Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1849 Page 3
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Merchandise, wu $1,163414, of whlah $20,444 wara free goods, $1,077,612 dutiable good*, and $60 050 ipeeleanl bullion. The duties on tbesa imports amount to $252 700, ob good* withdrawn from warahouaa. $61) 342. Total $812,148. Payment* from the Treasury, iu the nam* time, $208,008. | The amount of specie exported from thU port to foreign ports, Irom January let to October 27 has been as annexed : ? Shipment* or Srxi ic raoM thi Port ok New York. Ship Zurich, Ha\re. Mexican dollar* $'8,472 d" do livefrano pieces 11.422 do do aovereigmt 1.260 do do American half dollars.. 03.000 hip CoDftituttou Lirerpool. *ov-?rei|tti? 97 557 Steamer Hermann, Urtm<n half dollars 33 000 do do Are francs V 1 >0 da do X thilern 12b7i Sehr Mary A; Klizabeth M ay ague*. Spanish dol's U.H04 Hark t.liiabeth Means, KocUeiie, live lrauos. . 9.1M Total $344,124 Previously reported #.284.409 Total from Jan. 1 to Oot. 27 $3 B4?i 5.i4 The txport during the past week was principally ailvtr. The i-teamer leaving ou Wednesday will probably take out a large amount of gold, and the Havre packet of the lft of November a lArg* amount of silverIt is estimated the apgngate shipmeat this week will exceed half* million of dollars. The American Kscbang* Bank has declared a dltldend of fire per cent , payable on the 6th of November. The New York. Providence and Boston (Stunlngt<*n) Railroad have declared a dividend of one dollar and fifty cents per fbare. payable on the l?t <>f November The receipts of the Susquehanna Canal Company this year, to October Slut, amount to $110,773 39, against $107 631 43 to October 23d, 1843. Increase this year. $12 241 01 The amount of duties paid at the port of Boston on foreign merchandise imported for the quarter ending 8-pt 30lb, 1849, wai $1,762,076 21. against $1,439,077 69 for the corresponding quarter in IMS, showing an In tease in 1840, for the quarter, of $318,907 61, equal to an increased importation of about one and a half million of dollars. The amount received for tolls on all the New York SUto canals, during the third week in October was $107,084 til Same period In 1848 167 231 92 Derreare in 1849 $107 31 The aggregate am- unt received for tolls from the coomenceuebt of navigation to the 22d of October, lnciviMve, wa- 88 Same period In 1648 2 023 888 04 Decrease in 1840 $87,655 71 Amount of tolls received on all the New York State canals, in eaoh of the following year*, during the thirl wtek in October, anil th? totals up to the 2-iil of October, Inclusive : ? Ni w York ST4TR Cahals?A"rv w ?r Tolls. Canal O)' J. Ill wf kin' Total tuVti Oct. 3840 A; JO fl'0.642 J1 4 $0.5!'S 86 1841... 28 ! ;, 812 3 1.077 ><23 78 1842. . . ' 20 fT 310 38 1 4*2 670 :?J lM: .. .M.'V iJO 1 703.498 68 JlM Anil s<?> 16 2.028 847 36 ]kil " lo 13J Ju 71 2.U80,4S2 82 184'J " 16 121.120 C3 2,218 235 54 1847 May 1 14lil03 11 3,051 450 48 1*48 ' 1 167 231 92 2.623.888 04 1840 1 167,034 61 2.556.233 23 * ?>? annnixU mwmnt ruiiiivHiI for toll? On all tile eanalg of this State. and for railroad ioll?, from the commencement of navigation to thw 22J of October, inclusive, during the years 1813 and 1840, was as follows Canal t oil ft in 1843 $2 623 88$ 94 Kailrcad " " 66 160 44 $2,720,049 88 Cenal toll* in 1849 $2 65?,233 28 Railroad " ? 189.033 63 (2,695,266 78 Deerrase in '40 (21782 70 Tha tolls from hare beeu larger this year, thu? far, than last. which has mala up a portion of the deficiency in tolls an the canals There are about four weeks of canal navigation left; but there is hardly a potfibility of the above deficiency being made np. IDVEKTiSEM.NU &KNEWU) BVKT DAT. jtowett t to jUvertnetu' nit ii-nl ky tJud mutt ht pottpoui, #r thty will not kt taken /rem tht P*tt OJfict HOTKLS. 1SVIHQ nOL'BK. Blttowir, Ksw Tori. OOLIUWA COTKL, Chi htii't Ttrtr.PsiliptLmi lAINl'V'l HOTEL, CtirrlT ITliir, Buriaua TKKM^VT BOL'8?. TBKNONT VTBKIT, BUTOI. KBST'B II i 'TEL, fer naei'ait, Ni* Toil. LOW. REWARD.?-LO^T. ON RATI KOAY tVININll, yj* &*} at,or dropp d on tht- Hon? ?f the H- nld otlue, wh'le pnying ft r an advertisement. a * H"? Mil or the Long Min i Hunk. Brooklyn. The above reward will be paid by ! I Ivia* st the aesater <>f th* llerald i (tiee. 109T-0N FATI RDAY NIGHT, 27th INST., COMING i bv lit tenth street to War.-aa, a Lady's H IK 1.1' ? Ml r "t ? Mir. 11 I IU Ot I. I.t V. * .tft o ':tr :t r* ele<, ring*. k e . * hlch will ta i>l?atilted by the owner, to the ?ti?freti< n *f the t>nder. ?'<0 Tiltl le fintatly rowir lcd by aalllan and leaving it at 41' W a..<a street. RPECUL NOTICKS. NOT1 ( 1. Hit Mi Mil! ;s OF I'll E StVCKT M A RO are particularly r-iu:sted to meet on tins (Monday) ever it. Of! Stlh, a' 7S clock, at lii-rmita^e Hall corner ?r A IK ii and Houston nr.t >. liy order of R. W. l ow KKT, CoTomander. Tkf R. nmPBRtAR. FORMERLY IN MISSRS. UOOP1*1 frk Broiler*' tartory, la I'earl street. will hear a] ti ?i rur, i nail} it i ik :i m ? . . Mr Monti tn>ty, No. 17 fowtli W illiam ?tn ?i, S'n V?ik. Not11 k mai i u i'*or<n \i.s w nr. icivld t tl ? nfirn rf till A ?l?t?nt t' ?lnml??ir> of iiiliilatrnco, at ?<rt Caliimli?. Nc* York llarbor, until 12 o'clock, M , ?i M"i?ta)r tlx Stb of K?r?tnl*r, I- r a'Tp'/l"* tlio L'. 8 Tru"r?, kt t < rt Ciilnmbna, wlthfrnah r.*?rr fur ?hh ytnr, frm tli? of bom >'T, l"49. Tl'I I t 1 l o of a g 111 aril * holi-i' ine'|?iklltf. in noartrra. with as 0<|0*l proportion or nth, (nrrki at <1 * to b* ?*<1 .id, I.) in audi I'lantitlo* ? 'I I) t.a fri m tir a t<? ?im* r?|iilri i for the tri'.'P* uo| *? <i i k ' i if- n . a. i ? ' >n .1 ) < 11 ill b? iii ?i*. na'rn l> th. Aa?Utatil t-viaii iaaary of !*nhaiatr <-*. Iht till Hi en III t wo Lnnd mrrtia? BMt Mrnnpnv th* Lid. JAM I S B. HI' - . : ! ! Art.. A. C. S. P?: O |Mi s a 1 1 F<?K BATli?N* --II K VD^l tRTII U Mar "* orp*. Qn. f r'a Olftsa, WMhlnftoa, (N-t* bar * I ' ? Sr| -irut. I". I . ? ill hi ?. d at tbi* <-t!i? util IB 'clerk, A M, i n *6i .'.'th -lay of *' .*? ni>t ? ?' f r fun "li'r* ra'i tij i t. . I ile< Mfr W>.| tl.* folic* !ac it* i'Oa. t r th* jc?rl*>t ? -. I'*r ?oi,,iit,l Hi-w liktr |4l,lr? i t h?rl?'' ? n, ? inath?" :'i: Hr mt n, !,< ?? lalaiii, Maw Vi.rk : I'hliadalphla, I .in'vira. la : (. ?r^mwl, wot lf*rf?lk, Tlrriaiti Fetiaacola. Florii* : as i 'v a>h. i(t?l, Xtatriat of Columbia. Lich ration to *>a*ii o on) paint and i iiikrtcr ?l i. ub be?f. of 11.r > > <|akr:r-t if a< ?f \ri??a |" rk . i ! w ? "i?>i of brtkil mad* "f *oprrtln< !) ?r or i ??? ? r at th* pt * i tl.* rh - nifat: and ?t the r>i* ?f a poonda of food clf-o twil.c f .mmh rf th* beat n?w Orlian* angar, tl;hl q?;ri? *1 tb* l-??t ?..It* bran*, four -j > irt c.f Tinafar. two <|u.irtn if aalf, fnmr ponnda of a ?i h?rd broiri *oa t. iH I I ti'l ? <11 , :!<' < . i > inl 11, p d t ?||.. ? an 1 Ira, to av ra'ioa il.n lmf f*|*li*4 iliull m Mll'lfi( vi i> ? ir<w ' 11 ' ? o " ?i f ? t*ti":i althnr it knlk or bj tb* ?ia>l>- rion. ^nd *1 all fn?>>iit ?f lb* lr?*t a>i> Hi at tl 'C* | -1 ? of t rarr??? : tbo p .r ?? h? No. I iirnai M?a? pork, aad tba rr<>< rl*a ?f th* b*r.t jnali'7 of th?\iadi *>?fd nlj**t I* ia>|> ;!<-*. No bid will I.* *ntcrtam-d a tbia I Biro tmlraa krr rrpaaiarf bjr a boad for twi liyn lr' I dollar*. atth two rt r tn<. fot tbo i an ntim ?.f tl ? contract. i an arili . t'.-i aallirla-? ? of ntt"?r 1r rtl'l- I b] at* " frial p?i*un. 1 l.a ti r d " ?'rr I -ala for Kktl*? for MM. _ AtO.A nioiiohox, <J.iart?rmk?tar Marin* Corp*. |)VIVATK to A Rt>, -A I'l ItHAKT I'tRljiK AM J Bad'tiiom to lot. to a ?"itl 'ria and I*jr. wtrli bnarH In air.a I aad *tri*iIjr pi vat* fan ly. A>1 In . pxt pa'd ?r?, T. "In.aoa, l.o?*r P<.*t-*tH.o. Aaawcr* rcc*lT*d fo W* M|* nOARDIVO -OtNTlBI. ft'HN ItllKD A PARTMENT!" f r rmnili't ?T g*atltib?B, with all tj? nival court iImm, it MA UrtM vij. BOARD H'ANTF.n. IN A PRIVATE FAMII.V, I OR i r-ri tltiran, HU wlf*. ?n<t clil-l. I.cation anal b? b?ln Ch?l*t?TI ?trr> I A'lOm I. , poatoffW*^ E. t( IIOOLS. .V< . BOftRRIEPlKO, ArirHMEriC,fc?.~*r. W. J. REN till*, N?. 7'P llro?'l??T. 4*rc'-i hia attrn'lm *> la ta |-r*|?tiim |?r?on? far th? mittlii room, hy ttnri.? -li prae'lp*! e*iir?* *f iaatruetlon. Each tul-n; i ( par***!/ l??trn?t*i|, an 4 m rapidly iNnnxit in hi t?4li?. ?|4ii ila) tml Itnitr Ti-rmn it r*l?. Sranimi ami french lanaimoil? J. v jet rim Inf rmi hi* fr?a<ta m l th? piilli* I* ???*T*I. th?t h Will tr'*r.*t* th? lb??? Unmr " Irt Knx.iali at ? low? r??? ' ?. any PU" in thin eity. Al*a, l? *illt??nh III* Mm lahitfnnm. J H JF.ft'Rl'N. No. " Park Plae?, In th? bMfacnt., Or *lt>') t< Vr. lit ?n?r Morgan, N v I Pino atreet. *? ?-?? ?'m 1 LA MPS. nt.:-' 1 <1f of. n mm h >m< -a: n > ?i If irtwar. fori, rly l> *'<>n Ar'rry, fi7 Uroftilw*] JtiH -rmmiv .. a T*ry Ut|t? ph.iiii* nf Rpol.t.n. ?l I.imp*. far rAli? I -mp It 4?'at?.n. I-*inj? for V?**ela; fr?no tpi'nr-' r l*i?p? Th* ! ?*? w. r*iw'n at? MM?'i*4 t % |ki* ? ?! if .or ii f 1 ?'< i amy kirnf < I, ,? !'? ). *!???>:? I' 'I ?' I i >' * ? <i'H |M H HAKMIWTII |,R l|i| < lll.KRS, LAMPS, *?.,*?, AT H'l.lUVtl N[?ll I * ** i< iur ?tr?*?. I'tp??n hei Iml wi?t*r tmrtl"; 4?i 4?f? *?aoTt*<i Ian |a, 124 4 t? n ?arl h*'i of?? an1 al.arin ?ri? ;fo 4 *?n roninx'D howlii ala?. pit-har*. ?np? ami *?i n r?. await, NwiM, t*r?r *tti 4>, wholesale an I retail, at lo p i*ra. W am . M \N7M:R?aR\ OirOT. EXCHA*OB PLAC1 *r' '.ip'*( ?h* Pi** O**!"*, N(* ( ll'lll*. ijA.? Atth a , , i l , ' ? f - : li ? r f r v. -y -U f. ' i ....... ?' . .? . fl> CT^phy. S*?*n??l?i f ?n,r.,.r.i ,1. ft. .? 