Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1849 Page 1
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TH NO. 5624. flu Medical Department of tko University or New York. TO* OPINING) AJDHKSS OP TROPISNOR MOTT. The session of thin highly successful Medical College opened last evening. The opening Addreao, on this occasion, was delivered by Dr. Valentine Mott. Notwithstanding the extraordinary badness of the weather, last evening, the great lectore room was literally crowded with a Urge number of students, assembled from all parts of tho Union?the greater number from the Southern States. Wo understand that, at no former session has there been a greater lutiux of students to the oollege than at this. The present number inacrtbod ia 400, and it ia expected to rise to 500. The celebrity ol this medical institution, and tho talent of its able professors, id which it stands on a footing aqual to any medical college in Europe, as well as in America, is such hh to attract students from all parts. At 7i o'clock, Dr Mott, the lecturer of the evening, appeared on the platform, accompanied by the professors, among whom we nottcej Dr. Granville Sharpe Patti.-ou, Dr. 8. II. Dickson, Dr. G. T. lledford, Dr. J. W. Draper, Dr. M. Payne, and other*. ' Dr. Morr then ascended the tribune, and addressed the atudentb und company assembled, a* follows:? GiNTLEMtx STirDiiTs or Mkdiciwk : ? The period baa again arrived when It I* at onoe my privilege, and my p|ea*u-e. to welcome you to these academic hall* With the facet of many I am familiar. I rejoice to sec you again a', your potto, and eager, I hope, to pursue wtih assiduity, the anjulnitiou of knowledge which yr>u had *o happily began You retnrn. I trutt. refreshed by a period of oomparatlre repot*, patted in the baiuea of your childhood, and in the Dot'iib* of your families during which you have, I k*p\ pondered upou the inforuiatiou which wa* here imparled, arimaged lu your memories the facts and principle* laid down to you. and prepared yourself** ot ouly for a vigorous advance in soieuce. but better jualilid to proQt by tile leetoug of your teacher*. Other*, again. I see b* re. who. a* yet, are stranger* to me. VVe ehall toon, I hope, become intimate; and when we agaio separate I ehall have, I trutt e,|ual reaton to be gratified with the punctuality and dill- { gene* r| the new class, as of old. To all. I may rafrly eay, that they enter upon and pursue their medical ttudlea under the brighest tat- | pices Never, eluce mediciue hat been taught as a sol- . enee in tbil country, have such advautage* been presented to tko ini du al student, a* at the present time. , If, to begin with their ?uuuii rutins. we onnsller the ooadition ot the loatitutiaut devoted to hi* instruction , la the sublime mysteries of bi t bigh and holy calling, we *h:ill to4 that thiy imwiy admit of luiprovement. Capacious and commodious rduioea are erected for the . reception ul th* student-arranged with perfect adap- | tatiou toiiia wants and eouifortt Paoulties, competed , of men of undoubted eminence and b aruiug iu their profession selected from tbe great bxly ot tn? protessi >a for their peculiar adaptati >u to the duties which do- ; volve upou t lie in. aland ready, with conscientious zeal and consummate ability, to develops to him the principle* and praotioe id his art Nor is the maltrui for illustration less copious and ; appropriate. Spacious will ventilated and cleanly di**ectla{ room*, sn ply supplied wi.h subjects, presided over by accomplished demonstrator*, are prepured to initiate j him into tbe most luiiuiste actualQtauce with the fearful and wonderful niaeiiini ry of the humin fabric kluaeanis, rich In every variety of preparation of on- | tural parts, by which tbe skill aud industry of man ba*contrived iu a thou-aiul way*, to demonstrate it* { component part*, their tnlernal structure, and tb. lr aaaton.ii *1 relations, are opeu for hourly in-peclion; , rich, too in every variety of -lugular and niel coufurmatlon aud in Illustration of trie ravages aud the uaI . ri.1 ,J1. . The t'Xijuutt* design* of the later eraioeat p*th ilo- ' Klat* ftsj ply to th* pralxwor of theory and pra-tloa the aaiple.t opportunity of exhibiting to bii?l>i< th* minute. morbid anatomy ol the uin'tMii which b describe*. aid scarcely any ti?tr not he?n figured With a beauty and lifs-llk* accuracy which glance at tha morbid ipieiui.u* *er?e? ouly to c.iuttrai The | catiiliat of (f a professor of materia hiedtca Is replete | with erecy aerlety of aegetaoie u'istauee, luilgemu* and ru tin, used in ihe orotic. of the healing art. and with the j > 11 n. -1 plcn which chemistry has extracted from thrni by their destruens* analysis Kacry simple and mineral t ody with it> compounds, la to be found up >a its absltes i olored plate* of tbn i-getabln raataria medics adi rn Its walle. sud the diligent student need tint, and ought not. to lin una.'.juaiuud with the outward apps-aranee. colors, smell 'a-te. ?*c , of every aubstatue which he la hcrcailer to dispense iu the sxeroiae ?f liia Toeation. Tli* high priest of I.urlna. too. falls not a whit beh'lut bl* bietbren lu I tie amplitude of lila resources fir tha nil,-si lion of a I lion.11*11 an I an urate kuo ?le.|;? of his most delicate diiloun. i?t< r. -tin* and important department of th* Seine art I o a > ele to the fact I- lea gl-'Mi to tha professors o' anatomy aud surgery. fur tha flluitratioa of their lecture-, altar a notice of the perfeeth n of our dlsasctiug n ui* aud museums, aud tha (kill and ?' al of our d> umu?tra'ora, would be auperlla?ua And a ( at the ?art>d and costly array of ol.11.nexl and pi.. >1 apt train-| inttie cares Of the Ul.aurpa eed apartment In w lioh the truly mlnenl pr. Ii.- rol that m.iat delightful, Instructive, and in.p'r ant department t tour prof-seiooal ejuoatlan uaf. ld> with a true ?;.*|ueue?. based upon a profound knowledge of hi* snfyer the Invaluable resources with whi: b ch uii-try ha? ando ?cd the m iteria medi.-a. Ana IlTll>ain? i i.M ?< in vn? mesu uimii acienre till eiiRilnii* )"u tti? r >tn>D< t? wiutliif la that department In the (Iiinri .,1 medical neb-oia of ur I p "ii b r the pi rt> rim* ! tti. ?tud"uttu It* oJuntmlDiil .r In tlioit. (iiitlMarn I t? J liul a-k of you to perambulate tbllll hllla tO-lilgbt. opellrd 'or >i>ur eud till public i II I 1 i< >11 to I?tn 11 I H in; ti ? only of I hi pre lacUm* in vnur pri fc or-, t > bo fully na.iired i fiat etarytl inj flint ran eontr.'ml' t i th* com' it > i I IIIatrutlon of th* atudrii'.. ir- mw a part of the nr^inl litirtn of a wall *iid<>**d w.dl mi,a?l ml well p?troniirit i'i*dtcal acho d In thi< tcumari'l .ii g*otl*m*n of tha ruperior alimlt^i-l rv)"j> ll by t*.- medical atudaut It tun prn* at ?j. .eh. idiii i? ur > _i.-? (Into i ri I ha pe-t ;*riaad fe n the pritigllni uf I'm i<i(?uii?ti?n of our medical n ho-la I bl ?b' unol lauded to the r. aire AOtl the i it b ok*of tii d t>f the f rut r I ihill ip ek h-r. ? or > n n . ? t h> i'l?r I rmn : f > rb*ar t> ci?r*ritu>*t*you upon (Da vary great ajraiiMl enjoy In their rup-rurity to i bone of former lima* *! it in 11>. n r ' i i i i iptitiv:i to t'ot purI> wlitoh I nay ai I no d. It I* but i f. a yni. rim .. | could only plena up>o the tebo In my i a for Hi* u*a of my eludeuta, tha wrrk* I n i oil" - of I III I ?.f I, I (t oy end Tb ? if the ' - < n.y of .i itnl -V..tir th* ?fi atatr'i ' of i* ima I ur** not iram th-. Surrf -y of tl * Hall- not of I no par Ht.d tha \llnTI* Medic t of I III a i d i i > *y , 11 t. i a-, i . > l lo tn?t with if In pilot ei I * H 1,1 I - I I. > of (Ii. ii ul, |?y a mill purrhar-at eor prlr Uh-a a* couirxl the earlier tail b > of tii- a i" -I ii W"" ahi?.b bar* euern III 11 ? in y I woi t'?i my eulogy la nit Ciar tr ( I \ iuy |>* t fii Id maditfal rc'iool*. bo'h #i h .a# nod ei ,|, haa* aith-r pr#p?-"d orlf ml aoita up m ' - hrmeh-a nlibh they tan a lutbo ki f r t ir ola?.i a. which In fultiaa? I f Infill nail alii r,i arnoa nt eniincU'lm, laea* Do ill to be -nil. Ot bare edited t ' Wi.rl* oli that- ?ith ability lii ?.'i >o? ?* bare an* tb yrret # i of t. ii o ,i ! .f < i hi . II -.f of II m r, I r (|oeln n I - ' * i In c'n-lol uy Of nli- r, (irpiotir H-r-i l'u'.>> > ?'i>l th? j?l n rr f-'oit I aleboi eta labor- at I . .nt a i In tha pract.ce i f nirdb m* ?