it oiling tbf palm* of the mum r*. Iiiisny trd that Mr. Crittenden >?iad - the moot of hi* e<>?6d< nre with (?e?. Taylor, in framing a cabinet tor alienor pttTpotet?tuth a cabinet as the shrewd K*r<t itk iin frit he could mange tor his own end>. It ia suspected that Mr. I Uj does not like thi* tate rf tbm<.a, *ien coupled with the agency of Mr. Crittenden in the nomination of (Jen Taylor, nd that there ta a d* n;{n on foot to dis?< Ire the erraBSf ni'ni* of Mr. Crittenden, by dissolving the preaent Cabitet. It is ap; reliend'd, on the other band, ibat the friend* of Mr. Webster, headed by oar p*n*wing potemporiry of the Ctmrirr, ar?* n( %*rk lay iai! lh'- sndrraronnd l> < of * sc!i?ni* which is to restore Mr. Wrb*t?r t<> ih State '*? pariment. There could bf no more fortunate charge (or Co!. Webb. Il<- would l>* good yet for Heilin, ar.d, peiha|>?f be may atill count Dpi* his Miwioa. At ain, it would nj pear that .T.idgc McT^an (till ha* frirnda for the succession. in opposition toCrittraora, Clayton, Kwin?, and the cab net as it now Hand*. It ia notorious that Mr. Maogum it diapasted wnb the proacri| tire policy of this eabal; it ia aa notorious that thia business, and the cpctisoi of the cabinet and their subordinates, have disorganized the party in the country, and ditidrd it in both houses of Conrresa. And what is the moral of this confused and p? rpleaing adit xmie tf )Btr'i?es, blunders, icheme* and s'ra Ilyl't It" ry *? i n lu ?bleb ?tf? w ?! ,1 u If ?nd l>>uilta?u ? ilinfii tit ? o till-r ml ?t m?*t Inrio'u r*'* U b*n <utp< r*l T h> u>(.Min n e* fnl thf (t*ii<I 1 < f Om ?n. u struck I irgm t -ne . I)n c in tlir tnd ?nh. titr.Hti'li'Ui' f ree. th* c> ntl?linn ? ?? lt>*t?tit|y tbi'OB fmm (iii> ?H-nn nrlkl ,p I U| < it hi l,n k in the r H'l I h' I, f - ( iiilnu d on at ?l. <i IDfr-ftMd ? J (IllltUlhlj I'-ri. Ib tin *d|i>ii{ ?ti but htf Hirrf ?? *i?t ihort by bumming In rmtvt t?i ?! Ii *n I.i t ftftrf 'ii Irion* III rtf rftni* (liri >-ti' n I tin lit< rilxtg thr?W tB* l??ly ItnBi tin f?h l?*id injir-d wj hrr ut) itwurl; If til l?-?|iy .-h?w? inin ii?i?iy <1. mrtli d 1(11 ||IM MMt llriir kjr, Vlirtt ???ry t '-iitl n Cti **< ^tiil lalirt by ft II* run4*?y horn* nl *? Iti-iautly Mil-J l/r the colli I ' l h>- horM *11 I'tMlird In tl)> ftblrli w*? rim Into, *.?n r?n In ???> I nt furtnnai ij without Hi'} MiIkini rmult* to w< tb diiirr or tthldi, liui A tn?riift ci An iMm.-Oi S?t> ?y, Pitnirl **f I Ml Ifctn lb# hold if thi? ?hl|i < ybil..*. lying la J it( nf tbribrk*. ftnd *?? fftlftliy I*. nr d He J'' brought to ili? i.lty llo-pltnl liHf h ?*|iiri>1 yi?Mftr- *'*' dfty. lni?iilt)il"rrii<"n lftm?? llo i .j tirr y??ri '' Mi. f Kim* ftt 1M *lulb?rry rtfrt, bil H"n? V Into ih ij*"' *l"f I" *? t una by hMpMfRt), ' ilth lit* l'Klli4 iklfh kfnkm lt? ?i?te>? h" lita b?n '*'* ptiink I j Iif c* : but it ?* *?ld?nt br lmdi?ll*n frvn B1, l irtic |<itr? *11 if hf k'd iMti flmihlii < in .