Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1849, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1849 Page 2
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* 11 l_ JL-L1-! ihr par nakiau ih? h?rK*a Thsy It liy tfirrnion t>t the coiixlgn^p, to whom thsy rnidiT trtm.rdiKl* rash returns, charging aintplf rnn niiwrvu mid priMiiug. Freight and liter ! chnrj/e^ ih?-y kunw nothing ?f. Stco?idly, th?* o?iiip'^tif-r, or holdfii oP hills . ludiDii, arr tht-n th? i?**r?i^?? so sh irking. Tn?*y t? dirrc'sd to protect ihc i*f*rrst of tin* consignor ?first, lit thr p*ymeut of a frriitht in man* >11 tntirca tb? vtilur of g??dr<; secondly, to sell, or tore at'rf i?cnr furiher expenses, miking thi-nt In <>M valueIrt-B. It is thiu unreasonable to niaine I the nirn lmni making legitimate charge*, while it ! if < vkU ih iIn* cause of kiiirtll retu< n* is th>* ni-ueft* i airy of stiles and high charges to euormoua rates j of l?h?>r, lighterage, Mor?gr, tec , and freight, j It tiiiia*i be remembered there is no s'nbility t ? | aliiiirf in California, particularly mercantile, which J in entirely gevrroen l>y circum-dances, as tor in- 1 Mniiee. high commission*. the result of high* j ?>f $80,000 per aiiiium, f*r what might he re i'lilv i obtained Willi you for $600. In tine, why i-limitd ! the shiiper, induced lo agree t? ^ay extraordinary freight, the 11mi11 item of charge iii a California nt'imni i t sales, C'mpbi'n at expenses or ell trgrrj rendered iiidisiiensahle l?y the same exirvirdm.iry j vteaus, obliging him to so aaree, or forego nuking the elii|<int tit. It ib to he |]ii|i>'d, indeed, aliinxl i c?ri?iin, tbut ere long, mercantile afl'iirs and i*hi>* , tin nil' to California will tie conducted iu uur( aj'fartut reasonable grounds. YVm ('orm i.i, Tkwktt, Ol .leweti A: Methad*, Auction and Commission Merchants, teaii Frttauisco. The State Convention [Vroui th? Alt* California. Oot 1.] Thin body, up to our latest dates, had been tn Seeeimi h litile over three weeks. Most ol tlie proviMoi'S ot the proposed constitution hud been acied and |mim d upon in committee of the whol-*, and Unit, we Mi|ii*oee, nny tie taken as a f.ur index t)f what will tie the HCtlou ol th'' hnUre. The hill ??f rights, ss adopted in committee of the whole, embraces twenty sections. ol the usual cliHiHiier of Mich provision* File only point upon *hi< h it Wiie supposed a c n trove rsy would arise? the question of slaver)?|ias?ed without debate, and unanimously, utterly prohibiting slavery ? iSoine were ill favor of fUhmittlllg tlie matter to the pe. pie lor a separate vote; hut it wua not contended i? rv.rhaiy show of Hienuosity, and was voted i)o?n sin net unhmiinously. The niHrnge i|uebitou was the aouree of consider atur ot i.?ir; bill HMh tin-?ny iiimxim <1 hi [>y annulling nil tii iI*- citizen* of the Uuitrd Slates, six room ha ri>ni??t in Caliloima, and iwriiiy-one year?of ?|.a, (Indian*, Africans, and tlif d'*aeenof AlmauM, excepted,) to tin; privilege* of #!? riciM Th?- legislature is to consiet of two branches, nn asrmibly aud a aenate, with such pi?neral powers, tliviieyt-e. Mud duliea, mh are UMiall> giveu In *uctl odita. Iiankinu corporation# mid lout-lie* are 1'iobibiti d, and all ottj?r corporation*. except lor nium'lii l pur|i<it<r?i, art* lo be e?tabli*hrd under cen'iaf In we, the stockholder* 10 be individually linhV tin ull drbtn. Some considerable debate o?ruried i<?hin a provision which al!o>vs corporations to lie fcrmed for receiving depoMta of gold and #il?rr It wa? urged that, under such a provision, in itr??p? imible nyHHii ot banking muht grow up; linl the ?e< Hod w?i tin.illy so ameuded ai 10 answer all ?h jiciioiiH, and, hi that sh*|ie, pi.-sed. The ir ember* ?-f the assembly are to be elected annually, and the members of the seuxte are to hold their oHicen for two years. One half of the senate is to be electid each year. No p-r.^on can V'- a lumber of the legislature who hi* not been a feMfien! of the fcitute one year, in addition to other qualifies tioiiH. T he nt'mber of members of assembly is never to be le us than twenty-four, nor more than thirty-six, vntil the rumberof inhabitants in thia State nh ill amount to ?ne hundred thousand; and after tlut period at such ratio that the whole number of inrin eia ot assembly shall never ba le## than thirty, nor Bioie than eighty. The senate la never to coii-nst of h*? than one-third, nor more than one-h;df the a>niK?r />( tli?> Mkhcmlilv. S? m?* divibico of opinion arose on a proposition by Mr. Mcf urmr, to prevent free person* o| oUr (rout settling in Californij, and also to prevent slavrboklr? from bringing slaves into the 5tate, tor thr puristae of liberating them. It fin tlljr i>asn d in ruminlmol 0O? whole :] but it hsabi-f-n loi kni 11(iiucp MihjcojwtrdninK the ratification t tbe constitution by (.'ouifrees ; and as this feelis* whs yarning ground, th? house, probably, will at I lit r it out. A governor, lieutenant-governor, s<*cietary of stale, cm mptioller, treasurer, attorney-general, nnil SUtVt )or-uenetal, constitute the executive de.iartDi?nt. 1 hey are all to hold their offices lor two years. The governor and lieutenant-govern >r are t* be elected by |fener>il ballot; the secretary of lata it to be ai>|M>iiitr<j oy the governor, by and ?itb the advice hikI consent of the senate ; the e? ller, ai d three other State officers <tr* to be e'lcml hy ihe legi-lalure in joint ballot for the liiii Him, and alteiwards hy th?- people at the f? i.eihl M?.ie ?l? cticn. An'fli rt w.ia made in the r? li n>i"*e wf ihe whole to strike out the office of c< it ('troll'r, but it failed. It will, however, bs a^Hin |'ii ?sed ih the honse,* the offices totally iinuecrseary, we tiust the motion will bpr?r?ful. The governor the USII il |aiwera, incluCit'K the veto, and ibe puvilegea and dattesof hlr- i ll <> do not varv ru itcrisllv fro.ii tlioss ol ull oih? r Mutes in the 1'uion Tli* othsr State officers ores|a>nd >d duties and powers with tluse generallv ercrib- d them. The article relative tothe militia, as pissed is on a it'ee of ib>- whole, ih substantially hiii-u as is found in other state constitutions, as is thai si s til't ?e to a Mietidmeiitk. The noui'dary. judicial. andednea'ionsl questions Were n< l decided upon at last sdvii-es, b it it w.?? rarpoMd the convention wouM aiijuuin i;i ail the ftrat werk in (Htober. Vila Itatr Constitution of California. We c? niptle ftoiu 'lie Ah'i i'atfirni't rep irrs of lie Co nvention, ih?- following articles of tne State Conniiiitit-D, as adopted 111 (.'oinmiUce of tlie Whole 1111j. nr ii it#m r? 1 >1) vn ?r? hy naMirr 'r?# an J ( <l?n?n't*ntl at a bata fr'aln Inalli n?M? ilirhta, a"i'>n? ?lil?'?i arr lh-?a <if rlij'>)lnf a'lii d?fan?l' if 11r and ll'iarr./, < .j-'ih t t?a?a??ld|t a?d p/???rtlhd prip?rtj. aiii |ur. bii p ai>d nMalr t*|i ?*'*t) ami hapalu*** 1. <11 r l'ti'M p" wr l? Inh.f.-nt In 'ha naotila. ? ?#i (' >( l> fi'P thu pn.lm'lnn Mi intf i< )>fi ?tl nf Iba l>l? and lh>? liara thu rl^h II ila-P U> tltw ?r rafirai th? tmmr vIMiivtw tba ytMir f - ?i > ?? r?qnin> it I Tl'? il^tiliil Itlll h? jnrJ ?haU h? wiMiraii tnall. I'mk'ti tn?l?lal* fitaair RutaJ'irj t'lil >n?f !> In it h) i ?"! In all civil ran**, Id ll>? ita<iorr to Iw praarilt??d ?? la* 4 Tlir frw ?i?-rrt?" an ) pm. fa??i i> ai d *<irrhlp ??i|?a?i? di-?ri m'n?'l?n or pr?-f?r f?? ihall l?t??iT ?? a'l ??<l i* thl? "?!? I ' all nanklao. Il.< Mi parxi* all ha ran l?r <1 Inooup-' at l<1 k? a ?(!?! ?? n rnuot rt Ma i ?' ili ii? ng mai*<*ra of fr'lf i? ? Ul1#!, Iii'i Ibn Hl?rty of anfiaalaiir** h?r**Hv ??f a l <1 l I all p?.' h? ?i roti'lf l? I ?a I i HPII-f anti of HMiiMnit'KM- nr jiK'I'f |i'? tli?i lo?i>a?i?t*nt wiih lb? f??? ? or ?aM) ii' HI S'a'?I, 1 nl 'Ha writ i?'k *S'i9 rarp## ?**%'! ny. Vt Mi'MKI ual'-a ?hn In f r"???IH >o nf la ? ?! ii II ? i *l h? ?a'il? mai r<-t|iilra l*a mi-imminii I ?r?i?li? lail iliill i.iit !? Hf| |if?i1 nor .*??? <?* 01 * '*1 a> ail |i?r ahali rf n? I ami ii',o n <1 iinl ?h j at t>? It HipIid Bur ?tall ?itor?n?? t-a nnr?ila. t. Nn pa??r? hall ha hald In an?*ar f a?pir*l nr ( tirrci* l|il>?n a> filnm (rtov l| ? iif|m|f ialiaid In aaa*a?it n'liltia ahrn lu ar'ti^l : Ml ll f lait * ai d tiafal fi 'rn III il;iia >.f m%r nr #l|t -Ii IbU Ma'a mat h*a|?*?lh lha fr'ii?r il of *'onjtra- |ri H? ? M |c>tr* ; ai d in <anf |iaflt lani-nf nn lrr Hi* r- (iilaitui. l ?ha I pMatnra) unlaaa ?n nr.