Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1849 Page 1
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T H NO. 6tt25 Out CaradlKh ?'<>rr?-?|>oii<fenre. Toronto, October 23, 1S49. Annexation Mooenmttj > ienr. al Ditcontent?Character and Part urn f the T?.y Patty?Do of the I.ibt. at 1'ui f t/ H' tli m Favi.r of Annexation?Dttct "t Oypoted to It?Ilea tens Futt't?A "Great Fuit"? I' MuU be Vbtutnei'?The ilHn to Ubtcin It?The Tut i^ue-mn with the < n/ony ?Seat of Government at Torcntc?Iitjohatu n i? the Cuitom Home? I&yat ProteU a I'n tuie~Election <f an Avowed Anrexationist At no t'nie, in the h;1< iy of Canada, has the cleeire of charge in lvr Uw-. i cr relations, her commercial jionuon t>< i ir .itut'ions, her government, her everyi.i'iii!, li< en to general, or so strong, in Hie miii?i.> of ilic |.cople, as at the present moment. Since the r?-b? liiou of 1837, n? political movciiirm iiuo ut'tuiiru, ui till r< i ntUIt* lO which at this moment .intht'-f tlie breast of every rran, from (Jaspe to fraud with, who cm read, talk, or think. A ltt r the vindictive spirit and bloody de ires of 'he lories had been >11 n nie m??sure, cheeked by the stri rg hard o< the Biuish goverurjent, and the ritatit n 1'ioduced by tlie revolt had nearly died awey, jt'd.'cious rr'onnu, ;.iid the enjiiety and wilitM'i?< ss ex presetd by the home government to grunt *11 reasonable nquesti>, restored confidence to tbe discontented, and revived the instinctive oyalty el tlie colonic But, as soon as responsible goveri m< lit whs fully conceded, the liberals came into j ov er. The old faction, known here us ; the " ft nuly compat t," that hud revelled in nil the ! nbu?" s of a ronu,/t and tyrannical system for many yeins? in fact, from tbe sett'ement of the Upper 1 j rovice, were obliged to go to the wall. Great was their wrath ai d disappointment. They hud been I ucc uiHintd to rule?luey were the nobility, the | aruuciucy ot Canada ; and to be compelled to yieid tbe leiii? ol uoveiiiiiient to plebeiun hands, to obey where they wrie wont to command, was unbeatable. They occupied nearly all the offices <t tiubt and emolument in the country. Peculation ai.d lobbeiy li d I -en toinJ on in many of them for y< ais, and the d<- linquenta t ?w the day of reckoning ut litr.d. c?| inure, they were indignant at the liberals, < r relorniers, as they were called. The An eu'i bUbl - had to b-; cleinxil; but, no eooner did the proct. - be^in, thau u most fuiiuu.' In.vvl was t" i u,i ny the whole pack agiinst the uow dt'tniiiaiit piii). I'liey abu i-d the home government t?x i<?v i 'j tmuii-d He people the riijht to call ihein to .ui .H i mo, and fie power to puu'Ml th< in. 1 liey accur-'il Hie mnote parly of beiug rebels, btcitopt- a lew ?>t ilieir supporters had bet n IKipllCuteU In l..c tiulli.eik ol _ They ohargt d the iiomuI - with l> ? republican* in politic.-, and iiihotl- in nhgK>ii, OtCai'M* they (lie touts) w<re inn e.linw i in guvern the country and use tlie public lit j t .i- they lik> d, and to appropriate oiie-.-Mein n ol ail tlie land in the province 10 the ?u|i,h i . i ->t. t'? church. 10 winch, j h?u matter ot ( uiii. i , II'.-. pious offi .e-holdera belonged. A (]? >,, . .1.1 ?. . '! a Has male, under th?r regime vl &ii Lit.. If:* Mrtualte, to ouat ihe liberals, and in i iii. in > lv. c dack into power; j but though, uy violence aud orruptiou, buccea* W.iS obtained |ur a liimiirut, i lie petiole, ut tllr last election iu If-I*, liuil?-ii di'hi out tiuully Had tor ever Fr< in that u. y 10 i,e present, the Mile* of Cautid.i, M-riui; no l-o, ut regainiutf oliiee and power, iuvc t>.. u ulk v. M ? "'*? "'"I th'uklng ot annexation J>ur.iig the j> >im> days i t their jwiwer. | when thi re wae uo uln < * 10 it* exereise hut the tartiv nnd unwilling r< et ..mis i t Dualling afreet. 4,0* 0 miles off, ilie??. | it i i >ii8 U' litiy took good care to leather ih< ir n< .?i? Tney grauled to each Otller JitM/e na m of Ui.ii, generally the bent and rno*t b.y mIii. id o in h province; but thry ap> III thrif iir?H (.aUri'M -'id p-rpUollea in the eX triM K uc ugd dirMi ni limine grandeur, ! Iu> ing lllll. or Untiling ny, iu ihe shape of caah, lo i Mich c< uting. ncn * liav. come unou them Their houaea nnd Inittf* remain. but Ui - rpails of t'Hice In.Vmi; pad mm oilier lianda, they liu(i empty Uldcia and ii i e ho,id to dexth oy I rot-pa of inexorable tailora, lie-ict Imieheia, hunurv baktra ditiy but peraevi unit gfiicra, ev-er-amiliug and devoted sill t in ik IS. iVc ?Vc , all (leaning t.1 know When tlut "iiuli hiUnue c.ui be p ud tha Mnall biii frwttle ti," Arc iNso Tnta state of thing* t xi lli> preaen' Uln ar lm m and apprelieii-ioii lor llie IlllUie. Thry ri .Illy toelirVe annexation would l n c r ? h - e uit \ i I ill. ii | i <U, i hi induce tlo.iling ii>(iiui iii 10 ttir luukliy. Mild |>ri>iii<it?! till our material lnteiem*, u wni. h i^sr th-y muat b<* be? nrtittid. (Viiviiard ii ui bngUud iiu luRgei ewti lor tin ii>, they me pi ti w illing to abandon their old Doi iiu* ol * iiu > '* rinti "lank," Arc., twalUiw lite ii?UiM ?Mir i.'d l< veiling doctrine* of irj iililu iiiii.-iii null li ii iiu^i With tile long-tinted nnd niurli vilntini Wink" Moitihcaiion ut seeing tin- men wii in hit-) ii i i hu tyrii<iiii/.''d ov?r, JiIhc< d iii I*)*, r, unit nl>lr to W Itll lllteri'iit the iimul'n, Hie |>? icuiiiiiik, tlf r?bbi riun, mid Vt DgrniiCe of |> hi <In>I-, n?>(! ii ft eling ol Ill'CiiHe t-pii?* Hg^ii.-t the l.i ii |>>iveinriiei)t br hnviug uivtn to tin (! < ,iu ni ' 11-iiiii iiidi: Itbf-riy which u hp tie en mi <|Miikiy i: ?ii it the dr-ktiuctluu of toryum, nii|*l >h? iii loi j 'iii iiiiit-a.iiioii truck with iliftrdlbie \nihily Iii givr y oil it ijlitoce at Uit c i j?ea ol I'll- - ii a i ."ii ttiirir-nciea ol th? tiny | mri\; hi 1 aii i i<-lv'?o| our |><iiliic* ia thi> mid luiuie i . mili i n'lif, ynui leadeia will b'' the loiter io u ..ler t?ud llli III, and c iii' lie ir iin 11 - i-i b> in?it< in rt lniKMi io thin t?i ijtii'ii 11 nur |M*j mi 1h? 11 ?r Ir. Hi- ori y (Mirtvofiny politic*! inifortuiice, ut' n w w.r wih th? goveruii Mini* r ilo ii ' iii' - Hiid Ut Mii.u,e? it ti.e rdifj* i hi i ? in ill' i^gidlaturR to alter, imnlily. <>r ei ah IiimiiI ine'ti ; the ( ?> rrriiur nmki iii Ii > > i t mh, tea'ly to miicIk t rw i) lie 'en i r i den* m die minisuj Hfi' ; Iii- i. l.i it aajr, tn interference by ill' b<me n .n.n, i < ir i -ill lira, and a femdnbli diejil. jf ? ! - i y in lu ir^- t-emij l"-?na nd to Kb'xibiiik ii-< t ini|i' ri*l Iuiiih, ttho -i,o ih< ii dkii. \ . if. k'-'-p hi ir>>iii drtiring e.ili ?ili ? . i'f-e niiit olher advunt.'i e. it ii -iii lit . ?t the libriil |Mrtjr i ?i Uld l.r i i m i i? v it' Mi l jeel lM> lltIM m ii ( thy * hi i ,i i- siicu, tiiinrev? r, I' ftl'l 'he , V I i' l| ) O I iii ? i'w wi.irfn the if n i?ii .i .1 i |h 'l f, the hbf-ial ( nr1)', in iliei .i ,i mr-' th<i oM tory lac* t . n, W'llOfi* < ), l? I *il-c 'll'tUOt Wrtf etl |"i fi I'lMiiiivni >it by i'i . ov-rtim nt, here me iiHiitd villi i ii ?>! -ii ' in.i h>o*ittiu aero** ibe lni? Iii, wii? ir iii . r > u , ? ii i-roriif*, iiiiivi r-nl iiii' li ) Hca - . iud |iroi?|?. ity ol the peojili, Mlmrlnl iii -iilnm, hiid not nee i th"-e nnr T rli'1' " i * iii'.ii- r mafiec'ti n would h?ve i)i i "* i. ihi y uamriHy bectfine eiikiiouiid ft t . * nr p'e< Hud intiiuIn., n I'.. Mil . ih lu n Iwho i'4ine If.mi K>ir?> r, tirirtn limn Io ? i>? >v mt unit l? i 'rt *t ?>! r ih> i ruiv". A w of tha i<ii rrotMNi 11 n. . ?> fi .< < Vhihj* in??i, b ? Hi' ilir dii| **? li i (>i.< gf llM loriri Scvr. r*l i?I ouam i - , < .*!!' ? tii?, cfdrr>, I*#-hi.11 ? i (. , Vc ?fmi/r?ti'd io ( iii<l? lo r.-i < ii li n.n icwi'uliiiM mid uii rthiljtirH m li'* oiii mi ii, Tir ? ' niiithrtrd tif> i i ii.*-ir n n\ fTton* ?t intern* i< it#f ni.Hw- ii, ?l ii a man, hr-oains i horn'* A in - ri oi ih' * nf Am*** in i> ot n?1 Hi? ? ho in * In tli* roiiuirj lo i > i. inn ? iImi joined ilia I 1 i ral i' i > #v i * ..? ii l en ri 11 ihe I H r l?n?if lr> i i BP' .(imirjr Th * wrrr r?? ill* ' n 1.1 i,if New Kit* i |o?iIm^|( vim r to i turn ihf 11 ii i i | , hi imir' ?