*?'ut l*T. "" 'I l.i! it ,r ?i I i r?r *? e> ut ?y d to ii ? I'y llo?plmil II iii.? I?i*d ttij.l"j?d In liuftliftin n Ion miry . d it-i i l iui II l-y hti'km ?li ?i* ih> ?iiM*. by pb'i?i? 01 i ifr 1 rii t il fftllit k ujion It. II* ??< bimn'it to Hie *' |iv lli plltl, *1 "l? I' "? Mt. ft iid '-fry *tl<iiii.l<n r*' |it ilt?b'in A bi>y. ?h'-? fihmi* roul li t bu ll. '/ llitivt Trrn ? hw* in W?tr*?? ?tr?*t ftad bidly fl 1.1 In mi< l( thdtltjrlii f.'ftl by (ifi o-r *' I Ai'iiirr, Rui WAf Arc n r*t 4*r Uj, l-.r.n , 1 llriit.K" ?<t h?.i???n two r>l lh? J r > r* s n? tho I ItliV mill} ni-tr It* d?i" I ? ilth 'lint. m4 ?h tai-tiil njlit r< ui il. f< ?? I" I ?ti- Li* t'lou ?l?-f <lma v loeati it ?' U l.l? .t II.- ?< otiwrtl j|lf ftf mMjr ii'Jun <1. il? *a* c-tiTijra lo tlie Lit; j( % ti<>|iial. l<? mii'i OlfHt-lliqilf't1 ?i-r" bvlil in ?n ilit I'.llnwib* f?? til <>f which Un t> i ImI!j n > ? ? lir' rt ti> tfifw Journal lira l(*f.? r: . ' ni lirt of I im , f'* irtaiit fiiiirii d?-a<l "? 'i * 'Ink t< >?> h dot r ?t, j, Itf Mtiltift 'I I'r wht't*k?r ?k-i?' 4 f 'nclii (I tkat Ihr 11.114 *? k ?H?" .. 'M.M i fcp ? , ? t>j ifc? *b tinl * ? Ijrttt e?p tifrlf j, r imiid tfcc i>?rh of ihi? rblld. ?Itleb ran*-l *<ilTift?t'< n lb* ji.rt t*nil? f<i ? tuiint a?<".riling to th? tlx *t ?a*t? Tlii ?it|liti'f, llmrf k il thirty I ).< rn in < naiencut , li> illiM < ? ? tli jury r?nd?t?il rtrdiet ai-fordlng to ?h# ta?t* w# l,a?" alriaJy f*' j el llrhi d, lu Ik* i ??< of John I. \i at. aji-d Rl yrtr*. " t? tn in Nit V i rk. th* jtfj f??(l?n< thr Mitring i'1 ?u4 rf ' I bat thr d r>i nl ran * to I, ? it. t*1! I>j Inj i ( i r.m tu Ifct iptf- ftt-lrrd lu a 1'tjlnl ? w.lti (i 9 IlorMianahlp._?&n Kt?u1h| Clou tmr Kcatleineain tin noble and manly art of Ilnreeaaaehla. ?ttl tunjuituc?t Diebrow'e Rtdia( School No. tU Fourta a?asac, on Tlreday evtnina. Ut November, and oontiaaa aaah Tueeday, lureday, and Saturday evening. 'luria* the ??aeon. Own fr"u*ialt |,a?t 7 to halt-paat 'J o'clock. Geaileaea within* toubtcrrbe, will pltaie call at their aulitll Mlvnmci. There* no Myatery In Cheap Prices?They ar? tba offaiag of low rente. a Ur<e liuoinvaa, mti aal indnetry, arorriot economy. Theue ooutiitnte all the ma?io ?r low trie*, an J aaoonnt for the extraordinary cheapaeit v( the Boon, iutt, and Gaitera, at Jonee'e, M Ann street. Call Ton la Ilouara.?The ubeerther Still e^ntinnft furnith | ortabl" t'ottacaa and Storaa, eqatl to and as clap a.- any in thin muktl AMI'EL lt(i(>TII !>A Myrtle tunai, Brookly*. Perh?| mine It the only Store In tike city w bere elothiarc made to order at the tame prioe at whiek tliey are aol< ready made. Fine dr?w and Fr<saeh eoata ta order, $10; r*k Ircaeud, SI". Tue very liacat Franek clotlt ("reim frocV. 1 Inve a line senortment ef erareiatr. item 1U to &lt>. aoinn ?'