-aaa1 m?nt ' # l?"'l'i?'i tit < t a t'aiid J?ity an ! m t*(al l>i any n 'lift vl xcfi tti? ft'J ahali ho a'l?wo<1 to ?> it d?tn it in i*r?'n ?nl ?iihii-.iiii.?l t i-i ?t?t| ?? t IM N " ihall h? tuhjavt In h? I*Im fit U ] ' l?'> l"t tho i?ii ? > . B'*f ?h?|l h? h" n il*. Ii? in; rrmtnil mw to mut'l kiK-ilf ; in.r ho it*i?M?ri1 .if liv ltt-?rt?.nr pron-fty, wt hi nt rti,r |,rnrn< i t law : nnr ?h?ll i>il??'? fc. taken tor Illicit > wl'' j?i?. ri ninmn'l I tnj ritiirti life % f ??lt iKtli ?riii? ?H'I ?iihli?t? lit* iMnt> nt all i?i?ij?< t? twitii r??p ?i?itt?l? for lha l>o>i i t Ihit tt|kl at>4 ?' % i t>- p?-??.| to ra. H i ?<? i t ahi i?t*? ho lilwrtv " '-|i- ch nr of t h* Ir All ?fi?i>i ?l ?ut|i ?? of iiiit>rtin?n'< f' f llh?l?, lt>? IIMIi ? k* tl?i tn nW>trK In tlm Jurti an I tit* at a I a|i|>?ar tu tha iari t t>a' i li? tn ?'ti-r-hart-I a* i4t*tnu> l? tin# ar 4 ? . puh t<bail * ttk tfn. i ?<< tin at??f I t ).i?tl 'aM? n.4i th? nartf -n? I bi?? at 4 ttio jnr? >lii I ham th? n*ht t > 4amr o lha la* th fa t It 't h? ???pia ihall kit- l>? rifht fraal? ti ?'? ' kit In a? t?i.|t f"t 1 if ?" '! t" '4 ti tn?"?at lliilt mtttt. t'llltM a'.d In pntHlfto lh? l."gi-l? ui? far talir.m l f tl*?? t At ? ft'ltan II* 'M? Mta'a wh t>t?? h?r?%1?t ha on fl'4 tliliir Itii-ftl; i.f li.<|f? In J<i*t alih-f a* ynkrl|?i or Mini, ih' ?h?ll f >r???r b? ttiqnaiin. 4 fr->ui hoUtng ??? aiHW n-.4-r tha a ui tlta'li a la*? f IM< D at> - (l^rrii.1 J". All la?a af c?i,tt*l ua'uro ilia.) h*f ft naif rta f . Jl. Ih* lU'j pbill Ih* inHnfiliniU to ?W1 No irvti* h? l?*p' up b? th" #? ?* I? Hkir f ml In 'iwt. r*f ?|* fj i **t?roprf mi* f?? M?ii4ik|| f^r I u.^r ti*i? lb** liar, fiata I'i >ii?.ii4i. r ?li#ll In tlWa nt no?oa ha nn?ft?f?4 l? at'jr ?ltb n' Ih# ? ???( nf it,, .iait>r n-?f It i in ? t>? ??r air?t't tn tKi tna> but uroa.- vh? I hr !? IS AtaliMf atfrti'ttMla I i. Ii r ,1 rl nifa, r?ar??? ! 'aiio* ah tiid t>? ?*v .rti I a .ninj tj?? ! 14 > P*r*m ? > '! b" liMn ?n* #l?tl *>' ! < ? ?r fr'Mto nnl-a i,t M.M *t a>>4 ?* |>?r-?n ?>i*.J bkftu ml t?, m ft! ? til l<P? t Ifc *a hH <t m?m4*r. ?* f?-ti t?? *r It* lei Kii ( tt>? oMig?ll?aa if on'iaiU. ?? * ? >*?ii d I* ? ??? ?r ?H? k?r<Vw V h.n,?f *, t ? <*/ ' "f f"1? Mj'7 ??? * H?b'? !? rr?p-*r In lh? Bi'if ???? ?i." li>xltinM lit |r- p?rty ?- i ?Mv? h tii?ri?. 17 *>?#* ? ?v?r ??! ' ?> ? ??? ? ' i4? ftmt'fi Jm (A? #y ( ?>i * (/ t< rt br flrrmtfd fii? - I ?<..u IIO?T imoaclT ) Tk? right ?f lb* p?vpU I* ? *?" < IL?i/ f*r J _ ? 1 L JL1 1 ?cpc hou?#a paper* and ?ff?et?, aualnit nureafonaMa paiaurra and krarabas. aball n >t bn and u > warrant ahall )? '> but on pn<b?hl? ca?*e ?>i|>p >rf?d by rath or affirmation particularly d"?rrihiofr the plane tt> be ffurrbfd. >mI the penxin* or thin** tn bn *>-|/.hJ 1W Trnaiin aiciioitt the State ?hjnleiu-i?t only in Wv^ing war against It adhrrlng to Ita eunui"', or ({ivIi>g ibeui aid and comfort No pen.->o be <-anTlov ?4 <1 trca*ou unlWM on the rridruc-M of two ?ilue*ie* to the r-au'u nv?-.rt *cr or cnuff^Mou io op?-n eourt VO Thin enumeration of rlL'htH *h?ll uot be cmntruai to impair or deLy other*, rrtaiaed by tbe people. KIQIIT OF SfFKEAUB. Rtn 1 Kvery white male cttUeu ot the United State*, and f??ij male cuiiieii of Mexico (Indian*, African' and deert-Ddaolii of African* excepted ) wh > (hall hn? luted to bi-c-'Uia a oitir.en of tt.e United Stat** under the tr??t? of peace e;.k!<iauged end r*ti1?d at H i*relaio Mi I be 3llfh (lay ot \l*7, IS48, of tbe a*i ot twenty one jmr* who ball bam bonu % roiudeut r.f tie Ma'n rixuiintliH uexr pi*odln?{ Ihi election, arn the county or ilUtriot in which he cl?1 n? I,Ib rate thirty d*>s, ahall be cu'.ltled to vote at all rliniiiT.k uuiuu me uuw or cei i inrr ui?y un auiuuiui'j b? law 2 Hecfrrs ?hiill io all case* exren1, trea?on felony rr bttuch < t tli%* piae-. h?- privileged trom arre-t oa tie d'ij? ( I electioa.. (urn<t th'-ir aii'n l?u-a at ajrli c.t-ctii u. gi>lBK 10 ?<"' returning therefrom. No ?l?cK.r i-hail be ob ifn.J to |> .'form mllHin duty on tKw uhj of eleniiuu, except in time vr war or pub.iu dai/|?-r 4 \-'pfr-?ti in the military niral or marine ?ei'*ii>e df tl V. i.itaii 8'ati* ?t-?11 b? eonaMerad a re?i4ui)t .if thi? S H'e hy beiu# piatmne'l in garrianu barrark it iiitiimrT or rava) plana. or wtatmn within tnia --'tutu. iS N1 idiot or i *u? peraon, or psrj >n* t'.r>n*irt-d'>f mm in'N(T" u? crime, ehall be enti led to the prir.legu ct ?ii elector. #. All tltuctioBR by the people shall be by ballot LKOlSl.ATIV K ItEi'AU TMKNT. P?r. I The legislative power of thi?Stite i-hit'l be ; Tert*d In 11 Scia'? and \afemb'y, vitiloh *h?li b" d? ?l?n*tp<) tte Legislature of the State of (al'l-rniii and I the ftjle of 1 bell' la** -hall oomuieuce in the full i*ln>{ manner " The people of the State of 1 'alifiJfnlu re| prcrfuttd in t-ai ate and Aa?.ewbly. do cnaot an f?>lI loWf.'' 'i The *e>*li>n if the l.egl?'ature ah*'l bf annual, anl fchall commence cn the t'rst Monday in lauuiiry lull en 'Iiidk the elroiioa of It* me libera, utile** the (;<.vein' r?l tho Stale ebill, in the interim oonrena the ; LcRieiatur* by provNu a Inn :? 'I he neinhrra of Ibe Afnembly ahull be choaen annually, by the quail .led aleotnra of t'aelr reapaolif* dWtrte *, on the Tueniav n*xt aft?r the flr?t Monday iti November utile?* otherwise directed by the Legia' latuie *. hi.?e ?nm of nlUce ahall continue on* year 4 S?-?at? r? aii^ members of A*'enibly aUall be duly qunlitiid elratora, in the reapectlva oouutiea whlan tb?-y repien-ut. 6 S?-na'ora ball bo choaen for the term of twi year*, at lh? iauie lime and place an rowinbera of the Aascinhly And 110 person ahull be a member of the Renaie r *aa? 111 bly *bo baa not been a citizen and lu? ) abttant of tkw Stxte aue year, aud of the connfy tahiah ha ahali be choarn, lix months next b-fore hit lection c. The number of Penat.ora ahall Tint be lesa than one third n"? k"re than on# half the membera of A?aembly, anil at the fir^t ?e<rl'in or the Lr)(ialature niter tin. conaiilutirn take* rflect. the ??natora ahall bn tftviled by Int. e? equally as may he, into tire ola?<e?. 'i'be 1 ??ata 1 f Set. at ore of Ibe lirat claaa a'tall bn vacated at t>ie expnatii n of the flrat year, ao that on* half ahftll be chi pen annually. T. When the number of S?nat"ra It increaaed, they ?bal) heai nexedtn eta of the two rta>se* *0 an tJ kaap ibrio >> neatly enual t< practicable W A majoiity of rich home ehatt constitute a quo| turn to tr?o-Bct burin***, but a tuialtar number ??*y 1 adjourn fr?m itay to day. and way the n<.t~u ' dmre of ab-ent m?nib*r* to tuuh uianuer lad uad?-r ; tuch penult.!** a.* < !!< h hoot* m vy ^ro?tiin 10 1 *cb bourn (hull determine lb* rulat of it" pro rrt-iltngh. ami may. with th* coiicurran >? of trfo-tbird* of all th* >i?mb*r>< *!?ei*d ?X|ii 1 n member 11 Ka< h hiiUHn ?ha 1 heap a journal of it* own preettdliifir. and publish tba came; iiu I th? yeat and u??< 1 of tb* aiemhrr* rf either bonne xball at tb* d?"irn of ary three numbers pretent, ba catered up->u tha journal. 1'i Member* rf tb* I.?fl?l*tnra *ball, In all ??set *r?pt tree ton. felony and breach of the p**"* In pimi'it*d froui arraat; n r ttanll th*y b? tubject to any ?ii?il procet* durit'K the **M?ion of the I.egUlatura. not tirlifieeit day* ue\' befor* th* n"aiiintioflwauland atti-r tl>a (leterminaiion of enih en-inn 13 W hen Taean uet oocur in either bon^a th* Ov ?*rnor. or th* p?r-on ei*rcising Iba function* of the Governor, thai I Urn* writ* of tlacilon to fill aii'i!) ra ea net** 14 1 ha door* of each home tball be open, exeep'. on neb i'coilot* as, iu tba ipinion ef tha houaa, ma/ requit a aecreey lb. Nf tb*r tiooae (ball, without the eomont of tba ether. adjourn for mora than thru* day*. nor to any I her place thau that In which tbay may ba alttlbg 16 Any bill may ornmn* in alth* bniM of tb- L?filial lira and all b !i* pa<ltd by one bout* ma/ ba by the other IT. Kt*rj bill which nay h??e patted tba Leglala tore ebnil. bef"r? it become* a la* be pre.<*n! d to th? Ijufrrw r II he tppror* it, ba thai! elrfa it; but If not ha rbnll rtturu It wirh hi? obj?ouon< to tlia h una iu which it <iii^ii.%tt-d. wl.l'ii iba I en* t th. n na up >n tbej..umal and proc?"d to resoa<tder It If. afi*r lurb irr".0'ld*ia'i?B. It m^mu pa*t both b-iu?*a. by t e?