Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 3, 1849, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 3, 1849 Page 1
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r H NO. 5K28 Aninlrvn Mirrnture A* American I)Mtionaky <>K IM? Knqi.ish LAN* oi'aqy. By N<>ah VIkhsikk. LL 1). PuMiah- 1 ?-d by (leorge Jt t (Mrlen Merrum, Sprinsjaeld, Mtu Within the comim*-' of 1 'M>7 clo^ly printed but cVarly legible pau*-r-. the puMi-heraof this greatest , of all Americun b?>?>ke h ve ciowded a complete ! body of liter?iure It if, without question, the best Lexicon of the Kiulijfi language ever made, j and there is every re.ii?.n to suppo >e that it will hereafter constitute tne ehief authority for th-tt tongue, wherever n m known throughout the world. The name of ita author ia ?lrei<dy regurd<-d with veneration by the H'hi>l>r? of Europe, while it ia uttered with rever<-nce iu every (Matrtci school houae on this continent Thia, mo, is the only com plete, unabridged ?d im>ii of Webster, containing; | his own last revisons mid ihe superadded Inborn of ! his able literary executors. Ah u uow appears, ii j will stand for the fuum?nw considerable changed will be likely to be made in it for centuries to come. Newfecholura may make new discoveries, and fa- j ture investigation will reward their toil iu the progressive fc'ence of l-iigu<ige; but uo accident or change, no future undies or discoveries, will be likely to afl'ect the fori ones of this book. Other exicographeir, starling in early life, with the i fruit of Webster's euounous Ubors in their hand*, may become illustrious in different departments of this illiniitab'-t. science ; but the fame of their great leuder will outlive them all. Theie may, and there will be, perhaps, as great statesmen in future times, to serve the country, 1 as Jefferson, liamiitou, nud iheir colleagues, and, in some coining uitn-ual trial, men may be found who will till responsible irus>s as faithfully as our first President, llut their fame will grow dim when their coatemporai les are dead, while the names of Washington and his companions will grow brighter with the pio^ress ot ages. It seeina ; to be one of the laws oi Providence, that the founders of nations tlu-li never divtde their glory with those who couit alter ttiem. Moses and Lycurgue, It emu lu s, ami Aired, have left none to dispute their It.'lie. Oi bih ii men, history will tolerate no leva's. It is neuil) ?is well established a law of (!e-t ny with ihe tounders and fathcraof learning The iiiine >! V inspirtl as much veneration ni the (!ie?k scholar u>-day an ii did in the be. tin of 1'iato, <>1111 It will be dear to the schclais if all ( iniuft lime No future dramatic poet will tver, even iu his boors ot madness, dream of iiMirpiug tile thioue i>i I future bMionomer will l?y his prolauing hand on the ro?n ol blind t.'alileo?a second " Paradise I Lost" has never been written?the world never i Will lOt'ii I!?r U'lU'iicr iimu ~niiuuuu uus uiauc i a second " Decliue and Fall of the Kotntn Empire impossible? lil.ick-ciii' will bt* authority on the bench while *ocieiy h>together?<1110- i ther ** Of mi* <lu Chiitii-ininne" will never b<* called foi? Kdw<tidr< li<? wutira his Ei>Juy on the j Will-CoojM r in reviaiu* hi* Leatheratockmg Talee" or the farfuinr>?riaileck (Mi don "tor in* 1 " Ude to Mtirco BoK iria" wn*i t-Jrey di.l to hi* j Elegy?Webster >a dead, ??d the last oriumeut lirth be? n added to liis collosaal ay atom ' by the liund of ihe *- *( builner '1'her- are many provitcta in the illimitable field of empire ; hut the miahtie-t oi all ia in the intellectuai world It' w no coutrola the thought* of , man ia tlieir rrxl m??ier It ihia i>e true, in h general w me, it become* doubly ao lu a a,K*cial . one. The maker 01 word* ia mutter of the thinker, who only ueea the 1. Here ia the field ?f the lexicographer. In this domain he reigna supreme. He ?iandi> at the touutain head ot thought, Mir nee and civilisation He ia controller of all lliltida ; lo h 1 Ml a.I being* who talk, think, write or print, %my ceaaelera, involuntary, eternal tribute. In ihia leme, We bate r ia the all-thapin^', ull-contioloeg mind and guide of thia hemiapbeic. Hut he ? ?o in a ft.II more Hpecial I aenae. He grew up Willi trie uaiiou ; he wu coeval with it* early intellectual origin, and he will Derpetuate luniaeif wiih 11 a mo.-t diaiaut progreaa. Not a nun li'itt gu.wn out of oiir m>iI wl.o ha* not drank at thia epnng There ia not a man on the coiitinrnt on ?h"tu W-bater haa not laid hia iill-fomi.ui: hand Hia pnnei( l?a ol language have ?li*|*d every ?om ihat ia now, or ever will be, uitend here or riaewnere by an American tongue. 11 if gt'utue ha* pre aided over every areiie in the nation li if ui nera-il. omeipreaent. No man Can breathe ihe air of ihe heniiaptiere and eacape it; and the ?(?(itte heuirlos ! " iiii<i'iet?tii>n.tbly haa been worthily won. It wa* not inherited, it was achieved; it com a aiMiggie ot m?re than half a century ?the atnuKie ot a eiroug, clear head, an honcM, lir?Vf, untiring tu art. ."No (tropiuou* acci- i ?J?'Di(i favored hu no d'cinive caaualitiea award?d the go*| llie victory was gained after a steady trie I ofnxty yarn Look ?t a lew <>i ihi- indices of hi* progress; for, in (be advancement ol mind, there are certain reliable tigna. rtcleiic, ?? well a? machinery, measures its rt volutioua A'ter the wheel* of our new ocean ?'(Hnrii have in de a million of revolutioua, the hand on the dial innik* our. It w?? ao with Bacon, and (ialhleo, .mil Franklin; their books maiked iheir prvgr?M< through the unexplored ocean of learning It *?? ki with Web?ter. America, ih? n, the only tree mid, in the future, the inev HhIiIv great nation ?.? ine ear'li, waj ju?t h-gmmsg her career; and W? h-ter became her school* nitiMt r There h?d never !> fn a great or |>'?wertul country, wi'h a c<?iiin?u, a uuivrrsai language, without dialects; a unity in idioin and (irouuscistioa. I* our own tinwe, we have striking IIIuatrationed ibi* The Yorafhr? 111*11 cannot talk with the rihd liorn Cornwall . i he )h ai*nt of the LiguNan A| i-enine? drive* hi* goats home at evening, ?>v? r h'i!< ihiii l<Hik down on mi provinces, neither oi whose dialects he i:<n or comprehend. The Knri | < an Mullr- t'ntlr, iu a day's drive, takes the traveller where he hears a m ore uf dialecta. Tbia ta the ouiy Conntry in enst?nce which has but one lauiiuitgr. Three in^u-atid milea chauge not ihe iwontMcialiott < ! a wind, nor the orikogiaphy ol a letter. Tlie,e ihiny repoMic?are without a dialect or tn idiom. Lvery where, from ihe forests ol Maine to iiir kIi'Wihk ?*v tunaha of the Great (isll, ai:d, tar to <hr IVcihc roast, there are n hundn d ram, but there i* only one Itnguage. Around evrry tihrndr, in every desk, and from every tribune, in evny field ol labor, and every factory oi lO'l, I- beard ihe *ame tongue. To Wet>* ater, mote than lo any, or all other cauaea, this > ? ..i iniikunyr He haa been Ui ui ^Mii f ih.'? A'lri'd w ? 10 T^ngUnd Ilr hii dour tor America wn*t tartmuadid lor < Irrece. In I7KJ, Mr. ier pnbhahed hia firnt pr i of ? grammatical in*tuu'? of ihr Kn?ltah language, in oilirr Wuritr, hi* " K n^liah ^|??-III??k Ho >k ; morr than twenty tiw nnlti n copiea ol ill * work h<?