Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Kasım 1849, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Kasım 1849 Page 3
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1 Bum to the relief of the poor working classes, for thi ir lotses from the swindling operations of the Lehigh. Jacksonville, Plainfield, find other shaving ?hops called banks. These young financiers h tve become very religious of late, and by redeeming tliete old accounts, they may lay up a suflicient store in the kingdom of heaven to off-set all th?* rascally stocks and balances lyinr? on interest m the other I'lace. Let thnn do thin, and we shall intercede to secure them good Christi t.i standing hereafter. They may appropriate thf hilance oj the fund towaidt; the revolution in Cuba, the annexation of all Mexico, and th?- purchase of Canada down to the north pole. That all done, they may retire to I'l.iinfield upon their laurels, and fear nothing from the State prisons or penitentiaries of New Jersey. Tlu v will b* safe. To Mr. 15rooku, his portion of the profits of this godsend of a cotton operation, will be very acceptable?exceedingly acceptable?terribly acceptableHe has not been much distressed with surplus tunds for some years past. It will euuble him to re-fit his j establishment, to pay for his new type, to buy new ! presses, and to give full prices to the poor printers i hereafter, and stop cutting, and shaving, and paring them down?a system which he has been compelled to follow for several years, for the public good, ! and the salvation of the whig party. Mr. Halleek, we believe, has no debts to pay, bo outstanding accounts to settle ; and we hardly know what advice to give him in the matter. But ?n turning to the philosopher, Mr. Greeley, his J immediate necessities require a new suit of clean j clothes, from top to bottom?new hat, new coat, j new hcot:, n<-w breeches. Next, he wants a fast j pregf? one that will turn out something more than two or three thousand an hour. The balance might be invented in a grand Fourierite Phalanx, with all ih* mod' rn improvements ol the red republicans, :n order to give the thing a fair experimental trial. What we are to .-'.o with our :-hire, we shall determine when we get the money. We think we shall give a !arg?* slice of it to Professor Morse, to whom we are indebted for all otir telegraphic speculations. Thus far he has It id his full share of the glory of that invention, but a rather slim share ?f the profits. Yes, we shall give a good slice to Profrssor Morse. In the meantime, we request all thosf through whose hands this 1 irge sutn is passing, to hasten the payments as fast as possible. We feel anxious to lay hold of it. Court or Oyer anil Terminer, Before Judge llurlbut ami Aldermen Webb and Britton. Nnv, 5.?The November term was opened this day, but their being no criminal business to traasant, the Grand July were discharged, and the Court adjourned lilir ifir. Judge IJurlbut then opened In Clrc.ult, and Intimated to tbx bar that. Tuesday being election day. the Court would not sit, but that he should call the calendar peremptorily on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. Supreme Court?fieiierb1 Term. Before Judges Jones, Kdwards and Kdmonds. Nov 6 ?The < ourt appointed 8. P. Nash, J. K. Burrill. Ja . and C. N. Potter, Ksqs . as examiners to Investigate the claims of applicants for adinlsnion to praotice at the bar. After dispnslng of some motions, the Court adjourned to Wednesday morning. What Our Conatry Coualns Say.?We have atii nt a doxen AOuntry coming, of the he cendcr, rasidinff tin IItidhoii. and one of 1 htm. "fur ?e!f and friends." wri?.erf we to come to 1'bmk'riving; lid M v*- " If convenient, brinn flvej&irs of $4 ,*fl Boota, from JOMJCS'3, U Ann itrcct, ai ftr mtirurti enclosed." The Plumb? Rational Dnxurrrean Gallery, No. 2M Bmad? My. ahould bo viaitcd by tboae who have any wiah to < xainiae the beat ipcctmena of tMa wonderful art, by the eldmt uriiat in tbla line in Amcrioa. in ran Jnd^e with cm any difficulty. ? lien you a?u the portrait ?f a friend, aud you will Cud iuauy of them there. It 1m urprUliiK how macli business soma ttabliabmenla in tide city are doing, amonr thoaa who loom t? be driving tlie largcat trad*; wo preaame the Bowery Sa>inr a fctoie, IJfi Bowcy, takes the lead. H e understand that at tr.ia concern, over four thonarnd Shaw la wero retailed laat wreck. Tli?r? tnitat lie reaani f >r such an cnormoaa lal*, probably it ia assortment and price. The lllthrlcii Rvtr Hold Pen hu, for durability, flexibility, and fla?aoee of tluiah, no rival in market. Colli exclusively by J. O Saracr Hi I'ulton street, w baa alto an eateuaive aaeortment of tin* Gold and .Silver Wah Iwa. kl.? Ntwatiaa far the lepairing ut watchea and grid pens, atanda A No. I. The Flnt Uuld Medal Awarded to Uafnem iy| > ?, by the American lantituto, wu awarded la favor ol Mr. Brady, corner of llmadway and F'tlton street, where atrang're aud oiuittua are lamed to ?uAu? rpaeimuna. Cnllfhri la llotiiH.vPiirlalile and ottirr fallfi rain U< u?u aa<! Stores. mat to, and aa cheap aa any ia this market. . >! BOOTH. M Myrtle aye., Brook!; n. Tlmolat'* Mulpltur llatlti, (147 Pearl St., | near Brmdway, estat* labcd in I-2t? 'y Louis J. Tlmolat, from Part*. for ina rnr* of Rlioamatlam, Eruptions of tha ?kin. Col<l? Mercutiel Affections. fee. This is tbe fir teatabllihtd and ealy sal pi. or bath la tbe city. Cnmba-Prcnilnm Nhell, Open Chain Pattern $6.?The ladite are iavited to examine thn assortment, which is the largest and a-oat complete in the oity. N<iw pattern' very beaatlfal; a now lot of Dreaatng Cnmba, ko., at the 0< Id mb Store. \.H Ccinba at whoitaale. /. M. yi'IM BV, 38^ Broad* ay, 21 door above Diane it. Liquid flair Dye. ? Phaloit'a liaproTtd a?ic Uair Dye, a r?w invention. to color the Uair or ? le> kete the movent it ia applied, wi'hont injury *.o u.o h.wr or kin (ienllen a caa nave their Whiskers dyed In fire ninutea, at the Dtpc. No. 1*7 Bmndwey, corner ot Day tract, order ?.te IrMkUfe llonae Pel botlia. mail sL-e ftl| lire. *1 ?. llalr Ofr-llati hclnr'i Liquid will Color Ihe hair or * Makers the aoaieat it ia applied aad without, wat'li t to uty: can be washed with ?<ap, and not. remove the color, and tbi akin not eoiltd. It liaa no bvl od it, and ia a(T#ctlvo. tia< l i,ij t or day. Applied, or Id, wiioUsalo and retail,at llAVMRt.OR'.i Wi^ inolorv I ti'ali street. Agent In l.ondon, '1?. C. lamln, ZJ Picctail 1/, bear Hi. Jmu ? Clinrch. Dr. Pati ill, Otnllal, A in let. Air.., nf tends tr lo # to 4 o'clock daily, to I)i? % *>. of t'.: Et c and Jt. r. at W\ liroart ??>. cuiraaie I', Warren flreet, where can In had Ilia popular Treatise ?h< ?je," 34 e iltion, price AO eta. ; (*'? a piT?ti ' ? ?UT1I..| Ti.TU xj ??i ' rfc- ! M ' J? ?, MRU Ilia mru. A?tii? r?nn'*tni I- r ?tr?a>ta??la< w?ak tyta. Dr. Klll?tt, Ornllit, .VI3 Hrond?v*.r. In* ftrmt M? r-.tjcatt th*t In) h > r? ?ra fr.^m l'"^t?5 'd??k.'< V'n<liri, M> In*'lit** ftr,4 tiida)* tr. M. ail) fwaaarira f?r ?h? p?< r. ?fi?r # ' lo*n. QOMMEHCIA_l AFFAIRS. HONKV NAHKKT. Tundajr, Xov. C?1 P. 1. Thera in nothing c?w In tb? #to-k inarkot. At tha Brut boa'd to-day. th? fanrloi *?r? rath-r qntat, aid prices renal n without any m?>rl*1 alteratl >n Oo- j t?nin'Dl atncka h?T? not h?*-n benefitted iu th? -.light- J eetdrgreaby tU? a?*? from Kuropa The ami th'.c arrargezrmt of th? difflcuKlea b->tw?en Hn?i? and I Tnrkey, ha* removed for Ik* preeent alt appreh.intl >n of anjr immediate ruptwra btt-*een any of tha V.oro. pead power*. and It U therefore probable that capital ?IU find ecoploj tnent on thM'ont inent. lnif.'a I of *aekIng lnTMtm< nt In American pneuri'.Wi to tha siteat that weald hava ba?n ??p?rl?r.c?d In tha avast of a general war. At the flnt buard tod 17. United Stafa* '?. 1S68 cony-.n, w*nt up par c?at; Farm?rt' Lota, Jtf; Ohio Ltf? a Ti l Tru t, >{; llat leu, H'i Long Maud. . Th* acgrrgat* r?p->Tt*d *arnlog< f tlir Krln Hallroal Company. H-r th* flr?*. t<-n month* of 1MB, w?ra $427, 40V 4ft, fcfaliMt ICS 89. ltj?rra->* thu y?ar. * J71,!i46 ftfl. I,*r,gth r?f road la op*ratl.->n thin year, 2K> M,ll*?; laat ;nr, 74 mllM. Famine par mil* thl* year f3 418; la*t )*ar. >8?7. H*rr*a?e la *artilog* p?r mil* thl* jrir. *V">4. To r*r?pd th* **tlmat*a of *arnlog? for th* j*ar. m?di" by the b"?rp la Wall *tr**t, the Iru eon* for lb* nett two month* moat araonnt to at l*Mt on* hundred an J *iirhty Ih >arand dollar*. It la ?* 111 oar iBpnarlMl that th* groan r*?*?tt* f-r th* y*ar will ot b* OT*r f 8C0 000 To glr* *om* Ida* of th* Tain* of th* **tlmat*a emanating from th* m*anr*niwnt of car railroad eomp*nl*? g?n?r*lly, It la *nly n*o*?*ary to utata tl at th* Erl* company **Mm*Ud a groaa Inr?m* af f 1.000.000 from Blnghamton; wh*r**a tha road, on th* lat of January n*xt, will hav* bog ep*n to Ow*go ?,10 mil** furth*r) ?*?*n month*, to Klotlra ( W til** bayoad Ow*go) tbraa month*; to aay nothing about tb* branch road* and ftlll th* rr >?