_ ! i ie f< v I ition), II diliif*, hriMWr r Imn>? i? ui i r <i, I n!r a ii iitib *r> t i i . i. i ; thus i <*ni|'?-rrf, .ti "g * I li reboHa ftnd d? ? 11 i'ii in th? ii . l l ii I ( ir .14^111 -<t ifr "*i ij % i '' ii 11 ->l it, hi d tfer * Oil* t'Ti"'d ari?i ii? i if 'lie nNl tit'i>n, ii i mi.nn 11 ih ii ii . 'I I'd ulim of in* ir j*ny hft kr i in ? 1 mdiiiinn thern^elfa i?l"' i > " | m? cf n, m iny of il> r i tvn |?. i1 . i in 'to it. h*ca*?? iii<*f ii ini||hi ih** ni ill i hi * i ' i'im( too '* ( *nd lov> Int. I'it'fl' n mil' '' o worn fo ai-r--rt-ii,i U.i' II 11 |i i |. li i>| le III < 'nn ii'h, of vl i (i ih?- i-, oil < r i'd? win If if mifitow. H f I I I M l l ' i li I ll (lllll i 'it * lllL'li (iii, ) ni-ilr ?I? r< t*"rt. the r?fml *utf' i > i" in* ( ii i ii n? ? Int ? * t*1 l? |? ii v- i tnr i,t, nml iin t'd ttte ?n (iiminci I i -red and ma eqnit i? I if p- liey o| I. I h iUii- Tii* i?rl?11|.|*? id i? (.urn ii i i kf? de'-p root in i i * il 'I In i imvp no f-ivintra ?l iRictiii It 1 >r romtiy t?( y vi .'It th? in i h, i * iih iiitrreM, nn<i w l.i n it bi , i t 'i 4t throa tw? d i uot E NE MOI 1 lie in the same direction, they will turn their back ' upon the fiist wrhout hesitation. The origin and I past history of a large majority of the liberal party, I a? 1 have jUBt shown, M il] readily accouut lor this. A few rec?-Dl converts from the tory ranks, wtin, wiih admirable sagacity, discovered where the K< od things had gone to, and, singularly enough, have mcceedt d in elbowing themselves into the highest offices, to ihe exclusion ot the old leaders of the liberal party, mouth, uud blunter, and | threutrn a good deal about " getting all we ever asked," "ingratitude," " loyalty." "refuse to give up without spilling rivers of bl?od," Arc.. At.; but it wou'i do. Such preaching is expected from them, and tol.ody pajs attention to it. Uut, secondly, ilie withdrawal of protection from \ ! ourpiojuce by <itent Britain, and the neglect to j obtain jeciiTociiy fiom your government as an ' equivalent, li^is not only taken uwjy all the au? i van'Age which people lelt from the connection with tlie iuoth< r country, but has imposed positive disadvantages upon us, which are regarded as a heavy buiden. High salaries?the possession of power bj those who cull themselves their letulere, but are, in fact, tories in d.sgu>9e?old defaulters r titined in office, ami very doubtful liberals ap poit'H'u wneu vaimcus Ui> occur?unnecessary . ui.d U.dlv lV?Uied I.wb passed, and a weak, vacilIiMij.' | < i ?.y in eveiy derailment of th?? government, aie not Jike-ly to induct' the liberal |>arty to 0|} i iiM' jtntmn They arc well aware that it" t tln.t evei.t do t.'k'- plar-, they, us u party, w;II be in an ov rw heJinii g majority, and all the advan- . t "is of place and |Owrr would Htill belong to tlu in. Looking al lit' matter, therefore, in a party 1 ::I:r, the bin lals. although nominally, at least, in i> s-m ;mi ii ( i the !_ ? veriiineiit, and Iik< ly to retain it h>r m me !im> it they choose, i-re in favor of the movi incut, if it can be achieved without blood. 1 have thus end< avoied to give your readers a v ew ol ilie real position and true feelings ol the two j.itat political parties in Upper (J.mad i, as r>peets ibis question The "Rebellion b 11.'* and the ci> ot " French domination," in the i law-r Ptovmce. at all event*, aie mere pretexts In Lower ('ttnad;i, the line that divide? the two iiarti' .-i? more plainly marked. The bulk of the iiotinl pally aic Canadians of French origin, f| enkihg the French la ii;; u L'e. The torics, who Me in h N m* mim rity than in I*i>i ?-r < iiada, are chit fly l.ngush <-.n<i Scotch, boastfully cu'ling thenihelvec ' AiikUi-Hh.xoiis." But ili. same caus-s lie at the bottom in both provinces. The tone* j are dim ii Ik iii oflice; all their li:ic scheme* of powi r iti.ii grandeur h.ive vanished; the liritish t Bovemr eni would notiit-k anoil er ouibic .!?, and the udditioii of .motlii r three millions to the national debt, to uphold th? m; all ho|>e of regaining their l< tt position by their own streng.h lias dc? j |i:itt' d; the i hunges in the hnglUh corn laws, aiid < iTniiiercial depression from that and other causes, l it *; loud ii|h u th> m; they < nvy and hate the lit)' rait; their loyally never bad IIV foundation but in s< Ifi-hnes.i and pride; they think some good might c< rue out ol annexation; a change there iiid ^t he in such a nun1, ihey lacerely believe fi r ihe better; hence tliey gt. ihe ticket, and t irow 1 t' eir I'llegiance wh' ic we t-Oinetiines throw physic ! ?"tolhecogs." The Frenchmen are republican ill i piincipie, or fuel b? i < mmg so. Tfiey are tolerably Well pleased with the freedom they now enjoy, and would not, oeihaii*, tight tor greater liberty; but they n?\er liked tlieuniou withUpjerCanada, end tin) huve an old urudge against the liritish goveiiirni nt They feel the efleets of an unprnspi rnus nude hh well ? !? the "Anglo-Saxon" iii'*rihnitf; j imJ b? ii'g r iti tied that enuexation would tiimu'atr ir*de on the H. Lawrence, and bmld up manut,'!)! i ea on ? II their splendid rivers, to the gieat ativ.i little of the jaior hubitan and the whole country, ihey will not oppose it. 1 hot< who really oppose . nnexation, may Le descilbtd in a few wolds Ofiioe-holders with la rite niiniirr,n.u llirrr ? ?' 1111 I |i-r irUfjjr ct|| I lir Ol 11U 1 il 19 in the country. Th? prem nt government, unJ probably u mnjoiity of the present Legislature, though is di>uhitui. As to ilie members ot the goven nit hi, ibey dare not ti\ovv tli< ir approval, whatever i It* y limy think ot die project. Several of t)<i hi me known privately to be annexationists. < \d mibUiy officers living comfortably and drawing half-pal. A lew old toriee, who weir cunning enough to lt<y by n sufficiency fiom the *|?oila wlien the tiii.injili wHh lln ir*, to suatuin all the reverttei they will |>i< bably live to see. They have alw ?>s shouted, ** t;???! .^ave the Que?n," and hurled deft. i.ce hi the "d?il Yankees and they are too old and too Mupid to learn r- w prayers or forget f> miliar oaths. A lew merchants who have been i'm ?-| <-ii up, are doing a lair bii?iac*M now. and die1 ki ilie pic.-pent ol competition 'lhe legal nro|e mi n. almost 10 a man, op|><)8e it. The reduction 11 lit. ui.d the simplification of lhe law, oiler tio ii due*menu lo ihein A 1' w who are well off. and b? lieve it vould advance lhe pro?v'Ttty and ba| p'l tis oi the |? ople^ut lor annexation, and ure willing io Ii i tin- Uw iTke care of itself. A small t??i (m n ol lhe libeiai p?ri> llnuk ll we bad reciprocity, w e could uet ou very well as we are: that it vtiuld be Ueating ihe mother country ha.bbily. afi?r ."he hut. given u* ,.11 Me atked, to turn rouou ni.d "t-how her the door." resides, if annexation wi re deniable, Ihey dislike lhe idea ?>f joimiifr with the toiiea and Montieal houaehutners to obtain it. liui iheir numbers are not great nor their hhm'Ii. vi iy Ai>luxation, therelore, in I ii' Low 11 Canada. and it would ti.eiiiin the othei in vincm *ho, i? " a creat l.ict." The l.i ni i'ti 'I inn?mny |>Ihi'p it in trie ( tin*- category with iliHt other "nfil which he diacoverea in ito n tneikable n in.inner, and announced to the woild wiiheurh oracular ^.ravry, to wit?the Corn L.i* l.i hjiuf. It lint in< very oddly t.'iat the only W?) Ml |. event ilie ej.eedy realization of the auiD Ahtion " I. ei," if to undo h |n< ce of the League " lull." I nlem I.upland will impo&c a duty on , Anietican | i<.<lu<e, i ijgivuli nt to that which you illi|? ?e oil i ui.<, and ihim coln|>e| you to maul us n i i|itocn v, (t< r no one believe* you w >11 kivp it to u wiiliont he i.y coni|? lied,) the conn*ctinn be( me a n et* matter of form. The qat>tuia his b*? n faiily I * id lirloit the ltriti-l< government I v o i pit-M nt niimriiy, and I oud< t^'and Mr. Merritt (I'm drill <1 the I.a* euti\ e Cornell) has wrnr. n | 11 Vale!} loi'erl, l>b >11. HI. J oftier I'-ndlM / Ireeti* ?ter? in ihe mihjeei, Iu>wiu2 litem the critical l?>Mtti? ii ? ( the Colony, ?nd i?