\c been ?aed in thin country. During Hie lo.ig period hr wa* manning the dictionary, hia entirn revenue w aa derived fta>tai the piotita of the ?4pr||* Inn Il<H k. at a prtmitim for copti'ght of lr-aa than a cent a c?py l< ha* b? en ih* guide of erery American ? more than a million ol copies were sold In-i y? ar. ilia lo-rculean Inhora hud beKun?Thia little book, which la maiiUt?ctarMl (<>r three c*nt-?, and Coata the Oieflron farmer i?*e|ve and a half for hta hoy, ended with the woik ?r are now reviewing, which glitter* though ihe plate (laat doora of the Ibmry ol the tJi??-? 11 ??t hiulaud, unJ whic I liea oj.en on the table of llnlUm, the patriarsh of history, and the cht?ftain id Muiiah literature. We ki ?w ol ho oth*r man now living, or m ho llouruhert in the l**t aif*, with ahum h^- c-tu be compared. Ha Waa a far moie learned lexicographer thaa Jobnaon, und hia dictionary baa aiifieraeded hi* atioieether Ilia fure it settled <>u an eternal foundation?he enter* iu'o the ev*ry day th< iighta of million* of nun. He ha* educated tarn1 y millit o litinp men?do one ot wnom can ever 'orget hia tf-arhei?em h of whom, in hia wandering* through th> world, gum a? the hT-iid of hia ina*~ ter ; ini'a dillncing hi* lane abound ihe globe, and mi'l'iplying the army of tbinkera and *i>eaker*, who are to trananut ll from ?ic to age Onlv two men have atood on Ihe *oil of the New World, who art ao *nre ol immortality?ita diacoeerer ana aaviour. Webaicr ta it* grral and perianal tea* her, and th* three mike unour trinity of lame. We need not commend the excellent atyle in which Mernam'a edition au.'eara. They paid twenty thou-and dollar* to W?b*ter'a family for the c?'i yright, and no one h<N<k in the fcogliah language i? wotth aa much to a ptibliahef. A ningle year, it ia aaid, haa cleared the entire coet of copyright, stereotyping, and publication, ft will, h^r# after, yield an immenae and a aur* revenue. Aa we recently remarked, thia unabridged perfect edition fiom the Springfield press, baa na* E NE MO dried ihe windier and incomplete edition of ihe Harper* i f imiih If-? v-tlnc. The difference la iirit;* i is bui about n dollar, the tlifT re nee in matter three to our. We aie informed thnt th?- Bale of ihe work ia inereariiig rapidi); Strinuerauri Towneend. of York, the |inoci|Ml aitentH tor this city, h<vingreetivtd xiioie order* for it th?n they could till. Alexander Vvn lluntiMtidi. [Fn in li e t-inLklort (i.r, in.i.j i J?t.ilift) J hat a mail!" exi'Uinied Goethe once, after receiving a vi*ii from Humboldt. "I kuow of no nihil lo c< injure him to ; he rettei?ble9 rt nource of ! eVei-yu?hiiig eui-et waltm; he knows everything, utid kiinwii thoioughly whu lie doe* know." Ihe ja.Ct Woh ti^ht Alexander Villi I lilill'ioltlt, W ho Celiiulr ted hiaMOih >earonthe Mill ot .S",e Uu.bei ot lllih )eul, Willi all tile Undiminished VI(:or i.f hit. mind, and with a body bttll htle, is one < ! Ihe gleuletvl anil lllo?t c'oill|Urlle mtive iniu U thai lm\e llounrlied in uny age, end one ot ttie limet linpoilolil men of onr owu. lie li*s been n>o>t Hi'(.?'S'ielj n lied the Napoleon ol uitural t-cieut e, in older to convey the idea lie -Unds lotih without conifciie fiom amount ordinary llilllll. Ir. 'I li? re have been, i?rhnpn, few mm ho enftrHjr r???Iiiiiul?r ut- lit- tiHhlM-rii; (or nature endowed lina v\iilin n.ue b< oy Mi<d h giKHUtiv unwell ass-rue in Had. 11 it< f?*Uu>(ii ih.t' a huro,<eau from x northciij rlniie can rove wnh iui|>uriny utii'iig nihil tiers; but on lliinitiolil' ueitner the h?-<it of me in pict> not ihr ic> cold ol (tie I'lalund Altai could ex. it ?ii) buiieful iutlunice. From an early pi-r od Iir Whs li dt prMleul UP lo fill tU lie, unci Itlere Was mi idvirM circumstance tn prevent him from giVII g ll I(lir-t jI lo I he impulse ol his genlUS ISven 08 a ) oudi he enjoyed ilie- society ol ll|f wiw.t mid best iii (jeiiiiHiiy To a ctlin perspicuity of un- I derMni.rtu g ne unites h wondir.ul ucuteuess of; i>eii? iiotiou, mill liio tiriit impn bmioii in uuerriu)(. | In |HiH>rp ol ? lie h.ih seldom b^n I eguailrd, beside* hid coliossnl memory, that lieVt-r desert* him. lliat Is equally 19 I lipid, hie w hole liitrllrct ih ||ifll?ed with n rich poetic vein, mid sgaui ho vivid u laiicy i? all Ipb own, li n insu is mi exquisite niid hue. Hint he throws ilie ( hniiu of amactioii over the very dryest ?ubJi lit ii.a> happen to ireut < ieogrnpller* unaiiliiK'Urlv r? cognise lum us (heir marter, historians 1;iteIuII> Conlets ItliI their lore is deeply ludfbied lo h in, mid philologist* have received no little light Im iii hjn lo illumine what hnd been hitherto ob cue for them in aninjuuy llanliv i* iht-re oi e tingle lieid ?l iciriitilic inquiry that Humboldt ! lias iiot euriclit d; he ha* even enlightened the fatheir ol ihe chinch on their a-theiic side. The ^panmids uh well as we Cteimann, ho likewise the l rruih mid the hnglish, enrol tins wondertul mm uri'lig iheir cltinc bivfiti*, for in addition to the j n,ot-l tucuiate 1-a'in, Humboldt writes Spanish, ! Lngiltli ( !), uiid French, with skill, precision, and foice, ui> lii? own native language. When he g ive leciutes Sib yiars ago m Paris, the French willingly admitted that lew ol iheirown great countryin* uc mi.t up to him in luxuriance, corrtciuess, mid i clearness. This miin, in the plentiiude of his undersUn ! { ing and wnh the dealest consootisq-an, has lived wnh anil through a period of transition audi as j the woild has never been since the earliest centunes of Christendom Horu in the same year with 1 Nupohon, he knew the Great Frederick ; his yotiih was coeval with the North American con- i test lor liberty; he mlimred the great Washington; the omnia cl the Fn n< h i evolution tint convulsed J the w ord and lhal shed lorrems of blood, he saw, \ . lid not leu.oiely, pass beloie turn, with its martial le..ts and its giants. liui while the < iermaii empire j I a thousand years Was lumbliiig into ruin, and lilt (ielliian land W4S becoming the orey of the po- ! ti lit coi.qutior, Humboldt was wandering through tin table-lands of the Andes or the low pUius > n fcr itie Oruoco and Kiouegio; he was nut an ! ii.iii.ednite witness ol the disastera his country- ; lin n bewailrd at I'lni or Jena. I'tiring the long ! linn-ol the reeiotntwii he employed lm Icinure iu , lite conipotitiou of ihowe Inerary work* that will : remain a* pat it rn? in all age* for I he natural ?ci- ) tout a, fur lutur* ri*??mh m tha iuitf|' !> * America, *ud for every branch of iieogruphy. lie, , the imi i of louitcore year*, whu haa ?o attrred men by ihe livu.g woid, and ao genially promoted atu dj, ha- seen, too, mi the evening of hi* infinitely rich life, how the German people .still struggle for I a i? w conformation?for unity and freedom. .So eniiuhitntd h etiul, ?o cle?r a thinker, a headao inc (k.I'Ic of all intiiow-niiudedtirbf, iiium he devoid i l pn jumcc, must be favorably inclined, from the d? pi he of that ?oul, to the cauee of freedom and pnviren. Wt for uny immediate political activity lita nature ha* been tm little diapoM-da* (ioeihe'a wa*. ilumholdt hi' ever been content with emplojinu hie influence prett-rabl) tn behalf of actence, ?hn h owr? an luhnite debt of acknowledgment to hiin. Tf.eie ate very few scientific great individual* of the last tttyais with whom he Lad not peraoual |ilati?ria ll anything in him, in adiiitio* to the hi mt uee cc tni'rebensiveneaa of hi* acquirement*, ?i uld taise our astuuishmeut, it would be hi* al- j mot utu>arelleled influ?try, and that wonderful ' .ctivity iliat d>stingui?he* tins great man. He ha* , <t Urged ibe science uf navigation, especially eni chiin tke hisioiy of nautics?geology, zoology, l.ou.iiy,are no lt>B ludcbttd to linn thau the collective physical acieccee, more particularly meteoioh'uy, inattnet'sm, that acieace which treat* of .1 ...I k... ..t., II.. UHk. Hitiii'ulture, ai d tr?d?