# hea* na* t r brial of the altar I Hall u eil'l I *'i >' i? I of IVet-nn. ttia wirli of tiio.d of l?oi k I.on end of my worthy and t* at iol p. l injur l . . . ii In ruv rj ar? now at lai I I, a * 11 a a a *11. the ?M la.t iraa of Virpurio r.i >i audi. t"ii i h.niab: y w>lt of t; heHe' eld hi ivioo ii iimln o. and arvaiprahaidre tilnra I ? \ 11) -an * I o h t -en-la' it and ao inly a Ii tad ii, I < > I i iy or l -d hi '"I l i> Ir iini'- l f' -n'l Mr I' S loau - nd n d I ? # I' 'gee th* *1 per ?oe* ol b'tn el... i ,w i tor -* j i . nula itdnl n?, n?,th?r f w r. c I I. , In- ^ i Iriot la in aim p?T fr. . n ,i , I ta I ' o' ii > : :>t , i to- i urnr. pa?a*d w rk of Immii'il and thit ot l .atkly # > ahiy tra laud linpr ? d id j f- ably r- :nn nd*d b) my t* Iliad e II a ana. ID* I mf? r or ef I ?b-t 11 ?a ; | to nt iii 'bii'if if ^ "in i if r o *'n : .'bin. Mu pny V- Ma* no: i in f ti ba d*dr*d; wb'iat of earry t. i.hIum * loan 'i i no d *1 ?rl. i ?. th a ii* . a l i f llinr DifUti th. lit If pn- nt itlr IV - .1* J1 mi ?li'rh Mi-' an Ml 1 It- h-tr 3 l.r *ht tli.r. hi? n| in -t.i iii, . .. u,. Ht lay, 1h? I TP III in- if h?ir (|| K 11 lijr, tho h auty. I"i?i|iy ml ii 11 hi In r if 11 ? 11 1- rvi n- with Ptiu'b I'ii j a ; | I I n 'I11' , ' ' 1 *n I 1 1 I 11 I , II. Il? * || ? p. t'l lill'i In hlfll l|. <PPB t'? f* 'lltBtB thp I: - ami hip - 1 'ip i- tfurl i i th* atiil?Tit Put criitl nirti If ?uctl ? ? 1 h? -tata uf thu litpraliira t.l flip | t -it "l ' p p ii ?' alt i'ii y 1 11 rn'rr ii I 11 I'a *t <1 <Sy h wiii in in th hp t ?p br a !?. -I, I atiln I ami lulrr I - n a mripy uf tbr prrarat p. 1 a 1 1 1 fnp 1 - 1 h-u alii i'i a'ifpip in thr a ni'iii'p 1 h4' .ii ii liema ai l whir!? . 11 . | ari lr bupiti* Mitt 4 'h , r I"-* ,fi f tb' 4 f?p , ij -ill. I T ll ' I | | .. , ,|' || fl r. ai i 11 -i'iiIpiii 11 Npu-r iiup- ' ii ilHln- aamn'tmlfd if ii'iii'i't ha4 1' ip* 11-i...||tiI h4 at thr p-p-rat 1 hj 1 l.i p 1.111 er 1 f huh. 1 1 - 1 i .Mi ll iIIuhii am) 1 nllm atpjiill-) "it i'h ni't ralmrr rp-ul'P ami r?a" 11 . f a - I. p i 1 1 . ? p.;I nht. in th 11 Jii-ili..,n 14 # 1 .1 ? up 11 ml an tn liai I t pailu h ? fait Bil l p ?|i?rtt?piit. 1 a Ila,.li-- T. 1 mrrtii ri' ii n- mta Ititn In-1 1 1T" 1 v ihr at -I- . f t h .' 1 i ? II"|ip a 1 Tfi pril a Hi'slit a- I a< ni- r 1 i.i (..l.i , f a Bi'.-rnat in b <1 tfu- it. ? ? .1 in *'p??1 -ii. < ; i ilta th' n ! ' .. all" Ii h 'a I 1 1 -tip.. 1 ii.| I iiml il a 1 11 i'ii ' It... a 1 h p. to 1 t in 1 -I' I t'l V. 1. r t'ip --pi , . . 1 1 ? a 1 I . il ( ar - In f. r a 111 "ii. a h- pr 1-1 11 ? h .1 ti ! 1 11 1 pip Via *' 1 I 'I hy t "p it .in pny i'ii il.igii' I f?aip ami a in 1.a pa 1 i -ly i -ifc |,.f tl" l'H(.|J "f in ?.|t| |'? .- i .l-u pn uI4I| pi I in;in. > 1 I- 1 1 1. .1 . f |-r | . 1 pI'lln - ? anl ay "atir-?. r my- . 4 a ma f th r 1 I .(Ill 1*1 It'll- I II. -*. In a iti-b Car ail i a'"'-'- III-lift - 1. a i p "Ili.prp. Up If thr V p p I" pi art "? i!. - ' 11 , - ."lr 1 hi a 1 - t fhaii bril n r-1 i i| i-l ? "I a-i-li? l nf"|..| ikr Bti.-t up- fn! of mr I'l^rjaie." Inptrj riti E NE 1j u; nothing In thia place of the recent employment of nunc the tio agent*, because I aball ellu le to them u they deserve. at a later period of thta discourse Laelly. ooneider. gentlemen the immeaae and valuable addition* which modern chemistry ha* mad* to the materia medica. which were unknown to our anceator*. and nay, whether at the present day the science of medicine has not attained to a height to which, at no previous time it had begun even to aspire In every part of the globe where medical science la cultivated, thousands are at work in attempting the solution of its mysteries, and with more or less success. The periodical press teems with the innumerable Interesting and important results of their misted labors; while larger tomes collect their scattered store* deduce from them facta and principles, erect theories and explain phenomena and apply to the elucidation of problems, physiological and pathological, and to the treatment aud cure of disease The anatomist and physiologist, armed with the seal pel, and aided by that Important instrument whose great perfeotioniuent in modern times ha* contributed. aud will hereafter contribute, so much to our knowlekge of diseases and healthy structure?the mioroscope. arc busily subjectiug every organ and Ussuh to the most rigid ecrutloy, iu order to establish the nature of their internal structure, the very manner even of its de< elopement, its anatomical relations and its physiological purposes. Aided by the same high power the pathologist seeks, and in some instances has found, in the minute investigation of diseased tissue, the evidenoea of an arrangement of component parts, that distinguishes th* malignant from the sluaply abnotuual ti>*ue aud dsteots, amid tb* ravages of disease, the secret of its destructive energy, aud theuce infers the rationale of the cure. The chemist is everywhere occupied id subjeoaug to analysis, not only the autwa! tissues, bq.t their com- i pouent parts, and deducing thence, equally, the explanation of many of the most interesting and important phenomena ot life, and the mean* of ooutroillug it* higher (unctions It is not possible, gentlemen, to *s- j tiinat* too highly the claims of organic chemistry upon your [attention, nor the (loop anl iuilniat- relations winch it bears to the moat subtile pbenom-ua. nor, with nil lta apparent contradictions. should we suffer our cnuQdeno* to be shaken in its method* of inv*9ttgati n The truth, however, must sooner orlat.-r be apparent. Kor all ite probli ra< a-e. In the last resort. ; resolved by the balauce?that eevere and impartial inatrunient, whose introduction into chemical investigation has changed the whole face ot science and which appeals to the mort unalterable attribute of matter. To l.avtisier. guided by a new and profound thought, by I be motto, "Nothing is lost nothin, i* created. ' is owing the iutrcductlou of this instrument, aud the jib)elologirai revolution now bo happily in progress, ' and of which the future fruits are incalculable Orpanic cheiut*try and atructural anatomy, are now inuiacolubly united and fuuotlou regarded aa the result 1 ol their mutual relations Nor is the atleution which la now paid to the practical |'srt of medicine leas rigorous, or lte results leas chteiing lirlngiug to the aid of a mo. t rigid scrutiny and interrogation of the rational, the strictest exploration and the most satl-tactory explanation ot the physical signs, end aided by the lljht which chemistry and the microscope throw upon its puenumsn*. the nature and loculity of disease are now established with a certainty to wbicli the pbysiuiauv ot tormer ag>? were entire Grangers, aud a *< denude aud rational UaBis uifotded for the application ol the mriin of cute The true value of remedies is tested wilu care ia extensive series of ce-es, *) uiptom* accurately noticed, and compared with the results of the most critically ooudurted autopsies; results are recorded ia uu.ueriosl succession, and thus are tailing away, helore the illu- 1 miuatiiig rays ol a truly ecieutitlc ratio mnUitdt, the inDiiuieiabie ?rrors aud prejudices of a past empiricism, and thejarrano of so-cailed remedies, which, pre,crihed according to s <me false and lancied theory, served but to delude the physician, when apparently auoceod'ul. into a tslse c avirtiou of their eftlcioy, to deceive or injure the patient, end to discredit the art This, gentlemen, is the only scientific and rational practice ot legitimate medicine. a> contrasted witn empiricism sua rouilue i hi* It is which tru.y merits the ' eoubdenae ef the public? this it U. as far as it is yet es- | tabllvbed, which, I thank find you will here Is- taught, which you will tesuh and which you will practice, destined. as I trust you are to be the pioneer* in the spr<ad of a truer pathology, a more Huroe*?lul treat tL en t a hlgn. r gloty ol our divine aim iru ? >' nrt Permit uii- gentlemen. to survey, briefly *ud imperfectly for?lude-d. without a m at exteuled ree*a'ch fiom the beginning, I could only so acantnpliaU It?the prevent Mate ot so "Be of the nepirat* branches into wbicb th* icirnce of uiu lieina l? divided. at dnduc-d from the labors of the luiertigatore o( the pest quarter of a oentury-a period rich tu rr'iil'i I hen lain not to iay. beyond auy that ha? preceded It, of arhinh the beginning t* only, and of which you may. Individually, augment the amount and iruporianee to your own and 1 your e iiintry'? glory, and the good of buiuaulty. The rclnioe* of anatomy and phyat >logr in their very nature Inerparable, bow ehilorenily are they itudied at the present day, a* compared with the ptst The one la no longer the abatraot aud dry detail of parte and relation* n r doe* the other e >n-l?t * holly in ciuile end often hjp-thetieal notl.miot funotlon, founded often upon felacloue experiment and Ine-rr ct id- ae h( etructural atrraugeineHt M ilhont e.aiiim.g tor tba science at the present liuie any Inla IIMilty - t p? rfrolton or pretending to a--ert a perfect har<nony in the view* and deduction* <>f It* cultivators, aud wii la in arknowledging that there * much that la dire-.rdaut - . . i ----.I ?... .... .. . , . ., , be ccirs-cted, toil an immense facets* of kuowlelgs to be supplied, to the < fleeting of whloh ojr present insane irrsntly Improve! IM IgUtM n< they IN, in liisuftirtsuit, It oauti M bo denied that the piogrsss of tbcM sciences. wnliin ih? last twenty jriri. i nan bsen great, and tin basin on which tb-y arc now pursuidlbat alone which promises succiiw, and that fr<<m the *l)i' roun prosecution of the rrssartiiti no* In progiess, and In eh ti It 1*. gentlemen. your happy prtvils g* to be about to eugage the must b.ilnau re lults arc to be expected. 