*iiitit<i! out dietmctly (tie ?? mm.n all*iiiative, liia aiuued that the in>l< -lin n ! a duty on Aircrican irotiuce, and l(*e trediik with Ihe re*I ?t ihe woild, would not in< i < a - tie pt i. > eiie My, or, at all event*. op[?r* af.v? Iv. to ihe linn h coion.?rce. The pupil) which Kn^land rn(uu?> tne United (Mate* i? to *mall, 1 cm.11.<**1 w itti w .t f(i* terrifrr, i.nd would in m.? I k iik let-i ive iiom the north ot Knroj* and t < ii1 h'l -< loiiie-. tIi*I ihe in |*tMtion ol a duty on tl a' * ne wi uld not imitrrii lly atUct the price, 'lie An*ni'tu (-riilnce would, hi l.ict, pay the ( Ltv, uni me ii * l nimdian wh at ftower, at this it.' ii.*lit. Roiwithetandi*|[ the doctrine of the (cot <>mir t*. |mvi< lit*-?> |4?r duty on the p*lorini ott < I hi- grain i.ito your iimrkH* Thr Lr r in 'h> m Nrw \utk wm not ? fleeted \ (? itr??>ri in n ot (. Hii idiHn whral tliia 1*11; il r< iimnl) ? ut in I turn* n-ii to lb'* Airicrlc** cot* fii.r .? \i > ?er> fnimrt IB Cuxlk klKiMriilut hf ?> ! < in- fh linn-. ?>r W|<f erni I'* bir p-vetjr b I i ? i * i > ?i t <ki ihi I II. thi4n In- Would hive tri t .v?t) )>Hri ib?:r !?*** n no diny. Whether nil ih^ CM i llirl> i i r? | lndlMMIf ihir ipoiiIi iM'iilii b>* thf i> it? >r> bo?h ra^rn, ni iy Well i<* q<i-4i|oord And p\?ii i I n i ii iiiilrpiiira run (? ?:orvmc?fJ dint llint cofi iiwiir Mi't lti not be iiiiurvd ii> in'- ,'iot" i < ii >i i n ni.'i?? <i qur?'i<ni hue h' i inry * I! tie i iitio mi m* >-1 on pro litnln of th piiiicll?l? *hnh i > w trpnNttr tin* |*?hcy. K tl#\ ??h i- iho r? l> ii*, ihty will do it, if tln-y nrr q .1# hiIi i). toi, i?. it u(., Ii. ) wi>| rrlnpt. I hid ? I i il?' i? < ?. nui' i>t onid iht y '(J?'|'i ihr I uti r I it I * i ? mI i \ i,?in i ? hi ii ii |? (.,i? n? f 14 'i fail urti/rnpfi. . '1 : I nil I I I VI i lltpnl qlltrslHHI I' r-r: I It'll, nil I lii? ili ip lbi* li.iuir rni>i ? I. The dr|i4ilniMili mm iii iiitih lot hi p i iy. |i w 11i not cunt mm h to on.' i i| i in lb- Libiniv ip |.mni"iiihrly pnriHlilr, j II V|? ! (I ; I't I V Mi hi wn tliriwrlvtn WINilti-l* j I l\ ' x? r i rin k ii : i iniiii'im nin. H k Kxc' ll? m y ' I i ii' I ^ ii 11 ni | ii ?iii iii ih? m-igMio'lHiid o( | t, I* ?l'?, pi ;o> i> i il r m i it ij of Ira eon ii'i ?lii r ib* li>11^ii< i 11 I' i l ip ii uf. /\ i|i hi i ii | > In ii< irii il i n ibi' Tilii ti o cur trio bi i Tin* im nni guvrnimcnt not ' IK II I I Mi< I,' I' i. y IM'II U'-i'k-krt (J?r, tu III; ,11,1 Iii; i In ll ') ii 1111 Til IP I'llMII *. i't ??. i; o n fi if HI i II . aji.p'iniii i ii) > (im t; i,i j ( >1 11 iii i'. iii ii mihuIM tin.* rlil iiii ii i i , * ).< I. . ii ii ii II i rkIH(|* iti it. ii. s* ? i'i. ?J Ii |iui . Hi |i to Hiiil pviIi4|?^ tb? ir |i?f?Iii i' p ?>en 11? >(, |,,,i In. h ) laciK it h*d iiird iki'-il I?la - iv mi i *1), i v> . iht.Mli i?i Ii i'- li i li *t i ' \ ' r u# i '''(i'll -( w i|li i ll i' ii i? I ipd It l. ,, } ll f (>(| 111;i nit i t 'hp-'' "lint '?! II It'd H i b I m {..I (hi ll m.ilrtli'v?I'I I^p nut il i i i in ii i kn i iit? 11 i||.*ir ri'ii I i pi ni'* lnwk'tk I- ir?f?ir#i it k konw it Iip >; loftl I ' Ink I. % il t it #i|i|ut tlic witriiiiit p irii I II i H " - I i' ?i ih.i* iii-iny pump. ilt i- [ pill I'I' : ll I i I , +' ft n I i liU n ti III -ill! t >. i* | r wp* it I >, i i' i i' 1.1,1!. who:*! .i-iyti t II |i '< 1 I in I'll' Ml n filHtl I III lit) ti|i |ll W > 1 ! J|'*.-, It I 1.1 i|B' tll'i* * Ol Ilill'P il?, .llll m,;h I , I li . I P . I / . I li ? I. IM'.I?; - H ! I i- o?,p .1 t ?l t. ? ?* 0 Ii?' i b? * II f? itK p%tr 'I" 'hi." >y Th i-iiio W YC tNING EDITION?WEDNJ hyulpni is no doubt in open'ion along the whole frontier. The custom house officials are, as a tti itter of course, all lories, except in the cases in which vacancies have occurred since the present liovernmt nt c*me into power. Tht-s?* th!n!.'-<, al*n. liuve no irillniH eflrct in m.ikirit/ all nif*n (the officials excepted) desire a thoioujih change A protect, jjot up by a f<-w Iiwyers, udges, and ? flire expectants, itga'nst the Montreal manifesto, is being circulated for signatures ; but hundreds, whose loyalty has never before been iiuestioned, refused to s'f;n it. The coacocters held a private nieetint.', to consider what w s best to l?e done, wnd they ail nijreed ih><t it would be unsafe to risk, a public nierting! What would become of them, if tin y i-hoiild be outvoted T It was also runtc-nded by several, and ngre?d to, that it would hi- dmtierous to attempt to reason with the annexationists ' It we reason," said a tory lawyer, "we are lost " The firtt election since the open movemen' in Montreal, is toon to luke place. The vacancy occurs, in coiy-equence of the creation of the new ch&ncerv rwiri, (of three judges,) and the elevation of Mr. Blake, late Solicitor^ General, to itie Chancellorship. Mr lilake was a fierce tory in lumru irioriuer in itw.j ; was elected a r-yreseiilalive by u reform constituency, iu 1815 ; w n m i(le solicitor general ; sat one session in parliament; made one speech, d? fending i lit* rt-b?- 1h c>F 1X.'17, whom he had hel|>cd to juit down, and denouncing the lories an traitors, murder.-rs, Arc ; brought in a lull to constitute a new Court of Chancery, w>ih two additional judges, and as koon us it became him>ell M|>|>omtrd chancellor, overtlie of ihe old chancellor, hi* senior in ycarsaud ut the bar His constituents, us may well be supposed, are in high dudgeon. 'I'hey have solicited Mr. Peter lYii), an old reformer, who sat in (mrllament many yearn ago, to become thtir repre0<'iitative. Hi hat fomented to stulid, and avows hims< If an Hnnexatioiiibt. Mr Baldwin, the Canadian Premier, hearing that his old friend, Peter, was coining out on tfim ticket, wrote him a letter, mjfmlyirit? his intention to cast oil' from hi- party all who adopted the new creed, l'eler hardly deigned to utifrwerit. The Globe, a govcrum* n' organ, tried to c ommit Pei< r, by announcing ihut he was opI om t! to the Montrenlt-rs, and a firm fuend to responsible government. Mr I't-rry denies tliexe statements most emphatically, and the ijlobe, iu enmeuiienee, declares that he nuist be opposed. He will, however, be elected, in fpite <>t the (Unit and the Attorney Ceneral. It is doubtful if any b< dy can be tonnd to run agmibt him Then you . will hear ihis astounding annexation fact, that the third riciii <; of York, a coio-tiiuency embracing seven populous towns-hips, in the immediate vicinity of tfie now capital of the province, with a popu- , lation ot'fifty or sixty thousand inhabitants, choose a limn lor tin ir repies? ?ii -live in pailiaiin nt, who d< clan * himself in favor of severing the connec tM-ii niui uiiai i)iiiuiii,nii(j juimii? nrr urrHi rival, tlic L niifd States. Aiid thu, to, in o(i,iu: Hutu 10 ll-?* wit-ji unit liiHiieiicr ?>f itif |>r< ot g"Vt fitment, nrid itu-ir nrw.'j'iii < r organ, th?* TVII that to C'(.n?ral Soolt and the cabinet at Waeliington. Piblicoi.a. Ccuit of ())tr mnil Terminer. Before Jud^v !.d*arda and Aldermen Itigerioll ani Jactuon. Oct iO.?At the opening of the court, tht* iu irning. thi- couiitel tor the prln ner re uini d hit addree* <>o tubal?1 the |>ri*oner ? >1 < arpentei and went over tlie v bole i f the I tii-llu.ony, c< MUieuting on It, and dwell* ii g with toil-e moii ?uch point- a* he pr niunr.J Incon?!*tent Hi d tu pmbehl- maintaining that Young. Andie** An droit, were in point ot law, but one witbere ai d lhat tbiy were not nuitby of belief, lie n Mttideil thai above I be tlood and di luge of vioe and ci me which tiad tieen brought to bear ?gairi?t the pit?' I r in Ibi.- eiiM', b. ehonld be eleva't d bjr thi) verdict of the jury, wblch be demanded etnuld bi one ot till 'i'be It arut'd coun*el concluded hi* ad<lrei> at hafpatt two u'clncit hating occupied the court and jinj ut arly eight bourn and a half in defence of Lit* e i ni Tbn Atiornkt (??