\ Alumat In fftry lu ld thu lie li Hii.ry til nation*, and political hi?tory, taitly, UbIimicw, German gk'antir mind hu formed new I ath& *?t ri|'loiHtion. M hen a \otmg man oftwrnty, after Ue had comI It ted lite uutvermy Miidim in (iottuigru ?ud at ! iHiikloit c>ii the Oder, we find him iu ibe tompaii) ol (i?ori^r l-'or-trr deacending the Khior on in* whV lo Holland Mini KngUiitl: be write* hia work < n die hai-aW* n< ?r ihr Khine. Iinui*diniely after Hi* he |.|? en d* lo Freibeitf, for ntudying under Werner, the founder of geological acience, |?ad he w uu i n foeeil plants. He torn enter* for a short dune into tin- Pnnwian civil aervice ; but the routii.e ?I administrative duliea not satinfyinii Ilia armi i mind, he applies witn redoubled ardor to the Kind) ol annuel t lectricity, goea to Vieiiua, where I e Inborn intently on botany, the* travel*, arcomjai.nd by Leopold von Bueh, and to whom it t* Mill 1n.and to In hold the light ol day, through >al*burg and Nyria, but it ia romp*'lied to renounce III) |>l?b ol exploimg Italy He however, repair* w ill b>? yi? noua brother Wiltiem to I'an*, where he fi ima the ?ci|iiaint?<nce ot hia future travelling c? iitpniimn, 1m upland ;>nd, in 17!W, >tts out f<?r the court 11 Madrid, to obtain there the permission i f tiaw lltnK through the ."vanish c<do?neii of An.trita lu h.e eighteenth year he had resolved on vi?itmp the Anglican continent and wbst he had e'lidted anil labored on up to hia thlllieth year he K ti'idfird ?n nieie preparation for the accotn | nt of a gieatrr task. The youth had, ind* i d, had hu- lam y fired nt firal by the splendid nnd Itixtitisnt veK'tation of the plant world, by the fo> rrrla of gigantic trees interwoven wiih IMitaa and the loltaye ? f counties* shrub*, by the peculiarity ol the lottv Me|>t*iiin the Andes, the boundle** extent of the sa*ann?ha of whicb he ?uh?e<ii>eiiily ?-? a A k.?. t ill#1 u i.irtiire in Kt? \ i*>?r? nl \aliue f!fi.dually, however, with hi* increaein* knowI' die roM- the purely cientihc iutereat, and llum* h lilt comm* bred hia voyage *cro*a the AiUntic M n 7he h*rdy traveller, *o carefully prp-iaafrncted, trn?rr?*d the MHfUki* h 11 * I plain* of mialern Vcnela. a-Or i.()? <1 the Orinoco, to where it branches oil, ?lid ibw> (< rrna h junction with the Amazon, ii'K (jua)Hita, ruwroitfi ?hii'h aaotlw ; Ueiinaa iNVrwr, r*?-li?>ni(??Tf, haa latelv riven Kim h valuable ccatributloaa; he then aaiUa arroM the *ca to Cuba, the pe?rl of the Antillea, then hxi k 'o ihe continent ayain, which he mounted mnfi the valley it Mugd-dcna U|i to the table* | laid ot the Coimlleta* Thua he acanned the liiMji atic M>liltidt? of Quito, and navigated the , rimrli rt >h* I'aCiHc ; he haa conjured 0|> for aa tl e departed wot Id ol the State of the incaa in his nfe-hii mih i K jictuteaand line delineaiiona ; tloia he WHiioeieiTlinottgh Mexico aiid cla??>ically deembed it, teiuitiiijt iheace by ihe I'nifed rttaiea H, hnrope. But while he wanpatlly cdtlinir. partly, i.m laritL' hia woika on the i.e w world, he received, in the Mm moan to itavel, accompanied hy Hi'?e end I'.hiei !> tg, to Northern A*ia, and he i Ofipeqtii mly, at the age ol auitjr \eara, VIailed 8ibena aid Ihe A'tat. In n.holdi'a (ivn.itr work on America, comI r? lo-idf, in (lie large edition, ?eventr?n volumea la loftO, atid *leve? volume* in quarto. I. treata it the |fi < yraphy of |>lxn'B, of iikiIojji, and coml*ia'ive mpiioii.y. arironomv and geof^fio-y; h |4ifeiilf a physical picture ol ihe tropic region*, and ri| Willi) De^n ?lm of ih'ir o'ltnaiolot y It cow* teirie h?i ?f ibe CordilU rca, and ifepicta Ihe od Pniivien monuiiienta, give* a politic,tl de cnption of Me*ico and Cub* aa they then were, aiid com lt:de* with a veneral reprea* ntatinn of tlm?e trev?la that foirned an epoch in acience, and ? if WT may n>e the expieaaion?which form the i oiiit of departure for a new "echnol of vialoril deM rn'tion' , who h likewise hua obtained iia wor* ih'ea' dieci| lea in Gem any; lor instance, aad Maittna, i'op, i Mionib-rif, Mey?a, Rnnan, Khrttibery, l<ot?, l.ichwald, aad ao m.tny more be- Ma lit n.boldi ha a described the Aatatic journey ib W YC RNJNG EDITION?SATUI the fra^menta on the cluiMtolol<u;y of Auii, hat iheit wii'tf h niiMri'pii C? of historical d trclopen cot i>f yeographicul knowledge respecting the N? w World, and iiito ihe propria- of nautical astronomy of the lifleetth and sixteenth centuries, ii b?a k v? ith w Inch we, hp as our liternry knowleffje extend-, can compare uu other for cowprelient-ive erudition. In ine (jerinaii edition of it wr n.ect the rt mark, that one copy of the whole collection ol Humboldt's works on Amertc-i, in the larte edition, now costs more |t),0(KJ franca, twice th mu< Ii up the celebrated Inscription ol' Ktjp'.for the publication of which the Krench loverumnt advanced 3 000 (XK) franc-; whereas, linmhoidi'ti vo)?|fee, although the I.HOO copperplmep, the pnniinp, ?n<t paper, 840,000 franca, or more than -12.000 ^old Krcdeiicks, were nrnught to completion by the patronage of the public t>l? lie. At an nu<- of ?eveniy-lour yc?irti, when other old m< n re| <>pr, Humboldt In {jmii lnr Un work, the 11 hiios, ilie tkciih of u physical description i>t the w oild, and which it* now completed, hi tin Ute t >? i'li'B of n busy lile?a work wh??i?e outlines h-tve been i-orir?y? d m the soul of the author for almost half h cei.tury He wi.-hed to delineate ho# evet) tliihg ill-it 18 created on the eaith and in celestial space had been taken up liy hltu into his COtlc? i *i?-ii of a physical cosiincal description. Wiih tin* work, is al?o uuiq'ir in literature, that lias been translated into_ the l.ingu^e of all civilized nations the |iowerful mind wsh'-s to close it* honorablefcientiticcareer. Heha-been, J we repeat, a fuituuaie man during tin- whole period <1 his life. 80 propitious has destiny hern to him, that it vouchsafed 10 him a brother, who, in oilier devilments of i," 11 ins. win nearly quite us (Meat, ami in iiiany respi-cts even still more coueptfoti* than himself. lioih brothers, Alexander and William, boumi by the strictest ftietidshw' to each, have ti i.ded to the |>erteclion of one another. Ah \aiider has Milvived the other; hut the names of boill ille.-e h? loes ill science arc inseparable fi? (it each oilier for all future time. They form radiant stats 111 the bright crown of German scitnce, 1 ml they have diffused th<* renown and glory of the (.Sermon name over all the world. (loss!p from Waksaw?The accounts of eyewitnesses, and reoorta received at Warsaw, announce that the whole of the Kusrian corp?, with ! the eiCep: ion Ol" tile hospitals, have i|illted lluil- 1 kaiy, or were ou march. Orders have been j oetpaiih* u to < Jrabbe's division l? fore (joinoru, to 1 w iilidiuw so soon as the terms of the c iintiiUllwn j have been complied with. General I!uiitger and his stali have all returned lo Warsaw, and the whole of the Ftince Kield-Marshal's field eq.iipage has already arrived. A saying, attributed to a liliSMiin tit-Id officer at Warsaw, relative lo the latter, is fully worthy of repetition. This otlicer was standing with others at the place, when the 1 Prince'? carltaue and fourgona were being taken diwn from the railway wagons. Amouir the | vehicles was a light drotschka, in which the Field* ! m.