* aarnlni* will ait b*. at th* otmn*t but llttl* mor* than *lght bnndr*d thomaml dollar'. Th* llatl*m company bar* load* jnf't aa gr?at a mint***. Th*lr *?tlm*t* wa? f MS (.00 frr thl* y*ar, and th* *artiinga, w? ahoild Jndg*. from th* pr***nt pro?p*et of thing", will not ba mnrk o**r J4(X. 0C0. Th*** itctanc -* *bow tb* folly of th* tran?gfm*nt of any rallr?>*d tnaUng *??.lmat*i of So far a* tb* *tnt?m'nt of rarnlnga on tba Frl* rt*<1 lor Oetob*r. go, th* bulla fc*?* won th*lr b*t*| tl*?* It r>o app*al from tb* r*port?bat w* hav* our 4rnb?i. Wi ara InerHnlon*. Th* ann*x*4 *t*t*m*nt *ihibit* tb* r*r*lpt* and ex. iwadl'.i fr? of lb* Tr*a?ury Dapartmant for tha quarter *?.4ing !??pt*mb*r 9$, 1M?. n<arly a* ean b* a*?tr> taln*d at thl* Una 1 i??Tri> *r?tr? Fi*ai*< ??Hr? rirra **t< Ft*rwoiTvaaa. From *ii*t< tn*. about JlMiOOOO 00 frr inland* 8*0 000 00 fr"m ml*e*ll*n*ou* at lire**. . 1?JOOO 00 From loan of 1M7 Mf,4?0 00 Frra loan of 1*41. 407.060 00 Total , ?U.iMl,500 00 The expenditure* tor the Mm* period were ? CItII list. miseellaDeeus. and foreign intereourte $2 67" 7?H) 15 Army, Jte Indian Department 752.40ft 24 Fortifications JMB.ftltf 67 f>u?ious fi79.4H3 Nsvy 2,0j2,436 10 Interest on Treasury notes and public debt. . $20,910 0i Kein. burse merit of Treas notes 842 Oftit 00 Kederuptiuu of 8 per cent stock 15 07 Interest oa Mextcsn indemnity 7 589 37 Redemption of Treasury n-teB which bare beta purloined. . Ill 22 878.676 98 Total $8.910,186 50 The receipts from ordinary sources, for the quarter) amount to $11,095 000. extraordinary souraes.$l,246 503' Among the expenditures, $S42.176 was for redemption of debt. According to the amount reported as having been received from customs, the aggregate importation of merchandise, for the quarter, could not have been lew than fifty milliom of dollars. The amount of sped* Imported into Boston, for the flrft ten months of 1848, was ft 250,914; and the amount exported, during the same period, (303 862. Kxsess of import. $947,052, The value of merchandise exported from Uoston, for the week ending November.'}, amounted to $355,380 57; tamo time in 1818, $186,012 64; 1847, $176 777. The annexed statement exhibits the number Of boats tonnage, and amount of tolls paid thereon, at the canal office, rittsburgh, during the years 1844,1845, and 1840, ecmpared with a similar statement of the last three jeurs? 1S47 and 1848 entire, and 1S49 up to the 1st of November?ekowiiig an Invrense in number of boats of 1.548, In tonnage 110,^30,rDO pounds amount of tolls $122,701 76, over the entire receipts of the previous year* Canal Commkick or riTTauuanH. JVu Boa'u. Jlm'i Utnnige. .1m'/ lull. 1844 2*73 92 c 47 61 llb?. $?5 3S6 4S 1B46 8.1S4 110 539 1?17 98.270 43 184(3 3 241 129 0t>6 020 88.204 41 9.368 331.053,548 $231,021 32 184 7 3.984 179.103,108 lbs. $134,601 59 184 8 8,394 142,071,248 117,229 25 184 9 3,623 120,810,092 102,822 24 10,901 442 284,448 #854.713 08 Icoreaae . .1,548 110.630,900 $122 701 70 The amount received for toll* this year, up to the lat of November, was lc-s than up to the same date in either of the two previous years; while the number of boats entered at the Pittsburgh office, this year, exceeded that of any previous jiar, except 1847. The amount of tonnage transported this year was less than in any year since 1845. Tho conclusion drawn front this ia that the boatmen have been obliged to depart from the different points with less freight, and hare not, therefore. made such profitable passages as in former years. The value of merchandise and specie exported from Baltimore for the month of October, 1849, was $708,131, agalnrt $760 346 for the came month in 18li. it Is stated that the surplus which will be in the treasury of the State of Maryland at the expiration of the piesent linaiicial year, will amount to $400,000, lastead of $t00;000, as has been reported. That there will be any surplus, must be very gratifying?that it is likely to be so large, highly satisfactory. The present revenue system of Maryland will, If itrlstly adhered to, ?ocn free the State entirely from debt. The amount received for tolls on all the New York State canal* during the 4tk week in Oct. waa $187,880 73 Same period iu 1848 177.176 33 Increase In 1810 $10.705 40 1 he aggregate amount received for tolls from tho commencement of navigation ta the 31st of October. IDRlumve, ??? f>'i. i 4 J !''J4 '.*0 Same period in 1848 2,801,070 04 Peereano in 1849 {>67.145 14 Amount of tolly received on all the New York State canal* In racb of the following y<*ar?. duiing the fourth wrrk In October. atid the tctalu up to the 3Ut of Ootober, inclusive :? New Yeas State Cintii?Amount or Ton.*. Canml optwd. 4iA ll'ttk in Oct. Tutal to 31ft Oil. 1840, Aptil20 $09 P'J7 til (l,530,62t> 62 1841, April 20 114.00174 17U2 4S6 62 1842, April 20 102.855 13 1.525 525 4a 1843, May 1 14S.17I67 1 H2rt 070 35 1844, April 18 113.6*6 7:! 3,112 414 08 1845, Aptll 16 166.786 44 2 240.278 2S 1840. April 10 i;?, 803 12 2.365,008 00 V47, May 1 140.955 02 8.108 406 40 1848, May 1 177,175 33 '2 S01.070 01 1MB. May 1 187,880 7 3 8,743,924 90 There in yet a falling off compared with laat year and the yrar before, but an lncr>-a*? on eTery preriou* ye?r. There wax an lnerea?x for the week ending the 28th of October We hardly think the preeent deficiency will be tuade good : It will, without doubt, be reduoed. UliM'k Rirhange. $10,0ttHJ8 6>'ft'<C"rn<,|fi 7#?h?lrl?BR ftlW in l?l? of Iwo J in Ohio L k T Co !' J 10.CC0 U 8 o i C7 1U yj (la M Ml.OUl do ?30 11 >94 2VI L lit m<1 RR 17*,; 10 (Ml la Btat? 3'a 7" 35 do 17J, NMI do *30 7VI Real RR XiU Moi Illinoii Bd* '47 *> 2(10 do .TJV 700 Illln'.lr. lat Bd* V>% Id# da Mm M?t MNI P*5"* >*?? !<?? da b?> il'2 6000 do l? t"\ 80 da btvr 10 ?h* N R It <Mll, 10 (I Rivtr RR 60 1(11'nlMi Hark 1? llioxi do old HJi 1 ?j SCO Farm te Tru*t MO 3**, Erin 7* ?."> 1"0 da *60 S.V, 10 Port* D lin k Co f>V 1(0 do 3ft>, 100 HarUm KR SIV 1(10 do SfiV IKI do 81*. .'(<? do 3f.?, atkykhirrui tujl MU InoR R GI)? SECOND BOARD. %:*(?) L" Bfi't '<7 1U*< l.Vl *h* Harlem R I Sl\ .'-mi do ?Ta> |U 28 Brie KR (ll>, !* i*t IVno S't WO h9 50 do Ml AIV 1?MV do Kvft l*) Reading RR V; 10 ahaN llknart RR lofiV liW do to Caatoa Co Sh\ ????? ??^?i 10TEET1SEIIENTS RENEWED ETE1V DAT. *'1ntufrt In Jtii rrliitmrnli trnl Ay Miil "tint l,r pnt /mill, nr Ihry will not A* takrn from thr Pott Ojfice. IKITKI,*. mv mo UO CMC. Bloat,war, ifi* Tors. COLUif BJA HOTEL, ckhtii'T*t? I.IT, fHi'.nxircj llitvrw'n HOTEL. Caltcbt mur BaM-iaoa*. t'.uutilnt uouke, Thcmoht Boarow. WIFH HOTEL. Rvka0t>??. Nkw Tnaa. RRUAItDR. Con REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR TTIB RFCOVBrjr i.f th* Oi'ld l.cvot W ateh. that *> atolen frun th* Rank on (b< 8th inat., and no quoaUana a*ked. Rank II?tal, Ami" D and Tintb itrwt, C?} REWARD?LOST, YKSTERpA V, ABOUT ONE it n'ebtck, in fe R'urert omnlbra, of pacaing through W?'l miet, E*ehan?* r.!?c#, William or n?n<>??r ntrwta, it aHort (1< Id Chain, Willi Saal Kfj aita< Led. Tb? finder ? ill r?o?iT* tV? al l ?e reward and thank* of the owner, by learitr it at fft Biflwa flaw. I(HT-A DRAFT. ACCEPTED BV E. WEED k CO., t l:da'o. f?r fI VW, and rajra(loa( II. Dwl('.' k Co.'a 'l*r?, * <0 Wall atreet; It la of no u>* to th* h'l r. wka will r "the O.c tkatikacf tl.a owner, and ba liberal!/rtw at ?>l, If leavlir th* *ame at tho ofltrn of 11 ' * ,,;?T ? ' ' | c,iT - FA v l J . irn lt?, k. The fi.'it. *ill obli<? Ik* owner I'j r?turt.iM li to th* (link. PURTINV. UNION 101 HXE. L. l.-TRnTTIMU.?FVRSR OF S it il? heat*, to t ?rn>M.will Mml off on W edn-'dav, Not. 7. at S o'clock. tiiiil Bryant *ctara r m. I,a 1 f Saffolk: W illiain ttbelcn (ittn *. r. Tnataa. The abort ntmad hotl.BTr n ade tbo beat t' re- mil* r**a t? harneea that hu *rtr bean tiott?d In tl.ia erantrr, T.-natee w nnine th* ?r?t heat In 7-4'>if: Sulftlk th* Mo'ad h-tt in 7:62, aid th? third I h*at In 7 67 Tlnearaaill lu?? ?nnth F*rry, Brooklyn. at i 2< a "alack. aad ruurn a* taoa at th* aoorta ara orar. ? D. ORKRNB. I'-oncfato*. Ct intrkmi.i com#*?T*omiro-fr*ii *n. J n il* heata. beat .1 in A. ia haraa**: free frr hoc** that never trolled for a pnree; to root* off N?? lfith. Par'* of f" mil* heata, l act 1 in la haraaM: frr* f >r horaoa that reerr won a I'tir** ?v?r J*'; to f"m* off Ro?. |2d. Pnra* of f.V) mil* hc?i?, hc*t .1 in 5, In l.arnar*: fr?e for hnr?a* that aeter * <n a |>nrtt over S'*>; tooc tne nil No*. 2Pth. The abnr* fiT?e* ?o elo?* ca W*dn>-*day *' eniag, N??. 7lh, by9 o'el">ek, tt (itfin k Ma'dea'a Hotel. Ttotornnfe to ma'aafti'd, a*d two to ttatt. JOll< CONKLiff. PKC1AL. NOriCU. INDEPENDENCE IIOBF. COM PA NT, .1 ?THE MFV?1 era of tt.ia company ratma thtir aratefnl aeknn?|ed? tallU Pi *t* a tar limt Co., Ma, tx U,r their kinl and friendly atteadan** at the funeral e( i>ur lata member, /ann II. O'Brim. Tb* larp* turn r?it it tlii* < ?n>|-an* (2!), nmriU and r*>**iT*a our l*et.iiia*ratlt(id* Hw *.rdee, (. Eok(i K W HITtiir.