0 K*l -F i< AIM, * p.| .. -."ir#inr-t - f T ... * 1 ry, i-ir?th*f wilh all til riarii il f'?.l? ml \i<? f?*?r?p?ra *n< Mmim C 1 hr mi n. i? ?h* *r?A* ?*ppii? l *?? fol tclHi ? ?>. I I .. ? 4. Kl'.inpt **! :io ri4 lo ? ? .?<! >-il .'* ' I .ir?i|i !! 4? im| iti ord't. J. C. Mi>R(iAN. lit'tt.j IV Ml. a<*Jiin n* ?N* PmlOlr*. N??i>rUac?. Ij |> j_(f<rr i? *"r*?-r- ??nt? iiTc'i'-?? m?U with t! h i ?' PoM' r? l? r ?' 'il th?t'n> a, ? * f'l i'T" PMJTIVAU First ward democratic charts* nomina tiont.?Reeolved, that the Nominating ComtriiWe, ii presenting thi fortttoiui ticktt to the suffrage of their felloi linens, tec I assured that it will meet with their concurrent and approbation For Ald>rnpan--Ri?hard Foorheee. For Aatiitant Alderman? Charles Rowand. Fur Assestore? Jo'.n C. Alatead, William Johnaon. for Constables? Hit-hat 1 MoCorniiok, Hugh Curran. ForComml'Sinner of Commen Schoula?James Crookshaak For Inspector ?f Common Schools?William Donovan. Fur Trustee of Common Schools--Patrick l.unu For Inspectors of Election?lat Diatrict, John Roche; Johi Powers: 2d Diitriet, William Moore, Richard Tjlor; 3< District, James Shield. Joseph Collins. JKtvEMlAU KENNEDY, Chairman. ji'hi j. kvbpht, ^Sacrctariea Johw Attfi ai.ii, s "acretartan. rji WKLFTB WARD.-THE DEMOCRATIC REPUMLl J. can elector! of the 12th ward are requested lo meet a Starr's Five Mile Uoure. .Id avenue, on Tuesday evening October SWtli, at 7 o'clock, to respond to the nomination mads by the ward and assembly iioruiuatiiig eonvantiona Meetings will also be lit Id at H' pe's, corner of 12Sth streei and 4tli avenue, Harlem, on Tuesday evening, 1st Nerom ler. at 7 o'clock, at Kerr's. Hloeuiii *dale Road and HI? tri< t, en Paturdat evening, November .'(d, at7 o'clock. Em inen' speakers will addrecs th? meetings. Mr onler of tk< Committee of Arrangements. TIKIS. SrOFFORD, Ch'inn. J iiihi figmr, J, F Hhit, Secretaries. SI V I U - I v A TORI A I I>l<1 l!l"T. M,?N. IIAKMON V Victory!?The Democratic Republican Elector* of th< Hixth Senatorial District, comparing the Eleventh, Twelfth I lite) nth, Sixteenth an 1 Eighteenth M ards, are requested ti meet at Miliiman x, in Drondway, between Eighteenth an Niuetceuth street", on Monday eve' ing, October 29th, at7'; o'clock, to respond to the nomination of James 1. Roosevelt ae the democratic candidate fur Senator of the Sixth Sens, ferial District. N. D.?Several distinguished speakers wil address the meeting. By order of the convention. ROBERT K ELL V, Chairman. Ol.|vtB P. TuW??> *H, ) Livin..stow Livi.m;sto?, S SI- < M) WARD Di-' Ji111 RA TI I R AI.I.V -RATI F1CAlion Meeting.?The Democratic Repnlilioau Elector" of tin Sect nd Waid wiil assemble at Stuncall's, 131 Fulton street oti Tin sduy evemug, Oct.. 3i>th, at 7 o'clock, to re.-etve the refort of their nominatinginuimi' tee, and re-pond to thi- S .ate eitv and county nominations Oenerat WuiUhrid/e, Florenci McCarthy, Lieut Jnmea D. Potter, and Jonatt It. Phillip aid t-jpri u d to uddn-os the meeting. Our own Edgar Wel?l will le in hand to enlivi.ii tl o uieeiing. By ord-r of the nominating n inmittce. W ILLIAM Dl ItAST, Jamii Warsuw, Sei-rctary. Cnairman. 1KST w AIMJ-IM I PENDEN P DEKO.','! \ I'-. TAKI JI N >tu e?That a most tvanton, outrag-oiis and uuraaulj intuit, I,as leen offered to you, is independent freemen; anto evtry person who has an interest in the welfare of eur rel ublii uii ;nstitutions, und the elective rights of our oitizens One of the Flags of your Committee, which was raised on Saturday tvesing, for the purpore H putting before the voteri of ward, the eandidatea for Alderman and Assistant, Lo of the ward, was violently atsuilcd and cut dowabyeomt hirdiii k m il <!e?itii-n Mt* t rm.nn for rt.i nMmr ruRHun llitr that it was in o^p'Sition to dictation and thu one aan rower ltwasani.ii, n^uif)ii)g tluiG lay flag or ' uiisu whu ii mai 1 c i u! up aud whic], d"fB not meet the desire of such per?oui or Ma&UtMiwould fee S*rv*d in th? MM manner. It ia it fast, a ' >' a''. Ml at (thu-Iuw upon jairibhtl) an I > . Ic Ironncd down by every high-minted aud hoaorahle ruan It ia, however, in accordance with the opeu aud avowed language of n ine persons, tliut thoy would uot be accountabli for broken head* on tlie day of election?if what they cal ti e rtKularf should I e oppof?d. We hop*, for t!ie honor el the I ir?t W ard, that the electors will nut be driven fron: their purr' se; but aland 111 manfully for those unalienabli ripntr. w hich arc guaranteed to thtiu by tho Constitution o: our country. 1 et neither threat* nor mean acta deter yoi from yonr purpose, but work hard and honorable: and, w-< hat* u> doubt ?utli conduct will rejoil upon t rue who wer< the in> tijatois ol ao flagrant an act, and with redoubted force uh"n thr.t party who would dictate to the vleo*oti of tin i id i .<?, who.hall, and who ahull not, represent them in tli( Cvuucili of thia eity. Signed ? A Nvmhcr or Coon Hiaonunc Voter*. mlu uv Avorioa. IV1 n. BUTLER, AUCTION EER.--UI'BLIC A l)? t VIS' 1" trill oil Sale, on Mindiy, Oct. 29, at 12 o'clock, a .No. SI North Voi re Itreet, the effects of the lace Signer d< Begnis, ci niistiag et Operas in Score and Orchestra parts alro Opera* tor thu I'iano Forte, and a largeeollcet.iou of mis MUlHIH Hnil (Dutll, bit.) by til# beat and latest com ctisrs: alao, a FitlofoiM, <'r?niona Violia (by Straduarltis) Cuitar, and 1'lutes; uUe. Tiieatrieal Coatmims for difleren Operas, llimshold Furniture. kit. Catalogue* Buy be hat ot me subicriber, JAMES 8. TllAYRK, Fnfelio Administrator, 7 Nassau street. ?IrM. W. 81IIRI.RY. AUCTIONEER.?IIOTEL ANI Tv Boarding House furniture.? Tuesday, October .loth, a ten o'clock A M., at the Hudson Railroad llouse, on Tentl avenue, between 1 wei ty eighth and Twct ty-rinth struct* the en'ire furniture of kitchen, dining room, parlor, twelvi bed r< cms, bar rom, fitted complete; also, cigars, wines an< liqucrs. Bale positive, rain o? shine, for cash, and worth; the roticti < I hotels, boarding houses and furniture dealers. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER.?EXTENSIVE S1L1 * of Ilai.dsoTne Furniture, Ki<'h Home Furnishing <1 oods kc. Tuesday, Oct. JK'ih , at 10,S, o'clock, st No. ! ! Hroad. ?sy. will be sold aa above, an extensive stock of superio rarlor. chamber, and other household furnitnre, togethe With Rich Silver Dated Ware, China, Cut Olati" Ware, Ricl Bot.imiau Glass Ware, Jtc., kc. Ca'.Moguc* now read> . C~ CASS I n.\ V, AlCTIOKEEE, WII.I, ILL, Till / eday, Monday, the 2!ith instant, at half past ten o'clock at No. Bowery, Vaaahall. tho balance of the Watch* and Jew dry left Irom the sale of Friday. The whole wil positively be solj to close the concern. AC. Tl'TTI.E, A I I'TION EKK-EI.EC \ STAND FAS II innable Rosewood Farlor and Cban.ber Furniture, bein the entire stock of F. A. Vrede, at SSO Broadway, on Tuesday Oi t. Si', without reserve?A. C. Tnttle will sail, on Tuesda; next, at 1U o'clock, on the above premises, the stock of Mr Vride, Ike whole of which has been made under his own su feriutendenev, and will be warranted in every respect. Tli stock consists cf rorcwood, niaho/any and bla.-k walnu sofas, tctc-a-tetes, arm and parlor chairs, etagcree, e*oru t ires. i'i 11 nsion and dining UMes, bat and ntnUt Mm I' dres.-ing bureaus, washstanda, kc? Ac. Catalogue* on tb cumin.' of the sale. Terms easli, ia eity Money. 1jV\ RCI ToU S BA1.E oi Til I Rl> A V EN I E I'HoFER J tv. l y Cole k Chilton, at the Merchants' Exchange, oi M Slat IBItant. DllM Um, > < lU nu?? Uh at the aootb?aat cornel ol Third avenue and 1iiirty-eight llrirt. Tern.a caay?to ck ae the eat?te. Thie property ? i! pay for an ctaniiBation before aale. Forfurihtr particular iu.,uire of tl.e auction" re, <? Wall etreet. IILN KY S1HHMP. Executor, M Fulton atraot. MUSICAL.. yJ^OIIAN 1'IANO FOKTES.-VlANO FORTES WITI il ' or without tli>- V Attachment. from the celebrate ivanulactot* of T. ftillert v OtaBtMM. New York wara r<<uii, 447 Broad* ay. Mr. Van d*r Weyde. who h.i? playe at thr Fair of I lie American Inatitute, la ensured to prrf >n on the yl-.?lian, eeery day from 101* 12 A. ? . and from 3 to I' M, and we lavttr t! | ullic in general to call and cxainii ttcN Utttiful iuetn-nimta. 1IMRACE W ATERS, from Boaten, T 8. BERRY, at New York, AmM. PIANOFORTES?NINE TO BE SOLO VERY ?A>W, A Travirfc Mamaay I'iaaoforle W arcrooma, 4ti l;roadwa; New Yoik; tliajr ara auperit r nrat-< la?? inatremenU. oflatei atyla and hueat tiniah. tone evc?cdlu*ly lull and (nr. (oarai Veed perfect in every particular. WIL.I.IAM KAMSAY. 1NS1RI ' TION ON lUt riANO-ON TUE METHOD O ti e ctltlrattilllr Ireiiir'ck kaltbrvcaer. Maa < il D n tor of tlie Coi aetvatoire In I'mia, and the Inventor of tl hti d guide ladder, 1 y * hieh nieana uiany advantage are ol tainto by the pupil; and b? winch aieaaa the tin--?-r oktaina oi:i<k aud *r>i.y e< maand cf the tnatri.ment, by Uiaa LA I K N A til., jn111 ol Mr. Frederick Kaltbccunar, n i-iduiio* No. I. Bridge (treat, Sni*ll)i. I RAILROAD 1 |kl hi i P. an FOLTI1ERN i .'ill i'l lu J? 1 ?For tl>? piirpoe* of exendinir thla road we * ar il 11 m liillxihlc, M ichyan, Itaprunent tariBiaatlOB, toC'liicat llliii'ia, the Hoard of Director! hare opened hooka I (in ?!>?r?? of $10" each) addi lonal atock. Thia wl 1 be applied te the conalructiiin ef the d'riaion frora Billr la to Colrtwater (2I? inilca),aiid the aejtloii from I.ap'.rle I Mv M, in i uy (i > n.iiiri Jtiftit p?r in t pir tuna dlaiil nd will Jm> paid nn ?h k. Mtni-tiiii'l). Ih (lit ?U(af Naw Vork. out of Um am 1 r>nt (anntif "f tt>a road?whirli divldand W " ?da a tir<t an friftnfd the pratrnt atork. K willalan unit u<li addii . nal ditidrn* at *ha aamlnfu of tha aatlrr "-a will * arrant. 