* a Ml u*y*. by a iu j rl i v nf tw.> t bird" nf the uiaub?r of mi-'i boura pr**eut. K flitll baaome a la* U"tal'btTaudit.K tba iio*aru< r t objueiion* It any bill il>all t?l } - raturi.ed wlttilu tau ilayN after It (ball bate b?e*? pre'^-uted t? btm (Sondajrl aiorn'ej) tha >>u e t-l.all I., eoiiid a law iu li*? iu4iiu>ir at if he b>? 1 ?ikl.d it. uuIvmi tba I.eifir atura. by ailjouraiunni. pin ant tush return 1* It* ^aeain*ilv thall htea the aole power of iin< p- *'? ii'm.I; and hIi iit|H-a.-hmenta ?hall triad by thu t<?i*ta tt li?b tlttibK lor that purpota the fniu'ort tiiail be ti(M u oai h ur atiirinatlon. a<id no prri'iu tbali be < o?ictad arlibout tne cnucurrenee of t?u-tbirdt of the tl.tUiber* ( teieut. lit The (ioaari or ? tball ba IWbla to impetehMei.t fi r any niitiJriuraa'ir iu olu.-a. but ju lgm?ot. iu *Uih eatae tball extei.d only to n inotai fraiu ottloa and 0)' jua iBrativU to h i.d ai.y ?:T1 of honor, truet or pr< m iindtr ttia Sta'a. but. the party eoiitieteil or ae lUHteil tbtil oe?<?riba|e?a be liahla to lad aiaien* trial lid puntrhniebt acrurdtac to law All otti <r rut.! offle. rt >h?ll la trie <1 for u-i?d< iiieauor* in t flic*, lu tuah aannrr a* the I ^ai-latare ebalt n.oti le. UU No or ?u?n l'-r ol t-wiubi; 1ia.ll. during the lim* be ohnll !> * I ? ? el#- m r>- a>|iio!>-ii t khf ritil > (lli-t- of praflt under tit* N'are. * ntrh eha'l bai'lirtii rr>tttd or tSr nimlunii all of w^irli l?ll I |1F b*?n Itrm-fii 4'irlu ( ?nch turn air?pt >u> U tc?-- ?? m%y fc- tille.l nj c|.-?u>o? I>t <b? u??<vl?i 'il Nn p? tioiiliiiit ? iy lueraiiro ulilo* uoi't tha I ii '< >) :< ilw or tbi* > ?'?. or aujr oilier p ??*, ?:.*u el:k11>]?* 10 tbr l?KiMaturr 'JJ ?h.i tin h?r?after b* c >|laet >r or hi liter if publlo ni"liej< atlall ti?ra a - i *'. la etia-r Hkiimi *1 ilie L?i(<M*'lit** or h? nil ;lbl? td ? l? nffl ) of II nki it proit uaiier (W* rtiat- uiitll hdi'IiiiI i I ?r mil p?nl lu'nt'm lre? ,iry oil auiiH l?r ?kil>'k lie ii.m) be ? I >u n 01. ) rhall itrimi front th? treaaury, but III i'Cti?>i1Lieiii;> ii| a|>|>r<>P'i?Mii|i* inaJitif la r 24 llie IJieliib- tp ol l'l? lift l?ur? ilia I f.i-nlv* fir fb-lr ?- *t?ee ?flouipi -Itn o t i b- i|*i ilb/ l>< mil | a d "lit of <h* | 'ihite lre?-u-jr: I, j (! > 1 je ntw of 'ha Di|e?>atMa ?MI| uie eff?nt iiu't ii it>? t r.u f ?r ?mati lti? (iiviiib-l* altlmr b .i?e ?fiall Ihii b-ro < i d. ).S I ?i|j l?i. enn't'l It; ftie l.evl latur* *h?l| aw Viki'e but una utijei-l an i t a ahail h- mpreinnl lu Ik' title ami mi In* elia.l b>< len.a.l or ani' Ud-il bf tateie r?- * lt? til "a but itt ?ti<ih ib* a I ra*ar?*.l, miii"!' ii ?iti?l?4ed, ?bill .it re pubt-Ual at h hp'f j* .Nn Mtivf* h?l| k* n?ltM hv the (.ac^rla'ur* ii. > u lottery aii*!! Ii antb >n e.i by thie ataia, ti f ?ti ill 1 he >ale ni l?.i tary ti??>-t? Iv alloeed '.'1. Ilei-u rtini-f lb* InlaMUdU of tbl? H <%' * >] i/i it'<eu 1 uile. iiio ifre Mo I tile l.-(l-iilur? la T lie Jiai* OK* 111 nail (li'M hilD Irrd Willi llf J I l ie thuu-ai -I riglu hnn Ir-ii .>! tilt* '!? a'i I ?C the en4 11 efr'J 11 |e|i? Ihermf ?, anil tn?-? i nn ?. ib'i? oa 11 titer ?itb 1 b? ?-ii <uh 11 it in*/ n I?l 1P1 ll'p ftui If IM ' Ml Hr INN iii u ? )??i M?? tli uMiwtfl vii(Vi: ??uoir*J ft I flf r. % 11 n?i) ?i.|> (?ii )?ir? r1'*!! 11 ?h# b?iin i?f It I r* ?i 'in* (i i i t> t?. f ? f t h?* I.i?,m It tiff IV 1 11> u o.t-r? f *imt ?r? *r. I iiicinWfi uf ?) ftll Kt lb*' Qil>( M ill hcl'l f? ftfl??r It) ' ** HHU*rVl ?0? |r ?i?it ti tf? l %d? b- ft*-d t?jr iii? I "gl*l4t(ffo, ? <1 ?i r* ?n."?n t|iM ?*t?rol f u itit* o:i?l f?t? Tn b - Ht?l> l*l>*-4 ?; !?< . h -l'T lini l?? Ibft n !* ? h?r i f ?rl?ti? liiboHit ?hIm rim nmnfc-r *?f m"nV' ? ( ??i?M nut fc? i*?? vim it Inf m?ro tVifti* t)ii'i) ii|,iiiitit tli?* ftuiii^nr ??v ii b?^i!ftfiin iii ifila ^' i? ?I n't ?m>? ur* !? rtunditil tli hi?s ti I n til alinr (h?t ftfH'll ?t 'Iirh rtllu .%l thn tlnil? 0'lin**?r of ? ??k?r? ?l n.bij ?l>?ti iiftvfti b' ihrn loirty or bi'ii) 11 mi HiM) ::u V In. n ' i-gr*??l?*ntl rUI or o??r an-ly dl*. tn^t ?V'? I bf ft # i?v two cr m?r* ?awti?> It ?l ft I t? i k? on? r <mty Vm4 *14inf lo nni'ih r ?trU ; ?o4 n?? f mwy .<*.? b* lo { rn.iiiK o 0"ftgiv?ri *u*l huo >rul or di? t1 ' 31. # ?, r r%M< mftv b~ f-no* I u.vl^r (r?.i-nl U?n, tiiit tlioll h? rr?ft> d by ?^i?l , f if iu?l* ??#. AIi n* u^rol ift*ft on I )*i o t* |o? pvrM ool lo ti\ ?tii' u amy o4t#r?-<l f?*"ia iIji* hi lift#. uf i U l> fruit* p.. ti . ?'l n? ? i wi- irK l hf ?n? It. 1'iK^ortt Jt* lk4 vtlMi m?>n< tr i' >t ?i? |.r. ' l*? :>.l 11 r i?r?i r rt a* n?n| In l|l| iri l> but* h? r<'k'irur?t t . in lnc? an ar?"?i?li>ii< an I j Mil ?i. rk' i>ttli f any tfi c ? i? 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I? for i "l 1.1 I ? :?< i -(.! ) 4* : i <1 I ? f? t tt?lr I ? |< t i > -m, t . ?-? ! !i > I- i i > ? ? ? ? ??? n#?i (ii.t.m int. % -) *%,4 >< f ?ti*?l>t< at tm-U n *k>ftl r"T? ra \ u> ?V li ?|| ?|> In.m> kf t'i4 IH" m- i'W* ?l thai I % it a t a i ?, ( ! I ? all ha ?*ti l>if< u| It l*ir jnulltl. II t Itf I r> It'll.r fi*!! at iU 8fa* pM? ?i h ? ? a a ill rfT??iiialy |.r ? ? t r. f#iw? *-mnm ??i ( )! . la *n r-HMiic ? IH Mtl ii|l?llli<n?l' ?>l l*?|nl?aHy ^tlirnt l|ir(i?ii?rt'4 li??>?fr?ai t>-ii?r II ? lii?ID IfetO till ?l*t- r.f lb- |> J- * ?l Mltt?4 tb ' ItH, BftV 1. TLt llytfUv tKvfMlVf !??? * hall bf TrxUd in ? ehtif mag) Virata. who ?ball Iw ?t)Ud tb* ?io??ruur if th-- St?<? of CalUorni*. U The lio??TB<T fhall b? ?\>-oto<l by th?* qnaHVl ?lrctor? at lb?nm? suit plaoa of Tottu^ f >r mauib-rs j of Axrfiubly and ?ball WolU hit oftloe two yearn lb* iiui? ol hU iu?taii?tiou, aud uutU hi* vucuensor kl all be i|ualitii d. 3 No p?r??ii kball b? eligible to the office of Governor, (eireul at I 111) tint t-leotlun) who ha? uot b-?n a cituwn of I ti* tilled Sta'ee. and a rerideut of thl< S'ate two i y?ar* m-xt prticfdiBu th- MlKoii'in aud attained the of t? c i ty-6ve yiarn at the tltn? of said election. 4. The return* of e?ery election tor Oovernor ?hall henaltd up miU transmit led to r h'< re .t of rfuver uai.-ut aneottd to the Sp~aS?r ot the Assembly wU > hill, duiiug the Fret areli ot the sen-ton opnu *ad pui> i*ti Ihrin lu'tii pi mm noe (if both U'lu-r > ot tile L-^ibU' ur?. I he pt-rwn Iihvihk the b>nh-.t utimiirf of voen ?hall b i fiovr rln r . but in ra?e way two or in ore h ive mi | i il aptf be highest Dumber of Totrs tb.i Legislature snail, by j' lut ballot cliooreoH* of ratil periou" so h'ivin^au ?i|ual uid the iii^he.-t iniuihi r ot till (jororaor. b. The < Jovernor i-bail Im> coinmandsr lu-oluef ot the iL'ilii'.a lb-am y and na?y of this State ti I tt i h.ill tianiaotall ni?[tu(it? bualoiAft wlfh the (>t: oers < f ^ ov ruinent civil and military. aud ui*7 reijiiira information iu wrl'in* from tbu offloera uf the i-si on Li i e it' pari Hii*Li' upo < a:iy i upjuot Ialii'.tag to Itio duties of tb? ir ivepei-tive ufllci .t 7. He shall can tnuttheUai are faith fall)' ex?8uted. 8. YV hen any I'tiic" shall troui ?>ij can ? b<*joiu* ?? rant, and no mode lit provided by inn cobltUun x *.id .jits lor hl'lt ? fui'h vncaury. tK" G"V>ruor si til (lav P"*er to till fUi h vacai.oy. b.r irrau to^r a H ' n ai-i >u nbiuil ball "Xpirw at i be end ot next - -ion of lue l.? gii-lai ore urat lbi> not eleouou by tlie people li. tie may ou extraoi dintry ooca-ion* o .nve;io th* I.rcWIamra by ptoc aiu*ti"u, und shall ?ae to b>.h ho.Sr* w lii-?i afr'i'iuli.rd the jjurpune lor which tiley hall hue been enlivened. 10. lie ball coiUBianlcttte br mei */e to the t.ejji l? lure at eTtry session, the ceuditlni of the State, aud recomiuvnd such matters a* n. M.a.l d< ".n expedient. 11. Im ca e of a di>aKi?nn"nc bi*!?v?eu tn>i m i houcee. wtih respect to the tUnn of a<lj<uiruui?iit., tie (iovt rnoi .-hall h??e power to a jjuurn ' b<* L?-?;i*la ure t nrh tin e an he inuy think proper, provided it bo n' t bi yond the tini* Uied lor the ibuutioK of the a*xt Legldatnre. Yi. No pcreon b?11, wbile holding any ofllce uadnr the L'nitid Statea. or ttiis 8'nti*, axirctne the offloe of ttoveruor ? xoei.t a? beretnafer expni-'ly pruviued 13. Tbi> Governor ehiill have tl e power lo u'*ut reprte? i i. ciiutE u at lone and pardou< alter onuvietion for all ofteni'i* except treftenu mul ra-e.-i of lispi-ach lnent, upnu *ucta ceuultinua and wi'li . aoU reititciion* and liiuitellotinar li* nmy tliiuK prxprr. ?ubjr jt to auob regulatione tuay b" provided b> i*<v relative to the manm r ?f appljing fl,r par J u* 1 p?n o 'ovletton for D lie Unit have poaer to mi,.