\l>. For-maa. M. O. Att r-f. Prcftary, I O ' I II R W GRAND I'IDCr "I NORTIII em New Vrtlt will hold a 8p*<fal IWre* Seaai .a l!it) ertnlag, at * o'clock, ft tb* rooms, N?. 3i?i llr?al?ay Fiino" tnal attenf race I* desita I. IV II. II. rRAU., Grand 9?eretarT. SAlt. MAKE** ATTENTION ?THRU EMBERS OF Till? f*a>l Maker*' Corf" are her*")/ notified t? attend a drill of th* above potrfanv, on W*dnc*d?T evenin*. 7lh ln?tant. at trvrnto'dock, at flit Fontt**u?h Ward Hotel. Ity order of THUS. ROBINSON, Orderly, i?*Tin v nott v, Cwmtnit nr.nicAT'oN or thf, tarrvtoifn cmrriRT The Dedication of thia Cenie'ery, at Tarrytown. will I ta>* jlac* en Triday, Not. ?. Ih?;i Th?- eo'npaar bar* obart?r?d for the orrari'n 'h**tcambnat Cohtmbti*. t'apt. Haifa, whi*h a ill l#are tb* foot of Cbimher* Heeet, at P "'clock I f at of Hnirmand ttreet, at !>}, ? > l"*k. A M., e? th* ab i** day. and i r< re*d to Tairytowa. whea rnfllclent time will ba flren lo all prraent to ?i*w tv? (r?tind? ol the Cametery, and alfo aa ?pp<>rianlty t? all who mtv wieh to aelaot plat?, on the #kor* oeeaalon. Pa?*a?* tlrkett to aa d from th* Cena* t?ry fr*c. Ti?k*t* *an ha bad by *pplyinii to _____ IIiWAKD a. WBNIOR. Pea. A?eat. 7* C*rntin* *t. MlfSISf), RINcK 8I NDAT LAST, VAtTF, CONRAD, Tailor.- Ar? Information of him will ba thankfully ra eWed by Mr. Hyrn?* No T.4 Cro > y uraet. ^ DANCliioi DR1TATF DANCING AND WALT/INO.-N?WCL%R8M **, for (t*ntlem*n. on Tn*fdaya and Fridar*. atS #'?lork, F If Wednoday* ana Saturday* at .HXo'el*ak PH., for ladiai and y??np maatert. Trlrat* leneni at all tiaf* n"t ac?*. ?t?d. For warafnll partlenlara. plaaM apply at Mr J, H. KKAEINC'S A*ad?my, Ne. M B*ad UnH | WARTS. WWVVWW^WVWVWVVWWWVWWWWWVVWW WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABL1 }?un* Seoteh woman, ? Chambermaid. and to do plaua sewing, and assist id washing and fcironiuc. or ohamberwork, aid asslrt ia the nnrsery if reouirea. Can give the best of relereaee Ironi her lut riace. Can be Meu for (we d^ys, at 140 Tr?y ?tieet, betweca Greenwichoad WasliiLgtoa streets. A ""A? attended to. WANTED?BY A M1 DDI. B-AUK D WOMAN. Or BTEAdy habits aad experienee, actuation an Nurse; oan uaderiake the charge ?l a baby from infancy. Hsu the rnosk uncxcepliouable reference ue to capability and oharaoter. Please call at 74 Sixth avuiue, in the store. Can b? teen for two da^s. W AM ID?BY A RESPECTABLE PKOTE.S I'ANT vuuig woman, a situation as nurse ami'. The best or refi ren'e can be gtveu from her lust plaoe. l'lease call at ,114 Eighth av.'nu* Can be sown for t?r> <1svb. WiNTID-BV A RESPECTABLE VOUNU WOMAN, a situation; is a lir?t rale l.iuuiresf; can give the best of city reference, A duress lud'Jth, srteet in tha rear, bvtwcea the mwcry and id avenue; can be seuu for two days. WANTED-BY A YOUN0 SCOTCH W'OMiN. VTITII the best of city reference, a situation in a KeuMemm's fsniiiy, us ( hambeimaui or LhUiidrtF*. lias no objection to t 1>is ciuntry. Apply, personally, or by lctur, ut No. 131 Eighth avenue. WANTED?A PI ri'AT'DV, liV A VERY CO 4 1'B 1'KN'T iiidille nged wonim, with good city reference, as Cook iu a priNkte iauuly ; is a fo?d t >"'U and luot rata Was>r Irouer. Apply at 74 Piath avenue, iu tho book store. EJLr ANTED?A eiTVATIO*. BY A RESPECTABLE " jnil|iktli Ikkl. iii a iy mpwikbh employment. He is *!ling lo tiakc hiiiwelf generally useful; write* a good bend, anil will no (loukt give every satisfeotiou to his employer, employ meat more than emoluuintit hi itu Ins obi'Ot, I'oBSUiCSlUM to be aJdf-'i'.od to " Milhlili" ut Una 'Oi.'e. Wanted \ ?i i cation, u v a veiiy ?km. h>; Tl rnminpTnleil l'rotestant Llrl. to do evueral h lilfi-w ik. and to make iu-rteit' generally ubtl'ul. lt? a very good wither t ltd iront-r. and a KCod plain cook and ylaiaiewcr. l'lcaeg call at 223 Bowery. WANTED \N EXPBtlBKCBO ^ > NE9V : VI E woikmno, capable ot taking charge <-f a pencil fchop. Aiiilie s, i'fcitt t)lli%e, Hox No. 2,/?DU. \\ A\TKD? A SITUATION. BY A YOl*\?. fJIKI., TO f do rhtmberw ork, waiting. *r general housework ia a tiual! |?rivat? family. Uai ur> objection t* g* in the country. Uert ot reference given. Apply ui 31) Kiviu^ton struct, in thu r ar. _ _ Wa Vi'F!?- i:\ \ vo; -?. v. i :i.. \ si 11 vi ion \s Foams'res# in a private family, or to mw by the ?eut 14 a ijeai m * er. The I e?t city rtfvteno# oau be ^i ven. l'lca*e t | . (11 El Baton tree! nr \ N 1 \ I) \'.\ A ( !'N(? VI OMA N , A Mil \ION a* t'bambcrira^d, Waiter, or **arustr<. es. Can give the ? 0: of city referent's. 0*11 at >7 Marion street. Can Uo seen lor two duya, or till engaged. "IITANTED?3V \ KESl'Et TAB AC VOl NfJ WOMAN. vT a (itu iMoii to do general l;unn v*orl<, to Kisist ia tli? v ashing nnd ironing of u private family, and to make herself generally us< ftil. t. ,od referei,ce given if required. 1 lease apply ?t lui Third avenue, between Vit'teouiu ad Mxteentli streets in the rear. \y ANTtU-BV A RFSI'Ei'TAPl.K\N, A SI I'Cv f arii ui i? ? (?ood Cook, has no object!in t? ??si?t in washing and tropin* In a email private iamilv. Can be aeen for two (tavc. The b'St of city reference can bo given. Apply at ?!?t> liniberry afreet, tint ilour, front room. WANTED -BY A VOCNC MAN', A SITi'ATI ?S IN a g? ntleman'a family; one wh'i perfeo'lr understands l<ii< bna-neis, and can bring satisfactory testimonials aa to capability. Addresa W. w , Herald < fllce. Vlf ANTF I?A SITUATION' AS S I'. \ M r lit. - in A TT yi \ i <. iitmin, who ran give un [imstionable refercnoc ; hat no eljeeHtn* to make herself generally utfnl with ohildrtn, or chamborwor*. fan b-j seen from !' o'clock to I'Z A. M., tilth bouae from Fouith avenue and Nineteenth street, >uth side. ~\\r A Tf'H (;I MAM'FaC I'tiUY.?JOHW FIOJS. M from Willtum strict. Moved hi* MfOl of French and Engiirh Watch OI:is?tj? to 75 Naaeati street. New Vork. I*' r|i>na w mlusg t<> buy good and cheap, to call on bim. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A REVECT1BI.E young woman, as ChamfccriLaM: to wash and iron, or to do gent al honeework for a private family. Has no obje tion to go u short Oiatance in the eouuiiy. The lie-1 of city reference can be given. Apply at 7'.' Chailton street, in the rear. Can be i.en for two dava. WANTID? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young, who is a good Cook, and would a."iat in washing and ironing, t.ood city refereuue given. Apply 105 Be* tnteeutli street, lit t w cen Sixth and Sii?inti iivcoiim. WANTEI'-SY A R EM'KCTA HIE VOINC It iJAV, twinty-live years Old, w hn lia* just lost her baby, throe weekaold, a situation as Wet Nurse. Can give the be t of city r< lertuce. Andreas No. 3J North fourth street, M'lllifmt burgh. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A UIPMTAIU ;m|| VMNI, a* Laundreaa or Chaubernriiil; m.? wlio Ina lired with the mott reapcotabt? fanuli< mn the citjr. The kort of city reference cm be aivrn. Pleaae to call at N- 5 Firjt uvtiilif, in the rear, or at No. 21 Sullivan atret)', be* .... n Ami!> ai111 Bin kei atr< t '.a. C't ii 1" m n Cor t!,r.-<- da, . WANTF.H -A RESt'CCT A III. K WOMAN, WITH A frr?li l r< a?t of milk, wiehea to takr a child to uura".? The l?at of ref?r? nee . an l,e ?iren Apply at No. 1*7 Thft> i tl at rut, corner of lint t nuo. WANTED?A SITl'ATION AS COACHMAN. BV ONE ?ho nndaralandi the buaincai. 1'loaae to adJrt'l " Harii n," lierald office. WANT KB?BY AN AMERICAN' OIRI,. A SITUATION Iii a rr1*a'e family, icdo Waitln* or rhamberwork, or to take car* of childn n, and do p ain a -win* ; (he ia a ' lean, tidy *lrl. aged lfi jroara. licit of oity ri tarmoe Riveu. l'le a* call ui No. <3 W uitelall, coruar of brid?u atrvct. Can bo ??en for two daja U' ANTI I> IIV A GENTEEI. VOI'NQ I.Al'V, A SI I I' " ation in n thread and nreale or tanof artiole atore, * l.trc at,e will not b* engaged later than anht o'clock in the e>enia( JJlie ba- t?uit *!,.>? I?"i?e ?i (.) t???i?aaa. Il<?t of r?f?reuce g!>en. If rtijuircd. I'lcnaa addrc;s, M. A. W., C >*t? ham I'tnare 1'oat Ottm, aud it will meet prompt attention. WANTED?BY A EUPBCTAELB YOt'lia WO HAW, a titnalion; the la capable of any, ri'her I liati'crmaH, waiter, ( r p!ain cook; if a perfect wailur ail Irani r. and ha* the teat ?f city rcferonce. Can h* aeun aty day tin I woek, t <7 Klmf traati up itaira. WANTED-A MTIAITON. It V A IIES l?Kf I \ III E jcuiik wman, to do (antral hnuwimk for a prirate family. She ia a K"od waalitr and ironer, or would aacham barmaid and waiter, t.ooa reference will be ?i? n. Apply at 7'J Charlton ttreit, ia the rear. Can bo aeen for tv. dayi. Wanted?by an American young giri., a iluatii n, > Nurae and Seamatrca*, >n a ?ente?l, private f n.ily. tiood city refireace given. Apply at Uor las', plate, M Seventh ilrwt i;\ > REM'Ki'TAUI.K VOIMI WOMAN' ? v V a aituation, at good Cook. Waaher. and I toner, or t> it g<? ?ral honaew ik. K?>|?< til>k oily ref.rnnce given. 