1 he anatomy of the day I* textural-the physiology r) i mb-al: and tt I* by tbelr combination and modes of rrianh that the nature of the organs, and of the funottoiii whloh tboy eaerolae In tli* economy, arc being reTi alcl, and at every step new ea'ise elicited for wi ndti at the Intricacy and perfection of tb wonderful miebanlsu by whtnli organised beings are created reproduced, lire, more and hare their hying ? new motlres for rereren for the wisdrm aad beulllcenoe of the great Author of <?r?atlon It la the province of physi logy, say the ablet authors of our time. ' to Investigate the way* In w Irish the functions of living beings are effected; an J their Investigation naturally Involvea the examination of tkvlr tusohanl m.ol the ouviuical ooo-tltutl n and of tha properties of (heir eomp meat textures The study r f uaieny must always accompany that of physiology 1 he history rt the last shows that It inaje uj ad ran a until the progress ot nnatontlcal kn >wle<tgs had uufolded ths sti uclure of the b dy. I'bv e Is so ururb of obvious mechanical design In tn? Inlrlaate structure of the various textures and organ*, that the discovery of that structure opens the most direct toad to the determination of their uses. A correct physiology must ever be the foundation rational mediatise. in medicine Ik- first step towards the cere of disease Is iO find out what the 4i*ea*-i is. and wher? It Is siiuattd Vv llhout a knowledge of Ibe (.Rices which various parts fuinl In Ibe anuatl sni usurny, car search to determ ne what organ or fraction la derangrd must be w st vague and ind Quite I ethology lathe physiology of disease. and It la obviius that *o path >1 glral detunes ran cam a and conkdsi.ce which ar< not feands I upon accurate views ot the tatural functions. It Is also csrtaiu that I nprovsnivnta in pathology must follow In the w?k? it au sdvanrisg pby?ti.l<?y. If. then, gentlemen, such are the i.levi able an 1 Indlsp' tuable necessity - lbs Inestimable adrati'ages ? the d's p Interest?the rich rewards, of a deration to a close sad untiring li.vestlgatioa of these mo?>-?*>' ?? ? >???? i Van ahdulfl I it L l*!i in ni v djfr ii jour teacher an-1 monitor. your yaU? an) IHiIjiI, alike to you and my profession, If I did nt up"U juu. with all pinntniM tbo du'.y of tb> if ulti ration' Can ! iloothcitlii than congratulate j i u up- n in* d> llgbtlui U<k tbat ia tu el ra for you? th* rich rttuiu* which a salt your nil ml par* ears runt a' Nor are thai* a I tb? sources of pl?-a-ura ant I Mil urtton aiilrk lla i |'an to you. Iran luiellt allude, only, In t lata place. to tha I in C r ii.ri of tha ituly of coincaraiivr anatomy, of lha tiicruercpe. and tha study of organic eb"?l?'r; " la tf.a Hi <bg t> dy." aay th* ii|V" >us writers Ir m ab on I liirr borrowed. lha IE n#l u**it- ata chemical praraoal ara unceasingly going ou. for tha formation cf in*a Couipi-Undt. nod lha destruction or Ultara'ioii of old oi?. It tseflueut that no progresa can ha mad* ia tha liintl|iliMi of tha a latiribu prod nri. unless wa can nrnra at an exact knoah-dge of the ab in I rat composition of tba tarlou* aubfttkucae wbtab ara employed In them 1 " Hrardirttrd." they continue ?and tha r>narb I* ona nhicli. I truaf, mil bias y>ur pursuit* aid rontrol your ttudii*. not only whilst nominally Flndrtit*, b it, ahan r--niiy etu t-nls. you outssr up o tba arllfe duties of tba at 4/ ant p-action of your profession for which you ara now only laying tha foundation?' MniiOcfor*ard la physiologic al rsuarub, , anatomical and chemical analysis inu*t g> hao-1 in band?the former to ascertain tha mlouta incobaai'tn of tha tarlout ptoceeee* j tba 'attar, to deterutIna tha naiura of the aihulita* by whleb tha competitions and deromp anions of tan Using laboratory ara a(I-rte I " lha lextursl anatomist to gins hia retearabe* with tha vary sat its at imbiyonic tiaaa of eaistenra the formatlre call Ha uatea its rill lis nu<l< us, and ita nticlaoiua lla aa<-*, aitb wondar and delight, na# ! ealia Usealopad srlthin tha old (to tn< atculobly mi* , Lota r> memoes tbut tha ai l of tu? ni-st patf ct aud p. airiui leuers ulona can enabla bira lo watch their prigseeaj- the nucleus Uleidlug tuto segments, and the loratMlcn of a ceil around each whicu then henoaat the nucisua of a nan cell, and each in lit turn tha pa- j rent of other nuclal or. the f riubtion of a granuiar : deposit betas an the Bella, In ablcb the d??elop-iueat of rsea cells 'akee place. I hot. and by ulterior changes wonderfully ail tu voter! ously under the Hat of Hmolp tehee are formed tha aieiuaalary parta of ttsauea iioin ai aud | a h deglcsl \t bare Min us, the aatl ansa (fancy, If you ran. gentlemen, tbelr tanulty ami their nan nlitEiata orgnbllatt in ) alongala and naooma an I.>111 er ill slued as 'o gira tha appeamuca of a euhlirltu n Into miiinte threads or floret. In tha muscl-a aud tisrrit tba oellt are joined and to and. aod the tuitions at iaeb aitreiutty batog rem itsd. thilr cnrtltaa c- uunuuiaafu, to that, together, tney loim a luhe or thiatb. in which tha dwpoHt ol the pr-per ii oicider or n reout ma lar taxes pta-e i Pa enialiart. or capillary, bio d eeseals, also, ara tuimid by tba eonieaceaua ol IBs walls of t-ia a-lls, not at ona or two, but at saraial punts, oatng to ihatr el i ga u.n. here md t oer? tn*-- pointed pr-ic**ses, which unite and I urn tha ramifloatiouo of tba rsteili W Y( [ORNING EDITION?TUE From minute orgnuio elements, the call* continue, throughout every period of it* existence to parform tba moat important agencies in various funotion* of the body By tbam the secretion* art separated, and tnoat of tba oritaul* processes effeoted from tba separation of tba ambryo from its parent, to tba developemeut. growth and nutrition of tba adult iodivtdual Such ia a mare allu?aon to oua of the multitu linous mysteries of animal organiiation, whisb tba aolauoa of anatomy at tba preaent day, reveal* to as, the further investigation of which is replete with interest and importance. and which it will b* your pleasing task to pursue and of which it will be your duty to acquire a thorough knowledge I might occupy yuur attention for hours In alluding only, with equal brevity, to other equally curious and important results of the reoent investigations into textural and organic anatomy The influence of simpl* transudation, of the remarkable property first described by Dutroohet. eadevssess and tfu^miisr, in effecting seoretlon and absorption; ol the singular phenomenon eulitied ciliary motion, in the transmission of flaid particles to their proper reservoirs Lo , are among the number. But I have said enough i tru t. to convince yon not only of the deep interest and value of the study, hut to show, as I originally intunded. the mlnu'euess of iuvesO.-liAn -kl-k I- * I* Ik -..J- -? - ' - - - Wt.iiu 1" \M W VII?- F*l IHIT 01 mibl<"ll V IQQ physiology at the present day. and tbe magnitude Imperfect an they yet nrn ? of itn results. If now. *? turn our attention. tor a few moment* to the present Hate of the sc.euce of ebeinl-iry. wa shall flui] that, both as It respects physiology, pathology, and therapeutics. It bait tb? strongest alalia upon our regard It ban already bean remarked that by the ap plication to It? fallowing the example of Lavoisier of weight aud measure. It hat,in a singularly short period, rea. beJ a high degree of perfection. I'raaluua to lliia time and so I n at the investigatt ?a? of its votaries were confined to inorgaulo chemistry. but little service was rendered to physiology aud pathology; but during this period, physiology baa acquired new way* and m.-tboda of tuvestiga'ion within her own provluce. l-aeful aa la tbe moat exact anatomlaal ku .wledge of tbe stracture ol the tlaauea. It osnuot teacb u< their uses; uor tbe mlnuteat microscopical i-xauiiuati the fuDcttona of organ*. Tha moat beautiful aud eleea'.ed problem which the huuinn Intellect can propoia to it-elf - the dlacoyery of the law* of vitality ?OXU11 it be |..lved without an accurate knowledge of chemical force*; and the qualitative methol which physlol igy hH? HO lcngapplicd to the investigation and removal of morbid c-vmluioua tutor-. us not a step u-arer to a knowledge of ilia former, nor to that of tbe cause* aud e-.-enre of diseases. I aeful remedlea or ill ?ie* o| treatment, might indei d be aocideutully discovered; J Jt a i at.ocal physiology cannot be fouu l.