->ih*l thru ro*n to wind ut> the ca e i n iheiartt.f ibe prosecution ami commenced ? ? i x'Uiputii'K hunnif tn tn tbe tOKinuatl ?? th tt ?iie thrown out r;tti: t him fur appearing a- coitni-el It 1 ihe prt i e -utiou he apprart d In hi* ptl'lllO oaparil V a- tbe Mtorr.ey (>eio tal < f the pe p'" a'.d oi'? d the law 11 tbe I i gl-.aU/re wherein it l< at it"1 t.liat In all eiich CUM*, u to re bin attendance I* e t ailible If. m Hie i| i y ot I lie a tit rnev tieteral to r-pr*?eut t tie people iu tne t Tom rut loll <1 ciliuiual* aga.uit ibe la*? of the couutry. It tie juiy could coiitfemand to come down to eai tb. finni the iofiy poai'iou to wbla1! they bad. no d' uht bet u eli vated by Ibe-oarinn eloij leuo ' of Mr Uitdy, aiti view with him. (tbe Attorney Uene a.) ca Oily aud dl-pii-'ioi a l> the evidence a< li appear* I Ml>it tl.tln. be would *l;ow tbeui wtiy they eimuli buit ve < at| t ntt-r guilty, and verdict. Irtetpeet ive t | the api eal that bad been at'inpeil to H.akt 1 III Ir tetliiigk y ieili t! tbe ? takli-re of humanity. In vlo it n of i be it v? be a- uien I'ar hon> afc'e aud li ai m a Atttn itey t .t i ?iai tl t u gave a el nr eipnaitmu Oi ibe law a- >tga>d< <1 the te-timony c.f *c "-niplic.ea and it* ai'tci* ibility. by which alune the piln (pal link In ibe thalu tit i vldet re a*e,n-l teuclaitl iu ^ullt can b* it|i| iieti be vin'tb alee b tnIf and tie liia'ricl At ' tie} tti tu the rbatgi ot having ant nmtlvea bu< a t!*.- re to btaiti justice to tbe outraged la va of the countiy and upt eld tbe propnet *ii<l wn-d-in of ihe diortiioiart |Ktwer eseteieetl by'lie tiovernor In p tr ( d'ning Antir. a and \ rung \vitb regard t; tbe aainiit'D i>t Mr t utter In hie opening a iate>< f..r tbe d?t> i.t-t that be (the attorney iteueiai ; had pn h brte l ih? jury frt tu -eattmit the rep'trt ot ttie proceeding* of tbie cart be would fay he utte nomoh wa ni ig tie i irttd nib Coiitirel fur the defence ae w II a- in the t | int.u e*pn nil by the I>1 -1riat Mti rney, that thf r |Mt ot llit evidence which appiare<t tn the//riN/,f l|| *i|a|aT wa* givt ti with reinamtiMe f^|th''uln> ? lie i t ilia h>ln>t II point to but li ? |*et*M that ill.I not ayt re w llh hie mil liott a It a? II it t') tilt r>l'lii>g of ti'ii t tel. litul rrporta ot the fw>rn le-tlmnny of the ?ltnenee mm tie wan euret.he jury bad all read tliem tlihi lie nljeoft d, but he wirtod to warn thein a. ainit tbe ulnar li* t t papti* tet Up formoi b ! r t be gu ian?e . t f i In no iaie of Tht people eilllttl by tueb a peraoa at Jntltt b> rmne villain wh?t l-aa efeap^d fmui a I tl< etliniil tn h.OK (te. to gu de tbe in'rata ot Hie pv pie fi| thie city Tbore tttie ttie hind of |iaper>< tie did n > wi h tl.etii iu iiad , i i In luiluent-id by papi ra eupulyii g article* p< i-not d by one-etdtd aud feioulona view* ; oi tKr t aie piMiHg tbete nil trial At 4 o rt' cfc i Mirt |j?<I *o II thin morntof; Al ulikli Hi* lU i* M?: ? lit on he fiHif ?>t tli? !>?# ?? ill | o. li i I ill t Mi pi? b^bilitj ihv nifH'*i I i#f tb?t tl vy i 'I lift* i In.** it t. it h< ;> (but thli l^ni p. i?t it <1 Hi I MlgMlit U Kill (rtHlMlX'H iklir Ok/. <?lill ? ( P|Milal Bif > th? lucoidrr k n<i Ald?rtu*u franklin nod Momn.r. Oct Sun* thiit-6.. .1 forty ti * nut- j>- y tt i< ?( aid di >idailt el ktxtti ?tn? oI | - 1 of *t , tbv 6KHWJ Itila inniluj Auiur-; thnui ??r? the M i ii<* it | e? ?v. ?'f mt/y Inrhnif Th"! A K-nlin with lonf rlntlatr lift* r, diMiiltlTr.rrutdrt" n4tr ?l world mo larg* sIt ut? bii Iricl lor it>?llDn ' |?lr <l wuUliui. kt4 tot. worth torn }>I-4 1 ti in fci r II I' !.?? < 1 1 i.i I iii- ( i ftri t i t> mod id r?j * I r il l> tk| ti?m? if I tin i I b 'i ? n, In- <i ? <! t)' t)|! f I f Ul"-t I if til' ftTtlBl** i f ?l ieh h? ?? ?' i ,<?<l ; li> litf* lli kt In '*? >. ti tia *ti no d"Ut>t abou hia | yvflt Hid > ha U?e< rdar bi?tn to qui if,ft th? i hu I a* in 111- Du il? of llfr hU l? an n lor C- .uUiitt IB J ttia uaft. | kllO M> ( tl tin bin in - tint do do? * .?.!? n -?l I libnn it ii*Mir I IId (ft to do I In |i in I Hi KB, hut got radiiui d, I h? lot ami till if; t U i<>) tili r ii ? ail to 1ieI tmi?n mul If I < mi l oaljr f l t|n-?? In hu all i Ik I t I hi dl-p ni'l to h li on '* t, ai d ?tali?-a to N ?n aiij lmai,d< t<> ba ao, audi d"t? t ai t to hi to prim u It 11 iii i I n - Hut do you wi t K al' f"i -in t ill I latitat any Ira la I d'?a" rat i *i r I km |lt. any kind *>' labor) o work or l?h Ilk*. I atn'i f ? ttrk.iar 1'w *ri*? m>m iftltlrt fm tbuMna|>a|i?ri t % laiiuh ail around ) id Ikimmii t\ hat |?i?r did you wri'a for' I'n- it. Vi II. I suit ci Litrlhuto n* to ?? ratal of tl tn In 11 h*y aa>ii'l Mrrpiad I hat li, mih Hi "tun in pi iiit; I 1 am una ot am w?? in tha |n?i? tut I dnln t t?? It i r Hi b i nob Iail?d to ronilntr th? < aiirf that. Ma li'naiy iiitlni v n* important to tha word a' ha yi> ?iit tiBif a Mi th?y th?iaf ir rial film to th? |iaiit- | t> r ttary lor flrr t'lotithr. Hiikfiiii'ii Cw/ji'imr.? V ?untn, naniad Mary Me nit <imin g n ml *?it Kil l uratt ima? i.iLr mrUr ft in Miitii.i.} .. aaa.l In- com |l? |.i.nt *aa ?t I'htian m.m? flf't J* ar? vf ?n? lit' < ? tha *iant ?|ihi.?n i ?' hi ?at iii urm iu>t?ad ' ! ? hiph hi' Hi to a i?rf M*?k >ri f, br n'^ht . di wa la fr"i.t nli? * ch.i'j b? i IIm'I|i(? ?a* i ui I nill nl ?i a h> u?? n tii? Kit* r<>lu'? It ?p,> . ?ii | ii mill iiiitin. ibaf C?.rii??li rumr Ui th? ait> fr?-ah ' 'li lb I !)??) N?? It-rtry ?n-l In I ? kl i| iki iH f.if tl< it- Ia ran r V(* ? llw Hie t'< inl? nd ?? bf lha i t Ii nuf"! Miiiiiti M >h?* )? Ii* ni-r a ii>M^tiu( xw liti)lm atawp I Ml tn- d ??i ?ntir he# in# ii?i| h? I Itmr hlr I illKll IllnH ?l i tl? I Olid III ilteil r?lnd. ii I latalnlr l'.rt-r ?bn bmii??4rH?iil lr*il? u|?ni in ? i>i, ''til at- *auu hi* ?hi> hi? .ui), lint till hr had gi t that In, i?'i# of h? ju 14*4 nil IriipUal lnbi ana arkrd him h?iw br uM< to low hu Mai In1' ?i - Orh ' no-' j-t h'V i 11, at' i h? 1 ?a ' fl - air lti'M?iy. I II i ii thr t'inn 'III Ji> tmaj I 'h<a a- n.iii-11 wh i^tii 1 M*'i M iii#* i'i , ll?r? b?jo?t atat (lira I d hill ) it;p? tlf* a <1 pttia 11 m at 1 inn iiu nnt ifiii k 1. ti an if 11 * ai 1 tplit 1 ii m 1) # #1 in 1 if gni. 1 al?lb" r 11 pi-i-t V 1 im?i I iii bu> a i an* 1*' I'i kni n kn i?nl ahn I 1 lit 1 I - Hi but ?n f I Im.r !HHi?b, and I pi tip ii him at d ll? him *'d h' a iar I i Ii -III* >h> tiftur t?ii 'in fc i|ll . 1 ' lift i?n na n b? ii- t rl ha <1 it < - Iiu Ii'm all ah hi t if ' I ' hut ha ] ?m #n? v* " " *> hi ' I Ii aa m 'am nut; 111 >Mi h11* \ i in rut 11 d i it 111' f i'ii ia* ?nn an 11 11 ? ! ant imiI' 1 ht-ia itm kia Ii u ; o. * iH t t ua ! a I nnmd It ' anil In li'?- n?u I ' h'?. tm.i >a>? 1 !> a I ib I fl I ait 1? m I It iii' Iki* nl a Ivh r n I < * I 'i 1 ' u| ail If f ti'iiK* lay IM* I-nm | > 11 ! y Im n r. ?li? d '?. I do but ji?. 41 ?* 'ha aiid 1. u- li t alil> mi im ami i- \tj a ighi ' -n - " r- v -UtK^Wk'arakawMM > R K I 2SDAY, OCTOBER 31, 18 ov did or coat did I ?it attherwardi; but I finally found out ih?- police. and La] thin one (pointing at the prl oner) luck car# ?>v Duiinu nil 'bi? recital. Mary n'ood at the bar, enjoy|if, hn niucb a? any of the audience. the ftory of the ' hi rli nt rix r ud.m w b. n the coinplaiut was in, the Hi coiiler addressed ber witli ' !No? > ary. abat haie you not to nay for yournelf ? C' me you're en old frequenter here What'n your B'oiy tbi* time Mery bit brr bonnet ftrirg fir?t. anil then b> *an to r< count ti e biilory of her rtr*t ai'ipiaintanou with the c- n>| laiDunt; but a-the storv will not <io f>r print, * < cmiini t kiv? it Suffice if to nr. tlj* Court n ut the accun J to the Peii tintiar> for three month*. Police Inleili^i'iiti't lb-akin g O/.cn a l.etl > ? < -? ? 1 ad ? ox h'.s wife %n<l nut her in law by tbi' i ime ot t i ninarr*. w re ail arre?t? ?l ' ert-roay, f'D a otia''t t'leakiu* . - . ii a lettt