1h? ta saw our j Hud and la full operation r* m T 1> o and Nkdim, at tlial' t of Uk? krit, to H|l.>dal?(l B'llat). a*d Ha rarnluirr will inanrr the tot kit t pa , Uiaabi.i ditldtad f.a Ika aaw a?"ck iaan-d lor tlani??a|..i, ' Tha flaa aoc) . ! tN? . oniranjr i?. to K . Hi mad ?-.? (Iittallj in di ' .".fr min |.. - ?nt ti ru milt, ai4 fcnr ' t'>? rav ''inn i ra aa laitaa hmahai. and add to 11 kna Mm aad iw'int ' 1li>i<al " rrli l*a h?ad ?: Laka Krl* with Cli1'!*? I I l!f I mi l.i ki k . . I v a dm ai I At 1 <il?df it ? ??< u allkIM llna af rnlrad frmn llufla al'n? tha a?'?<S ahora 'f l.a?? I io la Ti.i?do (now miiii tad). and ?lt)i tha aataral I mi "I rall?a>? ruin [ In tl' I air ?tir.ra, k<:w?-r IK ITr !#?n i T At <'hi< | It will ?> *-m?t yltli Ua 111 n> i- and Kid i<ai Canal, an * i !i li e l l>. tad f.alana Hvi adr. a 1. alian in' ' ? I a ill ' I .< a ard d.r n . i,-a 1.. ?... * tin ar-u.V til.*. ? Malta, and tha Atlaatl* eiti.a aulMi k' aid. ?| r ?< *! I'n hooka will ? > f nnd ?t tha nffi'a ofWI> JI.UN . I AlM.K * I f M Walla-rrrt wff p-trtl at* intltad ta airly. ?i>d whara tla? will ba lataiahai wi a rtfctm.i nt of tut toLilllloa an* pr pacta of tl.aroa4.wi mat' k?. In- tfollart an rich ?liar* ia r?|i'lrtd to ha paH at 'ha tin rf ru ' . ! > I liar '! t-1 'art" I- JI?-1 II. I. ' rt* n.i" ?? t> ?> t' ru k ? ii 1.1 - - i ti I ' I t oniBilttoa ?t I'tr-i'ra 1 1. ?l< I. i i' r. J: rl Rttkhoa KH?o I.I" I t I '4. John SMryktr. atd lio'ir** hlna. Halrd Oatok?r IV 1 (" _ HIM Bl/uNROVs. v\vw v \\\\^-.\ J / 1 A 1.1 lor. M A HOIsti-IBr. Mill, KNOWN Flu V/ of Uao. rntnag k ?"n . Bra PTrparad to anpfdyah I pv ' ii itrn '.-'inti wuh III'lwi, a?r??i " ?">Il.mi in I> n * ?njr otln r rarkat, at ttrjr low run. Onr h in??? baro be i triad, *| prnvad of. and > l?natT?ly patruuuod t ; Californ i iinmiitl tn. Oil ii Broadway. ("1 A t T I ON. Jl I *.? Jl K'.FN <R \ S MM TJ Tka inbirtikrra, hatlna k?r? Infnrriad tkat caraln * l | | |a<| | I M ' 1 J. " I ' I | 'II T t< ? Ifirf ?? ?'( I ky I l.o ' I ' r i ' J 1 J 'i" H a" r panl aaan, l,ara??y in t orn tho piklio.that thay Bra a< I ?? nta f?.r ll? aala of tlit akn?a Kiiciifi In New York. * li'ititU ky aa? othar h< naa i^ 'ha oily. ar? fntlaaai tlil. ?. Ittli N>i?h hti Mia makar'a aai e ia lull. naraa an tka kark. Bad ia aet?Bpanl<-d I>t a ewrtlticAta !?? ! hy i * tu?k> r. SAk I. IIABMoJMl * CO? 41 kffrh?nH K? hunt" % N ?*.?fTkrr>n'm???r. T>?r' ?. Mdotli-thn Waiehia l?i ' ti< rda. Jawalr*. and Atltat wara, w l? a quality la tampan * I nlll W (i nnd t?) law. HIIOT A I. .-IPC MIMIIBU HOI LI) INFrtf i k > ft it? it ah'i tn<t? tnara. Ikal h? l ai takan tka at * 7l7 Hi adray, a?">nd * ? akota 'tr?hin.-t>n l';a<a. N ir V- rk Halt 1, and mill ( ? .?? on or akout tfeia I -a? of N n?i ' Iff, ? l.tta ka inttiida k">|'na a*?n>r?l ni af Ian, I>i f f.r od ? | Willi a |t?al < *r ,af y of tloalory. Mora*. Rihboi I . (Jooda. and I an. y nrtl< 1? a, t?r't liar'wiih ?Tary arlk in tlx Tlraadand a liaa. * li^itinc a cntinnaana ; l'it,r raatofr, ha woald r??f itlfully I?.?11- t'mna to axam k f it k, whl'h will retijlal of an ontlra ntw aaaortmant tha n.-?l ttrtiiabla aoodi. aad alTarod Bt tko lowaat p >?? ! it ilili r itl [; i>T!i*ii oi r> mun ? ni?EF.\.-i.ANt?iNorR?m ti C I ?M|- I\ai>I . dlifft Irrm lr?'*n>l, ila Litarfxinl, aia eeeliev* el Wlaa's raV bra ad Chi k Whlakay. I(.r>atri (( 1) aN'I,. M)ON AN. W Ure'n wh h atrf t k l^XTIIA NBIT BVLL.II> HI CKU rit.IT, iNpf AN o MJ rod (irahain Poal. F.?tr? I'amiljr and Pal.*r?' fl.. ? r a'l* fark'd In IwrrMa, kalf Vartfla. knara, kaga. aad k< of l#0,fci, aad Ika. atrk, ?4rran?rd final ?o ary in mi j kat. Ord< ra fr'.jn tba a< ufh a? d mat will moat with p.- m lI'tlilM. #. T. It *. <1. I"KQ^ 1. n I'rn' " ||IMATHII1 MK J. A ?ctK)i;fiAI.. A It 11 *T. II 1* 1 raomi'd m Ma >tnd > '? X.M t;r ? v r?> - I K - fay I' ra??. oy?t Tannrt 'a. In I'l inik?'a Hr llrli (a anak|< ay a pynaaaa kaf-nliar to hlaiatlf, ?o py l>? irrr -ot rp"*. mat :rr kdiai or fadad. an I (ira th* airn aaian aa wall !, If tr- m llfa * * lomom I I t I \ i a? i n \ I.N r: a, " " rntad ky fatant I (lf?l Iritain, I'ranna. a a til "ihat parfanf knropa, ky tha anl>arrlka?, with atrlaia ? ai d dfFpatoh. I???al >raand otkar* t?.'?adin? to obtain r I, tanti akroad. ara warnad to wiika hatr in tantinna puk antil tkrlr arrangamanta ata aotrplatoi *> r -inir ao. a J r l'IKi"liN. A Wall at A |?I TI Kit, ( HFFSE, fcr-eimr.aR-||?H "I I B V OF ? t I? porn r quality t'ko?a# Wfi/kin( ?i t? I*' lli? aa< tnrod all orar, fa. ?'i mild fla< or and I frr'aat of.l ri l.i tf an all alva; So> tal>a H alak llilft liattof ta?lifli lar aiatd ?jfct?r 1'ala-. a-, aft-a", t r t <i? (U .a, ii:* K WO. i Fall alratt, WANTS. -. _ _ _ * '1X7ANTED?IMIIBDIATSLY, A FIRNISHED OR UNI Tf furmaktd kiiu, in tLe Timui'y ?f Naw Yirk, ( <Mr ?t??? and m; tranu ? lb* city, or Brooklyn. Jartey aity, e or Hvkekea. Mutt be geataal and ramfortablo, family email. Aadrnee. eta ting 1< ?atinn, exact terma, fee.. Ice., U Bti l.MH, New Terk Peat Ottaa. __ \JLr ANTIP-A THITNO WOMAN OF RE^PECTABlf T Iity, to a'tand a Confectionary etoreia Broadway : one that ereake ait' ?r French aud Ku>ihih, ur Garuiau aud Englieh. Apply a< 3S8 Broadway. ? \VANTEI,-A BIT CATION BY A RESPECTABI.B ^ " )'?( ???, aa 8?tsnreM, and to take care of eluldrtn, or chiiml cmork and waiting: in a gaud waaliar and in ner, aud a flret-rato ehirtmaker. Quod city reftrencee ?au fceihen tlaa no uhjeetluns to go tu the country. Florae call at 1M fourth urct. Cftl be Mm for two dava. WrANTEI>-F?R A B1N3LB GENTLEMAN. A FL'Rnifhed parlor aud bedroom, without b.ard, lu a private home between Chamber) aud Houston etreeU, iu lh? I vicinity of Broadway. Addreae Bos 4M> Pott office. t WANTED ?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE vv yoanf woman, if plain Cook : la a flrat rate wanhcr and I ir<*?r. The beet of city retunuce given. Please call at No. V* Marion Uitet, in the r?ar. 9 VV ANTKD IT A RKSPIOTABLI YOl No If OH A N? vv a situation ? Chambermaid ul Waller: would be willing to assist in washing and iu making bers?lf d -n -r*11y useful, or geuertl house*' rk foi a small family Can be seen for two >'?)?, from " till 4, at the fifth home from Broadway in Weet Twenty-third street, right hand aide. Beet oity reference given. IITANTID?BY A RESPECTABLB YOl'NQ WOMAN' Tf a situation an Nurse and Seamstress, urt'lami-n i I atld Seamstress. Good reference given. Inquire at No. 00'} | fourth street. between avenues 0 and B. llTANltD.-A SlTl AVION, BY A MIDDLB-AOBD i If French woman, aa Child's Nurse or Lady's Mail. Knows her business p< rfcetly. To be aeeu for two days at Mi I Third A\ < iiue. corner of Twelfth stru t. j \|T AN TKD.-AN ITNFI'RNISUKD ROOM, WITH J " breakfast and lamily dinner on Sum'aye Near to a stage route. Address liox No. >*02, P>fct Office. Vir A N T E D- A SITUATION nv A RESl'ERTAB'.E 5 TT young woman, as S< .imBtress, and to take cue? of ctiil4 drcn ; or to do chamber wor!i and waiting; and is a good ahirt ' maker, and a good washer and ironor. Good references can l e given. Can be MSB for two <lay<i. at No. '! James street. WET ANTE D?A SITUATION IN A RESPECTABLE , ii family, by a respectable young woman, aa a Cook, Wash' er and Ironor; 1 as lived lIus live years in soma of tho best f fauiiliea in the city, and icterenoe given ueuordtngly. Can be 1 seen lor two days, at 'ill Mott atrcct, in the iroat room, up stairs. Ur ANTED?A- .PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation aa Cliildren'a Nurse: is willing to assist with the ehsmbcrwork, or tiste wa shing?one who ia well aeoustoined to ti e care of children. Can give the best of city references. 1'lMia apply at .'43 Twelfth street, the Second # venue. UrANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl VG WOMAN, a situation as Chain!' rmaid, and to a'sist in waslun and Ironiex In a private lamily. Can cive goiid city reference from her last place, where she lived three years, i'lease call at l * I.aipht alrret. Can be sean for two day*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOl'NG WOMAN, a situation as CI amberniaid, or to assist with the washing and ironing, or plain sew ing. Would mike herself genarally useful, lias goad city reference. Can be seen for two days at 17* I.aureus street, in thestore. W AN TED-A SI 1 CATION. l;\ A l( KSI'F TA 111.1'. If giil, to do the work of a small private family, or a ol.amKrinaid's situation, in any family of respectability, ow ashing snd ironing, and sen ui.?tress. lias the bust of city referenen to produce. Inquire at No. 17 Rid ;e street. N. Y., of Mrs. Phillips. U'AMHi- I; V A KF.'I'K'T Ml I. VOI NO 411 it L, A VT situation as Plain Cook ?>r U asher and Ironor. hhe ij .. ....... 1,1 I i >.!