Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1849 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. \ rtkwMt e*ra?r *f F?IU? ? Kmm? a*?. B? JAMBS SOKDOM IKRIIF.TT, '" rKOPHETOR AND BDITOF^ ^ ai roLur/Tir.Y coRiwsruNDKXcr ^ n lolieifod frtm any yu*r ,/ cA. wrU ; " m,d,v4" be libertilly paid for. ' v JJ NO SUTHE Mken of mnonr nou, t^nmUHio*tim. ? W'Wurn rejrotei romm .nirutiont ? ?'? * UKKALD. 1 , ..J*. ..;v_$7 Hr lf run WEEKLY IIERAJ p,/or circulation on tKU Von- l) tfu.fn<ery tf.i (vrW<< y. It* ,,,,? r?fy. ?r S3 per ??5"" i j/^r, im Eurupo. printed in trenok ?ud 8/ fill- 'n.iff'jL rir '"PVi or f*?'r '"'num. I)( fHK DOI-LAM*. EKKLY HERALD, .very Monday. 1 I" tenti per copy ; ? , .lr annum; lii eopiet to ilubi, 4''- CI |}?r ?n??m *l.f. /.E I T krs by moil. for tubneripfioni, or wifA C "'i"*"' , fo be pott paid, or the pvtlnfO till bo do? ?i V y remith d. ADfb K IISE.VESTM ot rentonable pricet; tko pronot reipomible for trrori in miiiimoript. MtSEMENTS THIS B'.'BMNU. O BOWBRT THEATRE, Bowtry? Kicmaad III?Th* Fb? r TKU FkTTICOAfl. {I IRQ4 DTiT TUIaTKE. Hrn??tw?j-N*RTows Mas? a Iiiim I'm- I'HI Uiktiku Km. d N'WLO-a GARDEN, BroAdw?y.?Ti?h* Bora-Be* i j QilOHK ? L' HILL*. ! U BT'ltTON'8 THCATRE, chaii.bnrt Ot.? Dbtci C?Tik>n?-'fii 0?i.t SIt Ao?t-Bvhiua'i New Vua* , f f.nctoir. NATIONAL THEATRE, ChlthAa iquAra? Tmaktom l A ft B a k r?? t? ilMMY TwITCMa* IB AmCBICA? VkM alu j ' jvftlt imiiltii, ? OLYMPIC Til K ATRY.,Brokdw*y?TTnivUr T?*CmL? ' tr mi KiniiitM-Tiiiriiii'a I MECII AV> 1C9' It ALL?CwiuaTT'i Mi.htbsi.a?Tarabb m?>icai.?LrHitriA* bmoinu. AMERICAN 1TL"?EUM?Ma?nr.*tti Family, ko. CBINK8E MUSELM?Cur.ioiiTiM ?? tub ?blbitial Barmm. CHINrsl ASSEMBLY ROUMS-maoaliiftbu'a Boirbes If *ei?UK. SOCIETY LIBRARY?New Ooliani Sebbn loams. CIRCUS. A?t?r Plaaa?Ear eptbiaw Prkfosmincm. Krw York, Krltlay, November ?, 1141. The KngllBll Steamer. There was no intelligence of the llibernia wh<-n ctr pnper Wl'? SP'lt 10 press this morning. The telegraph line to Hackville its in geod order. I and Drimiriatlc KaOflcntlons? Frep*r?iluiia for the Klectlon. Tli? ratification meetings of the two great political parties, recently held in this city, have been duly reported in the Herald. The tamper of tiie pioceedings, both at Tammany Hull and at the i whig wipwam, indicates a vigorous struggle on lection day. They exhibit aonie curious features , with regaid to public atl'airs, including the adminis- 1 trabon at Wschington, the alavery question, and what not, and the policy of our btate and city governments. l.'eriaia principles and officials receive very prominent attention?ethers not quite so much. The whig report exhibit* a streak ot lean and a streak of tat; but on the cuts it very fat. The locofoco churn turns out a full firkin of U>e rankest sort of butter, for the cream was old, and was a long while fermenting. A most extraordinary feature of these ratifies- n tioas is their development of public opinion on B the merits of the teapot cabinet at Washington.? 1 From Tammany Ilall nothing else was expected, 1 after the gross stupidities and puerile tricks and 1 enceits which have governed our foreign rela- ' lions, or the butchies of the Home Department, * than the mod unqualified threshing of the ad- 0 inistration, in the ben style of the "b'hoys."? 0 In the fierce denunciation*, therefore, of Clayton 11 and Company, by Tammany Hall, nobody ia sur- v prised. Ttiay couldn't do any thing else. But ^ there wan some reason to expect better things of ' the whga. It is always the custom of tha friends ^ of an administration, on great party occasions, to 'J nadicftte the cabinet, in the lump, or by piece- " vital. And never was th?-re n cabinet so b.idly in want < f a little blarmy. liut it is a rnout singular '' fact that the reports and resolutions presented at the whig meetiny, are, us respects the cabinet, l' as dumb as Julius Cipsar. They are left to waddle iheir way into obscurity as fast as possible. The *1 aearest approach made to any acknowledgment of ? this desertrd cabinet, is in one of the resolutions of * ' llti^a Grreley. whi?)?, t<> my itto brat ?/ if, is but " cHppler i? ** R< felted, That In the ?l?ctloo of dan. /asbary Taylcr aa Preiildeiit. and i ilUrJ Kill morn u Vies Ul Pruidett, tbi> ptopl* rillxd to their chief eieru- . tlstiiii h<nr*t, capable ?ud patiiotie ui?d. pro- a' fcnij Jlv solicit) u- for th? oitftri of their country and ( , Oi?ti d to the fcreat principle* if public policy am1neutly calculated to ptoninif It; and ? Mtrast oar fello?-eil itabf tore?ol?t ato! to labor that tha n-m u?ti< ual Inn b.. n< t cund?aiD<-d uuh<ard nor ]] erlppWd b? f? re it L*? had an opportunity faiily to In- | . ditate its eaurae of policy. Call you this backing your friends 1 Itoea this j look like keeping them on theis legs! The politi- . n cal career of Gen Taylor ia hardly begun?cer- ; tan'y it if- not yet eiuled ; hut the cabinet heem lo r' be deemed, as by common consent. Yet they have i v been of someaervice to lien. Taylor. They hare ; cl f ivrn him some insight into their way of con- ^ dueling tint g* at Washington, ami he w.II yet 111 l ply it to some purpose. Personally, he main* ^ tains the respect of democrats an well as whijfs; but why,at the whig ratification m-etinir, were the ab nei lilt out of the general endorsement ? fimpty for (he fact that nn attaint* to approve tUeir " conduct would, |?-rh<ips, have given riae to serious *' objections. It :s admitted by the leading whit; '' journals, that the reckless proseriptiona and Depot- ni ism of the cabinet have gone far beyond any- * tkirg in the history of the government. The AlJournal, the Cintrur and A.V/1nrrr, ami oth?r C1 big whig papers, testify most fully in proof oftheae ahsmeful abuses? so fisgrant, how?ver, U torequ re no other proof than the list of ap(?intmenta. " With respect to the prospects of the election, Ike re is every appearence of a prodigious atrii/gle | 'p between the two parties. The coalition of the ,u Id hunkers and barnburners is much stronger >(< among the masses than with the leaders. The raasses have no personal intrigues to ncc<?m,t!i-h ; r' they care nothing for the X]Uibbl*a among the { leaders, so that the party is* successful. There- tl cent split waa but a family qusrrel, and the recoafiliation was m< re from the wishes of the mass's in than the hob-nobbin.; of John Van lluren anJ r, Croswell. The miesta desired to come together >(l tram, and the Tiince was compelled to buy up or to pru uui. i nr uniMr.'is ihv whijii mv |kis jj, h? ? more dunseroja. Thry are aiient and id- y,f aidioua ; l>ul tli-y nre baroing into the party like jM cauatic. The tjatrm of appropriating ?he oflfici fr af thr New York cuatom house to four or fie* tj, fauiilrra, great and corrupt a* it ia admitted to be, ri| baa ncited the diauuat of the honaat wmk ingm'il yt f the party; and though the blight ia unaeen, it j,a will be ft It on the day of the election J ut m all theae movement*, and in all three *- ' prraaioni of opinion, the popularity of Orn. Taylor , j riamina undiminished. It the common belief _j( among whiga and democrat*, that he ia pure and faMiett ; that hia intentionaare good ; and that he ia |i( actaaied by atrong ferlinga of probity and h^nor. 1 Of h'a want of eiperience in government and po. Jitiaal aflaira, thr cabinrt have t.ikm an undue ad- j p vantage They have violated hia plerigea, and have )( drceivttl the public expectations; hut there ia yet j)( a aufficient margin for tb>' fall redemption of all hia ?j pledgee to the people. He d d not aak nor want (, ? be Preaident. He waa forced into the Wnite I q( Jlouae. and he went in coafeaaing hia want of ,,, jknowlt dge for the office. H' haa, therefare, in a jn >eaeure, been compelled to rrly upon hia adviaere, nv aader the general matructione ol hia inaugural. If they have violated theae iaetructioM, it haa been witlmat hia knowledge or coneeat. But he it ladiag oat their tranagreeaione, and they will be a atf'i p*d ; far we have aa doubt that Oea Taylor of will com* out of < (fi? e with honor, and to the aa- of V%?faeiion of the entire country Todo thia, he meat le: ?x II a new *et of adviaera around him, aeenme tha o r?a, "aaibiliiy, and in the leeth of all hankerdoai, f adai 'aiater the government accord iag to the TayJar pi*. 