r cc utiinlrf in tank tell- the pr-pert) I'eier , l unmntii r Tt>e m cii-eil par'.ir ami t !i>* ninpNiuaut are all French pn |>1e anil reniile ti.^i-ilipr a'. No 1112 S'atiti u ftreet 1 be teller IU <|Ut .itioii ? ?i mailed in ^u. bee ?.u ibe t?'b iuftant by a Mr lo?eph Fi lter, ill reeled to t e'Hr Dumontler, m il arrived in ttil? eity R 1,1,11 I 1 Itil lilt, i IIHf. illlli WllN .1, 1 i V M r?- ,1 >?W Aliallfltlll i Tjlar t'l e of Ihi* car*! !** to the xt-nen.! !.t < >iii ? I Toe letter *mi> delivered ly the nmtuian to John ('-adli ux. ti r Dunn ntier whioh time no noth-e h*i lj i n given !>y' * iteux renpeuting the letter. nor hn \ir Dunn n'<er received any such letter containing the ni* n* > aumailid by \ir I'elur Ilia auppototi.u Is, that the etter * < broken -pen by thi*i a lieux family, ai a the ii iney extracted t.berefrn n (In tht* charge i rn< imi ed were bi-l'i to ball toauswer. by Juntire I iinpMU CI: > .< if Simlrvi; n II'ah h A woman l?y th# nana* of l.i' u in ttur o?? *M arreated, y< uterday, by A'H uIk ui Ii, i t the 1-Uh iv.inJ on a charge of t-liailn^ a pojd e air Ii . valued at #50 the property of Kllzahmti l'ixi'li, ft tilling at No il Sullivan rtrert i'he *atcU *a- taki u on the l.'iib (1 October. from under the pill-ia-of the complainant Du her a r rent. ahti a'kiiiarl>*ili/t J 'ak n< tl.e rt a' < Ii ami tfiive up $|U a pait otitis money r. cnud on pawuiuK lf at King a pawn sli p. So. { 7' iiunlrtii'it liM.nn ih'itiniit t'i'i on the plrdte Jui'iar I impaoti cnmmitteu Lucunla to pii-on, to antiwar the cliai if? at O'.ui t Jiift' on Sut/m ion Oflieer Raker, of the Sixth ward, a. r? att d jester lav, a woman oalied Un Kelly, on MiFpirnn of Mralilig ?Sli froui ill* p< raou of Jam J I>< an Mi?- ??- Oi taiuffl ft i a further ti a tog Suvhng Sm iir'git OIHcr < nllttm of the |-'lr*t waij aneeite.l yesterday. a roan by tb? name of Mieht>e| j\icl)"n(>U)i,b >-.h a ebarge of pt>a:ing Are sovereign! from Ann Kyan a ii i migrant juat a rtvi-d In thin c >uitiy I he mii p ch u <?a- \tr_\ etrong agaiunt him auI bo. I? ire .lut-liee I.nt hi op to romiuit. lnui to prison for a foi 11 i r t xaiiiinatioti Kuwdyism Jln-'int A fellow ralliag hlm-elf Peter Jluiley, i n Moii. ay night entered the premn. ? otjoupled by I-lieu'i li'in^Hi b No 7 > Vieu-?r itreet a'ldtiolently l.c iilll i |) I I.en. MI the fame tllue I'llit' Hvonu to extort money (tflicera I . les ami Miller took tteiujoii i d into custody, ami Imtloe Clakaley held him to liail loani-vi r the clxrge 'J/>i ( / niiiirluuu Kelly The flaw now pi nning, li,?i liin|{ ti c ml i ety nt ildennati Kelly, of the Sllth warO l-eti'ie Joiiire ^ <i:ntli rl hi 1 he - umined op tiy i I III ni I'U ki th I.I.H, I'D bur-da} n?\t I he ra?KMtiatf'K deriih I. ina*, Ihel'efi'.e, It,- rjt|"'i:ttd m? hi tl ill -1> i lion .Vrtirj / ?/?o \lire l^it'iru/i (;ii|teu nil lib -r of priH' mis " n e t ron^i ht iulo o urt ?u .MouUay uioiiiln^, ( lereutiuK |to d evl'>nce of !'o- iudU-try > the polinali ?-ii dnim i' e pi tvi'tua iiii io* tn? r. it.| wi'ie the unual non b?-r "t l"iif-r? tMiv? .mil va. ^ boiol- bearing e\id-i" ?* < f b ni-^d far. . rut ev? s and i aolleu b< ad ' tie Hu t pri?'m i o*lieo upfnrjud m ill fWitu lbi? 1ft of p'Uoimi- a m a i ail. poW'i ful lo'Klu< Irirbuian. by the nauie of l.uke Ti.ole The cuip aia aiit I'na.ct-t him waaa little, r'-il la. J nallor by ihe ) ami of Joliii htnnrdy belou^li ; to tha aieaiu^hip Crefc-eiit < ity Kennedy e-'at* 1 t. > ihe o nrt til* the ai'i-i-id invited bint into a porter hon-? at No 11 V a l'lntit' i etiit t ai d aekad bnu ' ' diiok A?i-o io ii be drank, Toole tUTU-d a unj and ,-til "Noir, ain't jou al.le to ti<-at " Inotber a c iDipanlon of Tool*'*, (Ii e? tioui liir p-caet a knife and -aid to ma, "I live at Wlil ain?buit<h and am b-und to ha*e roae D i nay to pay my ? ay '' I'be c apla nant than b o i nlii < alain.eii. ?ndeavmed to inaK" hi* > eape Imiu Hie hou a l.y I lie back yai -I. and o ainb- i> d over i he lei. >? lato a boat bunder a hhop Here he *?< pui>u> d by I'onla tViii Ii i it & c.nt km**!** I l.i 11 > 1 ? 11 kiitovtl litui M*ol !??? f((>0) hu pOoke.M 10 Hi W* U?J] IHIl off. TUtiiHi'd of ht..u*iy iufoiiii.ul th? p mc? ul tha nu&* htd nfllorr* hoik** u?iU t oltlu" purell* 4 r??oln, vbn ?a tr)inK to iji*ki hi* oApe !'hn prt- ?n ?r htl Eothtig hi or to >a> to lha ohar? lint that. u? oruiiK at lb* liiH, mid ua< Lot awAta <>f what had thli*n plAc? 1 hi tiinflptra * took ihtc >molatnt on a cLurgr il r? bboiy iu ttia firfrt dagr*?. lia huh tiuffl* LJl It 4 to p! IhOn. Tlif s?*it piiaonar? called war# two decent looking mau ky lh? W(((?i of flaiutM \iiu? a-i I John S laylit. AiibP. it . in*, in iii?? ttrat umtf of lbt? <bip (,'ofIifl?A. iDu iAjl??r tb* doctor of lb* nhlp o th t ir * Hit i' boi?* tha appa*rai>e~ ?f b ?Tiii(( b* ?d ou a ra^uiar fpiii* i tf (J'KSlof wbO l UfO'l. a f>AI(d "tun fcAlldj D.oUftAcba m.<j ?M4fc?rr in liii ?h rt laMvaa, kdipiUm hi* c? At and hut I'll** 111 At** App**?? : l Co ha** lab ! * *1 n.i - iii.U* r i Li* I'lllufiK**- vt Imj?i? r. Kli i b* dwotor mm ai- In*' a a i iimi of ri kUtutor i i ?-y ?v- la h t*i m.aiu.-d wnh haiT?g dmak hi d d'?rJp*rly a I a- a'lt'lug Ibe polio* man i 'Wc- r Kriftao. of tbo if?t **td um i? tbo * barg** aid M | < <1 that ih?* a kaii) hn J .o <?r, Iai* A Dl|l*t * rtn OU tb?*.r *?) t?tb'' ?hip AQ(i IUr.?T* faiad m b bun iii tha ui. ul bin duty dating It Iu to tfht and going h afii lh?? nbtp, uhail <? ! tb*drdi*m imIvauic birl amaih ^??ml n jm- a iu*d altli acluh : nil n ad? in a-**ult on th?* (-tfionr . and praaantad doing u jury by th?* .ir. i * *1 ? f t*o ?vt?r iff oar a, and ihv J^ior au.i (b>> ui at* ?f**ra thr Airantiil ami taH^-u to tha pta'Jou fioii-a AiDi< on lift** >?' kimI ahat ha had O nay, re uarftad II At l>r uuublv to ti .i ?iut ? t'i pii ' I athnh cl keen acrt^a to tha ?a I [?nr( f h?i oil/ to vi?;t ?oma titibd^ aimI va< r -o^ Ui rab ) in lt<|<ior fna JuMirc r^n ntVmI that l.c w Mill p?lf A -top in ruob road> Uiu alol AmMuIIa oil tb?? i?l)K?*ra, thar*f<*ra ha hftiould lo-hl i ri* in ?ach to hAtl in ili*p ailui ??' to aiiitai-rihi f hAiga at. n iiirt to default ?.f ahioiih-y ni-r* rou??*)i d to prlHon 'I hi d* *' t rl*oi???r (.ali^'i wg" a fall fnll ?ar w-trln^ a 1 ^ h> ri l?'ioi mcin'iit. I?y t hi< hMiut o| 'ah an Liitituan, h drifi*' ot (>n?* of lb* tintul ult^ti OfVlnart Kni-ff Ai/d 'J ( ftMinb. ill lint blf h ?? a d I?r* farri?d a ?;bArgf Agann-t I iru for 90 Aa*Ault on ib* m wblla in th#? ?fi-< ha ga of II iir duly It im#Hi r>> t'u: ^Ulriucit* u<Ala t>? tt?a otl rrr?, tl a' a figlit ai.d ui-t urt>n.c** l?m k p a?m tu a i ?n pa ol ill faio* li ca* <1 hi so .. 1'h ?pia- ?t t whl- ti I a hc?* a*-ra to fjiifll, Aid In -o iji iiik at-to it* fi.ll) i- Aui'Hi bv Hit* prm. nrr I hi* pibutar In l^uifii c** ?U(iil tint Im *a in faf a p?nna uiaUar, ii At i no fit* i.o* of hi warn f-chi Iak tfif? i h i ah i ba ui ly Ofp|rd in t?.r Ihr |>urp Ha ol irponlnf t.u* c *n t? t'Oli ft pai tlcp, M'hau th?* otllo t-< ctoia In A id t->->k l i lo ( I r.tni aii*j Iii^k?4 h hi di toibap>'a ion, ai u ti ?n tfi 1i ? t' a) bant Inm otct the hcn<l ai d h ly uttli tt ftr eloba II*- d* til* (i nirlkm< lha ofllcr* hat ot.iy pvth* d thati a li?t??? Ha c uinh b??ra uia hi of l.mii a l*tn< i on, hl> tiAi'ditd Him b* ad oii> ???ai torn and p|i< t>d ? iir aith M- I l a Juit ^ ord*t? d '*a 11 fo|*ia nt ??i th** ofllmr- to hd i?i?tn ?n I tiia auciofO wi* brlil lo t I ui ao#aar tna mar<* at tfic IJourt <>l H? i|i fin l>iir>Ittc tna d-ty auoi b?*r (vmpialit ? ? iiik'Ic fnflr t lh .!aiii*4 hy Kill* W tl? hatiip* t?#? ? k* ap# a h (i?a ?fVa* - ^lit at .No #4 Uuaoo tital 11* ? r i * t <? ui %*f: v* '< h* r- in ? la a j a - ?uH < n (In b..n a i hr ?I - it aa >-i* . 'v (f" v**1 "it ' '?"* il-t'ti h tha ?lbrto* ?! .* (in.|( (?lii.j? antl alnlua II I' llithltllrlinn) Mltkltl ? h I(r. at lu lli.|*r.i| ai i| I ?i| m > itmrt i|j? ? fI- thai la aho want i i n i (I lit * b" r<? in 11>? ?!-iih"*|ui *"u i h??e l? i II Altai \ mriBt u?l fur th? ?n?u?i?.| ikttf ? ho pai <icl|>at<ir- ti> I 'i* lint l?i jouuy tfiria wrrn L?i KTa tWil bcfOIr tk? OK(iinra r lit ill*- iiaoj?? i>t ar> \nn uri. j nil I- turn a liuit'ti av<l alM'Ut lo t?r 17 > *!? b ;*i hull/ mia|?d lr?i?i lh* .Va?i,*lant- A>ylum miliar I'miniati II Id'tiKI llwl Iitirl that lia t "timi I it* lu In t h? ?o.t?-iy i I i ? n l-'n tii i'iin - 1111' i i n- tha. ai N<>. fc| VdIimht ?' i-il hi > irl? |,r<- riiij-d t>i Im mmh idxitril, niil Im wait tha Mtagliltata, a?i|i taar* mi l.halr*.?a t" lia ill a fit tn f, ?, ^ it,, j wnunl uaaaf li? r4iitfiil att ll ?.ill rmi ran iiica i ha -tia*? In mmr lh.'