-d >>u m-re r?* t'.tou*. and the living body cannot be viewed a? a chemical ui> >rat'-ry only 1'lie great proceepee of sitiigurlcali i.i r*?pliaiiou and nutrition, ran euly be explttned with any Heinblencn of probable truth by the application to the investigation of the ifiiaiililatim nioin >d of re?earch, employed by the chemists of tha prevent day. 4l lieforv tbe time of i ,avi isier. Scheale and i'rUuUy," eat s ttia pioneer aud mu-ter spirit of the age, tbn illustrious Llebeg. " chemistry wan not mora closely related to phy-ics than she uow is t> physiology Initially fused at tbe prevent day. are c be mi* try and phv< ology, and. in anoiher half century it will be tuip?-ible to paparate tin in" It cannot ba donned I think, that by rouilnuiig tbn researches which have alrealyb'eri coinnieiici d. a new physiology, an 1 a rational pathology. both of which have already received very considerable Improvement* wiiib tha result It is true that we bare a* yet but a *e?y unsatisfactory account of the chemistry ot the healtny a id m irb;d Structures id the human body, and hat -urid as are extremely vague with regard to the inildence of remedies on the e hem leal eoiu positions of tile anno tl tissue*. Ooids. nod secretions* Nay mire we have but an imperfect knowledge of the changes to wtitch remedial agents are subject during their passage through tbn animal eoououiy. aud re--peeling tin msaus whereby therapeutic and toxic agent* are expelled tr mi toe human body but thc-e if sources of rvgrat are u >t motives of despair Weuiu-t labor on. and are, It M to be hoped now on the true path t >r the recognition of great truths; and much even ba- already been dnnv be pitreinely cwiant; th* blood is found to rare in th* noru.ui proportions < t iia coiupoueut parts in many di *aees. iu ? maimer to assist diiguoat*. and suggest both principles and nu ant ot therapiela. aud nesuy of you Know liow much hat beeti don* by oh iuioal ana lysta, in agisting in tt?o dlaguosie auJ treatiunut of that numerous class ot ca-ea which depend upon dls ease and >h rangement of th* function* of tint organs by which tint |rtai process of sjaii uiic depurations is effected th kidneyUut all the** interesting subject*. and uiiiny others connect! <1 with them, are in j.r teat* ot investigation, and a wide fit Id Ilea opt n ?h ch I raonot too strongly adrne you to assist in cultivating with ill th* ah.lit/ you limy pos-ess Iti* a plaottr" in which you may dig hotii god and goldm opinion*, with tar uiortt ea-?. saftty.aiid satisfaction, to your-tire*, thau upon lh? borders ot th* Kat'iann nto. I had intfiidtd. it*utl*ui*n to in rerlaw th* slat* nl th* other departments of chomioal science, but th* ttiHdllj advanotng finder of th* silent monitor '>n tb* tabl*. a lmniii-h<-* me to conlue m t re narks t< that nu* only, ot whieh. fur 10* i .rty tire yeara, I hat* bin tn ardent. and I hope I may, wl'.hout rani'y, aay. not au un*uece?stul cultivator Of tb* present state of hi* art the surgeon niay. Indeed, be proud, w be her he looks to tb* rotitciouaneaa and humanity with which it is practised ? to th* soli nre to which It. is r*dur*d -to the spl-ndld triumph* In the rtlief ot suffering humanity which It ael'leres - to the perfect! n of its arm mi nh iu n, In whioh thanks to the c lublned Ingenuity of the surgeon and tlie cutler th* most Ingenious lusrruui*nt.s tray be foUDtl. to elleet and facilitate I he performance rl the moat deiiial* and difficult operations in surgery. It hen he reflect* upon the accurate knowledge cow possessed of the r*!a'i*e anatomy o| tb* b >dy aud the eonaequent Ufjti-titjr. nruiue-a, aatetjr, una *uocc*?, wM<h kn imparted la th ? operator and lh> operation ? upon the help* tothe attainment ait tbi* lndt*pen*abl? Knowledge tbieli now ab>unj and of which It nit) not be amir* to mention the great work* of the Co par* an I of Velpeau the drawing* of (|ualn of Morton, and, lately. of Maoll*?. which I cannot racooiiuanil to your rut tea In teini* too flat.trrtng a* uhatituloa I >r th? not aiwat* pieint cmlarer anil, l?*tly. upon tha man who have distinguished lh"iii*alva? iu It* oultlraiI >n, and of whom too many, ala* ' eewn In our own dar. I arc rested from their philanthropic labor*, and laft tut th" name which wa re?*r?no* and tha "?l >ry whiab halowait thafjoopira II r-tow Key.' olle:, aial had, Bera-td iJefleohach. Claudln and in <>nr own c intry the Immortal i'h\*ick Po?', r?hb, (ai d a h -t of other brlahl particular elan, whom it would b- w??y to cnunierata the heart of the anrg on await* with pilda, a* h? rot, template* tha pti anl po*ltlou of hie actruce. Hut. gentlemen tbara I* a blgli-r glory wren than thaaa, wbloh may be l>oa*ted of In rotiwanti u witb -ugery at tba pre etit day. and wblla I rajolea with pa riot o pride that It wa< the production of ih Inewntlrc ganlu* of wiy own countryman, I cannot but blu-n at the marcanary rptrtt in which It wa* tir*t a"empted to he <> fined wltli n tha re.-iticlioti* of a patent, for tha beaa.1t c I an Individual. It I* tha pi ry ot our "Clenae to opan It- mean* < f relief to suffering humanity ? to all ? and ?e. k only In the proud eoawion neu of having erraed It nod merited It* gWllllld* A r I'* reward I allude gentlemen ofeoura*. to the Introduction of anesthetic agent* In the piattic* of surgery. and kinoe the diaeorary of t!,a I mm rial Itnner. nm? mor? useful or ut,l*rr?ally bene Boial baa. I venture to <ay, rawardad the eea?ele?* a.fort* < f th* votary of medical acianca, toward* nllaelatn.g human auflering I hey baaa di-armed aorgary of It* greatest horror Tha paIfenf wraoped In a gentle aluuitn-r d ? am* peihap* t na wbll* of tba klla-a* of heaven; wot a libra a'artg to dia >mpoaa or en.barra-a tha op-rator, or diva t. hi* kuila. In It* caution* coura* bat<?**n life and death. I*ha wot difficult di**actton t* effected In perfect tran j lilllty. no* a cry aacape*, to dl-treaa li,* sympathising apeclator and tha victim awake* at the clown, t > tbn tardy hut rapturou* cooaciouane-* that hi* di**a-w h*? been remote,I, and LI* agr ny par. d Humanity ha* n* greater ttlwmph than at the moment ttio patient diacotera that all b* ha* dread'd f- r no o'h* a'l that baa made hi* day* wretched and hi* nigbt* sleepier* ? lik. I*? ? n n< kiiifiil vilki.ut hii rnntffi tn *aMi fi I vi'h. tint a pang; no (nt'fr reward than hi?tn'fol * nil? of iritiiuilr and at hi* eaetpe fr in |.eln and Btnt} lliri-lbto ioditil la th- ?ar(??n pr nd and the patient grateful Wa cett-i t, gentlemen, It >h unm-crt u|"w thi* crowning gl^ry and merey of onr art- up'.n th* attainment of Uiii, Ita inwg cbertahed deaidetatum I h?t? performed 11 p n the per* n? > f the tmilir young. op> ratioua <f megnt'ule. which, Without the aid of aka atln ?to. I daiail net t<> liare a', tempted, and when I reflect up- n ttia Mo id wh.oh I Para ?h?d. and upon the ettffertog I hare tnllie't-d I M, In wHaeartng the palo-deotroylog influence of nhlnroforia that I hare lired long eo-u-td, aoil could alinoet exeioitn with the prophet? Lord, lut Mteet thou thy acrrant depart In peace fur nine ajar hare aaan th) miration " I could ray mtrr gentlemen but I aotiM ant hare raid lee* upon thin ruhjact, which to aS-?rb* injr thought* and aiettee my grateful admiration Nor tia?a I wltneMed la my many applleitltut of a-i i-ttbrtia the hrtt cau-e for dr ad of it* ? > *(U'ii ?* And la the eoa?olniiMi*** of It* happy lain- anaa mj we not at length exclaim fth' amgery, wh-te lathy pting' oh pain, wbira I* thy elotory' I to ratert, gt-ntlr men only f ir a inoniaot to two er three feature* lit ct.r pre ant plan ut iu- li *al education t? which, In aketchlog li* *d<anUg*e. i wwly paaelngly alluded Not the leaet Rtrlhing feature in It I* t.h" e*tnhi1*hmeat In the yarloua uiadiaal eoh-tol-, of the au rail* I i hale i mioeiieing in tin* city a t-w year* af t. I'- I* now in auocatelui upriati'iw la both the college* ami in luith ha* o"*1ee< to a dig re Of o>n<*|ueiu M ? rehrail of prac'teal medicine m l *org?ry of your m rioo* atteiitinu It I-a u- rel an I ni-iet lote-'N tant feature In nodical eduohllon. and lie It au |? ?rally adoptd thrt ugbuut the uie.tlael echo >1* - f tile I nln*. One cllalral lecture with the patient before y hi la worth a trore t.f laeture* lu cour a an-l aa Alia* of delineation* It I* the ho<>k of natuia ah p?g#? yow can f arotr for ir-ur-aire* I our profe-*or loterr ?<a n the pnttenl hefi-re >ou point* out to ?ou t i* igit'.lraa< a of hi* r> pile* tarestigot** hl? dl*e**" aoj d*lalla the leeulle e| hi* lne<-tlgotl"n d -duoe- hit u ra coticlU'lt-n aa to Ite nalttre and treatment and a >-nniunlcatea to yow the ground* of hl? >1 duct I or deecttbee and aiplaina the tmptnn*. and p tut* out. to yon the etr<?? iato ohtan y?u may tall to t ia|r eetituatl- n and ta the eunpariaoo with ? >ng- nr. ton* anea?. (ha minor op-oa'ton* of eu g*ry, tun are pattnrmed In proMiic* ot the el? * ttf the tneatimehia adrantage* of ?uoh a ?)*taiu ot truly beoeide and ptaettcal loetraa Ion, your own e?-o on n etnee AH-t eoetly pereoado yow I hope to 0rati yoo aieaye attentlra to tnl* deportment of your e< *die*