-lid the execution of the enteice umll tb en ebalt b- reported to the l.eglltttli e Itlll D'l! III". ltu<. when lli>* bail either pa'dait or o >uiu the teaieuoe. direct tbe execution of the i>u aoa. or grant a re prleve. lie ?h?ll communicate to the I.e?l*lature?t thn be?;iu iiiug of truj ?e ri>>ti. e?erv ca-c I repriefe c uiutu'k lion or pardon gramed era. lug Hie name of tb? convict. tbe crime or whleh he wa* convicted the leu en".e aud it* dale aud the date ot the cummuiatiou, p.trdon aud reprieve. 14. i trie nhall be a leal of tbl? State, which ahall be kept by the Governor, mi'i uvil by him e,fli(i'al|y and ehall be called tbe jjraat ?eal of tbe gtute of 'Jailft roia 16 All grant* and eonjtniMlon* alinll be In the n?in< and by tbe authority of th" people of toe Slat* of Call torcia ?eale-d with tho great ?*nl of the State. *'gu by the Governor, And countevei.jatd by the Secretary of Mate lb. A Lieutenant tioveroor rhall be elected at th? iame lime and place* and in the came niiuuer. a* t!?i Governor; and bis term of oflloe and hi-i nuiilllioatlo:i'> or eligibility ehall abo be tbe ?atne He ?uall b? i're i dent ot thoSeuaie t-ut elial! oulj hum C4Htiug rota tbertln. It duilug a vacancy iu the olllie of Governor, tbe Lieutenant Govi rtmr ehall h* luip?aeh~d displaced, reaigu. die. or h>coue incapable ot performing tbe dune* ot hi* otilo*. or be absent troin the Stale, the I're tidriit of the Senate ehall aut a? Governor unltl the Vacancy be filled or tbe di"4bility -hull ca-e. 17 In ea?e oi the iu?p*ai'bm<-nt of the Governor, or hia removal fioui offine. death or inability to-li charge the power* and datiea of the a&li oltlce. rreigiia'loa or ab fioin the Slate the pn*er? and dull''* of tbe ? tfice ebal devolve upon the Lieutenant Governor for the reaidue of tbe term, or until the disability sh ill ceare but whtu thel.overnor eball. with tu? ooaneut wf tbn t.i>le!ature. be out ot ibe State in liuie of war,at the b< ad of the military toroe thereof, he ?b?ll eontiune eomiuander id vbief oi all the military lore* of th?< itaM 19. A 8?er?tary of Stale, a Comptroller, a Treannrer, a* Attorney tieneral. aud Survajwr tn nera'., ib?ll bi chorru in tbe manner piovided in tbie n<>u>tltu.ion aiid tbe term of office and eligibility of eaob atiall b.j tbe name a? ate prenerlb> d for th? (Joveruor anil Lleitteaabt Governor. IV. I be Secretary cf State (hall be appoint*") by the Governor b> aud with tb" aluc- and n >ae?<it of Ike Senate, lie .ball kerp a lair record of tbe omclelact* ?f tbe legielatkve *ml executive depai lujeut- of vhd government, and eball. wteu recoiled, lay the ?*a. end all n a'trre relative thereto, betaro ei.'ber hruunll of the l.egltlature. andfball perform tucli other dut. -e ae ibatl b? aeeigned him by la*. ?n The < (xn#troller. Treasurer. Attorney General, and Kurve)or G?uer*l ehatl be ehixen by the y >ni ballot of tbe t?o houeee of tbe I.egialat ure at t,heir tiret eeeidoD under tble constiluti h; and tboreatror ?> *,! beilreted at the tune and place*, an1 in lie ?arne uiaLoer. a* the Governor and I.teuteuaat Governor. VI. 1'be Geiernnr, I leu'ennnt G.>rern'<r. Secretary . or etate. I omp'r>.|ler, l'r?p#rer Attorney Geueral aud Survrv< r General ehall each at etate I tlima during i heir rontiBuaoi e U eloee. leneive r< r lhatr ??rele*< ? toaipen-atlou wlueii not be li.or->a-ed or dinjinifb'd dm lag tbe t? rui f?r wlileh thry ahull hare b? en eUrteil. but neither of tb?--e cfllce.e ehail receive for hi* okii u?e aay le"* for the petforauuea ot hi* of' Ul ilutte*. I he <>overnor r *y aotpend frc?i < fBe? the "teeretary of State, Cou ptr: tier, Iriaiurer, Surve- r General, at d Attorney (irneral, during therec>!*e of the I <^i*. la. uia. un'll tbirtj deye after tbe #im i>nena*u<ent of the next ?r -lou <>f tee l.egielature. wh< never It eh%'I appiar to biui that eucb otUctr ha*, in any par;loular. MoU-i d He dHty, aad lie *leixll appoint a c ni;ieteut per?> n to dlrcbarge the aut|?e ot th* of!, e H iring tut b ?u?pen*li<n and within ten day* atter the iacet.irg of tba i.egialat ure. ?r after eiich *tt?pen?lniij if I' ade during the >ee*l<>B, tbe tioveruor *b?lt lay hef'ir* that body In- rear n? for eucb aueiieneloo. and th? i.e. pirlature ehall deteraiine by joint hall * wh-ther tbe i f- eer to kvipendad ?ball be reiautad or rvttored tu ofiice. ilitia. Hrr. 1.?Tbe La^tflatuie eball provide by !* ? f r or,?.. ting a d u clpltuiag tbe niuilia. Ill auon ui? ueraethey eball deem i-xpeub-ut. nut uic iui' tote *l'h tbe r li'MH.iu and lava et the I 'tilled >t e i 1 be l.egl?iatn>*e eMail provide f>ir tile eilh ient dleoipllne 11 tt olTeere . .n.iiui^eioo'^| and li n ooml"l e l ed and H i'o iai a a i l may provide bf iwvl tut 111' ' igai l'ali it and dur.j l.?i? of toiuul.uer ooiupa' lile*. a rilfiee" ef tie" mlll'ia aball be eli'ct.r i nrappda' ed In euf ii " iei er a? tl.eglala'ure -tia l, Iro n t> 'ito tide dire' t ?uJ aha.l be euuwl*ei"U 4 ny til-: Governor 4 I he 4ei rerwv>r ekall have (xiwer to oull forth tie mliitia. lu X' rlite* tb ia?ve of tun S.a e, u> uiivii'M iu I tUttitltoba kbit (r^ivl iuiwl Di utat* i cltt*. Tlia l.efMatnr?? ?h*u D'l tn *or mamrr ar??'a *ny iltlit ?i o. lii* lUb lli) ?r I'Clll'lo ?hiit1 tlitil *1 it ;ly or tli tlir r? ? *rlt'i ?? pi**! u? 4*l<ia or llatiillItitt r *rt?i| ilit- ?iiin rf thrr? tiokilr*4 tboii? -nl <1 ill?-", v r>|it In c? i'l *'r |i> r?|wl ln???lni. M ip '??? tnH.rin Ui i i-hlifi in* ism* thall M I'horir* t l?j won* I* m tnr M>kio Ptufl* ?'l^? It or w-ik to im? iiatlkni t flf 4 th-r?Ui whtelt U? rMII pntHa wmym m> 1 iu??k' rirlnrti' <4h^K. (<>r t' iMjxarai ?f tn? liiw r?il it Midi 4fM ?>r li??^ il?f J It f?!l? line, in I it I? i to im ? '<! ?i??^hknii- in* tirlnr't^ik' nfiiiT'iil ht >*r lUMli y plitt ikriit) }i||l if'iu i'o* iiom of tlf cm ranting thrtkkf. (kit ?l all lrr*t? itahta tlui th?* prliovnti and Ihlfirit thrr"'>n -h?li b.' laid mil di?-h?ric?<l; h it kn m?"k law <b?il li?r it> it in'il at a f >wrti rlMtlmi It r' kii lii*> lv-o i'itiiuit'?il to ihl (> <p.?. ali i h*t? !? . i ? 1 r.iajortty ' f all tk? v?t?? <? ' ?r> ;>inl ?/*.<uit It at kitrh Irnllon iu<t atl iiionnn iai?>4 bf a II ti j at meli la?. (ball w (mm i i ' , 'i tir?r>in it to 'i |i*;ai n'. of th? .i?t> ft- hy ri?ii?fl mi't #tii?h la v thill in* pit tt-?i?'d in ?' l^t< r.< ?! :<i>?r In ik:l< jn<i*ui d'?tr r|: now i- pi.<i, -t . | iKkfilk Ihr i?li ml im llltk i t Ht- m i''himi |.r n ill ti* ibr h1i?i|oo at ahlob It l? i'lttlt'fj to til' people Att'.rl* 0 ^aii tl'tn taktn up auJ p? xl, ?itbr>at 1? kk'? a* |ii||??it?>i>k or a kit m>1 ml and rliht.u TtlK consi i f rion K>'1 Any ainrn<luj?u' > I a .i n t?vrt to t h'a llltaUovMI b> |>t?^n*< Ik uw mm ? iif h?k'i* of tlaprr*riilutl?ca mill it ih?(kn? that I bo a 'rwd t > kr a ability of the ni?nih?r? ta-?l t" ??rt, nf (Iw t <o | luti-vr. ?ui h proposed iMotiiout* thall i>? ut?m| t?.?ir ji uinal* kithtli? ]i>k< ak4 Mfi ui?ii tm>r*?n. ai.l itltntd to i|i? Irgltalara tk?ii n*at to be eh an. am ik II l?? pnbti-i?il I .r tbic* iiiuui* k it prminu ti>ii?- tloic ui luakiUK nan (tinta* an I il in tit* l.?{i*ialuti kril ttm-ni ? ?f rr-?IW m h pri?|h' ?I aitwiJ. kiit*iti ?>r aii'fbiimaatk -k>?li in kjrrnl to by two inlnln i ail (lit p r;nl??rh rl> j to ra?*ll bom> link It nhall iw lit* duty it itm Lr|iila'utii to mi nil ?unh pr k | < ?ii a;. , i ui. 'li' or kmtuili.*?t< t i tn<' |ii yn in ?n?h ttr ami at *?ott nui# a* tna l??t?la or* tka l ! ?# ic.ibr mni if ib?* rbrk tit? b? m la* aj'Tt f of t?ir rkfi t*dl to i'iv? for Bt?mUri> ??l th* I ?-g?flni v ?(ir?< il ?r?oii mrit or *ui* n im^n'4 tli?li (h r? 1 f of lj?# ciiii>liiuiti'u 'i A ltd ti ?' timv t?*'? ?h'r?N of S?*n?t?* 1 r| llni of ) *?! thtnk It li*>rrM|r| In t? 11 fKci.g- tfMft puiii * r n-l.t itt<>u ? fi*\, $*? ?>l r??. ft 11 n ? 1 ui ill*' ??*r ui* 4 1 li# ti?il t <r m mm ho* of lb* to rot?> to? or e ?ufr^iir#, And i?|$#l4All flM ling tM*jr f ir?*? ( ?iirt* r loin h mf f ufh *|. ? o?i? h??? in fit 1 r fif ^ ft fMoi>(t(i|i,UM ?t lUi fi??' i., jiri'iirtf b? ? r iwftiilog n ? <? *?* I ?n t ? tw? mi 1.10 #ti m ' llfi mtt* r 11 #h??* ' f m<*h i