>? .... i .. ... the best of city reference from her last place. Cun bo wen for three days, by calling at Id2 Ifnlhvrry street. YirANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A TV h tumion to do Housework, in a plain family, and in willing to doclifiml'irwi.rk ami waiting. Good reference from last | lure. Can be seen for throe days. Apply at No. 28 City liall Plate, np stairs. \]17ANTED?SITUATIONS, BV TWO RESPECTABLE f I y iiii^ women?tlie one aa t'ook, and toa."a'st iu Washing anu ironing; the other us CliaiuLeruiaid or Waiter, ltest of city reference given. fan be seen for two days, at 135 V?) rick street, corner ot Spring. ' 1ITANTID-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE T v young woman. as cook, washer and iron;r, or chamborj Vi>id, aid to assist in the washing. ilaa good rccominenda1 tions.cri the beat of city releience* to net, if required. Please f to call at t>2 Mutt strtct. WANTED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do plain cooking, washing and ironr inr. The 1 eat of tan be given. Can I>? seen at 243 It illmm street. I \\l ANTE I)?A S1TI ATION, BV A RESPECTABLE j vv y? ong woman, as Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do |jeneral houa<work in a amail private family. The beat of city references cat. be given. Can be leeu for three days. Please | | call ?t 248 Hat att?t, Uthavenue. ' W'ANn."- I.VVEDIaTEI.V, FUR A CENTEtX F A M I i u Ij, until the tirat of May. two or tnree unluruiilnd Roooia and a Kitchen, iu a good location. Address A. N.( U< raid office. J I A KOST DESIRABLE VOUNO WOMAN WANT* A I a aitnation? 1* competent to takeatlie entire charge Y of a baby from it* birth, or to take toe charge oi growing- up ' children; or a? Chambern kid, and to aaaii-t in Washing, if required. The beat of references from lur laat place. To be heard of for three (lava, if not en.awd. Pluaae call at No. *7 Eleventh aueet, bvtw-en 1st and 2d Avenues, on the tirat floor. Ayoumg lady, capable or teai'iiino t;ie French and Ruglish languages, and it n |U red, the rudnuents ot music and drawing, wants a situation in a soiool, eras C. ovm.its in a private family. Residence, u3 Prince i street. ! ^ITl ATIOW ffiMI U i.i A HE ? k( uut i ... | tei taut young English Woman, with a I W. an <n . a .' situation as chambermaid or aura* in a private family, or nursery govt mens. Apply at 141' Hammond street, from IU to m B riuf, C?> (Win WAMK.I" ON MONO AM) MOKTCV-K C>/?.\/V/v"?On an unincumbered bcuaa and lot, [tt by I 2>', > in I elm pl'ee, Moboken, X. J., rained ?t nail 1 inaured lor $1,5U>, (ltd now rente lor f.VHt? loomed in .the d fluiat |>nrt ot it.i rity??iid not ov<r two m'BuUa walk from the Firry. Fnrtket pMticuUra Kbeuly addraaa'ug B. W. d V.. Broadway Foal Oflica. KOI* SAL.K AND T<> LKT> 17UK KA1.E?A FIVE TEARS' LF.A'E. M'lTII STOCK r and lliturc*, *1 ? will an wn public hou.e in thia city, at priaent doing a thrivia* buame a, and ataudin* lainuu p aurpaaaed lnvauoa. For term*, fee., apwlj to _ A. C. BUKK, A,-i .J( 11 ri adway. N. V. ?* K)RLM ERY FOR \ I I W AI.I>KN I'KI I, al CTIOSX) eer.- By I'ella fc Co., Store No. Iltl A all i'in t - On _ Mmidty, Oct. f.\ at II n'elot b. at No. !'?>, I".' and ll't llute r atreet?Brtw err Fiatnr' Halt, fee.?By ordar of the Eaeea* tula? TLe ratahliahmeat of the Ute llenr.r Sherwood: ?A ^ite&ia Kname, ? borre power, with loe inotiea abeam holler attached; ntw Hrtw in* CopjK r. and all tlie br*w inj u'en.-la, T In complete order. Alao, halt Ui uae. wl'h kiln rulti' eut to ? malt K tween 7>' *nl Ni kuabela, can hrrw from < ' to l.i 1. .rr la per dny; alio, between two and three thug and bnahel* Mall, together with a antfieient i|uantit) of llogaheada, barrel* aa l half barrela, in (ood order; llor*< <, lirnya, fee., ko., and all ~ i nh?r anltli a *| |trtalninif In ? hr- aer), , il iin< a g, >d opportunity to a |>*iirn wiahtnt to engage in that hmtnaaa, <\a s then la a large liat of fund ruatomera of many jeiia' atamlN Inii alto, the kO' dwill of the aal'l rr"tnl-e?, Term* oath, I ir ly fnrtl er t arm ulara, a|>f>ly to the r.xacutor, t? ? I H U YKN E, > 6i? Walrr atreet. H L'OI! 8Al,E?A HANDSOME HAJTI-f-OKAV lluM!. le J? Ifilnada liigb, .1 year* old, patfMti/ hh4 and k'ad, .o r title In all kindaof h-'iraee ., atuada In t .? atreet without tyinr: a firat rale lit ran for a phjiUiau. May he aeen la tlia l? B'al 7L' I'ruti ' rc-t. ________________ d |),||(T OF A II*11 ?E IO I.ET-IN A - MAI I. I'KI VA I H ,9 J IJtrllr, I natation nl two r thru pernne oal); with the ,4 v.. of bat,.-r??h, M<. A||ily at No. o FvmiU itnt: nat 1 ih twaw. ? \ I IK? r CI A?S IIOTH lOl ATIII ON II K"AWWAV ( J\ aad t >w dorr a fry am' lul knaiii >e?, 1a off red Ir al*. Add i * " boiel at thia nlAi a. i >r two dayl. Cafit^l i. !.? aaary not let a thaa ?ia thona .nd a*'a-a. ? ?_ llalalHIKHY, ANOimi UOON. lt A CARD.-Tlt?. >'l M. \ H s ..l?\ TIIK I'ATKtl.NA J\ 11 li e 0|era It 'we al'i Itil lao <$' tn| rti/r nua'i y I tebth K ta Olufca ai 2t ; | ct'enica'a a: la. J. fe T. f ARRAfXS, '* U7 Broadway, aeat door to tha Inteeaat onai Art l aloa. '4 / < r.NTLKMKN. f'RKPARK IN TIM I-BT.' ORF. VOC ? \? aapplr yoataeH with m <r w n er clothing aaai oi what >uu hue, a<nO thrtu to No. 6 Maw ay atreet, m here yo? k" run 111 tin mi l ant'ii i..el? rl-ated, djed. al ert d or rtpura I, . ? h new euft, collara, linn ?;?, button*?la fact, turaed out to h . k to new. i?t ah i. aotiee, eheap. A no or 1m* * attetLtd to in any part 11 the citf. by A. COKfi34l>4, t " jwtll T'*?. ri'O TUK I.AOIES.-KDW'AUD H NIU M\N. No. 111% A lifiartaay, ( || 'M* the lhc?ir J a ira, <ai.l rt-l/ '* ar.dir reirla* frittt, Aaa Be il'a-atta callara, abMaleet'-ca, t. ,*vee. l,?B<i>eie|.>e'<. t> 'a't f ' . * ? ?ta btl t . a <?i i '* and Jeeceret tritonut a id*-it i Valoaciennt.* riallara and t iffa, laee capta. rl?t t a a, tnd andae haalkervhUfa, lae? _ aei'.a. thread and in>i ation tacea, br> al>laat rape, a^ft vapa. ! >o <lrrlat|on tit ptlri f. M I AM r. I'OUT i <, or t$ CATBARIMI it* kit. -I J[j I'll ti.< I- iriuac ti> ItIhtvit tf it .?iim ov Vrj 0n->4t, mi ll mitfb art (rrit ivltt) of J'l.d ??ol l"i * art t'|?tr* Si:?? U, tmhrti iiig titr> Ttri'ty n. at | It >1, e^'oT. tnd (TNa . fllM S> M (In I ii-tt '(talit j mi Its tlao, til tijrU*, ftTlctt t!.'. intlitittof tlrvcht Ntitt l(. Atno, ? il,tM mh< fla a r I-rtil kuihi'lt l.ti.wt, tt It. tlit jtHj tlir>* <l" p at* foloifd ttlin "tripr-l tt It. tf J.. n- ?ilh t full tt*trtR.?Bt f *11 otiirr ? k? r.*Mt ?'i Ht ii lane fc Fort&r, u cuhariaa ttrtrt. ??? [VI 4HAMR riOMtMI 1H IS IK A V I TO INFOR* n4 ill hf Mill th'l I r Raaar.-ont fn?. .m.r?, II.*t ?h.' it If- ?!! .?. >*?|tr- l?t lnv?tt lliint'l ti '< in till, tnd i>4 tak M retail"" to Ift Ilirm know tlilt tht hM t tt 'tt rhilat of handtnmt Of tU, whlth >h? itlli out for s Ttrf It* inn, it M Buttlmj, if >'?lr?. v iiipranu. _ ri'ni HhlTHII AMI NORTH AVKHICAV R. M. m J (ifiit ihlpf. lolmrR Hit 1-.rk ttd - tp-. .1, ttd kt,11 (?<ca !? ?. tl'l|"."l ci'lia* tt llalif%? t<! Und ?ntl w ft c-tl?# ilt tad | tN<>R?N. a. N Kill, K>r:t ,., .Irotn .lav fort .Mabfi 31. .)? kih'i*, l^tt " B' tto* W ImMi;, * ?. 7. II ti*ri it, Mitiif.... " Now V?rk.M'tila?tday, " 14. , ]? < itmlirit, Miam.ta. " Bi.tlim WMania;, " )l. of Aairrl. a. iltrrit'-t. " > * > >rk. Vt " *. oe < tlrtl' tit, l.tlfth.. " B-?t"li .. ,W > *n<i?'ltjr.n*fHBb?t 1. i Ci.n t . 1 tl.*nla.', " 12, Ma i I tr Ir itlit or | * ?t|i?, ?j i ly to . j. (tJWAlP, Jaa.. X Urnlnf, II L'tm AI.I'tHNH. VIA QflACJftBft -THi'PIR (ht r ttik pur Ao s North Nirtr. will M'l ?t ,? I thoT* t .t tli? lat Vntmlirr. For f-i-Uht ?rpi? t*?. irplj la ' ?. B f* T1H!I. MWtll ittwt. I'rMtj" n .1 i"u- I ,T 4JOI TIIIKN VktVU.-l. 8 NaII. I.INE.?TIIR M'ur ** (?rii.r ?l???i'r i.HMiiKlli, i .p Th ma?t l.yn. will ,x\ li a\t f< r I'll til ?n M iila"? laj. I 'Hi. .Hit. No?> ?nh*r 14 tnd Ir- tad l-'-'CTi ktr I'1. tt 4 'rlftck in ?ht ttI'ttoik, I: m Bie* ir.t 't Nttlli kl?er utrtmrr. In p inno?ti'"i !'? tht t ?1|titl Kttlt' td tnd Itltnt *t?m?,ttH from Strttnth, t!T"rll ? I Iri rt r. BiloritMt ir I r*[.odl?lntt r?|i?Tta? t"tllr?rtt AS M t-?< i,'t?. 41. r dn A*tbiint tnd r??n'"??. Trartllrrt tt ir. | N?? |iil??r? ?ill Hud it t m i?t ilmfttilf nmU. TnAtrta* - I, I ?th It ko?rt ml tmn .Nat V?rk lo Ntw 'rrlrttt la nt J tk Ut7 dt>?. ?rrl?toS I N I Till III. IM Trmtit " I L'fiR CBLironNU, RAN IMAM t?> <>. R r. > I I *. ? | I tad >?ir lor*. ?lt Rio Jtn<- ro tn 1 V* -Tholitt I. i 't?t't- ?u -t ir kl OONA ?ill itll r r il;* tltiTt portt thtAth nd if Ntrrtiktr Slat hut kttn ??|.rr?tlr *tt?d ont Inttrrj^ ptt,tr fn ?rit. tnd ht? tik?tir|>itt?r<l trroi ir odttiont. lor trti^hk I ( r vt???t?. tfl'ly to R k> A I l.l> IRtNCOIA, Ha 11 Mttir MNk Mr fli i.ak Pack it mm ron Mivr.mnm.',nfor J'tn Frtm itro, Ctlif'imlt? Tkrt?|itrltf f?<? itllinn i;. ! A Nt. I, Itr'/jORBIT, ?'?|' uln strlntrt't oftlnnl^itj Innt ill, | kitrtkrt, ?ill potitiTtiy tttl on tltt lAth of Nottmhtr. For an |tt~ttt tlj, htmtc ttr'tl r ?? i??od? i nt, tppljr ta J* i k?Md. ktltita Mtnf ?t.d ?. North Hirrt, ?r t? 1. i. U. F J'.VI I. R, 9i K'tT c.rtil | A MUSIC MM NTS. BRO ADWATTH E\T R E? E. A. MARSHALL. SOLI I Leaeee; W. I. kuk?, Manager ? Monday titniu, Oe?. * V, ?ill k* performed, tke of HORN TO UOUDLDCt --Fa*d*en O'RafTerty, Mr. Colltaa; Margaretta, Mra. War- E wieF; I'ountiM Moliuga. Mr?. Hteli. Aft?r which, the farce ?' ef HOW TO PAY TUB KENT--Morgan Rattler. Mr. Col- D | line: Star the Oleic, Mr. Letter. Kittv. Mre. Loder. T > eon- '<