which a* It deeoiee* upon me in the nrgaalxv >a of thi* inetitutlon to atteaj o, I *h*U eptre nn porn >RK I SDAT, OCTOBER 30, 184 to make lntvreetlog and ln?'truotiT* to yon Parmlt nia to ri'coniuoDd to you, alio.Ki tho strungeit manner, au attendance upon our exoellent City Hoapital, the Bellevue Hoapital, and tba Kya in Urinary la tba former, with all the advantage* of a college clinic, accept, perhaps, tba ooploosnea* of inatruatlon, which neither time nor clrcuui*tanca* will peraiit, you hara opportunitiei of beholding more earlou* caae* of dlaaaee which cannot, be brought before you here?of following and famlliariting yourselves with the actual bualnesa of the rick room-of watching from day to day, the operation ef disease and oiediolna?of comparing car ex of the name disease - of witnessing the mora erioua operation* of aurgery, and the *ubaei|uaut treatment of tba wounded .And the mrthodut you will And to be conducted there in all the perfection of modern ecience. by able and rkltlul men in both it* departuftwU whose active e.terliuiis in the causa of clinical teaching rit your gratitude and respect; ami who will b < ever ready t<> contribute tbalr uttermost to your inetruutiou anil advancement In the lubrmary. you .will, to peculiar advantage see eTery variety of disease to which that beautiful ami delicate-that useful, but. alaa' susceptible organ. is liable; and the remarks j which I bare juet made relative t> the teachers of the I hospitals apply with equal justice to the two able an d , auilable meu and skilful surge >ui who attend to Its ! duties. One subject yet remains, lu relation to which It is my duty to offer you. in passing, my most solemn ad j rice. I refer to the duties of Nuorosnopio eaa uluation i.e who would attain to eminence in his profeesiou.* as a dinguostician sud practitioner tudl-ease ? he especially who would renture with safety to hie owu reputation, and to the lives of hi'patients to ensounlrr liriug parts with the scalpel and boldly and sately penetrate into recesses where tile error of a hair's bismith would let out life and tame together, ou the in-tent. cannot dare not negleot this tudispcnsahle study. No plates however accurate and truthiul are substitutes lor the actual cadaver Aud now is the tiuie tor study? material Is ample, and demonstrator* aide. Hereafter, both time an l op. portunity will fail you and upou the foundation which you ca-ry heuce. you must hereafter depend. Look not to tlie drudgery?the loathsomeness ?the dauger of the pursuit; hut engage in I. with the resolute eagerness of a Blcbal, a licolard. or a liodiuau; and atsil yourselves of every opportunity, duriug y ur sojourn here, to perfect yourselves in ics minute, i details. I his you will never regret but bi*t?rly. tu ?st bitt'-riy, you uisy deplore tlie loss of time idled and opportunity i allowed to pase by unimproved If by chance, any I limig iu tlie surgical can er of him who now a I you a career now drawing to lis close - has over eg. ! cited your approbation or stimulated your ainbiti >u, ; it melt, her that he tells von thelitis by this untiring | devotion to practical anatomy that his present posli lion ha* been attained V* a h gacy, he leaves teyau ' the advice, "go ami do likewise ' , Yoi OrvTi oits. Rtciirsts or Mantciwi ? Y'ou are here us-einhled to pursue your professional ! studies Many have lilt hspoy homes at great dieI tauces hence, have left the teioier care anil watchful : guardianship of aifeotlooate parents and fiteud*. and hie now In thn very ml l-t of the pleasure* and temptation* of the gayest the greatest ?need I add the wicki edcht city of (he in ion fleasure will spretl her ereij loll ?vice offers to you every allurement to beguile yea from t he path* id virtue and the pursuit of stony. See. I entreat you that you be not deceived. I.isten not to the voire of the t-motor and bsw.sre her , nisree Many of you come hither amply, perhap- t >o anii 1 y provided with means of embracing her oilers g?e thai you do not become h-r Vienna Others again have treocited largtly upon the scanty hoard win h he* leeii piously hiirliauded to ruahle you t pur ut jour studies to a succssSlul issue lie member, each of you that it was uot to lavish it upon vicious tudulgrio es I r idle enjoyravnts. thai you are thus lib-rally eudowed It is not gentlemen, in the theatre, ?r the hilliard-r nm-it i* not In vain psru-llcgs along our principal thorough tar- wW o you should he Imbibing firm the line et vour teachers the knowledne wlileh I* to tnaka >ou uaatul and bonoml l<- in aftar \ ftn tl ia not tu rtotoua conviviality wiihthaui -I pa tad ami tha fiirolotn tar, far (aaa, ia it iu tha pur-uic af y callad plaaail'aa of avan a mora d RrdOinx dun^arou-*, ai d ItrltUMbU licantlnuani ? t hat acumen ia tu be acquired and liar trophiaa obtained. 'I ha tima ? hioli ia uo* waited will nayar b? raRiiliiad. Ilabita of indilfaiaDca to etu ly. and of aaoaual indulpane* now acquired. will narar ba aradu a'?d; an t upon Ilia direction of your to, liita now d panda your Intor* heppiua** ainineiica, and yueocM *'iuat aa til* twig la bri.t tlia traa'a Inclined " It depend* upon youraelyoa whether you Intra there baila uiltgeut atud?nta and accuinpliabed gentleman, or idl?, ignorant, and diaaipatt d pMillt<atee. diaari dlta alike to youraelvea, your ftlanda. and your prof, m.1. ii ?* bather you will c -in'nrt and rejoice, or boat tha anxioua heart* of tbma who Intra rant you with ao mauy regret*. dla<|ul< tudaa. f? ara. and foreboding*. tu a diatauce from home. upou tha uncertain enrage of Ufa If. I*ka l'lyraea you atop your aura to tha muaie of tha aiyren*, and p I Ida ?l rod ily aloud Cxi an your r yat ouly upon tha Colar Mar <<( duty aa you atarr your eouraa. you canuot ut arrtra ruMy at tha htn-n of doin-atio joy?uf pararenal happinaia and protaaaional auaoaaa. lauia but to ll>tan to thalr t-mptluR atraln*, ab?ndou tha balm hot for a moment In tha dalialoua extacy which they a telle In your unwary aoula, and you ara loit' \ our bark ia initantly wbirlad upo.i tha breakara, ami youraaivaa ca?t captive on tbair aburea, Win tiaa eacape la difficult or iinpoaalhla Suffer, then, I entreat you, u > #u h lo'lu-nce* to allora you troni tlie Manly purauit of tbat knowledge whlan it la tha object of your coming h'ra to obtain. Tha Innocent enjoyment* of aoctal intaannuraa arm, duilog the session uiu-t dh sparingly indulged ant <>Lly a- tar a* health and relaxation reoulre The in?ata 1 ingesta <>f tha day. must be a?-mi I a ted in the irt' ring, interrupted only by the period of alecp. which i? necessary for the recruiting of the vital and intellectual t.r<. a It has been beautifully and truly raid by oua who was hlm?elf indeed aaai'tu/ and a atudanl, Tn lessor A p >? !? that science and aoclety are not comI alible, and ha who would emIwade the one uiuat abandon the other If you would heboid the result* of such I constancy, penult me to ofler him to you a? a model 1 lie tnat approaches to knoeleiigieara rough and tollat tin ; hut soon the path la smoothed, new object* of Interest tin every stile Invest It ?to advance become* imperative to retrial Impossible, ail the distant world fad>s rapidly tufore the glorious vlala which opens to tlie eonteniplation of the enraptu-ed phll cipher. Tress on, theu geutli tnen eagerly; do not look hvak or yi ur t.uiydice escapes; and test ??aored, tnat th- glided saloon, niis d with the frivolous and the vain has no charms to compare at h the ijulat eaootaiti of the phi; loss phi r. who sits. ' the world (omening by the world forgot ' wrapt in the luvcatigatieu of soma great injratery of death n. I be idle pit asurea of the world ara fleeting nod satiate '1 he pleasurea of the man of science oteaJlly iu Ctea e 'the appetite grows wi<h what it feeds on and Its enjoyments af* ineahaustlble I here la no as lung if I he In ad and heart upon the morruw. u i corrupt ion ol the mtiid, no deterioration of the b dy I speak now of study .prudently and rationally pursued It is my duty to caution yen ay iltist that too argent and Intense pursuit if atudv honorable Indeed but dangeron which robs the night ol the huu'f ehlch should be giviulo repose, levers the cheek atid emaciates the ! lisuie. And yet how v nerable the re'ly greve of the ( scholar how gloilous his epitaph ' II >w vile the fate if the slugpald, the libettlue. or the sot nt men b'eparati d as you are from your natural guatdiai a and adviser , your professors stand to you I In tec |arsvo s*; and It Is In thrir na'aea. as the representative if the lutere-t they have la y oir welfare, not Isss then from my neu most aid- n desire for your escape frt in trmptath u and tri m a misuse of your praefoua flu e and ippo-tuni y that we idler you our counsel ai d entreat lor it your r- pectfnl eon-id-ratu n hvvsrenee virtue and pursue bar pa hs of plea: ellipses and peace; esc he? vine and idhaese surt"ui,in d as you are on every side by their sedootlon*; cultivate slimy with asidulty and y ur reward Is c?rtam Sumho, fame UvmpcteoU*. the r epi-el au I c nhdsbce if ) or Ml' w- domestic hii,o-? . aud the (i rtli or|H?lMll),t?IK )mi ri'M W the r re aided ?l> thaea the liull# of jo?r o?