ftl i ?ufh foiiO"4j"?in ?hnli ro?i?i?r of ma?rfirvrm ? ' iu Hi mitm* litM liJkt vf boiii fc.*k.' U ?? o| in* lmulttlitf 1 'I rt? ( * |H*?rnled, r<*|?>rti d ?M?r mm * d'l'jfr1 Hi* 11 1'ir fl'lnil*. I<i? u Iiir ? inii^ih ? <>t Mir *lml., wiiuJi cimi ii it ? ?i ihI.,M ?r?icp?< \? *? turn i-?ing tin r |> >ri iif .4 (fcr U ? mi.d t? i f il.?f * lw:Ti h ill ,.ri itw V*-'I ??. ;.?<I llMH ?> II >irrr,i ill I'd Id ' ? i d - l'?i:fit w< ?n ?u liio wi ?f. M.? Ur I | v? ly ?*?fI. ?n t*ir lirnMtnli. 1 li* f!??l iklfciid *!+ 'r?i<-r, tli?- istr,.in-n'o, .>t. , V-j?t I"* n, ftrrivnl Uw h:<?i'. m ? mYI ? k. g tii ir> "rfi-i tni n-o dticl Ih' t-ii>r|*nf' r i,n II. M, ll'i rn, *? hit |>ili>ifn Iim from i)- nfw'i.i. . i'.! hi II ?rn?r hiuli Nnt, bui Will mill in- n?vfr r *hi<?. 11 11,.- Hit r-111 t >? VVV l? tr.'i in it ki?- j( ?N v# s ?in< d ?if ni-r will ;? ve f hi Kii?i?i:'? <? f >r " <f?|l.'JiU> Clljr V? lli?'liul? U)?'Ul i >f ?Ct-> A ,J lHlrr*Mln( Gold News. [fro? UiM Alio tfurai*. (?ct 1, 184? ] Wf have no rlruilit til'MUCLfMful di^iuiT, or reporls of a differ* nt nature than those presented in our last, wherewith lo illuminate, with auriferous hnlliaut-y, the column* of our imper lo-dx? ; but we havr, notwithstanding, cheerta# word*for the hundreds if newly.anivrd j:o!d hunierti, for the tKr>'inaiiCi* wlu> tlim |M|>*-r ith.ill welcome. Hud bid liod H'rrii on their westward wsij.and fur thr million of 11u.-?11 y hoping hearts, whom the adventurers have lett behind. Our summitry of gold dicsin^ news is compiled Irt'Ili viirioiiH .lUthenllc source*, and we are indfbtto ilie Ptiictr Tlitm tor material inform.iiiou. A!s<>, Id tentleini n inm drtereut part* of the mines, who, at t ur reqiitM, have pdiiel/ furnished uh vMlh accounts ot fiel'iUHial nicer. &, enabling us to coiiipend, in* b?-l"W presented. Owins; to the (iirVhiluit; iili'KUl|,ritr of dm i Is and express*^ our corre(.|Miniieiice Irtiiu the mine* failed to reach us Ill due nine. Parties b?ve been organized within the put nicpth, find (I* rifti to eiplore 'he re^io.i of Trinity river, where it t* now rendered certain i? lit eiieta S<-v?Tnl bundled Fiench half-tiieed* from (ii?i!< n were Ml l ihl advicea empb^rd very uuc?>l!y upon iIji> Mream i'Yattier river, high ii|>, ban hern neurit drained of pierioua metal, tuid lit tli * lime ?tl >rds ?-inly protit tor the lew who prefer it* solitude to the eiov\<Jed waahiiuta of the north A ifi'iitlcinhi tr< in tiie South ik of Feather river, lufurmi us ihut * itliMtt the a*>ietance of Indiana in Wishing for 14old, labor n attended with very uuaattalactory cornpeiihaiion. 'Iliete improbably no portion of the placer that hhs proved more productive than the mountainous country watered by Yuba river. M'uiut; commented on thia at renin early in the aprtn* of ItilS, r.nd li w e bteii conducted wirlt general aucceaa through winter Htid eumtner to the present time. During the mouths < I July hi) I A'ttrn^t,a residence in tkit< region kae been found to imptir health nnlemcveiy precaution be taken to prevent exnosure. There are about five thousand, principally American?, at wotk on Yuba, anions whom th" pa-it month witneeaed no iucotmiderahle amount of -ickiieca liy the following ex'rncts from the I'Liccr 'J tmti of Sept. 22, we are pleu?ed to note a better ktute ui health. Krum Vob? Rli?r we ha*a morn favorable Th? hlclly season la about over anil the aerations of miner* are aot bow impeded by the eitr?iu? beat. From tha number ot the above paper we extract:? On the North and Vid'lla Knrkx th?ra Is a marked charge In tha wea'ber. ai.d th>' watera b mna tallna. at?rj on a fho doea a fair daj'a work oan etlnuiuta upon ' b^Ktflnn" about, an ounce. We baar of but vary little sirkn'fs in any part of iha mined. Companies organized for turning the rivers in this t-ection have fared but indifferently ; much of tlua brunch of minimi loia signally failed, and the projectB nave neeri entirely an.tunouca. n. icw associations ttill maintain unshaken confidence in li.u plan, nrd the point at winch the A'nerican river if turned, near Mormon Island, id v?-<J tu promise more favorably th-in others. Tue company |it(wi .unng (hi* woik have not yet overcome the obstacle presented hy hidden spring* t?in(>lyi!ig that portiuii of the bed of the river which it id propored to drmn When the l>ri-t is told, tins n*?ociation w ill have hut realized a p tltry aimunt, compared with the labor and capital expanded. "From the Middle Fork we learn," aa>B the Timet, 44 that the diggings are improving, and th-it an ounce a day can he obtained hy nil who work " And 44 that most of the parties operating with rockers were doing w?-||. Th?re wa* a partv of four who took nut $6,000 apiece in eight dav? from one opening, and are now on their way home." These certainly do not look like "discouraging pros|>ects" for the diggers. In connection with the above, it is due the liberal yet truthful tone of the journal from which we quote, to insert the following:? Tlie inoat fa?orahU nown w? Ka'her thin waek itfrom Dry < rerk, ?t which point operators wera ddng ?'.irpnrlifly writ. The ?r*xt Inllus of tunlfra'itii, hour. e??r has evidently rendered labor In the laines lens printable, and ? hsar of many who bar* fivaa ap otftair.y and are about to turn tbalr attaa'.loo tu other trucekri of tndu?< ry We ) am that Dr Uoynton'i company, consisting of six took from ona bole gome fl?e nines above vloran.o I-lstd tu seveD ?r e<jiht ?Ja) *. fs t'i/0 It is (aid alio t> at no one tu that vietuit v ?1?? worked made much le.n trnn ID ounce per day. ah le the more f.irrnint'o wara getting srteral ounces by a few hours' hard work. The ((old washing* on the tributary treHtna of the i-'un Jompim continue tu utliact much attention. "Foreigners" (i.e. ISoulh Amercins) luve been expellxl tVt*m the different digging*, and though every mrrt\m 1 in the harbor ? ontribute* toswellthe nuuibi-r ol Ameiicana alr< : dv eniplo)ed in that ?ecttoM of the I'lacer indicated l>y lh? Coaumne, Calaveru <, Mokelumtie, Tm!on;ne mid Stanislaus str*nin>, the a vera ue result of labor is such a* to encouraff- and alilimlale I to- msa. Sickness is lib itlng and >ucc? m ia more general than when w?> |.i>v prepared our Miinntsry of intelligence. We are furnished. by a voting Ken tit man located m Stock'on, ? nh the following lucte, which wilt be read with int< test:? I saw, a Ont r>r two ago, a piece of gi Id tiken from tba ru ihe ( at merus, not ??ry far from "?t?oktrn ll vaethe mo-t aintuar and at the saina tine tan l.tautin.l piece I liafa yet seeu. ehxped lika the h.a I < > a bullrrk with a pair of elcar aolldxo'dau h >ru < m? le than an inch loss I hear there >ia* h^en a t>nnf takeu out recently, ou th.< ^nkalumne we giln* thirty pounds rock and gold K-peitier. I am preiijr'd t<> K?lle*e nii) tiling it, at I b< ?r ab'>ut the gold In ' a! if rnia Finally, tliia ao-ealled rniningolhia b ?ck-breaking, aun-brownit.p, aeul-firin:; labor in the (aid diptinv. whether ,4cr? vicinir" with a inck kntf>*, "revolvirg an old tin can," or ,4ro?kina ?l th i rattle," i? not witLoat ite d. Uipiaiintmenta and re> ward*; tlioniih that gold hunttr must be mu^ultrly ubfoitunate who cannot, during the pren -nt and euccet dinu montlia ?>f frt*'>rul> r weither an i low water. ?'erive u f>,'e? dy and latr prolit, either in one part ot the plac? r or ano'her, if in the enioym"iit I iiiaiibhe uiM*pi>ly h;n erernfiea to the work 1 but) ihoiixund Aiurricaoa (the present pro'.uble a/.i.r< K'.i' ) in il.r , Id region id California, ar-* in< e|.> t.'r i i ? xllrtU-M|,v! til#- treasilira l?t th ?t (MilttOll wlni b tiae tx en l< i'u m i opted The aam- 44 a-? tonirhinK allrot ae" ha* tI k* il the iie-iduon < labor. III a llt'le ilrpoait not three milea diatnnl trim llir Mene i f tlif liol di flivery t?l* tiiia K'llit, that attt nded labor the eani" i?l>'ce a yt* ir a '<>. 1 l e < ot eluMoo, tlx o, ia jnaiiti >!, k id we P^'uk a< viMfily, na wt II aa interribiy, (rn'ii tilt* tenur of inir r# iitf. th .t l*** whim |>ru(Jucf<l * rrior* hr.Ili -nl M-hritM* < ( wrtilth, nor ln?ik?* I ntmu nt'*r* it i k i'i.'.t? ?'ojh-iiii.j- lor inim?n < *<? in.1^4, Hi in ?'r |.k-?? u'frf hv fie tfnli) uini-a ff ilii? c? i \'rv I.*?!?? ' ft"in a trUcr d*ird Au > 5iti, IJi* I'ur, M 1^111# l ink 11 ? ii Ii *7t b*i* !**? ?h? !>? irtoe* id rijiilt' t Va f i tn ?K?r? ?f ??MVJ mm u* Ki*tf Var 1 ' # H ?t?.? ?i. : I?. i. k'mt'k" ll-r ?,h-r? am n . ?i <1 al ? j- fi ?-l> l*?kf in (he ui i' k'k ??'J tMn( I ?? !