lad* with the fare* ef lb* MILL1.N Eli'S lloLl.lDAV?Lfc. O Bowling, Mr. Jordan; Mr. Siuiou Sparka, Mr. W. B. Chap- * I man; Mise I'otta. Miaa Horn; Mm Watte, Mix Lewie: Kitty M I Carraaay, Mix Macbeth. Dreaa Cir le aud Parquet, 7">eeato; T> i Family end Third Cirelee. ?S c?nta; Q?ll?ry. 12)J*enla. " NIBI.O'8 GARDEN.?THE RAVEL ^AMILY-MON f day evening, Oct. 2!'. to commence with as Overture. V To be followtd by ilia auntie pantomime of ike MIL1.1N ER3 * ? Character* by the Havel Family: Country Dane* by Mils. W ; A. Lebnian, Mu.e. Axel. A. Havel, and Mariett;; Mirror Dauce M ! by Adidui Ravel; Alleiuende, 1'aede Troia, Adele Lehman, T Mn.e Axil, and Mr U. Well*; Hungarian l*aa d* Troia. Fr. V Rutel, Antoine Havel, and J. Havel To conclude with the W ! puBlim >me railed RED ONOMF. AND Wll ITS WARRIOR M : ? Rouge. the Gnome, M. Menttti; llUnc, tha White Warrior, T' Antoiow Havel; Eigenie. Muia Mnr/ntci. Doora open at half" bl I paal 6?performan** to eommenoe at helf-paatT. 9 Bl R TON'S TB I AT II*.-CHAMBERS 8TREET? N Monday evening, Ooi. Mth, will be played II F..Y RI'S ARB i ' TRL'Ml'j? Mr. Cray, Mr. l.vtue; ?'uiit. Wagtail, Mr Brough- w ' ami W ilin t, Mr- C. W. Claike. J.o Mamu, Mr. Bur- M I ton; Mra Miller, Mia Hujthe., Su-un Fletcher Mra. Brough- M 1 am. Alter which, the comedy of HRIACH OF PrOMIS*? H Ebeucier Sudden. Mr. Burton; Mr. Jabber. Mr. Johnatou; D Mathilda. Una Chapmen) laiilora. Miu Cooke; Miry, Mise M Iliflert. To conclude with BURTON'S NEW YORK Dl- C RECTORY?Thomaa Aujuatua Piccadilly, Mr. Burton: Mr. Hi Bcijamin Brown. Mr. Broeghaiu. 1$ xea, Droits Circle, 1' ad Parapet, flOe.: Family Circle. 26a. Doora open at6Vf. o' 11 A 1 IAN I) I'ERA. AS TOR I'l.ACK.-TUE FIRSl' AND / acct nd n presentations of the tcaaon of my-.'.# w ill lake " I lace vn Thuraday evening, Nov. 1. ami Saturday, Nov. S. T J be manager begs to inlortu the eubacribera and tiie publin, Pi that tLe c. nm.iitcc of the ?nbecrlker? hun > .naented to the n< above variation front the regular niglita. After the two first a pert rnianci f, the regular < t cninita of p-rfot'in moo will be an el heretofore?Monday Wedneaday. and Friday. Ou Thuraday w evening, November 1, will be ptrtormel, Ll'CI A l>I L\M- ai M fcRM< ?<i R. frand opera aeria. in three acta, by Dmlrettl. Ii Firat appearunceln America of ni^nor Ouiaeppt F.>rtl Lueia, T ?i*noTlra It' rphi'sc; Alice, ISinneri Avn/adro: RilKkrdo. Slu- p. iior Forth lleeri Ai hton, Bin- Beucveutaiio; Raymond, SU. tt Qiulnlei; Normano, Si*, l'ar '. Conductor &n l director, c> Muv Mareti.ek 1'rieea of admiafioa:- All aeata, in Boxea or ai rnriiuitie. aocured either for the nio^ht or for the neaaon, ? *l.iu; 1HK.MS HKtt ?<. Wltl OTOt UK Hir rolling OI |"'ll'?rinUcc, $1: Amphitheatre, 2'" ceiita Subscriber* ami otheta | I am luutt rencctfuHy ia'orined, I hat no person will, under ! any circumstances, Lu admitted ?; the door without dclnering bin ticket. Tlx fact that seitaoa ticket! are made tram- ! ft ruble reinlera the strict enforcement uf the above rule aSeoluuly necessary. Box ollice open every day, from 'J A. M. till 4 o'clock 1'! M D< ors opeu at 7 o'clock; porfornuuici) to t?Dim>>nre at 7*? o'clock. \TlBLO'S.-CBIFFKNDALB'S BENEFir.?WEDMB5- I -Lv day, Oct. ol, oil which occa1 ion Ur. II. I'la'ide. Mr. T. Placide. Mr. Ploan. Mr*. fcloau, Mr. George Holland, and Mr. Ccorge Barrett, will appear in popular entertainment*. _ FMiANKIIN Til K AT!! i: tllATllAM I HE I Admission? llox* s, 2'> cents; Fit. 12', c< nts: Stage Seata, | N #1" cent a: Private Boxes, I'nprvccduuted uovcltles for a M lev nights. Madame l'auline't troupe of Model Artists will li I personate the follow ing tableans during the eveuio;:?" Ve- E mi? tiring fi? in the Sea." " The Three Graces," " Luto Play- j I | tr," "Adam's tint eight f Kve." " The Gr?< k Slave," " Ku- . t? l volt ol the Seraglio, " Kapo of the Sabints," with several ; " other representation* ; ill t!iO Female Minstrel', numbering 8 evcntt en ladle* ; with oth't cntertaiaineuU, to I c found at d no other place of amusement. N. B.?An alicrnoon perform- Z mm ever) liiiiT<ltty, at B o'oloi k. I "II'A LIB ALL A. CANAL iTRF.Hr.?WON DERFUL ii Vv attractions ot thcl.'l .nn .l Muwnm of Art, represented r1 ; by elghlei a l.aules i l rare beauty, In t'u atlt dec. nl maa- V \ n'cr. fusing, Dm.' .. Air .'aif, Contortions, Ac. Per- 1 fornianee every night at 7.!? o'eloel. Extra performance * very Saturday at? o'clock. J STOPPAN l'S PANORAMA HALL.?MEYER'S PAN&- a ItAMA?Voyage to California, louiid Cape Horn, to tin a Cold Digiltiirs. every iierlr.g this weik. Panorama moves ; anartrt to eight e'oloek. lilitiUei, Ifrfiwtey ia4 ItM- ' cay attcrroil'aaoramn move* at 3>? o'clock. Ailuuiim, j tft centc. children, half-price. j A CARD TO LOVERS OF HARMON V.-APOLLO 8A- I e lout), ?' Catul atreet, bit aeon Broadway and I eu're j o atrect. Mr. Knighton would return hie sincere thanks, lor i v the very liberal patronage bo has received s'nee opining the | I al'ove. and in oroer to afford mill further latiitaotiea, liai 1 r ci.gtgiC the talented fcrviceei'l Mine M<>rt<>ii, Mr. G. Butcher, Mr. fci'aard Kerry, an 1 Mr. (I. Green, in addition to the un- 1 . mr| :u.nd auxiliary tahrt, to generally acknowledged. Ob- | ( serve, every evening during the next week. Conductor arid , j proprietor, Mr. W. Knighton, lalu of Marion Ball. Pianist. . Mr. Ceo. Binith. ! TOAKCY FAIR--rr.EE riCTI KK (!ALL1:KV AND MU- 1 Ml rcum (I lbs riM Arte and l iterature, No. 1 Bowery, J throw n open frte to all, w ith a full baad of mutio, and bril lisntly lighted till 11 o'clock, P. M. Open every evening, c ?ith a view to cultivato a tatte uu.'<n,< the w orkiug claaaea. t: DIM UA\< U. Iiri ABICRAKCI NATIONAL LOAM fUKD Lira r J AMoraJM-e Society, of London and New York. Capital i'.'.&tt) ih i>. ar.d >t:rplue luud A large guaranty i 8 iii\eated in New Vork, in the names of three American trna- | V tc??. Froent annual me from American Policioi. SI.W.O".'. i t l nited .Statet L. cal Board?Acting Direetora for October: 1 C. E. Babicht. chairman; (Jeoree llarclay, Samuel 8. Bow- I ^ land, William Van Book, Bacne MeEver*. and Donry Lud- I lam, Eminirea. The Heard meet evorv Wednenday. T)io | a Medical l>orrd meet daily at 1 P. M. M<'Ileal Ex:tiniaeri? J. Kearoev Kod^cra, Alexander E. Boaank, M.I)., 8. S. Ke<a?, M ( t.i?f i,mtr for America, 71 Mall ftraet, New ; York, where t>roepectu?ei and all information dctired by ar>- $ pllcanta can re cbtaiued. 8un,a a mured <>? n aingle llle to tac i exlebt of $15.nmi. J. LEAN l>EK 8TaRK. Ueueral Agent, and Suparintendvat of tbe (J. 8. Local Board. a The Annual Krp< rt of the rroccedinrt of tho m ietirig of tha , Inatitntion held in London, May, 1M1>, can be oblainod at ii Wo. 71 Wall ctract, a?< >f mate. I ai.ikikma.-Lirr, inm ran t -national j i Vv Loan I'vnd l.ife A* uraaea 8 ciaty af Lond n.--General l i Agent'* Othoe. 71 M ?ll atf t, New York.?Notice? Partiet | I proceeding to California, and to other dietant quartan, in- j cured at l-roportioaate extra ratee ft rremiuim. j , J. LkANDLR 8TaRR, General Agant. | , I ? - - ' 1 - i ! ? ?* ? I 4 mr.iui /ii., TI1IS IS TO CtRTIPY, TUAT I. veil lux i and noritcdatoekimre, Tlixiith they're rood in ?iutry wt-ather. Won't picvenl c..|<t?, i-onght. and croaking. No not <|iille?B?t altogether. 111. tilth m ManiiiU y.'ti enca?. you, Thoiuli * fur- linrd clunk uiil>r?<? yon, V* inter, chill and (reeling. Will eontrivn Ui mi jou whceiini. Con?h. C IJ and Aathma An no pnuiaami; Ti.u, tl.frnt.'tn. ?ho imlure them, To Mr*. J? i> 1> I t mro.o.l. The invnlla'a molt friend, * candy all tl.ti woild c.nitnd liilaltitly, nil! curt- them. Vn.JEKVI.iS UANUV.tlit unlveraallyadmitted f*oil Nt for nil tliroat nnd lnn? complnutU, prctn aitorv to the r?netimptton, fold, ?h.t?aile and retail, l.y Mri w. Jinit, No Dr. Iv nv. .. ? <|. r ni . vf Frankhn i r> t. A?iat>.?iiieber, .1 N.nih I bird ?'r ict, rhil*d*)i>!nn. K tin r ft Co., i Huti itr*t t. B. -ton i> illtnin Taylor. Jarvia' UuiHII.,l. B?lt>u-i'rr: t>.i ??.ld by >11 > . ?t? (. nernily. | rpilE M III I t.M, WI )N L) E H m I UK \ .' WiilT.l J Ntrvom Anndotn, guarantied to <-ure N'nuriUin in every form, nrrtroue dekiMy In mit.d . r l? ly. %l lemuted h> m?il mil inure a ttrU'U cure. l?ir?ct TaLUOT ft'ATTl, H2 Hmiii Mr?t. l^Nl ITIONS OF Till. SKIN. S.\I.T Klll.l ?. KIVll I A \\ . rn. Iteh, i ?1.' ii- ', > i. ? ?i. 1 I'i.i i a n ... > m ?, S*. ri.fn'n. nf tl "t'.et ditxM.. nr? eiM t Illy ami r? di. t i, p.. vi .i i r< t.i t. > i i i I > tii t ?.? ly iiar . ! I.J IkKol.l.'n Midnai' I Va|w>r, Mi.lfiu.r \ a|>.<r and lodiuu llittlx, M Bar. l t v itrant-a* . blinlitd l*!\ / < i III 11 It ATI: it11vi nil. i hi; fiik\y d<ti?(N?? Voi k) feii'ltiary. rnrt.'.iu, Jnly 17. I-|1. I)f. feih W. Knit?Iie?r Sir I f"W my ?ott')i I ham I. a rui'Ji ?t t<i lun? i i I'ialnti In Ftl rnry lui I took r.ild ? rough i?t in, and tli..?ih ?! tM In thi l.viiin n*. I ma ll u<? ui ii * p.?r|. e rvmtdl.* nl.i. Ii I aiwar* kmplat tint |..trp i 111 raa tailing, I reiurtvd In ttl-ri. I>u| tnv it/H incr 41 i In ?i..ln.>e, an.i a pain in ihi t1*M aid.' ai.l ri<ht tub. -if .ho I liipfi it t <?. ? birti not l.ean.e eery di?trr? nr. an I at Itter\ ula * ere aH . 1*11 I I - f -'Bt1 . > 1 parts* il.ia not I rnttd i - 'lf, lutt tho n ?\ | fti iu tht l?ni? Imiliatad i dlKm ur< |'lr ca'cii. Taut? I tkrn (!i)?i(uii kinlljf h jt m Unit lwiielMI.?hirh ktfi i W?a ttry rSlitatt la ??:?*< .-i.,!.*. I.m t? f. ' I n.? . ?>?. ?t d I ta l? ? hi ?li?l "??? >. of nmh 11 ii id< iill? ? :*<?? ! A Itf: i lift 4 m > ta try t..e b Itvfti -if W lid < ' rry. l it I III him I had iarall ia-i i. dittia taaatb. H. Il, ?.f, I >d '.nt t >.?? 'la? till lit ' I'lltM"! i.?. (ml tin ti'i* dt> a; (rimli'H a in I t" 11 jr ' t'wmr #'alar," a> d at thr n I". II , I an ailllhr t* I try aa|lhlar, f< r I <"m !.?J I (.rotn i a t i< ? 1 diti a i I It, read tin dtrtnii n,o<n;tlnu .l ?t j(lt f.'ai lliat ' I t MM Vttk. knd a*a? tn? H'l'Afi * ii-n iti; rta^b I nd Jiiiti ?if <?tt-, lull I liitl a?t eonil'i'1 mm. m?ji* n inlljr y. ura, a?, i a. lit.hi*. 1ton. N"*i; ?ii aiit* unit* |l|Mi I. Holla. i?.? aait. *hrlta*l>- ant .? !. ? 