<?lime; and ifif d? tnai I i t am fi inUia i it to yi'ii it punetuil attendance on Ik* kelirn n| ) utir profvun.r- >mr k" tln^nt fr m th? m #se? pt Inun l.lino* * *< * inatitabla n-?-?>ity: I mri In* bahit ol u-glen' one* engendered ?HI r. od< r't in ti-> be .i.eut an I ad (UN s.hingla m ra dleenuraglnir and di-ie-pee tui I" a teacher t un t find hl? tii- ruction unheeded h) * | >I<) y'rn log, ai d ah'tlBCtcd rla*? He com la in lo ihi '? illj.iiid tana* another. atol enff t no para al d. ,u?l ? to mar ti e I ainu B) ut one eociai and prof.-a in* re m -n A tin I'd a liaii'l of br? thri-u a?a-?leiad la th* putau ' ?f a ci 111Bu n i l jn t. tl.aie .h?aid be ao aunt n| harmm f H Il?et at lily lit up -u hat y haee ? a'd durlru i ha d.) . Irtlil?* it in >our an I III It im-re >>j a ti ! n ae* to your n?t?* and i al'liatn lb- frniciy only of three ?h t? hiH'? of rturly and n Orelloc arc enugenal ?i h your nan aim..- an an are ut.impea. o?b'?. in fie pi?acy of yi ur a| ai t mania a?r id lei anion* and Iteentl'iu e oieer. ta.liiu. ai d Utyur Ink ha upon tha ?uh ?et? of )iinr a nataa. I W'a iba.a you can ? aaailaa ae ano r and I h In anocab and protualil- tiii-cu- dona, Which wlil . uiuab to )uiii ' nu< ament. and to Ita In ymir I mil 4* t tin rIlai Ipla. ? ,4 da alia ?f tl.a aco ueec '?r you B ay Id d it eon n.i i In your ndeaiifage to t alu fil your.eiae* ?|ih th? ntB*.- of *n-na r pa liable praoptor. r with d ata at iluooiai in?tiu?ti"n whn-h. during tha ain-rr. ? alou*ly and aiily d ??ta theirnvleee to the inctiucllun of ptu.ient* I'r mure the l>-? texttux he in inli eubjeot. and e fe* good in a-graph* of r> i nt daii ita.. a ith a g. <-d wiir t a .au-ml nl put it- a i ll *uf 0" fr.r your library lu lha c .inuiaac* mailt of j nr atudtaa; and If ynu m l mat* I a-n n ot h.?arill< dige.t thaaa, your lornial diet vi I ba ml#cimily full. I aa about to eay that thaea vera the only h>ob?th?t yin ili mi] raad Itut I had forgo tan rnara la ana a blab I h pi you will ran i a p >rtlou of fr- .(neatly and a Inch "ill u.aka you nlra unto ral.stla Do i ot rtudy n he it .bbatti nit day* aee enough lor mental aa veil aa bodily labor Dv?otn the ??eoth to.anoua raaoing add dorotional duiie* and r**? ?? eured that a .Inanely .pirlt I. tha ?.ry beat an I fttf.rt il ai y-ii ran carry a pur tut" the pr-pa a ma for. o. tho prioaautli:a ot your .acred au t ???l *n duty -I im tnimlntiial r lha niliylli't of religion vim the dull** ot the doctor, ooitar prop i rectrleiti aa ih-ial* much byp-aui.y abroad on ihb? ?un J.rt ; but the iruly I nriauan ph. dolan I.I neeer lha vvr-e for rtleiitly IB" h'oa a blearing on tbn mean* ha . i*| I- ya aud will find many an wca?n.n for .ay I k a word in to tha e<>na> latlon mid adiilnv lion ol hie laiiant and th-> arc til of hi* p ila.-oou. - . ilianl atudb * hare been i bun, ht t > la id to in i lalu.y. But thla, I a-.ura y-o I. not nb>e??ary do/, ibn *?ty ; letcrt*. la lru?. and Ihrra l.ara kern rtry uiai> truiy IE R A 9. ; i | religious and orthodox physicians, who hava ably ! maintained the truths of Christianity, and Illustrated 1 their happy influent* In their own persons Of these, the eminently learned Dr. J. Maion Good wat one. and ! our own Uodman another. Never acquire, or abandon at once If yon haveac* quired it. the habit of profane swearing The use of totiaeco la an uncleanly, unhealthy, and very axnen1 iive habit, which by uo means contributes to the suai cess ot a physician in your conversation, habits, pursuits, and manners, ' never forget that you ought to be geiitletneu. and men of iuteltert : preparing seriously to eiercise oreditabiv, a nmmentons, anl most respectable calling A veld therefore, all degrading ainnsetuenta. and In every place and action, behave with decency Avoid, a so. all peculiarities of appearance, especially those external embellishments. a? they are most falsely considered, which savor of foppery, and indicate a little mind, more apt to be flattered by the notice of the foolish many, than gratified by the approbation of the judicious few lis ?,.l -! ?? . ?s l? outward attire ape neither tin- extreme of fa.thlon. nor oppoee it to Mngularlty I'h? iuite milutt in (ho nut, and a lober gravity ia the color of a sarumat. be?t be01 nm the senMble and ingenuout youth, who ia about to explore tic ui> Bterle* of Nature'* greate*t handiwork. the living nrganitun and lit Iiiui<-lf for the reeponMble dutie* of the healing art. [In oourteoua to all without nervility decile to luatruntion .and even to merited reproof, whi n kimily intended -reapeotful to thoae who arn planed in temporary authority orer you. and whoae hand* and dim-lpline you uiuat atienirthen by your good conduct and example. If you would deelre to eee the duties of your Aluia Mater crediiahly und protitahly pertmined And now my young friend*, alter thanking you for the pattetiee with ? hioh you have liatened to my well meaut lint perbapa eoiuewbut tedi< U* admonition*, permit in* to < Hi r you. in uiy own name and that of the faculty whom I represent our congratulation* at your eafe arrival, and to expre** the pleasure we feel iu eeelug you again with u( Heat assured t ha' we -hall apare no pain* for your advancement in your studies anil that lu nickimi and adverioiy .if it ehould overtake you. you will find u* faithtul friend* nitr e* aud pbynictaus Let u* a?*? nilde on the appointed day we to teach and you to learn all reeolutely determined to do our duty to the uttermost; and niey the trrvat l)i-p i**r of event* b'ues our enterprise, gt v* u* alreugth and health tor the pt r h nuance of our several duile* keep yo i pure and holy iu the midst of tmnptatiou. and ineltnn your n.ludx to a i ight di*po*al of jour ineaii* aud time May fie pro.aper your undertaking*, and in good time tor tire for you the fulttluient ot all your h >p?* aud ai'tlcipatiopN ot eiiooe** iu your pr< t*,eioual career 'l he tlrlivciy of llii* intereeling, U*.?rin (J, arid itinti uciive diecoiiref, Mil* frequently iiitrrrit|tted hy the toiiil ttppluiiee of the uumctou* cumpiny. W'h- ti the doctor *..t down, lie mm* again tir etc il M iili loud clu eiiritt aud undiaaeinhled approbation tind rpphiuec. The rnumra tif lecture* to cornii t nee thi* d* v, M ere then announced to the Hui'ciiU hy Dr. 1 lioknon, mxl the meeting hroltc up. Common Council. lie* m> or Alio* mi* (I, t "'W ? lauie* K oily, K?<| , President, In the I ha r I'ha tuluuteaof tbu previous nitotit g *?.? read and approved Ketolved 'i'liet thet ompf roller h* d'reoted to report the increase ot salaries. since the Hlh dav of viay. alto, the amount ol money* < xpended lu cleaning attests, Min e the year lHdh. to the yreseut time. Adopted Taxing of .Ve" HmuUnlt ?A revolution w*? offered by the I'tssldri.t of the hoard tettiug forth that our citlnn* for the support of polie* lamp* and g t*. tire di I e-tno rt e . am levied upon hy taxation heavily, which call* fn a pr< rapt and deciMve a<-tton. hy which the rum It ay he eijualisrd Thi* ran b? done, on application to 'he next Legislature of thi* State lor the passage of a law tor the levying of taie* on ail per?on?l property within the city and county of .New York, whether uon re?ldunta or otherw i, e at I I hat t he u i mlier* ot t h. Senate and t--e.ii bly It III llil* olt> a" rmjueated hihI expected will uiaka rt?lt inwlon li<r Ih* mnotiuiint o( au.ih law It was , Mulvril to prepare a auilabtc memorial to ho pre-ented ' In t ho next legislature The A Idnrnian, in the support of lilo reaoluthm. addretaed th? board with a briof but round argument The Alderman pre.en'ei the following atatn-tlc*. showinp the expenditure! for the laet fl?o )o?r?, froiu which the nrni re?ldeoU are exerupt:-*-Alma llnu?e, (I KWliS# 11 ; Count* ConttnH-ncies. 73*fi '4.'!4 :i2 , cleaning atroota, 7S7ft.7tH7t; |)i 'In and Mipv. 74'44 .'i4U It; Hre Department.. 7'4il . 