'form. Inth ? meantime, let him look to the late e|ec- an ttone, ar>d mark the apprnaehieg reault in Mew fork T? ?y will indicate th4t aoatethiag aboukd be rfane f#* the preaeet eabiaet, and that right *' f?Jf ** Th* Bodisco Panic?The panic raised by our 'lgbbor of the Couritr, relative to Bodiaco, has ibaided, without any material lossea from apecutiona in stocka, aa in the Pousain panic of the Torth Amrritan. It waa, therefore, a good panic, ad afforded a B.ifety-valve for a good deal of pentp wrath against the barbarian Nicholas? the old lue Beard of continental Europe. It will alao be I good service to Bodtaco when he returns; for t him get the idea of Siberia iuto his head, and le Emperor will not get him to St. Petersburg Btain iu a hurry. He will prefer to locate himaelf ^rmanently in Georgetown Ilia preaent safety ia 3iitli tried by the card of Madam Bodisco: but the 'auritr't anxiety, as to the origiu of th<- report, ia fry natural. How did it originate! There must e fometliing in it. How did it happen to be nown fo long at Washington, without getting ut 1 What gave rise to it y. There muat be some re where it amokea so. Altogether, it is a lnysfrioua piece of business. The system of Hussta. * i ? - * 1 -- _ ..... _r TL... i iicfiir ami tiuruttu, l? u hil'iji ui pjiicb. xiir-y og the heels of every official, and Bums one will loitbtlefiH hang on the trail of BodUco back to this ountry. A correspondent t.f" the Tribune, writini; rom Washington, shows that although Uidisco im es-cnped thus far, he had better keep clear of lis "august master" lor the future. The writer wyB :? ' That Dft'llcp? I* laboring under the dl'plaa'nra of it* fovrminniit ba?ed up"n Inforraottnu derived trom i hpy upon bin private Mid <>niei?l nitu la 'he ?ity it* 1 lot admit of a qUHNtinn. Tha eaueftft <if co? plaint malB't Mm aii.'e not on'y from hi* having annum'iated rtal estate and inrvmal a?Mt* to a I irje am -uiit u this i'IIi and vicinity, in violation ?f tha axpre'ned tishe* of kin sovereign. but from 11 KiippO'ltlnn that h* lariiripati <1 in the l>ei>etit? arising fr m xc*?>lr? -x lenditure* of money in the construction of soma ?e?s ! ir ve?.?el? f..r fluit government Alt that or?a'*i curiri e here lit. that he ever suffered hlmxlf to he dionye t vittiln the gri'p of the tyrant thit rnla- Ui< nttive and with a rod of irrn. but that he 4il m( ahjura hi* lllejilatire to all foreign p"irer? aai h-nim? 4 eitil-u, islMiktht protMflna of tlu I iltr4 ItatH Bill h nuit to Siberia for lifa may eventually he bin 'ate hut t* I have before remarked .in ttie dtti of this mouth uo lueh misfortune hnd betalleu liim '' Whatever may be the value of the Tiibune nan's testimony, there must be something in the A'iud, and it if probable that if he gets safely back, VIr Uudifco will become exceedingly partial to jf orgetowt. The Cknsrs ok 1sO<) ?Under the act of the 3d of March Ittbf, the Secretary of State, the f'o-trn uterienerul, and the Secretary of the Home Departnent, were constituted the Hoard of Control >f the census of 1850. The duties which hey will have to perform, of collecting the ilfctifcticfl of the products and resources of the evernl State*. are resnonaible. important and lelicute. If the Doard of Management have my sectional ends to accomplish, or any secional prejudices in the way, tliey may bo conduct he business its to be guilty of special favoritism 0 ore section and rank injustice to the other. The primary object of the cenaa is to ascertain he basis of representation of the several States in ongress. A small deficiency in the |>opalation of 1 State, may be the loss of a member of the House, md upon the vote of that single member the most mpoitant meahures may depend. With two such nen as Mestrs. lowing und Cullamer constituting he majority of the Board, there is no wonder the uspicions of the South have been excited, aa hadowed forth in the letters of Professor De How, >1 New Orleans, to the Secretary of the Board, ppocing certain propositions before them of adaptng the questions to each particular section, but tbich, frcm an article in the Ri)rol>lif, it appears ave been rejected for the uniform programme, t is known, that through anti-slavery influence, !r. Kwbank was appointed Commissioner of lie Patent Office, probably with some expectamn that by means of his agency and position, he census piintind would accrue to the TVivnt job oflice. That job would have enabled he office to dispense ?ith .Ytd Hunt i** t Own, for he printing of the census will probably be worth he gross amount of $100,000. But we regret that lie prospect is gone. We understand that the ensus work haa uem u?mded to the Rrpubh', ,bit h will n'cure the exiRtmcn < ?i%?i i< ?) <j m>rivimi; papei, probably, during the adminiatraon ol (.eneral Taylor. It c nly r? maina for the South to aee tint Ewing id Coll.imer do them justice, and thit no loafing >olitiotiiati ure mixed in with the census taken, i the wrong aide of the line. The Tax Roix fo* Ntxr Y?ar?Wa?t? a*i> ITKAVASAJICS Ol rM?W||!0 COMMON Cot'MCIL.? real complaints are made by the tax payera, that le tax roll for th? coming year have not been lade public; and they are very anxious to know je reassns why it ha* been kept back. Many per:>ns are anxious to nvtil them??lves of that proition tf the law which authoriz-** a deduction r six per cent on the amounts levied upon thorn, I aid on or before a certain day. The tax roll is mally exhibited on the fir?t day of October, /hy, then, ba? it been kept h ick no long thia yearl is arid that the pre < nt whig Common Council ively?n e?ce? lively wasteful and extrava^mt r the public money* for the year pi*t, and th'* aa?niienta are so heavy that tliey intend to keep le roll back til) after the election. Thetixeafor ie I.ft year amounted to the |?rga sum of two ullima elpht hundred thousand dollar*, and Up ids, a sum more than sufficient by a great de*l ir carrying on onr municipal gevernm?nt. But real a* that sum is, we understand the eatirmtei r next >i ar exceed it by hull* a million of dollars that the sum total of assessments amounts to me thrtt mtllum thrtt hundrtd thouttrui Haiti. If this is so, there is good r?aion for keep, g the roll back liom the people after the elecn. Hut it must be brouuht forward. Out with , and let the p'tblic s*e how mach they will be ecrd r.rxt >eor, to makeup for the wa?te and itravaffsnce of the whig Common Council. Let ere be n? more trifling with the public. I/et ?m know the worst at oiu e. Pi*aT'>*ial Mii.kaoe ? l.very lour year*, on the aiiguratun of the President, there it an extra lecutire n seiwn of the Senate. Th" rej'iltr *r>n closes on the 3d <>l March, and the extra one, assist io the ?cw organization, commence* on e next Jay. It has been the custom to p*y the natora tl.eir extra mileage for a constructive trip me and back between these two days. But it (m? that Mr. Whittlesey, firat Comptroller of e Tressury, haa turned orer n?