</nt i'th?r?l". atid r< n.rmlifu ll.i-in l?ilb to I'Mum I r a It iihtr i laiuiiiatlou Kaial Ital* ll.*aiti*. TV I nlt*d 8iaia* Hun*-* 11 ** ?ra nmml. ii W|i ' N irht.l-i o ami Mban* . .man l r V I lint ili I|ili aril tba ( rtiii l ?a- r 'I alar H'imh, Lit ma runt cninii nuant II >i I'ot an arntail h-re n t'a l*ih iml.,a*'l ' a I Lll' ii >talra uliiami a lift, |.l? i.ant l iAtitl iliiat r . Iinao'l arm ! hara aa?ar?l <Ja>?>lnn from |tii- *l*la<ty ? i a arid r mnrl lllainia rtia.a fmir ti*?- ? at*- ana a* ii*h'ir nil iti .>? * l?til ai it mi l i-Ki.-! tha tn^t a I'ail an, t la Han hip if lli? lli m a -.(iia<ti .m I ihi . f ir 4all . I III iintnpl a I J aiiiTga'ti- imi-i r?- ll ( I- 4 ky 'ha a i \ li< | kit man I, f r tl II a aqiMliy fi u/<ll 4a.'li <1 H ill'i in #1 II h th" itln "t tiat 'I ! i U' I nl I. itMltflfiii'lbj lli flif m? in .li ?'i<?ii 'H nl Itiii' ?? i i trii * it lat? " ii a' yhr i'ii ii,, tii' * I ai'|i|? n rltla h a a tfca ?1^. a I t? l? ? ! '? < 11 a til Ml" i|til>la|[> i ti II' ii ii laianu inli ! |iar it Ii alnioiiMi' ill i hi?i* ili>fi?i-?il "I I la "ha I i'i ii ll n ? I rtafi.ta lli- I i tt? l'i|u ml' I |*l-'y ai 1 fn tn'r i I * lil Ii *i I 1 I^i- . i*?ilimaii " I ! I mtail Mtat, V k'D i.laifa ml I i* i i:an la' ? Ii ai A l Ml arul'l . in i > n . i III I I'i <a I I f | ha mil, 1,1 If a r>' . I ? III iln n h a a I Ii a i Ii it tii f T"tn i ti tar lain! 4< m Ir i b < I I l r t ll tl I'M! 1-1 .1 i. | | |i i a I It. Ml! I t lll? <11 lilt- W|| ai , h |I ir ; I " r m I Iial Ami' hw ||'I III L'l'I'ltlJ liliaua" I < i " ifl nfr ll "tM H"I|I.|| rill 'i' l? ttllf ?if a I at d ha i a, h?:. n, paaa dn u i - ?lnt -r ti i It fini ?'. aluit- wantu t>pa ll - ?' tiian In hi i n l<a lit nl -ii at * ' ill i a - ?mi A ta.-ai |,? a'ti.l a' l a ... I *? ra n fltun >.? t irk 1 I K a ?a n. an ll h iiiiti at. Tia in li.a I,., | % I. ' ' III f "i* \l . r? -'<i urn tJa?- y ?i H. .ill I. ta i ? I; I , I trt il? | w. H t I ' tl )< a >1 -in i ? lat y Aaalaiant Hi. t i > r - ! i.l litlaf. .. *a r- * i. ' a .h .t a tiaa ?. Ntrta , t* ? M 1 litaaall, H v. ,j In. * It \.l, '? I.l I a !* n r I tl M "? J I. . I. ?|laiu I' lift V l I ) tar i ! I' I 1 K. 1 i. I t- . I I E R A. 49. Illy i ii k ukmochats or thk skcond ward. I.Ct i I?*riti g flit* <4f(tir.crtiih or th<- Sxtiomi v?ard nmt at Ald< rman Mont-all'* in h'ulton *tr*?t ?rh*? tli? no niiliatloiiK wt-r* rxtiHrd without ill???n>lnn John V S?v*|f* van call' (1 to ih? chair. a?irl tha m?rtinif ??< a>l<ll??n rll.V Itt-ntral W?|bi|ilK?, 'ololicl Miutf I'lipttln Iljnilrrii. Prip?.< f Brooklyn (In n H(i*rkliou Hp?.-?h), J U i'hlllip" K Mn1 artliy ami ! iliiar Wal-h th.? l'a>iimany Hall who <]t-m<>li?hfd lh? wliiif* ttiftotally tiotli In prune and rliyme H? turned tbi*ui UUrally lDfiil*i out. I>> mik hatic Nomiwatiowii I itivinH Warm Kor I Aliit rinau ti r ITii h ward, hccleg tiillcuder; for AssistI Kiit. Jhuh*? (Quarry. Wim. Nomination* -Th? whim ?f ">e Fifth wa-d It 1 seems have settled 'heir differences, and united on one ticket \\ arrcti Chapman tor \Mi-riuan; John lloyo? frr Arsl-tan'; and \br'in Wakeui fur \sseiubly Th i Wiiif* R atifm ation VI*i tinii -?Thin aveuin?, the im ft11 ii for the ratltleation of the whl< nomination* tafcis place at Headway H"ti?e oorner of Hro;d?ay (itatid street Iimiii rare inn I" expected tuu compared with which, the faminany Hill exhibition, on N mdi.f nmiint will oritur*.! ? a>i trilk and witli sparkling i hatupauue iu It i tlft rvi . ounce. The den><ersts only wan! a man fir th* Thirteenth Assembly District and two nu n a< Mdermati and Vs. slstant. tor the I'hlrd ward to c< inp'eta > heir noniln itu ti?. The whl '* hive fti11 the Third District Vi embly to flll np, and the l-oiirth Sixth and Seventh wards for Aldtrmt u and Aa-istant Aldermen f lty Intelligence. Tin: Surroatu Cask or Muhdiii?The Coroner, yj?s. terdsy, lield the inquest on the body of Owen C?ruj* b? II a^i d -13 year*, born in Ireland, who van supposed to have cmie to hi* death by injuries rroeived. infl.oted by Ilobert Hunter, on Saturluy ni;ht litst. The evidence. yesferdtiy. taken by the Coroner, showed that the diet am d came into the grocery store situated on the corner of Stanton aud Sheriff streets, about t?u o'clock on Sututday tii/ht lait. under the influence o" liquor, and, ?i'hout any provocation, struck a negro, by (be name of JuhnxoD; and niter that he wont at lluoter and *tt uek him likewise Hunter, in sell defence, flunk Imrk and tMy fill "ogether Ttie storekeener tl i n cane fri m behind the counter. parted the Ci ut> lid l r | HI I Irs. and t ui lied ( he deceased out of tho store trllii n Iiiin to go heme t he di 0"a-i d then walked to bte residence. No l^S < idutnbta street, and sat down (iu the stoop where be was found by tin w.te, in tin n 1 ii ost iii?enstble Mule, his held drooping and apparently belile a His wife, wi'li andm anee, not him up i tairs and a doctor wa? < nt tor. but. the uiau died at *.lw tit f. ur oVh ek ih? tolloelog mrning Dr. V. hit taker on the p. ?.t mortem exm.iitii'inn, foind that a ri p'lire of a b.O- d vessel of the brain had li??n place lie jury t>>uud the following verdict:?Ilia' tled?cea?>d can e to his d>a'b by the ruotiire of a LI d Xes*r' Of the brain tVhether tbi? rupture wa4 CHUM d by blows lufllc'ed bv Kobert Hunter, in sell* di fenci i r in some uthi r manner, 'he jury are unable to iii ii-rniiiie In**|i;un to lhe verdict b?in^ rendered, linnt?r *as d> taint ii iu < ustojy on i in- ohm. t? of murd> r. hut on t he ?e id it |..u ot Hit vvi diet the Corouar ii's< kargtd Mm'r in oirt 'ly Tii? Wr?vnv:i \isterday the flsea of the sldaw nlka f ad a cinipietely *??I>J appearance a'tar 'he rain hi d ft' itn of 'he prevloii* Ilia lit I h 1 day it.i? exceedI' ill} cold Mli<l ominous "f the iir ar unprounh of f il-t 'I be iky at Interval- wat tiverca't. with dark el >nj.? that reeimd to thufcfevt more ruin we could almost say mow or hail v r>- it not a little too early yet to expect those atienuaii'a of hoary winter I- xh imi cm *i Ko old " man of color named ( la>|. t'< Dro.e ie>-dioj;a' I<r*e street died th's w ek at the rx?ri ! ? t |i air** of 1 l.i vears 4s she nut n pa ai iii- if forty y ears of s:re nt i ti?- time of t |je re vol iti-faary uir s1 e r^colleeteil i| in events nod its l>? rees. si d n mi y ot her nutlm* t hti i;a |on?f precious to 11 lit n en i tiiMi- ?-ru Pi rh ip- 'here t.1 not on thi* coaIii nt ate'i h i | re n i f Mie ain iiif Kiai ?At lisif i sk' II <i'clia'k on Monday nlnht. a t'T> hioki out In 11i-?d''I'll 'tin of ?lith avi-uu? end 14'h ftreet which u is xtiru?d?l" d hy file p diew ai d oillit> t>? iii the ni-iahliorhnod without cal'in t in the a d i f I he fireilil n The daioaoe t?< trlfllne Piowmh Yru'erday h wan unknown f<*ll Into tHo rlr?r ir< Hi th" flip al tbe foot of l)?*pay?t?ir ?tr*et and W?F til < Wneil * i < imm 11. Pui w ? im. '1 h?C(iriin?? hrld kt? in |iie?t \??te?<'ay. at No ITi lame? ?tri*e? on the boiy of iohn ltu>rill, B|i?il 79 year* horn in Ireland wli nam* t > ! )ii ( Mi In accidentally fulling off tha dock into the , tiirr fi?* nf Ilepey !cr dreel HI.'I before ni i could Im j rei ?Ji red the poor man dio?L>d. Iln w.n a rl '<"r liy tiaile V?rdlct aacord'iigly ] I'nr Kill IT' \ fteiday a Miliiahle hor-e attached ' o a truck which ?im conveying utona for hull lirif I H?irp'e?e vex killed ii? orn? ??f the lilbil wlimN oiiuitiig ! pi contact with the curb Mona, wli-n tliu huneitud truck Here up*?t. and the fi r.oi r killed. l holi m "> Smii ii"?t.t?.- The uhlp Mnntetuma vhinh niitii 111* p< rt no Vonday h?d Iw-nty tin ilenKil of th? ehrler* on t">ard during the ??>'' ? num. N-r were till >ick Dm I akkhhn T Coiliei of thl? city ?>.llni ta d*y In M e I-. < <iri>li>K for Madeira. nn4 thenne will el-It li e more ettmc'lve portion* i t t .urooe iu pur-nit of heiiiM HI* kith f*inillrf tnilmwiil will ll.Miie liini iiheial opportunities of nhcrraMon abrctd, and we ttii-t he will rtturu fully reetored to luailh anil urelulnej* ? 