-.l..,! ii., i..-- .........i..... ... i ik.. i striding a charger. "Ah," exclaimed the officer, " there is the drotschka la winch the Kmperor's oiler ego matured all his plans lor not falling in with Grotty's cori>a." Apitytot of thU alter ego, U is uenertilly kiiown thntihe honors conferred upon the Field-Mar>-hal by the Kinperor have created great dit-falibfaclirn and jealousy, especially in the (in.ud* mid lm|>erial family ; since, mde|M*udent> ly of his requiring the former to pay the same i honors to Piince Pat-kiewitch, with tt indards, ! <Vc., they pay to the Czar, all membera of the imi eritil hout-e are obliged to stand in the Mari-hal's presence. Indeed, it is reported generally at Warsaw that this subject led to the attack which carried oil' the Grand Duke Michael. His Imperial Highness, it iastateu, presented himself to the Czar so soon as the order wm iiMied, remonstrated warmly, aud declared that he would never submit to rise or to pay the required compliments. A hot discusMon is said to have enhu?(i, which so much sflected and irritated the Grand Duke, that he was attacked on parade in the maimer known to all. Let ua add aootner word or two of Warsaw gossip. It was stated in au earlier letter mat tiie tmicrur, who,during hta re- , sidence at Warsaw, lod^d and fed not onlv nil tua ow n household and staff, but the foreign amloma- I tists, had made propositions for lodging sua feeding Citn. Lsmoncicre at the Bruhl Palace, in a suite of a|>artniruta aimilar is those inhabited bv 1 the Amman minister; but, for* which are best ki>own to the Kinperor himself, tins intention waa cllunged, and General Latnoricir re, on I arming, was iiitormed that he must provide for huiitelf and suite, which he did at the expose of 2,000 irancs per month lodging, and It francs per day for each ''convert" for himsell, Madame Lanioriciere, and his secretaries or uide-de-c?ni|?. borne persons attributed this distinction made between the General and his colleagues, to dis|rfeasure at b>s having omitted, when at Berlin, to demand il'iKa* Kino hu<l unw nwimHfat riinvi'v fn IH# irn penal family. < >thera a?-ciib<- it to hit having been auppot-eti to have bad interview* with auiip?cied or dircatiefied persons at Cracow. He tins aait may, tli? General waa compelled to pay hia own expeneea Hut in every point he wan treated on the tooling of "the moat favored nation."?Brrtm letter, Oct. 6. Thb Book Tradk ok Kaor.*ai> and Amiih a. ? The American i-aiiera throw out a *uggr*U(>n to hiigli*h publishers, by which they fancy that aome of the evila arising out of the want (| tt copyright law between the two countries will be rectified? namely, that they ahall ofler the English edition* ul all ihei>e?t book a to the triiiiaatiantic public at halt-price. We are told that alter several edition* ot Macaulay'a "History of Lugland' ha<! been M>ld in the Lulled State*, the Loudon publisher* aent out a In me number of copiea to be m?1?I there at half ot the retail price at home; and they are found lault with fur not having done thia at fir?t?aa in that cave, it ia aald. they might have aold at leant copiea. i'oaaibly and perhaps if they would have consented to give it (or much Itm-?or lor in thing?they might have distributed *<> many more. We are not fully alive to ih'- reasonablenes* of f>elimff the same book in i<otidon tor two guinea*, in .New York for one. If the preneot want of law admita of a work being pirated abroad? the author mid uubliaber thereby wtonged have at least the unrati*|n( toiy satisfaction ol a pr?t>-st against the Injury. What is now asked of ihem la simply to mthdiiw the piotmt Al?>m ol ae<jaie?c<-ii<'e 111 their own lorn in proposed to them it ia suggested aa a remedy against robh-ry, that tliey ?h >1| trduce the price below (h- point at which the {oods are worh stealing. Ths l.nglisb t*>oka?ller i< o|IrtN tb?- pn?ilrge ot iloinx that in tne' lor the invMaiou of hia own interest* which o>herwiee i will be di ne for him in the Broadway. The ??ig. g? sii? n involvea a mode ot dealing w ith the copy iight ^notion abith w? should be aorry to aee j acitd upon. A very different solution of tma veied | question ia i.eeded ; and bow tlint an Liitflisli court has tulrd that By ih< terms of existing lawn an American cannot sustain a nvht to h >ld li erary property in thia rouiitiy, it m probnbie that ihr #ov? M of ihr Uiiitrd Matra ? ill ladtlcrd tn takr Mrpa toward* tin adjustment of thr matter. , Wf ui.drr>l?nd thai imif* t>.<n ntf Aiifrn'in <rrit? r ha- alirmf) bfi n fliailr lo frrl thr crmanjm-nen m thf if cm I drri?l?n in hia dialing* ?riih thr ttadr in I<nndon. Wf know ??f me honk in thirf volun'ra, ot which tin* rryrint waa coinIWKfd?tkd ?topped Thf i-nl>li?h? r had no ?*auiante (hut Ina three-lialf-uuinraa book would not Hi'itfur in a frw day* in thr shilling lihiary? m> wnhclirw hi* rt?k Tlif Amrrican autnor now > Mai da m umilar rrlation in thi* country In the l-.hglirli author in Amrr r? ; and thr wrong tiring thir* reciprocal, it in i>o*Hbk that rflort* may be ntotr amaotly made on the oihrr aide of the wairi? which ?f will l>e willing tu match on thin ? 10 nhta>n tin ?quitablf law on ihr ?ubjr<l ? Iht > Tun Smim or M<ii*i<av at Hit hmo*i?, Va ?VW regret lo Irani that thr infill ol Monday *<-riou*lv dumaged a handsome aiorehouar in |>locr*a o| rrtctioD by Mr. William Taylor, on Main efrrrt, lltaily iii ihr Crtittf of lh?- ^,'inrr lirliiwr tt?r i.Id maikrt hotirf Thr Iwupr i? thrre *tmir* high ? 1 lie Wall*, whli'h W'rfr of hi ick. hid (>rrn recently fim?h? d?the roof |iti( on, t> hi in it entirely cwml'f*t?d, wh> n the Mortn commenced. Thf rain be irg driven b? fhr wind with great violence nyaitiht thr ennth weairrn wall of ihr building, br. loll ifir lifu k? Mlid nioltar ha J bccoilir haide|ie<| ly fl|0?nrr to thf air anif fin. a portion of il yh\r w?> Tuesday morning ahont day firrak. when it Ml wiih a irrmrminim crash into thf atrert anrl Molding. Kottunatrly thr hour at which thin acci flit ccntred wan an ratfy our, ftw (irranna hat r*? ?ri Ddi <1 into thf atteft, and wr atf pl> aaed l? I' i rn i.o m f Mi-tamed anv iirrmnal injury from ih? IhIIii u Ii*iil<iitifr A Hnall bMck trn' iii'nt mime iiaiily kd,oii.<ng ihr building, ai.d winch wai niitftiant?d at ihr timr, so-uiiird some injury frorr a fwifttcn of ihf w all falling on thf roof ? Rich mc*(fa ) fim/i, A'w I. Thf Sfmnfiinrtitt Mnrmi/lr$ of thf Rfh ioaf. pub lltlwti letiai fiom Athene ot >hc 2H<h ult , announ idk thr hi rival at I'atraa of HI10 V? refugee* Ntnal Hungarian Milra. mn?? njf whom wrrc fnu it nntif r* <4 thr Hungarian Hii-t, had arrived a Vfccn*. in thf laM Cunttantiia^c rtramrr I'rint?*a H> Igiosa bad aiM ftoughl refugn at AUira* >11 K f tDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 184 Our nutarhuutlii (urrr*|ton<lcnee. Lowkll., Oct. 25, 1<W. The Aj<jrnarhi*gElecti<m tn M'lwirhwettt?S/wh of Clarlti Freeman Ada mi?The Effortt to Sei we the Senate?Frirtt of Manufacturers' Stock. A free toil meeting was h*-ld here lust evening, which was addressed by 11 <?n Charles F. Adam*, of t?uincy. Ilia speech, which wan nearly two lu urs in length, wan well received It was a most Later attack upon ihe w hig party, and particularly its leader* in the Hay Plate, the former political associate! of Mr. Adams. lie avowed his preleteuee for the d? mocratic party to tae whius, |