*w l*af. lie n't p*y Senators for travelling by telegraph, r. l)ickit*, .Secretary of the .Senate, recently ndedhim a bill of this aort, of #H,000. for the tra atk.ion Uat March. But Mr. Whittl*rey i lined to endorae it, anil, p? rhsps, we Khali hi*e Hundred thouaund dollars wa?t?d in !h* discus;n ol the giibject in Congress. S jch economy this of Mr. Whittlesey is pretty mich like th*t Cave Johnson - a email potato business. " ir natora ought to be paid more lib-rally. In a fat empire like ours, where cotton mill*, enal me*, iran foundries, salt lakes, snd gold w.whIt*, are en plentiful, it is a ahame to be stingy, nil- rs are lout in cnwillioir about a few pi oafn tea liia fippenny hit economy might *uit M?sm reeley; but once m a lonj; while, on? ?*nnis in >n?res*, in that old white h?t, that king-tailed at, and those eld boot*, and those pints, one le^ , and on- leg out, is rj iite enough Nobody *l*e flht to ?tMp to chsffcr about a few cents milee. ]>eave that to Greel?y and ilia old clo' man. Choi?s? and rn? AT?o*r??? Ft seems that scientific gentleman wa* engaged by the Hoard Health to analyze the atmosphere, with the eiew ascertaining, durinff the prevalence of the chore, whether it contained any substance prej'tdial to health. The result is, that he found a<v ing We are perfectly satisfied that if the genman had analyted the filth of the streets during y lime site? the present whig comman council t control of the city gyTernraent, Ins labors >uld have been attended with greater results and itertnete** The Ska sou op Dam,*?Thb CIommkncembtt or tiui Hkason.?Summer, with till its pleasures? ita balmy zephyrs, its fishing, bathing, riding and jaunting excursions? having passed, the respectable classes of sooiety?we mean the middling classes?must seek some other method of enjoying ^ themselves during the winter. Their most favorite amusement is balls. We believe there is no ^ people in the world who are so fond of this species?! amusement, as the middling asd respectable classes of New York. They make it, in fact, a j' featire?a characteristic?of our metropolitan soci- t ety; and the amount of money which they spend , in this way, in the course of a single season, would, if it could be reduced to figures, astonish the public. The honest and industrious mechanic, who toils from sunrise to sunset, asd earns his # bread by the sweat of his brow, will not think of ^ allowing a week to pass over without taking his sweetheart to one or more of these bulls, and indulging is the mazy windings of the polka or cotillon, " till daylight does appear." The prospect ^ of ihe enjoyment before him, while it cheers his heart, lightens Ills labor, and forms tlio principal tubj?*ct of hie thoughts, if not of hi* dreams. Tha pattion for these amusemeats is equally as strong with the females. Poor, indeed, must be the condition of the young wonina who has not a brau to take her once or twice it wrrk to u ball at Turn* many Ilall, or the Chinese Rooms; and deplorable would the iliink it, it she could not utl'ord to upend ' it little money, to enable her ta make a befitting appeurunce on the occasion. A ball dreas is un ' et-.-t-niiul piirt of her wardrobe. That must he ; paid for? so mutt h?r snowy white gloves, her 1 jew*Iry and trinkets, to say nothing of the rouge, ! which adds beauty to hercheeks. It is the same i wuh the man ; he, too, must be pr< jfared and j propeily rit*fjt-d fur such reunions. We have no | means within our reach of milling an accurate ' Parnate of the amount of money which is anuu- ' , ally expended by the middling and respectable I classes of New Yotk society in this manner. It must, howevtr, be very large, when we take into consideration the number of ball" which are given every year, and the rich and costly appearance ot | those who ultend them. Then the refreshments, I too, must be paid for, and the music, too ; for it is 1 gene-rally understood that " those who dance must pay the piper," and the rule is invariably followed at these balls. We might take another view of this subject. We | might estimate the numerous branches of industry which are supportt d and encouraged by these balls. We might #ive an ebtimate of the number of persons employed in making kid gloves, in manufacturing cosmetics and pomatums, in making dancing pumps, jew elry, and the other el ceterui which go to complete the toggery for a New York ball; but in- ! asmuch us we would be without accurate data in each case, we will not attempt it. It may be safe, I however, to say, that at least half a million of dol- i lars are annually spent in the city of New York in ' this way aione. j The bull season is about commencing, and, with j it, the period for match-making. These reunions < are prolific of marriages. The male attendants j show ofT their best manners, as well as their best ! clothes, and the females display their beauty to the 1 greatest advantage. The consequence is, that a I prodigous number of marriages result froin these j social Catherines. The ice will be broken the present seuson by the Second National and Civic Hull, w hich will t?k' place at the A|>ollo Rooms, oa the twelfth of this month. The Pobbion Muwiojw.?Mr. Hann^gan is on his way home from Europe; Berlin is vacated. There in tt chance now for L)r. Uird, of the North I jimmian. He in a competent and caurtly man He likewise owes the Secretary of State $30,000? j he may realize $20,000 out of the trip, besides hav- j I ing a summer run down the Rhine. The pay ! would go It to liquidate the $.10,000. Colonel ; Webb might be sent out to Russia. Nobody woitld object to his going there. The chm ite would keep ! him cool; and ti disposed to fly wtf the handle,* nuriM is iituusuous hanriy. It would only be a " mysterious disappearance," that'i all. Colonel Webb mipht be useful just now in ascertaining of the Czar what took Uodiseo to Rassia, and how he happened to get back! There is a mystery about this business which ou^ht to be ferretted out. There is tome rascally plat at th" bottom of it, and Col. Webb can acent out a thing of that sort as quick aa any man. Ru;sia ia the place for him. Tux Tklkoraph l)i?pt r?.? It appears that the | lorg lending trial between Professor Mor-e and Mr O'Reilly, on the (juration whether the O'lleilty invention interfered with the Morse system of telegraphing, haa been decided in favor of the pro' feesor, in Kentucky. It wa* also decid-J that the ' instrument known aa the Columbian instrument Is j i?n ii>ir i'Kr>>,r>nt r? Morn 't intent; ami bene* j the Court granted Injunctions against the use of e | either during th?* eimfiice of the other patent. 'I'lli* decision is no doubt equitable uod proper, it The enterprise of Mr O'Reilly is very commend*i ble, and a> great deal of benefit might be conferred ^ 1 on the public by having competition in the .