1'lea e tall at Nn Mi* Houston atreet, aecond flour, front room. Can tt eeea frt twa toy. tl,' KT KIR.1t M AMF.H A M ri A VION AS IV F.T v? Nuree, I>y a very genteel and respectable young woman with a froh Inaat < f milk. She ran get 'h? t>??t of dereference Aiply at II? 1 n clfth street, over the groccry. Can be < ta until aaitad. A TO UNO l.ApY, WnoFTKAKS KM.I l.-ll F K ENcn. and l.nman and give* I'lano and Sing.aa Lueaona with gr?at attenti' n, nUI.ea >i>m? female atho'am, in or.ler to All ron a free hoara. l'la-aa* addr-ia Mualc, T. U., at Uia oilieo of ttll AH YOl NO LADY, lilUIII.V i/l Al.iriED TO TEA('II relating and Dnwlu, ll dHllMi of reoamag a limited muni i r of ielect I'ti|>tl?, fitter at her r?'?ldonee or that ?f tl'flr partLta. M.e would alio enter into an oiit;ngeinent *lth*ne ir m're cehool?. or public p a< ea of imaiructiMi. Apply to Spencer, kendall * LMxon. IV" Broadway, or to l?r. >)?te, W Wytkoff atrtet, Uroohlya. Al' I ** G WOMAN WANTS A SITL'AI ON AS COOK In a priva'e family ; Ij a g' od * a?h> r and Ironer. City r. ,?ren<e if required. I learn rail at 41 Spring atreet. ( an tin (eta for two day*. AH YOt'NO WOMAN fANTH A 8ITI ATION AS C!lAM. hrrmald, or to do genrral h> no'work. 1'leaM call at 4i Spring afreet. Cu It M?a hr two dafh A' H I I I. i \ !'(..< I ; or AN F.N' aaam.ert ai honaa.Jie?pe r or ptttawa, In a achooi or private family. >>el?ir perfectly 'inalifled to Impart an ?lenaentary knowledge of every l.raneh re-|Uirod In modem female annealIon. Adilrtre. lor two nay*, to V S, M-rald at. ice, where the direction of the advertiser can he obtained. A CARPENTER IS DESIROrS or GOING TO CAI-Ifornla. and wcnld with acme person leading oat Work; le la competent to take chaw*. If nrreaairy. Beta afactory reference givea. Inquire nt V17 Wem fr ft. Ai.fnti r.i. r.Ni.i.i iiwo* t.s w ipiik.' a ?irnti' naii onk in a private family; la an tap r "need g'od e o<> and bee r.oe^|*et|on to go in the country. Tii* he* f < tftrenee n ill be given. I'lcae* apply a. No. 0K Jamti atreet, (aulee en for time **T? A PIT! \1 I"N WANTF.H - lli RI I I r > i Aaetlran woman, to take care of ehildrea. aim haa alarava heen aecaiataaaed to the rare of eMlftr#<>t . ... ? *? fof tine daya, at S? Attorn-j atrrik, Ni? Vorfc. AM RUTH TAIil.E VOt'NU Wi??AN|l? BISBNOAQBP, , M>d wen's a altiiatl.>a a* CI ambetmald and tod., plaiu #*wit?. W owl.l *< to rli. general l oo >#w?rk in ft anil, private fatn'ly. r...t #f city rehrea-##. Cub b# #?ea lor !? d#j1, it?l W i.llem (tract, ap ((Air*. Kl IICAL. PH'-T. ntoRoc r. root, oroawht AJ*r? cftomsI tor of Hi# Merror f'baeeb, will mtniifiN a o are fir inttrseti' n la Bioglaa, ?t th# lhapel laOroea atre?t. n>ar Kt?btb. < n tbia ( AVrtneaday ) evaain/. .Nor. 7. ?t 7S "'"loek. Tmn?, l.lfnrtbi conrae? flrtt meian Irte. All interested are in*.'#d (o ktdd. PlNOrOBTE.-rOR 8A I.E. A MAflOOWV. K ( \ n (ctatrr4, lit o?tai#. (rrftii'l ao?!oa Plonnf. rte, e#>-.>iidhand, made by ant of the ei-ry best nannt'Actnrtre lienr?lli ?t order, and of ?*perlor tone. r#n ' ? Men ?t I'lrasoa'# ?ar# room. fr7 leonatd #tr#et. Price tliV \| ' IICAL IR8TKI MENTS.-TIIE Si RSORIRRR IV if I porter *nd inennfactuier. h?i remoted fron M to t>7 Kutt'n Mteet, between William and Gold street#, where he ? ill to k.? j the lei-cat e*?urtm?nt of Nnuetl lattmmeiiU in the citjr. wholesale end retail. KDM D bA AI K, Ff fulton St. >? \\ HOOKS, *M. 1\,1 OROAVS I.TTErlARV DEPOT, CXCUANGR FI.Acr. ill adj. i"li ? Poet otn.-e. I.a. Bhove est#Miehnen; nifty always b? f?aad Hook# of errry doKTiptl?i. erneistna ef.\#T?|a, Jllit' re, Biography, Jr.on tin#, OoiiintTefnl. Oogrftphl lal. tod Medieal 4'.?r*? Al.o * ?ot?|ilf '# aeeortir.ei.t of 8teti'.n#ry, together with all tl t rrinel|.#l l>atly and Weekly No?arajier? ?od Macaainea. Country order" for i?? ?tt.t#le la the trad# atjpplle 1 and forwarded with dr?p#ton. R<ik? fnal'ed. Prompt at'oattoa ta'.d to any work irdeied by mail. Foreign Book# i-nporwd M order. J. t.MOR'JAR. Llterarr Depot, adJMnlng ?h# Po?? OITlee. Jf?w Orleans, 1.%. I'. 8?Complete arraop.tnente bar- boon made with th? prl'ioipal Publish, r# thr?a(hoat th# Union. or a supply ol M# bow work# as fftet ft* loaned. 1. C. ICiTPCBtl'HIO, (NOT > Til ) TBI 1' vi-i )! Mil F.') tttlttt, Poetna Kr , of Lord Ryron. 0. 0. Bl'KON.%* Ftoadw#y; K V ARTI t*. 4f. Ana l>tre#U aileLIIVBSBT, AND DKT rpoTnf t APir'f-ltDW ARt) u. nswmar. NO. \1|i< M. Proadooy, (oppoalte tha Thc*tr.',) off^r#, considerably aeder r#?alar prlr##. fit e readl#-work dollar a, ehewiaelleo, aleeee#, i endfc-rrMefa, Infanta' robe?, waMla aod rape. ^el?a and Jaeoiet. irimi.iln#?,'dd.'red f nlenelent .. eollara ard er.Ha. laee rap-#, alf???a, #e.l ander haadkerotile'a. la-? Telia, I bread ani iaiitatioa laeea, breakfaet oap?, a^ft eapt, >ead l*?afrl. dfa-a e?pa, mauralaa (ooda, kid *1 \#a, kt., aa Ho detriatioa in priaoa. \HH AH A R KASTOR. f RTORTtR, .*'1 R ROADWAY, irtndln* to ratlra from t o?loaaa, ar inalnta h'a >r rl? and tba pnMio In aeneral. that he It bow pr. pired to off?r the p. dda at eiireiaely 1< w | rieea, to elot# th# ooBeern, The aloek of (trodl ernaUta of T#ry rioh Fr.nge# and (ilBipa. and all klBda of Ttiait?lBf*. blaok allk'a and thread l.a-?, thread t#ea t'oilara ?ad l'-ilf?. thread laeo fall-, and freaeh nionda for trlmmina*, Rid Olore# he., lie. ftboletal# and if.ail tnaiob'ii are latlttd to #*11. IAIUIMIY A DCriOW. JAMES If. MILMKk CO.,WILL SILL, ON THURSDAY, Nov. Mb, at 10 o'clock, at tilt dwelling house. No. 74 Greene *trtet, Household Furniture The Furniture contained in the above dwelling, oonai*ting in part ofIngram Carpet*, Uru**el* aitto, Divana. Ottowaji*. Mahogany t hair*, Hhln';'ttnv a*d Walnut Itedmead*, Girandole*, M?I b<gany Diaiug, Card and Centra TabUa, Hair Kattreaaea, Bedding. Solar I.ainpf, I'amajk Curtanii, Oil 01< th*. &o? all : | of which ha* taeu in u?c but a verythort time. Sal* poii ( |ii*- The artielm ran t>o ?*-**u on the morning of *ale. BY J.1IEGEUAN. At CTIONEER-TO-MORROW. Thursday, November 8, at 10 o alock, A. II., at th? SaleV | Kioni, No. Ill I Washington (treat, llr " klvo, a large and ir I neral av?ortuieut of good fecund-hand lurniture furiha>cr? arc requested to call and examine the good* tin* ] afternoon. a? 3 o'clock, ? hen the catalogue* will he ready. BY JACOB S. PLATT-L. 0. CARHIN'GTON. Auctioneer.?Fancy Good*, Toy*, (Initialed and new Hardware, Cutlery, card" I'ockct and I'eut nivas: fancy good*. Bv order'of a**igtee<, Knlve* and Fork* K?. Jaub S. i'latt will fell, till* day, at lit o'clock, at the auction room '23 I'latt tied, making a variety aulu, in lot* to *uit country dealer* and retatU'i*. Among the fancy good* are Carpet Bag*, docket-book* *nd Will 11 ti; Comb , flair and Cluili Bru.n?if, Neodlet.^oap*, Cologne*. fco. Alio, Wax aud Kid Dolls an I I i Doll h*?dn,.Bii*?*,Tot?. icvcral cite* Original Toy*, asuorted ] lot* o['Toys, fco , K> t'ie whole of whi*h the attention *f I'lirclicKer* is directed. BOAUillXU.dM. |> O A R D WAN1I?D?BY TWO GENTLEMEN ON X) the went of Jlroadway, aud not lower than Franklin cieet, breakfast and tea. dinner on Sunday: iu a family where | there aro not more than fonr or live board?r<; two rooms required. Addree* M. B , II. raid office. n(iAhl> WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, in a email, resectable family, where toother boarder* I are tiikcu. Location central. No reference riven. Addrcaa I y" "m, e BOASD IV OUAMIIERS STREET, MS.?A t'I.EASANT jav'or, on the second floor. \< ith n lar^'c pautry and ulo**t attached, to let with heard, with or without bedroom adj lining. A laniily wUhitig peimiinent board for the winter, may for a ilnlii nepiltman. JM R N I Ml E11 AI'AH i VLMS.-Tll u FILL M1TF.3 JT ul luipi (it l l auds iiiu !y luruirhed apartmcnta, tu let fur the winter, Private tables an.I attendance furnisied. Apply it 5X7 II"ii pi "ii hi ri t. two i 1 icka east "I Brou lw*y. ? 1 I.OBE I I. "i KKO A I) WA V.?THIS HOVEL IS " I Kept un the Eur pean I'lun. Tie subscriber in pr. pared tu treat w ith families for t lie ?inter season, either l?y letting them rooni* iif.d living a In cc.rte, ur will contract wnh ilicm r?r full kwiiMmd lithiiioin(MM> Hndi . in can alio be ccomini dated witli comfortable bedrooms, with fireplaces, at very moderate charge*, and lake their meals at itii\ hour to auit their convenience. JUS. U. P(ll*K. / 1 I OLE BOTH. KESTAI RAN I, N . !. 10 A D W A V.ll The public and farmer patrons of thin establishment aro rcarectfnlly informed that the R' j tan rant *f this hotel h*j been rt-opened nntftrnew auspices. Experienced and skillul cooks and attentive waiters have been engage!, and the bill of fare oompriiM all that the luarketa allord a', tba lowest poaclbleohargea. Jus. u. POrf. 011SCKL1.A9IEUII9. NOTICE.-SEAI.ED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at the Office of the Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, < fort Hamilton, New York Harbor, until >2 o'clock M , on