.!0 Eettbliahed I"41. G. U. CLiHK E, 116 V? illUm street. Elrt-nn Patterns of Kn?llah fluor 911 Cloth, lronnne to eight jarde wide, of the m int modern i?.y!e of tapery, mn-Me oliinti floured, from .'kt tid. to He. per yard, at .. ill Bowery, H1KAM ANt>ERSt>N'S. lm;li?h Oarpetin Ruga, Drti -rte,unprecodeutedly low, worthy cf the attCKtu of purohaior*. liquid lair Dye. ? 1'halon's lutprar?4 Matir Hair 1a ivn invention, to color tha (fair or VVkiakare the momil it U a| J.lied, v. nlmnt injury to the hair or (kin. Genilcan eaa have thwir M hlnkera dyed la Diitibtca, ut ti lit pot. No 179 'roadway, co-Tier of Daw f.reet, ua^er U Franklin Hona* Per bottle, email til*, !} larKta, 41 6o. Llqitltl hair I>y?, ?? Color the liolr ot IT .at,.*- .. : I > ?' - 1 ' 1 < - ?? .. ...i IVIUIUL !M> 4IIIIIO, W1 .HUUS injury v? tun hair or skin. erthiuti mid far.oy store keepers should ex*u.ius this artiu, an !t is the beat in the world. S:ild whole-* ?!?? and retai at Batehu)"r's wig Factory, 4 Wall street! and in I.oudoi at T. C. UnwioV & WiocadiUy, aoax St. Jallies' Church. W'lgi ?ii?l TouiiM't.?llHU'helor'i Celebrated WFaotot is at No. 4 dt., ie the oiily establishment in the oil devoud to that buiiaeaa. lie has 'necntei Bi ift iut'.Ttnntimi run au nt*?< incites au ? uinatioa ol those W i^a at TtoMji tbatc bttiveda silver inudal at tkl fail tf the A.macan Inpy the addreua. l)cntl?f i-jr?-TUu prxetlial experience of many years, injved by Or M l."v?tt, (Us Unalsay. i? tha beat n'laraotv tat he can i t< r, i t tb? oapthiH'v ami knowedge he | etbOuf hi* arda .?? t rofecsioti, and it is absolutely m ojfatyjn itoalHmrla which there are so rainy lgIIorailt | rettn U i. that those v>h" require the aid <f a Dentikt should whom tl.iy uiay e n fide. We can o.iasei< M'iously eovik-nri Dr. Lev?t'. ?? a most smoemful aad tkilful praotiun?>?New York Siind?y Courier. Dr. Elliott Oeuiiat, Mi-oartwaay. Informs bis rctien; that hie utrire hour* are from 1U>? M I 'clock, on Monday, W e hi la> a aud Friday*. Or. K. will prwurite for the pur. after 1 o'alaak. COMMlRCIjU AFFAIRS" MARKET. Bnnilay, Oct. i|S_n P. SI, The stork raarkt closed. y?ste-dty, In a very unsettled ?t&te Quutatfcns for g ivernni**nt aal St*'e stooki were rather Brm altha cl<? ' ? while most of the taneies were weak, and teiiing downward. There was m?re activity at both b irj i, yesterday, than we have noticed for a lnnf tlue; but it will to smu ort reference to the sales, that oo*t of the transactions w>-re on time, pretty <ijurtl/ divided between sellers' and buyers' optien. At tUflret boat J, yesterday, there were a doten shares of i>oU cfferel where there was one bought, and the purchase* were principally by bears, to deliver ot matured contracts. During the past reek, tVro have been s'-me curi'operations in llarlen. in the way of buying and se' privileges to delivmand call ior certain qumtit the stock, within a iertaiu time at stipulated Some of the most dtermined bears have been ei in these transaction, for the purpose ot sunt the market price until they could make all contracts to dellvertcmetime