> graph business ; but ttili, the rights of inaenioiis ? j inventors, who !u*e s|?ent years alter year* of toil ? and labor in bringing th?-ir inventions to perfect.on for the brnefii of the whole world, should be pro- * tectid by courts, juries, and public opinion o Akothk* Raii eoao to tub Pacific.?Tho company to whom the Mexican government granted ' the rikhr of constructing a railroad acron the l?th- , mus i f Tehuantepec, ar? proceeding as rapidly a* possible wiih the preliminary arrangem?nt?. He- 0 j fore five years, tfie probability istn?re will be Pir< ? connections between the Atlantic and Pacific a orenss, vi*., the Pnnama Riilroiil, the Tehoan* 1 i tepee BailroHd, and the ^hipt'unil on the Nicara- ' goa route In ien years trom thu nm?-, lew, if any veseel*, will go around Cope il?ra. T?? I'i ?uc ik iiom.s or Pit ii. a of n * ?Ths tw enty -first annual report of the Controllers of tha Public S< hoola of the City and County oi PluUJelI phia, i? now before ua. The totnl rmount ol eipenditures for the year, h-o< been 01. < >1 this amount, the sum of f Ili7,14? PI has been paid for teachers; $39,752 41 l<>r books and stationery; $T?>,H19 17 for rent; 37 lor saperiiitenoent e ami cUanmf. It appenr* there are eleven achoola < n behalf of which <hia expenditure ha* been made. The sala! res itnen to the teachers aeent to be v? ry f?ir tad ? lit eral, and there is a great sh< w in id<-, <>n pa(>er, k of the things taught \ ery Utile, however, lato be lesiat fiom reports such as this, b'yoad the n a Ml Of ?cholar?, tlie Mdlflksif a'.t'ndaT e, J< SmI llie r :iP?iOU? el,H ndltuie* If, Ir wr rrr, l> II y?tem of t'ucatian is really good in I'hilndel- 01 I 'ua, in 'I :I il e >oHih of that ei>v are weii bro .,;ht f. up, hp tbc rrj'Ort would hhow, won the reamta will / ?<><>ri aiid ought even alrra'ly to var in a r, wimd, aolid, well-informed riaaa of good citixeaa, iredotninnnt in the nty und county <>| HmUd? I- a l>hia, of enlarged und enlitrhtrned mind* fii'mi'ii tl nl all that ia fieioua and eail in aoeiety, friend-* of " rd?r, and ( !*?> iuk tin ir i>art ir food tilitrii, Wiih '* Khiit iy tiid quiet intelligence. ^ Tit* lletata. iiiitiia ?*t nrntt'ira ; .. Captain J. ' bi:<t?, Krirln?fl?lil. i ln?l I,. Th -naa, ,J r.R A ; N *j'r W W. I bapman 1o , Thorna* It. . (iirdoB, St. John, N fl ; W rt?rann, aoaulta^ua; '! b W l.?e, Oanr-vn. H. a m?. Alhanj, H V Italian* ! f?Bly f baric-ten; ^ar-'B 4a Itncan* Wuhington; H ' B Wilkin* PItt-burgb; Man II mgat, vv#?.-ha^?r; Krtf ImiH.K H. Morae ronehkaef.a a, W <}. fee* " 1 0 A; I "lit RmmvmI laly U l..i,;n,|| lloir. . land. Virginia; T Wl!li?tn?. I litat-nrgh; (J W May, Nan mrrUoo; Trof * D Bark* an-l family, Wa?hingt. ?< I d?a"l I iti'l lart i lil.o cr KiuM.n t^aabaa; Mi l.ert i.alr?r la ?ara amcrg U.? arrival* y**t?rjay . at the lr?lrg Hnnaa . Ji? l.rttef fMla<t*lph<a; W Oih^ni, Rarhadtaa; W H?aln| faiKM" laaaa Itlra I'MtnS; K. I?an- . nlrg. Maiea, W Hlghan *?>nth ? arnllnaj Hon A. . f?'i -I'? t?r llu'Mrg Ju<U? Itrykar, M aatcbaatar, bate arrived at iba Atnariran (. P. I.ota. I ray; ( e<jnir?a Patroll; II Rarrongh*, ti rbiladaiphla, K lahn?taa k*rl*ft<>a, M Wylta. wl?annOn J Morrla I'tim, ll. P. Oatinara, t onuaatlcnt, aia at 'h? KtWll Hotel In>b?rt l.ecch Orl?ana; O Kternnm', f*?? Vnrk: T. W r?tan. Ml?a llrnilf rd. B aton; Mr ' an<perannan<t fa.nlly Vr. <i?lt?ra and lao.lly II lliitrra rlkianiw; Dortur Ratid >?w \ ark . Mlaa I. C Miami, t^mnaf, t> am am' ng ifca arrl?al? yaatarday at Uta ' alan I lata Maul TKLECftiMIC INTELLlflCflCI. V? Dbtrlct Attorn*jr for OregM. WiimiiuTon, Nit. 1?r. M. Awry Holbrook, of Massachusetts bM bo?n appolnt4 by th# President m United State* District Attorn*; >? Oregon, In the place of Mr. Coomb*, reiignad. IppoliiUaeiiU In ta? l'nuarjr Uepartuaent. WiiHinuTOK, NOT. 1,1849. Tba Secretary of tb* Treaaary bM mad* tbe followDg appointment* : John McQlnne*s to b? ChUf Clark a tha Treasury Department, vioe McCllatoek Young edgned ; George Harrington to b? Principal Clark, let McGlnnes*, promoted. ever* Hat I Htwrm. Baltimore, Not. 1?0 P. M. Our oitjr ?M Tlsited this afternoon with a severe rain >nd ball ktorm, accompanied, about alx o'elook, with '?ry b*avy thunder and lightalng. It Newt Iram Iht Huutht Baltimore, Not. 1,1840. We bav# received tbe mall from tbe South today. )ut could glean from it no n*w* of Interest. Markets, But riLO, Nov. 1?(J P. M. Beceiptg rtnee y**terd?y : Hour 6,000 bbla.: wheat, ?2.000 bueh?-li?; corn. 3VD bu'bela The marknt Is Jim fir Hour, with lair dcuiaud. iuoludiug paroHis lor sport, bales,of 3 H o bbls . at >4 ?7 a *4 44 tor Mlehlgau. in i $1 60 for Ohio brtti.ds In wht-ut tbe wales are 3 010 to 4,< 00 buibfls Wisconsin at 0Uo. The sales of <i.rn u.r44 ? (Mki lit > Kreigbti are tSc. fur Hour, 18c. for wheat, and 13c. fur 501U. ALBAWV, Nnv t fl P. M. llec-lpt* e'uee jentflrday : Klour, 11 (KJO bt>I? ; wheat, 1 ( 10 bui-heli" oorit. V iH)ti; barley IS OIK) builmi* I'he market >x nt. ?Jy f.?r tlour but uot ?ctivi>, abiut 2 Mil) bhif. a lumped hauls at 1 lie isolation* of je?inrlay. 'I here In u lair iuilliij? dvuiaud f ir primu wheat, tint ?r notice anl<-? of 7 .Mill bushels, inolnding \1>'dlterriiuian. at >1 lJ.and <?>n? (eat$l 11 Uuiley i< In active deDotlld. with Nttle* or 'Z'-> .tHJO bllnkele at I lor two-rowed, ami .'>4 a ,">Ha. for four rowed. In oat* the aal?e embrace 1 ill} bu?heln. at 8oo. Baltimoiik. Nov. 1?0 P. M. There In a K?od huolneN* in II >ur. aod thn market In without change. Sale* umbrae* ttUbO bbls llowaid meet uCil i ity mill* at %b. < oru In quo tod at 5S a '?*>c. , with tin d< rale ?ieuuaud. Other ai'.icled uro wi.huut cluoge. laulll^?nre> ttOgTOH. No* 1. Arrlrfd?Jliip Iupliemia. Newhuryport, to loal for <.'ali* faraia: l>arli Cfa" L>i venx :?avanua'i; Najhaa, Ph lad lpaia; bru Caiirtaee. Baltimore; iehr IMawaiW. t red rickabur*. t h ?T' il? lurk* Uocbltua e, Valpaiateo; jd..Jhiu Juiiuron, W I mil .V i , t? |na<i fur llavau ; Appletun, Baltiinort; H.?n, I hiladr'pli a; i'uru. Frankfurt, to l i t for CililTui., btins Oak, Gibraltar, Simaex, Sava'iua ; Empire. Plulad I|iina, t< bre < ant u. M<iIiiU; l?o?ell. Kirhiuouu; Tu i-{rapb, Muh UlU, V, . Faint, ffilili|lt?i Irtl; Mwi 1 Itlik, flulad'lpt.ia; Eliiabrtb, Albauj. Alabama, S Murrie Wain, aud Urteljvaj, N i urk. PORTLAND, Oct 31. Cleared?Ship fleo Tomer, NOrleann. Sailed?Brtg* Potuii, Uavaaa; Henrietta, Philadelphia. ,N inou v r mr, 0,t .11. Arrived ? Srhr Atlautiv, N York, with luee vf boiu jibe and part < f de< k luad bailed? Ur>*? Ark, California; Key las, Charleston., Oct SI. Jailed?Schr Martha Maria, N York. N? w Brurono. Oet SI. Airived?Schre Grane Caroline, Albany; Au^ueta, and Gria| t?, N York feiKd? itjrka Pantheon. Inil .e end Pacific Oceans, Mary Frastr, l*ii?l#c: elocpa Eiuily, Albany; Ki, ubuc. .N Vurk. W AHritAM, Out JS. Armed - Bchre Larkln, Philadelphia; &th, IS Brook*, N Tork. bailed, I*:h-Schr Fakir, N York. l,BOTi*c*ri(WN, Oct 30. Arrived?Schi Looiea. Atlantic, iduep. Hoi. MH'l UOLK.Octi). Arrived?Brign Fr>ntlor, aa l Oudion NYurk fur iiuetan; Uarria. N' rltlklurd eobrn U Atm I.a. Virginia lor Nr rrn lie; Liehtfout, Kul a' td fur h<>ati,n; Blua Mrown. N"ifulk Tur I'urtleiid. Madimn, NYoik for 1'urteuiJUlb; liiralf^, do [ox Banner; S U bunt, du fur Uueton. Puovioemcr, Oct 81. Arrived-Belire Albert Themae, Naae'iu >ud, Vu<-i>er, Nor'olk, Trjall. liilliin rt; John l(Of*r?, I'hiladnlpnie, J -eph l'nrier, hi oik; Noun, du; J C \taidrua, du; iluup K?iimt, do. failed-?el r? We?'