<? ?r '.:(|| ( i4nni) |iric?? I'll# ?lrni>.| mi ?i" it* I ir? ?irti mlktniknl kli h ? Mrtl<k?ti>iir? iltk animal* (kmnri fan^Km wn !? . lO nil i??l ' III (iiT ll|o||l|| I *) "? wx aS '?' I -> r i? . r? h*i? |?i> th ril- null ii anil <la ln? t*i? ilmr - Ii.d kliMt J (K'li I'D f ho Vl.iJU ?n4 [yfUlDi?i but Mn??V?n? iilhi?>i | f rum 'h? flumr pt 1 | JMnryAf m irnri _ Irum ih<* nii??-*. In ona*rjlienrf nl ihe rjimiir ?vhirh ftn?y jifVa It I I Mil iif HdHiM ? t ilir Ta?y " hulii i?ver" linr h Irw Imnrn. hi iii?* ir??* ??l ?vin i - y-' I.Hi' tiny tl'lMuvrr llni ll'-v h i?? (ilni ' ii "'it nf tli? Ii) 1l?B i nn l?il'? il" fv Mfi-J m i1, mi >1 Into ?ff?.l-fc'? turrit* !? r |r-?Vini/ fur ih?* Btjr. 0,ir%d? ? ii i <>ii iiiiir , f the urn'* ti*n??r h? i!i-? hu' h. fit r ??>iii? w?k? p' -i Ttir w i'f r? *r-- tipi^jr fiillil ^, hm wr dn kni b* if ?l Hn\ r 'iii.nni nf orf un/ linn ilui m taking i ut nvrr cirtlo.iJ ! tiia duM yrr liny. I)|?ofrry ?f * \ fin i?f llnlll, [ ninth' \lt*i ilifura i ?-pt I.I) (' I J. <' I ' lli'MtC In* il ?/ ?<?> t>l .< ?r ict fif 1 mrl Hin* on ih" M ?n^?i*.i riv? r. nhuir 4(1 nri>-? fro n iii*' J*nn Johijuiii, ii|>< ii '?Ii i.-fi h<?h*ni r> S- ii'ly din i m ii mi i art-mi it ly rii fi Trm .''Id. T;iMi.i'ii ?i< (i*r I'-u?trrf!v) ri?'*r, wa? ? fi'H iiki:i|iii fii n vi?ilrd l>y h i>iirty i.i idurlil t?y til ?-hiiii< ill r?|l< rrr, mid Wx-liinft* ?*?lnblii?h''H *l"in< ihc fiifuni. 7hr Imid iH'i'ii|iiril liy ihi? |iirty ??> run? ? ) rd to ihr* I 'olniif I m l"*4W. ?llil lh? nimrl lli^rrii|n i hnvinif n riKiilHtly dennniirril, ircoi lins? t? ^Uxkhii hiw, tumrurrt hnvr l?fen l^k''ii to wi.ik tin m. H he vr-ni i? hSihii iwu I i>i iiiirk? n? at ilit mrf if". Mini if lii'Hd in lh>* ii-uxl a?ri?^ i . n.ttv *ri. . ?< i.i M .... ..i ?.i.I ... tin Il'? of n rk. A ^ci wen %*h? eihihnnl at th'? t fl re * few ffaya ?ine?, together with n irn-?o?" i-n'il ?jimcird Itv quit k?tlver, wetuhma nl? >tit it tee < i nc~a. There i*rvrr? r> ** 'ii t?? b li-m lint thi* vein fr.?v be fr >r< tl malt* lea*ite? m ** ( n?. mid he foitnn >>f ?iti11 <?-?rii|?fI rirhorw- The f?f rn new of CtlilorwM nr uuw i.i p.iliiydi?(overni. Thr (InMrn r,ml?f?tlon. We b*?e no Hit* l>y writrh t> *bow ??><? e!nr *rlv the em (rution to t 'xliform* orrrli"i H thi* year, (hi* our account* from the north r?pt? *!,t the entire hoity to pm*|>?mtM 11 ri he?liMui atxt*' VV?-ate enabled to attil the il iuii oo' li ill are nlr-HrU in the rontfry, mid th* ' ntt.ititl' r i.'-imr forward, in com,???irn which tie ? ??rf iIiiji |>o>irinir into th" Smt* Tiriifn *nll? y I tif urnvHU lur lr??- innnih ?-n lin^ |i| 2*. ?t thu hy #*, up- a< follow*:? In 4 271 tcrrigun 1.5.11 T. fnJ MOJ Of i* till ?tr iV?mb?r ot tnn< of It'l l-it.g in >u> h .rtior of S*in Kr*iici?co, iiu? <i?y, 4,444 [TrMn tli# AHa ' a'ifi'rn'a S?pi 13.J It i? nrtr^Mijr tint wr ?h<?il?l in to rl f*f HtiXiriifft mid alliy Ihr fV<r? vhii;h hnvr nil'iii unci ly created, rpn?rdmc h*' P''ii?thI i'f ihr ? ttii ?i r? f io? otrrUml fhn f*?, tint Uum Htcouut# arc bmkly aei?>ira*Nig, ?'? ' represent the entire body full Ave week* earlier than the emigration of any jMVcediag year. We demi this oiHir iiii*nt but juat in view of the wrong iniprr*euui which hue gone abroad, and which exirta r?fu to iU?> present time to a exteat ia thik place. Thr friends of emigrating oartiee reaidiuy hi the ikateamay rest ai-?ured of the general eatety of all, and that abide from the ordinary tatigue and privation* of the journey, no aulfering haHHP yet berii experienced. About yi.tKttJ (erionx, mostly youn? men, cornpone ihr overlnud emigration tbiaye-tr. A portiou of thiw body ia aliaady in the country, and parties art- nearly rvery day arriving. Captain It. Owen, who piloted a company acroea the country by ilie- ^ Fe routr, <Ji vemiiiij to the nortliern mail, croawing the r>.erra Nevada, anil entering California near John^en'a rancho, reports the emigration in an unusually forward state, with proviM?ni? plenty and to fpirt*. The .ilong the ro td Imii bren oliund. nt, and but in one place w is it belit*rd a Pi.arctv ol fund lor stiak would b^ .1 ti. a ....... ..i l l .1 n/r . llHllllllririi. Ilia t. n n lllinirc lilt Slllft til HI lrj'b river, and here, by ab'indo my tin road a subemteice cin he procured. We are not among tho.^e lo cupprensi a motive of chanty, nor throw an Uihclf iii th? w-i> ot to lioly ii work an that of the r? bout* of our "countryman in dutrran,'' from any i*-ul impending dangr r. InthiseiRe we ctinnot conceive Hie propuety of circulating misrepren niaiion*, and <-*c hiim uudue ayiu,!iy. Let precautionary iiira.?itrea hi- adopted to relieve Buffering, and w?- liavi-acird our pai t The emigrants art- pie*?in?{ (> Snvely .md wr II Gold ia the goal, and the heck < I fortune is a power impellent. We do not k('|ii rlic in) di.-tie-n, uor tan we hut eaclfw tlie method i t awakening public *ympathy, which r.ciitices priva'e leelui^H. TUe fucacnyera writm left tl?n ftttlp XamoHtt t ita, mill m<k kUfiiiitdl to lx lMt, [from til* ParlUo .Neon, 8 'pt. 'i'J ) In the A>t/? ot Sept. 11th, we announced the departure from the *hlp Samosett, at aea, of uiiir ?t her pHfs-engers. who became impatient and ifnolved to make au attempt reach .Monterey, then, ua it was bupoosed, some M rnilea distant, in an open hi at The name* of the individuals were, ha we now l?-:irn. Hev. Samuel Morehouse and Ji ru< s H ut, of l'hilmh Iphia; Oipt. Van Wart, ot Sinj,' Sing, N. Y.; Col Chaoe, of Oooiierstown, N \ ; John Olnibt'-a^ of Crob*n, N. Y.; Amos Blown, Dr. Small. John Evun#, and John Dunn ot New York. Ah t|iete gentlemen had not reached i^nii Frnnci?co on ihr arrival of the Samodett, fears were eiitert.; inrd of tlieir lot*?en|>ecially as a severe gale a iot>e on the morning after their departure. Weureluppy to announce to-d^y, however, that all ot the hbose named individual?, ' xc-eptmy Browu, liavf arrived .it San 1'Vaiicisco, after enduring the ^reuteat nuli'ering. The following partlCUl.iih we have obtained Irom Dr. Small and Capt. Viiii Wart. They left the ,?hip as stited, at about 5 o'clock P. M. of Sept. 4tii. On the morning of the 5th, a severe g.iie aroi*e fiom the M. W hut by great ex ertion iln-y k?*p? the boat tree, alth'iutfh seas ware frequently t>hipi>td. By the aid of a blanket for a rail, tii? y made the land on Thuraday morning, Sept. 6th ; but in their uttempt to.reach the shore, ilie boat Cupai/.ed in the aim, Mini th y lost then inovisioiiH, astronomical ui*trjni"iits, Acc They tuccesded in shvuii? themselves and boat, however, by swimming. They boon found themr>e 1 v11- on an uninhabited shore, and uit it subsequently proved, some seventy or e^lity ndlei south ? fSloirerty, with no other subsi-tance thar mutcles wlncit they picked up alouz ttie shore. Four of th>* party, viz Morehouse, llart, Saul and Dunn. ret.oiv. d to proceed up tne coast in the boat; slid Van Wart, Chase, Olm-tead, Brown and fcvans decided to pursue their way to Monterey by land Consequently the tir?t named party separatee from their companions with no other provisions thai u Bin:' II quantity of hard bread wh'ch lloafed ashor< after th? cufwixe ot the boat. After toiling three davs and almost exhausted, they were discovered and picked up by Cnptaiu M<>or?lap, of the schoonei Uaztdnia, who tren'ed them wirh the greater kindness. Captaia II. carried them within tei miles ol Monterey, when tli-y left the sn'iooner ic their boat, and reached that place in gaiety. Foui of the shore party, viz : (,'hafe, Van Wart, OlmHebd and Lv .i s, reu< hed Monterey after endurinc the ijreat' rt e,.| ?lii p. tor the f?puce of two weeks Brown, how ever, strayed from hit* co-npantom while crossing a mountain, the fir-t day *ut, sad has not befit h? iir.i from since. Fears ere enter taint d for liia safety. PopnlutliMi of >an Cnuirtnra. CIllM^b. hkl !U1U i'lUM?THKIR 1I*BIT8? CHtXSSB fctMI.MMi* The population of rvtn Frmcisco is earn pesed of repteheiifa'ivea fioni ewrv quarter ol the plabe, and we may remark, without feat of contradiction, ihat as a whole, a hett'M ?>r more ret ci table population cannot be found in any city in the world It la true that w> have?mid what community ha* not?anions ui a few ol ihe baser borl?a cl.:ss ? !" v.igatourfi over whom ihe ex'rumr* of the law exrrciM a watchful vigilance?but tr'l iim of a city, containing the s-iine amount of population, wheie, under immensely eicttui^ circu'n-Un<:es, so IVw birachis ol the pence and so smal an amount ol crime is committed a* in San Francisco. 