1 t. b fch sti li, i " i v'taa ?t?i i. " tin r -.f v . : in * ? f, irvng Bail* ltd, iitmr 1 t b r >- t t-.; ii a * Hand, k i i a (v '-'i Mat<f?a laaa; and ?y \t ? drn/r < -? ga.iarally Uirii|tMl llm lalttd llaliiaml < annda. nm row km.. ocu.trr a.m> ai *nr, h?s ji n 1- i- r ?d a i?i al i rat, ahid'i .? i - im i<<I villi -it tha all#r.Uat fata, a?d artll i n?? l:<ia tha tr 11<I1<V<1. l?r. 1 !' ??ll a'ti a* ntaal. tndt *ta?? of tl .* f ta and Bar, at I'% | W urita atrtit eiratr t l.t . ? jr. ahci 1<.at, ltb.1 hi* : **Tt?a'tta n tl - l|?." I'r:r* :?i i,'? ___________ I N ew vipiuik aooi>-ji <ovritn i*kv ri w. I t' il' itur i'I tr- " t m [ ritati'iti?. in ?, , lift HI' 1 11 1 Ml kiP'imd ? if tl t 1 rnirt r ana? ii 1 nat?-d kjr a r'aal iaiii,l.r?f ! -??!ifally ralurad jlatad . n? 1 a 1' 1 a i.) h"" r It a'a.eii *. ii l.arrt niirl?, ' .vm ina?", 14 adit'oa. i'rka tin. fcatraat fr??i Iha lloataa J Mtiliial aad f?r>iral j'.iiraal:?" Il may ht ??h. frtrlaaaly, | t" it 1 ' al t? k l< . rd'a nr Atiaa t w >rk mi tl<a ??ina family at ; diftM ?. ar i i at an| arl' r ta aii)tkm(?f t ha Iliad av-r pmhlitlitd in tl.u canity." Ant', t af tht v.ra n ""minal ' Kaixliii, Int'i.t ntf, lr , i^n<rd ' v iripr -r hal'ita 1 I rtli tdit'in. II | la 1 lr. ill. I rial, at Hi I'.i1 -i- J a- "*Tiat?r k T?.a n fnd. lir?aii?a? t nd I La Aut'i?r 1 4 Br .da.y V'llllII Ml I'AT ?Mt COP.llltl |1 III \ N r IT. 1 1* may i" t'?. n It r | m n.t, . .5t e-t * din ? i llmm, A (rialirt ki alitaan y i.rr. en t t-d la t>i? ir?at? [ ai?kt ?if d?l,aalt 4;>ini.riiali|ii Dr. t'. ta rnra tl a *. |?t < f' rn 'f thu dlataaa. Rttaat eaaaa rnrad ia IM?? daya. fit < tfnry nwd. ' OB. riBiBrr CAN RB cubfidbmiai.I.T MRa i ant'id ai lud attra, A| l?ty ?tr-?t, i<a all f.ntata dittaaaa. 1 lh? ?<ntt ' I'ttiaala yiald t? hum ii #1 tr? ?ni, ?M<ia |? | a that, l-mi rr .rial 1 riai'ifilt Mrlt'om onrrd aa tiia at.-?% I||i?i.'l | >?. Tbd tlotir.t of aoh'arr n noa i aa alM 1 at It. auk a aattalntt at ?at? fMhra II l??? tfrntt na. morkison ih uim'IiUMI ai i ? 'UK .lli i. r b d , 1 n all di-i a. nf a I' 11 a -1 A : a ( ftart tiiklo Mai l? tu?, ?: i r. .. .'). r? i: iM-t in mr< i Mo ft* till err-.d. tthllWIIM nnml HfiViff bt niTurxi I)' *?rt? hl? l<on4a* 31ft? At. If Mi*HIm, MH itr?> I. nix T('?(UM? ?Kt IS VIOIMATINOI ''I'l.Hr THE "lily )?l 4Mc?f?f*4 f< p ?. m".*l wniMH i 'illll ? > i -* 4 I'tf ? >. 3- ] t>, k rtltN HT fur' r.}. A If'*'" ?>? ?f it - kfk. Il'?it? 1 n< Mitr'.fdi-'i I y itn'i " | hi' !' ?l -'III/ f?- 1 ri.??d. fj ? !?.??'?, ;t I. it:.? I'r ? Willi 4lr. m.4 1 If ? i :?* n4llttln 'I'd ? i. r I f 1 ?!???. l?r. <* ? rrt?" ffi" .'"A M tft?v?, ktt*tr? I"! i in! II: h ft, *# Turk, ? I rf I m mt >nlt?il t>d ih? ei.Hl*! obuiiu*'i ?mlf r??r<i<4 j to tK? ???wtry. t mid. _________________ I ? ",()( I MtWAKIi (.HI ?MAV8 !H'I>?'IFH MIT. ] 0 l#\ / " " tnr?, 11.1 i >? , t,r? i>l . ii ri ? flail r ti?Ji?' r ' t r . .... i | i. I '? ' :i? : 1 It < r- ' I? ??> ? ? ?| . Ill' X ' ! ' * lt*?i rotrl-tl?n I* 4i-t, 4rtnk. i M'"'*"* it ?h*i??? In ?nHtttl?a t? kttliitM. T' t firl. f nlnlli f a ?ir?lr in. J rinif l( rt-"t ' * !>? fr i-i ? b lr tr'.i'h tk? miititr* * > t rtirr. imHir i. tf . ?r ? " *my *r? mrt4 In : If (lift, at t|?? Rt , r? 27' Rr< t4? tj, ? raef of 1 lirl"t< tiro. at ? 10 Aft'f II ? ?: at lltMlfna.l?M tt'' < tnifl Hillum | n'lTI'* i 1 N * 1.1; INVM. RATIJKJ CORUIAI. IS ?li? n?lj rtmrdy f?r trie.n:i' ??! ' . and imlir* r?l n 1 r * t. it r, I ,< natirn thi *tn fi'f ft.ritlj, I'M'llrM. |t? m*ftl?l 'nf. 411 I"!"#* ?td dlf?l'lrr? C I I . y it ami! M , . n I i, I . , tf ' J - 1 , -I >1 .t III > nif -l I thin r '' i'i If l?r. I >?. , J ?tr?'cl (f IH M Itniif, MI l>li ll t>4 11 III ItlMI I, *b?n I I, i. r > M - 1 I d I I 11 .' * t I 1 ' l? I ' V > |rn-lj r'KMil rtn till ! !) ? it ?i V* I ? I *ir ' inpinf ??r?i I J ti V. N II ? F >r. i? * - -A i 'ii t * M i- r -nnfrf i ? ' , ?Uo k> ?. O F??, l.'m fnlioa ?'.?? , Sl.i U?il4.?^, i II AHITSKHKNT8. LiOWKRV TIIIATII.?MON DAY EVENING OCT. 29, 13 will be porforiued. Shakspcare ? ir?*<-dy of klNli l.EMt kiii Lear. Mr. J. Wullack, jr .; Edgar, Mr l.eater; Earl of Ml, 111. liilbert; OiwAld, Mr. Wlnaoa; Edmund. Mr. Ari>ld; Duke of Cornwall. Mr. J. Dunn; Tlx Fool, MiaaS. enia; Goneril, Mr. J. WalUck.jr; Mra. Jordan; Cor lia. Mi?? C. To ooDolu<te with NAVAL EnAGEMENT8--Admiral Kington. Mr. Gilbert; Lieutenant iapatun Mr. Leater; M.ort, Mr. Draw; Dennia, Mr. Martin; ra. Pantile*, Mra. Gilbert; Miaa Mcrtiuiur. Mia* C. Wunyau, on open at 6fc. aud the urmin will invariably ri?o at T. uin. ISc.; Hit and Gallery. lt)tf?. __ ^ II A N F RAT S NATIONAL TI1E ATRE.?Mt'NDAT J evening, Ootober 21'. the entertainment* will inmnnyci ith the fans, of MOTIIMt ANI> CH1I.D ARE DOING 'El.L?Mr. Unugaby, Mr. C. Taylor: O'Scuppor, Mr. l)?we<; ra. Snugaby. Mra. fleering. Alter which, I'AIK ONE W'lTll IIE GOl.flFN LOCK!'?King Lachryiuu*o. Mr. Burke; uttn Lueiiiura, Miva Lookver. To be l?|lowe<l with THE FEA l.K FOKT V Til IE V ES-^-Diauiond, Mre.C. Mealayrr: Ruby, iai Sinitb; Alley Italy, Mr. C. Taylor; Meiaroarer. C. Ilurku. ho whole to conclude with MY wIFF'a OUT?Mr. Scrui:iIc, Mr Jefieraon; Mra. Srrutnble, Mra. C. Mcstaycr. Bi>.\ea, i eenta; private boae*. $5; j it, oenu. ^/f ITCH ELI/9 OLTMPIO Til F A rRE.-MONDAY '-I. evening, Oct. 29. the entertainments will commence ith the comic opera of JOB N OF PAU1S?John of faria, r. Wa'cdtl Pedrigo l'otta, Mr. Mitchell; Vincent. Mi?? ary Taylor; Prince** of Navarro, Mra. Cennver: Ko?*, Mi<t* olierta. Alter which, the opeia of FitA Dl.vVoLO?Pr* iavolo, Mr. Biahop; Lor<ralt< aal.. Mr. W nloot /.crlina. Mi?* aiyluylor; l.udy Ailrmh, Mr*. Culver. To conclude with Ol"SIN LAMIIKIN?Dr. Lionel Lambkin, Mr. C>u<ver; lmre Malbrrry. Mr. Nukiii?on; Mrs Bantam, Mia* Robot! ainty, Mia* Mckiatoii. Dour* ep?u at ti>?, curtain naua at 7 eloei. * 11U I S-A9TOK rUOL-Allim AND FIRST J a i i oarait ce thia huuu of Try on'a aplondid E<|ucatriau r<>nr>e. Reduction of price*?Boxoa iloent ; children half rice ; Fit, hoc (hi'llng. The turn arc r lias the honor of ill Duccng to tho public, that, having takun irora Urn. Welch leaie for tho retnaiuiler of the ?e?..'n, of Ilia extcn live u : l esakt Am pi ithiatre, on Ft lith street, Astor Place, ho ill, 111 Monday eveninp, October r.'th, pre-snt to his fri"tids iiU pairnas opu of the moet gorgeon* aencmHfiKfa of K |ti< ? tin ted GjnmnHic Tu'ent ever ?itiici<sed in the arena? ?enty-*evon Performing Ilorko*. clu'it Ponies ? the in "t jttectly trained, tlivrotihuly bred and beautifully marked i be found in thi.< or any other eouatry. Ilia cxteusive >inpany contain* n'l.e of tlie first ..rtUtea in the prol'cui in, id most of the'"Star Rider*" of America, a lull l.?b of hleh will be published in the hill* of the day. 3 AKNl'M'S AUEKICAN MUSIC*.-?. T. BARM * -J Proprietor?J. Greenwood, Jr. Assistant Manajor.? Reified tor a ''uilted period, the Martmetti Family niiose inaerful Gymnastic a'-Merements and Pantomimic delinellone have connected their name* immutably with the Ravel umily. They appear afternoon and evening. Also en otii* Ellelcr, Mr. F. C. WemyM. Mr. H'.infeu, Pet.) M< ~ria, e??r*. Merritield, Roae, Clark, lliiniu, Mi'see I.e.-lie, Staoupe, Barton and W ist. Also on exhibition, at all hours, tho n tmonB Boa Constrictor, larjrt l.iving Anaconda, Mammoth rocodile. Admission *5 conta; children under ID yearn of 1?^ centf. kf At 'A I I I vi EK ? TFMPI.F. I ENCI1 \\I'M F.N I, ? 11U neie Assembly K. ion.?On M .i.d iy, no perl, rinanoe.? inth 8< iie? of Musical holro-*, commencing (Tuesday and idnekduy, Octohtr JUUi and 3l*t, nnd Thursday. November it) ?Ith'the Living Cards; I'nubac ted Buttle: Bouquet of loma: l a Pellto iiImi Chiaolte; Tiatilliu VatebMi adieu'Favorite Pea k: National Feat: Umbrella; Ampuitien of the Nos HnJe's Present. Inexhaustible llat; Neplr.ia Noleanie; in* Menagerie. Admittance, ? > cents; otas. SO e,u'.>. Children all price. Commence at 7'a- 4'ria>. Iciif lit I'lVt Km' > ( V I I I V.t.S I A K V (oNCERT TO JOSEPH Bl'RKE and Kiehaid Botliuan ?Mes?r* It. and H. take pleasure i (mounting to the public that their fi lenda have uivle arm. i uieMa t* i.iie them a I ouipliuionvary Corn i rt. to take V r ' n Monday ovi urn* October ?Hh, at t he Cliincao Aerinbl), en which ociewn tln*y will he a-sistcd by liiOarae rod Mr. I.ea'i aud Mr. Ii. C. Timiu. Ticket*, $1, to e had, ?it Ii pio r MU4 at the music ctire* an.1 hotel*, at he residence of Hum*. B and II., Mo. 8t) i. omul (tract, nd at the door on Monday tveuiug. Concert to uumueuoe t eight o'clock. 1M1E cm EBRATF.D PAXONIA ORCHESTRA UNDER tl * direc'ton of Ut. William I r< nzel, ? ill *ive a'craml real and,I uatro nicnt al Con .'I rt in the new f'iraiahcd Ap illo loi'Dir, en Tuekdav evenlr . Oct Si*. Mun*. Bieuro, uitii hi* icelleot voice, vii'll be * l.>nd imto i'?t, a roiu.,n"q fr in the p ra of l?on Pua iuale, by Ooaizetti, a t. f. Mr. I>ittrich i 111 | lny on the |>!a: o, and a <|iiaru-tte tor four Frenoh horns, iy Meaaclnaol.n. Bartlioldy will be im'.etd a treat of food r.iii'c. TicVe'tl lb ceiita, to lo hud *t the principal niuaio tori a. Poor* open *t 7. to c mmonco at H o'clock. n RAKDCOS"?;Ikts. KVHKV i \ I.M.NQ, ATLINCIPS Conrcrt llall, No. I'.'t7 Bowery, between Stanton and llvlEKton ?tre?t?, under tho direction of Mr. Austin Phillipa. idminion, <>'a ci nti; to conmieice at before 7, preai??Iy. J. I.\ NTH, Proprietor. [ A.