7Vi'nne. TAiiOirr Fxn'RMojis YRVT>:IU?AV. 1 l.e Markeiy ?.imr l? of lb? rtl x'h wird r?pt. f. | I'jii" rl-ilrd f>?Bk?r'? ll?t?l at lloliok-n and *tiot for m elWrr ifohli't which wa? wen by prteatw Freeman The 1 fli<ern(f thle Bimptny are?l?t. Meat U'ni Mi'le*; ill l.i<ut Jai< Proiii fer; " I I.lent . I) Sullitaa fhl< i trty mci nipHcli rt by I othiaVn bun I 'I lie \ iillw liiwd', < ap? l><. Hunford ?i Ited Mr*.lit Vi|rl< for ta'g?t practice, and fhot for the ful l' Wln prlj. ' l?t prlle ellTer ifoblet ?nn ! ? I??er>h I (I i e i; Vd tlo a nilrercup won by /ohw Hiker; .Id di miinrri i< w n fijr Hen. Mill I'hiin i (nlil pm ?"n ?.v Til..# Ilradfnrd I'huv niiiul>"r?il f.iri v1v? m>i'k''t?, ml w*r* ana i? J.II III-4 l.y W IIIl*cN?w \ ork llr?*? Bartf. 7 li* Wl> rburn Guard. (apt Ikiim Mvr?? nn?nb?r- j lilf CfM ('fin niiicK^'e ami a'ciinpaiit"'! hv D'nule'a l-aid ?h> I for the follnotnir prtw- 1?? prin? 1 if "Id p.-trll >'? Iiv pi!?? < I <l?il llltffia*: 2d <l<> a ?ll??r J i ?i(i w n hy id It?t l?'??ph lliitrnq 31 do wa? ?'in I* fd I t? ut I'll in?> '? rli< ?cm ?>ni" 'if fh? ?nliin'?*r? T I.? U i i'Ii I Ijlit l???-r<l?. apt I ornt-liu- W Rroowr, ?? itiNrinr ' n> mnkri< pnw drd tn Kim ^ark. ?c ?i n-psal'd ! ? Mirlt. n ? hriM hand for U'l'l prtntlcii 1 br ftct prl??* i" fi r ? ? * fn?llnir pi'< < whuth ?!" ?< I) h> | rl?a'" H illlnm Haallafid th? in'l a? ullrtrmp ? n hjr prl?at?* Wlllum RiMn: the Ihlrd wT??th |>ti>H'|i|i^ hr a?M>* ill Iho Ki(ktll wntd. ?'n hj l.iant I S Allen. lliiH'kl) h ?'H> tiitrlllMriirr. Ki?. ?ti *i? l)\ir ? I in mini lii'lit* ? 'I .la-llr<ii in l Wtl(ht - I hl' a'urt ? ? ?/?iu In ?? ('n j. iy IImi^i i iall <*1" ? lii- | iMrt??l f r i Mil' 'M lvr'?rT, ??4 (run ruit'd) I! ? ci in .'1*1 on lit hutinif ankniwli df?d -*ll?fir*!' ii Tlr Prntjt i ,'mfl f'trj* <<tr "I h-'l?f*n<1*qt ?' i nl < it || ' I'd 1 r "lih. r, till r. I.f p'fj'l T A U'C tin 'tin' filial ta'* t>* aed asprrli tift* had iw n a nplnt"d b* 'h '1?? In 'hi r??? \fi?r th" la nlna'tnii "f nni ?|tr??e a li no id'cn* lott plac? lx?tw?a Iha r?. |. i t !? > r?ip ? I an t lir ijH' ai I' n wl-at lief an ? < Tf cni'l Wlrl'd h' f'.ra the principal hid l~*. o trl?d ar I c ?valid | H. ari'iim'ht ?a? in priyraa wb?n ?ar (MtolMI (M'Ikumi P.,I <?m K - (In nlillt let, th< ? It Hii D i ? iiiirll rliambaf ??< lti? in-iii' 1 ft IU"" dl?Irtarafiil irMnnM i h? I n?r'n* r*u.rl"l ftdvt r'f I* t? 11 prurr nf ?it? vii> N ?ll? t ? ti r? I tr ni a ftn* Impnt>d <>n Mid ' ?r a ? ' !? nf ?r th? ? ! i tillr ?ii.- -? v |(|. rii 'hurr-h n tad ?-i am 4n n? !? i h- ? c< rt In rrant. i h p- tl I >n ahan M Inr. li *i> H i ' I M,lt i.rnf Drill In hi- rainar*. I in put" 1 n't In( mlid n:< ' irt- tnllirl hi|i*it|iiAikii l.a* ..mum i-a, iri'liii' I'd i hot I a I ail ii fnipl"ta,1 ht lh? p tlti?? a? rt nt'fr I lit- \ Marman ar>.>? l.i ii..fvnd himfail w'?n h|? Ha*if ruilftl Mm ?n >iHtr Ui-tinn R|i'M I* h"p<d tin yaiitlatnan aou'd h- *l|.i?. <1 t> -p - * In talf l-nt tha Mr ilti'Mtd ill# ?ii"l> i1?>l nulil ?r? r In lh?fi ni'ii ?>f tha raiitarH* >! \ldaf. n an ? . Alilripun tmritk b* nit ?mj<-h ftt il Jtimpir k tip aaid hi* hail n??t It. n mplnrt' I a? r iinat 1 ?i a ->ny "? ?lm ?atd I' aa? a |iai >til a alftiidt-nr ' Th? tun fjiiarr-ll'i>< dnrloi( tbr ?t < la tin iij. The Holt <a, ANMHII *s? i.iraanara II'n V K IIkiII?> aid ladj I'r >Ti V. vlar?dlth. I hUadatpt a, ' II llalnrt \.w Origan- ' ap* ?la|Mn|t| U s A , John la.d Vta*t of I, M M-?? ijalr?--i. fiT. I* Mflatiiar, > i ?tno. K W "ail.r PhWft|a|. |Mi I It' i n, Imlv anil dmilitir Ha'lfaji. I ' I tat fl'trt', s l?h f?n I. hn !t Idf I"i y . I ?" ih . a-1 Vi n'11 fti lirnrn* * i ITa' jr Jll'iMfa?l, lan.-a tiv I in H Votmif uliniil . lift/* i; i > ^41 ? <;?>t(la; H"t? ' r lftli? U H !< ? a >r < <rI ' i'ti pti ftliti t-tal I aw ?n. II *. A waft" fttn'.ri 4 lha ar ?n a ti-'i 1 a ' |li? Iffti K Hi 11 ? .hi- . V? ! ! (*li|o I VI |i ml far* Washing'^o; . H lit l? . I hilarli l| hla K H tlnMll. iin?r..n 1 K, II III. >a?'< I I'll #,? -I "Si fij iuii* 14# fa-h- 1 >tift"r>, I M>.it, ,| Vllfli'l*; It fatara Virginia; ? I . 1 ?rt>r I ? fti d I .Wot Mr. la ? 9 V liara i at; I rt ! ?l |hl- ?I" lii-tn > l?i|ip* hi-i tl, II- fail* I jtl- a. Mr l>rmin ''aoad*. Ti I III rt. r Mi a y I h. HIH< U'\i n H'i?f >o. V t ti?- 1 Vlt- la ( I- rail H't.tinr/hj ?* '-if l.a't 1. / 1 i NiMti'llf >, ' i-ii' it *t - f ft id Dr. V4 < lat in.Unr* tulin r. at ih. (,.* I l.i ' ? aid fa. I> Mil ti ... ? jj 11 a t ?? f ' Hi id N#f I - aiti ?ir? |tn .< Ihr arrlrftia |r-lar* ; a* til. 1.1 u I I (4'nnt I mi ill* inlhldltnUi in i?i? j <d th? liit? "it, ta'.uf>*?.| l<? 1 III d 1 i-taiiir * Irni 1 ft nil rt Tl'tt t > I r li'i. I t an ?-*-. * a. * , f Mlala |. ?..rr ?n a ] 1 I on ' h M'.Jay '*it J ? , ii.- n . <*. | A af ?> f 1 ?i * r1 mi- ? 1 / "i* | r f (%llt hnnnu it Ht I ?-i ntr y |i d t|ih h;- t>ii;o nn> ri 'i i' Wi?? i??- *Ml pi a'ii 11I ?> 4 I?H' ' I. Il" I ft daja. I . 11, I A IX TWO CENTS. Tbnvltlinl and Kliulcal. Bunni Thcaihi: ?'I bin well known uj ynpnlar houre ft amuifinrDt ??" tilled by a large audienoa In-t nli<ht, being the b-ui fit of the manager, Mr. S(?-**nn 8haki?peare'e tragedy of Kln< Lear" opened the entertainment* 'J he gn>at taleat distributed in tli>' | mfurmance of tlila ex<|tii*ito production, aad tbe brilliant ntjle in ?bicb it ii put upon tb? age. bav>-gaiD>d for till* triigedy the ino-t un par ailed fU(ir?w Mr W'alla?tk. Jr , In the lu^errMliin eharaoti r ct King Lear. auii Mr*. Wallaek, In that of <4on?rllt v?hoi-?- diHiiia'tr nhilltie* hare won tbem uo ordinary iHitir noted la t iilglit in a manner that drew down loui< and n Iti'iatfd h|>i>Uu?h [.cuter, and (illbort, Hi>d MIkh \Vfiii}h? 'bone bright In tbe exeouti<>n of thfir i(i|?'(itl|r to'tt. rile whole wa? received with tl.e mi'Kt in,b"Uiitled i nthuKia'iu, and K*ve UnlrernAl I hftilMuotmu A neue fioui a local d<ama wan ne*t re( m win nil Mr Ulnann pernon ited tu origtiihI rlia'not'r who introduced (he hoii<? of Joe. w tin) It v> ere a t tin'Hlily executed. Th* entertainment* concluded Willi the ill aula railed (be WilV ol'-wnin II**bauili* " in which Mr. Steven* unatalued the character (it nrtju letoanmur It pa ?ed oil txceodiu^ly well. Co-night the tragedy nt Kiii|! Lmr.'' a ncene from loc?l dran a in which Mr Wluaiu> will intri dune the n tin* nf in** unci tli? famous lirauiA of the " It riolti r i f I iirin ' briiiji loi ih* benefit of Mr tlilburt, which will uiyd< ahti illy di aw an' t!i ir fin* houne Beoiuwiv THKittr .?.Mr I 'nlll"? the popular IrUh c no d an a1 it vi alini comnu need ?' the Broadway an cngHKemnit la?t night, with the mint favorable in liciu tons of m ki Oil run There ?t< u wry good houne. 110U wittii 'unili. g tl o nightly viiiiaiii u of many of the iiiuie persons Outing the engagement of .MlimCuHti'uan. ir 1'at.rlck t) I l?-ulp.i ami lediy the 1'ilnr were thu ch.iim ti r- with which Mr ( nlliuH opened his n^freuietit im-t night ; and In both hi' in wuh ut a -u^eri >r. Hie tong of the " Lold 3 Ml*r liny ' l< one of the u Hit *preni in- ol u lively i-pli tted mug tu it- world W* litvii lerii h<Di at thi' I'ai k culled out ilirfB or f ur tune* lu hucceaoorj'o repeit It I.ait pig':th' was luptui ui-ly riiCoi id. tiud bad tbn peculiar fat or ?ht) ?n I mi i f mi rai bouquete ir in the lnuic. cast d > mi from the lmxr? < ii the Muge ! h- ovr nt tbo Wid >w VI ?In uy in IVudy tlm I'_i ler. ' < ?-.j <ialIv an I iIm rvn tty popular Thi- itulrx bill eonclud d With tholii^bab|i* faice of lh? ' \ lilim-i .? llolii<Uv " Mr i ollina ii|i|i aii ugain t i ui/lit. a-iil ?v?ry nigut tli's week. in oue or nmiti ol Iiih likvonte characters. Nibi.o'h Uauiil.*i The people'* house was far better attended la*t E'ght th'io on Mondiy la<t and th performance* went I II in thi-tr iiiual creditable :>t> le I'he loje duueirg by M. I ton Javelli. allowed 'In- greatest feats bf .during and Hgili'y ever exhibited anywhere. The pantomime- of ''Robert Macalie," an 1 tli?* "li d I.iiniue " ubich followed wt-re received with in nth iipplanre amuir-t ro ir* of laugliti r I hi* ? hDle *a t very luin-tm: i ry to ail pri rut We r in not reuaiu Iron I, i?