although he had so long acted with the latter; but nr contiderca mm ine nomination or i.en. Taylor for the Presidency, at Phil idelphiu, had absolved fne buiI whig* from further allegiance to the party. He expressed hia gratification at the coalition which had taken pluce hi Middlesex county, between the Tree soil men and democrats, by which j a union 'ticket tor Senators had been agreed upon, j but he h?>|>ed the free boilerx would preserve their (separate organization for the 8<ate ticket. The democrats aud tree eoilcrs havr great hope* of cnrr>itig a majority ul the next Sen ite of Mas?.i chuteiis, and b* that means control the choice of Governor aud Lieuteunut Governor, supposing there will be no choice hy the people. Tliey cal- i culate. l>y forming coalitions, to elect Senators in tiie following counties, iu each 01 which there was a majority against the whi<? li->t year, as t<ho>vn by ilie vote lor Senators, vizi? J)rm. <f- Free Whif \ Si union. Sml i ott. vntr. Eoex 6 HUM 8 4l? Midtllroex fl llOli 9,461 Worci'Ftar b li 13. rt Kmi.kliu 2 i!7W y.irti Norfolk a 4 \u-t 4?ai Plymouth U 4 Hi a.VSj Total 23 As the above counties elect a tnnjnrity of the Senate, which cons m* of loiiy members, there it ems a fair chance for d< leaiing the wings, pro- i vided the coalition proves complete, but inis the 1 whips do not believe can lake place. You will leciillect, that ui Ma?bachu?eits, when there i.-t no j t hoice by the people, the llouse of Keprfaeiiiativs (itt-rnis two candidates to the Senate lor Governor, one of whom that body murt choose. There are evident ?ymptoiiw ot a decline in the whig party of Maesachubetis, ami a tew d iys will i ; di leimine whether they will br ublr to retain their | uower in the Stale another year. The whiga, i however, feel confident of being hirong enough to dHeai any ccmbmution aemnsi th'tii In my last letr r, 1 made some statements ret-pf enne 'he condition of ilie manufacturing interest in this Sluie, and e.-tiniated th?- proportion of : miiiount paid for labor, at titty tier cent on the cost < ) >m ? d.- munutuciured ut Lowell The estimate is correct wnh regard to many articles manutac- ' lined ; but a nn>re minuie investigation sati-ties me ihat, taking the whole amount of value of urllcl? s made at Lowell,! placed the estimate too high. and that the average amount paid for labor on ten millions of dollar?the rftimatrd value of manufactured articles made at Lo?r<-ll to ooevear? )? bbuut thiny jm r cent. or three million'! of dollar*. I This, of court*-, includes the bw.ud of th?- oiwratives, who are, at preaeut, about I3/J00 in number, viz., MM) males and tt,000 females. Hy the following quot-itiouw of the present value of iiiMiiufHClttrin{; slot ka in lloston, it will be ae<-n that the Mtock of moat of the Iarg? corporations iu Lowell j?? below par:? 4|>pl*tnn Manufacturing Coapany ? to 81 Booth Milt* t>5 to w7 tiaaiilten Manufacturing ''ompany 76 to SO Lawrtbca do. J.i ha to S7 l.owell do. do ...... 50 to WJ Vm aebufrtts Villi* V>j to 100 Meirtmac Manufacturing Conpany UWX to 110 MIMIaMS do. d> K5 f> WO Null oik do. do. WO to U , RanfciStti?j Natiok, (Mdii,) Nov. 1, 1 <!!>. 7lit Condi turn of the 'Ihrtt Parii*$ of .\tauackuutti?Tht Printing Krfo.m. The whig party in Maaaachuaetta, which haa never thought of a struggle in order to keep it* 1 a?cer.dancy, will be thia year to Hlmoet a ceruinty routed from it* stronghold. At the last Presidential election there were only ninety-four towns that gn\ e th' tn majorities, while two hundred and over contained majorities against them. Yet, in spite of this strong opposition, the Senate was composed entirely of wbiga. Such an inequality of representation railed loudly lor a reform Lending democrats, aided by the press, labored hard to bring it about; and when the free toil iwrty resolved ut*?u its State policy, from ronvii tons of right a* well as f n m interest, it adopted all lh>' democratic prin n^irp, inn ip, Mr* mr an gvv*-iuui* i? v?mceraed. mill, if they had gone on j and sustained aejmrate ticket* (or K-ii?ior? and re|?rrk ntanvt s, ntitlier would h?ve be n elected, xnd they would have accomplished nothing. thf wluga, no lonjt m they have the power, will r*rain the present law. i'olitu iani nre not apt to advocate a metallic, right oroikrrwiw, that would !>< likely t<> endanger the pro?i>erity of their iwrly; therefore, the only nay they could accomplish anything, was for the opposition to unite and elect a democratic and free ?oil l-gislature. thia the vi hig pro# cried out cg-nnst with all th -ir might, cnilint; it many hard namea, such ? an amalgamation, a coalition, a murriag", at c.j ind?"?l tliey iliow vety little good humor about it. in thia i i imty ( m iddlor \ ) c . iiv. m in? w?re , ||rd by both patties, to be held on the ntni' day, at (/tincord; hnd from what had hem aaid by the leading men of the free soil pwrty, it wax aupi>o?ed that a union could be easily lormed on a senatorial ticket; but when the pro|*>?ition wm brought before them by their committee, it ?n, after several windy a?*eechea in opposition, unw.sely reiected. m"ll ol the 'fee *oi| port* h' re used to be tile conttifloce part of the rid whig party, and it tmine bnid for them to come into anv arrangement that would look like that for who n they had curhrd their new y? rk friends, and perhap>-j'hey would rot at all, only from the consideration that it might li sure \ir palfrey's election to congress ftut, i<xmbow or o'her, after having nominated hep*rate ticket*, and *one hom-, vacancies oc<<d in b< th. which it was necessity should be f?ll? d- m? conventiona were again called, to he held at charu stow n, when and where the hnsij nets was d'-ne up brown " a nutou ticket wai ' r? ruinated, which mre to beat; and the same tbilip will be done in hall-a-dozen other counties, which, with a onion throughout the state on repress nutivrs, will give them a majority in the fjegielatnte, bv whom the (inventor will be elected? donton* i ar phillip*. of course?and by whom a i*w will be passed, dividing the suite m*o aen-ito rial districts, which will insure the election of h* ttrr men, and a representation of the miuority ia the senate. kt.oirwavr AMI vtanbmeft? l?r' rrtio* mil a f 11111.?<> friday night last, mr. tbnmi i' and mies matilda t! , of this city, el? |a d to covington, and were marr ed 'n f riday it whs discovered by the father that hiadangliter in d made an ' arrangement " to leav-' hun, to 1 1 < . u . 1 i. 1 ...i u imtry a ii'fn n?' nan toiou;o? n n?-r inm, inn n>w*? drtrim'nod to keep " im cyo " on her. It had artniktd. inl h> r latlw had found it out, rd the hn? w it. that the young lady should meet the yout g gentleman and lover tugrilier "t a cer> tain i>lacc m a carriage, and so to Covington. Attn dim et, thr father Max a?kei), much to hi* ?urprire. to accompany hi* daughter to t?'?* very place ot turning which hud tern ajipotnted, and they ' w?rr to Matt lit 4 o'clock. JS?, the father writ f about hi* bunnem till the appointed time? return ii'ir. h>- found hi* daughter hud etnrtcd b? lore hi* I r?tuin In vain he nought her, but knowing they would ctoM in the ferry hoat, h-* aMtioned hi-n-?