| Thursday, the 15th of November, fur eupplyuig the United Stater Troopa at Fort Ilairilton, with freah boef for one ; ytar, from the 2bth of November, l-4f. The treah beef to be I of good and wkolMMi fWUWi l? quarti i with M Mill j proportion of each, (neck* and elianis to be excluded) ia | each quantities aa luuy be from time to time re [Hired for the I trooiiH, not Iwiltiig ti me in each vnLNIIM d.nsai I shall be designaed by tho Assu-ant Coniciistiary of Subsistence. The nau,ei of two good sureties uiust u company the I bid. T. J. JACKSON, | 1st Lieut. 1st Art'y. A.C. S. BLAKE'S PATI.NT KIRK PROOF TAINT. FROM Ohio, whieli, in a few months, turna te alate or atoae, | prelecting whatever eovered, from the action of the weather i aud from ure. Purchasers sheuld be particular and ace that e\cry barrel is marked Blake's Patent Fire Proof Paint, a* | tkere ie any amount of worthiest counterfeit atuff In the i market, railed tire proof t aint. The geunlne article fer Bale < by Ike patentee, at Ne. SI Broad street, New York. YVH. lil.AKK. STAMP AND LABEL PRINTING PRESS. FOR MERchants. Drugglata, Seedsmen and others.?The suhscribj era maeufnetfre end have for aale ? little apparatus naletilalvd tu piikt l ul is. Mump*. Card.i, iwc., with any kind of i bund stamp new in use, cut in wood or metal, er w ith ordi' nary type or stereotypo. The couatruotion ia se aimple that it may ie understood at a glance, and readily used by any person. Printing with it is effected by laying the paper o? t h? aurlaet, and then uimply bringing tilt handle tn a liuruoatal poaition, the action of which not only eflecta the inking of the ly pa tr stamp but the distrlbntiom of the ink and th# , printing. It is (im pact in appearance, and forma ti> orna! mental appinda^e to the counter or olilce, occupying a space I of only live iaches by nine inchea. The price, complete, with I ink fountain and relic r. ia ten dullari. ^K. llOEk Ce.. 29 and 31 Oeldstr?4. (^OAL.-NOW LANDING, PEACH ORCHARD, EC10, J tr Urate Coal, in superior order; we thall, alao. have in | a day or two, eargoea at Peach Orchard, stove or ranir< aud I lilatk Heath fgg. the litter un uncjiialled article lor l.vr^e 1 hall itovee and furnaces, free from clinker and elate. -__jg J. L. fc F. W. WORTH, 21 Broadway, and corner Thompson and Fourth. CALIFORNIA lllil M'.S TlIK WELL KNOWN FIRM of <leo. Freeman Ik Co., are prepared to tupply alnpper* aid emiaiante with Honaee, superior to anything in thie or I any other market, at very low rates. Our housea hare bees I trieif, a| proved of. and extenaivtly patrouued by Coliforni! ans and others. Call a' Wt Broadw ay. SUPKRIO* JVJ I'BE PASTE.?A PEW CASES OF ROSE k \ tin Ma Jujnhe Paste, together with a amall litofsu1 1'itior l lonorlce faste. tor se'e at the oQice of the Uanhalttfn | Laboratory, ?h;h Greenwich street. ALFRED HI LI.. Not i o e-this n to i < -tin i> AI.I. pkrsons whomsoever, from harboring ?r < run in* my wife, Jane I T. H'onrv, an 1 ?h*ll pay no <1 <>r? of her englnminKi a? iai<l Janu T. Mouney. left m? ln"l as'I homd about thu iV L ul Ooto' b*r I ant. * it noiit my leav* or < on*vnt. New Haven, Wot, ft. w. MOROAV MOOVKV. WASHING MAM BAST: OK. HOW TO DO IIOKK wa-hit>K id ob* hour than 1>? the antiquated plan is >n? 1 day, so that a lnr*e l.miil>'? *ash may be K"1 uv*r before l Lit ablaut, at an c*p. n?? of lees tlun six ecnt , without ii.j iry ti tlie linen; tin rubhinf, Ho Bi'ids, no turpeutine, or cam)heac. 1 hi> in the invention of a celebrated ehnmlft, who I sold the secret to the preient proprietor f? r t-The in{ ftmi tioas are printed in a pamphlet. and *o simple tint a ; ahild may ui derstand them. To obtain th"M instructions, send a dollar to Mr. Tw clv?tree?, room "2'S, Nn. miN?n?ii ItmL Niv York, and you will receive tlie pamphlet in a ! sealed <n>alcpe. M r. Tu rlvetrtes fan refer >o liuintrede whr> have ntrd bis plan. Call and aee testimonial* and spauiiuuns I washing. Orrire or national fike inblracc oompakt, C7 Wall street, New York, Novembers, ls49.?Tlie President and Iiiraetora of the National Fire Innuranoe t'ltnI pa?y late thia day declared a dividend of (even percent, payable to the ?t"ckho'd?rs om and alter the I2ih ikst. The I transfer book will be cloned frm the Sth to 12th inst. inclusive. By order of the Board of Dirtct<rs, I W. C. K EI.LOQO. g?rotary BHmV/.E roiVLEK. Tin, dei'i't of iihosze PawdBTj,Dutch Metal Flureree Leal tioM, ITlti ( Bine. he.. Is removed from M to f7 Fulton street, between I William aad Gold. EbH'D Baai'K, W Pulton at. SCHOOLS, Ar. ('1(X1|I OPI'ORTI NITY TO ACgi IHK THE I'R.M TIC R B of French?The I'rofsMM A. t.rolhir reapertltilly in| fnrn s his friends and the public iii fetirtal. he will re.omn hi* Evening French Clams, in tu to ha'l p**l 9, on the , tli j Inst., at his rwldmce imi Wnos'sr street, lelwcen Hire'ki>r and Anil'y. M A. O. Iiavinr more rooms than his faulty i need, weald be williav to Irt them, with I rrakleat and tev to young irentltmrn n ho should wl?!i to profit by tli i opp irtiinity to aci|nire the practice of i'rtnoh. They would. kssidn, bars I tLc- t rivilcae to join the clai ,i:s u itl,out extra charite. FORKian. f( ONO>I< A I I n I S 0 I S LONDON INDSRTON'S MJ llotcl. Mo*. 1(1], If I and MS FWetrtr*< t, l?one of t'i* beat j iituaWd and rnndt eniafertel l? hotel* In I ondnn, mid* ij* be{ t?>cn tlit Bm k and M >>t End, nmr th* rnilunva, *ten nkoati. tbratrea, fcn. T1 c ml ?crll or l? the proprietor of ?h? above hotel, which unites all ?' e advantage* of hotel in.I boarding beaten. T> ?T*c-J. !< ?. ?;-J. per week : breakfnat, with meat, 1*. 6d.; dinner, 2e, Mrvaata. la. per lay. orti* per week. _ FRANK CLKVOW. IIIPPINU. ONI.T DIRECT HAIL LINK TOR JAN rRANClflCO, viaChagrra?Oa TncrlaT, 13th Nnf.. Fare Reduc*!.?Tk* l'. P. Ball avamahlD CHIW RNT Oi l r, C. Stoddard. C??nandir, 1 .U <1 ton* bi.rtl on, will leave for ('hltiti, dir<ct from her doek at titr 2 N. It., oa Tuea.lar, IStli >ov*u?bcr, at three o'elnrk. The Creatent City will ferry the IT 9. Mailt fi r the Fariflc tteamer of 1st l>or?mt er. raeeengern by the C. (.'.mill find accommodations and eonf'rt a t to be bad ca any other ateamer, and will not be trauaferred fr* ta a Ian' ri.eab.rr to a in all one, at an intermedia'*port. ftoiueec rate* of fare to thagToa. After t&loon, only two lerthi la itat* roorag SO Forward aaUoa, ?tat? rootni !<*? Lower cabin W1 All the abtv* aiac at the saa* '-able, and bar* the pnviiega f the ealoan. P'rer?t?. ftnnd with mattrtaa and board |f"J Rarly .ip| lieati'.n la nc< ccaary to Mcjr* choir* of berths. For In Uht, or paaaago, a pi ly to J. HOWARD k ?ON, 31 Broadway. The Fir pi re Cltjr will amoved th* Cree-eat City, and l?av* On Patnrriat, In Ileceirher. LV)R DAVAVA NIR ORLRANS ? * O <H AORES.Ji The only Keenlar Mail Line for < 'baere? dlre? ?, v|? liavarv The new and ?po. l->?* ateaaieblr OHIO, Ijrnt Jamn T. Schenek, I'. S. N., commander, will be deepatahei* fpia th'l port on Tucad.iy, tlio 18th of No-*mber, at I oV.oek, f- H, froB the pier foot of Warren *tr*et. North Kivtr. tnuthing off the bar ?t t hart??un and Kavannab, to land and receiv* maila and pa. veniera. The Ohio will carry ?ha Uavernwent Mailt for the I'acldo. lie., to go by the l>*e*inb?r etcaraet* fr m I anaaia. I'a>*< i>cr? irayrely oa arritlai at i.'hagrea. In aniplt tirr.e to th* lie-embcr iteamti. I'a?*er?'ri for ( hai re* ere traniferred at Harana to th* a'anneh aed well kn?ua ?teamiihi? Falcon, Lieut. Ilarutene, U. 8. N? commander, which makaa th* root* a direct on* from Near York M < herrte. Thevoyac* in made la II daya. The rata* of pa?*age toChagre* are mu'ii r*dnc*d. lh* Ohi* ha* *-? peri..f deolla rniiinea of l,OW In rue power, ooaatraeted In ibe brat ir,antier. wliirh (It* a mat aaaurnaM nf aafetj t? Ik* p*?eepr*ra *V*V >f act ruoain* with a amel* n?ta* la aire. rtr^i*ih aed accrm-iodat?.>na. tS* Ohio I* uneqn*ll>d by any ateamerafloat. An eaparieaeed *nir?'a i* atraehed to th* Ohio Natea of Paa**<* to Havana. New Orl ana. Ftate-roon berth, la li?t' ral'on* ,.. t*U ftate-rtom rerfh, ailing #*lo<.i.*..,. fl? ji R'*i.d?* l>erth. in Forwnrd enbla M ? ! Rt**ra*e. fxnr.d, bed and based M Jfi Wo lartb It rteiired until paid for. Freight 2# can'a p?r *?kic foot. All till* nf ladint tnnat l.e aimed on board th* ahip. Kri.t ci i. i:*Tr? o> i ?? <?. f ro( H??Ri? Rtata r?,om h^rth. tn lailiaa, ordiain* ail>?a $IIM Ptaadaa b?rtl: In 2d ctMn MU ptetraaa. found * ilh h?i'? and Niuil Bit J*'" Iba I ?llona.l I. r ( : hn and 100 lka. frr?t??*aaa pa.a.rrart, yri>V t t ( "III W riU( hot. All i'kita f?-r pa tar* ir.a? b* |>rf*t?r ' at '!. offlf t "f tha oompan? M. I). ROHB?TA. 11" ?'n? ft. HH.IlAK lAI'lRI I, I N R ???M N<>\ KKIIkR I.UIIFar k.mlnk<ii o, Caill'rn a-1! *?v| ari'r fa?t rulm* A. No. l.'-riOKIIIT, OlftiiiStinnl n. of aboat toai kurtbaa. ill |w>aitirtly tail no Ik* lAihaf Noaambar. Tn? pnaaafr only, having MfTl'T a* , ?m:n<i[)a'.jin.1t t| plj OB board lataaiB ptrra finrrt t>. Nor?b k? r. n d mm kr, % tr?it it r??t. L'Oh ?an rn a ?