67-7 (V: l.atupe audi tat 7Ub3 U'4'4 (*t?, Pollao 7'4 lit) u7d '44; bopalir a ml Supplies. f'iPd'bO 27, Kogds and Aeennes, 71111 t.h.'l 7? ; Street hxpeiiaes, 7.331 2*4A OP ; Salaries, 71 .176 7b-'l 91; Ofttoers' l-ees, 71U4.U60 63; Common Schools tl.4M.Ul ii Thorssolutlontanaadopted I'm ing fund The I'resldcnt oil-rod a proambla ai.d reaolnibn for tb* purpoaa ol' e-tahliehing a I'aviriK Pond,'' to th? amount of 7.M 0 IH I), to bo applied anuually In run" tor paring tho principal thoeoughfares of thi? city * lib n;unro blocks of granite lu llou of cobbl# atoaee, and to raiao tbi? loud It ia prop nm.I lo apply the fund* now received for stage haca. eartmen* and erciee liri aaoa, to defray tho iot> re?t annually ou auoh aoiootit to bo withhold from tlia sinking fund and to be applied to I hi* purpose, and to petition the legi.-daturo tor tho eetabli-hmetit of auoh fund Adopted /iijitoirmmli on Hlatktetll't hlaml ?Tbeapoclal commiller to wboui ?a< referred tho comuiiinlaatton from tho tioremnr* of the Alma' House, re'attre to certain Improvement* and repaira on the puhlto building* under their control report a- follow/. Ilepatring nuraery building* f'idhO; Ice houaa, V'OO; fouco 74.470, dock, $. 6 Alu.-' Ilou'e Waehhouee 7>1 "06; balcony.71 .'400; {minting Ve . 71 '460; barn 7'00 I caitentiarv -Cookmuse IM0, deck. fMwu; and that each repair and ilnproti no nl bo made in accordance with the plan* auburn t<d to the < mvern' ra I he report ??< adopted .lid K'lly oj lit 6ih H ard ?A petition was ollerod by A Idersiati .4 lien of the Mb ward, in bebkll of 1'hoa. I'urnin ot No 7-1 Orangs etreet. claiming a rriuuneratlon of Minie 744 for the to*a of a leeer watch, gold *o?| cud guard chain in con eijuence of an allcg-d illegal din herge of a mall oalledltwon (loyle. h? Aid Kelly, ot lb# llih watd. who wea then, and at that time arreted and detained III I he I', til ward station house on tie charge Hn*l? ?aa liberated from nil*tody and made hie recape. and now Mr Duruitt inoke redress by pi tub n to the 1 oitinion Council f -r the value of enld pr< p'-riy liMvlnp loot the eunio In coneoi|iictice of the Ibiel being dirrhaipi'd by oue of that body whereby the petitioner bar been defrauded out or hlr property, ?U(i tba pe-ople h ruhi-ct lor tin- Slate pil-on Tha petition *? it fined to the i ouimlttee on La<ra. JlUrrfnon h'-lly uarf Paving Somra ? Alderman K?llv. of tlie Gib ward. ofl-red a reemutloo tor the rnu ml ( f the Itrtin l-t ot paving hIhiim rm? loCtgln itrrrt bit ween IglliOBy ltd UuMld ilrrata I'he Vldel man rore and rtat?d that the n a on why he wanted them removed war Iroiit the (act that tu?y uow wera exactly oppuwlte the poll of one of the election riletrlet*, and that on the da* of election he wa- fearful a nne ot the bnyr might u-wtliem to fight with (Laughter.) ? therefor a be moved to have them removed before tha elect Ion. to P.I m eliwet, rear el the I ml>? itMrtJU /HeII no tid ae an auientla rut. to have the atone* re movrd to the rear ot the Park Alderman W ehli inoreii to have tin in pieced In the ar enal ) aril. (l.aiwli<*r ) Another ald-m an roee and laid that It eat the street It rpectoT * hu-lioe* to remove the atone*, and It waa el?o the duly of the rltv to provide eomw -uitilile plate that he might put tie in I ha tie lutlon w** Cua ly adopted, ae off-rod by the aldermen It will appear, hy the aboe* re-..lutlon that the al(! rnnn i? about. and on the lookout for I'ua day of gill werk There etonea It leraid are l icattdon P'-eita f'< ut.d and to | lace th> re Inndy election- ertng >?l* h? it. no re <|ual for ting. It I* de> uied prudant toivuiira them to the rear rl the fomt I / oohncaf Ury/e /Vcrni if ? A re-olution war olf--rei| and | iWnl aolhoritiwit the I omptrnl ae to p wy tldO, to datiM the funeial eap- n-ea of the lata Lieut u- yle. owe I? the better attarhed to the \?ff 1 ork It-giio-nt cf Voluateera frn^i'urn af llie Art I nion. to attend an exhibition cf |antlr>ga. Acer pled bni.ut in Hr l.f tn'a Itrn ? An invitation from it. Ilaniigti n to Tieit Daniel iu tb-< Lion a Den An ep'rd f'rnriew of Krg'nef o No R to b? all-w- I an a Idlti<i al number otuien Keferred ta th- hircD paitHi< nt f'difin of .lame* P'nrey. f?f a't?nd of eighteen tierlllgl l f the Son-nit I tee In relation to the e niter d r- a' r 1 the r r f aid-, man and ae-l*'aot aid-- .era wt the 1 laientb ward |i*. lictened to Ilia I oiaulilaa 00 I ItiBiina. Hif?il to famr of eonaurrng alih th* r?-n|u(i?n to r* |'*tr t I V ' No 4ii and III rrpoirinK tbn h')iaM uf raid eoupany ft'ut tutf Cuntrifrt ?A rrmlotlno p?a <1 iB'tatan1 g tl board f Wt- ont \ il> rmi'D nirio . a < oiTa-'t for ftttirn y??r- to tha Nan \ org lla- I.tub' oruniny, ( ilurimb ibr ntv oith ll^ht It pr !><> 'I t > an* nil In thta b<ard; tbla l>ol In a fog dl-aua inn It Cic uWI t nl tin rlineltd m no MtlrMt tnuld be p*a??d tliroapb tx.tto lloaida on th? aaniu amuiug Laid <<u tb<" tatdn. hilling I'lait JnT lt? thruMrd IVunlnfl ? A ra<lult< h *Ba i Itarad. fi t th? purpura of pn ahr Ing a f-I t f |ri oa d In tba fifaatini ??t' no-tait t !? apprnyrta'ad Inf tbn dftno il Nan I nrh Vilnoiwr" Itatdnd 'I hat a r 111u IIInn h? appolnta! to fapogt on thaaubJirt and Cldarn.t n lla*a, Jaoiiaon ami Hard up polotart that r mtuition. I ha board auji uruad until Belt Monday naak, at b o'clock Foilii or Iwnrtmi Thi Hoard m?t at, flaa oVtak r >l. I n til i i r--l'iniit, in ihn clialr, aud a <|>ioturn of n tinbnra in tbair p'ama /> in nf il H'ONiai I li? mlnutoi of tha pracadlng uniting orri iaad and nopiortd I'miIiiMI-A null.lot nt p. tlt|n|t? wara praonlol and BI pti pi I Bin IJ mf. mod Among tham una tti m dn N?? I't ny llaliroad i.Mpanf tor prtallrga tn I It'till pitta No. Ill an I la \ |< Hafarrad ( Coinlull In i n Vt liarraa ' iar? and t lip* tli'ln Iimdiy patron* lo hut* tlraat Inn** ?lra?t, fn in l.alajrtta I lain tn Boaary light d ollfi fat. Ha taf tad ftp at! nnf I' rmmiiirtn nnrl fiiaataittiiiiiu rhtfoil mlltna 01 N'iva'a taiatrtad tn taaur of fanning aaoaut lota tMtaa>n llrd and Bar id an nuaa. and holattn thirty fnuiih and hiity alghth rifrolt. with an ordl I port tharrfiC Kbport aoaoptod limf a o ni't'aa in fkrot t npnulng. ragulBi'hg and gin ing I luriialh niratt. bntaiau tha Saooint ami I'btrd atai.uta I ha i oirmittt a on Hnanaa. of thla Board raportad In fbt. r of myti.g tha aldarno-n and Baalotant aldaCnian (till bning i bn an ount of axpan-a Inanrmd hy main lo n coring thnit r? apni-tiga >i aia nliii h aara omtagtad nilof tha all etl n I h- paper orlgtaatnd In, and pan ad tha timid of ildipman I'hu n mrd concur Brj it at tiia t ouiuniua on btraata, in taror of pat LD. TWO CENTS. ing Twentieth atreet, front Klrat to .Second avennef, with an ordinance therefor. Adopted. Committee on Finance. in favor of aomlirrring with the Board of Aldermen, in the ordinance to pay Contractor* money due them. Concurred In. Tha Committee on Itoada, In favor ot regulating thn Eighth avenue from? Ifty-elxth to 108th street. Concurred In Alao. to macadamize, inatead ot paving Sixth avenue, from Korty-aeeond to Fifty, aeveath atreet Alao. to regulate and grade Eightieth atreet, from Second to Third avenue Concurred in. The Committee on Sewer*, in favor of concurring with the Board of Aldermen In reeolution and enliDauce for aewna In Fifth avenue. Irom Twenty-eighth to Twenty-ninth atreet Concurred in Of i omnnttee en Wharvea, in favor of concurring with the Board of Aldermen In reeolution to grant their privilege to build Fait atreet and grant thw wharfage to the pi-menu bo building. I nncurred In. The l omuiltiee on Perries reported hi favor cf granting ferry privileges to < ap'aiu Ullss, to run a ferry boat from the toot ot Sixteenth street, F. It , to (draaa t'olnt for ten yearn, at Hot) per year Adftptud omaunlcatious from the Street ('omcilmioner enclosing eetimateR and contracts for regulating grading, and Retting ourb aud gutter stone*, in several streetc. Confirmed. The < o.nmit'ee on Polioe, Watch and Prisons, In favor of paying tlertln Van .Noetrand for Injurie* sustained by hitn while aiding. at a policeman, in suppressing a riot In the Hr?t ?ard. on the 17th ot August last Tha report was adoptsd. and $300 named a* the sum to bn appropriated fiamlh* Hoard of Jildrt *nrn.? By oonenrranc* with tie lloetd of Alderuien. the following I nape- ton ot s.lectlviie wen- appointed LowU Teal l)anl--l llowley. (>eo Palmer. Jauiea Knglish. Win L>. Sbardlow. T. Spencer Kirby. Wui II Jausen. Samuel It .VlahMt, Archibald I). < oehrao and < baMes Fleioher. of tha I Mid ward, ThouiaR K Sutton of Seventh ward, Daii i 1 11 aw ley. nt eighth ward. Iloratlo Heed, of Teuth w?id; lieo \V King and r.dui ud ulvtngnon, of Seventh ward. Wm i Lie its Geo vlirrltt and H?ujaml? Pelttt ot Sixteenth ward ?nd otln-ri All the appointments originated iu the Hoard of Aldermen. Seveial resolution* to light streets with ga< having passed the Hoard of Aldarinen. came up in tin* Uoaid i'i r conrurri-now, and were releired to on Lumps and itss Pi -.