-lf ' on it. Hnd haihd every catriace that p*??ed, but foui d no daughter. At It iuth ia ^nt|itf tatrwe* I enn e aboatd, ?nJ. on the aime trip, * raited cii|?! pie. I mping naturnlly. and ?tarmg almut. aa though lie hud nnfr Hfn ? bout before. lie aci-oniI | iitiled hy a youthful lookug peraonnffe in male a t tire The ferry bont pnaaed ovrr, and'he carriage I Mcppfd at the fi ot ?.f th' hill f? r the driver to arI rwi Le ihe horiiriK, (all pretr*') and the rajr^-ed boy ard companion waited th'fe until the t?.Mt I np?in thov?d iff to return lothi- aide Tlien Mr i I - and Miea (? jumped into thr car tinge, rode to the pro m. threw < H their d'vnar, weir married, and returned to the ferry on Ihnr i wa? heme. The ?i un^ lad* m> I h -fx'Her, who I waa Mill on wa'rh, ai d t? Id him whit hid been done, and how he h <d hern cheat'd ny the railed ho* and herself in boy'a clothea, and then eh#1 n I'dly allied paim'a pardon, wh>ch, reluct mtly, was granted, and the bnde, bridegroom, and the eld gtnileman rode hom>- together, making an ending of an elope men) quite agreeable. a?? in* h? r Cf iildn't help it. and fh wing in oat emphatically t the earning of the female ?ex in ?nch ma tera. May th* new marri* d > ouple be h*f?py ? t'tariw*?it C'taimtrria/, (Ml W. IER A 9. Tl>r?trt< ?1 and Musical I llowKRt ThcaiKit ? I.act eveulntf ?hh th? benefit of | that lo?ly and nccnmplifhed BctreH*, Mr* Walcot *hmo nweet performances at the I'ark Theatre mint he fre->h | In the recollection of th? dramatic world of ra<t.e Tra- t K*dy. comedy. and muplc were all c>inl>'n*d la<t e*t?- | nlng, foruiicg a powerful attraction and * strong bill r Mr J Wallack. jr . appeared ><n thta oormlun a? f Hichard III. and played (ha part in bW u?u?l Ntvle i vhicb Iibh called torth an much almtra'l..n from hi* ninny fjitud* 'I he ca-t In ih? other character* ??n , not I. m> molli nt (Jilbeit ft* King Henry; Arnold. ? , Buckingham; Lai>ter. an Kiohmond. together wltn >|m j J Waluck. Mia* <! Wcniy** and Mr*. (Jllbert in their rlimal parta. draw down repeated applaint* from a highly renpcctable, and wheu we look at th* boau'lful J tare* ?? ha? emiling in ihe boxen. we ought to add mo?t 1 elegant nod beautiful hou?e Mix* I! WeuiyM. at Lady Anue. acted beautifully in tnn funeral noun*. < Put above all Mi* Wnicot her*elf, a* Caul the Pet. in tbe " Per of Ihu tvtilc nt.i." wan all that 1>> charming and delightful an au actreH*. TMh lady deMerveg en- t ourtifcement. Mr Winana Bang the nuugN of "Joe " in . Inn usual admirable fly In Tbe other pixce* went off This evening. the attractions utfered am not less strong, brilliant and captivating Ukoapv?a* Theatre ?Mr. Collins. the deservedly popular representative of IrUh charaoter, took his b?netit last evening, and notwithstanding the present political excitement which precede* the elections and drawa such a vast number of people to thu public meeting! that are being nightly held, the huiue was veil and fashionably attended. Of all character* in 'he drama, the true, my ua'ural. unstrained delineation of the I ia perhaps one ot the uiost difficult If you I caricature it by buffoonery. It I* not " true," aud if yon attempt to give it effect by low vulgarisms, or other, wire than by mere careie.<* blundenug* aud a strict is neither " easy ua'ural, or unrestrained " inr l.'ollins. himself an Irishman, if the real son of Krla ou the stage. without o'erstepplug nature, or viola1 lug any of the chMutiali we have uaoied l.ast mitbi he apptared in the pushing, stern McShane. in "The NarvoaM Man aud tbe vlao of Nerve,'1 and in that character luauifested tbe iuuate li free and easy air ot impudent nonchalance. wht<]h i? so necessary to give due ellect to tbe man ot nerve, living e upon bis wits end bit nervous trirud's aeakune*. , Mr liiahe wan original and inimitable in the part of Mr. Aspuri; his perp-rual hurry; hi* plirva/y; his taking up and Ui.t?n the stage. oai done in rne tru? 0 >pirit ot c?mlc acing. We would uot see hiui play the " part in the d< g days for a dollar. .\1l<s Iva'e Kura. a? P Lady l.tacli. p a>id wub a delicacy aud widen y of de- c ponmi ul that is a', all time* charuiiug Mr Suaw. an " Lord l.ounge, was ti e l.rau iiUat of coscombry and c m- " reit The ' lri?h Poet" followed In *liluti I ollius MS Terence O'tiraiiy. kept the audienoe in one unabated coiitinuity of laughter and delight, and ?ai rao'ulOusly euored in lii* laiuous aud lar tamed " VVld >w ' \ achree " " A K is* lu the Dark' gave a very plej?aut ' termination to tbe evening's amusements Mr <'ollitis will appear this evening I'he liit of eut?rtalu- s mi u's will be teen in another ooluuin Nii:i ii'? liitn ri.-Thli place of aoiinement n the b centre of atlrcctlnn of many of our clii/ens, aud th -r* ccin.i to be no luck In the patronage given by the pub lie to Mr. Niblo, and the company under his manage* mint. The havel family are always received with laughter aud applause ; and they were, Inst night., highly successful in the delivery of their pantomime, which I ad bi en chosen for the hi noli of v| llarietti, tbe ill.ilora'fd and wonderful clown of their 'I be ilamr tlfriitr and the " lied Wuowe and the Whi:? Warrior," which began the un'ertaiuuieui were given In their usual style ; but the climai of the eveulug's iitertalnmeiits !' certainly the fascinating da'ifle of >idlle. bertin. who appeared in tbe second act ot " I.a PlaMe \nioreux ' tb? prettiest chniegrapaic invent! >n ever pridured on any stage Her Put <tr a AV when danoed with the tambourine, is one of the loveliest slept of the kind aud the tair rfiairair displayed In It the nio.t bewitching putnht and graceful film's i/r jamht I M. tSrtllant. the able ballet m tster as also very clever in all he undertook and deferred great credit not only for bis correct d mclng. but al>o fur the science ith which he put on the ita?e the ballet <if I rielle ' l'o-night th? t wo brother* II " nd T I'laclde. *h > harr b< < ? Brume- d by Mr MMo, will aprear Id the play of *' Uncle N?tu '' an d the r " Village I'octor," together with .\lra?ra < hlppimdalo )Ca> mi.nd. Howard Mcl>< u?l, na 1 M? \Vaf.? | lid Howard. Bi.bto.\'* Tiucaibk.?At this house wm mtrtdrnel, i Iwl Di|Lt, Ika piny ot Uie - Old Dutch <iOv?r?nr." 1 which elicited from tli? audb-nae tha u ual meda of pral<-a The piece taa ?uV allied by Messrs. Burton, ' < Isrke. and other* of the company, who performed , their |>arta in go >d atyle. Th? nation of tks dram i Una at flaardam. own of ttif i?? port* nf rtmien-j >kct? I'eter the < Ireat. Ciar of ltu?*ta worked sometimes* t i'eter .Yicblwff a jourr*i> in to *blp earpen'er lu order to obtain a practical knowledge that might be *errlee- , able to blm In Uie f-rmalioa of a navy. The Ifrewfi ] Amba< ador. anxious to form an alliance with Italia, , diicoeers the ( tat in hi* dl-gui-e; the iieriuau Am- , bas-ador -mploja the Bnrgom%*t?r of Ha*rdam to fleet the Me object, and an ofltavr of the Sta*.e? (janeral of Holland I* Jlrwtnl to M>-ure the person of 1 the < aar. On the whole, the piece ii a goad ?n". and Will probably take well for occasional performance It waa ?uccnded by the farce ol ' 'Tla Only My Aunt 1 and " Burton's New York Directory or the < ?c*o-t In /merlon"?two piecea which ar>- deservedly popular, I and will undoubtedly obtain a run lor the real of the season. t'MAxraac'a Narionn. TMitrir.?A house mora than crowded? abeolutely condenesd-greeted the able comedian, Mr. Bnrka, with rapturous applause, on tha occaaion of bis benefit la.?t night. We like to fee be- ( Befits well attended, because wa consider they are a | wean* of affording a little additional perquisite and I huvqvri to tha laboring *or?ant* of tha public, who, | tilling In an arduous. and. In many respects n painful i profession, deserts to me?t with sncouragoment and reward on their benefit nlghta Mr Hurke had oauae, i . last night to be cheered and delighted, both with hit ' Im'I.i lit and reception He played Jerutny I'wltcher, In the laughable piece of that name, in admirable style ' 'J In* little drama l? a ??ry *uooe*aful hit, aud wa* (a- , eorably received. Burke JeP.