< ii< O ai.II'I'RMa ?i7 1a? I, IN It r ?Tb* aabnaailal and ala??nt ?*??TT?h(p ISTRNUS I a tin a bi t? rt bail* ard rreatlr anUrrad, ?i l fla* Aatfoi*a t, r paaatticata In ? ?hin and *toara?a, will b? daa| attln f| tn in , . rt, for ban I ranoi < ?, itor |'">* at Rio, t a paraim, and Panama, on M< > lar. 2> '.h day ef So??itiM b-- at I ?i'ri?eh, Trr m the ri? t f 'fWarr-a a track, for praaar< tickata, and all nthar Int rtrati' B, applyto n t* W linimi, II- VTaat ffroat. L'?!R ( , I Ih KM. -1(11- II AMI'nr. >, At ?* I 1,1| v F North Ritar, ' ?n 'aka a f?w ft aJ aabin paaa. arara ftly. Blilp I A I r x ri> f ftal|tM or p?a.*?a, Imnadtata a?Phfatlfa ihonld be Bildc f t balanra of rarco. Thla ?hlp will lira llac ii,-p? rh. Apply to.E.'M M iTO*. ?4 Wall r Jdll N I) J OK V lid Walla'raat. L^OR CAI.IFHRMA. "AN FRAN! l.?< It BRNIt IA AND r Niw Uik M N>" J an" to ard Valnaralao, Thaataam I if * I DOR A, baairg barn nut Mt'.ly datainad, will .ail far ?ba ttnrt p. rti m patardty. th? 11th iaat., at tato oVlook I'. M . fr< m tba pi?r foot of W arr?n atrnat. for paaaa?a, kktip* tnpirlor <? mtnoda'inaa.arp'* to RBNAI IP! IRAN CO IS, II Btatar atrtat. I AnUtHOfllBNTS. I>ltOADWAY TiiEATRE.?E. A. MAKSB*I,L. SOLI -IJ Uitev; W. R. DlaWe. ? VcdbuJtr Irciiati NoreaVir 7, will ht pirfurmed the eomedy, ?r O OKaDY? I ou'? JIV, Mr. Pyott; Cardiaal Rtehelien, Mr. Wlntiat; Mamku t> Graey, Mr. Coliiaa; Roehefurt, Mr. Pope; Itoi* Howard, Vr Jolni.ou; Ann** of Anntria, Mr*. Hi> l'l. Madeline, Min* Ilorn; Adelr. Mivit OlivU To e>>ncl>tde witli the f?r< i if the El<>\ ttOV--C?l. Curry, Mr. Thomp.ioii. Capt. P..phatn, Kr. Jordan: Mr Dalnter, Mr. Chapman: Fanny, M ? Horn; Sally, Mri l.-"ier. Iiimri upcu at (!(?, curtain will rife at 7. fcrt.<e Cin'e and I'ar'i'iet, 74 couta; family atid lliftil ("In In, HO eeatl; Oallery. 11V eant*. rirHTOWS THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET.?WEDJ vfhdiv eveaina. Nov 7, will be play d the favorite comedy ct HEARTS A KE IKI HPS-Mr liriv, ilr. I.jrnna; Cap', i VI o(tothtl. Mr. Hrootban; Joe Martin, Mr. liurton; CkarUt Wiltu t Mr. Clarke; Mary. Sn. J. Ru.-?ell; Suaun Fletcher, | Mm Brougham. After ?i.leh, a Murieal Inlerweialo. Tu ernelada with th, c medy of THE OLD DUTCH HWIRVOK?I'Htr, Crar ef HiiMia. Mr. Clarkf: Ilarom \'"ii Clump, Mr. I.ynir: Mynheer IIiins l.til>borlyeU Van Dunder, Mr. Burton; bertha, Mi? J. 0ill. Admiation?Boxca. dreii cirolo, uiid | m.,oet, 'tOv ; family circle -Sc. Doori "pen at half-pint C? Id commence at 7 o'ci ook. NIDIO'S GARDEN.?COMEDY NIGHT.?WEDVESday evening, Nov. 7, v%il 1 be prasmturt Shakspearn's comedy (arrrrjrrd exlor the llrot h?<rs Plaoide) of the COMFb\ OF EKKOltS?Antipholis of Svracuso, Mr Dawtor, Aiitii h??lis of Ephemv. Mr. 0. Howard: Dromij of Syracusa Jfr. II. Daiidi-; Droinio ol Ephesns, Mr. T. Plaoide: l)f. IMncIs Mr. Soften; Adrian*, Mr*. C. Howard. Intermission <-f lialf nil hour for refreshment, &c. To conclude with the farce of THE ANATOMl&T? Mobs. U Medecin. A!r. H. Plaoide; Irianin, Mr. T. l*la< ide; Peat rice. Mm. VV'attM Anar**lica. Mies Fly en. Admission &0 cents. Doors open at half- past I 6 ( Vr ck?; commence at, halt- pnst 7? ITALIAN OPERA, ASTOR PLACE.-SICJNOE 0. FORTI iu tht character of Gennaro.?Wednesdayevening, Nov. 7, ' ail) l>t* performed Donizetti'* celebrated opera peria, in three u< >. . i '"! HI ZI \ i I] .: \ ' i . i, tii* K Borahaie; I OrbiLi, Sig'ra Kcsti CoMij Gvutturo, Signer (j. Forti; Alfonso, ?ignor Hi nevuntar.c; Viteloixo, Sipfi*or Patti; Livorolto. Mad. lonlurd; Kustiuliello, Sijr.; Gnzielia. SIg. Hiondi; i Gubetta, Sipf. ( Tubilei. Oonduetor and l)ir*'otor. Ma* Maret| tck. Prices of admission?a 11 seats in boxes or par?juet, Leenrtd erher for tho iti^hi. or season, >1 rA); admission at the door ou tho etcuinrf oi periormance?parquet, $1; ttuiphitLcatic, -5c. BARNUITS AMERICAN MUSEUM. P. T. MA Ell I M Prorrirtor?J. (Jroeowood, Jr. Assistant Manager.? I One Weefc More of tho Mnrtinetti Family, whone wonder' ful Gymnustio acl.icvcmeuts ald Pantomimic delineations hu\econnected their names immutably with the Kuval Family. They appear sfternoon and evening. Also onrajr.-d, Leuis ?11 tiler, Mr. F. C. Wemysa, Mr. H'ardun, I'ute Morria, hope, jjr.rtrn and Wont. Alto on ?x!ilbttinn, at ill hour*, the enormous Bon Conttrietor, inrge Living Anseonda. Marimoth i Crocodile. Ai)minion W sent*: children uuier l'J y> am of a?e. l'i>, cents. MAC ALU ITER'S TEMPLE OF ENCHANTMENT? Chinese Assembly Rooms? Positively tli . last nckof the Mngical Soiree*.? Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Nov. ' 6th. (! I', and 7th will he given the extroareinaty of limiting 2(*> wax candle* at 11 pistol shot: Printing without Type; Ladica Caprice; Moderu Frjing Pan; an Accident Repaired; 1 the Spanish ?url*quln; Mvsteriou* Orange: l)ry Good* and Crocerie*; Old .Niek'a Head; Cookery of I'araUreruramua; j Ariel Clock; I uciftr's Bell. Jto. Adtr.ittauco, 13 cent*; 801.1a, , Wlcsnt*. Children half pri?e. Coomicncu at 7>?- Friday, benefit of Madame Macullistcr. AN EXTKA AFTERNOON PERFORMANCK, HILL take place to-day at the Frankliu lliaatte. 175 Chatham Square, by a troupe of "Model Artiaicu," 'Fou.alo Serenade ," anil otlier unique nod original outertaiuuiuntJ. Admission, Stage seat*, 8O0; Boxes ',Sc. FOR SAL, 10 AWL) TO LIV* Vr A H A til E PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF HAN Franei/ico, California, for ??le. The undersigned, hav' lng several valuable Building Lota In the city of San Fruni riseo, comprising ; ttrst, bench and w ater lot* with house pro| jerty ; second, lota iu the centre of the city, very desirable business localities; third,'lota well suited for private reslt dunce*, or f. r lexal aad olhor professional persons, will otfnr I the same for sale in lota to suit tiurchssers, in the elty of Rao I Franei*eo, on and after the Otli day of January. IHK). DICKSON Ik HAY. V A LI'A111 F. KEAL ESTATE. ON CANAL AND CEVtro street*.?The New York (las Light Comoany oiler ! for sale the grotiuds nnd buildings on the corner of Canal and Centre (treat*. lately occupied by their manufactory and I shot* extending ll(Ma feet on Centre and ll.'ltcotou Canal I struts. On the premise* are *e\er*l substantial t?o-*tory | brick bulking*?one double home. 113 by !>6 feet, with cellar 1 113 by III feet; ore building .17 <> by 22 feet, with cellar: and I one oT 2(i by 8? feet. 1 bete, with small alteration*, could be | arranged fcr extensive manufacturing purposes, with stea.11 power, or rented in parts. The vacant ground adjoining, uflord* lur^e jard room, and well adapted lor the traction of I a steam engine, a*, oiding the 1 anrd of to the establish! men*. A plot of t He pr* p*rly can be sesu al theotbeoof the company, No. 174 CeLtic street, where the term* will bo ma le known. For palis?a jit black uorse.7 YEARS OLD, 15 baud* high; is atylUh ami of line action, a fast traveler, I perfectly kind and sound, w ill stand without tt ing ?sold nnly ! 1 r want of use. To ho seen at Mr. V*udiii>cn'* a'able, Priuce | street, next to the corner of Crosby street. ! L^OR SAIE-IF APPLIED FOR INMEDIATBLT. TU I JF one-hall of the woll known Bowling and Kefres'imcnt Saloon, 17/Croadaay ; or tha whole, it de?ired. This is a I lucrative investment, for suy one wishing to engage in the ; business. If not sold by the 18th instant, will then be to let, i to a good tenant, until Ray I, In'si. For particulars, apply on I iimwi?. COPPER MINE FOR Stl.E -THE SUBSCRIBER WILL rell, on the premises, in Carroll e< nnty. Md.. on the Kim 1 Farm, on the 22d day of November, Iat I o'clock, an in | ttrfit in the beat copper ininc in North America; tho or? j yield* Cfi par cent. 1 have in poM?'?iion thu t-?:?ayn of Profeai sor Bucwdwl, 1 >r Keaner, kl-I the 8l*te Geologist of N?w i York, and otfeurt. There ia tine. Mi l ina<uatic iron ore. lei in* made kn?>wn on 'li? ?lav of aale. I *A Ml C1 WllJiKSF,N, yiiik?l'nr<, rarroU co , Md. I fTOLITBR 1,EASE?THE TITO FRKE STONE IKONT i J. rn built Dw.'lllra lloutea, kntvn aa Nea. 71S nnd I*) Broadway; either atparately or together. luiulre #f A. ' I lk H I M.LIN, l.'i Willi Mf.l. .1 l.-THh ?'.r e . SOAP FA'.TORT TO I.ET--SITUATE ON NOS. 238, MO and 242 Cherry etreer. with fixtures complete. C.ipitotty Iolthe Soap Pane to make 2?','1 *' los. aoap eatli boiling. I' Mtoiou given iiuiaedintely. for t'-rme. Sr.. Ia>|uirauf 1*. II. FAV, 224 ami XKO furry e'.raet. .*> KOIOAL. Dies NOS AMDRin DIB. " Oa what d?>' will >ou die t" lays Death, And H ereupon You rniwer with an eager Lreatli, Die! una' "Ilowlorg," eaya Death, "aliall 1 adjourn Your Mil lo the final bourne, From wbich ro trneelli ra return f" And yon r? |>ly. Shuddering hoaanth lit* glar. e io item, bine die. But diet n' H and nine die 81 nee die you utuat are nil my eye. Tel If hv old. atarili, or couth. Ton don't ? i?h to te a\ n i ff, Why then I any, Y'on'll I nd in lira. J ERVIv store, A randy that for irrnmre (I ill make yru ?a?