hence, that they want ;; whi n they will let tlo stock fall by its own weight. LW Intl.tlr. n nn..ln> . r. ro.,.j tn !.. t'.d t?, Ih. privilege of calling fir COO shares of Harlem old stock, at 61, within 10 days Tbe natural influence of ra?h a transaction upou tie n-ind of tb? party purahaaing the privilege, would be. to luduce bin to inflate the market value of the (luck an mu -h as possible, no mi to call it in and rail at tht advanoo. On tbe other hand, r parly sellirg such aprivilege, goes to work and de. presets tbe stacks as much as possible. ao as to bay in at reduced prices if caled upoa to fulfil the eontrwct. There piivilegts are Uiogerous thing* to deal in, and It is difficult to get an ?ld operator into any suoh arrangement. When ?? ?ee some of the shrewdest bears in the street celling such privilege* for m mere song. it looks as though they had a perfect control of the market. atid felt great cnnTdence lu tbe strength of their position. As regards Harlem all appear no anxious to ell, that it ban become nr>c?-*ary tob"l?ter up the market for a time, in ?ome way. to make sales at anything bear price* now current. It would b? more dangerous to sell any of the little fancies, such as Morris (.'anal Noitb American Trust, < uulun scrip, U. 8. Bank, or Vlckeburg. ihort. to the Man' extent, as it doe? not require much capital to c&r.jr tbein. and it would b? u y at any time to get up a oorner; and th?n a^ti a, it l*mor? difficult to tell whether th""? fancle* are really worth anything or n<>t; <ihi rem It 1* pretty well kn?*n that our fancy railroad ?toekt are nt-miily rrttlln? down in market value, ami at iteadtly depreciating in real value. In the event of the n until finale* gulag entirely out of light, the lr>*a c*?not auount to mtieh; while the Iom on thoitv of greater totrket value, would, in the event of a'l artificial etimulant* being removed, be tulnou* to mo*t lioldn* The railroad Mnoh-* are fine game lor the bear*, hod they unhesitatingly sell just a* much as they can tin J pure'iaaev* for. Krom the wh.o'i hai recently b#ea made, everyone ?ho look* olo*-ly Into their condition, bat l?ecm<< ratinfled tint there In no *alvati in for them ?that th ie i* a i it:-Idiom dl.'ane eating into their very vital*, f ir which thore la no ramedy. They are beyond all human redemption; but the <|uacl>* who h*?o charge o' tSiein may poMlbly keep life in thetn a little looger, and lalm them off upon who are ax yet i niorant of the wortblexnefl of wbthey pjrcha'e. Director* of our railroad coropatiie*. gen* mlly, are ootnp<>*edof the elate of men who uiana,;*.] .hi b.tuk* of the prinaipal citied c f the I ulon durit.g the year* 1"? ;4, IMS, and IK7, up to the gratid hut**, up; and if th -y m tnage the railroad compatilrea* aCe-Mtely a > they did the btnk*, the pri bability i- that *bali etperleno* *ini:lar reeulta. There i< a cl**e <>f men in thi* aj<l all otuar larj.e cmmunitie*. read/ at all llmei to e ia?e?t thearrlvis with Incorporatedc<wn , inh*?. pro*lied ?