>i?Ktnn, Snlfolk; Willlainebur*, Jam?? River; Catiline. Ilaltiin r- Atlantic. Delaware, J I.yon a..d Ui.ati o, Philadelphia; H"lvid*re, A Ikany; elo^pi Lady Waik>n.<tOD, do; litlen. do; F Bruwa, NYurt. Kali Rivza. Oct S). Sailed-Bark Dtlaa are 8?n Franalaoo. Uly liittlllycii(?> The Siith w*no hiuiim ? .vloat of tha Kellyltaa abo took a ) art In the Sixth ward riot. a (<tw e?etilni<? kgo and an.unat ?h<>m aarranla are i*eued ha*a nntcondad aMt only t?o or three urwti ha?? been *? >at tfected 1 he r?-M of tho?s who have been apprehend[<l will be tried to-day at the Spealal S??i>loaa. A Kaoaiv Kikkt or Nanxiit.?V enter lay. the flr?t )f >ot< tuber. ?a< uaberrd to with ?mart front. W? aw prreral ol.ce* c I I'm on little pool*, loltta a? ei^ht >*eloek In the morning V enter day oontinuad excealitaly e?ld. 1 hU threatens an rarly wlnt.-r TaiOti Woui The fan worki bare been removed fre*i ihe corner of i anal and < entre atraeta. up town to the nianutai't"iy on the North Klvar It I* to ba hoped that a* any change la relation to tha lighting uf :he city niuat h? tor tha better, wa ahall hava m .re Igbt and a ai<i vrior nu?llt v of vaa Tbere li aneujh l>t.d t<>r good 1 iitt aud that In abundanea Kiar ar Katt Rimuii'i ? Ve?terday. at 12 o'olooki i fire broke out in the eplaudid haunt of folly aul f??hon. occupied by Madame Hldgeley. 7H Uuane afreet. iae t of Uroadway 1 be fira * a* occnai >ne I by tha beat 'f the pip.? um d for heating the ro>ma. which ignited he flo< r of the loam. IHceut parlor The alarm be t.g (tt eTi. the flr? ni.-u aod ot b. r cltij-n? were^uloky on the ipot aud by tha aid of hatebata aud lurketa if wat.T, the ?rre -n .|i?noh?l, ill bout tha aid of the engine*. which were pre?eut In ?t?at ft ;c?, and coutlnued to cone to tha acena or ball au tour after all ?ai over There wa< in luiniaiita croaJ collected around tha plaoa. j I ae wonii n vera In a atate of great trepidation I he C r wa? greatly Injured by tne cutting opera- ! lona 1 he t.ell ring* r? of the tower of the City Mali tfurrd to ritirf the bell till tha fire wal out, aa th'-y ould not aea the ttaniet and thought they were belug ' mp<*id upon by a fair" alarm aa often happen* We ' iiioa Lot whether the prvtu! ea ara injured A*e?n?* I'iTiL Rtn war AccirtJir - It In a *la;tt1ar act that neatly all the railway aciiJru ? that hiva rrr tly occurred, Lane happened to per>ooa in tha niploviuent of tha oinipanlea On Wmlm-aday e??. i if abore I la r I in. 1 taurln Kena, who I,at chn-ge of lie baygage on lha truck t am *?? atep,<1 4 from ona ur to aii< tlier when be tell up' n the rail* aud the n ?rn m??mI ever him l!e aa not kill el on the apit, nor ?er.f nderci ln?en*lhle; but ha died daring toe nlg'it d tbi? city, aLlth> t he wa< cui't' 1 to bi 1 re 1.1 -1 > Anirmt.-I aft ?r?nU((. William II. Brnnck. ? dh'p ir^dittr, fw'l Irom tha j?i<] tri tnatha h 11 of thu hiK a-hinut' i> lyln* M bf foot of Harriton ?tr"??, otlh Rtvrr. ina ??< Httau-lf. but, It to liop..<l n >t Ifall> injiiif ii. though lh? boirat nt iba fall *? >> oit [> fr?t hi? ftim w?- brukaa, Lit hip brum-J, bd lil* head rrttut*J. Ar? ii ?>r.?1'ettrday, tha iirW?r < f -na of IlatVU : liertln* > #tag?? ?*- rrrxIT lojurrd. in o|u nbi% trot t.y b?it>K thrown from bid a* at lo <oa*i|uenca f the hi iltd l*Utig fright ?ui i aiming agali.*l lamp ? ft Rrirtl ftw nio?vo --On W#(Jn??daT #t#i.|?k, bark* 'tho't fr'l Into thn Hip at tha fo?t of IVUn j atrrrt ? d ? ? rfacurd fr? ui 4ru?aiog bj po.lca o.Tl r Jo?eph l'o?all. A?otn?a Pi m i ? Y#?tar Idy ro^Tilng. at half-aMt 3 >tr?h M?1 Ml Kllry ?a? mca*] from drr wnlag b/ tf? i ff a?r K ?-b*. dl Ili? f"'t I ll?mm?ril#y ?tr?'t M?* Vi?'iv: - A Iran r>am*it 'ani*? H'al*h rf|iilit( t hi rtr?ft, 1 a? h?-n nil??tng for tba laat lirta ??k?. I'a ??? a I?" < rat ?ii| l?ft th h :i-a on h? n'riirf if tha loth of October an J hai aaver Incd bnu bHid el. ItrnokIjrii Clljr liitalltnaiir*. Ptr*ii?? N*t?ar?rtia ? For ill or ?lght t???k? p*?t, ha ea'Mar of tha W*r#f.< <n tb* north an I aa t if Kill 'ii Mr* at Brooklyn. ha? i???n noalila t < a*cinril for I.a dl an ?a'anr? of lb# f*t>ar a??ry it 'nil* Mr lit.* heritor at Tt Mania ?tr?et ranch *g?r?aat*<l t> aif'tal of tl a #oiill?uald>?app?aanaa of bin aap?r. . a had ?llh It T l.U'k a d Ala*. Patten tk- two arilet* mi 'il? r< ute a-.d a;>prel?nil?l a I* I j?at aa a ?a? walklt f <fl *i'h tha p?p<r? from T5 an I 0? -ianla trrrt It ftfpeara thla ta<1 ?ald paper* at tha Navy ard n?tj Dtrtnlnc and til In tha habit Ully of | ' ri U ' *' ? ?' I I ?wr I?n VII HI - rri TTIlTJ fl'Tl pnn h ho could lay M? hand* II* ha? ?lalt*d aily a?ar? attart in tbw dMtrlrt W? tru?t t-i*t mil i< m -uVerlhaM ?hn h*?? atopprj tba p ipar will r?aI lat tha Ntitrri I a'a not h<-?B a' fan t a id will fi?rtbIth ra ittbacrtta at tha llrtti.i c 01c-, on tha aarriai Doll. < it? Covkt, i" ('???? ? ? Bafora tha Hon Jabn 4 I |ty Judga ? Pf W 7V*-?n ?n< OM H. ry i Ch<f'* *n appl cat I n ?a< ma la hy if paint Iff* Id th'a a-'tion, fur tb? finiln nf an -iter c> n>| ailir-g ' d'fe?ilnii' to apt ear and anawer n?ntlii|( kb a iudimant having been nbline I ayainrt Mm t>? ?? I j.'aiatltT'. for the ?ugi of H. h and the a??<-utloi? returned uar.atlnlled The i.rt | am?.) 1I e ' nler MV'iaai f . ri Patnrk -Thl< *? I HuHar *| (lli-atl' n nnder the eola. and wa? mad* t?t i i- |iri ? f e ?> | .'If i tl.e d? f'Odant la an-?r ailar < atb Mirb qoartloia a? mar b* pat to him. urhlitK M* fO|?rtj, iril lha manner la ?hl#h It h?a an r i oa . ? \n artier teguliing tha .laf-ad tot t> I p?ar u?a?t*d fi re ><?! Hrac.i aaa ?Offaara Whl'ahlll an I |S|nlar? j r??t?il two men, nani'd ^amuel Wn< lw?rd and Vil- | in ? laik Pit Mnplrtnn of having h?an ronnarnad In larr.btarytf ' he t>< ct and ?h> a t'nraof 8?muai R IfihiD pttuated at No ?44 llenrj >tlrlt, wtnah toak are i n ' tnrday tilglit laat Tbay wata cunmiUed r ian It ?tli n An iM't.- % h<*f. name unknown apprentlaa to lha irpatitar femlnaea fell ? n We.lneaday la t from tha i?'r?ndif a hutldlnr In liiifH l<i ?'ra-t near vvIItghly Hapf.lly he wa* ant Injur*.I ?a?? aertoaatf ; | a Matter if farpri" h. w-?>r tbat ba >a< n't nra burl I la la now doing writ. iiii mi III ian Ah?i p I ha Co?waii i- p.inail on i niday rtaniag la?t adopt?d a ra? lull in (.(Tarwd by | Idaia an ' hnrrfc. frnaldlng N lha d"trlH itl n of 1a a' r g V>- !? n arantia, I--marly la. ? on atraat I i? ta a f < <1 irf ta and ona that will anillla tha M- I >Ti?iar id lha h Itih ward t" tha thanka rf tha nt ah.t. > ll* < f tt at atraat who ha?a |.>ng baan a^raaialn'og of aii.-vl irr ay nf tba r]d lyataia of I'^btlng tbat (>'>r- ' on rf tha rlty | I it tt nr (ilia in Triaion - Baf ra ludga M"ia ?d Junlraa llnghaa and Wright Tht Pri/iM rt, f irr r* 1 !., !? ? ?t 1111 In program rha wltoaaaat ' r tha proaarntlnn ara atlll upoa tba tland. K long ?uii"h >r? ya??? aftarnoi n hatwa^n Ilia , IMfl lor t|.a proaaratln* and f .r tha dafanoa, npon a i ff< r of Ilia l imit! Attorney la awaar Mr- ar ' rtir tor tba pai j!*. 