-lved, That sevi-tal lamps bo placed in MarketHeld street as soon as practicable ( oncurred Iu 1 his Hoard couoiirs wnb the Hoard of Alderuien ia the resolution to light North doors cteeet with gas A rveolutl n was offered in refer.-nee to repairing buildings under the sup- rvision of the ten goveruors of I lie Alms House The resolution was r-fsrrd to tha l ouiuiiseinner n Kvpa-rs and Supplies. whois to report to this Hoard the estimated expends. he ports f i iommilive on street* In relation to paving Tweoty-six h street, regrading Korly-secoud street, (lagging side walks iu i'wreuty-fifth street, altering giade of Thirty-niuth, Fortieth, Forty first Fortyseoond. Forty thud and Forty-fourth streets, and also of the Hret avenue, fr-un I flirty eighth to Forty fourth street ; paving the Seventh avenue; regulating and grading Seventeenth street, betweeu Flisl a-id Second ? vi hue, paving Fortieth atreet All n ferrud to Cumtnltlni on .Ntie* is. bf Ibis hoard Htooluhom ? i hat Crosby etn-et. hat ween Howard | and fiiand etr> et he liglitii 1 with gas fteferred. To extend t ier No 1H North lliver 310 feet. Rcfeind to' ommiT'ie i? Wharves Piers and Slips. Assistant iIJeim hi Su n rs.vAv r i-Ifored a preambln and re>< lutn ii iu relation to railroads The following le the reeolmlon Hesolveu That It be refern d to a special committee to iinjulii- ii to and r- p rt upon the expediency and pripinty if memorialising the legislature t> grant .......1,-1... ?.. v. ? .1 -? -s.i- -- ? order and direct the a >t. u-inn or widening of Wait Mrxtinto Ilia North Kivar from th? Uatiery upward*, to I La extent of leal iu or ler that kiltlte.ent rooat H ay I.a than by afforded to b tug rani roa l> (ra lrna |e) Into tba lower part of tbe cl'y t ir the coiiveuionou of tha tratikhtpuiattt ot proline* brought thereby ThtrtMlutlia with a prianhla win U prefaced It, wua adopted Mini vieearr Hturteraut, i htpinau, and III-1 lb no Wala appoint! il "aid c < in t' t- a ha-nlrait. I'bat tba < i>aiui*>l >nar of ll-patr* end Rupplie* l? ie<|ue?ied to rapurt to thl* b >ard tha am< out ot approptiatioD Deo- ary to par for po,t* and cbaina around tha grai* plat* In tha HaUery, aiinilar to tboee now erected In tha Park Adopted Kapolvad That all exp ?"> haraattar imurrelfor rapalta to tha pruoua ami otlwr building" In charge of tbe Uovernotk ol the Aim* Hou* ba charged to the arrouul ol tha monaya raiaad for aim* hou <a an 1 priton purpiee* Adopted Keeolved Ti nt the I'omtnieaiiner of Street* ha d|, rented forthwith to plaoa U roa I way. Cedar, rumple, and Thania.-atreata 1 n repair, arouud tba (lie of the late City Unti l Adopted Adjourned till Monday craning next at 5 o'clock. city I il til Mgciiee. vior.Kirr stop it. lertirdny morclng a ator.n began to net In, which wae tbri-ataiji'd the night before by an lintnau** hale ? arnutid tbe moon. It began "''h a sale from llieeajitwarj.aud light rain, whirh gradually locraaaed till al 2 o'clock it till lii'Mtrlly and no coutluued till o'clock la?t evening. Tba harbor wa* In groat commotion, and the terry b- ate r. old not uiaka their regular tripi, at one time tba comtnetore were thinking of at >up*'i< thetn altogether kroin eundown till eb mt S o'clock, the wltnl ho ah d f? artull* an 1 I tie ?? rag?d aa It rarey doea lu the>a water*. while iha rain p mrad down aa It all tbe alulae* ol the aloud" ware open together. Tbe tide waa extremely high. Sign poete ware blown about, and loan were thrown doeu , one rattier h'ttf gentleman a-aur-d u? ba wa" carried ii-nmi a arwet Ilka a pieee of cork; umbrella" were blown away or turned Inelde out In beautiful atyle; eign? ware laid low; omaibuier were overi um-j. partly by tbe wind and partly hy tha horrid coodlllon of the etreet*. H e raw on* pro-Crated r.pp- .l a the pile of liricka In flroadeay b?|ow Trinity i hurub where tha uarrow par-age I" eo cut Up by the e ualant tievrl of Una" of a'agi a. a" t? render the pa-nig* mat ilangaroua While the rtortn la"tad It Appeared to ha uiora violent than the lata equinoctial k rom U o nlook It *uh*l'b'ii gra toady to a rami W? f.-*r we ehail hear of oon<ld"rable damage to shipping If not loaa of lifa, on tbe Long (eland rbnre k atap A< i itiriT?C*e?iicwo or ? Ro?t?Ve?terday f?f? n>a<n a email b at with oua man put i tt to bring on abore mine paraepger* from the a.liaabetb Deuolaoa, from I iteidam which l? lying In the ore* a In tha Kaet river There were ulna ?> rman nmlgrant" atowed Into the boat baeldaa tha boatman When they nearly reai bed I I" r No K the h- at *a< half full of water, ad murh ao thai a carpenter, woo * < In a "hip at th* -lip, ralli d to th?ni to go in ore (br*a"d in the boat elae they would rink hi r Ha bad ?*a rely gn-o them tlia earn 11 |[, ? !' ii w Ith i h? anlliil t liw ? a b- I w.--o two ahlpr a law jaiiia fr-m thw |it?f, thw b ?t xmiiwt. in I *11 who iii in her throwu Into thw wa'wr Thrw* w.-r? Mrrd by fOpw that wi< hanging ib wn from on* of Ihn woain In m il by III- Huh--of an anchor; four ntharr and the boatiuau ?rfr pt-kwd up b? hit" which w-at to th-lr iimihi ; tliwtr boat did tint rlak. and -nan of thw ;a-rwi,gt i? < Iuii* to lior till la-jr warn raiwd; but twa Mkm wo r-gr-t to it;, mil. to rian no tuirw vv? r ulil not |i-arn th-lr naiuwa four of tho?? ** ! worm broutbi bo k to thn raawal from wliiwh tb?y rain* in J thw oth-r ttirww tnr tut wn rbarg- of by aptalu Wilwy and tbw Hrrt ward p .I in*. who ?r? promptly ng tha rpol Minna of ih> tr lg.a<- wa- rarad, but a eoarl lartblr ponton ol It Wax I oat I h- b.-tbn drowned hara to t kn r>( tool a* \-t Hint a r-tl-oit >a. fhtl t) i j wtrai a<l all tb - p-rltn rf thw ?rr%n to p -rlib a tha awry rhorw of tb? i t) whilb-r th?y w?rw b n i l at noonday' H - f. ar thw ha* a h-ary rarpoartbitl'y trillry upon him. I *?? or t!i ton oa MaatLtuourea -Th* CnMirr a* raltrd ywa-ir.tar to bold hi ln?|?i?#' on l.*a b dy of Owwn ? auipbwll of No I'iM i o ii to to a rrwt, who dool ymfwi.ia lioin thw wffwwta of a bl >w no th* h a I. r?rrlful i n Ma'urdwy night, af a (r-wiy Horn on th* Pi ri ir ol Mtantoa and 1 o|i uiMa rlr-w ? Thw wound a?r In Hint it br rout- pwraoa at p'ww nt n it kn wn. I r. ? biliaki r }r ? i r ai to I t a / ? inert# a w\ 11,iInatloli on tbw body and found about wight ounnwa of attrma-at-.i td mi ou tb* tit tin An iu |U 'i| will b* bald tbl- day I'liMiiun. Y-rfrrJay an Infaot ?o found In th* groiiMlt of Vr Lo* ?r front of hi* hmitw, lliors'yorM'il ttrwwt M>*o inp'la'w roa I It *a? ? nt by th* polio* t' th- i?o??rtioi? oi thw Alai* ll?n#? I iiunn Mm Danwwin In man wai foui d drownwj ynt-ruay at thw f? >t of Dwp-yatwr ?t. tonmi ? d ii unknown tat f uad fl a'mgln tin- d rk at tb# foot <d orl-a'? wtii?t M- ?? J In luoaii pant- an.| w at paaraw b < and glai-4 ?,!; brown balr. l|w app-and to bar* b -n tn tb- watwt about a wwwk AiTiurr at fin r-Urrrat rn?* t man by thw nam# nf Hay* twitdit g at |M |tl?i-l"n atrww' a'twuipt-d tn ruicid- by taking ?n on new of lau lariuai. Dr. U I.I akwr ?*? mllwd to who at onww a Imlulwt-rwJ a* rt wtlo wblrh r-llwiwd tbw rtoinachoi th# poiaoa. and tilt man In bow ont of dang-r TAffOBT IX t ll*li)hh. Tha Carroll, t aptatu Kwiiy want to Biill'a f'rrrj ai d thot fof Ibrw* prisa* I'hw ffrat a tuiirk-t, V" won by T. tta'? rwgond a gol,| watch; third a rlN tirnoial. by id It 11 wy Tbwy war* no.' >tnp*wt-d by 1 M.witi.n bta-w baud "lb* Oakley fl '%rdral-n wwnt upon a targat #*?urtd?n i.nn.b. ring *'J mu-k-t-. with an ptnnw-r# -It f-*l 11, h beat tug aunt dr. Th'? Ir a fn ml l?hl? eo.npa ty. thwtrwl onuipany Vt'itl-tt Guard*, add tkw t I rol I igbt ttiiardr wwr# alro out and wnjoywdtb* full bwtirft of thw rain hi i to* lii.anp - Thir Urgw and flnrly dnllwd wnrpa iiiol-r c< am.and of t aptnu tunny, y-atwr.lar ?l?ifwd furikwf'r Bay on a targ-t w?? ircm tt an -arly h iur In thw n ornl. g thty Iwfl th- cl'y on a rtwa nh-at, rbaitwrwd wxprwg-ly for thw <? *.ton and iprnt rh# prwatwr pari of thw day In targ-t -rwrclrw and of tha arruiary nt th?tr aim ?bw n ark girwaoipl# -rld-n-a. t run j. ti u* dti.awr ?*< pr-aar. .1 af ?r ih- ?h toting, hi a af >r t iw dl-*u t >n of th# m?t-rl* a n# -wrrary tnr th- It n r man wolim-nt ami ro?.g i-rpuiwil l"h pr IW# awrw thwu aw .rd d to Arthur rat*tit-a. J?-n*f fttlnn and Danlwl Itri o< II huh a lia^p* .m? -tlwat ri p, ta Xl cbawl Na t ly a hiao- of pl*t . ?. to dtcb??t It. tan ard lofm Downwy raoh a golit p.wall, to lain-a l.wnard faro** l<>s*4 waeh a han l<"du *-g*r ??<*. Tb- piin# ?ww-a?ardwd in thw -rtwr of th* -nparlog lai and wi wry thing p*ww-d off un a*, harmonoiuiiy I* tb- afaino. ii a tb tr r-turn t tn# alty. tbwr yuut tbw f/.wu.d i frr. *?*w mp?nl-d hy Dtdwnrth'r btad a d though tb- rtoini r.g?t with grwat ibd-naw thay w* nt th'i wgn th-lr a oiu< ont 1a a. not military mdwr Thorin.p-ny ? if alawty-raran ui-a, aat t tgbty - ght murka.a.

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