* on that nc?re? Don't bn> it pray! Mn.JritVJS'S COI.D CANDY. th? universally admitted fe->d rumdy for nil throat and lung eomptnJata, rren 'nit' ry to the consumption, sold, ?liol<-. i|n and retail, hy Mra. W. Jtrtif. No. .HM. Broadway, ore do?r above Franklin airaet. I Artnll ?Zieher, Ni , J Ponth Third atriot, below, Philadelphia Ifrfdlnr It Co.. f Stnto streof. It iton, W illlivin Taylor. Jervla' liuildirrr, Baltimore; bad fold by dru^r st.| iwmll|. AlJlfl <; ITORI FO't HA I K. TOR lASU-ONK THAI' line l.een <IoIbk ? good I minora for twenty-f mr year*. It now bolonya to | hvrlolan, who In nnihl? to giro it hit attend' n. Addreas. Aitmlia, at the ll-ra'd offire. Dk I OQIRTfl AJfD rilAKMA' f.l HPI! M 1TANTED? y a toorr man, (the ion of? plyalrian.) ?all ts ,oaint?d with the bwlkiN, liittiitiM, la tlrat-elaea retail at iro. References tf tl.e hi|(h'rt re#|>eetal Hit* /neo. I'h ?? addreea K. C., tart of Dr. Kasaom, No. 6 Churn',- ri itre?t, Near York. II) (||)() MAJCRI 1 OI.'tRIOlS RETI RNS Of I ' jN Hlvf j. r??/i.? utin* Cr, Tohiai - V>net, in l.ltiim"nt for f< ra Tr.roit, Rheiimatii-m, Palnf in th? t.lmha, fcr. For ?ale hy th- Drtijrilila and Oro.ari. Deool, 1 Murray. Prtoo V and 14 rewt a . ' SEVINAi. WlAKMM, IVPOTENCI, ?.?DOCTOt Kal|'li'a Pmrtical l'ri??te Ti-eatla? riree t'io only true t?en matt ltd euro, with r??l|<?a f'r All th? raxiciteo, m >dc of livinr, and other Innottent Inlormatlnn. Mi pp. p. $1. 7th edition. be had of tl.a author, HD {.reaaaioh atroo'. i r by i^t, iqiled frro. Acaed.-d*. ? ro.. REiPE;rrrilt ivform their patrone, and tl? afL'et* 1 ?en rilly. '.Htt they hare reraoied their effiro from l"?i Mud<oa a?r<, t. New Y<tk. to B" Fulton efreet, Brxiklyn, New 1 or*, ard em bo eoi tailed t r? f eharita, daily, Don H until II A.M. an I In tn 4 ?ntilI*. M. Dr. Ltnaer fc t.'o., r ob>iao their pe?e> tlce e?rlo.iteh to the foil'h ia(eomplalata. ia th > tr> t'.mrat of hlrli tl ey hare, f< r many jeara. had alaio.t miiaeu1,ui ??< eo?? ? liealaera liileao a of the Itoad and Eyea, Fiia, lire per. Khenmatiam, Aathina, Spittinvof Blood, Scffila, flora bad W !n<J> t>rat 11, Sin?tur??. Inllammatten and lerl taeioa el tl r kldnaya and lllaflder, Nereou* lh??a??<, and all Tr male t I a ill *;n'.?. Mariiod laliea, who hava AtflWalt an 1 derferonr tat i ra, and tm-h who <ri aovar wall btf >r? or aftor dfllverj, fh - rid ''?? no timt in npt'lyitn. a* Dr. I.. la an. b t 1 ' ?' n" : 11? < I ?i". ' '? n * 4rt4 la4i< 'in* m'wm t'*"'? r,,M kr Dr. Ii, a!t. r iai?# "P ? 4ia ? ?'?apair. No *aao nad-rtakan wtthcnt a ouaaei.atlnna orrtalat*. or rational prop ol a cara N.B.?N"i)? Mit joat j i 1 ?t?t? ricrli- d at tlmofflaa. Nr.W MFf'I' \! ?0< 'r." COIPMTI F*fM< HCAL ?ork, en It* ratnr?i\nd tnlin?t ?( prirata 4la?-.?"a, trletnr. and ill klndr-d affection* of tha urinary ?remni>? ll)nateat*4 by a rT*at nniakor af ??* *???fV?Hy ro|.?r*d platai large aa 111* Hjr Dnin?r Bulttrt, M. II. I.*rr? inarto, .Vo 11| e % 34 ertitloa. I'riea Sl'l. Kurart from tl>? ll <il a ??<f|>al and Vnrgleal Jnorral:?" It may ha aald, f?a*la?ly, Ir ha t<|nal to H i-< rd> or Aoton't work on tha vmt family f d ? ??. aa.'I far atip?t>er t? aaythlaaof tha kla4 tier pnhIllM in tliia aann'ry." Aathnr of tha aoik on flamiral, laii'.i my, It*., ra?a*4 by impr .p?r hikita F?utW ?4it'on. 14 plat*,, i'riea tl. Tut aala at tho Pohli?h i?. Mtlmtr kTiawii U Bri>i<l?ir. tal by tho Author IN (tm^atf. PR. tBAEI.ES Ml M>R, I. AT Kl, V A RRIV Rf) Ptft ?t l?rn<?ii, |, !* I'hfflari ?trnt. Offlm hum from 8 la I e'alnak.?Dr. Muad* ia ona of tha aaelieat 1ia( p.aa of tlia e?let rated Tri*" ntti and had alt* ?<ly pnatlead th* tf*a*it * nt f tii??aiea alili wataf f>>r liftarn yoara, with ?tMfi(t?ri reavlta. *'i?ol?Py In oa-M o'rhaamafi-in mat, pi|?a. drap'p?la aarafi la. ar< ?|?. aoatl*t f?Ti m*i ?l?? mall* !?*, ft a. I.attero in I t fluh, Fmk1, nr Gjraiaa, a*ill ta I r iri tly at??trad ia Uio atralnncioiro. <t "?< W) riwarh -cioKiiAii'i srEctrio mz? OUV/V/ tnrr, < >r tha cnra of t morrWa' I'fall r*>n*'lia' y?t iliToterrd f"r the ah? ?o eon.plaint, tl ia ia tho m >?t malt*" a apeedy and prrmaaoat euro without tha M>l roatrlet|. ? in 4itt, drink. ?i|<i?ur?, or eliftnga in arptianlioa to kn.iartt. Th? ptepriator ahall?n:*M a tingla ln * ** of r?i*?Bt *'anrrhira to ho hrmitht which tha miatura Will not tort under mrfwt??r? -t aamv u?-? o.d M t??daya. 1*14 atUia Drug at< ra. S7.1 Rroudaay, enraer ot C'hatnkort atraat; alro, at No. 1(1 Attnr llonoo; at 110 Mr. a Iw?T,?rd I'lfiltoa?tr*ft. e< raar "f William. N(1 f t XI NO r,*r OB. f ORniTT, 19 Dt'iKI ? . may he mn!'Hl n ti t?.~- ' di?*a?<-a. A praatl. a of al?t#*n yoar? dorot'd 10 t?.* troatment of daliaatc dlaoaaoa, aaahka Pr. V. to onra tha w?r?| f'.i-ai of thia diaaaaa. Raaaat eaa*a ourad ii thraa daya. No atrriTf mi PR. JOIIN?ON, NO. IA Dt'ANR STREET, Wft known ia th? tr*atm-?t of dolioata dlaaam.?Tka !?>*tar'a rtpntatioa for akill la thoaa half-tarad can*, that haaa aalatad ??* J-ata, ia pro-aiainoat, Coanltatianal wc/tkicaa, kraacht nn I y a aaorat hakit, affoetaallf car*4. Ra - >at ?a?a? autad la fi.ttr daya. MtnifAl, A D V If R PfH'TOR TOIRaBl r PV.ITA TR. ly, far *8 raata. ky maana a* tha Taekat f?;i|(?|i ,t r<r 3**ry'>aa Ilia Own l'hy?i*laa. It la a aaafltoaMajl '"tt friaad tad prirat* adriaar. *nahlia? ?T*rT one ?n r-ntia.-t. (,! awa eaao to a nn e*..?tul tarmi-ail-.n. T?anty- Ti 't??. r II M?-?. with o?ahaadra4 tnrra* in*?. al ow ia< | rirata <li?? '?a and laalforwat ena of th? *"??*?tiT? titt?m. In arery ahapa and farm, ky William Vaan*. M. D. Tha aarinii fnrraa of ?" rvt dlreaaaa, aaminal waaknaaa, diaaaa** of tho p-trata yiaad, imp' ter.ey, aolitary hakita of ront.h. ar? fttltlihilly dt?eriled, and all tha raetpea^iTOB Id Ma<n (arguac*. T:?a ahapfor oa atrletnr* li worthy af particnltr lfenti >n. a -< honld ka road br ryrry ^ao. Aay p*ra. n aatidtn* twanty t? ornta earloaod la a lattat. will rt eira ona ?o?y cf M,U koik. ?y mail: or rl* e plea will ka for otso d?Ii*r. Mdreaa DR. W*. VOl'N?, IM fprntt ?t??t, f'hila4alpKla. AM I'MK KNTS. BOWERY TflEATRt-wEDNE^DAY iviNi^oTNor. 7, Hie performance trill ounaiaai* with the ot PI/AKKO-RolIa Mr. J ? allack. Jr.; Plaarro, Mr. ftiltart; AIobio, Nr. Jordan; O.'o*?nibo, Mr. Moor*; Cor*. Mix C. Wtniyai; Eitnra Mra V? a'lack. T" com lude with i 'ie or Uu KAU P1CKEK OF PARIS--Jean. Mr. Qilbjrt; Pierr* ( arnuaat, Mr. Arnold. 'Henry Borrilla. Mr. Dan; Ixiuia, Mr llktntt; Marie Diddier, Miaa Worayaa; Clair* Hoffman* Mm Needham; Ko.ine, Mr*. Uannco : Loilaa, Mri. Hart; Turturi'ttu, M'na I.iter; Pauline, Mr*, llrotdlar. Doora open at and the curtain will rim at 7. iiomut, JS ' Ms; 1 :t toil t,ull?ry, I2'4 , .-rim. ril.lM-|tAl"S N ATM % \ I. TIIEATItB ? WEDNESDAY1 * -' evening, Nov. 7. 'he entertainaenta will eomruenoe will* Ji.olnrc. of SOMEItuDV M iE Han., Mr. Jetter-on. Irowt, Mr. Hamilton, l.i ulae, I.ockyer; MiMe, Mra. C. Mentayar. 'lo te folUwod by t'edraua of TllE I N VI NCI'II.fed? l;ener?l Verlun, *lr. C. Tsj l ir; O'Slaah, Mr C. Bur.j; f?oti'|?e, Mr. Herbert; Jnlietta, Mi-i I.ackyer. Afuc wMcb, lli rr AiaoiHu Rcuaort'a AetouiaMn* C?Tloiain<?i in El,'I' II 1M R1SM. Tooeni'ijd* with tha fare# of tka MOTHER AND (IIU.U AKE DOING WKLL-Mutfy, Mi. Jalt iaon: Eir.i'y. * '"? Loekyer.'.Boxea, i'.t ; Pit, 12,'??.; Prlvaia Boi, %0 Soon will optn at B1,: p< rformMM to commtnoa at 7 o'oloQK* MI TCBBLL'I OLYMPIC r 11 k a T K E.?W E D v IS OAT evening, November?, tha p?rt Tiiiaiu'ua will oi:nta?^a? with the rutita com< dy entitled the CROWN PRINCE? Frederick Morke, Mr. It al<o(; Kallieriue, Mire Roberta. Aftol ?hl<h, the celcbraud Opera in S acta, en titled AMU-IE^,!* The Lore Teat?J?Jd Kpei kbarher, Mr. T. Biahop, (Jeneral Count I'iT Teimar, Wulcot; tlervaiae (Irunadot Con >ven Amilie. Mian Taylor; Leila, Mi .j Milea. To uonolu li with th? iarce of the LaWVEK'8 PRACTICE?Mr. Hoa.oe!y fleaOiiah. Mr. Palmer; Clsuny Chuck, Mr. ConoTer; Miaa FUrohault, Miaa Roberta. Doora open at ti)*J, aud the curtain will rise Kt 7 o'clock rr?oii?ly IRCl'S.?A8TOR PIi??THE AM PUITII EATRt J has been relisted for the Winter < anjrai>rn.? tlot air farnac<'> l.ave been introduced.?Substantial enclosure of wood work has auperteded the canvas, the interior aplendidly embeiliahtd with a auparb pat orauiio view of aomo of the principal cities in Franco. Mct-ara. Dale, MoFirlaul, Darin*. r.rlvglli.l.. II,.,..... I- II,..-- 11 ? Kl.i> 1 ?.11 nvniI acta uiij scenes of IJ?ratmuuship, Oymaaatice, ko.? 'i lie | ul.lic aru respectfully inlorued (hat Mr. Wallet, tl.a celebrated English Clowe, is cu^a^ed, aad will appear on Monduy, llih inat. El K A N K 1.1N Til FA 111". 