1 ba i gumaat wa? sat aun utf'dat a l?t? hear I Cltjr PuiKo. Thibtbiwth Amemblt Distbi.t - Charles T) Metd ku been nominated by the demo r?.'r, a* candidate fur tbi* district, which completes the u< ruinations of the f*it; for Ammblj. United HutM Coarti BeforeJudge Belts. Not 1 ? Drn?io>? in Akmihalty ?E'licard Eiptntr v. Edicmrd M W?*rr?The libellaat sues tor bis full lay on bonrd a whaling sblp, and also for inouey wages, for bis services a* a physician; and in addition ctalus lar<e damages for having been forcibly and wrougfully put on sbore and iett at St. Laeas, California and for the detention of bis wearing apparel and property in tbe sblp The Court decided, upon tbe erideuoi it appeared the libellent left the sblp and remaiued on whore voluntarily That his property *a.< seat on shore and recelvtd by hloi. and also J>ul In cash fur hi* earning*, but that It Is not dear on the proofs that the master included in tbe estimate of Ubeilaut's wager hit share of the bone taken by tha ship, or that ail the oredtts the ship wait untitled to were entered in tbu acoount It was also decided that the libellaat wan not entitled to recover money wages beyond the 1-50, the lay lor which he shipped. ittferred to a commissioner to statu the amount. Uatlhnc I' and otheri vt. The Sttaml>o<U Ctmmrrct. ? 1 he libellant's sloop Index was, on the night of May tfl. 1M8. sunk by co'.lisien with the steauib >at Commerce and vessel and cargo of ooal both lost The deKnee was that tbe loss win incurred through the fault and negligence of those in charge of llin sloop I'he Court decided that nothing improper was done by the sloop and nothing inetimbeut on ber to do was omitted, ttndmg lo produce the collision. That it a as thu duty of the steamer, iu the situation of tbe two Teasels, to hare aroided the sloop, at there ?a-auiple room for her to do so. 'I hat the sloop *ai on the wei-tern shore, only one third the width of the river oil. do/.n ou the tide, without wind, aad the steamer going up proceeded on the supposition she was herself i n a coui>? wet t of the slo">p iu thin she t,u? mi.-taken. It was her duty to lia/e goue earn of trie M< <<p. rr t coppeu Uer engine uud Haul l nut ni 'In vay 'I be Injury bnutf oucai>ion> d by Hie Umt of itid atmuer the t ourt pronounced fur llbellaut'i ilmuxr*, and < ritrml u rtf'eitnao to a t'cuiraKMouer to ascertain the amount. Bur, lay and Livingston, ? ?. Jnkn L. Ihihn. ? Tbti wa* an action to recover (iama^oh au'i loja ou exchange, occasioned by the failure t t dWeu laut to have hn vrjn. l iraiiy to taku a ca*|io of corn. pursuant (o bit alleged aoutract. The comt held that all the uegotiati' n? and pri'potali b> -tween the parties anteii >r to t'ie written agreement, mont be diaregtrd-d, th;it their ri^bt* ai.d leiueoie* ii u?t be KOtcnuil by tbr (!n?rt?f. paiiy ml that no bieacli of that proved in tba carr 'I bat if a verbal agr-eineiil w*? proved to have tba TrfNtl ready fi r cargo, at an earlier ilny and plain* (lift bad acted ou Uaud incurred exp*-u~a> aud IO?s-? by H aiJiug 'be cftlfu to bn lftdnu yet as tuey nub-equeiitly executed tba cbarter-paity tli.-runlv.-a, aud accepted It from 'ho defendant. aud a.? U contain-u a stipulation that It (liniild tat" t Ifeot troiu the time Molica <*a* gl en the tibe'lanti that the Travel was reuuy both partia< taunt be deemed to h .1 e acted ab' Uy uiidrr tbe chatter party Libel u.-itii-r-.n! Cuit ii liu*nlhtti ft. i7if ?Aip Qtargt S\,tljield ?Tbii ?\ilt rteltr tba ItOOfery t f the .ulue i f a latgn b klo of Pieribandl e, aud portl'ma of tbe ci la'eati of ??ver*l boxen. all alloaed to have b>-an eblppcd in go< d order at linuieo. I ke delenca U that the nii?r>n/t bale waa never received on b"*i d tbe aliip aid that tbn box?n if rilled i f their cnleutn. waie broken open before received by the *bip 01 alter they lult tbe ehtp aud were placed In the public stole The court held that the clear preponderance of pro* f wa? that, the bale ?aa laileii on boaid the rhip.aadti.kt ttir bote* wer? r?ceui d there iu good < rd-r aud h> Ii that the ithip ?ai rerpi'UMbla tor the valua it the bale Heid ale., that the fbtp * ax Jtabl- f' r the loM of good* la lb-* pubiic etore, If ft nt there without previou* notice to (he ouurigueea, where the eoDil||lifii were knuwu, end re~td*nt of till* port. Hut held that on the evidence, there 1? fivat doubt whether tbe bale when lad- u oa b >ard at Tireuifti contalued the whole of the articles pa iked in it at Vitana. and ordered a relitreuna to a cuaiiulitioutr. to arcertalu the ralae of tbe bale at the time it ??> no laden on board, and alto the value of the artlclaa niikkitjg frtiu the boxen f.nlltn I'lanof <ii tea?Irvrrtil neiiltlDil rcM?a<d, pearl* oeil, and m'ih'>f*iiy fiaa^fortca, freia t'.a celebrated uieaiilai>-or> ef T. ulibert k Va., U ton. wltri and without the it'.vllnn attachment, are oa rxblkit "ii at 447 Ri' ftdway. Their aura*, ti. W at r*. i t B >atoa. ?ill b? liaipv io e.\|laia the i <aueetloa uf the /Kalian Willi the Ciano. Tl.ia truly <aluuble and iinpor**nt. *di|ltl in tn ?be fun. Una, tt ?!i:h tliey hat* aisiitaetnred more than ruU, ia rtili *aleir? ia taeor, acd -a ilea. In>4 tu coiae iar > njotril ure. TI e .Kolma c?a l? uaed aitk ar *ithotit the Piano. It 1? n tll?l? liidbt indrnl. >,l it,. ?f ik. I-... .-1 dixtnot 11 jure it ta til* laatt. "bile it :illord? the moat r.aniitiful rt11. Maau. aa ?t two difeirat eleini n'.e. Mr Van d?r W.j ill-. who, d 11 ria( the fair of the Am?ric?u Institute, d?Itabud hi* audience* wi?h ki* parloriiiaocej. ia en^a*"! to i.lay ifti 'he .V.'llaa l'iane artry day thia weak, ir iui 10 to 12 A.M.. and Iroiu 3 lu & 1' M Pleaan call aaJ hear tlia *?m aail finwiaa test* of the ,?ollaa. Tlie*e taatiamrau will ?ld vary low, m croer to la.roduoe thru iato thl* ritjr aid rieiaity. Knox's Hal* arc laid to be Jiut M good aa hat* rurckae<d ia Broadway at a higher prioa. I.iki the Vuaker who, whan aaked how ha m?de money, if h*toll ha'l Imathaa eo?t. r?|ilicd tbitlieiiid it by telling *o eavnauua qutntltv. Knoa *ella aa ancrmon* tnaniiti. Causa ?r>yf lu the lir*t piece, ho advertiua exiaaaivtly, if whiah iniao* he heroine* know* to eteryhr dy: au<l ia tn? neat place, ha alii a tetter bat far tb* nuney than othat folk* do. The Jamn Baak, Jamrawllle ?Tha Ratal af tka Jan aa Bank, J?i>*iille. m redaeaiad aa aaoal, at the aaaaay laAllaay. aad kaiihtai H.iaa-'i i?rt*t aa* Mat diet a oat. by OtO. U|UB?BK< K, to H all atraat. Tha Flrit Said Madal Awartl?4 to Dagaarr?ety r>?e, ky tha Aaerieaa Institute, wa* awnrdad ia 7a><?r*t Mr , K tut* of jr IKMI, ?b?r? strmftfcrt m>d ?itts?a? art i?Tiu4 U BUI. -_________ Daguerrrotypa Art?Wf art* laeour frlenda who ti ay <?ir? a likenri* taken la tha ba*t atyle, to yiait t e Optical Skylight, No. t il Broad way, foarth atiry. The fiotaia* done tbtre are not ?urpa<> -4 by any, either by proe?so?a or pietendere. UaKRISON It HOLMES, Proprietor*. Pee their ad?erti*? nitnt. Tlif Pluntba National Uanurtrran Uallrrjr, No tSl Bmadw ay, it'h* Bleat ?*l?n?i?e ea'abiianaieat of the Mud in Amert'a. Htrar*< re and atbora thonld aot fail to I-it ih * ceUt.iatod .aliaiy, for Ibty can te etue ol tueetiaft witk trany familiar face*. raira. J. W Darkirdtl'o., 71 and 73 Cathanaa rtnalt rB*r t? day *?nii of tha rr?at??t baraaine ia Hawle to ta fouidlti tin* eity. T>ieir preaent atoeli aornFiriee* all tb* fk*M' aakla ?tjl?