-THHA I II F. < It I .M : k M I ;.H M, M'.' BROAH[j way, exhibiting the Manr -a, Cuitoma. Religion, Art* nd Science* of feur hundi d n I'lon* of Chin mo, will eloie ii Batuiduy next. Open from A M.. till 10 P. U. Aduitkbcc 'J> cent*; children under 12. half price. HRUICAli. I^LMPLI OP BFAI.TII, Xi NASSAU STKEKT.?DR. H. P. TOWN SEN US COKPOl SU EXTKAI T OF 8ARAPAKlI I.A?The in'at extraordinary Medicine in the Forld!?Tbia Extract ie put up in quart bottles; it i* tlx itrea cheaper, pictsaater, and wi*iraited superior to any Id. It cures (iiM-ife without vomiting, jiurgin/, siokening or 11 iiit. i lag th* Patient. The mat beanty and aiir'rioritv af this Sarsararilla etor 11 athtr medicines Is. while lf eradleatc* disease, it INVIGORATES THE BOltV. It ii cn? of tho very beat FA 1,1, AMI W'INTF.K MEDICINES ver krown; it not only purit.e* the whole tyatcm and trcugthen* tbe pcr*en, hut it create* power poaa? a*?'d k\v n? other :ui diciuo. And in thia Ilea the ratid ??er?l ?f ita wonderful auc :ceae. II ba* performed witha the laat three v?in, more then lfltMMi mreaof ie?cfc un a of Uiaeaac; at leant 2M**) * i r*i oonai J r- I ineurahle. It ?a eavad the liveaof unit tUu iV^ children the three Ml year*. n.iftlO CASES OF CINF* 41. DtlUUTY AND WANT Or NERVOUS ENERUY. It l9ti|oriiN the * hole ayatetu p< rmnitiit1y. To thoae iho kave )oat their inu?<u!ar QMrijf by tn? aflecta of D>4irinn or ii'llrerilWn Mumlilt4 ia youth, or the * *? kire in<lu!gru< u <*! the [uanioMi, ai.d krvuiht on a n?leral phyai< ?1 prcatratiou of the orrtou* ajret*m,*, runt of uml'it i n, fefi.tii w tonentlona. premature decay and larlina, haafaiag tewanU that fetal <*iacaMc, <'on<i iot ?ion, an I f entirely rwi|or?<l by tVie uee <>i thit pkaaaut r tuned jr. Thia fcaraa ,.artila Ur tiipi rlor to any invk.orai inu cokdvai* it renewa and mt i*< ret*'* the > m, fivra activity to tvf irr.t ?? and atreagth to the muacular ayaum, in a moat eatrardinary d. , . TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES. Thia Extra* i ??f !*wraer*rtlla baa Wen ev?f( > c ?r.?d In efereare to letnalr ion?| laiuta. No f* iiinle alio U? rcwon 4) tuppoec al.e la ap^roachta* that crttio*l p.-ri ?d "The Turn ( Lit**," ebonId ofto tabi l? a< it la a certain |retentive for aay of tlx- anmerona aftd horrlbt<- d to wh'eh imaloi are a.ibject at thie time of lite. Tula reriu I way be leh?>*d f??r etveral year* If nalnr this roedintae. N r ia it t-aa Valuable f?r thop*- whoata approar !iia| wove an hood, aa I ia cat col at* < to a*a at netnre by i|ntckenirg the b! id and n\ia* ratint tin >y*tcrti. Iu?ie? <i. t m im-ai id'j ia invaluable for ill the delicate dtar a#e? to w Me), acmen are aubject. It Vrae** the whole ay a* cia. r?*new? p . nianeail) the natar*l er r^ie*, by r movme t? a imnunt'ea ??f thelody. n t ao lar atiti ulaunjr a* to pr^ivra autioiueat n laiati*>u,afhieh . .. 1 i, >a tafcat fat female weaka*aa and din a e Uv uama a ftw botile of thia tuedi ue, many ta* \ r* . i 1 i ? ' I 1 i i 1 ' nreraQ a GREAT Ul.KSftl.NQ TO MOTHER* AND 0(11 Lf'AI.V. It la the eif'-t and tro-t effectual medicine f??r pi itiir.f thr ar.d relievta* th* eufli rlnra at'radart v. j >n child birtl4 *Y?r tliaooetrt d. It atrcnatbena both the moth?-r und child. rri reata pnn? and dl?ea*e, Ikfp'aa^a ami enriehea the . u v > ?. i i' ' ; 'U i. I I I na ?l?le. 11 ia l*l^l I) tiarful loth I * tore and after c. r.bnt>inant. a* it prarentadiat'aara atVndaut if-n ohild*btrth - in Oattleeneaia Kilca, t rami 8ailllr|{of the } vt, Ih udencv, llaart* itnl'r. V? miii i I'll in In 'he Ilw< h an.I I..una, I'filie I'af na, Hemorrhage, ar ?i in re^olatinc the a- ?'*:tlotia and t inalirln* llie rlr* ula?|on, It ha? no |ai.*a!. The ^reat baa?itf of thia reJelne Ir, l? laalwaya aafe. nnd tho n< it Ml< n'e aae it u# t Micee^afn'Jy, very few re^ea rejuirea any ofh?-r medi;ine; in a?-ma a littles I'aater fi I or Jfa ' . -?. ia na" ul. litlieoi taiir, and llirht fo -d with thia mtdioiao will ilwa* a eafcurt acai?? a?4i eaayt r f?neu.?;nt. I f.VAl r MKf9K f\E. Tbia Kurar>r>a-llia *4 a * err-itn ao*J rpedy cure f??f in*i| i nt < onftuKf f i< i, liarr nn I'r<ila|Nmat L't 'H, or I lime of tli Homb. toitlt o? -a, l*liea, l.e.: orrij<r?, of H hitea, oUtrucUd 4?r difienlt ?tiaati- n, int Mtit'nea^e I'tiaa. t lat lattery 4iaakarte tbattel aad t r * hr r i.kl [>r- *t.tati? n ? f the ?y?t? ;i?? n? matt? t wliatlMMT the t mll of nher?iif < apieer ^aua^a, proJutrd by l/vag[uiart/# tLneaa or Ie?*id? t t. N ?t' mis can be muff errrriala.* tban Ita laTlforattaf i ff ?cta in tli tnnan rafoc. I'ericM all ?<?alia ?e and laa?itudo, fr? n. akine it at once bacome reboat aad lull of energy aaJet |ta aflvvai a* ! . le w' 'llatety aoftfitarae*a the nere*:l*arneci af the femalt fratna a filch Ja the #T?at an net f f arii t neat It a HI not I n ei|<?eted of na, la ei - >f *? d-lleatea sitiira, t? aahtMt ?^iifieii?e?a ? f tnn * p- rl?ran,<*. bat we ean aeaura the el' irlrd. U*i' hi.n'reda ??| eaa*j? hera be<a reported to 1 i; an 1a of cao a, ab?re famlli?*a have l ? a aritluat hildr*'*rv:?tnr a >v. brttleaff thia nvaluableine^evaa* MTlMriNMWMf n-timj T-iiiii UIK1 5. Rttli Til IH. T*? ?Im> bare |>*lr < -Iif I (inns. dall ev?*. t |n(?h?l 9% th# '*"e, t"?t li i ii r In Hw* end tr- "tit of ?| > ?," a** a I- ttla aftw* I'r .* I'. T .r,M-n i't hlMftflltoi It w i| lUun ftir MioMll 'r h|.?*ti| b?.t?la?*. tail r>.? r a rfirllUi?i ?rea, In Iflitlft k<* I'ifal il'tmr all of wli|<-*> ?rr ! lnir<tN>sl? to uai.iarrlad l?il??. TI>'W???il* and tb? n?aa?t* of frmale* wV' wt-l wo*t*?l J 4i>r*? , and daik lll?l IIIWMi are n >w in U.I r.J*y?ae?t kf bralth, 11 ?*tti? tin* rrnifil/, IIIHOVU CO*11 VINT.B4. Thl* !??r?*p?rll1? le th- jr-*t**t I >r IKMtaftl C<i?li?eti *, IrT niiiil a If I'- ft iwrta. Fla'n'aa, b n. T?*Cunllnt >i * ? ! plijIi r C?*tif?ar**, III* ia)udictaat a* f?f i? t Pil?a. tf,e I. r* It l? teed. tie in re it ri-il"*a* ?at l*?t lh* t??? till M*lo? #? " h'ti'i ?r? ilnlwl, tii-l t i? |>*h?nf Bllrted with rn<>r?nt art**** die-"ler?. I>y?p?j a ipi 't.e ri!<??*i"'d I' lwand in ll?fl?if'"4 Thuaitrlt of **n-? of Chi ci?te C' " rn |itio? of th? Uww*l* bar# bftij cured l )T thl? "<mi trill* t?h ? itii,i>sf?vrr>. Tery few famll en in'iad Ii f?*i we hare nt h<*H ofoaa? h*t med Of. R. P. Towa*?n<1'? 9?re?f ?' I' i M I . I >?t uf iMirtf-a tb* fa*t ?aritnet, wh;l* il?- that did a?t. *l< k*a< 1 Mid ditri Tli* <-aTtibr??* ?* flit I ?h hel w it r??,pl?ii? ir Jei t? of II* *alua, aad ?? tuer Uitt?e??flUMii*| tna live* of ?MMtr u. Mi hi ? A ?r*t-r. Brookljra, Bept, Ilk, 1*47. Dl. (. F, tmrvitti'-IbirMr' I had !"' ?liililr*n riired I) ynar !*ar**tari'l* of It* *ntn?er*i?i?i plaint aivd df?-*ter? .!* ?? ntte-a !'' (> old, ?nd |ii? oti>*r thr~ y*?ri. I itj ?en wry much red?'"d an I we ?fpo?-t*4 the/* old lie; lliej ?r? (lirn up ? ? iwo re-|> i*M? ph)?lcl?*?. W. e? thv Duller lalurmol a< lost we man !?? th?m, we reeoli ed lo try font !?i.r??i'?rl l?, ?hl?thwe l.ftd heard inih uf, but ti*a null eoafldaai* ia, then k*i?)i " ai irh ?'nll idrerii'ed tlat I* wot?hie**, *ad ?i ?t? T<ryth*akftl tli*t w# lid. I r it nrdi'til'.*i'jr **t*d th* ll*M at hath. I ?rit?t'ii? thkt otkatani*> be ia*"<-*d I" im it. Vnnra re?P' 1*11*. I'riai i|'*i ofl'M M N*?-*n tit' ft, * few do?r? b*low kttlto* Mreet lorwierly reel)|'i*-4 hy the ttinth B*ptl?t ehareh. \i lit" I'r rhi!*dilrli*. I r liyntt * S ?: H <toa, Rcldiaf k No. " me ; I.. S. Baaar, I'" It iltlnnr* ft, (l%Itt? note; t harlaa f loll. W'a?! u ?! til K. K. .Viler*, r't^harfh: U. I'.lhrm**, C>a?laa*u; W ' ?ht <>., 151 (h*rt*r*l., Siw ?>il-*n? *"l M Dtii/riM* Iter.Tally, thronyhaat tb* luted Stale*. H .ft indi?? "hd < ?uidr . f. II > -i ? ' " i - ?i#U'I ??y B. P. Tgwnitnl. I.eek fiat f*r oiiateft) It* tad .aiitntton*. DR. lool ftk, II DI AVB STKkKT, IIA>, rOR rUF. IMt f iart?e" r*""*. ' 'ffrt-l h:? |taatire to the Iraat* m>at?f ra?reari >' *r i d ifiM ?f a de1|?at? na'.urt. It* raa rata 'ha tr"" a ftstiH < * < of th i l'*ea*a, aad d > !? * rttnorad ia two u> t e*d*r*. A p-rfi*t oar*, at ofc??*a \i II>h A: A i \ iv r. in i TIIH fii R?ti.r PRITATB* i'l lr, hf "I ea'*, k* ir?*i'? of th* Pi>< k*t Kfniarln*. r| kvery tin* !i*<?wti Ihyne m It it a e<-nttder>i ?f. *tl*al rlora and |-ri?at* advleor. enabling -lyer* on* In eoudaet hi* ?ii (in til orrnful tortalnatloo. i'?en'jr-F' nri' Kdiilun, with otic haiidri d r i *\iaii*. *kowiac prirat* dlteaeo* tod mult 'rn.*n. t ? M the r?a?" atlro *r-uia. in e?ery. .i*ra knd l*rtn. by Wllll*tn Tnaac. V Ii. The rim *? f r?? "f K*i*r\t difejeea, *en l! weiitnee* dieeat*** 'f tN* f* et*ta tlaad, lni|ut*i>?y, aiflttary b*hit? >.f y m-o *r> MthfaWf d?Hfibed, *rd *ti tb* re?i|-*rirni In rmla t?? '."at*- Ttl ih*p?er on**rir*n?e li?nfh| *1 pi 'Irala* * ?ati a,*ii< ih mid t?fe*(! bj e?.'f> M. Ary p?r*?.i Mjili?< taratyIt* e?at? entiored ir a lo'i?r. wiJ r?' lit en* ?py ?l tb't look, by sail; or *1* -lit ('? will ba ?*at f "f "a* it il?r. A4l'"?* p'l WW. Till sr. I Knrwe* <(*?- Philadelphia. hR. RAfPII, AUTHOR 0? TliK "PRACTICAL PR1 a'.* Tr?aM*a," *e.. KB flrarbalah *tfa?t- OHe* boar*. 11* II A. M . * 10 9 f II (Ban I?J? ** f pfad ) T?io*? ?r:u ipplv m the early * *<r*? w,ll b? earprii-d at th* raridlty Mil little l-ie nieii''in,? t,.in1'i? "heir ?ar*. It It fhlrfty. I?*vttr, th*?- tl - liar* nlt'M from a < ertala alaei of ll*. who .-?n prop, rly ap( ft-lata bi? *~r?le*?. l*?in -rnrob >orn ill ?r?t. i.r lit ifle-l, taltiICcre a?? M ?d aad 4i? .rei?n? * ?* a f ft"N a i' iti a ? i?1 * ?*r? vfrndli t %e? ? ) ho o> * ?r' - ; < r* ii I. - r ii. I . * . -a. : ... .r|MI -a' :MV?I | itlw i* tr. t\ >v IXTKLLICFNfF BY THE HAILS, Our Watklugt?n C4trrcap*ad?BC?t Washington, D. C , October 27,1840. jf*? Case of Kntexxuko. Tha Circuit Court of this District was sittinf is cliaueery during the lam fortnight, and disposed of many chancery cases. This morning was fixed for hearing four demurrers to the bill of the heirs of (len. Thaddeus Kosciusko, praying discovery, account and relirf from and airninst Jonathan B. H. Smith, administrator of th>* |? r?