'Ihe character of our population may be estimated prettv correctly by our triendi intheSt?t<H anil f Uewhere, by the btanduu ol those who have emigrated lr?'m tiieir immediate disiricts anil neighborhood*; which, u* n " n-ral llnnf, we believe it lias hern acknowledged, il cf>n-ix>rd ol the moat eutfrprt?i'if "tid industrious rniimaifd. Dm wr w^re intending t>> more p*r ticuUrlr of the Chnir?r. We *re ??? fortuaat* M to lie Iocn'rd in n *rclii'ii of t!ie town where Uryr iMiihrh of Chm??? h???* pitch*-!! thrjr trnt? mill we h?ve remarked, wiih in ie.i initres', tn< ch?rnrirr mid l-?t> t? of thcM* jk-o|?Ib. From emlv noiu until Ute in the y-n-ur, ih"*e indu* tiion . tii< r ?ir ?-i i'.ifc. <1 in ttirir oci'MiKtion of homr hmlHerr,?t ??inch m rrt rti nuny li.:v t>p<-u exporti d In i.i t 'hiite, ?|.?t Hi-" i| netii?*-. ,i;.l .< .jer, wh-erMii-m hi.i1 tc minm rc, which it oh erv<hle 111 tlifir li*l itn. i> ii<>t>fd bv v?r? i ? r. >?irnh lh? city th'i n^li, l int >i?i will imi 11 1 un iiili* < *liin imi it. i lid Hi*- ii clr uiiI'meM riceedi :t jr oilier >>eoj.|c fii r i m w The hi.drill- - lifcitj/ht from Ch.: i re ir-nfrnlly iweniy leet Mintiie?one wury in li'i^ht?hikJ lw?l\r It 11 In m 111?- floor lo in- t:r iIm.j(. Th* undo te ?re loin i| i tiii iiiitiy nf tb-m ?ery crooked Wr |i ?c noticed. in ?r*rml n ' men, the erecli< n nt ' Mil ilii'K* ?>f dot. 1 ihe ?i/e rte 'i ,!) (1 hl.i \ - ?f H'lj.;.o-?- tut in fojf i r.i<e? two > (> r. ir t in n ?me eretr-d loftier, Ihui Ioiiihc^ h tingle hmldwii;. The tir?t move n.i i.i rlirr r?i'in.' iIh' fr*w in to a't.ich ihe wii,?f< w, wlich if h fr*iue ita i tilmr1*. w ithoiit- >h The t>1.u-1 i? m oi?irtni-<l ?h lo i Iom il-r- S| hy il? own we'tfht" " >1 it belli" H doulitc ? i> :h i in?iH? Ttie ii n!?er i? very tini foiin in f/e. mid htifiii pit or eijfu in- 'i-h in duri t? r '1 In- liorttri* me ?v*-ll lUMmMieil m l renrtnlile Aiinnc n ir. The price nf i Chin*M bllilciai, ?||? h i ? e b * ve de?( ilx-d, iiiclildlUlf I hi* hk i l< ii. I- * 'I Tlie billlilniK, ll ilrevr, con?i?i? < f eiimiy 'ii?- f'Ho.e mid vurrrioj(. Th-y u< br?)ii{tlii liom Hoi<A' Kong Inrti Jieortr ol (Irtli'i nf O.K-fellotTB, Tliif ?* ii.? r, ri ..ct ?Nii ii* h? ml .it o ili i, iMinher* inj! in ilie- I' ih-.iHv two fio'i h i i ' ?!/ , m,| n ii i n In i?li', i.i two fif dn-d ttic.ii h.c) In di-.J i ij (j i ll.f-r I of I lo- |in.?iOtioH i'f I he S illf ii.'!ii' H of cil < i Hi m'd it.-Iiiixl c i I, 11 oile.I her ti ?t * i id trd on thi- inld'li ?l frm i f I'/Ml toruiM ?'ii the ' ?-niii|J' f !4.?itiid> v l? -1. 221 in?t T<f U'vt- Q-imli-rti of tUe himlii i hi -i' w li i h ol rli >-?-n tin* t i? or -d I tnj fm thi ir re? Hi lire?w|io?e he.??i . w-re ulire lo the intcri *' hiii1 m Ilnte of th.-ir i-fc r ?hed im liint on, induced ifn m to i?ke ioen?nri*e 'of Ine ?'ihlmhni' ?t i'f t?ie old r in Smii mid their ef. lorih Wi*ie ci uriiniiii'iO if on ili? e?i r'ttff nimed by the in?t|liHioi' ol'oriim l^nl.e Sfn I, of the f. (1 oft) h : I' l? J-tni* p ."'linlev, M't'hnflUl I>odi(r, Ko. of I'hil.idel|ihni, neli ^ ne firm id Vl .-ter, pppi^lec by I Ii I Mi l?l Noftnoe- of Vinlln l.odife No. 2W, ?len ol I'hil idi liihi i Tii-follo.?in^ *re Ilif ftMfiir* lit |K*iMrn : ? .1 M (' nghlm. I Ifivii.illn- L"Hjr So JC'I. \ Y. If II T??lor, II ? I. ii^. , N<?.2i\ N V k <5. ffm kiim. w? hihi ink li hiii*, no. .luliu* kom-. ?> ??? ki^h'n l*>'ltf", n ?. jth, n. Y. IImim W Il?n'?*r, I'hu tu* l/xiic, So. <1, V. Y. shi l?), M?rrh??t? N > ivan Wm Hnil'iitf. An** x. 2*ri. .1 II 1*11, <;?.,* Kmr Uo?lK' , ni? 2. N. c. I IM* III .l?>llH>ll, I llH. IjIxlVl", n.I I ", t#l. LiMiii TrmiMf, .Ifflrnnn f^oilu'*, No. 7, III. Thr I llifi r^cln l'il Hdll IIU' llM |!? I!'I?ITI1 the dmtru" ?f llir firM fiuii of Odd l''ell->w?iiipia our lnr i II Ittiif1. m* ? II II T?*l?r, N'f'hlr <JrnnH. H. W llfnl***, Vu> (in ml. E. O Frank Im, Nt-orMnry. J M ('niitfhlin, Ti<n.-nr?-r. Th' re wn* i|>ni#> ? l ir*?? Hit'-n'l.inr*' of visiting br^ihrrn |?r?-wiii, m?l ill oiv-tHon will bi? oar lilrmml In th^ iiirDinft if lh'i??- wim p trliiripiiipii in th?? rfif momi'ii ( in titutx?<i. Tn? l-i-Uff room i* in .!*? kfi>ti Mrr*t, ovf-r llir " N>?r [.nelni'1 Hotirr."?rniiHiH-r in th?? rr-ir L n r rn*v th* f 'rdrr flonrifh >n our mirfM, mimpirring io th? Whiith ?nil FMiihinn ill* *wi of uiiisp who arrd lit ..?1 ... L .-.I... -- ..... Trl ?? f-?r 4<tn?lii?ihlrr. {Fmrn - ?? PIMW<I V?#? I The cum* of Mr A rtSfll, tin iidii'iinMI for lltllif'ir HiHn bv ' h'1 h-irn?- Hoitn?on, ni th* emb*t<??l. to nf - in on ih* llth ifi-t , wh? r. Irr irul l*M Tn- 'd-tj, i?rtf| rr?nl(f|j m ih ent?o??< i?f h ?.y/f l?y the DiHtrxrt A'torrvy, ihiiiMin hHVinv no icM mntij lo <i(T-f h- h ?lf of ih?" Mr Hh< II in?retore di?rt?>?r<?il frrm rmiiHrni" i| from nil Merit ID the unfortunate oecurivjw* wtuali reunite ?1 * in the death of a fallow creature. On the part of the defence, appenreit several ot the most emiMat legal Kentleiiiru of (!hI fur ma, among whom were Mr. Van Hurtn, of Alhaiir, nephew of the Hon. Marin Van Buren, and Col. Raaaell, who Yolun* teered their services, mid Mused all compensation. There were in Court all the persona present, or having pergonal knowl-rigeof thr* affray, and their testimony w?? stated to b<- entirely in tavor of Mr. hhell, and the counsel ?|? noxious for th* 1'lijb.eiit InveMii'Hluin A fririul of our* who w.14 a feliow-paa?euger ?>f Mr. Miieil, a .id attended the trial, informs ua that tt.e innocence of the accused wen clearly established, the act being one of necessary aell-defence. Die whole properdings wera marked with the highest degree ot' order and decorum, and ?eT(-r<il *>l the speeches of counsel imprtsaive ?i.J eloquent. Theatricals In California Mr. A. W Pernio, a talented and popular Aaaericun coimdiun, vth,? urnv. d in this city a fear niooibu smce, rt turns to the United States in tha steamer Ore von, fur the purpose of procuring a large and efficient theatrical company, at tha head ot whirli our citizen* niay, in January neit, greet him an Sui Francisco " boards," ia the Ameneaii Theuiie, an euiablishment to ba immediately erected by Messrs. H. Adler and M. Chape iff. We request our readers to sea an annunciatory card iu another column. Tha American Theatre, to be_"bailt of California wood," " encouraging native talent," and conducted l>y it gentleman of such well-known_proletsianal ability, purity of character, and private worth, canuotliut enjoy the undivided good will of our ciiizeiiH. The ptoprietorx are aeutlemen well prepared to undertake this t-nterpriae, and our beat wibheei go with them in the work. Bartlagca anu Umiiu In California^ makhuok. On Thuriday tulbg. :ha 3.1 ol Septaoafear. at the honea of tan hridtirroooi. by the Rov. Lioctor Mines, af the cburch uf tUa Holy 11toil). Han Kr?u?it?o, Kuotii Willkk, K><|., lueioiaut, ta Mia* Mina Saceu, all at San KraacUeo. DEATHS. On tha Mercada DlgK<u<4, Upper f'auip, California, lept 5th, IU?r Omtill, Cunaroca, of ?>n?lbura, Vermont. ajsnt *i& jrare On Monday, lUlh Sept., Thoma* Hath, of Bareriy, 1 Mhhk.. am-uiber ot the It R. evuipaDy, of Lynn. [ Maar papers plaaaa copy ] At tiit) A nit*rit an Hotel, la San KraneWco, an Sept. 15, Capt Jihi Knichi . ituppoaed to In I rout Falmouth, Me. < apt Kulght toi'k a wmra cold while engaged la bukiness at Sauoelito, <>u the treat aide of the ' ^ of Saa t*iauci-co, and tiled after a severe llinen o . "i.* tlirre \?e?ks 1 ? wi? a ut'iiibi r of the Aneleat Bratbern Lodpe," I. O. of O. Portland, Ma , a-t we 11 od by a travelling curd aunuj his ptpera. Two tiuakx.a contairnig cio'tiiux. no . aa ?i"?> oou nunarea ana I'lLi ty-niH) dollai* unit twelve cent* la caflll, with nundry note*. h bill of tiihtugH, gold waU-b. <kc . & , hart been placed in oar pi i>e?.4i-|i>h by the proprietor* of tho hate), tor which ?? b*v? jiven our receipt, and will belli thuin. rubjeot to the onler of Mr. Naamel X. Knight, or Ann Ki,i?nt. from abein w? Cad a letter, addr?