178 CHATHAM Sijl'AKl? F Admission, R ox uh . I'it 1 -%'c; Stam> seataSOo; Private <?.?The above place of amnaement Is opon every evening, older the direction of Madame Paulino, from tliu Royal Liver Theatre. Leicester square, London, who, with hor"unrivalled tn>up< of Model Artlltce." numbering twenty-seven "Attii ten," u ill personate nomo >f.the riclieit pioturea of moduli timeti. Also the "i'euiale Minatrela," with a variety of other < n tert ainmeut s. N. B. ? An afternoon pori^rtuuuco every Wiliudtl and Si tnrday at 3 o'llwl, MK. J I . I1ATTON V. lit l.l> RKSl'si i'H I.I.V IVform th? public that he purposea giving a series of .Musical RiitertainmabtH at ilia S"oUty Library Rkoiui, on the evenings ot Wednce lay, the 7'h. Thnriday, the Sti, Friday, the ! t.l>, aad Saturday, the loth instant, on wliinh occasion# ho w ill ringaomeof hit most. favorite aoaga, in addition to other* w hich hav ) nevor been iiiii( in New York. tin hie also seoured the of thu talented vocalist, Misi I' For further particular* mc projrr i.nmea at the a utde stores. Ticketa 5?i i .- iu each; may be obtained at the xniirie atoreannd at the door. Daniel in the lion s ol.n-this eatkaokdinary water color I'tirtiii, twenty feet by twelve, now1 open to 11 >e public, at .'ii n Broadway, ahould be visited by all who are deHlrom to behold a masterpiece of art, to pother with a largo collection of Oil I'aintiriv", (upwards >f one hundred,> by the old maatera, Corr*<iw, l'ouaaln, &o. The genuine Egg Hatching Machine, iu whieh ohicknue are aeon burating to* ahcll, in the prcaenco of visiters, U alao for tho first time exhibited in this country. Nothing like thia exhibition ha* ever appeared in the States Admisiion to the whole, 25 cent*. llEOtVAIi. nlWl t A^FS OF t ONSI Ml'TION CUREDB* I)r.9. I', Tewnaead'a Sarsanartlla ?1,V)01HJU bottles aold annually.?'Inia Medicine u the wouderaad hkeaiug of tl.e ago. It ia put up in'|nart bottles; it ia tha cheapen medicine in the * rid. It curea, aithout vomiting or purging, sickening, or di Mlitatin* the rati nt. it at way* cleanses and atrcnjther.a the ayjtem, and craatu* Dew, rion, and pure blood, and new life. CONSUMPTION CIREB! Cleanse and Strengthen ? Consumption can be Cured!? BroU' hiiis, Consumption. Liver Complaints, Colds, CoughJ, Catarrh, Astl ma, ^pitting of 111 ,ml, Soreness in the Cheat, Ilectic 1'luih, Night S*eats. Difficult or Protusa Expectoration, 1'ain in the Hide, be., havo been and can be eured IN THE I.A ST & T Ala ES OF CONSL'MI'TION. The follooin^ ecrtlAeates aro selected from a Urne tumbet reerived. The firat waa kindly forwarded to ua by l>r. Colt:ell, a reapectable Phyaieiin of eztcnaive praetiooat Oswwgo, New York. Ue wrtteathai the Haraaparilia hra performed many curea. nod the better it i* known, the more it ia appreciated. llu letter can le ceen at tkc office, if any wiah to aee it. E*?r Oiwmo, Deoetnber 10, 1H47. D?. Coi.wk.ll?Dear Sir Thle into certify that I have the nui summer I w a* ?# low that my friendM thought 1 could ml live lull a very abort time, and by your advioe, thinking there wnyet a hope left. I commence J iakia* Dr. S. P. Town(end'a ^umaparilla, whieh aoon >;nv? ine relief. I *r?w hotter laat while taking the haraupariUa, and am now able to b? about the l.ouse ami do a me work. I owe my rocavery thna far, to the above medicine, and believe that it aaved ine front UlC rrave If ynu ohooae ynn in ,y for* ard tlili statement 10 Dr. 3. I'. Townsend. Mrs. M A KU A It KI' A It MS f KO.NU. V e. the undersigned, are ac^uaiuted with Mr*. Aiuatroii, and kimw the above to l? trnr. ^AKAIIJANP URNDRRSON, KI.I/ABF.TU U A 1)1,EV. El.I/A HBTH iiAKTUOLOMKW. M AR V COON. 8PITTINU RLMO0. Read the following, and nay that Consumption i* insurable, you can. Nrw To* ?, April ?. H?7. Tin. 5. P. Towmnn-1 verilv Iclleve that your Saraaparilla has l.-en the menn*, through Providenoa, el shv.ok iny life. I have for several year* had a bad cou<h It kecaraa wora* and worre. At laat I railed larva \usntltles of Moot, had night sweata, and wa.i ?r"*tly debilitated and reduced, and did not expect to live. I have only lived vuur riaesaparilla but a chort time. Mid there baa a w aderlol ehaogti fcsea wronitht In iue. 1 am now able to walk all over the city. I rune no blood, ard inv eouph baa left me. Yuu can wcllioia(iiio that 1 am ihanHul I' r tl o*e r-sulis. Your otedicct servant, W M. RI'ssBiX. ?*if>mlne street. Cirniors CASK OK CONS I'M PTI ON. There t? ie?nely a day pantt liattLtri are a number of Cai-r* oj Coneiimptita rei>ort? 1 a cured by ilie u<* of l>r. 8. I*. To?MHn4'(Sar?aparilla. T'^efollowing was reeantly received:? 1)h.8. I*. T?iW!??r->!D?Dear ^ir: Tor the laat three yeare I have be.>n afflicted ? -b I < u. r?i liability and Nur\ousConmmption of the Inst ? ?* and did not eapect to r*^am my health at all. After >:olng through rse of mndletne under the eare of aouie of the ni< ?i dm > >.'lisii I regular physioiang bm, in4 imd'Hid thr r.f mv rtrninc* in at'impfn* to ri m toy nralth, and all-r ti admit In ?om? par <r of you* Faraaparilla, I rt**lv?4 W trj it. Atlnr lima* mi hot'.Ua, I I r.uil it dm < ma *rcnt jo..i!, and I railed to tie you ??. yonr With) BfIdvl . and 4<> m??t iMtralf 11.anh you lor y iir * l?i?*o. I p- rj?**rrd in taklnjr II o *ar?Apirtlla mill bat? Wn aVla attmil to my uaual labor* lor thr la?t l int month#?and I h"P'i V tti-? bi???iiir of ll?J and y< tif to r?i?tiru? n r hoatth. II balptI m? ka? yond tin exportation* of all tl.&t kue? my tun ( IIAKI.KS gi'lVIIV. Or?n<f. Co . N. J , Aw*. 5, 1S47. Pta'rofNo* K ' * to., ??.?OlwKr tjoi-nby, fcaIr.j dtV a . on. *'eofl'n to l?w. on til* o*t.h uitk, Ihtl the foi. ir? lUtrin nt u line, according ?? tU* lo-i? of his know 1 i. -?ud Uli.f. ClIAKl.tS <H I* ?T. Sworn >?"< ?uli(cril tl t bafnra Biat Otai/?, the 2d Auftuat, IU> Cl'RL'S BAtDM'IV. Juatiea of tkt Pc?r?. MKTHOOISr CLE iUVMAN. Tic foil, win* ?.n? ffn; laonr _t??nt In Kuhway ky tb* R?V. J. o. Tom. on. tr tkr Vrtht ?t i ?i-nj>al Church?oaa of tha mo?t Icarnoi a?.l ro*pr?t*4 in lio runnoxlna -and k anothaf avldcr I t lir wot l-rlul fleet* ol It. .V I'. Ton naand * nr aiarillai u tl.? ?y?'*n.. K?ntn, A nr. ""t '1. MI7. Fn i? m. I'r* nan* llnvln-f r Homo tlin# p**t, a* yon ar? a?itrr. M|t(l?Di?d ?ni>t % . . r?l drkllitjr of my a)*t?itt, attri ni-d with oaiinti inl Alarming irritation of tUo throat * *ud ?ur??, I *?ria, al y "f lim*< 1 and In ronu-'i'jaueo ol havlrx it* 1 Captain docidi d toatito ny mlub?I - If, inda< "1 to try Or. S V. 1o?. Mad'* far fauind Saraapailil*. I lii'il It, I tnafrM, t n-if. thaVopa than in th? eonfl-? drnitof It* proairr *Hi ?'i ? l.ut I am b< uui In oandof M * ' aaksoatmlKa that I had n' t lrl?4 IHon<b?fi i? I kef .B mnr'nra't Ua r?l""t' la,and I may 0'?r nf Villi Captain M'Laaa. "tl al J would not t? * Vwt It i| ay < aaidvrtUon." It ka? <* "i- m? mora aond lh?a aay praylona rrn dy I l.ara triad, ai l H tlili ? a'i la doarai 1 I>J tow of nay ituf'tuara, you bare luy lull ron..-nt to tniko It P?Mi.\ J O. riT'JI.SOM. I.IVIR CfiMPLAIKT AND fll^RARK Of THIS I.I <iH. 11 a ill l? pircaind that uMatbodlat Minialor ?iu:hn? fnr thf* truth it thta Ulttr. TI.e dosncica'a may La>e?a at lt<? olbeviif midtal. Da. H, P. Tuaxrxt Daar Sir: Althrush yon kareniit" r wtll rt'rt att*?tii ( tfca IllllfM I (MMof jronf farrayar ila, BotwithataaMDi'. I c nuaira II l?U toy Jnly, loth to yourti'if, to lb* autl?r.a| and aittirtad, thai I mar k? i ?ii - ? **ryrr? i |.<<r??it(?'i kr tli* un of jour ii-.ii.m-. I hav? h??n ?Pliri?d ?i?h Hi* l.iVtr Complaint, ?i?h an ftfTuntioa of tl a l.n? /?, ti4 a (rn#ral d?M|ity, for >li fan an i gun I >.at? tak"B many i reiira'i inn '<< n><>dtniae. bat rcwirad no tcfitbt. I la?e ior km month* if n r>n>n< >.r? fvt. far* op all and t;.<i i?l i I mn?t di*. ol j r tu*di?in?, throng j' tr Circular wb" h wn !?it at my r**1d*ac? fnf [< intal, ?. .* Indurad lo ttj It,, ha*? a >? takoa tiro toiilia. and ba?* h?ta *t.itr*ly a?i*M I ^ . HICHAM* M41X0U3. Datrd Pl?aaant VallrT, An*"-! I, 1MH, 1 It* nrdrra.iintJ ia fwrauoaliv a<"|uaint*4 tilth Mr. Kai-inw, and ctrtifacl that tl? abota it irus. r r.*j\M\s n mr.w. Pa?W ?f if-a Hrtho^Ut fhnrrli, Plraaaal Vallt/. HAPTMT VINr^TBR.". W?f>nMltk h*'-<r t!i* r?rtir<-?t? ?f a M*Vy llinmi'i of iht d"n?m'n?'ton, whi'h wathlnk mnat at lt**l IN* m<tr.i?raof < hnrob that I?r. S. i*. To?-na*ad'> "?r??furilla I* an xtrairdinary rrn?|>. I<r. K. I'. 1'WMi ?n? I??ar ti II a viae fuf i,.m* timo rant fcnn ?Wict?-d ? iifi a p'llnn t?! > >f-*ti u '>f in; i m?> and a ???n'i?n?d ra n in my aid. oalr* lo arming**p<>iu:-? la tratr'l'nf. alt<r |>r?a?hln?, hr.di m? dinrac tn iH-raaa*, triUi met .liff.nlty nf knatl li?r. and ?th?? alarum.f *jrnipfn??. I ** anlfi by ftalart ?; ?n. a friend of m a? t* try ' T Ihree hnlti**, I fnund in. ?*Jf r*1ln**4 Mv *rp?'lt> h?| ?> ?? r?*f?r?w!, t fln4 ?trfn*?r, aa<i T, m o i *ry m.t to rif 'tnr my n*n*l 4??1<t. Ihm^tao *f?nilyl*n> lttt*H h* 1 f*?l it mf ri<r >>??? kr i*n lh? faat* f? r Ui? htn ?*t ot <nh?r? w h? mar h" l*h ' ? ut4tr lh* mb ? 4iffl ? '.l?*l I liar* h? n for ? ,m?i limr. Ri paetlnllr jr"i.r? KAMI M. tt III rK. CiMnrof Bir>tl?t Chnrch. .''Ut'n M*n4. T>*. B. 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