>nal estate of Col. l!oni!i>rd, who was, in his lift-tim??, administrator ot Kosciusko's estate, and also from and i'tttin.'t the sureties to the probate bonds of Col. lioniford. The Ifon. Peverdy Johnson, Attorney General, and Major Ci., member of the New York bar, api?eur?'d for the h?irs of Koaciusko. The cise was postponed, with their cou^ent, till Saturday next, it huvinc appeared that Richard 3. Coxe, one of the couni"*! of the derrfiirrant*, has been absent from Washinirtoo, with th? leave of the court. Messrs. Marbury and liedin are associated with Mr. Co.\e, us counsel of die demurrants. The cape is of some interest, as the heirs c>l Kosciutko n ?ve litigated it since Ih2:{ ; it was undt r the management of muuy other counsel, and it involves many questions relating t? our own and international laws. Uur I'luliwUlpliU Coi > 1<IMIH<1<5IICC. l'UIt.ADELPIIIA, Out. 2(>, 1 Sty. Rumored Resignation of Gov. J ihmton?IVkere it he going to t?lion. Cltorge Dante?Coal Shiptin tils?The Fmr?Another Splendid Packet Ship ? Death of Mr. Potter. The rumor gethers Itrength eveiy day that hia Excellency Governor Johnston, Id about to resign the cures of government, and his $:>,.300 per annum, not like the Eini>eror Charles, to go into & btate of monastic seclusion, there to bewail the madness and misfortunes of the jjreat whig party, but to be inducted into an oflice ot greater profit, tinder the federal administration. In the Batne breath, rumor assigns him a full foreign mission, and the pott of Secretary of the Treasury, which is to be made vacant for him by the translation ot Mr. Meredith to the snows of Uussia. Governor Johnston may resign, and General Taylor may appoint him to some otfic<* in iiis gift; but I venture to pred'et that it will neither be a foreign mission nor a cabinet appointment, for the good and sutlicient resson tli;<t he lacks the necessary quahfications. The Governor is a line-looklug, jovial fellow? democratic in his feelings and associations? an excellent judge of Mouongihela?and, at a piuch, or a punch, can make a pretty good stump speech ; but lie understands as much about diplomacy, the 1mw of nations, and ilie g'-neral principles ol political economy, as a Klat Head Indian, and >=o he would frankly tell any one, if asked the (jeeKion. No! no! If the Governor is to w.ii fat on ltderal pup, pstrouagc, and power, it will b* in the customs, or in ihe Land Department; or, it may be, that he will be s>'nt as a commissioner to an Indian tribe, iilthouuh, strange to say, he professes utter ignorance of the Winnebago and Kickapoo dialects. In case of hie excellency's resign ition before the meeting of the Legislature, til? lion. George Dursie, ot Alleyhany, will have to siyn or veto bills, pardon convicts, and appoint the $|f>0 per annum Judges, until January 1841. Mr. l>ari?ie is the S|>euker pro tern of the Senate, an unlliuchin;; whig, and a most amiable and talented gentleman. He has been a member of the Legislature tor some ten years, and is well known throughout the !Slale for the zeal which characterized his . it.... . 1.1... ....i. >... .i ..rivi u..k;..j..r. .r i'lUt-burgh) to secure the right of wny through l'? nnsylvnnia lor the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad ? < tlorts w hich resulted in mortifying failure?and which *0 inci u mI the ciii/.< n? of Atl?-jiliany in general, and Pittsburgh, in |?irtiuular. Out they came near raising the standard ol nullification, so fui aH our i;i)iit!, old, l?e-d< villed commonwealth wait concerned. The amount of coal received by t!ie Schuylkill Navigation l?<r the week ending Oct. 25, was H,128 tuna?totr.l lor tl!<* season, 3NH.87I Uvts. |5y the liet^lini! Kailroad, for the <ame week, 24 !W>1 ? total lor the M-iison, i'-' shipments from (lie Schuylkill region, thus far tins season, 1,:?10,474 Ions The Fair of the Franklin Institute close* tn-morrow night. The uwards will be made in the afternoon. The keel of a splendid packet ship Ins just been laid at Vaughari A Lynn'* shipyard, Kensington, ller burthen will be about I :WU lone, and slie isintemied lor Coju 'a line of Liv? rp ol p ickets. (.{site a gloom h?* been ilirowu otrer our oornniunjty by the intelligence ol the death of the venerable John I'otler, l.s'i , at Priu > Ion, N. J. He ji uvea an immense (State?a portion of which is landed proiierty in Oeorgm. Mr. J1 iiHston conclude* a brilliant and profitable enpuL'ement at the Walnut thiieveninir. The bills ol iIiih esihl.liKhnient are underlined with the i (tie of Miba Cuahman, who j* announced to ajt I nr c??t Monday evr:!iuK lireut will be ttie ru?li lor teals to-narrow. Phi la i'Kuril i a. Oct. 2H, |si<l. 'Hit C< nttniuiimrrs of M"tfamtnum^?T.n I'lihtdtljliu lu?tCj,ln?vl Sutiiut Churnt?A Fire avil a Fight?liitl-l li'iibi i y ?7V;f CVy and Cnuritry tHnwirwy?Mui i'vAhmnn, Among the no.pble |?l*na (>roi?o**d by the comniin-ion<ra of Mny.inu-ni-iui;, lor the m>;?i>re?:>i>iti o( noia in their iii.-ii'ctf in the election of four uMi< tionul police oillcera. The yeitem u,> of these riot*, of court-e, will have h voice pot'titul in llie *rl?'c(i? n mid flection of thia in lily inorrtae to the |H?Iice lorce ot Moyancuoiru : ami, judging fruin |?i t eijierh nee, their nullra; * will not bu bealowid mi i:ni:rat<Tul |*raoo*. Watchmen, eou?t.iblca mill lHiii|flig)itrra li iv t.iken i>irt in the I5;.Ii?h an! fomjr? of the " Kilhra ;M and it ia i-itiu liiul during li"- gnat riot, on the im.ln of tiie ll:h, miny of ihrm were quite enilri-i i tic in tlieir comtr.f ndution of tli?- aci< mitio style in wiicli the t>rick-h>iia imil |utvtBy-*tone* were thrown And hurled. I mier ih?-e cucum* an<-f <, in innre?ae llie police |> r< I Mny ;iin?n*ini.' wo>il<l tie m-ieiy to increase ihalrieudavl the rowdy ir?'i?? ol that district, *'ho ..,>|M-ar to have |*oll( ?-11 aa well n$ I'Kimoi! ? reni!>,in y in thai t?l?--??-?! qu ir'er. 'he l thiacity openly letter* of it (mliiical chararler are deh'ier?t> ly o,te?ed in the riillad* Iplnu l'o*l I ?fiice, their con'enla delil>el?it 'y fead, "d the Irtler*, (lien, del.Iterate,J H"4ie<| up fiaraio. Thia a?sertion b .? t? n twice mule wrhin a Week, in the coltiinna ol the I'tmt; nud aa )et no contradiction, d< nml, or ex|tl in iiion h ia b< n n^ide by l'o?'inaater While or any ot hia emplo)cea. A chr*t(? hi grm?e cinno* be treat'J aa inirdn.r) a tul r, it i? frmn .:n nr-Jimry lariiml t -t|N r. .Neither will ollt i U be exouaed ir nipleudinir, on ihe (round ot mii hitherto n*i <iIiii d reputniii ii. The clun ia e: tber true or fwlce, r>d the public ilrnwml thxt ixae be joined. If true, r.o scret nmjr, no shulilimr. i>o whitewt?hinif comnntieea of inve??iifatio??hat |> ini.?lmifiit ao seminary mi will preaerve mvn In'- the ainciiry of the mails. If tela-, hi the nnhor ot enimii'iy ao i lr ?i? krii. end mi??'hievo'i?. li. 'M i l'il nvi r to i) r tender iii? rciea of ih?* prosecuting attorii"f. I'l li< m'? our ( enfiinenM. Tlif reaming honee attac!i"fl the *Si4? yard of Vcftrr. \ i'gel?\ J*irnp*o-i, iu WHiTikrlo* Ahn<>nd i nrrtl, wu part 'lly ofitrojfr^ by fire at It'C hour l.i-1 evetiini?. The subduing ot toe ll t'in-n w?a folic wed, it ! ( I'd, liy n protni* i >u* M>rt of liifh*. in I which firta and pietol* w?ve treeljr ucd ; bm iny ii lniiii'iiit was unable to arcertain whether* ly Ima or Iiint'H v. rif lo?t, or not. A vi ry wonhy fonn^ frnllrmit, who re oire? in the real or akannied nam- of Warner, U't ev- ninr entered the More of Mr. II ?ilv, in NUriki t atrret, ni il ?l< aired to Uiok Hi hi? watche , with the vi?*w of making a pureli ise < 'ne peem^d 10 ?uit lm fancy or imekrt: and, while r4nrt?*rii?{ about the l>r >? e, h?- kept edging and edgtn ' towards the door, which he linaily rrichrd, and :It* n rmhed up the Mriit with a velocity thu' r? ' ? c<?t Uila i?'n k out behind i?t * Angle ni d'*i;r?e?. l'urr> wit w, h made, and the thief < h,. til fed ; bi't Millie, how rr other, in hi* flight, he hiihH, unot*trn?d. to luuid the watch over to an accomplice. Tl?e f?irol the Franklin In "tit ate ci???el U<t evening, with an ' h ;u* nt addrna l?v iii? IImi. Jifn K. Km', of letter wr'.ting rel iiri'jr. Tomorrow evening, Mr Jackson >* to give a m unbent Hi#|.lay ?f fir> works. What connection pTroti chnics have with the objects which til- Franklin Institute are Mip|M>??d to have in vicar, rmnyof your rtadtra will no doubt be at a loss founder* tod. Now that the democrats have recovered th-ir in!, ni v in ilie Legislature, tie claim of e*Henider Van* are i<|>< rilv advocated for State treasurer. 1 altonM like to see him e|e< ted, for he w Mild Iti.ike a popular anJ rtiicient clRoef | but the fates have ordnlncd others ne. for his ?'ipernhnndam'e o| ?hir? collar i? i* nun S <n his way an the pl?ce v?li?r?' he hud# from. The country detnoeraejr entetuli a *'rengfe? linr/ilmntt a*noiiQt. mcr to hitter r> ,'iilice, titr.nn?t the citvdem Tracy; > lid with our ?'pmre-ti?ed, hom?-?ptin friends of the* inleticr, the qii''*" n ia not, c?n any good tonie out nf Nazareth t" hut, "can anv aooii coin* out of I'hilad'Iphia 1" Philadelphia, with th?-m, la i?nei uriibly connected with th*- Vni'cd State* Mink and bloody tiota; and until this connection ii ? wred, the ?l'?eip'es of .?? );''r>-on in th* c tr an<| cr"i ty n>MO' be i iiotf tit with t1 * cnc".a thtt Ult ] (.i iu ID' 'fnlic < _ i latttit 'in i ?i in nrra it cju

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