**ed to the decraae.l aaioug hi* paper* Any pereon in * uliiotnia who aiay b? euablrd to give intoraatlin ului tolfc? bailmof ('apt. Knight, will confer a favor by oouimuniuattug with tbw editor of tbix paper On I bunday morning. iha 4th of Septeaibor, of *iekneaa erntrae'rd at tbaiuiue*, John l.iri.toaro*, ol Wllllaniibiii^h N V Ml L was a branch pilot of th? port of Ni* York, ana aril ml here aome three weeks Itca. in tha hlii p South Carolina, from New York. [New York paper* pleare nop* ] In Sao ) ranrtHco. on MrMirday, lept. 8th, Col. Jon* A. Kim;, lata of llienlty of New V ork, aged about 45 year* Col King left hum* at tha early ag-> of 14. and became a ie*idi nt of Houlb Mueriea Throe year* afterwanl* lia filtered tha army a* eadet. roue rapidly ta dlatlbrtliif. aVaiued ihwiankot c.ih ael. and continued for about twenty year* to n*bt the battle* of the Argentine republic. ?hen bn returned to New York, after aa ai-m-nre ol tweatv-four year* Ha whs respected for bl< many viuu<? and di- d aiuoeraly regretted by tha numerous lri?iid? by whom he wa i ..uriounded in Calitn a<a On board iblp York of Hootou. in San Kran?l?eo Bay, on the 'ifttli of uln l? r*. mm bua. I iii>.?*? It CaMPmki I, ol Weymouth. Nuva tfootla a much mtwDld and Valuable tut inter of the I act tin i nuip.uiy. l,'n ?i.i ii in SuI. od Bay.Capt h-tucH IIale, of tha talk holla, Iioim t ail I enci*. Maine On V.oi:day morning *24> h ^ept . at<er a abort Illness, Gnaoa oil > >nu if tae late (I, vV. Strong, of Naw 1 oik. agi-d 'Si j?ar* At 6>u 1-reKcUon of aon?iiniptlo?, on tha 4th of [ 8epieinb?r. Ltutn Hvlui, of Koyaiton, Vt., age! M ytais Also. tan a day. of diarrWv J It. Joimon of Va Also, on 4 u. nt e?me <11 ?a-e. II of Scotland. At San Kraaoisao, September 1* attar au Illness af twa week*, of dysentery, Cmutu buiuolt, native of Viraost. On the 31>t Augutt. of chrnnle dtarrbiea, Ithamab, Whitini. lata ol I npia. .tiesioo aged yean, l" At Sarravo nto c'ly on the let of .September, Col, Hanar ill i m. Ia<e *| < lui-iuaaii. Ohio aged 43 yaara. [N? w \ ork aud lnomnati oa|-era please o-ipy J On thi let < f Se^ eab i. .S U < . i.i:. tf I.enUlana. oa tha Yerrede ilntr. lowar camp. [ Sew UrUaoa papar* plna-e c i ) j Oi> hi aiu raik 'a ilhelin'i a Anguat Id. on tha voyage fn lu l'ao?l<.a to M l* p rt U ( 11 T? a, I K| , aged 3*. W a- burled ita ?? la 3a N . Ion 1C> 4 J W. S? it lava by He* VV. L Jenktii". Huute*llla Ala On Wnine-day 12th Mepieiwiver at the T'oltad Rtataa liofel id thi* piare el o >n tut* I!>*hi s pudm*, printer age* about S8 yeai* a native of Philadelphia. Otnared * a# uii |?ig iu i al tf> rma yet friead?hlp? had Imid wbleli It will ^ia 'ft frteu l* at bona to know (erun d lo hi* bed of *m*n>*A* the kind aare af wi man anil to ihi< hi ur of ueaib. the f^ailug regard of blotter prn.t ra aiin>i.g Hhoiu ble i.atue aod virtue* will ba luiig rb* III J a Uu? i ?*. *>( I. vnn. %'***, w*? knocked overb'ard by tbe Oim ni I tne ?cboi>ner llarrl?oa. in the ui p?r Lay s??ram* ntu. > >'a uid*y u-t and drowned. ' vr a I' !h. i..f >nk ? i*'Iro <tu<h1 wbila I tiftiLibtf in ih? 8:ii?r*ii ?nii> rlaar on tba -otLi ufJoly lut. i:? ?u> burled at julltr'a Kort. I Cullfurnl* Warktt. I 8*i? Ka,>ci?i Oct 1. 1849. Tba fianr markrt u* n I .nt. and ,( > >4 and i*Mt I Amaruall and hu? lt'>ar r.u h? puin*ia>cd at a trlfia b?lm utir (jii ta i u> Flint nti.i brea I. au I nthar ar1 t'claa of hrradai u0a at* aitli dull Ir-m utaritojkad ?ar*?l B?? r r utlau*?.lull at -alt, ?iih a lar^a at vk la ban J Mm aud c!tar p"tk ar? lu il-uiaul autl :Vrai at our rate* 1!idi aui k<o a, a prim* ?rrl?l>< nra.n tli m*nt | iiiltririt , l.o. a tiiar ly In bhil? If dull f rala; la br'a at It a II ga.l< i>? Initial our i| aiiMua. alt omain'iu lli|ii?ra an nil ip a< ?ff) l ? pil<'?? Ilia dan n'id baton prtanW I'wllj ! r |t' < <> 'jukliuf ai d l>< raiall pa>*.k.i,(iH ?ultab!a fir tranapnr aii u to iba'aitaaa ilnanl p >rt?r (Kd?> ' I if t>) la ??aie.f and no al? <f lm?>iUiu" (iar? 'a-cri I |.|?<-a riui'f our la?t. i'lBMljr in rwi nf nut iIumii, bal d hi'to ?k a $ ?i I" ?? ?ln?a uur la it qaotatlotta, own it'< au' T?r? ak>d market i-a-ampi m? andrlarat are il U' i. i.f 'i - tin- I* lar tia" a Iran, ait lr?u? *4 00 to t>i l< r la> . 'in- braid* Li lian I' Mi.' m ail p'na? Kroi* 'h* emaimption 1 ot<Li?? . i-lor iiu i'l . ? aurp >-?? prim-a ?ra lira, mi ratal rar^' t i ? ritr-d 'i n n ii. I uliar parti, but Itmftriaiil ia ui*?t tba u man I. riAin?l?a ar* I n am- ar l luurli aattlad >v? n??a h?at'l of *?!a of | llkalt M!> a ? a: ? |i?t I. .1 i r.aarrltal of a ahtlaI (Lip ha* - i;|i.Wd I ha n.atl?i at oar <^u '.atloaa. rba , aalii* *>- afc u "ii. i ? tir t port at'jo 'I In- arrival* lhl< r t.m.i f-ia ttlao'-ia an.1 f.?r?l|b ).iit- hit" ivmi tt) awwaroaa. ami iwnrllf Ihina a laip'ai. uiiai f < d? la tba uiarkrt wtnafc bata b?aa dn-ptwad at iiaa iat--a i jk vr.rr k mkliiado. i Ian Krai'Ciaoo, S?-pt. '."l l?4t> panic* i:i;?ii?wt, l Ai a' J? ?t> k ?? i.aii i ? c aal*i S?9tatab<ir, IMP - Bi'n MulT " ( in An.wrinaa. per (U , klU, fell*. |-i r ?? ?. (> lb* > - I.H.. J (.|| I \ -n-il"*?. pat Ik 6 a ? , na i j u i . a .V' . 1'iaila. l.'j a ta ; rlsa. K'ibth I ar >i a a a fi*.; l-a' Wy, p?-r a>rlt. 118 a 9 ImiiiI'i ? hi ur-?- rt?a, Bwi iiuorirau a 14 kO; | p ik a>ir ?1 ? fJ tain, pri.u- par lb -?>? a 33e ; i hftnii, fk'd. ?o<? a. .a ,r- h, i antral Am?naa, ktta a 6c ; do . MK 7a a *< ; lara. Ho. a On ; ai aa ral in-rlra, (a a ka ; au^nr, ilataat *bit?, 1 )?a. a l.e . b'rtar 4ac. a*a? ; l'raa?i**4 n-t'i anl tag* t?t*li . fi ill. It* a % I, i>oa,i u tun. No I, 4a a f.? p- pi i r. l Uak. 4H al* | ?i-ia<ar. ai<lar, par icailoo, l*? a |1|- , d a?nna wma jkirt a .'?o , a at hi -ft, par lb k?<- a >1; *??t < ii Miirdraaa t d i? . j.1 a ffl ioj 1#inoi. ajiap f a Mil. ?|i?f.ii ra lima, pre lli M# a f l( p-ail lai'i i s'" * krt. >ait in rai l< (i 7% a }h Iiekla*, kii'l r, par it ?*u, fill ft iM. 1.1 d? rr?tnn par (him t> i 40 t 1 0ih: rt>> at dimuti 7? t?a m t-lmia ?l'i> tati'li, ht11y 0 > i l'a i tun net i '' t 40r rt? >iii ?< i4ft lim., i hi|? ?i .? -l?i a ; port lilt al it* in fcarr?|? i'll lit* , d darn. ft i'i it 1 ju, al.i.k-) ii ii i" a ?< a > , il ? k ?"1 < ilm ; aurdftl. ami '<< luiijtl ! i ?>, ? ?ml?.l i4 i r? jill t><i kin, in ji'g* m ? m " ; i (!* * . i-i a ft ml; etiam* p?fi* tlftfl lit ?an'-rn? am?, t> ? il, rla-ot tv an a n, aii'i a wioa. i iim a ,- ! a ft ?.'i, tli?rn tin d? i* * * purl ili> rt i . mi a i"; ill i to u. da . s7 a ft, mlimiiv i hi J->. fi 7* a v alu ??.t p .rtar. ft*ii-h i ?r il i?? ?ii a i i l>a i --vaiiuiantnrad, k"i.(l v a ll'c , niolildi .1 a ft? ; ? ?? ? haaan*. til a 17. i ai ? ?? *?ij, anil a h r vi v* (llimn; i oil! a ii'i imla' omaaii i'aln'4 parm ' *1? oil, par pal., ft* <i ?. ?|>?im haad oil mia lit , nlmln oil fi; t 17 % . lliii-?n i l'. a in.i . ?m a ! ? tin*. p?r ih , i'i a he ; atict 1*4 i-olor d piatuta il'.al.'m i rmu tnil l>t .iii m ?< *. i. a m r ? |( a i tr . i |. a< it ?. jo a fllf , go pi-a '? ft ?n? , hi plaai-auh *lmrrl?d, 19 ft lit#, j uii'i i }4pai h t pr lu x -, | |n iiuna prahiiiiI ft! f?n ftl; iiii ? wai?,r? t^^a'j llari a?r? a d fnnlna. n,r iral, p?<r ifc ima lln ; aftnt, |.| r l>??r ftl ill? s paw. if ||k, |i rlh. .!? a ;i>o ; win* dna a a a. |.ar llm l?h. tv a in. prr.-n?|<>n aapap *r 7fcr a tl. pi t? i* hi r ?. " a *; p*#t"t. *3 a ; rifl?? iniaim t: til' a li; liaiih ?? !*? |nr 'h 7 a la , n i f lii a-x-rii il ft i^ ft *d ; f iu pla'aa j.. r t|j? , 1 iim ttl m* t ;.'??? 4. a it d nn vat; r d mi, | ii a l(. ki *t ti?< * a jl; linking ihmfi pi i il .. ? fi a v h iii.'a pitahar*. ili it; lot n liamllt ii ||..?< i* |.*r d a- ii. 4l> a ?; ? i?? pan*, til a il la'cn?i? ii'. a il 4. mm <1 mli'a harfriad ?a?li * .*a 4. i ',< t hi ii* and pn iflr> * pi.f d'ia?a, u ft ia e na har? |?rrta*. n i* al rand na**. pi-p<1 >mtt, tidal <, t ?!? ' aid ( r*4. ? iftioa par di??\i #4 ft t, iri'vi i* ill di i u 11 a v. iial*. ?ar i??o, >"i ml ft 6; i all-. 14 i a 4 mi |i-?iiar lli aa. i ar d u'ft |1ftt; laiiti h. ? ftl in a i ill?tiliai*. ft*hhm ?n a?fth ml a ftita ma. i-lni'd 14 a 4 t'l. a hi'a d ipiila. p a pair, ft i ft 2 |i, ( i* a. i?i i l ii' ?iai d .nan fi 7ft a j, rimmm, 91 i mi. a?iit. r iia.h a la< pi f d ??n t" ^7 ft 7 *ij paa'ft . . i (mil i . i... | oar ualr. m a au . *1-1 - i i?.-? n *1 a *. ?'>A, ot>r?<), fit ? S4, ??>! < ?ih ? ! , f (?r i>am ff MM, *?( >< ?, #a?i. *H?t % (M; haru??M? god f?> a ?ft; h iitkM-ohUP*, ?Mta a*4 r?< ft (>'? * It W ft; fa mf. ,ar >3 a < *J. ?iatln*r? ft ftO a lit ; krvu ??! ?, ?"4 a HO, uiaUix-p )nf groM, 40

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