>f MM, tley can ret Into the mvageufnt. for the piirpo** ol sticking the life blood out of them. f<>r their individual benefit. They c >;.trif* to get out of llieiil jmt 1-f. re a collapee take* p|?Q* like rata leaf log a sinking chip, and throw th > od'oin If poe-ible, u^o thoaa who fcn.e In at the lati *t i ui at, when th* company '? aliali* were Ineitr cably Involved aul h ipalexly insolvent. It I* c?ly ner a-j to compare ihe 11/ta of uirrct rs cf cur rei;r< u i c uipano* ei'.ii-ri .? of tho batik* of tin* and oi li.'i . .'O year? r\^ i to b. come ratlOd Ihat the ran.e ej .' iu of manageaj-nt exUtj. and that the ?.. e r?- lit ?i? 1 ?'ly to b. ; i I tl .. ? ? -l.l" *l ijiiPtfttl* r.? to tht* Uiitki t |or ttiH |m IbGlpal ?p?<?olatlT4 it><#ka f'>r raob day f t'>? pa?t ? ' ?. *n 1 at lfi? elore Df lh? ate* |>rewwu? ii>?? r<t obW{?l nxiob; but nn ?t i f the fatirio bun > btly >-J : ? l)i ?Ttn<mi mi rm i riL trvcki tub ht* 1 O ? "Vl.K ?t, tnt. #|. ?. Ti ?. M r4. T\* fri. flu. fnaratt NtM% I ". - ? ? ? IHV l , or 112 , II: , ill It ? 11: H m< . lit Dhlo J?.. I'T ? ? - l?; ? IiiIKI) >>'> I"-IK ? ? ? ? Wj pi' 1?J >1 4'#. **. i ?? I I'll i?. . ? ? ? ? It m>i>? ; _ ? ? ? H K M. H i.di. CS ? ? K till I. v.' li >.!?.. < , ? ? ? M ? K.. ? tin* I, U . -V , . ' . I - I-'1* k t? ir fc x t'tr i ' ? -- ; ' Kri' K . ? ) . M > ' 4 '<% llfr .f Hi ! ft'l.... ' SI 61 *,;d M L > m l.l?nd I ? I t -i 171* 17* I * M..t.a?k ?7 - K7 - - ?7 Mnainpt-n -- - -- 4'I 4' -- 4T)< tn? l . . . i ' , % ' L,'?uton I mr?iiy... ? ' i fc'-'i -V*< .V % Vk, V1* > ? -- -- !? s?w r y n... f i , ? % ? , * II lid. I 11-tKK I' ? - t>1 ' ?* tr.i' II' , \- . I , I-..', ? " Ifft'... . ' * ? M'* v.'? M *.-4 A f r>in|ar'.>pn of frlr-1 rnrraat lit th? tl ?? rf th? natk?t >i ctrrday, alt 11: ruling*! tb.> aina,' ?f tha ?r*?lou? wr*k, ?*hlblt? an a<ir*tica In Twvl-J Not*? /flU |?rr cent; L'nitrd Sia'aa ti?. 1?<; Krilu'k/ !?.*,) 3?. 1 Kill ft*ilr.?*l I ^; l"*rfo?ra' I.'an, }i; Mnrii i atll, >*; SVw Har?n lUllmad. Si; Hutlrcn Kallrral. 'n. trie Bond* (oil), X; Krla Bocda (c?w) 2; at>d a iircllnri In Heading RaMmaJ of 1 ' ??r?i ut, Norwich aoa Wnticitll, I; (larletu Hi Loaf rlted. Cantont'o . V Tht rrerlpta at tlic c r.f tha A?*l?'.aot Tr*t?nr?r >fthla |>?iit, ynt?:ila> amounted to fM,(4l Bi); pajnetita. ?IS4;.8 74: M'a-.r., fKXtl AU IV 1 l>r fill* nf (nttljn ilr; ( i?iU aat?r*d at tMi port 'or c< t liOul i n. ("t * a >l.iiii>l.i|t,aad lthd ??rnf(o.n Mn |m i d u i % Hi i ' i I ^ thi 2\Ui i**- . v* j I* a- h?ji I ItTtvrm ur r.> ru.r Tint Umm. K'Urrl trmrv - fn II irr- f 'f|? ' , 1 " A?ml , A??m . lf?B<ir??-lar?? ' W I... . < > f ,..IM 4 ' ?? ? I| (''4 ||.4!I# 4.1*1 " 4''a>7 II .W9 Hit .... ft i; 1 1.17 *,^4 M??*l)aa?aa< hAVI mi JIhii.I Tflil t Mil $14 liW tlV?'? 7 I ??lu? ut ib iii^ it l >r lh? wirh ol a'l kia4?ol

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