* a?w worn. No-hiai will be oat. end aiaat ia.ned. ky |lua| a call, before purcbaajB( el*e where. Hrlrtal FliT?lii|ir*.?A S|-lnn1ld Assortment, Juat rer*:?ad fri'tw I'ara and l,.n|..n. alio. rl?i(ant Ueddua t arda at KV KUHCI I.'i Ka?M nalle KataMithinntiori *'*, .tiT Broadway, raraar ol Uuane in rat drench, 2 Wall atraat. Kii^tlah 1>i UKK?ta, Oii*?ni>d*a*flair to Tkrta Vaul* wlda, at ? >n?*r fully |uw |irl?aa-1* Id.. 4*. As. tar >*! ?. ai.d opwatda. Bailirb i >r Cloth*, "ralto icfit lard* wlda. of naw ar.d hrauii'iil Ba' >rna. iinprr?o> dmledly low, at No. VI B.w-tr III HA B A.NUCitHtNa, w< rtby of ika auantlon of I 'lrcbaaara. Dm sr na a aali!)?._? Aa 1L veiling OI tuts far leallroieB. la lha I *11* >ad inaaly art *f M'.rteaiia-niB, will **B<aaaa? at l>i*aro*'* Sldlaa *'?h ?l S?. M Fnnrta a?*i a. tal raSayaoalac l*t naaataker, aad eaattaaa eaeB 1 oiaday, (ay. aad a- arday ??*r.ia<. riurini ika a, **ea. v| aa nap? r??i T I ??! i?-' t t'tl ?k. Gaatlraiaa libit | la aakaaoka, will plaata (all at ikalr aarliaat aaa aalaaaa. k.aii* 4t Poller, ar > CaldiHa* alrrtt, apaa i n BtralM aaalhaf larr* tnwiica ?f abataa Ml <r-natl? I>tj <<? aa tniai trhiak ara a irrakt aar'Mj uf pla 4 a < <?'1 rg ? n I tan'.ra #l>a? la. am' r??ir? aaart ?an?'f a( pla I. a>Irr. aril | rl' a*. fr<m f.l 'a tha taaa* .laalny aUa, ?! <-. .11 at. I.a, -t ...? 4 i il ' Maf ImllllMk AUa, Ihraa aaatt rlaia r I. ra.| tlualia 4a l.ainea. at I*, tha ??r4; t> raa 4a. |? a ruli t?4 ?a? a atnpa4 l,'a?kiaar?. ai la. #4., a (all Ma .rtnaa' ?f al' athar i ai pal la (a?4| LiM k PoUTm. a* CMkatlaa nwL Dr. rowrll, Orullat and Aortal. ha* Juat iat't'fd ? ft ifleial Et?, which f?o fc? in-rrt?4 wtthnai'ka pair, an I II n>.*a I.ka tl a natural a> a. Dr. roal t tftaaaaaa ?f ' * M ?ar. at I1. Warm Mmt,? rn?t ?l Inatlnf, aan bt L*4 hi* " lrtatira #a tLa K>a." I'lira M aaait. I.|r|vl<l Hair l?yr. ? Pliulna'i liaprarti If arte tlair Pft a naa latartiaa. ta rol?r tha Flair ar trhiai a, i ' - "t -i 'I rai alia. I,a?t1?a<a a** na*a khali Wlnakart 4?a* la piliataa. al iha Diprt. Na. 1*J Ur adwaj. aarnar af Pal r?it,ca<?:tli rranklia Haoaa Par Voltla, am all aLta, !? Iiraa. $1 IB. l,l?|nld llalr llja, ta (alar tha llalr ??? Wh lar? it a Baaial it La ar?llt4. tllkaal llJtT) In kfc* kair ar <kl? Kar^lian'a aa4 faaar akora k??r*T? ?v<al4 aaaaiaa >bia arllala. aa it ta '-Aa kaal I a tha wnria. *aU whala#?'? aa4 fa-all. at lia'?ht'ar'k W ( la"?r?. I Vail atraakt a?4 ia l.s?4aa, at 0. Cawla'a. Plaaa4illj. maar It. luin' Charak. _______________ Wlga at 4 1>iipct?.-Hiilrlitlar'a Cdthra* lad * ( Fwrjli al Na. 4 Wall at., ia tha a?\l? Mtablnh ID'tilia tfc? all? d'Trtad t<- that I uafa aa >l<liw 11 ?t >nr aa* HfUM aiaaiaaiiaa ?' ahaaa V* lit a*4 Tiihm i ' at ?kt>a aa 1 * ail? ?r laadal at '41 Fur af Ua Aaariaaa ?pNi?i? C?m >S? tddrtm. ?.(**) W l(i anil TAHpM* Iwuft ? hi?4, ?Uki ? II IVinr^ ?f *?<knm I llorl ?7 Itlln l ur, k.ra af raaiara < alflaaaa < an a?laot fi?aa ftialargaat airab In ik> a ? ka ? Mlntm! if tail 11 rinn I ail 1 1?|??? :ir| raaaaaa'a AUo Mix* "Ti.inul IMtlk la ?raai ataadaaaa Ca?j tka a44'*aa. tt Haidaa laaa. tPr. It alllnga-r's nMliratrri Mnlmrnt Is earla .f> tr ft - di r* * 1 ?aii if?. I a | of * r rnra all en- ana .til aa- 1 t:i? lilt .'I 111! n.'irffir.l, a'-* ? ?? an I laila r tyaa. aad all ar ? ?* in at a *r fewa'a. twl^ am h?? la?Sa ?o!4 In 1a'*? Mttla*. t ar.4 aaata aaah, at T-"> I'aar atraat, aa4 481 Itraaddear alata l.rarrt iinn. Blta tt<.. ill r ?I I I. Ttut aaiatl It nndarfal lad? la tl a n'y jar*"a In tl la alt* that jiaaa Iraa ufartn? h'.t. rf all afa r? thrc *Mifa Ha kara c<na*lta4 kar kar fT ? n a r a aa4 rar al aa4 a a a a .' aaa af a* .-a in f "ttar Ftfttina Trl.afi. liar raaidaaaa 11 at IB IFa.ftaar MM COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. K% IDAHKKT. rhuradaf, Wot. I?(I f. M. Tba tnrk markat opan?d rathar h?ar? thiamin, nr. and prleaa fi r moat of thr fan'lai fa?il off a fra?tiro At tba Drat board. Krla Railroad darllnad \ par ant. Haailiar Hailroad V*; Krla Bon da nia H llaalr>$ Bend*. Si t'Bitad Stataa A'a. |*n. 14, KrtaT'a, old. MUf l)i pntail. jut tha dlaidand pall to day, Harlatn adaanrad v, par east, and Karraara* l.oan >4 tha trafiraetlon* In gnaarnnant and Htata atoa** to. la? vara larjar than va hara aottflfd far toiaa day* >aat. Atlkaaaennd b^ard Farmart' I.aan Pall of H P*t ia?it, 1 aadlrt Hailroad ?*. Tba racalpta at tba offlpa of tha Aaalatant Traaaarar ?f tbla prrt le day, amountad ta $37 010; paraai.ta. Iko 4?o balaana |H :? l?l Tba Fraitab aonaalata la tbla ally glaaa aotUa that in-paaala far tapplylag tba aatlaaal anafaakorWa af I tobaoco will b* dadded on at the Ministry of t'lnan** in Pari*, on tk* '20 th ol D?crmb?r next, at 1 o'clock, P. M., for tb* quantltle* following : ? "On* Billion and *tght hundred thonsand kilogramme* of Virginia leaf tubaaoo, ot the crop of 1849, ' according to tour sample* " 44 One million aad nine hundred thousand kilogramme* of Maryland leaf, crop of 1840, according t? four (ample* " " Two million* and two hucdro] ?u4 forty thousand kikgrumnies of Kentucky leaf, crop of 1849, aocorAing tofour earn pie*." *' And two hundred thousand kilogramme* of {Mayans leaf, crop of 184V, according to two sample*." It I* nat true, a* ha* been *t?ted that th* Treatorer | ' of the 8tate ot Pennsylvania baa redeemed lone f,75,- ' ; 000 more of the Stat* debt. Anything relating to the su?|.lyand consumption of cotton 1* at this moment of iuter**t and importance The recent advlc** from Europe t.liowiug an adranca j in price* and an unusual activity in th* Liverpool mar- I ket, have created considerable eiclteintjot in this eoun' try, and productU iaaoh speculation lu th* public mind, a* to the probable i;oui.-f of the trad*. Th* two great queitloni (probable produntion and consumption) | are at this moment far from b?tng definitely settlfl; and so long as *o much doubt hi ts relative to th* extent of each, so long will thi ie be a wii* margin for fluctuation* in price*. The circular of Messri. Kraxer iiou, k Co , of Manchester, ilat?d the 'iid of August, 1840, contains soma remarks iu relation to tbit subject, 1 which correspond so close!v wiih our own ideas, that ! we give them u ' A rpirlC of rpi nutation ha? existed In cotton, mora 1 or ltfi actively, throughout. i h- year; and wpinioiu are . entertained and freely ejpr< ~ *? i h,?t tUe 1 ite ha-t far , Irnin *?? n it* limit aud that *b?t>vnr ba the o'jurne of our market higher prloee will b- e?tabli?hed for that atapl* To rewi ii a eptrit of 'peculation would j be nugatory ; but. t h? *? of iu? case are certainly ! aeeree to Ith belcg on * wound b?r-u .v> flu I. from the Liverpool Broktrt' Circular M|4( the d>*liverleH to the- ' trade from the rc of ilv. rp > >i ?uj ita stock on 31*1 December, have bn>-r? a? follow* : JJtlii'ii'i Wk!y. Liu. J11 >hr IVur. Stuck 3l?< Dee Uui?. Jiafl. 184*. . . 2fiKtS l.^a-usi 8?3,M0 1847... 1W 716 lll'ii !Hg iblj-iO j 1S40. . . VT 71lJ 1 4i4 oHO 4-SV70 . Now it would appear that the total (fiautity uf eattna a-tually coneunnd in the ah".- . hre? yeara, a* gathered tioai the above table, waa * sM Oi 6 baga, on uu averactj | f -J4 773 bek? p?r w> ek, bui it ?>i >ulu b<* b >rn? in iniaa ' that the year 1' 47 w?* ohm in ? i ?i chort time wa? ex| leuaively iu operation aud that y-ur thflitld, co*?eHU> iitlt be thrown cut of :l?e ualnilatina. la 18*<i and 1MB, then, th* total quantity d>'liv?