-r?on and Mrs tleatayer are the chief characters, aad they are eteellent In tb?lr way. Jemmy 1* rather of nn extravaganza. but la ex* resdlngly droll. It la an attempt to show off one nf the lowr-t kind of l.oodcu b hoy*," on the Am (Iran staae a aort of coun'eilett rf Mom. a London rowdy ol i he il,eat i-la*? It )ik> ly t<> surcead I hi* evening, a rich bill I* offered to the public aad com. mending attraction* ln?it?. and will no doubt secure, I the uriial crowded attendance at this tarorite theatre. | Mit< hi i l's (iLiMtic Tiusra* ? Yssterday being, as was formerly announced. the last night of - Doulietti a grand opera. called the ' Child of the Regiment," thl* popular establishment was filled with another large audience Ills* Mary Taylor, whs for so many suceasalee nlghta has entertained and delighted tha patrontiers ol tbl* fe?n?e appeared yesterday seenlng in her lavoilte cliaiarWr of .tiaria. the! bild of the Kegimeat ller representation of Marie has aleay* realu-d tba m<?t unparalleled auccoes She nets that r mao'ie part with a spirit baoyauny and Tivaclty. aacoiapaoied with perfect '-ase and natural tura. that ara entirely eaptleating. Tha superiority of her vonel pow?ra was fnliy appreciated by the moet flattering a|>plau?a. > erars. m-hop Nirklnson Conosar, Vilaae* Miles. Ilo- , b<r's. and .Vrs Hbereood lent their able a?*l*ts ai,?. to the wh< la peiforniaace and ware much ad mired Tba whole la assented In tha mo*t brilliant rl ftir. *?it?ball In bit md'iturii to afford ?b<* graaUat atlafaatlon to bin aadltury Tb? neillMl of t ?d ( ? waa al. > rtpratad to which v|M<ra. W?ici.t and SlaWlnaon ?r? Iminitabla la p'dnt of e>ialcal ability and irin'nali'y l h?; war* adaurabiy *up- | ? it*4 by \i**?r* I'aliic r. <iro?*an?r and rtia(T >r<l. au4 VliMM Sllrltlr and Mobart* I ha amuwarlU ?<> eluded wtlll tba taraa of ' T<-a<pkiua ftlija," which *aa ?ltlrw?d with much on rriaimt ( Htini'i Mnni.iia will |lra thalr nana) Saturday dlMMNMHl th> ir IMMM nun . f r . ?. ( tl a arou*t<<a>*d b?nr. I'hr (ral ! Vuya** Muai'?l? ' will bt playrd at ?a li eoarrrt. UMiIra gr?at urtalf nf tV-lr lw?t pnfijt- cod d?n"? Thi?? wbo wi-h t<> b>-ar 'ha krit > tt>t<>|>t?" ilogli K bad b?llrt |?IP'lilia < hrtwty. t'lacra Anon Pi ?< r ? Tryow tha inana<?r <*i tha haantiful patillua la r.lglitb rtraat la lodtiatl^abta In , hi* **artl"iia to pl?aa? tbor* wb<> rt*lt hi* rtr.-ua II* haa tnfa|til ibr hcd cmnpany of aqi?atrtana In tha Klalw, and adi?> d to taa?? bah** an aligaat atud ?f t? autifui birit* and * *?oiou? i>oai** whiob ran wall m>|?te wub ai>> tbat ha?r a tar app>ar?il In tb" ring I lie ditrrrll r ol fktrttainaial maka* tbia pla-? of < aa>u- m?i.t vary aitmilia tli?ra btlng ri|uwtr1ao ata f)tuaia-ttr* toaihllng. urpro aitratagauraa fca. 1 fvda; at ?l a? r|'?k. tfear* will b? aa ritra p-tforui era la vi4h to arriiaaardai* tba young foit*. aeaoiat l>anl>d by thtlr p~r?*aita Ji Tui a I ? o.? Tha *itan*l*? aad wall knowa nn-a.afMlr ai.d t.lrco* b*lnbvta? to thl? conpaay wtll bt ritiliitid In Moataaua ria?? Brooklyn tbia araaIfiK. tl f rqiwrinaa i)t|>artiii*tit la rnuipi>**<l i f dia tibpiilabiri ai tl*ra m d nni? i f tba nia<t rara an I Imarwtltf ai.111 ala m tb?- W 'lld ara nuaubi rad among tba , itooli |l< al attraction* Nr U tha nl brat'd F.agllah clo?a from Atilty* Li tidon Aaipnithtatrr arm ad In thi* rltjr <?a j A < aiuaj latt W ailat pla>a tba jaattr la hi* ?tiaat drift If a a an i-f ?up*rl<>r >durail?o attar f Tgat* tria rltaiarttr i f a g?ttll> aiaa aitbcr la or nat of ilia ring a mi ht< Iba t*pu>alM>u (f hamy tha (tn at'rt wit In f ?^lai d Ma ir *ir> aitj in ab?r?a of lh* uppaf tan Ml will pri haM) Ifaaa hi* Aral appr iraooo at tba ! titran of I rjf.n In Aaior Tiara. Aaiawaa S \ an at - Tba aiaallaat and attraatlra an.t?aw.?iaia la whuh tba aalwrirstril .alartiuattl la> j trim pi 'krlr <<uadiai( t>ai* ara dia?n>g a*ar} a Iglit a rroadail hi ?a Haanlta ji u hara tha piaa i Iktr if a attain Ibuntand Panoaltlaa of atarr dawrlp ! tin*. >11 tut tl a (altt) turn ot 2* c>tita I tu'caat la ivait Rooaaa - I ha graat magician i A'ara lifttr I- dili it a ttrj bui-iaaaa at hi- tmipla if ?i etiaiitaii at lit Hri?n??y Ha l< rou-utiraJ Hi' I iblnl titrnBiiant that ha* rrar ililt'd tbia CO in'tj Nit ?at ? ? \a tbia I* ao? tba laat da/ tba* tha au U?|lKa i t tba biaaaa aatioa. aad tha hahit. a ltd au li-ki* of tbia iauga |>rwpla, wiU b? t*uit?il-;4 ai L D. I TWO CENTS. tha Chln#r? Ma??nm In th*r? will b? nari?in'y or^wd" ft pmpla asking admtiMiion to aaa all til UK rurti'Ultlrh for the la-t tiiux N?.w 0?i.n?? a<t??MUK? - Thli b?lng 'h? I%*t nl?ht >nt our ibi- O'I'IjU'kI linl if iinn<trrl< *ill nwnt hrir rlah attrai-ti-ii* to tho pub In It I* eip-ntad hut ih^y ?HI bav* the h?D<>r ?.f p-'if inntng b> f ir* a ai|?* Uihly tbln Tt-niHK f'h>- nr trtmtnr I a acifllout; lu tht >ro?i>i) |?rt thrra ? -cur- a *rmil wrM r< in th* Italian opera, mini lu tb? third part graa4 uvMcal panorama >hk? lUvtnrnHT - Kor tbls dl<tipjful?hf?'1 arM?t'< ban-tit In Boi-too, liekrtH ?rr? m.i<1 at a premium aud ?? !trat ??> thx ru-h that millibar* of tbnm >l t ??ry nnb? nachiug l?ur hi llar? each a< turn Informed I)i:mist? a'a ('wriHT -Thli fmu iut h?lla'l elncaf rl**x bl? I art <io?rett io -troerlra prior r > hi* departura for Kurope. at l.lbrnrc Mall Nraar* thin aVMulliif Tri'fll D*bfd?tti and IIo.tI, have been giving consul* at rrotldrt>>'<>. It I k<il!?ion thkatricatji The North ?f ! DKland journal* malt* favorable mm;lon of Millie 1'nlt' i.l lh* daughter of tba Italian g?alfioao * ho. Mm" jfHTh ai;o ?:i? a u*?ful uiHiuO?r of a >To?lurlal opera oompauy. aud ?h i w* li?li??.- I? rani* i?-ul at A aiifhrrtrr She Ik tald to be propartoK barell for Knulieh opera Mdlle. l.ind ha-, at length quitted tba Khloeland or 8tnokh I in whet* It In bar luteutlou to pa*? tha ?lt.Wr Wa from Urn cam* aouroa that .Mr. ..umlry teoeaily ar p-*rml at Kiu?, ?lth a tl#? of taIuiiidk her to fiixaxh hi-rxrlt to bin theatre lor tba u-xt nut ? 11 ' LlilU U?r'III*tl ?<l J)r nade l>y the London mana^r judging by tb? p?*t, ?e abnuiu be ju^tlrted in deducing troui ihrM roiunri, Ihe certain i^uiuicit ?f tli? u-lj'n re avpearaua** In ;he llaymarket In ihix every fr*? jueuter or ner M?if?t)'? Tbntlin ?j|l bA?> great cau a I" rej nc? raur* fepcutally it vidiim l.iud rlmil r*tura?l<h a if millions tu oer i?t>< rl'iry il would b? ctiarmuiic and op. Iiortiilif. tor IbhttlMu if i*bn miillll turn V| kieyertMH-r mil her niaiiN^einetil in'o <r<nibii? <muir ' (. i;>.iup ieSilc?le," but the compter it I* i*aid has put that >p?r* " under l? ck and key.'- lor altera aid uiay ion.-lblj e?i u prmluo? it at tb*? <)^tr% of l'ari?. M linger ha< been hIiikIuii In < iermao. ?t toe opera ioumhi. of Uoruituji with gr?at *u?ee?? M Millit by I paragraphs cmlUd a ' fmnoui oo'piM r " lia> Kouf to Nut imk. t? a-el*t in lux 41i-ctioD nrdi-cipline of the Italian Opera in that cicy. W?