> 11 g line pi all e to Mr Niblo, the ot'eieof thi se plt- .Miri ii to our cit r e if I -1' t lie ci'iiktru lion of ?uob * til e palace ol miinn m nt whieli I* hii ornament to ,\ew I ork Win re cau cue repair tor real aiiiu&ement, it not within tlm preciiiC e of '.hi* be?>itiful ediSoe? Th> arrai>i;> tuetitr for the winter -iihiud are pi n^nn-ing rapidly. I It- en ihijee to the tlnNire ami l>*il roKin will koi>n he !iii#lie I mill we ntinil 'u i ly he aall d to ttm fir i eu'H IhIihii- i t m t bat vrt ;l?m to i he pnhl ii by the (inpiiiiir atunir in d"ubt it will be a 41 and afImIT I III* 11'lilll : 1M |I'?' ted to th" tl lie It of Mr. t litppi lidale I he en'ei ainineni i will 00 i-iit of i.h* ' lutal* " in wMch Mr II I'laoide \ir r I'lamde Mr. urge Barrett Mr inorue lli ilnii'i, Mr .^tnan. vlr. i. Meltou. .nrh llnwarii mid '-ir-i Wntf. wil wppear, und tin pnpulai' pitee <d ' I.0I11 \|nnle-.' in winch Mi-h. Mi an. Mr < tiippi im - and Mr lie .11 i unl will 110C priii im nt rb* a.-tein. Ui uto'ii I'iii a th ? I.a t evening, this f*vori'.e re1.0 * t ^ u '1 well llllid aid the enlertaimuenU were of * try ?ti-?eii?e diameter. The ftuiunetnent* op-nei wi'h the 1 r> at I j ?dmlrt*d drania of the Demon Je*ter," wi. ?:;j * u n uruu, ttmy u.vniu? <i lurwu^uuuv 07 Mi.'ii I.tuiiibiu l.yiiin* ? ark*. a oil Mill Chi)iiaka, Mlm Fart m i ang the b--.ui' ilul htilla<l " fin* I'.iiok < of I>1 dB'ijuivi-T ' \i ryn?H. ily li.e nett pirc* war tu?t Iiew 0 tnt'iiy i-t " l!iart? am I'rutupV' wlilob *llnr l<-4 a (jnoa dl-play nt thr k '?t " into tilnrit of Uurtjn'a company j ami th<- numludin;; lure of "John Joii?s'' pa> 1* iini) li- ?c?p? to ih?- gi-nm* of llnrt"n. In hl< iniinU table |i<-r-niiHttOD if t?iij ito illii 'k an tlin must uut -ftii 111 ri ail in t ti- wt rid Uurton n *? al timet a n ><t 1n ' tm-i lr and i? ona of th? most popular aotiri m ttia iii ui.try A Hue bill for to uiglit? jo aily and arcure 1i-ata. .Nil ii>r aL Thi iiii; ?Thli houte wag wall lillfd by a nuutroiM and fartilouable nudlrncH. Tha enterfalnm> n:3 c i n.meiK i-d * it h t h* lantrmhln fare? 01 Mother a'id 1 blld arc doing well," ? hicli p?ii<?d olf in ?(rellent m.d aloidtd luoeh pit.mure and t > tne nimbly It waa iuaav< d< d. fur tint flrnt tiwti at tbi* tlu-atie by thegrand fairy n'raritauit entitle! 4 Kalr Iini wllli n l. rk' win Ii hh-d I vi ri-I wild de<rd> d ?ucci M. nnd Hlcltr l tap' uri u- uppla i -*- 1 11 - l'a? dot o?a?|ue and" M l> Wi" ' darniad by tli?a <??rtrudi> |j??fii voif t-ainiilt-d w 'li M.n-li gram- and i l -ijsMina Tlia iuium in-nt concluii-d *Uh inn trluinptiaully nueowmlui bmt?ir<|U? ?f i.tif - r r untie nity riii?v<*< or ihn hairy 1,-gi n<f Iti* ?>oldru lle^t-in abiottwa* Willi writ In I u>ght. with a< luu'h ple<i-ure and admira'ioa ii- firr. TV niuti- ri'l In- jierfni ui--d i lit " l-'alr ' >n* wit ti I In- Ooldi'ii I.Mik*.1' the " l-noiaie fcorty I'blurea," anl liie laitaui ' My Ni gtibor'e #il?." Miti Mi l i '? Omirii Turn i?.*. ? A iMinhtiul >?rir? of lutrii^loaii'Dta *u glmn la t pruning at thla t'kaiajiu'( I' .ihiiitr, and >iJ"i M iry i'aylor, in the part of Mai I* in 'The1 n Id of th? liegimaat," e >muiand?d, ai< fI f ai? ay d i.'i Ibe muipaUii" r an i adinirati?a utllirauillriiin by her ta?t*ful and foi-lmif p?rlorui?ace. We rertalMy adinlrt. her in-r-< in olh-?r ni re natural par'r than Imnh and admire uiany pirm-n mora t'lau liii I rumh o|?i.a ?ithlc mnnun iioavnmatiuti*. bat it III II'l Id- ooliti rd Ibi' I < not of our wnd a ill tlit? film-H i i.iihii iih' io di a w lai tnd a I mlrtn/ tnni ? . II if, III fael. N-aiitifully |'". up and wmII p-rf o umij. Ttif Ml p .iatH I Ulilm l m.' In wliti*li VI r WaiO'lt, Hii> i iinbirtfi and *"iI a .Niekmn'io, Ml?? Hiocla r. anil .til-- liv-foii oi-|o?t*-u i.n<<]r a Jtriir *1 r, j m j ?a? ??li [<la)rd, n il a unnandi'd llw I >ul and lr?|<ii-ot ii | <|il*t>*>- of a 0<I1I1II<<I h'lKH III* 1 ni lh? W Ktch |i |ln?ril mul |iru<iac*<t i?llti? ? drIKht aal ?(U>lli!tli I I ill* tb?a tr l> lull; It* ptrc>-? aU ? ) *IC?l?nt and * l| (>In>*-<1. ami <n al?ay? iimw l?o?at hi nif l iit- i-ifiiiiiv b im Ii bill lu ?ni 'l> >'r. ,\i itibi 11 * I I ? f| r In on* of b ? b I rh?r?.t?r 1 in ?tt*n 1. hk 111 1.1 a tr< b ?T*nib s trv< Ii ain i<?oi> ot ami Inlai il> a hu ll art- *l>ii)i* In b- fo.lutt h?r* t? d |?ir rMiin ai d tnakr tbv mo t (oiatii to lau ;h, ami the ItlliMUt I" ffma Iti I hi i?i? ' Mi -?i kki.? l'hi? ttilnil'abla band "f mr^n* JM?< ai?'? mi? n < b>-r ?o f^utar ? at pr? -ut No Matter aba*, may b?- tba flat* >1 IV no-atiar bail, rain or lbiinil> < c* >rm Vfaci.aulea IUIi In ?ur<i ti i>a 11< <1I1<11 tjj 1 b? adiiilicru til t >ucl? 114 nagro ia?l<idi?a I h?- b-i.r flan-, ijii'ar |??rf rant, a(4 th? 1 011 'h? l *? |i>. tl'llu and li r In-imimn' ara all drat . ?te mil 1 mul ti?y ri<rutH lh<<*i< Klaini 11 > ar> 11 i*?<<t< 1.. ai d baiin. iiuiukIj. tha' Bight af ?r rl^'it may b?' 1 Id 1 h? ain* I?< ? a 1 < h t in *prl.;ruly roiiutanai e. ?lni? 1 h-> ar? am i ? I hy ki nu n? r?^i'.wut?tb no f tin u>ic ' ia< at Utflialli a' Mall. i 11. mi \-<<i m< 1 I'be ece?? of tha famaif Mulii'iril b |fi-id?ii.ain vla< till r.<r>.< t'ttmil* anil I I- bljihfl} M<rn Binl-d bji ihn admlr*?! tof Iih mfl* ral d*iu< . 1.' a. I ktlt il ??ji.<i i.a-tit* I'N wl*kfM>4 fM?mi?>?< tiaii I itn dn?ail In hta bill ?ara?al o<-* tricka, which a >|l h 1 < . great t<l a-Ui* In all who ? ill 1(0 t > tin n 1 In d< c iati n ?>f r a aMUtar ? ca'i uai M , It ndnl. alid ili#i>ifd in ?nr'i a^ 10 ri-n<l-r m >rw Icipiama tfa If. . la whi<-h Ii at |d*y? till lalant- of mi mi' iiic.'mt I br f*xr> li atff#S'f 1 f 1 hn dflnlflt n ai i< aiat ei-r ti r-t? at'ilij ra?a d-d with nmrti <?|>|< an f and tba on ad rat ?li> bat ( < < ini kl* ala/aiit buly t' r. nan.I/, no l*?i an a tia:tMi? to till t*m,.|? nl . iicbamn >lit \o d<<ukt. all tha am*t<-ur* of t.r It* a 111 b-< it II I bv -p?'iiditj< ao ?? -ulnK at tlta 1 hiii***- 'i"u bij hiiouia, Nik Url >1 r MiuxKI Thi? at ?<l!?at bail. f?tri Uf br (trtai mii-loai ai |alr"lt?at* ail ? rln mral alnl'iy |lv?uiilhtr f t? ?? 1 rda-'nm >>.in<,atU at ttia ^|?lliy libra y tbia a*ntilb( fba K ''auni' ?<'<*1 a fi- a a r x < ?< 1 . I ?f|?r 11 a <1 1 ? - 1 f ? ' uih III If tiMl'iril by r ' 1 i 11 il* m h "l?i l<a|l?'?nd iBi|<ran>t?? r>|iti-rii.|i for ahlrb ll? Il lijtUlf It'l?bra > d a a ?i 1 a irr Ha 1 u ra'ly i<i^? <u t ao I nib and *ro'rh b<% la I- 4 aara 3 f'l lH#ttt<il|, Ku??ia ai.d "abui rit af- ilim jftat ^j^nta'doiia thl< Iwblt /in tb'-t aa tit r In 4 11 <i?lt a a ulX>''? ?i l'H? I l?y tilax .bo lira h. autlfal bat k t ->*.'*** Ull III At III! Ill 1 himii V101 m.?Tbl* t? tiia lv' *Mi of It ffaithi |< t o tartti i t Hi* blii*a? u?a uti Tit* |il.ii ina't Mifigib mai < ''bfiiMiii?ak'i<f'?t.a i:at tal iii 11 at.ii mi' 1 itiannmmn*l'(l>?trtM a, . ai , k t mill I14K at tit M liitiv nii>*iur4 ( f I h 4 ' v? m ? ?* i 'n'* - 1'tl *?. aft . b . i?*' lia I ? ' "> * i? j mi ?'? ?< h r .a.i.i ui at.4 .j .Irii r?'l o- . ilia < *r || .-;, | I,. J ivttr 'lia ii1 . <?w. ,M j..r M uui' r#f ?l. i*?V ?/? ? m? lit Ik iiniilaii tn ? ' ? la .? ii n ! tn??# |l MM II CMC. |l? ?l !?? T t'WIul r tn - ?'l ii? f uai ir?- *ii 1 ?ct, ?V"f I up m Kan mjBi'h vi w v ii iii Hii>f>H of A* I'Mirf in? Chi ">lr t i| in ' i|nl? all 'i i ?inl - *! ? I*tit a-' nr, l a'' ? M I I ?l>l iln i-4. .1. n l ha |? ?!? la.4 +** "'in* i lOan'i | .. i .|) i.i i itlu > an .I ? ^?i. ?la of I a Mih < r II fla.-l t*. >lf an i? l*i??. |iari-K, > i 1 T t. tints I ?1r a *?J Vf.Bi.d \ir? M'?"?aril. ?i k ni-la.n l'i- p'iiii,'M*i' rtia Mr a'itl|iii***4SI* a 'I | in . a i ha , t ' <+ *niint Vn#ii ?/ fl III 0? tmMiii ( 'L^'a w.mi? aui 1 fa. M?a>. that i l>a '> nftn K lhl> i-* catf *'i ?4* II*. 11.1 a' A ' ii i K? ii*'i I'.-tiH'w A At *fci .? I. , a???"i anil a< ?' U'i ? ** <"< hlv1 I ail ?nr hiir a v?.| .? ?>i . k" mill ?n|4l 'it l*\ iill |ij th> |. <i |tmi| ( N'it < ur i \ !( l?Ml <ia' r*?i Infill ii< ! *'i*aa?< at <h? ti-ai'n ir> Kn)?i? Inn ? ? *i?iltt.i? . Ml?l " ri? i|. il<u fci.fvl i tin i- ?i >*'" ? 1?? i ,4ili#?ia,iiU*'','> a 'V-rit >-y ' %4ji*l* t? * i'?. fc. Oi f >i i * a P>* >1* " a *?<i * w.irtWM If a n, ??iV? *^?v ua?., , ..,j ,,j 0 M, j a -i t,'l iM

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