-red for oonKuuiptieu * a- J kU> 478 ba;n or '47 Hut bag* average per ; we>-k. Adniitlir g that au -u-iu? able iuureaae uf "pinning he* been *0? -tod b> iu.prwruimiU in machinery, ! and tome augmrn'atlou tinat th~ accaal inemaee In the ! number of piDill-.-* ( ?b:<-h. h> w. t> r ha# not been on a large icale. lor (be portion <l the trade h*? not beao favorable enough tu indue * nunh ?i tension)-allowlog toe. tor the iacr. a?? u pr><iuot.iou i>f hiium yatni wneu cotton wa? low at lb* b-g of the year, we i ree no reaeon to bellevtt thit any t.uo? lucrease of eon(uuiptlou be* actually taken pUc-t ie the large deliverlr? to the trade thit* jeer wou'd ut flret eight indieate. 1 hey will be foun t by the i li '?ing table, aleo extraded ftoiu the Cirtuur t<? be? Jf'ttA/y .Vi "H<<, Stuck Ci?t<'n in J.'jttol i Slock on *iug. 17. I rem Jan. 1,'49. f Beiucato-l ]i.i??. to June ) [ tai from ' - qia From June Si! to i .. ... f Jan I to ( i-0'4"15 853,210 17 |4?,.ei?j Au? 17 J \ Kor the rame period IMS 837.070 581,160 Do. do. 1847 t>si7 310 asl,a;tH> 1)0 do. 184'1 013,970 776 840 I.oc klrg tberefcre. at tb? total quantity the trade hie taken, or to the u>ai u?r tn whioh they have ' taken it. there can be no doubt that much has been ' laid aeide in etock It. I* gmt rally thought here that they bold 130 000 tol(>0 000 b?l?> In exoemi of what they do under ordinary clrcuui'taiicee which we believe 1* not an exaggeiated impreeurn A? ??ich. we are of oplnioa I tiie ?peoulation in iuirlnnically uuaound?the mere fruit of tbeap moLty and-'>vrri)on(1.1ence, and that ao power they now In 'n- hand*. hj cUrekia* their potr* < * and I.. bar* < - Ir ft'.ck?, the priea of t( ma; a tin letcl' . n?t? Tilua. 1 k ^ nothing about production - that quaatloa will -t otttUd on thin a: In ol tba vatar : bat it diem in a t-eamre, th? eitiaordiuary and tltn' vaga ?t< ici ntn or r*tin.?t><* made of the a >n?ampti. u ' Britain. We havw very little faith in U>? rrporu ulch reach u?. from linn- to time, regarding the damage to the growing erop, and the devastation cauied by the boll worm, the caterpillar, the lata froat, and the early freat, tha wet weather and the dry arathir All the*e are eseg^rrattd, lor the purpoaa of ' Inflating price*. TheetTiotof ruch things aannot be I but ttuiporaiy. A few individual* nay take advantage I of the advance in pricea produced by auoh report*, bat i the great planting inter* at i* injured; and wear*, thera (ore, oppored to evetything tending to prodaaa an ! artificial Inflation of price* So tar aa tha planting luterect ia concerned, we would like to eee high price# lulingfor the raw material, bat we rawnnt eyelet thV conviction that thoae who rralite at currant rata* will I - r _ ...... ... . ww. wau iwr OIK' UI'IU VI UUI IQO eaion I* mora idftuerd. We may be wrong, bat, eo far ( wc can judge from the pretmt position ?f Ullage, i tbere appears nothing to Jut ti?y a different conclusion. Tbe report of the Commissioner of Patea8e for the 1 jeer 1849. gleea eome very Interesting statistics relatlra I to tbe operations of the department The whole namber of patents leaned daring the year 1848. la alx hundred and rlxty. Including twenty iterae re-iaeues. threa additional lni| tutemiDts and lortyalx designs But ' one disclaimer waa entered during tbe Mae period V ltbin tbe earn* year til hundred and twenty-six pa, tinta bate expired. Tbera vera, during tbe aaaie parted nine appllaatloaa ' to extend pattnte, tbe terms of which vara abnat to eiplra; seeen of tbese ware rrjantrd. and two granted. Two pateata were also extend'd during tbe year by aott of Congress. I be receipts of the oglee during tbe jear 1841 Including duties and fece, paid Inta tbe treasury on ap. plleatlona for patents. can ate. re-issues. dlselalmera additional Improvements. extension*. recording asslgnmenta and other papere, and for ooplna. amount In tba whole to tbe rum of (o7.576 0!i, of which sum $11,530 Zi baa been repaid ou applicative withdraws, and fcr uicney refunded wblob *?> paid In by mlstaka Tbe expenses of tbe rffloe durit g the year 1*41 are a* fallows, via : Kot salaries. %H &M flO, temporary alarka, ?7 l/i# SO; contingent eip'i --s 10 4^7 ; eompensatlcn of that blef Justice of tb? DWtriet ofcelumbla, sitting en appeals front tba I ouimtseli ?er of Pateata, ?1C0. library >1 414 09 ; agricultural sLatlatlaa. fi ?0t It. printing digest of patents ||.!N| compensation for aatra serelcea to K (1 Pnittb ua ier tbe aot of Congr?se frr ble relief, appf>ved August I. 1848.11.000; aa< v.nting In the ?K l? to 4' -II CI Tber* waa also eipetded, durlrg tb? let year nnder the aet af March I, 1857. for tbe reclamation ot tec rd? aad drawinga. the sum of 844. The aggregate of exp*n<1ituree unler the dllfervat beads aboea enumerated. Inetodtag money refunded on withdrawal and money return'd which had beea paid in nj nilliur. II tov-tri, irtfmn U.tllD M M rarrad to tb* frrdlt of th* p*t*nt fund. ot M.tiO 16. Oa th* Irit day <t January 184* th* tanad of ran. nay In tha trramry to tb* er*4>t ?f th* patent fan! wm 1207.7(7 M Thu*,th*ati ' unt rf m'0*7 In th* tr*k?ury to th* *r*4it Of tb* p*t> at fund Including tha ktane* paid la riurirg th* jttr IN*. **?. oa tb* trit day Cf January. 1849. * J1? 4<W 8.1 The quantity af wh?at ralrM la th* Uollfl Statrg during tb# laat J'ar will am ir ling to the *atiuiat*( nf tl.o < oa. ii. i?*l"B?r nut I * 11 ' t ?. ' : i (KM but !?. Tb* quantity cf r<rn prnducd ! tlmaWd to b* about &* 000 l>00 bn?liala; oat a, lU.OOO '< U buahrla; potato**) 114 000,000 buahalt; rjf, 33 000 000 hi>?h*la, ba*kwh*al' 12 000 ba?b*l*. bat lay 8 t:: r<0 htiah*1a; hay. 15 TJ.'i. 0C01on?, h'icp 330 tra*; rott n 1 084 C00 000 p*untlii; t?b**co. 310 000.C00 pound-, rle*. HBOoOOOO poual*; and angar (la Louialana) '?*ooot#o ooo pound* Tb* agricultural pradurtl >na ot tbla country, a*? eroding to tb* *rtlmat*? and ralenlatloat of tba I'atant Ofllra. for tba y*ar 1*48, eo?par. J with 1847, w?r* aa ant*s*d A*'i*i itcaaL r?ot>t r?? or tm* I'ltiTtn Jr?rn 1??7 1848 Population. .. , . num**r 51 748 400 118*8 000 UMat bvabal* 114.445 500 128/W4 8U0 Harl.y do I, tin s>?0 f. itt*7> Mat* do 18",*f\7 o<?0 185 400 000 Mj* do TOO 8'J Vr.2 t">9 Hark*b< at do 11 *73 MM M M8 0.f? Indian l ota do. 3'xi 000 588.1 "ill twK> rotate** do. lt?' IMXNHI 114 47ft OW llay ton* 13.81* "00 U.735 000 H?mp ....ton* >7 7M) 30,-189 Tiharco pnun J? Jfo ia4 00 118 ?OV >00 (I ttoa <4<I IMIMNO 1,088 0(10.000 Hip* do. 101040 500 11MM.V?0 Mil I do. 4t 4 o*iO ? Pngar da. 3t4 ?4o 500 ??,000,000 It appear* by tbla tbat th* product!' na la?t y*ar. la early *?*ry Ina'ano* ai**?d*d th<*? of tha y*ar b* f r* Tb* gr*at**t falllrg nil waa In angar. wMoh. vltft h*mp and t< barao ar* tb* only artlcl** *?hibitlng t d**rrat*. Tb*r* waa aor*turanf th* qnaatlty of *Uk *n*ona* produ*?4 l*?t y*ar Thu* It will b* l**a tbatth* B(rrl*n;tnr*1 pmdi*tl-.n* of tha Ualoa dnrlng th* la->t y~*r ar* a npla #r.r t.i* rnniviapn n of th? ' 'mir Iry, an 1 .,f n any *?r'-1'** of grain and provlalna*. larg* ?ur(iln-*? am b* l#ft fur *? portatlna to Mktr eoantrl** Th* baala***. np*ration?, and t1?*?i?*? of th* Pato?t rin-a ha?* *ipand*d rapidly within tha lw~t ><ar y*ar* Tbla fa*t will b**nma m-r* rtr1kln(1y ?t lkV* by a aoatraat *f th* pmgit** of th* < flH* f*r th* la*t

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