- believe that M Vl?l*r M occupied In writing a ne-ar^ work (by way <tr?u/> d'tltai) tor tha /,?. .tfur of I art?. and ehall b- inor.i than usually duap in'tdlf when finWhid, it d >ea o<?. prove t > ht>? ba>a-t?r aud pmoiiae tar dilfereui froiu the ??o?raltty I riiullar prntiu>-l ionn I'bere in iu iiim, we repeat, tha uat<rial fur a new romporer DoiixhiIi Bitfcliaiiy, An ?ffort in making lor the M*ue.i-|ou to Maryland of hat p'?itli ii of tin- Ul.'trict of Columbia obirb formerly eloped to bar Tbe thermometer at AlNany, on tba flmt instant, t? >od at 10 degree)*. John Ickls. late pn?tma*'er a' Krederink, Ohio, haa *?u aue?t?d on a obar^e ?,f rb'iltiR tb" uiait tine apple* )>ave been vurneorfully cultivated tba rerebt m a?on in Attakapaa dl-tuci Louuieaa The lliipi iihMunock < una I to IVternhur*. V? , begun blrty year* ago, ban at length be**u completed. Hire hai* be**u euccemilully cultivated, tha pre*?nt ?ar. la .Vibtotirt. lii-ara quit* plenty at tireen Bay. They hara leatrnyi-d a |firat deal ol atock. The propeller tienanew ( hlef hid been piireha??d for >lk (H o by Fooie gentlemen from ?tna'r?at. who ara to lerpatcb tier to ."an Iraucl-oo (he [<r*aeat autuna. Two lad* from the ?>o< i.d*i;a ttlbe have been rael?.d into the pri paratoiy department ol tbe N. Y. ' * B'lal ' i l'ejte Ore thnu*and ?IM dtickn wera killed at Hatrr*>4eirace Aid . i d tbe Itth ult. loe one elahtb of an Inch In th'iflkae**, wa? dlaan. end near I'hiiadnlpbia on the momiug ol tbe latlaH. Slow alt inrhe* drep 1* on tbe mouaualna kH*Ml V h< > lii.g and uniheriand '1 here ware flftevu denth? la Mobile last week, of rluch two were from yellow f???r. '1 he eteiu of tbe bo||y-|iock contain! a blue dya aupa* irr to tbe flniat li.dtno A ctton mannfa tnring ronpaay ha? ju?t haea eataHlabed at V < bile Alai atna wub a capital of tliMMM). * a?hln>ry lor bymrn ?pmai*k sua mo ! ? ( wan two it* am cnuliD'n ol Ml horae power barn be-n ordered. It a conipodeu iciuMti'i; 01 riticeu* ol noon* Tb* election 01 JdiIim by the people ha* baa* reported In form by tba l?enn< r? Legislature. Obtofltjr oppo?ita to i leviltnd la to b* connoll Iate4 vttb tb? latter city making a population of JU.00O Tba net tiain of nommunlrnatu to the Bap'lat Church n ton i uma Man--, n r m? lui ;ru, kw inwo ,,t loan at lh 067. It l? *t>mat?d that 40.000/ 00 faet of lumber hara baa a hipped from thli> country 10 < .'eilioi ma \\ a proitt m( 160 a thousand thl < amount would yield an kf^ra<?t? >tcflr of tVOOO h o Wa notice in th? Pa ific fli'v? aa WTi itlirnrtt of Mlga lumber I root tba llaltla. A young lady ot Boaton ha* accepted an offer of 1400 p-r ikoDtb to act aa book-keeper In a m>r'autUe buuea in Pan Kraicbeo. Tba imputation ft Maryland li aat down at tin 000. The public debt. In 14441 wa? 412 7*0 000. latereat f(5W C<4J The avrrag* tax. par brad 1* *1 3& Chicago and Milwaukee ara about to erect fa* work* tha former at aa expeuae of $130 000, tba lattac at 1100 000 At Mad I hod (l? >. daring tba preaeat yaar, 104 aa* baildlng* bat a baan ar*obd Ibere wa* oonaiderabia lee at ProeMaaca, U I., oa tba flrat Inaraat Tannaaaaa baa. at thla time within b-r limit*, forty?.'T?n furaaeaa. and nlnety-t wo bloomerlea, forge* and rolling Kill*. In tha manufacture of Iroa, ?ba *tand* U tba third State la the t alon The small pox I* raging at Waahlagtoa city. Law final Una nee. (.'our r or Bi?ia< m< . L,o*i>?* . Oet 9 ? In Hi Bur. !<</g?.- I be benkrapt. an umbrella manufacturer of I'lreadlllj. ?ame op for lb* purp >ae of pa?*tn|( hi* la?t rxatuioatlon. opposed by vlr < 00k* It api>e?re4 (hat 1 be baL'.rupt bail aibort time at nee returnad fro* New I ork. to which place be waot In June, taking altb him a female bot hi* wife and tba ?u*> uf ab -at In gi>ld. I'he mala ijueatioa a>w wa*, *1 to a bat bar or aot tha Item of aipeadttur* wa* anmiri'tlf Haled la the balance abeet la etamlnanoa toe bankrupt *taled that tbe p?-*age from l.oad >a to Liverpool co*t X'-'i aod from thence to Net tort ?70. lie want nut oa b- a< d tbe llloaruia taking with bia alae boxra of pap?ra and waerla* appirel II* returned to England on the i7tb of luly ?ud the a 1 pen**I of rail* ? ta I oadoa were traly *tated at X'4 I0< M*4 n< voucher* a* to tba accuracy of the etpeii-et wblea wi-ra i'Vi a dii 1! r1 , i uy ii. * 1 alee of bir brother ha'lug ?aly a fa * *->r*r-tgn* 'aft Mr. t'o?>he- What wa* the aa*? -f )?ur g<>ia< t? A t. nea' Baakrupt it wa- la eon e^uanea ot fatally dl*agrvatnant Mr. tOoke?Your travelling etpen?wa goti'g to flatting* 'rm varrb to laiy. I*** ware lit Vt bat wa* that t.?r' bankrupt- I did not like to keep any maaiorao'lum of tueh expen>a*. I did not go m bualne**. Mr (.?ike - What did yo-tgof.r' Bankrupt -To M-etan laditldual there \fter aa eia?lratioa of tha bankrupt by Mr oo*a. of a?ry >wa cbIrg character a* to It-m* of traaehlug and bote! a I. penaae for wblcb n<> voucher* were, pr d j --'l hi* Minor aald- I cannot call thi* an account. It It a > aecoutit at all. How mm I to kwow that be ht* 4*1 iha wbal. of thl* moaey la hla p >akai' >1r d'M-geon f >r tha liaiikiapt. put a few ^ueettoa* to h?< clleot by wb*r b It *ppeare | that he left hi* *t'<ck aad toralture behind npou *-tn? to Aaer-ea tbat |i* ?alu< wa* to tba *it*nt ot A It 00. aod tbat there wa* ?u(lcieat to pay the creditor* tn full Mr iturfoa urg dihat, alihovahtbe bankrupt wa* aara biaai able tor bia con iyet y?t h- r??J- r. <1 *?ry (ut Mu hi iu tiir weuin'f i f whlrh th?ra r-a?nu l?> <1 .nb' and tkart ?< BO laipBta'I'ia tlf rnur??li>,?ut of piuparty Ho *> * '* man h?.| f*tlru la *uh i?i< l%lr, nd thM'f< r? b? (V r Niur<?<n turn un l>-r thr rtrriiiutt"-"" tK> lln H? nor Mj mir tn?y n ( b? ? <r? >t ?? jrnur?, Mr about n,..? ma<t*r?; bit tnr; (Ik bi>l* of !!> - at ho?.i? In rt<hw>a I kn>* tn-y w.u.d >ha? the r i( o il'ur<* H? h?? n?? ll-w. Mr MMirgroa - But p-man? jour llm r " b -t? to bright' imdrr turh otr<iuni iaic.-? (l,? i(n.?rf. HI* Imu. r I aiijoura in? ?* i ?? Or \<iJouint-d > n* Ju <r<t'a?iv rr >t?ati?a f>x ? in i at a i t mi U mv?h?iTt ?Al * mating ol hi" kr^riit* ?>l ihr l in?rf?iljr, held al ttvn r?rcuiivr ( hanil>' r t ?-?if rtl-y. |iiriHi? IV Uorrrwir, ver'rta?y f Mlii?-, J hii i rri(f, (?. Y LtnHa<, A. C I'atff-, Krmlila I'oriiintf, l?id?*nn I' ,V| Afrninorr, and l'a?id Biirl- liir II >i? .lnhii t?r?-iif. ot Cm alio, Senior Krurm and VwtClMnfllnr, wa? uniitiiiiHiur If cb?ar|i ('hai'dlur id the Urn?M*ity ? N'? N "fK, In till tnr vaiMnrjr occasioned hy tb?- death nt IVin Wmilfll, M I) Mr Qrrig hm m# decltm d th'aiH-ominwut, tlw II.mi <lernt Y I.' |II"HU, nt \ Ihm), Whi Iinaniilioii-ly rhmrn ( ham rllnr. Tli? honor* ry d* grr? of IX.U ?? n<|lrrrrd iiimw Salem T"wn, Kan , ??f Cayugt i mini)'y. V , Jtwmttf, /V.?r I. I isr at Mii.a.1*, < >mi??(iaiat I .?**?? Pb-imeiitt. ? A fir* bn kf out *Ih m 12 n'clncli Hit* (Krid iy) riiortiiii|r? In the ritenetvr WMrrhmi-e of (f. ('n??? iV til, t oiiMiriiintf H an<l th? enure cwrtntS it-ei c* iprr?dni< in"' lb'* la <' *rnrrfiiiu? ?f ."Ur\rii? i\ Kytiti, formerly C?tii??i A \**i >g, rn?kmg a dr? adtul eft He|i a limn ill* r<il?n)i lurk< to tin ? On *, aiid r??iia<iiiiii'g 'hat building Tie MMMtt it |nii|i*rif iln'M)rd in rwirwuiM. c?a?t?tiag ??f w bent, corn, unl*, ml', lnnib>T, mid a cnuaiderabln an nil of iiieirtiandiee in etore ft ia re,?ort"d at hetf-|?*l ftire* o'Hot-It that tfte bi?..h? and itinera wf Nt*raa Ar Ktnn ni? ?o*-Mtned. Ai 7 nofuck iht- m? r?in? (In* ia Mill burning ?I'lmHami (O .) Ht'nlii, t*f 2U J. J. U*bnrn, . i*?idrut jt*rin^f at Ait-U* ( h 11* 11*, in th< rmiit'?l Amt-ncan lirm ?>l M iara, Dtlinri'^ (.'p., hMf brm n|>,Mti 'trd by bw (iiiiiri* in? nt Ci-iiaul <l?o*-fal o| tbr I'riuaiaa Mtaif^ autl iLtn.ih Prttfinva.

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